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Confessions Of An Anti-Zionist Journalist

Confessions Of An Anti Zionist Journalist

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2009

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I WAS BORN A JEW and I hope to die a Christianan Anti-Zionist Christian at that. Although I was raised in a religious Jewish home, when I reached the age of twenty-one, I repudiated Judaism and embraced Jesus Christ and Christianity. Eventually, I was baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church and now call myself an “Orthodox Christian.”

Having grown up in paradigm of upper-middle class synagogue lifestyle, I know, intimately, how Jews think and operate from the inside. I was taught and instructed – brainwashed – that I, as a Jew, was one of God’s ‘chosen’ and was therefore better than my non-Jewish friends. In fact, I and other Jews were/are ‘better’ than all the other peoples on the planet. I grew up knowing that Jews ran Hollywood, television, radio, the press, and the mass media.

Later, in my adult years as an Orthodox Christian, I came to understand that nearly 50 million Russian Orthodox Christians were murdered by Bolshevik Jews during the communist takeover of Czarist Russia and subsequently under both Lenin & Stalin. I was also to learn later that this massive slaughter of Christians was aided, abetted and financed by Wall Street Jews and the international Zionist money machine…the people of my own birth and upbringing.

I knew I had an enormous amount of information about the Jews and could expose them before a worldwide audience via the Internet if I wanted to. But I hesitated. Why? Because I feared being hated by the Jews and condemned as a ‘meshumad’ – a ‘traitor.’ I also feared being labeled by Gentiles as a ‘racist’ and being smeared by the Zionists and organized Jewry as an ‘anti-semite.’

It wasn’t until the summer of 2007 that the dam broke. This transformation was entirely due to my growing grief of what the Jewish-owned and funded American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was doing to eradicate all public expressions of Christianity in America.

Among many attacks, I observed the ACLU litigating against public displays of Nativity Scenes and the Cross – while at the same time getting their Jew judges to legally allow the Jewish Menorah to be displayed in public as a ‘social symbol,’ but legally banning the Nativity Scene as a “religious symbol.” I was indignant. It was now time to go public and fight back.


I STARTED REAL JEW NEWS in the autumn of 2007. It did not take long for me to realize that two wealthy Anti-Christian/Anti Freedom-Of Speech Jewish groups, namely, the Anti Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, were out to stop me. They were/are obviously most concerned about a former Jew going public with the truth about their world domination plans and tactics.

These two Jewish organizations, do, indeed, have a formidable opponent in myself…one Brother Nathanael Kapner, former Jew, who is on to their evil agendas of destroying Christian civilization and ushering in a Jewish police state in which freedom of speech would be stopped, guns will be outlawed, and our Constitution riddled with Jewish Communistic malignancies.

The ADL/Wiesenthal fiat to police the Internet soon targeted this site, Real Jew News, as an object of their CENSURE. For on August 13, 2008, the freedom-hating Jew, Leo Adler, Director of the Canadian branch of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, forced Rack Force Web Hosting to ban Real Jew News from its servers by slandering Real Jew News as a “hate site.” View Entire Story Here.

Not long after that, the truly wicked Anti-Christ Jew, Abraham Foxman of the ADL, forced 2 back-to-back Web Hosting companies to ban Real Jew News, costing me much financial & emotional distress. And to top it all off, the same wicked Jew, Foxman, (he fears the dissemination of the Truth), got Pay Pal to ban me from using their services for donations.


GETTING EXPOSURE OF REAL JEW NEWS has been an experience of much frustration and disappointment. Over and over again, Websites that I thought were committed to publishing the “Truth,” such as Info Wars & Prison Planet, both owned by Alex Jones, David, and The Truth Seeker UK, have all censored my work. These sites are clearly and blatantly running protection for Zionist Jewry and do not believe in freedom of speech. That is beyond debatable.

All of these sites, after either posting a few Real Jew News articles, or allowing forum participators to post links to Real Jew News, soon placed a ban on Real Jew News articles.

On his Info Wars Forum, Alex Jones deleted all comments that had links to articles on Real Jew News. Jones even had a regular forum participator, a man named Nicolae Ibasfalean, BANNED from ever posting on Info Wars Forum again, simply because he posted links to various Real Jew News articles.

William Cooper exposed Jones as a fraud, and was shot to death a few weeks later. Some suggest Cooper was an obstacle…and was removed to clear the way for Jones to ‘fly-paper op’ as much of the patriot community as possible. View YouTube Videos Here.

Jones, with his massive ego and Protestant fundamentalist background, is clearly a Zionist operative and co-conspirator. Either in the closet or otherwise, it matters not. He is also one of the most notorious ‘borrowers’ of other site’s materials and other talk show host guests and topics. Sadly, his legions of sycophants and kool-aid drinkers are every bit as blind and brainwashed as those who will follow Obama into the abyss…and will never figure it out.

Particularly distressing was an occurrence on the allegedly open-ended ‘free speech’ David Website. A Real Jew News article exposing Obama’s dependence on Jewish wealth and influence was featured on his site early one morning. I was informed two hours later that Icke had taken the entire article down without explanation and banned Real Jew News articles from ever appearing on his site again. This is extremely bizarre behavior by an otherwise remarkable man.

I ASKED MYSELF, “Why are these sites, supposedly dedicated to Anti-Zionism, either giving Real Jew News short shrift or banning Real Jew News altogether? In the case of David Icke, I am extremely concerned about his ultimate agenda.

I noticed on Icke’s site that he often uses David Dees’ illustrations featured on, yet never acknowledges David Dees’ authorship & as the source for these illustrations — as if — they were Icke’s own property. I do not know how feels about this but it certainly presents a less than honorable ‘journalism.’ states that its site is the most plagiarized site on the net. Of that there is NO doubt.

Again, regarding Alex Jones, I have learned from reliable and substantial sources (not flakes) that he is, in fact, a crypto-Zionist (which is certainly his right) and that many wealthy Jews not only support him but advertise on his site & radio program as well. This leaves the distinct impression with some that Jones is really not truly loyal to publishing the Truth, but rather to catering to his handlers and power base largely composed of wealthy Zionist Jews and various Jewish Hollywood elites. This is in NO way a gratuitous slam of these men but an honest portrait as I have personally experienced and observed it.

Finally, in the face of my many disappointments and after months of harassment, censorship and frustration, two fine men dedicated to the Truth and Anti-Zionism without compromising to Zionist pressure or sympathy came to my rescue: Jeff Rense, the world-renowned 15-year host of the Jeff Rense Program and Editor-in-Chief of the world news bastion (the last one?) of GENUINE journalism Website, and Mark Glenn of the American Free Press. Both of these courageous Internet publicists began publishing Real Jew News articles on their sites and doing radio interviews with me…permitting me my right to freedom of speech on the airways.

Presently, this journalist, Brother Nathanael Kapner, is an official journalist with the Website. And Mark Glenn often posts Real Jew News articles on his various Websites such as The Ugly Truth and on American Free Press print editions. And, no, neither of these men had anything to do with my observations memorialized in this essay.

So, Real Jew News, in spite of enemies from without and from within, is growing in readership daily, now up to 700,000 page visits per month. And thus I say to all who would like to see Real Jew News and myself, Brother Nathanael Kapner, disappear from off the face of the earth, “I’ve only just begun…”


A Special Thanks To The Servants Of Jesus Christ For Their Generosity!

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Brother Nathanael @ April 29, 2009


  1. Jerry Cupp May 20, 2009 @ 2:32 pm

    I can’t find the comments section but someone asked “Who are the owners of the
    Federal Reserve.”

    I found it on but try “federal reserve, ownership” and it should get you there.

    A message to Leon – gee, try and find love in your heart.

    Since I finally communicated with my Creator, I cannot hate or even dislike anyone. Leon, I dislike what you say, but I don’t dislike you. Your attitude will destroy you if you don’t “lighten up”.

  2. John October 6, 2009 @ 6:37 am

    I am close to fleeing America to go to China, and side with the anti-Zionists in the coming World War III

    There is too much politically to overthrow in America…it is not worth it…America will NEVER listen to the Creator until AFTER utter destruction occurs.

    Patriots and Ron Paul supporters alike are numb to the truth of God because the Jews have saturated America with too much Jesus(a false Jesus – because Matthew 23 was directed at the Zionists)

    It is not wise for me to stick around and watch it happen. I have been accused of having a martyr-complex, I have read Foxe’s Book of Martyr’s – I wrote about it here – the book was banned in America just before the Supreme Court turned separation of church and state on it’s head before the radicals broke out in the 60’s

    This Liberty movement is starting to look just like the same crap of the 60’s – all about peace, love, and pot – moron’s! – those rebellious malcontents!

    Our founder’s fundamentalist faith was stamped ALL OVER our nation’s founding – but Campaign for Liberty, Conservatives, We Are Change, Alex Jones want nothing to do with God’s inspired and PRESERVED Word in it’s TOTALITY – which includes judgment!

    You have all been warned – and now you are deceived – given over to strong delusion; you are the simple – you have REFUSED Wisdom(Proverbs 1); and you are the simple – and you will pass on and be punished…it was ALWAYS your choice…serve God, or serve mammon.

    God’s patience has run out with the 50 million abortions, and the fake Christians excusing it to keep down the welfare roles so they can serve money.

    Mr. Eric Hufschmid – you need to LINK and post some of this brother’s stuff – I do not care if you are religious or NOT – the sincere Christians will NEVER get this out of Alex Jones – and they need to be TOLD the truth. ALL OF IT!

  3. Kevin Wiederhold January 11, 2011 @ 9:59 pm

    God Bless you and I pray you will be able to keep this channel.

    I have been up against very very corrupt jew lawyers and judges for 21 years and another so called “Born again Jew/Christian” in Dubuque Iowa for 30 years.

    This corrupt “Born again Jew” is a fake racketeering hypocrite whom the Jews in Government mounted an incredible campaign of racketeering activity on me for 21 years in the corrupt courts.

    I explain all this on my You Tube page and related links on my page.

    I have some very important information to show people about Alex Jones the pathetic fake and Zionist. Go read my latest posts and see I can nail Jones with our own federal statutes of terrorism and racketeering.

    I am going to give your website link to everyone I can on You Tube etc.

    Thx and God Speed

    Kevin Wiederhold
    Corpus Christi TX.

  4. Kevin Wiederhold January 23, 2011 @ 8:48 pm

    Anyone who wants to see my You Tube Page my ID is scapegoat18usc3059

    Or just google my name — Kevin Wiederhold — and you will see several You Tube links.


  5. Jodie February 11, 2011 @ 10:37 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I am a Christian who was looking for Jews like in the Bible and about 6 years ago I got my first computer.

    I had never been around any Jew in my life and still haven’t. But about two years before I got my computer, I just for some reason started loving Israel and the Jewish people.

    Jews are all over in my Bible and I like those Jews. So I wanted to hear some Jews and see what they are like today, are they like the Bible Jews?

    So on the net I found Israel national radio. For 6 years I have listened to them, pulled with them. But all this time I have been wondering about them, things like Jewish mysticism and Kabalah.

    They even say that if Jesus was here on the earth that they would crucify Him again.

    I have even been wondering lately, are they even the real Jews who really descended from the Bible Jews?

    To me they don’t really seem to be like the Jews in the Bible. And all I ever hear from them is about Alyah and Zionist this and Zionist that, and they read verses from the Bible but not like I expected a real Jew to do.

    I loved them because I thought they were the Jews from the Bible, but now I just love them as people. But I do wonder if they are the real Bible Jews, and I mean the Jews directly from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

    Though they say they are, but these Jews seem to me to not really care about any one but Jews even though they say they do.

    I know there are real Jews some where who came from Moses and all of them and maybe these did, but I am unsure.

  6. TRUTH April 25, 2011 @ 11:43 pm

    @ Jodie:

    If you want to know who the actual Jews are, I recommend you a book:

    Koestler, Arthur – The Thirteenth Tribe, The Khazar Empire and its Heritage.

    Of course I do not say that all Jews aren’t from the seeds of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, but mostly aren’t.

  7. Kevin Wiederhold (Goyim Animal) May 15, 2011 @ 3:36 pm

    This corrupt Jew individual (John Adelmann) so called “Born again Christian” (actually Zionist Jew/”Born again” Zionist Christian) hid behind Christianity as a front after completely destroying me as a 17 year old minor (just out of Army Basic Training) and trying to get back into Senior High School in 1979 (abuse of a minor).

    I was framed in numerous ways but in the end (if they succeeded) they meant to maim and kill me and they insanely tried this many times right up to the year 2005 and now possibly again in 2011 over Taxes (will explain).

    In Oct 1990 I started a small Water Purification Business with just $1.00 and within a year had a plan to place Vending machines. A friend (at the time) told me to take my ideas/plans to a lawyer (Stuart Levine) in July of 1991, Levine and he wanted to invest at 25% interest?

    I was given a better offer by a Company out of Wis at 18% plus they had the Vending machines at a great price.

    I was also playing on the Jewish Federation Softball Team from 1988 through 1991. They had never won a championship until I got on the team and the season we won the championship I had a 900 batting average with just a few outs all season.

    This Levine began building a horrible hatred for me (in right field) and by 1992 had decided to officially become a part of the insane racketeering enterprise against me by penning a extremely , slanderous, false and evil (Fed) Injunction/Restraining order upon me, completely destroying my name and life for money.

    Many more corrupt/evil things happened but I kept my small business and Vending machines in tact but badly damaged through the years until 1996 when I finally gave up (and all was stolen by 1997/98 anyway).

    During the time I was loosing the business (spending tens of thousands in the insane racketeering courts) over 4 years, the idiot so called “Christians” and their Zionist Jew friends would say insane hypocrite things like “Maybe its not God’s will for you to have a business because you might end up in prison for tax evasion etc because that is how they caught the Mob”? (I never made anymore than 18,000 a year? yet they were planning or controlling my life for me by these insane, bizarre, two faced hypocrite communist like statements).

    I left Adelmanns house and got an Apartment and sent the racketeering idiot a certified letter to stay away from me and do not communicate with me, but the FBI had the lunatic sending letters back over and over. Finally the FBI came to my door calling me names and threatening me like perverted children.

    I then left for KCMO Missourri where I lived in the 1980’s. Many corrupt things happened here as well but the focus is on the hypocrite Zionist “Born again” church criminals Andy Dixon and Frank Wirt.

    In several conversations with these two I would hear the same type of insane, slandering hypocrite church criminal talk about “Maybe you would have been put in prison for Taxes if you succeeded in your small business as this is how they got the mafia etc”?

    At this time I have my files (2 feet in an army duffle bag) (supposedly) being kept at Frank Wirst house for safe keeping. Little do I know these two hypocrite church criminals were taking bribes and stealing all sorts of lawsuits, medical records, final not guilty or dismissal judgement orders etc etc making me look like I lost all the corrupt cases in Florida thus turning me into a Fugitive under 18USC3059 and getting reward money through the FBI to perpetrate this.

    One thing, since I stayed at Adelmanns home and these other two hypocrite church criminals were in contact with me numerous times they are then guilty of aiding and abetting a fugitive as well as illegally creating one :o) and they got lots of money to steal from me and maliciously imprison, maim and attempt to kill me.

    Later after they used Frank Wirts’ brother (impersonating as an FBI agent) to kidnap me (by gunpoint) from Texas to Tampa Bay, Florida for a fake charge of “Harassing Phone call.”

    They then insanely used another hypocrite church criminal named Tom Taylor (my own landlord) and even flew this idiot all the way over to Tampa Bay, Florida to illegally testify/perjure themselves upon me as well as steal three vehicles, all files, all equipment and property etc?

    They then tried to force medicate/maim and kill me from there and even had me flown by Lear jet all the way to Jesse Ventura’s state MN to allow two Talmudic insane Jews write up an absolutely insane, ridiculous exam that stated such things as “He is Five people etc”…”He has a very serious mental illness (lie) and he is on medication” (lie)….”He can never succeed in anything in his life unless he is in prison etc”?

    So now you see why they keep destroy anything I do especially any business I start ? Quite obvious isn’t it ?

    Much more can be explained on my You Tube page (scapegoat18usc3059) and also the link attached that says “Petition, Must Leave racketeering nation USA” my picture.

    The three insane, sick, delusional, cowardly, evil church criminal involved here can be seen on these sites:

    1. John Adelmann , The Rotary Club Dubuque IA , sitting next to a dirty, senseless FBI agent.

    2. Andy Dixon (yes a Pastor whom believes Israeli Jews/Zionists) are Gods true people?), Blue Ridge Baptist Temple , KCMO/Raytown MO.

    3. Frank Wirt, A cowardly, racketeering, (hiding as) a so called Singles’ Sunday School teacher at Lees Summit Baptist Church, Lees Summit MO.

    These are all paid off hypocrite, lying, diseased, racketeering, church criminals sold out to Satan (against me) and hiding behind their “Judeo-Christian churches” (as Bill Oreilly says).

    Thanks for reading and thanks Br. Nathanael for posting.

  8. Kevin Wiederhold (Goyim Animal) May 15, 2011 @ 7:34 pm

    It seemed something was missing when I first seen the “pending document” and now I see what it was.

    I had to leave several times in the day for service calls before I completed the essay/story (above) and when I was finally done I did notice something missing ?

    How it got removed I am not sure but I will try to recreate the paragraph that was with the paragraph “I left Adelmanns house” and between “the paragraphs starting with “During the time” and “I then left for KCMO”.

    These new paragraphs/paragraph will be more detailed than the original “I left Adelmann’s house etc” paragraph (above).

    NEW 9TH-15TH PARAGRAPHS….In the year 1996, I was working for Dolly Madison Corp and was being beaten on in the corrupt courts. I purchased a plane ticket to fly back to Dubuque IA for three days for a correct competency exam as I spent enough searching in FL and even traveling to GA.

    I called John Adelmann in Dubuque and asked him if he knew what was going on in FL, he lied and said “NO”. The next thing I know I was in Jail for 3 months with Adelmann accepting 600.00 worth of long distance calls, and near the end of jail Adelmann suggested I come back to Dubuque IA and stay with him for awhile?

    Wondering, but I took up the offer and used the old plane ticket and flew to Dubuque in Sept 1996. During this stay Adelmann began to get very strange, making weird offers such as “contacting CNN” and wanting to create a outline to a Juliet Eurlich at the Dept of Justice?

    When he/they completed the bizarre and false outline he/they hypocritally prayed over this outline ? In the meantime I am attending his church and his friends are slandering the hell out of me as well as other bizarre/corrupt activity all over the town trying to get various City/County and Hospital records ?

    I took the fake “Adelmann Holy blessed outline from God” and went to the library and completely reworked it mentioning all the County school racketeering activity on me at age 17-18. I bundled this up with a box of documents and sent it to Juliet Eurlich in D.C.

    After some time Adlemann was making insane statements to me such as “If you fire that Florida lawyer Snelling they are going say you are insane”?…”We have an FBI office in Cedar Rapids, go and call them?”(When he is involved with them)….”Your walking home for not believing in what I say about JFK”??

    When the Box/outline came back one day in late December Adelmann made these schizo, insane, threatening, coercive, statements to me in his/their living room:

    “Maybe it is what you wrote that caused them to send that outline back”??….(I stated “They got what they got and I am not changing it”.

    Then he stated, “Maybe you and Glacier Water will hire you back and then they can work out a new business plan with you?” (Why did he care about this, I know why :o))…. Then he stated….”You’re lucky you are still walking” (Attempted maiming/murder 1990-1996, this is clearly explained in my Petition to leave USA).

    I moved out of Adlemann’s house just in time and wrote him/them a certified letter to never come near me again as they have conspired to harm my person past and present etc.”

    Then Adlemann started sending setup letters begging me to contact them, I would not. I put then back in their mailbox at night and also contacted the Police over these bizarre letters :o)

    Within a month or so Desperate Adelmann sent the FBI racketeering freaks to my door threatening me to “Come downtown with us right now we want to talk to you.” I kept saying “Talk to me here or get lost,”over and over and they finally left calling me an “A_____e”? I called them the same and said “Bye”:o)

    I decided to leave Dubuque in April 1997 to KCMO where I lived and went to school in the 80’s.

    I worked and camped out in State Park for 6 months, lived in a Van and saved $5,500. Now the rest of the story starting at “I left for KCMO” in the story above, Thx.

  9. Denny January 5, 2012 @ 4:28 pm

    You are a very brave man, my friend.

    You inspire me, and I am sure others, to do the same.

    May the Lord always be with you and protect you.

  10. Frank Mutter March 8, 2014 @ 9:56 am

    The Zionist control of the world must end; and, it must end quickly.

    Although the rest of us make up a majority of the world population, the Zionist control of almost every nation has risen to the point where we have no rights or voice.

    I myself did not see this until my sister, Mary Beal, was murdered and butchered by a man who went on to become an international serial killer, murdering and butchering at least seven more women in three nations.

    While my sister would still have been dead, these other seven women would still be alive if the New York Authorities did their job pursuing justice for ALL of us. They do not because they are too busy pursuing their Zionist Agenda.

    I have written countless letters over the past several years citing this inequality, where not only do brutal murders of non-Jewish citizens go unsolved, these same authorities frame innocent men and send them to jail when a Jewish citizen has been victimized.

    It doesn’t stop at New York either. Despite the facts that I can CLEARLY lay out and produce evidence, my letters to the major news networks of the United States generate no response. My letters to the Department of Justice generate no more than form responses that NEVER address the facts before dismissing me.

    I was puzzled as to why even interest in obtaining justice for a victim of such a brutal murder was so fleeting.

    Then I discovered that even though Jewish citizens comprise about two percent of the U.S. population, 9 of the 12 senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations are Jewish or have Jewish spouses (an over-representation of 3,750%).

    To note 57 of the 64 senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies, are Jewish or have Jewish spouses (an over-representation of 4,450%).

    Another 47 of the 67 senior executives of the major television and radio news networks are Jewish or have Jewish spouses (an over-representation of 3,500%).

    Perhaps most telling in my case is the fact that 22 of the 47 U.S. Justice Department senior officials, are Jewish or have Jewish spouses (an over-representation of 2,350 percent!

    I began this seeking justice for my sister. Left to search for my own answers I discovered this pro-Zionist agenda and related discrimination.

    I couldn’t even get the slightest hint of protection under the law, of equal protection or of justice for my sister and I truly believe it is because these officials are blatantly pursuing a Zionist agenda with no regard for the majority of U.S. citizens.

    This increasing gap between the Zionist elite and the rest of us has been increasingly antagonistic. There has been a rise in anti-Semitism—particularly in Europe.

    The European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia concluded that there has been a noticeable rise of anti-Semitic incidents in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and England. There was a six-fold rise in anti-Jewish incidents in France between 2001 and 2002.

    This same report found that anti-Semitic ideas, such as conspiracy theories of Jewish world domination, have been gaining ground. Perhaps this is because the rights of the rest of us, the majority of the citizens of the world are being trampled by this Zionist agenda.

    Perhaps we are finally simply standing up for ourselves. I don’t know. I am just an average citizen of the world. I am simply a man still seeking justice for his brutally murdered sister and for the other seven women who did not have to die at the hands of this butcher.

    If you wish to read more about my sister’s case and this injustice, simply post a link I will send further documentation and evidence.

  11. Gary Anderson March 28, 2014 @ 1:30 pm

    In my opinion,

    1. Replacing Zionism with a “Christian” state religion is wrong. Christ said his kingdom was not of this world. While many believe Zionism is not a religion, and I tend to agree, replacing Zionism with a Christian sacralism is not going to solve anything.

    2. We can find common POLITICAL ground with Judaism because it seeks a prince of peace, and not continual war as we get with the Zionists. We cannot agree spiritually, but we can agree on some political points, even though the Talmud is racist. The Talmud is more for the elite and the Zionists than for the average Jewish religious person.

    We should encourage non Zionist Jews and embrace them from a political perspective. They don’t want Zionism either. Zionism is not a race, nor is it a religion. It is a multiracial political cabal that seeks world globalization and control.

  12. AM November 1, 2014 @ 9:28 am

    What I don’t understand is this:

    I was taught that the Jews are God’s chosen people, and that the Bible prophesied that they would be scattered amongst all the nations, but that in the end times they would get their land back.

    I was also taught that those who bless Israel will also be blessed. The state of Israel was formed after WW2……apparently signalling that we are close to the end times (according to Bible prophecy).

    HOWEVER: This does not make sense according to this new framework of looking at the world according to the alleged Talmud following Zionist agenda – whereby they where complicit in WW2 in order to create the state of Israel.

    Can someone please explain this contradiction?

  13. d p duren March 10, 2015 @ 12:39 pm


    I wish I you had printer friendly copies of your articles so I could take them to my church classes.

  14. Mike Zadonsky March 10, 2015 @ 6:42 pm

    @d p duren

    Above the Comments section, you find a bar where you can request that one of +BN’s articles/posts be sent as a PDF attachment to you by email.

    You can then open and print off the attached PDF from the email.

    Hope that helps.

  15. ORAN April 25, 2015 @ 7:06 pm

    To AM:

    1. Moses brought out Israelites out of Egypt by splitting the Red Sea.

    2. They settled in Canaan (present day Palestine) under the guidance of Moses & Aaron.

    3. They began to go astray by worshiping the Golden Calf. We don’t quite know where they got this idea.

    4. Long after Moses & Aaron were gone they were captured and taken as slaves by the Babylonians.

    5. In Babylon, they split into various factions. One called the Pharisees took on Babylonians gods as their gods with Talmud as their holy book. Another one called the Sadducees who remain true to the teachings of Moses and the Torah.

    6. After 70 years they returned to Canaan and still hoping for a Messiah as foretold in the Torah. The Pharisees didn’t really give a damn as they were then more into the Talmud than the Torah.

    7. The promised Messiah (Jesus) was born amongst them and the Sadducees accepted him and became the first Christians.

    8. The Pharisees rejected him outright and insisted the Messiah has yet to arrive. The holy miracles of Jesus did not convince them and there was nothing more he could do for them.

    9. By rejecting the Messiah, the Pharisees ceased to be the Chosen ones, instead they rebelled against God.

    10. All European Jews you see today are spiritually descended from the Pharisees. They follow the Talmud and actually worship many gods similar to the Hindus.

    11. One god is the one-eyed God you see on the dollar bill worshiped by many artists such as MJ, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna etc.

    12. Other god is the Phallus (obelisk). You can see obelisks in ancient Egypt, Washington DC, Vatican, Buenos Aires, K. Lumpur etc etc.

    13. Their female god they call Shekinah. Those Jews doing the copulating motion at the Wailing Wall are actually symbolizing the Penis thrusting Shekinah. And you wonder why many Jews are in the porn business.

    14. You can see the actions of these Jews everyday everywhere you look. They are big on Israel, Hollywood, Mass-media, Business, the Fed, Govt you name it.

  16. Tess April 26, 2015 @ 11:16 pm

    We love you Brother Nathanael, and pray that God gives you power and strength to do what you do for mankind.

    I pass your site around to many others. They love the info you provide.

    Especially “Satan At The Wailing Wall”. At first it was hard to believe, due to life long brainwashing, but after more hours of investigation I see what you said is the truth.

    I’m amazed at all the other sites today that are exposing this Kabbalist Shekinah goddess of the Talmudick Jews!

    I never heard it before you. I think you opened Pandoras Box–let the cat out of the bag

    This info will only grown now exposing Judaism for what it is — a sex cult, a death cult.

    As well as Christian Zionism which is also an anti-Christ cult.

    The Bible tells us not to allow anyone who is a Jesus hating anti-Christ, as are the Talmudists, to even come into our houses.

    And yet these Christian Zionist allow them into the churches. Thus, the Men of Perdition standing in the Temple of God deceiving the people — even the Elect have been deceived.

    For 2,000 years the Jewish rabbis have still not figured out Jesus is the Messiah.

    Why in the world do these church leaders think these Jews can interpret the Bible without the Holy Spirit in them. It is scripturally impossible.

    I’ve had conversation with a few preachers. I know more of the Bible than they do — scary!

    This is the most honest site in regards to the true inner workings of the New Jew Order..

    Thank you.


  17. Skip Stone January 6, 2017 @ 11:12 pm


    Do a search on you-tube for Cyrus Scofield as to how Zionism was introduced into the Bible!

  18. Jesse March 11, 2021 @ 5:37 am

    Hans Herzl, Theodore’s son, converted to Christianity and ended up committing suicide.

    The Herzl family were not shallow thinkers on jewish issues and did their best to solve difficult questions of identity and religion.

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