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Why I Left Judaism

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2010

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GROWING UP JEWISH was a sad event for me. I always felt like something was missing.

My parents, both Jewish, enrolled me in Sabbath School when I was 6 years old. When I was 7 they enrolled me in Hebrew School which met every Wednesday afternoon.

Our Sabbath School curriculum, which went from 1st to 10th grades, was centered on learning the entire Old Testament, portions of the Talmud, and Jewish History. It also included attending Sabbath services which began on Friday nights and continued Saturday mornings. For our Bar Mitzvah curriculum we studied “Comparative Religions.” But we were not allowed to study Christianity. More on this later.

I recall my parents taking me to my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah at a farther part of the City of Pittsburgh, where I grew up. We entered into an old, musty smelling synagogue which had the Jewish Star of David everywhere.

After only 10 minutes of being inside, I got very nauseated and wanted to vomit. The synagogue seemed to have a deathly pall about it. And I couldn’t bear looking at the Jewish Star everywhere. I learned later that the Star of David is an occult symbol that was popularized by the Kabbalists of the 13th Century in Europe. It was then at the age of 8, through my experience in that old, musty smelling synagogue, that I knew that Judaism was a religion of death.

THE NEIGHBORHOOD WHERE I GREW UP was made up of Jews, Catholics, and Protestants. Every year at Christmas time in the 1950’s, all of our Gentile neighbors put up the Nativity Scene on their lawns. I simply loved looking at the Nativity Scene! And I wanted to know more about Jesus Christ. But we were forbidden to even mention Jesus Christ’s name unless we used it as a curse word.

A boyhood friend of mine named Ricky Rago was a Roman Catholic. One afternoon after playing baseball, Ricky Rago invited me over to his house and we went into his bedroom to play Monopoly.

All over his walls were pictures of the 12 Stations Of The Cross. I was 10 years old at the time and these pictures of Christ’s sufferings made a deep impression on me. I promised myself that one day I would learn the meaning of these sufferings of Jesus Christ.

I PROMISED TO TELL YOU how we were not allowed to study Christianity in our Bar Mitzvah class. The teacher, (I will never forget this scene as long as I live), Mrs Schecter, who was built like a bull dog, got up in front of the class and said:

“Now children. We have studied Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. But we are not going to study Christianity. You see children, Christianity was made up by a manic-depressant by the name of Saul of Tarsus who wanted to blame the crucifixion of a criminal named Jesus Christ on the Jewish people. And Saul of Tarsus you should know was a “self-hating” Jew. He hated being a Jew so much that he even changed his name to “Paul!”

Now it happened dear children that 500 years after Jesus Christ was crucified, the Roman Catholic Church took the crazed writings of Saul of Tarsus and made a religion out of it. They called this religion, “Christianity.” Thus we are not going to bother studying this false and hate-mongering religion.”

I was very disappointed and said to myself, “How could so many people over 1700 years base their lives of virtuous conduct, (as I saw it), upon a man’s ‘crazed writings?'”

When I got home I asked my father what he thought about Saul of Tarsus. My father answered, “Saul of Tarsus tried to convince Jews to become Christians. But we are born Jews and we should die as Jews.”

I FINALLY LEFT my home and synagogue to go to college in Los Angeles in 1968. But I forgot about my promise. It wasn’t until 1970 that one of the Jesus Freaks who were very popular at that time gave me a New Testament. I opened it up and started reading the Gospel of St Matthew. I was struck by the “Jewishness” of the writing. And I soon found myself captivated by the person of Jesus Christ!

He was a man who rubbed shoulders with the common people. He was a man who taught the people from every-day life experiences. And what I liked most of all about Him was when He said to the religious leaders, “The harlots and tax collectors go into the kingdom of heaven before you.” I could almost see Him saying this to Mrs Schecter who called Him a “criminal.” I simply found myself falling in love with Jesus Christ!

I devoured the entire New Testament from cover to cover and could not put it down. I did read about the sufferings of Jesus Christ and it made me cry. And I did read the ‘crazed writings’ of St Paul and knew that there was nothing ‘crazed’ about it at all – but were words of hope and purpose. I said to myself, “Judaism is bankrupt. But the Christian message is full of promise and life.”

When I finished the last Chapter of the Book of Revelations, now at the age of 21, I got down on my knees, wept, and asked Jesus Christ to forgive all my sins and be my Saviour.

Soon afterward I met an old pious woman at a Church gathering who came up to me and said, “God has so much for you and so much for you to do.” Like a cryptic oracle, long awaiting its coming, I am just beginning, 37 years later, to see this prophecy come true.


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Brother Nathanael @ March 30, 2008


  1. Mel March 30, 2008 @ 9:21 am

    Did the community make problems for your parents once they discovered you quit Judaism for Christianity?

  2. admin March 30, 2008 @ 9:28 am

    Hi Mel – Yes, BIG TIME!

    Here the sequel:

    Immediately after embracing Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah, I called my rabbi and told him that he missed the coming of the Messiah!

    He just said, “hmm…” Then he called my mother and told her that I had some emotional problems that had come up which needed to be addressed. My mother insisted that I come home from LA, bought the plane tickets, and started taking me to psychologists and rabbis all over Pgh.

    But I was having a great time, for I was telling all the Jewish shrinks and rabbis all about how they missed the coming of the Jewish Messiah!

    Finally, my mother dragged my father, myself, and me to a Family Counseling session. The psychologist finally said to my mother, “It looks like the one here with the big problem is you.” Well, that ended this ordeal for a while.

    Then my mother started talking in Yiddish a lot which she never did before. And when I would try to leave for Church Sunday mornings she would sit in front of the Front Door and not let me out! Jewish mothers can be really tough.

    But I worked on my mother, my grandmother, (my mom’s mother), my aunt, (my mom’s sister), and after many years of showing them the OT prophecies of the coming of the Messiah, they all embraced Jesus Christ! (My mother got baptized as an Orthodox Christian 1 year before she died! So, I will see her in heaven!

    Brother Nathanael

  3. Mike March 30, 2008 @ 10:14 am

    You are entitled to your opinions, however, you call yourself a Brother indicating that you are a follower of a great faith. It sounds that you live by the sword not by the word of Jesus. For some reason, I feel that you over embelish your reasons for turning away from Judaism, but that is your peroagative.

    Jewish person believes in Chesed I would not expect you to understand this as I suspect that your religious philosophy did not cover Hebrew. It means “Kindness” to all
    people, a trait which you obviously lack. Shaom.

  4. admin March 30, 2008 @ 10:37 am

    Obviously dear MIKE, you never read the Hebrew Prophets. Truth sometimes is quite harsh. It’s Books of the Prophets is called in the Bible “Nevi’im [נביאי]” by the way.

    They did not mince words but were stoned, sawn asunder, and persecuted relentlessly by Jews like you who are afraid of the truth.

    Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Former Jew
    NOW Orthodox Christian Speaking TRUTH

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  6. Michael March 30, 2008 @ 11:28 am

    Hi Brother Nathanael,
    Hope all is well.

    If Jews met Jesus in person today-I think most Jews would love him- he was a great guy!

    As a Christian who is Gentile-I think a lot of Jews are missing out on a wonderful message of love from Jesus who is my Messiah.

    I believe many Jews are a little brainwashed to have negative views toward Jesus and his message.

    I have met a couple of Jews who confided to me that they believe Jesus is the Messiah, but they fear being shunned by their fellow Jews and keep it to themselves.

    Keep up the ‘good’ work.


  7. Robert Cardillo March 30, 2008 @ 1:49 pm

    As usual an excellent article. At least like most Jews I know you have a great sense of humour as well!!! Good job!!!

  8. Lynda March 30, 2008 @ 2:23 pm

    Dear Br Nathanael,

    What a great story! And what an experience of Amazing Grace – to accompany your mom, her sister and your grandmother into the faith and baptism into Christ. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    From so many of these experiences, I can see why you have defended the right to public profession of the faith so strongly and taken a stand for the right of Christians to express our faith in public domain whether it is the nativity scene on the front lawn or a monument to the Ten Commandments.

    As an Orthodox Christian you are on exactly the same page as Pope Leo XIII who wrote of the public witness to Christ: “it is the duty of the State to respect and cherish it, and if need be to defend it from attack”…”but we see this [public expression and profession of the faith through the Christian sodalities], however peaceful, hampered in every way, whereas the utmost liberty is conceded to individuals whose purposes are at once hurtful to our holy faith and dangerous to the State.”
    Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum, May 15, 1891

    If more Catholics (I am being generous here) decided to get off the ‘ecumenical: we respect everybody’s religion except ours’ page and onto the page of the Church’s magisterium, then more progress could be made in reclaiming the inalienable right of the Christian faith to public domain.

  9. Mark Glenn March 30, 2008 @ 3:08 pm

    Congrats on another ‘must read’ piece Br. Nathanael.

    I truly believe that if people do not understand the issue as you put forth in this piece, than what is taking place in the world will forever remain a mystery to them.


  10. Joe Cortina March 30, 2008 @ 4:42 pm

    Br Nathanael

    Found your piece very informative. If a manlike Mark Glenn stands up for you – then I know you are the ‘ real thing’. Not sure what to say – other than my compliment for your courage as I am sure that there were many difficult obstacles.

    I am under the impression after a fairly long life so far – that there are a LOT of really bad people – a few very good people and a lot of in between folks. The very and very bad are easy to identify. I can identify with the ignorance and naievety of youth as i had a lengthy experience with political ideologies.

    I was raised Catholic (Christian) and in a family of Democrats. My parents were decent people but too naive to perceive the radical changes brought about in the Dem Party – by, of course, the Jews.

    I do a LOT and I do mean a LOT of geo-political analysis, so there isn’t much about major party politics that I am not familiar with. I can tell you this with 100% conviction.

    There are NO really Godly Christian Americans ( my age) ADULTS in the Democrat Party. I spent 23 years of my youth as an active, albeit foolish, member. The Democrats were (STILL ARE) are a Party of evil in America.

    Sadly, now the perverted Zionist poisoned GOP is a evil in a slightly different bent. After 35 years as a Repub, I left it as well because of the evil stench of death there as well. I too know of things that ‘smell of death’.

    I believe the reason that I got out of the Dems was because I was always a pretty decent man, BUT not well informed. Once I learned that marvelous magical concept — called TRUTH — i had MY ‘epiphany’, politically anyway. Once my eyes were ‘opened’, I realized what evil I had associated myself with and left as quickly as Lot left Soddom.

    What I am wondering, is that can it be possible for an ethnicity like the Jews, unquestionably more comparitively intelligent, could stay es evil as they are? I have spent time in Israel and in unusual circumstances that allowed me to experience things that only VIRTUALLY a handful of Americans have or will ever see. I witnessed their brutality in the Occupied territories, like Gaza, Hebron etc.

    I have experienced the horrors that humans can be guilty of in several countries ( have had lots of ex-/former military conections) but never have I seen such sadistic brutality as the conduct of the Jews.

    I see NO signs of TRUE repentence ANYWHERE by so much as ONE influential Jew — NONE.

    Men like Zola Levitt were no more lovers of the ways of Jesus than Lenin. I am not easily fooled by his kind of treacherous duplicity. One need but LISTEN to the rantings of his wife to learn tha there was NO wisdom involved in his so -called conversion.

    I found the Israelis even more brutal and evil that the worst of the Marxists I have encountered (and I have seen some of the worst of the worst).

    I have witnessed the Jews destroy everything that I once loved and cherished about being an American and it leaves a LOT Of scars, anger, sadness and despair.

    You may think this too harsh, but I believe with all my heart and soul that unless Israel is destroyed the world will NEVER EVER know any lasting peace and America will NEVER ever again be in the graces of God.

    Do you see any solution, any hope? If we continue on this present path I cannot even bear to imagine what will be the results of our Godless conduct. I really no longer want to live here as it is now.

    This is NOT The country of my youth, and there is little TRUE Christian sentiment left — only the insane antics of foolish men who mock the teachings and lessons of Christ.

    May God protect and guide you.

    Most Sincerely – Joe Cortina

  11. admin March 30, 2008 @ 6:08 pm

    Dear Joe Cortina,

    Thank you for you commment and pouring your heart out for all of us to hear.

    I invite you and encourage you dear Joe to continue posting here as I feel you have a lot to offer.

    Hope? Oh yes, I do see hope for the future of our great nation America. I am on the streets of America everyday and I can tell you that the youth of America are hungering for Christ, for purity, for sincerity, and Truth. Yes, there’s hope for America.

    As far as Israel is concerned, the land was gotten by the Jews by theft, bribery of the Great Powers and politicians, and murder. Many Israelis are now dual citizens of America and have come and remained here for the Almighty Dollar. All the Israelis should be repatriated and the Palestinians should get their lands and groves back.

    And may the “disappearing” Arab Christians return to Palestine and build a viable, Christian society in the Holy Land. Long live the Jerusalam Patriarchate my Church!

    Brother Nathanael

  12. anon March 30, 2008 @ 6:10 pm

    What’s this Saul or Taurus thing?

  13. admin March 30, 2008 @ 6:13 pm

    Dear Anon,

    “Saul of Tarsus:” St Paul’s name before he became a Christian. +BN

  14. Ken Dutton March 30, 2008 @ 8:15 pm

    If more Jews converted to Christianity and applied the teachings of Christ, I am convinced the NWO would not exist today.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Theodora March 30, 2008 @ 8:48 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael.

    Isn’t it true that the first Christians WERE Jews? Isn’t it true that millions of Jews even existed in Egypt many, many years ago?

    Could you explain this if you have the answers? Thank you.

  16. admin March 30, 2008 @ 9:18 pm

    Of course the first Christians were FORMER Jews. Jews were in Alexandria as well.

    We no longer use these distinctions that only serve to divide us as St Paul teaches:

    “We are no longer Jews, Gentiles, Greeks, slaves, masters, male, or female, but we are one in Christ.”

    That’s why the first believers called themselves CHRISTIANS. +bn

  17. jake March 30, 2008 @ 9:27 pm

    So let me get this straight: You think Jesus was born from a virgin, turned water into wine, died on a cross for all of our sins and then rose from the dead.

    That’s pretty far-out stuff. Can I have some of what you’re smoking?

  18. Lorraine Henneberry March 30, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

    What are you people afraid of? Jesus was a Jew if you don’t know duh!!

    It’s a religion like all the rest and has been interepted to suit whoever has written it.

    Give us a break, I’m so sick of having this stuff shoved down our throats the sooner we get rid of all religion the better off we’ll all be. It’s a case of whose got the biggest member, and that is a particular male thing.

    Saul changed his name to Paul and went and ruined it all.

  19. admin March 30, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

    Dear jake,

    Of course this is “far out stuff.” The virgin birth, the miracles of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection have come to us from Heaven.

    Smoking? I imbibe the Holy Scriptures which in the OT predicted the virgin birth, the miracles of Jesus Christ and His death and Resurrection.

    And I imbibe in the NT which reveals our deliverance from our sins, death, and eternal damnation. +Brother Nathanael

  20. admin March 30, 2008 @ 9:35 pm

    Dear Lorraine Henneberry,

    Why do I detect “bitterness” informing your diatribe against the most beautiful man Who ever lived, Jesus Christ?

    St Paul was beautiful too as he encouraged Christiand “to be followers of him as he was to Christ.”

    Christianity is the ONLY religion in which the PERSONAL God of Heaven reaches out to man offering forgiveness of sins. For after we die it will be too late.

    +Brother Nathanael

  21. Theodora March 30, 2008 @ 9:55 pm

    Jake, would you be more inclined to believe one who says he/she was abducted by an alien and was impregnated?

    It amazes me how some have actually claimed these things, and yet, many have a problem in believing in the virgin birth.

    God can do ANYTHING!!! You exist, don’t you? You’re here, aren’t you?

    Gee, Jake, how did you get here? Oh, now I figured it out. You came in a spaceship from another galaxy.

  22. Star March 30, 2008 @ 10:02 pm

    Can you tell if there is any truth to the claims that Christianity is a religion of hate?

    I mean, Jesus was really a kind, loving person in many ways, but since I haven’t studied the New Testament at any depths, I can’t tell for sure if there is any basis for the Jews’ claims that Christianity is a hateful religion or not.

    Maybe they are misinterpreting something he said, or why else are they so resentful towards JC?

  23. Theodora March 30, 2008 @ 10:02 pm

    Lorraine, the minute YOU and everyone else who objects to the Godhead decide to abolish ALL religion, is the day that you and everyone else will believe anything that comes their way.

    Next you’ll start believing that all people are categorized into groups, such as caterpillars, mammals, and amphibious beings. Give me a break!

  24. admin March 30, 2008 @ 10:04 pm

    Dear Star,

    You wrote: “I can’t tell for sure if there is any basis for the Jews’ claims that Christianity is a hateful religion or not.”

    See my article, “Why The Jews Hate Jesus Christ” @


  25. Star March 30, 2008 @ 10:27 pm

    OK, thank you. I read that article.

    So Jews have a problem with moral authority, is that it? In that case it seems difficult to follow even the Old Testament, and especially the Ten Commandments.

    What you’re saying is basically that Jews act like rebelling teenagers in a sense, but with the difference in that they refuse to grow up. Am I correct in assuming this?

  26. admin March 30, 2008 @ 10:49 pm

    Stars – Jews want the control as Masters, not as teenagers.

    Jews fear Christianity more than any other thing. The Christian World Order once ran the world but the Jews started warring against the Christian World Order beginning in 1649 when they funded Cromwell to execute Charles I.

    See my article “How The Jews Took Great Britain” @

    And: “Time Line Of Jewish World Dominance” @


  27. Blue March 30, 2008 @ 10:54 pm

    I was wondering how you reconcile the existence of so many similarities between the Egyptian occult traditions and Christianity?

    I am having much trouble with this myself.

    See, Osiris was born of ‘virgin birth’ and was crucified and rose again etc., and so too in Sumarian text, their god was also virgin born and died and rose again. It’s a very very ancient story, easily studied and correlated to present day religions if one studies with an open mind.

    Its just that when you do examine things, the entire Christian and most of the Jewish symbolic story is taken straight from those Sumarian and Egyptian texts, even so far as the ten commandments themslves are straight out of the Egyptian Book of the Dead: there to be read by anyone not just taken on my say so!

    So, how do you reconcile this without feeling like a fraud or hypocrite? Some days when I say I am a follower of Christ I feel the burden of that knowledge, and feel just like that, fraudulent, hypocritical.

    I want to believe, and like any human of faith I desire to be ‘saved’ by God and partake in eternal life, but I do not want to be lied to.

    And if being saved/eternal life is only on offer via becoming or adhering to doctrine that compels me to be a judgmental self hating person, or is at the expense of humanity, then its nothing more than a bribe isn’t it?

    I ask because I do not wish be led astray and be led clapping and singing alleluias into the arms of the abyss by a lying adversary.

    I recall it is written that the Adversary/Satan deceives the WHOLE world, not just the Jews or the gentiles, but everybody, and I have to admit to a very intuitive fear that he is using religions as a whole to do that.

    It is written Jesus defeated death, he didn’t destroy it. And I fear very much that so many are being led to death and lied to, to their destruction through this often manic desire for eternal life-after-death that they are confusing immortal with eternal life and missing the point of the Jesus message – the value of existence WITH God – in the present day.


    Hope I haven’t offended, just religiously fatigued I guess. If there was a question there i’ve forgotten it.

    Kudos to you though for challenging your own belief systems, if only more would.



    Didn’t God/the Lord bring us OUT of Egypt?

    If so..why do all our current religous traditions still reflect those old stories and ways, and not an entirely new belief system?

  28. Theodora March 30, 2008 @ 11:03 pm

    It seems that many people have a problem with moral authority, not just in the United State but elsewhere as well. This is what has happened to our Nation. It has been divided. A good example of this is the “Hate Crimes Bill.”

    If everyone followed the Ten Commandments, which one of the commandments states: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, we wouldn’t need this Bill. Nobody should make fun of others, no matter what.

    A Jew should not go spitting in the faces of Orthodox priests, and vise versa. A Black-American should not call a White person a “Honkie.” A White person should not call a Mexican a “Beaner,” a White American should not call a Black person a “nigger.”

    American University professors should not refer to the White race of America as “You gringos deserve to die. You are no longer making babies as we are.” “You European Americans deserve to die.”

    We are all people of God. All God asks is that we have respect and understanding for each other.

    Many Jews eventually WILL receive the Lord as their saviour. Many others will as well. There’s HOPE!!! And, without HOPE, you have nothing!!!

  29. Lynda March 30, 2008 @ 11:03 pm

    “Saul changed his name to Paul and went and ruined it all”

    You know, Theodora I don’t think Lorraine’s message is really about the “sooner we get rid of all religion the better off we’ll all be.”

    If Br. Nathanael was telling us about how he left his familial religion of money worshippers or self worhsippers or his football tribe and its tribal gods and became a Jehovah’s witness or a Tibetan Bhuddist or a scientific fundamentalist, I seriously doubt she would have a problem with his story.

    Bet you 1 whole dollar there is only one religion she really opposes.

  30. admin March 30, 2008 @ 11:21 pm

    Dear Blue,

    St Jusin Martyr of the 2nd Century points out in his “Dialogue With Trypo The Jew” that paganism had borrowed much from the Old Testament predictions of the Messiah.

    Thus you had “Hercules” a “strong man to run the race,” which is from the OT.

    “Defeated” death or “destroy” death? Christ both deafeated death AND destroyed death. That is why we say that Christians “fall asleep” and not “he or she died.”

    That is why there are so many Christian martyrs throughout the centuries. Because we Christians do not fear death but see dying or rather “falling asleep” as great gain! +BN

  31. Fennizar March 30, 2008 @ 11:46 pm


    I have read this and the related comments, but it leaves me wondering something.

    Brother, what are your views on Islam?

    I simply wonder due to my own affinity with it. I am not a member, but someone I love dearly is, born and raised.

    Really, I love her enough that it is likely I would convert to it, although I am not particularly religious. However, I do believe in God and Jesus, I dislike the organized aspects of all religion…they seem to simply serve to corrupt the true intention, bent it to the will of man instead of God.

  32. Theodora March 30, 2008 @ 11:52 pm

    You’re right Brother Nathanael. With as much coffee as I drink, I’m lucky to get any sleep.

  33. Theodora March 30, 2008 @ 11:55 pm

    If we die according to God’s timing, so be it. On the other hand, thank God for Second Amendment Rights.

  34. Lynda March 31, 2008 @ 12:58 am

    “I was wondering how you reconcile the existence of so many similarities between the Egyptian occult traditions [and Sumerian texts] and Christianity?”

    Dear Blue, anyone who can raise the kind of questions you are asking is ready to study the cultural dimensions of the Christian faith and enter into a ‘mind to mind’ with some of the literary greats of the West.

    These are the Christians who really understood mythology, the Secret Doctrine of the ancient mysteries, poetry and philosophy.

    Their whole lives were about living their Christian faith, but in their day jobs, they were occupied in teaching these subjects at places like Oxford and Cambridge. And they formed a study group for talking and writing about just the questions you are asking.

    This group was called the Inklings and (together with their own favourite authors), they met at the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford and became a powerhouse of Christian reflection, literature and poetry and witness.

    The questions you raise are fascinating (not fearful) because they open up to us fascinating subject matter.

    Instead of feeling like a hypocrite for raising these excellent questions, why lot feel like a learner and a teacher?

    Let me share with you some essays that are right of your alley. Some of my personal favourites:

    “Now as myth (any myth) transcends thought, Incarnation transcends myth.”
    C.S. Lewis (1944) “Myth became Fact.” God in the Dock. Fount Paperbacks. 1979.

    In consideration of mythologies and the Gospel, “it has long been my feeling (a joyous feeling) that God redeemed the corrupt ‘making’ creatures – men – in a way fitting to this aspect , as to others of our strange nature. The Gospels do contain a ‘myth’ if you will – that is, the Gospel is that type of story, a larger kind of story. But as history, the Gospel embraces the essence of all myths or fairy stories.”

    A hallmark of these ‘larger stories’ is that “they contain many marvels – peculiarly artistic, beautiful and moving: “mythical” in their perfect, self-contained significance; and among the marvels is the eucatastrophe.” (a catastrophe with a sudden joyous turn of events – salvific).

    But the Great Story, God’s Great Story has broken “into History and the primary world; the desire and so the aspiration of man-made stories, their catastrophes and eucatastrophes find fulfillment in God’s Great Story.”

    “The Birth of Christ is the supreme eucatastrophe of Man’s history. The Resurrction is the eucatastrophe of the story of the Incarnation. This story begins in joy and ends in joy.”

    “There is no man made tale ever told that men would rather find was true and none which so many skeptical men have accepted as true on its own merits. For the Art of it has the supremely convincing tone of Primary Art, that is the Art of the Creator Himself, His creation. To reject the Great Story, the Gospel, that is at the centre of His Art leads to sadness or to wrath.”

    J.R.R. Tolkien “On Fairy Stories” The Tolkien Reader. Ballantine. 1966.

    If you like to think these kind of thoughts, Blue, why not read C.S. Lewsis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Fr. Gerald Vann, G.K. Chesterton. A Christian polity or civilization has Christian Art and Letters. Not the awful stuff that is peddled today because we have been brainwashed into materialism and naturalism. The culture of our society has a very low horizon.

    In his War of the gods and demons” The Everlasting Man, G.K. Chesterton satirizes this outlook:

    “The materialist theory of history, that all politics and ethics are the expression of economics (dialectical materialism) is a very simple fallacy indeed. It consists simply of confusing the necessary conditions of life with the preoccupations of life, that are quite a different thing. It is like saying that because man walks on two legs, therefore, he never walks about except to buy shoes.”

    If you open these books, Blue, with the questions you have – believe me, a great adventure awaits you.

  35. james March 31, 2008 @ 1:07 am

    Interesting about Saul.

    I guess the messenger is of equal importance if not greater than the person delivering the message.

    Surprised Constantine isn’t really mentioned much as if it wasn’t for him converting Rome to Christianity achieving military conquest under the Christian banner, Europe would not be Christian.

  36. Richard March 31, 2008 @ 2:11 am

    I feel sorry for all of you, discussing some person who never existed.

    Jesus is a fiction, as is the entire Bible. Fabricated to keep people divided and arguing and killing. A much easier task to conquer a humanity divided.

    The technique of infamy is to present two lies, and then get people arguing over which one is true. I forget now which literary great said that, but it rings true for me.

    Might I suggest this site, and these good people for Jews and non-Jews alike?

  37. yusuf poerbo a.k.a joe jussac March 31, 2008 @ 3:36 am

    Shalom, Salaam, Peace to all of U NOT ABTI Islam Jews all over the world. First off, as a Muslim (insha Allah, GOD the Almighty Wills, a good one), I don’t buy that WE as human beings must hate the entire Jews. I hate wars!

    I hate (state) Terrorism (there are many!), I hate killing of innocents. Years ago when my family and I lived four years in ….., my next door neighbor was a GOOD, SOFT-Spoken Jews.

    Their first born, a very cute little Jew, was my son’s classmate and playmate, he often played with my son at our residence. There are THOUSANDS of straight Jews REVERTed to ISLAM in the USA alone AFTER AFTER AFTER the FAKE TERROR of 9-11 (GWB and Neocon n Zionists the masterminds).

    Btw, if U guys would like to know more about me and my world views on MANY subject matters, from the JINN to UFO to mind control, please key in tjoaginsing or go to Find tjoaginsing, or Joe Jussac, or Yusuf Poerbo. Enjoy.

    By the way, there’s a great unofficial leader in my country, whose mom was A JEW. His elder sister was a famous singer; like myself (he is maybe 5 years older than me — very good looking, pointed nise — very Jewish!) he enjoyed SHOOTING; SKY DIVING. He, without his knowing, in fat, is remotely related to me. His ancestor and mine came from same root: the MATARAM Kingdom of Solo, Central Java.

    Shalom friends. Do you know that Shalom and Salaam (Arabic) have the same ROOT, namely SLM? So, go to the and U will KNOW more about it.


    Joe bin Jussac

  38. Soonera March 31, 2008 @ 3:44 am

    Your story does not even sound genuine, firstly you have not even grasped any concepts of both Christianity or Judaism, let alone criticise any faith.

    This guy is a charlatan, beware of him, and what he says. Especially to those kind hearted Christians, who are sapping in everything this filthy and disgusting traitor is promulgating. The deepest part of Hell is reserved for hypocrites like you.

    Yes go on, bring on some tirade with your comments, you’re just ridiculous and God is ever watching you, and of your treacherous intentions.

    May God guide those who are believing what this hypocrite has to say.

    God Bless

  39. Anthony Clifton March 31, 2008 @ 4:41 am

    Thank You Brother Nathanael for being Honest with yourself.

    Now let’s take a hard look at what makes someone a – nonJewish – Israelite. The truth will set a lot of people free from the Bondage of Talmudic Judaism, which hates truth {Jesus}. See John 8. At no time have “jews” ever been Israel.

    Paul/Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin:

    []- see -[]

    Jesus does not want US {all Israel see Revelation 7}, living in bondage to the children of the devil.{jews/moneychangers}. It would be GREAT to have a radio show where we can honestly talk about what makes someone “Jewish” and why it is so unnecessary, unless we want to live in misery, hatred, WAR for Jewish lies…what kind of sense does that make ?

    We can live in Peace…Truth & Justice first!…[]

    Welcome Brother Nathanael to The Bright Light of Truth/Jesus’ Love for the little children. Blessings and salutations..[you know Nathanael, the numbers on this gig are so stacked…99.98% {US-nonjews/} .02% – 95% of which are Khazars…{not Hebrew, not semitic, not Judahites}….Wow! Think about that!

    Not very many {Edomite moneychangers/snakes} to deal with worldwide. Just the brainwashed/Zionazi psychzoids/Christian zionazi’s/Jewdeo-Christians/brain-dead Goys repeating “Jewish” lies.

    Check out Obadiah the non-Jewish Israelite writing about the end of Judaism!

    Oh yeah, if you can find someone to make a recording, you want to hear something really beautiful? Have some children sing “In God’s Green Pasture’s Feeding,” a song, that is truly beautiful when children sing it sounds like angels. Think how the Father feels when He Hears Children singing…!

  40. max March 31, 2008 @ 4:49 am

    Dear Admin, a question.

    God is all wise, forgiving and just.

    He/she is also most merciful, clearly more merciful and forgiving than any of his/her creation.

    I, as one of his/her creations would never send anyone to ETERNAL damnation. (Perhaps a year short of ‘eternal’ for some!!)

    So, does he/she commit to eternal damnation?

    Lest you suggest that it is the ‘individual’s choice’, would he/she allow his/her creation to make that choice knowing of the eternal ramifications?

    I have asked many clergy the above questions without a cogent response.



  41. Lorraine March 31, 2008 @ 5:39 am

    Dear Bro Nat you didn’t leave Judaism, I think Judaism left you.

    Lets get something straight — Jesus was a Jew and and a practising one at that.

    Christianity was created by a select group of Boys in the Club, and have had it going for fifteen hundred years. And they are not about to let it go.

  42. admin March 31, 2008 @ 5:55 am

    Dear Lorraine – You are not competent to access the New Testament message of Christianity nor of Judaism.

    You never read the OT nor the NT, yet you act as if you are an authority! You are nothing more than an armchair scorner.

    Christianity was established by the Lord Jesus Christ the ETERNAL SON OF GOD who took upon himself impersonal humanity assumed into His Eternal Personhood.

    Thus PROPERLY (a philosophic term that you don’t have a clue about) Jesus Christ was NOT a “Jew” but rather the Eternal Son of God. But these thing are way above armchair scorners like yourself.

    The Lord Jesus Christ said to his disciples, “Upon the rock of true confession I will build My Church. And the apostles were willing to die for Christ’s Church. And they did die indeed!

    Persecuted, stoned, flogged, slain, crucified upside down. These are not “boys in the club dear armchair scorner.

    Christ offers you forgiveness of your sins NOW Lorraine. You better repent, get out of your armchair of scorn, get down on your knees and repent of your many many sins. Better do it now Lorraine before it’s too late. I’ve warned you. +BN

  43. admin March 31, 2008 @ 6:05 am

    Dear Max,

    This life in the here and now is a preparation for our eternal destiny.

    The Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Christian Church teach that “we will all appear before the dread judgement seat of Christ that everyone may receive in his body the things that he hath done whether good or evil.”

    The Orthodox Church teaches that we choose heaven or hell now in this life. CS Lewis poetically expresses this in his fictional book, “The Great Divorce.”

    In this book he brings to the fore, 8 representational men who in coming to heaven decide they do not want to be there but would rather be in hell.

    The Orthodox Church teaches us that when people who are not repentant appear before the Lord Jesus Christ, his holy angels, and all the saints, they will condemn themselves and throw themselves into the Eternal Fire. And that fire will burn them because they know that they spurned God’s eternal love. +BN

  44. admin March 31, 2008 @ 6:09 am

    And by the way dear Max,

    The Holy prophets and apostles depict the Triune God in the “masculine” tense as “HE.”

    A few times in the Old Testament a “mother who nurtures her son,” is used as a description of God’s love for His Church. But the norm is that God is depicted not in the passive feminine form, but in the Generative, Power of the “Masculine.”

    So when you call God, “he/she” you are in contradiction of the Holy revelatory truth as it is written. Be careful…


  45. admin March 31, 2008 @ 6:42 am

    Dear Richard – If Jesus Christ and the Bible are a “fiction” as you froth at the mouth about without any factual or rational support, then we all are left in a state of death and despair.

    You better repent NOW Richard and embrace the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour from your many sins and DEATH before it’s too late. I give you fair warning. +BN

  46. duke March 31, 2008 @ 7:10 am

    Peace be with the moderator, as well as those who are able to read this message.

    The time has come, the harvest is ripe.

    I am here to bring judgment to the living and the dead.

    Pass this on to all fellow believers.

    I am The Faithful Witness,
    Duke (Yeshua)

  47. Paul March 31, 2008 @ 7:15 am

    “What’s up with that?”

    I’ve got a couple of questions. I have a little experience concerning “religions”. Having grown up “Catholic” (parents), converting to “Buddhism” (parents), dating a “Babtist” (my own choice) and then going off to college (???-and still seeking), I would like to ask a couple of questions.

    What’s this about “If you don’t believe in this or that, you’re going to “rot in hell”? I don’t care much for the fear tactics. Someone posted a response that indicated that “The deepest part of hell is reserved for hypocrites like you.” You mean there’s different levels of hell? Can one move from one level to another? What’s up with that?

    It seems, through my various readings, that most wars were caused in the name of “religion” (my religion is more sacred than yours). What’s up with that?

    There are “commandments.” They are pretty straight forward I believe. Good laws to go by. In any religion. But to indicate that one religion “created these laws,” therefore it must be the right religion is ludicrous.

    All religions have some sort of “common sense” laws to abide by. But then, they go off in some sort of tangents. What’s up with that?

    All religions have some record of a great flood. The causes of this flood vary somewhat, perhaps due to geographical location. Or something else. What’s up with that?

    Christians have “The Old Testament” and then the “New Testament.” Is there something wrong with the “Old Testament” that required a new “update”? Who decided what needed to be updated? Is it now time for “The Newest Testament”? What’s up with that?

    I have been mocked, ridiculed and embarassed for asking questions, because it is expected that I “have unquestioning belief/faith.” But how can one believe anything without seeking answers on their own? What’s up with that?

    I have read in the Bible that “the gods of men saw that the daughters of man were desireable, so they took some to be their wives.” That sounds plural to me. You mean God had a brother? How come that is not talked about much? What’s up with that?

    I know. I know. Some folks will say that I am going to “rot in hell” for all time for asking these questions. They might say these things to “help solidify their own beliefs”. But I am going to remain “open minded.” I will continue to seek how man came to be.

  48. Cheryl March 31, 2008 @ 7:31 am

    So you leave one bogus religion for another!!

    Religion is the best invention EVER, great control. Divide & conquer works especially well.

    Check Emperor Constantine for more. It is so sad that people (sheeple) believe such garbage.

  49. Monis March 31, 2008 @ 7:44 am

    I think Br. Nathanael, you are not searching for the truth, and you are working on someone’s agenda.

    Anyway if you or any one wants to know the truth, you can know it directly from Almighty, you just have to ask him from the depth of you heart and in a humble way.

    It’s a 14 days process, don’t drink any liquor or eat pork, speak as little as you can and think as much as you can, and in last 7 days sit at some quite place (same place for 7 days) in your home in the night with very dim lights (for whatever time you can do it with full concentration) and ask Him to show you the right path.

    He is our Creator and our Sustainer, He knows us more than we know us, but please make sure don’t involve your current religious belonging or bias in this in any means. Just ponder about His bounties and be thankful for them and ask for the most precious bounty from Him, the right path to Him.

  50. admin March 31, 2008 @ 7:49 am

    Dear Monis, I entered into total quiet & fasting much longer than 14 days many years ago in 1987-1988.

    Then I was led to be baptized as an Orthodox Christian and became an Orthodox Christian monk.

    The agenda I promote is Jesus Christ’s agenda for the salvation of mankind through His Holy Gospel and His One Holy Catholic And Apostolic Church.

    +Brother Nathanael…Street Evangelist! @

  51. Roland March 31, 2008 @ 7:50 am

    Read these two books:

    1. The Jesus Mysteries, by Freke & Gandy

    2. The Bible Unearthed, by Finkelstein & Silberman

    If you are intellectually honest, you will be impressed by the well researched evidences therein.

  52. admin March 31, 2008 @ 7:52 am

    Dear Cheryl – Judaism is a false religion.

    Christianity is the only TRUE religion. The Orthodox Christian Church founded by the Lord Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and His apostles offers you forgiveness of sins, cancelling of the curse of death, and eternal life.

    Don’t blow it Cheryl with your multiple unrepentant sins.


  53. admin March 31, 2008 @ 7:55 am

    Dear Paul,

    If you were convicted of multiple crimes but the Judge offered you forgiveness, would you take it before showing up for trial?

    The Lord Jesus Christ is the Judge of the living and the dead. He has many charges against you dear Paul for your multiple sins. But He offers you forgiveness NOW. Better take advantage of it NOW before it’s too late.

    “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.”

    +Brother Nathanael…Street Evangelist! @

  54. admin March 31, 2008 @ 7:58 am

    Dear Duke – There is only One ultimate FAITHFUL WITNESS and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

    You are quoting from the opening passage of the book of Revelations, much of which I know by heart.

    In the book of Revelations, the Lord Jesus Christ say He “will give to every man according to his works.”

    You sound to me like an egomaniac and you must have many unrepentant sins as well – & deep psychological problems.

    I suggest you humble yourself, get on your knees, and ask Christ to lead into a simple, Church going, Christian life.

    +Br Nathanael

  55. admin March 31, 2008 @ 8:02 am

    Dear Roland – your books are worthless and irrelevant.

    The “*mystery* hidden before the ages” has been expounded to us by the great and holy St Paul in all of his NT Epistles.

    And the Bible has been “*unearthed*” to us by the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Christian Church. The set of books is known as the Nicene Fathers Series which you SHOULD purchase from Christian Book Distributers or on ebay. +BN

  56. Stars March 31, 2008 @ 9:28 am

    Hi Brother Nathanael,

    This is Stars, you know, Brenda. I see someone else is using the moniker “Star”, so in the future I will post under Brenda, okay?

  57. Brenda March 31, 2008 @ 9:38 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    I thought your testimony about your conversion to Christianity was amazing.

    Seeing what God has done with your compassionate and passionate heart towards Christ, has made me a better Christian.

    Nathanael, God has chosen you.

    “You did not chose Him, but He has chosen you.”

    As every prophet realizes, when God choses you — much is given and much is expected.

    You have risen to the occasion heroically, God’s grace overflowing and abundant in your life.

    As every serious Christian realizes, God’s mission to spread the Good News and thus Christianity, comes with a price. That price is the Cross.

    The Cross involves all forms of opposition to the Gospel and to the Truth of Jesus Christ. When we take up our Cross, Jesus walks along beside us to encourage and sustain us.

    Jesus never told us it would be an Easy Road; ONLY that He would always be with us.

    So I would encourage you this day to Embrace that Cross, take it up and continue to Follow Christ.

    You reward will be great in heaven.

    Already you have made such a difference here on earth.

    May God’s name be Praised for all that you do to serve your Lord and Savior.

  58. Brenda March 31, 2008 @ 10:11 am

    A message for Paul:

    Paul, your problem lies in the fact that you are a Non-Believer. You do not, at this point believe in Jesus Christ. That is why you have jumped from one religion to another and falsely believe . . “they are all the same.”

    Moral relativism, something you seem to be afflicted with, is the resultant belief of those who do not Know or Accept Jesus Christ.

    Because ONLY Jesus Christ is the Author of Truth. Remember Pilate’s dilemma? Truth, What is that?

    Paul, your . . “what’s up with that?” is the same question.

    I would say you are still on a quest for TRUTH.

    When you finally, by the Grace of God, discover Christ — you will know the Truth — about which there is no denial.

    Paul, you should be praying to the Holy Spirit to REVEAL the TRUTH to you.

    It is important that you not delay, as Brother Nathanael has indicated, because the Time is Short.

    The “Shortness” of Time has been quite evident by the coming together of many, many Christian prophesies over the centuries — none more ominious than the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima.

    I would encourage you to explore these apparitions, their warnings, and the Early Church fathers.

    Research, discover, Repent and Be Saved.

  59. duke March 31, 2008 @ 11:10 am

    Peace be with you Brother Nathanael.

    True, there is only one Faithful Witness.

    Brother, you say “You sound to me like an ego maniac”

    We read from John Chapter 10:

    19 There was a division therefore again among the Jews for these sayings.
    20 And many of them said, He hath a devil, and is mad; why hear ye him?

    Then knock on the door at:

    I am the one and only Faithful Witness
    Duke (Yeshua)

  60. Uwe March 31, 2008 @ 12:00 pm

    Dear Brother,

    After Reading your name and story I get the impression that you did not just run from Judaism, but from its satanic counterpart, Zionism.

    As you know, there are three monotheistic religions: Islam, Christianism and Judaism. All three have there book of inspiration, being the Quran, Bible and Torah, respectively. But they also have a satanic “mirror” book, opposing the teachings of obedience toward and submission to God: the Satanic Verses, the Satanic Bible and the Talmud.

    You mentioned that you had to study this last book, and this, together with your Khazarian name, tells me that you were exposed to the satanic Talmudic cult, which is headed by descendants of the Khazarians who constantly impersonate Jews and even manage to fool true Jews.

    The reason I know about this subject is that my family is also of Khazarian origin. Fortunately it was one of my remote forefathers who gave up this evil cult and became a Christian. So it was relatively easy to become a Christian myself. I didn’t have to go through all that struggle and have to face all the problems you had to face.

    Therefore I congratulate you even more for your firm decision to stand up against evil and become a true son of God.

    Your brother in faith,


  61. Wide Awake March 31, 2008 @ 12:03 pm

    JUDAISM is ANTI-Christ and ANTI-Christianity!!!

    Whereas Christianity Says UNIVERSALLY Do NOT Kill, Lie, Cheat, Steal, etc.

    JUDAISM says these rules apply ONLY to Other JEWs!!

    A JEW is allowed to kill, lie to, cheat, and steal.

  62. Doreen Moss March 31, 2008 @ 12:06 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael from one ‘born again Christian to another’ you are doing a great work and obviously our Lord has chosen you specially to teach others.

    I have read the comments that others have made and feel sad that some have such antagonism within them.

    Christianity is a religion of love and caring for one another, just what Jesus taught his disciples. A lot of Muslims sadly do not know what their Koran teaches.

    I know a lot of Muslim people, very good and lovely people, too, and they really do not personally know what is in their ‘holy book’ just as many so called nominal Christians do not know what is in the Bible because they too do not read for themselves.

    Jesus said ‘Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened onto you’. If you have a sincere searching heart you will want to read the Scriptures, Old and New Testaments, and through them the Holy Spirit will open you eyes to ‘see’ and you will find eternal life as the Holy Spirit knows our hearts and will reveal truth to you.

    I have proved it myself as well as countless other people who testify to it. Many books have been written by intellectual people claiming that they can prove the Bible wrong, sadly these people take the Scriptures out of context adding and subtracting to try to prove their point.

    The apostle Paul himself was so against Christianity that he persecuted the early church and was responsible for the stoning a young convert called Stephen of which he later repented when he became a Christian.

    As Christians we are not perfect people and do not claim to be.

    We are sinners because we are born into sin, but by the mercy and grace of God our Heavenly Father through Jesus, his only begotten Son, we have obtained mercy and forgiveness from our sins when we acknowledge that we are sinners and cannot get to heaven through our own efforts no matter how good we are.

    It does say in the Scriptures that not everyone will believe “straight is the gate and narrow is the way to eternal life and few there be that find it,” but we are given the commission to go into the world and preach the gospel message, and for as many that accept and believe it will receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life when they pass from this scene of time.

    I hope that many of you unbelievers will examine yourselves and think seriously of what has been written.

    I pray you all will have your spiritual eyes opened.

  63. Mannstein March 31, 2008 @ 12:28 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael:

    Is the Talmud considered a sacred text of Judaism? If so do devout Jews take what it says about Christ and his Blessed Mother literally.

  64. w.b. simpson March 31, 2008 @ 12:37 pm

    It is so ironic that you were raised in a Jewish home and yet became such a believer.

    I was raised by parents who were both raised as Episcopalians and I too was made to go to Sunday school, sing in the choir, my brothers were both acolytes, my sister was in the Daughters of the King.

    Yet my parents (and the church), this was in the 1950’s, taught me that the miricles were scientifically explained, that Jesus was a good man, (my mother loved a joke that Mary was “just a smart little Jewess”). They were not supportive of Judaism, but my mother was furious that the Jews had a school that could exclude Gentiles and she tried to enroll all of us in it — she was shown the door.

    How ironic that your mother would become a Christian. If you say this happened, then I believe it. but i will tell you it strains credibility. And not only her but her sister and daughter? Wow!

    i think you are a very good man. My parents and the Episcopal Church (I attended a cathedral, so it must have been representative of episcopal thought at that time) taught that if you could not accept the Divinity of Christ, that one could say that he unquestionably existed in history, and that he was a “good man” with a “good philosophy” that we should all try to follow.

    Quite frankly, I never understood why it was so important to believe in the divinity – if you accepted Christ as a historical figure and accepted that his teachings were good.

    And I never could buy into the idea of someone who I knew to be a bad person, would be saved because he or she “believed” in the divinity of Christ. How do you explain that.

    I think you are a very good person. I have known many good Jews. I enjoy their wit and their intellegence. I would like to hear back from you. I will never find this article again, so I would greatly appreciate it if you would copy me with your response to my email address as follows:

    wmbs @


    I hope to hear from you.

  65. ShadowDancer March 31, 2008 @ 2:44 pm

    Jesus taught his Father’s Spiritual Kingdom that is not of the world of man, this world.

    Jesus did not give any indication he came to start a new Religion. Jesus didn’t seem much at all thrilled with the Religion of that day, Religious Leaders, or Religious Factions. Most Religions delve off into becoming Religious Political Pharisees trying to make things about this present world.

    Man of himself just took Jesus & turned him back into Religion. They then began perpetrating murder, torture, and thefts in his name as he said the False Teachers, & Wolves in sheeps clothing would do these things. The Son of God was way ahead of them & knew they would come & deceive many or most.

    The Spiritual Kingdom of God/Heaven that is not of the world of man can include man’s worldly political philosophies, religious philosphies, business philosophies, educational philosophies, and philosophies in general sometimes referred to as Ideologies.

    Jesus said there would be two types of people. Those who heard his sayings & kept them, and those who heard his sayings and did not keep them.

    Most people don’t even know his saying, let alone even try to live his sayings as they opt out for the world of man’s many philosophies or what man thinks this world & life are all about.

  66. Michael March 31, 2008 @ 2:45 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael,

    I read a post that we are not Gentile or Jew-but brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Right now, I no longer will think of myself as a Gentile but as a Christian.

    Thanks for that Scripture.


  67. Garabedian March 31, 2008 @ 3:05 pm

    May Christ bless you Brother Nathanael.

    I am a Catholic (my grandfather was Armenian Orthodox) and I follow the Latin Messe (tradition). If one day you pass by Toulon (south of France) I would be glad to meet you.

    Don’t be to hard but follow what our Lord said:


    6:27 But I say unto you that hear, Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you,
    6:28 bless them that curse you, pray for them that despitefully use you.

    6:29 To him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and from him that taketh away thy cloak withhold not thy coat also.

    6:30 Give to every one that asketh thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again.

    6:31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

    6:32 And if ye love them that love you, what thank have ye? for even sinners love those that love them.

    6:33 And if ye do good to them that do good to you, what thank have ye? for even sinners do the same.

    6:34 And if ye lend to them of whom ye hope to receive, what thank have ye? even sinners lend to sinners, to receive again as much.

    6:35 But love your enemies, and do them good, and lend, never despairing; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be sons of the Most High: for he is kind toward the unthankful and evil.

    6:36 Be ye merciful, even as your Father is merciful.

    6:37 And judge not, and ye shall not be judged: and condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: release, and ye shall be released:
    6:38 give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, shall they give into your bosom. For with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again.

    In Christo.

  68. Theodora March 31, 2008 @ 4:47 pm

    Father Nathanael,

    Wasn’t the first Christian church, in fact, Orthodox?

    Could you explain this? Orthodox, meaning, “truth,” am I correct in this?

  69. Lynda April 1, 2008 @ 3:23 pm

    Dear Richard,

    Losing your beauty sleep to log in at 2:11 am March 31 with this:

    “I feel sorry for all you discussing some person who never existed. Jesus is a fiction as is the entire bible. Fabricated to keep people divided, arguing and killing.”

    At the end you helpfully offer Br Nathanaell’s readers the web address of some “good people” who will presumably set us all straight.

    These good people, Richard, are the Neturei Karta – a rabbinic cult of the observant (of the Talmud), all very frum, very public about their anti-Zionism and very active in getting the Noachide laws legislated throughout the world.

    The Noachide (for those who may not be aware) stipulates death by decapitation for idolators like Christians. And these laws are going onto the books in the U.S, in Europe and under the international jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

    Beliefs always have a historical context, Richard. And this is the true evidence based context of our common reality in which you felt prompted to log on at 2:11 am and leave your outrageous comment on realjewnews.

    Someday when the history records the events of that time (now is our present), the Talmudic rabbis and supporters of the Neturei Karta will take their place beside the Jewish Commissars of the Bolshevik Revolution and the Zionists of Israel – who legislated for the genocide of nations and murdered those who profess Christ both judicially an extra-judicially.

    This history of this website is evidence based, Richard. You know, stuff like multiple, congruent witness, public record, fact and document.

    The historical existence of the person you hate, the Lord Jesus Christ, is attested by the Church, by the Sannhedrin in the Talmud, by the Jewish historian Josephus, by the Roman historians Tacitus and Pliny — as are many other Biblical persons whose historical reality is attested by Persian, Roman, Jewish, Greek historians and the archeological record.

    The New Testament was written within the Church, interpreted and canonized by the Church and transmitted by the Church. It bears witness to actual people and events and more importantly it bears witness to theological truth which you find repugnunt.

    The truth which you find most repugnant is the witness to the Eternal Word, the Logos – by Whom all creation was made and is upheld every moment in existence.

    Within the world and time, He assumed a human nature, took flesh and dwelt among the human race in order to make atonement for us. He wills to redeem the human race from slavery to sin and give an inheritance in New Heaven and New Earth to all who receive him by faith, hear him by faith and live by faith in him doing works of faith, hope and love in his name.

    This is the best news the world the human race has ever had. This is no fabrication. The last 2,000 years of history, the history of the Church and the nations which converted themselves to Christ as nations, legislated and ruled according to his Gospel and the magisterium of the Church became unique civilizations whose influence is still experienced.

    You do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, but he believes in you. He is giving you world and time and witness to convert yourself to him and to make a clean break with all the sin and lies of this age of the world that is perishing.

  70. Gnostic1 April 1, 2008 @ 6:59 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael in words and in your deeds I KNOW you are on the path of truth and indeed this is a just and cogent sharing of Christ.

    I became an ‘esoteric’ though because in 1981 my eyes started to see extra enery like auras around both the living and the spirits of the ones of all dimensions who we called dead. It is no mere belief but fact that I walk by a Jewish cemetary and I see not one ‘ghost’ there because the inequities of the religion immediately grasp those ones to ‘put’ in their place upon a much lower vibration of reality–akin to hell.

    Conversely I recently had a ‘revelation’ in 2006 in Victoria City Canada where a Doctor who died 120 years ago and all his proto-christian follwers as ghosts were haunting an entire Anglican graveyard–why? Because they were all denying ‘the light’ for want of some fictional exercise like Gabriel blowing a trumpet..this was such a visceral attack.

    Yet one mere minute after the whole group rushed at me in the darkness I had ‘shown’ the Christians that their Christ was there. I did nothing except remind these approximately twenty visible entities and there was the host of heaven ready to help them through…

    The goodness of your heart Nathanael is such a beacon sir..I am actually going to follow-up on reading the Book of Acts as you suggested to me in communication last week by email.

    I’ve had my webpage blocked here in Canada for criticizing the genocide in Palestine and at the same time the Muslim Federation does nothing at all except, as you state concisely they are wiping out animists, pagans and anyone in Africa that stands in the way of an Islamic state.

    In the end though I see ‘God’ returns hatred of another group into a lesson such that in Israel and Palestine. I ‘see’ Zionists being reborn as victims of their own people, and of course the Islamic fundamentalists utterly care less about their religion except where it suits them to subjugate women and continue an equally oppressive genocide program in African nations.

    Meanwhile Bill Clinton, George Bush and the ‘Demolay Boys’ go to church and then turn around and give ALL Christians a bad name by a) supporting Israel and b) by helping both sides create a nice profitable war.

    Any critics of Brother Nathanael should first check their stock portfolios, for it will be by your deeds and also your non-actions against injustice that will be weighed upon the change associated with the term death.

    Jesus loves us all and there may be other enlightened souls in the universe, but guess what my friends, even ‘they’ call Brother Jayzu or Jesus the Master of Masters and the King of Kings. My belief is that as others is that it is Jesus who is dreaming this wondferful reality and if not, then I still want to live within his dream.

    This work is a blessing to you Brother Nathanael. I know you’ve written me enough so I don’t expect a comment, but hear me and know that when YOU walk down the street there I AM is also.

    Any persons who thinks there isn’t a continuum of existence can read Proverbs 16:13.

    I’m way too old and experienced now to be threatened by hacks and vipers who have a personal stake in ensuring none of us know peace. I speak of course about the parasites who control the internet, my television, my bank, my government, my United Nations and so on…dare I say who?

    …best of days to you +bn then..until we meet again,

    James from Vancouver

  71. Yaakov Sullivan April 1, 2008 @ 10:37 pm

    I can say even more Brother. Read carefully.

    McCain, Clinton, Obambam all traitors to America, and to the people, Couldn’t lead a hungry pack of wolves to meat, all bought out by Jews.

    The only man that can help America, and cannot be bought out is Congressman Ron Paul. He is the only person I will vote for even if I have to write him in.

    If he doesn’t become President, it’ s not hard to foresee the future, the next four years will make the last eight look like a folk dance.

    Yes, this is the Jewish thing….

  72. Emmanuel April 3, 2008 @ 11:09 pm

    Hello Father Nathanael!!

    Deputy secretary Frind, if I write it correctly, Ambassador Nuland and Kapran who exercised immoral pressures on secretary Mpakoioannis of Greece to surrender to the threats of FYROM-Scopie, are Jews — enemies of Christ and Orthodox Serbia and Greece!!

    I ve read that Foreign Minister Milososki of Scopie named his recently born son, Davint!!

    This explains the hatred against Greece and their strong attempts to humiliate Greece!! But thanks to Lord Christ we stood against the mafia of stupid Bush!!!

    Keep on fighting Father and brother in Christ, Nathanael!!

  73. Angelo April 4, 2008 @ 12:32 am

    I have come to realized that religion and politics goes hand in hand.

    If you are not aware enough, they can both corrupt your soul in using the Bible and become their member. And becoming a member mean donation to their congregation. For God did not tell us to put up a religion to believe that there is God.

    In my country Philippines, new religions are sprouting and they can convince some following that I describe ignorants.

    One of the Evangelists Mike Velarde of El Shaddai use the public park to gather his followers and collect millions in one day. He is allowed by the government to use this National Park because of political gains and of course votes in time of elections. But I am still surprised how he managed to convince million members.

    I always think that God has forsaken my country Philippines with the way it is now politicaly, economicaly, militarily and culturally.

    All religions are all after donations. Now I have no more religion and stopped going to church.

    I have learned how it became a Roman Catholic religion after the death of Christ.

    I have learned how politicians are being bribed by the so called religious rich leaders. I have learned how they set up different types of governments and control everything. I have learned that the Vatican is not truly Christian.

    I also have learned that the West is run by the rich evil people. I have learned that they have a New World Order, to control everything, to have one world government, one money and one religion???

    What kind of religion? An Evil anti-Christ religion. Don’t get surprised but a lot will get shocked. Be very very afraid because one of their programs is to de-populate the world.

    Now we encounter new viruses which are created in the Lab and blame the monkeys. Isn’t it an insult to fool your intelligence.

    Be very, very afraid when all volcanoes errupts turning this Earth into a hell. But before that happens, watch the sky with nuclear show. Be very afraid when everything you eat has poison. Aren’t they inventing GMO, Cloning and many more.

    I am quite lucky even tho’ my country Philippines is a third world, but I still have organic food in my back yard. But pretty soon that will be infected too by modernization.

    But what can I do, I am not God to stop all these Evil things from happening. But I know God is just watching. I just hope I don’t remain on Earth when it turns into a hell because I don’t own a lot of materials.

  74. Frank Griglonis April 4, 2008 @ 12:41 am

    Thank you, again for defending the faith.

    I also grew up in a neigborhood that was Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant (back then, mostly all very decent).

    My personal inclination towards spiritual knowledge is also inclined towards Eastern Orthodoxy.

    However, the basic pandemic of post-modern humankind seems to be that God is dead, there is no God, or the state…or some manner of effete (and degenerate) society is its’ own god.

    And, Oil State Islam is as big a farce as its Judeo-Masonic, Wall Street lodge brothers.

  75. Lynda April 4, 2008 @ 1:41 pm

    Dear Angelo,

    The Lord has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sobriety. 2 Tim 1:7. DRV

    We read throughout the Gospels the phrase “the fear of the Jews.” Hiding “for fear of the Jews.” Keeping silence “for fear of the Jews.” Always “the fear of the Jews.” And their occult government and operations, the Hidden Hand.

    But when the Holy Spirit descends upon the Church at Pentecost, there is no more of this “fear of the Jews” business.

    The Church, Angelo, does not fear the Jews. In persecution, the Church reaches out with love and power to the Jewish people, proclaims to them the message of salvation and makes sacrifices for them. In government, the Church makes strong laws to check the predations of Jewish power upon the nation.

    The Church might have hunted for secret Jews within its own ranks to prevent the subversion of Catholic order from within; it might have expelled Jews from nations they were wrecking. But the Church never called for the death, harm by all means and enslavement of the Jews.

    It is The Talmud that calls for these measures against the Christians and indeed all Gentiles. In fact, when the Jews were being expelled by Catholic states, the papal states opened its doors to them as a protectorate.

    During World War II – the pope issued secret orders to the Catholic parishes and monasteries to hide them and protect them.

    With us and the Jews, there is ‘a lot of familly’ in the sense of the human family, so to speak.

    At Pentecost, the Church is small in number, hidden and without any political or economic influence. But, “the nation born in a single day,” stands boldly forth and proclaims the Crucified and the Lord of Life in the face of the Jews and to all nations.

    This is the true Confirmation (as we would say in the Christian West); this is the true Chrismation (as I believe is how the Christian East expresses this).

    Please contrast this history with the Vatican, 1958 – to the present. Previous to 1958, centuries of censure to the entity known as Judeo-Masonry from the popes, censure of Communinsim from its inception, censure of Modernism, its revolutions, ideologies and ills. Then in 1958 silence on all the above. And what do we see: “fear of the Jews.”

    This is one of the marks of counter-church.

    The Vatican entity is an anti-papacy. It has usurped the ecclesial structures of the Roman Catholic Church – but can not usurp its jurisdictions.

    The present post Vatican II counter church has none of the four marks of the Church: One (not ecumenical), Holy (not sex, banking and embezzlement scandals c.f. In God’s Name by David Yallop), Catholic (not universal gov’t by the U.N. to which the anti-popes have abdicated), Apostolic (not teachings based on pagan beliefs, masonic errors).

    Nor is the current Vatican entity orthodox in the sense of right faith, right worship, right practice – as in Apostolic Tradition. It is thoroughly heterodox, scandal ridden, sectarian and absolutely craven towards the Jews, the principalities / powers. And it is modernist.

    Look at the Novus Ordo ‘eucharist’, even that anti-christ Benedict states it is “fabricated” – by 6 Protestants and a Mason, I might add.

    The Catholic Church, Angelo, is today the “Church in Eclipse” to use our Lady’s words at La Salette. And urges all who take the name Christian to return to the Apostolic foundation. A good place to start is the Teaching of the Apostles – The Didache and the Holy Rule of St. Benedict (which built Western civilization)

    Yes, the New World Order does have a global de-population agenda, yes the Vatican (now the Lamblike Beast of Rev) is collaborating in ‘the clash of civilizations script’, yes WW III is being conjured by a secret government that owns / controls nations. All of the above and more.

    But for the Church: God has not given to us a spirit of fear.

  76. Don April 4, 2008 @ 7:49 pm

    Hey!! Yaakov Sullivan,

    You shouldn’t steel my posts. I left that for Brother Nathanael on McCain Bought By Jews Via Rothchild. March 29

    THOU SHALL NOT STEAL, remember that commandment? Nevertheless, it’s kind of cool somebody would like my post so much they’d steel it. You want to read a good one about Ron Paul, try The Cup by Me, Don. I wrote that, too.

    Everybody should be a Ron Paul Fan. Hey!! On second thought, Steel it all you want, NO I’ll give it to you, I’ll give it to everybody,

    Spread the Word, Ron Paul Freedom, Brother Nathanael Freedom.

    Please take the story The Cup Too, spread them to every corner of this Earth, add to them, say your piece.

    Don March 29. McCain, Clinton, Obambam all traitors to America, and to the people, Couldn’t lead a hungry pack of wolves to meat, all bought out by Jews.

    The only man that can help America, and cannot be bought out is Congressman Ron Paul. He is the only person I will vote for even if I have to write him in.

    If he doesn’t become President, it’s not hard to foresee the future, the next four years will make the last eight look like a folk dance.

  77. Lynda April 4, 2008 @ 11:24 pm

    I think that when we look into the matter we will discover that the Khans of Islam are descended not from Araby but from the peoples of the AshKhanazi and set up with their wealth.

    Historically they controlled the Straits of the Bosphorus. The occult government of the Jews would have penetrated and instrumentalized that nation as they have every other.

    And with the conversion of the Ashkenazim to Judaism, there will we find an alliance of the nomadic tribes of the Arabic peoples, their fierce religion and the warlike nation of the Ashkenizim and their rabbinic, world-conquering religion.

    The Christian East fell to Islam largely because of the heresies and civil turmoil raised up by the secret Jews in the Church – both East and West. The Christian West has fallen largely because of the revolutions within once Catholic nations financed and unleashed by Judeo-masonry and especially its operational revolutionary arm – the Grand Orient.

    I can not believe that anyone who is aware of our times would want a quarrel with the Semitic peoples of the Middle East.

    Westerners are increasingly aware that we are being set up for this war through the ‘clash of civilizations’ script. What we see unfolding is a humanitarian emergency that has a claim on all our concern.

    But waves of Islamic immigration have not come to the Western republics seeking hospitality and resettlement from these turmoils only.

    In my country, there is open talk of what is referred to as Islamisation of the national population and the previous media imam has spoken disparagingly of national population using direct quotes from the Talmud.

    This has created resentment and opposition at a time in which people need to find each other and set common goals in opposition to the new world order. Slim chance of that in the present climate.

  78. james April 5, 2008 @ 5:48 am

    I like Brother Nathanael’s message.

    While denouncing Judaism we should not support Islam as they are both supremacist religions.

    Muslims support radical Muslim interests and domination in the Balkans, Russia and India supported by US and Jewish interests, but only have a problem in Palestine were there interests are compromised.

    While you can point to some positive aspects of Jewish influence in Western countries like TV programmes and movies like Star Trek, Lost, etc. the same can’t be said for Islam. Due to Muslims high birth rate, militant ideology and socialist orientation provides an economic disaster for counties with large Muslim populations.

  79. Ray April 5, 2008 @ 8:31 am

    I think Nathaneal, you are lost.

    If you will read the great history of Islam you will find only love and compassion. You can read that how the Jews describe their golden age under Muslim Spain where all faiths lived at Harmony.

    The compassion and love taught by Islam for the whole humanity is very obvious. Ask thousands of converts where Islam promotes a love of for all humanity. The Catholic Church that organized Crusades in the Middle Ages, not only slaughtered Muslims but most of the victims were Eastern Orthodox Christians and Jews.

    When the Catholic Spain was burning the crypto-Jews, the Muslim Ottoman Caliphate which extended well into Austria today, not only send rescue ships to save the Jews but also warned the Catholic Spain to stop this brutality.

    Your mind is fogged the old Jewish doctrine of chosen people and you have, as one reader pointed out have right put on the garb of garb of Jesus.

    Please rise above your ignorance and preach real history instead of the same lies and hatred preached in the West against Islam.

    Ask any Black American Muslims why they have chosen to become Muslims, as Islam promotes brotherhood, and for the first time in the history of mankind an idea was born to promote brotherly love amongst all humans beyond geographical and racial boundaries.

    The Christian and Jewish tabloids are active all around in the lies and propoganda against Islam, but please ask those who have visited Muslim nations and have studied Islam, that despite all colonial attrocities and poverty, the Islamic society is stable and strong.

    The present chaos in the Muslim world has been the result of colonization, occupation by Western powers and constant meddling in the internal affairs of Muslim countries to destablize them and promote chaos.

    Just read about it and please tell me if I have am wrong in my statements. Instead of name calling give some real facts not the fabricated fantasies of Catholic Church against islam. Please don’t wear Christ cloak to hide your ignorance.

    Take care and hope knowledge will come your way and your eyes will open.

    Take Care

    ‘There is no compulsion in religion’
    (The Holy Quran)

  80. admin April 5, 2008 @ 10:11 am

    Dear Ray,

    I base all of my assertions of FACTS.

    The Koran preaches “Submission” or else the sword. That is what “Islam” means, “Submit!”

    The bloodshed and violence of Islam has been well documented in our Orthodox Christian Archives: “New Martyrs Under The Turkish Yoke.” Do a Google and buy it and learn that your religion is intolent and violent.

    Then pick up a book entitled, “The Sword of The Prophet.” It documents the violence of Islam throughout history.

    Robert Spencer of “Jihad Watch” @ has some excellent well documented books on the errors and violence of Islam as well. Please check it out @

    St Paul wrote in Galatians that “if any bring a Gospel other than what was delivered let him be anathema.” This is why we Orthodox Christian reject Islam as an accursed religion.

    The Christian message is all about TRUE Brotherhood. All races, all humanity, all nations, are offered to become members in the universal Body Of Christ. Come and join us dear Ray. All are welcome!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

    PS – I am soon going to delete all comments that are “Soap Box” propaganda for Islam. This Site is Not targeted towards Islam! Get it?

  81. Lynda April 6, 2008 @ 3:03 am

    I personally would welcome a contribution to these discussions in terms of history and culture: sources, documented witness, report that is evidence based from a Muslim perspective.

    As Westerners we have our own culture and civilization and religion. Yet we are hospitable to your experience, insights and opinion on the issues of interest being discussed here. I personally think this would be a valuable contribution to threads that are critical of the world war that is being organized.

    The lies, false flags, psy-ops and coercion, the events that are being driven by elite and occult forces. We are trying to investigate that and discuss it.

    It is true, historically and objectively true, that Christian nations warred with Islam over Christian nations that were conquered by Islamic invasions.

    The Christian East fell to Islamic conquest and Crusades were mounted to get those nations back. And we lost, historically and objectively the Christians many of those wars.

    But that was then. This is now.

    Today, we see that Islamic peoples are trying to repel Western invaders that have wrongfully and on the basis of lies and deception aggressed against Islamic peoples in the War for Greater Israel.

    This is a completely different war not a continuation of the old ones, except that you seem to think it is. Substituting immigration for invasion.

    Believe it or not, the Christian websites want to put a human face on the peoples that the Western media is attempting to demonize. We want to respect your culture from the standpoint of human experience even though we do not share your faith.

    As a Roman Catholic, I regard Islam as a false religion, as I do all other non-Christian religions. That does not mean I want to see Semitic people who are Muslims or Christians demonized and genocided in this war. Not in the least.

    As a Christian, I do not buy this Christian and Muslim ‘clash of civilizations’ script. The West, is post-Christian. The Masonic republics that are pushing this war have simply stuck a Christian label on the war-mongers. This is false. But you seem to be buying it.

    We are attempting to be critical of the war propaganda. Just like we don’t believe that all or even most of the so called terrorists are the Muslims; I think you should see through the propaganda of the falsely called ‘Christian’ mass murderers who are creating this war.

    Yet, instead of building bridges and contributing to this civilized discussion, across at least three cultures, you are proselytizing for Islam as though your battle is with the Christians.

    The sociopaths you are calling ‘Christian’ are Zionist stooges. Christianity is increasingly a persecuted faith in the West.

    And now you have aggravated Br Nathanael. From the pix and bio, I gather he is not easily aggravated.

    Why don’t you do some homework. Read the books he has recommended.

    It’s his website. You are the guests. Why not follow up these books and get back to us on it, not with more propaganda but with some ideas and references based on what you think is going on with the issues we are discussing on these threads.

  82. Abe Bird April 6, 2008 @ 11:10 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael,

    You’re really a nice Anti Semite freak, disordered self hater for good, or for your God, it doesn’t really matter.

  83. admin April 7, 2008 @ 4:29 am

    Dear Abe Bird,

    Thank you for proving once again that you Jews can only resort to slander, insults, Ad Hominems, and thowing out your stupid catch phrase, “Anti Semite,” that no one buys any longer from you people.

    You Jews are the true Anti Semites. For Arabs are Semites and you people bomb them, burn their childrens’ faces, and persecute them.

    +Brother Nathanael

  84. Chris April 7, 2008 @ 4:47 am

    Hi Brother Nathanael,

    You speak of “Christianity” as some kind of common thing; you mentioned the deep impression of those figures or pictures of the stations of the cross which is particularly Catholic.

    As a matter of interest, are you formally Catholic or just a Protestant born again believer?


  85. admin April 7, 2008 @ 4:49 am

    Dear Chris,

    I am an Orthodox Christian with the Greek Orthodox Church. +bn

  86. Chris April 7, 2008 @ 6:56 am

    Hi Brother Nathanael,

    Thanks for your reply. I have been browsing your site in the meantime and also saw that you have some Orthodox connections.

    I understand that life is short and “sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” But I like to say that other traditional areas under threat which you might wish to include in your list of Christian societies include Ethiopia, (which was 80% Christian in the 1980’s according to an Ethiopian whom I met then, and which is now 50 % according to a Polish friend of mine who visited the country lately).

    Another is South India and Northern Sri Lanka where a horrible war has left over 100,000 dead and belongs to the apostolate of St Thomas whose apostolic succession has been obscured by foreign Latin conquests and local complicity who murdered his memory in favor of Western commerce and money and religion as well.

    There are other countries too that I have failed to mention in my ignorance which are also under threat by murderers.

    Chris Jesudason

  87. khalil April 10, 2008 @ 10:25 am

    Bro Nathanael,

    Greetings from a Palestinian born in Jerusalem now in exile. Your passion for Jesus has touched me greatly.

    Brace yourself Bro, for the heavens have taken notice of your faith.

    You will receive blessing to fight and win!

  88. admin April 10, 2008 @ 11:30 am

    Thank you dear khalil for your encouraging words.

    This is what it’s all about, Jew & Arab becoming brothers by rallying around the name of Jesus Christ!

    Let’s keep this ball rolling! +BN

  89. Brenda April 11, 2008 @ 7:01 am

    I also would like to again thank Brother Nathanael for the gift that he is, a gift that God has blessed the U.S. and the world with because of his fruitful conversion to Christianity.

    Whenever an orthodox Jew, someone thoroughly versed in the Torah with a profound love for God and a detachment from the world, receives Jesus Christ as Israel’s Messiah — A Light comes into the world that ignites a Fire to burn through the rubbish and turn souls back to God.

    Surely, there is a great reward awaiting Brother Nathanael in heaven when his earthly days are over.

    But they are far from over, his mission is just beginning. Pray, brothers and sisters for his “light” to be sustained til God deems his mission is over.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to bring to light another great convert to Christianity from Judaism — Rosyln Moss.

    Rosyln was first converted to Christianity by becoming a born again Protestant. As she began to study the early Church fathers, and through the witness of her brother already a Roman Catholic, Rosyln made the full conversion into the fullness of Faith to Roman Catholism.

    But it does not stop there for her. She recently announced on EWTN that has received permission to start a women’s religious order — as she says for women 18 to 118 — by the Roman Catholic bishop of St. Louis, Missouri.

    Her order will be called: Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope.

    Please everyone, in your daily prayers, never forget to thank Almighty God for these profound and fruitful conversions of Brother Nathanael and Rosyln Moss.

    Each are a credit to all Christians and a great hope for all Jews.

  90. Brenda April 11, 2008 @ 7:04 am

    Please forgive me, I keep spelling her name incorrectly.

    Her name is Rosalind Moss.

  91. admin April 11, 2008 @ 7:18 am

    Hi Brenda – May our Saviour continue to bless and watch over you and strengthen your ministry.

    Thank you for your words of Christian encouragement. Please dear Brenda, comment on the articles as much as possible.

    It is important that a strong Christian witness be observed by “adversarys” (and they keep on growing every day), who wish to shut this site down.

    +Brother Nathanael…Street Evangelist!
    “Praying that Jews Would Become Christians As They Did In the 1st Century!”

  92. Brenda April 12, 2008 @ 10:58 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    This site will not shut down until God permits it to.

    UNTIL that time, you serve the Lord faithfully by exposing the darkness of this world with the Eternal Light.

    I would encourage my fellow Christians on this site to remember Brother Nathanael in your daily prayers and in particular the prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel:

    “Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into Hell Satan and the other evil spirits who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.”

    Saint Michael the Archangel is one of God’s gifts to man to help us fight the evil one and his followers.

    I would like to print this excerpt from a book that I am reading called, “Angels and Devils” by Joan Carroll Cruz:

    “St Thomas Aquinas writes of this archangel: ‘Michael is the breath of the Redeemer’s spirit, who will, at the end of the world, combat and destroy Antichrist, as he did Lucifer in the beginning.’

    According to many Doctors of the Catholic Church, it was the Archangel Michael who performed many services in Scripture for which his name is not mentioned.

    Regarded as the guardian angel of the Israelites, it is believed that Saint Michael was the angel mentioned in the book of Exodus: “And the angel of God, who went before the camp of Israel, removing, went behind them: and together with him, the pillar of the cloud.” (Ex. 14:19).

    And again in Exodus we read: “Behold I will send my angel, who shall go before thee, and keep then in thy journey, and bring thee into the place that I have prepared. Take notice of him, and hear his voice, and do not think of him one to be contemned: for he will not forgive when thou has sinned, and my name is in him.” (Ex. 23:20-21).

    In the same chapter of Exodus we find this passage: “And my angel shall go before thee, and shall bring thee in unto the Amorrhite, and the Hethite . . . whom I will destroy.” (Ex. 23:23).

    It is believed that Saint Michael stood in the way against Balaam, as described in the book of Numbers: “And an angel of the Lord stood in the way against Balaam, who sat on the ass, and had two servants with him. (Num. 22:22).

    Saint Michael is also thought to have slain the army of the Assyrians: “And it came to pass that night, that an angel of the Lord came, and slew in the camp of the Assyrians a hundred and eighty-five thousand.” (4Kgs. 19:35).

    Because of these exploits, Christian tradition gives to Saint Michael four offices:

    1) to fight against Satan;

    2) to rescue the souls of the faithful from the power of the devil, especially at the hour of death;

    3) to attend the dying and accompany them to judgment;

    4) to be the champion of God’s people, the Israelites in the Old Law, the Christians in the New Testament, and to serve as the Patron of the Church, as he served the order of knights during the Middle Ages.

    Dear Brother Nathanael, I commend your special care to that of Saint Michael the Archangel, May he always defend you in battle.


  93. Nikolay April 13, 2008 @ 1:36 pm

    Since we are talking about religious proofs, here is one for you that happens every year and that NOBODY can refute or replicate.

    The miracle of holy light. It happens in Jerusalem, on Orthodox Easter and is only given to Orthodox Christians (other denominations have tried but no light was given to them). Basically it is the light that ignites by miracle and does not burn, nor gives any burns to anyone for several minutes after it happens.

    You can place your hand in it, it won’t harm you. You can put it to your face and it won’t set your hair on fire. Here is a great site for everyone interested, which contains many photographs and videos of this miracle

    Brother Nathanael, it will be interesting to hear your take on this great miracle, maybe you can write an article about it on your website. I think it is a great witness tool for Orthodox Christianity!

  94. Andrew the jew May 4, 2008 @ 3:04 am

    Hey Brother Nathan.

    How are you doing? I just want to let you know I am proud to be born Anglo-Jewish & proud to be blood type B+.

    I am proud of my parents & love my family & culture.

    I appreciate the cultural differences we have & love people ’cause they are different.

    Don’t I sound different to you? I am sorry you had a difficult childhood & if your anti-Judaism hate helps your self esteem, good luck.

  95. admin May 4, 2008 @ 9:10 am

    Dear Andrew the jew,

    You need to embrace the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua Ha Moshciah, Who fulfilled all of the OT prophecies of the coming Messiah, especially the prophecy of Genesis 3:15 that the Messiah would conquer death.

    Then you need to stop the insults and engage in civil dialogue. Ad Hominems by you Jews only serve to discredit you. +BN

  96. Clifford Shack May 5, 2008 @ 7:14 pm

    Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)said:

    To know the truth of one’s Self as the sole Reality, and to merge and become one with it, is the only true Realization.


    Just be the Self, that is all.


    The ultimate truth is so simple; it is nothing more than being in one’s natural, original state.


    It is a great wonder that to teach such a simple truth a number of religions should be necessary, and so many disputes should go on between them as to which is the God-ordained teaching. What a pity!


    Because people want something elaborate and mysterious, so many religions have come into existence. Only those who are mature can understand the matter in its naked simplicity.

    Peace to all,


  97. Billy May 31, 2008 @ 4:59 pm

    Andrew read – Hosea 13:14 I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death: O death, I will be thy plagues; O grave, I will be thy destruction: repentance shall be hid from mine eyes.

    There times in the new testament Yeshua was named as the Ransom.

    Also Isaiah 53. The suffering servant is/was Yeshua.

    Psalm 95:7 7 For He is our God, And we are the people of His pasture, And the sheep of His hand. Today,if you will hear His voice:

    John 10:27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. 28 And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.

    How wonderful it is to be his sheep.

  98. Steven Bruner June 9, 2008 @ 7:31 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I have been a Christian for many years.

    Only recently have I been reading about this NWO subject on the internet.

    I did not realize that Jewish people were part of it and it makes me sad that Gods chosen people could do such bad and evil things.

    For years as a Christian I always looked up to Jews and thought of them like big brothers or something.

    Maybe I was a little naive.

    So, anyway, I think what you are doing with your website is great and a blessing to me.

    Keep up the good work and may God richly bless you in all ways.

    Your brother in Christ,
    Steven 🙂

  99. DESERTPROPHET June 29, 2008 @ 7:44 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    You are the first Jewish person that I have ever heard of that went from being Jewish to a Christian.

    If there is a God or Jesus then I hope he will bless your website of you trying to spread the light of truth to the human race. I have always held the conviction that religion was made up to control the masses or population here on earth. So if there is a God then God Bless You!

    What is so hard to believe now of days is the well oiled machine of Zionism. Of course you know about this like the Zionist Organization of America and the World Zionist Organization of the World, and more!

    Should we all be afraid of such a regime that is going on here in the USA and around the world? I am so shocked about the history of the USA and this history does not match the taught USA history in elementary, junior high school and high school, nor college.

    Is it true that Israel now controls our USA Congressmen and Senators? How could this have happened over the years?

    Of course, it was all engineered like having jobs and keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table, and paying the bills. It looks more and more like we are servitudes and slaves to our government. How can there be freedom in this servitude business on a daily scale of living not for myself but living for the government?

    I am just not human but a parasite sucking the life out of the earth’s resources and going around and around in circles in my cage just looking for a way out of this USA mess built for us by our USA freedom fighters from the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War.

    It’s just starting to look more and more like a prison planet.

    What do you think about all of this mess we have inherited and this mess started way before we were born? Let me know what you think?

  100. annamcgrath August 27, 2008 @ 10:22 am

    Dear Brother,

    Don’t you know only Catholics are Christians since Protestants broke from the Chair of Peter and reformed to something else, not Christian.

    The word Christian is used wrongly to-day. God bless, Anna.

  101. Craig August 30, 2008 @ 5:53 pm

    Your continuation of this story was enough to bring the tears out when you spoke of your mother converting a year before her death and that now you have the ability to see her in Heaven when you leave this wretched world. God bless you Brother for you are a great man.

  102. John Doe September 1, 2008 @ 6:53 am

    Assalam alaikum Brother Nathanael.

    What Orthodox jurisdiction are you under?

    Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople? OCA? Other?

    Do you believe Coptic Church is Orthodox or Monophysite?

    Lastly, I praise you for speaking truth about Jewish-control of both the two U.S. political parties.

    Obama and McCain are Jewish!! This why they support the Jewish-ruled regime in Tbilisi and hate Holy, Orthodox Christian Russia!

    Jews never like Christians and Israel is biggest repressor of ex-Jews who convert to Christianity.

    Be careful as Talmudic law states “an apostate from Judaism must be killed.”

  103. Ioana October 6, 2008 @ 9:26 am

    What a wonderful story!

    Greetings from a Christian Orthodox in Romania!

  104. Lisa January 6, 2009 @ 5:16 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Is being a Jew a race or a religion?

    Rev 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.

    These Jews that are of the synagogue of Satan (which is Judaism today) are these of a race or just a religion? Or both?

    Then who are the real Jews? They would have to be of Abraham’s seed to believe in Christ.

    His Sheep know his voice, he was sent to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

    Christians are known as Sheep.

  105. steve April 30, 2009 @ 7:02 pm

    Hello there, ‘Brother’.

    I find this story of yours interesting, but why are you so supportive of the Hebrews?

    And you know, when I used to be a devoutly Christian person {in the post-Nicaea sense anyway}, I was always was one of the ‘sheep’, but I always felt that something was missing {as much as I tried to deny it}.

    In fact, it was around the time I started questioning how valuable religion really was, that I started going against Zionism.

    I am now mainly agnostic, and very anti-Zionist. And I very truly believe my loss of ‘faith’ led me to wake up.

  106. maria July 18, 2009 @ 7:47 pm


    All I have to say is God Bless you.

    I have a lot of Jewish friends and it scares me to think that they believe the messiah is coming. Which of course to us Christians is the fake messiah.

    A friend of mine always tells me that in the Judaism it is considered a sin to convert.

    The same friend I had watch the Passion of Christ refused to believe that Jews, because they were high priests, sent Jesus to his death.

    Maybe I’ll have her read the Bible just as your friend had you.

    Another Orthodox Christian to another.

    God Bless

  107. Jy's Kak September 20, 2009 @ 1:46 pm

    Again another interesting insight into Jewish teachings.

    I find it incredible that they should fear Christianity so much: A very Narcissistic reaction.

  108. SpiritualTruth October 2, 2009 @ 8:30 am

    Personally, I think the Christian (some sects) idea that if you are bad or if you don’t beleive Jesus died on the cross for your sins, you are going to hell and if you do, you are going to hell, is stupid.

    First of all, I don’t think it’s the truth. Second, it’s based on fear and not love. Third, that means some evil person who murdered and raped hundreds of people all his life can go ahead and “let Jesus into his heart” and believe Jesus died on the cross for his sins, will go to heaven.

    Meanwhile millions of people before Christianity existed and now who believe in other religions who lived much better lives, actually following the golden rule, all went to hell or will all go to hell.

    This is complete nonsense in my view. That’s not to say that there aren’t millions of decent Christians and decent people of all religions and faiths.

    Also, Jesus was a Jew. And he was crucified on a cross. Do you know how many other people were crucified on crosses in those times and other times? Plenty. Why is Jesus’s suffering any greater than any other man’s suffering? Why should I feel guilty or grateful that a person suffered?

    The whole concept strikes me as a bunch of nonsense. If Jesus existed, he was a man. A human being. He may have been very charismatic, had wonderful God-like quailities, etc.

    Perhaps there’s more to Jesus than I have been able to comprehend and there is some magical divine guidance that can be obtained from worshipping this soul.

    My point is, there’s good and bad in all of life. Good and bad people in all religions. People that act good and act bad at many different times within their lives.

    There is justice in the world. It’s called karma. The law of karma is similar to Newton’s law. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. We reap what we sow, if not in this lifetime, then likely a future one.

    You can try to make sense of various religious texts of all religions, but they’ll likely be open to all sorts of interpretations, some of them useful, others useless, some that same outright ridiculous and contradictory.

    We are all part of God’s plan. Seeing each other as separate, focusing on our differences, fearing and hating others, is really a sign of fearing and hating ourselves.

    We must love ourselves more and know that we are all part of God, regardless of our perceived differences.

    Show love, peace, and detachment to ourselves regardless of external circumstances that bombard us. In this way, we can show the same to others and evolve spiritually.

    Will the world become a better place? Maybe and maybe not? This world is not a final destination place for souls, it’s a learning ground. The world may not change, but we will change. We will progress as souls and move on.

    But we won’t move on unless we love ourselves more, stop seeking God intellectually, and seek spiritually and with a loving heart.

  109. SpiritualTruth October 2, 2009 @ 8:32 am

    Also, there were sects of Judaism that believed in reincarnation.

    But, it was Constantine’s time that decided to do away with this idea.

    They feared that if people believed they had many lives to live, they would have no incentive to be good in their current one.

    No soul is damned. We are all part of God and all loved. We just need to work on improving and practicing divine love.

  110. Rosalia Sparovic December 14, 2009 @ 10:04 pm

    Brother Nathanel are you a real person?

    You are too nice and too smart and too down to earth that you seem a made up person by who knows who with what purpose.

    I am sorry to cast doubt of your existence but it is inspiringly unbelievable to read from a Christian person like you specially being an ex-Jew.

    If you are real, God bless you million times.

    Please take care.

  111. Rosalia Sparovic December 14, 2009 @ 10:10 pm

    Everybody, dont be afraid of what the Jewish people or anybody is doing to destroy humankind.

    It will happen eventually, the Bible says and if you can see around you it has to happen, makes sense, we are destroying the creation of our God Jehovah with the help of Satan and people like the Jews and other bad people too but this will pass and only the people who repent and follow the word of God will be saved so do not be afraid.

    The things will get worse but this has to happen. It will be a cleanse like anything else. when your house is dirty you have to clean it. God’s laws are perfect, he is a perfect, loving God, he gave us the tools to be with him no matter what, this world is temporary.

    The scary part is the afterworld, when we will have to face our sinner past and our Lord will not recognize us if we dont repent from our hearts.

    Only He knows our hearts.

  112. Rosalia Sparovic December 14, 2009 @ 10:16 pm


    You have not read the Bible right? Jesus birth was predicted hundred of years before he was born. To begin with believing.

    It was the name of the place, how and how he will die etc. Ask God for guidance and read the Bible. ‘Specially the New Testament even though Jesus coming is in the Old Testament. The New Testament is the realization of what was told what will come.

  113. Rosalia Sparovic December 14, 2009 @ 10:19 pm

    The Jews are waiting for the Jewish Messiah? They should know then He comes from David line and he will be born in Bethlehem, etc. just like the prophesies said about the Mesiah (Jesus).

    Really these people you have to feel sorry for them.

  114. Rosalia Sparovic December 14, 2009 @ 10:24 pm

    The Messiah would be born in Bethlehem
    Bible passage: Micah 5:1-2
    Written: Sometime between 750-686 BC

    In Micah 5:2, there is a prophecy that reveals that Bethlehem would be the birthplace of the Messiah.

    As pointed out in the book, 100 Prophecies, by George Konig and Ray Konig: “The prophecy is effective in a simple way: It eliminates all other cities and towns throughout the world as a place in which the Messiah could be born. It narrows the possibilities to one tiny village just south of Jerusalem.”

    And throughout the span of the past 27 centuries, from the days of the prophet Micah up through the present time, Bethlehem is credited as being the birthplace for only one person who is widely known throughout the world. And that person is Jesus Christ

  115. Rosalia Sparovic December 14, 2009 @ 10:28 pm

    Old Testament prophecy Fulfilment in Christ

    “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Ps. 22:1).

    These were the very words of Jesus on the cross (Matt 27:46).

    “I am despised of the people. All they that see me laugh me to scorn: they shake the head, saying, He trusted on the Lord that he would deliver him: let him deliver him” (Ps. 22:6-8).

    Israel despised Jesus and mocked him (Luke 23:35; 8:53); they shook their heads (Matt. 27:39), and said this as He hung on the cross (Matt 27:43).

    “My tongue cleaveth to my jaws…they pierced my hands and my feet” (Ps. 22:15,16).
    This was fulfilled in Christ’s thirst on the cross (John 19:28). The piercing of hands and feet refers to the physical method of crucifixion used.

    “They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture” (Ps. 22:18). The precise fulfilment of this is found in Matt. 27:35.

    Note that Ps. 22:22 is specifically quoted as applying to Jesus in Heb. 2:12.

    “I am become a stranger unto my brethren, and am an alien unto my mother’s children. For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up” (Ps. 69:8,9). This well describes Christ’s feeling of estrangement from his Jewish brethren and his own family (John 7:3-5, Matt.12:47-49). This is quoted in John 2:17.

    “They gave me also gall for my meat; and in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink” (Ps. 69:21). This happened while Christ was on the cross (Matt. 27:34).

    The whole of Isaiah 53 is a remarkable prophecy of Christ’s death and resurrection, every verse of which had an unmistakable fulfilment. Just two examples will be given:-

  116. Rosalia Sparovic December 14, 2009 @ 10:37 pm

    A lot of people, specially black men become Muslims so they can have a lot of women since that is what their religion accepts. Sorry, a black man converted said that to me.

  117. Rosalia Sparovic December 14, 2009 @ 11:27 pm

    You have not read the Bible right? Jesus birth was predicted hundred of years before he was born.

    To begin with believing. It was the name of the place, how and how he will die etc. Ask God for guidance and read the Bible. Specially the New Testament even though Jesus coming is in the Old Testament. The New Testament is the realization of what was told what will come.

  118. Rosalia Sparovic December 14, 2009 @ 11:29 pm

    This is for RAY with love! Read from a ex-Muslim – Muslims for JESUS?

    My inner struggle came to a head, even though I was not a fanatic Muslim. I was an infidel most of the time.

    How powerful religion in the East is! It is deeply rooted in our genes, blood cells, and bone marrow. There is nothing more difficult than changing one’s beliefs that have been engraved throughout the years of childhood and upbringing.

    I was thinking — if the good deeds really outweigh the bad deeds, I would need another life to do enough good deeds to erase my evil ones. Therefore, there is no way for me to be saved by good deeds or charities. Who will rescue me from my sins and vanities? Who will save me then?

    At that time, I was unaware that the love of Christ was growing in me, and finally I could not bear the struggle any more, so I cried out to God, “Let me know the truth. Where is the real and true religion? Heavenly religions believe that You are one, but the question is, are You still far away from us in the seventh heaven or have You incarnated and drawn near us and in unity with us?”

    I also said to him, “Oh, Jesus Christ, if you are really my God and Savior, change my life and turn my black heart into a white one, from a heart full of hatred to a heart full of love, from an unclean heart to a heart full of holiness, purity, and cleanness.”

    My life actually started to change in a way I never dreamt of. I started to experience a joy that filled my inner being — without drugs or any kind of alcohol. My whole life started to change.

    Now, I have got clear goals, principles, and a new meaning of life. Now, there’s a God for whom I am ready to lose everything; He is all sufficient for me.

    Finally, my wife rejoiced for she saw the harvest of her tears and prayers. Now, our home has become a church, the bride of Christ. We started a new life, the life of service, miracles, and great testimony. We will talk about it some other time for the glory of Jesus Christ!


  119. Rosalia Sparovic December 15, 2009 @ 12:33 am

    Ray: Excerpts of an ex-muslim:

    I wanted to study this verse more in depth, so I referred to the commentaries written by Ibn Kathir, Kortobi and Zamakhshary. The first thing that I found out was that they all agreed that this verse was abrogated by the famous verse of the ‘Sword’ in Surah 9.

    Abrogation was only part of the problem. I noticed that the verse stated that our God and the People of the Book’s God were one and the same.

    I could not go on; my mind stopped! The Muslims’ God had abrogated all previous kindliness towards non-Muslims and replaced it with killing, torture and hurting. He even made us, Muslims, His instrument of torture:

    “Fight them, and Allah will punish them by your hands, and disgrace them” (Surah 9:14)

    In the Qur’an, there are more than 27 verses speaking about the fact that Muslims are obliged to fight non-Muslims. Meanwhile, the God of Christians says,

    “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.” (Luke. 6:27-28)

    “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.” (Mt. 5:39-41)

    I started comparing these verses to what the Qur’an says:

    “If then anyone transgresses the prohibition against you, transgress ye likewise against him” (Surah 2:194)

    “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies.” (Surah 8:59)

    “Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah; and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other.” (Surah 48:29)

  120. Robert December 16, 2009 @ 6:40 pm

    I enjoyed reading that.

    I used to love Bob Dylans songs about Jesus. Still do. But he doesn’t mention him much anymore. Do you like Bob Dylan?

    Also, what do you think of the hypocracy and false doctrines in the “Christian” church?

    For instance in going to war and fighting for corrupt governments of men, while Christ said all those who take the sword shall perish by the sword, when Peter sought to defend the very Son of God himself. I see many other hypocracies and false doctine in the church also.

    Do you see it? O have questions you still cannot find answers to?

  121. Jame Brandon March 24, 2010 @ 3:30 am

    Hi Brother Nathanael Kapner,

    When I learned Islam more deeply, then I found something special — the Peace of life.

    But when I saw Muslims came up to be terrorists, that is very horrible and they are the wrong way from Islam. I think the religion is not wrong but that people have gone the wrong way and not understand it more deeply.

    This message is for everybody.

  122. Jennifer June 29, 2010 @ 6:45 pm

    WOW! BN!

    I have just read this one I have to say…Awesome Testimony! I am a Christian. I know that Jesus Lives!

    After reading some of these posts, All I have to say is — Be encouraging toward one and other! Br. Nathanael has a testimony to share, if you don’t like what he says then ZIP THY LIP!

    Nobody cares this page isn’t about you! And the more you criticize the more I am aware that this is from GOD.

    Nathanael, I am so proud and in awe of how far you have come you have brought me so much hope to share the gospel with my neighbors who don’t know Jesus Christ.

    I have a better understanding on why they CHOOSE to reject it.

    Thanks Again and May GOD bless you!

  123. Serbian July 8, 2010 @ 9:33 am

    God bless you Brother Nathanael.

    Something really tragic is how the 10-20% of the real trouble-making Jews always getaway, and the remaining 80% of regular Jews suffer. I believe it is inevitable that the Jewish people will be turned on again, just as they have numerous times in the past.

    I can also see how the paranoid powerful Jews are trying to overt the “inevitable” fingerpointing that has yet to come towards the “BLACK / AFRICAN” community.

    “Please tell me that I’m not the only one who see’s the crowding and pushing of BLACKS in the media.”

    When ever I turn the television on, since Obama has been elected, whether its CNN, CNBC, CBC, ABC…etc., a Black man or women is reporting the news.

    I believe this is enforced by the Jewish community in case of some kind of rebellion / riots / revolution does break out, the Jewish leaders will try leading us in pointing our fingers at the BLACK community and not themselves.

    However I see this failing, becuase when a man is starving, broken, completly deprived, he/she will point at the one with the fortune.

  124. July 13, 2010 @ 2:33 am


    I want to thank you for your comment and url about the annual miracle of The Holy Light!

    YES PEOPLE! IT ONLY GOES TO THE ORTHODOX!!! So, all you so-called Christians (ALL non-Orthodox) need to take note! Christ will close the door on your face and say he does not know you.

    Fatima is just a satanic apparition, do some Googling! Or, read the Bible to discover that Satan can appear as an angel of light!

    Several hundred years ago, a so-called denomination of Christianity tried to prevent the Orthodox priest, and the guards (non-Christian Arabs) were persuaded to let the Armenian (monophysite) ‘priest’ try.

    Well, hours later, still no light, but God spoke LOUD AND CLEAR: before the eyes of thousands and thousands of witnesses (both Christian and non-Christian and psuedo-Christians) by SPLITTING A MARBLE COLUMN!

    God sent His Holy Light through a marble column, like lightening, and lit the candles of the Orthodox priest, who was OUTSIDE the tomb of Christ at the time! (usually he is INSIDE to get the light!)

    THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES if you have ears to hear and eyes to see! Then, the Armenians received such a beating by the guards whom they deceived, that to this day, ONLY the Greek Orthodox priest is allowed to get the Holy Light inside Christ’s tomb!

    The pope admits to resorting to sulphur! (which is what burns in hell and smells real bad!) Also, this miracle ONLY occurs according to the Julian calender and in accordance with the lunar cycle.

    Pope changed to a Gregorian calender, the one we use today. Thus, Easter is NOT on the same day every year [like the pope does] it must be on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox (equal day and equal night). WORKS EVERY TIME!

    Also, it is well known that in Italy, the ‘catholics’ ask the Greek Orthodox for Holy water because theirs turns green (spoils) after a few days, and the catholic priests admittedly add salt, to try and increase the ‘shelf life’!

    So, the truth does hurt sometimes, but that is how it is, brothers and sisters! I do not capitalize ‘catholic’ because it means ‘universal’ and, according to the creed, there is only ONE UNIVERSAL [CATHOLIC] CHURCH. Also, in the ORIGINAL OFFICIAL creed, which is still preserved in solid silver, after the last ‘good’ Pope did not accept any changes to it:

    Leo III forbade the addition of filioque to the Nicene Creed which was added by Franks in Aachen in 809. He also ordered that the Nicene creed be engraved on silver tablets so that his conclusion might not be overturned in the future. He wrote «HAEC LEO POSUI AMORE ET CAUTELA ORTHODOXAE FIDEI» (I, Leo, put here for love and protection of orthodox faith).

    “Filioque” changes the creed to read that the Holy Spirit comes from the Father AND the Son, thus DESTROYING the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, & Holy Spirit!

    Orthodox Creed (What we believe):

    I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible.

    And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all ages, Light of Light, true God of true God, begotten, not made, being of one essence with the Father;

    By whom all things were made;

    Who for us men, and for our salvation, came down from heaven, and was incarnate by the Holy Ghost and the Virgin Mary, and was made man;

    He was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate, and suffered, and was buried, and the third day He rose again, according to the Scriptures, and ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of the Father;

    From thence he shall come again, with glory, to judge the quick and the dead;

    And in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of life, who proceedeth from the Father, who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorified, who spake by the prophets.

    Whose kingdom shall have no end.

    In one holy catholic (universal) and apostolic Church; we acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins; we look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.


    Unfortunately, there is no salvation (nor can there be) in ANY OTHER CHURCH EXCEPT THE ORTHODOX.

    There are MANY, MANY examples to prove this, try reading an Orthodox version of the life of Saint Spyridon!

  125. July 13, 2010 @ 2:49 am

    The word “substance” should read “essence.”

    Sorry about that but it is very late and I copied from wikipedia, which was full of spelling errors like this.

    Which amounts to hairline cracks in the dam, a little change here and another un-noticable change there, and you get a different meaning!

    That is why ONLY the original GREEK texts are TRUSTWORTHY, because that was the only other official language of the Bible, and this is why Greece is constantly being attacked, because of this honor.

    They actually want to do away with the OMEGA symbol of the Greek alphabet because Christ said He is the Alpha and Omega!

    Just like they tried to ruin the Creed! They refers to anti-Christians and the chief of these is in fact the Pope who in the 16th century was quoted as saying: we have made a fortune from that fable called Christ!

    The best English Bible is The King James WITH APOCRYPHA [books that “they” removed from the ORIGINAL BIBLE!]

  126. Moshe September 3, 2010 @ 1:05 am

    What I love about Saul of Tarsus is his undying faith and hope.

    And who can forget his travail on Love? Binding all, suffering all, and patient to all.

    I have never understood the hatred of many Jews towards Christ and Christianity.

    Shrug the shoulders, be disinterested – but why hate it so?

  127. Alin G. Ciocanelea September 21, 2010 @ 8:50 am

    All my love from a Romanian Orthodox to his elder American brother,

    I know for sure that our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Son of God, is hearing your prayers so please Brother Nathanael, pray for me too!

    May Jesus Christ forgive our sins! Amen!

    PS -Try to find out on the internet about a Jew-Romanian writer called Nicolae Steindhart who wrote an incredible book while he was in prison and embraced Christianity :

    ’The Diary of Happiness’

  128. santiago January 10, 2011 @ 12:18 pm

    What kind of Father is that who’s joy resides in contemplating his sons mistreating and cheating each other?

    Regular Jews are like regular Muslims and like regular Christians: they all remain silent to their leaders’ crimes.

    Hey humans wake up !!!

  129. Liza January 24, 2011 @ 4:26 pm

    You went from Judaism to Christianity? Really?

    Thank you for all your hard work all over this site.

    God bless you and us all that seek diligently for the truth.

    Jer 29:13, Heb 11:6.

  130. Samuel L. Frydman February 18, 2011 @ 11:38 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    This past summer, I saw your work in public in Brookline, MA.

    I am much impressed by your intensity and beliefs as one human being to another. Your message of Love and the Orthodox Christ is a spiritual wealth beyond the value of any of the weak pleasures of materialism in this fallen world.

    I regret, however, that we could not have ‘the’ conversation due to each our own long-lived conclusions. Pity, in that we could possibly contribute to the further healing of all humanity (Tikun Olom)….

  131. DAVID March 26, 2011 @ 8:09 pm

    Br. Nathanael,

    What is your understanding of the “revelation of Jesus Christ”…?

    Are there any clues In Scripture (O.T.) as to whom or what this “revealing” is all about?

    Is it a campaign?

    Is it an Ideal?

    Is it of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac or Jacob? or is it of Joseph?

    Can the “cube” of this somewhat be found in the O.T.?

    How about where the mathematical formula should be placed? Is this also found in the O.T.?

    Or its name? Can that also be found in the O.T.?

    It would seem most would deny what is in their very hands or in front of their faces.

    Would these who would deny the evidences, be anti-…..?

    Perhaps the “chosen” see through a crystal, darkly?

  132. S. Immak March 29, 2011 @ 7:43 pm

    The Star of David is the Yantra of Saraswati.

    It is believed that Sara is none other than Saraswati, and Abraham is Brahman of the Hindu texts.

    Worshipers of Brahman and Saraswati left India long ago.

    There are no temples to either one, except for some very few recent ones to Saraswati. The Vedas mention that this group left towards Palestine years ago.

    Just like the Swastika was stolen from India, so might the “Star of David” be stolen as well.

  133. rodney April 19, 2011 @ 10:19 am

    All the haters and naysayers, will only think that way for a short time on this earth.

    Then they wither die and spin millions of years believing that CHRIST was and is the true God Jesus Master Messiah.

    But the sad thing is they are cast into furnace of fire with no way out. Read the old prophets my friends before it is too late.

  134. Chana April 23, 2011 @ 2:42 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    A Christian friend told me about your website…I cannot believe I found someone who might understand what I have been going through!

    I was raised as a Torah-observant Jew…I have raised 3 children as Jews…however, after much soul-searching and inner turmoil, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior recently!

    Whereas originally I thought I would join the Baptist church down the street from me, I have been doing online research and found out that the Masoretic Text which Jews and Protestants use was created to dampen the effect of early Christianity!

    I am very angry, because I was always told as a Jew that the Christian Septuagint was deliberately mistranslated by Christians to make certain prophecies sound as if they were talking about Jesus.

    Now I learn that it was the RABBIS who did the mistranslating! Of the Masoretic Text to make those same prophecies sound LESS like Jesus! The only Church I know of which still uses the Septuagint is the Orthodox Church, which explains how I ended up at your site.

    Please advise me where to go now!

  135. Chana April 23, 2011 @ 2:44 pm

    And by the way, Brother Nathanael:

    Christos Voskresse! Voistinnu Voskresse!

  136. Ani September 1, 2011 @ 3:53 am

    Good on you.
    You are one of the best Jews ever.
    God loves you.

  137. Solosave October 22, 2011 @ 5:56 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael and all your RZN followers!

    You know what? I searched the whole world for a perfect role model but could not find any. I wanted a role model with power over diseases, sicknesses and/or death. I searched in sports, business, politics and religion but still could not find the type I longed for.

    I tried Islam but to my distaste I found that Mohammed was a warlord with blood in his hands and multiple wives. I then tried Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Atheism, Bahai, etc, but still none of them fulfilled my description of a perfect role model.

    At last, I tried the person of Jesus Christ (Yeshua) and to my surprise he fulfilled all that I longed for. Jesus walked over water, healed the sick, raised the dead, calmed the storm and fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish. He also turned water into wine, and created money in a fish’s mouth for their temple tax.

    Finally, Jesus died and rose from the death on the 3rd day. This is an amazing fact of history! All other political and religious founders died and never rose up from the death. Jesus was God-Emmanuel and has therefore, become my perfect role model and Saviour!


  138. Mayra Alexandra October 31, 2011 @ 10:05 pm

    Thank you for sharing this story with the world! Jesus Christ is the real Messiah indeed.

    Whenever I feel emotionally bankrupted, I ask my saviour Jesus for healing, strength, and guidance-that once I’m done with this, I feel a great sense of relief.

    Keep on publishing these articles that now more than ever, everybody should be reading.

    I will support this website.

  139. John November 21, 2011 @ 12:01 pm

    I pray people will begin sending in money and helping the cause.

    I am glad you have found our Lord and Savior.

    God Bless you Br. Nathanael

  140. Gabriel May 20, 2012 @ 6:48 pm

    Dear Nathanael,

    If you found meaning and truth in a religion, you should indeed use it to promote goodwill and peace and universal love.

    Instead, you say things such as your reply to Abe above:

    “Thank you for proving once again that you Jews can only resort to slander, insults, Ad Hominems, and thowing out your stupid catch phrase, “Anti Semite,” that no one buys any longer from you people.”

    As a Jew, how can I not be insulted by this? You are lumping all Jews together as people who can only resort to insults etc…but in doing so, you are resorting to insults.

    Surely you are intelligent enough to realize that no two Jews are alike, just as no two humans of any kind are alike, so why the stereotypes, insults, derogatory comments about all Jews? Then you go on to say–

    “You Jews are the true Anti Semites. For Arabs are Semites and you people bomb them, burn their childrens’ faces, and persecute them.”

    I live in Israel, and reading that is just painful. All we want to do is live in peace, we never attack civilians purposely, and in fact we live in fear of being attacked just for being Jews, even in our historical homeland.

    I have friends who were shot and stabbed in terror attacks–they were peace-loving nice people who didn’t hate anybody, never attacked anybody etc.

    Are all Jews indeed anti-semites? Do you think we get some kind of sick pleasure in hurting others? We don’t choose to be in war…ask any Jew in Israel–we want peace, world unity, brotherly love…nothing else.

    (I ask you to think over my comment well, with an open heart, before replying. Best wishes to you and to all, Gabriel)

  141. John July 1, 2012 @ 4:24 am

    Hi Brother Nathanael,

    Just a question regarding the Annuniciation of Mary giving birth to the Messiah, did the early Jews before Christ’s birth expect a virgin to give birth?

    I am well aware of Saint Simeon the God-receiver who knew this prophecy, but did the rest of the Jewish leaders know this. I question this only because Mary questioned the Angel “how can this be since I do not know a man?”

    Also Joseph who was betrothed to Mary when he found out she was pregnant he wanted to send her away, because he doubted that her pregnancy was blessed by the Holy Spirit.

    So was early Judaism intepreting Isaiah 7:14 as a virgin birth or was it not clear to all Jews back then?

    Thanks in advance

  142. Lidia Baikova May 30, 2013 @ 8:33 am

    Hello, Brother Nathanael,

    I am Bulgarian, and please excuse my level of English, but I need to ask you a question. I call myself a Christian too, the official church here is also an Orthodox, but I do not go there, and in fact, I went to church only 1 or two times in my life. This is because I wonder, firstly, why do priests wear black most of the time?

    As a child that caused fear in me. And when you say you belong to the Russian Orthodox Church I suppose there in your church are also icons. Aren’t icons idols too, because they depict our Lord and the saints etc. Isn’t that an idolatry?

    I’ve always thought that is wrong to worship such items or to pray to them. I’m asking you not to argue, but with hope to receive answers. 🙂

  143. Brother Nathanael May 30, 2013 @ 11:11 am

    My dear Lidia,

    In Christianity, black is symbolic of repentance and simplicity.

    In Eastern Orthodoxy, the inner rason (Esórason, Podryásnik or cassock) is the innermost garment of deacons, priests, bihops and monastics. The inner rason is the basic garment, and is worn at all times, even when working. While usually black, sometimes the inner rason may be a dark blue or brown.

    It is often given to novices and seminarians, though this differs from community to community. The inner rason is also worn by chanters, readers, and the married clergy.

    For monks and nuns, it symbolizes the vow of poverty.

    Icons are specially-prepared works of art (usually paintings) that are essential to Orthodox Christian worship. They may depict scenes from the Bible, events from Church history and Holy Tradition, theological concepts, or saints.

    Icons are often called “windows into heaven.” They do not simply depict literal facts about the scene or person depicted (such as actual appearance), instead they reveal spiritual truth about the subject, through the very specific artistic style and symbolism.

    Icons of our Lord Jesus Christ express the truth about the Incarnation.

    Icons are very important statements about the nature of God. Before Jesus Christ came to earth, God could not be pictured because he was infinite.

    When God was incarnate, the infinite God became a finite human being, and we now are able to make pictures of God Himself in human form as Jesus Christ. We make pictures of God to prove He became one of us, incarnate of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary.

    Are icons idols?

    No. We do not worship paint or wood. Neither do we worship the saints; we venerate and honor them as our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we ask for their prayers and intercessions.

    Since God created all things and all things are in God, all honor paid to his Saints is ultimately honor paid to Him.

    Saint John of Damascus explains it perfectly:

    “Of old, God the incorporeal and uncircumscribed was never depicted. Now, however, when God is seen clothed in flesh, and conversing with men, I make an image of the God whom I see.

    “I do not worship matter, I worship the God of matter, who became matter for my sake, and deigned to inhabit matter, who worked out my salvation through matter. I will not cease from honouring that matter which works my salvation.”

    Furthermore, icons connect us with the spiritual world. Most people, at one time or another, have kissed a photograph of a person they love.

    This action is not an expression of love for paper and emulsion, it is an expression of love for the person. The same is with icons: when Christians kiss icons, that gesture is passed on to the person depicted.

    The Saints are alive in a vast crowd all around us as part of the Body of Christ, but since we cannot see them, we kiss their icons to show our love for them.

    The history of icons goes back even further, as similar artistry and was used in synagogues and the Temple in Jerusalem.

    The Law of Moses did not forbid all images and symbolism, only those images which were worshipped as gods, or idols, like the Golden Calf.

    Thousands of years earlier, God Himself told Moses to decorate the Tabernacle (Tent of Meeting) and the Ark of the Covenant with images of angels.

    In Christ,


  144. love jesus! October 29, 2014 @ 4:08 pm

    I died three times, have been strapped down to beds.

    I was told God is a lie. No one was there for me in this dark world not even my mother.

    Never met my father, and when I was about to give up on life Jesus was there for me.

    I saw a vision and it was not while I was sleeping. After my vision God was there for me again and it was Jesus I called to.

    I then saw different religions and had doubt. But I have found that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life.

    Please Jews it’s soon to be too late. Get on your knees to the on true God.

    Jesus Christ, He will save you. Don’t be afraid of Him, be afraid of not knowing Him. He said “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.

    I would already be dead if it was not for Jesus.

    Now I’m 27 and have a beautiful little girl, 3 years old, and a wife that loves me. You found me with more then I could ask for — it’s in Jesus.

    Thank you for who ever reads.

  145. Born Again December 6, 2014 @ 7:58 pm

    Bro. Nathanael,

    I enjoy reading all your Articles. I’m so happy God led you out of the synagogue of Satan! He did the same for me from RC. As I was walking out one morning, He said, “This is a dead thing.”

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the good news that God became man, suffered, died, rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven is our blessed hope. He knows the hearts which will receive Him. Jesus is the most beautiful man who walked the face of the earth.

    Just think….we will see Him face to face. “He came unto his own, and his own received him not.” I love this scripture: “To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.” II Cor. 5:19. KJV

    In street evangelism, the first person our team shared Christ’s truth with, was a Jew. That moment is crystallized in my mind forever. Amidst the cold concrete of the city, holding his paper under his arm, pausing from the rat race, I still see the beauty and humility in his visage, almost like Jesus.

    He was a very handsome young Jewish man. He was empty of pride at the moment.

    I think Satan uses the bait of pride, ambition, love of this world, yes, love of money to blind many. But Jesus said it would be like that.


  146. Dax Michaels May 4, 2016 @ 9:25 am

    Brother Nate,

    You are faaaaaaaabulous! I am so glad you discovered Christianity!

    FYI, I was born a Christian and nearly strayed, but now — I’m back!

  147. convert December 11, 2016 @ 1:41 pm

    I was born and raised Jewish and found Judaism empty…

    I wandered and struggled and God slowly but surely led me back to him through Jesus and the example of Christian friends. There is so much I don’t know, but I know that Jesus is real and good and that I have been saved and freed.

    I have been rejected by my Jewish family but I will do what I know is right for my children and teach them to know and love God as I know Him.

    It is good for those of us who converted to talk and to not be ashamed.

    Also… it is good for Christians to know that the best way to help others come to faith is to reflect God’s love and peace in all you do.

    People notice and remember. Speak what you know for yourself to be true and let your life be an example.

  148. Tad June 14, 2017 @ 9:37 am

    What I read is a lot of fear fear of death.

    Why be fearful? I was born with no clothing, no possessions. I will take no possessions when I leave this current body.

    Intellectual arguments is only helpful if it becomes practical in our daily lives.

    There is fear because the US dropped nuclear bombs, fire bombed Germany and Japan; and how about Cambodia, Vietnam? Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria? overthrow of Nicaraguan government 2009? Guatemala? Bolivia? Argentina? Mexico? funding overthrow in Ukraine? etc.etc.

    The only person speaking the truth is Joe Cortina. And the FEAR is because “What you sow, is what you reap.” If anyone thinks there is no NATIONAL karma, think again. This is why Mr. Cortina is correct.

    If you live outside the USA, you will understand how the rest of world sees the USA and Israel as the greatest threat to world peace.

    Keep the faith; the country is going to need all the prayers; otherwise it is perpetual war, ultimately nuclear, bye bye.

    Thank you, brother Nathanael, for your fortitude, bravery.

    There is only one fix mentioned by Mr.Cortina that ultimately works: destroy the Federal Reserve.

    Pray for peace, not war that the corrupt corporate media wants.

  149. Fred March 4, 2018 @ 12:40 am

    A most excellent article.

    I have been receiving your news letters for some time. Live in Canada.

    Excellent work on your web site…….

  150. Julie B. March 25, 2019 @ 3:51 am

    Christianity was rammed down my throat by an overzealous self-righteous Born Again Christian father who did not practice what he preached.

    As a result, I left the church during college.

    My daughter wanted to convert to Judaism, so I converted with her. At first I thought I had finally come home when I started to attend Shabbat.

    I’ve met a lot of wonderful people. But never in my life have I met so many mean, rude, unkind, socially-crippled people than at my synagogue. I went in and made it my mission to be kind to everybody so I would be worthy as a Jew.

    Unfortunately some of these people glommed onto me, dragging me into their dramas. One person made homosexual advances when I’m not even gay.

    Others have been mean and unkind; one commented I was “too nice” and she meant it as an insult, implying that being “too nice” was a sign of weakness.

    These people never attempt to change their bad behavior and the synagogue does nothing to correct their behavior. I feel like I have endured a lot of abuse by a few people and the synagogue does nothing to stop it because the rabbis are way too busy.

    I have become totally disillusioned with Judaism not because of the religion, but the type of people I found at the synagogue.

    At least in the Christian churches I attended, people made more of an effort to be kind, though I did find some to be harsh, unkind and judgmental like my father. But not as many as at the synagogue.

    I am broke and disillusioned with organized religions (houses of worship)….not worth the stress to attend church because then you have to deal with difficult personalities.

  151. Michael Elwess August 26, 2019 @ 6:10 pm

    Br. Nathanael,

    After reading in the comments how you led your family to Jesus Christ was heartening. Halleluya!

    My family is either hardcore atheists or ambivalent agnostics. Please pray that our Lord softens their hearts so that they will receive the Gospel and repent.

    I have young two nieces that had expressed an interest in Christ but they don’t have anyone to support that interest. I live thousands of miles away.

  152. Edward Henehan January 29, 2022 @ 5:10 pm


    When you wrote your Mom passed one year later after her transformation it brought tears to my eyes.

    I unfortunately lost my Daughter 15 yrs ago. She was baptized. It was really reassuring after you mentioned seeing your Mom again. Like wise my Daughter as well.

    I find that sometimes along the journey of life answers come along and helps relieve some of our torment.


  153. Hector Rivera February 6, 2023 @ 9:37 am

    Hi Nathanael,

    I love your testimony and the articles, but I have a question for you about a movement that is getting spread all over the world, which is called “The Hebrew Roots”.

    I like to know what you think about this movement, because many preachers and teachers are calling it a heretic movement of the end times, which some of the leaders of this movement are saying that Jeshua hasn’t come yet.

    And on their last gather this group had in Israel, the subject of circumcision came to the surface to start circumcising people in the near future. Let many know what your opinion on this is.

    Pastor Hector Rivera

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