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MILITARISM & ZIONIST JEWISH BANKING is a seamless geopolitical conjunction in pursuit of worldwide hegemony.

In Barack Obama’s newly formed cabinet, this conjunction of the two agendas, Militarism & Zionism, is evidenced by the appointments of Robert Gates (Defense), General James Jones (National Security), and Zionist Jews, Timothy Geithner (Treasury) & Rahm Emanuel (Chief of Staff).

The goal of US Militarism & Zionism is to establish worldwide dominance of a US/Israeli military power in a one world government with a universal currency.

Zionist Jewish bankers, however, have no abiding loyalties to the aspirations of Gentile nations. Thus Wall Street bankers, such as NY Fed Director, Timothy Geithner, now at Treasury, could betray a US military agenda at any opportune time.

But Jewish bankers will always remain loyal to their racial elitism which has its organic center in the apartheid state of Israel.

A US Military/Israeli global presence has been growing ever since the inception of the rogue state of Israel in 1948. This proliferation of a US/Zionist military presence was recently brought to light during the Georgian crisis in August of 2008.

Both US & Israeli advisers as well as Israeli-supplied weapons were discovered amongst the Georgians in their invasion of the breakaway province of S.Ossetia.

In November of 2008, during the Mumbai ‘terrorist’ attacks, the world was made aware that Israel’s military-intelligence arm, the Mossad, has been involved with the government of India in fueling the enmity between India and Pakistan.

Once the state of Israel obtained an official status in 1948, the Mossad began infiltrating almost every country around the globe, creating wars, turmoil, and unrest without respite.

The Israeli invasion of Gaza is no exception to the ‘Mossad agenda.’ Many political analysts argue that Hamas is a Mossad created operation, complete with Mossad moles operating from within, so as to provide a pretext for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.


OBAMA’S JEWISH-OCCUPIED CABINET will be run by the Zionist Jew, Rahm Emanuel, acting as Chief of Staff. While serving as an Illinois Congressman, Emanuel was known as an ‘Israel-Firster.’

Emanuel’s ties to the Jewish financial world began in 1980 when he led the ousting of the Pro-Palestinian incumbent Congressman, Paul Findley.

The Jewish financial community of Chicago had selected Emanuel in 1980 as the Finance Director for Findley’s opponent, the Democrat & Jew, David Robinson, funneling millions of Jewish dollars into his campaign. Jewish money & Emanuel successfully unseated the long-serving Findley.

Since then, Emanuel, who made millions in early 2000 as a Wall Street investor, has been among the insiders of the Jewish financial establishment which works closely with the Israel Lobby.

Emanuel’s sponsor was the Zionist Jew & Wall Street financier, Bruce Wasserstein, who is now the head of Lazard Banking. With Emanuel as Chief of Staff, Jewish bankers & the Israel Lobby are now tightly knotted with the Obama administration.


ONE OF EMANUEL’S JEWISH FRIENDS within the Israel Lobby is the former Special Middle East negotiator, Dennis Ross. The Zionist Jew Ross accompanied Emanuel during Obama’s trip to Israel in July of 2008.

While campaigning in Israel, (US presidential candidates must please the Israel Lobby), president-elect Obama visited the Israeli town, Sderot, a small city on the edge of Gaza that allegedly has been hit by Hamas ‘home-style’ rockets.

The alleged shelling which resulted in the killing of only a few Israelis, culminated in Israel’s gruesome air attacks on Gaza, killing over 700 Gazans, most of them civilians.

While in Sderot, accompanied by his Zionist Jewish handlers, Emanuel & Ross, Obama endorsed the Israeli attacks now unfolding:

“If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that. And I would expect Israelis to do the same.” View Entire Story Here.

Thus far, Obama has dodged the issue of Israel’s massacre of civilians in Gaza by passing the buck to his personal aide, the Zionist Jew, David Axelrod.

In an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation on December 28, 2008, Axelrod also dodged the Gaza issue by saying: “The Bush administration has to speak for America now. Obama is not yet the nation’s president. It would not be appropriate for the president-elect to opine on these matters.” (Bush, of course, blames Hamas).

Obama’s silence on Israel’s massacre of civilians in Gaza is evidence of his puppet-status. The wealth & power of Jewry’s financial establishment dictate to Obama when to speak and when to shut up. And when Obama speaks, we can all read the Jewish Lobby’s lips…


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Brother Nathanael @ December 31, 2008


  1. admin December 31, 2008 @ 12:07 am

    Hi Everyone –

    This article, “Gaza & Zionist Jewish Bankers,” took over 3 days to write, accumulating in approximately 30 hours of tedious texting, formating, re-writing, editing, and picture selection/prep etc. All of this combined with my computer which constantly freezes up on me, makes for a tremendous effort to keep Real Jew News alive.

    Our site, Real Jew News, requires much sacrifice to bring The Truth amidst the total falsehoods presented to us minute by minute by the Jew-owned press and media. I think I am making that sacrifice and hope that all of you will join me in making the necessary sacrifices.

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    Recently, to pre-empt the Jews from stealing & sabatoging my domain name, or domain names close to it, like “Real Jewish News,” or, “Real Jews News,” I have been advised by my Web Manager to buy over 11 various domain names, (.com; .net; .org; .info inclusive) to prevent sabatoge. This costs money, it is not free.

    Yesterday, I spent from 1 AM to 7:30 AM, dealing with a new issue from Pay Pal who began harrassing me again by email regarding the banned account which I was about to be charged for – even though they had prevented any new donations. Pay Pal refused to close down the account unless I had met certain conditions. I had gone to see a lawyer the day before – BUT the costs involved for legal fees are prohibitive. Finally, through much aggraviation, Pay Pal, by some miracle, was CLOSED DOWN by me.

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  2. admin December 31, 2008 @ 12:50 am

    Special Alert! Special Alert! Special Alert!

    There have been quite a few quotes from the Old Testament put in a bad light on the Internet in recent days in Anti Zionist publicist’s censure of Israel’s attack on Gaza.

    The misuse of Old Testament texts stems from a misunderstanding and confusion of who the Israel of God is and the function of the Israel of God in two distinct periods of world history: “The Old Covenant Period”/ And the “New Covenant Period.”

    In its historical context, the Old Testament period was a time to draw the “Israel of God,” the Church, away from idolatry and the abominations attached to that idolatry.

    Thus the Israel of God was commanded to wipe out the Caananite pagans who practiced human sacrifices, ritual fornication, ritual homosexuality, and bestiality sexual practices.

    But once idolatry was extinguished from the Israel of God of the Old Testament after the Babylonian captivity in 720 BC, the prophets foretold of the New Covenant in which God’s law would be written on the hearts of God’s people, which is higher law of turning the other cheek and doing good to one’s enemies.

    Real Jew News will NOT tolerate the misquotes of the Old Testment because of ignorance in understanding the Holy Scriptures.

    I alert all of you to avoid and censure the Anti Christian “Christopher Jon Bjerknes” who on his “Jewish Rascism” site, continually attacks our precious Holy Scriptures, who in his utmost hatred of Christ and His Holy Word and in his utmost IGNORANCE, attacks the Scriptures. +BN

  3. UK Lockdown December 31, 2008 @ 3:24 am

    Good article, these criminal Jews are losing the plot, they’re being exposed more and more every day for what they really are, pretty soon the Jews will have no support left anywhere.

    My sympathy goes out to all in Gaza who have been murdered by these criminals over the last week.

    Jews be warned your time is running out.

  4. Hoff December 31, 2008 @ 4:54 am

    So “Rahmbo” was in on kicking Findlay out of Capitol Hill. Thx BN. The more I learn about the jew mafia, the more the word Mafia is appropriate.

    Talmud 1 say that the jews shall rule the world. Commumnist Manifesto is a quick version of Talmud 1 and say the world shall be ruled by an chosen elite, guess who, from Moscow. Communist Manifesto is Talmud 2.

    The Jewstate by Herzl say that the jews shall rule the world from Jerusalem. The Jewstate is Talmud 3.

    The Protocol of Zion say the jews shall rule the world. The Protocol of Zion is Talmud 4.

    All four Talmud is a manual to the jews how to get that power. You must own the whole propaganda machine. Once you do that, you can tell the ignorant (m)asses what you want. All four Talmud manuals tell the jews just that.

    What you do when you are at war is that you take all the strategic passes. Airports, harbours, TV, Radio, paper and bookprinting offices, military command HQ etc etc …

    And of course all major Capitols of the world. And that the jews has done. When I tell people that jews control America many go like: -I don’t belive that! Or: -Okay, jews have some – strong – influence in Washington DC, but they don’t run it.

    Well, the simple fact is that it is extremely simple for the jews to control America. It is so simple that it is astonishing that so few understand how jewish power works. There are 100 in senate, two from every 50 states in America. You have two who run for senate for democrat. One is pro-“israel” and the otrher is against “israel”, or like in Findlay’s case, just slightly pro-palestinian.

    Think that you are Findlay. You get zero jewish campaign money. That is 50 percent minus. Then the jew owned MSM, MainStreamMedia will give you as little airtime as possible. The other candidate will all the airtime he wants – for free. He will be on the frontpage a lot of papers in a flattering way. On TV and radio the same thing. That is propaganda disguised as “News”. You will be page 12.

    If that don’t work the jews will start a smear-slander campaigne against you. If the jews can’t dig up some dirt on you, then they just make things up, the start lying and they are good at that. And how do you defend yourself from lies? You can’t, and even if you can you will get minimum airtime at low viwer time, then you have to waste much time explaning youself. Most people will not be able to hear you and of the few who do, even less could care less about the issue. And many will go: -No smoke without fire.. They can belive that you lied and your rating is down just because the can belive that you did that, this or whatever.

    To lie is a powerful weapon to who knows how to use lies, and the jews knows everything about lying. The jews are masters and they got the tool to use the lies, the MSM, the jews propaganda machine. You lose, and you can’t do a thing about it.

    Now, repeat that a hundred times and you got a senate that will vote at least 80 percent as the jew mafia tells them to. Do the same thing with the 435 in congress and you got a senate and a congress that will vote 80% in any way you say.

    Then you repeat the same scheme for say the last 50 years. Who controls America? The american people? No, because they vote as the jew mafia says. If the jew mafia tells the people to vote for that candidate to senate and to not vote for the other candidate, most people will vote for that candidate the jewish MSM tells them to vote for.

    This is why jews looove”democracy”. The jews can manipulate us to vote their way next to always. They don’t always got it their way in the first round, but then they just re-write their aganda and keep pushing.

    It really don’t take many jews to control America, probably less then one hundred jews on key passes and a small group of 10-20 jews who coordinate the whole scam, and of course a big intelligence department. Those few jews have the money, they have the skill and they have four versions of Talmud – and they control America. Ohhh.. And they got jews on post all over all key post in Washington DC.

  5. David December 31, 2008 @ 5:55 am

    The way things are going From Israel to Pakistan ,From Greece to America.

    It appears it is all coming unglued,By next summer America will probably explode into 6 pieces.When Obama begins the make work the projects —

    I mean the make work programs Will he be building the Super highway to the NAU .Where is all the money they looted out of the economy?

    The poor besieged Palestinians the USA blocks all attempts by the UN to settle the matter and ISis RA and EL wants the total of it’s land back including up to the river in Lebanon and beyond the USA. They mean to crush all human resistance.
    Like the NAZI before them the Zionists march on.The poor Jew, Christian,Muslim etc.. mere pawns in their game.

    While Scofield the bank robber’s book has the mases in a trance.

  6. Orthodox Serbia December 31, 2008 @ 5:58 am


    If the Israeli secret service is behind the HAMAS- movement, just like the West, Vatican-backed Ustashi, and the USA are behind those movements who committed genocide against the Serbs in Krajina, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo during the 90s and today, than you should write an article in which the Mossad – HAMAS connections will be exposed and clarified…

    I would like to see some more regarding the Mossad – Hamas connection!

    It is a great shame that Zionist are committing war crime in Palestine, where Jesus was born, now when we all are waiting for Christmas!

  7. paul December 31, 2008 @ 9:00 am

    It is time to cleanse the temple again Brother Nathanial!

    This cleansing of the temple discloses the Master’s attitude toward commercializing the practices of religion as well as his detestation of all forms of unfairness and profiteering at the expense of the poor and the unlearned.

    This episode also demonstrates that Jesus employed a form of force to protect the majority of a human group, the Church, against the unfair and enslaving practices of unjust minorities who may be able to entrench themselves behind political, financial, or Jewish religious power.

    Shrewd, wicked, and designing men are not to be permitted to organize themselves for the exploitation and oppression of those who, because of their idealism, are not disposed to resort to force for self-protection or for the furtherance of their laudable life projects.

  8. fred December 31, 2008 @ 10:01 am

    I don’t think any legitimate nations military force in the world is proud to send missles onto civilians who were boarding busses.Only Zionist soldiers are capable of such atrocity.

    Truth be told, the zionist mossads advisers who were behind the south ossetia carnage were weak, they don’t stand a chance against russians soldiers and true soldiers like hezbollah who fought them with a lesser force of 3000 vs 30 0000.

    I suggest every military in the world decline any involvement with these hideous creatures who called themselves advisers.

  9. admin December 31, 2008 @ 11:53 am

    This is from Father John who had trouble with the Anti Spam.

    But first, I must disagree with a few points he brings up. The idolatry practiced by the Jews of Ashtaroth and Baal worship was INDEED eradicated after the Bablyonian captivity. The Samaritans continued in a lesser form of idolatry but they were not Hebrews.

    Also, the 12 tribes of Israel were not completely lost after the Babylonian captivity because we have the record in the Gosepel of St Luke, Chapter 1, that Anna who prayed in the Temple day and night and saw the Christ child, was of the “tribe of Asher.” The 12 tribal records were destroyed by Herod in 35 AD. +BN
    “Thus the Israel of God was commanded to wipe out the Caananite pagans who practiced human sacrifices, ritual fornication, ritual homosexuality, and bestiality sexual practices.

    But once idolatry was extinguished from the Israel of God of the Old Testament after the Babylonian captivity in 720 BC, the prophets foretold of the New Covenant in which God’s law would be written on the hearts of God’s people, which is higher law of turning the other cheek and doing good to one’s enemies.”

    True, BN, but let’s look at the USA today. Have we become the ‘Kingdom of God’ the Lord’s Prayer commands us to do- ‘Thy Kingdom come ON EARTH as it IS in Heaven’? No- of course not.

    (note the Present tense of the verb- this is not some ‘post-parousia victory party’ but the actual WORK OF THE PEOPLE to MAKE the nation Christian, and/or to KEEP the nation Christian…as the USA was once declared to be…BTW.)

    Let’s quote your words to present effect:

    “..the ‘Israel of God’ [Gal. 6:16] was commanded to wipe out the Caananite pagans [those not of their Ethnos as well as ethos!- witness the 1965 ‘Immigration and Reform Act,’ that started all the multicultural/multiracial ‘not of Israel’ troubles in the West- written by two Jews, while promulgated by HHH and Ted Kennedy] who practiced human sacrifices, [1973 Roe v. Wade, Bernard Nathanson- a Jew] ritual fornication, ritual homosexuality, and bestiality sexual practices. [1973 APA rescission of homosexuality as a ‘psychological disorder’, 1969 Stonewall riots, Gay Lib, Women’s Lib, NAMBLA- all led by Jews, orchestrated by Jews, promulgated by Jews initially].

    No, BN, idolatry was NOT extinguished by the Babylonian Captivity, for after the two and a half ‘tribes’ returned to Palestine (where are the other TEN?) during the era of the Apocrypha, EDOMITES were forcibly joined to the racially pure ritually
    lean’ Israelites, (cf. Macabees) to then- over a period of roughly 150 years, by the time of Christ, these ‘mamzerim’ become the HEADS of: a) Government –

    Herod was an Idumean/Edomite b)Priesthood – Caiaphas was related to the Idumeans, and or appointed by them. Josephus is clear on this, as a ‘non-Edomite’ Israelite c)Law courts – the ‘scribes and Pharisees’ that Jesus fought with, and ultimately was crucified by.

    Does this remind you of ANY PRESENT NATION ON EARTH?

    Failure on the part of America to note that everyone from Washington and Franklin on down has WARNED US of the EVILS of the JEWS in our midst.

    Until and unless a ‘Khazar konverts,’ as Shakespeare said, ‘let no such man be trusted.’ And only then, when we are ONE people (racially as well as religiously) again, can we afford to ‘turn the cheek’ – but only to EACH OTHER, and NOT to the JEW/’Other’ …

    for, as St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves noted: “Live in peace not only with your friends, but also with your enemies; But only with your personal enemies, and not with the enemies of God.” Amen.

  10. KathJuliane December 31, 2008 @ 2:56 pm

    Greetings in the Lord from No Cal in US of Talmudistan: This is a good non-partisan news website located in Palestine and the Palestinian side of things seem to be well articulated and grounded in facts for us to consider which are completely suppressed in the Zionist controlled media. The Palestinian resistance is not centered in just “Hamas”, militant wings of various parties are taking their turns at launching projectiles.


    We are a group of independent Palestinian journalists and editors who work on a strictly professional level without favoring one political party over another or any religion over another.

    We report from a Palestinian perspective as we see that the media is rife with Israeli sources. We strive to empower the Palestinian people and their cause, particularly that of nonviolent resistance to occupation. We began in 2002 and have radio, television, and several languages to choose from on our website. PNN has won the confidence of the people in addition to local and international press agencies by providing quick, accurate, credible and objective news.
    Why the Israelis are so concerned about Hamas

    Sofia Azraq – The Israeli administration is attacking the Gaza Strip for myriad reasons which Palestinians believe they can confront from a united position. This is after falling prey to US and Israeli manipulation of the Fateh – Hamas split. It took years to create, but was easy to hammer home by vilifying the [Hamas] party upon its election, imposing sanctions, ensuring no funds were allowed to enter, and generally starving the population into denouncing what had been its democratic choice. [The election was internationally monitored at the time, and was declared to be one of the freest elections in the world. IsraHell launched an attack and captured a number of newly elected members claiming “they wouldn’t work with the Hamas government.]

    Although it is generally believed that the Israelis helped Hamas into being in the eighties in order to take down PLO activists, it is true that since well before the second Intifada the Israeli administration has tasked the Palestinian Authority/Fateh to take down Hamas. By splitting the two major parties, and in turn the Gaza Strip from the West Bank, the Israeli administration further ensures that the Palestinian people and territory will be isolated from one another and that no contiguous state can be created.

    Currently the Hamas party is a threat to the Israeli administration for three reasons.

    The first is because it proved its popularity in the streets when elected in 2006. [A Hamas non-violent pan-Palestinian rally had a voluntary turn-out of 300,000 Gazans, 1/3 the population.] It refused to deal with Israel in a way acceptable to the Americans or Israelis. The US has the party on its “terrorist” list. A campaign to destroy its power, popularity and reputation was launched, yet still Hamas refused to bow to the same pressures that the PA/Fateh fell for.

    It is also election campaign season and hopefuls for the position of Prime Minister are responding to right-wing calls among its citizenry, particularly the settlement movement both locally and internationally, to stop projectile launches which have been orchestrated in its media to be a major threat. If the administration gives the settler movement this attack on Gaza, it will be easier to move out of the settlements in the West Bank. Making a show of leaving some of the less important settlements, not touching major ones such as Ma’ale Adumim, Gilo, Har Homa and Ariel, was critical. It was required in the eyes of the UN, EU and US as the Israelis got closer to having the PA sign away the remaining rights of the Palestinians that are crucial for Israeli expansion: refugees and Jerusalem.

    Making a show of destroying these “Hamas rocket attacks” from Gaza is part of the language pounded through the media daily. No matter that they are not a Hamas-specific device, or that they are largely ineffective if the aim is to kill, destroy or injure, or that they are hardly “rockets.”

    The lack of damages generally done by the projectiles and that they are not launched simply launched by the Hamas party, but rather by armed resistance wings from all parties including the leftists, Hamas and Fateh, are facts left out of the public discourse in order to foment public fervor to destroy Hamas/Gaza.

    The third threat is from the outside: Syria and Iran. As a “non-complying” country, Israel and the US have issued numerous threats of war in the direction of Iran. The countries are considered both moral and material supporters of Hamas, and therefore the Gaza Strip, and Hamas of them. If Israel wants to help itself and the US [launch an invasion against Syria and Iran] it cannot take the chance that half of its occupied population is working for those against whom it will wage war, providing a perfect launching pad, or be concerned about its obligations as an occupier so close to what it calls home.

  11. Truth Expanding December 31, 2008 @ 4:18 pm


    Why are people ignoring this astouding fact? People, if we keep focusing on the “JEWS”, can you see they will always win. Can you imagine the shock the world would feel to know the following? I mean really know. It’s not hard if you do a critical search on the INET. Come on guys, we of all who on seemingly intelligent blogs, can learn alot. We cannot simply gloss over the following. If we started to repeat the words, Germany, Britain and United Nations as many times as the word “JEWS”, we could bring the walls of their deceipt crashing down. Please guys think about this and stop focusing on the “JEWS” as they want you too. We have got to reveal and demolish this demon ASAP. The lives of your children and grandchildren depend on us facing the horrible truths now!!

    If Mayer Amschel Rothschild was really Mayer Amschel BAUER. That would mean that he was not Jewish but GERMAN. Why is no one addressing this issue. Even this so called Ashkenazi Jew, plainly shows the word NAZI.

    These Zionists are German in origin. When one searches, one can see their heavy influence in America and the Protestant faction.

    With that fact established. We also can see that German and Roman are one and the same. The real question to be answered is, why do they have such a need to get Jerusalem? Is this a vendetta from ancient times when they were driven out of Jerusalem? Or is it the fact that Palestine is the only place on the planet that they do not yet have full control over?

    Shouldn’t this article be named: German and British Bankers?

  12. George G December 31, 2008 @ 6:01 pm

    Dear Christians

    In relation to Militarism and Zionism.

    1. Joseph Adam Ereli (Jew and a citizen of Israel} is a key state department official directing US Policy in Iraq and the Persian Gulf.

    2. Rahm Emanuel {an Israeli citizen} who is chief of staff. This means he will control who Obama can talk to and what he should know.Emanual is a devout Jew and pro Israel. I wonder how many meeting he will set up with Israel’s PM?

    3. David Axelrod. {A New York Jew} who is senior advisor to Obama. In other words he will be writing all of his speeches. So next time you hear Obama speak just remember who wrote that speech.

    Since the creation of Israel in 1948 by the Ashkenazi Jews whose forefathers came from Eastern Europe and most have no connection to the ancient Jews of biblical times. In Arthur Koestler’s book “The Thirteenth Tribe” Koestler claims most are of Khazaria background that reverted to Judaism in 740 AD.

    Since 1948 these Ashkenazi Jews have hi jacked US Foreign Policy and have made the US a cash cow for Israel. Israel receives 3 billion dollars annually from the US more than any other country in the world. Israel is of no strategic importance. Because of Israel the US is the most hated nation outside its borders. American Jews constitute less than 2% of the US population yet control all the important institutions. When will Christian Americans rise and take control of the White house. Will that day ever come?

  13. Hoff December 31, 2008 @ 6:09 pm

    If this is true … And hit the fan. Jews stealing us tax money to “israel” and send them right back into senate and congress members personal bank account

  14. KathJuliane January 1, 2009 @ 3:48 am

    Statement by the Patriarchs and Heads of the Churches in Jerusalem On the current devastating situation in Gaza

    Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2008, 6:50 AM

    Statement by the Patriarchs and Heads of the Churches in Jerusalem On the current devastating situation in Gaza

    We, the Patriarchs, Bishops and the Heads of Christian Churches in Jerusalem, follow with deep concern, regret, and shock the war currently raging in the Gaza Strip and the subsequent destruction, murder and bloodshed, especially at a time when we celebrate Christmas, the birth of the King of love and peace. As we express our deep sorrow at the renewed cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians and the continued absence of peace in our Holy Land, we denounce the ongoing hostilities in the Gaza Strip and all forms of violence and killings from all parties. We believe that the continuation of this bloodshed and violence will not lead to peace and justice but breed more hatred and hostility – and thus continued confrontation between the two peoples.

    Accordingly, we call upon all officials of both parties to the conflict to return to their senses and refrain from all violent acts, which only bring destruction and tragedy, and urge them instead to work to resolve their differences through peaceful and non-violent means.

    We also call upon the international community to fulfill its responsibilities and intervene immediately and actively stop the bloodshed and end all forms of confrontation; to work hard and strong to put an end to the current confrontation and remove the causes of conflict between the two peoples; and to finally resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a just and comprehensive solution based on international resolutions.

    To the various Palestinian factions we say: It is time to end your division and settle your differences. We call on all factions at this particular time to put the interests of the Palestinian people above personal and factional interests and to move immediately toward national comprehensive reconciliation and use all non-violent means to achieve a just and comprehensive peace in the region.

    Finally, we raise our prayers to the Child in the manger to inspire the authorities and decision makers on both sides, the Israelis and Palestinians, for immediate action to end the current tragic situation in the Gaza Strip. We pray for the victims, the wounded and the broken-hearted. May the Lord God Almighty grant all those who have lost loved ones consolation and patience. We pray for all those living in panic and fear, that God may bless them with calm, tranquility and true peace.

    We call on all to observe next Sunday, January 4, as a day for justice and peace in the land of peace.

    + Patriarch Theophilos III, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

    + Patriarch Fuad Twal, Latin Patriarchate.

    + Patriarch Torkom II, Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Patriarchate.

    Fr. Pier Battista Pizzaballa, ofm, Custody of the Holy Land

    + Anba Abraham, Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate.

    + Archbishop Swerios Malki Mourad, Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate.

    + Abune Matthias, Ethiopian Orthodox Patriarchate

    + Archbishop Paul Nabil Sayyah, Maronite Patriarchal Exarchate.

    + Bishop Suheil Dawani, Episcopal Church of Jerusalem & the Middle East .

    + Bishop Munib Younan, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan & the Holy Land .

    + Bishop Pierre Malki, Syrian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate

    + Bishop Youssef Zre’i, Greek Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate.

    Fr. Raphael Minassian, Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate

    Jerusalem on 30 December 2008


  15. james January 1, 2009 @ 4:20 am

    @Truth Expanding

    Mayer Amschel BAUER was born in a Jewish ghetto in German and originaly trained to be a Rabbi

    The Rothschild dynasty has strong ties to Israel.

    They virtualy helped build Israel.

  16. Hoff January 1, 2009 @ 3:08 pm

    Oil field in Gaza

  17. Hoff January 1, 2009 @ 3:13 pm

    The Spam filter here at our site RJN is at Deathcom 57 or something like that.

    Update page, F5 or Apple key+R

    Ctrl+V = Copy and past and then hit the post bottom.

  18. AsWas January 1, 2009 @ 5:31 pm

    I supose that we should be wondering what you were doing on a white supremacist web site, Hoff, but the link that you gave is, indeed, extremely fascinating, and a possible glimpse of hope for the end of this nightmare. Everyone should read it.

    It is very sad, however, that corruption has so saturated American society that even Turner admits that he might be tempted by a bribe to halt the exposure of the information that he has been given. I quite seriously wonder if it is possible to find honest men and women in sufficient numbers to replace the multitude of crooks that could be removed from government by these revelations.

  19. Hoff January 1, 2009 @ 9:24 pm

    I read ALL sites of interest. Hal Turner has come up with info that has been proved to be correct, long before anyone else. He has or had some deep inside info who only someone from the very inner cirkle could know.

    Hal Turner is a stupid racist, but that don’t mean he has nothing to tell.

    I read any site I please, I even read the most racist and supremacy website there is – the jewish ADL.

  20. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2009 @ 11:52 am

    Dear KathJuliane

    Thank you for posting the December 30, 2008 statement from the Patriarchs and Heads of the Churches in Jerusalem.

    From the Prayer of the People in the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom:

    Priest: For PEACE in the whole world, for the WELL BEING of the holy Churches of God and for the union of all, let us pray to the Lord.

    People: Lord, have mercy!

    For any RJN readers from any part of our contemporary world, especially those in the Middle East, if you have or can find the e-mail addresses to any and all of the Patriarchs and Heads of the Churches in Jerusalem, please forward them all the following on-line documentary link entitled ‘Heaven’s Key To Peace’

    – Fr. Joseph

  21. AsWas January 2, 2009 @ 1:11 pm

    Actually, Hoff, I wanted to put a winking smiley after my teasing chastisement of your surfing habits, because, even though I am an avowed anti-supremacist, I also find myself on some pretty dodgy sites, including Hal Turner’s in the past, during the course of my own researches (I have to say, though, that I personally have to draw the line at the ADL’s execrable hate site). The last time that I tried to put a text smiley into a comment on this forum, however, it turned into an icon smiley when published and looked rather undignified in the context of this particular forum.

    Happy New Year to you (and to all), and thanks again for the interesting link.

  22. Lynda January 5, 2009 @ 1:28 am

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Blessed and holy days of our Lord’s Nativity to all our Orthodox friends who are commencing their celebrations.

    Russia Today has posted an interview with George Galloway, member of the British Parliament. In this essential interview, he reveals that the U.S and the EU gave Israel the green light for the invasion of Gaza

    This interview was conducted on Dec 31, 2008.

  23. KathJuliane January 5, 2009 @ 8:40 am

    According to Israel News, on 12/11/08, in a meeting with students at a Tel Aviv high school on Thursday, the 900th day since Gilad Shalit’s abduction, the Kadima chairwoman said, “The thought that I can free Gilad and am not doing it is a horrible thought. We all want Gilad to come back home, but part of the willingness to fight is the understanding that we don’t have any other choice. There is always a risk of casualties, and it’s not always possible to bring everyone back home.”

    Regarding complications in the Gaza Strip, Livni said, “The long term goal is to bring down the Hamas government. Hamas is not a partner.” Talking about the Saudi peace initiative Livni said, “I don’t need new suggestions – not in Arabic and not in French – for an agreement with the Palestinians. I want to make them myself.”

    Here is a simple, stone cold fact. Up and down the media and political establishments, you will find nothing but babbled bleatings about Israel being “forced” to launch its vicious blitzkreig attacks against Gaza, which has the highest population density in the world, because of the “recent spate of Hamas bombings” since the end of a six-month ceasefire.

    This is a damnable and deliberate lie. Firstly, the IOF has intensively escalated the number of “war games” drilling in the field including incursions into Syrian, Lebanese and Gazan airspace during the “calm”, while complaining that the Palestinian “terrorists” were conducting their own training and obtaining weapons, obviously now for defense preparation. Secondly, the IOF repeatedly violated the 6-month cease-fire which is well-documented in various local and international sources against not just Gaza, but against Palestinians and “Arab Israelis” in the West Bank, among which includes the ongoing vicious attacks on Arabs by the Settlers themselves with the IOF’s tacit approval. The latest Settler rampages were sparked in Hebron when IsraHell authorities forcibly evicted the lunatics from an illegally “purchased” home. These Settlers are so vicious that they are even called by other Israelis, “the Werewolves of Hebron”.

    Papers in IsraHell are reporting the truth: the murderous assault on Gaza was planned not only before the six-month ceasefire ended — it was planned before the cease-fire even took effect. Indeed, the ceasefire was part of the military plan to decimate the civilian areas of Gaza; it was a hoax, a scam, a deliberate feint to buy time for IOF military preparations — precisely the same strategy followed by the Bush Regime (and its bipartisan Establishment supporters) in “going to the UN” to seek a “peaceful solution” to the “Iraqi crisis” — when the invasion was already in the works.

    Haaretz on 12/31/08 reports on the Israel’s deceit in the latest outrage, in the aptly titled piece, “Disinformation, secrecy and lies: How the Gaza offensive came about”:

    “Long-term preparation, careful gathering of information, secret discussions, operational deception and the misleading of the public – all these stood behind the Israel Defense Forces “Cast Lead” operation against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, which began Saturday morning. The disinformation effort, according to defense officials, took Hamas by surprise and served to significantly increase the number of its casualties in the strike.

    “Sources in the defense establishment said Defense Minister Ehud Barak instructed the Israel Defense Forces to prepare for the operation over six months ago, even as Israel was beginning to negotiate a ceasefire agreement with Hamas. According to the sources, Barak maintained that although the lull would allow Hamas to prepare for a showdown with Israel, the Israeli army needed time to prepare, as well.”

    The Israeli security establishment has been intent since its flawed 2006 war in Lebanon to reassert Israel’s hegemony and its deterrent power. But the attack on Gaza may also have deeper causes. Lost in the black hole of media coverage which we should remember is the fact that the Israel-Hamas truce was working—a fact fully acknowledged in the recent hawkish, right-wing Israeli Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre report released by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs titled “Six Months of the Lull Report”.


    According to that report, before November 4 “Hamas was careful to maintain the ceasefire.” Furthermore, “the lull was sporadically violated by rocket and mortar shell fire carried out by rogue terrorist organizations in some instances in defiance of Hamas.” This despite the fact that the blockade remained intact and thus, as Amnesty International observes, “Gaza residents experienced little or no improvement to their lives”.

    Gentle readers should note that the IOF broke the “calm” on the US Election Day with an incursion into Gaza when our short national attention-span would be diverted from affairs in the Middle East.

    Rather, IsraHell refuses to end the siege because it remains bent on reversing the results of the 2006 elections, punishing Palestinians for voting the ‘wrong’ way and thwarting a dreaded Hamas ‘peace offensive’.

    Or, as Israeli journalist and historian Tom Segev puts it:

    “Israel is striking at the Palestinians to “teach them a lesson.” That is a basic assumption that has accompanied the Zionist enterprise since its inception: We are the representatives of progress and enlightenment, sophisticated rationality and morality, while the Arabs are a primitive, violent rabble, ignorant children who must be educated and taught wisdom – via, of course, the carrot-and-stick method, just as the drover does with his donkey. The bombing of Gaza is also supposed to “liquidate the Hamas regime,” in line with another assumption that has accompanied the Zionist movement since its inception: that it is possible to impose a “moderate” [puppet] leadership on the Palestinians, one that will abandon their national aspirations.

    As a corollary, Israel has also always believed that causing suffering to Palestinian civilians would make them rebel against their national leaders. This assumption has proven wrong over and over.”

    In waging the “Elections War”, Israel has violated not one but two ceasefires and has consistently rejected Hamas’s calls for a third in favour of a massive escalation of violence, the complete destruction of all institutions of government and civil stability in the Gaza Strip, the deliberate impoverishment and malnourishment of a defenceless civilian population and the murder hundreds of people (equivalent to over 16,000 people in Britain), and the maiming of thousands more.

    And what about Corporal Shalit? No one knows now, and the Zionist press are mumbling a bit about this. It is very possible that Shalit was being held in one of the various prisons, jails, government offices or whatever of the infrastructure that have been pounded into rubble by 1-2 ton bombs and his body parts are mingled up with the hated Palestinian prisoners’ body parts that have not been recovered yet after tons of burnt concrete caved in on them. Livini’s earlier statements certainly have an ominous portent to them. Corporal Shalit just may not be “coming home” after all, and this, too, will be blamed on Hamas instead of the lunatic Zionazi fools that betrayed a people’s trust, and proved once again the motto of the Mossad: “By way of deception we shall win war”.

    I hope I am wrong about Shalit, but even he is expendable in the war of “just doing bidness” among Jewish Banksters.

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