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The Zionist ‘Beast’ Attacks Gaza


By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2011

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“TODAY GAZA, NEXT WEEK THE WEST BANK, TOMORROW THE WORLD,” writes political analyst, Kawther Salam. “The plans for ethnic cleansing against Palestinians have been written in the 1880’s and Israel is not about to refrain from those plans,” Salam continues.

The Zionist enterprise has indeed called for the annihilation of the indigenous Palestinian population beginning with Zionism’s founder, Theodore Herzl. In the late 1880’s, Herzl called for an enforced separation of Arabs from Zionist Jews:

“It is best to spirit the penniless Palestinian population across the borders by denying it any employment in our own country.” View Entire Story Here.

It was Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, who in 1948, expanded on Herzl’s enforced separation, by covertly promoting an agenda of ethnic cleansing:

“The UN partition of a Jewish State being offered to us is not the Zionist objective. Within this area it is not possible to reach our historic goal. But it can serve as a decisive stage along the path to a greater Zionist implementation. Within the shortest possible time we will consolidate a Jewish force throughout Palestine.” View Entire Story Here.

And in foreshadowing of what is now occurring in Gaza, in 1967, Ben Gurion overtly stated the means by which the Zionist historical goal would be implemented:

“We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid Palestine of its Arab population.” View Entire Story Here.


“WHO IS LIKE UNTO THE BEAST?” heard St John the Divine in the “Revelation” given to him during his exile in Patmos in 64 AD.

In his Biblical account of those things which “must be hereafter,” St John spoke of this “beast” whose power was given to him by the ancient dragon, Satan himself. “Who can make war with the beast?” St John heard the multitudes exclaim in awe of the beast’s powers. And today, it is the multitude of deluded Christian-Zionists who are in awe of the Israelis, turning a blind eye to their atrocities against the Palestinians.

The bestial assault on the civilian population of Gaza by Israel, which began during their Anti-Christ festival of Chanukah on December 27, 2008, is being decried the world over.

But the “false prophet” who, as St John describes, “causes many to worship the beast,” has predictably rebuked Hamas for sending rockets into Israel, placing the onus on Hamas for the escalation of violence. No, not even a peep from the US in censuring Israel for its genocidal attack in Gaza this Christmas season. “Happy Chanukah!” to the Bush administration, Israel’s enablers in the bloodshed of innocent Palestinians.

At the outset of Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza, Israel’s Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, in a display of Jewish malice towards the Gazans, stated, “this is only the beginning,” and, “there is a time for a cease-fire and a time to fight. Now is the time to fight.”

But who is this bloodthirsty Zionist Jew, Ehud Barak, fighting? Palestinian women, children, and unarmed civilians residing in the Gaza Strip? I now call out to all decent Americans, I, Brother Nathanael Kapner, a former Jew, but now an Orthodox Christian:

Now Is The Time For Us To Fight!
Against The Enemy Of Mankind The Zionist Jews Of Israel!


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Brother Nathanael @ December 28, 2008


  1. admin December 28, 2008 @ 5:45 am

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  2. admin December 28, 2008 @ 6:10 am

    Dear Friends, Readers, and Commenters,

    I have been working on this article since 10 PM last nite. It is now 6 AM in the morning. Sometimes I wonder if I should be doing something else besides laboring so hard on these articles, like sleeping perhaps…

    But, I am driven to expose those who are like their father, “the devil,” whom our Lord and Saviour said that the Jews are sons of:

    “You are of your father the devil,” Christ said to the blood thirsty Jews who were conspiring to murder Him, “he was a murderer from the beginning, and his works ye will do,” Christ said to the murderous Jews.

    And this “bloodthirsty,” “cold, callous, & calculating” spirit of the devil indwelling in the Zionist Jews of Israel, is being fulfilled in Gaza today.

    St John Chrysostom, in his “Homilies Against The Judaizers,” said that all Jews are “demonized.” Having grown up as a Jew, I can bear witness, that there is a “contrary” and to greater and lesser degrees, a “perverse” spirit indwelling in all Jews.

    Let us be diligent in reproving the Anti Christ Jews (all Jews are anti Christ), and pray for their conversion to Christ and to His marvellous, peace-instilling teachings.

    We must also reprove the Christian-Zionists who have been deluded by pre-millenialist propaganda, much of which has been popularized by Jews.

    And – we must pray for THEIR conversion as well, to the true doctrine of Biblical understanding, that Christians NOT Jews are God’s chosen people AND that the State of Israel is NOT a fulfilment of Biblical prophecy. Rather, Israel is a fulfillment of the devil’s “murderous” ways.

    I love you all, I appreciate you all, and I pray daily for you all. And do, keep me, your servant for Jesus’s sake, in your holy prayers. +Brother Nathanael

  3. carlos krueger December 28, 2008 @ 7:12 am

    That was a wonderful speech my dear Brother Nathanael…..

    Also I feel that the Arabs are not really helping the Palestinians in there time of need…

    The Saudis could do something to help their brothers instead of a wait and see approach!

  4. KathJuliane December 28, 2008 @ 9:06 am

    Jerusalem Post: In the heaviest military strike against the Gaza Strip since the 1967 Six Day War, the Israel Air Force bombed over 170 targets on Saturday, killing more than 230 Palestinians, as Israel launched “Operation Cast Lead,” aimed at putting a stop to Hamas rocket attacks against the South.

    “The goal of the operation was to shock, awe and deceive the Palestinians,” a senior IDF officer said Saturday, referring to Barak’s decision to open the crossings on Friday – done to deceive Hamas into believing that Israel was delaying a military response to the rocket attacks.


    Israeli Arab leaders called Saturday for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Gaza as thousands of Israeli Arabs around the country took to the streets to protest.

    Following the assault on Gaza, outbreaks of rioting were being reported in east Jerusalem on Saturday.

    “It’s a war crime,” said MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List-Ta’al) “I can’t accept the logic that panic in the streets of Sderot is worth 200 killed in Gaza as a consequence of firing from one side or another.” [The massacre is approaching 300 Palestinians, with 1/3 “civilians”. As of this posting, only one Israeli civilian died from the Hamas home manufactured rockets.]

    Tibi said he could not accept that logic particularly when Israel had repeatedly violated the six-month cease-fire that expired December 19 by not opening the crossings and by conducting military strikes in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. “This war crime needs to stop, and we need to return to the tahadiya [calm] to save lives both here and there,” he said.

    Tibi said UAL members participated in spontaneous protests Saturday in the cities of Taiba, Sakhnin, and the Galilee village of Ibillin. In Nazareth, some 3,000 protesters participated in a protest march Saturday evening organized by the Nazareth Democratic Front. Marchers demanded a halt to “all the massacres of the Israeli army in Gaza, second for the unity of the Palestinian people and third, a critique on the silence of the Arab regimes,” said Abir Kopty, a Nazareth city councilwoman from the NDF, who helped organize the march.
    “You see the silence of the international community and the Arab world, except for condemning, and calling for it to stop, but there are no concrete actions to stop the Israeli attack on Gaza,” she said after the march. “The only thing you can do is to go out to the streets and demonstrate.”


    Russia was one of the first to respond, with a foreign ministry spokesman calling for an immediate halt to attacks by both forces. The European Union likewise called for a return to the cease-fire, saying there was “no military solution in Gaza” and urging Israel to allow the resumption of humanitarian aid.

    Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa said it was “an unimaginable and unacceptable act,” while the Jordanian government is pressuring the Arab League to unite in favor of an immediate end to the attacks. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is reportedly in talks with the King of Saudi Arabia about the situation as well. As Gaza’s hospitals filled with dead and wounded, Egypt has opened the Rafah border crossing to allow ambulances to bring in the wounded.

    Virtually alone in refusing to criticize the killings was the United States, who instead blamed Hamas for the entire situation and simply urged Israel to keep the number of civilians it kills in the new war to a minimum. President-elect Barack Obama has so far declined comment on the situation.

    [Obama has proven himself neither “Muslim” or “Christian”. I do believe he is our first Jewish president, after all.]

  5. bleedingblue December 28, 2008 @ 11:29 am

    I am wondering how long it will take until Christians realize that they are the Israel?

    Supporting the Jews because you think they are “the Israel” is nothing but simple ignorance and falling under the Devil’s trap.

  6. Chi0ne1 December 28, 2008 @ 12:51 pm

    Maccabees(John Hyrcanus) caused some Edomites to become “Jews”.

    King Herod was an Edomite Jew. The house of Saud is descended from Edomites.

    If the Arabs really were concerned with the Palestinians they would do something about it since they have the backing of Russia and China(which could blow the USA out of the water if they so desired, Tesla technology).

    So you have to ask what is really going on with the leadership of the various “nations”.

  7. Mekhael December 28, 2008 @ 2:00 pm

    Since my first post yesterday I was thinking to myself and wondering if Brother Nathanael will ever condemn or even consider mentioning what is happening in Gaza during this Christian holy season.

    And I got the answer faster than I expected.

    God bless you Brother Nathanel and light every step you take towards the truth. Now I understand the power of Christ and His strength in brining what is good in every person. Every day, the land Christ walked on is being raped, butchered, children’s killed, olive trees plunked; houses destroyed on the heads of their inhabitants.

    Gaza besieged for 6 months without the minimum necessities for life and now they take the heat from those wicked race with their F-16. Is this what Jesus Christ would preach for? Definitely no, that’s why they crucified Him, He told them I am the king of this world and will never be your king. So they gave the sign to Judas a (Jew) and a loyal student who btw shared the same wine and bread with Christ, to be sold to the Romans for a couple of shekels and till this day, we hear and see people like Judas, (Madoff), (Lehman), (AIG) betraying and stabbing each and every one of us in the back.

    Today it’s Gaza, yesterday it was my country Lebanon (summer 2006), they destroyed 10,000 homes, they killed 1500 innocent people, they attacked bridges, tv station, hospitals you name it and on the last days of their atrocity they planted 1.5 million cluster bomb. This is the nature of those wicked people; this is the nature of their false Talmudic god. Fyi every Christians should know our God is different, Jesus Christ, is the Biblical Son of God Who appeared in many Theophanies during the Old Testament period.

    Dear Carlos,

    You ask a valid question and I will tell you why some Arab countries will not move an inch in helping their brothers in Palestine. It’s because the Kings and presidents of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt sold their soul to the devil. They have always been part of the Freemason muslim brotherhood, along with those wahabies (Alqaida). If anyone opposes the realm they get oppressed and thrown to prisons in the middle of the desert, this is what the democratic regime in USA wants, puppets they can install and remove whenever they want.

    Be informed and let the whole world know that there still exist a brave resistant in Lebanon and Palestine, Muslims and Christians we stand tall in front of the Jewish monster.

    We pray for more people like Brother Nathanel to rise and revolt and as an Orthodox Christian coming from the land Christ made His second miracle (Qana) Lebanon, I pray for Gaza, I pray for more awareness and people to join our resistant front.


  8. Chris Young December 28, 2008 @ 2:24 pm

    Great job! Only the truth shall bring us into heaven. Jesus Christ is God!

  9. Greg December 28, 2008 @ 2:57 pm

    Hey Brother, I got an interesting website for you and the others here.

    It is:

    This website is about a man who researched out the star of Bethlehem to see if the Bible text can be proved using astronomy, about the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    What the author found was more than amazing. He found that the heavenly bodies like the stars, sun, moon, etc… all did support the idea of the Messiah already having come into the world as Jesus Christ.

    The author also concludes that the Jews of the time had all the astronomy evidence to also know that the Messiah had come into the world, just as the ancient prophets had predicted.

    EWTN will be playing this movie at least one more time for everyone to either watch on their tv sets or on the internet website of EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network). They also have a DVD for sale for a few dollars on the website.

    In this season when many claim they don’t believe in God or Jesus Christ, this movie is a faith booster, as it has been verified by using high level software modelling as well as by respected astronomers.

    I confronted a zionist Jew supporter with this evidence this morning and they shut right down and refused to continue discussing Jesus Christ as the Messiah with me.

  10. Orthodox Serbia December 28, 2008 @ 3:20 pm

    Question for Brother Nathanael Kapner,

    Do you think that these people who control Israel are really the descendents of those Jews who crucified Christos 2000 years ago? Do they share the same language?

    Or are these Jews of today, the descendents of the Khazars who lived in Eastern-Europe and who were converted by Jewish missionaries in the 6 century?

    I hope that someone can answer my question!

  11. Bill Walker December 28, 2008 @ 4:02 pm

    Hi Brother Nathaniel
    I can try to help you a little next week
    I also may be able to send you a Computer Processor, if need be. I upgraded last year and its been laying around.
    It just needs some ‘fine tuning’ which a friend is performing. I can add some memory as well.

  12. Greg December 28, 2008 @ 4:15 pm

    I apologize Brother for not having the viewing information for EWTN on the Bethlehem star with my original posting. The movie will be on the EWTN channel two more days, as well as they broadcast it live on the EWTN website 24 at the same time for those people who don’t have access to the EWTN channel on their satellite systems or cable systems. The remaining times this year that they will be showing this 1 hour documentary movie are listed under The Bethlehem Star section at this page:

    The date and times are:

    Mon 12/29/08 5:30 PM ET & 2:30 PM PT
    Wed 12/31/08 10:30 AM ET & 7:30 AM PT

    If anyone wants to watch it via the Internet website at EWTN, you can use the menu at the top of and select menu option TELEVISION, submenu option Live TV – English or Live TV – Spanish, following be clicking on the region of the world you live in. It will then stream over the internet the programming that is being shown on the ETWN television channel, so you can watch it and record it on your computer systems.

    Thank You Brother and May God Give You a Blessed and Healthy New Year. I hope to be able to donate to you in 2009, as this last year was one where money was really running short in my coffers.

  13. George G December 28, 2008 @ 5:51 pm

    Dear Christians

    I was watching the BBC news and the news reader asked the Israeli Government spokesperson that was raving and ranting like a lunatic, how many more Palestinians must die in order for Israel to achieve its objectives? The News reader then quoted that in the last 5 years only 9 Israelis have died from rocket attacks as opposed to over 1.400 Palestinians.

    The Arab league should break off diplomatic ties with the USA who sponsor and approve these killings with the Zionist Jewish control of the White house. The USA is losing its credibility worldwide by supporting Israel. Israel is not of any strategic importance to the USA. The Jews have hijacked US Foreign Policy to the detriment of ordinary Americans. The Palestinians should take Israel to the International court of justice and seek compensation of loss of lives.

    To Orthodox Serbia

    “The Thirteenth Tribe” by Arthur Koestler essentially claims that the Khazars a Caucasian tribe of Slavic and Turkic background converted to Judaism in 740 AD and they eventually migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Ashkenazim or Jewry. Most of today’s estimated 13-14 million Jews world wide are of Ashkenazim background. The real Jews from biblical times are the Sephardim.

  14. Lynne Crowley December 28, 2008 @ 6:53 pm

    Jewish “hate,” as we have seen, casts a wide net. Even a Roman Catholic priest, Maximilian Kolbe, canonized by the church and heroized in Poland for voluntarily dying at Auschwitz that another man might live, is dismissed by one Jewish magazine these days as the former editor of “a mass-circulation anti-Semitic Franciscan weekly.” [TOMASZEWSKI, p. 47]

  15. morris December 29, 2008 @ 3:06 am

    Do the Jews themselves know what they are fighting for?

    An Army is an Army anywhere in the world and soldiers take orders. Consider the Jewish empire and how busy the soldiers must be.

    Perhaps the Americans and the British can also be asked: ‘Do they know what they are fighting for?’

    The rampant need to wage war will backfire sooner or later. No doubt part of the Gaza action, apart from electioneering, is to establish facts on the ground before Obama gets in. Well so far Obama doesn’t seem any different to the Bush Admin..

    The Jewish army has many guises, on the Tele we see those in uniform, doing their killing. Then there is a worldwide network.

    This is one attribute of Jewish rule, Gay rights. Family propriety is hardly worth a mention because that seems a concern of all faiths, nations and cultures. Yet the Jews are most vociferous about it.

    Jewish rule is plain and simple about hegemony. Smiling faces sharing in the delight of supremacy. And to hate the Arabs and the Muslims helps one get ahead. This is a shaggy dog story, another spec in the wind, an observer of a hell unfolding.

    Gaza today is likely a taste of what is in store for more and more of us on the planet.

  16. Katherine December 29, 2008 @ 5:50 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I’ll mail today a contribution toward your computer.

    Realistically, what can any of us do to fight against this enemy of mankind?

    I recently attended a little party here in our apartment complex — I voiced my opinion that 9/ll was an inside government job with probable help from Mossad. One woman, who doesn’t live here, agreed strongly with me; but the rest of the people, who live in the complex, now give me the cold shoulder.

    God bless you!


  17. Mike December 29, 2008 @ 8:25 am

    The truth is obvious-Israel wants the Palestinians out of Israel, including the Gaza Strip,West Bank and East Jerusalem.

    Israel has been playing the Palestinians since 1948 and lying non-stop to everyone while Israel does their ‘purification’ of Israel of any non Jews.
    That is the ultimate goal.

    The 2 nation compromise is a lie and Israel has no intention of giving the Palestinians their own country in Israeli territory.

    The kicker here: Most of the Palestinians are Hebrew thru Ishmael or thru Isaac who were forced to convert to Islam by Mohammed.

    These Hebrews are living right where they belong.

    It’s sad to see that Israel, which is mainly comprised of Gentiles who converted to Judaism aprox 1,000 years ago,-don’t understand this, including our national leaders who don’t even care to study the history of the Middle East.

    Just because someone is elected President of the USA or is a Congressmen, does not mean they are knowledgable regarding the Middle East. It is sad.

  18. Fr. Joseph December 29, 2008 @ 10:25 am

    Dear Katherine,

    Yes, you are correct. 9-11 was an ‘Inside Job’.

    As a licenced aircraft mechanic having worked in/with military and commerical aircraft-airliners, the on-board satellite communications systems were used to fly, by remote control, a Boeing 757 and 767 repainted to look like AA and UA flights.

    There was no B757 used vs. the Pentagon. There was no commerical airliner shot down over Shanksville.

    But as Stalin himself stated when it comes to dictators, oligarchs and elites who rule it over the masses…”The Lie Is Sacred”.

    Feel free to view the 911 documentary entitled Loose Change here

    And Bishop Williamson comments on the utterly corrupt moral and spiritual state of our World

    – Fr. Joseph

  19. Fr. Joseph December 29, 2008 @ 10:40 am

    Dear Katherine,

    And a ‘P.S.’

    Yes, I’ve already provided techincal schematics and systems operation descriptions from aircraft manufacturer manuals to members of our U.S. Senate, Members of our U.S. Congress, every last ‘Special Agent for Domestic Terrorism’ at every last F.B.I. Field Office throughout the USA, every last U.S. Attorney General, U.S. Commissioned Officers in command of my State’s Army and Air National Guard Units, Governors, civic, social, political and religious leaders of every sort and type – why, that list goes on and on and on…

    But alas, when ‘State Worship’ replaces the love of Truth, when ‘office holders’ look upon their particular civil, social, political or religious office as the way and means to keep their own ‘rice bowls’ filled and future financial security assured, when responsiblity for their State, for their fellow citizens and for their fellow members of the Human Race as a moral and spiritual obligation is forgotten, then it always simply boils down to the only thing that remains is

    ‘The Lie Is Sacred’

    And human beings are thus sold into slavery, like Joseph, by his brothers. Sold into the slavery of perpetual indebtedness to the private State Slave Owners of the private owners of the central banks of our world. Sold into enduring the slavery of a mythical, make-believe life which falls so short of what our God and Creator desires for us all.

    And while all of this goes on and is done vs. our Human Race, we have to simply hunker down and await the Glorious Return of our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ.

    And when He does return, every last evil-doer from the highest of human offices to the lowest will be crying for the mountains to cover them up in a futile attempt to be protected and insulated from the Justice of God Himself!

    And then, He will make ‘All Things New’ again. And then all of us will pour out our tears of heartfelt joy and gratitude for His Faithfulness to us as well strive to remain faithful to Him. Amen.

    – Fr. Joseph

  20. Chi0ne1 December 29, 2008 @ 11:37 am

    Mike when was Issac forced to convert to Islam? Also the leadership of the “Jews” is Semitic and they know the history.

  21. Regina December 29, 2008 @ 12:46 pm

    We must truly pray hard, not just type in that we pray, for these humans in the Gaza who are being slaughtered for the sake of self gain on behalf of the Zionist Satanic Murderers. They are sons and daughters of Satan. The state of Israel is not biblical and we must pray for the truth to be revealed. Prayer is what we have because Almighty God is in control. All things must come to past for prophecy to be fulfilled but we have to pray for the salvation of the innocent and just.

  22. Fr. Joseph December 29, 2008 @ 1:09 pm

    One must admit that for the vast majority of us ‘rank and file’ members of the Human Race, in this technologically savvy world of 2008 A.d., we have pretty much been reduced to and consigned to sending electronic ‘messages in a bottle’ to one another in the midst of this national and global geo-political mayhem planned, orchestrated and carried out by those who have willingly ‘sold their souls’ for filthy lucre.

    So let us be open, frank, candid and sincere about this whole ‘World Affair’ swirling all around us.

    Crass indifference coupled with institutionalized moral/spiritual corruption buttressed by this organized irresponsibility that calls itself ‘Government’ in and throughout the nation-states of our World has and is jeopardizing the Manifestation of God’s Own Goodness, Salvation and Redemption of us, His children of the Human Race.

    Yet, in the face of this all, there still echoes the simple and defiant spiritual cry of one St. Athanasius way back when in Church history when it seemed that the Arian heresy would finally swallow up the Apostolic Teachings and Traditions of His Church:


    (I stand) Against the Entire World!

    God’s Own Divine Peace for the entire World is still possible – God does not take back His Divine Gifts to Mankind. Mankind, however, is totally free to reject God’s Goodness however. And His Church is free as well to reject God’s Divine Gifts as well.

    “Heaven’s Key To Peace”

    If the leaders of the nation-states of our World do not want PEACE, and if the leaders of His Church likewise do not want PEACE, and neither the leaders of the nations and states and His Church want TO DO what He desires done in order to have His Peace made manifest in our World, then there is very little that we, those of us who are reduced to sending each other electronic ‘messages in a PC bottle’, can do about it.

    But then again, perhaps God the Father HIMSELF will exercise His Sole Divine Right to directly affect/alter the actions and activities of those who have been given FREE WILL to ensure they DO what it is that He desires done.

    – Fr. Joseph

  23. admin December 29, 2008 @ 1:16 pm

    Dear ChiOne –

    Mike said “or” Isaac. It is through Ishmael that the Muslim religion proliferated. NOT through Isaac.

    “In Isaac shall thy seed by called,” promised the Lord God. That is, all who are born supernaturally like Isaac would be the true Israel and the seed of Abraham. This is what the Orthodox Christian Church teaches – and *correctly* of course.

    Christians are reborn supernaturally through water and the Spirit in Orthodox Christian baptism. +BN

  24. admin December 29, 2008 @ 2:48 pm


    Because of Spam Control this reader from Israel who lives in Sderot where Hamas has allegedly been sending rockets occasionaly has emailed me asking me to post his comment for him:
    Hello everyone!

    I try to read us much us i can of what you guys write, and i am a little concernd about your lack of good information on the subject.

    I think i can help on this matter since i live in sderot for 3 years now,and often see the result of hamas attackes on the streets.

    While on the so called “hudna”,which is arabic for cease-fire, the continuing rocket attack on yeasral dident stop.

    The hamas use this time for an inside war against the “fatah” ,

    So hamas alone will have control over gaza strip, and to arm themselves to the teeth.

    According to hamas,israel violated the agreement when they bombed a tunnel that was belived to be used for planting explosives.

    After that there was some time in which israel tried to stop the hostile actions through the diplomatic chanel through
    egypt(which state that hamas broute it on themselves!),while hamas shooting on israel cities.

    The hamas is intentionally shooting its rockets on civilians! More than 5000,on 9 years. Thay shoot it from within populated ereas,somtimes even schools, knowing that israel probbly wont shoot to there.

    They use the palastinian civilian us a human shild in their actions.

    Israel use he latest technology to minimize the civilian lost in the palastinian side,
    while hamas see ivilians as its best target.

    And finally: today one “grad” rocket,which is provided to hamas by iran, hit a construction site in ashkelon and killd another man,the third one, he was an israeli arab construction woker. The hamas states that he was a zionist.

    I wold like to hear what you think.
    Please write to him and comment here your response. My own initial response is that the Hamas has been set up, funded, and infiltrated by Mossad so as to present a pretext for ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. +BN

  25. Estella Lanza December 29, 2008 @ 5:30 pm

    Hostility towards non-Jews has evolved into a distinct culture of anti-goyism and it may be as prevalent among American Jewish liberals as among Israeli right-wingers… It’s no secret that Jews disparage non-Jews behind their backs. Some Jews brag about tricking them in business, others shun them socially.
    Chauvinism, or rabid nationalism, wrote Clement Greenberg, in an article entitled Self-Hatred and Jewish Chauvinism, history tells us, is a means usually of compensating for a sense of collective failure.It is with its first taste of success that a people musters up the nerve to begin actively compensating for its sense of inferiority — usually by arrogance and self-praise. All the big talk current now too of Jewish pride and proud Jews, argued Israeli scholar Boas Evron in 1995, is the pathetic expression of a desperate feeling that there is nothing to be proud of.

    In addressing Jewish elitism, Kenneth Clark notes in a Jewish periodical that:

    Hypersensitivity about Jewishness among Jews may take many forms, including the constant concern with racial and religious problem, a seemingly compulsive need to discuss the problems and hardships of the Jewish people even in situations in which these are not relevant; and the tendency to relate almost any social problem or event to the problems of Jews. Another manifestation of protective hypersensitivity seems to be a tendency among some Jews to perpetuate the assumption of the superiority of the Jewish people and to explain the persecutions of Jews throughout history as proof of resentment and envy which Gentiles have of Jewish superiority.

  26. Fr. Joseph December 29, 2008 @ 5:38 pm

    Dear ChiOne,

    Mohammed received obtained his knowledge regarding the Person and Nature of Christ Jesus from the teachings of the heretical group known as the Ebionites.

    So while contemporary Talmudic Jews reject what Moses clearly indicates is the Divine Intent per Dueteronomy 18:13-20, and thus entirely reject Jesus the Christ Who refers to Dt. 18:13-20 being fulfilled in His Person per John 5:45-47, the Muslim people obtain their misunderstanding of Jesus Christ via Mohammed’s Qu’ran wherein he passes onto them all Ebionite doctrines.

    – Fr. Joseph

  27. Arnold Sanborn December 29, 2008 @ 6:09 pm

    Israel has already been censored by the United Nations for human rights violations. Every country should divest from Israel and drop support.

    The UN should, then, take over Israel and deport every Diaspora Jew to it and rule over it, tightly, as the Jews have proven themselves incapable of running a democracy.

    They have, in the process, ruined and destroyed countless lives and wasted huge sums of foreign aid with no results. If this were a business, they would have tanked a long time ago.

    What Israel has is a supremacist government (similar to the Ayatollahs) and an apartheid state.

    And if the Jews are as brilliant as they like to proclaim, why couldn’t they make this work after 60 years?

  28. Visitor December 29, 2008 @ 7:16 pm

    It is all about land, so to get the land, one needs war; for what more effective way to get the land than through war? Toward that end one needs a pretext, and that pretext must be a very good one. Enter Hamas, a warlike structure that gives Israel the pretext.

    Brother Nathanael, you are right on the money, this is many layers of deception where only knowing the true goal will give you an indication of the setup of various stakeholders.

  29. Bill Walker December 29, 2008 @ 7:19 pm

    ‘The so-called “rockets” are little more than Bottle Rockets used by American children or professional fireworks displays used to celebrate on the 4th of July.

    Most of the “rockets” being fired at Israel, land harmlessly in the desert. Rarely if ever is anyone injured by these rockets and NOT ONE person has been killed in Israel by these rockets in years!

    Yet within the past 3 days, the Israeli military has seen fit to kill over 700 unarmed men, women and children inside the West Bank and Gaza strip. Think about that for a moment. No dead Israelis has prompted 700 dead Palestinians.’

  30. Eternal Love December 29, 2008 @ 9:34 pm

    What I watched on Russian TV program Vesti/News several hours ago:

    First, From Gaza: A Russian lady, married to a Palestinian man, I guess, said that both sides are attacking each other fiercely and the explosions could be heard every five minutes. I personally heard one loud explosion while watching TV, and it is getting very dangerous and scary there. She was waiting to leave Gaza for Russia with her several kids.

    Second: Andrei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, said that Israelis want to attack Gaza by land and to destroy Hamas from inside. Also he said that the Palestinian society is split and he implied that US trough the hastily organized elections in Gaza de facto helped Hamas to win the elections.. So, the Russians are fully aware of what is going on there. I read in Russian newspapers that Israel is preparing a huge land operation in Gaza and is mobilizing its military reserves.

    Actually, they have entered Gaza, this is the last Russian info I read. Several tank columns are advancing to the south of Gaza, also cutting/blocking Gaza’s border with Egypt.

    More info,

    This is the bloodiest war since Arab-Israel war from 1967 year. Also there are not enough places in Gaza’s hospitals and food supplies are getting low. People in Gaza could starve…

    Lots of Love,

    Eternal Love

  31. Alain DENIS December 30, 2008 @ 12:08 am

    Who has written this ?….

    “Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our time is the Emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the “Freedom Party” (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. (…)”


    Albert Einstein (!!!)
    … with many prominent Jews (list below) signed onto this letter published in the NY Times on Dec. 2, 1948


    (relayed on that french blog, )


    oHHH Lord !!
    Yahushua! where are your fruits ?
    it seems nothing has changed for 2.000 years!
    the same murderers, liars, machiavels are running the earth.

    oHHH Lord !!

    What is my usefulness ?
    what is yours ?

    today, Gaza is dying and the Hand of your Father is still missing.

  32. Nicolae December 30, 2008 @ 2:41 am

    Those Beast are destroying America.Here is America future.

    DECEMBER 29, 2008 As if Things Weren’t Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.
    In Moscow, Igor Panarin’s Forecasts Are All the Rage; America ‘Disintegrates’ in 2010Article

    more in World »By ANDREW OSBORN
    MOSCOW — For a decade, Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the U.S. will fall apart in 2010. For most of that time, he admits, few took his argument — that an economic and moral collapse will trigger a civil war and the eventual breakup of the U.S. — very seriously. Now he’s found an eager audience: Russian state media.

    Igor Panarin
    In recent weeks, he’s been interviewed as much as twice a day about his predictions. “It’s a record,” says Prof. Panarin. “But I think the attention is going to grow even stronger.”

    Prof. Panarin, 50 years old, is not a fringe figure. A former KGB analyst, he is dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s academy for future diplomats. He is invited to Kremlin receptions, lectures students, publishes books, and appears in the media as an expert on U.S.-Russia relations.

    But it’s his bleak forecast for the U.S. that is music to the ears of the Kremlin, which in recent years has blamed Washington for everything from instability in the Middle East to the global financial crisis. Mr. Panarin’s views also fit neatly with the Kremlin’s narrative that Russia is returning to its rightful place on the world stage after the weakness of the 1990s, when many feared that the country would go economically and politically bankrupt and break into separate territories.

    A polite and cheerful man with a buzz cut, Mr. Panarin insists he does not dislike Americans. But he warns that the outlook for them is dire.

    “There’s a 55-45% chance right now that disintegration will occur,” he says. “One could rejoice in that process,” he adds, poker-faced. “But if we’re talking reasonably, it’s not the best scenario — for Russia.” Though Russia would become more powerful on the global stage, he says, its economy would suffer because it currently depends heavily on the dollar and on trade with the U.S.

    Mr. Panarin posits, in brief, that mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation will trigger a civil war next fall and the collapse of the dollar. Around the end of June 2010, or early July, he says, the U.S. will break into six pieces — with Alaska reverting to Russian control.

    In addition to increasing coverage in state media, which are tightly controlled by the Kremlin, Mr. Panarin’s ideas are now being widely discussed among local experts. He presented his theory at a recent roundtable discussion at the Foreign Ministry. The country’s top international relations school has hosted him as a keynote speaker. During an appearance on the state TV channel Rossiya, the station cut between his comments and TV footage of lines at soup kitchens and crowds of homeless people in the U.S. The professor has also been featured on the Kremlin’s English-language propaganda channel, Russia Today.

    Mr. Panarin’s apocalyptic vision “reflects a very pronounced degree of anti-Americanism in Russia today,” says Vladimir Pozner, a prominent TV journalist in Russia. “It’s much stronger than it was in the Soviet Union.”

    Mr. Pozner and other Russian commentators and experts on the U.S. dismiss Mr. Panarin’s predictions. “Crazy ideas are not usually discussed by serious people,” says Sergei Rogov, director of the government-run Institute for U.S. and Canadian Studies, who thinks Mr. Panarin’s theories don’t hold water.

    Mr. Panarin’s résumé includes many years in the Soviet KGB, an experience shared by other top Russian officials. His office, in downtown Moscow, shows his national pride, with pennants on the wall bearing the emblem of the FSB, the KGB’s successor agency. It is also full of statuettes of eagles; a double-headed eagle was the symbol of czarist Russia.

    The professor says he began his career in the KGB in 1976. In post-Soviet Russia, he got a doctorate in political science, studied U.S. economics, and worked for FAPSI, then the Russian equivalent of the U.S. National Security Agency. He says he did strategy forecasts for then-President Boris Yeltsin, adding that the details are “classified.”

    In September 1998, he attended a conference in Linz, Austria, devoted to information warfare, the use of data to get an edge over a rival. It was there, in front of 400 fellow delegates, that he first presented his theory about the collapse of the U.S. in 2010.

    “When I pushed the button on my computer and the map of the United States disintegrated, hundreds of people cried out in surprise,” he remembers. He says most in the audience were skeptical. “They didn’t believe me.”

    At the end of the presentation, he says many delegates asked him to autograph copies of the map showing a dismembered U.S.

    He based the forecast on classified data supplied to him by FAPSI analysts, he says. He predicts that economic, financial and demographic trends will provoke a political and social crisis in the U.S. When the going gets tough, he says, wealthier states will withhold funds from the federal government and effectively secede from the union. Social unrest up to and including a civil war will follow. The U.S. will then split along ethnic lines, and foreign powers will move in.

    California will form the nucleus of what he calls “The Californian Republic,” and will be part of China or under Chinese influence. Texas will be the heart of “The Texas Republic,” a cluster of states that will go to Mexico or fall under Mexican influence. Washington, D.C., and New York will be part of an “Atlantic America” that may join the European Union. Canada will grab a group of Northern states Prof. Panarin calls “The Central North American Republic.” Hawaii, he suggests, will be a protectorate of Japan or China, and Alaska will be subsumed into Russia.

    “It would be reasonable for Russia to lay claim to Alaska; it was part of the Russian Empire for a long time.” A framed satellite image of the Bering Strait that separates Alaska from Russia like a thread hangs from his office wall. “It’s not there for no reason,” he says with a sly grin.

    Interest in his forecast revived this fall when he published an article in Izvestia, one of Russia’s biggest national dailies. In it, he reiterated his theory, called U.S. foreign debt “a pyramid scheme,” and predicted China and Russia would usurp Washington’s role as a global financial regulator.

    Americans hope President-elect Barack Obama “can work miracles,” he wrote. “But when spring comes, it will be clear that there are no miracles.”

    The article prompted a question about the White House’s reaction to Prof. Panarin’s forecast at a December news conference. “I’ll have to decline to comment,” spokeswoman Dana Perino said amid much laughter.

    For Prof. Panarin, Ms. Perino’s response was significant. “The way the answer was phrased was an indication that my views are being listened to very carefully,” he says.

    The professor says he’s convinced that people are taking his theory more seriously. People like him have forecast similar cataclysms before, he says, and been right. He cites French political scientist Emmanuel Todd. Mr. Todd is famous for having rightly forecast the demise of the Soviet Union — 15 years beforehand. “When he forecast the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1976, people laughed at him,” says Prof. Panarin.

  33. Mekhael December 30, 2008 @ 3:07 am

    To the Jew in Sderot,

    You say it has been 3 years you’ve been in Sderot. Nice, where did you come from before? NewYork, Poland or Antwerp? Why don’t you go back to your native country, it’s safer there and there’s lots of Gold, money and silver while in Palestine you will only get Rockets, terrorist who Love their homeland and protect what is left from your occupation and genocide.

    Since 1948 when they were shipped like live stock from Europe to Palestine, under the phony slogan that God granted them this land, since then the Jews have committed massacres, kicked 2 million Palestinian out of their homes to the neighboring countries, they leveled Palestinian towns and cities like Janen to the ground under the same BS slogan that those Palestinians are terrorist and because they had the courage to carry weapons and defend themselves from this monsters.

    Israel is a cancer state, apartheid virus planted in the Middle East; those people made the Holocaust a walk in the park to the level of atrocities and crime they commit every day. Shame on mankind for they sit lame to what’s happening in Palestine.

    They say, an eye for an eye while Jesus Christ tried to put some common sense in their hearts when he told them who ever beats you on the left cheek turn the right but alas they continue after 2000 years with their Talmudic evil.

  34. klm December 30, 2008 @ 3:54 am

    zionists are filthy terrorists. united states is behind every murder that israel commits. america is the land of sick, fat, and ugly men and women. yea america is the babylon. it will fall. because it is whore standing over the waters. it poisons nations with its filthy ways of life, porn, and luxury. and satanic rituals.

  35. admin December 30, 2008 @ 5:39 am


    There have been quite a few quotes from the Old Testament put in a bad lignt on the Internet in recent days in Anti Zionist publicist’s censure of Israel’s attack on Gaza.

    The misuse of Old Testament texts stems from a misunderstanding and confusion of who the Israel of God is and the function of the Israel of God in two distinct periods of world history: “The Old Covenant Period”/ And the “New Covenanant Period.”

    In its historical context, the Old Testament period was a time to draw the “Israel of God,” the Church, away from idolatry and the abominations attached to that idolatry.

    Thus the Israel of God was commanded to wipe out the Caananite pagans who practiced human sacrifices, ritual fornication, ritual homosexuality, and bestiality sexual practices.

    But once idolatry was extinguished from the Israel of God of the Old Testament after the Babylonian captivity in 720 BC, the prophets foretold of the New Covenant in which God’s law would be written on the hearts of God’s people, which is higher law of turning the other cheek and doing good to one’s enemies.

    Real Jew News will NOT tolerate the misquotes of the Old Testment because of ignorance in understanding the Holy Scriptures.

    I alert all of you to avoid and censure the Anti Christian “Christopher Jon Bjerknes” who on his “Jewish Rascism” site, continually attacks our precious Holy Scriptures, who in his utmost hatred of Christ and His Holy Word and in his utmost IGNORANCE, attacks the Scriptures. +BN

  36. ButchHowdy December 30, 2008 @ 5:52 am

    ” . . . To that, Olmert replied, “Netanyahu has gone back to being the same old Netanyahu,” and accused him of directly contributing to strengthening the Hamas movement by releasing the movement’s founder, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, during his term as prime minister.

    “Netanyahu established Hamas, gave it life, freed Sheikh Yassin and gave him the opportunity to blossom,” he said, adding that the current political situation in the Palestinian Authority came about “because of the nonsense that was done while Netanyahu was prime minister.”

  37. Orthodox Serbia December 30, 2008 @ 5:57 am

    Brother Nathanael

    What shall we say to the Jews who claim that the conquest, committed by the Jews, against the land of Canaan, under the command of Moses, is identical to the
    (re)establishment of Israel in 1948..?

    I think that the Jews had the Blessings from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when they conquered Canaan. The re-establishment of Israel in 1948 is in my eyes an act of colonialism!

    But what to say to people who claim this:
    “the conquering of Canaan by the Jews who were in exile in Egypt was also colonialism”

    Thanks !

  38. admin December 30, 2008 @ 7:11 am

    Dear Orthodox Serbia –

    Modern Jews are no longer the “Israel of God.” All that applies to modern day Jews in the Old Testament is censure, rebuke, “sons that are strangers,” “seed of Sodom & Gomorrah,” etc

    Christians, members of the Church, are God’s chosen people, and the promises of the Holy Scriptures apply to us NOT Jews.

    We are now UNDER the New Testament — the New Covenant promised in the Book of the prophet Jeremiah — and are to be obedient to a HIGHER LAW of loving our enemies (and reproving them in love as we do on our site, Real Jew News, and pursuing peace with all mankind. +BN

  39. Orthodox Serbia December 30, 2008 @ 7:29 am

    Thanks I agree..

    I also think that the Jews have lost their history and identity to the Khazars, who pretent to be the Jews of the old Testament..

  40. Fr. Joseph December 30, 2008 @ 8:43 am

    Dear Orthodox Serbia,

    Brother Nathanael is absolutely correct. There is a NEW Covenant which replaces all of the Covenants contained within the writings of the Old Testament books.

    The very first Covenant God strikes with Mankind is initiated by God Himself in chapter 3 of the book of Genesis.

    God continues His faithfulfness to and for our Human Race in the Noahide covenant (not to destroy the Human Race again by water).

    God the continues on with His faithfulness to the Human Race and His Adamic and Noahide covenants with the Abrahamic covenant.

    God continues to remain Steadfast in the accomplishment of Personally initiated Adamic covenant with Mankind via the Mosaic covenant.

    Within the Mosaic covenant is the expressed provision that another Prophet would come who would be ‘like Moses’ to lead God’s Elect from the snares and bonds of (spiritual and moral) captivity per Dt.18:13-20.

    The Noahide, Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants are all based on God’s own Personally initiated covenant with ALL of Mankind via the Adamic covenant.

    All of these Covenants are contained within the ‘Old Covenant’ collection of writings because they have been replaced by God’s Own NEW Covenant with all of Mankind.

    And that New Covenant IS the very Body and Blood of God’s Eternally Begotten Son offered up as Sin Offering reparation to God on account of the Human Race’s disobedience to God as recorded in Genesis.

    Christ’s PERFECT LOVING Obedience, an Obedience even onto death on His Cross, renders Him the Eternal High Priest to God on behalf of the entire Human Race.

    That implies that every last human being regardless of his/her/their race, creed, color or nationality has the capacity of reentering into the pristine spiritual relatedness and relationship with their Father in Heaven via God the Father’s Divine Son’s High Priesthood and the Divine Provisions He Himself established with and within His New Covenant with all of Mankind.

    – Fr. Joseph

  41. Raging Red December 30, 2008 @ 9:03 am

    Dear Bleeding Blue:

    You are right. Why should Christians support Israel when Israel doesn’t support Christians? Israel burns New Testaments, the ACLU bans Christmas and Easter from public schools, public places and even mentioning it by employees of retail stores.

    Since Jews strive to ban Christian expressionism worldwide, and since there is no reciprocity on the part of Jews toward Christians, what do we owe them?

    Absolutely nothing!

  42. Fr. Joseph December 30, 2008 @ 9:13 am

    The ‘Adam’ of the Adamic Covenant found in chapter 3 of Genesis is a collective noun for ‘mankind’ yet is used for a proper name.

    In the genealogy of St. Luke, Luke 3:38, we read “son of Adam, son of God”.

    God the Father so loved His spiritual children created in His Image and Likeness that He sent us His Own Eternally Begotten Son to save us all, to redeem us all, to work at reestablishing our entire human race’s spiritual relatedness to God the Father in Heaven.

    Consider Christ’s Words and Teachings in such places as Matthew 6:7-15 and Luke 15:11-32.

    We are all missing the entire point of Christ’s Saving and Redeeming Mission if we interject our own projections on what He had and has to say and teach and do for all of Mankind.

    In the midst of this ‘Never Ending Story’ of suffering, hatred, violence that is our Human Race’s ‘reward’ for rejecting God’s the Father’s Eternally Begotton Son Jesus, the Christ, those of you who are digusted with the way things are in our ‘World’ can still go off to the privacy of your closets and pray to God your Father in Heaven Who sees all things in secret.

    – Fr. Joseph

  43. Raging Red December 30, 2008 @ 9:22 am

    Non-Jews should take and use every opportunity to “check-mate” and challenge a Jew. Stop remaining silent and don’t accept anything a Jew says at face value. If a Jew advises something, it is wise to evaluate the possible motives, as where there is exploitation, there is the Jew.

  44. Fr. Joseph December 30, 2008 @ 10:08 am

    “This, however, you must know: I find that God made man simple; man’s complex problems are of his own devising.” – attributed to King Solomon – Ecclesiastes 7:29

    “Whoever respects his Father is atoning for his sins, he who honours his Mother is like someone amassing a fortune…he who sets his Mother at ease is showing obedience to the Lord.” – Ecclesiasticus 3:3-6

    In our Covenant relationships with God, there is an “offering” given up to God from Mankind and from God to Mankind. This is true of all of the Covenants, Adamic, Noahide, Abrahamic, Mosaic and Christ’s Own.

    As a Priest in the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood desirious of seeing the Peace and Blessings of God fall upon all of Mankind, I’d like to share with all of you readers of good will this little prayer devotion and ‘technique’ taught to me by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself not too long ago.

    The Mother of God Incarnate offered up her Son to and for the Service of God’s Will at the Temple via the Mosaic Covenant at the Temple of Jerusalem per Luke 2:22-35.

    Every last one of you likewise have a “something” of your own, be that personal possessions, personal treasures, personal talents or abilities or personal standing, stature and/or office within your immediate human community, society or nation-state.

    If you’d like to help out the Human Race in the manner or capacity you are capable, simply make God ‘an offer’. In the privacy of the sincerity of your own mind and heart, make God ‘an offer’ placing whatever it is that you think you can offer Him in His Service. And leave it at that. But be mindful to keep faithful to your offering and let Him use whatever it is that you’ve offered Him.

    “If anyone asks you ‘Why are you untying it?’ you are to say this ‘The Master needs it’.” – Luke 19:30

    – Fr. Joseph

  45. Fr. Joseph December 30, 2008 @ 10:16 am

    And in the privacy of your own ‘Prayer Closet’, offer up the sincere good will intentions and good will desires. Sharing with all of you what the Blessed Virgin Mary showed/taught me…

    Cup you two hands together and imagine holding a Pure White Dove in them. Gather up your thoughts, prayers, aspirations in either a spoken or unspoken matter and then kiss the Pure White Dove on the back right between the Wings.

    Then with childlike innocence and trust, gently thrust up the Pure White Dove into the air beckoning the Pure White Dove to pierce both the spiritual darkness which has engulfed our World as well as the Heights of Heaven so as to reach your Heavenly Father’s Divine Attention.

    Perhaps think of this as sending your Divine Father a Spiritual E-Mail to show up on His Divine and Omniscient PC Prayer Mail Server.

    All Fathers love receiving notes and letters from their children, whether natural or spiritual children.

    – Fr. Joseph

  46. KathJuliane December 30, 2008 @ 10:48 am

    Obama sanctioned the Israeli attack on Gaza with comments earlier this summer that paraphrased the ‘what would you do if rockets rained down daily on a house with your children in it’ line of the Israeli regime. His ignorance of the blockade on GAZA and the unwillingness of Israel to sit down and negotiate, and former pronouncements of Hillary Clinton, Sect. of State also lend themselves to silence. The media is coming to the conclusion he is ALOOF; even the carnage in Gaza doesn’t stir him; and now they wonder whether he is a tool of Rahm Emmanuel, who has dual Israeli citizenship.

    “Self-hating” British Jews of Good Conscience Speak Up and Spell It Out With Facts Concerning Palestine

    Join the protests against the bombing of Gaza
    Protests scheduled for London, Birmingham, Halifax, York, Sheffield,
    Bradford, Cardiff, Portsmouth

    Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights (Gaza) and the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (Ramallah)

    In the light of Israeli air strikes against the Gazan population, Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JfJfP), the largest Jewish peace group in the UK or Europe, has today, Sunday 28 December 2008, released this open letter to Gordon Brown:

    Dear Prime Minister

    At the time of writing, almost 300 Gazans are dead, hundreds more wounded. The air strikes appear to be aimed indiscriminately at both civilian and military targets. Israel is using its extensive military power to wreak carnage on innocent civilians. This is a condemnable act of mindless violence, and we call upon you and the international community to intervene immediately.

    Claiming that this is an action to stop rocket fire is a wholly unpersuasive argument. The six-month ceasefire has been squandered by Israel. The populations of Sderot, Ashkelon and southern Israel have been left unprotected by their own government, which has failed to either build shelters or make a more lasting agreement. The Israeli government is exploiting the understandable fear of their own citizens as an excuse for today’s strikes.
    The Israeli government steadily sought to break down the ceasefire, not just in Gaza since early November, but also in the West Bank. Israeli forces have carried out an average of 33 incursions, 42 arrests or detentions, 12 woundings and 0.84 killings a week in the West Bank during the ceasefire. The tactic has been to continue attacking Hamas and other militants in the West Bank, provoking responses in Gaza, and to use the responses as the pretext for the massive attacks of the last 24 hours.

    On 23rd December Hamas offered to renew the ceasefire if Israel would undertake to open border crossings for supplies of aid and fuel, and halt incursions. For those of us appalled at the collective punishment involved in the ongoing siege, and concerned that Israelis should not fear death or injury from Qassam rockets, that seems a truly reasonable response.

    For Israel to reject it bespeaks a bankrupt body politic especially since the army and the politicians are acting against the wishes of the Israeli public. It is after all the civilians on both sides who will bear the brunt of this dangerous folly.

    You regard yourself as a strong friend of Israel. When a friend crosses acceptable lines of behaviour as Israel has again done, one has a responsibility to intervene.
    Yours sincerely
    Sylvia Cohen, International Liaison
    Diana Neslen Campaigns Co-ordinator
    for Jews for Justice for Palestinians

  47. zachary jones December 30, 2008 @ 1:59 pm

    This is how Jews make a mockery and a sham of their own experience: lies for profits

    And they wonder, with false indignation, of how Iran doubts the Holocaust and calls it a “myth,”–they’re giving Iran the fuel themselves by discredting their own reality in exchange of tangential myths for money…

    The fallout continues from Herman Rosenblat’s discredited Holocaust story.

    Laurie Friedman’s “Angel Girl,” a children’s book inspired by Rosenblat, was pulled Tuesday by the Lerner Publishing Group. President and publisher Adam Lerner said in a statement that the Minneapolis-based company had been misled by Rosenblat and his wife, Roma.

    “We are dismayed to learn about Herman and Roma Rosenblat’s recantation of part of their Holocaust survival story,” Lerner said. “While this tragic event in world history needs to be taught to children, it is imperative that it is done so in a factual way that doesn’t sacrifice veracity for emotional impact.”

  48. Michael K. December 30, 2008 @ 2:13 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael and Friends-

    My computer was totally fried by a recent ice storm, and I am at the library currently.

    I hope to rejoin the effort to celebrate the Truth of Christ and His Love soon. So sorry about all that is happening in Gaza.

    God bless you all, Br. N., KathJ., Fr. Joseph, and James. Until I restore com. at the farm, love you all.

  49. Justin Brown December 30, 2008 @ 2:22 pm

    Israel’s Ultimate Disgrace:


    Early Adulthood, Stolen Childhood

    Since the beginning of this Intifada in September 2000, over 2500 children have been arrested. Currently there are at least 340 Palestinian children being held in Israeli Prisons.

  50. KathJuliane December 30, 2008 @ 7:21 pm

    “We are dismayed to learn about Herman and Roma Rosenblat’s recantation of part of their Holocaust survival story,” Lerner said. “While this tragic event in world history needs to be taught to children, it is imperative that it is done so in a factual way that doesn’t sacrifice veracity for emotional impact.”

    @Zachary and other gentle readers. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

    Yes, there was an Oskar Schindler in real life during WW2.

    Yes, he employed about 1200 Jews during WW2, and pay records and the work/travel permits were located.

    And that is just about all we can say is factually true, because if you look at the back cover of the book ‘Schindler’s List’ (originally Schindler’s Ark) you will find printed the word “novel”, and on Amazon’s version the back cover also reads “Scribner paperback fiction.”

    In otherwords, a historical fiction, a perfectly legitimate literary style; but the grand Follywood poobah that produced it when challenged about the film being factual, Mr. S replied “some things are ‘factitious’.”

  51. George G December 30, 2008 @ 7:52 pm

    Israel is above the law.

    Unfortunately the Arab league is a toothless tiger and its leaders take orders and money to set up their dictatorships from the Zionist controlled white house.

    Israel can slaughter maim and kill as many Palestinians as it likes and who is going to stop them? Zionists American Jews veto every UN resolution against Israel. Israel can sustain the war as long as it likes because the US tax payer is paying for it, remembering that Israel receives 3 billion dollars each year. [You’re hard earned money]

    The only hope we have is that our lord Jesus Christ son of man will eventually punish these wicked Jews on judgement day. A day of reckoning will come.

  52. Regina December 30, 2008 @ 8:30 pm

    Brother, I know this is a long sermon but I believe it has some very good points for our days. It is a New Years sermon by St. Jean-Marie Vianney also known as the Cure de Ars. He was a western Catholic priest who lived in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Imagine the words from the past that ring through today…..Please I pray you post this lengthy yet, good sermon for the New Year. Thank you.
    From the Sermons of the Cure of Ars – St. John Mary Vianney

    “And none of you asketh me: Whither goest thou?” St. John xvi. 5.

    An old Christian proverb says, beautifully and truthfully, “Begin with God and end with God, and yours will be the happiest life.” Every one who has honestly striven to verify this has had a thousand opportunities to experience the truth of this pious proverb.

    I congratulate you, my dear friends, who have deemed it your sacred duty to begin every day with God. How serenely and with what satisfaction may you not look back upon the course of your life. And those of you also, my friends, I greet with joy, who began this year with God, and are now come here to end it with Him, who not only look up to the Almighty with grateful eyes, but also with a contrite heart, and who are convinced of the truth, that all is vanity except to love God and to serve Him, that we may live for ever more. All of us, my friends, who are gathered together at this holy hour, within these hallowed walls, carry within our souls the firm deter­mination to close the year with God

    The end of a year is, and always will be, a solemn moment. The departure of a year is fraught with serious admonition. We take leave of father and mother, but in the hope of seeing them again; we leave a place to which we have become attached, which is endeared to us, and connected with indelible memories, but with the hope of one day returning to it; but the year, when it has passed away, is gone forever, and what it has taken away will never more return to us —those three hundred and sixty-five days of our existence have gone forever!

    Now, let us look back, my friends, upon the year just ended. Can we look upon it with joyful hearts and a peaceful conscience; and can we welcome the coming year with hearts nerved with courage and without dread of the future? Aye, but there is a strange pang in our soul, full of anxious foreboding and secret dread. The battle of human minds for truth and for falsehood is growing fiercer from hour to hour, and the foundation of human society is trembling and threatens to collapse. And in many a poor human heart there is a private sorrow, and in many a house the light of hope is gone out.

    Very well, then, let us ask at this solemn hour, in this sacred place, where we stand in the real presence of Him in the most Holy Sacra­ment, and try to find out, “Why and how is all this happening so?”

    And after we have asked this question from the bottom of our hearts and with honest sincerity, then we will try and solve the prob­lem of “What is to be done” to enable us to begin the New Year with hope and confidence?

    Now join with me in devout prayer. “I will continue, O Lord, in Thy most Holy name, O Lord of all times, Thou wonderful ruler of the fate of men and nations! O Lord Jesus Christ, Blessed through all eternity!”

    Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Saviour and our Redeemer, once addressed His disciples in these significant words: “But now I go to Him that sent me, and none of you asketh me: Whither goest Thou?”

    We know whom Jesus meant; His Father by Whom He was sent upon this earth to redeem and to save mankind. Yea, His Father, whose image He was, for doth He not say, “He that seeth me, seeth the Father also”? And to Him He returned after accom­plishing His work. “I go to Him that sent me.”

    We also go to our Father when our mission is fulfilled, and our task on this earth is finished. “We will come to Him, and make our abode with Him,” saith Jesus. We also are created to the image and likeness of God, for did not God Himself say, when he created Adam, “Let us make man to our image and likeness”?

    And when this temporal habitation, our body, breaks down and returns to the dust from which it came, that image, that likeness, our immortal soul, will also return from whence it came, will re­turn to eternity—to God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost!

    But now, dear friends, to reach the goal that we are striving for, to be sure that we may return to the Father’s house with joyful hearts as God’s own children, we must above all know the way which will lead us there. The wayfarer who knows where the end of his journey lies will surely and carefully take the right path which will bring him happily to his destination.

    It was 1900 years ago when the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. “He, the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth” (St. John). “He who laid down His life for us, and offered Himself on the cross as a sacrifice of propitiation,” one day said in distinct and solemn tones, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by me.” Since then the way lies open before us, and no one can say truthfully, I know it not! Let us at his moment raise our eyes to the realm above, and greet with holy reverence the millions of Saints who followed steadfastly and faithfully the way which the Redeemer had shown them. The way is not one of ease and comfort, it demands the en­tire sacrifice of a God fearing heart; but it is the only way which leads to the Father, and those who followed it resolutely bedewed it with their tears, dyed it with their blood, and adorned it with the deeds of a living Christian faith. They alone found peace, and now shine in snowy garments with palms and crowns, like stars in heaven, and cry out to the Christian pilgrims the encouraging words, “Look up at us! Regard us well! Behold! This is thy reward if thou followest Jesus.” But thousands upon thousands leave this path and nobody asketh, “Whither goest thou?”

    And herein, my dear friends, we find the first and the last rea­son for our moral degeneration, the reason for the dreadful errors into which human society plunges. For the wanderer, when once he has left the right path, will never be able to measure the mistakes into which he may be led, and he never knows how to avoid the mis­fortune which will meet him on the abyss that yawns at his very feet. As the liar is never at a loss to contradict truths with a new lie, nor to add to this another one, or ten others, if need be, even so has the original but ever watchful father of lies, the prince of this world since the days of Paradise, ever stood up, particularly against Christ and His Church. To accomplish his purpose he invented, about eighty years ago, a significant word of falsehood, full of meaning, which has since risen like a password from mouth to mouth. Its name is Progress.

    A steadfast adherence to Christ and His Church, a faithful pur­suance of the way we are taught, is what we call progress; but to them this is an old-fashioned and ridiculous thing, irreconcilable with the spirit of intelligence, and the exigencies of the spirit of the times, which can only be to the taste of ignorant poor people, or of men whose minds are steeped in monkish fanaticism and supersti­tion.

    Now, my dear people, give me your undivided attention. The subject is too serious and too important that we should not try to answer the question, “Whence comes this language which we hear everywhere, day in, day out, in high and low circles, in the houses of the rich, and the workshops of the poor, in mansions, and in huts, on the highways and byways? It certainly did not come to us over night, but it came to us, because millions are heeding the call of untruth and free thought, while nobody asketh “Whither goest thou?”

    In the first place and above all it was the puffed up science of the philosophers, full of pride and devoid of faith, which opened up the way to hell. The authority of divine revelation has been set against modern philosophy in order to enkindle the flame of so-called enlightenment. After the foundation of positive Christianity had been undermined and the seed had been sown in the hearts of the young from the lecturer’s platform, it was an easy matter to disturb even the historical foundation upon which rests a nation’s fame and right.

    They have made merry over the most sacred institutions, over the most revered customs and rites in Christian congregations and communities. They called them old-fashioned, and contrary to the spirit of modern progress; they were abolished—new institutions were created, new laws were made—but all without faith, without God, without Christ. For the word which God Himself put into the mouth of the royal psalmist, “Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. Unless the Lord keep the city, he watcheth in vain that keepeth it” (Psalm cxxvi.), this word of eternal truth has been long forgotten, has been scoffed at, and made a mockery of. And so, my dear friends, every­thing has become modern indeed—government, family life, educa­tion, matrimony—all has been modernized; in fact, all our thoughts and deeds have been changed in the progress of modernization. Need we, then, be surprised at what is happening before our very eyes? Is it not the fruit of that tree which falsehood has planted in the place of truth, and of whose fruit the children of the earth eat with such eagerness?

    A horse which has thrown its rider and is running away, tries frantically to free itself of bridle and reins. Man, who wants to be free and untrammeled, tears asunder the last bond which holds him in check. Hence “Separation of State and Church,” “Separa­tion of School and Church,” “Separation of Marriage and Church,” separation of everything which stands in the way and might call to your mind the harassing question, “Whither goest thou? “O my dear Jesus, what hast Thou done to mankind that they put Thee aside with such ingratitude and such indifference? What hast thou done to human kind, my beloved Catholic Church, that they turn sullenly away from thee, and clamor for separation? Has not Christ saved the world? Has not Christianity destroyed the barbarity of paganism, spread culture and civilization over the world, sanctified matrimony and family life, taught us to know and practice all those virtues which bring peace to man, and blessings to nations? Is not the Church the continued visible Saviour and Redeemer of the world, since He said explicitly to His apostles: “As the Father hath sent Me, so I send you”? Is not the Church the standard-bearer of the conceptions of right, obedience, and love? Does the Church not assure every man his right, does she not demand obedience in the name of God, and by virtue of divine authority, whose first and last command is love?

    Let us look at this a little closer. If modern governments im­agine that they can govern man solely by their laws, let them take into consideration how long these people, after divesting themselves of all respect for divine authority, will have any respect for human authority. What weight will the oath have which even the modern state uses as the only decisive medium in judicial proceedings; what value, I ask, will the oath have when it is shorn of its terrible con­sequences in eternity, when the civil government does not concern itself with the question whether man has faith or not? We have no expectation that modern progress will abolish poverty, or dimin­ish the number of the poor; well then, tear out of the heart of the poor his living Christian faith, his belief in Him who was born a child of the poor, in the stable of Bethlehem, and lived all His life a poor man, so that we may learn to respect poverty and learn to suffer poverty with patience; subdue the Church of Christ which, in its chosen members, takes upon itself voluntary poverty, and bears it in humility before the world, and which has at the same time founded those innumerable benevolent institutions and asso­ciations for the relief of the sick, poor and the abandoned of this world, where we see them with touching devotion and heroic self­sacrifice soften the sufferings of the poor—yes, deprive the poor of their faith in their poor Jesus, take away from the Church her consoling and benevolent influence, and you will see, you rich and powerful of this world, how you will fare! The lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh were at all time a source of moral ruin and great misery in this world. How sublime shines that ideal of chastity and virginity through the darkness of night! What a heavenly aroma arises from this sacred flower! Has not Christ taken His flesh from the ever Immaculate Virgin? Has He not Himself called holy virginity the highest gift of an elect soul? Is not the Church the abode and the champion of holy virginity, for, led by her hand, we see that land of saintly youths and maidens, before whom we stand with awe and reverence. Destroy the Church and you will destroy also this sacred ideal!

    Then they want to withdraw the school from the influence of the Church; the school, they say, is an institution for instructing the young. But the school is by no means merely a place for instruct­ing, but it is at the same time and pre-eminently the place for the education of the young. Our children take with them to school not only their intellects, but also their hearts and their souls, and the latter must receive quite as much attention as the former. Just as conscientious parents will not be indifferent as to how and by whom their children receive instruction, as regards their intellects, they should also take a great interest in seeing that the right light shall shine into their hearts and souls. And this light is religion. The child’s heart is naturally turned towards God, and is grateful to those who will lead it there. Oh, how touching is the sight of a child at prayer, and how close it draws to those who are teaching it to pray. It is, therefore, not only wrong but also ungrateful to try to take away the children from those who are constantly holding before the little ones all that is divine, great, and holy, and who in­struct them at the same time in all they need to know for the ful­fillment of their duties as good citizens. “I am not a school master, and cannot judge between the different methods of teaching,” said the old Duke of Wellington in the House of Lords in London, “but I wish most emphatically to give expression to my firm conviction, that if religion is not made the foundation of teaching it will be your fault if in future the number of clever rogues in the world is largely increased.”

    In a nation, or a state, or a family, or community, where religion is despised and allowed to perish, there the process of disintegra­tion will invariably occur. It was in the year 1789 when this proc­ess was very evident in the State of France. After the holy Cath­olic faith had been derided and scoffed at for many years, in word and picture, in writings and plays, in public lectures and so-called clubs, and after unbelief and licentiousness had been given full sway, the French revolution broke out. All religion was consid­ered a mortal crime. Priests were killed when they could not flee or hide themselves. Churches were robbed and desecrated; in some places the wickedness went even so far that a lewd woman was placed upon the altar, and mock ceremonies carried on before her as the goddess of reason. When the strong barriers, religion and conscience, which keep man from all wickedness, had been re­moved throughout the whole country, a new power, as it were, the raging of the devil, broke loose all over the land. Envy, hatred, and cupidity, in a degree as they had never been known to exist be­fore, exercised their power with reckless disregard and wild fury. People were slaughtered by the thousands, by order of their own government, in most cases without their having committed any of­fence. It was enough to be suspected of an attachment for the mur­dered royal family, or for the old order of things, or for religion, to be condemned to death on the guillotine. My friends! The world is round and there is nothing new under the sun; it has never been possible to gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles. What a man sows, that will he reap. We, also, shall have the same ex­perience, we shall have to suffer for what we ourselves or for what others have sown in fatal self conceit; with us also the same causes will produce like results, and the laws of nature and necessity, bear­ing the testimony of the history of 6,000 years, will be confirmed in the future as they have been in the past.

    Let us then open our eyes; for it is high time that we awake from sleep. The enemy stands before us in full power, and it seems to me as if I could hear our Saviour repeat the words which He once spake in the garden of Gethsemani when he was taken prisoner:

    “This is your hour and the power of darkness.”

    We enter into a New Year; with its thousands of highways and byways, paths and roads, it lies before us. Oh! let each one ask himself in earnestness and sincerity to day, at this holy hour,

    Whither goest thou!

    There is only one sure way that leads to the Father, and that is the way which Jesus and His representative on earth, the Church, teach us. Are we really still in the right path, or have we, also, already left it? Have we, perhaps, allowed them to lead us astray by that falsehood which has drawn so many from the right path, namely, that the war which progress has declared against darkness, as it is called, is not directed against Christianity and its Founder, but against the so-called Church?

    Many a human heart is empty and desolate and icy cold, and in many a home the beacon of hope has gone out. Why, my dear friends? Let us be candid and do not let us put the blame too much on the world and on other people, but let us beat our own breasts and give a true and sincere answer to the question:

    Whither goest thou?

    For years you have lived happily with wife and child. The bread which you have had to earn, though by hard labor, you have eaten in the evening in blissful contentment in your family circle. But you have changed. You find too much constraint in your home, and your own are a burden to you. You are looking for distraction outside, and sullenly and with curses on your lips you go to your work. What has happened to cause this change? Be sincere! Have you not deserted your Master, and His way? Have you not fought shy of your Church and your prayers? Do you not pursue other ways now? Stop! Do not let the year glide into the sea of eternity with­out asking yourself honestly

    Whither goest thou?

    and tremble, for the end for you may lead to destruction.

    And you, sons and daughters! Once you were good children and the joy of your parents! But it is otherwise now. Look! You are afraid of a glance from your father’s eye, and you are cold towards your mother, and their teachings you call old-fashioned; in the faces of your parents there are lines of deep sorrow. And what has caused all this? Be sincere! You have left your Master and His way! You neglect your Church and your prayers, for you go quite another way. Bad books, which you know well how to procure; wanton speech, and loose principles in which you have indulged, have kindled the passions which were slumbering in your breast into a blazing flame.

    Ah! Whither goest thou!

    The New Year is coming, also, for you. Do not begin it in the same way. Return to the right path, which your parents have shown you and which you used to follow with a clean heart and peaceful conscience, so blithe and happy. Follow your Master and your Mother Holy Church.

    God’s forbearance offers you another year. Will you again be indifferent to this boundless love? Ah! lift up your eyes! Take the bandage from them. See, there is a cemetery, and they are digging a new grave. Perhaps they are digging it for you.

    My dear friends! If we are to have peace and gladness in our hearts, in our families, yea, in the whole human society, there is only one sure way, since “the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,” which leads to this happiness, to peace, and, finally, to the Father. It is the way about which, my dear people, I have preached to you to day, and which I will name to you once more with all the strength of my soul. “The way which Thou, O Jesus, hast taught us and Thy Church.” Let us, all together, enter upon this way with manly determination, let us raise our right hand for the solemn oath, that indeed we will do it in all sincerity. Upon this ground we will await thee, O New Year, and with courage look forward to all that God in His eternal wisdom may determine upon for us. Amen!

  53. Eternal Love December 30, 2008 @ 10:39 pm

    Media is not welcome to cover the conflict in Gaza. Israelis themselves will be the International Media and will be telling people what they want to tell. They are really going out of control.

    Journalists Kept Carefully Away From Gaza as Israel Tries to Restrict Coverage

    “As the media struggles to get up-to-date information, television news coverage is narrow, and often relies on interviews with Israeli government officials explaining why the killings are righteous and legitimate expressions of democracy and freedom, more and more people are turning to online news sites (like for their war coverage.”

    “In ensuring that the only footage of their military operation is provided directly from them, the Israeli military is another step closer to completely managing public perception of the ongoing attacks. The military says the footage will allow the public to “know that people killed did not have peaceful intentions toward Israel,” which presumably means coverage of the killing of five children in their beds in a refugee camp last night, and the scores of other civilian deaths, will be carefully omitted from the official coverage.”

    Lots of Love,

    Eternal Love

  54. KathJuliane December 31, 2008 @ 12:05 am


    Palestine News Network

    [Since 2001 until about 6/2008 there have been over 3500 rockets and morters launched from Gaza into Israel. To date there have been only 14 fatalities in Israel in the last seven years as a result of these acts of Palestinian defiance. 34 Israelis are currently being treated for “shock” from the rocket attacks.]

    Since the IOF attacks started last Saturday, approx. 350 people have been killed, with over 1700 wounded, many of them in too serious condition to attempt transfer to Egypt.]

    Palestine’s Guernica and the myths of Israeli victimhood
    30.12.08 – 21:26
    28 December 2008 / Ramallah / Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi – The Israeli campaign of ‘death from above’ began around 11 am, on Saturday morning, the 27th of December, and stretched straight through the night into this morning. The massacre continues Sunday as I write these words.

    The bloodiest single day in Palestine since the War of 1967 is far from over following on Israel’s promised that this is ‘only the beginning’ of their campaign of state terror. At least 290 people have been murdered thus far, but the body count continues to rise at a dramatic pace as more mutilated bodies are pulled from the rubble, previous victims succumb to their wounds and new casualties are created by the minute.

    What has and is occurring is nothing short of a war crime, yet the Israeli public relations machine is in full-swing, churning out lies by the minute.

    Once and for all it is time to expose the myths that they have created.

    1. Israelis have claimed to have ended the occupation of the Gaza Strip in 2005.
    While Israel has indeed removed the settlements from the tiny coastal Strip, they have in no way ended the occupation. They remained in control of the borders, the airspace and the waterways of Gaza, and have carried out frequent raids and targeted assassinations since the disengagement.

    Furthermore, since 2006 Israel has imposed a comprehensive siege on the Strip. For over two years, Gazans have lived on the edge of starvation and without the most basic necessities of human life, such as cooking or heating oil and basic medications. This siege has already caused a humanitarian catastrophe which has only been exacerbated by the dramatic increase in Israeli military aggression.

    2. Israel claims that Hamas violated the cease-fire and pulled out of it unilaterally.

    Hamas indeed respected their side of the ceasefire, except on those occasions early on when Israel carried out major offensives in the West Bank. In the last two months, the ceasefire broke down with Israelis killing several Palestinians and resulting in the response of Hamas. In other words, Hamas has not carried out an unprovoked attack throughout the period of the cease-fire.

    Israel, however, did not live up to any of its obligations of ending the siege and allowing vital humanitarian aid to resume in Gaza. Rather than the average of 450 trucks per day being allowed across the border, on the best days, only eighty have been allowed in – with the border remaining hermetically sealed 70% of the time. Throughout the supposed ‘cease-fire’ Gazans have been forced to live like animals, with a total of 262 dying due to the inaccessibility of proper medical care.

    Now after hundreds dead and counting, it is Israel who refuses to re-enter talks over a cease-fire. They are not intent on securing peace as they claim; it is more and more clear that they are seeking regime change – whatever the cost.

    3. Israel claims to be pursuing peace with ‘peaceful Palestinians’.

    Before the on-going massacre in the Gaza Strip, and throughout the entirety of the Annapolis Peace Process, Israel has continued and even intensified its occupation of the West Bank. In 2008, settlement expansion increased by a factor of 38, a further 4,950 Palestinians were arrested – mostly from the West Bank, and checkpoints rose from 521 to 699.

    Furthermore, since the onset of the peace talks, Israel has killed 546 Palestinians, among them 76 children. These gruesome statistics are set to rise dramatically now, but previous Israeli transgressions should not be forgotten amidst this most recent horror.

    Only this morning, Israel shot and killed a young peaceful protester in the West Bank village of Nihlin, and has injured dozens more over the last few hours. It is certain that they will continue to employ deadly force at non-violent demonstrations and we expect a sizable body count in the West Bank as a result. If Israel is in fact pursuing peace with ‘good Palestinians’, who are they talking about?

    4. Israel is acting in self-defense.

    It is difficult to claim self defense in a confrontation which they themselves have sparked, but they are doing it anyway. Self-defense is reactionary, while the actions of Israel over the last two days have been clearly premeditated. Not only did the Israeli press widely report the ongoing public relations campaign being undertaken by Israel to prepare Israeli and international public opinion for the attack, but Israel has also reportedly tried to convince the Palestinians that an attack was not coming by briefly opening crossings and reporting future meetings on the topic. They did so to insure that casualties would be maximized and that the citizens of Gaza would be unprepared for their impending slaughter.

    It is also misleading to claim self-defense in a conflict with such an overwhelming asymmetry of power. Israel is the largest military force in the region, and the fifth largest in the world. Furthermore, they are the fourth largest exporter of arms and have a military industrial complex rivaling that of the United States. In other words, Israel has always had a comprehensive monopoly over the use of force, and much like its super power ally, Israel uses war as an advertising showcase of its many instruments of death.

    5. Israel claims to have struck military targets only.

    Even while image after image of dead and mutilated women and children flash across our televisions, Israel brazenly claims that their munitions expertly struck only military installations. We know this to be false as many other civilian sites have been hit by airstrikes including a hospital and mosque.

    In the most densely populated area on the planet, tons upon tons of explosives have been dropped. The first estimates of injured are in the thousands. Israel will claim that these are merely ‘collateral damage’ or accidental deaths. The sheer ridiculousness and inhumanity of such a claim should sicken the world community.

    6. Israel claims that it is attacking Hamas and not the Palestinian people.

    First and foremost, missiles do not differentiate people by their political affiliation; they simply kill everyone in their path. Israel knows this, and so do Palestinians. What Israel also knows, but is not saying public ally, is how much their recent actions will actually strengthen Hamas – whose message of resistance and revenge is being echoed by the angry and grieving.

    The targets of the strike, police and not Hamas militants, give us some clue as to Israel’s mistaken intention. They are hoping to create anarchy in the Strip by removing the pillar of law and order.

    7. Israel claims that Palestinians are the source of violence.

    Let us be clear and unequivocal. The occupation of Palestine since the War of 1967 has been and remains the root of violence between Israelis and Palestinians. Violence can be ended with the occupation and the granting of Palestine’s national and human rights. Hamas does not control the West Bank and yet we remain occupied, our rights violated and our children killed.

    With these myths understood, let us ponder the real reasons behind these airstrikes; what we find may be even more disgusting than the act itself.

    The leaders Israel are holding press conferences, dressed in black, with sleeves rolled up.

    ‘It’s time to fight’, they say, ‘but it won’t be easy.’

    To prove just how hard it is, Livni, Olmert and Barak did not even wear make-up to the press conference, and Barak has ended his presidential campaign to focus on the Gaza campaign. What heroes…what leaders…

    We all know the truth: the suspension of the electioneering is exactly that – electioneering.

    Like John McCain’s suspension of his presidential campaign to return to Washington to ‘deal with’ the financial crisis, this act is little more than a publicity stunt.

    The candidates have to appear ‘tough enough to lead’, and there is seemingly no better way of doing that than bathing in Palestinian blood.

    ‘Look at me,’ Livni says in her black suit and unkempt hair, ‘I am a warrior. I am strong enough to pull the trigger. Don’t you feel more confident about voting for me, now that you know I am as ruthless as Bibi Netanyahu?’

    I do not know which is more disturbing, her and Barak, or the constituency they are trying to please.

    In the end, this will in no way improve the security of the average Israeli; in fact it can be expected to get much worse in the coming days as the massacre could presumably provoke a new generation of suicide bombers.

    It will not undermine Hamas either, and it will not result in the three fools, Barak, Livni and Olmert, looking ‘tough’. Their misguided political venture will likely blow up in their faces as did the brutally similar 2006 invasion of Lebanon.

    In closing, there is another reason – beyond the internal politics of Israel – why this attack has been allowed to occur: the complicity and silence of the international community.

    Israel cannot and would not act against the will of its economic allies in Europe or its military allies in the US. Israel may be pulling the trigger ending hundreds, perhaps even thousands of lives this week, but it is the apathy of the world and the inhumane tolerance of Palestinian suffering which allows this to occur.

    ‘The evil only exists because the good remain silent’

    From Occupied Palestine. . .

  55. Tristan Wagner December 31, 2008 @ 1:10 am

    “Palestinian women, children, and unarmed civilians residing in the Gaza Strip?”

    —what about Palestinian men Brother Kapner? Are the deaths of men ‘not as bad’ as the deaths of women and children? Is that what you’re saying, that men are expendable?

    That’s always the notion that I get whenever people speak of, “innocent women and children” and they totally LEAVE OUT innocent men, because apparently the deaths of men isn’t as bad as the deaths of women and children right?

    “palestinian women, children, and unarmed civilians” what about unarmed civilian Palestinian MEN Brother Kapner? Why do people always leave the men out?

    “Palestinian women, children, and unarmed civilians” it implies as if men don’t even exist as a sex, there’s only “women, children, and unarmed civilians” no men

  56. Fr. Joseph December 31, 2008 @ 9:08 am

    Dear Regina,

    Thank you for posting that homily by St.Vianney.

    Control what a people know and control what a people believe and you effectly control what a people do with their lives.

    God’s Divine Truth, in my opinion, can still be poured forth across our entire human race via a Second Pentecost coupled with a Global Exorcism of our planet earth and human race via a Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Mother of God’s Immaculate Heart.

    The Bishops of the Church must act quickly in order to save the Nations and States and their peoples.

    – Fr. Joseph

  57. Joe December 31, 2008 @ 11:57 am

    “Do you think that these people who control Israel are really the descendents of those Jews who crucified Christos 2000 years ago? Do they share the same language?

    Or are these Jews of today, the descendents of the Khazars who lived in Eastern-Europe and who were converted by Jewish missionaries in the 6 century?”

    Orthodox Serbia’s question is a pretty intesting one. Would anyone care to take it up?

  58. admin December 31, 2008 @ 11:58 am

    This is from the Israeli Jew who lives in Sderot who asked me to post again for him:
    Because I ,like most people in the western Negev ,have spent and will spend most of my time this week in a shelter,

    so i have plenty of time to read your site and response.

    i will try to write us much us i can ,and share my experiences and knowledge with you.

    if you know Hebrew ,or know a person who can translate it for you, it will be MUCH easier.

    and to the subject:

    TO BILL WALKER: no, the qasam is not a mere “fire-work”. if it were, hamas woldent even bother shooting it.

    qasam is a home made primitive rocket ,and it have been upgraded in the long years it is in the use of hamas.

    the latest qasam type ,called by hamas “qasam 3” is more then 2 meter long,

    and weight around 90 kilos.

    think of a cent coin, falling from altitude of of one kilometer .now do the math.

    israel government spent billions of shekels building small shelters near every bus stop ,class room and football field in the county.

    we have an advanced alarm system ,that gives us 30 seconds tops to take cover.

    i learn in sapir collage ;last year a father to 4 was killed by a qasam in the teachers parking lot; i was but ten meters from there.

    to this day only 18 people were killed by qasam, and only dozens were injured,

    but don’t forget terrorist have much more ways to attack israelis: stabbing, car- bombing, armed asult and even in few cases running over with large vehicles.

    most of the attacks were on civilians. on purpose .

    while the idf do its best to avoide civil loses on both sides. don’t forget that israel could IF we wanted to,

    just bomb gaza indiscriminately killing must of the population. you don’t see us do a crazy thing like that because WE DONT WANT TO!

    and think about this: do you ever hear any Islamic terrorist saying that he will not attackcivilians?

    TO ETERNAL LOVE: what you saw on the Russian TV. is truth. the operation in the Egypt border meant to block the way for terrorist, so they cant run and hide in Egypt.

    there is also a large network of tunnels that are being used to deliver ammunition to the hamas.

    the population in gaza is indeed splited between the more aggressive hamas, to the somewhat more calm Fatah.

    the hamas base is on gaza strip, while the fatah base is in Ramallah, in the west bank.

    but there are many supporters for itch side in both territories. the two organization are sometimes hostile toward itch other,

    and when they fight they are not being too cautious about not hurting civilians.

    about the humanitarian situation, i can tell you that Israel opened the border passes for food and medication supply.

    and Egyptian ambulances are still taking care of the wounded.

    about the numbers: in the independence war there was 6000 fallen in the Israeli side and the Arabic side is believed to suffer 8000 loses but there are no official records.

    to be continued…

  59. admin December 31, 2008 @ 12:00 pm

    More From The Israeli Jew:
    TO MEKHAL: I find your tone very offensive, but I would answer anyway.

    To your question: I was born in thus land like my parents before me

    You see yourself that the reason for me being here is not about money,

    No meter what ever sick idea you have about me and my people.

    The Israel country was founded on the vacuum that was left after the British

    Empire decided to leave the area. The British idea was that there will be two

    Countries in this land: one for Jews and one for the arab civilians of the Turkish empire that settled in this area.

    The Israel country was declared as planed, but the arab civilians didn’t agree to settle for less than the whole land (to this day the arab people in this land didn’t declare their independence) and started a war, recruiting the arab world to their fight. Israel won the war and had a cease-fire agreement with the surrounding countries. By the and of the war, Egypt controlled the gaza strip,

    Jordan controlled the the west bank, and Israel controlled the rest.(1948)

    After the war a large number of jews migrated to israel from the arab world,

    Since there was an immediate danger to their life by the hand of the local population

    In 1967 the arab have tryied once again to destroy Israel, and in the war they lost the control over gaza strip and the west bank. The term occupation refer only to those areas, since the rest of the land is ours by the right of the UNdecision.

    To your knowledge: yes, there are some religious fanatic jews that think they

    Can do as thay please in this land, and there is a special shabak

    department to dill with them (the majority of the population is not religious).

    However, I can think about some more examples of peoples who think that if

    Some book states that killing someone is a good thing,

    Then it’s a good thing.

    About the link, its all troth. Jews also have tail, drink blood, and are holding

    Merlin Monroe, the yeti and some aliens in captivity.

  60. admin December 31, 2008 @ 12:04 pm

    And last one from the Israeli Jew —
    As regards the burning of the New Testaments, Please See My Article, “Jews Burn New Testaments” @ in which hundreds upon hundreds of New Testament were ordered to be burned by the Israel Jewish mayor of Or Yehuda near Tel Aviv. +BN
    TO BUTCHHOWDY: in one word: sarcasm. They are political enemies and

    ehud olmert finds netanyaho resposeble for the

    situation,he don’t mean that Netanyahu actualy founded

    hamas for his oun interest

    TO RAGING RED: what? Israel burns New Testaments?! Where do you guys

    come from with such stories? I honestly want to know.

    I myself have visited some churches in Israel as a tourist,
    and I didn’t see the monks Hiding behind walls and

    fighting of waves of fanatic Jewish attackers…

    Have you ever even visited in Israel that you come with

    such accusations?

    TO ZACHARY JONES: I agree with every word you wrote.

    It is indeed a shallow thing to do, to use the suffering

    of millions and lie about one’s own experience just for
    The money…


    there are many pictures of soldiers aiming weapons toward stone throwers,

    sometime very young ones. The IDF is using non lethal ammo against violent protesters, such us robber bullets and tear gaz. The soldiers are instructed very strictly to shoot live ammunition only if there is danger to ones life.

    A second thing is the shocking photographs of dead civilians, and specially infants.

    First I must say that in my opinion every innocent person that died is one too much, and believe me that me too would have preferred peace.

    But do not think for one moment that the dead on the Israeli side over the years

    Have died old, or clean or without pain.

    The reason you don’t see those photos is that Israel is respecting the families of the dead, and wouldn’t use such a thing for propaganda.

    {to nathanael: all what i have wrote so far is for the same article.

    I really appreciate that you put another voice in your site.

    I found those who won’t listen to one with another believes week in their belive,

    For else what do they fear? (: }

  61. KathJuliane December 31, 2008 @ 4:34 pm

    Gilad Atzmon: Another Israeli [citizenship renounced] British Jew Anti-Zionist Voice:

    In order to grasp the latest devastating murderous Israeli expedition in Gaza one must deeply comprehend the Israeli identity and its inherent hatred towards anyone who fails to be Jewish and a hatred against Arabs in particular. This hatred is imbued in the Israeli curriculum, it is preached by political leaders and implied by their acts, it is conveyed by cultural figures, even within the so-called ‘Israeli Left’.

    I grew up in Israel in the 1970’s people of my generation are nowadays the leaders of the Israeli army, politics, economy, academia and the arts. We were trained to believe that ‘a good Arab is a dead one’. A few weeks before I joined the IDF in the early 1980’s, General Rafael Eitan, the Chief of Staff at the time announced that the “Arabs were stoned cockroaches in a bottle”. He got away with it, he also got away with the murder of many thousands of Lebanese civilians in the 1st Lebanon war. In a word, Israelis manage to get away with murder.

    Luckily enough, and for reasons that are still far beyond my comprehension, at a certain stage I woke up out of that Hebraic lethal dream. At one point I left the Jewish state, I evaded the Jewish hate mongering, I had become an opponent of the Jewish state and any other form of Jewish politics. However, I am utterly convinced that it is my primary duty to inform every being that is willing to listen about that which are we up against.

    As much as Zionism was there to transform Jews, and by “giving them a State of their own” make them like any other people, it failed miserably. The Israeli barbarism as we have seen this week and too many times before is far beyond bestiality. It is killing for the sake of killing. And it is indiscriminate.

    Not many people in the west are aware of the devastating fact that killing Arabs and Palestinians in particular is a very effective Israeli political recipe. The Israelis are indeed confused people. As much as they insist upon seeing themselves as a ‘Shalom seeking’ nation, they also love to be led by politicians with an astonishing record of unlawful murderous activity. Whether it was Sharon, Rabin, Begin, Shamir or Ben Gurion, Israelis love their ‘democratically elected leaders’ to be belligerent hawks with their hands dripping with blood and backed by a solid record of crimes against humanity.

    We are weeks before an election in Israel and as it seems, both Kadima PM candidate Foreign minister Tzipi Livni and Labour PM candidate Defence minister Ehud Barak, are trailing well behind Likud PM candidate the notorious Hawk Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu. Livni and Barak need their little war. They must prove to the Israelis that they know how to engage in mass slaughter.

    Both Livni and Barak have to provide the Israeli voter with some real exhibition of devastating carnage, so the Israelis can trust their leadership. This is their only chance against Netanyahu. Seemingly, Livni and Barak are throwing tons of bombs on Palestinian civilians, schools and hospitals because this is exactly what the Israelis want to see.

    Unfortunately, Israelis are not known for mercy and grace. Instead they are appeased by retaliation and vengeance, they are cheered by their own limitless brutality. When an Ex-Israeli Air Force Chief Commander Dan Halutz was asked how it feels to drop a bomb on a highly populated neighbourhood in Gaza, his answer was short and precise. ‘It feels like a light bump on the right wing’. Dan Halutz’s cold deadly manner was enough to secure his promotion into the IDF Chief of Staff post shortly thereafter. It was General Halutz who led the Israeli army into the second Lebanon war, it was this man who perpetrated the destruction of Lebanese infrastructure and large parts of Beirut.

    Seemingly, in Israeli politics, Arab blood is translated into votes. It would obviously be very reasonable to charge Livni, Barak and the current IDF Chief of Staff Ashkenazi with first-degree murder, crimes against humanity and the obvious breach of the Geneva Convention. But it would be far more intelligible to take into account that Israel is a ‘democracy’. Livni, Barak and Ashkenazi are giving the Israeli people that which they want: it is called Arab blood and it must come in vast quantity. This repetitive murderous practice, conducted by Israeli politicians reflects on the Israeli people as a whole rather than just a few politicians and generals. We are dealing here with a barbarian society that is politically driven by bloodthirstiness and lethal inclinations. There should be no mistake, there is no room for these people amongst nations.

    Why the Israeli are people so remote from any notion of humanism is a big question. The generous and naïve humanists amongst us may argue that the Shoah left a big scar in the Israeli soul. This may explain why Israelis are obsessively cultivating that very memory with the support of their Diaspora brothers and sisters. The Israelis say ‘never again’ and what they mean is that Auschwitz should never reoccur, this somehow allows them to punish the Palestinian for the crimes committed by the Nazis. The realistic amongst us do not buy this argument anymore. They start now to admit that it is more than possible that the Israelis are so incredibly brutal just because this is how they are. It goes far beyond rationality or pseudo-analytical assumptions. They say, ‘this is what the Israelis are and there is not much we can do about it anymore’. The realistic amongst us come to admit that killing is how the Israelis interpret the meaning of being Jewish. Gravely, many of us come to admit that there is no alternative humanist secular Jewish value system to replace the Hebraic murderous one. The Jewish state is there to prove that Jewish national autonomy is an inhuman concept.

  62. Hoff January 3, 2009 @ 3:00 am

    To Israel jew. There are two books that every jew should read. One is The Hidden History of Zionism and The Jews of Iraq by Naeim Giladi. He tells how jews killed jews in Iraq to scare them to move to “israel”. They did the same thing in all arab countries. Why? Because they diden’t want to go to “israel”. They were happy where they lived.

    IDF care about arabs? Maybe you should start reading your own papers like JP, Hareetz, Ynet etc. Just a month back it was about three IDF “soldiers” that had thrown a palestinian out from a truck with his hands tied behind his back – at 55 mph. I think they got three months jail.

    I have been to “israel” for six month and I have seen the UGLY jewish racism firsthand. I nearly got in a fight with a gang of obnoxious sabras when I told them that they were treating the arabs worse than the nazis did with jews.

    One of them got all stirred up and shoutet to my face: DO YOU KNOW WHAT EINSTEIN WAS? HE WAS A JEW!

    There are JEWS and then the rest is cattle, goyim. That is the jew way.

    You live in Negev. There is a Moshav just south of the dead sea on the border. I was a that moshav but I can’t remember the name and can’t find anything on the net. Do you know the name of that moshav?

  63. Nick - Soldier in the Army of Christ January 3, 2009 @ 2:11 pm

    I’m staying and watching CNN on Tv and with great sadness I’m seeing once again how Israiel is attacking the poor Palestinean people by launching a ground war, AGAIN ON THE SABATH DAY.

    This is a day of celebration for the Jews, by killing innocent civilians. Who rejoices when there are killings, destruction and pain, except Lucifer.

    Now we know why Christ called them sons of the devil. I thought that the Sabath is suposed to be a day of rest and prayer, not a day of killing.

    They can not get off their lazy buts to turn on the light or their stove on the Sabath day, but they could invade other’s territories and kill them.

    What did our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ say to the pharisees,” What is it lawful to do on the Sabath day, good or evil?” They blamed Him for healing people on the Sabath and even called Him a devil.

    Who is the devil here, them or Jesus who came into this world to save them, and the whole world? Like Christ said, “You shall know them by their fruits.”

    There will never be peace in Israiel until they will receive Him as ther Lord and Savior and say, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” Amen!

  64. Armani Pas Cher November 9, 2011 @ 10:54 am

    Let us not forget that Reagan’s future VP (Bush) and CIA Chief (Casey) met with the Ayatolla Khomeini behind the back of the then-current Carter administration (treason) and arranged for Iran to keep the American hostages until after the election.

    In return Iran got, at the very least, a conduit through which to illegally receive missiles and other armaments–which came to light when traitor Ollie North got busted taking the missile $$$ and giving it to friends in Central America who turned out, naturally enough, to be drug smugglers USA-bound.

    Ah, the good old days…

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