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Why Putin Ignores America’s Threats


Above Right: Saakashvili At Haifa University Israel During A Conference
About Global Political Trends, October 31 2006

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2009

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BUSH & CHENEY ARE NOT HAPPY CAMPERS these days. Things are just not going their way with regard to the ongoing Georgian conflict. On August 11 2008, Bush threatened Vladimir Putin, saying that “Russia has jeopardized its relationship with the West by invading a sovereign state and such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century.” (Certainly, Putin is not unaware that Bush invaded two sovereign states, Afghanistan & Iraq, in the 21st century.)

Then Cheney got in on the bombast by vowing that “Russian aggression must not go unanswered.” Bush/Zionist Secretary Of State Condi Rice followed up by actually threatening Russia with ‘isolation’ if it fails to obey US demands for an end to the conflict in Georgia. But it has all fallen on Russian deaf ears.

To be sure, the diminishing ability of America to influence the course of international events is now on display for all the world to see. Many cite the strong Zionist influence over America’s foreign policy for this development. And this Zionist influence has not been lost on Vladimir Putin nor on the people he rules.

Putin was critical of the Zionist prompted American invasion of Iraq in 2003, saying that the invasion could not be justified because it “did not have the backing of the international community.” And with regard to America’s threats against Iran in behalf of their Zionist client, the State of Israel, Putin made the following reproof to America after his October 2007 visit to Iran:

“Direct dialogue with the leaders of states around which certain problems accumulate is always more productive and is the shortest path to success than a policy of threats, sanctions, and a resolution to use force.” Here

Above: Saakashvili & Israel Ambassador To Georgia Shaptay Tsur
Light A Menorah In Tbilisi, December 18 2006


ON AUGUST 10 2008, Georgia’s President, Mikhail Saakashvili, announced that “Moscow sought to oust him.” This announcement followed on the heels of a UN Security Council session at which the US Ambassador challenged Russian Ambassador by asking: “Is your government’s objective regime change in the democratically elected government of Georgia?”

The Russian ambassador responded: “‘Regime change’ is an American expression. We do not use such an expression. But sometimes there are occasions that there are different leaders who come to power, either democratically or semi-democratically, and they become an obstacle.” (Touche!)

Moscow’s gripe against Saakashvili is that he militarized Georgia with Israeli arms, military training, and money, in order to threaten both Russia and the breakaway provinces, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which seek Moscow’s protection.

Putin, speaking to officials on state television on August 11 2008, mocked the support given by the West to Saakashvili, contrasting the West’s treatment of Saakashvili to their treatment of Saddam Hussein, saying:

“They of course had to hang Saddam Hussein. But the current Georgian ruler who in one hour simply wiped 10 Ossetian villages from the face of the earth, who used tanks to run over children and the elderly, who threw civilians into cellars and burnt them – this Georgian leader is a player that has to be protected by the West.” Here.

And this “protection” by the Zionist controlled West of Saakashvili, Israel’s puppet, is something that Putin not only ignores, but has proven it to be a shelter full of holes…


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Brother Nathanael @ August 13, 2008


  1. Meredith Rollo August 13, 2008 @ 10:40 pm

    Once Again…

    Great Editorial and Research, Brother Nathaniel!!!

    I agree…the US and Israel is getting “a warning’ with respect to their operations in the caucases, and, of course….Iran.

    And now Israel is evacuating about 400 Jewish People….I’m sure they are Mossad Advisors…

    as with the US Foreign Emergency Aid to Georgia…time to evacuate their CIA Advisors…on the return flight.

    Without a doubt, PM Putin and President Medveded are no Gorby or Yeltsin…

    I like it…finally, somebody with some values are taking a stand against the US and Israel and making them look real ignorant and stupid.

    I just cant believe how the media is so slanted in their reporting…they seem to forget Georgia is run by Thugs and they instigated this incident!!!

    As always, God Bless You and Keep Up The Great Reporting!!!

    I wonder how much “communist brain-washing” is going on in the US Army and DOD to their foot soldiers, on this one? LoL!!!

    And we’re the ones’ who get called Deluded Liberals!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

    Nothing could be further from the Truth!!!

    Then again, the Truth always Hurts…but, with the Grace of God…THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE!!!



  2. admin August 13, 2008 @ 10:58 pm

    Dear Meredith – Thank you for you insights on the Georgian conflict and the West’s media lies.

    I encourage you dear Meredith to make regular & ongoing comments. +BN

  3. admin August 13, 2008 @ 11:28 pm


    Dear Readers, My former Web Hoster was forced to stop hosting Real Jew News because the ADL pressured his Data Center known as RackForce to stop servicing him for hosting Real Jew News. The ADL called RJN a “racist” and “hate” Site.

    This is a Christian Site and there is no “racism” or “hate” expressed here. But the ADL are liars and enemies of our American Constitution. I will now redouble my efforts to see that the ADL and their Zionist Jewish partners in totalitarianism are destroyed once and for all.

    Many comments were lost on the changeover to my new Web Hosting Co as well as loss of sleep and peace of mind to the author of Real Jew News, that is, yours truly.

    Many expenses are now incurred because of the changeover. Please consider making a donation to help defray the new costs. Thank you in advance.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  4. SAVIO August 14, 2008 @ 12:33 am

    I am a Catholic convert and Indian. Can you guide me how to send some money to you? Thanks.
    BTW, I am very upset why did the Russians did not get those Israelis and instead let them go. It is not safe to let them loose and this was a great opportunity to get them.
    Anyways, my prayers for you and all those Christian borthers and sisters in Georgia and Ossetia who have once again fallen victim of Zionism.

  5. KathJuliane August 14, 2008 @ 3:08 am

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us all.

    Greetings from No Calif, US of Talmudistan.

    This is tearing me up. I have both Georgian and Russian Orthodox friends over there.

    The Georgians suffered horribly under the Soviets, but bitter resentments go even further back a couple of centuries when Russian Church ill-advisedly forced Autocephalos Georgian Church to adopt Russian liturgy. Georgians are good, warm hearted people, very poor per capita, and they are being used by US/EU/Zionistas.

    The Georgians are caught in the middle of Putin’s war against the criminal Sovietski-Oligarchs who made off to Israel, US and South America with pirated corporate energy assets in the ’90’s, who then through US/EU and offshore interests began developing the gas pipeline through Georgia for the same national corporate assets that Putin has been trying to recover from the Oligarchs.

    The Georgians could definitely use the revenue, and if it hadn’t been for Clinton’s help in “privatizing” what the criminal Soviets already had their hands on, Russia and Georgia could have worked things out long ago.

    Georgia was first nation to be entirely baptised Orthodox in 4th century. Apostle Andrew traveled there in 1st century; national conversion came by way of St. Nina, Equal-to-the Apostles, a 14 year old girl. Georgia underwent Orthodox national revival beginning in 1998. I don’t know if Georgian pres is secular or nominal Orthodox or Jewish, but he is definitely one psychotic poodle.

    Georgian troops were trained by IDF reservists hired as mercenaries through two private Israeli companies for urban/house-to-house combat, etc, Palestinian style. Israel sold a lot of military equipment. “Georgian” Jews are probably either IDF advisors/private mercs, so certainly they would have to scurry out of there.

    Let us not forget, Russian Jewish emigres to Israel have a real hatred for Holy Rus and are extremely hardened. Some IDF or mercenaries are probably Soviet or Federation military vets, and so they know the territory pretty well.

    Israel must always maintain the illusion that they are the perpetual victims, and so hate it when they get caught showing their true colors.

    The Caucasus area was/is also an organized crime byway from Soviet era, especially heroine traffic from Afghanistan into Black Sea area thru Crimean Tartars and Jews, Balkans/Albanian Kosovars, and into the Russian interior. A lot of Afghan era Soviet soldiers came back addicts and Putin has worked very hard to break up drug traffic.

    There were/are private Israeli “contractors” in Iraq/Afghanistan who were neck deep at Abu Ghraib. They, too, were quickly evacuated when scandals broke.

    US Military/IDF/Shin Bet/Mossad have been doing joint military and “counter-terrorism” training together for years both in US and Misery-el. I doubt Putin is given to little exaggeration or to fabricate stories, he is much too disciplined for that.

    I have it on fairly good authority that Putin is a grandmaster black belt in jujitsu and other martial arts, not to mention Russian martial arts. I don’t know his military background, but as old KGB even of perestroika era, he is very self-disciplined.

    Burning up people in cellars and destroying defenseless villages is typical Red Terror/ IDF tactics.

    South Ossetia is where that horrendous school massacre occured a few years ago, allegedly by Chechyns, but from what I could glean from sources, it had all of the fingerprints of a Shin Bet false flag op. The elite Spetnatz went in on that rescue and they are top of the line, but someone who had intimate knowledge of spetznats tactical operations outfoxed them enough for it to blow up in their faces and make it look like the Russians’ fault. It was much too slick and sophisticated for mountain terrorists.

    I remember pictures of Putin who immediately went to the scene, and there was a lot of emotion in that always dispassionate face of his. What won my respect was seeing him just move among the victims, very quietly speaking to families and his advisors, almost like he wanted to remember every victim’s face. I don’t think he even spoke to the press itself.

    I kind of remember he was wearing casual clothes, maybe a windbreaker like he’d just flown in on a day off. In any case, it was clear that he was not going to make the tragedy a political circus, but there was just something in his eyes that said he knew who the culprits were and was going to exact justice.

    Zbignew Brezhinski, the monster that forced the Soviets into going into the set-up quagmire of Afghanistan, has had a “humanitarian” NGO in Georgia/Chechnya area for at least five years. It does not take any stretch of imagination to figure out where the agitation is coming from.

    Shin Bet is a very elite, ultra secret IDF arm with isolated training bases in Israel that they live at full-time for cultural immersion, away from public and other military. Shin Bet is comprised of multi-ethnic Jews native to various parts of the world that have taken on the languages, cultures and racial features of host countries they have lived in through the generations.

    Am most familiar with Arab, Iraqi, Kurdish (500,000 in Israel itself) and Iranian Jews, but there are also ancient Chinese “Israelites” living in China, for example, that have synagogues and Old Testament faith, comparable in situation to the Falashas, that would need to become “completed” Jews to emigrate to Israel if they ever did. Israeli authorities searching out these ancient “Israelites” managed to convince a small tribe of Peruvian Indians that they were actually “Israelites”, and converted them, talking them into moving to Israel to take over an abandoned remote colony. (No kidding.)

    By the way, Israeli TV used to have a very popular show comparable to “Sopranos” only it was called “The Oligarchs”. Bunch of narcissists glorifying themselves about their high life, thuggery and looting of Russia under Clinton’s “democratization”.

    When Putin was voted in, the Oligarchs fled to Misery-el with 3/4 of Russia’s national assets screaming persecution in the world press, but “in the land” laughed their heads off by making a crime opera of themselves and what they got away with. Pathetic boasters.

    God bless you for your labors, Brother Nathanael.

  6. angel of the south August 14, 2008 @ 3:26 am

    Very well said Bro Nathanael.

    The idea now is not to compromise the content of your site to accommodate the Jewish criminals but to “redouble your eforts” as you say, at this critical juncture. Many great conflicts with a bit of persistence have been won just exactly that way.

    Holy hands are being lifted up to the Father for you, and the synagogue of Satan will come and worship at the feet of those that have the commandments of Jesus and keep them.

    Terrorist Menachem Begin said all of the goy cattle will come and worship at the feet of the Jews, but it will not be so.

    Indeed it’s relevant to the Caucasus crisis that scripture says the Jews’ Golem of a revival of Soviet socialism in Europe will first serve but then Frankenstein-like hate and turn on the Jewish whore that created it.

    Scripture also says the end-time political Golem the Jews are presently concocting in Europe will make the Jewish whore desolate (strip her of her gold and gemstones as the basis of her money power) and make her naked (exposed as the wicked hypocrite she is), and burn her flesh with fire (roast the Jews) in the nuclear fire of the last great social cataclysm the leading Jews are fomenting.

    The Jew J. Robert Oppenheimer, and the Jew “St. Einstein”, created the ‘Golem’ of the atomic bomb; and Oppenheimer said: “If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst forth at once into the sky, that would be like the splendour (the Zohar) of the mighty one. Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds”.

  7. Greg August 14, 2008 @ 5:30 am

    Congratulations Brother Nathanael! You clearly are doing the Lord’s work and I am sure He is greatly pleased by it.

    For all the forum posters, Brother Nathanael has a victory with the city that was originally thinking of adopting a new ordinance that would have shut down his preaching. They removed the idea from their town agenda.

  8. Orthodox Russian August 14, 2008 @ 5:45 am

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Armenia was first nation to be entirely baptised Orthodox in 301.

    According to tradition, the Armenian Church was founded by two of Jesus twelve apostles — Thaddaeus and Bartholomew — who preached Christianity in Armenia between 40-60 AD. Because of these two founding apostles, the official name of the Armenian Church is Armenian Apostolic Church. Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion, in 301.

    The Gospel was preached in Georgia by the Apostles, Andrew the First Called, Simon the Canaanite, and Matthias. Iberia was officially converted to Christianity in 326 by Saint Nino of Cappadocia, who is considered to be the Enlightener of Georgia and the Equal to Apostles by the Orthodox Church.

  9. dw smith August 14, 2008 @ 5:47 am

    Hooray for Putin!

    I cannot be dissuaded by whatever conduct was required to maintain his person in prior despotic Communist and Zionist regimes.

    I just know that in the past 5 years he is the only man who has forged a braking action to the heinous onslaught of the NWO governments of Zionist Israel and the United States. Again I say hooray to Putin and I offer thanks to God!

  10. Orthodox Russian August 14, 2008 @ 6:11 am


    There is Russian proverb, that lie has short legs. And also Our Lord Jesus said: Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

  11. Pedro August 14, 2008 @ 6:23 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    Im afraid that indeed the Zionited States warnings are serious and they can carry them out. Some anti-Zionists in America tend to forget how the Zionists are almighty here in Europe, especially in the biggest European countries.

    If you watch the blatant anti-Russian bias here in the media you will understand why. Take the “Litvinenko case,” when you observe how the media here handled that case its clear that they are in control of a “higher power.”

    Today I went with my mother to the post office and among the books they sell there was the Litvinenko´s widow’s book (written by others but with her name on it that is…) and that book was heavely promoted by the marketing machine in Europe.

    The more recent episodes between England and Russia (the diplomats, the closing of that British institute in Russia) show the same…Lavrov himself said that there was blatant propaganda going on.

    If you watch a “science” TV show called “Brainiac” there is a part called “Liquid Nitrogen its a Miracle” (or something like that) where they do all sort of stuff with liquid Nitrogen, and if you look at the character doing the cool stuff its blatant anti-Russian propaganda.

    The character is a guy talking with a heavy Russian accent, wearing a “Red” military uniform and the character female assistance is some kind of monster full of body hair (ahhh the good old Ugly Woman full of body hair). Even in science shows they put anti-Russian propaganda!!!

    The missile shield will go ahead for sure now (probably even expanded!), Ukraine and other ex-Soviet republics are going overboard with the anti-Russian paranoia, in Western Europe the government and medias are talking (in half-words) about the “Russian Bear” returning…perhaps thats the point of this war. I find it very hard to beleive they expected to win the territories back.

    In the Australasian Continent its the same…the “West” is completly under their control its not just America, some American anti-zionists tend to forget that.

    Im not sure Mankind can survive another Cold-War, he were already lucky to survive the first one.

    Our only hope is that people start looking at the Scriptures instead of pre-fabricated Man-made ideologies (capitalism, socialism, communism, anarchism, democracy, etc, etc, etc)

    Keep up the good work.

  12. james August 14, 2008 @ 6:26 am


    Actually the Beslan school massacre was in North Ossetia which is in Russia proper.

    I remember the reporting on that to was god awful and totally pro-Chechen and made it out that Russians deliberately attacked the school first.

    They wouldn’t even call then terrorist instead calling them “rebels”.

    But they don’t report:

    1) There was an explosion inside the school then militants started running around the school killing as many children as possible shouting “Allah Akhbar”.
    2) Before the explosion the terrorists were changing into civilian clothes.
    3) Russian Special Forces stormed the school only after the terrorists started
    slaughtering the children.

    Coverage and discussion on the media afterwards was totally anti-Russian. They had a discussion program on the BBC afterwards taking about with two guests Boris Berezovsky (who finances them) and Vannesa Redgrave (who lobbies for them and is friends with Akhmed Zakayev).

    I pretty sure the Beslan massacre was rehearsed and planned in Bosnia. Since ’89, terror funding and training has been coming into Bosnia and Chechens have links there since 92.

    In 2002 judges there investigated terrorist organisations operating there and charged Abdullah Bin Laden with financing and running Chechen training camps there.

    At this time it was under the control of UN representative Paddy Ashdown, an MI6 agent.

    CNSNews found a video tape of terrorists training in Bosnia and it showed a segment of hostage taking of civilian adults in a school forced against the wall scene that looked exactly like a scene from the Beslan video.

    I agree I think Special Forces helped train and give info of procedures the Russians would take during the hostage crisis.

    I have been saying this for years that there is no Al Queda terror network, that the camps in Afghanistan were set up to train Chechen and foreign militants to fight Russia and invade and capture Dagestan so they can have full access of the Caspian oil basin using Chechnya as a proxy.

    Every single terror attack since and including 9/11 has links to Chechnya or Bosnia.

    They have been training these guys in chemical and biological weapons as well with ultimate goal to break Russia in 3 through genocidal proxy wars by Brezinski’s Grand Chessboard strategy.

    If it was every investigated and discovered that there is no international terror network and we have been using Islamic merc proxies to fight wars to divide and conquer Russia that would be the end of the NWO.

  13. David August 14, 2008 @ 7:34 am

    Brother NAT,your story here is like poetry.

    Not only do you have all the facts placed in concise order but they are placed in such a fashion as to flow out and permeate the air with resonance .


    People it is imperative get on the phone to DC when they return, shiver their timbers.

    America is in grave peril. Bush is a Zionist and a mad man.


  14. Ed of St Lou. August 14, 2008 @ 7:36 am

    May God protect Putin and the Good Brother.

    These people do the works of their father, one of which is murdering those who oppose them, and their evil schemes. Just check out a few recent news articles on their assassination squads that are released on those who oppose them.

    All American F.B.I., Police,etc, who go along with this evil are certainly sons of the devil also. May they all burn in Hell, that is if they don’t repent!

    41 You do the works of your father. They said therefore to him: We are not born of fornication: we have one Father, even God. 42 Jesus therefore said to them: If God were your Father, you would indeed love me. For from God I proceeded, and came; for I came not of myself, but he sent me:

    43 Why do you not know my speech? Because you cannot hear my word. 44 You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.

    Israeli assassins likely to pose as Canadians: expert

    Neo-Cons Behind Potential Hit On Ron Paul
    by Paul Joseph Watson
    Global Research, December 23, 2007
    Prison Planet

    Wednesday, 28 May 2008
    Will the MOSSAD Assassinate Obama?

    Ever since the Middle Ages, there has always been one act which has been strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to speak of the death of the King.

    British Communist and Nobel Laureate Doris Lessing is 88 years old, and has either decided she’s old enough to disregard the taboo, or else she’s gone senile and has forgotten this taboo exists.

    Lessing told an interviewer for a Swedish newspaper that ‘If Barack Obama becomes the next US president he will surely be assassinated.’ Obama, who is vying to become the first black president in US history, ‘would certainly not last long, a black man in the position of president. They would murder him,’ Lessing, 88, told the Dagens Nyheter daily.”


    “Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the ‘war on terror’ that will include staging targeted killings [murders] in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International [UPI].” — “And why is the US Government allowing murders on US soil? I mean, it should be obvious that the US is condoning these extra-judicial executions, or else they would stop signing those checks that pay for Israel’s bullets!

    So, the US Government, while not dirtying its own hands, is allowing Israeli intelligence to walk into the United States and simply kill anyone they want. Death Squads in the USA. Think about it. Think about who is behind it.”

    And John McCain won’t last a week if he picks a Jew for a Vice President.

  15. David August 14, 2008 @ 7:39 am

    They killed them the Zionists and the Americans
    were killed in Georgia.

    “The revolution will not be televised”HC
    remember that.

    The Russians used a technique that pounded their positions and kept pounding them as they retreated.

  16. Greg August 14, 2008 @ 8:10 am

    Once again, the ancient Jewish prophets spoke the wisdom of God when they said the anti-Christian elite who dare to attack the Syrian, Iranian, Russian, Chinese alliance in the end times of evil will be almost totally slaughtered themselves.

    We are seeing that Putin is working on God’s side to see to it that those who are rebelling against the will of God will be destroyed.

    The Zionists have done lots of damage to God’s will by slaughtering innocent babies in their mothers’ wombs, by attacking Christian men in the world through policies of discrimination like affirmative action, and by promoting damage to the married life by promoting homosexuality and lesbianism, but in the end God’s will is going to be done and many of those who have been sowing evil will regret the very day they were born.

    God will show His wrath upon their souls in comformance with truth and justice, without caring about mercy and political correctness. Payday is just around the corner for those who attacked the poor, the innocent, and the defenseless using their earthly status and wealth to do so.

    I believe we have a prophet in our own times with Brother Nathanael. I just smile when I see photos of Brother on the internet because to this world many would consider him to be a religious fanatic, but to God he is a prophet and someone that truly loves God.

    Who gives a rat’s butt what these majority think about God’s will and those who are loyal to obeying it? Who are they anyways to think that God must change His will to conform to their evil ways and agendas.

    God Bless You Brother Nathanael!

  17. james August 14, 2008 @ 9:10 am


    Jesus would be considered a religious fanatic to in his day. Remember he went to Solomon’s temple and beat the money changers there with whip driving them out of the temple the power structure in old Judea.

    It would be good to see how Israelis would react if Br Nathanael went over there to that settlement where they were burning new testament books spreading the word about Christianity.

    It would be interesting being a former Jew and all probably consider that more of a threat to their Jewishness.

    It’s amazing to see Jewish news site and articles “sending aid to Georgia” and “western leaders condemning Russia’s aggression” this collective international Jewish tribalism at work.

  18. Orthodox Russian August 14, 2008 @ 10:41 am


    Here is another answer from Pravda:

  19. Dubya Diablo August 14, 2008 @ 12:50 pm

    We know the French intervened and helped the 13 colonies in 1776 to defeat England in American Revolutionary War. Without France there would be no independent America.

    We know also that France was unable to help the peaceful independent southern American in 1861 with the Republican Neocon Marxist Lincoln War thus creating a total destruction of the original America where it all began 500 yrs ago and where all the founding documents came from along with the father of our nation Washington and author of the US Constitution Madison.

    We know GOP Marxist Neocon Bush worships his alltime hero GOP Marxist Neocon Lincoln.

    Yet here comes neocon-free Russia moving to take back part of Georgia who wants to be part of Russia and Marxist Bush complains?

    Bush is a lost moron screwup silver spoon who has long shot his wad in the neocon wars to protect Israel. Israel is the nation where Marxism originated and where all the media brainwashers originated in America and the world.

    Lets just accept the fact that everything bad has occured since Bush was rigged into office by Daddy and Bubba and his Neocons and pals on the Supreme Court.

    And then the rigged 911, rigged WMD lies, rigged invasions of tiny 3rd world nations; rigged subprime losses, rigged oil prices, rigged everything have completely wasted America and now we have the Georgia problem.

    Get this evil bastard out of office …

  20. Greg August 14, 2008 @ 1:03 pm

    There might not be any truth to this story, but it has started to appear on the internet in the last day. Please don’t consider it to be proven as of yet, but it is quite possible that it occurred as these folks claim to have seen it.

    Dog Fight Over New Hampshire

    August 13, 2008 A woman from New Hampshire wrote to SQ that she saw several airplanes firing missles at a third plane (blog) and then the third plane flew off.

    Two other people also reported the incident. The woman wrote……

    The aircraft I saw looks like the Skyhawk and a Mig 31 Foxhound. The Skyhawk fired upon the other aircraft.

    My daughter and I were watching closely, because the noise these planes make is very loud. When we saw the shot fired, I yelled at my daughter to get into the house. My husband and 2 sons were watching from our deck, and were amazed by the events.

    This report is only one of several claiming Russia is awaiting ‘the moment’ to attack and invade the USA homeland.

  21. Lloyd August 14, 2008 @ 1:23 pm

    One thing we have truly learned from experiences with Pearl Harbor, the U2 incident, JFK assassination, Gulf of Tonkin, Ruby Ridge, WACO, Okalahoma City Bombing,and 9/11,WMD is that the American Government LIES.

    It makes me ill when I hear the BS they are spewing now about Georgia, a PUPPET government of the USA just as Pakistan has been under the SELECTED President.

    Yah will not be mocked. Putin is a HERO.

  22. Orthodox Russian August 14, 2008 @ 1:55 pm


    Don’t buy it. It is another provocation.
    I am sure of it.

  23. Orthodox Russian August 14, 2008 @ 2:04 pm

    Why evil is so active in these days. Because it got little time and has been already defeated by Our Lord Jesus Christ by His Death and Resurrection on the third day.

    We are entering into dense energetic grid now. With His Love, Support, and Prayers of Saints we will overcome these hardships.

  24. jon August 14, 2008 @ 4:13 pm

    BN, I backed your site up before the trouble arose. If you need those missing comments let me know and I can send you a zip of your content. Zip is about 27MB, IIRC.

  25. JC August 14, 2008 @ 5:37 pm


    Please advise us all how we can help take down the hate filled ADL? How can we make our congressman actually disassociate with these thugs. International Zionism is the curse of the world today. And our Congress is nothing more than their accomplices.

    To all that wonder International Zionism wants control of world oil to enslave us all. Of course everyone that helps them accomplish that will live a comfortable live, unlike the rest.

    Everyone should be informing their friends and anyone who will listen to the truth about this international mafia organization.

    Everyone should attend your congressman’s get together in your area and demand they explain why they support the Zionist and their warmongers. There are plenty of good articles written here and on Rense, and Counterpunch just to name a few that show beyond a reasonable doubt that these people are on a world conquest.

    While these people never serve in any military, they are very quick to be selling arms to all and trying to provoke wars. The NYT, Washington Post, and one other just in the last week, let 3 Zionists write editorials demanding that the US attack Russia. Hows that for proof.


  26. Greg August 14, 2008 @ 6:18 pm

    Word in various places on the internet now is that Putin has already ordered tactical nukes to be moved into the war in Georgia. What I read says that the missles are already in the region being put in the appropriate places to be used if the need arises.

    Here is one website that is stating this:

    Again, one can’t be sure that the sources are getting good information, but I did read last week that the military leaders in Putins government said they are willing to use nuclear weapons if they felt themselves or their allies being threatened by Western nations.

  27. Bob August 14, 2008 @ 6:55 pm

    I am so stinking tired of being a slave to Jewish Supremacists and Zionists! Every day it just gets worse. I don’t think I, or this country can stand it for much longer.

    I want my Liberty!

  28. admin August 14, 2008 @ 7:09 pm

    Dear jon –

    Thanks for the backup. Please email me at and I will ask my Web Hoster liason if he wants it sent to him. +BN

  29. james August 14, 2008 @ 7:27 pm


    Probably Jewish propaganda put on the internet maybe even Psych-Ops agents trying to scare people an other websites have picked it up not knowing the source.

    I remember the press took a statement Putin said at a security summit in Kazakhstan between China, Russia and Central Asian states were he said security-wise the collapse of the Soviet Union was a geopolitical disaster in that thousands of Russian were citizens of states that the general populace is hostile to them.

    The international press skewed the statement that Putin regrets the break-up of the Soviet Union i.e. he wants to create a Neo-USSR

    The fact that Mercenaries were used from Ukraine and the Baltic states which have a fairly sizeable ethnic Russian population shows that he had a point.

  30. Orthodox Russian August 14, 2008 @ 10:22 pm

    The principal expression of this life-or-death crisis for civilization as a whole is the proposed new form of global imperialism, a virtual new “Tower of Babel,” called Globalism.

    Either we return to the goal of a global system of respectively sovereign nation-state republics, or there will be nothing resembling civilized human life on this planet for a lapsed time of generations yet to come.

    What the British foreign office intended by its deployment of its George Soros, in Eastern Europe (and other places) was an undermining of a system of sovereign nation states in favor of a “globalized” world empire of so-called “free trade” run by predator financier interests centered in the Anglo-Dutch Liberal financial-monetary interests centered in the British empire.

    To bring that evil state of world affairs into being, two targets must be destroyed: the U.S.A. and Russia; without peaceful cooperation centered on a network of nations united around those two keystone powers of the present moment, there is no hope for a civilized life of mankind for generations yet to come.

    Read it here

  31. Ed of St Lou. August 14, 2008 @ 11:39 pm

    This was posted on Alex Jones website.

    Ukraine Threatens to Blockade Russian Ships

    Tony Halpin
    Times Online
    August 14, 2008

    According to this information Jews still control the Ukraine.

    Mostaque Ali writes:

    Jews are still very active in Russia and the Ukraine. In fact Jews run the Ukraine practically, and Russia is not that different.

    As before, Jews are very active in the key state institutions of security and propaganda…….along with all the usual Mafia activities…….slavery…narcotics…etc.

    For this reason the tragedy of the 60 million dead is a taboo subject in these countries and officially from their perspective the Soviet Union is still historically seen as a proud and great moment especially in Russia, and still less the role Jews played in that event, as an exclusively Jewish managed event.

    Until Russians and Ukrainians seriously exam the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution, these countries will never understand their true history, of where they have been, and where they are now, and where they are going in the future.

    The Jewish role is a vital link in understanding their true history, and they need to officially and vigorously look at it without any qualms, as it will for them answer many of the questions, and problems they face.

    Of why the USA, along with Britain is still very hostile with Russia, and why Ukraine, rather than working with Russia is hosting NATO forces against Russia.

  32. james August 14, 2008 @ 11:51 pm

    Canadian MP and other foreign leaders are blaming Russia for its Soviet mentality although it’s the Georgians that blitzed S. Ossetia.

    Canada like Georgia is a Zionist controlled country.

  33. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 2:07 am

    To Orthodox Russian,

    Greetings in the Lord!

    Most true about Armenia as first to be Christian kingdom to completely convert in 301. Georgia dates to 326. I have a great degree of love for Armenians and their beautiful Christian faith, and they have truly “stood fast with the holy tradition they were given” of the first Three Synods and have glorious saints and martyrs to enrich us all.

    However, Georgia is the first Orthodox nation by strict definition, in that Georgia adheres to the rulings of the Seven Councils, while Armenia is the “Church of Three Councils”.

    They are formally outside of the Orthodox communion having not accepted the ruling of the Fourth Synod of Chalcedon concerning the two natures of Christ as both fully God and fully Man in one Person, and from their perspective believed that this pointed to a belief in two Christs.

    Monophysitism essentially stated that Jesus’ Human nature was absorbed by His Divine nature. In all fairness, Monophysitism also arose in righteous defense of the Faith against Nestorianism which taught the “contiguity” of the two natures of Christ, but not their union from the conception of the Word, so lessening the Divine nature of the Savior.

    The Monophysites defended against those who called the Most Holy Virgin Mary “Christotokos”, but not “Theotokos”, as having given birth to Christ but not to God.

    Unfortunately, the Monophysite school did not remain in the realm of academic debate. It became popularized into an extreme faction under certain Alexandrian bishops, was politicized and imposed by force at a council of bishops by Dioscorus, Archbishop of Alexandria, thanks to which the council itself received the name of “robber council” when the Fourth Ecumenical Council condemned Monophysite teachings and overturned the previous council.

    While most of our historical religious controversies are now simply presented on paper, so it is easy to overlook the real world dimensions that were inflamed by these controversies through partisan fanaticism, imperial politics, and internal civil strife which resulted at times in considerable bloodshed inside the Byzantine Roman Empire.

    Persian Christians were also under considerable pressure and persecution inside the Persian sphere as well by the Zoroastrians, and Babylonian Jewry until about the 9th century AD.

    At one end of the spectrum was Arianism vs. the Apostolic Catholic faith, at the other was the Iconoclastic Controversy which lasted well over 100 years, and may very well have had additional fuel supplied by pagans, Jews and Judaizers agitating the Muslim along imperial frontiers and within territories held under Islam.

    The Armenian Apostolic Church and other Non-Chalcedonian Churches have to their glory the staunch defense, body and soul, against the Arian controversy, among numerous other martyrdoms.

    Arianism was, by and large, the arch-heresy held by the barbarian Gothic tribes that invaded the Roman empire in several waves as well as seized the minds of a considerable portion of the Eastern empire. Arius taught that the Son of God was a creature and the inequality of the Son to the Father.

    In all reality, the Orthodox, Armenian and other Monophysite Churches are “separated brethren” of the Eastern Church, and stand in much closer dogmatic and theological relationship to Orthodoxy than does Papism and Western Judeo-Christianity.

    In great measure, the schism of the Eastern churches is due to ancient historical geo-political forces and currents between the Byzantine Roman and Sassanid Persian spheres, and later the Muslim invasions, with tragic consequences to Eastern Church unity.

    It was not helped by internal Church partisan sins and passions which led to bloody civil controversies, and corrupted political power of nominal Christians meddling in favor of one party or another, rather than letting the bishops and theologians work out matters in an academic fashion in the religious sphere.

    St. Paul warned us against following after charismatic individuals as false apostles, and setting up factions among the true ones which lead to contentions: “I am of Paul”, or “I am of Apollos”, or “I am of Cephas”, or “I am of Christ”.

    Our history is entirely racked by heresies named after individual entities and usually ending in “ism”: Arianism, Manicheanism, Papism, Judah-ism, Pelagianism, Montanism, Ebionism, etc.

    The same can be applied by extension to making an “ism” out of our heritage of national Churches. There is a fine mental line but a distinct one when the Church is given over to serve worldly causes and ideologies of “tribalism”, “patriotism”, “nationalism”, “statism” instead of the other way around as true defenders of the Faith.

    True Christians are supposed to be first and foremost loyal patriots and ambassadors of our Heavenly Fatherland, no matter where we are on the globe and our nationality and ethnic identity.

    In the words of the fiery Arab Archbishop Atallah Hanna of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem a few years ago in a public press address given while standing next to a Muslim cleric: “America has no right to highjack the name of Christ for imperialist means.” He is quite correct, although I’d rather he’d said the Zionist US Government because what is happening is not the true heart of America.

    What is true America? For a glimpse we must look through the eyes of our great New Martyr Patriarch Tikon of Moscow.

    When he was a bishop to the Russian community around New York towards the end of the 19th century, he was so impressed by the American piety he saw, and as emblem of that piety that Congress had enacted a particular national/state religious holiday strictly devoted prayers to God in the churches for all of America’s blessings, that Patriarch Tikon wrote “the Thanksgiving Day Liturgy” for use of the Russian communities of his diocese.

    And also through the culturally diverse eyes of our legal immigrants to America and naturalized citizens who still think this is the best place in the world, and have told me: “Americans don’t know how to count their blessings.”

    The Monophysite Churches of the East, to my mind after much study, seem to be in the somewhat analogous position as ROCOR stood to the Moscow Patriarchate until this past year. The ancient Eastern Church separated historically because of internal and external political forces and sinful passions on both sides, zeal not according to a higher wisdom but fueled by pride and unforgiveness.

    I am no theologian, but can clearly see why Arianism, Pelagianism, Judeo-Christianity, Origenism etc. are condemned heresies. In terms of the Monophysite question touching on the same Divine Mystery of the Incarnation, which is ultimately inexplicable as a great mystery, it is to me like two people looking at the same rock arguing over which side of the rock is the proper one.

    But then, such theological subtleties are beyond me. I was quite cheered to hear some time ago that the Orthodox and Non-Chalcedon bishops and theologians have been quietly conferring at times on ways of reunification well under the radar of “ecumenism.”

    As an Orthodox, I tend to stay within the formal bounds of my own confession when describing things, sometimes too traditionalist perhaps, but I do have a generous heart. Up until Chalcedon, the Church of Armenia is “Orthodox” in the traditional sense, just as there are Western Orthodox saints from before 1054 AD (as a conventional date) that belong on the universal calendar, as St. John Maximovitch always taught.

    Wherever he went especially in the Catholic West, he researched the local saints and martyrs and glorified them after they’d become lost after the Enlightenment. It is our glorious Apostles, Saints and Martyrs that unite us all despite our present worldly tendencies of modern nationalism.

    What is genuinely a marvel is how far the Gospel had indeed spread by the Apostles mighty in the Holy Spirit who “preached to every creature under heaven” (Col 1:23) within the first 40 years after our Lord’s Crucifixion prior to destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

    Not long ago I read that Christian graves had been found in western China positively dating to the early first century, and that there had been at least one Christian Chinese emperor about the 7th or 8th century. The “seeds of Christ” were planted everywhere in Paul’s time spanning the entire Old World and quite possibly the New.

    I especially adore the Life of St. Nino, truly worthy to be called “Equal to the Apostles.”

  34. George August 15, 2008 @ 3:21 am

    Dear KathJuliane,

    In as much as one would desire to see the unity of some of the “stray” eastern churches back into the fold of the Orthodox church I can definetely understand.

    However, the usuage of Ecumenism as a principal for unity is very dangerous. Let us not forget that Ecumenism is a creation of Freemasonry and thus a means of the Antichrist.

    Also one can not ignore the fact that the modern day Vatican is at the helm of promoting itself as the “Chief” of all religions, and that the Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew, whilst negotiating union with the Vatican, is also trying to unite the “eastern orthodox” world under his own “orthodox papacy”.

  35. bonzo August 15, 2008 @ 5:22 am

    Dear Brother Nathaniel,

    You’ve come a long way by embracing Christianity and you’re eager to see the whole picture — the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    To me though, it seems that you’ve only opened one of your eyes. Open the other one and you’ll see the reality behind Putin’s Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church.

    I suggest you take make a Christian fact-finding tour of Poland, Byelorussia / Belarus, The Ukraine and Russia, talking not only to Orthodox priests but also to Catholic priests. You won’t be the first one to do so and you certainly won’t be the first one to come back with both eyes open!

  36. Greg August 15, 2008 @ 6:06 am

    Yup George, since Vatican II the Catholic Church in general has been on the path of apostasy.

    The church was infiltrated from within in order to change the teachings into secular humanistic ones away from the traditional Christian teachings that began in the first century. A relative of mine, Fr. John Laux, is a Catholic church historian whose books are used throughout the world to teach about the Catholic church from the beginning to the last century.

    Pope John Paul II as well as the present Pope can be proven to have been anti-Catholic and anti-Christian in the agreements they made with corrupt kingdoms in this world.

    They sold the church to the highest bidder, which of course in this cases happened to be the Zionists who wanted to use the Catholic Church in order to usher in their godless New World Order on the earth.

    Many of the things that the last Pope as well as the present Pope have done constitute automatic excommunication by the teachings of Paul and the Canon Law of the church. A Pope is not above the Canon Law’s reach.

  37. james August 15, 2008 @ 7:42 am

    Canadian PM a Zionist who fully supports Israelis aggression in Gaza and Lebanon denounces Russia’s defensive retaliation and fully supports Georgia.

    It’s interesting how liberal journalist also support Georgia like they supported the Bolsheviks over the white Russians.

  38. Pedro August 15, 2008 @ 7:45 am

    You see what I said in my previous writing??

    The missile-shield will go ahead now (Poland just agreed with it) Ukraine will block Russian ships, Russia is clearly losing the propaganda war, anti-Russian propaganda is in full charge…

    You see? That’s the point of this war. I don’t believe they started this war with the intention to get S. Ossetia and Abkhazia, I don’t believe they “weren’t expecting Russia to react.” I don’t believe any of what this intelectualoids and “analysts” say, because its just nonsense.

    The real point of this war is to start creating an “iron curtain” between the Christian World…and this time its the US and EU creating the “Iron Curtain”…how things change…

  39. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 7:50 am

    God bless you Brother Nathaniel–keep going with your labors, my prayers are for you, especially to St. Andrew of Constantinople, Holy-Fool-For-Christ’s sake for his help in your labors.

    @James–thanks for the corrections. It has been awhile since studying No Ossetia tragedy. But you brought up the very anomolies I had noticed doing my research, and was entirely different from how the incident was reported in the media as blaming it all on the Russians, and excess fatalities blamed on bad handling of their knock-out gas canisters.

    I saw pictures of the victims, they were all badly mauled from the explosions and the shooting rampage. Stopping to change one’s clothes is a very strange thing for terrorists to do, especially since it generally goes against Muslim honor.

    If nothing else, groups like Hezbolla, Hamas, etc. are generally very meticulous about claiming responsibility for a terrorist act.

    The spetznatz did not make any tactical mistakes that I could tell, and from their positioning should not have even been seen from the terrorists inside the building.

    Therefore there was long distance observation of some sort with radio contact to let the thugs know when Spetznats moved into position. The bomb rigging inside was extremely strange, with wires running everywhere.

    Your find on the Bosnian thing just confirms in my mind that it was much more organized than what just local Chechnyns could logistically support although they are vicious and disciplined enough.

    Changing into civilian clothes just confirms that recycled Russian Jewish soldiers from the IDF-Shin Bet were involved in No Ossetia and expected to disappear in the Russian population, and probably did after setting up any Chechnyn dupes. Chechnyn is a peculiar Caucasian dialect and would have been noticed.

    In ’95 I think it was when Russian forces went into Chechnya, they bogged down in a real military fubar and the butchery was incredible, including crucifixions and beheadings.

    Decaps are a fanatical Muslim thing (when its not our own psy-ops faking it with already dead people to make us hate all Muslims, nor are decaps exclusive to Muslims–Catholic Croat fascists resorted to it in WW2 against the Serbs in Croatian provinces); what was striking was the crucifixions of the Russian soldiers which is rare in the radical Muslim world.

    The crucifixions were a particularly psychopathic anti-Christian symbolic statement.

    At the time, it was poor equipment, poor discipline, and insufficient force, a sloppy carryover from old Sov military command and control policies and training. I am certain Putin has corrected all of that.

    Russia does not have the economic resources to build a Bush-style Shock-and-Awe heavy equipment military invasion force that our taxpayer dollars are being stolen for. I think folks can just untwist their knickers a little bit about a Russian invasion of America any time in the future.

    Instead, Putin had the military re-design itself for fast, portable, lethal and defensive technology and mobility with an emphasis on missile technology which it also sold.

    Russia also went through old Soviet weird science. It’s not clear from the post if “pounding technology” meant conventional ammo stuff or something else. If something else, it may be the old Soviet “Woodpecker” geo-sonics they’ve updated and streamlined.

    If Putin is actually moving in “tactical nukes,” that is virtually no different than what the US and Israel has been using with the illegal Depleted Uranium (DU) ammunition in Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq I and II and Lebanon.

    It is the same thing, except that DU is only 66% as radioactive as uranium, so we shouldn’t get sucked up into the propaganda hype. DU ammo is still a tactical nuke with a different explosion profile. The radiation it spreads around is just as nasty and lethal.

    Google “Sunburn missile”–Russia has sold these to China, Iran, and India. Russia had also PURPORTEDLY signed economic and mutual defense treaties with Iran, India, Venezuela and Brazil, and no doubt with China. Their focus is going to be on defending their interests in Central Asia.

    The Talmudist NeoCon arm-chair warrior think-tank crazies have for 30 years been working on plans to take Central Asia which then became official foreign policy under the evil little monkey, Mr. Bush.

    Research “Project for a New American Century” (PNAC) the strategy is all spelled out, including “the need for a new Pearl Harbor.” In PNAC, the progression is Afghanistan, Iraq, which surrounds Iran, then take Lebanon, Syria, then Iran, and then Sudan, another oil rich country.

    It is the complete plan for an American global empire and domination. Except that it is not actually America.

    We are under occupation by an entity sometimes called “British-Israelitism” and controlled by the City of London which is the capital of the world Jewish Bankers, and which our private Federal Reserve Bank is interlocked with along with other countries’ national banks.

    It is all based around Zbignew Brezinski’s “Great Chess Game” and the whole goal is to take Central Asia which would then mean American of control the entire Eurasian continent in terms of energy and mineral resources.

    Also research “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm”. It is the companion think-tank report (now official foreign policy) for the rotten state of Misery-el and its delusions of a racially pure Jewish hegemony called “Greater Israel” extending from the Nile to the Euphrates and covering the northern third of Saudi Arabia.

    That is what its flag represents-“Greater Israel”–the blue stripes are the Nile and the Euphrates Rivers.

    Know and understand. These diabolical psychopaths have published their think-tank stuff for years, and for some reason it seems to have escaped them that the world might actually prepare after reading the script.

    When Hezbollah pushed Israel out of Lebanon in 2006, it upset the timetable enormously. Condie was so upset, all she could do was go shopping in Italy. Israel was not supposed to lose because Lebanon’s regular army is barely armed, has no aerial forces and for the past 6 years has been more involved with rebuilding the infrastructure from the last time Israel broke the country.

    Israel expected to plow right through Lebanon like a knife through butter and jam right into into Syria at the same time the US Navy in the Persian Gulf opened up on Iran.

    Lebanese Hezbollah is more of a nationalist party than “jihadist.” Some members of Hezbollah are child survivors of the Israeli occupation and massacres they comitted, especially of the Palestinian refugee camps inside Lebanon.

    In the 90’s, the Pentagon was worried then and offered to buy the earlier Sunburn-22 which Russia refused. The Sunburn missile is the one that Iran stated during a joint Russian-Iranian military wargame on the Black Sea that could not be stopped by Western technology which was all geared to Exocet class speed.

    Sunburns are smart missiles and can be launched from land vehicles, ship or aircraft and travel about mach 2.2 as I recall. The vehicle or ship launch package is about the size of a couple of VW’s.

    If you can find a Russian made docu-drama called “Purgatory” in English it will give you bird’s eye glimpse of just how extensive “the Octopus” is, and what Putin is looking at.

    It is a terrible movie to watch and the Russians do not do Hollywood style violence. They are much more raw. It precisely mimics journalistic on-the-scene footage of live coverage and just about made me throw up for its realism.

    I used to work in public safety and have a tough stomach. Do not let any kids see it, no matter how R-rated desensitized they are.

    I was told by the friend from Russia who showed me the film that the docu-drama is extremely accurate as to events despite being on the patriotic side. Female mercs–bi-athletes from the Baltic states–were snipers; also involved were mercs who, by their skin color and English accents in an otherwise Russian dialog, were probably from Harlem.

    Kosovo has a bandit conclave of about 7,000 Arabic (not Slavic-Albanian) Muslims that moved in along with 900,000 extra Kosovar Albanians after Clintonista bombed out the Serbs.

    Purportedly, these Arabs were Osama ben Lauden’s “Afghani vets” that fought in Afghanistan against the Sov’s, aka “Al Qaeda,” or more properly, Al CIAda when OBL was OUR asset.

    It is also estimated that Kosovo sits on top of about $6 billion (1998) worth of unmined gold, silver and other untapped metal resources, which translates into mega billions of corporate industrial dollars.

    The “dog fight,” if true, was probably a psy-ops. Our military does own MIGs used in aerial combat training and it is quite possible that the most modern ones were purchased from Russia 5 or 6 years ago before things turned sour between Bush and Putin, or else we got them from Pakistan.

    More later on the Russian-American Entente of the 19th century against the European Crowns a major piece of fascinating suppressed history.

  40. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 8:27 am

    @Russian Orthodox

    I thought that Putin’s platform of “regional powers”, his economic reforms, and his disdain of Zionist Europe and Britain seemed awfully familiar.

    It was writing about great Martyr Patriarch Tikhon that reminded me of what I’d read once about how close Czarist Russia and Christian America once were, and I have found the article.

    The Crimean War was fought by Russia in 1848 (?) to help liberate the Orthodox countries from under the Ottoman Yoke. Britain, France and I believe Germany formed an alliance with Turkey to prevent this from happening.

    This should fill in a lot of gaps that has occurred over the past 150 years regarding the Communist-Zionist Revolution, the Bankers, everything. This was written shortly after Perestroika.

    by Konstantin George
    Printed in the Executive Intelligence Review, 1992, first published in The Campaigner, 1978.

    From the Editors: Both Russia and the United States today find themselves at a historic turning point. As Russian President Boris Yeltsin comes to Washington for his summit with President George Bush in mid-June, both nations face economic catastrophe, with dangerous and unpredictable consequences.

    Russia has taken decisive steps to throw off the shackles of communism, but is now battling for its economic survival, in a volatile situation which could lead to World War III. Hordes of “free market advisers” from the West have descended upon that nation, demanding “reforms” which are making the situation worse, day by day.

    Yet Russia has another tradition which could and must be drawn upon instead: the “American System” of national political economy, the economics of Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, and Count Sergei Witte.

    The United States, too, has forgotten the economic policies which made possible its industrial development in the last century. For this, we have to thank the influence of Great Britain–the power that backed the Confederacy in its drive to dismember the United States.

    Americans also do not know the fascinating story that is the subject of this report: the story of the Union’s alliance with the Russia of Czar Alexander II–who freed the serfs in 1861, two years before Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

    Russia’s alliance with the United States was absolutely critical to the Union victory in the Civil War, the defeat of the British strategic design. The lessons of this fight are most relevant to the tasks facing both nations today.

    This article is based upon a longer report that appeared in The Campaigner magazine in July 1978.

    The crowning period of humanist U.S.-Russian collaboration was during the Lincoln administration, when a wartime alliance between the United States and Russia was negotiated by U.S. Ambassador to Russia Cassius Clay (1861-1862 and 1863-1869).

    This is a chapter of American history which is no longer known today by Americans: It was Russia’s military weight and threats of reprisals against Britain and France, that prevented any British-led intervention against the Union.

    America and Russia shared the conception of transforming this wartime pact into a permanent alliance based on developing Russia into a technologically progressive nation of 100 million, combined with an industrialized United States with a population approaching 100 million by the end of the nineteenth century.

    This combination was seen as an unbeatable axis for implementing a worldwide “Grand Design,” an ordering of sovereign nations committed to economic and technological progress–the “American System” of political economy, against the British Empire’s “free trade” policy of keeping the colonial world in perpetual backwardness and misery.

    Ambassador Clay specifically considered his own mission to be the forging of an alliance among the United States, Russia, and the Mexico of President Benito Juárez, committed to the spread of republicanism around the globe.

    Two opposing alliances

    The American Civil War was a global political war that came–several times–within a hair’s breadth of global shooting war. The global battle lines were drawn between two international alliances: the Union and the Russian Empire, arrayed against the Confederacy in alliance with England and France–the Russell-Palmerston alliance with their tool, “Petit” Louis Napoleon (III).

    The Union’s survival and ultimate victory was achieved in part thanks to the influential “American” faction in Russia, to whose outlook Alexander II tended. This faction stuck to its guns, despite all British threats, to ensure the survival and development of the United States for the common interest of Russia and America.

    At several of the most critical junctures of the Civil War, the Lord Russell-Petit Napoleon axis was on the verge of declaring war on the Union. Each time, they were forced to weigh the consequences of a fully mobilized Russia’s declaration of war on England and France. Russia’s huge land armies were ready to roll over the Ottoman Empire and India, thus ending British political domination of an area extending in a great arc from the Balkans through the Middle East to London’s subcontinental “jewel” of India.

    Had Russia not lined up with the Union, a wavering London-dominated Bismarckian Germany, with no anti-British continental powers nearby, would have been able to swing nationalist elements in the German leadership into joining Britain and France as a junior partner. The fact that Russia allied with the Union and mobilized to fight if necessary, guaranteed that if a global war erupted, German national interests, which could not tolerate the elimination of the United States and Russia and a Europe under the complete domination of England and Petit Napoleon, would lawfully assert their control over German policy and move against London.

    In short, the “concert of powers” rigged game that had characterized European affairs since the Congress of Vienna would be over. The means of British political control over the continent would have exploded in the faces of Russell and Palmerston.

    The cornerstone of Britain’s operational policy, from no later than 1860 on, was to dismember both the United States and Russia. This was the prelude to enacting a “new world order,” devoid of sovereign nation states, an order centered on a British-controlled Grand Confederacy, labeled by British policymakers “The United States of Europe.”

  41. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 8:33 am

    Russian-American Entente Part II

    A history of collaboration

    What was achieved during the Civil War by the two “superpowers” was the consummation of a quarter-century-long bitter struggle by factions in the United States and Russian against the London-orchestrated political machines in their respective nations. From 1844 to 1860, British agents of influence repeatedly sabotaged earlier potentialities for the alliance to develop. It was a quarter-century punctuated with missed opportunities and tough lessons learned, as a result of which the strategic perceptions and capacities for action of the foremost of the U.S. Whigs and their Russian counterparts were shaped and increasingly perfected.

    The foundation of U.S.-Russian collaboration was laid in the 1763-1815 period. It was the product of the political influence exerted within Russia by the networks organized by Benjamin Franklin in the Russian Academy of Science (whose leading members were followers of the tradition of technological progress established by the collaboration of Gottfried Leibniz and Peter the Great) and through the American Philosophical Society.

    In the period from 1776 to 1815, Russia twice played a crucial role in safeguarding the existence of America. During the Revolutionary War, the acceptance of Epinus’ draft of a Treaty of Armed Neutrality by Russian Premier Count Panin was not only key in thwarting Britain’s plans for building an anti-American coalition in Europe, but also marked a signal triumph by the Russian friends of Benjamin Franklin, in wresting political hegemony away from the pro-British Prince Potemkin.

    In the War or 1812, Russia, under Czar Alexander I, submitted a near-ultimatum to England to hastily conclude an honorable peace with the United States and abandon all English claims of territorial aggrandizement. The American negotiators were the first to confirm that only the application of Russian pressure produced the sudden volte-face in Britain’s attitude that achieved the Treaty of Ghent.

    One may also note that directly prior to the War of 1812, through the negotiating efforts of John Quincy Adams (at the time United States Minister to Russia), exponential growth rates in U.S.-Russian trade were achieved. By 1911, the United States had by far and away become Russia’s largest trading partner.

    The event that completed the molding and toughening of the commitment to entente of the Russian and American factions was the 1853-56 Crimean War. Russia’s humiliation, and the acute realization that British policy was orienting toward actual dismemberment of the Russian Empire, together with the accrued lessons of the missed opportunities of the 1844-46 period, burned in the requisite lessons.

    The fundamental point that could no longer be ignored was that Russia would have no security as a nation, let alone prosperity, unless it committed itself to the abolition of serfdom and a policy of industrialization to fortify itself against the British monarchy.

    To most Americans today, the image of the Crimean War connotes a war waged by “civilized” England and France against “semi-barbarous” Russia, with the clearest image being the romantic drivel of Tennyson’s “Charge of the Light Brigade.” In 1854, most of the American population was avowedly pro-Russian in its attitude toward that conflict. The Whig press, led by the New York Herald, was openly advocating a U.S.-Russian alliance, in response to Russia’s repeated requests for assistance.

    The United States Minister to St. Petersburg, T.H. Seymour, in a line of argument that illustrates the Whig thinking at the time, repeatedly warned the foolish President Franklin Pierce and his Anglophile Secretary of State William Marcy, what Britain was up to. He wrote to Marcy, in a letter dated April 13, 1854: “the danger is that the Western powers of Europe … after they have humbled the Czar, will domineer the rest of Europe, and thus have the leisure to turn their attention to American affairs.”

    Under the rotten Pierce and Buchanan administrations, alliance was out of the question, but the process that was to define the Grand Design was developed in the years 1855 to 1861.

  42. james August 15, 2008 @ 8:35 am


    An excellent must read book about Chechen terrorism and the only one I know about it is Paul Murphy’s book Wolves of Islam.
    He is no arm chair analysis but a former CIA counter terrorism agent operating in Russia between 94-2000.
    Although mentioned in the inside sleeve it was published before the Beslan massacre so it doesn’t cover that but goes into great detail about everything else.

    It’s amazing what Russia has to deal with in regards to Chechen terrorism and its affiliated organised crime which is just as brutal.

    Special note of reference to the part regarding 9/11 I think you’ll be surprised.

    They also cover I think the Madrid train bombing.

    In France an Algeria-Chechen network smuggled in anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down airplanes at Frances Lyon airport but were intercepted by French intelligence.
    It is covered in the book.
    Did any of our media cover this?

    If you read the book I think you’ll realise that the whole Al Queda terror network is a myth. That OBL is a nobody.

    In the Kosovo war of 99 Psych-Ops interns were brought in to cover the war at CNN.

    In this latest war CNN used footage of South Ossetia and claimed it was the aftermath of Russian attack on Gori.

    Here’s a link to a good article on George Soros involvement in Georgia since 94.

  43. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 8:42 am

    Russian-American Entente Part III

    On the eve of the Civil War

    During those years, the Russian “American faction” led by the new czar, Alexander II, Foreign Minister Alexander Gorchakov, and a group in the Russian Navy Ministry under the Grand Duke Constantine (which included the minister of war, Count Dmitri Miliutin, and the minister of finance, Mikhail Reutern), battled the feudal provincial nobility, which formed the social backbone of the “British faction” within Russia. Gorchakov, the central figure in determining the American faction’s policy moves, was not overly concerned, during this period, that the United States government, under the wretch Buchanan, would ignore and reject Russia’s offers of cooperation. His goal was much more sophisticated: to gain the acceptance of the American Whig grouping of the entente foreign policy perspective. This goal was achieved.

    Thus, from 1855 on, Russia renewed as a standing offer the donation of Alaska to the United States, under the anti-British Empire conditions enunciated first in 1845. This standing offer was followed up with numerous substantial project offers to American capitalists.

    Most notable were the Russian government’s Siberian-Far East and Near East development packages. In 1858, Russia proposed an agreement with the United States for cooperation in developing trade with China. In conjunction with this offer, Russia unilaterally opened the entire Amur River basin region (the maritime Provinces of Siberia) to free trade with the United States. The series of development proposals had begun as early as June 18, 1855, when Russia offered to extend its facilities to the United States in negotiating a commercial treaty with Persia, a step that would have begun the process of ending British hegemony in the region. During the 1858-60 period, United States ambassador to Russia Francis Pickens wrote on numerous occasions urging U.S.-Russian joint trade and economic expansion to effect a strategic shift against England.

    On Jan. 12, 1859, Pickens wrote:
    “Russia can hold a more certain control over Europe by her influence in the East, and she wishes the U.S. to tap the China trade from the East in order to keep England out.”

    On April 17, 1860, after talks with officials of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Pickens conveyed an urgent warning to Washington that a full U.S.-British rupture was close, concluding with this advice:
    “It is thus imperative that we keep an able Minister here … to produce through Russia a strong organization of the Baltic States against the power of England.”
    This letter is of extraordinary historical significance, as it testifies directly that the relevant factions in the United States and Russia were convinced–correctly–that danger of a British-inspired conflict against the United States was rapidly increasing. Pickens’s policy, reflecting the views of Alexander II and Gorchakov, was geared to imminent or actual war conditions, conditions of acute danger to the survival of the American republic. The Russian government had arrived at precisely such an evaluation in the spring of 1860, and, under Gorchakov’s direct personal supervision, dispatched a top-level covert intelligence mission to the United States, headed by Col. Charles DeArnaud. That team was to play a decisive role in stymieing the Confederacy’s 1861 blitzkrieg strategy.

    With the advent of the Lincoln administration, the U.S.-British rupture came to a head. All the Russian economic development proposals of the preceding five years were ripe for implementation. American Whigs, led by Lincoln, Clay, Admiral Farragut, and others, were preparing to launch a policy to develop Russia industrially and militarily.
    In the Western Hemisphere, the end of British control over Ibero-America and Canada was considered imminent. The deputy foreign minister of Colombia expressed this sentiment:

    “The United States Civil War is a step in the direction of the United States’ mission, to regenerate the whole continent, and … the United States and Russia, the two great Northern powers, `Colossi of two continents,’ if they could identify their interests, would be the surest bulwark of the independence of the world.”

    Canada was all but ready to be annexed by the United States in 1861. By 1860, the United States government was receiving a tidal wave of petitions from western Canada urging annexation to the United States. Similar agitation was widespread in Lower Canada (Quebec). The Nor Wester, a newspaper in the Red River settlement that serviced the western region, wrote in an editorial, “England’s policies leave us no choice but to break.”

    This, then, was the strategic conjuncture in 1860, when Britain utilized the last portion of the traitor Buchanan’s term in office to launch its project for Southern secession.

  44. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 8:57 am

    @James. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look at the materials. I’m quite excited about finding this old article on the Russian-American Entente. This completely fills in the global picture as it stands now. We see the America and the Russia that people once loved and trusted, and we trusted each other as well. Working as partners, by 1917, Tzar Nicholas II had completed a number of reforms that within another few years would have resulted in a Constitutional Monarchy for Holy Rus. This is why Tzar Alexander II, the most benevolent of all European monarchs, was assassinated by the Revolutionary Jews.

  45. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 8:59 am

    @Russian Orthodox

    Russian-American Entente Part IV

    From the Russian court
    In this earliest phase of the developing entente, the Russians were pro-American, though cautious. The caution was a lawful expression of a legitimate Russian concern: The Russians demanded to know if Lincoln would stand firm and fight the conflict through to preserve the Union. This was precisely the line of questioning of the czar’s first meeting with Clay in July 1861, culminating with the question of what the Union would do should England intervene. Clay advised Lincoln:
    “I told the Emperor we did not care what England did, that her interference would tend to unite us the more.”
    After this U.S. reassurance, Russia stood firmly behind its U.S. alliance. The policy was elaborated in a lengthy personal communication from Russian Foreign Minister Gorchakov to President Lincoln, dated July 10, 1861:
    “From the beginning of the conflict which divides the United States of America, you have been desired to make known to the federal government the deep interest with which our August Master [Czar Alexander II] has been observing the development of a crisis which puts in question the prosperity and even the existence of the Union.
    “The Emperor profoundly regrets that the hope of a peaceful solution is not realized and that American citizens, already in arms against each other, are ready to let loose upon their country the most formidable of the scourges of political society–civil war.
    “For the more than eighty years that it has existed the American Union owes its independence, its towering rise, and its progress, to the concord of its members, consecrated, under the auspices of its illustrious founders, by institutions which have been able to reconcile union with liberty. This union has been fruitful. It has exhibited to the world the spectacle of a prosperity without example in the annals of history….
    “The struggle which unhappily has just arisen can neither be indefinitely prolonged, nor lead to the total destruction of one of the parties. Sooner or later it will be necessary to come to some settlement, which may enable the divergent interests now actually in conflict to coexist.
    “The American nation would then give proof of high political wisdom in seeking in common such a settlement before a useless effusion of blood, a barren squandering of strength and of public riches, and acts of violence and reciprocal reprisals shall have come to deepen an abyss between the two parties, to end in their mutual exhaustion, and in the ruin, perhaps irreparable, of their commercial and political power.
    “Our August Master cannot resign himself to such deplorable anticipations … as a sovereign animated by the most friendly sentiments toward the American Union. This union is not simply in our eyes an element essential to the universal political equilibrium. It constitutes, besides, a nation to which our August Master and all Russia have pledged the most friendly interest; for the two countries, placed at the two extremities of the world, both in the ascending period of their development appear called to a natural community of interests and of sympathies, of which they have given mutual proofs to each other….
    “In every event the American nation may count on the part of our August Master during the serious crisis which it is passing through at present.”
    Lincoln was deeply moved on receipt of this Russian policy statement, telling the Russian ambassador:
    “Please inform the Emperor of our gratitude and assure His Majesty that the whole nation appreciates this new manifestation of friendship. Of all the communications we have received from the European governments, this is the most loyal.”
    Lincoln then requested permission, which was granted, to give the widest possible publicity to the Russian message. This was crucial. The U.S.-Russian alliance was no secret pact. Quite the contrary, by mutual agreement between the two nations, the arrangement was given as much publicity as possible, as were the reasons behind it and its absolute necessity to the Union. Only later was the historic entente sold by Anglophile historians as a Russian move for “balance” on the European continent.

  46. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 9:05 am

    @Russian Orthodox

    Russian-American Entente Part 5

    Sabotage efforts by a `fifth column’
    Clay’s success in consolidating the Union-Russian alliance produced more than a mild panic in London, and the British fifth column in the U.S. government began to lobby Lincoln for Clay’s recall and replacement. The removal of Simon Cameron as secretary of war, on the grounds of rank incompetence, was to become the object of a “double judo” by the British agents of influence.
    In the spring of 1862, Lincoln was persuaded by William Seward and his allies to replace Cameron with the traitor Edwin Stanton as secretary of war, while Cameron was shunted off to become the new U.S. ambassador to Russia, replacing Clay. Clay was bitter over the move, and begged Lincoln to allow his nephew, who had accompanied him as his assistant, to succeed him. Despite these protests, Clay was recalled, leaving St. Petersburg in June 1862, the same month in which Cameron arrived.
    Clay fought these dirty maneuvers tooth and nail, pointing out to Lincoln that the purpose of appointing Cameron to St. Petersburg was to ensure no effective American presence and communication with the Russian government during the most critical phase of the Civil War. Clay wrote to Lincoln in June 1862:
    “I had made arrangements to stay here and made the necessary expenditures accordingly. I have several thousands of roubles of property here, which is usually turned over to successors–but Mr. Cameron cannot buy: He says he will positively ask leave to retire from this post at the end of the next quarter, the 1st of September next. He proposes to come home on your leave of absence, and then remain.”
    This letter makes clear how transparent the traitors’ maneuver was: Get Clay out, put in Cameron as a rump, three-month ambassador in name only, and then leave the U.S.-Russian entente severed during precisely the phase of Civil War in which the danger of overt British military intervention was greatest.
    Two things were to deny the British-agent conspirators the fruit of these evil schemes. Clay, though losing the recall battle, was to return in short stead to St. Petersburg, as we shall see; and Gorchakov and the American faction in Russia did not budge from their policies. The Russians, too, had their British faction surrounding the czar, but the czar and Gorchakov, like Lincoln, never wavered.
    Clay fought back. Denied for the time being the ambassadorship, he used the period of his return to the United States to organize nationwide public support for the entente with Russia, and for immediate emancipation of the slaves in the United States.
    Upon arriving in Washington, Clay gave Lincoln a blunt strategic briefing on the European situation: “All over Europe governments are ready to intervene in America’s affairs and recognize the independence of the Confederate States.” Clay argued that “only a forthright proclamation of emancipation” and alliance with Russia “will block these European autocracies.”
    In a speech in the American capital, Clay began his public speaking tour for the consummation of the U.S.-Russian entente:
    “I think that I can say without implications of profanity or want of deference, that since the days of Christ himself such a happy and glorious privilege has not been reserved to any other man to do that amount of good; and no man has ever more gallantly or nobly done it than Alexander II, the Czar of Russia. I refer to the emancipation of 23,000,000 serfs. Here then fellow citizens, was the place to look for an ally. Trust him; for your trust will not be misplaced. Stand by him, and he will, as he has often declared to me he will, stand by you. Not only Alexander, but his whole family are with you, men, women and children.”
    Clay’s policy of utilizing the strategic options available to the Union to forestall English-French armed intervention, was readily accepted by Lincoln in both areas: movement towards emancipation, and securing the Russian alliance. Lincoln immediately commissioned Clay to sound out public opinion in his native border state of Kentucky on emancipation, before applying the policy nationally.
    It was now dawning on Stanton, Seward, and the fifth column that their coup in removing Clay from the ambassadorship was backfiring. Clay, in the United States, with constant personal access to Lincoln, was a far more dangerous adversary than Clay in St. Petersburg.
    Seward advised Lincoln that Clay’s speaking activities were “dangerous,” that his “unrestrained agitation for emancipation will drive Kentucky into joining the secessionist States.” Lincoln accepted this “advice” to mend shaky domestic political fences, and, as Cameron’s resignation as ambassador to Russia had just occurred, promptly reappointed Clay to his ambassadorship. Clay wrote an immediate acceptance letter to Lincoln:
    “I avail myself of your kind promise to send me back to my former mission to the Court of St. Petersburg and where I flatter myself that I can better serve my country than in the field under General Halleck who cannot repress his hatred of liberal men into the ordinary courtesies of life.”

  47. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 9:16 am

    @Russian Orthodox
    Russian-American Entente Part VI

    Russia saves the Union

    During Clay’s absence from St. Petersburg from June 1862 until the spring of 1863, there was no wavering of Russia’s support for the Union. Cameron arrived in St. Petersburg in June 1862 with instructions from Lincoln to secure an interview with the czar, to “learn the Russian monarch’s attitude in the event England and France force their unwelcome intervention.” After the interview, Cameron was able to report to Lincoln: “The Czar’s spokesmen have assured me that in case of trouble with the other European powers, the friendship of Russia for the United States would be shown in a decisive manner which no other nation will be able to mistake.”

    Cameron wrote the following on the Russian political situation to Secretary of State Seward in July 1862: “The Russians are evincing the most candid friendship for the North…. They are showing a constant desire to interpret everything to our advantage. There is no capital in Europe where the loyal American meets with such universal sympathy as at St. Petersburg, none where the suppression of our unnatural rebellion will be hailed with more genuine satisfaction.”

    Already by the Civil War’s summer 1862 campaigns, every knowledgeable leading political figure in Europe and the United States was drawing the conclusion that foreign intervention in the American Civil War in support of the Confederacy would be taken as a casus belli by Russia.

    The autumn of 1862 was extremely critical for the Union. England and France were on the verge of military intervention on the side of the Confederacy. On the Union side, everyone was girding for an Anglo-French invasion, an invasion which could include British allies Spain and Austria as well. Anglo-French pressure on Russia to abandon its pro-Union stance was stepped up to fever pitch. The Union’s salvation depended on Russia.

    Lincoln, in this darkest hour of his administration, sent an urgent personal letter to Russian Foreign Minister Gorchakov for delivery to the czar. Lincoln believed correctly that France had already decided to intervene and was only awaiting a go-ahead from England. Lincoln was under no illusions that if the Union was to be saved, it would be saved by Russia. And Russia came through.

    We quote here in full Foreign Minister Gorchakov’s reply to the President, drafted in the name of Czar Alexander II. It is one of the most critical documents in American and world history:

    “You know that the government of United States has few friends among the Powers. England rejoices over what is happening to you; she longs and prays for your overthrow. France is less actively hostile; her interests would be less affected by the result; but she is not unwilling to see it. She is not your friend. Your situation is getting worse and worse. The chances of preserving the Union are growing more desperate. Can nothing be done to stop this dreadful war? The hope of reunion is growing less and less, and I wish to impress upon your government that the separation, which I fear must come, will be considered by Russia as one of the greatest misfortunes. Russia alone, has stood by you from the first, and will continue to stand by you. We are very, very anxious that some means should be adopted–that any course should be pursued–which will prevent the division which now seems inevitable. One separation will be followed by another; you will break into fragments (emphasis in original).”

    Bayard Taylor, secretary of the legation to St. Petersburg, acting under Lincoln’s instructions, gave the U.S. reply:

    “We feel that the Northern and Southern States cannot peacefully exist side by side as separate republics. There is nothing the American people desire so much as peace, but peace on the basis of separation is equivalent to continual war. We have only just called the whole strength of the nation into action. We believe the struggle now commencing will be final, and we cannot without disgrace and ruin, accept the only terms tried and failed.”

    Gorchakov reiterated Russia’s stance, giving Taylor the following message to convey to Lincoln.

    “You know the sentiments of Russia. We desire above all things the maintenance of the American Union as one indivisible nation. We cannot take any part, more than we have done. We have no hostility to the Southern people. Russia has declared her position and will maintain it. There will be proposals of intervention [by Britain]. We believe that intervention could do no good at present. Proposals will be made to Russia to join some plan of interference. She will refuse any intervention of the kind. Russia will occupy the same ground as at the beginning of the struggle. You may rely upon it, she will not change. But we entreat you to settle the difficulty. I cannot express to you how profound an anxiety we feel–how serious are our fears (emphasis in original).”

    How many Americans today know that Russia intervened, at this October 1862 darkest hour of the American Republic, to save it? But every American citizen knew it then, and the entire proceedings were ordered published and distributed throughout the nation by a joint resolution of Congress.
    France was promoting an “armistice” plan that would have effectively stopped Lincoln’s prosecution of the war and rendered permanent the split in the Union. Britain’s Lord Russell favored the plan, “with a view to the recognition of the independence of the Confederates. I agree further that, in case of failure, we ought to ourselves recognize the Southern States as an independent state.”

    The British cabinet was now plunged into debate on whether to intervene, with all eyes and ears nervously awaiting the signal from St. Petersburg of what Russia’s response to Britain’s overtures would be. In the midst of the debate, Lord Russell received a telegram from British Ambassador Napier in St. Petersburg advising him that Russia had rejected Napoleon’s proposal of joint intervention. On Nov. 13, the British cabinet reached its decision: “It is the cabinet’s belief that there exists no ground at the moment to hope that Lincoln’s government would accept the offer of mediation.”

    We give the final word to Czar Alexander II, who held sole power to declare war for Russia. In an interview to the American banker Wharton Barker on Aug. 17, 1879, he said:

    “In the Autumn of 1862, the governments of France and Great Britain proposed to Russia, in a formal but not in an official way, the joint recognition by European powers of the independence of the Confederate States of America. My immediate answer was: `I will not cooperate in such action; and I will not acquiesce. On the contrary, I shall accept the recognition of the independence of the Confederate States by France and Great Britain as a casus belli for Russia. And in order that the governments of France and Great Britain may understand that this is no idle threat; I will send a Pacific fleet to San Francisco and an Atlantic fleet to New York.

    “Sealed orders to both Admirals were given. My fleets arrived at the American ports, there was no recognition of the Confederate States by Great Britain and France. The American rebellion was put down, and the great American Republic continues.

    “All this I did because of love for my own dear Russia, rather than for love of the American Republic. I acted thus because I understood that Russia would have a more serious task to perform if the American Republic, with advanced industrial development were broken up and Great Britain should be left in control of most branches of modern industrial development.”

  48. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 9:21 am

    Russian-American Entente Part VII

    The Russian Navy arrives
    The second half of 1863 and early 1864 mark the second critical phase of the Civil War period, where again the world came very close to a British-instigated eruption of global war. The second half of 1863 witnessed even more earnest British deliberations on intervening, this time on a now-or-never basis.
    By July 1863, desperation gripped Lords Russell and Palmerston. The South’s invasion of the North had failed at Gettysburg. The violent anti-war movement in the North, including the bloody New York City draft riots, had also failed. As of July 4, 1863, the Union controlled the entire length of the Mississippi, cutting the Confederacy in two, while Lincoln’s naval blockade had become almost completely effective. In Russia, the British-orchestrated Polish rebellion was being extinguished. The British grand strategy of dismembering both the United States and the Russian Empire and creating the “United States of Europe” as a satrapy was crumbling into dust.
    In these utterly desperate circumstances, Britain was crazy enough to go to war, and almost did. Throughout the summer of 1863, thinly disguised ultimatums were repeatedly hurled at Russia by Britain and France, and the British were deliberating on intervening against the Union.
    World war almost came in the late summer and fall of 1863. The fact that it did not was not a result of British policy in and of itself, but because joint U.S.-Russian war preparations and preemptive actions raised the penalty factor to a threshold sufficient to force Britain once again to withdraw from the brink.
    It was in this context that the entire Russian Navy arrived in the United States on Sept. 24, 1863.
    Russia’s policy, from 1861 on, was war avoidance as long as Britain did not intervene militarily against the Union. From 1861, Russia developed a war-fighting strategy in the event Britain could not be dissuaded from intervening. One critical strategic aspect of this contingency plan concerned the deployment of the Russian fleet.
    To avoid a repetition of the disaster of the Crimean War, where the fleet was bottled up and attacked in the Baltic and Black Seas, Russia’s Navy was placed on constant alert status during the United States Civil War, ready to set sail and head for the United States to join up with the United States Navy and provide a maximum combined naval capability that would be directed against the vulnerable island state of Britain. The timing of the fleet’s departure from Russian ports was decided on the basis of highly accurate Russian intelligence estimates that considered the outbreak of world war to be imminent. These estimates cohered with the fact that Britain’s propensity to go to war in late 1863 was far greater than even during the intervention proposal period of late 1862.
    The fleet that came on Sept. 24, 1863 to U.S. waters–on both coasts simultaneously–came under arrangement of a U.S.-Russian political-military alliance which would become fully activated in the event of war. Cassius Clay, during his tenure as United States ambassador to Russia, spoke openly and continuously of a U.S.-Russian alliance. No ambassador, without being subject to immediate recall, could do such a thing if such an alliance did not actually exist. Russian Foreign Minister Gorchakov also announced officially, in a communication to his ambassador, Stoeckl, that the alliance existed:
    “I have given much thought to the possibility of concluding a formal political alliance … but that would not change anything in the existing position of the two nations … the alliance already exists in our mutual interests and traditions.”
    To this memo, dated Oct. 22, 1863, Alexander II added the comment, “très bien” (“very good”).

  49. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 9:28 am

    Russian-American Entente Part VIII

    How the Russian Navy was built up
    The actual history of U.S.-Russian military-technological collaboration, both before and during the Civil War, makes a mockery of the revisionist historians’ claim that there never was a Russian-American alliance. The origins of the modern Russian Navy itself attest to this. John Paul Jones, or “Pavel Ivanovich Jones” as he was called during his service in the Russian Navy, did not arrive in Russia in 1788 by a miracle and receive a commission as a rear admiral in Catherine the Great’s Navy. Nor was it mere chance that a document drafted by Jones in 1791, following his Russian tenure of duty, was adopted by Russia as the basis for reorganizing its fleet into a modern Navy.
    From 1781 on, Princess Catherine Dashkov, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences (of the same Dashkov family that Cassius Clay frequently cites as “my good friends” in his Memoirs), was in correspondence with Benjamin Franklin and his great-nephew and Paris secretary, Jonathan Williams–the future superintendent of West Point. Dashkov functioned then and later as a liaison channeling Franklin and Williams’s political, scientific, and military writings into the Russian Navy Ministry and the Russian Academy of Sciences, where they were promptly translated and circulated. It was through similar network arrangements among leading figures that Alexander Hamilton’s Report on Manufactures was translated and widely circulated in Russia by 1783.
    In the period of Whig resurgence, beginning in the 1840s, the strong military ties connecting the United States and Russia were fashioned. It was the former U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officers who supervised the construction of Russia’s first railroad. The individuals who were to become the naval commanders of both powers during the Civil War were already committed in their own minds to the policy of entente between the two powers, based on their mutual commitment to progress, no later than the Crimean War years. In the extensive fraternization and discussion that occurred among the Mediterranean squadron commanders (Farragut, the Grand Duke Constantine, Lessovsky, and others), a powerful U.S.-Russian military alliance against Great Britain came to be viewed by the participants as a historical necessity.
    After the Civil War began, the implementation of a joint U.S.-Russian naval buildup began. Long before the Russian fleet was en route to the United States, a vast stream of American military aid had already begun transforming Russia into a first-rate naval power, soon to be technologically superior to Great Britain. The abrupt transformation of backward Russia into a first-class naval power was the subject of many fear-ridden commentaries in the London Times. In 1861, Russia still had no shipbuilding facilities for ironclads. By mid-1862, Cassius Clay’s “Russian system” had not only established new shipyards capable of turning out ironclads (of the latest American designs, built to American specifications), but also the necessary metalworking, machine tool, and armaments enterprises–all with completely indigenous materials and labor force.
    By the end of the Civil War, Russia had 13 ironclads, equipped with 15-inch guns, constructed from the blueprints of the U.S.S. Passaic–warships that nothing in the British Navy at the time was capable of sinking.

  50. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 9:33 am

    Russian-American Entente Part IX

    “God bless the Russians”
    On Sept. 24, 1863, the Russian fleet dropped anchor in New York harbor. America exploded with joy. Harper’s Weekly took special pride in pointing out the American design of the ships and the armaments on board:
    “The two largest of the squadron, the frigates Alexander Nevsky and Peresvet, are evidently vessels of modern build, and much about them would lead an unpracticed eye to think they were built in this country…. The flagship’s guns are of American make, being cast in Pittsburgh.”
    New York City was “gaily bedecked with American Russian flags,” the fleet’s officers were given a special parade with a United States military honor guard escorting them up Broadway past cheering crowds.
    British newspapers began an angry howl, denouncing “Lincoln’s threats of war” against Britain and launching a press campaign “poking fun” at the “Americans, who have been hoodwinked by the Russians.”
    Harper’s Weekly ran an editorial in reply to this English psychological warfare campaign which expressed the prevailing consensus in the United States:
    “John Bull thinks that we are absurdly bamboozled by the Russian compliments and laughs to see us deceived by the sympathy of Muscovy…. But we are not very much deceived. Americans understand that the sympathy of France in our Revolution for us was not for love of us, but from hatred of England. They know, as Washington long ago told them, that romantic friendship between nations is not to be expected. And if they had latterly expected it, England has utterly undeceived them.
    “Americans do not suppose that Russia is on the point of becoming a Republic, but they observe that the English aristocracy and the French Empire hate a republic quite as much as the the Russian monarchy hates it; and they remark that while the French Empire imports coolies into its colonies, and winks at slavery, and while the British government cheers a political enterprise founded upon slavery, and by its chief organs defends the system, Russia emancipates her serfs. There is not the least harm in observing these little facts. Russia, John Bull will remember, conducts herself as a friendly power. That is all. England and France have shown themselves to be unfriendly powers. And we do not forget it.”
    The Russian fleet was to remain in United States waters for seven months, departing in April 1864 only after both Russia and the United States had fully satisfied themselves that all danger of war from Europe had passed. Throughout the stay there were continuous celebrations, festivities, and a daily public outpouring of American gratitude. The Russian ships stationed off New York sailed in December for Washington, and made their way up the Potomac River, dropping anchor at the nation’s capital. This commenced another round of celebrations. With the unfortunate exception of Lincoln, who at the time was suffering a mild case of smallpox, the entire cabinet and Mrs. Lincoln hosted the Russian officers at gala receptions on board the flagship. The Russians toasted Lincoln, and Mrs. Lincoln led a toast to the czar and the emancipation of the serfs.

  51. Jim DeTexas August 15, 2008 @ 9:39 am


    Oil Speculators’ Dirty Tricks Exposed..

  52. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 9:42 am

    Russian-American Entente Part X

    The postwar outlook
    The central determinant of world politics through the period from 1863 to 1867 was the drive of American Whigs and the Russian government to consolidate their wartime alliance into a permanent entente. Throughout the 1860s, American and Russian “Whigs” continuously pushed to secure this permanent alliance, even, in the American case, under the enormous handicaps that emerged after Lincoln’s assassination.

    At the height of the celebration that engulfed the United States following the arrival of the Russian Fleet, on Oct. 17, 1863, Harper’s Weekly ran an editorial which expressed the nation’s dominant public sentiment. The editorial called for a permanent alliance with Russia, as the international strategic anchor to guarantee world peace and economic development for decades to come. This document speaks eloquently for itself:

    “It seems quite doubtful, under these circumstances, whether we can possibly much longer maintain the position of proud isolation which Washington coveted….
    “The alliance of the Western Powers [Britain and France], maintained through the Crimean War and exemplified in the recognition of the Southern rebels by both powers conjointly–is in fact, if not in name, a hostile combination against the United States.

    “What is our proper reply to this hostile combination?|… Would it not be wise to meet the hostile alliance by an alliance with Russia? France and England united can do and dare much against Russia alone or the United States alone; but against Russia and the United States combined what could they do?

    “The analogies between the American and Russian people have too often been described to need further explanation here. Russia, like the United States, is a nation of the future. Its capabilities are only just being developed. Its national destiny is barely shaped. Its very institutions are in their cradle, and have yet to be modeled to fit advancing civilization and the spread of intelligence. Russia is in the agonies of a terrible transition: the Russian serfs like the American Negroes, are receiving their liberty; and the Russian boiars, like the Southern slaveowners, are mutinous at the loss of their property. When this great problem shall have been solved, and the Russian people shall consist of 100,000,000 intelligent, educated beings, it is possible that Russian institutions will have been welded by the force of civilization into a similarity with ours. At that period, the United States will probably also contain 100,000,000 educated, intelligent people. Two such peoples, firmly bound together by an alliance as well as by traditional sympathy and good feeling, what would be impossible? Certainly the least of the purposes which they could achieve would be to keep the peace of the world….

    “At the present time Russia and the United States occupy remarkably similar positions. A portion of the subjects of the Russian Empire, residing in Poland, have attempted to secede and set up an independent national existence, just as our Southern slaveowners have tried to secede from the Union and set up a slave Confederacy; and the Czar, like the government of the Union, has undertaken to put down the insurrection by force of arms. In that undertaking, which every government is bound to make under penalty of national suicide, Russia, like the United States has been thwarted and annoyed by the interference of France and England. The Czar, like Mr. Lincoln, nevertheless, perseveres in his purpose; and being perfectly in earnest and determined, has sent a fleet into our waters in order that, if war should occur, British and French commerce should not escape as cheaply as they did during the Crimean contest.

    “An alliance between Russia and the United States at the present time would probably relieve both of us from all apprehensions of foreign interference. It is not likely it would involve either nation in war. On the contrary, it would probably be the best possible guarantee against war. It would be highly popular in both countries….

    “The reception given last week in this city to Admiral Lisovski [Lessovsky] and his officers will create more apprehension at the Tuilleries and at St. James than even the Parrott gun or the capture of the Atlanta. If it be followed up by diplomatic negotiations, with a view to an alliance with the Czar, it may prove an epoch of no mean importance in history.”

  53. KathJuliane August 15, 2008 @ 9:46 am

    Russian-American Entente Part XI

    The end of the entente
    he fact that such a post-Civil War epoch of peace and development, based on a formal “superpowers” entente, did not materialize, requires no long-winded explanation. Lincoln’s assassination by a British conspiracy cost the United States Whigs the Executive. After Lincoln’s death, the White House and the cabinet fell under the sway of British agents of influence, sealing the fate of the entente.

    A year and a day following Lincoln’s death, on April 16, 1866, the czar narrowly escaped assassination. This galvanized the American Whigs into action. The Republican congressional leadership drafted a resolution, which was overwhelmingly passed by Congress, authorizing the dispatch of a special envoy to Russia “to convey in person to His Imperial Majesty America’s good will and congratulations to the twenty millions of serfs upon the providential escape from danger of the Sovereign to whose head and heart they owe the blessings of their freedom.”

    Assistant Secretary of the Navy Gustavus Vasa Fox was selected to head the mission. On Aug. 8, 1866, Fox, accompanied by Ambassador Clay, formally presented the joint resolution of the Congress to Alexander II, with Russian Foreign Minister Gorchakov standing in attendance. The American delegation went on a national tour, with entertainment, fireworks, and parades everywhere.

    The U.S. delegation’s tour marked the postwar high-water mark of the entente. After late 1866, the cabinet of the Johnson administration, under Secretary of State Seward’s direction, successfully implemented a containment strategy against the Whig goals. The British consolidated their position in Canada, one step in reestablishing British imperial hegemony on a global scale. The consolidation included the murder of Alexander II at the hands of a British-deployed assassin in March 1881.

    Humanity, then, came very close to securing the world for global industrial development, with a United States-Russian entente as its strategic core. The prospects for entente and the objective capability of a United States-Russian alliance to finish off the City of London exist today. We dare not fail a second time.

    • Adams, Great Britain and the American Civil War
    • John Quincy Adams, Memoirs of John Quincy Adams, Vol. 2.
    • Thomas W. Balch, The Alabama Arbitration (Philadelphia: Allen, Lane and Scott, 1900).
    • Wharton Barker, “The Secret of Russian Friendship,” published in the Independent, LVI, March 24, 1904.
    • Rev. Charles B. Boynton, The Four Great Powers: England, France, Russia and America: Their Policy, Resources, and Probably Future (Cincinnati, Chicago: C.F. Vent and Co., 1866).
    • James Callahan, “Russo-American Relations During the American Civil War,” Morgantown: West Virginia University Studies in American History, 1908, Series I, Diplomatic History No. 1.
    • Cassius Marcellus Clay, The Life of Cassius Marcellus Clay, Memoirs, Writings and Speeches (Cincinnati: J.F. Brennan and Co., 1886).
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    • Harper’s Weekly, Oct. 17, 1863.
    • Lincoln Papers: No. 10880-4, Clay to Lincoln, private, July 25, 1861.
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    • Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 91:1947.
    • James R. Robertson, A Kentuckian at the Court of the Tsars (Berea, Kentucky: Berea College Press, 1935).
    • Benjamin Platt Thomas, “Russo-American Relations, 1815-1867,” Johns Hopkins Studies, series 48 (1930).
    • U.S. Department of State Archives, Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States, June 21, 1861.
    • U.S. Department of State manuscripts, Cameron to Seward, Dispatches, Russia, 1860-1869. Washington.

  54. Jim DeTexas August 15, 2008 @ 9:51 am

    also see

    Soros’ double-dealing in the Caucasus oil market

  55. james August 15, 2008 @ 9:56 am


    An excellent must read book about Chechen terrorism and the only one I know about it is Paul Murphy’s book Wolves of Islam.
    He is no arm chair analysis but a former CIA counter terrorism agent operating in Russia between 94-2000.
    Although mentioned in the inside sleeve it was published before the Beslan massacre so it doesn’t cover that but goes into great detail about everything else.

    It’s amazing what Russia has to deal with in regards to Chechen terrorism and its affiliated organised crime which is just as brutal.

    Special note of reference to the part regarding 9/11 I think you’ll be surprised.

    They also cover I think the Madrid train bombing.

    In France an Algeria-Chechen network smuggled in anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down airplanes at Frances Lyon airport but were intercepted by French intelligence.
    It is covered in the book.
    Did any of our media cover this?

    If you read the book I think you’ll realise that the whole Al Queda terror network is a myth. That OBL is a nobody.

    In the Kosovo war of 99 Psych-Ops interns were brought in to cover the war at CNN.

    In this latest war CNN used footage of South Ossetia and claimed it was the aftermath of Russian attack on Gori.

    Here’s a link to a good article on George Soros involvement in Georgia since 94.

  56. james August 15, 2008 @ 2:14 pm

    Good piece on media propaganda

  57. angel of the south August 15, 2008 @ 5:00 pm

    @ Jim DeTexas

    Good link on “Soros’s double dealing in the Caucasus oil market”.

    There is some concern over the legitimacy of claims that the Russian bear is a politcal beast; but I think we need to stay focused on the oily oiligarchs in the Soviet East that are presently operatng as bears of the financial sort.

    Dow Jones says US stocks are in the 12th bear market since 1962 and the first since 2002 – note that 2001 was a political and military crisis year for the US; but Russia’s stocks and bonds are even more bearish, largely because of the Caucasus conflict.


    Jews with the bulk of the world’s gold invented the ruse of a stock exchange, so they could bait and lure (especially by the fraud of ‘fractional reserve’ banking) the goy cattle of the Gentiles into bull market mode, and then gut and fleece corporates of assets, after they’ve created stampedes among goy investors fleeing the ‘flatulence’ zone.

    When a bear market crops up it’s usually an indicator that the leading finance Jews are paying very close attention to cashing in on their patient wait through bull market mode and their usually substantial investment in fomenting a political/military crisis somewhere, both of which are used to create the ‘favourable’ bear market financial event.

    The real scrap in the Caucasus is obviously between corporate chiefs and shareholders with interests in Russian oil and gas production in the old school Soviet East and the oil moguls in the new school ‘Soviet’ West, with the Rothschilds with interests on both sides raking off the cream, which was what was being developed in the previous thread before it got blitzed by the Web host changeover.

  58. Mack Bee August 15, 2008 @ 8:54 pm

    I can say that the all the Armed Forces use brainwashing techniques. I should know, as I was a Marine from 1996 to 2000. I almost went to Kosovo in 1999. Deo Gratias, I did not. They probably would have had me killing fellow Christians and defending infidel Muslims. Thanks be to God I am no longer in the Marines (or any other service). At least Putin is making a stand for the revival of a Christian world order. I think it would be neat to see a restored House of Romanov on the throne of Holy Russia and a restored House of Bourbon on the throne of France. I can see the Russian people are awakening from the last 90 years. Hopefully, the people of France will awake from the last 220 years!

    God bless and save the Russian Empire!
    God bless and save the Kingdom of France!

  59. Ed of St Lou. August 15, 2008 @ 9:12 pm

    Like Saakashvili, Are Bush and Cheney War Criminal’s? – Who should be put on trial – or Just plain Nuts? ( check out bottom of article ).

    August 14, 2008, 16:14
    Saakashvili may be put on trial in Russia, say prosecutors

    Russian investigators have launched a criminal case on charges of genocide in connection with the events in South Ossetia. Russia’s Interfax news agency reports that the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office has said Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili may also be put on trial.

    Igor Komissarov, deputy chairman of the Prosecutor’s Investigation Committee, said it had “initiated a genocide probe based on reports of actions committed by Georgian troops aimed at murdering Russian citizens, ethnic Ossetians, living in South Ossetia.”

    According to the latest figures, about 1,600 residents and 74 Russian peacekeepers have been killed as a result of Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia.

    Speaking at a joint media briefing with French President Nicholas Sarkozy, President Medvedev said double standards are inadmissible when evaluating the actions of politicians who are guilty of mass killings of civilians.

    “The situation when one, who committed thousands of crimes, is characterised as a terrorist, and another as a president of a sovereign state, is very strange,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Marina Gridneva, a spokesperson for the General Prosecutor’s Office, told Interfax that Russian law allows for foreign citizens to be brought to trial if they have committed a crime against Russia’s interests.

    She said that evidence of murder, following the attack of Georgian troops in South Ossetia, may be used as a basis for future charges against Saakashvili.

    Aleksandr Torshin, Vice Speaker of the Russian Federation Council, said that Saakashvili and his closest allies must answer for their actions in front of an international tribunal.

    But he said he is worried by some assumptions in the west that Mikhail Saakashvili is “inadequate and may be mentally ill.”

    “In such a case there will be no trial against him. He would get a certificate, a ward, and everything would be explained that he is nutty. I fear such a development of events, and I have an impression that this variant is being considered in the west,” Torshin said.

    Advice to Bush and Cheney. You both should check yourselve’s into a mental ward. Once you enter the ward begin screaming ” I’m Crazy, I’m Nutty, I’m Screwey, I’m an Imbecile, etc. This way you may avoid the ultimate penalty of your being punished as a War Criminal! Just picture the punishment that you dished out to Saddam Hussein. If your not nutty than one day you may get the same. At least we know that you’ll get your just rewards when you enter Eternity!

  60. Frank Griglonis August 15, 2008 @ 9:48 pm

    potitics (and much of human history) aside, it is
    my personal belief (and understanding) that a war
    has been waged in both heaven and on earth for
    approximately the last eight thousand years…
    studying the old russian Christian icons (not communism, marxism, or capitalism ideology) has
    greatly enhanced my understanding of the principalities and powers” involved, gospel events, and early church development…
    thank you for your forum,

  61. Greg August 16, 2008 @ 6:58 am

    Ed, all Presidents since 1913 are criminals, as they all have taken part in the destruction of the Republic because they had come into office with an agenda not to obey the US Constitution. That means the violated the oath of office they were sworn in by, and that makes them all guilty of TREASON against the United States.

  62. Minnie Hupp August 16, 2008 @ 9:44 am

    Hi Ya`ll! What I can`t understand is,why the USA is supporting those zionist pigs in isreal when they(zionist)are always putting us down behind our backs. This is the USA “NOT” little isreal!

  63. Minnie Hupp August 16, 2008 @ 10:30 am

    I forgot to give you the a web site that proves just how arrogent(sp)those people are (www.ynetnews.con)! The zionists are like locusts!They take what they what from a country until it is ruined,then they move on to another country and do the same darn thing.They what us(the Christians)to be gone.THAT AIN`T GOING TO HAPPEN!! EVER!

  64. KathJuliane August 18, 2008 @ 5:47 am

    God bless you all, and Brother Nathanael, my prayers to St. Andrew of Constantinople, Holy Fool for Christ to assist you with your labors.

    Thanks for the heads up on “Wolves.” May answer some more questions. You might be interested in a book “Media Virus” by Douglas Rushkoff. Excellent look into the subtle and subversive influences in popular media we don’t even think about or notice.

    I agree. OBL is a myth at this point. “Al Qaeda” or better, “Al CIAda”, is an intel doppleganger unit.

    OBL died in a Pakistani hospital in Dec 2001. It was announced by his attending physician in a Pak newspaper which ran an obit, and an Egyptian newspaper ran an eulogy shortly after. He was buried privately in the Afghan desert by a few followers per Muslim custom to return to the dust. This must be true because there was dead silence. Not a peep made to deny or discredit the story. This was all shortly after the last probably genuine vid of him was released early Dec 2001.

    To my eye as a former hospice worker, OBL looked terminally ill in that vid. He was emaciated and jaundiced, consistent with renal and liver failure; paralyzed on the left side from probably a stroke, and leaning; his neck was weak and head wobbled a little; eyes were sunken and his face had acquired what we used to call “the death mask” when the skull features become very prominent in the terminally ill approaching death. Am certain that vid was still doctored, his voice was too strong for his condition.

    Sometime after December 2001, when some astute folks did point out how deathly ill OBL had looked, disinfo was circulated about a CIA contact with OBL in July 2001 undergoing dialysis in a Saudi or Yemen hospital or something similar, and according to the contact, OBL laughed and denied he was dying.

    Obviously an attempt to fog the trail of Pak news story further. OBL said in July 2001 that he was not dying in Dec 2001. He told us so in 2002. Ok, got it. No wonder Americans are bemused.

    This is what the mainstream media under the 1947 National Security Act does to us, which essentially states that under war-time conditions, the public news media and press becomes a government-controlled tool and is entitled to make up any lies it wants to, scramble up factoids, and censor everything. The Pentagon went Hollywood to best script Shock n Awe. Military and CIA intel conducted training seminars with news personnel and journalists in the broadcasting companies, and arranged permanent desks. Many of the name talking heads belong to the CFR, and the CIA recruits students before they graduate from journalism school. Any questions as to why our “Fourth Estate of Government”, the free press, seems so dysfunctional?

    Then the new vid of the jolly, fatcheeked, very dark-skinned, very blurry OBL was released on MSM. Obviously some CIA guy was given the project, then he took it home and drank a 6-pack while his 3 year-old put it together. When this was challenged, the Bush-monkeys replied “Its the meds for his kidneys. They puffed him up, turned him black, and made him blurry on the video.”

    So. The FBI’s 10 Most Wanted poster for OBL neglects to state that OBL is wanted for 9-11. He is wanted for the USS Cole, the embassy bombings, but 9-11 is conspicuous by its complete absence on the wanted poster. Not even wanted for questioning. What an odd little oversight by the FBI concerning “the mastermind of 9-11.” Two hours after it all went down, OBL stated he was not responsible. Looks like the FBI concurs.

    A year or two ago, Mad King George II was challenged about OBL in relation to our tearing up Afghanistan and Iraq using him as the justification. Bush stated OBL wasn’t relevant anymore.

    I rest my case: OBL likely died in Dec 2001.

    Sounds like the Zionist handlers here in the US of Talmudistan are already distancing themselves in terms of plausible deniability, coming up with the “mental illness” thing as propaganda. Their operation did not go according to plan, which was doubtless meant to provoke Russia into an overwhelming invasion of Georgia proper. Putin responded with a nice piece of police action. Saakshavili is competent to stand trial, period. Psychopathology does not stand up to the legal insanity test, he knew what he was doing. As far as the evil little Bush monkey and his cronies go, they are deserving of nothing less than an impeccably fair public trial, and when found guilty, publicly given the Benedict Arnold treatment with all appropriate honors for being a party of traitors to this country.


    When our Lord beheld Satan’s fall like lightening from heaven, that did not change the fact that Lucifer is still “Prince of the Air” and is in temporary rule as King of the World, and that ultimately all is invisible spiritual warfare between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan, which will end on the Last Day, whenever that will come. We are not given to know or guess at when this will be, as this will occur “like a thief in the night” at a time which “only the Father knows.”

    In the meantime, we pray and fast to wage spiritual war on our own sinfulness and go about being “IN the world, not OF the world”, wearing the full armor of God in humility and patience, waiting to deliver the one perfect stroke of the Lord’s Sword of Truth into the very heart of the Evil One when our Lord and Savior commands it on the Last Day.

    Patristic commentators often refer to Psalm 37, which describes how God vindicates the righteous even though it appears the situation continues to go badly for them. God always rescues the faithful believer in the end–that is, at the judgement–whether or not we see relief from our adversaries in this life. Verses 30,31 are used in the Orthodox Church to commemorate St. John the Baptist and other followers of Christ who have endured martyrdom.

    @Mack Bee

    Liberalism, mass mechanized warfare and Sovietization (dehumanizing) has infected and corrupted the time tested American military tradition. Its all out of the Soviet Communist playbook. America had extremely high standards embodied in a strict military code of conduct learned in the war colleges that also taught military diplomacy and planned how to avoid war and make peace.

    Officers were gentlemen, the word of an enemy officer could be trusted. Safe conducts were inviolate. Troops forced to retreat from a battlefield leaving wounded behind usually had confidence that when taken prisoner of war, the wounded would be cared for to the best of the enemies ability. Cease fires were arranged so that both sides could decently bury their dead. The generals, not politicians and bankers, handled the terms of surrender and armistice.

    The firebombing of Dresden in WW2 changed the world much more than the mass murders at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, had at least three times the fatalities, and most of us don’t know that. Dresden, by agreement on all sides, was considered a “safe” city, a beautiful European treasure of antiquity. Guarantees of safety left Dresden feeling so secure, that there seemed no need to build bomb shelters. It was of little industrial and military strategic importance. Dresden became a hospital and prisoner of war city, caring for wounded German soldiers and thousands of Allied prisoners of war, and an unknown number of civilian casualties. Germany was losing the war, as they retreated they shipped their wounded and wounded POW’s to Dresden.

    The Allies all had current intelligence on Dresden, they knew it was defenseless, and packed with wounded, including Allied troops. There was no sane reason for what happened next. Eisenhower, a Swedish Jew hated the Germans–he believed it necessary to break the German will completely; Churchill wanted to send a strong message to Stalin that he was advancing too far into Europe. The decision came down to incinerate Dresden in a deliberate incendiary firestorm just because it could be done. Thousands of unarmed people that fled into the countryside to escape the firestorm were mercilessly strafed by the Allies two hours after the bombing runs were finished.

    When the ruthless waves of incendiary bombings commenced falling on the defenseless city, the Germans moved as many Allied POW’s as possible to a large state of the art slaughterhouse that had deep basement coolers and freezers. Kurt Vonnegut was one of those POW’s and he wrote a book about it called “Slaughterhouse 5”. The Germans upheld their military honor to the bitter end by saving their enemies over themselves. All code of honor truly died, however, after the German surrender when Churchill and Eisenhower deliberately starved to death about 2 million German POW’s in camps that were nothing more than bare dirt.

    Liberalism thoroughly corrupted the fine traditions of the USMC, which used to be “the thinking man’s service”. If Marines knew how to kill, they also knew when NOT to use their strength in order to make peace. That is what US Marine honor and dignity has always rested on.

    It grieves me that genuine “esprit de corps” has been perverted into heartless human robotics. I’m sorry you were robbed of the pride and dignity that should be yours as a noble Marine, even though war is always hell. In my humble opinion, that you have broken out of that conditioning, and perhaps carry a broken heart knowing what it has all become, makes you a true Marine for the courage in struggling to rise above things. Many can’t do it, I am sorry to say, they stay locked in the nightmare of being badly used in unrighteous causes and can’t find a way out of it.

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to say, “Semper Fi, Marine” because I’d want you to know the extent of my respect for you. God bless you for your service and may He help carry your heartache.

    A little story you might find edifying: When Clintonista was setting things up to bomb Kosovo, plucky little Greece, a NATO/EU country, defiantly shook her fist in Clinton’s face and shouted in the world press: “Oche! NO! Orthodox Greece will not be used to make war on another Orthodox country!”

    The Pentagon had to completely rearrange its strategy for Kosovo as Greece had closed her air bases, and was absolutely deaf to any threats or enticements. I’m sure Greece paid the piper for that defiance later, but the story is a treasure anyway.

    I’m also rather fond of Gen. Chesty Puller, and I’ve used his MC fighting spirit many times in my own fight with cancer. To paraphrase: “Enemy in front of us, enemy behind, enemy to the left, and enemy to the right. Men, we are surrounded. They are right where we want them. ATTACK!” That’s how I approach my lymphoma.

    We are surrounded by the NWO Zionist-Bolshevik-Bankers. We have them right where God wants them, so now its time to humble down, admit to God we a powerless, and begin mustering some spiritual power to be of some earthly use.

    “Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noon day…The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, and his tongue talks of justice. The law of God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.”

    Brother Nathanael in the Holy Spirit is speaking truth to power. He is saying “Oche! NO!” Alexandr Solzhenitsyn observed in “Gulag Archipelego” that a general paralysis invaded the Russian people in the mind-numbing and grueling days of the early Red Terror evidenced by an incapacity for a hundred million voices to rise up and say NO! The Russians were so benumbed they could not muster the will to protest when neighbors and family members were dragged off in the night, thrown into the Black Marias of the secret police, most to disappear forever.

    We still have our voices, we are not yet paralyzed by mind-numbing mass violence and government terror going on around us in our neighborhoods. We are still simply being terrorized by the TV illusions, our foolish minds, and the fear of being called the smear words “anti-Semite”, or “self-hating Jew”. We still have the American street to turn out on in mass protest and activism.

    Ridicule through self-mockery is a great weapon of holy fools and king’s jesters. A place to start might be to wear T-shirts or carry signs that say “I am an anti-semite” or “I am a self-hating Jew” and then go picket in front of the local ADL office.

    Freedom of speech and assembly are battered, but still our Constitutional rights. Things are not at the point that our own independent historians are being imprisoned for “anti-semitic hate-crimes” for simply insisting on a more accurate historical record of events in WW2 as is happening in Germany, France, Canada and perhaps even now Australia.

    What happened in Russia under the Red Terror and Sovietization is happening to us, but in true dialectic fashion we are being assaulted in very slow motion in a creeping process using different tactics called Fabian Socialism. Putin has pulled Russia up by the bootstraps, our legs are not so weak that we cannot do likewise and begin rolling back the juggernaut by all lawful and political means.

    As far as restoring European royal dyanasties at this point, it is a real mistake to cherish romantic illusions, idealism, and wishful thinking about days past. Looking back might mean getting turned into a pillar of salt. In the modern day, the corrupt, degenerate, effete, and morally bankrupt state of most of the inbred European royal houses today will not stand up to the test. They are so enmeshed with the Banksters and in debt to them, that they are virtually indistinguishable from each other.

    According to British genealogists, the evil little Bush monkey, Mad George II, has more royal bloodlines merging in him than any one in history. That doesn’t bode well for the condition of the royal dynasties.

    @Minnie Hupp

    The Zionists are very arrogant. However, not all Israelis are like-minded. Inside Israel, things are more divided than what their propaganda boasts. Many “liberal, self-hating” (meaning intelligent, caring, and moderate) Jews are working on the pro-Palestinian side of things within the international humanitarian and political organizations.

    There are now about 3,000 “Refuseniks” who are IDF vets, soldiers and reservists that are refusing to continue with the senseless Zionist military aggressions. They are getting persecuted and facing arrests for for their protest, but the movement is having its effect. When reservists were called up for the Lebanon campaign in 2006, about 25% managed to obtain medical exemptions from active duty, which was entirely unprecedented.

    The IDF’s defeat by militant Lebanese Hezbollah, which is more of a national defense party rather than “jihadist”, thoroughly demoralized the IDF, undermining their confidence as the regional hi-tech military bully. The Zionists lost further face when Hamas spent months undermining the walls of Gaza, and 800,000 starving Palestinians pushed the walls down and walked to Egypt to go shopping for food. Some of the IDF brigades are in the gutter due to Ecstasy usage (made in Israel) and rampant homosexuality.

    On Christian Zionism: I suggest researching on Internet how Judeo-Zionists in the late 1800’s used the Scofield Bible to corrupt Protestant America. The Darbyites are generally credited as the ones that developed the heresy of a restored earthly Israel, or Zionism. Scofield was a rather unsavory adulterer, shady lawyer and chiseler who claimed himself to be a Bible scholar of the Darbyite school.

    Scofield was financially supported by the world Zionist Jew Samuel (?) Untermeyer, a very powerful lawyer and political baron of American Jewry that strung President Wilson like a puppet. Untermeyer in 1933 declared economic warfare on Germany in the name of International Jewry, which completely crushed the bankrupt Weimar Republic, in debt to the nostrils to the Rothschild Banker cartel for reparations for WWI which bankrupted Germany. That act was the catalyst behind the meteoric rise of Hitler and Nazism.

    Untermeyer was instrumental in the production of the Scofield Bible, a Communist-Zionist propaganda tool, intentionally propagated for the express purpose of destroying authentic Christianity in America. Scofield took the KJV and made a few alterations in the text, and added copious commentaries to supporting the restoration of “earthly Zion”. Naturally Zionist Jews were happy to support this heresy as further contributing to world Zionism and the growing Palestinian question.

    The Scofield Bible was published by the liberal Oxford University, which still holds the copyright to the Scofield version because of his notes. Oxford continues to issue periodic Scofield versions where the commentary has gradually become more aggressively pro-Zionist, and the Scripture itself is altered to conform to “political correctness”.

    Scofield’s version was enthusiastically accepted uncritically by classic Protestant Christian fundamentalist theologians and confessions, and entered into the curriculum of the Protestant theology schools. His printed commentary came to take on the status of “inspired” writ. More and more theological opinions were developed around an earthy Israel, millenialism and forcing Messiah to come on a false prophetic timetable. Dispensationalism, Two-Covenant Theology, the “pop theology” of the Left Behind series all have roots in Scofieldism, which promotes an impossible earthly utopia no matter what it is called.

    Major Judaizing heresy crept into the Roman Catholic Church ages ago with “crypto-Jews”, those who continued to practice Judaism in secret while becoming Catholic priests and bishops, as opposed to true converts that accepted Christ entirely. The Inquisition was not directed at Jews who practiced Judaism openly as they did not come under Church religious law.

    Expulsions of Jewish populations and confiscation of property was a civil/political measure by the Crown governments. It was usually the only option open to the Crowns which had formerly exempted self-ruling Jewish communities from the general Crown and Catholic law of the land, answerable only to the Crown itself. Jews in general in special covenants with the Crown, could not be tried under Crown law for any crimes they might commit against gentiles, or offenses against the Church, as the agreement was that the Jews would abide by their own law.

    If a gentile was unjustly indebted to a Jew, or victims of a crime, it had to go to the Jewish court, with predictably miserable outcomes, as the letter of the Talmud permits Jews to steal from, rob, cheat, enslave, and abuse gentiles with impunity, as gentiles are simply “beasts”. Eventually a number of Crown public laws were enacted to remedy some of this Christian gentile/Jewish situation.

    However, once baptized as Christian, one was legally Christian and now subject to Crown and Church law. There were sincere conversions, and although viewed with certain suspicion, the Converso families were left alone as they had not converted under duress, and seemed to live as good, pious Catholics.

    The infamous Torquemada was himself a converso from Judaism. The various Inquistions sought out the baptised crypto-Jews, those who professed Christianity publicly but hypocritically adhered to Judaism in secret, sometimes for generations, which infected gentile Christian families and divided them. A Catholic woman believing she was marrying a Catholic man who was a crypto-Jew, after marriage would be forced by her husband to secretly embrace Judaism. Or, a woman crypto-Judaizer married to a Catholic man would secretly raise her children as Jews, to hate and despise their Catholic father. It created a lot of mischief and confusion, and contributed greatly to the corruption of Catholic morals and piety.

    Rabbinic Judaism, unlike the Law of Moses and its clear moral laws, does not have the same concept of sin and evil as the Christian understanding. This has ever been the tricky delusion that ensnares Christians. Because they say they follow the Law of Moses, Christians assume they mean the written Scripture and that Christians and Jews are talking about the same thing. It is not.

    Rabbinic Judaism actually despises the Written Torah, or Scripture. On the one hand, the legal portion of the Talmud is so full of rabbinic legal rulings, it is nothing but a body of religious case law that contains numerous loopholes to the moral portions of written Law of Moses, and layers of rabbinic regulation added to and changing the meaning of the Levitical ritual laws. There are various methods of exegesis of Scripture, the least of which is reading it in the plain sense.

    They use Scripture for a system of letter and symbol magic as part of their esoteric inner mystical tradition of Kaballah. What Rabbinic Judaism means by “the Law of Moses” is Talmudic law, which in the Lord’s day was called “the tradition of elders”, a man-made religion of the Pharisee Rabbis and Sages, which they also called the “Oral Law”.

    Rabbis claimed the Talmud was oral tradition handed down by Moses secretly and separately through a body of fictious rabbis that was supposed to exist at the time of Moses. The clue that this is a rabbinic lie is that the word Rab, is Babylonian for “chief”, “master”, or a military commander, so it is easy to date when the word came into use among the Babylonian Jewry.

    The Rabbis decreed that both the good impulse and the evil impulse were given by God to man, and that the universe would actually disappear without the evil impulse. The Talmud either implicitly or explicitly gives permission to a wide range of licentiousness and immoral behavior, “making the Law of God to none effect”. The Talmud lists pages of vile acts which money can buy off.

    The offer of conversion to Catholicism was ill-advisedly offered to Jews as an alternative to expulsion and confiscation of property. Some Catholic authorities naively believed that baptism by itself would cure the problem. The more cynical Catholic authorities accepted hefty bribes and simply sold the baptismal certificates without requiring baptism.

    Orthodoxy had some problems with Judaizers in late 18th century, but the heresy was quashed. Islam historically had a problem with crypto-Judaism, who were called “donmei”. While in general Islam maintained a certain tolerance towards the “People of the Book”, and at times there were harmonious marriages between Muslims and Christians, the Muslims had no tolerance for insincere conversions made in order to avoid paying the religious tax of non-Muslims.

    Historically the Jews have faced about 130 expulsions from foreign lands outside Israel, in both pre-Christian and post-Christian eras. So it is another bald faced lie that “anti-semitism” is specifically a Christian thing.

    Now the Vatican is openly Zionist as well. Pope John Paul II openly embraced Judaism right in step with the Evangelical “Jewish roots” movement. Pope Benedict has had prayers removed from the Catholic liturgy that were for the conversion of Jews, and removed portions of the Easter (Pascha) liturgies that make mention of the Jews in the Crucifixion. There is also pressure in various places to have the New Testament rewritten eliminating any “antiSemitic” elements.

    The politically powerful “Christian Right” consists of 50 million Christian Zionists that grew up on the Scofield Bible and Left Behind series. The fascination with “Jewish roots” among Christian Zionists has resulted not in an enrichment of faith, but the erosion of sturdy Protestant Christian tradition into a hybrid Judeo-Christian Zionism of worldliness, materialism, greed, consumerism, sensualism, etc. “Lawlessness in the guise of law”–Christian Zionists in their zeal for “Jewish roots” and an earthly Israel tacitly condone blasphemy, murder, robbery, covetousness, and enslavement by “the Chosen”. They are into the “Prosperity Gospel”, televangelism and consumer entertainment faith, charismatic “faith healings” by false messiahs in megadomes fleecing millions of dollars at a time.

    Solid Bible-based exposition and preaching from the pulpit has given way to self-acclaimed prophets, babblers and bishops hearing “the Spirit” directly. These false teachers clip biblical prooftexts together to justify their “feel good” faith. They consider themselves comparable to the Rabbinic Sages that claimed the mantle of the Holy Spirit had passed to them after prophecy died in Israel. These are all outcomes of the Talmudic mentality found in Judaizing Christians.

    Jesus, our Lord and Savior, the Son of God, King of the Universe, the Word through Whom all things were made, has become the blue-jeaned pocket-messiah Jesus that is subject to human manipulation and whim. Judeo-Christians apologized to one rabbi who complained that Christians stole Jesus from the Jews.

    The fascination with “Jewish roots”, not understanding Rabbinic Judaism’s actual historical origins and place in the ABERRATION and DISTORTION of the ancient Hebrew Faith of Israel, has lead many Protestants into idolatry of the Chosen People. The fascination is so strong, that in the “Jewish roots” movement it has led to the enthusiastic adoption of the very same wicked legalistic Pharisee system promoted by the Rabbinate that our Lord Jesus, John the Baptist and the Apostles condemned. The most extreme of the Judaizers abandon Christianity altogether in favor of becoming Righteous Gentiles under the fabricated rabbinic Noachide Laws”. As Christ is considered a false god and idol, these apostates turn their back on Jesus. In the Talmud, idolatry (Christianity) carries the death penalty.

    A note to any Muslim readers on “antisemitism” and how you are now probably being used. Although many Muslims are ethnically Semitic, ie. Arab, Iraqi, Palestinian, etc, in Talmudism, Semitic Muslims are still gentiles, or goyim, part of the Biblical non-Israelite “nations”, “multitudes” in neutral terms; or in the Talmud “beasts”. Appeals to ancient tribal relations through Abraham and Ishmael, or modern racial kinship, or similarities between Islam and Judaism is nothing but a ploy and a camouflage. “Anti-semitism” is defined in the dictionary as being anti-Jewish, and only anti-Jewish. It was created as propaganda tool by a Jew in the shaping of the world-wide Zionist movement.

    In other words, Semitic Muslims, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Taoists are all on the same sub-human Talmudic level in the Judeo-centric worldview. Does every Jew feel this way? No, especially not the minority of assimilated, humanistic, universalist “self-hating Jews” that believes all humans are of equal worth in the eyes of God, and that Israel was chosen for a mission, not because they were god-like beings.

  65. Lynda August 18, 2008 @ 11:25 am

    I have been reading your historical summaries of the conflict in Georgia with great interest and benefit. Very well written and concise. I am sure a lot of RJN readers will be following up your references and conclusions.

    It is the history of the Church to be in conflict with the declared foes of Christ without – nations such as Islam or Khazaria which conduct warfare upon the Christian populations and states, as well as the international organisation of the Synagogue. And it is the history of the Church to be assailed from within by heresies – especially the judaising heresies:

    of the Non-Chalcedonians – the version of Monophysite heresy which held that Christ had one nature – a human nature was a juadaising heresy

    And in the West – the Judaising versions of Arianism and Monophysitism: Albigensianism, many versions of Protestantism from which sprang the Enlightenment and Modernism (called by Pope St Pius X the ‘sum of all heresies and defined in its ideologies by the Syllabus of Errors and Pascendi)

    In the Christian West, monarchy was anointed by the Church. The conversion of the nation to Christ was the mandate for Apostolic government. The Monarchical constitution was to govern on the basis of the Church’s magisterium. And many formal constitutional monarchies did evolve in the Christian West.

    One could argue many historical examples that these monarchies abdicated their mandate to so govern on the basis of the Church’s magisterium, but the counter examples merely set in relief the documented jurisprudence of those nations and their many continuous and successful efforts to so govern.

    With regard to the Synagogue and the Jewish populations residing within Catholic nations, the Decrees of The Fourth Lateran Council 1215 (canons 67 – 70) were binding upon Catholic monarchies of the West. These canons did not provide for Christians to be tried in Talmudic courts. Rather it provided for Jews to be tried in Christian courts for offenses against the laws of sovereign Christian states in which they were resident. It provided that Jews must obey their own laws with regard to distinctive dress and to dwell separately, etc.

    Usury was banned throughout the West and Christians were tried under national statutes mandated by Church law for resorting to it. The nobility, however, resorted to it with impunity and undoubtedly this gave the resident Jewish populations a lot of leverage.

    Even so, in order to legitimate usury and the ownership of nations by means of the Banking Instrumentality, the Synagogue had to instigate the Reformation of the Church at the level of the nation state and foment political revolution on top of it in order to establish official bases of operations in England, the Netherlands and Germany. And those nations had to purge themselves of their Catholic populations.

    In this warfare, France fought back by suppressing the Albigensian heresies and the insurrections of the Jewish province of the Midi (in Southern France) under Innocent III and Simon de Montfort. Clement V suppressed the Knights Templars for Judaising beliefs and practices , among them usury. The excommunications of Knights Templars and their suppression within Catholic nations by Clement was the culmination of Innocent III’s excommunications of the Templars who led Venetian army for violation of his direct order that no Christian population be attacked during the Fourth Crusade mounted to free the nations of the Christian East and the Holy Land from the yoke of Islam.

    The Christian West has fought a long battle with the Marranos and the Synagogue. And in the end lost every single Catholic state of the Western empires in the revolutions fomented by the secret societies of the Synagogue. The Russias were crushed for most of the twentieth century by these same forces. That a Christian state could emerge in Russia out of the ruins of Communism is a blessed event. Most of Ireland threw off the shackles of masonic revolution in the twentieth century and said no at referendum to the EU. Tiny East Timor asserted its independence as a Catholic nation from Indonesia in the 1990s. And it is not beyond hope that a Christian nation could arise out of the ruins of the Modernist destruction of American culture and the Zionist revolution that has totally subverted the nation.

    What presently passes for Christianity in America is part of the problem: Christian Zionism, the Modernist and Ecumenical World Council of Churches, the post Vatican II Roman Catholic Church of the Reformation II which partakes of all the errors of Modernism historically denounced by the popes until the antipapacy 1958 – .

    Only a documented history of the West can place the American tragedy in its true perspective. And the loss of uncounted millions of souls in the Masonic revolutions that destroyed the Catholic nations of Ireland (for four centuries), France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay as well as the Catholic populations martyred for the faith in the Reformed nations will make this tragedy understandable in its true historical context – the war that the Synagogue has waged upon the Christian West through myriad proxies.

  66. KathJuliane August 18, 2008 @ 3:05 pm

    Send this message to President Bush, Vice President Cheney,
    Congressional Leaders, the United Nations, NATO Sign the petition:


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    and major U.S. corporate media:

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    U.S. Hands Off Georgia and Russia – END NATO NOW!


    It is with growing concern that we observe that the U.S. government is threatening new military moves that carry the danger of another war-this time against Russia.

    The Bush regime and the corporate U.S. news media have launched an anti-Russia hate campaign. Yet just as with the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the threats on Iran, the threatened military confrontation with Russia is also based on a lie.

    The truth, hidden by most of the corporate news media, is that Georgia’s President Mikheil Saakashvili, unleashed his U.S.- and Israeli-armed and-trained forces on the tiny autonomous region of South Ossetia, murdering civilians and attacking Russian peacekeeping troops stationed there. Only then did Russian troops respond.

    Saakashvili is the president who sent 2,000 Georgian youth to join the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq. The U.S. supplies the weapons to his army. U.S. Special Forces and Israeli advisers and mercenary contractors direct the Georgian military, which just held three weeks of joint exercises with the U.S. Army and Marine Corps in July. We must take note that like Iraq and Iran, Georgia itself is a prize for U.S. oil companies, as it is a major transit point for Central Asian oil.

    There is little doubt that U.S. arming of Georgia and its push to get Georgia into NATO set the scene for the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia and created the threat of a new major war. Now Washington also threatens Russia by placing missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the people there. Surrounding Russia with this military alliance of new NATO members is the greatest danger to peace and stability on a global scale.

    It is time to remember that NATO was established as an anti-USSR military alliance aimed at reinforcing capitalist control and preventing socialist revolutions in the colonialist powers of Europe weakened by World War II. Since the end of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, the U.S. has attempted to vastly expand NATO and turn it into a military instrument to consolidate U.S. corporate power, surround Russia and China and re-conquer the former colonial world.

    Consider these examples:

    Yugoslavia. Based on the lie that NATO was defending small nations, U.S.-NATO intervention and bombing destroyed multinational Yugoslavia and turned the Balkans into a collection of dependent ministates ruled by the U.S. and Western Europe powers.

    Afghanistan. Based on the lie that this was a police action against terrorists, U.S.-NATO have carried out a seven-year occupation leaving the country in ruins and enslaved.

    Iraq. Here the lie about weapons of mass destruction was so blatant, and the U.S. position so weak, that most NATO countries refused to join the occupation and utter destruction of Iraq.

    No one can believe Bush is promoting peace in Georgia. It is time not only to stop this expansion but to end the NATO war machine completely by dissolving NATO.

    It is encouraging to anti-war people worldwide that Georgians themselves have issued a statement condemning the Saakashvili machine. “The entire responsibility for this fratricidal war,” the Georgian Peace Committee says, “for thousands of children, women and elderly dead people, for the inhabitants of South Ossetia and of Georgia falls exclusively on the current president, on the Parliament and on the government of Georgia.” (Aug. 11)

    We cannot do less than the people of Georgia who oppose the current president and want no part of NATO. We demand from Washington:

    (1) Stop interfering in Georgia and the Caucasus

    (2) Stop attempting to expand the NATO military organization into the countries of Eastern Europe and those that border on Russia.

    (3) End the aggressive NATO military alliance

    (4) No new wars!

    Sign the Petition at


    International Action Center
    Solidarity Center
    55 W. 17 St., Suite 5C
    New York, NY 10011

  67. Fr. John August 19, 2008 @ 8:30 pm

    KATH JULIANE wrote:

    “The caution was a lawful expression of a legitimate Russian concern: The Russians demanded to know if Lincoln would stand firm and fight the conflict through to preserve the Union. This was precisely the line of questioning of the czar’s first meeting with Clay in July 1861, culminating with the question of what the Union would do should England intervene. Clay advised Lincoln:
    “I told the Emperor we did not care what England did, that her interference would tend to unite us the more.”
    After this U.S. reassurance, Russia stood firmly behind its U.S. alliance. The policy was elaborated in a lengthy personal communication from Russian Foreign Minister Gorchakov to President Lincoln, dated July 10, 1861:
    “From the beginning of the conflict which divides the United States of America, you have been desired to make known to the federal government the deep interest with which our August Master [Czar Alexander II] has been observing the development of a crisis which puts in question the prosperity and even the existence of the Union.
    “The Emperor profoundly regrets that the hope of a peaceful solution is not realized and that American citizens, already in arms against each other, are ready to let loose upon their country the most formidable of the scourges of political society–civil war.
    “For the more than eighty years that it has existed the American Union owes its independence, its towering rise, and its progress, to the concord of its members, consecrated, under the auspices of its illustrious founders, by institutions which have been able to reconcile union with liberty. This union has been fruitful. It has exhibited to the world the spectacle of a prosperity without example in the annals of history….
    “The struggle which unhappily has just arisen can neither be indefinitely prolonged, nor lead to the total destruction of one of the parties. Sooner or later it will be necessary to come to some settlement, which may enable the divergent interests now actually in conflict to coexist….”

    The problem with this skewed history is that the Russians saw Lincoln with the same slavic eyes with which they viewed the tsar (used as they were, to the concept of Tsar as divinely-ordained) – the Russians did not realize that Lincoln was NOT desirous of ‘keeping the union whole,’ was NOT a ‘godly ruler,’ but was bent on the TOTAL subjugation of the South, and the destruction of the Constitution, upon which the Republic was founded, all in the name of CONTROL!

    Moreover, he was an atheist, as has been attested to in books such as: ‘The Real Lincoln- the testimony of his contemporaries’ by Charles L.C. Minor. []

    As a Northerner who has come to Orthodoxy, and thereby been disabused of the ‘glories of Western philosophy,’ (i.e, a slavish dependance on Augustine) I ALSO have come to view the evils of the North, the Abolitionists, (who were socialists and marxists of an extreme egalitarian mindset completely at odds with even historic Calvinism’s ‘christianity’!) and the Lincolnian divinizers- all three- are as fully of a piece with the ‘proposition nation’ traitors, and the Obamaniacs, as one could possibly imagine. In other words, they are HERETICS, too!

    The West is coming undone, because ‘the center cannot hold.’ That center was apostolic Christianity tied to: a linguistic, cultural, and above all RACIAL homogeneity (narodnost)that is anathema to the modern apostate, but is the ONLY way that ANY nation can be kept from the worship of the Antichrist.

    THAT is why Putin is coming off as a great leader- his goal is for the RUSSIANS – in their cultural, linguistic, religious, and racial UNITY, and it is driving the mamzerized Judaics into a frenzy, because it is keeping their talmudic plans for a miscegenated bestial, stupid ‘goyim cattle’ humanity from coming true… all the while they are holding as true the books of Ezra and Nehemiah for themselves, while they tell the Christians that ‘oh, you are under grace, not law’ and we abort and miscegenate ourselves out of existence…

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