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War Room With Owen Shroyer & +BN!

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War Room With Owen Shroyer & +BN!
March 15 2024

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Brother Nathanael @ March 15, 2024


  1. R. Christmas. March 15, 2024 @ 2:19 pm

    I always wondered what happened to Dougal McGuire when the Father Ted series ended… and here he shows up with a full beard to disguise himself as the sidekick of Alex Jones.

    It’s not just the facial characteristics that lead one to suspect a new role is being played by Ardal O’Hanlon but the perfectly observed expressions of simpletonhood he carries off effortlessly; naive to the point of idiocy.

    Now to serious matters, Brother: When you appeared on the Alex Jones circus you debated with him from a standpoint of adversarial cut and thrust leaving him finally uttering curses that were the very thing he had tried to avoid all his life and all of the programme…namely “Jews, Jews, Jews always Jews”.

    You had got to his soft underbelly – but with this ‘young‘ joker you sit him on your lap and tickle him and he giggles and chuckles and imagines he’s all grown up and making his own way in the jungle of his own make believe. Consequently neither you nor him hammered out the real issue that is destroying lives and limbs daily… THE JEW.

  2. Mark Duff March 15, 2024 @ 3:44 pm

    I am an Army veteran & live in Montana & I support BN!!!!!!

  3. Mortichai March 15, 2024 @ 3:57 pm

    Great interview +Brother! A little surprised Shroyer claimed beard supremacy, but anyway.

    How to reach the youth. Always begin any project with a clear vision of the final outcome. The final outcome is to disrupt Jewish control over our freedom. Christianity already provides the social technology needed to organize a cohesive team. Start there. Everyone should feel strong in their faith.

    1. Form Christian brotherhood groups
    2. Spread truth
    3. Once non-violent truth gains momentum, lies will fall away

  4. Ted Gorsline March 15, 2024 @ 4:38 pm

    This is off topic but is as mad as a “Mad Max” film that I could not help but post a comment.

    The Houthis now have working hypersonic missiles. Nobody else has them except Russia.

    America’s hypersonic missile tests have all ended in failure.

    The Houthis are dirt poor goat herders. Most of them cannot read or write. The USA and Saudis starved them to death by the hundreds of thousands. They can’t even afford a pair of shoes.

    And yet now they have got hold of the most advanced weaponry on earth – the unstoppable hypersonic weapon.

    Methinks Russia via Iran is in the mix and those three Russian warships sunk with NATO weaponry are going to get a little Houthi proxy revenge.

    I think it would be best if America’s flat top aircraft carriers and Britain’s warships put a litte distance between themselves and the middle east.

    The future does not look good for NATO surface ships.

  5. KathJuliane March 15, 2024 @ 7:51 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    During the Yemen civil war which started in 2014, the Yemen Armed Forces were divided between loyalists of the former Ansar Allah (Houthis) backed president Ali Abdullah Saleh, until they assassinated him for treason in 2019, and pro-Yemeni government forces of Saudi Arabia-backed President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

    The Yemen Armed Forces under Ansar Allah government have professional army, navy and air force branches, including rocket and missile engineers and scientists.

    They’ve been retrofitting and reengineering old Soviet rockets and missiles stashed in near-forgotten arsenals from the Yemen Civil War in the 1960s.

  6. Citizenfitz March 15, 2024 @ 8:17 pm

    I think Brother Nate and Owen had a good discussion. Hope it gets a million views.

    I do sense that the tide is actually changing in in our favor. The jews do seem quite perplexed by all the criticism they’ve brought down on themselves with Israel’s murderous viciousness towards the Palestinians.

    They’ve exposed themselves there.

    Exorcists realize, or had better realize, that they are hopelessly overmatched if they try to expel demons by their own authority. They are much more powerful than those exorcists are. Smarter too. They’re very formidable adversaries.

    But not to Christ. Or His mother. Or Saint Michael the Archangel.

    Likewise, the Synagogue of Satan too CAN be exorcised – but only by Christ. Not by venal politicians. Not by billionaires with vague, libertarian sympathies. Not by returning the US to its Constitutional roots.

    Its constitutional roots were diseased to begin with.

    You might as well call on Satan to cast out Satan.

    Only Christ can cast out Satan… and his synagogue.

    My advice is to forget any ideas you have about the government, any government, coming to your rescue. That ain’t gonna’ happen.

    We have to sincerely beg Christ, with *prayer and fasting*, to save us. And frankly, the sooner the better.

  7. Sylvia Hire March 15, 2024 @ 8:36 pm

    Great show!

    Missed seeing you for a week or so. Glad you’re back, Brother!

    God bless!

  8. CattleFarts March 16, 2024 @ 12:56 am

    Do the Ashkenazi know they are not slated to be in the ‘club’ at the end? (Even though they are seeing their new land being renovated…see Ukraine war).

    Read the Talmud and one will find out there will be 600,000 androgynes from one seed, a Sephardic messiah ben David.

    Notice how I revealed whose behind the trans agenda? Adam was androgynous according to the kaballah.

    How many expulsions? 1030 anyone? Shall I continue?

    People must catch up if they want to step into my pro shop, lol.

  9. CattleFarts March 16, 2024 @ 1:10 am

    Btw, why haven’t all our politicians traveled to the Great Wall of China, touched & humped that wall while placing Santa Claus wish notes into the cracks?

    As Arsenio Hall used to say ‘Things that make you go, hmmmm!’

  10. Ted Gorsline March 16, 2024 @ 1:12 am


    Re-engineered Soviet rockets from the 1960s are not a hypersonic missiles and a bunch of starving goat herders from the Empty Quarter are not going to make them into one.

    My guess, and it is a guess, is that Russia wants payback for its lost ships, and is going to get it by using the Houthis as proxies just like NATO used Ukraine as a proxy to sink three Russian ships.

  11. Brother Nathanael March 16, 2024 @ 7:23 am

    Dear All,

    Due to a dearth of donations (only 4 this month)–unless some come in to cover my Server costs–I will be shutting down Real Jew News March 28, 2024.

    If you want this site, Real Jew News, and my Videos (which everybody says they love but don’t give a penny to support), then please consider helping.


    Mail: Brother Nathanael Foundation, BOX 547, Priest River IDDD 83856.

  12. Citizenfitz March 16, 2024 @ 9:22 am

    Time to ante up boys and girls.

    We won’t know what to do with ourselves without RJN.

  13. KathJuliane March 16, 2024 @ 9:37 am

    ‘We are the masters of the house’: Israeli channels air snuff videos featuring systematic torture of Palestinians

    Israeli TV channels aired a number of reports showing the torture and humiliation of Palestinians in Israeli prisons. The videos are consumed by the Israeli public as entertainment, revealing the sadism of Israeli society.

    Mondoweiss | 6 March 2024

    Over the past month, mainstream Israeli television channels have aired what can only be described as snuff films. They depict the systematic torture of Palestinians from Gaza in Israeli jails.

    Such videos have aired on at least three occasions — twice on Channel 14, and once on the public broadcaster, Channel 13. While Channel 14 is considered right-wing, so is about two-thirds of the Israeli public, and the more “mainstream” Channel 13 has shown no qualms about airing similar footage.

    The broadcasts follow prison officials into detention centers to document the mistreatment of prisoners, which seems to be something that the officials — and apparently the viewers — find satisfying rather than revolting. The airing of these snuff films is a demonstration of societal sadism.

    As Yumna Patel has recently reported, several rights groups have sounded the alarm over the widespread and systemic abuse that Palestinian prisoners face at the hands of the Israeli authorities.

    These groups’ calls have been unintentionally buttressed by Israeli soldiers’ unapologetic videos of themselves torturing or demeaning Palestinian detainees, which they boastfully post on social media.

    Now, it seems that the phenomenon has expanded to mainstream Israeli television.

    The two aforementioned reports on Channel 14 (threads with subtitles can be found here and here) contained footage of actual interrogation sessions during which torture was used. The Channel 13 report did not, but it exposed some of the worst prison conditions to be broadcast to the public.

    These conditions include forcing prisoners to live in inhumane conditions and subjecting them to torture and harassment. Here’s the 11-minute video with translated subtitles.

    ‘The feeling is one of pride’

    Full story:

  14. Stephen Bennett March 16, 2024 @ 11:54 am

    Hello, brave man!

    Big fan. Portraits artist from NYC now in WI

    I was a freelancer in WTC on 911.

    After I found out about all the Israeli arrested I knew who had cooked my friends in the building. I then suffered PTSD memory loss and still do.

    Extreme rage and anger for the murderers of all those and all the other wars for Israel.

    I then went on to even do an official portrait of the Rebbe for the Chabad folks in NYC, they tried to rip me off and steal my portrait of that little stinking man. I even got close to meeting him in a great crowd in Williamsburg one day.

    Orthodoxed jews owned my building and went the value went up they came after me. Death threats and lawsuits. I battled them in court for 5 years and they even offered a opportunity for me to bribe the NYC housing court judge (orthodoxed) like all the people in the Housing elite there. I had to settle and lost my home my Lawyer (Zohar on his desk at every meeting) died and I got out with 60,000.

    I moved to PA and then my home mysteriously burned after I joined an anti Meth family group.

    I was raised in Dispensationalist church and my father was the pastor.

    I now am a follower of the ways and words of JC our Savior.

    I have a new family and am concerned about the future.

    I enjoy hearing your rational words and wish to support you.

    You must have a type of PTSD like all of Freud’s clients who were raised in the same ideology.

    I now at this very moment say a prayer for your safety and health.

    I see the powerful light of the Holy Spirit around you and the powerful hand of GOD watching your back.

    Bless you funny man!

    Keep up the jokes.

    I love how you can bring the conversation back to a light reality of how comedic these crooks are.


  15. Citizenfitz March 16, 2024 @ 2:34 pm

    Recent Joe Rogan guest/rocket scientist arrested after police find a human head in his freezer. Another victim of the “just us” system.

    George Soros is considering a high profile rent-a-mob protest.

  16. KathJuliane March 16, 2024 @ 7:14 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    This Sputnik piece may be nailing down the Houthi hypersonic missile story.

    According to this, they, presumably the scientists & engineers in the Ansar Allah linked faction of the YAF, are still in R & D for their hypersonic missile system, and are in the early testing phase.

    Getting technical help from Russia or Iran? Ansar Allah says not, they’re developing their arms programs with “purely Yemeni expertise”. -Kj


    A military source close to Yemen’s Ansar Allah (Houthi) movement has informed Sputnik that the militia has carried out a successful test flight of a hypersonic missile and is preparing to add it into its arsenal. Sputnik asked a leading Russian military observer about the development’s strategic implications.

    Sputnik’s source has indicated that the new Houthi missile can accelerate to speeds up to Mach 8 (nearly 10,000 km per hour), and that it is powered by a solid fuel engine – which typically reduces launch preparation time dramatically and eases transport.

    “Yemen intends to begin manufacturing it for use during attacks in the Red and Arabian Seas and the Gulf of Aden, as well as against targets in Israel,” the source, who was not at liberty to speak publicly due to the sensitive nature of the information, said.

    The Houthis themselves have dropped hints about their efforts to develop a hypersonic missile amid their increasingly fierce confrontation in the Red Sea with US, British and European warships, and a partial blockade of vital international shipping lanes – which has all but shut down Israel- and Europe-bound commercial travel through the strategic maritime chokepoint.

    “Our enemies, our friends and our people will see a level of achievement of strategic importance which will place our country and its capabilities in the ranks of few countries in this world,” Houthi leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said in an address last Thursday, adding that Ansar Allah has “surprises” in store for the US and Israel.

    How are Houthis Able to Maintain an Arms Industry?

    Yemen has been locked in a brutal civil conflict since 2014 involving a number of warring factions – including the Houthi-led Supreme Political Council, which is concentrated in the country’s northwest and controls most of the country’s population centers, the separatist Southern Transitional Council controlling much of the territory of the former South Yemen, and the Republic of Yemen, the UN-recognized state entity in control of lands in the country’s north and northeast.

    Although Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the Middle East and North Africa, the Houthis have shown themselves to be masters of asymmetric warfare, regularly targeting US forces and their regional allies using cheap-to-build kamikaze drones and timeworn but effective ballistic missiles.

    Divided during the Cold War, the southern Arabian nation was flooded with vast stocks of Soviet armaments, from portable anti-tank weapons to long-range Scud ground-to-ground missiles and sophisticated 2K12 Kub anti-air missile system defenses, modernized into the Fater-1 (lit. ‘Innovator-1’) and used to shoot down at least five US-made reaper drones to date.

    In addition to the modernization of old Soviet weapons stocks, the Yemeni militia has managed to capture vast quantities of military equipment from their Arabian coalition-allied adversaries in the course of the 2014-2022 conflict, from light vehicles to gunboats, sea mines and artillery installations.

    The Houthis pride themselves on the creation of weapons “developed with purely Yemeni expertise.” Western officials and Washington’s Middle Eastern allies have often alleged that the Houthis are getting help from outside, most notably from Iran.

    Iranian officials have not shied away from saying that they support the Houthis politically but have repeatedly emphasized that this support does not extend to military-technical or planning support.

    The US Defense Intelligence Agency claimed in a February report that the Houthis receive technical assistance from the Islamic Republic, but no conclusive link has ever been established.

    Houthi Carrier-Killing Missiles?

    Sputnik’s source did not offer any additional details about the hypersonic missile being tested by the Houthis, with its range, warhead weight and other key characteristics remaining unknown. But observers say that if the information about Houthi hypersonics pans out, it will be an unprecedented game-changer for the region.

    “If the Houthis really have managed to accelerate a missile to Mach 8, that will mean that the ship-based air defense systems of the American naval group will be powerless,” says veteran Russian military observer Alexei Leonkov.

    “The air defenses of the carrier strike group presently parked off the coast of the Arabian Peninsula and sporadically firing at the Houthis will not be able to intercept these missiles if they approach at Mach 8.

    “And if the Houthis have managed to make them even a little maneuverable, that’s it, they won’t be possible to intercept. If the Houthis learn to accurately hit warships with these missiles, we will see America’s defeat,” Leonkov told Sputnik.

    Facing off against hypersonic missile-armed Houthis, the US would receive “something akin to Vietnam,” in the military observer’s estimation, with the Yemeni fighters receiving strike capabilities far outmatching those they currently enjoy, which have already managed to throw the Western-led international trading order into chaos, even if they haven’t sunk many ships.

    “If they start using such missiles to attack ships, warships, the [result] will be devastating. How the United States will respond is an open question, of course,” Leonkov said, warning that he could not rule anything out – even a desperate turn to tactical nuclear weapons.

    Worryingly, the latest US Nuclear Posture Review in 2022 did not prohibit the president from launching a nuclear first strike, even against non-nuclear-armed adversaries.

    “For the Americans to start thinking about using a weapon of last resort to impact the Houthis, they would have to sink an American aircraft carrier,” the observer said.

    “The Houthis do things incrementally. They started with commercial ships, and almost didn’t touch warships. Then warships began intercepting rockets being launched at them. If the Houthis get a hypersonic anti-ship missile, a rocket flying at hypersonic speeds, the result could be very different,” Leonkov summed up.

  17. Hibernian March 16, 2024 @ 11:15 pm

    Title: Usual Suspects Promote the Banning of Tik Tok

    March 14, 2024

    Winter Watch

    Expect a smear campaign against Gen Z.

    TikTok has 103 million monthly active users in the US.

    More than 1/3 (37.36%) of mobile internet users actively engage with TikTok.

    Half of TikTok’s US users are between the age of 10 and 29, with teens making up the bulk of the user base.

    Over 50% of content creators are between 18 and 24 years old.

    From October 23-30, 2023, posts with the # ‘standwithPalestine’ were posted 10x more than posts with the # ‘standwithIsrael’.


    Useful “screen-shots” directly (Ref. Times of Israel) from Main-Stream-Media (M-S-M)/Jew-Stream-Media (J-S-M), & also in-directly (by internet-truthers), follow above text;

  18. Hibernian March 17, 2024 @ 1:25 am

    More on the Bankster-Scam Bundle — & it devised & owned & controlled by the uppermost level of Jewry — that Brother Nathanael highlights must be “destroyed” or at the very must be “seceded from”:

    Excerpt from latter portion of what is a superb, & useful, article hosted by the great Henry Makow:


    The Bank of England is the OLDEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY in the history of “capitalism”, dating from 1694, although, as practiced today, “capitalism” should properly be called Centrally Planned Monopoly Capitalism, and should correctly be viewed as the Western dialectic of communism.

    True Capitalism died in Britain in 1694; and in the USA when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. The Bank of England also invented the Central-Bankster-Warfare Model, by which taxpayers are forced to finance wars that the Zionist London-NY-Alliance concocts by installing puppet dictators as its controlled opposition. The Bank of England is really the epicenter of all evil on Earth because it has planned and financed all wars for over 300 years, with those wars escalating after around 1808, when Proto-Zionist Nathan Mayer Rothschild became a financial “advisor” to the British Regime and also acquired control over the Bank of England.

    The Bank of England owns whole countries, such as the USA and Germany, outright. After the Rothschilds won the US Civil War, the US Corporation was founded in 1871, and its owner has remained the Bank of England ever since. Above, puppetician Liz Truss just confirmed that the Bank of England owns and rules Britain. But what she failed to mention is that the Bank of England also owns the USA, the US Fed, Germany, and other nations, too.

    The Bank of England is owned by seven Jewish “Illuminati” bloodlines, namely the following ones:

    Rothschild (Jewish), today under its new “Mafia Don” Nathaniel Rothschild (“5th Baron Rothschild”);
    Windsor, English monarchy (de facto Jewish) with the English monarch dubbed the “Capo di Tutti Capi”;
    Oppenheimer (Jewish);
    Samuel (Jewish);
    Warburg (Jewish);
    Goldsmid (Jewish);
    Stern (Jewish).—bank-of-eng.html

  19. Glue On March 17, 2024 @ 4:22 am

    Why have dumbshit goy, well, when you can have dumbshit goy?

    I don’t know why my people are so stupid – I guess we only lasted this long because you Jews cultivated us, like those ants cultivating mold underground or something.

  20. Glue On March 17, 2024 @ 4:28 am

    @ Hibernian

    “True Capitalism died in Britain in 1694; and in the USA when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. The Bank of England also invented the Central-Bankster-Warfare Model, by which taxpayers are forced to finance wars that the Zionist London-NY-Alliance concocts by installing puppet dictators as its controlled opposition.”


  21. John Carter March 17, 2024 @ 10:15 am

    Vote NO on NOEM!!

  22. Arch Rabbi Mortichai ben Goyim March 17, 2024 @ 11:33 am

    Mini-mustache High School lampshades Jew’s career for kvetch overload…

    Jews should evacuate all goyish territory immediately! Don’t even pack. Just take your shekels and run. The goy are about to go Mad Max road warrior.

    So, I’m making the general recall. Blasting my shofar from the Golan Hights. Egress egress egress!

  23. Citizenfitz March 17, 2024 @ 12:22 pm

    A Happy Saint Paddy’s Day to everyone!

  24. Ted Gorsline March 17, 2024 @ 12:36 pm


    I don’t think the jews should be banned from being turned into equal opportunity lampshades.Fair is fair.

  25. Citizenfitz March 17, 2024 @ 1:43 pm

    Why America will lose.

    The Russian Military Cathedral:

    The US Air Force’s new “Falcon Circle” Chapel:

    We can rest easy knowing that the pagans, trannies and assorted diversity hires in the US military would *never* desert or surrender when first experiencing the wrath of Russian heavy artillery.

    Find the White guy:

  26. Lazarus March 17, 2024 @ 1:44 pm

    This isn’t for real is it? If so, what a deal this very low price of $4,395. It has a Colorado phone number listed. It seems I remember Owen mentioning that maybe a Rabbi might buy the website.

    Even a poor beggar can use a shot of Bushmills today.

    Check my pocket and see if I can scrape up a few shekels for Bro.

  27. Jembo Baggins March 17, 2024 @ 2:06 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I’ve really enjoyed your videos over the years, and the interviews you participate in, and it is always refreshing to see your honest take on what’s going on in the world at large.

    I’m also relieved you didn’t rise to any of the baits Owen dangled in front of you – you kept your composure and dignity. Well done, Sir!

    All the very best,


  28. KathJuliane March 17, 2024 @ 3:59 pm

    Dear Lazarus,

    I don’t believe that RealJewsNews domain is +BN’s. It has an S at the end of Jews, while +BN’s RJN doesn’t which means there’s two different domains.

    But, on the same hand, it’s quite the warning to RJN family.

    We got a reprieve a few months ago because enough people sent donations to encourage +BN to start up a barebones RJN website again, in addition to whatever income was coming in from his monetization of the Bible With Brother YT.

    +BN said that YT then shut down Bible With Brother for “violating community standards” and stole several thousands of dollars of monetization from RJN. He is now back to being entirely dependent on donations from the RJN readership. The RJN family is letting him down.

    If +BN doesn’t get month-to-month funding enough to cover just his operating costs, which includes security and technical assistance for sites that are already up and running, never mind funding to get his Brother Nathanael Show podcast off the ground, then +BN has already warned us that he will be closing shop on March 28.

    Then I suppose we could see RealJewNews (without the S) go up on the domain name sales block for good.

    I wonder how many times some well-meaning Bible Christian has told +BN “Don’t worry, God will provide,” as if God was going to parachute a pot of gold from heaven any day now!

    “God provides” through collection, a community of human hands reaching into their pockets and wallets to make a donation. That’s the major way of how God’s providential economy works.

    Jews understand this among themselves regardless of factions — they are generous towards each other of the Tribe, their community centers, Jewish social causes, their synagogues, businesses, politicking, and other causes they believe in.

    Ten days until March 28.

    Can’t say that we weren’t warned.

  29. KathJuliane March 17, 2024 @ 4:04 pm

    “Staggering escalation” in childhood malnutrition in Gaza – Day 161

    If Americans Knew | 16 March 2024

    Children starve, parents searching for food are killed – as humanitarian ship unloads millions of meals; is Rafah invasion imminent?; illegal buffer zone may be half mile wide; West Bank death; the Elders chide Biden; EU leader accuses Israel of weaponizing food; Nicaragua to have its day in court vs. Germany for “facilitating genocide”; Australia to restart donations to UNRWA; more

  30. KathJuliane March 17, 2024 @ 4:20 pm

    Another “flour massacre,” another Israeli lie – Day 162

    If Americans Knew | 17 March 2024

    Israel’s fabrication doesn’t hide the truth; 25 NGOs denounce maritime corridor as an “illusion” of aid for Gaza and a glaring distraction from the real problem; newborns in Gaza are consistently underweight, stillbirths and neonatal deaths are common; Biden anticipates unacceptable invasion of Rafah, mulls how to respond; West Bank death

    ISRAEL CAUGHT IN ANOTHER FLOUR MASSACRE LIE – Euro-Med Monitor reports: The Israeli army is yet again attempting to evade responsibility for massacring Palestinian civilians who were waiting for aid supplies. Israel’s most recent “flour massacre” occurred Thursday night near the Kuwait roundabout on the outskirts of Gaza City, and left more than 80 dead and 200 injured, a number of whom are in critical condition.

    NEWBORNS IN GAZA – Babies are being born already malnourished in Gaza, says Dominic Allen, a representative for the UN Population Fund Palestine, who recently visited the Emirati hospital in Rafah.

    Conditions at the facility’s maternity ward are deeply disturbing, he said, with a stark rise in malnourished newborns and stillborn deaths.

    “The doctors are reporting that they no longer see normal-sized babies,” Allen told Al Jazeera. “What they do see though tragically is more stillborn babies and more neonatal deaths.”

  31. KathJuliane March 17, 2024 @ 4:37 pm

    Icon of St. Patrick – Enlightener of Ireland


    Lorica of St Patrick

    Also known as “The Deer’s Cry” and “St. Patrick’s Breastplate,” it is thought to be authentic. I included it on my site not only because it is authentic, but because it is reminiscent of the early bardic poetry of Ireland, in particular, the “Song of Amergin”.

    Moreover, it is also the origin of “Patrick’s Rune,” a real prayer which is found in Madeline L’Engle’s A Swiftly Tilting Planet.

    It is said to have turned St. Patrick and his followers into deer when they were being pursued by the king’s men early one morning–hence the title “The Deer’s Cry.”

    However, it is also called the Lorica of St. Patrick–a lorica being a type of prayer of protection (literally meaning “breastplate”), which was popular in Celtic countries. Since then, it has always been used not only as a morning prayer, but as a prayer of protection.

    I arise today
    Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity
    Through belief in the threeness
    Through confession of the Oneness
    Towards the creator.

    I arise today
    Through the strength of Christ with his baptism,
    Through the strength of his crucifixion with his burial,
    Through the strength of his resurrection with his ascension
    Through the strength of his decent for the Judgement of doom.

    I arise today
    Through the strength of the love of Cherubim
    In obedience to the Angels,
    In the service of the Archangels,
    In hope of resurrection to meet with reward,
    In prayers of patriarchs,
    In predictions of prophets,
    In preaching of Apostles,
    In faiths of confessors,
    In innocence of Holy Virgins,
    In deeds of righteous men.

    I arise today
    Through the strength of heaven:
    Light of sun
    Brilliance of moon
    Splendor of fire
    Speed of lightning
    Swiftness of wind
    Depth of sea
    Stability of earth
    Firmness of rock.

    I arise today
    Through God’s strength to pilot me:
    God’s might to uphold me,
    God’s wisdom to guide me
    God’s eye to look before me,
    God’s ear to hear me,
    God’s word to speak for me,
    God’s hand to guard me,
    God’s way to lie before me,
    God’s host to secure me
    against snares of devils
    against temptations of vices
    against inclinations of nature
    against everyone who shall wish me ill,
    afar and anear,
    alone and in a crowd.

    I summon today all these powers between me and these evils,
    Against every cruel and merciless power that may oppose my body and my soul,
    Against incantations of false prophets,
    Against black laws of heathenry,
    Against false laws of heretics,
    Against craft of idolatry,
    Against spells of women and smiths and wizards,
    Against every knowledge that endangers man’s body and soul.

    Christ to protect me today
    against poison, against burning,
    against drowning, against wounding,
    so that there may come abundance of reward.
    Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,
    Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
    Christ on my right, Christ on my left
    Christ where I lie, Christ where I sit, Christ where I arise
    Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,
    Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks of me,
    Christ in every eye that sees me,
    Christ in every ear that hears me.

    I arise today
    Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity,
    Through belief in the Thrones,
    Through confession of the Oneness
    Towards the Creator.

    Salvation is of the Lord
    Salvation is of the Lord
    Salvation is of Christ
    May thy salvation, O Lord, be ever with us.

  32. KathJuliane March 17, 2024 @ 5:28 pm

    US is not a democracy – Putin

    The Russian leader has called the political situation in the United States a “catastrophe”

    RT | 17 March 2024

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that by criticizing democratic processes in other states, all while using their own administrative resources to suppress one of American presidential candidates, Washington has become a laughingstock of the rest of the world.

    Speaking to the journalists at his campaign headquarters in Moscow on early Monday morning, after the preliminary results indicated his victory with over 87% of the vote in the country’s presidential elections, the Russian leader said that the “whole world is laughing at what is happening” in the US.

    “We are behaving with more restraint than their opponents in other countries, but this is just a catastrophe, not a democracy – that’s what it is,” Putin said.

    Putin noted that the US administration is using all its power and resources to attack one of the presidential candidates, apparently referring to former president Donald Trump, who is facing a litany of lawsuits despite being the frontrunner and virtually the only remaining Republican hopeful.

    In a pre-election interview earlier this week Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not meddle in foreign elections and will work with any elected US president.

    “I think it’s obvious to everyone that the American political system cannot claim to be democratic in any sense of the word,” he said in an interview with journalist Dmitry Kiselyov.

    Putin refused to comment further on the current presidential campaign in the US, but described the atmosphere as becoming “increasingly uncivilized.”

  33. Lazarus March 17, 2024 @ 9:00 pm


    Thank you for clarifying. Getting older and since my horrible 2020 COVID experience, where the Pakistani doctor kept insisting to ventilate/intubate to kill me, I often miss some little things like an “S” now.

    I leave myself a counter note “Remember, what you forgot to do”.

    I’d like to mention that I always greatly appreciate your input and very detailed comments. You are obviously extremely talented in writing. I’m more technical myself.

    More power!

    God bless all of you saints who are doing the Lord’s work to enlighten those who seek the truth!

  34. Citizenfitz March 17, 2024 @ 9:07 pm


    The anxiety of the jews concerning TikTok demonstrates for all to see, or at least those of us here, how afraid they are of losing control of the plot. And that they are in fact, irretrievably I think, losing control of the plot.

    Even leftists, their pampered poodles, are now turning on them.

    It’s just matter of time.

    Unfortunately, the kikes will abscond with the silverware; leaving the little jews to absorb the wrath of the mob.

    Same as it ever was.

  35. Citizenfitz March 17, 2024 @ 9:24 pm

    Putin has to be one of the most composed, restrained leaders in the World.

    Given all the things he could say, he always keeps his comments low key. Never showing anger at the constant, outrageous litany of lies being thrown at him or Russia.

    Or showing delight when he trumphs one of the lies. Just passes over it in a matter of fact way. He seems to want people to underestimate him. Unlike the blowhards of the Western World.

    A very unusual man.

  36. KathJuliane March 17, 2024 @ 10:31 pm

    Dear Lazarus,

    I for one am grateful that you found that Domain Name for sale. It sure sent a jolt up my spine. Hope it nudged some others.

    Love your name. I was baptized into the Orthodox Church on the Saturday of the Holy and Righteous Friend of Christ, Lazarus, many years ago.

    Lazarus Saturday is the day before Palm Sunday, and 8 days before the glorious Feast of Pascha (Resurrection) of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

    Pascha (Easter) is a moveable feast calculated to the lunar cycle, so it changes every year, but Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday, important part of the Great Lent & Paschal liturgical cycle on the Church calendar remains constant to Pascha.

    Lazarus Saturday, the Seventh Day, marks the end of the Great Lent Fast; Palm Sunday marks the Triumphant Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem on the First Day of Holy Week of the Passion of the Lord.

    Three-fold full immersion in the holy horse trough (our little mission church was on a shoestring, couldn’t afford a baptismal font; too far from the local creek). It felt like I was being resurrected from the dead at the time.

    Baptized into Christ, we put on Christ, indeed. I felt like I was walking 3 feet off the ground for a week afterwards just from the lightness of being.

    I stared and stared at that domain name for quite a while trying to figure it out because it just didn’t look right. It actually took reading it out loud before things clicked “Oh, that doesn’t sound right,” which how I finally sussed it out.

    Don’t feel bad about having to leave yourself notes, especially having survived all that you went through.

    I have to write notes to myself stuck everywhere to remind me to read the note on the counter. LOL!

    Or to fix myself something to eat. I’d forget to feed my two cats if they didn’t remind me themselves.

    There’s a note on the inside of my door at eye level for when I go out that says, “Do you have your keys? Did you turn off the stove?”

    It’s a bit of a surprise every time I read it.

    If I order something online, by the time it gets here, I’ve forgotten what I ordered. So, it’s like Christmas when I open it.

    Since we have your namesake in common, you may enjoy this, especially if you are not Orthodox and familiar with the Feast Day of Lazarus Saturday, explained by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North America. (If you are Orthodox, how blessed your name or nic is):



    On the Saturday before Holy Week, the Orthodox Church commemorates a major feast of the year, the miracle of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when he raised Lazarus from the dead after he had lain in the grave four days.

    Here, at the end of Great Lent and the forty days of fasting and penitence, the Church combines this celebration with that of Palm Sunday.

    In triumph and joy the Church bears witness to the power of Christ over death and exalts Him as King before entering the most solemn week of the year, one that leads the faithful in remembrance of His suffering and death and concludes with the great and glorious Feast of Pascha.

    Scripture readings for the Saturday of Lazarus are: At the Orthros (Matins): No reading of the Gospel. At the Divine Liturgy: Hebrews 12:28-13:8; John 11:1-45.

    At the Divine Liturgy of Lazarus Saturday, the baptismal verse from Galatians (“As many as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ” Galatians 3:27) replaces the Thrice-Holy Hymn, thus indicating the resurrectional character of the celebration, and the fact that Lazarus Saturday was once among the few great baptismal days in the Orthodox Church Year. [Unquote]

  37. KathJuliane March 17, 2024 @ 10:40 pm

    Dear Citizenfitz,

    Americans who have relocated to Russia, and who now have Russian passports, voted in this year’s elections, and …probably voted for Putin.

    Fr. Joe’s Newsletter – Moving to Russia

  38. Citizenfitz March 18, 2024 @ 8:44 am

    On hearing of Putin’s election victory, Biden said:

    “You know, it’s not about how many uhh, voters you win, or don’t. It’s about the uhh… the uhh… yeah man! President Kilimanjaro got it right. You uhh… cannot win a… a defeat, uhh… without the uhh… uhh… you know… you know… THE THING! Bubba bubba.”

  39. Please promote me to federal rodent. March 18, 2024 @ 10:38 am


    The man doesn’t deserve to even be the butt of jokes: everybody knows he wasn’t elected, only installed and run by handlers in a violent Communist coupe in 2020.

    1000 good people, many of whom had respected careers in the military or law enforcement, are languishing as political hostages in the federal penitentiary system, each with decades-long sentences, for non-crimes, because of the evil usurpers who installed Biden.

  40. Rabbi Glickman March 18, 2024 @ 10:50 am

    Ach, my neighbors are complaining again about me blowing my shofar all hours of the day and night.

    But that only makes me blow all the harder!

    Remember the Holocaust™!

  41. John March 18, 2024 @ 10:58 am

    The modern day evil Jews are the Pharisees of old. As Jesus Christ said – They are the Synagogue of Satan. The end times are here. Amen.

  42. Mortichai March 18, 2024 @ 11:24 am

    Oy gevalt! It’s going down. The goyim are chimping out. Get to Israel fast fast fast!

    Article reads, “Florida Chabad synagogue and community center set aflame in arson.”

    I tried to warn ya. Head to the airport now! Now, now! Are you still reading this? Go!

  43. TONY LOPEZ-CISNEROS March 18, 2024 @ 2:29 pm

    Brother Nathanael: I saw your Owen Shroyer interview & the more I hear/listen to you, Brother Nathanael, the more you sound like my mother; who blamed all the world’s ills on “Those money-hungry, materialistic–Jews!

    “For the love of money is the root of all Evil”. — 1 Timothy 6:10

    And, do you know what, Brother Nathanael Kapner (host of Real Jew News)?

    My saintly mother, Mrs. Guadalupe Lopez Salazar DeCisneros was a trillion% right!

    *Note: And she said that before, during and after the Second Vatican Council aka Vatican II!


    P.S. – My father’s mother’s side of the family is of 100% Sicilian/Italian blood & heritage!

  44. KathJuliane March 18, 2024 @ 7:10 pm

    A Prayer for Russia – a beautiful prayer and wonderful video

  45. Citizenfitz March 18, 2024 @ 7:28 pm

    Someone recently sent me the following list and asked me to share it, so here you go:

    Ahoy Citizenfitz, this list makes your point, share it:

    The parasitic rulers behind Bumbling Biden are the following Jews who are key members of his Cabinet and/or hold important Administrative positions in Israel’s vassal state known as the USA (The Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Attorney General, and the White House Chief of Staff are generally regarded as the four most important Cabinet officials):

    1) Jeff Zientz – Former Covid ‘Czar’ now White House Chief of Staff (The chief of staff is the most senior political appointee in the White House. The position is widely recognized as one of great power and influence, owing to daily contact with the President and control of the Executive Office of the President).

    2) Janet Yellen – Secretary Treasury (The Secretary is responsible for formulating and recommending domestic and international financial, economic, and tax policy, participating in the formulation of broad fiscal policies that have general significance for the economy, and managing the public debt.)

    3) Merrick Garland – Attorney General ( Head of the United States Department of Justice, and is the chief law enforcement officer of the federal government of the US, and serves as the principal advisor to the president of the U.S. on all legal matters).

    4) Anthony Blinken – Secretary of State ( Supervises the U.S. foreign service and immigration policy, advises the President on U.S. foreign matters such as the appointment of diplomats and ambassadors. The secretary of state can conduct negotiations, interpret, and terminate treaties relating to foreign policy. The secretary also can participate in international conferences, organizations, and agencies as a representative of the U.S.).

    5) Wendy Sherman – Deputy Secretary of State

    6) Victoria Nuland – Deputy Secretary of State Political Affairs [just resigned]

    7) Avril Haines – United States Intelligence Community Director (The USIC comprises 17 intelligence agencies and organizations): Air Force Intelligence – Army Intelligence – Central Intelligence Agency – Coast Guard Intelligence – Defense Intelligence Agency – Department of Energy -Department of Homeland Security -Department of State – Department of the Treasury – Drug Enforcement Administration – Federal Bureau of Investigation – Marine Corps Intelligence – National Geospatial Intelligence Agency – National Reconnaissance Office – National Security Agency – Naval Intelligence – Space Force Intelligence

    8) Alejandro Mayorkas – Secretary Department of Homeland Security (Stated missions involve anti-terrorism, border security, immigration and customs, cyber security, and disaster prevention and management).

    9) Cass Sunstein – Senior Counselor at the Department of Homeland Security

    10) Dana Stroul – Pentagon Middle East Senior Policy Official.

    11) Jessica Rosenworce – Chairwoman Federal Communications Commission (regulates communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable across the United States. The FCC maintains jurisdiction over the areas of broadband access, fair competition, radio frequency use, media responsibility, public safety, and homeland security).

    12) Gary Gensler – Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (The primary purpose of the SEC is to enforce the law against market manipulation).

    13) Rochelle Wallensky – Director Center for Disease Control during Covid – replaced by Mandy Cohen (The CDC is the national public health agency of the United States).

    14) Jared Bernstein – Chairman of Council of Economic Advisers (A U.S. agency within the Executive Office of the President which advises the President on economic policy).

    15) Jennifer Klein – Director of the White House Gender Policy Council (Enables the advancement of women and girls of color, and the LGBTQIA+ community.)

    16) Doug Emhoff – Husband of VP Kamala Harris.”

  46. Hibernian March 18, 2024 @ 9:21 pm

    Tik Tok’s main demographic should read the following articles from great independent thinker Mr. Russ Winter (owner of, & whom another great independent thinker Mr. Henry Makow is a fan of):

    And, read the comments also because they supply very important information, & stimulating opinions, that support 2 of Brother Nathanael’s main concerns highlighted to Owen Shroyer about Jewry, … Jewry Banksterism:

    A) “Private” Central Banking devised, & owned, & controlled, by Jewry,

    B) “Commercial” Banking practising — under license by Jewry also — Fractional-Reserve Banking.

    1) Title: Portrait of Evil: Karl Marx; A Disciple of Hell on Earth

    March 11, 2024


    Russ Winter

    2) Title: Britain’s Genocidal Starvation of the Irish — or So-Called ‘Potato Famine’

    March 12, 2024


    Russ Winter

  47. Hank Heckman March 18, 2024 @ 9:40 pm

    @Rabbi Glickman

    Sounds like a very happy shofar.

  48. KathJuliane March 18, 2024 @ 10:14 pm

    And the rabbi in this exchange is the epitome of deep-felt sincerity, not acting at all.

    Golda Meir [née Mobavitch] was a real cold-hearted, murderous snake. It may not be clear in the video, but she is the one who shed crocodile tears while saying, “One day we may be able to forgive them for killing our children. We will never be able to forgive them for making us kill their children.”

    What’s the old Slavic proverb? “A Jew cries out in pain as they beat you”? -Kj
    Jake Shields

    This is disgusting that he openly states Palestinian kids dying isn’t the same as Jewish suffering

    Keith Woods
    Wow! Rabbi calls @RealCandaceO an antisemite because she said she mourns dead Jewish AND Palestinian children!

    His reason? Jewish suffering is uniquely evil, putting it in the same conversation as other suffering is antisemitic

    This is Jewish supremacy, plain and simple

    Mike Anthony
    Wait did he really just say, “We will never be able to forgive them for making us kill their children”?…


    Keith Woods
    Horrible statement

    They are insane, lol

    David Santa Carla
    He just said murdering Palestinian children is NOT the same as killing an Israeli on 10/7. Is it any wonder why THE ENTIRE WORLD is turning on these people?

    Josh Ruadh
    October 7th is like a hilarious mini Holobunga.

    Why are these rabbis targetting a black woman?

  49. KathJuliane March 18, 2024 @ 10:47 pm

    What’s wrong with you anti-Semites?

    Don’t you know that Israel has the right to defend itself against hospitals? -Kj


    Al Jazeera: Al Jazeera journalist describes his time being held captive by Israeli forces

    Al Jazeera Arabic journalist Ismail al-Ghoul has spoken to the channel about his experience in Israeli custody.

    He told Al Jazeera after his release that Israeli forces stormed al-Shifa Hospital at dawn during intense fighting. They started by destroying media equipment and arresting journalists gathered in a room used by media teams, he said.

    The journalists were stripped of their clothes, he continued, and were arrested and placed in a room inside the medical compound. They were forced to lie on their stomachs as they were blindfolded and their hands tied, he said.

    Israeli soldiers would open fire to scare them if there was any movement, al-Ghoul said. After about 12 hours, they were taken for interrogation. After waiting in line for investigation, an elderly man was released from inside the hospital and he needed help to leave the compound, the journalist said, adding that he volunteered to help the man and was able to accompany him until they both left the compound.

    Al-Ghoul later heard that some of his colleagues were released but said he does not have enough information about the whereabouts of the rest of his team to confirm any details.

    France24 frets:

    Raid on al-Shifa hospital ‘worrying sign’ Israel may have failed to purge Hamas from north Gaza

    CPJ condemns Israel’s detention of Al Jazeera’s correspondent Ismail al-Ghoul

    The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has condemned the detention of Al Jazeera Arabic correspondent Ismail al-Ghoul and his team by the Israeli army at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

    “Journalists play an essential role in a war. They are the eyes and the ears that we need to document what’s happening and with every journalist killed, with every journalist arrested, our ability to understand what’s happening in Gaza diminishes significantly,” Jodie Ginsberg, chief executive officer of the CPJ, told Al Jazeera.

    “This is the worst conflict for journalists that the Committee to Protect Journalists has ever documented, and the situation is simply getting worse.”

    She added that the attacks on media vehicles and equipment at al-Shifa Hospital “looks like a deliberate attempt to prevent [the] assault on the hospital being documented” and that “there is a history of Israel targeting media facilities”.

  50. KathJuliane March 18, 2024 @ 10:58 pm

    +BN called it.

    Also, I am not this ‘KJ Noh’ being interviewed. -Kj


    Young People on TikTok Support Palestine. Now They Want to Ban it. Coincidence?

    BreakThrough News | 14 March 2024

    Anya Parampil : Is Zionism Falling?

    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom | 18 March 2024

  51. Bene Adonay Jesus March 19, 2024 @ 3:52 am

    The only thing the Jew must do is to read carefully the story of Jesus’ life as recorded in the New Testament, where he will see that the leaders who condemned Him were not right, but that the reason lay with Him, of whom Moses and the Prophets they wrote. Because Jesus, and He alone, can be easily identified as the One of whom they prophesied: the Messiah-Redeemer of humanity. Here are some of the identifying proofs of the promised Messiah:

    He must be (According to Old Testament prophecy):

    I. The Seed of the woman who would crush Satan’s head:

    “And I will put enmity between thee and the mother, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise its heel.” (Gen. 3:15).

    II. From the Seeds of Abraham: And my covenant will be established before me unto your seed….. (Gen. 17:7). See also Gen 22:18: 21:12: 20:14 12:1-2

    III From the House of David

    “I will raise up after thee thy seed to establish her kingdom forever” (11 Sam. 7:12,13) ​​See also Gen. 49:10: Psalm 132:11; 2:12; 89:3.4, 110:1.2; Is.1:1 Jer. 23:5; 33:17, 20:21.

    IV. Preceded by a Messenger: “Let me send my angel, who will prepare the way” (Mal. 3.1). See also Is. 40:3.

    V. Born of a Virgin: “A virgin shall conceive, and shall bear a son, and his name shall be Immanuel (Is.7:14). The apostles of Jesus of Nazareth used the version of the koine Greek language that was written in the Septuagint, in which the New Testament was written in koine Greek.

    [Greek Septuagint], which were translated into the Greek language at the request of Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285–247 BCE) by seventy-two Hebrew translators:

    Isaiah 7:14 [Greek Koine-Septuagint].

    διὰ τοῦτο δώσει κύριος αὐτὸς ὑμῖν σημεῖον ἰδοὺ ἡ [παρθένος][בְּתוּלָה]ἐν γαστρὶ ἕξει καὶ τέξεται υἱόν καὶ καλέσεις τὸ ὄνομα αὐτοῦ Εμμανουηλ

    [παρθένος] [parthénos] or in hebrew is [בְּתוּלָה] [betulah].

    See in Google Translations the word in greek [παρθένος] in hebrew is [betulah] [בְּתוּלָה] . Click in the audio icom in the left of the word בְּתוּלָה

    Isaiah 7:14

    לָכֵן יִתֵּן אֲדֹנָי הוּא לָכֶם אֹות הִנֵּה בְּתוּלָה הָרָה וְיֹלֶדֶת בֵּן וְקָרָאת שְׁמֹו עִמָּנוּ אֵל׃

    This prophecy was fulfilled in Jesus (According to the New Testaments).

    I “…God sent His Son, born of woman… to redeem…” (Gal.4:4).

    …In general, the Son of God was revealed to destroy the devil works (I John 3:8).

    II. “Now to Abraham were the undertakings given, and to his seed. He says not, And to seeds, as of a great number; but as of one, he says, And to your seed, which is Christ. (GAL 3:16). See also John 11: 51,52 Hebrews 11:17-19.

    III. “From his offspring, according to the promise, God raised up Jesus as Savior (Acts 13:22). See also Acts 2:28,30, Matt. 1:1; 22.42-45; Mark. 11:9,10; 12:35-37, Luke 1:31-33; Romans. 1:3,4; Revelation. 55:22:16

    IV. And he will go before him to prepare the Lord for a well-disposed people (Luke 1:17). See also Matt. 3:1-3.

    V. Now the birth of Jesus Christ was in this way: when his mother Mary was going to be married to Joseph, before they came together the discovery was made that she was with child by the Holy Spirit. (Matt. 1:18; see also Matt. 1:21-23).

    VI Born in Beth-lehem:

    And you, Beth-lehem Ephrathah, the least among the families of Judah, out of you one will come to me who is to be ruler in Israel; whose going out has been purposed from time past, from the eternal days. (Mika 5.2).
    And Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea (Matt. 2:1).

    VII The Shepherd:

    He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young. Isaiah 40:11. See also Psalm 23:1-4; 80:1, Zac.13:7; Eekiel. 34:23.24.
    “I am a good Shepherd, and he gathers my sheep, I am known to my own (John 10:11-18) See also John 10:27,28; Matt.15:24 ; Mark.14:27; I Peter 2:25. Hebrews 13.20.

    VIII The Prophet:

    The Lord your God will give you a prophet from among your people, like me; you will give ear to him; (Deut.18:15).

    And send her to Jesus Christ because Moses said: The Lord your God will raise up a prophet like me (Acts 3.20-22)

    IX The Priest:

    “He gives you an eternal priest, according to the order of Melchizedek (Psalms 110:4). See also Zec 6.13.

    “You are a priest forever, according to the order of Melchizedek”, (Hebrews. 5:5.6) See also Hebrews. 4:14,15.

    X The King

    “Be full of joy, O daughter of Zion; give a glad cry, O daughter of Jerusalem: see, your king comes to you: he is upright and has overcome; gentle and seated on an ass, on a young ass. (Zec.9:9); Jer. 23:5.6; see also (Psalms 2:6).
    “You say that I am King. For this I was born” (John 18:33,37). “And the Lord God will give him the throne of David his father (Luke 1:32,33). See also Matt. 28:18; John 1:49; Rev.11:15.

    XI The Redeemer:

    And a Redeemer will come to Zion and after they turn from the transgression in Jacob, says the Lord (Is. 55:20). See also Is.19:20; 45:15; 44:22.23, 49:5-10; Hosea 1:7; Jeremiah 33:16.

    “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11). See also Matt. 1:21; Rom.11:26; 11:27; John 3:14,15; Acts 13:23; 4:12; Heb.9:12: Gal. 4:4.5; 1Pet. 1:18,21; Rev. 5:9

    XII, The Sacrifice:

    All the Old Testament passages that predict the humiliation, suffering and death of the Messiah as the Sacrifice and atonement for the sins of humanity were exactly fulfilled in Jesus. Chapter 52 and especially chapter 53 of Isaiah present a clear picture of the promised Messiah hated, despised, reviled, rejected, condemned and executed as a criminal and all this as a sacrifice to atone for the sins of the world. And everything was fulfilled in the ministry of Jesus in its smallest details.

    Let us make a comparison between the prophecy in the Old Testament and its fulfillment in the New Testament:

    In the Old Testament / In the New Testament.

    Isaiah, chapters 52 and 53 compared to The Four Gospels.

    A. A Stranger:

    “I am become as a stranger to my brethren, and a stranger to my mother’s children” (Psalm 69:8); (Jonh1:11; Jonh 7:3,5).

    B. A Stumbling Stone:

    “But the two houses of Israel will become a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense” (Is. 8:14); (Rom.9:32,33).

    C. Hated:

    “Thus says the Lord, the Redeemer of Israel, his Holy One, the despised soul” (Is. 49:7). Also Psalm 69:4, 2:1,2; and Jonh 15:24,25. Act 4:27.

    D. Affronted:

    “The insults of those who insult you have fallen on me (Psalm 69:9); (Rom.15:3).

    E. Mocked:

    “All who see me mock me, stretch out their lips and shake their heads, saying: He trusted in the Lord, that He will deliver him; deliver him, for he delights in it” (Psalm 22:7,8); (Matt.27:39-44);(Matt 26:67,68); (Mark.15:14,19).

    F. Injured:

    “They will strike the Judge of Israel on the jaw with the rod” (Mic. 5:1). Also Isaiah 50:6; 53:4, Zech. 13:6,7; Lamentation. 3:30.
    “They took away the reed, and beat him on the head with it (Matt. 27:30) Also Matt. 26:67,68; Luke 2263; Mark 14:27, 15:19; John 1.3.

    G. Spit:

    “… I do not hide my face from those who insult me ​​and spit at me” (Is. 50:6); (Mark 14:65).

    And those who passed by criticized him, shaking their heads… And in the same way also the chief priests, with the scribes, and elders said, “You trusted in God, free him now, if you love him” (Matt. 27: 39-44). Also Matt. 26:67,68; Mar.15:14,19.

    “And some began to spit on her, covering her face, and stabbing at her” (Mark 14:65).

    H. Crucified:

    They pierced my hands feet (Psalm 22:16). “Where they crucified him Jonh 19:18; See also John 20:25.

    I. Equaled to Transgressors.

    Equated with the Transgressors: “He was numbered with the transgressors” (Is. 53:12).; and they crucified two transgressors with them. And the same was fulfilled which says: And with the evil readers counted. Mark, 15:27.28.

    J Suffered for our sins:

    “Truly he took upon himself the host of infirmities, and carried the pains to himself… He was wounded by transgressors, molded by our sins. Is.53:4-6 and Is.53:8,12 ; Daniel. 9:26.

    “The next day John saw Jesus coming to him, and said, Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). Also Matt. 20:28; Heb. 9:28; 10:10; I Peter 3:18.

    K. Resurrection:

    “Neither wilt thou suffer thy Holy One to see corruption” (Psalm 16:10) Also Psalm 49:15; 71:20; Is. 25:8.

    “He is not here, but he is risen. … Then their eyes were opened, and they knew him, and he disappeared from them… The Lord is truly risen” (Luke 24:6, 31,34). Also Acts 2:31; 1 Cor. 15:5-9; (and in Matt. Mark. and John).

    I Mentioned just a few of the countless prophecies regarding the Messiah, and his fulfillment. Anyone who wishes to have more evidence that identifies Jesus as the Messiah can find them throughout the New Testament and compare them with the Old Testament. This wonder of the Prophecy, and its fulfillment, centuries later, has deeply impressed all Biblical scholars. I will quote here the words of one of these scholars who, in a certain way, express the feelings of all those who are perplexed by this miracle:

    “Centuries before Christ was born, His birth, His career, His sufferings and glory were described in outline and detail in the Old Testament. Christ is the only Person Who lived in this world and whose ancestors, time of birth, manner of birth. childhood, maturity, teaching, character, career, preaching, rejection, death, burial, resurrection and ascension were previously written in a wonderful way, centuries before they occurred,

    “Who could present the portrait of a man who has not yet been born? God, and He alone. No one knows 500 years before, that Shakespeare was born there; not 250 years before Napoleon killed us. However, here in the Bible we have the most admirable.


  52. Rabbi Glickman March 19, 2024 @ 7:14 am

    Oy vey! Candace Owens put words into that poor, suffering rabbi’s mouth then dared him to unsay them.

    This my friends is the essence of anti-Semitism.

    We will never forget… and we will never forgive the Palestinians for making us murder their children!

    OhhhhHHHhhhh… I can hardly see through my tears as I write this!

  53. Mortichai March 19, 2024 @ 8:57 am

    Dark Bibi shows up Dark Brandon demanding total war against Palestinian babies.

    Article reads, “Netanyahu: ‘I made it clear to Biden, we must enter Rafah'”

    What is the long range goal here? Do Jews enjoy being hated?

    Anyway we need you all in Israel till we can decide what to do with you. With any luck, we can get Jews to wall themselves in.

  54. Bene Adonay Jesus March 19, 2024 @ 10:01 am


    A Prayer for Russia – a beautiful prayer and a wonderful video

    Oh! God, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us sinners.

    Our God, merciful, all-merciful Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you promised to show mercy to the righteous Abraham in the two great cities Sodom and Gomorrah, those who sinned against you, and if you found there at least ten righteous people, you would not destroy it .

    Lord, have mercy on Orthodox Russia great and small and run to the prayers of the faithful, those who cry for you day and night and anger the world.

    Your righteous one is resurrected over us and hear the prayers of all the new Russian Martyrs, he gave his life for his holy Church and Orthodox faith.

    Lord, do not allow those who give to the wicked to enter the Synagogue of Satan to destroy our country, our Russian Church and its Orthodox Christian.

    God grant us, grant us men with the strength of faith who reason to be able to help crush

    All the evil machinations of Satan’s servants, being the intercessor on earth with the machinations of his Antichrist.

    To your most pure Mother and all your Saints, we glorify your mercy towards us forever and ever, amen.


  55. MeMe March 19, 2024 @ 1:08 pm


    Anya Parampil : Is Zionism Falling?

    I did go to watch that, but sadly no more than 3m 30 secs into playback out comes the h word and I don’t mean Mr Hitler.

    Just mentioning the word is sufficient to help keep it energized in the public mind else as it is a lie, on its own it fades away.

    I don’t care if they say lots of ‘the right things’ too, and if they are going to talk in public about this stuff, then they can go and get educated as I did.

    I’m nothing special, just wanted to know the truth!


  56. Teddy Bahre March 19, 2024 @ 5:23 pm


    Re: Lorica

    Very interesting.

  57. Waldorf the Transient Spider. March 19, 2024 @ 7:19 pm

    So, are you shutting down, or is there going to be a new video?

  58. Waldorf the Transient Spider. March 19, 2024 @ 7:22 pm

    @Rabbi Glickman

    You see, I know you’re a Real rabbi (pretending to be a fake, antisemitic rabbi) because your sense of humor is terrible.

  59. KathJuliane March 19, 2024 @ 7:30 pm


    Just the News | 19 March 2024

    That means the law can go into effect as litigation occurs in lower courts.

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that Texas could enforce an immigration law that would allow local officials to arrest migrants suspected of entering the U.S. illegally.

    This means the law can go into effect as litigation occurs in lower courts, according to CNN.

    The court rejected an emergency request from the Biden Administration that claimed states don’t have authority over immigration and that it’s strictly a federal issue.

    The law in question is Senate Bill 4 and it allows police to arrest migrants who illegally cross the border and give judges authority to deport them back to Mexico.

    Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott signed the legislation last year, but it was blocked by a federal judge last month.

    “HUGE WIN: Texas has defeated the Biden Administration’s and ACLU’s emergency motions at the Supreme Court. Our immigration law, SB 4, is now in effect. As always, it’s my honor to defend Texas and its sovereignty, and to lead us to victory in court,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote on the social media platform, X.

    The three liberal justices dissented with Justice Sotomayor writing that the law would “upend the longstanding federal-state balance of power and sow chaos,” according to NBC News.

  60. Mortichai March 19, 2024 @ 9:20 pm

    Mortichai is not a real rabbi. Just a pretend one. That should be obvious.

    The name is intentionally misspelled. It was one of the characters in Fiddler on the Roof that was amusing. It means ‘little man’ in Hebrew I think. Just trying to inject some humor in an otherwise terrible situation that is if you are White, you are being genocided by Jews who hate you.

    No one will stand up to these people and humor is the only way I can deal with an impossible situation. Whites are being replaced and they don’t seem to mind. And that’s that.

    I have enjoyed the back and forth banter with Rabbi Glickman who shares my sense of humor in the matter.

    If the site goes down, good luck everyone.

  61. Confederatepatriot March 20, 2024 @ 12:31 am

    Brother Nat, personally I think you did better in this interview. You came across more confident.

    Owen gave your website wrong TWICE. I think on purpose. I don’t trust this weasel. As a side note, I also hate his grating voice.

    You asked him a CLEAR QUESTION and hes AFRAID to say “jew”. He says get rid of 1 party ?!?! That’s ignorant as f*#@. Lol.

    Owen is a shill. Trump has never said “republic” that I know of. Only demonocracy.

    I agree 100% with you in this interview. I REALLY AGREE on secession.

  62. KathJuliane March 20, 2024 @ 12:50 am

    The real reason Israel stormed al-Shifa Hospital yet again

    Mondoweiss | 18 March 2024

    Israel’s latest attack on al-Shifa Hospital and the successful delivery of food aid to northern Gaza are connected. Here’s how.

    In the past two days, a number of things happened that seemingly had nothing to do with each other. At 2:00 a.m. on Monday, the Israeli army stormed al-Shifa hospital, entering with tanks and heavy gunfire and killing and injuring dozens. It was the fourth invasion of al-Shifa since October, resulting in the arrest of over 80 people.

    The day before, 13 aid trucks arrived in northern Gaza for the first time in four months without being turned back by the Israeli army or resulting in the massacre of starving Palestinian aid-seekers.

    People flocking to the UNRWA warehouse in Jabalia refugee camp to receive the aid stood in uncharacteristically orderly lines and patiently waited for the handouts of flour, rice, and other foodstuffs. Many could be seen cheering once the aid arrived, a scene captured by Al Jazeera’s coverage.

    But what few people know is that this successful delivery of sorely needed food aid to northern Gaza is what led the Israeli army to launch its deadly raid on al-Shifa Hospital the next day.

    The connection between these two events can only be explained by understanding who Israel was targeting in the raid — the now-martyred Faiq Mabhouh.

    Mabhouh was the Director of Operations of the Gaza police force, a part of the Gaza government’s civilian administration. Unlike Hamas’s military wing, the Qassam Brigades, Mabhouh did not operate clandestinely at the start of the war, because he didn’t have to — he was in charge of civil law enforcement. Hamas released a statement after his death confirming that he “engaged in purely civil and humanitarian activity.”

    [In other words, the Jews took out the civilian Gaza police chief, an officer of the Gaza government, who was moving heaven and earth to coordinate humanitarian aid delivery. Hamas is a political party, and the duly elected government of Gaza (actually of the entire Palestine Authority as of 2006), while the Qassam Brigades is the military wing of the party who are also semi-autonomous in that they do not take direct orders from the political leadership.]

    Yet to hear Israeli military spokespersons and the Israeli media, Israel had launched a “precise operation” on al-Shifa to target a “top Hamas operative,” or a “senior Hamas commander,” who the army alleged was planning attacks on Israel.

    The attack on al-Shifa was an assassination operation aimed at breaking down civil order in northern Gaza to facilitate Israel’s genocidal project.

    Making such brazen claims without evidence to justify attacking hospitals and shelters has been a hallmark of the Israeli army’s conduct throughout its genocidal assault.

    But the true significance of the attack lies not in its desire to empty northern Gaza’s largest civilian refuge, which houses 30,000 people, but in foiling Faiq Mabhouh’s pivotal role in coordinating the delivery of humanitarian aid to starving civilians in Gaza while restoring a semblance of social order to the north.

    In other words, the attack on al-Shifa was an assassination operation aimed at breaking down civil order in northern Gaza. It aimed to facilitate Israel’s genocidal project and pave the way for total control over the area without resistance.

    The unfolding events of the past few days expose Israel’s intentions of engineering famine and contributing to social breakdown. It reminds us that this is not only a war against Gaza’s resistance but also against its people.

    Delivering aid while avoiding another ‘flour massacre’
    On March 17, images of pamphlets circulated on social media bearing the signature of the “Palestinian Security Forces” addressed to all civilians in northern Gaza.

    In order to “ensure the secure arrival of aid” in the north, the notice barred all people from gathering at the Kuwaiti roundabout and Salah al-Din Street, the main entry points through which humanitarian aid reaches the north. In most previous attempts, throngs of starving people gathered at those locations and rushed aid trucks as they arrived.

    Israeli forces fired on the crowds many times, killing hundreds of people, most infamously during the “Flour Massacre” on March 3. On occasions where Israel did not mow down the desperate crowds, it stopped aid trucks and turned most of them back, citing spurious “dual use” claims.

    Yet what is most remarkable about the circulation of this notice is that the starving people of northern Gaza complied. The aid convoy arrived in Jabalia refugee camp at a UNRWA facility shortly after midnight on March 17, unmolested and to much popular fanfare.

    The convoy was accompanied by an escort of masked gunmen whose identities were unknown. Much speculation as to who they were abounded, with Al Jazeera correspondent Ismail al-Ghoul commenting that the aid convoy was coordinated by Gaza’s clans.

    Later on that same day, as the aid was being distributed, Al Jazeera reporter Anas al-Sharif said that the convoy was organized by “local committees and monitoring committees comprised of clans, notables, and elders, who oversaw the arrival of the aid.”

    Yet that same broadcast showed images of those processing the handouts, who used laptops to register aid recipients with their ID cards and entered them into a registry. These were the tell-tale signs of the bureaucracy of Gaza’s civil government.

    Al Jazeera’s footage also depicted long, orderly lines of people receiving aid, in sharp contrast with the chaotic and bloody scenes that had predominated in previous incidents at the Kuwait roundabout and Salah al-Din Street. The scene was clear in its implication: attempts were being made to restore civil order in northern Gaza and to improve the lot of the suffering population.

    Not 24 hours later, in the predawn hours of March 18, Israel invaded al-Shifa. The news emerged that the army had assassinated Faiq Mabhouh, and that an Israeli soldier had been killed after Mabhouh reportedly refused to surrender. Suddenly all news sources were saying the same thing: Mabhouh had been behind the effort to coordinate the arrival of the aid.

    Mabhouh’s role
    The information available on Mabhouh’s duties remains scant, often blending fact with speculation regarding his activities and the reason for his assassination. Most media sources agree that Mabhouh organized the delivery of the aid convoy, which he did in coordination with Gaza clans, UNRWA, and international organizations.

    Crucially, that coordination entailed meeting with officials from those groups. One of the widespread pieces of speculation holds that it was at those meetings that Mabhouh’s location was exposed and supposedly leaked to Israel’s intelligence, likely through one of those international organizations. Haaretz speculates that this intelligence leak “may explain Israel’s urgency to launch an immediate operation at the hospital.”

    Being the head of a civilian police force, Mabhouh operated publicly earlier on in the war, but as Israel continued to target members of the local police, the need for secrecy became more apparent. According to Axios, the Biden administration asked Israel back in February to “stop targeting members of the Hamas-run civilian police force who escort aid trucks in Gaza, warning that a ‘total breakdown of law and order’ is significantly exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.”

    Israel never stopped targeting them and indeed went above and beyond in massacring hundreds of civilians seeking food.

    This context explains why the police force apparently switched to operating clandestinely and why the gunmen accompanying the convoy were masked. It also explains why the public narrative around the distribution of the aid was that it was organized by the clans.

    But mention of the clans is not incidental here. One of the most important aspects of Israel’s supposed “day after” scenario for Gaza is that day-to-day activities would be managed by local families and tribes.

    Gaza’s traditional clans used to hold greater sway in the coastal enclave prior to Hamas’s ascendancy to power in 2007, some of them acting as lawless gangs that engaged in criminal activity.

    Hamas severely curtailed their role during its period of rule over the Strip, but during the latest genocidal war, many of these families took advantage of the chaos to commandeer aid convoys and hoard food aid or sell it on the black market.

    Israel has not only welcomed the development but actively encouraged the state of lawlessness. Its continued targeting of Gaza police escorts only reinforced the phenomenon. At around the same time, Israeli officials began to float the idea of postwar tribal rule in Gaza.

    This relates to the second part of the speculation surrounding Mabhouh’s assassination — that he was involved in cracking down on clans that seized food aid, likely to be the same clans who would be contenders in Israel’s vision of postwar rule in Gaza.

    One unsubstantiated rumor was widely circulated on social media in Arabic and picked up by the Israeli media: Hamas had supposedly executed the unnamed head of the influential Doghmosh clan in Gaza for allegedly stealing humanitarian aid and being suspected of collaborating with Israel.

    The Doghmosh clan put out a statement strongly denying the claim, asserting that the clan chief had been martyred during an Israeli airstrike on November 16, 2023. An investigation conducted by Al Jazeera revealed that the name of the family’s head (the mukhtar) was on the list of the dead from that airstrike.

    Regardless of the veracity of the speculation, what has become clear is that Israel’s genocidal war has taken on a new dimension — it is encouraging societal collapse in Gaza.

    Its engineering of famine and the enablement of lawlessness is simply a continuation of its military campaign through other means. And when members of the civilian government attempt to ameliorate the famine or try to work to restore social order, Israel launches a war against them, too.

    Thanks to Jehad Abusalim for contributing crucial insights to this report.

  63. KathJuliane March 20, 2024 @ 1:17 am

    Candace Owens Wars Against Perverted Rabbi: Zionist Enforcer Rabbi Shmuley Bullies Israel Critics

    Stew Peters Network | 19 March 2024

    Former Utah Senate candidate Sam Parker is here to shed light on the ongoing feud between the Daily Wire’s Candace Owens and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

  64. KathJuliane March 20, 2024 @ 1:20 am

    Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Calls for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza to ‘Finish the Job’

    Common Dreams | 19 March 2024

    Kushner, who served as a key Middle East adviser to Trump, said that Gaza’s “waterfront property could be very valuable” and urged Israel to “clean it up.”

  65. KathJuliane March 20, 2024 @ 4:50 am

    Dang! The Texas Monthly Hit Piece really is! -Kj


    Texas Monthly Hit Piece on Russian Orthodoxy in Texas

    Fr. John’s Blog | 15 March 2024

    Note: The article in question is so over the top that I considered not responding to it directly, but I think the people in my parish, and people who have been part of the parish in the past, or will become part of it in the future will need to understand what happened with this article, and what to make of it.

    Sometime last year, Meagan Clark Saliashvili contacted me about whether I would agree to be interviewed for an article she was writing for Texas Monthly on the growth of Orthodoxy in Texas.

    Meagan is an independent reporter who is a convert to Orthodoxy, married to a Georgian man, and a graduate of Harvard Divinity School. I was not unaware of the liberal bent to her past reporting, but I hoped since she was a recent convert that she would be honest and sincere, even though I had reasons to doubt she would be.

    However, I figured if she was going to write a hit piece, it probably wouldn’t matter whether I spoke to her or not, and speaking to her might help.

    As it turned out, the article was not about the growth of Orthodoxy in Texas at all, but was in fact an extremely biased attempt to paint me, my parish, and other Orthodox Christians as racists, conspiracy theorists, and authoritarians.

    However, the fact that I did talk to her, and allowed her to visit my parish resulted in her putting in many details that contradicted much of what she was trying to accomplish.

    I am not sure if these things were included in the original version of the story or not, but I was contacted by a fact checker from Texas Monthly (a first from any news outlet I have ever interacted with) and pointed out to him a number of relevant facts that did in fact appear in the article as published.

    On the other hand, I did not anticipate how this would negatively impact some people in the parish, and that is my biggest regret about agreeing to this.

    The extreme bias of the article did not take long to appear, however. The title of the article is itself one of the most ridiculous titles I have ever seen in my life:

    “Inspired by the Confederacy and Czarist Russia, “Ortho Bros” Are on the Rise: A Houston-area priest is part of a group of religious leaders and media figures who draw followers interested in conspiracy theories and authoritarian government.”

    Of the hundreds of inquirers I have encountered over the years, most of them would not have known what “Czarism” even was or how to pronounce the word when they first began coming to my parish.

    And discussing the Confederacy is something I don’t bring in at all to my discussions about the Orthodox Faith with such inquirers. What I teach and preach is the Tradition of the Church, what it means to be an Orthodox Christian, and how to draw closer to God — and that is what is in fact drawing people into the Church.

    Apparently, to Meagan, thinking that the COVID lockdowns were a bad idea makes one a conspiracy theorist. But those she cites as authorities on Orthodoxy believe in conspiracy theories, such as the idea that Putin and Trump conspired to steal the 2016 election.

    And while Orthodox Christians are free to have their own views about how the government ought to be run, most of the people I encounter believe that the government we have right now is already too authoritarian… they are hardly begging for more.

    Why put all of that into the title? To make sure people who just read the titles know that Russian Orthodox Christians are scarry bad people.

    Secondly, just look at the photo of me that they used for this article. My Church is a very well-lit Church. When this photo was taken, not only was the Church bright with natural light, the photographer had a lot of additional lights shining in my face. The fact that they made the picture so dark was clearly intended to communicate that this article was about something sinister.

    The way words were used throughout the article were consistently designed to paint a negative picture of me and my parish. My parishioners don’t walk into Church, they “shuffle” in. I don’t wear vestments when serving; I wear a “cape.”

    The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia did not reunite with the Church inside of Russia in 2007 because the issues that kept us apart were finally resolved; it was “at Russian president Vladimir Putin’s request.”

    I lived through the time before, during, and after the reconciliation of the Russian Church in 2007, and it did not happen because Putin requested it. He had no pull over those outside of Russia. This was an issue that had been on the table for years, and it happened because the time for it to happen had come, and both sides wanted it to happen.

    Somehow my sermon on the day that Meagan visited, which was about the slaughter of innocent Palestinian civilians, and the Church’s traditional understanding of itself as Israel in contrast to Protestant Dispensationalists who are cheering on the slaughter of Palestinians because of their bad theology, but which nevertheless called for us to not hate other people, was portrayed as if it were mere political commentary, to which my parishioners just nodded along to in some unthinking way.

    I would invite those who haven’t heard that sermon to listen to it, and to judge for themselves.

    Meagan suggested that I have people in my “orbit” that are “white supremacists.” I have asked her to name them, because if she could point me to anyone who actually held such views, I would want to make sure that their bishop knew about it and dealt with them. But so far, she has named no one, but the smear remains.

    She described my spiritual journey into Orthodoxy in ways that were dismissive. I would invite anyone interested in the facts to read my article on the subject: A Pilgrim’s Podvig.

    I am quoted as saying: “I think the reason there’s been this big influx since the lockdowns is a lot of people have a sense that things are going in a very bad direction quickly, and they’re trying to grab on to something firm.” But then Meagan editorializes, and writes “For Whiteford, that something firm is often certain aspects of traditional Southern culture.”

    This is not at all true. That something firm is the Orthodox Faith. Anyone who has read what I have written and heard what I have said would know that this is what I was referring to, but instead Meagan has to distort what I was saying so she can shift the focus to what she wants to talk about and further distort things.

    Full story:

    Excerpt from the Texas Monthly hit piece. This is probably what got Fr. John into the most trouble:

    [Quote] The choir sang “Glory to thee, O Lord, glory to thee,” and then the music tapered off into a reverent silence peppered with the coos of babies and the impatient fussing of toddlers. Elderly parishioners and pregnant women seated themselves on benches lining the walls. Everyone else sat on the wood floor, looking up as their priest approached the altar and began his sermon.

    Whiteford, who doesn’t shy away from speaking about contentious current events, directed their gaze to the war in Gaza.

    “Bad theology leads to bad actions,” he told his congregants. “And people wind up getting hurt.” The notion that the U.S. must support Jews and Israel to receive God’s blessing is, he said, new to Christianity, unfolding from dispensationalist theology that became popular in the early twentieth century. “Most evangelicals think that the modern state of Israel and the Israel they read about in the Bible are the very same thing,” he said.

    This, he argued, is a mistake. The majority of Jews in Israel, he explained, are unbelievers, and it’s Christians who will inherit the blessing that God bestowed on Abraham. Heads nodded in the crowd. Today’s Palestinian Christians, he said, are descended from the earliest Jewish converts to Christianity. More nods. Then he warned his flock not to hate unbelievers. “Christians are called to have a supernatural reaction, not a natural reaction. We cannot hate people. And we do not hate the Jews. We’re told by Saint Paul that one day they’re going to all repent.”

    At the end of the ceremony—virtually the entire sermon was about Israel and Gaza—the congregants bowed to the altar and exited to the yard, some stopping to greet Whiteford, kissing a cross in his hand. [Unquote]

    I don’t believe that Apostle Paul stated that ALL Jews are going to repent “one day”. Paul makes a clear distinction in Romans between the ‘Israel of the flesh’ (Jews) and the ‘Israel of God’ — the Church in Christ. But, regardless, Fr. John’s sermon was irenic enough.

    I agree that it’s no good to hate Jews qua Jews, just because they were born as such. It’s irrational to hate someone simply for the accident of their birth like the Jews do.

    On the other hand, it is perfectly rational to feel righteous indignation and intense dislike, even anger over someone’s individual or some people’s collective attitudes and behaviors which harm and damage other people causing great suffering, and then be motivated to put a stop to it.

    Forgiveness is personally hard to do. I’m required to forgive others who have harmed me in some way, and sometimes it’s a process which takes a long time to get to that point where I truly let it go to God, and that way I’m no longer tied to anger, resentment, or the other person. I’m spiritually and freed, but forgiveness, a letting go of someone’s trespass against me, is not the same as forgetting, either.

    I can forgive my personal enemies. I cannot forgive someone who has done harm to someone else, I don’t have that right. And I don’t have the right to ever forgive the enemies of Christ our God who crucified Him. That is up to Christ’s enemies to repent and seek his forgiveness and pardon for their national sin and offense against God and Man.

    Or not. -Kj

  66. KathJuliane March 20, 2024 @ 6:02 am

    Keith Woods

    The Rabbi who debated Candace Owens kept saying antisemitism is “uniquely evil”.

    He even said it was antisemitic to put the suffering of Jews in the same conversation as the suffering of Palestinians.

    The rabbi said October 7th was uniquely tragic, comparable only to the Holocaust. In other words, the millions dead in the Korean war, Vietnam, the Balkans wars, the Cambodian genocide, 9/11, Iraq, Syria… they all pale in comparison to the thousand+ killed on October 7th. Why? Because those millions of lost lives were not Jewish.

    How do people hear statements like that and nod along as if the person they’re listening to has any moral authority?

    Like the rabbi who eulogised mass murderer Baruch Goldstein by saying a million Arab lives are not worth a Jewish fingernail, this is simply an assertion of Jewish supremacy.

    We would not tolerate this level of narcissism from anyone else. People’s patience is running out.


    Because of the lobbying of a Rebecca Cohen, during Easter Christians across America will hear how Jеws cannot be blamed for the passion of Christ. And yet Whites are daily blamed for the Holocaust, Oct 7 and whatever else they think their people suffered.

    From The Pillar:

    [Quote] The U.S. bishops’ conference announced recently that it will require a pastoral note on antisemitism to be placed in worship aids and pew missals ahead of all Good Friday passion narratives, beginning this year.

    The new requirement was announced last year in a memo from the heads of USCCB Committees on Divine Worship and Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs to publishers of missals and worship aids.

    Notice of the memo was also included in the Committee on Divine Worship’s January 2024 newsletter, which noted that the conference has previously provided guidance on homilies and a similar statement for the Good Friday passion in the 1990s and 2000s.

    The goal of the statement, the newsletter said, is “to help ensure that the proclamation of the Lord’s Passion is not misused to promote anti-Jewish sentiment.” [Unquote]

  67. The+Elder+of+Zyklon-B March 20, 2024 @ 6:47 am

    If you are White you being genocided by Jews who hate you Mortichai tells us.

    No way Mort. It’s the Democrats! Elon explains it all in about 2 minutes. It’s those liberals every time. I tell you, they the Chosen Ones just want to live in peace and heal the world.

    Look under any rock of degeneracy and nation wrecking and historically it’s always been those Democrats.

    “This is actually happening!”

  68. Steve March 20, 2024 @ 6:49 am

    BroNat called this one years ago!

    Me thinks the mongrel Jew/Negroid stepdaughter’s porn film put this milquetoast over the sexual edge into some type of Euripides-like Bacchic mind spin.

    Along with the Matthew Shepard Geffen false flag the tribe is still showing its true colors.

    Too bad this LGBT youth committed suicide as the left was ready for Shepard 2.0

    Think perhaps telling her 24/7 what a hero she is and a great role-model had something to do with her checking out?

  69. KathJuliane March 20, 2024 @ 6:50 am

    Fr. Joe’s Newsletter – Moving to Russia

    No More Red States: Same-Sex “Marriage” Has Popular Support in Every American State

    20 March 2024

    Which polls do you trust most? Pick any that you like. The following 17 polls are run by different organizations, with different goals, by different people with different backgrounds.

    Yet they all agree on at least one thing: The overwhelming majority of people living in the United States are now in favor of same-sex “marriage”. This is one conclusion that all these polls share in common: …

    According to recent polling data, here are numbers reported for some of the most “conservative” states in America:

    Missouri – 63% support same-sex “marriage”

    Alabama – 53% support same-sex “marriage”

    Indiana – 67% support same-sex “marriage”

    Florida – 69% support same-sex “marriage”

    Kansas – 69% support same-sex “marriage”

    Texas – 62% support same-sex “marriage”

    Ohio – 70% support same-sex “marriage”

    Public opinion of same-sex marriage in the United States has significantly changed since the 1990s, and an overwhelming majority of Americans now favor same-sex marriage.
    Full story:

  70. Ted Gorsline March 20, 2024 @ 10:57 am

    Jonas Alexis has an interesting article today.

    He blames the chaos in Haiti on Haiti’s ony billionaire, a Middle Eastern jew.

    It seems that whenever jews get control of a nation they, as parasites, destroy it.

    Communist jews got control of Russia and destroyed not only a huge Christian population, but the nation as a whole, until it fell apart and was resurrected by Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church.

    Alexander Solzenitzyn poined out that the Communist Revolution had nothing to do with Christian Russians. The monsters and murderers were always jews and this was never reported because they control (and still do) the media.

    Corrupt jews led by wanted criminal Kolomoisky, an energy and media magnate, got hold of Ukraine, because of jews the most corrupt country in Europe and now they have destroyed it, too, along with most of its Christian youth.

    Today they are destroying and genociding Palestine for all to see.

    Jewish diamond concessionaires from Antwerp have destroyed the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The DRC is the richest country in Africa, but its people are the poorest.

    Now the jews have gotten political control of America, as Scott Ritter says, by spending $100 Million to capture Congress.

    Unless the jewish influence in media and politics is dislodged, America is finished.

  71. Rabbi Glickman March 20, 2024 @ 7:01 pm

    Oy, Walmart the Intransigent Spitter! How’s the weather there in Tel Aviv?

  72. Rabbi Glickman March 20, 2024 @ 7:08 pm

    May the skies rain shekels from Heaven for you, Mortichai.

    Pretend rabbi though you are, you are still more real than the real ones. L’chaim!!!

  73. Jose Gallardo March 20, 2024 @ 7:34 pm

    Did you see the odd interview Ceink did with the sexual Rabbi Shmulie or whatever his name is.

    I am not a fan but I watch TYT because they make better news outlets than capitalist loving “right wing media” many owned by Jews like Ben Shapiro.

    I watch a lot of leftist media online, on economics they usually make sense, I ignore them on social issues since that is where they usually miss the mark.

    Kyle Kulinski is another great YouTuber who has made decent coverage out of the genocide in Gaza despite me not liking him on social issues and his secularism.

    I don’t like right wing media because even though social issues are their stronghold there is this weird dichotomy where they aren’t reasonable on economics and think capitalism is great when capitalism is the environment Jews thrive in like disease causing bugs in standing water, capitalism is filthy and that is where the spiritually filthy deep at home like the Jews.

    I hate capitalism and communism, I hate all consolidationist schemes, I believe in decentralized sovereignized consentual cooperation not competition or commonality.

    I hate usury, I hate interest based enslavement and all that fallen ways.

  74. Waldorf the Transient Spider. March 20, 2024 @ 9:30 pm


    “Me thinks the mongrel Jew/Negroid stepdaughter’s porn film put this milquetoast over the sexual edge into some type of Euripides-like Bacchic mind spin.”

    I have no mouth, and I must laugh.

  75. KathJuliane March 20, 2024 @ 11:12 pm

    “The Most Immoral Man I’ve Ever Met” | Piers Morgan vs Cenk Uygur And Rabbi Shmuley

    Piers Morgan Uncensored | 20 March 2024

    Tensions run high as Cenk Uygur And [Sex Toy] Rabbi Shmuley once again join Piers Morgan Uncensored for another fiery confrontation, this time centred around Israel’s plans to launch an offensive in Rafah, and Israel’s right to self-defence.

    Emotions run high as personal attacks are exchanged between the two guests. Rabbi Shmuley accused Cenk Uygur of being sympathetic to Hamas and equated the Young Turks to the Hitler Youth, while Uygur criticized Shmuley for resorting to ad hominem attacks and refusing to engage in a constructive dialogue.

    Despite their differences, both guests expressed a desire for peace and a resolution to the conflict that respects the rights and dignity of all parties involved.

    Candace Owens’ comments about a supposed sex ring run by Jews in Hollywood to blackmail artists were deemed as antisemitic and baseless. The conversation also touched on the need to separate criticism of Israel’s government from attacks on Jewish individuals worldwide.


    Op-Ed video: Why Israel faces a strategic defeat in Gaza

    Middle East Eye | 20 March 2024

    David Hearst, editor-in-chief of Middle East Eye, discusses how Israel’s war on Gaza is forcing its Western backers to confront the atrocities being committed in a campaign they had described as “just” five months ago.

    He argues that the ongoing genocide cases at the International Court of Justice, erosion of the Jewish consensus, and the increasing nervousness among Israel’s backers collectively indicate a strategic defeat for Israel.

    Hearst said: “A rubicon has been crossed. With this war, Israel has entered the elite rank of pariah states. It is now the ugliest of the ugly. It’s impossible to forgive. It cannot be justified, nor can it be put into context. The entire operation in Gaza is an atrocity.”

  76. The Englishman March 21, 2024 @ 3:24 am

    Even chumps have been known to get it right.

  77. Rabbi Glickman March 21, 2024 @ 9:49 am

    You might ask yourself, “What do the Jews have planned after all the chaos, destruction, suffering and death they’ve caused?”

    Well, there is no after plan. Chaos, destruction, suffering and death IS the plan. L’chaim!!!

  78. KathJuliane March 22, 2024 @ 12:07 am

    What role, if any, can Greece and Europe play in ending the war in Ukraine?

    Larry Johnson | 21 March 2024

  79. The Englishman March 22, 2024 @ 2:25 am

    A long video,” Vladimir the Saviour” at 1.00.55

    Damming indictment on the satanic West.

    From a truncated version in Anglin’s Daily Stormer.

  80. Ted Gorsline March 22, 2024 @ 8:25 am

    I found it very strange that Macron wants to send European troops to Ukraine, thus risking WW3, until I looked up his background and see that he was an investment banker for Rothschild and company.

    Its the private jewish investment bankers that are behind the idea of stealing Russia’s banking system and natural resources.

    I am surprised the Russians have not started blowing up their banks, be they the Federal Reserve or others. The deep state is a collection of private jewsih banking interests. These people are the only one to profit from war and the ones who are afraid of BRICS as they were afraid of Qaddafi’s gold dinero.

    The whole world fights and dies to benefit a tiny handful of jewish private bankers.

  81. Mort March 22, 2024 @ 9:27 am


    None of the politicians anywhere desire to end war. War is used to thin surplus population and war profiteering. “The People” or proletariat only want to be left alone. So Greece or any other country will not stop anything.

    I do not assume Putin is acting in good faith either. No politician can be trusted anymore. They are all evil.


  82. Citizenfitz March 22, 2024 @ 2:33 pm

    Terrorists attack a mall near Moscow. Scores of people killed and wounded:

    Ukraine is ruled by psychopathic jews. But if in spite of their denials you think they were behind this, you’re an antisemite. Of course it could have been done by Israelis. In which case you’re still an antisemite.

    In any event you’re an antisemite.

  83. KathJuliane March 22, 2024 @ 3:28 pm

    Busted. -KJ

    US reaction to terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall raises questions — MFA

    “If there is no such evidence, then neither the White House nor anyone else is in a position to postulate anyone’s innocence,” Maria Zakharova said

    MOSCOW, March 23. /TASS/. The reaction of the US authorities to the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall raises big questions, in particular, as to the reasons why the White House takes the liberty of claiming right away Ukraine was not involved in the incident, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said.

    “There are also reactions [to what happened at Crocus City Hall] that raise more questions. This certainly concerns comments from Washington, which said it saw no signs that Ukrainians might be involved in the terrorist attack,” Zakharova said on the Rossiya-24 television channel.

    “What grounds Washington officials are using to draw any conclusions in the midst of the tragedy about someone’s noninvolvement is a big question,” Zakharova added.

    “If the US or any other countries had reliable information on that it should have been provided to the Russian side immediately. If there is no such information neither the White House nor anyone else has the right to indulge anyone,” she noted.

    “To be honest, the reaction of the UN Secretary-General’s secretariat raises not simply questions, but big questions, as he stated, I mean the secretariat of his representative, that they are saddened by reports of shooting,” the spokeswoman said, adding that all adequate people, even considering various emotional level, had similar reaction: terror, shock, bewilderment, unconditional condemnation and compassion.

    “What does sadness about shooting mean? Maybe no one else, but the United Nations and the secretariat of the UN in particular, and Secretary-General of this structure, and [UN] member-states should see what the rest of the world sees now, a bloody terrorist attack, and unconditionally condemn it,” she stressed.


    Western intelligence services knew about possible terrorist attack in Moscow, says Vucic

    The US Embassy cautioned its citizens against visiting shopping centers, then the British and some others did the same, serbian president said

    BELGRADE, March 22. /TASS/. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said that calls by the US and British embassies to their nationals not to visit shopping malls in Moscow show that their intelligence services had certain information about possible terrorist attacks.

    “On March 7, the US Embassy cautioned its citizens against visiting shopping centers. Then the British and some others did the same. This means that their intelligence services wiretapped certain conversations, got information and knew that something would happen,” Vucic told the Prva TV channel.

  84. KathJuliane March 22, 2024 @ 3:45 pm

    Oh, look.

    The Mossad/CIA’s international jihadist army just claimed responsibility for the Crocus City Hall terror attack.

    This has been picked up and propagated at the speed of light by all Israeli & Western MSM, however, I don’t see Russian media carrying it, with the exception of the Moscow Times, which is also actually American media. Jew York Times reported that the US stated that it was ISIS-K out of Afghanisan that claimed responsibility, and verified the alleged Telegram channel.

    So far, Russians aren’t buying it. There are ISIS and all kinds of radicals fighting for and with Ukraine. -Kj


    Islamic State claims responsibility for Moscow terrorist attack

    The Russian Federal Security Service has confirmed at least 40 dead and more than 100 wounded in the attack on the Crocus City Hall complex.

    Just the News | 22 March 2024

    The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a Friday evening terrorist attack on a Moscow concert hall.

    The Russian Federal Security Service has confirmed at least 40 dead and more than 100 wounded in the attack on the Crocus City Hall complex.

    In a Telegram post to its channel, the terrorist organization claimed its personnel had “attacked a large gathering… on the outskirts of the Russian capital Moscow,” according to the Moscow Times.

    The Islamic State initially rose to prominence in Iraq and Syria, though it has long since branched out beyond those nations and at least one branch is known to operate in Afghanistan. The motivation behind the Islamic State attack remains unclear and there is no evident connection to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine as of press time.

    Russia previously struggled with Islamic secessionists in the northern Caucuses throughout the 1990s and terrorist activity persisted into the 2000s after the Russians reoccupied Chechnya. Current Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, however, is a staunch supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Video footage from Russian media outlet TASS showed the concert hall in flames.

  85. KathJuliane March 22, 2024 @ 4:39 pm

    Fatalities are up to 62 — search and rescue forces are retrieving bodies that were trapped by the arson fire and succumbed to smoke inhalation.

    Up to 145 wounded now. Not final figures.

    Lord Bebo Xwitter has an extensive thread on the Crocus City Hall terror attack.

    In one xweet, he points out on video of shooting in the hall entrance that “One attacker was loading guns and collecting magazines, but not shooting himself.

    Now why would you collect empty magazines?”

    Lord Bebo

    COORDINATED: Somebody was calling the emergency hotline number 112 from Ukrainian and spoofed numbers in order to disperse emergency services to wrong locations all over town.

    The calls reported shootings around different addresses of schools, shopping centers and others.


    Lord Bebo

    BREAKING: “ISIS claims responsibility for attack in busy Moscow-area concert venue that left at least 40 dead”

    BS … not their style, nor their procedure of attack


  86. KathJuliane March 22, 2024 @ 4:41 pm

    Lord Bebo

    Ukrainian security official Danilov:

    “Is it fun in Moscow today? In my opinion, it is very fun. I want to believe that we will arrange such fun for them more often”


  87. Mort March 22, 2024 @ 6:41 pm

    This attack on Russia is likely some Mossad op complete with dancing Israelis. Jews are running the Ukraine, US military and have been warning Jews to leave Russia for several years now. See article:

    There was Jewish involvement in 9/11, Antifa riots, Palestinian genocide, etc… It just goes on and on and will not stop.

    This attack has Mossad written all over it. Ruthless Jews.

  88. DR. KENNEDY March 22, 2024 @ 8:12 pm

    Great choice, Brother.

    Your new focus to find a positive solution, for this murderous tribe, is the answer.

    Please continue to also pray for my company and I, as we are owed a great deal of funds, and my promis in front of the eyes of Jesus Christ, is to give a portion to you.

  89. Citizenfitz March 22, 2024 @ 8:25 pm

    The Moscow terror attack checks some boxes for the Global Zionist Cabal™ being behind it:

    Mass shooting. Innocents targeted. Embarrassing for Putin. The MSM trying to blame Muslims for it….

  90. Ted Gorsline March 23, 2024 @ 2:37 am

    I see where John Kirby has expressed sympathy for the victims of the Moscow attack.

    You would think he might express some sympathy for the thousands on children in Gaza that as a Biden/Blinken representative he is complicit in burying alive and thus murdering.

  91. Hibernian March 23, 2024 @ 2:40 am

    “What happens in Irish State is intended to stay in the-rest-of-world … next”

    1) Jew-tube/You-tube video-interview

    Comment by Hibernian:

    (((The-Perennial-Control-Freaks))) would never be satisfied with controlling an ant-farm of “actual” ants;
    (((They))) want to control an ant-farm of “Goyim” ants. And, specifically, “all the Goyim” but not any Judaic who continues being a Jew.

    Guest — Mr. Ivor Cummins — provides new insights from his side during latter half of interview.

    Cummins accent is one of the “flat-monotonus” Midland Ireland ones. But, he is a beneficial geek.

    Note — as per the latter URLs — that Cummins is mistaken to think that the world-premiere of intense war upon free-speech is indeed very near to being en-acted in the Globalist “petri-dish” known as the Irish State.

    Title: Who’s Really Behind The Great Reset
    (Not WEF) w/Ivor Cummins

    Rebel Capitalist

    Duration; 45 minutes


    2) Tweet

    Notes by Hibernian:

    Tracey O’Mahony is a lawyer (specifically, a barrister)

    “Garda”/”Gardai” = Irish State “Police (singular)”/”Police (plural)

    Tracey O’Mahony

    While this article discusses the raft of measures being recommended for politicians to increase their security, strangely it does not give any detail on why increased security may be necessary.

    Might the following have anything to do with it (feel free to add to the list):

    – 716 days of C19 measures
    – Longest lockdowns in Europe
    – Implementation of vaccine passports
    – Legalised discrimination of the unvaccinated
    – Garda/military detention of families in quarantine facilities
    – Mistreatment and severe neglect of the elderly
    – Mass forced closure of businesses
    – Criminalisation of speech
    – Discriminatory justice system based on immutable characteristics
    – Protest exclusion zones
    – Open border immigration policy
    – Degenerate sex education programme in schools
    – Decriminalisation of all illegal abortions (which in effect mean legalising abortion up to birth)
    – The politicisation of the Gardai and Defence Forces with respect to Pride
    – Billions of euros spent on NGO’s to manufacture consent for legislation
    – Criminalisation of turf cutting/supply
    – High fuel costs to deter usage

    To name but a few reasons.


    3) Tweet with very short video-audio message

    Concerned Citizen

    1984 Real Life Thought Crime

    Important Clip

    2024_Mar_21_00:47 A.M.

    “The Police can enter your home, search your phone, computer & arrest you for the things you are reading, watching or posting online”

    “If you refuse you can be sentenced to 12 months in prison”

    “Ireland is the test-bed for the next phase of the Global crackdown”

    Listen to @shellenberger explain why the new Irish ‘Hate Speech/Crime Laws are massively significant to the entire World.

    Humanity & its freedoms are truly under attack.

    Duration: 2 minutes

  92. KathJuliane March 23, 2024 @ 3:00 am

    FSB reports 11 suspects detained over terrorist attack

    Four of those arrested were directly involved in the terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall, RIA-Novosti has reported, citing the Kremlin

    RT | 23 March 2024 08:32 AM Moscow

    Eleven people have been detained over the terrorist attack on the Crocus Crocus City Hall concert venue outside Moscow, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has said in a statement.

    The arrested suspects include “four terrorists who were directly involved in the terrorist attack on Crocus,” the statement read. Investigative work to track down other accomplices are ongoing, it added.

    After carrying out the attack on Friday night, “the perpetrators tried to escape by car, fleeing towards the Russian-Ukrainian border,” the FSB said on Saturday. “The criminals intended to cross the Russia-Ukraine border and had relevant contacts on the Ukrainian side,” it added.

    According to the agency, “all four terrorists” were arrested in Russia’s Bryansk Region within several hours as a result of well-coordinated actions by the security services and the police. The detainees are now being transferred to Moscow, it added.

    The attack on Crocus City Hall was “carefully planned,” with the perpetrators using weapons that had been placed in a stash in advance, the FSB said.

    Russia’s Investigative Committee also confirmed that four suspects, who “committed the terrorist attack” on Crocus City Hall, were detained in Bryansk Region, “not far from the border with Ukraine.”


    Crocus death toll rises to 93 – investigators

    Russian officials say the number of casualties is likely to rise further

  93. KathJuliane March 23, 2024 @ 3:10 am


    23 March 2024 Yandex translated

    Fateful concert

    A mass murder was committed at Crocus City Hall

    Dozens of people were killed and injured in a terrorist attack on Friday evening at the Crocus City Hall near Moscow. Five gunmen armed with automatic weapons entered the building and began methodically shooting anyone who got in their way. Subsequently, they set fire to the Crocus, which was badly damaged by the fire. According to the security forces, the terrorists had military and airsoft training, using it against peaceful and unsuspecting people.

    The consequences of the terrorist attack were horrific

    Events in the” Crocus City Hall ” began to develop around 20 hours, when the concert of the rock band “Picnic”was supposed to start in the great hall.

    At approximately 19:40, a minivan pulled into the parking lot of the Crocus, from which five people in unseasonably light tactical clothing and weapons got out. Eyewitnesses later said that they had Kalashnikov assault rifles and carbines equipped with sights, apparently collimator, and even flashlights, and small backpacks on their shoulders.

    The group, similar to the security forces involved in ensuring order at the event, slowly went to one of the entrances. Metal detectors were installed there, and security guards armed with batons searched the audience, but all of them were useless in this situation.

    The newcomers opened fire directly through the windows of the doors and facade. “They killed everyone who got in their way,” said witnesses of the unprecedented massacre in the history of Russia. Even the terrorists who attacked the Dubrovka Recreation Center in October 2002, where the musical Nord-Ost was playing, not only shot at people, but also took hostages to make demands, and here they simply killed.

    Most of the attackers ‘ faces were covered with headscarves, but some witnesses saw beards sticking out from under them. The criminals acted in a coordinated, military manner, as if such actions were commonplace for them.

    Fortunately for the majority of people already gathered in the hall, which can accommodate up to 7 thousand people (almost all tickets were sold), the attackers were keen to hunt for individual visitors in the lobby. By the time the terrorists reached it, the room was considerably emptied. Nevertheless, there were also casualties in the hall.

    The concert of “Picnic” with the symphony orchestra, where the band, in particular, planned to perform their new hit “Don’t be Afraid of Anything”, did not take place. The musicians, according to preliminary data, were not injured. When they heard the shots, they barricaded themselves in the dressing rooms, and then they were evacuated from the Crocus .

    Meanwhile, the assassins continued to act. Spilling the liquid they had brought with them, they set fire to the curtain and chairs. When the fire broke out, rising to the very top and covering part of the roof, they, according to preliminary data, left the scene of the mass murder.

    Just a few minutes after the first reports of the shooting in the Crocus, police patrol crews rushed to the scene.

    According to reports from the field, which spoke about mass casualties and wounded, the Main Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region and Moscow put into effect operational plans “Sirena”, and then “Zarya”: in accordance with the latter, all employees must arrive at the departments, equip themselves and prepare to counter armed criminals.

    What is Crocus City Hall?

    Hundreds of law enforcement officers were sent to the “Crocus”, but the police were mainly involved in the cordon and providing assistance to the victims. Inside, soldiers of the FSB and Rosgvardiya special forces worked, as well as firefighters, whom they covered. The latter, using crank lifts, removed up to a hundred people from the burning roof of the Crocus.

    About an hour later, explosions were heard in the building. At first, there was a version that bombs left by terrorists went off, and then-about gas cylinders heated by fire. Despite the measures taken by firefighters, the building was severely damaged by the fire, the area of which exceeded 13 thousand square meters.

    The roof of the complex partially collapsed.

    The Moscow region GSU TFR opened a criminal case on a terrorist attack (Article 205 of the Criminal Code), which in the near future, on the instructions of the committee’s management, will be transferred to the investigative central office of the central office. The investigation will be conducted under the supervision of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

    Who exactly committed the attack and why, as a result of which, according to incomplete FSB data, more than 60 people were killed and 140 were injured (the figures will obviously increase), is still unknown.

    Some sources of Kommersant suggested that the terrorists could be members of the Russian Volunteer Corps organization banned in Russia. Its participants periodically carry out attacks on settlements in the regions of Russia bordering Ukraine.

    Just on the eve of the terrorist attack, FSB officers detained in Moscow a whole group of their supporters who were going to go to war in Ukraine, but for now they were committing minor sabotage in Russia.

    Already at night, the security forces began to receive guidance from the operational headquarters, according to which the search for the attackers was conducted. According to Kommersant’s sources, they said that the terrorists — young men, above average height, up to 180 cm, may have used false beards and moustaches.

    The perpetrators were dressed in military clothing, including high-top boots. At the same time, their training, according to the updated version of the security forces, could be not only combat, but also airsoft, hence, perhaps, shooting literally at everyone whom the criminals considered their opponents.

    Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Moscow Region Governor Andrey Vorobyov expressed their condolences to the families of the victims, promised to provide necessary assistance to all victims of the terrorist attack and canceled cultural and sports events in the regions.

    “I ask you to treat this measure with understanding,” Mr. Sobyanin wrote in his Telegram channel. He called the incident “a terrible tragedy.”

    Then similar bans were adopted by the authorities of other regions and republics.

    The Ministry of Education and Science recommended that universities refuse to hold mass events this weekend, and on Saturday transfer students to distance learning.

    Terrorist attack in the “Crocus City Hall” in the Moscow region. The main thing

    According to the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin was informed about the shooting in the “Crocus” in the first minutes: “The President constantly receives information about what is happening and about the measures taken through all relevant services, gave all the necessary instructions.”

    And the chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said that those who staged the terrorist attack should be destroyed. The security forces also received a similar task in case of resistance.

    John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council of the White House (USA), said that the US authorities do not have information about Ukraine’s involvement in the terrorist attack. “Currently, there is no indication that Ukraine or Ukrainians were involved in the shooting. But then again, it just happened. We are studying this, ” Mr. Kirby said.

    Реклама — продолжение ниже

    Many leaders condemned the attack and expressed their condolences to Russia.

    Nikolai Sergeev.

    Per Kommersandt at 4:54 AM CDT

    Death toll from the Crocus City Hall terror attack has risen to 115.

    …No one has officially claimed responsibility for the attack. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the terrorist attack. The FSB in the morning reported the detention of four suspected terrorists, their car was stopped in the Bryansk region.

  94. KathJuliane March 23, 2024 @ 3:19 am

    Just over six weeks ago…

    Was this terrorist attack Toria the Hutt’s Parthian Shot?

    It’s the type of thing she would arrange, and it would take some time to set up. Kj

    Mats Nilsson

    The Wicked Witch from the West, Victoria Nuland arrived in Kiev and promised surprises for Vladimir Putin…

    A Cookie?

    4:59 PM · Jan 31, 2024


  95. KathJuliane March 23, 2024 @ 3:42 am

    FSB boss Bortnikov: Four terrorist suspects arrested – officially 115 dead in terrorist attack

    RT.DE 23 Mar 2024 08:47 am (translated)

    Russian authorities have apparently managed to arrest four terror suspects who are accused of carrying out the terrorist attack on a concert in Moscow on Friday. The death toll has now officially risen to 115.

    The RIA Novosti news agency reported at 11 a.m. Moscow time (9 a.m. CET) that the head of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, reported to Vladimir Putin the arrest of eleven people, including four terrorists, who were directly involved in the terrorist attack in Moscow. The Kremlin also confirms this.

    The suspected perpetrators intended to cross the border between Russia and Ukraine and had relevant contacts on the Ukrainian side, according to the FSB.

    This photo is intended to show the Renault at the scene of the arrest:

    ——– | March 23, 2024

    08:42 | State Duma deputy Hinshtein confirms information about the discovery of the criminals’ car in the Bryansk region.

    According to him, the “Renault” in which the suspects were traveling was found near the village of Chatsun. The car did not stop when asked by the officers and tried to flee. During the chase, shots were fired and the car overturned.

    One terrorist was arrested while the others fled into the forest. During the search, a second suspect was found and arrested around 4 a.m. The search for the others continues. A PM pistol, a magazine for an AKM assault rifle and the passports of Tajik citizens were found inside the vehicle.

    Above has photos, and shows recovered passport ID photos.

    CIA has been doing a lot of work stirring up trouble in Tajikstan against Russia. Also, US used a lot of Tajiks against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    This was not the typical jihadist type of terror attack, who either fight until they are killed or blow themselves up. According to Russian sources, no one has claimed responsibility for the terror attack on the Crocus City Hall, yet Western MSM is bending over backwards to keep pushing the “ISIS-K claimed it” narrative.

    ISIS-K is Islamic State – Khorasan Province which covers the territory of Afghanistan, Pakistan and vicinity, and an affiliate of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). ISIS–K began with the dispatch of Afghan and Pakistani militants from al-Qaeda-aligned groups to the Syrian civil war.

    ISIS-K claimed responsibility for the Jan. 3 attack on Kerman, about 820 kilometers (510 miles) southeast of Iran’s capital, Tehran. The dual suicide bombing killed at least 95 people and wounded dozens of others attending a commemoration for the late Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the leader of the Revolutionary Guard’s expeditionary Quds Force, who had been killed in a 2020 U.S. drone strike in Baghdad.

    The Taliban government strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Moscow: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent terrorist attack in Moscow and considers it a flagrant violation of all human standards.”

    Yesterday, pro-Iranian groups throughout the Middle East spoke in a similar vein, starting with the Houthis, who were the first to express condolences to Russia and condemn the terrorist attack.

    I didn’t hear the US either condemn the attack or send the Russian people US condolences. Did I miss it?

    Well, for some, the question remains: why did the terrorists rush at full speed towards the Ukrainian border? -Kj

  96. Mortichai March 23, 2024 @ 4:43 am

    ISIS labeled as responsible for attack on Russia…

    ISIS funded and led by Israeli Mossad…

    Conclusion: Jews attacked Russia to provoke nuclear war.

  97. I for one, welcome our new Overlords, the Kings of Empty Space. March 23, 2024 @ 4:47 am

    Re: 1.2T spending “package”.

    1. Biden is not now, and never will be, the president – he is an old, corrupt, whiley career politician pretending to be senile for legal deflection purposes, installed and backed by vicious, communist jews.

    2. With their foolishness, lazy, evil, and corrupt congress is just throwing money at a criminal caste of hungry wolves, that just want to devour babies in the streets, and kill everybody, and take everything.

    3. The obvious goal is to steal the entire planet out from under us, and then ‘generously’ rent it back to us: but since many of the dominant jews see Americans conservatives as reincarnated German Navy submarine captains, they may just prefer the empty land.

    4. As global electromagnetic weapon systems have handily replaced neutron bombs (for human-clearing purposes) either finish using those, or tell me where to send the check – and thanks.

    (I’ll be playing the Belagio all next week, folks, $12.99 steak dinners for you and a guest.)

  98. Citizenfitz March 23, 2024 @ 7:16 am

    Time for Putin to up the ante.

  99. Mort March 23, 2024 @ 10:54 am

    Israel steals 800 hectares of Palestinian land after genociding them.

    As I stated before, this is a “Greater Israel Project” land grab. Hamas was founded and funded by Israel. Hamas is a para-military group that works for Israel.

    Hamas was sent in as a false flag operation as an excuse to steal Palestinian land and kill them. Many Jews knew about this. The insider trading is proof of it.

    Article reads, “Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich on Friday declared 800 hectares in the occupied West Bank as state land.”

  100. KathJuliane March 23, 2024 @ 11:52 am

    This was not a typical ISIS/jihadist terror attack.

    FSB has all four of the active shooters and another 11 connected with the operation in custody.

    A possible connection along the ISIS-K/Ukraine/Mossad/CIA/MI6 axis is the fact that the terrorists are singing like a canaries. The 4 identified shooters are ethnic Tajiks.

    On a videoed field interrogation shortly after being pulled down out of a tree, one terrorist stated he was contacted on Telegram and hired by someone named Abdullah for a half million rubles, half of which was digitally transferred in advance to his cash card.

    From Intel Slava TG

    – Why did you shoot people?
    – For money, half a million rubles…

    According to the interrogated, the weapons were provided by the customers via telegram, presumably by the assistant of the preacher whom the terrorist was listening to.

    They told me to go and kill people, no matter what kind.

    It’s very suspicious that the Western intel & media immediately began screaming it was ISIS, apparently falsely reporting that ISIS-K claimed responsibility.

    The terrorists, most or all Central Asians, were selected in such a way that they could convince the world community that it was ISIS/jihadists, and the obvious motive appears to be to stir up racial religious hatreds between Christians & Muslims of the RF.

    They did not conduct themselves as committed jihadists but were fairly well-trained murderous thugs for hire.

    The one possible ISIS link is the fact that the terrorists were heading for the general vicinity of where Abdullahakim Shishani has been operating, coopted by the SBU.

    Shishani (= “the Chechen”) is one of the leaders of the dreaded, brutal Idlib/Syrian Chechen ISIS radicals, whose Kiev-backed terror group operating inside Ukraine includes fugitive thugs from the post-Soviet space.

    The picture of the international jihadist commander was taken in the border zone near the Belgorod region, during an attack that took place a few days ago, just a couple of oblasts away from where the Crocus terrorists where apprehended, making a dash for the Ukraine border.

    This Shishani has been in Ukraine for a long time, not in Syria. And he is a link between the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and the radical militants he commanded in Syria.

    RIA Novosti: The weapons used by the terrorists were prepared in advance in a cache, the FSB reported.

    After the terrorist attack, the criminals intended to cross the border of the Russian Federation and Ukraine and had relevant contacts on the Ukrainian side, the FSB said.

    The fatalities count from the Crocus terrorist attack is now up to 143 victims, many of whom are being retrieved in pieces from the main auditorium shredded by the collapsed steel beam roof structure that rescue workers are cutting through. -Kj


    Implications of the Moscow terror attacks
    Comments on a developing situation

    Laughlyn | 23 March 2024

    Last night, there was an attack on a music venue on the outskirts of Moscow, a mass shooting and explosions occurred, and at this moment, there’s a body count of about 60 dead and more than 100 wounded.

    Russian authorities are designating this a terrorist attack, and according to CNN and other Western news media, an Islamic State-affiliated organization, ISIS-K (the K is for Khorasan, a historical province of the Islamic Sasanid empire) operating mainly in Afghanistan, has taken responsibility.

    The source of all this is a Telegram post from a channel affiliated with the IS-linked Amaq News Agency, so it’s a claim yet to be verified by other evidence.

    The Telegram post doesn’t specifically mention the Afghanistan-related IS-group either.

    Nonetheless, this message is now being cabled out all over the Western media, forcefully hammering in the connection, and it’s something of a mystery where the New York Times, seemingly the first outlet to mention the ISIS-K outfit, got their information from.

    Russia, on the other hand, expresses doubt whether this attack can be connected to Islamic militant groups. There’s no obvious reason why an Afghanistan-based IS outfit would strike Moscow at this moment, but there could of course be links to Russian support in the Syrian war, as well as Russia’s activities in the Caucasus.

    This is how Western media will likely connect the dots in relation to the claim of IS involvement.

    But it’s hard to not contextualize this in relation to the Ukraine war.

    Just the last few days, we’ve seen a significant escalation of attacks against critical Ukrainian energy infrastructure, with Russia also now stating it’s no longer only involved in a limited military operation but at war, specifically due to the West’s overt interventions on the Ukrainian side.

    The terror attacks in Moscow also comes at the very moment when the world’s eyes were focused on Israel’s imminent Rafah assault, and where the situation seems to be intensifying at this very moment.

    They must also be considered in connection with repeated Ukrainian claims (backed by many Western officials (and of course anchored in many a white paper by intelligence-affiliated think tanks) that it’s time to “bring the war home to Russians” and for its population to bear some of the costs and pain of this conflict.

    The attack on Moscow is a timely one in many ways. Recall that the first thing the West unanimously and unambiguously proclaims is that “THIS WAS NOT UKRAINE’S DOING”, without more than a couple of printscreens from a Telegram channel and an alleged admission of guilt from an IS-affiliated group to go on (yes, yes, there are many questions to be asked around the nature, character and connections of this set of organizations as well).

    So we want to establish the message that the Ukraine or the Western intelligence services had absolutely nothing to do with this, whereas this will be one of the obvious interpretations by both the Russian public and its state officials.

    The events also tear up the old wounds from the early 2000s when Russia was plagued by an Islamic insurgency in connection with the Chechen war, where similar terror attacks took place at this kind of public venues, so the psychological effect of these incidents will play on this background.

    If the intention is to unbalance Russia and provoke a hasty retaliatory response directed against Ukraine, in spite of the already well-established narrative that those terrible IS terrorists were really behind the attacks, such an outcome would bring many opportunities to galvanize the opposition.

    If Russia blames Ukraine, it will appear irrational, dangerous and vindictive, bringing further credence to the established Western propaganda narratives, and opening the door towards further escalation and a more cohesive Western response that approaches actual military intervention, in line with the feelers put out by Macron and other Western leaders in the last couple of weeks.

    Finally, one may ask if this is the beginning of the drawn-out, NATO-supported insurgency that was predicted by many of us about two years ago.

  101. KathJuliane March 23, 2024 @ 11:58 am

    President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Citizens of Russia,

    I am addressing you today in connection with a horrific and savage act of terrorism, which claimed the lives of dozens of peaceful, innocent people – our compatriots, including children, teenagers, and women. Doctors are fighting to save the lives of the victims in critical condition.

    I am confident that they will do everything within their power, and even beyond, to preserve the lives and health of all those injured. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to ambulance crews, air ambulance teams, special forces, firefighters, and rescuers, who made every effort to save lives and rescue people from the gunfire, from the epicentre of fire and smoke, preventing even greater losses.

    I cannot but acknowledge the help provided by ordinary citizens who, in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, did not remain indifferent or apathetic and provided first aid and transported the victims to hospitals, working alongside doctors and special agencies’ personnel.

    We will provide the necessary support to all the families whose lives have been affected by this horrible atrocity, to the wounded and the injured. I express my deepest and most sincere condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones. The entire country, all our people are grieving together with you. I declare March 24 a day of national mourning.

    Additional anti-terrorist and anti-sabotage measures have been introduced in Moscow, the Moscow Region, and all regions of the country. Our top priority now is to prevent those behind this bloody massacre from committing another crime.

    Regarding the investigation of this crime and the results of the operational search action, we can currently say the following. All four perpetrators, who were directly involved in the terrorist attack, all those who shot and killed people, have been found and apprehended.

    They attempted to escape and were heading towards Ukraine, where, according to preliminary information, a window was prepared for them on the Ukrainian side to cross the state border. A total of 11 people have been detained.

    The Federal Security Service and other law enforcement agencies are working diligently to identify and expose the accomplice base behind these terrorists: those who provided them with transport, planned escape routes from the crime scene, and prepared caches with weapons and ammunition.

    The investigative and law enforcement agencies will spare no effort to establish all the details of this crime. However, it is already clear that we are confronted not simply with a carefully and cynically planned terrorist attack, but a premediated and organised mass murder of peaceful, defenceless people.

    The perpetrators cold-bloodedly and deliberately targeted our citizens, including our children, with the intent to kill them at close range. Like the Nazis who once carried out massacres in the occupied territories, they planned to stage a demonstrative execution, a bloody act of intimidation.

    All perpetrators, organisers and masterminds of this crime will face fair and inevitable punishment, whoever they may be and whoever directed them.

    I emphasise once more: we will identify and bring to justice each and every individual who stands behind these terrorists, those who orchestrated this atrocity, this assault against Russia and our people.

    We understand what the terrorist threat means. In this regard, we rely on cooperation with all states that sincerely share our pain and are ready to really join forces in the fight against a common enemy, international terrorism and all its manifestations.

    Terrorists, murderers, those inhumane individuals who have no nationality and cannot have one, face one and the same gloomy prospect – retribution and oblivion. They have no future.

    Our common duty now, shared by our comrades–in-arms at the front and all citizens of our country, is to stand united as one. I am confident that we will, for nothing and no one can shake our unity and will, our determination and courage, the strength of the united people of Russia. No force will be able to sow the poisonous seeds of discord, panic or disunity in our multi-ethnic society.

    Russia has weathered the most arduous, sometimes unbearable trials more than once, yet it has emerged even stronger. And so it shall be now, as well.

  102. Chris Fitzmaurice March 23, 2024 @ 8:38 pm

    1. Who are well known for hiding in the background – and getting others to do their dirty work?

    2. Who work as a fifth column wherever they live; and have the resources to carry out global terror attacks of the type recently seen in Moscow? Not to mention others.

    And not to forget their false flag operations, false opposition operations, false front operations….

  103. johnanonanonanon March 24, 2024 @ 1:11 am

    I want to write a book, explaining the state of and activities of the Jews since the Protestant Reformation, moving quickly through the early years as merchants using usury to gain money, lending as “the court Jew” as many princes had them, to the Rothschilds, through the 1800s.

    People do not understand that the Jews own practically everything. It is a difficult thing to understand and accept, then further, that they are racist always favoring each other.
    How this plays out people do not understand.

    In this interview, you were disappointed by RFJ Jr accepting a powerful Jewish donor. You realize it’s a Faustian bargain, BUT THE HOST DID NOT. He didn’t get it that RFK Jr sabotaged himself by doing so, because he has no idea how such corruption might operate to totally overthrow a candidate.

    The youth need this kind of education, to understand what they are up against.

    1. How the Jews got so incredibly rich, (breaking laws of usury),
    2. That with money, comes great power to manipulate circumstances and situations, the methods of which are impossible to defend against.
    3. How these methods are employed to corrupt our government representatives.

    Among these points, the spiritual requirements for addressing this battle are also needed to be explained. That rejecting money with strings attached is vital principle. That manipulation itself is the stuff of self-will of one playing God, instead of submission to God

    So they need background instruction as well as plans to action.

    I’ve watched you for years, I know some of your tribulations, I admire and respect you. May God protect your eternal soul.

    John m.
    Text {[502]} – {[780]} – 5024

  104. Ted Gorsline March 24, 2024 @ 3:27 am

    Scott Ritter, on Sputnik, say the Moscow terror attack was a CIA operation. He say the fact that the terrorists were captured heading for Ukraine tells you all you need to know.

    He says that in all military operations of this nature the first thing the perps do is head fora safe house and in this case it was Ukraine where the intelligence service is led by the CIA.

    ISIS had nothing to do with it.

    This, of course, is exactly what happened when 160 Dancing Israelis, make that dancing jews, declared war on America on 9/11 by murdering 3,000 Americans.

    The first thing jew boy Chertoff of Homeland Security did was whisk the jewish perps directly to the organized crime safe house called Israel.

    Ritter says terrorist perps always behave the same way, which means that it is the proof that America, under the jewish Neocon-controlled Democratic party, attacked Russia.

  105. The Englishman March 24, 2024 @ 4:03 am

    I would subscribe to the Gorsline doctrine.

    Haganah/Mossad operatives need a dose of their own medicine, which should serve as justified wrath, metering out “Whackings” whenever, and wherever FSB Deem is appropriate.

  106. The Englishman March 24, 2024 @ 4:57 am

    You jew filth have a reckoning to come.

  107. Amazing stuff March 24, 2024 @ 5:04 am


    We’ve all been kidnapped but we’re all still here, isn’t that amazing?

    Amazing stuff.

  108. KathJuliane March 24, 2024 @ 6:25 am

    Terrorist Attack on Moscow – Ukraine Committing Suicide? | Larry C. Johnson

    Dialogue Works | 22 March 2024
    Terror in Moscow – Doubtful it’s ISIS-K

    Daniel Davis / Deep Dive

  109. KathJuliane March 24, 2024 @ 8:59 am

    Blockbuster Interview: Gaddafi Spokesman Reveals TRUTH About NATO Assault On Libya!

    The Jimmy Dore Show

    Watch this, the full interview between Jimmy and former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s spokesman Moussa Ibrahim.

    The two discuss the NATO overthrow and assassination of the Libyan leader, what soured the West on Gaddafi, the devastation wrought on Libya by NATO and prospects for the rising of a united Africa that Gaddafi dreamed of, and much more!

  110. KathJuliane March 24, 2024 @ 10:02 am

    Rachel Corrie: Parents & Friend Remember U.S. Activist Crushed by Israeli Bulldozer in Rafah in 2003

    Democracy Now

    We mark the 21st anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie, the 23-year-old U.S. peace activist who was crushed to death by an Israeli soldier driving a military bulldozer on March 16, 2003.

    Corrie was in Rafah with the International Solidarity Movement to monitor human rights abuses and protect Palestinian homes from destruction when she was killed. To this day, nobody has been held accountable for her death, with the Israeli military ruling it an “accident” and the Supreme Court of Israel rejecting an appeal from her parents in 2015.

    Rachel Corrie has since become a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian people, and her legacy must be used “to direct attention back to Rafah” and prevent an escalation in the war, says her friend and fellow activist Tom Dale, who witnessed her final moments.

    We also speak with Corrie’s parents, Cindy and Craig, who say they have met many Palestinians over the years who continue to honor their daughter’s memory. “For Palestinians everywhere, Rachel’s story has been very important,” says Cindy Corrie. “They tell us over and over again how much it meant.”

    After Corrie was killed, they devoted their lives to her cause and founded the nonprofit Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice.

  111. Citizenfitz March 24, 2024 @ 11:52 am

    New one up. “Terror, Terror Everywhere….”

  112. Mort March 24, 2024 @ 12:01 pm

    @Ted Gorsline

    Your post sounds reasonable. Using the cui bono theory, or who does this situation serve, it puts ordinary Russians in a state of fear and undermines faith in Putin’s ability to shield them. Russia, being at war with Jewish interests.

    There is a Jewish element at work here in timing and methodology. CIA and Mossad share intelligence and work together physically on projects. It looks like a intelligence operation. ISIS, ISIL, Daesh are the same fake army of mercenaries otherwise known as a para-military group doing the dirty work for dirty government.

    Putin says he’ll investigate. So there’s more details to come. Based on what’s there now, I’m speculating ISIS under direction of Mossad to destabilize Russia.


  113. Ted Gorsline March 24, 2024 @ 4:39 pm


    The Jimmy Dore show is great. What an honest guy.

    On another matter. For the second time Scott Ritter is having second thoughts about the credibility of Seymour Hirsch.

    Ritter’s video is called “The truth revealed in Ukraine and why Europe is self destructing.”

    Ritter is finally having his doubts about Hirsch. Good to see. Hirsch is just another jew.

    The internet is used to the idea of a–holes like Ghislane Maxwell grooming young girls, but the fact is they groom or promote journalism integrity, too.

    In other word people like Hirsch are put on a pedestal by awarding them prizes like the 200 K Pulitzer Prize for publishing old material and develop lots of fawning adoration until the journaqlists have a following.

    Then the jew boys call in their cards and ask them to use their influence and followers to support the narrative the jews boys want the public to believe in even though its BS.

    That is Sy Hirsch. First he get made into a hero and then he publishes BS that people on the inside, like Scott Ritter, know is BS.

    Ritter was once a big Seymour Hirsch fan but now he has been twice bitten by BS Hirsch stories. Thrice will make him shy away from Hirsch because he will know the fix is in.

  114. KathJuliane March 24, 2024 @ 5:31 pm

    Via Two Majors TG

    >On March 24, 1999, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) started carrying out its aerial bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia) during the Kosovo War. How this happened in first place? Well, entering Joe Biden.

    >If you thought you knew why Yugoslavia broke up, get ready for 2 hours of shocking facts that will shed a different light on Western intervention in the Balkans.

    >How the western media and governments presented Serbian leaders and fighters as war criminals while funded Bosnian and Albanian terrorist organisations and covered up or downplayed their massacres and ethnic cleansings of Serbian villages.

    >Watch the full documentary:

    The Weight of Chains | Težina lanaca (2010)

    Boris Malagurski’s award-winning Canadian film “The Weight of Chains”, dealing with the breakup of Yugoslavia from a different angle – finally, exclusively, on YouTube!

    Watch the film that has stirred controversy around the world, screened at cinemas across Australia, Canada and the US, as well as at film festivals in London (Raindance), Belgrade (Beldocs), Havana, Ann Arbor, Toronto, and many others.

    If you thought you knew why Yugoslavia broke up, get ready for 2 hours of shocking facts that will shed a different light on Western intervention in the Balkans.

    Nicknamed the “Serbian Michael Moore” by the oldest daily newspaper in the Balkans, Malagurski will expose the root causes of the Yugoslav wars and explain that the goal was for the West to create economic and geopolitical colonies in that part of the world.

    Who’s in the film? Everyone from former “Economic Hitman” John Perkins, Retired Major General of the UN Army Lewis Mackenzie, Canadian economist Michel Chossudovsky, Canadian journalist Scott Taylor, former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia James Bissett, humanitarian Vlade Divac and the list goes on!

  115. Mort March 24, 2024 @ 6:33 pm


    Read your article as well as links. Nice, very nice. My conclusion also. Rav Mortichai also posted about this here…

    March 7, 2024 @ 4:30 pm
    Looks like a CIA op false flag event is in the works…

    More sneaky Jews at the bottom of it like Vicky Nooodlemanbergstein.

    Anyway, these kikes are cartoonishly predictable.

  116. KathJuliane March 24, 2024 @ 11:02 pm

    Ruins of Yugoslavia: How Russia learned that NATO poses a threat

    The US-led military bloc’s illegal strikes on Belgrade in the spring of 1999 forever changed relations between the West and Moscow

    25 years ago: NATO’s war of aggression against Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo

    Quarter of a century ago, the territory of Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo was subjected to a massive NATO bombing campaign. The effects of those strikes are still being felt today, especially where depleted uranium shells were used.

  117. MeMe March 25, 2024 @ 12:09 am

    My first thought about the Moscow terrorist attack was that it was an act of spite! against Putin. He had just won another election outright and the country and he celebrated their unity and decency. So that will never do. They must be taught a lesson, maybe an eye for an eye type of lesson.


    “Erdogan should be the president of Chicken, not Turkey” – RT Comments section.

    lol nice one. I agree, what a disgusting duplicitous person (not sure what is the right pronoun) criminally selling stolen oil from Syria to the foreskin challenged schmucks,

    although his hypocrisy pales by comparison with the Jew responding to him accusing him of the Jews’ own crime of burning babies.

  118. Ted Gorsline March 25, 2024 @ 12:14 am


    You have posted a very interesting video about Yugoslavia. Even after watching it I still don’t know what went on there or who did what to who or why they did it.

    Too many small countries and tribes that I am not familiar with to grasp it all in one sitting.

    I once wrote a speech for a man named Tony Bubenik who knew Tito and spoke highly of him. Tony was perhaps the leading moose biologist in the world in his day and he managed Tito’s hunting reserve.

  119. KathJuliane March 25, 2024 @ 12:58 am

    Strange Diplomacy: Victoria “F*ck the EU” Nuland’s Ukraine Fiasco
    She Lost 20% of Ukraine w/500,000+ KIA then “Resigned”

    APR 23, 2023

    (Scroll down for news updates)

    “What’s going on here is the West is leading Ukraine down the primrose path, and the end result is that Ukraine is going to get wrecked.” (Professor John Mearsheimer 9/25/15)

    “Victoria Nuland exemplifies the neocons who have led US foreign policy from one disaster to another for the past 30 years while evading accountability. It is a bad sign that President Joe Biden has nominated Victoria Nuland for the third highest position at the State Department, Under Secretary for Political Affairs.” ( 2/11/21)

    “The war began with the violent overthrow of Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014, a coup that was overtly and covertly backed by the United States government in the service of NATO expansion.” (Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia, Jeffrey Sachs 3/8/23)

    Full story:

  120. KathJuliane March 25, 2024 @ 1:01 am

    6 Current Instances of Zionist Depravity – Video #89

    Freedom Articles

    Published 3 days ago on March 22, 2024
    By Makia Freeman

    The Hannibal Directive, selling stolen land, using starvation as a weapon of war, torturing aid/relief workers and more … it seems there are no depths to the depravity of the Zionist regime.


  121. KathJuliane March 25, 2024 @ 1:23 am

    Russians With Attitude TG

    Whenever some particularly heinous crime occurs in Russia – a terrorist attack, or child murder, or similarly depraved acts – the public debate on the return of the death penalty makes a comeback.

    While I am not fundamentally opposed to it – just the opposite, actually – I would like to see some systemic reforms to the Russian legal system before I’d unambiguously support such a move.

    In any case, in my opinion, in the current case it’s just populism. Understandable, not incorrect per se, but still emotionally motivated. In the case of actual religious fanatics (which the Tajik terrorists don’t really seem to be), the death penalty is not really a deterrent, anyway – these people expect their demonic parody of “martyrdom” and even desire it.

    I suspect that Russian politicians will make a big deal out of demanding to bring back the death penalty because it omits the legal changes that would actually increase safety: a very tough stance on immigration law & enforcement, and border security.

    Letting hundreds of thousands of unvetted immigrants from Central Asian countries into Russia just to satisfy the lobby network of corrupt politicians, diaspora organizations and semi-slave trading employers is a terrible, terrible mistake that has already cost Russia dearly many times.

    The current policies have created a huge underclass of people who are separated from Russian society through language and cultural barriers and are easily recruited into either crime or extremism.

    Shooting the animals who attacked Crocus City Hall would be profoundly just, of course, but it’s not going to solve the underlying problem of uncontrolled mass migration creating the circumstances for easy terrorist recruitment – ESPECIALLY when there’s a whole country, with a superpower backing it up, ready to utilize these conditions for its own goals.

    Uncontrolled mass migration from Central Asia is already an integral aspect of Ukrainian/NATO hybrid warfare against Russia, and it will only become worse if nothing changes.

    We’ve recorded an emergency episode on yesterday’s terrorist attack in Moscow where we gathered all available confirmed information so far and present our own theories as to what happened and who was behind it, and some thoughts on what ought to be done to mitigate the risk of a repeat in the future.

    Podcast is free, of course. Available on Patreon

    On Gumroad

    On youtube

  122. MeMe March 25, 2024 @ 3:01 am

    No surprise to see controlled opposition propaganda, as hosted by Tucker Carlson and his guest Alex Jones.

    The big problem with Jones is the fact that he has come out with ‘stuff’ just like David Icke did with his wild accusations. Maybe that is a ‘given’ way to acquire a reputation of an informed source.

    When you are setting up a controlled opposition, you give them a big fat fact which as the wicked manipulators and liars will know, will act like the bait on the hook to draw you in and gain your trust.

    Well anyway, I don’t trust either of them.

    In this interview, what comes across to me and I have not by any means watched the whole 2hrs 10 mins, is that Alex is keen to paint the villain as the Arab Muslim which immediately raises suspicions in me considering the recent event in Moscow.

    Along with this are the very early suspicious attempts by the ‘West’ to pin the tail on the ISIS donkey.

    It’s just like the classic old Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times”. (exasperated sigh)

  123. The Englishman March 25, 2024 @ 7:09 am

    The Warrior/Philosopher has spoken, short & sweet

  124. Citizenfitz March 25, 2024 @ 1:41 pm

    Thanks for the link, Englishman. The Colonel has raised a troubling scenario. We’re going to be in deep doo-doo here in the US if the idiots have their way.

    This is doubly troubling to me as my son is in the military.

  125. Citizenfitz March 25, 2024 @ 1:47 pm

    Thank you both, Mortichai and Me Me!

    It’d be a dull world without the RJN family to hang out with.

    Another donation is on the way, Brother Nate.

  126. Hibernian March 25, 2024 @ 2:31 pm

    Obviously, thus far (((they)))* are being more discreet in celebrating this** particular “false-flag real-event” — & it ”Purim” timed too — than (((they))) were about a certain previous “false-flag real-event” that they conducted — 9-11.

    Jew Celebration-Costumes Re: 9-11

    *”The Jews”

    **3_22 Massacre at Moscow

  127. Rujev March 25, 2024 @ 7:32 pm

    Secession is spot on, Brother.

    Can’t wait for it.

    Many are ready, willing, and able!

    How about we set up a Secession coalition for an emergency Constitutional Convention?

  128. Bene Adonay Jesus March 25, 2024 @ 8:53 pm

    Israel to get more ‘aggressive’ with Russia – MP

    West Jerusalem will ramp up its Ukraine aid to retaliate for Moscow’s alleged backing of Hamas, Amir Weitmann has claimed

  129. Hibernian March 25, 2024 @ 9:45 pm

    More on one of the main ways that Brother Nathanael highlights how Jewry is destroying the U.S.A.:

    Namely, privately devised-&- owned-&-controlled essentially by Jewry

    Any Goyim surnames are either of a) Jews who have maternal ancestor who married a Goy; or b) Crypto-Jews or c) Proxies-for-Jewry — Central Banking

    “The Federal* Bank” or rather “The Federal* Bank Syndicate” (“syndicate” because it is a “conspiracy” involving more than one conspirator)

    Title: The Federal Reserve Cartel – Eight Families own the USA, BIS, IMF, World Bank

    *not “federal” ; Because it is not Federal Government owned. Moreover, not owned by any U.S.A. State Government

  130. Bene Adonay Jesus March 25, 2024 @ 10:05 pm

    October 7 | Al Jazeera Investigations.

    Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit (I-Unit) has carried out a forensic analysis of the events of that day – examining seven hours of footage from CCTV, dashcams, personal phones and headcams of dead Hamas fighters, and drawing up a comprehensive list of those killed.

  131. The Englishman March 26, 2024 @ 3:01 am

    Good of you to remind us Citizenfitz, of the importance of RJN’s survival, by doing what we can to support +BN’s unique site.

    I for one, have this foreboding feeling should this site cease to be.

    Brother Nathanael is the best antidote to the evil afflicting the West.

    The sands are running out folks- do what you can, it’s not difficult. hit the donate button, even if it is only a dollar or two, it will be a bargain for your soul.

    Concerning your son in the military ‘Fitz, all such should be grateful the likes of Milley are cowards, & the Whole of Holy Russia is Hell-Bent.

  132. Rabbi Glickman March 26, 2024 @ 10:41 am

    This morning, as I was enjoying a breakfast of poached eggs and hash browns at McDachau’s, I noticed a man glaring at me. I smiled politely but he continued glaring at me.

    Then he walked over and said, “You’re Rabbi Glickman, aren’t you?”

    “Well, who wants to know?” I answered.

    “I am Ari Ben Eliezer. You gave my father herpes. Prepare to die!”

    “Your father was Eliezer Ben Eliezer?” I said.

    “Yes!” he bellowed. The whole restaurant shook from the force of it.

    Thinking quickly, I said, “I remember him. He’s the one who gave me herpes at his mezitza b’peh. But I’ve forgiven him” I lied.

    “What? I thought *you* gave him herpes!”

    “No, my friend. The world is a stranger place than we can even imagine.”

    As I stood up to offer my hand, I strategically threw a handful of bright, shiny shekels across the floor. In the mayhem that followed I quietly left through the closest door.

    Oy, oy, oy! That was a close call, that one!

  133. KathJuliane March 26, 2024 @ 12:13 pm

    Why AIPAC is still Israel’s foreign agent
    Posted on March 26, 2024 by IRmep

    Excerpt from the March 22, 2024 KKFI program Understanding Israel Palestine Audio (MP3)

    Margot Patterson: My guest today is Grant F. Smith, the founder and director of the Institute for Research Middle Eastern Policy, a non-profit that does public interest research.

    Since it was founded in 2002, the Institute has filed dozens of requests for documents under the Freedom of Information Act and multiple lawsuits seeking to elicit information about Israel’s actions in the United States and or demand accountability for actions that violate U.S. laws.

    Smith is the author of a number of books, including How Israel Made AIPAC, Spy Trade, Foreign Agents, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee from the 1963 Fulbright Hearings to the 2005 Espionage Scandal and Big Israel: How Israel’s Lobby Moves America. Grant Smith, welcome to Understanding Israel-Palestine.

    Grant Smith: Thank you very much for having me on.

    Margot Patterson: You have devoted 20 years to examining how Israel and its supporters in the United States shape U.S. policy and politics. I want to ask you about your research and conclusions.

    But first, what got you started examining this subject, which for years was considered off limits as a topic too explosive to publicly discuss because of fears that allusions to the Israel lobby could or would be considered anti-Semitic?

    Grant Smith: One of the things that really intrigued me was the very overt and admitted role of neoconservative thinkers working for Benjamin Netanyahu, who then pivoted into the George W. Bush administration and essentially started implementing the “Clean Break Plan.”

    I had been involved in researching public policy and the impact of lobbies earlier in my life. And so I found that, taboo or not, nobody was doing as much as was needed to ferret out the foreign influence role in U.S. regional policy.

    Margot Patterson: One of your books is called Big Israel, How Israel’s Lobby Moves America.

    Let’s start there. How does the lobby move the United States and where does the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, commonly referred to by its acronym, AIPAC, fit in terms of the Israel lobby?

    That loose coalition runs a wide gamut from far-right organizations such as the Zionist Organization of America to legacy organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee to Christian Zionists to liberal Zionist groups like J Street or Americans for Peace Now.

    What’s AIPAC’s role and what makes it of particular interest to you, the subject of many of your books?

    Grant Smith: I would say that the most important thing about the lobby as regards to influence and organization is that many of those organizations you just mentioned form part of what I call a “legitimator network” of organizations that make up this broad coalition that advances policies that benefit Israel’s government.

    The American Israel Public Affairs Committee channels all of that influence and offers executive memberships to all of those organizations in its committees to then channel all of that into lobbying the Congress and the president.

    The book Big Israel broke down how the organizations worked across the United States with Jewish federations and committees for public affairs at every major population center that then seamlessly network into organizing candidate speaking opportunities and chances to meet with donors of those organizations, all the way up to sending members to the AIPAC annual conference in Washington D.C. to then lobby members of Congress to enact policies favorable to Israel’s government.

    There are actual maps and all sorts of charts in that book Big Israel to help understand how the lobby moves America.

    The term comes from Benjamin Netanyahu who once said that America is “very easily moved” and it’s very easily moved because of this national organization. Our recent work is really focused on the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is the tip of the spear.

    The four things to really understand about AIPAC that almost nobody knows or acknowledges are that number one, it was set up with 60 million dollars of foreign, mostly Israeli funds laundered into the U.S. in the 50s and 60s, and anyone who disbelieves that can consult pages of the Senate record where the amount each year is actually noted and acknowledged to be foreign funding.

    Number two, AIPAC’s objective ever since it appeared on the scene is to make the U.S. serve the needs of the Israeli government, especially arms and funding, but also backing positions that harm the United States and the rest of the world, and we can certainly talk about a couple of those right now.

    The U.S., number three, tried to regulate AIPAC as a foreign agent of Israel under the Foreign Agents Registration Act but failed. The behind the scenes battle between the Justice Department and AIPAC was kept secret until 2008.

    That rarely is mentioned by establishment media and most of those holding themselves out to be experts or critics of the lobby.

    Number four, the lobby in the form of AIPAC is clearly not American as apple pie because it really was set up from the beginning to serve a foreign government with Americans who worked in that foreign government, and it engages in tactics up to and including espionage operations with Israel against the United States, and there are many examples of that.

    However, like the drive to register AIPAC as a foreign agent, it’s just simply too powerful to actually face any accountability for its actions, illegal or not.


  134. KathJuliane March 26, 2024 @ 1:47 pm

    Blessed Holy Week to Western Christians!

    Christ is King! -Kj


    Friends of Theopolis,

    Palm Sunday is Jesus’ royal entrance to Jerusalem. He rides in on a donkey, a royal mount. The people hail Him as “King of Israel” and “son of David” and symbolically lay themselves at His feet.

    In the days that follow, we might think everything goes terribly wrong. Jesus’ subjects reject Him. It seems He doesn’t become king after all.

    That’s not how John’s Gospel tells the story. Nothing gets derailed. Nothing fails. Jesus’ royal entry is followed by a week of royal action. Holy Week is Royal Week, a week-long coronation.

    Jesus tells Philip and Andrew His “hour” of glory has come, when He enters into and radiates royal splendor.

    It’s the hour of the lifting up of the Son of Man. Jesus alludes to Daniel 6, where the Son of Man rises up to receive the authority and dominion of all the kings of the earth. Jesus’ cross is the throne of the new World Emperor.

    It’s an hour of judgment. Jesus is raised on the cross to pass judgment on the nations – the Jewish leaders, the Jewish crowd, Pilate and the whole apparatus of Roman power.

    It’s the hour of Satan’s defeat, for “now is the ruler of this world cast out.”

    Holy Week is a disguised coronation, a masked victory, glorification masquerading as humiliation. This is how God becomes king, the comic reversal at the center of the world.

    As the Fortunatus’s beautiful hymn puts it:

    Fulfilled is all that David told
    In true prophetic song of old
    That He the nations’ king should be
    For God is reigning from the tree.

    Holy Week fulfills the royal promise of Palm Sunday. The cry of Palm Sunday echoes all the way to the cross: “Hosanna to the Son of David! Hosanna in the highest.”


    Peter Leithart

  135. Bene Adonay Jesus March 26, 2024 @ 4:59 pm

    Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barack says Satanyahu financed Hamas


    Violent protests against Satanyahu in Israel.

    Israelis demand new elections.



    Massive protests around the world Love.





  136. Citizenfitz March 26, 2024 @ 5:19 pm

    What did he look like?!?

  137. Molf Beems March 26, 2024 @ 7:40 pm

    Rabbi Glickman has been sending coded messages in his jokes.

    If you transpose every third letter, you get this:

    A D L P H W S MY
    F DD R

    What does it mean.

  138. CG March 26, 2024 @ 9:02 pm

    Hey +BN,

    Was the terrorist shooting in Moscow by 4 scumbags with AK-47’s an Illuminati JWO Psyop with some as Alex Jewnes calls them ‘Al-CIAeda’ operators playing haji jihadi AK wielding fruitcakes or paying off some actual hajis to go aloha akbar on the Ruskies in their capital city in a top secret proxy war kind of way?

    Or was it Zelenskyy and his (((overseers))) as part of the Russia-Ukraine war going on?

    Or was it all just something else different entirely that hasn’t been discussed much because the man keeps everyone so duped and confused with his constant lies and propaganda?

  139. KathJuliane March 26, 2024 @ 9:04 pm

    Wow. Just wow. Time to don the deep diving suit.

    Now it’s apparent why Candace Owens was fired. Tel Aviv ordered it.

    In the meantime, Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing, a Texas evangelical Zio-christian, is busy running interference for the Daily Wire-Israel Military Complex on X Spaces by playing coy about why Candace was booted. -Kj


    Lowkey EXPOSES Ben Shapiro as Israeli Military Asset After Daily Wire Cancels Candace Owens

    Danny Haiphong | 26 March 2024

    While some have argued that Candace Owens left The Daily Wire, evidence suggests she was forced out by Ben Shapiro who operates as part of Israel’s mammoth propaganda machine.

    Rapper and journalist Lowkey dissects the web of misinformation Israel promotes with the help of its backers in the U.S. and United Kingdom.


    Jeremy Boreing Responds To Allegations For Candace Owens’ Departure From Daily Wire During X Space

    Also see Sam Parker’s Xwitter comment, “Panic at the Daily Wire?” for some interesting insights on a major fracture among conservatives along America First / Israel Above All lines. At the end of his essay he wrote:

    Final Thoughts:

    >Is there panic at the Daily Wire?
    >Was Jeremy Boreing collecting intel and gearing up for a fight? or both?

    It all might be a nothing burger, but who else would like a peak at their group chats since last night–and over the last couple weeks, for that matter?

    Given Lowkey’s fine scalpel dissection of The Daily Wire, Sam Parker might just as well ask just WHO was Jeremy Boreing collecting intel on social media for in an X Space for America Firsters. -Kj

  140. Benzion Kook March 26, 2024 @ 11:02 pm

    Real genocide aided and abetted by Biden,
    Jewmerica, and the UK.

  141. Ted Gorsline March 27, 2024 @ 1:05 am

    @Molf Beems

    It means Rabbi Glickman can’t spell. The proper spelling of Furher in code is not Fddr. It’s Fhr.

    This reply to your question means I can’t spell either as I, too, don’t know the proper spelling of Furher.

  142. Ted Gorsline March 27, 2024 @ 1:18 am


    Its been obvious from the get go that the moron Ben Shapiro is financed by Israeli intelligence.

    How else does a complete dunderhead, with no background in journalism or anything else come crawling out of the wood work flush with enough cash to buy off ninconpoops like Jordan Peterson who is presented by jewish-controlled media as an intellectual and whose real role is to reinforce the idea that jews are smart when in fact they are just treacherous.

    The only smart jews are those with German last names like Einstein and Oppenheimer who grew up in Germany, were educated in Germany and whose facial features belie the fact that they are 95% German blood either because the women in their ancestry were attracted to German men in their striking uniforms (ZZ Top explains that women like sharp dressed men) or else were women who worked as prostitutes in the days before the pill.

    Because of inbreeding, your typical Semitic jew has an IQ on par with that of the pygmies dwelling in the Ituri forest.

    Take a look at the face of Wolf Blitzer or the head of the Israeli Defence Force. Their facial features are pure German. I detect no Semitic blood at all.

  143. The Englishman March 27, 2024 @ 5:06 am

    Captured in a jewtube video, the “spirit” of the juSA.

    As relevant today as five years ago. Applicable to today’s once-colonial wannabe masters.–shbgELSU

  144. Citizenfitz March 27, 2024 @ 9:07 am

    Are you alright, Brother Nate?

    It’s been a while since your last appearance.

  145. Rav Mortichai March 27, 2024 @ 9:21 am

    Rabbi Glickman,

    Shalom! That must have been harrowing, being driven from a restaurant like hundreds of times before for no other reason than anti-Semitism. And forced to throw away your shekels as a smokescreen is like amputating a limb for a rabbi. Condolences rabbi, but we must suffer in silence. Oy, how we suffer.

    Might I suggest feigning a heart attack next time? You can get a free ride across town and later sue both restaurant and hospital for personal injury.

    BTW, rabbis always encode there messages with insider trading information. When to buy, when to sell, etc… Your advice has been received rabbi.


  146. KathJuliane March 27, 2024 @ 10:48 am

    US-NATO War on Yugoslavia — March 1999

    Shooting Down the Stealth Fighter [i]

    The final story of the legendary downing

    Black Mountain Analysis – Mike Mihajlovic
    Mar 27

    Many in the media and on the Internet have speculated about what really happened on 27 March 1999. These stories range from absurd guesses to ones that have a certain level of reality. Few publications in the English language in the years after the NATO aggression have been written, but they were written with a one-sided approach.

    Until recently, these publications and articles were taken for granted, but the truth was finally revealed 20 years after the fact, with the first book published in English and written from Serbian sources.

    This article, published on the event’s 25th anniversary, is the final and the only real story of what happened that night from the perspective of the Serbian side

    27 March 1999
    The war has been waging for 3 nights. NATO bombers use Hungarian and Romanian air space as a transit and staging area to attack the northern part of Yugoslavia (mainly targets around Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Pancevo, including the largest air force base in Batajnica.

    Flying over Romania, in proximity to the eastern Yugoslav border, provides them with a short distance and several minutes of flight to the targets and relative security because Yugoslav air defense does not engage any target outside its own airspace. That evening, a US F-117A, which had taken off from the Aviano base, was on approach to attack the Strazevica underground command and communication center near Belgrade (object 909).

    In its way stood the 3rd battalion from the 250th Air Defence Brigade.

    Yugoslavian air defense at that time consisted of old Soviet-made equipment that was not capable of covering the whole territory. The reader can see from the following map how scarce the AD was and how much freedom of attack NATO aircraft “enjoyed” over Yugoslavia.

    Full story:

  147. Rabbi Glickman March 27, 2024 @ 2:39 pm

    Shalom, Rav Mortichai!

    Yes, there is nothing to equal our suffering! Oy gevalt!!!

    When I threw my shekels to the floor at McDachau’s I banged my pinky against a table. The pain was excruciating!

    As I bravely fled home I remembered the wise words of my mother: “Jozef a Jew’s pain is like no other pain. All the pain felt by all the goyim in the world, since the start of time, is counted as nothing compared to the pain of just one Jew’s bruise.”

    Once I got back home, after triple bolting the door and turning the alarm systems on, I checked my pinky. Then I rushed up the stairs to my bedroom and locked that door too. I looked lovingly at my dear mother’s lampshade, which I have always kept by my bed and said, “Mama, you were right. You were always right!”

    Then, I lovingly kissed her mummified lips. The lips I kissed so often as a boychik.

    I like your idea about the heart attack. Very cunning. What a splendid rabbi you would make!

  148. Citizenfitz March 27, 2024 @ 3:52 pm

    He probably thought with all the adrenochrome pulsing in his veins he’d live to be 100. Oh, how the mighty have fallen:

  149. KathJuliane March 27, 2024 @ 8:09 pm

    If anyone is an ISIS expert, it has to be Kevork Almassian, who is a native Armenian Syrian who lived through the Syrian civil war, and has followed them, and their US/Israel-connected predecessors, since their appearance in 2015. -Kj


    Syriana Analysis: Uncovering the Mastermind of the Moscow Attack | Syriana Analysis

    Discovering the mastermind behind the Moscow attack is a complex puzzle that may never be fully solved.

    In this video, we delve into the numerous inconsistencies and gaps within the American narrative surrounding this incident.

  150. Hibernian March 27, 2024 @ 10:05 pm

    An Irish interviewee of E Michael Jones who is against the, the Kallergi Plan, George Soros & his associated N.G.O.s, but who refutes* that Jewry is conducting decades, not-to-mind centuries or indeed millenium, of attacks on Ireland:

    Mr. John Waters
    (genuine-Intellectual, Philosopher, Broadcaster, Writer, Litigant, Public-Figure, Investigator, & renounced-Journalist inter alia)

    Waters is in his 70s, yet is constantly prodigious in his output of very valuable original perceptive articles about the various strategies & tactics by the I.M.F., & the E.U., & Mr. Larry Fink/Blackrock, & Vanguard, & W.E.F., & the captive governments, & main-stream-media (M-S-M).
    The articles are rather “longish”.

    But, they would be well worth repeat-reading for to make important notes.

    As it so happens he is being victimized through a legal case by Jewry as a so-called Anti-Semite.

    He is recognised by some impactful truthers as a major thinker against “the Combine”.

    “The Combine” is a term he borrows from the Native-American character in the play, & later a movie, “The One who flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” who referred to any, or all, of the authorities that rule over the non-connected man as “the Combine”.

    Metaphor of “Conspiracy” plus “Annihilation of standing stalks by Combined-Harvester”.

    He is currently going deeper into the topic of C.B.D.C.s.

    Waters is an engaging verbal communicator during live audio or video discussions.

    *There is speculation that his wife is Jewish.

  151. Mort March 28, 2024 @ 4:46 am

    I listened to part of the debate of Alex Jones v. Rabbi Shmohleberg…

    Rabbi Chumlee comes across as loud and annoying nasally kike. Always derailing any logical thought process by switching subjects rapidly, name calling, sarcasm. All Jew tactics, a barrage of nonsense meant to irritate.

    Jones comes across as a sniveling goy eager to please his Jewish overlord.

    The way to debate a kike is just keep saying “Jew” over and over progressively louder.

    They will shrivel at the accusation. You can call them liar, pedophile, baby killer, etc… to no effect. Any attempt at logic or keeping a subject on track will only result in more screeching and name calling. Simply say “Jew” in an authoritative voice and the Jew shrinks in fear. Try it.

  152. Mort March 28, 2024 @ 11:40 am

    Oy gevalt! Orthodox Jews to be press ganged into military IDF service like a common goy.

    Article reads, ‘The army needs more people’: Israel will force Ultra-Orthodox Jews to serve as patience among seculars runs out.

    All over the Western World, muh goyim have become knowing and refuse to serve Israeli wars. When will the anti-Semitism end?

  153. Citizenfitz March 28, 2024 @ 1:04 pm

    Mort, will it ever end?

    Soon the Jews will be attacking the Jews instead of Gazans. How can that be?

    Anyway, new one just up at you know who’s little blog.

  154. Mort March 28, 2024 @ 5:07 pm


    Nice article. Jews don’t like it when you say, “Christ is King.” Good, say it always, everywhere all the time.

    It is also written in Hosea 6:6, “For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.”

    The Jews plan to kill a red cow to sacrifice to God in a few days. God will not accept their offering because they have murdered their neighbor Palestine much like Cain murdering his brother Abel.

    This I can tell you for a fact that God will turn his back to Israel.

  155. KathJuliane March 28, 2024 @ 9:04 pm

    America Angry As Russia Leaks Classified Files About Gaddafi’s M*urder

    Melanin Journals

  156. Hibernian March 28, 2024 @ 10:48 pm

    U.S.A. Jewry-Dollar Creation


    1st: Borrower (Treasury; on behalf of Jewry-Occupied Govt./J-O-G. Note: “not” Zionist-O-G/Z-O-G; Z-O-G as reference is originally deliberate misdirection to fool you that only a “limited” territory — Israel — Jewish project rules, when in fact, it is a “whole-of-world” territory Jewish project. “They want ALL/’THE-4-CORNERS’/’TEFFILIN’ the world”) NEGOTIATES WITH Lender (Jewry devised-owned-controlled Federal Central Bank”/the Fed.)

    2nd: Prospective Borrower (Treasury) “writes” — “invents-from-thin-air” not correct metaphor. Rather, the mechanism is at its core the strange exchange of 2 “mundane” instruments (namely — 2 No. I.O.U.s but in Units of the Lender’ (Fed; Thus, “Jewry” Dollar) I.O.U. (in this case a Bond in which they promise to pay to Lender the I.O.U. that the Fed. will as 3rd step (below) PLUS interest.

    And, the currency for all in the form of “one” units of the Fed’s I.O.U. (i.e. “one” Jewry-Dollar Units)

    Treasury gives the Bond to the Fed.

    Fed. accepts.


    Borrower records as Liabilities in Credit Column of their own Ledger:

    a) Principal of Bond they gave; plus
    b) that term’s expected minimum (can increase) Interest; plus
    c) Fees that they will incrementally give to Lender

    x) actual Gold &/or Silver ONLY OR y) Jewry-Dollars

    Lender records as Assets in Debit Column of their own Ledger:

    a) Bond they received; plus
    b) that term’s expected minimum (can increase) Interest; plus
    c) Fees

    Lender gives I.O.U. to Treasury.


    Lender records as Liabilities* in Credit Column of their own Ledger:

    I.O.U. they gave to Borrower

    *Hibernian wonders can Fed. record as “Principal” (as in ownership of a company called U.S.A.) instead (instead of “Liabilities”) in Credit Column of their own Ledger ?

    Borrower records as Assets in Debit Column of their own Ledger:

    I.O.U. they receive

  157. Citizenfitz March 29, 2024 @ 6:45 pm

    Appreciate the blog props, Mort!

    I’m going to make a “Christ is King” sign and hold it up at a busy intersection close to my home.

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