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The Five Steps Of Secession

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The Five Steps Of Secession
March 14 2024

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Brother Nathanael @ March 14, 2024


  1. Brother Nathanael March 14, 2024 @ 5:57 pm

    The Five Steps Of Secession

    Can anything good come out of DC?

    Only border invasion scenes, tax liens, and Rachel Levines.

    It’s time to!! SECEDE.

    Secession and legality are unrelated.

    The authority to secede always supersedes the authority to be governed by evil.

    Five steps of secession is the creed.

    First Step

    “Regional Leverage.”

    Regional commodities are crucial components to make DC squeal.

    Timber, corn, cattle, soy, copper, gold, rare earth minerals, thrive throughout Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, and many other regions.

    DC offers instead needless wars, forced vaccinations, youth castrations, and confiscation of firearms.

    Then it steals with taxes and inflation the means to fund societal rot.

    We now have to do a little self-denial.

    That means stopping the trade to DC and other blue states, then insist on State’s Rights.

    This way regional leverage proceeds.

    Second Step

    The County Is King.

    The “county” is the primary seat of the Founding Fathers’ political system.

    The “county” in a secession scenario would only have the power to tax for infrastructure but no power to tax private property.

    This gives neighbors and communities control over their own lives to possess their own necessary services within prescribed bounded areas.

    And with the county sheriff detached from Governors’ diktats, “posses” comprised of well-ordered militias can be set in motion against all acts of Federal tyranny.

    Don’t be scared.

    Hamilton and Madison, affirmed in similar language, just prior to the ratification of the Second Amendment, this imperative:

    “Militias among the states preserve liberty from a tyrannical federal government.”

    Afghanis used AK-47s built with soup cans and paper clips to fight off first, Russia, America, and then all of NATO.

    If a few “well-armed” goat-herders could run off these regimes, then believe me, militias can be the enforcers here at home.

    Step three.

    Sovereign Banks.

    Commodity-based currencies of Regional banks unglued from the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve stops the inflation race to the bottom.

    Isn’t it crazy?

    That with a thousand bucks stuck in your safe, only one year later the Jews have stolen $200 of your buying power through inflation.

    Commodities that back currency always represents labor not debt slavery, of the Jewish bankers, and free us from inflation.

    Step four.

    Medical Sovereignty.

    Secession begins with our bodies.

    No way DC should dictate what we eat or what we inject.

    “Our bodies our choice” in seceding regions would extend to all health choices that cannot be wrenched into compulsory consent, whether by VAXX IDs, or employment stipulations.

    Step five.

    Marshalling Infrastructure.

    Power grids, telecom, farms, roads, rails, waterways, sewerage, schools, forests, must be extricated from federal collusion.

    All federally-held bases and lands can be optimized to regional levels.

    Begin by offering to federally-employed men and women better pay, better benefits, nice local homes, better localized government options.

    Shoring up infrastructure, and using resources as bargaining chips for engagement in interstate agreements, establishes regional autonomy.

    With functional autonomy intact, leverage to force DC to recognize the will of the people is operative.

    “Why should we join you?” we say to DC.

    What can you offer us?”

    Only men dressed in drag, and debt-based money creating inflation that just won’t quit.

    DC needs ‘we who secede’ more than ‘we’ need DC.

    Repeat after me.

    1. “Regional Leverage, ”

    2. “The County Is King.”

    3. “Sovereign Banks.”

    4. “Medical Sovereignty.”

    5. “Marshalling Infrastructure.”

    You know, nobody’s happy.

    But without a single shot fired…

    …when secession is acquired…

    …our cup will be running over with all that we desire.

  2. Richard March 14, 2024 @ 8:22 pm

    Brother Nathanael.

    You are my hero. You lead with intelligence and creativity.

    It’s a delight to see and hear you speak.

  3. Rotten Tots March 14, 2024 @ 10:08 pm

    Great video.

    I’ve reached a very momentous decision: I am supporting the promotion of the two Rabbis to Viceroys of Judaism.

    (sorry, Lions was already taken by Islam.)

  4. April March 14, 2024 @ 10:37 pm

    Great show today with Owen, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Thought provoking video.

    May the protection of Our Lord Jesus be with you.

  5. Jeremy March 14, 2024 @ 11:39 pm

    Medical sovereignty is sadly used even by Orthodox Christians to justify abortion.

    If it was true that vaccines save lives, then I would support medical enforcement… but it is completely false.

  6. Lazarus March 15, 2024 @ 2:37 am

    John 1:

    45 Philip findeth Nathanael, and saith unto him, We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.

    46 And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see.

    47 Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!

    48 Nathanael saith unto him, Whence knowest thou me? Jesus answered and said unto him, Before that Philip called thee, when thou wast under the fig tree, I saw thee.

    49 Nathanael answered and saith unto him, Rabbi, thou art the Son of God; thou art the King of Israel.

    50 Jesus answered and said unto him, Because I said unto thee, I saw thee under the fig tree, believest thou? thou shalt see greater things than these.

    51 And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.

  7. Ted Gorsline March 15, 2024 @ 3:31 am

    My personal search for the good jew has been decades long and futile.

    Sy Hersh got his Pulitzer prize by cobbling together the My Lai Massacre story from evidence floating around Congress for three months that was provided by an American soldier; the only investigating, investigative reporters Woodward and Bernstein ever did was investigate why the phone was ringing – Deep Throat, a jew boy then splilled the beans. Oliver Silverstein Stone’s jewish film distributors and Hollywood Mossad buddies have kept him from ever making a single honest documentary worth watching.

    Its been a long and depressing search for the good jew but hope springs eternal.

    Possibly Judge Napolitano has found some.

    Certainly his show “Judging Freedom” has the best guests on the internet.

    Judging by their German names and in one case red hair, three appear to be the typical 95% German blood “smart Jews,” jews whose mothers, like ZZ Top liked sharp dressed men in the form of well dressed Waffen SS officers, or else were women who worked as prostitutes.

    The smart jew has a lot more German blood in him that the Semitic jew because of 800 years of being protected and nurtured by Germans in the Holy Roman Empire. Einstein and Oppenheimer were both educated in the German school system.

    You can see it in their facial features and names. Just take a look at Wolf Blitzer (Blitz is German for lightning). Blitzer does not appear to have a single drop of Semitic blood. The names Oppenheimer and Einstein are German.

    Anyhow a possibly a good jew has just spilled the beans on the main financiers behind the deep state at least as it exists in America.

    They are two Hollywood film producers. Max Blumenthal says the richest Democratic backer is is Haim Saban who was the main financial backer of Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and Joe Biden who already has $42 million in contributions for the next election.

    Another major backer is Jewish Hollywood producer Casey Wasserman.

    I would think these guys will get a bit nervous once Putin has finished with the war in Ukraine.

    Putin was in Berlin at exactly the same time as Carlos the Jackal and the policy back then was to take high ranking people off the top, not off the bottom at places like dances like most modern terrorists do.

    A lot of rich jewish Oligarchs have been offed in places like Canary Wharf in London and the perps never got caught. The Russians seem to take off the top while the jews murder the innocent like the 3,000 Americans the Mossad offed on 9/11, and the children the IDF is currently genociding in Gaza.

    They are Max Blumentahl, John Mearsheier and Jeffrey Sachs. They appear to be more American than Israeli in values which is a breath of fresh air.

  8. MeMe March 15, 2024 @ 4:57 am

    I’ve been watching the Judge’s show for some time too since he seemed a good voice for constitutional law.

    However, and it might just be me, but I am so heartily sick of the constant bs refrain of ….hoax! Yes, that hollow entity as well as the many, many misrepresentations of Hitler.

    Hitler being the evil personification of the Devil is needed for there to be a holohoax. If he were not evil how could it be explained?

    Sadly despite guests like Max and his buddy Aaron, former intel Larry and Ray all drop little mentions or hints of this nature so despite how they all may denounce the horror of Gaza they all are imho guilty of this holohoax crap (keep it energised in the minds of the populace).

    I do however still like Phil, Karen and Matt, but the best is Aleister Crooke.

  9. Samuel Owls March 15, 2024 @ 5:59 am

    @Ted G

    1. I don’t recall if Brother Nathanael made this assertion, but do you think that, in the shared psyche of the Jewish people, there may be some kind of primal fear of their possibly genocidal ambitions backfiring, and that some of them even think of American Trump supporters as ‘resurrected’ German National Socials, rendering WWII a failed campaign for them?

    The Jews dwell in the present world, i.e., physicality, money, earthly dominion, etc., so, anything smacking of actual resurrection short-circuits their existence.

    2. Haim Saban and Casey Wasserman are doing what, exactly, what are they funding? The destruction of the country? Or just Democratic Party causes? Is there a difference?

    Who knows.

  10. The Englishman March 15, 2024 @ 6:24 am

    The comments so far have little to do with your eloquent layout for states/counties adapting to secession, +BN.

    Achieving a bloodless breakup will require a strong following trade wind.

    A compromised military with clueless leadership, a President who stoops for cover when the shrapnel flies, and a Cabal consisting of sisses and stooges on the payroll, will be a distinct advantage.

    No such attributes can be afforded the defectors. I would suspect the leadership of secessionists will be names few will be familiar with.

    What is clear, is that organisation and timing will be imperative, there will be but one chance of success.

    Patriots who will form the restructured Counties have a distinct advantage, their Faith in God the Father will supplant all before them.

  11. vercingetorige March 15, 2024 @ 6:32 am

    The Jews in America are approximately 6 million (magic number of the Jewish cabal).

    It would be enough to take them, one by one, (all of them, not just the billionaires, because even the common Jew is necessary for the realization of the delirious messianic plan) and expel them, FOREVER banning their return to America. Before Russians and Chineses do it with their hypersonic missiles.

    The Jews of 2000 years ago (but also today’s ones) condemned JESUS CHRIST, the incarnate Son of God, to death. Until they do recognize Him as the only and true Messiah prophesied by the Holy Scriptures, they must resign themselves to doing what they have done for almost 2000 years, that is, to never find peace on earth and to wander aimlessly, like Cain, the killer of the innocent brother Abel.

    Unfortunately, the majority of Christians have lost their faith (also thanks to the corruption of Jewish money) and do not realize the gravity of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and its logic, I repeat, absolutely LOGICAL consequences on the authors, so those who, hypnotized by Jewish propaganda and terrified by its repressive laws of the slightest dissent, they recognize the Jews as such (i.e. deniers and crucifiers of the Son of God), they are worse than those who deny them, because they justify their criminal action that God the Father first condemned and opposed for 2000 years.

    How is it possible that more than 300 million Americans do not understand that the Jews are their most cunning executioners and that any other alternative out of expulsion means their death (because the Jews occupy all the key positions in American society, in addition to tens of thousands of guillotines ready for use!) and find the courage and determination to act (for the survival of themselves, their children and future generations) accordingly?

    We are ever closer to the Third World War, the main cause of which, if not the only one, is the eternal Jewish question, which non-Jews are unable to resolve because, for the most part, they have sold their souls to Jewish money and its filthy materialism.

    It is clear that an operation of this kind by the first world superpower would change the face of the world.

    Without forgetting that the possessed Hitler and his hunt for the Jews was a character created by Judaism itself (sacrificing without any scruples, a limited number of Jewish “brothers”), to raise that formidable victim shield called the Holocaust, which compared to the 27 million of Russian victims in WWII, it is an authentic and gigantic antics.

    The evil that the Jews draw directly from their god Lucifer is so great and hidden that the Goyms do not consider it possible, in any case, they understand almost nothing about it, allowing the cancer of Judaism (which professes and practices its own redemption through sin!) can destroy all mankind.

    This is not at all anti-Semitism. This is the legitimate defense of the Goyms from the hellish Jewish barbarism.

  12. Ted Gorsline March 15, 2024 @ 7:24 am

    @Me me

    I have to agree with you. Hitler is everybody’s whipping boy but whenever I have tried to confirm that he was an evil man I was unable to do so.

    He owned nothing but a few suits and pairs of shoes, lived in public housing, walked anywhere in Germany without a bodyguard, was a much braver man than Churchill in war, and his paintings belie the soul of a gentle man, not a nut case.

    I think he needs a complete rewrite and get irritated when people casually dismiss him as evil. The jews running Israel are pure distilled evil. That is provable and in your face on TV every daybut I have seen no evidence that Hitler was anyhwere near as vile as the Jewsih leadership truly is.

    Rense carries Mike King, whom I have not followed because he is so hamfisted, but recently he carried some Hitler quotes showing he came to some of the exact same conclusions I have come to independently.

    For example, he though the creation of Israel was to create an organized crime headquarters and that is exactly what it has proven to be. The 160 Mossad agents who killed 3,000 innocanet Americans on 9/11 got away Scot free by going to Israel.

    Israel is just a jewish crime gang safe house and a place to keep commies in the Kibbutzes. Nothing more.

  13. Mortichai March 15, 2024 @ 7:45 am

    Agreed +Brother Nathanael!

    Furthermore, BigFed should be abolished because power is too intoxicating and always draws evil elements to it. Property tax should be abolished also. Why should you have pay tax on something you already owe?

    Best regards!

  14. Inligatus March 15, 2024 @ 8:18 am

    They brought in abortion, to make us kill our babies, to turn our gentle women into psychopaths.

    Corrupt our gentile nature, to make us serve indentured, to insure their rightful place as the ruling class.

    Made our homes expensive, drugged us intensive, warped our caring minds into indifference.

    Sold us false idols, multicultural feminism, and liberal, globalist democracy.

    So wave your rainbow flag with your kids dressed in drag, after all you sold your Christian culture for absurdity.

    So that now perhaps their euthanasia will be good for thee.

  15. Ted Gorsline March 15, 2024 @ 12:36 pm

    @Samuel Owls

    Jews are truly obsessed with projection, accusing others of doing or wanting to do to them, what they want or are already doing to others. I think it stems from a subconscious guilty conscience.

    How can 75% of a population agree with genociding children without feeling guilty, and yet that is what the jews in Israel are doing today and the rabbis support this idea. The jews now own genocide. Not the Nazis.

    I often wonder if their holocaust narrative is just a case of them claiming what happened to them to project what they have always wanted to do or have already done to Christians and Muslims.

    There were a lot more Catholics and Orthodox killed in WW2 than jews and I don’t know of a single Catholic Holocaust memorial. The jews, per capita the richest people on earth, have monuments to victimhood all over the place including places like Canada and the USA where there was no halocaust.

    They initiated the destruction of Christian Germany in the 1930s or even earlier, and are doing it now in Christian Ukraine. The criminal Jew Kolomoisky, a wanted man, had so much control of the Ukrainian media that the Ukrainian soldiers even today don’t know they are dying for a completely corrupt Jewish organized crime regime.

    IMO, this Ukrainian “Nazi” thing is a red herring. Their Ukrainian Nazis are just wannabe tough guys from soccer clubs. They have no real power. The jews control Ukraine. Real Nazis were incredibly accomplished. Werner von Braun sent America to the moon. The Ukraian Nazis, like Hells Angels are just thugs. The only place they could send anyone is to a brothel.

    I do think the jews are worried about the possibility of Christians and Muslims getting fed up and suddenly turning on them. It could happen in an instant for many good reasons like abortion, genocide, counterfeit but legal money printing.

    The Hollywood jewish financiers of the Democratic party wanted and have control of the US military which they use to benefit Israel and make enemies for America.

    The Iraq war was fought to remove Saddam Hussein, one of Israel’s enemies, from power. Now they want a war with Iran. The late Sheldon Adelson advocated nuking Iran. Netanyahoo advocates the same thing. They want Iran’s oil. They also want Russia’s state banking system and natural resources. This is not for America. This is for jewish organized crime or private bankers.

    The Abrams tanks paid for by the American taxpayer are now being easily destroyed by the Russians in Ukraine because they were not designed for Europe and are too heavy. They were designed for the desert, specifically to destroy Iraq to make Israel great again.

    Hollywood has been grooming the world to think of the jews as victims since long before WW2. The jews began to acquire media control and control of the victim narrative via Hollywood way back in the 1920s, long before WW2.

    The jews are not smart. They have only one great skill and that is treachery. They are really good at taking advantage of the goodwill of others which is what once happened in Germany and is happeneing in America today.

    It may well blow up in their face and very soon.

  16. KathJuliane March 15, 2024 @ 3:38 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    Please stop minimizing the ‘Ukrainian Nazis’ as simple wannabe soccer hooligans from the 1990s and overblown propaganda. They are not.

    Ukronatsis are a very large world-wide organized collective of West Ukrainian nationalist groups, the core group being the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists – Bandera faction (UON-B), connected through fronts and associations within the Ukrainian Greek Catholic diaspora in Canada and the sympathetic factions of Ukrainian Orthodox diaspora, the US, and South America, tied into the CIA, and networking with other White nationalist and ethnic nationalist groups.

    The Banderites have been around since the 1920s, and as an organization running behind other Ukrainian associations and fronts,remained continuously intact, largely thanks to the CIA after WWII, so that 3rd and 4th generations are being raised in Banderism, or West Ukrainian Nationalism.

    Some of those younger Banderists were members of the Ukrainian American lobby and White House staff imported by Obama and Biden that plagued Donald Trump.

    Inside Ukraine, Svoboda and Right Sector are the most well-established political parties with militant wings as the ideological continuation of Banderism.

    Azov Battalion, and similar ethnonationalists are somewhat recent, having their roots in soccer hooliganism and practicing some form of ‘Native Ukrainian Religion’ which is a neo-religious cult worshipping the old Slavic gods.

    Both segments of Ukronatsiism share a Ukrainian Aryan mythology — that Ukrainians are actually super Aryans compared to ordinary Norse Aryans like Germans and other Northern Europeans.

    For some reason, you have this kneejerk reaction that whenever you hear ‘natsiya’ your brain just defaults into the context of historical German National Socialism and 1939.

    No. Whenever you hear Putin, the Russians, Ritter or Johnson say ‘nazi’ the context is specifically Ukrainian, not German, and specifically the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, or ‘Banderites’ and their Azovite and other ethnonationalist allies.

    The Americans aren’t making German boogeymen as you’ve said time and again. One the same hand when Putin and Russians invoke Hitler & WWII ‘Nazis’ in conjunction with the Ukronatsis now it is from the perspective that the “Holocaust” for the Russians is the catastrophic losses in the death of at least 26 million people from all causes on the German war machine’s Eastern Front, fully 15% of the Soviet population, and not specifically meaning the Jews in concentration camps. Russia is still suffering from their demographic catastrophe suffered in WWII, the disastrous war still weighs on their national psyche, and to have the Ukrainian Nationalists, tool of the West, going after Russia and Russians again in Eastern and Southern Ukraine is simply a compound trauma.

    As far as the ‘Jewish holohoax’ is concerned, Jews are irked that Russians have “appropriated” the word ‘holocaust’ to describe their own much vaster national tragedy. The Red Army liberated the work camps, even old Russian Jews consider themselves ‘liberators’ and not holo-tale victims, and don’t get the post-Auschwitz theology thing.

    And when it comes to Historical Revisionism, the holo-fable, and eventually coming make more objective evaluations of WWII, I don’t expect the Russians to come into it any time soon. And I don’t know that I could ever expect Russians to find something redeemable about Hitler, or make him a hero, not when 15% or more of your own people perished because he declared war on the Soviet Union, and with many Russians are still alive within living memory of the war and the losses. Most Russians are not that keen on Stalin and Lenin, either. Someday, I hope Russians can approach WWII with more dispassion than they do now. But, they only started learning the history about an 80 year old war a little over 30 years ago.

    That’s what the Immortal Regiment procession is all about. There is not a person in Russia alive today who was not touched by WWII in some way with the loss of at least one family member who perished in the war, and the Immortal Regiment is helping an entire people express collective grief, memory, and finally get closure on the war.

    The Soviet archives were only opened up in the 1990s to researchers. Russian scholars and academics are still trying to sort through the baffles of official Soviet historiography and propaganda to get a more objective view of what went on during WWI, the Bolshevik era, the Gulag Archipelago, the disappearances, uncovering anonymous mass graves, military history, and the real social and economic conditions inside the old Soviet Union, and still coming to terms with the enormity of what the Bolsheviks did to the Russian people.

    Many people did not know what had happened to friends and loved ones once the NKVD and the KGB whisked them away in black vans until the 1990s, when they were allowed to start researching the Soviet archives for themselves to get closure on their own losses. There are KGB files which are still classified now in the FSB files. It may be a couple of generations before Russians catch up to the work that Western historical revisionists have done in fighting the Holohoax industrial scale propaganda and lies. We have Jew-owned, Jew-focused Holohoax museums all over the country, including the taxpayer funded one in DC.

    Russia does not, although there is one Museum of Russian Jewish history and culture in Moscow which includes a proportionately small display of Jewish suffering in WWII. It is simply one of many local museums dedicated to ethnic life and culture of the “multi-national” Russian Federation. Russians focus building their monumental memory on remembering WWII as a national tragedy for all of the Russian peoples, not just for the elevation of one privileged minority and Jewish monopoly.

    In the West, the historical revisionist work began in the 60s going after the holo-myth, and there were even in WWII books that were published with truthful objectivity by politicians, government officials, and military men. I remember a time when the Holohoax Industry & Shoah Business was not. Historical Revisionists began tackling the Auschwitz propaganda right away, starting in the ’60s, I believe in France.

    Who do you think Russia is directly at war with conducting their SMO? It’s “Nazis”. More specifically, Ukronatsis, a Ukronatsi state. It’s not the poor shmucks (and now they’re conscripting women for the trenches) who are getting shanghaied and strongarmed by the Kiev Regime and dumped in the trenches as cannon fodder.

    It’s the US/NATO/CIA backed Ukrainian Nationalist Kiev Regime. The Ukronatsis, a few million of them. Of course, some of the wealthier ones of military age bailed early, and are living in luxury in parts of Europe.

    These Ukronatsi thugs are real and nightmare enough, and they are brutal when it comes to taking over and kicking out the Russian-speaking Ukrainian Orthodox Christians from their own churches and monasteries, appropriating the religious properties, and like a cuckoo bird, planting the fake, uncanonical ultranationalist ‘Orthodox’ Ukrainian clergy allied to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Ukronatsis and some token Ukrainian-speaking parishioners.

    The Jews aren’t doing it, it’s the Ukro-natsis who are terrorizing the populations in their insane quest to Ukrainize everyone and everything. The Jews just take advantage of it.

    In Slavic, “nation” is transliterated as natsiya, and pronounced “nats-eh”, and is used as the verbal shorthand for ‘nationalist’ (In German, ‘nation’, although spelled like English, is pronounced ‘natsion’).

    Ukrainian Nationalists is Ukrayinsʹki natsionalisty in Ukrainian — Ukronatsi for short. The Ukrainian Nationalists even call themselves ‘Natsiya’.

    While some of the Ukronatsis fantacize and have a fetish for the trappings of the German NSDAP and the SS, Ukrainian Nationalism is a completely different form of nationalism, having its roots in 19th century romantic nationalism.

    You’ve apparently not even done the minimal research to get an idea of what’s going on, up to and including Stone’s very accurate documentaries on these Ukronatsi ass–les and what they’ve been doing to the ethnic Russians since 2014.

    These “soccer hooligans” of 1990s grew up into sophisticated West and Central Ukrainian political parties and militias, gained considerable political power locally, and ran as political candidates, often winning local and regional government seats, as well as seats and blocs of the national parliament, the Rada.

    While it is true that Azov Battalion and some of the other ‘natsis’ in the Slavic tongue also started out as nationalist soccer hooligans, then became paid thugs for the local Oligarch clans and organized crime, they have since grown tentacles, have international affiliations with other (usually CIA-connected) far-right White and European nationalists and militias.

    In recent years leading up to the SMO, some Americans and Europeans drawn to various brands of far-right nationalism have looked to Ukraine as their field of dreams: a country with a well-established, trained, and equipped far-right militia—the Azov Regiment—that has been actively engaged in the conflict against Russian-backed separatists in Donbas.

    Azov was basically running a paramilitary hunting lodge tourism industry to kill innocent ethnic Russians and fight the separatists, the destination hub for the nexus of far-right paramilitary training centers spread out internationally.

    Some of them came back to fight alongside Azov again against the Russian Armed Forces as volunteers (“mercenaries”), and this time it hasn’t gone so well for them.

    The Australian Brenton Tarrant who murdered fifty-one worshipers at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2019, claimed in his manifesto that he had traveled to Ukraine; during the attacks he wore a symbol used by the Azov Battalion.

    Beloqw is the cut and paste from Wikipedia for your convenience.

    The bloodthirsty, psychopath Banderites actually disgusted and terrified the German SS and the Wermacht because of their wanton and lawless terrorist thuggery and mass murders operating outside of the German command structure and martial law, and the Germans filed diplomatic protests against the Ukronatsis at the time. As you say, most of the National Socialist Germans were cultured, civilized, and even the common man was usually a decent sort more often than not. The Germans, with their excellent military discipline and organizational skills, expected to be able to conduct reasonably orderly and civilized warfare.

    I honestly don’t believe that the Germans, even the WWI veterans, expected what they ran into and had to deal with in the historical Eastern European and Balkan bloodlands. If they were appalled at what barbarous terrorist mass slaughter Bandera made of Poles and everyone who was not a professed Ukrainian, they were perhaps more stunned at the genocidal treatment hundreds of thousands of ethnic Serbs received at the hands of the The Ustaše government in WWII.

    In large part, NS Germany was left holding the bag for the entire ‘holocaust’ at the hands of the lawless, militant Ukronatsis and the Croatian fascists who actually carried out wholesale slaughter and terrorism.

    Ustaše was a Croatian fascist and ultranationalist organization active, as one organization, between 1929 and 1945, formally known as the Ustaša – Croatian Revolutionary Movement. Its members assisted in assassinating King Alexander I of Yugoslavia in 1934, and went on to perpetrate The Holocaust in the Independent State of Croatia, killing hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, Roma as well as Bosniak Muslims and Croatian political dissidents during World War II in Yugoslavia.

    The ideology of the movement was a blend of fascism, Roman Catholicism and Croatian ultranationalism. The Ustaše supported the creation of a Greater Croatia that would span the Drina River and extend to the border of Belgrade. The movement advocated a racially “pure” Croatia and promoted genocide against Serbs—due to the Ustaše’s anti-Serb sentiment—and Jews and Roma via Nazi racial theory, and persecution of anti-fascist or dissident Croats and Bosniaks. The Ustaše viewed the Bosniaks as “Muslim Croats”, and as a result, Bosniaks were not persecuted on the basis of race.

    The Ustaše espoused Roman Catholicism and Islam as the religions of the Croats and condemned Orthodox Christianity, which was the main religion of the Serbs. Roman Catholicism was identified with Croatian nationalism, while Islam, which had a large following in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was praised by the Ustaše as the religion that “keeps true the blood of Croats.”

    It was founded as a nationalist organization that sought to create an independent Croatian state. It functioned as a terrorist organization before World War II. In April 1941, the Ustaše came to power when they were appointed to rule a part of Axis-occupied Yugoslavia as the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), a quasi-protectorate[32] puppet state established by Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. The Ustaše Militia (Croatian: Ustaška vojnica) became its military wing in the new state.

    The Ustaše regime was militarily weak and lacked general support among Croats, struggling to ever attain significant support among the populace. Therefore, terror was their means of controlling the “ethnically disparate” population. [Unquote]

    The Ustaše’s avowed policy for the Serbian Orthodox population in Croata was “to kill a third, convert a third, and expel a third” to purify the land. A conservative estimate is that Serbs were butchered by the Ustaše and Muslim allies. Sympathetic Catholic clergy and monastics aided the Ustaše in the Balkan bloodlands who offered to spare Serbian lives if they agreed to get baptized into the Catholic Church. Sometimes these forced converts were tortured and murdered anyway. At least 100,000 Serbian Orthodox new orphans were scooped up by Catholic nuns, taken to Catholic orphanages, and converted to Croat Catholicism.

    Bandera troops even turned on their German ally of convenience a time or few in the middle of the war if the Germans stood in the way of something.

    The Germans tried to maintain a strict and orderly published rule of martial government and law. German reprisals for partisan actions were brutal, such as executing 100 citizens for every act of sabotage, or as happened in Serbia, the execution of 100 civilians for every downed Allied pilot rescued by the Serbian Chetniks led by General Draža Mihailović. Over 500 American pilots were rescued by the the Chetniks in a race with the Germans to get there first as the parachute was seen coming down, sometimes engaging in armed clashes to effect the rescue of the pilot.

    Over 50,000 Serbian civilians were executed by the NS German occupation in retaliation. But everyone knew beforehand what the cost would be for rescuing an Allied pilot because the German occupation martial law was published in the public square and local newspapers for everyone to read and understand the consequences. 100 civilian lives, no more and no less. The Serbs counted the cost, 100 civilian lives for one Allied pilot rescued, and decided it was worth it. The pilot would smuggled out of Serbia back to the Allies just so that the pilot could come back and fight the Germans again.

    Dragoljub “Draža” Mihailović (April 1893-07/17/1946) was a Yugoslav Serb general during World War II. He was the leader of the Chetnik Detachments of the Yugoslav Army (Chetniks), a royalist and nationalist movement and guerilla force established following the German invasion of Yugoslavia. Eventually General Mihailović was betrayed by the Allies, and he and his Chetniks were thrown over for Tito’s Yugoslav Communist Partisans, at a time when he began to perceive that Tito and the Partisans posed a direct threat to the Serbs.

    Cut off from Allied support, the Chetniks continued to rescue downed Allied pilots.

    Mihailović was tried, convicted, and executed after the war by Tito’s Communist government. He’s an American war hero. The entire Wikipedia entry on General Mihailović is fairly complete and encapsulates the bloodlands maelstrom of war and constantly shifting fronts in the WWII Balkans.

    [Quote] In the United States, due to the efforts of Major Richard L. Felman [a rescued Allied pilot from WWII-Kj] and his friends, President Truman, on the recommendation of Eisenhower, posthumously awarded Mihailović the Legion of Merit for the rescue of American airmen by the Chetniks. The award and the story of the rescue was classified secret by the State Department so as not to offend the Yugoslav government.

    The Legion of Merit awarded to Mihailović by U.S. president Harry Truman (left) and a letter from U.S. president Richard Nixon about Mihailović (right)

    “The unparalleled rescue of over 500 American Airmen from capture by the Enemy Occupation Forces in Yugoslavia during World War II by General Dragoljub Mihailovich and his Chetnik Freedom Fighters for which this “Legion of Merit” medal was awarded by President Harry S. Truman, also represents a token of deep personal appreciation and respect by all those rescued American Airmen and their descendants, who will be forever grateful.” (NATIONAL COMMITTEE OF AMERICAN AIRMEN RESCUED BY GENERAL MIHAILOVICH – 1985)

    Generalfeldmarschall von Weichs, German commander-in-chief south east 1943–1945, in his interrogation statement in October 1945, wrote about Mihailović and his forces in section named “Groups Aiding Germany”:

    “MIHAILOVIC ‘s troops once fought against our occupation troops out of loyalty to their King. At the same time they fought against TITO, because of anti—Communist convictions. This two front war could not last long, particularly when British support favored TITO. Consequently MIHAILOVIC showed pro-German leanings. There were engagements during which Serbian Chetniks fought TITO alongside German troops. On the other hand, hostile Chetnik groups were known to attack German supply trains in order to replenish their own stocks.”

    “MIHAILOVIC liked to remain in the background, and leave such affairs up to his subordinates. He hoped to bide his time with this play of power until an Anglo—American landing would provide sufficient support against TITO. Germany welcomed his support, however temporary. Chetnik reconnaissance activities were valued highly by our commanders.”

    Here one professional military general passed on his respect to another professional military general. Both sought to fight a ‘clean’ professional war with each other where the rules of engagement and martial law were understood and held inviolate, even working out a temporary operational alliance against a larger common threat.

    Sadly, it was not so for much of the rest of the war, especially in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, thanks to Bandera and its ilk. For Germany, the Wermacht was determined to fight as clean as possible, the military and military-civil governments to rule as decently as possible, but when your collaborating “allies” fight their own dirty wars to settle ancient blood feuds, and commit crimes in spite of you and your over all objectives, then there’s not much can be done except brace for the inevitable backlash of blame if you lose the war. But, this is the Balkan & Eastern European bloodlands for you, lands of historic battles and inter-ethnic, inter-religious feuds and generational warfare.

    After WWII turned into the Cold War, the CIA-backed OUN-B turned into a guerrilla and sabotage underground force, committing terrorist atrocities. They murdered well over 10,000 innocent Soviet Ukrainian and Russian citizens during the 1950s, until finally Stepan Bandera, commanding from outside of Ukraine in cooperation with CIA under the auspicies of an OUN government-in-exile (domiciled in Canada, as I recall), was assassinated by the Soviets.

    [Quote] Orhanizatsiya ukrayins’kykh natsionalistiv (OUN) was a Ukrainian nationalist organisation established in 1929 in Vienna, uniting the Ukrainian Military Organization with smaller, mainly youth, radical nationalist right-wing groups.

    The OUN was the largest and one of the most important far-right Ukrainian organizations operating in the interwar period on the territory of the Second Polish Republic.

    The OUN was mostly active preceding, during, and immediately after the Second World War. Its ideology has been described as having been influenced by the writings of Dmytro Dontsov, from 1929 by Italian Fascism, and from 1930 by German Nazism.

    The Organization pursued a strategy of violence, terrorism, and assassinations with the goal of creating an ethnically homogenous and totalitarian Ukrainian state [murdering tens of thousands of ethnic Poles, Gypsies, “Muscovites” (ethnic Orthodox Carpathian Rus’, Russians and Russian Jews, but Ukrainian Jews were ok), and other ethnic groups inside Ukraine.-Kj]

    During the Second World War, in 1940, the OUN split into two parts. The older, more moderate members supported Andriy Melnyk’s OUN-M, while the younger and more radical members supported Stepan Bandera’s OUN-B.

    On 30 June 1941 OUN-B declared an independent Ukrainian state in Lviv, which had just come under Nazi Germany’s control in the early stages of the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union.

    OUN-B pledged to work closely with Germany, which was described as freeing the Ukrainians from Soviet oppression, and OUN-B members subsequently took part in the Lviv pogroms.

    In response to the OUN-B declaration of independence, the Nazi authorities suppressed the OUN leadership. Members of the OUN took an active part in the Holocaust in Ukraine and Poland.

    In October 1942 OUN-B established the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). In 1943–1944, in an effort to prevent Polish efforts to re-establish prewar borders, UPA units carried out massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia.

    In the course of the war, with the approaching defeat of Nazi Germany, the OUN-B changed its political image, exchanging fascist symbolism and totalitarianism for democratic slogans.

    After World War II, the UPA fought Soviet and Polish government forces. In 1947, in Operation Vistula, the Polish government deported 140,000 Ukrainians as part of the population exchange between Poland and Soviet Ukraine. Soviet forces killed 153,000, arrested 134,000, and deported 203,000 UPA members, relatives, and supporters.

    During and after the Cold War, Western intelligence agencies, including the CIA, covertly supported the OUN. A contemporary organization that claims to be the same Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists is still active in Ukraine. [Unquote]

    The Azov Regiment of your “soccer hooligans”, the pagan version of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic OUN, was renamed the Azov Battalion and incorporated, along with other gangs of armed soccer hooligans, into the Ukrainian National Guard as an official unit by the Kiev Regime after the US/NATO/CIA Maidan coup against Yanukovych.

    As official National Guard units, Azov et al were then given armored AFU vehicles, tanks and heavy arms by the Kiev Regime and ordered to aggressively assault, terrorize and suppress the anti-Kiev Coup protests and mass demonstrations by ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians in South and East Ukraine.

    Mariupol was one of the strongest centers of popular anti-Euromaidan protests which morphed into an independence and secession movement; Azov eventually murdered enough people and terrorize the rest to take over the city, and then started digging in.

    Azov has its own bureaucracy, political party, intelligence service, youth educational and indoctrination clubs, propaganda wing, its own religious shrines; they serve as the security commissars in the Ukrainian armed forces ready to shoot any poor, average Ukrainian conscript cannon fodder in the back if they try to desert or surrender to the Russians.

    Inside Ukraine, going into the 2000s, the Ukronatsi political parties slow and steady through elections took over most of the political parties and regional governments in West and Central Ukraine, they control the Ukrainian parliament, the military, the Ukrainian intelligence services.

    Through several ‘color revolutions’, the Ukronatsis finally got into power in 2014 during the Euromaidan Coup, and commenced with their aggressive and murderous programs of suppression and Ukrainization of the lives, culture and society of the ethnic Russian and Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

  17. Brother Nathanael March 16, 2024 @ 7:24 am

    Dear All,

    Due to a dearth of donations (only 4 this month)–unless some come in to cover my Server costs–I will be shutting down Real Jew News March 28, 2024.

    If you want this site, Real Jew News, and my Videos (which everybody says they love but don’t give a penny to support), then please consider helping.


    Mail: Brother Nathanael Foundation, BOX 547, Priest River IDDD 83856.

  18. Dan Peters March 17, 2024 @ 8:06 am

    Thank you brother Nathanael for your excellent insight.

    KathJuliane, thank you very much for your comprehensive take on the Ukrainian Nazis, and drawing comparisons on what had happened in the Balkans during the world wars. Nazis are like you say by the historical Slavic definition, nationalists. Makes sense. People in the Balkans at the time of the first two world wars no doubt wanted a path to self determination, just as any sane American would want to maintain and strengthen the sovereignty of the US today.

    I do know that in the Balkans there were politicians that attempted to represent the average joe, or “peasants” with a so called “peasant party,” so that hopefully a government could one day be formed, and a pathway to self determination could commence. These guys were assassinated. Why on earth would this happen?

    Why would a politician representing nationalist ideals be executed? Why would politicians persecute nationalists in the first place? Hopefully a negative outcome will not happen to Trump if he is re-elected and history is repeating itself.

    Quite simply there were points of difference that existed between the Orthodox Christians and Catholics in the Balkans at that time, just as there is today. In addition the Muslims, like you pointed out, also shared differences between the Orthodox Christians.

    The Kosovo War in the late 1300s probably is a significant point in history that could act as an example.

    If you’re talking about religious differences. Sure they existed. Differences between the parties at war also existed, and their identities were definitely influenced on a fundamental level by their religious backgrounds. The Chetniks on a per capita basis killed more than the Ustase. There were simply many more Orthodox Christians in that neck of the woods at the time.

    The Orthodox Christians were not very fond of the peasants. I’m sure most of the time the term peasant was used, it was a throw away comment, but none the less those same guys were getting scholarships in England to be trained in finance and other fields like engineering. Brutal architecture was built and so were financial systems. The government was desperate to distance themselves from peasantry, and the English with the Rothschilds were happy to help.

    Unfortunately the points of difference remained to exist. The average joe kept their religion as you would expect, and the peasants in no doubt felt like they may have been disadvantaged when they not only saw the brand new imposing architecture, but also the new financial and political system. I could hazard a guess that for the average joe, the system seemed rigged.

    If history is repeating itself, are the Ukrainians really Nazis? Maybe the Russians are just useful goys that want to distance themselves from peasantry?

    Those pesky peasants are nationalists that want a path to self determination. I say ignore the points of difference and celebrate Jesus. At the same time don’t be goys. I think if the BRICS system is instituted correctly, and we all celebrate Jesus, we could avoid WW3.

  19. Ted Gorsline March 18, 2024 @ 3:10 pm

    Dear KJ,

    The only people who ever really know what is going on from the inside are whistle blowers. I’m not one. I react to what I see and rely mostly on impressions.

    Your research is truly impressive so I will take into account what you say about the Banderites.

    However, my impression remains that Ukraine is run by organized crime jews led by media and gas mogol Kolomoisky, the man with the money, and that the Banderites, the monrons with empty pockets, cannot make anything happen except maybe get a few tatoos, and that they are are just wannabe tough guys but I may be wrong. Your research is certainly thorough, well documented and detailed and mine is not.

    In fact your work is so fast and detailed and impressive that I sometimes wonder if there really is a KJ or if KJ is some kind of committee, computer program or intelligence service.

    I remain convinced that Oliver Silverstein Stone’s work is worthless because of his business associate with Mossad asset Arnan Milchan and because his distributors are Hollywood jews, so even if he wanted to make an honest documentary he could not do so. He is owned.

  20. Fr. Daniel Mathewson March 20, 2024 @ 10:39 am

    Glory to Jesus Christ!

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    First, I would like to say thanks be to God for you speaking the truth, and for your prophetic voice in the Orthodox Church! I know you are reaching the youth of our day with the most important message of our time. I have recently decided to become a supporter of yours.

    I am an Orthodox priest in the OCA in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Saints Peter and Paul, my local body here is under Abp. Melchisedek. I recently thanked Fr. Peter Heers for his work on the internet, as he, and others like him (i.e. Fr. Josiah Trenham, Abbot Tryphon and many others- who have been kicked off platforms like you and some who have not) have been real Orthodox missionaries of our times sending people to our little country church and many others across the world.

    I believe your good work is also leading that way!

    My encouragement to you is to continue to lead your listener-ship to seek out a local Orthodox body, you should always include this in your interviews if possible in my humble opinion, other wise it comes off as more of a protestant-do-your-own-thing. Most of these young people are trying to heal from this broken world, and they are finding the healing in the Orthodox Church, mainly because we are struggling, they want to struggle with us, to learn how to pray.

    This connects to secession, on point number two: County is King you said … the Holy Church is the King, Christ Body, as this local body under a canonical bishop is given for the life of the world and is on most every region of these united states. This is the only truth of our times that will be of any eternal value to young or old.

    Now on the issue of secession, as an Orthodox Christian one must always be aware of the chiliasm that this whole issue implies. We are not trying to set up some utopia here on earth as you know. Now Fixing… a bent and corrupt system, on the other hand, if one feels it is one’s duty, as one is called, and under a spiritual director then okay. But, as Fr. Seraphim Rose points out, after the One True Church became fragmented and no longer the standard of life this is when this chiliasm – ‘paradise on earth’ idea reemerged. All these types of political movements, revolutions, dictators, philosophy, art and culture etc. since then are all of the same ultimately Godless chilliasm.

    In these last few generations we can see the Lord’s warnings of deceit and anti-Christ all around… and in these days life is like a giant sea, and we are struggling to stay afloat. We need young people who are not afraid to die to self and to live for Christ! As you know, The Orthodox Church is truly the Ark of Noah in our times! Keep leading them our way! +May the blessing of the Lord be upon you.

    Glory to God for all things!

    In Christ,
    Fr. Daniel

  21. KathJuliane March 20, 2024 @ 3:18 pm

    Dear Fr. Daniel Mathewson, bless.

    Blessed Fr. Seraphim Rose also said that in these days, no Orthodox Christian should be so heavenly minded that they are of no earthly use.

    Supporting a secession of States from a very toxic, morally bankrupt, and power-grabbing authoritarian central government run by a kakocracy hell-bent on imposing a serveillance state is not advocating either chiliasm or a utopia.

    What will you do when the USG forces your church to submit to recognizing gay pseudo-marriage?

    In Christ,


  22. Fr. Daniel Mathewson March 20, 2024 @ 5:32 pm


    I agree with Fr. Seraphim, but our earthly use is to love God and our neighbor and to pray for the world. St. James says, true religion is to care for orphans and widows and to keep ones self from being spotted by the world.

    Again, as I said if you are an Orthodox Christian called to this and specially directed then okay. Of course, I am not speaking for others outside of the Orthodox Church, they are free to try anything that will re-leave the oppression they are feeling.

    If you study Fr. Seraphim, my take is he would be wary of this way of going about fixing this political toxicity.

    With regard to your question:

    I have already clarified our position by revoking our 501(3)c status and claiming our 508(Church) status under IRS Code. There is no law against virtue. I think we are along way from your question. But if it were to happen I am not afraid of saying ‘no we will not’.

    ICXC NIKA, Fr Daniel

  23. Susan johnson March 21, 2024 @ 10:12 pm

    When States have a large part of their budget supplied by the fed govt, this is a big disincentive to secede.

    In Idaho the feds supply about 41% of Idaho’s budget. In Gem County where Amon Bundy lived, the sheriff sold out to the Ada County Sheriff and allowed them to surveil people in Gem County. We have to be very careful who we are voting for because many lie to get elected.

    Speaking of Amon, looks like we have a J problem in Idaho. Chris Roth from St Luke’s hospital system is a Merrick Garland (DOJ) wannabe. Made big bucks during COVID doing what the feds told him, fired people for refusing the vax. Seems the hospitals system brings in money in creepy ways. They are one of 13 hospitals in US providing sex change operations on children, also seems they have a side business with CPS taking kids from parents.

    Harassed Amon with Lawfare, then sued Amon for some stupid defamation charge and the corrupt judge who should have recused herself smacked him with a settlement amount of $500k. Amon was a Christian patriot and serious political opposition. Sound familiar?

    Idaho did pass a law to prevent these sex change operations which went into effect sometime this year. I wonder if Chris is related to Philip, the J soft porn novelist from way back. Also, the pillow guy informed Idaho AG that there were voting irregularities in Idaho in 2020. He was given a cease and desist order in his investigation and threatened with a big fine. We may have voting machine issues with people already in place for a coverup.

    Preventing voting irregularities is something we must do with all those secession steps. We need our own money asap. Some States are already working on this. South Dakota, Nevada, Utah and New Hampshire have golds bucks. Idaho could use them, too, or have their own series struck.

    Maybe we should have the State define what is acceptable as money. This should include digicoins and gold bucks, gold, etc. We need a repository. We also need to revise recent edits to UC Code which allows companies or banks w collateral claims to take peoples homes from them. That’s how they will get us to a state of owning nothing.

  24. Not In My Backyard March 23, 2024 @ 6:53 am

    Secession starts at the county level. It means the elected county sheriff asserts his and his deputies’ authority to stop state and federal authorities from violating the Constitutional rights of county citizens.

  25. Jose Gallardo March 24, 2024 @ 12:04 pm

    Step #1 (you won’t like this one)

    Start your own language.

    Do it, or secession efforts are in vain.

    Nothing separates a people more like a language barrier, that’s why God used language to divide the world at the tower of babble.

    Hire a linguist and start crafting a new language for your new state/nation.

  26. Shane Paul Landry March 28, 2024 @ 11:15 am

    Hello Brother. God Bless You!

    I am a Roman Catholic Cajun patriot down here in Louisiana. I have two sort of off topic questions for you.

    1. Like you I am a secessionist. I think there is a middling, rural, and flown-over remnant in America that adheres to our founding principles and traditional morality longing to follow Christ. There is also a rich, urban, and coastal group-Jews among them-who are animated by an Anti-Christ spirit. These two peoples with antithetical worldviews are trying to occupy the same polity.

    My first question is should we strive for the national divorce option envisioned by red state secessionists, or should we call for an Article V constitutional convention and expel the deep blue states?

    2. I have been thinking a lot about 2051 and the thousand-year anniversary of the tragic schism between the Eastern and Western halves of Christendom. What are your feelings about restoring communion and unity in Christ?

    Thank for your time and any thoughts you might share.
    In Christ,
    Shane P. Landry, JD, LLM

  27. Harry Wynne March 31, 2024 @ 8:28 pm

    Convention of States a really bad idea—who knows where it would lead?

    As to Red State secession, at this time that would ignite CWII—the satanic international and central banker cabal is not about to give up the real estate without a fight. (My great grandfather’s experience in the Confederacy sadly proved that point.)

    Most folk are too comfortable with the status quo, even as bad as it already is, to risk life and worldly treasure for freedom and liberty. The situation will have to get considerably worse before enough men would feel compelled to fight. (But not saying as the rate of controlled demolition of society is accelerating, that that time may be far off.)

    It is better to organize your parish to defend/resist against corrupt state and federal government. Take a look at Tactical Civics or Secure These Rights. Or Jack Lawson’s Civil Defense Manual. Matt Bracken’s books are suggestive, as well. In any event, stick close to Jesus and the leading of the HS.

    It feels to me like we in the USA are like the Israelites backed up to the Red Sea with Pharaoh’s army pressing in, so I am looking for the Lord to deliver us.

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