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Saving Time With Brother Nathanael

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Saving Time With Brother Nathanael
March 28 2024

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Brother Nathanael @ March 28, 2024


  1. Citizenfitz March 28, 2024 @ 8:39 pm

    Thank you for the much needed laugh, Bro’!

  2. Bonita Highley March 28, 2024 @ 9:06 pm

    Well ok, Leiber passed, BUT, I have focus on me and my family’ future-first priorities

  3. TIMOTHY Andrew TEDESCO March 28, 2024 @ 9:07 pm

    Too long between videos make me worry about our Brother.

  4. Ted Gorsline March 29, 2024 @ 3:58 am

    I have watched a few unsettling videos in the last two days. A jew named Rose from London interviewed Colonel Macgregor and in the interview Macgregor said 5,000 Palestinains had died in Gaza when the real figure is closer to 30,000 most of which are jew murdered children.

    I think Macgregor is shilling for the jews in the sense that while he uses the “donor” word, he does not use the Jew word and its jews in AIPAC that control the US Congress through $100 Million in Donations.

    At least Scott Ritter now calls a jew a jew.

    I think Macgregor hopes Trump gets elected so he gets his old job back and knows that Trump is owned by Jews so Macgregor has to remain tight lipped and pro-Israel.

    Otherwise he is out of work and the only way he would get back in after getting the jew boy toss would be to grovle like Elon Musk and Kanje West.

    Also Larry Johnson on Judge Napolitano mentioned how Sy Hirsch had gone off the rails with a story. Scott Ritter has mentioned the same problem with Hirsch, whom he admired, twice before.

    I think Hirsch was put on a pedestal with his 3-month-old Mylai Massacre story and Pulitzer Prize, just like Woodward and Bernstein were canonized as journalist-heroes by Hollywood and Robert Redford, when all they ever did was show all the grit and determination necessary to answer the telephone so jew boy Deep Throat could spill the beans.

    They are groomed as media icons and then later their cards get called in and they have to plant BS for God’s loathsome people or else they will disappear.

    On another subject, Rense has a good video naming Ben Shapiro’s backers. Its Israeli intelligence that runs Shapiro and his unwitting Shabbas Goy flunkies like Jordan Peterson.

  5. David Webster March 29, 2024 @ 7:02 am

    Dear Br. Nathanael,

    We love you to death, and the Lord directed us in our contribution because He knows you are so important in exposing this greatest of all threat to humanity. But I could not make any sense out of most of your “Saving Time.”

    I truly hope and pray for your interview format where issues can be clearly spoken about!

    Could you in the meantime deal with exposing the deceptions that have kept so many in the dark like protestant evangelicals who believe that the Bible teaches the Jews are under “everlasting covenants.”

  6. Mort March 29, 2024 @ 8:38 am

    @Ted Gorsline

    I concur with your post. Including Gen. Flynn who when questioned, blames this mysterious China boogyman like Alex Jones.

    There is a portion of the public who want to believe China is out to get them in spite of everything they own is now made in China.

  7. Dave March 29, 2024 @ 8:42 am

    @Ted Gorsline

    Judge Nap is a disappointment.

    I know someone who knows him and has requested many times he have on his show the great Dr Alan Sabrosky, US Marine, PhD Michigan, US Army War College director to educate the stupid zio-brain-dead American citizen about the truth of Israel and it’s Jew infiltrating termites (as Farakan so aptly describe them) that control America and the Christian West.

    But he won’t dare touch that third rail.

    My friend has even deduced it’s because of the Jew power dictatorship why Nap won’t touch it

  8. Ted Gorsline March 29, 2024 @ 9:02 am

    I think Judge Napolitano has the best interviews on the internet because he has the most authoritative guests like Scott Ritter, Larry Johnson, Phil Giraldi etc. They know their stuff.

    The only thing that bugs me about the show is that they don’t bring up the fact that Israel murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11. Some of Napolitano’s guests seem to imply that Al Qaeda did it.

    Napolitano needs to interview Dr. Alan Sabrosky who has as much credibility as any of his current guests and a man whose credentials are just as good as any of them.

    Sabrosky is a retired Marine and was the Director of Studies at the US Army War College Strategic Studies Institute. He convinced me Israel did 9/11 and Gordon Duff and Jim Dean, then at Veterans today, and now at The Intel Drop later provided the intricate details, arguing among other things that child murderer Bibi Netanyahu, a good buddy of Larry Silverstein, was one of the planners of 9/11.

    Judge Napolitano has got to interview Dr. Alan Sabrosky. Otherwise he risks being accused of deliberately burying the most critical information out there regarding Israel.

  9. KathJuliane March 29, 2024 @ 9:32 am

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Welcome back from the First Week of Eastern Orthodox Great Lent. Hope it was a spiritually fruitful time.

    Welp. You had me going.

    Great video pun on the real jews of Real Jew News, just in time for April 1. At first, I was WTH? when the Video finished after 45 seconds, and then it was bwwwwahahahahaha!

    You put this Vid upo on March 28, which was when you’d said several weeks ago you would be shutting down if you didn’t get at least enough money to pay for the servers and technical help to make vids and keep your websites going.

    Glad some donations came in to keep RJN going for a bit, and I hope more donations are being contributed to building your Brother Nathanael Show.

    It’s always nail-biting time for me now, wondering if RJN will be here next month.

    RJN family members have to decide to make a steady monthly donation commitment to not only keep things technically running, but to keep making more videos as funding permits, as well as extra designated for building and equipping the studio for live podcast commentary, debates, and interviews.

    “God will provide”. Yes, we should always pray for God’s providence in our lives and praise Him as He does so. However, in ordinary usage, this usually means, “I’ll let the other guy do it. In the meantime, I will pray for you, Brother.”

    Prayers are always valuable, but they also can’t be used to pay the bills. Next time your utilities bill comes due, tell your local utility company that this month you will be sending a printed prayer, and see how far it gets you.

    Until God parachutes a bucket of gold from heaven directly to +BN, you, dear RJN family members, are the means of providing monetary assistance to RJN in God’s economy. You do it by reaching into your own pocket and donating whatever you can afford.

    Anyone who says this as a substitute for donating to BNF, anyone in need, when you have the means to contribute at least $10 is being a lazy, selfish, so-called Christian.

    Don’t assume that someone else is somehow picking up the slack for you.

    “Let the other guy donate” while you are sucking down a couple of lousy Starbuck’s overpriced designer coffees is robbing God, cheating Brother Nathanael, and free-riding on the backs of those of us who do faithfully donate something every month.

    God bless everyone in RJN family.

    And if you really don’t have even the spare change to toss into the cup, then may God bless you triple.

  10. Ted Gorsline March 29, 2024 @ 10:16 am


    Judge Napolitano also ought to interview Col Jim Henke, US special forces in Viet Nam, who overheard Benny Netanyahu, talk about milking America at Fink’s bar in Tel Aviv.

    The people he interviews now are very good, but there are many others who are just as good if not better.

  11. KathJuliane March 29, 2024 @ 10:24 am

    Dear Timothy Andrew Tedesco,

    Eastern Orthodox Pascha (Easter) very seldom matches up with Western Easter, as the paschal calendars are calculated differently.

    Orthodox Pascha, will be celebrated by Orthodox & Oriental Christians on Sunday, May 5, 2024. By contrast, on the Western calendar, Easter is this coming Sunday, and today is Great Friday for Western Christians.

    As such, our Great Lent started March 18 and ends May 4. The first week of Great Lent comes with some heavy spiritual and religious obligations, such as intensified home prayer and attendance at the Great Lent liturgical services and strict fasting on the first Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday of the first week of Lent.

    +BN has his own monastic obligations for the first week of Great Lent as well, beyond what the Laity observe.

    Basically, he took March 18-March 24 off for Great Lent.

    And happily, RJN is still here March 28.

    Glory to God for all things.


  12. KathJuliane March 29, 2024 @ 10:40 am

    Finally, They’ve Come for the Orthodox

    Russian Christian News Syndicate

    Timothy Furnish (The Stream) 8 hours ago

    First they came for Chick-fil-A. Then they came for the people who mainly eat there, Evangelical Protestants. Then they sent the FBI after the Catholics (but just the ones using Latin and actually following Church teachings on the sin of abortion).

    Now they’re coming for Orthodox Christians. Most recently—during our Lent, of course—a Texas Monthly hit piece accused the Orthodox of being “inspired by the Confederacy and Czarist Russia.” But this has been going on for a while: Last fall, Newsweek said the FBI is warning that the Kremlin is “recruiting spies” in American Orthodox churches.

    In 2022, NPR ran the hyperventilating story “Orthodox Christian churches are drawing in far-right American converts.” So now Eastern Christians, not just certain Western ones, are in the cross-hairs of the “elites.”

    The media, Democrat politicians, and the law enforcement/intelligence agencies view conservative Christians of any denomination as a threat. Why? Because we dispute Caesar’s absolute power.

    Specifically, we oppose the particular demonic lies the government supports: the LGBTQIA+ agenda; the transgender mutilation of children; and claims that “Islam is peaceful” while importing legions of fundamentalist Muslims.

    Why the “Elites” Despise Conservative Christians

    Two-thirds of Americans identify as Christian. About half are Protestant. And about half of those are the dreaded, chicken-sandwich-loving Evangelicals. Catholics comprise another 21% of the population, making them the largest single denomination on our shores. But Orthodox Christians?

    They only comprise 0.5% of the population, numbering perhaps 1 million in America (although about 250 million elsewhere.)

    No wonder the Left hates conservative Protestants and Catholics. There are so many of them in America! But this is not true of Orthodox. Even Muslims outnumber them here. (And their status as crucial voters in Michigan trumps their jihadist potential in the eyes of the current administration.)

    So why put Orthodox Christians into the same alleged threat matrix as conservative Protestants and Catholics?

    There are three major reasons: Orthodox Christianity is just as conservative as the other two veins mentioned here. Moreover, it’s gaining converts in America. And it gives Democrats a “fifth column” boogeyman, thus helping keep their “Russia! Russia! Russia!” hysteria going.

    It’s Not JUST the Beards….
    Orthodox Christianity is very traditionalist, although not fundamentalist. Only men are ordained, and they preferably have beards. The liturgy has been done the same way for 16 centuries.

    Homosexuality is still deemed a sin, following Biblical teachings. (Greek Orthodox bishops are currently debating excommunicating the politicians who approved same-sex marriage.) The Orthodox Church in America (OCA) speaks for all Orthodoxy in its opposition to abortion.

    The vast majority of American Orthodox identify as conservative or moderate, and only 16% as liberal (although more claim to be Democrat than Republican or Independent). Orthodox laity here are somewhat less conservative than their clergy. But as this is a very hierarchical church, the bishops’ and priests’ views rule, certainly theologically.

    Orthodoxy is also growing throughout America, as The Wall Street Journal noted last May, particularly in the most conservative churches, mainly via immigration.

    Father John Whiteford
    Father John Whiteford is an Orthodox priest with a longstanding blog in Spring, Texas. He is the subject of a story in the April 2024 issue of Texas Monthly.

    But ROCOR, the “Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia,” is also growing, thanks to converts. That, along with its theological conservatism, has drawn the gaze of journalists, such as the aforementioned Texas Monthly reporter Meagan Saliashvili, who writes,

    “though [Houston’s Father John] Whiteford says he stays out of purely political discussions, others in his orbit have used their faith and online megaphones to further the cause of right-wing politics. Some of them have found common cause with the Confederacy, fascism, monarchism, and white supremacy.”

    Saliashvili provides no actual links between such folks and Fr. Whiteford. And of course, like any modern journalist, she goes to X, where the priest “posts and reposts content that is critical of Israel, expresses skepticism of U.S. support of Ukraine … and pushes various reactionary talking points.”

    Fr. Whiteford (horror of horrors!) also supports homeschooling, opposes the LGBTQ agenda, and is against taking down Confederate statues. Saliashvili then decries Texas becoming a magnet for “right-wing” and “right-adjacent” figures such as Glenn Beck and Elon Musk. And presumably Fr. Whiteford.

    Whose Dog Hears a Whistle?
    Saliashvili quotes Sarah Riccardi-Swartz, a religion professor at Northeastern University. So does Odette Yousef, author of the aforementioned NPR piece.

    Dr. Swartz claims to have found “strong strains of nativism, white nationalism, and pro-authoritarianism” in ROCOR. Based on what? One ROCOR parish in West Virginia (not a huge sample size).

    Furthermore, note the repeated usage of leftist dog whistles: “Confederacy.” “Fascism.” “White supremacy.” “Reactionary.” “Right-wing.” “Right-adjacent.” “Nativism.”

    For his part, Fr. Whiteford responded at length on his blog to Saliashvili’s assassinating his character. Read it yourself, and judge whom to believe.

    Finally, the FBI would no doubt love to find some Orthodox Christians doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding. (Probably not as much as CNN, however.) One analyst shop warns about “spies in cassocks” working for the Kremlin. But it only provides one example, from Bulgaria.

    That CNN interview mentions that Moscow is trying to recruit among the “2,300 Orthodox parishes” in the US — but only 199 of those are ROCOR, encompassing about 23,000 faithful.

    Far larger, both in numbers of parishes and adherents, are the Greek Orthodox Church in America, and the OCA. Greek-Americans are unlikely to snoop for Russia, and the OCA, while originally Russian, is self-governing and no longer under the Patriarch of Moscow.

    Other Orthodox jurisdictions also have little sympathy for Putin or his country, politically. (Like my own church, a member of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese which, despite the name, is actually “Ruthenian,” not Russian. Think the defunct Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.)

    Putin’s list of alleged Orthodox allies thus grows rather thin. In fact, maybe the FSB would have better luck frequenting Southern Baptist churches.

    Can’t We Conservative Christians All Just Pray for One Another?
    Increasingly, whether we like to admit it or not, conservative Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christians have more in common across denominational lines than with our liberal coreligionists.

    This happens negatively, in terms of our own media and government damning us, but also positively, in that we all can confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord, and believe in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9).

    During this Eastern Christian Lent, let us consider hanging together and praying for one another — in the name of the One who hung on a cross for all of us.

  13. j March 29, 2024 @ 11:21 am


  14. Rav Mortichai March 29, 2024 @ 11:39 am

    I have discovered the real reason Jews are attacking TikToc.

    It seems users have discovered an app that allows them to change their facial appearance to be more Semitic. They say mimicry is the ultimate compliment so I don’t see why these Jews are kvetching.

    In addition to a Semitic schnoz, Jews also have an elongated maxilla (eyebrow mouth distance). Maybe they’ll come up with an app for that someday. We can only hope to be more like our chosen brethren.


  15. KathJuliane March 29, 2024 @ 1:47 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    You don’t provide a link to this alleged interview you’ve vaguely described as “A jew named Rose from London interviewed Colonel Macgregor”, nor provide a date, nor provided even a clue as to whom this interviewer works for, or if it was on YouTube, Rumble, or whatever.

    Let me tell you, I cannot find any video interview with these scant parameters you’ve provided.

    And I cannot find the video on Rense that you brought up, too, for similar vagueness. A couple of days ago, I posted a video expose about Daily Wire being an Israeli military asset.

    Is this the same video that you saw on Rense?

    Lowkey EXPOSES Ben Shapiro as Israeli Military Asset After Daily Wire Cancels Candace Owens

    Danny Haiphong | 26 March 2024

    While some have argued that Candace Owens left The Daily Wire, evidence suggests she was forced out by Ben Shapiro who operates as part of Israel’s mammoth propaganda machine.

    Rapper and journalist Lowkey dissects the web of misinformation Israel promotes with the help of its backers in the U.S. and United Kingdom.

    Anyway, on that watery sauce, I’m supposed to take your word for it that somehow Macgregor is shilling for the Jews because he supposedly said to some Jew named Rose from London that 5000 civilians were killed in Gaza?

    I would like the link to that video, or more information on that alleged video than what you’ve provided, so that I can at least verify for myself that “5,000” civilians is what Macgregor said (and not 5000 IDF, for example), and that you didn’t misunderstand what you heard, and judge for myself as to whether that’s what he even meant to say, or perhaps just misspoke during the interview.

    Or perhaps it was a much older video interview from a month or two after Israhell started its Operation Genocide Gaza last October when the Palestinian casualties were about 5000.

    As for Jews and their genetics, Ashkenazi Jews cluster very closely together with ethnic Jews from other host regions and countries than they do with Europeans.

    There is more of an ancient European genetic admixture from the female side among Ashkenazi Jews because a) in the Inter-testament Era of the diaspora throughout the Roman Empire Jews were far more aggressive proselytizers among Gentiles, and perhaps upwards of 10% of Jews in the empire at the time of Christ and the Apostles, especially the Hellenic European part, were originally Gentile converts.

    The Greek Septuagint was a very popular book, and there were many Roman subjects who became God-fearers, or else syncretized elements of Yawehism into their own cultus.

    The rabbinic ruling that “Jewishness comes from the mother” was not instituted until about the 2nd century AD. Before that, all pedigrees were reckoned patrilineally.

    It’s certainly not the biblical tradition where it’s clear that geneologies are reckoned through the male line, distinguished at times through different mothers.

    Jews were free to marry any woman as long as she converted to Yawehism. It is the general cultural custom that the daughters went out of a family and assumed the God (gods) of her husband or his father, while under the laws of primogeniture, the elder sons remained at home, and eventually assumed responsibilities as family and clan heads.

    b) Jews, as peripatetic economic migrants, enjoyed an extremely prosperous and privileged position in Charlemagne’s Frankish Empire as merchants, traders, financiers, and since the Frankish economy was largely driven both by Charles I’s yearly conquests and slave-taking, and by the European slave trade conducted between the Vikings and the Arabs with Jews as the go-between brokers and traders, particularly a clan called the Radhanites, had a very privileged international near monopoly on the slave trade.

    These world-traveling Jewish merchants, slave-traders, and adventurers who roamed Europe, Khazaria, Asia to China and Africa, were quite capable of not only converting and marrying women from a local population but could take or buy European slave-concubines and forcibly convert them.

    Polygamy wasn’t outlawed among Ashkenazi Jews until the 11th century in the Rhineland to conform more closely to Christian law of the host countries. In Muslim countries, particularly the Ottoman Empire, the Balkan part of which abutted Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth, it was (and still is) lawful for Jews to take up to four wives/concubines.

    The Frankish Empire originally included the Rhineland, a major trading region where Jews After Charles I’s death, the empire was divided between his three sons, part of which was to politically evolve into Germany, and that’s when German or Ashkenazi Jews began to emerge as a distinct population.

    During the 19th century, it was all too common for German Jews to convert to Christianity (usually, not always, for the social and economic opportunities), and then intermarry with Germans, particularly after the German Jewry was granted full civil rights.

    But even so, the appearance of blond or red hair and light eyes is not proof of any wide scale Europeanization of Ashkenazi Jews.

    As a matter of fact, all Jews of whatever ethnicity, with the exception of a couple of African Jewish tribes, regardless of skin color and other superficial features, genetically cluster closely together distinctively well apart from their respective host populations.

    Ancient Egyptians were virtually stereotypical when it came to portraying neighboring peoples in their funerary murals in the royal tombs. Egyptian illustrations of foreign peoples had an element of caricature and common ethnic distinctions were emphasized.

    Red colored hair for Egyptian artists was considered one of the distinguishing characteristics of Semites from the region of Ancient Israel and the Middle east in general.

    The “Asiatics” or Canaanite-Syrians, which would include Hebrews, are shown presenting themselves and gifts to Pharoah, complete with clothing “of many colors” and having four tassels on the hem of their garments, were nearly always painted with black hair, olive skin, and dark eyes, but occasionally an Asiatic with ginger hair, white skin, and beard, or even blond hair, was also portrayed.

    Hebrew slaves had been portrayed (on wall illustrations still extant today) working for their Egyptian taskmasters and some of those depicted are blonde. Coloring varied from tribe to tribe and fair hair may have been more pronounced later in the north of Israel than in the south.

    1. Red or Blonde hairedness was considered characteristic of peoples from the Land of Israel, and Syria according to Egyptian illustrations.

    2. Sometimes groups of assumedly Israelite (or “Canaanite-Syrian” / “Palestinian-Syrian”) individuals are shown as entirely blonde or redhaired with blue eyes and pale pink skins. After the 14th century BC, presumably such Asiatics were Israelites.

    3. More often people are shown from the same areas with very dark (maybe oiled?) head hair and red or blonde beards and eyes being either brown or bluish.

    4. Blonde or redhaired individuals are sometimes depicted in groups though frequently they are shown as mixed in with other much darker individuals with similar facial features to themselves.

    5. Groups of darkish people from the geographical areas of Syria and Israel are also often depicted.

    6. Mesopotamian, Syrian, and “Phoenician” colored statuettes depict both dark individuals as well as those with blue eyes and red-blondish hair. Statuettes from Judah and northern Israel show individuals with both apparently “European” as well as “Semitic” type features.

    7. It follows that there were both mixed dark “Mediterranean” and so-called light “Nordic” types existent among the ancient Israelites and the peoples around them.

    The evidence supports the idea that maybe there existed a certain color differentiation from tribe to tribe or from one general area to another.

    8. Jewish Rabbinical sources also support the notion that some tribes contained more fair individuals than others.

    9. The Gebelein Man, also known informally as “Ginger” due to his red hair; is the mummy of a young Egyptian man found in Gebelein (modern Naga el-Gherira, 25 miles south of Thebes), dating from the Late Pre-Dynastic Period, c. 3400 B.C.

    The Hmong have a recessive gene where some children are born with blonde hair. They can even have fair skin and light eyes, and are neither albinos nor malnourished. Hmong do not have Indo-European DNA, and are genetically homogenous to a very high degree. Sometimes the blonde turns to a brown or reddish color as children get older but sometimes it remains blonde even as adults.

    High Jewish IQ Debunked – Joe Rogan Followup

    Leather Apron Club

    It’s not “high IQ”. It’s nepotism.

  16. Art March 29, 2024 @ 5:43 pm

    Gaza & Beyond

  17. KathJuliane March 29, 2024 @ 9:45 pm


    30 March 2024 by Larry Johnson

    I am kicking myself because I did not bookmark the article or email I read earlier today that mentioned in passing that Israel provided the United States with the intelligence that led to the State Department issuing the March 7 warning of a possible terrorist attack within 48 hours. If anyone has the link let me know.

    If this is true it raises all sorts of new angles to consider. For example, a member of Netanyahu’s ruling party said this in October:

    Amir Weitmann, the head of the libertarian caucus in Israel’s Likud Party, appeared on Russia’s state-run RT News network this week and spoke about fighting between Israel and Hamas militants, as well as Russia’s war with Ukraine.

    While speaking about recent claims relating to al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City, Weitmann criticized Russia, saying that “we’re gonna finish this war, we’re going to win because we’re stronger. After this, Russia will pay the price, believe me, Russia will pay the price.”

    “Russia is supporting the enemies of Israel. Russia is supporting Nazi people who want to commit genocide on us and Russia will pay the price,” Weitmann said. “We’re gonna win this war. Afterwards, we’re not forgetting what you’re doing, we’re not forgetting, we will come, we will make sure Ukraine wins. We will make sure that you pay the price for what you have done, you as Russia.”

    Israel is making other moves to support Ukraine in its war with Russia. On March 2:

    Israel’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, said the Middle Eastern country was “working to provide Ukraine with early warning systems” in a speech on Wednesday. . . .

    The Israeli announcement had not “come out of the blue,” Amir Weitmann, the head of the libertarian caucus in Israel’s ruling Likud Party, told BI. . . .

    Nonetheless, this was “just the beginning” of Israel’s commitment to Ukraine, the politician said.

    “Israel will take a more aggressive stance against Russia” from now on, he believed, adding that if the Ukraine war is not over by the time Israel has dealt with its local problem. “Israeli weapons would find their way to Ukraine.”

    That is a threat and it is not an idle one. And it raises the legitimate question — was Israel involved in any way with helping facilitate the 22 March terrorist attack? Let me add one more piece to the puzzle. Here is a video of an ISIS operator pronouncing judgment on another Muslim for supporting Hamas. Let that sink in for a moment.

    If it turns out that Israel had knowledge of the plot a did not make an attempt to warn Russia then relations between Israel and Russia will be in shambles.

    Now for something to entertain you this Easter Weekend. Pyotr Tolstoy does a masterful job of trolling the French over their support for Ukraine. It is masterful.

    Full article and videos:

  18. Ted Gorsline March 30, 2024 @ 1:25 am

    Dear KJ,

    I write these posts to wind you up.

  19. Rabbi Glickman March 30, 2024 @ 8:15 am

    Somewhere in the world a Jew is suffering.

    But YOU can make a difference!

    Donate to:

  20. KathJuliane March 30, 2024 @ 11:40 am

    How To Kill Goyim And Influence People – Torat Ha’melech
    by Max Blumenthal, Joseph Dana, Alternet

    Publication date 2010

    Topics Torat Ha’melech, judaism, jews, goyim, rabbis, loxism

    Language English

    Leading fundamentalist rabbis gather in Israel to defend the publication of a book, Torat Ha’Melech, that attempted to provide halakhic justification for the killing of non-Jews, including innocent children and families.

    The gathering exposed not only the ferocious racism of a swath of Israel’s pro-settlement rabbinate, but the powerlessness of the government to stop them. Produced by Max Blumenthal, Joseph Dana and Alternet.


    This Murder Midrash publication was allowed to stand when the Israeli courts upheld freedom of speech. Torat haMelekh’s views are based on readings of kabbalistic texts mediated through the teachings of R. Yizhak Ginzburgh, author of Barukh haGever, a booklet memorializing Barukh Goldstein, the murderer of Muslim worshipers in the Cave of Makhpelah Mosque in Hebron on Purim day, 1994.

    The poisonous Talmudic toadstool Ginzburgh was born in St. Louis, MO; sometimes referred to as “the Malakh” (lit. “the angel”), now an online rabbi popular with Jews, Judaizing zio-evangelicals and Noahides. He is cited as direct inspiration by the authors of the book.

    And so, here we are today, 14 years later, with 80% of Israeli Jews and their Zio-evangelical cheerleaders infected by the virus of the Torat Ha’malech as propagated through a cabal of bloodthirsty Jewish supremacist orthodox and settler rabbis celebrating the mass slaughter of Gaza Palestinians, gearing up for mass pogroms of annihilation in the West Bank.

    The Torat Ha’melech is the national guiding light of Bibsy and his pack of dangerous Rabbinic Settler Clowns. -Kj

    Days of Palestine YT has not published anything for over 5 months.

    Palestinians today, the rest of us tomorrow. Per the Torat Ha’Melech, we are all Palestinian animals now. -Kj

    Israel’s government is legalizing The King’s Torah (Torat Ha’Melech) book to be taught in schools

    Days Of Palestine
    Aug 16, 2023

    Israel’s government is legalizing The King’s Torah (Torat Ha’Melech) book to be taught in schools.

    The King’s Torah is the tip of the iceberg of anti-human ideas that poison Jewish students’ minds as it deems the Jews as the only real humans, while others especially Palestinians are lower in rank – closer to the status of animals. Therefore, Jews should kill them.
    More details in this video

  21. KathJuliane March 30, 2024 @ 1:05 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    Ok. You got me. I’m wound up.

    Now where are the receipts that further clarify and underpin your opinion that Macgregor is a Zionist shill based on a very vague recollection of some interview which I cannot find that Macgregor may, or may not have had with a Jew named Rose from London, and what he may, or may not have actually said in this interview that ‘5,000 civilians were killed in Gaza’?

    I’ve not seen or heard anything from Macgregor that indicates that he’s in any way oriented towards Israel Uber Alles Zionism, or deviates from his often expressed America First non-interventionist, strong home national defense personal views, and when he’s speaking as the hired CEO for the new ‘Our Country Our Choice’ (OCOC) media and movement organization and its stated policy goals:

    “We share a deep love for our country and its remarkable people. Our unwavering commitment is to secure a brighter future for all of America’s children, ensuring they have the same opportunities we have cherished. Our decision to establish a for-profit media company is rooted in our desire for independence and the avoidance of external influence or control. Our media and movement exist solely to serve the interests of the American people, a cause that resides deeply in our hearts. Currently, all our funding comes from our founding members. We do not have vast financial resources, and much of our work is carried out by volunteers. Nonetheless, we believe that if the American people unite in large numbers, we can reverse the decline and restore American greatness.”

    Their America First policy issues are Defend Us From Globalism, Defend Our Border, Defend Our Elections, Defend Our Children, Defend Our Right to Bear Arms, Defend Us From Endless Wars, & Defend Our Religious Freedom, all of which are of major importance and priority right now. While getting to the bottom of 9-11 is important, it is not a priority compared to our enormous troubles now. Implied in a true America First position is anti-Zionism, but to say so is “touching the third rail of politics” and so self-destruct.

    It’s like smearing Judge Napolitano of being a “sexual pervert” based on unfounded, very sensational, graphically described lawsuit allegations of sexual impropriety by two fags, each in porn fantasy detail, both of which had the same lawyers, each of which was eventually withdrawn from the court.

    The first was a workplace allegation — not conviction — the reason behind Fox firing Napolitano. After reading the case, to me actually almost reads like the lawfare revenge of the office fag who got spurned by Napolitano after coming on to him during an otherwise ordinary office friendship which developed over six or eight months.

    The second sexual harassment allegation through the same lawyer’s office was a nuisance copycat lawsuit by a fag that Judge Napolitano had sentenced for arson from some 20 or 30 years ago.

    As for Ritter’s two own transgressions for soliciting sex from underage teen girls (one of which was really an online police honeytrap), he was convicted, did his time and paid his dues years ago.

    And the fact of this personal history has absolutely no bearing on his expertise, and current, usually well detailed fair-minded military and geopolitical investigations and analyses, yet I’ve read comments from jackasses who try to discredit Ritter’s reports by screaming “He’s a pedophile”.

    Even this is an incorrect categorization. Ephebophilia is a term used to describe an older adult who is sexually attracted to post-pubescent teenagers, usually those in the age range 14/15–19, therefore Ritter is an ‘ephebophile’ not a ‘pedophile’.

    The question still remains, what does Ritter’s not unusual attraction to teenage girls (the second time he got in trouble, he thought the online cop turned underage prostitute in an 18+ forum was over 18) and his subsequent convictions, have to do with his interviews and analyses?

    Assuming that you heard correctly that Macgregor used a figure of 5000 civilians murdered by Israel instead of the figures coming out of the Gaza branch of the Palestinian Ministry of Health (which the Jews demonize as ‘Hamas’ fake numbers’) simply means that Macgregor is using figures from a different source, unless the video you happened to see was about 5 or 6 months old now.

    Anyway, dear Ted G., until you can find your original source that you mentioned, I consider your statement that Macgregor is a Zionist shill retracted.

    You are a retired journalist, and you knew and worked for topnotch journalists who prized accuracy and ethics. You know better than this kind of shoddy reporting.

    In the meantime, epic Stu Peters rant:

    Shmuley Goes FULL PERVERT In Jones Interview: ‘Rabbi BUTTPLUG’ Becomes INFAMOUS

  22. KathJuliane March 30, 2024 @ 2:01 pm

    Is This How WWlll Begins?

    Daniel Davis / Deep Dive

  23. KathJuliane March 30, 2024 @ 2:23 pm

    Colonel Douglas Macgregor We Are On the Brink of Total War The Time To Act Is Now

    London Real – David Eyko

    Retired US Army Colonel

    As the war in Ukraine rages on and the mainstream media continues to insist that Russian troops are lacking morale and losing ground, it’s important to take a moment and consider how many lives are actually being affected and lost in this territorial battle.

    And, contrary to reports, there are many experts and military analysts who insist the true cost of this war to Ukraine doesn’t bear thinking about, arguing that not only do they have zero chance of winning, but picking up the pieces from the remnants of what remains in Ukraine is a task that seems to have been given little consideration.

    To get to the heart of the matter, I’m delighted to be welcoming back a guest who is an expert in every sense of the word and believes it is high time that negotiations with Putin begin, as the economic ramifications are beginning to mount in both Europe and the US.

  24. Ted Gorsline March 30, 2024 @ 2:47 pm

    Dear KJ,

    I see you have got your knickers in a knot but no harm done. Knots can be undone. I admire your work and always have. None better anywhere on the internet.

    As a whistle blower Bro Nat is “da man” because he knows jew boy from the inside. As a person who documents evidence you are the best. Nobody better on the internet.

    I rank myself along with Rabbi Glickman and Rav Mortichai as a knee jerk responder. We are not in your league.

    I will see if I can find the interview with Mr Rose in Britain. What I said is 100% accurate but since I did not provide a link your skepticism is valid.

    I tried to find it today but no luck, but I know its out there.

    I will see if I can find it. Mr Rose is hard to find. He is an American jew living in London who is a Mr. Dressup.

    He wears colorful cravats etc like a fine tuned narcissist. He posts pictures of himself running marathons and captivating audiences. In other word he is your typical jewish a–hole. but Macgregor did suck up to him, because he is a jew, which surprised me.

    I don’t know why you posted a defence of Scott Ritter and his child molesting charges. I never even mentioned that. I think he is the very best Israeli authority on the internet. Much better than Macgregor who is owned by the jews.

    The only hiccup I have with Scott Ritter is that he said Gonzo Lira was a Ukrainian plant which I agreed with and which proved to be wrong.

  25. KathJuliane March 30, 2024 @ 2:58 pm

    Biden declares 2024 Easter Sunday date as ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

    “I call upon all Americans to join us in lifting up the lives and voices of transgender people throughout our Nation and to work toward eliminating violence and discrimination based on gender identity,” the White House said.

    Just the News | 30 March 2024

    President Joe Biden declared March 31 “Transgender Day of Visibility,” the same 2024 date for Easter Sunday.

    “NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 31, 2024, as Transgender Day of Visibility,” the White House wrote in a Friday press release.

    “I call upon all Americans to join us in lifting up the lives and voices of transgender people throughout our Nation and to work toward eliminating violence and discrimination based on gender identity,” the statement continued.

    Biden has spoken out in support of the transgender community in the past. Last year, he paid tribute to transgender people who lost their lives due to violence.

    “Today, on Transgender Day of Remembrance we are reminded that there is more to do [to] meet that promise, as we grieve the 26 transgender Americans whose lives were taken this year,” he said last year, according to CBS News.

    Biden said in his Friday statement that he was very proud to have appointed transgender individuals in his administration.

    “Transgender Americans are part of the fabric of our Nation. Whether serving their communities or in the military, raising families or running businesses, they help America thrive,” he said.


    Just another day in the Talmudic States of Clownistan. -Kj

  26. Ted Gorsline March 30, 2024 @ 3:26 pm

    Apparently a piano has filed sexual abuse charges against Vladimir Zalensky.

    The prosecutor claims to have photographic evidence of the crime.

  27. Ted Gorsline March 30, 2024 @ 3:53 pm

    Dear KJ,

    The blog site is called “London Real” with jew boy Brian Real.

    It’s late here and I am going to go to sleep, but tomorrow I will see if I can find the talk where Macgregor grovels to the jew boys and say 5,000 Palestinians were killed in Gaza which is an enormous lie.

    Macgregor has to talk BS if he wants to get work if Trump wins.

    Forget Macgregor and follow Scott Ritter. Scott is the real deal. Macgregor is compromised. He is a very good man but he has to play the game to get where he wants to go. The swamp is full of alligators.

  28. KathJuliane March 30, 2024 @ 4:08 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    If you go through your browser history, you may be able to find the video that way, if you haven’t checked it already. I’d appreciate it greatly if you do find it.

    Or, if you remember what video venue (YT, Rumble, Bitchute, etc) and perhaps a title, that might help me narrow down the search.

    +BN is the best. The one thing which indelibly impressed itself on me is that he would pull his facts and resources to support his theses from whatever primary and secondary resources he could, irrespective of whether the sources were aligned left, right, Christian, Muslim, secular, US or foreign sources.

    Apologies. My mention of Scott Ritter’s past wasn’t directed at you, nor for that matter, about Judge Napolitano, who has never been convicted for what appear to be two orchestrated lawfare nuisance allegations, one barefaced allegation which Fox pre-emptively fired him for.

    It accomplished what it set out to do, which was tarnish Judge Napolitano’s reputation, and I would not be surprised that Fox (per the Murdochs) actually set it up to get rid of him, as he is just too astute and direct a questioner as well as being a bit of a maverick with an independent streak.

    So far as I know, there was never any other sort of pattern of predatory behavior that could be pointed to, even if just gossip and rumors from anonymous Fox employees about the Judge.

    But I recall naysayers in the past trying to discredit Ritter’s reports and expertise simply because of his unrelated misadventures and convictions, having nothing to do with his credibility and vast experience in the Middle East, especially having to cooperate with Israeli intelligence while a UN weapons inspector, which now contribute to his very valuable insights about the IDF, etc.

    The point being, there is just a knee-jerk tendency by some individuals in the social media commentariat to throw irrelevant crap into what is otherwise good, solid reporting and information.

    What has really impressed me about Ritter, however, is the fact that even though he wasn’t a total Zionist, he was very, very supportive of Israel all of these years, and had a very high respect for them. Now he doesn’t. He loathes Israel completely for their murderous actions after October 7, and is definitely looking at Tel Aviv with much different lenses.

    In Ritter’s own way, he has apologized for falling for the IDF’s hasbara about being “the most moral country in the world” and being “America’s only friend in the Middle East” all of these years.

    He has also taken it upon himself to go to Russia and Chechnya, talk to people, and see things for himself, coming away with much different impressions and opinions than what he used to hold.

    I personally think that Larry Johnson is in the same category. He’s basically a morally decent and honorable man with a keen sense of justice, a deeply rooted, patriotic, solid Middle American ‘Bible Belt Christian’ and CIA analyst from the Cold War era who once respected Israel, and never actually question the symbiotic (or mutually parasitic) toxic relationship between America and the Jewish state.

    And, along with doing his own perception and attitude checks towards Putin, Russia, and Ukraine, now he is becoming more and more vocal in opposition to, and contempt of, Israel as being a huge foreign policy liability for America now.

    That’s a big change for both Ritter and Johnson over the past 5 or 6 months, which has no doubt cast them as ‘Anti-Semities’ among family, former associates and friends.

    And, sometimes I detect an effort in their talks to keep to policy issues and avoid crossing over into ‘God’s loathsome people’ territory out of professionalism, but from undertones at times, neither can completely disguise how much Israeli Jews disgust them now.

  29. Rav Mortichai March 30, 2024 @ 6:38 pm

    Jew spies tracking down fellow Jews, oy vey …

    Article reads, “Suspected Mossad Agent Arrested In Malaysia.” Claims to have been tracking fellow Jew there. Probably for posting hurtful things on-line about Jews killing Palestinian babies.

    Jews are going from victim mode to aggressor mode. Palestinians will be resented for their key role in this. It is a huge transformation, but without it Jews cannot survive. etc, etc…

  30. KathJuliane March 30, 2024 @ 7:40 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    As it turns out, I stumbled across the video you were describing without realizing it was the same and posted it in a comment above.

    I didn’t sit down watch it, nor caught the name Brian Rose at the start. I half-listened to it while moving about doing a few chores.

    You are correct. Macgregor did say starting at 7:01,

    “Meanwhile we have a bombing campaign going on that’s killed 5,000 Palestinians no one in Israel is shedding any tears over that but that’s not going down well in the rest of the region.”

    Here’s the catch. I sat down and read the transcript and watched this vid more attentively once you mentioned London Real, and it occurred to me that this must be the video you were talking about.

    I’m not sure what scumbaggery Brian Rose is up to, probably a push to buy gold or something, but this is old footage, dating back to the end of October.

    Either it’s a very old interview that London Real only decided to publish now without clarifying, in order to reinforce the message that regional war is still very real, or else its reedited and repackaged footage from some of Macgregor’s other interviews with podcasters, faking it to make it look like Rose was conducting a two-way interview with Macgregor.

    Macgregor’s own YT channels are gone, so I can’t compare directly. However, there are a number of clues which pinpoints the month and approximate time when this footage actually came out as being the end of October in the context of this ‘interview’.

    Just before Macgregor’s comment about the bombing campaign killing 5000 civilians (Al Jazeera recorded that death benchmark on October 23), he’s speaking about Israel’s then future plans of pushing Gazans southwards by the bombing campaign preparatory for an IDF ground invasion:

    6:40 “I don’t think anybody disputes that the problem is that the campaign to eradicate Hamas has rapidly turned into a campaign to effectively eradicate the whole Gaza population. The first step in that direction is to move a million people out of Northern Gaza forcing them South and then to move into Northern Gaza with troops and root out and destroy whatever is left of Hamas.”

    In other words, when Macgregor said this, the bombing campaign had started herding the Gazans south to clear North Gaza so that by October 25 there were 5000 dead civilians, but the IDF ground invasion into North Gaza had not kicked off yet.

    At 11:16, Macgregor says,

    “Right now, this puts us in a position where we could be attacked by the Turks because just a few days ago or I think a couple of weeks ago now we shot down a Turkish drone surveillance aircraft. Needless to say, that did not endear us to Mr. Erdogan and the Turks…”

    This drone was shot down by the US on October 5, just two days before the combined Palestinian resistance attack on the Israeli military bases and kibbutzim of the IDF’s Gaza Defense Shield on October 7. The time context is once again October 2023.

    11:36 “…and what is now happening is Mr. Erdogan has suddenly turned around after condemning Hamas and said the Hamas is not a terrorist organization, they are mujahadin fighting for land that is theirs.”

    Erdogan made this speech to the Turkish parliament on October 25.

    As a matter of fact, 5 months ago, Napolitano shows this part of Erdogan’s speech, starting at 2:23 here, and then he and Macgregor discuss it. By the way, Macgregor is wearing the same blazer & black or dark navy t-shirt then as he’s wearing in the Rose ‘interview’.

    Now it’s possible that Macgregor had more than one interview scheduled on the same day, and so would naturally wear the same clothing if Rose also conducted an interview on the same day as Macgregor appeared on Judge Napolitano’s show.

    Plowing on, at 15:01, Macgregor says after briefly describing some potential regional military actions against Israel & US,

    “Well, what a wonderful picture and we don’t seem to have anyone in the United States making the effort to diffuse anything.

    “If anything, Mr. Blinken traveled all over the region and announced that uh he too is Jewish, and as a result uh he’s sympathetic to Israel and as Secretary of State he wants to do everything he can to moderate views and opinions but unambiguously we’re with Israel.”

    Macgregor is complaining about the White House response, particularly noting Blinken’s then first trip to Israel on October 12 when he met with Bibsy and announced his true loyalty and said, “I come before you not only as the United States Secretary of State, but also as a Jew.”

    At 19:05, Brian Rose then speaking again in the future tense about a pending ground invasion,

    “Right, because everyone is, is acting emotively as you said. Um, looking directly on the ground, in the short term I mean, Israel continues to step up their bombing. I think yesterday was the worst day when it comes to bombs. Uh, they’re carpet bombing the place and now potentially going to lead a ground assault.

    I mean urban warfare never turns out for well for, for anyone and yet they seem committed to do that. And even if they are successful it’s only going to lead to more turmoil in the region. And so, two questions for you.

    If you were, you advising the US what would you tell Israel to do? Would you try to just calm it all down, no Invasion and just dial all of the tensions down in that region?”

    Again, future tense in that the ground invasion had not happened yet. Israel officially launched their ground invasion of North Gaza on October 27.

    So, this interview, or at least McGregor’s part of it, was recorded on or about October 26.

    So, you did hear Macgregor correctly. Why it’s being presented now as a fresh interview by London Real is beyond me, when clearly it is now over 5 months old, with the ‘5000 dead civilians’ outdated information, with both Macgregor and Rose speaking in the future tense prior to the IOF’s ground invasion.

    In any case, the mystery is cleared up as to what Macgregor said AND when, and proves that he wasn’t using some falsfied figure now shilling for Israel and kowtowing to the Jews as you claimed.

  31. The Ghost of Salvation March 30, 2024 @ 7:59 pm

    The Crowd Chooses Barabbas
    (Mark 15:6-11; Luke 23:13-25)

    15Now at that feast the governor was wont to release unto the people a prisoner, whom they would. 16And they had then a notable prisoner, called Barabbas. 17Therefore when they were gathered together, Pilate said unto them, Whom will ye that I release unto you? Barabbas, or Jesus which is called Christ? 18For he knew that for envy they had delivered him.

    19When he was set down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have thou nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him. 20But the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus.

    21The governor answered and said unto them, Whether of the twain will ye that I release unto you? They said, Barabbas. 22Pilate saith unto them, What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ? They all say unto him, Let him be crucified. 23And the governor said, Why, what evil hath he done? But they cried out the more, saying, Let him be crucified.

    Pilate Washes his Hands
    (Mark 15:12-15)

    24When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it. 25Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children. 26Then released he Barabbas unto them: and when he had scourged Jesus, he delivered him to be crucified.

    The Soldiers Mock Jesus
    (Isaiah 50:4-11; Mark 15:16-20; Luke 22:63-65; John 19:1-15)

    27Then the soldiers of the governor took Jesus into the common hall, and gathered unto him the whole band of soldiers. 28And they stripped him, and put on him a scarlet robe. 29And when they had platted a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head, and a reed in his right hand: and they bowed the knee before him, and mocked him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews!

    30And they spit upon him, and took the reed, and smote him on the head. 31And after that they had mocked him, they took the robe off from him, and put his own raiment on him, and led him away to crucify him.

  32. Rabbi Glickman March 30, 2024 @ 8:15 pm

    Ach! I’m concerned about the message we’re sending to the children. They deserve to see our best side.

    Can’t we all just get along?

    And please, turn in your guns. We don’t want things getting messy, do we?

  33. Magda March 30, 2024 @ 9:58 pm

    With Biden’s EO it’s blatantly obvious that we are in a spiritual war. He (I mean his handlers) didn’t accidentally choose this day.

    Transgenderism is an attack on God and Satan has enlisted the weak minded to do his fighting for him.

    I live in a rural and extremely liberal area and am fairly new to Christianity. I have not joined a church. There aren’t any Orthodox churches near me. Since I was raised Catholic I thought why not attend their Good Friday service, thinking that they might have a more traditional service.

    Then I read the USCCB missal linked by KJ and couldn’t go through with it. So instead I stayed home and fasted and prayed.

    I get the feeling that things are going to get worse for Christians and especially for conservative Christians.

    I’m really glad I found this site. I learn so much from all of you.

    Happy Resurrection Day!

  34. MeMe March 31, 2024 @ 1:10 am


    dear KathJ and Ted,

    KathJ you make a number of excellent points of observance with which I completely concur. That guy Rose is a weasily soandso. I think you hit it on the head and this video is nothing more than a cut and paste job, there never was an interview. MacGregor should be made aware of this if it is fake.

    One point missed though, was at 5:47 where MacGregor speaks about the 7th Oct attack by Hamas as a ‘terrorist attack’ with the usual lie of brutality and how many innocents they killed. However in MacG’s favour if this is a cut and paste video, again that could have been taken from very early in the conflict when it was not clear who had done what to whom.

    I’m not sure about MacG, He does out the ‘lobby’ as a malevolent influence, but I’ve also noted him saying a number of times when discussing the existence of Israel that he thinks it should exist. He never says why and he never talks about 1947 and earlier.

    I used to listen to MacG regarding the Ukraine conflict on which he was excellent on telling truth, and imho he built his internet image and standing (trust) on the basis of this whilst outing the wrongdoings and lies of the US State and during some of the worst times for propaganda in the MSM and narrative control, but he has a new personal project going on and I don’t expect him to do anything to draw the ire of the loathsome ones.

  35. MeMe March 31, 2024 @ 1:18 am

    I withdraw the cut and paste claim about the interview.

  36. The Englishman March 31, 2024 @ 2:39 am

    All’s well that ends well.

    Reading KJ’s critical piece on TG’s recent comment, was surprising!

    Nevertheless, expectable, from a spirited lady with deep convictions for a serious contender for the hearts & minds of Patriots.

    Both extricated themselves with honour.

    Gorsline’s refusal to link all his posts seems the catalyst for KJ’s frustration. Though no doubt he has his reasons.

    What was remarkable was (not for the first time) Gorsline’s ability to keep his powder dry, and his respect for KJ’s forensic mind.

    The excitement generated is welcome in a site which would be poorer without either participant.

  37. Ted Gorsline March 31, 2024 @ 3:18 am

    Dear KJ,

    Correction. The podcast where I believe I heard Colonel Macgregor say 5,000 Palestinians were killed and where he expresses deep sympathy and concern about the survival of Israel is called London Real.

    The interviewer is named Brian Rose. He looks like a Mississipi River boat gambler type jew to me, a jewish Elmer Gantry.

    He is flogging crypto currency and dresses up like a canary but to me he is a canary in a jewish disinformation coal mine.

    If you Google “Douglas Macgregor – We are on the brink of war” and scroll down you get led to a list of clips. I believe the third one down is the right one but I am reluctant to open it because up pops a message in a language I don’t understand and I worry that if I push the button I am signing up for a site I don’t want to get hooked to.

    Previously I bumped into the Macgregor interview, and there are at least three on the blog site, without having to sign into anything.

    Perhaps in your American location the you will get a pop up message in English and will not have to sign on to something you don’t understand. At any rate that is where the interview is and if you can sign on without getting conned into paying a subscription you can watch it.

  38. Ted Gorsline March 31, 2024 @ 3:40 am

    @KJ and MeMe

    Your analyses is correct. I got sucker punched by Brian Rose.

  39. Hibernian March 31, 2024 @ 3:49 am

    Allegedly* Wasting Time with Big-Brother Jeremy


    By the way, there is mounting a working-class revolution against the Elite in Irish State (incl. N.G.O. complex that is paid some Euro 4 Billion per year, & the corrupt Civil Service) , & the I.M.F., & the E.U., & George Soros & Co., & Covid Scam-demic, & U.N. > W.H.O., & L.G.B.T.-&-what-have-u grooming of children, & the W.E.F., & C.B.D.C.s, inter alia.

    And, the man of last link below — Derek Blighe — is very much to the fore leading it.

    A certain brave & intelligent & talented & constantly-learning citizen-journalist — Mr. Philip Dwyer ( — who is a leading member of Derek Blighe’s political party — “Ireland First” — has started re-tweeting from Brother Nathanael.

    And, the Riots recently in central Dublin were conducted by Irish State police (Garda/Gardai) unit (caught in world promulgating truther video footage smashing main-windows of expensive merchandise shops which population-replacement immigrants then looted, & which main-stream media collaborated to falsely report as Irish rioters, & looters) with likely abetting by other units of Irish State, so as to blame it on these nationalists, & to justify introduction of extra Orwellian laws, & deployment of Facial Recognition Videoing by Irish State.

    Coimisiún na Meán yet to appoint ‘trusted flaggers’ for social media

    Ireland’s media regulator, which has a pivotal role in policing social media networks across Europe, is still seeking ‘trusted flaggers’ among public bodies to be its eyes and ears

    Coimisiún na Meán’s role in policing online tech platforms is regarded as pivotal because of the large number of tech firms based here

    Adrian Weckler


    One month after setting up a system of “trusted flaggers” among the public to police hate speech, bullying and illegal content, Coimisiún na Meán says that it has not yet appointed anyone from its preferred list of NGOs, public bodies and other approved organisations.

    Ireland’s regulator wants to set up the system to help as its eyes and ears in the task of regulating online speech and content on platforms such as X, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

    “Coimisiún na Meán has not awarded the status of Trusted Flagger to any entity,” a spokesperson told the Irish Independent.

    The recently-enacted European Digital Services Act (DSA) gives the Dublin-based body substantial enforcement powers over social media and video platforms in the area of policing illegal and hateful content.

    The Irish regulator has been seeking to recruit trusted flaggers on three-year terms, with specific conditions and rules against conflicts of interest attached. It says that while experience in reporting hateful and illegal content is an advantage, it’s not a pre-requisite.

    “Approved Trusted Flaggers will have a fast lane when reporting suspected illegal content, where online platforms will be legally obliged to give their notices priority, and to process and decide on these reports without undue delay,” the regulator says on its ‘flaggers’ application form.

    It says that likely bodies to qualify would include NGOs, industry or trade federations, trade unions, members of established fact-checker networks and private or semi-public bodies.

    Areas to be policed include illegal speech such as discrimination and hate speech, non-consensual behaviour, online bullying and “negative effects on civic discourse or elections”. It also includes scams, offences to minors, sexual-based abuse, incitement to self-harm and other topics.

    Coimisiún na Meán’s role in policing online tech platforms is regarded as pivotal because of the large number of tech firms based here, including Meta (Facebook, Instagram), TikTok, Google (YouTube) and X.

    Its regulatory position differs from the Data Protection Commission, which focuses mainly on data privacy rather than hateful or illegal content.

    However, it is not the only powerful watchdog for Dublin-based social media companies.

    Earlier this year, the European Commission said it would investigate whether X, the company formerly known as Twitter, is breaking EU law by allowing illegal and terrorist content online amid continued concern over propaganda associated with the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.

    Last month, Ireland received a warning from the European Commission for not yet ratifying EU rules against terrorist content online.




    Do, indeed, scroll down through Blighe’s tweet

  40. Citizenfitz March 31, 2024 @ 7:08 am

    A happy Easter to us all! God bless us, everyone.

  41. Citizenfitz March 31, 2024 @ 7:16 am

    MacGregor is an interesting commentator and marshals his his facts. However, his predictions of imminent victory for Russia have all come to nought.

    I don’t take him seriously anymore.

  42. Ted Gorsline March 31, 2024 @ 8:18 am

    London Real is on today with a cut and paste interview with Seymour Hersch.

    I saw the Hersch interview weeks ago. Rose is a zero credibility source.

  43. Mortichai March 31, 2024 @ 9:06 am


    Happy Easter. Christ is King!

  44. Ted Gorsline March 31, 2024 @ 10:22 am

    Happy Easter all.

  45. Tim March 31, 2024 @ 10:38 am

    I saw this movie, Marcelino Pan Y Vino (Bread and Wine) as a kid at least 60 years ago.

    I never forgot it and googled it a few years ago. I suspect Bro has seen it, being 6 years older than me. I haven’t watched the later remakes. I find the 1955 version is best since it was a time when most people believed in God. A simple movie. I could connect with the little boy back then.

    I forgot to pray thanks and ask the Lord’s protection from the meal as I always do. I ate at a Chick FilA Thursday evening. I’m feeling very much like Brother Sickly. I can relate to him after 58 hours now with obviously food poisoning. It continues.

    Here’s the link to the movie:

    Happy Easter to all! God bless!

  46. KathJuliane March 31, 2024 @ 12:00 pm

    Glorious Easter to all Western Christians in RJN family! Eastern Christian Pascha -Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ– is not until May 5, 2024.

    In the meantime, Paschal Greetings.

    Χριστός Ανέστη! Christ is Risen!

    “Christ is risen from the dead,
    Trampling down death by death,
    And on those in the tombs bestowing life!” – Paschal Troparion

    Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

    Χριστός Ανέστη (Christos Anesti) means Christ is Risen not Happy Easter.

    Even though, in the English-speaking world, Easter is commonly used in reference to the Feast of the Resurrection, it is much more common, and correct, outside of the English-speaking world, to call it Πάσχα (Pascha).

    In Greece, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Italy, Latin America, and even Syria, Palestine, and Israel and other parts of Asia, as well as in Christian Africa, Pascha is used.

    Pascha is the Greek word for Passover, referring to Christ’s passing over, with us, from Death to Life.

    He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

    God bless us, every one.

    Christ is Risen in Arabic and Greek

    “Christ Is Risen” – Troparion of Pascha (Georgian Melody)

    Serbian Orthodox Music – Christ is Risen

  47. KathJuliane March 31, 2024 @ 12:03 pm

    Orthodox Christian Chant – Christ is Risen (In Greek, Latin, Church-Slavonic)

    Orthodox Christian Chant by the Moscow’s Great St. Sergius Lavra (Monastery) Choir

    Appalachian Christ is Risen/Pascal Troparion

    From Russia, with Love

    Christ Is Risen (American Folk Style) (Live)

    St. Maximus the Confessor Orthodox Church Choir

  48. KathJuliane March 31, 2024 @ 12:06 pm

    Christus Vincit – Clamavi De Profundis

    Clamavi De Profundis
    Here is our rendition of “Christus Vincit.”

    Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter everyone!

    We hope you enjoy it:)–lYk


    Christus Vincit


    Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!
    Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

    Exaudi, Christe.
    Ecclesiae santae Dei salus perpetua!
    Redemptor mundi, tu illam adiuva
    Sancta Maria, tu illam adiuva
    Sancte Ioseph, tu illam adiuva
    Sancte Michael, tu illam adiuva

    Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

    Exaudi Christe.
    Francisco summo Pontifici et universali Papae, vita!
    Salvator mundi. Tu illum adiuva.
    Sancta Maria. Tuillum adiuva.
    Sancte Petre. Tu illum adiuva.
    Sancte Paule. Tu illum adiuva.

    Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

    Rex regum! Rex noster!
    Spes nostra! Gloria nostra!
    Misericordia nostra! Auxilium nostrum!
    Fortitudo nostra! Arma nostra invictissima!
    Murus noster inexpugnabilis! Defension et exaltatio nostra!
    Lux, via et vita nostra.

    Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

    Ipsi soli imperium, laus et iubilatio,
    per saecula saeculorum. Amen.

    Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

    Tempora bona habeant! Tempora bona habeant!
    Redempti sanguine Christi!
    Feliciter! Feliciter! Feliciter!
    Pax Christi veniat! Regnum Christi veniat!
    Deo Gratias!

    English Translation –

    Christ conquers! Christ reigns! Christ commands!
    Christ conquers! Christ reigns! Christ commands!

    Graciously hear us, Christ.
    To the Holy Church of God, enduring prosperity.
    Redeemer of the world, do Thou help her.
    Holy Mary, do Thou help her.
    Saint Joseph, do Thou help her.
    Saint Michael, do Thou help her.

    Christ conquers! Christ reigns! Christ commands!

    Graciously hear us, Christ.
    To Francis the Supreme Pontiff
    and Pope of the universal Church, long life!
    Saviour of the world, do Thou help him.
    Saint Peter, do Thou help him.
    Saint Paul, do Thou help him.

    Christ conquers! Christ reigns! Christ commands!

    King of kings! Our King!
    Our Hope! Our Glory!
    Our Mercy! Our Help!
    Our Strength! Our invincible armory!
    Our impregnable Fortress! Our Defense and Exaltation!
    Our Light, our Way, our Life!

    Christ conquers! Christ reigns! Christ commands!

    To Him alone be there loyalty unfailing,
    praise and rejoicing for ever and ever.

    May good times come! May the peace of Christ come!
    To all redeemed by the Blood of Christ,
    Happily! Happily! Happily!
    May the reign of Christ come!
    Thanks be to God!

  49. KathJuliane March 31, 2024 @ 12:12 pm

    Christ is Risen (Many Languages)

    “After this I saw a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and tribes, and peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne, and in sight of the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands: And they cried with a loud voice, saying: Salvation to our God, who sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lamb.”
    ‭‭Apocalypse‬ ‭7:9-10‬


    Babel, the Tower of Confusion, has fallen!


  50. KathJuliane March 31, 2024 @ 12:54 pm

    Historic operation in the West Bank by Palestinian lone wolf, with Jon Elmer

    Electronic Intifada

    Jon Elmer details the remarkable story of the West Bank resistance fighter Mujahed Barakat Mansour, who held off the Israeli military in the hills around Ramallah.

    Best comment:

    8 hours ago

    They needed 5 hours, 2 helicopter gun ships, a special forces team and 5 drones to take one dude out.

    The myth of the IDF being a good army has well and truly been broken.


    Mansour was using a WWI Springfield rifle for his sniper operation.

    And, the IDF’s videos of Mansour’s lone wolf actions becomes the tactical & strategic master class for the Palestinians building resistance operations in the hills of the West Bank. -Kj

  51. KathJuliane March 31, 2024 @ 2:09 pm

    Dear Ted G,

    Happy am I that we got Brian Rose’s video “interview” ironed out, that he’s recycling old footage. I vaguely recall that in McGregor’s now defunct ‘Straight Talk’ channel on YT, while he published various interviews as audio only with just filler video of sceneries, that he named a couple of interviews with Brian Rose.

    Don’t quote me on it, but what Rose is using now is likely legit copy of outdated early Macgregor interviews for London Real.

    I noticed in the YT feed that not only is Rose’s Sy Hersch interview now up and running that you mentioned, he’s got another one of Macgregor as well, which I also remember hearing some time back.

    It’s quite deceitful of Rose not to indicate the date of these original interviews that he’s re-editing and uploading as fresh material.

    When I sat down and watched Rose’s Macgregor remote Zoom interview, with cuts of him nodding and making facial expressions, then switching to Macgregor’s clip, it struck me as odd that there was never a pulled-back camera shot of a screen showing Macgregor on it as Rose engages him, as is usually seen on other remote interviews.

    I absolutely concur. London Real is tainted, and there’s some sort of scam going on. Rose is just trying to cash in on Macgregor’s name, now that he has become the CEO and face of My Country-My Choice political media and America First movement organization.

    Dear MeMe,

    On the provably grounded assumption that this is old, legit footage from about 26 October, 2023, shot some 19 days after the Al Qassam attack on the Gaza Defense Shield, the fact that McGregor cited the then official Israeli figure of “1200-1300 Israelis murdered by Hamas” was, as you say,” taken from very early in the conflict when it was not clear who had done what to whom.”

    Absolutely true. Besides Tel Aviv’s efforts to avoid any mention of the legit military targets and IDF casualties, and lump it all together as “Innocent Israelis” slain by Evil Hamas-Amalek, the story began to fall apart in early November, as I recall, when the IDF downclicked the number of “Israeli deaths” from about 1200 or 1300 to around 1000, as they’d discovered that at least 200 charred bodies retrieved from the battle scenes were actually Palestinians.

    It was also about that time, not content with reporting actual atrocities that Palestinian militants (at least 4 militant factions were jointly involved in the operation, and there are around 14 or 15 more small group political and militant factions in Gaza) and the trailing Gaza rabble gangs committed in the kibbutzim and at the Nova and captured on their go-pros that the IDF seized, out came the ultra-atrocity fairy tales of “40 beheaded babies,” “Hamas hiding inside babies,” “babies who are Hamas and were born wearing suicide vests,” “Hamas baked babies in ovens” and other Jewish war porn.

    The little but mighty Palestinian activists and independent media kicked into overdrive, especially Palestine Chronicle, Electronic Intifada, and Max Blumenthal, Mondoweiss, became the titanic breaker-of-narratives disputing every Jewish war porn claim and debunking every bit of Israeli hasbara.

    About that time as well, shortly after the ground invasion kicked off, Israeli media began interviewing kibbutz and festival survivors who were pointing at the IDF for murdering a substantial number of their own citizens.

    The IDF was also conducting their war atrocity press tourism of the destroyed kibbutzim, people began asking, ‘How could Hamas do such incredible destruction to structures and turn vehicles full of people into cinders, when all that Hamas had was AK-47s and rocket grenades?”

    That’s when the independent Palestinian investigators initially began turning up the names of military and military police personnel killed in the resistance’s attack, who composed 40-50% of the list of the Israeli dead, so reducing the total of unarmed civilian Israelis” to around 600 dead.

    And then the major question in November became “what civilian and military Israelis did the IDF kill at the Nova festival, the kibbutzim, and then blame it all on Hamas?”

    And so forth. Eventually the ugly story of Israel’s ‘Hannibal Doctrine’ murderous military policy came out. But even though they immediately leaped into action, it took a lot of time and effort for the Palestinian Narrative Breakers to investigate and unearth the facts that they did, going to their own resources in Palestine, to refute Israeli and MSM hasbara all on social media, and which they still are doing.

    When Macgregor said at the time that there was 1200-1300 Israeli dead, that also pins down the interview as having occurred in late October, as that was the initial official number that Tel Aviv put out and stuck with for the first couple of weeks.

    Thank you so much for your input and critical thinking. RJN family is quite talented when it comes to sniffing out and dissecting stinking stories of the Jews & MSM.

    Even Ted G. turned out to be an awesome bird dog alerting to a problem with the Rose interview and freezing at what Macgregor had anachronistically said.

  52. KathJuliane March 31, 2024 @ 2:12 pm

    Christians celebrate Easter at Church of the Holy Sepulcher in contested Jerusalem

    In Jerusalem, Easter Sunday celebrations were muted at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, believed to be the site of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Members of Jerusalem’s Christian minority say they are under attack amid the war between Israel and Hamas. Holly Williams reports.

    Please pray for crucified Gaza. -Kj

  53. KathJuliane March 31, 2024 @ 3:12 pm

    Christ is King!

    Timely Advanced Antisemitism Studies article by Michael Hoffman pointing out the Jewish takeover and Talmudization of Christ and the Gospel throughout Western Christianity.

    The simple fact is, per Augustus, it was Roman administrative policy in the imperium provinces under military governorship to allow as much local political, religious, judicial, and legal autonomy as possible by the provincial population.

    As such, the Roman imperial administration was instructed to cooperatively assist the local authorities in carrying out their judicial sentences & executions when requested.

    This policy was demonstrated when Pontius Pilate assented to assigning a Roman custodia to guard Jesus’ tomb at the Great Sanhedrin’s demand.

    The Roman authorities made the tomb secure by putting a seal on the stone and posting the guard, an added detail to answer claims by contemporary opponents that the followers of Jesus had stolen his body (Matthew 27:61-66).

    The custodia, or guard units, were an elite special force whose entire responsibility was to guard prisoners and prevent them from escaping…even dead ones, at the cost of their own lives.

    If a prisoner escaped, the penalty of death was imposed on the custodia soldiers.

    Sadly, even Judge Napolitano falls for the Talmudic “Jesus-was-a-Jewish-revolutionary-who-threatened-Roman-power” tall tale generated by rabbis determined to make Jesus over in their own image. -Kj


    Scapegoating the Romans and Pontius Pilate for Killing Jesus

    MAR 28, 2024

    Almost every year near Good Friday, confusion is sown concerning the death of Jesus, usually put forth by a nationally syndicated liberal “Christian” columnist, or a sermon from an “evangelical” Protestant minister, or a priest of the modern Church of Rome.

    They proceed to focus culpability for the crucifixion of Jesus almost exclusively on the Romans and Pontius Pilate.

    Some years ago, we were present for a sermon by a Jesuit priest at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington who devoted his homily to sparing the Pharisees a single admonitory word while alluding to Pilate in no uncertain terms as “a thug!”

    According to the politically correct view now in vogue, the Pharisees of 33 A.D. were more sinned against than sinning.

    Among falsifiers on the Right, are two luminaries in the ersatz “Conservative” firmament. Former Fox News talk show host Bill O’Reilly promotes the manifestly ridiculous Romans-are-to-blame-for-the-Crucifixion imposture in his book, The Last Days of Jesus.

    He’s not alone. Andrew P. Napolitano, better known as “Judge Napolitano,” a widely admired figure among “Conservatives,” wrote a column on Holy Thursday in which he had the temerity to state:

    “On the first Good Friday, the Romans executed Jesus because they were persuaded that by claiming to be the Son of God, He might foment a revolution against them…they feared a revolution that would disrupt their worldly power, and so they condemned Him to death by crucifixion.” (, April 17, 2014).

    Pharisees are not mentioned anywhere in Mr. Napolitano’s column concerning who is culpable for the Crucifixion of Jesus.

    To assert that the Romans bear the lion’s share of responsibility is an atrocious fabrication pleasing to the corporate media and the Cryptocracy.

    The fact that Jesus praised a Roman officer above everyone in Israel (Matthew 8:5-13), and the Roman administrator Pilate urgently sought to save Christ’s life, calling him a just man, and being threatened by a mob as a result, is washed down the memory hole.

    Historic Christianity, faithful to the Gospel narrative, had a very different view of Pontius Pilate. For example, Francis Turretin (1623-1687), was a distinguished professor of theology and the author of the magisterial, three volume Institutio Theologiae Elencticae, (“Institutes of Elenctic Theology” reprinted as recently as 1994), first published In 1679–85. In vol. II, p. 489-490, Dr. Turretin wrote:

    “…the kingdom of Christ…is conducted in a spiritual manner, recognizes no other honors and resources than righteousness, holiness, peace of conscience, salvation and eternal life; no other arms than the Word and the Spirit; no other fortifications than the protection of God.

    “Pilate had this understanding of it. He clearly perceived that no prejudice could be created from it (the kingdom of Christ) against the empire of Caesar; otherwise he would not only have agreed with the accusation of the Jews charging Christ with rebellion against Caesar, but he would have been the first to think of taking Him out of the way.

    “However, having dismissed this accusation of the Jews and (accepted) Christ’s own confession concerning His kingly office, Pilate pronounces Him just and innocent, and desires Him to be cleared from condemnation (for he knew that for envy they had delivered Him, Matthew 27:18)…” (End quote from theologian Francis Turretin).

    The disinformation that renders the Romans the principal malefactors is also undercut by none other than the Babylonian Talmud itself, in Sanhedrin 43a, where it is stated that the Roman “ authorities” were favorable toward Jesus and did not want to execute him:

    Babylonian Talmud: Sanhedrin 43a
    “Rather it must be that the case against Jesus was different, because he had close connections with the non-Jewish authorities, and those authorities were interested in his acquittal.” — The Steinsaltz Talmud, volume 17, p. 159 (Random House, 1998).

    What is there to debate? We have God’s Word in 1 Thessalonians 2:14-15. This is an unambiguous statement. This Scripture was declared by St. Paul without qualifications of any kind. There is also the testimony of Acts 3-13-15.

    Even in our time, one of most authoritative rabbis in the western world is the medieval halakhist Moses Maimonides, “the Rambam.” He is honored in Congress with a sculpture, and venerated in media and academia, though few of his enthusiasts have bothered to discover what he actually taught.

    We regret to report that Maimonides was an unabashed Jesus-despiser. In his magnum opus, the Mishneh Torah, he declared: “The Christians are idol worshippers” (Avodah Zara 9:4).

    “Idol worshippers” are subject to severe penalties according to the “Noahide Laws” promoted by every American President from Ronald Reagan forward, under the rubric of “Education Day USA.”

    Furthermore, Maimonides taught that Jesus was killed “by the court,” a reference to the Beth Din (rabbinic court): “Yeshu the Christian, who imagined himself the messiah and was killed by the court…” (Rabbi Moses Maimonides, Mishneh Torah: Laws of the King 11:4).

    Nowhere does the Talmud or Moses Maimonides, the supreme halachic authority for western Talmudists, blame the Romans, as do the modern popes, many Protestant “evangelists” and the corporate media.

    There are literally thousands of spineless academics and clerics on the Left as well as the Right who minimize the role of the Pharisees, the progenitors of the Talmud of Babylon, in the killing of the Son of God, putting the onus instead on the Romans and Pilate.

    Talmudism is in higher repute in Christendom now than ever in history and it is to the Pharisaic theology founded upon it—and successive texts possessing halachic authority (such as the Mishneh Torah) —to which our apologetic and educational efforts are centered.

    Nothing we teach is a negative reflection on Judaic people in general. We unconditionally repudiate the disgusting “Christ-killers” imprecation unjustly leveled at all or most Jews. Due to our own dreadful sins, every one of us is guilty of putting Jesus on that Cross of Calvary and being responsible for His death.

    It was from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that our first parents cursed all humanity, and it was from the “tree” of wood upon which Jesus was crucified, that through him the Gospel invites all of humanity to salvation.

    It is incumbent on us as Christians to lovingly correct errors, as did Jesus, John the Baptist and the apostles Peter and Paul. We pray for those who promote the falsehoods of Talmudism.

    We are not reluctant to proclaim the truth about the Jesus-denying snares and pits into which people fall as a result of the continuing influence of the Pharisaic nullification of Scripture, which was virulent in the first century and which has culminated in the 21st century distortion of the Good Friday narrative.

    Copyright 2024 by Independent History and Research

  54. Susan j March 31, 2024 @ 4:49 pm

    Dear +BN,

    I know you celebrate on another calendar but I would just like to wish you a Most Blessed and Happy Easter. I really appreciate the confidence you exude (chutzpah put to good user? ) and your unabashed love for Christ.

    Thank-you for all your hard work and research. SJ

  55. KathJuliane March 31, 2024 @ 5:43 pm

    Jerusalem Christians compare Gaza suffering to Jesus’ crucifixion in Easter message

  56. KathJuliane March 31, 2024 @ 7:57 pm

    Hamas: How Israel created its own nemesis w/Paola Caridi | The Chris Hedges Report

    The Real News Network

    Hamas, like all resistance groups, from the African National Congress to The Irish Republic Army, are as demonized as they are misunderstood. Hamas is a religious, nationalist political movement.

    It is not, despite what Israel and Washington say, a terrorist organization—although, like most resistance groups (including the Jewish militias that created the state of Israel), it has used terrorism as a tactic.

    Because those on the outside do not understand what went into making Hamas—the steady drip of humiliation, violence, and impoverishment that define Israel’s Occupation of the Palestinians—Hamas and its ideology appears incomprehensible. But from the Palestinian perspective, Israel has left the Palestinians with no other choice.

    Journalist and historian Paola Caridi, author of “Hamas: From Resistance to Regime,” joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss the roots and nature of Hamas, and what we miss when we unthinkingly cast Hamas as nothing more than a terrorist organization.

  57. Mort March 31, 2024 @ 8:26 pm

    Jews go from twirling chickens to killing cows…

    How does a country purify itself after genociding Palestinian babies? According to Israeli rabbis, you kill a cow from Texas. Nazis should have thought of this after the Hologram. Maybe Jews would have forgiven them.

  58. Dave March 31, 2024 @ 8:43 pm

    “Democrats Shun Easter to Celebrate Trans Holiday”

  59. Dave March 31, 2024 @ 8:57 pm

    HOORAY! finally a major Christian religious figure with integrity calls out the children of the devil and all his obedient weak traitorous shabboys goy

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Condemns Biden’s Proclamation of March 31 as ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

  60. KathJuliane March 31, 2024 @ 10:27 pm

    Trailer of Bibles intentionally set on fire in front of Tennessee church on Easter Sunday

    Fox News | 31 March 2024

    (Also a Fox News embedded video about how the White House not only elevated Trans Visibility Day by presidential proclamation, they banned any religious symbols or themes on the White House Easter Egg contest. Mike Huckabee was interviewed for comments about Biden and the White House, and his ‘Judeo-Christian values’ set my teeth on edge, but otherwise a decent commentary on our increasingly pagan White House and the quasi-Catholic White House Senior Care Facility (p)Resident. – Kj)

    Authorities in a Tennessee community are investigating after a trailer full of Bibles was intentionally set on fire in front of a church on Easter Sunday.

    Around 6 a.m. on Sunday, the Mount Juliet Police Department and Fire Department swiftly responded to a trailer fire located in an intersection that was blocking the entrance of the Global Vision Church.

    The church’s pastor, Greg Locke, said in a statement posted on Facebook, that the church’s security cameras were able to capture a man reportedly dropping off the trailer before setting it ablaze.

    “There was a lady that had driven through the night to get to our church, and she was in the parking lot and was able to get the police officers here quickly, but it was quite the scene to wake up to on my first morning back from Israel,” Pastor Locke wrote.

    The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office also issued a statement saying they believe the fire was set intentionally.

    Hundreds took to social media to show their support for the church, that was able to proceed without having any Easter services interrupted.

    “The evil out there is frightening. So thankful no one was harmed or damage done to the church. May our Lord touch the heart of the person who did this,” one user wrote.

    “Gods got the next move. Jesus is alive and doing mighty things. Prayers for that man and also for the church. Onward Christain Soldiers,” another user wrote.

    “Wow… the enemy is stirred and knows his time is limited. We shall not be shaken!” one comment read.

    The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office said it is not known at this time if the fire was aimed at the church or not. [Is there really any doubt? -Kj]

    “To uphold the integrity of the ongoing investigation, other specific details cannot be provided at this time. However, we assure the community that further updates will be shared at the appropriate juncture,” the sheriff’s office stated.

    No injuries have been reported following the incident, officials said.

    Anyone who may have additional information and/or camera footage is urged to contact the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office at 615-444-1459.


    I hope this is not the Open Season on Christians kickoff. And it would have been much better if Biden had delayed his Trans Visibility proclamation declaring war on Christians until April 1–Fool’s Day. -Kj

  61. Citizenfitz April 1, 2024 @ 8:49 am

    I want to believe that Putin is the real deal. But at the end of the day he’s a politician. A big red flag in my view.

    Still, he seems to be causing the Globalists trouble. But there too we have to accept the possibility the Russo-Ukraine war is all a Bilderberg scheme, with Putin playing his assigned role.

    Or maybe it’s Putin who’s playing them?

    He’s a very hard man to read. But I’m convinced that in his heart of hearts he’s a “Slava Rossiya!” guy.

    And as I believe Russia is mostly in the right concerning Ukraine, and the US/NATO in the wrong, I’m cheering for him.

  62. Citizenfitz April 1, 2024 @ 8:55 am

    Thanks for your great work here, KathJ!

    You’ve done the math.

  63. KathJuliane April 1, 2024 @ 9:59 am

    Advanced Studies in Anti-semitism.

    This loathesome, poisonous toadstool, Chabadnik Manis Friedman in the first Xwitter claims to be a scion of rabbinic royalty and a “Jewish priest”. As I recall, this enemy of Christ was born in Chzekoslovakia in 1946, and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.

    He understands the ‘Bible Belt’ mentality, especially Zio-christianism, having grown up with it, to become a Chabadnik in adulthood.

    He’s very popular online with Judeo-Christians and Zio-evangelicals because of his somewhat Middle America ‘conservative’ views of family and marriage, giving their itchy ears what they want to hear.

    Here, he demonstrates the Jewish trait of a high verbal IQ required for pilpul, the Jewish discipline of becoming a trained liar, distorting, manipulating, confusing, and redefining the meanings of words in order to justify the Jewish state’s murder of Palestinian babies. “Babies are tools of war”.

    As Christ said, ‘Beware the leaven of the Pharisees’.

    Israel is not a state which has a military. It is a military which has its own state. -Kj

    Propaganda and co and Angelo Giuliano follow

    Nicole – dignity is a human right.

    “Babies aren’t civilians” by Jewish Rabbi explained:

    The USA’s pact with #Israel will be its downfall and ISRAEL/Zionism, not the Arabs, not the Muslims, not Russians or Chinese will and already has destroyed the United States. Other nations do NOT censor the media like USA does, to keep Americans complicit.

    I never want to hear about Hitler again, that’s for sure.

    #IsraelisISIS , a Middle Eastern terror cell w/ dual citizenships to move in and out freely, terrorizing the world. A nasty Rothschild scheme.

    The Impartial Truth
    “I never want to hear about Hitler again, that’s for sure.”

    Well, here’s what Hitler said:

  64. KathJuliane April 1, 2024 @ 10:41 am

    After the sick and twisted Jews’ murderous two-week siege, armed invasive assaults, field executions, and bombardment done out of nothing more than sheer hatred and spite…Kj


    The Palestine Chronicle and Michael Dahdal • follow

    Dr. Mads Gilbert

    Today, we witness the total ISraeli destruction of the most important, 700 beds specialty hospital in Gaza, Al Shifa Medical Complex.

    It was established 78 years ago during the British Mandate, the name Shifa meaning ‘The House of Healing’; now turned into a ‘House of Death’ by Israel and the US, burnt, totally destroyed to rubble and turned into a graveyard of patients, medical staff, relatives and refugees.

    A massive symbol of the heartless, cynical ISraeli politics of colonial occupation with the goal of elimination of the Palestinian people, their social institutions and their lives.

    US, EU, UK governments stand shamed, complicit by their support for ISraeli war crimes and atrocities against all humanity.

    Watch carefully the killing fields of Shifa, never ever forget the Gaza genocide, the perpetrators, and the complicit powers! Dr. Mads

    Palestine and MENA Info Center


    American taxpayer money at work for this cataclysmic destruction.

    All so the Jews of the “most moral army in the world” can publicly boast how they burned the hospital complex and stole $3 million of the hospital’s cash. -Kj

  65. KathJuliane April 1, 2024 @ 10:47 am

    Iranian consulate in Damascus flattened in suspected Israeli air strike

    Reuters | 50 minutes ago

    DAMASCUS (Reuters) -Iran’s consulate in the Syrian capital Damascus was flattened on Monday in what Syrian and Iranian media described as an Israeli air strike, a startling apparent escalation of conflict in the Middle East that would pit Israel against Iran and its allies.

    A Lebanese security source, speaking to Reuters, said one of the dead was Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Iranian state television said several Iranian diplomats had been killed.

    Reuters reporters at the scene in the Mezzeh district of the Syrian capital saw smoke rising from rubble of a building that had been flattened, and emergency vehicles parked outside. An Iranian flag hung from a pole in front of the debris. The Syrian and Iranian foreign ministers were both spotted at the scene.

    Israel, which has repeatedly hit Iranian targets during the six-month war in Gaza, declined to comment on the incident, following its usual practice. An Israeli military spokesperson said: “We do not comment on reports in the foreign media.”

    Iran’s Tasnim news agency said five people were killed in the Israeli strike. Syria’s SANA state news agency reported an unspecified number of deaths and injuries.

    Since the Iranian-backed Palestinian faction Hamas’ attack on Israel on Oct. 7, Israel has ramped up airstrikes in Syria against Lebanon’s Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia and Iran’s Guards, both of which support the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

  66. KathJuliane April 1, 2024 @ 12:06 pm

    What is set as precedent there by the Jews will come home to here in Jewmerika. -Kj


    Creation of “Kill Zones” and What “Occupied Territory” Means

    The US is attacking international law, which protects people under occupation and grants them right of resistance

    APR 01, 2024

    Last week, I asked Matthew Miller if the US government “accepts the Geneva Conventions as applying to the occupied Palestinian territory.” He said they of course accept the Geneva Convention.

    When I asked him later after a briefing more directly if they accept them applying to the occupied Palestinian territory, he refused to answer. See by Decensored News :

    So, as I concluded in the X/Twitter thread: “This all seems like an orchestrated plan [by the US government] to effectively eviscerate the Geneva Conventions for the Palestinians, while pretending that they are upholding the Conventions.”

    I and others had repeatedly warned that what was being constructed was the legal pretext for a free fire zone. Now even the Israel press is reporting on “kill zones”.

    Former UN official Craig Mokhiber clarified the meaning of rights under international law including the Geneva Conventions for people in occupied territory:

    Full story:

  67. John April 1, 2024 @ 1:47 pm

    Why is the Russian Orthodox Church accepting the Second moon of the Vernal Equinox…May 5th, 2024…follow the Jews when they get it right…but May 5th?

  68. Brooklyn Bloodsuckers softball team April 1, 2024 @ 2:44 pm


    “This loathesome, poisonous toadstool, Chabadnik Manis Friedman in the first Xwitter claims to be a scion of rabbinic royalty…”

    Surely, following the example of USA federal cartel specimens, you can afford to be more generous, can’t you?

    What ever happened to constructive intervention?

    Buy that Priest(?) a steak dinner, and bill the Treasury.

  69. KathJuliane April 1, 2024 @ 3:20 pm


    We do not follow the Jews’ calendar nor the Gregorian (with certain exceptions).

    The Paschalion of the Orthodox Church is a set of rules for determining the date of Pascha that traditionally has been implemented by calendrical tables combining Metonic lunar cycles with the Julian solar year. The rules are attributed to the First Ecumenical Council (held at Nicea in 325); the cyclical Paschal tables that emerged in connection with the Council were based on 3rd and 4th century Alexandrian prototypes, and then transposed into Julian dates by Dionysius Exiguus in the 6th century.

    85% of the Eastern Orthodox Church besides the Greek Orthodox Church and the OCA, and most of the Oriental Orthodox churches adhere to the 2000-year-old Old-Style canonical Julian ecclesiastical calendar and the paschal algorithms are derived from that, not the Western Gregorian calendar.

    The Greek Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Church of America in the US follow a ‘modified Julian’ calendar, where Christmas is dated according to the Gregorian calendar, but Pascha, the Feast of the Resurrection, is calculated according to a pascal algorithm of the canonical Julian calendar so that all of the Orthodox Churches celebrate the Resurrection on the same day.

    The Roman Catholic and Protestant West eventually adopted the Gregorian Calendar for civil and ecclesiastical purposes, including the determination of Pascha. The Orthodox East, however, was not so quick to change. Even when the traditionally Orthodox countries began to adopt the Gregorian Calendar for civil purposes, the Orthodox Church retained the Julian Calendar and original Paschalion. For the sake of convenience, the date of Pascha is often transposed to the coincident date on the Gregorian Calendar for reference.

    Thus, Pascha on May 5 on the Gregorian this year is April 22 on the canonical Julian Calendar.

    Because of the difference in calendars and formulas, Western Easter and Orthodox Pascha do not often coincide. Under current rules, they can differ from each other by 0, 1, 4, or 5 weeks. They are in separate lunations (meaning that they are 4 or 5 weeks apart because their respective cycles identify different lunar months as the Paschal lunar month) in years 3, 8, 11, 14, and 19 of the 19-year cycle, and in the same lunation (0 or 1 week apart) in the other years.

    How the Date of Pascha is Determined – Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis

    Most Christians, both Protestant and Roman Catholic, celebrated Easter on March 31 this year. Our Pascha, however, has to wait another five weeks, until May 5th. How come? We’ll try to provide a brief explanation to a very complex problem.

    There are three calculations for determining the date of Pascha. The first was established by the First Ecumenical Synod of Nicaea (325) and followed by all Christians, Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox alike:

    (1) Pascha falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox:

    (Vernal means spring; equinox means equal night, when the sun crosses the equator marking the first day of spring and when daytime and night-time are of equal length).

    Alas, calculations to establish the dates of the vernal equinox and full moon are not based on actual astronomical data, but on fixed dates, obtained through calculation methods used by the Church for convenience, which, in order to simplify things, we will disregard.

    A significant factor in the discrepancy between Western and Eastern Christianity is that

    (2) The Orthodox Church calculates the vernal equinox based on the Julian calendar

    (Established by Julius Caesar in 46 BC), whereas the Western churches calculate the vernal equinox according to the Gregorian calendar (established by Pope Gregory XII in 1582).

    At the time the Julian calendar trailed behind the Gregorian by 10 days. Currently it trails by 13 days, and by the end of the century by one more day (one day is added every 133 years or about a week per millennium).

    The Orthodox Christians also add a condition in the calculation of Easter Sunday the other Christian bodies do not:

    (3) Easter Sunday must be after the Jewish Passover.

    If our Pascha falls on or before the Jewish Passover, it is postponed to the following Sunday. Since the Westerners do not follow this rule, it happens that on occasion they celebrate their Easter before the Passover, which does not follow the historical event and is against the tradition of the Church.

    Why do we avoid celebrating our Pascha on the same day with the Jewish Passover?

    Although we kept the Jewish name Pascha (Pesach, is Hebrew, which means passage), what we celebrate is totally different. The Jews commemorate the passage of the Angel of death, and secondarily the passage through the Red Sea; we Christians celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from death to life.

    The Church wanted to distance itself from Judaism and established a separate date.

    As per the Paschalion, Orthodox Pascha (May 5, 2024 Gregorian) must occur after the Jewish Pesach, which is April 22, 2024 Gregorian.

  70. KathJuliane April 1, 2024 @ 4:19 pm

    All in accordance with the Torat Ha’melech and other Talmudic decrees of Zionist rules of war as pronounced by bloodthirsty Priest-Rabbi Manis Friedman and his evil, ruinous, lawless ilk. -Kj


    Israel Created ‘Kill Zones’ in Gaza. Anyone Who Crosses Into Them Is Shot

    If Americans Knew – 1 April 2024

    The Israeli army says 9,000 terrorists* have been killed since the Gaza war began. Defense officials and soldiers, however, tell Haaretz that these are often civilians whose only crime was to cross an invisible line drawn by the IDF

    by Yaniv Kubovich, excerpt reposted from Ha’aretz, March 31, 2024

    It was another routine announcement by the Israeli army. Following a rocket launch at Ashkelon, “a terrorist who had fired the rocket was identified and an air force aircraft attacked and eliminated him.” Ostensibly, this was another statistic in the roster of dead Hamas militants.

    However, over a week ago, other documentation of the incident surfaced on Al-Jazeera. It showed four men, not one, walking together on a wide path, in civilian clothing. There is no one nearby, only the ruins of houses where people once lived.

    This apocalyptic silence in the Khan Yunis area was shattered by a loud explosion. Two of the men were killed instantly. Two others were wounded and tried to continue walking. Perhaps they thought they had been saved, but seconds later, a bomb was dropped on one of them. You can then see the other one falling to his knees and then, a boom, fire and smoke.

    “This was a very grave incident,” a senior Israel Defense Forces officer told Haaretz. “They were unarmed, they didn’t endanger our forces in the area in which they were walking.”

    In addition, says an intelligence officer who is familiar with the story, it was not at all certain that they were involved in launching the rocket. He says that they were simply the people who were closest to the launching site – it’s possible they were terrorists, it’s possible they were civilians out looking for food.

    This story is but one example, made public, of the manner in which Palestinians are killed by IDF gunfire in the Gaza Strip. The number of dead Gazans is now estimated to be over 32,000. According to the army, some 9,000 of these are terrorists.

    However, a host of reserve and standing army commanders who have talked to Haaretz cast doubt on the claim that all of these were terrorists. They imply that the definition of terrorist is open to a wide range of interpretation. It’s quite possible that Palestinians who never held a gun in their lives were elevated to the rank of “terrorist” posthumously, at least by the IDF.

    “In practice, a terrorist is anyone the IDF has killed in the areas in which its forces operate,” says a reserve officer who has served in Gaza.

    The army’s figures are no secret. On the contrary, over time they have become a source of pride, perhaps the closest thing to a “victory image” Israel has achieved since the war began. But this image, says a senior officer in Southern Command who is very familiar with the issue, is not quite authentic.

    “It’s astonishing to hear the reports after every operation, regarding how many terrorists were killed,” he says, explaining: “You don’t need to be a genius to realize that you don’t have hundreds or dozens of armed men running through the streets of Khan Yunis or Jabaliya, fighting the IDF.”

    So, what do the battles in Gaza really look like? According to a reserve officer who was there, “usually there is a terrorist, maybe two or three, hiding inside a building. The ones discovering them are combatants with special equipment or drones.”

    One of the roles of this officer was to inform senior echelons of the number of terrorists killed in the area he and his men were fighting in. “This wasn’t an official debriefing where they want you to produce all the bodies,” he explains. “They ask you how many and I give a number based on what we see and understand on the ground, and we move on.”

    He emphasizes that “it’s not that we invent bodies, but no one can determine with certainty who is a terrorist and who was hit after entering the combat zone of an IDF force.”

    Indeed, a number of reservists and other soldiers who were in Gaza in recent months point to the ease with which a Palestinian is included in a specific category after his death. It seems that the question is not what he did but where he was killed.

    In the heart of a kill zone
    The combat zone is a key term. This is an area in which a force sets itself up, usually in an abandoned house, with the area surrounding it becoming a closed military area, but with no clear marking as such. Another term for such areas is “kill zones.”

    “In every combat zone, commanders define such kill zones,” says the reserve officer. “This means clear red lines that no one who is not from the IDF may cross, so that our forces in the area are not hit.” The boundaries of these kill zones are not determined in advance, nor is their distance from the house in which the forces are situated.

    The height of buildings is also an important factor. Each force has observations posts, within and outside the Gaza Strip, whose soldiers are charged with identifying danger.

    But ultimately, the boundaries of these zones and the exact procedures of operation are subject to interpretation by commanders in that specific area. “As soon as people enter it, mainly adult males, orders are to shoot and kill, even if that person is unarmed,” says the reserve officer.

    To a large extent, the tragedy in which three hostages were killed by the IDF is such a story, since in fleeing from their captors the three entered a kill zone in the middle of the Shujaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza City.

    “Battalion 17 was protecting a southern logistical evacuation route used by the division,” said brigade commander Col. Israel Friedler, who was in charge of the force, during an investigation of the incident. “The range of vision and the kill zone were close to our forces,” he said. The end is known, as is the fact that procedures were not followed. Subsequently, procedures were tightened.

    Nowadays, if the presence of hostages in an area is known, operations will be carried out accordingly, and such areas will not be hit from the air. However, what happens in other areas is apparently less regulated. It is unclear how many unarmed Palestinian civilians were shot dead when they entered such zones.

    “The feeling we had was that there weren’t really rules of engagement there,” a reservist who until recently was in northern Gaza tells Haaretz. “I don’t remember anyone going over the details with us after every incident.” This corresponds with the impression of a senior defense establishment official. “It appears,” he says, “that many combat forces are writing their own rules of engagement.”

    A senior defense official told Haaretz that this issue reached the desk of Chief of Staff Herzl Halevi already at the beginning of the war.

    When the General Staff realized that the rules of engagement in Gaza are subject to interpretation by local commanders, “the chief of staff came out in the clearest manner against the killing of anyone entering a combat zone. He talked about this in his speeches,” says this official. “Regrettably, there are still commanders, even senior ones, who do as they please in their conduct in the Gaza Strip.” [Nudge, nudge, wink, wink -Kj]

    The orders are still to shoot anyone approaching forces in a combat zone. Since “approaching” is a very subjective term, it is not surprising that it is subject to interpretation on the ground.

    A reserve officer with an important role in a forward command post of a reserve brigade at the forefront of the fighting in northern Gaza says that age and experience play a role. In other words, younger conscript soldiers are likelier to pull the trigger, compared to reservists.

    This officer was involved in an incident in which innocent people could easily have been killed. “We identified a suspicious man who was about to enter our combat zone,” he relates. “We already had a drone in the air with approval to kill the suspect. Suddenly, at the last moment, we and the drone operator saw the man entering a street and a square, with dozens of people there.”

    This was a few yards outside the combat zone boundary, where there was a market with stalls, children on bicycles, a parallel world. “We didn’t even know there were civilians there,” he says. They immediately decided to call off the strike, apparently preventing a disaster.

    “I have no doubt that there are other forces which would have used the drone,” adds the officer. “There is always tension between protecting our forces, which is the highest priority, and a situation in which you try to avoid unnecessary killing of civilians.”

    In all that chaos, a lot of weight is given to the judgment of commanders on the ground, be it a brigade, battalion or company commander, say many combatants who spoke to Haaretz. They say that there are commanders who will shoot at a building with a suspect in it even if there are civilians in the vicinity, while other commanders will act differently.

    Throughout our discussions with various defense officials, officers and combatants, the dilemma of distinguishing between a civilian and terrorist kept cropping up. How can you identify someone if you’re in danger, or decide whether it’s right to wait a while without rushing to shoot. Turning to commanders can yield different answers, depending on the person and the situation.

    “For our commanders, if we identified someone in our area of operation who was not part of our forces, we were told to shoot to kill,” said a soldier from a reserve brigade in describing his experience. “We were explicitly told that even if a suspect runs into a building with people in it, we should fire at the building and kill the terrorist, even if other people are hurt.”

    The test of time
    Civilians in Gaza are aware of locations that are defined, at least on paper, as firing zones. They are supposed to remain in and around humanitarian shelters. These are areas in which the IDF does not create combat zones.

    But the test of time is relevant here, half a year into the war. “If we were there for a month or two, you could stick with the order that anyone approaching should be shot,” says the officer from the front command post. “But we’ve been there for six months, and people have to start coming out; they are trying to survive, and that leads to very serious incidents.”

    These incidents are very troubling for the American administration, which in recent weeks has been demanding that Israel manage its policy of firing as it relates to civilians in a much more responsible manner. And yet, an intelligence officer who is in the thick of combat says that “what is happening in the northern Gaza Strip should not worry the Americans; it should worry Israel.”

    He says that “there are over 300,000 civilians there, most of them concentrated in areas the IDF has defined as humanitarian shelters since the beginning of the war.” These people, he says, “are the most disadvantaged people in Gaza, people who didn’t have the money needed to move to the south or to rent an apartment or room, or even to obtain a tent.”

    The situation in these areas, he adds, is very difficult. People residing there fight for food and for a place to sleep. He says that it’s become a life-or-death struggle in which violence reigns and governance is absent.

    A senior IDF commander who is involved in the combat adds that “in many parts of northern Gaza there are civilians who are not in these humanitarian shelters,” he says. “Some of them simply returned to or stayed in their houses to protect their property from pillage, concerned that someone else would take over their house while they fled.”

    Thus, people in their homes, which happen to lie outside the humanitarian shelters where the IDF does not operate, are in clear danger. “They could be in buildings right next to where soldiers are located,” says this commander. “If someone sees them, they are usually hit.”

    Sometimes they don’t know that they are perceived as posing a danger. Thus, there is an IDF order for Gazans to avoid going on rooftops. Anyone on a roof is liable to be shot.

    The senior commander estimates that there were incidents in which civilians tried to reach areas they thought the army had left, possibly in the hope of finding food left behind. “When they went to such places, they were shot, perceived as people who could harm our forces,” says this commander.

    One officer mentioned another factor that increases friction with civilians: the fact that in recent weeks the IDF has remained static in many parts of the Strip, without moving to fight in new areas.

    “Instead of starting to rebuild and disperse the people in these shelters, soldiers are brought back to the same areas, which have only become more crowded, with people who have much less to lose,” says a reserve officer who has just left a combat zone in Shujaiyeh.

    This officer believes that the IDF and the entire defense establishment clearly understand that at the end of the fighting, Israel will have to contend with these incidents and their implications vis-à-vis the international community.

    Meanwhile, a General Staff investigative team is on the ground, sending its conclusions to the military advocate general. But with no one knowing how many terrorists have been killed and how many civilians have been counted as terrorists, it seems that this team’s task is not a simple one.

    In response to questions by Haaretz, the IDF spokesperson said that regard to categorizing the fatalities from IDF fire in Gaza and the number of terrorists killed, “the IDF is in the midst of a war against the Hamas terror organization and is acting to foil threats against its forces.

    “The IDF constantly calls on civilians to evacuate intense combat zones and is investing efforts into allowing civilians to evacuate as safely as possible.”

    “In contrast to claims being made, the IDF has not defined ‘kill zones.’ Support for this comes from the fact that the IDF has arrested a large number of terrorists or suspected terrorists during the fighting, without inflicting damage in intense combat zones,” continued the army.

    Indeed, there is no written order regarding a kill zone in the IDF’s rule book. But this doesn’t mean that the concept is unknown to soldiers. Evidence of this is the investigation of the incident in which the three hostages were killed.

    As for the documented footage of the attack on the four unarmed Gazans, the IDF spokesperson responded that “the area documented in the footage is an active combat area in Khan Yunis, in which there was a significant evacuation of the civilian population.

    The forces there experienced many encounters with terrorists who fight and move in combat areas, while dressed as civilians, and camouflage combat gear in buildings and property that appear to be civilian.”

    “The incident documented in the footage was examined by the investigative apparatus of the General Staff, which is a body that is independent and responsible for examining exceptional incidents that happen in the course of combat,” the army added.

    Yaniv Kubovich is military affairs correspondent for Israeli newspaper Haaretz

  71. Rabbi Glickman April 1, 2024 @ 5:36 pm

    I am so angry!

    Today, as I was ordering a poached egg breakfast at my favorite deli, a child in the booth in front of me started making faces at me.

    Me! A famous and much beloved rabbi… who has won countless awards!

    I will never forget, and I will never forgive this insult.

  72. Bene Adonay Jesus April 1, 2024 @ 6:34 pm

    In pictures: Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital lies in ruins as Israel ends two-week siege

    Israeli military forces have withdrawn from Gaza’s largest hospital after a 14-day siege left the medical facility largely destroyed

    Israel kills over 400 during Al-Shifa Hospital siege

    Israeli troops have detained hundreds, destroyed or burned over a thousand homes, and killed children execution-style by opening fire with live bullets

  73. KathJuliane April 1, 2024 @ 7:23 pm


    1 April 2024 by Larry Johnson

    There is no other way to look at it. Israel bombed a diplomatic building protected under international law when it destroyed Iran’s Consulate in Damascus, Syria today.

    There is no justification for this. I don’t care if Iran was harboring Adolf Hitler inside the Consulate, this is an egregious crossing of a redline. The United States correctly condemned the fledgling Iranian regimen when “students” stormed the U.S. Embassy in the fall of 1979 and took hostages.

    Yet, when Israel destroys a diplomatic facility protected by the Geneva Convention, the United States plays dumb. At this point, Iran would be fully justified to launch a massive counter strike on Israel. This was an act of war by Israel.

    Israel has made no secret of its plan to launch an invasion of southern Lebanon, which in my opinion, will be an ill-fated, feckless attempt to destroy Hezbollah.

    I must confess there is a part of me that wants Israel to do it because that is the only way the crazed Zionists will learn that they cannot kill their way to peace.

    Israel’s attack today in Damascus proves that it is a lawless nation. But Israel does not care about that. It is looking to create a pre-text that will force the United States to join the fighting to defend the Zionist cause.

    But wait! Some of you may want to argue that Israel’s right to self-defense includes violating international law when it serves the purpose of Israel’s zionists.

    That is the problem. Zionism, at its root, is immoral. Let me take you back 84 years when Yitzak Shamir and Menachem Begin — two ardent Zionists who later served as Israel’s Prime Minister — were full blown terrorists. Did you know that Shamir advocated collaborating with the Nazis?

    “Shamir joined the Irgun Zvai Leumi, a Zionist paramilitary group that opposed British control of Palestine.[8] During World War II the Irgun split over the question of whether to support the Axis Powers against the British Empire. Avraham Stern and Shamir sought an alliance with Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany and formed the more militant breakaway militia group Lehi.

    Lehi was unable to persuade the Axis powers to lend it support and became widely known as the Stern Gang.[9] Yitzhak Shamir was imprisoned by British authorities in 1941.[10][11][12]

    A few months after Stern was killed by the British in 1942, Shamir and Eliyahu Giladi hid under a stack of mattresses in a warehouse of the detention camp at Mazra’a, and at night escaped through the barbed wire fences of the camp.[13][14] Shamir became the leader of the Stern Gang,[11]”

    In other words, Zionists like Shamir and Begin were quite willing to attack the British who controlled the area we now know as Israel and Palestine and Shamir even favored working with Nazi Germany.

    Just one more example of the saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” No different than Hamas in terms of their willingness to make a deal with the devil in order to achieve their ultimate objective — a free, independent nation.

    The attack in Damascus was not the only criminal act by Israel in the last couple of days — the Israelis bombed a car carrying UN workers involved with distributing food to the Palestinians.

    The victims, UN aid workers, killed during this attack were citizens of Australia, Poland, Ireland and England. Let’s see if those governments give a damn.

    I did my usual Monday morning chat with the Judge. We focused primarily on the intelligence aspects of the 22 March terrorist attack in Moscow: …

    I also am posting a couple of other recent interviews. The first with Juan Rodriguez, who does a podcast from Southern California, and Scott Bennett, who splits time between California and Russia.

  74. MeMe April 1, 2024 @ 11:26 pm

    “There is no justification for this. I don’t care if Iran was harboring Adolf Hitler inside the Consulate,”

    You see if he wanted to refer to an evil character from history why did he choose AH who to anyone that can research can easily find out the truth about him AND HIS DECENCY! Are there not plenty of characters in history that would perfectly fit the bill? why AH?

    this is why I no longer pay attention to this ??. I don’t know what word to use, but I see this over and over again with this character and his ‘old’ mate Ray McGovern, on the Judge Napolitano and why I have no respect or time for either any more.

  75. Caveman April 1, 2024 @ 11:30 pm


    Thank you for posting the article regarding the upcoming sacrifice of the “red heifer”.

    The Jews believe that this sacrifice, the 10th in the history of the Jews, will beckon their false messiah, aka Anti-Christ.

    The sacrifice will also precede the rebuilding of the (3rd) Temple.

    Are we witnessing the beginning of the end times?

  76. Ted Gorsline April 1, 2024 @ 11:54 pm

    I see where the Russians have just arrested man named Jacob Joni because he transferred money to the Moscow terrorists. Although I cannot be certain his name sounds jewish to me.

    Virtually everyone trying to undermine Christian Russia from Christian Anampour’s favorite culture group, Pussy Riot, the girls who have sex with dead chickens, to the US State Department leadership such as Anthony Blinken, and the Ukrainian leadership such as Vladimir Zalensky, all seem to be Jewish.

    The wanted man Mr. Kolomoisky, who once controlled Ukrainian energy and media, seems to have been successful in getting the entire young male Christian population of Ukraine to fight and die to make a handful of jews, like himself, richer.

  77. Citizenfitz April 2, 2024 @ 12:42 am

    Jewish hasbara have been spoken of here many times. We all know about them.

    But there’s said to be another consistory: jews of a darker strain who swear a solemn oath to do whatever is asked of them.

    For example, assassinating someone jews deem a threat: like JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, Huey Long, Olaf Palme, etc.

    In return for swearing the oath, they get special rights and consideration from fellow jews.

    I’m sure I’ve read about this but I can’t remember where. Maybe it was here. Incogman’s another possibility.

    Anyone else remember anything about those guys?

  78. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 4:37 am

    Ukronatsis and their ongoing sacrilege against Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, the glorious Apostles, Saints, & Martyrs and the monasteries, churches, and shrines of the Eastern Orthodox Church. -Kj


    Russia intercepts explosive ‘icons’ from Ukraine (VIDEO)

    RT | 2 April 2024

    The FSB seized improvised bombs disguised as Orthodox Church items from Ukraine

    Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced on Tuesday it had intercepted a smuggling scheme, through which explosives were sent into the country from Ukraine, via half a dozen EU and NATO member countries.

    During a vehicle inspection at Ubylinka, a border crossing between Russia and Latvia, the FSB and border guards discovered that a cargo of Orthodox icons and other church goods originating in Ukraine were in fact disguised bomb materials.

    Four improvised explosive devices, along with 10kg of high-yield industrial plastic explosives, 91 electronic detonators, and parts of a RPG-7 warhead were found in the shipment, the FSB said.

    The items had traveled from Ukraine through Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia before arriving at the Russian border. All six countries are members of NATO and the EU, which have backed Kiev in the conflict with Moscow.

    A criminal investigation has been opened on charges of illegally transporting explosives across the Russian border. The FSB has detained one person, whose identity has not been revealed.

    The FSB has been on high alert since the March 22 terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall, a popular concert venue on the outskirts of Moscow. A group of Tajik nationals killed the security guards and proceeded to set fire to the venue, randomly shooting civilians. At least 144 people were killed and more than 550 injured in the massacre.

    All four suspected perpetrators were captured while trying to flee to Ukraine the following day, officials said. Several more people who allegedly aided them in planning and executing the attack have since been arrested. Most of them are also nationals of Tajikistan.

    Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) claimed responsibility for the Crocus City Hall attack. FSB chief Aleksandr Bortnikov has suggested that the US, UK, and Ukraine may be linked to the crime, possibly using radical Islamists as proxies.

    The US and the EU have insisted that Ukraine had nothing to do with the atrocity. Meanwhile, the head of Ukrainian security service SBU, Vasily Malyuk, boasted of attacks on Russian infrastructure and hinted that he had masterminded the assassinations of several Russian public figures, including journalist Darya Dugina and military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky.


    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    He’s not a jew, but Tajik. His full name is Yakubjoni Yusufzoda.

    On Sunday, the FSB also detained four militants in the southern Dagestan region who are accused of having a role in financing and providing equipment for the Crocus terrorist attack.
    Tenth suspect in Moscow terror attack arrested

  79. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 4:56 am

    Dear Citizenfitz,

    I think the word you want is ‘Sayanim’ (helpers) – Mossad Volunteer Agents.

    Good time for a review of this pernicious international network. From Grey Dynamics, an ‘intel’ site which is probably Sayan itself from its gushing admiration of Jews, the Jewish state, and the Sayanim who are certainly Jews, but Zio-evangelicals and Noahides can’t be ruled out.

    Makes a good argument for jettisoning the Jewish Carbuncle on the Face of the Middle East and going after duo-loyalists and duo-citizens in our government and strategic industries.- Kj


    The Sayanim: Mossad’s International Volunteers

    Michael Ellmer

    APRIL 16, 2021

    The Sayanim are loyal. This is what fuels their mission. The flexibility in their roles give the Mossad a unique operational capability

    The Sayanim
    “Loyalty to the Nation all the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it.”

    -Mark Twain

    In order to understand the operational function of the Sayanim, it would be helpful to give some background context on the Mossad, the agency whom they support.

    The Mossad was established on the 13th of December 1949. As per the official website:

    “Since its establishment, the Mossad has been involved in intelligence collection based on the needs of the State, which are checked and drafted from time to time in what is known as the EEI — Essential Elements of Information. This is done through various means, such as HUMINT (human intelligence) and SIGINT (signals intelligence). The routine activity is not exposed publicly, for understandable reasons.”

    According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Mossad is one of three Israeli intelligence organizations, the others being the Aman and the Shin Bet – military intelligence and internal security. Apart from the aforementioned, “The Mossad is concerned with foreign intelligence gathering, intelligence analysis, and covert operations”.

    Homeland Security Abroad
    In contemporary times, Israel continues to reunite the worlds Jewish population back to their own ethnic homeland. Centuries of suffering and displacement leading up to the Holocaust caused Jews to live in small pockets scattered across the globe where they could live in a community and preserve their culture.

    The 1948 establishment of the country of Israel was a major shift in international politics, albeit a controversial one. Many nations remain at odds with the young state, and their list of enemies has no shortage.

    And so, The Mossad seeks to identify foreign threats and to neutralize them before they reach the domestic homeland. The most recent high-profile instance of this took place on the 27th of November 2020, when an Iranian scientist named Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated on the outskirts of Tehran. Fakhrizadeh, also known as “the father of the Iranian bomb”, was a key component of Iran’s nuclear program.

    The assassination was no easy feat, however – especially with-it taking place deep within enemy territory.

    In essence, it was reported that the Mossad spent eight months surveilling their target and potential assassination location – all with the help of a “20-plus spy team comprising both Israeli and Iranian nationals”, according to the Middle East Eye.

    When the Mossad claims their routine activity is not exposed publicly, they truly mean it. Throughout their history of international operations, there remains an element of mystery within the agency that separates it from the rest of its spooky cohort, among the likes of the CIA and Mi6.

    But to draw back on the Fakhrizadeh assassination, there is a likely chance the team of spies involved had some help from a not-so-well-known element of Israeli clandestine operations: the Sayanim.

    In the Hebrew language, Sayanim translates to mean “helpers” or “assistants”. In the Mossad, the Sayanim are a volunteer network of Jews across the world who are loyal to the nation of Israel and willing to help the agency in their global mission.

    According to a comparative study of HUMINT in counterterrorism between Israel and France, Amy Kirchheimer writes that Israel has “the challenge of collecting intelligence on a vast array of targets with a comparatively small number of intelligence officers, and the Sayanim network helped the Mossad Katsas (case officers) somewhat lessen this problem.”

    According to Gordon Thomas in his book Gideon’s Spies: Mossad’s Secret Warriors, the Sayanim were a creation of Mier Amit, the Chief Director of the Mossad from 1963-1968. Thomas writes, “Each Sayan was an example of historical cohesiveness of the world Jewish community. Regardless of allegiance to his or her country, in the final analysis, a Sayan would recognize a greater loyalty: the mystical one to Israel, and a need to help protect it from its enemies”.

    The loyalty of the Sayanim is what fuels their mission and none reside on a Mossad payroll. The flexibility and diversity in their roles give the Mossad a unique operational capability with increased protection from detection and a way to avoid budget restraints or accountability.

    Most Sayanim fulfil various roles that can themselves be used to support Mossad operations. For example, Thomas writes, “A car Sayan, running a rental agency, provided a Katsa with a vehicle without the usual documentation. A letting agency Sayan offered accommodation. A bank Sayan might unlock funds outside normal hours. A Sayan physician would give medical assistance – treating a bullet wound for example – without informing the authorities”.

    Loyalty to Israel and pride in its existence is something that unites the Jewish people across the world, especially as its domestic population grows and the displaced Jews slowly populate its contested ancient lands. As long as Israel has enemies, the Mossad will be watching, and their Sayanim will be on stand-by to support them.

    The Sayanim: A Global Network Of Mossad Helpers

  80. Ted Gorsline April 2, 2024 @ 5:12 am

    Thanks KJ,

    You are an impeccable googler.

  81. Jope Dahlls April 2, 2024 @ 5:53 am

    The greatest threat to Israel is not its ‘enemies’, which it seems to see everywhere.

    The greatest threat to Israel is peace

  82. The Englishman April 2, 2024 @ 7:09 am


    This is my contention with Larry J. and Company.

    Pre-October 7th ’23 all were defenders of the Chosenites, ready to accept the concept that Antisemites and Nazis were one of the same.

    I would suggest Larry & Co. since have witnessed enough to make their stances untenable, though “Nazis” might take a little longer.

    No matter that Nazis should be debunked, they will still have “Fascists” to Pillory.

    A Brief History in Time.

  83. The Englishman April 2, 2024 @ 8:10 am

    Coincidence you mention Mort’s comment re. Red Heifer, Caveman.

    I have two good friends who visit for coffee most week evening.

    Both are men of good character, the original friend who is fifty along with his siblings and mother is involved with the Trinitarian Church. His friend (some thirty years older) was a factory worker (steel industry) all his working life. Both attend (different) churches.

    Mention by me of preparation for the sacrifice of a Red Cow in Israhell prompted my shocked friend to recite the Hebrew Bible quote of a”Red heifer”, & the Temple rebuild crap et al.

    It would be a pity if they developed white hairs in the next year, eh rabbi?

  84. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 8:40 am

    Notice how the roof of the vehicle was clearly marked as being World Central Kitchen crew. Chef Jose Andres isn’t buying that it was an accidental strike. -Kj


    Aid workers killed in Gaza by apparent Israeli strike, including U.S.-Canada dual citizen (CBS)

    Seven aid workers from Chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen were trying to deliver food in Gaza when the aid group says they were killed by an Israeli airstrike. A U.S.-Canada dual citizen is among the dead.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 barfs, how nauseatingly “sincere” do you think Bibsy and Hagari are? -Kj

    Israel PM on ‘tragic incident of an unintended strike’ on World Central Kitchen aid workers in Gaza (AP)

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged on Tuesday that Israeli forces had carried out the “unintended strike” in the Gaza Strip that left seven aid workers with World Central Kitchen dead. (Apr. 2)


    Israel to investigate deaths of Gaza aid workers (Reuters)

    Israeli military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said on Tuesday (April 2) that an independent, professional expert body would investigate the deaths of seven people working for the World Central Kitchen in Gaza, which the NGO said was the result of an Israeli air strike.

  85. Mortichai April 2, 2024 @ 9:10 am


    End times? Who can say? No one knows, it will come like a thief in the night. One thing is clear, Jews have so much chutzpah, they think they can swindle God.


    In other news… Jews refuse to fight for fellow Jews, leaving the goyim to take up the slack.

    Article reads, “Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox block Route 4 in protest against IDF conscription.”

  86. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 10:09 am

    In the meantime, fake RJN rabbis, let me call your attention to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews annual grift campaign of ‘Save Lives this Passover’:

    “The cries of thousands of impoverished and oppressed Jews will go unheeded this Passover unless we answer them with help and compassion!

    “Your generous gift will help the Fellowship provide special Passover food items and other necessary provisions to those in need. Give your blessing today so precious Jewish souls in Israel and around the world can observe Passover with dignity and joy.”

    One question:

    Why are there “impoverished and oppressed Jews” in Israel?

  87. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 10:22 am

    “Unintended strike” after the WCK workers first notified the IDF of their movement, just after the clearly marked aid van was leaving the warehouse.

    “The US is heartbroken and deeply troubled by the strike”. In other words, the White House signalled to Tel Aviv, “carry on”.

    According to Haaretz, the WCK convoy was struck three times; the IDF hunting a phantom Hamas member.

    The private, internationally recognized, humanitarian aid convoy was doubtless struck by US missile. -Kj

    Netanyahu: Aid workers killed by ‘unintended’ Israeli strike

    Israel’s leader described the Israeli air strike in Gaza that killed seven aid workers, including six foreign nationals, as “unintended” and “tragic”.

    “These things happen in wartime,” Netanyahu added, saying an investigation is under way. Officials are “checking this thoroughly” and “will do everything for this not to happen again”.

    An earlier statement by Israeli spokesman Daniel Hagari expressed “sorrow” over the strike and said Israel’s military would carefully probe it, without directly taking responsibility.

    As usual, “We have probed ourselves, and found ourselves innocent.” -Kj

  88. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 10:49 am

    Teetering On WWIII? Israel attacks Iran In Syria, José Andrés Says His AID Workers Targeted

    The Hill

    Trita Parsi, executive vice president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, explains the impact of Israel’s strike on Iran’s consulate in Syria.

    How will Iran respond to the attack on its Syrian consulate?

    TRT World Now

    Iran and one of its key proxies have vowed to respond to a strike widely attributed to Israel that demolished Iran’s consulate in Damascus. The attack killed seven people, including two Iranian generals. Mohammad Marandi from the University of Tehran explains.

    Russia & Muslims Nations’ Chilling Warning To Israel After Iran Embassy Attack; U.S. Denies Role

    Hindustan Times

    Iran’s proxies, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and the Houthi rebels in Yemen, several Muslim nations and Russia condemned the airstrikes near Iranian embassy on April 1.

    They warned Israel to stop its violent acts in Syria after Iran blamed Israel for bombing the buildings in Damascus with missiles from warplanes. Iran’s axis of resistance has vowed a decisive response and punishment against Israel. Watch.

    Great war drum mood music on the last vid. -Kj

  89. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 11:57 am

    Why are these Israelis dancing? (cutting room floor)

    Brasscheck TV

    In the process of making the series “Why are these Israelis dancing?” we found a ton of stuff, not all of which fit into the film.

    In filmmaking, this is called the “cutting room floor.”

    Here’s some stuff too good not to share.

    You know those sociopaths who stand before the US press every day and justify the daily wanton slaughter of civilians in Gaza?

    Who the heck are they? And where did they come from? And who’s paying their bills?

    The not too-surprising answer, but the devil is in the details and it’s quite interesting.

    Oh ho!
    The late Samuel Pizar, French Zionist Jew born in Poland, $hoah survivor, Anthony Blinken’s stepfather, an advisor and member of John F. Kennedy’s economic and foreign policy task force, also an advisor to the State Department, the Senate and House committees, was the longtime lawyer and confidant of Mossadnik Robert Maxwell.

    Good chance Pizar was a super Sayan for Israel. Are we looking at a likely missing link in the Mossad assassinated JFK conspiracy investigations, with or without the CIA’s help? -Kj

  90. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 12:20 pm

    US State Dept’s favorite celebrity chef builds Gaza aid dock with stolen rubble

    The Grayzone | 27 March, 2024

    After years of accusing Russia of using food as a weapon in its conflict with Ukraine, State Department “culinary ambassador” José Andrés is working with the Israeli government to supplant UNRWA as the main supplier of aid to northern Gaza.

    State Department-linked Spanish celebrity chef José Andrés has emerged as the US government’s preferred conduit for aid to enter Gaza, following the Biden administration’s decision to suspend funding to the enclave’s main supplier of food, aid and education, the UNRWA.

    The operation appears designed to serve as a stopgap measure to provide minimal quantities of food to Gaza’s famine-stricken population until the US military finishes building a pier in the Mediterranean Sea, and a shadowy contractor run by former US Marines and CIA officials is able to implement an aid program called “Blue Beach Plan.”

    Andrés’ organization, World Central Kitchen, has already finished constructing its own jetty, which was made from the rubble heaps in Gaza — a decision that virtually guaranteed the building materials contain the remains of humans killed by Israeli bombing.

    The use of genocidal biomatter in the construction of the pier has been roundly ignored by legacy media outlets, whose fawning coverage of the plans has instead cast Andrés as a kind of maverick “superhero” fighting to protect Palestinian civilians in the face of international indifference.

    In their rush to lionize the shady chef, the Washington Post falsely claimed, “The first ship bearing aid to Gaza since 2005… was spearheaded not by the United Nations or a world leader but by a celebrity chef, José Andrés.”

    In 2008, activists succeeded in using boats to deliver aid to Gaza six times before Israel began sinking the ships and killing members of their crew.

    Strangely, these English-language outlets have generally neglected to mention that WCK is only able to operate in Gaza with the explicit permission of the Israeli military.

    The New York Times was an exception, noting in a glowing profile of Andrés’ group that “the Israeli military helped World Central Kitchen’s operation, providing security and coordination” and that “every step was carried out with permission from the Israeli military.”

    “Nothing goes in without Israel’s permission,” Andrés himself conceded in an interview with NBC News. The chef claimed Israel’s COGAT unit which controls aid to the besieged enclave is “doing everything at its disposal to help the people of Gaza,” but that its “hands are tied” by the military operation.

    Immediately before their recent pivot to Gaza, Andrés’ WCK spent several weeks providing meals to Israeli soldiers following Hamas’ October 7 attack.

    Full story:


    Oh! José Andrés is a Spanish-born Sephardi Jew. That explains it. World Central Kitchen is DC-based, and he moves in the lofty DC circles, like the Clinton Global Initiative and the like. He was once named one of TIME’s “100 Most Influential People,” awarded “Outstanding Chef” and “Humanitarian of the Year” by the James Beard Foundation. -Kj

    Every. Single. Time.

  91. Demosthenes April 2, 2024 @ 12:28 pm


    Dear Sister:

    Point of clarification. Orthodox Lent ends in the evening preceding Saturday of Lazarus ( day before Palm Sunday.)

    Then it’s on to Holy Week. Prayerfully yours is blessed. Kalo Pascha.

  92. MeMe April 2, 2024 @ 1:40 pm

    @The Englishman (of which I am one)
    in reply to

    Indeed, we all make choices and why do they make the choices they do when referring to monstrous behaviour?

    For instance, I’ve never heard either use Eisenhower’s death camps at the end of WW2 as an act of inhuman brutality. Where up to 2 million German soldiers as prisoners of war, had their status illegally changed to non-combatant by Eisenhower the loathsome Jew in order to deny those POW’s rights and protections and they were held in open air camps and starved to death.

    Now this is entirely in contrast to Alastair Crooke who in his last broadcast used Dresden as the point of reference (I think he called it a genocide but not sure). I do not remember him once using a WW2 reference the way Larry and Ray frequently do, as do several other guests like the Jew couple.

  93. Bene Adonay Jesus April 2, 2024 @ 2:11 pm

    Israeli strike kills American & aid workers with US charity from all over the world, and other atrocities – Day 178.

  94. Bene Adonay Jesus April 2, 2024 @ 2:32 pm

    ‘This Happens in War’ – Netanyahu Admits Killing of Foreign Aid Workers in Gaza.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted on Tuesday the killing of seven aid workers in an Israeli army attack in the Gaza Strip, Israeli media reported.


  95. Citizenfitz April 2, 2024 @ 3:16 pm

    “I think the word you want is ‘Sayanim’ (helpers) – Mossad Volunteer Agents.”

    What would we do without you, KathJ?

    Those are the guys I’d heard about. Apparently, like the Sicarii of old, they’re an ancient sub-set of Judaism, and they take an oath – promising to do whatever they might be called on to do.

    When called on, they get together and draw straws, or something like that, to choose a triggerman.

    Jack Ruby was alleged to have been one.

  96. Ted Gorsline April 2, 2024 @ 3:40 pm

    Its astonishing to me to hear Judge Napolitano’s guests say 68% of the jews in Israel want to exterminate the Palestinians. That is as profoundly evil as it gets.

    Clearly the holocaust did not happen but was just jewish projection, a jewish wet dream, that they have used to play the perpetual victim card while plotting the extermination of others.

    There is clearly no longer any place for any jew anywhere on planet earth.

    They cannot do civilization. Its not in them. They are too primitive, too backward, and too incredibly stupid to exist in a state of civilization.

    What to do with them? That is the 3,000 year-old universal question!

    They murder doctors in hospitals. Why? Because they are jews!

    They kill those who try to bring food to starving Palestinians. Why? Because they are jews!

    They blockade food trucks at the Egyptian border that could save babies. Why? Because they are jews.

    They run over peace activists with bulldozers. Why? Because they are jews.

    They snipe and kill rock-throwing Palestinian children. Why? Because they are jews!

    They bomb and bury alive thousands of new born babies and their mothers with US-supplied 2,000 pound bombs. Why? Because they are jews.

    They destroy schools and universities that Palestinians need to learn to read and write. Why? Because they are jews.

    They bomb consulates. Why? Because they are jews.

    They murder very old blind and quadriplegic Palestinians in wheelchairs using American supplied Apache gunships and Hellfire missiles. Why? Because they are jews.

    There is no place for the jews anywhere on planted earth any more.

    The time for their passing is due.

  97. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 3:41 pm

    After Syria strike, Israel warns of ‘daily’ attacks on enemies

    “We are in a multi-front war, in the offence and defence,” said Defence Minister Yoav Gallant at a meeting of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, reports The Times of Israel.

    We will “act everywhere, every day to prevent the force build-up of our enemies”, he said.

    Israel’s goal is to “make it clear to anyone who threatens us – all over the Middle East – that the price for such action will be a big one”, Gallant added.

    Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari has the latest from the Iranian capital Tehran.
    Why is Israel targeting Al Jazeera? | Inside Story
    Al Jazeera English

    Benjamin Netanyahu, has promised to take Al Jazeera off air in Israel.
    Calling it a ‘terror channel’, he accused the network of harming Israel’s national security and actively participating in the October the 7th attack.
    Al Jazeera says the accusations are slanderous, and jeopardize the rights and safety of its employees worldwide.
    Rights groups are alarmed and warn Israel is trying to censor coverage of the war in Gaza.
    But this isn’t the first time Israel has targeted Al Jazeera or its journalists.
    So how will this ban impact its coverage? And what are the wider implications for the broadcaster?

  98. Ministry of Haus Ng April 2, 2024 @ 4:07 pm


    You’re very good at research.

    I have a question: is it true that these Epstein underage blackmail dossiers on brilliant American university scientists were connected with (by marshalling of brain capital) some kind of new Israeli weapon, based on the synthesis of psychophysics and nuclear weapons technology into one device?

    And was the Thresher incident an earlier test of antecedent technology, even if not by Israel?

  99. Bene Adonay Jesus April 2, 2024 @ 4:45 pm

    Iran Vows to Punish Israel for Embassy Airstrike | Vantage with Palki Sharma.

    ‘Kill them all’: inside the Israeli blockade on Gaza aid.

  100. Rabbi Glickman April 2, 2024 @ 5:43 pm

    We will punish Iran for making us attack their consulate! That I can promise you.

    We will attack our enemies, the mother of whom is always pregnant, wherever, whenever, for any reason, forever!

    And they call *us* crazy? Ha ha ha ha….

  101. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 5:47 pm

    Netanyahu got what he wanted.

    He even dramatically takes responsibility for the deliberate strikes on the World Central Kitchen humanitarian aid convoy in the IDF’s pre-approved movements of the convoy on a beachfront road in a monitored deconfliction zone.

    Telegraph explains best what happened — there were three successive targeted strikes on the WCK vehicles about 1/2 to 1 mile apart (according to a CNN map which illustrates the deconfliction zone), deliberately hunted down as the latter two tried to escape the first strike.

    The convoy had left the warehouse dropping off 100 tons of humanitarian aid after coordinating their movements with the IDF.

    As Aaron Mate said in Judge Napolitano’s podcast today, after explaining that originally Israel’s cynical “diabolical plan” was to boost WCK to undermine UNRWA keeping Gazans alive, and once UNRWA was eliminated, the IDF then targeted the WCK aid workers as an object lesson to their “overarching goal of starving Gazans”, starting at 17:11:

    “I believe these Aid workers were targeted because Israel is actually privileging its goal above everything else of starving the people of Gaza and therefore you can’t have anybody delivering them food even the meager amounts the World Central Kitchen was giving them.”

    “Wasn’t one of those seven World Central Kitchen people that was killed by the IDF an American?”

    “Yes, that’s correct. That was newly confirmed. The initial death toll did not include an American but then they hours later updated it.”

    “And what’s been World Central Kitchen’s response?”

    “Well, they’ve understandably shut down their operations inside Gaza therefore depriving how many people, countless people, of a meal that they might have otherwise gotten which is Israel’s goal all along. That’s why I believe Israel killed these people.

    They wanted to use these aid workers as a symbol of what happens if you try to defy– if, if you try to actually feed the people of Gaza. ‘We’re going to kill you; we’re going to make an example out of you’ and so therefore they’ve gotten what they wanted Central Kitchen has suspended its operations.”

    So far as I can tell, none of the murdered WCK workers were Jewish. -Kj

    Innocent aid staff scrambled between exploding cars as they tried to escape IDF’s precision strikes

    The Telegraph | 2 April 2024

    t was not a single rogue missile that killed seven aid workers on the coast road in central Gaza between 10 and 11pm on Monday night but three precisely targeted missiles.

    According to unnamed Israeli security sources who briefed the local media, they were dropped in succession from a Hermes 450 drone with sophisticated night sights and deliberately guided down on to the three clearly marked humanitarian vehicles travelling below.

    Even though the drone pilots would have had both the authority and technical means to swerve the bombs away until the very last moment, they chose not to.

    On the ground it was carnage. As the first vehicle was hit, several aid workers reportedly scrambled from it and into the other cars, before it was reduced to a burnt-out shell.
    An emergency call was put in to the Israeli authorities, who had cleared the mission ahead of time, but to no avail.

    As the two remaining vehicles continued their journey south on the Al Rashid Road, one was hit by a bomb that passed through the humanitarian badge on its roof.

    The third vehicle got another kilometre and a half before it, too, was picked off. All that remained of it at first light on Tuesday morning was a twisted, blackened hulk of metal.

    Gruesome pictures of the corpses of the seven victims – not all of them yet formally identified – started circulating on social media soon after, some torn beyond recognition.

    Pictures of three blood-stained passports, one British, one Polish and one Australian, were also shared widely across the internet.

    The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) claimed on Tuesday in off-record briefings to the Israeli press that it had been targeting an “armed” Hamas operative.

    A military lawyer, an intelligence officer and a senior commander would have to approve the strike, as per IDF standard drone operating protocol.

    Yet even in the unlikely event that the extra-judicial killing of seven aid workers could be justified because of the presence of a single terror suspect, it later transpired he was not even travelling in the convoy.

    “According to the defence sources, that armed man did not leave the warehouse,” reported the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “The cars travelled along a route preapproved and coordinated with the IDF.”

    The attack on aid workers could not have come at a more sensitive time for Israel, whose six-month assault on Gaza has claimed more than 32,000 Palestinian lives, according to Hamas, and sparked a devastating humanitarian disaster.

    Full story:
    Ships carrying 240 tons of aid ‘turning back from Gaza’ after strike kills Brit volunteers

    The Mirror | 2 April 2024

    Ships are turning back from Gaza with around 240 tonnes of undelivered aid following an air strike that killed at least seven aid workers, including several foreigners, Cypriot officials said

  102. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 6:18 pm

    Dear brother in Christ Demosthanes,

    Thank you for the addition and clarification about Holy Week being distinct from Great Lent proper.

    The question was originally from a Western Christian used to the Gregorian calendar, and assumed that we use the Jewish pesach calculations, and not familiar with the ecclesiastical Julian calendar basics (and modified Julian) or the Paschalion lunar calendar rules for setting the Day of Pascha in Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Christianity.

    “Why is the Russian Orthodox Church accepting the Second moon of the Vernal Equinox…May 5th, 2024…follow the Jews when they get it right…but May 5th?”

    Our calendar issues are complicated enough, especially here in America with the overlap of various Eastern Orthodox jurisdictions.

    I didn’t go into the distinctions between the Orthodox Julian & modified Julian calendars among the Local Orthodox Churches either, as those have to do with the fixed feasts on the ecclesiastical calendar because the Paschalion is the lunar algorithm for the ecclesiastical calendar, which is why there’s a difference between Greek Orthodox and OCA Nativity on Gregorian December 25/December 12 O.S., and the Nativity of Christ on January 7/December 25 O.S. for the rest of the Orthodox Church.

    Καλό Πάσχα!

  103. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 6:57 pm

    Russia Adds LGBT Club Managers to Terrorist List

    Two staff members from Orenburg were recently arrested on charges of promoting LGBT

  104. James Douglas Morrison April 2, 2024 @ 7:24 pm

    I’m a resident of a city
    They’ve just picked me to play
    the Prince of Denmark

    Poor Ophelia

    All those ghosts he never saw
    Floating to doom
    On an iron candle

    Come back, brave warrior
    Do the dive
    On another channel

    Hot buttered pool
    Where’s Marrakesh
    Under the falls
    the wild storm
    where savages fell out
    in late afternoon
    monsters of rhythm

    You’ve left your
    to compete w/

    I hope you went out
    Like a child
    Into the cool remnant
    of a dream

    The angel man
    w/ Serpents competing
    for his palms
    & fingers
    Finally claimed
    This benevolent


    Leaves, sodden
    in silk

    mad stifled

    The diving board, the plunge
    The pool

    You were a fighter
    a damask musky muse

    You were the bleached
    for TV afternoon

    maverick of a yellow spot

    Look now to where it’s got

    & JEWS

    The gardener
    The body, rampant, Floating

    Lucky Stiff
    What is this green pale stuff
    You’re made of

    Poke holes in the goddess

    Will he Stink
    Carried heavenward
    Thru the halls
    of music

    No Chance.

    Requiem for a heavy
    That smile
    That porky satyr’s
    has leaped upward

    into the loam

    Jim Morrison Los Angeles 1969

    *In 1969, it was an ode for Brian Jones (Rolling Stones)….

    but in 2024, it’s an ode for “WESTERN CIV”.

  105. Bene Adonay Jesus April 2, 2024 @ 7:45 pm

    Terrifying VIDEO from GENOCIDE in Palestine! Barrage of Complaints vs Zionist Regime before International Courts.

  106. Bene Adonay Jesus April 2, 2024 @ 7:51 pm

    In this video from the ’39s, an Israeli woman sings happily like a child as she films a bulldozer removing some dead Palestinians. I hope she lives to regret her evil deed when some Arabs come after her one day.

  107. Snuffling Mavens April 2, 2024 @ 8:45 pm

    (please click on the name above, Snuffling Mavens, for the direct link.)

    Targeted Individual Program and Cognitive Warfare (CW) As Jewish Human Trafficking, Experimentation, Torture & Slavery System

    Author Eric Karlstrom

    NATO’s Cognitive Warfare And The Targeted Individual Program

    Webmaster comment: I discovered the above journal article, FUTURE VOICE- Cognitive Warfare, when I googled the key words: Cognitive Warfare and the Targeted Individual Program. Voila! It seems I am not the only one to have realized how much these programs overlap. This issue of FUTURE VOICE also makes these connections!

    As a scholar and a TI, I can confirm that the NATO strategists, planners, and warfighters engaged in these covert, unconventional warfare ops against innocent and unwitting civilians have to be amongst the most despicable traitors, cowards, and bullies in history!

    What other historic, secret atrocities have NATO committed? Let’s see: Hmmm… The first thing that comes to my mind are the secret, domestic terror operations carried out in Operation Gladio/Stay Behind Armies of Post-WWII Europe. Yes, these all comprise basically the same program now upgraded to incorporate the latest technologies. But who really controls NATO?

    Page 20 of this article offers a clue as to who is behind these NATO policies and programs: “It (cognitive warfare, CW) might justifiably be called the ‘great replacement’ (of reality). Alas, that term has been co-opted by white supremacists to express their fear that mongrel races will soon be overturning white Anglo-European civilization. There may even be an unacknowledged link between the two.”

    OK, let’s read between the lines. With CW (Cognitive Warfare), NATO seeks to replace reality with hyper-reality. It refers to this as the “great replacement” (of reality), noting that that term has already been “co-opted by white supremacists to express their fear that mongrel races will soon be overturning white Anglo-European civilization.” It also coyly suggests there may be an unacknowledged link between the “great replacement” (i.e., government-sponsored mass immigration) and the “great replacement” of reality.

    Here, the authors of this document appear to give away their real identity. The anonymous wielders of CW and the TI program must not be not whites, since they identify whites as “white supremacists.” So, what group is behind the 100-year old (replacement migration) “Kalergi Plan?” Jews. What group is behind the FBI and DHS’s identification and “targeting” of “white supremacists” as the number one national security threat to America now deemed to be “terrorist threats?” Jews. Do Jews believe themselves to be “white?” No, they regard themselves as a separate race.

    Thus, I suggest that Cognitive Warfare AND the TI program are merely different aspects of the same covert program and both should be included among the virtually countless Jewish inventions, strategies, and myths whose ultimate goal is “Tikkun Olam” (Hebrew word for “re-invention (or re-imagining) of the world”).

    Critical race theory, communism, cultural Marxism, the Frankfurt School, the New Age movement, the Kalergi Plan, the War On (Of) Terror, the global warming/climate change hoax, UN Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030), “sustainability,” SMART-C40 Cognitive Cities, and indeed, the Great Reset, I submit, are all predominantly “Jewish inventions” and programs designed to destroy Western Civilization (which is Christian civilization) and usher in the “Jewish Utopia” aka “Antichrist Kingdom” on earth.

    So once again, we find jews to be the primary organized force behind the cultural subversion and cultural revolution that is destroying our country and world. And I now come full circle to the comment that a Jewish TI, Alan Landis, made to me in 2015 when he stated: “Jews are behind the whole (gangstalking) thing.”

    In his book 2003 book, “War Against The Terror Masters,” Jewish neoconservative warmonger, Michael Ledeen rather succinctly outlines the methodology by which Jews advance their “historic mission” (which is to take over the world for themselves and their lord, Satan.)

    “Creative destruction is our middle name, both within our own society and abroad. We tear down the old order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and the law. Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity, which menaces their traditions (whatever they may be) and shames them for their inability to keep pace.

    “Seeing America undo traditional societies, they fear us, for they do not wish to be undone. They cannot feel secure so long as we are there, for our very existence—our existence, not our politics—threatens their legitimacy. They must attack us in order to survive, just as we must destroy them to advance our historic mission….”

    From this FUTURE VOICE issue we also get a glimpse of how these programs may also comprise human trafficking and facilitate the widespread enslavement, profit-taking, and torture of targets by federal agencies, corporations, businesses, various professions, and individuals. From p. 95:

    ‘Covert Enslavement: TI’s are owned and rented (human trafficked) to multiple entities for multiple purposes.’

    Max Williams and Jeffery Bahry, TI Testimonies

    Max Williams – February, 2023


    As a result of my experiences with targeting over the many years, I now believe that we are used for multi-purposes. Think about all of the areas of our bodies and our minds that our attackers tamper with and probe: the brain itself, our internal organs, our limbs and hands and feet, the orchestrated scenarios or ‘dreams’, emphasis in many cases on sex (the programming to attempt to turn our thoughts to deviant sex, to change our sexual orientation, to think of everything in a sexual context, etc), our balance and hand-to-eye coordination, the interrogations for the V2K victims, our sciatic nerve and spinal column, even our daily habits, our method of entertainment, and many other areas.

    If I am accurate in believing that we are multi-purposed, that belief opens doors to who might be behind our targeting. Who would be interested in and benefit from studying those areas listed above?

    (1) Medical research institutes, including psychiatric clinics, would love to have real test subjects for studying and perhaps experimenting on various parts of the brain and their functions, our body nerves and circulation system, and our senses.

    (2) Human studies institutes would be interested in our thoughts about and interactions with others.

    (3) Government agencies such as CIA, FBI, DHS, the NSA would want to know how we think, what we think, and what we do as a result of how and what we think. They would also want to enhance their interrogation techniques. And they most certainly would want to know how they can manipulate human behavior by remote.

    (4) Law enforcement would want to know how they can use targeting for control purposes, to predict crime and to interrogate suspects.

    (5) Our personal adversaries (for whatever reason) would like to punish us for doing, saying, or writing something that they do not like. What better way to accomplish that than by using remote physical and neurological attacks upon their perceived enemies.

    (6) Entertainment is a trillion dollar industry. Some of that entertainment is perverse. It’s entirely possible to consider that we might have a paying, invisible audience watching us as their own reality show, and we are the actors.

    Once we are targeted, our body/mind invaders possess incredible power. They can decide who actually gets to operate the remote means to read our thoughts, hear our voices in a two-way communication system, play with our emotions, torture our bodies and minds, see what we do and where we go, watch who we interact with, etc. Money and greed can kick in that this point.

    It would be very tempting for the attackers who have targeted us to rent us out for the purposes already stated. The ‘owners’ of the targets would have to determine which of the ‘renters’ deal with which area. Although all groups would be able to see and hear us, all the groups would not, for example, be able to use V2K on us or read our minds. Each group would have to be assigned a particular area of usage that meets its purpose(s).

    If we are indeed leased out to various individuals, groups, or organizations, those entities would not necessarily know about the other watchers/users. Actually, it probably would not matter if they did. Each group would watch (and sometimes interact with us) for its own reason(s). If I am right about our being multi-purposed, we have only one ‘owner’, but several or many viewers.

    Just a few thoughts, based on fifty years of targeting experience, studying, observations, and communications with other targets.

    Max Williams

    Jeffrey Bahry – February, 2023

    As I have written over the years – I know for a fact that I am being marketed and sold for many purposes to many paying customers since 1985. I am certain that this is the case for a large percentage of victims.

    Our attackers market our knowledge and personal abilities which can be transferred to paying customers and others via electronic brain link. We are being tried out by persons and customers that want to use or purchase us for a period of time. Some are long term.

    In addition – they do have a variety of audiences which view us as amusement and entertainment. There are sick audiences that enjoy watching when we are being attacked – tortured or forced to do things.

    Jeffrey Bahry

    (Originally published:

  108. Demosthenes April 2, 2024 @ 8:47 pm


    May his memory be eternal.

    Reverend Father Emanuel Hatzidakis, of Orthodox Witness, reposed in the Lord this past January 9, in his beloved birth-island of Chania, Crete.

    Father entered priesthood after a business career. He served here in Chicago several years.

    Dedicated, pious and learned, his biography can be seen at “Retired Greek Orthodox Clergy.” He was a member of ROCOR at the time of death.

  109. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 9:25 pm


    2 April 2024 by Larry Johnson

    Anyone who tells you that the Israeli military is a well-trained, professional outfit must have been living in a cave with no access to news during the last six months. The furor accompanying the murder of 7 World Center Kitchen (aka WCK) workers is a bit weird because much of the reaction out of the U.S. and Europe is acting as if this is an aberration. Just a reminder that the deaths of Palestinian civilians don’t count as much as Westerners carrying a Polish, Australian and British passport.

    Netanyahu may be a thug but he ain’t stupid. He realized right away that blasting three vehicles belonging to WCK, which was founded by world famous chef Jose Andres, was a PR disaster. (Side note — Jose Andres and I were members of the same golf club in Washington, DC when I lived there and I ran into him in the locker room and on the course.)

    The Governments of Australia, the United Kingdom and Poland have voiced their disapproval. Remains to be seen if they are going to do anymore than bitch. Meanwhile, Israel continues to slaughter. This article is more of a video presentation, but the clips are short.

    Let’s meet two of the victims shortly before some crazed Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) pilot blasted them to smithereens.

    The photo at the top of this page shows the locations where the three cars were hit in succession. You can see in the following video the remnants of the WCK logo clearly visible on the roof of one of the cars.

    Then we have the aftermath. WARNING — Explicit, graphic photo. Death is not pretty.

    Netanyahu ordered one of his press flacks to hold a brief press conference and try to argue that this was just a terrible mistake. I will explain in a bit why it was not.

    [This press flack is a British-Israel Jew, with just the most correct Received Pronunciation accent for mimesis (“I’m just one of we jolly good British fellows”) to alert British Jewry and to convey Israel’s utterly faux sincerity hasbara to the British people attempting to smooth over the fact of their IOF-murdered British citizens among the WCK humanitarian workers. -Kj]

    No. This was intentional. The IOF has been doing this routinely over the last six months. This is just the first time they did it to a group of Westerners tied to a celebrity chef.

    Do you recall the three Israeli hostages who were shot by the IOF after escaping their Hamas captors? They were waving a white shirt and had removed their shirts. Was that just another unfortunate “accident?” What about the two elderly Palestinian Christian women who were gunned down while the 60 year old was helping the 80 year old to the bathroom? We are witnessing a pattern of conduct.

    When it happens to Palestinians most of the world just shrugs it off and goes on with its business. But this woman remembers.

    If you think that these things are simply the actions of a few bad apples, think again. This young Israeli woman reveals the ugly truth.

    Once you dehumanize people it is then easy to kill them. That was done to the Jews of Europe during World War II. The sad irony is that fervent Zionists are doing the same to Palestinians today in Gaza.

    In the wake of the murder of the WCK workers, WCK has suspended its relief operations. Instead of getting shot the Palestinians will have to content themselves with starvation.

  110. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 9:36 pm

    Dear Demosthenes,

    Memory eternal.

    With the Saints give rest to Fr. Emmanuel.

    What a wonderful priest and a beautiful voice. I wish I’d known Father.

    I’ve been browsing his remarkable website he founded, Orthodox Witness. Now that I’ve seen it, many years ago, a friend tried to get me to read his books highly recommended, but struggling with cancer, I just couldn’t manage reading them. Then I lost track.

    Now I think I shall try to buy his books to catch up on what I’d missed. Providence brought me to his website searching for a good explanation for the Orthodox Paschalion, and then you’ve just now pointed out the blessed Father to me.

    Thank you dear brother!

    Glory to God for all things!

    Καλό Πάσχα!

  111. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 9:41 pm

    Taiwan’s strongest earthquake in nearly 25 years damages buildings and causes a small tsunami

    Taiwan’s strongest earthquake in a quarter century damaged buildings and caused a tsunami that washed ashore on southern Japanese islands

  112. KathJuliane April 2, 2024 @ 10:02 pm

    Easter Vigil for Gaza, Bethlehem, March 30th, 2024, Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac

    RLC Editor April 2, 2024 Global, Immigration & Refugees, Interfaith, Peace & Nonviolence, Revival, Theology

    Red Letter Christians was honored to participate in a special Easter Saturday service broadcast LIVE from Bethlehem.

    Our friend Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac preached a powerful sermon. Here’s the transcript and a link to watch the service.

  113. Caveman April 3, 2024 @ 12:14 am

    Dear Mortichai,

    Sure, no one knows the exact date of our Lord’s Second Coming, “not even the angels in Heaven”.

    However, we see many signs in the last year or so which makes me wonder. This is the best possible time for Israel to seize or destroy, maybe by a false-flag attack, the Dome of the Rock, paving the way for the rebuilding of the Temple.

    The red heifer ritual looks like some Jewish superstition, were not for the reference in Numbers 19:

    Even more disturbing, in the article quoted by Mort they mention that they wanted to carry out the ritual on March 29th, Good Friday! Is this sacrifice, which they believe will pave the way for their false Messiah, a parody of the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ?

    Questions upon questions, but we have to be on the watch as our Lord commanded us.

  114. Caveman April 3, 2024 @ 12:26 am

    Will the Anti-Christ come after Netanyahu?

    Look at these predictions by prominent rabbis, including Chabad’s Menachem Schneerson:

  115. Mort April 3, 2024 @ 1:51 am

    For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings. -Hosea 6:6

    Passover is 22 Apr so they may kill their cow before.

    There’s already enough evil going on to say it’s anti Christian. Bibi is no different than any power mad politician using all the levers of propaganda.

    At the end of the day, Israel will have disgraced itself by condoning acts of brutality. They’re using their last victim card.

  116. MeMe April 3, 2024 @ 1:52 am


    “Once you dehumanize people it is then easy to kill them. That was done to the Jews of Europe during World War II. The sad irony is that fervent Zionists are doing the same to Palestinians today in Gaza.”

    so to Larry, I say really Larry? what Jews were those? What was the world population of Jews before and after WW2, did you ever check? do you calculate a figure of 6 gazillion in that sum above?
    (I make it roughly 350,000) To misquote your own words, ‘the sad [truth] is that fervent Zionists are [committing a real genocide as opposed to the fake one they lie about]’ along with their helpers like you.
    Ever heard the name David Irving, Larry?

    I think the point has been made clear enough now.

    Btw @KJ this in no way is reflective on you, your posts are a marvel of quality and reason for which I have the greatest respect and admiration.

  117. Magda April 3, 2024 @ 10:23 am


    Funny that you should mention the Council of Christians and Jews since I just came across them when looking into Candace Owens. Turns out her father-in-law, Lord Farmer, is the deputy chair of that organization.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    From his Wikipedia page:

    “In 1975, in the City of London, Farmer married Jennifer Potts.[38] They have three children.[4] His son George Farmer was CEO of the now defunct conservative social networking service Parler and in 2019 married the American political commentator Candace Owens.

    Farmer became the Christian deputy chair of the Council of Christians and Jews in 2016.[39]”

    I wonder if they did a fundraiser for the poor Christians who couldn’t afford a celebration for Resurrection Sunday?

    And what does Lord Farmer think about Candace saying Christ is King?

    Does she say Christ instead of Jesus simply for the alliteration?

  118. KathJuliane April 3, 2024 @ 10:43 am

    “The sad faces you make when you blow up goyim.” – Sam Parker

    Nick Griffin

    In his Hebrew language version, Netanyahu smirks as he speaks about the British and other aid workers killed in Gaza.

    “Unfortunately, a tragic instance of our forces unintentionally harming innocent people in the Gaza Strip. It happens in war.

    We’ll investigate it. We’re in contact with the governments, and Israel will do everything so that it doesn’t happen again.”

    His attitude confirms it was a deliberate attack, clearly aimed at forcing aid agencies to withdraw from Gaza. Israel needs to poke out all the eyes whose witness could hinder the artificial famine genocide.



    Kind David Hotel bombing..

    “We dressed as Arabs”

    “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”

    These mofo’s are proud of killing innocent people, Welcome to clown world

  119. Mort April 3, 2024 @ 12:17 pm

    Juden walking a thin line?

    Article reads, “Russia deploys more forces in Syria’s Golan Heights.”

    Will Russia punish the evil Juden or are we witnessing All Star Wrestling?

  120. Demosthenes April 3, 2024 @ 2:51 pm

    @ KathJuliane:

    Beloved sister learning of your illness brings concern. Hopefully you have recovered or are healing. Be assured your name will be included at next Office of Paraklesis with gratitude for your ministry. Truth and Love are sides of the coin of the realm. Christ has gifted you much currency.

    Again wishing you Kalo Pascha and would write that in Greek if I knew how to use this machine the family forced on me. Anyway I’m too old to learn how and too proud to ask.

    Polla Eti.

    Polla Eti.

  121. KathJuliane April 3, 2024 @ 3:02 pm

    Dear Magda,

    Interesting connections. I mentioned the International Fellowship of Christian & Jews, based here in the US, but I would not doubt at all that the UK’s Council of Christians & Jews are somehow related.

    Jews just love multiplying overlapping and interlocking Jewish organizations.

    And I did not know that Candace Owens was married to a Brit, or that father-in-law is a Life Peer having the title of ‘baron’.

    Life peer means the title is not hereditary. Looks like father-in-law received his title for work he did for supporting healthy families and fighting domestic violence.

    Anyway, ‘Christ is King’ is becoming the political slogan right now on the conservative right for America First Christian nationalists who oppose Zionism, the Jew Power, and ‘Judeo-Christianity’ and the Zio-evangelical worship of and subservience to Israel, as in John Hagee.

    The meme was launched originally by free speech advocate and Christian nationalist Andrew Torba of GAB 3 or 4 years ago, which is why Jews are in hysterics over people saying or writing it and call it an “anti-Semitic dog whistle”.

    @Ministry of Haus Ng

    Heh. Nice try.

  122. Ted Gorsline April 3, 2024 @ 3:03 pm

    Scott Ritter spoke to and apologized to a group of Palestinians today for ignoring their plight for years.

    He says he was once an Israeli-firster.

    No more.

    He now says that Israel has no right to continue to exist in its current form.

  123. KathJuliane April 3, 2024 @ 3:15 pm

    Dearest Demosthenes,

    God has granted me many more years for repentance than I deserved or expected at the time, thanks to the intervention of St. Luke the Surgeon of Crimea at the time in answer to the prayers of a gentle and humble Ukrainian-Crimean peasant man, Igor who was visiting and working at a local monastery at the time.

    I have a few resultant pulmonary, immune and inflammation issues as a result, which acts as a goad to keep me faithful to my prayer life, otherwise doing well enough.

    Bless you for putting my name for the next Paraklesis, and I will add you to my local Office as well, and add you to my personal prayer list, especially to St. Luke of Crimea.

    Glory to God for all things!

    Polla eti!

    Kalo Pascha!

  124. KathJuliane April 3, 2024 @ 3:38 pm

    If Americans Knew

    3 April 2024

    Aid providers pulling out of Gaza, citing Israel’s failure to protect them (from itself) – Day 179

    Israel makes humanitarian work deadly; airstrike on World Central Kitchen reportedly intentional; Palestinian doctors targeted; West Bank incarceration of Palestinians way up; Israel targets Al Jazeera News for closure; Gaza suffered about $18.5 billion in damages to critical infrastructure in the first four months of the Israeli bombardment; Islamophobia on the rise in US – tied to Gaza

    The list of Jewish atrocities and horrors in the above article just goes on and on. -Kj


    ‘Not a normal war’: doctors say children have been targeted by Israeli snipers in Gaza

    IDF says it ‘completely rejects’ charge that its soldiers deliberately fired on any of the thousands of civilians killed in Israeli offensive

  125. KathJuliane April 3, 2024 @ 3:53 pm

    José Andrés Believes Israel ‘Systematically’ Targeted World Central Kitchen Aid Workers In Gaza


    World Central Kitchen founder José Andrés said Wednesday he believes the group’s seven aid workers killed by an Israeli military strike earlier this week were targeted “systematically, car by car,” amid growing concerns about safety among humanitarian aid groups providing much-needed aid to the war-torn region.

  126. KathJuliane April 3, 2024 @ 6:11 pm

    Record-breaking number of Israelis featured on Forbes’ 2024 billionaire’s list

    Jerusalem Post | 3 April 2024

    A record-breaking 42 Israelis were featured in Forbes’ World Billionaires list for 2024, published earlier this week.

    The list names Miriam Adelson, the widow of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, as the world’s wealthiest Israeli.

    The Jewish mega-philanthropist recently purchased the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA. She still holds shares in Las Vegas Sands, the casino business that has generated most of her family’s wealth and allowed her to donate prolifically to Jewish and pro-Israel causes.

    According to Forbes, Adelson’s net worth is around $32 billion. He was placed 53rd on the list, a significant distance from other Israelis on the list.

    Next on the list were brothers Eyal and Idan Ofer, whose business operations revolve around shipping and sports, with Idan holding a 33% stake in Spanish soccer giants Atletico Madrid, as well as an 85% stake in Portuguese outfit FC Famalicao.

    Eyal Ofer is ranked 84th in the world with a $24 billion net worth, with his brother coming in at 120th with a reported net worth of around $15.8 billion.

    Other Israelis featured in the list include Russian-Israeli sanctioned oligarchs Roman Abramovich and Vyacheslav Moshe Kantor, recently retired Check Point founder Gil Shwed, businessman Teddy Sagi, Arnon Milchen, and Amnon Shashoua.

    Why are so many Israelis included in Forbes’ list?
    The unprecedented rise in the number of Israelis featured on Forbes’ list is mainly attributed to the continued growth of Israel’s hi-tech industry, which has added five new Israeli billionaires to the list.

    Out of the new five billionaires, four of them came from Cyber company Wiz: CEO Assaf Rapaport and co-founders Ami Luttwak, Roy Reznik, and Yinon Costica.

    Many of the Israelis featured are also less well-known locally, appearing only because of their Israeli passports, even though most of their businesses are operated abroad.

  127. KathJuliane April 3, 2024 @ 7:47 pm

    Leave it to a Russian newspaper to tell Americans the truth about our own country -Kj


    Biden is using the church to import more Democrat voters to the US

    Hundreds of millions of dollars is being funneled to religious NGOs to entice and support illegal immigrants across the southern border


    Robert Bridge | 2 April 2024

    At a time when millions of Americans are homeless and in need of medical treatment, Washington is more concerned with playing host to millions of illegal immigrants south of the border.

    How many Americans would like to receive cash debit cards, food, clothing, medical treatment, shelter, and even “humanitarian transportation” for doing absolutely nothing, aside from breaking the law?

    Well, sorry, because American citizens don’t qualify for the massive handout that surpasses $1.6 billion dollars, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. The freebies are going to millions of US-bound migrants in 17 Latin American nations and Mexico instead.

    In what was once a matter of quiet speculation is now an open secret: the Biden administration is using hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund a variety of NGO initiatives aimed at helping illegal immigrants enter the US from Latin America and Mexico.

    Under the auspices of a United Nations-led “Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan (RMRP),” the US State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) have been sending taxpayer funds to various religious nonprofit organizations, which then dangle the juicy enticements before thousands of migrants, opening the floodgates to a wave of illegal US southern border crossings.

    Elon Musk accuses Democrats of ‘importing voters’
    Read more Elon Musk accuses Democrats of ‘importing voters’

    Exhibit number one. With an estimated 25% of the US population declaring membership in the Catholic Church, it might be expected that this denomination and its various offshoot organizations would spend the bulk of its funds tending to its American flock. Shockingly, that is not the case.

    The prominent Catholic Charities USA and its various related agencies, for example, while not among those operating south of the border alongside the United Nations, receive “tens of millions of dollars in federal subsidies to oversee illegal immigrant transportation” north of the Rio Grande and resettlement operations to various sanctuary cities inside of the US.

    At the same time, some 13 franchises of the nonprofit Caritas, whose website proudly pronounces that it is “inspired by the Catholic faith” and is “the helping hand of the Church,” will allocate $12.3 million to immigrants south of the border, much of it as hard cash, according to the UN database.

    According to USA spending (here and here), and cited by Todd Bensman of CIS, USAID and the State Department’s PRM have doled out in excess of $11 million to the NGO Caritas Brazil, since the mass migration program started in 2021, including $3 million pledged through December 2024 to “overseas refugee assistance programs for the Western Hemisphere” that include “food, non-food items, shelter, health, [and] psychosocial support.”

    It can’t go unnoticed that the same sanctuary cities that are putting illegal immigrants up in hotels while giving them free meal tickets, are the same places where thousands of tent cities overflowing with homeless people – many of them with serious medical problems and deadly addictions – have popped up over the last five years.

    Are the churches and various religious organizations opening their doors to these needy citizens? Judging by the deplorable state of the streets in America, it certainly doesn’t look like it, nor does the Biden administration seem to care.

    Another example of a religious nonprofit serving as “co-smuggler” in the illegal trafficking of human flesh is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which has pledged $17.1 million in assistance to immigrants in at least seven Latin American nations during 2024, according to the UN’s RMRP planning documents.

    In fiscal year 2022, 47% of revenue reported by HIAS was the result of grants from government organizations, primarily from the State Department, but also from the Department of Homeland Security, according to the group’s tax filings and other sources, with the rest deriving from powerful corporate sponsors and other sources.

    Meanwhile, in just the last year, the State Department’s PRM and USAID have forked over to the International Organization of Migration $1.4 billion, by far the highest amount on record, according to

    So what’s going on here? Why is the Biden administration so obsessed with using taxpayer dollars to fund a massive influx of illegal immigrants into the country at a time when America already has enough poor people to take care of?

    Is it really the case that the Democrats are working on behalf of strictly humanitarian interests, or is something else at play? When dealing with the world of politics, it’s not a bad idea to think more in terms of power, not compassion.

    In a nutshell, the Biden administration hopes to attract as many illegal immigrants into the country and turn them into loyal voters so Democrats can create a permanent one-party state. And judging by the outstanding numbers, the cynical strategy just might work.

    The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) report for fiscal 2023 shows that the number of non-detained illegal immigrants has surged from 3.7 million in FY 2021 to nearly 4.8 million in FY 2022 and almost 6.2 million in FY 2023, making Joe Biden – in cahoots with faith-based NGOs – the greatest smuggler of human beings in the history of the United States.

  128. Hibernian April 3, 2024 @ 9:19 pm

    As I informed above, there is currently in the Irish State a revolution by increasing percentage of the native working-class, essentially by the “urban” working-class, against:
    a) replacement-of-the-indigenous-people

    b) the-corruption-from-within-the-country
    c) the-corruption-from-without-the-country (essentially Jewry is the source when u investigate properly)

    Probably, the first ever revolution by the “urban” working-class against the ruling elites (“local” elites, & also “external” elites):
    The revolutionaries are not Marxists even though “revolution by the urban working-class” has been the wish of Karl Marx, & the communists since.

    Here are some useful links;


    And, here is example of news from Derek Blighe (leader of “Ireland First” political party):


    x) Mel Gibson was christened Mel to accord with Saint Mel as chosen by Gibson’s mother who grew up in Co. Longford, Irish State, Ireland. Mel Gibson’s mother publicly denied a genocide having occurred upon Jews by Nazi-Germany.

    She countered also by claiming: “There were more Jews immediately after defeat of Germany than before WW-2”

    y) Blighe has yet to realise:
    y_1) Jewry is the “essential external enemy”
    y_2) Jewry has been inside the Irish State acting as an “effective internal enemy”


    Also a “for free” newsprint weekly paid by Gemma Doherty — frequent video interlocutor with E Micbael Jones — from compensation she secured in a defamation case she won in court as plaintiff.

    3) Interview by protagonist-&=citizen-journalist Philip Dwyer of protagonist-&-writer John Waters


    4) Stephen Manning (founder of Integrity-Ireland)


    Very useful website about corruption by;
    Civil Service
    Professional Class


  129. The+Elder+of+Zyklon-B April 3, 2024 @ 9:23 pm

    “The terrible power of the purse” grants the Revelation 3:9 gang vast nation wrecking abilities.

    So highly organized. Such a deal! You can click on countries and regions and get a glimpse into the depth of this attack on Western civilization.

    You can start to see it is a sophisticated, strategic human trafficking bridge into what has now become Jewmerica.

  130. Demosthenes April 3, 2024 @ 10:49 pm


    Amazing coincidence. An icon of St. Luke graces my kitchen countertop. His sermons are standard fare of the site MYSTAGOGY. I seek them each day.

    St. Luke even spoke about the horrific bombing we inflicted on peoples of North Korea- an enduring and to some an endearing practice by us even to this day.

    Across St. Luke on the wall is an icon of another Russian (Carpathian) saint – St. John (Kochurov) of Chicago. He oversaw the building of Holy Trinity (then St. Vladimir) Cathedral a century ago. This most beautiful church is a National Historic Place. St. John is remembered as a proto-martyr of the Bolshevik-Jewish revolution.

    With apologies for late response — tonight was celebrated Presanctified Liturgy followed by lecture and fellowship.

    Next Wednesday Dr. Helen Theodoropoulos is our speaker (St. Andrews GOA, Lenten Lecture Series , Chicago – Zoom) Her interesting biography is at You should join.

    Coincidentally again, she gave an hour lecture in December on St. Luke. To be found at OCAMPR.

    Thank you for prayers. Who can ask for more.

  131. Ted Gorsline April 4, 2024 @ 6:16 am

    @The Englishman

    I see by the internet that Vladimir Zalensky bought Highgrove House from King Charles of England in March. Not sure how credible the story is?

    I believe he now owns estates in England, Miami and Egypt at the very least. American taxpayers are so generous.

    At least you won’t have to go far if you wants to learn how to play the piano.

  132. Mortichai April 4, 2024 @ 9:39 am

    Benny out-Jews Bibi…

    Article reads, “Why did Benny Gantz call for an election – and how will Netanyahu respond? – analysis”

    This is just a variant of the shell game. Swap one Christ killing kike for another to dazzle the goyim.

  133. The+Elder+of+Zyklon-B April 4, 2024 @ 11:47 am

    What the Juden would like to force the American golem military to attack.

  134. The Englishman April 4, 2024 @ 2:20 pm

    @Ted Gorsline

    Was news to me! but then so to many here, if true, who gagged the Guardian, the Telegraph and the rest of the Rat Rags?

    It may be a little premature and risky to wager on short odds.

    A convincing video appeared on my phone a few days ago suggesting that HRH had Pancreatic cancer, had just two years to live, and was busy making plans for his funeral!

    This pecker-playing pianist will need his ill-gotten gains, the “Lads” who will be 59 miles away don’t come cheap, but then, with paying tourists at Highgrove impromptu exhibitions tickling the ivories could be a serious “Hit”.

  135. Ted Gorsline April 4, 2024 @ 3:33 pm

    The American military has coined a term called “collateral damage.”

    It pertains to the killing of small segment of a population by accident.

    There see to be about 13 million jews in a world population of 6 billion people.

    Surely the extermination of jews in every country they inhabit on planet earth can only be considered, by American military, standards, as collateral damage.

  136. KathJuliane April 4, 2024 @ 4:03 pm

    Dear MeMe,

    While I can understand your dismay that Johnson and Ray McGovern have not yet taken up the cause of getting the truer historical revisionist facts on Herr Hitler and as is habitual for 99.6% of Americans to resort to popular rhetoric out of ignorance demonizing him as “Evil Hitler”, that’s no reason why you just stick your fingers in your ears and go “Lalalalalala” refusing to listen to or read the rest of what Johnson has to say, especially when it comes to him making the much greater point that Israel had lawlessly conducted an unprecedented airstrike on the Iranian embassy facility in Damascus, Syria.

    Not to speak for Herr Hitler, but I’ve learned a little about his disciplined character and mentality over the years, and that of the German people through history.

    So, I imagine what Herr Hitler would have done in your place confronted with this. Considering just how exacting a stickler he was when it came to international diplomacy and the time-honored practice of keeping foreign embassies and envoys inviolate to military or other harm, I rather imagine that he would be far more dismayed, horrified, and furiously condemning of the Jewish state’s murderous assault on the Iranian consulate than he would be at Johnson’s rhetoric.

    I imagine that Herr Hitler would have passed over the demeaning slight, as a gentleman would, or take it up in private, and thank Johnson for speaking out on the larger picture of international relations in defense of preserving the immunity of foreign embassies

    If you see something I post from Larry Johnson, in the future, rather than yet responding with another knee jerk reaction to something he says that you don’t like and which may trigger you, then you are perfectly welcome just to scroll on by without reading. No one compels you.

    What does disturb me a little, is the fact that you have prioritized far more concern for a long-dead person’s character rehabilitation and and reputation in the world now, and have made it clear that what you emote about something someone has said that greatly offends you, than you do for the immense suffering of 2 1/2 million people now being tortured, maimed, starved, murdered and genocided live in real time in Gaza by the rogue terror criminal atomic Jewish state of Israel backed up by the equally dangerous rogue and senile great atomic power of Jewmerica.

    Herr Hitler was sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians at the hands of the Jews and the British Mandate occupation, not to mention warning of the growing danger of the cancer of the International Jew. Back in 1939 he saw this coming…


    You need to rearrange your priorities and practice bracketing your own personal emotions about issues and problems, subduing knee-jerk reactions to something which painfully offends your personal sensibilities. That’s what mature people do.

    What do you think Herr Hitler would say about a suffering, screaming Gaza child writhing in pain who was just blasted in yet another Israeli wave of bombing, and has to have their leg amputated on the floor of a damaged, overcrowded hospital, with no electricity and running water, and no anesthesia?

    He and Johnson would be, and are now, speaking the same language, zooming in on the Jewish state’s atrocities.

    First seek to understand, then be understood.

    The Noticing moves on. Because of the Jewish state’s blatant, hubristic insanity proudly murdering Palestinians and destroying their culture, and social media constantly reveals Judeo-Western lies and that of Israel, one by one, people in America, Europe, around the world seeing this and witnessing the lying propaganda being systematically destroyed, ask themselves, “If the Jews are lying about this, what else are they lying about?”

    Some even start the trek down the historical revisionist pathways.

    God bless you.

  137. Magda April 4, 2024 @ 4:23 pm

    Interesting discussion about WCK by Electronic Intifada.

    Why Palestinians don’t trust world Central Kitchen? with Ali Abunimah

  138. KathJuliane April 4, 2024 @ 4:50 pm

    Dear Magda,

    I discovered the other day that Jose Andres is a Spanish-born Sephardi Jew, and an obvious Zionist.

    So, Electronic Intifada is entirely correct in their suspicions that World Central Kitchen is an NGO ally of Israel and the White House working to sabotage and undermine UNRWA.

    Israel’s explanation of “friendly fire” on the WCK convoy tells all.

  139. KathJuliane April 4, 2024 @ 6:45 pm

    Aid Workers TARGETED For Rocket Attack By Isr@el!

    The Jimmy Dore Show | 4 April 2024

    Israel killed seven aid workers operating in Gaza, spurring international outrage. The aid workers hailed from Australia, Britain and the US, among other nations, and were driving in vehicles clearly marked as aid trucks and with the approval of the IDF.

    Now, as a result, other aid organizations are pulling out of Gaza, increasing the likelihood that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians will face starvation in the near future.

    Guest host Russell Dobular and his Due Dissidence co-host Keaton Weiss, along with Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger, discuss the sheer inhumanity of the Israeli government’s willingness to massacre so many Palestinians.
    Max Blumenthal: Netanyahu’s Crimes Against Humanity.

    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom


    Israel’s SHOCKING & BRUTAL Destruction Of Al-Shifa Hospital

    The Jimmy Dore Show

  140. Benzion Kook April 4, 2024 @ 8:42 pm

    The only terrorists are the Jews and their allies, always have been.

    The rest is nothing but upside down, inside out nonsense.

  141. KathJuliane April 4, 2024 @ 9:02 pm

    The Red Heifer ceremony as described in Scripture doesn’t atone for sin, but is sacrificed in an elaborate soap ritual.

    Rabbi story-telling and Jewish kabbalah over the centuries, not to mention the ‘Judeo-Christian zio-evangelicals have inflated it to messianic 3rd Temple/Jewish Antichrist apocalyptic levels.

  142. Rav Mortichai April 5, 2024 @ 2:02 am

    Jews up in arms over video game that parodies what Jews do in real life…

    Article reads, “‘Angry Goy’ video game shows Jews being shot, placed into ovens… shows its white supremacist main character attacking a refugee crisis center, among other disturbing scenes.”

    A refugee crisis center? Image the horror of hurt Jew feels, real in my mind.

    Looks like the game is still out there, PC only:

    They should have named it Angry Jew.

  143. Ted Gorsline April 5, 2024 @ 2:59 am

    Max Blumenthal does appear to be the mythical “good jew.” Judge Napolitano does seem to have found a couple of them.

    He must have turned over alot of rocks. He clearly seeds his show with good jews to keep from being taken off the air. That is fair ball. That way he gets to give us Scott Ritter, Colonel Macgregor, Larry Johnson etc.

    Its better than nothing and nothing is all you get from MSM.

    The only thing that sticks in my craw is the absence of an interview with Dr. Alan Sabrosky and an explanation of how Israel declared war on the USA (almost 3,000 innocents murdered, Canada (160 innocents murdered, and Britan (about 70 innocents murdered) on 9/11.

    Jewish owned media grooming, the depiction of jews as victims, for almost 80 years, has made it almost impossible, for anyone living in the English speaking world to believe such a thing is true.

    Even Scott Ritter, who has undergone a sea change in regards to his perception of Israel, has said he can’t believe the official 9/11 story isn’t true because he can’t believe all those in the US military, who have taken an oath to defend America against all enemies foreign an domestic could stand down and allow it to happen.

    I corresponded with Jim Dean, formerly of Veterans Today and now with The Intel Drop about their very detailed analyses of 9/11 which identifies the jews behind it and he said their explanation has never been challenged by anyone.

    Everyone wants to sweep it under he rug a that in fact is what is happening.

    No one thought or wanted to think the jews were capable of such a stab in the back, but now with jewish genocide taking place in Gaza, their value system in clear to see and time to put 9/11 back on the table.

    The Intel Drops explanation of 9/11 is still available at the Intel Drop under the Gordon Duff files.

    I’d love to see Judge Napolitano interview Gordon Duff although that would be his last interview.

  144. MeMe April 5, 2024 @ 3:32 am


    I won’t go into why I made my previous posts any further as the point was already made and my previous post on the matter denied. However as I said the point was made.

    ” that’s no reason why you just stick your fingers in your ears and go “Lalalalalala” refusing to listen to or read the rest of what Johnson has to say,”

    However that is unfair, I have never said that or done that, nor have I criticized you for the content of your posts, far from it, I hold them in the highest regard normally but you’ve gone a bit ‘wild’ on your assumptions about me.

    The problem I was trying to highlight is the juxtaposition of truth with lies, this is the case of speaking the truth about present day atrocities in Gaza and comparing with the lies painted of the past and WW2. At the very least it puts a question mark over the integrity of the originator. And you may not agree but I see that as undermining the potential for the lie to be seen through, it keeps the lie fresh and it associates it with some truth telling. Do I need to spell that out?

    “What does disturb me a little, is the fact that you have prioritized far more concern for a long-dead person’s character rehabilitation and and reputation in the world now, and have made it clear that what you emote about something someone has said that greatly offends you, than you do for the immense suffering of 2 1/2 million people now being tortured, maimed, starved, murdered and genocided live in real time in Gaza by the rogue terror criminal atomic Jewish state of Israel backed up by the equally dangerous rogue and senile great atomic power of Jewmerica.”

    This is a step too far Kath and I’m surprised that you would make such a scurrilous accusation about someone that has barely posted anything, and I know it has been about that one thing being discussed. Makes no difference, that is only one point of view on one subject. You have no idea that I force myself to see the brutality of what is happening daily in the genocide of Gazans and weep deeply in horror every time! but I forgive you these careless words and my actual maturity remains happily in tact thanks.

    That aside I have the greatest respect for your posts and their illumination (and for you of course), please continue I too learn a great deal from you and look forward to them as do I all the posters here.

  145. The Englishman April 5, 2024 @ 6:05 am

    It has not been the case where Larry Johnson bore severe criticism deserving of Israhell until the consummate, genocidal murder of Palestinian women, children, and babies.

    (How could, Larry, speak in friendly tones in respect of the arch neo-con Paul Wolfowitz, pre-October 7th? Way back he lived close by and taking his children to school ran across him regularly doing likewise.)

    Larry, and associated gallant patriots NOW speak in muted tones regarding Israhell “Defending itself”.

    When I hear Larry & Scott utter venomously regarding the Wehrmacht “Natzis” I muse, should the day come when what are referred to as death camps are proven to have been work camps, that there were NO Zyklon shower units, and the figure 6,000000 loses a “0”, would there be a corresponding change of heart?

    My point being, that the “Real jew news” family are and for the most part have been “jew-wise, yet the brainy internet “go-tos” seem to be late developers.


  146. Ted Gorsline April 5, 2024 @ 12:03 pm

    I agree. The perpetual reference to Hitler as the universal bad guy without any evidence gets a bit old, and the fact that so many well qualified people do it as a knee jerk reaction spoils their otherwise solid and modern information.

    Colonel Macgregor seems to be an astute historian and he too uses Hitler as the Universal bad guy. It would be helpful if he could supply some documentation.

    As for the jews in Israel. They are definitely genocidal as a culture. The worst seem to be the West Bank settlers who come from Brooklyn. Hopefully their identities and crimes are being well documented by the Palestinians so they can be followed back to America and hunted down.

  147. KathJuliane April 5, 2024 @ 2:10 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    Israhell defacto declared war on America on June 8, 1967 with its attack on the USS Liberty.

    Dear The Englishman,

    (How could, Larry, speak in friendly tones in respect of the arch neo-con Paul Wolfowitz, pre-October 7th? Way back he lived close by and taking his children to school ran across him regularly doing likewise.)

    Larry, and associated gallant patriots NOW speak in muted tones regarding Israhell “Defending itself”.

    >I have not heard Larry Johnson say that Israhell has a right to defend itself when he speaks of the Jewish state being a military occupation force, which by definition has no right of self-defense in that it occupies and colonizes another defacto state or political entity (the Palestinian Occupied Territories -PTO- of West Bank and Gaza).

    If it had simply stopped it’s stealth expansion and annexation of the PTO throughout the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, withdrawn the military occupation after the PA was up and running, stayed within the internationally recognized 1967 boundaries, and followed through with the two-state solution, then Israhell would have the right to defend itself–from the aggression of a foreign state.

    Israhell does have the right to protect itself from any form of violence, just as the occupied people, the Palestinians, have the legitimate right to armed resistance against a vicious occupier. Al Qassam and allied Palestinian paramilitaries did launch a military operation against the Southern Gaza Defense Shield, raiding the network of military bases and kibbutsim that form the “Gaza Envelope” blockading Gaza with the intention to obtain hostages, as well as deal a blow to Gaza Defense.

    The Resistance fighters, including some Hamas (or who wore items identifying themselves as such) did commit atrocities against civilians, and there are captured videos as evidence of this.

    This was unfortunately followed by an invasion of Gazans, some smaller militia groups not included in the primary organized resistance operation, some unarmed Gazans deciding to wander around outside to see what it was like and/or looking to loot, and a large share was just an unorganized, opportunistic criminal mob on a rampage which flowed out of the breaches made by the Resistance in the Gaza Wall.

    It was further compounded by the fact that the Resistance had taken out the entire military command, communications, and control structure for the Gaza Defense Shield. All the early IDF’s subsequent counterattacks were initiated by field commanders and troops out of communication with each other alerted by social media, not their now destroyed command, who were basically trying to operate through social media, and resulted in the IDF’s uncontrolled, disorganized, murderous, ad hoc, at will indiscriminate destructive air and ground assaults on civilians at the Nova festival and the kibbutzim, as well as firing hellfire missiles at hundreds of moving civilian vehicles on the presumption that they held Israeli hostages captured by Gazans, justified by field commanders and squad leaders own interpretation and self-initiation of the ‘Hannibal Doctrine’.

    Johnson, Ritter, et al in the VIPS group from the first stated that while the Resistance certainly had the right to attack military and military police installations, when the images first came out of the massively destroyed kibbutzim and casualties within, some of which were later revealed to have had secret IDF military installations embedded within the compounds, and the hundreds of cindered vehicles and their occupants they naturally condemned Hamas for this mass atrocity, until it turned out that at least half of the Israeli massacre casualties were actually due to the IDF itself, and intentionally so.

    Then, when Netanyahu and the IDF began their extreme carpet bombing operations in Northern Gaza at the end of October, and as new facts became available about what really happened during Operation Al Aqsa Flood, they radically began revising their opinions. Whatever atrocities were initially committed by the organized resistance groups or the mobs of Gazans paled in comparison to the IDF’s atrocities under the Hannibal Doctrine and the massive carpet bombing.

    Where do you get the idea that Johnson “speak in friendly tones in respect of the arch neo-con Paul Wolfowitz?”

    Are you jesting, dear friend? I’m not understanding the point behind your reference about Johnson “living close by (presumably close by to Wolfowitz at some point in his life) and taking his children to school ran across him (Wolfowitz) regularly doing likewise (taking his kids to the same school).” I don’t see that as “friendly tones” but merely a neutral statement of a fact which occured at a certain period of time in Johnson’s life.

    Johnson is in his early 70s, and is maybe a grandfather, and even a great-grandfather by now. Presumably, he would have been taking his kids to school while he was living in DC or area while he worked for the CIA as an analyst from 1985 to 1989, and deputy director of the U.S. State Department Office of Counterterrorism from 1989-1993, after which he left for the private sector, moving out of DC area.

    Wolfowitz was born in 1943, was married in 1968. I suppose he could have had a bit of a late start having kids for them to be roughly the same age as Johnson’s to attend the same school. 1983-1986 – Assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs; 1986-1989 – US ambassador to Indonesia. 1989-1993 – Under secretary of defense for policy for the George H. W. Bush administration. He’s about 10 or 12 years older than Johnson.

    Johnson, a deputy director over at State, certainly had had official contact with Wolfowitz (or his office) in the Bush41 White House, and maybe attended meetings and knew each other on sight. But from what you wrote, I get no closer association between the two beyond that of during the late 1980s or early 1990s, Johnson dropped off his children at school, and frequently saw Wolfowitz also drop his own children at school, (because school starts the same for everybody) and maybe they waved at each other like work acquaintances do.

    Without any further context to your comment, I can make no more of this than ‘Oh wow. Two dads acquainted with the other through working for the George H.W. Bush administration lived in the same school district, and Johnson frequently saw Wolfowitz drop his kids off.’

    Johnson was one of the strongest and most vocal critics of Wolfowitz and the Neocons before, during, and after 9/11 leading up to the Iraq War, particularly Wolfowitz & Feith’s ginned up the den of vipers in the Pentagon called the Office of Special Plans which existed from September 2002 to June 2003.

    As charged by then–SecDef Donald Rumsfeld, Neocon extraordinaire, the OSP was specially built to stovepipe fabricated and manipulated “raw intelligence” unvetted by intelligence analysts pertaining to Iraq to senior George W. Bush administration officials.

    The UK/MI6 had a partner operation to the DOD’s OSP named Operation Rockingham. In an interview with the Scottish Sunday Herald some ten years after his and Wolfowitz’s kids attended the same school, “Revealed: the secret cabal which spun for Blair”, Johnson said the OSP was “dangerous for US national security and a threat to world peace.

    Was it an ad hominem personal attack on Wolfowitz? No, he attacked Wolfowitz as a White House official on a policy level. Johnson attacked an official, secret, opaque, unaccountable Pentagon nest of Neocon warhawks and its murderous and destructive war policies towards Iraq. Wolfowitz was defacto included in the attack on the Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz-Feith created OSP.

    Johnson has long hated Neocons, whether they are Jews or Goys.

    From the Sunday Herald, 8 June 2003:

    “The existence of Operation Rockingham has been confirmed by Scott Ritter, the former UN chief weapons inspector, and a US military intelligence officer.

    “He knew members of the Operation Rockingham team and described the unit as ‘dangerous’, but insisted they were not ‘rogue agents’ acting without government backing. ‘This policy was coming from the very highest levels,’ he added.

    “‘Rockingham was spinning reports and emphasizing reports that showed non-compliance (by Iraq with UN inspections) and quashing those which showed compliance. It was cherry-picking intelligence.’

    “Ritter and other intelligence sources say Operation Rockingham and MI6 were supplying skewed information to the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) which, Tony Blair has told the Commons, was behind the intelligence dossiers that the government published to convince the parliament and the people of the necessity of war against Iraq.

    “Sources in both the British and US intelligence community are now equating the JIC with the Office of Special Plans (OSP) in the US Pentagon. The OSP was set up by Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to gather intelligence which would prove the case for war.

    “In a staggering attack on the OSP, former CIA officer Larry Johnson told the Sunday Herald the OSP was ‘dangerous for US national security and a threat to world peace’, adding that it ‘lied and manipulated intelligence to further its agenda of removing Saddam’.

    He added: ‘It’s a group of ideologues with pre-determined notions of truth and reality. They take bits of intelligence to support their agenda and ignore anything contrary. They should be eliminated.’

    Johnson said that to describe Saddam as an ‘imminent threat’ to the West was ‘laughable and idiotic’. He said many CIA officers were in ‘great distress’ over the way intelligence had been treated. ‘We’ve entered the world of George Orwell,’ Johnson added. ‘I’m disgusted. The truth has to be told. We can’t allow our leaders to use bogus information to justify war.’

    That was in 2003.

  148. The Englishman April 5, 2024 @ 3:00 pm

    Larry is having a purge, so much so he will kill the tremendous ground-swell of intelligent discourse Sonar21 has generated.

    He is determined not to upset his jew “friends” it would seem. Like Colonel Doug Macgregor future ambitions could be in jeopardy were they to do so.

    The belief expressed that “Jews are not inherently evil. Nor are Muslims. Nor are Christians. Nor are Buddhists.”

    Tell any residents of the latter three Religions residing in the West Bank that “Jews are not inherently evil” would universally result in disbelief.

  149. Lampshade April 5, 2024 @ 3:15 pm


    Thanks for the info about that new video game.

    I see several commentors requesting a download link. I wonder if the the game offers making soap and lampshades, too. How deplorable that in the 1973 movie “Soylent Green” they were even turning the talented actor, Edward G. Robinson into Soylent Green, too.

  150. Rabbi Glickman April 5, 2024 @ 3:36 pm

    Oy, Rav Mortichai… I see you haven’t been Holocausted yet. This is good.

    As it so happens, I remember the video game, “Angry Goy”. I won the Eli Wiesel Award for Outstanding Duplicity for my work developing it. L’chaim!

    The ovens were my idea! Well, it’s a trick. We always use it.

  151. Rav Mortichai April 5, 2024 @ 6:57 pm

    Shalom Rabbi Glickman,

    Good to hear da goyim haven’t found you. It’s always wise to have your whistle.

    Shalom Lampshade,

    The download link is on archive, I haven’t tried it.

    Time for a song…

    Jew York, by Frankel Sinatrasteinberg

    Start spreading the Jews,
    They’ve worn out their stay,
    It’s time to flee the goys again,
    Jew York, Jew York

    Those vagabond Jews,
    They’re going away,
    They’re schlepping through the heart of it,
    Jew York, Jew York

    They want to occupy a city,
    Where the goys are ripe to fleece,
    It’s up to you, Jew York, Jew York

    Band plays… oy oy oy vey oy oy oy vey etc…

  152. Steve April 5, 2024 @ 7:05 pm

    Any comments on the sacrifice of the red heifers?

    Perhaps an excuse for the removal of the Dome of the Rock.

    Won’t THAT be something!

  153. The Pipsqueak. April 5, 2024 @ 7:52 pm

    Red Heifer, he is no Jedi.

  154. KathJuliane April 5, 2024 @ 9:54 pm


    SONAR21-Larry Johnson | 5 April 2024

    Iran experienced a new wave of Western-backed terrorist attacks in Baluchistan — i.e., the area in southeast Iran that borders Pakistan and Afghanistan. Not a great neighborhood. U.S. intelligence has had ties to Baluchis for at least 50 years, if not more.

    I know from a friend who was involved in the failed 1980 attempt to rescue U.S. diplomats being held hostage by Iranian students in Tehran (i.e., Operation Eagle Claw) that intelligence on Iran was passed to the United States by a genuine rug merchant who had relatives in Bethesda, Maryland.

    Written reports were hidden in rolled up carpets and received by U.S. Intelligence at the rug store in Bethesda. Real life is better than fiction.

    The latest attacks come within two days of Israel’s bombing of Iran’s Consulate in Damascus Syria.

    The fighting erupted overnight in Sistan and Baluchistan province when gunmen opened fire on Revolutionary Guard posts in Rask and Sarbaz towns and a coast guard station in Chahbahar city, some 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) southeast of the capital, Tehran, the agency said.

    The gunmen took several civilians hostage at two sites and some of the assailants wore suicide vests, state TV reported. Shootouts ensued before security forces gained control of the three areas.

    The 10 security forces killed included six members of the Revolutionary Guard and its affiliated troops, two policemen and two members of coast guard, state TV said. At least 10 others were injured, some of them in serious condition, it said.

    State media blamed the militant group Jaish al-Adl, which allegedly seeks greater rights for the ethnic Baluch minority. No group claimed responsibility.

    I suspect that Iran chalks this up as one more piece of evidence that the West is at war with Iran. Israel is nervously awaiting Iran’s retaliation:

    The CIA informed Israel that Iran will attack the Jewish state in the next 48 hours, writes the correspondent of the 14th channel of the Israeli TV. “The scenarios refer to a combined attack by a swarm of drones and cruise missiles that will be launched directly from Iran from strategic facilities.”

    That turned out to be a bogus warning. Nothing happened — yet. I do not think Iran will launch an attack on an Israeli embassy or consulate because they would then stand guilty of the very thing they are protesting.

    My guess is that Iran will work with Hezbollah to deliver a major blow to an Israeli military unit or outpost in Israel. They also may give Shia groups in Iraq and Syria the green light to hit Israeli interests in Kurdistan.

    Israel will be making a serious mistake if it interprets Iranian patience with weakness or fear. Iranian leaders are playing a much smarter game now that they have Russia and China in their camp.

    Turning to Ukraine, I am reposting the latest from MARAT KHAIRULLIN’s Telegram channel. This is the translation. I think Marat understands that Russia is in no hurry to lash out blindly at Ukraine. Grind, grind, grind is the preferred Russian option:

    “Why don’t Ukrainians give up? From great intelligence or stupidity…

    The main argument of Ukrainian propaganda, which in their opinion justifies the army’s failures at the front — yes, there are no victories — but the Armed Forces of Ukraine are still standing.

    No matter what crap Russia puts on the Ukrainians, they wipe off valiantly and stand! Well, what can you do with such fighters – that’s why (ha ha) the Muscovites stand as if we were up to our necks in feces.

    Here we must clearly understand: such Ukrainians propaganda arguments do not come from a great mind, but from a very great poverty of gray matter. And the Russian leadership skillfully uses this, happily playing cat and mouse with the enemy. How? I’ll say more about this below. In the meantime, let’s figure out why the stubbornness of Ukrainians is very stupid.

    The first is, of course, the question of consequences. Nazi Germany resisted to the last: in 1945 it sent even teenagers to the front, but stubbornly did not give up. In the end, she still suffered a crushing defeat. And the consequences were thousands of times worse than if Germany had backed down even a year earlier.

    According to competent people, already in 1943 it was clear that Germany had lost. But she continued to stubbornly resist. And in the end it got to the point where the German people, as a nation, were actually put through a meat grinder.

    Here’s another example for you. The remarkable political scientist and historian Oleg Matveychev has an impressive lecture. The province of Judea was at one time the most rebellious in the Roman Empire.

    Although there was no particular imperial oppression here, the people stubbornly and, by the way, rebelled very cruelly. As a result, he rebelled to the point that everyone was evicted. And the Jewish people lost their statehood for many centuries, although they could have developed very well under the shadow of a great empire.

    The funny thing is that Matveychev released this lecture on the eve of the events in Gaza. That is, we can assume that the great Jewish people never made any conclusions from their own history…

    The problem with the Ukrop mentality is that they do not understand the value of defeats. The biggest lessons are learned from one’s own failure. There are no victories without defeats – and this is the path of wisdom.

    There are naturally very smart people who have never suffered defeat, but there are no true sages who have not gone through the bitterness of defeat.

    Agree, you and I, as adequate people, clearly see the difference between intelligence and wisdom. You can have a lot of intelligence and be considered an outright fool. This is what we see now in the Middle East and in Ukrainians.

    There is no valor or glory in such stupidity. The longer you resist, the worse the consequences will be for you. Russia Ukrainians from the very beginning offered chocolate conditions of coexistence.

    We initially very respectfully called Ukropov “brotherly people.” But they proudly rejected the profitable economy of peaceful life and our respect, and instead jumped on the Maidan.

    As a result, hundreds of them are now being destroyed every day, and the country is plunging deeper and deeper into chaos and destruction. And now the crests have only one pride left – that they don’t care about all this. But what pride is there in this? It’s just stupidity!

    Therefore, when they write to me that I treat my opponent too humiliatingly, I can say one thing: why respect him? Because he does not draw obvious conclusions from his incredible defeats!?

    And now I’ll tell you why the stubbornness of Ukrainians is very beneficial for Russia. (The Ukrainians don’t even have the intelligence to understand how many unexpected benefits our country is getting from this confrontation). Let’s count:

    The Russian economy began to grow
    The spirit of the nation has been reborn
    The West fell

    International authority has grown significantly, especially among the human majority of the planet. Even deep America began to respect us, when did this happen? And we began to earn more from oil. Here’s a paradox: they began to produce less, but net profit increased by one and a half times. Well, wow, sanctions.

    In general, it is beneficial for us to fight this way. Therefore, ukry, even for these reasons, you urgently need to demand negotiations on any terms.”

    Here is today’s roundtable with the Judge. We discuss the possible U.S. role in the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack and the Israeli Occupation Force murder of World Central Kitchen workers.

  155. MeMe April 6, 2024 @ 12:06 am


    “(How could, Larry, speak in friendly tones in respect of the arch neo-con Paul Wolfowitz, pre-October 7th? Way back he lived close by and taking his children to school ran across him regularly doing likewise.)”

    I remember this but not which broadcast it was on, IIRC it was on LJ’s own site. And I happen to agree with your perception of that narrative. Although it seems entirely innocent, in my suspicious mind I had to question what I was being fed. The narrative basically painted Wolfowicz as no more than a simple ordinary everyday human being dad, taking his kids to school which superficially is true, but is not an accurate assessment or picture of one who should be tried for crimes against humanity. So I got the sense of tacit approval for Wolfowicz.
    Propaganda works best at very subtle levels that are closest to the truth and why it is so dangerous. We only have to look today at the great sea of mankind’s blind willingness to do the stupidest self-harm like mask wearing.

    The reason I value this site so highly is my respect for BN+s honesty and integrity and courage in standing by it. We are only as good as our word is honourable and nothing less than that is acceptable.

  156. Citizenfitz April 6, 2024 @ 8:06 am

    The Daily Wire continues to hemorrhage subscribers after the Candace Owens kerfuffle. Seems like being called “antisemitic” doesn’t pack the punch it once did.

    Organized jewry/the synagogue of satan is losing the plot. The little jews should be concerned how the big jews are leading them into yet another pogrom. Same as it ever was.

    Christus rex est!

  157. Mort April 6, 2024 @ 9:19 am

    How to make enemies and influence goyim, by Bibi
    Jews continue to alienate their neighbors.

    Article reads, “Hezbollah and IDF trade fire, Gaza hostage murdered in captivity”

  158. KathJuliane April 6, 2024 @ 9:23 am

    Interesting bit of Iranian geopolitics -Kj

    Tensions run high as parts of Muslim world marks Quds Day

    CNN | 5 April 2024

    Quds day was created in 1979 by Iran to show support for the Palestinian cause, this year it holds more weight than before as Johns Hopkins University Professor Vali Nasr explains.


    Alan Sabrosky on US Collapse, Zionism, Gaza, and the Uniparty

    APR 06, 2024


    Nick Fuentes did a pretty good monologue on the Red Heifer Soap Ritual from a traditional Christian point of view.

  159. KathJuliane April 6, 2024 @ 12:10 pm


    Please explain where Johnson is lying about current events and the Palestinian genocide going on before our very eyes.

    Concerning the Palestinian Question, I, myself, am sorely disappointed that Johnson didn’t use the grotesque monster Churchill or his ‘Black & Tans’ instead of ‘Nazis’ for his rhetorical metaphor for consummate evil.

    On the other hand, if Johnson was to use ‘Black & Tans’ instead of “Nazis” as a metaphor for what’s going on in Palestine, nobody but the Irish and Palestinians would know what it means, even though ‘Black & Tans’ is much, much more intimately involved in Palestinian history thanks to Colonial Secretary Churchill than NS Germany ever was.

    The Balfour Declaration’s purpose for His Majesty’s Government was to form a “little loyal Jewish Ulster in a sea of potentially hostile Arabism”, according to the memoirs of Ronald Storrs, “the first military governor of Jerusalem since Pontius Pilate” (his words).

    After all, under the Zionist British Mandate for Palestine, to suppress and control the resisting Palestinian Arabs in favor of the Jews, the police brigades of the Black & Tans taught the Commie-Zionist Nationalist Jewish terror gangs everything about organized state terror learned in Ireland to cap what some of the Polish-Ukrainian Jews had already learned in the way of Bolshevik revolutionary terror.

    After the Irish defeated the British Empire in 1922, the Black & Tans passed on their traditions of terrorizing, murdering, assassinating, rounding up, imprisoning and torturing the Irish, terror bombing and blowing up and burning their homes and defiling their fields, polluting water sources, slaughtering their livestock, destroying infrastructure, to the Zionist Jewish terrorists after arming and outfitting them.

    In 1939, this is what Herr Hitler’s speech about the Palestinians was about.

    Not everything went to plan: the Jewish Nationalist (Zionist) movement fell out with and, in the case of two groups, waged a campaign of guerilla warfare against Britain in the 1940s.

    On 1 February 1944, while WWII was still raging, Vladimire Zeev Jabontinsky’s ideological protege, Irgun Zva’i Leumi (IZL), the dissident underground force led by Menahem Begin, issued ‘The Proclamation of the Revolt” against British rule in Palestine.

    The call to action included a demand that rule over Palestine should immediately be tranferred to a provisional Hebrew government. The proclamation was shortly followed by Irgun attacks against the British government immigration offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa.

    In their wake came almost four years of armed struggle and terrorism against British rule in Palestine, the imprisonment of hundreds of Irgun fighters, the expulsion by the British of underground members to prison camps in Africa, and the gallows executions of Irgun terrorists sentenced to death in British courts.

    The Irgun’s terrorist war against the British and the Arab establishment under the Mandate finally led to Britain’s decision to relinquish the mandate over Palestine granted it by the League of Nations and the evacuation of its forces from there on 15 May 1948–the day of the proclamation of the terrorist Jewish State, Israel.

    At the time of Jabotinsky’s death in 1940 the main areas of support for the Zionist Revisionist movement that he had founded and led, as well as the reservoir of recruits for the Irgun in Eastern Europe, had been destroyed by the German conquest of western Poland and the Soviet occupation of eastern Poland and the Baltic countries.

    It was around this time that a small group of Irgun emissaries, led by Lithuanian Jew Hillel Kook, Revisionist Zionist activist and politician, aka ‘David Bergson’ came to America on a mission to mobilize support for the Irgun from the American Jewish community and its leadership, only to find themselves essentially cut off from their home base and leaderless, faced with the challenge of how to fulfill the task they had been assigned by their Irgun superiors in British Mandate Palestine.

    Most of the leadership of the American Zionist movement backed the Zionist establishment in Palestine that was fiercely opposed to the Irgun’s war against the British there.

    Irgun’s East European Jewish emissaries, many of whom had to master the English language before they could become active, burst on the scene with the front of ‘the Bergson Boys’ and with a single-minded devotion to their cause, and in short order, despite the opposition of the American Jewish and Zionist establishment, succeeded in attaining unparalleled influence in many circles of American society, including Hollywood, Broadway, and Madison Avenue advertising, as well as in the US administration and Congress.

    Conducting a massive, multi-faceted PR and lobby series of campaigns in America, the ‘Bergson Boys’ in league with Hollywood and Broadway Jews, mobilized public support through fund-raising rallies, cinema, and public extravaganzas. Their first campaign was for the establishment of a Jewish army to fight Hitler on the side of the Allies, a campaign that contributed to the eventual establishment of the Jewish Brigade that fought the German army in Italy.

    Thereafter, they launched another propaganda/PR campaigned to arouse US public opinion against the ‘tragic fate of European Jewry’, a campaign that resulted toward the end of the war in the establishment by the US government of the War Refugee Board.

    After founding a series of pro-Zionist and rescue organizations, the Bergson Boys initiated a new form of fundraising that used the media to turn the spotlight on their activities, gaining adherents and supporters from both ends of the political and social spectrum.

    A guiding force behind the creation of the War Refugee Board, the Bergson Boys served as a beacon for contemporary Zionist militancy while ultimately laying the groundwork for other organizations to utilize the media in future political campaigns.

    Finally, through the American League for a Free Palestine and the Hebrew Committee of National Liberation, they mobilied American political and financial support for the struggle of the underground Irgun against British rule in Palestine.

    Their success in lobbying for their cause in Washington, in arousing public support for the Jewish struggle for Palestine over the Arabs and turning American public opinion against the British, in raising massive funds and arms for “the Jewish struggle’ really does stand as a unique achievement of a handful of talented and devious men, strangers to the US, obsessively devoted to the Irgun terrorist cause. Their contribution to the victory of the Jewish underground over British occupation in Palestine and to the establishment of the State of Isrel in May 1948 was significant.

    Long before the protest movements of the 1950s and 1960s, members of the Bergson Boys learned the art of courting the media in order to bring word of their existence to every part of the United States.

    Having energized politicians, gangsters, Hollywood moguls, and ultra-Orthodox rabbis, capturing the romantic imagination of ordinary Americans enthralled with any David vs. Goliath propaganda, the handful of young men taught other Zionist and American-Jewish groups not only how the media was the message but how it could and should be used.

    Ironically, one of the Irgun’s propaganda front’s main talking points designed to change American public opinion pivoted on denouncing the ‘Black and Tan tendencies’ of the British administration.

    These are the very the same ‘Black & Tan traditions’ the Zionist terrorist Jews had recieved to begin with when they were being trained as part of the Palestinian Mandate police forces before they turned on Britain in 1944 using the same ‘Black and Tan traditions’, and who then became the IDF.

    That worked out well, didn’t it?

    On May 14th, 1948, British rule in Palestine came to an end; Israel declared itself a state that same day. The transition was marked in a low-key ceremony at which Alan Cunningham, the last British high commissioner in Jerusalem, inspected a colour party.

    Cunningham had been in charge during the mass expulsion of Palestinians by Zionist forces, an episode called the Nakba or catastrophe. The British authorities chose not to intervene.

    Zionism is Hertzl’s term coined for Jewish Nationalism, intending to make it more political and moving it away from its long historical and religious association.

    “Zionist Nationalists” is what the Right Zionist Jews (out of which the ultra-Zionist religious Jews have emerged) have sometimes referred to themselves as, as synonym for Jewish nationalists, particularly Revisionist Zionists under Jabotinsky.

    He admired both Mussolini & Fascism and drew inspiration for his own Revisionist Zionist Nationalism from German National Socialism.

    The Black & Tans trained Jewish terrorists, like the Irgun & Stern gangs, who then turned on Britain in Palestine.

    For eight decades the IDF has carried out the ‘Black and Tan’ traditions against the Palestinian people.

    There are “Nazis” and there are “Nazis”.

    The current patriotic slogans of the Ukrainian Nationalists (Ukronatsis) is ‘Slava Ukraini; Slava Natsii; Heroyam slava’: Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Nation, Glory to the Heroes.

    The phrase “Glory to Ukraine” was actively spread in the 1940s and the CIA-backed 1950s in both ‘the Native Land’ and the Ukronatsi diaspora during the terrorist Ukrainian insurgent movement which murdered tens of thousands of Poles, Russians, Communist “Muscovite” Jews (Ukrainian Jews were acceptable, and some even belonged to the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists), and even sometimes the German occupiers during the war.

    In the meantime, figure out this Russian realist cinematic parable titled the ‘The Priest’ (Pop) with English subtitles.

    It is the historical drama of the history of the little known Pskov Orthodox Mission during World War II under the German Wehrmacht occupation during Operation Barbarossa. The main character, Russian Orthodox priest Father Alexander Ionin is based on the prototype of the late Father Alexiy Ionov, a real member of Pskov Orthodox mission, from his writings and diaries.

    Father Alexiy Ionov reposed in California in 1977.

    Contemplate this fact. At the same time as the Pskov Orthodox Mission under Wermacht occupation, in the larger historical background, the siege of Leningrad was a prolonged military siege (alternatively a genocide aimed blockade depending on the definition), both under the military government of Group Army North.

    Poaching excerpts from Wikipedia, their facts are fundamentally historically correct.

    For the sake of full disclosure, my late husband was a Russian national, born in Leningrad, whose mother and father both barely survived the Siege. I heard quite a bit from Petr about Leningrad, the Hero City’s suffering, the people’s struggles to survive, and finally triumph.

    As it was, his father lost his entire first family during the Siege; married to his second wife after the war, she died giving birth to my late husband due to frail health caused by starvation that she never recovered from. He never knew his mother, nor I my mother-in-law.

    His father, a reserve defender of the Hero City of Leningrad at the age of 48 when the siege was lifted, was wounded multiple times. After the war, he remarried late in life to start a new family, died in the 1980s when Petr was just in his 30s. And so, I didn’t get to meet my late father-in-law either.

    I have only two degrees of separation from the Siege of Leningrad.

    What is considered the most lethal siege in the history of civilization was [begin excerpts] “undertaken by the Axis powers and co-belligerent Finland against the Soviet city of Leningrad (present-day Saint Petersburg) on the Eastern Front of World War II. Germany’s Army Group North advanced from the south, while the German-allied Finnish army invaded from the north and completed the ring around the city.

    The two-and-a-half-year siege caused the greatest destruction and the largest loss of life ever known in a modern city. On Hitler’s direct orders the Wehrmacht looted and then destroyed most of the imperial palaces, such as the Catherine Palace, Peterhof Palace, Ropsha, Strelna, Gatchina, and other historic landmarks located outside the city’s defensive perimeter, with many art collections transported to Germany. A number of factories, schools, hospitals and other civil infrastructure were destroyed by air raids and long range artillery bombardment.

    The 872 days of the siege caused extreme famine in the Leningrad region through disruption of utilities, water, energy and food supplies. This resulted in the deaths of up to 1,500,000 soldiers and civilians and the evacuation of 1,400,000 more (mainly women and children), many of whom died during evacuation due to starvation and bombardment.

    According to journalist Harrison E. Salisbury on the death toll of the siege, “A total for Leningrad and vicinity of something over 1,000,000 deaths attributable to hunger, and an over-all total of deaths, civilian and military, on the order of 1,300,000 to 1,500,000 seems reasonable.”

    According to military historian David M. Glantz, “the number of soldiers and civilians who perished during the Battle for Leningrad amounted to the awesome total of between 1.6 and two million souls. These figures associated with the defence of a single city are six times greater than the United States’ total death toll during the entirety of World War II” and that “In terms of drama, symbolism and sheer human suffering, however, the Battle for Leningrad has no peer either in the Great Patriotic War or in any other modern war”.

    Military historian Victor Davis Hanson further affirmed that “Leningrad was civilization’s most lethal siege” and that “More than one million died at Leningrad amid mass starvation, epidemic, cannibalism and daily barrages—a greater death toll than any siege in history”.

    Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery in Leningrad holds half a million civilian victims of the siege alone. Economic destruction and human losses in Leningrad on both sides exceeded those of the Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of Moscow, or the bombing of Tokyo. The siege of Leningrad ranks as the most lethal siege in world history, and some historians speak of the siege operations in terms of genocide, as a “racially motivated starvation policy” that became an integral part of the unprecedented German war of extermination against populations of the Soviet Union generally.” [End excerpts].

    Hitler ordered this.

    Gaza, for me, is Leningrad all over again. After my late husband passed away, I studied the catastrophic history of the Siege of Leningrad. I shed Leningrad tears for Gaza.

    But, I pray, and I’m certain that Gaza and the Palestinian Resistance will eventually triumph.

    Christ in the rubble. Glory to God for all things.

    “All nationalism is either redemptive or destructive, according to whether or not it is animated by Christian faith.”–Fr. Dumitru Staniloae

    Have a nice day.

  160. Rabbi Glickman April 6, 2024 @ 12:55 pm

    Oy gevalt! The Second Temple… vaporized! The Levitic Priesthood… annihilated! The genealogies… obliterated! Six million Jews… MURDERED!

    What can one one poor, humble rabbi by himself do, you ask?

    Plenty! And with your help we can avenge ourselves on the descendants of the Romans!

    Please, send your desperately needed shekels to: THErabbiglickman/

    Let’s put an end to the oldest hate once and for all!

  161. The Englishman April 6, 2024 @ 2:37 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Be assured where you are concerned I am not a winder-upper.

    I do not jest at the expense of exceptional men. Mr Johnson did quite a while ago mention Wolfowich as being what I said, local to him, on the school run and by what he said was an acquaintance of his. This provoked a response from Moi, The Pseudonym Diamas could verify it.

    +BN has emphasized time and again, the “collectivity” of jews, yes, there is Aron M. and Max B., but they are rare!

    The Three Just Men (plus one) need to name the destroyers. But they won’t. Not until they can recognise a Ben Ford before they turn their backs.


  162. KathJuliane April 6, 2024 @ 2:44 pm

    Trojan Horse In Our Midst: Time To Ban Dual Citizenship in US?


    Hossein Askari
    21st Century Wire

    Before 1967, U.S. citizens could not simultaneously be citizens of another country. This statute that “a person, who is a national of the United States, whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voting in a political election in a foreign state,” was overturned by a Supreme Court decision.

    The case was brought by a U.S. citizen who had voted in an Israeli election and had been denied a new U.S. passport when the old passport expired. Since 1967, under the new law, a U.S. citizen assuming foreign citizenship is under no obligation to renounce his or her U.S. citizenship and a new U.S. citizen is not obliged to renounce his or her citizenship(s) in other countries.

    The pros and cons of dual citizenship for the individual are very different from those for the United States as a country. For the individual, it is a cost benefit analysis focused on personal issues such as family ties, freedom of movement, safety, military service obligation and taxes (income, property and estate), but for the United States the country, the issues could be more pervasive and ominous—U.S. national security, the undermining of U.S. foreign policy, the spreading of misinformation and conspiracy theories, the pollution of the electoral system, the demand for aid to foreign countries—all issues in need of careful examination.

    While the exact number of dual nationals is hard to pinpoint, the number is clearly significant and rising: “A 2017 study by the Pew Research Center estimated that 6.8 million US adults have dual citizenship, roughly 3% of the adult population.” Is this a national security issue for the United States? Does it affect the conduct of U.S. foreign policy? Does it pose a financial and social burden on the United States?

    In the last thirty or so years the U.S. has been entangled—either with boots on the ground, or with military or financial support—in a number of countries, including but not limited to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine and Israel.

    Given the multitude of conflicts with direct and indirect U.S. involvement, isn’t the large number of U.S. citizens with dual citizenship a problem for America? Don’t they lead to favoring foreign interests over America’s national needs? Today, the conflict on most American minds is the war in Gaza. Focusing on this ongoing war and our relationship with Israel allows us to look into the issues that could arise for the United States.

    Does the large number of U.S. citizens who simultaneously hold Israeli citizenship benefit or harm the United States?

    The national security interests of the United States are never 100 percent in lockstep with any other country at all times. In the case of Israel, three incidents illustrate this point—when American national interests have been outrageously compromised and hurt because of support for Israel.

    Full story:

  163. The Englishman April 6, 2024 @ 3:10 pm


    Stand your ground, Lad, Our Queen Boudica II is taking no prisoners.

    Me think she has a schoolgirl crush on Jonsey!

  164. KathJuliane April 6, 2024 @ 4:28 pm

    Dear The Englishman,


    Point me in the direction of the Roman invaders!

  165. Rav Mortichai April 6, 2024 @ 5:21 pm

    Play through of Bad Goy 2 video game…

    Oy vey, dis game reminds me of all those shoes file up so high, the horror.

  166. KathJuliane April 6, 2024 @ 7:27 pm

    Lord Bebo

    WTF are the Israeli soldiers doing in Gaza?

  167. KathJuliane April 6, 2024 @ 7:37 pm

    A. Westgate

    Orthodox images that go hard (Serbians stopping a gay pride parade)

  168. KathJuliane April 6, 2024 @ 7:43 pm

    Does this week mark a turning point for Israel and its allies? | Inside Story

    Al Jazeera | 6 April 2024

    The sharpest criticism yet of Israel’s actions in Gaza among its allies – with even the U.S. joining the global chorus of condemnation.

    After more than 33,000 Palestinian deaths, Israel’s killing of seven international aid workers has triggered the west’s most furious response to date.
    So how have events this week affected Israel’s international standing?

    Presenter: James Bays


    Nour Odeh, Palestinian political analyst.

    Gideon Levy, columnist for Haaretz newspaper in Tel Aviv.

    Chris Doyle, director at the Council for Arab-British Understanding in London.

  169. Citizenfitz April 6, 2024 @ 10:30 pm

    Decline and Fall: Ancient Rome’s Cautionary Tales for Modern America

    I tried to read The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire when I was fourteen, but it was beyond my grasp. I do recall though how the Italians welcomed Alaric as a liberator from their Roman tax masters….

    For its part America does seem to check a lot of boxes regarding Identity Babylon. Even libs are growing nervous about the near future. For my part I hope to live long enough to see the reality they’ve spent their lives attacking come crashing down on them.

    Planet Babylon:

  170. MeMe April 7, 2024 @ 12:18 am

    Dear @Englishman, thanks for the laugh. Methinks you may be onto something! lol.

    Boy I needed that laughter after almost drowning in a tsunami of text. In future I will have to remind myself of the old adage, “careful what you wish…”

    it seems you have just got the wrong idea of what my intent was. It was not to attempt to defend the reputation of Adolph Hitler, although someone ought. He tried and sadly failed to save the world from Bolshevism, and now we have the world we are in. Sadly his decency prevented him from using gas during a time of the war when it almost certainly would have led to his victory (ok, that’s debatable).

    No, my point was aimed at Johnson and a criticism (note, not of you) of his WW2 propaganda references is just as others have seen and commented on this board. I wasn’t even aiming any criticism at you for posting his content, I was purely aiming at the use of propaganda of WW2 and I will always have a problem with that. Clearly the Englishman understands what I was getting at.

    And finally in my defence, if you remember, my first post here was the one of which you joyfully received, with a ‘oh wow’ response to

    Arab League Shocks the World, Humiliates Israel At ICJ!

    I’m a septuagenarian who has paid attention and questioned and spoken out for most of his life and suffered the consequences in the process. My use of S’s and C’s should be a clue as to where and core cultural values.

  171. MeMe April 7, 2024 @ 3:21 am

    Did Israel have the right to defend itself on Oct 7th?

    does someone have the right to defend themselves when it is against self-defence?

    At this point in time, in terms of ‘Gods or Universal Law’ and as history and the present shows us, Israel does not obey international law. This means that Israel is out-side of the Law, as in an OUTLAW.

    OUTLAWS have no rights within the Law, period, which means no right to protection normally available.

    Israel’s continuous incarceration and oppressive violence against the palestinians in Gaza is a constant violent attack.

    it is not self-defence when you attack first.

  172. Mortichai April 7, 2024 @ 5:32 am

    Jews play Angry Jew for real in the streets of Tel Aviv…

    Article reads, “Car rams protesters, injuring 5, as large crowds in Tel Aviv demand hostage deal.”

    Jews don’t mess around. One thing about being The Chosen is, you get to murder anyone that crosses you cause your enemies aren’t even humans, including other Jews.

  173. Ted Gorsline April 7, 2024 @ 6:29 am

    I am beginning to think the Western world is run entirely by degenerates chosen by jewish private bankers and put in place by jewish media and money.

    Trudeau, Macron, Zalensky, and Tony Blinken all seem to have been drama students or teachers. For some creepy reason Trudeau lost his teaching position.

    Macron and Barack Obama seem to be married to men, and in Macron’s case one who is at least 15 years his senior. Very odd but the Rothschild family, whom he worked for, did not seem to mind.

    Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre was gay and his main lover was Michael Pitfied which drove his wife to rock bands like the Rolling Stones and Studio 54 in New York where she could hook up with stray men.

    Allegedly Justin Trudeau is having an affair with a black guy at the Four Seasons hotel in Toronto which is perhaps why his wife just left him.

    The late Bob Reguly once told me Pierre Trudeau was once head of the Communist Party of Canada and was drummed out of the Canadian army for homosexual behavior.

    Britain’s Prime Minister Ted Heath was a child molester.

    There just don’t seem to be any normal people in leadership roles in the west or in NATO.

    No wonder the Russians are winning.

  174. Mort April 7, 2024 @ 11:11 am

    Germans responsible again for genocide.

    Only this time, Germans helped Jews commit genocide. Germans expected to pay endless reparations to Jews and for the actions of Jews. Tiny mustache man not happy with outcome.

    Article reads, “Historic irony: Germany is being sued over genocide complicity for helping Israel.”

    Lesson learned: With Jews, you lose.

  175. P.A.Semi April 7, 2024 @ 12:01 pm

    The Red Heifer ritual is a very sinister event!

    It is ultimately related to Noahide Laws, which were prepared and enacted in advance, but these should start to be applied only when their “Kind Messiah” (Moloch Messiah) will be proclaimed… They will annoint just anyone, perhaps like Netanyahu – or is there anyone even worse?, whose task will be to enforce the Noahide Laws, which prescribe killing of all Christians, and all Materialists (Epicureans)…

    These Noahide Laws are based on an utter Lie, that it should come from Gn2:16 – which is obviously false, and a Fraud, because they replaced original “Servants of Stars” – the jewish and muslim and communist and the like, and worship of culture “Stars”, later replaced it by “Foreign Service” – the treason of dual loyalty like AIPAC and those who lick their feet, but they instead replaced it with “Idolatry” by which they mean foremost “Christians”…

    So pay attention, who will be “sacrificing” that “red cow”, because that is who they are proclaiming to be their “Moloch Messiah” (King Messiah), tasked with their revenge, exterminating Christians and Materialists, using sinister Noahide Laws…

    See with detailed quotations from Talmud book Sanhedrin, written at times of C*vid, but it will apply similarly at present…

    Also to note, that they are now planing their unholy red-cow ritual at the date of symbolic X strike-out of USA, which is not a random coincidence, but they are sending a “message” by this kind of Symbol…
    (While instead at the precise center date between the two Eclipses, 2020-12-14, American Democracy has died, when Electoral College approved of the Abaddon’s Fraud… That is or should be foremost the meaning of that X symbol over USA… But the perfidious jews may want to reuse that X symbol for their unholy Moloch acts…)

    And it is quite sad the American Christians are blindly worshiping that Synagogue of Satan, even looking forward to their false-Messiah Anti-Christ…


  176. KathJuliane April 7, 2024 @ 12:15 pm

    “Netanyahu’s Colonial Project”. Appropriation of All Palestinian Lands.

    Israel’s Plan to Expand into A “Greater State”. Dr. Philip Giraldi
    US support enables Netanyahu to ignore international pressure

    Global Research – Phil Giraldi – 4 April 2024

    Israel’s plan to expand into an Eretz or “Greater” state incorporating large chunks of its neighbors’ land starts with eliminating the pre-1948 inhabitants of a place once known as Palestine.

    That nearly all of those who think of themselves as Palestinians must be killed or otherwise removed is perhaps reduced to an aphorism, like “Israel has a right to defend itself,” to absolve the Israeli state and its rampaging army of any guilt in the process.

    Indeed, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ability to avoid any serious consequences for his behavior is remarkable, and it generates further atrocities that might have been unimaginable when the fighting in Gaza started back in October.

    Al Jazeera has reported how Netanyahu is now pushing ahead to formalize what has been referred to as the “colonial project,” whereby “the appropriation of all Palestinian Lands will follow on… the outright exclusion of the Palestinian people from their homeland.” Bibi said in a speech to supporters that

    “These are the basic lines of the national government headed by me: The Jewish people have an exclusive and unquestionable right to all areas of the Land of Israel. The government will promote and develop settlement in all parts of the Land of Israel — in the Galilee, the Negev, the Golan, Judea and Samaria.”

    Journalist Patrick Lawrence, writing at Consortium News, recently described how “Israel’s savagery in its determination to exterminate the Palestinians of Gaza — and we had better brace for what is next on the West Bank of the Jordan — marks a turn for all of humanity. In its descent into depravity the Zionist state drags the West altogether down with it.”

    Indeed, and the United States of America is the foremost great power to be reduced to the status of a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Jewish state, unable to advance its own interests when confronted by the juggernaut of the so-called Israel Lobby and associated Jewish and Zionist-Christian organizations that have corrupted and controlled American foreign as well as select domestic policies.

    Witness what has occurred in the last several weeks when the international community has rallied to end the slaughter and deliberate starvation of largely defenseless Gazan civilians.

    First came a United Nations Security Council move by the United States, which introduced a resolution calling for, but not demanding, an immediate though possibly temporary cease fire in Gaza. When the resolution came up for a vote it was vetoed by Russia and China. There were several problems with the text as it inevitably sought to give Israel considerable flexibility in managing the situation.

    It included an admonition that the effort to secure a ceasefire must be “in connection with the release of all remaining hostages,” which is an Israeli demand with the willingness of Israel to participate at all very much dependent on the hostage issue.

    The resolution allowed the fighting to continue, and it put control of the entry and distribution of urgently needed relief supplies under the ”security” management of the Israeli army.

    Then came a Russian and Chinese resolution, approved by all members of the council but the US which “abstained.” The US immediately declared the resolution to be “non-binding” and while the document was meant to permit a ceasefire through the end of Ramadan, it has yet to be enacted by Israel which continues to block food and medicine relief shipments and has focused its latest attacks on the few remaining hospitals, killing hundreds more Gazans.

    Even though the resolution demanded action on the ceasefire and access to relief supplies Israel has ignored it and so has Washington. As only the United States can compel Israel to change course the fact that it continues to fund Israel and provide it with secret shipments of planeloads weapons, without which Netanyahu would be unable to continue his war, speaks for itself in terms of who is controlling whom.

    And don’t be fooled by President Joe Biden’s alleged pressure on Netanyahu to “protect civilians” even as Bibi draws up plans with his war cabinet to invade Gaza’s southernmost Rafah Region, where 1.5 million Palestinians have sought refuge and are now confronted by imminent death with no way out.

    Biden is responding to opinion polls in the US that indicate that more than half of Americans are opposed to what Israel is doing in Gaza and the percentage is steadily growing, so he is pretending to have humanitarian impulses and a conscience, neither of which is true, in a cynical effort to support his possible reelection.

    To be sure both the White House and Congress, supported by the Jewish dominated media, are totally in Netanyahu’s pocket, something which he has admitted to publicly more than once, saying that the United States is “easily moved” by someone like him.

    But if one really needed proof positive about who is in charge in the US-Israel relationship, one need only look at the recent omnibus federal government budget bill of $1.2 trillion.

    Activist Pascal Lottaz has taken the time to go through the complete 1,012-page document detailing where the money goes and discusses his findings in a 9-minute podcast on YouTube.

    Lottaz has confirmed both the immediate cash payment of $3.8 billion in “tribute money” to Israel plus the already reported blocking of any federal government funding of United Nation Relief and Works Agency for Gaza (UNRWA) for at least a year.

    As UNRWA is the key humanitarian aid agency, the latter is a prohibition completely inconsistent with Biden’s expressed desire to confront the “surging” humanitarian aid crisis for the Gazans who are facing starvation in the context of an active genocide.

    The prohibition is in spite of the continuing lack of evidence to substantiate Israel’s claims of “terrorism support” leveled against the UN agency and despite the famine conditions already present in Gaza. In his review of the document, Lottaz has also discovered those and other specific benefits that involve Israel in 10 sections of the bill.

    The bill also seeks to protect Israel from accountability under existing or new international law and to limit Palestinian efforts to resist or defend themselves.

    It requires any organization receiving US funding to show that it is actively taking steps “to combat anti-Israel bias” and it prohibits any funding to support Palestinian statehood unless it is shown that a list of specified conditions are met including satisfactory “cooperation with Israeli security organizations.”

    It prohibits any funding to the Palestinian Authority if Palestine is granted statehood status by the UN or any UN agency without Israel’s consent. It oddly prohibits any security support to the West Bank or Gaza unless it is shown that satisfactory steps are being taken by the Palestinian Authority to “end torture and other cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of detainees.”

    It should be noted that the Palestinians, not Israel, are required to end abuse of detainees even though it is Israel that routinely engages in those practices. The detailed sections of the bill expanding on what is blocked or prohibited are as follows:

    The bill has passed through Congress, is written into law, and is on its way for Joe Biden’s signature. In other words, the US is willingly complicit in thousands of deaths already plus the impending deaths of some tens of thousands more innocent people.

    It is funding Israel’s war of extermination against the Palestinians and is opposed to any attempts by the Palestinians to either defend themselves or their interests as a people. It is shameful and our government is behaving monstrously, controlled by a foreign power that has thoroughly corrupted it.

    And the rot is spreading throughout our political system to include the death of our own right to freedom of speech. Only last week Governor Greg Abbott of Texas boasted of new legislation to stamp out alleged antisemitism and as criticism of Israel or the behavior of Jews is defined as being antisemitic it is likely that students demonstrating against the Jewish state and in support of Gaza will be expelled from universities and even prosecuted.

    And it is also reported that the Israel Lobby in the US is busy assembling a war chest of $100 million to fund the removal of politicians and other public figures who are critical of Israel. This is serious stuff that will affect all of us. Time to wake up America!

    Full story:

  177. KathJuliane April 7, 2024 @ 12:38 pm

    Look at how thin her face is becoming. -Kj

    ‘It’s Bisan From Gaza, I’m Still Alive After Six Months Of Bombing’
    AJ+ | 7 April 2024

    It’s been six months since Israel began its relentless bombing campaign on the Gaza Strip. In that time, journalist Bisan Owda has been forced to leave her home in Gaza City and been displaced numerous times.

    She has witnessed bomb blasts just meters from where she’s sheltering, listened to countless stories of death and destruction, and is now spending Ramadan without electricity or adequate food and water.

    Her story is the same as millions of others in Gaza, who have endured a brutal six-month assault on their lives and homes. During this time, more than 33,000 people have been killed, including at least 13,000 children, and 70% of the strip’s infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed.

  178. Rabbi Glickman April 7, 2024 @ 6:52 pm

    I never received so much as one red heifer from the “Fab Four” for this hit. They stole it from under me like a Persian carpet. Acchhh!

    I want Jew
    I want Jew so bad
    I want Jew
    I want Jew so bad
    It’s driving me mad, it’s driving me mad

    I want Jew
    I want Jew so bad, babe
    I want Jew
    I want Jew so bad
    It’s driving me mad, it’s driving me mad

    Shiksa Levy… Levy… Levy… Levy….

    (Repeat verse and chorus six million times)

  179. KathJuliane April 7, 2024 @ 9:03 pm

    This was fascinating.

    Listening between the lines, the Jews are getting more and more frightened of “rising anti-Semitism,” and as a consequence I’m reading and hearing more and more Jews, like this secular Jew, disavow Zionism and the Jewish state of Israel as not being true “Judaism” because militarism is against Jewish history and religion. -Kj

    Ex-IDF soldier: Why Israel must be stopped

    Not the Andrew Marr Show | 7 April 2024

    Professor Hiam Bresheeth has written the definitive book on the Israel Defence Force and how militarism is so central to Israel’s identity.

    Here he speaks about how Israel gets away with war crimes, the ‘Jewish state’ and the importance of antisemitism to Zionism, Israel’s dependence on the arms trade and Israel’s terrifying nuclear threat.

  180. Magda April 7, 2024 @ 9:10 pm

    Thanks for your informative post.

    The fact that I learn so much from a random website and not a readily accessible news source is a testament to the level of censorship we live with.

    I was speaking to a friend today who had no idea what was going on in Gaza. She’s a very sweet person but I’m not even sure she knows where Gaza is. The only reason why she should know is because our government is extracting money from us, w/o our consent, to pay for the slaughter of innocent people with whom we have no issues.

    The gaslighting is beyond the pale. It’s so frustrating to live in the Belly of the Beast.

  181. KathJuliane April 7, 2024 @ 9:18 pm

    From my inbox:

    Eleison Comments by Mgr. Williamson Issue DCCCLXXIII (873)


    April 6, 2024

    Can godless modern man return to God?
    If not, then there remains only the rod.

    We are currently reading in the (unreliable) mass media various reports of a grave state of affairs in Germany, enough to make us think that something is going seriously wrong there. Indeed there is.

    Quoted below is the large part of a private letter received recently from a “Resistant” Catholic who has been working as an engineer in England and Germany for the last 20 or so years.

    He sees trouble ahead in Germany, and that is especially troubling, because ever since the “Wirtschaftswunder” or economic miracle of the 1950’s by which German hard work and talent pulled their country out of its post-war ruins, Germany has been the economic power-house of all Europe. If Germany’s economy is in serious trouble, then so is Europe’s. Read on, in italics –

    “From everything I observe going on here in Germany, be it in the SSPX
    or in general, I think I should relocate to England. Germany is sinking in every sense.

    England and all the other countries of Europe are probably not very much better, but what we might call the Anglo-American economic way is still there, and that at least helps to keep people’s feet on the ground, by doing all it can to create and sustain jobs, which in Germany will fail more and more as time passes.

    A lot of companies are leaving Germany because of high energy costs ever since the Nord Stream pipeline was blown up and all atomic power stations were shut down.

    Germany is not able to provide enough substitute energy from solar and wind sources to compensate for the lost Russian gas, hence energy prices will go on rising, and in the meantime, Germany is dependent upon the kindness of other European countries to import power, which is hardly a long-term arrangement.

    In brief, Germany is heading for the rocks. Hundreds of thousands of Germans have left Germany already and are still doing so, as soon as they can spot a chance. The automobile industry is going down slowly, but faster as time progresses.

    It looks as though Germany will evaporate in a couple of years’ time, unless people go back to living in caves with minimum sustenance. All this may sound too pessimistic, but I have eyes to see and to read what is happening here.

    For instance, once certain industries are shut down, they are gone for good and never return, as far as one can foresee, because of the lack of experienced labour and the excessive effort required to rebuild, and so on.

    I have the impression that what is happening on the spiritual level is similar or parallel to these things happening on the material level, also with the FSSPX: the faith is disappearing, and once it disappears it will not come back.

    In general, less than half the people in Germany now profess any Christian faith.

    Very enlightening was the remark of “Arsenius” in the “Eleison Comments” of March 2 (868), where he makes it clear that, humanly speaking, he does not see the SSPX finding its way back to being the Church’s spearhead of the Faith, as it was from 1970 to 2012.

    That fall I would call the course of nature. I must admit that I followed it myself, but I never realised just how serious are its consequences . . .”

    These interesting observations show God at work. Somehow, He must stop the mass of Europeans from throwing themselves into Hell, but thanks to their materialistic prosperity, that is where they are headed right now. See Deuteronomy, all of Chapter VIII.

    Prosperous modern man is convinced he has no need of God. But the chickens are coming home to roost. Count on it – the mere loss of a double pipeline will not be nearly enough to bring the mass of men back to their senses.

    Kyrie eleison

  182. KathJuliane April 7, 2024 @ 9:47 pm

    Israel’s Sham Investigation Of Aid Worker Killings, Biden’s Ultimatum To Netanyahu | #NovaraLIVE

    Israel have released the findings of their investigation into the killing of aid workers by drone strike. Meanwhile, US president Joe Biden has issued an ultimatum to Benjamin Netanyahu on Gaza.

    Plus: we look into the history of Alan Duncan’s struggle with Israel; and an appearance on Sky News by Owen Jones has caused an online storm.

  183. KathJuliane April 7, 2024 @ 10:00 pm

    Iran offers no response to Damascus strike if US secures Gaza ceasefire – report

    The report comes as negotiations for a ceasefire and hostage release deal resume between Israel and Hamas in Cairo.

    APRIL 8, 2024 01:05

    Iran informed the US that it would refrain from responding to the airstrike in which senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commanders were killed in Damascus if a ceasefire in Gaza is reached, Jadeh Iran reported on Sunday.

    The news outlet cited an anonymous Arab diplomatic source, saying the source spoke to the news outlet two days ago. The source added that “If America succeeds in containing the situation, it will be a great success for the Biden administration and we can build on that.”

    The report comes as negotiations for a ceasefire and hostage release deal resume between Israel and Hamas in Cairo and as Israel continues preparations for a possible response to the Damascus airstrike that Syria and Iran blamed on Israel.

    The airstrike targeted the Iranian consulate in Damascus last Monday, killing IRGC commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi – the main Iranian official responsible for operations in Syria and Lebanon – as well as his deputy and several other IRGC officers.

    Since the airstrike, Iran has made repeated threats of a “harsh response” against Israel. US media has reported that US and Israeli intelligence believe that Iran could target Israel directly with cruise missiles and kamikaze drones. The reports indicated that the response could come by the end of the month of Ramadan, which is expected to end on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the sighting of the moon.

    IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi stressed on Sunday that Israel knows “how to handle Iran.”

    “We are prepared for this; we have good defensive systems and know how to act forcefully against Iran in both near and distant places. We are operating in cooperation with the USA and strategic partners in the region,” said Halevi.



    This explains why today Israel announced a complete withdrawal from Gaza.

    Iran has reportedly communicated to the United States through the Sultanate of Oman, that the Islamic Republic intends to directly strike Israel, unless the U.S. guarantees an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza & no Israeli ground invasion of Rafah – Exclusive sources to Jadeh Iran

    So basically, Iran has given the U.S. a choice: You can avoid a direct attack on Israel, by signing a permanent ceasefire in Gaza & an official guarantee of no Rafah operation.



    If true, then this was diplomatically well played by Iran. -Kj

  184. Citizenfitz April 7, 2024 @ 10:48 pm

    “Wherever little Jews are getting turned into fertilizer, you find big Jews selling the fertilizer.”

    That’s a good saying!

    I’d go one better: “You’ll often find the big jews *turning* the little jews into fertilizer.”

    The de-Christianization of Europe is definitely being aided, abetted and applauded by the big jews (and their goy lackeys). But it bodes ill for the little jews – who’ll find themselves abandoned to the mercies of godless men the minute things go south.

    The big jews will of course skedaddle off to their luxury bunkers just before things go down. So, keep your eyes peeled for skedaddling jews. You’ll know then that the time is near.

    Of course most jews are themselves atheists, so there’ll be a kind of divine irony in it all.

    If they thought it was bad when some motley Christians turned on them, they have no idea what it’ll be like when the hordes of angry atheists come a-howling.

    Christianity is a fence that keeps… kept… the mob contained.

  185. Caveman April 7, 2024 @ 11:44 pm

    Did anyone notice the irony of last Friday’s earthquake affecting New York?

    The epicenter of the earthquake was located according to the USGS in LEBANON, NJ (!!).

    Methinks this is God warning the main Jewish power center in the US, Jew York, to stop fomenting the Palestinian genocide.

    This time it was a 4.8 magnitude quake in Lebanon, the largest in over a century, but larger aftershocks are statistically significant at 6 to 7%.

  186. KathJuliane April 7, 2024 @ 11:59 pm

    Stew Peters Debates Israel’s Red Heifer Breeder and a JEW (3 hours)

    Israel set for SATANIC Red Heifer SACRIFICE, burnt offering to trigger further GENOCIDE!


    All kinds of apocalyptic crazy online over the solar eclipse later today and the Judeo-Christian zio-evangelical Rapturites who believe they get their blessings from Israel are champing at the bit for the Red Heifer soap ritual for the Endtimes kickoff and the Synagogue of Satan’s construction of the scam ‘3rd Temple’.

    In the meantime, Iran could pitch a clog into the Talmudic Jews’ kabbalistic sorcery machine by lobbing a missile at the “Shilo farm” in the West Bank where the 4 red heifers are.

    Don’t even have to kill the poor animals. Just something with a little shrapnel would do it. Any cuts or bruises would disqualify the heifers for being slaughtered for the magic soap ritual.

    Originally there were 5 perfect red heifers sent to Israhell, but one has been disqualified. Those five red heifers aboard a 777 landed in Tel Aviv in September 2022, a feat that reportedly cost around $500,000 when you factor in the first-class plane tickets for rabbis to come examine the heifers and the American Airlines trip to Israel.

    I wonder how much US taxpayers’ money went to this?

    Heifer lives matter.

  187. The Englishman April 8, 2024 @ 3:57 am

    “The evil that men do lives after them”

    Did I need to look him up? the certainty was in the name, & the looks, the alleged grey matter suggests a kike from feudal Eastern Europe, Like many so of his ilk, attempting to steer the dumb goy to oblivion.

    A glimpse of Britain’s very own bespoke scarecrow.

  188. Rav Mortichai April 8, 2024 @ 8:42 am

    Goodnight Jew, by Shivaree Shekelberg

    There’s a mezuzah on the door,
    And a goy on the lawn,
    Dreidel on the floor,
    And Seinfeld is on,
    I always sleep with my kippah
    and my sidelocks on.

    There’s a shofar by the bed,
    And a Siddur in my hand,
    A shekel on the floor,
    And my tallit on the nightstand,
    When I’m all alone the nightmares start
    about mustache man.

    What should I do I’m just a little Hebrew,
    What if the goys start organize,
    And then the exchange rate begins to rise,
    Outside the wall Palestinians call,
    It’s goodnight Jew!


  189. Citizenfitz April 8, 2024 @ 8:54 am

    “The evil that men do lives after them”

    Friends, JewNewsians and countrymen….

    Let’s “shake” things up a bit: was Shakespeare really the author of the plays and poems attributed to him – or was it someone else? Someone like Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford?

    Englishman, what do you think?

  190. MeMe April 8, 2024 @ 11:23 am

    At least when I went to senior school they had the decency to help prepare me for life by using “The Merchant Of Venice” as one of the Eng Lit studies.

    That Shylock was a right dodgy character.

    As most of what we’ve been led to believe and taught has turned out to be bollocks, I imagine the Shakespeare ‘story’ as taught to be so, too.

  191. Waldorf the Transient Spider. April 8, 2024 @ 12:11 pm

    @Rabbi Glickman

    Boss, something happened over in your territory.

    The Clintons deftly arranged their own ‘abuse’ at the hands of some of your controlled-opposition guys – congratulations on the subcontract!

  192. The Englishman April 8, 2024 @ 1:07 pm

    I’m no literary buff ‘Fitz, but recognise a good thing when I see it.

    From what I’ve read Francis Bacon is a candidate often suggested as the author of the celebrated literary masterpieces. Does it really matter who wrote the subject matter? Suffice to say the plays & scriptures attributed to Shakespeare will endure in aeternum,

    Great Britain’s past was a wealth of poets, novelists, and playwrights, Lord Byron, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Orwell, Kipling, plus my favourite, Sir Walter Scott. His novel “Ivanhoe” is a must-read for pubescent boys.

    Scholars of yesteryear did not have the luxuries of today’s internet world, A candle or two, a quill pen, peace & solitude and they were able to document best sellers.

    Take “The Merchant of Venice”, and “Ivanhoe” They too had their “Merchants” the former being “Shylock” and the latter “Isaac of York”

    They could learn a trick or two from our world-famous residents Rav and Reebe, were they alive today, but then they have had 6 gorrillion more years of practice.

  193. KathJuliane April 8, 2024 @ 1:34 pm

    Do I hear the weeping violin, which seems always to accompany some Hollywood Jewish catastrophe production, playing ‘Nearer My God to Thee’ out on the Israeli shipdeck? -Kj

    Story of famous Titanic violinist plays Nearer My God to Thee by meysam marvasti

    IDF ends active ground invasion, completely withdraws from southern Gaza

    The decision came less than two days after Israel opened the Erez Crossing and Ashdod port to transfer humanitarian aid.

    Jerusalem Post | 7 April 2024

    The IDF on Sunday announced that it had concluded the active invasion stage of the war for now while leaving open the possibility of a future new invasion of Rafah in deep southern Gaza.

    In terms of IDF soldiers, this means that the IDF has withdrawn all of Division 98 from Khan Yunis in southern Gaza while maintaining one plus brigades – the Nahal brigade and portions of Brigade 401 – in northern and central Gaza.

    Although a top IDF official said that this change had nothing to do with US pressure, the timing was unmistakable in coming right after the IDF’s disastrous mistaken killing of seven humanitarian aid workers last week.

    The decision also came less than two days after Israel opened the Erez Crossing and Ashdod port to transfer humanitarian aid, decisions made under threat by the US of potentially losing weapons support after Jerusalem had refused these requests from Washington for months.

    Critically, this means that Palestinians can, on one hand, move freely within southern Gaza and Khan Yunis and that there is a complete vacuum for preventing a return of Hamas governance, but the IDF is keeping northern and central Gaza cut off from the south.

    This means Palestinians cannot move from south to north and that over two million Palestinians, more than half of whom are northern Gaza residents, remain separated from their communities, with somewhere between 150,000-300,000 Palestinians remaining in northern Gaza, who never left.

    At one point, the IDF had five divisions, between 30,000 and 40,000 ground forces, deep into Gaza, as well as even larger forces circling the Strip.

    Those forces were reduced significantly in mid-January when the IDF declared it had achieved operational control of northern Gaza and released Division 63 to return to Fits standard northern border duties facing off against Hezbollah.

    But from December until now, Division 98 was destroying Hamas’s forces in and around Khan Yunis, at one point with around seven brigades.

    By early February, Division 98 had achieved most of its mission, but it continued more minor operations in areas such as the Hamed neighborhoods of Khan Yunis.

    It had been accepted conventional wisdom from top Israeli officials that a major reason for keeping Division 98 in Khan Yunis was to achieve concessions from Hamas in the hostage exchange negotiations.

    Hamas immediately declared the IDF withdrawal, even partial, a victory for sticking to its position of demanding IDF withdrawals, including of troops in northern Gaza.

    The world’s attention will likely now shift to whether the IDF will invade Rafah first, whether Hamas will cut a deal for the hostages to avoid such an invasion, or whether Israel will concede further to Hamas’s demands for returning more Palestinians to northern Gaza.

    An IDF official tried to frame the withdrawal from Khan Yunis as opening up Rafah as a stronger possibility because now hundreds of thousands of Palestinians may return there.

    The official said that if more Palestinians leave Rafah, evacuating the remaining civilians will be easier without needing to take active, aggressive measures to move them.

    In addition, the IDF said that its operation taking over Shifa Hospital a second time shows that it can quickly penetrate and take down Hamas if it tries to reform military units.

    Politicians and Hostage families react to the news
    United Right Party leader Gideon Sa’ar commented on the move in a post on X. “Regardless of what happens later in the war, the continuous decrease in the size of the forces and the intensity of the military pressure over the past months – has kept us far away from achieving the war goals.”

    “This is directly connected to our moving away from arriving at a new hostage deal,” he added.

    The Hostages and Missing Families Forum released the following statement to the press:

    In light of the news regarding the withdrawal of the maneuvering forces from Gaza, the Hostage and Missing Families Forum reminds us that the IDF entered Gaza after October 7 to bring about a complete victory for the State of Israel

    The government’s decision to withdraw the maneuvering forces from Gaza and switch to ongoing defense proves that the IDF was able to bring Israel many achievements and victories in the military arena and undermine Hamas’ capabilities.

    The Prime Minister and the War Cabinet – it’s time to bring the State of Israel to absolute victory! The departure of the maneuvering forces should be the first step in the deal. Now, the hostages in Gaza must not be left behind!

  194. KathJuliane April 8, 2024 @ 2:05 pm

    Gaza is Changing Global Geopolitics

    Break Through News | 8 April 2024

    Gaza is changing the world.

    What was widely treated as a regional issue six months ago has quickly changed the global geopolitical landscape.

    Israel now threatens to drag the entire region into a regional war and Palestine has become a decisive political issue in several countries.

    Simply put, there’s no going back to the way things were. Rania Khalek and Eugene Puryear spoke to Giorgio Cafiero, CEO of Gulf State Analytics about how Gaza is changing the nature of global politics.

    Israeli PM promises to carry out Rafah ground offensive
    Al Jazeera | 8 April 2024

    Netanyahu has declared “there is a date” for Israel’s assault on the southern Gaza city, where more than one million displaced Palestinians are sheltering.

    Netanyahu has repeatedly said Israel must send ground forces into Rafah, describing it as Hamas’s last stronghold in Gaza. But the international community, including the US, opposes the operation, saying the roughly 1.4 million civilians seeking shelter there would be in danger.

    In a video statement, Netanyahu said the Rafah operation is essential for victory.

    “It will happen. There is a date,” he said without elaborating.

    Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands has the latest in the occupied East Jerusalem and Patty Culhane is at the State Department in Washington, DC for US reaction.

    Larry Johnson: Israel Provoking Wider War.

    Judge Napolitano | 8 April 2024

  195. KathJuliane April 8, 2024 @ 2:38 pm

    Advanced Studies in Anti-Semitism 1C

    What a treasure trove of “Anti-Semitic tropes” all in one place!

    Has there ever been any other vampiric people in the world who have made such a pestilential nuisance of themselves parasitically engorging themselves as a nation-within-a-nation in various societies through the ages to have accumulated such a heap of complaint, derision and condemnation?

    Just goes to show there’s been a whole lot of noticing going on by the Nations for 2000 years! The only genre of Antisemitic tropes overlooked in this compilation are the Folk or Fairy Tales from various peoples, cultures and societies with coded information about the Jews living in their midsts.

    Bad goyim! Bad, bad goyim!

    Christianity was not derived from “Judaism” or “the Jews”, especially Rabbinic Talmudic Judaism, but revealed by Jesus Christ, the Son of YHWH, in His both His Preincarnate and Incarnate forms to the Israel of God, and the religious dogmas and traditions derived from Holy Scripture and Tradition, especially from Second Temple Yahwehism. -Kj


    Antisemitic tropes or antisemitic canards are “sensational reports, misrepresentations, or fabrications” that are defamatory towards Judaism as a religion or defamatory towards Jews as an ethnic or religious group. Since as early as the 2nd century, libels or allegations of Jewish guilt and cruelty emerged as a recurring motif along with antisemitic conspiracy theories.

    Antisemitic tropes have often taken the form of popular libels, conspiracy theories, or the denial or minimization of past atrocities against Jews. Antisemitic tropes generally construct Jews and Jewish communities as sinister, cruel, powerful, or controlling.

    These libels, conspiracies and accusations often led to violence, vandalism, lynchings, or mass killings such as pogroms.

    Many antisemitic tropes or false accusations developed in societies practicing monotheistic religions which were themselves derived from Judaism, and date back to the birth of Christianity, such as the allegation that the Jews are collectively responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus.

    These tropes are paralleled in later 7th century descriptions of Jews in the Quran which state that they were visited with wrath from Allah because they disbelieved in Allah’s revelations, for taking usury, and condemned to punishment.

    In Medieval Europe, the scope of antisemitic tropes expanded and became the basis for regular persecutions and formal expulsions of Jews in England, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

    It was widely believed that Jews caused epidemics like the Black Death, or other illness by poisoning wells. Jews were also accused of ritually consuming the blood of Christians.

    Starting in the 19th century, the notion first emerged that Jews were plotting to establish control over the world and dominate it by promoting capitalism and engaging in banking and finance.

    In the 20th century, other antisemitic tropes alleged that Jews were responsible for the propagation of Communism and trying to dominate the news media. Those antisemitic tropes, which had political and economic contexts, became political myths central to the worldview of Adolf Hitler, and persist to the present day.

    In the 20th and 21st centuries, the propagation of antisemitic tropes and libels have been documented in the anti-Zionist movement.

    The denial and minimization of atrocities committed against Jews is also a classical antisemitic trope of its own, for example by Holocaust denial, or the denial of the Jewish exodus from the Muslim world.

    Holocaust denial may manifest intertwined with a conspiracy theory because of its position that the Holocaust was a hoax or misrepresentation and was designed to advance the interests of Jews and/or justify the creation of the State of Israel.

    More recently, denial of the 7 October attacks has emerged as an example of this type. Denial of particular attacks on Jews may focus on singular events as a broader way to deny the existence or prevalence of antisemitism in the society at larger scales.

    The full Wiki:

    LOL! Thanks, Jews!

  196. MeMe April 8, 2024 @ 9:42 pm

    Russia calls on international community to back Palestinian bid to join UN

    “The fate of this application will become a measure of humanity and civilization of the modern-day world,” Dmitry Polyansky said at a UN General Assembly meeting.

    UNITED NATIONS, April 8. /TASS/. Moscow calls on all countries around the world to support Palestine’s application for the status of a permanent UN member, said Russia’s first deputy envoy to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky.

    “Russia fully supports the initiative of the Palestinian side to renew its application for Palestine’s full membership in the UN. The fate of this application will become a measure of humanity and civilization of the modern-day world,” he said at a UN General Assembly meeting. “We urge all members of the international community to support Palestine’s application for UN membership.”

    Palestine now is a permanent observer to the UN. In 2011, Palestine already applied for permanent UN membership, but it later decided to remain a permanent observer for some time. In April, Palestine sent a letter to the UN Security Council with a request to resume consideration of its bid to join the UN as a permanent member. Countries with this status can attend most meetings and have access to almost all relevant documentation, but have no voting rights. Apart from Palestine, only the Holy See, or the Vatican, has permanent observer status at the UN.

    Countries are admitted to the UN by a decision of the organization’s General Assembly on the recommendation of the Security Council. The Security Council grants a recommendation if nine out of its 15 members vote in favor of the country’s application, provided that none of the council’s permanent members -the UK, China, Russia, US and France – vote against it. The application then must collect two-thirds of the vote at the UN General Assembly.

    That last paragraph sounds critical in overcoming the constant criminal use of the veto. how will the Jews hijack this effort I wonder, extra portions of chutzpah perhaps?

  197. MeMe April 10, 2024 @ 8:02 am

    Recognition of Palestine meets Europe’s geopolitical interests — Spain’s prime minister

    MADRID, April 10. /TASS/. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez assured that the kingdom is ready to recognize Palestine as a state and this meets the geopolitical interests of Europe.

    Speaking at the Congress of Deputies (lower parliamentary house), the prime minister noted that “the absolutely disproportionate response of the Israeli government to the terrorist attack by [the Palestinian radical movement] Hamas negates decades of humanitarian law and threatens to destabilize the Middle East and, consequently, the whole world.”

    “Spain is ready to recognize Palestine,” Sanchez assured. “This is fair, the social majority demands it and for the sake of Europe’s geopolitical interests.”

  198. MeMe April 14, 2024 @ 2:01 am

    I missed this one from Apr 7 but another important development in the progress of opposition to the illegal occupants of Palestine and their cruel murderous ways under international Law.

    Although it looks like none of this has hardly made an iota of difference to the horrors of violence against the Gazan women and little kids being burned alive with white phosphorous munitions used by the detestable ones, it is important to remember that the world of decent human beings has to exhaust the means through the Lawful institutions.

    Only then can they get to see how ineffective and truly unfit for purpose these institutions are and have been. I would add they were designed to be from the start.

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