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Nick Fuentes & Brother Nathanael Interview

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Nick Fuentes & Brother Nathanael Interview
February 23 2024

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Brother Nathanael @ February 23, 2024


  1. Jose Gallardo February 23, 2024 @ 11:59 pm

    Let me just say this.

    I hate diversity.

    I go outside and I can’t relate to anyone, I don’t know my neighbors, I don’t share a religion in common, an ancestry in common, or anything in common.

    This makes me feel isolated & lonely.

    These Jews did it on purpose. They want to demoralize the goyim by destroying community through diversity.

    Here is my rant against diversity on Gab.

  2. Chris February 24, 2024 @ 12:59 am

    This interview was great, and I’m glad young Nick is engaged with Bro Nathanael, because he is much older and wiser.

    Nick is brilliant, but he’s still very young.

    Nick’s hero was that black blaspheming satanic fake Christian Kanye West, so it’s great to see him engaging with and being influenced by someone like Bro Nate.

  3. Tommy Two Gloves February 24, 2024 @ 5:35 am

    Thanks Brother Nathaniel!
    I am a Pre-Vatican II Catholic who loves and supports your work.

    The Orthodox and Traditionalists share Apostolic Succession, Valid Priests and Valid Sacraments. We are both members of the Universal (Catholic) Church established by Jesus Christ.

    I’m thrilled to learn that we are working in unison up in Post Falls, ID.

    Continued success and may Our Lord’s blessings be upon you! JMJ. Tom

  4. Guy Gaboit February 24, 2024 @ 6:48 am

    Wow! 2 hours of Brother Nathanael with a topping of Nick Fuentes!

    Excellent! the h8rz gonna hate if this were allowed on the jewtube.

    Just remember all the good guys (like you, Nick & Stew) whom Jones interviewed before: like Sherman Skolknick, William Milton Cooper, and all-
    Pew, pew, pew – everyone of them.

  5. maro jasik February 24, 2024 @ 8:25 am

    The Cossack Solution

  6. KathJuliane February 24, 2024 @ 10:16 am

    10 Signs You’re A Dangerous Christian Nationalist

    The Babylon Bee | 12 February 2024

    With the 2024 election year in full swing, the danger posed by Christian nationalists continues to grow exponentially each day, threatening to destroy democracy itself. Knowing whether or not you harbor dangerous, deep-seated Christian nationalist tendencies may just save the entire world.

    The Babylon Bee has compiled the following list of common signs you may, in fact, be a Christian nationalist:

    1. You’re a Christian: The biggest red flag of all.

    2. You have voted in an election: You think you’re supposed to have a say in who leads the country, you maniac?

    3. You’re married: To a person of the OPPOSITE sex, so there’s no telling what horrible things you might do.

    4. You are currently in possession of an American flag: Only a truly hateful person displays such frightening imagery.

    5. You agree with the idea of building a society on principles like “do not steal,” “do not lie,” and “do not murder”: Haven’t you ever heard of the separation of CHURCH and STATE?

    6. You let someone wearing a MAGA hat walk by without punching them in the face: Disturbing evidence that you agree with Nazis.

    7. You pay for merchandise at Target instead of just running out the door: It’s probably because you think you’re better than everyone else. A classic symptom of Christian Nationalism.

    8. You won’t let your 3rd-grader join the After School Satan Club: Refusing to let your child hang out with the Prince of Darkness is a clear sign you’re a bigot.

    9. You face Mar A Lago five times per day and pray to Donald Trump: All Christian Nationalists do this.

    10. You own a Bible: Even more dangerously, it’s a King James Version.

    If you exhibit any of the signs listed above, you are officially a Christian nationalist and an existential threat to the United States. It’s a good thing you’re already on an FBI watch list.

  7. KathJuliane February 24, 2024 @ 10:51 am

    Bloodthirst of Israel lobby can’t be quenched

    Electronic Intifada

    David Cronin Lobby Watch | 24 February 2024

    Foreign interference in European affairs is frowned upon – unless that interference comes from Israel and its supporters.

    A group called the European Leadership Network has been responsible for much of the interference.

    The European Leadership Network’s goal is to make lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic equally beholden to Israel. Its website notes that while 80 percent of US Congress members have visited Israel, “only 10 percent of European counterparts have done so.”

    To rectify that imbalance, the group regularly organizes junkets to the Middle East. Since 7 October, it has hosted 12 “solidarity missions” for politicians who approve of the genocidal war against Gaza.

    Involving sojourns in luxury hotels, the trips have invariably been expensive.

    One British lawmaker estimated that the bill for his participation in a recent four-day visit hosted by the European Leadership Network exceeded $2,500.

    Despite how it is buying influence, the activities of and the agenda pursued by the European Leadership Network have been subject to hardly any scrutiny in the mainstream media.

    Although its fundraising arm is based in Illinois, many of the group’s activities are coordinated from its Tel Aviv office.

    That office is headed by Emmanuel Navon, a self-proclaimed “scholar and practitioner of diplomacy.” Navon was born and raised in France before moving to Israel as an adult.

    Although the European Union initially backed the genocidal war on Gaza – fallaciously presenting it as an act of self-defense by Israel – the death toll is too high now for some key players the Brussels hierarchy. Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, has made that point.

    Navon’s bloodthirst has still not been quenched. He recently described as “necessary” the threatened major offensive against Rafah – Gaza’s southernmost city, where more than 1 million displaced people are now crammed in appalling conditions.

    Josep Borrell “need not worry about Gaza civilians” in the event of such an attack, Navon has said, repeating Israeli assurances that non-combatants will be safely evacuated.

    Perhaps the only thing less sincere than an official assurance from Israel’s government or military is Navon’s own attempt to pretend he cares about civilian life. He has, in effect, excused the bombardment of hospitals, the destruction of mosques and the desecration of graves by alleging that they are hiding places for Hamas.

    Full story:

  8. William February 24, 2024 @ 11:09 am

    Jeremiah 24 reflects that the fake Jews, i.e. “Naughty figs”, as well as the true offspring of Judah, i.e. the “Good figs”, will be in Jerusalem and the geographical land of Israel during the last days/end times. This fact is reflected in other areas of Scripture, but I can’t remember where (I’m getting old).

    The fig tree (land of Israel) began to put forth leaves on May 14, 1948; this generation shall not pass away until all of the Prophecy stated by Jesus in Mathew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Daniel, are fulfilled. The generation spoken of is the generation that began on May 14, 1948.

    The Abomination of Desolation reflected in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 should read “The Abomination of the Desolator,” as reflected in Daniel. The Desolator is Satan as the Antichrist. He will stand in Jerusalem and claim to be God/Jesus the Messiah, returned. The entire world, except the remnant, will believe him and worship him as God.

    2 Thessalonians chapter 2.

    There is NO RAPTURE. The Rapture is a false doctrine.

    What we are seeing in Israel and Jerusalem today, and worldwide today, is written in Prophecy. It happened and is happening right now because God said it will happen.

    The one world system reflected in Daniel, Revelation, is coming to fruition .e.g. Centralized Banking System; one world digital currency; the EU, USA, Mexico, Canada merging into an economic continent (this is why our government is allowing open borders); One World Government, lastly a One World Religion, i.e. worship of the Antichrist as God.

    It is ALL written, it is all going to happen, it is happening right now.

    Bro Nathanael continues to call those doing Satan’s work “Jews”; they are NOT Jews John 8: 37-44; Rev 2:9 & 3:9. Read God’s sentence on Cain in Genesis: fugitives and Vagabonds.

    They are the Tares in the parable of the Tares.

    Bro Nathanael rightly calls out what they are doing and who they are, but he continues to call them “Jews”. They want to be identified as Jews instead of what and who they really are.

    They are very powerful. They have the entire world brainwashed into believing that they are God’s chosen. They aren’t. The entire Hebrew Nation, ALL 12 tribes, are God’s Chosen. The entire Hebrew nation do not fit into the single tribe of Judah. God told Abraham that his offspring would be like the Stars. He told Isaac his offspring would be like the dust, He told Jacob his offspring would be like the sand of the sea shore, i.e. innumerable. God keeps His Promises. Jacob/Israel i.e. The Hebrew nation is here today but the dontveven know who they are.

    We are seeing Prophecy being fulfilled everyday. We are nearing the end of this age, the appearance of the Antichrist and then the return of Jesus.

    I thank Bro Nathanael for calling the fake Jews out and showing us what what they are doing, but they ain’t Jews. The USA is owned by these people. They are the reason we now have a Dented POTUS, a Clown as Vice POTUS, nut case perverted politicians, a King in England recognizing ALL religions, an upcoming King that intends to sever ties with the Church of England altogether.

    Things are going to get much, much worse. They have to ruin the economy to force is into crying for help. They’re going to offer help in the form of Socialism.

    Get ready. We’re being swept along with it. The only thing we can do is be aware of it, and DON’T worship the system nor the Antichrist when he appears claiming to be Christ returned.

  9. Rav Mortichai February 24, 2024 @ 11:47 am

    Super interview +Brother!

    I always liked Nick.

    He used to have a spot on Banned dot video. Alex does have a big audience and he talks about the issues, but then says “China China”. Makes no sense.

    Did not know you talked with Dr. Duke. Brother v. Duke would make a good interview.

    Two more would be Brother v Anglin and Brother v Chris Langan (200IQ). Anglin and Landan are aware of the Jew.

    Anyway, enjoyed the interview. Appreciate all you do. God bless!

  10. Roderick February 24, 2024 @ 11:51 am

    Fantastic interview!

  11. IC XC NIKA February 24, 2024 @ 12:03 pm

    Brother Nathanael I can help you to setup your studio, please reach back.

    I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ GOD Almighty!

  12. The Englishman February 24, 2024 @ 3:48 pm

    Dear KathJuliane

    I’m referencing your post of the 20th of February at 2:27 pm.

    Being somewhat dim, I am unsure as to whether you were able to access the contents of L. P. Pine’s book via {

    It is just that there are available here 1956 editions of that very book (some 1st editions) if you would care for one, I’ll obtain it and ship it to +BN’s (Mabee, he may forward it to you?)

    A belated thank you to the fellas here for their good wishes, and to you for your prayers to St. Luke.


  13. Sylvia Hire February 24, 2024 @ 5:57 pm

    Fabulous show!

  14. Rabbi Glickman February 24, 2024 @ 9:18 pm

    Oy gevalt! Brother Nathanael is becoming famous! Too famous. Before you know it, everyone will be coming here. Listening to him spew baseless anti-Semitic canards.


  15. Bene Adonay Jesus February 25, 2024 @ 12:20 am

    AIPAC Israeli Economic Espionage Against U.S. Hits $366 Billion.

    2024 will mark the fourth decade since AIPAC and the Israeli Minister of Economics stole classified American industry data to aid passage of America’s worst bilateral trade deal.

    Israeli military doctor reveals soldiers burn down homes in Gaza, loot, vandalize.

    Biden admin says “ceasefire” while preparing to send bombs to Israel; Gazans eat weeds – Day 133

  16. Bene Adonay Jesus February 25, 2024 @ 12:40 am

    Over 12,000 Gazan children killed (250 a day), thousands missing – Day 134

    Finally, a book that documents rebellious Israel and Judaism’s long battle against God and against all of humanity. Edward Hendrie, in his new book, Bloody Zion, does exactly that. I thank God that in Hendrie, He has raised up a distinguished scholar and dedicated Christian who will take up the mantle of truth and expose the Jewish fables that have long held many Christians and Christian churches in spiritual chains.

    The Apostle Paul warned of the grave danger that befalls Christians who fall victim to Jewish lies—i.e. “fables” and man-made myths. In his letter to Titus (1:13-14) we read:

    “This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in faith; Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.”

  17. Bene Yeshua February 25, 2024 @ 2:58 am

    Dershowitz Named 137 Times In Newly Released Epstein Documents.

  18. Bene Adonai Jesus February 25, 2024 @ 3:04 am

    Israel Ambassador’s Blatant Lie Caught Out On Sky.

  19. Wtc7 February 25, 2024 @ 11:34 am

    As an American your pledge of allegiance is to the flag and the REPUBLIC ( Not the democracy )for which it stands. This means the Constitution. Not a “living” (= altered) Constitution.

    The Constitution has no mention of the Federal Reserve. Per the Constitution the Treasury is to coin the money. Congress has supposedly delegated its authority to the Federal Reserve to allow it to coin the money.

    The federal government has broken the contract (the Constitution) with the People and the States by allowing a private bank to coin its money. Therefore the States should coin their own money and join BRICS!

  20. Ted Gorsline February 25, 2024 @ 4:02 pm

    I was just scanning the Internet looking for something new and came upon a description of Krystallnacht, an alleged Nazi horror story.

    The commentator said it was so horrible because 100 jews were killed that night.

    He didn’t break the victims down by age or sex, but compare that with Gaza in the last while. The jews have murdered at least 30,000 innocent Palestinians and mostt are women, often pregnant as well as babies, young children and their moms.

    How can the jews legitimately keep playing the victim card? They are far more evil as a culture than the Nazis.

  21. Rabbi Glickman February 25, 2024 @ 8:41 pm

    Oy gevalt! So many baseless anti-Semitic canards have taken root here!

    Why do I say “baseless anti-Semitic canards”?

    Obviously because they are baseless anti-Semitic canards.

  22. Tiger Woods February 25, 2024 @ 10:21 pm

    It does not get any easier, no bi#ching no fighting. .
    This is the only thing that needs to happen. .
    It’s just paperwork. .
    SEC. 31 Federal Reserve Act

  23. Caveman February 26, 2024 @ 12:37 am

    Dear +BN, your interviews keep getting better!

    Kudos to Nick Fuentes, a young, bright chap willing to listen.

    Brother mentioned one very important detail: his father, blessed be his memory for teaching +BN as he did, was an Orthodox Jew and one could describe him as a Jewish supremacist. But he was against Zionism, meaning he was against the State of Israel.

    This example, and many others, show that only opposing Zionism is not enough for Christians and Nationalists. The Jews are our enemies, regardless if they are Zionist or not. Hey, there are millions of non-Jews who are rabid Zionists!

    I adhere to the ideas put forward by Colonel Ulrich Fleischhauer in his 1935 monumental analysis of the Protocols: there are two different types of Zionism: Real Zionism (for the State of Israel) and Symbolic Zionism (against the State of Israel but supremacist nonetheless).

    In the end it all boils down to this: Judaism is a supremacist and anti-Christian ideology, which strives for world domination by the Jews.

    Every Jew that does not explicitly distance him/herself from this ideology is an enemy. An enemy of Mankind!

  24. The Englishman February 26, 2024 @ 3:32 am

    Dearest KathJuliane

    I have recovered Archive info from your link (L.G. Pine).

    Though it does state the e-book is “limited”.

    Here is a link for all at RJN to peruse page by page of your fascinating find.

    Hope to obtain a 1st edition + a cheaper one from a dealer local-ish to me.

  25. Rav Mortichai February 26, 2024 @ 7:37 am

    Active duty military gentile sets self ablaze over Jew supremacy–

    And what do Jews think about this: “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger (High Level Jew)

    Moral to story: Don’t sign up goyim, stay out of military.

  26. John February 26, 2024 @ 10:39 am

    30-40 years ago the Mainstream Media always referred to Bill Gates as being a Jew.

    At some point in time suddenly the Media narrative changed and he was no longer referred to as a Jew, but a Gentile. They are playing tricks with our Mind. It is called Mind Games and the evil Jews are Masters at that.

    They have infiltrated the Church of God, and they are seeking to destroy it from within. That said, they will not prevail. Amen.

  27. Citizenfitz February 26, 2024 @ 12:37 pm

    Lord Rothschild dies at 87:

    Whatever else he’s done, you have to respect how cool and composed he remained when some YouTubers ambushed him, all alone and smoking a cigarette, behind some meeting hall.

  28. CG February 26, 2024 @ 3:50 pm

    —Citizenfitz call me crazy but I’m with David Icke and the other UK ‘conspiracy theory’ crowds line of thought to where the Rothschild Illuminati pindar and upper echelons of the Illuminati covens are multidimensional reptilian because reptilians feed off the adrenochrome and that all definitely sounds demonic/of satan/etc also.

    The press/media is the globalist Illuminati synagogue of Satan’s tool. We can’t believe anything they say really. It’s all some pretty horrid stuff to consider for sure.

    -BN+ As a viewer of Rense’s show in the past, quite often I recall the Fukushima incident.

    I’ve met people from NorCal and WA state who were avid outdoors and nature people and they had no clue at all about the radiation in the Pacific which has according to Rense gotten into the West Coast and Mountain West waterways pretty acutely in some areas out West.

    What are you thoughts on all of that? Do locals in your area ever discuss this much or are they clueless like the normies from West coast outdoor loving communities like Chico, and King County who I had to tell about this stuff.

  29. Mark McCue February 26, 2024 @ 6:05 pm

    Brother Nathanael, have you ever listened to Dr. E. Michael Jones?

    Is he someone you’d be interested in interviewing?

  30. KathJuliane February 26, 2024 @ 7:43 pm

    “Aaron Bushnell was an anti-Semitic Israel-hater.”

    The ADL in 3…2…1.

    My heart breaks. The Axis of Resistance to Judeo-Zionism comes in strange ways.

    Say his name: Aaron Bushnell.

    Sam Husseini has to be the world’s most ignored White House correspondent there is. -Kj


    Ignoring Immolators Lulls the Society to Sleep: Aaron Bushnell at the Israeli Embassy: “FREE PALESTINE!”

    In a minimally normal society, Aaron’s words and video of his immolation would be on every major media outlet and there would be thousands outside the genocidal Israeli embassy, shutting it down.

    FEB 26, 2024

    Updated: Here’s full unedited, graphic video of Aaron Bushnell’s self-immolation. It’s now 2 a.m. and that’s appropriate, as this piece notes below, after Mohamed Bouazizi’s self-immolation, people were screaming “Dignity! Dignity!” out their windows at 2 a.m.

    We should see the gruesome reality of Israel’s horrors and genocide against the Palestinian people. And we should see the agony that a determined Aaron went through to try to end it.

    The Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh says of self-immolation: “I think we must try to understand those who have sacrificed themselves. … It is done to wake us up.”

    But much is done to lull us back to sleep. Big media covered this in a limited capacity and some of it reflected the view that the immolator may have been a danger to others.

    CNN quoted an Israeli embassy spokesperson that “no embassy staff were injured and are safe.” The New York Times reported with a straight face “The police also investigated a suspicious vehicle nearby for explosives.” As if Aaron could plausibly be a danger to anyone else.

    This is the second self-immolation I know of in the US about Palestine since Israel started its current slaughter. A woman immolated herself in December at the Israeli consulate in Atlanta. I still don’t know her name or even if she survived. She’s an unperson.

    In her case, the coverage was probably worse. ABC quoted an Israeli official: “It is tragic to see the hate and incitement toward Israel expressed in such a horrific way.” And, as I say, we still don’t know her name or if she’s dead.

    Aaron however livestreamed what he did, making it harder to ignore and memoryhole, else people might have to immolate themselves to get the names of others who have immolated themselves.

    Talia Jane, the main source for information on Aaron, posted a still of the immolation, which almost makes it look like he’s smiling as he’s set afire.

    And she later posted the video, but with the immolation blurred (even thought she had put out a still of the beginning of it; she implied the blurring is what his family wanted; it’s quite clearly not what Aaron wanted.)

    While the photo of the Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc immolating himself helped wake people up about oppression of the US-backed South Vietnamese government, the blurred out image of Aaron’s self-immolation will clearly help lull people to sleep about Israel’s US-backed genocide.

    One remarkable thing about Aaron is that he was active military.

    Lots of vets kill themselves.



    Aaron at least brought his grievance to the doorstep of criminals than die alone in quiet desperation.

    His extreme measures show how people have no voice:

    In November 2006 musician Malachi Ritscher immolated himself in Chicago. “Maybe some will be scared enough to wake from their walking dream state” he wrote. “When I hear about our young men and women who are sent off to war in the name of God and Country, and who give up their lives for no rational cause at all, my heart is crushed. … Half the population is taking medication because they cannot face the daily stress of living in the richest nation in the world…. The violent turmoil initiated by the United States military invasion of Iraq will beget future centuries of slaughter, if the human race lasts that long.”

    I recall being appalled by the lack of media coverage of Ritscher’s death. Even programs like Democracy Now wouldn’t mention it.

    Aaron’s empathy with the Palestinian people is profound.

    And it comes from a similar longing.

    As I wrote in the piece below: “A refusal to live in permanent subjugation — a liberty though death — and a hope that by exiting that subjugation though death, a dignified life might be achieved for others who one loves.”

    It’s way past time to Wake Up.

    Full article:

  31. KathJuliane February 26, 2024 @ 8:31 pm

    ‘Free Palestine!’ – Final Words of US Soldier before Self-Immolation in Protest of Gaza Genocide (VIDEO)

    Palestine Chronicle |26 February 2024


    Bushnell posted a message on Facebook, earlier in the day, alongside a link to a Twitch stream that has since been taken down.

    He wrote: “Many of us like to ask ourselves, ‘What would I do if I was alive during slavery? Or the Jim Crow South? Or apartheid? What would I do if my country was committing genocide?’ The answer is, you’re doing it. Right now.”

    The video has drawn a widespread response on social media with one user, journalist Sana Saeed, saying: “Aaron Bushnell’s name will live on as an example of moral defiance & protest against a regime of genocide. He gave up his life for something bigger than himself, against his own uniform. The walls are rotting, people are suffocating & this govt & its institutions refuse to care.”

    Another says the US serviceman “made the ultimate sacrifice for humankind. My heart goes out to his family.”


    Aaron is a Palestinian Resistance fighter, now. He will be immortalized by the Axis of Resistance, right alongside Rachel Corrie. -Kj

  32. Citizenfitz February 26, 2024 @ 8:58 pm

    Lord Jacob Rothschild was an interesting man.

    Art historian and collector. Investment banker. Cool cucumber. Half English himself, he married an English woman as well – making his son and heir only one-quarter Jewish, if even that.

    The Rothschilds, through marriages with leading European families are largely gentiles at this point; but they still wave the Magen David as if descended from Father Abraham.

    But Ashkenazi Jews as a general rule, through intermarriages are about half European now.

    It’s gone MIA but about thirteen years ago YT had video where a couple of guys went walking up to Lord Rothschild while he was enjoying a smoke out behind some building. He was alone.

    The guys started out friendly but soon turned aggressive and began badgering him about the Bilderbergers. Lord Rothschild seemed unperturbed. Maybe he was packing heat; but it was still an impressive display of sang-froid. I’ve respected him ever since.

    It’d be interesting to know just how much goyische blut is flowing in Rothschild veins.

  33. KathJuliane February 27, 2024 @ 12:15 am

    Sam Parker

    Interesting reactions to Aaron Bushnell.

    What do you notice?

    Sam Parker
    Zionism vs Aaron Bushnell

    Free Palestine

  34. Confederate patriot February 27, 2024 @ 2:08 am

    Isn’t Charlie Kirk a practicing kikerat?

    I do have to say, Brother Nat, that we must deport millions.

    We cannot assimilate and fix America with tens of millions of low IQ 3rd world savages.

  35. Hibernian February 27, 2024 @ 8:37 am


    You are a “lateral-thinker” par excellence.

  36. KathJuliane February 27, 2024 @ 8:52 am

    RIP AARON BUSHNELL: US Airman SELF IMMOLATES In Protest Of GAZA GENOCIDE | America First Ep. 1298

  37. Confederatepatriot February 27, 2024 @ 12:30 pm

    In addition, I will gleefully add that I think this was your best interview out of the last 3.

  38. Citizenfitz February 27, 2024 @ 6:01 pm

    Thanks Hibernian!

    Nice of you to say that. I do suspect I’m not the average goy. But that’s true of you, too.

  39. The Englishman February 28, 2024 @ 5:48 am

    Dear Fitz

    Not much respect here.

    (The comment column)

  40. KathJuliane March 3, 2024 @ 11:43 pm

    Dear The Englishman,

    Thank you for thinking of me, and offering to find and send a copy of Pine’s Tales through +BN.

    I downloaded the PDF copy you found, and I’m content with that. It looks complete to me. I didn’t see any pages missing. Besides, International Postal is quite expensive now.

    After stumbling over the 1956 Jewish Telegraph Agency item boasting how British Jewry managed to browbeat Pine into withdrawing the publication of his book for exposing the British-Jewish peerage and dynastic alliances between Christians & Jewry in the very last chapter of his book, I read the entire book online.

    I found it just a fascinating retroactive peek behind the fancy cloaks of the political, financial, and economic power of the former mercantile-colonial British Empire, of which the wealthiest of the British-Jewish Peerage had the leverage over British Gentiledom, and were main drivers and instigators pushing an overwhelmingly Christian society around.

    Nobles, bah!

    Now I can see where and how in the Peerage power structure that the Rothschilds could manipulate the affairs of the entire empire to get what they wanted — Palestine for their ambitious Judeo-Masonic Zionist project.

    I was kind of shocked to see the huge list of British Jewish nobles and gentry gleaned from Wiki:

    Another fascinating read that I’ve revisited since coming across it 9 or 10 years ago, is Kerry Bolton’s densely packed 4-page article, ‘Red Face of Israel’, published in 2010 by Foreign Policy Journal (not the same as Foreign Policy magazine).

    Foreign Policy Journal has done years of meticulous deep dives into the Palestinian Question and the shady origins of the Jewish state. Jeremy Hammond, the founder, eventually consolidated all of his work into the excellent book, Obstacles to Peach.

    Bolton’s article revealed something that most nationalistic and monarchist European Christians, especially those parties in Germany, once had common knowledge of before even WWI, and certainly by WWII — the massive double-headed political dangers posed by the marriage of Communism and Zionism within International Jewry forming a multi-headed political beast spreading its Judeo-Masonic Bolshevik parasitic tentacles everywhere and poisoning everything.

    This knowledge was encapsulated in the oracular ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ which first came to light in Imperial Russia at the turn of the 20th century, about the same time as the failed 1905 Russian Revolution.

    For example, Arthur Koestler, the Hungarian Jew, feted for being a “critic” of Israel, but definitely not anti-Israel, was both a Zionist and a card-carrying Communist Party member for at least 20 years while living in Europe until he gave up his party membership because he was disillusioned by Stalin.

    Bolton, who impeccably footnotes his sources, writes:

    [Quote] Marxism and Zionism emerged from the same milieu. Sometimes they merged, and sometimes they were rivals for the allegiance of Jewry.

    Chaim Weizmann, who became first Prime Minster of Israel, described these family splits where communist Jews would argue that Jewish emancipation had to be part of a universal emancipation of labor, while the “Zionist revolutionary group” although agreeing that world revolution was necessary insisted that full emancipation for the Jews would only be gained by a Jewish state.

    Weizmann related that his mother – expressing the general feeling of Jews at that time and place – would say: “Whatever happens I shall be well off. If Shemuel [the revolutionary son] is right, we shall all be happy in Russia; and if Chaim [the Zionist] is right, then I shall go to live in Palestine.”[4]

    Revolutionary socialism in Eastern Europe was centred on the General Federation of Jewish Workers, the Jewish Bund, a constituent of the Social Democratic movement.

    This was absorbed into the Bolshevik party, the Ukrainian bundists joining the Bolsheviks in 1919, the Russian bund in 1920, and the Polish in 1939.[5]

    The relationship between the socialist revolutionaries and the Zionists is indicated by meetings that took place between Lenin and Chaim Weizmann in the home of the industrialist Daniel Schoni, in Switzerland, recorded by French intelligence agent Jacques Levy.

    They discussed a “Jewish blueprint for the East” which had been formulated in Austria in 1908 by Jewish socialists and which called for a socialist state in Palestine, “which would serve as a base from which Marxist philosophy could then spread throughout the Middle East.”

    Weizmann stated to Lenin that the opening of Palestine to Jewish immigration rested on the overthrow of the Russian and Ottoman empires.[6]

    Palestine Becomes Center of Marxism
    Palestinians were not, and could not be, well disposed towards Marxism, despite the myth that continues to be perpetuated by Zionists, neo-conservatives, Christian fundamentalists, et al.

    The religiosity of Islam precludes any possible belief in atheistic creeds such as Marxism, and Islam has its own doctrines drawn from the Koran that encourage social justice alternatives to both Marxism and capitalism, such as that of Nasser’s “Arab socialism” and Qaddafi’s Third Universal Theory. [Unquote]

    Full article:

  41. The Englishman March 4, 2024 @ 3:45 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    I, like the many here at RJN, am in awe of your scrupulous, meticulous, investigative chronicling at BN’s exalted site.

    You are invaluable.

    I have purchased two of L.P. Pines books one has arrived the other is due tomorrow a.m. Should you now, or in the foreseeable future decide you would like one, it, and an overdue donation will be on its way to Priest River!

  42. John March 5, 2024 @ 6:31 am

    I believe Jordan Peterson is just another Crypto-Jew, or one of their many agents.

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