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The Three Stages Of World Domination

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The Three Stages Of World Domination
April 8 2024

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Brother Nathanael @ April 8, 2024


  1. Brother Nathanael April 8, 2024 @ 2:52 pm

    The Three Stages Of World Domination

    “It fits what’s happening today,” said Henry Ford Sr.

    He was talking about “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.”

    And he saw it unfolding right before his very eyes.

    As Jewish kids we were forbidden to read it.

    But kids find ways to break what’s forbidden just to find out why.

    The book with so many layers of intrigue was too much for me as a kid.

    But today, like Henry Ford, “it fits.”

    What crystalizes in my mind about the Protocols, are the stages of world domination that World Jewry is pursuing.

    Stage 1

    Control Of Money

    Private Jewish banks in Germany, France, England, Sweden, Switzerland, and last, America with the Federal Reserve—The FED—have set up Central Banks which counterfeit money…legally.

    They are answerable to no one. [Clip]

    “What is the proper relationship, what should be the proper relationship between the chairman of the Fed and the President of the United States?” “Well, first of all the Federal Reserve is an independent agency and that means basically that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.”]

    Stage 2

    Control Of Politicians

    This stage has a double module, ‘media’ and ‘campaign coffer.’

    For example.

    Illinois Senator Charles Percy, former head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee refused to sign AIPAC’s, “Letter of 76.”

    Protesting its “reassessment” of Middle East policy which favored Israel over the Palestinians, the Jews got to work to get rid of Percy.

    The Jewish owned press did a smear campaign of Percy and propped up the unknown Paul Simon.

    Simon enjoyed wonderful press, found his campaign coffers filled to the brim by AIPAC and its billionaire sponsors.

    Percy’s honorable career bit the dust.

    Stage 3

    Destruction Of The Church

    This is a three-pronged attack.

    First attack the mores of The Church by subverting honorable marriage and instead promote sexual perversion.

    Rachel Levine is the visual meme, the Jewish power gleans.

    That it’s okay to distort one’s sexual identity and physical attributes.

    Second, attack the youth through the schools, especially to hate their race, the White Race, which historically has opposed Jewish dominance.

    Third, infiltrate The Church with evangelical Israel lovers—an anti-Christ state—and with partisans of homosexuality.

    Pull the stages together:

    Control Of Money,
    Control of Politicians,
    Control Of The Church,
    and you got a recipe for World Domination.

    The demographics are there.

    World Jewry runs a tight trading, economic, religious, jurisprudence, and academic network globally.

    It’s not too late to put the brakes on Jewish World Domination.

    I think the noticing has already begun.

  2. Dr. Kennedy April 8, 2024 @ 3:39 pm

    Another great video, Brother.

    Wishing you a Happy belated Easter, and every blessing going forward.

    Again, my contribution to you, (Before the eyes of Christ), will be sent as soon as I am paid.

    Also, hope you saw this. =

  3. Rav Mortichai April 8, 2024 @ 5:04 pm

    Great video Brother Nathanael!

    Jews denounce the book because it’s a roadmap to their plan. Alex Jones denounced it, too.

    Electronic copy here…

    Oy vey! Da goyim ain’t allowed to read this.

  4. Steven April 8, 2024 @ 5:27 pm

    You have missed the most important factor, which is control of the media.

    If you enter “List of Jewish American business people in media” into Wikipedia, you will find the names and position of about 1,000 Jews who own and operate 95% of the MSM. These people control the narrative and what people think.

    Control of money, politicians, and the Christian church are important, but controlling the media is essential. The ability to control what hundreds of millions of people think.

  5. Elaine Woodriff April 8, 2024 @ 5:41 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Thank you for your comment on The Three Stages Of World Domination.

    It is very interesting, and all the information you give re “Control Of Money, Control of Politicians, Control Of The Church, and you got a recipe for World Domination” is vital knowledge on what is happening and explains so much.

    We are truly living in “interesting times”.

  6. Michael P April 8, 2024 @ 7:14 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    You’re a light in the darkness when I see your videos.

    With my doctor today I expressed feeling depressed, anxious and suffering from intermittent insomnia for seeing the world move so fast with machines, AI, experimental technologies like mRNA, laboratory foods/meats, 5G/6G, digital currency, surveillance state, biometric, transhumanism, chemtrails, endless wars, insatiable consumer societies impact on life on our planet, collapsing societies, etc….

    … .It feels so scary cause many of us didn’t consent to this and we don’t trust the elite pushing all of this. I still haven’t met a doctor, psychologist, brother, nor priest within my vicinity who I can speak to about this, except for friends who think like me.

    Would be wonderful to have a brother like you to listen to at my Catholic church. Hope to see more of you with podcasts to inspire us. You’re wonderful to listen to. I feel recharged seeing and listening to you.

    This week I will try to start again with a fast for the Orthodox Easter and will refrain from meat cause I found that it did me good during last March for lent.

    God bless you Brother Nathanael.

    In spirit,

    Montreal, Que., Canada

  7. Hibernian April 8, 2024 @ 10:10 pm

    Jewry hates some other peoples & their countries as much, or almost as much, as they hate the European ethnic peoples* & their countries,


    Palestinians & Palestine (> West Bank & Gaza > West Bank & Naked-Genocide-by-Jewry-land)

    Iranians & Iran

    Japanese (especially the Japanese male) & Japan
    And, “The Protocols of Zion” are being conducted upon Japan too.


  8. MeMe April 8, 2024 @ 10:20 pm

    Excellent points Brother Nathanael.

    I have found the material by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock like the book below a wealth of information.

    His timeline of world significant events over the last few centuries showing the Jews behind pretty much most of them where they worked to ‘get their ducks in order’ is most revealing, esp in Bolshevik USSR.

  9. Caveman April 9, 2024 @ 12:10 am

    The Jews have overplayed their hand in Gaza this time, many are now waking up and seeing the ugly head of the Eternal Jew as the deceiving, murderous serpents that they are.

    Satanyahu has come to realize that if he does not get ammunition, weapons and money from the US he will lose the war, and had to make concessions.

    All of a sudden Israel and the Jews cannot carry out their crimes with impunity as they used to do in the last 79 years, they realized that their power has very real and painful boundaries.

    When the neighbors find out that the street bully is no longer invincible they will eat him alive!

    The power of the Jews is in decadence, may God break once and for all the Jew yoke and free the faithful from this scourge!

  10. John April 9, 2024 @ 5:18 am

    The evil Jews are finished. They only have a few years left.

    Matthew 25:41 – Then he will say to those on his left, “Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels”. Amen

  11. Jonathan April 9, 2024 @ 6:24 am

    The Assassination of Louis McFadden, One of the 20th Century’s Most Prescient Men | Winter Watch

  12. Jonathan April 9, 2024 @ 6:26 am

    Goyim Conceded Defeat in 1882 –

  13. the ghost of reality April 9, 2024 @ 7:06 am

    “It’s not too late to put the brakes on Jewish World Domination.”

    There is only ONE way the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN can be crushed.

    Best remember this prayer…and understand it >

    9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.


    11 Give us this day our daily bread.

    12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

    13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.


    but prepare for HELL ON EARTH until he does.

  14. Rabbi Glickman April 9, 2024 @ 7:48 am

    Oy, oy, oy! I have such a toothache this morning!

    Will our suffering never end?

    I have made an appointment to see my dentist this afternoon. Unfortunately, he is Jewish.

    So I can’t bring a medical malpractice case against him.

  15. Ted Gorsline April 9, 2024 @ 12:04 pm

    Its funny to watch MSM jews get caught with their pants down by Israel, the nation, they have been supporting forever.

    Israel is behaving so badly that they have to back pedal to try to save their tattered credibility.

    MSM jewish journalists now own the genocide.

    The ugliness of their jewish culture is on centre stage for all to see and they are trying to save their personal careers by distancing themselves from the evil that has been there all along and that they have supported since 1948.

    Abby Martin says it because Israel is a fascist state. No that’s not the reason. That links what is going on to Mussolini & Hitler and its dishonest. The reason is Israel is evil is because it is a jewish state with degenerate jewish Talmudic values.

    Arwa Damon, famous for faking attacks for CNN by filming filling ditches with oil and then torching them and dubbing in explosions to fake airstrikes, criticizes Israel for the first time ever in her career.

    She looks disheveled and shell shocked. She say how could a democracy like Israel act like this. Fact is, Arwa, the Israel you have supported throughout your career and it has never been a democracy. It has always been an apartheid state and from day one.

    Its a nation of Talmudic degenerates. Always has been. the time for the passing of the jews in Palestine is at hand, and with luck in Ukraine, in Russia, in Brooklyn, south Miami, Pacific Palisades and in the Bridal Path in Toronto.

    Hopefully the domino effect will soon kick in.

    Israel has been a murderous apartheid state since 1948, and these jews have supported her until it has become so evident that Israel is and has always been pure distilled evil.

  16. Citizenfitz April 9, 2024 @ 3:58 pm

    I read The Protocols many years ago.

    It made me viscerally ill. Like listening in on a conversation of demons.

    I suspect it’s for real though I don’t know for a fact. It comes across as bona fide.

    Congressman Louis McFadden was a hero/prophet in his fight against the banksters. He gave them a fight and they most likely poisoned him.

  17. KathJuliane April 9, 2024 @ 4:41 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thank you for an excellent review of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and explaining its relevancy to what’s going on now, particularly an ‘apocalyptic vibe’ having to do with Palestine, Jerusalem, Al Aqsa Flood, the Red Heifer soap ritual, and the Jews’ Third Temple.

    So, here we are. It’s April 9, we’ve survived the “Endtimes” solar eclipse once again, and a sneaky ‘Devil’s Comet’.

    Come to find out, the ‘Devil’s Comet’, which is approaching its apogee in a couple of weeks was supposed to be visible along with I think six of the planets along with the sun’s corona once the sun was completely blotted out.

    Several dozen people got married right at the moment of the eclipse along its path.

    In Israel, a family squabble is ongoing within the Tribe, which anywhere else would be considered pre-signs of an incipient civil war. Mind you, around 80% of all Israeli Jews still want their war of revenge on the Palestinians, with something like 68% demanding that Gazans be completely eradicated, one way or the other.

    Jews are agitating for the ouster of Netanyahu, divided into two camps:

    First are the families of the hostages still in Hamas custody want him gone for both bungled national security vis October 7, and not doing enough to directly rescue the hostages, killing some of the hostages during the IOF’s extermination operations, and constantly spoiling negotiations with Hamas for the hostages.

    The second camp are the hard-right religous Zionists, who basically want every single Palestinian eradicated “from the river to the sea” and beyond, and who cares about the hostages dying for Greater Israel?

    In the meantime, having not made much headway eradicating Hamas as a still very effective guerrilla fighting force, the IOF is looking to swing north, attack Hezbollah in Lebanon with a full-on assault and aerial bombardment with their toys, special model Israeli-F35s, and attempt to score some cheap photo victories.

    Yes, foolish Jews. By all means. Go ahead. If you can’t beat Al Qassam and the rest of the Palestinian Resistance forces in Gaza, what makes you think you can stand up to battle-hardened Hezbollah and the rest of the Axis of Resistance?

    On the same hand, trying to mobilize for the northern front, the IOF seems to be running into some manpower difficulties. IOF is not letting on how many KIA and ‘catastrophically’ injured soldiers have been taken out by the Resistance. But there seems to be an issue, because all of a sudden, some members of the Knesset want to start legalizing the drafting the conscription-exempt Haredi Jews.

    So, they are out in full force protesting the proposed draft change, while war-hungry “democratic” counter-protestors believe that the Haredi should be subject to the draft and service in the IOF instead of being subsidized to spend all day in yeshiva, are protesting them.

    Ramadan should be over today, with the 3-day Eid al-Fitr, Holiday of Breaking the Fast, starting the 10th.

    It was anticipated that Iran would wait until after Ramadan & Eid al-Fitr before retaliating against Israhell for conducting a strike on the Iranian consulate, a facility extension of the Iranian embassy, in Damascus.

    In the meantime, at least 32 Israeli embassies have been evacuated around the world. I doubt Iran would stoop to the Jewish state’s level and strike at an embassy and break time-tested customs and international law under the Vienna Convention, which establishes the immunity of diplomatic missions.

    Rather than contravene the Convention, the analytical consensus seems to be that Iran will make a very, very painful strike on an Israeli military facility.

    Iran has already stated that the retaliation will be carried out with ‘Iranian hands’, and Tehran has formally warned the US to stay out of the way.

    The IOF lunatics of the Only Giant Carbuncle on the Face of the Middle East are absolutely determined to drag the US into a war with Iran.

    Oy veh!

    Anyway, came across a very good article by Alastair Crooke about the mentality of the Axis of Weasels. -Kj


    The Art of War: Different Thinking Systems
    Alastair CrookeAlastair Crooke
    Source: Al Mayadeen English
    4 Apr 2024 00:21

    Just as the West failed to understand Russia, and was taken by surprise, so it is that the White House firmly ignores the Biblical ‘End of Times’ dimension to the Israeli ‘way of thinking about war’.

    Jacques Baud, a Swiss military officer with a long history of studying ‘Ways of Thinking’ about War (from Warsaw Pact to NATO — to which he was seconded by his government), has written a new book — The Russian Art of War: How the West Led Ukraine to Defeat. His book theme is essentially: Others understand the West, better than the West understands ‘Them’.

    Baud writes that the fundamental reason for the West having the ‘blinkers on’ is “the result of an approach we have already seen in waves of terrorist attacks — the adversary is so stupidly demonized that we refrain from understanding his way of thinking. As a result, we are unable to develop strategies, articulate our forces, or even equip them for the realities of war”.

    “In the West, we tend to focus on [the immediate] moment and try to see how it might evolve. We want an immediate response to the situation we see – today. The idea that “from the understanding of how the crisis arose comes the way to resolve it” is totally foreign to the West.

    “In September 2023, an English-speaking journalist even pulled out the “duck test” for me: “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.” In other words, all the West needs to assess a situation is an image that fits their prejudices. Reality is much more subtle than the duck model …”.

    “The reason the Russians are better than the West in Ukraine is that they see the conflict as an [organic] process; whereas we see it as a series of separate discrete actions. The Russians see events as a film. We see them as photographs.

    “They see the forest, while we focus on the trees. That is why we place the start of the Ukraine conflict on February 24, 2022 – or the start of the Palestinian conflict on October 7, 2023. We ignore the contexts that bother us and wage conflicts we do not understand. That is why we lose our wars …”.

    Baud, in his book, gives an excellent account of the military evolution derived from this western ‘thinking system’. Nonetheless, the explanation is somehow incomplete. Yes, the ‘Others’ do have an ‘organic’ and ‘process’-linked understanding of crises, yet there is more to it than that.

    The French philosopher, Emmanuel Todd, in La Défaite, suggests that — with a US in constant revolt against its own past – the West has fallen to nihilism and to “a breath-taking dogmatism across the spectrum of Western élites – a kind of ideological solipsism preventing them from seeing the world – as it actually is”.

    I recall having once asked former Secretary Madeline Albright why she forbade Yasser Arafat from consulting various Islamic authorities on the radical US proposal to divide the sovereignty under Al-Aqsa Mosque horizontally, so that the topsoil sovereignty would stay with the Islamic Waqf, but the ‘beneath’ would be Israel’s sovereignty.

    She said firmly that it was a matter of principle at the US State Department to ignore all religious dimensions – and to remain secular.

    There are other examples: Dick Cheney insisted that all that was needed in geo-politics was to understand ‘the underlying nature of people’ (as viewed from the Western perspective). Facts and history did not matter. As Baud has noted, an image that fits with prejudice is what matters.

    The consequence is not confined to that of failing to see the world ‘as it actually is’ but represents an ideological teleology of refusing to see it ‘as it is’.

    Baud writes at length why the West has been systematically surprised by Russia in Ukraine, and observes how this deep-seated prejudice gives Russia the advantage of surprise — to the point “where the Western narrative led Ukraine to totally underestimate Russian capabilities, which was a major factor in its defeat”.

    The key point is that Baud’s insights apply not only to the implementation of military action, as such. They are also applicable as a ‘thinking system’ to mis-construing geo-politics, too.

    Just as the West failed to understand Russia, and was taken by surprise, so it is that the White House firmly ignores the Biblical ‘End of Times’ dimension to the Israeli ‘way of thinking about war’, preferring to stick with its ‘liberal-secular’ image of “Israel”.

    So too, the West refuses to understand the Palestinian and Resistance opposition to Zionism, and as Baud observes, “it is an approach we have already seen in waves of terrorist attacks – the adversary is so stupidly demonized that we refrain from understanding his way of thinking”.

    The West thus slips back into old default colonial tactical responses to what they observe (i.e. towards the Iraq’s Hash’d A-Shaabi, or Ansarallah in Yemen), viewing them merely as ‘rebel’ or ‘mutinous’ disconnected eruptions, to be put down with a firm smack of firepower — i.e. as discontinuous, tactical events.

    There is then, no real enquiry into the reasons for these irritating neo-colonial irruptions, nor any interest in whether there is history to them.

    Jacques Baud concludes: As a result of this approach, our frustrations are translated by unscrupulous media into narratives that both feed hatred and increase the sense of vulnerability.–different-thinking-systems

    I also came across a very insightful interview with Miko Peled, decades long Palestinian activist, about the Jewish Zombie Zionist mentality of Israelis.

    How Israel indoctrinates its people w/Miko Peled | The Chris Hedges Report

    …To understand the genocidal campaign unfolding before our eyes, we must examine the roots of Israeli society. Israel is a settler colonial state whose existence depends on the elimination of Palestinians.

    Accordingly, Israel is a deeply militarized society whose citizens are raised in an environment of historical revisionism and indoctrination that whitewashes Israel’s crimes while cultivating a deep-seated racism against Palestinians.

    Miko Peled, former IDF Special Forces and author of The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine, joins The Chris Hedges Report for a frank conversation on the distortions of history and reality at the foundations of Israeli identity.

  18. KathJuliane April 9, 2024 @ 8:35 pm

    How to Understand the Jews as Being a Chosen People: An Orthodox Analysis

    Orthodox Wisdom

    Are the Jews, even in light of Christ’s death and resurrection, still in some way the chosen people of God? If so, how should we understand them and their role in God’s providence? Who are the true Jews and what role do Jews and Judaism have in the prophesied rise of Antichrist?

    Note from Metropolitan Vitaly (+2006) Chief Hierarch of ROCOR, 1986-2001:
    “The author of the following article lives in Russia. We received it some years back. The whole tone of the article in composes, discrete, and sober. Its ideas are profound, clear, and in complete agreement with the teaching of the Orthodox Church and the Holy Fathers.”

    This article is found in Orthodox Life, Vol. 41, No. 4, Jul-Aug 1991. Orthodox Life is the journal of Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary in Jordanville, NY, USA.

    -READ the article here:

    -FIND an Orthodox parish and monastery near you:
    Quotes from this article:

    If the Old Testament is understood as a foreshadowing, then one sees that the true Jews of the Old Testament are a foreshadowing of Christians, since all true Jews of the Old Testament lived spiritually in expectation of Christ the Savior, the Messiah.

    On the other hand, their enemies in the Old Testament are a foreshadowing of contemporary Judaism, that is, those who either consciously or unconsciously confess the Jewish religion, the very foundation of this religion being a rejection of Christ [Once one accepts the Christian Gospel, traditional Judaism loses its validity]. The Jewish religion which accepts Christ is the Christian religion.

    The first decree, the covenant with the Jewish people made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is never revoked, and therefore, in remaining a “special, different” people, since they do not accept Christianity, they repudiated their being the chosen people of God.…

    Even those Jews who do not accept Christianity, being infected by the bacillus of anti-Christianity, manage to preserve their identity supported by the Old Testament covenant. For this reason the hope of the Jews for universal supremacy is not in vain. This people will be preserved through all times; they will not be exterminated nor will they disintegrate.

    One cannot doubt that those who consciously confess the Jewish religion strive for the universal supremacy of Judaism, or rather of the Jews. If one were to read the Old Testament as the Jews do, that is, not spiritually, not interpreting the prefigurative meanings, but in a carnal way, then it would seem that the prophecies speak about a future supremacy.

    For this reason the religion of the Jews is directed towards the future, to meet the Messiah, not Christ, but rather the Antichrist, who must establish the supremacy of the Jews and Judaism upon the whole world. In this way we see the difference between the philosophies of Judaism and Christianity.

    That is, while Christians seek the Heavenly Kingdom, the Jews seek an earthly kingdom, the improvement of the world under the supremacy of the Jewish people…

    This Jewish materialistic approach openly and more subtly, under the appearance of various social theories and philosophical systems, encroaches upon the consciousness of Christians, breaking down Christian nations.

    In particular the penetration into the Christian consciousness of this Judaistic idea explains many heresies, the rise of Islam, the substitution of Christianity with humanism, altruism, Marxism, and separatist nationalism.

    What common denominator do some people seek in order to equalize black and white, Christianity and Judaism? — Judaism being a deified materialistic philosophy of earthly justice, worldly good, earthly freedom, and worldly well-being. Just as the deification of one’s aspiration for all that which is worldly comes from Judaism, for the Christian that which is worldly is used only in so much as it is necessary in one’s striving for the spiritual.

    It therefore follows that those who strive to equalize Judaism and Christianity, black and white, using the worldly as a basis, allow the spirit of Judaism to conquer them.

    In other words, having exchanged Christian spiritual goals for worldly ones, those that call themselves Christians lose that which distinguishes them from Jews and thus seek a union with Judaism, [perhaps unconsciously] rejecting Christ. They become co-workers in preparing for the kingdom of Antichrist.
    “True Jew” is is not a theological term the Church Fathers ever used.

    Israel is a theological term – Israel of the flesh, and the Israel of God. More accurate would be ‘true Israelite’, whether Juda’an or Ethne. The God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob (who were not ‘Jews’), the Righteous Hebrew Patriarchs who looked to Christ and the heavenly homeland as their future possession, who are the ancestors of Jesus Christ & Christians, too, who were grafted into the holy root of ancient Israel of God 2000 years ago, chose these Patriarchs and their offspring Israel to become the bloodline disciplined through the centuries by the Temple, the Priesthood, the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Writings, that brought forth Abraham’s Seed (Spermati, dative singular in the LXX; Apostle Paul made up nothing new but actually read the LXX) Jesus the Christ, and that is all.

    Jews are not divine, not humanity’s saviors.

    According to Christians, that Messiah of Israel has come. So if that is true, then the Jews are just a special as everyone else…which is not at all.

    And Christians owe the Jews nothing. We owe Christ everything. -Kj

  19. KathJuliane April 9, 2024 @ 10:04 pm

    9 April 2024 by Larry Johnson

    Real life is better than the movies. No doubt. Today’s surprise comes out of Moscow, with an announcement from the State organization charged with investigating major crimes that the Ukrainian company Burisma was involved with financing terrorists:

    “Russia’s top investigative body announced Tuesday that it has launched a criminal probe into senior officials in the United States and NATO member countries who are suspected of “financing terrorism.”

    “Russia’s Investigative Committee, which probes major crimes, said it has “established” that money from commercial organizations had been used to “eliminate prominent political and public figures” inside and outside Russia in recent years, as well as to “inflict economic damage” against the country. . . .

    “The top law enforcement body named the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings as one of the implicated organizations. U.S. President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden served as a member of Burisma’s board of directors between 2014 and 2019.”

    So, what’s the big deal. We already knew about Hunter. What does that have to do with the CIA? Does the name Cofer Black ring a bell?

    “International Energy Group Burisma has expanded its Board of Directors to include an expert in the field of security and strategic development. Joseph Cofer Black, a former Director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center and Ambassador at Large for counterterrorism recently joined the Board as an independent director at Burisma Group.

    “Ambassador Black resigned from public service in 2005 after a 30-year career and is considered a leading expert and significant figure on U.S. and international security issues. ”

    How about that. A career CIA officer, with no experience in the oil and gas industry beyond pumping gas for his own vehicles, gets a sweet spot on a board alongside Hunter Biden. Before joining the board of Burisma, Mr. Black snagged a spot on the board of a Latvian Bank:

    “The extraordinary meeting of the shareholders of joint-stock company Baltic International Bank (‘the Bank’) was held on 11 October 2016 where decisions on changes in the composition of the Bank’s Supervisory Board were adopted.

    “Joseph Cofer Black has been invited to join the existing members of the Bank’s Supervisory Board– Valērijs Belokoņs, Vlada Belokoņa, Andris Ozoliņš and Dr. Hans – Friedrich Von Ploetz – as of November 1, 2016.”

    Cofer Black’s ostensible qualification for serving on the Bank’s board was his background in counter terrorism. In an interview with DELFI, a business magazine, Cofer claimed expertise in terrorist financing:

    “What does counterterrorism have in common with banking? How much time do you have? Actually [they are] shockingly similar. I spent the last 12 years of my time [at the CIA] in counterterrorism, but before that I worked in other fields [of intelligence].

    “An important thing in counterterrorism is what we now call financial counterterrorism. At the beginning of my career, there was little if any combating of terrorism in the financial area. It was my responsibility, but “I wasn’t very eager to get into it, because it’s timeconsuming, labor-intensive and expensive. In that time you are trying to outsmart and stop terrorists before they kill people.”

    Turns out, Cofer was of no help to the Latvian bank on this issue. In 2018 the bank was fined:

    “Latvia’s financial regulator, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKTK) said December 6 it was imposing a 1.5 million euro fine on Baltic International Bank (BIB) “for deficiencies in the Bank’s internal control system.”. . .

    “In 2018 the FKTK carried out an on-site inspection of the Bank, as well as a targeted inspection, during which the FCMC identified that the Bank’s internal control system does not fully comply to the regulatory requirements governing the prevention of money laundering and terrorism and proliferation financing (hereinafter – AML/CTPF),” the FKTK said.

    “The Bank had not established an adequate internal control system to meet its risks in the field of prevention of money laundering and terrorism and proliferation financing, which would ensure effective compliance with the regulatory requirements,” it added, . . .”

    Going back to the charges leveled by Russia’s Investigative Committee, if Cofer Black was on the Burisma Board during the time that Burisma funds were being transferred to groups with ties to terrorists, then it is quite understandable that Russia will be inclined to believe the CIA is implicated, at least indirectly, in terrorist attacks in Russia.

    Too bad that Latvian bank did not hire me and my partner instead of Cofer. We actually wrote and implemented compliance programs for banks and investment firms that kept them out of this kind of trouble. I can’t wait to see the evidence.

    A couple of interesting and unusual interviews today. The first was with Marcos Soares, a Brazilian who lives and works in Italy. The second was with Sarah at DD Geopolitics. We discussed CIA links to terrorist organizations.

  20. KathJuliane April 10, 2024 @ 9:47 am

    Matt Hoh: Can Gaza Be Saved?

    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom

    Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski : Asymmetrical Warfare vs Russia.

    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom

    Bloodthirsty and sadistic Jewish bozos, in obvious mockery of Christians & Palestinians, named their war-AI targeting programs “Gospel,” “Lavender,” and “Where’s Daddy?” being tried out in their programmed military eradication of Gazans. -Kj

    Dear MeMe,

    In case you weren’t aware of it, Brother Nathanael wrote a masterpiece article years ago of his deep dive into ‘The Jews Who Wrote The Protocols of Zion’.

  21. KathJuliane April 10, 2024 @ 10:21 am

    The escalation ladder, w/ Mohammad Marandi – The Grayzone

    Iranian academic and analyst Mohammad Marandi joins Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate live to discuss the repercussions of Israel’s brazen attack on Iran’s embassy in Syria.

    How will Iran respond?


    Why Iran supports Palestine, with Ali Abunimah and Mohammad Marandi

    The Electronic Intifada


    Three sons and a number of grandchildren of Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh murdered in Israeli airstrike on Gaza, says Hamas – Reuters

  22. KathJuliane April 10, 2024 @ 10:41 am

    Hamas controls the White House? Really? -Kj

    Ben Shapiro Shows Why He Can’t Be Taken Seriously

    Ben Shapiro’s remark that Hamas controls the Biden administration is a perfect illustration of just how out of touch he is with reality.

    by Jeremy R. Hammond

    Apr 9, 2024

    Having been ousted last month from The Daily Wire for criticizing Israel’s genocide in Gaza, which intellectually dishonest and cowardly media outlets like CNN have stupidly equated to “antisemitic rhetoric” (the usual accusation aimed at silencing legitimate criticism of the self-described “Jewish state”), Candace Owens on Twitter last week challenged the Daily Wire’s founder, Ben Shapiro, to a debate “on Israel and the *current* definition of antisemitism”.

    Shapiro responded by accepting the challenge on the condition he would host it himself on his own platform. Owens replied by proposing “a neutral, trustworthy platform.” Shapiro’s telling response was to accuse Owens of wanting “to hide behind a moderator”.

    This morning in my Twitter feed (yeah, I know we’re supposed to call it “X” now, but it’s still Twitter to me), I saw this response of Dave Smith’s to someone accusing him of having discredited and “beclowned” himself:

    Curious as to who would say something as stupid as “Hamas is now in control of the Biden administration,” I clicked through the thread to find that it was none other than Ben Shapiro, in a tweet to which Smith had responded with the sarcastic remark, “Aid to Israel must be unconditional otherwise you’re a terrorist!!!”

    Which is what Shapiro is essentially saying, by any reasonable interpretation given the whole context of the situation.

    Full piece:
    Jeremy Hammond, 200% independent journalist, is the Hasbara buster par excellence.

    Both Jeremy’s books, The Israel-Palestine Conflict: A Collection of Essays (free download for newsletter signup) and his deeply researched, definitive Obstacles to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (available in his bookstore), are well worth reading and having. -Kj

  23. KathJuliane April 10, 2024 @ 10:46 am

    Could Avian H5N1 Influenza be Disease X for the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex?

    Fear Mongering, Food Supply Threat, Virus with a Deadly Past, BARDA Self-

    Amplifying mRNA Vaccines–A Perfect Storm is Brewing

    APR 10, 2024

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH and Nicolas Hulscher, MPH (candidate)

    With the fear-mongering campaign of ‘Disease X’ sponsored by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation (CEPI), people are wondering what virus might infect the world next. A few days ago, the CDC issued a health advisory for the H5N1 bird flu as it was detected in a Texas dairy farm worker [1].

    His only symptom was conjunctivitis, or inflammation of the eye. As of today, human-to-human transmission has not occurred and thus H5N1 poses limited risk to humans. However, this may change in the near future, especially if we consider the dark history of gain of function (GOF) research regarding H5N1.

    Worth reading:

  24. KathJuliane April 10, 2024 @ 12:37 pm

    Uncensored: Reverend Munther Isaac Uncensored

    Published Apr 9, 2024

    Tucker Carlson Network

    How does the government of Israel treat Christians?

    In the West, Christian leaders don’t seem interested in knowing the answer. They should be. Here’s the view of a pastor from Bethlehem.


    Brasscheck TV | 9 April 2024

    From “accidentally” killing over 100 doctors and over 100 UN employees to destroying a three-vehicle food relief convoy, the Israeli military makes a lot of “mistakes”.

    There is a history to this and most Americans still don’t know it.

    Here’s the takeaway question: When do Americans wake up and stop accepting the collusion of their “leaders” with a terrorist state that kills its own citizens?

    The Day Israel Attacked America | Special Series

    (2014) Al Jazeera investigates the shocking truth behind a deadly Israeli attack on a US naval vessel.

    In 1967, at the height of the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, the Israeli Air Force launched an unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, a US Navy spy ship that was monitoring the conflict from the safety of international waters in the Mediterranean.

    Israeli jet fighters hit the vessel with rockets, cannon fire and napalm, before three Israeli torpedo boats moved in to launch a second more devastating attack. Though she did not sink, the Liberty was badly damaged. Thirty-four US servicemen and civilian analysts were killed, another 171 were wounded.

    Later Israel apologised for what it claimed to be a tragic case of mistaken identity. It said that it had believed the ship to be hostile Egyptian naval vessel. US President Lyndon Johnson was privately furious but publicly the White House chose not to challenge the word of its closest Middle East ally and accepted that the attack had been a catastrophic accident.

    However, as this exclusive Al Jazeera investigation reveals, fresh evidence throws new light on exactly what happened that fateful day – and the remarkable cover up that followed.


    +BN via the Brother Nathanael Foundation has at minimum, constant basic expenses every month such as server bills, email software bills, technical help bills.

    That doesn’t count the expenses going towards building his studio for the Brother Nathanael Show.

    Be sure to chip in on a regular basis. When it comes to paying for your personal media, how many auto-subscriptions don’t you use anymore, can cancel, and send the difference to RJN?

    Do you really watch all of the gazillion cable channels in your pricey cable bill every month for convenience, and the illusory idea that it gives you ‘free choice’??

  25. KathJuliane April 10, 2024 @ 7:08 pm

    This Tucker Carlson Interview BROKE The INTERNET | Syriana Analysis w/ Tim Anderson

    We discussed with Professor Tim Anderson the interview of Tucker Carlson with the Palestinian pastor Munther Isaac from Bethlehem and the Zionist outrage that flooded the internet.

    The show starts at 4:00


    “If I don’t steal it, someone else will.” — Jacob the Jewish Settler from Jew York.

    Syriana Analysis reports that Settler Jews are now stealing the very ancient Armenian Christian Quarter of Jerusalem.

    Almassian and Anderson discuss the West’s deliberate destruction of Middle East Christian communities throughout the Middle East, especially Iraq & Syria (which happens to also be included in Greater Israel plans), which ultimately benefited Israel, and the lies about it. They mention a documentary which came out last year about the tragedy of the Idlib Christians.

    +BN was way ahead reporting the persecution and ethnic cleansing this since way back in 2011 or 2012, at the start of the Judeo-West’s regime change operation called the Syrian Civil War.

    No one in Western Christianity gives a damn about Middle East Christians, and in fact, consider them a nuisance.

    Thanks, Jews.

    Ruseau International: Syria: “The Broken Cross” or the tragedy of Idleb Christians who fell into the hands of terrorists

    On August 13, the Syrian National Agency SANA1 announced that the “Anzou Artistic Production Foundation” was preparing to launch its latest documentary film entitled: “The Broken Cross».

    SANA summed it up in these few words:The film reveals what is left unsaid about the forced exodus of Christians from the Idlib governorate by armed terrorist organizations, notably by the “Turkestan Islamist Party” with the complicity of the United States Department of State, with the aim of to carry out its project targeting the Christians of the Levant».

    An assertion that might surprise, as we were painfully surprised when in November 2011 we, after numerous checks, submitted for publication the translation of an article from a Lebanese source entitled: “President Sarkozy to the Maronite Patriarch: “Let the Christians of Syria and Lebanon emigrate to Europe, they no longer have their place in the Middle East”»2. Unfortunately, the time for surprise is well and truly over in the face of the harsh reality ignored by those who do not want to see, know or hear.

    The idea for the film came from Dr. Kamal Jafa, an economist and geopolitician living in Aleppo; the screenplay is by Mahmoud Abdel-Karim; the direction is by Yazan Anzour, under the direction of director and producer Najdat Ismail Anzour, born in Aleppo, elected vice-president of the Syrian parliament in June 2016, then interim president in July 2017.

    Last Saturday, September 2, the film was screened in Damascus3 in the presence of religious, diplomatic, social and media personalities. We translate here the essence of the presentation speeches given by Messrs. Najdat Ismail Anzour and Kamal Jafa, not without recalling that Muslims have not been spared, with terrorists having martyred a relatively larger number of them, in Syria and elsewhere.

  26. KathJuliane April 10, 2024 @ 8:18 pm

    Breaking news and analysis on day 187 of Gaza’s Al-Aqsa Flood | The Electronic Intifada Podcast

    00:00 Introduction
    01:21 Weekly news roundup with Nora Barrows-Friedman
    18:08 Antony Loewenstein on Israel’s use of AI during its genocide in Gaza
    01:10:22 Jon Elmer on resistance ambush in Khan Younis and Hizballah downing Israeli drone
    02:00:39 A discussion on regional and political developments

    The IDF’s murderous strike on the family of Hamas politburo chief Ismael Haniyeh was a desperate attempt to derail negotiations.

    “If they think that targeting my children at the peak of these talks before the movement’s [Hamas’s] response is submitted will cause Hamas to change its positions, they are delusional,” Haniyeh said, referring to Israel.

    “The blood of my children is not more valuable than the blood of the children of the Palestinian people … All the martyrs of Palestine are my children.”

  27. Rabbi Glickman April 11, 2024 @ 10:44 am

    Ach, you goy!

    You need to exorcise any human sympathy you have for the accursed Amalekites. We have!

    Just welcome those we haven’t killed into your own countries. That’s all you need to do.

    And all will go well. I’m certain of it! All will go well.

  28. Mort April 11, 2024 @ 11:10 am

    If a person does the same thing over and over 106 times with the same failed result, what’s it called?

    Answer: Jewry

    Jews upset now that Iran preparing to retaliate after Jews blew up Iranian embassy in Syria. Well, Jews always cry out in pain as they strike you. That’s the rule.

    Why would Jews do this? Jews want to draw US into war with Iran to overshadow their warcrimes in Gaza.

  29. KathJuliane April 11, 2024 @ 2:59 pm

    INSANE Footage: IDF Ambushed in Gaza by Resistance Fighters

    Richard Medhurst

    British journalist Richard Medhurst reports on the latest footage from the frontlines in Gaza which shows off a number of israeli military assets being neutralized by resistance fighters.

    Jon Elmer at Electronic Intifada goes into detail about the Resistance’s carefully planned, intricate ambush set-up in Khan Younis starting at 1:10:22.

    It just goes to show that the IOF’s declaration of victory over Hamas in Khan Younis is a lie. The Resistance is still operating at strength and they ruled Khan Younis all along. I have to disagree with Medhurst about the “grinning” Jewish soldier. It looked more like a snarl of terror to me. -Kj

  30. KathJuliane April 11, 2024 @ 4:03 pm

    Must see: What really happened on the ground on October 7th? Col Jacques Baud

    Daniel Davis / Deep Dive

    Col. Baud while describing the history of the Palestinian conflict, states that there was an actual State of Palestine from 1920-1948 under the British Mandate Government until the Jews threw it over.

    He also presents a long declassifed CIA report advising Truman not to partition Palestine or recognize the Jewish state, which is entirely predictive of the Israeli-Arab conflict to this very day.

  31. Citizenfitz April 11, 2024 @ 7:02 pm

    Jews, especially the younger ones, are clearly growing nervous about the inappropriate behavior of the Israelis in Gaza.

    Maybe they should. Because whenever the little jews are getting turned into soap the big jews are selling the soap. Maybe they sense something wicked coming their way?

    The jews are backing off of some of their more blatant shenanigans too. The non-stop, in your face, racializing of anything and everything. It’s still there, just not as blatantly as it was even a year ago.

    “The noticing” seems to be getting noticed.

  32. KathJuliane April 11, 2024 @ 10:36 pm

    Oh woe is us! Oy veh! Oy veh!

    Not one word about the Palestinians. All the blame on Bibsy. No self-reflection of Israel as a 76-year-old criminal terror state.

    Still quite interesting for the doom and gloom admitting that Mighty Israel is broken. -Kj


    Saying What Can’t Be Said: Israel Has Been Defeated – a Total Defeat

    The war’s aims won’t be achieved, the hostages won’t be returned through military pressure, security won’t be restored and Israel’s international ostracism won’t end.

    Information Clearing House

    By Chaim Levinson

    We’ve lost. Truth must be told. The inability to admit it encapsulates everything you need to know about Israel’s individual and mass psychology. There’s a clear, sharp, predictable reality that we should begin to fathom, to process, to understand and to draw conclusions from for the future. It’s no fun to admit that we’ve lost, so we lie to ourselves.

    Some of us maliciously lie. Others innocently. It would be better to find solace in some airy carb with a total-victory crust. But it might just be a bagel. When the solace ends, the hole remains. There’s no way around it. The good guys don’t always win.

    Full story:

  33. Malcolm Andrews April 12, 2024 @ 2:28 am

    Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world— He rejected it! The Jews, on the other hand, accepted his offer!

  34. MeMe April 12, 2024 @ 3:13 am

    Dear Kath,

    “In case you weren’t aware of it, Brother Nathanael wrote a masterpiece article years ago of his deep dive into ‘The Jews Who Wrote The Protocols of Zion’.”

    Yes I have read that one and a lot of the rest but there are many many articles to read and then I also get lost in the comments, too.

    And also to your post above,

    Oh, even more woe! oy veh.

    Methinks it is looking like another master stroke on the part of Iran in this case regarding the strike on their consulate. I read a few days back that Iran had written to the US regarding this matter and merely said, to paraphrase “we didn’t block the Gulf yet!”

    I.e. you better tell those rabid mongrels you protect that we are going to retaliate and severely hurt them and they will do absolutely nothing, or we close the Gulf.

    And also Kath,

    I had to laugh out loud upon reading the Chaim Levinson quote “The good guys don’t always win.”

    and “Some of us maliciously lie. Others innocently.”

    This is the mind God gives you when He chooses you as special…

  35. Mortichai April 12, 2024 @ 9:05 am

    Oy gevalt!!!

    Whole Islamic world ready to lampshade poor helpless Jews. Article reads, “‘Islamic world will celebrate the destruction of Israel’: Is war inevitable between Tehran and West Jerusalem?”

    I know what you’re thinking, “What would Moses do?”

    IMO, all Jews everywhere should head straight for Tel Aviv so we can get an accurate headcount. Cause during WW2 there were 15 Million Jews before and after. I’m not a math major, but I’m seeing the numbers not matching up with the 6 Gorillion.

    Anyway, we need a proper census of Jews before the party starts.

  36. Teri April 12, 2024 @ 9:52 am

    I am seeing vids online now saying this book is a printed propaganda tool to discredit Judaism.

    There are a lot of PPL who will fall for this.

  37. Ted Gorsline April 12, 2024 @ 11:26 am

    Despite having a minimum of 600,000 soldiers Israel appears to be losing to Hamas (30,000 soldiers) and Hezbollah (60,000 soldiers). The jewish soldiers appear to be very cowardly and undisciplined in battle, and despite their large numbers would collapse overnight without US support.

    The fly in the ointment seems to be their Dolphin submarines, nuclear warheads and and Popeye cruise missiles. They do have the upper hand thanks to help from Oliver Silverstein Stone’s good Hollywood buddy Arnan Milcham, who allegedly help smuggle nuclear bomb parts into Israel. He is listed in KJ’s recent list of Jewish billionaires.

    Hopefully Iran will soon have or may already have a few nukes of their own. That would even up the balance of power and prevent Israel from using theirs.

  38. Dr. Kennedy April 12, 2024 @ 11:31 am


    Great news! Do you remember the blasphemous “Satancon” event in Boston last year? Thanks to the tireless efforts of faithful Catholics like you, we have a victory! This year’s “Satancon” is canceled!

    Despite pronouncements from the media, a powerful wave of Rosary Rallies materialized. Catholics from across the country converged on Boston, holding daily protests that resonated with faith and prayer. This unwavering display of opposition sent a clear message.

    The Satanic Temple announced via Instagram that they’re postponing Satancon until 2025. While they cite “the ongoing battle against theocracy,” it’s clear that our protests significantly impacted their plans. We made it difficult for them to secure a venue, not to mention the negative publicity and security concerns they faced.

    This is a major win, but it’s not the end. The Satanic Temple is still committed to spreading their agenda, and we must remain vigilant. Local protests against their initiatives like “After-School Satan Clubs” continue to be crucial.

    These events promote activities that mock our faith and sacraments, attempting to normalize a dangerous ideology. We cannot be silent in the face of such blasphemy. Protests, big or small, are a vital tool to defend our values and protect our communities. If you would like to read more about this victory, you can click here:

    The success of the Boston protests is a testament to the power of collective action. May we continue to pray fervently and stand firm in our beliefs. Together, let us ensure that Satancon becomes a thing of the past.

    Thank you and God bless you and God bless all your loved ones,

    Robert E. Ritchie

    Director, America Needs Fatima

    Web Site =

  39. Dr. Kennedy April 12, 2024 @ 2:27 pm

    The Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel =

  40. KathJuliane April 12, 2024 @ 2:27 pm

    Mighty Israel is broken.

    The Israeli journalist is Chaim Levinson and his article that Kevork Almassian analyzes in his very informative podcast is “Saying What Can’t Be Said: Israel Has Been Defeated – a Total Defeat” published at Information Clearing House and posted yesterday by yours truly, starting at 33:13 in today’s podcast below..

    Kevork points out that Israel has lost “2 out of 3 pillars of the Israeli state”:

    “I truly believe he [Chaim Levinson] doesn’t understand the severity of the issue.

    I mean, telling the truth in this case and saying that Israel is losing the war, and Hamas is not getting crushed, and Yahya Sinwar is not going to get killed, and the hostages aren’t going to get liberated, those are all killer arguments.

    And if you kill the morale of the Israeli Jewish people, especially the dual-citizens, they will choose to leave, they will not stay any longer in Israel.

    This is a very, very important issue. This is a decisive issue for Israel, that it’s a safe haven for the Jewish people around the world to come to Israel and have safety there, right?

    If that is destroyed, and if Israel is no more a safe haven for them, then one of the three pillars of Israeli statehood is already broken. One of which is that it is a safe haven for the Jewish people; and secondly, it has a strong invincible army; and three, its foreign support, right?

    So the first one is being already shaken, like its no more a safe haven for the Jewish people. And October 7 attack was a very huge shock for those who chose to come and live in Israel.

    And the IDF is no longer an invincible army, if not in the eyes, especially in the eyes of the Arabic people now. All of the people in the region can see that Israel is not an invincible army, so that’s also a second element, or pillar of the Israel state is being shaken again.

    The third (pillar) is the foreign aid, the foreign support of Americans, Brits, Germans, French, etc, etc, right? So two of the three pillars of the Israeli state have already been shaken, in my opinion, in this case.

    They don’t have any other option but to lie about this. That’s just my opinion. I’m not defending the Israelis, but if they tell the truth, it’s going to be devastating.”


    Truth Must Be Told: Israel Has Been Defeated | Syriana Analysis

    Syriana Analysis | 12 April 2024

    Israeli journalist drops a bombshell in Haaretz arguing that the Israeli war aims won’t be achieved, the hostages won’t be returned through military pressure, security won’t be restored and Israel’s international ostracism won’t end. The journalist says Israel has been defeated.

    The show starts at 4:00

    “I’m just stating something that becomes more and more obvious. And if somebody who is very pro-Israel wants to blame someone for bringing about the end of Israel, well that should be the Israeli leadership. And in fact, many Israelis as well who are participating wholeheartedly in its horrible criminal policies.

    This is a state that’s bringing its downfall upon itself.” – Dr. Tarik Cyril Amar on Syriana Analysis, professor of Soviet, Russian, Ukrainian, and Cold War History at Columbia University.

  41. KathJuliane April 12, 2024 @ 3:12 pm

    US Marine Officer Scott Ritter reveals the TRUTH about the Iran Israel War that’s starting now

    Redacted | 11 April 2024

    US Marine Scott Ritter believes Iran will strike Israel in one of a few different ways that will be devastating to Israel. Will the U.S. get sucked into war?

  42. It's goin' tah be a Bummpy Ride (said in a Jamaican accent by a purple underlit shrunken head) April 12, 2024 @ 5:17 pm

    I wish they’d stop mind-controlling me to come here and say critical things about Jews.

    Why do they do it? That’s a mystery only they know, based on some ulterior purpose, I suppose.

    You know what’s really creepy?

    When someone else controls my face.

  43. Rabbi Glickman April 12, 2024 @ 5:45 pm

    Oy gevalt! My people! My people! My people!

    Current events are not favoring the Holy people of G-d.

    Our beautiful lies aren’t working like they once did. Oy gevalt! I can hardly see through my tears as I type this.

    Fortunately, there are still many goyishe kopf – who’ll believe whatever nonsense their televisions vomit into their brains. Well, we’ll just vomit even *more* lies into their goyishe kopfs.

    Yes, that’s the ticket! L’chaim!

  44. KathJuliane April 12, 2024 @ 8:46 pm

    Jedaal English is an official channel of Jedaal TV, an independent Farsi language network operated from the UK by Ali Alizadeh, described as a “shameless Iran-Islamist leftist propagandist”.

    In other words, he’s not on board with a Judeophilic, Western-owned, US-funded, pro-Israel, Persian-language media mouthpieces. With Mirandi in Iran and Alizadeh in the West, this was well worth the hour for me listening to this podcast. -Kj


    What is next for Iran? Retaliation or Strategic Patience? In conversation with Mohammad Marandi

    Jedaal English | 12 April 2024


    12 April 2024 by Larry Johnson

    Notwithstanding all of Israel’s tough talk and Biden’s repeated vow to defend Israel, Israel’s military campaign against Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran is turning into a real debacle. And things don’t look much better for the United States. The world is now in bona fide tenterhooks mode — i.e., nervously waiting for Iran’s promised military retaliation for Israel’s illegal bombing of Iran’s Consulate in Damascus a week ago.

    The refusal of the U.S., the U.K. and France to uphold that key tenet of international law left Iran with only two options — do nothing to retaliate or retaliate. Looks like some form of military retaliation is in the cards. I do not believe that Iran will behave like Israel by striking an Israeli diplomatic facility. Instead, I think they will go after Israeli military assets.

    There are indicators of preparation for some kind of military response by Iran:

    “On Wednesday, Units of the Iranian army and IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) were placed on barracks duty, and leaves canceled.

    Washington has detected that Iran is moving military assets, including cruise missiles and aircraft – Two U.S. Sources to CNN.”

    Commercial airliners are now actively avoiding Israeli air space and those still inside it are leaving (see map above). Air France, for example, has ordered its pilots not to fly over Iranian airspace.

    A growing number of countries are evacuating their citizens from Israel and Iran and warnings are proliferating:

    Joe Biden has sent the head of U.S. Central Command to Israel to coordinate defenses and possible responses to an Iranian attack. But the ability of the U.S. and Israel to respond with an air campaign has hit some roadblocks:

    “Qatar and Kuwait notified the US that they will not allow bases on their territory to be used for attacks against Iran – diplomatic sources.

    “Turkey informed the United States that they will not be allowed to use their airspace against Iran.”

    All of this is taking place against a growing realization in Tel Aviv and Washington that their respective tactics for dealing with Hamas and the Houthis respectively have been a debacle. Israeli columnist, Chaim Levinson, dropped this bomb in the pages of Haaretz — Saying What Can’t Be Said: Israel Has Been Defeated – a Total Defeat.

    Full story:

    Memo to Tehran: I believe you can solve this Israel question by simply lobbing a tiny, high precision hypersonic missile on the Shiloh Farms in the West Bank (my apologies, still can’t find it’s top secret coordinates), and injure or destroy those four red heifers, worth at least $500,000, awaiting getting slaughtered and burned for the Red Heifer Soap Ritual.

    It took years for Temple Institute people to acquire bovine candidates, pending one or all of them retaining their 100% red (not even two white hairs allowed) coloring and no blemishes (no scars) or no spots (skin diseases) for the soap ritual. This is not the first time Temple Institute has bought little red cows, but as they grew older became rabbinically disqualified for developing a few white hairs or a pigment blotch on a red nose.

    The extremely superstitious, kabbalist/zoharist messianic Temple Institute Jews may then take said destruction or disqualification of these pricey red heifers as a sign from their kabbalistic g-d that now is not the time for their Jewish messiah, and that their HaSh-m is angry with them. -Kj

    In the meantime, in order to hurt Hamas, ‘Netanyahu Blocks CRITICAL Aid Like Wheelchairs, Maternity Kits To Gazans’

    TYT | 12 April 2024
    If there’s one item rejected by the IDF, they will turn away the entire truck.

    Chocolate croissants (and the rest of the entire cargo) rejected for being a “luxury food”. It’s the calories for starving people that’s important. Good croissants are saturated with butter.

    For once in my life, I respect Cenk Uygur and TYT, -Kj

  45. $PLC April 12, 2024 @ 9:25 pm

    Love the video!

    It also helps show why Ron Paul was demonized by the media and the GOP. His attempt to audit and End The Fed would have been very bad for business!

    I would also love to see more on how the Zionists infiltrated the Evangelical churches if you ever have the time.

    That is something I have only discovered in the last few years, and I believe is also why the Evangelicals hated the actual Christian and moral Ron Paul – remember the SC GOP members actually booed Ron Paul at a debate for saying our national foreign policy should be to live by the Golden Rule – yet seem to love Trump.

  46. Ted Gorsline April 13, 2024 @ 12:31 am

    Traditionally, the jews have always taken two roads to power and they are now in full view for everyone to see.

    The first is bribery, and Scott Ritter has been able to put a precise price tag on it. He says it costs AIPAC, at one time led by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, $100 million to bribe Congress.

    In the absence of those bribes, America would not be sending 2,000 pound dumb bombs to Israel drop on innocent civilians, to facilitate genocide.

    The second is murder, and the jews in Gaza have now murdered at least 15,000 children and surveys show the vast majority of the Israelis (make that Jewish) population are in favour of genocide.

    To paraphrase an old slogan, “First they come for the Palestinians and then they came for you.”

    The jews consider these tactics to be a sign of “intelligence,” and to bolster that idea they finance losers like Ben Shapiro to push a lot of cash in the direction of either unwitting or knowing dupes like Jordan Peterson who says jews are successful because they are smart.

    The jews are a heavily inbred population and inbreeding does not lead to intelligence. Every dog breeder knows that. Treachery and intelligence are not the same thing.

  47. Dan Peters April 13, 2024 @ 6:19 am

    After reading about that red heifer ritual I’m kind of getting more worried about judaism.

    The movement to rebuild the temple seems to be less of a crazy conspiracy. Al-Aqsa’s destruction might just be looked at as healthy collateral if Iran attacks either with provocation or a false flag.

    The Indian labourers migrating into Israel will then get to work establishing the priesthood for the one true religion presumably…

  48. Citizenfitz April 13, 2024 @ 7:01 am

    @It’s goin’ tah be a Bummpy Ride (said in a Jamaican accent by a purple underlit shrunken head)

    Keep ’em coming buddy! Great stuff!

  49. Rav Mortichai April 13, 2024 @ 8:28 am


    Iran klepped a Jew supply ship.

    Article reads, “Iran seizes Israeli-linked container ship (VIDEO).”

    That must have been what Iran meant about Israel will regret.

    Whew, what a relief. We can all relax now. So, Jews come on over to Tel Aviv one and all. The weather is fine. We have it all under control. Free gefilte fish sandwiches with your first visit.

    Just mention Rabbi Mortichai for a 30% discount if you come within the next 24 hours. Remember, 10% off on all gefilte fish sandwiches.

  50. Ted Gorsline April 13, 2024 @ 10:40 am

    Its seems clear that two things must kick in, in the near future.

    The first is that Adolf Hitler must be replaced by Benjamin Netanyahu as the universal bad guy. Hitler had a few positive characteristics. Netanyahu has none.

    He is a psychopathic killer, wanted for crimes by his own people, and behind the bribing of the American Congress. Who can forget the 27 standing ovations this monster got in Congress when George Washington allegedly got only 3 for creating America.

    The second thing is that it is imperative that Palestinian Remenbrance walls be placed in every Jewish halocaust memorial on earth. I think the number of names of the murdered going back to is now about 140,000 people.

    The unnamed killed in their mothers wombs, and there are many, need their own memorial. These names should be in bronze plaques on granite backgrounds in Jewish halocaust centres under the heading “Murdered by Jews.”

  51. Rabbi Glickman April 13, 2024 @ 1:20 pm

    This morning as I got off the subway at Utica Avenue, I passed a man who looked at me then sneezed: “A-chooo!” But I know what he really meant.

    I began blowing furiously on my antisemite whistle. Unfortunately he got away in the crowd.

    I have filed a report with the Mossad.

  52. KathJuliane April 13, 2024 @ 2:20 pm

    Satire, I think. Satire has an uncanny ability of coming true. -Kj

    ADL-Backed Legislation Would Ban the Word “Genocide”

    Dissociated Press (Satire)

    Kevin Barrett | April 13, 2024

    Legislation banning the word “genocide” has been simultaneously introduced in the US Congress, the Canadian parliament, and dozens of states, provinces, and European countries.

    The flagship bill is the Countering Antisemitism Act, “the most far-reaching anti-Semitism initiative to be introduced in Congress” according to the ADL.

    It defines anti-Semitism as “any critical or negative statement about Jews or Israel,” and provides stiff fines and prison sentences for those who commit anti-Semitic transgressions, including the use of forbidden words.

    “The word ‘genocide’ is an anti-Semitic term, because it delegitimizes a 2500-year-old Jewish religious practice,” explained ADL spokes-Semite Shlomo Schlockenstein.

    “Ever since we exterminated Amalek, obliterated the Caananites, and slaughtered 77,000 Iranians on Purim, killing every man, woman, and child of this or that group has been…well, it’s what we do. When we can get away with it, anyway.

    “The mass slaughter of innocents is part of our identity. The term genocide is a nasty, insulting word that Jew-haters use because they hate Jews for no reason at all.”

    The Countering Antisemitism Act also bans criticism of Jews who shoot children for sport, attack hospitals and murder patients and doctors, slaughter crowds of starving people lining up for food, murder aid workers trying to feed starving people, massacre journalists, and lie outrageously to justify their atrocities.

    Additionally, Jews who betray their country to serve Israel, blackmail US and European leaders, assassinate US presidents, and commit monstrous acts of false flag terror would be specifically protected under the Countering Antisemitism Act.

    Schlockenstein insisted that virtually identical anti-Semitism laws needed to be passed simultaneously at the national, state, and local levels across dozens of nations “to counter the anti-Semitic trope that Jews run the world.”

    He added that the Elders of Zion are working on an AI app to erase all references to the Elders of Zion from the internet “which will prove what we have long maintained: that the Elders of Zion are just a fictional anti-Semitic trope.”

    He added that Jewish billionaires who bribe politicians to pass laws making it illegal to mention Jewish billionaires who bribe politicians “are in the front lines of the fight against anti-Semitism” and that anyone who criticizes those billionaires or politicians should have their family assassinated or their house blown up. “And if they survive and wind up in the hospital, we’ll blow that up too,” he added with a roguish wink.

    Meanwhile, in Gaza, the 33,000 dead, and the tens of thousands still uncounted beneath the rubble, could not be reached for comment.

  53. The Englishman April 13, 2024 @ 3:15 pm

    Britain’s Brown Rat Leader is spouting.

    History repeats as George S Patton quoted as saying “We chose the wrong side”

  54. Rav Mortichai April 13, 2024 @ 3:40 pm

    Mortichai may have spoke too soon. Sources claim drones incoming.

    Article reads, “Iran attacks Israel: Hundreds of drones, missiles headed toward Jewish State.”

    This looks bad for Jewry.

    Due to my bad advice earlier, I am hereby resigning from the Council of Learned Elders forthwith… etc, etc… See you on the other side Jews.

  55. The Englishman April 13, 2024 @ 3:48 pm

    Sky News has had this Retired Colonel Richard Kemp interviewed previously.

    Why is it that today the U K possess the dumbest, moronic, ignoramuses that ever performed square bashing?

    Unbelievable. Godless Bastards all.

  56. KathJuliane April 13, 2024 @ 4:28 pm


    Drones & missiles away! Iranian aerospace fleet says, “Shalome, Mighty Israel!”


    Col. Wilkerson describes how the Israel state is a (Jewish) military with a state.

    From its inception, even Israhell’s ‘Basic Law’ sans any constitution goes to support Zionist Militarism and the single-minded pursuit of war. The state is designed for expansionist wars, which is why the Jewish state has never declared its borders. -Kj

    Israel’s Desperation to Drag the US into the War – Zelensky has Lost it All | Col. Larry Wilkerson

    Dialogue Works | 4 April 2024

    Have It Out With Galloway: Episode 1 – Gaza Ceasefire Aftermath

    Have It Out With Galloway

    In this week’s episode of “Have it Out with Galloway”, George Galloway examines the aftermath of the UN ceasefire resolution and explores the unresolved tensions between Israel and Gaza.

    Joined by Israeli author & activist Miko Peled, MP and leader of Palestinian National Initiative Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, and a live audience, George delves into what’s next for the conflict.


    Remember the IOF’s drone attack on the World Central Kitchen convoy, not once but three times, and the IOF actually dismissed a couple of commanders and reprimanded the rest?

    (Don’t worry, fake rabbis of RJN. These commanders will be reinstated after a suitable length of time, the courts will exonerate them, and they’ll quietly return to the IOF, and even given honors)

    Turns out, the top commander responsible for the order is demonic Israeli Settler who publicly and vociferously opposed sending any humanitarian aid into Gaza. -Kj

    Top IDF commander in aid strike wanted to block humanitarian supplies into Gaza

    Paul Nuki
    The Telegraph | Thu, April 11, 2024

    The most senior IDF commander dismissed for his role in the drone strike which killed seven aid workers in Gaza is a settler who signed an open letter in January calling for the territory to be deprived of aid, The Telegraph can reveal.

    A senior British lawyer said its contents – including a call for a “siege” of Gaza City – should be considered by the Israeli authorities investigating the killings.

    Col (Res) Nochi Mandel, the chief of staff of the Nahal Infantry Brigade, was one of two officers dismissed last week following the incident in which three vehicles belonging to the charity World Central Kitchen (WCK) were attacked by drones, killing all those inside, including three Britons.

    An investigation by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) characterised the strikes as a “grave mistake” but concluded there was no intentional harm. “Those who approved the strike were convinced that they were targeting armed Hamas operatives and not WCK employees,” it said.

    In the letter, Col Mandel, a religious nationalist who lives in a settlement in the occupied West Bank, called with more than 130 other reserve officers and commanders for the flow of aid into Gaza to be restricted.

    The letter was sent on January 20 to the Israeli War Cabinet and the IDF chief of staff and implored them to “do everything in your power” not to allow “humanitarian supplies and the operation of hospitals inside Gaza City” following its evacuation.

    The idea was to lay siege to the area until the estimated 130 Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza were returned.

    “As far as we understand … it is permissible and legal according to the laws of armed conflict, to impose a siege on a certain area, on the condition that the citizens who are in it are allowed evacuation corridors,” the letter adds.

    Michael Mansfield KC, head of Nexus Chambers and one of Britain’s leading barristers, said the letter should “absolutely” be considered by those investigating the incident.

    “The document is plainly relevant to a particular state of mind,” Mr Mansfield said. “In other words it is not indicating that the target of the Israeli army is primarily Hamas but Gaza as a whole by weaponising aid under siege conditions.

    “Those who will inevitably suffer and run the risk of death as a result are bound to be non combatant civilians, medics, women, children, the injured and those who are responsible for bringing aid as with the seven killed.”

    Another senior British legal figure, who asked not to be named, said that while the letter may show “animus,” it was not, in their view, relevant to the question of establishing motives for last week’s drone strike.

    Although the IDF has concluded its probe, a judicial inquiry is ongoing to determine whether criminal charges should be brought against those involved in the air strike.

    Col Mandel is the highest ranking officer to have been dismissed in connection to the airstrikes. In 2007, he was named in the Israeli media as one of the IDF’s “10 most promising religious officers”.

    The son of a Holocaust survivor, he lives in Gush Etzion, a cluster of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

    In his youth, he studied at a religious school run by the Ateret Cohanim, a right-wing Jewish organisation dedicated to “returning, reclaiming, and rebuilding a United Jerusalem”.

    Since 2000, the organisation has been acquiring land in the Arab neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem outside the Old City.

    Unanswered questions
    The IDF’s internal investigation characterised the strikes, which took place at night, as a “grave mistake” and found they were “carried out in serious violation of the commands and IDF standard operating procedures”.

    However, it said there was no intentional harm. “Those who approved the strike were convinced that they were targeting armed Hamas operatives and not WCK employees,” said the IDF.

    The investigation into Col Mandel and his colleagues was led by retired Maj Gen Yoav Har-Even, president and CEO of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, sparking claims of bias.

    The IDF is one of Rafael’s biggest buyers. The company, which sells nearly half of its arms to Israeli clients, makes the ‘Spike missiles’ which are reported to have been used to kill the aid workers.

    “We demand the creation of an independent commission to investigate the killings of our WCK colleagues”, said WCK in the wake of the IDF report last week. “The IDF cannot credibly investigate its own failure in Gaza”.

    Full story:

  57. KathJuliane April 13, 2024 @ 5:22 pm

    Iran is far more cultured and civilized than the Israeli Jews. They are most likely avoiding civilian centers and infrastructure, targeting military targets only. -Kj

    The Palestine Chronicle

    Balistic missiles are seen above the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem.


    Palestine Highlights
    Panic among Israeli settlers amid Iran’s retaliatory missile, drone strikes on occupied territories

    The Palestine Chronicle
    Missiles fired from Iran make direct impact on targets in Israel moments ago.

  58. KathJuliane April 13, 2024 @ 5:46 pm

    It’s a huge attack. 500 drones is one figure cited, unknown number of missiles.

    Hinkle’s map shows the air raid alerts across Israel, not the strikes. -Kj

    Jackson Hinkle

    Arya – آریا
    WATCH: Footage shows kheybar shekan ballistic missiles impacting an israeli military air base.
    It is reportedly the Ramon Air base

    Arya – آریا

    Iran’s IRNA News agency:

    The Israeli Negev Air Base was successfully impacted. This is the base through which the Iranian consulate in Damascus was targeted.

  59. KathJuliane April 13, 2024 @ 5:55 pm

    Fitting footage from over the Dome of the Rock — The Throne of Judgment -Kj


    Arya – آریا
    Footage shows Iranian missiles above the Dome of the Rock, and Al-Aqsa Mosque

    The Iranian retaliation attack was much bigger and stronger than expected.

    Israel and the US certainly were expecting a weaker attack.

    Arya – آریا

    The IRGC issued a 2nd statement:

    Any threat from the US & the Zionist regime from any country will be met with a reciprocal response from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the source of the threat.

    The American terrorist government is warned that any support & participation in harming Iran’s interests will result in a decisive & regretful response from the armed forces of the IRGC. Also, the US is responsible for the evil actions of the Zionist regime.

    We assure the heroic nation of Iran that the IRGC & other armed forces of the country will stand to the death in defense of the national interests & will neutralize the enemies’ efforts to disrupt the security & peace of the people.

    Arya – آریا
    The statement also said that Iran has “successfully hit and destroyed important military targets in the occupied territories.”


    The Palestine Chronicle
    Additional footage of Iranian missiles above Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem-

  60. KathJuliane April 13, 2024 @ 5:57 pm

    The Palestine Chronicle
    People in Iran have mobilized to demonstrate in Tehran Tehran in support of the Iranian retaliatory attack on Israel.

    Scott Ritter

    Eye for an eye.

    Iran struck Nevatim air base with at least seven of its new hypersonic missiles.

    Nevatim is home to the F-35 fighters that attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

    Not a single Iranian missile was intercepted.

    Let that sink in.

    Israel is defenseless.
    7:25 PM · Apr 13, 2024

    Terrorist sympathizer
    Scott Ritter
    One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

    I consider political Zionist’s to be terrorists.

    You do the math.

    Sulaiman Ahmed


    Iranian FM:

    “Attacking military bases in the Zionist entity is a legitimate defense guaranteed by the United Nations Charter.

    We affirm Iran’s determination to firmly defend the country’s sovereignty, unity, and national interests in the face of any aggression.

    We will not hesitate to take further defensive measures to preserve our interests in the face of any aggression.

    Our resort to defensive measures in exercising the right to self-defense proves our responsible approach to regional security.”

  61. KathJuliane April 13, 2024 @ 6:07 pm

    Exceeding Expectations | Iranian Ballistic Missiles, Drones Hit Many Regions in Israel – DEVELOPING STORY

    By Palestine Chronicle Staff

    The much-anticipated Iranian retaliatory attack on Israel has begun, Israeli officials told the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (KAN).

    >The Iranian retaliation was expected following an Israeli aggression that flattened the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1.

    >Though Israel has attacked many Iranian targets in the past, the attack on the consulate is an escalation since it targeted a ‘sovereign’ Iranian territory – the diplomatic mission.

    >Washington has warned Iran against retaliating, though the Americans failed to condemn the Israeli aggression on Iran, which resulted in the killing of 13 people, including seven military officials.

    Below are the latest updates regarding the Iranian retaliation:
    Sunday, April 14, O2:30 am (GMT+2)

    ISRAELI MEDIA: Defense Minister Yoav Galant had a call with his US counterpart Lloyd Austin to coordinate the response to the Iranian retaliatory attack.

    ISRAELI ARMY: Spokesman Daniel Hagari said the attack is still ongoing and the number of rockets fired has exceeded 200. An Israeli military airfield is hit in the Iranian missile attack. A rocket landed on an IDF base in the south.

    IRANIAN MEDIA: The Iranian news agency reported that the army successfully targeted an Israeli air base in the Negev, with Khyber missiles. The agency added that the targeted air base in the Negev was a launching pad for the attack on the consulate in Damascus.

    MAARIV: Sources estimated to the Israeli newspaper Maariv that 150 rockets were fired at Israel.

  62. KathJuliane April 13, 2024 @ 6:24 pm

    I don’t read this as phony ‘atrocity propaganda’ at all.

    This has the ring of truth to it and is completely consistent with the cruel, demonic, anti-human conduct and behavior of 76 years of the Jewish Terror State, and Palestinians having to live with the lunatic, psychopathic, sadistic nature and character of the baby-sock sniffing Israeli Jew.

    Israel delenda est! -Kj

    ‘Come out, you animals’: how the massacre at al-Shifa Hospital happened

    During the massacre at al-Shifa Hospital, the Israeli army shot patients in their beds and doctors who refused to abandon the sick, separated people into groups with differently-colored bracelets, and executed hundreds of civil government employees.

    Information Clearing House Blog

    By Tareq S. Hajjaj

    Human heads eaten by crows, unidentified and decomposing body parts, and hundreds of corpses piled up and buried in mass graves are all that remained of the victims of the massacre at al-Shifa Hospital. The grim scene was something out of a dystopian movie, the product of the two-week siege of Gaza’s largest hospital that ended in its total destruction.

    Following the completion of al-Shifa’s decimation, the Israeli army announced that it had been one of the most successful operations since the start of the war, claiming that it had arrested hundreds of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad members in the medical compound.

    But the question that no one seemed to ask is how such a massive number of so-called “operatives” from Hamas and PIJ had gathered at al-Shifa with the full knowledge that the place had already been combed by the army once before and that Gaza City had been occupied by the army ever since.

    Mondoweiss contacted many survivors of the events at al-Shifa. Most of them refused to speak and feared exposing their identities. A few accepted under the condition of anonymity, fearing that their testimonies would make them targets by the Israeli army and that they would be subsequently killed. In light of the testimonies gathered by Mondoweiss, a different picture emerges of what happened.

    Full story:

  63. KathJuliane April 13, 2024 @ 6:38 pm

    ‘Punished from four directions’: This is how Iranian, Arabic media covered the attack

    The Jerusalem Post | 13 April 2024

    edia in the Middle East have focused on the Iranian attack on Israel that began on April 13 and continued throughout the night. This is a historic evening in the region and the media of Iran as well as many countries in the region feel they are witnessing history. Iran’s pro-government media announced a drone and missile attack on Israel.

    Tasnim news said “in this attack, a combination of hundreds of drones and a large number of missiles of different types have been used. More importantly, this attack did not come from Iran only, and this regime is being punished from four directions.” Iran claimed that it attacked Israel from Yemen, from Lebanon and Iraq, as well as from Iran itself.

    Fars News in Iran noted that the “lslamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) announced in a statement on Sunday it has launched massive missile and drone strikes against the occupied territories in response to the Zionist regime’s terror attack against Tehran’s diplomatic premises in the Syrian capital Damascus which resulted in martydom of seven military advisors.”

    Tasnim News in Iran called the attack “massive” and also said it involved drones and missiles. Tasnim also said that the missiles “hit targets” in Israel. However there was no evidence of this when Tasnim initially reported it. The report also claimed Hezbollah carried out an attack with dozens of missiles.

    Full story:

    Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis
    Scenes outside Aqsa mosque after iranian drones attack on israel

  64. MeMe April 14, 2024 @ 12:26 am

    Interactive Map

    I find this a very useful source for all the world events ongoing via this interactive map. A map to zoom in to for the specific selected conflict such as Russia/Ukraine or Iran/Occupied Territories of Palestine and with viewable references back to the source of the event report.

    – The Iranian foreign ministry said strikes on Israel were carried out in line with the UN Charter’s Article 51 on legitimate self-defense “in response to multiple acts of military aggression.”

    “The Iranian mission to the UN advised the United States to stay away from the Islamic Republic’s conflict with Israel.”


    And even more Jew lies as they attempt to manipulate historical evidence of their crimes against humanity.

    “France, Denmark, Sweden questioned conclusions of Katyn massacre investigation — archive”

    The Katyn massacre, committed by Bolsheviks, blamed on German National Socialists.

    It reminds me of that time as a young boy when unknowingly I got a thread of my jumper caught in a fence and as I turned my back and walked away it began to unravel until I noticed I had hardly any jumper left. That moment when reality breaks the fantasy. lol

  65. Ted Gorsline April 14, 2024 @ 12:40 am

    The downside of all this is that once Israel collapses the Untermenchen population will begin to flood to the civilized nations of the world thus hastening their demise.

    As the Germans, under economic minister whose name I believe was Fritz Reinhart, demonstrated in the 1930s the first step in bringing about the rebirth of a nation that is flat on its back because of devalued currency is to round up and get rid of the jews.

    This blossoming of human endeavour, which was done in the absence of a Marshall Plan or any help from anyone else in a country completely lacking in natural resources (except coal) led to Gerany winning twice as many gold medals as the USA in the 1936 Olympics, incredible scientific advances such as the creation of jet aircraft, and even magnificent achievements in the outdoor sports such as the first ascent of the unclimbable north face of the Eiger by climbers using very primitive rope tackle.

    Having the Untermenchen migrate to America, Canada, Britain, and continental Europe, where the Jewish central bank controlled currency is already devaluing, is not helpful.

  66. MeMe April 14, 2024 @ 12:53 am

    “Biden tells Netanyahu US will not take part in Israel’s counterattack on Iran”

    A report conspicuous by its absence on untrustworthy RT.

  67. Ted Gorsline April 14, 2024 @ 2:01 am

    Google Gordon Duff – Intel Drop.

    Gordon Duff is back today, for the first time in years, in a video with Kevin Barrett and is having his usual problem staying focused.

    Even so, he is a very interesting guy and drops all kinds of shocking tidbits about an endless number of subjects as he rambles on.

    I think his analyses of 9/11, the day the jews declared war on America, is the best out there.

    He seems to suffer from information overload and keeps bouncing from topic to topic but Kevin Barrett does his best to keep Gordon on topic.

  68. CG April 14, 2024 @ 4:10 am

    Hibernian your comment about Japan really sort of triggered my memory as far as several documentaries I’ve seen about Japan and their whole messed up post modern culture as far as it affects reproduction, socializing, etc.

    The stuff I’ve seen over from Japan in documentaries really disgusted me like it’s absolutely horrid. Men and Women don’t talk to each other much, literally at all, and are becoming more and more incapable every decade of even having basic communication and all these weird video game and porn addict worked to death at their corporate job.

    Lonely guys even do weird crazy stuff as a society, like pay women to hug them or sit and talk with them over a few drinks. Didn’t that used to be called going out and meeting new people and dating? Not paying some stranger woman a decent amount of money to sit in a public setting with you like a date-I just found that to be sooo weird and crazy. For me seeing all that-It was madness. Like what is wrong with those people??

    America is declining too with all the feminism, porn, substance abuse, and general acrimony in the air to be fair, but what they do in Japan is just such weird dysfunction on another level as if the total normal human dynamic between the sexes has been destroyed over there somehow as in they can’t even communicate with each other anymore literally. It’s very sad.

    They use technology as a constant filter and can’t even interact as humans anymore and it’s always been pushed to us in the USA that they are ahead of us 5 years or so in electronics and technology in Japan. Their birth rates are atrocious right now and it’s all from clever social engineering by the global cabal.

    Why is it that the Jew World Order is trying to depopulate them and break their society down so much? Why did they target the Japanese with such an intense psyop that they can’t even do what many people in the West would be a day to day basic human conversation?

    It’s Ike they are a bunch of weirdos from a robot sci-fi now. Is it all done to give China a massive competitive advantage in the region in the future because the Chinese and Jews seem to love each other as they marry, interbreed (yuck!), and do lots of business together(probably a deeper reason for that, it always disgusted me how they propped up Mao and what a monster of a human butcher he was for the Rothschilds)?

    I like Japan and the Japanese better than China. I also don’t like the irrational fear and hatred of Iranians as the Persian culture is a historic and great culture like the Japanese are.

    But the Ziomafia is absolutely obsessed with starting a war with Iran and stealing the high tech artifacts from the fall of the Tower of Babel from them just like they did in Iraq because the Ziomafia (Rothschild Illuminati global cabal of Zionists and Freemasons) needs it to rebuild the Tower of Babel again and Iran has the remaining hidden manuscript to do it.

  69. Ted Gorsline April 14, 2024 @ 4:37 am

    In watching the Iranian missile attack on Israel it became clear to me that Iran can, with the help of Israel’s Iron Dome system, specifically target and exterminate the entire jewish population of occupied Palestine for small change.

    A couple of military commentators have said Iran knew its primitive but cheap Shahed drones would all be intercepted by Israel’s iron drone system and that does seem to have been the case.

    However, Israelis does not appear to be able to stop Iran’s ballistic missiles.

    Apparently the Iron Dome can tell if a missile is going hit an area occupied by jews or if it will fall on an empty field or over Arab popuations. those over jewish populations.

    Its locked in to save jewish populations only.

    If the cheap Shahid drones are filled with poison gas and lobbed over populated areas, the Iron Dome will enhance the drones ability to disperse the gas directly over jews.

    My grandfather was gassed with mustard gas in WWI, and because of that I believe its now illegal to use in war, but Iran is more familiar with its effect than anyone else because Saddam Hussein used US provided poisonous gas on Iran exterminating everyone in a village of 5,000-10,000.

    No doubt Iran has back-engineered the American created gas used on them. I hear that its very cheap easy to make and deadly.

    No need for nukes.

    Since Israel is a genocidal state that deliberately murders children, I cant see where Iran would worry too much about the Geneva convention because Israel doesn’t.

    One Israeli lady on the internet said Israel is already using poison gas in the tunnels, and in so doing killed her son who was a hostage.

    The expensive iron dome will intercept every cheap Shahid drone over jewish populations with 100 % success and in that way help the Iranians to disperse the gas and wipe out jewish populations.

    Its also win win for the jews because they have been whining about having suffered 6 million fatalities since at least the 1930s and yet there is no evidence to support this Masonic number which is clearly important to them.

    The Shahid drone-Iron dome collision method of poison gas dispersal could well lead to a true and confirmable fatality figure 6 million jews and that would make the rabbis happy

    Their age old wish upon the falling star of David for 6 million deaths would finally come true and they could at least briefly halt their primitive habits of sucking on the bloody penises of young boys, and slashing the throats of helpless lambs, to take in the wonder of it all.


  70. The Englishman April 14, 2024 @ 5:56 am

    A little insight into “Thuggy Dick”

  71. The Englishman April 14, 2024 @ 6:43 am

    If true, Oliver’s half-brother has pulled off the jackpot of jackpots.

  72. Jose Gallardo April 14, 2024 @ 8:16 am

    In my opinion there is only one step of world domination, it’s called capitalism which is an interest based economy that leads lower standards of living through poverty and class predationism.

    This naturally leads to consolidation and consolidation means communism. Decentralization is how we undo capitalist consolidation and national socialism is how we get rid of capitalism itself.

    Capitalism relies on culturally and perhaps racially mongrelic societies hence DEI the communist philosophies creed, pushed by the oligopoly moreso than small businesses because bigger is communistic, that’s where the consolidation is more advanced and where they can influence and control government and society.

    We need a classless society but we also need to get rid of democracy and have a national socialist world order like we used to have, we need a Christian state, Jews don’t get to have a state while Christians don’t.

    I also want to emphasize this, there’s nothing Jews fear and hate more than the prospect of a Christian state existing.

    We must establish one in Antarctica.

    As a Christian I am not a racist, but the concept remains true in regards to other religions.

    If religion was a race I would be a racist because I do believe my religion is superior and I don’t want to coexist with other religions.

    National socialism is about promoting collective interests as opposed to individual interests under capitalism/communism.

    Consolidation is the only difference, under capitalism consolidation increases until it reaches communist levels of totalitarian control and destruction of nations in the form of a racially and culturally mongrelic diverse equal society of nothingness slaves without any identity and collective or self determination.

    Capitalism paves the way for communism if morally depraved revolutions don’t install it first.

    National socialism is the only answer.

  73. Rabbi Glickman April 14, 2024 @ 11:21 am

    This is just unbelievable!

    The other morning I was driving over to Sol’s Lampshades when the light turned red. Waiting for it to change I noticed the little brats in the back of the car ahead were making faces at ME!

    ME! A poor, humble, yet world famous and much beloved rabbi… who has won countless awards!

    They didn’t know who they were fooling with though.

    I mentally noted their plate number, then wrote it down at the next opportunity.

    After finishing my business at Sol’s I called my son-in-law who is on the Mayor’s Advisory Council for Police Affairs and gave him the plate number. He then called the Chief of Police… who’s a schvartze. Most of them are any more, for obvious reasons.

    The schvartze balked, saying he couldn’t give out information like that. But my son-in-law spotted him a twenty and that was the end of that nonsense.

    And now I know who those brats are and where they live. Heh, heh, heh!

    I am conjuring up a Golem as I write. Heh, heh, heh, heh….

  74. Rav Mortichai April 14, 2024 @ 12:19 pm

    Is it over yet?

    I was busy boring another tunnel to hide my Seinfeld archives and potato pancakes.

  75. Dave April 14, 2024 @ 12:55 pm

    Dr Alan Sabrosky is the best!

  76. Dave April 14, 2024 @ 1:01 pm

    In 2012, the website’s chairman, Gordon Duff, told an interviewer that “about 30% of what’s written on Veterans Today, is patently false. About 40% of what I write, is at least purposely, partially false, because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive”.

  77. KathJuliane April 14, 2024 @ 1:37 pm

    New Atlas: Iran Strikes Back – Tehran Steps into US Trap, is it Prepared?

    New Atlas

  78. KathJuliane April 14, 2024 @ 2:00 pm

    Israel’s air defence system has not faced attack of this magnitude before

    Al Jazeera English

    Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel have all temporarily closed their airspace. This comes after earlier reports of interference with the GPS navigation system.

    Sean Bell, a Military analyst and a retired Air Vice Marshal, joins Live from Birmingham in the UK.

    Meanwhile, Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands joins live from Occupied East Jerusalem.


    Netanyahu’s strategic distraction: Iran attack shifts focus from Gaza war

    Al Jazeera English

    The Iranian attack is a useful diversion domestically and beyond for Netanyahu as it shifted the attention away from Gaza and from the criticism Israel is receiving for the way it’s conducting the war, according to an expert.

    “These last 12 hours are a victory for Netanyahu – notice what we’re not talking about today. We’re not talking about aid getting into Gaza. We’re not talking about the massacres in Gaza. No one in Israel is talking about the hostages anymore,” Mohamad Elmasry, from the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, told Al Jazeera.

    “This is the distraction that Netanyahu wanted and we’re seeing sympathies in the Western capitals be reversed as they embrace the Israeli narrative again,” Elmasry said.


    Don’t stop talking about Israel’s mass murder of Palestinians in Gaza, Palestine under the brutal military occupation of Monster Israel, and don’t stop noticing da Jews!

    Viva Palestina!
    Free Palestine!
    Israel delenda est!

  79. Ted Gorsline April 14, 2024 @ 2:11 pm


    Sabrosky is spot on. There is no longer any justification for the existence of the apartheid state of Israel.

    The jews cannot do civilization.

    It not in them.

    It has never been in them. The time for their passing is due.

  80. KathJuliane April 14, 2024 @ 2:15 pm

    Seven key points on Iran’s attack on Israeli regime

    Islamic Republic News Agency | 14 April 2024

    First and foremost, the Iranian attack was the first direct confrontation between the Islamic Republic and the fake Zionist regime. This is very significant in terms of historical issues.

    Effective attacks deep inside the occupied territories has been an unfulfilled dream of Islamic countries since 1967, which have now come true thanks to efforts by the cradle of resistance in the region.

    For the first time ever, Iranian aircraft attacked enemies of Al-Aqsa Mosque in the skies over this holy site.

    The second point is that the Iranian military action, which was in response to the Israeli aggression on the country’s diplomatic premises in Damascus, displayed the Islamic Republic’s fulfillment of its promise to punish the aggressor.

    The Iranian attack took place at a time when Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, through striking the Iranian diplomatic mission, was trying to escape the pressure caused by the regime’s heavy defeat in Gaza and attract the attention of fragmented public Zionist opinion to sham victories.

    But the firm punishment of the Zionist regime left Netanyahu’s far-right cabinet with empty hands to gain any achievement.

    The third point is that the Islamic Republic’s attack on Israeli positions is the second strategic assault on the regime following the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Storm Operation on October 7.

    The Al-Aqsa Storm Operation increased the popularity of Palestinian resistance groups. The military action to show the Islamic Republic’s fulfillment of its promise will also significantly help increase popular support for Iran in the region.

    That comes in addition to the fact that both the Al-Aqsa Storm Operation and the Iranian military action eliminated the fake grandeur and prestige of the Zionist regime.

    Fourth, the IRGC operation was carried out as world media outlets earlier reported the imminent occurrence of the attack. The maximum readiness by the Zionist regime and the political, diplomatic, intelligence, and military supports by the US and other allies of the regime had shaped the speculation that Iran’s military operation would be defused by the defense systems of the regime and its allies.

    But, despite the Zionists’ expectation to be able to counter Iran’s weapons, numerous images prove that Iranian drones and missiles successfully hit predetermined military targets and that the defense systems of the US and the UK failed.

    The scale, precision, and strategic planning of the operation caught the Zionists off guard with shock and surprise.

    Fifth, the punitive operation from Iran to the occupied territories was carried out encompassing two vast geographical areas in both regions (the launching points and the destinations), clearly demonstrating Iran’s full readiness for any circumstances.

    Sixth, the publication of the early announcement by the IRGC concerning the commencement of the hybrid operation against Israel, hours before the reaching of the missiles and drones to the occupied territories, indicates the level of Iran’s preparedness, self-confidence, and assurance of the successful punishment of the regime as well as the Islamic country’s internal consolidation.

    Seventh, the usage of hundreds of missiles and drones in the recent as well as the intensiveness of the punitive operation will likely make the authorities of the Zionist regime realize that any reaction or response to Tehran can pave the ground for even more devastating attacks by Iran against Israel.

    Initial evidence and reports from Western media outlets on the lack of support by US President Joe Biden for the Zionist regime in the event of its aggressive reaction against Iran, if true, indicate an understanding of this matter by the main supporter of the Zionist regime.

    Now, the authorities of the regime must decide whether they intend to face destruction before the set day or reconsider their irrational policies by accepting the consequences of the attack on the Iranian consulate.



    Viva Palestina!
    Free Palestine!
    Israel delenda est!

  81. KathJuliane April 14, 2024 @ 2:32 pm

    Iran’s gloves are off.

    Tehran announced days ago that retaliation would be directly from its “own hands” and not through the various allies of the Axis of Resistance.

    Their 20 years of strategic patience has and will reap enormous benefits regionally.

    Retaliation for ‘attack on Iranian citizens or assets’ may also mean that Iran and Syria will no longer tolerate the Terrorist Carbuncle State’s wanton aggressions on Syrian soil and violations of Syrian air space.

    The foreign ministers of Syria and Iran held a talk today.



    Attack on Iranian citizens, assets will prompt direct response:

    Presidential aide

    Islamic Republic News Agency | 14 April 2024

    Tehran, IRNA – Iranian presidential aide Mohammad Jamshidi says Iran’s retaliatory strike against the Israeli regime has changed the “strategic equation” in the region, warning that from now on any aggression against Iranian nationals or assets will prompt a direct response.

    “… the era of strategic patience in the face of the (Israeli) regime’s mischievous acts has come to an end, and Iran has defeated their strategy of (waging) war within wars,” Jamshidi, deputy chief of staff for political affairs to the Iranian president, said in a social media post on Sunday.

    The warning came after the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) launched hundreds of missiles and drones towards the Israeli occupied territories overnight in response to a deadly attack on Iran’s diplomatic premises in Syria early this month.

    Iranian military officials have warned that any aggressive move against the country will be dealt with decisively, amid speculation that the Israeli regime could be planning to respond to Iran’s military operation.

    The IRGC chief commander, Major General Hossein Salami, said earlier in the day that Iran has entered a new phase in its confrontation with Israel and will henceforth respond to any aggression by the regime from its own soil.



    Chief of staff says Iran plans no more actions against Israel

    Tehran, IRNA – Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri says Iran has no intention of continuing the operation against Israel, and the operation has been concluded.

    The operation was conducted because the Zionist regime had crossed Iran’s red line and it was unacceptable, Bagheri said.

    “The Zionist regime’s act to target Iran’s consulate in Damascus and to martyr the Iranian legal advisors who were present in that country upon the invitation of the Syrian government was crossing red lines that all countries except two or three supporters of the Zionist regime condemned,” he added.

    The senior general further said the Israeli offensive had to be responded to, and the Supreme Leader said this punishment must be done.

    Earlier on Sunday, the IRGC issued the stern warning in a second statement it released following drone and missile attacks on military sites in the Israeli-occupied territories in retaliation for the regime’s strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria on April 1.

    It warned the US against supporting and participating in any action that harms Iranian interests, promising a reciprocal and proportional response to American and Israeli threats originating from any country.



    Israel tries to be sarcastic. “Vat? Ve repelled 99% of your missiles and drones, and you call the 1% that got through a success?”

    Kind of hard to be taken seriously when the Jew is still spitting out broken teeth. -Kj

    With 99% of Missiles Repelled, IRGC Chief Says Attack on Israel ‘More Successful than Expected’

    Jewish Press | 14 April 2024

  82. KathJuliane April 14, 2024 @ 2:51 pm

    Iran announces “own hands” military policy launching retaliations for Israel’s aggressions and provocations instead of working through Resistance allies.

    I remember in passing some months ago that the US asked Iran to pull back the allied Iraq & Syrian PMU’s launching retaliatory ground strikes on US bases and deployment areas whenever Israel hit some military target or another in Syria and elsewhere.

    Israel would do something stupid to hit Iran inside Syria. The regional PMU’s would launch rockets and mortars at the US military facilities in retaliation. After the US’ request, the PMU retaliatory strikes on US military assets generally stopped in Syria and Iraq.

    Iran made it very clear to the US that the beef was with Israel, the US should stay very far out of the way, and that this retaliatory strike on Israel would not target US military assets if the US stood aside.

    The Axis of Resistance clearly understood that this was Iran’s moment. With the exception of Hezbollah’s planned spoiler stage in the Iranian retaliation, all of the allies in the Axis stayed their hands.

    Me thinks that era of Israeli impunity is now over. Regardless of all of the Terrorist Carbuncle State’s hubristic bloviating about how “99% of Iran’s drones and missiles were shot down”, the seven most important hypersonic missiles got through and did unknown levels of damage to the Nevarim military air base.

    Israel’s black eye and bloody nose, and groaning about broken ribs, is not hard to miss. -Kj


    Operation against Israel more successful than expected: IRGC chief

    Islamic Republic News Agency | 14 April 2024

    Tehran, IRNA – Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the operation carried out by the force against the Israeli regime was more successful than expected.

    Major General Hossein Salami said on Sunday that the IRGC had received reports showing that part of the weapons fired by the force toward the Israeli-occupied territories had directly hit their targets.

    “Our information on all of the hits is not complete yet but on that part of the hits that we have accurate, documented and field-related reports show that this operation has been carried out with a success that exceeded the expectation,” said Salami.

    He said that the IRGC was capable of carrying out a large operation against Israel, but it opted for a more restricted and limited one to hit Israeli resources that had been used for an airstrike on an Iranian consulate in Syria earlier this month which killed senior Iranian military commanders.

    The IRGC commander advised the Israeli regime to regret its past actions and take a lesson from Iran’s attacks, adding that any reaction from Israel to Iran’s recent attacks would be met with a much stronger response.

    Salami said Iran has entered a new phase in its confrontation with Israel, adding that the country will respond from its own soil to any attack by Israel on Iranian interests, assets, notable people and citizens in any part of the world.

    The IRGC commander said that the battle was somewhat unknown and ambiguous, adding that it opened up a new chapter of confrontation to Iran.

    The enemy’s air and missile defense systems, including anti-ballistic and cruise missile defenses, and air defenses that are anti-drone or anti-manned aircraft were deployed in abundance in the small piece of land of the Zionist regime, ranging from the Iron Dome air defense system that deals with short-range projectiles to David’s Sling system and Arrow system and even the contributions by the US to the Israeli regime in recent days in the field of air defense, he said.

    With the support of the United States, a multi-layered defense of the Zionist regime had been formed from Iraqi airspace to Jordan and even parts of Syria and occupied Palestine, he added.

    Various aircraft, including the F-15, F-16 and F-35, which are highly advanced, Gulfstream aircraft, and refuelers that helped the enemy warbirds’ continuous flight, had created a dense and multilayered air defense from the moment the birds entered Iraqi airspace to mid-Jordan, Salami noted.

    The regime itself protected from the western Jordan to objectives in the depth of the occupied Palestine, he further noted.

    Also, the anti-aircraft and missile defense accompanied by the most advanced systems was in front of us, and it was difficult to pass through this very complex, multi-layered, and advanced system, he said.

    It was very complicated to pass the space and hit them on the ground exactly with extremely high precision, Salami added.

    Moreover, the integrated capabilities of the United States and the Zionist regime in the field of electronic warfare could have decisive effects on the tools used on the battlefield, he noted.

    Therefore, this operation required ingenuity in tactical design, with innovative and smart designs, unknown to the enemy and the use of tools capable of neutralizing the enemy in the field of electronic warfare or acting in a way that makes the enemy’s systems ineffective, he stated.

    The order and sequence of this operation were carried out in a way that cannot be said now, as dozens of cruise and ballistic missiles were able to break through the deep layers of the seemingly reassuring air defense of the Zionists and the coalition between the United States and France and to influence the Zionist regime, Salami said.


  83. Ted Gorsline April 14, 2024 @ 2:56 pm


    The Iranian attack was mostly composed of very slow and inexpensive drones that fly about 140 miles per hour or about the same speed as piper sport aircraft. The can be shot down with a high powered rifle.

    I don’t think Iran wants a war with Israel at the moment but had to do something for domestic politics.

    They are very close to being able to manufacture nuclear war heads so why upset the apple cart when nuclear parity with Israel is now well within their reach. I would think it only months if not weeks away.

    Such parity will change the ball game.

  84. KathJuliane April 14, 2024 @ 3:09 pm

    Israel says Iranian hackers penetrate its radars

    IRNA | 14 April 2024

    Tehran, IRNA – An Israeli media has confirmed that a cyber group of Iran has penetrated the regime’s radars and sent hundreds of thousands of threatening messages to Israelis.

    The Jerusalem Post revealed early on Sunday that over 500,000 threatening messages have been sent to the Israelis assuring Zionist leaders that they will regret their insane adventurism.

    The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) released a statement late on Saturday announcing the firing of dozens of drones and missiles toward the positions of the Zionist regime in the occupied Palestinian territories.

    The firing took place in response to the Israeli attack against Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Syria, a few days ago.

    “This action was in the exercise of Iran’s inherent right to self-defense as outlined in Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, and in response to the Israeli recurring military aggressions, particularly its armed attack on 1st April 2024 against Iranian diplomatic premises, in the defiance of Article 2 (4) of the Charter of the United Nations,” Iran’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN Amir-Saeid Iravani has said through separate letters to the UN chief and the Maltese president of the United Nations Security Council for April.


  85. KathJuliane April 14, 2024 @ 3:11 pm

    Any stupid act will end Zionist regime’s life: Ex-IRGC commander

    IRNA | 14 April 2024

    Tehran, IRNA – A former commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has warned the Israel regime that any stupid act against Iran will end the miserable life of the criminal regime.

    Tonight is the end of the era of the Zionist regime’s bullying against the Irnaian nation, Mohsen Rezaei wrote in a post on his X account, referring to the IRGC’s ‘Operation Truthful Promise’ against the occupying entity.

    “From where they shot, they received missiles,” he said, advising the US and Western governments to come to their senses and “chain the rabid dog of the region.”

    “Any new stupidity by the criminal regime will lead to the end of its miserable life,” Rezaei warned.

    The IRGC launched an extensive retaliatory missile and drone operation against the Zionist regime on Saturday night in response to its attack on the Iranian mission in Syria early this month.


  86. KathJuliane April 14, 2024 @ 3:39 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    The tactical goal of Iran’s aerospace retaliatory mission was to make a hypersonic missile strike on the IOF air base, Nevatim, from which the bombing attack on the Iranian embassy/consulate annex in Damascus.

    The drones were throwaway. Hypersonic missiles are virtually unstoppable. Iran used Russia’s air strike strategies being used in Ukraine, including waves of drone and cheap missile flooding, to overwhelm the radar tracking of the sophisticated air defenses.

    Tehran succeeded beyond their own expectations. I believe that the damage to the IOF’s Nevatim airbase was far more significant than Tel Aviv lets on. The first thing out of the lying military propagandist’s mouth within minutes after the retaliation was over was “Twas but a mere scratch.”

    Iran got their cybersecurity licks in, too, bogging down the IOF’s cyber defenses.

    Then there’s the psychological warfare factor. I can’t imagine that this will do anything less than contribute to the neurotic and sociopathic Israeli Jew’s already punctured and deflated mental hubris and sense of safety and security.

    There’s an iconic video of the missiles flying right over Jerusalem–and the Dome of the Rock in the Noble Sanctuary. I think I posted last night. It symbolically claims that the Axis of Resistance now owns the air space above Jerusalem, the Zionist entity’s ‘capital’, especially claiming psychological and sacred space over the Noble Sanctuary.

    The neighborhood bully, Mighty Israel, has gotten a serious 1-2 gut punch from the Axis of Resistance stretching from Gaza– first, October 7, and now, April 14.

    Ultimately, though, Iran’s ‘Operation True Promise’ was a formidable operation which breached multiple layers of Anglo-Zionist defenses to get to its intended target. And, there’s no evidence yet of Israel’s claims of “99% interception”.

    This was a game-changing and historic “peer-to-peer” event which has brought Iran onto the world stage in a big way.

    Mohsen Abdollahi, a Tehran -based professor, said: “Iran’s defensive attacks against a decade of Israeli cyber and military attacks on civilian targets and individuals in Iran were limited and had the lowest human casualties – why? Because Iran did not want to expand the war in the region. The message of Iran’s attack is: ‘Stop the attack on Iran or you will face a real attack.’” — If Americans Knew


    Flying missiles over Knesset ‘big victory’ for Iran: Zionist researcher

    Tehran, IRNA – Iran has achieved a big victory by flying missiles and drones in the skies over key Israeli facilities including the Knesset. This is according to an Israeli researcher making comments on the Iranian military action against the regime over its recent strike on Iran’s consulate in Syria.

    Iran launched hundreds of missiles and drones at the Israeli-occupied territories late on Saturday to punish the regime for its strike that killed seven Iranian military advisors including a senior Islamic Revolution Guards Corps commander in Damascus on April 1.

    Beni Sabti, a researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies think-tank, believes that the Saturday night attack marked a big victory for Iran as the country managed to penetrate Israeli airspace, with its missiles and drones flying over the city of Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque as well as the Israeli parliament (the Knesset)

    “We are not in conflict now. It seems that we are in an equal situation. But the reality is different. The victory and success of Iran is greater”, he told Kan, the Israeli regime’s public broadcasting corporation.


  87. KathJuliane April 14, 2024 @ 3:54 pm

    If Americans Knew

    14 April 2024

    Iran retaliates against Israeli aggression, as Gaza and West Bank struggle – Day 190 – IAK Daily Update

    Iran’s unprecedented retaliatory attack on Israel; US experts say Israel trying to involve US in war against Iran; Israel’s ongoing massacres, threats against Gaza; Israel’s allies’ attempt to bully pro-Palestinian, pro-justice voices; West Bank struggles against massive settler attacks

    The Terrorist Jewish State, frustrated, humiliated, and pissed off, will, like the bullying coward it is, will up its punishing regime on the Gazans for Iran’s retaliatory strikes. -Kj

  88. KathJuliane April 14, 2024 @ 4:25 pm

    Preliminary Results of Iran’s Attack on Israel

    The response of Saudi Arabia and Jordan was a huge breakthrough: it is the first time Arab countries participated in defending Israel

    STEPHEN BRYEN – Weapons & Strategy Substack | APR 14

    Here are the preliminary results from the Iranian attacks last night:

    331 missiles and drones launched by Iran at Israel:

    – 185 out of 185 Kamikaze Drones were shot down

    – 103 out of 110 Ballistic Missiles were shot down

    – 36 out of 36 Cruise Missiles were shot down

    – 7 Ballistic Missile impacts have been recorded on Israeli territory

    Israel used its F-35s, F15s and F16s to intercept drones along with Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow I and II.

    Israel was assisted by the US Air Force and Navy, and by Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Jordan used its F-16s and air defenses. I do not have a report yet from Saudi Arabia.

    The ballistic missiles that got through hit the Israeli air base at Nevatim but did not do significant damage. The base remains fully operational.

    There are no other reports on damage yet.

    Israel hit a Hezbollah weapons manufacturing facility in southern Lebanon. This was in response to a Hezbollah missile attack on an Israeli base in Israel’s north.

    So far (7:00 AM) there is no word of any counter-strike on Iran by Israel. Reports say that any such strike will be coordinated with the US. For inexplicable reasons, Biden (who is backing Israel) wants an emergency G-7 meeting, even though the G-7 is an economic, not a military organization.

    I think it is fair to say that the Iranian attack was largely a failure and that Israel’s and allied air defenses performed very well. The number of missiles fired at Israel exceeds anything we have seen so far in Ukraine where even big attacks rarely exceed twenty of thirty drones and missiles.

    The Iranians did not knock out any of the air defenses protecting Israel.

    The response of Saudi Arabia and Jordan was a huge breakthrough: it is the first time Arab countries participated in defending Israel. This is a huge blow to Iran which is seeking to subvert both countries.

    At the present time I do not know of any casualties. Israelis were ordered into bomb shelters, airports and other transit were closed down, etc.
    Today Israel resumed commercial air traffic.

    There is still much more to learn.

    Israel, and Israel alone, kicked off this escalation in a bid to drag U.S. into war with Iran.

    Viva Palestina!
    Free Palestine!
    Israel delenda est!

  89. KathJuliane April 14, 2024 @ 5:36 pm

    Israeli Army Opens Fire at Hundreds of Displaced Palestinians Returning to Northern Gaza (VIDEO)

    Palestine Chronicle | 14 April 2024

  90. Hibernian April 14, 2024 @ 10:22 pm

    “When u gotta have a coffee, … u gotta have a coffee.”

    And, a certain deceased whoever-is-de-facto-Pope-of-“the-Jews” (essentially who is the current most famous living Jew: Ref. observation of E. Michael Jones) Prime Minister of Izy, Mrs. Golda Meir* would surely admire this exquisite sardonic/Jewish-like excruciating murderous closure upon a young innocent Goy’s life:

    Henry Makow reposted

    Jackson Hinkle

    2024_Apr_14_8:40 PM

    An ISRAELI TERRORIST shot this girl 10 times and then left her to bleed out to death whilst sipping on a coffee like nothing happened.

    Image (please view from opening the 1st URL below)

    *When peace comes, we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons.
    But, it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons

  91. The Englishman April 15, 2024 @ 4:18 am

    Britain has had a remarkable past, possibly due in no small part to its class-ridden society. A feature today disrelished by most inhabitants. and a characteristic rejected by its former colonies. Not so in Britain today.

    Old Etonians with privileged backgrounds occupy much of the establishment.

    This would be ok but for the preponderance of jew arse kissers prevalent in both Houses.

    A prime example is David William Donald Cameron, Baron Cameron of Chipping Norton, a professed zionist of Royal (bastard)/jewish ancestry.

    The sooner he and his ilk are removed to a kibbutz in Israhell the better.

  92. Rabbi Glickman April 15, 2024 @ 8:18 am

    My friends, Iran’s attack caused virtually no damage to Israel! A few potholes, that were quickly repaired!

    I am friends with many in the highest levels of the Israeli government, and they have assured me that *99%* of the incoming missiles were shot down!

    Unfortunately, hundreds of Israelis were killed by Israel’s response to the attack. Oy vey!

  93. Dr. Kennedy April 15, 2024 @ 11:29 am


    This is happening by many religious Jewish groups regularly.

  94. Ted Gorsline April 15, 2024 @ 12:27 pm

    Dear Rabbi Glickman,

    I wonder if you have swindled any goy boys out of their money recently.

    I am looking for investors.

    I want to start a real estate business in downtown Tel Aviv and on the beach in Hiafa. Nice beach. Plenty of sun. Lots of hookers and rent boys.

    It looks like these are soon to become jew free zones with empty real estate available at bargain basement prices.

    I already have a couple of offers for the home of Benjamin Netanyahu. Some investors want to turn it into a kind of Disneyland museum for psychopaths.

    There could be a good buck in this for the right jew, someone like you.

    If you aren’t flush with cash at the moment no worries.

    Just do what all jews do. Write a note on a piece of paper asking God to give you more money and I will see that its inserted into the wailing wall.

    The new company’s name will be called Silverstein investments. Currently we are housed in an old construction site once used by a company that specialized in building demolition but it has been empty, except for a couple of old vans, since 9/11.

  95. KathJuliane April 15, 2024 @ 3:08 pm

    Tel Aviv confirms key airbase damaged by Iranian strikes

    Tehran has vowed an attack ‘ten times’ greater if Israel chooses to escalate

    The Cradle – News Desk

    APR 14, 2024

    The Israeli army confirmed that one of its bases was damaged in the Iranian drone and missile attack on Israel on 14 April.

    “Some damage has been recorded, including at a military base in the south of the country,” Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said, adding that minor damage was inflicted on the base and that one girl in the Negev region was injured by shrapnel. [I understand that the girl is a Bedouin Arab girl -Kj]

    Iranian media confirmed Tehran’s ballistic missile attack on Israel’s Nevatim air base in the southern Negev desert. The ballistic missiles were launched by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force, in coordination with other units of Iran’s army.

    Video footage across social media shows numerous Iranian missiles raining down on the Nevatim base.

    Iranian forces had carried out missile drills in February last year, simulating an attack on this particular Israeli military facility.

    The Nevatim air base, 1,100 kilometers from Iranian territory, houses the latest F-35 warplanes. The facility has an airport and three runways.

    Tehran said several other sites and targets were struck in the attack, which was dubbed “Operation True Promise” and included the use of hundreds of drones and missiles.

    The Iranian strikes were a response to the Israeli airstrike on Iran’s consulate in Damascus on 1 April, which destroyed the entire building and killed several top officials and advisors, including Brigadier General Mohamed Reza Zahidi of the IRGC Quds Force. The attack was an unprecedented violation of international law’s protection for diplomatic missions.

    “The mission has been accomplished and has obtained the desirable results,” the Iranian army’s Chief of Staff, Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, said on Sunday morning.

    “A considerable number of drones and cruise and ballistic missiles have been used in this operation with well-thought-out tactics and proper planning … Although Iran has no intention of continuing the operation, the Zionist regime must bear in mind that any action against Iran, either on the Iranian soil or against centers belonging to Iran in Syria or any other country, will trigger a new and more immense operation,” he added.

    He also confirmed that Tehran is capable of an attack “tens of times” greater and that US bases will be struck if Washington chooses to cooperate in any Israeli response.

    Visuals at:

  96. KathJuliane April 15, 2024 @ 3:18 pm

    Iran attack puts Israeli Rafah invasion on ice: Report

    An Israeli military response to Iran’s attack would take resources away from continuing the genocide in Gaza

    The Cradle – News Desk

    APR 15, 2024

    Israel was on the verge of launching a ground offensive on the Gaza city of Rafah but delayed the campaign after Iran launched a massive retaliatory attack on Israel over the weekend, CNN reported on 15 April.

    Citing Israeli sources, CNN reported that the Israeli Air Force was set to begin dropping leaflets on parts of Rafah on Monday in preparation for a ground offensive into Gaza’s southernmost city where more than 1 million displaced Palestinians are sheltering from Israel’s six-month bombing campaign.

    Those plans were allegedly halted after Iran launched an attack involving some 300 missiles and drones toward Israel late Saturday. Most were intercepted by Israeli anti-missile systems, but several missiles successfully penetrated Israel’s vaunted defenses and hit a key military base and intelligence collection center.

    Israel’s war cabinet spent Sunday and Monday debating a possible response to the Iranian attack, which was in retaliation for Israel’s bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus two weeks ago, killing a top Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) general.

    CNN wrote that according to one Israeli official, “Israel remains determined to carry out a ground offensive in Rafah, although the timing of civilian evacuations and the coming ground offensive remains unclear at the moment.”

    The Israeli military declined to comment.

    24NEWS English

    IDF calls up two brigades to Gaza as Rafah operation looms

    ‘Gaza and the Rafah problem is taking a secondary phase now and Israel is going all out to take care of the Iranian problem’ Brig. Gen. (Res.) Hannan Geffen tells @GuyAz

    Netanyahu has publicly threatened to invade Rafah for months, claiming it is necessary to dismantle Hamas’s remaining fighting battalions. UN officials and aid workers have warned an invasion of the border city would result in a “bloodbath” due to the roughly 1.4 million civilians concentrated there, including many living in tents and with nowhere safe to flee.

    Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza, which has killed over 33,000 Palestinians and is widely viewed as genocide, is influencing the war cabinet’s discussions about a potential response to Iran’s attack.

    Opening another front in the war with Iran would require moving attention and resources away from Gaza, where Israel seeks to defeat Hamas, ethnically cleanse the 2.3 million-strong indigenous Palestinian population, and establish Jewish colonies.

  97. KathJuliane April 15, 2024 @ 3:38 pm

    Scott Ritter Extra

    The Missiles of April

    APR 14, 2024


    The targets Iran struck—two air bases in the Negev desert from which aircraft used in the April 1 attack on the Iranian consulate had been launched, along with several Israeli air defense sites—were directly related to the points Iran was trying to make in establishing the scope and scale of its deterrence policy.

    First, that the Iranian actions were justified under Article 51 of the UN Charter—Iran retaliated against those targets in Israel directly related to the Israeli attack on Iran, and second, that Israeli air defense sites were vulnerable to Iranian attack.

    The combined impact of these two factors is that all of Israel was vulnerable to being struck by Iran at any time, and that there was nothing Israel or its allies could do to stop such an attack.

    This message resonated not only in the halls of power in Tel Aviv, but also in Washington, DC, where US policy makers were confronted with the uncomfortable truth that if the US were to act in concert with Israel to either participate in or facilitate an Israeli retaliation, then US military facilities throughout the Middle East would be subjected to Iranian attacks that the US would be powerless to stop.

    This is why the Iranians placed so much emphasis on keeping the US out of the conflict, and why the Biden administration was so anxious to make sure that both Iran and Israel understood that the US would not participate in any Israeli retaliatory strike against Iran.

    The “Missiles of April” represent a sea-change moment in Middle Eastern geopolitics—the establishment of Iranian deterrence that impacts both Israel and the United States.

    While emotions in Tel Aviv, especially among the more radical conservatives of the Israeli government, run high, and the threat of an Israeli retaliation against Iran cannot be completely discounted, the fact is the underlying policy objective of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the course of the past 30-plus years, namely to drag the US into a war with Iran, has been put into checkmate by Iran.

    Moreover, Iran has been able to accomplish this without either disrupting its strategic pivot to the east or undermining the cause of Palestinian statehood.

    “Operation True Promise,” as Iran named its retaliatory attack on Israel, will go down in history as one of the most important military victories in the history of modern Iran, keeping in mind that war is but an extension of politics by other means.

    The fact that Iran has established a credible deterrence posture without disrupting major policy goals and objectives is the very definition of victory.

  98. Citizenfitz April 15, 2024 @ 4:12 pm

    Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was stabbed yesterday in Sydney Australia:

  99. Hibernian April 15, 2024 @ 4:28 pm

    Crypto-Jews as the Royals of:
    United Arab Emerites (U.A.E.) ?:
    Saudi-Arabia ?: Yes
    Jordan ?:

    Map of a Land-Transport-Route for Import-Export with Israel/Izy

  100. Hibernian April 15, 2024 @ 4:59 pm

    Classical operation of Protocols-of-Zion upon China

    With ostensible “Pax-China,” the topic of “Crypto Jews as Chinese” to be a scholar on now would be being ahead of the curve.

    Great scholarship in the article, & comments, within the following URL:

    How Jews took over China and created Chinese Communism

    by Josh

    July 18, 2021 Anno Domini


    Comment by Toby C. (June 23, 2023 at 04:35) corrects the conflation regarding a most important ethnicity of the Chinese, viz. (namely) the “Hakka”.


  101. KathJuliane April 15, 2024 @ 7:50 pm

    Alastair Crooke: Is Peace Possible?

    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom | 15 April 2024

    Crooke describes Israel’s current inside affairs and economy.

    In short, in his estimation, Israel is circling the drain. -Kj

  102. Hibernian April 16, 2024 @ 1:32 am

    Re: the stages — in line with The Protocols of Zion — of world domination that World Jewry is pursuing:

    Stage 1
    Control Of Money

    The genuine, & practical, & very-engaging U.S.A. macro-economist George Gammon has 2 very useful Jew/You-tube channels, & a personal website which I presume is ipso-facto also very useful.

    As of this posting there is no Jew/Wiki-pedia article about him. And, George Gammon has a Jew-Twitter/Jew-X* account.

    * Ownership by magnitude of shares:
    Vanguard Group — Elon Musk (largest individual shareholder) — Morgan Stanley — Blackrock — State Street



    Anyway, here are some vital George Gammon URLs to attend to;

    1) personal website

    2) Twitter/X account

    3) Youtube channel A) of George Gammon

    4) Youtube channel B) of George Gammon
    Rebel Capitalist

    5) VERY IMPORTANT Vs C.B.-“Programmable”-D.C.s “Practical” Series
    Road Trip To Freedom series within Rebel Capitalist

    6) PARADIGM-CHANGING INSIGHT FROM George Gammon Re; PRIVATE or PUBLIC “CENTRAL BANK” (However, Hibernian wonders about Central Banks “in” certain countries, & also about “clearing” function of Central Bank, inter alia)

    Will Javier Milei’s Policies Create an Economy Boom or Bust?

    Note from Hibernian:
    Milei is a Jew (And, in his case, he is a Crypto-Jew masquerading as Goy Convert -Jew)

    Excerpt from Transcript:

    # 3
    END THE FED or the Central Bank of Argentina

    We just use the FED because that’s the central bank that most of us are familiar with.

    But this is a fantastic idea.

    I see very little downside here even in the short term.

    But to truly understand how this would impact the Argentinian economy long term, or any economy that got rid of their Central Bank and the central planners, all together, we have to realize that: the central bank, or let’s say the FED, doesn’t control anything.

    And, we’ll put a line through it just to give you that visual:

    They don’t control interest rates.
    They don’t control money.
    They don’t control the supply of money.

    But what they do is distort the economy through the decisions that people make because they believe that the FED actually controls these things such as rates and liquidity.

    Let me show you what I’m referring to actually before we even go to the visual

    I’d like to point out some of the data points that we reviewed on the last Whiteboard video where I talked about how the Federal Reserve really isn’t a participant in the monetary system
    They’re more of an observer

    7) Gold Prices Will SHOCK Everyone In 2024!! (Here’s Why)

  103. Hibernian April 16, 2024 @ 11:08 am


    Further to Hibernian’s post above on 2024 Apr 16 @ 1:32 am:

    Re: the stages — in line with The Protocols of Zion — of world domination that World Jewry is pursuing:

    Stage 1
    Control Of Money


    Here is the video published by George Gammon immediately before video in above post, & to which (this new video herein) he fleetingly refers to as proving that Central Banks do NOT actually control anything in the financial world, but rather are “bluffers that they do control”, & are actually mere observers.
    Hmm …m!!!

    Hibernian will study assiduously the video with repeat viewings until he can with conviction decide if he correct to any extent, or just wrong, in his contention.

    Title: WARNING: The Fed Can NOT Prevent A Recession (Here’s Why)

    by George Gammon 4 months ago

  104. Ted Gorsline April 16, 2024 @ 11:22 am

    @Rabbi Glickman

    I’m disappointed in you. Not a single word of interest when offered a chance to develop real estate in jew-free zones in Tel Aviv and Haifa.

    Let me sweeten the pie because I know you have got the money from robbing the pension funds of teachers, the elderly, the down trodden and from flogging body parts from Ukraine, not to mention your porn business.

    I know it hasn’t been easy for you because a lot of the Ukrainians were still alive when their body parts were removed and some of them fought back. The bruising caused by settling them down made their skins unusable for lampshades.

    What can I say? The lampshade profit that should have been yours just wasn’t there. Sorry. Life is tough.

    Here is my last offer. My plan is to put a printing press in the Benny Netanyehu Museum of Psychopathy.

    The first project will be to print millions of rolls of toilet paper with Benny’s face on it. Its bound to be a best seller. I just need a little seed money from you.

    Later, as the money rolls in, we print the faces of Madelaine Albright, Victoria Nuland, Christiane Anampour, and most of the faces from America’s jewish owned MSM. Maybe even janet Yellen and a few others.

    What do you say? We can’t lose. The demand is there. If it works out we can get into the soap business.

    Let me now what you think. Are you a real jew boy or just another half-miler?

  105. Rav Mortichai April 16, 2024 @ 3:45 pm

    Blame if on Goys, by Roger Millerburg
    Sung to King of the Road

    Schvartzes for sale or rent,
    Jewed ’em from an African gent,
    Set sail to America,
    Trade ’em all to make alcohol

    Oy but, ten years of merchant sales,
    Fills your pockets full of shekels,
    I’m a Jew of means by no means,
    I’ll blame it on goys

    Years later slaves set free,
    Sue for reparations and my fee,
    Start a club called ACLU,
    Call it black but it’s run by Jews

    I eat fried latkes I have found,
    Flat but not too big around,
    I’m a Jew of means by no means,
    Blame it on goys


  106. Citizenfitz April 16, 2024 @ 3:55 pm

    Hope Brother Nate has a blockbuster video regarding the Iran-Israel War locked and loaded.

    It IS a war after all. It just hasn’t gotten vicious yet.

  107. Rabbi Glickman April 16, 2024 @ 7:32 pm

    Ach, Rav Mortichai, I had no idea you wrote such hits! Did you Jew everyone in the process? Good!

    I too have had my share of success in song spieling. But the goyim are a crafty, perfidious bunch as you know.

    Oy, oy, oy! They’ll swindle your eyeballs out of your sockets – then come back for the sockets!

    Just like this hit, which David Bowie stole out from under me LIKE A PERSIAN RUG! There at the end he begged me for forgiveness. But we don’t forget. And we don’t forgive. L’chaim!

    He looked a lot like Ayatollah,
    Drove a gassing van
    Kept his mind inside a kaftan
    Such an evil man
    The only survivor of the National Socialists

    Panic in Israel! I asked for a rugelach
    I wanted to sell some but no one gave me one
    Panic in Israel!

    Wincing at East German sirens
    That broke the evening gloom
    Bibi warned of repercussions
    They followed none too soon
    A trickle of shysters
    Were all that were left alive

    Panic in Israel! I asked for a rugelach
    I wanted to sell some but no one gave me one
    Panic in Israel!

    Swimming in my striped pajamas
    Inside the kamp latrine
    I saw my favorite teacher pooping
    Should I laugh or scream?
    I ran to smash the
    Brain-bashing machine
    And shtupped a thousand corpses
    Oy! What a night!

    Having scored six million shekels
    Made my way back home
    Someone tried to trade a lampshade
    For some adrenochrome
    I ran for the exit
    Then went off to live with wolves

    Panic in Israel! Kampfuhrer Otto Graff
    Left me in disgust. I wish I were a Cohen
    Panic in Israel!

  108. Rabbi Glickman April 16, 2024 @ 7:45 pm

    Mr. Gorsline, do I understand correctly: you want to do a pump and dump real estate scam in Tel Aviv and Haifa?

    Well… I am a master at the art of pumping and dumping. You can ask Irene Zisblatt if you don’t believe me.

    Unfortunately, due to my status as a famous and much beloved Haredi rabbi… who has won countless awards, I can only consider your offer if complete secrecy is maintained.

    And I retain the name rights to the conspir… err… enterprise.

    And that I receive, justifiably I might add, 99% of the profits.


  109. Hibernian April 17, 2024 @ 12:09 am

    Following the spectacular flying-carpets visit from Iran into Israel, swathes of Jewish Internet-Nomads are absconding Izy so as to reside in ur Goy-homelands.

    Main Tweets each having short video-clips

    Tweet A)
    Henry Makow reposted

    Richard Medhurst

    2024 Apr 15

    Israeli settlers rushing to Ben Gurion and whipping out their 2nd passports.

    The busiest day since Oct 7

    When push comes to shove, Zionists don’t stick around to assert their “claim” over the land.
    Palestinians do.
    That’s the difference.

    Tweet B)
    Henry Makow reposted

    Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis

    The Chosen People is leaving.

    Lou Rage

  110. Rav Mortichai April 17, 2024 @ 10:31 am

    Shalom Rabbi Glickman,

    May you receive the blessings of 6 Gorillion golden shekels in this life and beyond.

    David Bowie was an excellent singer and good for the Jews because he chose to race mix like a good goy. You pay him a great tribute I’m sure he would appreciate.

    I would write another, but today I have to find my Uncle Shlomo’s lampshade. I’m sure I left it somewhere in one of my many tunnels for safe keeping.


  111. Magda April 17, 2024 @ 10:57 am

    It’s curious that so many are fleeing Israhell just before Passover.

    I just read a homily by John Chrysostom explaining that Passover is meant to be observed/celebrated in Jerusalem, not that they’ve paid attention to that detail for centuries.

  112. Ted Gorsline April 17, 2024 @ 3:08 pm

    @Rabbi Glickman

    You say you only want 99% of the profits. You have got to be the most generous jew that I have ever heard of.

    On another note, CNN is forever using creepy Colonel Cedric Leighton to comment on wars in the Ukraine and Gaza. Like most of the male staff on CNN he has always seemed to be as queer as a cucumber.

    Does anyone know if he is a bona fide fudge stuffer? Wikipedia only says he is probably married, but may well like secrecy because he has always kept his marital relations a secret.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to meet the guy in an unlighted public washroom, but perhaps I am being too paranoid.

  113. Hibernian April 17, 2024 @ 7:10 pm

    NEWSFLASH — although a touch belated (Mar_31) — on the Protocols of Zion’s Stage-1 (Control of Money) from Real JEWESS* News !

    Ben Gilroy reposted

    Wide Awake Media

    2024 Mar 31

    European Central Bank head, Christine Lagarde**, announces the launch of the EU’s new CBDC—the digital euro—which will enable unelected technocrats to program how, when, where, on what and by whom it can be spent, incl. the imposition of:

    social credit,
    carbon allowance,
    vaccine passport systems.

    And despite the lie that “cash is here to stay,” you can be 100% certain that control freaks like Lagarde have every intention of gradually phasing out cash altogether.

    **Lagarde is a Jewess

  114. KathJuliane April 17, 2024 @ 8:45 pm

    Aussie Christians Rise Up After Attack: Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel SURVIVES Muslim ASSAULT

    Stew Peters Network

  115. KathJuliane April 17, 2024 @ 9:02 pm

    Col Douglas Macgregor: Zelensky’s Dire Warning for UKRAINE / Would Israel Go Nuclear Against IRAN?

    Mcgregor also mentions that there here have been talks for some time between Israel & Azerbaijan about use of Azeri airbases in the Caucasus as staging areas to launch attacks on Iran.

    Daniel Davis / Deep Dive

  116. Hibernian April 17, 2024 @ 10:53 pm

    Protocols of Zion’s Stage-1 (Control of Money)

    “Private” Central Banking or even “Government” Central Banking
    Fractional Reserve Banking (licensed by Central Bank)

    Argentina President Javier Milei’s policy to end Central Bank in Argentina

    Question by Hibernian:
    How will “clearing” between the commercial banks be conducted?

    ANYWAY …

    Henry Makow


    Milei shocker


    Are Javier Milei and Benjamin Netanyahu…RELATED?

    The REAL last name of the both men is Mileikowsky!!!

    February 16, 2024

  117. KathJuliane April 18, 2024 @ 8:14 am

    Dear Hibernian,

    Mileikowsky is a transliterated Russian surname derived from a locale, in this case, Milików, a village in Poland.

    Milei and Netanyahu are likely not related, only that they had ancestors from the same village in Poland, Imperial Russia.


    Just finished reading this book, and I’m starting over to read it again.

    This is a must have for any Bible-reading Christian.

    I was astounded at old-new insights into Scripture that I have read my entire life in ways I’ve not fully realized before, and at how much the Orthodox Church in living continuity has preserved of the ancient Apostolic Tradition, Old Testament and Second Temple Judaistic literature and worldview, particularly where Orthodox teachings come from about spiritual warfare and askesis.

    Religion of the Apostles: Orthodox Christianity in the First Century

    “Father Dr. Stephen De Young traces the lineage of Orthodox Christianity back to the faith and witness of the apostles, which was rooted in a first\-century [2nd Temple Judaism] worldview.

    “The Religion of the Apostles presents the Orthodox Christian Church of today as a continuation of the religious life of the apostles, which in turn was a continuation of the life of the people of God since the beginning of creation.”

  118. The Wit and Wisdom of Joe Tzu April 18, 2024 @ 8:27 am

    When you don’t know what you’re doing, neither do your enemies. – Joe Tzu

  119. Matt April 18, 2024 @ 11:19 am

    Bro. Nathanael is right, the Jews and their plan for world domination was foretold almost 2,000 years ago. God knows it all.

    Rev 17:1, 15 says the great prostitute/Babylon sits over many nations, people and languages.

    Rev 17:18 says she rules over the kings of the earth.

    Rev 17:6 says she’s drunk with the blood of God’s holy people, those who bore testimony to Jesus

    Rev 18 tells us the whore Babylon is fabulously wealthy, and her merchants were the world’s important people.

    Rev 19:2 says she corrupts the earth with her adulteries.

    These wicked people imagine they’ll always sit on top, and never be a widow, that they’re to big and powerful to fail. But their fight is against God, and God will prevail.

    Rev 17:16 says the beast and 10 kings will hate the prostitute/Babylon, and bring her to ruin, strip her naked and burn her with fire.

    Then the world will be a better place.

    Between now and then, the Jews will continue with their lies, thefts, and murders, and go on corrupting God’s order.

  120. Rabbi Glickman April 18, 2024 @ 12:43 pm




  121. Dr. Kennedy April 18, 2024 @ 3:22 pm


  122. The Wit and Wisdom of Joe Tzu April 18, 2024 @ 4:28 pm

    I made it clear to Israelis: don’t move on Haifa. It’s just not… I mean… uh, uh, uh, anyway… you know what I meant.

  123. KathJuliane April 18, 2024 @ 7:36 pm

    Israel Makes ABSURD Claim About Strike On Iranian Target

    The Young Turks | 18 April 2024

    The United States urged Israel not to strike Iranian commanders at Iran’s embassy complex in Syria. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

    Read more HERE:

    “Israel was mere moments away from an airstrike on April 1 that killed several senior Iranian commanders at Iran’s embassy complex in Syria when it told the United States what was about to happen.

    Israel’s closest ally had just been caught off guard.”


    Israel retaliates against Iran, senior U.S. official says: ABC News Special Report

    ABC News | 45 minutes ago

    A U.S. official confirmed to ABC News that Israeli missiles have hit a site in Iran.


    Israel-Gaza live updates: Israel retaliates against Iran, US official says
    U.S. will “continue to deploy” sanctions to counter any further action by Iran.

    Last Updated: April 18, 2024, 9:31 PM

  124. KathJuliane April 18, 2024 @ 8:11 pm


    18 April 2024 by Larry Johnson

    I had to change this paragraph because of breaking news (I started writing at 9:45 pm and then there was breaking news at 10:10 pm eastern):

    “Looks like Israel is “prepping” the narrative to justify its upcoming attack on Iran. I hope I am wrong, and that Israel is engaging in verbal bombast and does not intend to follow through on its public vow to launch an attack on Iranian territory.

    “In the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s drone and missile barrage, the West giddily celebrated a massive Israeli victory and a devastating defeat for Iran by claiming that 99% of Iran’s drone and missiles were shot down.”

    Damn. I was wrong about the timing but not wrong about the plan. U.S. news channels are reporting “Israel Striking Iran.”

    Israel changed its tune today about its success in defeating the Iranian strike and shifted to claiming that Iran tried to hit an Israeli nuclear facility. CNN delivered the new spin today:

    “Who knows what was in precisely in the mind of the Iranian leadership. But they launched a bigger attack on Israel than any of the sophisticated air attacks that Russia has launched on Ukraine in the last two years of war.

    “That tells you something. Yes. The drones take many hours. And yes, Iran did inform neighboring countries that something was coming in the next 72 hours. But this defense system that Israel was able to put in place with allies did a job that I think even the Israelis didn’t expect it to do, and certainly the allies didn’t expect it to do.

    “Iran very likely hoped for a better outcome. We know that the air alerts that Israel put out to the civilian population over the weekend told people in Dimona, where the nuclear facility is, to seek and take cover. So it’s clear that Israel knew that Iran was targeting the nuclear facility.

    “And so this tells you several things. It perhaps explains, in part why Iran over the weekend, according to the IAEA, Director General Rafael Grossi, had shut down their nuclear facilities expecting the possibility of a very quick retaliation, which we understand was on the cards, a quick retaliation. But this also may signal that Israel is putting out in the public domain information about what Iran targeted.

    “It was a nuclear facility, which to some people, would give legitimacy for Israel to strike an Iranian nuclear facility or its mind games, or they or they are just messing with the Iranians to the extent of maybe this is what we’ll target.”

    If you did not catch it let me make it clear — Israel is now claiming that Iran targeted the Dimona nuclear facility. That is going to be Israel’s propaganda spin going forward to justify the reported attack.

    Israel may just have committed suicide. The Netanyahu cabinet is betting that Iran is unable to launch a massive retaliatory missile strike and that its threat to respond if Israel attacks are just hollow talk.

    Israel is pushing the bullshit that “this is a limited strike.” That is not how Iran views this.

    I have confirmed from a source with access that Israel launched attacks on Isfahan and Tabriz with drones. Iran was prepared. Its air defense systems, according to my source, activated and engaged the Israeli drones and shot them down.

    Looks like we are witnessing the start of a serious war in the Middle East. This is going to escalate.

  125. Dogged May 16, 2024 @ 5:42 pm

    I believe that the answer to the “Jewish Question” is the evangelization of the unbelieving Jews and their sincere conversion to genuine Biblical Christianity, as prophesied by St. Paul the Apostle (Romans chapters 9-11.)

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