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Sources: Solzhenitsyn And The Russo-Jewish Question, Nathan D Larson Here; Solzhenitsyn Hero And Sage @ Here

A SPIRITUAL IMPERATIVE runs through Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s works.

A proponent of Russia’s special mission in the world, Solzhenitsyn often expressed how the Jews have negatively impacted on Russia’s destiny.

A predominant focus of Solzhenitsyn’s vision for Russia’s special mission in the world is the Russian Orthodox Church’s call for its people to forego the West’s materialistic pursuits. In a 2007 interview with Der Speigel, Solzhenitsyn outlined the role of the Orthodox Church for Russia over against the West’s materialism:

“The faith of our Church is the foundation and support of one’s life. And don’t forget what a horrible human toll the Russian Orthodox Church suffered throughout almost the entire 20th century. The Church is just rising from its knees.” Here.

This suffering of the Russian Orthodox Church is one of the topics Solzhenitsyn discusses in his magnum opus, “Two Hundred Years Together.” Labelled by Jews as “Anti Semitic” and banned from publication in English by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, (that wicked enemy of free speech), the book charges Bolshevik Jews with the guilt of the Church’s suffering in the 20th century.

The Jewish attack on Solzhenitsyn has its roots in the ongoing battle of the synagogue against the Church. In his 1995 essay, “The Russian Question At The End Of The Twentieth Century,” Solzhenitsyn wrote:

“Russian nationality is not about blood but about spirit. The greatness of our people is to be sought in its inner development, in its breadth of soul. The Russian spirit and Russian culture have existed for centuries. All those who feel themselves part of this heritage in spirit are true Russians” Available Here.

Jews do not feel themselves part of Russia’s “heritage in spirit” which is Christian and to them, “Anti Semitic.” But in the current battle between the synagogue and the Church, (at least in Russia — not in the Jewish occupied West), the Church is winning.


SPEAKING FROM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE, Solzhenitsyn gave a candid account of Jews in charge of the Soviet prison camps in his book, Two Hundred Years Together. According to his observations, Jews made up a clear preponderance in the Gulag administration.

Digging deeper into Russo-Jewish Soviet history, Solzhenitsyn demonstrates in the book that the Jewish community’s positive response to the Jewish led sovietization that overran Russia and Eastern Europe is the crux of the issue between Russians and Jews. He asks the question, “What was the reaction of this groups’ larger community to the traitors of Russia within its ranks?” World Jewry’s reply is to call Solzhenitsyn an “Anti Semite.”

In Volume II of Two Hundred Years Together, Solzhenitsyn writes that “Jews could have simply subordinated themselves quietly to Soviet ideology as a recourse over German fascism, but instead, embraced Bolshevism wholeheartedly.” Solzhenitsyn goes on to censure the Jews for their “impiety in contributing to atrocities in a country in which they were an ethnic minority.”

And with the voice of a Christ figure, Solzhenitsyn called on the entire Jewish community to “repent.” He cried out, “It is within the power of the Jews to break out of their pale of doom.” But sad to say, to repent is something most Jews do not very much like to do…


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Brother Nathanael @ August 23, 2008


  1. CIVILIAN DEATH MACHINE August 23, 2008 @ 10:16 pm

    And to think “Friends of the Simon Weisenthal Centre”, The ADL, The WJC, AIPAC, etc., etc., etc. find it is alright to deny their own “footprints”…throughout History while calling everybody else “Wrong Doers”!!!

    In Canada, my country, they have bought off every politician into believing that they are just “innocent victims” of hatred, etc.

    In June, of this year, B’nai Brith honoured our Prime Minister. Stephan Harper, as a “unique individual”….just like the PM before him, and before him and so on and so on….

    Only people who cannot think for themselves, risk suffering at the Wicked Hands of others’…like so many of us do, in this Zionist Led World.

    At least, Russia has them on the Run!!!

    Who Knew? The country that was once run by Jewish Bolsheviks, and financed from the United States, no less through Belgium, is now after them and got them on the Run!!!

    Brother Nathanael, I believe there will be soon time for a story on Biden, in the near future….

    Keep Up The Great Work!!!

  2. admin August 23, 2008 @ 10:39 pm

    Dear Civilian Death Machine –

    What do you suggest for a story on Biden?

    (Thanks for your great comments…keep em coming please!) +bn

  3. Maurice Pinay August 23, 2008 @ 10:45 pm

    There is a great deal to admire in Alexander Solzhenitsyn and his work over so many years, but I recently became aware that he had married a Judaic woman and raised his children from that marriage in Judaism.

    To say the least, this is difficult for me to reconcile with the hagiography attached to the man.


    ” … a man whose second wife was Jewish, and whose three sons from that marriage had been brought up in the Judaic faith.”

  4. admin August 23, 2008 @ 10:54 pm

    Dear Maurice Pinay –

    I doubt that Solzhenitsyn, a devout Orthodox Chrisian, would have raised those sons in Judaism.

    *Many* Russian Jews convert to Russian Orthodoxy. I know many of them being in the ROC myself.

    My hunch is that Solzhenitsyn’s 2nd wife was baptized into the Orthodox Church.

    BE SURE EVERYONE to visit Maurice Pinay’s popular Blog @

    Maurice Pinay is the author of the highly acclaimed book,
    The Plot Against The Catholic Church @ +BN

  5. Orthodox Russian August 24, 2008 @ 12:28 am

    From Komsomolskaya Pravda in Russian 10.03.2003
    Poet Yuri Kublanovsky tells about Solzhenitsyn to correspondent Anna Veligjanina

    – Do sons of Solzhenitsyn have Russian citizenship?

    – They are citizens of USA. They were born and raised in states. Only oldest son lives in Moscow. Other sons are in America. Sons travel all the time. They are citizens of the world.

    – Did Solzhenitsyn wish that sons would follow his steps?

    – It’s impossible to wish! One, who has talent will not follow steps but will write.

    – Is Alexander Solzhenitsyn happy with his sons?

    – Quite! They are all great guys!

    – But he and his sons have completely different destines! Sons were growing in America. But he is inmate. But they are all religious Orthodox people. And today Alexander Solzhenitsyn in spite of illnesses attends church services.

  6. Orthodox Russian August 24, 2008 @ 12:36 am

    I want to note that Russia had historically and has and will have special Christian Mission not only for Russians but all the world, and especially Russian Jews, who rediscover Orthodox Russia as a New Jerusalem, Genuine Spiritual Motherland, like Father Alexander Men did along with many other Russian-Jewish Orthodox Priests.

  7. james August 24, 2008 @ 12:51 am

    A more interesting topic for him to cover would have been Jews role in Russia during the 90’s. A transference from communism to gangster capitalism. The shift to organised crime began during the mid 70’s to the fall of communism.

    It branched out to the US with Jewish immigration to New York with the Jackson-Pollack amendment (I think that’s the name of it).

  8. JustAGoy August 24, 2008 @ 8:01 am

    Sen. Joe Biden on Shalom TV admits he’s a Zionist. About the 2min mark ….

  9. C. Davis August 24, 2008 @ 10:11 am

    Though I do not consider myself as being prejudiced against any ethnic or religious group, it has recently been elucidated to me that if the definition of semite is one who promotes thearabic and jewish races, then an anti-semite is simply one who does not promote these groups. Is there a flaw in this reasoning? Thank you

  10. Gus Grissom August 24, 2008 @ 10:13 am

    Hey Brother Nathaniel, how about some publicity for this Zionist Scam (Kubrick & Kissinger) as well?

    here is footage of the Apollo 11 crew faking part of
    their alleged mission to the Moon back
    in 1969… Enjoy!

    the money shot of the fakes is between 7:00 and the
    end of the clip.

    we can only go 300-400 miles into space in manned
    exploration CURRENTLY!
    How are we supposed to believe that we could
    have sent men 239,000 miles to the Moon and back 40 years
    ago, and with less technology than a ‘Gameboy?'(What
    technology was 60000% better 40 years ago than
    currently?) Doesn’t that strike you as illogical?

    18 astronauts allegedly go to the Moon, none see a
    single star?

    here’s the Apollo 11 crew, neil armstrong, michael collins and buzz aldrin cowering when confronted with the faked footage…

    Also, here is a link to an audio interview with the director, bart sibrel, which gives more details on these frauds:

    I got this info from

  11. Piers August 24, 2008 @ 11:44 am

    Maurice Pinay is the author of the highly acclaimed book,
    The Plot Against The Catholic Church.

    No he is not: read his header:

    A weblog in the spirit of, but not by the authors of, the book, “The Plot Against the Church.”

    Maurice Pinay the blogger is doing invaluable work in scholarly documenting one crucial tentacle (narrative) of the Idumean Pharisaic anti-Christ octopus: namely the Satanic quest to expunge the bestowal of the Creator Son of God upon this earthly realm. For this I am indebted to him.

  12. admin August 24, 2008 @ 11:52 am

    Dear Piers –

    The title, “The Plot Against The Catholic Church” @ is followed as such: “By Maurice Pinay.”

    It does not say, “Translated by Maurice Pinay,” or, “Edited by Maurice Pinay.”

    Who then wrote the book: The Plot Against The Catholic Church @ ? +BN

  13. james August 24, 2008 @ 12:46 pm

    Brother Nathanael Kapner

    You should have videotaped what you did in Las Vegas and uploaded it on YouTube.

    It would be interesting to see the response you got from the public.

  14. Piers August 24, 2008 @ 1:01 pm

    Dear Nathan,

    Thank you for elaborating the distinction for readers who may not have known (always keep them in mind).

    Regarding the subornation of the RC church, in 1830, Kalman Rothschild of the Naples branch became the financier of the Vatican, causing a minor scandal since he was not beholden to kiss the Pope’s toe, but rather allowed to kiss his signet ring.

    In terms of esoteric/initiate occult symbolism, it is said for the profane that the colonnade of the Vatican represents the Shepherd’s Staff, when in truth, viewed from above it is the (all seeing) Eye of Horus/Tammuz. In the center of the “eye”/St. Peter’s Square, is the penis/stele/obelisk/lingam of Osiris (Nimrod)[Satan]. Idolatry, anyone? But of course an eye must have a pupil.

    In the Sistine Chapel, the fresco of Adam trying to touch God Almighty is laced with Masonic flourishes:

    1. God is depicted anthropomorphically, as a man, and decrepit with age. Adam is depicted not only as his equal in form, but superior, since he is young.
    2. Look at the hand gestures: see the “M” of masonry?
    3. The gesture itself is thus not profanely of touching (reconnecting/tying back to/ego religio) the Almighty God, but esoterically of supplanting/steeling the divine first source Torch (touch/light/seed) of Illumination to the New Man, the Illumined Man, equal if not greater than the Eternal First Source Supreme Being, Almighty God (since the vigor/vitality of youth is transferred). This was Lucifer’s egregious sin.

    The pope yearly opens Heaven’s Gate. It is not for created man to do so. The creature can never surpass the creator. Thy will be done, Father. Not mine. Only the Supreme Father opens the gate to the Holy Ghost/Soul and opens the Seven Seals in the Book of Life.

    The pope and church officers wear yarmulkes/kippas/beenies/shabbes deckeln….

    The cloven peaked headdress of the pope represents the Babylonian pagan god Dagon, the fish god.

    And so on….

    All this titillates the self-worshipping tares, that the children of God are blind, and the seed of the ungodly union of fallen Satan and the shekinah are the illumined. This is the genesis of the fall (original sin) of man/Adam from the Garden of Eden. “Oh mighty Lucifer, how thou art fallen.” Isaiah.

    Children of First Source God, heed the words of our Father: Ye must be wise as serpents.

    To which I humbly add: and seek thee ever to draw nearer to the Eternal Father, for that is the only source of wisdom, goodness and everlasting life.

  15. james August 24, 2008 @ 1:31 pm

    Does anyone know how many NGO’s operate in Russia and who controls them?

    I want to know how many operate in Russia, who funds them, are they affiliated with any political organisation like CFR and how many are funded by the Rothschild’s.

    I know a few years back Jacob Rothschild set up a foundation in London to groom future leaders in Russia and his media empire there which include The Economist and The Guardian newspaper is viciously anti-Putin, anti-Russian.

    The BBC broadcasted a series called Russian Godfathers a few years ago which was essentially a puff piece on some of the former Oligarchs like Berezovsky that didn’t mention his links to organised crime and Chechen terrorism.
    It’s not surprising as the production company who commissioned it is owned by the Rothschild’s.

  16. admin August 24, 2008 @ 1:40 pm

    Dear Piers –

    Do you have a link of the Vatican colonade to view? +BN

  17. Fr. Joseph August 24, 2008 @ 1:42 pm

    To Piers,

    We Catholic and Orthodox Christians “touch GOD” in our reception of the Eucharist. We “touch God’s Body and Blood” at the Mass (as it is called in the Western Church) or at the Divine Liturgy (as it is called in the Eastern Church).

    God WANTS to be “touched” by us all. He wants for all of us to “touch” His Body and Blood with our body and blood and He desires to be “touched” by our words, our deepest feelings and our incredibly feeble attempts at doing those things He has commanded us to do.

    – Fr. Joseph

  18. Fr. Joseph August 24, 2008 @ 1:51 pm

    It was to the Patiarche of the West (the Bishop of Rome, Pope Leo XIII) back in October, 1884 that THE LORD revealed to him that Satan had been given more poweer to those who would give themselves to him as well as a century’s worth of time with which he, Satan, would attempt TO DESTROY the Church.

    33 years later, the Bolshevik Revolution ushers in destruction upon the Eastern Church, and the Patriarche of Moscow, St. Tihkon, is persecuted to the hilt to the point of capitulating to the Soviet Communists.

    The Western Patriache, the Bishop of Rome, was requested by the Most Holy Theotokos to have the Western Church’s Bishop (aka Catholic Bishops) to perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos, in order TO HELP, TO ASSIST, the Eastern Orthodox Church!

    There is but ONE Church! ONE Church with a Valid Christian Eucharistic Sacrifice to Almighty God for the atonement of our world’s sins.

    Why did not the Bishops of the Catholic Church perform this public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Mother of God’s Immaculate Heart – the Woman who just so happens to be the Spouse of God the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit which brought all things FORM and ORDER out of the nothingness prior to Creation – is beyond me. I wasn’t born until 1954.

    – Fr. Joseph

  19. Benjamin Shlomo August 24, 2008 @ 3:07 pm

    A book that enlightened me to the origins or the Roman Catholic Church, the Jesuits, and their mark on the founding of the United States was by the late Tupper Saussy, “The Rulers of Evil.” He shows how the Catholic Church is today’s keeper of the Mark of Cain delegated to the governments of nations through secret societies and the Jesuits. This book is much better than anything Dan Brown puts out.

    Tupper probably didn’t live long enough to learn of the Talmudic Jews’ part in this but I’m beginning to think that both the Catholic Church (at least through the Jesuits) and the Talmudic Jews together make up the Anti-Christ and the Beast.

  20. Greg August 24, 2008 @ 3:22 pm

    Benjamin, your guess is likely very accurate about the zionists plus the leadership in the Catholic Church making up what constitutes the anti-Christ. Neither truly lives according to the will of God, but yet they act like they are saints and friends of God.

  21. Dr. Albert D Pastore August 24, 2008 @ 3:46 pm

    wonderful pictures of russian athletes meeting with medvedev and in a church ceremony!

  22. Maurice Pinay August 24, 2008 @ 4:13 pm

    “Who then wrote the book: The Plot Against The Catholic Church”


    I, “Maurice Pinay” the blogger, was not involved in any way with the writing, editing or otherwise of the book, “The Plot Against the Church.” That book is said to be written by a group of priests and perhaps one bishop who may have been South American under the pseudonym “Maurice Pinay.”

    I hastily chose “Maurice Pinay” as a screen name when I began writing at traditional Catholic internet forums a few years ago and (perhaps unwisely) kept it when I started my blog. I apologize for any confusion caused.

    I thank Bro. Kapner for his endorsement of my blog.

  23. Fr. Joseph August 24, 2008 @ 7:15 pm

    “The man who denies that Jesus is the Christ – he is the liar, he is Antichrist.”
    Apostle St. John – 1 John 2:22

    Who is denying Jesus is the Christ in our contemporary world?

    The Christ said ‘Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord’ and not do what I say?’

    And who are those who are calling Him ‘Lord, Lord’ and not doing what He says to do and doing what He told them not to do?

    “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

    Who is insisting that 19 ‘Arab terrorists’ were behind the 9-11-2001 “Terrorist” attacks here in the USA?

    “Thou shalt not kill.”

    Who has used military might to target innocent civilians in unjust, illegal and immoral warfare based on lies?

    Who has used military might against Russian citizens in S. Ossetia?

    Who has used the powers of ‘The State’ to remove any mention, reverence, instruction or concern about Christ’s Revelation to mankind from the public sector?

    Who has used ‘The Bible’ to initiate and insinuated their own blatantly anti-Apostolic teachings in the minds of so many in our day and age?

    Is not the Almighty God of Heaven and earth “Omniscient”? Does He or does He not see all of these things?

    Does not Almighty God know every last thought and every last detail of every last Government official’s life, military and intelligence officer’s lives of the nation states of our contemporary world today?

    There is this ‘Little Prayer’ in the Roman Church’s Mass which begins:

    “I confess to Almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters, that I have SINNED – in my thoughts and in my DEEDS, in what I have done and in what I have FAILED TO DO”

    That prayer applies to every last member of the human race in our day and age of 2008 A.D..

    – Fr. Joseph

  24. Fr. Joseph August 24, 2008 @ 7:27 pm

    A sleepy, groggy mind still tries to convey important information in an imperfect way…

    That prayer goes

    “I confess to Almighy God, and to you, my brothers and sisters, that I HAVE SINNED through MY OWN FAULT, in my thoughts and IN MY WORDS, in what I have done and in what I have failed to do.”

    That’s better.

    Who has used their THOUGHTS and their WORDS to conceive EVIL against their fellow man and have used their WORDS to deceive others?

    Get your eyes, your nose and your mind OFF the Vatican for one brief moment and stick your eyes, your noses and your EARS to what your Government leaders and Media are all about for a change – as well as what so many so-called ‘pastors’ and ‘preachers’ are bellowing out to their congregations!

    Who is going to get all of these people to STOP what they are doing and cry out to Heaven


    – Fr. Joseph

  25. JustAGoy August 24, 2008 @ 8:56 pm

    Comments are allowed at the following site:

    Why does Israel have so much influence in U.S.?

  26. Lynda August 24, 2008 @ 10:36 pm

    “Why did not the Bishops of the Catholic Church perform this public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Mother of God’s Immaculate Heart.”
    Fr. Joseph, Aug 24

    Dear Fr Josheph,

    You are very blessed to see with such a clear and keen eye through all the dysinformation about the events at Fatima in 1917. All this dysinfo from the novus ordo, post Conciliar catholic church led by the anti-papacy of Rome since 1958 (much of it) is simply calculated to obscure the truth, rile the Orthodox and aggravate the Schism.

    I too see the purpose of that consecration as “to help, to assist the Eastern Orthodox Church”. And I might add to help the Roman Catholic Church – top heavy with crypto rabbis and Masonic worshipfuls since the 19th century. And therein, I think lies the answer as to why the consecration was not done before 1958.

    After the coup d’etat in the 1958 Conclave, it is another matter. But again, it was the Fatima prophecies which were instrumental in the finding of the twentieth century’s hostage pope – Gregorious XVII.

    When the heroic Fr Peter Khoat van Tran sought out Guiseppe Siri, Cardinal Arbp of Genoa (as he was publicly known in 1988), he found him in the Arbp’s palace under heavy, state of the art surveillance. He asked his jailers (in clerical garb) for 5 mins alone and this was very reluctantly permitted. Once behind closed doors, Fr Khoat, speaking in French asked the ‘Cardinal’ if he was the pope. Siri denied it. According to Fr Khoat’s account, he then said: “At that point it was not from me, I was not even thinking these words at all, I say to him ‘if you had done the consecration of Russia, as Our Lady requested, then my Bishop would not have been killed and my country (Fr Khoat is Vietnamese) would not have fallen to the Communists’. He looked at me through tears and say: ‘You know’.” Fr Khoat added: “I don’t know where this came from, it was not my words, it was the Holy Ghost.”

    But as Our Lady has said, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will Triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me”. This is certain. Over these our most sad and wicked times where the foes of Holy Church are everywhere ascendent and victorious – as documented on this website, the Holy Father together with the true bishops will consecrate Russia and then in the Triumph of her Heart we will see the restoration of all things in Christ.

    Omnia in staurare in Christo.

    “Whom heaven indeed must receive until the times of the restitution of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.”
    Acts 3:21 DRV

    This may not have been possible without the division that has ensued as a result of the Great Apostasy – for (as during the Arian heresy) those who are holding to Apostolic Tradition are leaving the dioceses of bishops who have alienated themselves from the faith. And they are shaking the dust from their feet as a witness against those heretics. And the Lord is bringing those structures down. In the novus ordo – the fifth American diocsese has gone into liquidation to pay Benedict’s sex crime tab.

    Blessed be the Immaculate Heart of Panayia.

    Blessed be Our Lady of Khazan still leading Holy Russia to victory.

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for the Holy Father in exile.

  27. Michael Kavanagh August 24, 2008 @ 11:45 pm

    I have been reading you for a while now, and
    I am hard to convince, but I am pleased with
    what you post. Keep up the good work.
    I hope you don’t get banned by the
    internet providers here in Canada.

  28. Frances August 25, 2008 @ 2:45 am

    Father said, Why did not the Bishops of the Catholic Church perform this public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Mother of God’s Immaculate Heart – the Woman who just so happens to be the Spouse of God the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit which brought all things FORM and ORDER out of the nothingness prior to Creation – is beyond me. I wasn’t born until 1954.



    In order that Our and your prayers be more readily answered, and to give you an especial attestation of Our particular affection, therefore, just as not many years ago We consecrated the entire world to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mother of God, in a most special way, so now We dedicate and consecrate all the peoples of Russia to that same Immaculate Heart, in confident assurance that through the most powerful protection of the Virgin Mary there may, at the earliest moment, be happily realized the hopes and desires which We, together with you and with all those of upright intention, have for the attainment of true peace, of fraternal concord, and of rightful liberty for all: in the first place for the Church, so that through the mediation of the prayer which We raise to heaven in union with you and with all Christian peoples, the saving Kingdom of Christ, which is “a Kingdom of truth and of life, a Kingdom of sanctity and of grace, a Kingdom of justice, of love, and of peace,”[3] may triumph and be firmly established in every part of the world.

    And with suppliant appeal We pray the same most loving Mother that she may assist every one of you in the present sad circumstances and obtain from her divine Son heavenly light for your minds, and for your souls that virtue and fortitude by which, with God’s grace, you may be able victoriously to overcome impiety and error.,%201952

  29. Frances August 25, 2008 @ 2:49 am

    My above reply was to Father Joseph, “Why did not the Bishops of the Catholic Church perform this public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Mother of God’s Immaculate Heart – the Woman who just so happens to be the Spouse of God the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit which brought all things FORM and ORDER out of the nothingness prior to Creation – is beyond me. I wasn’t born until 1954.”

  30. Frances August 25, 2008 @ 3:41 am

    Piers.. I wish you would not lump all the Catholics or the Church (which is a place of worship) with the depraved few. After all you would not demonize a synagogue or mosque just because some followers of those places do bad things.

    Excerpt: a.) The expressed will of God as stated in or approved by “universal” papal documents and those given direct authentication by moral * papal authority. Such teachings must be all inclusive in nature, that is, applying to all peoples and in every era (from the writing of the instruction to the end of time).

    * NON-MORAL PRIESTS and POPES : Infiltrators into the priesthood such as communists, satanists (those who accept Satan as their god to whom they offer human sacrifices. They also incorporate desecration of morally consecrated Catholic Hosts – the living Body of Christ [a legal only priest –such as a satanist– is incapable of validly consecrating bread and wine] ), freemasons (or other subsets of the Knights Templar), government agents, homosexuals, pedophiles, others tainted with grave moral scandal, apostates, and culpable schismatics and heretics – including those ordained without accepting the full authenticity of Scripture from Genesis to the Apocalypse (Revelation) have only legal recognition. They do not have moral priesthood (true ordination). While such men do have legal authority in relation to six of the seven sacraments and in relation to civil matters, they do not have the blessing (authority) of God to consecrate the Holy Eucharist or to perform exorcisms.

  31. Fr. Joseph August 25, 2008 @ 11:32 am

    Dear Frances,

    My Metropolitan Archbishop has already informed me that he and his fellow Bishops have NOT performed the Consecration of Russia.

    Dear Frances, do all of us Catholic Chrisitans a huge, huge favor. It will take but 30 minutes of your time on your computer.

    Would you please obtain from any Conference of Catholic Bishops, here in the USA or, for that matter, in ANY part of the world on any continent or within any nation, an official Church document, an official Episocopal Conference’s statement with associated photographs of the member Bishops, wherein they made a PUBLIC and SOLEMN Consecration – all together and in unision and simultaneously – the Collegical Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Surely, you can contact the United States Confrence of Catholic Bishops and simply get us that sort of official documentation along with photos and news releases heralding to our world THEIR direct participation in that Collegial Consecration event.

    And if you CAN’T get such ‘in the public domain’ evidence, can you then get me any members of the Lay Faithful who attended that Collegial Consecration of Russia and get THEM to provide the date and the place where THEIR Diocese’s Bishop called upon the Lay Faithful to assist the Bishop in fulfilling the Mother of God’s Consecration Request/Instruction at that particular Bishop’s Diocese’s CATHEDRAL.

    Thank you for your direly needed ASSISTANCE to and for all the rest of us of His Church – the many Patriarches, the many Metropolitans, the many Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots, Abbesses, Priests, Deacons, Religous Orders and millions upon millions of the Lay Faithful who were either 1) active and direct participants in the Collegial Consecration or 2) public witnesses to the Collegial Consecration in REMINDING US ALL of the date and the places were that Collegial Consecration did ALREADY take place.

    Many of us in the Church have this strange case of ‘Spiritual Amensia’ and can’t see to recall WHEN we all gathered together for such a sublime PUBLIC and SOLEMN Consecration of Russia to the Most Holy Theotokos’ Immaculate Heart.

    “Off you go” with instructions TO HELP ALL OF US in His Church – from the Top Echelons of the Church’s Hierarchy down to the lowliest member of the rank-and-file Lay Faihtful – in telling us all when MY Metropolitan Archbishop and HIS Bishops already preformed said Collegial Consecration.

    I’ll have to “remind” MY Metropolitian and his Bishops – after all, we are ALL so terribly ‘human’ and awfully ‘forgetful’.

    – Fr. Joseph

  32. Fr. Joseph August 25, 2008 @ 12:47 pm

    Dear Lynda,

    Hey, thanks a lot for you warm and encouraging reply.

    Just to share something with you, as one member of His Mystical Body here on earth to another, it was back about 10 years ago, at a Marian Movement of Priests Rosary Prayer Cenacle while praying the Rosary in community that the Blessed Virgin Mary granted me a vision of her Crown of 12 Stars and an actual inner locution of her voice – and in great wailing, agony, pleading and crushing sorrow told me directly her words ‘Defend the Church!’.

    It was much like having a woman pleading with you for all the fiber of her being to you (as a passerby) to enter a burning building in order to save her children still remaining inside.

    The pitch, the tone, the depth of her crying wail were enough to make ANYONE who heard her voice to go rushing into that burning building in order to help her out and her children.

    So, my dear Lynda, you understand ‘with your heart’ the situation our Church and our entire human race are currently in with respect to having every manner of evil and suffering befalling all of us.

    I’d like to return you the favor of making me feel as though all of my own personal efforts these past years in what I’ve tried to do in helping the Blessed Virgin Mary out as best as I could with these feeble and finite human talents, resources and abilities that are mine haven’t been entirely an utter waste of time and effort.

    So I’m ordained into the Priesthood. I’m just a member of the ‘Monastic Brotherhood’, so I only get to say private votive Masses. And by the direction of my Bishop, those Masses are offered up from the countless FORGOTTEN Holy Souls in Purgatory.

    But nevertheless, if you would like for me to, I’d be most happy to offer up one of these Masses of mine for the Holy Souls and include YOUR special intentions.

    Drop me a line here on this forum telling me what I could do for you, your family and your loved ones, okay? Thanks.

    – Fr. Joseph

  33. Eamon August 25, 2008 @ 3:30 pm

    @Fr Joseph

    Just FYI…the words you quoted (“I confess…”) are from the Novus Ordo’s invalid, man-centered service. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass uses the prayer known simply as the Confiteor. God speed.

  34. Fr. John August 25, 2008 @ 4:13 pm

    What, again with the Papists dominating dialogue? Oy…

    The history and visions of Fatima clearly have as their locus point, the CONVERSION of Russia- to ROMAN CATHOLICISM, and NOT their ‘salvation’ AS Orthodox!

    As a former catholic, who studied this in depth, I read over and over again the ‘Catholic’ prayers that saw, treated, and acted as though Russia was in HERESY, not a ‘separated brethren’ sort of church.

    “In response to Sister Lucy’s question why He would not convert Russia without the Holy Father consecrating that nation to His Mother’s Immaculate Heart, Our Lord replied “Because I want My whole Church to acknowledge that consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that it may extend its cult later and put the devotion of the Immaculate Heart beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart.” –

    Clearly the ‘cult’ of Fatima, along with the ‘cut up body parts’ devotion of Rome, is in direct contrast to Orthodox praxis:

    1) it began with Bernard and Anselm (of Lucca), AFTER the Schism of 1054.
    2)It is clearly non-Orthodox: “Some even go so far as to think that since the Mother of God appears to Roman Catholics, it follows that the Roman Catholic Church is a true, grace-filled church, especially since various miracles and healings take place at the locations of the visions. Fatima, in particular, has aroused much interest among Russians living abroad because the apparition allegedly speaks about Russia in strongly anti-communist terms, leading them to overlook the heretical and anti-Orthodox content of the message as a whole. ”

    Br. Nathanael, what gives? Why censure me, and let all the spiritual ‘dung’ profane the Holy Orthodox Faith, especially on a site such as this, that isn’t ‘overtly’ dealing with religious differences?

    Inquiring minds want to know…..

  35. Ken August 25, 2008 @ 7:38 pm

    An Christian Americans message to Christian Russians.

    I just read the Der Speigel interview with Solzhenitsyn. In the article Solzhenitsyn mentions how Russia was embracing democracy only to be abused by the US during their weakness of change.

    My message to Russians is that you not lose hope in democracy. But realize the US has actually failed. And that you can redefine in a better light. To avoid the corruption that has somehow crept into our government here in the US.

    What the US was years ago was real and the hope of domocarcy that you were pursuing was real too. Please do not give up on behalf of our failure. Take over where we have failed.

    Use your own unique history and your own unique people to make a democracy that is greater than any other. Most people recognize the hardships Russia has been through in the past. Particularly the Church. My hope is that you will find your courage, your pride as a people to build a nation that will soon stand tall and replace the corrupt dominance of those that exist now.

    God speed to my brethren Christians in Russia.


  36. Fr. Joseph August 25, 2008 @ 8:09 pm

    Fr. John,

    I will have you know that the Lord is the Lord and it is HE Who is Head of the Church whether you like it or not.

    Theological differences regarding the Latin use of the word ‘filoque’ has already, long ago, been resolved by the PATRIARCHES of the Orthodox church and those of the Western Latin Church at the Council of Ferrera-Florence.

    If you so desire to publicly show such DISREPECT for Orthodox Patriarches of the past, that is YOUR business. But don’t you dare call the Lord’s Body and Blood of the Latin Church’s MASS “dung”!

    There is but ONE Faith for there is but ONE Lord and whether you like it or not, there is but ONE Spirit. And YOUR Lord Who suffered such a miserable DEATH on His Cross just so happened to ACCEPT that death for the peoples of AMERICA, for the peoples of EUROPE, for the peoples of AFRICA, for the peoples of ASIA whether you happen to like THAT or not!

    And whether you like it or not – while the Apostle St. Andrew brought the Faith to the Rus, it was St. Peter and St. James who brought that SAME Faith to Western Europe.

    If you ‘thumb your nose’ at those who have received the Lord’s Own Divine Graces via HIS Covenant’s Sacraments because those people THE LORD died for on His Cross just so happen to live in a geographical part of the world to the WEST of Eurasia, then will you also “thumb your nose” at those who have received the Lord’s Own Divine Graces via the Apostolic Mission and Ministry of St. Thomas in the sub-Asian continent of INDIA as well?

    There is but ONE Faith which is expressed in ways in spoken of in words from peoples of nations from the entire world.

    Go ahead and check with your Metropolitan. Go ahead and ask him if the Body and Blood of THE LORD in HIS Western Church happens to be “dung”!

    And does the Queen of Heaven and of earth, the Mother of God Incarnate, the Most Holy Theotokos, does she need YOUR Priestly permission and approval to APPEAR to suffering people in ANY part of the world to give them her Son’s Divine HOPE and her own Spiritual Comfort and Consolation???

    Does the Mother of God need your Metropolitan’s permission TO ATTEMPT doing those things for the welfare and wellbeing of her Son’s CHURCH that PATRIARCHES and METROPOLITANS and ARCHBISHOPS and their PRIESTS should have been doing for the past 10 centuries???

    Where is your concern for THE LAITY, man? Where is your concern for HIS CHURCH? Where is your concern for His humanity for which HE DIED on a Cross?

    Where is YOUR “heart”?

    – Fr. Joseph

  37. Piers August 25, 2008 @ 8:10 pm

    Do you have a link of the Vatican colonade to view? +BN

    Yes, we can use google satellite maps:

    This article by another has various aerial photographs (note the sun Cult of Aten solar ray design surrounding the penis of Satan), which forms the iris of the “eye.” The sun represents Lucifer, the bringer of light. Satan was his lieutenant, literally “place holder.” If the deliberate design were astrological in nature, it would depict twelve houses or rays. It depicts eight. Thus it is a circular cross with an X through it, a nullified or blotted cross, like Christ is nullified in “X-mas.” Further, just as in the courtyard of the Israeli Supreme Court building (built by Rothschild/Bauer) opposite the Knesset, the Jew “treads upon a cross:”

    as surely the benighted pilgrims do in Piazza San Pietro. It is the same occult language of symbol.

    Note also, that the Road to Conciliation connects the Vatican to the tomb of Hadrian, both geographically and by energy ley line. Conciliation between whom? The pilgrim and God, or the exoteric dupe and the esoteric self-worshipping self-declared infallible earthly representative of the shepherd, the devout and the pagan, the Christ and anti-Christ, or the apostolic church and the agent of Satan? Who built Hadrian’s Wall in Britain? To what end?

    Let us read the illuminist William Blake’s poem Jerusalem:

    Not enough? Research the lie of “British Israelism.”

    “B’rith” in Hebrew means “covenant.” Like all fruit of the seed of Babel, it is a covenant, a conciliation, with the ungodly. That which is pure cannot abide one mote of that which is impure, lest it become corrupted. In the B’rithish coat of arms, the lion represents the tribe of Judah, and the unicorn the scattered Israelites. Thank the denizens of “the City” for such legerdemain.

    Now let us deduce the language of symbol and stone (Masonic lingo): Hadrian was the emperor who presided upon the Roman Empire at its farthest reach and expanse, and when the writing was on the wall (Hadrian’s Wall), the Brotherhood of the Serpent/Cult of Aten/Whore of Babylon buried Hadrian (the Roman Empire) and paved the way to conciliation with that which was utter anathema to them, the Gospel of Christ, and hijacked His True New Covenant (Good News/Gospel) and created anew the “Holy Roman Empire.” That is their timeless scam: taking a truth and twisting it into a lie, as they do with symbols.

    The rest, as they say, is history.

    What? Still not enough, I hear some say? All right. The symbol of Rome was the eagle. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, it should. The eagle represents the Phoenix, the mythical benu bird that rises from its own ashes (like the lost penis of Osiris/Nimrod giving birth to Horus/Tammuz), just as the serpent six miles long moults its skin and carries on reborn. The Holy Roman Emperor Justinian used the eagle as his seal, as did Adolph Schicklgruber/Hiedler/Hitler and others, and now the United States Corporation, a Virginia company, a subsidiary of Rothschild Sion Trust, a Babel Enterprise. The double-headed eagle is the sign of the 33rd degree mason. The motto: Ordo ab Chao: Order from Chaos. The hammer and sickle are also masonic symbols.

    “I remember when Rome was still a republic…” –Cicero.

    No, you folks still do not understand. All it takes to sell you a crap car is to stick a cheap screaming chicken decal on the hood and call it a “Firebird.” The firebird is another name for the Phoenix/benu bird. When will you learn…? Lift the hood, for heaven’s sake.

  38. Piers August 25, 2008 @ 9:04 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    You will find me amenable in the extreme to original exegesis, if only to compare perspectives. If you wish to do so at any time, please begin. At the same time, I have neither the time, energy, nor inclination to indulge regurgitated catechism. The currency of our Father is consciousness and the aim growth thereof. Anything else is stasis and stagnation. And what is the point to quote the dead words of a defunct pope who does not even know his own business, let alone our Father’s? Satan was DEFEATED by Jesus on Mt. Hermon before He attained his final bestowal/anointing/Christhood, at the age of 29 years, as yet a mortal man. What part of defeated is not understood? Banished. Vanquished. In fact, destroyed is the word.


    Piers.. I wish you would not lump all the Catholics or the Church (which is a place of worship) with the depraved few. After all you would not demonize a synagogue or mosque just because some followers of those places do bad things.

    Child, please do not put words into my mouth. I did not write any such thing, did I? Before I could even engage you in intelligent dialogue, you would have to learn two things:

    1) If you do not understand, ask. Do not assume. Attitude is everything.
    2) You use words you know not. If you do not know your nomenclature, you are lost. And you do not. Begin there. It is called “First Principles.” Begin with the word “synagogue.” Also, research “church.” Remember that there are “layers of meaning.”

  39. George August 25, 2008 @ 10:31 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph and Fr John,

    I write from the perspective of a traditionalist Orthodox.

    Arguments on the Filioque etc will go backwards and forwards and never be resolved it if seen through a simplistic academic perspective. I have my obvious opinions on this matter but see no point in expressing them in today’s tragic situation.

    If seen through a spiritual dimension there is one thing becoming increasingly obvious to me. Perhaps God permitted such issues to insulate East from West in order to minimize the treachery of the Secret Societies, even thought the Great Schism and subsequent disputes may have been scenarios created by these Secret Societies.

    Post Vatican II we see the full blown collapse of the Roman Catholic Church into a Pagan syncretistic entity – spare the few faithful remnants left.

    “Pope” Benedict recently “handed over his authority” to the Sanhendrin Jews through the Noachide law agreement. Does this not waken anyone to realise that this is the Beast of the Land as described in the Revelations? And if anyone was to doubt the Benedict’s devilishness, then look at his face and smile – it says it all. If this isn’t enough then examine his theological opinion and realise he is no conservative – rather a hypocrite who is hell bound on compromising Christianity at the feet of the Beast of the Sea – Zionism.

    On the other hand we see the Eastern Orthodox Churches over the course of the last two hundred years being infiltrated and ransacked by Freemasonry. Once again not many remnants of faithful Orthodox left today. Only the Moscow Patriarchate seems to be resisting the gravitational pull of Benedict.

    The Eastern Patriarchates in general have been indulging in Ecumenism and attempts to unite with the Beast of the Apocalypse. For same strange reason after several centuries of the East and West unable to resolve their difference, since 1965 in the course of 40 years, all matters that divided East and West are “solved” except for the Primacy question. Of course the issues were solved through the perspectives of Ecumenism. In Romania this year we finally saw an “Orthodox” bishop of Romania celebrate Mass with Unia and partake of the same Chalice. I am not aware of any serious action taken by anyone to reprimand this man. Neither did the “conservative” Benedict depose his bishops. Nor did the Orthodox world step back for a moment.

    As the Apostasy fermented in Rome grows, so does the whirlpool drag the Eastern world closer to Rome.

    So what is the real battle today: the Filioque or other divisions of the past? No rather it is a fight against the moral ineptitude and profanity that brought along the Great Apostasy – basically it is a fight against the sinfulness of our lives first, then of others.

    We need to free ourselves from this situation and seek the enlightenment of God to unite the faithful remnants of his Church again.

    To finish off, a hieromonk who died many years ago told his congregation, that the coming of the Antichrist is a certainty – As to how much damage and impact he will make depends on us Christians.

  40. George August 26, 2008 @ 2:08 am

    Dear Fr John,

    In regards to the Fatima prophecies, I don’t have a lot to say in support of them as I have not yet had the time to comprehensively study them. However I would suggest you consider the following before you outright reject them.

    Firstly, the imperative to the Pope of Rome to consecrate Russia must be taken from a realistic perspective – not the pathetic, perhaps narcissistic perspective of the post Vatican II camp. If the imperative is given to consecrate Russia to the Sacred Heart, then what must otherwise happen but to reach a consensus with Russia. Why Russia and not Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, or any other Orthodox country.

    The reality is that Russia was a great Christian empire, and the last Christian empire in modern day times before the present day Great Apostasy. It was eventually butchered, plundered and turn to shreds at the hands of the Antichrist Bolsheviks. Why wasn’t Greece or any other Orthodox nation put under the same trial? Virtually all other Orthodox nations were rising from oppression under than hands of the Ottomans, and sadly eventually falling into the hands of western minded Freemasons. Obviously Russia was not in the grips of the puppets of the Antichrist and thus was literally demolished rather than “reformatted”.

    Thus, what was it, that needed consecrating? I suggest you read the hymns of the service of 13th September – the consecration of the Temple of the Resurrection in Jerusalem. There you may see the true significance of a consecration, rather one imposed one oneself not simply on another, i.e. how could anyone consecrate Russia if they themselves were not consecrated to the same cause or purpose.

    So perhaps the consecration of Russia was something much more complex that the simplistic view taken by many. Perhaps the prophecy of Fatima itself is as relevant to the Western world as it to Russia. Perhaps it was a warning to the West to seek Church unity with Russia and through that point the rest of the Eastern Orthodox world. Otherwise what more would the Pope of Rome have to gain in his time but the support and protection of a Christian empire from the hands of hellish freemasons.

    I guess time will give the Fatima prophesies the test of reality – not simply our human intellect.

  41. Fr. John August 26, 2008 @ 5:27 am

    George_ Thanks for the rational ‘in situ’ analysis. I concur for the most part.

    ‘Fr.’ George- I also concur, ‘Christ is the head of THE Church.’
    I merely deny you (as a romanist) to BE that Church. As have numerous councils, patriarchs, synods, and laymen.

    Lastly, yes Freemasonry has worked its’ evil. As has the ‘smoke of Satan’ (and here I am quoting a Pope, Fr. George!) in the Congregation of Rome.

    As I have tried to point out, whether you understand the filioque or not, it STILL is IN the Nicene Creed of the West, and its’ philosophical ramifications are STILL being put forward as ‘gospel.’ That, in itself, is condemnatory enough.

    But ‘Fr.’ George acts as though I am alone in this POV. He forgets what Chesterton (I believe) calls the ‘tyranny of the majority’- those modern voices that seemingly outnumber the one lone voice- but he forgets the Church Triumphant- those multitudes that ‘no man can number,’ of whom I merely state their voiced opinion!

    Here’s one, I have mentioned before.

    “The Saint said, “They [the Patriarchs of Constantinople and Alexandria and all the other heretical bishops of the East] have been deposed and deprived of the priesthood at the local synod which took place recently in Rome. What Mysteries, then, can they perform? Or what spirit will descend upon those who are ordained by them?”

    “Then you alone will be saved, and all others will perish?” they objected.

    To this the Saint replied, “When all the people in Babylon were worshipping the golden idol, the Three Holy Children did not condemn anyone to perdition. They did not concern themselves with the doings of others, but took care only for themselves, lest they should fall away from true piety. In precisely the same way, when Daniel was cast into the lion’s den, he did not condemn any of those who, fulfilling the law of Darius, did not wish to pray to God, but he kept in mind his own duty, and desired rather to die than to sin against his conscience by transgressing the Law of God. God forbid that I should condemn anyone or say that I alone am being saved! However, I shall sooner agree to die than to apostatize in any way from the true Faith and thereby suffer torments of conscience.”

    “But what will you do,” inquired the envoys, “when the Romans are united to the Byzantines? Yesterday, indeed, two delegates arrived from Rome and tomorrow, the Lord’s day, they will communicate the Holy Mysteries with the Patriarch. ”

    The Saint replied, “Even if the whole universe holds communion with the Patriarch, I will not communicate with him. For I know from the writings of the holy Apostle Paul: the Holy Spirit declares that even the angels would be anathema if they should begin to preach another Gospel, introducing some new teaching.” (end paste)

    As has been said: “We seek and we pray for our return to that time when, being united, we spoke the same things and there was no schism between us.” – St. Mark of Ephesus – The Pillar of Orthodoxy

    and again:
    “The Symbol of the Faith must be preserved inviolate, as at its origin. Since all the holy doctors of the Church, all the Councils and all the Scriptures put us on our guard against heterodoxy, how dare I, in spite of these authorities, follow those who urge us to unity in a deceitful semblance of union—those who have corrupted the holy and divine Symbol of Faith and brought in the Son as second cause of the Holy Spirit” – St. Mark of Ephesus – The Pillar of Orthodoxy

    Do we who call ourselves Orthodox (either WR or ER) so quickly forget that Rome is the ‘mother of all heresies’? As one has so piquantly stated: “The Orthodox Church is evangelical, but not Protestant. It is orthodox, but not Jewish. It is catholic, but not Roman. It isn’t non-denominational- it is pre-denominational.”

    As for the filioque, this statement puts it all into perspective, borrowing from the Anglicans its’ unique wording:

    “The filioque is the outward, efficacious, and visible symbol of an inward and metaphysical depravity.” – Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

    Amen, and amen.

  42. Lynda August 26, 2008 @ 4:06 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph (Aug 25),

    Thank you for your gracious offer in your charity. As you know, I am a Roman Catholic in communion with the true papacy Pope Gregory XVII and his Successors.

    In our Consecration to Jesus through Mary, Our Lady asks us to pray for the intentions of her Immaculate Heart – the Holy Father, especially as we know that he is in exile and that his foes everywhere in the ascendent seek his life; for Russia (always Russia first) and then the other nations: Spain, Portugal, Europe etc and the whole world. (As an aside, I do think Russia is first for the reasons Solzhenitsyn has stated – because upon the people of Russia, the hammer stroke of the Revolution was to fall the hardest). And, of course, the consecration of Russia and the Triumph of her Heart in the restoration, freedom and exaltation of Holy Church.

    In your charity I thank you for your mass on my behalf for the intentions of the Immaculate.

    As for my personal intentions, Our Lady has asked that those who take refuge in her Heart simply leave all those concerns with her – even the concern we all have for final perseverance in the faith for ourselves and those who are dear. She will see to all these matters with Our Lord who can do above all we can ask or think.

    This is the power of the union of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts at this time – the most wicked and depraved in the history of the world. And this is my lived experience. May it be yours also in the peace of Christ, for in truth, I think there is no greater blessing at this time than the hidden and humble life of devotion and fidelity to Our Lord, who extends the blessing of such lives to rule the ends of many – maybe even the whole world.

    In Christo,


  43. Lynda August 26, 2008 @ 4:42 pm

    Dear Piers,

    Your posts Aug 25.

    I think most who are reading and writing here are completely aware of the infiltration of the Church both East and West by those who committed themselves to work ruin from within.

    The Hidden Stream is known by many names and left many signatures under Christian blinds. Decoding this Illuminism is not too difficult, and it is of great interest here. I would find your comments on the Illuminist symbolism acknowledged clearly as Illuminist symbolism to be of great interest.

    It is the unacknowledged ‘layers’ and figures and blinds that are at issue. A good example of this is your Kabbalistic statement: “The currency of our Father is consciousness and the growth thereof.”

    While this is an excellent summary of the pathway from Keter to Malakut, I seriously doubt that you will be permitted to expound the First Principles (and figurative layers) of rabbinic gnosis here in opposition to the faith.

    Also, this business about Jesus “attained his final bestowal / anointing / Christhood at the age of 29 years, as yet a mortal man.”

    AS YET A MORTAL MAN!!! What is this pil pul?! Does not belong on this website. Our Lord was not subject to mortality in his human nature except by his own free choice. He was anointed before the foundation of the world in his Divinity. He took upon himself a human nature and was made man. He laid down his life in a death he freely accepted – for the sins of the world. There is no ‘as yet a mortal man’ about it.

    Those who are illumined by the Christic True Light from True Light, True God from True God, begotten and not created of one Being with the Father do not need to be instructed by you in these sententious and patronizing terms.

  44. Lynda August 26, 2008 @ 6:07 pm

    Dear Fr John,

    Your Orthodox brother, George is truly one of the shining lights on RJN blogroll. His comments and insights into Br Nathanael’s reports and the issues of faith attending to them, edify everyone, yes, even the pagans and papists with whom he is, of course, in disagreement on the Filioque and ecclesiastical primacy.

    This is both understood and respected.

    Roman Catholics who understand the faith are not arguing with you on the subject of the Filioque and especially not that it should be binding on the Christian East.

    The Latin Council, Ferrera – Florence 1438-1445 recognized the Nicene Constantinopolitan Symbol and does not bind the Filioque upon the Christian East. It also recognized the Quicumque vult or ‘Athanasian’ Symbol ( circa500 A.D) as defended by no less a theologian than St. Maximos the Cofessor venerated by both the Christian East and West as the Theologian and martyred at Constantinople 662 A.D. His feast day on our calendar was August 13.

    St Maximos explains the Filioque of the Latin West differently to St Mark of Ephesus, whom you have cited; explains that in the Filioque the Latin West does not confess the Son as a second cause of the Holy Spirit.

    Where saints whom both Traditions venerate have seen this issue differently, how can it be settled on a blog thread with simplistic and academic arguments?

    George’s point is both pastoral and theological. And he returns us to the real battle of today with which this website is fundamentally concerned.

    And Br Nathanael has not censured you. He has thanked you for your fidelity to the Orthodox position. But, like a good general, he just does not want us to get side-tracked.

  45. Piers August 26, 2008 @ 9:32 pm

    Dear Lynda,

    It is the unacknowledged ‘layers’ and figures and blinds that are at issue. A good example of this is your Kabbalistic statement: “The currency of our Father is consciousness and the growth thereof.”

    What is the nature of Almighty God? What is the purpose of this planet? What is the only thing a man enters this earthly realm with, spends his entire life divining and expanding, and what is the only treasure which he takes with him when he passes on? Is this not obvious?

    You decry the concept of “layers.” Did not Jesus say “Men see the rustling of the leaves but not the wind which moves them?”

    Without that most basic of concepts, you will fail to understand one of the bible codes. Here, I will help you further: think multi-dimensionally.

    While this is an excellent summary of the pathway from Keter to Malakut, I seriously doubt that you will be permitted to expound the First Principles (and figurative layers) of rabbinic gnosis here in opposition to the faith.

    Let the kabbalah speak for itself (for I have surely never had need to read it, unlike you, apparently), and let Brother Nathanael speak for himself. And please speak only for yourself, as I do for myself. Your references mean nothing to me, for I have sought my knowledge organically and in application. That is my path. And I have done so precisely to separate the wheat from the chaff, the manna from dross, and the child from the priest.

    Also, this business about Jesus “attained his final bestowal / anointing / Christhood at the age of 29 years, as yet a mortal man.”

    AS YET A MORTAL MAN!!! What is this pil pul?! Does not belong on this website. Our Lord was not subject to mortality in his human nature except by his own free choice. He was anointed before the foundation of the world in his Divinity. He took upon himself a human nature and was made man. He laid down his life in a death he freely accepted – for the sins of the world. There is no ‘as yet a mortal man’ about it.

    Either you know, or you don’t. Pilpulism is entirely extraneous, if you truly knew what it means, which you clearly don’t. If you wish to live in blind faith, then surely you are blessed, child, for as the Christ hath said, “Blessed is he who has not seen yet has believed…” This is entirely true. For he shall inherit the Kingdom of God. (His life shall be preserved). So be it (amen). There is nothing at all wrong with that attitude. All the same, some of us have been around the block a few times, know this intrinsically, and thus more is expected of us.

    Now I ask you, just how many Creator Sons of God can a universe have? First came Lucifer, who sinned and was deposed, yet in the infinite mercy of God Almighty, was given a probation, a purgatory. This is a planet, and a universe of rebellion, against God Almighty. If our Father, in His final earthly bestowal had been fully anointed, then why did He take 30 years to begin His ministry? Why not at 12 when he became a man in the local tradition, or 18? If upon Mt. Hermon, seeking seclusion from people in order to be alone to commune with His Father, He was already the supreme King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Master of Masters, what could Satan possibly offer Him to entice Him from His Father’s Will, He being One with the Father? How could Satan offer Him all the mammon of the world and the golden calf, when the One already owns the entire universe? Is it not written, that Jesus went into the desert to face his tribulation? Alas, another mistranslation, the original koine Greek reads “test.” That was the very test.

    No, my dear, you do Jesus Christ a terrible disservice: though he was born blessed without the common burden of the veil of tears and the imbalance of personality, still His Father wished His avatar creature to fulfil this allotted task. That was the test, given the disappointment of Lucifer’s betrayal. It was a test of loyalty and faith. And thus, yet again, a lesson to us all.

    Can you not see how foolish you are? Can you not see that your ego, your judgement, your prejudice, and your overweening reliance on the regurgitations of mortal men binds you in stone and blots your love? Hath not the Christ said: My Father’s Laws (Word/Logos/Consciousness) are not written in stone, but in the hearts of men? Can you not understand this most pure and sublime of statements? And if you had been properly instructed by your teachers, can you not explain it simply for the unwashed, that they may follow in the footsteps of the exalted Nazarene? Can you not fathom what a remarkable, miraculous attainment it was, in that age when the vibration of the earth was ever much baser than today owing to the lurking presence of Lucifer and Satan of the Rebellion, what a sublime, astonishing achievement it was? And remains to this day.

    It is a terrible thing, isn’t it? To see one’s church (ideology/theology/theocracy) rotted from within. And if there was First Rot, it came from not abiding in the Laws of Christ. Therein lay the original sins: inculcating precious generations of children in catechism and hectoring them to human obeisance, instead of teaching them to commune with Christ, to which at their tender age they were naturally attuned. Parsing like rabbis over doctored texts, copied by Idumean Pharisees/scribes and causing endless fatuous schisms against fellow brothers in Christ, anointing earthly kings in power sharing agreements, being centralized in power and therefore eminently corruptible, and running contrary to the wishes of God, who desires not mindless regurgitating slaves, but genuine co-creators. If the smoke of Satan could flush out the churches, it was because no one thought to open a window. Running water runs clear, stagnant pools go putrid. Rail against me all you like, or against the laws of nature, or against the laws of Christ, for I only strive to understand and abide in them. But you shall change nothing that IS. Yes, the eternal anti-Christ Jew did his schtick, but a healthy body has an immune system. And it does work, or so I’ve heard….

  46. Lynda August 26, 2008 @ 9:53 pm


    I have read stuff like this many times before.

    More Kabbalism and Gnosis from you:
    Lucifer was “a Creator Son of God”
    Lucifer was “given a probation”

    Our Lord was “an Avatar creature”

    Yes, Piers, either you know or you don’t. And clearly you don’t. In your overweening reliance on the diarrhoea of the unregenerate mind – the pilpul is all.

  47. Fr. Joseph August 27, 2008 @ 12:06 pm

    To all of my ORTHODOX brothers and sisters in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic CHURCH, let me ask of all of you a question.

    Admittedly, I do NOT know of the names of the ORTHODOX Metropolitans of either the Russian or Greek Orthdox Churches here in the United States of America. All of you DO.

    Now then, if President Bush and his Chief of Homeland Security here in the USA, one MR. CHERTOFF simply took it upon themselves to DESPOSE of your current Orthodox Church Metropolitans and to promote and ‘ordain’ MR. CHERTOFF as the Orthodox Patriarche over ALL of the Orthodox Churches here in the United States of America, would any or all of you SUPPORT such an action by the reigning civic/secular Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America?

    Well, then consider this:

    “Within a couple of generations, in 858, a new situation came to pass. The BYZANTINE EMPEROR Michael III REMOVED Bishop Ignatius as PATRIARCH OF CONSTANTINOPLE. The Emperor replaced him with a layman, Photius, who was the FIRST IMPERIAL SECRETARY & IMPERIAL AMABASSADOR to Baghdad. However, Ignatius refused to abdicate. (Emperor) Michael and Photius asked POPE NICHOLAS I OF ROME to settle this matter…

    …THE BISHOP OR ROME supported IGNATIUS as LEGITIMATE PATRIARCH.” – quoting from:

    Now then, could it be that so many current Orthodox who vehemently DENOUNCE the Bishop or Rome as well as the Western/Latin Church because the Bishop or Rome support the TRUE PATRIARCHE OF CONSTANTINOPLE!?

    Does a civic/secular LEADER of any nation, any state, any province, any ‘Empire’ be that the BYZANTINE Empire, the RUSSIAN Empire, the BRITISH Empire, the AMERICAN Empire have any real Divine Power or Authority to DEPOSE of any Patriarche, Metropolitan, Prelate, etc. of THE CHURCH??

    Did any one of the EMPERORS of the ROMAN Empire have any power to replace THEIR hand picked First Secretaries of State with either the Lord’s Twelve Apostles and/or any of the Fathers of the Church??

    Well then, did they and DO THEY have such civic/secular/empire POWERS to alter and rearrange Apostolic Succession???

    – Fr. Joseph

  48. Fr. Joseph August 27, 2008 @ 12:25 pm

    Let me ask all of you ORTHODOX brothers and sisters of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith yet another very simple question:

    Would it be a GREAT HONOR as well as a GREAT PRIVILEGED BLESSING for the Patriarches, Metropolitans, Clergy and Lay Faithful of the ORTHODOX CHURCH in Russia to be CONSECRATED to the Immaculate Heart of the Most Holy Theotokos – or would it be such a CURSE and a ‘defilement’ of the Russian people, the Russian nation as well as the Russian ORTHODOX Church?

    Did or did not the Most Holy Theotokos give you HER SON to all of you? Why on earth would any of you ORTHODOX refuse to accept His Mother with much joy and celebration as a ‘Spiritual Gift’ from THE BISHOPS of the Catholic-Western-Latin Church?

    Or is your individual and collective ‘love’ for PHOTIUS much greater, much stronger than your love for our Savior and Redeemer’s own beloved Mother?

    – Fr. Joseph

  49. Fr. Joseph August 27, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

    A passing (and continuing) thought of mine:

    To be sure, we in/of the Western-Latin Church have any number of Masons, Satanists, and Who-Knows-What-Else having infiltrated into our Ecclesiastical Hierarchy – all preventing the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Most Holy Theotokos.

    So now, IF Almighty God desires to bestow such DIVINE BLESSINGS upon the peoples of Russia and upon the Orthodox Faithful, why on earth don’t the members of the ORTHODOX HIEARCHY badger, demand of and publicly SCOLD the Western Church’s Hierarchy for the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God she herself instructed to be done at her 1917 AD Fatima, Portugal Apparitions and Messages?

    Aren’t BOTH the Catholic and Orthodox Hierarchy “guilty” and “at fault” at letting down the Mother of God?

    – Fr. Joseph

  50. George August 28, 2008 @ 12:44 am

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    Your example of the Ignatios/Photios situation is not isolated. You will see many such tragic examples of meddling in church affairs by the Byzantine emperor – even much more so by the Turkish Sultan.

    We must not forget that St Photios himself became a victim of the impiety of others. He ended up dying after a life of hardship and slander – and of course his virtues appear quite obvious to one who examines his life story. Perhaps one would say that he should have refused to accept the Patriarchal position. The fact is that he did accept it for reasons that he knew better than us today. The circumstances he lived in were quite perverse and in his period we see the beginning of a period of decline and decay on the political and moralistic arena of the Byzantine empire. A cascade of civil wars and pressures from external enemies then follow until the collapse of the empire in the 1400’s.

    Furthermore one can’t deny the fact that the times of St Photios was one of great confusion between East and West and Pope Nicholas doesn’t appear to have helped the situation in any way. The intervention of Pope Nicholas in Bulgaria did nothing but provoke the outrage of the St Photios. St Photios then made an issue of the Filioque in order to use this against Pope Nicholas etc. The story is quite a sad reflection of lack of Christian virtue and charity in those times.

    In regards to the consecration of Russia to the immaculate heart of Mary, why should the Pope of Rome have to give this blessing unilaterally? Why shouldn’t it have been a blessing which was performed in unisom with the Eastern Patriarchates? If the prophecies of Fatima were to be seen under this light, then one would have to regret the fact that the Great Apostasy was a consequence of the lack of the Christian life alive within the hearts of those who profess to be so. Only with the humility and contriteness of heart could have healed the Great Schism. I could be more bold in thus saying that this virtue is so lacking in today’s age. Christ himself warns us of the fact that in the last days mens hearts will wax cold. Even for those unfamiliar with the gospel there is no doubt that Mammon and his servants predominant today’s society.

    I also observe a strong reliance on academic knowledge in critiqueing the solutions of today. We must instead come to terms with the fact of what happened historically, the solution to which is not not a matter of rhetoric and human logic.

    Unless we lift up our hearts towards Christ, then the grace of Christ will not dominate our lives, and thus we will not resolve the issues that created Church disunity. Thus in vain do we say “let Your Kingdom come”. But I hope that the elect flock of Christ will come to terms with this sooner rather than later. Otherwise the more we resist the more painful it will become.

  51. Lynda August 28, 2008 @ 5:27 pm

    Dear George and Fr Joseph,

    The solution to the events of our time, I believe does lie in the realm of faith – not logic, logistics, technology or any of the present political ideologies or processes.

    I think you are right George, reliance on academic expertise to merely critique what has happened historically will not solve, resolve or build anything. It will certainly not prevent the Communist Revolution from coming to power in the new world order.

    Our knowledge of historical events reveals many things (once we add to that knowledge the history of the Jews and the agendas / actions of the secret societies). Not least that the liberal ideals (liberty, equality, fraternatie) upon which the Western Repubics were founded are merely instruments in the hands of the Money Power to destroy the Christian polity that a new order may arise from the chaos (ordo ab chao). That order will of course be ruled by the Jews who wield the Money Power. Further to this, all the ideologies that inform the public education of these Republics – materialism, naturalism, Darwinism, Social Darwinism, feminism, communism etc are so many lies propagandized to demoralise the serfs.

    If ever there was a younger son setting in the crap heap of a pig yard – it is the populations of the Western nations.

    Academic understanding can at least give us a clear view of the pig yard and how we got here. The road out, however, does not lie in these areas, it is “not a matter of rhetoric and human logic.”

    America and the once Catholic nations of the West which were overthrown and refounded as Masonic Republics all comprise populations with a Christian history. The repudiation of that faith has enabled the Masonic Revolution now in its Communist convergance to succeed.

    Clearly this is why Our Lord sought the conversion of these nations before the Revolution. To see Fatima in its correct perspective, you must look at the revelations of the Sacred Heart to St Margaret Mary Alocoque 1647-1690 – this is a century before the Masonic Revolution in France 1789.

    In this Revelation, the Sacred Heart communicated to St Margaret Mary that he desired the French King to have France consecrated to his Sacred Heart for the conversion of France.

    Please notice this: THE CONVERSION OF FRANCE.

    But France was a Catholic nation. What can he mean ‘the conversion of France.’

    Well, now we see clearly there is a difference between a nation that has a high Christian civilization, political life, culture etc and the absolute necessity of that critical mass of persons within that nation who are converted to Christ.

    Your comment, George upon this issue to which the Sacred Heart refers, is the key to all it: “lack of Christian life alive within the hearts of those who profess to be so.” This is the issue.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ in his Kingship is known by that name in the West – the Sacred Heart. In his foreknowledge he saw the triumphs of the Kingdom of Mammon through their Revolution unleased in France 1879, culminating in Russia 1917 and now sweeping the world. He saw the one thing needed to stop it and he determined to give the necessary graces for that one thing in the consecration of France to his Sacred Heart: Faith.

    And it will be argued, but France had the Christian faith. And yes, nationally and culturally it did. But, if in 1789, France lacked that critical mass, that essential mass of truly converted, fervent souls who were completely devoted to Our Lord and to no one and nothing else, then France would fall. France was the eldest daughter of Holy Church, but when the test came – France fell to the Revolution.

    The French King had declined to have France consecrated to the Sacred Heart.

    He probably took refuge in worldly thinking, he saw the strength of the Church in all areas of social life, a high Christian civilization at the height of its military power, intellectual achievement and cultural brilliance. Such a request from the Sacred Heart may well have been deemed by the King and his successors as a merely optional adornment for the Eldest Daughter of Holy Church. Instead it was the ONE THING necessary. In the Divine Economy, it may well have been the ONLY THING.

    Through that consecration, Our Lord desired to give to that Christian nation the special graces to bring that nation as a nation to the level of conversion needed to defeat the Revolution at its inception; the unique graces needed to form and strengthen that most elect group of souls who would turn the tide that was to sweep over the world.

    As 33rd Degree Mason and co-founder of the Palladian Rite, Albert Pike wrote in Morals and Dogma (1871: 823-24) “Cagliostro was the Agent of the Templars and therefore wrote to the Free Masons of London that the time had come to begin the work of rebuilding the Temple of the Eternal…A lodge inaugurated under the auspices of Rousseau, fthe fanatic of Geneva, became the center of the revolutionary movement in France…The secret movers of the French Revolution had sworn to overturn the Throne and the Altar upon the Tomb of Jacques de Molay. When Louis XVI was executed, half the work was done’ and thenceforward, the Army of the Temple was to direct all its efforts against the Pope.”

  52. Lynda August 28, 2008 @ 7:03 pm

    Dear George and Fr Joseph,

    George has written: “In regards to the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, why should the pope of Rome give this blessing unilaterally?”…”Why shouldn’t it have been a blessing which was performed in unison with the Eastern Patriarchates?”

    Before we knew the extent of the infiltration of the secret societies in the Patriarchate of the West and the Eastern Patriarchates, this question would not have been possible. Now it is possible to look at this question in a clear light.

    We are all familiar with conventional Catholic thinking on this subject as promoted by the novus ordo. This thinking fails to see all the Masons who infiltrated the Catholic Church in the West. They became bishops. They secretly held and propagated the Masonic errors condemned by the Syllabus of Errors. They worked within for the destruction of the Church. They incurred the latae sententiae (automatic excommunication) under the Syllabus and under the Oath Against Modernism required of all clergy by Pope St Pius X – Sacrorum Antitistitum. For decades they were climbing into the hierarchy, into sacred Colleges, into the Consistitory. And finally they had the numbers in the Conclave.

    At Fatima (1917), Our Lady told the little seer Lucia dos Santos that she would come to ask for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. This was to be a solemn, public and collegial consecration of the pope and all the bishops.

    But now we see (in some measure) the Roman Catholic hierarchy as Our Lord would have seen it in the reigns of Popes Benedict XV, Pius XI. Many of ‘the bishops’ were in fact under the Anathemas of Trent, Pius IX and Pope St Pius XII. They were under latiae sententiae. And they were secretly foresworn of Antitistitum Sacrorum. Their orders were invalid because they were in truth outside the Church.

    Would it have been possible for such as these to have validly participated in the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? Hardly. But the Church at that time did not know this. The Secret Foes of the Church working ruin from within, would not be publicly, manifestly and in fact (against which there is no argument) be foresworn of Sacrorum Antistitum until the Vatican II Council. They would not be revealed in their true colours until then.

    Then (and only if you knew the magisterium) would it be possible to discern that these bishops, cardinals etc are in fact outside the Church. They have no authority.

    But before John XXIII who succeeded in the 1958 Coup, the Catholic laiety working to have Russia consecrated could not have known this. The clergy and bishops faithful to Our Lady’s prophecy working to have the Holy Father together with all the bishops perform the consecration could not have known this.

    However, what they did discover through their efforts was the resistance of the Modernists and Traitors and Marranos within the hierarchy to the consecration. And of course all their efforts were sabotaged from within.

    Then, in 1958 the Coup within the Conclave, then the Vatican II Council. Within the Catholic Church began the divisions of the Great Apostasy which according to Cardinals Ciappi and Ottaviani (who had read the unpublished Third Secret of Fatima) would begin “at the Top.” The Third Secret is about the Great Apostasy and that it would begin “at the Top.” Before Pius XII it was operative in secret – preventing the fulfillment of Our Lady’s request; after the Council, it was all hung out to dry for those who know what the Church actually teaches in the ordinary, constant magisterium.

    So now, George’s question can be appreciated in what could well be the true and correct light of Our Lady’s intention. “Why shouldn’t the consecration have been a blessing performed in unison with the Eastern Patriarchates?”

    Why not indeed?! It certainly could not have been performed with invalid, Modernist and Masonic bishops before Vatican Council II.

    After the Council, the Pope is hostage and the Cardinals have gone with the anti-pope, the auto-demolition of the Church begins under the auspices of Masonry. The faithful bishops in the West are few and far between and most are opposing the errors of the anti-papacy within the Church, not seeking the true hierarchy.

    In the unfolding of Our Lady’s Third Secret, what reigns is ‘diabolical disorientation’ to use Sr Lucia’s phrase. It was not until Fr Peter Khoat van Tran obtained an audience with ‘Cardinal’ Siri in 1988 that the truth was known by witnesses. And those witnesses would still have to fight misunderstanding, subversion, opposition and all the tricks of the enemy to get that message out.

    However, it was the Fatima prophecies, working mysteriously to reveal to those witnesses, that the one who was known publicly as Cardinal Siri was in truth the hostage pope of the 20th century. When Fr Khoat asked him if he was the pope, he denied it. And he explained this denial: ‘they (his captors) can kill me at any time.’

    There was no way through this defense and this denial of Peter until Fr. Khoat confronted him with the truth: “if you had done the consecration of Russia, my bishop would not have been killed.” His Holiness could deny that he was the pope to save his life; but he would not offend the Immaculate Heart and deny the truth of what happened because the consecration of Russia had not been done. And in so doing he revealed the unique burden that he carried for that consecration. But then, who carries that unique burden for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart? The pope. He revealed that he, himself, carried the unique burden of that consecration. He had to admit through tears: “You know.”

    Now, we know, because of the heroic efforts of Fr Peter Khoat van Tran and others.

    So, from whence comes “all the bishops” for the solemn, collegial consecration together with the Holy Father?

    The anti-papacy and the modernist bishops busy with promoting the Noachide Laws and purging what remains of the Catholic Faith from the novus ordo can not possibly fulfull Our Lady’s request. Although they might decide to stage a bogus consecration, just as they staged a bogus revelation of Our Lady’s Third Secret in 2000.

    Only the Holy Father in exile and unknown can fulfill Our Lady’s request – if the bishops who have true faith seek him out.

    These priests and bishops will know who they are because Our Lady will tell them. They and no others are desired by Heaven to defeat the Revolution for the reign of Mammon and to usher in the Triumph of Her Heart.

    Could some be from the Eastern Patriarchates among the bishops who are resisting the ecumenism of the anti-papacy the overhaul of their Apostolic inheritance?

    Let us dare to hope – YES. Because all the bishops together, confirmed in faith and in communion with the Holy Father would heal the Schism and restore the Church.

    Also, the theological discussions preceding the consecration would be purged of cryptos and Masons in episcopal garb. All the opposition to the faith is uniting itself to the anti-papacy. So such discussions would have every natural hope of success and for the desire of the Sacred Heart and the intentions of the Immaculate could be crowned in charity and in all graces needed for sanctification in the truth. It would be a new Pentecost.

    The one certainty is that: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will Triumph; the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me.”

  53. Fr. Joseph August 29, 2008 @ 7:32 am

    Dear George,

    Regarding ‘History’, whether dealing with the secular, geo-political aspirations of any parties in the past, I value considering it on account of our Blessed Creator’s “Cause and Effect” Principle He has woven into this side of His seen Creation. He has Divine Ordained this ‘Cause and Effect’ Principle into this side of our seen Creation so as to make effacious human beings’ use of their FREE WILL in a free manner.

    And by our individual and collective choices and course(s) of actions, the Proverb “What a man sows, so shall he reap.” has meaning, has substance, has “teeth” so to speak.

    Hence, all manner of History, whether of a secular nature or of a religious nature, can provide all of us a treasure chest of knowledge by our examination of the EFFECTS that certain human CAUSES have brought down upon us ‘later generations’ as our ‘Inheritance’ by/from PREVIOUS generations!

    Mistakes and errors have been, are and will continue to be made by people the world over on account of the fact that Almighty God HAS given each and every one of us a ‘Free Will’.

    The Mistakes/Errors of THE PAST in no way, manner, shape or form give those of us currently living here on the Planet Earth of His Creating any ‘Excuse’ to adhere to the Mistakes/Errors of previous generations nor does it give us an ‘Excuse’ to simply allow the EFFECTS of prior generation’s mistakes and errors to go on and on and on.

    We have a moral, ethical and spiritual responsibility TO FIX/REPAIR the ill effects of both simply errors in prior generation’s judgements/actions AS WELL AS to CONFRONT and DEFEAT the choices for ‘evil’ imposed on peoples of our world.

    Now I’ve tried to something(s) about many ‘errors/evils’ committed by individuals both in the secular world as well as in His Church, but I’m ONLY a man with finite abilities, talents and resources.

    The current situation in/with our ‘World’ and in/with HIS Church here on earth is so thoroughly fouled up by an ever increasing pile of bad decisions or on account of NO decisions-actions that our very existance and future well being (both in the natural realm and Spiritual Realm) that we are all being literally and spiritual “buried alive” in a horrendous global natural and spiritual ‘Pit’, that is HAS TO take the Actions and Activity of our God Himself to save us all.

    One last and ONLY hope left to us now is simply THE BISHOPS of His Church recognizing what their DISOBEDIENCE to the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church has wrought upon all of us ‘in the Church’ and ‘in the World’ – and to preform the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary per her 1917 AD Instructions/Request.

    More about this a wee bit later. I need to ‘take a break’ – just got home from work and am a bit tired, etc.

    – Fr. Joseph

  54. Fr. Joseph August 29, 2008 @ 8:39 am

    Dear George,

    Ahh…that’s better. A cup of coffee, a wee bit of a rest in which to take the time to think over how best to continue this reply of mine to you – as one spiritual brother of God the Father to another.

    It is best that I am utterly candid and ‘transparent’ to you for the sake of relaying the following information/reply to you with respect to the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Most Holy Theotokos. In that way, with me ‘laying out all of my cards on the table’ for your review, study and contemplative-prayerful consideration, I pose to obstacles to the Grace of God the Holy Spirit working on/with/in you.

    First off, I was born, baptized and raised in the Catholic Church – ROMAN Rite. And I’m quite certain you are aware that there are various OTHER Rites of the Catholic Church – Byzantine, Melkite, etc.

    The Lord called me to a deeper conversion and consecration to His Service many years ago by my entering into and religous profession into the Lay Order of Carmelites.

    I’m certain you are well versed in the life and times of Father St. Elijah who happens to the the Patron Saint of the Carmelite Order. The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Most Holy Theotokos, is also the co-Patron of the Carmelite Order.

    While as a novice Lay Carmelite, was granted the Divine Grace of actually witnessing THE LORD HIMSELF ascend up the Altar to unite Himself with the (Roman Rite) Catholic Priest at the Words and Moment of the Consecration of the bread and wine into His Body and Blood at a NOVUS ORDO Mass, and I tell you that on account on of the fact that it is THE LORD Who is ever faithful in NOT abandoning His FLOCK of the Lay Faithful despite whatever the non-sense Masons, Satanists, Modernists, etc. in the Catholic Church’s Hierarchy attempt to do in order to keep THE LORD away from and apart from His Bride, the Church! The Lord is ever faithful to every last member, great and small, of His Church!

    Years later, THE LORD visited me ‘in Spirit’ here in my home persenting to me the Offer of being ordained into the Church’s Priesthood. And with much Divine Grace encouraging me to ‘accept’ – I accepted.

    I was ordained by one Metropolitan Archbishop Athanasius of the Western Rite Orthodox Catholic Church. I’m sure you are aware of the Apostolic journeys of one St. Tikhon who became the PATRIARCHE OF MOSCOW.

    My Metropolitan Archbishop showed me his espiscopal lineage as going back to the BISHOP OF MOSCOW many, many years ago.

    Now with all of that having been said, let me continue on with this Collegial Consecraton of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of the Most Holy Theotokos per her 1917 AD Fatima, Portugal Apparitions and Messages to the Church and entire World.

    Our contemporary times are very much akin to the times of Father St. Elijah. We have HORDES upon HORDES of ‘false prophets’ using the Church’s Canon of Sacred Scripture to promote and advance every manner of ‘bible-MISinterpretation LUNACY’!

    We have the Swaggarts, the Hagees, the Van Impes, the Robertsons, the Bakers, etc. using OUR Church’s Canon of Sacred Scripture to promote such HERESIES such as ‘Dispensationalism’ and ‘The Rapture’ and ‘Zionist Israel FIRST, No Matter How It Blasphemes God and His Christ’s Commandments and Teachings’!

    And on TOP of that, we have every manner of ‘New Age’ Gnosticism and every manner of ‘Kabbalah-Occult’ belief, doctrine, dogma and spiritual practice shoved down the throats of millions of unsuspecting, naive and ignorant human souls created in the Image and Likeness of God Himself for whom the Only Begotten Son of God JESUS, The Christ, died for upon His Cross.

    The Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA was to be and STILL IS meant to be a kinda/sorta Spiritual-Religious REPLAY of the Contest-Sacrifice God called Father St. Elijah to preform before IN PUBLIC and with GREAT SOLEMNITY before all of the gathered masses of people ALONG WITH their contemporary ‘false prophets’ and ‘false teachers’. I refer you to a reading of 1 Kings 18:20-40.

    Now then, could not the Orthodox Patriarches, Metropolitans and Bishops of any and ALL of the Eastern Orthodox Churches PARTICIPATE in this Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA led by the Patriarche of the West?


    But from what kind of reply and response I received from one Fr. John of the Holy Orthodox Faith calling what I had to share and contribute from the Western Church “DUNG”

  55. Fr. Joseph August 29, 2008 @ 8:52 am

    …ooppsss…hit a wrong key…continuing..

    …”DUNG”, I would venture to say that the vast majority of the Orthodox Hierarchy would simply fling the word “DUNG” into the face of the Bishop or Rome as well.

    I would venture to say THE REASON why the Mother of the Church came to the WESTERN Church requesting the Bishops of the WESTERN CHURCH to preform the Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculate Heart was on account of the vast SOCIAL and CIVIC chaos which was running amok within the Russian nation at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution. Kind of hard getting Russian ORTHODOX Christians and their Patriarches, Metropolitans and Bishops INTO their respective Cathedrals and parish Church in order to CO-OPERATE with the Mother of God’s Collegial Consecration Request WHILE you are having your Cathedrals and Churchs torn down, plundered and millions of Orthodox Christians getting KILLED OFF in a Civil War/Revolution, etc.

    Those of HEAVEN aren’t “ignorant” of the problems, limitations, obstacles and dilemmas we here of the Church Militant ON EARTH have to wallow through and, at time, be ‘drowned’ in.

    “Am I my brother’s keeper?”, Cain asked of God Himself.

    God’s FAMILY in Heaven and the Heavenly Family’s MOTHER desired very much TO HELP all of you spiritual children of God the Father’s FAMILY of the Eastern Church.

    And God the Father and the Mother of the Church simply ASKED your brothers and sisters of the WESTERN Church to come to your aid and assistance, lending onto all of you of the EASTERN Church God’s Own SUPERNATURAL Divine Mercies, Divine Assistance and Divine Protection.

    George, I’m just a Priest in the Monastic Brotherhood – that’s all I am. I’m NOT a Patriarche, Metropolitan, Bishop or anything else.

    I’m just your spiritual brother from ‘the ohther side of the tracks’ who has tried and still am trying TO HELP my Spiritual Family – THE CHURCH, those of you in THE EAST!

    – Fr. Joseph
    Archimandrite – Nazareth Hermitage

  56. George August 29, 2008 @ 8:21 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    If we are to assume that the vision you saw over the Novus Ordo mass is a sign of God’s approval of the Great Apostasy and its Prophets then think a little harder. All I can suggest it may be a sign of God’s mercy to those who have a clear and innocent conscience.

    For example there are many undisputable miracles occurring in Greece and Cyprus over the last century which have vindicated the anti-ecumenist Orthodox known as the “Old-calendarists”. Yet at the same time we see many undisputable miracles happening according to the Gregorian Calendar within the Ecumenists. So does God have double standards? I dare not say but it again takes one with a clear mind and conscience in order to make sense of such matters.

    If the the three Wise-men could see where Christ was born, what blinded Herod or the Pharisees?

  57. Lynda August 29, 2008 @ 11:09 pm

    Dear George,

    I do not doubt that there are true, miraculous signs for the Old Calenderists, because you have Apostolic Tradition and are ‘holding fast’, attempting to save your fellow Orthodox from the disaster that is the ecumenism of the antipapcy.

    God helping you all, please continue.

    Benedict is a Destroyer. A very good forecast of what he is up to can be viewed at Mario Derksen’s Novus Ordo Watch: http://www.novus

    There are many supernatural signs and occurrences these days both in and out of the Church. And there will be more to come – particularly for the new pantheon of all gods – the ecumenical church of the NWO. This will ultimately be lead by the ‘Lamb-like Beast speaking as the Dragon’. The seat of this beast will be in Rome – the religious seat of the pantheon for the nonJews.

    Ven Anne Catherine Emmerich a prophet and stigmatist of the 19th century whose body remains incorrupt made many prophecies over ‘the Church of Darkness in Rome’ of the latter times. Of those devoted to Our Lord in the Conciliar Church, she said that they would be consoled by Him. Truly a sign of God’s mercy to those with a “clear and innocent conscience.” But that did not change her denunciations of the ‘Church of Darkness’ and its auto-demolition of the Catholic faith.

    Today it is said that Our Lady is appearing at Medjugorje and indeed many supernatural occurrences are taking place there – many conversions to the faith of the Conciliar Church.

    In many statements that the visionaries have reported, it is clear that the Lady they are seeing is an ecumenist and contradicts Catholic dogma on many points.

    Our Lord, however, prayed that “they be sanctifed in the truth.” Our Lady of Fatima spoke of the Great Apostacy – her Third Secret (according to Cardinals Ciappi and Ottaviani, to be revealed by 1960 at the latest, and not published by the anti-papacy because it indicts them).

  58. Fr. Joseph August 31, 2008 @ 6:23 pm

    Dear George,

    I would say the reason why Herod and the Pharisees were blinded to the birth of Christ while the Three Wise Men were shown His Birth was on account of Herod and the Pharisees already considered themselves in possession of “salvation” and “redemption” (per their own standards and judgements).

    The Three Wise Men, however, didn’t see themselves as apart from the universal human condition and sought out any knowledge and wisdom, near or afar, which would provide the Answer to our human race’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional and material dilemma.

    “Ask, and you shall receive. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it will be opened to you.”

    God scours our planet earth for people who recognize their need and their neighbor’s need for Divine Help, Assistance and Mercy.

    How can God, Who has deemed mankind to have a Free Will and Who respects Mankind’s choices made with their individual and collective Free Will(s), expect self-sufficient human beings to respond to Him and His Teachings?

    That takes God Himself breaking into a person’s life with the Divine Graces of His Holy Spirit.

    The Collegial Consecration of Russia by the Bishops of His Church would be, in effect, a kinda/sorta mass “Chrismation” or a mass “Confirmation” of any number of individuals throughout our world – and in particular in and throughout Russia – thus bringing about a Spiritual ‘Metanoia’, as it is called in the Greek Church – a widespread repentence and rededication of millions, perhaps billions of people, in seeing to it they use their lives, their talents, their abilities and their resources in getting God’s Will done down here on earth as it is in Heaven.

    – Fr. Joseph

  59. Fr. Joseph August 31, 2008 @ 6:36 pm

    Dear George,

    Almost forgot to mention something about the Novus Ordo Mass…the second Eucharistic Prayer was inspired by and rough contemporary English translation of Hippolytus of Rome’s Eucharistic Prayer conducted in the ROMAN Church in the 2nd century. A tad bit earlier that the ancient Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

    And as an aside, in the Eastern Church, it is the PRIEST who leads and represents his people before the Throne of Almighty God.

    So year in and year out, throughout the Eastern Church, its Priests present to Almighty God ‘What HIS People Want’.

    From the PRAYER OF THE PEOPLE which begins the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, the Hiearchy and the Clergy of the Eastern Church pray and have prayed year in and year out since 1054:

    For the Peace of the whole world, for the stability of the Churches of God, AND FOR THE UNION OF THEM ALL, let us pray to the Lord. LORD HAVE MERCY.

    Does the Hiearchy and the Clergy of the Eastern Church really mean that prayer OF THE PEOPLE?

    Why are so many of the Eastern Orthodox Churches so vehemently opposed to accepting those of the Western Church?

    Don’t we both have the same Seven Sacraments? Don’t we both have the same Apostolic Creeds? Don’t we both offer up the Sacrifice of the Body and Blood in atonement for our sins?

    From my lowly point-of-view, all of these decisions to NOT form a united front against the rampant EVILS of our contemporary secularized world by BOTH the Apostolic Western and the Apostolic Eastern Churches is on account of those in the upper echelons of the respective Church’s Hierarchies fussin’ and fumin’ over TURF!

    And this ‘Turf’ we call Planet Earth just so happens to ENTIRELY belong to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit whether anyone here on planet earth likes THAT or not!

    – Fr. Joseph

  60. Fr. Joseph August 31, 2008 @ 6:51 pm

    Dear George,

    Sheeshhh…one final thought – about Miracles and Supernatural Manifestations.

    I’ll give you my lowly opinion about why God makes such things manifest amongst those of the Eastern and Western Churches regardless of their staunch Tradionalist leanings or their more moderate and flexible contemporaries.

    God’s Miracles are to inspire and effect A CHANGE in the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of individuals. In seeing the Real and Unseen God actually and really ‘At Work’ assists those whose faith or ability to grasp the Divine Realities of God Himself.

    Through His Miracles and Supernatural Manifestations (such as the Miracle of the Sun as witnessed and documented by 70,000 people in Fatima Portugal back in 1917 AD) it is God Who is showing the HE is ‘correct’ and not neccessarily the individuals’ upon whom He has bestowed such Divine Favors.

    God’s Generousity is not limited to or by our own particular finite and limited mindset(s).

    As THE LORD Himself said “Have I no right to do what I want with that which is Mine?”

    The Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Seplucher is God making Himself and His Divinity Manifest via the Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem.

    The Eucharistic Miracles whereby the bread and wine are really and truly turned into the actual Body and Blood of our Lord in the Western Latin Church down through the centuries and up to very recent times is God making His Divinity Manifest via the Catholic Hiearchy and her Priests.

    Who are we, whether we be His Beloved in the Lay Faithful or His servants to His People in the Clergy to go out of way at making, fostering and maintaining our man-made DIVISIONS of His Body, the Church, here on earth?

    – Fr. Joseph

  61. George September 1, 2008 @ 3:03 am

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    I am at loss with your prounity statements. Unity can only be of those who have a common faith and mind. The post Vatican II situation makes any possibility of union in Christ impossible – except for a union performed under the dictates of the Lodge. It is people of the mindset of this underground movement that created all these divisions and it is people of this mindset that now seek to reunify all the “church remnants”.

  62. Fr. Joseph September 2, 2008 @ 9:48 am

    Dear George,

    Unity can only be of those who have a common faith and mind.

    Well, who is to be the Arbitrator and the Judge of what constitutes this ‘common faith and mind’?

    Does unity constitute the Eastern Churches adopting the Western Church’s Tridentine Mass? Does unity constitute the Russian Church adopting the Malabar Rite of the Christian Church established by St. Thomas in India? Must all Christian Churches revert to Old Church Slavonic or Latin while Jesus Christ and His Apostles spoke Arameic?

    This ‘unity of Common Faith and mind’ can only be achieved by the workings of God the Holy Spirit in and amongst the people of any historical period of time.

    Now how on earth can THAT possibly happen in our day and age? By simply ACCEPTING the historical event we know in the Western and Eastern Church as PENTECOST, that Common Christian Faith was confirmed in the minds and hearts of thousands who all spoke DIFFERENT languages and came from DIFFERENT cultures altogether.

    So what will bring about this PENTECOST in our contemporary day and age, 2,000 years after the birth of the Lord’s ONE Apostolic Church?

    The Collegical Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of Mary – that Immaculate Heart which sustanined and kept warm the Christ Child directly below her heart in her womb.

    To be sure, the P2 Masons, the Satanists and Whoever-Knows-What-Else that have infiltrated into the Hierarchy ranks of the Vatican are PREVENTING the Bishop of Rome and Bishops in/throughout the Western Church from performing said Collegial Consecration.

    The Bishop of Rome has been reduced to a mere figure-head who does NOT control or guide the Western Latin Rite Church. It is the Vatican Secretary of State who really pulls the strings and controls/manages the Western Latin Rite Church.

    Yet, the Bishop of Rome IS the Bishop of Rome and STILL IS the Patriarch of the West as was St. Tikon the Patriarch of Moscow while the Soviets went about destroying, dismantling and infiltrating the Russian Orthodox Church.

    So with the resurgence of spiritual life in and throughout the Russian Orthodox Church, and to whateve degree throughout the Eastern Churches, would you and any other ORTHODOX Christians who might wind up reading this reply of mine to you do me an itsy-bitsy favor?

    Simply WRITE your Orthodox Metropolitans here in the USA or in Russia or anywhere else in our world, advising THEM that if the BISHOPS of the Church were to preform a Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Lord’s Mother’s Immaculate Heart IN UNION WITH the Bishop of Rome, her Son will use His Divine Powers to give/grant 6 billion human beings here on planet earth WORLD PEACE!

    Now the BISHOPS of the Eastern Orthdox Churches have valid Apostolic Succession and they have valid (in the Sight of God) episcopal powers.

    So if the many BISHOPS of the Western Church either REFUSE to comply with the Mother of the Church’s Fatima Instructions or if they HAVEN’T A CLUE as to what the Lord has required of them or they have incurred automatic excommunication on account of their Masonic/Satanic secret allegiances, ther is NOTHING stopping the Patriarches, the Metropolitans, the Bishops of the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES making preparations to perform that Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Once the PATRIARCHES of the Russian, Greek, Syrian, Coptic ORTHODOX Churches make such preparations and INFORM their Lay Faithful on what they are planning to do and what they want to do, then they can BY-PASS the Vatican Secretary of State and simply INVITE the Bishop of Rome “all by himself” TO JOIN IN and TO LEAD this Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of God Incarante, the Word of God, the Savior and Redeemer of the World, Who is CHRIST THE KING!

    There ya go – to all of you ORTHODOX Christians throughout our entire world – we ALL can still have ‘World Peace’ and AVERT this pending/upcoming Third World War over God’s created energy resources here on His planet earth.

    It looks to me as if it is going to take ORTHODOX Clergy and Laity to talk to their OWN Orthodox Patriarch and Metropolitans since – it appears to me – that NONE of you Orthodox Christians want to talk to, listen to or have anything to do with this Western Rite Christian!

    – Fr. Joseph

  63. George September 2, 2008 @ 3:14 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    If you really are so concerned about the fulfilment of the Prophecies of Fatima, then look no harder at the following websites:

    In particular I draw your careful attention to the Apparition of the Lady of Salette in the popeinred website.

    Also pay particular attention to the fact that Benedict has signed it the Noahide laws with the Talmudic Sanhedrin. See:

    Then realise that you follow the Beast of the Land: Revelation, Chapter 13.

    If this doesn’t convince you then I don’t think you will be convincing me or any healthy minded Orthodox to go into communion with someone who isn’t a true pope but rather a – Oh I better not say!

    I don’t intend on otherwise continuing this discussion is getting rather futile.

  64. Fr. Joseph September 3, 2008 @ 5:56 pm

    Dear George,

    Pope Leo XIII was informed that THE LORD had given Satan more power and a century’s worth of time with which to work at destroying the Church back in October, 1884.

    Our Lady of Akita, Japan, back in 1973 again confirmed satanic infiltrators into the Church were much at large.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary informed Fr. Stephano Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests that Ecclesiastical Masonry has spread throughout the Church.

    Now George, if THE LORD has permitted these things to take place in and with His Own Church here on earth, am I supposed to give up and roll over and not do my part in remaining FAITHFUL and do my part in trying to put up some sort of DEFENSE for His Church?

    How many heresies and conspiracies have been wrought against the Church since the word ‘Go!’ at Pentecost?

    Now the Lord led the Hebrews into the desert with His Own Divine Intentions to make provision for the Hebrews while in the desert.

    The large crowds that followed THE LORD into very isolated wilderness places were FED by the Lord and His 12 Apostles.

    So the LORD makes provision for these “trials” and taxing circumstances we are all allowed to be led into.

    So ‘Big Deal!’ the Masons and Satanists and Whoever-Knows-What-Else have been ALLOWED to bring about such as sad state in and with His Church…for the LORD has already given/granted us His Remedy and His Divine Provision in DEFEATING these enemies of His.

    The Collegical Consecration of Russia to His Mother’s Immaculate Heart.

    Now then, IF a thermonuclear war breaks out, lots and lots of Catholics, Orthodox, Jews, Masons, Satanists, New-Agers, etc. ARE going get killed off – no doubt about that. But who wins?

    Why, Satan does. For these millions upon millions incinerated in a thermonuclear war are brought forth before the Judgement Throne of God and are either permitted entry into Heaven, have to do some reperation time in Purgatory, or wind up spending eternity in Hell with Satan as their eternal ‘lord’.

    The human race loses. The Church gets destroyed and sent back into the dark ages, and God loses millions of souls which will not add to His Glory.

    If we don’t figure out a way, some way, ANY way to get the Collegical Consecration of Russia to His Mother’s Immaculate Heart, then the Human Race will lose, His Church will lose, God will lose.

    So okay, okay – you DON’T want to have to be in this Western-Latin Church which is so thoroughly fouled up on account of the Masons and Satanists, etc.

    But AT LEAST give me ‘a break’ and perhaps extend some small measure of COMPASSION to one of His who just so happens to be wallowing in and suffering UNDER all of these Masonic/Satanic assaults, okay?

    I’m trying to DO something for His Church here in the West and His Church in the East.

    Forgive me for thinking that the Orthodox Church would be WILLING to defeat the Lord’s many seen and unseen enemies in our day and age.

    “Warnings from Beyond to the Contemporary Church’ (Confessions of Hell) @

    All of this IS in the Public Domain. I’m NOT some sort of Mystic. I’m simply bringing to people’s minds that which IS already ‘given’ in the natural realm of our lives.

    We either DO something about it – or we go off to bury our heads in the sand, bethinking that by NOT getting involved that somehow God will view that choice of NOT attempting to DO something as ‘holy’ and ‘pious’.

    We ALL are in need of Supernatural Help. Our Supernatural God HAS GIVEN us His Divine Provision as to what NEEDS to be done, what NEEDS to get done.

    The Collegical Consecration of Russia to His Mother’s Immaculate Heart. Period.

    If the LATIN-WESTERN Church soaked through with Masons and Satanists will NOT do it, and if the EASTERN-ORTHODOX Church will not do it…well then, let’s get accustomed to a ThermoNuclear Third World War.

    – Fr. Joseph

  65. Fr. Joseph September 4, 2008 @ 10:16 am

    “These demands were strengthened as a result of revelations from the government archives about how THE K.G.B. INFILTRATED the Russian Orthodox Church…” – quoting

    “5th Chief Directorate…usually through the INFILTRATION OF THE K.G.B. agents into the (Russian Orthodox) Church hierarchy.”

    So it’s always, always, ALWAYS the big, mean, nasty, Masonic and Satanic infiltrated Catholiic Church which is always, always, always ‘The Bad Guy’.

    The 27,000+ Protestant ‘Bible-believing’ denominations all discount and disregard the Apostolic Teachings, go on and on calling the Catholic Church the ‘Whore of Babylon’ and the Bishop of Rome ‘The Antichrist’ while endlessly promoting their ‘Dispensationalism’ and ‘Rapture’ heresies, apostasies and myths on the one hand and the K.G.B. infiltration of the Russian and Eastern Orthodox Churches passes itself off as ‘Angelic and Heaven-sent’.

    So now, IF there is this SECRET league of real, true and authentic Church Hierarchs – they had BETTER make themselves visible and vocal REAL SOON and get on with the business of performing a PUBLIC and SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA so as the Appease the Anger and Wrath of Almighty God.

    – Fr. Joseph

  66. admin September 4, 2008 @ 10:54 am

    Dear Fr Joseph (& Orthodox Christian George) –

    Please note, that the files you pulled up dear Fr J are OLD files on the KGB vis a vis the Russian Orthodox Church.

    The Russian Orthodox Church is NOW quite open, and as the devout Church goer, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said above, “the Russian Church is still emerging from its knees.”

    I am a communicant of the Russian Orthodox Church and I DO NOT partake of Holy Communion from KGB agents but from pious shepherds.

    This will be the *end* of this thread. Please comply. +Brother Nathanael

  67. George September 4, 2008 @ 3:18 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    I dare say that the reliance on the revelations on demons is nothing but spiritual poverty. Don’t we have the Bible to read? Don’t we have the Church Fathers? Didn’t God give us a conscience? Or perhaps our sins have killed our conscience with human presumptions and therefore it no longer has a voice.

    I have read much of the demons’ revelations on the website link you provided. There is one thing that is obvious: The reason why Pope Paul VI was unable to do anything and was bound by his cardinals was more to do with what he was apart from a Pope. When someone is a freemason, as evidenced by his handshake with the Constantinople Patriarch Athenagoras, then what spiritual strength will he have to fight the enemies of the Church? If he has opened his gateways to the devil, then who else has the power to bind him up and stop him from performing according to his conscience?

    And if you look a bit more carefully at the website, there are many apparitions that appear to suggest that in 1978 the Vatican has been overcome by the Antichrist. So then what was John Paul II and what is today’s Benedict. One only needs to examine the idolatrous tendencies of both. Also one only has to examine the illuminati hand postures of Benedict ever apparent to realise this.

    Shall we say in the Second Coming: Lord, it was your demons, under Divine compulsion to tell the truth, that misled us into thinking Benedict was your select Vicar!

    Pardon my harsh words, but I can not be any more subtle.

  68. Slava Rodina June 5, 2009 @ 6:15 pm

    My favourite intellectual of this time. Better than the pro-marxists of the west or the “Liberal” style pro-Israel, pro-USA and anti-Russian.

    Better than the 68 styles of intellectuals, than the social-democratic type, pro-abortion, pro-gay and Holandizated.

    A real hero deserves those honours.

    A friend of Putin. A courage person, anti-communist, anti-jewish, without fear of the “hate crimes”.

    I like his views about West and foreign politics.

    He is HATED by the communists in the world, it sounds good.

    Vesnaja Pamiat!

  69. Eleanor August 14, 2009 @ 8:30 pm

    Sorry. Self-importance is our greatest enemy. Think about it – what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellowmen. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone.

    I am from Papua and now study English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: “Think about this nasdaq sp risk aversion relationship.”

    Thanks for the help 8), Eleanor.

  70. john shoemaker August 23, 2009 @ 11:59 pm

    So why did Alexander agree to withhold his Opus from US English readers?

    My opinion is to have more effect when released. In ‘00 he said it was being translated by a US son. This was when Sharon assaulted the rock-pile; entered the Dome of the Rock without taking his shoes off. Never been done. Why?

    The Israeli PM who shook hands with Arafat had agreed to turn over the rock-pile for protection to the UN in early ‘01. That PM wa killed by a Likud zealot. Arabs reacted stupidly as expected giving Israel excuse to —–.

    Solzhenitsyn likely knew that the 12 sons of Jacob/Israel are analogues of the 12 Greek gods of Psychology. Possibly he knew the human characteristic symbolled by Judah. Repentance. Remember Judah repented selling (investing) Joseph into slavery in Egypt.

    Then Judah repented having given the order to bury a daughter in law up to her neck and stone her because she was pregnant and her husband had been dead. She had wanted some Judah stuff so she had played the prostitute to get it from Judah and stolen a ring? from him. “She is more righteous than I since she didn’t bad-mouth me about the seed-passing incident.” (more or less)

    Yod Hay Waw Dallet Hay YHWDH is translated Judah, Jew, Judas as the biblical story requires.

    Aleksander is quoted:

    “Repent.” He cried out, “It is within the power of the Jews to break out of their pale of doom.”

    Possibly Aleksander knew that the just Jews (New Testament records thousands of them) will not allow the temple-sect to dominate them forever and that repentance would become public overpoweringly. Perhaps he knew that people tend to WANT what is being withheld from them.

    “Sorry. Self-importance is our greatest enemy” Casteneda?

  71. john shoemaker September 27, 2009 @ 6:24 pm

    Dear Eleanor and Slava,

    In the next to last sentence of my note of Aug. 23 I wrote that “people WANT what has been withheld from them.” This was one of my opinions why Solzhenitsyn didn’t allow his book to be published in English. What are your opinions?

    Since the majority of Jews speak English, when the book is printed in English and we just Jews realize what has been done by persons claiming to be Jewish we will repent what we have allowed, defended even supported. Please write.

  72. john shoemaker October 12, 2009 @ 6:43 pm

    Great Passion drains. o energy left for pillow talk.

    The mention of Khababbel above and Talmudism bring up the question: Does the Eastern or Western branch of THE Church support the NATION calling itself Israel the most? Stalin and Truman raced to be the first to “recognize” it.

    As the latest Empire invested itself in bringing acceptable justice systems to all lands and “peace” –and then woke up far below their prior self image this silly squabbel tween the Crosses East and West leads US to ask: would you experts on the Logos hint to US how Putin’s love of the East-Cross will likely impact on future movements of Asian petroleum?

    Not that there aren’t other revelations of a spiritual sense in the subtle phrases put in Maria’s mouth.

    I hope someone will give an opinion of whether “bread” is code for a group of Hglyphs in Torah and “Blood” is the teaching and learning thereof.

    If you lay there too long in your satity I’ll tickle your sole.

  73. telena helotova April 12, 2011 @ 12:50 am

    How can the Wiesenthal Center ban a book in English?

    The very nerve and the very servility of lickspittles who let them get away with it.

  74. vladimir December 9, 2011 @ 1:53 am

    Why would any author, much less one such as Solzhenitsyn, forbid his work to be translated or published in any language ?

    Shoemaker’s claim is about the most preposterous explanation for why “200 Years Together” has not been published in English that I have ever heard.

    On the other hand, the Weasel Center can certainly control what comes out of any US or Brit publishing house.

    After all, they all see each other in temple every Saturday and may have mutually agreed the few extra bucks the book would earn them is just not worth the threat of being revealed as the wizard behind the curtain.

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