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The Zionist Hate Campaign Against Russia

The Zionist Hate Campaign Against Russia

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright © 2008

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Unique Source: The Genocide Of Russian Orthodox Christians In South Ossetia @ Here

THE JEWISH-OCCUPIED AMERICAN MEDIA is subjecting the American people to yet another episode of their Zionist brainwashing. And this is with regard to the current Georgian conflict.

The fact that Georgia invaded the Moscow-leaning province of South Ossetia–and that Russia countered the attack in order to protect the mostly Russian citizens residing there–is news that is hard to come by.

In an interview with Ria Novosti on August 10 2008, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin accused foreign media of pro-Georgian bias in their coverage of the Georgian war:

“Why don’t television screens in the West show the suffering of the Ossetian people, the murdered elderly people and children, and the destroyed civilian towns? Western media’s coverage of the events is a politically motivated version, to put it mildly.” Here.

And only a few European newspapers reported last November 7 2007 that Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili used extreme violent means to disperse a peaceful protest in Tbilisi staged by Georgian civilians against the Western influence of Saakashvili’s government. (Click Here & Video Here.)

And where were the Jewish media moguls when on August 8 2008, Russia agreed to a UN Security Council statement calling for an immediate cease fire but was blocked when the US objected to a phrase that would have required both sides “to renounce the use of force?” The meaning of this is clear: the US was backing Saakashvili’s invasion. But the Zionist Jews who run the media will tell us only what they want us to hear.

See NATO Victims Here


IT’S NOT HARD TO GUESS what a McCain presidency will mean should he be elected. For given McCain’s latest bombast against Russia in a speech in Des Moines on August 7 2008, we will have yet another warmonger in the White House.

In similar language that McCain used when calling for NATO to bomb Serbia in 1999, McCain is pounding the war drums once again, this time against Russia:

“We should immediately call a meeting of the North Atlantic Council to assess Georgia’s security and review measures NATO can take to contribute to stabilizing this very dangerous situation” Here.

Calling on NATO to fight another war besides their unlawful invasion with the US in Afghanistan is not only wicked but will serve to enrage Russia even further. For it is NATO that Moscow is opposing owing to its creeping encroachment upon Russia’s borders.

McCain also demanded that “the US should immediately convene an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council to call on Russia to reverse course.” But McCain had no idea, (hardly anyone else did as shown above), that Russia already tried doing exactly what McCain called for –- but got rejected by the Zionist controlled Bush Administration.

In Other Words, The Jewish-Occupied American Media
Tell Zionist Stooges Like McCain Only What They Want Them To Know and say…


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Brother Nathanael @ August 18, 2008


  1. CIVILIAN DEATH MACHINE August 18, 2008 @ 10:51 pm

    So True!!!

    McCain is an idiot…

    Russia is not backing down and they will win this political battle…

    In the end, what can the US do? What can the Zionist Puppeteers do?

    (Except Make Money over Murdered Civilians!)

    I wonder what the US / Russian relations are like in Kyrgyzstan…where that country houses dual Air Bases for both sides?

    No doubt, the Caucases are where the US will be, more than likely, deploying more troops to, as the years go on…

    Be it with Obama’s FP Man, Brezinzski….or McCain’s Georgian FP Point Man.

    Thanks for Article, Brother Nathanael!!!



  2. Ed of St Lou. August 18, 2008 @ 11:44 pm

    The crazy man Bush apparently has been given orders from his Jewish handler’s, to get us into a third world war before he leaves office.

    This can only happen by the lying Jewish Press to continue it’s lies. They lie about Russia being the attacker of Georgia. They lie that Iran is building a nuclear bomb. They are lying right now about Putin being another Hitler. The Hitler references mainly come from Jews. The next lie about Putin and Russia is that we have to ban together to prevent Russia from taking over the world. This was a lie they told about Hitler also. That Hitler was fighting for World Conquest!

    This would entail for the U.S. and it’s allies to go to war with Russia, China, India. These three recently formed a new world order. Israel and Cheney wants to attack Iran, but this would entail many more ground troops. There is talk that they will have to go it alone in Afghanistan. The Generals said that we needed 350,000 troops over there.

    Crazy people like McCain is vowing to hunt down Osama Bin Laden. McCain’s possible vice president Joe Biden is pledging Georgia a Billion dollars.

    Chavez of Venzuala is asking Russia to bring over a fleet of ships. Russia is flying planes over Alaska, and Canada.
    Putin has told the U.S. and Israel that we better not attack Iran.

    My point is there is a lot going on by Bush, Cheney, Rice and Israel that could land us into a third world war! This can only happen by a Zionist hate campaign to demonize Putin, and Russia.

  3. Patriotic1 August 19, 2008 @ 12:38 am

    REVOLUTION is the Solution!!!
    Kick the Zionists out of our government!!!

  4. Michael K. August 19, 2008 @ 4:11 am

    Dear Brother Kapner,

    Thanks for your ongoing efforts to warn the people about the Zionist Jew organized crime menace. What I have for you is a question:
    What Zionist influences are at work inside the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia). It seems to me that, according to other news sources, many point out that today’s Russia is largely in the hands of descendants of the original Bolsheviks. Russian president Medvedev, although a nominal Orthodox Christian, is alleged to be one such jewish descendant. I realize that there has been a move in recent years to counter the power of the jewish financial oligarchs within Russia, but in a world where jewish influence insinuates into every movement and creed, it is reasonable to want to look closer and see if Russia is offering but another version of the Zionist New World Order. Is there any definitive answer to the question of crypto-Zionism within today’s Russia, and is this all part of an even bigger and more dastardly scripted performance?

  5. admin August 19, 2008 @ 4:25 am

    Dear Michael K –

    President Dmitri Medvedev is NOT a Jew. He has made a definitive statement that his mother is NOT Jewish.

    Medvedev and his wife are VERY ACTIVE Orthodox Christians. Medvedev has been acknoledged by the Russian Orthodox Church hierarchy as a BAPTIZED and FAITHFUL member of the Russian Orthodox Church.

    No Jews are in politics in Russia. Read my article, Putin’s Purge Of The Rothschild Money Changers. +BN

  6. Greg August 19, 2008 @ 6:17 am

    China, Russia, Iran, Syria, etc… should all join together in a war against zionism. If the West and NATO decides to punish Russia then these nations should all dump their investments in the United States, including every last dollar of debt that they hold of the United States. Then they should refuse to send any oil or gas to the western nations and NATO member nations. Without a stable source of energy there is no way the west nor NATO could survive for long.

  7. Billy August 19, 2008 @ 7:05 am

    Most Americans don’t care what happens anymore. Isn’t it obvious? Hoplessness is what makes America for what it is today.
    Even the ones who do care don’t know how to stop it, out of the subliminal fear of appearing unpatriotic.

  8. Billy August 19, 2008 @ 7:09 am

    Actually that’s not fair to write that.
    America is headed the way of China. They would rather live under a godless dictatorship instead of infighting. So too is America going the way of China.

    Only in your dictatorship, gays have more respect then Christians.

  9. Ed of St Lou. August 19, 2008 @ 7:35 am

    Correction to what I wrote above. Obama’s possible vice president is Joe Biden, not McCain, who is pledging a billion dollars to Georgia. That mistake was written late at night.

  10. Dr. Albert D Pastore August 19, 2008 @ 7:36 am

    Russia’s birth rate is rising thanks to Vladimir the Great’s policies

  11. Ed of St Lou. August 19, 2008 @ 9:18 am

    According to this article Putin has been onto Amerika’s lies for almost 4 years now!

    Americans play Monopoly, Russians chess
    By Spengler

    On the night of November 22, 2004, then-Russian president – now premier – Vladimir Putin watched the television news in his dacha near Moscow. People who were with Putin that night report his anger and disbelief at the unfolding “Orange” revolution in Ukraine. “They lied to me,” Putin said bitterly of the United States. “I’ll never trust them again.” The Russians still can’t fathom why the West threw over a potential strategic alliance for Ukraine. They underestimate the stupidity of the West.

  12. Jim DeTexas August 19, 2008 @ 9:24 am

    Georgia is a U.S. Project – Russian FM…

    21:58 min video interview with the Russian FM very interesting

  13. Jim DeTexas August 19, 2008 @ 9:30 am

    Fox News Journalist runs for his life – From Georgians! Being fired upon by Georgian forces..

    1:40 min video..

  14. Ed August 19, 2008 @ 9:46 am

    And let’s not forget the Clinton/NATO bombing campaign against Orthodox Christian Serbia, another venture designed to shatter Christianity in order to replace it with the authority of the Zionist New World Order. Isn’t it ironic that the N.W.O., like Communism, professes to be post-religious, but, also like (Jewish Bolshevik-dominated) Communism winds up doing the bidding for organized Judaism? Either the N.W.O. has been co-opted by the Zionists, or it was designed from the get-go by them to attain their supremacist religious goals. My sense is that N.W.O. money-worshippers recognize in Zionism a like-minded partner, and each is using the other to attain their anti-Christian agenda. Many wealthy Jews straddle both worlds, to help bridge the gaps. They have melded into a supremacist religo-political ideology, which shares a common fixation on money, and a hatred of Christianity.

  15. Jim DeTexas August 19, 2008 @ 9:56 am

    Concentration Camp Set Up For DNC Protesters

    Steve Watson
    August 15, 2008

    A CBS news crew has uncovered a huge warehouse holding facility in Denver, consisting of steel cages topped with barbed wire, ready to receive thousands of protesters at this year’s Democratic National Convention.

    “This is a building filled with metal holding cells,” described CBS reporter Rick Sallinger. “We showed up at the facility unannounced today, the doors were wide open, and we managed to shoot for several minutes until a Denver sheriff’s captain asked us to leave.”

    The warehouse is located on the north-east side of Denver and is owned by the city. It appears that officials wanted to keep it a secret until the convention began. The police captain captured on film warned that if made public, the facility could be compromised “by people who are potentially trying to be disruptive.”

    The CBS footage shows a huge area of metal chain-link cells that measure 5 yards by 5 yards, topped with rolls of barbed wire. Each pen is adorned with an identifying letter.

    Signs on the walls of the warehouse read “Warning! Electric stun devices used in this facility.”

    On seeing the footage one local political organizer told the crew it resembled a “concentration camp”, while another described it as a “meat processing plant”. The facility has already been dubbed “Gitmo On The Platte”.

    Story about 1/16th way down the page

  16. David August 19, 2008 @ 11:17 am

    Wall Street is a hotbed of political and financial schemes and plots for the control of everything, from the food you eat to the clothes you wear. It is in Wall Street that the International bankers grind out gold and more gold for the favored few, move faithless party leaders, nominate candidates for public office and use the army and navy of the United States for their private purposes as relentlessly as does the hand of fate move the children of men.

    Mayor J. F. Hylan of New York City, 1924

  17. Michael August 19, 2008 @ 12:04 pm

    One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies, and if we dig down deep enough in the mountain of lies, and bring out that truth, to set it on top of the mountain of lies; the entire mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to follow, awakening even those people who had no desire to be awakened to the truth.

    Delamer Duverus

  18. Armenian August 19, 2008 @ 12:21 pm

    okay,as much as I think Putin is 110% more honest than GW or McCain, tell me people, why hasn’t Putin arrested those other Jew Oligarchs:

    Abramovich, Prokhorov, Kasparov (1/2 Armenian)? Why is he letting them go and they are still buying their 747s, their British mansions, and their soccer teams? I don’t think Putin is as honest or Russian loving as many of you say. There is a reason he is letting those greedy bastards go untouched.

  19. AsWas August 19, 2008 @ 4:03 pm

    @ Dr. Albert D Pastore

    You say: “Russia’s birth rate is rising thanks to Vladimir the Great’s policies.”

    Well unfortunately, according to this:

    a rising birth rate may not make any difference to Russia’s demographic fate.

  20. Armenian August 19, 2008 @ 6:30 pm

    I see a Post-Soviet collapse coming soon in the USA. The banks will be worth ZILCH and so will the US dollar, then the Jewish Money will come pouring in and buy US assets for pennies on the dollar, just like they did in Russia, mark my words.

  21. james August 19, 2008 @ 6:42 pm


    Abramovich sold his assets to state companies in Russia and basically retired from Russia.
    Kasparov (chess player I take it you mean) is not an oligarch is aligned with NED and AEI and is trying to take down Putin.

  22. Patrick Sullivan August 19, 2008 @ 7:58 pm

    The central bankers are behind the recent attacks against Ossetia, and are also the same forces behind Obama.

    Lyndon Larouche has opined that the ‘secret game plan’ is to make sure Obama is the Democratic candidate, so that Mccain will be the next president.

    This is why they are talking about who Obama’s vice president will be. They want to make everyone discount the possibility that the Democrats may choose to reject the choice of the Republicans, Obama, and instead nominate Clinton, who based upon the Democrats who voted in the primary, is their proffered choice.

    The central bankers are nothing if not cunning; Clinton could not be relied on to drop every bomb that the bankers desire to be dropped.

    Obama on the other hand, will bomb whoever the central bankers tell him to bomb. Mccain remains the central bankers preferred choice because he will bomb everyone and anyone, with no prompting at all from the central bankers.

    The Democrats still have a chance to reject the Republicans choice of Obama and put up a Democrat who won on the basis of the Democrats who voted for her in the primary. Clinton is clearly the choice of the Democrats, and is the candidate that is certain to defeat Mccain.

    If Obama is the choice, we have a high likelihood of having to endure Mccain for a few years or more.

  23. D August 19, 2008 @ 8:56 pm

    Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name…

    God help us.

  24. Fr. John August 19, 2008 @ 9:22 pm

    “I see a Post-Soviet collapse coming soon in the USA. The banks will be worth ZILCH and so will the US dollar, then the Jewish Money will come pouring in and buy US assets for pennies on the dollar, just like they did in Russia, mark my words.”

    Armenian- NOT if we OUTLAW any JEW to hold real estate, banking interests, or ANY tangible capital, as we are COMMANDED TO DO in the Rudder! The curses of Deuteronomy 28-30 are not to be SOUGHT, but to be AVOIDED by God’s People, and that means the Church!

    As I noted in my (yet) unpublished book on the Filioque, the Jews, and the “Israel of God” –

    “On the Orthodox side of this issue, Constantine Cavarnos has stated, in relation to the Canons, or Rudder of the Orthodox Church, “… [T]he Holy Canons are the laws of the Church, and as such must be respected and obeyed. When they are not, many evils arise in the Church, causing its disin-tegration. In his brilliant book, Science and the Modern World, the illustrious Anglo-American philosopher Alfred North Whitehead makes some very pertinent remarks about law in the State and in the Church. He points out the great importance which legality played in the marvelous Orthodox Christian Empire, the Byzantine, under the Emperor Justinian the Great. It enabled both the State and Church to flourish and to exert a very beneficent influence on Europe.”

    It was this knowledge within Orthodoxy that led me to understand the racially exclusionary nature of true conciliar Orthodoxy, (the ‘ethnic nature’ of her member Churches) and why it alone is the model for a restoration of Christendom, which (IMHO) includes the West- for the English were Orthodox almost 900 years earlier than the RUS! (LOL)

    As I noted: “Because Catholic and Protestant groups all equally partake of a theological system which is flawed at its’ very center – that is, the heresy of filioquism, (which is in reality the doctrine of the relation of the Persons of the Trinity to one another) – one may deduct that from that error, in the last days of the world, we are ‘reaping the whirlwind’ – i.e., the Deathwish of Christendom.’

    ‘For it is the use of the filioque that is to blame. Not for all of the current ills, assuredly. But, arising as it has from the muddled thinking of the Frankish heirs of that otherwise great Bishop of the West, Saint Augustine of Hippo, the filioque has allowed the West to derive the strangest conclusions in so many areas from that one false premise, that the East has long looked askance at it.’

    ‘What is this theological error? The Rev. Photios Farrell has stated it succinctly: “ …the equation of “Western European” with “Christian” civilization is itself founded upon a heresy, which led to a schism, which in turn engendered a kind of sectarianism in culture and historiography.”

    That is why neither McCrazy or the Obamanation are allowable rulers for an Orthodox Christian- they are both factual, material HERETICS.

    Again, from my book: “The Roman Emperor [St.] Justinian of Byzantium, the Orthodox model of a ‘godly ruler,’ knew theology as well as statecraft. He understood that one without the other (religio or polis) is to posit the unthinkable. Having the one (either polis from religion, or true religion from the legitimate polis) divorced from the other (culture and cult) is a recipe for cultural and theological disaster. ”

    Thus, the ONLY contender for US Prez in my book- other than an exclusively Orthodox Tsar- is the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin, who at least understands the RELIGIOUS nature of a Christian Monarch, whether King or President!

    While Ron Paul was a great messenger, he never once called the name (race) of the moneylender that runs the Federal reserve, even though he knows who they are! Baldwin is less apt to make THAT mistake….


  25. Ed of St Lou. August 19, 2008 @ 9:29 pm

    The Zionist hate campaign against Russia and the Orthodox leader Putin, could be compared to another Orthodox leader Slobodan Milosevic. They claimed that he acted on ethnic cleansing, and was charged as a war Criminal for this. Many writer’s claim that he was falsely charged, similar to the present attacks on Putin, that he attacked Georgia. Both of these men were Christians who were demonized by the world’s Jewish controlled Press. Maybe the good Brother can make a posting comparing these two Christian’s are were both false accused by the Zionists! An example of this is below, which demonizes the Christians:

    There is no need for a further reminder of what was happening during the Bosnian war from 1992-1995, except to stress the great supporting role played by the Serbian Orthodox Church. Their leaders gave their blessing to Milosevic’s policy and to all crimes perpetuated by the Serbs.

    Patrick Sullivan
    August 19, 2008 @ 7:58 pm

    Your comments are fantastic. I almost busted out laughing at your description of what lunatics we have running the country, and how all they care about is bombing anything that moves.

    Read the following about Clinton below:

    At the beginning of the impeachment drive, I agreed with those who argued, “Nobody died because of Clinton’s extramarital affair.” Surely, I thought, other Presidents had done much worse actions that had cost people’s lives. However, Clinton’s later acts to distract Americans from his extramarital affair were truly criminal and impeachable, causing thousands, of deaths. I agree with the essay “The Blood on Bill Clinton’s Hands,” except for one major shortcoming: OSC left out the most serious, and most blatant, of Clinton’s war crimes.

    The people of Serbia, Kosovo, the Sudan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are not the only or most obvious victims of Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. The day before the House impeachment vote, Clinton bombed Iraq, delaying the impeachment vote. He continued the bombing throughout all the days of the impeachment vote. Only an hour or two after the House impeachment vote ended, Clinton ended the bombing, saying, “We have achieved our objectives.” Of course, because the objective was to delay and distract from the impeachment vote! In all other respects, the bombing hurt U.S. and international interests.

    Clinton gave several excuses for bombing Iraq on the eve of the impeachment vote, especially the (bogus, but unquestioned) claim that Iraq had stopped cooperating with UNSCOM inspectors. In reality, Iraq’s cooperation with UNSCOM inspectors had actually been increasing, despite U.S. attempts to provoke a confrontation.

    My comment read this entire article on this bombing pasted below:

    Clinton killed millions for the globalist Jews. His sanctions on Iraq killed over two million people.

    I was informed that there were daily sorties ( Air bombings) throughout Bush Sr, Clinton, and Bush Jr. This is almost 20 years of bombings. I was a traffic analyst in Vietnam. I pin pointed bombings on maps. We were allowed to bomb only in certain area’s. My question is – what in Gods name are they bombing for almost 20 years? This NWO bunch are truly insane.

    And don’t forget that Obomber wanted to attack, and bomb Pakistan!

    And one more thing – this insanity of hating Russia has even entered the Olympics.

    Even a local sportcaster said today that the U.S. needs to attack Russia. This was said by Brien McKenna on 590thefan.

    The American people have to be the most dumbdowned people ever! The Jewish press has really done a job on them!

  26. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 7:45 am

    In defense of Roman Catholicism and “the West”, relative to Fr. John’s above statment; I would like to first print to paragraph’s in the Roman Catholic catechism relative to the Filique. Then, following I have a comment. Here is what the Catechism states:

    #246 The Latin tradition of the Creed confesses that the Spirit “proceeds from the Father and the Son (filioque).” The Council of Florence in 1438 explains: “The Holy Spirit is eternally from Father and Son; He has his nature and subsistence at once (simul) from the Father and the Son. He proceeds eternally from both as from one principle and through one spiration . . . And, since the Father has through generation given to the only begotten Son everything that belongs to the Father, except being Father, the Son has also eternally from the Father, from whom he is eternally born, that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Son.”

    #247 The affirmation of the filique does not appear in the Creed confessed in 381 in Constantinople. But Pope St. Leo I, following an ancient Latin and Alexandrian tradition, had already confessed it dogmatically in 447, even before Rome, in 451 at the Council of Chalcedon, came to recognize and receive the symbol of 381. The use of this formula in the Creed was gradually admitted to the Latin liturgy (between the eighth and eleventh centuries). The introduction of the filioque into the Niceno-Constaninopolitan Creed by the Latin liturgy constitutes moreover, even today, a point of disagreement with the Orthodox Churches.

    #248 At the outset the Eastern tradition expresses the Father’s character as first origin of the Spirit. By confessing the Spirit as he “who proceeds from the Father,” it affirms that he COMES FROM the Father THROUGH the Son. The Western tradition expresses first the consubstantial communion between Father and Son, by saying that the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son (filioque). It says this, “legitimately and with good reasons,” [Council of Florence (1439)] for the eternal order of the divine persons in their consubstantial communion implies that the Father, as “the principle without principle,” [Council of Florence (1442)] is the first origin of the Spirit, but also as Father of the only Son, he is, with the Son, the single principle from which the Holy Spirit proceeds.[Council of Lyons II (1274)]. This legitimate complementarity, provided it does not become rigid, does not affect the identity of faith in the reality of the same mystery confessed.

    My comments:

    I believe the last sentence is extremely important:

    “This legitimate complimentarity, PROVIDED IT DOES NOT BECOME RIGID, does not affect the identity of faith in the reality of the same mystery confessed.”

    The Western and Eastern Churches must seek their ORIGINAL true UNITY with Faith and Humility.

    It was one of CHRIST’S last prayers “that they may be one, as you (the Father) and I are one.”

    The apostle Paul gives a stern warning to those of the christian community that would cause division rather than seek unity.

    The reality is, most of us cannot know ‘how many angels dance on the head of a pin’ or other such mysteries; but WE CAN know that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour of All, and that he sent the apostles out to preach the gospel to all nations.

    I believe it is legitimate to express our differences to one another as christian brothers and sisters with the HOPE of coming to an understanding of the Truth, seeking Unity through humility and compassion — rather than division through obstinance and pride.

    IF, the Christian church cannot present itself UNITED, under one shepherd (as Christ intended when he gave the Keys to the Kingdom to Peter) — then in essence, we will CONTINUE to be completely ineffect.

    This “ineffectibility” will be directly related to the Pride of Man, rather than the lack of understanding of the Mystery of God’s Holy Trinity.

    The Depths of the Mystery of the Holy Trinity will only be fully known when we meet Jesus face to face and are blessed with Eternal Life with Him.

    In conclusion, it would behoove Christians to spend their time on earth wisely — seeking the Unity that Christ prayed for, instead of attacking, thus dividing even further our brothers and sisters, one from the other.

    Finally, the Blessing of Saint Francis:

    “The Lord bless thee and Keep thee.
    May He show His face to thee and have mercy on thee.
    May He turn His countenance to thee and give thee peace.
    The Lord bless thee. Amen.”

  27. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 7:53 am

    I don’t know if many people have noticed, but the zionists have “Substituted” the word “Jew” everywhere in scripture where God refers to “Israel”, which is a major heresy to so do. So when the Bible says that all of Israel will be saved in the end, they say this means all “Jews” will be saved. Jesus Christ came and taught us that it is those who are willing to obey God’s will in this life that are considered the spiritual “Israel” and it isn’t the Jewish people as a race, faith or ethnicity that is the “Israel” of God’s covenant. Then Christ went on to say things like the “Pharisees” who were Jewish were not going to receive eternal life when they die, as well as anyone who acts in disobedience like the Pharisees were not going to receive eternal life when they die. But in this zionist controlled world where the zionists have high paid preachers like John Hagee, they perverted the word of God in order to promote this idea that God rewards sinners who are in rebellion to His will. There is no such God except in their own minds and corrupted consciences. The God of Abraham made promises with Abraham because of His willing obedience to God’s will, just as Noah was given a special role to play because of his obedience to God’s will. And sadly the zionists have infiltrated almost ever church today and have been mispreaching another gospel of man in the place of the gospel that God created for the human race. The payday for the human gospel is fun in this short lifetime followed by an eternity in pain and torment away from God. the payday for those who are striving daily to obey God in this world is eternal life with God as a reward for living to glorify and honor God and not man. Even the leadership in the Catholic Church is in the state of grave sin and has been preaching another gospel since 1958, when the church was infiltrated by its enemies who then setup for Vatican II, a heretical council that brought mans will into church teaching and behavior, while throwing out God’s will at the same time.

  28. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 7:57 am

    Now to what America the Beautiful was saying about Christians should seek unity. That is the trick of satan to preach such nonsense. Jesus Christ said that Christians are to seek unity with God’s will, not unity with the others in the world. Christ even said that He didn’t come to cause the human race to march in unity, but His teaching and preaching would cause division to those who didn’t want to hear the truths of God and His plan for the human race. So there can be no unity where truth, justice, and the true will of God are under attack. Satan wants unity because that means people choose what is morally right and wrong, instead of live in union with what God has already declared to be acceptable to Him. Generally a unity of human beings means emnity and rebellion towards God.

  29. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 8:06 am

    Blessings Greg,

    As you may already know, I disagree with you and Lynda regarding the present state of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Even though I do agree that there is factual evidence that self avowed Communists went into our seminaries and pretended to espouse a vocation. This was specifically so that they could dismantle Christian doctrine and put the Church into massive confusion.

    Many would say that they have achieved their goals — looking at much of the ineffectiveness of Catholicism today.

    However, there is one major thing that you and Lynda leave out in your excoriation of today’s Church.

    It is obvious that you do not believe Jesus Christ himself. You have denied his very own words when you insist that the Church has been overcome.

    Christ promised Peter that the “gates of Hell would NOT prevail against it.”

    Yet you preach that it has!

    Do you profess to know more than Jesus Christ? Or do you make Him out to be a liar?

    Being assuaged by evil is not succombing to evil. One can be ‘knocked down but not defeated’ . . . as Saint Paul tells us.

    The “race” is not over yet. And it will not be over until Christ returns.

    So I believe that IF we are to take Christ’s words seriously and with FAITH, we would KNOW that the Holy Spirit continues to guide the Pope “in Faith and Morals” . .. “until the End of Time.”

    As Cardinal Newman once said: “To study Church history is to cease to be Protestant.”

  30. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 8:13 am

    Blessings Greg,

    Christ also said we “are One Body in Christ”.

    He said that one part of the body could not declare itself separate from the rest of the body.

    He emphatically stated that “the Body” needed a Head.

    Not only that . . . HE himself appointed Peter as that Head.

    If ANYONE is obstinate on a point of established doctrine, that person is a heretic.

    It is best to pray, pray, and pray even more for a better understanding . . .than to risk eternal damnation through obstinance and pride.

  31. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 8:34 am

    That is true America, but most church members today want to have nothing to do with living according to God’s will. So if your heart or liver no longer is working in accord with the rest of the body due to wanting to operate in ways that it wasn’t created to operate, would that not be working against unity in truth and obedience to the will of God? You act as if unity by itself somehow impresses God. What utter nonsense, unity in doing what God considers to be evil is not something that glorifies or brings honor to God. Unity is a trick word by people who refuse to accept the full will of God for their lives, but instead they want to act as if they are in accordance with God’s will just like everybody else in the group, but their actions say otherwise. You should recall Paul telling the Christian believers to examine themselves regularly against the standard that Christ demonstrated to see if you are still living the faith or not. And I say one more time, Christ never preached that obeying His teachings and the will of God would bring unity in this world, as most people refuse to accept God’s will as being #1 priority in their lives. People in general choose to put God as #2 or even lower, with their main goal in life being the pursuit of what their flesh desires and wants to accomplish with the many years God has given to them to walk the earth.

  32. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 8:39 am

    Um America, when you say that the “gates of hell” would not succeed against the church that Christ established. Where in the Bible do you see the leadership in the Catholic church as being declared the “church?” The church is the members who are willing to obey the complete original teachings of Jesus Christ, with no earthly compromises. At no time did Christ guarantee to us that the leaders in the Catholic church would not become satanic and rebellious to God’s will and the gospel. As a matter of fact, the Catholic church in recent decades has taken priviledges from God that were never given to them by God or Jesus Christ. For instance, many priests and leaders in the church WRONGLY teach that they have the power to forgive sins, which goes totally against what Christ taught. God and only God retains that power to forgive sins, as God knows the true heart and motives of the sinner who claims they are sorry for their sins. The priest nor the Pope has the ability to know if the sinner meets all the conditions that God setup in order to be eligible for forgiveness. Those conditions must ALL be met or forgiveness will not be given by God. And the church does not RETAIN control over such, as they are not God.

  33. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 9:46 am

    In addition, the Catholic church has submitted itself entirely to man made secular governments in total rebellion to God and His will. Whent he governments became secular the churches towed the line and obeyed the governments in fear of losing their tax exempt status. At no time did Jesus Christ give approval to His followers to compromise with wordly authorities in order to benefit financially from it. So once again, the leaders in the Catholic church have failed to obey God, but instead they are trying to obey man.

  34. Jim DeTexas August 20, 2008 @ 9:49 am

    Here is my 2¢ on churches, if they were doing their jobs the world would not be in the satanic state it is currently in. Also it seems the more glitter, pomp and ritual one has the less it is about God’s business and more about the money.

    While we am on this subject trhere is a question that has bugged me for years. Why is it certian churches refer to men as father, rabi, and other titles, when Jesus taught us to call no man father for your only father is in heaven, and call no man rabi because I am (meaning Jesus) am your rabi and my time on earth will soon end?

    I do hope that these words have not offended anyone, if so I apologize up front. I do not seek to anger but only to understand. Still learning to be a true Christian.

  35. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 9:54 am

    Blessings Greg,

    Regarding first the ‘unity’ question. It sounds as though you believe Christians cannot seek Unity because they are sinners.

    It sounds as if you equate the ability to unite with attaining perfection and ‘knowing all things’ BEFORE people are allowed to “worship in spirit and in truth”?

    Would that not bar people such as those with birth defects and mental challenges from ever being part of the Kingdom?

    The fact is Unity is called for. But, United in Spirit and in Truth.

    To be united in Christ in spirit and in truth is not to say that I, as an individual, must “know” all things perfectly pertaining to the mysteries of God and His holy Trinity, for example.

    It does mean, however, that I MUST unequivocably FOLLOW and OBEY the very words of My Lord Jesus Christ.

    His words are clear. They leave no wiggle room except for those who desire NOT to be bound by them.

    What does it mean to be in submission to the Head, Peter the Rock. Does it mean that I must give up my own personal discernment or religious views?

    ONLY, if those views or sentiments are contradictory to the early Church Fathers, the Magisterium (the teaching body of the Church) and the Pope (when it comes to faith and morals).

    THESE areas, particularly when it comes to the infallibility of faith and morals regarding the Pope, doctrine and dogma from the very beginning.

    IF you find yourself believing societal rumors about an “antipope” BUT it cannot be confirmed by the Faithful — you are out on a limb by yourself.

    IF you persist in obstinate denial of a defined truth or dogma — you are a heretic.

    Plain and simple, though nonetheless, painful.

    These are not easy concepts, delemmas or conclusions that we must realize — but when we KNOW the truth, but refuse it, we set ourselves in rebellion to God’s Holy Will.

    You know, for those who were raised on a farm, we’ve all seen a chicken with its head cutoff. What does it do?

    It runs around the yard aimlessly for about 5 seconds, then it drops to the ground.

    Just like chickens, none of us will get very far for very long ‘disconnected’ from our Head.

    My biggest concern right now is that you actually believe seeking Unity within the Body of Christ is . . .”evil”?

    Wow, what did you have to compromise to get to THAT position?

    May the Holy Spirit settle upon you, remove all deceit from your mind and heart, and lead you into all Truth. Amen.

  36. admin August 20, 2008 @ 10:00 am

    Dear Readers (From Brother Nathanael Kapner)

    I am now in Las Vegas for my Street Evangelism. Do keep me in your prayers as the Las Vegas police last night on two occasions started harrasing me for being on a median strip in front of Caesar’s Place but I held my ground for there is now law or ordinance against it.

    Billboards with naked men and women are all over the place. Drug and whore dealers everywhere but someone with the Cross is targeted by police.

    I will be back next week for more articles here on Real Jew News. +BN

  37. Jim DeTexas August 20, 2008 @ 10:07 am

    Wow I have never been to Vegas. I am glad now that its worldly appeal missed me and my family. God Bless you Bro Nathanael.

  38. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 10:09 am

    Again Greg, regarding your issues with the Catholic Church and its past actions:

    The Church is made up of people — who are sinners. That means you, too. You also are a sinner, just like past bishops and even popes.

    But wisely, that is NOT what Christ based his command to each of his followers on.
    He KNEW we would sin, he knew we would make mistakes.

    He asked Peter: Peter, do you love Me? and Peter said, Yes Lord, I love you.

    He then said: “Feed My lambs.”

    Again He asked Peter: Peter, do you love Me?
    Peter said: “Yes, Lord, I do love you.”

    Jesus said: “Feed My sheep.”

    Then again He said: “Peter, do you love Me?”

    By then Peter was thoroughly annoyed, he said, “YES LORD, You KNOW that I love you!”

    Jesus said, “Feed My lambs.”

    Peter swore he LOVED Christ (and he did) but Jesus said to him, “you will deny me three times BEFORE the cock crows.”

    And Peter HAD denied Him three times BEFORE the cock crowed as Jesus was being taken away to be crucified.

    So Christ KNEW that Peter would Deny him, and yet, He still called him the aramaic word for “Rock” and said, “You shall be called a new name, Peter the Rock, and upon this Rock I will build My church and the Gates of Hell shall NOT prevail against it.”

    It seems quite CLEAR that Jesus knew we would be imperfect, and Yet, HE said that Peter would be the HEAD of HIS Church.

    We are called to Obedience.

    That is something far harder than pretending to have ALL the answers and standing apart from and even encouraging separation of the Brethren.

    Let there be no mistake about this: It IS Satan’s Goal to Divide and Conquer the Body of Christ. And he will employ every means necessary to deceive “even the elect, if it were possible.”

  39. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 10:21 am

    Brother Nathanael has just posted that he is in Las Vegas, NV, and needs everyone to remember him in their prayers.

    Particularly, I am asking everyone to say, the Prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel:

    Saint Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
    and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
    by the Divine Power of God –
    cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
    who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.


  40. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 10:27 am

    But… America, in your tolerance of sin you give people the very reason not to decide to repent of sin, which is totally opposite the gospel of Jesus Christ. The world kingdoms love it when the church members become tolerant to sin, as all it takes for evil to prosper is for good people to join the evil behaviors of the world. Didn’t Christ teach that unless one is willing to lose everything of earthly value they could not become one of His followers? How can you explain churches of massive wealth and size being placed in society in the same place as where homeless people camp? It is as if the churches, including the Catholic church have totally forgotten the message of the Good Samaritan passage in our world today. When a church cares more about their multi-million dollar church remodel project than going out and helping alleviate the unjust suffering of the poor, the sick, the falsely accused, etc… in the world then the church leaders have lost the original mission that Christ gave to them. The example of the recent popes makes it totally clear that these pope are not fulfilling the vocation and mission of Jesus Christ, as what they are mostly concerned about is their own fame and popularity in the world. They act like movie stars or famous musicians, seeking after the esteem of the flock, instead of seeking the approval of God and Jesus Christ. The churches were not created by Christ to use people to get wealthy, but they were established by Christ to spread love to those whom the world mistreats and rejects by helping them in fulfilling their basic needs. Remember it is not by GRACE ALONE OR FAITH ALONE that one will qualify for eternal life, but it is only those who DO THE WILL OF GOD that will be allowed into eternal life. Even the Catholic church prayers have been changed to mock God. One such pray said in mass frequently says “don’t give us what we truly deserve…” That means the leaders in the church have so corrupted the gospel that they no longer wish for God’s complete will to be done, but they want God to reward us for evildoing. That is purely satanic, as it is possible to live according to the concepts described in the commandments. It is possible to be in perfect conformace to the will of God, but it means we have to humble ourselves and truly seek after God’s will for it to happen. As long as church leaders are justifying people staying in lives doing evil, then it will never happen. Remember that Christ taught “God’s will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” So Christ knew it was possible for humanity to live lives of holiness and righteousness, in full accord with God’s will. One has to be “born again” and crucify the flesh though in order to do God’s will, and most people only give lip service to such a sacrifice to honor and glorify God.

  41. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 11:05 am

    And American, you stated:

    But wisely, that is NOT what Christ based his command to each of his followers on.
    He KNEW we would sin, he knew we would make mistakes.

    Christ did know that people would sin, but He didn’t say that our responsibilities end with the sin itself. He said that one is required by God to properly reconcile with those who are harmed by our sin, before God will ever consider forgiving a sinner. That part was conveniently written out of the gospel being preached in recent decades. If you harm another human being and think that you don’t have the responsibility to go back an try to alleviate the harm done then you truly don’t love God. I can cite the scripture verses for this if you would like, the verse that are ignored today by almost all Christian leaders who preach you can be forgiven by just asking to be forgiven. They teach heresy on this, as God put many conditions on forgiveness, including the sinner must have forgiven anyone who has ever done wrong to them before God will consider forgiving them for their own sins. We live in a church that has been preaching hypocrisy and an indifference to the victims of sin, that is totally different than the original gospel that Jesus Christ preached. If a sinner is unwilling to humble themselves before God and their victims of sin they are too proud to qualify for eternal life, as they think God should overlook their sins, but often they didn’t overlook the sins that people committed against them. This was the meaning of the passage with the lady caught in adultery. Christ was basically saying when people choose selectively to punish some sinners they condemn their own souls to hell when they die. So the church leaders of today have souls which are mainly headed for hell, as they allowed and didn’t speak up in preaching the full gospel of Jesus Christ, which was that of universal love and correct treatment for every member of the human family. The church leaders have sided with the evil, worldly minded folks in opposition to God.

  42. Jim DeTexas August 20, 2008 @ 11:25 am

    @ Greg

    Are you a preacher?

  43. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 11:43 am

    No Jim. I do deal with many Catholic churches and priests on a weekly and monthly basis though. I have relatives who were priests, friends who are priests, and I support the computer systems of many churches in the diocese and even protestant churches are on my list. As I said in another posting above, a relative of mine who lived a generation ago just happened to be a major Catholic church historian, who has written many books on the faith, the corrupt leaders that existed in the church since the very beginning, and the attacks which were made on the church over the centuries by those who hated the full gospel of Jesus Christ. I spent 12 years in Catholic education, learning all the truths of Christianity, and since that time I have read countless articles and books about the faith. There are days that I literally cry due to the sad state of the priesthood and the leadership in the Catholic Church today. I can prove in short order that today’s church has no resemblance to the early church, and yet many were taught to “pray, pay, and obey” which is why the world is in the mess we are in today. God wants nobody to follow apostate church leaders or heretical doctrines which defend evil and demonize those doing good. And yet that is precisely what the church leadership has been guilty of since Vatican II. It has become wrong to defend the faith, and correct to attack the faith, only because many in the highest ranks in the church are satanic and did not have a true vocation to the priesthood. They have insulted God with many of their sins of ommission and commission over the years, but they somehow always think they are right with God anyways. Christ wanted humble hearts and souls to be His followers, not sin filled proud souls. I often wonder what Christ will say to these leaders who care more about their multi-million dollar brand new churches that look like athletic facilities all the while homeless people live under bridges within yards of the church, while sick people are dying because they don’t get the needed medical care, why babies continue to die because the priest, bishops, archibishops, popes are too scared of the government to formally excommunicate from the church any politician that remains in sin. Paul said clearly that anyone who willingly remains in sin after being told the truth of the gospel as preached by Christ should be expelled from the congregation until such a time as they are willing to repent and get right with God. And yet the church leaders today honor evildoers in the government and their local community instead of doing what Christ wanted which was to kick the bums out of the church community.

  44. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 11:59 am

    Greg, I would like to take each of your last two postings thougtfully, and give you my best answers…so I have printed them out before me to have a better memory of what you have said.

    First of all, I think it is good to remind ourselves that there is a big difference between Discernment and Judgement. One leads to Heaven, the other can lead one to Hell.

    Christ said that we are “not to judge one another, lest we be judged.”

    And Discernment is one of the “gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

    So, we want to cultivate Discernment but reject Judgement (of others).

    Discernment is being able to dicipher right from wrong, basically. It is being able to choose wisely rather than foolishly. It is choosing to do something holy rather than something sinful.

    Judgement, however, is assessing someone else’s “motive” for doing what they do.

    You may see someone DO something sinful, and there is no denying IT IS sinful, but what we cannot do as Christians is PRESUME their motives for doing such. That would make us judgemental and open to be “judged ourselves” as the Bible tells us.

    Now, Greg, in your very first sentence you say: “But…America, in your tolerance of sin you give people the very reason not to decide to repent of sin…”

    In that first sentence you have “judged” me to be tolerant of sin. You have presummed a motive that I may or may not have.

    This you cannot do . . .without committing a sin. Christ told us “not to judge others.”

    In your judgement of me, you have “judged” wrongly. My welcoming of sinners into the Church is not sin. My welcoming of Sinners (which everyone is) is not the same as accepting Sin.

    Jesus ate and drank with Sinners all the time. He was quickly “judged” by the Pharisees to “be one of them.”

    They were wrong and so are you on this point.

    The Roman Catholic Church has its Teaching Body, the Magisterium, which has defined Faith and Morals for all Catholics. These things do not change over time, they remain constant.

    Does that mean that there are not errant priests and even bishops who teach “outside” what the Magisterium teaches?

    Well, yes there are apostates and heretics right here in The Church — right here among the Faithful.

    Does that make them right and the Church wrong? No. Absolutely not, they incur excommunication automatically when they defy Catholic doctrine to promote their own ideas. So whether or not they are formerly excommunicated, they excommunicate themselves by being in denial of stated Catholic doctrine.

    Just like those politicians who receive Holy Communion after publicly stating that they support abortion rights.

    They are automatically excommunicated; no need for a formal injunction.

  45. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 12:04 pm

    I love it, you speak well. You said:

    Christ said that we are “not to judge one another, lest we be judged.”

    Now you must explain why the church leaders in America and in the Vatican have not said the same about the civil rights movement, a movement which constantly puts the blame for evils in the past on white protestants and Christians, even though Christ said we are to be honest and never judge another human being regarding their past sins if we are guilty of sin ourselves. Does this mean that the minorities in this country are Saints and God fearing, commmandment following folks? Where is the church on the issue of the poor being made to suffer because of the sins of the rich and politically powerful who were the slave owners, who were the ones who are responsible for the past evils? Selective punishment is the path that leads a soul to hell, as Christ clearly stipulated as much in the passage of the woman caught in adultery.

  46. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 12:06 pm

    America, I challenge you to get one of the books by Fr. John Laux and read it. There are Popes who have preached grave error and have supported sin in the history of the Catholic church, including in our own times. So they are not God and they do not have this automatic infalibility that they claim they have. And when they sin it is a grave offense against the Holy Spirit, as they are pretending to speak on behalf of God but they speak on behalf of Satan instead, thus leading many into sin.

  47. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 12:15 pm

    Greg, the next issue I want to address is the concern you have for “churches of massive wealth and size…”

    I will assume you mean Catholic churches, probably Cathedrals and such. Correct me if I am wrong on this.

    Catholics having “massive” churches, ornate decorations of gold and silver and expensive marbling have been a point of contention for many centuries between Catholics and Protestants.

    There are several points that need to be made in this area.

    The first one is that “massive” Churhes began to built in the first place as houses of worship.

    Everything about a House of Worship should lead the mind to focus on God. Secondly, everything that we “give” God should be only our best, our absolute best…our first fruits…as the Holy Scriptures point out.

    So if I walk into a House of Worship and it is shaped like a big box store, square with flat ceilings and nothing inspiring on the walls — my mind is NOT led to think about the magnificense of God.

    But if I walk into a very tall building with magnificent biblical paintings on the wall and larger than life porcelain statues of the apostles and saints … WHAT does my mind do?

    The largeness of the building tells me that I am NOT the center of universe. It tells me that Someone far greater than myself is involved with us.

    The large Crucifix found in the center of every Catholic Church will tell you not only that Christ died for my sins, but that as a Christian I must embrace the Cross.

    It tells me that my life as a Christian is entirely wrapped up in embracing the Cross and following Christ.

    Larger than life statues of the saints and apostles tell me, particularly a child, that these are your heroes — THIS is who you imitate.

    But if your mind bends in the direction of Judas or the Pharisees, you may look around you and say: “Bah Humbug, this gold could have been sold and the money given to the poor!”

    It all depends on your “spiritual eyes”.

  48. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 12:19 pm

    America, you truly are something to discuss issues with. You stated:

    Everything about a House of Worship should lead the mind to focus on God. Secondly, everything that we “give” God should be only our best, our absolute best…our first fruits…as the Holy Scriptures point out.

    So you have a bright shiney church filled with gold and fine diamonds while outside your church you got people dying because they are homeless, dying because they are not able to afford required healthcare to take care of their needs. Can you show me a single commandment in the ten that deals with luxurious churches? I can show you that at the heart of God’s will is taking care of the least of them in the world, not building shiney altars and churches as you say. You insult God if you put the money into the church but don’t help the people right outside the church that are dying due to not having their basic needs met.

  49. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 12:24 pm

    Also, you continue the heresy that Christ died for your sins. This is wrong and the early church fathers taught it correctly. Christ died as a redemptive work in the place of God wiping out humanity and starting over again like He did with Noah. Christ did not die so people could say they don’t have to worry about sinning today or in the future. This is stated throughout the gospels, including when Christ told the woman caught in adultery to “go and sin no more.” If Christ truly died for all sins we would ever commit, why would that “go and sin no more” be said or even be relevant? If Christ expected that people would choose to sin again and again, why did He preach that only those who repent (turn from their sins) will be saved? Satan loves to convince people that it is fine to sin, as God loves people enough to allow them into heaven anyways. These lies existed from the very beginning with Adam and Eve, the idea that there is no cost so us sinning.

  50. dw smith August 20, 2008 @ 12:27 pm

    America is in a crisis fast approaching the zero hour. our complicity with zionist jews and the absolutely evil nation-state of israel has created a jeopardy never before experienced in America. Now Russia is courting Venezuela and Cuba and Ecuador to base military capacity in these countries aimed at the American people and American property.

    Can any American think that association with zionism is worth the destructive liability about to be imposed on America. zionism is an enemy of the United States of America and of all sovereign nations because zionists seek rule and control of the world via their nasty reign over israel.

    There are two necessary solutions mandated to correct this very serious problem.

    1. The United States must withdraw diplomatic recognition of israel. This loud=mouthed blood-sucking parasite nation is of zero value to any American. With all the current economic trouble and with hundreds of thousands of American homes in foreclosure, to see an aipac influenced congress grant thirty billions of American taxpayer dollars to this parasite nation-state is pure insanity!!

    2. Every zionist jew must be expunged from all government employment, federal,state, and local. if a jew supports israel then he is an enemy of the United States and should be disqualified from any government employment. Any jew who is an American and rejects israel qualifies for government employment and all rights of myself and any other American!

    If we had a press that was pro-American these two vital matters could be resolved in 48 hours. unfortunately we have a zionist controlled main stream media press. I am open to any suggestions as to how to get the seriousness of this vital message before our fellow Americans.

  51. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 12:35 pm

    Now Greg, I would like to address the issue of poverty, or the poor among us.

    Certainly it is the Church’s duty (as in the duty of its members) to attend to the poor around us. Absolutely, we MUST do this. AND, we cannot expect or wait for government to do it.

    Government will not and simply cannot aleve the afflictions of the poor the way Christ intended for holy christians to do.

    Christians are compassionate towards people, the government is frequently cold and legalistic.

    Christians understand individual circumstances and can meet individual needs that frequently the government cannot even identify, or worse yet, will not “allow” to be compensated.

    When Christians (of all stripes) act indifferent or negligent expecting Government to do their Christian duty — they will be answerable to the Final Judgement.

    Having said that, remember when Mary Magdalene broke the expensive flask of oil and poured it over Jesus’ feet to wash them, and dried them with her hair?

    Who was upset? Some of the apostles and pharisees were murmuring about “what a waste of expensive oil” (again, they used the EXCUSE that it should have been sold and money given to the poor)….Yet,

    Jesus said, “those who are forgiven much, love much.” Then He said, “the poor you will have with you always, I you will not.”

    So he was not rejecting the importance of helping the poor, instead he was emphasizing that genuine Love of God, again giving the Very Best that we have to offer God — THAT is what He desires.

    These things take spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear.

    The Lord made it clear that only those that the Father revealed these truths to would be able to recognize them.

    That is why not ALL understood his parables . . . they were meant for those with spiritual eyes and understanding.

    WHEN it comes to Understanding the spiritual nature of things — and getting it right — Jesus KNEW we would need help as His Body on earth.

    THAT is why he said to Peter, “What you bind on earth is bound in heaven, and what you loose on earth is loosed in heaven.”

    Jesus Christ left it up to Peter (and his successors) to DISCERN spiritual truths and offer them as FOOD (remember, “feed my lambs”?) to His followers.

    It makes perfect sense that Lucifer is working overtime to Divide the Catholic Church from her brothers and sisters.

    He, with good reason, Fears what a United Body of Christ could do to a sinful, evil world.

    All the more reason for Christians to work harder to find their True and Original unity in Christ.

  52. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 12:41 pm

    America, I take it that you are someone in their 50’s to 60’s, from reading your postings. You were mistaught on many of the truths of the gospel. For instance you posted this:

    THAT is why he said to Peter, “What you bind on earth is bound in heaven, and what you loose on earth is loosed in heaven.”

    Jesus Christ left it up to Peter (and his successors) to DISCERN spiritual truths and offer them as FOOD (remember, “feed my lambs”?) to His followers.

    What Christ was saying is that the standard by which people use to treat others in this world will be used on them in eternity, thus God make you live with your own standard. So if you reject doing right to people on this earth, don’t expect God to accept your soul into heaven when you die, as you are telling God by how you live that you think it is okay to reject others instead of loving them. God is only promising the equal treatment in eternity that you extend to others in this lifetime. He is not saying that the earthly church has the right to determine morality based upon their own opinions. The truth of God remains the same throughout time. The standards of God remain the same throughout time. Why do you think Christ warned hypocrites of the seriousness of their double standard of living? He knew that what one does to their enemies in this lifetime or to the poor they will receive manyfold as much in eternity from God of similar treatment. Christ even said “if you deny Me on the earth, I will deny knowing you on judgment day.”

  53. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 12:44 pm

    The earthly church has never been given the authority by God to determine what is morally right or wrong, God already decided on these things and truths. Jesus Christ came not only to redeem the fallen human race, but to teach us the will of God again, so nobody could say they didn’t understand what it is. Christ went through each commandment and broadened what they mean to include many things like hating another human being without a valid moral cause to do so as being equal to murder, where looking after a woman or man with lust filled eyes as being equal to adultery, etc…

  54. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 12:50 pm

    Blessing Greg, I hope you are still with me!

    One last address for today:

    You mention the part of the Mass where the priest says: “do not give us what we truly deserve…”

    Yes, well as you may or may not know, the priest stands in the place of Christ during the Mass, so he is praying on behalf of ALL Christians .. to the Father.

    What he is saying in laymen’s terms is: . . though we are sinners, we seek your forgiveness and mercy — in other words, DO NOT give us what we truly deserve but … accept this offering (of Christ on the Cross) to atone for our sins.

    He is not indicating that the Church is corrupt and we don’t want what we truly deserve . . .as you imply.

    Instead, He is saying ALL people EVERYWHERE fall short of the glory of God (as at Holy Scriptures state) and we Depend on God’s Mercy and Forgiveness to atone for our sins.

    Even yours, even mine, my dear Greg.

    I assure, there is NOTHING satanic about the Holy Mass.

    Dear Greg, I will keep you in my prayers. And I do pray that God, through the Holy Spirit, will open they eyes of your precious soul that you may receive God’s wisdom on these matters — putting to death the work of the evil one to deceive you.

    Your questions are good ones and God can answer them, if you let Him.


  55. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 12:52 pm

    America you said:

    Jesus said, “those who are forgiven much, love much.” Then He said, “the poor you will have with you always, I you will not.”

    So he was not rejecting the importance of helping the poor, instead he was emphasizing that genuine Love of God, again giving the Very Best that we have to offer God — THAT is what He desires.

    Now, do you really think you are giving God the very best when you build fancy gold lined altars in diamond studded walled churches while the poor outside the church building are suffering and dying? I think the best way to honor and glory God is by helping alleviate the suffering of the poor and victimized of the society, as that is doing the things that strike at the heart of God. Also you make the mistake that many seem to make in assuming the statement that “the poor will always be with you” means God/Christ are okay with homelessness, with the sick being denied needed medical care, etc… How dare you try to assume that Christ meant homeless, sick, hungry, etc… to mean the same as what He called “poor.”

  56. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 12:56 pm

    Poppycock America. You bought the heresies of the Vatican II folks. You said:

    You mention the part of the Mass where the priest says: “do not give us what we truly deserve…”

    Yes, well as you may or may not know, the priest stands in the place of Christ during the Mass, so he is praying on behalf of ALL Christians .. to the Father.

    Christ always wanted the will of God the Father to be done, and never wanted God to compromise His will in favor of proud sinner souls. I would love to see the first passage from the Bible where you think Christ preached that mankind’s will be done and God hopefully become merciful to man who refused to give up their sinful lifestyles. We live in times when people love themselves more than God and when they do wrong they want God to love them more than they loved God and other people. We live in times of great apostasy and times when a humanistic gospel has been preached in the place of the true gospel.

  57. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 1:02 pm

    Greg, all I can say about your last statement:

    “There are Popes who have preached grave error and have supported sin in the history of the Catholic church, including in our own times. So they are not God and they do not have this automatic infalibility that they claim they have. And when they sin it is a grave offense against the Holy Spirit, as they are pretending to speak on behalf of God but they speak on behalf of Satan instead, thus leading many into sin.”

    Is that you are extremely uninformed, but worse, you have hardened your heart. You are defiant about your “presumptions” and judgements about Christ’s Church on earth.

    That is a precarious position to be in.

    Infallibility applies ONLY to Faith and Morals teachings — NOT the “behavior” or any priest or bishop, or the Pope for that matter.

    You state that you “know” these things regarding the Church, but your words prove that you really do not.

    You cannot live your life by rumor and inuendo — IF you truly love God you will read the History of the Early Church fathers — so that you may better understand the Roman Catholic Church and you can cease slandering it.

    Because you will be held accountable for your words.

  58. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 1:09 pm

    Greg, twisting my words to fit your Presumptions and personal judgements will not work with me.

    I have taken great pains to explain to you in a Christian fashion what is actually going on.

    BUT, you prefer your HARDENED heart, rather than repent and be saved.

    So be it. Your hardened heart you shall have — but you will not find Jesus there, nor any of his followers.

    “If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”

  59. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 1:12 pm

    Um.. I don’t think so. There is no single statement in the scripture that says the Pope is infallible on issues of faith and morality. The true history of the Catholic church can prove to you that there were very satanic popes in the centuries of the church, including times when multiple people swore to be pope at the same time. God’s standard of what is right or wrong is not up to human beings defining or redefining, including those who are leaders in the church. God’s standard is the same in the past as it is today as it will be tomorrow. And God didn’t give any authority for man, sinful man, to be in charge of His will or standard as to what is right morally or what is His word scripturally. So “faith and morals” are based upon the truths of God and they remain the same throughout human history. And my heart is only hardened because I have read about and have witnessed the total hypocrisy of the way many church leaders have lived. All the while the gospel says that “hypocrites” will have their place in the eternal lake of fire. So they are not saved just because they hold a position high up in the church organization. Popes can go to hell just as much as the little man or woman on the street can.

  60. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 1:14 pm

    Yes American… this does apply to your undiscerned loyalty to the leaders in the church. You said it well:

    Because you will be held accountable for your words.

    When you say things that are not scripturally supported then you challenge God and His will, just as we see church leaders doing that in our own times. Church leaders claim to speak for God but they are saying things that come in opposition to what is stated in the gospel.

  61. George August 20, 2008 @ 2:46 pm

    Dear America the Beautiful,

    Though not a RC myself, I have recently explored the issues around the election of Pope John 23rd and the Vatican II council.

    Sadly I must say it is time the Roman Catholics of the world seriously questioned who is leading them and into which direction.

    I need to say no more than that Pope John Paul 1st immediately ordered an investigation into freemasonry upon his election and was swiftly murdered. What does this tell us other than the fact that if the infiltration of Freemasonry was a major issue. Therefore, how does this reflect onto Vatican II and its renovationist stance. And if Freemasonry had infiltrated the Vatican, how can such a hierarchy reflect any Christian morality when they themselves have handed the souls and minds over to the cause of the Antichrist?

    I suggest you read the apparitions of the Lady of Salette and draw your conclusions before arguing with Gregory any further.

    These are times when one must keep their head clean from philosophical ideas that distract from the real message of Christ. These are also times when must reflect on why God permitted for the powers of the Antichrist to overturn and infiltrate the Western Church from top to bottom (once again the Lady of Salette appears to give unambiguous answers).

    Only then can we provide a true Christian witness towards our fellow neighbour and meaningfully antagonise the spirit of the Antichrist which is sovereign in our times.

    Otherwise I fear to say our concern for the Zionist domination of the world is all in vain.

  62. Fr. John August 20, 2008 @ 2:51 pm

    In conclusion, it would behoove Christians to spend their time on earth wisely — seeking the Unity that Christ prayed for, instead of attacking, thus dividing even further our brothers and sisters, one from the other.

    Finally, the Blessing of Saint Francis:

    America, the Orthodox Church considers Francis to be a heretic, and no saint. There is a great article comparing Francis to a TRUE saint, St. Seraphim. Here’s the link,

    And YES, four conciliar decisions from the Orthodox Churches of the East, and the unwillingness of Rome to remove the Filioque from ANY of her creedal statements, IS the evidence that ROME is “NO TRUE COMMUNION.” IN this the historic Protestant Reformers and the Ecumenical Councils are in agreement.

  63. Fr. John August 20, 2008 @ 2:54 pm

    Now to what America the Beautiful was saying about Christians should seek unity. That is the trick of satan to preach such nonsense. Jesus Christ said that Christians are to seek unity with God’s will, not unity with the others in the world. ”

    Greg, thank you. IF St. Maximos the Confessor stood ALONE against all the Florence/Ferrara crowd, the LAST time Rome tried to hoodwink the Orthodox, and said, “Even if all the world commemorate the Patriarch (the ‘EP’) I will not do so, then we need to ask ourselves WHY? Why is St. Maximos a SAINT, and the rest of the capitulators to Rome’s heresy and error, NOT?

    Simple, Rome is NO TRUE CHURCH. Even her own Popes said of Vatican II, “The Smoke of Satan has entered the Church.”

    How right they were….

    Orthodoxia ki thanatos.

  64. Fr. John August 20, 2008 @ 3:02 pm

    “It is obvious that you do not believe Jesus Christ himself. You have denied his very own words when you insist that the Church has been overcome.

    Christ promised Peter that the “gates of Hell would NOT prevail against it.”

    Yet you preach that it has!

    Do you profess to know more than Jesus Christ? Or do you make Him out to be a liar?”

    Not at all. But to equate ‘Peter’ with the “Church” is a LIE of such MONSTROUS PROPORTIONS, that your blithely conflating the two is indicative of the Spiritual PRELEST and DARKNESS you are in.

    When even a Roman Pope can tell us that “Peter’ and “Petros” (on this rock- the standard pre-conciliar ‘proof text’ for Roman Papal supremacism) are NOT THE SAME THING, and TO CONFUSE THEM IS A GREAT ERROR, do you not realize how PERILOUS your Romanism is? Do you not understand that, if Rome HAD grace in 1958, she has it NO LONGER? Then realize that Holy Orthodoxy has known that Rome has had no grace since at least 1100?

    My God, “America” where the HELL are you in your delusion? (cuz that’s where you’re standing, whether you realize it or not!) What are you smoking? Rome is the reason the West is so messed up, even among the Protestants! How DARE you try to rehabilitate that old stinking “Whore of Babylon”! Come out of her, and ‘be ye separate.’

    Guitar Masses, Sodomite Clergy, Lesbian seminary profs, feminazi heads of Church Councils, ‘bare, ruined choirs,’ NO vocations, “Goodbye, Good men” Ted Kennedy still a communicant(!) as well as John Kerry, Dignity, Madonna, etc. AD NAUSEUM, and you have the cojones to call it a ‘CHURCH’?

    Lord, what fools these Romans be…..

  65. America, the Beautiful August 20, 2008 @ 3:02 pm

    Although Greg will probably STILL not believe this, last time I checked this came from the Holy Bible:

    MATTHEW 16:13-20

    “When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi he put this question to his disciples, ‘Who do people say the Son of Man is?’ And they said, ‘Some say he is John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets’.
    ‘But you, he said, ‘who do you say that I am?’
    Then Simon Peter spoke up, ‘You are the Christ,’ he said, ‘the Son of the Living God’.
    Jesus replied, ‘Simon son of Jonah, you are a happy man! Because it was not flesh and blood that revealed this to you but My Father in heaven.
    So I now say to you: You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church. And the gates of the underworld can never hold out against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth shall be considered bound in heaven; whatever you loose on earth shall be considered loosed in heaven.
    Then he gave the disciples strict orders not to tell anyone that he was the Christ.”


    When you do not believe the very words of Scripture, particularly those uttered by Jesus Christ, you show yourself to be stubborn, hard-hearted and in rebellion to God’s Holy Will.

    May the Light of Christ shine on you and overshadow the “enlightenment” of Lucifer.


  66. JustAGoy August 20, 2008 @ 3:03 pm

    Looks like we need to create a ‘Friends of Brother Nathanael’ Forum where issues not related to the blog post can be discussed in length.

  67. Fr. John August 20, 2008 @ 3:10 pm

    “The Latins are not only schismatics but heretics… we did not separate from them for any other reason other than the fact that they are heretics. This is precisely why we must not unite with them unless they dismiss the addition from the Creed filioque and confess the Creed as we do.” – St. Mark of Ephesus – The Pillar of Orthodoxy

    from THE site on the issue:

  68. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 3:14 pm

    Thank You Fr. John. I appreciate your comments about the “unity” issue in defense of what I was saying. Unity by itself is neutral, but unity of human wishes is satanic. Unity of acceptance of the will of God is what Christians should strive for. So this means we should not seek to make friends in the world by compromising the gospel and dumbing it down to the level that people want it to be done to.

    So “Thank You” for your kind comments.

  69. Fr. John August 20, 2008 @ 3:22 pm

    :”This you cannot do . . .without committing a sin. Christ told us “not to judge others.”

    In your judgement of me, you have “judged” wrongly. My welcoming of sinners into the Church is not sin. My welcoming of Sinners (which everyone is) is not the same as accepting Sin.
    Jesus ate and drank with Sinners all the time. He was quickly “judged” by the Pharisees to “be one of them.”

    They were wrong and so are you on this point.
    The Roman Catholic Church has its Teaching Body, the Magisterium, which has defined Faith and Morals for all Catholics. These things do not change over time, they remain constant.”

    Oh, Lord the tears of laughter. LOLOLOLOL Semper Edeam?????

    EVERY THING I EVER LEARNED in eight years of Parochial school, every practice I ever lisped at my sainted deceased mother’s knee fifty years ago, is OPENLY SCORNED BY EVERY CATHOLIC I KNOW today. We once held the Scriptures to be the “Word of God” – now we have doubts about the BVM’s perpetual virginity from ‘catholic scholars’ or her ‘place’ in salvation history, that sound more Methodist than Roman. We once had the priest facing God, and not Men, and now we have Baptist style sanctuaries. Tabernacles? either relegated to the side, or put in a room where NO ONE GOES. Benediction of the Sacrament? Hardly. Once in over fifteen years before I left the Church of “Trendier than Thou- er, YOU.’ Can’t have ‘traditional language’- that’s soooo passe!

    And Christ’s words are incomplete when you selectively misquote the Gospels, the second half of the verse is “Judge not, lest ye be judged…FOR IN THE MANNER THAT YE JUDGE, shall ye be judged.

    Jesus was not saying, ‘Shut up and obey the Pope.’ He was saying, Judge with ‘righteous judgment’ – if the Clerics and Bishops are preaching heresy, CALL THEM ON IT, for they are damning YOUR souls as well as THEIRS. WE are COMMANDED TO JUDGE, and we should have judged Vatican II to have been the greatest error since the adoption by the stupid Franks, of the heretical and blasphemous Filioque, in 1054! Humbert is rotting in Hell, along with Judas, IMHO, because of his intemperate ‘Rome uber alles’ mindset. It is time for Rome to SUBMIT to True Orthodoxy, and REPEAL all her heretical acts, that have CHANGED the ‘Changeless’ Church, since the introduction of filioque, forced clerical celibacy, statues instead of only icons, unleavened matzos instead of raised bread, etc. etc. etc.

    You foolishly stated, “These things do not change over time, they remain constant.”

    The Only thing Rome has been constant about is CHANGE.

    She is NOT the Church of the Ages. She is a WHORE.

  70. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 3:24 pm

    America, how good are you at reading comprehension? Your passage says:

    Then Simon Peter spoke up, ‘You are the Christ,’ he said, ‘the Son of the Living God’.
    Jesus replied, ‘Simon son of Jonah, you are a happy man! Because it was not flesh and blood that revealed this to you but My Father in heaven.
    So I now say to you: You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church.

    Christ didn’t say that He built His church based upon Peter, but that He built His church on the truth that He is the Christ, the Messiah sent by God to redeem humanity the first time and to judge them when He comes again. At no time does that passage say that the Christian church is built upon Peter, but it is built upon the fact that Christ was the Son of the Living God. That is what a person with normal reading comprehension would conclude. The “rock” was not referring to Peter but was rather referring to the truth of whom Christ was.

  71. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 3:27 pm

    Fr. John, may God forever bless you, as you are not fooled by the crap that has been going on in the world and in the Catholic church for the last half of a century, plus the corruption within the church over the centuries.

    I love you my friend, as you are willing to take a stand for God and His will in a world where secular humanism has overrun our churches.

  72. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 3:28 pm

    For those who can read and fully comprehend, here is what Christ was referring to as the Rock (truth) by which He was establishing His worldly church:

    Then Simon Peter spoke up, ‘You are the Christ,’ he said, ‘the Son of the Living God’

  73. Fr. John August 20, 2008 @ 3:50 pm

    “Looks like we need to create a ‘Friends of Brother Nathanael’ Forum where issues not related to the blog post can be discussed in length.”

    Ah, but “Just,” that is the point.

    In Orthodoxy, THEOLOGY is TIED TO EVERYTHING. That hypo-static union of the ‘real’ with the ‘suprareal’ (I don’t know the Orthodox terms, forgive me!) is considered the ‘great evil’ of all filioquist mindsets- whether Thomistic or Hobbesian; and it is why I pointed it out in the post – that got “America” to blathering- that the filioque affects the ENTIRE CULTURAL set of parameters we use and operate with in the West. For, to the Orthodox, ALL of LIFE is RELIGIOUS – even Politics!

    Again, let me quote myself: “Returning to Farrell once more:

    “Thus the basic thesis…is the obvious one: there are Two Europes, Eastern and Western…. these essays argue that these distinct and mutually contradictory theological impulses have permeated every facet of their respective legal, social and cultural conventions. To say this is to say nothing new, however. But to say it within the framework of the deliberate adoption of the theologically grounded cultural matrix of the First [Eastern- ed.] Europe will disclose its radical nature, for that perspective holds, as part of its essential cultural self-understanding, that it is the Second Europe of the West that is derivative and aberrant. It is, in short, the opposite of the “crypto-Roman Catholicism” of the West and of its historiography. No amount of multicultural “understanding” and “Tolerance” will suffice to understand the First Europe until that understanding encompasses a thorough knowledge of the First Europe’s theological and historical basis for regarding itself in this fashion as the canonical measure of Christian Civilization…”.

    What does this mean? Simply this- In making the Holy Spirit less than the other two members of the Holy Trinity, the West consciously pushed down one member of the Godhead as HE relates to the other two, and in doing so, reduced the Holy Spirit to a subordinate created position, thus denying that the Holy Ghost is as fully God, as either the Father and the Son, thereby denying Him status as an equal member of the Trinity itself!

    And that sublimation resulted in the unequal positioning of the Persons of the Godhead. Instead of a Trinity of God-Father at the Apex, God-Son and God-Holy Spirit at the base ends, the West turned God ‘on His head;’ positing equality of function in the Son with the Father, and relegating the Holy Spirit to the lower rung. This theological topsy-turveydom resulted in a philosophical ‘hole’- which was amply, and willingly, filled by mankind with the rise of the papacy, the autocracy of rulers who saw in their royal persons (i.e., kings) their existence as being coterminous with the state itself. (what began with Henry VIII and the English Reformation, was culminated in Louis XIV ‘s famous line, “ L’état, c’est moi!” – “I am the state!”)

    The French Revolution of 1791 was merely the democraticization of such personal anarchic sentiment, which arose because the Church had (by adopting the filioque) not allowed God [in the person of the Father] his sole rule as Monarch, and His Son, Jesus Christ to be Head of the Church. It is not irrelevant that the Papacy arose quickly, following on the adoption of the Filioquist heresy. (within two hundred years – a short time as the Church views time!) And why the Calvinist Scots saw through all ‘divine right of kings’ stuff, once it had passed beyond the scriptural norms, from James I on- until the American Revolution called George III a ‘tyrant’!

    And from then on, all bets were off in the West, of ever letting Christ truly be “King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.” Rather, in adopting the Filioque error, the West unconsciously also adopted the philosophical presuppositions of their most bitter and intractable foes, those heirs of the people who said, “We will not have this man to reign over us,’ and ‘His blood be on us and on our children!”

    Upon the abolition of kings and royalty in the West, we then witness the rise of the State itself as all-powerful. Which error was the underlying reason for the American War of Independence, in that the older aristocratic “DWEM’s” of the Colonies knew of the falsity of a King, or a state, claiming to be God. (Even if the Protestant rationale for it was theologically flawed) The formation of the United States of America was purely on the desire of Christian men and women to live ‘under their own fig tree’ in peace, to enjoy the fruits of their labor, from a despotic king, (George III) who, having abandoned the patristic and biblical model of Monarchical rule, had substituted a Filioquist distortion of the ‘divine right of kings.’

    (For the Enlightenment was loathe to give God any credit as the ‘true’ king) This distortion could not but help to engender tyranny, and thus, George III, as a German Hanoverian, and a Protestant, was merely being consistent to his Lutheran/ Reformation Filioquist heritage, in that he sought to rule omnipotently, and in doing so, (since he was NOT God!) thereby ruled evilly – And went mad thereby.

    Upon the establishment of ‘the State’ as opposed to ‘the King,’ (first enunciated in the Modern era with the French Revolution, it’s opposing religious faith, and the Reign of Terror) came the false and egalitarian idea of ‘the peasant as equal to Royalty.’ Such was the mindset after the French carnage of society, that, added to the (relatively) bloodless American ‘Revolution’ and Wesleyan Revival in England, the “I’m just as good as he is” argument now seems normal, ordinary, traditional. When it is, in reality, neither normal, traditional, or biblical. Equality is, of course, denied on every page of the Holy Scriptures, and is patently observable in the older [patristic] three-fold order of the Hieratical Priesthood [Deacon, Priest, Bishop] of the Orthodox Catholic Faith!

    God’s reign, in both the Church and the State, is not a reign of ‘equals.’ We may all be sinners in the eyes of Almighty God, but we surely are not thereby ‘created’ equal- Thomas Jefferson notwithstanding.” (end quote)

    But, as you know from the Dhimmicrats, the ‘I’m just as good, the same as, ‘equal to’ everyone else’ mindset, founded on the filioque, has given us the bastard child of a fornicating whore as the Democratic Presidential Hopeful. The “change” liberals and fools want [Ps. 14:1] is the Change from Christendom, to Satandom. It could not get any clearer….and McCrazy is merely ‘George III’, after George I and Dubya, George II!!!!

    And that is why I began the posts that resulted in America’s going off the deep end, in his ‘apologia pro heresy sua.’ I wouldn’t be surprised to note he’s probably a registered Demon-crat as well…. but at least he’d be ‘epistemologically consistent’ then! You CANNOT be theological ‘neutral’- you are either for Christ, or against Him. The church- the ORTHODOX Church- has long noted it, and the West once knew it, too.

    That she does no longer, and that posters on this site, devoted to world political events from an Orthodox phronema, could be ‘upset’ over such, is indicative of how far we have fallen as Christ’s Kingdom….and why we are ripe for annihilation.

  74. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 4:03 pm

    Yup Fr. John..

    The Democrats are good at saying they are just as moral of a people as the Republicans even though almost every party platform issue that the Democrats have is 100% opposite what Jesus Christ taught. We have the civil rights movement based upon a belief in unforgiveness of your fellow man, we have abortion as the idea of man defining when life is valuable, we have homosexual rights be shoved in our faces under the disguise of equality, we have women’s rights somehow being greater than that of any other human being, etc… All this is the work of Satan, and the Republicans are not much better, as they also do little to stop these mortal sins in our culture and nation. What we have is a pagan theocracy whereby anything that is opposite respecting the dignity of all human beings is promoted as being moral and for the common good, while those who promote beliefs that are valuing all human life equally are called hate mongers and bigots. Not only has the Vatican been highjacked, but all world governments minus a handful in the middle east have come under the control of satanic souls.

  75. Jim DeTexas August 20, 2008 @ 8:36 pm


    The reason I asked is because your knowledge, wisdom and drive to keep/seek the word is impressive. This is what I seek also. I believe the only reason God allowed that beautiful structure which housed the covident he had with his people to be distroyed is thier disobedience. King Soloman’s temple was a great honor to God, and I belived God was pleased with it as well as the obedience of man at the time, or some men anyway. Which anyone with a brain can clearly see why he would allow it to be distroyed after almost 1000 years. However the Zionist being Satan’s tools can’t see that they are not working for God. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    I would like to have a copy of the Bible that was translated without any change in its meaning or flavor.

    @ JustAGoy,

    In this day and age I think it is good to have a healthy debate on the scriptures and the method in which one worships God. I personally have found this to be very informative and educational off subject or not.

    I have long used the phrase, “Question all the answers”, because the answers you recive may not actually be the truth you seek.

    Keep the faith………….

  76. Greg August 20, 2008 @ 9:17 pm

    Thanks Jim, I appreciate the kindness. I am a computer systems analyst by trade with a degree in computer programming from college. It is there that I learned attention to details and multiple train of thoughts at the same time. When on reads the Bible it is a list of true statements from the very first page to the last page. All of it is true, meaning to get the whole gospel message one must assemble all statements about each topic and then study them and figure out what the whole concept means to God. Most people in the churches today pick a couple statements they like pertaining to a subject matter or moral issue and they refuse to accept other statements that are not so friendly to their own views and ideas on the topic or moral issue. So they basically deny seeing the truths of God, but instead misrepresent the scripture by only accepting part of the message. I see just how wonderful the scripture is, as it is complete, without contradictions, and it is understandable to those who take the time to read and summarize what is said about a particular topic or moral issue. I try every day to personally pray and thank God for all the wonderful things that I have received and that humanity has received. I can walk, that is a blessing. I can talk, that is a blessing. I can eat, that is a blessing. I can sleep, that is a blessing. I go through the day with no physical pains to speak of, that is a blessing. Etc…

    Thank you again for being so kind.

  77. Rod August 21, 2008 @ 12:52 am

    Help, as a Christian I’m at pains with all this (very compelling) negative reporting about Jews – The Bible teaches us that some Jews are real and very important to G-d – I need help finding where the real Jewish “remnant” are…

    Is there, are there, Messianic Jewsish (those that love Jesus like we do here) web site someone can please recommend me that support…

    * Reading the New Testament
    * Denounce the Babylonian Talmud
    * Expose the whole 9/11 truth matter
    * Expose the NWO matter
    * Reject the pagan six pointed star that has nothing to do with ‘David’?
    * etc etc

    I like Real Jew News for my expose information – But I also need a site/’s to visit that have positive fruit also.

    So far all I’ve found are Messianic sites that all seem to be caught up in their own world living a careless bliss ignoring world changing matters like 9/11 and nwo matters.

    Rod (in Australia)

  78. Jim DeTexas August 21, 2008 @ 3:04 am

    Very odd…

    Jewish Quarter targeted in Georgian offensive

  79. Jim DeTexas August 21, 2008 @ 4:06 am

    @ Rod,

    Brother Nathanael has a couple other sites maybe one of these will help you.


  80. Armenian August 21, 2008 @ 4:53 am

    James, Abramovich is around 44 years old and is a billionaire. That money does not belong to him,because he stole those assets that he sold, but he gets to keep it. Don’t you think that is hypocritical of Putin to arrest one Jew Oligarch and let the others go?

  81. admin August 21, 2008 @ 5:21 am

    Dear Fr John,

    I understand your strong desire to argue your theological viewpoint. You have stated your case on the Filioque, but I don’t wish that such arguments continue on this website. It is otherwise distracting readers from the main purpose of this website. I thank you for your understanding.


  82. Andy Holland August 21, 2008 @ 5:39 am

    Nobody needs a conspiracy to be upset with paranoid morons who invade other’s lands and homes. And yes, they were provoked by morons who were shelling innocents – and those in the middle, 158,000 displaced – have suffered. Why take sides between the paranoid delusional morons? Donate to the IOCC or something.

    The Jews are our friends – Brother Nathaniel is my friend, or I wouldn’t waste time responding to this nonsense.

    Conspiracy theories are devilish theology, serve paranoia and fear, and serve no constructive purpose.

    I feel sorry for these world leaders – but we should also feel sorry for ourselves for as the Father’s say, ‘we are more pathetic than the demons being subject to the demons.’

    So why not put off this internet blog foolishness, or at least have a constructive bible study or something? Why waste time with this worldly nonsense? Sure the world hates us, it always has, always will – be of good cheer, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has overcome the world!

  83. admin August 21, 2008 @ 6:54 am


    I had a chilling experience with Las Vegas police last nite on Wednesday, August 20 2008.

    I have been standing on the median strip between Caesar’s Palace and Margaritaville Casino on the strip with my American flag and large Cross.

    There are billboards everywhere with naked women and near naked men. Pornography, vice, and a Police State seem to go hand in hand. I wonder why? — I am sure there is a connection but I cant quite put my finger on it. Perhpas some of you can.

    After 2 hours of being on the median strip with my big American Flag and the Cross and many responding positively to the symbolic message, the Las Vegas Police arrived, two 1984/Brave New World types. It was a chilling experience.

    They both got out of the car and the first thing they did was try to grab my Cross out of my hand. I refused to surrender it. Then they called it a ‘stick’ and demanded I get up against their police car for a search. I refused.

    Then they marched me across the street and forced me far away from the crowds of people to do their dirty work. They lied and said I was out on the highway. They quoted a law that I asked to see about the median strip and they produced “Pedestrians On Roadway.”

    I said it does not apply because I was NOT on the roadway but on the median strip. They said they were going to charge me with brandishing a “stick” as a weapon and being on the roadway as well as the median obstructing traffic. They were like robots.

    I told them that since they had the badges and guns that I was done for the nite and they demanded I would not come back.I told them nothing. But said the Lord Jesus Christ will defend me against police who harrass me. This infuriated them.

    I then walked away while they got on the radio to call a paddy wagon. Then I started skipping away. They did not follow me. Soon after I was back to catch the bus near Margaritaville Casino.

    Another set of police came and told me that I was standing on private property. I said there is a traffic light here and it is a public thouroughfare and that I had the right as much as anyone else to be there.

    They said I had to “keep moving.” I said I can stand here still as stone if I so desire. Then the bus came and I got on the bus. I will be seeing a local Las Vegas lawyer today that my sponsor recommended to me.

    Please keep my in your prayers as I will be here in Las Vegas until Saturday. +BN

  84. Greg August 21, 2008 @ 7:35 am

    Blessings Brother Nathanael! I will say a prayer that all those who were involved with harassing you are given some interferance from God to make them rethink their attacking you and the message that you represent. People who bothered me in the past have a history of quickly having heart problems, finding out they had cancer, or finding themselves being transported to a hospital for collapsing with no apparent reason. These men who bothered you are not friends of God/Jesus Christ and they best leave you alone to do God’s will at this time.

    Keep up your good work my friend.

  85. JustAGoy August 21, 2008 @ 7:56 am

    Andy Holland, no need for conspiracy theory. You can use entirely Jewish sources only to connect the dots about what’s unfolding today. Perhaps some Jews are good and totally unaware of what the Zionists who are hell bent on controlling this world are up to. You can keep your head in the sand, but I believe we have an obligation to recognize the evil that’s controlling this world and tell others about it as well. All Roads Lead to Rome? Nope. All Roads Lead to the Zionists. They’ve infiltrated and/or created every group/movement/ideology that exists in order to steer it to their benefit.

  86. Fr. John August 21, 2008 @ 7:59 am

    “I understand your strong desire to argue your theological viewpoint. You have stated your case on the Filioque, but I don’t wish that such arguments continue on this website. It is otherwise distracting readers from the main purpose of this website. I thank you for your understanding.


    Of course, Br. nathanael. Just can’t stand the stupidity of those who talk about Rome in glowing terms…..

  87. Andy Holland August 21, 2008 @ 8:33 am

    Second and last post I promise:

    Glad to see Brother N. is OK after police went after him in Sodom. Of course they were like Robots – who are they serving? Sure there is a conspiracy, the Prince of the Air and all that – so what? Jesus won on the cross. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church.

    Your prayers and love do good for the people. Glad you turned your back on evil and ignored it as much as possible like Elder Prophyrios teaches in “Wounded By Love.”

    If we are offended, we should turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile – God loves a cheerful giver and taught us himself to bless those who hate us – bless and do not curse. All the Saints teach to overcome evil with good.

    So why not sow good seeds like a Bible study or Gospel readings? Please – then it really will be the “Real Jew News” because Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life – He is the Real Jews, the rest of us are wanna-b’s because without Him, we can do nothing!

    Then it will be all the news fit to print!

  88. james August 21, 2008 @ 8:52 am


    If he tried to prosecute all of them they would just travel abroad and keep there money using it against Putin. Case in point Berezovsky and Guisinky.

  89. Greg August 21, 2008 @ 11:12 am

    I have a personal challenge to the poster named America. Within the last year I have had many dealings with a single mother who was homeless less than one year ago, living in the destructive cycle of staying a night in one shelter, being on the street the next night, to finally being placed in the abusive low income housing funded by the government. When winter set in last December through February with really cold months this middle aged mother with 4 kids had a hard time paying her bills including the electric bill to keep her and her kids warm. I performed computer work for this lady for free and gave her some religious material that she asked me for on what Christianity is. She grew up in church but had bad experiences with many in the church who claimed they were believers in Christ. I told her to call some local church offices to see if they could possibly help her with paying her electric bill so she wouldn’t have the power shut off. Every last church she called wanted nothing to do with providing help for her, even though that is at the core of the Christian gospel that Jesus Christ preached to His followers. My challenge to you, America, is to conduct your own random surveys by picking up your own telephone books and calling some local churches. See just how many of them would be willing to help a person truly down on their luck and in need. You will be surprised that there is very little faith left in our churches today that reflects the love of Jesus Christ to the poor, to the innocent, to the defenseless. The results this single mother received from the churches didn’t shock me, but it did greatly anger me. I have on my schedule to contact some churches in a couple of months, when winter has set in, and see if they offer any help to me when I say that I am in need. If they deny helping me, they will be getting a letter from me challenging their very claims to be Christian churches.

    Jesus Christ made it clear that when He returns there will be almost zero true faith in what He preached left in the hearts and actions of mankind. We are at those times in humanity when the love of most has grown “FRIGID COLD!”

  90. Jim DeTexas August 21, 2008 @ 11:18 am

    @ Greg, you are welcome.

    @ Br. Nathanael, Paryers with you.

    @ Andy Holland,

    We were all brought under the dark shadow of Government lies, it is as a clean breath of fresh air to know the truth.

    Did you know that “Duck and Cover” isn’t really a good defence for a 30 KT Nuclear weapon? Sorry just thought a little humor would help.

  91. JustAGoy August 21, 2008 @ 11:18 am

    BN said,

    “There are billboards everywhere with naked women and near naked men. Pornography, vice, and a Police State seem to go hand in hand. I wonder why? — I am sure there is a connection but I cant quite put my finger on it. Perhaps some of you can.”

    There’s a site called that covers all of the different public events around the San Francisco Bay Area. I believe he’s just a photographer and simply wants to accurately cover the events.

    He just finished his coverage of the ‘Up Your Alley Fair 2008’ event and let me tell you … I’m not going to post the link because I don’t want to offend your readers. Keep in mind the POLICE are at this event, observing it, and keeping the peace at it. The event also has corporate sponsorship!

    At this event, the most horrific homosexual acts your mind can conjure up are taking place IN PUBLIC right IN FRONT OF THE POLICE and THERE ARE YOUNG CHILDREN THERE (About 5 YEARS OLD). It is illegal to have sex in public, yet the police approve of the homosexual sex taking place and the young children being there to watch it. Many of the participants wear devil/satan costumes and wear satan/Israel symbols.

    Also, the USA Govt. just recently stole the children from the puritan families (can’t remember where this occurred), but turns a blind eye and allows these young children to be exposed to the most EVIL HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOR one can imagine! Where are Child Protection Services?

    After viewing the site and seeing what the homosexuals are doing in this country, it’s amazing to me that they’re portrayed in such a positive, superior light throughout the Jewish owned Media, and heterosexual men are demeaned and portrayed as idiots. Yes, now same-sex Hallmark cards even. Without a doubt, after viewing that site, the USA is finished. This is what happens when Jews take over your Government, Media, Law, Educational system, etc.

    God owes Sodom and Gomorrha an apology …

    Article talking about Children at a similar Event:

  92. Cypriot August 21, 2008 @ 11:35 am

    So much for your christian Putin.
    Read this:

    Subscribe to Print Edition | Thu., August 21, 2008 Av 20, 5768 | | Israel Time: 19:55 (EST+7)


    Back to Homepage

    Rosner’s Domain Diplomacy Defense Jewish World Opinion National Print Edition Car Rental

    Books Haaretz Magazine Business Real Estate Easy Start Travel Week’s End Anglo File

    Last update – 11:23 21/08/2008

    Russian PM Putin to open official party branch in Israel

    By Lily Galili, Haaretz Correspondent

    Tags: Kadima, Vladimir Putin

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s political party, “Yadinaya Rasiya” (United Russia), will open a branch in Israel, marking the first time ever that a Russian party will have an official mission in the country.

    Likewise, Israel’s ruling party, Kadima, is slated to open its own branch in Moscow. The party already has offices operating in France and the United States. The move is aimed at boosting the party’s support among Russian-speaking voters who are eligible to vote in their native country’s elections and mostly tend to back Putin’s party.

    Nonetheless, the move has aroused criticism within some circles in Kadima. Some party members question the wisdom of forming an alliance with Russia’s ruling party in light of the escalating tensions between Moscow and the West over the recent Russian-Georgian hostilities.

    Kadima party functionaries familiar with the initiative told Haaretz that even though it is acceptable for political parties to form “sister party” relationships along the lines of the Socialist International, they view as problematic the forming of such a union with a party viewed by many as totalitarian in nature.

    Last week, a top Kadima official responsible for enlisting the support of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, and who is now performing a similar function for Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni’s campaign, departed for Russia.

    The official, Nada Chozoy, met with the chairman of the Duma’s constitution committee, Vladimir Pligin, to finalize details of the arrangement. Although the two sides initiated the discussions more than one year ago, it was only in recent weeks that talks advanced to the implementation stage.

    An aide to MK Yoel Hasson, who chairs the World Kadima movement, said the idea for forming an affiliation agreement with Putin’s party was hatched well before the outbreak of fighting in Georgia. Hasson said he sees no difference between opening a Kadima branch in Moscow and the presence of Likud and Labor Party branches in other parts of the world.

  93. admin August 21, 2008 @ 12:36 pm

    Putin Opens Political Party In Israel:

    SMART MOVE PUTIN! THERE ARE OVER 1,000,000 Russian Jews in Israel. Many of them, over 200,000 are Russian Orthodox Christians!

    Good venue to place key Russian officials in Israel and learn first hand what is going on. SMART MOVE PUTIN! Bravo! +BN

  94. Greg August 21, 2008 @ 12:43 pm

    Even before this move you can bet your life on the fact that Putin already had his representatives in Israel watching and getting information back to him on what the zionists are doing. The Russians are just as good at intelligence gathering as any American or Israeli is.

  95. Greg August 21, 2008 @ 12:57 pm

    The zionists never stop in their pursuit of evil and attacking the good. May God Bless these teens and give them peace in this life and in eternity for standing up to the bullies in the Israeli government who are nothing more than God hating zionist pigs. I hope more teens follow the examples here and expose to the world community the real cold hearted character that these zionists are. These are the same people who condemn what happened in Georgia, as being an over reaction by Russian leaders.

    Go figure!

  96. Michael August 21, 2008 @ 1:30 pm

    Israel Planned To Use Georgia Airbases In Iran Attack

    Israel Planned To Use Georgia Airbases In Iran Attack

    Ken Freeland made this compilation of relevant articles about the role of Israel in the Caucasian War:

    The Role of Israel in the Georgian War

    Two airfields in southern Georgia had been earmarked for the use of Israeli military aircraft, intended to launch an attack on identified targets relating to Iranian atomic energy projects. This attack was approved by President Bush in an undertaking with the government of Israel signed in Washington, D.C., on July 4, 2006 it is now believed that the Russian special forces have captured, intact, a number of the Israeli drones and, far more important, their radio controlling equipment… , units of the Russian air force bombed the Israeli bases in central Georgia and in the area of the capital, Tbilisi. They also severely damaged the runways and service areas of the two Georgian airbases designed to launch Israeli sir force units in a sudden attack on Iran.


  97. Lynda August 21, 2008 @ 4:23 pm

    Just can’t stand the stupidity of those who talk about Rome in such glowing terms..”

    Well, Fr. John. Crescit sub pondere virtus.

    The message that Roman Catholics holding to the Apostolic faith and tradition of the Western Patriarchate have for this website is to reiterate the almost universal testimony of the fathers of the early Church.

    In the latter times of the world, Rome will apostasize from the faith, drive away the Vicar of Christ and return to its ancient paganism. Henry Edward Cardinal Manning. The Present Crisis of the Holy See. 1861 A.D.

    The Roman Catholic Church in Eclipse publishes this warning to the House of faith – these our sad times are precisely the times that were foreseen. The Chair of Peter in Rome is overthown and an anti-papacy has been established over its temporal wreck. The Holy Father and his clergy are in exile from Rome.

    Please, note America The Beautiful, I am not saying Destroyed, I am not saying that Hell has prevailed. I am saying that the Chair in Rome is overthrown. The Holy Father is in exile and the Chair of Peter is at a location unknown for reasons that would not be difficult for the readers of RJN to understand.

    This has the gravest of consequences for all Christians – churches and Christian institutions because the antipapacy is seeking to find them all and meld them together with all religions (other than Judaism) into a one world ecumenical (universalist) religion of all faiths and nations. In the new world order Judaism will be “the royal priesthood and holy nation” with its Third Temple. The Gentile nations under the Noachide laws being everywhere legislated throughout the West will have the new universal religion and its pantheon of all gods. The seat of the Whore is and will be in Rome.

    Rome will be the seat of this universalist religion which is anti-christ. The novus ordo post conciliar Catholic Church is merely the transitional phase. But already the direction is clear. Pujah for Krishna at the new ‘tennis racket’ basilica at Fatima, the Bhudda on the high altar of Assissi, another talk-fest at the Oct Synod in Rome between the Rabbi Papal Knights and the representives of the Sanhedrin. They will be purging more remnants of the Roman Catholic faith from the liturgy of the Novus Ordo and configuring it to the Talmud.

    The Anti-pope wishes to extinguish all the Tradition that we have from the Apostles beginning with Rome. The Orthodox who are getting into ecumenical relations with him are walking into a trap.

    Again, let me repeat the words of Our Lady of Salette: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ. The Church will be in eclipse.”

    Pope Gregory XVI 1831 – 1846 speaking of our times in Mirari Vos: “Truly indeed we can say that this is the hour granted to the power of darkness to grind the elect as wheat.”

    The reader who thinks that God owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology should read the passages where our Lord reminds certain cities “that it will be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah” in a future unspecified time.

    The world now lies under the shadow of evil, cruelty and atrocities that are unimaginable because the Church the light of the world is in eclipse.

    It is over these times that Our Lady intends to Triumph through the Holy Rosary and the Scapular omnia instaurare in Christo – to the glory of Christ our King.

    This is the time to take refuge in the Immaculate Heart of our Queen magnifying Our Lord above all – on earth above all creatures and in heaven above all angels. Hold strongly to the faith and Tradition you have from our Lord and his Apostles. Say our Lady’s Rosary, practice the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, pray for the Holy Father in exile and all Church hierarchy struggling to save what can be saved of the holy faith of the flocks committed to their care.

    And do print out a pix of Br Nathanael and keep him in your prayers and between your phone and electricity bill because: Take note, Sodom and Gomorrah, he is coming to a median strip near you.

  98. Jim DeTexas August 21, 2008 @ 6:19 pm

    Can’t believe they bill that place (Las Vegas) as a family place. What a load of bull.

  99. Armenian August 21, 2008 @ 6:24 pm

    Hogwash James. He could arrest Abramovich and Frodkhorov right now, this minute, just like they did to Khordokovsky and just like they briefly held Kasparov. he had a chance to arrest Gusinsky as well, and Gusinsky is now marginalized to a semi-rich London suburbanite. or how about irdman or Derispaksa? he could get them this minute if he wanted to. or how about the Turk of Lukoil? or even the post Soviet Armenian fraudsters? I met a few, more disgusting than Jews.All those Oligarchs could be wiped off the earth today, but Putin allows it, I wonder if he is taking bribes.

  100. Michael August 21, 2008 @ 6:39 pm

    @ Armenian

    If Putin doesn’t arrest oligarchs doesn’t necessary mean he is taking bribes. I think he has his own reason do not arrest them now, wait. It is like using your trump card, or ace of trumps. Wait and he’ll take action needed in the right moment.

  101. james August 21, 2008 @ 6:42 pm

    200,000 out of 1,000,000 are Russian Orthodox Christians that’s a pretty big percentage of conversion one in five.

    I don’t think the picture is too bright for Russia looking at the international response and public opinion on this latest Georgian crisis.

    Russia should pre-empt NATO’s plan by a strategic dismantlement of its country territory into individual states that would be independent countries but form a strategic alliance where former Russia would still hold key land, sea and oil export routes.

    Its better that than CIA, MI6, etc sponsored proxy wars creating there own states capturing strategic natural resources for internationalists like they did in the Balkans. It would also save lives, preserving Russia’s ethnic populations and not be an economic burden being bogged down in costly and expensive wars.

  102. Greg August 21, 2008 @ 7:08 pm

    How can the international community really harm Russia? China won’t do anything to harm them. Syria won’t do anything to harm them. India won’t do anything to harm them. Iran won’t do anything to harm them. I don’t get how people think that NATO and the west has a trump card that they can use to cause harm to Russia. The American dollar is on the verge of collapse, the American military is overstretched and our equipment is in need of massive repair, our computer and satellite systems are easy to penetrate and put out of commission, thus making any war we start into one of conventional weapons only. Russia has every right to stand up to the idea of western military hardware being placed on its borders, just as the United States wouldn’t sit still if some bully nation decided to park their military hardware on the Mexican and Canadian borders.

  103. adora August 21, 2008 @ 7:49 pm

    America the Beautiful, do you believe that the Catholic church of today is the Peter church that Jesus was speaking of in the New Testament? I do not. The Peter church of the New Testament was wholesomeness and goodness. The Catholic church of today is gold crowns, wealth and power.

  104. Jim DeTexas August 22, 2008 @ 3:11 am

    Interesting data…

    If you click on the state name in this link you’ll find more data….

    By state/county, guess when the USA collapses we know where to go to beg for our supper.

  105. james August 22, 2008 @ 4:25 am


    Economic sanctions, traval restrictions, increased support of terrorism inside Russia’s borders, etc.

  106. Greg August 22, 2008 @ 8:55 am

    James, I would hope you are not insinuating that the nations of the world would support terrorism being directed at a single nation, as that would make the leaders international war criminals and Russia then would be perfectly legal to use any weapon including nuclear missiles upon any nation who was involved in such support. I cannot believe how you think like the elite, that for them the laws are meant to be broken, but for everyone else they must obey the laws.

  107. Fr. John August 22, 2008 @ 9:02 am

    Lynda- since Br. Nathanael has clearly stated that he wishes NO Roman apologetics on site, and castigated me (but mildly!) to avoid polemics of a theological nature, I merely remind you of what I said earlier, based on ONE statement of your post:

    “In the latter times of the world, Rome will apostasize from the faith, drive away the Vicar of Christ and return to its ancient paganism. Henry Edward Cardinal Manning. The Present Crisis of the Holy See. 1861 A.D.”

    The ‘latter times’ have been since at least 1100. Rome is no true Church. The filioque theology is a cancer that has a half-life of a thousand years, but it is still a cancer. Manning was deluded if he did not understand that then Patristic Fathers wrote BEFORE 100A.D. (most of them) and so, an event five hundred years into THEIR future, while in the dim past to us, does not negate the fact that Orthodoxy clearly states Rome apostatized roughly 100 A.D. and has stayed that way ever since.

    As to the ‘zombietime’ site, please, please view only the ‘blurred image’ site -if you do AT ALL. (which is what I would have advised) It is nothing but utter bestiality- these are not humans, but dogs, returning to their vomit. But i will point out that the ethnic nature of a number of the ‘participants enjoying themselves’ seemed decidedly ‘non Anglo-saxon’… even when they were ‘white’ racially. [Rev. 2:8,9] Is this merely a Corroboration of a thesis I have long held, and others have mentioned in books for over a thousand years? Clearly- but the proof of the ethnos is in the ski-jump… or hook, as the case may be… Now excuse me, I need to wash out my eyes, and visit my confessor.

  108. Fr. John August 22, 2008 @ 9:04 am

    typo- 1000A.D. not 100A.D. Sorry, LIke I said, my eyes need to weep tears of repentance for having viewed such evil….Jesus, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

  109. james August 22, 2008 @ 10:16 am


    I’m not insinuating that they “would” that they ARE and that they would INCREASE support of terrorism in Russia via Brezinski’s Chechen proxies or through NGO’s operating in Russia’s Caucus region.

    Camp Clinton bombed in Afghanistan in 98 after the Embassy bombings Chechen camps described in Paul Murphy’s book Wolves of Islam.

  110. Greg August 22, 2008 @ 10:53 am

    So then Clinton should have been brought up on war crimes in the international court. I still say that the western leaders are on the wrong side of the international law on this case of Georgia. It was the NATO forces that were attempting to establish military hardware bases all along the Russian border. The battles began by forces within NATO and not by Russia, and Russia only rightfully used their international law that gives them the right to self-defense. If China parked their military equipment along the Canadian and Mexican border of the United States and then started some battles, do you truly think that the United States President would ignore it?

  111. Lynda August 22, 2008 @ 11:03 am

    Fr John,

    Brother Nathanael stated that theological argument about the Filioque distracted from this thread on ‘The Zionist Hate Campaign Against Russia’. I did not respond to your arguments on the Aug 20 meltdown on his blogroll because this thought was also in my mind.

    However, Br Nathanael has always accepted comment on his reports from a Christian viewpoint: both generic and confessinal. There has been Protestant, Orthodox and Roman Catholic comment on his reports. And that is one of the features which makes this website completely unique and interesting – the Christian perspectives on cenored news.

    The website Catholic Voice U.K., deems Br Nathanael’s reporting and blog comment very relevant to the struggle for the Catholic faith and Tradition today. They have given him a link. And his link appears on several Patriot websites as well.

    As this site is read by many in the Patriot Movement, Veterans and Militia – we can all see the eyes glazing over if the threads meltdown in theological debate. Again, I see this as quite distinct from the intention to bring Christian perspective to topical reports.

    The B’nai B’rith coup d’etat in the 1958 Conclave is entirely relevant to this site. Also the anti-papacy – post 1958 – has been about the business of configuring Roman Catholic Faith and Morals to the Talmud. This is in complete contrast to previous and documented Church positions on the Synagoge and Freemasonry. So this material is relevant in my view. And I will post it unless I am directed otherwise by Br Nathanael.

    Your argument, however, is there is no such thing as Roman Catholic faith and morals. And I think that argument does belong on your own website.

  112. Jim DeTexas August 22, 2008 @ 2:57 pm

    ‘Human rights were violated’ in Ossetia – European watchdog….

    Vladimir Lukin added: “Many people had their rights violated, including the primary right to life, to housing, and so on. And this issue requires much attention – so we’ve come to find out what happened from that perspective.”


  113. Jim DeTexas August 22, 2008 @ 3:16 pm

    LaRouche – ‘US Closer To WWIII Than To Nov Elections’

    LaRouche – ‘US Closer To WWIII Than To Nov Elections’
    Do not put it past Vice President Dick Cheney and his British controllers to orchestrate a major provocation, while the Democrats are gathered in Denver next week. “This is an all-purpose go situation,” LaRouche warned.

    http://www. rense. com/general83/laro. htm

  114. George August 22, 2008 @ 3:16 pm

    Dear Fr John,

    The Church of Rome and the rest of the Orthodox Patriarchal Sees were obviously in schism since about the 1200’s, taking into account the delay in the other Patriarchal Sees severing communion with Rome. However we see many attempts to achieve unity – particularly in the 12th and 13th Centuries which however failed.

    Even if the Orthodox claim that the Church of Rome to have fallen from its Orthodox confessional since the Great Schism, the causes had very strong political drivers rather than simply matters of faith. Consider that the Filioque has its presence in Spain almost 500 years before the Great Schism yet the matter was ignored and not resolved until the Ecumenical Council under Patriarch Photios. Even then the presence of the Filioque was still tolerated.

    There have been many devout and saintly figures in the Western Church since the Great Schism which is a sign that God mercy was at work regardless. I will not sit back and appraise the spiritual qualities of each saintly character here. This is something each of us can do in their spare time and make their own conclusions.

    We also have many Western apparitions which forwarn of the Great Apostasy, yet these apparations blame the Great Apostasy on the lack of Christian outlook more than anything else.

    I can definetely see many Popes of Rome who were impious throughout history and committed acts that can not be reconciled with the teachings of the Church. But then again where there not the quite arrogant murderous Orthodox Patriarchs such as Theophilos of Alexandria, or the bishops who cruelly and unjustifiably “deposed” St John Chrysostom and sent him to exile?

    However the one thing that no-one can deny is that Vatican II was very different when studied in a historical perspective. It wasn’t simply a turning point of apparent dogmatical or political differences that could not be reconciled. It was rather the destruction of almost all of the Western Church at the hands of Freemasons and the promulgation of atheist ecumenist dogma. Suprisingly it is since this point that the Ecumenist-Orthodox world warmed up to the Vatican, “lifted” the mutual anathemas of 1054 and somehow surprisingly rediscovered their commonality of “faith”. Their commonality of faith however is discovered not in truth but in the dictates of Ecumenism and the Freemasonry lodges to which they all belong to!

    So if one is to be concerned for their salvation it is important that we distance ourselves from such a gross godless institution – the institution which the Revelations describes to us. And of course we live in times where unreserved faith in God, fervent prayer and a clear mind is ever more so necessary, otherwise we will become victims of our times and our efforts will all go to waste.

  115. Jim DeTexas August 22, 2008 @ 3:16 pm

    Link again…

  116. james August 22, 2008 @ 6:15 pm

    George Soros apparently funds Human Rights Watch is there any organisation the Rothschild’s don’t fund or there proxies.

    Does anyone know who funds Amnesty International?

    I’ve been trying to find out who is on its board of directors but they seamed to never have made it public. Odd for a supposed “independent and transparent” human rights organisation.

  117. JustAGoy August 22, 2008 @ 6:20 pm

    Hot off the press …

    Canadian Internet Service Provider Shuts Down Internet Hate Site

    “A quick responding Canadian Internet Service Provider (ISP) has closed down an Internet site promoting anti-Semitic hate after being alerted by Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC).

    When FSWC reported “” to its Canadian ISP, its content was reviewed and determined to violate the master service agreement as well as Canadian values.

    Although the Canadian ISP swiftly and decisively removed the offending site, within days, it reappeared on another server, this time in another country.”

  118. Greg August 22, 2008 @ 6:51 pm

    ROTFLMAO! LMAO! Damn they are funny in how they call the truth telling and questioning of Zionist behaviors as being “Extremist” or “Hate” I suppose they can explain themselves on why they say it is loving and compassionate to promote speech attacking Christians and Christian values. It never ceases to amaze me to watch how the elite bullies act when someone poses a threat to their kingdoms built solely upon deception and fraud.

    I wish to say a special “Thank You!” to Brother Nathanael for having the fortitude and strength to take a stand in the world today in these evil times.

    I chat nightly at an online chat website owned by a Jew and a Canadian woman, and both of them are as kind hearted as Brother Nathanael. They own the best internet chat website on the net, as when AT&T’s chat goes down people swarm into this family friendly site. You are all welcome to join it at .

  119. Greg August 22, 2008 @ 6:57 pm

    James, about Mr. Soros, he also is a major investor in GEICO insurance, which explains his elite attitude that is constantly bashing men as being stone age morons. If there ever is a hate law passed in the US, Soros should be the first person prosecuted for promotion of hate towards a whole gender of folks.

  120. james August 22, 2008 @ 7:12 pm


    I also know he funds and freerepublic, I think he also funded left wing Air America.

    Any info on Amnesty International?

    Brother Nathanael I have looked for articles about 200,000 Russian Orthodox Christians in Israel on google but can’t find any are you sure you’re correct?

  121. admin August 22, 2008 @ 8:36 pm


    Simon Weisenthal Center Pressure Canadian ISP To Ban ‘Real Jew News!’

    Simon Weisenthal Center is Slandeing Me With Lies! If I had the money I would sue the lying Zionist Jews!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner Reporting

  122. Jim DeTexas August 22, 2008 @ 9:12 pm

    @ Bro. Nathanael,

    Good to see your post, guess you didn’t get beat up nor jailed. Thanks be to God.

  123. Jim DeTexas August 22, 2008 @ 9:29 pm


    Why Oppose Food Irradiation?

    This is disgusting, and sad.

  124. Concrete man August 23, 2008 @ 2:22 am

    Hello folks,
    I was listening to Texe Marrs and he mentioned that the Russian president that Putin appointed is Jewish, and he suspects Putin is also Jewish. If this is true, how does one explain the theory that Putin is trying to get rid of the pernicious Jewish influence in Russia and fight back the Zionists in Geogia if Putin and Mr. M are Jews? Perhaps as Eustace Mullins points out in his classic book, Mullins’ History of the Jews, the prosperous German Jews during the pre WWII era who were well accepted by the Germans essentially hired Hitler in order to keep the unhygenic and barbaric Galacian Jews from immigrating to Germany since they would spoil the situation for the clean and prosperous German Jews. If this is true it makes a lot of sense. Maybe Putin is also a more virtuous Jew who is fed up with the really nasty type Jews.

    What say the well read foks on this list?

    Many thanks, Concrete man

  125. Greg August 23, 2008 @ 7:01 am

    Just take a look at the VP pick for Obama. He is a “fake” Catholic who attended a very well known Catholic organization. So with the Obama camp one sees the corrupted leaders in the Vatican getting their man. I wonder if McCain will pick someone like Lieberman as his VP?

  126. james August 23, 2008 @ 7:13 am

    @Concrete man

    Brother Nathanael has covered this issue many times. Putin is not Jewish and neither is Medvedev.

  127. Loren August 23, 2008 @ 10:15 am

    @ Bro. Nathanael,

    “If I had the money I would sue the lying Zionist Jews!”

    I understand your sentiment fully. I’ve been through a situation over the past two years that has left me basically bankrupted (even unable to file for bankruptcy) and unable to pay my debts, with calls everyday from debt collectors. If I had “the money”, I’d sue these bastards right into hell (including the debt collecting parasites) – but that’s after I would take away their businesses, their homes, their cars, their boats, their jewelry, their toys, the gold out of their teeth, even break up their families and throw them to the wind – all without one once of mercy !!!

    But I don’t have “the money” (because they took mine away through the taking away of my “worthless assets” worth tens of thousands!), so I have to rely upon a just God to pour out His wrath upon these unrepentants, if they should remain unrepentant.

    @ to all :

    We haven’t long to wait anymore, as the US economy is about to go down very soon (which will be like a sword cutting across the entire nation – so prepare to be “sliced and diced” – maybe as soon as September, seven years after 9-11), but which will be covered over via the impending “quickie” surgical strike against Iran, which will trigger a tailored response across several US cities from evil Islamic terrorists (ie, Mossad agents, Zionist dupes, and other like-minded conspirators and traitors) already positioned and operational within the US, which will trigger a full “lockdown” (and the freezing of all monies, including personal checking accounts) in the US and an all-out war in the Middle East, which will be used to usher in the New World Zionist-Occupational-Government Order (NW-ZOG-O) in its full splendor.

    9-11 took billions to plan, set in motion, and execute. The next 9-11 across multiple US cities has/will cost many billions more to do likewise. And whereas the first 9-11 has been successfully shown to be what it truly was (an “inside job”), this next 9-11 must be made “bullet-proof” in portraying it as Islamic terrorism, in order to “justify” the well-planned hellish horrors (including satanic sacrifices) that are to follow.

    9-11 was financed through the booming stock market of the mid-to-late 1990’s (billions bilked from investors), the “dot-com” bubble (that later burst, ie, billions stolen), the contrived Western US energy crisis of 2000-2001 (via Enron, etc, ie, billions “offshored” and “lost”), the closings of military bases across the nation (ie, billions shuffled into ..?.. with no oversight nor accountability), and black-ops budgets (billions authorized by Congress, drug running operations, prostitution, child sex, porn, slavery, gambling, etc) in coordination with a foreign government receiving preferential billions in US taxpayer “foreign aid”.

    The next 9-11 has been / will continue to be likewise funded. The stock market that thought it had no end in its upward recovery in the post 9-11 world has seen itself take heavy hits (billions stolen) in the past year or so. The housing mortgage bubble and now meltdown was a well-planned means to transfer (steal) billions (perhaps trillions) of US wealth into the coffers of those who have conspired to unleash the next 9-11 and drag the whole world into WWIII. Another round of military base closings has been performed during the past seven years, with no true accountability of funds “saved” (ie, transferred to the enacting of the next 9-11). And the energy crisis of the past year or so, via rising fuel costs, has brought the funding of the next 9-11 and subsequent unleashing of WWIII right to the finances of every person who has to fuel their vehicle and heat their home.

    We are being forced to finance our own demise !

    It’s time to Just Say NO !!!

    Regardless of the assurances, regardless of the band aids to “fix things”, the “system” is going down, and “they” are going to take everything you own unto their own ends. You will be left penniless, destitute, and thrown to the wolves. Worse, you may end up in a “Haliburton Hotel” (ie, prison/forced-labor camp) where you will be brutalized, tortured, and put to a long drawn-out grueling death.

    Pull your monies out of the “system” immediately (or just leave enough in the system to pay for immediate bills, etc). The “system” is set to go down anyway, and if “they” get to your monies/assets first, they win, you loose. With your monies safely in your possession, take the measures necessary to “fortify” your positions (extra food, clothing, medicines, fuel, ie, survival, even extra Bibles because “they” will be confiscating them, too, as “hate” speech).

    And when Blackwater shows up in your “hood”, treat them to “High Plains Drifter”.

    A great war is coming, America, and its coming for you … paid for by you. But you don’t have to roll over, spread your legs, and take it up your a##. If you go down, go down with dignity and honor and self-respect.


    God fought back! Day One of the Creation Account is not the act of God creating “light”. Day One is the act of God fighting back against the “darkness” of Genesis 1:2.

    God did NOT roll over and succumb to Lucifer’s Rebellion and resultant cosmic “war in the heavens”. He fought back … for YOU! So that YOU would have a future and a hope! Not so that you would become a dupe/slave to the NW-ZOG Order and burn in hell for eternity!

    If you’re not right with God, get right NOW!!! Get on your knees, repent, and pray. Ask Jesus into your heart if you haven’t done so already. And then pray some more. And then prepare, as Joseph wisely prepared for the seven lean years. If you can, prepare with “extra” so you can be of help, assistance, and witness unto your neighbors that may not be able to prepare.

    Go with God, with His Light, Love, and Law written on your hearts. And remember, YOU were destined to rule and reign with His Son, Jesus Christ, from “In the beginning”. Don’t let anyone take that glorious future away from you, no matter what the temporary temporal cost may be, even if that cost should be your life in this life.

    God bless always and may He keep your soul unto Eternity with Him, His Son, and the Holy Ghost.


  128. Jim DeTexas August 23, 2008 @ 10:55 am

    I was thinking more like March. Give them a chance to have thier Zoinist king in place.

  129. Greg August 23, 2008 @ 11:41 am

    Russian nuclear threat means more than just words, it means that Putin and the other leaders will not accept a zionist new world order without a fight. And if the leaders in Israel were smart and could contain their egos for a moment, they would know that God promised a battle with the Russians lead military might against the zionist anti-Christian kingdom. In that battle the zionists are told to lose almost all of their economic and military structure in exchange for the destruction of Syria. The stage is being assembled for the second to last battle of mankind with the recent changes in the superpower forces of the world. The United States is far weaker than the zionist media wants to portray us as being. I see an EMP attack on our own land as well as a massive wipeout of much of Israel and it’s leaders in the near future, as the scripture speaks that such will be happening right soon.

  130. Jim DeTexas August 23, 2008 @ 12:21 pm


    BOMBSHELL: Barack Obama Is Not a US Citizen, Not Eligible to be US President.

  131. Greg August 23, 2008 @ 2:33 pm

    Joe Biden is an admitted zionist! Who ever would have figured this to be true?

  132. JustAGoy August 23, 2008 @ 4:08 pm

    What do RJN readers think about Michael Hoffman? I was thinking about getting his new book Judaism Discovered in order to learn more, but I wanted to know whether or not the knowledgeable readers here consider him credible? This book appears to be the first to be banned by Amazon. Thanks for your thoughts.

  133. Jim DeTexas August 23, 2008 @ 4:59 pm


    Controlled Media Suppresses cientist’s ‘Big Secret’

    Although we are not likely to ever know whether accused anthrax terrorist Bruce Ivins really committed suicide, one particularly interesting aspect of the case has been buried by the mass media in America.

    Clearly, the masters of the media determined that American newspaper readers had the right to know the most personal details of Ivins’ life, but chose not to permit those readers to know of the pro-Israel ideological fervor that drove Ivins to mask his murderous attacks as the work of Muslim terrorists.


  134. Russian Orthodox August 23, 2008 @ 6:59 pm

    KIEV, August 22 (RIA Novosti) – Ukraine’s opposition party has pledged to send 365 neckties to Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who was recently caught on camera nervously chewing his garment while discussing the Georgian-Russian conflict.

    Saakashvili has caused an internet sensation with his tie-chewing antics, captured during a phone conversation with a top Western official and aired by the BBC, and also over footage of him running in apparent terror after speaking to reporters, believing he was about to be attacked by Russian planes.

    Party of Regions lawmaker Boris Kolesnikov told a crowd of supporters in the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk: “We have already bought Saakashvili spiked running shoes, similar to those worn by the Jamaican sprinter who won the Olympic 100 meters. We will also buy him 365 neckties, so that he will have enough to chew on every day of the year.”


  135. pizza August 23, 2008 @ 7:22 pm

    Lynda.The Pope in Red circus have not presented a reasonable rhetoric about why further curial papal appointments since the death of Cardinal Siri are not valid.If Benedict was legitimately appointed then he is the Pope. Not some appointee by someone unknown to all and then only according to rumor. Also all three of his predecessors fit the Malachy code, only John xx111 could be seen as as an interloper according to this code and even then it is ambivalent, probably intentionally so, to acknowledge the schism.
    The very fact that Christ promised continuity to the church supports all of the above and none of the so called “hidden Pope” agenda. Popes in ages past were not illegitimate because of the inlerloping anti-popes, as well as naming even these anti-popes in his foreward history Malachy was spot on with regards even the current Pope, who is struggling to restore the true faith….and succeeding. Don Boscos dreams are relevant here concerning the papacy.
    We will know if his sucessor is the last true Pope or PeterII is simply a forgery. I suspect the former in which case the antichrist ant-ipope will on his death assume power for but 1 hour.
    Peace. Regards.

  136. admin August 23, 2008 @ 7:47 pm

    Dear JustAGoy –

    Judaism Discovered by Michael Hoffman @ is a great book! I have it and will soon be doing “reviews” on it.

    But that will in no way replace reading the book. +BN

  137. Lynda August 23, 2008 @ 8:30 pm

    Dear Pizza,

    If you think Benedict is a ‘Restorer’, by all means please follow the upcoming Oct Synod wherein more of the Apostolic Tradition will be purged in favour of the Talmud. The Rabbi Papal Knights will be to the fore! There may even be more prayers in the synagogue for the righteous Mashiach awaited by the Jews.

    Pizza, take notice that Roman Catholics do not pray for the coming of a natural messias of Jewry and the establishment of ‘courts of justice’ for the Noachide nations. Don’t just take my word for this – check it out for yourself in the Letters of 1 and II Peter.

    I am sure this website will also be following those events.

  138. Jim DeTexas August 24, 2008 @ 2:46 am

    This is so rich it makes your teeth hurt lol

    Feds: Fire took down building next to twin towers

    Scientists with the National Institute of Standards and Technology say their three-year investigation of the collapse determined the demise of WTC 7 was actually the first time in the world a fire caused the total failure of a modern skyscraper.


  139. jonas the prophet August 28, 2008 @ 11:18 am

    Russia, China and Iran- as well as all other free, sovereign states that fight against jewish world tyranny-
    have a right and an obligation to defend themselves from Jewish sponsored nuclear terrorism:

    US Nuclear Terrorism

    “the Bomb has changed everything save our mode of thinking…
    thus we drift towards unparralled catastrophe” -Albert Einstein


    The United States of America is the #1 Terrorist nation on Earth. This fact is now indisputable.

    As the military enforcement arm of the new world order which is based in Europe and headquartered in the United Kingdom, the USA weilds enough nuclear firepower to destroy the world dozens of times over. In threatening the peoples and nations (and all life) on Earth with thermonuclear annihilation on a Daily basis, the USA is, by definition, the world’s chief sponsor and proliferator of International State Terror worldwide.

    With an annual $400 billion dollar military budget (more than the defense budgets of every other nation on Earth combined) the USA, on behalf of the New World Order, has declared war on the poor, destitute masses of the world who dare challenge the corrupt, decadent, elitist, exploitative, earth-destroying practices, policies, lifestyles and international corporate financial interests of the top 1%.

    Since 9/11, which they themselves planned and orchestrated, the world’s elite have formally put the world’s poor and destitute in the crosshairs of THEIR weapons of mass destruction. This has always been the ‘raison de-tre’ of nuclear weaponry- to defend the power, priviledge and wealth of the ultra-rich from everyone else…

    Especially targeted now are the American citizenry, since they have (in theory, at least) the greatest level of freedom and potential to challenge, disrupt, dismantle and eventually overthrow the established social, economic and political oligarchy now in power. The so-called USA “Patriot Acts” are merely legistlative efforts designed to criminalize and eventually eliminate this American threat to the world’s rulers.

    But make absolutely no mistake about it, the American power structure, on behalf of the New World Order, WILL use weapons of mass destruction on the American people and American cities- under the guise of Islamic terrorism- and are actively working to bring that about if they are not stopped.

    Thus said, its high time the USA Patriot Act be invoked, on behalf of the interests of US Homeland Security, to immediately classify President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Powell, Attorney General Ashcroft, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Assistant Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz and the rest of the fascist right-wing “Neo-Con” establishment, as supreme “terrorists” and “enemy combatants” of the State. Let them be immediately arrested, bound and gagged, and sent to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to be brought before a proper international criminal court of justice, and if found guilty, taken out and summarily executed.


    Steve Jones
    Colorado FIRST STRIKE Project
    P.O. Box 1193
    Nederland, Colorado 80466




    1. US Space Command: Vision 2020

    2. The Nuclear Threat:(Re-Visited)

    3. NPRI (Nuclear Policy Research Institute)
    Attn: Dr Helen Caldicott
    1925 ‘K’ St- NW, Suite 210, Washington, DC 20006 USA

    4. Israeli Nuclear Terrorism

    5. Federation of American Scientists (FAS)
    1717 ‘K’ St-NW, Suite 209, Washington, DC 20036 USA

    6. International Criminal Court (ICC)
    Maanwag, 174
    2516 AB The Hague
    Netherlands, European Union

    7. Anglo-Semitic Kingdom of Man on Earth

    8. Project for a New American Century (PNAC)
    1150 17th St- NW, Suite 510, Washington, DC 20036 USA

    9. Nuclear Policy Review (Doctrine of Nuclear Pre-emption/FIRST STRIKE)

    10. Nuclear Free Zones Worldwide
    c/o Abolition 2000
    532 W. 8th St, Erie, Pennsylvania 16502 USA

    11. Greenpeace International/Nuclear Campaign
    Keizersgracht 176
    1016 DW Amsterdam, Netherlands, European Union

    12. Hague Appeal for Peace
    c/o IWTC
    777 UN Plaza, New York, New York 10017 USA

    13. Center for Defense Information (CDI)
    1779 Massachussetts Ave- NW, Washington, DC 20036 USA

    14. Prophet’s Scroll Down Page
    URL of this page:

  140. pizza August 28, 2008 @ 5:08 pm


    How do you come off calling me kabalistic….simply because I don’t believe your wacko notion that the real pope is in hiding, no one knows, not even the likes of you, who he is, and he has no communication with anyone on the outside, and that even by your own sources this is nothing more than innuendo and rumor to begin with.

    If there was such a pope he would be making use of the internet at the very least, as some other wacko pretenders have done and continue to do, instead of burying himself in a hole hiding from no one in particular.

    If you’d studied my last post instead of summarily dismissing it you would see, with the help of a few Rosaries that what it is saying is the truth. Benedictus does not need my testimony he stands for truth and the truth is his sole defence against the world, the devil and apostates.

    He is in the process of restoring….notice I said HE is in the process of restoring…not the curia, not the cardinals and bishops or priests of the world. He is 83. He has been in the job just 3 years.

    Get a clue, then get a grip.

    Now, what this has to do with Real Jew News? The pope lives by the Gospel–love your enemies. This is what he has endeavoured to do by visiting the Jewish synagogue in New York. But he does not compromise with them.

    His trip to Jerusalem some time ago was cancelled when the Jews would not remove an exhibit in the Holocaust Museum suggesting he was a Nazi.

  141. Russ Hallberg Jr January 22, 2011 @ 3:46 am

    Christian/mystic psychic Edgar Cayce said that Russia would someday become a beacon of freedom and democracy. Cayce was rated as highly accurate when it came to socio-political predictions.

    War won’t solve anything and only feeds the demons of human sacrifice. We can end the power of the Rothschild banking system by exposing and litigating against their greatest asset: Adolph Rothschild Hitler.

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