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Obama Losing To China & Russia In Afghanistan

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AS OBAMA PREPARES TO INCREASE US TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN, both Russia and China have been making strategic inroads into the war-torn country.

Although the Jewish-occupied media, such as the Wall Street Journal, reported on September 21, 2009, that Obama “questions the Pentagon’s plan to add forces in Afghanistan,” this is nothing more than deception and typical ‘Obama staging.’

Obama is owned by the Military/Zionist complex and we must not fall for his lies and deceit. There WILL be a troop increase in Afghanistan, as US commander General Stanley McChrystal is now urging in his ‘leaked’ 66 page ‘confidential’ report to Obama, published by the Jew-owned New York Times on September 20, 2009.

The article quotes McChrystal as saying, “Without additional troops within the next year the conflict will result in failure.”

In other words, Obama has received his marching orders both from the Pentagon and the Jews who own the propaganda machine in our post-modern, fascist-tending America. Eurasia is the chess board and Obama is in the game with weapons of mass destruction.


RUSSIA SIGNALED ITS RE-ENTRY into Afghanistan in February of 2007 when Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visited Kabul to reopen the Russian embassy and meet with Afghan President Karzai. During the visit, Lavrov offered Russian military assistance through the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) to “help establish the organs of government.”

Both Russia and China are seeking to gain a greater foothold in Afghanistan – hoping to augment the role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as an essential player in any settlement of the Afghan question.

Although military assistance to Afghanistan could only come from Russia, the official reporting presents it as an initiative of the CSTO (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan). The delegation held meetings with these countries’ embassies in Kabul in March of 2007. At the same time, representatives from the Zionist-controlled West were NOT invited.

MOSCOW HAS PUT ZIONIST-OCCUPIED AMERICA on the defensive by helping Afghanistan. For its part, Russia cannot allow Pentagon-led NATO to establish itself between Russia, China and Iran – as this would give the US a greater influence in the region.

Moscow is now closely watching the Pentagon’s recent plan to deploy elite Special Forces in the Central Asian states to conduct “foreign internal defense missions” — military shorthand for the “spreading of democracy” by guns, bombs and drones.

NATO, for its part, following the advice of Zbigniew Brzezinski in his CFR report, An Agenda For Nato, is currently seeking to ‘cooperate‘ with Russia so as to (in Brzezinski’s own words), “facilitate the fading of Russia’s lingering imperial ambitions.” (Putin is too smart to fall for this one Zbig, try again.)

Russia’s growing trade with Afghanistan is intensifying America’s fear of Moscow’s control of Central Asia. In 2008, Russian-Afghan trade rapidly increased to over $190 million. The May 14, 2009 Russian-Afghan Forum, the first of its kind, is confirmation of Russia’s desire to further economic relations with Afghanistan.

Kabul prefers trade with Moscow over Washington due to Putin canceling Afghanistan’s Soviet-era debt and his aid “to rehabilitate the country” — while the US, looked upon as foreign invaders, has contributed nothing to develop Afghanistan’s infrastructures.


AFGHANISTAN IS SITTING ON A WEALTH of mineral reserves — perhaps the richest in the region.

“Significant deposits of copper, iron, gold, oil and gas, and coal — as well as precious gems such as emeralds and rubies — are largely untapped and still being mapped,” Minister of Industries Mohammad Ibrahim Adel told the Associated Press.

In November 2008, a 30-year lease for the Aynak copper mine was offered to the China Metallurgical Group Corporation in its tender of a $3.5 billion bid. CMGC began work along with its subsidiaries on July 13, 2009. Phelps Dodge, whose principal holder is the Zionist Jewish Rothschild dynasty, was pre-empted in the bidding by the Chinese conglomerate.

The copper field is estimated to be the largest undeveloped field in the world and has been virtually untouched since the Soviet invasion in 1979. The investment by China is the largest in Afghanistan’s history and involves not only mining but also the construction of a $500 million electrical plant and a railway into Pakistan to support exploration.

The Aynak mine, just south of Kabul in the Logar province, will be in full operation in 2015, leading to the employment of 10,000 Afghans, while $400 million of royalties will accrue to the Afghan government yearly – more than half of the present yearly state budget.

Since the mining award, China has increased its activities in Afghanistan. Chinese companies are currently implementing digital telephone switches, developing the Parwan irrigation project, restoring the water supply in Parwar province, as well as building hospitals and schools in Kabul and Kandahar – none of which – America and NATO has contributed to, only bloodshed and the massacre of hundreds of civilians.

Many factors indicate that China is set to increase its investments in Afghanistan in the near future. Afghanistan has unexplored reserves of oil, natural gas, iron ore and gold, of which, China is seeking to develop with their unending supply of money.

CHINA ENJOYS A COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE over other foreign investors since its roof on spending is virtually limitless.

This serves to enhance Beijing’s position as “developer of choice” over America which is now bankrupt and depends on China to support its own debt. (China is now outmaneuvering America in its own backyard in trade agreements with both Cuba and oil-rich Venezuela.)

China’s ability to outbid its competitors such as Phelps Dodge has been met with resentment in American military circles. Pentagon officials recently stated that “the Afghan government’s decision to award the Aynak copper mining contract to China is worse than first reported.”

For handing over a huge investment to a Chinese company instead of America demonstrates the independent political power of Kabul to make decisions based on its policy to improve the standard of living – something which Washington has ignored in its “spreading of democracy” through Zionist-funded militarism. View Entire Story Here.

IN OTHER WORDS, the Jewish-occupied (and bankrupt) America is running scared before a WEALTHY China and an EMERGING Russia…


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Brother Nathanael @ September 21, 2009


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  2. john king September 21, 2009 @ 9:52 am

    Excellent article.

    It appears that the Afghanis are becoming ever wiser.

    Through their actions they are demonstrating the obvious, that allowing zionist-occupied U.S. in your country means only one thing: death, destruction and a return to the stone age. The only side getting richer in this transaction are U.S. defense contractors like Boeing and Raytheon.

    Through their actions China and Russia are sincerely showing their desire to bring peace to Afghanistan and to *raise* the standard of living. Washington is frantic about its loss of *control.*

    Let’s hope that the Afghanis will soon tell the Americans “Get out of our country.”

    Russia and China understand that the only way to make friends is to win them over with kindness.

  3. United-Socialist-Front-for-2012-Elections September 21, 2009 @ 11:46 am


    More than 3000 people died on September 11, 2001. They came from more than 90 countries, so we can stop saying “how could they murder 3000 Americans”. This was an assault on the world that just happened to be in America. Millions have died since in the imperialistic wars of aggression that have followed. The possible reason behind this was to insure they had the world’s attention. It worked.

    What do we know for sure? IT WAS NOT DONE BY OSAMA BIN LADEN OR 19 FANATICAL AL QUAIDA! Some say Bush / Cheney did it. No they were merely the figureheads during the attacks. Nothing has changed. The hidden hand of neoliberal capitalism is the instigation of all of this. Profit at all costs, the bottom line. Like Vladimir Lenin said that capitalism is horror without end.

    The US Govenment is bought and paid for, they do not represent the US public they represent the capitalist class and their interests. Barak Obama is a capitalist, he promised a changed which would be socialism. He promised “change we could believe in”. End torture, stop wiretaps without warrants, end the Middle East wars, basically reverse all of the Bush administration’s capitalist-criminal practices. Not only did he break all of the above promises but he intensified the Afghan campaign bringing higher death tolls to both soldiers and civillians.

    If their timetable was 10 years for the pre-planned demolition of America is right on track for those that started this madness.

    September 11, 2001 was a seminal moment for all of this world’s occupants. For most people in the US, they carry on watching the fluff that passes for news on the MSM. They all know the latest celebrity that has died, thrown into re-hab, charged with dui who married/slept with/dumped/murdered (hi O.J.) whom. This was all created to distract.

    In the third world their only concerns are staying alive and free of tyranny. That tyranny has arrived in the US, this will be the test country to form the New World Order. For if it fails in North America it will fail everywhere and those that are the Powers That Be will not let that happen. It is said to find the culprit follw the money. Duh. Banksters are the root of all evil that befalls us all. We were lied to from birth about the world around us. Yes folks we are in our own version of the matrix.

    Information is our weapon. The 9/11 truth movement coalesced rather quikly following the twin towers demise. I sreamed at the TV news cast during the announcement of Anthrax attacks. ENOUGH!!! was my only thought. We all started to question everything, Bin Laden video/ invade Afghanistan Oct. 2001. Anthrax Oct 2001 / Patriot (how utterly Orwellian) Act, DC Snipers, nothing left to chance.

    They rule by fear. It is the fear that will drive most people to believe that the government would never do harm to it’s citizens by way of mandated (forced) injections. Monetary controls, check points, searching bank, medical, library , school, phone, travel, email, postal records. Perpetual confinement without recourse or representation.

    Obama is willing to keep people in prision without a trial because the evidence is weak and they were tortured for this weak evidence for the purpose of show trial to keep the population believing in a fairy tale. In the US anyone can now be locked up forever for thinking.

    The only change that will ever happen is if WE make the change. That’s right all you internet warriors, this is real. We came together under unusual circumstances, an understanding that something was not right. Bolstered by your inner sense that forced you into the position of helping stop all that is wrong with this picture.

    We do not agree on all points except one, THE WORLD TRADE CENTER WAS DESTOYED BY THE POWERS THAT BE. Plane / no plane. Flt 77 / missile. Thermite vs. mininuke. Brush that all aside people we are the cutting edge, we formed because of it. We are the new movement that will shape our children’s future so they can carry on the fight. We are the leaders that are bringing the fight to them. Do not fear them, loathe them and never forget the hate. Let the rage inside come out. Scream out load I’m mad as hell.

    I shall never surrender and I know if you are reading this you won’t either. Nothing has changed with Obama. The USA still has a capitalist system intact, which benefits the upper classes and buries the exploited workers and peasants.

    And I think that the middle-class of USA is blocking a change. The middle-classes of USA don’t want USA to get economically better. The middle-classes of USA conspire to support the bankruptcy of the United States by voting every 4 years for Democrats and Republicans.

    What we need is a workers-council state in USA. A government ruled by workers while at the same time on the economic side: the mega corporations of USA like Wal-Mart, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Mcdonalds, General Electric, etc. owned by workers, thru the system of “workers control of production” (Workers management/workers-ownership), or “Workers stock ownership” however you want to label it.

    “The dictatorship of the proletariat is a stubborn struggle, bloody and bloodless, violent and peaceful, military and economic, educational and administrative against the forces and traditions of the old society.” -Lenin

    The dictatorship of the proletariat is the instrument of the proletarian revolution, its organ, its most important mainstay, brought into being for the purpose of, firstly, crushing the resistance of the overthrown exploiters and consolidating the achievements of the proletarian revolution, and secondly, carrying the revolution to the complete victory of socialism.

    The dictatorship of the proletariat arises not on the basis of the bourgeois order, but in the process of the breaking up of this order, after the overthrow of the bourgeoisie, in the process of the expropriation of the landlords and capitalists, in the process of the socialisation of the principal instruments and means of production, in the process of violent proletarian revolution

    Under capitalism the exploited masses do not, nor can they ever, really participate in governing the country, if for no other reason than that, even under the most democratic regime, under conditions of capitalism, governments are not set up by the people but by the Rothschilds and Stinneses, the Rockefellers and Morgans.

    Democracy under capitalism is a dictatorship really, it is a dictatorship of the exploiting minority, based on the restriction of the rights of exploited majority and directed against this majority.

    Only under a socialist system there are real liberties for the exploited and real participation of the workers in governing the country possible. Under socialism, democracy is workers democracy, the democracy of the exploited majority, based on the restriction of the rights of the exploiting rich minority and directed against this minority.

    The dictatorship of the proletariat cannot arise as the result of the peaceful development of bourgeois society and of bourgeois democracy; it can arise only as the result of the smashing of the bourgeois state machine, the bourgeois army, the bourgeois bureaucratic apparatus, the bourgeois police.

    Therefore, Lenin is very right in saying: “The proletarian revolution is impossible without the forcible destruction of the bourgeois state machine and the substitution for it of a new one” (see Vol. XXIII, P. 342)

    What we need is workers-power, soviet power as the state form of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The victory of the dictatorship of the proletariat signifies the suppression of the bourgeoisie, the smashing of the bourgeois state machine and the substitution of proletarian democracy for bourgeois democracy

    Stop reading conspiracy-theory websites such as, and Only socialism can get us out of this hell we are all trapped in.

    Let other people you know learn about socialism! Spread the word… the more people who know the truth, the greater the force against the capitalist system! Resistance forever!

    Here are a good links toward the introduction of socialist ideology (The only solution for the United States):

  4. KathJuliane September 21, 2009 @ 11:58 am

    Dear BN+

    Truly a great piece. We in RZN family and “Christian America” need to hear these things.

    Our Lord Jesus several times used money and “economic” parables to build the base to get His further teachings across about spiritual debts and forgiveness. Our Lord taught many cautions about serving Mammon in the lust for material power and wealth vs. serving God seeking after spiritual riches.

    I was most struck by Russia’s forgiveness of the Soviet-era war debts charged to Afghanistan, with no strings attached. My first thought was “What a Christian thing to do!”

    In a very real way, by forgiving Afghanistan’s material debt, Russia with her rising Christian culture and principles again, is indirectly acknowledging a spiritual debt to the Afghanistan people for their share of responsibility in the war and ravages, of which sadly the Zionist-controlled US imperium is also greatly to blame with Zbig’s “Cold War” politics.

    Jesus Christ in the parable of the Unjust Steward told His disciples a striking thing:

    “And I say to you, make friends for yourselves by unrighteous mammon, that when you fail, they may receive you into an everlasting home.”

    “He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.”

    Therefore if you have not been faithful in unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own?”

    The steward in the parable is unjust in his actions, which the Lord does not condone, but his shrewdness is praised. This is meant as a lesson for Christian believers, who ought to be as shrewd about their pursuit of godliness as unbelievers are about their businesses.

    At verse 16:9, the Lord’s reference to unrighteous mammon is a warning about the dangers of money, which can corrupt. Jesus Christ emphatically points out that the right use of wealth is to make friends among the poor and needy by sharing it with them. At death, these poor friends will be the first to welcome their benefactor into the eternal Kingdom.

    Political cynics, of course, point out that such an action on Russia’s part is to shrewdly curry favor by cultivating kindness. But what is wrong with that as long as it is genuine kindness done with the sense of restoring dignity to a people?

    Economically, much is forgiven of the Afghan people. As our Lord pointed out, who will be the more loved? The one who forgives much or the one who forgives little?

    More than that, however, the forgiveness of the Soviet war-debt is just in God’s economy of things. Certainly Russia hopes by such action that eventually she, too, will be invited in to do business in Afghanistan because of a more “favorable” atmosphere. Deeper than that, there seems to be a genuine desire for eventual healing between the two countries, as well as the much larger picture of stabilization of what is a very real concern in a volatile region of Central Asia.

    As for China, she has her own national agenda and timetable as well, but one of the notable things that she shows us is that her dealings are strictly trade and business with defined contracts, leases and parameters. Benefitting the local economy, creating jobs, building an infrastructure, and teaching skills among the indigenous people as a part of doing business and trade is certainly in China’s best interests.

    Neither in Sudan or now in Afghanistan, is China interested in the Zionist-US obssession with military demolition and colonial “nation building” all for the sake of “democracy”.

    Once in world affairs, “Christian America” was much loved and trusted. Right after WW1 and the devastations of Turkey, the Caucasus and Armenia, American charitable and military missions went into the area seeing it as a duty, and to explore the region’s request to the League of Nations to establish a US Mandate.

    Sick of European colonialism and generations of living under imperialistic yokes, the common people, based simply on our reputation as trustworthy and just people who had lived among them dealing with the ravages, said “We will have no one else but the Americans for any Mandates.”

    The Powers that Be manipulated things otherwise.

    It is my prayer that someday, America can be loved again, and not feared.

    Peace to all in our Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. N6J September 21, 2009 @ 12:38 pm

    Congratulations to everyone who managed to read through a couple of lengthy expositions to get to this comparatively brief statement:

    It is not so much the economic system which enhances or diminishes an individual’s standard of living. GREED is the underlying value. There are GREEDY capitalists as there have been GREEDY communist/socialists. Examples abound. Eliminate GREED and you improve everyone’s chances for a better life.

    Outlaw USURY while establishing a money supply with some porportionality to economic progress and perhaps — perhaps — suffering around the world is reduced.

    In our lifetime? Think further out and under different “Management.”

  6. Michael K. September 21, 2009 @ 1:13 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Your most recent article was surprisingly informative. The existence of this whole dimension of trade and co-operation in the country of Afghanistan really gives a sense of the bigger picture, as does the constant focus on Christianity here, and what it means.

    Dear United Socialist Front,

    I am truly puzzled, not at the suggestion of Socialist change, but at the presumptuous use of the term, “the dictatorship of the proletariat”. First of all, who really wants a dictator? Usually a dictator is considered a bad thing, and I though the resemblance of our nation to a dictatorship was shocking enough without actually validating the notion of dictatorship formally and suggesting it be imposed in a sanguine coup.

    In response to the implied question “Okay, what would you do, oh critic?”, I would suggest that people adopt tactics of passive resistance and evasion to any laws “repugnant to the Constitution”, (Marbury v. Madison).

    If self-imposing authorities become lawless, attempting to assault or molest Citizens, it is than that the Second Amendment offers guidance.

    I also believe that the middle class is the thing which will eventually respond to the crisis in a way that brings our values back to the center and lawfully compels the Upper Class (whom it is I suggest that YOU work for, ultimately, as the ‘proletariat’ doesn’t sponsor activists) to return stolen property and submit to de-cartelization. Either that, or we will die trying, which would be better that living in an insane state of permanent “Change” and “Revolution”. Get me off this ferris wheel!

    I hope you consider the present existence of laws too many to enumerate, which only need someone to enforce them. And if corruption reigns in the ‘world of mammon’, how much further will it go in the world of the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’, where there is no limit, such as pecuniary cost, to what a person might think up and do?

    Without ethics, both systems fail. And it is endemic in man to be tempted often and severely. Beware of the man who would wipe away ‘Old Laws’ in place of new ones. To do this is to announce that the new law is no law at all, but sheer force in service of arbitrary will.

    What man is wise enough to be ‘Judge, Jury, and Executioner’? Does not the mere temptation frighten you?

  7. The Prodigal Son September 21, 2009 @ 1:22 pm

    “Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”
    – Matthew 7:20

    When Russia was controlled by the Bolsheviks (‘Jews’), their deeds spoke loudly and clearly…

    Likewise – with America being controlled by the ‘Jews’, their fruits are also plain for all to see.

    Now with Russia having forgiven Afghanistan’s debt, they are showing BY THEIR FRUITS that the ‘Jews’ are no longer in control there.

    The ‘Jews’, of course would never forgive a debt ! Especially a debt owed to them by the people they term as ‘heathen’ and ‘goyim’ (ALL non-‘Jews’)!

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Their (the ‘Jews’) problem is that they run a country in the same way as a thief would advise you to drive a car…

    “Drive it like you stole it !”

    And isn’t that the truth ? Didn’t they steal Russia from it’s people ?

    Haven’t they stolen America and Canada ?

    And isn’t it crystal clear that they’re driving these nations like they belong to someone else ? Like they’re STOLEN ?

    Luckily for the world (they thought they had it made – they thought they had already won !), they drove the stolen vehicle that was the U.S.S.R. – RIGHT INTO THE GROUND !

    Russia’s ‘Super-Deep’ oil wells have proven the myth of ‘peak-oil’ to be a fraud, and have catapulted them to the lead in worlwide oil production… they have even surpassed Saudi Arabia !

    Russia’s actions on the worldwide stage are clearly Christian, as evidenced by their ongoing protection of the people of Iran.

    (If it wasn’t for Russia, Iran would have been attacked ALREADY ! Now there is much talk – but they do not dare to attack !)

    May God continue to strengthen Holy Russia, and may she be a shining example of what REAL CHRISTIANS DO – good, not evil… provide, not steal… feed, not starve… and protect innocent people, not kill them !

    What are the ‘Jewish’ controlled U.S., Canada, Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, etc. ACTUALLY DOING ?

    Stealing from people, starving people and killing people ! Killing CIVILIANS indiscriminately !

    And the whole world watches…

    “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”

  8. KathJuliane September 21, 2009 @ 1:33 pm

    Dear United Socialist Front:

    On a bleak, cold January day in 1873 a small stocky, totally unimpressive man stood at the dock of the Moscow District Court. Sergey Genaidievich Nechayev was charged with the murder of an obscure revolutionary student named Ivan Ivanov who had been plotting the overthrow of the Tsarist regime.

    By far the most important document found by police in relation to Nechayev during their raid on the Moscow bookshop was one written in code in the Russian language.

    It was called the ‘Revolutionary Catechism’. In it Nechayev lays bare the one, all-consuming purpose of his life – the study of the “science of destruction”.

    He wrote: “The only form of revolution beneficial to the people is one which destroys the entire state to the roots and exterminates all the state traditions, institutions and classes…. Day and night [the revolutionary] must have but one thought, one aim – merciless destruction…for him morality is everything which contributes to the triumph of the revolution. Immoral and criminal is everything that stands in its way.”

    Nechayev assures us that, in the long run, he and his comrades have “no other aim than the complete liberation and happiness of the masses” with the revolutionary’s self-deceiving god-like powers.

    People wondering at the astounding power of Communism need do so no longer. It begins with the transformation of a spiritually destitute Nihilistic individual into a destructive revolutionary, using a strange process of dehumanization. Apollyon, the Destroyer, is the revolutionary’s idolatrous god.

    According to the Revolutionary Catechism, “Our task is terrible, total, universal, and merciless destruction”, all for the aim of “the complete liberation of the masses – ie., of the people who live by manual labor.”

    Elsewhere he writes: “Convinced that their emancipation and the achievement of this happiness can only come about as a result of an all-destroying popular revolt, the Society (Nechayev’s revolutionary group) will use all of its resources and energy toward increasing and intensifying the evils and miseries of the people until at least their patience is exhausted and they are driven to a general uprising.”

    “By a revolution the Society does not mean an orderly revolt according to the classic western model – a revolt which always stops short of attacking the rights of property and the traditional social systems of civilization and morality…. The only form of revolution beneficial to the people is one which destroys utterly the entire state to the roots and exterminates all the traditions, institutions and classes in Russia.”

    Lenin was an ardent student of the writings of the madman Nechayev, applying his instructions to every aspect of his life with fanatical missionary zeal. The Catechism transformed Lenin into a ruthless, murderous monster. The Catechism provided Lenin with the vehicle to transform Marx’s lifeless theories into a very deadly reality.

    As Nechayev wrote and Lenin emulated to such epic proportions, “The revolutionary despises all doctrines and refuses to accept the mundane sciences. He knows only one science: the science of destruction.”

    Not counting any war casualties, 60-100 million exterminated in the Red Terror of Bolshevik Russia, tens of millions in Communist Eastern Europe, and perhaps as many in China’s “Cultural Revolution” all for the sake of your glorious workers’ utopia.

    Dear United Socialist Front: very interesting reading your post with all of the “revolutionary missionary zeal” of the bloody murderers Nechayev and Lenin.

    President Medyedev has already admonished Obama and his aggressive Socialistic policies with the statement that Communism/Socialism does not work, and the Russians of all people should know what they are talking about.

    Therefore, the US is already a corporate Fabian Socialist imperialist state. Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll pass on “the United Socialist Front for 2012”. You are part of America’s problem, not the solution, and your party’s role seems to be “controlled opposition” in the Judeo-Communist-Zionist scheme of things.

    Have a nice day.

  9. Joe Cortina September 21, 2009 @ 1:40 pm

    To all those young Special Operations soldiers who may be asked by our corrupt Jew occupied imperialist gangster government- to go to Afghanistan to murder even more innocent civilians for the ‘greater glory of IsraHELL’ – I say to you – GET OUT NOW!

    I too – wore the uniform and the silver wings of a ‘Green Beret’.

    I was an airborne commander before any of you were even born! General James Gavin pinned my wings on my chest at Benning a long time ago. I was not a ‘Bo Gritz’ or a David Hackworth’ although we were acquaintances until his death – but I risked my life like any of the best – BUT – ONLY for the defense of MY COUNTRY – THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – not that shitty little hellhole of Godless demonic child murdering money grubbing Marxist loving jews in IsraHELL or the demonic kikes who now occupy MY COUNTRY and dominate ‘comrade’ Obama’s treasonous cabinet!

    And no lectures from the peanut gallery – please. Unlike you – I have spent time in ‘non-tourist’ IsraHELL and witnessed their sadistic crimes and cruel mockery of Christ! Unless you want horrors on your soul that can never be forgiven as you face eternity – GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR DEMENTED CORRUPT SADISTIC MERCENARY JEW RUN CABAL OF GANGSTERS.

    You are NO LONGER ‘soldiers’ or ‘servicemen’ – you are psychopathic killers/murderers rapists and savages – despised by REAL MEN and ALL decent mankind.

    No ‘modern’ Judiazed/AmeriKan killer will EVER be welcome in my home! I love and respect my comrade vets – REAL MEN – with whom I served – but not you soulless stupid filthy child murdering psychopath animals.

    You have NO BUSINESS there and have acomplished nothing by murdering women and children other than become the REAL AXIS OF EVIL and kissing more fat jew asses!

    The Great JEW/AmeriKan foreign policy? – Either accept our greedy corrupt form of ‘Jew Democracy’ or we will kill you! WHAT MONSTROUS HIDEOUS HYPCORISY!

    All we have done for years is murder innocent civilians, destroy civilizations and cause more human misery than Stalin’s wildest dreams – all for the benefit of the JEWS!.

    STOP disgracing the uniform I and countless others wore with honor. Show DECENCY and HONOR. Stop sharing a brain and THINK FOR YOURSELVES! Tell your Jew masters to go home – TO HELL!

    STOP bringing disgrace to my country. Stop the insane evil! Stop your support of the demonic filth who mock Christ 24-7 – destroy everything good and decent about America and laugh at your stupidity behind your back.

    WAKE UP AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK – NOW!- If it is not already too late…

  10. AntiPharisee September 21, 2009 @ 4:06 pm

    To United Socialist Front,

    Socialism = Theftism

    Capitalism = Everything be free-enterprise except for money.

    It is a violence enforced currency monopoly.

    Try this:

  11. a Man of peace September 21, 2009 @ 4:55 pm

    Nice article Brother Nathanael,

    It looks promising.

    I hate to pour on the doom and gloom but its a question I wonder what peoples’ thoughts are on.

    Could troubles ever be provoked between China and America? We know from history what happens. China is a rising super power and the US carries on its foreign polices/violations would there ever be a conflict?

    This would be worse case situation for the entire world. And knowing the nutters that run this planet is it something that could ever happen?

    The pendulum of power swings and China is the new emerging Empire.

    Good luck, cryptos, fitting in once bags are packed and “wings take dream”.

    If ever some middle men meddle and provoke, it will be the innocent that bare the blunt.(Time after time again). I think it is ultimately what they want and there has been much talk in the past from some “prophesying” such a thing happening.

    What are peoples thoughts on this.. is it ridiculous a notion.. could leaders ever be that STUPID?

  12. charlie September 21, 2009 @ 5:03 pm

    Dear United-Socialist-Front-for-2012-Elections:

    Your analysis is spot on and marks the only way foreward, (although the role of the middle class is unfairly represented).

    Yet your means to attaining to your desires is at fault.

    Socialism works if done justly.
    Capitalism works if done justly.

    If done justly, both would create as much wealth as the other.

    In Yuogoslavia for instance, factory workers were relatively wealthy, they owned the company. As a result, productivity was high, which is the boast of capitalism.

    This is why ‘Zionism’ – the international plan to enslave the world, destroyed Yugoslavia, ( it no longer exists), after the fall of the Eastern Bloc, as, and because, it’s model became open to the view of the rest of the world.

    But from where does the justice we seek arise?

    All have sinned. All have fallen short of the mark.

    Therefore I take no heed to any man.

    But laying up a store of faith in the one Man, in the one Spirit, in the one Mother even, who being sinless from birth is well able to imitate her Son to the fullness of glory. In them do I lay claim to faith and hope for the salvation of the world to come, on this earth even, yea.

    For it is in spirit and in truth that we pray to the Father, the only Father of men, the words of Christ, His only truly Son God.

    “…Thy Kingdom come,
    Thy will be done.
    On earth,
    as it is in Heaven.”

    And I am not alone, for there is with the Spirit a whole army of the sons of God, without number, including St Michael and the angelic host of Heaven even, all unified, all loving God and serving not only HIS purposes but HIS PLANS as our brother Nathaniel rightly says.

    He has taken our measure.

    He it is Who bears the standard before us, with his group of captains of the army, horsemen and footsoldiers in battle array, like Joan of Arc even, bearing the authority of France in her breast, stamps the authority of Heaven on the soil of mankind with his Blood.

    Joan of Arc, at a critical time in its history, succeeded in saving and keeping the soul of France.

    Will Christ, the Rider of the white horse of the Apocalypse, do less with his creation?

    Stand up sons of God. For the time is here, finally.

    Saints and angels support you, surround you, and protect you. There is no need to fear. You will not stumble. You will not fall.

    And the witness will resound around the world – to the strengthening of nations against the enemy, who is Lucifer.

    Who presumes to take the entire earth and yet flees at the command of a child, a weak and small child even, carrying the sign of the Cross on its forehead, and a weak, trembling faith in the Christ Who bore him on the hill of Calvary.

    Lucifer advances, but he has not yet met that child, you.

  13. GrandNational September 21, 2009 @ 5:14 pm

    United Socialist Front – take your misguided Jewish socialist thoughts out of here.

    Your ideology is the death of mankind.

    You seem to be confused about this website and its purpose.

  14. a Man of peace September 21, 2009 @ 5:42 pm

    To United socialist front

    One question to you.. What happened in the Spanish Civil War?

    Socialism has been done, check mated.. it doesn’t work.

    People just don’t get along with rose buds and cherry blossoms.

    Workers rights all good nothing wrong in that however as a political movement .. DANGEROUS… MERCENARY.

    There is no peace in the quest to is of the Devils game, pawns mis-used upon masonic black and white squares.

    The US republic restored in the vision of Kennedy and lincoln and all else would follow in harmony.

    The epicenter of this web is the corrupt central banks.. once genuine currency is resolved all balance would kick back into harmony and the peoples of the free independent land America would set example.

    People equal MOB, MOB equals destruction. All is needed is the virtuous men and women of the world to be in place of power and soon power would no longer be aligned with ABUSE but FREEDOM… it would generate down throughout the masses like the rain of the ALMIGHTY. Culture would Blossom again, history no longer a nightmare but a future.

    Don’t be a pawn of the Devils game.

  15. Bill In Ohio September 21, 2009 @ 6:06 pm

    Great Article

    GOD Bless You, Brother Nathaniel +

  16. jason mcmanus September 21, 2009 @ 6:29 pm

    I made an observation this weekend and wanted to share it Brother Nathaniel, and all the readers here at RZN.

    I just attended a wedding in Charleston, SC. My girlfriend and I headed out on Saturday to walk around town and the path we chose to start our day put us passing the local synagogue.

    What immediately struck me as infuriating, but not surprising, was the fact that there was a uniformed and armed Charleston city police officer “guarding” the pious Jews. When is the last time you heard of some “attack” on Jews taking place in Charleston, SC? Never.

    There was also a uniformed and armed Charleston city police officer there on Sunday, when we chose that same path back to the hotel from town. Why? ALL of the parking meters in the immediate area were covered, locked, and deemed “parking by permit only”.

    On our Sunday walk around town, which my feet and back will tell you was long, we passed MANY Christian churches. Guess how many had a uniformed and armed Charleston city police officer guarding the place. NONE!!! It made sick to my stomach.

    Keep up the good work Brother Nathaniel!

  17. john king September 21, 2009 @ 6:36 pm

    It is an insult to the victims of Jewish Soviet communism, 60 million murdered? — that we have someone on this column extolling the “virtue” of JEW Lenin.

    How can a “political ideology” up to its neck in Gentile blood be given a forum here?

    How many people have to die at their hands before we get it?

  18. charlie September 21, 2009 @ 7:15 pm

    Grand National, A Man of Peace and john king. –

    It may not be obvious to your thinking but Capitalism has been every bit as oppressive and deadly to humankind as Communism.

    Just ask Africa, Asia, (the rape of India, Burma, China etc etc), by the colonial powers past and present, and South America, better still have a look in your own backyard. Capitalism – as practised, is merely socialism in another form. Two sides of the same coin.

    The above poster, just as in South America is merely seeking liberation from the yoke of slavery, although he won’t find it, sorry, in Leninist Socialism.

    Off topic – but urgent, – is it all coming down?

    “WHO’s pandemic control room is linked to supercomputers in the UN building that oversee UN security forces.”

    “DUTY TO COMPLY: This action is taken under the police power authority of the health department and your cooperation is required by law. Violation of any term of this Order or failure to comply during the life of this Order with the above-stated directives, including any attempt by a person to enter, exit or behave in a manner prohibited by the Order, [ie mandatory detention] is a CRIME.”

    “Unconfirmed reports are coming in that soldiers and military police currently deployed under the UN flag are having their orders unexpectedly changed and are being sent to European countries from December for a six-month deployment.

    According to the reports, they are not being told what their operational role will consist of.

    The deployment of UN security forces from December — the month when forced “swine flu” vaccinations are widely expected to start after initial voluntary ones — ”

    Don’t see any mandatory requirements for Mexico, the country where the swine flu epidemic originated. Maybe they need the surplus workforce for the US after its workforce is depleted through vaccination poisoning or mandatory detention.

    That would be a fait accompli for the demise of the USA and the formation of the NAU.

  19. KathJuliane September 21, 2009 @ 9:50 pm

    F. Joseph – If memory serves me at all since its been over a decade, I recall that the Greek government closed her airspace altogether to NATO and all military flights, stating something like “Greece will never be used to make war on another Orthodox country”, and that Clinton then had scramble to reroute air traffic through Turkey and other fly ways.

    Maybe someone else has a better memory.

    Charlie wrote: “Just ask Africa, Asia, (the rape of India, Burma, China etc etc), by the colonial powers past and present, and South America, better still have a look in your own backyard. Capitalism – as practised, is merely socialism in another form. Two sides of the same coin.”

    Agreed. Each country should look in their own backyard.

    The Dutch colonized Indonesia in the 16th century, and Britain colonized North America and India in the 17th – 18th century. Later British settlers colonized AUSTRALIA and New Zealand.

    Speaking of Jewish/Zionist controlled backyards and corporate/state greed…how about asking the Aborigines under British colonization which was once a sizeable chunk of the British East India Company mercantile system. Or asking the Solomon Island natives in 2005 about being in Australia’s “sphere of influence” and declared a “failed state” under the Howard government, and so “the Zionist-US attack dog in the Pacific” managed a neocolonial mini-invasion of the islands on humanitarian pretexts.

    Most recently, the Coalition government in the Australian Senate passed bills in 2007 which granted the government of Australia power to encroach upon, invade, and determine the lives of Indigenous People in the Northern Territory in a near-unanimous vote of 56 to 6, the winners being the Liberal and Labor parties.

    Among many new privileges set down in the bill, which predictably no one in the Senate actually seriously read, the government effectively owns all Aboriginal Land. All Indigenous on Welfare automatically had 50% of their payments ‘quarantined.’

    The government was given the power to ‘observe’ any meeting held by Aboriginal or non Aboriginal organizations in the Territory which provide services to Aboriginal communities. The government could seize the assets of Aboriginal or non Aboriginal organizations which are providing services to communities.

    These grand humanitarian laws were part of the Government of Australia’s heroic mission to save the children. Specifically, they were penned on the pretext of claims that child abuse ran rampant.

    Curiously, however, for weeks police and military were active throughout the targeted communities investigating. In general, the doctors in this humanitarian invasion found dental issues, and infections of the skin, ear, nose and throat, but no signs of child abuse whatsoever.

    Curiouser and curiouser, in 2008, new Mining bills were passed expanding exploration and mining of the Northern Territory’s mineral and energy resources in interior and off-shore areas with China and Japan investing, such things making up about 40% of NT’s GDP. I wonder how much of this was on Aboriginal lands?

    In the meantime, life in Christ goes on in the Church.

    “On July 4, 2009, the First Hierarch of ROCOR, His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York, Archbishop of Sydney, Australia and New Zealand, consecrated a new church in honor of St John of Shanghai and San Francisco specifically for Orthodox Australian Aboriginals.

    The acting rector of the church, Priest Seraphim Slade, a clergyman of the Australian and New Zealand Diocese, himself an Aborigine, began his missionary work among the natives of Australia in March 2008.

    Father Seraphim is a descendant of the Aboriginal tribes from south-eastern Australia. He came to Orthodoxy mainly through the reading of the life and works St John of Shanghai and San Francisco.”

    Peace in our Lord Jesus Christ.

  20. charlie September 21, 2009 @ 11:37 pm

    Using “Click and Pledge” is hassle free, unlike PayPal where you have to jump through hoops just to get started, and again every time you want to change credit card details or use a different credit card, and unlike Pay (Pain)Pal where you go into a records database.

    As well as being quick and easy “Click and Pledge” is a secure and private transaction using licenced 256-Bit encryption for privacy and protection. To quote;

    ” the higest level of encryption and security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and this sites [] web servers are private and secure.”

    There is an instant e-mail receipt right to your inbox with full details of the recipient, sender and transaction details for your records.

  21. John September 22, 2009 @ 9:38 am

    As long as Our nation is a Zionist puppet nothing will change except for the worse. For the past 100+ years this nation has done the bidding of the Zionists from endless invasions into south America, WW I, intrusions in the sovereignty of Middle Eastern nations such as Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, all for the Zionist Neonazis.

    We must put an end to Zionist, Jew influence in America and help others throughout the world to do likewise, the end result will be the destruction of their own nation unless action is taken.

    As more websites such as yours and Jeff Rense continue to expose Americans to the truth about Zionism, there is hope that someday we can and will defeat the worst enemy of peace and freedom.

    Good luck Br. Nathanael.

    P.S. although I am not religious I support the 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion as welll as freedom of speech, press and the right to petition government for redress of grievances.

  22. John September 22, 2009 @ 9:40 am

    Is Gen. McChrystal a Zionist Jew?

    One wonders………….

  23. United-Socialist-Front-for-2012-Elections September 22, 2009 @ 12:58 pm

    Dear friends of this site: Jesus Christ was one of the first socialists and communist of this world. It is true that in history there have been bad people like Stalin, Pol Pot which have used the socialism logo for their corrupt governments, but they (Stalin, Pol Pol and USSR states) were not socialists really, but state-capitalists. We have to be mentally honest, and make differences when judging events, people, and governments.

    From my scientific understanding of history, socialism is the next stage in political systems, and communism (State-less socialism) will be an even more advanced stage, where there won’t be any more exploitation of men by men, of classes by classes like today.

    By the way, libertarianism free-markets is just capitalism. And capitalism is really the system of the Devil and of the zionists in this world.

    Don’t fall for the trap that there can be a “Pure capitalism”.

    God bless you all and I hope God can clear your minds, in accepting Christian, humanist, egalitarian, Democratic Workers Socialism (Not USSR state-capitalism) as the only solution for the USA and the world.

  24. Stav September 22, 2009 @ 1:40 pm

    Dear United-Socialist-Front-for-2012-Elections,

    Your support of socialism is not recommended. In fact socialism is a disaster bringing Satanic invention.

    That is to say, it appears to be built on good premises, which sometimes also appear to be compatible with Christianity, however upon further analysis it is proven beyond any doubt what kind of evil thing it is.

    Socialism consists of controlling something that is not controllable. In addition, the failure of US economy has not occurred because of capitalism, but because it is so planned by the Zionist/Satanist/New World Order and The Powers behind it all.

    If you read more articles on this site, you would understand that.

    If a free market was left to be REALLY free, then the financial collapse would now not be imminent.

    The proof of this, apart from the obvious connection with the Zionist / Satanist plan of complete domination, is also very simply to be found in the numbers.

    If you start printing dollars (as the FED is doing right now), then you automatically produce inflation. Now if you print Trillions worth of paper banknotes with no real and linked increase in real value, then you also produce MASSIVE inflation.

    To solve this problem, Socialism has NOTHING to do with it. Socialism is an ideological construct produced by Zionists and Satanists in order to control the masses. Capitalism on the other hand, is something that we HAVE NOT SEEN in practice yet on this earth. Thus, one should:

    1) Not even consider Socialism as any possible political system to adopt, given who it’s “Fathers” were.

    2) Not blame Capitalism for anything as it was NEVER here and was NEVER applied, EVER.

    Furthermore, Socialism has some VERY flawed premises:

    1) It’s premise is absolute control by government of practically all commodities. This is a massive and serious infringement on God Given LIBERTY.

    2) And, this control is not even possible. For example, no government has the ability to give work to everyone, simply because it wants to. In order to create work that is both productive and profitable for a nation, value must be created. But government cannot create value, because by the practical job definition of those who govern, we know and see everyday that they cannot create value except for themselves as individuals.

    3) Socialist ideology will often resort to completely stupid actions, such as “setting” the value of inflation, or “setting” or “limiting” the value of currency. But, that is NOT possible in reality even if they convince people that they have done this.

    The whole idea of “setting” or “fixing” financial aspects of society by simple authority, is a very flawed one, because economies are fluid by nature. Thus by artificially “setting” values, one is simply hiding the true state of economies, until they naturally collapse or in the least force new assessments.

    In addition, this obsessive compulsion by socialists to control everything, finally reaches their limits of ability to control, and then collapse in all levels comes. Financial systems become completely useless, medical healthcare becomes a poor substitute of private healthcare by far, media get controlled by government in order to hide the true state of the world etc. etc.

    Finally, if you like Socialism so much, go to a nice socialist country like China and see if the loss of your Liberty for the good of the people will suit you. Also you may want to consider supporting Obama as he is showing his true socialist face more and more… (only being sarcastic of course).


  25. Russian Orthodox September 22, 2009 @ 1:58 pm

    Dear Brothers in Christ of RZN,

    I am asking you to pray for poor (spiritually blind) zionists, neocons, etc. that God will clean their hearts, open their minds and ears, clear their blindness and make out of them His new warriors like He did with Saul, one of greatest Apostles of Christ.

    I truly believe that God can do miracles, He can transform black magicians like Cyprian into great Saint and bishop of Carthage and an important early Christian writer.

    Bless you all

  26. charlie September 22, 2009 @ 2:32 pm

    @ Kathjulianne.

    The new Labour Government (“Kevin in ’07”) stood up to “the Americans”, but the Qantas jumbo jet carrying the two officials home blew a 10′ foot hole in its fusilage in mid air.
    Ever since then its been ‘Yes sir, no sir.’ ‘I’ve wet my pants sir.’

  27. KathJuliane September 22, 2009 @ 3:08 pm

    Socialist wrote: “Jesus Christ was one of the first socialists and communist of this world.”

    This is an evil lie and blasphemy against the good and life-giving Almighty God!. Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Savior and Redeemer, said “My kingdom is not of this [fallen] world.”

    Judeo-Marxist Communism/Socialism is the mother of Satanic/Luciferian/Illuminati lies, for Marx himself was an avowed and “consecrated” Satanist who was completely possessed, and evil from the very beginning. Therefore, so were the poisonous fruits of his brain, and the evil spawn that adheres to them.

    Your precious Socialism was only cover for a total plan of Luciferian destruction, “the Revolution”, Lucifer’s rebellion and hatred of God, which is still playing out at this very moment.

    You claim that you are a “Christian”? Then read this website before spewing what you claim is also “Christian” from just one Christian who survived your precious utopia. First of all, Karl Marx (Mordechai) was a nominal Christian early in life from an assimilated Jewish family. One of his grandfathers was a well-known Jewish rabbi. Here are excerpts about Marx’s Satanism and a book about it:

    Was Marx a Satanist?

    By Richard Wurmbrand

    Two months after the Communist “People’s Republic of Romania” was established, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand was arrested.

    Labeled ‘Prisoner Number 1,’ he was locked in a solitary cell, where he endured horrendous torture at the hands of the brutal secret police. More than eight years later, “a doctor masquerading as a Communist Party member discovered Richard alive.” Released in 1956, he “resumed his work with the ‘underground’ churches….

    He was re-arrested in 1959 through the conspiracy of an associate, and sentenced to 25 years… accused of preaching [Christian] ideas contrary to Communist doctrine.”

    Richard Wurmbrand’s book about Karl Marx begins with a rebuttal of a widespread misconception: that Marx himself was compassionate and truly cared for the poor.

    In reality, Marx and Engels both grew up in wealthy families, and together they pursue an anti-Christian utopia that — from the beginning — focused on power not meeting the needs of the poor.

    Like change today, their social transformation required a “crisis” and “purpose” that would capture public attention and provide the momentum needed for socialist change.
    ~~~ `
    “…a new Marx began to emerge. He writes in a poem, “I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above.”.

    So he was convinced that there is One above who rules. …

    Marx belonged to a relatively well-to-do family. He had not hungered in his childhood. He was much better off than many fellow students. What produced this terrible hatred against God? No personal motive is known. …why should he have written these lines in his poem Invocation of One in Despair? [9]

    “So a god has snatched from me my all
    In the curse and rack of destiny.
    All his worlds are gone beyond recall!
    Nothing but revenge is left to me!
    I shall build my throne high overhead,
    Cold, tremendous shall its summit be.
    For its bulwark — superstitious dread.
    For its Marshall — blackest agony.”

    The words “I shall build my throne high overhead” and the confession that from the one sitting on this throne will emanate only dread and agony, remind us of Lucifer’s proud boast: ‘I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.” (Isaiah 14:13)

    But why does Marx wish such a throne? The answer is found in a little-known drama which he also composed during his student years. It is called Oulanem [a blasphemous mocking perversion of the holy name Emmanuel].

    We will be able to understand the drama Oulanem only in the light of a strange confession which Marx made in a poem called The Player, later down-played by both himself and his followers [excerpt, see the site for the rest]:

    “The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain,
    Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.
    See this sword? The PRINCE OF DARKNESS sold it to me. –
    For me beats the time and gives the signs.
    Ever more boldly I play the dance of death.”[p.12]

    The Bible which Marx had studied in his high school years… says that the devil will be bound by an angel and cast into the bottomless pit (abyssos in Greek: see Revelation 20:3). Marx wishes to draw the whole of mankind into this pit reserved for the devil and his angels….[p.12-13]

    Marx had loved the words of Mephistopheles in Faust, “Everything in existence is worth being destroyed.” Everything — including the proletariat and the comrades. Marx quoted these words…. Stalin acted on them and destroyed even his own family. [p.13]

    The Satanist sect is not materialistic. It believes in eternal life. Oulanem, the person for whom Marx speaks, does not contest eternal life. He asserts it, but as a life of hate magnified to its extreme. It is worth noting that eternity for the devils means ‘torment.” Thus Jesus was reproached by the demons: “Art you come hither to torment us before our time?” (Matthew 8:29)….

    Thus Marx is only Satan’s mouthpiece when he utters in his poem Invocation of One in Despair the words, “I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above.”
    Listen to the end of Oulanem:

    If there is a Something which devours,
    I’ll leap within it, though I bring the world to ruins—
    The world which bulks between me and the abyss
    I will smash to pieces with my enduring curses….

    In Oulanem Marx does what the devil does: he consigns the entire human race to damnation. Oulanem is probably the only drama in the world in which all the characters are aware of their own corruption, which they flaunt and celebrate with conviction. In this drama there is no black and white… All are satanic, corrupt, and doomed.[p.15]

    When he wrote these things, Marx… was eighteen. His life’s program had already been established. There was no word about serving mankind, the proletariat, or socialism. He wished to bring the world to ruin. He wished to build for himself a throne whose bulwark should be human shudder.[p.16]

  28. a Man of peace September 22, 2009 @ 3:38 pm

    To United-Socialist-Front & Charlie

    I agree with some of your points, the capitalist system as it stands is exploitative and its very drive is Dog eat Dog.

    It is much like a hive with worker bees exploited, a head of a hierarchy (and we know who most of them are) and the big gluttonous git that comes to take all the produce. It is an unbalanced system and capitalism propagates such satanic things as industrial abattoirs, time being money and all.

    Capitalism as shown has a disregard for ethics often protecting its status quo and not respecting people or nature. Also in this day and age there is a huge turn over because of crappy jobs. Family businesses are few and far between because of the homogenization of big beast conglomerates like Mc Donald’s taking over small quaint cafes etc

    One of the inspirations behind Aldous Huxley Brave New World..was a young America rising, its huge Malls and fast food businesses. Everything new in its new world order, New York, New England…Brave New World. The New World Order is this’s the spiders web expanding. Also in the Novel Ford was alienated to god when the people exclaimed “oh my Ford” instead. Ford was one of the first to develop the huge conveyor belt system we know as the “production line”.

    The countries whose resources are taken like in Africa and South America are victims of modern day slavery. These people are paid pittance for the HARD labour they pour into these beast like companies. The humble man/woman hasn’t a chance when the big combine comes.

    Another novel that was written by a Christian JRR Tolkien was Lord of the Rings..all the warnings are there and the symbolism, Two Towers, all seeing eye. Frodo was the christ-like figure that carried the burden of the ring (like an allegory of Christ).

    He wrote this in between the times of the first and second world wars and some years after the industrial revolution.

    Its all new when you think of it, in all the years of our generations through time there has never been such technical and industrial development, it is the beast within itself.

    People are bound by machines for production, its sick. Its control..the world could have an equal amount of wealth, no child or adult would ever go without.. but this CAPITALIST system doesn’t want that.. it must keep people running on tread mills so the crooks are never conquered. While the arms and legs of the workers are working they are not thinking.

    The bees in the hive buzzing and never learning that the gluttonous git is returning for his PRODUCE.

    DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM may work..but only if peace is in mind with no resentment for past injustices and the MASSES are ALL KNOWING. Spread the warnings of Christ..spread the truth about EVERYTHING.. a SOCIETY talking and thinking knowing and loving… not FED rubbish but REALITY.

    Culture blossom again.. non of this capitalist perpetuated moronic Hip Hop crap.. and other talentless artists and prostitutes of MAMMON.


  29. Eternal Love September 22, 2009 @ 4:27 pm

    So many people are writing on the communism/socialism issue. Though it is interesting to me to know whether our people here, who are taking part in the discussion, have know the communism and socialism from inside. For example they have lived at least 10 years in Russia or in some other Communist country.

    I personally grew up in a communist and “atheistic” society so to speak, and know the system very well from within.

    Of course, I will be glad to discuss the subject but only with people who lived in a communist country and know the system well, otherwise to me it will be a sort of a talk show and a lot of theory. I am sorry but I have not much time to spend.

    I, by the way, have lived, studied and work, not only in a socialist society but in West Europe and in North America. Will of GOD not mine..

    So I am well aware of both systems and could compare. I truly wish we had people here with similar background so we could share notes and compare. In the name of Common Good!!!

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble efforts of our Brother to promote Christianity and Justice for All!!!

    Eternal Love

  30. Freedom September 22, 2009 @ 4:27 pm

    Without government intervention, the capitalist system, is indeed cruel– exploiting the labor of others to benefit 1% of the population…however, too much government is also cruel, as the world has seen communist and socialist governments destroy many lives.

    Some people would point to Western Europe as the compromise between capitalist and socialist values, in terms of the economy and in free elections.

    The U.S. has appeared to be somewhere to the right of Western Europe, preferring the market moreso..and less social services in day care, maternity leave, vacation time,less subsidized education and less subsidized health care etc. for more of the population.

    Would the majority of Americans want an economy and social structure like Germany and France??? Are these more just societies or have they been stripped of individual liberties/rugged individualism and innovation? If so, what country would be left to promote these??

  31. a Man of peace September 22, 2009 @ 4:48 pm

    I’ve mentioned many the times over Orwell’ 1984, and though it being a Godless depressing cautionary tale the Almighty is there within. its a prophetic warning with some hope.

    Never has a book been written with such clarity of the situation and there is no doubt in my mind that Orwell knew all to well the powers that be.

    Big Brother is the clique through secret societies and in a way symbolizes Lucifer the “god” the power hungry consciously or unconsciously worship.. the selfishness.

    Why is the Almighty there? It has such a dark undertone of the devil throughout it, so how can this be?

    The answer is TRUTH, its all spelled out what is happening and though the story is devilish the revelation of this trickery is the Almighty’s presence.. the warning for all.

    I believe there was a drive in Orwell to convey a BIG picture to people so they would understand and not be fooled. It takes heart to write something on this scale, the years of experience with the poor and run down.

    One hopeful line that always remains with me was..

    “hope lies in the Proles”

    The proletariat is the low wage earner perhaps not as gifted in word but full of heart. The reasons hope lies in such is because the majority of people fit into this group..and when tyrants are ruling be sure that nothing can keep the lion of the people down.

    It’s the line from the Network movie:

    “I’m mad as hell and I ain’t gonna take it no more!”

    Proles are me and you in reality, not opulent head honchos sitting on swelled arses.. just the regular me and you with no global super money power ambition….and there’s one thing we hate. Slavery!!!!!

    wars in Iraq / Afghanistan = Slavery
    corrupt monetary institutions = Slavery
    media lies lies and more lies = Slavery

    our psyches are paying the price and generations to follow will say “How was it ever allowed to Happen?!?!”

    If we were passengers on a bus that paid the ticket to get on.. and the Driver (elite few) starts to say I’m taking you to Warsville, I’m gonna give the money for the tickets to my favorite charity Zionism & co; and than I’m jumping out while you guys head over the cliff…

    What’s the passengers gonna say KNOWING all this..

    This guy’s a madman give my ticket back? .. Well, I hate to say it but this WORLD is the madman. But whose gonna tell the passengers this? As far as all concerned everything’s fine..out of site out of mind… oh be entertained and unenlightened.. suckle on the teat of what the corporate beast wants to feed.

    The three maxims/slogans of the state in 1984 were:

    “War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength.”

    The first being most relevant to present article written… The puppets on the strings said the wars were for their own good..spread democracy etc

    People think they are free and so have no understanding any more of this slavery… the slavery is paying for these wars..and draconian laws..the abuse of the peoples liberties/freedoms.

    And the worst of all IGNORANCE is strength.. the worst of all because the other two slogans would crumble to dust if this MAJOR problem was over come. The only strength through our collective ignorance is that for the BEAST.. because if not a candle is lit than all is done in the ways of darkness.

    The candle is our knowing..our caring..”the way of the light”.

    We know what’s going on is wrong

    But do we come together? Have protests ever worked? It was unprecedented the amount of people that protested the Iraq war here in Britain — millions of people took to the streets in February… and still it happened.

    Because on masse people not know why..

    “Forgive them, Father, for they not know what they do.”

  32. a Man of peace September 22, 2009 @ 5:51 pm

    Relevant to article..

    The power of nightmares, a three part documentary series that was shown on BBC in early 2000..

    This was shown before such a strangle hold on credible journalism happened.

  33. charlie September 22, 2009 @ 8:41 pm

    United-Socialist-Front’s point was that the early Christians “shared all things in common” according To Acts.

    But the point I was making was that this only works when you are guided by the truth, justice and righteousness.

    Only then would a socialist system work. The same applies to a capitalist system. But how many capitalists are governed by truth, justice and righteousness? It is a system of slavery in its conception, birth and life, and never at any time has the concerns of employees at heart, just as the socialists, they both worship and preach a god of selfishness.

    This has led to the failure of the present world in every respect and nothing except its total collapse, the destruction of all those who believe in it, and the return of Christ will fix it.

    This will happen in two stages separted by a period of 1000 years, as it says in Apocalypse, and whatever ‘system’ God wants, thats what it will be. I suspect it will be a combination of both, and then some. Or maybe it wil be a Garden of Eden. In any case there will be just reward for every endeavour and no unjust reward for anyone.

    It is hard to imagine the results of this kind of society where every action will have a good effect producing a reaction of similar merit, because it is so vastly removed from our life experience.

  34. Hoff September 22, 2009 @ 9:01 pm

    “Tel Aviv suburb starts anti-miscegenation patrol to ‘assist young girls in the habit of mingling with men from minorities”

  35. yo no tonto September 22, 2009 @ 9:09 pm

    Pentagon’s recent plan to deploy elite Special Forces in the Central Asian states to conduct “spreading of democracy” by guns, bombs and drones or in state double-speak — “foreign internal defense missions.”

    This is how democracy has always worked.

    Just ask Indigenous Peoples of colonial occupied lands.

  36. admin September 23, 2009 @ 8:03 am

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    I am in NYC now for Street Evangelism. It is now Wednesday, September 23, 2009.

    I was on the street all last nite in Times Sq. I found a new area to conduct Street Evangelism on a major median strip. The response was the most enthusiastic response yet.

    Tons of people were coming up to me asking what my message was. I had many opportunities to share Christ with so many spiritually hungry people!

    Also, coming in from La Guardia yesterday afternoon, Obama’s entourage of secret service men and Obama himself in a dark-windowed car passed us as we had to pull over (the taxi I was in) for there were many plain cars and Obama’s limo in the entourage.

    Do keep me in your prayers as I am about to “hit the streets” of NYC beginning at 12 noon today!

    Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  37. freedom September 23, 2009 @ 11:07 am

    Charles Lindbergh’s September 11, 1941 Des Moines Speech criticizing Jews for taking America to war.

  38. freedom September 23, 2009 @ 11:28 am

    Zionist Jews control 97% of World Media

  39. a Man of peace September 23, 2009 @ 12:56 pm

    Gaddafi Speech To United Nations Sept 23, 2009,

    What ever people think of this guy he preposed some questions to the UN.

    Press is calling him a clown.

  40. a Man of peace September 23, 2009 @ 5:15 pm

    The Frankincense Trail

    BBC documentary that travels through Palestine.. they visit Bethlehem and other parts.

  41. A4 September 23, 2009 @ 10:45 pm

    Dear Socialism

    What we have seen in America isn’t the failure of capitalism, but the exploitation of capitalism by the corrupt elite.

    Communism on the other hand is a Jewish creation. Capitalism works only as long as the central banks are under the control of the state. Communism has been proved to be a total failure.

    America is broke because your central bank is privately owned and the Jews have been using it as a tool to enrich themselves and to enslave the population.

  42. a Man of peace September 24, 2009 @ 5:25 am

    Ahmadinejad speech to the U.N.

  43. Preserve Religious Freedom September 24, 2009 @ 7:07 am

    The politicians in Congress are currently trying to pass ENDA, the employment non-discrimination act which will criminalize Christianity.

    It will force Christian schools to hire homosexuals. Please read this article by Ted Pike exposing the danger and please call Congress toll-free at 1-877-851-6437 and protest.

  44. charlie September 24, 2009 @ 2:21 pm

    7th September, 2009

    Early this morning while praying, God the Father appeared to me, very sad. He said, ” I am not very pleased with the United States of America. They offend Me very much. Do you know, my daughter, that I made the United States the most powerful nation of all nations in the world so they would help others and I poured the most blessings on them.

    They used to obey My Law and Commandments and they always said, “God Bless America” on every decision they made, they asked Me to help them, but things have changed for the worse. They offend Me terribly with abortion and the filth of homosexual marriage and so on.”

    “They took their own law into their own hands. This is a Joke! How can a nation prosper without God’s Blessing?”

    “A nation without God will experience many disasters and My Blessings will be withdrawn.”

    I cried so much to hear this. I embraced our eternal Father to console Him. He appreciated this with tears in His eyes. I said, “God, our Father we will have to pray for America.” I was deeply touched, feeling love for the people of America. Please, America, Wake up!”


    Meanwhile, the resistance has moved to Austria,

    Comes a time, ………

  45. admin September 24, 2009 @ 4:42 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    I am totally exhauseted in my whirl wind Street Evangelism Tour of NYC.

    But I am encouraged to know that my Real Zionist News Family is there for me and I feel your prayers and support both emotionally and spiritually. Thank You!

    First of all, the youth absolutely mob me at Times Sq and ask me what my message is and want to take pictures with me — all kinds of youth, some with evil looking tatoos, rings in their noses, etc and others who look more normal… even young girls aged 11 or 12 who look like they are are 21 year olds… But I have no temptations whatsoever.

    The Streets of NYC are full of decadent bill boards and advertisments.

    Women now are displayed almost naked, some with backside shots naked, and men in underwear with their genitals prodding out are displayed in advertisements publically.

    Also, buses have huge advertisements for Islam “Learn About Islam – Call I 800- 42 Islam”

    (It’s indeed time for a Holy Fool For Christ to appear dear Real Zionist News Family. Please pray for me for I am “filling in” until he appears…)

    There are Muslims all over the place in NYC with the women in their head dress wheeling their babies in double carriages with 3 other children by their sides.

    Demographics means a Muslim majority in 20-30 years if not sooner. This is indeed a terrible threat to Christianity and a Christian presence as we Orthodox Christians know what it is like with our many martyrs when the Muslims put us all under “sharia law.”

    ALSO – I noticed for the first time after going to Wall Street often for Street Evangelism that across from the NYSExchange an EU flag banner was hanging from a building.

    Then on the side of the NYSExchange building was a new sign that read:
    “NYSE/ EuroNext – A New World Of Exchange”

    I never heard of EuroNext. Some new propaganda to bring EU finance Jews into the NYSE scenario perhaps?

    I wonder what is going on? Smells like integration is coming, that is, moving closer to unified monetary control in which the Jews solidify their financial hegemony.

    Do KEEP me in your HOLY PRAYERS, I need them BIG TIME.

    AND – Will you please consider helping me to fulfill my vision to go to every major city of the USA beginning now, this year? Amerians ARE READY for a “Brother Nathanael” as even businessmen and police were affirming what I am doing on the streets taking pictures with me and coming up to me saying, “God Bless You For What You Are Doing!”

    Indeed – I cannot do this Street Evangelism on my own. I NEED YOUR HELP, YOUR PRAYERS, YOUR ENCOURAGING WORDS!

    There Is A Donation Feature Button At The Top & Bottom Of This & Every Real Zionist News Article. Or, Simply Click:

    +++ Donations May Also Be Safely Sent To:
    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856. +++

    Many Thanks In Advance!

    With Much Love In Christ Our Saviour,

    Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  46. Mary Issa September 24, 2009 @ 8:15 pm

    What does anyone make of Medvedev’s statement that Russia will consider sanctions against Iran?

    Is Medvedev betraying friends like Iran because the Americans have agreed to abandon their missile shield in planned etc?

    What do you noble people make of Medvedev’s statement?

  47. KathJuliane September 24, 2009 @ 9:10 pm

    Mary Issa,

    If you please, would you provide RZN family with a primary or authoritative source(es) for this alleged statement of President Medyedev?

    The US media is quite talented at skewing translations for propaganda purposes.

  48. Fr. Joseph September 24, 2009 @ 10:24 pm

    Dear charlie

    Thanks for putting up Valentina’s September 7, 2009 Message. It’s reassuring and surprizingly comforting/consoling to hear OTHERS are getting the ‘Same Exact Message’ from God the Father.

    The Mother of God relayed that particular Message to Fr. Stephano Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests back in 1990 at Malvern, Pennsylvania. I’ve misplaced my copy of the book of the Mother of God’s Messages via Fr. Gobbi, but anyone who wants to read her Messages to the Church, to the Nations of our contemporary World of 2009 Anno Domini, they can get their own personal copy from here:

    That ‘Same Message’ was given to one Nancy Fowlers of Conyers, Georgia, USA back on February 13 and February 6, 1994 as found on-line here:


    And I, myself, was called into the Divine Presence of the Blessed Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – back in September 1993 in order to relay that ‘Same Message’ to the members of Executive, Judiciary and Legislative branches of the U.S. FEDERAL and 50 STATE Governments.

    It most certain ‘Does NOT Look Good’ for the future prospects of these ‘Going To Hell In A Handbasket’ United Staes of America – unless we somehow get the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculately Loving Heart DONE A.S.A.P. by the Bishops of the Church Militant here on earth as the Lord Himself wants done.

    But your posting, charlie, HAS given me something to ‘work with’ and ‘write about’ for the sake of any number of the 870,000 souls who might regularly read RZN.

    So, ‘Thank You!’, charlie.

    – Fr. Joseph

  49. Fr. Joseph September 24, 2009 @ 10:54 pm

    Sacred Scripture has it:

    “Fight to the death for TRUTH, and the Lord God will war on your side.” – Ecclesiasticus 4:28

    There ARE people from all across our contemporary World who possess ‘Good Will’ towards others – and THAT is a natural Spiritual Grace confered onto people and which exists IN people on account of their being created in the Image and Likeness of our All-good God and FATHER in Heaven.

    Take for example, on Mr. Philip Jones, has done a remarkably good job in succinctly relaying the ‘Big Picture’ regading our contemporar World of 2009 Anno Domini here:

    Another example is Mr. Mark’s Glenn spiritual analysis of the overt effects and manifestation of the particular spiritual vice traditional Church Moral Theology dubs ‘Pride’ or ‘Hubris’ if you prefer here:

    Nevertheless, despite either the worldwide overt manifestations of the spiritual VIRTUES or the worldwide overt manifestations of the spiritual VICES in the lives of people as either individuals or entire communities/nations, neither Virtues or Vices ALTERS or MITIGATES or DIMINISHES “Truth” in and of Itself.

    “Truth” REMAINS “Real & True” whether people believe in it or not, whether they acknowledge it or not, or whether they are AWARE of it or not.

    We owe a debt of gratitude to those with a superior knowledge in the fields of medicine, in physics, in the sciences, etc. for informing the rest of us about the HORRENDOUS attempts to “force vaccinate” people the world over, injecting them with ingredients meant to deliberately jeopardize their health, informing us all about the concrete presence of ‘super thermite’ used in taking down the NYC World Trade Center’s Twin Towers – and all sorts of other things.

    Each one of these individuals have had GOD working with them, in them, through them FOR THE SAKE of the rest of us members of larger Human Society and of the Human Race.

    Now then, as an ordained Priest in the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood I, too, have a obligation and a moral and spiritual DUTY to tell ALL OF YOU about my God, your God and OUR God.

    Just for everyone’s information, I’m “prohibited” from LYING to any of you about such Divine and Spiritual Matters.

    So let me tell you about a couple of my own personal spiritual/mystical encounters with YOUR God and MY God and OUR God in Heaven Who just so happens to be OUR FATHER in Heaven with the sole desire and intention of getting any and all of you TO TURN TO HIM just like a ‘little kid’ who is naturally LOVED and CHERISHED by his or her FATHER.

    – Fr. Joseph

  50. Fr. Joseph September 24, 2009 @ 11:49 pm

    I’m sure ALL OF YOU are familiar with the saying ‘Open Mouth – Insert Foot’ (grin).

    So I took a short coffee break here at my hermitage ’cause I’m getting a little tired as it’s nearly 3:00 A.M. here – and while I was sippin’ my coffee, a couple of my brain cells “fired off” on account of the coffee’s caffiene, and the following thought went coursing in a frantic way in my mind:

    “Do you realize what you just did JOE? You told 870,000 RZN readers from all across this World, from all sorts of nations, from all sorts of backgrounds, creeds, colors, nationalities, that YOU are going to tell them ‘All About God’!”

    Then it began to sink in just how DAUNTING of a task THAT was going to be. There are thousands of ‘religions’, there are tens of thousands of ‘sects’, ‘cults’ and ‘denominations’ – and I am now committed to telling EVERYONE on planet earth (via the Internet) about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

    Ssheeshhhh…..’Open Mouth – Insert Foot’!

    So I’m going to do the very best I can in “Bellying Up To The Bar” (grin) in order to tell EVERYONE throughout the entire World (via the Internet) about God relying totally on the Divine Graces that are afforded to me via the Church’s Sacrament of HOLY ORDERS.

    Here we go….

    – Fr. Joseph

  51. Paul September 25, 2009 @ 12:09 am

    To RZN Brothers and Sisters,

    Harvard University
    By Javier Solana
    EU High Representative for the CFSP
    “Europe in the World”
    Kennedy School
    Boston, 17 September 2009

    Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to be back at Harvard.

    The last time, we discussed whether the US and Europe, Mars and Venus, could be reconciled. The answer today is even more obvious than it was then. But we have new issues to grapple with and a new geo-political landscape. Again the question is what the US and Europe can and should do together.

    Before we get to that, let me assess the changed context. Ours is a world in flux. One where everything is speeding up: politically, economically and technologically. The net result is growing complexity. There is no single narrative or template to guide us. Chaos and hypermodernity live side by side. Integration and disintegration co-exist. No wonder many of our citizens feel confused, even lost.

    Against this background, we need to be flexible and principled at the same time. For our core values have not changed. Nor has our determination to preserve them at home and support them abroad.

    What is really changing the world is globalisation. It is leading to deeper interdependence and, probably, to multi-polarity.

    Globalisation is good. And anyway pretty much unstoppable. It spreads prosperity and makes us richer culturally. It brings people together across continents. Of course, it has a dark side too. Itmakes us more vulnerable to shocks and has brought new problems in its wake. It needs a human face.

    Globalisation is our child, the child of our ideas. But we can no longer run the world as we used to. We have to adjust. It means new powers are rising while older ones are playing new roles. The financial crisis has shrunk the timeline. The need to reposition ourselves is not a challenge for the medium-term. It is an issue for today.

    In all this, there is a paradox. In previous times, if you won a political or ideological battle, you could expect more influence. This time, our intellectual and political victory requires us to share the leadership of the world with others. Our success at spreading markets, open societies and the desire for people to shape their own lives, means less power for ourselves.

    This adjustment should be embraced, not resisted. To manage this globalised world, you need two things:

    First, well-run states. Weak states are a nightmare for those living in them but also a problem for the rest of us. This brings me to the first big problem: creating well-run states requires functioning politics. And this is something that foreigners cannot provide; only the locals can. We can help. But it is ultimately their responsibility. At the same time, their failures rebound on us. This is the core dilemma for diplomacy in our democratic age.

    Second, effective global governance. Maybe an awful term but a vital concept. Through effective global governance, we should avoid the risk of a world of multi-polarity without multilateralism. But here is the second problem: economics and security are global, whereas politics, and people’s loyalties, remain local.

    The problem of collective action was meant to be solved through international rules and institutions. But this post-1945 international system is under pressure. Both in terms of effectiveness and legitimacy. This is partly because we have new problems without institutions, such as migration. Or because problems fall between institutions, like the financial crisis.

    It is also because the nature of power itself is changing. Power has shifted from governments to markets, NGOs, the media. These days, if you want to tackle international problems, negotiations among diplomats and other government officials are seldom enough. But the main reason is the power shift, roughly speaking from the West to emerging countries.

    If people are to contribute to the solution, they have to help shape the strategy. The old maxim of “nothing about us, without us” has resonance. It is therefore logical that we talk so much about reforming the “Gs”: G8, G8 plus 5, G 20. But also the UN Security Council; or IMF voting weights and so on.

    In short, the consequence of the double power shift is that we need to mobilise wide coalitions and bring everyone on board. But the question arises: Who is responsible for what? Who defines the strategy? How do you avoid free-riding behaviour? This requires trust which in turn is done through agreed rules and good politics.

    The European Union itself is a good example. It started as a peace project among Europeans. Through enlargement we spread the zone of peace and stability. A big task for today and the future is to contribute to promoting peace and functioning politics around the world.

    It is 10 years since we started doing foreign and security policy in the European Union in a more serious way. Not everything is perfect. But we are making a difference where it matters. We are promoting peace and protecting the vulnerable in the Balkans, Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere. More than 70,000 people, from soldiers to policemen to rule of law experts, have been deployed in more than 20 crisis management operations.

    These missions are important. They save lives. They bring stability. But they are also an expression of Europe’s ambitions and identity. We do crisis management the European way. With a comprehensive approach. In support of international law and agreements. And in close co-operation with partners such as the UN, NATO, the African Union and others.

    Of course, by far our most important international partner is the United States. President Obama has set a new direction for US foreign policy. This has been welcomed around the world. And in Europe, in particular. The reasons are obvious. Europeans welcome his inclusive leadership; the genuine consultations; his principled pragmatism.

    New policy lines have been defined. On the Middle East including Iran; on Afghanistan-Pakistan or on Guantanamo, or today’s important statement on missile defence. There is also a greater orientation on Asia, and China in particular. This is not entirely new, but the trend has become clearer. This too is a consequence of the power shift.

    The rise of China and its integration into the system is arguably the most important trend in global politics. How this unfolds will shape the world of our children. We understand the importance of your bilateral relationship with China. Most international issues require America and China to pull in the same direction. But there can be no simple G2 running the world. That would betray the key principle of inclusiveness. The European Union has to be there. It deserves to be there.

    The transatlantic relationship has been changing. The days that it was primarily about security in Europe are, thankfully, long gone. It is now a partnership for action around the world. This in turn requires two things: First, a shared strategy, which means a US willing to listen; and second, resources, which means a Europe able to act.

    We welcome the US commitment to working with the European Union. But in a way, it is up to us to prove the added value of working with Europe. Both because of what we can offer, collectively.

    And because of who we are and what we stand for. There are many issues that require a close EUUS partnership and clear results in the months ahead. Together we have the will and resources to do so.

    The Middle East is an obvious example. George Mitchell is in the region. I was there a couple of weeks ago. We will meet over the week-end. We are working together to create a new dynamic for peace.

    Allow me to repeat my thinking: A basic ingredient for success is a real mediation. The parameters for peace are defined and well known. The mediator has to set the timetable too. If the parties are not able to stick to it, then a solution backed by the international community should be put on the table.

    After a fixed deadline, a UN Security Council Resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-State solution. This should include all the basic parameters: borders, around those of 1967, refugees, Jerusalem and security arrangements. It would accept the Palestinian State as a full member of the UN, and set a calendar for implementation.

    It would mandate the resolution of other remaining territorial disputes and legitimise the end of claims. The Arab countries, through the “Arab Peace Initiative”, have to get actively engaged.

    Along with the Middle East, let me focus on three other issues: Afghanistan; Russia; Climate change. And, of course, I will be happy to answer questions on any subject.

    We all know why we are in Afghanistan. Our security needs a functioning Afghan state. The obstacles to that are also clear: a growing insurgency; the corrosive effect of drugs; and high levels of corruption. We need a new “Compact”, or “Contract”, with whoever leads the new Afghan government. This “Compact” should clarify the commitments of both sides, and should make greater Afghan ownership and accountability clear.

    The US is more deeply engaged than we are. But as the EU we are making a useful contribution: with aid, people and a willingness, under the right conditions, to do more. Security is a precondition for development and building a state. Europeans have deployed 30,000 troops – more than they ever did in Bosnia. Everybody agrees we need enough competent Afghan security forces, both army and police, to control the territory. So we need to train them.

    Our European Police mission (EUPOL) mission focuses on civilian policing. Its aim is to train the trainers. It has made good progress, as recognised by Afghan and US partners. We will continue this and where possible expand. But above all, we must realise that there really can only be a political solution.

    This means more emphasis on reconciliation. This will be a big task for the next Afghan government. It has to find jobs for the foot soldiers of the Taliban and make political deals with the middle ranks. I believe that if we send the right people, who know the culture and history, to the right places, we could make a real difference.

    Let me turn to Russia. The starting point must be that no real security is possible in Europe without US engagement and without Russia finding its proper place in the overall European order.

    Since the end of the Cold War we in the West certainly made mistakes and missed opportunities. But Russians also have to ask what they have contributed to the prevailing mood of distrust, especially among their neighbours. Shared security requires a shared mindset. An agreement on principles and a willingness to abide by them in practice.

    George Kennan wrote in his Long Telegram, explaining why the Soviet Union was not supportive of the new global institutions, that: “Soviet power is impervious to the logic of reason…[but] highly sensitive to the logic of force.”

    Today, Russia is very different from the Soviet Union in the wake of World War II. So too is Europe. That is why we want to believe that it is the logic of reason that drives the Russian leadership. And that is why we want to explore President Medvedev’s idea of a new European security architecture and the enviroment created by the US ‘reset’.

    We welcome the “reset” including the new direction on non-proliferation and disarmament. By year’s end there should be a follow-on to START, with reduced levels of strategic nuclear arsenals.

    The world will be better for it.

    As the EU we work well with Russia on many global issues, like the US does: on the Middle East, Iran, Somalia. But, unlike the US, we also share a continent with Russia. Hence the EU’s relationship to Russia is every-day business: from energy security to migration to the environment.

    Dealing with Russia has sometimes been difficult for us. This is logical given the different histories of EU countries. But what matters is not how a discussion begins but how it ends. And the EU has ended up with a united position on the “Medvedev proposals” and on Georgia.

    President Medvedev himself recently commented on the reasons for Russia’s failure to modernise: the endemic levels of corruption and the need to have a more open, democratic system with the rule of law.

    Because of our post-modern DNA, the EU is not well-placed to respond to something that might look like ‘great power politics’. The US probably finds that easier. There is no alternative to cooperation with Russia on a wide range of issues. The best way to do so is through agreed rules. Whether on broader security or on energy.

    A third area where close US-European co-operation is needed is climate change. Every time the scientists come back to us, their findings are worse. This is a planetary crisis. It is urgent. And we need to take our responsibility. I am pleased that more than anyone else, the European Union is showing leadership in tackling climate change. Both with a robust set of policies at home and in pushing the international community to act.

    In terms of policy, we essentially need two things: to find the right incentives to stimulate for green investments; and to address the global justice dimension. I am concerned that, on issues such as non-proliferation, this is being cast as a North versus South problem. You created it, you solve it.

    Yes, the rich created the problem. And yes, the poor are the most vulnerable. But this is a problem that cannot be solved without everyone contributing. In a way, it is a problem for everyone that half of all the people that were ever alive are alive today.

    All this makes a comprehensive deal in Copenhagen essential. We need ambitious targets and wellfunctioning cap and trade systems. Plus money for developing countries to help them reduce their emissions and cope with the inevitable. On targets, I welcome the latest commitment by Japan (minus 25% by 2030). And I hope that the US will follow suit. We realise that domestic political circumstances are difficult. But if the US does not move, China and India won’t either. And we have to break this “mutual suicide pact”.

    A generous and credible deal on financing is not only a part of a larger deal; it is a way to get it. I know it may sound impossible in the middle of such a serious economic crisis. But it is the other way around. Investments in green technology will be key to overcome the crisis. I am not dreaming. It is feasible. The EU is committed to paying its fair share. Next week in Pittsburgh at the G20 we will see how much everybody is willing to contribute.
    There is a new mood in US-European relations. But also a daunting agenda: the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, Eastern Europe, non-proliferation and disarmament, energy and climate. All different and all difficult at the same time.

    The way to solve these problems is by good politics. What do I mean? For me, good politics involves patience, empathy, integrity and creativity. It is about re-establishing trust. About focusing on the future not the past. The wider horizon, not the narrow. Good politics requires an ability to charm, move, mobilise, persuade and cajole.

    Dear friends, some see a world full of growing, intractable problems. I see a world of negotiable conflicts and new opportunities. If we apply ourselves and practice good politics, we can solve the conflicts and seize the opportunities.

    Thank you very much.


    The true Israel is not composed of any Nation or Race. It is composed of those who accept Jesus Christ in Faith.

    One of the things I do like about this site is the many comments people leave and the knowledge one can gain. I feel in today’s World the message of Christ needs not only to be proclaimed; it needs also to be explained. So in saying that, I thank you Brother Nathanael and (RZN) Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

    May the Lord Bless you all
    God Bless

  52. Fr. Joseph September 25, 2009 @ 12:14 am

    The Holy Spirit DID grant me a ‘Wee Bit Of Help’ while finishing off my coffee. He gave me this Visual Image TO SHARE with all of you 870,000 RZN readers of ANY and ALL races, creeds, colors, nationalities, backgrounds, beliefs or non-beliefs of any sort and type.

    Virtually ALL OF YOU are familiar with the very simple thing of a FIRE buring WOOD, either contained in a fireplace, a camp site, in a round cement fire pit down by the shore – or maybe simply watching a house in the neighborhood on FIRE and burning down.

    There are those times when the WOOD is being consumed by the FIRE that a sudden and unexpected ‘CRACK/POP’ occurs, and the Fire throws off and throws out an FIERY EMBER up and off to the side.

    “Burn” that image and sound in front of your mind’s eye.

    God Himself, as Sacred Scripture relays, is a “Consuming Fire”. He is All Light and He is All Life.

    At some point-in-time in the not-too-distant past, God Himself had a THOUGHT – and that THOUGHT was all about YOU, whoever you might be, however you might be.

    And as God Himself dwelled on that Thought ABOUT you as you are, who you are and how you are – He LOVED that Thought of YOU as He mulled that Thought over and over and over again in His Divine Mind SO MUCH that He Decided, by a Sheer Act of His Divine Creative Will and Divine OMNIPOTENCE, to WILL you into existance and give you your BEING here within this seen ‘All’ of His previous Creating.

    And hence, by Divine Decree, by a Sheer Act of LOVE on the Part of OUR All-good Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent GOD, CREATOR and FATHER – here ‘you’ are along with ‘the REST OF US’ here on this planet earth spinning around and around His sun with everything all about us DUTIFULLY COMPLIANT and OBEYING His Laws of Nature He Himself deemed and created FOR All that you see, hear, taste, touch and smell via your PHYSICAL body’s senses.

    You ARE the ‘living and alive EMBER’ that the All Consuming Fire has brought into existance for one and all to see.

    No religious, spiritual or theological irreverence whatsoever intended in my saying this OR in putting it in this way, but ALL OF YOU really and truly ARE (as the slang/mundane saying has it)


    You ALL are really and truly created in the Image and Likeness of God BECAUSE each and every last one of you truly DOES HAVE a spirit which can NEVER return to ‘no-thing-ness’. You ARE and forever you WILL BE.

    And each and every last one of you have Consciousness which reflects God’s Own Omniscienct – and all sorts of abilities and potencies which are reflections of God’s Own Omnipotence – and you are PRESENT here and now (there is NO DENYING that possible whatsoever) which is a reflection of God’s Own OmniPRESENCE.

    Each and every last one of you ARE the “fruit of conception” as each and every last one of you were CONCEIVED in the Mind of God Himself Who dwelled LOVINGLY on that Thought of YOU as you are, how you are – and by the Power of His Divine Potency and Creativity – He CAUSED you all to have LIFE and to have BEING.

    …well, I think that is enough for now.

    I sure would like ALL OF YOU to simply find a nice, quiet, undisturbed, private place to and for yourselves so as to simply DWELL UPON what I’ve just shared with you over and over and over again and NOT SAYING ‘A PEEP’ to anyone around you about WHAT you are allowing yourselves to dwell upon, mull over and ponder upon.

    More similiar ‘stuff’ later on – it’s now getting late and I really ought to get my ZZZZZ’s.

    “Sweet Dreams and Divinely Pleasant Thoughts” to and for all of you. + Amen!

    – Fr. Joseph

  53. charlie September 25, 2009 @ 2:57 am

    The Power of prayer

    Dear bro Nathaniel.

    When you said people were coming up to you and saying “God bless you for what you are doing here” I was immediately reminded of a “similar” occurrence, when the amateur archaeologist Ron Wyatt was down in the dumps when things weren’t quite going right in his tunnelling into the Ark of the Covenant chamber to create better access.

    A man appeared on the ledge above, someone he’d never seen before, dressed in an ancient style white robe and addressed him thus. “God bless you for what you are doing here.”
    That man was Jesus.

  54. admin September 25, 2009 @ 8:08 am

    To Mary Issa –

    Alex Jones, the JEW LOVER, posted this LIE about President Medvedev.

    NEVER did President Medvedev state that he favors sanctions against Iran.

    But Jones, Jew Lover that he is with all his Jew advertisers who hate Orthodox Christian Russia, is spinning an ambiguous statement of Medvedev to make it appear the he is contradiction his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, who as reported by the Wall Street Journal 2 weeks ago, stated OFFICIALLY that RUSSIA **OPPOSES** SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN.

    DO a Google Search is see if you can find Medvedev saying what you posted.

    Then do a Google and see the OFFICIAL STATEMENT BY Lavrov that Russia **OPPOSES SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN.**

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Russian Orthodox Christian
    (Many Contacts in Russia – I KNOW THE FACTS)

  55. Joe Cortina September 25, 2009 @ 8:52 am

    From Joe Cotina:

    Good piece – I left a SMOKING commendation of those bastard killers who have disgraced the uniform I wore with honor.

    If even ONE soldier reads this and has any serious reservations of what he has become – I have accomplished my goal. GOD – how I despise these scum.

    They are MORE than a disgrace – more than betrayal – more than treason. There are no adequate words.

    You would have had to live with me when I was with REAL men – decent men – honorable men – in uniform – to understand why and how vets like myself despise these mercenary soulless murdering scum.

    They are a GENUINE ARMY OF CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHIC GANGSTERS – only NOW – they have been given a ‘license to murder’.

    These scum WILL kill you or me or ANYBODY man woman or helpless child even HERE AT HOME if asked to. THAT IS WHAT IS REALLY FRIGHTENING.

    They are a creation of a Godless AND IGNORANT society.

    Be it the Jews or the Chinese or the Soviets – once innocent human beings are demeaned to the level of animals – stupid amoral weak people can and WILL kill defenseless civilians on command. History is REPLETE with proof.

    USSR – ISRAHELL – Cambodia – CUBA – and NOW the United States of IsraHELL
    (formerly the US of A)

    ‘The rest of the story’ about the TRUTH about Jews can be found on my website @

    -Joe Cortina

  56. admin September 25, 2009 @ 9:08 am


    Here Is Important Info On What Is Now Being Promoted On Wall Street As I Reported Last Nite:

    Hegemony already happened. NYSE acquired Euronext in 2007 and also Amex in 2008.

    New York Wall Street Jew Banksters now own a good portion of Europe. London Stock Exchange is still “independent”. Some quick notes.

    NYSE Euronext, headquartered in New York City, with European operations and its trading platform run out of Paris.

    The combination forms the world’s first global stock market, with continuous trading of stocks and derivatives over a 21-hour time span.

    NYSE Euronext Company Description–ID__41286–/free-co-profile.xhtml

    NYSE Euronext conglomerate is one of the world’s largest exchange groups — trades totaling more than a third of the global cash equities volume.

    It operates NYSE.

    Euronext, the first cross-border exchange with markets in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Lisbon.

    NYSE Liffe, a leading international derivatives markets with daily trading values exceeding $2.7 trillion and NYSE Amex, formerly the American Stock Exchange.

    In 2007 NYSE acquired Euronext and its derivatives and futures markets (including Liffe) for some $10 billion to create the first trans-Atlantic exchange.

    The following year it bought rival AMEX.

    NYSE Euronext – The merger created the first transatlantic stock and derivatives exchange – following a fierce takeover battle for control of Euronext between the NYSE Group and Deutsche Börse – and incorporates the world’s largest cash equities exchange and the third-ranked futures platform.

    NYSE Euronext has grown dramatically through acquisition and various joint ventures with non-U.S. exchanges.

    In June of 2008 it formed a deal with the State of Qatar to turn the Doha Securities Market (DSM) into an international cash and derivatives exchange.

    NYSE Euronext includes six cash equities exchanges in five countries and six derivatives exchanges, together offering trading, clearing and settlement in cash equities; equity, interest, commodity and currency derivatives; and bonds.


  57. Fr. Joseph September 25, 2009 @ 12:12 pm

    If it be any spiritual comfort for those who DETEST the way things are going on in and all across our contemporary World (and I’m thinking about you, Joe Cortina, as I’m a veteran of the USAF myself, and we had lots of ‘Good Men’ working together towards the fulfillment of ‘The Mission’), it was GOD Himself, THE LOGOS, Who said with Absolute Divine Authority, Clarity and Truthfulness:

    “HAPPY those who HUNGER and THRIST fow what is RIGHT: they shall be satisfied.” – Matthew 5:6

    The innate, unseen inwardly LIVING desire to see and possess what is ‘RIGHT’ with regards to HOW Human Beings really and truly ought to live in this World of ours – within families, within local communities, within one’s own state-nation, within this entire World – is “there” ON ACCOUNT OF God Himself having placed that heartfelt PASSION for and DESIRE of ‘what is RIGHT’ into the fabric of our God-given and God-created BEING and NATURE.

    That heartfelt passion and desire residing wihtin the very core of who and what we are is an UNQUENCHABLE spiritual flame – so as long as we acknowledge it and allow it to continue ‘to burn’ with its spiritual heat and spiritual LIGHT, despite what others might or might not DO with their own lives in assisting, cooperating and contributing to the fulfillment of that ‘Divine Mission’ FOR human beings and human societies thew World over.

    And that overtly expressed DESIRE to see ‘What Is Right’ made manifest here in this World is a VITAL/CRITICAL/CRUCIAL Talent, Ability and Grace – for WITHOUT that Desire within us all granting us His Divine Spiritual LIGHT, individuals and entire communities-nations-states of Human Beings are utterly BLIND to what God’s Own All-good Divine Will for the living of these lives of ours – as individuals and entire communities.

    “The lamp of the body is the eye. It follows that if your eye is sound, your whole body will be filled with light. But if your eye is diseased, your whole body will be all darkness. If then, THE LIGHT INSIDE YOU is darkness, what darkness that will be!” – Gospel of St. Matthew – Mt 6:22

    God, in His Omniscience, knows each and every last one so Completely and so Thoroughly – and He knows the deepest secrets, passions, longings and desires of our hearts and every last sliver of any and all thoughts which eminate from our minds.

    To be sure, our contemporary World is ROYALLY ‘FOULED UP’ – and so few even recognize THAT fact and, perhaps, so fewer have any desire or longing to make the necessary EFFORTS and personal sacrifices of time, talent, ability and treasure so as TO CORRECT what is going ‘Wrong’ and which is NOT ‘Right’.

    But our longing for what is ‘RIGHT’ is recognized by our God, our Creator and our Father in Heaven.

    And HE Himself, with all of His Own Divine Nature’s Powers says that those who long for, harbor and CHERISH ‘What Is Right’ WILL BE “SATISFIED”. Let THAT give those who desire ‘What Is Right’ a hefty measure and dose of personal peace and abiding satisfaction.

    And let us NOT forget with the Lord Himself had to say in His Divine Teachings:


    That means, we KEEP our longings and desire for ‘What Is Right’ steadfastly BURNING within the very recesses and core of our minds and hearts which are CONSTANTLY under the Divine Observation of God’s Own Divine Omniscience.

    He hasn’t “forgotten” us. The real spiritual problem is that there are so many in and throughout our contemporary World who have FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT HIM!

    That’s the REAL Spiritual Problem with our World – and NOT our longings and desires to see made manifest ‘What Is Right’!

    We haven’t “lost” this Spiritual Combat, this Spiritual Battle, this Spiritual ‘World War’ – it’s just that so many OTHERS have ‘surrendered’ without even attempting to ‘fire a shot’ in DEFENSE of that ‘Which Is Right’!

    – Fr. Joseph

  58. Hi September 25, 2009 @ 12:22 pm

    How the Colonists “borrowed” government from the Iroquois..

    The Iroquois nations’ political confederacy and democratic government have been credited as influences on the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution.[49][50]

    Historians debate how much the colonists borrowed from existing Native American governmental models. Several founding fathers had contact with Native American leaders and had learned about their style of government.

    Prominent figures such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were more involved with their stronger and larger native neighbor—the Iroquois. John Rutledge of South Carolina in particular is said to have read lengthy tracts of Iroquoian law to the other framers, beginning with the words “We, the people, to form a union, to establish peace, equity, and order…”[51]

    “ As powerful, dense [Mound Builder] populations were reduced to weakened, scattered remnants, political readjustments were necessary. New confederacies were formed. One such was to become a pattern called up by Benjamin Franklin when the thirteen colonies struggled to confederate: “If the Iroquois can do it so can we,” he said in substance. ”
    —- Bob Ferguson, Choctaw Government to 1830[52]


  59. Hi September 25, 2009 @ 1:04 pm

    Colonization is a kind of spiritual collapse of the nation. This is one result of a colonial education based on canonical “great books” texts. Indigenous peoples’ histories and cultures are not in those texts, and the life of the nation is not there, either.

    Identity is important. The colonists were very successful “radicalizing” indigenous identities such that people talk about being 25 percent of this or 40 percent of that, but one does not belong to a nation based on one’s blood quantum. Belonging to an indigenous nation is a way of being in the world. Holding a membership card is not a way of being and money can’t buy it.

    Colonization is the greatest health risk to indigenous peoples as individuals and communities. It produces the anomie – the absence of values and sense of group purpose and identity – that underlies the deadly automobile accidents triggered by alcohol abuse. It creates the conditions of inappropriate diet, which lead to an epidemic of degenerative diseases, and the moral anarchy that leads to child abuse and spousal abuse. Becoming colonized was the worst thing that could happen five centuries ago, and being colonized is the worst thing that can happen now.

    De-colonization, on the other hand, means many different things to many different peoples. In principle, however, it means undoing the damage of colonization and involves elements such as living traditions and customs, language retention, and an insistence on the right to BE Lakota or Ganienkehaka or O’otam or Tipai or whatever nation it is that people have a right to be.

    Cherokee Nation v. Georgia 30 U.S. (5 Pet.) 1, 8 L.Ed. 25 (1831).

  60. Fr. Joseph September 25, 2009 @ 2:48 pm

    Dear Joe Cortina,

    Spent a couple of hours going to my local religious goods store to buy Br. Nathanael some number of Sacramentals (in the form of medals this time) to GIVE OUT/GIVE AWAY to all of those spiritually lost, misguided, betrayed and abandoned YOUTH that THE LORD has coming flocking to him during his Street Evangelism efforts.

    While doing so, ponder and mulled over what I might say or DO for you.

    As a former US Army Green Beret serving alongside honorable, decent, principled MEN who KNOWS all about the utter slime-ball, sleazy, ‘scum-bag’ FLITH of others donning MILITARY uniforms and toting MILITARY weapons and equipment, the following ‘Suggestion’ to make TO YOU came to my mind’s eye.

    Just because you are much older PHYSICALLY now in years DOES NOT in any way, shape or form DIMINISH the military prowess, abilities and powers of your MIND and your HEART.

    Sacred Scripture has St. Paul relaying the following to ‘The Church’ and, by extension, to ‘ALL OF MANKIND’:

    “For it is NOT against human enemies that we have to struggle, but against the (elemental spirit) Sovereignties and Powers who originate the (spiritual, emotional, moral, ethical, intellectual) DARKNESS in this world, the SPIRITUAL ARMY OF EVIL in the (spiritual realm) heavens.”
    – Ephesians 6:12

    Perhaps in a ‘physical’ sense, you CANNOT “Light Up” those who are causing so much murderous mayhem, suffering and misery to others – such as those in IsraHell – but by gosh, by golly, YOU have 1) the heart 2) the mind 3) the will 4) the ardent desire 5) the willingness 6) the training 7) the discipline to bring to bear YOUR ‘SPIRIT’, the very core-essense of WHO and WHAT you are against the enemies of God, the Church, Mankind and who have done and ARE doing everything in their ‘powers’ to cause as much EVIL to others as they possibly can and truly DESIRE to do with ‘all the might’ of THEIR corrupted minds, evil intending hearts and dogged and relentless assertions of their in-rebellion-against-God God-given ‘free wills’.

    Here is what was given to me as a ‘Suggestion’ for you to consider:

    1) Get yourself a good statue of St. Michael the Archangel

    2) Make for yourself in your home a small prayer ‘Altar’ wherein you can place the statue of St. Michael accompanied by two (or more if you prefer/so desire) votive candles.

    Please read ‘The Story Of Michael: The Tallest of Marines’ here:

    And print out a copy of the ‘Litany of St. Michael the Archangel’ from here:

    I am quite confident that should you ardently desire to make your own vital, vibrant and most potent CONTRIBUTION to this global/world-wide Spiritual Warfare against all of the evil elements who are aiding and abetting those in and those of IsraeHell, by making/erecting you own PERSONAL prayer Altar to St. Michael the Archangel, he will GLADLY ACCEPT your personal talents and abilities as a former US Army Green Beret in prayerful/spiritual MILITARY SERVICE to our God and Father in Heaven.

    And St. Michael and all of His Warrior Angels will gladly consider YOU as ‘One Of Their Own’ and WILL use your human-physical temporal-corporeal HUMAN NATURE to assist THEM in ‘Laying Waste’ to God’s enemies, the Church’s enemies, Mankind’s enemies and ALL ENEMIES lined up and amassed AGAINST the Will of our All-good God and Father in Heaven from getting DONE/ACCOMPLISHED here on earth (as His Will is/gets DONE in Heaven all of the time, everytime, and always).

    It was the Mother of God who cried out to all of us via her Message to Fr. Stephano Gobbi;

    “FIGHT! CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT – for the hour of my battle has come!”

    – Fr. Joseph

  61. charlie September 25, 2009 @ 2:57 pm

    Excellent website for Catholics, esp. Precious Blood Chaplet – click on prayers; (at top of page)

  62. admin September 25, 2009 @ 5:00 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    Today I spent most of my Street Evangelism on Times Square. I worked the median strip well into the dark.

    The baboons, faceless dolts known as the American people are IN A DAZE. Like robots seeking “pleasure” and a “good time” – the Jews are laughing at these ‘dumb Goys’ while they, the Jews are ruining our nation, corrupting youth and all the ‘dumb goys’ with their media promotion of homosexuality, lesbianism, nihilism — and NOW with the US militarists whom the Jews FUND, embarking on wars, genocide, and now even more wars to come. And all the while, Obama, the BOUGHT puppet, depleting what’s left of America’s finances.

    I am beginning to fear for this nation of sheeple, baboons, ‘dumb goys” who are being manipulated every second of their stupid lives by the Jews and militarists who run and ruin our nation.

    I fear what could happen, might happen, God forbid it should happen: a FALSE FLAG that will put us all (except for the Jews with their BILLIONS OF $$$) under military rule.

    I MUST, (I feel a GREAT SENSE OF URGENCY), go to EVERY MAJOR CITY in the US, to bring the HOLY CROSS & My Street Evangelism, CENTER STAGE at major median strips in heavily Trafficked Intersections. BUT, I NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE. There is STILL HOPE for America. I now feel a tremendous SENSE OF URGENCY with my Street Evangelism. Will you please consider and pray about helping me?

    There Is A Donation Feature Button At The Top & Bottom Of This & Every Real Zionist News Article. Or, Simply Click:

    +++ Donations May Also Be Safely Sent To:
    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856. +++

    Tonite, while the Youth were again mobbing me, mostly to take pictures of me holding the sacred Cross and with me as well, a NYC bored cop starting hassling me to remove me from the median strip. IT DIDN’T WORK. I pretty much know how to deal with policemen who try to ‘get rid of me.’

    Then some scum ball dressed in an “avant garde’ black suit and tie, started staring at me with a hideous, evil look. Then staring at the Holy Cross with the most Satanic evil eyes I have ever seen in my life, starting spitting in front of the Holy Cross.

    I felt sick inside and while I always say ‘God Bless You’ to those who mock me, THIS TIME IT WAS DIFFERENT. VERY DIFFERENT!

    This son of Satan whas not mocking *me* but blaspheming *The Holy Cross* with his spit. I immediately used an exorcism gesture on this scum ball and his sick Satanic eyes starting bulging out in hideous, hell-bound, nauseating laughter. I never experienced anything so WICKED in my life. I am now making the sign of the Cross over me to protect my soul from this son of satan.

    May Christ preserve this nation which is now being permeated with devilish demons.


  63. admin September 25, 2009 @ 5:18 pm

    Medvedev’s Statement:

    Here is what the Times Online reported about Medvedev:

    “Emerging from his first meeting with Mr Obama since the Eastern Europe missile shield was scrapped, President Medvedev of Russia conceded that “in some cases, sanctions are inevitable”.

    Now, how in the world does the press get that Medvedev is promoting sanctions from this VERY AMBIGUOUS statement?

    Do not look at what other people are saying what Medvedev said, but what Medvedev himself has said.


  64. KathJuliane September 25, 2009 @ 6:02 pm

    Great admin post, dear Brother Nathanael.

    Unless someone is into the financial markets and investments, this huge business of the brokerage house mergers just slid on by in the MSM it seems to me.

    Now we pretty well guess as to why the American economy as the “economic engine of the world” was crashed last year. It was a mass financial realignment (shifting gears) of capital into this new umbrella NYSE EuroNext AMEX conglomerate system forcing still ‘independent’ but floundering exchanges and their investors to more tightly mesh (Japan and Hong Kong, etc.) under the mad global Rothschilds branches.

    NYSE EuroNext controls a third of the global market? I expect more “shocks” to get ready for more hostile takeovers, “partnerships” and future mergers, and the tightening up of the EU itself.

    That it is definitely the NEW YORK WALL STREET JEW BANKSTERS that are in charge of this one is clear in that NYC is now explicitely the global (not “international”) headquarters, and not Europe, which are just finance operations “platforms”.

    Medyedev’s very general, non-specific statement between himself and another head of state about an item of foreign policy certainly cannot be construed as directed specifically at Iran. If it was, the answer is quite non-commital. “In some cases” means it could be any country that might warrant sanctions, depending on the circumstances.

    I know you always do your homework, BN, and there has long been a spin tendency to distort translations out of Russia or Iran and elsewhere.

    Even if Russia was obliged to ever “consider” sanctions specifically against Iran, it is still not the same thing as an active commitment to sanctions.

    I presume any of Medyedev comments would have to be placed in the context of any proposed formal UN sanction hearings. In which case, Russia holds a veto, so naturally they would have to investigate or give consideration to a proposed case to decide whether to vote for it, abstain or veto it.

    Anyway, God bless you, dear BN for your mighty labors in our Lord Jesus Christ, and my prayers are for your heavenly protection.

  65. Fr. Joseph September 25, 2009 @ 6:04 pm

    Dear Br. Nathanael,

    Now I know you are IMMERSED in being attentive to all of the people, all of the influences of the surrounding environment there in NYC – so I want to share the following with you in order to help you ‘recall’ some VITAL spiritual truths when having been confronted with any sort of ‘demonic’.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of God in her Instructions regarding ‘SACRAMENTALS’ informs ALL of her spiritual children that HOLY WATER, Blessed by her Son, when sprinkled on/at ‘demonics’ has the effect on THEM similiar to the feeling, experience, sensation of having HOT MOLTEN METAL thrown on them.

    They will FLEE/RETREAT/RETIRE when confronted with-by Holy Water.

    Perhaps you didn’t receive it in time for your departure to NYC, but I USPS ‘snail mailed’ you via Priority Mail two vials – one of HOLY WATER, the other or HOLY OIL.

    The HOLY WATER can be employed against the ‘demonics’. The HOLY OIL is meant to anoint those POOR KIDS of NYC who flock to you and are in dire need of God’s Healing Touch.

    Also, I trust that you have been distributing those HOLY CARDS I mailed to you a short while ago.

    I’ve acquired 100 of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s MIRACULOUS MEDALS for you to distribute to those YOUTH who are drawn to you.

    As soon as I have them BLESSED at my next votice Mass here at my hermitage, I’ll mail them to you so that you can give them out to those YOUTH.

    The Mother of God looks upon them all and considers them ALL her very own Spiritual Children in dire need of A MOTHER!

    – Fr. Joseph

  66. Fr. Joseph September 25, 2009 @ 6:09 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Sorry…forgot a ‘one last Something’.


    Now you can arrange it with the ABBOT of your Orthodox Monastary to have something like a 5 pound box of salt BLESSED for your Street Evangelism ministries at their next Divine Liturgy.

    And with that BLESSED SALT, you can spiritually ‘mark’, or if you prefer ‘claim’ a certain physical region, space or sphere from which you will conduct present and future Street Evangelism efforts there in NYC, Boston, Colorado, whatever.

    Now if you WANT some Blessed Salt ‘A.S.A.P.’, drop me an e-mail to advise me and I’ll see to it that some BLESSED SALT is mailed to your P.O. Box.

    – Fr. Joseph

  67. Freedom September 25, 2009 @ 6:36 pm

    Please note that I am the original Freedom on this post.

    Another poster, as below is using the freedom name with a lower case “f.”

    September 23, 2009 @ 11:07 am
    Charles Lindbergh’s September 11, 1941 Des Moines Speech criticizing Jews for taking America to war.

    September 23, 2009 @ 11:28 am
    Zionist Jews control 97% of World Media

  68. a Man of peace September 25, 2009 @ 6:55 pm

    Hi Brother,

    Something in the cross really stirred that guy with a deep hatred by the sounds of it; it’s ignorance.

    The worries of the future you are not alone in my friend, over here in Britain they have the Rhetorics of the droned newscasters talking about sanctions on Iran and openly saying Israel wants to attack-they say this so nonchalantly.

    They truly think Iraq and Afghanistan is behind them now and the attention span of the masses will not care to notice for Iran.

    One thing.. the Army here is sick of the needless wars and invasions… And if they plan to do this, many here are to withdraw from the “service” some radio sources have said.

    To be clear on the Russia issue the mainstream press are pushing that fantasy. Reuters did an article based on some “officials” opinion.

    Do you ever get the feeling we are living in the age of petty gossip…”oh someone said this and then they say that” etc??

    How can Journalists report supposedlies (new word invented now, a pun on supposedly). its the age of GOSSIP as pushed by the you know who media.

    It is a worrying time and so many don’t see it.. these people have agendas and the past history record is frightening.

    Its a game of chess in the middle to end of its game right NOW. Not tomorrow, not anyway soon; things are moving rapidly.. PEOPLE GOT TO WAKE.

    God bless you on your St Evangelism bold Brother Monk.

    (My spiritual kung foo Ninja Crucifix wielding hero 🙂

  69. Fr. Joseph September 25, 2009 @ 8:53 pm

    Just to help everyone to understand the most SINGLE critical and pivot PROBLEM with our entire World of 2009 Anno Domini…

    Back in 1963, SATAN was ‘enthroned’ in the Vatican by satan-worshipping so-called Catholic Bishops and Vatican insiders. Fr. Malachi Martin describes that ‘enthronement’ of SATAN within the Catholic Church’s Vatican in his book ‘Windswept House’.

    In 1917 A.D., the Mother of God informed the World and her Son’s Church that ‘if’ the Pope and the Bishops of the Catholic Church performed a public/world-wide solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculately Loving Heart – her Divine Son – THE LOGOS – Christ the King that He Is – would grant our entire World the Divine Gift of PEACE.

    With SATAN having been ‘enthroned’ within the precincts and halls of the Vatican, it is simply his SATANIC INFLUENCE that is preventing the Bishop of Rome to have UNITY with the Bishops of the Church so as to get on with the Divine Business of ‘Crushing Satan’s Head’ per Genesis 3:15 and Rev. 12:17

    Now all of this ‘Other Stuff’ that is going on within the termporal/mundane affairs of our World from a geopolitical, geoeconomic, geo-psychospiritual point-of-view – while we have but no choice BUT to have to ‘pay attention’ to all of it simply NEED NOT BE, for that Collegial Consecration of Russia per the Mother of God’s Fatima Apparitions and Messages results in SATAN’S HEAD CRUSHED once and for all.

    I wanted to share that one more time so that people the world over DON’T get ‘sucked into the Big Black Hole’ these transnationalists/globalists/NWO types plans, goals and agendas and FORGET how we all got into this Fine Mess and to NOT FORGET how we all can GET OUT OF this Fine Mess in which our World is currently immersed.

    I know, I know….”It’s HARD to remember one has been sent to DRAIN THE SWAMP when one finds oneself neck deep in ALLIGATORS!”

    – Fr. Joseph

  70. Hoff September 25, 2009 @ 9:02 pm

    This jew was – by his own words – in eleven camps. And he never saw one gas chamber. This is the “proof” that six million jews was gassed to death?! Just how ##€% stupid can we get believing in this plain stupid … no … Retarded crap?

    “Holocaust “Survivor” Speaks (Lies) to Local Students”

  71. Fr. Joseph September 26, 2009 @ 9:45 am

    As the line went in the old ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ t.v. shows:

    “And NOW for something ‘completely different.’

    Some “Priestly” postings (as THE LORD grants me the Inspiration/Grace to compose and post):

    1) The Creator of all that is seen and Unseen ESTABLISHES and MAINTAINS ‘Reality’.

    2) We ALL move, live and have our being in HIS ‘Reality’.

    3) God makes all things and grants us our life and our being so as to make it GOOD to live, move and have our being here in this ‘All’ of His Creating and Sustaining.

    4) It is on account of God OUR Father in Heaven that ANYTHING exists at all in the very first place.

    5) Our ‘problem’ here in this World of ours, with the Human Race is on account of the ORIGINAL SIN of the first parents of our Human Race – that all of us are now, to varying degrees and at varying personal intensities, “infected” by this ‘Resident Evil’ OF our Human Race’s Original Sin – and THAT ‘spiritual infection’ relentlessly stirs us ALL up with this innate longing to be something greater than what we all were created to be by our Creator God and to be about doing those things we PREFER TO DO rather than being about what GOD the Father of us all desires DONE here on earth.

    Now one need only but OPEN one’s eyes and LOOK AT what ‘The Leaders’ and ‘The People’ of our contemporary World of 2009 Anno Domini are up to – and don’t dare tell me that here is NO SUCH THING as the spiritual reality and the resulting innate effects of ‘Original Sin’ on the members of our Human Race all across this World of ours.

    Now let us turn our minds and our hearts ONTO and TOWARDS God, our Creator and our Father in Heaven. It’s really and truly time ‘Now For Something Completely Different’!

    You know and I know and everyone else on our planet earth knows that these ‘World Leaders’ who get to play ALL SORTS OF GAMES with the rest of us members of the entire Human Race are just going to go on and on and on flapping their jaws, shaking their vocal chords in order to shake the entire World and our Human Race – aggitating and irritating and pestering us all into ‘Accepting’ whatever sort of Mad-Hatter, Screwballed, Hubris-inspired notions, plans, goals, desires THEY wish to instill into OUR minds, hearts, souls and spirits IN ORDER TO get us all to use our ‘Free Will’ in order to do THEIR ‘Bidding’ in building their ‘Pyramids’, their ‘Temples’, their ‘Empires’….SO THAT…they can enjoy these so-called ‘Grand Accomplishments’ of theirs which simply serve to allow them to flatter themselves, bolster their own sense of ‘self-worth’, cause them to become ‘enriched’ so as to allow themselves to consider themselves ‘Movers and Shakers’ or ‘The Elite Head and Shoulders ABOVE the rest of the other members of our Human Race’.

    So we ALL ‘Know All About’ our own kind who ALL like to ‘play God’ with the lives of billions of other people, whether politically, economically, financially, socially, etc. But perhaps we DON’T know all about our REAL God. So its time to say a very short summary of our Almighty God and Father in Heaven.

    God is SO Powerful that He is Almighty. And He is in PERFECT-ABSOLUTE control of Himself and of His Own Divine Creative Nature.

    And BECAUSE He is SO Powerful, so Almighty and in Perfect-Absolute Control of Himself as He Is as God that it allows Him to Act IN us, to Act ON us, to Act AMONGST us, to Act FOR us all in the MOST GENTLEST and IMPERCEPTIBLE MANNER.

    His Divine Works and Acts and Actions in, with, through and for us are what is called ‘DIVINE GRACE’.

    There is what is called ‘Actual Grace’ which is the ‘First Type of Grace’ that Works to get us MOVING our ‘Free Will’ from it’s standstill, ‘idling in nuetral gear’ to get us MOVING so as to get on with the ‘Divine Business’ of entering the modes of life and living that HE Himself desires for us all to come to possess and personally and intimately participate IN, and there is ‘Sanctifying Grace’ that allows us to begin THINKING and ACTING like God Himself in doing, behaving, conducting our personal, communal, national and international affairs those things that are ‘right in front of our own two eyes and nose’ that HE would want done and accomplished.

    It is by this ‘Sanctifying Grace’, as St. Paul the Apostle instructs, that we TOO become ‘co-redeemers’ of this World right along with Jesus Christ – and by our own obedience and docility to what the Spirit of Jesus Christ instructs/inspires us TO DO – that Spirit of Christ BEING God the Holy Spirit Himself – we ALL can become ‘co-creators’ WITH God in bringing about His Divine Will to be made MANIFEST and become an ‘Actual REALITY’ in, on and all across this contemporary World of ours, the year now being 2009 Anno Domini.

    And the ‘Big “IF”‘ is this….”IF” we get on with seeing to it that GOD’S HOLY WILL gets done ‘down here ON earth’ – then ALL OF US will have a ‘taste of Heaven’ here, now ON and ALL ACROSS this Planet Earth of His Creating and Sustaining.

    To borrow a line from the t.v. sci-fi series ‘Star Trek’ – our ‘PRIME DIRECTIVE’ is to see that God’s Holy Will IS DONE here on this ‘Beam Me Down, Scottie’ planet earth – but instead of having ‘Captain Kirk’ lead our ‘Away Party’ from Starship Enterprise via its ‘Transporter Room’ – ALL OF US are ‘Beamed Down/Transported’ ONTO this Planet Earth via our human BIRTHS from our OWN Mother’s WOMBS – and instead of following the lead and commands and order of one ‘Captain Kirk’, ALL OF US are to take our lead, our commands and our ‘orders’ from one KING of kings and LORD of lords – and THAT just so happens to be GOD INCARNATE Who Is and Who Will Forever Be JESUS, the Christ, the Only Eternally Begotten Divine Son of God the Father.

    Does THAT ‘Make Sense’ to everybody?

    I sure do HOPE SO!

    And IF the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the LOGOS Himself WANTS for the BISHOPS of His ‘Federation’ HERE ON EARTH to perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to His Own Mother’s Immaculately Loving Heart in order TO KILL OFF ALL OF ‘THE KLINGONS’ who are butchering off all of the ‘Terrans’, the members of the HUMAN RACE here on this His visited Planet Earth, the BISHOPS of His ‘Federation’ here on earth HAD BETTER get on with ORDERING the ‘DIVINE PHOTON TORPEDOS’ FIRED vs. the alien Klingon race of INVADERS running amock all across Planet Earth and KILLING OFF the Human Race of which He Himself is KING and LORD!

    The LORD used Parables in order TO EXPLAIN Supernatural-Divine Things to the people living in a subsistance-agriculture based society in His Time.

    I suppose there is NO HARM in using contemporary ‘Sci-Fi/Star Trek’ PARABLES in order TO EXPLAIN the Truth and Reality of the contemporary Supernatural-Divine Things we are CURRENTLY immersed in of our World of 2009 Anno Domini.

    The LORD, the King of kings, will be the Judge of that. Somebody, somewhere simply HAS TO ‘stick their neck out’ for His Church and for all of Mankind.

    – Fr. Joseph

  72. Fr. Joseph September 26, 2009 @ 12:30 pm

    I had the following ‘Image-Thought’ granted to me in a very robust way here at my hermitage a couple of nights ago. It seems that now is the appropriate time to share it with ALL OF YOU fellow members of MY and OUR Human Race in this World of 2009 Anno Domini.

    There is this computer GAME being hailed, advertised and energetically marketed here in the U.S.A. via television advertising.

    That computer game is entitled ‘THE SIMS’. I’ve never played it, but apparently it is this ‘new and super-improved’ 4TH VERSION of this game.

    From what I gather from the t.v. ad, YOU, as the Game Owner(s) get to ‘initialize’ any number of computer-generated SIMULATED people – and YOU get to watch what they do, how they interact and whatever else these SIMULATED computer-generated “people characters”.

    And apparently, these SIMULATED computer-generated ‘people-characters’ go off DOING whatever it is that their particular “programming” or “programs” CAUSES them to do in their own ‘Virtual Reality Cyber World’.

    I dunno…do these computer-generated ficticious characters wind up KILLING OFF each other? Do they wind up SELLING DRUGS to each other? Do they plan and plot CYBER WORLD-WARS against each other? Do they plot and plan to STARVE OFF each other? Do they work in ‘Secret Society’ groupings in order to economically, politically, intellectually, morally, ethically, spiritually ENSLAVE all the other computer generated ficticious characters?

    But for a fleeting moment, just IMAGINE that these thousands upon thousands of computer generate people-like characters DID wind up doing all of THAT and MORE on your own personal PC there at home.

    And for a fleeting moment, just IMAGE that you yourself got GOOD & SICK AND TIRED of what you were watching developing and being displayed ON your PC’s video monitor.

    And the Programmers/Manufacturers of that particular game of ‘THE SIMS’ provided YOU with a ‘Reset Button Function’ whereby when “things got so OUT OF HAND” in THE SIMS’ Cyber World – YOU as the Game/PC Owner could simply ‘HIT the F1 Button’ on the top of your keyboard, and…


    All the computer generated people-like characters would ALL OF A SUDDEN “stop” what they were doing – all of their mayhem, their chaos, their wars, their drug dealing, their ‘Secret Society’ collusions and conspiracies – and THEN they would adopt a ‘Superior Higher Programming’ whereby they would begin TO BUILD and TO RELATED to one another as mutually assisting and mutually ACKNOWLEDGING computer generated people-like characters.

    God THE HOLY SPIRIT is the One Who HOVERED over the ‘formless void of chaotic NO-THING-NESS’ in the primodial Days of God Actively doing ‘His Divine Thing’ in bring about His current seen Creation in which WE ALL move, live and have our current being.

    God THE HOLY SPIRIT is the ‘Ultimate Master Programmer’ of every last aspect of God’s seen Creation.

    Now for the “Big ‘IF'” one more time…

    “IF” the Bishop of Rome along with the Bishops of THE CHURCH here on earth perform the Divinely-Desired-By-The-Logos’ public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to His Own Mother’s Immaculately Loving Heart….THAT would be the “equivalent” of HITTING THE ‘F1’ FUNCTION BUTTON on the very top of our World’s Keyboard!

    Yep..very, VERY HARD to accept or perhaps UNDERSTAND…but DIVINE MIRACLES do happen, such Divine Miracles HAVE occured in the recorded past of Human History…and these sorts of DIVINE MIRACLES happen, take place and occur for one Precise Reason:

    GOD EXISTS. AND THERE IS A ‘GOD’ whether people on earth like THAT or not!

    And this GOD sent His Only Eternally Begotten SON Who we know by the Name of JESUS into our World by ‘Beaming Him Down’ from Heaven by THE POWER OF GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT and into THE WOMB of A WOMAN the entire World and it’s entire Human Race ought to know by her name of MARY who is 1) the Blessed Virgin Mary and 2) God’s Immaculate Conception.

    Now there ya go – as both complete and SIMPLE as I can possibly make it for people the entire World over TO UNDERSTAND.

    If any other ‘Good Ideas’ come my way here at my hermitage, with and by the Grace of OUR LORD and Savior of our ENTIRE HUMAN RACE, I’ll post them here for EVERYONE’S personal, intimate, spiritual, emotional and intellectual contemplative consideration.

    That’s about ALL I can do in the face of what is taking place to our World and all over our World of 2009 Anno Domini.

    May ‘two fish and five barley loaves’ CAN spiritually feed 6 billion or so. I dunno. That’s up to Him.

    – Fr. Joseph

  73. Truth About Vaccines September 26, 2009 @ 1:57 pm

    This is a great video that debunks the myths behind childhood vaccination.

  74. KathJuliane September 26, 2009 @ 2:19 pm

    “A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to its true principles.

    It is true that in the meantime we are suffering deeply in spirit, and incurring the horrors of a war and long oppressions of enormous public debt…If the game runs sometime against us at home, we must have patience till luck turns, and then we shall have an opportunity of winning back the principles we have lost, for this is a game where principles are at stake.” – Thomas Jefferson

  75. Stop Anti-Christian "Hate Laws" September 26, 2009 @ 5:44 pm

    Brother Kapner and RZN readers,

    The next couple of weeks are going to be the most crucial for the very survival of Religious freedom in this country.

    1.The Senate is going to vote on S.909 the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill which was attached to S.1390 the Defense Authorization Bill. This bill will criminalize Christians who oppose the radical homosexual agenda and Zionism.

    2. The House will vote on the Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act, HR 1966 and the Safe Schools Improvement Act, HR 2262. The first bill will criminalize any criticism of homosexuality or Zionism on the internet, whether its a comment you post on youtube or any blog. The second bill will promote sexual deviancy and homosexuality in our public schools.

    3. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will be voted on as well. This bill will force Christian schools and organizations to hire homosexuals, transsexuals, and all other sexual deviants.

    And yet the Christian community and American families are eerily silent. Here is a crucial link explaining this dire situation along with the toll-free number to Congress to protest.

  76. Eternal Love September 26, 2009 @ 10:43 pm

    Seasonal flu shot may increase H1N1 risk

    “Preliminary research suggests the seasonal flu shot may put people at greater risk for getting swine flu, CBC News has learned.”

    “Four Canadian studies involved about 2,000 people, health officials told CBC News. Researchers found people who had received the seasonal flu vaccine in the past were more likely to get sick with the H1N1 virus.”

    “Health authorities in Quebec are considering cancelling or postponing seasonal flu shots for some groups, such as healthy, younger adults.”

    I read in a Russian newspaper that a Russian doctor/microbiologist warns Russians that the vaccine is dangerous and some people want to make money out of it. He advises the Russians to use some preventive measures against the seasonal flue.

    He said that we should not only be washing our hands with soap but also our nose or the nostrils from inside with a little soap on our finger. After that rinsing them with warm water. The nostrils are heavily covered with germs, he explained, and the soap will remove them (the microbes).

    Thus you could prevent as well some painful inflammation/infection of your sinuses. He added he had tested the method on himself and was very happy and satisfied with the result. I myself also started to do it and feel very well.

    Here is another “medicine” for prophylactic of seasonal flu from Russian boards.

    Cut a lemon in small pieces, after add garlic (also cut in small pieces) cover them with 0.5 l boiling water. Leave it for around 12 hours. Take of that mixture one/two table spoons every day.

    I myself started to take my lemon/garlic medicine and feel good. Actually I put some honey inside as well.

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble efforts of our Brother to promote Christianity and Justice for All!!!

    Eternal Love

  77. Hoff September 27, 2009 @ 12:40 am

    “Barack Obama will go down in history as America’s first Jewish President.” — Abner Mikva (Jew) Former White House Counsel, Clinton Administration (Chicago Tribune, Dec. 12, 2008)

    “Jewish Americans for Obama”

    What word diden’t you understand? The Jews themself says that Obama NoBody is a Jew. He is not a DNA-Jew, but he is a Jew in the head, he thinks and acts as a Jew. When he doesn’t think and act as a Jew, he has a massive gang of Jews around him who will tell him what to think and how to act.

    The American state is run lock, stock and barrel by Jews. The highest worldly power you can get is to control the state. There are 200 states in the world and the Jewish conspiracy is to control all the 200 states in the world. The Jews want to control the world and to do that the Jews must have a proxy war machine – that would be America, UN and NATO. Jews controls America, UN and NATO, hence they are jewish proxy war machines.

  78. Hoff September 27, 2009 @ 12:52 am

    How do you as a two percent minority take control of the majority? You write the laws and then turn the whole judicial system against it’s own people, and that is what the Jews are doing right now in America.

    “Five Hate Bills Surge Forward In Congress”

  79. Eternal Love September 27, 2009 @ 11:47 am

    The dead end kids
    Young, unemployed and facing tough future

    “The unemployment rate for young Americans has exploded to 52.2 percent — a post-World War II high, according to the Labor Dept. — meaning millions of Americans are staring at the likelihood that their lifetime earning potential will be diminished and, combined with the predicted slow economic recovery, their transition into productive members of society could be put on hold for an extended period of time.

    And worse, without a clear economic recovery plan aimed at creating entry-level jobs, the odds of many of these young adults — aged 16 to 24, excluding students — getting a job and moving out of their parents’ houses are long. Young workers have been among the hardest hit during the current recession — in which a total of 9.5 million jobs have been lost.”

    Well done US “government”, bankers-gangsters. Now you will have plenty of human material to “work” die in your wars. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran,Georgia, and perhaps Barbados/Marbados, Madagascar, and so on…….

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble efforts of our Brother to promote Christianity and Justice for All!!!

    Eternal Love

  80. The Prodigal Son September 27, 2009 @ 2:02 pm

    Brother Nathanael said in one of his latest ADMIN comments:

    “Then some scum ball dressed in an “avant garde’ black suit and tie, started staring at me with a hideous, evil look. Then staring at the Holy Cross with the most Satanic evil eyes I have ever seen in my life, starting spitting in front of the Holy Cross.(…)

    (…) blaspheming *The Holy Cross* with his spit. (…)

    I am now making the sign of the Cross over me to protect my soul from this son of satan.”

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Brother Nathanael has clearly stated that it was the *Cross* which this man had an issue with. A serious issue !

    That it was the *Cross* of Christ which this anti-Christ was blasphemously spitting before…

    Do you think this man would have had the same reaction if Br. Nathanael had been wearing a large ‘miraculous medal’ instead ??

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Then Fr. Joseph said:

    “I’ve acquired 100 of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s MIRACULOUS MEDALS for you to distribute to those YOUTH who are drawn to you.”

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    I guess you see where I’m going with this…

    As long as you’re distributing ‘miraculous medals’ – as a consequence you are not distributing the Cross of Christ !

    Why not distribute the Cross ?

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    “(…) they are the enemies of the cross of Christ.”
    -Philippians 3:18

    “Then Jesus said to His disciples, ‘If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me.

    For whoever desires to save his life swill lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.’ ”
    – Matthew 16:24,25

    “But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by Whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.”
    – Galatians 6:14

    “And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.”
    – Luke 14:27

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    The Cross has REAL power – and the anti-Christs visibly recoil at the presence of the Cross…

    But even so-called ‘atheists’ absolutely LOVE the image of the disembodied, flaming, impaled heart of Mary…

  81. KathJuliane September 27, 2009 @ 3:01 pm

    The Elevation of the Holy Cross is one of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church, celebrated on September 14. (today for the Churches on the Julian Calendar). This feast is also referred to as the Exaltation of the Cross. This is also a popular name day for Stavroula/Stavros (from “stavros” meaning cross).

    This feast commemorates two events:

    The finding of the Cross by the Empress Helen (the mother of St. Constantine the Great) on Golgotha in 326 AD, the place where Christ was crucified.

    On the spot where the Cross was discovered, St. Helen had found a hitherto unknown flower of rare beauty and fragrance, which has been named “Vasiliko”, or Basil, meaning the flower of royalty.

    Note that the word “Vasiliko” means “of the King,” since the word “Basileus” in Greek means “King”; so, the plant Vasiliko, Basil, is tied to the Precious Cross of the King of Glory, our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Underneath the Basil, the Cross of Christ was found, but with it were the other two crosses, those used to crucify the two thieves on either side of Christ. The sign with the inscription, “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews”, also lay among the three crosses.

    In order to determine which one was the true cross, a sick woman was told to kiss each of the three crosses. The woman kissed the first cross with no result. She kissed the second cross and again nothing happened. However, when the ailing woman kissed the True Cross, she was immediately made well.

    It so happened that a funeral procession was passing that way, and so the body of the dead man was placed on each of the crosses, and when it was placed on the True Cross, the dead man came to life — thus the name the “Life-Giving” Cross, which gives life not only to that man, but to each person who believes in the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross and His all-glorious three day Resurrection.

    When the true Cross was identified, it was lifted on high for all the people to see, who then continually sang Kyrie eleison, a practice which is still enacted at current celebrations of this feast.

    The recovery of the Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified from the Persians. The Persians had captured the True Cross as a prize of war when they sacked Jerusalem in 614 AD.

    It was recovered by the forces of the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire)) in 627 AD, when Emperor Heraclius decisively defeated the Sassanid Persians at The Battle of Nineveh, surrounding their capital Ctesiphon, recovering the True Cross, and breaking the power of the Sassanid dynasty.

    The Elevation took place on March 21, 630 AD, when Emperor Heraclius entered Jerusalem amidst great rejoicing, and together with Patriarch Zacharios (609-633), transferred the Cross of Christ with great solemnity into the temple of the Resurrection, joyously held up for veneration by the Christian faithful.

    ~~~ ~
    More from Brother Nathanael’s recent admins:

    “I walked up to [the cab driver] and he appeared to be a Jewish fellow around late 40s. He started kissing the Cross and I was quite astonished.

    He then told me that he had seen me last year in Harvard Sq as he was driving by and I had made the sign of the Cross over him with my huge Cross.

    He told me that he experienced something quite unforgettable. He said that it seemed that when I blessed him with the Cross that Christ entered inside of him with a tremendous feeling of well being welling up within him.”

    [Striking resemblance to the events in St. Helen’s day… it is the power of the Life-giving Cross of our Lord and Savior.]

    ~~~ ~
    “I found a major intersection at Colfax and Speers near the Denver Convention Center which was flooded with traffic.

    Everyone started honking and waving and putting their fists up with me. Many yelled out, “God Bless You!” and “Thank You – It’s Time!”

    Even different police kept on coming by constantly giving me the “Thumbs Up.” [Brother Nathanael is not ever without the Cross in his street evangelism.]

    ~~~ ~

    “Tonite, while the Youth were again mobbing me, mostly to take pictures of me holding the sacred Cross and with me as well.”

    ~~~ ~

    Dear BN, Keep holding the precious Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ like a beacon for all to see.

    “To the glorious Cross and golden Freedom! Give up everything for Christ, but Christ for nothing!” as the Serbs say.

    God bless you!

  82. Fr. Joseph September 27, 2009 @ 3:33 pm

    A Priestly Homily from the Hermitage

    Every act of BETRAYAL contains within it an immediate and eventual result in DESTRUCTION and DEATH.

    The BETRAYAL of Christ Jesus by Judas for a mere 30 pieces of silver DID result in THE DEATH of Christ Jesus ON HIS CROSS and the resulting DESTRUCTION of Jerusalem, the Temple’s priests, all that Judiasm once WAS and tens upon tens of thousands of JEWS themselves via the siege of the Roman Legions 37 years later.

    Imagine that, a measely 30 pieces of silver was all it cost to bring about THE DESTRUCTION of Jeruslam and THE DEATH of tens upon tens of thousands of JEWS.

    Jewish leaders, religious and political, learned a HARD LESSON on what is now called ‘Blow Back’.

    This lesson on/about BETRAYAL resulting in DEATH and DESTRUCTION show some of betrayal’s results are IMMEDIATE & PROXIMATE and some COMPOUND EXPONTENTIALLY to some future point-in-time.

    Now as a Catholic Christian having lived all my life here in the USA, I know well what ‘betrayal’ is and its effects – on myself and others. I’ve been ‘betrayed’ by family members, close friends, work associates, corporate employers, U.S. Federal and State officials, by my Federal and State governments, my U.S. media, my national Central Bank – and yes, by many members of my own Catholic Church.

    And whether the rest of you here on RZN want to realize and/or recoginze you, TOO, have been BETRAYED in so many ways and so many times that very few of you will honestly admit it.

    But ENOUGH of our lamenting our own personal being ‘betrayed’.

    Let us ALL now stare at and stare on THE BETRAYAL of the Mother of God herself – from all of the Protestants, all of the Catholics and all of the Orthodox.

    The MOTHER OF GOD told the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church’s Ecclesiastical Hierarchy, the Catholic Church’s BISHOPS, the Catholic Church’s theologians and the Catholic Church’s own LAITY what DO TO and what NEEDED TO BE DONE as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal in order to bring about WORLD PEACE.

    The myriad types and numbers of PROTESTANTS throughout our World consider and treat the MOTHER OF GOD as some sort of ‘Street Bag Lady’ and do all in their power TO DIMINISH her in her God-ordained, God-appointed capacity as MOTHER OF GOD.

    The Catholic Church’s Hierarchy, the Vatican and the Church’s Bishops BURY her Fatima Messages and Instructions as Our Lady of Fatima.

    I believe that her Miraculous Medal she HERSELF instructed to the Catholic Church to be minted and widely distributed to ANYONE and EVERYONE here on this planet earth of what I believe is HER OWN SON’S Creating!

    So, take my advise, WATCH what you say about her and her Medals, her Scapulars, her Rosaries and her Requests of public and solemn CONSECRATIONS to the Catholic Church she desires DONE here on this planet earth her own Divine Son CREATED and upon which all of you ORTHODOX move, live and have your beings.

    – Fr. Joseph

  83. Fr. Joseph September 27, 2009 @ 6:01 pm

    SACRED SCRIPTURE of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church Militant here ON EARTH has the following Words of GOD INCARNATE Himself giving THIS ‘Divine Advise’ and ‘Divine Instruction’…

    “If your brother does SOMETHING WRONG, go and HAVE IT OUT WITH HIM alone, between your two selves. If he listens to you, you have WON BACK your brother. If he DOES NOT listen, take one or two others along with you; the evidence of two or three witnesses is required to sustain any charge. But if he REFUSES to listen to these, report it to THE COMMUNITY. And if he REFUSES to listen to THE COMMUNITY, treat him (or HER) like a PAGAN or a TAX COLLECTOR.” – Jesus Christ – Gospel of St. Matthew – Matthew 18:15-17

    I’ve HAD IT with all of you belligerant and unthinking and unfeeling ORTHODOX Laity!

    – Fr. Joseph

  84. traditional american September 27, 2009 @ 6:50 pm

    The f word was used for the first time on the Jewish controlled NBC Saturday Night Live Show. Americans watching the filthy program on the east coast heard it uncensored.

    The Jew Lorne Michaels AKA Lorne Michael Lipowitz controls this show.

  85. traditional american September 27, 2009 @ 6:52 pm

    I am a Catholic and I went to the Traditional Latin Tridentine Mass today. I would encourage all Catholic RZN readers to attend this solemn Mass.

  86. traditional american September 27, 2009 @ 6:54 pm

    Here is the link for Tridentine Mass times in all fifty states.

  87. traditional american September 27, 2009 @ 7:04 pm

    Starbucks is controlled by the Zionist Jew Howard Schultz and there is a boycott of the company:

    After reading this I remembered the Jewish comedian Jackie Mason making fun of Jewish obsession with “burnt Starbucks Coffee”:

  88. KathJuliane September 27, 2009 @ 8:38 pm

    To the eyes of the first Christians, the cross had no beauty and crucifixion was the punishment decreed under Roman martial law in imperium provinces for rebellious zealot criminals and marauding bandit thugs.

    It stood outside too many city walls, decorated only with decaying corpses, as a threat to anyone who defied Rome’s authority — including Christians who refused sacrifice to Roman gods. Although believers spoke of the cross as the instrument of salvation, it seldom appeared in Christian art unless disguised as an anchor or the Chi-Rho until after Constantine’s edict of toleration.

    The feast entered the Western calendar in the seventh century after Emperor Heraclius recovered the cross from the Sassanid Persians and the Babylonian Jewish allies, who had carried it off in 614 after the sack of Jerusalem, 15 years earlier along with about 40,000 Christians carried away captive, in what is still considered one of the most daring military rescue expeditions of all time.

    According to tradition and history, the emperor intended to carry the True Cross back into Jerusalem himself, but was unable to move forward until he took off his imperial garb and became a barefoot pilgrim.

    Walking for miles to Jerusalem carrying the Cross in front of a procession of thousands of soliders, released captives and the Christians of Palestine singing hymns of praise and giving glory to God, the True Cross was returned to Golgotha and the temple of the Holy Sepulchre.
    ~~~ ~

    As Providence would have it, two days after the destruction of the Twin Towers, on September 13, 2001, the forefeast of the Exaltation of the Cross on the Gregorian calendar, the rescue workers came across the stunning sight of two steel beams in the perfect shape of an immense Latin cross.

    This cross with it’s sheet of torn metal draped over its arms like a shroud was standing singularly erect in the middle of the smoking tangle of an immense mound of rubble that had become a mass sepulchre as well.

    Some distance away around it still stood various sagging remnants of the cross-beamed steel skeletons of the building which mostly bent inwards towards the Cross and formed an eerie cathedral around it.

    While there were also salvaged many more crosses as relics and memorials from the steel structures, only one was so strikingly poised in such a way as to be thought formed by the hand of God from its near perfect proportions and from the way it stood in the midst of the overwhelming desolation and random chaos.

    It quickly came to be known as the Cross of Ground Zero. The workers, some Catholics, some Protestants, some non-believers and some who gave no notice of religion at all, were variously struck by the otherworldliness surrounding the Cross of Ground Zero, so much so that many were convinced it had been deliberately planted there by the hand of God Himself.

    Many embraced that steel cross as a symbol of hope to help them deal with the incredible heartache of digging day after day, but finding no survivors. Who knows how many were strengthened in faith, and how many came to faith in Christ because of that noble “accidental” relic born of tragedy. By the way it majestically stood apart from other parts of the ruined structures, it declared itself to be the eternal Cross triumphant of our Lord Jesus Christ Resurrected.

    Eventually the 20-foot tall Cross was hoisted onto a 40-foot foundation for all to see. Firemen and policemen, rescue and city workers, the Salvation Army and the Red Cross, ordinary people,some Christians, some of other faiths, wrote messages on the cross in honor of those who had fallen.

    Anyone who visited the crime scene, the first thing seen was the steel Cross. It stood as a tower of love in the midst of death and sorrow. Rescue workers stood at the foot of that cross often in silent observance finding faith and solace in it, courage, compassion and determination as well, and the presence of the Holy God.

    When I first saw footage of the Cross, the words of Paul came to mind, “May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Galatians 6:14).

    The expression of Jesus, “But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself” (John 12:32).

    There was comfort in the words of the Psalmist, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear” (Psalm 46: 1-2).

    ~~~ ~
    “How splendid the cross of Christ! It brings life, not death; light, not darkness; Paradise, not its loss. It is the wood on which the Lord, like a great warrior, was wounded in hands and feet and side, but healed thereby our wounds. A tree has destroyed us, a tree now brought us life” (Theodore of Studios).

    Peace in our Lord Jesus Christ and Risen Savior.

  89. Skip Baker September 27, 2009 @ 8:38 pm

    Perhaps folks can see that Judah has NOTHING to do with “Jews” if they understand these charts on my page. The charts and artwork explain this confusing issue:


  90. Fr. Joseph September 27, 2009 @ 11:20 pm

    From a sermon by SAINT Bernard – ABBOT

    (Who amongst you are a canonized SAINT. Or who amongst you are an ORDAINED ABBOT?)

    “Do not be surprized, brothers, that MARY is said to be a MARTYR IN SPIRIT. Let him be surprized who does not remember the words of Paul, that one of the GREATEST CRIMES of the Gentiles was that they were WITHOUT LOVE. That was far from the heart of MARY; let it be far from her servants.

    “Perhaps someone will say, ‘Had she not known before that He would die?’ Undoubtedly. ‘Did she not expect Him to rise again at once?’ Surely. ‘And still she GRIEVED over her crucified Son?’ INTENSELY.

    “WHO ARE YOU and what is the SOURCE OF YOUR WISDOM that you are more surprised at the compassion of MARY than at the Passion of Mary’s Son? For if He could DIE in body, could she not DIE WITH HIM in spirit? He died in body through a Love greater than anyone had known. She DIED IN SPIRIT through a Love unlike any other since His.”

    Print this out and STUDY CLOSELY the look on her face – and just ATTEMPT to plumb the state and condition of her spirit!

    The Mother of God KNOWS ALL ABOUT her Son’s Holy Cross.

    I think some people here on RZN owe the Mother of God some sort of apology, some sort of reparation.

    I know I do.

    How do WE ‘make it all up to her’?

    We ALL can give her our LOVE, as pitiful as THAT surely is. We ALL can resolve TO OBEY what she tells US to do – from Bishop all the way down to the Janitor who cleans out our Church parishes. That would be a GOOD start.

    – Fr. Joseph

  91. The Prodigal Son September 28, 2009 @ 12:48 am

    Skip Baker,

    You are very close sir… but you are a little off, I think.

    1) Israel is composed of those who accept Jesus as Christ by faith, and are recipients of the promise by grace.

    So Israel is neither a fleshly race or a physical nation, but those who follow the will of the Living God. (God’s will is that all be saved, and come to know Jesus the Christ.)

    2) Also, you state that the descendants of Shem (the Semites) are Caucasians. But Skip – Caucasians are white !

    The descendants of Shem settled in what was once known as Arabia, while Europe was settled mostly by descendants of Gomer.

    Have you forgotten that Jacob and Esau were brothers, hence they had the same mother and father and therefore how could one brother spawn the white race – and the other spawn ‘Jews’ ?

    It is spiritual descendants we are speaking of – the descendants of Israel are Christians, but the descendants of Edom are anti-Christ.

    Therefore, when you say that The Semites of biblical Palestine and surrounding areas were white… I think you take a measure of credibility away from yourself regarding the issue of what happened to the Edomites.

    Otherwise you are – as I said, I think – very close.

    The English word ‘Jew’ in the Bible was transliterated from TWO separate words… first Judahite (of the tribe of Judah) and second Judean (resident of Judea). Why anyone allowed two words to be translated into ONE different, made-up word is beyond me !

    The Idumeans (Edomites) became known as ‘Jews’ (Judeans) when John Hyrcanus conquered Edom in 126 B.C. But before this time, the Edomites were not known as ‘Jews’.

    This was mostly a Roman mix-up… Romans just arrogantly called everyone from that vicinity ‘Iudaeus’ – which meant ‘Judean’.

    I liken it to the way that certain white people call all native Americans: ‘Indians’ (even though they are – of course – not from India).

    Adding eventually to the confusion was the fact that in the English – there was no letter ‘J’.

    So translating from Greek and Latin into English, we were dealing with these words :

    Ioudaios, Iudaeus, Iudaeorum, and Idumaea… you can see how confusing this could get !

    Judahite, then also Judean were first translated as ‘Iewes’ and then with the advent of the letter ‘J’ – eventually came the word ‘Jew’.

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    I left these verses for you here before – I’m not sure if you saw them, so I’ll put them here anyway (they may benefit others in their search for the truth)…

    The first verse is from the old King James Version, in which the Old Testament is largely based on the Masoretic texts.

    The second is from the Orthodox Study Bible, and in it is the Greek LXX (Septuagint) version of the Old Testament. This is the version that Christ carried, and quoted from !

    The Masoretics were actually just Pharisees and they had altered many O.T. passages, including this one :

    “At that time Rezin king of Syria recovered Elath to Syria, and drave the Jews from Elath: and the Syrians came to Elath, and dwelt there unto this day.”
    – II Kings 16:6

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    “At that time Rezin king of Syria returned Elath to Syria and drove the men of Judah from Elath. Then the Edomites went to Elath, where they continue to dwell to this day.”
    – IV Kingdoms 16:6

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Here we see both the first time the word ‘Jew’ is ever used in the Bible (Moses, Noah, King David, King Solomon, Abraham, and Jacob – NONE of these were EVER called ‘Jew’ in the Bible)…

    And the purported ‘disappearance’ of the Edomites forever (even though in the time of Jesus Christ – an Edomite king – Herod, tried to kill the newborn Jesus by ordering ALL babies to be killed after the Eastern magi had told him of the birth of Christ – the ISRAELITE King – in Bethlehem, where they had just followed the Star to !)…

    It is also my belief that many of the Pharisees were also actually Edomites, and this is why they carried on the agenda (in the middle of the night) of killing the Israelite King – Jesus !

    Is there any doubt that these ‘Jews’ who equate themselves with Israel are thieves and liars ? They are sons of Satan, indeed.

    The worst part is they are sons of the dark one BY CHOICE ! It is their rejection of the all-good grace of God that has them on a handcart to Hell !

    May God have mercy on their eternal souls…

  92. End the War September 28, 2009 @ 11:53 am

    Riyadh ‘offers airspace’ for Israel attack on Iran

  93. End the War September 28, 2009 @ 11:58 am

    Alex Jones admits avoiding Zionism in his broadcasts.

  94. AntiPharisee September 28, 2009 @ 12:01 pm

    “Have you forgotten that Jacob and Esau were brothers, hence they had the same mother and father and therefore how could one brother spawn the white race – and the other spawn ‘Jews’ ?”
    Doctors call twins that have two different fathers Heteropaternal Superfecundation.
    Heteropaternal Superfecundation is so rare, there are only a handful of documented cases in the world.

    Medical experts call the boys a miracle of science.

    This medical marvel happens when a woman releases multiple eggs during ovulation. If the woman has more than one sexual partner within the same time period, sperm cells can fertilize two separate eggs.

  95. Fr. Joseph September 28, 2009 @ 1:30 pm

    “Blessed are the PEACE MAKERS, for they shall be called sons of God.”

    A Priestly ‘Homily from the Hermitage’ on and about such very CHRISTIAN Church things such as Sacramentals such as MEDALS and on the Christian Church’s Divine Sacrament of THE EUCHARIST, Christ Jesus’ Own Body and Blood given to all of us who desire to receive it unto Eternal Life.

    For those of you who aren’t aware of a VERY Eastern Church tradition, the Eastern Church uses ICONS or ‘Holy Paintings’ crafted ususally by her Monks and devout Religious to visually depict Sacred Images of Divine or Holy People as well as selected ‘Religious Scenes’ from the Life of our Lord or His Saints.

    Perhaps many of you did not know this, but when an ICON is completed and to be USED in the Liturgical/Prayer Life of those of the Eastern Church, that particular ICON gets “Baptized” with Holy Water and is “Chrismated” with Blessed Holy Oil just AS IF it were a living breathing PERSON!

    This ‘Baptism’ and ‘Chrismation’ of Eastern Church’s ICONS is done by its Patriarchs, Metropolitans and Bishops. I really don’t know if an Eastern Church Priest can affect such a ‘Baptism/Chrismation’ of a soon to be accepted INTO the Eastern Church ICON.

    The religious-spiritual purpose for ‘Baptizing’ and ‘Chrismating’ any of these ICONS in the Eastern Church is so to INSTILL the ‘Spirit/spirit’ of those Divine or Holy Personages actually INTO that soon to be SACRED Icon.

    All of the Icon images in the Eastern Church’s ICONOSTASIS
    and her Eastern Church’s ICON are actually imbued with the Living-living, Breathing-breathing Spirit-spirit of that/those Divine or Holy Personages.

    In the Western Church were STATUES were the primary form of ARTISTIC expression of persons – these Holy Statues meant to be used in the public liturgical-prayer life of the Christian Church are likewise ‘blessed and consecrated’ for USE within the Western Church’s buildings and structure – and the EXACT SAME religious-spiritual notion/belief prevails. That these blessed-consecrated STATUES are instilled with the ‘Spirit-spirit’ of those Divine or Holy Personages.

    One does NOT pray to the ‘block of wood and paint’ nor does one pray to the ‘block of chiseled marble’ – one PRAYS TO the Spirit-spirit of the Divine or Holy Personage that the rough-crude human attempts to ‘bring to Life/life’ since ONLY GOD HIMSELF instills Life and is the Author of Life Itself.

    Yet God IS perfectly capable of ‘afixing’ or, if you prefer, ‘associating’ a Spirit that He IS or a spirit He brought to Life to a particular place within His Seen Creation.

    So let me ATTEMPT to explain what are called SACRAMENTALS, such as MEDALS, used in His Western Church.

    – Fr. Joseph

  96. Fr. Joseph September 28, 2009 @ 1:53 pm

    Continuing my ‘Priestly Homily from my Hermitage’ – about MEDALS

    There is the very well known passage from the Christian Church’s Canon of Sacred Scripture from the Gospel accounts, where St. Thomas is NOT with the other Apostles – and THE LORD HIMSELF comes to them in His Risen Body and spends time with His Apostles.

    St. Thomas later says he will NOT BELIEVE the other Apostles in their telling him that ‘they have seen THE LORD’.

    Next week, ‘same time, same station’ (grin), THE LORD again appears to His Apostles AND TO St. Thomas. And THE LORD tells St. Thomas not to DOUBT but to BELIEVE in Him, in His Teachings, in what He has done, in how He Is, in Who He Is and what He wants for THEM to do for Him and for the rest of our Human Race.

    So, to explain the Sacramental of MEDALS to those of you of the Eastern Church, I want for you to picture yourself at a New York Yankees vs. the Boston Red Sox arch-rivarly baseball game being TELEVISED the World over from Yankee Stadium.

    This particular game has been HOSTILE throughout six innings. Batters get hit by pitched balls almost every inning. The Umpire has threatened to EJECT both the Yankee and Red Sox Managers. The respective team’s fans all throughout Yankee Stadium are throwing BEER at each other. Things are really, really “hot under the collar” and the New York Police Department and her entire Riot Squad along with her SWAT Team just might have to be CALLED IN to prevent serious injuries to BOTH the teams’ players and their stadium packed full of Yankees and Red Sox fans.

    Now image ‘All Of A Sudden’ from the sky above, EVERYONE hears a Voice saying

    ‘This is My Son, the Beloved. He enjoys My Favor. LISTEN TO HIM!’

    And there, in FULL VIEW of the 60,000 stadium fans, both baseball teams and in full view of the ENTIRE WORLD seeing it for themselves on their t.v. sets – CHRIST JESUS HIMSELF materializes in His Risen Body smack dab on top of the PITCHING MOUND.

    Everyone in the stadium and throughout the entire t.v. viewing World are HUSHED into utter silence and stillness, utterly TRANSFIXED on what they are ALL simultaneously watching unfold with their own two eyes.

    CHRIST JESUS, on the pitching mound, calls over to the BALL BOYS and to the Home Plate Umpire and asks them all to GIVE HIM the baseballs in their possession.

    CHRIST JESUS Himself then takes a black magic marker and Personal SIGNS each and every last one of about, let’s say, 500 baseballs.

    CHRIST JESUS Himself then divides these Personally signed baseballs into two groups of 250 each. One to give to the Manager of the Yankees and one to the Manager of the Red Sox.

    CHRIST JESUS Himself tells both team Managers to have THEIR team members take these Personally signed baseballs and to RANDOMLY THROW THEM UP in the stadium seats so that THE PEOPLE can have these baseballs He Himself has signed.

    The baseball fans who are LUCKY ENOUGH to catch these 500 baseballs find that these baseballs emit a DIVINE FRAGRANCE, and they allow all of those around them TO SMELL the Divine Fragrance of the baseball signed by CHRIST JESUS Himself Who signed them all as

    ‘With Much Divine Love, I am Jesus, The Christ, King of king and Lord of lord. My Divine PEACE be with you.’

    What do you think would be the expected REACTION from the other 59,500 baseball fans who DO NOT HAVE a Personally signed by THE LORD Himself baseball?

    And what do you think would be the expected REACTION from all the people who wind up actually WITNESSING this happen on their t.v. sets at home all across this World of ours.

    Do you or do you NOT think that every last one of these living souls would want, for their very selves, a Personally signed by JESUS CHRIST Himself baseball which relentless and unfailing emits this entirely unique and thoroughly captivating Divine Fragrance?

    Well, what do you think? Would EVERYONE want one of these ‘Divine Baseballs’???

    Yes OR No?

    – Fr. Joseph

  97. Fr. Joseph September 28, 2009 @ 2:00 pm

    Now regarding the MOTHER OF GOD’S own ‘Miraculous Medals’.

    Christ Jesus’ OWN MOTHER appeared in France and instructed that SHE wanted for EVERYONE to have a Medal for their very selves as HER PERSONAL SPIRITUAL GIFT to all of her human spiritual children here on planet earth as God’s Own NEW EVE to and for all of Mankind.

    100 Miraculous Medals, I did mail to Br. Nathanael to GIVE OUT to all of the ‘Street Children’ he runs into in his Street Evangelism.

    What’s SO WRONG with that?

    Those Medals are a Personal GIFT from the MOTHER OF THE LORD to her spiritual children here on earth.

    Little kids, neglected and abandoned children and youth on the streets of the cities of the USA would ALL love to have A BASEBALL personally signed by and PERSONALLY given to them by DEREK JETER of the N.Y. Yankees!

    To the MEDALS blessed by and minted by authority of her Son’s Church Militant here on earth – OPEN YOUR MINDS and OPEN YOUR HEARTS to what THE MOTHER OF YOUR LORD and the MOTHER OF HER SON’S CHURCH here on earth HERSELF wanted TO DO for her own spiritual CHILDREN all across and upon this planet earth of her Son’s Creating and Sustaining!

    – Fr. Joseph

  98. Hoff September 28, 2009 @ 2:44 pm

    “Rare footage of NKVD mass graves in Poland, Ukraine”

  99. Freedom September 28, 2009 @ 3:47 pm


    Another way this takes place, scientifically, is for a woman to have intercourse with Partner #1 and then to freeze the embryo #1.. Next month, the same woman has intercourse with Partner #2 and then freeze this embryo..later transfer both frozen embryos to the woman..

  100. KathJuliane September 28, 2009 @ 4:28 pm

    F. Joseph wrote: For those of you who aren’t aware of a VERY Eastern Church tradition, the Eastern Church uses ICONS or ‘Holy Paintings’ crafted ususally by her Monks and devout Religious to visually depict Sacred Images of Divine or Holy People as well as selected ‘Religious Scenes’ from the Life of our Lord or His Saints.

    Correct so far as it goes. While it is true that most often monks and nuns are the holy iconographers, there are also holy icongraphers that are lay persons in the world who have received the blessing from their parish PRIESTS to be one.

    F. Joseph wrote: “Perhaps many of you did not know this, but when an ICON is completed and to be USED in the Liturgical/Prayer Life of those of the Eastern Church, that particular ICON gets “Baptized” with Holy Water and is “Chrismated” with Blessed Holy Oil just AS IF it were a living breathing PERSON!

    “This ‘Baptism’ and ‘Chrismation’ of Eastern Church’s ICONS is done by its Patriarchs, Metropolitans and Bishops. I really don’t know if an Eastern Church Priest can affect such a ‘Baptism/Chrismation’ of a soon to be accepted INTO the Eastern Church ICON.

    The religious-spiritual purpose for ‘Baptizing’ and ‘Chrismating’ any of these ICONS in the Eastern Church is so to INSTILL the ‘Spirit/spirit’ of those Divine or Holy Personages actually INTO that soon to be SACRED Icon.”

    This is entirely incorrect and borders on fantasy, please do not write such things from such a fertile imagination, or explained by the rich tradition of the Western “development of dogmas” and pass them off as Orthodox Tradition if you are not at all familiar with them.

    The icons are neither “baptized” or “chrismated” to “instill” the ‘spirit’ of those images, nor is it reserved to some special ceremony of “Metropolitans, Patriarchs and Bishops”, although they certainly also bless things, too, as part of their priestly functions.

    If something is already holy, nothing more can be added by a new ceremony.

    Answer of the 7th ecumenical council against the Iconoclasts read by Epiphane, deacon of Catania in Sicilia :

    “ Let them hear the truth. Many things that we regard as sacred do not receive a prayer for consecration because, per se, and due to the name they bear, they are full of blessings and grace.”

    That’s why we honour and venerate them as holy things. So, the representation of the life-giving Cross is venerable, without a prayer or consecration being necessary; and we only have to receive a blessing by this representation.

    And we believe that the devils are defeated by the veneration we owe to It [the Cross] and by the sign we make on our forehead or in the air. And when we honour and venerate it piously, we take part to its blessings. It is the same thing for the icon due to the One which name it’s bearing ” (session 6, Mansi 13, 269 D,E).”

    Icons are simply blessed by the Church because they are images of persons, feasts or things that are part of the Church – the Ecclesia which includes God and the people of God in heaven and on earth and the events of sacred history past, present, and future.

    Things for the Church are blessed by the Church as it is the Church with Jesus Christ as her head which is “energized” with the Holy Spirit that sanctifies everything inside her. The icons are images of holy saints and martyrs full of the Holy Spirit who have already been glorified in heaven.

    An icon (be it painted, or printed and framed or mounted) by a blessed iconographer is an inherently holy object, as it is sanctified by the holiness of the prototype – the saint or feast depicted on it, therefore the nonexistent “baptism” and “chrismation” as one would do for a person does not “instill the spirit” of the personages into that “soon to be sacred item” as you so imaginatively describe.

    Touching on the ubiquitous digital images, some of which are ancient copies, but others of which are reproduced or even created without prayer or reverence, but these too are blessed, and their purpose is the same.

    An icon is “written”, literally “image writing” in a spiritual way, and not simply artistically painted in materialistic and naturalistic ways as icons have a symbolic language and “grammar”, and is framed in sacred geometries and mathematics and it has its own discipline of canon or Church rules that are applied within iconographic schools.

    In general, if you buy an icon from an ordinary shop as they have in Greece or online from a non-monastic or church source it is given to the priest and he keeps it in the church and then blesses it.

    If you buy or are given an icon from an Orthodox monastery it has already been blessed and the rest is not necessary.

    Blessing an icon or Cross, as a liturgical, sacramental act, is simply natural for the Church in which church life is actually very simple, and not somehow restricted to the ordained hierarchy in the Western sense to highly compartmentalized, ceremonialized and ritualized orders, offices and apostolates.

    The Orthodox Church has blessings for everything and an infinity of sacramental acts, and while we do have certain processional ceremonies for various feasts and liturgies, Orthodox church life is actually quite simple compared to the West.

    A parishioner brings an icon or other things, such as foods for certain feasts, and the priest blesses them with sprinkling of Holy Water and prayers, quite often with a bundle of hyssop. And no, F. Joseph sprinkling is not “baptism” as it is understood in the Roman Catholic Church because baptize literally means “immersion”.

    In the East, only in the most unusual cases is baptism accomplished by anything less than full three-fold immersion in blessed water, and simply pouring water over a person’s head is something of an emergency measure.

    Writing an icon according to the Church rules is a sacramental act just as prosphora baking is. We still retain the 2,000 year old tradition of bringing the handmade simple bread called the prosphora from the home pantry which is presented to the priest for preparation at the altar into the Holy Eucharist.

    Iconographers from within a parish are blessed by the priest to be so. So is baking prosphora by holy prosphora bakers who are blessed to do so by the parish priest from home. In monasteries and sketes the same applies, a hieromonk blesses the iconographers or prosphora bakers to do so.

    Prosphora baking is not the end of the story, but that the prosphora becomes the Holy Eucharist and antidoron through the Church sacrament of the Divine Liturgy and the blessing of the priest.

    I can’t think of anything in the Church that is technically done without or independent of the laity, the sacraments, liturgy, or hierarchy as it is all interdependent and interrelated.

    There are two general very simple traditions that I know of about blessing icons. The Greek and Arab tradition is to leave the icon on the altar of the church for 40 days (the same applies for blessing other objects such as wedding rings). The priest blesses it with holy water and chants prayers.

    The Slavic tradition does not insist on a 40-day stay on the altar. There is a short blessing service in the Great Trebnik (Book of Needs) which is read or chanted over the icon, and the ritual includes sprinkling the icon with holy water.

    But the conferring of a Church blessing by the priest bestows the final imprimatur or “axios”, as it were of the whole Church. The writing of the inscription on an icon is the final act after the rest of the image is painted. It is common practice for an iconographer to then venerate the icon once it has been completed. That being so, it is then customary to have the icon blessed.

    Parishioners often bring icons, holy objects or other items to be blessed to the priest. A ‘blessing’ really means to read a special prayer over them and then sprinkle them with Holy Water while saying the words: “these icons (or whatever) are sanctified by the sprinkling of this Holy Water in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.

    The custom of having an icon blessed may have arisen to guard against the proliferation or veneration of false or uncanonical images, as a priest with a modicum of iconographic knowledge could refuse to bless such images (and hopefully explain why to the person offering the icon). Sadly, history shows that this has not often been the case.

    Sometimes however these ‘other items’ are not suitable to be blessed or don’t conform to Eastern Church canons and disciplines. In this case the priest returns these items without having done a blessing.

    So this serves as a kind of vetting process.

  101. Hoff September 28, 2009 @ 5:06 pm

    The jew run “Workers Paradise” Sovjet Hell on earth

    “Soviet gulag part 3/5”

  102. Eternal Love September 28, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

    Rally in Albany Tuesday Over H1N1 Flu Shot Debate

    Congratulations to the people protesting against the forced vac$inination. Some greedy Souls think they own our lives.

    Yesterday, I heard on the radio that one of the biggest drug companies, forgot the name, had reported huge profits for the last month…

    Their plan is working…. The good thing here is that people get united, forgetting their differences, and fight back!!!

    “(New York, NY) — Hundreds of health care workers will rally in Albany Tuesday, angry that they are being made to receive H1N1 flu shots. The State Health Department has made it mandatory that all health care workers get immunized by November 30th. The protestors say their rights are being violated and that they can not be forced to get a H1N1 flu shot. Officials say there will be exceptions for those health care workers who have a personal health issue that would prevent them from getting the shot.

    WOR News spoke with Helena Kosorek from the New York Healthcare Concerned Citizens Group. Kosorek and her group will lead a protest that will take place at the State Capitol Building in Albany from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM tomorrow.”

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble efforts of our Brother to promote Christianity and Justice for All!!!

    Eternal Love

  103. Fr. Joseph September 28, 2009 @ 6:30 pm

    Another ‘Priestly Homily from the Hermitage’

    “If I can only touch the hem of His Garment!”


    “Surely, YOU are more valuable than a couple of SPARROWS.”

    Here were I live in New Jersey right next to New York City, there ISN’T a whole heck of a lot of NATURAL WILDLIFE as there is all over the rest of the USA and the World.

    We have cats, dogs, pigeons and SPARROWS. Sparrows GALORE! That’s about it, folks.

    And as LITTLE KIDS mesmerized and all excited over coming across a stray CAT or someone else’s friendly leashed DOG, we went about TRYING to catch these SPARROWS.

    Using a MILK CRATE made out of wood or plastic, we’d prop up one end with a stick and to the stick we tied a long string. INTO this propped up milk crate we placed pieces of DRIED bread crusts and nearby and OUTSIDE of the milk crate we sprinkled some measure of bread crusts and crumbs. And then we went TO HIDE behind something to obstruct our actual presence from THE SPARROWS.

    And we’d WAIT. And we’d WAIT. And we’d WAIT some more – in total SILENCE and STILLNESS for THE SPARROWS to come to nibble and try out the bread crusts/crumbs OUTSIDE of our propped up milk crate.

    Eventually, one lone BRAVE and DARING Sparrow would come down, land on the ground, look around diligently and then began to peck away at a couple of the crumbs. Shortly thereafter two, three sometimes four or five at a time other SPARROWS came down to feed, seeing that ‘The Coast Was Clear’.

    And eventually, these SPARROWS would entire UNDER the propped up milk crate to continue to eat the bread crusts and crumbs UNDER the propped up milk crate.

    And then…we’d YANK on the string, pulling out the stick propping up the milk crate – and VIOLA! – the milk crate dropped down and we had our SPARROWS!

    Reaching ever so carefully under the milk crated, we could then GENTLY corner a SPARROW and then GENTLY wrap our hand’s fingers around it, pull the SPARROW out ever so carefully so as to GAZE UPON IT while holding it about 6 inches away from our own faces.

    Sometimes we’d GENTLY PET the SPARROW on it’s head and sometimes we’d simply GENTLY BLOW AIR at it through our mouths in order to cause it to LOOK AT US with its SPARROW’S little beady eyes.

    And then, we’d simply gently and slowly unfurl the finger of our hands with palms up in order to allow the SPARROW return to its flight and daily routines. And sometimes, the SPARROWS didn’t launch off into their ‘flight to freedom’ immediately.

    Now ‘What On Earth’ does any of THIS have to do with Christian spirituality and the SACRAMENTS of Christ’s Church Militant here on earth?

    I’ll explain….

    – Fr. Joseph

  104. Fr. Joseph September 28, 2009 @ 6:42 pm

    To explain…

    All that we did as LITTLE KIDS in order to get the thrilling experience of simply being able TO HOLD totally WILD Sparrows in our hands is what GOD HIMSELF has done, is doing and will continue to do into the foreseeable future IN ORDER TO get us all to EXPERIENCE Him and His Divine Nature.

    And All-good God DOES NOT harbor ANY desire to CRUSH, GUT, DISMEMBER, BREAK-IN-TWO any SPARROW currently alive on our planet earth.

    Nor does our All-good God DESIRE to CRUSH, GUT, DISMEMBER, BREAK-IN-TWO any of US.

    He simply desires TO POSSESS us and to allow us the ‘sparrow experience’ of coming to BEING POSSESSED by Him.

    Wild SPARROWS, cognizant of their VERY FRAIL and VERY VULNERABLE natures, are by NATURE very fearful, very nervous, very cautious and very ‘self-centered’ and constantly ‘self-concerned’.

    Are not HUMAN BEINGS, for all of their bravado, all of their displays, all of their overt postures and posturings to and AT one another but acting and behaving as WILD SPARROWS the entire World over???

    So how does God Himself Who DESIRES to come into the Personal Possession of US ALL so that we might ALL come to the personal experience of BEING POSSESSED BY He Himself and to come to UNDERSTAND by personal experience His All-good Divine Nature?

    Well, I’ll have to EXPLAIN that, moving from the religious-spiritual realities of the Church’s SACRAMENTALS to the Church’s SACRAMENTS…principlely THE EUCHARIST.

    Time for a ‘Coffee Break’.

    – Fr. Joseph

  105. Fr. Joseph September 28, 2009 @ 8:52 pm

    In continuing to explain…

    The Holy Spirit reminded me of ONE OTHER THING I need to tell ALL OF YOU about us LITTLE KIDS and our gleeful and child-like attempts and SUCCESSES at capturing SPARROWS. It’s a ‘Very Important Thing’ to tell all of you.

    There were those times when we LITTLE KIDS managed to catch some number of SPARROWS under our milk crate – and we were simply THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF that we DIDN’T even dare to put our hands under the milk crate in order to pick ANY of them up.

    With our chins and cheeks squarely resting on the GROUND, the DIRT, we all laid PRONE in order to be BEDAZZLED by looking INTO the milk crate through the spaces in its four side walls!

    And we would put our NOSES almost right up to the sides of the walls of the milk crate in order to simply WATCH and STUDY and GLEEFULLY MARVEL AT what the SPARROWS did and were doing right before our faces.

    Some SPARROWS were hippity-hopping around the permiter of the milk crate’s wall looking for a WAY OUT. Some just kept on pecking again and again and again at the BREAD. And some SPARROWS wound up actually LOOKING BACK AT US ‘studying’ us in return.

    With that ‘Thought-Image’ now securely placed into ALL of your minds’ eye, it’s now time for me to RETURN TO explaining to all of you about becoming GOD’S POSSESSION and having the personal religious-spiritual experience of becoming POSSESED BY GOD.

    And we start with ‘THE BREAD OF LIFE’ Who is Christ Jesus Himself – sent to ALL OF US from God our Father in Heaven SO THAT no one, and I mean NO ONE here on earth have to endure the experience of being ‘spiritually STARVED TO DEATH’.

    Now this is for EVERYONE – and I “don’t give a flip” what your nationality is, your race, your current religious creed or LACK OF religious creed. And I don’t care if you use drugs, are a prostitute or pimp, an alcoholic, an abusive mother or father, a renegade troublemaking son or daughter, a criminal on the run.

    You can be JEWISH. You can be a MOSLEM. You can be a BUDDHIST. You can be a HINDU. You can be ‘Any Type Or Sort Of Religious or Non-Religious’.

    And you DON’T EVEN have be believe in GOD!

    The ORTHODOX Churches all around our World and the CATHOLIC Churches all around the World have a ‘Very Special Place’ where what we Orthodox/Catholic Christians call “THE BLESSED SACRAMENT” is constantly kept UNDER THE ROOF our our respective Church buildings.

    Now that is ‘The Bread Of Life’ and the physical four walls and roof of these Church buildings make a ‘DIVINE MILK CRATE’.

    And ALL OF YOU – and I care NOT whatever your religious, political, social, educational, vocational, personal BACKGROUND is – ALL OF YOU are ‘God’s SPARROWS’.

    Every last one of you – and I CARE NOT what your personal or heritage/cultural background currently IS – ALL OF YOU are welcome to simply go into ANY Catholic or Orthodox Church, ask where ‘The Blessed Sacrament’ is kept – and you GO THERE and have a very good and very long REST sitting in any of the seats BEFORE ‘The Blessed Sacrament’.

    And THERE, you can go and on and on telling GOD HIMSELF Who Is There about anything and everything ‘under His sun’ that is either troubling you in your own life, the lives of others…OR…you can tell God Who Is There all about everything that is going GOOD and WELL with you – in order to simply THANK HIM for His Kindness and Goodness to you.

    And if you prefer, you can DO NOTHING and SAY NOTHING but sit there in the quiet surrounds of this ‘Divine Milk Crate’ in which you are.

    If “Nothing Happens To You” after this short period of time before His Blessed Sacrament – a Something DID happen!

    You ‘MADE GOD’S DAY!’

    He sat there ALL THE TIME simply ENJOYING HIMSELF watching and attentively STUDYING YOU! You kept Him spiritual COMPANY!

    But then again, you might find yourselves feeling all sorts of ‘Good Things’ – like being refreshed in mind, heart, soul, spirit and body. You might even get some ‘Good Ideas From Out Of Nowhere’ about some sort of PROBLEMS and DIFFICULTIES in which you find yourselves.

    And you might even ‘Fall Into A Trance’, so to speak, and have Him REVEAL Himself to you as He Is in Himself in some very special, personal, direct, One-on-one Way.

    And all of this ‘HUB-BUB’ this current crop of ‘World Leaders’ and ‘Elites’ and ‘Movers and Shakers’ and ‘Grand Geo-Political Global Games and One-Upsmanship’ will take on such INSIGNIFANCE to your mind, heart, soul and spirit such that all of this GARBAGE being done ‘by men and women’ throughout our contemporary World will be shown to you PERSONALLY deep down in your mind, heart, soul and spirit as being nothing but ONE BIG WASTE OF YOUR TIME because He Who Created All that is seen and Unseen has touched or communicated with YOU on a very personal One-on-one basis.

    But unlike the SPARROWS who have ‘to wait’ for LITTLE KIDS to let them all run free once again – YOU are in ‘total control’ as to WHEN you want to leave His Very Own ‘Divine Milk Crate’ which are HIS CHURCHES all across this very troubled and very troublesome planet earth filled with ‘World Leaders’ and ‘Movers and Shakers’ who are causing so much TOTALLY UNNECESSARY, UNNEEDED and UNWANTED TROUBLE to and for each and every last one of you 6 billion human souls created in His Image and Likeness all across this planet earth of HIS Creating and HIS Sustaining.

    So there you ALL are – ALL OF YOU can ‘let yourselves be DELIBERATELY caught’ by God Himself in any of His ‘Divine Milk Crates’ set up ALL OVER THE PLANET EARTH!

    Again, by the ‘Priestly AUTHORITY’ that God Himself has conferred upon ME when I was ordained by my BISHOP into the Priesthood and the Roman Catholic Church’s MONASTIC Brotherhood – if ANYONE should so much DARE an attempt TO STOP any and all of you from ‘Visiting your God, Creator, Savior and FATHER’ – you just tell them

    “Fr. Joseph sent me. I have his Priestly permission to go visiting JESUS in the BLESSED SACRAMENT.”

    – Fr. Joseph

  106. STOP IMPLANTABLE "VIRUS DETECTION" RFID CHIP September 28, 2009 @ 8:54 pm

    Shares of VeriChip Corp. increased markedly after the Swine Flu patent was won. Verichip produces an implantable RFID chip that will track who received a vaccine.

    The Mark of the Beast might be closer than we thought.

  107. charlie September 29, 2009 @ 1:14 pm

    The Synagogue of Satan is indeed forcing its attempt to turn us all into fallen spirits, by first crushing our spirits in every area of our lives. Satan, through his minions overlooks no area, no moment of our lives where he cannot wedge his hatred and persecution into it.

    The secular authorities have been hijacked for this very purpose by criminals under the spell of satan.

    There is no more justice in bureaucracy, the legal system, the system of government.

  108. Fr. Joseph September 29, 2009 @ 8:00 pm

    Charlie is right. I need to “tack on” the following as a ‘link’, as a ‘continuation’, of his statement to all of you out there reading this on RZN via the Internet.

    Apparently, GOD THE FATHER really liked those posting of mine to all of you – that you are all HIS SPARROWS, that He wants to COLLECT/GATHER all of you up A.S.A.P. – and that EVERYTHING I told you about Him with regards to His Divine Desires FOR all of you and His Divine Intentions TOWARDS all of you and the Manner and in the Way He Desires TO TREAT and HANDLE all of you are really and absolutely TRUE, FACTUAL and are Eternal Spiritual Reality.

    God the Father Himself “yanked” on HIS Divine String attached to a Stick propping up a Spiritual ‘Milk Crate’ that I, myself, happened to meander into without any shred of knowledge, warning, concern or forethought LAST NIGHT after those postings of mine to ALL OF YOU regarding ‘Divine Milk Crates’ set to enfold all around spiritual human SPARROWS. I was “caught” LAST NIGHT, and I’ll tell you ALL about that experience.

    It’s truly a most MARVELOUS Thing to be ‘Caught By God’ in His Divine ‘Milk Crate’!

    Br. Nathanael has many a time told all of you of the FATIGUE that sets into and all over him doing his ACTIVE work with RZN, his Street Evangelism – and then trying to be dutifully ALERT in tending to his RELIGIOUS-PRAYER duties as an Orthodox Monk, such as prayer, reading Sacred Scriptures, fasting, etc.

    F.Y.I., while I might be a HERMIT ordained as a Priest into the Church’s MONASTIC Brotherhood, and while I might spend a signficant amount of MY time simply sitting still by my table here at my hermitage, sipping on a cup of coffee, and MULLING OVER the manifold things having gone WRONG and are GOING WRONG in and with our Church, the World, our U.S. Nation – THAT sort of constant inner mental/emotional ‘work’ in contemplative prayer likewise produces FATIGUE.

    I understand that World Class Chess Players, when they play a series of match games of maybe best 4 out of 7 or 5 out of 9, these World Champion Chess Players who are doing NOTHING but sitting at either end of a chess board during the day and eathing and sleeping at night actually LOSE WEIGHT to the tune of 15 to 20 pounds during the course of their Champion Chess Matches!

    I suppose I’ll have to ask BOBBY FISCHER if that is really true.

    Anyways, I was very much FATIGUED last night after mulling over and composing those ‘Divine Milk Crate’ postings to and for all of you.

    I offered up a short ‘prayer of apology’ to GOD and to His Mother for being SO TIRED that I but only wanted to go and flop down in my bed. I didn’t even want to pray the Rosary, but made a conscious/discipline ACT OF WILL, as in ‘decision’, that I would take the Rosary to me to bed and begin praying it there.

    I got through the Apostle’s Creed on the Crucifix and moved onto saying the very first ‘Pater Nostre’ or ‘Our Father’ on the very next Rosary bead.

    As I did, GOD THE FATHER ‘yanked’ on that Divine String in His Hand – and down upon me IN SPIRIT came His Capturing/Engulfing His Divine Graces accompanied by His Divine Call to be ATTENTIVE to Him as OUR FATHER.

    Now what it is like to be ‘Seized In Spirit’ and CAUGHT IN/UNDER His Divine Spiritual ‘Milk Crate’ BOTH at the very same time?

    I searched my lifelong memory banks of human life experiences here in this seen World of our – and for about the BEST and the CLOSEST “mundane” human experience that can readily relate to what one experiences of God’s Graces and His Personal Attention is like being on a THRILLING, CAPTIVATING, ENGROSSING, TOTALLY ABSORBING and TOTALLY SATURATING-PHYSICAL-SENSES-TO-OVERLOAD…

    …Roller Coaster Ride at your favorite kid-thrilling Amusement Park…

    Every possible SENSATION goes coursing totally unexpectedly in a seeming ‘out-of-control’ manner, your spirit goes UP, your spirit goes into thrilling FREE FALL, you are ‘crushed’ to the LEFT and then you are ‘crushed’ to the RIGHT, you go ‘every which way’ with great SPEED and with great POWER – and all of the time, there you are ABSOLUTELY KEPT SAFE AND SECURE AND LOVED AND CHERISHED AND VALUED.

    I hope I, personally, get to GO ON THAT SPIRITUAL ‘RIDE’ AGAIN in the very near future and many times thereafter. It’s simply ‘One of Those Divine Things’ that you want to go on and on and on and on over and over and over again – just like LITTLE KIDS racing to go back on line right after they’ve gotten out of their roller-coaster ride’s CAR at any Amusement Park.

    So let me tell you all WHAT went on in a very intimte and personal fashion with GOD THE FATHER just the other night. Yep, there IS a Very Serious Component-Purpose that occured DURING that ‘Divine Roller Coaster Ride’ of mine last night.

    But I think I need a cup of coffee first. Sorry. All of this stuff does cause the human body and human mind in these human efforts of writing/composing etc. to lose something out of you in a very NATURAL way and fashion.

    – Fr. Joseph

  109. Fr. Joseph September 29, 2009 @ 9:05 pm

    So about half-way in this Divine spiritual ‘Roller Coaster Ride’ that was mine last night, I find myself caught in the Tornado/Whirlwind of the Father’s Divine Graces and in a very concrete way am congnizant of His Unseen and Almighty Presence – the Regal, Sovereign, Absolute Root Cause for all that is seen and Unseen.

    The immediately ‘in a lightning flash’ appears to my spirit’s cognization the visual image of POPE BENEDICT XVI with a very gentle, polite smile on his face.

    Then, flashing in a sudden ‘totality’ rememberance of ALL the ways and means I’ve personally attempted to address these manifold global EVILS currently immersing our contemporary World – accompanied with all of my own personal frustrations, angers, bewilderments that NOTHING AT ALL has come out of any of those efforts of mine for the past 16 years – I found myself turning to address GOD THE FATHER Himself in a way, bordering at times on a state of human anger, REPEATEDLY PLEADING and REPEATEDLY ‘FORCEFULLY’ INSISTING that He, GOD THE FATHER, would employ HIS OWN Divine Powers and Supreme Divine Authority to grant Pope Benedict XVI the necessary GRACES to move him – whether he liked it or not – to ORDER the Bishops of His Son’s Church Militant here on earth to perform the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to His Son’s Mother’s Immaculately Loving Heart as per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Messages and Instructions!

    And to my personal, entirely HUMAN ability to discern the Father’s Divine Disposition, it was as if GOD THE FATHER wasn’t being moved AT ALL by my pleadings and requests made of Him in His Own Divine Presence.

    Now understand, we DO have a created human nature which is FINITE and, try as we might ‘with all of our created might’, we are very prone to MISTAKING things of a Divine and Supernatural Nature. So maybe I was MIS-READING what God the Father’s Response. Only He knows His Own Divine Mind and Thoughts – unless He so chooses TO SHARE them with us mere mortal men via His Own Divine and Holy Spirit.

    Charlie is right about our World. All human organizations and institutions have been CORRUPTED and it appears that SATAN’S EVIL has ‘won the day’ and ‘won this spiritual war’ for the Eternal Salvation of 6 billion human souls currently living and alive on our planet earth.

    Now maybe, JUST MAYBE, if everyone were to E-MAIL Pope Benedict XVI here

    sending him a personal note stating to the effect

    ‘Well, what are you WAITING for? You have the Third Secret of Fatima which WAS TO BE released to the entire World back in 1960 per Sr. Lucy’s expressed instruction. You have THE KEYS entrusted to you by THE LOGOS, God Incarnate Himself. And the MOTHER OF GOD is still awaiting – after ALL OF THESE YEARS – the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculately Loving Heart.

    She is God’s NEW EVE to and for all of Mankind.

    Step out onto the balcony of your Papal apartment in the Vatican and LOOK OUT and LOOK ALL ACROSS this World of ours.

    The World and it’s six billion people are being engulfed in and by SATANIC FLAMES!

    The Roman Emporer NERO, it is said, PLAYED THE FIDDLE while the City of Rome BURNED!

    So, my dear Holy Pontiff, what do YOU propose to do with our ENTIRE WORLD engulfed in Satanic flames in and across EVERY LAST NATION ON EARTH?

    – Fr. Joseph

  110. charlie September 30, 2009 @ 1:40 am

    Peter the Roman, the last pontiff will be from the tribe of Reuben.

    I’ll make the point here that the Jews have already been converted, ie the real Jews.

    Otherwise the 144,000 Jews of Revelations would not exist. Brother Nathaniel is right, they have assimilated and as Apocalypse says, forming the backbone of the Christian church.

  111. Fr. Joseph September 30, 2009 @ 3:14 pm

    When you GROW UP as a Russian in Russia, speaking the Russian language, eating Russian food, conducting your daily affairs in a Russian culture – you CAN’T HELP but think, act, behave like a Russian (grin). So when you are TAKEN OUT OF your expressly Russian culture and randomly dropped into any other human culture currently here on earth, one has to begin to think, act, communicate and learn how to properly behave in that foreign culture.

    Given that there are around 870,000 people from all around the world who read RZN, all coming from DIFFERENT and TOTALLY UNIQUE human cultures, backgrounds, up-bringing, education, etc., a VAST MAJORITY of you RZN might not understand at all or fully grasp the religious-spiritual SIGNIFICANCE of a very Catholic Christian and very Catholic Church sort of thing such as a ‘public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of Christ Jesus’ Own Mother.

    One might as well be talking SWAHILI to the vast majority of you RZN readers, or perhaps write these public postings of mine to RZN in Epgypian hieroglyphics.

    So here is a ‘LITTLE CHILD’S’ way of trying to explain to all of you ‘GROWN UPS’ the World over the vital-crucial spiritual significance of my Roman Catholic Church’s BISHOPS performing a global-worldwide PUBLIC and SOELMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immacuately Loving Heart of Christ Jesus’ Own Mother per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Portugal Apparitions Messages/Instructions.

    Growing up here in northeast New Jersey, just across the Hudson River from NEW YORK CITY 50 years, a half-century ago, during that particular period of U.S.A. history when ‘Men were STILL men. Women were STILL women. Children were STILL children. And Families were STILL families.’ I lived amid those city blocks wherein the narrow side of the city block could accomodate 4 houses and yards and the long side of the city block could accomodate 7 or 8 houses and yards.

    It’s “congested” BUT to a little child around 5, 6 or 7 years of age, each city block might as well have been an entire ‘Continent’.

    Across the street from OUR house and home lived my friend Johnny. His parents owned the bar/saloon where all of the working-class men who’ve slaved in the factories, textiles and chemical plants around the area would go in for a ‘Boiler Maker’ in order to ward off their aches, pains and monotony of their day’s worth of work and labor. Johnny’s mother was always yelling at, scolding and reprimanding Johnny. Always.

    Around the corner on our block live Freddie. His father was a private contractor, an electrician. Freddie’s mother had a big heart and always protective of Freddie.

    Down the street, two blocks away, lived Teddy. His father was a construction contractor, a former U.S. Marine, and Teddy’s father was the very stern and ‘no-nonsense/don’t mess with me’ sort of father.

    Now we 5-6-7 year old KIDS had to go find things to do to play at ‘on our own’. If we had any toys, they were looked upon and valued like some sort of prized possession, like having a BENTLEY or ROLLS-ROYCE automobile in our garage.

    Johnnie, Teddie, Freddie and I would STILL go outside IN THE RAIN in order to play on our respective city blocks – “taking turns”, so to speak, going over to each other’s house and block in order TO PLAY together.

    When it RAINED, the rainwater would collect in the street’s GUTTERS forming, for us little KIDS, the equivalent of the ‘WHITE RAPIDS of the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River’.

    The FOUR OF US would pick up a ‘something’, an ‘anything’ that FLOATED, such as a twig, piece of wood, a chewing gum wrapper, a plastic cap – ANYTHING that would FLOAT – and proclaim TO EAT OTHER that that was OUR ‘race boat’ – and we’d inaugurate a Starting Line at one end of the long side of the city block and the ‘Finish Line’ was the RAIN WATER SEWER GRATE at the other end of the city block corner – and the FIRST ONE to reach that rain water sewer grate was ‘The Winner’!

    We’d drop our ‘racing boats’ into the gutter’s ‘white rapids’ and proceed to following them on their racing trek down the entire lenght of the long side of the city block yelling to each other ‘I’m ahead!’ or ‘I’m first’ or ‘I’m in the lead’.

    The unpredictable nature of the tiny currents within this rain water running down the street would cause unexpected set backs and leaps into the lead of this ‘Race’ between four LITTLE KIDS and their dubbed/makeshift racing boats. And we’d continue on in our totally absorbed childlike GLEE with our make-shift racing game and in an all excited manner become captivatedly ABSORBED in our children’s lives as indidivuals and as FRIENDS/PALS.

    But EVERY ONCE I A WHILE, some ‘Unthinking and Uncaring ADULT or STRANGER’ would park his or her automobile in such a way so as to turn their car’s right front TIRE into the curb – which was to us KIDS the equivalent of an UNMOVABLE ‘Hoover Dam’…

    …and our Race down the city block IN THE RAIN would come to an abrupt and sudden STOP due to the utter LACK OF MOVEMENT in our ‘Race’s WHITE RAPIDS’ – and ALL FOUR OF US were thus deprived of our HOPES of obtaining the long anticipated VICTORY of our Rainwater-In-The-Street-Gutter White Water Rapids RACE we’ve willingly endured IN THE RAIN together!

    Some ‘Unthinking, Unfeeling, Unconcern, Fun-Spoiling ADULT’ with many, many years of LIVING-LIFE EXPERIENCE had SPOILED our “Little Kids’ Lifelong Dreams” for that raining afternoon all BECAUSE they simply were TOO LAZY to turn the steering wheel of their car in order to STRAIGHTEN OUT their right from TIRE!

    Now then, to explain the significance of that public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA by the Catholic Church to the Immaculately Loving Heart of Christ Jesus’ Mother per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Portugal Messages and Instructions…

    ALL OF US are God’s CHILDREN, spiritual children of GOD THE FATHER.

    We number somewheres around 6 billion or so in this year 2009 Anno Domini.

    The ‘Flow Of Time’ and OUR individual participation IN ‘Time’ in this World in which we ALL move, live and have our being is ‘THE THRILL OF LIVING LIFE TOGETHER’ that our God and Father desires for ALL OF US to have.

    Some of get to ‘get ahead’, some of us ‘fall behind’, some of us get to experience the ‘changing of positions’ – but ALL OF US get to see ‘The Scenery’ CHANGE and we ALL get to EXPERIENCE THESE LIVES OF OURS ‘together’.

    Some ‘Adults/Elders’ in my Church – about 50 years ago now – decided to TURN THE WHEEL of ‘The Car’ they decided TO PARK by their own personal and deliberate DECISION so as TO STOP ‘THE LIVING FLOW’ of Divine and Spiritual Graces which CARRIES ALL OF US along in our individual daily and communal lives together.

    And NOW, in this year of 2009 Anno Domini, we are ALL being ‘collected’ and ‘mired in’ this GROWING STAGNANT POOL where the ‘water’ underneath all of us is being replaced by highly volitile automobile GASOLINE.

    And there are these ‘Evil Ones’ who are just ACHING TO ‘strike their matches’ and drop their LIT MATCHES into the ever increasing concentrations of GASOLINE upon which our own personal-individual floating ‘racing boats’ are afloat.

    Now ‘IF’ the Pope ORDERS the Bishop of the Church to ‘get BEHIND the Steering Wheel’ so as to TURN IT all together and at the SAME TIME to ‘the left’, this RIGHT TIRE WEDGED AGAINST THE CURB will MOVE – thus allowing all of this DIVINE GRACE of ‘God’s Heavenly Rain Water’ to keep us ALL moving right along on and TOGETHER on this wonderful ‘Follow Your Racing Boat Down The Streams of God-given Life and Living’.

    – Fr. Joseph

  112. Fr. Joseph October 1, 2009 @ 8:13 am

    It’s just on account of the GRACE OF GOD that 1) I don’t like LOSING any sort of ‘Game’ I might be playing and 2) and whereever I get this ‘impulse’ to keep on TRYING “to win”, it must be because He, our God, put it there when He Willed me into existance and granted me life and being.

    So, again, in fully recognizing that I’m writing to somewheres around 870,000 monthly RZN readers from EVERY IMAGINABLE background, heritage, level of education, race, creed, color, gender, nationality – and most likely the vast majority of you are NOT ‘Catholic Christians’ – once again – let me ATTEMPT to explain to all of you the vital-critical religious and spiritual significance of my Catholic Church’s BISHOP OF ROME ordering my Catholic Church’s BISHOPS to perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of Chirst Jesus’ Own Mother per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Portugal Apparitions, Messages and Instructions.

    There are THREE ‘universal’ or ‘catholic’ GAMES played all across our contemporary World.

    There is CHESS.

    There is BILLARDS/POOL.

    And there is POKER.

    I’ll try to explain to ALL OF YOU regardless of your personal background about the necessity of the Fatima Consecration of Russia to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart by using the ‘tensions’ and ‘dynamics’ of those THREE GAMES played all across our World by people of EVERY IMAGINABLE background.

    Onto the game of CHESS…

    – Fr. Joseph

  113. Fr. Joseph October 1, 2009 @ 8:44 am

    Now all of you can call up BOBBY FISCHER, a World Chess Champion who beat Spassky for the Title (I think Mr. Fischer still lives in Iceland, and I think he is a non-denomiational Christian) in order to VERIFY WITH HIM the following ‘Ground Truth Realities’ of the game of CHESS.

    In order TO FORCE ‘Checkmate’ on your opponent, all that you REALLY NEED is 1) your TWO BISHOPS 2) one ROOK/CASTLE or 3) your QUEEN.

    Once you have either TWO BISHOPS, a ROOK-CASTLE or your QUEEN more that your opponent, the idea of the game of Chess then becomes one of ‘trading down piece for piece’ UNTIL you have your TWO BISHOPS, a ROOK-CASTLE or QUEEN advantage vs. your opponnent.

    Of course, at the ‘Grand Master’ level of the game, the Grand Masters playing a game of Chess bring ‘position’ and ‘move sequences’ into play – not just ‘material advantage’.

    In my Catholic Church’s Ecclesiastical Hierarchy in BURYING the full and true ‘Third Secret of Fatima’ in conjunction with their entirely IGNORING the Mother of God’s Request/Instruction to publicly and solemnly Consecrate RUSSIA to her Immaculately Loving Heart per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Portugal Apparitions/Messages and Instructions – those in MY OWN Catholic Church “playing CHESS with Lucifer, with the Devil, with Satan” (or more accuately, playing CHESS FOR Lucifer, the Devil, Satan) for these past 100 years have REMOVED our ‘White QUEEN’ entirely from the Board – and there has been nothing but a ‘TRADING DOWN PIECE FOR PIECE’, and our Catholic Church being Christ Jesus’ MILITANT ARMY here on the ‘Chessboard of this World and Planet Earth’ have been DECIMATED, we have been pinned to the ‘rear rank’ and are being ‘cornered’ by Satan’s ROOKS.

    We are ALL but a couple of very ‘mechanic’ and ‘logically expected’ MOVES on the part of the ‘BLACK PRINCE’ who thinks he is a ‘King’ from having BOTH the White King’s CHURCH and all of His Mankind for Whom He died on His Cross to SAVE and REDEEM once and all placed under ‘CHECKMATE’ – and ALL OF US, inside and outside of His Church wind up LOSING.

    Now the WHITE KING still has A PAWN on the Board who, fortunately for us all, is ‘advanced’ and on the SEVENTH RANK.

    That White King’s PAWN on His World’s Chessboard is the BISHOP OF ROME who currently ‘Holds the KEYS’.

    IF that White King’s PAWN who happens to be the BISHOP OF ROME takes it upon himself to ‘make the BOLD MOVE’ to advance onto the EIGHT and FINAL RANK – a ‘Miraculous Thing’ occurs…

    The White King, His Church Militant here on earth and, by extention, the entire Human Race gets ‘THE WHITE QUEEN’ BACK IN PLAY and ‘On Our Side’.

    QUEENS can go ‘anywhere’ on the Chessboard on the diagonals, ranks and files. The have NO LIMIT to their movement. And the opposition’s ROOKS-CASTLES simply MUST RETREAT onto the SAME rank OR the same FILE in order to lend EACH OTHER mutually supporting PROTECTION.

    The Black Prince’s ROOKS-CASTLES will not be able to go ‘Willy Nilly’ whenever and whenever they so LIKE or so CHOOSE in order to inflict yet MORE DAMAGE to the Church, to all of Mankind!

    And with the ‘SUDDEN DEATH DANGER’ of the WHITE QUEEN ‘In Play’ on this CHESSBOARD of God’s Planet Earth and it’s contemporary ‘World’ of 2009 Anno Domini, the Black Prince’s ROOKS-CASTLES will NOT, repeat…will NOT be able to strike their “CHECKMATE – GAME OF LIFE IS OVER FOR EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING HERE ON EARTH!”

    Does THAT help all of you non-Catholic Christians to ‘Get The Big Picture’ of this relentless battle of GOOD vs. EVIL in which every last one of us is currently really and truly IMMERSED?

    – Fr. Joseph

  114. Fr. Joseph October 1, 2009 @ 9:45 am

    Onto the ‘GAME OF POOL’.

    Now I know that ‘Snooker’ is the game for you Aussies and Brits – and that DARTS is the prefered game at your Pubs – and I think ‘youz guys’ still indulge in SHUFFLEBOARD at your taverns, but being a ‘Yank/American’, our bars/saloons usually feature the 6 pocket pool tables.

    And “9 Ball” and “8 Ball” are the most common and popular games played for monetary wagers and/or drinks.

    (Personally, I like your Brit’s “Boddington’s Pub Ale” we get imported in cans – the ‘fizz bulb’ in the can works pretty good)

    Sorry for digressing – I might be an ordained PRIEST in the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood, but I do get to leave my ‘hermitage’ to hob-knob and rub elbows with people of all sorts and types in ‘the real World’.

    In American “8-Ball”, the 15 target billiard balls are numerically marked from 1 to 15. The “8” Ball is the Goal of this game.

    Each opponent/opposing sides winds up with either the 1-7 or 9-15 numbered balls and has to ‘pocket’ or ‘sink’ them (in any order) PRIOR TO pocketing/sinking the “8 Ball” in order to CONCLUDE/FINISH and WIN the Game.

    Mankind, being SO INDEBTED to God for all of its sins of rebellion against His Divine and Holy Will since the days of ‘Adam and Eve’ and SO ENSLAVED to Lucifer/Satan/The Devil for so many centuries caused ALMIGHTY GOD a Divine Moment of PITY of our entire Human Race.

    Almighty God sent His ONLY Eternally Begotten Divine Son “in out World”, this HUGE “Bar Room/Saloon/Pub/Tavern” wherein everyone just winds up getting DRUNK on the human vices and wind up having BAR-ROOM BRAWLS every generation leaving many DEAD BODIES laying around (not to mention the wounded, suffering, impoverished, robbed, mugged, stabbed-and-bleeding) as His Own ‘Divine POOL SHARK’ sent to us all from Heaven above.

    Christ Jesus ‘chalks’ up His Divine Cue’s Tip with His Holy Spirit’s Chalk – BREAKS the Rack of 15 Pool Balls – and then proceeds to ‘Run The Table’ pocketing and sinking the 9 ball, the 10 ball, the 11 ball, the 12 ball, the 13 ball, the 14 ball and then – SINKS THE 15 BALL.

    He hands His Divine ‘Cue Stick’ to His Apostles and an AMPLE SUPPLY of His Holy Spirit’s CHALK and tells His Apostles..

    ‘Okay, Youz Guyz, ALL the Obstacles between ALL OF YOU and YOUR God and MY God are now ‘OFF THE TABLE’…I want ‘Youz Guyz’ to now simply SINK THE EIGHT-BALL AND WIN!’

    For roughly 2,000 years, His Apostles and their ordained/appointed SUCCESSORS have “banging away at the 8-Ball” in order to ONCE AND FOR ALL win this 8-Ball Match between HE, that is our Lord and our God, and Satan and his seen and unseen cronies.

    Now SATAN has been likewise working away at HIS sequence of 1-7 pool balls. Sometimes he gets his own evil-minded/hearted spiritual cronies, seen or unseen, to set up/line up and pocket/sink their first low ball, their second low ball, etc.

    In our day and age, His CHURCH here on earth has YET to ‘Sink the 8-Ball’. Meanwhile, Satan and his cronies have constantly ‘played position’ on the CUE-BALL in such a way so as to leave THE CHURCH without a clear, clean shot AT the 8-Ball.

    The CHURCH and ALL OF MANKIND are now in this position. It’s “Our Shot”.

    The Cue Ball is tucked away in one of the pool table’s four corners and is being deliberately SCREENED by the 3 and 6 balls in such a fashion that we DO NOT HAVE a clear and clean shot ON the 8-Ball just 3 and 1/2 feet away in the adjacent side corner. And that 8-Ball is about 1 or 2 INCHES away from the very edge of the Corner’s POCKET!

    “We”, that is IN and OF the Catholic Church, have to PULL OFF a very difficult, tricky, delicate and very, very CAREFUL “Three Rail Cushion BANK SHOT” in order to reach that 8-Ball nestling nearby the adjacent Corner Pocket!

    “We” have to have the ‘Right FORCE’, the ‘Right Diamond System POINT on the very first Rail Cushion, the ‘Right Spin’ (aka known as ‘English’ here in the USA) on the Cue Ball.

    “We” have to make DARN SURE the Divine Cue Stick is PROPERLY ‘chalked up’ with Holy Spirit Chalk.

    And lastly, “We” in, of and throughout the Catholic Church – principally in the ECCLESIASTICAL HIERARCHY nowadays – have to have ‘THE COURAGE’, ‘THE GUTS’, ‘THE DARING’, ‘THE DETERMINATION’ to Make The Shot On The 8-Ball!

    It is MOST DIFFICULT to do those very SIMPLE THINGS when you have my own Church’s Ecclesiastical Hierachy FIGHTING AMONGST and ARGUING AMONGST themselves!

    And Satan himself – having INFILTRATED and WORKING AMONGST my Church’s Ecclesiastical Hiearchy – that is to say my Church’s PATRIARCHS, METROPOLITANS, BISHOPS in order to put them AT EACH OTHER’S “THROATS” – is doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to ensure that the PROPER focus, attention, determination, etc. on the part of the Lord’s ‘Apostolic Team’ in this FINAL SHOT of this ‘Game of 8-Ball’ is RUINED or DOES NOT TAKE PLACE in order to WIN the entire Human Race for Satan and for his demons and for HELL itself will be LOST!

    Maybe THAT might explain our current geopolitical, global psycho-spiritual CRISIS
    to all of you NON-Catholic Christians the World over.

    – Fr. Joseph

  115. Fr. Joseph October 2, 2009 @ 7:23 am

    Now regarding the Fatima Consecration in terms of POKER.

    Satan challenged Christ Jesus to a ‘Heads Up Global/World Serier Of Poker’ match back in 1884 A.D.. On-line reference ‘in the public domain’:

    Satan had already dealt himself the Ace of Clubs and the Ace of Diamonds, represented by his control over the industries and finances of the nations here on earth.

    The Church and All of Mankind got dealt the 4 of Hearts and the 5 of Hearts – ‘Suited Connectors’ as they are called in Texas Hold’em Poker parlance – representing the simple GOOD WILL of people the world over and their mutual human desire to live and to live a decent life with decent livelihoods.

    The first three cards of the Community Card deal – aka ‘The Flop’ – showed an Ace of Spaces, a 6 of hearts and a 2 of hearts.

    The Ace of Spades represents Satan’s strangehold on the leaders and rulers of the governments of the nations here on earth.

    The 6 and 2 of hearts represent the growing acknowledge of the peoples of our world, their cultures’, their societies’ recognition and acknowledgement of each other.

    Satan has a ‘Set of Aces’ or ‘Trip Aces’ if you prefer. A hand winning and domination the Church’s and Mankind’s ‘Drawing Hand’ – 4 Hearts to a Heart Flush.

    The fourth Community Card is dealt. The Ace of Hearts appears.

    The Ace of Hearts gives the Church and all of Mankind the HEART FLUSH hand – but the fourth Ace gives Satan a ‘Four Of A Kind’ which CRUSHES the Church’s/Mankind’s Heart Flush.

    This Ace of Hearts on ‘The Turn’ represents Satan’s infiltration of and satanic influence over, within and throughout the Christian Church Militant here on earth.

    Satan GLOATS over his 4-of-a-kind hand – Four Aces – and turns over his hold cards showing both the Church and All of Mankind his crushing and dominating hand vs. the Church’s and Mankind’s Heart Flush.

    Satan goes ‘ALL-IN’ – betting everything, that he and his satanic cronies, seen and unseen, will WIN this entire world and all of Mankind from God and from seeing to it that God’s Holy and Divine All-good Will is DONE for our Church and all of Mankind.

    We, the Church Militant and all of Mankind have but ONE CARD, ONE ‘OUT’ that can possibly save us all – the Church and Mankind – from LOSING against Satan, his useen elementals and his betraying Humanity Judas-tratiors from our own Human Race.

    We can ONLY WIN this ‘Head Up Global-World Series of Poker’ FINAL HAND vs. Satan’s ‘ALL-IN’ bet by drawing the THREE OF HEARTS on ‘The River’, the last remaining card on ‘The Board’ of the five Community Cards of Texas Hold’em Poker.

    If the Church – that is the BISHOP OF ROME – does NOT ‘Fold’ – and if he ‘CALLS’ and matches Satan’s All-In Bet – and the Pope ORDERS the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculately Loving Heart of Christ Jesus’ Own Mother – the THREE OF HEARTS – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit WILL SHOW UP as ‘The River Card’.

    It’s up to the BISHOP OF ROME to ‘Call’ Satan’s ALL-IN bet, then to order the Bishops of the Church to perform the Fatima Consecration IN ORDER TO get our THREE OF HEARTS River Card.

    That’ the ONLY WAY we, the Church and all of Mankind currently living and alive on planet earth, are GOING TO WIN.


    We have but ‘ONE OUT’ – The Fatima Conecration.

    – Fr. Joseph

  116. Fr. Joseph October 2, 2009 @ 5:05 pm

    As EVERYONE with any sort of remaining SENSE of mind or COMPASSION of heart might lament and become distressed, angered or dismayed over what is reported HERE or on ANY OTHER Internet news/current events website with respect to the affairs of our contemporary World, all of you can JOIN in, forming the Chorus, of a previous Bishop of Rome:


    The One Who created all of these troublesome and trouble-making individuals who have their own God-given minds, hearts, souls and spirits is the One Who Is perfectly capable of Exerting His Divine Influence and Divine CORRECTION over ALL OF THEM all at ONE TIME all across this World of ours AT ONCE.

    Just remember THAT spiritual and ontological Divine Truth.

    We have ‘One OUT’ – and that is God’s Own Divine Intervention in the human affairs of our contemporary World of 2009 Anno Domini.

    We haven’t been abandoned or foresakened by GOD, our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s just that His Church Militant here on earth has ABANDONED what He wants done IN ORDER TO lend us all His Divine Assistance in exerting His Divine Authority and Kingship over ALL that is seen and Unseen.

    Please, don’t forget…He just so happens to be THE LOGOS Who became Man for us all.

    And THE LOGOS wants HIS MOTHER honored by the Church, in public and in a solemn way, before this WHOLE WORLD OF OURS.

    Is that “Unreasonable”?

    That’s more like a ‘Divine Demand’, if you ask me.

    – Fr. Joseph

  117. charlie October 2, 2009 @ 7:22 pm

    11th September 2009

    Remembrance of the twin towers in New York.

    “I was praying in the morning and offering up prayers for those who died in that horrible

    Suddenly I was transported in a vision. I was on the ground that had been cleared of all

    From beneath the ground, I saw many souls appear to me and begging me for help.

    They said, “Valentina, can you please tell people how much we scream from the deepest
    darkness. We need help. We scream and call out. Tell people how much we scream and beg for
    people to help us but nobody takes any notice of us.”

    I told them, “They can’t hear you.”

    They then said, “warn people not to build anything on this area. The ground is cursed.
    They must leave it empty as any structure will be cursed as well. The ground must be
    blessed, and prayed over daily and this will also bring relief to us.”

    I was terrified to witness the horrible screams and howling issuing from beneath. They are
    in the deepest darkness and we all must pray for the relief of their souls. ”

    Valentina’s website:

  118. Fr. Joseph October 2, 2009 @ 10:08 pm

    Dear charlie,

    Thanks for relaying the information regarding those souls at the 9-11 WTC Mass Murder.

    I’ll make it a point to offering up private votive Masses to aid as many of those souls as THE LORD allows and permits.

    – Fr. Joseph

  119. Fr. Joseph October 2, 2009 @ 10:10 pm

    Just ONE question for ALL OF YOU my fellow ‘U.S. Citizens’…


    “Blasphemy Day to be held in Washington, D.C.”

    Where ON EARTH has gone your individual and collective SENSE???

    – Fr. Joseph

  120. charlie October 3, 2009 @ 5:49 pm

    This is an echo of the fate that awaits all of society in these dangerous times, like no other in the history of the world.

    It appears unjust to die in this way without adequate preparation….even worse to die in a state of fear and anxiety…..

    but those whose heart is right with God are always prepared.

    Those who through choosing right from wrong in their daily walk, whether or not they ‘know’ Christ will always be prepared.

    Thus every day is a new beginning and a simple “sorry” in one’s inward soul for errors of judgement which lead to disastous results for our lives, and those of others will achieve an unheard of resolution and what seems like an instant miraculous healing within.
    Try it.

  121. Fr. Joseph October 4, 2009 @ 9:15 am

    Dear charlie,

    In the face of what this World of ours has now become with SIX BILLION human souls ALL created in the Image and Likeness of our All-good God Himself and Divine FATHER in Heaven suffering from and experiencing such ‘miserable lives’ – with WHATEVER TIME alloted to us, we have the Divine Charge of trying to bring as MANY OF THEM ‘HOME’ as possible.

    We are currently living in that ‘period of time’ prophesied by St. Nilus back in the 4th century:

    “…And when they have achieved ALL OF THIS, these UNHAPPY PEOPLE will spend their lives in (creaturely/material) comfort without knowing, POOR SOULS, that it is deceit of the Antichrist.” – on-line ref:

    If there is any ‘Universal/Catholic Faith’ amongst the current World’s 6 billion human souls – it’s that SPIRITUAL MISERY in now the ‘catholic faith’, is now ‘universal faith’ of ALL of Mankind!

    But again, it REMAINS our spiritual Duty to our God and Father in Heaven to at least TRY get as many of ‘them’ BACK to Him ‘Safe and Sound’ in mind, heart, soul and spirit.

    In the Gospel account according to St. Luke, in chapter 15 at verses 11 through 32 we find ‘The Parable of the Prodigal Son’ (might as well as be ‘The Prodigal Daughter’ nowadays as well):

    we find the words “The younger one said to the Father, ‘FATHER, GIVE ME MY SHARE OF THE ESTATE.'”

    In Jesus’ Time with us on earth, the SONS (and nowadays might as well as be the DAUGHTERS as well) would not and COULD NOT obtain their ‘Share Of The Estate’ UNTIL their FATHER DIED!

    In contemporary language useage of 2009 Anno Domini, what that SON (or nowadays DAUGHTER) had really SAID and IMPLIED and DEMANDED by the Parable’s words

    “Father, give me my share of the estate.”

    was our contemporary World’s language equivalent


    The so many MISERABLE men and women throughout our contemporary World have, in effect, told their God and THEIR Divine and Heavenly FATHER Who has granted them LIFE and this All in which they ALL move, live and have their being to ‘DROP DEAD!’

    These ‘Prodigal Sons’ and these ‘Prodigal Daughters’ of our contemporary times and World are BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND they are are suffering from a World in spiritual FAMINE – and they have ‘hired themselves out’ to the RULING LANDLORDS who have them feeding all sorts of economic, financial and political HUSKS to their corralled and specially bred heards of ‘Human PIGS’…

    …and they are ALL finally beginning to recognize the mental, emotional and spiritual TRUTH of their lives, their natures and their God-given beings…

    …they are all STARVING TO DEATH in a ‘Drop Dead God!’ World of 2009 Anno Domini.

    Charlie, these miserable and suffering people THE WORLD OVER have to be HELPED and SHOWN ‘The Way Back To Their Divine Father’s HOUSE’!

    But with such HOSTILITY they’ve all been indoctrinated into with regards to matters of RELIGION and human SPIRITUALITY and the DIVINE REVELATION of God Incarnate Himself – this trying to get them BACK ‘HOME’ to God the Father is such a trying, difficult and arduous task.

    – Fr. Joseph

  122. Fr. Joseph October 4, 2009 @ 10:23 am

    “It’s HARD to remember you were sent to DRAIN THE SWAMP when you find yourself neck deep in ALLIGATORS!”

    EVERYBODY needs a direct, intimate and personal ‘touch from God’.

    Now about getting SOME of you back ‘Home’ to your GOD and Father in Heaven – gonna tell you a very personal religious and spiritual story.

    I used to live in Jacksonville, Florida years ago.

    One day, in downtown Jacksonville, I was walking by the Immaculate Conception Church of Jacksonville. This is ‘The Place’:

    It was around noon time and I find myself being ‘urged’ and ‘nugged’ to GO TO CONFESSION inside the Church as I walked by its front doors.

    Giving into this inner inspirtion and nugging, into the Church I went.

    The Church was absolutely devoid of any other persons – and being of cavernous Gothic design, the smallest sound one made was magnified and echoed throughout the interior of the Church.

    The doors closing behing me as I entered were SO LOUD that their sound could have ‘awoke those in the grave’ (grin).

    I noticed one of the Confessionals in the rear of the Church had it’s “very Catholic-ish” RED-STOP/GREEN-GO lights over the penitent’s booth on. The light was GREEN. And in I went.

    The privacy screen between Priest and penitent immediately slid to the side and the shadowy silouhette of the Priest’s head appeared.

    I began my Confession to this Priest.

    The Priest asked me but one simple question and I gave him a simple answer.

    He simply said ‘Hmmm…I see.’

    Then he said ‘Your sins are FORGIVEN’.

    And he gave me some prayers to pray for my penance – and then immediately slid the privacy screen closed on me – not giving me the chance to say at least a ‘THANK YOU, FATHER!’

    I left the Confessional, sat in a nearby pew, closed my eyes and said my assigned Penance.

    A wonderful feeling on inner PEACE, COMFORT and TRANQUILITY ‘creeped’ its way INTO me making me feel REAL GOOD all over and inside as well.

    Go up from my seat to leave the Church BUT I wanted to AT LEAST tell the Priest a parting ‘THANK YOU, FATHER!’

    As I turned to leave, I saw the Priest’s DOOR to the Confessional open.

    There is NO WAY I could have NOT heard the Priest open his door and WALK OUT of the Church as every last sound of the slightest type was MAGNIFIED for one and all to HEAR inside the interior of that Gothic-style Church!

    I went over the to Priest’s door of the Confessional, fully and courageous intent on opening the door more fully in order TO THANK the Priest for hearing my Confession.

    I looked inside – there was NO ONE THERE – and NO ONE entered OR LEFT that Church building while I was praying my Penance.

    ‘Spooky’ and ‘Unexplained’ religious and spiritual things DO happened to individuals the world over – to include myself many a time.

    GOD is Alive. His Son JESUS is truly risen from the Grave. And the Divine Grace of His Holy Spirit HEALS, COMFORTS and RE-INVIGORATES one’s crushed, exhausted, relentlessly driving-into-the-dirt SPIRIT trudging through and enduring this ‘World’ of ours in this year 2009 Anno Domini.

    There ya go!

    I didn’t ask you for a DONATION nor for your CREDIT CARD NUMBER. I didn’t ask you TO PURCHASE my 10 DVD ‘self help’ package in the next 20 minutes by calling 1-800-555-5555.

    God’s Divine Help and His Divine Forgiveness are 100% ABSOLUTELY FREE if you but simply GO TO CONFESSION to your local Parish Priest.

    I can’t possibly make it any more simpler or EASY for all of you RZN readers.

    – Fr. Joseph

  123. Fr. Joseph October 4, 2009 @ 10:34 am

    Yet ANOTHER ‘Spiritual War Story’ for all of you out there in Internet Cyberspace Land.

    Years ago, when the 9-11 ‘Arab Terrorist Attacks’ were STILL all the rage via our Zionists owned and controlled MSM, when ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’ were going to get ALL OF YOU (now, their Story Line is ‘The Swine Flu Is Gonna Get You – So Be REAL AFRAID – And Line Up En Masse For Your Swine Flu Vaccinations NOW!), I worked furiously with several 9-11 Truth sites on the Internet.

    Got into a RAGING RELIGIOUS-SPIRITUAL WAR with another 9-11 Truther when we just so happened to get into on-line discussion of God, Religion and Human Spirituality.

    He had his own personal construct of our All-good God – and I kept on telling him about Christ Jesus and the Church’s Sacrament of CONFESSION.

    After about a YEAR of these heated exchanges between he and I, he actually decided TO GO TO A LOCAL PARISH PRIEST in order TO CONFESS those things on his mind and heart that were relentessly ‘nagging’ at him.

    I nearly went into cardiac SHOCK when he writes TO THANK ME for my relentless telling him to GO TO CONFESSION to a Priest.

    He goes on and on and on telling ME and the ENTIRE WORLD via the Internet and comment exchange section of that particular 9-11 website that NEVER IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE did he feel SO ‘FREE LIKE A BIRD’, SO ‘ALIVE’ in mind, heart and spirit – and this he kept on SHARING with everyone at that 9-11 Truth site for about A SOLID MONTH after his going to Confession to a Priest.

    There are just SO MANY ‘hurting and miserable’ people in our World today.

    If you just so happen TO BE one of those ‘hurting and miserable’ people – don’t do any cocaine ‘nose-candy’ or any shots and beers. It’s really not necessary and not very good for your physical health.

    Just GO TO CONFESSION, okay? Thank you.

    – Fr. Joseph

  124. Palehorse October 15, 2009 @ 9:14 pm

    Same line of perfidious Jews Bro. Nathanael speaks of are the same who will attack America:

    “It is when the communists create a problem [in this case “public corruption” within
    the government ranks], and then furnish solution – i.e. communist revolution which the communists are provoking.”

  125. Hoff November 30, 2010 @ 4:43 am

    Enough has been said to prove that every real key‑position in the process of the Bolshevik destruction of China has been Jewish.

  126. FREE SPIRIT July 14, 2012 @ 10:34 am

    Germany just passed a law that bans circumcision, and the Jews are beside themselves.

    For me it has opened my eyes to the rituals that these criminal pedophiles have been practicing amongst their own babies, where their practice leads them to suck othe blood off the baby’s penis right after the circumcision.

    No wonder the number of homosexuals and metro-sexual men has exploded. In our Christian nation, I knew the parasite Zionists were sexual deviants, but had no idea of why they love to circumcise their own baby boys, the sucking of blood.

    Blew my mind, and they call us Goyim and unclean when the only human animals are themselves.

    So my desire would be for Americans to follow Germany’s footsteps and press our State-level governments to ban circumcision as an act of mutilation against an innocent child, and turn that practice into a criminal offense. That would be the best way to get rid of all these parasites once and for all time.

    We would not even have to have blood on our own hands as Christians, just use the same laws they use against us to turn it against them. It would become a knock out to the Zionist Empire.

    For sure we could never do it on the federal level because of the power they have with all the Eastern Jews that are well nested on that part of the country, but on the state level where their power is not so strong.

    May our Lord continue to bless you, Brother Nathanael. You are the 14th most-loved ex-Jew in America. Thanks for your ministry.

  127. Jay June 6, 2016 @ 8:23 am

    What is Putin’s plan for freeing China?

    As it stands it’s a Jewish lapdog. China’s role is supposed to be the world police when the NWO comes.

    Putin recently said he’d destroy it with his own 2 hands if he had to. What’s his plan?

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