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Israel’s Blackmail Of America @ Here

THE ISRAELI ‘6 DAY WAR’ of 1967 drove the leaders of Israel to look for a new partner.

This was because President De Gaulle suspended all arms shipments to Israel because Israel initiated the 6 Day War against French advice.

In November of 1967, De Gaulle had some choice words about the Jews who had spurned his counsel – and a warning to the world:

“The establishment of a Zionist homeland in Palestine has raised certain fears. The question must be asked whether the settlement of this community on a land acquired under more or less justifiable conditions would not lead to continued conflicts.

Some people even feared that the Jews, an elite people, sure of themselves and domineering, would, once assembled again on the land of their ancient greatness, turn their Zionist pursuit into a burning and conquering ambition.

Since 1956, we have witnessed a warrior State of Israel that is determined to increase its boundaries. Israel has reached further objectives in only six days of fighting. Now Israel organizes itself on conquered territories, the occupation of which cannot go without oppression and expulsions” Here.

Israel then turned to the US, the world’s leader in military technology. At the same time, Syria & Egypt asked Russia for assistance. Israel knew it could use “Cold War logic” to persuade the US to throw its military might behind the warrior state.

And given the influence of wealthy American Jews & the Jewish controlled media – along with the prospects of expanding an already powerful ‘Jewish Lobby’ – the conditions were now ripe for the ‘Israelization of US Foreign Policy.’


AMERICAN JEWRY NOW WORKED FERVERISHLY to put pressure on political candidates to espouse unconditional support for Israel. In several states, Jewish money from the powerful Jewish Lobby Group known as AIPAC tilted elections towards the most pro-Israeli candidates. In addition, Jewish organizations worked effectively to defeat candidates who took positions even mildly critical of Israel.

Illinois Congressman Paul Findley was one such victim of the Jewish Lobby’s manipulations. Owing to the Jewish Lobby’s lavish campaign spending on Findley’s opponent, coupled with a ruthless media campaign against him, after 22 years in Congress, Findley lost the election in 1982 simply because he challenged the ruling line on US support for Israel. (Jews have corrupted our political system absolutely.)

In October of 2007, Findley had these choice words for the Jewish Lobby:

“There is an open secret in Washington. All members of Congress swear to serve the interests of the United States – but there is an unwritten exception: The interests of one small foreign country always trumps US interests. That nation of course is Israel” Here.

The Jewish Lobby subverts democracy when it engages in smear campaigns that intimidate and silence critics. Is it not time that we call politicians to account for their undying allegiance to a foreign state which serves only the interests of the Jews?


MASKED BENEATH THE BANNER of The War On Terrorism, lurks the intrigues of the omnipresent Jewish neocon political bloc.

According to foremost political analysts, the events of 9/11 allowed the preexisting ideological agenda of the neoconservatives to be “taken off the shelf and relabeled as the borderless War On Terror.”

Indeed, the traumatic effects of the induced 9-11 events enabled the Zionist agenda of the Jewish neocons to become the foreign policy of America.

What is this neocon agenda?

The US should use its military to establish an empire that includes the whole world – a global Pax Americana with Israel as its partner.

The US should implement a doctrine of preemptive war for the sake of bringing about “regime change” in countries regarded as hostile to US-Israeli interests.

The US should use this new doctrine to gain control of the world’s oil, both in Afghanistan, with its proximity to the Caspian Sea, & in Iraq.

IN AN INTERVIEW on March 24 2008, former UN official, Dr Richard Falk, called for an official commission to study the role of the Jewish neocons in the 9/11 attacks. Falk said, “The neoconservatives looked for a situation that would galvanize the American people. There is much grounds for suspicion of a neocon role in the events of 9/11.”

We Eagerly Await The Day When Jewish Neocons Like Richard Perle & Philip Zelikow Are Put On Trial For Their Role In The Tragic Events Of 9/11.

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  1. Ed September 14, 2008 @ 8:03 pm

    Br Nathanael wrote: ‘According to foremost political analysts, the events of 9/11 allowed the preexisting ideological agenda of the neoconservatives to be “taken off the shelf and relabeled as the borderless War On Terror.” ‘

    Indeed, the U.S. “war on terror” is modeled on the Israeli one, which predates it by many years. The Neocons/Imperialists/Zionists were merely waiting for “a new Pearl Harbor” (as per The Project for a New American Century, Sept. 2000) as a pretext to put the U.S. war on terror in motion.

    Br. Nathanael wrote: “Indeed, the traumatic effects of the induced 9-11 events enabled the Zionist agenda of the Jewish neocons to become the foreign policy of America. What is this neocon agenda? The US should use its military to establish an empire that includes the whole world – a global Pax Americana with Israel as its partner…”

    The irony in this is that the Jewish Zionists cannot even govern Palestine without inspiring perpetual war there, let along the entire globe. So how on earth is organized Jewish Zionism, which acts through the two-party Washington regime, ever going to establish “Pax Americana” (the American Peace) worldwide? These people simply aren’t psychologically, emotionally or intellectually suited to govern anyone but themselves — and they have trouble even with that. With incompetent Washington airheads taking diction from them on how to run an Empire, no wonder the Bush-Clinton-Cheney-McCain generations have driven America into a ditch, and utterly squandered her Cold War victory.

    Collaboration with greedy imperialists, Zionists and Judeofacists will always end in the same place: a curse upon the country that acquiesces to their power. Let’s take America back from ALL of them before they get ALL of us killed.

  2. admin September 14, 2008 @ 8:04 pm


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  3. Patrick Sullivan September 15, 2008 @ 12:08 am

    The big plan is to keep America and the rest of the world at war until an “Accident” happens, and it turns into a nuclear holocaust for humanity.

  4. jack johnston September 15, 2008 @ 1:55 am

    BRN: I agree fully
    Ed: Ditto

    I tried to post on ADL site but Foxman did not print. I saw the cartoon of McC./O..
    I told Foxman that Iraq war was a big mistake for Israel. Wolfowitz,etc. replaced a gang of ignorant hoodlums maintaining Hussein’s power with a modern US trained, equipped army. Which is worse for Israel a gang of ignoramuses on Israel’s eastern border or a modern US trained army? This army in cooperation with Syria/hezbollah from the north and Egypt/hamas from the south will eventually attack Israel. I see Israel doomed by zionist incompetence.

    Ed is absolutely correct. Jews/zionists are incompetent at governing/nation building. Were it not for those who developed western culture jews would be living in the sand dunes of an undeveloped middleeast.

    Unfortunately US has become a servant state to Israel because of the corruption/greed of US politicians/business. Jews control banking, media and government yet the public apparently still sees them as victims due to relentless victomology propaganda.

    As I keep saying, transparency, the revelation of open reporting/discussion is the only physical technigue to combat them.

  5. Hoff September 15, 2008 @ 3:23 am

    BN: The Jewish Lobby subverts democracy when it engages in smear campaigns that intimidate and silence critics.

    Hoff: Spot on BN! What the jew-mafia is doing is to smear and slander and LIE about anybody that speaks out against the jew-mafia. I wrote this piece to post under the Putin article by BN, but I post it here. Why? Once you get jew-wise you will see that the smear, slander and lie-propaganda goes for all that criticise the jew-mafia.Spain, Russia, Germany, Poland, Iraq, South-Africa, Iran … pick any country and it’s all the same smear, slander and lies all over again.

    The smear, slander and lies about Russia and other countries is nothing new. The jew-mafia hates true history, because once you understand your true history, you can compare, you can see the similarity to what happends today and 200 years ago.

    Do you know why Francos Spain was boycotted for many years? Because Franco kicked out the jew, that’s why. Just read this little book online about Spain and count the times that smear, slander and lies about Franco and Spain are noted in this little book.

    Pawns in the game, book online.

    Communism is a jewish fraud, a hoax. Communism is about one thing and one thing alone – to control the state. Once you control the state you can turn the whole police and military around and point this gun at the people. The jew-mafia did just that in Russia in 1917 and the jew-mafia is about to do just that in America today 2008. Who wrote the Patriot act? The jew Michael Chertoff. Who is in charge of the KGB in America? The jew Michael Chertoff.

    How do the jew-mafia get this power? Smear, slander and lies, that’s how.

    The Jew is a Liar!!! If you can fool people by lying then you get them to work for you, and that’s exactly what the jew-mafia has done. Communism is about one thing – control of the state. Communism says that the state shall be controlled by a small Chosen Elit. This is what attracts non-jews, to be one of the Chosen Few.

    When the jew Karl Marx wrote that the state shall be controlled by a Chosen Elit, he had no thought what so ever about goyim, non-jews beingin charge. What the mafia-jew Karl Marx said to the other jews was this: We take over the state, and then we steal everything and take all goyim as slaves.

    The jew-mafia controls the propaganda apparatus and what the jew-mafia does is that the goyim communist usefull idiot get all the airtime. Just turn on the Tv, Radio or read the jew-owned Mainstream “media” and you will find that all you hear or read is a goyim Usefull Idiot, or jews. Just count the jews you hear and read everyday.

    Once you get jew-wise, you will be astonished how man jews you have listend to and read in your whole life. Take any country in the whole world and just look how many in key position are jews. Just look at Georgia. Look at London and Washington. How many jews can you find in key positions?

    Take any goyim communist in any country and any problem, and what is the goyim communist solution? One State Solution. – If only the STATE is in control … Once you control the state, you can steal everything and take the people as slaves.

    What the jew-mafia does is that they promote the most stupid and ignorant communist-Usefull Idiot and give them unlimitid air-time. -Is it good for the jews? Give her or him unlimitid space in Jew York Time, CNN or whatever, we own the whole propaganda apparatus anyway.

    Why do you think that the jew-mafia want to shut down Real Jew News?
    Because BN is telling you your TRUE history.

    Do you think the smear, slander and lies about Putins Russia is a new thing?
    Think again. Do you know the smear, slander and lies about the russian King in the 1880s?

    Just read this book online and you will understand that the smear, slander and lies about russias king is nothing new. It’s the same history all over again and it’s about jews and their lies.

  6. Hoff September 15, 2008 @ 4:15 am

    Norman Finkelstein, he is a jew and he speaks blunt about the jew-mafia and the jew-mafia holohoax. Video.

  7. morris September 15, 2008 @ 5:39 am

    There are so many Jews so fed up with organised Judaism – the mafia etc.

    It is pathetic

    So far these jews are harassed, and called self hating.

  8. Anthony Clifton September 15, 2008 @ 5:55 am

    Israel has never been “jewish”. Who Israel is really does matter. Read Obadiah. But first to Understand who Israel is, read I Chron.14:2, & I Chron.16:13-17. There are no “jewish” israelites present. Jews are not Israel. Israel is not “jewish”. Ipso facto – “Israelization” cannot occur. “Jewification”, yes. Israel is a people, not a place. Read Obadiah again, and know that Israel & Judah, are not “jewish”. Now read Matthew 13, and LISTEN to what the Messiah is telling you.

  9. Michael K. September 15, 2008 @ 7:40 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    The Jewish Internationalist movement, Jewish Money Power, and Zionism are all real and need to be exposed to the light of the truth. The obviousness of their actions, and attempts at cover-ups is shocking and brazen, sure to create reaction and realignment in people who discover the truth. The truth must be exposed, but I believe the evidence of history leads us to the suspicion that the Jewish schemes are not the only dimension to the attempt to control the world under one world government. Like an onion, the evidence comes in layers; peel back the KKK layer, find the Southern Poverty Law Center layer, and so on. We researchers have gotten down to the Jewish layer, but it is a mistake to think it goes no deeper. To do so would be to underestimate a deadly enemy. If one looks back at the history of the Jewish ascent to power such as they now wield, it should be apparent that Jews are not the reason that there is Western Imperialism, in the first place. I see no basis for a judgment that they are the main active force in our collective history. Rather, the wealth and power of the European nations, and their offspring in the New World, Australia, etc. are the product of their own ambition and in many cases, crimes. Jews are not all powerful, and if all Jews were miraculously converted to Christ today, tomorrow the world would still be a scary place, full of evil power games and plots.
    That being said, one must look at the phenomenon of Jewish Money Power as having been cultivated by European royalty, in the first place. Hardly hapless victims of the Jews, the royalty have been in a position to drive them out all along, but have instead chosen to make a deal with them which serves their interests well. This is particularly true in Britain, where the Jews were invited to come and bring all their money during the 1600’s, when the Jews were being expelled from the continent. The Jew-British alliance has been the economic powerhouse that fueled the mercantile, colonial, and industrial ages. Still, it is historically unfounded to claim that the history of Western Empire has been a Jewish history.
    What I conclude from examining the historical setting of today’s Jewish Money Power, is that the Jews are in an independent mercenary relationship to the European Black Nobility, and this enables the Nobility to repress the Christian peasantry and middle class economically. The commonality of interest between the Jews and the Nobility is against this prevailing Christian population. The Church once kept the Nobility in check, tempering their autocratic power with the Churches temporal power to apply political pressure on behalf of the Christian flock. The Nobility could not openly exercise their pagan rulership rights of absolute dominion over the peasant class once the church was established, the ultimate result of which has been a historical shift toward the rights of the common man in Europe. No longer able to openly dominate the people, the Nobility may have turned to an alliance with the alien Jew, using them as a shield to hide their motives and identities. Hence the “red shield” of the Rothschild?
    If this is the accurate historical setting, consider that the possible outcome might be the betrayal of the Jews by the Nobility, using the facts of their work as mercenaries to portray them as sole actors and completely responsible for the oppression of the Christian people. If indeed this is true, we may find the Nobility riding a wave of anti-Jewish ‘reform,’ making themselves quasi-dictators, supposedly champions leading the charge for a return to ‘traditional’ values. In essence, they may return to power as ‘Christians,’ while really fulfilling their ancient ambition to overcome the momentum of the Church itself. Conveniently, the betrayal of the Jews themselves would make it possible for the Nobility to keep all the wealth they have promised to the Jews. This is probably why the mercenary Israel keeps its own arsenal of nukes, because they suspect betrayal and deserve it.
    I sincerely hope that you think more about the historical background to the Jewish criminal problem, and remember who brought them into your house, and why.

  10. Joe Cortina September 15, 2008 @ 8:17 am

    Brother Nathanael is SO right on target! When will we ever wake up? The Zio-Jew rot is IN YOU FACE 24-7 EVERYWHERE – and we continue to kiss their collective asses like spineless worms. The Jew is right about one thing however – he calls us cattle (goy) because of our ease of control and spineless lack of leadership. He INSULTS our heritage – our history – our finest sons and our Lord in the most cruel of ways and we don’t even defend the purity and wholesomeness and innosence of OUR OWN CHILDREN! One need but to spend ONE DAY – a few hours searching through the TV channels to see EXACTLY what is wrong with the AmeriKa that has been stolen from us by the fithy Zionists. The examples are LEGION! Look at the the new Jew ceation ‘MAD MEN’ – a great example for our children – sex violence – greed – adultry – lies – deception and every known Jew trait – all portrayed as “WONDERFUL”! – “HIGHLY ACCLAIMED”! “ENTERTAINING”! The Jew would NEVER EVER sponsor a series called – for example “GOOD MEN” – or “MORAL MEN” and when I was a child this kind of trash would have had MILLIONS Of family oriented Americans HOPPING MAD! But today – well – we just bow to the Jew and take it up the wazoo with a smile. Another new Jew creation – the glorification of biker gangs – the ULTIMATE social detritus in America – ‘SONS OF ANARCHY’. And guess who is the HERO of this “WIDELY ACCLAIMED JEW PRODUCTION that glamorized and legitimizes violence filth drugs murder sex and every filthy trait of the ‘Hell’s Angels gand mentality? Why a JEW OF COURSE! – non other that monkey faced Ron Pearlman. He seems to LOVE roles that befit his character. Last time he portrayed ‘HELL BOY’- the son of the Devil – quite fitting for him to fullfill his TRUE Scriptural nature in life – don’t you think? “Ye are of your father – the Devil – who is the father of all lies”. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. The proclivity and lust of the Jew for pushing his filthy lifestyles on naieve decent wholesome people is boundless! I have ALSO suffered at the hand of the Jew – as has Nathanael. The Zionists of Foxman’s ilk have destroyed my domain in the past in an attempt to silence me. Can you just immagine the HOWLS and “Oh Veys” from the self-chosen if this crime were committed against one of theirs. Their time WILL COME. They have committed crimes against not ONLY the German people – the Russian people – Americans and Christians all over the world – but AGAINST HUMANITY itself! THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY – and MILLIONS of their victims WILL be ‘there’ to collect their ‘pound of flesh’ from the Shakespereian ‘Shylocks’ of the world. It will be a day the world will remember for all times. There will celebrations by decent people in every corner of the world which will make the celebration of the end of WWII look like a child’s kindergartten party. I pray I live to personally witness that ULTIMATE event of the ultimate JUSTICE against the ultimate forces of evil.

  11. Jim DeTexas September 15, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

    A must read….

    The Crash of Western Capitalist Civilization?


  12. John Hanks September 15, 2008 @ 7:15 pm

    Jews and Gypsies and other tribal groups do engage in criminal behavior of the worst kind. However, force and fraud is really the tool of sociopaths within and without organizations. Jews and Gypsies have been used as patsies because their tribal notions leave them vulnerable to criminal control.

  13. Hoff September 17, 2008 @ 7:20 pm

    LB Johnson and the jew-mafia, Jerusalem-Post.

  14. KathJuliane September 18, 2008 @ 9:24 am

    06:47:23 pm, Categories: Voices, 2410 words
    Sarah Palin – Israel’s Bitch
    Mark Glenn

    ‘Bitch’–It’s an ugly word, for sure, and I am not using it as cavalierly as some might imagine here. I always winced when I heard it growing up as a kid, mostly because I always held women in such high respect and because I was sure that in 9 out of 10 cases where the word was used it was most likely unjustified. After all, they–women–are the bringers of life and who civilize us (hopefully) through their influence in the home. Can you imagine what a mess the world would be in if it was the guys raising the children instead of the gals? The kids would speak in mono-syllabic grunts rather than full sentences and would settle all issues with their fists instead of their mouths and brains.

    So my use of the word ‘bitch’ comes with a LOT of hesitation, believe me. Mz. Palin is the mother of 5 children, and for that she deserves mucho respecto as far as I’m concerned. She–like a good number of women in the ‘Christian’ west these days–could have kneeled at the communion rail of Roe V Wade on many occasions, including when she learned her most recent child would be born with Down’s Syndrome. Instead, she elected to have the chalice pass from her lips, much to the rage of feminists who pay to have their children killed for matters of simple convenience in what has become something of a sacramental rite in America these days, God help us. Despite what I consider to be her seriously-misguided religious ideas concerning Israel and the Jews, I’m sure had she been around in a better time period in this nation’s history–meaning a time when the Jewish state and her spies DID NOT dominate our political system–she would have been a great stateswoman.

    Let me clarify further–I use that ‘b’ word in describing her not because she stomps around barking out orders at those around her, complaining about this and that and generally making life hell for everyone in her vicinity. In this case, the word ‘bitch’ encompasses the more modern understanding and use of the word, meaning ‘whore’, or someone willing to lower herself (or himself) into doing immoral, degrading, and life-threatening things for a fistful of dollars, or, as in the case of our elected representatives, a fistful of political power. As she demonstrated to the world in the last few weeks since her nomination as Republican VP, she–like a streetwalker negotiating with a prospective client over what services she’s willing to perform and for what price–has let it be known she is willing to go ‘all the way’ with Israel’s demands, regardless of how raunchy or immoral these demands are. Not only towing the line with regards to the fatal myth that the Jews are ‘God’s chosen’ and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, namely stealing the real estate between the two ‘great rivers’ of the Nile and the Euphrates as well as the right to murder anyone they see fit at anytime they so decide, she has also embraced the other fatal myths of our modern times as well–that Iraq was responsible for 9/11 and that Iran must be stopped at all costs from ‘wiping Israel off the map’. She calls herself ‘pro-life’ but in perfect Zionist double-speak has signaled she will use her office to rain down death on millions, possible even billions of innocent people and all of it for the ‘Jewish cause’. She calls herself a Christian and yet has promised Israel that the Jewish state will continue receiving her daily diet of 15 million dollars from good ole Uncle Sam so she can continue de-Christianizing the land made sacred by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and in general making life for the Palestinians there a living hell.

    And if these weren’t bad enough, Mz. Palin has now gone on record saying that war with Russia is a real likelihood, and not ‘war’ as in the ‘cold’ one but rather the real deal, just as the Neocons have wanted since Trotsky and his gang were ousted from power in the early 20th century.

    And so, at least in the political sense, Palin IS a whore, or, using the less-polite language of gangstaz and gangsta-wannabes, ‘a bitch’. By her own admission, she will do anything, no matter how dirty, degrading or immoral it is so that Israel and her supporters ‘get off’ the only way they can, which is through bloodshed, the suffering of innocent people and corruption of otherwise healthy political systems. And in the event some don’t like my choice of racy words here, remember this–I am only following the example set forth by the man destined to replace the aging, swelling John Hagee as Supreme Pontiff of the Christian Zionist movement, none other pastor Rod Parsley himself, John McCains’s ‘spiritual mentor’ who used the very same racy verbiage when he, speaking about America’s proclivity towards killing Muslims exclaimed like a seasoned snake-handler speaking in tongues ‘We’re bred for battle!…We get off on war!!!

    Putting this in better perspective, consider the fact that Palin ‘the patriot’ (as she is now being fashioned by the Jewish mass media in America) is throwing her support behind a Marxist-founded state that has–

    1. Blown up American buildings in Egypt in what was known as the Lavon Affair…

    2. Attacked a United States ship, the USS Liberty, resulting in the deaths of 34 American sailors with the intention of sinking her so Egypt could be blamed and WWIII started between the US and the USSR…

    3. Played an active part in the bombing of the US marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983, resulting in the deaths of almost 250 servicemen…

    4. Plotted to assassinate George HW Bush at the Madrid peace conference in 1991 in order to–surprise, surprise–’blame the Arabs’…

    5. Stole America’s most sensitive national security secrets from her spy Jonathon Pollard and then sold them to America’s enemies at that time, the USSR. If indeed America finds herself at war with Russia as Israel would like to see take place, no doubt these secrets will be used to better kill America’s young men and women, assuming of course that it remains a war solely outside the confines of the US, which is highly doubtful…

    6. Played an indispensable role in the attacks of 9/11, so much so that hundreds–let me repeat for emphasis–HUNDREDS of Israeli spies were arrested, some in circumstances as incriminating as filming the Twin Towers coming down and cheering and who later admitted on Israeli TV that they were ‘sent to document the event’…

    …and this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. One day, after this mess is all over and assuming the US has not been reduced to ashes following a nuclear war, there will be an entire wing of the Library of Congress devoted to the problems this nations endured as a result of Israel and her influence over our affairs.

    And this folks is the ugly truth concerning Palin. As I said, were these better times, I would be getting all hot and bothered about her candidacy too, but the fact is that she is there for one reason and one reason only, which is to get and otherwise unelectable John McCain elected president so that the Jews can have the other wars they have scheduled, meaning Iran, Syria and Russia. You can bet your last dollar that were she not ‘right with God’, meaning were she the least bit contrary to Israel, the war in the Middle East or whatever, she would remain in that obscure, out of the way place and no one would know Jack Squat about her.

    The other thing of course to consider, but unmentioned up to this point, is the fact that I am not the only one saying this about her, that she is ‘Israel’s Bitch’, and this is where it gets REALLY ugly. The fact is, this is what the Jewish state and her supporters think of her, their public comments notwithstanding. Yes, guys such as Brooks and Lieberman and all the other may at present be swooning and fawning all over her as if she were Esther reborn, but to them she is just a piece of gentile meat created by God to serve the Jews, what they refer to in their own parlance as a ‘Shiksa’.

    Yes, that’s right, all you conservative, bible-believing Christians out there who think that the Jews have finally ‘come around’ and seen the light with regards to the things near and dear to our conservative hearts with regards to protecting the unborn, the Constitution and ‘family values’ as we define them. The fact is she is just another Britney, Madonna, or any other Barbie doll-creation of the Jewish mass media. She–like they–has been shoved out on the stage where–politically-speaking–she bats her eyes, moans and groans, suggestively rubs her hands over her body, wiggles and jiggles and bumps and grinds in front of us and all in the interest of keeping us excited, excitable, and distracted from what the hell is really going on in the world.

    And make no mistake about it. All the praise they are heaping on her right now will be short-lived. Keep in mind how the Jews welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem as a king, shouting ‘Hosanna to God in the Highest’ and laying palm leaves in His path and then a week later these same creatures were calling for him to be crucified and the murderer Barabbas released.

    No, once Palin has been used for their purposes, meaning once they have gotten from her what they want (meaning getting warmonger John McCain elected to the presidency) the ‘honeymoon’ will be over and she will be told to ‘get the f*** out of here bitch’ just as they would to any ordinary whore whose services were no longer required.

    And the real truth is, Mrs. Palin has a lot more to worry about than simply being ‘removed’ from the political scene by any scandals that may develop around her. Washington DC–an outpost (in both the literal and figurative sense) of Meyer Lansky’s Murder Inc–has become a gangland where individuals live and die based upon whether they are worth more to the powers-that-be dead than alive. It may very well be that what is REALLY planned here is the classic one-two knockout punch, meaning Palin gets McCain elected, and then, BATTA-BOOM–she is assassinated by some ‘Islamic terrorist’ and McCain makes Lieberman his VP (which was the original plan anyway) and then when Little Johnnie has some ‘accident’ befall him, America and Lieberman becomes prez, America will be completely in the grips of the Jewish state and all impediments removed from her getting what she really wants. Remember–we are talking about people here who believe that they are the embodiment of God and who have–not just the capability of doing the worst, but rather the proclivity.

    And so, my fellow Americans, fellow humans, lovers of peace and justice, if you think my opinion and the language used in expressing this opinion too harsh concerning that ‘good Christian woman’ Mz. Palin who is most likely destined to be our next vice president (at least until her motorcade is blown up by Al Qaeda) what I say in my defense is thus–I am tired of the non-stop political pornography we see these days…, sick of seeing bitch after bitch after bitch paraded out before us who degrade themselves and degrade what is supposed to be their sacred duties by whoring themselves out for the benefit of the Madame of the house, Israel. I am sick to the point of vomiting over the manner our elected officials–who swore an oath to be faithful to America, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in heath, for better or for worse till death do us part as they take turns getting down on their knees and or on all fours and then perform whatever services are demanded of them by the Jewish state, an insatiable nymphomaniac for political power that never seems to get her fill. I am sick of America suffering from all the ills-political, social, cultural or whatnot, resulting from the legion of venereal diseases we have contracted through our illicit, immoral intercourse with the Jewish state. We have become a sterile, barren woman whose womb is so polluted through immoral behavior that it can no longer produce any life for our nation, meaning peace, prosperity and political stability. I long for the by-gone days of fidelity and continence of American political life, where America was first, second and third in the hearts and minds of our leaders instead of them putting the interests of a terrorist state ahead of our own. I lament the day that men like George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson–men who would never have consented to sell their country for 30 pieces of silver to ANY interest nor allow the governing infrastructure of America to be infested with spies and saboteurs as it exists today–were replaced with the likes of George Bush, John McCain and the rest.

    It is something we are going to have to decide folks–we are either going to have America as a beacon of light where Lady Liberty runs the show or a brothel dominated by whores for Israel, and as one wise man once said, ‘You cannot serve two masters, for you will either love the one and hate the other or hate the one or love the other.’

    For myself, this latest creation in the person of Mz. Palin leaves much to be desired, no matter how low she is willing to go in debasing herself in what has become the Zionist Burlesque Revue. Give me someone not as easy on the eyes but whose love for America does not take 2nd place to the interests of a foreign power and who understands that when she takes that oath of office, what she is really saying is ‘for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in heath, for better or for worse till death do us part.’


    September 13, 2008 By Mark Glenn – Posted on ‘The Ugly Truth’

  15. KathJuliane September 18, 2008 @ 10:34 am

    02:51:25 pm, Categories: Voices, 1017 words
    Remembering Sabra & Shatilla Massacre
    Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    The Ugly Truth

    Sabra and Shatilla are two Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon where over two thousand Palestinians were massacred during three days in September 1982 by hundreds of Lebanese Phalange and Haddad militiamen with the aid and [active-KJ] support of the Israeli Defense Forces.

    During the 1982 Israeli invasion into Lebanon and siege of Beirut, U.S. Envoy Phillip Habib managed to have a written agreement whereby Palestinian fighters would leave Lebanon, providing a U.S. guarantee to the safety of Palestinian refugees left behind in the camps.

    After Palestinian fighters evacuated Lebanon, the Israeli army sealed off Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps and established a command post at the Kuwaiti embassy, a seven-story building over looking both camps. [Live action for the brave, moral, mighty IDF Voyeurs blooded under the Butcher Sharon. Blood and sex wrapped into one vast Zionist drama. Better than watching mere video of an orgy of snuff films of violent rape, pedophilia, mayhem, and the slaughter of 2000 trapped Palestinian refugee women and children by drugged-up puppet militias.-KJ]

    Present at the command post were the primary architects of the atrocity: Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon and Chief of Lebanese Forces Intelligence Elie Hobeika, along with high-ranking Israeli army officials.

    In the early morning of September 16th, the Israeli army allowed bloodthirsty armed militiamen to enter the camps, provided with weapons, bulldozers, and communication equipment. *They were also given hashish and heroin to help them maintain “courage.”* For 48 hours, the militia participated in wholesale slaughter and rape. Women and children were not spared. The Israeli army lit the skies over the camps by firing flares during the nights, and also prevented residents of the camp from escaping. A group of refugees who reached the one of the Israeli checkpoint were ordered by soldiers to return back into the camp – even though they told soldiers that people are being slaughtered inside. This encounter was documented by a Scandinavian news crew. [Oops.-KJ]

    Ellen Siegel was an [Jewish-KJ] American nurse from Baltimore who volunteered at Gaza hospital in Sabra camp. She was rounded up with 20 other foreign medical personal. Upon hearing the radio communications that the butchers inside the camp were ready to execute all of them, an army officer stopped the order and ran back to the camp to rescue Miss Siegel and another female nurse from Holland [presumably Jewish-KJ] . The rest were lined up against the wall and executed. Miss Siegel was among 3 Americans who testified in the Kahane Commission, the Israeli official inquiry into the massacre. [Would have taken out the Scandinavian film crew, too, if they’d been caught.-KJ]

    No adjectives exist to describe this heinous atrocity. This crime was beyond all human and moral comprehension. However, an American woman named Janet Stevens was among the first people to visit both camps the day after this ugly crime. She wrote the following testimony to her husband Franklin Lamb:

    “I saw dead women in their houses with their skirts up to their waists and their legs spread apart; dozens of young men shot after being lined up against an alley wall; children with their throats slit, a pregnant woman with her stomach chopped open, her eyes still wide open, her blackened face silently screaming in horror; countless babies and toddlers who had been stabbed or ripped apart and who had been thrown into garbage piles.” [But the holy Chosen hands remained pure and undefiled in the slaughterhouses. Keeping the proud tradition of the Soviet Red Terror alive.-KJ]

    As the news and images of the massacre were broadcast worldwide, shockwaves, anger, and resentment were felt everywhere. I do remember exactly having the same feeling during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In fact there were a lot similarities: The number of casualties almost the same, in both cases the victims were innocent civilians, and the perpetrators of both crimes were ruthless and did not value human life.

    In Israel, 400,000 protesters took part in a peace rally in Tel Aviv demanding the resignation of Ariel Sharon and demanded he should be tried for war crimes.

    An Israeli commentator denounced Sharon’s complicity into the massacre in a commentary which said in part, “…you can’t toss a snake into a cradle, then act surprise when the baby gets bitten.”

    Meanwhile the Kahane Commission in Israel turned out to be a “kangaroo court” where the outcome was essentially predetermined, and the process was compromised. Several high-ranking military officers were found negligent, got a slap on the hand and later promoted. [Slapped for letting the Scandinavian film crew get away, promoted for saving two Jewish nurses.-KJ] Sharon was forced to resign as the defense minister, and was barred for life from holding public office. Despite all of this, Israelis elected him in 2001 as their prime minister. [Perfectly Talmudic. No humans were slaughtered, only goyim.]

    Eluding Justice: What happened to the victims and those responsible for the massacre 25 years later is mind-boggling.

    ► Several victims and other relatives sued Ariel Sharon for war crimes in a Belgian Court. But under pressure from U.S. and Israeli governments, Belgium dropped the case as inadmissible.

    ► All militiamen who took part in the killing received amnesty from the Lebanese
    government. [According to the DEA, Israel is the inventor of the drug Ecstasy and manufactures 95% of the world market. The IDF consistently uses amphetamines. Who knows what pill cocktails the Zionist sorcerors cooked up for the drugged-up militia members. I can almost see this point. With the Israeli “contractors” recently in Georgia, it’s fair to suppose the poor peasant Georgian soldiers may have gotten dosed with a special military cocktail for their push into South Ossetia.-KJ]

    ► Elie Hobeika was killed in a car bomb in Beirut 20 years after the massacre.

    ► Two of Hobeika’s top lieutenants were assassinated in a separate incidents.

    ► Ariel Sharon suffered massive stroke in 2006 that ended his political career. Later, Israel ’s cabinet declared Sharon officially “permanently incapacitated” until this day.

    Finally, remember the 3 Americans who testified in the Kahane Commission?
    Janet Stevens was killed during the 1983 bombing of the US Embassy in Beirut. [Another one of those situations when Mossad had “advance knowledge” but said nothing to the US.-KJ] She was pregnant with her first child, a baby boy. Mrs. Stevens went into the Embassy to seek more aid for the Lebanese people in the south and Palestinians in Beirut who were affected by the Israeli invasion and by the massacre. Mrs. Stevens’ husband, Franklin Lamb is a prominent researcher and author, frequently writing about the Middle East. Their work and sacrifices for human rights represent America ’s pretty face.

    Ellen Siegel [a very noble soul; a true Israelitess in whom there is no guile-KJ] continues to write letters, make calls, and write op ed. pieces to bring justice for the victims of the Sabra and Shatilla massacres and to promote genuine peace between Palestinians and Israelis. I had the privilege of meeting her in 1985 in a Washington, D.C. hotel lobby. She has returned to Lebanon several times. The last visit was on the 20th anniversary of the massacre to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians. To honor them and pay tribute the victims and their loved ones, she placed roses on the mass grave, and silently recited Kaddish, the Hebrew prayer for the dead.

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    USAF Retired Veteran
    Readers feedback:

    ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

    © 2008 Mahmoud El-Yousseph



    [Lebanese Hezbollah is more of a political nationalist, patriot party with a militia wing. Many of the members were children during the brutal occupation of the IDF and suffered more atrocities like this. Hezbollah remembered, and they were admirably ready to expel the bastards and cleanse Lebanon of the Jewish filth that expected a cakewalk 2006.-KJ]

  16. Ken Breazeale January 2, 2009 @ 8:45 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    In reference to groups like the ACLU and the misnamed/ultra wealthy Southern “Poverty” Law Center, who jump at every chance to attack our christian heritage and scream “separation or church and state”, does this concern for “separation” also include the billions of dollars consumers MUST pay to a rabbinical crime syndicate through a jewish, religious scam called “Kosher Tax”? How about a Christian, Catholic or Muslim tax?

    Sincerely and Best Regards,

    Ken Breazeale (Florida)

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