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Jewry’s Victory Over America

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2010

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Jews are in control of every sphere of America’s infrastructure. The 3 major areas of Jewry’s victory over the American people are 1) Banking; 2) Politics; & 3) Education.

To understand what a “victory” over the Gentiles in America means for the Jews, a simple equation is all that is needed. Jewry wishes to enslave the Gentiles to its own agenda & to eradicate any particularism unique to Gentile culture.

One of the “particulars” of Gentile culture has been their historical allegiance to the Christian faith and the national customs bound up with that faith. America was once known as a “Christian” nation with a distinct “Christian” culture.

But the Zionist Jews, through their infiltration of academia and the press, have turned America into a secular nation. Yet “secularism” is just another name for “judaism.”

For in a secular society, in which any particular Gentile strain has been diluted, Jewry can promote their Jewish propaganda, UNCHALLENGED, to its maximum effect. This is why the American people have been instilled with a sense of “Gentile guilt” given Jewry’s promotion of the so-called “Holocaust” – which has been proven to be yet another Jewish hoax.

Having grown up as a Jew in an upper middle class synagogue, (I am now an Orthodox Christian), I sometimes look upon the Gentile people of America with heartfelt pity.

American Gentiles who all love Christmas, a truly particular Gentile cultural event, have been enslaved to the Jewish phrase, “Happy Holidays,” now enshrined in American greeting cards & public salutations. Yet, “Happy Chanukah,” is plastered everywhere.

How I wish that Gentiles could see that their culture, their Christian heritage, & their genealogical roots have been robbed from them by Jewry’s plan to take over the world. “Wake up Gentiles!” I continually say to myself, “Jewry has stolen even your ancestral blood and mixed it with a foreign, poisonous tincture.”

Jewry’s victory over America is now complete. The alien domination of an elite, self-conscious group, who see the world in terms of “us” & “them,” has flowed into every pore of American society with its Anti-Christian views.

On this day of Christmas in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ — Who came to restore the original beauty of man — we must all go into mourning rather than exultation. For the name of the most beautiful person ever born is hated, vilified, mocked, and now made “politically incorrect” & in many instances, even “illegal,” by the Jews.

Are we capable of sacrifice dear Americans? For only through imitating Christ’s selfless sacrifice for us by being the salt of the earth, as He taught us to be, can we overturn Jewry’s now complete victory over America.


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Brother Nathanael @ December 25, 2008


  1. admin December 25, 2008 @ 3:26 am

    Merry Christmas everyone. (Orthodox Christian Christmas, that is, The Feast of the Nativity, begins on January 7, 2008, the original Calander’s December 25.)

    It is now 3:45 AM in the morning this Christmas of 2008. I have tried with all of my might to show the world what danger we are all in by the wicked Anti Christ Jews.

    I am so weary, yet somehow, I keep on fighting. Please know that I have offered my entire self as a *living sacrifice* unto Christ – which is the “reasonable service” of all Christians.

    It is my great honour and drive to defend, uphold, and see vindicated, the honour of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. This is why I keep on fighting. This is why I put up with all kinds of abuse and censure from Gentiles who call me an “Anti Semite.”

    This is why I withstand the threats, the intimidations, the machinations, of the Anti Christ Jews in power. This is why I am willing EVERY DAY to be martyred in CONFESSING *PUBLICLY* the most Holy, Revered, Precious Name of Jesus Christ.

    I have made great sacrifices for Christ, especially in working so tirelessly on our site, Real Jew News. This latest article is quite brief is it not? Yet it took over 6 hours to put together and perfect. I edit, re-edit, and then, format, with “perfection” in mind. Then finding the right pictures and formating them into relevant montages takes much painstaking work.

    Let’s all make sacrifices for the cause of Christ our Lord, Whom the Jews wish to crucify afresh this Christmas season with their Anti Christ “Happy Chanukah” saturating public life. For Chanukah is an Anti Christ Jew-fesitival that announces the Jewish lie to the world that the Lord Jesus Christ is not the Messiah. This is one huge Jewish LIE for the role of the Messiah as outlined in Genesis 3:15 was to conquer death, which Christ did in His passion by rising from the dead.

    The Jews are of their father the devil. I am not saying this on my own, but Jesus Christ said it as recorded in the Gospel of St John. Christ said that the devil is the father of lies and that the Jews, who LIE in their control of academia, the press, the media, in finance, (as just witnessed by the devil, Madoff), are sons of the devil.

    But we can defeat the Jews. How? By being the salt of the earth and reproving the works of darkeness. TRUTH will prevail if we are willing to speak out for the Truth in the midst of the shroud of Jewish darkness. For Christ, Who is THE TRUTH, came during the darkness night of the year…

    I love you all and do keep me in your prayers as all of you are daily in mine.
    +Brother Nathanael

  2. Alain DENIS December 25, 2008 @ 3:44 am

    Bible Gateway’s Verse of the Day
    Isaiah 9:6 jeudi 25 décembre 2008

    “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”
    “… and the government will be on his shoulders.”

    I do not know in english but in french
    ‘to be on someone’s shoulders’ gives a pun,
    because one can read as well :
    – Jesus-Christ wears the responsability to govern,
    – the governors will torment Jesus-Christ.

    the same in france with the hungarian jewish president sarkozy. Tv programs in the evening are only constituted with wars, horrible crimes, perverted sex … and … the poor ‘martyred’ jewish people.

    I quote you : “This is why the American people have been instilled with a sense of “Gentile guilt” given Jewry’s promotion of the so-called “Holocaust” ”

    …the same in the country we could call in the past, France.

    Zionist Jews are dominators, killers, robbers and anteChrist. They are using ‘the look’ of the ‘martyred’ people to dress as White Lambs.

    But a simple drop of Light from the Upper World (where Jesus-Christ came from) wears … God’s government on his shoulders.

  3. William December 25, 2008 @ 4:33 am

    Always interesting to get new perspectives on what’s going on in the world.

  4. nate December 25, 2008 @ 6:13 am

    We should all pray for the Jews, pray that their eyes, hearts and minds will be opened and they will know and accept Christ.

    Right now they are blind to Christ, just like we all were.

    It is sad that Satan uses the *former* chosen people of God against Christ, but Satan uses all kinds of people against Him as well.

    Lets pray for the Jews pray that they will be free of Satan and that Christ will dwell within them & be their God as He promised He would be once they call upon His Name.

  5. Gregory December 25, 2008 @ 9:47 am

    At this time of year when traditional thoughts of Christmas in America once centered around “nativity scenes”, and evening church services, now through deception, and coercion, are replaced with an irreverent, unholy spirit! The darkness created by this apostasy is in no way dispelled by all the artificial lights displayed this “holiday season”!

    Contrary to all the tinsel, presents, Santa, sleighs, reindeer, seasonal songs, and the like, some two thousand years ago in a cave outside of Bethlehem, a VIRGIN (not young woman as unbelievers promote), gave birth! This was not just any girth, for contained in her womb was FIRE; contained in her womb was the infinite God which not even the universe could hold. Yes, in the quiet of that night, and the solitude of a humble dwelling, the Son of God came forth from the holy VIRGIN, fully God, and fully man.

    Oh wonder of wonders, mankind without fear, can now behold God “face to face”, without being consumed by His glory!

    As the time of the “Nativity of the Lord, God, and savior, Jesus Christ” draws near, may we behold the invisible God in His Son, jesus Christ. As Christ Himself said to the apostle Philip,”he that hath seen me, hath seen the FATHER ALSO” (John 14:9)…”I and my Father are ONE” (John 10:30).

    Here than the mystery of the ages unfolds in the face of the Son! Here than is a gift not found under any Christmas tree; no department store; no greeting card; no, not even the NORTH POLE! It is this GIFT that is least sought, which has the most to offer. Only in this PRESENT is peace found, and darkness vanquished by the true light.

    “In him (Jesus Christ the Messiah) was life; and the life was the LIGHT of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” (John 1:4-5).

    Therefore, to all reading this small message, Jew, and gentile alike, without apology or hesitation, along with the holy apostles; prophets; patriarchs, and saints; I declare: “the Messiah – JESUS CHRIST – has come!”

  6. milidude December 25, 2008 @ 10:52 am


    I will go the way of St. Paul if I must proclaiming that on this day a child/our KING was born, to be the reconciliation between us and our FATHER in heaven.

    I will never repudiate this and will as long as I have breathe in my lungs proclaim this and other truths as have been taught to me. Merry CHRISTmas everyone.

    Peace be unto this world.

  7. paul December 25, 2008 @ 2:03 pm

    In the fellowship of the kingdom there shall be neither Jew nor gentile, rich nor poor, free nor bond, man nor woman. You also are called to publish the good news of the liberty of mankind through the gospel of sonship with God in the kingdom of heaven.

    “Peace be upon you. You rejoice to know that I am the resurrection and the life, but this will avail you nothing unless you are first born of the eternal spirit, thereby coming to possess, by faith, the gift of eternal life. If you are the faith sons of my Father, you shall never die; you shall not perish.

    The gospel of the kingdom has taught you that all men are the sons of God. And this good news concerning the love of the heavenly Father for his children on earth must be carried to all the world. The time has come when you worship God neither on Gerizim nor at Jerusalem, but where you are, as you are, in spirit and in truth. It is your faith that saves your souls. Salvation is the gift of God to all who believe they are his sons.

    But be not deceived; while salvation is the free gift of God and is bestowed upon all who accept it by faith, there follows the experience of bearing the fruits of this spirit life as it is lived in the flesh. The acceptance of the doctrine of the fatherhood of God implies that you also freely accept the associated truth of the brotherhood of man. And if man is your brother, he is even more than your neighbor, whom the Father requires you to love as yourself. Your brother, being of your own family, you will not only love with a family affection, but you will also serve as you would serve yourself.

    And you will thus love and serve your brother because you, being my brethren, have been thus loved and served by me. Go, then, into all the world telling this good news to all creatures of every race, tribe, and nation. My spirit shall go before you, and I will be with you always.”

    “I admonish you ever to remember that your mission among men is to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom–the reality of the fatherhood of God and the truth of the sonship of man. Proclaim the whole truth of the good news, not just a part of the saving gospel. Your message is not changed by my resurrection experience. Sonship with God, by faith, is still the saving truth of the gospel of the kingdom. You are to go forth preaching the love of God and the service of man. That which the world needs most to know is: Men are the sons of God, and through faith they can actually realize, and daily experience, this ennobling truth.

    The gospel of the kingdom is concerned with the love of the Father and the service of his children on earth.
    Selfish men and women simply will not pay such a price for even the greatest spiritual treasure ever offered mortal man. Only when man has become sufficiently disillusioned by the sorrowful disappointments attendant upon the foolish and deceptive pursuits of selfishness, and subsequent to the discovery of the barrenness of formalized religion, will he be disposed to turn wholeheartedly to the gospel of the kingdom, the religion of Jesus of Nazareth.

    The hope of modern Christianity is that it should cease to sponsor the social systems and industrial policies of Western civilization while it humbly bows itself before the cross it so valiantly extols, there to learn anew from Jesus of Nazareth the greatest truths mortal man can ever hear–the living gospel of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

    You are all called to carry the good news to those who sit in darkness.

  8. Eternal Love December 25, 2008 @ 4:58 pm

    Merry Christmas to all our brothers and sisters.

    I wish them Health, Happiness, and Love. Not only the “little” Love we have for our family, friends, etc. but the Holy Cosmic Love for GOD.

    The Love for each small flower, little bird, bubbling river, graceful butterfly, wonderful tree!!! Our beautiful Nature that our Spiritual Creator has given to us his children.

    Dear Brother, thanks for your article and pictures. Be sure we all appreciate your Holy work and do not pay attention to some people who want to offend you and make you reconsider your service to GOD and his People…. You are doing the Right Thing, opening people’s eyes for the Truth. Only this way will help us to see Satan, organize ourselves, and fight back.

    Personally, I have to confess, that I also was very unaware of what was happening behind the stage for many years. Even when some of my friends, around 10 -12 years ago, told me about the Jews crusade, against all of us, I did not believe and just laughed. But now I know and believe and am staying here and trying to support our Brother, and our brothers and sisters on the site, with everything I could.

    Do not worry, our GOD will never abandon us. He will be here for us for the next 10 (or so) difficult years as He was with his kids during the so called Atheistic times in the former communist countries. How do you think people, even in this dark epoch, were able to go to church, to baptize their kids, to marry in church, to study in Seminary to be a priest, to celebrate all Holy days Christmas, Easter, etc.? Because He Himself was there. Atheistic Satan could not overpower Him!!!!!!

    I am sorry to hear things are not going well in France, but it does not come as a surprise to me. When I heard Sarkozy is taking power it was clear what was going to happen. I believe though French heroic people will manage to defeat Sarkozy and his intentions…..

    Merry Christmas and Lots of Love,

    Eternal Love

    PS “who LIE in their control of academia, the press, the media, in finance, (as just witnessed by the devil, Madoff), are sons of the devil.”

    Yes, they control everything and this is the reason for largely displayed mediocrity in all human fields. Because our Jewish bosses/friends do not look for a good qualified person for a particular job but they look for a job for a particular Jewish boy, regardless of his professional qualities.

    Take, for example, our brother Abe. He started to look to me like a”programmed mind” who, like an old broken gramophone, repeats the same old, the same old, song for years. “Haters, Lalala, Haters, yei yei, Ooo, anti-Semites, Haters, Tralalalal.” Who can take him seriously???

    Brother Abe wake up, please. At your age you should have done better and wiser.

    Best wishes

  9. Russian Friend December 25, 2008 @ 10:53 pm

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!

  10. Nick - Soldier in the Army of Christ December 26, 2008 @ 12:20 am

    CHRIST is Born! Glorify HIM! Everyone.

    Your Nativity, O Christ our God,
    Has dawned upon the world,
    The light of understanding.

    For by it those who worshiped the stars,
    Were taught by a star to adore You
    The Sun of Righteousness,
    And to know You the Dawn from above.

    O Lord, glory be to You!

    (Orthodox Christian “Christmas”/”Nativity” Hymn)

  11. Nick - Soldier in the Army of Christ December 26, 2008 @ 1:29 am

    THE DOMINATION OF JEWRY OVER AMERICA is going to make us feel like a “Straingers in our own land” sooner or later, just like what Palestinians are going through.

    Please take your time to watch these videos:

    Strangers in their own land (1/3)

    Strangers in their own land (2/3)

    Strangers in their own land (3/3)

  12. moses December 26, 2008 @ 3:24 am

    Dear sir

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and may the peace of the infant Jesus filled you in every way.

    It is hard to imagine the world as it is now but the word of God through Isaiah in which a people living in darkness has seen a great light brings comfort.

    It brings comfort to me on the night of Christmas vigil as it was proclaim in the church reading. It comforts me that the Jesus has been victorious.

    Though I don’t know what the years would bring but let us continue to hope in the Lord and listen to his word for us and doing the will of the Father for each of us.

    May the peace of Christ be with you always.

  13. profnasty December 26, 2008 @ 6:07 am

    Let’s start by excoriating the Jewish controlled US Military every time it hurts a little Muslim child.

    Let ’em have it. Howl it from the mountaintops.

    They cannot make their unholy war without murdering little children.

    Never, ever, let your friends and neighbors forget They murder children.

  14. JenChen December 26, 2008 @ 8:36 am

    Unfortunately people still believe the lie that evil is good, if it is done to punish one deemed an evil threat. This is why you will never have a peaceful world.

    You also believe that equality is only about purely egotistical ‘sentiment’ – professed belief in equality is something you need to reflect back on you and validate your ego-self-image, it is not however a reality. People are truly equal…’one unified undivided-not separated by class and status and wealth-living in brotherly love-only where there is no money system-only where all labor, exists only to provide everyone an equal standard of living-only if all have equal necessities of life-only if survival is never a struggle for anyone. No class system-no superiors with elevated status above others-no lower class who are denied and oppressed and discounted and discarded.

    The way evolved beings -in other worlds live. Perhaps because the human race is so isolated-with nothing but themselves to compare themselves to-they can not see how deformed and grotesque they are-not developing normally into more loving creative beings. Never to become what they were meant to become-creator beings, because they refuse to love/evolve, they enjoy better to destroy and fear/regress. I see the next part of the plan-all linked-waco, oklahoma, 9-ll.

    Certain people the ones you call the illuminate (satanists) are moving toward a one world government. The concentration camps built all over the US are built above underground secret labs. These are where our government has been creating the human hybrid creatures-they now have a perfect soldier-killing machine army. These are also flesh-eating creatures who will cannibalize their own-the half-pig man of Nostradamus.

    They are preparing for total chaos and turmoil civil wars all over the globe-no monetary system, meanwhile the string pullers will be collecting all valuables-while chaos ensues-gold-silver everything. There will be no food, not clean water or electricity. The big event that is the next 9/11 will be blamed on Aliens-but these are not aliens-they will be the human hybrid killer soldiers-they wear black masks so I can not see the face, they wear black heavy denim uniforms with tan trim. They kill everyone in sight and then pile up the bodies in one spot. This will allow the UN to take control of the world-as a one world government. They will collect all valuables-as the fighting goes on as a smoke screen. Let me give you, who are so generous with the truth-the missing part of the puzzle.

    These illuminate have a karmic destiny to rule now-they were born into positions of power-as a consequence of the inhumanity that was previously shown them. They are collectively the world’s formerly oppressed-who will now oppress. They became satanists because those who formerly oppressed them drove them to it. The problem that human beings have is they do not forgive-they rely on condemnation of others as an excuse to sadistically punish and dehumanize others. This causes terrible karma. The truth is that anyone who does evil-has that same evil returned to them. Those who punish have that returned to them. That is the law of reality-you get back what you give.

    The fact that while your societies appear to be civilized on the surface is a lie. There are always a great many who are deemed criminals punished and forgotten in prisons-no one cares about them-or how they suffer-especially those who deem themselves good-and want them in prison because they are all that matters-and they need protection. (Read the Biblical story of the sheep and the goats) The fact is that the tables always turn-eventually those forgotten criminals will eventually become the oppressors of the many who previously oppressed them.

    That is precisely what is happening now in the US, and the world. Those people who are deranged lunatics with no conscience-sociopaths-murderers and child-molestors-Satanists. They were all punished with punishments even more horrendous than their own crimes and forgotten-that is why they will now do the same to all the people in america (and the world) who condoned those punishments-even ardently appreciated them (in complete selfishness) as a good. What you do to others will be done to you-that is the law of one-That is why it is important to forgive others. If you do not forgive and instead excuse the anger and vengeance you commit (punishment) as good-that so-called good will return as your own truth. The universe returns our truth it is merely a mirror of truth.

    Humans decide what that truth may be-and when they do evil and call it good-they are effecting their own destruction-as it destroyed others it will destroy them. The coming police state can not be averted-In the US it will be as horrible as the tortures committed on the US prisoners from the past-who are now and in the future to be, returned in positions of power over you as your government-karma. You may add to this their own need for vengeance and their anger that will additionally be used against you because they are sociopaths, This wheel of karma is a merry go round that has continued since the beginning of time-the true reason why civilizations rise and fall.

    The reason for War is karma from prisons also-whenever the prison populations rise and there occurs prisoners punished for victimless crimes-crimes that are not really crimes, them karma piles up. Those who profit from and create such imprisonment of the innocent-must pay for that sin-what happens is they end up as soldiers in war and they end up as cripples condemned to the prison cells of their own bodies to pay the karma they committed against the innocent who are in jail who are not sociopaths-who are just there because of criminal laws-that do create victims.

    This is the end of the time allotted for humans to evolve into Christ like beings who follow Christ’s example and forgive-who judge but do not punish. People need to feel superior and condemn others as inferiors-they enjoy sadistically punishing others into submission. Everything that will happen soon-is just karma created by people’s inability to follow Christ’s example, they have made the nasty bed they must now lie in.

    It will be horrible-no one will care or help humans however-because like the story of the sheep and the goats-no one cared about the oppressed who were tortured by your fakery of a  ‘great society’. The truth will out. All you can do is learn by your mistakes and not repeat them-but if you can not even understand the one law of all creation-the law of one-that the universe mirrors back to you all you are-pompous arrogant snobs who feel superior (americans) but who are truly evil and care only for themselves-fake Christians who do not follow Christ’s example and do not admit it when they don’t forgive one another-and do not love each other as they love themselves-what you have done to the least of these my brethren-you have done to yourself-for you are all one all not separate-all of you are ‘god’ until you can stop the delusion that God is good and see that god is you and you are evil the karmic merry=go-round will continue-between you all and with those who worship Satan because God punished them so unmercifully.

    Those who worship Satan do so because they know you-all (god) is evil-and they are about to return to you all that evil and more. Soon you will all cry out to God as they did and get nothing for your prayers. Dark times are ahead-Satanists  will soon rule the Earth as the NWO. You did it to yourselves. Nothing can save any of you now. Get ready for the end of your oppression and that oppression returned as the NWO-the end of Christianity.

    Worse it is an end to the human race as evolving beings-once you are all reduced to baby eating cannibals which will be the final result of all this-Aliens will arrive and they will convert what is left of you into robot slaves. There are certain conditions human beings must meet-if they expect aliens to intervene on their behalf-that will never be met. Humans are what they are. They must lean to never impose their will on another, to think their own original ideas, to forgive others any errors and help them to do better-not punish them-to believe that their is never an excuse for violence, to never allow another to suffer. That you are never going to adopt such behavior-that love to you is ego and romance-not nurturing kindness, that fear is what motivated you not love, is your downfall.

    The fact that you do not comprehend the ultimate truth-that the law of the Universe of reality is: You get back what you give, makes the rest of the beings in the universe see you only as insane and retarded, and better off left to self-destruct as you are doing-in the merry-go-round of separation the missing piece of the puzzle you just don’t recognize. Each of you continues to be the others enemies-none of you can ever be truly Christ-like, which is just the example of evolved-It was the example given you as a comparison so you could see how deformed you all are.

    An example you will never see again-because you destroyed it. Then like lunatics you say-that death saved you all. When people think in such a deranged way-it reveals their truth-they can’t ever be Christ-like, they want the lie (comfort) of what it would do for them if they could love-like Christ (out of pure fear) but they can’t do it for themselves.

    Don’t expect any help from more advanced aliens, but the ones you are told are attacking Earth-is all a lie like 9/11. The fact that your choices to punish rather than love and help (your prisoners) made them Satanic-cost them their own souls and hate God-will be your final reward also. In the end the jews will destroy you all.

  15. Regina December 26, 2008 @ 9:37 am

    Blessed Christmas. We, in our family, start celebrating Christmas on Christmas Day but we keep celebrating and the Feast of the Epiphany, Jan 6th is a big day for us also. We give eachother gifts on this day. Our Christmas doesn’t end until Feb 2. Candelmass, Feast of the Purification of Mary.

    I have had a question for you brother, that is bugging me so much. I have a dear friend who has started this crazy new path. She has been raised Orthodox Roman Catholic. I didn’t make up any new title or religion I just mean we keep to the ancient laws and practices of the Roman Catholic faith unaltered. I say orthodox meaning: maintaining what we Catholics have practiced for years and not the “new” Church practices. WE reject them and their “Pope” aka: Benedict XVI. We consider him an evil Jew usurper of the Papal Chair, the Bishop of Rome.

    Anyhow, she has an older daughter who got involved with friends who are jewish and somehow in the last 4 years has really brought this whole Jewish garbage into their home. I warned her that it was dangerous. She claims she is Catholic but has Jewish blood and cannot forget her people.

    She makes crazy comments to me that Jesus and Mary have not forgot their children, the jews, and is praying for them and helps them. She states that she believes it is her mission as well as her daughters to pray for “their” people. She and her daughter wear these stars (star of Remphan mistakenly known as the Star of David) on their person from time to time. When I have made comments on it, she simply tells me, “it is just a star and the Catholic church used this symbol at one time.” The stars they wear are just a little curved at the end to not looke exactly like the “star of david” but I know this is why they wear it. It looks like a “star of david” to me regardless of the jewles where the points are suppose to be or not. She is driving me mad with all her excuses.

    She has a candel holder with blue and white candels in it on her shelf and has a “Star of David” in her home. Actually, she has a few now. She even was given a picture, which she loves dearly, with the star of david on it. But excuses it away because it has the some Catholic look to it also.

    I cannot condone this and have made comments to her many times that she is being used by the devil and he has somehow warped her mind to justify her behavior. How can a Christian say they are Jewish or even have anything remotely Jewish in their home and still maintain graces with the same Christ who they crucified? Am I just not getting it?

    I had a babyshower here in my home for a friend and she was here with all of my Catholic friends, who know her, and during conversation she refers to herself as a “Jewish Mother.” She has scandelized many Catholics.

    I don’t understand any of this or how a professing Catholic can say they have pity and connection with the Jews. She states she knows the difference of Zionism and Sephardic Judaism and the others but she drives me insane with all this Jewish garbage. She truly believes she has been given this “mission” to pray for her people.

    The funny thing about it is that she doesn’t even have reliable proof she has jewish blood. She has spanish blood in her so assumes she possesses Sephardic bloodline Jew. I have Spanish blood in me but would never do this or assmume. What do you have as far as caution or words of advice. I really need something strong, as she is a person who can justify anything by using “Compassion, Love or Charity” as an excuse for this wicked people. I forgot to mention that her husband is supposedly Jewish also. His father has a Jewish last name.

  16. Geoffrey Finn December 26, 2008 @ 10:23 am

    Brother Kapner, your voice is heard round the world to those who have ears to hear. And your courage is legendary those who have eyes to see.

  17. Fr. John December 26, 2008 @ 1:48 pm

    “It is sad that Satan uses the *former* chosen people of God against Christ, but Satan uses all kinds of people against Him as well.”


    “She claims she is Catholic but has Jewish blood and cannot forget her people.”

    The Holy Scriptures state unequivocally that ‘those who say they are Jews, but ARE NOT’ [Rev. 2:8,9]. How much more (to paraphrase St. Paul) are they NOT JEWS, who converted to a DEAD form of Talmudism (which is NOT Biblical Judaism before Jesus) some 700 YEARS after Christ ascended into heaven!

    THESE ARE THE MODERN JEWS, a false tribe known as the Khazars, that have been known for some hundreds of years, but still do not advertise their bastard lineage, lest stupid ‘goyim’ (as they wrongly call us) become aware of their impersonating a Bible Race of People. This is amply demonstrated in Arthur Koestler’s book, ‘The Thirteenth Tribe.’ []

    Therefore, those who come under St. John’s curse [Rev. 2:8,9] have NO PLACE in the Christian dispensation, until and UNLESS they REPUDIATE THEIR FALSE RELIGION and adopt Orthodox Christianity. Conversely, they cannot ‘go back’ and ‘re-adopt’ that which St. Paul says is ‘from the earth, earthy’ – for ‘If ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing. ‘ [Gal 5:1] Whether in the flesh, or merely in ‘ceremonies’ and ‘vain traditions,’ both Christ’s and St. Paul’s advice is the same. The first covenant has one, and ONLY one option in this modern dispensation: “Cast out the Bondswoman AND HER SON; for the son of the bondswoman shall NOT be HEIR WITH THE SON OF THE FREEWOMAN.’ [Gal. 4:30

    The Orthodox Church has a service for the reception of converts, that has a SEPARATE set of questions to be asked of the Jew becoming a Christian, or as the Service Book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic Apostolic Church states-” Jews, Mohammedans, and OTHER HEATHENS.” These use a different service from Europeans/those baptized in the Triune Name.

    Specifically, they are asked to RENOUNCE “The Blasphemies of the Jews against Jesus Christ…his most holy Mother… circumcision; the observance of Saturday, and ALL JEWISH FESTIVALS AND CEREMONIES; the RABBINICAL INTERPRETATION OF THE SCRIPTURES CONTAINED IN THE TALMUD, etc.” (op. cit. p.468)

    The break between the Jews (really ‘Judeans’ which is what the Greek word mis-translated ‘jew’ really means in the N.T.) of old, and the “Jews” of Today is ethnic, racial, ritual, and covenantal.

    In other words, it is TOTAL. God has NO connection with the Dogs of Judaism. Their house is ‘left unto you desolate.’

    And this is so, ON ALL COUNTS. THE Jews HAVE NO LEGITIMACY. NEITHER DOES THEIR APOSTATE STATE, ISRAEL. In the light of the Gospel, truly, the false Nation of “Israel” HAS NO RIGHT TO EXIST.

    Christus vivat.
    Christus regnat.
    Christus imperator.

    Orthdoxia ki thanatos.

    Thy kingdom come, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

    Christ is born, glorify YE HIM.

  18. Booklet December 26, 2008 @ 4:06 pm

    Jesus said “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self?” Luke9:25 NIV

    Jesus also said “The world cannot hate you, but it hates me because I testify that what it does is evil.”John7:7 NIV

    Let all pray that the plan of the evil one be frustrated.

  19. DARS December 26, 2008 @ 4:12 pm

    I can’t say where I work but I deal with people EVERY DAY. I said Merry Christmas to all of them, even the Jews. No one will take from me my heritage and I will say whatever I please to whatever people.

    In His name, Br. Nate,


  20. carlos krueger December 26, 2008 @ 5:27 pm

    My Dear friends…I would to wish everyone a Frohe Weihnachten in German because I know that many of the Zionist Jews just can’t stand the German people!

    Also my dear father (r.i.p.) was fighting hard in Germany against Sovietjew Russia!

    And it was of course a bloody war against Stalin…

    And I hope that the Zionist Regime Falls to it’s knees when Jesus returns!!!

  21. KathJuliane December 27, 2008 @ 2:44 am

    Christ is Born!

    And God bless spunky Christian England!


    Ron Prosor, Israel’s Ambassador in Britain lashed out against the Church of England on Wednesday for having approved an anti-Israel carol that was sung as part of a service, according to the Times of London.

    The carol was part of an “alternative” event called ‘Bethlehem Now: Nine Alternative Lessons and Carols’ that took place at the end of November in the Wren church of St James’s in Central London, and was organized by anti-Israel campaigners, including one liberal Jewish group.

    The carol Twelve Days of Christmas was sung as:

    “Twelve assassinations/
    Eleven homes demolished/
    Ten wells obstructed/
    Nine sniper towers/
    Eight gunships firing/
    Seven checkpoints blocking/
    Six tanks a-rolling/
    Five settlement rings.
    Four falling bombs/
    Three trench guns/
    Two trampled doves/
    And an uprooted olive tree.”

    Ambassador Prosor, let me send you a shoe.

  22. admin December 27, 2008 @ 3:59 am

    This is from my dear friend, Skip Baker, who is having trouble with the Spam Control:
    Skip Baker:

    I finally found just ONE Baptist preacher who seems to know what’s going on, but I fear he has not seen brother’s page yet. His sermon was about how Judaism is the
    “Synagogue of Satan” and that we should all be preaching against it the way we preach against other false religions.

    Here’s the address to watch his sermon with pictures of the Jews and their actions:

    Judaism is the Synagogue of Satan:

    Baptist Preacher preaches against Judaism
    Acts 18:5 “Your blood be on your own heads.”

    I had been coming to this conclusion for some time now. With Brother’s help I have seen that like him, we must all be willing to give up our very lives for Christ if we are going to make it through this Great Time of Trouble the Jews are about to cause on the world.

    It has already happened to the Iraqi people and their country has been devastated by the Jews because George W. Bush was willing to LIE for them. He was even seen with his Jewish skull cap on pretending to pray at the “Wailing Wall” and he renounced Jesus
    Christ at that event, sending a letter to the ADL doing so to get himself made

    His father tricked Saddam Hussein into going into Kuwait by telling Saddam that he could take back Kuwait because it had belonged to Iraq before WWI.

    Then, after Saddam drove down to Kuwait, George Bush got his people to show that girl on TV saying that she had seen the Iraqis throwing babies out of incubators onto the cold hard floor to die, so Iraq could get the incubators for themselves to take back to Baghdad. It was all a lie.

    The girl had never been to Kuwait Hospital, and the event, like the Holocaust, never happened.

    With those Satanic lies about the incubators George Bush Sr. was able to get
    the whole world to go to war against Iraq in 1991.

    They got the fleeing Iraqi Army lined up on “The Road of Death” and shot out the first bus, and the last tank leaving Kuwait. Then so called “Christian pilots”
    slaughtered countless fleeing Iraqis in their busses and trucks. Then the Jews got
    George to use 12 years of Sanctions to cause the deaths of half a million
    children in Iraq.

    However by 2003 the world had woken up about the Bush Crime Family and their
    sins. When George W. Bush wanted the world to help him invade Iraq based on his lie of Weapons of Mass Destruction, he didn’t get many takers.

    Now the Mossad is murdering many Americans in Iraq to keep the war going, and the
    Jewish contractors are the ones who got the torture started of the Iraqis.

    They are indeed “Satanists.” Rush Limbaugh supported the torture of innocent
    Iraqis, and Fox News is even worse. The charges against innocent Arabs in Cuba are all false and the “trials” are held in secret.

    Why can’t the American people see that if the charges aren’t made public with real
    “evidence” that they are innocent?

    Because the American people want to believe a lie, their end is coming and like Jeremiah Wright said: “America’s chickens have come home to roost.”

    Jewish owned Fox News made fun of Wright telling the truth.

    And American “Christians” fell for the deceptions just like Paul said they would. The fact that Obama renounced his Pastor for telling the truth, is a sign that we are all in deep trouble.

  23. admin December 27, 2008 @ 6:33 am

    Appeal From Brother Nathanael

    Dear Readers & Friends –

    I have an old computer which is now on its last legs. I am experiencing continual
    “freezing” and “lock-ups” on this computer and must now consider buying a new computer.

    We are all in this together you know, and Real Jew News, is OUR site, not just mine. I now ask of all of you to please consider helping out to fund a new computer that is high speed and on the cutting edge of computer technology.

    I do not need anything fancy. I simply need a computer that is very fast and will not freeze up on me continually. I am constantly re-booting the computer, and sometimes this occurs right in the midst of formatting and publishing an article creating much tumult and inconvenience as well as major slow-downs.

    There is a DONATION choice at the top of this article and many of the other recent articles I have published.

    Or you can send a donation to:
    Brother Nathanael Kapner
    PO Box 1242
    Frisco CO 80443

    Besides the many costs of running Real Jew News & the Street Evangelism that I conduct, I must now look into purchasing a new and faster computer. If you can help that would be a big help & encouragment to me.
    +Brother Nathanael

  24. Fr. Joseph December 27, 2008 @ 7:31 am

    To us a Child is born. To us a Son is given.

    Litany of the Infant Jesus

    ‘Father, it is our duty and our salvation, always and everywhere, to give You thanks through Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. He is the Word through Whom You made the universe, the Savior You sent to redeem us.’
    from a Eucharistic Prayer

    ‘My People, Your God, Me Jesus Christ, states clearly and irrevocably that there is SIN, there is HELL, there is PURGATORY. 80% of all people who die each day go to Hell FOREVER, for eternity…’
    Jesus Christ via Dr. Mary Jane Even – June 1, 1993

    Prayer aftet Communion from the Mass for the Universal Church:

    ‘God our Father
    We are sustained by Your Sacraments
    We are renewed by this pledge of Love at
    Your Altar.
    May we live by the promises of Your Love
    which we receive
    and becomee a leaven in the world
    to bring salvation to Mankind.
    Grant this through Christ our Lord.’

    – Fr. Joseph

  25. Mekhael December 27, 2008 @ 2:15 pm

    Hearing the breaking news from Gaza with sorrow and amazement to the silence of the world to this genocide committed by the Jewish occupied state, more than a 170 people killed in less than one hour, 1.5 million besieged, starved from the basic necessities in life and the world stands still and morphined.

  26. Hoff December 27, 2008 @ 8:22 pm

    Hello Dear BN

    You run our site with PC-junk? I’m in for 50 dollars to a state of the art computer to you Dear BN.

    Tell your pc-guy to copy your Hard-disk to a CD. Then tell the pc-guy to install your old HD in your new pc-box. There can be four HD in any pc-box, the box under the table.

    I’m currently in the same state as you BN.

  27. Eternal Love December 27, 2008 @ 11:10 pm

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    I read a very interesting article yesterday, 26 of December 2008, in Russian, and would like to translate here something for you to read. It is important to know the plans of the Group on Russia…

    Obama will start Third World War from Crimea.

    “The new president of US will start a military conflict in Crimea said Russian political observer Andrei Okara in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

    This became obvious immediately after the announcement of Obama’s government. These are Wall Street professionals and experts in creating special technic, called “Technology of Controlled Chaos”, said Okara.

    According to Andrei Okara such region of “Controlled Chaos”, (after Georgia), must become Ukraine and Crimea. This plan, Okara thinks, could spark the flame of another International military conflict, even World War III.

    The ambitions of US regarding Ukraine can be seen in the charter for strategic collaboration signed between Ukraine and US several days ago. The main points of this charter are: 1) recognition of unconditional Ukrainian sovereignty, 2) Ukrainian integration in NATO,3) increased US presence in Ukraine. The US consul in Ukraine W Taylor said,military help for Ukraine by US, could be discussed in case of need……)

    In the second part of the document US consul in Ukraine William Taylor mentions providing military technology and training for Ukrainian army. It is also mentioned in the document that US would support Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia over the Russian Black sea fleet, which is stationed in Crimea.

    Many Ukrainians think that the planned US provocation in Crimea could not be avoided and US prepares to move East towards Russia. The US first aim would be to take pro-Russian Crimea, thinks ex speaker of Crimean parliament Leonid Grach. One of the proofs is the opening of a US consulate in Simferopole (near Sevastopol).”

    Additional info:

    There are also US warships in Bulgaria and Rumania which are situated on the Black Sea. US/the Group is ready to go to Ukraine/Crimea via these countries. People from Rumania and Bulgaria are against the US military bases in their countries but the governments there are allies of the Group.

    Also, the overtaking of Ukraine/Crimea, by the Group, is planed to happened by 2011, as I read in the Russian press.

    Crimea has been a part of Russia. But on February 19, 1954 Khrushchev, former Prime Minister of USSR, he himself an Ukrainian, transferred Crimea from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR. Most of the population living there is Russians. In my opinion Ukraine which is not part of USSR now, must give back to Russia the former part of Russia, Crimea.

    The same case we have with South Osetia, which was also a part of Russia, but in the mid-twenties ( it was given to Georgia by Joseph Stalin (suspected by some as I read somewhere, to be a Georgian Jew)

    By the way, in Russia functions an anti-Putin group/party headed by Gary Weinstein Kasparov an Armenian/Azerbajdzhanian Jew..(surprise, surprise….). The group organized anti-Putin demonstration yelling “Russia without Putin” last week. They want to use the weak economy now and try to destroy the Russian society from within. And we know who their boss is…

    PS. I think the idea of buying a new high speed and more powerful computer is understandable. I will send my support for the computer next month, January. I hope everybody here would contribute with what they can afford. Of course we can not print $$$ as our Khazar brothers LOL but we are thousands and will manage to collect something to help. The site is very valuable. More and more people are reading it even journalists, newspaper reporters etc.

    Lots of Love,

    Eternal Love

  28. admin December 28, 2008 @ 1:44 am

    Dear Eternal Love,

    Thank you for your very needed contribution to our site, Real Jew News, with your very informative and insightful comments. I encourage you to be a regular commentor here.

    I also thank you for your faithful support. I would ask you please that instead of sending Canadian currency if you could make out a check in “US dollars” instead.

    I request this of you because I have to be a huge fee to have the Canadian dollars transfered to US dollars, plus a significant subtraction due to the unequal exchange rate.

    For instance, someone recently sent to me $50 in Canadian currency. After the fee and exchange rate difference, the final amount was only $28.65. Wow! What a difference from the original amount… +bn

  29. Eternal Love December 29, 2008 @ 9:22 pm

    Dear Brother,

    Thanks for you nice letter. Yes, I would take the opportunity to post here and share info, translate some hot news from Russia etc. And also, I would like to tank our brothers and sisters here for their interesting links, info, videos and posts!!!

    I was shocked by the sheer robbery to which we are subjected by the bankers. To take almost 50% of the money ($50 you received). Now I see that what I read 5 – 6 years ago is coming true. I read that the Group wants to make 90% of human population poor…… Now they, trough different ways, try to suck money out of us until we collapse… but they will perish in their own greediness.

    By the way the checks are also heavily taxed, as some friends informed me today. I will see what I could do to send you the support, I am not giving up. I could send US $$$$. Hope you would enjoy soon working on a new computer.

    I just found out an interesting info about Russia and China, strengthening their Military cooperation. They know that they have to be together in the difficult times coming ahead.

    Senior Chinese, Russian military officials hold first-ever talks via direct phone link

    PS.I just watched on Russian TV Putin said that the Russian government is not helping rich bankers but it is going to help ordinary people to keep their savings. Apparently Putin hates the bankers!!!

    Lots of Love,

    Eternal Love

  30. Hoff December 30, 2008 @ 10:27 am

    Meet Joe Biden

  31. Fr. Joseph December 30, 2008 @ 1:19 pm

    How many sessions of U.S. Congress, how many Presidents, how many State Governors along with their Federal and State Legislators since 1913 A.D. have allowed the UNConstitutional privately owned Federal Reserve Bank owners wreck and ruin the lives of generation after generation of U.S. citizens – not to mention the wrecking and ruining of the lives of so many other people from so many other nation/states of our World?

    This ‘Oath’ of theirs…to support, uphold and defend the Constitution of these United States of America is sadly for the Human Race a tragic JOKE!

    ‘An Example Of Banking Philosophy’

    – Fr. Joseph

  32. Hoff December 30, 2008 @ 10:21 pm

    Today lesson, to be remembered at all times: How do you know a communist is lying? The lips are moving.

    The communist bastard Stalin put up a sign in Auschwitz 1948 that said: Here died four million people.

    One funny thing here is that when it comes to the Shoa business even diehard anti-communist belive Stalin in this case. Stalin is a typical communist and of course he lies. Today the official deathtoll for Auschwitz is One million.

    Minus 3 million is 50% of the Shoa business six million. The “survivor” are 4,5 million, they all get reparation as “survivor”. And another thing, Communist Manifesto is a quick version of Talmud. Communist Manifesto is Talmud 2.

    99% of all jews are communists and what did today lesson teach us? Never trust a communist jew, because they are all liers.

    Every single “survivor” who wrot a book about their time in Shoa is a proven lier. Here is the latest lier. Even the big buck “survivor” Elie Wiesel admited on Oprah Winfy’s show that he was a lier. Latest lying jew Shoa “survivor”.

    Read Finkelstein: Holocaust industry online.

  33. Hoff December 30, 2008 @ 10:38 pm

    Posting problems – First of all: Always, always and always write in Word. Hold down Ctrl and then any Arrow key. Ctrl+C, copy.

    Then you Update page, F4. Mac Apple key+R. Then click in Comment, Ctrl+V and post immediate.

    It appears as the spam filter count the time you are on the page and anything over say one minute, the spam filter consider a threat and shut down the posting.

    F5 = Update Page (sorry).

  34. Kevin December 31, 2008 @ 10:29 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    God Bless You. I have to agree. The sacrifice you speak of seems to me for us to stop living the fast food & strip mall lifestyle.


  35. Susie January 2, 2009 @ 9:24 am

    Brother Nathanael,
    Thank you very much for fighting this urgent battle against Seculars whom we identify as Jews.

    You have an insight that most Americans do not and we appreciate your articles and your courage.
    Susie P.

  36. Avsec Bostjan August 22, 2010 @ 10:15 am

    Parasite = criminal = pedophile = humanist = communist = terrorist !!



    Video Number 48

    Video Number 49




    These are series of self-published videos which I have created in order to raise your awareness and foremost protect my basic human rights which were completely denied as GENOCIDE IS TAKING PLACE AGAINST ME.



    FIRST BY CORRUPT, DEMENTED, PERVERTED INDIVIDUALS AND IN WHAT IS NOW by Jews controlled empire which threaten not only to completely wipe out whites from USA, but to even spread across the Europe as it already did.

    “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”
    — By Gen. Patton

    Spree shootings in schools….gay parades….unemployment….church scandals….mass emigration….911….economy crises….our people dying in foreign wars….everything explained here:

    Video Number 8

    Video Number 26

    Video Number 41

    Video Number 43

    Video Number 44

    Video Number 45

    Video Number 46

    Video Number 47

  37. Shoetalkef December 13, 2019 @ 12:40 pm

    Yamakaka goes with hanukaka @Bro Nathanael.

    Good one on Rense. Keep it up.

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