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The Jewish Question Revisited

The Jewish Question Revisited

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2011

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“THE JEWS ARE AN ALIEN BODY within the society they inhabit” wrote the British historian Hillaire Belloc in his 1922 book, The Jews.

Belloc (1870-1953) was a devout Catholic with a prophetic gift for predicting the future of Europe’s atheistic society.

The book (which would never make it to the press in today’s Zionist controlled world) caused a stir amongst World Jewry – so much so that the New York Times reacted with a vicious rebuttal to Belloc’s book.

In his book The Jews Belloc made a very telling observation regarding the Jews and their relation to their host nations:

“The Jew comes to an alien society at first in small numbers. He is treated as a friend. He thrives. His numbers increase.

Then through a divergence between his aims and those of his hosts he creates (or discovers) a growing animosity. He resents it. He opposes his hosts who wish to be masters in their own house. The Jew resists their claim. It comes to violence. It is always the same miserable sequence.”

Here Are The Main Points Belloc Makes Regarding ‘The Jewish Question:’

Jews Are An Alien Body Within The Society They Inhabit.
Jews Must Be Segregated.
Jews Are Different Than Gentiles In Their Loyalties & Patriotism.
Jews Fear Gentiles Scrutinizing Their History.
Jews & Protestants Wish To Form An Anglo-Jewish State In Palestine.


“THERE HAS BEEN HOSTILITY between the Church and the synagogue ever since the first century,” Belloc wrote in his book The Jews.

The issue as Belloc saw it was a “religious polemic” not a “racial polemic.” But for this especially the New York Times smeared Belloc as an “Anti Semite.”

Belloc believed that the Church was the only solution to deal with the “Jewish problem.” And he makes a very convincing point of this in his book The Jews:

“Wherever the Church is powerful the traditional principals of civilization of which it is the soul and guardian will always be upheld. One of these principals is the sharp distinction between the Jew and ourselves.

“Thus wherever the Church has power the Jewish problem will be fully revealed and appropriately dealt with.”

But how did the New York Times respond to this word of Christian reproof? Not by making a reasonable defense – no, not on your life.

The Jewish owned paper sarcastically responded with a veiled threat: “It’s a shame that Belloc’s Judeophobic shibboleths have secured a reputable publisher to disseminate his Anti Semitic diatribes.”

And this threat of censorship by the Jews towards those who bring the Jewish question to the fore has been ‘revisited’ upon all of us “Anti Semites” today…


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Brother Nathanael @ July 16, 2008


  1. Lynda July 16, 2008 @ 3:44 pm

    Thank you Br Nathanael for this re-visit to one of the truly great defenders of Christian truth – Hillaire Belloc.

    In The Great Heresies, his chapter on ‘The Arian Heresy’ is even more important today than when he originally penned it.

    St Gemma Webproductions which is posted with the approbation of the hierarchy of the Church in Eclipse – the hierarchy ordained for the Church by Pope Gregory XVII – has a website call The Talmud Unmasked. In the Appendix is a summary history of how the West has attempted to deal with the Jewish Question. Appendix ‘How the Pope Treated the Jews.’

    Also of interest would be

    With regard to the laws requiring Jews and Christians to live in separate areas, no one who has ever travelled in Europe would imagine that the Jewish ‘Ghetto’ or Quarter is or was a slum. Usually it was one of the most wealthy and bustling areas of the city and populations had freedom to come and go.

    With regard to tolerance. I have lived in Spain and in many cities, all quarters observe a customary law to present at the entrance a Nativity or Creche during Christmanstide. The Jewish Qrtr was exempt from this law. But traditionally they presented one anyway. Often of an obscene nature. The one I saw was quite a tourist attraction and seculars from all over the world, totally disinterested in the beautiful and pious creches that were presented all over the city, paid to go to the Jewish qrtr to see ‘that creche.’

    Yet the law tolerated this under freedom of religion.

    Under Christian laws in Europe, the Jews had freedom to practice their religion in their qrtr of the cities. But that has never been the issue. Barred from public office in a state that is constituted to legislate on the basis of the Magisterium of the Church, many Jews were baptised and came into the Church so they work the ruin of both Church and State from within.

    And they did.

  2. Ed July 16, 2008 @ 4:10 pm

    ‘how did the New York Times respond to this word of Christian reproof?…The Jewish owned paper sarcastically responded with a veiled threat: “It’s a shame that Belloc’s Judeophobic shibboleths have secured a reputable publisher to disseminate his Anti Semitic diatribes.” ’

    Yet another example of how Jewish financial predomination is used to skew debates towards their side. How many defenders of Israel today do so not out of conviction, but because they are financially in bed with Jewish Zionists, or are scared to criticize them for fear of financial repercussions? Money may not be the root of ALL evil, but in the hands of Jewish Zionists it is the root of much. Their money is used to buy media, politicians, influence, and ultimately, control.

    This is just one more reason to deport Jewish Zionist ideologues to Israel. Their ability to guile their way into financial success in the diaspora world through networks, chicanery, treachery and intimidation presents an ongoing clear and present danger to all non-Jews.

  3. Condor July 16, 2008 @ 4:44 pm

    Belloc was one of the great minds of all time. He and Chesterton contributed so much that has been ignored or forgotten. “Distibutivism” is what must replace this horrid, usurious (Jewish) system when it collapses.

    And Lynda is spot-on regarding these so-called Ghettos. In an Orwellian twist, no doubt Judaic inspired, the word Ghetto, rather than Slum, has been used in the American Press as a psyops technique to mold the American psyche into believing that Khazarian Jewry lived like dogs in worn down tenements. Another of the great lies of all time.

    Bolshevism, the Russian Oligarchs, the Russian Mafia; all Jewish. The greatest butchers of all-time have been either Jewish or others inspired by Jewish philosophy. The Usurers destroying this country are Jewish. The filth that emanates from Hollywood is Jewish. The Porn industry is dominated by Jews.

    Read the warnings of Benjamin Freedman, a former Jew. Read the warnings of Benjamin Franklin. The Popes of old, and of Christ himself.

    As it says in Deuteronomy 28, the “Alien” has risen above us, and we have become slaves in our own land. They are a race of manipulators and thieves, and we are receiving the curses God himself promised, because we refused to obey him. We allowed ourselves to be ensnared by their sinful bait, whether it was sex or money. The phrase “If it feels good, do it!” came not from the mouth of a Christian, but from the mouth of the Jew.

    They know our Bible better than we do, and because of such, have turned God away from us. Blessings or Curses… We chose poorly.

  4. james July 16, 2008 @ 5:32 pm

    It seems Jews derive there power through finance and banking so the best way to tackle jewish control would be to enact new banking regulations and laws such as cannon law which restricted the amount of interest on loans.
    This is especially true of the Rothschilds who financied the British Empire and in turn was able to gain a monopoly in major industry in these countries like India and Africa.
    Even Christopher Colombus expedition to the US was financied by Jews not the British crown and jews had major influence in post revolutionary economy of America with there dominance of the slave trade into the US.

    Interesting note is that when Putin came to power in Russia he tried to regulate the control of banks which the former deposed gangster/oligargh regime used to launder money out of Russia and use for there nefarious activities. Since then at lest 20 people appointed by the government to regulate and inspect these banks have been assassinated which unsuprisingly has not been reported by the western media.

  5. james July 16, 2008 @ 5:44 pm

    Off topic but a fantastic article about Kosovo a must read:

    “Former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, an adviser to the Barack Obama campaign and godmother of chief Obama foreign policy adviser Dr. Susan Rice, carried on an affair with terrorist Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci”.

    “Kosovo also represents another example of the nexus between the Russian-Israeli Mafia, which operates quite freely in Kosovo, and elements linked to “Al Qaeda,” including Chechen guerrillas. Arch neocon Richard Perle was a major supporter of Kosovo’s independence and the KLA leadership as was retired General Wesley Clark, another informal foreign policy adviser to Obama”.

  6. America, the Beautiful July 16, 2008 @ 5:52 pm

    I recently began reading, “A History of the Jews in the Modern World,” by Howard M. Sachar – originally published as, “The Course of Modern Jewish History,” back in 1958, this edition was published in 2005.

    It is a very large book, well over 700 pages and I doubt I will read it all word for word. But my intention was to truly explore “a history” of the Jews, from a Jew’s perspective — and see if I still come to the same conclusions have I been coming to for the past 4 or 5 years.

    My own personality wants to be completely fair and objective. I do not like to draw conclusions particularly about ethnic groups without, at least, a thorough investigation into the facts.

    Fortunately, the books reads fairly easily and it is not difficult to follow along.

    But after just the first chapter, it seems already that their is a sense from the author’s point of view, that Jews were shunned in the 15th and 16th centuries (Germany – Frankfurt) and forced into Jewish ghettos referred to as the “Judengasse”.

    He points out that Jews were not allowed to own land, so they were forced to make a living in the mercantile businesses.

    The following is a quote, chapter 1, page 5:

    “Barred from access to the feudal land system of Europe, Jews over the centuries had generated a compensatory vocational experience in trade and moneylending. Determined to exploit this Jewish talent for producing liquid wealth, substantial numbers of rulers were willing intermittently to protect “their” Jews as dependable sources of taxes and loans. Thus, Habsburg Emperor Ferdinand II, although a militant early-seventeenth-century defender of the Counter-Reformation, was unwilling to dispense with Jewish funds for his military campaigns. Neither would Protestant kings and dukes. It was strictly a quid pro quo for their money, therefore, that Jewish communities were allowed to revive in a succession of Protestant and Catholic dominions.”

    My comments:

    One chapter into the book and already I am getting the sense that “everybody is against us, but they need our money skills” . . .and that is all they think we are worth.

    Whether or not this was a fact of life at the time, OR whether it was permanently fixed within their imaginations — this is the framework and self-identity that the Jews worked out of during the Reformation period of Christianity in Europe.

    But what if there was something else going on in the minds of the prominent European Christian culture? What if the Christians were at a loss as to HOW to relate to a people that secluded themselves one to another and frankly, disrespected Christian holy days and celebrations.

    This alone would cause animosity. Yet, the culture as a whole would seek a way to get along peaceably and probably praised the Jews for their financial skills in an effort to appease their generally hostile attitude towards Christians in general.

    I think they (the Christians) were looking for a way to bring the Jews into the mainstream culture — not so much desirous of their banking skills; afterall the Germans are master mathematicians — they could have ran their own banking systems without Jewish assistance. I do believe they attempted to reach out to them.

    But if the bottomline for the Jewish culture is that Christians are not as good as we are, and their holy days disgust us — would not that attitude seep through even the closest exterior?

    I think it would.

    Anytime any culture writes from a perspective of victimization, rather than a perspective of the human condition — the facts become skewed and the conclusions become suspect.

    The ‘human condition’ is the fact that ALL of us are imperfect, ALL have fallen short of the glory of God.

    Presuming a humble position regarding self and a generous position regarding the behavior of others (giving them the benefit of the doubt rather than judging) – we arrive at a closer allignment to reality.

    I am excited to read the rest of the book, but already I feel I must constantly “filter” some of the off the mark generalities being made about Christian Europe.

    Is anyone else here familiar with this author? Is his perspective reflective of history as a whole, or does he have a bias?

  7. Jim DeTexas July 16, 2008 @ 7:27 pm

    How can man stop what God has commanded? The only defense to any of this is given to us by our savior Jesus Christ. Seek you first the kingdom of heaven. Live your life as Christ commanded or as close as you can to it. God has proven many times he will keep his word, all we have to do is follow his will.

    Keep the faith….

  8. Lynda July 16, 2008 @ 7:39 pm


    The idea of deporting American citizens someplace else is an idea that is repugnant.

    The home of Americans is America. Palestine is not the homeland of Americans of Central European ancestry.

    The problem in America are corrupt Americans who take bribes, conspire with international interests, take initiations into occult societies bound together with blood oaths as syndicates for crimes against American society – many of which are RICO crimes.

    Just and impartial laws with a Constitutional basis are the solution, together with enforcement of those laws. A public register of Masons and members of secret societies. Public knowledge of the names of organizations with interests opposed to the Republic, its Constitution and national interest as defined by Founding Principles – such as public hearings into UnAmerican Actitivities. Exposure of names, organizations and agendas that fall into this category by strict and evidentiary criteria. Swift prosecution and punitive measures against persons against whom charges of racketeering, orgnanized crime, sedition, etc are proven.

    What is required is political and moral will on the part of Americans as a people to enforce, to get all branches and levels of gov’t back in the hands of those who will honour their oath to protect the Constitution of the Republic and its laws.

    Only a population converted to the Christian moral order can reclaim the society and muster that political and moral will for an overhaul of this nature.

    Where in the present corruption is the will to enforce RICO, anti-trust etc? What is the Fed if not the largest money trust on earth?

    If less than 5% of the American population wields unconsitutional power in the U.S. and exercises extortion and tyranny, it is because corrupt Americans have handed that power to them.

  9. Ed July 16, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

    “The idea of deporting American citizens someplace else is an idea that is repugnant.”

    By any objective criteria, the most fanatical Jewish Zionist (the small group for whom I advocate deportation) would not be judged American citizens other than the fact of enjoying American citizenship rights and privileges, but rather, as de jure and de facto agents of the Israeli nation bent on subverting, undermining and overthrowing American democracy.

    How else can one explain their willingness to relentlessly lobby and push for American soldiers to be sent to the Mideast to fight and die in wars for Israel? How else can one explain Jewish Zionists such as Feith, Perle and Wolfowitz’s willingness to propagate false intelligence from their official capacities within the US government and Pentagon that was the foundation of the bogus case of ties to WMD and 9/11 against Saddam Hussein used to lie America into the Iraq war? How else can one explain Jewish Zionism’s decades long advocacy of transfer of tens of billions in financial and military gifts to Israel at the expense of American taxpayers and unborn future generations of Americans while receiving nothing but spies like Pollard and incidents like the USS Liberty in return?

    Everything they do screams Israel first, Israel last, Israel foremost, Israel always.

    This is nothing new for the nation-within-a-nation, and in fact this kind of treacherous behavior is what finally necessitated the creation of Israel. The British realized it was either the pattern of Jewish Bolshevik-type mass murder movements followed by retaliatory Holocausts, repeated ad naseum, or the creation of a Jewish state.

    Now we have a murderous Jewish Bolshevik type movement yet again, in the person of the Neocons, because we didn’t nip the nation-within-a-nation in the bud decades ago and deport the Jewish Zionist fanatics when they were still in gestation and working their way into the US establishment.

    You’re right, Lynda, corrupt non-Jews are also to blame for ongoing American-enabled and facilitated Zionist crimes against humanity, but so are average Americans too weak-kneed to confront Jewish Zionist engaged in obvious treason.

    Deporting a few hundred or thousand Jewish Zionist fanatics whose primary loyalty is to Israel anyway is a small price to pay to stop the cycle of endless treachery, subversion and wars, and perhaps even a World War III that could literally kill hundreds of millions.

    My conscience is clear, but then again, I’m about the only one publicly advocating an end to all of this silly hand wringing in order to take some relatively moderate steps and do what needs to be done to stop the bloodshed and madness.

    If the world is plunged into WWIII, let the blood of the dead be on the conscience of those who stood around fretting about humanely sending Jewish Zionists where, as Israel-firsters, they anyway belong.

  10. edo July 16, 2008 @ 9:53 pm

    Yes Lynda it is repugnant and every single case should be viewed individually. It really seems the “bill” is always placed at the doorstep of the average Joe and never the ones truly responsible; Jewish or not.

    Even RICO and anti-trust will be applied to the least powerful and never really “gut” the problem.

    As for the fact that “we handed them the power” it is 100% true. How many times though? How many times throughout history have we “handed the power” over to a few crazy people ? Countless times and that is countless times too many.

    What will be done to end this “handing of the power” once and for all? Probably nothing. This is why we have the ramp up of power and then revolts. Up and down same old thing. Kinda boring really if you think about it. It just isn’t so boring when you are chasing cats to eat because you are starving.

    The simplest solution would be to dilute government world-wide. If we have 100 senators we would make them 10,000. They would have one-year terms and could never be re-elected and neither could their immediate family. Imagine 43,500 congressmen. This crap they present as laws would never pass in a million years.

    May not be a perfect solution but it is a least a new approach. Maybe…..just maybe….

  11. Tobias July 16, 2008 @ 9:59 pm

    The church can appropriately deal with the Jewish Problem?!?!? When the “devout Catholic” Belloc means the Roman-Cathloic Church with this statement, then this statement is nothing but disgusting and horrible in consideration of what happend in the 3rd Reich, because the very same “church” brought Hitler and Mussolinni and other fascists to power.
    To deal with the Jewish Question means to love the Jews, like Jesus told us, and not to hunt them down and to put them in Gulags!!!

  12. Patiently waiting. July 16, 2008 @ 11:27 pm

    To “America the Beautiful”…

    What a nice, honest retrospect. I like the way you think, and seem to feel. Your’s is a commentary I can both respect, and get fully behind. I’m right there with you, as I’ve always felt a little behind the power curve, but didn’t want to be perceived as “Anti-Semite”. I have TOO many questions now, what with the world’s economies dying off, and historic events I tended to overlook regarding how things went in the generations before me.

    I don’t know the author you refer to, but your question(s) make me wish to buy this book, and read along WITH you.

    Just like the Bible itself, read with an open heart, (which you’ve displayed)and pray for true guidance from God about what to believe, and to feel.

  13. Greg July 16, 2008 @ 11:31 pm

    Tobias, are you reading some different passages that what the early church fathers recorded about Christ’s message? I do believe that Christ made many unloving statements to those who said they were Jews (Chosen People of God) but they were living like pagans of the secular world. The Pharisees is one such group that Christ made some very damning warnings to as a people. He said basically that nobody who behaves as these people did will see eternal life. The best way to love your enemy is to make sure that they are now allowed to continue to get away with doing evil, as there are victims to all evil and one must stand up for these victims if they truly love God.

  14. AsWas July 17, 2008 @ 2:44 am

    @ Ed

    Since you keep promoting the idea of deportation as though it really is some kind of practical possibility, I must keep pressing you to explain how this could ever be. Deporting someone against their will requires force (presumably administered by the police), which, in turn, requires a political directive. Where are you suggesting that this political directive could come from? Even with the now almost limitless power that George Bush has accrued to himself, I have extreme doubts if even he could get away with suddenly abandoning the Zionist cause and order the deportation of his erstwhile allies when about the only suporters he has left are the Christian Zionists.

    Please, let us hear your scenario for how this deportation might actually be accomplished.

  15. Ben July 17, 2008 @ 4:57 am

    I wonder if the “Dr. Rene Belloq” character was partly based on Hillaire Belloc, for the 1st “Indiana Jones” film?

  16. America, the Beautiful July 17, 2008 @ 5:51 am

    Patiently Waiting,

    Thank you for your kind words. The author is Howard M. Sachar, and I found this book at the local library. The title is, ” A History of the Jews in the Modern World.”

    Many libraries can be accessed online, and, you can find out if the book is presently available through their websites.

    I would try ‘Googling’ it, too.

  17. Deacon July 17, 2008 @ 5:54 am


    Read my essay about what drives Jews to
    transform any society in which they thrive:


    T h e F o r w a r d

    ‘A Clarity of Vision’


    Blind as a Bat?

    The Jewish newspaper Forward celebrated 100 years of publishing in its May 16, 1997, issue (Subscribe by contacting Forward, 45 East 33rd St, New York City, NY 10016: ).

    From its celebratory editorial, “A Clarity of Vision,” we can glean some truth about progressive Jews’ bad influence on the course of this nation.

    The editor writes of founder Abraham Cahan’s

    “The Jewish quarter, he predicted, will
    play an important role in America.
    ‘Your college boys,’ he wrote, ‘can do
    much good with words and with the pen
    . . . See that they will allow
    themselves to f-e-e-l [my emphasis] for
    the happiness of the p-o-o-r people
    [my emphasis] to which they belong’.”

    The words “feel” and “poor” are critically important to understanding the mind and motivations – the driving psychology – of progressive Jews.

    Feelings interfere with rational thinking; ergo, those who depend on feelings in decision-making make bad decisions. The needs of the poor evoke deep feelings in Jews; ergo, Jews harm the poor with their bad decision-making in “helping” them (read my essays, “The Donahue Syndrome” and “The Progressive Jew in ‘Weimar’ America”).

    Progressive Jews are by far the most powerful special interest group in America (and in the world!), from billionaire Jews buying political influence or air time – here and abroad – for directing events, to well-placed Jews in every branch of government and non-government institution–as well as holding major control of Hollywood, publishing and mainstreammedia.

    Progressive Jews’ influence has forged America’s course for good and bad–but mostly, in this scribbler’s opinion, for bad.

    The editor writes that Jews “are at a point in our history when many of the programs for which our forebears fought in this country
    have been tried; trillions have been invested in the social safety net in this country, programs advocated early in the century by the Forward.”

    That is a curious admission, given the overwhelming opinion today in America that the majority of those programs have nearly wrecked the nation’s cultural underpinnings and bankrupted the treasury with evergrowing entitlements. The evidence is stark!

    Quoting from my essay, “Without Hate Speech”:

    “It’s as if he [Ted Koppel] hasn’t been in the U.S. these past forty years, as if he’s unaware of the rapid decline in quality of life for the progeny of British and European pioneers who conceived and built this nation—unaware of the breakdown of family and morals;

    “unaware of the proliferation of family-destroying music, pornography, feminism, and Hollywood bilge;

    “unaware of the forced integration of blacks into white civil society and resulting destruction of America’s public education, dumbing-down every aspect of American society to accommodate blacks;

    “unaware of the vulture capitalists who sell-out their country and culture to increase the bottom line by shipping jobs and technology to Third World countries;

    “unaware of the revolving-door criminal justice system for rapists, robbers, murderers, child molesters, muggers, druggies and white collar criminals;

    “unaware of the confiscatory taxation that enslaves the productive to the needs of the unproductive, driving this nation to bankruptcy;

    “unaware of a tyrannical Congress and courts hell-bent on destroying white civil society for the benefit of every minority ethnic group now invading America from the Third World, who receive special financial aid and legal protection for their effort;

    “unaware of nation-destroying multiculturalism and multilingualism;

    “unaware of the assassination of Mrs. Randy Weaver or the mass murder of an entire church community by federal thugs in Waco;

    “unaware of Secretary Henry Cisneros and his
    liberal/lesbian sidekick, Roberta Auchtenberg, using the department of Housing and Urban Development to abridge American citizens’ First Amendment right of protest, such as harassing folks who write letters to the editor and form groups opposing HUD’s policies;

    “unaware of just how far from the Founders’ America this Washington has strayed in setting up its Marxist-sympathizing and minority-serving social engineering programs;

    “and unaware of just how fearful and hateful the tax-paying and law-abiding majority of white citizens has become toward its federal government.”

    The editor continues:

    “The Forward never resisted change.
    It encouraged us to pursue it without
    turning our back, with full allegiance
    as American immigrants and as Jews.”

    And c h a n g e America they did; changing her from a white civil society holding strong devotion to the Founders’ principles AND American citizenship AND Christian morality AND safe streets AND safe schools to one that I – and everyone I know – believe is unrecognizable from what it was just forty years ago—and one that’s now dangerously unsafe!

    Unsafe liberty is strife!

    How can the editors of Forward not acknowledge the sea change that has occurred for the worse these past decades at progressive Jews’ hands? Or are they blind as a bat?:

    “The sons and daughters of the Jews
    who immigrated to America and looked
    to this newspaper know their social
    responsibilities and individual
    interests, whether it is tax policy
    [more taxes] or racial quotas [more
    quotas] or welfare reform [restoring
    all cuts]. Our parents fought to
    move us ahead precisely so we could
    participate fully in America’s
    p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s [my emphasis].”

    Again, America has been in steep cultural decline by any fair definition of the term “civilized.” So why can’t progressive Jews see how much their “progress” has damaged the nation? Why are they so blind to America’s continuing decline? Or do progressive Jews typically measure good civilization by material wealth?

    I believe that the majority of Jews are progressive Jews who can’t reason well on matters of social responsibility—to explain their lack of insight and good decision-making (About 10% of Jews call
    themselves “conservative” and display reason-based thinking, fighting progressives’ evil works).

    Progressive Jews emote. Their emotions interfere with that mental capacity for examining past lessons and current events, for projecting those lessons and events into possible future outcomes and, then, for drawing logical conclusions from those projections; for establishing social policies which avoid bad outcomes.

    White conservatives had warned in the early Sixties that paying the poor for being poor would only encourage poverty and increase their numbers. So progressive Jews ignored common sense (rational sense), enlisted a president and Congress to begin the Great Society programs, then doled out baby-
    making, family-wrecking, community-destroying, nation-bankrupting welfare checks and other “benefits” to millions of poor, through some eighty federal programs, nearly all of which are still in force!

    Why would progressive Jews fight to do such a thing in the face of such clear evidence against using something-for-nothing welfare payments to end poverty? I come back to their inability to think the thing through. They feel deeply for the poor, so throwing money at the problem appeared to them – felt to them – to be the most charitable and kind thing to do.

    Another question that needs to be answered is, why did progressive Jews champion blacks’ special rights movement so vigorously? Was it just out of deep compassion for blacks or was there a hidden, sinister purpose?

    I propose a theory:

    Because of Jews’ unaltered history of
    enslavement, persecution and eviction,
    from the Babylonian Captivity to Egypt
    to Rome to Spain to Germany, a scheme
    was hatched within Jewish leadership in
    America to champion the cause of another
    minority group, in order to keep white
    Anglo-Saxon Protestant males (WASPs),
    the creators and architects of this
    civilization, distracted from Jews
    grabbing influence and position in
    government and business (a covert plan
    congruent with the Torah’s overt
    instructions on aiding the lowest of
    servants); that if Protestant white
    males were constantly struggling to
    meet the demands of a Jew-driven black
    minority, clamoring for expanding
    rights, then Jews could this time avoid
    persecution and ejection from their host

    Could progressive Jews be so clever and underhanded as to use blacks as a shield against white Anglo-Saxon Protestants’ potential animosity towards their growing influence? They’ve been a tight community – especially in the early decades of settlement here – to battle WASPs’ suspicions, fears, and possible retaliation.

    Consider that it was progressive Jews’ growing influence and power in pre-Nazi Germany that hatched Naziism (my theory). Germans suddenly woke up one day and found a minority Jewish population in their midst directing German culture, but in a bad way—towards the same cultural decay we see in America today (read my essay, “The Progressive Jew in ‘Weimar’ America”).

    I believe, too, that progressive Jews are partly – if not mostly – behind America’s nation-destroying immigration policies. By flooding America with non-whites from around the world, white males would be so preoccupied with the growing social chaos that no attention could be focused on examining how progressive Jews have been directing white civil society towards a bad end. It also gives liberal Democrats – Jews’ political party – an army of left-leaning cannon fodder to fight any attempts by whites to reverse this bad course.

    After minorities reach near-majority status, liberal Democrats will demand that the democratic idea “majority rule” be implemented; something they’ve cleverly denied whites through activist courts these past sixty years. Then they’ll install their Marxist/socialist/feminist state by “will of the people” (the majority of these non-white immigrants will revert to socialism on a dime because of their inherently low intelligence and class envy).

    You’ve read the above excerpts from the Forward’s own editorial. It clearly admits to progressive Jews fighting for the very programs we now suffer to fix. But progressive Jews’ influence in that regard is eclipsed by their promoting Marxist/socialist/feminism—to undermine the very underpinnings of Western civilization in our schools and communities and governing bodies, using the ACLU and dozens of other Marxist/socialist/feminist organizations, such as Pew Charitable Trusts and People for the American Way, to that evil end.

    Given the above evidence for questioning progressive Jews’ continuing role in steering America’s course into the next century, I’m not sure that this scribbler can welcome another 100 years of Jewish influence on American civilization—if the past 100 years of progressive Jews’ influence are any predictor of what is to come.

    The Forward editorial gives no indication of owning up to progressive Jews’ folly, or of changing their bad “thinking” on social issues like taxes, quotas and welfare—although the writer does admit to “some failures,” which are left unidentified.

    There is much about Jews to love ((contributions in science, medicine and the arts))—and to hate, hating progressive Jews’
    stinking “thinking” on social issues the most. I’ll continue reading the Forward and try to change some minds there. But I’m not hopeful. Jews generally are strong emoters. It’s hard breaking through those f-e-e-e-lings to find a soundly rational mind.

    I list below some of the Marxist/socialist/feminist Jews’ ongoing schemes for destroying white civil society in America, to transform it by interbreeding
    the invading races into a mongrelized horde of socialist dupes; for propping up a “Universal Nation” in America, for serving One World government and Global Economic Socialism.

    If you doubt that that is progressive Jews’ scheme, to mongrelize the races in America, read the letter to the editor found on the same page, “A Moment ‘The Dream’ Seemed Real”:

    “I am a parent who attended the retreat
    for multiracial Jewish families . . .
    [in which] I saw the light of Havdalah
    candles reflect the whole range of facial
    features and complexions found in American
    society. At least for that moment and in
    that place, ‘The Dream’ took shape and
    seemed real.”

    That “Dream,” my white conservative friends, is to force the races to interbreed into a mongrelized horde of Everyone’s-A-Globalist citizenship, for socialism/communism. Current immigration refugee and asylum policies are for destroying whites’ racial
    homogeneity and majority status, which is their vital power base in THEIR OWN civilization. Progressive Jews work for the genocide and cutluricide of the founding race and culture of white Western civilization.

    These are some of Marxist/socialist/feminist Jews’ insurgency schemes, to eventuate the end of white civil society–to usher in a genderless, raceless, classless, global citizenship for socialism/communism:

    1. Promote feminism to increase divorces, to get mothers out of the home, to encourage sexual promiscuity, to leave children to fend for themselves while making certain they are well-schooled in deviant sexuality–especially homosexuality.

    2. Dumb-down education, which includes attacking Western history and expelling studies in Western civilization while extolling minority cultures.

    3. Restrict parental authority and provide children with “rights” the State can use to defend against parents. Your minor daughters easily get an abortion without your knowledge and consent but their State-authorized controllers demand your
    permission to dispense aspirin to them.

    4. Encourage the production and sale of pornography and drugs, which products keep parents and single adults distracted from their society’s decline, and leaves children hooked on escapism.

    5. Use movies, TV, music, and novels to undermine cultural symbols and traditions while promoting Marxist-based ideas.

    6. Adopt anti-American laws and regulations. Old Glory can now be desecrated and burned with impunity while the Pledge of Allegiance needn’t be said at all, and prayer and the Bible’s teachings and studies in Western civilization are openly spurned, abridged, or removed by the counter-culture revolutionaries in politics, in public schools and colleges, in entertainment, and in the media.

    7. Diminish national sovereignty and need for borders while promoting internationalism, which political/economic philosophy is a transitional phase for adopting One World government and
    Global Economic Socialism.

    8. Attack the language. The primary glue for
    holding American civilization together is being demoted to a secondary language or just one of many languages, where all languages and cultures are given equal treatment under the law, and which kind of lingual and cultural equality is crucial to establishing the Marxist stratagem for
    strict conformity to State control (The Supreme Court will likely rule in an Arizona case this July, where an employee seeks a First Amendment right to speak in a foreign language to customers, against the wishes of her employer. The decision will reveal how close the Marxists are to completing their plan).

    9. Devalue the vote and the meaning of “national citizenship.” The vote is slowly being given to non-citizens, which plan is currently being implemented in cities and counties within liberal strongholds around the nation while the idea “citizen” has been replaced with “consumer,” in order to shift the national consciousness from Cultural Man to Economic Man, the latter of which Marxists can more easily fit into their utopian socialist State.

    10. Force racial integration. White communities are being forced to accept diverse races and ethnic groups by government edict (EEOC and HUD), in order to give men in minority groups access to females of the dominant host culture, giving Arab and Latino and Asian and black men access to white women. The offspring of such pairings take on the racial identity of the minority parent and accrue to that race more positive traits (read my essay, “One-Drop Rule as Two-Edged Sword”). The extent of minority men seducing and impregnating white women is epidemic. The purpose of this is
    to emasculate white males as their culture is being gutted, and to dilute their political strength (More significantly, this cultural rape radically reduces the number of white women available to white men–read my essays, “White Women: Dumb as a Post” and “Restoration Revolution”).

    11. Undermine local authorities. Your culture’s lawful authorities – city, county, and state – are being undermined by feminists and minorities through federal authority, making local police appear racist and unfair in stopping the invaders and corralling criminals, tying up law enforcement with civil suits and criminal charges until those who serve and protect quit their professions or are drummed out because they lose control in the insanity; and while each branch of the military is flooded with women and minorities, using affirmative-action quotas to promote them and undermine the unit cohesion so vital to combat readiness and winning wars (read my essay, “Blacks’ Sucker-the-Man Ruse”).

    -Founders’ America


  18. America, the Beautiful July 17, 2008 @ 5:57 am


    I reject your statement that the “very same church” (assuming you mean Roman Catholicism) brought Hitler and Mussoulini to power”. . .

    That is an ignorant statment perpetuated by the mainstream media in an effort to keep Pope John Paul II from canonizing Pope Pius XII.

    You should read the book, “The Myth of Hitler’s Pope” by Rabbi David G. Dalin.

    The truth of the matter will not fit into your anti-Catholic bias, but it is better to the know the facts as relayed by people who were present at the time — than propagate falsehoods against Christ’s Church here on earth.

    May God forgive you.

  19. james July 17, 2008 @ 6:05 am


    I think Ed ment that Jewish idivisuals or groups who put the interest of Israel over the US and use the US as a proxy for there political gains should be deprted to Israel were there true loyalties lie.

    The ADL, Neocons the most senior of which have been suspected of spying for Israel, jewish media moguls,the mirade of jewish organisations who lobbied for the Iraq war, etc.

    This policy is far more humane than what jews have done to Serbs by helping ethnically cleanse them from Kosovo with bombs and terrorism.


    The only problem is that they have alligned themselves with other radical groups like Kosovars and Chechens which I referenced to a link in my previous post and thats in Kosovo alone. They can also utilise there links to jewish organized crime and influence were they have emence power in other countries like the uk.
    The Czar confinned them to the pale settlement but that didn’t detter them, simply moved to other countries like the US and gained influence there.

  20. Ed July 17, 2008 @ 8:58 am

    Obviously any deportation plan is going to have to be administered through courts or tribunals where evidence of primary Israeli loyalties is presented and defendants are allowed representation.

    Also, obviously, the imperative for such a long term plan would have to come from a post-Zionist Washington, meaning the corrupt and Zionist bought-off and owned politicians of the current compromised two-party system would have to be replaced. Zionists and their money-worshipping oligarch partners have their hooks embedded too deeply into both parties right now for reform to ever come from within the two-party system.

    Believe me, it wouldn’t take many deportations before most Jewish Zionists would quickly get the message and change their ways, or at least go underground. They tend to scurry when they are finally confronted on their treachery. But they become ever more bold when they are not confronted, hence our escalating disasters at home and abroad.

  21. james July 17, 2008 @ 9:23 am


    How would we know who was a zionist Jew, traditionaly famous jews who seek a political agenda change there name to nhide there jewish ancestry eg Karl Marx , Leon Trotsky, etc.
    Plus the ACLU is dominated by Jews so it is more than likely it would be brought before a jewish judge thats if they are even arrested as they also have key positions in law enforcement. They wont even arrest the athrax killer although its pretty evident who it is. Plus you know the media would shout Nazi if a series of trails were to occure.

  22. jon July 17, 2008 @ 9:42 am

    Deacon, sounds like they’ve pretty much accomplished all of their goals.

    One thing I’d like to know is if Jews have also suffered consequences from Feminism?

    In other words, have Jewish Women embraced Feminism and has the Jewish community seen family destruction, increased divorce, children raised by strangers because the women want to work so they “don’t need no stinkin’ man”, etc.

    Has male participation in the Jewish religion decreased because of the Feminization of the religion/church?

    Just curious if the Jews are having any of this evil return to bite them. Evil consumes itself and all that …

  23. Ed July 17, 2008 @ 11:01 am

    “How would we know who was a zionist Jew”

    There are plenty of sign-posts for the big names who have most egregiously conspired to put Israel’s interests above America’s from their official and unofficial capacities: the public record in media, membership in organizations such as AIPAC, participation in Zionist think tanks, ties to Israel and work on behalf of ideological Zionism (ie Perle, Feith and Wurmser’s “Clean Break” report commissioned for Israeli PM Netanyahu by the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies).

    This is not a question of evidence, ability, and execution, it is a question of faith and will. Does this generation of Americans have the guts and character to confront these obvious traitors and anti-Christian subversives? So far, the answer is clearly “no.”

  24. Tobias July 17, 2008 @ 12:52 pm

    Sure, America the Beautiful,
    The pope ist the vicar of Christ and I am the last Sultan of Sansibar. Criticize the jews if you want, but please understand that you apply double standards. Just look for one time on the Vatican as sharp-eyed, as you look on the jews. Wonder what you will see then.

  25. America, the Beautiful July 17, 2008 @ 1:24 pm


    I consider “the Vatican” to be a different entity than the Pope.

    Although for the most part, the Vatican employs Christians who support the Magisterium (or Teaching Body of the Church), I also realize that a number of marxist “plants” masquerading as priests, deacons and gardners infiltrated the Vatican as far back as the 1930s.

    As I have stated a number of times in the past, My Hope in the Church is directly related to the Promise of Christ, not the piety of any one particular man — even if that man be the pope.

    Jesus Christ PROMISED Peter (and his successors) that the Holy Spirit would guide the Church into all Truth . . and that the gates of Hell would NOT prevail against it. (my emphasis)…

    That means that when it comes to matters of Faith and Morals, the Pope cannot make a mistake. This of course is NOT related to whether or not he is deemed to be a personally holy man or not.

    The Promise of Jesus Christ to employ the Holy Spirit is what matters here.

    So yes, there are — as in most human institutions — bad characters mixed with good throughout; the exception with the Church is that we have Christ’s promise that the ‘gates of Hell’ would NOT prevail.

    And if He (Jesus) said it, THAT’S Good Enough for me!

  26. America, the Beautiful July 17, 2008 @ 1:28 pm

    And Tobias . . .

    Since you are the ‘Sultan of Sansibar’, could you pass a few bucks onto Brother Nathanael, his website is expensive to run. 😉

  27. james July 17, 2008 @ 2:30 pm


    But what about non-zionist jews who are as zionist as zionist Jews like John McCain and former CIA director James Woosley who runs Freedom House NGO. Are they to be exiled as well like the British did to Napoleon.
    If they are we might as well deport Alex Jones a alterntive media shill who diverts people from the truth by saying that the illuminati/Nazis are the secret rulers of the world. Recently he said that whenever people say bad things about Jews they turn out to be crazy and that hollywood is run by Arabs.

  28. jon July 17, 2008 @ 3:33 pm

    Slide show of Pelosi speaking to Hadassah (Women’s Zionist Organization of America):

  29. Greg July 17, 2008 @ 3:42 pm

    Tobia, while you are on a warpath against Catholicism and Christian churches, you must understand that you ultimately are comdemning your own soul and those of the fake Jews. I do believe the scripture is more than clear that God hates “hypocrites” who condemn people selectively based upon what they have for desires and goals in life. Even Paul warned folks about attacking and punishing people for sinning while at the same time those doing the attacking are guilty of the very same offenses or sin themselves. The whole passage whereby the Pharisee men thought it was their right to selectively punish the woman who they caught in adultery was a good lesson for the way that God thinks. If you choose to misuse your earthly power and status to selectively punish others for sins that you are also guilty of, don’t expect God to welcome your soul into heaven when you die.

  30. Greg July 17, 2008 @ 3:46 pm

    What bothers me the most about the zionists is that they are selling themselves in the media and the political world as being holier than thou, or better moral human beings than all others. And yet the truth be known the warnings by Jesus Christ were given to those who refused to obey God, but yet portrayed themselves in the world communities as being the most righteous and most honest folks in the human race. As Christ said “These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.”

  31. Ed July 17, 2008 @ 5:10 pm

    @ james

    Non-Jewish Zionists (and Jewish ones, too) who have materially, illegally and knowingly advanced subversive Zionism at the expense and to the detriment of America should be treated as one would treat a Communist agent who, for example, had infiltrated the US government during the Cold War and was acting as an operative (either official or unofficial voluntary) for the Soviet Union. They should be put on trial and jailed if found guilty.

    In fact, it’s useful to think about both Jewish and non-Jewish Zionist agents the same way one would think about American-born Communist spies and operatives. (And yes, it will take a Red-scare like environment to smoke these traitors out. It will be highly controversial and make many people very uncomfortable, but it is essential to save the country.)

    But the idea behind deporting Jewish Zionist agents who are not jailed because they have merely walked the line of treason but perhaps didn’t step over is that it is a punishment that fits the crime.

    Perle, Feith and Wurmser? They should be put on trial and, if found guilty, jailed and later deported, because they abused their official government capacities on behalf of Israel. But what about a guy like Jewish Zionist Charles Krauthammer, who used his Washington Post column as an agitprop vehicle to help lie America into the Iraq war on behalf of Israel? Has he committed a technical crime? Probably not, but his subversive, treasoness intent is clear (as his long record of pro-Israel agitprop would show) and thus, the evidence in his case would likely point towards deportation.

    Why should Jewish Zionists be deported to Israel but not Christian Zionists? Because Jewish Zionists have de jure citizenship rights in Israel, the object of their affection, while Christian Zionists do not.

    Again, let the punishment fit the crime.

  32. james July 17, 2008 @ 7:17 pm


    Actually during the Nuremburg trails Julius Streicher who published the Nazi paper Der Sturmer was convicted of crimes against humanity for insiting racial hatred against Jews by referencing passages of the talmud and critical jewish practices.
    The international Criminal court charged a Rwandan radio station of inflaming the Rwandan genocide by inflaming racial tensions so it is possible Charles Krauthammer and other Jewish journalist who instigated us to go to war with Iraq on a percieved threat could be charge if there was someone with a spine to do it. They should be charged for insighting us to go to war aginsst Serbia during the 90’s by reporting what turned out to be fake news reports of Serbia massacring muslims.

    But what do we do with Judas priests like Alex Jones you stear people who have doubts about mainstream media on the wrong path?

  33. AsWas July 17, 2008 @ 7:21 pm

    Okay Ed, since you won’t answer my (and Brother Nathanael’s) question about how you are ever going to get the political power to put your deportation plan into action (especially given, of course, that at present it resides exclusively in the hands of the very people that you want to deport), let me throw you a lifeline. Have you ever studied the history of the anti-Freemasonry movement in early 19th century America, which culminated in the formation of an electorally successful anti-Masonic political party. There is a reasonably good summary here:

    If you are so gung ho and fearless about taking on the Zionists then why don’t you form an anti-Zionist political party? I certainly detect a rising swell of anti-Zionism in your country so maybe you would succeed. But you will, of course, be branded a racist and neo-Nazi for your pains, and by no means only by Jews.

  34. Ed July 17, 2008 @ 8:43 pm

    @ AsWas

    In terms of access to political power, today in the US we live in the equivalent of the One Party State Soviet Union. American elections are only window dressing in order that our Two Party State and the Oligarchy that together own and run the country can claim we are a democracy. They have all the money and all the systemic advantages built in. In essence, they have America in a stranglehold.

    Asking why I or anybody else hasn’t come up with a plan to defeat the Two Party State/Oligarchy is like asking a starving political prisoner shackled in his cell and locked within a fortress guarded by the Red Army deep within the Soviet Union why he hasn’t yet come up with a plan to escape.

    It’s either going to take an act of God, a political revolution, or a complete collapse of the State to free him.

    But yes, your link is instructive. A massive Christian reawaken would be enormously helpful in throwing off the Two Party State/Oligarchy. However, somehow I don’t see the Two Party State/Oligarchy suddenly renouncing its evil ways and its stranglehold on power and embracing Christianity en masse the way the Freemasons apparently did, particularly given that the Judeofascists are so intricately intertwined in the operation.

    That is why I believe it will take a massive populist uprising from outside of the system to make any kind of headway towards where we all want to go.

    Brother Nathanael seems to have a working relationship with, a hugely successful — if occasionally somewhat ‘out there’ — populist site. This is good. And no accident. They both seem to “get it.” Others will certainly join them.

  35. Ed of St Lou. July 17, 2008 @ 8:43 pm

    Correction: Belloc was an English Historian. His best friend was G.K Chesterton. They were both Protestants who converted to the Catholic Faith. They both felt that there was no sign as a Protestant that their sins were forgiven. The first time both of them went to Confession they felt that a great load was taken from them.
    Ed to Ed. There is some truth to a similar situation that Ed may be thinking of. The situation is this. Israel as the good Brother has written about attacked the U.S.on 9/11. There were over 200 Spies from Israel that most likely planted explosives in those twin towers. As Chris Bollyn is still writing about ,and weekly discovering new facts on Israel’s involvement, the Mossad ran the operation with help from traitors within. These traitors were many with names like Silverstein, Chertoff, Mukasey, Rockefeller, Bush, Cheney, and hundreds of others. Bollyns writings supply a good number of the suspects. Almost all of these traitors are dual citizens of the U.S. and Israel. Side note: Bush family is most likely Jewish. Lots on this on a google search. And Cheney is suspected of being Jewish Khayney. All of those on the original ownership of the Federal Reserve had to be Jews – including the Rockefellers – but some like Piper would debate this seemingly obvious fact.
    When Japan attacked the U.S. at Pearl Harbor ( We know this was an inside/outside job also like 9/11 ) What did the Roosevelt Administration do? They rounded up Japanese Suspects! They put these Japanese suspects in concentration camps. They also rounded up many suspects who were German. Now the bottom line is if we were attacked by Jews –
    the reason I’m not saying Israeli’s – is that probably a great deal of Jews who were not Israeli’s most likely were involved in the 9/11 Plot. Now Ed and others, don’t you think it would be a good idea to round up suspected Jews who were in some way connected to 9/11? This makes sense to me. They rounded up over a thousand Muslims after 9/11 who were not at all involved in that Plot. There were Jews rounded up like the ” Dancing Israeli’s” but government officials like Chertoff and Mukasay released them and sent them back to Israel. Without some kind of a real roundup of suspected Jews we will never get to the bottom of 9/11!

  36. edo July 18, 2008 @ 2:20 am

    You very correctly mention the two party system stranglehold on the US. On the other hand, how many countries do you know of that have a viable third party that has won elections and constantly remains as an option? I am sure there are some but not that many. Even if one can mention a few countries with a strong third party, is the presence of a third party enough to make a difference? Basically you need 3 maniacs instead of two. Tremendous requirements!
    Hey! Maybe 4 maniacs will correct the situation?

    Generally speaking, the whole idea of leadership appears to appeal to those that crave power. Those who crave power have obviously made certain “promises” and those “promises” (we all know to whom the vast majority of promises are made) become more serious and binding as the politician (I mean maniac) goes up the ranks. So, at some point in the past it was possible to have very honest lower-ranking officials with more corrupt higher-ranking officials. Today, things are so bad that corruption at the lower levels is limited only by the scope of the office.

    Such people being granted such power can only lead to calamity. There is no way around that.

    The only way we can be saved is by reversing this maniacal trend and placing people in office that are humble. Their humility must be commensurate to their position. The higher the position, the more humble they must be.

    Anyway you look at it that “person” starts to sound more and more like Jesus.

    P.S There may be another way and that is to greatly dilute their power. Please see my comment above. This option is more “earthly” but the decay is probably too far gone for this to work. It is probably a band-aid at best.

    P.P.S. Jesus, we have a problem. Please come quickly.

    P.P.P.S Absolutely, positively no disrespect meant by asking Jesus to help us the way I did. I really do hope and pray he comes quickly.

  37. Zsidozas July 18, 2008 @ 2:20 am

    Thanks for the recommendation Mr. Kapner – I’m going to get this book and read it soon for sure.

    On my website I recently made a book recommendation; perhaps you’d be interested:

  38. Tobias July 19, 2008 @ 11:00 pm

    “What bothers me the most about the zionists is that they are selling themselves in the media and the political world as being holier than thou, or better moral human beings than all others”

    Yeah right Greg!! But praise the “HOLY FATHER”
    and who does not ?
    BURN IN HELL !!!

    I tell you what Greg, The Jews, they are the perfect scapegoats for the Vatican for a long time.
    And WHO are the Zionists you can’t stand ? Who are they Greg?
    with whom is ZIONIST Olmert shaking hands with ???
    With whom is ZIONIST Bush shaking hands with?
    With the Pope!!!!!!!!
    Don’t you get it???
    Wake up man ! For God’s sake wake up !
    They fooled you hard, please believe me.

  39. Ed of St.Lou July 20, 2008 @ 3:31 pm

    Tobias, Your either one of the dumbest people on earth, or your a Mossad agent! Or thirdly, your a disciple of the Jew Eric Jon Phelps! Heck you might even be Eric Jon Phelps whom Mike Piper in his great debate made a total fool out of him on R.B.N. Which is It? I’m guessing your just plain stupid in blaming the Vatican which hasn’t had any earthly Power in over 500 years.

  40. Ed of NYC July 22, 2008 @ 7:55 pm

    Ed of NYC to Ed:

    Deporting jews is nothing new. You can have political will if you have political reigns. The only problem.. is that jews have positioned themselves to catch the ripe political fruit right in their hand! As a result, they have mega political power.

    Go to many small towns in the U.S. and witness their power-grabbing tactics in the raw. The townspeople’s trust is used to incredible advantage in hiding their true agenda (feminism, homosexuality, judicial and electoral power, illegal immigration, etc.).

    When Francisco Franco of Spain in the late 30’s successfully stopped their power-grab attempt he was branded a fascist when, in reality, he was a true nationalist. This explains the reason Spain did not enter WW2 – it had seen the trap ahead of time.

    Rounding up people (native americans, japanese, moslem, etc.) is easy when you can make your own laws. An old Lebanese man in a typical fatherly demeanor once said to me concerning jews: “they are few, you are many”. Well, there you have it. The reason for and solution to the problem.

    How can the few control the many? Because we hand them the power. We fail to use our own minds and choose with our easily molded emotions (9/11 et al).

    Every time I look a photograph of the World Trade Center I feel anger rising within me. But I feel, like many, that it is too late to stop the train wreck that this country has become.

    Many jews consider Christianity a weak faith because of its lack of talmudic-like hatred. But, it is precisely Christianity which has laid the groundwork for history’s superlative accomplishment: Western Civilization. Now all this accomplishment has to be laid to waste (God, family, country, technology, etc.). The good news is that all this destruction can be avoided if we just vote the bums out of office (rigged elections and Hegelian dialectic notwithstanding).

  41. Ed of St Lou. July 27, 2008 @ 4:21 pm

    July 16, 2008 @ 4:44 pm

    Fantastic post. Ed of St. Lou.

  42. JoeG September 6, 2008 @ 6:10 pm

    “It’s either going to take an act of God, a political revolution, or a complete collapse of the State to free him.” – Ed

    Ed is spot on. I have to say that your comments are well thought out. You’ve done your homework. Unfortunately, I do not believe that this major obstacle (judaism) to world peace can be corrected by human hands. It will definitely take an act of God and it’s going to be a brutal one for all of us.

  43. catholic August 23, 2009 @ 8:01 pm

    Interesting article.

    I am going to buy this book by Belloc titled “The Jews”.

  44. ilussions December 12, 2014 @ 12:46 am

    Even if Jews become Christians, many will never adapt to true Christianity.

    One just has to go back to the story of Moses. He led the Israelites out of bondage from the clutches of the Pharaoh.

    Moses was summoned by God to the mount of light to receive the commandments, and when he returned he found the backsliders worshipping the golden calf while drunk and committing fornication and adultery.

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