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Obama’s Secret Jewish Advisers


By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2011

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Unique Source: Obama Nailed For AIPAC Hypocrisy @ Here

BARACK OBAMA IS GOING TO ISRAEL on July 22 2008. He will be accompanied by the Jew, Dennis Ross, his leading ‘Middle East adviser.’

Ross began “secretly” advising Obama some 15 months ago. But Obama made sure to tell only the Jews all about it in a closed meeting in NY with 25 Jewish leaders in August of 2007.

The Jewish Press correctly observed that “Obama’s association with Ross could help him win the confidence of pro-Israel donors” Here. In other words, Barack Obama knows which side his political bread is buttered on.

Now that Obama has bowed to the Jewish Lobby with his AIPAC speech on June 4 2008 – he proudly just announced to the Jews only that he’s bringing their man Dennis Ross with him to Israel on July 22 2008. Indeed – next week we will be treated to more of Obama groveling before the Jews.


AT A PRIVATE JEWISH GATHERING in Los Angeles in June 2008, Obama met with 150 Jewish donors.

The meeting, not open to the Jewish owned mainstream media, was hosted by the Jewish Congressman Howard Berman & Jewish former Congressman Mel Levine.

The gathering established what Obama’s campaign calls, “Jewish Community Leadership Committees.” These committees are designed to ‘enhance’ Obama’s outreach (translate: ‘cow-towing’) to the Jewish community. Coordinating this outreach nationwide is the Jew, Eric Lynn, who is Obama’s “liaison to the Jewish community.”

Several Jewish members of Congress are on Obama’s “committees” including New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg, Florida Rep. Robert Wexler, Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky, & New Jersey Rep. Steve Rothman. Levine’s role is to shape Obama’s Israel policy – giving it “Jewish appeal” so as to get the backing of the Jewish Lobby and the Lobby’s partner in corruption, the Jewish-controlled mainstream media.


THE INTERNET CAMPAIGN THAT SMEARED OBAMA AS A MUSLIM in January 2008 met with a quick response on Obama’s part. Obama began mailing out fliers throughout South Carolina in which he called himself “a committed Christian.”

But the Anti Christ Jew, Abraham Foxman of the Anti Defamation League (ADL), was not happy about Obama’s “Christian” avowal. Foxman said:

“It’s one thing to say ‘here’s who I am,’ but it’s another to say ‘vote for me because I am a Christian.'” Here.

Immediately Obama’s liaison to the Jewish community, the Jew, Eric Lynn, placated Foxman, saying: “Barack Obama is not trying to introduce Christianity into the campaign.”

So not to worry dear Abe. Obama is really no Christian at all. Methinks that Barack Obama is nothing less than a closet Muslim after all…


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Brother Nathanael @ July 17, 2008


  1. molecule July 18, 2008 @ 5:13 am

    Mohammet was, as all good Muslims should be, a follower of the teachings Jesus Christ.

    That’s good enough for me. (In fact, most American-Zionist “Christians” could better themselves, were they to read even just a few of the teachings of Jesus Christ.)

    O’bama is no closet Muslim … nor is he an out-of-the-closet Christian. Like his other half-brother, Osama bin Laden-and-Mickey Mouse, and their Zionist progenitors, he is a follower of Zionists, who call themselves by the racist slur-word “Jews.”

    He is a sleeper, for Zionism. And, when he becomes U.S. President, I have no doubt his mask will fast become the poster-mug, for hoards of murdering and child-raping Satanists who will ignorantly and blindly follow his commands.

    Christ said, he did not come to bring peace, but to bring the sword. Mohammet said, peace is to be found only in the shade of swords. As usual, before one goes weilding swords about, one should take great care to have his enemy identified correctly.

  2. David Staple July 18, 2008 @ 5:37 am

    I wonder what spirits actually inhabit these beings that gleefully inflict harm upon others?

  3. America, the Beautiful July 18, 2008 @ 5:45 am

    Reverend Wright had it right. Barack Obama is a politician.

    Just because someone claims to be a Christian, that is not enough to make them a Christian.

    Actions prove what a person “is”.

    Barack Obama disqualifies himself as a Christian because he promotes infanticide.

    No REAL Christian would permit such a thing, in fact, an authentic Christian would do everything within their power or voice to PREVENT such an atrocity.

    With Obama, it is part of his Construct as a politician.

    If it walks, talks and acts like a Duck, it’s a duck!

  4. admin July 18, 2008 @ 8:43 am

    Dear molecule –

    Mohammet was NOT a follower of the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. If he was – he and all Muslims would renounce Islam and worship the Lord Jesus Christ as the Eternal Son of God and the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They would all become (as they should) Orthodox Christians.

    This is what I did as a former Jew. I renounced Judaism at my baptism and embraced the teachings of the Orthodox Church which affirms Jesus Christ as God.

    As for Christ saying that He came to bring a sword, you took the passage out of context.

    Christ added that son shall rise up against Father and mother shall rise up against daughter in so far as there would be contention between those who worship Christ as God and those who do not, even those of one’s own household.

    I have experienced this myself in my own family and acquaintances as a former Jew who now worships the Lord Jesus Christ as my God and Saviour. +BN

  5. james July 18, 2008 @ 3:16 pm

    Br Nathanael Kapner

    What do you think of Reverend Ted Pike?

    His videos are very good and in one of them he talks about something called nostasism and that it was a jewish theological creation abopted by orthodox christianity like St Basil.

    Was there a specific person that helped your conversion to christianity, learn about its teachings, answer any questions you may have had?

    How did you choose which branch of christianity to follow catholic, orthodox, etc.

  6. AsWas July 19, 2008 @ 12:34 pm

    @ Molecule

    So, when Mohammed blinded and cut off the hands and feet of two recusants leaving them to die a horrible death in the desert, he was following the teachings of Jesus Christ, was he? But you are correct that Moslems revere a version of Jesus, whom they call Isa – it is just that it is a version that most Christians do not, or would ever want to, recognize.

    @ James

    The word that you have tried to spell phonetically – in case you want to do any research on it – is actually spelled Gnosticism. I admire Rev. Ted Pike, but it is curious to me that he says that Gnosticism was a Jewish creation. Rather I believe it was a syncretisation of Christianity with many different pre-existing and new religions at the very early period when there was no central authority in the Church.

    Basically it appealed to those who (like Doubting Thomas) were short on faith, who were half converted from paganism, and who sought proof through direct experience or knowledge (Gk. Gnosis) to be acquired throuh mystical practices. The Jewish Kabbalah derived from Gnosticism (via the Cathars of Provence) at a very much later date, and not the other way around. In fact, I don’t know that there was any Jewish mysticism before the rise of Gnosticism that could have influenced it.

  7. Lynda July 19, 2008 @ 4:24 pm

    Dear James,

    There has always been a living source of authority in the Church.

    This begins with Apostolic authority and government. Our Lord ‘God-breathed’ his Divine authority upon His Apostles and charged them to order the Church upon their Testament to Him, confirmed by the Holy Spirit with Acts and Charisms. Apostolic Tradition included Sacred Scripture, before the canon was authoritatively closed. This authority included Spirit of Council to know which books to accept as Sacred Text; which books to reject (i.e. Gnostic gospels).

    In the time of the Apostles themselves, it included the Charism to write new scripture i.e. the Epistles, the Apocalypse). They could not error with regard to teaching and morals. The Traditions they laid down are the foundation of the Church today.

    The Roman Catholic Church holds as de fide that this Apostolic charism to teach with infallible authority in faith and morals continues in the successors of St. Peter.

    The apostolic government (i.e. the Church) descending in patriarchal and apostolic succession from our Lord himself has a controversy with the Synagogue and the nations of the Synagogue.

    They assert the right of the archons seated in power over this world age and their occult government to rule nations by right of conquest – money (a spiritual instrument), revolutions and in the end – the messias they will crown as supreme ruler over Gentile nations subjected to the Jewish nation under the Third Temple.

    The Church asserts our Lord’s victory over Lucifer and opposes the archons of this world age seated in wickedness. The Church asserts that Our Lord reigning from heaven, has the supreme claim: by right of Divinity, kingship founded upon His hypostatic union with human nature, by right of conquest and by his Divine charity: his Sacred Heart.

    The power to ordain and govern does not come from the people. That is a myth. The Synagogue knows it and the Church knows it. It is, however, a useful myth to propagandate if you need revolutions to attain political goals.

    Even so, Our Lord, seeks the conversion of nations to Himself. “Will you have this man to reign over you.”

    Our Lord’s claim is set out definitively in Quas Primas: ‘the social reign of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, King” December 11, 1925 Pope Pius XI, ex cathedra.

    For the best treatment of this doctrine of the social Kingship of Christ, the work of Fr. Denis Fahey that great apostle of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart is the best available.

    Pope Pius XI instituted the feast of Christ the King to be observed on the last Sunday of Oct. (Not the new feast observed in the post conciliar catholic church which was moved for the joint celebration of Reformation Sunday with the Protestants)

    The feast of Christ the King is fixed for last Sunday in Oct and to be celebrated by the canonized (in pertetuity) Latin Rite.

    Rex esto eorum omnium, qui in tenebris idolatriae aut islamismi adhuc versantur, eosque in lumen regnumque tuum vindicare ne rennas. Respice denique misericordiae oculis illius gentis filios, quae tamdin papulaus electus fuit:et Sanguis, qui olim super eos invocatus est, nunc in illios quoque redemptionis vitaeque lavacrum descendat.

    Be Thou King of all those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry or of Islamism, and refuse not to draw them all into the light and kingdom of God. Turn Thine eyes of mercy toward the children of that race, once Thy chosen people: the blood of the Saviour once they called down upon them. May It now descend upon them a laver of redemption and life.

    The controversy of these opposed claims will go right ‘down to wire’ in the last times of the world. The Church goes on to martyrdom and to final victory in the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the glory of Christ our King. The ‘new’ world order goes down as nothing has gone down since Lucifer.

    You have only one life to live and one death to die, AsWas/AsIs, for your eternal prospects, I urge you to insure that it is in this cause. Or as Our Lady herself said at La Salette: ‘this time of all times and end of all ends.’

  8. james July 19, 2008 @ 8:13 pm


    Thanks for the info as always very informative and detailed. Interesting you provided a link on freemasonry as I was reading a good article on discussing its true nature and a segment of a video posted on

    I was wondering if someone is not baptised what happens to him/her after death. I read a year or two ago the catholic church renounced the idea of purgatory. Just curious as I was never baptised.

  9. AsWas July 19, 2008 @ 8:40 pm

    Dear Lynda

    You are obviously an extremely intelligent, but also, I have to say, an extremely scary woman. Of such stuff as you are fashioned are Grand Inquisitors also made. In fact, when I read your comments, I can sometimes virtually feel the flames of the auto-da-fe licking around my feet.

    FYI, unlike you, who was undoubtedly born into the Roman Catholic religion, I come from an agnostic family background, and I CHOSE to be Christian, not because of any deep anxieties about the destiny of my soul after death (when I was an agnostic I didn’t have any), but simply because I admired Jesus as a moral teacher and for his ultimate self-sacrifice as an example of those teachings. In fact the supernatural side of the religion and all your doctrinal intellectualising is not of great interest or importantance to me. I just try to follow Jesus’s commandments as best I can, and I will let God (and not you) decide if my efforts to do so qualify me as having been a true Christian (i.e., a sheep rather than a goat).

    I have actually consciously avoided getting involved in doctrinal arguments with other commenters here, mainly because, as Ed has rightly said, it is inappropriate when we are here to discuss a common “enemy”. Otherwise I might indeed be tempted to ask you, and purely out of curiosity, how you personally square certain aspects of your church’s history with the actual teachings of Christ.

    Finally, you are right, AsWas is a silly screen name. There is a reason for it which isn’t worth going into, but I didn’t expect when I initially hurriedly chose it to be a regular contributor to this site. Anyway, as someone once said, “What’s in a name?” – it is just an identifier and is no more or less informative of my true character and identity than the name “Lynda” is of yours.



  10. angel of the south July 20, 2008 @ 12:57 am


    I’d go with you largely with your comment on Lynda.

    When I first encountered her (I really believe she’s a woman) I thought she was just another monitor matron trolling threads to get power over dupes and men, with little real substance to her comments or between the ears.

    Now I find her quite an interesting read, because she’s kind of crazy, unique, and kind of sexy; a sort of cross between a fanatical R.C. Christian hybrid of Linda Moulton Howe reporting on UFOs and some of the seductresses in the legends of King Arthur ‘quizzing’ the knights of the Grail, or maybe a quester trying to find out what the Grail really is in Christian terms today.

    In ‘reply’ to Lynda’s “Welsh cryptic” in a previous thread, those who have the Grail today are those who have the commandments of Jesus and keep them, and so get special manifestations from him and his Father; a bit like the way knights that defended King Arthur and their place at the Round Table got manifestations of the Grail in the legends.

    Believe me, the Grail is a far cry from groping in the dark after “the Holy Mysteries” in the Orthodox Russian Church or any other branch of Catholicism for that matter.

    Note: One of the commandments of Jesus is that women are not permitted to speak in the church.

    I modern terms, those on the ground of the Grail have likened some of its manifestations to the two distinct clicks of a computer mouse; because communication from the two persons of the Father and the Son distinctly “clicks” or profoundly resonates in that place in a sort of morse code style way.

    Sorry this is a bit OT Admin. By the way AsWas, Lynda means “beautiful”; so i guess she’s no keyboard crone, and most crones don’t write with her undercurrent and overtones. Maybe she’s the mystery woman in blue in the comment box where I’m writing just now.

  11. Lynda July 20, 2008 @ 4:11 am

    Hi James,

    Thank you for the link. I will certainly read it. I only get to post on the blogs during my coffee breaks and occasionally some free time.

    Br Nathanael’s reporting has the cutting edge as far as I’m concerned. In terms of the powers that rule the world and drive it, we are getting an important inside view.

    And as Americans out there in tv land wake up to the Jewish power and the government within and over the government of the Republic, I think Christian perspectives and understanding is needed in terms of doctrine and history.

    Thanks for posting here so often. I always read your comments and follow up your links.

    The holy faith does teach us about life after death, the last ends of man.

    Our Lord is the resurrection and the life. Baptism into the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is baptism into his death. I vividly remember my own baptism as an adult and catechumen. There is no other way to put it other than to say, ‘born again’.

  12. james July 20, 2008 @ 6:29 am


    Were you baptised as an adult like Br Nathanael Kapner or remembering your baptism as a kid I wasn’t sure what to assume?

    Actually I was reading Br Nathanael other religious website (that he should have a link to on this website) were he mentioned Russian jews are interesting in converting to Russian orthodoxy and Russian orthodox priests are travelling to Israel to meet them.
    I was thinking since the bible saids that jews in Israel will convert to christianity and a large portion of Israeli citizens are Ashkanzi/Russian jews or at least hold the power in Israel would it be likely the conversion will be to Russian orthodoxy.

  13. Lynda July 20, 2008 @ 6:30 am

    Dear AsWas,

    It is not my intention to come across as scary, AsWas. I write the things I write because I believe the Credo of the Church is true. And I believe this is the testament to Christ.

    Western Civilization (the late and great) is where I want to live. I love my North-Western European culture – its origins, its Christian faith, its history, languages and peoples. I love the Church which built the European Christendom upon that unique Bardic and Roman culture of Europe.

    And I love the idea that the Church offers the Evangel to other nations and peoples, tribes and tongues. I love the idea that within this one Katolikos, this one universal order, there can be a spiritual bond between very diverse peoples on the basis of faith. I love the idea of the Christian polity.

    And that is why it makes me angry to see that culture and that faith trashed by the modern world. It motivates me to write in when certain of Br Nathanael’s correspondents contribute to his website with heresies, detractions, dysinfo and Jewish hoaxes posing as Christian bigotry hoping to smear this website.

    Br Nathanael may yet do a piece on the Inquisition. I hope so. Because, the Office was directed towards the baptised – not the diverse populations in Christendom that were outside the Church. The Church only has jurisdiction over the baptised. And in the Christian polity only the baptised could hold public office and enjoy certain rights, exercise certain responsibilities.

    I think it is legitimate for the Church to inquire into those who have ‘converted’ in order to subvert the Church from within. And I think it was legitimate for the Church to try and punish those who were posing as Christians so they could worm their way into power and wreck the Christian institutions from within. I can’t say I am a big fan of executions, but I did not live during those times.

    Public executions have historically been gruesome and exemplary affairs. I do not square this with the faith or what Jesus taught. Rather, I recognize that the Church lives in time, not some mystical realm. The Church has made both war and peace. This is reality.

    Closer to our own time, it looks very much to me like the Americans of my ethnic group are going to fight. The U.S. military takes an oath to defend the Constitution, and if the forces of the old Republic should win the day, what fate exactly, AsWas, do you think is going to be meted out to the servants of the Eye now in occupation of all levels of the government and American institutions?

    Most of the American youth who are of North-west European ancestry have not the slightest idea about their culture and its institutions. Their heads are stuffed full of political correctness, multiculturalism and global warming. But they respond to the most ancient codes of their culture, even after 12 years of gov’t brainwashing.

    For example, when J.R.R. Tolkien’s saga The Lord of the Rings was screened, many of N.W. Europe’s most ancient codes were dramatised for the mass audience.

    The heroic code of the North is quoted verbatim from the Old English poem, The Battle of Maldon in (I think) The Return of the King).

    Briefly, on the eve of the great ride into the West, it becomes evident to the forces of Rohan that too few of their cavalry have come to the muster of the King’s forces at Harrowdale. The King, the Eorls know that they do not have the forces to break a seige of many powers. Gambling says to the King: “Too few have come. We can not hope to break the lines of Mordor.” Then Theoden says: “But we will meet them in battle none the less.”

    It sounds better in Old English, but it was
    quite an experience to sit in the darkened theatre and listen to the code – virtuallly a direct quotation from the Old English sink into the ears of the modern audience. And (surprise, surprise) there is one cultural and ethnic group (guess which one) that gets it at the level in which (if the ZOG only knew), they would be departing now for Israel.

    It is this code, J.R.R. Tolkien writes in his letters, that was sanctified by the conversion of those nations to the faith.

    I also get the code. It makes me angry that the thrones of Catholic nations and the altar of the Church have been overturned on the tomb of Jacques de Molay by the AGENTUR of Zion. It makes me angry that this heritage in America is daily mocked and trashed by the owners of U.S.A. It makes me angry that the words ‘natural family’ are deemed to be hate speech in the virtually 1/3 of America – the 9th Circuit, invoking Federal Jurisdiction. It makes me angry that a young women who has a baby at the age in which it is biologically correct for a woman to have a baby – late teens and twenties, she is virtually an outcast. Why she should be building her career! It makes me angry that families who decide to homeshcool their children and decline vaccinations are persecuted by the government. I could go on with this AsWas, but unfortunately, due to the times in which we live, people who are really in ourselves very couteous, gentle people can become become ‘scary’.

    As I said, I ‘get’ the code. Suffice it to say that when forces that are truly montrous, get into my space and life and mess with my culture and my religion, then I will mess with them.

    And by the way, my real name is Lynda.

  14. Lynda July 20, 2008 @ 6:48 am

    Dear James,

    I was baptised as an adult. I converted to the Roman Catholic faith from the novus ordo post Vatican II church and religion. I was received into the novus ordo as an adult, but my christening in a protestant sect was considered valid, so I was not baptised.

    However, when I converted to the Catholic faith and began attending a chapel where the true mass was celebrated, I had to be formally received into the Church by baptism. Also I had to attend catechism for a year and learn what the Church actually believed and taught.

    Orthodoxy and Catholicism are in schism as you know, but both are founded upon Apostolic Tradition and Testament, both revere the same Fathers of the Church East and West, we hold to the first seven ecumenical Councils.

    I know that the Antipapacy in Rome has extinguished the sacraments and is overhauling tradition that the Roman Catholic Church has from the Apostles. Clearly, the Antipope wants to so the same to the Orthodox through ecumenical relations. I first started writing into this website to warn Br Nathanael’s readers what is going down from Rome.

    Russian Orthodox were invited to Vatican II as observers. I pray they hold fast to the tradition they have received from the apostles.

  15. james July 20, 2008 @ 7:37 am

    Heres another website I found thats quite interesting and

  16. Vicki July 20, 2008 @ 8:31 am

    Wow! I awoke this morning and began reading on a completely different website and ended up here. Blessing to all!

    Therefore, my beloved brethren whom I long to see, my joy and crown, in this way stand firm in the Lord, my beloved. I urge Euodia and I urge Syntyche to live in harmony in the Lord. Indeed, true companion, I ask you also to help these women who have shared my struggle in the cause of the gospel, together with Clement also and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names are in the book of life. Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice! Let your gentle spirit be known to all men. The Lord is near. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things. The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:3

    Therefore if there is any encouragement in Christ, if there is any consolation of love, if there is any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and compassion, made my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose. Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus, who although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. For this reason also, God highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father…continued in Philippians 2

    I love God, My Father, and Jesus Christ His Perfect Son and His word!!!! I have been rejuvenated for the day today in picking up my bible and reading the most lovely work created!

    I thank God for everything…especially His love for all of His creation…I urge and encourage everyone to read His word…for in reading His word and getting to know our loving Father, we would all be prepared to be in His presence. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…John 3:16.

    With love and blessing,


  17. Ed of St Lou. July 20, 2008 @ 9:54 am

    The main way that the Rothschilds have controlled the American Presidency is though it’s Jewish handler’s and advisor’s.
    It began with Washington.
    President Washington’s Jewish handler was Alexander Hamilton, a Rothschild agent.

    August Belmont (1816-1890)an agent of the Rothschilds was advising Lincoln on the Economy, through his letters to the President.He also helped in planning Lincoln’s murder. These Jewish advisor’s are often in on the murder of their clients.
    We can assume that Kennedy’s advisor’s passed on information to the Mossad assassins. Read Piper’s book on Kennedy’s murder. It was a Jewish murder plot. Also Elvis Presley’s father blamed Elvis Jewish handler Col. Tom Parker for his death. Vernon claims that Parker a swedish Jew murdered his son. Jews were involved in Marilyn Monroe, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King’s death.

    Woodrow Wilson’s Jewish handler was Col Edward Mandell House.A Rothschild agent. He was the architect of the Federal Reserve, the Federal Income Tax,and The League of Nations.
    It’s possible that Bernard Baruch was the main Jewish handler of every President from 1917 up through 1965. He was a Rothschild agent in Amerika.

    Franklin Roosevelt’s Jewish handler was Bernard M. Baruch. See link for some of his Jewish advisor’s:

    Bernard M. Baruch was also Truman’s Jewish handler.

    Below is an article on Truman and Israel:

    Eisenhower’s handler was Lewis Straus. An advisor was Maxwell Rabb.

    The Kennedy years marked the advancement of Jews into high positions in government. Kennedy appointed Jews to his cabinet and to the federal courts, including the Supreme Court; some became close White House advisers. These years also signaled the beginning of the end of the routine exclusion of Jews from high corporate positions, country-club memberships, and exclusive residential neighborhoods, as well as the end of quotas on Jewish admissions to selective colleges and universities. It was no coincidence that many of Kennedy’s most fervent backers were liberal Jewish intellectuals, particularly in the universities, and they flocked to be part of the Kennedy administration or serve as outside policy advisers.
    Kennedy’s Jewish Handler was Arthur Schlesinger, and Kennedy’s Jewish advisor’s were Abraham Ribicoff and Arthur Goldberg.

    Nixon and his Jewish handler and advisors.
    Henry Kissinger, the first Jewish Secretary of State; Leonard Garment, Nixon’s White House Counsel; and William Saffire, his chief speechwriter, were all Jewish and among Nixon’s most-trusted advisers.

    Ford’s main Jewish handler was Henry Kissinger. His Jewish advisors were William E.Simon, James R. Schlesinger, Edward H.Levi, Caspar Weinberger. And some suspect that Richard B.Cheney and Donald H.Rumsfeld are Jewish agents.

    President Jimmy Carter appointed four Jews to cabinet positions, more than had been appointed by any president until that time.
    His Jewish handler was Henry Kissinger. His Jewish advisor’s were Harold Brown, W.Michael Blumenthal, Philip Klutznick and Neil Goldschmidt.Another advisor was David Rockefeller whom some supect is Jewish.

    Was the man who proclaimed himself to be god Reagans Jewish handler? See below:

    Bush Sr’s handler also had to be the god-man. Bush Sr signed the Noahide Laws which vows to kill all of us who are not Lubavitchers.

    Here are lists of some of the Jews that were in Bill Clintons white house.

    Here are some of Hillary’s Jewish handlers and advisors. Mark Aronchick, Esq., vice-chair of the Hillary Clinton Campaign in Pennsylvania, opened the meeting of Jewish leadership discussing Clinton’s stand on issues affecting the Jewish community. Ann Lewis, senior advisor of he Hillary Clinton Campaign, had come down from New York, specifically to answer any questions about Hillary’s positions on various topics. Susan Stern, chairman of the campaign’s National Council of Civic Leaders, a friend and neighbor of Senator Clinton’s, shared her experiences on various trips to Israel when she had accompanied the senator, describing Hillary’s compassion in visiting victims of terrorism at Hadassah Hospital and in their homes.

    Bush Jr’s Jewish handler’s and advisor’s. See below:

  18. Ed of St Lou. July 20, 2008 @ 10:14 am

    Jewish handler’s part two.

    John McCain’s Main Jewish handler is Joe Lieberman. Joe is the Rothschild’s main representative in Amerika. He is also Israel’s main man promoting war with Iran. He was well connected with the Lubavitcher’s who want our heads chopped off. See ” Merry Christmas and Off with Your Heads ” essay by Carol Valentine.
    Joe constantly beats the drum for gentiles to die in middle eastern wars for Israel.

    Some of McCain’s Jewish advisor’s are:

    U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today announced that Mr. Mark Broxmeyer will serve as chair of John McCain’s Jewish Advisory Committee. As chair, Mr. Broxmeyer will act as an advisor to Senator McCain’s presidential campaign on Jewish affairs. Mr. Broxmeyer is currently a member of John McCain’s National Finance Committee.
    Mr. Broxmeyer is considered an authority on Israeli security issues and currently serves as National Chair of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). In November 2005, he was honored with the JINSA Security Leadership Award for outstanding service to JINSA’s Law Enforcement Exchange Program with Israel (LEEP). Mr. Broxmeyer is also Advisory Board Chair of Secure Community Network (SCN), a non-profit organization that is part of the Jewish community’s response to heightened security concerns in the United States.
    Another Jewish advisor is: John McCain’s Foreign Policy Advisor M. Thomas Eisenstadt brings an army … the Jewish community”
    There are many Jews surrounding McCain.

    And what about Ron Paul the so-called Patriot and darling of the Patriot movement?
    He has Jewish handler’s and advisor’s all around him. See list below:

    Board of Advisors


    Steven R. Berger
    Hingham, Massachusetts
    Adamas Partners

    Dr. Walter E. Block
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Professor of Economics
    Loyola University

    Burton Blumert
    El Granada, California
    Center for Libertarian Studies

    Professor Richard B. Boddie
    Huntington Beach, CA
    Professor of Law and Political Science

    Coastline Community College

    Dr. Paul Cantor
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Visiting Professor of English
    Harvard University

    Dr. Michael Edelstein
    San Francisco, California
    Clinical Psychologist

    Rich Goldman
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Ph.D. Student, University of Maryland
    Board of Directors, Free State Project

    David Gordon
    Auburn, Alabama
    The Mises Institute

    Professor Paul Gottfried
    Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
    Professor of Humanities
    Elizabethtown College

    Dr. Ronald Hamowy
    Alberta, Canada
    University of Alberta

    Dr. Peter G. Klein
    Columbia, Missouri
    Professor of Economics
    University of Missouri

    Heather Levy
    Washington, District of Columbia
    HL Art Studio

    Dr. Murray Sabrin
    Sayreville, New Jersey
    Ramapo College

  19. America, the Beautiful July 20, 2008 @ 2:09 pm


    You need not worry, the Catholic Church has not renounced Purgatory or any other authentic Catholic doctrine.

    If you are a regular poster on internet sites you will run across all sorts of people who consider themselves to be “informed”; but, it is much better if you find out for yourself what the Truth is regarding these matters of doctrine.

    For starters, you can visit this website to start your journey:

    Secondly, many “converts” to the Faith are frequently plaqued with confusion and the inability to anchor themselves into one church, and therefore, even after having found the One True Church, are unable to securely attach themselves to it.

    Frankly, I feel this is Lynda’s basic problem.

    In the Church’s history, their have been antipopes — but they fit defined criteria.

    We are currently NOT in that phase right now. Pope Benedict XVI is an authentic pope, and those who believe otherwise are known as schismatics.

    When trying to understand Roman Catholicism, it is dangerous to consult only those who have “issues” with the Church. You should first consult those who are committed Roman Catholics, learn authentic doctrine, and read about Vatican II yourself.

    Find out what the Believers say first, then feel free to hang out around the fringes if you must — but I can tell you that those who believe as Lynda does about the Church today — are a very, very, very small minority.

    There is a reason why — as you will find out when you do your own research.

  20. Lynda July 20, 2008 @ 2:52 pm

    Dear Angel of the South,

    I looked back onto the thread to which you refer. I see that I asked you about your focus. And you have answered.

    Speaking of the Grail, probably many of Br Nathanael’s readers are not aware that when the American Revolution ( I ) was won and all the worshipful brothers assembled in Washington in full regalia, they stated for record that the Constitution they had adopted was conceived as a Constitutional Monarchy. Undoubtedly modelled upon Arbroath, the Declaration of Arbtroath (Obair Bhrothaig) also framed by the hereditary Knights of the Temple.

    They offerred Charles Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) the throne of America. But, he declined.

    In relation to the present ‘backlash’ about which Br Nathanael concerns himself on this website and others, what would you say about this little known historical event? That the time was not yet – America the new masonic republic (the Phoenix) had to undergo a few ordeals before it could take its place at the Table so to speak?

    In the revolutionary dialectic, the Grail – under its own name – always claims the ‘Forces of Light’ role in the script. Whom it serves is always another matter.

  21. angel of the south July 20, 2008 @ 10:27 pm

    Hi Lynda

    I like the idea of zeal in exposing and destroying Freemasonry, because Jews contrived the organization; but lets not lose sight of the Jews as the world’s real and effectively only enemy both up front and behind the scenes.

    I don’t think I should say too much, just now, about what you asked on this site, because there are lots of evil Jews already hopping mad and gnashing on bro Nathaniel, who are lurcking in the background and even post stuff on this site in the guise of Christians to throw a thread off track or to provide disinformation to stall and confuse truthseekers.

    The Grail quest is the key issue, and as you say many Christians don’t understand the implications of the European legends that many today dismiss as mere pagan mythology, but have often been created via human mediums or agents by spirit guides, and often illustrate what’s happening in the spirit domain, which is the source of all that’s really happening in the mundane world.

    Basically there are two streams of Grail texts, and one celebrates the history and mission of royals with their dynastic roots among the Jews in the first century BC, who were raised up by Satan as the antithesis of the royalty of Jesus Christ, and the church, which his body, which has been built of God by the Holy Ghost that has been given to us who believe on and receive the Lord as Saviour.

    The satanic Grail is a lineage in Jewry that originally operated in collusion with the Pharisees, and has ruled among the Pharisaic Jews since the Crucifixion; and protagonists on that line of things want to set up a king to rule the world for the Jews in an ideal quasi-messianic way, and as the nemesis of anticipated biblical righteous reign of Jesus Christ.

    The evil dynasty can be traced down through the last twenty centuries under many names and in diverse guises, and there is a name for it, which is well known and I believe will be known worldwide in a very short time.

    The offer of the throne of America to Charles Stuart was a Jewish/Masonic plot to install the evil dynasty in power over the United States, which is why Prince Michel of Albany (ostensibly a descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie) of the evil Ordo Draconis Sarkany Rend has been trying to revive the ‘right’ of the Stewarts to the English throne.

    The Jews’ plot to put a Stewart on the throne of America was undone by the fidelity Charles had to Catholicism, and the establishment of a Christian or Bible based federal constitutional republic instead of it, not that a constitutional monarchy would have been evil if the right people had the power of it.

    The history and mission of the evil Grail is encrypted in the earlier Arthurian legends, and the later ones largely written by Catholic monks provide the antithesis, by celebrating the history and mission of the church, and Jesus Christ as “the once and future King”.

    J. R. R. Tolkien’s trilogy celebrates the history and mission of the evil Grail in terms of a Ring quest, which ONLY APPEARS TO BE a righteous quest, and which has been the way the Jews have presented their quest to undo the Sauron-like power of Gentiles and rule the world for Satan instead of Jesus Christ.

    Tolkien’s trilogy has a notable antithesis in Wagner’s trilogy of the Ring of the Nibelung, which celebrates the history and mission of the papal Church, which was why the latter was so popular with Hitler and the Nazis, and one of the reasons why Wagner is branded by the Jews today as “anti-Semitic”.

  22. Lynda July 21, 2008 @ 10:43 pm

    Hi Angel of the South,

    I think you are right. The Grail is a key issue for RJN. The subject matter, doesn’t really lend itself to a report format. But it is important background and perspective.

    Let’s forget about the blinds of the Grail mythology. Clearly, by your post, much of that background, known to you. I will narrate some more of it here for those who may want to follow your comment and my response.

    Note to those who are following this thread because of interest in candidate Zio-bot Obama, – this is big picture stuff that (only eventually) contextualizes Obama and his fellow Zio-bots.

    As a key issue, The Grail, involves much bigger players. And in the present dialectic, many of them will be anti-Zionist.

    HRH Prince Michael of Albany is of the Grail lineage – a Jacobite / Jacobin (therefore in Jewry) and a hereditary Knight of the Temple. He did preside over the Eurpoean Council of Princes in the decade of the 1990s (and maybe he still does).

    The ECP is an echelon body. It was instrumental in steering the EU into the fifth European Parliament.

    What is not so well known is that Prince Michael was instrumental in gaining EU recognition for the Ordo Draconis as a sovereign European Court. National sovereignty is being extinguished across the board in the EU soviet of the Jewish Occult Government [JOG]. They are much further down this track than in the U.S where the JOG is using their ZOG to prod their U.S. Neocons along this track of an NAU soviet.

    But the 5th European Parliament of the EU (which is not, in due course, going to acknowledge the sovereignty of, say France), acknowledges the sovereignty of the Ordo Draconis – together with its nobility (Sarkeny Rend) to which you refer. And this includes a very specfic ethnic population: Albi-gens, Scythian or Samaire (dragon) or Samite / Sarmatian people.

    Digression: In times that are now pre-historic their polity stretched from the Carpathians across the Caucasus into Mongolia, south onto the Plain of Shinar, West into Canaan and of course Mt Hermon (which is Sion – Deut 4:48) on the 33rd degree parallel. Known in archeology as the Urbaid (Ur – kings) culture, people and its serpent gods. They predate Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, Egypt etc and are the true progenitors of hieratic kingship in those civilizations.

    Their rule passed into legend but the English term draconian has come down for their kind of law and government. Just as the phrase “proud as a Templar” passed into English proverb.

    It is extremely important and extremely suppressed, that this sovereignty of the Ordo Draconis is recognized at the highest levels of the EU as other national sovereignties are being extinguished.

    The Grail concerns the nobility of this people that insinuated itself (via Solomon and his idolatrous wives) into the House and lineage of David. This is the Dynasty that the Protocols of Zion refer to as “The King of the Jews will be of the royal Seed of David” (Protocols 23 and 24 C.f. of The Elders of Zion)

    Protocols 23, 24 deal with the true end game of the JOG, its Directorate – the man / men behind the curtain in Oz (strength).

    This is the gov’t which utilizes Zionist mouthpieces, pulls the levers of the mask/s, makes the smoke to issue from the nostrils, issues directives, etc. to the minders of all the Masonic Commanders of their AGENTUR who head up mere national governments and NGOs.

    This is the gov’t that tells the ZOG minders to get candidate Zio-bot Obama to smile and use more rainbow colours in his publicity and to candidate Zio-bot Clinton to insure she is in the photo-op with the American flag displaying the stars as inverted pentagrams. They like this schtick good bot / bad bot picture for the instruction and direction of the sheeple.

    As you have said, The Hidden Stream of The Grail has two streams. But we may not be talking about the same two streams.

    The lineage of the Grail has been in the Church from the beginning. The Desposyni (from the Greek desposynos) meaning ‘of or belonging to the Master’. Our Lord was of the House and lineage of David. Many of his kin (Mark 3:21, 31) were members and bishops of the early Church – for example cousins of Our Lord according to Eusebius and St. Jerome.

    The Desposynic families of Europe who married into the Scythian nobility founded the Ordre of Sion within the Western Patriarchate of the Catholic Church. Founded 1100 A.D by the crusader knight Godefroi Bouillon in Jerusalem. And, count on it, among the Desposyni crusading families were cryptos in Jewry – notably the House of Anjou. Within the Church, these are the two streams of The Hidden Stream – The Grail.

    Those who were and are in Jewry claim there were and are (among the Desposyni) the direct descendents of Jesus and Mary of Magdalene. Through this ‘messianic lineage’ these descendents of the Seed of David will inherit the title King of Jerusalem. I think King Juan Carlos of Spain is the current King of Jerusalem. And conceivably, the title King of the Jews will go to an heir of this title as well. The public has been introduced to all these ideas through Dan Brown’s primer The Da Vinci Code.

    Is this second definition of The Grail – your reference to ‘the Satanic Grail’ those who blasphemously are claiming direct descent from Jesus and Mary of Magdalene

    But in the revolutionary dialectic now unfolding within the War of the Kapital, The Grail you are calling ‘the Satanic Grail’ will, of course, operate dialectically. It will divide its forces into Light and Dark roles. And the Light will operate at least partially under ecclesial cover as it always has.

    If you are referring to The Grail as extra ecclesial, then by plain reasoning the ‘Forces of Light’ role can be adopted by any social movement that challenges the ZOG. Like the patriot movement in the U.S. for example. Your thoughts on this?

    You refer to The Grail which has the commandments of Jesus and keeps it. Your note, by way of the commandments, is that women are to keep silent in the Church. In Catholicism and Orthodoxy of Tradition women veil to the Divine Presence and keep silence in the Church. Your example does not apply to the novus ordo of the current antipapacy based in Rome or to any protestant sect.

    On the Blogs, however, the women will have plenty to say.

    When you refer to the “ground of the Grail” as “those who have the commandments of Jesus and keep them” – are you speaking in ecclesial terms? In extra-ecclesial terms? Both? Of the Dynasty specifically?

    Because mentalities that are essentially outside of time but living and operating in time (e.g. the Church’s Mark of One, the egregore of Zion) are in operation in the present revolutionary dialectic, I think it would be good to get clear on some of these terms.

  23. angel of the south July 22, 2008 @ 3:06 am

    Hi Lynda,

    No we are not talking about the same two streams of the Grail.

    Not a few of the so-called “Desposyni” were doubtless on the ground of the Grail in their worship of the Father, and those who are on it today would be on the ground they as among the first were on in the first century. But to claim to know what the lineage of the “Desposyni” from the first century to the present day is, would be fanciful and far fetched indeed, and would hardly be a ticket or guarantee to being on the same ground spiritually they got to in their day, even if you or I or anyone else had the record of their lineage today.

    The so-called Priory de Sion, founded in France in 1956, was probably conceived as a practical joke, even if some of the families associated with it were and are of the satanic Grail that I mentioned in my other post.

    The satanic Grail is a now large dynastic ‘Jewish’ family, questing for quasi-messianic, antiChristian world control, and I wouldn’t say you didn’t mention some members of it; but the original name of it is not yet released in the public domain in connection with this line of things.

    The ground of the true Christian Grail is where there is true worship of the Father, and those on it have literal, profound manifestations of the Father and the Son (as distinct from the manifestations of the Holy Ghost which all true Chrstians have); and the way to it is illustrated in terms of the questing beast and the knight’s Grail quest in the pro-Christian romance legends of Arthur.

    The ground of the Grail is “extra-ecclesiastical”, in the sense that it’s outside of the carnal boundaries of sectarian (Roman, Orthodox, etc.) catholicity; but not in the sense that it is outside of the catholicity of the church, the body of Christ, which, according to scripture, is a mysterious body of many members being fitted together by the Spirit since the giving of the Spirit fifty days after Christ’s resurrection, and will be ultimately constituted of all true believers in Jesus from the first day of Penetecost after Christ’s resurrection to the church’s resurrection or soon coming rapture off the planet.

    If you are a member of the body of true catholicity you have a responsibilty to obey God by withdrawing from sectarian Christianity, and are being called of God to seek out true worship of the Father, which is in a physical place, and fundamentally in spirit and in truth, or by the Spirit of God and according to the truth of the word of God.

    I mentioned the commandment of Jesus that women are not permitted to speak in the church, because it has a cryptic counterpart in the Grail King’s riddle, which kept the questing knight from coming into the good of the mystery of the Grail because he either didn’t ask after what prompted the Grail King to ask it, or couldn’t or didn’t rightly answer it; and the riddle was “what does a woman most desire”, and it had as its answer “a woman most desires to rule over a man”.

    Feminism is now rampant in Protestantism, and the R.C.s have been seduced by a spirit of Jezebel, to make “cakes” (Easter buns and Christmas tarts, etc) to the Queen of Heaven, by coming to God in their worship through Mary, ‘the mother of God’ and the Queen of Heaven, instead of only by the one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.

  24. Lynda July 22, 2008 @ 4:37 pm

    Hi Angel of the South

    You are making a contrast between

    an extra ecclesial “body of true catholicity” on the ground of The Grail [those who have the commandments of Christ and keep them] and true worship of the Father


    sectarian christianity [Roman Catholic, Orthodoxy, etc)which must be abandoned by those who would stand on the ground of the Grail and worship the Father “in Spirit and in Truth.”

    Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Truth.

    Grail means both royal lineage and stone. As an hereditary order long hidden in Roman Catholicism, the Grail has always said to those without the order that stone means Christ – “the stone that the builders rejected”. But both blinds were used to conceal the hidden tradition of the Grail in the second, initiate sense that I have explained in a previous post.

    Your contrast, Angel of the South, leads me to believe that indeed we are not talking about two separate things. I think we are talking about one thing. Namely, The Grail and its traditions that have come down through the centuries.

    Whether within or without the Roman Catholic or the Orthodox churches, The Grail has always perceived the visible, institutions of the Church as carnal and its order as “sectarian” and contrasted this with the mystical, spiritual body of believers. Its own order and hierarchy, however, has always been concealed.

    Neither the Catholic Church, nor the Orthodox worships Mary. She is not the mediator of the New Covenant. The Lord Jesus Christ is the one mediator of the New Covenant. The reference to Theotokos in quotation marks as above, this is certainly part of The Grail tradition, because the Grail theology (which is essentially gnostic, Ebionite and Arian) denies the Divinity of our Lord. Nor is he worshipped as God in those rites.

    This is entirely of a piece with The Grail as I have defined it in my previous post. This is why I say we are talking about the same Grail.

    Within and without the Church, The Grail Dynasty, their stone “laid in Zion” always has been and is now very powerful. The movements they finance will change the shape of the world as we know it today.

    Grail fortunes were behind the Jacobins of the French Revolution and Grail fortunes will be behind the revolutions that will challenge the formation of the soviets in the current revolutionary dialectic. This will be the nationalist challenge to the ZOG governments.

    Like during the Crusades. The path of the Grail families (and their covert agenda in the Holy Land)lay on the same road as the Church. Christendom saw the nations of the Christian East conquered by Islam and raised arms to send. But with the Grail families leading the way, this is bound to fail of the Church’s objectives through subversion and treachery.

    Then as now: you want to control your opposition, then you lead your opposition. For those who are led. The question always remains to what end?

  25. Ed of St Lou. July 25, 2008 @ 4:01 pm

    I address this to America, the Beautiful
    July 20, 2008 @ 2:09 pm

    You wrote this to James:
    We are currently NOT in that phase right now. Pope Benedict XVI is an authentic pope, and those who believe otherwise are known as schismatics.

    Look at the heresies of this as you describe authentic Pope.

    The main heresy is that the Vatican two anti-popes believe that non-Catholics can be saved. John Paul two believed that everyone would be saved.See links on benedick below:

    Excuse me! I believe otherwise and I am a Roman Catholic! I am in no way a schismatic!

    I am 60 years old. I graduated from grade school in 1962. I was one of the last people to be educated as a Roman Catholic. Vatican Two began in 1963. The Sister’s of St. Joseph up til that point still taught the Roman Catholic Religion. They would tell us to try and convert our Protestant Relative’s, neighbor’s, and friend’s. I always understood what the good Sister’s taught us as ” There Is No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church.” I come to find out that this is the most important “Doctrine” of the entire Catholic Religion. This is everything!. If you do not believe this, You are damned to Hell for all Eternity, and this is what the Catholic Church taught for 1885 years. ( In 1885, was issued “A Catechism of Christian Doctrine, Prepared and Enjoined by Order of the Third Council of Baltimore.”) My comment: This is the first time in 1885 years that the Catholic Church hinted that non-catholics could be saved. This was the beginning of what Pope Leo XIII called the Americanist Heresy. This Heresy is always descibed as something that it wasn’t. The downfall of the Catholic Church took place in America and Leo XIII knew it. The next Pope who was canonized a Saint ( Pius X )probably the holiest person in the last 500-600 years, called it ” Modernism.” Real Popes lasted up till 1958. But the main teaching of ” No Salvation Outside the Church” was de-emphasized. The proof is that none of these real Popes were canonized. They also ignored for most part the Apparitions of ” Our Lady of Fatima.” An author named Paul Johnson had the courage to admit that the main thing ” Our Lady ” taught us at Fatima, Portugal is that ” Non Catholics cannot be saved.” They end up in a place shown to us at Fatima called “Hell.”

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