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Clinton’s Lies Will Die

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Clinton’s Lies Will Die
By Brother Nathanael Kapner July 7, 2016 ©

WHEN AMERICA WAS NOT under the rule of Jews, a Hillary Clinton would have gotten no further than employed as an hourly wage clerk at the local five-and-dime.

But times have morphed into Jewmerica’s culture of deceit, the politics of lying is commonplace, and rank mediocrities who act as puppets for Jews can park their arses on a swivel chair all the way into the Oval Office at the White House.

And although FBI Director James Comey told Congress that Clinton lied about her emails when testifying under Congressional oath, pressing “perjury” charges is a problematic task and could take months to pursue.

And besides, a prosecutor required to prove “intent to deceive” as an element of perjury will give Hillary and her Jewish enablers—like George Soros, JB Pritzker, and Haim Saban—plenty of wiggle room in a trial court to crawl out of the charge…especially with the Star of David parked on Capitol Hill.

It wouldn’t be the first time Hillary set up a scheme to conceal in order to bypass customary channels of public information, official business, and justice.

HERE’S WHAT FBI DIRECTOR James Comey had to say at today’s hearing:

Gowdy: Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails either sent or received. Was that true?

Comey: That’s not true.

Gowdy: Clinton said, ‘I did not send classified email to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.’ Was that true?

Comey: There was classified material emailed.

Gowdy: Clinton said she used just one device. Was that true?

Comey: She used multiple devices during the four years of her term as Secretary of State.

Gowdy: Clinton said, ‘All work-related emails were returned to the State Department.’ Was that true?

Comey: No. We found work-related emails, thousands, that were not returned. View Entire Story Here.

THAT’S ENOUGH EVIDENCE to toss any candidate into the trash bin of political stalking…or used to be, in better times, (pre-Jewish rule), when merely the scandal alone would have killed Hillary’s chances.

But Clinton is so prized by Jews—who control the entire electoral system—though drawn out of a sewer, Hillary’s Jewish enablers will douse her with eau de cologne so she smells like the queen of the prom while the sewage seeps from her skin.

And the queen may soon be king, and her partner in crimes and misdemeanors, Bill, may soon be queen.

Cross-dressing is now the fashion and every White House closet will soon nestle even more Jews. Even the mothballs, turned rancid, will be marked “Kosher.”


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Brother Nathanael @ July 7, 2016


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  4. zionists are taking down this world July 7, 2016 @ 8:38 pm

    As I mentioned in the comment section of a “news” story on the internet: “…the operative word here is “intended”. So if you are driving drunk and kill someone, it was not your intention to do so and thus you should not have charges brought about for the killing, maybe just for being drunk. However, she doesn’t even get charged for her reckless behavior.”

    If the standard of law is applied uniformly as how it is for Billary, we did no crime as long as we didn’t have a specific intention of carrying out ill deeds. Now I know what I can get away with, or maybe I am mistaken as there is no fair justice in JEW-SA.

  5. Jmom July 7, 2016 @ 9:13 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I hope your eyes are healing well and I wish I could provide furniture, but sending the funds is the best I could do.

    I listened to the entire congressional hearing today.

    It was portrayed as just another Republican vs Democrat charade.

    Republicans didn’t even TOUCH the point Comey made about using a “little used” (Coney’s words) 1917 law regarding intent and how it was applied to Hillary and how it got her off the hook!

    That is where the subjectivity came in regarding the investigative conclusion the FBI made.

    They didn’t even ask why it should apply to her and not all the others who were punished for mishandling of classified info.

  6. benzion kook July 7, 2016 @ 9:54 pm

    Jews and their stooges massacre more innocents.

    Feed Katz’s lies to American TV watchers.

    Satan laughs up his…sleeve

    Attention: elections for sale

    Wanted: used idiots to vote for clowns

    a garbage can would make a better president

  7. Donald And Hillary=Jew Yuck City Double Crosser Shills July 7, 2016 @ 11:55 pm


    It’s blatant when both candidates come out of one metro area.

    So much for political freedom today as all American politicians are for sale to the ones in NY with the most shekels.

  8. Auwal Mohammed Nyako July 8, 2016 @ 1:02 am

    A masterpiece Bro.

    Am not surprised.

    A meeting between Bill Clinton and the Attorney General anything can happen.

    The children of the devil in full control.

  9. Wally July 8, 2016 @ 5:10 am

    Hey brother.

    What is your opinion about what has happened in Dallas?

  10. Dallas Police Murders in Sterling Castile Riot July 8, 2016 @ 5:48 am

    The Dallas police murders may be a Mossad operation that was poorly executed.

    If the FBI or some branch of the Federal government jumps in, shuts out the Dallas police department and Texas officials, seizes control of the investigation, that may be part of a pattern of cover-up.

    The Mossad or whoever sent the snipers expected to pull off the police murders so that rioting black people would be blamed for the murders. If things went as planned the snipers would not be caught or get hurt. There is a zero chance that the Jews media will tell the truth about these snipers.

    Already, Obama is using the shootings as reason for taking guns away from people. Obama seems to be reading anti gun script that was prepared before the shootings occurred.

    The Obama Administration protects Hillary from prosecution no matter how wicked the witch gets. The Jews want puppets like Hillary and Obama who are just as amoral as the puppet masters. One reason the JWO chose Obama was because Obama’s morals don’t hinder him from carrying out evil Jewish plans.

  11. Ft. Nolan July 8, 2016 @ 7:18 am

    Truly amazing how someone with so much “baggage” can still run for political office, let alone the highest office in the land. Anyone else would have been retired well before accumulating so much perfidy.

    This whole affair may or will galvanize the anti-Hillary vote. This translates into getting Trump elected by a wide margin. Something about this makes me think of the intrigue which resulted in Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots) coming to her unfortunate end giving Spain solid cause to attack England in an attempt to eliminate Elizabeth I. (You can check the history on your own).

    If someone wanted to get Donald Trump elected, “sacrificing” Hillary with enthusiasm and convincingly proves quite helpful. She is being lead along with the promise of one thing, yet will become a casualty for someone else — the intended successor — to be emplaced where the PTB wants.

    Take a look at the Republican National Convention of 1952. The candidates running in the primaries could not acquire the necessary delegates for nomination. Eisenhower (President of Columbia University, former Allied Supreme Commander in Europe WWII) gets drafted out of nowhere to become the Republican candidate.

    The CIA was on the rise back then. And they profited quite well from the Eisenhower administration.

    Keep in mind when Trump turned 35 and was being “encouraged” by Oprah and Rona Barrett to pursue a political career, Trump was a darling of the Demoncrats. He was their answer to George Herbert Walker Bush and eight years of Reagan’s Presidency.

    Trump is now on the “other boat” and no one really knows what is going on. If Donald Trump is truly sincere in his words and beliefs, he can make a good president. If this is all show and a front, we are truly doomed regardless of who gets elected to the Presidency.

    As you point out +BN, both candidates are so Jewed in their support they are indistinguishable. To cop a phrase for levity: “Was it their Jews that got them elected?” “No, our Jews are better than their Jews.”

  12. Bobby July 8, 2016 @ 8:08 am

    Nothing is real, especially the people.

    There is nothing but one giant con game in the USA, and everyone is just a smiling actor, still trying to sell the false American dream. The whole thing is one big Hollywood set, with it’s aim to sell.

    Money, money, that is the motivation, and they all just keep playing along, because there is no other game in town. Everything is fake. No one is real.

  13. Tetragrammaton July 8, 2016 @ 10:08 am

    The fact that Killary got off is somewhat of a good thing because it shows that the system has double standards and is so corrupt, there is nothing we can do to save it.

    This is a tremendous opportunity for the masses to finally wake up and dismantle this abomination we call the US government.

    Will it happen, though? Probably not, considering the population of this country is being constantly poisoned by neurotoxins like Fluoride and Glysophate, which, in turn, artificially dumbs us all down and makes us docile.

    You want to know why there has never been any rebellion or protest over the things that are happening in this god-forsaken country?

    You only have to look at your tap water and your food choices at the grocery store to realize that this is all by design to keep the population under control, like cattle, and to keep them from going over boundaries that should never be crossed. If you think of your tap water as a cattle guard, it all makes complete and total sense.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the population did overcome these vast limitations that have been imposed on us without our consent, and we deny both Trump and Killary the presidency, dismantle Congress and the Fed, and start over from scratch?

    One can dream, right?

  14. Hugo July 8, 2016 @ 12:43 pm

    The suspicion/allegation is that she is an Israeli spy.

    By deliberately using a private server she enabled her controllers to see classified information. She then passes off her behavior as incompetence.

    If a future president can be an Israeli spy imagine the consequences for all.

  15. mmuehlbauer July 8, 2016 @ 1:12 pm

    Last night I was watching Jordan Maxwell, as usual and as always I was thinking again about the way that things in the world today are going and why. 

    I know it has been said before, I know you know, last night though it hit me like a ton of bricks: the NWO wants the complete destruction of the Constitution of the United States more than anything else. 

    People were made to be slaves and slaves we must be.  The Constitution of the United States frees us from slavery, frees us from the misery that is slavery. 

    It was not the words of Reagan that ‘brought down that wall’ it was the Constitution of the United States; it was and is the Constitution of the United States that (was) changing the world of people, making them question absurd authority, making them look for righteousness, setting people free from the terror that is the Rich Man and his minions. 

    People were created to be slaves, even the Jesus figure, in the Bible and too the Pope’s delight, requires of people that they serve their Masters well. The Constitution of the United States changes all that in that there are no more Master and Slave. 

    The Constitution of the United States is a document unlike any other ever proposed or accepted as law, it is one of a kind, and, it is unacceptable to the Keepers of humanity; the Constitution of the United States must be destroyed for the Rich Man to be happy again; debtor’s prisons, indentured slavery, all the old stuff, they want it all back. 

    In order to destroy the Constitution of the United States the Rich will do anything, this is just too obvious.  Never in the history of human beings has there ever been a declaration like the Constitution of the United States made for human beings, never. 

    It doesn’t matter which ‘creation story’ you accept, the Constitution of the United States was not included in any of them; the Constitution of the United States more than any document ever recorded, proves the Sin that is the Ruling Class. 

    The Constitution of the United States is unique, timeless, to the point, necessary, the highest point ever reached in the education of human kind. 

    To destroy it, to make it null and void the sons of gods will do anything.  Even destroy the world.  The sons of gods: the Bankers, the Politicians, the Judges, the Educators, the Military, the Police, these are the sons of gods, just ask them and they will tell you.

    These are the humans who think they should rule the Earth and all that is on it, but, the Constitution of the United States, above all and any other document ever recorded, denies them this role.  In a very real way the Constitution of the United States makes us all the true sons of the true God, the children of our parents and with a future role to play in the world.  We are not useless flesh. 

    Without the Constitution we are just flesh, and there are way too many of us to suit the men who think they are sons of gods. 

    Yes, the destruction of the Constitution of the United States is what all the ruckus is about and it will happen if we don’t show the Rulers of the world we will fight, kill them, to keep it. 

    If we lose this most wonderful of all declarations ever recorded then such as the Constitution will never again ever be made into law and the children of our children will live a life worse than the lives lived by the people in Dickens’ novels.  Worse, much worse. 

    Christianity, the non-Catholic kind, cannot challenge the Constitution of the United States, in fact and to a real point Christianity must support the Constitution of the United States.  The religions of the Jews and Muslims is a different story. 

    In fact these two religions have an adverse relationship with the Constitution of the United States; so it is that the Rich Man with the President of the United States work tirelessly to destroy the Christian Religion and the Christian leading to the Constitution of the United States. 

    The Jew and the Muslim, these people are extreme adversaries of the Constitution of the United States, which, in fact, is laying heavy against these religions as they are the religions of greedy and mindless men. 

    The Constitution of the United States shines a harsh light on all the Modern Religions, and, the Vatican.  A harsh light against injustice, a harsh light against inequality among people.  So it is that the Constitution of the United States must be destroyed so the Elite can be Elite, without any equal, ever again. 

    I know what the fuss is all about and it is real, it is terrible, it is an attempt by the Esaus of the world to steal our birthright, to kill us, to be Kings themselves, above all that is on Earth, to be gods.  We are in the face of Cain and we cannot stand lest Cain is exposed and made powerless. 

    Because of our Constitution, the Holy Grail of all Humanity, we are being singled out for extermination in all the world.  I, know it is our Birthright, the Constitution of the United States, that the sons of gods, the Chosen, the Rich and Powerful, seek to take from US.  This is the whole of the matter, this explains it all. 

    We can expect no help from the Politicians or the Preachers for they are all the sons of the gods in their minds and we are just flesh, too much flesh.  The men with riches and authority will not help us for they are the sons of gods, they think, and, they hate us equally, even more, as do the Politicians and the Preachers hate us. 

    This time, again, we are on our own; just think about living in the United States without the Constitution to guide and protect us; to channel the Law Makers and the Bankers as they should be channeled, to the point of helping people and not hurting them. 

    No freedom of religion or from religion, no freedom of speech, no right to protect ourselves against them, those who would use our productivity against us and for themselves. 

    No right to face our accuser, no right to own our property, no right to a just and speedy trial, no rights at all; to be actually, all of us, owned and used, as they alone see fit; sexually used, manually used, sacrifices to their gods. 

    Our mothers and daughters used as incubators for the Rich Man’s purposes; humankind made for work and sacrifice, mindless, obedient. 

    We are in deep trouble, we must pinpoint the attack and develop a defense, we must not let this slippage proceed any further or we will lose all that really matters to us. 

    It is imperative that our great Patriots, such as yourself, pound this message: the gods of this World intend to destroy the Constitution of the United States thereby enslaving all of humankind to them.  We just cannot let this happen.  Even if we must die. 

    Finally, in all of history, in all the world and beyond I suspect, there has never been a document authored like the document that is the Constitution of the United States; the Powers That Be want to rip the original copy from under the glass there in Washington D.C., and tear it along with us to pieces; this, we must not allow.

  16. Question for Bro. Nathanael July 8, 2016 @ 2:39 pm

    Did Mossad commit the deeds of 9-11-2001?

  17. Seek The Truth July 8, 2016 @ 3:08 pm

    The pattern I notice, is that the Jeff Rense website is full of articles supporting Trump while the Veteran’s Today website is full of articles demonizing Trump.

    Also, the tabloid “National Enquirer” is demonizing Hillary and applauding Trump. While the leader of the “Black Lives Matter” group who accused the Cincinnati Zoo of being racist because it shot a gorilla who was holding a child that fell into the enclosure, says that Trump is evil.

    As for the raping, robbing and killing of hundreds of White Christians by Blacks in the U.S. every year, I blame that on Hollywood and TV network communist “Civil Rights” Jews who constantly demonize White Christians and European Americans in the media and teach Blacks to hate them.

    Jews are responsible for the massacre in Dallas because the Black “proletariat” will do whatever their Jew communist slave masters tell them to do with the possible exception of Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Black Muslims, and his followers who are more Jew-wise than most Blacks, but are still brainwashed Jew owned debt and wage slaves.

  18. Peter July 8, 2016 @ 4:45 pm

    Seek The Truth

    “As for the raping, robbing and killing of hundreds of White Christians by Blacks in the U.S. every year, I blame that on Hollywood and TV network communist “Civil Rights” Jews who constantly demonize White Christians and European Americans in the media and teach Blacks to hate them.”

    I agree in substance that the media (plus many law enforcement and social activist pawns) and their puppet masters are trying to agitate a race war. There will be no race war.

    By the way most rapes and sexual assaults occur within the same ethnic and socio-economic groups. Stranger danger is a lie in our modern era.

    The world especially the developed world is less violent and more tolerant than it was 200 years ago. Thanks to western morals and a Christian society developed from the end of the Roman Empire/start of Middle Ages.

    All men and women are called to Jesus Christ!

  19. Truth be told July 8, 2016 @ 5:00 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael.

    I couldn’t agree with you even more! Hillary Clinton and the entire judicial system is controlled by Jews. Our once so great nation is now ran by the hands of Zionists, from massive businesses and companies ran by Jews to politics.

    I recently have developed in interest to your website and love reading your opinions and articles. Keep up the great work and spread the message. End Zionism!

    Just curious, I’m a Muslim and I know our religion has many things in common with Christianity such as we see Jesus as a holy figure as well, monotheistic, Adam and Eve, idolatry is forbidden, etc, what are your opinions on Islam?

    Would you say you have a more positive view on it over Judaism? I know the media (Jewish ran) has been spreading hate and anti-Islamic propaganda on the news so a lot of Christians see us in a bad light but our religion is actually peaceful just like yours 🙂 Hope you rely and keep up the good work, I agree with many of your views.

    Pray for Palestine, have you heard the horrible things the Israelis are doing there?

  20. Karen July 8, 2016 @ 5:52 pm

    Interested in knowing your thoughts on a news article I just read on World Net Daily titled – Russia Puts Lid on Christians Sharing Faith.

    According to WND, Putin has signed this into law and WND states:

    “The new law will require any sharing of the Christian faith – even a casual conversation – to have prior authorization from the state,” reported Barnabas Fund, which aids persecuted Christians worldwide.

    “This includes something as basic as an emailed invitation for a friend to attend church. Even in a private home, worship and prayer will only be allowed if there are no unbelievers present,” the organization said. “Churches will also be held accountable for the activities of their members. So if, for example, a church member mentions their faith in conversation with a work colleague, not only the church member but also the church itself could be punished, with individuals facing fines of up to 50,000 rubles ($770).”

    It is my understanding that you think Putin is a genuine Christian. I have had my reservations about that considering he divorced his wife of many years and now goes for the young girls. After seeing this article I don’t see how he could ever be considered a Christian. This looks like Christian persecution to me!

    I am new to this site and appreciate the info you bring with humor. However, reading your appeals to meet basic needs, I am puzzled as to why the local Orthodox church you attend doesn’t help you out since that is one function of the local church.

  21. Zionien July 8, 2016 @ 6:15 pm

    Hello +BN.

    I’m very happy to hear of your new living situation. Unlike the Jew – you sound secure/safe in that you have a home!

    I think the Jews and their media REALLY believe that if they can paint a candidate out as “winning” other gullible goys, wanting to vote for “The Winner” will automatically cast their ignorant vote in that direction – how truly PATHETIC!

    What a bunch of robotic zombies!

    Trump has come back with a viable argument with the comparison of Disney’s Frozen ad with a Khazar 666 Star, but anything viable in TRUTH Of Defense only angers the arrogant, disobedient, spoiled, greedy, controlling children of the Devil.

    Further, people MUST understand that in their evil opinion – you are even WORSE for standing up and defending yourself, i.e., the Palestinians – “How Dare They”..!

    I know they’re (the Jews) are becoming more & more EXPOSED! People are seeing their manipulations!

    Will continue to keep the Palestinians and you in the U.S. in my Prayers, and send some support ASAP – The time is short – I can feel it.

  22. Brother Nathanael July 8, 2016 @ 7:41 pm

    Dear All –

    The Dallas shooting is opening up a whole new can of worms that most people aren’t seeing.

    I’ve been studying the Dallas shooting intently and see a wider issue that is absolutely frightening for this Jew-ruined country with its Jew-enabled schwartza commie in the White House.

    I hope to post both an Article and a Video on this in the upcoming days. The prospects of a “calm” and “peaceful” America is a futile expectation.

    America is unraveling right before our eyes. Don’t you see it?

    People are unraveling in secret…yet what is done in secret, (as our Lord taught), is soon shouted from the housetops.

    My ministry is now on a whole new footing. The cutting edge of my Articles and Videos will cut to the bone. They will present hard sayings. Only those alert to the bigger picture will be able to bear them.

    Stay tuned. +Brother Nathanael

  23. Donald And Hillary=Jew Yuck City Double Crosser Shills July 8, 2016 @ 7:59 pm


    The Jew started the NAACP and promote cultural Marxism 24/7/365 so they want race wars and ghetto riots to start doing what they did in the USSR- wholesale slaughter of the goyim via martial law/FEMA camp crap.

    I try not to dislike them but with all the crap they’re always doing it’s very hard not to.

  24. Media Inconsistencies on Dallas Police Murders July 8, 2016 @ 8:00 pm

    During live coverage of events such as 911 or murders of cops during the Sterling Castile riots, events are shown and reported without being edited first.

    Consequently, we get to see and hear a lot more unfiltered truth when we see such events live before the Jews can edit the video to show and say what the Jews want us to see and hear.

    One such example of the Jews media tampering with evidence is the recording of the 911 call George Zimmerman made during his encounter with Trayvon Martin. NBC edited the 911 call to make it sound like Zimmerman was a racist. NBC broadcast their altered version of the 911 call worldwide.

    Several independent sources got copies of the original 911 recording, compared it to the NBC version, and then exposed NBC with the glaring proof. NBC eventually apologized, but the damage was already done. NBC was much more energetic in broadcasting their phony race bait than in broadcasting their apology and acknowledging their deception.

    In live coverage of the WTC attack on 9/11/2001 there were lots of events shown and reported that would never be shown again in edited versions of those videos later.

    Edited video didn’t show explosions from the controlled demolition of WTC buildings, molten steel containing thermite that was still intensely hot days later, Larry Silverstein telling the demolition crew to “pull the plug” on WTC-7 which was a building that was NOT struck by a plane.

    That brings up a big inconsistency in today’s reporting of the Dallas cop murders compared to the live reporting last night. Today big media is going very far out of its way to insist there was only one sniper, one “lone gunman.” And wouldn’t you know it – that “lone gunman” is dead. Last night, there were between 2 and 6 snipers according to police radio, scanners, news sources, and all accounts.

    Now, with the edits and revisions, there was only one sniper. During live unfiltered unedited coverage last night, there were at least 2 snipers and as many as 6. In todays filtered edited coverage, there is only one “lone gunman.”

    This scenario of the terrorist never living long enough to talk is a recurring pattern in these “terrorist attacks.” Dead men tell no tales. Add that to how the murders are now being described as the work of a “lone gunman.” The “lone gunman” theory was the cover story about JFK – killed by “lone gunman” Lee Harvey Oswald.

    According to the Jews media:

    Investigators discovered bomb-making materials, rifles and a “personal journal of combat tactics” in the shooter’s home. A “bomb robot” was used to kill the gunman, identified as Micah X. Johnson, 25, a resident of the Dallas area. Other suspects are in custody, but officials declined to say how many.

    A more likely explanation, one that fits the facts better, is that Micah X. Johnson, was set up to be the patsy, the fall guy, the useful idiot, the proverbial “lone gunman” who conveniently dies before he can talk.

    Officials will probably continue to decline to say more about the “other suspects” until hell freezes over; as with the suspect Jews who filmed 911 while laughing about it.

  25. Ted Gorsline July 8, 2016 @ 8:41 pm


    The two most important documents in world political history that have tried to promote individual liberty by distributing power are the thousand-year-old Magna Carta and the Constitution of the United States which was actually first envisioned by an Englishman whose name I believe was John Locke, just forget.

    The big difference is Americans are supposed to have rights while most other people, including the English, are only allowed to have privileges, meaning you are not equal to your betters before the law.

    Your appointed betters tell you what you can do. Thus in England the police decide who gets to own a gun. Media personalities, the so-called elite, like Christain Anampour, tell you what to think, say, and do every day.

    Prince Charles can easily get a gun permit. Joe Bloggs cannot. Same as in African dictatorships.The police and the army get the guns. Juma the houseboy cannot unless he can raise the money for a bribe.

    Guns are the litmus test of individual liberty. Guns are power and when Big Brother goes for your guns he wants absolute power and control of your life.

    That is why, as Ted Nugent correctly says, the Jews want your guns. They want to treat you the same way they treat Palestinians. Disarm you, steal everything you own, shoot your children, and put you in cement cages.

    They are doing all these things, right now, as we communicate.

    Israel is the Jewish state. Its not the Buddhist state, the Hindu State, the Christian state. It’s where real Jewish values are showcased and put on display every day.

    “Duck children!” The Jews are coming!

  26. Brother Nathanael July 8, 2016 @ 8:57 pm


    The pending law (anti-terrorism) indirectly affects zio-christian evangelical groups that have a POLITICAL agenda which is contrary to Russia’s:

    Pro-Israel, Pro-Jew (chosen people crap), Anti-Muslim (Moscow has a large Muslim population due to former Imperial and Soviet Union space), and Anti-Palestinian, and Anti-Syria. (Russia supports the Palestinian cause and supports the legitimate government of Syria under Dr Bashar al-Assad))

    Russia is re-emerging as an Orthodox country. I am with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR). The Orthodox Church is NOT “Pro-Israel” or “Pro-Jew” with its “chosen people” crap.

    Putin is a devout Orthodox Christian. The pending law will not affect the Russian Orthodox Church’s proclamation of the Holy Gospel at all. Moscow is now a VERY OPEN venue of Orthodox Christian expression.

    +Brother Nathanael @

  27. Ted Gorsline July 9, 2016 @ 2:28 am


    The legal definition in the Magna Carta that differentiates a free man from a slave is the right to keep and bear arms.

    Mahatma Ghandi, best known as a peace activist, said the most despicable thing the British did to the people of India was to disarm them.

    I have often wondered why the British disarmed themselves so quickly after WW1 because, for example, they had to ask people from other places like Canada to give them sporting weapons for their home guard at the beginning of WW2. They never returned the guns.

    I suspect its because they had created such a huge bureaucracy to disarm other peoples in their colonies that once the colonies were gone they maintained the bureaucracy by turning on themselves; or else it was a fear of communism which was then in vogue.Fear of communism brought in handgun registration in Canada.

    Only 100 years ago the famous African big game hunter FC Selous used to sight in his rifle by shooting at marks on the tower of London right in the city of London, without raising any eyebrows.

    I had an old friend, now gone, who did the same thing with a revolver on a railway bridge in St. Marys, Ontario, Canada, prior to the 1930s.

  28. Zionien July 9, 2016 @ 2:38 am


    I heard that Dallas SWAT had to BLOW UP the shooter, as they couldn’t approach him any other way – How convenient!

    Suppose there was a conspiracy.

    Don’t know if there was, but look forward to reading your reviews regarding this+.

  29. Zionien July 9, 2016 @ 2:43 am

    @Question for +BN regarding Mossad’s envolvement in 9/11

    According to +BN, YES, and I believe him and his proof!!!

  30. Zionien July 9, 2016 @ 2:45 am

    Weiner’s wife is a Sayanim spy! ALWAYS hanging on Killary’s shoulder.

    Jews are Such Paranoid Worms and have to be involved in EVERYTHING we do!

  31. The English Man July 9, 2016 @ 5:43 am


    True American Patriots read this, and let it ALL sink in.

  32. tim jones July 9, 2016 @ 5:55 am

    The Jews know how to pick them. What great puppets Hillary and Obama are for their Jewish Masters.

    Especially Obama who fooled the electorate — Our first Gay Muslim President.

  33. Peter July 9, 2016 @ 9:19 am

    Amen Brother Nathanael!

    “Brother Nathanael @Karen

    “The pending law (anti-terrorism) indirectly affects zio-christian evangelical groups that have a POLITICAL agenda which is contrary to Russia’s:

    Pro-Israel, Pro-Jew (chosen people crap), Anti-Muslim (Moscow has a large Muslim population due to former Imperial and Soviet Union space), and Anti-Palestinian, and Anti-Syria. (Russia supports the Palestinian cause and supports the legitimate government of Syria under Dr Bashar al-Assad))

    Russia is re-emerging as an Orthodox country. I am with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR). The Orthodox Church is NOT “Pro-Israel” or “Pro-Jew” with its “chosen people” crap.

    Putin is a devout Orthodox Christian. The pending law will not affect the Russian Orthodox Church’s proclamation of the Holy Gospel at all. Moscow is now a VERY OPEN venue of Orthodox Christian expression.

    +Brother Nathanael @

    I totally agree with your statement above!

    I believe this is the main reason why they are literally at war with the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and other traditional Eastern churches. They hate us because we will not budge on our stance that they are and have always been wrong.

    Christians are under no obligations to help the zio-christians or put up with their crap, we are obligated to do what is right and moral. Where is the justice and mercy for the Christians of the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, or even Nigerian Christians that keep getting attacked and blown up at church on Christmas every single year? Where’s their military aid?

    No Jesus Christ equals no heaven but a trip to hell.

  34. Seek The Truth July 9, 2016 @ 4:46 pm

    Peter, you said:

    “By the way most rapes and sexual assaults occur within the same ethnic and socio-economic groups. Stranger danger is a lie in our modern era.”

    It’s total nonsense to teach that Blacks are not targeting Whites in hate crimes. That’s like telling Whites that there is nothing wrong with Black on White violence because Blacks do a little of it to each other.

    For example, the rape of Black women in the U.S. each year is almost zero according to police statistics, while hundreds or thousands of White girls are raped by Blacks every year in the U.S. with communist Jews giving Blacks the green light because “White Christians are evil”.

    The exact same thing is happening in Europe. The Jewish Rabbis are teaching African and Muslim immigrants there is nothing wrong with raping White Christian European girls.

  35. Citizenfitz July 9, 2016 @ 5:08 pm

    I’m having trouble posting here. Weird screen… then my pc crashed.

    Anyone else having trouble posting here?

  36. Roy July 9, 2016 @ 5:56 pm

    I bet if you hit Jewish ritualistic murder hard along with all the witchcraft Jews do to get ahead in life you would see a big burst in donations.

    This would shock people comming from an ex-Jew like you. On the other hand, it would also be dangerous and might lead to an uprising aginst the Jews.

    Rationale for this can be seen in the fact that many historic expulsions of Jews in European countries stated off when ritual murders became uncovered. Much of the facts of this history has been covered up by Jew power.

    Secondly, in the 1980s what was called the satanic panic hit USA and all sorts of books and videos came out showing the influence of Satan worship in the USA. The Jew media debunked the situation and no evangelical made the conection between the Talmud and modern Satanism.

    I think if you talked about this it would be powerful coming from you.

    This is a good link to a video all about the topic:

    Best regards,

  37. Robert July 9, 2016 @ 7:40 pm

    Hey Brother Nat. I have some disturbing news about a law Putin signed against terrorism and extremism.

    The problem is, it has stipulation against evangelizing.

    I thought Putin was a Christian? Well, I suppose he is not.

    Maybe you could clarify this as some misunderstanding, or does it read like it says.


  38. Hoff July 10, 2016 @ 1:22 am

    Now I have watched the whole 1h 12min video. Profound research. Very well edited, everything is to the core, no nonsense.

    If nothing else, start at 49 min and five minutes.

    Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited:The Hidden Cult [FULL & HD]

  39. Hoff July 10, 2016 @ 2:29 am

    In the video the Jew Ariel Toaff’s book Blood Passover is not mentioned.

    Published 2007. Full text:

  40. Hoff July 10, 2016 @ 4:43 am

    Mike King at Tomatobubble keeps delivering.


    Established in 1920, Scholastic is the largest publisher and distributor of children’s books in the world. Scholastic titles are found in thousands of schools and libraries across America, and also internationally.

    It’s Orwellian sounding-history book series,’Cornerstones of Freedom’, contains many items with a Marxist-Globalist slant.

    The putrid vomit is sold to gullible parents, teachers, and administrators as “American History”.

    Most disturbing of all the titles is one of its 2012 releases, entitled ‘Homeland Security’, in which the HS & TSA Army of liberty-killing goons are glorified for their work in “border protection, airline security, and disaster response.”

  41. Kiimm July 11, 2016 @ 7:36 pm

    On the heels of Brother Nathanael’s kind answer to Karen, here’s a piece of interest from PravoSlavie.

    In this instance, I am in total agree with recent new ruling to “shut-it-down” – that is, the Moscow “church” of scientology.


  42. Magomed July 15, 2016 @ 5:01 am

    Brother Nathanael, I never miss opportunity to read news from you, I learned not little from your articles, General Patton’s killing and blackmailing Wilson into WWI, for example, was good addition to my previous knowledge.

    But this time I would like to concentrate on ‘lie’.

    This word has been repeated most often in disputes/hot discussions since the times immemorial, but this doesn’t help, that is contrary to the law which I have known from Marxist philosophy.

    Quantity doesn’t turn into quality. Many times exposed, unclothed lie doesn’t turn into truth, just as oriental saying goes “However often you repeat ‘chalva’ you wouldn’t feel sweet in your mouth”.

    And lie doesn’t want to die. Why?

    I suspect there is something worse than lie, the more so as sometimes lie proved to be useful and necessary.

    Best regards

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