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Jewry’s ‘Total’ Control Of Amerika

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Jewry’s ‘Total’ Control Of Amerika
By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2012

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THE GOYIM IN AMERIKA have allowed Jewry to socially engineer them into fearing to criticize “the Jewish people.”

The oft-heard response by the Gentile mass man to any criticism of the Jews is:

“I have a great love for the Jewish people” (although he only knows one or two Jews) and, “My neighbor is Jewish and he’s a really nice guy.”

Yet, this “really nice Jewish guy” is in corporate unity (owing to his identifying as a “Jew”) with a highly organized race centered around a politically-charged religious bloc that has imposed its total control on Amerika:

Control of Amerika’s Money

The Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank loans ‘book-entried money’ to the US at interest. Both Greenspan and Bernanke recently confessed that the Fed was “privately-held.”

Control of Amerika’s Industry

Jewish Wall Street donates huge sums to presidential campaigns, playing both sides of the Right-Left hoax.

Jewish Investment Banks like Goldman Sachs underwrite the stocks of US corporations and thus dictate the offshoring of America’s blue and white collar manufacturing jobs to China and India for cheap labor and BIG profits.

Control of Amerika’s Politicians

Both the Republican and Democrat Parties are manipulated by Jewish money.

The Jewish-controlled Republican Party decided to snub Ron Paul, forbidding him to speak at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Control of Amerika’s Media

Jews, NOT Gerald Celente’s “Presstitutes” or Alex Jones’ “Corporate Elites,” own the entire Main Stream Media in Amerika. View Entire List Here.

Control of Amerika’s Military

The Military brass depends on the Jewish-owned Fed for their paychecks and on the Armaments Industry, whose stocks are underwritten by Jewish Investment Banks like Goldman Sachs, for their post-military careers & perks.

High-powered Jews sit on the Boards of Military manufacturers such as Kenneth Duberstein, Media consultant, who serves on the Board of the Boeing Company. And Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, is a verified stooge of the Jews. Chuckie & Leon were former roommates.

Control of Amerika’s Public Schools

The American Federation of Teachers is run by Jews and the ADL has infiltrated the Public Schools, brainwashing young children with homosexual and race-mixing/miscegenation books.

Control of Amerika’s Academia

Jewry donates huge grants to the Ivy League Schools and apparently places Jewish personnel in high positions such as David Skorton, President of Cornell.

Jewish Wall Street mogul, Sanford Weil, Chairman Emeritus of Citigroup, is a major benefactor of Cornell University and also funds 500 Academies via his National Academy Foundation.

Control of Amerika’s Supreme Court

Three Jews sit on the Supreme Court Bench: Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. While Jewry makes up less than 2% of the US population it maintains 33% representation on Amerika’s highest bench.

Control of Amerika’s Security, NGO’s, & Think Tanks.

Three Jews oversee our Spy Apparatus: Senators Joseph Lieberman, Chair of the Senate Committee for Homeland Security; Carl Levin, Head of the Senate Armed Services Committee; and Diane Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Two of the largest “think tanks” are the American Enterprise Institute and the Foreign Policy Initiative – once the Project for a New American Century. Both brought us the LIE of Saddam’s WMD and both are Jewish-Neocon dominated.

Non-Government Organizations, used by the CIA as covert operational entities, are Jewish-dominated. Billionaire Jew, George Soros, oversees a myriad of NGO’s.

The National Endowment for Democracy — a CIA cover — is Jewish-run.

AMERICA WAS ONCE the ‘home of the brave’ and the ‘land of the free.’ Today, Amerika is the home of the Jews and the land of Gentile slaves.

But to aim one single criticism at just one single Jew is not only taboo it could get you a One Way Ticket to Guantanamo Bay…

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Brother Nathanael @ August 8, 2012


  1. Brother Nathanael August 8, 2012 @ 7:53 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family.

    I worked for 3 days straight on this one. It was a long, toilsome effort, BUT, it HAD TO BE DONE.

    I wanted to PROVE to the masses that JEWRY RULES AMERIKA…(to American people’s destruction)…and think I’ve proved it!

    I won’t get many thanks, but rather, insults and death threats: INSULTS from college educated “enlightened” and “tolerant” ones who just “LOVE THE JEWISH PEOPLE” (though they only know one or two Jews) and DEATH THREATS by “threatened” Jews who just can’t bear to be EXPOSED.

    And I won’t get many donations either since only a FEW help me financially — much to my discouragement and daily struggle to pay the bills. If I was an hourly wage earner I would be making around 5 cents an hour with NO benefits.

    Here is what I have to pay for:

    Two Sophisticated Dedicated Servers/Lite Speed for all of my Websites; Webmaster; Computer Tech; Sophisticated Anti-Hacking Software; Anti-Pirating; News Service Subscriptions; Three Web Sites (Real Jew News; The Brother Nathanael Foundation;; Research Materials; New Projects (TV show, Stop The Menorah Project, National Nativity Scene Project); Legal Fees; Sophisticated Software/Expert Help for Producing the state-of-the-art Videos; Etc & Etc.

    I am ALSO engaged in a New Effort: “The Stop The Menorah Project.”

    So far only two people have donated to it for $70 total. But the initial bill from the major Law Firm is $1000. The Law Firm put together a detailed PLAN OF ACTION. We will soon be moving into Phase Two. (To Donate to this Project please specify: “Stop The Menorah Fund.”)

    Will You Please Consider Helping Me Financially To Continue With Articles, Videos, & Street Evangelism?

    To Donate Via PayPal CLICK:

    By Mail:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    May Christ Bless Us All!

    Be Sure To Check Out My NEW Website, “Brother Nathanael’s Amazing Videos” // “” @

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Publisher, Real Jew News

    PS Many Thanks to all who send in Cash Donations.

    All cash donations arrive SAFELY and SECURELY.

    PPS – AS YOU CAN SEE: I am BACK on Schedule with One Video & One Article Per Week!

    PPPS – Sinclair News just put up a MISLEADING article: “Ron Paul WILL Speak AT RNC.”

    Yet the RNC source told Sinclair that he would not confirm or deny that Ron Paul “WILL” speak. This is irresponsible reporting much like what goes for faux “intel” reporting on Veterans Today.

  2. Brother Nathanael August 8, 2012 @ 8:40 pm

    Dear All.

    Sinclair News just put up a MISLEADING article: “Source Tells Sinclair News Ron Paul WILL Speak @ RNC Convention.”

    Yet IN REALITY the RNC source told Sinclair that he would not confirm or deny that Ron Paul “WILL” speak.

    This is irresponsible reporting much like what goes for faux “intel” reporting on Veterans Today.

  3. KathJuliane August 8, 2012 @ 9:09 pm

    Dear +BN,

    Dynamite consolidation of all the Jewish Power Towers and political gears and monetary levers across aspects of American society. God bless you, for this took a lot of work.

    Particularly notable is your naming the Jewish stranglehold on American Public Schools and Academia, which is seldom identified as such rather than more generic and non-descript “liberal education.”

    This really needs to be identified and exposed as yet another embedded network of Jewish Zionist Nationalism in American politics which is seldom addressed which has gradually corrupted the educational system across the country.

    Blacks, in fact, had a high very high rate of literacy until the major Jew-dominated changes 30s, comparable to Whites.

    See well footnoted 1996 article:

    “The Dumbbell Curve”

    “Since American teachers switched in the 1930s from reading instruction that worked for everyone to reading instruction that neuroscientists now tell us doesn’t work for anyone, school-produced illiteracy has soared.

    “And it is illiteracy–not low IQ–that is not only responsible for decades of declining test scores but is also critically linked to every critical social problem in Oklahoma and nationwide.

    by Regna Lee Wood

    June 1996

    “Regna Lee Wood, who is already a major national resource because of her brilliant analyses of illiteracy, shows in relentless detail the extent to which Murray and Herrnstein [Jews, ya think?], authors of “The Bell Curve,” ignore the effect of illiteracy on scores on IQ and other tests. We are not, she argues persuasively, facing a crisis of intelligence but one of literacy.”

    –Dr. John Silber, Chancellor Boston University

    Not to be forgotten, however, is the Judeo-Communist-Socialist hand behind the organization of the teachers’ unions as well, like the Brooklyn teachers’union organizer and Socialist “tough liberal” Jew, Albert Shanker in the ’60s, when Jews dominated Black schooling in the ghettoes.

    Excerpts from a 2007 book review at Education Next by a Jewish Harvard professor, Nathan Glazer:

    “Shanker, leader of the New York City teachers union, shook the city with a series of strikes to defend the rights of [mostly Jewish] teachers who had been dismissed from Brooklyn schools.

    “The schools were part of an experiment in “community control,” an approach to school reform then favored by liberals and Black activists. The community in this case was Black, and those governing the schools under the experimental program demanded Black teachers and Black principals.

    “There were few in the New York City public schools at the time. Many teachers and principals were Jews, and members of that religious group, as schoolteachers, social workers, shopkeepers, and small landlords, were seen by black militants as the exploiters of African Americans.”

    “…Community control over city schools pitted Blacks against Jews. When, during one of these disruptive strikes, an anti-Semitic leaflet appeared, Shanker did not hesitate to reproduce it in the hundreds of thousands to paint his Black opponents as Jew-haters. He was denounced for exacerbating group tensions in a difficult time.

    “In the early 1960s, Shanker had played a leading role in organizing 50,000 of New York City’s public school teachers. He was one of a group of tough union leaders who in defiance of state law led strikes by public employees, disrupted the lives of millions, and went to jail as a result…”

    So, Shanker was actually organizing mostly Jewish teachers starting with Brooklyn, and consolidating the power of New York Jewry in general.

    Good to see that you are perservering, dear +BN, despite some setbacks, for you stand on the side of Christ, the Apostles and the angels. My contribution is on the way.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  4. breckandy August 8, 2012 @ 9:16 pm

    You are very straightforward and get the message out and I am thankful for your message and websites.

    Others like Celente, Jones, Sinclair, Veterans Today are less direct but we know what/who they are talking about. We get it.

    Cut them a little slack, we like them too — times are changing.

  5. $10 Bagel August 8, 2012 @ 10:57 pm

    I just got through reading Celente’s Trends Journal for Spring of 2012. In bold print reads his famous line, “All aboard the Auschwitz Express!”

    Does Celente really know who or what he is talking about? He has the same affliction to the JEW word that Webster Tarpley has and I recognize a few Jewish surnames from Celente’s list of employees.

    Come on Celente! Stop the lies against WW2 Germany and start speaking the entire truth.

    What can I say about Veterans Today? Well, VT is hardly worth mentioning. I used to read the website occasionally, but I found little to no value.

  6. Has C. August 9, 2012 @ 2:20 am

    It’s good that +BN links the friendly kosher neighbour with the totality of the problem.

    The strength of the tribe is precisely the combination of high-powered moguls and their lesser brethren, who will always support the juggernaut, when push comes to shove.
    It looks like the subject of “Veterans Today,” and Gordon Duff in particular, needs some elucidating.

    The man Duff is appearing in many podcasts and is being invited as a commentator to the Iranian Press TV. He fashions himself as an “intelligence insider” and his “VT” as an “unofficial voice of the intelligence community,” as if something like this even existed.

    Carolyn Yeager has shown that Duff, along with shills like Tarpley and Jones, is a disinfo artist, apparently unable to write a coherent sentence which actually means something. He also excels in disingenuous bashing of NS Germany.

    I don’t think one can take Celente more seriously than a Gypsy woman telling fortunes either.

    The only approach is straight talk, +BN’s forte, along with a few others like Spingola, Piper, Glenn, JB Campbell and the young ZCF.

    If anybody here has different view on “VT” and Gordon Duff, I would love to hear from them.

  7. Stephen Langston August 9, 2012 @ 2:45 am

    Brother Nathanial,

    What a bunch of hypocrites, these Zionists!

    Here in SW Virginia we had some thugs from the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center go after a rural school in a predominantly Christian county to get a posting of the ten commandments removed from a bulletin board! Almost everyone in the county was totally against it.

    And yet the big THEY can erect a blatantly “religious” symbol on the White House lawn, and NO action is taken!

    I am personally doing what I can to wake people up to who the real rulers of America are and to enlighten them as to how they’ve been brainwashed to reject Christianity, the only hope for this dying nation.

    If I could contribute to your mission I would, but we are struggling like crazy — no thanks to the brutal credit and corporate monopolies that have us under their thumb!

    Life is tough but John 16:33 says, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

  8. Santiago August 9, 2012 @ 6:16 am

    To be read in 2050: Once upon the time there was a group of people united as a nation self named the “American People”.

    By the twenty-first century, such nation simply stopped existing.

  9. John Banning August 9, 2012 @ 7:30 am


    Do you think we will be able to take back control from the people non-violently?

    Do you suppose they’ll say “Ok damn it, we’re tired of screwing with you? Go ahead you can have the USA, we’re leaving.”

  10. JOHNNY BARTEE August 9, 2012 @ 8:33 am

    Excellent work Bro!

    You have covered the federal level. But there’s more! The same situation exists on the Local and State levels as well. These Christian and Jewish Zionists are embedded like ticks on a dog, really bad.

    Someone posed a question regarding getting America back without using force. I don’t believe that feat is possible.

    The Zionists know savagery very well and have killed millions to get where they are. THEY USE DEADLY FORCE. To think America can be taken from them using anything less than massive lethal force and total extermination is pure folly.

  11. Justin August 9, 2012 @ 8:45 am

    People can take the nation back to its Christian heritage.

    It will take, however, full confidence in Christ our God and his Holy Orthodox Church. Remember what BN+ instructed us to do get down on your knees people ask the Lord Jesus Christ to give us our nation back.

    Also on the subject of Ron Paul of course the Jew-run Zio-Nazi Republicans won’t let him speak because of his “diplomatic views” (ending aid to IsraHELL).

    On the subject of Jews running the education system: Amerika used to teach noble virtue to its children. Now they get sodomy, promiscuity, devil worship/holocaustianity shoved down their throats.

    Amerika is definately at the 11th hour. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you.

  12. Arjan August 9, 2012 @ 9:26 am

    It is so engrainded in people’s minds that the word Nazi means something terrible, that they even call Jews Nazi’s.

    The de-Nazification of Germany was equal to the Chinese cultural revolution.

    The truth was stomped out of people’s memories by use of terror and reeducation and subsequently replaced with a kosher lie.

    To be free means to not be afraid of the truth. People enslave themselves by seasoning their own way of thinking with Kosher salt.

  13. LT August 9, 2012 @ 10:11 am

    Hi All,

    First off, I want to thank YOU, Brother Nathanael, for all that you do, and thanks for this straight-forward, easy-to-digest article. If a reader can’t understand the entire Jewish control of American life from this article, they aren’t going to get it, EVER!

    One point that this article makes is, and something I’m sure we’ve all encountered, is the White person who says he “loves the Jewish people… …my neighbor is Jewish… …they’re good people…” and so on.

    This is all said while the person probably doesn’t personally know 2 Jews. Sadly, many of those spouting this rhetoric actually BELIEVE this lie; that is where we can make our “move.” As I’ve said before, it’s up to each of us to INDIVIDUALLY make a difference, and these people give us just that chance!

    Let me relate an example from my own life. A friend and I were recently discussing politics and he made the comment that he knew how I felt (and could show) where Jews had done so many horrible things to destroy this country, but he’d never had any negative contact or negative effects from a Jew or Jewry as a whole.

    My response was to ask him if he had a dollar in his wallet, which he did, and I asked him to read me what was at the top, which is “Federal Reserve Note.”

    I went on to explain to him about the Federal Reserve system and how Jews have run it since Day 1 and how they control our currency, thus giving my friend FREQUENT contact with Jewry’s control over our lives.

    Next, I asked him how much he paid for health insurance, and he answered me with a fairly high (astronomical) rate. I asked him if that really hurt his budget, to which he said it did.

    I went on to explain how most all medicine practiced today is “Defensive Medicine,” which is numerous, expensive tests and procedures that, 99.9% of the time, are not necessary, are expensive, and serve only the purpose to protect the doctor from lawsuits. Those costs are passed on to the consumer, him.

    I then reminded him who the lawyers are that started this hyper-litigious society we live in–the Jew. Further proof of the Jew negatively impacting his life.

    I went on to ask if he knew anyone in the military since WWI, or moreover, asked if he’d known anyone killed in combat since WWI, to which he sadly answered yes, during Iraqi Freedom.

    I then explained to him (all other theories aside), that the main reason every Muslim on the planet hates us is because we support the illegal state of Israel.

    Furthermore, I went on to explain how EVERY war in which the U.S. has fought since WWI has been caused by, or because of Jews and Jewry. WWII needs no explanation, here (Although I told him how we should have done as Patton wanted and re-armed the Germans to fight the Russian/Jewish Communists).

    I pointed out how Korea and Vietnam were both wars, superficially, at least, to contain Jewish Communism. Basically, we’ve either fought for the Jews, against their Communist hordes, or battled Israel’s enemies on behalf of the evil state of Israel.

    The last example I gave almost piggybacks the previous example, and this is gasoline prices. I pointed out to him what countries control the world’s oil supply and who their enemy is (Israel.)

    Secondly, the many of the major oil companies have Jewish controlling interests (i.e. Rothschild’s Royal Dutch Shell). Oil prices get dually manipulated by Jews!

    In the face of all of this evidence and examples, it seemed his idea that “Jews are good people” evaporated like a drop of water on the sun.

    Moreover, his notion that his life had never been impacted by a Jew went out the window, too! A reasonable person, provided reasonable, concrete proof will, reasonably, change his or her mind.

    When the average person is directly confronted with how Zionist Jewry is sucking their wallet dry, destroying their livelihood, and ruining their children’s future, he will see the evil Jew for what it is!

    Now, my friend is a true ally in the fight against Zionist Jewry and shares with others his experience, awakening to the truth and views now.

    There are many, many, more examples of how the average man or woman’s life is negatively impacted (to say the least!) by Jewry.

    Again, it’s up to us as true patriots and lovers of our once-great nation to enlighten our brothers and sisters. We need to not only awaken them to the evils of Jewry, but we need to enlighten them to their treasured birthright and teach them to jealously guard it!

    One by one, WE can each make a difference!

    Brother Nathanael FAITHFULLY provides us the information we need to make these points, and they are painstakingly cited, referenced and documented. All we must do is pass it on! If we open people’s eyes to the truth, we ensure our children’s birthright and future.

    Remember, we only need to each change one mind, and we can regain control of our country!

    God Bless!

  14. kmarie August 9, 2012 @ 11:59 am

    Good work, LT!

    And good work, Brother Nathanael, as always!

    Last night I heard a local pastor criticize John Hagee’s teachings, saying that there is too much emphasis and importance placed on the Jews, and not enough on Jesus. A small spark of light, to be sure, but it takes small sparks to get large fires going!

  15. The Elder of Zyklon-B August 9, 2012 @ 1:06 pm

    As usual, our Brother Nathanael spells it all out like none others. Even for those of us who are well aware of what he comes up with, there is always something new.

    For me this time it is Panetta being an old congress critter roommate of Chuckie. These freaks are nauseating, but alas, the Amerikan goyim LOVE their talmudic system and talmud boys/girls.

    If you don’t believe me, just try sharing the information in this BN writeup with them. Trust me, it’s not a good idea if you want to maintain decent relationships with them. It is REALLY a bad idea if they are your supervisors in work relationships. Even if they like you, they won’t for long if you happen to be a bit iron-brained like myself.

    Thanks for mentioning the faux “intel” reporting on Veterans Today Brother Nathanael. I still go there to see what they are saying, but I have been very distrustful about the site for a good while now.

    I have a difficult time explaining my dubious view of VT. They bring on people like Dr. Ingrid Zündel, wife of Ernst Zündel and it is tempting for someone like me to let my guard down.

    Too many times after reading there it just seem like there is MUCH going on with this site behind the scenes.

    Sort of OT here folks, but Brother Nathanael’s “black is brown is tan” imagery for this article made me think of what I ran across in the jewsmedia yesterday.

    This is great photographic evidence of post WWII talmudic governance/mind control accomplishments.

    Do you think there is any doubt that Dirk’s Jewish NBA team owner Mark Cuban is loving every minute of it? Oh, yes, and the FANS too will think this is just TOO COOL.

  16. Den Zendjan August 9, 2012 @ 1:49 pm

    NYT = All That Jews See Fit to Print.

  17. abbadon August 9, 2012 @ 5:22 pm


    I would love to support your effort and will as soon as possible.

    As one myself who has tried to bring attention to the satanic plans of the Zionist, I have been openly crushed financially.

    May God and His Son Jesus Christ protect you.

    Thank you.

  18. jack August 9, 2012 @ 5:27 pm

    Brother Nathanael whats your opinion on the Pussy Riot affair?

  19. Kyle August 9, 2012 @ 6:43 pm

    Super-spooky, but we ARE waking up.

  20. p3 August 9, 2012 @ 6:43 pm

    my master the venerable hsuan hua said;
    “truly recognize your own faults and don’t discuss the faults of others.
    others faults are just your own.
    being one with all living beings is called great compassion.”
    so bro, you got any greed?
    as for them… they cannot escape the retribution for their actions.
    rest assured, you, me, we, them, will all, eventually get across the sea of suffering to the other shore of liberation and nirvana.
    or heavenly bliss, as you will.

  21. Bruce August 9, 2012 @ 8:17 pm


    Well, as I see it, Brother Nathanael has the backbone to name names and expose them; Celente, Jones, et al are spineless.

    They know whose buttering their bread.

    It is all or nothing; no sense dancing around the subject. Thus, no slack in my opinion shall be given to them.

  22. Eileen Kuch August 9, 2012 @ 9:34 pm

    Thank you, BN, for this eye-opening article.

    You’re in a class by yourself; the only ethnic Jew in recent history to renounce Talmudic Judaism, convert to Christianity, and become an Orthodox monk. To Organized Jewry, that action must certainly put your life in grave jeopardy. I salute you.

    John Haggee – the so-called leader of the large Evangelical Christian congregation known as “Christian Zionists for Israel” – is the kind of false prophet that Jesus Christ has warned us about.

    He is an apostate, a follower of Satan; his followers are nothing more than tools – too stupid to recognize him for what he truly is. They need to wake up and follow Jesus’ teachings, not those of a false preacher such as Haggee.

    Israel is NO friend of Christianity. All these Evangelicals need to do is look at Bethlehem – the birthplace of Jesus – with the Church of the Nativity as its main Christian Holy Site under attack by extremist Jews and the Israeli military.

    UNESCO has designated Bethlehem and its religious holy sites as endangered; thus, Israel has an obligation to protect these sites from harm.

    We’ll never hear this from the Jew-controlled media, just as we never heard the truth about Ron Paul. We learned the truth from the Internet – especially from Jeff Rense’s website and your articles.

    The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land; yet, the current and previous regimes totally disregarded it.

    We must return to the values of the Founding Fathers; end the wars of aggression both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama Regimes have (and are still waging) in both Afghanistan and Iraq; close the 900+ military bases scattered across over 130 countries worldwide and bring the troops home; put 30% of them at our southern border with Mexico and the rest into their own states’ National Guards; put an end to subsidizing Israel and fix our own crumbling infrastructure; and, not least, put America first.

  23. Neophit August 9, 2012 @ 11:59 pm

    @Eileen Kuch

    They need to end all wars, pull the troops out from all over the globe, U.S. has more troops all over the globe more so than any other nation ever since this world was created. Hence why America is a prime candidate for this NWO, along with EU/NATO/UNPROFOR etc.

    They are unfortunately relying on U.S. to conduct various forms of false flags, unnecessary wars. Though I think if U.S. were to break off into 50 new countries they would just move elsewhere and exploit a new country; fund it, provide it with unlimited income/debt in order to achieve their agenda and build the next world super-power. (Or that seems to be the motto).

    “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9).

    We are indeed fighting not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, and against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    The fight will be desperate, for we fight also against vested interests, against people who have argued themselves into believing that black is white. We may even be fighting the long defeat; but we have to fight on, beyond hope, for righteousness sake.

    First and foremost with God’s help we might, in some incredible and totally wonderful way, just win. Dont give up as LT pointed out the power lies WITHIN YOU!

    God Bless,

    IC XC
    NI KA

  24. arjan August 10, 2012 @ 6:37 am

    A short history lesson about imperial Russia, which resisted Jewish central banks:

    The compounding effect of money borrowed into existence will turn any population into slaves to the bank over time. No escape period.

    The reverse however of free money to the people and by the people, will create prosperity and freedom.

    Even a broke country can still create wealth, because all wealth is created by labor. Gold is just a storing place of wealth.

    I think with the whole world run by central banks, country’s with a “peoples” bank, like Iran, must protect their gold, and play the game with monopoly money. Of course these countries are at financial war with the Jewish global financial elite.

    A good way to look at a country’s standard of living is to look at their infra-structure and housing. Not just at the GDP per capita (in fiat money). The CIA fact book is a good source of information.

  25. van helsing August 10, 2012 @ 6:56 am

    It’s amazing how hideous these Joos are, for how America saved them in WW2 and now they repay that good deed by going over and destroying the country that saved their sorry despicable asses.

    Karma is going to be a —–. BN is a hero and prophet, he must be supported generously.

    And he must be promoted for all the world to wake up to these monstrously evil people.

  26. five words August 10, 2012 @ 7:17 am

    Stop Feeding The Damn Parasites!

  27. voltaire August 10, 2012 @ 8:47 am

    I would recommend that everyone who visits this site also start reading the books published by the late Israeli author Israel Shahak.

    Shahak (unlike faux critics of Israel like Noam Chomsky or Amy Goodman) was so hated by the Jewish establishment during his lifetime in the US that they constantly sought to deny him visas for entry into the US for his speaking tours.

    When they were unable to do so they had to satisfy themselves by trying to deny Shahak places to speak. If they were unsuccessful and doing this then they did their best to physically disrupt his speeches.

    Shahak pointed out in one of his books (available on Amazon) that Judaism actually had only two cardinal sins: getting another Jew in trouble and blasphemy. The first of these sins is quite obvious. The second sin of blasphemy is much more subtle.

    After all, Jews are often atheists are are quite critical about any form of religion and yet they remain respected Jews. As a result of this I couldn’t quite figure out what Shahak mean by blasphemy.

    Then it suddenly occurred to me. Blasphemy is going against the current Jewish opinion on virtually any historical event or current opinion under the aegis of organized Jewry.

    When a person criticizes the Jewish death figures of World War Two, he is committing blasphemy.

    When a person claims that someone like Leo Frank might have in fact been guilty of the murder of Mary Phagan he is in fact not voicing an opinion but is actually committing blasphemy and should be punished.

    When a person disputes the innocence of French Captain Alfred Dreyfus his is being blasphemous.

    Currently, opponents of gay marriage are also suffering similar charges of blasphemy since the promotion of gay marriage had become an article of Jewish faith.

    This sort of blasphemy against current Jewish theology is punished severely. We all know how it can put you in prison in Europe.

    A few years ago two French generals said that they thought that Jewish martyr Captain Alfred Dreyfus might have actually been guilty of spying for the Germans.

    All hell then broke lose in the French media and French government. The two generals were quickly brought up on charges and court martialed. Their guilt was preordained.

    Their punishment for this blasphemy was unusually severe however. They were not only fired from the French army, they also lost their pensions for for decades of military service.

    Such severe punishments were meant to be a lesson to others to not challenge the current Jewish orthodoxy and thereby commit blasphemy. It also sought to show the stupid Goyim who was in fact was actually in charge.

    A short time ago two scientists claimed that their findings using the CERN accelerator MIGHT prove that Einstein’s theories about the speed of light might be wrong. In making this claims they were challenging Einstein, a Jewish holy figure.

    The two were dismissed from their jobs when it was claimed that their research might have been faulty. (Luckily and as far as I know they didn’t lose their pensions however, to my knowledge.)

    I can think of no other scientific field in which disputes about current theories are punished so severely as they are when they dispute Einstein’s claims. But of course these two men should have known in advance that by challenging Einstein’s theories they weren’t just voicing their opinion.

    They were actually committing blasphemy.

  28. Taylor August 10, 2012 @ 9:43 am

    To: BN

    For those folks fairly new to your site and also somewhat of neophytes in recognizing “who is who” at the higher echelons of the federal government, I think it would be helpful to add Chuckie’s last name.

    While most of us know exactly who you refer to (when alluding to the despicable New York Senator Charles Schumer), there will be some with insufficient knowledge base to make the connection.

    Great piece. Thanks as always. Hope you got my small donation in the mail a few weeks ago.

  29. Nancy Williams August 10, 2012 @ 9:52 am

    I think that a small group of people with that much control has done something right to get where they are. We live next to a Jewish family (non-Zionist) who have children that are driven to succeed.

    These Jewish kids are knowledgeable on things my own children don’t seem to care about. They want their video games. Not too many 14 year olds can talk to my husband about politics but these kids care about the community, government and I give them credit.

    With only 1% population being Jew I don’t blame every Jew for what’s wrong with America. Theres no Jew stopping me from writing here.

    The bottom line is most people in America don’t seem to care about what’s going on with our country. I once asks my children’s friends to point to Texas on our world map and only one out of ten could do it.

    These were high school students ! While we do seem to have an abundance of Jewish influence in our country most live in just three states.

    Start your own newspapers, start your own networks, business, etc., and reach out and care about your community.

    Stop looking to blame for a lot that’s our own fault.

    You can’t take back a country when most don’t even know where our own states in this country even are. We can’t all be that stupid or are they just smarter?

  30. John Banning August 10, 2012 @ 11:05 am

    Isn’t it great the intelligent White race keeps doing the Jew’s dirty work?

    How could they have destroyed Russia without a powerful country like Germany?

    They just provoked a war because a Bosnian Serb and Austrian subject shot a duke and his wife. The whole purpose for the war was to weaken Russia so they could take control and make them suffer, and it worked wonderful.

    After Russia was weakened they simply took control and pull out of the war and the Jews said, “You all can continue. We thank you ignorant soldiers for weakening Russia and now the Russians will pay.”

    So Germany is blamed for a war the Jews started, and has to pay for the war they tried to call it off and just go back to the way everything was before the war. But the Jews pulled America into the war.

    WWII was to weaken Germany, so they would not pull ahead of Britain on the high seas.

    Those Jews just know how to take care of problems. I bet they could solve our drug problem in America.

    First they would strip search everything and that would put a stop to it. But they wouldn’t have a CIA selling the drugs, so they have less to fool with.

  31. Brother Nathanael August 10, 2012 @ 11:17 am


    If you click on the embedded hyperlink in my article above at “former roommates” highlighted in red which sends the reader to:

    regarding “Chuckie & Leon” being “former roommates” you will see Chuckie’s last name: “Schumer.” It’s plain as day.

    (I work for hours on these embedded hyperlinks to PROVE my points.)

    AND – Yes, I did receive your cash donation. Thank You! +BN

  32. Craig E August 10, 2012 @ 11:19 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael

    I offer you the greatest respect from England. Of course you are well aware that the British Parliament is Zionist occupied and has been since Lionel of the red Satanic shield (de Rothschild) was allowed to stand for Parliament.

    My country was owned earlier that this with the satanic family backing both the British and the French in the Napoleonic wars and cleaning up in the London usury casino. The first world war, the second world war: it’s heartbreaking.

    But the past is the past and all we can do is influence the present and the future. We’ve allowed them to push us into wars with our German and our Russian brothers in the past. We can not allow this again. Nor can we allow ourselves to turn against the Moslem, who is been played just as much as we are.

    It’s in our hands. All we have to do is disengage from their filthy Babylonian system.

    Best wishes and more power to your elbow!


  33. Brother Nathanael August 10, 2012 @ 11:25 am

    @Nancy Williams –

    You can’t see the forest for the trees.

    And the trees you are seeing are rotten to the core.

    “These Jewish kids” you speak of in such glowing terms of course “care about the community and POLITICS” for ONE purpose: For What’s Good For The Jews.

    And of course “no Jew is stopping you” from posting a comment here on this Website.

    BUT, try to get a front page headline on how the JEWS ARE CAUSING THE DISPOSSESSION AND MURDER of the Syrian Orthodox Christians in the Jewmerika-supported al-Qaeda invasion of the sovereign nation of Syria and your headline will HIT THE JEW TRASH CAN.

    And call for all the Jew-puppets beginning at the White House for supporting al-Qaeda in Syria in VIOLATION of their own NDAA law to be thrown in some dungeon for life without a trial and YOU will be the one sent to Gitmo.

    And you say that Jews mostly live in only 3 states of Jewmerica? What a laugh.

    Jews have infiltrated the political process of EVERY STATE of Jewmerica and have set up their synagogues of satan in EVERY STATE of Jewmerica. You act like you’re so smart but you are actually quite profoundly stupid.

    You are deceived dear Nancy Williams.

    You have been DUMBED DOWN like the rest of the Goyim by Jewry’s control of the media, public schools, and academia.

    +Brother Nathanael
    Former Jew With The Inside Track
    Now an Orthodox Christian

  34. phil August 10, 2012 @ 1:37 pm

    744 — This page is one of the best ever truthful/ironical must read … slavery is alive and well.

  35. Nancy Williams August 10, 2012 @ 8:30 pm

    With respect I would beg to differ Brother Nathanael.

    The kids volunteer to help in many activities in our community. The father is a doctor who is also civic minded and has even helped some of the sick in our church without charge. It’s hard not to be thankful to him because of his helping out when nobody else would step up.

    I would have liked to hear more of your opinion on us taking care of business rather then blaming Jews for all of the countries ills. If a Jew is not a Zonist is that o.k. with you or is it all Jews are just plain no good ?

    What would be your idea of taking our country back ?

    This is not Nazi Germany, and if it was, they would take you out and send you to the ovens along with all the rest of the Jews so what do you suggest ?

    I still think that my idea of excelling academically is the way to go. These Jews have been around for a long time while others have perished. There’s still many more of us at 97% against 3% so I don’t think they could be everywhere.

    How did these people get into office anyway ? Don’t some of these people have to be voted in?

    When I start to see some of the young people start caring about our community and learn something other then what’s on the idiot box I would be more encouraged, but we deserve what we get if not enough seem to care.

    I’ve always believed to be responcible for your own actions and not put the blame on others or there will never be success and look around, I think i’m right.

  36. Brother Nathanael August 10, 2012 @ 8:59 pm

    @Nancy Williams

    You say: “I think I’m right.”

    I say: “I think you’re stupid.”

    You see dear Nancy, your “friendly Jew doctor” is part of the Jewish hydra — SO LONG AS HE IDENTIFIES AS A JEW — that has SEIZED CONTROL of Jewmerica.

    Your “friendly Jewish doctor” SO LONG AS HE IDENTIFIES AS A JEW is involved in the Jewish corporate GUILT of DEICIDE: “Crucify Him, Crucify Him! His blood be upon us and upon our children!”

    Now listen to me and this is the LAST WORD because you are too stupid for me to continue to waste my time.

    You say that “How did these Jews get to be in office anyways? Don’t they need to be voted in?”

    Tell me, WHY DIDN’T RON PAUL GET ANY MEDIA COVERAGE? Because JEWS decide who gets the coverage AND THE MONEY BACKING in ALL elections.

    Thus the JEW OWNED media IGNORED Ron Paul TOTALLY. They tried smearing him once about some old newsletters and that was the ONLY COVERAGE the WICKED JEWS gave him.

    Jews got rid of the honorable Charles Percy and the honorable Paul Findley and POISONED Congressman McFadden.

    How did they do it? They propped up an opposing candidate POURED MILLIONS into their campaigns with HUGE MEDIA COVERAGE and destroyed Percy and Findley.

    Jewry POURS MILLIONS into ALL THE JEWS who RUN CAPITAL HILL now: Feinstein, Levin (who brought YOU the NDAA), Lieberman who SPIES on YOU the wretched CHRIST-HATING JEW.

    Now listen to me you dumbed-down “Goy.” (That’s what the Jews call you and have done to you…DUMBED YOU DOWN.)

    And they USE (and laugh at) “Jew-lovers” like you. See if Chertoff “loves you” when he puts you through his JEW-SCANNER in a TSA line and strips you the “shiksa” naked.

    Start reading my Articles and watch my Videos and get an education on HOW THE JEWS destroyed our nation.

    I NAME THE NAMES. No one else names the names. If we don’t NAME THE NAMES — “J E W S” — then Jewmerika has no chance of a moral, Spiritual, or economic, recovery.


    +Brother Nathanael

  37. Michael August 11, 2012 @ 12:12 am


    There are some Jews that are “benign” (I have some Jewish , anti-Zionist friends) but I think, and this is Br. Nathanaels point:

    There is an inordinant number of Jews in positions of contol and leadership, that are not steering this nation in a good direction.

    There is too much passive inactiviy in Gentiles, but raise your head and confront TPTB (Jewish) that he refers to and look out.

    Historian Alfred Liliethal was attacked for doing so. Former Congressman Paul Findley wrote “They Dare Speak Out” about the vengence and career attacks imposed on anyone in Congress who stands up to the Jewish/Zionsit Lobby.

    Like what Congressman Jim Traficant experienced and was imprisoned on false pretext. He rightly called Congress, “Israeli occupied territory.”

    Zionist/Jewry’s control in America is because Christians and others have been lax, but it is more than that. There is an relentless Jewish drive to control and dominate. It is guided by the Talmud a lot, which is anti-Christian at its core.

    Famed pastor Richard Wurbrand, who was Jewish, but became a believer had a Masonic brother, he confronted him about Jesus Christ, being the Messiah, his brother argued, “No, we the Jewish people are the Messiah.”

    Jews were heavily involved in the Bolshevik revoltuion. Karl Marx, Lenin were Jewish. Hitler was financed and helped by Zionists.

    Dr. Henry Makow (check his articles at a Jew himself, observed Jewish “rejection of personal salvation in Christ, has led them into many isms, ie Zionism, Communism..etc) They are heavily involved in promoting the New World Order, which is nothing more than old world communism and worse.

    I will post an article by former Israeli soldier and now an Christian.

    If the link does not post you can search the article on his website: “Solving America’s Jewish Problem.”

    Roy is under constant threat and a political prisoner in Bolivia, because of Israel, which is run by the same Talmudic/Pharisaic phiolosphy that persecuted Jesus. Largely they hate Jesus and Christianity but will use them for political purposes. Alfred Lilienthal observed and documented this.

    Lastly, you can read former NSA analyst Jim Stones article: “My Experience With The Jewish Community” Jim spent two years in Synagogue to convert, I will let you read what happened.

    Roy Tov, also has posted a link on his website to the book: “The Plot Against Christianity” origianlly titled “The Jewish Religion and its Inflence Today”. Sorry, but for a former Israeli Army officer, who has become a Christian to say and post this material is very significant.

    And then there is Zionst defector and Christian, Benjamin Freedman, check out online his efforts to warn Americans years ago.


    Not sure if thats the link on Roy, his new website is in transition. it is, He is blunt, “yes America you do have a Jewish problem.”

    Blessings and Truth

  38. Robertvnik August 11, 2012 @ 12:40 am

    Brother Nathaniel,

    Aren’t you being a little harsh on Nancy?

    Only 10 years ago I too thought like her believing as I had been taught that the jews are God’s chosen and always the innocent victims who never do wrong etc. Typical sincere churchified stupid dumbed down goy was me.

    Years of truth seeking (to this I am dedicated) eventually showed even ‘thick as a brick’ me how misled I was.

    Then about 4 or 5 years ago I came across your website which has educated me so much more. Full credit to our God who has used a man like you to enlighten so many without regard for your own safety or earthly welfare.

    But I wasn’t your enemy and probably neither is Nancy although I got doubts about some dude called Peter.

    Promises are cheap but as soon as I wind up my failing business and get some wages coming in I intend to help out a bit.

  39. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2012 @ 1:11 am


    Yes, you’re right…I was a bit “harsh” with Nancy. But my patience with ‘Jew-defenders’ is wearing very thin.

    Time is running out..the Jews own Amerika…I’ll be 62 in a few weeks…and my life is in danger.


  40. $10 Bagel August 11, 2012 @ 1:27 am

    Nancy Williams does not realize that everything she has learned about ovens and gas chambers in the holohoax is total garbage.

    She wants to know if it’s just Zionist Jews or if the problem is collectively Jews.

    Well, Nancy, the Jews have been hatching their plan for a lot longer than Zionism has been around! Zionism is just one piece of the plan.

    Every Jew works to promote other Jews into positions of power and will help other Jews when they get into trouble. They spy on non-Jews and report to the ADL and JDL.

    Everyone knows a Jew and says well that person is nice. What they don’t realize is what they are doing behind your back!

  41. Baba August 11, 2012 @ 2:19 am

    Anyone with some extra money, please please please donate to Brother Nathanael.

    I am poor but I am sure there are people who have jobs; even 10.00 will help.

  42. Nancy Williams August 11, 2012 @ 2:49 am

    I’m sorry that I’m too stupid for you Brother Nathanael.

    Even if I thought that about a reader I would never use those harsh words with my readers on a web-site that seeks donations to help with the cost.

    I’m not your enemy and will pray for you sir.

    We’re not talking Jews here but out and out hate and I don’t see that as a healthy way to live for you Brother Nathanael. If your life is in any kind of danger, it’s because you walk around with hate in you rather then a Jew hiding in brush that will seek you out to do you harm.

    I thought I brought up some good points but Brother, you really never addressed them, but rather used them to just further your inflated ego while trying to hurt mine.

    We have but one planet here to figure out how to make things work out, there’s no where else to go.

    While I don’t think that what some of these Jewish people are doing is right, I’m not ready to throw the blanket over everyone of them or any other people.

    This doctor worked for a group called Doctors without Borders so it’s hard to knock a man who’s saving lives rather than hate his brothers.

    This planet is for everyone and we better figure things out because time is short.

    Again i’m not here to further any Jew cause but these people have contributed much in the way of medicine, technology, so I can’t as a Christian woman kick them to the curb but pray that they use their minds to do right as I have my friend that’s alive because of this man.

    What are you doing to help your fellow man Brother Nathanael? These people have been around for a long time and it does not look like they’re going anywhere. So my opinion is to help them to change their ways rather than let myself be consumed daily by them.

    I’ll then use my energy to move ahead on things that I can change.

    If you want some donations or even mine, you may want to rethink some of your ways here.

    That does not make me stupid now does it ?

  43. Karmen Nava August 11, 2012 @ 3:26 am

    I am perplexed by those who blame the Zionist Jews (the Jews from the synagogue of satan) for everything and others have evidences that the Jesuits are the real shakers and movers, and the Zionists Jews are their runners.

    I believe that there are a mixed bag of players all doing satan´s bidding. The satanists are the true manipulators of the human race and they come in many different forms, colors and titles.

    John 10:10 Jesus came to expose the religious leaders who prevented the people from knowing the Father YHWH.

    The Sermon of the Mount teaches us what Jesus stood for and how we should live.

  44. Wotan August 11, 2012 @ 5:57 am

    Michael August 11, 2012 @ 12:12 am

    You are trying to explain the world to Nancy, but it seems you are yourself a victim of Jewish mind manipulation. I cannot explain it rationally how, with all information available in print and in movies as of today, anybody could seriously maintain that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist agent and paid by Zionists.

    What you are saying is so evidently false that I am asking myself what the Jews may have done to your mind or what you yourself may have inflicted upon yourself to maintain such thing? It defies the natural order of things, indeed it defies nature itself! But for somebody who is recommending Makow it all may be consistent!

    And there are even some invisible hands, who seem to ensure that when you look for Bro Nat on Google these days, your attention will be drawn to Makow and I am not at all sure if this is favourable for Bro Nat.

    But in our careers we have all gone a long way and have sometimes wondered what kind of thing we have said five years ago. Maybe that experience, Michael, is still ahead of you!

  45. Wotan August 11, 2012 @ 6:25 am

    Brother Nathanael August 10, 2012 @ 8:59 pm

    Dear Bro Nat,

    There are some points, which one might add to your explanations toward Nancy.

    In the Jewish Talmud, the assertion is made that non-Jews have no soul and are worth, at best, a little less than an animal that can be killed at any time for the benefit of Jews.

    Apart from that the Jews assertion in the Talmud that their god (in the same image, ergo presumably circumcised) has created non-jews so that they can serve Jews as slaves.

    If Nancy is fully aware of this, and she still believes the Jews are nice people, then she must indeed be confused in the head.

    On the other hand, I am sure that Adolf Hitler didn`t get 90% of the German population behind himself by calling them stupid!

    But I admit, it`s a different world today and nobody can say for sure what is the right therapy!

  46. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2012 @ 6:32 am


    If I, as you assert, “walk around with hate in my heart,” does that mean that the Lord Jesus Christ, Who called the Jews who rejected Him “the sons of the devil” and of the “synagogue of Satan,” also “walked around with hate in His heart?”

    There are too many Jews who donate to me to prove your assertion about me wrong.

    Once again: Any Jew who identifies himself as a “JEW” is part of the evil hydra that has destroyed Amerika and is involved in the corporate Jewish GUILT of DEICIDE.


    Now start reading my Articles and my Videos. I pray that Christ will enlighten you.

    Moderators Take Notice.

    +Brother Nathanael

  47. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2012 @ 6:50 am


    The “right therapy” is honesty.

    I will continue being honest, telling it like it is, being loyal to the light of The Truth, NAMING THE JEW NAMES, in hopes of enlightening a few out of the myriads of those blinded by Jewish control of the media and education.

    Now if this means offending stupid yuppie “Goyim” and also offending sweet, polite Gentile “christians” like Nancy, as well as putting myself in harm’s way, then this is my lot in life.

    Why then do I continue?

    Because I believe that Christ has called me to EXPOSE the enemies of the Church of which He is the Head.

    You see, I am at war, just as the Jews are at war. And I’ve already landed a few deadly punches.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  48. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2012 @ 7:02 am

    @Karmen Nova

    The Jesuits today have absolutely no influence in world affairs as they did in the 17th century.

    JEWRY is the entity TODAY (and ever since the 17th-18th century) that has the power over what was once Christendom.

    I will not tolerate this kind of disinformation with regard to the “Jesuits.” Today’s Jesuits also have a “great love” for those simply wonderful “Jewish people.”

    Also, it is a grave error to reduce the teachings of Christ to only His Sermon on the Mount. +BN

  49. GEORGE S August 11, 2012 @ 7:43 am

    Its sad to see only 2 have donated to your project.

    l know I did so I am one of the only 2.

    Come on all, if we are to change things then we have to put our money where our mouths are and support Brother N.


  50. Wotan August 11, 2012 @ 8:05 am

    Dear Bro Nat,

    I was reading comments from down up. This may reflect in my replies. I think it is probably more intelligent to read the comments from up to down.

    Please, Bro Nat, rest at all times assured that I am one of your staunchest supporters, because the mix of your positions no matter if conscious or subconscious (Hegellian, Nietsche, Schopenhauer et al) interwoven with traditional Christianity as it was part of our occidental culture for 2000 years, and a 2000 years where the Jews were by no means at all times entirely inactive, but where the Christian Churches were helping predominantly to keep these buggers somehow under control, is an outlook which would be more welcome to me than nihilism or atheism per se.

    I think even if there may be some who push great folkish ideas, without including for a folkish movement the right kind of a perhaps somewhat militant Christianity the thing remains an empty package.

    Religious consciousness, it seems, is embedded in our genes, which reminds of Voltaire and his wavering.

    In that sense reading from up to down may present a different picture than the other way round. The false way is almost a bit like a nightmarish time machine, which navigates one safely back to Peter!

  51. Johann August 11, 2012 @ 8:23 am

    I don’t think Brother Nathanael was overly harsh on Nancy. He told her the truth, and the truth hurts – mainly due to our dumbed down state.

    “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” Gal. 4:16

    Brother Nathanael’s comment was also meant for all the rest of us – all us dumbed down Goys – for most of us still don’t fully comprehend the full extent of affairs taking place in the world today: and that is why we keep coming back here on a daily basis.

  52. bubba August 11, 2012 @ 8:37 am

    As BN+ has stated and re-iterated, he was ONCE an Orthodox Jew.

    He has provided a RARE insider’s view of what actually goes on inside the synagogue walls, versus stereotypes and ASS-U-ME.

    He also NAMES names….. so we understand the matrix and the key players. WHO else is doing this? Very few.

    I have been into the re-education process for several months..”I think I get it” ….but am absorbing more info to build a good comprehensive spectrum from others as well. The consistency is amazing….amongst many scholars….going back 100’s of years to the present…how could this be a lie ….it would be the greatest scripted hoax if it was.

    Now, the Jews are entitled to their beliefs…however, unlike most religions, their beliefs are the antithesis of others…aka we have an indentifiable enemy and NO, we will not turn the other cheek.

    This is a battle for your body and soul…a winner take all.

    Yes Nancy, I sit here and read about Judaica , and listen to the non MSM radio, and my spouse often says “why are you listening to all that stuff about Jews …again?”

    I don’t discuss it….we just agree to disagree as I don’t have an agenda to hurt the Jews.

    I want KNOWLEDGE..the TRUTH…..and dammit, if and when the time comes..I will DEFEND.

  53. bubba August 11, 2012 @ 8:40 am

    I came across this video…it is also very symbolic of Jews attitudes to truth seeking and preaching Goyim.

    ProThink punched by a Jew

    Also…it appears Jewry is succeeding in taking out various Anti Zionist blogs….like ZCF..who had posted his servers letter from the ADL

  54. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2012 @ 8:42 am


    I do not have a “mix of positions.” My integration is rooted in Biblical, Orthodox Church Tradition.

    I do not subscribe to the atheists: Hegel, Nietzsche, (an enemy of Christ), or Schopenhauer who I believe was a Jew. +BN

  55. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2012 @ 9:02 am

    @George S

    The law firm received the official Application for “events” on the Ellipse where the Hanukkah menorah is set up every December.

    Because I will be required to have a “support staff” to set up and maintain the Nativity Scene in DC with contact names and 24/7 contact phone #s in DC as well as presenting a legal defense against “protests” for having a CHRISTIAN symbol on White House property which the WICKED JEWS argue is a “violation” of the bogus “separation of church and state,” I am therefore forced to postpone this project until 2013 or indefinitely. I may have to scrap the project altogether.

    It turns out that this is a very expensive and most ambitious project.

    If I can barely pay to keep this site online how in the world can I pay for this project?

    Thus to you and the other who donated to this project I will be amenable to send a refund.

    However, I owe the law firm $1000 for its research and plan of action work and would use the donations to help pay for the law firm’s prepratory work which is part of the project’s expenses. +BN

  56. Dr Samuel Cross Jr August 11, 2012 @ 9:08 am

    Let us try to find out the truth.

    The jewish lobby thrives on the Holocaust and anti-semitism. Brother Nathanael is giving us the truth. if you disagree, give your facts – not generalizations.

    The jews were behind the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and killed 67 million Christians, including most of the priests, nuns, and monks. The bolshevik jews destroyed most of the Churches.

    In regards to the holocaust, 500,000 jews died not 6 million. Do a search on the Illuminati by Myron Fagin. He was a American Jewish playwright and he gives the 500,000 figure. He gives out much more info in his Illuminati article, which is very interesting and revealing.

    The jews control the the democratic and the republican partiesand the Congress. So we will have more wars in the Middle East and more people dying.

    The Mossad (jews) did 9-11 and also were in on the John Kennedy assassination (read Final Judgment by Michael Piper). The jews (Israel) deliberatly tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967 and blame it on Egypt so we would go to war against Egypt.

    I could write much more. The jews gave us the Federal Reserve, the 16th income tax amendment, and the 17th amendment in 1913 – that is the year when we Americans lost our Republic.

  57. Wotan August 11, 2012 @ 10:05 am

    Dear Bro Nat,

    Schopenhauer is known to have coined the phrase:”Der Jude ist der Meister der Lüge”, freely translated “The Jew is the Master of Lies.” If he was a Jew, he would have had a lot in common with you, but I am not sure he was.

    The fundamental message of the other two can be summarized by the Gulag author S., who, if I remember rightly, said “there is a tiny fragment of the universal spirt in each and everyone of us.”

    Nobody in this world can be quite sure, how the universal spirit is to be defined, but for me Christianity is one possible interpretation.

  58. Dafydd August 11, 2012 @ 10:09 am

    Holocaust Hoax Crumbles: International Red Cross Releases Documents


  59. Nancy Williams August 11, 2012 @ 10:24 am


    If after all these years such a small amount of people have all this power there must be something god like protecting them.

    I don’t use the talmud but our Christian bible and they are the chosen people know matter how everyone wants to twist gods word. God will deal with and judge these people that do wrong not B.N. and not us.

    All of the ememies that have come up against the Jews in the past have perished or are dying off and yet they are still here. These are not my words but historical fact. Deserts don’t bloom from nothing Bubba. This is gods word and not mine.

    I pray for you and Brother Nathaneal and wonder what must have happened in his life to change him but he comes accross as an angry lost man and I hope that god will spare him and recharge him to turn his energy of hate into love and peace. I can’t imagine his Jewish family speaks with him anymore furthering his being even more unhappy.

    With little donations it would seem that god is not to thrilled with him and his work. All that follow in this same like thought will end up the same, again this is gods word and not mine….Good luck, Nancy.

  60. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2012 @ 11:41 am

    Hi Nancy Williams!

    Or is your name really, “Naomi Schwartz.”

    You must be a Jew for you believe in a strange “god” as you state over and over again.

    For the TRUE GOD of the Holy Scriptures (spelled with a capital “G”) warned the Hebrew people not to have any “strange gods” before Him.

    You embrace a strange “god” indeed as evinced by your post above as you gave yourself away by using a lower case “g” for your “god.”

    AND — All those “ememies” of the Jews, like St Stephen (the first martyr murdered by JEWS), St Peter (who told the Jews that by “WICKED HANDS” they crucified the Lord of Glory), and the great St Paul, who called the Jews, “DOGS,” are VERY MUCH ALIVE and INTERCEDE on my behalf.

    We who are called to the ministry STRUGGLE against the E N E M I E S of Christ: JEWS — like YOU — but Christ PROVIDES for us.

    Bye, bye. You ain’t coming back here I assure you of that.

    +Brother Nathanael

  61. bubba August 11, 2012 @ 12:17 pm

    There are none so blind as they who will not see…

    Worse are those who would lead others astray….

    In some ways I regret not “figuring it out” sooner….but then again maybe the timing of the epiphany was not in my hands…part of a greater plan. Deserts were not meant to “bloom” with blood and innocent lives.

    No one in the Bible had infinite patience for people to ” get it”…they were advised about the thief in the night and eternal vigilance once they “got it”.

    The prophesized enemy has been identified. The lies are falling like a house of cards, the sheer desperation of the guilty is getting more and more obvious.

    Over and Out.

  62. Wotan August 11, 2012 @ 12:21 pm

    Nancy Williams August 11, 2012 @ 10:24 am

    If I understand you correctly your outlook on life encompasses the thesis:

    If a pocket thief is succeeding to fish the wallet from his victim`s pocket this must be Gods will.

    This is selective cognition at its worst and you would truly be well advised to read some of the great philosphers I mentioned above so that you come to understand that good and evil cannot be explained in such simple ways.

    If you might feel overtaxed with this, e. g. with Hegel`s anti-thesis or Mahler`s Hegellian interpretations, also Nietsche’s ideas of positive human
    development all the way to the lower ranges of divine spheres you may consider to read Bro Nat`s comments again, which you seem to ignore as if they had no content or meaning.

    Unlike the complexities presented by classical philosophers Bro Nats comments have immediate practical relevance, can be easily undersood by everybody and are well nigh impossible to refute – except by way of your twisted metaphysical aberrations.

  63. Baba August 11, 2012 @ 12:31 pm


    Did / Does the Doctor’s kids go to the same school, i.i. public school system?

  64. $10 Bagel August 11, 2012 @ 12:36 pm

    No doubt Nancy Williams is not Nancy Williams. Whoever this person is, she knows her “JEWISH NEIGHBORS” all too well.

    What made me laugh was that she actually thought she made good points… more like JEW talking points.

  65. Wotan August 11, 2012 @ 12:42 pm

    Dafydd August 11, 2012 @ 10:09 am

    I want to thank you specifically and personally for posting the two links relating to International Red Cross records – the background already known to me. I would presume that these figures include 6000 Jews, which were held on 2 German enemy internment ships covered with huge Red Cross Flags.

    The ships, inspite of the Red Cross markings, were bombed by the RAF, with all 6000 Jews killed!

  66. Paul87 August 11, 2012 @ 1:27 pm

    Its nothing new that the Jews are in total control of just about every “important” place in the US and other western nations. Wouldnt surprise me, even in places like Turkey those Jews are in power.

    @Wotan most of your posts are very good but frankly your worshipping of Hitler is despicable. There is no room to support someone who killed millions regardless of what his (evil) intentions were.

    And please do not tell me about Communism or Dresden because I know who was behind that.

  67. Neophit August 11, 2012 @ 2:32 pm

    I agree with @Paul in regards to Wotan (no pun intended). According to the Gospel the young man who asked Christ what it is necessary to do in order to have eternal life.

    Our Lord tells him first of all to keep the commandments: thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not bear false witness, honour thy father and mother – all the commandments given by divine inspiration to Moses. However, our Lord, here and elsewhere in the Gospels, sums up those commandments, by giving only two commandments: Love God and love thy neighbour as thyself.

    As it is said elsewhere in the Gospels, these two commandments are linked. For as we know from recent human history, from the history of dictators and tyrants, World Wars and human misery, those who do not love God, do not love God’s creation.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  68. Silvy August 11, 2012 @ 5:28 pm

    Read about all the Russian martyrs researched and written by Vladimir Moss. From the North to the South from the East to the West Thousands of clerics were martyred during the communist yoke.

    You can download these books here amongst other titles FREE for your keeping. SOON TO COME HERE IF WE DO NOT WAKE UP. Will you bow down and surrender to these communist J boys???

  69. Seek The Truth August 11, 2012 @ 6:55 pm

    Let’s not forget the libraries along with education such as the Cincinnati Ohio public libraries.

    The annual downtown Cincinnati “Friends of the Library” sale AGAIN featured no category for Christian books or Christianity that I could detect. If a “Christian” books sign was there, I sure didn’t see it.

    BUT “Judaica” was very prominent as a word on a sign and was put next to “religion” and the “occult” including witchcraft with some Christian books appearing under “religion”. I think it’s slightly weird that the Jews would want to have “Judaica” right next to the “occult” on the tables.

    Keep in mind that nearly all donated books came from Christian neighborhoods with the total population of Jews in greater Cincinnati being less than 10% and more like 5%.

    They put a barrel for donated books in all of the Cincinnati branches and nearly all of the branch libraries are in old Christian neighborhoods such as Pleasant Ridge, Clifton, Westwood, Bridgetown, College Hill etc.

    Having no “Christian” category for books shows how much Jews involved in the sale respect their Christian book donors. I do wonder if any Christian books went to the shredder?

  70. C-Biscuit August 11, 2012 @ 7:55 pm

    My Dearest Brother In Christ, outstanding article!

    What a wonderful source of inspiration I have in watching you grow in strength and conviction over the years as you hone the edge of the sword of Truth you so Graciously wield.

    How curious the attacks are becoming, the disinformative arguments posed by these individuals like ‘Nancy Williams’.


    I pray every day for God to bless and keep you through Christ Jesus exceptionally strong in His Holy Spirit.

    I will continue to support you not only through every opportunity I can to provide testimony to willing ears but also financially. Let us ALL pray that my wife may have an epiphany and join me in my faith, that we then may support you in the manner befitting such a righteous and crucial cause.

    Absolutely are you annointed with the Holy Spirit and empowered by God to profess the Truth and Grace of Jesus Christ, let no one dare question your motives or intents.

    I implore you to see this work through to the end and will always consider my allegiance to your cause the crowning achievement of my journey in acquiring the wisdom and knowledge of God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

    You are the diligent caretaker of the beacon that pierced the fog of lies and deceit. I pray that God will magnify His Light and allow you to continue the honor of illuminating the masses who wander blind in the dark.

    Faithfully yours in the Grace and Truth of Christ Jesus

    Christian Davis

  71. The Elder of Zyklon-B August 11, 2012 @ 8:19 pm

    “There is no room to support someone who killed millions regardless of what his (evil) intentions were.”

    Why is Adolf Hitler infinitely more despised than many of our American leaders and “heroes” who have instigated and overseen the slaughter of millions as well?

    Take your pick from multiple historical time periods.

    Let’s take Lyndon Johnson for example. How many Southeast Asians were liquidated because of him? Many others have suffered deaths from devastating long term illness due to the war.

    The Bush Crime Syndicate? Think about that crew. We can drive down LBJ Freeway in Dallas and George W.Bush Freeway there as well, but if we mention Hitler’s visionary design of the Volkswagan and the incredible Autobahn, then we are accused of whitewashing a demonic monster.

    In the history of this country, how many millions have suffered and died from our collective leadership which has caused endless wars, embargoes, drug addition, and starvation?

    The Goyim simply can’t make themselves ask the simple question “Why?” when it comes to Third Reich Germany due to the intense mind control programming Jewry has enslaved them with.

    The brainwashing starts at an early age and guarantees the brain’s later shutdown of critical thinking when it comes to WW jew.

  72. Joe Cortina August 11, 2012 @ 9:58 pm

    I have experienced some disgusting insolent trolls on this site – whose sole puprpose was to cause dissention – disrupt the work of Brother Nathanael and cause wasted time and effort. Most are jews and some are BaptDUHS (the demonic allies of the evil jews).

    This illiterate twit named Williams – an arrogant imbecile who can’t compose a meaningful rational sentence with any truth has the audacity to mock and scorn and ridicule a man whose shadow she is not worthy to stand in – thinks she can just come in and play the stupid vain bitch as if she was scolding a child.

    The man you insulted with your sarcastic crap – has spent more time and endured more sacrafice educating people of the evil of the jews than you have spent under a bedsheet!

    Who the hell are YOU to criticise him – you ignorant cretin?

    Get the hell off this site – bitch! I have seen your type for years. People like you cause countless deaths of innocent men women and children in war zones. You are a LIAR and a FRAUD – lady – so get the hell off my site!

    Your blasphemous lies about the word of God do not set well with me or Brother Nathanael or ANY of the educated informed sincere truth lovers who give this site life and meaning.

    Let me give you a news flash Ms. Steinberg or what ever your REAL name is. God the Son condemned the jews – PLURAL – ALL the evil wicked jews – NOT Zionists – JEWS – as being the sons of Satan – in PLAIN CLEAR LEXICON that even my grandchildren can understand in John 8-44 – or are you going to ALSO mock Christ as not knowing what He was talking about?

    God the Father COMMANDED the Prophet Jeremiah to NOT EVEN PRAY FOR THESE WICKED EVIL JEWS – and additionally told him That He was NOT interested in listening to their whiney crap lies either! That FACT is in Jeremiah 7. Read it for yourself you ignoramus!

    So Miss troll troublemaker…Brother Nathanael basher…Christ mocker – are you going to now say that God must have had a bad hair day and really didn’t mean EXACTLY what HE said?

    You insulting bitch! By your sick twisted reasoning, Brother Nathanael happens to be struggling financially to do the work of God and spread wisdom and TRUTH because ‘he is not a Godly man’. With that reasoning then you should believe that Christ must have been a shallow hateful loser RIGHT? After all He didn’t get much material support EITHER.

    You are as sick and twisted as they get. You make me SICK!

    99.99% of ALL jews are lying evil wicked treacherous demented depraved violent Godless sadistic two-faced demonic sons of the Devil.

    I lived with these demons and they are virtually ALL like that – PERIOD! I witnessed their military murder little children in cold blood with FULL approval of their superiors.

    I met not ONE jew who proclaimed to be a Zionist – just jew bastards.

    I watched these sadistic putrid jew trash actually having drunken parties – laughing and applauding as little children in Gaza below their stolen hilltop homes were dying horrible deaths as they were incinerated ALIVE with the WP artillery that rained mercilessly down upon their little bodies! Brave people – these jew baby killers.

    There is NO ethnicity on EARTH whose people are that wicked and monstrous sadistic and sociopathic – and I have been to a lot of nations.

    I watched the children of these filthy animals – little miniature demons themselves – who were writing hate slogans on the deadly artillery bombs that would moments later strip the flesh from bone and turn terrified children into bloody hunks of charred flesh. The message read: “From the children of Israel to the children of Lebanon or Gaza – with love”. sick – don’t you agree?

    There has never EVER been ANY account of such rancid putrid filth not only allowed – but ENCOURAGED by adults in history. Only jews will teach their children that kind of inane mindless satanic hate against defenseless innocent other children.

    I read a human rights agency official report in which IDF war criminals murdered little children in a school yard and when the horrified parents came to retrieve the dead or dying children they were also murdered by these laughing jew IDF monsters.

    And as if those horrors were not sadistic enough – these jew demons then sent in hungry dogs to eat the bodies of the children before the very eyes of the parents. This and many more similar horrors are all a matter of record. This was entertainment to the brutal soulless jew!

    I saw jew soldiers with T-shirts that had a picture of a pregnant mother with a rifle sight over her belly and a caption below – which read: ONE SHOT-TWO KILLS!”

    I saw grafitti all over IsraHELL (except Tel Aviv) depicting hatred for American and Christians and support for their spy traitor hero and urban legend Jonathan Pollard.

    I saw drunken jew thugs terrorizing Christian landowners and screaming – f–k your f–king Jesus – their desire to “crucify Christ again”. This is what jew teens do for entertainment.

    I saw armed settlers ( land thieves) roaming through Palestinian neighborhoods with machine guns and jew flags taunting the rightful owners to come out so they could kill them and steal their homes.

    I saw virtually ALL the jews there ALL approve of ALL of these horrors. No matter what horrors are committed – the ‘tribe’ will ALWAYS support their own. I never saw ONE jew stand up for ONE Christian or Arab.

    I saw old Soviet jew commisars still wearing their ‘Order of Lenin medals – war criminals, who had murdered tens of millions of Russian Christians – given sanctuary in IsraHELL as heroes!

    So don’t lecture me about the smart children of these stinking filthy jews – you insolent bitch. You are trespassing – so Get the hell of this site and do not even think of showing your demon sons of Satan jew apologist.

    My entire nation has become a morally rotted occupied corpse because of trash like you.

    You aren’t ‘ignorant’ of what you are saying – you are simply Christ mocking SCUM. Not on my watch jew girl!

    Go take your filth and lies and slander to the ADL. They will LOVE YOU for it – so will your ‘god’ Satan!

    Joe Cortina

  73. Bruce August 11, 2012 @ 10:32 pm

    @Bro Nathanael

    Me thinks that “Nancy Williams” is Sayanim; so please be careful my brother, please be careful:

    I pray for you daily. Blessings to you in our Lord and Saviour: JESUS CHRIST, the one and only true Messiah for mankind.

  74. Joe Cortina August 11, 2012 @ 11:43 pm

    BTW – addressing both a Robertvnik and Michael

    For the name of God – people – what are you thinking? Have you learned NOTHING from the THOUSANDS of man hours that Nathanael has put into this hard hitting education??? Have you even bothered to read ANY of his archives – or mine?

    Between us we share three quarters of a century of experience with these demons – tens of thousands of miles of travel and tens of thousands of hours of research interviews UNIQUE personal experiences eye witness of events at risk of our lives and more research. He has been assaulted by jew thugs more than once for standing up for Christ.

    Also please do not ever let me see ANYBODY on THIS site of ALL places sabotage years of work and truth by promoting insincere people like Henry Makow! He is NOT and never WILL be one of us. There is NO way to put it delicately – He WILL ALWAYS side with the tribe. Nathanael and I have been doing this work for a long long time. Nathanael is 100% honest and straight forward. Henry is NOT. You must either believe US or him.

    This rancid professional troll ( Williams) stated that the jews have been “successful” because of the support of “god” (she failed to mention that her jew pals have given life to Communism – murdered nearly two hundred million innocent civilian human beings in the process – destroyed entire civilizations – turned MY country into a morally rotted corpse – brought us to our knees economically – instigated two world wars and are on the brink of initiating yet ANOTHER world war – not to mention that Christ condemned the jewish people as a whole (Scripture is quite clear about this) as being demonic in nature “sons of the Devil” and a LOT MORE DAMNING Biblical evidence – and you ask if she is the enemy of Nathanael? Do you read or listen to ANYTHING he or I have said for the past years? People like her are the enemies of ALL freedom loving people

    Instead of criticising him – you should be at his side and telling that insolent arrogant evil purposefully disruptive troll to get the hell of this forum. There was not one honest comment from her entire diatribe of insults double speak mockery and lies regarding falsely quoting the Lord. Gentlemen – please! Whose side are you on?

    RE READ her last comment of inane unfounded lying gibberish. She is a cheerleader for the demonic jews and mocks the words of Christ by saying that these putrid Christ murdering Takmudist scum are the chosen of God? She brags that these Satan worshiping Christ killers have triumphed over their Christian enemies – she says that good true Christians like Nathanael twist God’s words.

    The vitriolic poison she spews like the viper she is is STRAIGHT from a speech by Demon Christ mocker Hagee. Listen to his filth and see for your self. This woman is as evil as you can get.

    Are you both blind and deaf? I know her type like the back of my own hand. This woman is a client of the Devil.

    Aside form being a regular journalistic contributor – part of my ‘job’ here is to spot hasibrat Zio-trolls whose goal is only to destroy us. I’m experienced at what I do and have not made a mistake yet in years – and neither has Nathanael.

    Have you ever read The gospel of Jeremih? Go to chapter 7 and read where God the father commands the prophet NOT To waste his time praying for these wicked demons – to not even listen to their whiney bullshit because he God would not hear them either.

    And you SEE this wicked lying woman spreading these blasphemies and slandering Brother Nathanael with baseless cruel mockery – and you DEFEND her and criticize Brother Nathanael. You two had better get your act straight. I have known Nathanael a LOT LONGER than you have and i do not take kindly to you siding with the so -called Christian-Zionist jews against him – a TRUE Christian.

    If either one of you infact do support Christian Zionisn – you are the enemy of the Lord an MY personal mortal enemy and the mortal enemy of Brother Nathanael – please leave this site.

  75. Joe Cortina August 12, 2012 @ 12:13 am

    Bruce – you are EXACTLY 100% right. Congratulations. You my friend have become a black belt at exposing the deceitful evil ones. You are welcome to break bread at MY table and drink from my cup any time.

    Seeing Patriots like you being able to connect the dots – advanced class level – is the validation of all the pain and frustration and sacrifices I have made over the years to educate and ‘arm’ others for the battle to come. Nathanael would agree with me and feel the same way.

    Read her last comment – right out of the speech book of Hagee’s night for Israel Zionist rallies or the putrid rhetoric you will hear in most BaptDUH churches. She betrays herself out of her own mouth! WORD FOR WORD!

    I have never yet in all these years seen Nathanael make a bad call in defending our site (nor have I).

    Take a moment and give him a pat on the back for ‘flushing the toilet’ It is not a fun job – but it must be done every time you see a turd pop back up.

    In this case the ‘turd’ has a name – Nancy Williams – enjoy your trip to the sewage disposal plant – hasabrat sayanim

    Shame on the two readers who sided with the Zionist sluge- Williams. Hopefully they will have learned to be more vigilant.

    Joe Cortina

  76. Caveman2012 August 12, 2012 @ 1:14 am

    Nancy Williams believes:

    -That the Jews still are God’s chosen people.

    -That force equals right and truth:
    “All of the enemies (of the Jews) have perished or are dying off”.

    -That God rewards His good disciples with money.
    (“With little donations it would seem that god is not to thrilled with him and his work”)

    Fellow RJN brothers: this is the PRECISE definition of a JEW!

    What other proof do we need? Either this woman is a Jewess herself or a brainwashed Jew stooge.

    That clearly PROVES +BN’s sharp DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS. She earned every scorching word from +BN and Joe Cortina.

    All other commentators asking for “patience” please learn from this episode: either you are with Jesus or against Him.

  77. Caveman2012 August 12, 2012 @ 1:25 am

    And those AGAIN speaking against Adolf Hitler:

    TURN OFF the Hitlery Channel!

    Nobody is saying that he was a saint or free of error. He was human like every one of us.

    But he had the GUTS to fight against the Jews and the vision and intelligence to DEFEAT them. Only by turning almost the entire world against him could the Jews get rid of Hitler.

    Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Truman? Jews or pawns of the Jews, and a few mass murderers as well.

    So, stop the Hitler-bashing, and concentrate in real MONSTERS right before our eyes: Bush, Obongo, Bibi Netanyahu, Sharon, Madelaine Albright, the Clintons, etc, etc.

  78. Wotan August 12, 2012 @ 1:55 am

    Paul87 August 11, 2012 @ 1:27 pm
    Neophit August 11, 2012 @ 2:32 pm

    I am absolutely certain that Hitler has not killed one single person. Allegations of this kind or the quotation of the commandment “thou shalt not murder” are therefore false or irrelevant.

    If you want to put the thesis forward that Hitler`s efforts to free the German people from Jewish subjugation have led to the death of many people from many nations then we are reaching a different platform of reasoning.

    So if I understand you two correctly you believe the German people should have submitted to Jewish rule and exploitation without fighting for their freedom. They should have accepted the Jewish yoke without struggle such as, for instance, the people of the US and the UK have done it.

    The results you can see today with the entire Western World having been led by the Jews to the brink of almost irreversible disaster. The logic of your argument is that if you are in your house and a murderous gang of criminals invades your refugium, starting to rape your wife and cut up your children then you are not allowed to grab your gun and defend yourself? Because doing so would mean you are willful and heinous murderers?

    With such statements you are supporting the line of the Jews: The Goyjm have no right to defend themselves against the Jews for the Jews are always right and the Goyjm is a soulless animal without rights! The hollow-hoax combined with the demonisation of Adolf Hitler and the German people is the foundation on which the State of Israel has been built. It is the tool for the eternal Jew to present himself as eternal
    victim and thus twist the minds of people to say what you two have been saying, not trying to think of alternative view-points or even less of meaningful resistance.

    Only those who have truly understood this can generate resistance by which the Jew feels threatened and the vanished website of ZCF is living proof of what line of thought the Jew regards as the most
    important threat to his hegemony.

    I believe you should re-think your positions and do a lot of further research into all these events. It is my belief that to avoid Jewish power structures strangulating our western civilization, processes may come to evolve, which will let Hitler`s internment and labour camps with swimming pools and brothels, orchestras and theater groups, choirs and football teams appear like a harmless tea party.

    The Jews are fully aware and have let it be known (half internally) that their weapons of mass destruction can reach all European capitals and that with their dolphin U-Boats they can reach even further afield.

    Once they realise that their power is collapsing and we don`t stop them in time they will leave scorched earth where once our western civilization flourished!

  79. Glory B. August 12, 2012 @ 5:25 am

    Joe Cortina, I admire your forthrightness. You are a true American and Christian patriot who knows exactly how evil the self-proclaimed “Chosen People” are. You don’t mince words, you tell it exactly like it is.

    I am a former Jew who abandoned the corrupt Jewish belief system (I say “belief system” because Judaism is not a religion because the Jews don’t worship God, they worship money) when I decided I could not be part of a criminal conspiracy.

    I am now a dedicated Christian who has turned my life over to the Lord Jesus Christ. I try to live my life as Jesus commanded.

    As Joe pointed out above, Jesus Himself condemned the Jews as the spawn of Satan. The Jews hated Him — as they do to this day — and murdered Him in a kangaroo court, which is typical of Jewish “justice.”

    Jewry should be condemned, not applauded.

    Most Christians don’t realize what goes on in Jewish sin-agogs (well-named, with the emphasis on “sin”). All that bowing and chanting to their god is nothing more than satan-worship, and calling down on Christ and His Church the wrath of their god or gods.

    As a child, I resisted my parents demands that I learn Hebrew, because I thought it was un-American praying in a foreign language.

    “Why can’t the Jews pray in good old American English?”, I thought. Little did I realize as a child that the Jews use Hebrew and Yiddish as a cover to hide their real sentiments about Jesus Christ.

    We know that Jews celebrate their killing of Christ in the pages of their Talmud, which is the dirtiest, filthiest book ever conceived by the minds of diseased humanity (if Jews can be considered human at all).

    They have never repented that they killed the Son of God, and until they do, and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as the True Messiah, they are doomed to wander the earth, never accepted, never trusted, always sucking the lifeblood out of host nations like the filthy parasites that they are.

    The end of world Jewry and their schemes to dominate the world and make all Gentiles their slaves can’t come soon enough for me.

  80. Dafydd August 12, 2012 @ 5:32 am

    Adolf Hitler Spread the Truth about Him. – YouTube

    “Adolf Hitler Spread the Truth about Him.

    What was Adolf Hitler’s secret? The secret that enabled an unknown soldier, with no money or influence, and only a few friends from his Army days, to triumph against all the odds and become the leader of Germany after only 14 years of struggle? What is this secret which we in these dark days for our race might learn and use to help us in our own struggle?

    His secret was really very simple. His secret was that he genuinely cared for, and loved, his people in a selfless way. So it was that he devoted the whole of his adult life to his people and lived by the principles which he, and the political organization he created and led, propounded in public.

    In his own private life he was frugal; he was always spontaneous with people and never once tried to cultivate or uphold any sort of ‘public’ image. He really was “a man of the people”.

    He triumphed against all the odds because over the years of his struggle more and more of his people liked him, and felt he was a good man who had their interests at heart. He did have some extraordinary gifts – such as his ability to speak in Public; his resolute determination and his superb memory. But most of all he was a simple, unspoilt and uncomplicated man. He won his victory because of his own personal character, and the foundation of his personal character was this simple love of his people. Indeed, his very reason for living was to care for and help his people.

    The love which Adolf Hitler felt and expressed for his own people is what made him so popular and so loved by the German folk of the time. And it is the truth about and memory of his love that his Zionist enemies have striven so hard to destroy with their ignoble and hateful lies about him, his Movement and his Government. If we want to express the truth about Adolf Hitler we must express the genuine and selfless love and concern he felt for his own people.

    The secret we can and indeed must learn from him is this simple, uncomplicated and genuine love for our people.

    This love comes before any political programme. This love comes before any rhetoric and before any ‘propaganda’. This love comes before any political demonstration. This loves comes before any thought or mention of “hating enemies”. Above all, it is this simple, genuine and uncomplicated love for our own people which should and must motivate us to act in a political way.

    If we feel and try to express this love, this concern and care for our own people we can and will win. For it is the lack of this love which has made us fail for the past sixty years.


  81. Dafydd August 12, 2012 @ 5:57 am

    “There is no room to support someone who killed millions regardless of what his (evil) intentions were”; this is better known as brain washing (programming).

    Now for some REAL history!

    Adolf Hitler will never be forgotten.

    There are a lot more of these videos for those seekers of truth, as opposed to the many repeaters we have in the world (the great multitude!); which is why we are where we are.

    Seek the truth, and it will l set you free!

    Adolf Hitler is the most known man in the world after Jesus Christ; I wonder why? And the most vilified by the self same self chosen, of the synagogue of Satan.

  82. bubba August 12, 2012 @ 7:29 am

    Joe Cortina…

    Welcome Back !!!

    Missed you dude!

  83. bubba August 12, 2012 @ 7:50 am

    Glory B

    Well said. We see movies or documentaries about other faiths, I have never seen one re a synagogue service. We all ASS-U-ME these are people who have their services on Saturdays , speak in their own “holy” language and going on their merry way.

    No….its an exclusive club with an agenda speaking in code.

  84. Sid August 12, 2012 @ 8:29 am

    Thanks for the work Br. Nathanael.

    Interesting back and forth between you and Nancy.. I’m with you. I can’t tolerate the coddling of these evildoers any longer. The truth must prevail!

    This Jewish empire in the US must be brought down. Everything which they promote is an abomination! They are enemies of the US Constitution!

  85. Jake August 12, 2012 @ 12:21 pm

    The Amish. The original preppers. No insurance, no Social Security, No electricity, and refuse service in the military as per Wikipedia “Amish”.

  86. Al Etheia August 12, 2012 @ 12:46 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Fascinating exchange btwn yourself and the “ignorant woman”. But a couple of ironies come up. Both of you are Christians.

    She, the turn-the-other-cheek type (even if she’s a fake) and you seem to be a more militant type (you strongly believe in the 2nd amendment and advise us to stock up on guns).

    Two questions: (1) How do you reconcile this with the Christian teachings of love and compassion? and (2) Might not your mission to strengthen/save Christianity be self-defeating since Christianity produces primarily these Nancy-types whose ignorance makes possible the Zionist’s stranglehold on the nation?

    Al Etheia

  87. Brother Nathanael August 12, 2012 @ 1:15 pm

    @Al Etheia

    1) Christ brought a whip into the Temple and chased out the Jewish money changers. Thus, the Head of the Church taught His followers that His teachings are not just about “love and compassion.”

    2) What do you mean by “Christianity?”…Evangelical Protestant “Christianity” that proffers the LIE that Christ-hating Jews are the “chosen people?” Or, TRUE Christianity — The Orthodox Church — which teaches that the Jews are of the “Synagogue of Satan?”

    +Brother Nathanael
    Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

  88. $10 Bagel August 12, 2012 @ 1:55 pm

    Nancy Williams is not a Christian. That is not even his/her name. He/she is a Jew hasbarat.

    It pretty obvious once you have seen enough of them. They all use the same tactics (sometimes even the exact same wording).

    If I remember right, the JIDF has a tutorial to teach “Israeli Keyboard Warriors” on how to disrupt websites like Real Jew News.

  89. $10 Bagel August 12, 2012 @ 1:58 pm

    Also, I can’t help but wonder if Al Etheia happens to be “Nancy Williams” the “ignorant woman” under another alias.

    Maybe not, but the way her comment was written leads me to think so.

  90. Al Etheia August 12, 2012 @ 3:06 pm

    @ Brother Nathanael

    Thanks for your response.

    A Catholic-long-ago-become-atheist…it sounds like you’re saying that America could only make real progress on the Jewish problem if the more ignorant but dominant Christian denominations (RC, Protestants,…) in America wake up and convert to Russian Orthodox, yes?

  91. bubba August 12, 2012 @ 5:11 pm



    1) Christ brought a whip into the Temple and chased out the Jewish money changers. Thus, the Head of the Church taught His followers that His teachings are not just about “love and compassion.”

    Well said.

    I am an R.C…50+ years old…but it took 30 years for me to hear one Priest use this same example re: “Righteous Anger”.

    The evil ones assume we will buy into ” Christianity-Lite ” and that we should just “turn the other cheek” till their is nothing left.

    My view is “they” maybe get one figurative cheek…..I’ll judge what the next one may be and react as I see fit. It is my experience that bullies need to learn ASAP so they can be forced to turn tail and re-think their agenda.

  92. Arjan August 12, 2012 @ 5:27 pm

    Peolple ask me who is worse: Obama or Romney?

    The answer off course is Obama. He is a mass murderer, when Mitt Romney is only a wannabe mass murderer.

  93. bubba August 12, 2012 @ 5:50 pm



    1) Christ brought a whip into the Temple and chased out the Jewish money changers. Thus, the Head of the Church taught His followers that His teachings are not just about “love and compassion.”

    Well said.

    I am an R.C…50+ years old…but it took 30 years for me to hear one Priest use this same example re: ” Righteous Anger “.

    The evil ones assume we will buy into ” Christianity-Lite ” and that we should just “turn the other cheek” till their is nothing left.

    My view is “they” maybe get one figurative cheek…..I’ll judge what the next one may be and react as I see fit. It is my experience that bullies need to learn ASAP so they can be forced to turn tail and re-think their agenda.

  94. Goyz In The Hood August 12, 2012 @ 6:51 pm

    Everything that Brother Nathanael stated about jewish power in America is true. One commenter made the point about control of state and local govt., the latter point is my focus.

    Joe Cortina made a comment about people connecting the dots on an advanced class level. Master Cortina, a true 10th Degree BB, let me enter the dojo and provide a concrete example regarding the above and see how far I have come towards my own black belt in jewology:

    I came from nothing, a white trash goyim from the trailer parks and had to work full time as a child in our below poverty level family business. When I wasn’t working, I was getting a violent, bloody lesson in the joys and strengths of diversity, on a daily basis. The idea of going to college was actually discouraged vehemently by my father who was justifiably concerned about the time it would take and the loss of free labor that it would entail.

    On to my first example: in 10th grade, my jewish English teacher, who was in tears at the time told the entire class, while we were reading the fraudulent “Night” by eLIE Weasel that, out of everyone in the class that I, because I was tall, of large build, with light hair and blue eyes, would have been “selected out” of the “pool of children” and groomed and raised to be an “SS Guard.” I would have the job of rounding up and exterminating the rest of the children in the class when they grew up because they were smaller, presumably weaker and had darker hair and eyes. She told this while she was crying as we were reading aloud about the boy who was supposedly hung and he did not die for hours because he was too small for the rope to have broken his neck. I SWEAR that she did this. God knows it to be true. The trip to the holocaust museum was not much fun for me after that, to say the least. I did nor said anything to provoke this attack. This is racial hatred personified, even though my jewish English teacher was the same race as me, of which there are genetically only three, as any non jewish geneticist will tell you. This is but one horrific example of jewish control of the local govt., i.e., schools, and directly on point here.

    Later, I got into a state college where the admissions officer at the school basically laughed at me when I inquired about getting in. Despite a poor high school background, I took the SAT and did well enough to render moot my high school record. I ended up laughing in the face of said admissions officer.

    I graduated with all A’s except for a few B’s that I got from zionist “judeo Christian” history teachers for obvious reasons that I did not then fully understand. I then got accepted to several top ten ranked law schools. I thought my life was set. I certainly felt like I deserved it more than anyone else I met at law school, defeating nepotism and affirmative action, which was ten times harder when coming from the toothless masses of redneck imbeciles which populated my side of the tracks. I didn’t even own a suit when I started law school, much to the amusement of my jewish and WASP classmates.

    For some reason though, despite median level grades and the fact that literally 99% of graduates at my school already had locked up a six figure job before graduation, I was unable to secure anything worth the effort. I am sure that my white trash background, as well as being extremely goyish looking, about six four or so and 250 lbs, light hair and blue eyes had just a little bit to do with it. My useless jewish career services director said I “didn’t interview well.” But he didn’t help me get any interviews, save for one at a very small firm that did not hire me. The average number of interviews that he got for other students was about 100, with each student getting an average of three D.C./Wall Street job offers upon graduation. I was in the middle of the class but bottom 1% on job offers.

    I ended up in the cesspool of small firms, where going to an elite law school was in itself a capital offense. Every single employer, at five different jobs, was an abusive, psychotic jew. I quit the first four due to the exact same type of extreme abuse, which, having come from a hardened existence with a lethal skill set forged in the fires of diversity, I was not designed to accept. There were also constant and repetitious “mistakes” regarding my paychecks, at every single employer. Corruption, dishonesty and lack of civility were the norm.

    All of the intellectually superior jews that I worked for went to 3rd and 4th tier law schools which a cocker spaniel could get into, thanks to the endless greed of the jewish controlled ABA, which has diluted the talent pool and destroyed the “profession” by handing out degrees like bubble gum to endless masses of stupid goyim who actually think there is a job waiting for them that will pay for their massive non dischargable student loan debt. Every week, a new 4th tier toilet of a law school is opened, with the ABA and state legislatures knowing there are no jobs except for those resulting from jewish nepotism.

    In my case, I was subtly and sometimes blatantly told that my test scores and high level academic achievement meant nothing and that “presentation” and personality traits were all that mattered; a rationalization for jealousy and inverse discrimination. By personality they mean abusive, aggressive, cunning and ruthless (gee, who does that sound like?) I am more about competence than window dressing, and the clients always liked and had a confidence in me that they never had for any of my bosses, and I did very well in court. But, I was told that I didn’t have a “lawyerly personality” by most of my employers. I take that as a supreme compliment.

    I eventually took a job at the fifth and last firm I will ever work for. It was a firm based out of state which did a certain type of civil litigation, but was trying to have an office in about twenty states with a single attorney in each office but on the cheap with no staff and no funding. Each foreign office was just a shell for multiple unethical practices being run from the home state. In each foreign office, each office’s underpaid, unwitting attorney was being warned literally several times per week by their own state bar counsels about new bar complaints being filed by clients who had been cheated and by opposing attorneys who were appalled by the brazeness and numerosity of extremely unethical and in many cases criminal activities arising out of the main office.

    We were all overwhelmed by the volume and type of bar violations regarding which we had no knowledge or control. The scam was that the home office attorneys could not be held liable in any way for the illegal conduct they were committing from the home office without a license in cases filed in the foreign states because those foreign states bars had “no authority” over the activities of the nitwit attorneys in the home office which I will only say was in a powerful New England state. All of the consequences of the money laundering and stealing from clients’ settlement recoveries committed by the home state attorneys were dumped into our laps in the foreign states. All of us quit or were “fired” for refusing to assist and engage in illegal activity. Some of the younger attorneys lost their licenses because they were easy marks. The synthetic semite in charge, hereinafter SSIC, for short, had a very schizophrenic and strained interpretation of his and the foreign states’ bar rules. He was clearly wrong on every stupid point, and got caught red handed on literally hundreds of violations in multiple states.

    ALL of the out of state attorneys were told by their own state bars that there was “no authority” to hold the SSIC responsible and that it would be their license on the line, not his!!! Then, several of them were told by their own state bar counsels that they had to file affidavits with the home office’s state bar accusing their own boss (SSIC) of the violations to avoid prosecution themselves!!! Each of the foreign states’ bar counsels which gave this nonsensical and career ending advice were jews, every fffing one of them. On the one hand they kept saying we had an “obligation” to file the useless affidavits, but I really think they thought that we would just run from the situation due to the ramifications, fearing being blackballed more than the risk of prosecution for something we did not do. None of it makes any sense, based on my training. A true Catch 22. Imagine telling an innocent goyim who owes six figure student loan debt that he has to file a complaint against his wealthy jew lawyer boss!!!! Gee, I wonder if he will ever get a job again? We all hoped against hope that we could get that fry manager position back that we had at Burger King as teens.

    Well, after the career ending “affidavits” were filed by those stupid enough to do it, the bar counsels for the SSIC’s home state’s bar were, predictably ALL jews, all three of them assigned. They were rude, aggressive and dismissive of the hundreds of proven allegations, most of which were supported by actual signed documents, internal e-mails and sloppy accounting and legal practices which were about as obvious as the 5 dancing israelis. The findings of the jew bar counsels confirmed literally each and every allegation, many of which were documented felonies. There was NO WAY this guy was going to get away with this crap and dump it on us. (I wish I could explain it all here.)

    The final report admitted that most of the more serious allegations were true, but that they were simply “oversights” and “innocent accounting errors” and that the bar accepted the “explanations” given by the SSIC regarding federal and state felonies and that the bar was “satisfied” with the fact that the firm would “work to prevent such mistakes in the future.” Dozens of other lesser, also PROVEN and DOCUMENTED offenses were turned into a he said she said situation despite total proof, on paper. Incredible.

    Regarding their control of federal, state and local govt., these white supremacist pseudo semites in sheeps clothing act as one, they are a state within a state. This is ultimate nepotism; hyper patriotism that is unlike anything else in the human species. They bribe and bully and steal their way to the top. They are in ALL positions of regulatory authority in the legal and financial “professions.” They WILL NOT prosecute their own, no matter what. That’s how Bernie Madoff got away with what he did for so long, and the only reason he got prosecuted was that he cheated other members of the tribe, period. The state bars and the SEC, all run by jews turn down slam dunk cases all the time if the accused are jews. They win NOT because of the mythical ashkeNAZI intelligence, but because they are cowardly pack hunters who have total control over the institutions of regulatory authority and can pick our pockets with impunity.

    Now, Nancy Williamfinkel, if God made a chosen people (chosen for what, growing olives in the desert?) they would not have to CHEAT LIE BRIBE AND STEAL and commit ethnic cleansing to achieve their goals of dominating the goyim. GOD doesn’t need to cheat, does he? Nor would God create a people meant to live in bondage to another. All people who accept Christ’s message are the “chosen” people, not ruthless, cunning economic terrorists who are bound and determined to blow up the world because “everyone wants to kill them.”

    This was long and I apologize for that, hopefully I don’t get reamed for this, but it’s all totally true and pretty compelling evidence from a regrettably all too experienced insider of the veracity of the thesis of this article. The information I had to leave out would blow your collective minds, trust me. Bottom line is that my jewish boss called all of my former jewish employers and I now have no references, and thus, no career, with a six figure debt. Whenever I have tried to apply for a job, every one of my former references, who didn’t speak out against me before due to Federal employment laws, hence the ability to get other jobs after quitting them, turned viciously on me and now tell all prospective employers, who are generally all jews, the SSICs tale of woe and persecution, which is actually highly illegal but good luck to me on that one. I can’t pay a six figure non dischargeable student loan stocking shelves at WalMart, which is the only job I can get, despite 7 years of education.

    Nancy Williamfinkel, now take your kosher Reynolds tin foil hat off, clean your toilet with your kosher Clorox toilet cleaner, stick your head in, pull it out and put a kosher Glad sandwich bag over your tiny little head and take a deep breath.

  95. Citizenfitz August 12, 2012 @ 7:10 pm

    “People ask me who is worse: Obama or Romney?

    The answer off course is Obama. He is a mass murderer, when Mitt Romney is only a wannabe mass murderer.”

    LOL! Good one!

  96. jake August 12, 2012 @ 7:46 pm

    Amazing story Goyz, you must plan a way to work for yourself.

    I thought about being a lawyer, but decided against it because I did not want to deal with lying, cheating, stealing, crooked ass lawyers and clients day in and day out. I’m sorry that you had to go through this.

    I’ve seen lawyers open up in single wide trailers before and stay in business. This one lawyer used to go to the local honkey tonk to meet the potentially divorce minded clients.

    People always fight over land! (especially home owner associations). You’ll figure something out. When they ask you if you think they will win, tell them we have a 60 percent chance of winning. If you dont have a case charge by the hour. If you do have a case charge at least 50 percent!

  97. Robertvnik August 12, 2012 @ 8:50 pm

    Joe Cortina,

    Great men like you and Brother Nathaniel are reknown for straight talk.

    I do respect both of you and especially your opinions.

    There is nothing about Nancy’s comments which I agreed with. My only empathy was that I too was raised to believe the same things’ and believe I did indeed.
    Christian Zionism is NOT my belief. I admit my knowledge is poor and can only claim greatness in my ignorance, an area in which I surpass most who comment here.

    Your experience and the way you share your thoughts are like a great banquet of fine food to a hungry soul and may God bless you for it.

    Cheers mate.

  98. michael August 12, 2012 @ 10:04 pm

    @Wotan, sorry if you disagree.

    I have studied what is going on for 30+years. Henry Makow about 8 after he woke up. If you think he is out of the ballpark, on most matters he is not, and posts good material. I beleive it is safe to say that, though they differ on some specfics, Br. Nathanael and he are friends…correct me if I am wrong BN. My post stands, even former IDF officer Roy Tov, has info on Hitler and Zionism. Historian Alfred Lilienthal quotes JEWISH sources who explain Jewish coopereration in letting some Jews go to their deaths under Hitler for “political purposes” Read it. Its all very well documented in Lileinthals “The Zionist Connection”

    Zionism, contray to Jewish belief and dedication is not, never has been, and never will the salvation of the Jew or anyone else for that matter. The honor belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ, and Him alone, for the Jew, though they stand in rejection of Him still to this day. His arms are still outreached:, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father except by Me” “There is one God, adn one mediator between man nd God-the man Christ Jesus”…”unless ye believe that I am He, ye will die in your sins..” Jesus, Gospels and NT. Jesus loves and is ready to save all men. But they have to come to him, ask forgivenesnn and receive Him (Jn 1) or else his death to purchase salvation is not applied…same for all men Jew (Nancy..perhaps?) or gentile. John 3:16

    There is a proverb that says “Open rebuke is better than hidden love” Jesus was very rough on the Pharisees in Mathew 24. He called them “vipers”, and “of your father the devil”…was Jesus acting in love?? You better believe it. Divine and serious love!, that knew who He was dealing with. When they said he cast out demons by the prince of demons, Jesus warned that they were in danger of the “unpardonable sin” –blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. If there is a really scary NT verse and story that is it. Jesus warned speaking against Him or the Father was forgiveable, but he that blasphemes the Holy Spirit, “shall not be forgiven men..neither in this world not in the world to come” The Holy Spirit is the Agent of wooing and conviction. He draws men to Jesus and convicts them of sin. If He is utterly, continaually greived, blasphemed and driven away, the person is lost, they cannot come to the Lord, and are “in danger of eternal judgemnt”

    It was very serious to be in the presence of the living Son of God, see the miracles, hear the sermons, see the blind with sight, the cripples and demoniacs healed and say “He casts out demons by the prince of the demons”….I hope not for their sakes, but sometimes it seems modern Jewry , Talmudic Jewry as a religious group has crossed this line, like a rabid infected dog, unable to change as a collective force, but Jesus is about people, the individuals heart, so within there I pray many come to Him. Those that do, will see BN not far off base…even when he is frustrated and uses a word like “stupid” on occasion.

    Blessings and Truth

  99. michael August 12, 2012 @ 10:43 pm


    Monetary blessings or lack therof, are not necessarily signs of God’s favor or lack of it. The riches of the world’s kingdoms were offerde to Jesus by the devil. Jesus did not refute that he had them for those that “would worship him”.

    All of the apostles died violent deaths of martyrdom, except one. Were they in God’s favor? You better believe it. Hebrew ch 11 gives a long list of heros of faith…some were delivered from physical harm and death, others “were sawn asunder” The OT is full of stories of true prophets of God being hounded, hunted, and persecuted, and killed.

    Jesus was real blunt about it in Mathew 23. Job lost everything, though he was perfectly rightous (He predates Abaraham and the Jews, and Hebrews and Christians…) His friends mistook the calamity as being from God, “Job you must be a sinner…You have lost God’s favor” Hidden from everyone of them was the instigation of the troubles by Satan, and God allowed the challenge, confident in Job (who by the way foresaw Jesus in Job 19:25) and Job was vidicated by God in the end, and “blessed exceedingly more than he had before.”

    Of the many, who earned a place in the Book of Hebrews “roll call of faith” in ch. 11, it says “others had the trial of cruel mockings, scouraging, bonds and imprisonment. They were stoned, sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword, wandering about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted and tormented; Of whom the world was not worthy…”…..and a lot of the afflicting was done by Jews, in the persucution of the early church. God allows such. He gave men free will, but we will “all stand before the judgement seat of Christ”…every single Jew and Gentile.

    He will be Judge of Saviour and the choice must be made in this life, after death it is too late, as the Lord said, “Unless ye believe that I am He, ye will die in your sins..”

  100. michael August 12, 2012 @ 11:27 pm

    @Goys in the Hood: I found your comment, though long, very interesting; thanks for sharing it. You should consider writing a more detailed paper or perhaps a book on your experiences. Get a website and put it out there.

    Jesus denounced the Pharisees , Saduccees, the scribes and the lawyers often during his day. The Pharisees and Sadducees had “relgious control” locked up..the Scribes..perhaps the ancient equivloent of the “Media”, and the “Lawyers” had all the leagalize locked up….of course, it all makes sense!..the more things change the more they stay the same! ….ah, but when Jesus returns…”Every eye will see Him and those that pierced Him.”

    I do believe we should as admonished, “pray for those that despitefully use us” I do pray for them as enemies…they are without question “a mess”…..sad thing is they, the Jews, are like Esau trading a birthright of eternal life( his was temporal I know, but much more) (which starts here and now) for a bowl of stew.

    For Jews that die, a minute in Hell without Christ will not be worth a lifetime of silly worldly riches and honor: “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul?” –THAT is frightening, and the truth. Jews that are lost will have eternal regret.

    Lets do pray that God opens eyes and hearts of many more. That is the only thing that can change them, and save them from their lost activities here and Hell when they die. Br. Nathanael and others are shining examples that Jesus does save Jews, and chaneg their minds and hearts.

  101. Glory B. August 13, 2012 @ 5:58 am

    Dear Goyz in the Hood,

    Your story about how you, a White Christian, has been tormented and persecuted by the evil Jews, brought tears to my eyes. I am almost speechless with outrage about the hold that the Jews have on America, and how far along they have gotten in their satanic plot of world domination.

    Let’s face it, if you’re not a “Member of the Tribe,” you don’t have a chance in Jewmerica. Your cardinal sin was that you tried to break into the “chosen people’s” territory when you became a lawyer, and the kikes saw you as a threat to their polluted law practices.

    I was born to full-Jewish parents (both sides) and brought up Jewish. Therefore I was subjected to the full blast of Jew-propaganda and lies about Judaism, about how God chose the Jews to rule the world and make the Gentiles their slaves, about how Jesus was a Jew who turned against his own people, and that he was punished for practicing sorcery.

    All of the kids that I went to sabbath school with were obnoxious Jewish brats, real richy-rich and making fun of me because I wasn’t rich like them. When they got out of school their parents — who were undoubtedly lawyers and bankers — picked them up in their big limousines, while I had to take the bus home. It always griped me, how the Jews make such a big thing about money, and look down their long noses at anybody who isn’t as greedy and money-hungry as they are.

    We were taught by the rabbis that the Jews were innocent people who graced the world with their presence, and that we Jews were persecuted because we refused to worship idols like the Christians, who had statues of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Apostles in their churches, and they bowed down and prayed to the idols.

    We were taught that Gentiles, and specifically Christians, were no better than animals, and that they were fit only to serve Jews, because no Jew should have to serve another Jew.

    We were taught that Mary was a whore who gave birth to Jesus after she was raped by a Roman soldier, and that Jesus was not divine, but was only a Jewish carpenter who went “off the rails” and deserved to be killed for his “blasphemy.”

    Throughout my childhood, I had doubts about these teachings, because all of the Christians that I knew were nice people who cared about other people and tried to help others less fortunate than them, not like the Jews I knew who were stuck-up and selfish, and cared only for their own kind.

    It wasn’t until I went away to college — against the wishes of my Jewish parents, who didn’t like the idea that I was leaving home and going to a non-Jewish college — that I found out that EVERYTHING that I had been taught about Jews, Jesus Christ and His religion — Christianity — was a LIE.

    My professors were Christians who taught me about the New Testament, and that when Christ came to Earth, Judaism died as a religion. That’s when the Jews accepted Satan as their god, because he offered them the world if they would bow down and worship him.

    That’s what Satan offered to our Lord when he took Him up on a high mountain and offered to make him King of the World, but our Lord rejected the wiles and tricks of Satan.

    8 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

    10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’”

    11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him. (Chapter 4 of The Gospel of Matthew).

    After I was taught the TRUTH about Jesus Christ, not what the Jews teach but what the BIBLE says about the Son of God, I realized that I could not be a Jew in spirit even if I had Jewish blood running through my veins. I went to one of my professors who was a minister and told him I wanted to turn my life over to Jesus Christ and live as He commanded me.

    He did not encourage me at first, but told me the way of the Christian was a hard one and did I really want to follow that road. He told me I would be disowned by my Jewish family and probably persecuted by the Jews who would regard me as a traitor to their Tribe.

    I said I would go through Hell to follow Jesus and that I was sincere in my desire to turn my life over to Him and become a Christian, and that nothing would turn me away from Him.

    So I was baptized and my past sins were forgiven. I became a new person in Christ Jesus.

    Well, any Jew that wants to repent of his past sins and turn his life over to Jesus Christ and become a new person can do as I did.

    But they won’t do it, for the most part, because they are too much in love with wealth and power, and for the riches of this world.

    To become Christians the Jews would have to humble themselves, and for the Jews this is impossible because they consider themselves such superior people.

    Well, they have a surprise coming when they die and are rejected at the Gates of Heaven. They will get a very “warm” reception with their father the devil in Hell.

    What Goyz in the Hood has gone through at the hands of the satanic Jews is right out of the pages of the Talmud. I’ll save that for another posting, but just want to quote one passage from the Talmud which is very relevant to Goyz in the Hood’s situation.

    “A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.”

    Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17

    “To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

    Libbre David 37

  102. Wotan August 13, 2012 @ 6:00 am

    Brother Nathanael August 12, 2012 @ 1:15 pm

    Dear Bro Nat,

    Martin Luther`s writings and pronouncements on the Jews make interesting reading.

    If it were possible to somehow have him transported from medieval Trier and Worms to live in today`s Germany the chances are that he`d be put in the nick for having described the Jews as rogues, thieves and liars.

    Or might it be that you are primarily referring to the Evangelicals / Protestants of today? In that case please ignore my add-on.


    michael August 12, 2012 @ 10:04 pm

    If you are suggesting, presumably to supply yourself with a little credibility, that Bro Nat and Makow are close friends you obviously haven`t read JC, August 11, 2012 @ 11:43 pm, fourth paragraph.

    By the way, the system of brainwashing goes like this: take a sandwich and cut it into two pieces. Call the 2 pieces of the sandwich the truth.

    Then take a lie and stick it between the two sandwich pieces. Put a load of mustard and ketchup over it all so that it is difficult to recognize what is hidden in between. Then give this nice-looking and nice-smelling
    piece of work to somebody who is hungry.

    He will swallow the lie and feel good with it!

    I can hear you protesting loudly “this could never happen to me, do you believe I am stupid?”

    Well, stupid we are all, only those who know it are intelligent – do you know whom I am quoting?

  103. Friedrich Horak August 13, 2012 @ 1:55 pm

    Dear Bro Nathanael,

    I am a website-provider in Europe (The Prophesies of the Bible). I visited your website and read a lot. Now I would put the excellet posting of

    Glory B. August 13, 2012 @ 5:58 am

    to my site and want to ask him if he will allow. But as I don’t have any e-mail address I ask you, if you can give me his address or – if you don’t want – if you can ask him for me.

    I want to attach his posting to my dosument

    If your answer is positive I would make a donate to your account for your work. – Thanks a lot.

    Best wishes and God’s blessing


  104. Brother Nathanael August 13, 2012 @ 3:10 pm


    Once a post is made it becomes automatically “public domain.”

    But because the post is made in connection with my copywritten article then I would ask you to reference the comment to my main Article above with the “link” and “title” of my article. +BN

  105. Concrete man August 13, 2012 @ 6:40 pm

    Good article, I sent it to everyone I know. Unfortunately it is all true!!!

    If I may be so cheeky, I consider Brother Nathanael a good friend I don’t think the old boy would mind my crass self promotion given the topics I am writing about. Actually in my latest article I do make a connection to environmental contamination and Jewish Power.

    Thank you. And a big THANK YOU to Jeff Rense for promoting my articles and interviews.

    Radioactive Rats, Nuclear Techno Geeks And Life In The Damage Control Continuum

    A fish rots from the head down

    Rats desert a sinking ship

    [T]here is no such thing as society. – Margaret Thatcher, England’s prime minister, 1987 (1)

    If there is a single, metaphysical idea that I have dedicated my life’s work to [exposing], it is that the greatest evil, the greatest destructive force, in terms of thought, is nominalism…the idea that there is no intrinsic connection among objects in classes of things….that the only thing that exists in the world is the individual. It’s the case in science, it’s the case in political theory. – Matt Johnson, Ph.D. (2)

  106. Michael August 13, 2012 @ 11:46 pm


    I was not implying close friendship. From comments made by each about each other, it appeared to me, they were friends who disagreed on some points, but had others in common. That may be wrong. Henry is not a Christian, and I know there are differences between them.

    Even so Henry posts links to Br. Nathanaels articles at times. I know BN sees the Jewish thing as the main problem, Henry sees it as he puts it “Jewish finance married to British Arstrocracy”. I pull info from both.

    I don’t agree with all Henry posts, but he has had some material I would call very good that points to the Jewish element. Perhaps when he truly gets “saved” something will click and he will see more. I respect them both for their various efforts.

  107. Rodrigo August 14, 2012 @ 9:11 am

    The worst and more dangerous USA enemy is Israel.

    It´s a pity that the American citizen is not aware of this.

  108. Michael August 14, 2012 @ 1:13 pm

    @Glory B:

    Thanks for sharing some of your story.

    I have not seen those quotes before from the Talmud, but am collecting quotes for educational use.

    I don’t think those are mentioned by BN in his “Satanic Verses” article. Can you share more sometime?


  109. Hans August 14, 2012 @ 2:13 pm

    Here is an interview with James Traficant from last week, covering several topics including Jews total control of America

  110. Taylor August 14, 2012 @ 6:30 pm

    Joe Cortina,

    Quoting you, “‘flushing the toilet’ … it must be done every time you see a turd pop back up.”

    That’s gross (but definitely funny!). You have a sharp wit and probably are an incredibly interesting personality.

  111. Taylor August 14, 2012 @ 7:16 pm

    @Goyz In The Hood

    Absolutely incredible.

    A very disheartening read, but thank you nonetheless for sharing your total nightmare with RJN readers.

  112. Glory B. August 15, 2012 @ 12:32 am

    @ Michael

    Thanks for your comments. The quotes from the Talmud that I used came from Rense. Here is the link:

    There is a very enlightening examination of the Talmud by Larry, who posted this on Joe Cortina’s Web page, “My Name Is Joe Cortina,” on April 28, 2012. (Joe titles the article “A JEW IS A JEW IS A JEW AND CAN ALWAYS BE TRUSTED TO BE UNTRUSTWORTHY — JOHN 8:44”. Joe is a devoted Christian and a great American patriot. He has a great sense of humor, and he writes with passion and conviction.)

    I won’t post the whole article here because it is very long, but Larry goes into great detail about the Talmud’s fascination with sex and pedophilia. The Catholic priests who abuse small children have nothing on the damn kike rabbis who say it’s OK to have sex with a girl as young as 3 years old.

    Here is the link to that article:

    I wonder how many Christians are familiar with the Jewish prayer called the “Kol Nidre,” that the Jews recite on the holiest day of the year (for them). Basically, they absolve themselves of any oath they have taken during the year, so that they can cheat Christians and defile little boys and girls with a “clean” conscience.

    The Kol Nidre is the holiest Jewish prayer and is recited several times on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It means “all vows” and is a flat statement that no promise of any kind will be kept for the coming year. It is also sung by the cantor in synagogue, accompanied on the violin and goes like this:

    “All vows, obligations, oaths or anathemas, pledges of all names, which we have vowed, sworn, devoted, or bound ourselves to, from this day of atonement, until the next day of atonement (whose arrival we hope for in happiness) we repent, aforehand, of them all, they shall all be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, void and made of no effect; they shall not be binding, nor have any power; the vows shall not be reckoned as vows, the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths.”


    Jews are disgusting liars, there’s no doubt about it. Lying to the Jew is as natural as breathing.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they stopped doing both?

  113. joseph picard February 5, 2013 @ 1:59 pm

    I have a deep and abiding loathing for JEWS, the scum of the earth, please, I beg the world, destroy the power of these hypocrites before they NUKE you.

    200 nuclear warheads, the results of SALT1 and SALT2 where the boot licking United States dismantled warheads in the search for world peace rather than “throw away” all that fissionable potential. The US sent it to ISRAEL for safekeeping.

    WHY DO THE JEWS HOLD POWER OVER THE SUPERPOWER US? They have the secret, and STUPID REDNECKS all over AMERICA don’t even know that their government under the COCONUT Obomber is still playing into JEWISH interests. That’s right you dumb PhD Motherf____s, you are the ULTIMATE played asshole of the world.

    MAO said it best, if you have to run with the dogs, run with their best, and that’s why you have the MACABEE games, where the Jew only competes where he KNOWS he will win.

    Take heart AMERIKA, you hatred will soon come home and you WILL learn the error of that Israeli way.

    I pray to GOD Almighty to not let these “chosen” hypocrites lead us all to hell, for the JEW loves company.

    Best joke I ever heard…Why does the world hate Adolf Hitler?

    And from a JEW, Laser Slontnikov, known in Winnipeg as Leslie Slotin, son of Alvin and Mona, the answer — in pure Jew philosphy, NO ONE LIKES A FAILURE.

  114. @Muslima June 2, 2013 @ 10:48 am

    LOOOOOOOOL!! You said, “these ‘chosen’ hypocrites”

    Well, in Quran, God has cursed and I assume that is why they are the cancer of the world.

    God sent them many prophets but they do not listen to his orders for self pride.

    I believe that they are the other side of Satan. He is the first who disobeyed God and they are just following him, not following God orders.

  115. James May 16, 2015 @ 8:07 pm

    I love you brother +

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