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Secrets Of The Synagogue
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Brother Nathanael @ July 15, 2012


  1. Brother Nathanael July 15, 2012 @ 5:33 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    I said it in the Video above and I will say it again here on the Comments Section:

    “Judaism operates more like a political party than it does a creed.”

    This is why here in Jewmerica we have a ONE PARTY system that is RULED by the Synagogue, the HUB of Jewish operations. And this Video PROVES it!
    SOON THE ADL will have to contend with Brother Nathanael in HAND TO HAND combat.

    For The Brother Nathanael Foundation—with THREE MAJOR LAW FIRMS employed—is making plans NOW to begin LITIGATING against the forty foot Hanukkah Menorah put up on the White House Lawn every December.

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation will ultimately petition for EQUAL TIME of a comparable FORTY FOOT Nativity Scene to be erected on the White House Lawn with a head of state and Orthodox priests at the scene…just like the Jews do with one of their Jew leaders and their Synagogue comrades.

    It’s time that I start putting my expose of Jewry INTO ACTION.

    Will you help me to FUND this very expensive litigation?

    I am moving OUT ON FAITH in pursuit of this litigation.

    Please pray about helping financially.

    Donations may be earmarked: “Stop The Menorah Fund” with PayPal donations @

    By Mail: (Add as a note, “Stop The Menorah Fund.”)

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    We CAN Win Over Anti-Christ Jewry!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Publisher, Real Jew News

    PS Many Thanks to all who send in Cash Donations.

    All cash donations arrive SAFELY and SECURELY.

  2. Brother Nathanael July 15, 2012 @ 5:34 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    Secrets Of The Synagogue
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2012

    One has to wonder why the Lord Jesus Christ called the Assembly of the Jews: “The Synagogue of Satan.”

    Is it because the Synagogue uses the very same methods as Satan himself to achieve its aims?

    I grew up as a Jew and it was instilled in me from a child that—regardless of the methods used—Jewry was to gain the upper hand in dealing with the Gentiles.

    And every sermon that the Rabbi gave was a sermon on ‘politics of the day’…NOT on the Bible.

    You see, political activism—whether it was the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s or lobbying for Israel today—is the key component of Jewry’s quest to rule over the Gentiles and its hub of operations is the Synagogue itself.

    That’s why, Jewish Senator Joseph Lieberman worked the Synagogue Circuit in the last presidential elections, and just last month, Jewish neocon leader William Kristol spoke at B’nai Jeshurun Synagogue in Manhattan boasting of how the neocons purged the Republican party of all of Israel’s critics.

    Now, the two main Jewish Lobbies, AIPAC and the ADL, appear on the surface to have limited missions: lobbying for Israel and preventing anti-Semitism.

    Why then does AIPAC agitate for wars around the globe and the ADL promote homosexuality in public schools?

    It’s because their agendas move far beyond their stated missions and their syndicate has grown into a full-blown beast that undermines the democratic process.

    For if a political leader—like Senator Charles Percy or Congressman Paul Findley—goes on the offensive resisting the Zionist agenda, the Jewish Lobby will prop up and fund an opposing candidate and the Jewish-owned press will smear the offender…the secrets of the Synagogue thus revealed as working behind the scenes.

    Is it any wonder then that the major Committees on Capitol Hill are chaired by Jews and that both the Republican and Democratic Party are fully in Jewry’s hands?

    We don’t have a democracy in America…we have a one party system ruled by the Synagogue. For apparently, Judaism operates more like a political party than it does a creed.

    In the Holy Gospels’ narration of the Temptation of Christ, Satan put before Him three offers: Offers of Possession, Prestige, and Power.

    Jewry today abounds in all three: Abundant Wealth, Lavish Honors, and Vast Political Power.

    “My Kingdom is not of this world,” Christ answered Satan. But the Synagogue has established an earthly kingdom—a political reign—that is indeed of this world.

    This is why Jewry fears Vladimir Putin. For in his love for Holy Russia he is reviving the Orthodox Church leaving the Synagogue bereft of power and influence.

    Yet, the Secrets of the Synagogue are fully armed to do everything possible— regardless of the methods used—to prevent patriotism and religion from threatening its rule here in America.

    For as it is in Putin’s Russia, only by love of God and country can the Synagogue be stopped.

  3. KathJuliane July 15, 2012 @ 6:20 pm

    Well, well, dear Brother Nathanael.

    You always come up with a different angle to view Jewry from. This is a beautifully done video to begin with, and it is very instructional, getting the message across about the secret materialistic, political life in “the synagogue of Satan.”

    I haven’t run across anything like this video before which points out just how political the rabbis and the synagogues really are in practice, and that there is a “synagogue circuit” which activist Jews tour and lecture.

    In Christian churches (even a home church), or even in a mosque, most political speech, particularly concerning any candidates, is completely forbidden under the legal umbrella of “the separation of church and state.”

    Pastors, priests and churches are vigorously prosecuted should they cross the line from blandest mention of “do your civic duty,” yet the Jews get away with it.

    I wonder if any of their precious tax exemptions can be yanked?

    God bless you, dear +BN for all of your labors.

  4. Anthony Fells July 15, 2012 @ 7:09 pm

    What is the birthmark of true greatness?

    A good heart, constructive vision, true courage, and creative intelligence. And what have you in the seats of American power? The exact opposite of that!

    The moment the American people realize that what they think is their government is nothing but a collection of depraved prostitutes, drug addicts, and savage murderers, is the moment when they all need to rise and take action.

    We read with melancholy tears the bestial history of the Russians under the Judeo/Bolshevik rule, and the one question we all ask ourselves, is: how could it happen? how could the Russians allow it to happen? where were the people? didn’t they see it coming?

    Well, it seems to me that what was true of Russia, will one day become true also of America, which means that one day others will ask themselves precisely the same question: how could it happen? how could the Americans allow it to happen? where were the people? didn’t they see it coming?

    Well, I would hate to think what the answers to these questions are.

    Act before it is too late!

    Greetings from Australia.

    A. Fells

    P.S. See for yourselves!



  5. Lee July 15, 2012 @ 7:13 pm

    Is Putin a Puppet of the Chabad-Lubavitch Sect???

    “The Head of Chabad in Russia Berl Lazar (left) said: Never before has any Russian or Soviet leader done so much for Jews, as Vladimir Putin.”

    Why is the moderator not wanting this info posted?

  6. Brother Nathanael July 15, 2012 @ 7:23 pm


    You’re nothing but a TOTAL IDIOT.

    Who cares what Lazar said about Putin.

    What matters is that JEWS HAVE NO POWER IN PUTIN’S RUSSIA you stupid idiot.

    That’s why the JEW National Endowment for Democracy, a CIA NGO, funded the “protests” in Russia which accomplished NOTHING.

    That’s why the Jew-Owned Press of the entire Western World said that Putin was “finished.” Why? BECAUSE JEWS WERE REMOVED FROM POWER BY PUTIN, that’s why, you dolt.

    Don’t bother posting your stupidity here any longer or I will sic Joe Cortina on you. And you do NOT want that.

    (Attention Moderators – Do NOT allow this kind of STUPID GARBAGE to defile this Comments Section Again)

    +Brother Nathanael
    Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR)
    Contacts in Moscow

  7. Anthony Fells July 15, 2012 @ 7:25 pm

    Can also search, Louis Marschalko, The World Conquerors

    And try:,%20Marschalko.pdf

    Must read!

  8. Cam July 15, 2012 @ 7:35 pm

    Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard reports that Mitt Romney will visit Israel at the end of July.

    A time that corresponds with the solemn remembrance of the destruction of the two Temples…Kristol notes the corresponding occasion somewhat happily.

    The quasi-Mason Romney and Bibi will talk….about what on this solemn date?

    Perhaps the rebuilding of the Temple….which Mormons believe is necessary to the Second Coming?

    Jesus for them will reign from the Temple (and somehow will eventually make it to Missouri), but Orthodox Christian teaching says that he who reigns from the rebuilt Temple will be the Anti-Christ.

  9. Elton Robb July 15, 2012 @ 7:45 pm

    I wonder.

    Jesus said we should elect wise men. Why doesn’t the wise men ever run? Well, one does run, but he never goes to the finish line. Despite this, I’m voting my conscience this election and I’m voting for Ron Paul. The two political parties are headed for a meltdown.

    The American people will have no one else to go because both parties are following the same agenda. The two parties will split and the American Independent Party will rise to prominence.

  10. Citizenfitz July 15, 2012 @ 8:02 pm

    It’s official: facts are “antisemitic”

  11. bubba July 15, 2012 @ 8:38 pm

    Bullseye BN+

    …and I mean dead center.

    Perfect point regarding Satan’s temptation of Christ.

    I had this same conversation with some friends here in Canada a few months ago regarding our local civic elections.

    We had (2) new Council members elected in Nov. 2011.

    They BOTH “coincidentally” were on a taxpayer funded junket to Asia that excluded some veteran Council members.

    I mused…see how easy they got co-opted…indoctrinated early with “secular temptations”….just like ol’ Beelzebub.

  12. Taylor July 15, 2012 @ 8:38 pm

    Give ’em (i.e., Lee in the above case) hell, Brother Nathanael.

    Apparently Lee does not understand that Jewry plays both sides with their cunning duplicitousness and lies; in this case, the lie that some sheister named Lazar in Russia praised such and such about Putin.

    Either this guy Lee is in fact a dolt (as you put it) or he’s a plant. I know the internet is crawling with plants through Jewry. My personal experience: I’ve made a few remarks on You-Tube recently and have faced some sort of controlled response.

    It’s predictable: viciously attack the messenger (i.e., me) while arguing the opposite, which is clearly false. The false argument shoved back in my face is that Jewry had nothing to do with the Bolshevik dictatorship and grotesque oppression throughout the 20th century in the former Soviet Union. Absolutely, unequivocally false!!!

    This same clown also pontificated that through Stalin et al the nation enjoyed enormous industrial development over most of the 20th century. Of course, the truth is that the preponderance of such industrialization, notably in the area of transportation, was by the barrel of a gun forced on the backs of millions of innocents tossed shamelessly and mercilessly into Jewish-commissar gulags scattered throughout the vast landscape.

    Solzhenitsyn elucidates in grinding detail Stalin’s industrialization of the enormous gulag-forced labor system. His book, The Gulag Archipelago, is a monumental account of the pure evil that had proliferated in Jewish Bolshevik Communist Russia and its satellite territories.

    Thank you for socking it to Lee.

  13. Citizenfitz July 15, 2012 @ 8:49 pm

    Satan’s “three temptations” of Christ is a good observation.

  14. michael July 15, 2012 @ 11:17 pm

    Re:”Lee” and Br. Nathanael’s response:

    I think, Br. Nathanael has probably shared the same thing before, but I think its good to have a comment, that raises a question like this, it helps me be prepared in case some friend of mine or other person brings a simliar issue up.

    And having Br. Nathanael’s insights and response on the “full story”…

  15. Christ is King July 15, 2012 @ 11:56 pm

    Hold on a minute — WAIT a minute — are synagogues on the 501c3?

    Do they get religious tax exemption? If SO, how come THEY get to talk politics, but Christian churches cannot? Am I mistaken here? Can someone fill me in?

    Christian leaders need to GET political and drop the tax exemption. This is a low down dirty shame that temples are involved, yet today’s churches shy meekly away from “interference.”

    I do believe we’ve made a terrible mistake taking the tax exemption bait.

  16. LateNiteVisitor July 16, 2012 @ 12:57 am

    You have a great site here with many insightful articles.

    I like how you always name names which makes things crystal clear as to who exactly is doing what. I also like the text descriptions of the videos which you always include in the Comments section since I prefer reading (it’s faster) than watching videos.

    As for Lee, who I don’t know from Adam, he is merely quoting the same exact quote as posted at Henry Makow’s site.

    Here’s the HM link @

  17. LateNiteVisitor July 16, 2012 @ 1:23 am

    Whether Putin is a real Christian or not, I wouldn’t know, only God can read hearts.  

    All heads of state in the world are suspect & most likely part of “The Club” in one way or another.  FWIW, in the 1970s-1980s, the (now deceased as of 1987) Christian, Peter David Beter, said Russia/Kremlin/KGB was part of the 3-pronged axis/elite who were working to bring in the NWO (along with USA’s Rockefellers & the Bolsheviks/Zionists).

    As for the 40-foot Nativity idea, I get the “December” reasoning.  

    But since Christ is in His glorified heavenly position at the Father’s right hand waiting to crush all his enemies under his feet, I’d much rather see a COLOR-STATUE of a 34-foot white stallion with a 6-foot Christ astride it coming as King of Kings & Lord of Lords as described in Rev. 19 since THAT is THE CHRIST & KING  that the “annual White House Lawn Menorrah Lighters” are going to have to face when he comes in his glory!

    Now wouldn’t that be a hoot?  A giant white stallion being ridden by the glorious & victorious Christ right next to their Menorrah!  Lol.  Well, one can dream!

    God is PROgressive, not REgressive (back to babyhood), & Paul wrote, “WE KNOW HIM IN THE FLESH NO MORE” meaning we should keep our minds on Christ as he truly is NOW & not how he was THEN.  Food for thought.

    2 Corinthians 5:16: “Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.”

  18. LateNiteVisitor July 16, 2012 @ 2:10 am

    Re what KathJuliane said re “Separation of Church & State”: Google for this article by Liberty Counsel:

    “Pastors, Churches and Politics: What May Pastors and Churches Do?” by Mathew D. Staver, Esq.

    It was LBJ in 1954 who put the screws on all non-profit orgs & political activity (because a non-religious non-profit had worked against his election).

    Since that date 1954, only *1* church has been hassled by the IRS for politicizing. The rest is INTIMIDATION.

    And if a church body does not put itself under state “non profit status” with the IRS as a 501c3 or 501c4, then it is a free-standing body of believers who can do what they want, which is how it should be.

  19. Bobby July 16, 2012 @ 2:53 am

    As far as so many fellow American citizens go, it’s shameful, how very many of them can only be called stupid buffoons, with eyes and ears that barely function, and when they do, on all the wrong things.

  20. Arjan July 16, 2012 @ 5:30 am

    Allmost everything is a lie built on a lie on top of a synagogue.

  21. Karen July 16, 2012 @ 6:05 am

    Lee, is it possible Lazar was lying?

    This wouldn’t be the first time. It’s to their benefit to cast doubt.

  22. Dr. Albert D Pastore July 16, 2012 @ 6:26 am

    Look at the beautiful gift that Putin and the people of Russia gave to America……covered up by the Zio media!!!

  23. paddy July 16, 2012 @ 7:28 am

    About that Menorah thing, the government says its a cultural and not religious symbol (like the Christmas tree they allow).

    Well, I say all us Irish need our cultural symbol so lets put up a 50 foot Celtic Cross, a truly beautiful Christian symbol and so much better than that Devil’s pitchfork!!

  24. Bernd July 16, 2012 @ 8:09 am

    It’s even worse bro ! Judah-ism is a satanic cult wrapped in a organized crime syndicate !

  25. Kelly July 16, 2012 @ 8:21 am

    I suspect the term “Synagogue of Satan” has some pretty far reaching implications, particularly in terms of history.

    Because I have spent many, many years in the study of ancient history, I was aware that those people who settled Sumer, (Chaldea in the Bible) had initially come from out of the land mass that was from earliest times considered “Vedic Aryan” and later became known as “Hindu.”

    This is important because Abraham and his followers initially resided in Sumer (Chaldea) before they became residents in Canaan.

    The god of the ancient city of Ur, Abraham’s hometown, was known as the Moon god, who in those days was called “Nanner Sin.” (Yes, in ancient times “Sin” was literally known as the name of a god.)

    Today we generally think of sin as an action or belief that promotes evil. But this word may have actually originated with the belief in an ancient god and those beliefs may have promoted his believers to “commit acts of evil or Sin.”

    Historically, Sargon the Great and his grandson, Naram Sin, two of the most famous and bloodthirsty military leaders to ever come out of Sumer, were the followers of “Sin.”

    The ancient gods each had countless names, and it may come as quite a surprise to you to learn that in ancient India, at least two very famous gods were known by names that began with the prefix “Satan.”

    SATANAND = LORD VISHNU – The Solar deity. He traditionally “preserves the law.” He has 1000 names. He rests on a throne of serpents.

    SATINATH & SATINDRA = LORD SHIVA – The Lunar god or “Moon god”, Shiva, who traditionally “destroys” the old to make way for the new. He too has 1000 names, and “Sin” or Nannar Sin, the moon god of Ur appears to have been one of those names.

    By the way, in earliest times, the Vedic god Shiva, and the Vedic god Indra may have been one and the same deity. At least Indra identifies himself as Shiva at least five times in the Rig Veda.

    In countless early Hindu texts it is Shiva (or Indra) who is literally known as “the destroyer.”

    I find this very interesting, particularly since the Jews actually call their religious schools “Yeshivas” i.e. “Ye-Shivas”! Furthermore, the Jews, in their thousands of declarations make no bones about it and proudly proclaim themselves “the destroyers” just as Shiva’s followers were known. Case in point…

    “There is scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews. We Jews are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, it’s DESTROYERS, it’s incendiaries, it’s executioners.” —Oscar Levy, in the preface of his book, “The World Significance of the Russian Revolution”

    Our Bible tells us that “The path of Sin, leads to destruction,” and our Bible also refers to the Jews who “call themselves Jews and are not” as the “Synagogue of Satan.” As far as I am concerned, these biblical statements may be taken quite literally because they bear witness to known and verifiable history.

    I have concluded that the worship of the Moon god “Sin” in Abraham’s home town was one and the same with the worship of “Shiva, the destroyer,” who is and was a god of many names. And at least two of Shiva’s verifiable names does indeed begin with “Satan.” (Or “Satin”, since vowels mean nothing in the Hebrew written language.)

    I believe the Jews who wrote the Talmud recognize themselves as the worshippers of Shiva, the Destroyer i.e. “Satinath” or “Satindra” and this is WHY they call their religious schools “Ye-Shivas.”

    To define them as “the synagogue of Satin,” as John did in the Book of Revelations, actually only CONFIRMS the known, historical facts.

    Can anyone among us deny that the Jews do indeed follow the “god of destruction”?

    It is the “freedom” that the one true God endowed us with that the Jews fully intend to destroy.

    I might also add that Jewry’s adoption of the “Magen David” or Hexagram as their symbol harkens back to the SAME Lunar god system in ancient India.

    The Jewish Star was first identified as the “yantra” or symbol of the Lunar god “Lord Kubera” who was known as the “leader of the demons” and the “demon god of wealth” in ancient India, long before the Jews ever adopted his yantra as the symbol identifying the Jewish race.

    To say that the Jews represent the worship of Money, Sin and Satan, just as the Bible claims, actually bears witness to the known historical facts.

  26. Susie July 16, 2012 @ 8:56 am

    Bro. Nathanael,

    Your description of the Jewish Cult should make everyone jump into action! We listen to your truth and it is now our job to do something.

    Recently I have written to a Representative, an author, and wrote to Governor Jan Brewer again — all in an effort to support those strong enough to fight evil.

    On July 18th, I am sending the ONE DOLLAR you need to continue doing your research. EVERYONE reading your material and listening to your voice will also send ONE DOLLAR.

    Thank you.

    Read ‘Moral Cowards’ at

  27. Kelly July 16, 2012 @ 9:14 am

    I agree with Susie. When I get my next check, I too intend to send Brother Nathanael ONE DOLLAR.

    I’m not being cheap. There is a big difference between being cheap and being poor.

    Many poor come to this site and Brother Nathanael tirelessly sites the evidence as to WHY we are poor.

  28. The Elder of Zyklon-B July 16, 2012 @ 9:21 am

    Fells asks:

    “How could the Americans allow it to happen? Where were the people?”

    For starters they were:

    1. Sitting at the ball games.

    2. Enthralled and brainwashed by the Jewish owned radio, television, and films industries.

    3. Sitting in apostate Cyrus Scofield indoctrinated churches learning to idolize Jewish suffering and Israhell.

    4. Eating mind-altering kosher junk food, reading the latest Jew York Times recommended book written by kosher authors while aping out the recommended behavior. (See “50 Shades of Grey.”)

    5. Continuing to send their Children to attend the “education centers” of Judeo-Masonic controlled versions of history known as the public school system.

    6. Losing touch with the nature, the soil, Christ’s creation, and their Western European heritage.

    7. Occupied with fratricidal wars (see #6) and fighting whatever other group of people which the Christ-hating Jews convinced them was in their best interest to annihilate.

    8. Taking mass doses of psychotropic pharmaceutical drugs.

    “Didn’t they see it coming?”

    After massive ingesting mass quantities of the above, Hell no Fells, they did not see it coming and even if they did, THEY NO LONGER CARED.

    Brother Nathanael just produced another superb video presentation Concerning “der ewige juden” and the Synagogue of Satan.

    He deserves our support and certainly has mine.

  29. Citizenfitz July 16, 2012 @ 9:33 am

    “1. Jews: Jews are the number one victims of history – and all history revolves around that axle: JEWS ARE VICTIMS! Period! No exceptions!!!”

  30. Citizenfitz July 16, 2012 @ 9:35 am

    Devil’s pitchfork? Too true! LOL!

    Paddy: “Well, I say all us Irish need our cultural symbol so lets put up a 50 foot Celtic Cross, a truly beautiful Christian symbol and so much better than that Devil’s pitchfork!!”

  31. Arjan July 16, 2012 @ 10:28 am

    To whom it may concern:

    Don’t be insulting by sending “ONE DOLLAR” to Brother Nathanael.

    And don’t announce it to the world either.

    Thank you.

  32. KathJuliane July 16, 2012 @ 11:01 am

    The Egyptians have caught on to the Hilldebeast, the Jewish owned pet from the depths of the synagogue of Satan, and the toxicity of so-called national “Springs.”

    Egyptians pelt Clinton motorcade with killer tomatoes and UFS (unidentified flying shoes)…

    ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (Reuters) – Protesters threw tomatoes and shoes at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motorcade on Sunday during her first visit to Egypt since the election of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.

    Protesters chanted “Monica, Monica,” a reference to the extra-marital affair conducted by Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, while in the White House.

    Others earlier chanted “leave, Clinton” an Egyptian security official said.

    It was not clear who the protesters were or what were their political affiliations. Demonstrations have become common in Egypt since former President Hosni Mubarak, long-time U.S. ally, was brought down by mass street protests last year.

    Egypt is gripped by political uncertainty as two major forces, the military and the Muslim Brotherhood, engage in a power struggle over the future of a country that remains without a permanent constitution, parliament or government.

    On Saturday night, protesters outside Clinton’s luxury hotel in Cairo chanted anti-Islamist slogans, accusing the United States of backing the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power.

    You’ll have to read the rest for yourselves, particularly Hilldebeest’s brainless and inane brush off of the persecuted Christians in Egypt since all of this began.

    There is no other antelope like the wildebeest. It looks like it was assembled from spare parts by a committee – the forequarters could have come from an ox, the hindquarters from an antelope and the mane and tail from a horse, and its head is out of proportion to its body.

    The antics of the territorial bulls during breeding season have earned them the name “clowns of the savanna.”

    Of the human counterparts to the wildebeest, females are the Hilldebeasts and the bull are the Billdebeasts, and they collectively have humorous and earthy descriptions of their urban habits in the Urban Dictionary found under “wildebeast.”

  33. Kelly July 16, 2012 @ 11:24 am

    Oh! Sweet Victory!

    Folks, the Jewish Banking Cartel has just been caught red-handed and even Wall Street is up in arms over it!

    “The Libor scandal reveals capitalism’s vaunted Free Market is a con trick, which has been fraudulently controlled by international banks for their own and select cartels and speculators’ interest….”

    “Libor along with Euribor are the central mechanisms for setting global interest rates for a vast array of financial services and products.

    Libor is the largest, operating over 10 currencies, which includes determining the rate of US dollars in the form of Eurodollars.

    Traders in the main financial markets in London, New York and Japan colluded to set inter bank rate, thus making either huge profits or covering-up their losses.”

    Read the whole story here:

    Friends, this is not simply a conspiracy “theory,” they’ve been caught red-handed with their hands in the cookie jar and the CFTC is on to them!

    “The US watchdog the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) said it wasn’t just Barclays’ traders who were involved in the market manipulation but the bank’s top bosses.”

    We all need to PRAY the CFTC has the brains to FINALLY bring the Criminal Banker’s filthy house of cards tumbling down!

  34. jake July 16, 2012 @ 12:14 pm

    Is William Crystal you refer to the same person as the actor Billy Crystal in the western movie City Slickers?

  35. Johann July 16, 2012 @ 1:13 pm

    To all you people who look down on the poor here at RJN : The two dollar bills that are coming to Brother Nathanael in the post are worth more than the twenty or thirty dollars you send in once a month, for as you all well know, you could easily have sent in double that amount – but you did not, because you wanted to spend it on yourselves instead.

    Kelly and Susie are sending in money they cannot afford to send in. Now, who’s gift do you think is the most pleasing in the eyes of our Lord : the gift from the poor or the gift from you?

    Talking about dollar bills, I actually have one myself that I considered sending in. Problem is that I don’t wish to part with it, as I have had it for a very long time, and I like to look at it from time to time.

    It is from 1935 and not a Federal Reserve Note, but a Silver Certificate. Underneath George Washington it actually says “In silver payable to the bearer on demand”.

    I guess I have to send in some of the new notes instead while they are still of some use.

  36. Steven Rowlandson July 16, 2012 @ 1:57 pm

    I have concluded that the worship of the Moon god “Sin” in Abraham’s home town was one and the same with the worship of “Shiva, the destroyer,” who is and was a god of many names. And at least two of Shiva’s verifiable names does indeed begin with “Satan.” (Or “Satin”, since vowels mean nothing in the Hebrew written language.)

    I believe the Jews who wrote the Talmud recognize themselves as the worshippers of Shiva, the Destroyer i.e. “Satinath” or “Satindra” and this is WHY they call their religious schools “Ye-Shivas.”

    Isn’t Allah considered to be a Moon war god?

    Perhaps we have a continuity of satanic worship operating under many names in many cultures and Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims and members of other oriental faiths have been suckered into worshipping Satan by a bunch of false prophets mascarading as ministers of god.

    Much of the world needs a spiritual reality check before they wind up in hell.

  37. Joe July 16, 2012 @ 3:15 pm

    Is William Crystal you refer to the same person as the actor Billy Crystal in the western movie City Slickers?

    No, but they’re both Yids.

    William Kristol is a frequent guest on Faux News and the founder of “The Weekly (Sub)Standard,” a neocon magazine which caters largely to the Scofield, Hal Lindsey, Jack VanImpe, and John Hagee-venerating Methobapsticostals (who don’t care how many innocent men, women, and children are slaughtered by “God’s chosen people”.)

    William’s daddy, Irving, was one of the Jews who founded the conservative-hijacking neocon movement, along with Bill Buckley.

    From tomatobubble Sept. 2000:

    One year before the 9/11 attacks, Zionist Neo-Cons from PNAC (Project For the New American Century) issue a report entitled: Rebuilding America’s Defenses. The ringleader of this cabal is William Kristol, (CFR) son of the Marxist founder of Neo-conservatism, Irving Kristol.

    PNAC’s report calls for America to dominate the Middle East and overthrow the government of Iraq. It foretells of a chilling event thusly:

    “The process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event –like a new Pearl Harbor.”

    Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Paul Wolfowitz are also PNAC supporters. Each will assume high office when George W Bush, becomes president in 2001.

  38. Blake July 16, 2012 @ 3:19 pm

    The source of Judaism is not the Bible, it is the Talmud.

    The people who wrote the Talmud are the ones who decided what books would be included in the Biblical canon. For example [the Orthodox] and Catholic churches included the Maccabees in its version of the canon, Judaism did not.

    The books of Judith, Tobias and many others were only preserved by Christianity. The Judaism that preceded rabbinical (Talmud) Judaism was pretty much erased from history. There were Sadducees, there were Pharisees (rabbinical Jews) & Essenes.

    The Pharisees simply erased them from history. What we do know for sure: Rabbinical Judaism is a Judaism that hates humans. It defines only Jews as humans. – Yossi Gurvitz, When Israel is Mighty.

  39. C-Biscuit July 16, 2012 @ 3:26 pm

    David killed Goliath using only a sling shot and a stone.

    Show me the stone…

    For the record, it was David’s faith in the Lord God to deliver him from all evil that allowed him to pick up a stone from the ground and cast it into the giant’s forehead.

  40. Kelly July 16, 2012 @ 4:14 pm

    “Isn’t Allah considered to be a Moon war god?”

    Yes. Allah is also a Moon god. I’ve often thought about that too. If you listen to what the Muslims say about the Jews, they say that originally both Abraham’s family (Jews) and Muslims worshipped the very same god.

    Islam claims that the Jews ceased their original worship and turned to the worship of Satan. It’s all very odd because both Vishnu (the sun) and Shiva (the moon) used “Satan” as parts of their names. I ran into it that info when I did a web search on “Satan” and found a Hindu list of “Baby names” that gave “Satanand” as a name for Vishnu and Satinath and Satindra as names for Shiva. I was just floored…

    There were/are many, many names for the moon god(s) and even in antiquity, the worshippers of the moon god going by one name often battled against the worshippers of the moon god going by another name. And also if you look in an older dictionary, the word “Semitic” applies to both Jews and the Arab Muslims. It by no means is a word describing only Jews.

    For me, the most significant facts are the ones I listed. The Jews call their religious schools “Ye Shivas” for a reason, and time and again they are proud to define themselves as “the destroyers,” and their symbol, which they call “the star of David” was originally the symbol of the Vedic money god. I guess we’d call him “Mammon”, huh?

    Shiva was called “the destroyer” and the Hindus believe that at the end of every age Shiva and his followers come to destroy the world. Shiva then becomes “absorbed” by the Sun god Vishnu, who “preserves” the remnant of mankind that is left, and then goes about laying down the new laws and new gods for the next New Age.

    Curiously, when you look up the meaning of the number 666, it is the number of the Sun (god), and seems to stand for Vishnu’s role in “last days” events. Even the Jewish Kabbala refers to the number 666 as the number of the Sun.

    There are many, many Old Testament verses where God warns the Hebrews against the worship of the Sun and the Moon. In fact, the whole of the Roman version of Christianity tries to pass Jesus Christ off as just another dying and resurrecting sun god, but the Book of Revelations very definitely tells us that Christ is not connected to either the Sun or the Moon god systems. Christ surely doesn’t represent 666!

    The Hindu’s say that “last days” events take place at the end of every age and their beliefs may have actually been the basis for the Armageddon or Doomsday prophecies. The Hindu’s predecessors, the Aryans, existed from one end to the other in the Middle East in antiquity, and the Vedic gods are mentioned in many well-documented historical texts from the Middle East. My point is the Vedic prophesies had to have been very well known.

    It seems to me that God’s biblical warnings against idol worship bears witness to the fact that as the Vedic civilizations spread into the Middle East, they brought their many gods and their idols with them.

    And yes, I do think that originally the Muslims and the Jews were indeed initially considered one group, or at least kin to one another. Both were a people that had come out of territory controlled by the original Vedic Aryans. But you’ve got to understand, Vedic territory included an enormous part of ancient China, all of India, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Mongolia and more.

    They were a powerful and huge loose-knit group of people, and they worshipped a huge number of different gods who headed up both the solar and lunar dynasties. In the later Hindu times, they believe that ultimately Vishnu “absorbs” all the various solar and lunar deities and they believe Vishnu represents “the one god” for this reason.

    But the Old Testament God of the Bible seems to soundly disagree with that concept. Nothing seemed to tick the Old Testament God off more than the worship of the Sun god…

  41. KathJuliane July 16, 2012 @ 4:50 pm

    Dear Steve and Kelly,

    No, Allāh was never considered to be a Moon war-god.

    Folks need to watch where they step out of assumptions, ignorance, and resorting to someone else’s shoddy research, evidence and proof-texting for the sake of their polemics.

    Think about this.

    With centuries of written polemics and apologia back and forth between the Byzantine Roman Emperor, the scholars and theologians of the Church, and the caliphs and scholars of Islam and other leaders, during a more complicated history than what the Western perspective simplifies it down to, how is it that these Eastern Christians failed to notice that Allāh was a “Moon-God?”

    St. John of Damascus wrote a monumental work in the 8th century, the Fount of Knowledge, part two entitled Heresies in Epitome: How They Began and Whence They Drew Their Origin. It is usually just cited as Heresies.

    The translator’s introduction points out that Fount of Knowledge is one of the most “important single works produced in the Greek patristic period,…offering as it does an extensive and lucid synthesis of the Greek theological science of the whole period. It is the first great Summa of theology to appear in either the East or the West.”

    St. John of Damascus or the Damascene (+749) is considered one of the great Fathers of the Church, and his writings hold a place of high honor in the Church. His critique of Islam, or “the heresy of the Ishmaelites,” is especially relevant. Typical of polemics of the day, St. John did not mince words, and his writing is extremely harsh concerning Islam, but Muslim scholars were just as harsh against Christians.

    For Muslim readers, St. John was just as harsh on any of the other Christian heresies he addressed, so don’t take it personal, nor was he singling Islam out. Moreover, polemics went both ways. St. John writes that Muslims used to call us Christians “Hetaeriasts, or Associators, because, they say, we introduce an associate with God by declaring Christ to the Son of God and God.”

    St. John, a Syrian Christian was also an officer in the Caliph’s court at Damascus, trusted, respected and even loved by the caliph; he was on intimate terms with Islam, he was very strident against Islam because he considered it a form of Christian heresy, and included it with other Christian heresies.

    And that is the point. The idea of “Allāh the Moon-god” didn’t exist in Islam in St. John of Damascus’ day, or else he wouldn’t have considered Islam a “Christian heresy” but a pagan religion.

    “Allāh the Moon-god” doesn’t even show up in Western Christian religious literature for the first time until the 20th century, and that is because of coming to shoddy conclusions by cherry-picking the scholarly experts.

    There are many Christian peoples who use the word Allāh. Allāh is the Arabic word for God for many people, not just Muslims. Even Dutch missionaries in Malaysia, for example, in translating the Bible used “Allāh” to translate the Germanic word ‘Gott.’

    It’s really bad enough that as a result of gross ignorance, that Arab and Aramaic speaking Eastern Orthodox churches in the US were vandalized and burned down by angry Americans in the Bay Area and the East Coast (New York, I think) along with mosques right after 9/11, neither of which should have been damaged at all.

    Worse than that, innocent people, some who where not even related to Islam (not that the word “Muslim” should be synonomous with “terrorist), including a non-English speaking Greek priest from Greece and Pakistani Sikhs, were beaten up and injured, and at least one law-abiding Sikh dragged out of his store and beaten to death.

    This doesn’t count the numerous Central and Southeast Asians in America, many of whom were also perceived as Muslims and attacked as “terrorists,” although significant minority of them were actually Christians.

    This is still America, dammit, and those communities affected were Arab, Lebanese, Syrian Americans and legal resident aliens from the Middle East and Central Asia, law-abiding citizens regardless of what religion.

    But all Ay-rabs and Middle Easterners are Moozlums, right? The Moozlums use the symbol of the crescent to represent their faith, so they must then worship the moon!

    In Arabic, the word means simply “the God.” It is used mainly by Muslims and often, albeit not exclusively, by Arabic speaking Eastern Orthodox Christians, Arabic-speaking Eastern Catholic Christians, by Bahá’ís, Maltese Roman Catholics, Mizrahi Jews, and Sikhs.

    The term Allāh is derived from a contraction of the Arabic definite article al- “the” and ʾilāh “deity, god” to al-lāh meaning “the [sole] deity, God” (Gk: ὁ θεὸς μόνος, ho theos monos).

    Cognates of the name “Allāh” exist in other Semitic languages, including Hebrew and Aramaic.

    Biblical Hebrew mostly uses the plural form (but functional singular) Elohim. Hebrew does not have vowels, only the consonants A and O, and so the spelling would be somethin like “Aloh” and the pronunciation shown in points. The corresponding Aramaic form is ʼĔlāhā in Biblical Aramaic and ʼAlâhâ in Syriac as used by the Assyrian Church, both meaning simply “God.”

    In the Sikh scriptures the term Allāh is used many times.

    The name was previously used by pagan Meccans as a reference to a creator deity, possibly the supreme deity in pre-Islamic Arabia. In no ancient Semitic polytheistic religion that I know of was the moon-god also considered a creator deity. Similarly, the polytheistic Canaanites had a pantheon of gods, chief of which was El Elyon (lit. God Most High) and El; also transliterated as Ilu.

    The concepts associated with the term Allāh (as a deity) differ among religious traditions. In pre-Islamic Arabia amongst pagan Arabs, Allāh was not considered the sole divinity, having associates and companions, sons and daughters–a concept that was deleted under the process of Islamization.

    In Islam, the name Allāh is the supreme and all-comprehensive divine name, and all other divine names are believed to refer back to Allāh. Allāh is unique, the only Deity, creator of the universe and omnipotent.

    Arab Christians today use terms such as Allāh al-ʾAb (“God the Father”) to distinguish their usage from Muslim usage. There are both similarities and differences between the concept of God as portrayed in the Qur’an and the Hebrew Bible. Or is someone going to pipe up and accuse Arab, Syriac, Assyrian and Aramaic Christians of worshiping the moon?

    Arab Christians have used two forms of invocations that were affixed to the beginning of their written works. They adopted the Muslim bismi-llah, and also created their own Trinitized bismi-llah as early as the eight century CE.

    The Muslim bismi-llah reads: “In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.”

    The Trinitized bismi-llah reads: “In the name of Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, One God.” The Syriac, Latin and Greek invocations do not have the words “One God” at the end. This addition was made to emphasize the monotheistic aspect of Trinitian belief and also to make it more palatable to Muslims.

    In pre-Islamic times, some evidence exists that some Arab Christians made pilgrimage to the Kaaba, supposedly a pagan temple at that time, honoring Allāh there as God the Creator. There is also scant church record concerning heresies regarding some Arab tribes which syncretized their existing polytheistic worship with a Christian veneer.

    The point being, in pre-Islamic Arabia, Allāh was used by Meccans as a reference to the creator-god, possibly the supreme deity, but he was never a moon-god. Allāh was not considered the sole divinity; however, Allāh was considered the creator of the world and the giver of rain.

    Allāh was once associated with companions, whom pre-Islamic polytheistic Arabs considered as subordinate deities. Meccans held that a kind of kinship existed between Allāh and the jinn. Allāh was thought to have had sons and that the local deities of al-ʿUzzā, Manāt and al-Lāt were His daughters.

    One of the favourite arguments of the Christian missionaries over many years had been that Allāh of the Qur’an was in fact a pagan Arab “Moon-god” from pre-Islamic times.

    The seeds of this argument were sown by the work of the Danish scholar Ditlef Nielsen, who arbitrarily and simplistically divided the Semitic deities into a triad of Father-Moon, Mother-Sun and Son-Venus.

    His ideas (esp., triadic hypothesis) were used uncritically by later scholars who came to excavate many sites in the Near East and consequently assigned astral significance to the deities that they had found.

    Since 1991 Ditlef Nielsen’s views were given a new and unexpected twist by the resume stretching, self-proclaimed Islamic expert, Christian polemicist Robert Morey. In a series of pamphlets, books and radio programs, he claimed that “Allāh” of the Qur’an was nothing but the pagan Arab “Moon-god.”

    Morey, without any credentials as a Biblical or ANE archeologist or paleographer, claims as evidence the archaeological site in Hazor, Palestine where “two idols of the moon god were found,” and the Arabian “Moon temple” at Hureidha in Hadhramaut, Yemen.

    He also used diagrams in the appendixes of his book The Islamic Invasion: Confronting The World’s Fastest-Growing Religion (and booklet The Moon-God Allāh In The Archeology Of The Middle East) to further his claims that Allāh of the Qur’an was a pagan “Moon-god.”

    The problem with this is that Arabs were not ever present during the Bronze Age in Hazor which is in Galilee; there is no concrete evidence that the figures even represent a deity, but also could represent a king, or a priest; and no serious scholar–including those who considered the possibility it could be a god–has ever identified the statue with Allāh.

    As far as Morey’s insistence on the excavated “Moon Temple” in Yemen, to begin with, the South-Arabian pantheon is not properly known. Its astral foundation is indisputable, but no evidence exists that it was dedicated to a moon deity, much less one named “Allāh.”

    In pre-Islamic Arabia, for six centuries, there were Arab Christian communities organized into Church dioceses and parishes everywhere, as well as pagan Arab tribes, and the area was, in fact, highly civilized in its settlements and oasis, particularly at the advent of the Nabateans and their capital of Petra. Petra, in fact, became a Christian center for most of Arabia.

    As in most contemporary Semitic cults, the southern pagan Arabs worshipped stars and planets because, as nomads, caravan traders and semi-nomadic agriculturalists, the visible stars were what governed life and what the Arabs navigated by, chief among whom were the Sun, Moon and ‘Athtar, the Venus.

    The relation to the divine was deeply rooted in public and private life. The concept of State was expressed through the “national god, sovereign, people.” Each of the South Arabian kingdoms had its own national god, who was the patron of the principal temple in the capital.

    In Sheba, it was Ilmaqah, in the temple of the federation of the Sabaean tribes in Marib. In Hadramaut, Syn (or Sayin) was the national god and his temple was located in the capital Shabwa.

    In Qataban, the national god was called ‘Amm (“paternal uncle”), who was the patron of the principal temple in the capital Timna‘.

    ‘Amm was seen as a protector of the Qatabanite dynasty, and it was under his authority that the ruler carried out various projects of the state.

    In Ma‘in, the national god was Wadd (“love”) and it originated most probably from Northern Arabia. He was sometimes invoked as Wadd-Abb (“Wadd is father”).

    The last myth about “Allāh the Moon-god” is the statement that the crescent moon symbol of Islam is a remnant of ancient pagan moon worship.

    Absolutely false. Until the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the Muslims did not use the crescent moon symbol at all in their banners, it was strictly a Christian symbol, and any iconclasts are not going to like what they read.

    The illogical assumption is that the crescent flag is somehow linked to the significant role the moon plays in Islam because of the use of a lunar calendar to determine the date of Ramadan.

    Similar to Temple Judaism, the crescent moon, known as Hilal, defines the start and end of Islamic months. The need to determine the precise time of the appearance of the hilal was one of the inducements for Muslim scholars to study astronomy.

    The Qur’an clearly emphasises that the moon is a sign of God, not itself a god. Muslim scholars cite the 37th verse of the Sura Fussilat as proof against the Moon-God claim:

    “And of His signs are the night and day and the sun and moon. Do not prostrate to the sun or to the moon, but prostrate to Allāh, who created them, if it should be Him that you worship.”

    However, the crescent moon symbol used as form of blazon is not a feature of early Islam, as would be expected if it were linked to Pre-Islamic pagan roots. It was first used in an Islamic context by the Ottoman Empire and was taken from the Christian symbol of Constantinople.

    In the 4th century BC, the city of ancient Byzantium (Constantinople, modern Istanbul) was dedicated to its protectoress Diana, goddess of the hunt, and the crescent was the symbol of Diana.

    In 330 CE, Constantine rededicated the city to the Virgin Mary, whose eight-pointed star symbol was added to the previous crescent. When the Turks took possession of Constantinople, they found lots of crescent flags with stars, and adopted it as a symbol of good omen.

    The Byzantine Roman Christian ‘star and crescent’ as the symbol of Rhumania (Roman Empire] was first hoisted on behalf of the Muslims by Mahomet II after the capture of Constantinople in 1453 CE. Prior to that, it was common on the arm of Christian knights and esquires.

    A star within a crescent was a badge of Richard I, 250 years before Constantinople fell. They quit using it when it became the banner of Muslims. It has been used more and more ever since by Muslims in a way to identify themselves.

    Examples of the star and crescent in Christian usage predating the Ottoman Turks can be found here, for example:

    Sultan Osman, founder of the Ottoman Empire, and who considered himself legitimate heir of the Roman Empire, had a dream of crescent moon growing bigger and bigger until it reached East to West.

    The origin of the modern Turkish flag is the subject of various legends in the country, some contradicting the historical knowledge about the Ottoman Flag.

    Independently, the crescent moon and star were holy symbols for ancient Tengriist Turkic people, while red was the cardinal colour for west in ancient Turkic culture. In Turkish tradition, red also represents hegemony, while white represents power, justice, exaltation and purity. However, the Turks aren’t Arabs!

    Göktürks, an ancient Turkic people who lived in Central Asia used crescent and star on their coins. A 1500 years old Göktürk coin includes three figures of a crescent moon and a star around the possible figure of a leader.

    The flag with green background signifies the caliphate. During the late Ottoman imperial period, the distinctive use of the color red for secular and green for religious institutions became an established practice.

    In 1844, the Byzantine eight-pointed star symbolizing Constantinople, Ottoman Rhum (Rhumania) and the Virgin Mary was replaced with a five-pointed star and the flag reached the form of the present Turkish flag.

    Red was the colour of Umar I, the Caliph who ruled from AD 634 to 644 and was known as a great consolidator of the Islamic Empire. In the 14th century red became the colour of the Ottoman Empire.

    As far as Mohammed and the Arab Muslims in the 7th century, the only flag that Mohammed was known to carry was a plain black flag.

  42. Patriart July 16, 2012 @ 5:06 pm

    I live near churches and temples and get to observe the young people associated with them.

    The Jewish kids walk from home. They are well dressed, look intelligent and have backpacks with books. They appear to be involved in serious conversation. I rarely see non-Jews walk home from church.

    When I do see them on the street, they are wearing stupid looking oversized clothes, walk like monkeys and never carry books. Often they are on cell phones, texting or have ear phones and most likely listening to garbage music while walking into traffic.

    Regardless of Jewish motives, the small 2% of citizens who are Jewish and in control of the USA, are intelligent and dedicated to their cause. Even though I am anti-Neocon and anti-Zionist, I believe they will remain in control.

    Maybe the 98% is not even capable of managing the USA and the country will collapse without Jewish leadership.

  43. Kelly July 16, 2012 @ 5:18 pm

    @ Steven Rowlandson

    I forgot to mention something you may find interesting. The archaeologists are absolutely certain of one thing. The flag or standard that was flown over the ancient city of Ur (Abraham’s hometown) was EXACTLY the same as the flags and standards used by the Muslims today! The crescent moon and the single five-pointed star of Islam is the same as the flag flown over the city dedicated to the worship of the anceint Moon god of Ur, Nannar Sin.

    So yeah, I’d say that certainly suggests that the Muslim Allah and Nannar Sin were one and the same gods, or at the very least, came from the same family of lunar gods.

    And you can count on it, Nannar Sin was indeed a war god…The followers of Sin warred all the way from Sumer to ancient Egypt.

  44. bubba July 16, 2012 @ 5:23 pm

    His Man in Macau: Inside the Investigation Into Sheldon Adelson’s Empire


    A decade ago gambling magnate and leading Republican donor Sheldon Adelson looked at a desolate spit of land in Macau and imagined a glittering strip of casinos, hotels and malls.

    Where competitors saw obstacles, including Macau’s hostility to outsiders and historic links to Chinese organized crime, Adelson envisaged a chance to make billions.

    Adelson pushed his chips to the center of the table, keeping his nerve even as his company teetered on the brink of bankruptcy in late 2008.

    The Macau bet paid off, propelling Adelson into the ranks of the mega-rich and underwriting his role as the largest Republican donor in the 2012 campaign, providing tens of millions of dollars to Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and other GOP causes.

    Now, some of the methods Adelson used in Macau to save his company and help build a personal fortune estimated at $25 billion have come under expanding scrutiny by federal and Nevada investigators, according to people familiar with both inquiries.


    Just wondering if Politicians are now running scared and turning on the hand that fed them….its either that or the public lynch mob?

  45. Kelly July 16, 2012 @ 6:21 pm

    @ KathJuliane,

    Evidently, there are many who would disagree with you. I don’t claim to be any sort of an expert on Allah; my primary studies have been on the god-system of ancient Ur.

    There is evidently quite an arguement over the internet as to whether Allah represents a moon god or not, and each side has it’s own advocates.

    The facts as stated in the following article more or less agree with history as I’ve researched it.

    I think most people would ask if Allah was not a moon-god, why do the Muslims fly the flag of the crescent moon?

  46. bubba July 16, 2012 @ 6:35 pm



    Iceland has potentially set a new trend in the finance community. According to Business Insider, their government has hired an ex-cop; a white collar crime bounty hunter who wants to make sure the bankster criminals pay the price for their elaborate crimes.

    Iceland’s government appointed Ólafur Þór Hauksson to locate such individuals that had a helping hand in the collapse of the banking sector in a time of extreme credit-crunching. Hauksson is responsible for investigating any and all suspicious cases involving fraud before 2009.

    The good news for him is that he’s not working alone. He’s got 100 top-notch researchers rigorously working around the clock to help make this a smoother and quicker process.



    TIP : Start in NYC, London, then to Israhell or vice versa.

  47. Kelly July 16, 2012 @ 7:14 pm

    Hey Bubba!

    The Icelanders have already thrown some of the Rothschild bankers in jail!

    I just love it! And since they’ve rid themselves of their central bank, their economy is doing better and better.

    Good for them!

  48. Brother Nathanael July 16, 2012 @ 8:17 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Let me be quite frank about donations.

    It would be wonderful if the 14 million that have come to this site to read my Articles and watch my Videos over the past 5 years donated “ONE DOLLAR” each.

    BUT that has not been the case. No, not at all. Only a MERE FRACTION of the readers and viewers donate to me.

    The REALITY of it it all is that I depend on this MERE FRACTION of readers and viewers to keep this Site and my Projects alive.

    ONLY a FEW out out of the huge readership and viewership help me. (I have stated this over and over again.)

    Now, if these FEW only gave “ONE DOLLAR” then this Site is OVER.

    Quite frankly, “ONE DOLLAR” won’t even buy a Hershey Candy Bar these days.

    For me to pay for a Sophisticated Dedicated Server/Lite Speed; Webmaster; Computer Tech; Sophisticated Anti-Hacking Software; Anti-Pirating; News Service Subscriptions; Three Web Sites (Real Jew News; The Brother Nathanael Foundation;; Research Materials; New Projects (TV show, Stop The Menorah Project, National Nativity Scene Project); Legal Fees; Sophisticated Software/Expert Help for Producing the state-of-the-art Videos; etc REQUIRES A LARGE SUM OF MONEY.

    Yes, it all requires a LARGE SUM OF MONEY. Period.

    My own research and time puts me working at FAR BELOW MINIMUM WAGE.

    But I don’t take a salary. I have had to subsidize this Site with my own monies over the past two years and that has now come to an end…I am OUT of monies to subsidize this site.

    If it wasn’t for a FEW *bailing me out last week* who saw my plight and responded then I would have had to take out a HUGE loan WITH INTEREST.


    If the FEW that I depend on only donate “ONE DOLLAR” to my ministry (Who ELSE NAMES THE NAMES LIKE I DO? — WHO ELSE KNOWS THE WICKED JEW AGENDA LIKE I DO? — WHO ELSE HAS THE COURAGE TO SINGLE OUT JEWRY AS THE CAUSE OF AMERIKA’s DESTRUCTION? — Is my work ONLY WORTH “one dollar?”) then this site is over.

    +Brother Nathanael
    Publisher, REAL JEW NEWS

  49. Kelly July 16, 2012 @ 9:14 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    That’s a fair request to make of people who still have a job and a decent income. But what do you say to the poor who really have nothing much to give?

    Should we just forget it?

  50. Brother Nathanael July 16, 2012 @ 10:34 pm

    Dear Kelly,

    For those who are out of work and are down to the bone I do not ask for help.

    We all need to make sacrifices for Christ WHO IS THE TRUTH and He is the One the Jews are assaulting.

    I am at this thing — I AM AT WAR — 24/7/365.

    As St Paul says, “Does a soldier wage war at his own expense?”

    Think about it dear Kelly. You have told us that you yourself have “struggled” with the Jew-Evil for “decades.”

    Is your “struggle” only worth “ONE DOLLAR?”

    Would you be insulted (as Arjan pointed out) if someone announced to the world that they were donating to you “ONE DOLLAR” for all your struggles?

    You would not be truthful nor human if you weren’t insulted.

    +Brother Nathanael
    Struggler, Real Jew News

  51. Kelly July 16, 2012 @ 11:38 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I never meant to insult you. I am sorry if I did.

    For people on a fixed income, no matter how much we’d like to, giving more simply isn’t an option. I am thankful for what little I have, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be turning off my electricity tomorrow. They will and that’s the truth. I’ll have to jump through their hoops to get it turned back on again.

    There are quite a few widows in America that are in the exact same boat I am. And many of the younger people with families are in dire straits too. In the days when I had some money I didn’t think twice about giving, but those days, sadly, are gone for me now. I wasn’t being cheap when I offered one dollar.

    I was being realistic about living on a very small widow’s pension from Social Security.

    It is not about your worth, Brother Nathanael. I hope you understand that.

  52. Brother Nathanael July 17, 2012 @ 12:22 am

    Dear Kelly,

    Why are you making such a cause célèbre out of this?

    As I stated:

    “I don’t expect people who are out of work and down to the bone to donate to me.”

    Please read what I wrote to you again. Also, I never said that you “insulted” me.

    Let’s move on and get on with the war.

    End Of Thread. +BN

    PS The next battlefield will be waged on “The Brother Nathanael Hour” beginning August 1, 2pm to 3pm every Wednesday on Rense TV. WATCH FREE! — Call In Free!

    I will be on Rense radio this Wednesday to promote the show. Listen free!

  53. Johnny Sweden July 17, 2012 @ 1:57 am

    Hello everybody,

    Nice article and video from Putin’s visit to church in Jerusalem here:

    Have a nice day, 🙂

  54. C-Biscuit July 17, 2012 @ 2:23 am

    “There are many, many Old Testament verses where God warns the Hebrews against the worship of the Sun and the Moon.”

    “But the Old Testament God of the Bible seems to soundly disagree with that concept. Nothing seemed to tick the Old Testament God off more than the worship of the Sun god…”

    I don’t see any clear references in the Old Testament that could be interpreted in a manner that would back up your statement. I also fail to see how that has any direct relevance to the article that Brother Nathanael posted.

    And while I have never actually commented directly to a poster concerning their intents, I have to say that I am insulted greatly that you seem to have found a new forum to spread your own doctrine, whatever that may be, on Brother Nathanael’s dime while you claim that you cannot offer more than one dollar a month.

    I personally do not believe you and I find you disingenuous at best but that’s just my ol’ gut talking there. In reality I don’t know you from Adam but in my few decades I’ve had a good track record at discerning people’s true character.

    Let me say this, I don’t speak for Brother Nathanael (obviously) or anyone but my own self AND I AM NOT saying that I find you not welcome here. What I AM saying is that an attitude of, “Wow, a new forum where I can come in a post my own personal crusade on someone else’s dime, wow, what a bunch of suckers…” really irritates me and that is what I think you are all about.

    Brother Nathanael needs individuals that will (1) support him financially AND morally, through word-of-mouth advertising and that are (2) good-hearted persons that have a love of Christ Jesus (Or at a MINIMUM a healthy respect).

    I must say that there have been other posters who when they first began commenting I was quite skeptical (forgive me but… WOTAN). I honestly thought, how could a person with a username of a ‘pagan’ god contribute to this site. BUT I MUST SAY I HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with ALL his posts and LOOK FORWARD to his take on things.

    If I have insulted you or anyone else, that’s okay I’ll be the bad guy this time because my heart has instructed me to do so. I wish only the best and, in the end, want ALL to come unto the True God, our Father in Heaven, through Christ Jesus, and pray that His Spirit may be with you in all you endeavor.

    Christian Davis

  55. Kelly July 17, 2012 @ 7:40 am

    @ C Bisquit

    I am not lying. I am indeed who I say I am. Please do not infer that I have lied.

    There is an enormous difference between being poor and being cheap. If you do not understand that, then I suggest you look up the statistics on how many people in the USA now fall below the poverty line. Poverty in America is not a lie; it’s a fact.

    I have been leaving comments at this site since Jan of 2011. I know that because I generally keep a file of “forum responses” and date them. And though I do not always comment, sometimes for several months, I usually read and watch Brother Nathanael regularly.

    I get an e-mail from this site each time he makes a new post. It’s a good reminder to come here and read.

    Please take out your bible and review Deut. 4:19;17:3; II Kngs. 21:3,5; 23:5; Jer. 8:2; 19:13; Zeph. 1:5, Ez 8:16-17 all which admonish the Jews against the worship of the sun and the moon.

    The passage in Ezekiel describes the events taking place in the Temple at Jerusalem just prior to God’s fury when he has the Jews hauled off to Babylon. Sun god worship is clearly evident in the temple priesthood.

    Most Christians believe that when Cyrus the Great freed the Jews from Babylonian exile, they returned in mass to Israel. But by the Rabbis own admissions, this is not the case. Nearly one million Jews lived in Babylon at the time, and only about 47,000 people, less than 5%, returned to Israel. (This according to the Rabbi that wrote “A Crash Course in Jewish History” which is freely available online.)

    In his video, Brother Nathanael calls the Jews the “Synogogue of Satan.” My effort was to point out that this phrase is not only descriptive of the Jews religious attitude; it is historically accurate as well.

    I honestly thought most Christians would be interested to learn that historically there were indeed gods who used names that began with ‘Satan’. Those gods were specifically associated with the worship of the sun and the moon and they were clearly not heavenly bodies in our solar system.

    These “deities” and were quite probably human beings from a specific line of kings. I say that because since from about 2000 BC on, nearly all Middle Eastern societies deified their kings and their respective royal families.

    The king from a line was considered the “avatar” or incarnation of a specific god. Egypt was a rather famous example of a society that made gods out of their kings. But Sumer and most all Middle Eastern nations did the same thing.

  56. Wotan July 17, 2012 @ 2:54 pm

    C-Biscuit July 17, 2012 @ 2:23 am

    Thanks for your friendly references. Of course I have also been reading Kelly’s posts. She has made a few errors on international politics, but from her responses or silence one might get the impression that she is not averse to learning or having second thoughts.

    I think the $ 1.- discussion is a non-issue, because it was Bro Nat, who has said that if ALL viewers or readers (they apparently run into the millions) had sent in a Dollar each, his cash flow problems would never have arisen.

    I should say that those, who are poor can send in a Dollar, but this is certainly not something that needs to be announced publicly, I am also astonished why Kelly would want to make such a specific point about this. But at the moment I cannot see anything in her writing that would get the cow bells on the mountain ringing in my ears.

    I think she is just happy writing her comments and all in all she’s on the line – far ahead of me as far as interior US politics is concerned.

    You know, C-Buscuit, there have been a few peculiar cases coming up over the years where people just wanted to offload equally peculiar things on Bro Nat’s site, I think in the last instance it was Jim Reeves and KJ, who helped to clarify things, Jim Reeves with a beautiful video right to the point – after that video the discourse came to an end.

    Kelly has never up to now caused me to think that she is way out. I think principally this is a public forum and personal dissections or heavy attacks on contributors should be reserved for those who want to transform this site into something different than Bro Nat wants it to be or if somebody steps on your toes by way of bad manners or using street language.

    And there is one more point. Over recent threads too many people have talked about money. I would like to remind well-meaning people of the classic economic law of diminishing returns and I hope there is also some who have done Samuelson.

  57. bubba July 17, 2012 @ 4:39 pm

    As a Catholic who attends Mass regularly, I do seem to recall some timely messages from the readings over the last 2 weeks.

    One was when you are weakest you actually become strongest; as well as preach the message, but if it is not welcome, wipe the dust off the feet and move on….

  58. RJN supporter July 17, 2012 @ 5:45 pm

    Yes, dear Brother, you do battle for Christ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    In the meantime, the Jews are planning to pick up all the guns that we Christians have, gun grabbing in Amerika, UN style, kicking in our doors, just like they have been doing elsewhere. Sigh!!

  59. C-Biscuit July 17, 2012 @ 7:12 pm

    @ Kelly,

    Thank you for such a well expressed response. I must admit I find it quite interesting that I never noticed the references to sun/moon/heavenly object worship, although now that I focus on it I seem to vaguely recall reading it passingly.

    My focus was and always has been on Jesus Christ, the Good News of His coming both prophesied and witnessed.

    Please do not allow a post I made early in the morning before I had my coffee deter you from freely expressing yourself here, for that I do apologize. I look forward to future posts and learning from all you have to share with us.

    In Christ Jesus

    Christian Davis

  60. kmarie July 17, 2012 @ 8:17 pm

    Maybe I’ll be criticized too, but in my heart I’m with Kelly and Susie.

    Remember when Jesus Christ was observing how much various individuals contributed to the work of the Temple. Jesus accepted these Temple contributions as being contributions to the work of His Family, since God is His Father and Jesus is a Son who always loves being about His Father’s business.

    Jesus could have told an impoverished widow, “Sweetie, no one asked for your two mites. My Father and I own the cattle on a thousand hills, and it is unnecessary, counter-productive, embarrassing and irritating for us to be messing with your little mites.

    “We have IMPORTANT work to accomplish, and IMPORTANT work requires IMPORTANT bucks. Got it? Now run along and be blessed, Sweetie, maybe on the other side of town where I hear they are handing out free cheese.”

    But against the accepted wisdom of the Jewish Pharisees and even AMAZINGLY TO JESUS’ OWN DISCIPLES, Jesus said that the widow’s contribution meant MORE to Him (and to the work of God His Father) than did the arithmetically much larger donations of wealthier contributors. (Go figure it out!)

    Then remember also how Jesus was preaching to crowds far from the marketplaces, and people began to get hungry. Someone pointed out that a young lad was willing to donate his personal meal of loaves and fishes, “but what good would that do?” Regardless of the naysayers, Jesus took the small donation, gave thanks to God, and the needs were abundantly met.

    One who willingly gives out of his own need is in effect offering his substance and life to God as a prayer and a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. And “the fervent and effectual prayer of a righteous [person] accomplishes much.”

    One thing I will suggest is that it is probably no longer appropriate for Brother Nathanael to be burdened with sending personal thank you’s to small contributors, especially as such become more numerous. (I personally know he has faithfully done that in the less complicated and less intense past.)

    The best reward for contributions large or small comes from God Himself as we rejoice that the Lord is blessing and multiplying Brother Nathanael’s earnest and holy efforts.

  61. Brother Nathanael July 17, 2012 @ 11:05 pm


    I am not running a Church. I am running a SOCIAL CAUSE site. Thus, the New Testament account of the “widows mite” does not apply to this site.

    Because this is a social cause site, I get donations from all kinds of people of many persuasions. Some are Christians, some are secularists, some are agnostics, some are even Jews who AGREE with me.

    When I stated that “if everyone gave a dollar then I wouldn’t have to worry any more” I was speaking rhetorically for this is simply not the case and will never be the case.

    I am dependent on a FEW. If these FEW only gave a dollar this site is over.

    Thus, I DO consider it an INSULT that Susie plans on sending me “ONE DOLLAR” for “my research and work” and that Kelly also plans on sending “ONE DOLLAR.” My research and work is worth much more than “ONE DOLLAR.”

    Donations of $5 or $10 is one thing and appreciated BUT sending “ONE DOLLAR” is PURE INSULT.

    Do you realize dear kmarie that “ONE DOLLAR” will not even buy a Hershey Candy Bar?

    And furthermore, it is NOT fair to the FEW who do make sacrifices to help me (like you dear kmarie) who DO send in MUCH MORE THAN “ONE DOLLAR” to help me continue my work.

    I know that I will offend many because of this statement BUT I don’t care any longer.

    You see, I am at WAR and a warrior does not have time for those who cannot make sacrifices for the battle.

    This is one of the reasons why the Jews hated General Patton and had him assassinated. Eventually, the Jews will kill me too.

    +Brother Nathanael
    Publisher, Real Jew News

  62. mohammad mohtasham July 18, 2012 @ 1:51 am

    Dear Br Nathanal Kapner

    Greetings from a Muslim in PAKISTAN.

    Is there another way to donate since paypal doesn’t work in Pakistan?

  63. Wotan July 18, 2012 @ 2:10 am

    Brother Nathanael
    July 17, 2012 @ 11:05 pm

    Dear Bro Nat,

    Thank you for running your social cause site. I think it is one of the best. God bless!

    And when I say “God bless” I dont mean the god of the Jews nor the god of Christian-Zionist stooges, the God I mean is the vibrant Christian God, Who said about the Jews that they are the Children of the Devil.

    Also: the choice of my synonym is solely testifying to my affinity and rooting in Germanic culture. This affinity cannot and will not deny the varying roles diverse Christian Churches have played in European life over the last 2000 years.

    Those who say that Christianity has been invented by the Jews to oppress Christians have not been reading what Martin Luther had to say, and I mean of course the real Martin Luther, not his black copy cat!

  64. Gracie July 18, 2012 @ 4:55 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    It is indeed an insult to you and, in my opinion, to our Lord Jesus Christ, to send “$1” to support this unique site which is the ONLY one to truly expose Christ’s enemies.

    The timely, thoroughly researched articles and videos made with leading edge technology are the best available and they are obviously very expensive and time-consuming to produce.

    When you stand before the great judgment seat of Christ, will your defense be, “I gave a dollar to Brother Nathanael.” What a thankless generation.

    The WAR, and it is one, will be fought by the strong Christian militant, like Brother Nathanael and Christ’s true supporters.

  65. Steven Rowlandson July 18, 2012 @ 6:14 am

    Here is a link that shows the official Jewish attitude towards Christianity and Scripture.

  66. The Elder of Zyklon-B July 18, 2012 @ 6:25 am

    Wotan wisely reminds us of the following:

    “Those who say that Christianity has been invented by the Jews to oppress Christians have not been reading what Martin Luther had to say, and I mean of course the real Martin Luther, not his black copy cat!”

    I FINALLY ran across a real brother who is willing to actually read, learn, and move forward. This 58 year old kamerade comes from a Nebraska Germanic father and he is of a Lutheran background. His German speaking grandfather returned from the First World War for the Jews and told his family, “There will be no more German spoken in this home.”

    This no doubt was not an isolated case for the up and coming JSA, but there were others here who KNEW better. I would like to recommend “They Too Were Americans, a book about The German-American Bund in Words, Photos and Artifacts By Scott Freeland.

    The brother I speak of is very street wise concerning the nature of the war against mankind, but has not spent the time reading and educating himself. As a Lutheran, he did not know about Martin Luther’s book titled, “The Jews and their Lies.”

    It was a great moment for The Elder when he placed a copy in his hands along with Henry Ford’s, “The International Jew”, and “The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.”

    Think of these three short books as “The Trifecta”, or the historical foundation of freeing one’s mind from the strategically placed psychological shackles of the Synagogue of Satan.

    Of course the words of Christ himself in our New Testament is the bedrock of our spiritual awakening, but this is included in Luther’s work.

  67. DutchGuy July 18, 2012 @ 6:50 am


    Quran proves – “Allah” is NOT a ‘moon god’:

    “And from among His Signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Do not bow down (prostrate) to the sun nor to the moon, but only bow down (prostrate) to “Allah” Who created them, if you (really) worship Him.” [Quran 41:37]

  68. Wotan July 18, 2012 @ 7:46 am

    The Elder of Zyklon-B July 18, 2012 @ 6:25 am

    Hold them tight, those three books, hold them tight in your hands. And when your hands are getting weak, pass them on to your children so that they also understand what they should understand.

    The story of the destruction of the native American German population, their schools, their newspapers, their radio stations, their marches in big cities, beginning with 1914 and having found its completion in the late forties, is well known to me.

    That’s why the story of that old man comes across so authentic. And since many leading Jews are bearing German names I would be fearful, in case of an anti-Jewish movement sweeping across the USA, that in the end those most fooled by the Jews would, to add injury to insult, hang the the Germans on the same washing line as the Jews. It’ always been a crazy world, but it seems to be getting crazier all the time!

  69. Replica July 18, 2012 @ 7:58 am


    Read this book

  70. Kelly July 18, 2012 @ 8:11 am

    Dutch Guy,

    Hmmmm. Does that mean I could use the same type of argument and say, “The Old Testament God told the Hebrews “Thou shalt not kill” which proves that Israel has not murdered their Palestinian neighbors”?

    All I meant to do was point out that in spite of what the Quran says, Muslim mosques and temples, not to mention the Muslim peoples’ social systems, continue to display every single known sign and symbol that has been associated with Moon God worship in the Middle East for thousands of years.

    Archaeologists can prove what those signs and symbols were because they’ve been dug out of the sand. And they know what earlier Arabs believed in because their ancient texts have been translated, verified and documented many times over.

    If time travel were possible and an Arab from 1500 BC were suddenly to appear in our own day and age, that Arab would walk into any mosque with the Crescent Moon proudly displayed and assume that the religion of the ancient moon-god had survived and was still very alive and well.

    I am far more learned in ancient history than I am the present-day Muslim beliefs. Evidently, I made the same mistake that the time traveler would have made.

    I did not mean to offend anyone. My sincere apologies.

  71. KathJuliane July 18, 2012 @ 9:01 am

    Dear RJN Family,

    First of all, I know all about living on a SSD/SSI limited income, which is now officially below the minimum poverty level. I also know how humiliating and frustrating it is to be in this lowly station from having fallen from a higher, more comfortable economic niche.

    We all have our heartbreaks and personal disasters to struggle through.

    And I also give +BN what I can, and he has never been less than gracious thanking me personally for support and helping him continue the fight for Christ and for His justice in the world.

    But, while ideally hoping for an avalanche of $1.00 bills from thousands of people pouring into +BN’s donation box to lift his worries would be just grand, in practice, very few people would actually do this, despite the millions of hits RJN gets.

    A few years ago, some of us tried to foster a similar kind of donation bomb hoping 5-10,000 people would send in $5 and commit to doing so every month, and it didn’t work out then, either.

    No one is blaming the poor among us, and those folks really struggling to make ends meet, and so don’t take it personal. The ones who might be able to afford to do more, or can find corners to cut, like subscribing to a less premium cable (or cutting TV out altogether) in order to support +BN and his endless labors, and do so, well God bless them and He will.

    The ones who can afford to do a little more, but who simply can’t give up their daily designer coffee from Starbuck’s to send +BN the $50 or more a month they would save by not sucking down a daily Starbuck’s, are the ones who should be thoroughly ashamed.

    And, ashamed on a second count: Starbuck’s is owned by German Jew Howard Schultz, a very active Zionist politically, so even buying a Starbuck’s drink is giving money to Israhell and perpetuating the Jewish-domination of America.

    Another example I recall was one man with a family who wrote that he had completely given up cable TV, bought a little device called Roku for about $90 (one month’s bill) for streaming TV programs and movies off the Internet on demand, and felt great because he and his family were no longer controlled by the TV.

    He also said that the difference he saved every month between the former cable bill, and the paid subscriptions for a couple of streaming movie and streaming channels costing under $20 was substantial, and he was committed to sending the difference to RJN every month.

    But the majority of people in RJN’s readership who are not stepping up to the plate are shameless, and it will be on their heads if RJN has to eventually wind up for lack of funding. +BN can no longer pull money out of whatever meager personal resources he had saved up for a rainy day, because that is gone.

    +BN struggles month to month, he lives frugally as Arjan has witnessed and reported to us, and puts the rest of what he gets into paying the bills for the RJN and Brother Nathanael Foundation operations and security, his research materials, and the high technical costs for very superior video production.

    He keeps on the backburner such projects as going into litigation to have a great Nativity scene placed on the White House Lawn itself in opposition to the Menorah on the Ellipse across from the White House.

    Strictly speaking the Devil’s Pitchfork is the Chanukkiyah, a special nine-branched candelabrum lit during the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah, as opposed to the seven-branched menorah used in the ancient Temple or as a symbol.

    The author of the First Book of Maccabees regarded the Maccabean revolt as a rising of pious Jews against the Seleucid king who had tried to eradicate their religion and against the Jews who supported him. The author of the Second Book of Maccabees presented the conflict as a struggle between “Judaism” and “Hellenism,” words that he was the first to use.

    Most modern scholars argue that the king was reacting to a civil war between traditionalist Jews in the countryside and Hellenized Jews in Jerusalem, though the king’s response of persecuting the religious traditionalists was unusual in antiquity, and was the immediate provocation for the revolt.

    When the Second Temple in Jerusalem was looted and services stopped, Judaism was outlawed. In 167 BCE Antiochus ordered an altar to Zeus erected in the Temple. He banned circumcision and ordered pigs to be sacrificed at the altar of the temple.

    Antiochus’s actions provoked a large-scale revolt. Mattityahu (Mattathias), a Levitical priest, and his five sons Jochanan, Simeon, Eleazar, Jonathan, and Judah led a rebellion against Antiochus. Judah became known as Yehuda HaMakabi (“Judah the Hammer”).

    By 166 BCE Mattathias had died, and Judah took his place as leader. By 165 BCE the Jewish revolt against the Seleucid monarchy was successful. The Temple was liberated and rededicated. The festival of Hanukkah was instituted to celebrate this event.

    Judah ordered the Temple to be cleansed, a new altar to be built in place of the polluted one and new holy vessels to be made.

    “The woman with Seven Sons” was a Jewish martyr, her sons and their teacher and are known and commemorated in Christianity as the Holy Maccabean Martyrs or Holy Maccabees, although they are not said to be of the Maccabee family.

    They are so named from the description of their martyrdom in 2 and 4 Maccabees

    What is believed to be the Holy Maccabees’ relics are kept in the Maccabees Shrine and is venerated in St. Andrew Church, Cologne, Germany.

    According to Antiochene Christian tradition, the relics of the mother and sons were interred on the site of a synagogue (later converted into a church) in the Kerateion quarter of Antioch.

    On the other hand, tombs believed to be those of these martyrs were discovered in San Pietro in Vincoli in 1876. An additional tomb believed to be that of the woman with her seven sons is located in the Jewish cemetery of Safed.

    In any case, the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates the Holy Maccabean Martyrs on August 1, the first day of the Dormition Fast.

    According to the Talmud, olive oil was needed for the 7-branch menorah in the Temple, which was required to burn throughout the night every night. The story goes that there was only enough oil to burn for one day, yet it burned for eight days, the time needed to prepare a fresh supply of oil for the menorah.

    An eight day festival was declared by the contemporary Jewish sages to commemorate this miracle.

    Formerly, the 8-branch Chanukkiyah as a symbol of religious faith burned in every Jewish home during the “Festival of Lights” to commemorate the victory of God over the pagan Zeus, and the re-establishment of the Holy of Holies dedicated to YHWH, the Adonai Elohim.

    Now, the 9-branch Chanukkiyah is an openly nationalistic and political symbol of Zionist Nationalism, particularly as it now sits in premiere political space of the White House which is an important symbol of America, and Jewry’s arrogant belief that the Jews have triumphed over Christians and our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Christian America of our ancestors vision.

    To even start any litigation of the sort, it would probably mean a war chest of at least $50-100,000 collected by the Brother Nathanael Foundation to see it through, above and beyond what is needed for day to day operations of Real Jew News.

    BNF and our champion on the battlefield, Brother Nathanael and those with him, would be going head to head against a very well organized National Menorah Council-American Friends of Lubavitch. Just take a look here:

    How RJN has continued month to month over the past 5 years really is miraculous. +BN even prays for all of us all of the time.

    We stand on his shoulders, and on the shoulders of those who consistently donate and who have been there to go above and beyond and give even more in a pinch.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  72. Kelly July 18, 2012 @ 9:53 am

    I want to clarify what I was trying to get at about the “synagogue of Satan” at least in my interpretation of a historical point of view.

    I have come to believe that most all Middle Eastern people, Muslims and Jews alike, initially arrived into the Middle East, coming out of the Vedic cultures.

    The three primary movements came out of India, the Indus Valley Culture and a mixed Caucasian and Mongolian people (the Hittites) that rose up from the Mongol led war campaigns that initially came out of central China.

    Please, though it’s a bit long-winded, let me explain what history suggests.

    In ancient India, the only way that tribal warrior kings had of extending their territorial rule was by attacking the territory of another king. In the Aryan way of doing things, it was always “to the victor goes the spoils” and by the Laws of Manu, (the Vedic book of laws,) the victor was always allowed to annex the territory of those that he’d defeated, taking their land, homes, cattle, slaves, wives, jewels, gold etc. as the booty.

    The victorious king always had the option of allowing the defeated people stay on to be servants or the subordinates to the new ruling king, or he could simply demand that the defeated people leave the territory. (Note how very similar this is to the way the Jews have treated the Palestinians.)

    In the Vedic texts, the defeated people are always considered “fallen Aryans” and the Vedic accounts indicate that many of them were driven out of India.

    These people had to go some place, and the historical evidence certainly indicates that most of these defeated people ended up in the Middle East. The Vedic texts clearly refer to the people of the Middle East as “fallen Aryans.”

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Akkadian empire (which the Jewish Rabbis clearly say they are descendent from) appeared in Sumer shortly after the time that Vedic historians say the famous Mahabharata War occurred.

    That war engulfed pretty much the whole of the Indus Valley Civilization, and it’s more than a little likely that the surviving losers of that war ended up in Sumer. Since Abraham and his family came from Ur, it’s quite likely that they too were originally a displaced people from the Indus Valley Civilization.

    We know from the Sumerian records that the Sumerian worship of the Moon god was paramount. Moon god worship was not indigenous to the Middle East; it was brought in by people who had originally worshipped the Vedic gods, particularly Shiva, who was a Moon god with many names. I have often wondered if ‘Nannar Sin,’ the Moon god of Ur, wasn’t an alternative name for Shiva.

    Several Middle Eastern scholars today have noticed that many of the pillars erected to the ancient moon god bear striking similarities to the Shiva-Lingas found throughout India. And they do. Petra, for instance, is particularly noted for displaying many of the signs and symbols that were associated with Shiva.

    (I’m not saying this to start a religious argument with anybody; I am simply pointing out that the historical and archaeological evidence is mounting.)

    After the worship of Allah rose to power in the Arab world, the Muslims repeatedly attacked India and tore down many of the shrines to the Vedic gods. Though the Vedic histories seem pretty bitter about these conquests, the Vedic historians still refer to these attacks as attacks perpetuated by “fallen Aryans.”

    My point is, from the Hindu side of history, there doesn’t seem to be any question that the Middle East became populated with the Aryans that had been driven out of India.

    From my point of view, this is terribly important because until we understand this, we fail to put our Bible into the proper historical perspective and we fail to understand why the Jews and the Muslims hate each other so.

    In India proper, which covered an enormous area, war among rival god systems was a way of life. All those animosities were brought into the Middle East by the people who were driven away from their original homelands.

    In India, even though most people were devoted to the Sun and the Moon gods, these worshippers were divided into the “Divas” and the “Asuras”. Though they were all related by blood, they seemed to have despised one another. In fact, they despised each other so much that nearly four million warriors are recorded to have died in the Mahabharata War which lasted only a mere 18 days.

    The Deva clans “demonized” the Asura clans and vice versa. And each group proclaimed their word was holy. And all of these raging sentiments were brought into the Middle East as displaced Aryans moved into the area. Furthermore, each group “demonized” the indigenous people of the area, for they did not share the same god concepts.

    Based on history, it is my opinion that when John the Divine spoke of the “Jews who say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan”, aside from the spirit of evil we connect to Satanic beings, I speculate that John could have also been saying, “These people are not Jewish; they are Aryans who worship the Vedic gods.”

    I have read an enormous amount of ancient history. And to my knowledge, there is only one religious system that gave their gods names that began with “Satan.” That religious system existed in ancient India.

    Both Vishnu and Shiva had thousands of god names in Indian records. Many of these names were popular for a while and then fade away to be replaced by another name. Deity names beginning with “Satan” were probably commonly used about the same time that the name “Satan” appears in the Bible.

    Satan’s name first appears in the first book of Chronicles which takes place after King David rose to power. It was Satan who tempted David to “number Israel.”

    I can only conclude then that both Vishnu and Shiva were being called names that begin with “Satan” on or around King David’s time and the name was still being used in the Middle East during the much later time of Zecharia and on into the New Testament era. But by this time, god names beginning with ‘Satan’ had evidently ceased being used in India.

    As far as I know, the only two gods who used those names prefixed by ‘Satan’ were Vishnu and Shiva, i.e. the Sun and the Moon gods of the Vedic Aryans and Hindus. If somebody can site any other gods that used ‘Satan’ in their names, please post the info. I’d sure be interested in finding out more.

    And before I get accused of it, I am not “bashing the Hindus.” I am simply trying to accurately report history so that you folks know what I believe what “the Synagogue of Satan” actually meant to the people who wrote the Bible.

    The people who wrote those Bible verses knew who they were referring to. Because people today inevitably take Bible passages out of their historical context, I fear we have abused, misused and misunderstood the original meaning of these passages.

    The people who adhere to the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) inevitably say they believe in One God. But you have to remember that Vishnu, the Sun god, (who was also called “Satanand”,) absorbed and allowed all other deities to exist “in him” according to the Vedic beliefs. Thus, under Vedic concepts, all gods were subordinate to Vishnu (by whatever name he used) according to the Vedic beliefs.

    Because his followers believed that Vishnu absorbed all other gods, Vishnu (who has 1000 names) was often proclaimed the “one god.” BUT Vishnu is truly a far cry from a monotheistic deity. Like the Sun god ‘Aten’ of the Egyptians, Vishnu represents an entire pantheon of gods who masquerades as a single deity or force, if you will.

    This kind of “doublespeak” in religious concepts evidently infuriated the prophets who would say one thing, only to have it twisted to mean something else.

    The number 666, (a number taken from the Magic Square of the Sun god), Vishnu and Satan all pretty much seem to refer the same thing. Even the Old Testament God and our Christ have been perceived as Sun gods throughout much of history. Regardless of what anyone’s religious beliefs were, or which god system they were devoted to, Sun god worshippers would inevitably attempt to ‘absorb’ all gods and even the God of the Old Testament into the Sun god religion.

    Furthermore, anyone who has studied Christian history should be aware that even the Church of Rome depicted Jesus Christ as a Sun god. That’s what they were doing when they proclaimed Christ as Sol Invectus.

    You could go to India today or lurk on the numerous Hindu forums and they’ll tell you flat out that Jesus Christ and Krishna are one and the same. Who was Krishna? He’s considered the most important “avatar” or incarnation of Vishnu. But Krishna’s history is well known and he was not even remotely similar to Jesus.

    The “Synagogue of Satan,” would, at the very least, define people who maintain that Christ was a Sun god. You could look at the famous documentary video “Zeitgeist” where Christ is depicted as just another dying and resurrecting Sun god in a long line of dying and resurrecting Sun gods, and you might ask yourself who wrote and produced that film? Personally, I would bet that Jews were involved.

    The Biblical proclamations against Satan are what they are. I was raised on the Christian concept that depicts Satan as the spirit of evil and was sincerely dumbfounded to discover that the early Vedic Aryans actually used ‘Satan’ as a prefix in the names of two of their most famous gods.

    In modern Hindu theology, Vishnu and Shiva, along with Brahma make up the Hindu trinity.

    Make of it what you will; I suggest this is something we all need to give some thought to. The historical connections are just too important for us to go on ignoring. The Satanic god system was real. It can be verified by the names the Vedic culture used at one time to identify their gods. Both the Hindus and Buddhists (and the Jains etc.) inherited their religious concepts from the Vedic Aryans.

    As a Christian, it’s certainly come to my attention that most of the “New Age” religious concepts being promoted by the Jewish “synagogue of Satan” are decidedly geared to promote concepts based upon Eastern theology and religion.

    All of this has given me much pause as I look at what is happening today. I think it’s pretty evident that the New World Order (and we all know who runs that) is pushing a New Age agenda and a religion which is basically Eastern in its religious concepts.

    The Synagogue of Satan is what it is; at least I perceive it as such from an historical standpoint.

    @ KathJuliane

    That was one of the best accounts of Ptolemaic takeover of the Temple and the Jewish religion I have ever read. Outstanding post! Antiochus virtually outlawed Judaism. Those Israelites who were devoted to God hated and mistrusted the Greeks thereafter.

    However, many Jews pandered to them. Alexandria in Egypt was a Greek city that was virtually filled with those Jews who basically pandered to whom ever was in power. From what I can tell, after the Maccabean revolt, the Jews were pretty well split down the middle over the Greek issue. They would have found Rome no better as the Roman gods were the same as the Greek gods but merely went by other names.

  73. Citizenfitz July 18, 2012 @ 12:29 pm

    “Miss Krantz was walking home one fall evening in Gothenburg when she encountered this man, an Ethiopian immigrant….”

  74. Wotan July 18, 2012 @ 3:38 pm

    Kelly July 18, 2012 @ 9:53 am

    In your long comment I found this particular sentence rather interesting:”…in fact, they despised each other so much that nearly four million warriors are recorded to have died in the Mahabharata War which lasted only a mere 18 days…”

    Did you find references what was done with the bodies? Who was left to do the digging? Also, the question remains open if it might not really have been 6 mio, who have been killed in those 18 days?

    All the complex calculations of highly qualified revisionists according to which killing and disposing of such quantities of people would not even be possible in a number of years you have shown them to be foolish and their mathematics without substance.

    The holocaust was possible and it was even possible in 18 days! Welcome to the club of holocaust scientists, Kelly!

    Having established that the Jews are “fallen Aryans” you then go on to say: “…in the Aryan way of doing things, it was always “to the victor goes the spoils” and you give cunningly a bracketed hint that your readers should note how very similar this is to the way the Jews are handling the Palestinians.

    Thus you urge us to understand that it is not the Jews, who are engaged in genocidal murder of the Palestinans, but the criminals are really the Aryans.

    Well, if the Jews are coming from where the Aryans are coming and they are doing as the Aryans are doing it would by no means be an overstretched conclusion that they might actually be Aryans. And there are indeed power Jews who like to sunbathe and oil massage themselves in Nietsche’s Übermensch-Kultur.

    The problem is that Nietsche was embedded in the German culture, but…ah well, I guess that would just be a small problem to overcome for the Jewish Aryans or Aryan Jews. So there we are: it was not the Germans, for whom Nietsche wrote, it was the Aryan Jews he meant!

    You round off your thoughts by dwelling on the sun- and moon-gods, which you have done repeatedly in previous posts. I would presume that in most ancient cultures the sun and the moon were worshipped as gods, this to a degree of representing banality.

    What’s really the message? Might it be like this? : “… Hitler has made a terrible mistake to issue Aryan certificates to the German population. He should have issued Aryan certificates to the Jews! For if the Jews from the Middle East are Aryans then the Germans can surely not belong to that same race…!”

    It would be nice, Kelly, if you could now consult your Vedic / Indian records to let me know which race the Germans, the Danes, the Dutch, the Austrians, the Norwegians, the Swedes, the Swiss, the English, etc. should be part of under the New Vedic Aryan Jew World Order?

  75. Replica July 18, 2012 @ 3:56 pm

    Damn, this is not looking good. Might be a first step towards who knows what….

    At least 6 killed in Bulgaria airport bus blast, Israel accuses Iran

    Join the YouTube discussion…

  76. Jim Reeves July 18, 2012 @ 4:48 pm

    Nice to see all the regulars again.

    Excuse my interrupting the current discussion, if I may, but I just wanted to pop on to create awareness of an important Youtube video and it’s maker Anthony John Hill.

    It is titled (7/7 ripple effect 2)

    We all know who did 9/11 but not many are aware that Britain had to have it’s own little 9/11 because by 2005 the British people were protesting against the Iraq and Afghan wars and the cattle needed to be “prodded” in the right direction.

    The 7/7 bombings were another false flag attack from our “friends.”

    It’s a long movie but if you want a nights entertainment and be well informed at the same time then click on the link below.

    Best wishes to all the regulars

  77. Kelly July 18, 2012 @ 5:19 pm


    “It would be nice, Kelly, if you could now consult your Vedic / Indian records to let me know which race the Germans, the Danes, the Dutch, the Austrians, the Norwegians, the Swedes, the Swiss, the English, etc. should be part of under the New Vedic Aryan Jew World Order?”

    When did I ever say that only the Jews came out of the Vedic territories? I did not imply that at all. I said that many of the people, if not most people in the Middle East came out of Vedic territories and it happened during an age when all Vedic people were called Aryans.

    The entire Rig Veda is Aryan. The Vedic people do not qualify themselves as Hindu until later on in history.

    I do not deny that the Germans, the Danes, the Dutch, the Austrians, the Norwegians, the Swedes, the Swiss, the English, etc. may have all been Aryan too. In fact I rather agree!

    However, I’ve read enough of the Vedic histories to conclude that there is no reliable evidence for an “Aryan Invasion” of anyone from the European countries.

    The Aryan wars appear to come from within, as civil wars, rather than from without.

    So why do the Germans, the Danes, the Dutch etc. have records indicating they too qualify as Aryan?

    I think the answer may be simple. It’s called The Ice Age.

    I can pretty much promise you that if you had lived in any of the northern European nations or Russia or Northern China during the last Ice Age, my guess is you’d have had the brains to migrate to a warmer climate. I am not saying that all people did that, but I do believe that many people from many nations decided to seek warmer lands.

    But for a small corner of Anatolia, the Middle East would have been uninhabitable, and not because it wasn’t warmer than Northern Europe, but because it was so arid there during the Ice Age that very little could grow.

    They had a short season of tough, savannah type grasses which fed migrating herds of animals while those grasses were in season. Once the grassy season was over, even the animals migrated out of the Middle East in search of food and water. Most of northern Africa was uninhabitable as well.

    According to the Ice Age climatology maps of the Northern Hemisphere, parts of the Caribbean, Southern India, and the Island Nations in the South China Sea and Sunda Shelf region were about the only places that could have possibly supported a thriving, well-fed human population.

    Climatologists who study the Ice Age tell us that that Southern India and the islands south of there qualified as “the best real estate on earth” during the Ice Age.

    And you bet, I think people from Northern Europe were Aryan too. I think at least some of the people from many nations walked their way to Southern India following the migrating herds of animals. I think that simply because if people were sick and tired of the cold and were hungry, it’s the only thing that would make any sense.

    I’m not saying that all people left Northern Europe, Russia, China etc. but I’d bet a significant number of them did. And most of the people who arrived in India would have settled along the southern coastlines where there was enough rain to support people’s need for food.

    They also settled in Sri Lanka and the Island nations that were at that time still above sea level.

    Once the Ice Age Melt Down began, the ocean levels rose and things were not very good anywhere. Floods were sudden, they were extremely violent, and people did everything they could to get out of their way. India’s early history is simply loaded with flood stories. And we are not just talking about a single flood. There were several.

    I think most people probably had at least an oral record of their origins and where they’d originally come from, and during the Melt Down, (i.e. “the Flood”) I think many people decided it was time to head back to where they had come from.

    So I am not in the least at odds with the idea that many European people can realistically claim they too were Aryan. But I don’t think they became Aryan because of any war invasion of India simply because I have yet to see any Vedic records that support that.

    That theory was proposed by Europeans during the time when India was a Crown Colony of Britain. And people proposed that theory because the Rig Veda clearly indicates that Caucasian people with either blond or red hair were present in India at a very early date when the whole of the Vedic lands were still called Aryan.

    I simply think a vast number of people from many, many nations migrated there in search of food and water during the Ice Age, and they migrated back to the lands of their origins after the Ice Age ended.

    I know people from Europe have records that say they were Aryan and I’m not disputing that in the least.

    Anybody who lived anywhere within the Euro-Asian continent during the Ice Age could have walked to India. And I think a lot of people were smart enough to do just that.

  78. Jake July 18, 2012 @ 5:56 pm

    Just donated to Bro N…. Felt so good.

    Finally someone to donate to politically that you know is honest! Thanks Brother Nathanael!!

    P.S. Today I introduced two more enlightened (new 9/11 truthers) Christians to your website.

  79. Mark July 18, 2012 @ 8:43 pm

    @Kelly. From one researcher to another…..OUTSTANDING!

    I have a rather simple questions concerning the use of the Synagogue.

    If the only place to conduct the Jewish worship/sacifice/tax/tithe was the Temple, then why is the word synagogue used before the destruction of the Temple proper?
    Did synagogues exist before/during the Temple times? And did they exist all through out the Middle East?

    If Temples and synagogues were not present at the same time in Middle Eastern history. Then either the translations are wrong or there is a flaw in the timelines of authors.

    Because it is my understanding that the synagogues came much later than the Temple-70AD/CE. Is it possible that the Temple and synagogue were the same?
    Or, could it be possible that those who worshipped in the Temple were different people than those who worshipped in synagogues?

    I have asked these question of Protestant pastors. And they do not have a definite answer. Any helpful information would be appreciated, without getting too far into the weeds. Thanks.

    And as usual. Brother Nat paints the bullseye on all sides of the enemy. It’s sad that people are too blind to see or too ignorant to understand our situation(s). Good Job-BN.

  80. Seek The Truth July 18, 2012 @ 9:13 pm

    What is interesting about Jewish-owned Starbucks outlets all over America is that it promotes a well known plant poison called caffeine.

    The plant uses caffeine to kill worms and insects that get on the plant.

    When a person drinks caffeine they get a brief high because the body recognizes it as a poison and releases hormones like adrenaline to try to cope with it.

    Try to find an American doctor or pharmacist who calls caffeine a “poison” instead of a “stimulant.” You won’t find one. Because it causes all kinds of nervous diseases and doctors and pharmacists make money off sick people; not well people.

    Both C.W. Post and J.H. Kellogg, the two biggest founders of the U.S. cereal industry in the early 1900s were both opposed to the caffeine in regular coffee. Post invented “Postum,” a coffee substitute with no caffeine that contained ground up grains and molasses, that was finally discontinued in 2007.

    I do like the aroma and taste of good coffee but without the caffeine.

  81. Wotan July 19, 2012 @ 12:43 am

    Kelly July 18, 2012 @ 5:19 pm

    Dear Kelly,

    With sentences like “…they had a short season of tough, savannah type grasses…” you are not coming anywhere near to answering my questions.

    And even though Mark has certified you to be an outstanding researcher I have doubts if you have even understood what I have put to you. I conclude this from your statement “… I do not deny that the Germans (et al) may(!!!!) have all been Aryans too…”

    Regarding your participle perfect, I am wondering if you are aware that we are talking about racial origins going back to a time when there were no distinguishable European nations?

    Anyway, Kelly, the important thing is that you feel sure the Jews were distinguishable as having an Aryan background, albeit a “fallen” one.

    Surely you must be also aware that according to Jewish self definition we are living in a Jewish matrix as of now (the world is getting more Jewish, the Jew said) and I would presume you also know that Jews not only want to re-define for us how to view modern times (King David Hotel, Lavon affair, Kennedy, Liberty, 9/11 and Jim`s 7/7), but they also want to rewrite the Bible, the text of the Oberammergau Festival and even history before our calendar time.

    When I am trying to look things up I prefer to rely on sources prior to 1945, but even there you have to be careful, because Kalergi shared his thoughts with us already in the twenties.

    If I were facetiously inclined I would ask “are you victim or are you participant”, but I am already happy enough with your description of “tough savannah type grasses”!

  82. Kalif July 19, 2012 @ 5:23 am

    July 16, 2012 @ 4:50 pm

    you deserve a standing ovation.

  83. Kelly July 19, 2012 @ 7:52 am


    “Did synagogues exist before/during the Temple times?”

    That’s a very good question, and the answer is “yes and no.” Here, let me explain…

    Prior to the first destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem, Solomon’s temple was the only ordained place of worship. Then the Babylonians attacked, destroyed the Temple and hauled the Jews off to Babylon.

    It was the job of the Sadducees to preside over the Temple, and with the Temple gone, their importance in the scheme of things was vastly reduced.

    This is the reason that the Pharisees rose to power. In Babylon, this group set up the “Yeshivas,” which are defined as religious schools.

    They were not synagogues as we know them, but small groupings of people who gathered together, often in homes or empty storefronts (etc.) in order to keep the religion of the Jews alive. It is in Babylon, and I presume in the Yeshivas, that the Babylon Talmud was written.

    When the Jews were released from their Babylonian exile, the Pharisees were apparently well-represented in the 5% of the Jews that returned to Israel. These Israeli Pharisees apparently were in constant contact with the larger group of Pharisees who were by then pretty much running the show in Babylon.

    Following the Babylonian’s lead, the Pharisees in Israel also set up Yeshivas, which again were not so much synagogues or temples, but were small places to gather, which were set up in at least all the larger towns where the Jews lived.

    As far as I know, the Yeshivas were presided over by a sort of “town council” comprised of the Pharisees and the more important or wealthier men in each town. This council pretty much ruled over the affairs of each town. These councils were basically a council of elites, and the records suggest they were rather ruthless in their dealings with the common people.

    Once the second Temple was built, the Sadducees came into play again as the ones who presided over the Temple, but by that time, the town’s Yeshivas and councils which were the domain of the Pharisees, were firmly established and continued to operate even though the Temple was rebuilt.

    The importance of the Temple came into play during tax time and during the established Jewish feast days, but for the most part, the real power in Israeli towns was in the Yeshivas and their town councils, and that’s how the Pharisees came to have such a stranglehold over the people.

    The Pharisees in Israel continued to maintain significant contact with the Pharisees in Babylon where the vast majority of Jews now lived. As the Babylonian Talmud was written, the Babylonian religious view was passed on to the Pharisees in Israel, so the Babylonian Pharisees were indeed the dominant force.

    A group of priests in Jerusalem (I don’t know whether they were Sadducees or Pharisees) got together and wrote a “Jerusalem Talmud” which was not as severe as the Babylonian version, but the Babylonian Talmud took precedence and is still regarded as the prime religious authority, and it even takes precedence over the Torah and the Five Books of Moses.

    To be honest, I am not certain at which date the concept of “synagogue” came into play, but the Jewish histories that I have read indicate that in the larger, wealthier towns the Yeshivas simply evolved into larger, more elaborate local buildings which came to be called synagogues. The Sadducees would have had no power in them at all.

    When the second Temple was destroyed, the role of the Sadducees in Jewish history was over.

  84. Kelly July 19, 2012 @ 9:30 am


    I tried to explain things in a way that would lead you to realize that anyone who lived in ancient Vedic territory, whether they are now recognized as being Jewish, Arabic, European, Russian, or of Chinese descent qualified as “Aryan.” And of course the present people living in India had Aryan ancestors as well.

    The whole of the Vedic system in antiquity was “Aryan.” And during the Ice Age and the Melt Down era, the Aryan system was the largest, most powerful, most advanced civilization on the face of the Earth.

    The Aryans achieved that notoriety, not so much because they were better, or smarter or more “holy” than the people who lived in the Northern regions of the world that were covered in ice; the Aryans achieved their status for no other reason than their climate.

    That climate allowed them to advance during the Ice Age, when most other people living along the ice sheets were just barely staying alive.

    The “tough Savannah Grasslands” were mentioned so that you would realize that in the northern hemisphere, most places that weren’t covered with ice are qualified as “savannah grasslands” by the climatologists.

    Generally, these areas HAD NO WATER because all the fresh water on the planet was tied up in the glaciers. But for a very short “summer season” when there was some glacial melt that trickled down into the savannahs and allowed the grasses to grow, nearly all regions that are now called “temperate climate” that were not covered in ice were all pretty much uninhabitable savannah grasslands.

    The grasslands could only support animals (and thus hunters) for a very short seasonal period.

    During the Ice Age, people lived close to the ice because you can melt ice; and for most folks it was their only source of WATER. The people who didn’t want to deal with these conditions beat feet towards the south, following the animal herds that they hunted.

    The animals knew where the food and water were located, and the hunters (there were no “gatherers” to speak of because there was nothing to gather) followed the herds which always led them southward.

    Your European ancestors and my European ancestors ended up in Vedic territory where the climate was much better.

    Thus Europeans, Jews, Arabs, Russians and the Chinese, along with the people of India today, each have an ancestry that can rightfully claim they were once “Aryan.”

    I don’t know if you’ve heard of the South American author, Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos, but he has written a considerable amount of fairly well-qualified material on the hypothesis of the “lost Ice Age continent” that once existed where the Indonesian Islands are now located.

    Santos believes he has found “Atlantis” and I do disagree with him there. But the place he describes did indeed exist, though it is called “Kumari Kandam” in the ancient writings of the Tamil Dravidians.

    As an author and a scientist, he’s a bit too arrogant for my tastes, but I must grudgingly agree with much of what he says. He does an excellent job of describing the civilization that once existed in the South China Sea.

    That place was destroyed by cataclysm and eventually swallowed up by the rising sea levels during the Melt Down. Never-the-less, the survivors of that place later went on to become the recognizable rulers of the “Aryan nation” of India.

    Santos is deceased now, but there is still a website up that has a considerable amount of material and I think you’d find it fascinating.

    (I should forewarn you however that whoever is running the site is doing a very crappy job of keeping their links working properly.)

    He also wrote a book called “Atlantis: Lost Continent Finally Found.” You can find the book at Amazon. I think he misnamed his book, but oh well…

    I might add that our European Ice Age ancestors were Cro-Magnon human beings. The adult males typically had brain sizes of 1600 cc, some 200 cc larger than the average modern human.They were smart, perhaps smarter than we are today, and they were determined to survive.

    And there is indeed significant evidence that people descendant from European Cro-Magnon human beings at one time ruled the Aryan nation when the Aryan nation still occupied only the land mass that we know as India today.

    Indra, the first god-king of Aryan India, is definitely described as a Caucasian male. Personally, I think Indra acted like a ruthless jerk, but never-the-less he ruled.

  85. Angelo Mysteriouso July 19, 2012 @ 11:33 am


    I once awhile back was looking at a website about various Symbols. Had all sorts of symbology info on where or how many of todays various symbols, such as even modern logo-symbols for Federal Government agencies originated from.

    One ancient symbol that showed as proof several very old (I think it was BC-eras ) from India elaborate religious symbols which looked like huge painting (artistic type) and some were hand tied rugs etc.

    It stated as proof where the Germans’ Swastika was first used. It showed a huge painting with alot of elaborate stuff, and right on very top was a swastika. I didn’t read the entire site’s info as I ended up there from links at another site about modern symbols etc.

    But what I do recall seeing and reading was that the swastika which many folks seem to think was invented by Hitler, was in fact used many centuries prior and it was said to be proof of basically what you stated as per Aryans.

    It said Hitler was facinated with Aryan history and spent alot of cash to send various archeologist types to travel anywhere they could go to find historic evidence proving a former Aryan presence, etc. It basically said when they found them Hindu or India art/paintings with a swastika at top along with various statues etc.

    That was where the Germans’ idea began to use it as their symbol.

    I dont know if this is accurate or not? Just mentioned it because the swastika is/was considered by many as a symbol of Aryan ancestory.

    And it seems to kinda prove what you wrote of on Aryans of olden times prior to modern Europe, etc.

  86. Anthony B. July 19, 2012 @ 12:12 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    You said on July 16, 2012 @ 10:34 pm:

    “We all need to make sacrifices for Christ WHO IS THE TRUTH and He is the One the Jews are assaulting.”

    I agree, but you also said before in the first post in the article “ObamaCare Chief Justice Roberts Is A Traitor” on July 4, 2012 @ 9:48 pm:

    “(I keep this site CLEAN by not accepting advertising though I could make a lot of money with advertising banners and scripts due to the very high ranking of Real Jew News. But, I don’t want to JUNK UP this site with advertising.)”

    Surely if you can make “a lot of money” just by putting a few ads on here, then that is the solution. Jeff Rense makes a living out of it, and you respect him and his website a great deal, then what is stopping you? Surely it’s better to get money off big companies who can spare it than to always expect readers to fund you, or feel guilty if they can’t afford to.

    All you have to do is select which ads and how many, and then you can focus on exposing the Jew and guiding others to Christ as the answer to this world’s problems. Is that not a sacrifice worth talking for the price of a few adverts?

  87. Mark July 19, 2012 @ 1:59 pm

    @Kelly: Concerning Vishnu and Jewish connection(s).

    If you happen to have a copy of the Learned Wise Elders of Zion, you will find Vishnu mentioned in Protocol 17.

    Whether one believes the Protocols are a “forgery,” copy or a real agenda. It would be ignorant of researchers to overlook ancient symbols and rites as made up myths or mere superstitions.

    There are direct connections to symbols used today to the bloodlines of long ago.

    The problem is flanking the gatekeepers and disinformation agents that keep the MYSTERIES a mystery. And this is the problem. The people’s fear of stepping outside of “their boxes” and comfort zones of induced dogmas have left them at the mercy of the very agents they despise.

    This is one of the few sites that allow open discussions and exposure to the MYSTERIES that are continually misrepresented or shunned by today’s clergy. Thanks again +BN for the availibility to match wits and wisdom on this forum.

  88. michael July 19, 2012 @ 2:09 pm

    For those wanting other confirmation on the sinister aspect of Judaism and the Synagogue, Jim Stone is a former NSA analyst who had two attempts on his life and had to flee the US (now in Mexico).

    He spent 2 years going to Synagogue classes to convert to Judaism. At a point, he was so disturbed by what he saw he left. He tells a harrowing story on his website, “My Experience with the Jewish Community.”

    His website is one of the most attacked by “baddies” in the USG spook world. Lots of telling info, for anyone with doubts that the war is aganst YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

    Might as well join the fight and make a support commitment of $5, $10, $20 or more monthly to Br. Nathanael

    Here is Jims site:

  89. RC May 29, 2014 @ 1:54 pm


    Nice to hear from you my friend. Knowingly or not, you are putting an undeserving label on one of the most peaceful religions, Sanatan Dharma(Hinduism), for using the name of evil Satan. Allow me to clear all your doubts.

    Hindus call that evil being Asur (i.e the Devil). Word ‘Satan’ didn’t even exist in the Sanskrit, the holy language of Hindus. The Muslim version of this same evil manifestation is called Shaitan.

    So Satan is an English word and therefore, it has no connection with the Hindu name Satananda. The real meaning of the term Satananda is “True Bliss” because Sat- means the ‘truth’ and Ananda means ‘joy’.

    The moon God is NOT Lord Shiv. He’s Called Chandradeva, Chandra means the moon and Deva means deity thus deity of moon. The Sun God is not Lord Vishnu, either. Sun god is called Suryadeva. Again, Surya means the Sun and Deva means the deity.

    Hindus have a hierarchical deity system in case you don’t know. The Hindu trinity is at the top of everything in Hindu Dharma. In a nutshell every god you see (along with the trinity) are only physical manifestations of the only one formless divine being, all-pervading and omnipotent “Parmatma” (Supreme Being).

    Let me explain you the concept of Hindu trinity (chief three gods above all demigods like the sun and moon gods).

    First is Brahma — ‘The Creator’. Second is Vishnu — ‘The Preserver’. The third Is Shiv — ‘The Destroyer’. Sorry, but they’re far beyond even sun and moon.

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