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How The Jews Took The White House

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2009-2011

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IF OBAMA EVER CROSSES THE JEWS, an army of Jewish publishers, journalists and lobbyists will destroy him instantly.

The Jews know of Obama’s alleged homosexual activities and his presidential ineligibility due to his birth in Kenya. In other words, the Jews who own America’s mainstream media, could ruin Obama in a minute.

Thus, the Jewish banking elite who work closely with their synagogue buddies at ABC, NBC, and CBS, have decided FOR Obama those whom he appoints as his key advisers and those whom he confirms as heads of the institutions connected with the White House.

A key component of Obama’s rise to power is rooted in Chicago, the Jewish breeding ground of Obama’s political career. A prime Jewish patron of Obama’s political ambitions was and remains, Abner Mikva, former Chicago Congressman, Federal judge and White House counsel to Bill Clinton.

Mikva is one of many influential Chicago Jews who have been among Obama’s earliest and most ardent backers. Through their large financial contributions and influence peddling, Obama’s Chicago enablers insured for themselves both a place in his administration and political leverage serving Jewish interests. These include the following, all of whom, are inter-connected:

-1- Bettylu Klutznik Saltzman, whose father, Phillip Klutznik (d 1999), served as President of B’nai B’rith -2- Rahm Emanuel, former partner in Chicago’s branch of Wasserstein Investments, currently White House Chief of Staff -3- Penny Pritzker, heiress to the Chicago-based Hyatt Hotel fortunes, now member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board -4- Lester Crown, Chairman of Chicago’s Crown Investments, -5- Valerie Jarrett, former Chairman of the Chicago Stock Exchange, currently Obama’s Senior Adviser for Intergovernmental Affairs -6- David Axelrod, founder of Axelrod & Associates which ran Obama’s senate and presidential campaigns, now Special Adviser to Obama.

As listed in the publication, The Barack Book, Jews have played and continue to play a key role in propping up Obama as a puppet for Jewish interests. Also listed in The Barack Book as amongst Obama’s Chicago ‘friends’ is The Joyce Foundation, a Gentile-sounding foundation, but is actually a Jewish organization that lobbies for gun confiscation of Gentiles, funded by the Jewish billionaire, George Soros.

Noted for his takeover of the Democratic party, Soros was the major financial contributor of Obama’s presidential campaign through his huge network of PACs and civic groups.


THERE ARE PRESENTLY 3 JEWS who have infiltrated the Obama administration, and for all practical and Jewish purposes, run the White House: George Soros, Larry Summers, and Timothy Geithner.

Born in Budapest in 1930 as Gyorgy Schwartz, when young Schwartz enrolled in the London School of Economics in 1947, he changed his surname to Soros so as to pass himself off as a Gentile. In 1956 Soros settled in NYC where he built his multi-billionaire hedge fund called the Quantum Fund.

Exposed as Obama’s “money man,” Soros’s involvement with Obama’s political career began in 2005 with Soros fundraising for Obama’s campaign for US Senate and continued through the 2007 Presidential campaign launch with huge fundraising operations. Soros has got his bought-and-paid-for White House stooge through whom he can operate.

As a Jewish manipulator par excellence of markets, political scenarios, and economic conditions, (Soros boasts, “I’m having a very good crisis!” with regard to his windfall profits in America’s current economic crisis), Soros is at the top of the food chain of Obama’s economic duo – Summers and Geithner – both totally under Soros’ thumb.


SOON AFTER FOX NEWS exposed Obama as a liar in his promise for “transparency” due to his denying access to the White House Visitor List, Obama was forced against his will to release a partial list of visitors which shows Soros visiting Summers no less than 4 times. Zionist Jew, Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman of Goldman Sachs, also met both with Summers and Obama. Rev Wright & Bill Ayers were among Obama’s ‘secret’ guests.

Why did Soros visit Summers, Obama’s chief economic adviser, 4 times? Let’s back up a bit. Summers was forced out of his job as President of Harvard in 2006 on the pretext of his uttering ‘sexist’ remarks. Out of a job and his reputation sullied, Soros, (who began courting Summers in 1991 to assist in his looting of Russia), came to Summers’ rescue.

Through his connections to the hedge fund, D.E. Shaw & Co, vis a vis his interlacing investments, Soros arranged for Summers to land a token high-salaried job with D.E. Shaw in 2006 through 2008 as an “investment strategy adviser.”

After granting Summers a day in the sun for a year, Soros began bringing Summers along with him to the Davos World Economic Conference and various other economic summits throughout 2008. Obviously, Soros was preparing the American public for a Soros lackey in the White House, which Soros knew he would soon own through his puppet presidential candidate, Obama. Now Summers marches to the beat of his master.

Timothy Geithner is the Secretary of the Treasury. Geithner was a close aide of Summers in his stint as Treasury Secretary during the Clinton administration where Summers addressed his protege as “young Tim.”

Just prior to his term as President of the NY Federal Reserve from 2003-2008, Geithner had failed to pay at least $34,000 in taxes. Soon after Obama nominated Geithner for Treasury, he was exposed as a tax cheat, yet the Jew-bought Congress still confirmed him.

With the economy in crisis due to Jewish Wall Street finaglers, Geithner went to work to protect his synagogue buddies by appointing as his closest Treasury aides, (none of whom faced Senate confirmation), the Jewish criminals who got us into the crisis to begin with.

The Jewish bankster aides appointed by Geithner include Gene Sperling, who last year took in $887,727 from Goldman Sachs and $158,000 for speeches mostly to financial companies, including the firm run by accused Ponzi scheme mastermind R. Allen Stanford. Another top aide, Lee Sachs, reported more than $3 million in partnership income from Mariner Investment Group, a Wall Street hedge fund.

As his chief-of-staff, Geithner chose the Goldman Sachs lobbyist, Mark Patterson, contrary to Obama’s promise (he’s a liar) that the White House would be off limits to lobbyists.

As past president of the NY Federal Reserve, which “maintains the nation’s payment systems,” Geithner knows where the trillions of Bail-out TARP dollars, (which Bernanke refuses to reveal), went. Geithner knows where the bodies are buried and that’s why he was appointed and has hired Wall Street shysters as his closest aides to PROTECT the GUILTY….Jews, that is, Wall Street bankster Jews….


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Brother Nathanael @ November 3, 2009


  1. admin November 3, 2009 @ 10:49 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family & All Readers,

    Never have I worked so hard and LONG as I have on this article, “How The Jews Took The White House.” This has been a week-long project with intense research.

    Also, because of some of my “inside Washington” contacts, I have been able to reveal what is really happening in DC – a Jew-occupied city.

    I must come right to the point. I need financial help. I cannot go on Street Evangelism Trips for now since I can barely make the huge expenses that running OUR site, Real Zionist News, entails. Prospective trips to LA and Atlanta are on hold.

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    Okay, gotta go and grab some grub and curl up with the Holy Bible and some prayer.

    With Much Love In Christ Our Precious Saviour, Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  2. Jamie Holts November 3, 2009 @ 11:03 pm

    Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

  3. Fr. Joseph November 3, 2009 @ 11:51 pm

    Dear Br. Nathanael,

    Hang in there for a little while.

    It was on account of your ‘Growing, Growing, Gone’ distribution that I took a little to time to ‘scratch my head’ and figure out what I could do to help you out.

    It will be but only a short while, but I’m getting a small package together for you coming to you in the mails.

    Shesshh…with only a few helping you, I’m going to see if I can’t get the Logos Incarnate to help you out.

    – Fr. Joseph

  4. KathJuliane November 4, 2009 @ 3:44 am

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ, dear Brother Nathanael and RZN family,

    These montages entirely capture that “INNER JEW” of the unrepentant Jew as a “den of vipers”, their faces distorted as the demonically double-minded “sons & daughters of Beelzebub’. What a blessing, dear BN, that you have escaped from this by the grace of God and your faith in Christ. Your very countenance reflects the grace of Christ our Lord and God.

    I am half breathless and overwhelmed from seeing the concentrated iconic impact of all these visibly evil, malevolent and twisted pack of thieving Jewish hyenas including the psychopathic arch-fiend Soros the Destroyer that have taken over the White House.

    It’s really beginning to look like the USA now has a fourth branch of government with all of the Goldman Sachs transplants everywhere underfoot with their little pitty-paws into everything. It’s unbelievable that America is in such a miserable condition, yet these Jews freely throw American taxpayer bailout money at each other, something like how monkeys in zoos gleefully fling their own feces in each other’s faces.

    And the fiscal and economic take-over of the White House is so complete, that the Goldmanite Jews literally call themselves “Government Sachs” while they have the grandest time with their on-going Frat Party of violent radicals, media stars, and Marxist racists (as they sneeringly roll their eyes as we silly people simply don’t get it that they are just so much smarter than the rest of us.)

    I have, however, figured out finally why Obummer received the Nobel Prize for Peace.

    It was for the 40 minute White House “Beer Summit” and “teachababble moment” over pretzels last summer that the racist Obummer called to discuss the incident of the racist black Harvard professor breaking into his own house, and the policeman who (according to Obummer) “acted stupidly” (because he was white) by doing his duty in responding to a call of a possible burglary in progress at the same professor’s house.


    Lord help us all.

  5. Michael K. November 4, 2009 @ 4:52 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    With the decline of the American economy and falling tax revenues, how is it that the Jew Bolsheviks continue to finance the operations of government? It seemed as though the federal government was on the verge of having no buyers for treasury debt to finance this upcoming years operations.

    Some internet outlets I keep an eye on are the Webb-Hennegan sites. Situated more as unsubstantiated leak sources than as true investigative journalists, they are taken ‘with a grain of salt’. However, it appears clear to me that they have a line or two direct from inside US intelligence.

    Although the down side is that this easily could be a disinformation side-show, I find it useful to stay aware of their narratives as many of the items they break end up having substantial tie-ins to real investigative news which emerges elsewhere, thus corroborating stories broken earlier by them.

    Let’s have a look at their explanation of how the Jewopoly has manged to finance extended play for their roles as traitors and agents of a foreign power within the USA:

    “The TREASONOUS deal between the Obama Administration and the Chinese was struck in the last 48 hours and directs the Obama U.S. Commerce Department to hand over secret trading codes that would allow the People’s Republic of China to have a 20-second lead time on ALL worldwide security, currency and commodity trading transactions.

    “The secret codes are tied to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and two major on-line U.S. discount security and commodity trading companies with a direct liaison to the noted criminal firm Goldman Sachs.

    “The agreement also involves the government of Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aka BibiFRAUD who will also be allowed access to these secret satellite trading codes acting as a middleman between the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and the government of RED China.

    “HIGH Treason TRAITORS
    Against the American People

    “Note: During her recent trip to Pakistan, Hillary Clinton, accompanied by U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, also handed over to both Chinese and Israeli Intelligence secret U.S.-NATO-Russian nuclear launch codes that were used as a bribe to exact the Chinese acquiescence to continue to finance our massive debt and buy our U.S. Treasury bonds.

    “So it is now clear, folks, the Chinese have been paid back their $1.8 TRILLION loan tenfold. In the last 48 hours, the Chinese-Israeli box gang have accrued up to $3.7 TRILLION of profitable trades in S&P, Euro dollars, U.S. bonds as well as gold and silver future contracts utilizing their 15-20 second lead time made accessible to them through the secret trading codes.


    “The Russian Federation, as well as the Republic of France, are now on the HIGHEST level of nuclear alert given the TREASONOUS activities of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

    “Hillary, who is suffering from a deadly disease, was recently in Pakistan not only to hand over secret U.S. and NATO nuclear codes, but to obstruct justice and keep the FBI off Pakistani soil aka the Galleon Group financial link to the terrorist cell Jundallah. Jundallah is nothing more than state-sponsored terrorist activity with a direct link to Pakistani ISI, U.S. CIA.”

    So there you have it, China has allegedly leveraged the Jew-Bolsheviks into sweetening up the deal, and so will extend the US taxpayers more debt-bondage so the Jews can continue to rule them. The day is coming when there will not be anything portable left to steal, and then it will be time to steal the land itself.

    Brother Nathanael, perhaps your sources within Russia can confirm or deny this rumor that Russia is on Red Alert, as this has tremendous bearing on interpreting and understanding Russia’s next moves from the perspective of an ordinary citizen.

  6. Dave November 4, 2009 @ 5:29 am

    Although there many Jews with sinister motives, one cannot avoid admiring their intellect, perseverance and focus.

    Brother Nathanael is no exception to this rule, while he’s no longer “Jewish”, he is still imbued with the high achieving traits through genetic inheritance.

    His work is breathtaking and there are few -if any- other outlets to acquire this depth of knowledge on such an elusive topic.

    When money is more available to me, I will once again send it to you.


  7. Wilson November 4, 2009 @ 5:49 am

    “Soros…bought the democratic party.” Amazing but true. Who do you think will benefit, America…America or Soros, Rothschild, and Israel?

    After shouting for ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ or so long, it does seem to me the Jews were really shouting for inequality and unfairness for the rest of us. Lesson learned? Hope so, because things can get worse…

  8. enya November 4, 2009 @ 6:19 am

    Are they really Jewish or are they KHAZARS?

  9. David November 4, 2009 @ 6:36 am

    Satan runs America, his minions now control the government.

    Do not expect any mercy from his minions, for there will be none.

    Currently they want to give amnesty to as many as 40 million Mexican illegals, which would effectively destroy any kind of conservative base in America.

    The Death blow has already be struck on America with the 24 trillion bailout.

    The amnesty will be so the criminals can all be reelected.

    America has fallen and the heathens now run the country.

  10. John November 4, 2009 @ 9:22 am

    We are in soooo deep trouble!

    Oh well, they take my guns when they pry them from my cold dead hands!

    Remember: There are nearly 100,000,000 gun owners in America.

    And there is now an organization called “Oath Keepers” who have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. This organization is made up of military and law enforcement! I have seen photos of soldiers in Iraq wearing “Oath Keeper” patches on their duty uniforms.

    The Zionists had better watch themselves…

  11. Joe Cortina November 4, 2009 @ 10:09 am

    You know – one thing I really like about Brother Nathanael’s writings is the fact that in spite of the fact that I am also an investigative analyst who spends a LOT of time digging out the truth of similar issues – I ALWAYS learn something new from his posts.

    I really consider him something of a ‘national treasure’ whose patriotic contributions to the education of our people to THE TRUTH – is of a value incomparable.

    BTW – my thanks to Fr. Joseph for his efforts to help keep the ‘boat of truth’ afloat.

    I rarely promote my own work – but apparently I have the permission and encouragement Of BN and RZN to suggest you read my newest blog in which I attempted something entirely new for me.

    It was a year in the creation. It is a ‘story’ I created about the Republic – why it was dying – how we saved it – and what we did to insure it NEVER would happen again.

    I was inspired by the real life heros and countless acts of selfless sacrifice and bravery of our own colonial Revolution. Also inspired by the impact of the characters portrayed by Mel Gibson in his blockbuster films – ‘Patriot’ and ‘Braveheart’. Mel is ‘MY MAN OF THE HOUR’! I would stand by him anywhere!

    Like these inspiring movies – my story is based on actual incidents and history – with an immagined happy moral justice filled ending.

    Find it at my website ==

    I hope you enjoy it and are inspired by the message. What you must – and will probably realize after you read it – is that IF something at least similar does NOT happen soon – our nation will be as dead as the ancient Roman Empire – and as evil as the worst of the rogue nations of history.

    The ‘changes’ at the end of the story are my own personal concept of justice and fairness tempered with logic and the spirit of the GOLDEN RULE.

    Over 90% of my ‘changes’ from the current Jew inspired status Quo – are simply a reversion to what we were like when I was a child and living in a much more moral far off place. It was our ‘Camelot’ – our people were generally good people – and we used to call it – THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – so totally different from today.

    I can scarcely recall our goodness and relative innocence as a more ‘Christian’ people – BEFORE there was the ZOG!

    Please leave a comment and let me know what you honestly thought of my ‘story’. It is titled:


    And of course – don’t forget to support RZN!

  12. Joe Cortina November 4, 2009 @ 11:05 am

    I just saw a comment by a reader that made me – as a veteran – and a patriot – want to VOMIT! Will the reader named ‘JOHN” please take a GOOD LONG HARD LOOK at your self!

    Good God man! – have you actually bothered to READ what you just wrote?! OATH KEEPERS? I took that oath FIFTY Years ago – never had to show it as a patch and have NEVER EVER betrayed it sir!

    For some uniformed mercenary psychopathic killer scum to mock that oath by wearing a patch that says ‘OATH KEEPER’ is one of the most monstrous sick degenerate acts of hypocrisy immaginable!

    If a soldier today REALLY has the guts to ‘keep an oath and his HONOR – he should wear a ‘patch’ that damns Obama and the Secretary of Defense and every Zionist bastard traitor that has anything to do with the horrible war crimes we have committed for IsraHELL. Now THAT is patriotism!

    Are you a Zionist plant or just plain stupid John? The people that sent those people to murder innocent civilians – are war criminals John – WAR CRIMINALS! They – Obama AND especially Bush are WAR CRIMINALS who trashed our Constitution over and over and over again. Bush the Zionist bastard – EVEN bragged about his disdain for that sacred document – REMEMBER?!

    Every single man in uniform there has violated our Consitution – mocked Christ and our TRUE Christian faith and trashed ALL that the Founding Fathers EVER stood for!

    How DARE YOU place me and other MORAL veterans who have lived by our code of honor our entire lives — on par with the sadistic twisted deranged mercenary animals who have disgraced the uniform like that squad of Marines who gang raped a child and murdered and burned their entire family for “fun and thrills” – one of but hundreds or perhaps thousands of such horrid crimes that go unreported daily in Afhanistan and Iraq.

    You just don’t get it yet – do you?

    “The Zionist had better watch themselves”

    They don’t have the time to “watch themselves” – you idiot! They are watching moron goy like YOU and falling down with hysterical laughter at the fact that THEIR idiot goy puppets who are DYING for them in the Mid-East – are wearing slogans to protect something which they themselves are the greatest enemies of!

    Your comment couldn’t have been more of an aid and support for Zionist causes than if it had been concocted by the Mossad themselves.

    John – YOU and dimwits like you ARE the EXACT reason why we are in such trouble in America today. STOP helping to ‘kill our own wounded’ in this mortal battle with the Jews. Lenin called them “useful idiots” – Castro calls then “tontos utiles” and the Jew calls you a “shabbus goy” – same thing.

    I normally don’t bother with ‘personal atacks’ – but Mr. – this time you went too far! THINK – before you engage your pen or your mouth.


  13. Marshall November 4, 2009 @ 11:54 am


    No money, no Jew peeps.

    Christ’s words are free for everyone.

    Everything else are just “special effects.” Walt Disney made a cartoon somehow, called “Oswald the Rabbit.”



    NO person is GOD, other than Christ. Do you Jews expect me to DIE FOR YOU?

    Where will all the JEWS on the planet go, when they have quite thoroughly exhausted everyone else with their antics? A vampire makes LAW.


    LAW? BLOOD SUCKERS, you have been walking the streets of eternity. Ten million people have filled up your coffers of blood on the land, and yet you respect it not.

    Christ gave His precious soul to you, and still it just became a river of blood.

  14. KathJuliane November 4, 2009 @ 11:57 am

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus my RZN family:

    Took a little stroll through one of the forums at Chicago Jewish News, and was not so surprised to find the administrator of the forum blabbing his thoughts about the “lowly” and “down-trodden” condition of the Jews in “Anti-Semite Land”…or so we are led to believe. Jew Power Configuration? What Jew Power Configuration? In Chicago?

    Does BN exaggerate at all? Forum item titled “Feel the Power”:

    “By Joseph Aaron (09/25/2009)

    “Some thoughts and feelings about some stuff.

    “Jews got juice. Boy, do we got juice. Juice, as in power. Or, as we in Chicago put it, clout. Whatever you call it, we got it big time. All over this land. In so many ways.

    “I have in the past, made note of some of those ways. And would like now to make note of another.

    “Atlantic magazine just put out its list of the 50 most influential commentators in this country. The newspaper and magazine columnists and the radio and TV hosts who have the most impact on public opinion.

    “And on the list of 50 are, count ’em, 25 Jews. 25. Half.

    “At least. While there are 25 names I am absolutely sure are Jews, there are three others I think are Jewish but am not sure. Bret Stephens is one of them. On the one hand, he used to be the editor of the Jerusalem Post newspaper, which makes me think he’s a member of the tribe. But Bret Stephens?

    “So there may be 28 Jews on the list, but I know for a fact there are 25. And that, my friends, is quite the mind-boggling fact.

    “Half, that’s half of the 50 most influential commentators in this country are Jewish. We make up about three percent of the population. And almost that entire three percent is sure Judaism today is under threat and this close to destruction.

    “Showing how sick we are and how little we fail to appreciate, let alone embrace, how strong we are, how much power we have. Clout. Juice.

    “25 Jews on that list of 50. We should be overjoyed. After all, have you ever heard that thrown at us, have you felt that makes us vulnerable? Actually, knowing Jews, it probably does make you feel vulnerable. But it should make you feel ecstatic. We got power. And, by the way, almost all 25 Jews on the list have very Jewish names. Showing all the more how accepted Jews having power is.

    “I say again. What a blessed time to be a Jew. Speaking of clout, we really need to start learning to deal with having it, because we do. A lot, more all the time.

    “I know I am one of the very few Jews around who is not terrified about Iran and its leader [Ahmadinejab]. Thanks to Chicken Little Bibi Netanyahu, who makes out like Iran is Hitler times 100, and manipulative bureaucrats like Abe Foxman and Malcolm Hoenlein, who are stuck in a time warp permanently set at 1939, we have become convinced a second Holocaust is this close, thanks to Iran.
    “And it’s not just Ehud talking. When he says Israel is strong, he knows what he’s talking about.

    “Jews today all seem to be experts on nuclear weapons, talk as if they are scientists and so know the threat Iran poses. Well, all you Jewish weapons experts, please know that when I and Ehud say Iran is not a threat, it’s not because we don’t take [Ahmedinejab] seriously or believe Israel should just hold onto a rabbit’s foot and hope for the best.

    “It’s because Israel is unbelievably powerful.

    “As a recent Washington Post article said, Israel is “steadily assembling one of the world’s most advanced missile defense systems.” The article detailed how, for more than 20 years, Israel has been assembling the weapons necessary to deter any missile attack, including a nuclear attack from Iran. As Uzi Rubin, who ran Israel’s missile defense program in the 1990s put it, experts like him are not worried about Iran because they have “the knowledge that an attack will fail.”

    “And so, even though the head of the Mossad has said he believes Iran is at least five years away from having a nuke, let’s say Bibi is right when he says “there is not much time.” The point being that even if Iran could attack, Israel is more than able to stop such an attack.

    “And once it would, it would be more than able, and very ready and willing, to attack back. Let us remember that Israel has a lot of nukes. And, as Rubin said, Iran is “radical, but radical does not mean irrational. They want to change the world, not commit suicide.”

    “Israel is strong. Very, very strong. A nuclear power with a potent anti-missile defense shield.

    Deal with it.” [end excerpt]

    Keep honing the tines just to keep reminding the Jew boasters and treasonous lairds of the ZOG of just whom in America still own the pitchforks.

  15. admin November 4, 2009 @ 12:14 pm

    I wish to express a special Thank You to the anonymous contributer from Oregon who donates regularly.

    Many Thanks & Blessing in Christ to you!

    +Brother Nathanael

    PS. I also thank all those who donate to OUR cause, anonymously. May Christ Bless you all!

  16. Strongbow November 4, 2009 @ 12:27 pm

    Another brilliant article Brother.

    We don’t have heavy weaponry or monopolized media to fight the NWO, but we have the truth and soldiers in Christ like yourself. This in reality is all we need.

    The money masters will one day have to stand before the Son of Man with their shame, and the lake of fire awaits them.


  17. Hoff November 4, 2009 @ 12:34 pm

    The JEW Mafia took control of the “American” state Dec 15, 1911.

  18. russ November 4, 2009 @ 1:03 pm

    I read somewhere [I think on Rense] that the Zionists are going to milk all they can out of the little stooge Obama and then pull the plug on him, expose his ineligibility for Prez and use this crisis again for their own agenda.

    They will then have the SUPREME ZIONIST LOVING SLUG Biden to do their bidding.

    These scenarios seem surreal but after what has happened the past 10 years nothing these scum do would suprise me.

    Hey Joe C you were a little rough on the Beav’ [John]. I’m sure he meant no disrespect to you and the other true soldiers who love this country.

    He just got a quick education!!!

  19. Dan Tanner November 4, 2009 @ 2:24 pm

    Dear @Joe Cortina … you are not alone … questioning “Oathkeepers”.

    Stewart Rhodes and Oathkeepers: I Have Some Concerns

    “What’s clear to me is the intent here, by Stewart Rhodes, Denis Koehane, and “Robin”, to make veterans who have come out against wars, against the Pentagon Killing Machine, against atrocities committed by US troops upon innocent civilians who were simply trying to live life in their own country – which we had unjustifiably invaded- and make them all look like liars, wackos, and “radical” commie kooks who were mostly exaggerating and making things up as they went along.

    These people are GATEKEEPERS. Maybe that’s why they keep using the name “keepers’ in these gate keeping front organizations, like “The Promise Keepers”, which was exposed years ago by Fritz Springmeier and others as a mind controlled cult.”

    Have a great day everyone … Take care (& rally together AGAINST THE FLU SHOT).

  20. Fr. Joseph November 4, 2009 @ 3:59 pm

    Dear Joe Cortina,

    I, too, took the U.S. Military Oath at the Federal Building here in nearby Newark, N.J. back in the 70s. And to have watched what has happened to this U.S. Nation on account of LYING and THEIVING, utterly selfish and self-centered people throughout these United States of America who are utterly WITHOUT any sort of personal HONOR, WITHOUT any sort of value for the DIGNITY of their human natures as they LAUGH ABOUT and FROLIC IN their personal contributions to turning our U.S. Nation into a virtual open CESS-POOL wherein every one here IN the USA as well as those who come to the USA from other nations can URINATE into and drop the EXCRETEMENTS into.

    This U.S. Nation is an UTTER FAILURE because of its supposedly upright, honest and truthful LEADERS and entire masses of this U.S. Nation’s ‘rank and file’.

    I can make the case that ALL of this ‘brother will betray brother’ psycho-spiritual business of our US Nation and the peoples of the other nations of our World are directly traceable BACK TO the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos, as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal herself being BETRAYED by the Ecclesiastical Hierarchies of both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches and their theologians, etc..

    You and I have “inherited” this HUGE MESS that is our contemporary World – and those in the ‘High and Mighty’ Positions within BOTH the Nations of our World as well as His Church are the ones who HAVE TO FIX IT!

    Neither I nor you were involved in the 1913 A.D. passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

    Neither I nor you were involved in the development of the nuclear weapons.

    Neither I nor you were involved in blowing down the NYC Twin Towers with micronukes and super-thermite.

    Neither I nor you are responsible for these recombined VIRUSES extracted from dead corpse’s who perished via the Spanish Flu of 1918.

    And neither I nor you are responsible for fixed elections, brainwashing manipulative media, the satanic practices of those in Washington D.C., in all the world’s Masonic Lodges, nor are we responsible for the Bank of England’s machinations down throught the years.

    Nor are we responsible for Wall Street financed Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

    You and I are NOT responsible for the deliberate premeditated CORRUPTING OF the youth of the United States of America in its public schools.

    Dear Joe, those people who ARE responsible for all of the foregoing – and MORE – are the ones who are RESPONSIBLE to God Himself!

    But the ‘GOOD’ that you and I and Br. Nathanael CAN DO in the face of such atrocious odds AGAINST us – let us continue doing out of NOTHING BUT our own personal heartfelt desire to render GOD HIMSELF some HONOR and ALLEGIANCE and CONCERN for what He wants done down here on earth.

    I mean, SOMEBODY from these miserable United States of America, from the nations of our World – and even from HIS OWN CHURCH here one earth – needs to show God some GRATITUDE, LOYALTY, ALLEGIANCE and HONOR to and for Who He Is and for what He has done for us all in the past – principlely in His offering us all His Own Divine FORGIVENESS so as to be able TO ESCAPE being eternally damned to and consigned to the eternal torments of the fires of Hell!

    I can’t help it nor can you help it that SO MANY in our USA nation and our World and our Churches are doing everything in their powers to THROW THEMSELVES AND OTHERS in the abyss of eternal fire!

    – Fr. Joseph

  21. Fr. Joseph November 4, 2009 @ 4:16 pm

    So you see, both here in the USA as well as throughout of Europe, we are being made to witness the “Bolshevik Revolution ‘Light'”

    ‘Secular’ Italy May No Longer Have Cross to Bear

    So you see, I believe the ‘Divine Heads Up!’ Christ Jesus Himself gave to His Church via Pope Leo XIII back in 1884 A.D. is simply being wrapped up by Satan, his demons, and their human stooges, dupes and allies in Masonry, in the Hermetic Orders, in Rosicrusianism, in the Talmudic Kabbalah of these so-called ‘Jews’ the world over.

    “A great crime has been committed against the Catholic Church and the world at large…et al.” from

    ‘The Devil’s Final Battle’

    If the BISHOPS of the Catholic Church here on earth DO NOT WANT TO listen to and obey the Mother of God’s Fatima Instructions of 1917 A.D. – then what am I or JOE CORTINA or BR. NATHANAEL or ANY OF US RZN READERS going to do about that?

    – Fr. Joseph

  22. Jim Clubine November 4, 2009 @ 4:26 pm

    That’s how the Jews get control of all the large organizations.

    Once in, they bring in a lot of other Jews, not all, but a lot.

    Eventually through inside the company vacancies, they move up; the pot from which to fill vacancies is overloaded with Jews. Plus they have the hidden support of people like Soros, with money and contacts.

    Once in, they will never get out except by force of some kind.

  23. Fr. Joseph November 4, 2009 @ 5:36 pm

    And one other thing, it’s not like THE LORD doesn’t know what is going on here in this World of His Creating and under His Divine Kingship

    The Divine Graces our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has and is granting to Br. Nathanael in getting all of this ‘Jew-News’ out to all of you is for a very specific Reason and Purpose…

    To get ALL OF YOU to the Christian Church’s Sacrament of CONFESSION!

    Regarding the contemporary ‘Jews’ of our World, here is what God Incarnate Himself had to say about THEM to one of His Christian visionaries in Tornoto, Canada back on March 7, 2003:

    “The NATION OF JEWS want to be lords over the entire World and all of its people. By this (upcoming initiated Third World) War they want to begin implementing ‘chipping’. They already have everything planned and are proceeding step-by-step with the enslavement of human life. You submit to them because they are in ALL governing positions. They are in the lowest, superior and highest positions. This is most disturbing, but there is NO LACK OF THEM IN AND THROUGHOUT THE CHURCH. They are waiting for the anguish and suffering of this coming War, famine, disease, cold and catastophies. My dearest children, ENTIRE NATIONS will lay in ruins. Don’t think that the Arabs caused this misery.

    “SATAN has raised more such ‘lords and rulers’ across the World and they are ALL cunning, deceitful and sly. The massive slaughtering off of people will be short to include Laith and Clergy. Churches will be closed. Priests will have to go into hiding.

    “I know this is full of woe, but it’s the truth. CORRUPT human civilization, men turning on each other like packs of wolves…this cannot be allowed to continue! There is CORRUPTION within and upon every rung of human society and AT EVERY LEVEL of the Governments of the nations – and THAT is the Greatest Of Corruptions. You already know who ‘reigns over you’ at EVERY level. Greatly humbled soon will be those who least expect it. And how many of them (the Jews) will be left? Their number will be as many as a pear tree has pears during a fertile year, those who will CONVERT to Christianity.

    “I AM your God. I AM your Lord. I JESUS CHRIST the King and NOT some bunch of greedy, carnal nation of people who crucified Me and now who are crucifying you, My children.

    “Atomic bombs will fall on the U.S.A. as well, not only on Asia, Africa or Germany. PLEASE GO TO CONFESSION. Confess your sins while you still have the time. DO NOT delay or put it off! Many of you are soiled with sins and I will grant you FORGIVENESS FOR EVERYTHING! The greatest of sins as well! The GLOBAL SITUATION IS SO DREADFUL and the Confessionals are so empty.


    – Fr. Joseph

  24. Al whorwood November 4, 2009 @ 8:41 pm

    Dear BN, great article.

    I’m sure this site will make it, it has to, and it will grow huge in time, people are waking up in large numbers every day to what is happening.

    To our family RZN. Helping people understand poor judgment with words of wisdom would be a better way of growing our family. Save your remarks and anger for the real enemy.

    PS I believe in BN. Please support him.

  25. KathJuliane November 4, 2009 @ 9:13 pm

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus, Michael K –

    Your last post was intriguing. And there may be a related (or unrelated) nugget of truth within the pettifoggery of any Hennigan-Webb “analysis”.

    Long annoyed about how the Goldmanites infesting the WH having called themselves “Government Sachs”, alert now to Soros and Goldman Sachs in BN’s article and inspired to do more research.

    Following my nose under the rule of where there is smoke there is fire from your post and link, when the going gets tough the tough RZN family get fearlessly googling through the “left” and “right” resources — “eureka” a platinum mine of useful information.

    First was the discovery of Matt Taibbi’s July 2009 “The Great American Bubble Machine” in Rolling Stone.

    In about 30 minutes or so reading a seven part article, salted with a certain amount of earthy humor, the entire panorama is spread out and the actual working machinery pinpointed without a reader having ever been initiated into the arcane PhD’s and voodoo formulas of the Illuminati Mammonite culture.

    A simple-minded fool like myself thanks to Taibbi can finally grasp the who and the how’s of the bigger picture inside the Trilateral/CFR/EU/Illuminati carnival funhouse mirrors and chasing down bunny trails.

    Taibbe pinpoints Goldman Sachs as the major culprit finance, investment and banking engine driving the global wrecking machine of the current “Great American Meltdown”, and which is hauling the chassis of the incestuously entwined Jewish Bankster global machinery of “shock doctrine” and “bubbles”.

    RS headlined: “From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression – and they’re about to do it again.” [Next up, the Global Warming/Climate Change bubble to come.]

    It is well worth the read with great political cartoons concerning the superb societal moral consciousness of Goldman Sachs. Taibbi begins with:

    “The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.

    “Any attempt to construct a narrative around all the former Goldmanites in influential positions quickly becomes an absurd and pointless exercise, like trying to make a list of everything.

    “What you need to know is the big picture: If America is circling the drain, Goldman Sachs has found a way to be that drain — an extremely unfortunate loophole in the system of Western democratic capitalism, which never foresaw that in a society governed passively by free markets and free elections, organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy.”

    Curious as to the phrase “vampire squid” more fearless searching found that such a natural creature actually existed: Vampyroteuthis infernalis, lit. “vampire squid from hell”, which has blue hemocyanin blood, and does look like a special effect from a ‘50’s sci-fi horror flick, although in real life the deep-sea monster is only about a foot long.

  26. KathJuliane November 4, 2009 @ 9:18 pm

    Next I stumbled over an alternate media of cyber-society of political/ hedge fund watchdog bloggers who are continuously documenting the “altruistic” antics of “Government Sachs” and efforts to save our country, and who openly discussed on the blogs the ongoing manipulation.

    Starting with the blog Corrente Wire, I found this veeerrrry interesting post describing an act of international industrial espionage and subsequent FBI arrest last July of a highly certain Serge Aleynikov, VP of equity strategy of Goldman Sachs which should have been a major breaking scandal that these bloggers have dubbed “GoldmanGate”. [See the relevant links on the original site pages.]

    It would seem that it was too big a story to completely ignore in the msm as it first appeared in Reuters, and was covered by Bloomberg’s Jonathan Weil in his opinion blog who made an appearance as well on a cable investment channel Bloomberg newspot. Yet not too big to try to quash it with counter PR and other damage control at the time the story broke with the bloggers openly discussing it (and of course, relegated to the foil hat corner as well by msm.)

    This may ultimately tie in the sorta, kinda maybe, probably so “Hennigan-Webb disinformation sideshow” as now emerging damage control in the blogosphere to begin spreading around aerial chaff and add to the foil hat glamour, especially with all the scare-mongering buzzwords of “China, Russia”, “treason”, and the rest.

    What stuck out like a sore thumb was the statement of “hand over secret trading codes that would allow the People’s Republic of China to have a 20-second lead time on ALL worldwide security, currency and commodity trading transactions” and ““The secret codes are tied to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and two major on-line U.S. discount security and commodity trading companies with a direct liaison to the noted criminal firm Goldman Sachs.”

    See what you think:

    (Posted July 2009 on Corrente) – “Huge Goldman Sachs FAIL as 32 megs of proprietary trading code stolen, and uploaded to a German server”.

    “See Reuters and especially the comments at Zero Hedge for this incredibly Byzantine story on Goldman Sachs (who, in addition to running financial policy for the administration at Treasury and the Fed, are also members of the Plunge Protection Team (q.v.)).

    Shorter: Sergey Aleynikov, VP of equity strategy of Goldman Sachs, was arrested at Newark airport Saturday, July 4 by the FBI. Aleynikov is alleged to have encrypted, compressed, and uploaded 32 megs of ultra top-secret Goldman Sachs quant trading proprietary code to a website in Germany, where it’s been available for over a month to… Well, anybody that Aleynikov wanted to make it available to.

    Even shorter: Somebody put the Goldman Sachs family jewels in a jar and sold the jar on eBay.”

    Among the Goldman Sachs qualifications of Aleynikov were (from Correntewire):

    “Lead development of a distributed real-time co-located high-frequency trading (HFT) platform” and “Responsible for development of real-time market feed handlers, order processing engines and trading tools at a Quantitative Equity Trading revenue-making HFT desk.”

    Family jewels, indeed.

  27. TheHolyCrow November 4, 2009 @ 9:24 pm

    Well, just exactly what is wrong with the OathKeepers ?

    I am somewhat familiar with what they stand for, and I find nothing wrong with them.

    Please enlighten me with what you perceive is wrong with them ?????


  28. Eternal Love November 5, 2009 @ 12:03 am

    Two days ago Shabtai fon Kalmanovich (Kalman in North America) a Russian Khazar/fake Jew was killed mercilessly in Moscow. The man was a businessman heavily involved in arms and gemstones business. Plus he was also interested in drug business and everything that brings money without working.

    18 bullets were found In his body He will be buried in Israel…

    I will translate some of the comments of Russians about him and the Russian/fake Jew/Kazarik/Turk mafia. It seems that more and more Russians are getting angry with their fake Jew/Khazaric compatriots and their parasitic style of life and crimes…..

    “Look at the life of our Russian Jewish. Part of them wanted to be independent, the other part wanted to continue to live like parasites sucking the body/blood of the Russian dog. But the Russian dog got a bit sick and angry and our Russian Jews went to suck the blood of the American dog.. LOL. But we should not be surprised of what is happening because the Jews have lived like that for the last 2000 years.”

    “…Посмотри на евреев России. Часть из них захотела независимости, остальные хотят продолжать жизнь клеща на теле русской собаки. А если русская собака стала немножко больной, немножко злой, они ищут себе американскую собаку. В конце концов, евреи жили так две тысячи лет” (Бени Пелед)

    Also, another Russian said in his comments that he got the feeling that Russia is becoming a huge synagogue… And it is true most of the Russian oligarchs are our Khazarik/Turk/fake Jew.

    The third Russian joked that things are going bad in US because many Russian Jews had emigrated, the last 15 or so years, there.

    We know that not all Jews are like that but still the people’s anger is growing.

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble efforts of our Brother to promote Christianity and Justice for All!!!

    Eternal Love

  29. Jeremy November 5, 2009 @ 12:53 am

    From what I understand about the Oath Keepers is that they are military and police personnel who, before taking their position, made an oath to the Constitution of the United States of America, to defend it against all enemies, be it foreign or domestic.

    Meaning, if the U.S. government orders them to do something against the Constitution, they will not obey that order, they will obey the Constitution of the U.S. in which they took an oath. And for that I am proud of them.

  30. jgalindes November 5, 2009 @ 4:39 am

    Is it possible to obtain the list of the first 10 shareholders in Goldman Sachs?

    The guys appearing elsewhere are mere employees (albeit very well paid) even having some shares as fringe benefits.

    But the real movers and shakers are hidden behind statutary secrecy.

    “From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since (and I’d said including) the Great Depression”.

  31. the Brainy Zek November 5, 2009 @ 4:52 am

    Both Jeremy and Eternal Love are on the money!!

    I join Jeremy in support of Oath Keepers! If the 400,000 military personnel that traitor Robert Gates asked Congress for permission to invade America as a guise for martial law as Brother Nate pointed out in his last article all had Oath Keeper patches on their uniforms our worries would be short lived! Loyalty to our Constitution is absolutely GREAT!!

    And Eternal Love you are correct! Phoney Khazar jews have been murderers from the beginning and as our Lord pointed out they ARE the synagogue of satan! They have the same relationship to Moses or Jacob as a puppy dog on a grassy knoll secured by a polished chrome chain.

  32. Michael K. November 5, 2009 @ 5:10 am

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Greetings in our Blessed Savior.

    It seems as though you have picked up the tracks of this trading software espionage story. I found those links very informative in filling in the background surrounding this alleged intelligence leak. Also, it was good for a few laughs, the way some of it was written.

    I don’t find it funny, however, that there always seems to be one more opportunity for these vampires to liquidate institutions which took generations to build. In this case, the apparent transformation of the stock exchange into a silent killing floor for lower echelon investors and their entire life’s savings.

    I guess we’ll find out what the “Oath Keepers” have in mind pretty soon, because the appearance of normality can not hang on much longer in the absence of all the stabilizing pillars which are being removed/stolen/kicked-out. Perhaps we will end up under US martial law, or we will get foreign martial law, or worse still we will all be glowing in the dark with radiation.

    The great impediment to our real recovery and success is a general lack of acquaintance with reality and Truth, brought on by a three generations raised on TV, drugs, and high-fructose corn syrup.

    Maine is about twenty years behind urban America, and so my experience as a child here in the ’70s was similar to what most Americans experienced in the ’50s. I felt safe at night. A Christian peace sat over the little villages founded in the Era of Good Hope, and people left their doors unlocked and the keys in the car.

    But as our perverse prophet Steven King illustrated so graphically, something was wrong in Derry. An evil lurked even then which was feeling its way with invisible tentacles into every home and hearth, until the back field was allowed to grow over with saplings, and the garden went years without a rake or hoe. The children moved away and the old increasingly took comfort in their TV sets and bingo games.

    And now half the young men have sought a better life in the military, like Bobby who signed up to be an Airborne Ranger. The men are gone, like a ship picked them up and took them away. And in the trailers at night, the single mothers struggle to keep a sense of optimism about their options, but the men who remain are mostly either married or louts.

    Yes, there is something building like a great dam about to break, and we know not when or how, but only that with every day and each new event it comes a little closer.

    May God in his mercy take pity on our children and make a way for their salvation, both spiritual and earthly. And may the truth about the causes of this strife be unveiled once and for all, so that future generations will benefit from all the sorrow that has come, and is yet to come.

    May the Peace of Christ be with You.

  33. Hello November 5, 2009 @ 8:32 am

    I am very interested in earlier posts by BN about getting the war profiteers in one room, so as to prevent future wars. And also to avert and intercept wars before they happen.

    The vast amount of profiteering off of human death and destruction needs to be channelled into life and life promoting causes.

  34. Traditional Catholic November 5, 2009 @ 12:51 pm

    This is amazing investigative journalism by Chris Bollyn.

    Read this article and learn how Bono is a Jew!

    And learn about Madonna’s relationship with powerful Zionists. I remember reading about how Madonna practiced Kabbala and how she tricked Alex Rodriguez, the baseball player into this Jewish cult.

    Traditional Catholic

  35. Z.O.G. November 5, 2009 @ 1:15 pm

    Who Controls the U.S. Treasury Department?

    Timothy F. Geithner (Jew) – Secretary of the Treasury
    Neal S. Wolin (Jew) – Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
    Rosie Rios – Treasurer of the United States
    Stuart A. Levey (Jew) – Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
    Alan Krueger (Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy
    Michael S. Barr (Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions
    David S. Cohen (Jew) – Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing
    Herbert M. Allison, Jr. – Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability and Counselor to the Secretary
    Kim N. Wallace – Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Legislative Affairs
    Daniel Tangherlini – Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Management, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Performance Officer
    George W. Madison – General Counsel, U.S. Department of the Treasury

    Of the eleven(11) top officials in the U.S. Treasury Department, six(6) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 55%. Jews are approximately 2% of the United States population. This means that Jews are over-represented among the top officials of the U.S. Treasury Department by a factor of 27.5 times, or 2,750 percent.

    This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews among the top officials of the U.S. Treasury Department cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance.

    You must ask yourself how such an incredibly small and extremely unrepresentative minority ethnic group that only represents 2% of the American population could so completely dominate the highest levels of the U.S. Treasury Department.

  36. Z.O.G. November 5, 2009 @ 1:15 pm

    Who Controls U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner?

    Timothy Geithner (Jew) – Secretary of the Treasury

    Mark Patterson – Chief of Staff, Counselor to the Secretary
    Matthew Kabaker (Jew) – Deputy Assistant Secretary, Counselor to the Secretary
    Lewis Alexander (Jew) – Counselor to the Secretary
    Lee Sachs (Jew) – Counselor to the Secretary
    Jake Siewert (Jew) – Counselor to the Secretary
    Gene Sperling (Jew) – Counselor to the Secretary

    Of the six (6) counselors to U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, five (5) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2% of the United States population. This means that Jews are over-represented among the counselors to U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner by a factor of 41.5 times, or 4,150 percent.

    This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews among the counselors to U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance.

    You must ask yourself how such an incredibly small and extremely unrepresentative minority ethnic group that only represents 2% of the American population could so completely dominate the inner advisory circle of U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

  37. Bonnie November 5, 2009 @ 4:03 pm

    It’s not the idea or fact that Obama likes men, WHO CARES ABOUT THAT?

    The important issue is that he CAN”T be trusted!

    1 – He does not open the records of his birth certificate
    2 – or his college records/thesis
    3 – there’s suspicion as to whether his loyalties lie with the Islamics or the Jews.
    4 – He is in fact, a traitor to his country in his appointing Zionist/Jew/dual Israeli-U.S. citizens to high positions in the Admin – i.e. Cabinet and Advisors.

    A skunk and a traitor to this U.S.A, Obama is!

  38. Fr. Joseph November 5, 2009 @ 5:42 pm

    For everyone’s personal information and edification so as to assist ALL OF YOU in “untangling” this royally fouled up World of ours – the year now being 2009 Anno Domini.

    ‘Fr. Joe’s Catechism Lesson’ begins with TWO VERSES from the Catholic Church’s Canon of Sacred Christian Scripture – Matthew 4:8-10

    Once EVERYONE has that ‘under their psycho-spiritual personal religious affiliations’, everyone can then read the following from the SAME in-the-public-domain reference:

    “What amazed Doctor Dodd was that whenever these men gave instructions, Moscow always ratified them. When asked who the men were, Doctor Dodd refused to name them (must have been JEWISH surnames back then just like it is now). But when pressed to say ultimately who ruled this higher order, she replied simply ‘SATAN’.

    “In the course of this history-making interview, Rakovsky made it clear that the key to the power of this higher order was MONEY. Rakovsky said, ‘MONEY IS POWER, THE ONLY POWER.’ – quoting from the WORLD-WIDE ‘in-the-Public-Domain’ reference here:

    So in order to help EVERYONE on our God-given planet earth just exactly WHY our World is so royally fouled up and WHY it is has been that was, is that way and will continue to be that way into the foreseeabler future:

    “The Pen That Rules the World”

    And this is for ALL OF YOU regardless of what nation or state you are currently living in with your family and loved ones ANYWHERE here on our planet earth of 2009 Anno Domini:

    ‘It’s Time People Knew the Money Trick’

    And whatever else you might want to learn about BANKS, about Internationalists and Transnationalists, and all sorts of things about the Catholic Church’s teachings on Social Justice and the Meaning and Purpose for our lives here on this God-given planet earth of ours. All sorts of related articles ‘in-the-Public-Domain’ readily available to EVERY LAST U.S.

    Senator, Members of U.S. Congress, the State Governors of 50 U.S. States, their State’s government officials and citizens of their respective States – their Colleges, their Universities, their Media Outlets, their Newspapers, their Military Officers, their Sheriffs and their Law Enforcement agencies and officers of every type.

    And by gosh, this information is available to EVERY LAST ‘CHRISTIAN’ Pastor, Preacher, or denominational Leader or body of Leaders here in and throughout these United States of America:

    One either PUTS ‘A BULLET’ in the head of these ZOMBIES eating the living flesh off the bones of people our World over and eating the psycho-spiritual HEART of billions of human beings all across our planet earth – or we PRETEND that this Global ‘Rocky Mountain HORROR Show’, this Global NIGHTMARE of ours isn’t real and truly happening!

    At Fatima, the Mother of God herself said


    E-mail the Bishop of Rome. Tell him you and yours are SICK AND TIRED of all these psycho-spiritual ZOMBIES running amock all over our planet earth – and tell him TO ORDER the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculately Loving Heart of Christ Jesus’ Own Mother per her 1917 A.D. FATIMA, PORTUGAL Apparitions and Messages – and TO RELEASE the FULL SECRET OF FATIMA to the six billion human inhabitants of this God-given planet earth of ours!

    Personally, I’m SICK AND TIRED of every ‘Moe, Larry & Curly’, every last ‘Minnie, Moe & Jack’ in our World’s governments and in our World’s CHURCH keeping, guarding and manipulating others with THEIR ‘Secrets’!

    – Fr. Joseph

  39. Hoff November 5, 2009 @ 7:07 pm

    The Jews and Their Eternal Name Changes

    The single most important factor to understand about the Jews is that whatever they do it’s all about Jews taking control of the state.

    Once you control the state you can do whatever you want. How it works when Jews control the state Sovjet is as clear as it gets. The Jews killed off the old elite and anyone that remotely could be suspected to be a threat to the Jews controlling the state.

    When one king was the state it was easy for the Jews to take control of the state, they only had to control the king and a few around him. 99 percent of the (m)asses didn’t know the first thing about what was going on in the castle.

    Now comes “democracy”. The (m)asses now gets involved in how the state is run. When there was one king the Jews diden’t have to care about the vocabulary.

    The Jews have been expelled over 130 times over years. The reason is that the non-Jewish elite realised that the Jews were in control of their state. Now, if you get kicked out of the same bar 130 times, you understand that you’re doing something wrong.

    The problem for the Jews is that people understand that they have taken control of their state. So the question for the Jews now turns: “How do we hide that we the Jews control the state?

    Now comes the Jewish fraud — Communism. How many words for Communism do you know? How do you hide as a Jew that you control the state? You confuse the (m)asses with a boatload of mumbo-jumbo.

    Read anything about Sovjet and it’s boatload of Jewish bulls–t. Purpose? To hide that Jews was controlling the Sovjet state lock, stock and barrel.

    After taking control of the state the Jews’ #1 concern is to HIDE that the Jews control the state. What you don’t know you can’t do anything about.

    What the Jews do is that they use ‘Many Words’ for the exact same thing.

    Take “liberal” and exchange it with the Jewish fraud Communism and just show me one topic that ain’t the very same for a “liberal” and a communist Jew. You can’t because both are a boatload of Jewish mumbo-jumbo bulls–t. Why? To hide that it’s all about Jews controlling the state.

    Turn on your TalmudVision – TV – and tell me how many times a day you hear the word “Bipartisan”. 5oo times a day? Go ask anybody to explain what “bipartisan” means.

    l don’t have a clue what it means. But everytime l watch a video from the “American media” l hear that word like ten times to the minute.

    This is Marxism-Leninism for “democracy”, a boatload of Jewish mumbo-jumbo bulls–t for the (m)asses. Purpose? To hide that Jews control the American state. What you don’t know you can’t do anything about.

    As all jeWise people know the Jews ALWAYS change their names.

    One Jew to the other Jews: – Goyim are catching up on us now and understand that Communism is a Jewish fraud. New name anyone?


    -Taken! From now on we call us Liberals.

    -Hey guys. The goyim are catching up on us and understand that Liberal is a Jewish fraud. New name anyone?

    – NEO-CON

    -Hey all Moshe. The goyim are catching up on us again and understands that Neo-(con) is a Jewish fraud. New name anyone!


    lt took me some 3o years to figure out what Marxism-Leninism is, a boatload of Jewish bulls–t to hide that the Sovjet state was run by Jews. It took me three years to figure out what Neo-Con is, a boatload of Jewish bulls–t to hide that the Jews run the American state. It took me three months to figure out what Bipartisan is, a boatload of Jewish bulls–t to hide that the Jews run the American state.

    Next time you hear a mumbo-jumbo word being ranted 5oo times by “politicians” and “journalists” you know that the Jew has made another name change. Can you spot the Jew and his New Name?

    The Jew will do ANYTHING to hide that YOUR state is controlled by the Jew.

    When l started to investigate the Jew three years ago l started to read about America. Video, CNN, blogs or whatever and the word Neo-Con was all over. Today there is not one single reference to any Neo-Con. This is the Jews’ name change scam all over.

    Yesterday, Communist, then Liberal, then Neo-Con, today Bipartisan. And what will the lying name changing Jew call himself tomorrow?

  40. Eternal Love November 5, 2009 @ 7:50 pm

    12 People Killed and 31 Wounded in Fort Hood Shooting

    At first, when I saw the title, I thought it was something going on in Afghanistan or Iraq..

    But this time something horrible is happening near home.

    This could mean our Khazar/Turk/fake Jews warriors have decided to create a blood bath in US to increase the military presence there. In any case US is already ready to become a military state.

    Or the warriors want to prepare Americans for the second stage…

    The first was weakening and distraction of US economy (weakening of US $$$$$, etc.) which is almost done.

    And the second was to create conditions for civil unrest in US..

    At least what was the prediction, given to me around 10 years ago…..

    Let’s pray for the innocent victims and their families…

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble efforts of our Brother to promote Christianity and Justice for All!!!

    Eternal Love

  41. jgalindes November 6, 2009 @ 6:56 am

    As far as we know, they are blaming an American – Muslim US Army Major for the attack.

    Curiously his Professional specialty is psychiatry, dealing with personnel coming back from the front with mental disturbances.

    Or it can be just one of those poor soldiers mentally unbalanced. Interesting is the fact that the suspect has not been killed, as is the norm in circumstances like this.

    The cost in terms of human casualties in the US provoked wars is huge, kept secret from the general public.

    An entire innocent nation was decimated, nobody knows exact numbers, but certainly reach closer than 2 million, men, women, and children.

    Nobody knows the exact number of American soldiers killed, maimed or otherwise left with permanent disabilities.

    Probably will see a fearsome battle for our minds in order to convince us this mass killing is again the product of a “lone” Muslim fanatic, that, if being suspect of any anti-American activity should not be there, to begin with!

  42. Wilson November 6, 2009 @ 3:55 pm

    Joe Cortina:

    Kudos to you, man.

    I don’t think people have really – and I mean REALLY – let it sink in until now. It is becoming apparent that our great nation under God has become a trash hole.

    An up or down vote on the matter would have never succeeded, but the sly manipulations or the (majority of) Jews have turned the tables. Joe, if you go against the Zionists, you or your family do not survive.

    We need a critical mass, God I love my (good) country. She needs awakening. LEt’s wake her up. Let’s have her back!

  43. Freedom November 6, 2009 @ 4:20 pm

    RE: Fort Hood

    A very sad situation — of rage randomly hitting innocent people.

    And yet it’s a telling sign that people are weary of the war in Iraq and so it needs to end.

    Obama was elected in large part to end the war and to build bridges.

    So, let’s do it, not tomorrow, but today.

  44. Fr. Joseph November 6, 2009 @ 6:02 pm

    With so many DEMENTED people causing so much grief, suffering, chaos and mayhem all across our contemporary World – from high positions in the Governments, Corporations, Banks, Secret Societies, etc. all the way down to your local street corner – I should just like to place here a word of ‘strength & encouragement’ as well as ‘peace, comfort and consolation’ to and for everyone still possessed of a ‘Good Will’ and a ‘Good Sound Mind’.

    As we are forced to witness and SWALLOW all of this pyscho-spiritual GARBAGE being vomited out and made manifest to the rest of us via the controlled Mass Media Outlets on an hourly and daily basis – these ‘stories’ of what OTHERS have done, are doing, have conspired to do and are conspiring to do, I should like for EVERYONE to simply recall to mind and REMEMBER the Two Greatest Historical Events ever witnessed by our Human Race.

    The First – God’s Creation! Just look up to the skies, look down upon and around the ‘ground’ of our planet earth. ‘WHO?’ here on planet earth – from the ‘Great and Powerful High and Mighty Grand-Pooh Bah Elites’ to the criminal gangs on the streets of our nations – can possibly do anything GREATER in an overt Exercise of Utter Power and Might? Who?

    The Second – The One Who CREATED all that we get to see and all that we DON’T get to see – He took on our human nature 2,000 and was BORN INTO our Human Race. And that One has freely chosen, by a Creative Act of that Same Divine Will with which He created all things, to become LIKE us, to become ONE of us.

    Now all of this other ‘stuff’ these high and mighty, working-behind-the-conspiratorial-scenes puffs of dust, these passing human-like SHADOWS, if fully known by Him Who really and truly IS our Creator of all that is seen and Unseen. And He does have the Divine Power to give all of these DEMENTED types throughout our contemporary World a ‘Little Divine Attitude Adjustment’.

    So until that Time when He does decide to administer His ‘Divine Attitude Adjustment’ on all of these psycho-spiritual 90 pound wealking peep-squeaks causing all of this mayhem, chaos, suffering and death all across our contemporary World, I’d like for ALL OF YOU to take some ‘prayerful’ time in looking directly AT His Seen Creation and all of its Goodness – and to THANK HIM for ALL the GOOD He has made manifest to all of us to enjoy DESPITE having to contend with all of these psycho-spiritual DEMENTED ONES currently running amock amongst us all.

    Please spend at least 10 minutes pondering the words of St. Paul in his epistle to the Church in Rome:

    Then in your own VERY personal and as deeply SINCERE as you might be able to compose and present your thoughts and words to Him in a heartfelt PRAYER to Him, spend some time with your God, your Creator, your Lord, and your Father in Heaven in PRAYER.

    And BEFORE as well as AFTER you do, do a wee bit of ‘Lectio Divina’ in pondering up this Gospel passage in the Church’s Canon of Sacred Christian Scripture:

    May the Divine PEACE of Almighty God’s Spirit DESCEND and ABIDE WITH all of you of the RZN-Brother Kapner supporting spiritual FAMILY here on the Internet. + Amen!

    – Fr. Joseph

  45. Hoff November 6, 2009 @ 11:26 pm

    Lying Jew #1 Eli Weasel

  46. Hoff November 6, 2009 @ 11:33 pm

    By the way, he is Obama NoBody “advisor”.

  47. jgalindes November 7, 2009 @ 4:42 am

    Dear father Joseph,

    Many thanks for your spiritual guidance.

    Very much appreciated.


  48. Michael K. November 7, 2009 @ 9:04 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael and RZN Christians,


    While we all must mourn the senseless murder of the good folks at Ft. Hood, let us speculate for a moment that the psychiatrist who lost his senses was more than just an angry AYRAB.

    While mainstream sources tell us that this is just a NORMAL lone-shooter-goes-on-spree-killing-multitudes story, and that like Lee Harvey Oswald he was completely an island unto himself, evidence from his past seems to defy such simple categorization.

    While anything David Booth says while wearing his lipstick and pink dress and pretending to be a Russian named Sorcha Faal, is naturally subject to deep skepticism by the informed, let me remind you that good information has it that Dave’s IP address is likely in Virginia, thus he is a government disinfo asset.

    Hence, it is suggested that the reader be careful with this report, as fact is always accompanying fraud and diversion. Nonetheless, certain facts about the alleged lone gunman are probably accurate, notably:

    “Interesting to note in these reports, however, about Major Hasan is his past psychiatric training, paid for by the US Military, at Virginia Tech University where he graduated from that schools Center for Applied Behavior Systems with a degree in biochemistry, a school which FSB reports have long warned “is most likely” one of the US Department of Defenses top PSYOP training centers and where in April, 2007, it suffered the worst school massacre in US history when a Chinese student named Seung-Hui Cho, reported to be a subject to mind-control experiments, single-handedly gunned down 32 fellow students.

    “Even more interesting to note is that from the initial chaotic scene of the Fort Hood massacre not just the wounded Major Hanson taking into custody, but so were three other “alleged” gunmen, two of whom were released leaving one, at last report, still in US Army custody.

    “Now to understand the circumstances that placed Major Hasan at Fort Hood in the first place one has to understand that he was one of the US Militaries top PSYOP specialists and had received his medical degree, with honors, from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, in 2001, and did his internship at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

    “Major Hasan then became one of the top researchers at the US Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress in the field this US Military funded organization stated was:

    “Center scientists are actively engaged in studies of military deployment, combat stress and the mental health of active duty, Guard and Reserve and veterans. This research helps military command (leaders, physicians and mental health providers) mitigate, respond to and foster recovery from the consequences of war and other military extreme environments that can occur in combat, peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance.

    “In addition, a primary focus of the Center is conducting studies of the impact of deployment on servicemen and women and their families. This research includes surveillance of psychiatric problems among battle injured soldiers, and measuring the psychological effect of treating severely injured and disfigured soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan on health care providers at institutions like Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center.”

    “[Note: The US Military has completely removed the website of their Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress organization early on the morning of 6 November 2009]”


    But if the strangeness begins there, don’t think it ends there. Oh no, it gets much stranger. Let’s see what Christopher Story of London based World Reports (long following the story of the alleged Leo Wanta international Settlements money and its theft by the Bush-Clinton gang, and probably an intelligence asset himself) has to say:

    The shootings were staged in order to cover up what was really happening behind the scenes which was as follows:

    “(1): George H. W. D. V. D. Bush, the head of THE BOX GANG working with the Clintons, had stored some or all of the stolen/diverted 1933 dollar currency Chinese currency boxes referenced in our reports dated 4th and 5th November 2009 at Fort Hood. These boxes form part of the Settlement negotiated with the Chinese parties, who were immediately double-crossed by the Americans.

    “(2): We do not know at the time of posting whether George Bush Sr. had flown in to Fort Hood from Germany, but as this base is located close to Crawford and other Bush Crime Family locations, we believe this to be HIGHLY PROBABLE.

    “(3): Whether Bush Sr. flew into Fort Hood to be joined with the stolen/diverted Chinese-sourced currency boxes, or was accompanying stolen boxes on the plane, is not strictly material, because what we DO KNOW is as follows:

    “(4): An operation was mounted at Fort Hood to CONFISCATE THE STOLEN CHINESE CURRENCY BOXES FROM BUSH SR., which achieved its objective. The currency boxes, forming part of the Settlement that Adolf Schickelbusch sabotaged with the duplicitous assistance of his agent, Chancellor Angela Merkel [see preceding reports], were retrieved.

    “(5): It is likely that the shoot-out which occurred for public consumption was a diversionary operation masking a parallel shoot-out involving Bush bodyguards and US military, although we cannot confirm this. Certainly, the ‘mainstream’ media, as usual, is running the wrong story.

    “(6): The deployment of 500+ heavily armed troops, and the fact that military helicopters were called in, implies a sizeable operation, which would be make little sense in the context of a shooting such as is described in the media. That does not diminish the nastiness and tragedy of the loss of life as reported: but when this operation was planned, loss of life was factored into the equation.

    “• It’s called cynically: COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

    “[Do they CARE that at least seven personnel lost their lives and over 30 were injured in a parallel cover-up operation? That’s like asking whether the sacrifice of over 100 special US operatives who spearheaded the Bush-directed seizure of the Central Bank of Iraq in Baghdad in 2003, all of whom were massacred immediately afterwards so that none of them would survive to report for posterity what actually happened, was an accident. That operation went badly wrong, and was exposed, too: reliable Iraqi eyewitnesses supplied the necessary reports and confirmation].

    “It is impossible at this juncture to be sure whether the gunfire was part of the main operation, i.e., the whole operation was synchronised, or whether two separate operations were run in parallel. But that is hardly material, given the momentous details and substance of this report.

    “(7): Separately, we understand that George Bush Sr.’s assets in the Caribbean – ‘his’ money – was seized at the same time, or at least at some stage on 5th November 2009.

    “(8): Adolf Schickelbusch has also been informed that ‘you are not going to get a penny. You will be paid NOTHING’. [Assuming, that is, that he’s still vertical. But that’s all we know right now].

    “This reflects the fact identified earlier, namely that these Germans ALWAYS go too far. Bush Sr. WENT TOO FAR by sabotaging EVEN the carefully nuanced arrangements worked out with the Chinese authorities and parties, and with the other sovereign powers, including the British Monarchical Power. He thought he could carry on carrying on, blind to the fact that IT’S OVER.


    “NOW. As indicated, we cannot yet confirm that GEORGE BUSH HIMSELF flew into Fort Hood. If he did, it stands to reason, given the above FACTS, which have themselves been CONFIRMED, that George H. W. Bush would have been arrested OR HORIZONTALISED.

    “We may yet learn that this took place.

    “All we can do at this stage is to remind you of the phrase ‘Not YET’ in the preceding report.

    “Was Bush 43 also arrested, horizontalised or all of the above during this showdown?



    Who ordered this operation? It would have been ordered, or at least condoned (see below) by the ‘President ‘of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, who, we have repeatedly been told, has been anxious to complete the Settlements and was known to be fretting under the weight of the general contempt in which he was being held by all ‘in the know’, concerning his apparent inability to get his ARROGANT inferiors to carry out his instructions on this score.

    “At the same time, this operation implies the likelihood that it forms part of the INTERNATIONAL clean-up associated inter alia with the presence in the United States of 72 heavily armed cadres tasked with ENFORCEMENT of the Writ of Execution by all means, including the use of FORCE. Therefore to state that the operation will have been ordered by President Obama may be too simplistic. There are further major developments in the pipeline, and further revelations too.

    “Nevetheless, Mr Obama has been systematically sabotaged by penetration operatives, including Rahm Emanuel, Lawrence Summers, Timothy Geithner, Mrs Hillary Clinton, and Dr Ben Bernanke.

    “If this assessment is correct, we would anticipate some high-level dismissals or resignations from the US Government soon, if it turns out that this DECISIVE ACTION has indeed broken the impasse and destabilised the opposition beyond any likelihood of recovery. We shall (soon) see.

    “More to the point, the President had been placed in an impossible position by the Nazi Fifth Column within the US Intelligence Power owing allegiance to the Box Gang, not least given the horrendous implications for national security arising from the sabotage operation mounted by Bush Sr. and his lackey, Chancellor Frau(d) Merkel. Was she arrested, as ordered by the World Court? Don’t know yet. One would expect the German police to have snubbed the World Court.

    “• The British press implies, but does not confirm, that George Bush’s agent, Frau Merkel, is back in Germany, which is to be expected since the likelihood of the German police arresting her was always minimal. But she may have problems if she strays outside Europe any time soon.

    “• She’s scheduled to hold a triumphant meeting in Berlin next week as the Germans overplay their hand AGAIN, humiliating the British (through a French Cabinet mouthpiece) by lecturing us to the effect that Britain has no choice but to integrate itself, whether it likes it or not, within the Greater German Empire. The British don’t like it. There will be repercussions.

    “Story’s Third Law reads: ‘Sooner or later, all covers and operations are blown’.

    “Recently, it would appear that the qualifying ‘sooner or later’ has become redundant.

    “As the late lamented Sherman Skolnik used to say, bless him: WATCH THIS SPACE.

    Public domain information gleaned by several sources confirms that Hasan was single, with no children. He graduated from the notorious Virginia Tech, where he received his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry in 1997.

    He received his medical degree from the American military’s Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD, in 2001. In 2007, a ‘Korean’ gunman murdered a number of students at the Virginia Tech campus, which has a mind control centre at or very close to the campus. Both Fort Hood and Waco are long established mind control centres.

    “By ‘mind control’ in this context, read: MK-UKTRA-style Himmlerian demonism using personality splitting techniques to create operatives with ‘alters’ that can be manipulated remotely by means of ‘triggers’, in this case an OMEGA (killing) trigger that can be activated to procure a spectacle, such as occurred at Fort Hood on 5th November, usually for diversionary purposes to bamboozle the media, while something ‘more important’ goes on in parallel behind the scenes.

    “• Update, 3:30pm UK time, 6th November: The total number of deaths is now said to be the familiar satanic-esoteric-geomasonic numerological number THIRTEEN. We expect this total death count to remain unchanged, confirming that this is an operation. You may recall that the total death count of the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 wound up with the satanic-esoteric-geomasonic numerological number THIRTY-THREE.

    These mind-controlled demoniacs and their controllers, as they play with death, which is their only product [see The New Underworld Order], attribute magical powers to these ‘special’ numbers, which reflect their brainwashed superstition and death-focused ideology. These subjects are examined and exposed, in a True Christian context, in the Editor’s cited study.

    “Separate information was received overnight from top payee sources confirming highest-level information to the effect that ‘the issues have been resolved’ and matters should ‘go forward’.”

    So there you have it folks, a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Sort of a Russian kachina doll of half-truths and clues, but I would submit a relevant story nonetheless. Perhaps time will reveal more evidence.

  49. Fr. Joseph November 7, 2009 @ 10:08 am

    “When the JEW says to you, ‘How came it that by the well-doing of this one Person, CHRIST, the World was saved?’, you might be able to say to him, ‘How by the DISOBEDIENCE of this one person, Adam, came it to be condemned?'”
    – St. John Chrysostom, Letter to the Romans, Chapter 10:1

    So, historically in and amongst the members of the EASTERN and WESTERN Church, there is a mutual AGREEMENT that this ‘World of ours’ is royally fouled up beyond belief.

    Yet, in the Person of Jesus, the CHRIST, the World and the Human Race can be SAVED from the combination of Divine condemnation and DEATH.

    And ‘HOW did this Jesus, this CHRIST, come to our World, to our Human Race in order TO SAVE it from Divine condemnation and death?’

    By being conceived in the womb of a WOMAN by the Divine Power of God the Holy Spirit.

    If St. John Chrysostom of the EASTERN Church and find it in his mind, heart, soul and spirit TO CONVERSE WITH those of the WESTERN Latin-Roman Church about the Divine Person of Jesus, THE CHRIST, Who came into our World via the womb of a WOMAN in order TO SAVE this World and our Human Race, then the WESTERN Latin-Roman Church can INFORM those of the EASTERN Church that the WOMAN who gave birth to Jesus, THE CHRIST, desires a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her very own Immaculately Loving Heart.

    And furthermore, if such a Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA were done, her very own SON Who is Jesus, THE CHRIST, will see to it that all RUSSIANS will be granted PEACE, all of SERBIANS will be granted PEACE, all those who are GREEK will be granted PEACE – and the entire World and ALL the nations of peoples of our Human Race will be granted PEACE!

    In the WESTERN Roman-Latin Church, there are these valid Eucharistic Rites:

    In the EASTERN and ORIENTAL ORTHODOX Church, there are these valid Divine Liturgies:

    Now the VERY SIMPLE THING needed by both the WESTERN Church and the EASTERN Church is but to OPEN THEIR EYES to look out onto this contemporary World of ours and the CONDITION of the nations of the peoples who make up the aggregate number of the Human Race in this year of 2009 Anno Domini.

    The Patriarchs, the Metropolitans, the Cardinal, the Archbishops, the Bishops of and within BOTH the Western Roman-Latin Church and the Eastern-Oriental Church can MUTUALLY AGREE to give our World and the entire Human Race WORLD PEACE by a Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Mother of God per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Portugal Apparition’s INSTRUCTIONS!

    Might we members of the Human Race finally get an ANSWER from the Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops of BOTH/EITHER the Western Roman-Latin Church and the Eastern-Oriental Church why is it that CHRIST’S BISHOPS here on earth DON’T WANT our entire Human Race to have WORLD PEACE???

    They might as well give us THEIR ANSWER to us members of the Human Race NOW ’cause they are going to have to give THEIR ANSWER to CHRIST JESUS Himself and His Mother LATER!

    – Fr. Joseph

  50. Fr. Joseph November 7, 2009 @ 11:13 am

    Six hundred years AFTER the Ecumenical Church Council of CHALCEDON of 451, the Byzantine Emporer takes it upon himself to DISREGARD Canon 12 of that Ecumenical Council.

    Read Canon 12 for yourselves here:

    Four hundred years after THAT, both the members of the Russian and Greek Churches DISREGARD what the Patriarch of Constantinople had to relay regarding the ‘Filioque’ during the Church Councils of Ferrara/Florence. See what the PATRIARCH of Constantinople had to say about the ‘Filioque’ within the text here:

    The 4th century Church Saint, St. Nilus, direct disciple of St. John Chrysostom himself, relays the following in his 4th century prophecy regarding ‘Our Times’ of the 20th century:

    “…and Christian pastors, bishops, and priests will become vain men, completely failing to distinguish the RIGHT-HAND WAY from the LEFT.” – quoting from

    Then GOD THE FATHER Himself has to pay our Human Race an ‘Emergency Visit’ to one Mother Eugenia back on July 1, 1932 to relay His Own DIVINE Assessment of what was going on in His Son’s CHURCH here on earth, with our World and with all of Mankind:

    “My dear children, I have lavished these gifts upon you with special Graces FOR TWENTY CENTURIES, but with what miserable results!” – quoting God the Father Himself from:

    Makes me want to BANG MY HEAD AGAINST A WALL!

    I have ‘Christian’ ZIONISTS giving their ‘State Worship’ to the political Zionist state of Israel.

    I have ‘Bible Believing Christians’ determined to get a Third World War going in order to bring about ‘The Rapture’ in order to make their Dispensationalism “fit” and “work” for their ‘Bible-based’ sects, cults and congregations.

    I have people STILL refusing to listen to the PATRIARCH OF CONSTANTINOPLE’S 1439 Pastoral Letter and Decree regarding the ‘Filioque’!

    I have MASONS and SATANISTS and CRYPTO-JEWS within and throughout my Catholic Church’s Hierarchy who are doing EVERYTHING in order TO PREVENT a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to her Immaculately Loving Heart per her 1917 A.D Fatima Apparition’s Messages and Instructions.

    I have these ‘Cardinals’ in my Catholic Church who are LYING ABOUT the contents of the Third Secret of Fatima and about the Collegial Consecration “already being DONE” to all the members of the Human Race.

    I have the FRAUD of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 still going on.

    I have the FRAUD of the 9-11-2001 ‘Arab Terrorist Attacks’ and associated ‘Wars On Terror’ going on.

    I have the FRAUD of my current Federal and State Governmental Official who say they uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

    I mean…after a while…one can only start BANGING ONE’S HEAD AGAINST A WALL on account of so many people EN MASSE taking and keeping themselves on a PERPETUAL DOSE of L.S.D. both here in the USA and all across the nations-states of our contemporary World!

    “What A Zoo!” – quoting Fr. Joseph

    – Fr. Joseph

  51. Eternal Love November 7, 2009 @ 11:21 am

    While 40 – 50% of Americans live under the poverty line the ” hard working” congresspersons are “swimming” in millions… Even in the communist society we had no such outrages salary/income difference… And guess who are the “main millionaires”….?

    The Russians are very right, the parasites are sucking the body/blood of “American dog”….

    Also, the congresssuckers are giving very bad examples to other countries governments, ministers, presidents, etc. If they decide to became miilionaire$, billionaires like their American colleagues LOL???

    World Watch Out!!!!!!

    237 millionaires in Congress

    Talk about bad timing.

    As Washington reels from the news of 10.2 percent unemployment, the Center for Responsive Politics is out with a new report describing the wealth of members of Congress. (The unofficial unemployment is much higher,over 15 %)

    Among the highlights: Two-hundred-and-thirty-seven members of Congress are millionaires. That’s 44 percent of the body – compared to about 1 percent of Americans overall.

    CRP says California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa is the richest lawmaker on Capitol Hill, with a net worth estimated at about $251 million. Next in line: Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), worth about $244.7 million; Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), worth about $214.5 million; Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), worth about $209.7 million; and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), worth about $208.8 million.

    All told, at least seven lawmakers have net worths greater than $100 million, according to the Center’s 2008 figures.

    “Many Americans probably have a sense that members of Congress aren’t hurting, even if their government salary alone is in the six figures, much more than most Americans make,” said CRP spokesman Dave Levinthal. “What we see through these figures is that many of them have riches well beyond that salary, supplemented with securities, stock holdings, property and other investments.”

    The CRP numbers are somewhat rough estimates – lawmakers are required to report their financial information in broad ranges of figures, so it’s impossible to pin down their dollars with precision. The CRP uses the mid-point in the ranges to build its estimates.

    Senators’ estimated median reportable worth sunk to about $1.79 million from $2.27 million in 2007. The House’s median income was significantly lower and also sank, bottoming out at $622,254 from $724,258 in 2007.

    But CRP’s analysis suggests that some lawmakers did well for themselves between 2007 and 2008, even as many Americans lost jobs and saw their savings and their home values plummet.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) gained about $9.2 million. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) gained about $3 million, Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) had an estimated $2.6 million gain, and Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) gained about $2.8 million.

    Some lawmakers have profited from investments in companies that have received federal bailouts; dozens of lawmakers are invested in Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

    Among executive branch officials, CRP says the richest is Securities and Exchange Commission Chairwoman Mary L. Schapiro, with a net worth estimated at $26 million.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is next, worth an estimated $21 million. President Barack Obama is the sixth-wealthiest, worth about an estimated $4 million. Vice President Joe Biden has often tagged himself as an original blue collar man. The CRP backs him up, putting his net worth at just $27,000.

    He’s hardly the worst off.

    Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.), freshman Rep. Harry Teague (D-N.M.), Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.), Rep. John Salazar (D-Colo.) and Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.) each a net worth of less than zero, CRP says.

    One caveat on those numbers: Federal financial disclosure laws don’t require members to list the value of their personal residences. That information could alter the net worth picture for many lawmakers.

    Even so, Levinthal said, “It is clear that some members are struggling financially.

    “Over a calendar year, one’s wealth can change drastically. Many peoples’ investments took a nose dive over night in the last year,” he said.

    A number of lawmakers are estimated to have suffered double-digit percentage lossed in their net worth from 2007 to 2008. The biggest losers include Kerry, who lost a whopping $127.4 million; Warner lost about $28.1 million; Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) lost about $11.8 million; and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) lost about $10.1 million.

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble efforts of our Brother to promote Christianity and Justice for All!!!

    Eternal Love

  52. charlie November 7, 2009 @ 2:09 pm

    An interesting title;

    “How the Jews took the White House”, and an insightful explanation of the why and wherefore of the fact of the current coup.

    Convincing though George Bush’s presidency was of antichristian demagogery, can it possibly be topped by Obama?

    We all know the reply to that one.

    “Yes we can!”

    I see a sucession of three antichrists, beginning with GWB, followed by Obama, of whom, should we indicate thus:

    “The Obamanation of desolation, standing in the place he ought not….”? (interesting here his purported Middle Eastern origins.) This would apply to his predecessor as well.”

    Its a given that popular opinion expects that Obama will not be re-elected. Therefore to begin the real travail on 23rd December 2012 as predicted, I sense there will come a third, even worse antichrist usurper installed in the White House, by which time, or is it already? it will be double-speak for Black House. – no pun intended.

  53. KathJuliane November 7, 2009 @ 3:03 pm

    “A New Reason to Frown

    Does Botox get into the brain? Troubling research contradicts earlier findings about the treatment.”

    “…A big reason Botox and its cousins, such as Myobloc, were OK’d was that preclinical testing showed that after being injected, they did not travel along the body’s highways—nerve cells—to the brain and spinal cord. Yes, there was some evidence the toxin slipped into the bloodstream or the lymph system, but Botox in the bloodstream cannot enter the brain, says its manufacturer.

    “Oops. In a reversal of the usual sequence in science, researchers have discovered, after millions of people have received the drug, something fundamental about how Botox can act. Contrary to what turned up in preclinical testing, botulinum toxin can travel along neurons from the injection site into the brain, at least in lab animals.

    “Researchers at Italy’s Institute of Neuroscience injected rats and mice with botulinum neurotoxin A in doses comparable to those used in people….Neurons at the injection site—the whisker muscles—absorbed some of the toxin and passed it along to other neurons they connected to, the researchers report this month in The Journal of Neuroscience.

    “Within three days, the toxin had migrated from the whisker muscles to the brainstem, where it disrupted neuronal activity. “The discovery was quite serendipitous … and surprising,” Matteo Caleo, who led the study, told the journal Science. “A significant portion of the toxin is active where it’s not intended to be.” […]

    “Something else that can be seen in a different light is the hospitalizations and deaths that have been reported following Botox injections. In 2005 scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration analyzed 1,437 such “adverse events” between 1989, when Botox was approved for eye spasms, and 2003.” […]

    Ummmmm, Ms. Pelosi, to whom “leadership is merely symbolic”? You have a lot of explaining to do to the American people about your nonsensical one-size-fits-all Universal National Health Reduction and Privatized Government “Insurance” Tax Racket Plan.

  54. Freedom November 7, 2009 @ 4:45 pm

    The use of mind controlling drugs being used on our military as guinea pigs is deplorable, to say the least and whether that had impact on Hasan’s behavior to make him act in a way he ordinarily would not would be nothing short of evil.

    It does appear he was on overload–was he manipulated?

  55. Jeffersonian-Anti-Israel-Socialist November 7, 2009 @ 6:24 pm


    by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz
    Follow Israel news on and .


    Venezuela, under President Hugo Chavez, is taking additional steps to deter the evil Israeli jews visiting the country. An Israeli tour group slated to visit Venezuela was forced to cancel its trip this week due to unreasonable demands placed on the would-be tourists.

    The group of 13 Israelis was set to fly to Venezuela in coming days, with lodging, tours and flights already arranged by an Israeli travel company, Echo Outdoor Touring Ltd. When Echo requested tourist visas for its clients, the demands of the Venezuelan government placed an insurmountable barrier that ultimately led to the cancellation of the trip.

    The difficulties began with the absence of a Venezuelan diplomatic presence in Israel. In January of this year, Venezuela expelled Israel’s ambassador from the country and cut diplomatic relations. Israel responded by expelling Venezuela’s ambassador to Israel. Under the current circumstances, Israelis seeking a Venezuelan visa must apply through a consulate outside Israel.

    In its efforts to secure the necessary travel documents, Echo contacted Venezuelan embassies and diplomatic personnel in Kenya, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany and Colombia, as well as appealing to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

    As Echo CEO Ronen Raz told Arutz Sheva Radio, “It is an accepted procedure, when there is no consulate in Israel of a country that requires visas, we simply send the passports abroad and receive the visas.” In the case of Venezuela, Raz continued, the initial reply from that nation’s Foreign Ministry was that such an arrangement was not possible.

    However, after lengthy negotiations, the Venezuelans agreed to accept the Israelis’ visa applications in the Venezuelan embassy in Amman, Jordan. “There, to our surprise, they demanded that we appear in person with a pile of documentation in order to receive the visas,” Raz said. “There are those who are afraid to travel to Jordan.”

    Requested documents included a letter in English from each traveler’s place of employment, affirming his or her employment status, original bank statements going back three months, an English-language medical affirmation of health, and more.

    Several days of what Raz called “ping-pong” with the Venezuelan authorities ensued, including the Echo CEO calling on his personal connections in the Latin American country. Nonetheless, as noted, the trip had to be called off due to the excessive demands and inflexibility of the Venezuelan authorities. Excessive demands and inflexibility of the Venezuelan authorities when it came to the Israeli tour group.

    “The company had no choice but to cancel the trip and return the travelers’ money to them, which meant absorbing a large financial loss,” an Echo statement explained. “As a result of the difficulties placed in our way by the government [in Venezuela] – difficulties which never existed while there was an embassy in Israel – we have no choice but to conclude that these difficulties are a result of the political situation in the country and their only purpose is to prevent Israeli travelers from getting there.”

    The company has decided to suspend further trips to Venezuela until the binational relations with Israel are restored. Iran is a Different Story
In the case of Iran, however, the matter is quite different, according to Israeli sources. In July, an Israeli diplomat in Latin America, Dorit Shavit, told the Jewish News Agency of Argentina (AJN) that Venezuela is issuing fake documents to Iranians to help facilitate their travel in the region.

    “With these documents, they don’t need a visa to enter any other country in Latin America…. No tourist enjoys these benefits and nobody knows what these Iranian citizens are doing,” she added.

    Israeli officials have criticized Venezuela’s President Chavez for his support of Iran’s nuclear program, his support of Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and his outspoken condemnation of Israel.


  56. Michael K. November 7, 2009 @ 6:46 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael and RZN Christians:

    In the interest of thoroughness, the above mentioned World Report by Christopher Story has a recent sequel which contains late breaking news not provided elsewhere, and which appears to be of major significance. Note also that the Sorcha Faal report mentioned earlier was a CIA spun disinfo operation in an effort to cover-up the much more serious truth below.

    This report in fact this ties together this entire thread which began with my speculation as to where the Jewopoly is getting its finances for another years operations?

    And it appears to answer that question: the finances were extended to the American governing elite after negotiations with the Chinese and the Monarchy which held out the promise that the money from a giant hedge fund started under Reagan would be paid out to the concerned parties, clearing the way for a stable international monetary system (for better or worse).

    Unfortunately, the American elite (centered on Bush Sr.) can’t stop cheating even if it means bringing the house down around them. In this case this means that the price of the Fort Hood violence and subsequent related refusal to release the Reagan era hedge fund money will likely precipitate the de-funding of the US Treasury and Federal Reserve by its Chinese and Crown creditors on November 11.

    This may result in the inability of the US Government to fund its continued operation, resulting in domestic chaos. Also linked to the destruction of the dollar is that its effect as world stabilizing reserve currency will evaporate causing more chaos and possibly World War Three.


    “Following our report focused on the events at Fort Hood dated 6th November, certain elements of the US structures tried to float various ‘alternative explanations’ designed to obfuscate what we published. None of these ‘lines’ gained any traction, not least because none were authoritative. What matters is that NOTHING that we published could be or has been denied.

    “Furthermore, while George H. W. D. V. D. Bush’s accounts were being raided in the Caribbean and the operation behind the operation was going on at Fort Hood [see report], ‘President’ Obama was up in Wisconsin where he probably decomissioned Mr Non-Ambassador Wanta under Presidential Directive as we predicted and told him that as Adolf Schickelbusch wouldn’t be paid a cent, neither would Leo Wanta and those who have pinned expectations of payment on Wanta being paid.

    “Given that operative’s record of stealing other people’s loan money (which is what the same group has done to the Queen’s funds), this belated come-uppance represents an appropriate distribution, in the circumstances, of rough justice.

    “Meanwhile attempts by this service and contacts to obtain further information following the events at Fort Hood on 5th November met a resumption of the previously prevailing blackout – so that the reality, obviously, is that we do not know what the fate of the currency boxes etc. has been since the violence behind the violence at Fort Hood that we reported.

    “The boxes contain not just 1933 dollar currency but also 1934 currency, as well as gold coins and other assets. They have been held at Fort Hood for the past 15 years (not brought into the base very recently as tentatively speculated).

    “In addition, it may be recalled that one or more plane loads of money that were sent to the Middle East ostensibly to dollarise the Iraqi economy in 2003 never arrived – the reason being that it was in fact parked with the Central Bank of Jordan under the name of Malik. A total of 55 pallets of these notes, sourced by the US Treasury, is believed to have been flown back in to Fort Hood.


    “The violence that erupted at that base on 5th November reflected international pressure for total resolution that in turn has triggered an outbreak of Box Gang gangsterism over the control of the assets. It is not entirely clear what the violence behind the violence at Fort Hood achieved, but what IS clear is that the entire crisis has now reached a level of global tension characterised inter alia by the following developments:

    “(1): On Friday 6th November, the ‘Connecticut Trustee’ was in the bank at 6:00am in New York, having required the other Trustees (believed to total 12 in number: yielding the geomasonic number 13, of course) to attend. Of the 12, five of these Trustees – all of whom ‘work for’ the Box Gang Syndicate – refused to turn up. These Trustees, taking orders from George Bush Sr. (who appears to remain vertical, we are informed, because he used to be Head of State) and Mrs Hillary Jezebel Clinton, made various excuses. BUT:

    “(2): These operatives were again ordered (on 6th November) to go to work and to appear at the relevant bank(s), failing which they were to be arrested on warrants which came into force at one minute past midnight Eastern on Saturday morning 7th November.

    “During the night (UK) while this report was being prepared, we were told that a dragnet was out looking for these five operatives, who had not surfaced as this report was being finalised. It is hypothesised that Bush Sr. has been threatening such associates with instant death should they collaborate with the Settlements payment process.

    “(3): Involved and informed sources inform us directly that the closing screens (‘gray screens’) were supposedly flashing with instructions to ‘call in all Trustees and Principals’, but that key personnel had not, despite these messages, been called in for closing.

    “It is not known whether this repeated abuse of the Trustees and Principals reflects an operation the purpose of which is to provide the highest level of criminal officials with ‘protection’ because ostensibly they can argue that ‘every effort was being made to effect the Settlements’ as evidenced by the screens; or whether each time that this happens, the process is sabotaged by the Syndicate: probably both of the above.

    “(4): Warrants for arrests of Trustees and bankers known to have been frustrating the Settlements in various countries around the world have also been issued and will, we understand, be in the process of being implemented coincident with the appearance of this report.


    “The five Trustees or Principals ‘working for’ the Bush-Clinton Syndicate who absented themselves when ordered again yesterday to show up at banks for the hijacked Settlements payout process, were ‘located’ (as it was stated to us) last night; but, in a typical dialectical sabotage gesture, the other seven apparently absented themselves. We don’t know what has happened since, except that we do know that the outstanding arrest warrants MANDATE automatic execution.

    “We also understand that they provide for the targets to be picked up and detained; and judging by certain indications, we believe that one or more senior arrests may be imminent if the Settlements are sabotaged further today.

    “The presence in Washington, DC, of very senior Chinese officials who are conveying the necessary message that the agreements must be implemented if a catastrophe is to be avoided, is reportedly having an effect [see foot of this report]: not least because the G-20
    countries gathering for their meeting in St. Andrews, Scotland, are waiting to hear the outcome so that they can instruct their Governments in the event of further last-ditch intransigence by Merkel and the Bush-Clinton Box Gang of World Class criminals who have at last been cornered.

    “(5): The Group of Twenty Meeting at St Andrews, Scotland, which takes place this weekend, will be told, obviously, that the crisis has not been resolved and that the sabotage operations continue.
    [Note: This was the position when this report was being prepared in the middle of the night: but see the insert above, and the note at the foot of this report, reflecting new developments].

    “It was thought that ‘President’ Obama could not attend the meeting – not because he would be arrested, which would not happen as he is (nominally) Head of State – but because he has been unable to deliver on any of his undertakings, since his instructions have been and continue to be sabotaged by the appointed officials in the White House and his Cabinet who were largely imposed upon him by the corrupt controlling Intelligence Power.

    “The names of these US operatives whose behaviour and blocking tactics means they cannot be distinguished from terrorists, are well known: Rahm Emanuel, Leon Panetta, Timothy Geithner, Mrs Hillary Rodomski Clinton, former President Clinton, Adolf Schickelbusch Sr., George Shrubelbusch Jr., Richard B. MK-ULTRA Cheney, Lawrence Summers, Dr Henry Kissinger and Dr Ben Bernanke:

    “and of course Barack Obama himself, who is responsible for the proper conduct of his Government colleagues and has revealed himself to be unable or unwilling to control the nests of vipers with which he is surrounded, and who may therefore be the ‘fall-guy’ as was probably always intended.

    “(6): Chancellor Frau Merkel, Bush’s agent, could, however, be arrested in Scotland, if she turns up, as she is not Germany’s Head of State. The warrant for her arrest issued by the World Court stands.

    “(7): ‘President’ Barack Obama faces a deadline which is believed to expire on Veterans’ Day – 11th November – which ‘just happens’ to be the date when the Bosch (Germans) stood still at the end of the First World War (Armistice Day).

    “• November is historically the month when revolutions break out. This deadline arises from:

    “(8): The Chinese LIEN on the US Treasury that apparently takes effect if ‘President’ Obama has not procured the Settlements by that date. It would be logical that this lien would also cover the stolen loan funds belonging to the British Monarchical Power. The lien is predicated upon the following facts (dealing with the Chinese dimension alone here):

    “• The Chinese parties made available on loan (terms unknown) 10,000 tonnes of gold they held at Kloten, Switzerland, by means of an exchange of certificates, for the purpose of backing the dollar and buttressing the Basel-II standards. Since China’s gold is (criminally) not being applied by the Americans as required and agreed, the Chinese authorities have a beneficial ownership right to this gold and are accordingly within their rights to exercise the powers they possess to the full.

    “• This means that the Chinese will have the power under World Court jurisdiction to remove the gold from US control and to close down the US banking system and the Federal Reserve.

    “• You may say that in doing so they will shoot themselves in Mao Tse-Tung’s foot: but the situation is so critical that, as previously advised, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN NOW, and probably will.

    “• If Obama does not ensure completion of the necessary transactions by this deadline, he faces the prospect of having to be removed from office for incompetence and dereliction of duty, and for jeopardising the national security of the United States – notwithstanding that his instructions are evidently being frustrated and disregarded by the vipers in his entourage, headed by Mrs Hillary Jezebel Clinton, CIA wife of former President Clinton, who ‘works for’ Georg Busch Sr. In other words, either Obama releases, or he’s finished.

    “• Our information is that the Chinese parties do not believe that Mr Obama has the strength of character, knowledge, ability or authority to procure the necessary outcome.

    “• The hideous economic and financial warfare behind the scenes that we are reporting, and that is wracking the whole world due to the intransigence of these few Nazis and Zionazi operatives, is therefore about to be ratcheted up to unimaginable levels of tension – as Mr Obama appears to be unable or impotent to meet his obligations by the deadline, or at all.

    “(9): In this lawless situation, a scenario which triggered the Clinton-ordered horizontalization of an Arkansas newspaper reporter last year, has obvious relevance. The newspaper man in question knew about a plot for the Obama-Biden duo to be removed from power (in a context such as has evolved) and for Mrs Hillary Clinton to emerge as President of the United States instead – although the obstacle here is that the extremely dangerous Mrs Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, would be first in line in such an eventuality.

    “That woman’s head is full of evil ideas, and in addition she is known to be corrupt. There is no point in speculating beyond these considerations, at this stage.


    “As previously indicated, the situation seems now to be completely out of control, and very serious developments are anticipated if a grip is not taken of the situation immediately.

    “It remains to be seen how the G-20 countries will react to the sabotage arising from the destructive operations of the Box Gang Nazis, and what the implications and consequences of the violence at Fort Hood may be. But one thing is certain: whatever you read in the ‘mainstream’ press will have even less connection with reality than ever. It is just not up to speed on this crisis.

    “The ‘bottom line’ is that China reached an agreement with these US vipers and has predictably been double-crossed by them, as has the British Monarchical Power. The countries that have also been double-crossed are furious; while all who expected to be paid as a consequence of their links to George Bush Sr., have realised, thanks to our reporting, that since Adolf Shickelbusch is not going to be paid a penny, nor are they.

    “Hence, at that level, all concerned are tearing their hair out as their idolatrous expectations, on which they have gorged themselves for years, turn out to be as prospectively worthless as the derivatives ‘assets’ that they thought possessed real value. In other words, they are in the same boat as the 320,000 Ponzi victims who have been lied to and led a merry dance by unscrupulous and cruel manipulators of expectations, destroying marriages, lives and families in the process.

    “These people never understood what we have explained, and probably still don’t, or won’t understand, that their Fraudulent Finance carousel has imploded and cannot be reinstated.


    “They may therefore be content to watch as the dollar system is closed down and the whole world thrown into open-ended confusion leading to world war, the recall of stretched military forces from Afghanistan and Iraq, and a free-for-all such as the world has never seen before, accompanied by the collapse of all viable trading and financial arrangements and international relationships. This would represent the final destruction of the ‘globalism’ that provided cover for the corruption.

    “All this can happen much faster than anyone imagines, and the outcome will (not could) be ugly.

    “Regional arrangements such as the corrupt European Union Collective will be torn apart under the pressures released by the pathetic failure of the complacent American authorities to get a grip of the situation and to ‘take down’ the small cabal of evil operatives who alone are responsible for this looming catastrophe. It’s as though America has a death wish that it longs to see fulfilled.

    “• Should matters be resolved at this very last minute, that will reflect the overwhelming realities being drummed into the bovine skullboxes of the Nazis and Zionazis in Washington inter alia by the Chinese visitors to Washington ‘as we speak’, and not a little, we suggest, by the exposure of these abominable criminal operations almost in ‘real time’, dare we say it, by this service.”

  57. Eternal Love November 7, 2009 @ 7:39 pm

    New info on Georgia. It seems it will not be peace in this former USSR republic anytime soon. Georgia continues to buy small arms and heavy artillery.

    Years ago, before the gruesome theater of 9/11 happened I read that a lot of our self-appointed “elite” had invested and continues to invest a lot of money in arms. So if you have invested so much money in something you would have loved to make a huge profit out of it. But arms, heavy and small need special market. You can not sell them to schools, hospitals, etc. For your “stuff” you would need the special events, called wars….

    So, the more wars the better money will pour to some people’s pockets. By the way I read that not only our bankers/gangsters/fake Jews etc are investing in the arms business but the queen of England, the queen of Netherlands and some other “noble” people, who proclaimed themselves as God’s people LOLOLOL

    Spymaster Warns of Georgian Attack:

    Military intelligence believes that Georgia might again attack South Ossetia, the pro-Moscow region over which the two countries fought a war last year, a powerful spy chief said Thursday.

    Alexander Shlyakhturov, who in April took over command of the military’s Main Intelligence Directorate, or GRU, said the situation was strained and accused NATO countries of continuing to supply arms to Georgia.

    “The situation with Georgia remains tense because the current Georgian authorities do not just refuse to recognize the sovereignty of Abkhazia and South Ossetia but are trying in every way to return these countries … to their jurisdiction,” he told Itar-Tass.

    “You have to add to this the unpredictability of attempts by the Georgian leadership, headed by [President Mikheil] Saakashvili, which may give in to temptation to use force to tame these obstinate republics like they did last year,” he said.

    GRU chiefs rarely speak to the media. Thursday’s interview was given to mark 91 years since the spy service was created in 1918 by revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky.

    Shlyakhturov said “new NATO members” in Eastern Europe were supplying small arms and munitions to Georgia, while Israel was providing aerial drones. He said heavy artillery and anti-aircraft systems were being delivered to Georgia from Ukraine. GRU forces fought on the front line of last year’s war against Georgia.

    “Georgia is reviving its military potential with the supplies of arms and military equipment from foreign countries,” he said. “They could well start another such adventure.”

    Meanwhile, South Ossetian authorities on Thursday said they had detained four armed Georgian teenagers in Tskhinvali for illegally entering the region. Tbilisi demanded their prompt release.

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble efforts of our Brother to promote Christianity and Justice for All!!!

    Eternal Love

  58. Agape November 7, 2009 @ 9:08 pm

    Dear Bro. Nathanael,

    I regularly visit this website and I find your Articles very informing.

    I really appreciate your hard work and motivation in sharing many valuable posts. You have been regarded as a sensible writer & researcher.

  59. Mark November 8, 2009 @ 7:45 am

    This is slightly off-topic, but then isn’t all of this stuff related anyway?

    Here, a Catholic nun who is also a doctor describes controversial aspects of swine flu vaccine.

    It’s a real eye-opener from an impeccable source.

  60. Jeffersonian-Anti-Israel-Socialist November 8, 2009 @ 8:21 am

    DEAR FRIENDS OF THIS SITE: I think that the United States won’t be saved if people are divided. We need to be United, we need a United-Front against Monopoly Capitalists (The super rich ruling class) who are our real enemies, and who are responsible for the destruction of USA, Iraq, The Middle East and all other things done by the mafia-cartels of both evil anti-christian mafia parties (Democrats and Republicans)

    We need a scientific plan, we can’t fix this country with pure emotions.

    I leave you with this link so that you people can share with your friends on what we need to do as soon as possible (ASAP) in order to save USA from corporatism and Israel (The 2 main enemies of USA represented in the Monopoly-Capitalist ruling class of USA)

    Leninist/Marxist Freedom Road Socialist Organization:


  61. Jim B. November 8, 2009 @ 10:49 am

    Bro. Nat. Great website.

    You ought to reconsider the discreet website linking solution that some of the commenters mentioned to you tactfully in recent weeks.

    P.S. You’ve got huge cajones to take on the international Jewish Beast brother.

    My Click & Pledge offering is enroute.

  62. suzanne November 8, 2009 @ 5:06 pm

    Please read:”Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting at them”:

  63. Fr. Joseph November 8, 2009 @ 7:08 pm

    It was almost 30 years ago now that I had my own personal spiritual encounter with our Living and Loving God during a time of some of a most dire and grievious situation and circumstance in my own life.

    When you have God Himself coming to your aid when you are about to give up all hope, and you encounter Him as He Is in Himself, that leaves burned/seared into your very self an indelible impression and memory.

    Shortly thereafter, I found myself guided to join the Catholic Church’s religious Order of Carmelites.

    From Prior General Fr. Joseph Chalmers, O.Carm. letter of January 1, 2004 entitled
    “The God Of Our Contemplation” here

    Under the sub-section entitled “To See With God’s Eyes”, we read

    “12…A commitment to justice and peace necessarily involves DOING SOMETHING CONCRETE for the poor but it also involves ASKING QUESTIONS. WHY IS THE SITUATION LIKE THIS?”

    And that, my dear RZN friends and readers has been the crux, the focus, of my own personal inner religious-spiritual life these past 30 years.


    And then, from that point on, when one really and truly begins to ASK QUESTIONS – a ‘hacking away’ at the many ENEMIES, seen and unseen, that are CAUSING the World’s Sitution to BE LIKE IT IS in this year 2009 Anno Domini – the single verse from the Church’s Canon of Sacred CHRISTIAN Scripture comes back to one’s mind, one’s inner self:

    “Fight TO THE DEATH for Truth,
    and the Lord God will war on your side.”
    – Ecclesiasticus 4:28

    It was the Old Testament prophet Hosea to relay’s GOD’S OWN DIVINE CONCERN for and with the Human Race:

    “My People PERISH for want of knowledge.
    As you have rejected knowledge
    so do I reject you from My Priesthood;
    you have FORGOTTEN the Teaching of your God.” – Hosea 4:6 et al

    So it’s encouraging to see OTHERS such as Br. Nathanael who’ve personally decided to take up THE SWORD OF TRUTH to fight for our Lord, our God and His Kingdom. And to be sure, there are others all across this planet earth of ours who, in their own way with their own resources and with their OWN ‘Home Made Weapons’ have decided to exhibit some COURAGE in confronting, facing-down and combatting the manifold manifestations of EVIL – seen and unseen – currently WAGING WAR against our All-good God and His Divine Designs and Divine Will for ALL OF US members of the Human Race created in His Image and Likeness.


    It’s encouraging to see others such as one Mr. Andrew Hitchcock hacking away at this ‘SITUATION’ with his broadsword of Truth:

    The History of the House of Rothschild

    Others, such as those Catholic patriots at Michael Journal have encountered and recognized our common seen spiritual enemies as well:

    And the late Fr. Malachi Martin has done ALL OF US a great service with his spiritual military intelligence as well:

    “The Keys of This Blood”

    So all of this in addition to what Br. Nathanael has ALSO PROVIDED to the entire Human Race via his RealZionistNews ought to reaffirm and CONFIRM in everyone’s minds and hearts the reality of what U.S. 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur confided to one Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen in Allied Occupied Japan:

    “The World Struggle is NOT political or ecomomic. Rather it is RELIGIOUS and THEOLOGICAL. It is either God or atheism.”

    – Fr. Joseph

  64. Traditional Catholic November 8, 2009 @ 7:30 pm


    I read that article, ”Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting at them”. It was posted at

    I suggest you check out these documents that explains how the Israeli Mossad and Zionist Jews carried out the 9/11 attacks:

  65. Michael K. November 8, 2009 @ 7:31 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael and RZN Christians:

    As a post-script to the above cited reports from Sorcha Faal and Christopher Story, let me state clearly that I do not accept the conclusions and hypothetical worldviews of those authors as valid. What I intended to do was to illustrate the existence of material from Maj. Hasan’s past which is in the public domain indicating he is a mind-controlled operative.

    The controlled release of intelligence by such notorious windbags always serves a dual purpose: on the one hand it gives tantalizing insights into the dimensions of what is happening and thus validates the authors claims to knowledge; and on the other hand it serves as a way to pitch the authors particular spin on the events making conclusions which are unsupported appear to be supported by the implications of the facts.

    In the case of Sorcha Faal, one must gather that Booth the author is trying to appear credible while directing attention away from the fact that he is aligned with Hasan’s MK Ultra controllers in the CIA. And he directs readers away from the Chinese-Bush currency boxes and bodyguard shootout angle.

    With Christopher Story, more of the truth is revealed, but only in the context of how innocent and victimized the Crown is in this whole situation. This has the dual purpose of making it seem like the most accurate news always comes out of London, and making it also seem as though the thoroughly corrupt British Monarchy is a thing of integrity and moral purpose.

    Being aware that every true fact dribbled out by such sources is always bait to an even grander delusion helps keep the picture clear. Still, some facts are included as teasers and since they cost nothing if we don’t accept the unsupported conclusions and contexts being suggested to us by the authors, we may gratefully acknowledge their independent existence as facts and move on making up our own minds as far as conclusions and context.

    That is the purpose for which I cite such news sources, and that is my take on their news.

    True discernment is not to be found in reading reports from propaganda writers, but in studying the things of God.

    The Peace of Christ be with You.

  66. Fr. Joseph November 8, 2009 @ 8:33 pm

    Back in 1230 A.D., Nicholas the Frenchman wrote spiritual instructions and directives to and for the entire Carmelite Order in what is known as ‘The Fiery Arrow’:

    In that Instruction to the Carmelite Order by the General of the Order, he INSISTS that Carmelite hermits “leave their hermitages” in order TO FREELY SHARE near and wide in “public ministry” what they, as a hermit of Carmel, have come to LEARN as well as UNDERSTAND with respect to our God, our Lord, His Church and His Divine Will FOR Mankind.

    And more recently, Fr. Killian Heally, O.Carm, in his book entitled ‘Prophet Of Fire’ likewise challenges both Carmelites and people of GOOD WILL towards God and Mankind to likewise become “fiery prophets” doing whatever one can in DISRUPTING the ease with which EVIL makes itself manifest in this World of ours – in order to be but a very small finite SIGN TO OTHERS of the Grand Infinite Power and Goodness of their God, their Creator, their Lord, their Savior, their King and their FATHER in Heaven.

    If you want a copy of ‘Prophet of Fire’, it’s the second listing from the top here:

    So let me share some ‘stuff’ that has been the results of my ‘work’ as a Carmelite hermit these past days of mine. That which is Freely Given ought to be freely SHARED with the view that EVERYONE benefits to spiritual profit.
    – Fr. Joseph

  67. Fr. Joseph November 8, 2009 @ 9:11 pm

    So Michael K’s most recent posting serves well as a ‘Launching Off Point’ for what I wanted to share with all of you.

    “In the Beginning”, in the Book of Genesis, we read the following at Genesis 3:9:

    “But Yahweh God called to the man ‘WHERE ARE YOU?'”

    As Obama, Bush, Cheney, Clintons, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Bilderbergs, Council of Foreign Relations, British Royalty, all the Grand Pooh Elites of our world, the Knesset, the Duma, the US Senate and US Congress, the entire US Government and the Governments of of contemporary World go ’round and ’round and ’round again in their ‘OWN LITTLE WORLDS’ which are the contructs of their OWN MINDS – all of them have FAILED to answer their Creator’s Question –


    In giving Him a direct, sincere, factual and truthful answer


    The reason why we can converse WITH God is on account of our really and truly being created in His Image and Likeness.

    God is Spirit. We are incarnate spirits.

    God is Omniscient. We have consciousness.

    God is Omnipresent. We are ‘somewhere’ here on planet earth.

    God is Omnipotent. We can ‘do’ things because of our God-given free wills.

    God is the Creator. We are ‘creators’, we are ‘creative’ BECAUSE we are created in His Image and Likeness.

    The ‘Only Trouble’ for us members of the Human Race is that we CANNOT bring forth the All Engulfing Reality in which we all move, live and have our being! And we CAN’T DO THAT on account of the ontological, theological and spiritual truth and reality that NONE OF US are ‘God’!

    Only God is ‘God’!

    God is the Creator. We are HIS creations. We are HIS creatures.

    Now what accounts for all of these sorts and type of people – the Grand Pooh Bah Mighty Elites – bethinking to themselves that THEY can ‘create realities’ for others to believe in when the whole lot of them CANNOT and CAN NEVER so much as ‘to will’, to CREATE a single particle of matter – a single ATOM of Hydrogen?

    So we have a Creator of Reality and we have all these ‘creators of myths, lies and deceptions’ which are presented to the rest of Mankind as ‘truthful, factual realities’.

    I think EVERYONE on planet earth currently in possession of a God-given and God-created human nature as an incarnate spirit KNOWS other people – both the Great and Mighty and the next-door lowlies – is capable of ‘BLOWING SMOKE’ in order to conceal, cover, hide, misdirect what is TRUE and the TRUTH from others.

    But all of this ‘BLOWING OF SMOKE’ at each other does not in any manner, shape or form ALTER-NEGATE the Ontological Reality of this God-created Creation in which we Human Beings are all currently moving, living and having our being.

    Recognizing that simple fact, that there is an Engulfing Truth in which we all move, live and have our being NOT of our own Making, Creating or Sustaining – and that we human beings are PERMITTED to ‘Blow Smoke’ at each other, then we come to the threshold of coming to confront some Astounding Divine Truths and Realities which make all of our World’s ‘Smoke Blowers’ appear to us in all of their utter powerless impotence and futility!

    Coffee break time – a Carmelite Order’s “Union Benefit”! (grin)

    – Fr. Joseph

  68. Fr. Joseph November 8, 2009 @ 10:22 pm

    So we ALL move, live and have our being in this ‘All’ not of our own creating. And this ‘All’ is the Result of an Almighty Power. And that Almighty Power just so happens to be the PERSONAL POSSESSION of our Creator, our God.

    To put it into the smallest possible of ontological-spiritual NUTSHELLS, this seen ‘All’ in which you and I and every last human being currently living on planet earth has a PROBLEM – this ‘All’ in which we all move, live and have our being which is the Result of the Almighty Powers of an All-good Creator God has been


    In other words, our Human Race is NOT bringing about the GOOD RESULTS our All-good God, Creator and Father in Heaven desires for either the whole lot of us EN MASSE nor are the physical manifestations of His Seen Creation being put GOOD THINGS.

    How can this be?

    The Answer is our Human Race’s “Original Sin”.

    Instead of the whole lot of us USING these God-given FREE WILLS which is but one way we are created in the Image and Likeness of our God, Creator, Lord, King, Savior and Father in Heaven to be CREATIVE at doing GOOD THINGS with all that He Himself has created and sustains in its existance, we have adopted an ABNORMAL way of living these lives of ours and have adopted ABNORMAL ways in using and implementing the overt manifested things of His seen Creation.

    Now take ANY human created ‘thing’. Just look around your house, your home, your neighborhood.

    There are ovens, clocks, stoves, doors, windows, door knobs, plates, knives, forks, spoons, COFFEE CUPS galore, automobiles, radios, tv sets…yada yada yada…the list of man-made CREATED things goes on and on.

    Now when WE ‘create’ things using the Raw Materials provided to and for us by our All-good Creator, God, Lord, King, Savior and Father in Heaven – we do so with a ‘DEEMED PURPOSE’.

    The things, the artifacts, the products of our CREATIVITY have a DEEMED PURPOSE for the reason of its own existance.

    Now follow me in this line of thinking and questioning:

    ‘What is the PURPOSE for a SALT SHAKER?’

    ‘What is the PURPOSE for a DOOR KNOB?’

    ‘What is the PURPOSE for a PAIR OF SHOES?’

    Now then, we enter onto our current “Orginal Sin Ability’ to MISuse and to ABuse those things we’ve created.

    ‘How might we and in how many ways might we CREATIVELY CONJURE UP in order TO ABUSE salt shakers?’

    ‘How might we and in how many ways might we CREATIVELY CONJURE UP in order TO ABUSE door knobs?’

    ‘How might we and in how many ways might we CREATIVELY CONJURE UP in order TO ABUSE pairs of shoes?’

    Without any reference TO or reverence FOR the ‘Divinely Deemed Purposes’ FOR His seen Creation and FOR Human Beings and their God-given Human Natures created in His All-good Image and Likeness…

    …ya simply wind up with an ENTIRE WORLD of six billion human beings where people, both those who fancy themselves members of the ‘Great & Mighty Grand Pooh Bah Elites’ as well as those who’ve had their HUMAN NATURES deliberately degenerated by the ‘Great & Mighty Grand Pooh Bah Elites’ Conspiracies, Plots, Plans, Machinations and Agendas – aka their New World Order – winding up transfixed on the Satanic thought and desire

    ‘How might we in how many ways might we CREATIVELY CONJURE UP in order TO ABUSE and TO DESTROY the human lives and the human natures of six billion human souls currently living on planet earth in this year 2009 Anno Domini who are ALL created in the Image and Likeness of THEIR All-good Creator, God, Lord, King, Savior and Divine Father in Heaven!

    Now then….

    I kinda LIKE being a human being, being created a MALE. I think the Sun is pretty neat. The oceans are a JOY to look at and be near. The mountains and their forests and inebriating to me. The blue sky above is most reassuring and the clouds that form are, to me, comforting at times. I like the rain pattering on the window panes. I even like the SNOW I have to shovel. And the birds of all sorts and types are magnificent in their plummage.

    Shoot, I have ‘NO PROBLEM’ with God being the Creator of all that is seen and Unseen.

    This male human nature of mine suites me ‘just fine’, thank you – and this seen Creation of His is, well, PRETTY DARN NEAT!

    So how does one go about CRUSHING this head that conjures up these SATANIC ‘creative ideas’ whereby our planet earth and our human race and our human natures are DESTROYED.

    If there was this one ‘satanic COCKROACH’ crawling around on the sidewalk of my own that I, myself, COULD STEP ON AND CRUSH, I’d do that for ALL OF YOU out there in Internet Cyberspace.

    But since Satan is an ELEMENTAL SPIRIT who is not bound by a PHYSICAL BODY nor is satan bound by time-space-matter-energy – what we gotta get is some SUPERNATURAL Help.

    Somebody with ‘a body’ who has ‘feet’ who can STEP ON evil-malicious elemental spirits’ HEADS.

    And lookie, lookie – from the Book of Genesis – Genesis 3:15 – the SATANIC COCKROACH CRUSHING FEET belong to a WOMAN and her DIVINE CHRIST CHILD!

    Call the ‘Supernatural Termite and COCKROACH Exterminators’ at THE VATICAN.

    Order up one ‘can of RAID’ and SPRAY DOWN our entire planet earth with, get this…


    Mothers – natural and Spiritual Mother – ALWAYS KNOW BEST what their children and Children NEED!

    Never, never, NEVER underestimate the MATERNAL LOVE a WOMAN might and CAN HAVE for her own offspring, her own Offspring!

    – Fr. Joseph

  69. Fr. Joseph November 8, 2009 @ 11:48 pm

    Now ya gotta give CREDIT where CREDIT it due.

    I am ALWAYS flabbergassed by Br. Nathanael’s articles. Repeatedly I find myself asking myself

    ‘Where ON EARTH does he get all of that information, the TIME and the ENERGY needed to do what he does here with RealZionistNews?’

    But of course, the ANSWER is it is THE LORD Who helps him out with everything he does here with RZN and in his street evangelism efforts.

    And ya gotta give Jeff Rense CREDIT and all of those people of GOOD WILL who regularly contribute their articles to his website in helping the Human Race “Fight the Good Fight”.

    So at the moment, I find myself “talked out”…don’t have much more I can share without simply repeating myself.

    But let us NOT to forget to give CREDIT to the One to Whom it is all ultimately due…


    After all, it was and IS His Divine Idea to extend His Divine FORGIVENESS and His Divine MERCY and COMPASSION to all of us members of the Human Race who have fallen for Satan’s LIES and who have been suckered into joining Satan’s rebellion against our All-good God, Creator, Savior, King, Lord and FATHER in Heaven.

    So consider giving CREDIT to the WOMAN who agreed to GIVE BIRTH TO God the Father’s Only Eternally Begotten Son, our Lord and Savior JESUS, the Christ.

    And let us give CREDIT to one Fr. Nicholas Gruner of the Fatima Center for his many exhausing YEARS OF SERVICE to the Woman to whom the Archangel Gabriel announced she was chosen by God our Father in Heaven to be the Mother of His Divine Son and then, to be Spiritual Mother to US ALL.

    On account of your God-given spiritual faculty of FREE WILL, I can’t “force” any of you to read and consider ALL that Fr. Gruner has laboriously worked at posting to and at his Fatima website here:

    but if God Himself has given our entire Human Race OUT OF THIS SATANIC ‘TRAP’ all of us are currently in in this year 2009 Anno Domini, please DO CONSIDER reading all that Fr. Gruner wishes for all of you to know.

    “My People PERISH for want of knowledge.”
    – Hosea 4:6

    I don’t want anything EVIL to happen to any of you.

    We’ve had ENOUGH EVIL visiting all of us for the past 100 years, don’t you think?

    Obama and his handlers go around saying

    ‘It’s Time For A Change!’


    It’s Time For A Change, all right…

    It’s high-time ALL OF US have some honest-to-goodness WORLD PEACE.

    And God our Father in Heaven has ‘Big Enough Divine Biceps’ to see to it that ALL OF US have World Peace.

    Here’s a DVD documentary for all of you TO WATCH – one heck of a lot better use of YOUR time than watching stupid Larry David and/or Jerry Seinfield GARBAGE!

    “Heaven’s Key To Peace”

    May the Holy Spirit of our Risen Lord and Savior infuse His Spiritual Gifts of Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, COURAGE and FORTITUDE, Piety, Reverence and AWE and FEAR OF God into and onto and ALL OVER all of you! + Amen!

    It’s time to TAKE BACK THIS PLANET EARTH for the Glory of our God and Father in Heaven.

    – Fr. Joseph

  70. Michael K. November 9, 2009 @ 4:05 am

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    A most inspiring homily. This is the time to take back the earth for the will of God to be made manifest. There is no other fight worth fighting, and the weapons of this war do not leave our beautiful planet full of smoke and ash.

  71. Michael K. November 9, 2009 @ 4:09 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael and RZN Christians,

    Here is a link to a YouTube video from CNN wherein one Sgt. Posten of the MPs states that there was more than one shooter:

    Thanks to the source Dick Eastman and his network.


  72. Michael K. November 9, 2009 @ 9:32 am

    Dear Friends in Christ:

    The irony of propaganda is that it informs and gives truth on one level, while misleading and insinuating falsehood through context and the inescapable urge to draw conclusions on another.

    With all this talk I’ve made of Christopher Story, Sorcha Faal, Tom Hennegan and Stu Webb, there exists yet another level of propaganda over and beyond these ‘informers’. However, caution is advised to the Christian who ventures into this realm because it is literally the realm of spiritual rather than political deception.

    The following link provides a visit to a critique of the recent coverage by the above mentioned parties which is so accurate and so well placed that I feel it must be included in the study of the materials I’ve already presented.

    Yet, as you will soon see if you go there, the site hosting this brilliant writer is itself part of the NESARA agenda which, as I have explained in previous posts attempts to get us believing that Jesus-Sanada-Esu-Emmanuel is in a spaceship getting ready to save the Earth and bring us into a glorious New Age.

    How it is that someone so brilliantly versed as the author of this piece, in constitutional law, admiralty and corporate jurisdiction, can lend credence to the notion that Jesus is commenting on the same website as he himself is, is mind-boggling to me.

    All in all it makes me grateful for the faithful of the Church who resist all such temptation and continue in their steadfast tradition of orthodox understanding, without which I myself would be in great moral peril trying to handle this maddening knowledge.

    However, if you have followed the narrative to this point, don’t neglect to read the following. Just keep one hand on the crucifix at all times:

    BTW, I don’t equate NESARA with “General Jeremiah”. The two seem completely separate as far as propaganda presence is concerned. Furthermore, the “General” doesn’t make hokey New Age claims, nor does he support “ascended masters in space”, as far as I can ascertain from the sparse information available.

    Hence, while the propaganda of players like Story is aimed at getting us to accept his Queen’s wishes, the propaganda of NESARA is aimed at getting us to surrender our belief to their false Christ, Esu-Emmanuel-Sananda, presumable for the stage show coming in 2012 or some such nonsense.

    May God hold You and protect You.

  73. Hoff November 9, 2009 @ 11:29 am

    A Jew – Rabbi Shapiro – writes a new book: Okay to kill off all non-Jews resisting the Jews taking control of their state.

  74. A FRIEND November 9, 2009 @ 12:52 pm

    Palestine: Report of the Royal Commission, 1936. CAB 24/270TNAFRS CP 163 (37) TNAFRE.

    Printed for the Cabinet. June 1937. SECRET. Copy No. 34CP. 163 (37).
    CABINET.PALESTINE: REPORT OF THE ROYAL COMMISSION, 1936. Note by the Secretary of State Date: 1937.

    Source: DocumentsOnline (Cabinet Office papers) Palestine and the Balfour Declaration. CAB 24/158 first given form. Four, or perhaps five, men were chiefly concerned in the labour the Earl of Balfour, the late Sir Mark Sykes, and Messrs. Weizmann and Sokolov, with perhaps Lord Rothschild as a figure in the background. Negotiations seem to have been Date: 1923.

    Source: DocumentsOnline (Cabinet Office papers) Eastern Report No. 1 CAB 24/143SECRET.-“-1- . ‘ 3 APPRECIATION OF THE ATTACHED EASTERN REPORT No. 1.EUROPE. RUSSIA. 1. THE summary of telegrams under the heading ” Poland and the Date: 1917.

    Source: DocumentsOnline (Cabinet Office papers) Eastern Report No. 52 CAB 24/144APPRECIATION OF THE ATTACHED EASTERN REPORT, No. LITRussia. THERE are signs that a real conflict is nearing between the Bolsheviks and the balance of other parties, but nothing has yet occurred of importance ; the assassination of MM. Shingareff and Kokoshkin Date: 1918.

    Source: DocumentsOnline (Cabinet Office papers) Synopsis of our Obligations to our Allies and Others. CAB 24/5formulate peace terms without the consent of the other signatory Powers. 2. By the Anglo-French Agreements of April-May, 1916 (incorrectly called the Sykes-Picot Agreement), under which we agreed, ” provided the Arabs fulfil the conditions, and that Date: 1918.

    Source: DocumentsOnline (Cabinet Office papers) Synopsis of our Obligations to our Allies and Others. CAB 24/45separately nor to formulate peace terms without the consent of the other signatory Powers. 2. By the Anglo-French Agreements of April-May, 1916 (incorrectly called the Sykes-Picot Agreement), under which we agreed, ” provided the Arabs fulfil the conditions, Date: 1918.

    Source: DocumentsOnline (Cabinet Office papers) Release and assignment IV/104/8/4widow of Henry Thornton). 5. Henry Sykes Thornton 6. Peter Free, heir of John Free, late of St Bartholomew Lane, banker, deceased. 7. John Irving of Broad Street Buildings, London, Esq. Francis Baring of Bishopgate Street, London, Esq. Nathan Moyer Rothschild Date: 1826.

    Source: Access to Archives (A2A): not kept at The National Archives NK 5/46 – Electronic Diary System: Secretary of State, Peter Lilley – POEMS DIAR…Electronic Diary System: Secretary of State, Peter Lilley. POEMS DIARY ENGAGEMENT AUDIENCE SIZE : DATE REQ : DIVISION : BRIEF FROM : CONTACT : Dept. political indicator : DRESS : 00| DATE : 01/01/91 FILE REF. : UNTIL : 0000 Location : NOTES : Owner : D Date: 1991.

    Source: Electronic Records Online (electronically created documents) Online Document CAB 23/2R.N., Assistant Secretary.Captain Clement Jones, Assistant Secretary.Mr. T. Jones, Assistant Secretary. Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Mark Sykes, Bart., M.P., Assistant Secretary. Italy. 1. THE Prime Minister read a letter he had received from the British Ambassador Date: 1917.

    Source: DocumentsOnline (Cabinet Office papers) Eastern Report No. 45 CAB 24/144Salonica, Switzerland, and Belgium. Lord Rothschild presided, and the meeting was addressed by him, Lord Robert Cecil, M.P., Mr. Herbert Samuel, M.P., Colonel Sir Mark Sykes, Bart., M.P., Dr. Hertz (Chief Rabbi), Dr. Gaster (founder of the Zionist movement), Date: 1917.

    Source: DocumentsOnline (Cabinet Office papers) Memorandum on the Formula of “the Self-Determination of Peoples” and t…TNAFRS GT 3324 TNAFRE. – A. Government Intelligence Bureau, Department of Information. Section E – Memorandum on The Formula of “the Self-Determination of Peoples” and the Moslem World. A. Situation before the War. B. The German War Propaganda.0. The Bridge Date: 1918.

    Source: DocumentsOnline (Cabinet Office papers) NK 5/6 – Electronic Diary System: Minister of State for Corporate Affairs, John …Electronic Diary System: Minister of State for Corporate Affairs, John Redwood (until 14/04/1992); Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Corporate Affairs, Neil Hamilton (appointed 15/04/1992). POEMS DIARY ENGAGEMENT AUDIENCE SIZE : DATE REQ : DIVISION Date: 1992.

    Source: Electronic Records Online (electronically created documents) Online Document CAB 23/4for Minute 18).Lieutenant-Colonel Si rM. P. A. Hankey, K.C.B., Secretary.Mr. Thomas Jones, Assistant Secretary.Colonel E. D. Swinton, C.B., D.S.O., Assistant Secretary.Fleet Paymaster P. H. Row, R.N., Assistant Secretary.Sir Mark Sykes, Assistant Secretary. Date: 1917.

    Source: DocumentsOnline (Cabinet Office papers) Amlwch Brewery Company 112961GB 0221 WDAAK Anglesey County Record Office/Arch if dy Ynys Mon This catalogue was digitised by The National Archives as part of the National Register of Archives digitisation project NRA 43894 The National Archives PAPURAU MONA LODGE 1785 – 1900 Date: 1884.

    Source: National Register of Archives Scanned Lists Mona Mine Co, copper mines 124036GB 0221 WDAAK Anglesey County Record Office/Arch if dy Ynys Mon This catalogue was digitised by The National Archives as part of the National Register of Archives digitisation project NRA 43894 The National Archives PAPURAU MONA LODGE 1785 – 1900 Date: 1700.

    Source: National Register of Archives Scanned Lists A Monthly Review of Revolutionary Movements in British Dominions Overseas and Fo…TNAFRS CP 1998 TNAFRE. PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL.This document is the property of His Britannic Majesty’s Government and must be kept under lock and key. (Circulated by the Home Secretary.) DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE. (Home Office.) A Monthly Review of Date: 1920.

    Source: DocumentsOnline (Cabinet Office papers) NK 5/5 – Electronic Diary System: Minister of State for Corporate Affairs, John …Electronic Diary System: Minister of State for Corporate Affairs, John Redwood. POEMS DIARY ENGAGEMENT AUDIENCE SIZE : DATE REQ : DIVISION : BRIEF FROM : CONTACT : Dept. political indicator : DRESS : 00| DATE : 01/01/91 FILE REF. : UNTIL : 0000 Location Date: 1991.

    Source: Electronic Records Online (electronically created documents) NK 5/48 – Electronic Diary System: President of the Board of Trade, Michael Hese…Electronic Diary System: President of the Board of Trade, Michael Heseltine. POEMS DIARY ENGAGEMENT AUDIENCE SIZE : DATE REQ : DIVISION : BRIEF FROM : CONTACT : Arranged Via the President 08/09/92 Dept. political indicator : DRESS : 01|NOT APPLICABLE DATE Date: 1993.


  75. Fr. Joseph November 9, 2009 @ 2:20 pm

    Dear Michael K.,

    Yes, all of this psycho-spiritual COMBAT does become ‘dangerously maddening’.

    Conjured up lies, myths, deceptions are a ‘dime and dozen’ in our contemporary day and age – and our common malicious spiritual enemy – Satan – the father of lies – the originator of murder – the orginator of every form of blasphemy – has found it so terribly EASY to get any number of human beings, incarnate spirits, to do his bidding for him and to promote his lies, myths, deceptions, murders, blasphemies all over our contemporary World.

    And the reason why Satan finds it ‘so easy’ to get members of our human race to mimick the actions of JUDAS is on account of human beings from every nation, from every walk in life, to simply CHOOSE TO DENY and to REFUSE TO ACCEPT simple TRUTH!

    Consider Satan’s human willingly lackeys – since THEY know that the vast majority of the human population are either IGNORANCE of factual truth or INDIFFERENT to factual truth or who couldn’t care less WHAT is the Truth – these satanic lackies can use the current modes of mass communication and throw out any sort of BULL$–T on and about ANY ASPECT of human life and human society’s undertakings.

    My gosh, all that anyone needs to do is but to skim over what has happened in our World and amongst the nations of people for the past 100 years alone.

    Time and time again, one sees that it is simple BULL$–T dumped on the masses of human beings that has sent millions upon millions off to their spiritual, physical, societal, political, economic, financial, medical, intellectual, emotional and sexual DEATHS!

    Pope John Paul II, in his encyclical letter ‘The Gospel of Life’, defines our current World as being swallowed up in ‘The Culture Of Death’.

    The DENIAL OF and the TURNING AWAY FROM simple TRUTH in its manifold forms – religious truth, spiritual truth, scientific truth, political truth, economic and financial truth – is the ‘Poison Pill’ that our World, our World’s Leaders – to INCLUDE the Leaders in His Own Church currently here on earth – which is causing this SLOW, PAINFUL and AGONIZING DEATH of so many Human Beings and of Human Societies all throughout our contemporary World.

    I think we are fast approaching that period of Time in Human History that it will become NECESSARY for many of us to simply ‘CUT OFF’ and ‘CUT LOOSE’ those who REFUSE to accept into their God-given THINKING, COGNIZANT, APPRHENDING and COMTEMPLATING MINDS that which is TRUE about the sad shape of our contemporary World and our Human Race.

    When people REFUSE to acknowledge factual truth of every manner, sort and type, when people SCOFF at the value of truth, when people go out of their way to MOCK truth, then what can one do? What can ANY group of people do? – to include those of His Church here on earth?

    That which GOD relays to His prophet Ezekiel comes flashing to my mind – Ezekiel 33:1-9:

    – Fr. Joseph

  76. charlie November 9, 2009 @ 5:06 pm

    This sucession of three antichrists which is staring us in the face yet no one is willing to acknowledge it, beginning with G. Bush Jr, through to the current antichrist, and his generic Obamanization of society, and make no mistake there will come a third, were all predicted, but only now is it coming to light as to what that prediction actually meant…. the three rapid and sucessive hammer blows of the pollution and attempted degradation and destruction, of world society and structures, in these current times of grave peril for all the world.

    They were not, as mistakenly thought ….Napoleon, Hitler and th’other…as many liked to speculate, needing an instant and contemporary explanation for everything…one might say the same also about the explanation iven above…. but when put in the context of everything that is happening to our current world….for those that can not only see but more importantly grasp what is going on, this explanation given here is becoming more obvious by the day.

    One only has to go to the website of Jane Burgermeister to realize the clear and present danger of this moment.

    All of the NWO, or as one commentator more correctly put it “New Underworld Order”, development needs a front man, a focus point for their magic (not a fun thing at all) to work, on the global scale we see rapidly manifesting in the world today.

    Not that he is not simply their puppet, but that it is through this puppet that the people are being led astray – and to the path of destruction.

    The time is approaching of the end.

    The writing is on the wall in large blood red letters, and the only hope, whether Jew, Christian, Muslim, or none of the above is in love. Therein lies our salvation.

    “You will know them by their love.” says the Lord, and how true it is, and this is the word of the Gospel. Solid truth for our time, for all time, and for all eternity.

    It is in this context:

    the coming destruction of all the world;

    the manifest signs of God’s reality, sovereignty and purpose that will be given to all the world before the end comes;

    the correct disposition of truth, righteousness and love in the hearts of all who wish to be saved;

    that we understand the words of the Lord’s instructions, given all those centuries, two millenia ago, regarding the current rapidly emerging Tribulation –

    “….. and all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

  77. Hello November 9, 2009 @ 6:20 pm

    Are there any politicians in America that are acceptable to anyone on this board?

    Who in your opinion was the best President, in modern times, that the U.S. has had?

  78. jonah November 9, 2009 @ 8:02 pm

    Yes, the JEWS secured the White House for Obama.

    International Rothschild JEWRY sits at the very head of this snake and are the source of ALL evil on the planet.


  79. Fr. Joseph November 9, 2009 @ 10:57 pm

    Dear charlie,

    Like you say,

    “…all who call on the the Name of the Lord will be saved.”

    That’s a powerful thought to dwell upon in prayerful contemplation.

    Here we ALL are, in this ‘All’ of His Creating chockful of incarnate and elemental spirits who ALL have a free will.

    And with their free will, they can acknowledge that it is God Himself Who is the Author and Sustainer of this Reality of ours wherein so many with their free wills.

    Whether incarnate or elemental – too many nowadays wish to induldge themselves in their INSANITY which is, in reality, their own arrogant assertions, desires and passions – their self WILLFULNESS and, I might as well add, their rabid SELFISHNESS and hopeless SELF-CENTEREDNESS – they wish to IMPOSE on this All of His Creating and Sustaining, i.e. their ‘New World Order’ which has NO PLACE for the One, True God Who took on our human nature 2,000 years ago, Who exhibited His Divine Powers over ALL aspects of His Creation – seen and unseen – and Who just happens to be THE LORD.

    So, with regards to those who ‘call on the Name of the Lord’ are the ones who are congnizant of two ontological ‘Facts Of Life and Its Living’

    1) It is GOD Who has created all things – to include elemental and incarnate spirits currently enjoy God’s ‘Hospitality’ here on this planet earth of His Creating and Sustaining, and

    2) That same God, our LORD, is fully capable of employing His Divine Powers as GOD on, over, with and for His creatures, human beings created in His Image and Likeness.

    Here, in the natural time-space-matter-energy realm of OUR existance, when a RIOT breaks out in ANY ‘natural realm human society’ we commonly refer to as countries, nations or states – the authorities bring out ‘The Troops’ with helmets, shields, big sticks and other assorted weaponry to CRUSH the rioters.

    When this ‘Spiritual Riot’ and all of the spiritual ‘Rioters’ here all across this planet earth of His Creating who are in silence, secret and overt rebellion against THE LORD and His Divine Will for His own creation here on earth reach a certain point – only known to our LORD – where THE LORD has grown utterly ‘Sick and Tired’ of all this psycho-spiritual MAYHEM – without a doubt – He will employ His Divine Powers and Authority with His Divine Troops, led by St. Michael the Archangel himself – TO CRUSH our belligerent and rebellious human race.

    It sure would be ‘nice’ to get some BLASTED SPIRITUAL SENSE into the minds and hearts of all of these ‘Grand Pooh Bah Elites’, but allying oneself with SATAN and becoming thoroughly mired in the human vices of HUBRIS, LUST, WRATH, GLUTTONY, ENVY, JEALOUSY and SLOTH renders one’s spiritual ability to recognize the TRUTH of their spiritual situation inoperative.

    The ACTUAL Divine Graces they need in order to be SAVED from the Eternal Divine Punishments and torments of Hell have to be EARNED for them via our prayers and sacrifices.

    Now I might be utterly WRONG about the following, but it sure does seem to me that the sheer NUMBER of our fellow human beings who have aligned themself with SATAN, his many and varied CULTS in our contemporary World – to include MANY in the Hierarchy of our Catholic Church, principlely in key posts in and throughout the Vatican all require a ghastly IMMENSE AMOUNT of those Actual Divine Graces in order for THEM to repent and to return to the service of THE LORD.

    There is ONE critical source from whom me and they might attain such IMMENSE amounts of God’s Actual Divine Spiritual Graces – and that is our Lord’s MOTHER herself.

    Again, if by some Miracle, by some sort of Unexpected Supernatural Aid and Assistance we can get the Collegial Consecration of Russia DONE per Our Lady of Fatima’s 1917 A.D.’s Instructions – we can thus save MANY MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF HUMAN SOULS from the clutches of Satan and saved them from the Divine Chastisements.

    Seems next-to-hopeless, no?

    I mean, JUST LOOK AROUND at the people living in our World of 2009 Anno Domini and HOW THEY ARE LIVING!

    People want to have SEX with the exhaust pipes of buses while swinging from the trees (put in that way so as not to ‘offend’) while their own nation’s officials rob them blind, send them off to die in bogus wars, lie them every chance they get in front of a t.v. camera or radio microphone, etc.

    People have to have a DESIRE to be ‘saved’ from this satanic ZOO our World has become over the past 100 years.

    And a desire to be ‘saved’ implies there is Someone Who has the Power TO SAVE them.

    And a further recognition that this Someone Who can SAVE them just so happens to be DIVINE, happens to be GOD HIMSELF, happens to have taking our human nature 2,000 years ago in the Person of JESUS, the Christ.

    Prayer to Mohammed or praying the ‘sacred names’ of the Zohar ISN’T GOING TO DO ANY OF US 6 billion human souls created in His Image and Likeness ANY GOOD whatsoever.

    Only by ‘…calling on the Name of the Lord’.

    And as for the Collegial Consecration of Russia to His Own Mother – that is something THE LORD wants done by the Bishops of His Own Church.

    And THE LORD Himself asked ALL OF US and those in the Vatican:

    “Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord’ AND NOT DO WHAT I SAY?”

    That also applies to ALL OF US “Christians”.

    – Fr. Joseph

  80. charlie November 10, 2009 @ 12:00 am

    Hello – not this one.

    A trial date has been set by a judge, who is a former U. S. Marine, against Obama’s legitimacy to be president. Obamas lawyers left the court in utter defeat, humiliation and confusion after failing to get the issue thrown out of court as frivolous.

    Here is the report. You too can play a part. It is time for YOU to take a stand.

    Federal Judge Carter sets Trial Date for Obama’s Eligibility!

    The expedited trial has been set for Jan. 26, 2010!

    Many concerned veterans and citizens attended the hearing in Federal Court in Santa Ana in the lawsuit against Barack Obama to determine his eligibility to be President and Commander in Chief. About 150 people showed up, almost all in support of the lawsuit to demand that Obama release his birth certificate and other records that he has hidden from the American people.

    Judge David Carter refused to hear Obama’s request for dismissal. He indicated there was almost no chance that this case would be dismissed. Obama is arguing this lawsuit was filed in the wrong court if you can believe that. Obama would prefer a “kangaroo court” instead of a Federal court! Assuming Judge Carter denies Obama’s motion for dismissal, he will likely then order expedited discovery which will force Obama to release his birth certificate in a timely manner (if he has one).

    The judge, WHO IS A FORMER U.S. MARINE, repeated several times that this is A VERY SERIOUS CASE which must be resolved quickly so that the troops know that their Commander in Chief is eligible to hold that position and issue lawful orders to our military in this time of war. He basically said OBAMA MUST PROVE HIS ELIGIBILITY to the court! He said Americans deserve to know the truth about their President!

    The two U.S. Attorneys representing Barack Obama tried everything they could to sway the judge that this case was frivolous, but Carter would have none of it and cut them off several times. Obama’s attorneys left the courtroom after about the 90 minute hearing looking defeated and nervous.

    Great day in America for the U.S. Constitution! The truth about Barack Obama’s eligibility will be known fairly soon – Judge Carter practically guaranteed it!

    Video from the press conference after the hearing coming soon. Congratulations to plaintiffs attorney Dr. Orly Taitz! She did a great job and won some huge victories. She was fearless!
    This needs to be forwarded to everyone you know….

    charlie: over 150 of these cases have been presented to courtrooms around America. This is the first I am aware of that has been accepted.

    The future of America and the world is in your hands, with your prayerful support.

  81. charlie November 10, 2009 @ 12:06 am

    Fr Joseph. thanks for your comments re. contemplation on “…al who call on the name of the Lord, will be saved.” which I have taken to heart.

  82. jgalindes November 10, 2009 @ 3:09 am

    Several days ago,somebody from made a comment here saying that Judaism does not endorse heretical manifestations like ‘urinating on Jesus portrait’.

    Well I’d like to know if this rabbi’s views mentioned in the Haaretz article below are also NOT ENDORSED BY MAINSTREAM JUDAISM.

    Are Talmudic laws old fashioned or not?

    Do you continue to teach all these to your children or not?

    Last update – 10:18 09/11/2009

    West Bank rabbi: Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel

    By Haaretz Service Tags: West Bank rabbi

    Just weeks after the arrest of alleged Jewish terrorist, Yaakov Teitel, a West Bank rabbi on Monday released a book giving Jews permission to kill Gentiles who threaten Israel.

    Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, who heads the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Yitzhar settlement, wrote in his book “The King’s Torah” that even babies and children can be killed if they pose a threat to the nation.

    Shapiro based the majority of his teachings on passages quoted from the Bible, to which he adds his opinions and beliefs.

    “It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” he wrote, adding:

    “If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments – there is nothing wrong with the murder.”

    Several prominent rabbis, including Rabbi Yithak Ginzburg and Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, have recommended the book to their students and followers.

  83. Jeffersonian-Anti-Israel-Socialist November 10, 2009 @ 8:32 am


    Hello all, this is an off topic opinion but relevant to the situation of the United States and the world, and related to the apathy, conformism of most US citizens who are not rioting and revolting and complaining against our evil US government.

    To understand the real reasons of why most US citizens are not rebelling against the US government we must realize that USA is not at an objective revolutionary situation yet.



    Sooner or later this ‘tricke down welfare capitalist system’ will not provide bread for all and will only be able to provide and allocate wealth for the upper bourgeoise classes of America. While creating suffering and uneasiness in the lower classes of this country

    when that time comes we will see a revolutionary situation


    # 1 – When it is impossible for the rich people of this country (like Bill Gates, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise, Donald Trump, Al Gore, Ross Perot, Dick Cheney, etc.) to maintain their wealth without any change; when there is an economic crisis, in one form or another, among the rich people, a crisis in the policy of the rich ruling class, leading to a fissure through which the discontent and indignation of middle and lower classes of America burst forth.

    For a socialist-revolution to take place, it is usually insufficient for the middle and lower classes not to want to live in their old comfortable and stable way; it is also necessary that the rich upper millionaire class should be unable to live in their old comfortable way.

    # 2 – When the suffering and the needs of the middle and lower working classes of this country have grown more acute than usual.

    # 3 – When, as a consequence of the above causes, there is a considerable increase in the activity of the middle and working classes, who uncomplainingly allow themselves to be robbed in peace time, but, in turbulent times, are drawn both by all the circumstances of the crisis *and by the upper classes themselves* into independent historical action.


  84. Fr. Joseph November 10, 2009 @ 11:59 am

    Dear charlie,

    God created all of us and did so with a FINITE nature. That means neither I nor you nor anyone else currently living on our planet earth can ‘Do It All’ or ‘Know It All’.

    Hence, it is our GOD Who ‘expects’ and ‘takes DELIGHT’ in our HELPING each other out – in any way possible – in whatever TRUTH or whatever GOOD that we might share with or do for one another.

    As you yourself said – THAT is really and truly ‘LOVE’, the ‘AGAPE’, the ‘CARITOS’, the ‘CHARITY’ that is at the heart of our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic CHRISTIAN Faith.

    I share what I have, in the form of my goods which consist of whatever ‘contemplative work’ results I’ve managed to into the possession of, with ALL of you – and conversely ALL OF YOU share with me the PRODUCTS OF THE WORKS that you do in the form of factual knowledge and truth.

    And by doing so – we ALL gain strenght. We ALL gain in becoming increasingly potent and competent people.

    And it is ONLY those who are potent and competent and who possess whatever degree of CHARITY in very core of their own personhood who can really and truly bring about an HONEST-TO-GOODNESS Human Society, Human Civiliation, that assists in PROMOTING Human Life and its Living AS Human Beings were/are meant to Live and have Life as our GOD and our CREATOR desires for each and every last one of us.

    So when you, charlie, come up with a ‘Darn Good Idea’, please, by all means – POST IT here. And that ‘Darn Good Idea’, so as long as it is based on TRUTH and based on seeing to it that God’s Own All-good Divine and Holy Will GETS DONE ‘down here ON earth’ as His Divine Will ALWAYS is done in Heaven, becomes a HOLY thing.

    And each and every last one of us Human Beings are PERFECTLY CAPABLE of doing ‘HOLY THINGS’ here on earth in the service of our God and Father in Heaven.

    Br. Nathanael is doing HIS ‘Holy Things’ with his RZN website and Steet Evangelism.

    Anybody here on this planet earth who does or undertakes ANYTHING to promote the manifestation of God’s Holy and Divine Will for His Human Race is noted by THE LORD, the Logos, the King of His Own Universe!

    As He Himself said, ‘If you give so much as a cup of COLD WATER to one of the disciples (in helping/assisting THEM to bring about His Father’s Divine and Holy Will here on earth) that person will surely NOT lose his or her reward.’

    God’s Divine and Holy Will “here on earth” is a CORPORATE AFFAIR – it is NOT a “Jesus and Me Myself” affair.

    We NEED each other – simply put. And that is an ONTOLOGICAL ‘Fact of Spiritual Life and Living’ on account of these God-given FINITE natures of ours.

    We are all but PARTS of His Mystical Body here on earth. A ‘pinky toe’ has to recognize that a ‘finger pinky’ BOTH have their rightful place and rightful FUNCTION in His Mystical Body.

    And both the ‘pinky toes’ and the ‘finger pinky’ BOTH share in His Body’s same LIFE BLOOD.

    And by gosh by golly – some of us simply MUST turn ourselves into ‘White Blood Cells’, into ‘Phagocytes’, into ‘T-Cells’ and GO AFTER all of these spiritual PATHOGENS and CANCERS gnawing away at the SPIRITUAL LIFE of His Church and His Mankind here on planet earth!

    Hence, as St. Paul the Apostle calls it…


    – Fr. Joseph

  85. Fr. Joseph November 10, 2009 @ 3:16 pm

    What an insult! What a utter WASTE OF TIME it all has been – being born as US citizen. Going into the US Armed Forces swearing the MILITARY OATH to defend this Nation and its Constitution from ‘all enemies, both foreign and domestic’! Just how STUPD and utterly USELESS have the people of this US Nation, its Citizenry, its Society, its Governing and Social structures have become!

    I’ve just come back from having the OIL CHANGED in my automobile at the dealership. And my dealership provides a customer waiting area wherein PCs have access to the INTERNET.

    So I go to check ‘What’s New’ on Brother Nathanael’s website – and what do I have SHOVED into my face???


    You people there up in WASHINGTON, D.C. – all of you SENATORS and MEMBERS OF CONGRESS can go take a flying leap off the Washintgon Monument as far as I’m now concerned!

    You all PASS LAWS in support of the RELIGIOUS VIEWS & OPINIONS of your Kabbalahist Money Handlers, your Masonic Temples – yet all of you DENY the Religious Truths and Beliefs of CHRISTIANS throughout these United States of America.

    You allow MASONS on the US Supreme Court to DENY the teaching of CHRISTIAN religious truths and MORALITY to generation after generation of US citizens via Everson vs. Board of Education 1947 – you allow MASONS on the US Supreme Court conjuring up ‘Faits of The State’ whereby you ALL authorize the brains of innocent children to be sucked out and/or scolded in chemical saline solutions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

    And now, you and your ‘Sovereign Supreme State of Hubris’ AUTHORIZES what can be said, what can be thought, what can be debated, what can be shared, what can be legitimately considered with your ‘Hate Speech’!

    As a Catholic Christian, I’ve had TO DEFEND my Faith in open, public DEBATES from any and all detractors. And such DEBATES, such CONTESTS are part and parcel of a true, authentic and operative DEMOCRACY.

    Right IS Right and Wrong IS Wrong!

    Truth IS Truth and Lies Are Lies!

    Correct Answers are Correct Answers and Falacious Opinions are Falicious Opinions.

    If all of YOU WANT a Nation and YOUR lives based upon what is blatantly WRONG, what are blatant LIES, what are damnable FALACIOUS OPINIONS – then ‘BE MY GUEST’.

    You all INSIST on making a blithering MOCKERY out of the Constitution, out of the Bill or Rights, out of Positive Law based on Natural Law based on Divine Law – if you INSIST to conduct yourselves is such a way – then let GOD HIMSELF TAKE NOTE of your personal moral, ethical, intellectual, emotional and SPIRITUAL choices!

    This U.S. Nation is coming under God’s Divine WRATH – and if you want to play ‘patty-cake, patty-cake’ with the GRAVE and SOBER RESPONSIBILITIES and Divine EXPECTATIONS of your Creator that He Himself has willing ENTRUSTED all of you as ‘Leaders Of This Nation’ and for ALL THE PEOPLE and their Welfare and Wellbeing – if all of you are so willing to SELL EVERYONE OUT for a pile of shekels, for a pile of worthless Parker Bros. Monopoly script gaming money, for an increase in the number of digits – ZEROES – and the end of your ‘bottom line’ on your portfolio and financial statements – that’s YOUR choice.

    And YOU all make YOUR ‘choices’ – but don’t forget this Utter-Fact-Of-Life-and-Living…

    And God Himself makes HIS Divine ‘Choices’ as well!

    – Fr. Joseph

  86. charlie November 10, 2009 @ 7:38 pm

    On October 29 people in Kiev and cities in western Ukraine reported that light planes and helicopters had been spraying something to protect people against swine flu. Business owners were told in advance to keep doors and windows shut and to stay inside. There were many reports to local newspapers and radio stations, but local officials would not let them be published.

    Within hours people were feeling ill, some reporting red rashes on their arms. Within two days a dozen people had died of severe acute respiratory illness (reported by WHO October 30 on their website), some with their lungs full of blood, fevers up to 39C-40C, and lung temperatures as high as 55C. This severe hemorrhagic pneumonia has similar symptoms to the 1918 Spanish flu, pneumonic plague, pulmonary anthrax, SARS and avian flu (H5N1).

    Within a couple more days some 40 people had died, and today the death toll stands at around 100, with over half a million people infected. Most reports are calling it pneumonic plague, a bacterial infection that devastated Europe during the Middle Ages.

    It is reported today that ARI cases have reached over 600,000 with 95 deaths, and that the outbreak is slowing down. (

    On September 29-30 INTERPOL held a bioterrorism ‘tabletop exercise’ in Warsaw, Poland ( Now there appears to be a real bioterrorism event in eastern Europe.

    [sound familiar?…911 and London bombings etc etc had similar coincidental exercises]

    Dubbed the “Ukrainian plague”, there are also reports today of almost a million infected, 50,000 hospitalized, and that it has spread into Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. (

    Nov 7 — U.S. radio talk show host Dr. A. True Ott interviews Alexander S. Jones about the Ukrainian mystery disease outbreak –

    Are they trying to spread this thing globally?

    Despite internal martial law, quarantines, and travel bans, Ukraine has not closed its borders, and WHO says there is no need, as it would have no advantage in limiting the spread of the new outbreak.

    [How do they KNOW?]

    Which WHO simply calls “severe acute respiratory illness”. However, Slovakia has closed its border with Ukraine, Russian has tightened its border, and Poland is apparently considering the same.

    No solution is being proposed to combat the mystery disease that is killing so many people. The focus remains entirely on swine flu. Although prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko has said that only a dozen have died from H1N1 and only one case has been lab confirmed, the current outbreak is still officially blamed on swine flu, which Ukraine calls California flu.

    WHO has had a team in Ukraine for several days and is reported to be in control of some key government positions.

    Most areas of the country are quarantined, travel is severely curtailed, public meetings are banned, schools are closed for 3 weeks, and mandatory mass vaccinations for swine flu appear imminent.

    The government is now rounding up anyone who speaks out against swine flu disinformation, hype and alarmism or against mandatory vaccinations. Doctors in particular are not allowed to contradict the government’s line or to speak about the cause of deaths.

  87. Fr. Joseph November 10, 2009 @ 8:14 pm

    You people in Washington, D.C. in ANY government capacity – in ANY Office in either the Executive, Legislative or Judiciary Branches – in your elected and crony nepotism appointed posts – and this might as well as go for all of those in the STATE Goverments of these “about to go down the tubes” United States of America as well, go and ensure that your ‘HOMELAND SECURITY’ passes the following ‘Hate Speech’ Message of March 6, 1991 to your US ‘Main Stream Media’ and the ‘Hate Speech’ Message of March 19 and March 21, 1991 to YOUR President and all of the ‘czars’ of the White House, to those in the US Senate, the US Congress, in the US Judiciary and ALL of the Agencies and Departments under the control of the Executive Office:

    Then call together all of Homeland Security, the DOD, the CIA, the FBI and begin making whatever sorts of ‘Homeland Security DEFENSE Plans’ to protect YOURSELVES from the ‘Terrorist Threats’ given back on August 3 and October 13, 1973 in-the-public-domain HERE:

    “Good Luck!”

    – Fr. Joseph

  88. Fr. Joseph November 11, 2009 @ 12:41 am

    God and His Divine Providence are simply amazing!

    So I threw my hands up into the air with the heartfelt resignation that God is simply going to have to BURN UP this planet earth of ours per the Mother of God’s 1973 A.D.’s messages to one Japanese Carmelite sister, Sr. Agnes – and what comes popping up and FLYING into my face and LANDS smack dab in the middle of my lap?

    THIS most recently posted article on the Jeff Rense website by Dr. Henry Makow:

    “Our (World) Leaders Worship Pagan Gods”

    So Dr. Makow’s spiritual “tracer bullets” allow me to ‘LIGHT UP’ some of our common malicious spiritual enemies – seen and unseen!

    From Galatians 1:6-10:

    From Ephesians 6:10-20:

    From Luke 10:17-29:

    “Deities of Masonry”

    And then, to understand ‘Why?’ the United States of America is so royally screwed up:

    “Behind The Lodge Door”

    And then, to understand ‘Why?’ my Catholic Church is likewise so royally fouled up nowadays as well:

    “A List of Masons in the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church”

    Which leads to this:

    “Satanism Practiced In The Vatican”

    Now ALL OF THIS Satanic/Masonic ‘New World Order’ GARBAGE being shoved down YOUR throats in this year of 2009 Anno Domini was already FORSEEN by YOUR Lord, YOUR God, YOUR King, YOUR Savior Jesus, the Christ, 2nd Person of the Divine and Blessed Trinity Who so happens to be the Only Eternally Begotten Son of God YOUR Father in Heaven over 125 years ago now:

    “Prayer of St. Michael the Archangel”

    33 years AFTER Pope Leo XIII gets the ‘Divine Heads Up!’ that SATAN was out gunning for YOUR soul and for the RUINATION of Mankind and the utter DESTRUCTION of Christ’s One, Holy, Apostolic and Cahtolic Church here on earth…

    …YOUR Spiritual Mother – the Blessed Virgin Mary – comes to Fatima Portugal in 1917 A.D. with her full intention TO CRUSH Satan’s head as is her Divinely Appointed Privelege per Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    YOUR Spiritual Mother asked the Bishops of her Son’s Church here on earth to perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculately Loving Heart – so as to PROTECT all of her RUSSIAN spiritual children from the Jewish Bolsheviks who would use COMMUNISM and the SOVIET STATES to CRUSH the Church in the East and, by extention, the Church in the West.

    Now then, ‘WHAT WENT WRONG’??? Why didn’t or hasn’t THE VATICAN ordered the Bishops of the Catholic Church to perform that public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart that is hers on account of she being THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.


    Now ‘Why on earth’ with her Divine Son WANT a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia by ALL OF THE BISHOPS of His Church???

    Well, simply put – THIS IS THE ANSWER:

    SATAN hasn’t quiet won – not yet anyways. The whole lot of us are still ‘alive and kickin’ and we are all still here with our SKINS still on the bones of our bodies.

    And we ALL have a PC and we STILL HAVE the Internet.

    Give the current Bishop of Rome – Pope Benedict XVI an e-mail asking him ‘When are you going TO ORDER the Bishops of the Catholic Church to OBEY the Mother of God who wants TO CRUSH Satan’s head along with her Divine Son in order to complete and fulfill the prophecies of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17???’

    The Pope’s e-mail address:

    – Fr. Joseph

  89. Fr. Joseph November 11, 2009 @ 1:21 pm

    “The seventy-two came back REJOICING. ‘LORD!’ they said, ‘EVEN THE DEVILS SUBMIT TO US WHEN WE USE YOUR NAME.’

    “He said to them, ‘I watched SATAN fall like lightning from heaven. Yes, I have give you power to tread underfoot serpents and scorpions and THE WHOLE STRENGHT of the (satanic) enemy; nothing shall ever hurt you. Yet do not rejoice THAT THE SPIRITS submit to you; rejoice rather that your names are written in Heaven.” – JESUS, The Christ – Gospel of St. Luke – Luke 10:17-19

    Now THE LORD happens to be the LORD OF HISTORY as well as THE LORD of all that is seen and Unseen. He PERSONALLY intervenes in the personal lives of individual human beings and He PERSONALLY intervenes in Human History and the communal and national lives of people the entire World over.

    We individuals as PERSONS can throw our own ‘two pennies into the Temple’s treasury’ in order to do that VERY LITTLE we, ourselves, can or might do in order TO ASSIST in seeing accomplished that which He Himself WANTS done per His Own Divine Omnipotent Divine Will here on earth.

    But when HUMAN BEINGS endowed with a FREE WILL go about soliciting and implementing SATANIC designs and desires for Mankind via their ‘angelic contacts’ via ANY manner or form of “sorcery” or “divination” or “the occult” – to include the Zohar – the LORD of CREATION and the LORD of Human History uses ALL that they conjure up and implement to STILL see to it that His Divine Will gets DONE down here on this planet earth of ours.

    It surely seems that the OUTCOME of all that is currently transpiring in (and virtually out of the control, input or influence of those in the ‘rank and file’ of the masses of the Human Race) our World of 2009 Anno Domini and in/amongst the ‘World Leaders’ and amongst the nations is STILL CENTERED ON seeing to it that the Bishops of His Catholic Church getting the entire World to publicly recognize and honor HIS OWN MOTHER via the Collegial Consecration of Russia to her Immaculately Loving Heart per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Apparition’s Messages and Instructions.

    Com’on now – just exactly ‘WHO?’ amongst the ‘Great High and Mighty Grand Pooh Bah Elites’ of our contemporary World pays ANY attention to what we share here on RZN?

    They couldn’t care less!

    So, we’ll see what happens with RUSSIA and our contemporary World’s very sad geopolitical situation as the LORD OF HISTORY does His Divine Things as Human History progresses.

    “The Prepartion of Russia…For What?”

    ALL OF US have a ‘Front Row Seat’ to see God’s Divine Will and His Divine Powers at work and working WITH what we human beings HAVE DONE to our World these past 100 years via following the instructions of the satanic ‘angelics’.

    – Fr. Joseph

  90. Fr. Joseph November 11, 2009 @ 5:17 pm

    Last year, I wrote Russia’ President Medvedev informing him that if he would or could “order” the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church to ready the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church’s Ecclesiastical Hierarchy in ASSISTING the Pope, the Bishop of ROME, to REMOVE the many obstacles that are PROHIBITING the Bishops of the WESTERN Latin Church from performing a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of Christ Jesus’ Own Mother – the Most Holy Theotokos – that her DIVINE SON Who Is King of kings and Lord of lords would see to it Himself that our entire World would be granted PEACE!

    After ALL that the people of the nation of RUSSIA have had to suffer under the SATANIC whims and designs of Jewish Bolshevism, Masonry, Communism, etc. – even up to this very day – I thought perhaps Medvedev, Putin and the Patriach of the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church would entertain the idea of ACCEPTING the Divine Spiritual Maternal Blessings, Help, Assistance, Power and Grace that THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 so longingly desired/desires TO GIVE her spiritual children ‘in the East’!

    Apparently, this 900 year stiff necked and hard headed SCHISM between the EASTERN and the WESTERN Church is something many people ‘in the East’ what to go on and on and on!

    For those of you of the EASTERN Church, whether Catholic, Eastern or Oriental Orthodox, here are some written thoughts by one VERY RUSSIAN and VERY CHRISTIAN writers and thinkers of the 1800’s. His name is

    VLADIMIR SOLOVIEV – Excerpts from


    Reading what he writes from his very RUSSIAN and very CHRISTIAN heart and mind simply brings TEARS to my eyes.

    We in the WESTERN Church are getting our ‘teeth kicked in’ by Satan, his elementals and his seen human stooges, dupes and allies.

    Why don’t you of the Eastern Church simply ASK the Pope, the Bishop of Rome, to ‘GO AHEAD!’ with the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculately Loving Heart per her 1917 A.D. Fatima, Portugal Apparitions and Instructions?

    The Satanists want to get us of the Western Church and Eastern Church and all of Mankind embroiled in a thermonuclear Third World War.

    We of the Western Church and Eastern Church bring to the forefront THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 with a PUBLIC and SOLEMN Worldwide/Global ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of just exactly who the Mother of God IS – the Woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 – with that public and solemn Collegial Consecration in order TO CRUSH Satan’s head once and for all – or we let our Lord’s ENEMIES ruin and wreck ALL that He came to our planet earth in/with OUR human natures in order to ESTABLISH and BUILD!

    – Fr. Joseph

  91. jgalindes November 12, 2009 @ 7:13 am

    Dear Father Joseph,

    If those ‘rumors’ were true, as we read below, it doesn’t help that much to write and ask Mr.Medvedev as follows:

    “if he would or could “order” the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church to ready the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church’s Ecclesiastical Hierarchy in ASSISTING the Pope, the Bishop of ROME, to REMOVE the many obstacles that are PROHIBITING the Bishops of the WESTERN Latin Church from performing a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA”.

    Everybody say he is a Russian Orthodox…

  92. Fr. Joseph November 12, 2009 @ 8:57 am

    Dear Juan,

    It is the SECULAR Leaders of the SECULARIZED nations and states of our World that have THEIR secularized fingers on the Launch Buttons and who have legions of SECULARIZED able bodies who need a PAYCHECK in and applying to their respective nation’s Armed Forces.

    Truth to tell Medvedev and Putin can belong to the SAME MASONIC LODGE that our US Government officials – and all of them can go right ahead ‘blowing bubbles’ if they want to in their Temples for all I care – but it is THE LORD Who entrusted His Flock here on earth and the Divine Mission of HIS Church to the Apostles and their successors.

    The Patriarchs of the Russian, Serbian, Greek, Syrian, Coptic Orthodox Churchs can ALL just pretend their own personal nation’s SECULAR leaders are but PEASANT FARMERS and go RIGHT AHEAD contacting and working with the Bishop of Rome to effect the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart.

    And THE BISHOPS of the Church ‘The World Over’ then can show these SECULARIZED World Leaders holed up in the Masonic Temples or chanting the Zohar litanies just exactly ‘WHO WEILDS THE REAL & ABSOLUTE POWER’ here on and over this planet earth of His creating and sustaining.

    So even if Medvedev is actually JEWISH, who really cares?

    JEWISH rejection of Christ Jesus in no way, manner, shape or form ALTERS THE ETERNAL FACT that He is God Incarnate Himself!

    But if THE BISHOPS of His Church are the ones who are rejecting Jesus Christ and His Divinity and what He wants done ‘down here on earth’ – then all of us members of the Human Race, Christian or not, have “A Problem” – a HUGE & INSURMOUNTABLE PROBLEM!

    All of us then are ‘Between A Rock and a Hard Place’! And that INCLUDES every last Jew in and all across this World of ours!

    – Fr. Joseph

  93. Fr. Joseph November 12, 2009 @ 5:14 pm

    From but a brief moment, I’d like ALL of you – Christian or not – to consider the ‘SECULAR State’.

    In Egpyt, do the SECULAR teachers and the SECULARIZED populace have to get PERMISSION from their SECULAR Egpytian state to exam, marverl over, ponder, study the historical evidence of the PYRAMIDS?

    In France, do the SECULAR teachers and the SECULARIZED populace have to get PERMISSION from the SECULAR French state to exam, marvel over, ponder, study the historical evidence of the EIFFEL TOWER?

    In China, do the SECULAR teachers and the SECULARIZED populuace have to get PERMISSION from the SECULAR Chinese state to exam, marvel over, ponder, study the historical evidence of their GREAT WALL?

    Here in the United States of America, do the SECULAR teachers and the SECULARIZED populace have to get PERMISSION from the SECULAR U.S. Government to exam, marvel over, ponder, study and historical event the entire World now knows a ‘The 9-11-2001 Terrorist Attacks on the NYC Twin Towers and the Pentagon’?

    CHRISTIANITY is the result of a HISTORICAL event. The BIRTH of Jesus Who it is eventually revealed to be GOD INCARNATE!

    In New York City Mayor BLOOMBERG and all the New York City Borough President and all of the members of New York City’s City Government and all of hte New York City’s Police, Firemen, News Repoters, Newspaper Owners and Editors and ALL of the residents and citizens of New York City wish to continue in their DENIAL that “9-11-2001” was an INSIDE JOB pulled off in order to get ALL OF US, the rest of the body politic of US citizens in ALL fifty US States – that is about the EQUIVALENT of the everyone in New York City DENYING that God Himself took on our human nature 2,000 years ago in the Divine Person of Jesus, THE CHRIST, who the JEWS utterly reject, insult, impugn, mock and despise.

    – Fr. Joseph

  94. Fr. Joseph November 12, 2009 @ 5:31 pm

    Do the BISHOPS of His Church here on earth need to get ‘PERMISSION’ from their particular SECULARIZED State to publicly comment on PYRAMIDS, EIFFEL TOWERS or the GREAT WALL?

    Do the BISHOPS of His Church here on earth need to get ‘PERMISSION’ from the SECULARIZED state to discuss such things as the CONSTITUTION OF the United States of America and just exactly ‘Who?’ that same Constitution gives the power to CONTROL THE MONEY here in these 50 sovereign States of the U.S.A.?

    And does the BISHOP OF ROME have to get ‘Permission’ from any and all of the SECULARIZED States in our contemporary World to tell them all about the Apparitions of the Mother of Christ Jesus, God Incarnate, that occured back in 1917 A.D. Fatima, Portugal?

    And does the BISHOP OF ROME have to get ‘Permission’ from any and all of the SECULARIZED States in our contemporary World in ordering the Bishops of the Catholic Church to perform a RELIGIOUS BLESSING of the nation and peoples of RUSSIA in the form of a public, solemn, worldwide Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart?

    Well, DO THE BISHOPS of His Church here on earth have to obtain such ‘PERMISSIONS’ from any and/or all SECULAR States in our World of 2009 Anno Domini?

    Yes or No!

    – Fr. Joseph

  95. miranda November 15, 2009 @ 10:08 am

    And as early as 1999, Kay Gribbs stated that through her prominent military spouse, she learned that the US Military cares more about Israel, than they do the citizens of the USA. (Top General Jones has stated that he takes his orders from the Jew, Kissinger, still.)

    You can check out her website.

    All should contribute to Brother Nate. I do.

  96. jonah November 16, 2009 @ 6:05 pm

    Its OK.

    Give them the White House.

    They have ONLY the Lake of Fire at the Judgement. You’re going DOWN Int’l Rothschild Jewry- you have MY WORD.


    California USA

  97. Hoff November 17, 2009 @ 7:20 am

    The headline for this article is: How the Jews took White House.

    How the jews did it was they lied. The jews are communinsts almost to the last man and women. How the Hew-communists took over Russia in 1917 was that the Jews told the (m)asses any crap to get the stupid (m)asses to help the Jews take control of the Russian state.

    The very same Jews, now calling themself Zionist-Jews did just the same scam in America 2oo9, promising anything to get the stupid American (m)asses to help the Jews taking control of the American state. Here is how they did it.

    “Obama Promise To End The War, 2007 – “You Can Take That To The Bank” — Short video

  98. massi December 7, 2009 @ 10:57 pm

    When I read the posts of 2nd amendment worshipers I have to respond. The proverbial “pry it from my dead fingers” was invented by the Jew. That’s right. They don’t care that “you have your gun”. It’s a psy-op!

    When the right to bear arms was inserted in the body of law, it wasn’t put there just so you could own a gun. It was put there so you could defend against enemies foreign and domestic.

    I could spend HOURS enumerating all the occasions when YOU should have used your gun. And you didn’t! and THEY know it. And if you didn’t use it then, you ain’t gonna use it WHEN!

    As for Oath Keepers it isn’t the orders that they “won’t obey” that ‘marks’ them, it’s the orders they “will obey”: they’re a red herring-sickening b.s.

  99. paschn September 1, 2010 @ 9:53 pm


    Every time I feel as though I’m the only vet that sees the evil the “Renfield Class” has done in handing over this Christian nation to the Synagogue of Satan…

    Every time I feel alone and want to just say the hell with it…

    I come to this site and read the posts and I don’t feel so damn alone.

  100. David September 3, 2010 @ 2:49 am

    The Democratic party is now run by Wall street Jewish people.

    The Republican party is run by the neocon Jewish people.

    the end result is that Americans are ruled by the Jewish people.

    Woe to the American people now.

    Faced with voting for anything other than Democrat or Republican is now mandatory for survival in USA. For they want everything you own there is nothing you own that they do not covet.

    Their strangle hold over America now complete, only demise will be the result. Demise of morality to the demise of charity. All is now lost should the people not reject both failed parties. The future will be bleak.

  101. Patrick Downey February 1, 2011 @ 2:18 pm


    Geithner Funding Georgian Mafia

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