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Thought Crime Revue 2022

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Thought Crime Revue 2022
January 22 2022

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Brother Nathanael @ January 22, 2022


  1. Brother Nathanael January 22, 2022 @ 8:46 pm


    Thought Crime Revue 2022

    Retract, recant, recede or lose your reach.

    That’s the cancel culture muck we’re in that won’t retreat.

    In just recent cancellish days, a huge list of fake ‘doctors’—overblown with Jewish highbrows—urged Spotify to stop the ‘thought crimes’ of Dr Malone—the inventor of mRNA jabs—for airing the risks of gene therapy shots.

    Bank on it.

    ‘Misinfo’ always accrues from Jew accusers.

    The con came on the heels of Twitter and YouTube banning Dr Malone for voicing opposition to Big Bro’s Covid narrative.

    Joe Rogan premiered the experience on Spotify. [Clip]

    [”Now, when the pandemic broke out, previous to that, you’re kind of thought of as a heretic now in some strange way.” “Pariah.” “Yeah, pariah is probably a better word. And the fact that you’ve been banned from Twitter, it’s very confusing because I’ve been following your tweets, and I’ve been reading all the things you’ve written, and I don’t understand how it justifies a ban. And I don’t know what was the particular tweet. Did they tell you what the particular tweet was or what the offense was?” “They never tell you.” “They never told you? “They never tell anybody.”]

    Minutes before the ban—(he was on Twitterstein’s radar)—Malone tweeted an excerpt from a damning review from the “Canadian Covid Care Alliance.” [Clip]

    [”The Pfizer inoculations for Covid-19 and why they do more harm than good.”]

    That’s the tweet that nailed him.

    Thousands then surfed the Alliance site and heard this: [Clip]

    [”Let’s remember that drug manufacturers are required to have these trials to prove safety and efficacy. But in the case of this Pfizer trial positive Covid cases was the wrong clinical end point as it should have been illness and death. And not only did Pfizer fail to prove safety it actually proved harm.”]

    Proved harm?

    Those “extraordinarily successful ‘vacceeeenes,’” as Fauci screams, causes harm?

    Can’t be.

    Larry Fink’s the head of Pfizer, he’s a Jew, and Jews always tell the truth, don’t they?

    Back to Rogan. [Clip]

    [”They removed you for not going along with whatever the tech narrative is because tech clearly has a censorship agenda when it comes to Covid in terms of treatment, in terms of whether or not you are promoting what they would call vaccine hesitancy, they can ban you for that. They can ban you in their eyes, what they think is a justifiable offense, and they’re doing this. And I don’t know who these people are that are doing this.”]

    I do, they’re Jews, Jews who lead the censorship team at JewTube and Twitterstein.

    JewTube CEO Susan Wojcicki—before and after her ‘JAP’ nose job—VP Matt Halprin, and content czarina, Susanne Lieberstein Daniels, head up the Jewish gag team.

    On Twitterstein, Jew owner Paul Singer, Jew CFO Ned Segal, and Jew fagella perv, Yoel Roth, head of ’site integrity,’ strap on the Jewish muzzle wrap.

    Did Rand Paul also stage a thought crime?

    He’s wondering if JewTube will “kiss his ass” for banning him.

    From where I stand, that means Wojcicki, Halprin, and Lieberstein, will be slurping Rand’s molasses.

    What about Kamala?

    Is she a thought crime queen?

    If saying that Biden is the true president after the glaring fake election, then I gander she is. [Clip]

    [”You know, we need you to be the superhero to save democracy. Somebody has to push back on Joe Manchin. That guy is stopping progress. He’s ruining democracy. Who’s going to be the superhero that will speak against Joe Manchin? I want to know who the real president of this country is? Is it Joe Biden or Joe Manchin?” “I’m sorry, it’s Symone. I’m so sorry Charlamagne, we have to wrap.” “She can hear me. Can you hear me now Vice President?” “Sorry to interrupt” “They’re acting like they can’t hear me.” “I can hear you.” “So who’s the real president of this country? Is it Joe Manchin or Joe Biden?”]


    Trump’s the real president whose throat was cut by bogus mail-in votes. [Clip]

    [”So who’s the real president of this country? Is it Joe Manchin or Joe Biden, Madam Vice-President?” “C’mon Charlemagne. It’s Joe Biden. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. It’s Joe Biden, and don’t start talking like a Republican about asking whether or not he’s president.”]

    Yeah, she knows she’s not legit. [Clip]

    [”Do you think Joe Manchin is a problem?” “It’s Joe Biden. And it’s Joe Biden, and it’s Joe Biden, and I’m Vice President, and my name is Kamala Harris. And the reality is because we are in office we do things that are about saying that our Department of Justice is going to do these investigations.”]


    The Jew, Merrick Garland, head of the DOJ, whose doing these investigations.

    Going after Trump voters, and Christian moms and dads who don’t want perversion, porn, gayism, trannyism, and CRT taught in their public schools.

    Garland’s the thought crime artist par excellence.

    Garland just launched a special spy unit to purge “domestic extremists,” that is, Trump voters, and those very same parents who speak up for their Christian children. [Clip]

    [”Adhering to the Department’s long-standing norms is essential to our work in defending our democracy, particularly at a time when we are confronting a rise in violence and unlawful threats of violence in our shared public spaces.”]

    The Jew must be talking about lootings, car-jackings, train robberies, murders in fast food stores and places, and all those smash-and-grabs.

    He’s not.

    He’s after your moms and dads. [Clip]

    [”Across the country, election officials and election workers, airline flight crews, school personnel, journalists, local elected officials, US Senators and Representatives, and judges, prosecutors, and police officers have been threatened and or attacked. These are our fellow citizens who administer our elections, ensure our safe travel, teach our children.”]

    You wanna vomit just looking at this hideous Jew.

    Anywho, did Wolf Blitzer carp to Garland that he’s been receiving ‘anti-Semitic’ slurs, that is, since Garland cites journos under attack?

    Get out the swat teams, the special units, and rid the country quick of these Antisemitic extremists.

    This, my friends, is my Thought Crime Revue for 2022.

    Face it.

    We’re living in a Jewish world and we’re screwed.

  2. Brother Nathanael January 22, 2022 @ 8:46 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael January 22, 2022 @ 8:47 pm

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  4. jim January 22, 2022 @ 9:43 pm

    You are totally correct with your assessment that the J$ws are behind the Covid death jabs, but something completely confuses me.

    The biggest fans in the US for getting this poison put into their bodies are guess who?

    How is it that the most forcibly death jabbed country on Earth is Israhell?

    This seriously makes me believe that the J$ws are some sick suicidal death cult, and not just some narcissistic, blood sucking parasites.

  5. Friendly Neighborhood Pestilence January 22, 2022 @ 9:52 pm

    Emotional thinking cannot comprehend logic, the light shines in the darkness and it cannot comphrehend it.

    The emotional thinkers are controlled by the unholy spirit of emotion, which also gives them the fear to disarm and silence all critics, as every control freak unconsciously knows that in the end the person they try to mind control will eventually rise up against them.

    We are hardly living in bleak times; but are on the edge of a great revival which the sleeping bear will bring once it is poked enough times.

  6. benzion kook January 22, 2022 @ 9:54 pm

    Fraudulent elections, fraudulent lockdowns, fraudulent SARS 2, fraudulent injections, fraudulent Gov’t (12 Jews and 1 black), fraudulent propaganda organs, fraudulent wars.

    “They are as their father before them, liars and murderers. There is no truth in them.” – Jesus the Christ according to John.

  7. Ft. Nolan January 23, 2022 @ 12:29 am

    To paraphrase Ezra Pound: “A democracy is a country run by zionists [Jews].”

    My hope is that “democracy” is threatened in these United States. We are supposed to be a REPUBLIC!

  8. Frog Woman January 23, 2022 @ 9:37 am

    @Brother Nathanael

    Your best work yet. Just keeps getting better and better.

    Thanks & kudos

  9. KathJuliane January 23, 2022 @ 3:38 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Wow! Dynamite Video! One of your best yet.

    The landscape is just glorious. Editing and graphics were superb, the video clips hit all the high notes of your hilarious Thought Crime Review.

    It moved at a great pace. I didn’t realize it was over 7 minutes long until I finished it.

    We’re living in a Jewish world, indeed. It’s hard work to constantly expel them from living in my head.

    This is a great read instructing us about one the Jews’ myriad NGOs infesting America with way too much influence on domestic and foreign policy, The Counter Extremism Project.


    Interview with Simon Lindberg – One of the world’s most dangerous anti-Zionists

    BY EDITORIAL STAFF – January 23, 2022

    INTERVIEW. Simon Lindberg has once again been labelled one of the world’s most dangerous men. In this interview with Victor Johansson, he talks about this latest hit piece and its purpose.

    Q-Would you say you are dangerous, and if so, in what way?

    I am of course not dangerous in any way to my fellow human beings, society or people in general. On the other hand, I know that I am very dangerous to the prevailing hostile system, and that’s how I want it to be.

    This may not be the case here and now today, but given the potential the Nordic Resistance Movement has to challenge the self-appointed elite for power in the future – then, in that regard, they rightly see me as a threat.

    Q-This list was compiled by an organisation calling itself the Counter Extremism Project. Do you know what kind of organisation this is and what their ideological views and aims are?

    It is an American-based lobby group, a so-called NGO, which – according to its own statements – works to put pressure on financial support networks, prevent internet recruitment and attempts to bring about tougher laws against “extremists”.

    Its CEO, Mark Wallace, is also the CEO of another lobby group that works specifically against Iran. Their biggest known financial backer is the Jewish ultra-capitalist Thomas Kaplan.

    In other words, it can be seen as one of many American lobby groups that openly and blatantly work for Jewish interests.

    Q-What do you think about the terms “extremism” and “terrorism” and the way the system uses them?

    “Extremism” has been a classic example of 1984 vocabulary for a long time, but even more so in recent years. The establishment uses it as a catch-all term for everyone they view with hostility.

    However, it is correct that we are extremists if the word implies that we are extreme when compared to the system of today – as we are its polar opposite.

    If, on the other hand, we consider what true extreme politics are in relation to how nature made us, then it is the members of the system who are the true extremists. They actively work to destroy the Nordic people – can it get more extreme than that?

    Until fairly recently, “terrorism” has been a more consistent term, implying someone who uses extreme force against society or the public with the intent of causing fear. However, this word is now being watered down as well, especially if they call someone like me a terrorist. The Nordic Resistance Movement could be described as extremists, but we are in no way terrorists.

    Q-Among those included in the list are a strange mix of Muslims, White nationalists, Jihadists, counter-Jihadists and even state representatives of certain countries in the Middle East. Do all these people really have something in common?

    A common denominator for most of them – or maybe all of them, depending on how you look at it – is that they oppose Jewish interests. Like me, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban and others work to varying degrees against the Jewish power structure that controls most of the world today.

    The counter-jihadists are a bit harder to place, and it is here that the Jewish question becomes a little more complex.

    Some globalists, like George Soros, are openly hostile towards Zionism and Israel, but they still work very clearly for Jewish racist interests. The aim of globalism is to dissolve all borders and mix the races of the world together – and for this goal, the Israel-loving counter-jihadists may also be seen as threat.

    Q-The people who compiled this list seem to be pathetically incompetent – partly because of all the factual errors about the Resistance Movement, but mostly because they stated that your date of birth is unknown, even though personal information like that is freely available in Sweden. Despite all this, do you think there is an intelligent motive behind the compilation of this list?

    I think they know exactly what they are doing and have a well-conceived purpose; however, they probably did not spend a lot of time on the report. Instead, they almost certainly relied on what various so-called experts have written, and possibly even what Wikipedia and other sites present as facts.

    It may also be the case that “not knowing” my age will help them get away with other lies about me if they are confronted about them in the future.

    Q-Do you think this is a genuine list of the people the Jews fear the most, or is it an attempt to link White nationalists to terrorism? Or maybe it has some other purpose?

    It is difficult to say with certainty, and the answer to this question will no doubt differ depending on which Jew you ask, but at any rate, they clearly fear everyone on the list to some degree, with the possible exception of those who may be controlled opposition.

    It is also interesting to consider who could be subjected to the most repression due to being on the list. People like Hassan Nasrallah, Hossein Salami, Ismail Haniyeh and others are so far removed from Western society and are likely already on so many watch lists that being on such a list is completely irrelevant to them.

    They probably do not even know, or will ever know, that they are on it or that it even exists.

    On the other hand, for people like me and Rob Rundo, who still lead relatively normal lives, there could be more serious consequences.

    Q-What kind of consequences are you referring to?

    Last year, when I was on this list and the media in Sweden were making a big deal out of it, it led to me losing my job. It could also cause me problems when travelling across national borders in the future.

    Had I not already been banned by all the mainstream social media sites in the Western world, it could have caused issues there as well, and so on.

    Q-Who do you think are the most dangerous people in the world?

    Oh, that’s a difficult question and definitely a task for Nordfront or some other suitable publication to write about in the future. There may be more dangerous people that I cannot think of right now, but the below five are at least extremely dangerous to the planet, environment and humanity due to their power within various areas:

    1. George Soros
    2. Jacob Rothschild
    3. Mark Zuckerberg
    4. Jeff Bezos
    5. Joe Biden

    Q-The list includes men such as the commander-in-chief of Iran’s elite forces, as well as leaders of other anti-Zionist militia groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. You are featured alongside these men even though the Nordic Resistance Movement has no warheads or power over any geographical area. What do we have instead that makes the Zionist world order fear us just as much as armed groups and governments?

    Our main weapon is our National Socialist worldview and our members who fight fanatically for it. In all honesty, they probably do not fear us that much as things stand right now, but they are terrified of the potential which they know exists within National Socialism, and that we – as a clearly revolutionary movement with a lot of experience and a stable core – have a good chance of presenting a serious challenge to them one day.

    If we had more actual power today, I am fully convinced that I would have ranked above the various Muslim anti-Zionists.

    Q-You were in 16th place on last year’s list, but now you have dropped a place to 17th. Do you hope for an improvement next year?

    Yes, that is terrible – I blame the Taliban for seizing power, which meant they got two names on the list. Ha, ha. But in truth, I’m not really bothered. It’s encouraging to have proof that the rulers of the world fear me, although I knew that already without them needing to confirm it.

    The day they no longer fear me will only come when I am dead or when the Nordic Resistance Movement controls the Nordic lands as a part of a new world order of strong, free nations that have broken free from the grip of the globalists!

  10. ROBERT SS January 23, 2022 @ 3:50 pm


  11. KathJuliane January 23, 2022 @ 4:12 pm

    Off-Guardian (UK)

    Our successor to This Week in the Guardian, This Week in the New Normal is our weekly chart of the progress of autocracy, authoritarianism and economic restructuring around the world.


    We’ve covered the increasing demonisation of the “anti-vaxxers” regularly for over a year now. Ever since Joe Biden announced his new “domestic terrorism bill”, it was obvious that “Anti-vaxxers” were going to be re-branded as some kind of violent threat to democracy (and they were).

    Now it’s happening in the UK too, with a story being published warning that “anti-vaxxers” are becoming more militant and there are fears they will “evolve towards US-style militias”, according to the Guardian.

    The article references nameless “counter terrorism” officials and anonymous “Whitehall sources”, who warn that…

    Latest intelligence assessments describe the anti-vaxxer movement as ostensibly a conveyor belt, delivering fresh recruits to extremist groups, including racially and ethnically motivated violent extremist organisations.

    So there you have it, being anti-Covid “vaccines” is a gateway protest. Before you know it you’ll be shaving your head and sieg hieling all over the place.

    Absolutely pathetic propaganda, and hopefully not an early warning sign of legislation to come.

  12. Dan January 23, 2022 @ 4:48 pm

    I challenge Joe Rogan Experience to host Brother Nathanael.

    That would be one informative and censored show.

  13. Novus Ordo Seclorum January 23, 2022 @ 5:21 pm


    You really nailed down the most pressing Covid-19 question that I am still trying to answer.

    1. I can scientifically prove why C-19 transgenic injections CANNOT work the way they’re designed today and I’ve posted my findings on Substack and a former Pfizer Vice President endorsed my explanation.

    2. I’ve gone through the patents behind the C-19 bio-weapons (virus design and nano-sensor inserts)

    3. I’ve posted the 2010 Rockfeller/Rothschild plan that proves that it’s a scamdemic on this board. This is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia scam of the century.

    4. And as you can see here

    Israel’s infection rate per million is 10X the maximum infection rate that they had in 2020 when there were no transgenic injections – call them “vaccines” if you wish but they are NOT vaccines.

    5. My manager is a US jew and he got vaccinated in December 2020 without asking the injections’ safety scorecards from Pfizer or the CDC/FDA.

    6. Gene therapy is new and there are no long term side effects documented anywhere even if you ask Murderna/Schizer

    So, scientifically speaking I cannot explain Jews’ behavior as far as C-19 transgenic injections are concerned. Maybe there is something cultural behind their behavior that I don’t understand or can’t understand. But that’s on my TODO list and one day I’ll be able to understand what’s going on.

  14. Pierre January 23, 2022 @ 5:26 pm

    I think it was Paul Craig Roberts, around 5 years ago, when debating about ‘the jews’ was asked if he supported Israel as a Jewish state, said yes, and I think all the (non patriotic?) jews should go there and stop judaising my country.

    I think he meant screwing his country (and the world).

    It’s what they do and they always think (or don’t think at all) that there are no consequences. As Zimmerman/Dylan sang, Don’t think twice, it’s alright. (Always double meanings like H Ford noticed at plays a hundred years ago).

    Give him an inch of Swab and he will shove the Pole (Ashkenazi) right up your nose until your eyes pop out. Then the spiritually blind shall inherit the earth (or so they think).

    Give him a flatten the curve and, well we see it again.

    They seem to only understand violence.

    Wait till the soccer mums wake up (if they will) when the games are over and the kids are dead or bedridden.

  15. Novus Ordo Seclorum January 23, 2022 @ 7:08 pm

    @ +BN

    Could you please comment on this? Has the Rothschild Kazharian Mafia (RKM) finally taken over 1.3+ Billion Catholics by bribing their pope?

    “Rothschild Investment Group Partners With Vatican To Rebrand Communism As ‘Inclusive Capitalism’”:

  16. Nicholas Landholdt January 23, 2022 @ 9:33 pm


    Joe Rogan is another “conservative” talking head who has the Fear of the Jews Syndrome.

  17. Ted Gorsline January 24, 2022 @ 1:12 am


    I read some place on the internet that Joe Rogan is part Jew.

    Not sue if its true. But if he really is Joe the Jew, I doubt that Bro Nat would ever get on his show.

  18. Eric January 24, 2022 @ 2:09 am

    Once the Jew creates the Golem, he can step back and let events take their natural course. I think that’s what has happened.

    Yes, Jews are prominent in the Covid scam — just as they are prominent in everything else — but they can now fade into the background if they so choose. The scam has taken on a life of its own.

    Now we will see what God does. Ireland and the UK lifting restrictions might just be another case of “We’ll let up a bit, and then crack down again.” But maybe not…

  19. Eric January 24, 2022 @ 2:32 am

    I checked out Worldometers dot info/coronavirus, which keeps up-to-date statistics on “Covid deaths” around the world.

    As of about January 22, 2022, the U.S. had about 2600 deaths per million population.

    Then I checked countries in sub-Saharan Africa where hydroxychloroquine is commonly taken to prevent malaria, and countries such as Japan and India where ivermectin has been widely used.

    The average deaths per million in all of those countries is about 120.

    So, a supposedly advanced country like the U.S. has about 20 times as many deaths as mostly Third World countries.

    Of course, this isn’t covered in the lamestream media, and when I tried to comment on it, I was censored.

    Another tidbit: Dr. Michael Yeadon, retired (3 years ago) Pfizer Chief Scientist, believes that 0.5% of vaccines are “kill shots”.

    Most are just saline solution (with no expiration dates, unlike the kill shots), and some are nasty (with expiration dates) but not immediately lethal. He believes the kill shots are disproportionately being distributed to red states or red regions of blue states.

    Such disparities fit with what we are now seeing: “vaxxed” major league ballplayers, politicians and celebrities in the U.S. doing just fine, but vaxxed soccer players in other countries and vaxxed high school athletes in the U.S. dropping dead left and right.

    It makes sense that they wouldn’t kill everyone all at once. They intend to do it little by little to accomplish their depopulation agenda.

    And they have other backup methods: starvation (a favorite of communists) through supply chain disruptions, possible false flag EMP attack, drought and other environmental catastrophes caused by geo-engineering (HAARP, chemtrails, GMO “foods”) and the like.

  20. JIM. DEAN January 24, 2022 @ 3:41 am

    Where are all the “Nice Jews”?

    Why aren’t all the Jewish lawyers, school teachers, doctors, athletes, actors, writers, etc, etc, speaking out on how the Jews are ruining our society?

    By keeping quiet they are hurting themselves the most.

  21. The Great Deception January 24, 2022 @ 3:55 am

    Anyone who still lives under the spell that our heritage is “Judaeo Christian”, or that Jews are “our elders in the faith”or the “people of the Book” etc. will soon lose such illusions once they read Elizabeth Dilling book “The plot against Christianity”

    In a nutshell Modern day Judaism is nothing but Phariseeism (Dilling calls it “ Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism”) based on the Cabala and the Talmud which in turn are nothing but pantheism, witchcraft rituals, hateful and anti-social teachings (especially against Christ and his followers) and endless rules based on silly debates dressed up as the wisdom of the Sages.

    Modern day Jews have next to no connection with the OT teachings (and therefore Christianity) with the exception of a tiny insignificant group (two out of every thousand religious Jews) called Kairites who follow OT teachings and who were favored by the Tsar but who are persecuted by the Talmudists.

    So how did this happen? A brief summary

    Of the original 12 tribes, 10 were taken to Assyria in (approx) 721BC (and then disappear forever) with the 2 remaining tribes being exiled to Babylon in (approx) 600BC (and returning to Israel 70 years later)

    The Talmud rose to prominence during the Babylonian exile.

    The Talmud’s foundation is alleged to be oral teachings given to Moses on Mt Sinai (no record of this in the Bible) which was passed down orally from generation to generation until it was finally codified in writing and expanded to include the teachings of Sages.

    The Cabala (and its Zohar) which its adherents describe as mysticism (i.e. witchcraft) comes out of the Talmud

    In Jesus time there were 3 streams of Judaism—the Saducees, the Pharisees and those who followed OT teachings (of which Jesus was one).

    All Jesus’ disputes with the Pharisees are basically disputes with people who are replacing OT teachings with Talmudic principles

    The Sadducees have disappeared, the Pharisees and their Talmud rose to complete dominance, and those who followed OT teachings likely became Christians.

    Also the word Jew did not exist until the 17th century. When the word is used in the OT its correct translation is Judahite (or member of the tribe of Judah) whereas in the NT its correct translation is citizen of Judea.

    So you may need to re-intrepret a number of scriptures based on this liniguistic realization

    Modern day Judaism is a truly dark religion with which we have nothing in common and its time for churches to open their eyes and reject the propaganda.

  22. The Englishman January 24, 2022 @ 1:29 pm

    Just watched Sky news, yet another wide-mouthed Yenta, one Evelyn Farkas, mouthing off “how we need to do more, more air defense at the strategic level Iron Dome, Patriot and Maritime. Nations boundaries must remain sacrosanct.”

    Bitch, err… like the Golan, Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, Iraq, etc etc etc.

    Russia will do what Russia has to do.

  23. KathJuliane January 24, 2022 @ 2:47 pm

    I know who and why is putting Yenta Farkas front and center.

    She is currently President of Farkas Global Strategies. She was previously a Senior Fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the Atlantic Council and a National Security Contributor for NBC/MSNBC.

    Yenta Evelyn Farkas is the national security darling of the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) and their schemes for Tikkun Olam. She joined one of their Zoom conferences last August concerning Afghanistan, for example.

    Farkas is a 51-year-old Democrat Jew who served in the Department of Defense during the Obama Administration as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia. A “respected Russian expert” she also advised then (and still humanitarian intervention war-hawk) Senator Hillary Clinton.

    JDCA kicked off their political campaign for the 2022 mid-term elections for various Senate and Representative seats coming up for grabs in this coming November elections.

    JDCA is the woke, progressive, totally Zionist, “military humanitarian intervention” wing of American Jewry (who are really Democrat war-hawks like Neocons, just don’t call them that) and “is the political home of Jewish Democrats & the only national org combining Jewish values advocacy with a Democratic political agenda”.

    See Platform here

    The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) actively promotes policy consistent with socially progressive, pro-Israel, Jewish community values.

    Jewish Dems energizes the Jewish electorate to engage in the electoral and legislative processes, and maintains a commitment to positive change through information sharing, issue advocacy, rapid response and research, messaging, briefings, and other events and activities to increase Jewish community engagement in policy and support elected-officials and candidates who share our values.

    From their About page:

    “The Jewish Democratic Council of America advocates for domestic and foreign policy positions aligned with its platform, which reflects values such as social equality, justice, Tikkun Olam (healing the world), and a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. The Jewish Dems is led by a national board representing Jewish community leaders from across the country.

    Time and time again we’ve seen that in close races, the Jewish vote can deliver candidates to victory. Just as it did in the 2020 presidential and Senate elections, in 2022, JDCA will play a critical role by endorsing candidates who share our Jewish and Democratic values and mobilizing Jewish voters where it can impact the outcome of close elections.”

    Bla bla bla. Oy veh!

    Maybe Farkas is going to try running for Congress again like she did in 2019.

    She was also one of the biggest megaphones on MSM spouting the lies and fables Russia’s (non-existent) 2016 election interference, and publicly smeared Trump’s (non-existent) ties to Putin.

    ‘Evelyn Farkas was forced to admit under oath before Congress that despite what she claimed on MSNBC, she never had evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.’

    There’s plenty of diversity on the JDCA’s board of directors, though.

    Looks like Ashkenazi Jews, Sephardic Jews, Anglo-American & European Jews, Mizrahi Jews, and dang, if it doesn’t look like some are Irish Jews. Farkas is a Hungarian Jew.

  24. KathJuliane January 24, 2022 @ 4:04 pm

    Dear RJN family,

    I’ve gone round and round with just what is going on with Israel and the clotshots shots.

    From the start, the Israeli government and Pfizer worked out a deal that Pfizer and their “miracle” jab would be the exclusive pharmaceutical company that Tel Aviv would deal with for clotshot distribution.

    Tel Aviv, the capital of a national security state called Israel with a highly centralized and computerized health care system, could very efficiently mobilize for the mass inoculations.

    In return, presumably for free shots, but I don’t know because most of the Pfizer contracts with various governments are secret.

    As part of the deal, Tel Aviv agreed to turn over all medical data to Pfizer and keep it updated of anyone who got the Pfizer clotshots.

    All of which turned Israeli Jews and the minority of ’48 Palestinians in Israeli territory into a national experimental plantation for Pfizer (as in a humungous petri dish), run by the Zionist government as the front for Dr. of Veterinary Medicine, Alfred Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, and the millions of corporate shareholders Bourla tries to keep happy.

    After listening to this interview on UnHerd however, I think the bottom line is that Israel, for all of their boasting of their extremely high intelligence and pioneer tech innovations, with delusions of their own glory in their dreams of the Jewish state saving the world (Tikkun Olam!), stupidly scored an own goal in their deal with Pfizer.

    Caught in their own hubris, the Israeli government actually believed Pfizer’s early research lies, even though Prof. Cohen denied that there was any Jewish chutzpah involved. It’s weird watching a Jew forced to eat crow behind his immunology jargon.

    Anyway, the only conclusion I can make that makes any sort of sense is the “own goal” thing.

    Israeli vaccine chief: “We have made mistakes”

    Vaccine Chief, Professor Cyrill Cohen, head of Immunology at Bar-Ilan University and a member of the advisor committee for vaccines for the Israeli Government said —


    “That means that, you know, a lot of our, you know, epidemiological knowledge, immunological knowledge, has shown that the more the population is exposed to a pathogen, the more it becomes resistant because your immune system learns about it, but there’s a price to pay.”

    “There’s a term for that, isn’t there, that people used to use?”

    “Herd immunity!”

    ‘Ah. There it is.”


    After all, Satan is clever and cunning, but he’s not very smart.

    Best YT comment below:

    5 days ago

    Props to him for admitting failure but I just can’t bring myself to believe that he originally expected the vaccines to be effective against transmission. Even I, as a lowly layman (albeit an engaged one), knew this from the beginning.

    It’s why the endpoint of the trials was the reduction of severe disease, not the prevention of infection or transmission. The s-protein target was so extremely narrow that it was widely known these would be extraordinarily leaky vaccines with short-lived efficacy, and all anyone had to do was simply listen to virtually any immunologist that didn’t perfectly align with the marketing (propaganda) campaigns of big Pharma to know this.

    It’s not even a particularly sophisticated concept.

    So no, I don’t buy his ignorance…unless the groupthink and mass formation was so incredibly strong that it blinded even the most qualified minds to the truth. If that was the case, then Covid was and still is every bit as much a crisis of psychology as it is one of pathogenicity.

    I agree with another commenter who said “These were not mistakes. They were crimes. This monster and all like him, in all countries that have perpetrated such crimes on their citizens must be held accountable!”

    Is Prof. Cohen backpedaling? To save face, at the least. He would have us believe that he abandoned 100 years of Immunology 101A and the principles of Virology & Epidemiology.

    He said some borderline disturbing things “price to pay”; bordered on “social responsibility” to get jabbed, and then Freddie forced him to back away with some double-speak.

    Or else Prof. Cohen is cover his tracks as the top Israeli immunologist, as well as Tel Aviv, once the lid came off of the real scientific facts leaked out about the Pfizer-Tel Aviv national experiment’s vaxx injuries the government was covering up.

    It’s not the first time in Jewish history that the big Jews have abused the little Jews for the glory of the Jewish Zion. After all, little Jews when they’re murdered for the big Jews, died for the good of the Jewish people.

  25. The Englishman January 24, 2022 @ 4:24 pm

    Dear KathJuliane

    May interest you, I had occasion to visit Northampton town centre in my 36-year-old truck Saturday last, a journey of 92 miles to pick-up an eBay purchase.

    Having completed the purchase I set off accessing the town ring road only to stop on double yellow lines to work out my route to my next destination some 50 miles north. When I eventually lifted my head to my astonishment I had parked right outside the most beautiful Orthodox Christian Church, uncanny!

    Faceburgh is a no-go for me.

  26. jim January 24, 2022 @ 5:00 pm


    Albert Pike allegedly discussed the eradication of both Judaism and their offshoot Christianity, in the third world war.

    Even though the Freemasons are supposed pawns of the J$ws, you might believe that some high level members became renegades. The Rothschild’s and most high level J$ws look so white, it is amazing. My eldest brother joked to me that the J$ws in Israhell are just really conservative white people.

    The bottom line is do not take the death jabs, even if they hold a loaded gun to your head, and allowing these low life scumbags to jab your children is murder upon you.

  27. jim January 24, 2022 @ 5:16 pm


    It is critical to understand that the Lord Creator gave you a perfect body, because it lives through and needs you, a child of Creation. God created you to experience Life, and obviously manifested a really well suited body to survive the rest of creation, and even master it through Free Will. You can meditate upon good and evil, which animals have no clue about.

    All vaccines are from the Devil, which is an Egrigor from a really sick and demented group of mostly white people (J$ws are mostly white). Just as tremendous intellect can produce great wonders, can it degenerate into great depravity.

  28. Pierre January 24, 2022 @ 6:49 pm

    I am not doing justice to Gilad Atzmon where I heard this, but what its about what rabbis say about using Moses and his “secret oral tradition” of the rabbis to justify the Talmud. It goes like:

    In religious class, Moses sits up the back. When nonsense is said Moses frequently puts up his hand to ask awkward questions or correct them.
    So Moses is expelled from the class for a period.

    When he comes back in again he asks where the new nonsense came from.

    The rabbi replies “Moses said so”.

  29. Brother Nathanael January 24, 2022 @ 8:28 pm

    Help Me Fight!

    Online Secure Donations @

    Bitcoin @

    Cash App @$BrotherNathanael

    Brother Nathanael Foundation
    Box 547
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    All cash donations by mail come in safely.

  30. Citizenfitz January 24, 2022 @ 8:31 pm

    There’s at least one good takeaway from the plannedemic:

    Liberals are a lot more likely to get the death jab than we are. Deo gratias!

  31. Novus Ordo Seclorum January 24, 2022 @ 10:28 pm


    Prof. Cohen mea culpa (sort of) was actually a survival instinct because he had been violently attacked 2 days earlier by Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the department of microbiology and immunology at Tel Aviv University.

    See: ‘Time to Admit Failure,’ Leading Immunologist Tells Israel’s Ministry of Health

    With that said,he had to admit that he’s a miserable failure one way or another. These transgenic injections CANNOT work against airbone viruses for a very simple reason that even a first year university student could have identified in 2020.

    Israel didn’t have to go through this nightmare if its leadership’s intellectual integrity was not so horrible.

    Mucosal lymphocytes protect you from airborne pathogens by secreting IgA antibodies into your airways.

    These transgenic injections genetically modify you to produce the spike protein (antigen) that force your body to produce IgG antibodies against a narrow area of the s-protein (SARS-Cov-2 virus has 28 proteins) in your blood stream.

    How can these IgG antibodies in the blood protect your airways? Impossible! That’s why Prof. Cohen human sacrifice rituals (call them vaccination if you wish) failed miserably. After 13 months, Israel’s infection rate is 10X the 2020 max rate when there were no transgenic injections…

  32. Novus Ordo Seclorum January 24, 2022 @ 10:43 pm


    Below is my version of the “Thought Crime Revue 2022”.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    We are aware that there have been SARS-Cove-2 reverse zoonotic jumps to your pets, but don’t worry.

    At Murderna, we’re proud of our guinea pigs – we have you covered for the next viral assault (1 minute video):

    At Schizer, we care about your kids and your pets (1 minute video):

    Please renew your quarterly booster subscriptions to protect yourself, your pets and your family from the upcoming iDelta variant (We apologize for running out of the alphabet letters for the new variants – vaccines are breeding more variants than originally thought).

    We care,

    CEOs of Murderna and Schizer

  33. ThingsJewsSay January 25, 2022 @ 12:53 pm


    “Your free speech ends where my hooked nose begins.” –Shlomo

  34. benzion kook January 25, 2022 @ 1:05 pm

    This just in: coYID “variants” with 46 mutations detected in France (AP).

    Mutated “zombie apocalypse” is here!

    World Court says anyone who dies from coYID injections will not be able to claim life insurance payouts (from companies owned by Jews).

    The Jews don’t care if they eliminate you with a hypodermic needle (like Patton) or an AK-47, Makarov, uzi or H-bomb.

    Hypos are simply easier, and make them $billions while they kill you.

  35. KathJuliane January 25, 2022 @ 7:32 pm

    Nebulator Telegram

    You just knew “January 6: The Movie” (or however they name it) was coming at some point. Woke Hollywood actually said they want to make it a “definitive cinematic document” of what happened.

    The people behind it? Makers of “The Comey Rule” miniseries whitewashing the disgraced FBI director, and the preachy “Don’t Look Up” movie. What could go wrong?

    What I wrote today isn’t a critique of the project itself, though there’s some of that, but a look at the context of “Hollywood history” in which it is being made. I daresay it’s worth reading. Let me know!

    January 6 movie is the next chapter in ‘Hollywood’s history’ of America


    21 January 2022

    Nebojsa Malic

    is a Serbian-American journalist, blogger and translator, who wrote a regular column for from 2000 to 2015, and is now senior writer at RT. Follow him on Telegram @TheNebulator and on Twitter @NebojsaMalic

    As the old saying goes, “history is written by the victors.” Modern America has reimagined it, however, into something like “history may be made by the victors, but is written by the loudest.” And there is no denying that Hollywood and the corporate US media command the largest megaphone in the world.

    Simply put, Americans learn their “history” from Hollywood. To this day, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ has them convinced that the Normandy landings are what won WWII, which was of course fought to stop the Holocaust, per ‘Schindler’s List.’

    It’s no accident that the Biden administration recruited actor Tom Hanks (of ‘Private Ryan’ and ‘Bridge of Spies’ fame) to narrate its “Year One achievements” propaganda video.

    So it is to exactly no one’s surprise that a movie is now being made about the January 6 “insurrection” at the US Capitol. In the words of one of its producers, Adam McKay, the “harrowing and terrifying” script is “sure to become the definitive cinematic document on that gut-wrenching day.”


    “Our Democracy, who art in Capitol, hallowed be thy name
    thy dominion come, in states as on federal level
    Give us today our daily tests
    and grant us our vaccine passes
    as we Karen those who refuse them.
    And lead us not into freedom
    but deliver us from Covid, amen.”
    – Lord Brandon’s Prayer

    (I make no apologies for this mockery; if anyone should apologize, it’s the people who’ve replaced Christianity with Covidianism) – Nebulator Telegram

  36. Michael Mazur January 25, 2022 @ 8:21 pm

    jim — January 22, 2022 @ 9:43 pm.

    My opinion is that Jews and Israelis get saline and know it, to have the stupid goyim rush the jewish clinics to get jabbed with their Russian roulette shots, most of which are saline, with just 1 in 200 killing in days or weeks, and many more will kill in months and years, but most, as I said, being saline.

    The difference is that no jew or Israeli gets any jab other than saline.

    All the politicians are exempt as are judges and their court staff, as are media people, as are millions of illegal immigrants, as are 8,000,000 Chinese ‘students’.

    Let’s not forget that employees of the big 4 drug peddlers are exempt as are their CEOs, with Bourla of Pfizer saying that at age 59 he doesn’t need it, and the Moderna CEO saying other people need it more.

  37. B January 25, 2022 @ 9:44 pm

    Dwight D. Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, and Charles De Gaulle did not know anything about the Holocaust as it is not mentioned in any of their many writings.


  38. The Elder of Zyklon-B January 26, 2022 @ 12:51 pm

    Speaking of the holohoax, Scheiße CEO Bourla is a big supporter.

    Such a deal!

  39. Citizenfitz January 26, 2022 @ 1:25 pm

    The present standoff in Ukraine won’t end in a full on invasion.

    Putin is too politically shrewd to be be so obvious. He has something else in mind. And while all eyes are focused on Ukraine his other plan is quietly suiting up in backstage recesses.

    There are many prophecies about WW3 – and Russia owns the starring role in them. They tell a different story from what we are seeing now.

    1. Some significant person will be assassinated somewhere in Southeastern Europe.

    2. At about the same time there will be a dust up in the Eastern Mediterranean involving, though probably not limited to, naval vessels.

    3. The armies of Europe will mobilize and stream to their borders.

    4. After a short standoff the troops will return to their bases.

    5. Russia attacks very suddenly and in overwhelming force. No one expects or sees it coming. Various nations are annihilated.

    6. After an incredibly violent but brief war Russian troops are defeated in “the battle of the birch tree country” which looks to be near Unna, Hamm and Werl, Germany.

    But before any of this this happens the once Christian nations, and France in a special way, will be convulsed by riots, rebellions and revolutions.

    Prayer and fasting! For ourselves, our families, our friends and our countries.

  40. Citizenfitz January 26, 2022 @ 2:42 pm

    After the war much of the Earth will be like a vast cemetery. But worse is still to come: the famine and plague that follow in its train will kill countless millions more.

    Now the good part: having been chastened by the “angry God” level bitch slap, those who survive will return to Him with earnest and contrite hearts.

    There will be another Church council “the greatest of all” in which, among other great things, Catholics and Orthodox will reunite.

    The World will then undergo a sensational transformation. It will be a very different place from before. Mostly agrarian and pastoral. Crops will grow in great abundance and there will be plenty for all. People won’t view others with suspicion nor bother to lock their doors at night.

    For those who live to see it it will be a golden age.

  41. Ted Gorsline January 26, 2022 @ 3:51 pm


    My grandmother died when she was 92. She didn’t mind checking out.

    She said she remembers the days when she was a little girl. She said there was food in abundance and the people were all large and healthy looking.

    Of modern Canada, she said the people had all gotten somehow small and no longer looked healthy.

  42. B January 26, 2022 @ 5:33 pm

    The web address below may explain the hidden truth about the present Ukraine crisis.

    Israel needs a greater Jewish population in Israel in order to rebuild the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

  43. Citizenfitz January 26, 2022 @ 10:55 pm

    It’s difficult to watch what’s happening in Canada, Ted. A once proud country reduced to having Justin Trudeau for a figurehead leader.

    Was it specially targeted by the cabal? Maybe they saw it as a softer nut to crack then the US – with its Constitutional balances. Or maybe all those Vietnam war draft dodgers watered down Canada’s testosterone level.

    Canada seems to have surrendered relatively easily. Americans on the other hand, maybe more than any other people in the World, are giving the cabal a fight. It’s very strange to me.

    Here’s to the Great White North regaining its strength.

  44. Rebel Roy January 27, 2022 @ 12:02 am

    Great reading as always, Brother Nat.

    Just a short comment to say I hope you are well.

    I thank the Lord for you and please pray for me.

    Take care dear Brother.

  45. Ted Gorsline January 27, 2022 @ 6:47 am


    I know that during the Cold War communist (Jewish controlled) Russia set up shop in Canada because the RCMP had less than 1/10th the budget of the FBI and in 1945 the borders were long and undefended.

    You could cross the border with a handshake in my grandfather’s day and with a driving licence for ID in 1945. Canada was a safe house for Russian spies. Now it’s a safe house for organized crime.

    The man who revealed Russia had a spy network in America, and started the Cold War, was a Russian cypher clerk in Canada named Igor Gouzenko. His revelations led to the creation of the CIA. It had been the OSS under Wild Bill Donovan.

    Bob Reguly introduced Gouzenko and his wife to me in the Green Room at the Toronto Sun. Bob interviewed him for 20 years.

    I assume Gouzenko had surgery to change his facial features because he hid out from the KGB for years, and if you google him you can see him on talk shows wearing a bag over his head. I think he was on an old black and white talk show on CBC called Front Page Challenge.

    He told Bob the undefended border was why the KGB was headquartered in Canada rather than the USA. It was easier to get away with things as surveillance was not so thorough. Big country, smaller population, and thus fewer police and smaller police budgets than in the USA.

    Its just as true today.

    I suspect the jews just followed this template as many jews are communists and they invented commnism. Nowadays jewish organized crime has an unchallenged headlock on Canada. The head of murder incorporated in Canada, Myer Lansky’s man there was the Montreal jew Willy Obront. He had his own bar in Lansky’s part of Miami so they could meet.

    Also jewish organized crime has always been very strong in Canada. The Bronfmans made the whiskey that Al Capone sold and one of Sammy Bronfman’s descendants, previously convicted of financial crimes, is now the bag man for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    Another of Sammy Bronfman’s descendants was just jailed for being part of a sex trafficking ring. A three-year-old unidentified child, belonging to no one, was found during a raid on their headquarters, so maybe they were into child sacrifice or molestation, too, and would be Mossad assets. The Late Edgar Bronfman was a Mossad assert if not one of their planners.

    I once had a game warden friend, the late John Shannon, a very good man, who was head of law enforcement for all game wardens in Ontario, tell me that at one time there were places they could not go, on the north shore of Georgian Bay on Lake Huron, to enforce the law because there were too many Chicagoans carrying 45 Thompson sub machine guns guarding the Bronfman whiskey shipments.

    Gordon Duff says the late Edgar Bronfman was one of the planners and perhaps a financier of 9/11.

    The Bronfmans lost $6 billion selling shares in Dupont to raise the money to get control of a Hollywood studio. The jews are obsessed with media control. They are obsessed with portraying themselves as victims while looting the till. In my opinion the jews are the monsters and not the Germans.

    The halohoax and media control are obsessive parts of the the Jewish control mechanism. I bet I’ve had 10,000 Anne Frank jew-as-victim stories put on my plate during my life and she wasn’t even murdered. She died of typhus.

    I have never read a single name nor heard single story about any Palestinian child gunned down by the jews in Israel in my life – not one. The very name Anne Frank now makes my skin crawl.

    I just saw two or three holocaust news stories today, 75 years after WW2, and a 75 year old story ain’t news. Its a control mechanism, pure propaganda.

    I do know that organized crime from all over the world now has a headlock on Canada that did not exist in my father’s day largely because of jews importing it. Birds of a feather stick together.

    For one thing the newspapers won’t touch them. I can give you examples. I once talked to a Toronto Star reporter named Vince Devit or Debit, a Star staff writer, who told me he wrote the Star an expose about an organized crime group.

    The criminals had so much money they tied the TO Star up in court for years and cost them a zillion dollars. Vince said after that experience the Star never again touched powerful crime people.

    In addition, I believe the late fast Eddy Goodman, the guy who put the Toronto Sun together, imported the Hong Kong Triad into Canada with the help of a politician whose last name rhymes with gay but whose real last name is Levy.

    At one time the Triad owned 30% of a major Canadian bank, 10% by the head of the Triad and 20% through proxies. This man joined forces with a very rich jew and business partner of the Rothschilds whose name rhymes with skunk, and they bought up most of the abandoned railway yards in downtown Toronto.

    In addition the jews, via their old jew-as-victim holocaust narrative, made it legal to jail anyone in Canada who says they don’t believe in the holocaust.

    A lady violin player from Alberta, whose name I think was Monica Schaefer (I just forget and may have it wrong), was arrested and jailed in Canada and now rots in a German jail because she said she doesn’t believe in the holocaust. What that means is freedom of speech in Canada is already dead.

    In addition, the Jewish Defence League, which is listed as a terrorist organization in America is allowed to run wild in Canada. One member blew up the home of Ernst Zundel, got caught and was arrested but was never charged. Half the house was blown away. It was attempted murder.

    Canada has a huge jewish organized crime problem in need of a final solution.

    America’s great strength is the First Amendment, protected by the Second Amendment, and the fact Americans have rights meaning you are allegedly equal before the law (not true of course), whereas Canadians have privileges, meaning they are not equal to appointed bureaucrats.

    Without freedom of speech, and there is not in Canada any more, all nations are dead in the water.

  46. Food for thought January 27, 2022 @ 8:26 am

    This is Amazing!!

    Truckers Convoy for Freedom travelling to Ottawa to rally in protest of vaccine mandates this coming Saturday.

    Here is a small sampling of the numerous videos of the convoy online. These are all short videos. Watching these heroes marching on for our rights and freedoms warms my heart.

    Fireworks Light The Sky As Truckers In The Canadian Freedom Convoy
    Pass By Roadside Supporters – YouTube
    FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 from AIR – YouTube
    Freedom Convoy 2022 Sights and Sounds – YouTube
    Breaking News! 50,000 Truck Drivers Protesting vaccine in Canada – YouTube
    FREEDOM CONVOY – Army Trucks – YouTube
    CANADA – Convoi de la Liberté – (26Jan22) 12000 Camions AMERICAINS ont rejoint le convoi – YouTube
    CANADA Truckers – Convoi pour la Liberté (70km déjà) – RDV 28/01/2022 à Otawa – YouTube
    Strong and Free | Convoy 2022 | Tribute to Canadians – YouTube

    They have a huge support system from Canadians in all walks of life, and also being supported by numerous Americans and other peoples from around the world.

    GO Truckers GO!!

  47. Ted Gorsline January 27, 2022 @ 9:59 am


    Jews have controlled Canada for a long time. For example, Fast Eddy Goodman was the bag man for Bill Davis who was premier of Ontario, Canada’s Industrial heartland, for decades. They hooked up with people like weapons dealer Adanan Khashoggi who is a relative of the alleged Khashoggi journalist that the Saudis cut up with a bone saw.

    I know the police were prevented from arresting Ontario premier Bill Davis for corruption, but I don’t know what they wanted to charge him with.

    Then there is Canadian Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin. His bag man was Winnipeg Jew Gerry Schwartz. Schwartz got his business training wings from jewish gangster Bernie Cornfeld.

    Cornfeld also was the pimp for underage Heidi Fliess who later became famous as the hooker for the Hollywood stars. Probably another Mossad blackmail operation. Cornfeld, Ghislane Maxwell, the Bronfman sisters, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and the jew who owns Victoria’s Secret are all birds of feather.

    Schwartz and Cornfeld once had a company called Investors Overseas which collapsed and cost a lot of people all of their money. Despite this business failure, Schwartz ended up smelling like a rose, becoming a super rich billionaire and is now in charge of a firm call Onex worth $billions.

    Then along come Canadian conservative PM Steven Harper, now a business partner with a former head of the Mossad, who then hired Schwartz’ right hand man as his manager. Financial control of both political parties – Liberal and Conservative – traceable back to Schwartz. There is no opposition in Canada. Its controlled opposition.

    Finally we have Justin Trudeau with a descendant of the Sammy Bronfman organized crime family as his bag man.

  48. B January 27, 2022 @ 10:08 am

    The Soviets never liberated Auschwitz and instead continued to use it as a Concentration Camp for Christians until 1954.

  49. M Murqus January 27, 2022 @ 12:02 pm

    @The Great Deception

    The truth about Judaism and the Jews is much simpler than what you write. By His sacrifice on the Cross, Jesus fulfilled and completed the Old Covenant such that the Jewish religion is obsolete and irrelevant.

    Especially after the AD 70 destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem, as prophesied by Jesus, there is no more animal sacrifices, no more Mosaic laws, no more tribal priestly genealogical records, no more temples, no more dietary laws, and no more “chosenness.” Therefore there is no more a Jewish religion.

    Salvation is now open to everybody upon faith in Jesus as the Christ and the Jews, like everybody else, have to accept Him as the Messiah.

    “Judeo-Christian” values or tradition is a heresy, or an oxymoron. The Apostles of the first century faced similar attempts at Judaizing Christianity and rejected them.

    As stated in the New Testament, we are not obligated to do anything except love God and our neighbor.

  50. B January 27, 2022 @ 12:40 pm

    E Michael Jones in the following podcast states that people who hold dual citizenships should not be allowed to work for the US Government.

  51. Ted Gorsline January 27, 2022 @ 1:45 pm


    E Michale Jones is right, and not just in America, but in every country of the world.

    In my opinion even the Congressmen who gave Benny Netanyahu 28 standing ovations should not be allowed to vote on anything. They are completely whored out and should be registered as agents of a foreign nation.

  52. Citizenfitz January 27, 2022 @ 2:00 pm

    That’s fascinating reading, Ted. I always enjoy your contributions here.

    Canada’s jewish problem may be the reason my brother disliked the Canadians when he and his wife went on cruises: there were probably more than a handful of loutish Canadian Jews and/or criminals staggering drunkenly around the ship. Swearing all the while.

    Be that as it may, I throw the following bit of information out for inquiring minds: for fun, and to create questions/uncertainty in the minds of the nomenklatura, I like to troll call those involved in selling out their offices or positions to the cabal. I’ve done it many times.

    Lately, for the past 6-10 months, within a few hours of making a call I’ll get a text message, with an attachment, from someone I don’t know.

    If I call two or three people I’ll receive two or three texts. If I call one person… it’s one text. I usually troll Democrats but not always. It doesn’t seem to make any difference.

    I never open them and have no idea what the attachments contain. Kiddie porn? Tracking apps?

  53. Ted Gorsline January 27, 2022 @ 2:10 pm

    Interesting thing going on in Europe right now. The TV stations are beating the jew as victim – Holohoax narrative all day long.

    I think the jew boys know the gig is up and are pouring on the propaganda as best they can.

    Its thin soup.

    People are beginning to recognize the con and the jew boys don’t know what to do about so they are pulling out all the stops which they can do because they have media control but I think they will fall flat on their faces.

    Their jew-as-victim narrative has become very tiring and offensive.

  54. KathJuliane January 27, 2022 @ 4:56 pm

    FDA Asks the Court to Delay First 55,000 Page Production Until May and Pfizer Moves to Intervene in the Lawsuit

    Somewhere on the other side of the growing heap of government and pharma lawyers is transparency.

    Injecting Freedom

    Aaron Siri
    Jan 26

    As explained in prior posts, in a lawsuit seeking all of the documents the FDA relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, a federal judge shot down the FDA’s requested rate of 500 pages per month and instead ordered the FDA to produce at the rate of 55,000 pages per month starting on March 1.

    Since the government has trillions of dollars of our money, it is putting it to good use by fighting to assure that the public has the least amount of transparency possible.

    To that end, it has now asked the Court to make the public wait until May for it to start producing 55,000 pages per month and, even then, claims it may not be able to meet this rate.

    The FDA’s excuse? As explained in the brief opposing the FDA’s request, the FDA’s defense effectively amounts to claiming that the 11 document reviewers it has already assigned and the 17 additional reviewers being onboarded are only capable of reading at the speed of preschoolers.


    As the FDA tries to obtain months of delay, guess who just showed upon in the lawsuit? Yep, Pfizer. And it is represented by a global chair and team from a law firm with thousands of lawyers.

    Pfizer’s legal bill will likely be multiple times what it would cost the FDA to simply hire a private document review company to review, redact, and produce the documents at issue. Within weeks, if not days.

    Pfizer is coming in as a third party. But Pfizer assures the Court it is here to help expedite production of the documents. Sure it is! Where was Pfizer before the Court ordered the 55,000 pages per month?

    Right, doing what it normally does: letting the government work on its behalf – like the way the government mandates, promotes, and defends Pfizer’s product.

    But the government did not please Pfizer this time and so here it comes, likely looking for a second bite at the apple. Of course the FDA consented to Pfizer appearing. You can read the response my firm filed to Pfizer’s motion, as well as all of the other relevant recent filings in the link provided below.

    Let me end by noting that all of this insanity is simply in response to an attempt to obtain some basic transparency. This should again bring into sharp focus why the government should never coerce or mandate anyone to get an unwanted medical product or procedure.

    Just look at this circus – the government mandates Pfizer’s product, gives it immunity for any safety or efficacy issues, promotes its product using taxpayer money, gives Pfizer over $17 billion and then uses taxpayers’ money to fight to avoid providing even the most basic level of transparency to the public.

    The introduction from the brief opposing the FDA’s request is below and you can find copies of all the relevant court filings (FDA Motion to Modify Scheduling Order, January 18, 2022 / Plaintiff Opposition to Motion to Modify, January 24, 2022 / Pfizer Motion to Intervene, January 21, 2022 / FDA Response to Pfizer Motion, January 25, 2022 / Plaintiff Response to Pfizer Motion, January 25, 2022) here:


    It is understandable that the FDA does not want independent scientists to review the documents it relied upon to license Pfizer’s vaccine given that it is not as effective as the FDA originally claimed, does not prevent transmission, does not prevent against certain emerging variants, can cause serious heart inflammation in younger individuals, and has numerous other undisputed safety issues.[1]

    However, the FDA’s potential embarrassment over its decision to license this product must take a back seat to the transparency demanded by FOIA and the urgent need and interests of the American people to review that licensure data. The Court already recognized this unprecedented urgent need in its January 6th order directing the FDA to produce 55,000 pages per month.


  55. Novus Ordo Seclorum January 27, 2022 @ 11:31 pm


    This is a solid proof that FDA and CDC are captured regulatory agencies and that Americans should NEVER take them seriously.

    The worst problem for Canadians is that Health Canada depends 100% on the FDA and CDC to mandate Pfizer’s kill shots in Canada to everyone from kids to centenarians and from truck drivers to Lawyers and medics. You have a chain of captured agencies running the show.

  56. Ted Gorsline January 28, 2022 @ 2:40 am


    I get those same kinds of e-mails, have had my hard disc destroyed three times, and had my website pulled down a month ago. The jews don’t like freedom of speech. They like control.

    I once had my server trace one such call and it came from an art gallery in New York. I called them to complain to the owner but didn’t get and farther than a secretary. My website was trashed from out of country.

    Wolf Blitzer was on CNN last night whining about 6 million dead jews and visited Auschwitz where, lo and behold, he finds a cemetery with large tombstones, and one with the name Blitzer on it.

    The cameraman made a tight shot so you couldn’t see how large the cemetery was but what struck me as odd was the Blitzer tombstone was quite large and elaborate. Maybe it was a mock up?

    It would have cost quite a bit of time and money during war time to make it and six million more like it. I just can’t imagine the Germans bothering to make any Blitzer style tombstones at all if they had 6 million jews to plant.

    The only reason I can see that there would be an elaborate Blitzer tombstone is that only a handful of jews died from natural causes at Auschwitz and the guards had lots of time on their hands to cut and chisel out a large and elaborate tombstones.

    Blitzer clearly regards the alleged holocaust (reminds me of CNN’s so-called “Insurrection”) as a tragedy. He doesn’t seem to realize that many others regard it as a good start.

  57. No More Wars For The Jews January 28, 2022 @ 4:14 am

    Looking for link of Real Jew News Video with Jew Names of Big Pharmacy Criminals.

    Very Good Video

    WHOA! They’re Actually Doing This…

  58. benzion kook January 28, 2022 @ 1:16 pm


    Russia and a few others are now the only non-communist gov’ts left.

    The USSA and its “allies” have already invaded their red puppet state Ukraine (Kagan-Kaganowitz of the USSA-USSR coalition).

    Some countries don’t need Czars or Commissars, but the USSA, red China and the rest really don’t care about them.

    And we all know the Jews don’t. The “Nations” have always stood in the way of the Jew world takeover. Call it communism, “globalism” whatever. Same old stuff.

  59. KathJuliane January 28, 2022 @ 1:53 pm

    The gentle Dr. Francis Christian, cancelled, impugned, vilified, fired as specialist doctor in Canada by the Saskatchewan Health Authority Star Chamber, a demonized advocate for early treatment & who questioned the death shots, with the soul of a Canadian Scottish poet that he is, made this moving and eloquent video honoring the Canadian Truckers and their Freedom Convoy heading across country from Vancouver to Ottawa, due to arrive Saturday.

    He speaks as a bard with the spirit from a very old place and time, with the voice of Wallace, De Bruce, and the Scottish freedom fighters who shed their blood on fields of Bannockburn for Scotland’s freedom from the brutal, oppressive, and tyrannical English King, Edward Longshanks.

    Transcript — In the annals of human history a time comes but rarely, when a nation awakes to freedom, to liberty, to truth and to a new beginning.

    This is such a time.

    You, the Truckers of Canada have brought hope back to a nation languishing in the long night of tyranny and oppression.

    You have made our grandmothers and our children smile and dance again.

    You, the Truckers of Canada have made the songs of freedom soar and sound anew – from mountain top to shining sea.

    From PEI to BC and from our great white North to our teeming border South, your roar of freedom has reverberated across our towns and our cities and has been heard around the world.

    Canada is cheering you on.

    Our American brothers and sisters are cheering you on.

    And we know that from every continent, from every global outpost of tyranny a shout of acclamation and a hand of solidarity is being raised for you and for us in Canada, for all of humanity.

    You the Truckers of Canada have said to our rulers – “enough” – and we have raised the glass with you and our trembling lips also cry with you, “enough.”

    You have said “enough” – we will not have vaccine mandates for Truckers, for our airplanes, for our trains, for our right to be strong and free Canadians in this strong and free and beautiful land …

    And we cry with you, “enough!”

    You, our Canadian Truckers for Freedom have said, “enough” – we will not have inhuman and illegal vaccine mandates in our hospitals, in our schools, in our hockey rinks, in the places we eat , in the places we gather with friends and lovers and families …

    And we say with you, “enough!”

    You, our heroes, Canadian Truckers for Freedom have said, “enough” – we will never allow you to lock us down again. Never. We are free.

    And we say with you, “enough!”

    You, our Canadian Truckers for Freedom say to our tyrannical rulers, “enough” – stop dividing us now! Stop making the vaccinated and unvaccinated “us” vs “them”

    We are one people and we will be one nation, one family, one Canada.

    And we say with you, “enough!”

    You, our warriors for freedom say, “enough” – stop using our tax-payer’s money to muzzle doctors and censor the news. Stop!

    And we say with you, “Stop!”

    Canada honours you. Canada salutes you.

    We have your back.

    Canada has your back as you roll across this great nation!

    The roar you hear is from the sleeping lion called Canada that is now awake!

    And every roar of your trailer and truck will be met by the collective roar of Canada!

    We love you.

    We can never thank you enough!

    God bless you.

    And God speed!


    Truckers inspired by Canada begin ‘Freedom’ Convoys around the World

    Just the News

    Truckers around the world are creating their own convoys to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates after being inspired by the Canadian Freedom Convoy, which reportedly has thousands of trucks.

    Freedom Convoy 2022, the group that organized the Canadian trucker protest, reported initially having 1,600 trucks. The convoy, which now has nearly 50,000 trucks, will be in Ottowa by Saturday with the goal of getting “the government of Canada to repeal its cross border Covid tracking passport / phone app and ALL Covid-19 vaccine mandates,” according to a press release.

    The Canadian convoy has reportedly been joined by some American truckers and in Ontario, farmers came in tractors to show support. Both the United States and Canada mandate cross-border truckers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

    Americans are invited to also protest the mandate this Saturday at three border locations: Houlton, Maine; Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan; and Sweet Grass, Montana.

    In Australia, the “2022 Official Convoy to Canberra” has more than 44,000 members on Facebook and more than 10,000 followers on Telegram as of Thursday. The group is planning to meet in the capital by Jan. 31 to protest vaccine mandates.

    European truckers are organizing to protest vaccine mandates as well. The European Convoy Telegram channel has more than 7,300 members. Truckers are organizing across Europe, including the Netherlands, France, Hungary and more, to converge on Brussels by Feb. 7.

    The truckers have received an outpouring of support from celebrities as well.

    Entrepreneur Elon Musk, one of the wealthiest men in the world tweeted his support for the convoy. “Canadian truckers rule,” he said, later adding: “If you scare people enough, they will demand removal of freedom. This is the path to tyranny.”


    In every Canadian trucker’s heart I see Hamish, who took William Wallace’s great broadsword and hurled it as high and far as he possibly could into the field in front of King Robert De Bruce’s Scots army.

    It lands upright far in front with the point stuck deeply in the ground to show them that Wallace will once again lead them into battle.

    Now the Canadian Truckers for Freedom are following Wallace’s sword leading their Freedom Convoy all the way from Bannockburn to Ottawa.

    “Wallace! Wallace!”The Scots fought like warrior poets to win their freedom, with “Wallace” as their battle cry.


    The whole world has become the Field of Bannockburn, where a great battle was once fought as part of the First War of Scottish Independence, which reverberates to this very day.

  60. T Smith January 28, 2022 @ 3:00 pm

    And this just in

    The ADL has redefined racism as “The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.”

  61. KathJuliane January 28, 2022 @ 3:22 pm


    In Greg Wycliffe’s latest impersonation of Canada’s deranged prime minister, he debunks the conspiracy theory circulating that truckers transport food. It’s obviously misinformation.

    You can watch the short skit here, laugh at the sequel here and donate to this historical act of non-violent resistance here.



    And for uncensored coverage of the 75km long Freedom Convoy visit Rebel News.

    Oh, and don’t miss their new theme song: We Drive.

    Stay brave, true and… sane!
    —John C. A. Manley


    What a coincidence!

    Yesterday, Trudeau says he came near someone who allegedly had the dreaded virus. Now he’s going into hiding for five days right when the truckers convoy approaches Ottawa, saying he’ll be working from home.

  62. No More Wars For The Jews January 28, 2022 @ 4:38 pm

    We the People have redefined racism as “The marginalization and/or oppression of people of White and/or color-based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges JEW people.”

  63. KathJuliane January 28, 2022 @ 4:41 pm

    ‘THANK YOU FOR FIGHTING FOR MY FREEDOM’: Watch This Video of Kids Thanking Canadian Freedom Truckers

    By The First
    Thu, Jan 27, 2022

    This may be the nicest thing you watch all day.

    Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling them a “small fringe minority,” 50,000 trucks and truckers are on their way to Ottawa to protest Canada’s COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates —and support is pouring in.

    Watch the video below, and listen to children leaving voicemails to thank the truckers for fighting for freedom.


    What’s the plan?

    The plan is straightforward. Gridlock the entire Capitol come Monday, leaving some room for business and emergency vehicles. The convoy plans to gridlock Ottawa until the mandates are lifted.

    See: Post Millennial: Truckers convoy is the freedom protest Canada needs

    It is false to state that this is an anti-vax protest. It is, in fact, anti-mandate. While the media often stipulates how few Truckers are unvaccinated, the reality is that many of these Truckers are out of a job because of needless border closures.

    The National Post interviewed several Truckers who outlined their goals. “This is not about the vaccine, by the way. There’s nobody in here that’ll tell you it’s about vaccines on this entire convoy. We’ve got double jabbed, we’ve got single jabbed, we’ve got no jabbed, we’ve got the boosted,” said James Bauder, founder of the Canada Unity Foundation, one of the groups that are organizing the “Freedom Convoy 2022.”


    And they’re doing this during one of the coldest winters in Canada’s history, with temperatures to go as low as -30C in the Ottawa this weekend.

    Tucker weighs in: Thousands of truckers in Canada have formed a convoy to protest the country’s vaccine mandates.


    Go Canada, go! Godspeed!

    Songs of War: The Black Bear – Scottish Bagpipes

  64. Novus Ordo Seclorum January 28, 2022 @ 9:53 pm

    53,000 truckers on their way to Ottawa for January 29 J-Day:

  65. Ted Gorsline January 29, 2022 @ 2:04 am

    Hopefuly, before this is over, they will fill the trucks with Canada’s jews and drive them up the Mackenzie Highway to estalish a brand new village in the wilderness called Beyond the Pale.

    Funny to read Canada’s major newspapers. They are jealous as can be and emphasizing the danger of the protest. They have momentarily lost control of the narrative and don’t like it one bit.

  66. Ted Gorsline January 29, 2022 @ 2:47 am


    The truckers could also do Canada a public service by hauling all of the nation’s jews to Brooklyn to help make that city a much worse place than it already is.

  67. Prof Klaus Slob January 29, 2022 @ 7:50 am

    Klaus has openly declared himself top kike.

    Claims to have Trudeau, Putin, Merkel, in his pocket. He’s penetrated the cabinets or planted moles inside the legislatures. There are tons of pictures with Trump and all his family with Klaus Blob. Just run a search “Klaus Schwab and (insert leader).” This creep is calling the shots. Evil kike creep.

    Then you have Soros installing District Attorneys all over the country letting Antifa and BLM destroy everything while jailing White folks for speaking out or any minor thing.

    This jew BS has got to stop.

    How do we stop this crap +BN?

  68. Novus Ordo Seclorum January 29, 2022 @ 12:08 pm

    @Prof Klaus Slob

    At this point the guillotine is the only option left.

    The new Louis XVI (Klaus Schwab) is the worst criminal humanity has ever faced.

  69. KathJuliane January 29, 2022 @ 3:58 pm

    Media floats Russia theory for Canadian trucker protest


    29 Jan, 2022

    State-owned CBC suggests that ‘Russian actors’ may have instigated massive protest convoy that shut down nation’s capital

    A cross-country convoy of truckers that has jammed the streets of Canada’s capital in protest against Covid-19 vaccine mandates might seem like grass-roots pushback against government overreach, but broadcaster CBC Television has offered a more sinister explanation: Russia did it.

    Speaking in an interview on Friday with Canada’s public safety minister, Marco Mendicino, CBC host Nil Koksal suggested that possible Kremlin meddlers might have brought about the massive “Freedom Convoy.”

    “Given Canada’s support of Ukraine in this current crisis with Russia, I don’t know if it’s far-fetched to ask, but there is concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as this protest grows, but perhaps even instigating it from the outset,” she said.

    Koksal didn’t offer any evidence to back up the theory or say who has raised such concern. Mendicino replied, “I’m gonna defer to our partners in the public safety, the trained officials and experts in that area.”

    The interview came just before disgruntled truckers began to arrive in Ottawa on Friday night. Thousands of convoy participants and other protesters massed in the city on Saturday, bringing traffic to a standstill and sending Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into hiding.

    State-owned CBC said Trudeau and his family had been moved from his official residence to a “secure location.”

    As many as 50,000 trucks were reportedly expected to flood into Ottawa, and traffic was snarled through much of the city. Some trucks were emblazoned with “F**k Trudeau” signs across their trailers, while other protesters demanded, “Mandate freedom.”

    Government restrictions that went into effect on January 15 require unvaccinated Canadian drivers to quarantine for 14 days when they cross the border back into their country. Trudeau has condemned the angry truckers as holding “unacceptable views.”

    Prior to floating the theory of a Russian bogeyman, Canadian media outlets have made other claims that appeared to smear the protesters, such as suggesting they are racist or extremist.

    The Toronto Star said the convoy became a “magnet” for such undesirable elements as “conspiracy nuts, Western separatists, far right-wingers and worse.” Others have suggested that some participants want to carry out their own version of last year’s US Capitol riot.

    A counter-protester was seen on Saturday saying, “F**k your white nationalist agenda,” while Canadian television reporter Mackenzie Gray was quick to post a Twitter message proclaiming “our first Confederate flag of the day here on Parliament Hill.”

    Multiple observers replied that Gray had spotted the “first fed of the day,” meaning a federal agent seeking to discredit the protest.


    Everyone in and around the Truckers for Freedom Convoy is on the lookout for a Canadian Ray Epps type and other gov or paid agitators.

    The glowie with the crisp new Confederate Battle Flag tweeted out in a photo by Canadian MSM mouthpiece McKenzie Gray of CTVNational News, just happened to have a convenient professional photographer in place less than six feet away to take good, photogenic close-up shots.

    Ignore the sea of thousands of Canadian flags and focus on the one anomalous Dixie Flag.

    The military heraldry designers of the Confederate Battle Flag, which has never been a part of Canadian history and symbolism, used the Saltire Cross in its design as a mostly secular military ensign with a slight nod to Scottish Christian history.

    The Saltire Cross in Christian tradition is also known as The Cross of St. Andrew. St. Andrew is the patron saint of Russia. Therefore, the Confederate Battle Flag proves that Russia instigated the freedom movement.

    Never mind the fact that St Andrew is also patron saint of Constantinople-New Rome, Greece, Scotland, Italy’s Amalfi and Barbados as well as other countries.

    It’s the Russians up to their usual no good, you see. When in doubt, blame Russia. It’s their fault, and the proof is that the flag of the unrecognized breakaway Novorossia republics in Donbass, based on the naval jack of the Imperial Russian Navy, looks suspiciously like the Confederate Battle Flag.

  70. KathJuliane January 29, 2022 @ 4:37 pm

    From behind the paywall:

    Makes No Sense’: Canadian Premier Vows to End Proof of Vaccine Policy as Truckers Protest in Ottawa

    A Canadian premier said Saturday the proof of vaccine requirement makes no sense and he will end it in the “not-too-distant future” in his province.

    Epoch Times

    29 January, 2022

    Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said in a statement that being vaccinated doesn’t prevent one from getting the virus and the vaccine mandate “makes no sense.”

    “I want to be clear on how I feel about vaccines. I am fully vaccinated with my booster shot. This did not prevent me from recently contracting COVID-19, but I believe it did keep me from becoming sick,” he said in a statement.

    COVID-19 is the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, also known as coronavirus.

    “That said, because vaccination is not reducing transmission, the current federal border policy for truckers makes no sense. An unvaccinated trucker does not pose any greater risk of transmission than a vaccinated trucker,” he continued.

    He will “continue to encourage everyone to get vaccinated” though, believing it will prevent people from becoming seriously ill.

    The Epoch Times reached out to the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office and the White House for comments.

    Moe showed his appreciation to the truckers for keeping the country running during the pandemic and said the federal vaccine mandate for truckers poses a significant risk to Canada’s economy and to the supply chain in Saskatchewan.

    Saskatchewan is a Canadian province about 1,950 miles from Ottawa. It borders the United States from the south.

    Moe’s statement came as over 10,000 Canadian truckers are holding the Freedom Convoy 2022 to protest the vaccine mandate for truckers.

    After the Public Health Agency of Canada’s announcement that foreign truck drivers can only enter Canada if fully vaccinated starting Jan. 15, and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announcing similar requirements starting Jan. 22 for non-U.S. national truckers crossing into the United States, thousands of truckers decided to protest and will meet in Ottawa in an attempt to stop the mandates.

    Truckers in west Canada started mobilizing on Jan 23.

    As the record-breaking convoy passed through different cities, they were greeted with long rows of people cheering and holding Canadian flags, with some shooting off fireworks.

    U.S. truckers started joining the protesting efforts swiftly after the creators of Freedom Fighter Nation, attorney Leigh Dundas, and her personal assistant Maureen Steele, heard the news and started organizing in the United States.

    The premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, also voiced support of truckers and promised to discuss the vaccine mandates for truckers with his U.S. counterpart when he’s attending the National Governors Association meeting in Washington, D.C.

    “I will be there to discuss growing supply chain problems, including the U.S. and Canadian governments’ policies that have impacted many cross-border truckers, causing further damage to supply chains and higher prices for consumers,” he said in a statement.


    Saskatchewan is a prairie and boreal province in Western Canada, the middle of the three prairie provinces. In short, it’s part of the great North American Great Plains wheat basket with a very large agricultural economy, producing most of Canada’s wheat and grains, closely interconnected with the high plains region of the US States bordering Canada.

    Mining is also a major industry in the province which is the world’s largest exporter of uranium and potash (the latter being an important crop fertilizer).

  71. Novus Ordo Seclorum January 29, 2022 @ 5:45 pm


    Trudox already exposed himself yesterday when he attacked his mediatic clergy for not supporting him against a “fringe terrorist” truckers’ movement despite the fact that he pays the clergy $600 million per year for propaganda:

    That was an eye opener and I hope that one of these days sleepy Joe is going to let his own cat out of the bag and tells us how much he pays Google to censor search results, pays Youtube to censor the dissenters, pays FakeBook to ban millions of refuseniks, pays Twitter to ban all honest scientists the planet ever had.

    My wild guess is at least $5 billion but let’s hope that sleepy Joe will release that figure himself.

  72. Dan January 29, 2022 @ 5:59 pm

    They are getting ready to make Holocaust denial a crime in the USA.

    I think the UN already passed a similar law earlier this year.

  73. Vercinge January 29, 2022 @ 6:10 pm

    Dear Brother, I have recently known your site.

    I wanted to know what you think about Makow and I have read here and there that you are excited about him. Some time ago I advised him to deepen his knowledge of Jesus Christ and he replied that he does not need Jesus Christ.

    Makow is an anti-Zionist Jew, but his criticism of Zionism, though rich in argumentation and information, is sterile in the sense that he criticizes Zionism only because it seriously endangers his way of life, his materialistic concept of life.

    Unfortunately, this is an absurd contradiction common to many narcissists like him, but I think it is so. It is also a sign of pride because he makes himself god of himself.

    A Jew who remains a Jew is an antichrist, that is, he is one against Christ, who hates Christ. Indifferentism, relativism, tolerance, etc. these are all concepts introduced by the Jews to destroy Christianity, which is by its very nature (revealed directly by God) absolute.

    Makow can denounce his brothers as long as he wants, but as long as he rejects the Jew Jesus Christ and obviously does so with the knowledge that a Jew can have, he deceives himself and those who believe in him.

    I am not aware that he is persecuted by Judaism. This means that not only does he not bother it with its criticisms, denunciations, etc., but he also does the excellent (for Judaism) controlled opposition work. A non-Jewish person who denounced and criticized Judaism as Makow does, would have been attacked and eliminated for several years already.

    A Jew, as long as he remains a Jew, is totally unreliable and even dangerous. This is the tragedy of the mankind which has within it a community that works, thinks and acts for its destruction.

    Being against Christ and wanting to destroy His Creation are the same thing. Many are the enemies of Christ, but none are more nefarious so than the Jew.

    Makow is an enemy of Christ because for him (and for all materialistics) the Cross is unacceptable scandal and foolishness.

  74. KathJuliane January 29, 2022 @ 9:28 pm

    Fascinating read taking a deep dive into the history and political power of Jewry in England.


    Free to Cheat: “Jewish Emancipation” and the Anglo-Jewish Cousinhood

    Unz Review

    ANDREW JOYCE • AUGUST 29, 2012

    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”
    Charles Mackay, 1841[1]

    Shortly after his election to Parliament in 1830, Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800–1859), a famous historian and one of Britain’s leading men of letters, took up the cause of removing Jewish “civil disabilities” in Britain.

    In a succession of speeches, Macaulay was instrumental in pushing the case for permitting Jews to sit in the legislature, and his January 1831 article Civil Disabilities of the Jews had a “significant effect on public opinion.”[2]

    Professing Jews residing in Britain at that time were unable to take seats in the House of Commons, because prior to sitting in the legislature one was required to declare a Christian oath. In addition, Jews were “excluded from Crown office, from corporations, and from most of the professions, the entrance to which bristled with religious oaths, tests, and declarations.”[3]

    Even the 1753 Naturalization Act which had granted citizenship to foreign-born Jews had been repealed following widespread popular agitation, and a pervading atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust of Jews generally, and foreign Jews especially.[4]

    Ursula Henriques states that because of the resolute opposition of the British people to the involvement of Jews in British political life, since their readmission in the 17th century “the Jews had remained quiet.”[5]

    However, buoyed by the granting of political emancipation to Protestant Dissenters and Catholics in 1828 and 1829, British Jews began to agitate for their own “emancipation,” and this agitation was augmented and spearheaded to a great extent by Thomas Macauley.

    Within thirty years the British elite had capitulated; not only had all Christian oaths been abandoned, but six unconverted Jews sat in the House of Commons.

    Within fifty years, Britain had sixteen Jewish Members of Parliament, and a Jewish Prime Minister who espoused a doctrine of Jewish racial superiority — Benjamin Disraeli; and under Disraeli Britain would pursue a foreign policy dictated to a large extent by what future Prime Minister William Gladstone called “Judaic sympathies.”[6]

    This foreign policy would include support for the Ottomans who were friendly to Jews and were massacring Christians in Bulgaria. And it would include waging of war on the Boers in a move highly beneficial to Jewish mining operations in South Africa.[7]

    How and why did such a dramatic change in circumstances occur? And how did the Anglo-Jewish elite repay Britain for its act of ‘justice’?

    Let us first return momentarily to Macaulay. An in-depth survey of his life reveals no Jewish ancestry and no clear links to Jews. Son of a Scottish colonial governor and abolitionist, Macaulay seems at first glance to be something of a weak-kneed liberal idealist, and in addition he appears to have had very little knowledge of Jewish history or culture.

    He saw the Jewish agitation for entry into government as being primarily a religious issue, and perceived Jews as being, in his own words, “victims of intolerance.”[8]

    Macaulay prided himself on his knowledge of Greek literature,[9] and yet we can but wish he’d spent more time on his Greek philosophy, particularly that of Plato who condemned ” those who practise justice through timidity or stupidity,” and opined that “if justice is not good for the just man, moralists who recommend it as a virtue are perpetrating a fraud.”[10]

    However, a complete reading of his 1831 article on Civil Disabilities of the Jews would leave us feeling slightly less antagonistic towards this would-be emancipator, and his article reveals much about the extent and nature of Jewish power and influence in Britain at that time.

    Macaulay, it seems, viewed emancipation as a means of ‘keeping the Jews in check.’ For example, he insisted that “Jews are not now excluded from political power. They possess it; and as long as they are allowed to accumulate property, they must possess it. The distinction which is sometimes made between civil privileges and political power, is a distinction without a difference. Privileges are power.”[11]

    Macaulay was also aware of the role of finance as the primary force of Jewish power in Britain. He asked: “What power in civilised society is so great as that of creditor over the debtor? If we take this away from the Jew, we take away from him the security of his property. If we leave it to him, we leave to him a power more despotic by far, than that of the King and all his cabinet.”[12]

    Macaulay further responds to Christian claims that “it would be impious to let a Jew sit in Parliament” by stating bluntly that “a Jew may make money, and money may make members of Parliament. … [T]he Jew may govern the money market, and the money market may govern the world. … The scrawl of the Jew on the back of a piece of paper may be worth more than the word of three kings, or the national faith of three new American republics.”[13]

    Macaulay’s insights into the nature of Jewish power at that time, and his assertions that Jews had already accumulated political power without the aid of the statute books, are quite profound.

    Yet his reasoning — that permitting Jews into the legislature would somehow offset this power, or make it accountable — seems pitifully naive and poorly thought out.

    Nonetheless, I wish to take Macaulay’s article as a starting point. What was it in the nature of British Jewry at that time that so alarmed Macaulay, and provoked such a rash response on his part?

    The Cousinhood.

    We should first bring the Anglo-Jewish elite, referred to by Macaulay, into sharper focus. From the early 19th century until the First World War, English Jewry was ruled by a tightly connected oligarchy.

    Daniel Gutwein states that this Anglo-Jewish elite comprised some twenty inter-related Ashkenazi and Sephardic families including the houses of Goldsmith, Montagu, Nathan, Cohen, Isaacs, Abrahams, Samuel, and Montefiore.[14] At its head “stood the House of Rothschild.”[15]

    This network of families had an “exceptionally high degree of consanguinity,” leading to it being termed “The Cousinhood,” and among them “conversion and intermarriage [with non-Jews] was rare.”[16] Todd Endelmann attributes the lack of conversion to the fact that “conversion was not as useful, in general, to English Jews as it was to Jews in Central and Eastern Europe.”[17]

    The Cousinhood exercised control over the Jewish community through its leadership of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, an organization which would later become one of the chief engines of the move for Jewish emancipation.[18]


  75. KathJuliane January 29, 2022 @ 9:52 pm

    Spike Protein Detox Guide

    World Council For Health

    Posted on November 30, 2021
    Updated on January 10, 2022

    About this guide

    This is an evolving guide with emerging information on how to clear viral and vaccine-induced spike proteins from the body. The lists of herbal and other medicines and supplements have been compiled in a collaboration between international doctors, scientists, and holistic medical practitioners.

    As Covid-19 infections, Covid-19 vaccines, and the issue of spike protein harms are new, this guide is informed by established and emerging medical research as well as the clinical experience of international medical doctors and holistic health practitioners; it will evolve as new evidence emerges.

    The patent-free medicines and supplements included may have differing availability around the world.

    Who might benefit from this information?

    If you have had Covid-19, have recently had a Covid-19 injection, or are experiencing symptoms that may be related to Covid-19 vaccine transmission (also called shedding), you may benefit from using one or more items from our list of medicines and supplements to reduce spike protein load.

    The spike protein, which is both a part of the Covid-19 virus and is produced in our bodies after inoculation, can circulate around our bodies causing damage to cells, tissues, and organs.

    Many people have been unable to find help for spike protein related illness (also called spikopathy) through existing healthcare services. This information is relevant if you have experienced adverse reactions after a jab, have Long Covid, or have post Covid-Injection Syndrome (pCoIS).

    Important Note: This guide is for education only. If you are ill after vaccination, please seek help from a medical doctor or an holistic health practitioner. For information on post Covid-injection illnesses, see the WCH post-injection guide.

    The spike protein can be found in all SARS-CoV-2 variants. It is also produced in your body when you get a Covid-19 injection. Even if you have not had any symptoms, tested positive for Covid-19, or experienced adverse side effects after a jab, there may still be lingering spike proteins inside your body.

    In order to clear these after the jab or an infection, doctors and holistic practitioners are suggesting a few simple actions.

    It is thought that cleansing the body of spike protein (referred to as a detox from here on) as soon as possible after an infection or jab may protect against damage from remaining or circulating spike proteins.


    Top ten spike protein detox essentials per World Council of Health:

    Vitamin D

    Vitamin C

    NAC (N-acetylcysteine)


    Nigella seed





    Milk thistle extract

    Also consider lysine:


    Lysine Therapy Interrupts Replication of Virus

  76. Ted Gorsline January 30, 2022 @ 6:19 am

    The $billionaire Toronto jews Barry and Honey Sherman were hung in their own home. The Canadian media lavished praise on them and called them,”among Canada’s most generous philanthropists.”

    Yeah Sure.

    Now court records show they were a $billion dollars in debt and did not plan to pay a nickle back to their creditors. Like Bernie Madoff, they were just another pair of the usual jewish crooks.

    Their behavior is right in keeping with Bro Nat’s list of “Satanic verses of the jewish Talmud and in particular the verse that says “What a jew steals from a goy he may keep.”

    Now the Sherman children are offering a $10 million reward for information leading to the arrest of the murderer.

    My suggesting would be for the children to do the right thing and give the $10 million to the people who Barry and Honey Sherman swindled out of their money.

    Its only a drop in the bucket compared to what Barry and Honey got away with, but at least it would demonstrate good will. Nobody will ever miss Barry and Honey Sherman.

  77. KathJuliane January 30, 2022 @ 6:23 am

    Huge praise to Kory and Marik; FLCCC updated the IMASK protocol about 10 days ago. It now includes HCQ for omicron.

    Drs. Kory and Marik are two of the most important people to the world. I sat in the DC Senate hearing with these two and Marik is in a league of his own. Thank you gentlemen

    Dr. Paul Alexander

  78. Vercinge January 30, 2022 @ 1:03 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Another character I would like to point out is Pierre Jovanovic, the French investigative journalist of Serbian origins and most likely Jewish. I too was impressed by his book Apocalypse 777 which I purchased (in 2013, if I remember correctly) and read with a lot of interest. But when I saw that he also wrote a book on angels, but above all on the Original Sin calling it a universal lie (title of the book Le Mensonge universel) I began to seriously doubt about him.

    I did research and saw that he is almost certainly a Jew, (he frequents Toulouse Synagogue) practicing classic controlled opposition, which is much more dangerous of open opposition.

    The Jew has a capacity for dissimulation that no other people on earth possess. So big and demonic that he manages to kill using the same money, (even a small part of it) extorted from his victim. In front of these incarnate demons, it would must be authentic saints who not only don’t exist, but their victims are even complicits, more or less aware, but complicits.

    The revealed doctrine of Original Sin is a fundamental pillar of Christianity. Only a Jew can call it a universal lie. Pierre Jovanovic uses his great and valid economic, financial, banking, currency, precious metals, etc. knowledge, (all matter of which the Jews are unbeatable specialists) to acquire the maximum of credibility, but the main purpose is, as always, the destruction of Christianity.

    A book like “Le Mensonge universel” has absolutely nothing to do with the subjects that he usually deals with and that have made him sufficiently famous. Absolutely nothing.

    However, after having acquired the utmost confidence from his readers, he dropped, with this book, an authentic spiritual nuclear bomb on divine revelation, sowing in the readers minds confusion, disorientation, above all the persuasion that the Original Sin is a fairy tale and therefore everyone can live peacefully like a Jew, because there is no risk of eternal damnation.

    The Abbé Rioult refute “Le Mensonge U niversel” by Pierre Jovanovic

  79. Novus Ordo Seclorum January 30, 2022 @ 1:33 pm

    @Ted Gorsline

    The immanent justice strikes when it’s least expected.

    Good luck for these criminals’ kids – they don’t know that they’re living in an evolutive justice system (Madoff’s 2 kids are all gone!).

  80. KathJuliane January 30, 2022 @ 1:35 pm

    Funny, but sad.

    Rushing sheeple for the booster

  81. Novus Ordo Seclorum January 30, 2022 @ 1:48 pm

    @Ted Gorsline

    This is actually a well known theft pattern in the Khazarian Mafia world.

    When Robert Maxwell fell into the Atlantic ocean in 1991 from his Yacht, it was discovered that he had looted £460m from the pension fund of the Mirror Group in an attempt to prop up its share price.

    Nobody really knows if he committed suicide or if he was suicided by the Mossad. He was a notorious Mossad agent that helped Israel steel US atomic technologies. He was buried in Israel as a hero!

    Ghislaine Maxwell was also working for the Mossad with Epstein and is now waiting for her sentence in New York – up to 80 years in jail?

    What goes around comes around!

  82. Matt January 30, 2022 @ 3:03 pm

    As long as there are Jews, their lies will never end. John 8:44

    They wage war by deception, speaking and acting on nonstop lies.

    At times feigning friendship, while their heart is set to destroy you.

    As Joab deceitfully stabbed and killed Abner, (2 Samuel 3:27) so these same Jews will do the same to you, when they get the chance.

    They’ll try to convince you to lay down your sword, and give up your guns.

    John 16:2-3,

    2 “They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.

    3 They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me.”

    The Jews will murder you thinking they do God a favor.

    To be deceived by Satan or his children, is a shame, and you get no points before God for being a fool.

    Eve was deceived by Satan and it brought a curse upon her and her descendants.

    The Zio-Christians are living in mass deception, and many will suffer because of it.

    Watch and pray that you’re worthy to escape the things that are coming upon the world.

    There is no rapture coming. What is coming is mass murder by the great prostitute/Babylon, who’s drunk with the blood of the saints.

    God will destroy the Jews for killing God’s people, the children of the promise.

  83. Novus Ordo Seclorum January 30, 2022 @ 4:20 pm

    We at Murderna and Schizer have you covered for the next quarter:

    booster! Booster! BOoster! BOOster! BOOSter! BOOSTer! BOOSTEr! BOOSTER!

    We care,
    CEOs Murderna & Schizer.

    Disclaimer of Liability™

    Whilst we endeavor to make our products toxic, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about their efficacy and safety.

    We cannot guarantee that your gene 144 won’t be deleted, your X / Y Chromosome won’t be inverted, your gene 69-70 won’t be deleted or mutated, that you may experience loss-of-function due to protein folding, that your gene E1, E3, E4 won’t be deleted, that you won’t receive shots full of magnetic graphene oxides and nano-biosensors (routers, antennas).

    We do not guarantee that you won’t be MAC Addressed as per Lord Schwab’s instructions (COVID -19 is a rare but narrow window of opportunity to rethink, reinvent, reset our world).

    By using our products you agree that you automatically become legally a trans-human and therefore our property since you are GM-modified using our patented mRNAs (CERTIORARI 12–398).

    Trans-humans do not enjoy any human or other rights of a state and this applies worldwide. Our patents are under US jurisdiction and law, where they were registered.

    Any reliance you place on our products is therefore strictly at your own risk.

  84. Ted Gorsline January 30, 2022 @ 10:19 pm

    @Novus Ordo Seclorum

    What bothers me about this Ghislane Maxwell et. al sex thing is that its all part of a Mossad, make that a jewish plot, to get dirt on all kinds of Western politicians to lever them so the jews can compromise the leadership and parasitize their countries.

    The jewish owned media and the courts avoid mentioning this huge problem like the plague, and keep people focused on the sexual titillation. For example, once the Bronfman sister confessed to sex trafficking, the larger issue of the Mossad, the jewish state, using sexual blackmail to corrupt America was stopped in its tracks by both the media and the courts

    The other thing that eats away at me is this. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer goes to Auschwitz and finds a large and elaborate tombstone, one obviously carved with great respect, with the name Blitzer on it. Wolf says he doesn’t know if its his family but he says his grandparents died there. He does’t say how they died. Maybe it was old age.

    But just why would the camp guards build a large and respectful grave stone with the name Blitzer on it?

    Perhaps someone named Blitzer was held in high esteem for turning in their fellow jews like George Soros once did and got special treatment?

    Perhaps the tombstone was a mock up so as to make for better TV? CNN does fudge things. There was a great video, now missing from the internet, saying that Arwa Damon filled a ditch in Syria with diesel fuel, and then set it on fire to create black smoke, and then dubbed in the sounds of bombing to fake an airstrike.

    Perhaps very few jews died at Auschwitz, so they had enough room to make a normal and respectful cemetery for those who did pass away.

    If as Wolf claims 6 million died and all were treated with the same respect the Blitzer on the tombstone, then you would have an enormous cemetery that would dwarf Arlington, and such a cemetery is just not there.

  85. Pierre February 5, 2022 @ 2:40 pm

    The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

    What a shame someone did not fumigate Anne Frank’s little closet with Zyclone-B to kill the lice that spread the typhus.

    And who said Robert Maxwell died anyway? I always expect to be deceived is my lesson studying up on the jews, until the last two years, studying up on Covid, ahhh, but I repeat myself, to paraphrase Mark Twain’s quote about congressmen and scoundrels.

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