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The Jews Who Censor You

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The Jews Who Censor You
May 27 2020

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Brother Nathanael @ May 27, 2020


  1. Brother Nathanael May 27, 2020 @ 12:55 pm


    The Jews Who Censor You

    The Jews Who Censor You

    It’s a star-studded show.

    And the line-up will thrill you, fill you, and if you’re jinxed, will de-link you for abstaining from their kosher narration.

    What do they all have in common?

    Well, they look the same, with hooked noses that overlook and black-book your hard-worked videos…

    …With their crooked mouths they frown on you for exposing the egregious crimes of the Jewwwish state…

    …And with their vicious, venomous, virulent eyes that sear and sneer, they shear away your fact-based scripts.

    But you say, “My vids got lustre, they won’t hit the duster.”

    Yet even this didn’t pass muster. [Clip]

    [”This week, the Syrian Army, Liwa al-Quds and the National Defense Forces have conducted a series of anti-ISIS raids in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert. The intensification of the anti-ISIS efforts followed an ISIS attack near Ghabagheb, on the Damascus-Deir Ezzor highway. On May 17, ISIS terrorists set up a fake checkpoint and killed several civilians and soldiers there.”]

    Cool graphics, fact-based too.

    But truth, for the Jews—who’ve always rooted for ISIS—gets the boot.

    This won’t. [Clip]

    [”A short time ago, Israeli officials reported an attempt by militants to invade southern Israel by sea.” “On the first day of Protective Edge, two scuba divers and their commander of Hamas came through the water and started to run toward our base. When something like that happen, you don’t have time to think. Me and another officer ran to the raiding zone and I started exchange of fire. And actually, we, we killed them.”]

    War crimes gets a pretty face on the ‘kosher-for-murder’ info-mation highway.

    Simply lob some phosphorous bombs on the open-air concentration camp of Gaza—let ‘a shaina maidel’ depict it—and JewTube gives it a 6-pointed click.

    Well, that’s her schtick.

    I mean, Susie Wojcicki’s schtick, CEO of JewTube.

    Here she is with her synagogue buddy Bibzy, all dressed up to shed some innocent blood.

    You see, propagandizing for war-mongering Jews will get you a cover on Fortune magazine; a gig at the World Economic Forum; and a stage for Jewgle at UCLA.

    Jews stick together.

    That’s why Mark Zuckerberg of YidBook and Suzie Wojcicki of JewTube ain’t too keen on ‘disinfo’ that impedes their vaccinating dough.

    They’re both in the vaccine business you know:

    Zuckerberg’s “Biohub,” and Wojcicki’s overlord, Google’s “Verily Life Sciences”.

    It’s a protection racket.

    Agree not to slam vaccines, your vids will stay on the computer screen.

    Enter Murray Rothstein, owner of CBS—who changed his name to Sumner Redstone—joining the kosherized scheme.

    He thinks the goys need to be chaperoned into what can be seen or known.

    So he gets a shill to kill the Bill of Rights. [Clip]

    [”Well, as millions of people around the country and world continue to self-isolate, Big Tech companies are working to curb the spread of disinformation online. In some extreme cases, you’ve got these websites, Facebook for instance, that have come under fire for not only allowing false information to spread on their platform, but for having been accused of providing a platform for people to plan and organize anti-quarantine protests.”]


    Anti-quarantine protests, and announced online?

    It’s so ‘extreme’ even Thomas Jefferson would scream.

    But last I checked, Jefferson deemed that free assembly was a ‘moderately’ marvelous idea.

    But Rothstein and his New Delhi shill reject the protections of the First Amendment as too ‘extreme’ for the goys to cite as their inalienable right.

    Mark Zuckerberg flanked by Sheryl Sandberg, and his bi-sexual Commissar of Censorship, Pamela Karlin—took their cue from fellow Jew Murray Rothstein— and banned Judy Mikovits’ highly-esteemed interview, The Plandemic.

    Then with a slam dunk, Zuck purged every single link to Brighteon, a YouTube competitor that snubbed kosher ‘community guidelines’ by posting The Plandemic on their own platform.

    The Jews who censor you were quite disturbed.

    So rather than gag just one ’subversive,’ they threw an entire sector of the internet into the dark.

    Jews are very pushy you know.

    They’ll push you out of checkout lines.

    And if you defy them on cyberspace they’ll push you out of there, too.

    +BN off the cuff

    Aren’t you glad the Jewish censors are protecting you?

    From those scary ‘conspiracy’ videos…

    …that do ‘imminent’ harm…

    you stupid goys?

    Aren’t you glad Susan Wojcicki and Mark Zuckerberg—and his mail order bride—are working on vaccines where they’ll make a killing?

    You can’t serve God and Mammon, the Bible says.

    But Jews trash the Bible, they allow videos to blaspheme The Lord Jesus Christ, and they delete videos that inform, educate, and warn.

    But don’t you dare violate ‘community standards.’

    It’s a ‘community’ of only 1.8 percent of the US population, and 2/10ths of a percent of the world population.

    A tiny yiddeleh group owns almost the whole piece of the kosher pie.

    Well, at this rate, Yeshiva World, will be the only site left on cyber sky.

    It’s like what they did to Harvard. You see, Harvard started as a Presbyterian seminary, but the Jews turned it into a yeshiva.

    Well, what will they turn America into? The Synagogue of Satan?

    Wake up, goy, or the Jew will walk all over you.

  2. Brother Nathanael May 27, 2020 @ 12:56 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael May 27, 2020 @ 12:57 pm

    This video can be watched @

  4. Brother Nathanaelo May 27, 2020 @ 12:57 pm

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  5. Brother Nathanael May 27, 2020 @ 1:16 pm

    Hey Everyone!

    From now on use the word “Google” against the jews.

    If a video gets banned say: They “googled” the vid.

    Same with deranked.

    Say: Can’t find it in search results. Must have gotten “googled.”

    This way we turn the word AGAINST the wicked jews. +BN

    PS We can do the same with YouTube.

    If a vid gets banned, or a channel taken down, SAY:

    The vid got banned, it got “jewtubed.”

  6. Chris May 27, 2020 @ 1:49 pm

    Jewtube is so heavily censored it’s pathetic.

    I’d imagine they have all of the IP’s and emails of all those who are outspoken against the dirty jew tribe.

    Even saying the word jew will likely soon get a person banned.

    So basically no one will be able to speak the truth if the root of the problem of the Canaanite clan… hated by God.

  7. san May 27, 2020 @ 3:08 pm

    I have been banned from sites for writing “J people” because I they wouldn’t allow the word “Jew”.

    So now I know that site was owned by Jews even though they won’t admit it.

  8. GR82BW May 27, 2020 @ 3:27 pm

    Another great video Br. Nate.

    It is written:

    Rev. 3:9 (KJV) “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

  9. Robertvnik May 27, 2020 @ 6:38 pm

    I have posted quite a few articles and videos etc on Facebook since lockdown started in New Zealand.

    All to expose the lies around the whole pandemic thing. All the while being careful not to be abusive to anyone and only subtly hinting at Jewish involvement which I suspect would get me banned.

    They have warned me several times about posting abusive material or misinformation. Some of it is now blocked.

    If anyone reading this has the same trouble on Facebook then go to settings then blocking. Block all ‘fact check, factchecker etc’. Many of them work for Zuckerberg I presume, and check your posts for ‘facts’.

    Then they warn you first.

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing this video of yours, Brother. But I suspect they have a block on anything from you.

  10. Lugu May 27, 2020 @ 9:26 pm

    @Brother Nathanael

    “Googled” and “jewtubed.” Got it!

    I think you just invented two “new” vocabularies of internet lingo. LOL!

  11. B May 27, 2020 @ 9:38 pm

    Bombshell Audio Leak – Powerful Zionist Groups Hold Meeting, Plot Latest Strategy to Deprive Americans of Free Speech (Audio)

    Audio of 1 hour and 15 minutes is given in above web address

  12. Truth Anywhere May 27, 2020 @ 11:04 pm

    The jew is truly a parasitic infection.

    That’s why they hype CoYID-19. Just like them, it affects the host, then moves on to the next victim.

    “When we’re done with the Americans, they can dry up and blow away.”

    – Netanyahu on leaving Jonathan Pollard’s cell (before he was pardoned by Obama.)

  13. Sylvester MourningDog May 28, 2020 @ 2:30 am

    Don’t worry your pretty little heads, my dears, the Jews will never be finished with us, for we are the producers, and they are blood-sucking parasites, and forever will be.

    Will bedbugs “be done with the Americans,” and leave them to dry up and blow away?

    So, there’s your answer.

    PS. Nice video, I think the rhymes are great, and I like that “mail order bride” jab towards the Zucker.

    The only good thing that bastard ever did in his life was to fund Oculus, but he’s turning that company to crap, too, with a bunch of coercive tie-ins which compel Oculus users to sign up for Facebook accounts, even if they (like me) want nothing more to do with Facebook.

  14. Steve May 28, 2020 @ 4:52 am


    What the Tribe really shows time and time again is that their cheap racial huckstering masks a TOTAL contempt for the black community.

    Some Central Park hoodlum threatened to poison a white woman’s dog and now she is the racist “perp.”

    How many black “youds” depending on this double-standard resist arrest or are inspired to commit crimes believing they can play the race card.

    For each time it works how many thousands end up in prison or the morgue?

    Like Covington the “Karen” below will sue the MSM for slander and libel, and win, win, win, and never have to go back to her employer who unconstitutionally fired her for being a “racist,” after of course she takes them to the $$$ cleaners.


  15. The Elder of Zyklon-B May 28, 2020 @ 6:00 am

    Nothing like an instigated race war to take the heat off any type of Crown 19 blowback.

    The cop who choked that handcuffed guy down to the point of death might have really been that stupid. The gal in the park with the dog may have really freaked out the way she did. Both events are getting abundant jews media coverage.

    Wait until you learn what team bolshevik wants to do to her now along with the rest of us who think the wrong things according to the new normal imposed on us.

    Both could easily be contrived psyops as well. Believe it or not.

    The below photo of C-19 masked protesters is very symbolic.

    We have a pyramid atop the building in the background, the upside down American flag on fire and the ONE way sign pointing left to the star of Remphan. The Luciferian star will be our guiding “illumitated light from here on out.

    Odo ab Chaos – Order out of Chaos will be ramped up to incredible levels now.

  16. Brother Nathanael May 28, 2020 @ 11:22 am

    Draft Of Trump’s Social Media EO @

  17. Anti-Zionist Jew May 28, 2020 @ 11:32 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael:

    You’re right about the Jews turning Harvard from its original entity as a Presbyterian Seminary into a Yeshiva.

    The current president of Harvard is Lawrence Bacow, a Jew.

    The previous president was Drew Gilpin Faust Rosenberg, who claimed that she was not Jewish, but she was married to a Jew.

    Before her, the President of Harvard was Lawrence Summers, a Jew.

    Before Summers was Neil Rudenstine whose father was a Jew and mother was not. He claimed to be an Episcopalian.

    What is now showing on the internet as the reason Summers resigned is not the reason for his resignation as I remember it.

    I remember that he resigned soon after he stated the men might do better at mathematics because they are naturally better at mathematics than women. A theory that is against the law of the thought police.

    Harvard admitted a man named Noel Ignatiev, a Jew, into the masters degree program even though he did not have a degree, not even one from the University of Phoenix.

    He later went on to be a Harvard professor. He preached that the white race should be abolished, but he was not fired for that, like what might have happened if a Harvard professor stated that blacks are being given an unfair advantage in their admissions to Harvard.

    Now, I do not think that South Dakota State University would admit to one of its masters degree programs a person who did not even have a bachelors degree. I would think that the Harvard’s masters degree programs would only accept those who did the very best in the bachelors level.

    Then, why would Harvard admit a man without a bachelors degree to their masters degree program, and then make him a professor.

    It is because Harvard wants to give this man a podium and the aura of respectability to this man’s disgusting and idiotic views. So, this is not just a professor who has both idiotic and disgusting views, but it really shows that Harvard itself is controlled by people who want to promote these views.

    Below are 2 videos. One is of Noel Ignatiev stating that he thinks that white people should abolished. The other is of a debate at Harvard in which the black student debates that white men should commit suicide.

    That debater seemed like he could not even pass a GED. Harvard sends recruitment letters to all blacks who get S. A. T. scores which are less than the average S. A. T. score at the University of Connecticut.

    I have been to Vanderbilt which has about the same S. A. T. scores as Harvard, only Harvard has the Ivy league label and prestige of being the oldest university in America. Then, I graduated from the University of Connecticut with High Honors.

    Vanderbilt is much more difficult than the University of Connecticut.

    I do not see how students who have S. A. T. scores below the average scores at the University of Connecticut could succeed at an elite school unless Harvard has developed an easier program for its affirmative action students or is giving some special help to their affirmative action students.

    Jews are not only good at getting good positions in academia, but are good at getting influential positions where they work as agents for Israel.

    So, why is almost everybody like sheep and cannot see Jews are networking themselves into powerful positions and that Jews seem to be in the leadership of every radical and disgusting movement.

    Larry David, a Jew, is a comedian and comedy writer who has vast wealth. I read one estimate which stated his wealth to be 400 million and another which stated it to be 900 million.

    And, he mocks Christianity. But, he is just one person who represents Jewish control of the media and the vast wealth which they get.

    So, Jewish control of the media must be ended and the wealth of Jews and their puppets in the media must be confiscated.

    I do not think that American foreign policy will be changed by influencing the voters in tiny increments to be less pro-Israel.

    I think that those in power will stay in power until something really bad happens for which Israel and Zionist Jews will not be able to hide their responsibility. Then, there will be like an earthquake and a great revolution against the Zionists and their puppets.

    The Jews have been expelled 109 times from 84 nations or jurisdictions.

    Due to Zionist media control and their huge campaign contributions to politicians who do about anything Israel wants, we give many billions of dollars to Israel, our most advanced weapons and most advanced military technology to Israel.

    And, we get into wars for the Zionists which cost us more billions of dollars and thousands of American lives.

    In return for all this, they have murdered Americans (the attack on the U. S. S. Liberty, 1967), attempted to murder more Americans (the Lavon Affair, 1954) and have sold our most advanced military technology to the People Republic of China.

    So, why cannot another anti-Jewish explosion happen like the 109 times in which the Jews were expelled? And, why can it not happen here?

    Thank you.

    Sincerely yours, Robert

    BLM activist advocates white genocide at Harvard

    Noel Ignatiev on the subject

  18. KathJuliane May 28, 2020 @ 2:54 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thank you for a spectacular Video this time. And your rhyming is a hoot!

    I always appreciate how you not only connect the dots, but color all of the parts for us to see the bigger picture here living inside the United Vassal States of Israel.

    Monopolistic domination and control of Big Tech communications and social media by our Mossadish neo-feudal Silicon Valley Jew overlords synchronizing with Tel Aviv is absolutely no joke, and no fluke either.

    Two days ago, Electronic Intifada ran this report:

    Facebook Appoints Israeli Censor to Oversight Board

    Facebook has hired the former director-general of Israel’s justice ministry as a member of its new oversight board.

    This body will effectively determine what content to censor or permit on the social media platform.

    Emi Palmor headed the justice ministry from 2014 until she was dismissed from her post last year.

    Under her direction, the Israeli justice ministry “petitioned Facebook to censor legitimate speech of human rights defenders and journalists because it was deemed politically undesirable,” Palestinian civil society groups stated this month.

    The groups condemned Facebook’s selection of Palmor, warning of her potential role in muzzling freedom of expression and censoring human rights defenders, particularly Palestinian, Arab and Muslim voices on the platform.

    The Palestine Digital Rights Coalition, the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council and the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network are urging Facebook to “consider the grave consequences that electing Emi Palmor may have particularly on Palestinian human rights defenders and on freedom of expression online in defense of Palestinian rights.”

    Who is Emi Palmor?

    Palmor’s time as the top civil servant at the Israeli justice ministry coincided with the term of Ayelet Shaked as the minister.

    Ironically, Shaked became notorious prior to assuming that role for making a Facebook post inciting the genocide of Palestinians.

    Under Palmor’s oversight, the ministry formed a cyber unit successfully resulting in the removal of tens of thousands of Palestinian posts from social media platforms.

    Adalah, a group that advocates for the rights of Palestinians in Israel, argued against the legality of the unit’s practices.

    According to Adalah, the unit makes requests to the Israeli state attorney, appealing to “Facebook and Google to remove, restrict or suspend access to certain content, pages or users.”

    Adalah says this is carried out with “no transparency or legal procedure whatsoever, and with no framework for users to defend themselves against allegations that their posts were illegal or warranted removal.”

    Facebook protects Israel

    There have been increased calls for censorship on social media platforms by US media and political elites, especially after they drummed up the evidence-free or false allegations of a massive Russian-backed effort to use social media to influence the 2016 US presidential elections in favor of Donald Trump.

    The European Union has pledged to help Israel fight against free speech.

    Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, testified before the US Congress in October, where he was asked to address the allegations from politicians.

    New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez added her voice to a bipartisan chorus demanding Facebook implement a so-called fact-checking process for political ads.

    But appointing Silicon Valley corporations to be the arbiters of truth and decide what content “to take down or leave up” will ultimately serve to crush dissent and censor the most vulnerable voices.

    Palestinians can already testify to this.

    Facebook habitually takes down pages of Palestinian news organizations, often without prior notice or justification.

    Often times, Facebook is enforcing censorship on behalf of Israel to the praise of right-wing Israeli leaders.

    There have been many examples over the years of social media platforms shutting down accounts and pages of Palestinian news sites, journalists and activists after caving in to political pressure from Israel.

    Facebook’s own documentation reveals that it complies with the vast majority of removal requests from the Israeli government.

    The number of Israeli government requests has increased sharply over the years, as has Facebook’s willingness to censor its users on Israel’s behalf.

  19. Brother Nathanael May 28, 2020 @ 3:39 pm

    Trump’s EO Lays Groundwork

    The order also lays groundwork for treating the internet platforms as places where individuals’ First Amendment rights should be protected, terming them “a 21st-century equivalent of the public square.”

    “Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube wield immense, if not unprecedented, power to shape the interpretation of public events; to censor, delete, or disappear information; and to control what people see or do not see.” TRUMP EO

    I was ahead of the curve on this one but JEWtube took down my Video.

    Here’s the text @

  20. Brother Nathanael May 28, 2020 @ 3:43 pm

    Another Video Gets ‘jewtubed.’

    A vid by the “Free Speech Union” at that.

    Why are we putting up with these kikes who hate our freedoms?

    Kick them the hell out of JEWmerica and let’s have an AMERICA again NOT ruined by jews.

  21. Brother Nathanael May 28, 2020 @ 3:52 pm

    Trump’s Finalized and Signed EO Just In @


    “Online platforms are engaging in selective censorship that is harming our national discourse. Tens of thousands of Americans have reported, among other troubling behaviors, online platforms “flagging” content as inappropriate, even though it does not violate any stated terms of service; making unannounced and unexplained changes to company policies that have the effect of disfavoring certain viewpoints; and deleting content and entire accounts with no warning, no rationale, and no recourse.”

  22. Brother Nathanael May 28, 2020 @ 4:09 pm

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    “Keep Up The Good Work”
    Completed your request. Sending confirmation this week. AND thx!)

    Ms Amber H.

    S. C.

    Ayrlahn J.

  23. Ron May 28, 2020 @ 5:35 pm

    @BN @All

    I currently live in the US, but I have friends that are in Thailand. I’ve been many times and love it there. For all is that is happening, is Thailand safer than the j e w run US?

  24. Dr. Scott May 28, 2020 @ 5:47 pm

    Brother again, you have presented the problem, but what is the solution?

    Should we send them to Madagascar?

    Praying for you all the time.

    Please advise.

  25. The Elder of Zyklon-B May 28, 2020 @ 7:13 pm

    Rense re-titled Brother Nathanael’s latest from “The Jews Who Censor You” to “The Zionists Who Censor You”.

    They call themselves Jews, why can’t you Jeff?

  26. pierre May 28, 2020 @ 9:12 pm

    So what is to stop the jews from hosting ALL their servers in Israel, which is what it was set up for, if Trump makes some pesty rules about free speech?

    Same as Fauci (don’t suppose he is Jewish by any chance?) invested in Wuham bioweapons lab when it was illegal to do that sort of shit in the USA. Same as when the jews fled across the (then) great divide with the moving picture technology they stole from Edison @ Coy.

    [Paul Apostle of Christ was a pretty decent movie, but when they went on about Nero blaming them for the burning of Rome, they forgot to mention Nero’s jewish wife and that the jewish quarters were not so badly burnt, nor that the Romans persecuted Christians thinking them to be outright jews].

    “You see, propagandizing for war-mongering Jews will get you a cover on Fortune magazine; a gig at the World Economic Forum; and a stage for Jewle at UCLA” … or even a Noble peace prize or is that piece prize, as in another piece of the NWO set in place with the latest invasion, which is what the UN was set up for.

    Don’t start me on the WHO. (World Holocaust Oligarchy)

  27. Citizenfitz May 28, 2020 @ 9:35 pm

    “Trump’s Finalized and Signed EO Just In….”

    When my eyes first passed over this I read: “Trump’s Final Solution….”

  28. Caveman2012 May 28, 2020 @ 11:44 pm

    @Truth Anywhere

    That’s right, the international Jew parasite sucks the life out of countries before moving to its next -and more powerful- host.

    It is now clear that they will dump the USA and that they are moving into China as their main power base. China is now the champion of globalization, total surveillance of their own people and enslavement of workers on behalf of multinationals.

    They now announced the launch of a DIGITAL YUAN next year, which will mean the end of cash in China, one of the main objectives of the Jews on their quest to enslave the world:

    The infiltration and co-optation of China has been done in silence for centuries, mainly by the Sassoon family, nicknamed “The Rothschilds of the East”, who intermarried with the real Rothschilds. There is also a strong connection to the Bank of England.

    What this means is that the Jews are moving from their “Brave New World” strategy of world domination (USA) to a “1984” strategy represented by China.

    Mind you: CoYid 19(84)

  29. The Englishman May 29, 2020 @ 12:45 am

    The Wise Elder

    Rense needs to remember those who demanded the Prince of Peace be NAILED TO A CROSS were Jews.

    For all time, Synagogue members together with the unrepentant Jew are collectively responsible.

    Zionism is not the preserve of the Christ haters, the goy sneerer.

    “Playing safe” will not placate the devil.

  30. Ted Gorsline May 29, 2020 @ 12:04 pm

    Dr. Scott,

    Madagascar is a nice place. Don’t send them there.

    The true promised land is the melting Ross Ice Field drifting and melting off the coast of Antarctica.

  31. Rebecca Bronson May 29, 2020 @ 2:46 pm

    Thank You, Brother Nathanael, for all your efforts in the name of Truth and Jesus!

    We’ve been watching you for years.

    I came across this little piece today and wanted to share it with you as it may make for a fun rhyming project!

    Let Freedom and Truth Ring!

    Rebecca Bronson

  32. Brother Bruce May 29, 2020 @ 7:26 pm

    Hello Brother Nathanael, sorry for the delay from your last video.

    I wanted to follow up to your reply – below is what you had written:

    @Brother Bruce

    I’m more and more convinced that with the defeat of Louis XIV by the “money power” of the Jews who financed Holland and England to destroy the religious Catholic monarchy in the late 17th Century, Jewry has continually increased its power worldwide.

    It was the Jews who financed Cromwell the Protestant and William of Orange and they were not going to let a Catholic monarch in France and Catholic Spain undo their growing control of Europe.

    Since the 18th Century, through its banks and control of gentile leaders, the power of the Jews has permeated every lever of political, cultural, and social manipulation.

    Then the Holy Orthodox monarchy of Russia in the 20th Century had to be eliminated through the “money power” of Jacob Schiff and the Rothschilds. +bn”

    Your information above is all correct; however, I have extensive notes, books, and historical documents that spans far deeper in time.

    This massive volume of information which literally spans the globe clearly shows that Jews have been in financial control since 539 BCE (and potentially much earlier since ~ 1,000 years prior to this date – based on my independent scholarly findings).

    In either case, a very long time of financial control – with ups and down fluctuations of control through time. Obviously, most of this knowledge does not come from “biblical” sources, but far more concrete sources that most individuals never encounter during their life time.

    I wanted to go into much deeper details about all this for you here, but that would be impossible; and, I could get into some serious hot water for revealing this type of information.

    If only all peoples could access all Vatican literary sources and visit all national libraries and museums worldwide as these resources are essential information, and all these resources are literally spread throughout the world.

    When I employed with the university during my younger years, I really enjoyed working with my graduate students particularly with the foreign exchange students as they appeared more keen to learning.

    During this time and with the development of the early internet, I found skillful ways to assist students using carefully selected videos – a similar methodology your currently using now. With so many people more apt to view video as apposed to rigorous reading, information can relayed to viewers more efficiently.

    Returning to your comment to me above, I present to you and your viewers a few specifically selected videos to watch as information tools into history. Although some of this information will be known to some, most won’t know all of this information. It is important to know this information.

    There are many hours of information being present here – all in a scholastic type platform or individual presentation.

    My video educational library is enormous and cover many subjects – all of great intellectual benefit to an open minded viewer.

    Below are a few selected videos in reference to your comment reply above, and one will find significant overlap between these when viewed collectively:

    The Money Masters CD1

    Who Controls All of Our Money?

    The Medieval Bank, the Medici and the Church! Economics!

    The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World by Niall Ferguson Epsd 1 5 Full Documentary

    A History of the Spanish & Portuguese Jews

    The Rise and Fall of the Medici Family

    Jews of Rome, The Longest Diaspora.

    The Origins of Jewish Names – Fred Catzman

  33. Brother Nathanael May 29, 2020 @ 8:13 pm

    @Brother Bruce

    From time to time jews have had financial influence beginning from the days of King Solomon where we see the onset of “globalism.”

    However, Jewish financial control did not significantly flourish with major impacts until Jewish bankers in Europe (not the Medicis who were not jews) funded Cromwell and then William of Orange against the historic Church with its political leaders, Charles I and Louis XIV.

    At this juncture, Jewry had an “ideological” and wide-reaching aim of which they never entered upon heretofore:

    To destroy the social fabric and cultural consensus of historic Christendom that extended to the destruction of all Catholic monarchies and to the Russian Orthodox monarchy during and after World War 1.

    Perhaps you missed my point and decided to give a wide and general sweep apart from any detailed proof except for a few youtube videos of localized and regional Jewish financial influence that ebbed and flowed.

    As for the vid you posted on Jewish names, Catzman would have the goys believe that jews held lowly jobs like tailors and dyers in Europe.

    Oh the jews were so oppressed!

    Yet, the authority on the history of capitalism, Werner Sombert, outlines with multiple references that Jews were involved in major trade, sugar industries, and others, in the 17th century.

    I repeat.

    I’m more and more convinced that with the defeat of Louis XIV by the “money power” of the Jews who financed Holland and England to destroy the religious Catholic monarchy in the late 17th Century, Jewry FROM THAT JUNCTURE has continually increased its power worldwide.

    It was the Jews who financed Cromwell the Protestant and William of Orange and they were not going to let a Catholic monarch in France and Catholic Spain undo their growing control of Europe.

    Since the 18th Century, through its banks and control of gentile leaders, the power of the Jews has permeated every lever of political, cultural, and social manipulation.

    Then the Holy Orthodox monarchy of Russia in the 20th Century had to be eliminated through the “money power” of Jacob Schiff and the Rothschilds.

    Tracing America’s Enslavement To Jewish Bankers @

    How The Jews Took Great Britain @

    The Globalization Of Hanukkah @


  34. Citizenfitz May 30, 2020 @ 12:01 pm

    When hyperinflation arrives let’s see if the Cabal doesn’t use that as the excuse for rfid chipping us.

    “To stabilize prices and stop price gouging.”

  35. folk songs May 30, 2020 @ 1:19 pm

    Electronic devolution

    5G brainwashing networks=Edison vs. less G Tesla. That’s right, this 5G crap needs cell towers at DC distance, about every mile, to make sure the “nations” brain waves are fried, dyed, and laid to the side by jews and their stooges misused “technology” that a junk archaeologist won’t give you a plug nickel for 18,000 short years from now.

    You heard it here first. Not allowed in Israel.

    Should be void and prohibited everywhere.

  36. Jody Couper May 30, 2020 @ 2:42 pm

    @Brother Bruce

    Thanks for that information. If possible, can you preserve your library of Jewish historical information in digital format?

    People need to know the truth about them.

  37. pierre May 30, 2020 @ 4:37 pm

    @Brother Bruce, thank you for your contribution here… much appreciated.

    The Jews And Modern Capitalism by Werner Sombert 1913

    Free book there, thanks BN.

    Leuren Moret reckons the Medicis were part of ‘THE bloodline”, and did some good, mostly not. The Lee’s in China are one of Fritz Springmeir’s Illuminati Bloodlines (though we have the Jesuits as the source for Chinese Jews).

    Miles Mathis has the “Phoenicians” going waay back, and includes the Vikings and the Normans.

    E Michael Jones calls Protestantism, particularly in England, a looting operation without any ideological basis at all, and only some justification in Germany.

    I think it is all the same as in the Bible, all those warnings about eyes and needles and camels.

    Just that bigger ships (pirates of the Mediterranean I call them), more sophisticated trade, informational diaspora, printing presses (for warping culture), lawyers guns and money (Warren Zevon song) and capitalism (Barren Metal by E Michael Jones which I would like to read some day) helped them along.

    Dutch then English East India Company (and limited liability and the corporate veil in general, double entry for enslavement and double books for crooks) . ♫Then along came Jones♫Child of the Roths Shield with international ledgers and Nathan’s coming to own England and Victoria’s Vergina through fraud and fear mongering re: Waterloo rumours.

    Still we all know enough, its the doing that is the issue. (mea maxima culpa). Seems divine intervention (not false prophets or cults) is needed somehow.

    [My studies have been interrupted the last 18 months by learning German, then Corona (and the Bible an hour before sleep), now I will probably go back to learning German, then come September I reckon, Corona 2. The fox has tasted blood, has the chickens cooped up, and will be back for more.]

  38. pierre May 30, 2020 @ 8:20 pm

    Synchronistically Miles Mathis covers the Medicis a bit here.


  39. Brother Bruce May 30, 2020 @ 10:06 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Thanks my friend for including your excellent videos to compliment the ones I had listed.

    As I noted, you are correct – “the defeat of Louis XIV by the “money power” of the Jews who financed Holland and England to destroy the religious Catholic monarchy in the late 17th Century, Jewry has continually increased its power worldwide.”

    We are on the same page in this point in time to present. I simply felt that your initial reply deserved some additional historical analogy; henceforth, the small list of videos I selected.

    Concern the once powerful Italian House of Medici, which had its founding during the first half of the 15th century, it’s unquestionable that Catholicism was at its core for this powerful and influential family; after all, this lineage not only produced two queens for a once Catholic France – Catherine de’ Medici (1547–1589) and Marie de’ Medici (1600–1630); but, even more directly by contributing four Popes to the Vatican – Pope Leo X (1513–1521), Pope Clement VII (1523–1534), Pope Pius IV (1559–1565) and Pope Leo XI (1605).

    The focus of mentioning this noble Christian family was to establish financial connections linked to this family – particularly during the latter years of this lineage as reflected by the scholarly video presentation by Niall Ferguson.

    Niall Ferguson’s video also dovetails nicely with Bill Still’s excellent video ‘The Money Masters’. As previously mentioned, this particular selection of videos I listed are linked and best view collectively – (excluding the Fred Catzman add-on video which gave me the same initial impression you got – but some useful information to glean.)

    Jewish financial control stands at the very heart of all global problems during our era and for several centuries prior – particularly when this monetary control is linked via a Zionist inspired ideology that has a lust for global power and control over all that lives on this world.

    @Jody Couper – my pleasure – like Brother Nathanael, I enjoy research and teaching others whom are willing and eager to learn. Brother Nathanael is truly a gifted individual – a true credit for humanity.

  40. Steve May 31, 2020 @ 12:07 am


    Geez…I wonder where they learned that Molotov Cocktail nonsense?

    Fortunately, dumb and dumber forgot to light it. Oh well, in their next lifetime.

    BroNat you have got to do a comedy schtick about the Catskill Communists…RED DIAPER BABIES schooled under grandmamama who threw cocktails at the Czars. OY VEY!

  41. Wally May 31, 2020 @ 5:36 am

    Hey Brother,

    What is your view on the recent riots?

  42. GR82BW May 31, 2020 @ 8:36 am

    There’s plenty of censorship on the streets as well.

    A jewish terror group styling themselves Antifa has taken to the streets causing damage to property and people. Their list of names, now removed from the internet, showed a largely jewish group. The original Antifa had jewish origins also.

    Government tolerance of these domestic terrorists says much. Local city governments in places like Seattle stand down and allow their destruction.

    Their goal is not against fascism. They wish to create chaos and use minorities and vandalism to overthrow civilization. Some may believe they are working toward communism, but that would require leadership. They only know how to destroy.

    If you see a skinny white complected individual dressed in black with face covering, be on your guard. Some carry blunt weapons such as crow bars and will attack in numbers.

  43. Brother Nathanael May 31, 2020 @ 1:04 pm


    Next Video, stay tuned. +bn

  44. Tony May 31, 2020 @ 1:10 pm

    I seen in news today how jewish open actors were bailing out these violent people who vandalized Minnesota that went into jail.

    The hypocrisy of these people. These people’s hypocrisy and atrocity knows no bounds, but one day like all tyrants they will die, and God knows their secret doing.

    The universe has action and response force, they think they will live forever but the afterlife awaits for the eternity.

    They think is just a boogieman that universe has no other forces beside theirs but we shall see when they die. 100 years vs the rest eternity.

  45. Citizenfitz May 31, 2020 @ 2:48 pm

    It appears the dire threats of climate change and the CV just aren’t agitating the lumpenproletariat as was hoped.

    So now it’s back to old tried and true… racial conflict!

    Anyway, for some rest and relaxation from the current madness I recommend joogling, “Is it permitted to wash dishes on the Sabbath?”

    True to form, protestants cannot agree on even this. Most of their answers prefaced by, “I believe… I feel… I doubt… I don’t think….”

    And for even more laughs you can go to Where the distilled wisdom of 4,000 years solemnly intones: “Hey, let the Gentiles do it! That’s not our responsibility.”

  46. Truth Anywhere May 31, 2020 @ 9:39 pm

    Burn baby burn 6.0

    Trump to designate “antifa” a terrorist organization.

    Jew Bolshevist members inciting black descendants of the slave trade they ran and providing pallets of bricks to rioters across the country.

  47. Tony June 1, 2020 @ 9:17 am

    @Truth Anywhere

    Actually is Jewish Democrats and left-leaning that are dropping the money and sure some of them share that mentality because they help each other.

    They used the scenario to do what they do all the time, and incite revolutions that help them to win on turning the mentality, shortly using their medias to push political interest of their own.

    The hypocrisy is that if it was a black police and white man this would be normal day.

    Also in any other country you would have thrown the police in jail.

    Why destroying the business and others that had nothing to do with?

    Because you have lowlifes that use that and paid agents provocateurs from our elite oligarchs Jews.

  48. Steve June 1, 2020 @ 10:37 am


    Yet another false flag courtesy of the Tribe. [Robert David Steel claims the cop Chauvin and the victim Floyd are both paid provocateurs.]


  49. Truth Anywhere June 1, 2020 @ 12:25 pm

    Jew Israeli scientist Ronen Shemesh admits coYID-19 genetically engineered.

    He just didn’t say they did it.

  50. Brother Nathanael June 1, 2020 @ 2:22 pm

    NEW Vid tomorrow, Tuesday!

    STAY gluuuuuued. +bn

  51. B June 1, 2020 @ 7:29 pm

    With the pandemic still active, it surely is a wonderful time for NASA to announce that NASA is now planning to return samples of Mars back to the earth.

  52. GR82BC June 1, 2020 @ 7:30 pm

    Tucker interviewed an Antifa leader named Isaacson.

    Isaacson looked and sounded like a mental patient as he tried to make excuses for Antifa violence and threats.

    Looks like Isaacson got sacked from his teaching job.

    I looked through Isaacson’s tweeter feed and he claims to be jewish.

    I keep noticing a strong jewish presence in this Antifa group.

  53. KathJuliane June 1, 2020 @ 9:13 pm


    Tucker: Our Leaders Dither As Our Cities Burn (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


    Tucker really rips into Jared Kushner.

  54. Lugu June 2, 2020 @ 12:01 am

    Brother Nathanael, I just remembered what you’ve said about antifa. You said:

    “Destroy the symbols, standards, AND heroes of the Confederacy—(that is, a ‘White Christian Political Bloc’ that Jewry fears), and the Jews rule in the midst of fragmentation and instigated rivalry.”

    It’s pretty much clear now. Just take a look around. Again, you are absolutely spot on!

    May Our Lord and Savior always Bless you and Protect you.

  55. Pat Kittle June 2, 2020 @ 12:34 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    You got Jewggled (& JewTubed).

  56. Ted Gorsline June 2, 2020 @ 2:12 am

    I see where some web site are reporting the black guy who was killed and the white policeman worked at the same bar.

    The cop outside the bar, when off duty, and the black guy inside. They were together for more than 10 years.

  57. Brother Nathanael June 2, 2020 @ 2:32 am

    President Trump Addresses The Nation On The Rioters @

    My own thoughts tend toward strength in leadership. Looters cower before righteous punitive retribution against lawlessness.

    The jew Frey, for one, is weakened by playing up to those ‘precious protesters’ and playing the part of a lover of blacks. Let him move to a black neighborhood to prove it, he won’t. +bn

  58. Brother Nathanael June 2, 2020 @ 2:41 am

    Clever Churchgoers Avoid Arrest By Disguising Themselves As Rioters @

  59. KathJuliane June 2, 2020 @ 6:51 am

    Remembering Razan al-Najjar, honoring health workers

    Electronic Intifada

    Exactly two years ago today, an Israeli sniper shot dead Razan al-Najjar.

    The young volunteer medic was among a group of rescue workers walking with their hands in the air and dressed in white vests approaching the Gaza-Israel boundary fence to treat a wounded protester.

    During the weekly Great March of Return rallies that began in March 2018, Israel deployed military snipers to shoot to maim and kill unarmed civilians – including children – protesting Israel’s blockade of Gaza and demanding the right of refugees to return home.

    As she grew up in Gaza, Razan witnessed repeated Israeli assaults.

    “The wars motivated her to enter the healthcare field,” her mother Sabreen recalls in the moving video above published on Monday by the American Friends Service Committee.

    “When the Great March of Return started, Razan, of course, was the first young woman to volunteer as a medic.”

    “I do it for God.” — Razan al-Najjar

  60. Citizenfitz June 2, 2020 @ 10:10 am

    “All the world’s a psy-op, and all the men and women merely players….”

    It isn’t beyond the Pale of reason to wonder if George Floyd and Derek Chauvin are in fact only digital dreams. Their “existance” merely programmed figments of alternative realities downloaded from some NSA supercomputer; and fanatically believed by the cyberproletariate, who in any event can be counted on to not ask basic questions.

    Seeing as people refuse to order themselves within and have surrendered to whatever devil enflames their passions, it becomes inevitable that order will be imposed from without.

    The French had to undergo the Reign of Terror – though they seem to have learned nothing of value from it. Were they worse then than we are today?

    The Russians, Ukrainians and others of their sphere had the Red Terror forced on them. How many millions dead there? Were they more porn addled degenerates than the average post-Christian worldling today?

    There’s going to be a body count. And it’s probably going to be quite high.

    Prayer and fasting.

  61. Ted Gorsline June 2, 2020 @ 12:20 pm

    Funny how this racism thing is always about whites and blacks.

    There must be several dozen races in the world but the others never get any air time.

  62. The Englishman June 2, 2020 @ 1:15 pm

    Afro-American Lawyer Paris Dennard gives Liberal Jon Snow a mauling on U.K. Channel 4 news.

    A Republican, who should be listened to by his `brothers & sisters`.

    His rhetoric should give hope to those who’ve lost all hope.

  63. KathJuliane June 2, 2020 @ 4:02 pm

    Antifa kid’ who smashed a police car and incited riots in Pittsburgh is escorted into custody — by his mom and dad

    Not so tough now

    Brian Bartels, the 20-year-old man who police say turned a protest into a riot on Saturday in Pittsburgh, turned himself in to law enforcement Monday — escorted by his mom and dad.

    He faces charges of institutional vandalism, rioting, and reckless endangerment of another person, according to police.

    Jason Howerton

    The Antifa kid who police say incited riot in Pittsburgh has been arrested and watching him turn himself in with mommy and daddy is the absolute greatest thing on the internet today.

    Law enforcement had been investigating the destruction of a police SUV over the weekend that had been spray-painted and then set on fire during the demonstrations.

    After receiving an anonymous tip from a co-worker identifying Bartels as the culprit, police executed a search warrant at his home. During the search they found two guns, six spray paint cans, gloves, and the sweatshirt that the suspect had been wearing during the protest, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

    A video had also surfaced showing a young white male smashing the police SUV’s windows and tagging it with spray paint. In the video, the suspect, believed to be Bartels, can be seen dressed in all-black Antifa-like gear.

    A woman attempted to stop Bartels from causing damage to the SUV, but Bartels flipped her off in refusal and continued to smash that SUV’s windows.

    Tim Williams

    #BREAKING NEWS: Pittsburgh Police say 20 year old Brian Bartels is the man who incited riots in downtown #Pittsburgh yesterday. This is video taken of him destroying a police cruiser. An arrest warrant has been issued.

    *WARNING* Explicit Language (Black videographer calls out this ‘white privileged’ antifa creep for hijacking the protest and inciting to riot so it could all be blamed on blacks.)


  64. KathJuliane June 2, 2020 @ 4:29 pm

    UK Bans Sex in Effort to Control Covid Spread

    Paul Craig Roberts

    Our crazy times

    In UK Sex in your house with a person from another household illegal from today

    A German MD and an Italian MD claim the Covid threat was exaggerated. Apparently the UK government disagrees and has banned sex to stop the virus. And Americans complained about having to stay away from bars and restaurants.

  65. MARY MOANA June 9, 2020 @ 11:50 pm


    They might as well rename that plant CENSORING Jew instead of WANDERING Jew.

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