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Unlocking Your Inner Anti-Semite

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Unlocking Your Inner Anti-Semite
By Brother Nathanael Kapner May 19, 2016 ©

LIKE AN ACQUIRED TASTE… that is, like swallowing hemlock, anti-Semitism surfaces on the tongues of the unsuspecting.

Not long ago, those accused of “Jew-hatred” were labeled as “racists” with an “Aryan” mind set, whose “monstrous” aim was to rid the world of Jews by way of “gas chambers.”

This approach by those ever-vigilant hate-watchers in order to stifle justifiable criticism of the nefarious activities of Jewry is no longer working.

Thus a “new anti-Semitism” emerges in quick succession as the up-to-date watchword by the press and state department, both of which, (unless you’re so totally dumbed-down), are subsidiaries of Jewish proprietorship.

In fact, every single year a “new anti-Semitism” rears its innocuous head, the latest being criticism via the current BDS Movement of Israel’s apartheid policies.

(Last year it was opposing the appointments of Jews to university positions with ties to Jewish organizations and their “Jew-specific” agendas.)

According to England’s former chief rabbi, Jonathan Sachs, “anti-Zionism” is the newest breed of anti-Semitism.

Now, if the question ever arises that perhaps Jewry is not so innocent after all and brings upon its own head an “unfriendly” reception, the Jewish censorship committee overseeing our surveillance state will immediately call those who voice this hunch, “anti-Semitic.”

You’re a goner before you’ve even begun.

BUT LET’S GET SERIOUS. Anti-Semitism is like a storm brewing on the horizon and unless Jewry reverses its malefactions it will burst out like a hurricane on their heads.

And whether it’s true or not that Jews in the Middle Ages poisoned the wells, the metaphor holds true today:

Jews are poisoning the wells of Western Civilization.

An example if you will.

The latest perversion of human sexuality, so-called “transgenderism,” is yet another sickness promoted and spread by Jewry.

Every single Jew-owned media venue: CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, ad infinitum, is pushing it.

Every single Jewish Lobby: National Council for Jewish Women, ADL, Bend the Arc, etc, is praising Obama’s Toilet Edict and his lawsuit against North Carolina.

Let’s suppose Obama’s love for toilets and its use by boys who think they are girls (where do they get this notion? from Jew-owned TV?) should ever reach the Supreme Court, then the likes of Ginsburg, Kagan, Breyer, and Sotomayor will be ruling on it.

Since these are the same four Jews that ruled that two men and two women could legally marry, (usurping both God’s authority and the powers designated to the states), then surely the distinction between men and women will be blurred forever giving Jews greater power over the blurred-down goyim.

WHAT DECENT AMERICAN, once coming to his senses, would not be revolted by this onslaught against sanity by organized and specific Jewry?

Will he not react in a most unfriendly way toward Jews? Will this be the “new anti-Semitism,” namely, calling out Jews as enemy-specific targets of denunciation?

As the stomach disgorges the baleful and infective, so the inner man belches out the agents of societal destruction.

It’s coming, it cannot be stopped, if the goys awaken, a new anti-Semitism based on hard facts is coming. The chains will unlock and a justifiable anti-Semitism will seethe within and burst without.

This is a hard saying and the Jews and their defenders will not be able to bear it.


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Brother Nathanael @ May 19, 2016


  1. Brother Nathanael May 19, 2016 @ 5:53 pm

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    Dear All – URGENT NEWS

    After a sobering run down of finances with my accountant with the news of the dire financial situation that the Brother Nathanael Foundation is in due to a drastic decline of donations this past fiscal year, I am forced to reduce the regularity of my Videos.

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    +Brother Nathanael

  3. Brother Nathanael May 19, 2016 @ 5:55 pm


    I now have a “+BN T-Shirt” banner on and on all my websites.

    Check it out! +BN

  4. Brother Nathanael May 19, 2016 @ 5:56 pm

    IN CASE YOU MISSED IT/+Brother Nathanael For President 2020! (possibility)
    @World Trade Center 7 no longer controversial

    Upon reflection of the HUGE positive response I received on the Streets of DC, I am considering more than ever of running for president in 2020.

    Many in DC know me, love my mission, and I really feel that in a few years, the label of “anti-semite” will not bear the stigma it now has to endure.

    In thinking of a presidential platform the overall aim would be to turn our “War economy” into a “Peace economy.”

    Both Trump and Hillary espouse a “war economy” simply due to their militarisic positions.

    Trump wants to build up our military which keeps us in the same rut we’ve been in since WW II:

    Looking for enemies to wage war against; expanding the military-industrial-security complex (run by Jew Wall Street and Jew ‘experts’; allowing low-IQ career-generals to tell us who the new enemy is; and joining our aggressive foreign policy with IsraHell and its agents: neocon JEWS.

    The first thing that President Brother Nathanael would do is cut off all military and other aid to Israel. Period.

    Israel is NOT a state of the Union, it is not an ally by treaty (and it would be impossible to make a treaty because Israel has never formally declared their boundaries, and in fact keeps inflating them with illegal annexations of the recognized polity of the Occupied Palestine Territory.)

    (FYI, the US has partners, not allies, with the exception of NATO).

    I would not be saying that other nations have to pitch in for our protection vis-a-vis NATO, but would altogether PULL America OUT of NATO. It has no purpose to continue but to fan the flames of war with nuclear-armed Russia. This is utter madness.

    I would close down most of our military bases overseas and employ instead diplomacy, agreements, security arrangements etc with partner nations.

    I would most certainly defend an “America First” policy that would not entail (as Trump wants it) an America “winning” superiority over other nations, but rather, seeking first national interests at home, and co-operating with other nations in the spirit of fraternal relations and recognizing mutual interests. This is consonant with the reality of international trade.

    Our national interests must be first of all restoring morality and sanity to our domestic scene, both culturally and socially. I’m convinced that Americans are growing riper and riper for this kind of emphasis.

    +Brother Nathanael

  5. Brother Nathanael May 19, 2016 @ 5:57 pm

    Watch My NEWEST Video Worldwide & In All EU Countries CENSOR FREE:

    “The Riddle Of Jewish Success” @

    This is my STATE-OF-THE-ART Video Platform AND I OWN It! It Bypasses ALL Jew-Censorship.

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  6. van helsing May 19, 2016 @ 6:29 pm

    One of your best essays!

    Thank you +BN, and God Bless the Bro Nat Nation!

  7. Метка May 19, 2016 @ 6:41 pm

    I am proud of you Brother N. A dripping faucet over time will fill an ocean.

    If you have the time and the inclination I would suggest some time listening to Professor Alexandre Dugan of Moscow State University, former Advisor to President Putin.

    Here is a link to a series of University Lectures which is the basis of Russian Geopolitics based on Ethno-Sociology

    Also here is a link to a book ordered by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1844. Perhaps another reason why Jews hate Russians so much. It has other information on the page besides the report which seem to be researched and annotated.

    A Note About Ritual murders of Babies and How These Jews Use the Babies’ Blood


    Printed by the order of the Minister

    of Domestic Affairs




    Dr. Vladimir Ivanovich Dal,


    True or not, it is food for thought just as your comment of Jews poisoning wells as a possibility.

    May God’s Truth Prevail

  8. Brother Nathanael May 19, 2016 @ 7:09 pm


    Here’s my Street Evangelism Schedule: (All Sponsored Trips)

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    May Christ Bless Us All!

    +Brother Nathanael @

  9. Ed May 19, 2016 @ 7:40 pm

    Anti-Semitism based on hard facts.

    +BN what a statement.

    This should spread like wild fire across the globe. What a revelation for the good of mankind!

  10. Daniel May 19, 2016 @ 7:56 pm

    Here we go again.

    No such thing as “Anti-semite”.

    It’s a delusion of the Jews.

    Who are, by the way, Anti-everybodyelse-ITE.

    Jews are Anti-WEite, anti-YOUite,….

    They aren’t anti-THEYite…that would be anti-SELFite :o)

  11. Bernard Weckmann May 19, 2016 @ 8:23 pm

    In 1982 I converted to Orthodox Judaism and left Australia to live for a number of years in Israel – years that turned me from being a Jew to being an anti-Semite.

    Had you told me that things would end up like that before the conversion I would have considered you crazy!

    Being around Jews every day made me gradually realize why they are hated or despised by so many – for such a long long time. In fact, daily exposure to the obnoxious conduct of almost all Jews, whether Israeli or not, seemed to rub off on me to some extent and I felt myself in danger of becoming a hater myself. I left Israel and Judaism to preserve my sanity.

    Anti-Semitism is a sane and self-respecting person’s defence against anti-Gentilism. PERIOD!!!

    Anti-Semitism is not the world’s oldest hatred as some would have us believe – anti-Gentilism is. Read my email to the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott (now ex-Prime Minister). The post is called ANTI-GENTILISM IS A CRIME in which I argue for criminalizing anti-Gentilism in exactly the same way that Jews criminalize anti-Semitism.

    Needless to say: he never responded to that – Australia is a Zionist puppet like most of the Western world!

    So next time a Jew calls you an anti-Semite accuse him of anti-Gentilism. History will prove you right!

  12. Dave May 19, 2016 @ 8:27 pm

    I was not aware of the preponderance of Jews who control much of our country.

    The New World Order or globalists have been controlling the government in DC which is why the witch Clinton is promoted by them.

    The globalists have her wickedness in check and to them Trump is an unknown. The American people many of them are so stupid they idolize the Clinton witch.

    My question is can this wicked country be saved?

  13. Bernard Weckmann May 19, 2016 @ 8:27 pm

    Here is the link to my article:

  14. cas May 19, 2016 @ 8:57 pm


    This will end with them getting pedophilia enacted as “law”.

  15. Tim May 19, 2016 @ 9:53 pm

    Lets push for all of Israel to have Gay Marriage and EVERY bathroom in Jew-Ruse-a-lem be sodomite neutral.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

  16. Eileen K. May 19, 2016 @ 10:30 pm


    Great article, Br. Nat, just as all your articles are.

    I’m sorry to learn that your Foundation’s not receiving enough donations for you to be able to film/produce a video every week.

    Indeed, hiring a professional videographer to help with filming and editing your videos is an expensive venture, and it’s sad that you’re nearing bankruptcy as a result.

    Just imagine, Brother, 60,000 viewers donated just $10 each; you’d receive a total of $600,000 toward the filming and editing of your videos. Problem is, however .. the vast majority of your viewers don’t get that picture; they don’t perceive the benefits your Foundation would gain through the $600,000 total – donated by these 60,000.

    I do hope they’ll see the light and pitch in. I’m getting to the point now where I can pitch in with my $20; however, it took me a few months to recover from my near financial disaster caused by computer problems.

    Just keep hanging in there, Br. Nat; The Lord will rescue you again, just as He rescued you from impending homelessness over a month ago. He chose you for this mission; thus, He won’t let you down.

    God bless you always,


  17. Victor May 19, 2016 @ 10:39 pm

    I hope what +BN proposes above will come true – that Gentiles will at last see through the ‘anti-Semitism’ façade and rise up against it.

    But what I fear is that our governments, academia and media are preparing a different kind of world for us – a world where human rights are twisted to apply only to the few – a Tribe of deeply paranoid taskmasters; where laws are applied to the masses but not to those who rule over them; a world where criticism of the Tribe is outlawed and the tools to enforce that is handed over to the military and police of the state.

    It seems to me that the ‘anti-Semitism’ and ‘hate’ laws that are being pushed on us today across the Western world are precursors to life under global Judaism, and will only grow in its power over our lives, security and privacy.

    That is a world where the masses of the Gentiles live in poverty and abject service to the few who own all and live a privileged life; a world where merely lifting your eyes to meet those of a Jew will trigger a prison sentence or heavy fine; a world where we truly are only beasts of burden in human form without divine souls.

    Welcome to the New World Order. Welcome to Judaism, the Reality.

  18. Ted Gorsline May 19, 2016 @ 11:32 pm

    Most Palestinians are Semitic people and the Israelis, most of whom come from places like the Ukarine or Poland , have been killing them and pushing them off their land and caging them in cement for 75 years and are still doing it.

    The most anti-semitic people in the world are and always have been Jews.

  19. Hugo May 20, 2016 @ 12:15 am

    If someone were to call me anti-Semitic I would respond with the comment “actually I am anti-evil which is why you think I am anti-Semitic since the two are synonymous”.

    I rest my case!

  20. Irene Bonney Faulkes May 20, 2016 @ 12:22 am

    Your quotation in one of your connecting sites, by Dostoevsky speaks volumes.

    “The Jews look forward to world domination. This requires them to maintain their own close-knit identity. If the Jews are given equal legal rights in Russia, but are allowed to keep their ‘State within a State,’ they would be more privileged than the Russians. The consequences of this situation are already clear in Europe.”

    When Stalin wanted a place for them in Russia, he nominated an area near China, close to where at least some of them originated, those of Turko-Mongol ancestry.

    Paul Wexler, a Jew of Tel Aviv, seems to relate facts in support of the Jews not being the descendants of Abraham.

    Thus to depart from Israel for those there, would become a problem. Could it be Poland, Germany, Ukraine or near Mongolia?

    Yet Jimmy Carter was right in his Evangelical idea of Palestine being the place for Arabs, i.e. Palestinians who had been there for centuries. He was a rare Evangelical, but he spoke the truth.

    I checked all of your connecting sites and they are brilliant, worthy of someone who could be President.

    Perhaps it does require a Christian Jew, who has shed all of the shackles of Jewry, to be in a dominant world position and in particular the U.S.A., for their defeat.

    God sets the boundaries of the nations even though mankind would disrupt them. He places one at the top and another at the bottom, and all those at the bottom at some time in history, have their end.

    The Jews have been a dominant people in the world for a long time. If history is to be repeated and in this manner it always is, then the Jews are destined to face their utter doom and fall.

    There is much anti-Jewish feeling among those who have begun to identify their countries’ present problems and indeed those of the world, as being originated by Jews.

    The deceit of the Jew is immeasurable but many are waking up to their history. Centuries of such has been recorded. All people should search for it and consume the facts.

    Bernard Weckmann’s comment ‘Australia is a Zionist puppet like most of the Western world’ is worthy of note. Even Prime Minister Howard was in the trap, of whom Tony was a protege.

    As to Brother Nathanael’s Street Ministry, you are to be commended, Brother, for your stand to convert the Jew to Christ.

    It is so unlike that of millions of Christians in the U.S.A. and elsewhere, who consider the Jew is one of God’s special people just because they are ‘Jews’ (but not Jews)!

    They do not ‘convert’ him but sit down alongside (while gazing upwards at him adoringly) and emphasize in frenzied attachment to the Feasts and Holy Days they consider these ‘Old Testament’ Jews follow.

    These ‘Christian’ Goyim are steeped in rank stupidity because they do not follow the gospel they profess wrongly, to love.

    After all, St. Paul was one of those Jews like we have today and Christ Himself supernaturally appeared to him so that he left Judaism in totality, for Christ Himself.

    He had sat at the feet of Gamaliel and was a Pharisee of the Pharisees, while also knowing the Law of Moses.

    Gamaliel was the grand-son and pupil of Hillel, a Jewish and famous Rabbi and Sage, who was noted for his grasp of the Babylonian Talmud and his scholarship in relation to the then unwritten Kabbala.

    Present-day Jewry also follows those two books. If such as St. Paul could be converted, so can some of those Jews to whom the preaching of the gospel is sounded out in the streets of U.S.A.

  21. Brother Nathanael May 20, 2016 @ 12:33 am

    @Irene Bonney Faulkes

    You wrote:

    “When Stalin wanted a place for Jews in Russia, he nominated an area near China, close to where at least some of them originated, those of Turko-Mongol ancestry.

    Paul Wexler, a Jew of Tel Aviv, seems to relate facts in support of the Jews not being the descendants of Abraham.”

    Before I respond, I thank you for your Spiritual, moral, and financial support dear Irene.

    First of all, this website does not countenance those (like Arthur Koestler with his “Thirteenth Tribe” deflection) who would dismiss charges against Jewry of the collective crime of “Deicide” by allocating their origin to the steppes of the Asia circa 9th Century AD.

    Second, this website does not hold to ludicrous theories that discount 3,000 years of Jewish dispersion since the time of Solomon by erroneously allocating Jewry’s origin to a tiny geographical area in the South Caucasus circa 9th Century AD.

    Third, how is it possible that a small Turkic tribe that no one ever heard of in the North Caucasus from the 9th Century AD replaces millions of Jews that have been in dispersion since the time of Solomon in 1000 BC? (There are NO “facts” other than historical and cultural realities that DISPROVE the ludicrous Khazar Theory.)

    Fourth, I have yet to see a Jew on horseback with the traditional horse nomad skills of riding through rugged steppes. There are such phenomena as cultural artifacts, you know.

    Fifth, I will soon be doing a thorough refutation of the preposterous Khazar Theory (that’s all it is, a ludicrous “theory”) in an upcoming Video.

    +Brother Nathanael
    Former Jew/NOT Former Khazar
    Now an Orthodox Christian/Yet still a racial Jew NOT a racial Khazar

  22. Chris May 20, 2016 @ 12:58 am

    It kind of makes me feel bad for the 10 – 20% non-reptile, peaceful torah Jews who don’t worship satan’s Zio beast. When society crumbles they’ll be blindly blamed again… by another reptilian-dominant neanderthal.

  23. Brother Nathanael May 20, 2016 @ 1:32 am


    First of all, the “anti-Zionist” Jews you specify are really not “torah jews” as they might claim to be, they are “talmud jews.” (Hasidic Jews often use the word “torah” to designate the Talmud rather than its traditional denotation: The 5 books of Moses of the Bible.)

    Second, they make up perhaps 1%, not 20%, of the entire population of Jewry.

    Third, they blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ and are waiting for the anti-Christ who they will embrace.

    (I spent a year of intense study with the Hasids as a young man and know them pretty well.)

    See My Videos:
    Rabbis Against Zionism @
    Why Judaism Is Bankrupt @


  24. Pete May 20, 2016 @ 1:58 am

    To be critical of Israel’s apartheid and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians labels one an anti-Semite, period.

    So, in order to not be an anti-Semite one must be on the side of the persecution of a people based on their colour, religion and nationality. ie, you have to be a racist hater in order to avoid being an anti-Semite.

    What a choice the Jews have foolishly given us, be a racist or an anti-Semite, an anti-Semite now therefore being an anti-racist, I will now therefore wear my anti-Semite badge with pride thank you very much.

    The guilt is gone, now I can feel morally good to be an “anti-Semite” in the way those who stood against South African Apartheid were admired.

  25. Astraea May 20, 2016 @ 2:07 am

    There is a new book out written by Ashraf Ezatt called Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites.

    He says that the archaeology proves that the SEMITIC Jews (as opposed to the Khazars, those who it seems originated with the Turkic Mongolians – the hordes who never seem to stop streaming out of the East — came from Yemen and the South of what is now Saudi Arabia.

    He says that they never were In Egypt and that they never inhabited what they now call Israel. Israel Finkelstein who wrote The Bible Unearthed. says that there is no evidence of a Hebrew presence in what they now call Israel.

    Adrian Salbuchi did a Youtube interview with Jeff Rense recently. It is very alarming. He thinks that they may be thinking of taking over ALL of SOUTH AMERICA! There has been a coup in Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela and Bolivia are about to fall. Paraguay is more or less owned by the Bush family who seem to be very much connected to Jews.

    For some years now I have heard of Israeli backpackers, always in groups of five, often to be found in Patagonia.

    Is this why Kissinger said, I think about three or four years ago, that “iN TEN YEARS iSRAEL WILL NOT EXIST.”

    Are they planning to take over the whole continent of South America? After they have destroyed everything beautiful and good about the Middle East, is that their plan?

    “We Jews, the destoyers, will remain the destroyers forever……Nothing the Gentiles do will meet our needs, our demands. We need a World of our own.”

    I hope this plan, if it is so, does not happen because they will destroy that entire continent. They just can’t help it, being as stupid as they are.

    Where did anyone ever get the idea that the Jews are intelligent? They are anything but! Ata least, lying, cheating, stealing and killing does not seem to me to be an intelligent way to live – or to be! VERY stupid indeed.

    And what kind of mothers teach their children that all the rest of mankind hates them??? That is simply child abuse and utterly disgusting cruelty.

    I love you for everything you do Brother Nathanael and I am grateful for this article which I will send out far and wide and every few days.

  26. Irene Bonney Faulkes May 20, 2016 @ 2:15 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael, thank you for your reply.

    My opinion is greatly influenced as it was in 1976, by Arthur Koesttler’s Book, ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ and I did as much research as I could on Scholars of many years ago.

    Anything I know or believe is what I garner from others as I do not have access to manuscripts, languages or great libraries and do not set myself up as a scholar.

    A recent book I have, ‘The Non-Jewish Origins of the Sephardic Jews’, by Paul Wexler, Professor of Linguistics at Tel Aviv University, after his enormous research, does not follow Koestler’s views but rather he extensively sets out a case that places present day Jews as being now a descent from Proselytes and also originally from Palestinian Jews. He also has a Book on the Ashkenazi Jews.

    I think I have read him correctly.

    I must bow to superior knowledge, his if I have him right and I certainly bow to yours generally.

  27. Brother Nathanael May 20, 2016 @ 2:32 am


    You wrote: “There is a new book out written by Ashraf Ezatt…”

    STOP THERE please.

    Since when do you trust a JEW to tell you the truth? Since when do you give credence to a JEW who will distort, bend, and trifle with proven facts?

    You also wrote: “Israel Finkelstein who wrote The Bible Unearthed. says…”

    Yet, another Jew liar looking to make money on yet another book like “The Invention Of The Jewish People.”

    Maybe I’ll write a book saying that the Angles and the Saxons never once occupied Britain and use various “sources” to prove my fabrications. I could make TONS of money and finally will get myself out of the poor house. I’ll call it, “The Invention Of The Anglo-Saxons.” Wow! Pretty catchy, eh?

    There are plenty of proofs, foremost the Bible, and extra-Biblical sources from ages ago that most certainly indicate “Pharaohs,” “Hebrews in Egypt and in Palestine,” etc.

    The Bible alone with its complex layers of intricate details of names, places, events, occurances, geneologies, and its self-authenticating truth-telling, gives adequate proof of Pharoahs, Hebrews, Jews in Palestine, and so on and so forth.

    Enough of these New York Times best-sellers. They only serve to make Jews wealthy and the goyim their serfs. +bn

  28. Brother Nathanael May 20, 2016 @ 2:40 am

    @Irene Bonney Faulkes

    You wrote: “A recent book I have, ‘The Non-Jewish Origins of the Sephardic Jews’, by Paul Wexler, Professor of Linguistics at Tel Aviv University, after his enormous research, does not follow Koestler’s views but rather he extensively sets out a case that places present day Jews as being now a descent from Proselytes.”

    Oh, the Jew Wexler did such “enormous research” then lo and behold, the Jew must be telling the truth!

    I recall Darwin doing “enormous research” yet to this day his theory of evolution is so full of ludicrous assertions that for all his “enormous research” one still relies on common sense rather than his hundreds of hours of research.

    As for Wexler saying that Jews mostly come from “proselytes,” he will have to prove that a few proselytes spawned millions of Jews.

    I don’t go for New York Times “best-sellers.” I stick with the tried and proven: The Bible and extra-Biblical corroboration.

    Their will be TONS and TONS of books written by Jews to “prove” what flies in the face of history and for that matter, reality.

    Jews who write books only serve their pockets and keep the goyim at their knees begging to learn more from the know-it-all JEW. +bn

  29. Brother Nathanael May 20, 2016 @ 2:43 am

    Dear All –

    I have said my piece on the origin of Jewry:

    They are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob AND descendants of the Pharisees who murdered Christ.

    They ALL to a man join in the collective guilt of DEICIDE. Every single one of them have the mark of Deicide on their foreheads:

    “Crucify Him! Crucify Him! His blood be upon us and upon our children!”

    See My Video: “The Four Curses On Judaism” @

    I will SOON be doing a thorough refutation of The Khazar Theory (and all other Jew-invented “theories”) on an upcoming Video. (Drs David Duke and Kevin MacDonald have already done masterful refutations.)

    END OF DISCUSSION – All Further Comments Supporting Contrary “Theories” Will Be Deleted.

    +Brother Nathanael

  30. Steven May 20, 2016 @ 3:58 am

    John 8:44 says it all!

    Even our Lord and friend Jesus was an “anti-Semite” when it was justified. No one is an anti-Semite because of Jews being virtuous. It is always sin that disgraces the Jew. In the case of Jews anti-Semitism is anti Satanism and in most demonocracies that is a crime.

    Why? Read John chapter 8 especially verse 44.

    For the record I did not misspell democracy. Demonocracy is what democracy is really all about. The rule of Devils and demons.

  31. Santiago Ramirez May 20, 2016 @ 6:08 am

    When Semitism consists of a manipulative division of the WHOLE human kind into a chosen minority and a vast rejected majority, anti-Semitism is anything but a self defense natural born feeling.

  32. DaveE May 20, 2016 @ 7:02 am

    Well done +BN.

    I simply want to say that your new format, sans video, is a step forward.

    Jews like Edward Bernays told us long ago how propaganda could desensitize our intellect through bombardment of the senses and video is surely at the top of the list.

    Those of us old enough to remember how MTV came along and utterly DESTROYED the decent musicians of the day (Frank Zappa: “I’m ugly. You will NEVER see me on MTV”) were shown how the game works, to the severe detriment of our culture.

    The written word forces us to think without the distraction of the senses. Just as the Pharisees who wrote the Talmud knew their propaganda would be more effective if written down, so too the opposite is true.

    If we’re ever going to take down the vile, hideous ideology of Judaism, there is nothing more powerful than some carefully chosen sentences backed up by irrefutable logic and historical facts.

    This essay, along with your supporting comments linking the pathology of Judaism with the very fundamental ideology of “the Jew”, was truly among your finest and all the more powerful without the “eyelashes”, as Frank Zappa would have said.

    You have a way with words and your comments here were extremely powerful. A much better use of your resources, in other words.

    Thank you.

  33. Mario Ceva May 20, 2016 @ 7:13 am

    If the Azkenazis Jews are not Khazars, they sure are a mix of European (north of Caucasus) and not from Middle East.

    Probably a mix of Khazars and other people of the área become the Azkenazis Jews in Europe. The Hebrews in time of Jesús where mixed with other people as cananeus fenicios and has Jewish religion.

    Many Farisees where really fenicious origin. Cartago was a Fenicius colony and they has also colonies in Spain, South France, and South Italy. Maybe many converted to Judaism in Roman times.

  34. Johnnyreb338 May 20, 2016 @ 7:23 am

    As technology becomes more entwined with society, it gets harder to hide behind a system of false information.

    Maybe that is the reason the world will turn against Israhell in the last days.

    The world is beginning to see through the the veil. Soon the veil will be torn and all the world will see.

    It’s funny that Obama is pushing legislation to allow perverts and mentally unstable people to use girls bathrooms while Russia’s president is promoting Christianity.

  35. The English Man May 20, 2016 @ 7:54 am


    So let it be understood all men and women:

    Christ’s Greatest Living Servant will not be put asunder. Lo! He will defend and triumph his Lord and Master with TRUTH and TOTAL FAITH.

  36. paschn May 20, 2016 @ 8:51 am

    As always, “the Synagogue” will in the end slaughter tens of millions of Christians/Muslims with impunity and, as always, they will use the Judas Class in D.C. to do it.

    Ironic, don’t you think, Jews will (again) kill millions of Christians/Muslims (again) by using… “Christians” within the “Christian” U.S.

    Sewer Nation – Idiot Culture.

  37. Stalwart May 20, 2016 @ 10:52 am

    for Johnnyreb338

    “It’s funny that Obama is pushing legislation to allow perverts and mentally unstable people to use girls bathrooms while Russia’s president is promoting Christianity.”

    Excellent food for thought! Why? Why does one man push and promote socially-destructive degeneracy, while another strives to lead, as much as possible, in the spirit of the Lord?

    Saw an article the other day where Putin tosses caution and criticism into the wind (as should be done) regarding the West’s medical establishment’s fanatical obsession with vaccinations.

    Such is yet another example pinpointing who is on the right side of the issue and hopefully in time on the right side of history.

  38. Sherrii May 20, 2016 @ 11:23 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    We need to sow the ground right for you so that your possible run for the Presidency can take a strong root.

    Please contact us:

  39. Cornelius May 20, 2016 @ 11:32 am

    A Khazar Jew riding on horseback across the Asian/Russian steppes, with a sword in his hand??

    That’s enough proof for me!!

    I am looking for a book about Jewish settlers in the old West, that fought Indians at night and cleared forest by hand and turned it into farmland by day.

  40. Josh May 20, 2016 @ 3:23 pm


    Just one thing missing in youe platform:

    The complete and utter abolishment of THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND ALL SIMILAR PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKING INTERESTS, which are, by design, committed to the economic enslavement of Americans to a small cabal whose only loyalties are to their own pocketbook and the advancement of their globalist political agenda.

  41. bvit May 20, 2016 @ 4:51 pm

    I love it.

    They’ve painted themselves into a corner by overusing that term finally.

    Most of us know they use it as a shield to guard their evil doings from criticism and as a way of denying the truth.

    Truth is a funny thing – if you choose to deny it you can never stop – for it is eternal.

    You will spend all your waking moments wringing your hands in darkness while fearing your carefully constructed sand castles will be annihilated by a massive tsunami of truth. Its a horrible way to live.

  42. Zionien May 20, 2016 @ 4:55 pm

    Please consider this, albeit many may understand already, Russia doesn’t suffer the terrorism that The Jew-S A does because Putin has successfully put the leashes on evil Jewry from his country’s positions of control/power–ie. Finance, Legal, Media, Medical, etc.

    One sure fire way to evoke anger from Islam is to allow the moral rot and decay of evil Jewry to dictate and push LGBT agendas here in our country. That’s why the Synagogue Of Satan is doing it!!!

    They have been trying to pit America against THEIR enemy and have U.S. fight THEIR battles for them!

    “Clever”? Nahhh! More like SINISTER/EVIL!

    And when Jewry gets caught their shameless sociopathetic child of the Devil like reaction is, as disgusting as it is, a chuckle/smirk/and a “Oh come on – we were only joking”!

    I am very happy to hear you are considering running BN+! I mentioned a while back that you should!

    Nothing is as “CRAZY” as not pursuing the obtainable, and that is only revealed after honest work/commitment. CAREFUL Though – the road of success is a often treacherous one full of arrogance & pride!

    For as I have learned, dreams are reality in a time period, unfortunately this has worked for Jewry’s Nightmares too!

  43. KC May 20, 2016 @ 7:58 pm

    They really are pushing the boundary after which all hell breaks loose.

    Maybe that is Jewish version of paradise.

  44. KathJuliane May 20, 2016 @ 8:14 pm

    Truly brilliant and hilarious first half of the Article, dear +BN.

    We are the Bro Nat Nation!

    Make America Sane Again!

    The Toilet Edict is ridiculous, and I’m morally outraged at the same time. I certainly agree that a big storm is brewing out near the horizon in the way of popular movements against Jewish control of America.

    Obama threatening to hold back federal funds because of his addiction to Social Justice Warring will mean that ultimately he will be holding poor and underfed white, black and minority children hostage with this blackmail. North Carolina has some of the most elevated poverty rates in America.

    And, if in North Carolina and elsewhere the people and their government don’t knuckle under, it will most likely mean Obama will pull federal breakfast and lunch subsidies for school children along with other, and the children.

    “The National School Lunch Program is a federally assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions.

    “The program was established under the National School Lunch Act, signed by President Harry Truman in 1946.”–USDA

    Would Obama and his Regressive administration resort to this? You bet he would. He murdered and droned an incalculable number of families and children in his “humanitarian interventions” of Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen.

    Letting children starve because people demand safe and private spaces defined by biological sex for their women and children from sexually predatory men with or without penises (mostly with) wouldn’t phase Obummer one bit.

    And on this one issue only, a wing of Radical Feminists and conservative Christians agree–the right of safety and privacy of women and children in their own segregated sex-based spaces is paramount.

    And it means more than just locker rooms and bathrooms that “trannies” have access to: women’s homeless shelters, school cafeterias, nursery and day schools, gymnasiums and women’s sports, the list is almost endless.

    GenderTrender applauded Governor McCrory and the State of North Carolina’s pushback “against transgender mandate to eliminate sex-based protections for women and girls”.

    “North Carolina becomes the first state to officially clarify that areas of public nudity (such as restrooms and locker rooms) in state-run facilities (such as public schools and municipal buildings), are sex-segregated areas.

    “An exception is made for transgender individuals who change their legal sex marker on their birth certificates.

    Transgender lobbying groups had declined to propose any sort of compromise prior to the session, claiming that excluding convicted male sex-offenders from women’s spaces would restrict the men’s rights to express their feelings.

    This “schismatic” branch of RF are derisively called by trannies TERFS or PERFS (Transgender (or Penis) Exclusive Radical Feminists) have been watching and acting against “transgender trends” for years. They have developed finely honed antennae.

    They are militant about not wanting males in their movement and women’s exclusive spaces. These RF’s are very concerned about the privacy and safety of straight women and their families as well as themselves, and are taking the battle to the “trannies” because they see that what the trannies are doing is erasing the boundaries of biological sex.

    Not only that, they expose how the healthy male trannies without sexual ambiguity, such as Bruce Jenner, steal the research and appropriate the ambiguous sex and gender identities for their own “gender identity” narratives from the uncommon category of “intersex” people who are born with chromosomal anolomies:

    Not XX and not XY
    Klinefelter (XXY)
    Androgen insensitivity syndrome one in 13,000 births
    Partial androgen (testosterone) insensitivity syndrome


    The intersex are not a “third sex,” they represent biological and genetic anomalies and natural aberrations from the two, and only two, biological sex types.

    Which one is a medically created? Homosexuality? Bisexuality? or “Transgenderism”? Look up the freak Dr. John Money.

    And, it should be no surprise, it seems like a lot of Jews are trannies, like James Nicholas (“Jennifer Natalya”) Pritzker of that Chicago dynasty, 1st cousin to Penny Pritzker, I believe.

    Dr. Drew Show:

    Violent Jewish Trans activist, the creepy Chopper “Bob” (Robert Albert) Tur (“Zoey Tur”) grabs panelist, Ben Shapiro, by the neck in some kind of Vulcan nerve grip, which caused Shapiro to wince a tad, and Bob threatens to send him “home in an ambulance” for calling Tur genetically male.

    That part of the show was edited out by CNN not to tarnish ol’ Bob’s image of being a meek as a lamb and continuously victimized “transgender”.

    growled, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

    Shapiro in a police report later alleged that Tur had threatened him after the appearance, “I’ll see you in the parking lot,” and that CNN security had escorted Shapiro to his car after ensuring Tur had left the premises.

    Battery incident @ 5:33

    Have to hand it to Shapiro, he didn’t back down in from the group-quacking.

    Tur also tweeted out after the incident that he would like to “curb stomp” Shapiro.

    In Jew York City it gets worse.

    Volokh Conspiracy: You can be fined for not calling people ‘ze’ or ‘hir,’ if that’s the pronoun they demand that you use

    That’s the official legal guidance from the New York City Commission on Human Rights:

    The NYCHRL [New York City Human Rights Law] requires employers[, landlords, and all businesses and professionals] to use an [employee’s, tenant’s, customer’s, or client’s] preferred name, pronoun and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs.) regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification.

    Most individuals and many transgender people use female or male pronouns and titles. Some transgender and gender non-conforming people prefer to use pronouns other than he/him/his or she/her/hers, such as they/them/theirs or ze/hir. [Footnote: Ze and hir are popular gender-free pronouns preferred by some transgender and/or gender non-conforming individuals.] …

    Examples of Violations

    a. Intentional or repeated refusal to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun or title. For example, repeatedly calling a transgender woman “him” or “Mr.” after she has made clear which pronouns and title she uses …

    Covered entities may avoid violations of the NYCHRL by creating a policy of asking everyone what their preferred gender pronoun is so that no individual is singled out for such questions and by updating their systems to allow all individuals to self-identify their names and genders.

    They should not limit the options for identification to male and female only.

    So people can basically force us — on pain of massive legal liability — to say what they want us to say, whether or not we want to endorse the political message associated with that term, and whether or not we think it’s a lie.

    We have to use “ze,” a made-up word that carries an obvious political connotation (endorsement of the “non-binary” view of gender).

    We have to call people “him” and “her” even if we believe that people’s genders are determined by their biological sex and not by their self-perceptions — perceptions that, by the way, can rapidly change, for those who are “gender-fluid” — and that using terms tied to self-perception is basically a lie.

    (I myself am not sure whether people who are anatomically male, for example, but perceive themselves as female should be viewed as men or women; perhaps one day I’ll be persuaded that they should be viewed as women; my objection is to being forced to express that view.)

    We can’t be required to even display a license plate that says “Live Free or Die” on our car, if we object to the message; that’s what the court held in Wooley v. Maynard (1978).

    But New York is requiring people to actually say words that convey a message of approval of the view that gender is a matter of self-perception rather than anatomy, and that, as to “ze,” were deliberately created to convey that a message.

    What’s more, according to the City, “refusal to use a transgender employee’s preferred name, pronoun, or title may constitute unlawful gender-based harassment.”

    The label “harassment” is important here because harassment law requires employers and businesses to prevent harassment by co-workers and patrons and not just by themselves or their own employees; this is particularly well established for harassment by co-workers, but it has also been accepted for harassment by fellow patrons.

    So an employer or business that learns that its employees or patrons are “refus[ing] to use a transgender employee’s preferred” pronoun or title would have to threaten to fire or eject such people unless they comply with the City’s demands.

    (The logic would also apply to landlords having to threaten to eject tenants who refuse to use co-tenants’ preferred pronouns or titles, but that’s less certain.)

    But of course “ze” and “Ms./Mrs.” are just examples. We have to use the person’s “preferred … pronoun and title,” whatever those preferences might be. Some people could say they prefer “glugga” just as well as saying “ze”; the whole point is that people are supposed to be free to define their own gender, and their own pronouns and titles.

    Seems improbable that some people would come up with new terms like that?

    Well, 10 or 20 years ago it would have seemed pretty improbable that today New Yorkers would be required to call some people “ze.”

    Check out this list, which already includes “zie,” “sie” (not the German version), “ey,” “ve,” “tey,” “e,” “(f)ae,” “per” and “xe.” Why wouldn’t some creative folks decide they want to add still more?

    Or what if some people insist that their title is “Milord,” or “Your Holiness”? They may look like non-gender-related titles, but who’s to say?

    What if someone decides that one of the 56 genders is indeed especially noble or holy and that those really are the preferred gender terms?

    Or even if “Your Holiness” is understood as purely religious (again, why would that be so, given that the point is that people are supposed to be free to define their own gender self-conception and the words that go with it), presumably the same logic that applies to gender-related self-chosen titles would apply to religion-related self-chosen titles.

    Both sex and religious discrimination are, after all, prohibited by the same laws; by the City’s logic, if you call a Catholic priest “Father,” you’d have to use whatever other self-chosen religious titles people insist on.

    Nor is the mandated “ze”-talk analogous to simple requirements that people be treated the same regardless of race or religion (requirements that may themselves be constrained by the First Amendment in some situations).

    The analogy would be if the government demanded that people have to be addressed using their own preferred race- or religion-linked titles.

    This will hypothetically, [enforce] people’s demands that “you need to use the title ‘Sun Person’ when you refer to me, because I’m black,” or “you need to use the title ‘rav’ with me because I’m Jewish,” or “you need to use the title ‘friend’ with me because I’m a Quaker,” or “you need to address me as ‘thee’ rather than ‘you’ because I’m a Quaker.”

    Such a requirement would be just as bad as the “ze” one.

    And this isn’t just the government as employer, requiring its employees to say things that keep government patrons happy with government services.

    This is the government as sovereign, threatening “civil penalties up to $125,000 for violations, and up to $250,000 for violations that are the result of willful, wanton, or malicious conduct” if people don’t speak the way the government tells them to speak.

    Nor is this likely to stay in New York City: The New York officials are arguing that this is just what the New York gender identity discrimination ban requires, and indeed it is part of the standard ideology expressed by many transgender rights activists.

    The same logic would be easily applicable by jurisdictions that have gender identity discrimination bans, or will have such bans; the federal government is taking the view that existing federal bans on sex discrimination also in effect ban gender identity discrimination, and the New York analysis would equally apply to that view.

    And the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has already taken the view that it is illegal under federal law to persistently call employees by pronouns that correspond to their anatomical sex but not their gender identity, though it has not yet had occasion to opine about “ze.”

    Feel uncomfortable about being forced to use terms that express social status views (“Milord”) or religious views (“Your Holiness”) that you may not endorse?

    Well, you should feel uncomfortable about people being forced to use “ze,” which expresses a view about gender that they might not endorse. And, more broadly, I think we should all feel uncomfortable about government regulators forcing people to say things that convey and support the government’s ideology about gender.

    Thanks to the pseudonymous Richard E. Thompson (Federalist Society Blog) for the pointer; Prof. Josh Blackman also blogged about this issue a few months ago.

    “A time is coming when people will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will mock him saying: ‘You are mad, you are not like us.'” — Desert Father St. Antony the Great.

    We are all living in Upsidedownland.

  45. Koen May 20, 2016 @ 10:00 pm

    Next on the Semitic agenda: Armageddon, the desired death of all ‘gentiles’.

    Gentile Armageddon can become a self-fullfilling prophecy in case we stupid goys stay asleep.

    Anti-“Semitism” is the wish to survive gentile Armageddon (as promoted by countless Jewish Hollywood movies) and to live in the truth.

    Everybody is entitled to have an ethnic and national identity, this is not the birthright of Israelites only.

    The hypocrisy, stupidity, and double standards of Jews, by denying the historical perspectives and backgrounds of ‘gentiles’, is astounding, something that is clearly prescribed by the Babylonian Talmud: “non-Jews have no soul, are more animal than homo sapiens,” therefore gentiles (soulless beasts) don’t have human rights in principle.

    It is this kind of rabbinic Jewish ideas and thoughts that poisoned and corrupted all human societies.

  46. benzion kook May 20, 2016 @ 10:22 pm

    “Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it”–Former Israeli Minister and Palestinian activist, Shulamit Aloni

  47. Mike May 20, 2016 @ 10:49 pm

    They claim that the world’s Jewish population is 14,200,000. If 1% of them are good, that is close to the 140,000.

    I know you already debunked that in one of your Hagee videos, but I thought it was an interesting coincidence.

  48. abbas May 21, 2016 @ 12:16 am

    America is a “destroyer” country.

    American are native nation killers, most violence loving people on earth, love violent movies, violent games, guns.

    USA has killed more than 30 million common people since WW2, destroyed lives and futures of even more millions people by attacking Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, drones in Pakistan and Yemen etc …

    The atom bomb and ISIS are both creations of the USA, so I hope they both find way in USA with hand in hand, and get rid of this self appointed “police man of whole world”.

    The destruction of USA is like a race for trophy hunting between China, Iran, Russia, ISIS, North Korea and some internal or natural disaster.

    By the way, Jews are controlling USA, not Americans who are politically powerless as peaceful conservatives, and just bunch of gays, lesbians, swingers, drug addicts, etc


    How long it will take USA to clean its mess made by adventurous invasion of Iraq?

    I think many, many years because it doesn’t really want to finish its created monster ISIS in his childhood days.

    ISIS is only helping Satan USA ‘s father Israel by destroying the region so that no strong army or country should exist to challenge its nonstop increasing occupation of Muslims land and its illegal settlements.

    ISIS is also helping Islam’s enemies to criticize Islam openly and make Muslims lives miserably in the West.

    ISIS and Saudi government has same ideology but for the first it is bombing and to second it is selling bombs and jets.

    Saudi Royal Family and USA are opposite sides of the same coin.

    The story of new world order was planned by USA (self-appointed policeman of world), owned by Jews (USA politicians, media most industry belongs to Jews) beginning in the 21 century is like this in short words

    1) USA (Jews) planned drama of 9/11 even the date is selected to remain in every one s’ mind and easy to remember (despite 600 Jews worked in WTC but on that day all Jews were on leave, so no Jew was killed).

    This drama was performed by Saudis (al-Qaida and Taliban were USA best allies from 1980-1989 in its proxy war with the USSR in Afghanistan, even the Hollywood movie “Rambo” was made on this aspect).

    Then the USA attacked Afghanistan with its full force but it took more than 10 years to find Osama. In the process the USA started the never-ending War on Terror which will go for 100 years or till the end days, who knows? The presence of USA army helped the USA to keep pressure on China, Russia and Iran for first few years.

    But I think in the end everything did not go as planned and Afghanistan is increasingly becoming the hell hole for USA with war expenses sky rocketing and also world (Russia+ China + Iran etc. ) putting pressure on the USA to clean this mess and help Afghan government with money and weapons supply with no end in sight, not to mention Afghan refugees going to the West.

    2) Saddam was the USA’s best ally and weapons buyer. Then, despite UN weapons inspection teams who reported that Saddam has no weapons of mass destruction. How could he? after all USA was his only arms supplier. But the USA attacked Iraq any way, then knowingly stored weapons at different locations later to be taken by ISIS .

    And also weapons were air dropped in ISIS area (see YouTube videos).

    But ISIS is now also biting his creator West, such as Paris and Brussels, and coming soon attacks in regular intervals which has huge impact on economy, security and also on personal lives of common Western people.

    3) The USA helped weak opposition in Libya to finish the Gaddafi government but unknowingly created future breeding ground for ISIS etc., right on Europe’s border.

    4) The USA helped weak opposition in Syria to finish Assad government but failed miserably as USA’s old enemy Russia jumped in. The Western-Gulf states backing and arming of the “opposition” created worse refugees crisis since WW2 and has threatened the Union and the future of EU.

    5) Then came the turn of Iran to be attacked, but USA s’ tentacles were so badly stuck in its previous adventures and invasions that it happily made a deal with Iran. That’s what has become of USA in just 15 years (2001- 2016. It started the race like a rabbit (you must have heard the story of rabbit and turtle race) and got tired very quickly.

    In the end, the result is USA is getting weaker (attacked Afghanistan with full force until reaching Syria where it was not even able to put boots on ground) and tired of this Chaos and chain reactions which is not in its control anymore.

    There is unrest in homelands of the West where politicians are confused (Tony Blair and Hilary said attacking Iraq was a mistake; Obama admitted the USA was unable to come up with a plan after Qaddafi).

    The public is angry, divided, afraid of future conditions, USA debt is rising in trillions, China is showing its teeth, North Korea is not under control, Russia is coming back to scene. Guess what story of the 21 century (the USA attacked a record 6 Muslims countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, drones in Yemen and Pakistan ) is just beginning?

    The West (USA) started the new world order so be it, just don’t get tired of this Chaos, it will only get worse. Get used to it; it is new norm of future. After all, that’s what you wanted.

    The USA has killed millions, destroyed the lives and futures of millions more since WW2. It attacked Vietnam, Cuba, 6 Muslim countries. Who do you think will destroy the USA (Europe’s destruction will be just a byproduct)? First China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, its created monster ISIS etc., or some internal disaster.

    The USA has been playing with fire for too long. It will reap what it has sown in the near future.

  49. abbas May 21, 2016 @ 12:29 am

    Israel uses Gaza Strip as test ground to show his customers its new weapons. Israel was founded by Jews to wait for their Jewish messiah which we believe is Antichrist because they do not believe Jesus (a.s) to be their Messiah.

    This is Satan Israel government standard operating procedure (SOP) for their arms industry running on whom income they depend with 20000+ job and increasing:

    1–intentionally tease Muslims by destroying their homes, occupying their Lands, excessive use of boundary walls, check points, stopping them from prayer in grand mosque, separating relatives of West Bank and Gaza mostly or requiring huge paper works

    2–provoking them to point where resistance become natural, call it terrorism

    3–do a huge operation with excessive force and new weapons

    4–after every operation, make a national arms show and sell weapons in billions to India etc…..

    5–history shows they conducted an arms show after every operation, and every time have sale of many billions more than previous year.

    Jews are most greedy, wealth loving, racist, prophet killer people on earth.

    How they are destroying Middle East to work on their Greater Israel plan.

  50. Zionien May 21, 2016 @ 4:05 am

    NOT “anti-Semite”–ANTI-PARASITE!

    Not “anti-Semitic”…. an ANTI-PARASITIC!

  51. KathJuliane May 21, 2016 @ 3:47 pm

    Oldie but goodie from the Mask of Zion by Jonathan Azaziah, well worth the length and study as a two-parter.

    He carefully dissects how the charge of “anti-Semitism” is leveled by so-called Jewish Israel Palestinian activists

    The Accusation Of “Anti-Semitism” I: Zionism, “Jewish Israelis” And Revisionism


    In the wake of my two-part deconstruction of “mask of Zion” wearer Uri Avnery and the grave intellectual and ideological problems within the International Palestine Solidarity Movement, I was accused of “anti-Semitism” by a well-known voice within the blogosphere who rushed to Avnery’s defense.

    While this person’s reply to my vastly-documented work did not warrant such a response, I diligently composed this series to demolish and banish any similar accusations that are sure to arise in the future.

    In this first part, we delve into the true nature and wider historical context of Zionism, what it means to be a “Jewish Israeli” and the always-controversial realm of Holocaust® revisionism….

    Like the moon rising upon the completion of sunset, it can be described as nothing other than inevitable that as soon as one raises one’s voice above a whisper in regards to the twisted, cancerous and supremacist ideology that guides the usurping Zionist entity occupying Palestine and the far-reaching global Jewish-Zionist Lobby that protects it from even the slightest criticism, one will be hysterically demonized, slandered, libeled, smeared and browbeaten with the label of “anti-Semitism.”

    If one criticizes any person of Jewish origin who expresses ‘support’ for Palestine but who also harbors blatant Zionist sympathies and actively attempts to impose this Zionism on others to delay, deflect and outright silence discussion on key matters relevant to full Palestinian liberation, one will once again face the same hysteria reignited like a supremacist conflagration and receive the chastisement of “anti-Semitism.”

    This inevitable calumny has now found its way to my person.

    On February 2nd, 2012, I completed and published a two-part series deconstructing and exposing the ‘Israeli’ activist for ‘peace,’ Uri Avnery (real name: Helmut Ostermann), a highly-regarded figure in the Palestine Solidarity Movement.

    The first part secondarily dealt with Avnery’s expertly-masked supremacism and chiefly, his elephantine lies against Islamic Resistance movements, which were smashed to pieces as perversions of history (1).

    The second, more controversial part of the series examined and documented Avnery’s support for the Zionist entity’s current top stooge in the United States, President Barack Obama, as well as his glowing approval for NATO’s genocidal aggression against Libya and his obscene call for more genocide in Syria.

    It also delved deeply into the reasons behind the degeneration of the Solidarity Movement and the relation of persons like Avnery to this deterioration (2). For this, I was vitriolically accused of “anti-Semitism” by one Steve Amsel, operator of the website ‘Desert Peace,’ in a short, slanderous op-ed that he penned entitled, “In Defense Of Uri Avnery (3).”

    Zionists do not work well with facts; they are much more comfortable with ad hominem distortions.

    In his piece, Amsel did not refute a single point of either part of the series, showing that his allegiance is not to the truth of the matter but to the protection of tribal interests.

    Throwing scholarship and academic debate to the wayside, he instead chose to engage in an irrational, distorted and ad hominem tirade against my character due to him being rather perturbed with the fact that Uri Avnery’s murderous past and overt adherence to Zionism were brutally and unforgivingly exposed in my series.

    Amsel writes, “The lies, the quotes out of context by Avnery found throughout the essay do the same {“discredit the entire pro Palestinian Movement”},” and also, “I am afraid that Azaziah falls into the trap set by the Zionists themselves in attempting to discredit Avnery simply because he is a Jewish Israeli.”

    How woeful and obscene. The luminously obvious reason as to why Amsel couldn’t display examples of lies or misquotes is because such examples don’t exist; except maybe in Amsel’s dreams.

    There wasn’t a single “lie” uttered about Avnery throughout the piece, nor was there a single quote taken out of context; every Avnery quote and every Avnery position were taken directly from his own writings.

    The idea of falling “into the trap set by the Zionists themselves” by unveiling the true face of a Zionist only could have originated in a purgatorial, Orwellian realm located between the laughable and the demented.

    I would sincerely like someone to explain to me, preferably in the most vivid way possible, how exposing Zionists… benefits Zionists.

    This asininity will be revisited in the conclusion. The title “Jewish Israeli” is one that deserves a brief but thorough examination; what does it mean, really, to be a “Jewish Israeli?”

    Since “Israeli” is a fabricated identity, one based on the theft of Palestinian food like falafel, hummus, olive oil and maftoul as well as Palestinian folklore and culture (4), and “Israel” is a fabricated entity, one based on 131 years of illegal, immoral Jewish colonization of Palestine and the destruction of more than 500 Palestinian villages during the (still-ongoing) Nakba (5), to be a “Jewish Israeli” is to be a colonizer and a destroyer of Palestine.

    To be a “Jewish Israeli” is to have racial and colonial privileges over the indigenous Palestinian people; at least 30 racist, supremacist laws within “Israel” solidify and uphold these privileges (6).

    Several of these laws represent a system in which all persons of Jewish heritage on the planet have the “right” to become “Israeli” while all Palestinians, refugees and current inhabitants of Palestine, are systematically denied the most basic human rights (7).

    To be a “Jewish Israeli” is to serve in the Zionist occupation army and massacre Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Egyptians, et al.

    The essence of the “Jewish Israeli” identity is the identity of an oppressor, of a murderer, and irregardless of whatever ‘mask of Zion’ that Zionists attempt to place on it, this is all that it is.

    Much More:

  52. Brother Nathanael May 21, 2016 @ 7:26 pm


    Speaking of being labelled an “anti-Semite” due to an intolerance of the TRUTH it looks like some JEW CENSOR on JEWtube censored my 2013 Video:

    “The Jews Who Rule America”

    But TRUTH wins out and SO does +Brother Nathanael with his OWN Video Platform:

    Check out the Video (My OWN independent Video Platform) @

  53. FRED May 21, 2016 @ 7:56 pm


    Good point(s).

    Evil is defined by actions, not necessarily thoughts, opinions, and writings.

    By now humans should be able to recognize evil [but Christ said “having eyes cannot see, having ears and can’t hear].”

    I often use a phrase a old pastor friend used quite frequently: “I can’t hear what you’re saying because — I see what your doing.”

  54. Zionien May 21, 2016 @ 9:21 pm


    Good one!

  55. abbas May 21, 2016 @ 9:35 pm

    Thanks, Fred.

    I like to suggest to all brothers on this website to please look at:

    There is a lot of mambo jambo going on in favour of greedy Jews.

    I have been black listed from the site for my comments against Jews.

  56. bill carson May 22, 2016 @ 8:18 am

    interesting discussion on DNA analysis

  57. bill carson May 22, 2016 @ 8:43 am

    Ashkenazi Jews’ genetic diseases.


    Inbreeding? Doesn’t this violate Mosaic Law written down in Leviticus 18?

  58. Citizenfitz May 22, 2016 @ 10:53 am

    One of the more fascinating Tribal dynamics is unfolding on places like YouTube.

    *Lots* of hasbarats are flocking in to “combat rising anti-Semitism” (your tax dollars at work!)

    1. Most of them try to pass themselves off as Gentiles. The “I’m an Irish Catholic!” angle is being used a lot these days. But oddly some pretend they’re Jew loving Muslims.

    2. Most of them are so hateful and obviously deceitful that they’re creating even more anti-Semitism in their wake.

    3. Jews demand payment to defend their Tribe.

  59. benzion kook May 22, 2016 @ 12:54 pm

    Peace Prize winner Ebolabomya is the worst war-mongering president in terms of number & duration of wars in the history of the USSA.

    That’s what you get when a dope-smoking, never had a job, with doubtful birth certificate, phony college-credentialed, sock-puppet of Jews runs your country further into oblivion.

    P.S. Don’t forget the 1600 “executive orders” of the de facto dictator, one of which states they can declare “martial law” whenever they feel like, for any “undeclared” reason.

  60. Citizenfitz May 22, 2016 @ 1:33 pm

    Jews like to claim 6,000,000 of their kin were “murdered in the Holocaust”.

    If you point out that this claim isn’t supported by the evidence and that the actual number of Jews who died in the war is much lower they will denounce you as an anti-Semite.

    Reason this through.

  61. Matt May 22, 2016 @ 2:24 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Are there a lot of people that aren’t really Jewish even though they claim to be? Is there a DNA text people can take?

    How does someone prove they are connected to Abraham, Moses, Hebrews of the biblical times.

    Most of the people that I talk with have said their ancestors converted to Judaism.

    They don’t practice any laws of the religion either except maybe observe the holidays like Pesach. Many do not speak a Semitic language. So if they are not Semites, they cannot claim anti-Semitism?

  62. Matt Wayne May 22, 2016 @ 2:30 pm

    Another clue to who the great prostitute/Babylon is, the mystery.

    Jesus told the Jews in Matthew 23:33-35

    33 “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?

    34 Therefore I am sending you prophets and sages and teachers. Some of them you will kill and crucify; others you will flog in your synagogues and pursue from town to town.

    35 And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar.”

    Revelations says 18:20:

    In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people, of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

    Is it just a freak coincidence that both the Jews and the great prostitute/Babylon are both responsible for the blood of the righteous?

    Or is that they’re one and the same?

  63. Matt Wayne May 22, 2016 @ 2:31 pm

    The Khazar theory has always been senseless to me.

    It’s like the present day Jews saying we didn’t kill Jesus, someone else did.

    We’re someone else–“Khazar Jews”.

  64. Obama's USSA May 22, 2016 @ 4:55 pm

    Now once again!

    The American Patriot, and great servant of God (Brother in Christ Nathanael) provides timely, and scholarly words of wisdom to a nation of Sub-Servient fools undeserving of Grace from God Above.

    Let me just say this.

    IF I buy gallons of iced tea throughout the long, hot summer ahead, occasionally lemonade as well, and I decide to forego, or skip, one lousy purchase of of a 12 pack of iced tea, (3 to 4 dollars of savings); and I decide to give that savings to Brother Nathanael instead — then why on earth can’t you people who read his Godly opinions do the same?

    Just DO It! Give to the Man! He deserves your support forever, till we all die in this Jew Satanic New World Order coming to a close now.

    In the mean time support people who tell you the truth.

    There is Nothing to Fear in this world of theirs. It is in God’s hands and they know it!

    “They Know What’s Coming to Them”…

  65. robertvnik May 22, 2016 @ 7:53 pm

    Bro Nathanael

    ‘I will soon be doing a thorough refutation of the preposterous Khazar Theory’

    I look forward to that. You probably know the truth as much as anyone.

    The Khazar Theory always sounded possible to me but of course I aint no scholar on Jew history (or anything). No doubt like many who visit this site I just want to know the truth, which I find fleeting.

    Also related: Do the present day Jews come from all of Israel or just from the tribe of Judah?

    So many opinions and teachings out there and so many thick people like me who just dont know who’s right.

  66. KathJuliane May 22, 2016 @ 9:13 pm

    Latest pushback on Obama’s Toilet Edict:

    Jew York Times is incredulous and quietly snickering behind our backs. Imagine that anyone would actually stand up and oppose the ultra-liberal Social Justice Warrior in Chief, and Party Boss of the Rainbow-Unicorn Coalition.

    Oh, those bitter, small town clingers to their guns and religion, and their antipathy toward people who aren’t like them, or their anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations. (No, I’m not channeling Palin).

    This is the kind of thing that could just see strange political support (or at least a culture wars cease fire) arise on just this one issue between conservative Christians and schismatic Radical Feminists who don’t buy into the Transgender delusions.


    Separate Bathrooms by Religion? Oklahoma Opens New Front in Transgender Debate

    Oklahoma lawmakers have introduced a bill that would allow students to request on religious grounds that their public schools provide a bathroom or other facility that bars transgender people.

    The bill appears to be one of the first state-level legislative actions to challenge the Obama administration’s directives, issued last week, that said students must be allowed to use the facilities that match the gender they identify as, even if that is different from their anatomical sex.

    The Senate bill introduced on Thursday in Oklahoma defined “sex” as the “physical condition of being male or female, as identified at birth” by an individual’s anatomy.

    It says any student can request a “religious accommodation” from a school for restrooms, athletic changing facilities or showers that are exclusively used by people with the anatomical sex at birth that is similar to their own.

    This means that a male student could request that the school provide facilities only for use by other students who were male when they were born.

    It said a student can do so based on “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

    The proposed legislation says single-occupancy facilities would not be considered an allowable accommodation.

    The bill was authored by Senator Brian Bingman and Speaker Jeffrey Hickman, both Republicans, in response to what it described as an “emergency” and a need to preserve “public peace, health and safety.” It did not mention the Obama administration’s directive specifically.

    The guidance letter published last Friday by the Department of Justice and the Department of Education said students must be allowed to use the facilities that match the gender they identify as, even if that is different from with their anatomical sex.

    For districts that refuse to comply, the directive carries the potential threat of legal action or of the withholding of federal funds.

    [What a splendid opportunity for states and localities make the preparations to fire the federal Department of Miseducation and stop the federal micromanagement of the local school on everything, including the toilet, and take responsibility for the full costs for public education out of state and local taxes.]

    Cathryn Oakley, a senior legislative counsel with the Human Rights Campaign, noted that the administration’s guidance letter reiterated a position that it had held and enforced in scattered cases around the country that involved state challenges.

    But last week’s directive was the administration’s most sweeping directive yet, and the proposed legislation in Oklahoma appears to be the first statewide bill to directly challenge it.

    “It is the first challenge since last week,” Ms. Oakley said. “What is particularly notable is that they are adding religion into the mix in a way that it has not been in any other.”

    A bill similar to Oklahoma’s was proposed this week in South Carolina’s Senate, but it pertains to a single school district, the Charleston City Paper reported.

    Other opposition to the administration’s guidance letter has occurred outside of legislative chambers, with some state officials saying they would ignore the directive or consult with school boards, such as in Texas and in Mississippi.

    In Oklahoma on Thursday, lawmakers also filed a companion resolution that accused the Obama administration of constitutional overreach in advising schools to allow transgender students to use restrooms that match the gender with which they identify.

    They called on representatives to file articles for Mr. Obama’s impeachment, NewsOk reported.

    “Our phones and emails are being flooded by citizens who are enraged by this president’s attempt to use our children as pawns in a liberal agenda,” said Representative John Bennett, a Republican, in an emailed statement.

    “This directive is biblically wrong, a violation of our state’s sovereignty and it is a serious public safety issue.”

  67. Brother Nathanael May 22, 2016 @ 9:39 pm

    @Obama’s USSA

    Thank you for your kind words and your “pitch” to viewers and readers to support my ministry.

    I feel that I’m in the process of moving into a “new beginning” in my ministry (it is a “process”) and Satan and his legions are at work trying to obstruct me.

    I think many who are at the outset of a new enterprise often encounter opposition (whether Spiritual or material or both) when their zeal is fired to do something important.

    I now have a comfortable and secure homebase from which to operate from and move out from.

    Tomorrow (after cataract surgery) I will be out on the Streets of Summit County, (home of the famous ski-resorts), holding high the Holy Cross of Christ, BURNING the demons and calling all to a vision of hope, sanity, Spirituality, (with a capital S) and morality.

    I sense from watching closely the Trump campaign (as well as the HUGE reception I get on the Streets, especially in DC last week) that Americans feel an emptiness inside and outside, and are attracted to the Triumphant force that exudes when I hold high the Holy Cross.

    In 4 years, much will change in our societal environment, wherein the “stigma” of anti-Semitism will have been significantly mitigated; where Americans will be hungering for sanity: and where morality and virtue will be things pursued and not spurned.

    This is why I am praying very hard, every day, for Christ’s Holy Will regarding a “+Brother Nathanael For President 2020!” campaign.

    I will call for an immediate repeal of the Jew’s homosexual legislation from the highest bench of the Supreme Court; an immediate repeal of the Jew-enabled Roe Vs Wade murderous legislation from the same highest bench; ending the Fed and printing our own money without interest as the Constitution mandates; a repeal of the 1916 Income Tax legislation; a repeal of the Open Immigration Law of 1965 (not singling out “Muslims”); and CUTTING OFF ALL aid, both financial and military, to the genocidal state of IsraHell; and I will call for implementation of national transition from War economy to Peace economy.

    I am convinced that this kind of platform (just scratching the surface) will RESONATE with MILLIONS of Americans.

    I need confirmation from Heaven and support from my Viewers and Readers to see this possible endeavour through.

    Yours For Christ, +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

    PS I plan on filming a Video in Summit County on Tuesday and hopefully posting by Wednesday)

    PPS To Support The Short And Long Term Goals Of My Ministry, Please Help!

    To Donate Your Tax Deductible Contribution Via PayPal CLICK:

    Or Donate Your Tax Deductible Contribution Via Click & Pledge @

    By Mail: New Address!

    TO: The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Personal Needs: (Moving Expenses, food, necessities etc)

    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    +Brother Nathanael @

    PPS All mail WILL BE FORWARDED for year from my prior mailing address:
    POB 1242; Frisco CO, 80443

  68. Ted Gorsline May 23, 2016 @ 12:09 am

    @Bill Carson

    Einstein’s theory of relativity has nothing do with math or physics. It has to do with his having had sex with his close relatives. For example, his second wife was his first cousin on one side and his second cousin on the other.

    When dog breeders encourage this kind of inbreeding to create cute, salable, and often short lived puppies, it turns their charges into borderline vegetables with many health problems. Cancer, hip displacement and feeble mindedness are but a few of the problems.

    One famous and heavily inbred breed is the Irish setter which is famous for feeble mindedness.

    However, I have read press releases from Jewish organizations explaining how inbreeding has created super bright Jews. Just why the reverse should be true with Jews as compared to all other living organisms I am not qualified to say?

    I do know that in the case of physical prowess, those nations that put the most money into sports usually prevail at the Olympics. For example two winter Olympics ago Canada (population 32 million) put alot of money into winter sports because it was hosting the games and won more gold medals than the USA and Russia combined (population 500 million).

    When old East Germany put lots of money into sports they won alot of medals. This rule of thumb does not hold true with Israel. The Jews are, per capita, the richest people on earth and yet I believe Israel has only ever won one gold medal at the Olympics in 75 years.

    They seem to be very poor physical specimens. Whether the old saw, ” a healthy body means a healthy mind” holds true or not I cannot say.

    One has to wonder if treachery is not a way of compensating for the inability to keep up with the rest of the pack?

    Jewish sexual orientation is also perhaps different than that of other people. They seem to have difficulty knowing where to wet their wicket. One has to wonder what the rabbis are doing when they make pelvic thrusts against a stone wall or lick the blood off little boys circumsized penises? It doesn’t seem kosher.

    The police in New York found CNN Jewish commentator Richard Quest on a park bench with his penis tied to his neck. Try to to figure that one out? Not long ago a blogger at the Zionist Huffington Post was charged with rape by his daughter and his defence has been that it was consensual. Then there is Woody Allen, Jeffrey Epstein, Roman Polanski, ad infinitum.

    Just this week, simultaneously, and all over the world the topic put on our plate has been menstruation.

    Nobody has any interest in the elimination of body waste. Where is this crap coming from simultaneously, in such a co-ordinated fashion from media all over the world? It looks like somebody is paying to have this crap planted.

    The week before that it was homosexuatity, toilets for both sexes, and transgender issue.

    Correct me if I am wrong but this endess list of toilet bowl cultural topics all seems to originate from Jewish sources?

    What ever happened to the news? News is simple – the five w’s. Where did it go?

    The source of many of the various health challenges Jews face is inbreeding and they know it: and that is why they put so much money into genetic research at places like the Ichann Foundation, hoping to eventually be able to cherry pick their own DNA to compensate for the damaged goods reputation they currently enjoy; and to eventually create the kind of supermen they obessively worship and dream about in their comic books.

    To me it looks like the Jews, in their wildest fantasies, really want to be like Germans and the source of that fantasy that can be found in the medal scores of the 1936 Olympics.

  69. Hoff May 23, 2016 @ 12:18 am

    1961: “We’re going to put men on the moon.”

    2016: “We’re going to put men in the women’s restroom.”

  70. Ted Gorsline May 23, 2016 @ 3:00 am


    I enjoy watching the U Tube videos of Heidie Fleiss, the Jewish prostitute to the Hollywood set. She has a good sense of humour.

    In one of her videos either she or a friend explains that her mostly jewish Hollywood clientel are obsessed with having sex with blondes.

    The Jew seems to want to humiliate blonde women, and the only reason I can see for them wanting to do that is because they have a huge inferiority complex when they compare themselves to blondes whom they think of as Germans.

    In fact most Germans are not blonde. The Nordic people like the Finns are often blond.

    Same with blacks. According to the FBI about 35,000 black guys rape white girls every year and hardly any white guys ever rape black girls.

    I think the root of the problem with both the Jews and black is a feeling of inadequacy, a deep and profound inferiority complex.

  71. IRONKRAFT May 23, 2016 @ 9:45 am

    Let’s get legally showcased on the world stage.

    Help fund our project for a bricks and mortar Embassy for people of British and European origin.

    Soon, even God-fearing giants, like Brother Nathanael, and a few brave others, may one day, require an Earthly haven.

  72. Johnnyreb338 May 23, 2016 @ 1:36 pm

    Although I think Pandora’s box has been opened, and the world views the Jew as the problem as do I, I think a lot of the issues we face today are a direct result of the Jewish mindset.

    But I do believe Jews have a right to be in Israel. In fact without Israel and Jews we would not have Christianity. But I do not support the Jewish/Israelis methods they used to take Palestine.

    Even if all the Jews on the planet earth were destroyed today, tomorrow’s world would still be corrupt and be no different.

    Man is driven by lust of power and money. The American Indians never heard of the Jews but still beat there war drums, raided their neighbors, raped, pilfered.

    The Vikings are another example. The desire to have power over the next person is what is true evil.

  73. bill carson May 23, 2016 @ 1:49 pm

    Donald Trump and the Jews

    Hat tip to Zog over at

  74. AJ May 23, 2016 @ 2:20 pm

    Ii would definitely love to vote for you for Prez, BroNat!

    I agree 100% with your platform and most Americans do to. The silent majority will someday speak!

  75. Carl Sagan May 23, 2016 @ 4:25 pm

    Most people cannot think, so “anti-Semitism” is based on prejudice rather than facts.

    Those who can think see good and bad in every walk of life, religion race, sex. It’s called free will. Its why God put us here…. as a test. May we all pass it.

  76. KathJuliane May 23, 2016 @ 5:13 pm

    I smell Jew Power and Senator McInsane behind this one.

    Or maybe it’s just the addiction of being the apparatus of a global military power, and there are no officers and gentlemen left.

    Remember Commander Eric Rasch who averted a serious international incident between Jewmerica and Iran by showing a little cool-headedness and humility, and apologized when his riverine patrol squad in the Persian Gulf inadvertently wound up in a high military security zone of Iranian national waters because of mechanical trouble and some kind of GPS miscue, and the crews were detained (hospitably) by the IRG Navy for less than 24 hours?

    Miniscule Farsi Island, the IRG Navy base, is almost dead center in the middle of the Gulf, creating a zig zag in the borderline defining Iranian territorial waters.

    Farsi Island is 1/10th of a square mile. A square mile is 640 acres, therefore Farsi Island is no bigger than 64 acres, something like 25 square city blocks typically calculated in the Midwest (5 blocks by 5 blocks squared).

    Iranian territorial waters extend for three miles around Farsi Island, and is considered particularly sensitive. The resultant google type military GPS navigation boundaries in the Persian Gulf making a zig-zag around Iran’s Faris Island (not to mention the island itself) would show up only on the closer zooms.

    Were he and his crew rewarded in some way by the Nobel Peace Prize Winner in the White House or by the military for contributing to international peace?

    Heck no. To pay for the “embarrassment” to the US Navy for not being obnoxious and hawkish enough, Commander Rasch was selected as the fall guy and fired.

    Others of the crews and some in their immediate chain of command are facing heads will roll disciplinary action.

    Ok you hawkish mental midgets of the USN top brass, the Pentagon, White House, and Congress, you need to get something straight: We are not in a declared state of war with Iran, and never have been.

    This is still peacetime as much as you all hate it, take pride in global covert warfare allowed by “American Exceptionalism” civil religion, and have done much since 1953 and the CIA coup to heap misery on the heads of the Iranians.

    The IRGN is Iran’s maritime unconventional warfare force.

    For comparison, imagine a scenario in which a nation that has attacked a US civilian airliner and whose political leaders have constantly threatened war sent two boats to pass extraordinarily close to the island home base of a US Seal Team.

    Iran Flight 665 Shot Down, 290 Dead (including 66 children).

    “I will never apologize for the United States — I don’t care what the facts are… I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.” – George Bush, Aug 2 1988

    These are the words of the (at time) ex-CIA head and Vice President of the United States after a civilian aircraft carrying 290 passengers, 66 of which were children, was shot down by the reckless USS Vincennes on July 3, 1988.

    The coverup and lack of apology, continues to this day.–I-Will-Never-Apologize-Iran-Flight-665-Shot-Down-290-Dead

    Jewmerica has never officially apologized to the Islamic Republic of Iran for what the USS Vicennes did in 1988. Or other countries.

    Of these 290, 254 were Iranian, 13 were Emiratis, 10 were Indians, six were Pakistanis, six were Yugoslavs and one was an Italian.

    In 1996, the United States and Iran reached a settlement at the International Court of Justice which included the statement “…the United States recognized the aerial incident of 3 July 1988 as a terrible human tragedy and expressed deep regret over the loss of lives caused by the incident…” blowing off any legal responsibility for the air disaster.

    As part of the settlement, the United States did not admit legal liability but condescendingly agreed to pay on ex gratia basis $61.8 million, amounting to $213,103.45 per passenger, in compensation to the families of the Iranian victims.

    Ex gratia is Latin for “by favour”, and is most often used in a legal context. When something has been done ex gratia, it has been done voluntarily, out of kindness or grace.

    Out of the goodness of Jewmerika’s heart and the arrogant, fake nobless oblige face of being a “gracious” global superpower, after militarily shooting down and killing 290 passengers on a civilian passenger aircraft, claiming the high moral ground without taking responsibility for its own actions, the White House paid out limited compensation to the Iranian victims’ families.

    It’s unknown if the non-Iranian passengers were ever compensated.

    It was all very Jewy, to say the least.

    Anyway, the reader can decide if Iran’s actions back in January with the Navy riverine crews were appropriate.

    I, for one, intend to send an email of protest on behalf of Commander Rasch to the civilian CEO of USN, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, and the military Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John M Richardson.

    Think on this. Everyone who joins the US Navy eventually learns of the USS Vincennes missile cruiser and the downing of passenger Iran Flight 665.

    Towards the end of the 8 year-long Iraq-Iran war, the US covertly backing Saddam against the Islamic Republic, on the morning of 3 July, the Vincennes was passing through the Strait of Hormuz returning from an escort duty. The Persian Gulf was a main focus of the war, in which each side attacked the other’s oil tankers. The USN’ responsibility was as a “neutral” force, there to keep the oil shipping lanes open for all of the Persian Gulf states.

    The Strait of Hormuz is a narrow “choke point” of water 29 nautical miles wide shared between Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. To traverse the bottleneck strait, ships pass through the territorial waters of Iran and Oman under the transit passage provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

    To reduce the risk of collision, ships moving through the Strait follow the rules of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS): inbound ships use one lane, outbound ships another, each lane being two miles wide. The lanes are separated by a two-mile-wide “median”.

    A helicopter from the USS Vincennes reportedly received small arms fire from Iranian patrol vessels, as it observed from high altitude. However, if it was at high altitude, that would presumably mean they were high enough to avoid small arms fire. The Iranians sure weren’t firing handheld surface-to-air missiles.

    Much like today, in 1996, Iranian coastal patrol vessels were usually speed boat size, capable of mounting only small arms.

    Now, the next question comes up, were the US combat helicopters in Iranian national waters or not to begin with? According to Iran, yes, according to the US, no.

    The Vincennes moved to engage the Iranian vessels in the Straight, in the course of which they all violated Omani waters, and left after being challenged and ordered to leave by a Royal Navy of Oman warship.

    The Vincennes then pursued the Iranian gunboats, entering Iranian territorial waters to open fire. The USS Sides and USS Elmer Montgomery were nearby. Thus, the USS Vincennes was in Iranian territorial waters at the time of the Iran Flight 665 Disaster, as admitted by the US government in legal briefs and publicly by Admiral William Crowe on Nightline.

    Admiral Crowe denied a US government coverup of the incident and claimed that the USS Vincennes’s helicopter was in international waters initially, when it was first fired upon by the Iranian gunboats.

    At about the same time, Iran Flight 665 had taken of from Tehran on the 28 minute hop to Dubai.

    Contrary to the accounts of various USS Vincennes crewmembers who erroneously claimed Flight 665 was “descending”, interpreting the AEGIS data to mean a military combat aircraft was lining up to attack the Vincennes (or something), investigative after-analysis of the dazzling array of computer data recorded by Vicennes vaunted AEGIS Combat System itself, the Iranian airliner was climbing at the time and its radio transmitter was “squawking” on the Mode III civilian code only rather than on military Mode II, which apparently was used jointly by military and civilian aircraft.

    Viewed in this context, everything that Commander Rasch did helped resolve the situation in less than 24 hours by being non-combative, gentlemanly, polite, honest, truthful and helpful, and quite brave under the circumstances.

    Taking into account that military personnel are bombarded by often Israeli-generated propaganda passed off as military intelligence and briefings by the mostly Jewish and Ziochristian organizations and think tanks in the neocon circles of Muslim Menace Manufacturers that he and his crew were indoctrinated with about the Evil Iranians and their Insatiable-Bloodthirstiness-for-Revenge, I’m pretty sure that the riverine crews were terrified, regaled with stories from the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979 about how the captive Americans held for 444 days were brutally treated.

    That was then, at the start of the Iranian Revolution which overthrew the White House-backed government of the Shah of Iran and his vicious SAVAK (Organization of Intelligence and National Security)–the secret police, domestic security and intelligence service established by Iran’s Mohammad Reza Shah with the active participation of the CIA and Israel. SAVAK is directly responsible for murdering thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of Iranians during the puppet-Shah’s regime.

    Iran’s SAVAK was precisely modeled on Israel’s Shabak, the notorious Israel Security Agency or Shin Bet which routinely terrorizes Occupied Palestine Territory citizens and “Arab” Israelis, throwing them into “legal detention” without charges, where they are tortured and abused for decades.

    SAVAK operated from 1957 to 1979, when the prime minister Shapour Bakhtiar ordered its dissolution during the outbreak of Iranian Revolution.

    SAVAK has been described as Iran’s “most hated and feared institution” prior to the revolution of 1979 because of its practice of torturing and executing opponents of the Pahlavi regime.

    At its peak, the organization had as many as 60,000 agents serving in its ranks according to at least one source, others say only 4,000-6,000.

    This is now, two generations or so since 1979.

    The Iranian Revolution was a popular uprising against a brutal monarchial regime that the US and Israel had been directly supporting since the CIA overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh and his National Front government. The National Front formed a movement in the late 1940s to nationalize Iran’s oil and other resources.

    Founded in the late 1940s by Mohammad Mosaddegh, the National Front was a political coalition comprising a broad spectrum of parties and associations.

    The most important groups in the Front were the Iran Party, the Toilers Party, the National Party, and the Tehran Association of Bazaar Trade and Craft Guilds.

    Soon after its founding, the National Front opposed the existing Western domination and control of Iran’s natural resources, and related revenues, which began with colonialist concessions given during the Turkic Qajar Dynasty which ruled from 1785 to 1925.

    By the mid-1950s, Iran’s oil assets were owned by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, whose predecessor company bought the concession from William Knox D’Arcy.

    D’Arcy had negotiated the concession in 1901 with Mozzafar al-Din Shah Qajar, the Shah of Persia, who granted a 60-year petroleum search concession in a transaction in which no money changed hands.

    For most of the first half of the twentieth century, Iran’s oil was the British government’s single largest overseas investment; 51 percent of the company was owned by the British government.

    The AIOC, which later became BP, consistently violated the terms of the agreement that had been updated in 1933, and was reluctant to change the terms of the agreement even as Iran’s movement for nationalization grew in the late 1940s.

    Although AIOC was highly profitable, “its Iranian workers were poorly paid and lived in squalid conditions.”

    The secret US overthrow of Mosaddegh served as a rallying point in anti-US protests during the 1979 Iranian Revolution and to this day he is one of the most popular figures in Iranian history.

    I’m sorry the Americans were held captive, beaten, and sustained numerous forms physical and mental trauma. But none of the hostages were ignorant naifs as to what power and control the US, Britain, and Israel had behind the Peacock Throne and their puppet, Shah Pahlavi.

    I wouldn’t doubt it at all to find that Commander Rasch was a top Boy Scout.

    Would you mental midget neocon Iran-hating hawks have preferred further deteriorating diplomatic relations with Iran, and months of negotiation over these potential political hostages rather than an informal apology by a junior commander given in respect to obviously senior officers of another country?

    On second thought, probably yes, you would.

    The US Navy’s installation at Guantanamo Bay has been the scene of the most evil treatment of detainees not charged with any crimes for 15 years by the Jewmerican government.Guantanomo is military doctrine taken straight across the board from the Zionist entity’s internal security Palestinian detention policies, including forms of torture on thousands of men, women, and children.

    The sailors captured by Iran were not waterboarded, deprived of sleep or food, sexually abused, beaten, or otherwise tortured.

    Jewmerica does not have the moral authority to object to how another nation treats detainees.

    McCain, being a retired Navy guy, former POW, and a toxic Cold War hawk of the insanely worst kind hating Iran about on par with Russia, and your father was an admiral and all, I can see you being furious about such an egregious embarrassment “to the United States of America” when you saw a Navy officer and his crews wind up in national security difficulty with Iran.

    Understanding the nature of diplomatic crises, Cmdr Rasch, without any guile, simply and respectfully explain what happened, and apologized for somehow winding up in top security waters around Farsi Island due to mechanical issues and some kind of GPS snafu.

    The IRG checked it all out to make sure that the riverine boats were not on some kind of spy mission. There is nothing special about the riverine patrol boats, they’ve been around for decades and sold around the world. No national security secrets were given away by the Navy crews and their Executive Officer that couldn’t be found on google. Unless, on second thought, it was something like the Navy riverines didn’t really have military grade GPS, but the crew had to depend in Google maps instead.

    John McInsane would rather the riverine crews fight tooth and nail against the Iranian boarding party rather than see a mid-grade USN officer make a simple apology to a foreign military unit.

    He’d rather the crews wind up dead in order to gin up an excuse to “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” and “send a message to Tehran” than live with the momentary miniscule embarrassment to the US on the world stage.

    Unfortunately, McInsane isn’t the only one in Congress.

    I personally think that if the IRG used the videos that they took for a little bit of propaganda value broadcast to Iranians as some kind of petty revenge for everything that Jewmerica has ever done to Iranians for decades, it’s a very small gotcha price to pay.

    However, the main reason for the videos was to document how well the Navy riverine crews were treated by the Iranians to avert any complaints by the White House that they were mistreated, roughly handled or abused.

    As far as the sailors being down on their knees with hands on top of their heads, that was simply part of boarding safety protocol, and not much different from that of the US Coast Guard’s boarding procedures of a presumably armed, suspected drug running vessel from Mexico.

    I don’t recall reading that the riverine crews said that were even handcuffed or otherwise restrained by the IRG after the boarding. I would guess that the sailors held that position until they were all patted down for weapons and then allowed to stand up.

    You can see people in high-risk police field stops down on their knees with hands on heads or proned out on the streets all over the high-crime urban areas in Jewmerica per officer safety protocols (sometimes abused by criminal cops).

    But, Iran is not allowed to follow their own boarding safety rules, ensuring the safety of themselves and foreign servicemen, such as Navy crews of an off-course coastal riverine patrol belonging to the navy of a historically hostile, diplomatically unfriendly but formally neutral Jewmerica which has conducted covert warfare on Iran for decades.

    The Revolutionary Guards said it had determined the patrol boats had entered very sensitive Iranian territorial waters by mistake, and that was that.


    NAVY TIMES: Navy officer fired amid fallout from U.S. sailors’ arrest by Iran

    The head of a riverine squadron at the center of an international incident in January was fired Thursday, the first officer to be publicly disciplined for errors that led to 10 sailors being captured by Iran after getting lost in the Persian Gulf — a debacle that nearly scuttled the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal at the 11th hour.

    Cmdr. Eric Rasch, who at the time of the Jan. 12 incident was the executive officer of the Coastal Riverine Squadron 3, was removed from his job by Capt. Gary Leigh, head of Coastal Riverine Group 1, for what a Navy Expeditionary Combat Command release said was “a loss of confidence” in his ability to remain in command.

    “Capt. Gary Leigh, commander, CRG-1, made this determination following his review of a preliminary investigation into the incident near Farsi Island in the Arabian Gulf, Jan. 12-13, involving 10 CRS-3 Sailors,” the release said. “Rasch was assigned as the executive officer of CRS-3 during this time-frame.”

    Cmdr. Gregory Meyer, who was commanding officer at the time of the incident, is currently with Coastal Riverine Group 1, and has been put on “administrative hold,” meaning the Navy will not transfer him out of the unit, while a high-level review of the Navy’s investigation into the incident continues, said two officials familiar with internal deliberations.

    The move is the first in what sources expect to be a series of disciplinary measures for what was a high-profile embarrassment for the U.S. Navy.

    The investigation is still under review and is expected to be released by the end of May, said two Navy officials.

    The investigation into the Farsi Island incident has been under review for months and the duration has prompted some lawmakers to question why the Navy was taking so long to release it.

    In February, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., threatened to subpoena the captured riverines if the Navy didn’t release the investigation findings promptly.

    That sent Navy officials scrambling to Capitol Hill to brief the findings behind closed doors while the Navy continued its review process, according to sources familiar with the exchange.

    In other words, the goal of this investigation is to: make the Navy look good; don’t tell what was really going on; throw someone under the bus who can’t fight back; & keep the hawkish howling pack inside Congress led by McInsane off our backs.

    Make a mistake, take responsibility, and apologize for it as commander of the Navy patrol that ends in all 10 people surviving and get your career ruined.

    Make deadly mistakes like Operation Fast & Furious and Benghazi when US personnel lose their lives, and run for president!

    Hey, Iran! Want to needle DC and the US military some more? Give honor where honor is also due, and award Cmdr Rash and his crews some kind of government bestowed civilian honor awarded to foreigners for honestly and earnestly doing their part in de-escalating the situation by cooperating with the IRG navy, and helping to resolve the diplomatic incident in 16 hours for the sake of bettering Iran-US relations.

    The war hawks will absolutely hate it.

  77. Roger Slemmer May 23, 2016 @ 6:57 pm

    The Judaic, Talmudic, Pharisaic, anti-Christian religion has always been the most racist of all religions on the face of the earth.

    Every other religion recognizes a deity outside of human nature and above it. In the Rabbinic Judaic religion there is no god but the Jewish race. They only pretend to recognize a Yahweh. In practice it is only a Jew-way.

    They absolutely hate the True God, the Holy Trinity of the Christian Nicene Creed.

    They say their god is for the Jews, but they mean that the Jews are for the Jews for the Jews. And against the Goy – to lie to him, to cheat him, to manipulate him, to steal from him, to enslave him, to control him, to neutralize (neuter) him, to shame him, to corrupt him, to hate him, to destroy him, most often by setting Goy against Goy, so that Jews can be for the Jews for the Jews without any obstacle.

    No surprise that this most hateful of all races should be hated by all other races everywhere. Whatever the culture they insinuate themselves into, they undermine and destroy it.

    Christ commanded that He be preached to all the nations for their good and for their salvation. The Jews hate all the nations – only theirs is worth “saving”.

    All others should be wiped from the face of the earth.

  78. PETER May 23, 2016 @ 7:09 pm

    Brother, a novel idea, as people are clearly taking advantage of your kindness.

    Why don’t you charge 10, 15 or 25 cents per view, for each time someone wants to look at your videos.

    I would make the payment system very, very, simple.

    Your videos are funny and entertaining, no matter what side of the coin you are on.

    I personally take no sides, but only that of the truth.

    Yours In Christ,


  79. Ted Gorsline May 23, 2016 @ 11:31 pm

    @Bill Carson

    The Jewish controlled American Medical Association wants to disarm Americans to help make the world a better and healthier place.

    I think what they really ought to be doing, that will most certainly achieve the same goal, is to encourage Jews to stop having children.

  80. Sais May 24, 2016 @ 3:05 am

    With all due respect Brother Nathanael, I cannot stand the word goy.

    It makes me think of the racist elistist attitude these people have had against all of mankind.

    True Americans despise their ways and all they want is to be free from them. To have a God fearing country because our Pledge of Allegiance says “one nation under God” for a reason.

    And when these people put up Hanukkah menorahs on the White House lawn, it is an insult to the American people.

    I am not a goy…but a human being just like every other person on this planet.

    Once America wakes up, Zionism and the blasphemous Talmud is finished.

  81. Johnnyreb338 May 24, 2016 @ 7:21 am

    So how do you suggest we put all this evil back in Pandora’s box?

    It is quite evident at this point asking them to stop is not going to work.

  82. Wtc 7 no longer controversial May 24, 2016 @ 10:16 am


    No one can take on the government.

    The fight is control over the government.

    Supposedly the Constitution lays out the power structure.

    They are not following the Constitution, they are following the Protocols of Zion.

    Any hunter knows you must study your prey.

    They are organized. They have a plan.

    You must study their plan to find its weakness.

    This plan relies on control of the media, and the printing of money out of thin air.

    It relies on deception and lies.

    It relies on corruption of the politicians that make the APPOINTMENTS to the Heads of the Departments and courts.

    Since they believe in dictatorships as evidenced by the executive orders, all you need is a leader that cares about his own people to be put in charge. …like Putin.

    This leader must put them out of business.

    The government has almost exclusive right to use force. It is a tool like a gun.

  83. Johnnyreb338 May 24, 2016 @ 1:29 pm

    I would agree the we need a super hero to to save this country.

    Someone needs to step up to the plate soon because if America doesn’t stop digging soon the hole will be too deep to climb out of.

  84. Johnnyreb338 May 24, 2016 @ 1:38 pm

    I personally am tired of my tax dollars going to Israel and other misfit countries, while my local taxes have to be raised to pave our roads, re-plumb the water systems, more school taxes etc…

    While Israel receives 8m million dollars a day.

    I’m sick of not being able to watch TV with my wife without the LBGTQ programs being shoved in my face. Now boys in the girls restrooms next pedophiles and who knows what after that.

  85. Brother Nathanael May 24, 2016 @ 2:06 pm

    Dear All,

    I’m in Summit County CO for Street Evangelism.

    I just filmed a NEW Video…coming tonight. STAY toooooned! +BN

  86. Ted Gorsline May 25, 2016 @ 4:59 am

    I am beginning to wonder if Hollywood and the big Jewish TV networks have not always been simply fifth columnists, Mossad assets really simply planted in America decades ago and supported by Jewish advertisers to undermine American Christian values.

    Hollywood gave us all the hand wringing about Jewish/Communist scriptwriters being black listed. Hollywood gave us something like 45 consecutive Holocaust movies all nominated for Academy awards.

    Hollywood gave us people like Bernie Cornfield who pimped underage Heidi Fleiss to prominent people just like Jeffrey Epstein did to world leaders to lever them with films. These are classic Mossad Honey traps.

    I am beging to think media organizations like CNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, at nauseum have never been anything other than Mossad operatives. They are certainly Israeli assets as journalists like Peter Arnett, Helen Thomas, Jim Clancy, and Diana Magnay ad infinitum have found out.

    It may well become necessary to outfit everyone in Jewish-controlled mainstream media with red jumpsuits and send then to Gitmo for interrogation.

    The savage and revenge based obsession with getting rid of President Assad, a symbol of defiance to Israel, by people like Christianne Anampour reeks of the same kind of primitive Jewish spirit of revenge that led to Peace activist Herman Hess being held in solitary confinement for life, and then afterwards when he died having the bones in his grave being dug to keep people from laying flowers in his memory.

    Jewish controlled MSM’s obsession with killing Assad is as evil a thing as I have ever seen and it is in your face all day long – and its very much a Jewish obsession.

  87. Ted Gorsline May 25, 2016 @ 5:47 am


    Look what was done to Colonel Gadhafi for trying to introduce the gold dinar. His nation lies in ruins but he has a Western central bank some say is Rothschild controlled.

    Notice how Syria’s car manufacturing industry has been stolen and moved into Turkey.

    Syria’s urban civilian infrastructure has been destroyed just like the bombing of Dresden to make civilian life intolerable.

    Syria’s ancient architecture has been bombed, so the tourist industry and that part of Syria’s economy can never be revived.

    War monger Christianne Anampour (real last name Rubin) is constantly egging on the American military to have no fly zones in Syria and “boots on the ground,” and planting the idea Assad is killing his own people.

    This war is not about justice. Its about revenge because, Assad more than any other Arab leader, has stood up to cowardly Israel.

  88. Johnnyreb338 May 25, 2016 @ 7:22 am

    The U.S. has become the dancing chicken of Israel, along with Great Britain ( the 2 whiteness ).

    Being held hostage by the incredible debt the Federal Reserve holds over our head.

    Just watch the news anytime the Fed threatens to raise interest rates the market panics. Just like last week. The U.S. and GB are slaves to the master if we want to keep our way of life as it is now.

    The only way out of this is to completely crash the world’s economy, frat a new form of currency regulated by the country it represents, or something tangible like gold/ silver. Sadam and Gadhafi, JFK all knew this. And they’re all dead.

  89. Ted Gorsline May 25, 2016 @ 3:19 pm

    i just read a blog site that claimed when a male member of the Rothschild family dies, his fortune is inherited by a male and the women are left penniless.

    This forces the girls to marry within the family (inbreed) to hang on to their fair share of the loot, which they do.

    This has been going on for at least 14 generations which means by now the people who rule the world must be absolute Zombies and that may be the reason they rely on old tried and true formulas, such as staying in the shadows and promoting Jewish victimhood, rather than hatching new ideas to cling to power.

    The internet is quickly making the Jews very predictable.

  90. KathJuliane May 25, 2016 @ 6:08 pm

    ABC News: 11 States Sue Obama Administration Over Transgender Bathroom Directive

    Eleven states have filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama’s administration, challenging the government’s directive that transgender individuals should be permitted to use bathrooms that match their gender identity.

    Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin, along with one Arizona and one Texas school district, signed the 32-page lawsuit, which was filed today in a federal court in Dallas.

    It names the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, the Department of Labor, Education Secretary John King, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and other top U.S. officials as defendants. It accuses the Obama administration of violating federal law and the U.S. Constitution.

    It also accuses the Obama administration of transforming “workplaces and educational settings across the country into laboratories for a massive social experiment, flouting the democratic process and running roughshod over common-sense policies protecting children and basic privacy rights.”

    On May 13, the Department of Justice and Department of Education released a letter arguing that schools that receive public funding are expected to comply with Title IX, which prohibits “sex discrimination in educational programs and activities operated by recipients of federal financial assistance.”

    The lawsuit addresses the letter, claiming it foists a “new version of federal law on more than 100,000 elementary and secondary schools that receive federal funding.”

    “The new rules, regulations, guidance and interpretations described herein go so far beyond any reasonable reading of the relevant congressional text such that the new rules, regulations, guidance and interpretations functionally exercise lawmaking power reserved only to Congress,” the lawsuit states.

    Obama Says Controversial NC, Miss. ‘Anti-LGBT’ Laws Should Be Overturned
    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott confirmed via Twitter today that his state will challenge the White House’s directive. “Texas will sue to stop Obama’s transgender directive to schools,” his tweet read.

    The directive from the Justice and Education departments is part of an escalation in legal actions taken after the Justice Department and North Carolina sued each other over a state law that requires transgender people to use public bathrooms corresponding to the sex listed on a person’s birth certificate.

    Proponents of Obama’s directive view it as an important step in protecting the civil rights of transgender people, while detractors contend that it exposes women and children to risk of harm.

  91. bill carson May 25, 2016 @ 7:18 pm

    Has Abbot gone to Israel yet? Not sure.

    But I think I can safely say that if he was not confined to wheelchair, he would be dancing around in circles with the Jews in the capital of Texas, in Austin, just like the last joker we had for gov.

    My bad. I thought he had already made the trip to get his head screwed on straight and sure enough he has.

    Abbot talks the talk, but in reality is a flunky for the jews. If he could he would bow low and kiss their feet.

    Mark my words, that jerk will allow Jews to come to Texas and control our water supplies. Stay tuned.

    Infiltrators needed asap.

  92. Michael May 28, 2016 @ 9:54 am

    On the issue of trannies using any bathroom they want, why not rent out portable toilets for the mentally ill?

    Maybe the evil has to be so stinking bad before the dumbest of people wake up. NO woman wants to see an man in the ladies’ room. And I, as a man, do NOT want a woman in the men’s room. No No No. Transgender is mental illness.

    The states do not need money from the devil. For those that can afford it, home school your kids and get away from the pathetic public schools.

    Get away from ALL vaccines. Vaccines are a tool of mental lobotomy.

  93. Michael June 2, 2016 @ 10:28 am

    Anyone who does not realize that many Jews from the Middle East and the Byzantine Roman Empire lived in Khazaria during the 200 years of that Jewish kingdom is not using their brains.

    And anyone who knows anything about world history at that time knows that Khazaria was a key trading location on the Silk Road, which of course, Jews were very active in.

    Even with a lot of intermarriage and conversion, it’s stupid to say that all the Jews that emerged out of Khazaria when it collapsed were all non-Semites.

  94. Michael June 4, 2016 @ 3:25 am

    Continuing my rant about stupidity, or ignorance …

    Those websites that write about Ashkenazi Jews all, 100%, being non-Semite converted “Khazarians” also write rubbish about the various Turkic or Central Asian peoples who populated Khazaria.

    They write racist stuff about them being “pagans,” “penis worshipers,” etc. But several early European or proto-European groups also had similar religious practices.

    The fact is that central Asian people contributed a lot to several different CIVILIZATIONS, and these civilizations were ruled by an aristocratic class derived from various central Asians, such as Mongols.

    For example, the Khan family from Mongolia, which began with Gengis Khan, were the rulers of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty. Another branch of the family ruled what is now the India-Pakistan area.

    Of course, they were also the origin of present-day Turkish people.

  95. Peter June 18, 2016 @ 5:12 pm

    “Fourth, I have yet to see a Jew on horseback with the traditional horse nomad skills of riding through rugged steppes.”

    Sounds like skills a gentile would have that’s too much physical work with the hands.

  96. Emeritis June 26, 2017 @ 1:05 am


    I thought the Semitic people were Arabs and Jews, the Bible says they are.

    Cain and Abel were brothers I thought.

    People nowadays are not anti-Jewish at all because the Jews of today are not the Jews of our Old Testament Bible at all, but in fact far from it.

    If a person claims to be a Judah he would abide in the OT Book.

    If a Christian claims to be such he would abide in it, not to mention the words in red that Jesus Christ said can not be ever over looked. Problem is that some interpretation try to over rule what Jesus said.

    Just because one may call your self a Christian does not make it so, as Jesus said about the ones that say “Lord, Lord”.

    There are many sharks that are out there.

    Jesus said for his men to got to the Israelites and if one rejects you, to dismiss him directly. The point is that a true Israelite would truly comprehend they are of the Lord, just like Nathanael, Who was a True Israelite that knew who Jesus was directly.

    Nathanael was working on that tree so it would bear fruit and that that saying of that the workers in the Vineyard are few, how true is that.

    Jesus said that Nathanael was a true Israel.

    As to the comprehending what Israel truly is, that is in the first mention of it in the Bible when the Angel gave it to Jacob, and this is the whole point of the meaning of Israel what it truly means to be an Israelite.

    Being of the Tribe is one thing but to be an Israelite is another. Just like being a Christian is a belonging to a Tribe but to be truly born again of the water and the Holy Spirit is another step, well that’s being an Israelite.

    Any talk of one’s race is just nonsense, a true Jew will be a follower of the true Jewish religion end of story, just as it is with Christians.

    There are false Jews and false Christians about as the Bible says about the wolves dressed up as sheep.

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