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The Jews Behind Obama’s Health Care Scheme

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2010-2011

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WITH CONGRESS FOISTING socialized medicine on unwilling Americans, the leading figure behind health care reform is the Jewish billionaire George Soros joined by Jewish medical, political, and academic professionals.

With his endless purse of money—gotten by sinking the US economy in 2008 and at the same time making billions doing it—to back whatever cause he chooses, Soros has the means to engineer the destinies of entire nations. Indeed, Soros has already implemented his global agenda in both Georgia and Kosovo.

Known as Obama’s “money man,” Soros’ involvement with Obama’s political career began in 2005 with Soros heavily contributing to Obama’s Senatorial campaign and continued through Obama’s 2007 Presidential launch with huge fundraising operations.

Soros has also been pouring money into the Democratic Party with the intent of amassing a horde of lawmakers with socialist leanings.

“George Soros has purchased the Democratic Party,” said Republican National Committee spokeswoman, Christine Iverson, “and he who pays the piper calls the tune.”

Much of Soros’ funding goes into radical leftwing groups addressing a range of issues from government-funded health care to establishing a borderless America with special rights for illegal aliens — all in his quest to subvert a white Christian power bloc.

As one who turned against his own people as a Nazi informer in Hungary, nothing prevents Soros from sending to death a whole nation while living off the people who host him.


ASSISTED-SUICIDE, EUTHANSIA, & ABORTION SUBSIDIES, being part of Soros’ vision for nationalized medical care, the hedge fund magnate initially plunged $15 million to “overturn the dominance of marketplace values in the practice of medicine.” These are Soros’ exact words when addressing a group of physicians and surgeons during a recent speech at Columbia University.

Soros is peddling financial and political influence through the Institute On Medicine As A Profession which he founded in 2003 with a $7.5 million grant from his umbrella group, The Open Society Institute, a leading promoter of health care reform.

In its Mission Statement, Soros’ Institute On Medicine As A Profession calls for centralized regulation of the medical profession:

“There is a clear need for formal regulation of the medical industry whether through state or federal legislative and administrative bodies.” View Entire Story Here.

A cast of Jewish medical professionals make up Soros’ Board of Directors and Faculty of his Institute On Medicine As A Profession. Along with President of the Board, Dr David Rothman and his wife, Dr Sheila Rothman, (both of Jewish-owned Columbia University), is Wendy Levinson MD and a sprinkling of Gentile doctors conveniently used as ‘non-Jewish’ window dressing.

Allied with Soros’s Institute On Medicine As A Profession are two of Soros-funded Jewish organizations that promote “wealth redistribution” of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY – not theirs. The Center For American Progress and its parent company, The Democratic Alliance, are Soros’ leading vehicles in his drive to drain the white Christian middle class in a Marxist welfare state.


DEMONSTATORS IN THE NATION’S CAPITOL supporting Obama’s health care reform plan have failed to capture the enthusiasm of the American people, 60% of which, reject Obama’s scheme to nationalize their medical care.

The rallies were organized by Health Care for America Now!, a “national grassroots campaign of more than 1,000 organizations dedicated to the US government’s financing of health coverage for all Americans.” The group is known for its “close ties” to the Obama administration and the Democratic Party.

Most of Health Care for America Now! component organizations have two things in common: they have no expertise in health care and are the furthest thing from being a “grassroots campaign” with virtually all receiving large tax-exempt grants from far-left Jewish billionaires George Soros and investment banker mogul, Steve Gluckstern.

The leading members of the groups’ “grassroots” steering committee are, The Center for American Progress, and The Campaign for America’s Future, all created with Soros-money. View More Members Here.

The Campaign for America’s Future co-founders include Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson, sixties agitator Tom Hayden, and socialist feminist Barbara Ehrenreich – ALL Jews.

Each year, The Campaign for America’s Future holds a “Take Back America” conference, a gathering of DC “progressives,” (a euphemism for “Marxists”). In 2006, prominent speakers at this conference included Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Russ Feingold, all socialized medicine advocates at the time. View Entire Story Here, Here, & Here.

The coalition of these groups, which foists its Marxist agenda on America’s domestic life, is steered by the financial and political fingers of George Soros and his Jewish adjuncts. What is their aim? The redistribution of white Americans’ wealth. The result? Total Jewish control over the fleeced, dispirited, and bankrupted white Gentiles and their country…


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Brother Nathanael @ March 24, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael March 24, 2010 @ 6:44 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

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    Who else has uncovered SO MUCH behind-the-scenes activity controlling Obama’s Health Care bill?

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    Please know, that ALL OF OUR PRECIOUS Real Zionist News Family ARE DAILY IN MINE!

    With MUCH Love AND Appreciation in Christ Our God and Saviour,

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  2. Karen March 24, 2010 @ 8:06 pm

    I’m not discouraged at all.

    These fools think the American people are going to sit back and allow their evil to CHANGE who we are.

    Despite all the ways in which they attempt to hurt us, and despite their attempt to brainwash us, what I’m learning is that people ARE waking up from their slumbers.

    Let’s get the word out and wake up as many more as we can.

    They’ve been poisoning our food and water and bodies with vaccines.

    They are spraying the skies with poisons as our children play outside. They poison our minds with propaganda.

    We might appear to be just going along, but we’re not — not in our heads.

    We’re trying to figure out a way to survive them, that’s what we’re doing, or at least that’s what I am doing. I think we’re all here right now for a purpose.

    We’re not here by accident. We’re here to learn the truth and then fight like hell to let that truth out. We cannot be afraid of the truth, even if it is ugly.

    It’s hard knowing that there are people who are conspiring to kill off as many of us as they can, but we must accept this awful truth and find a way to move forward.

    My dreams for the future do not involve the communist dream that they have for us. I will resist their communism.

  3. Nicolae March 24, 2010 @ 9:15 pm

    The Communists are against religion (Christianity), and they seek to destroy religion; yet, when we look deeper into the nature of Communism, we see that it is essential nothing else than a religion (Judaism).”
    – (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 138).

    The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.”
    – Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919.

    “Jews are evil, and there is a special place in hell just for them. I’d say to them: Believe whatever you want. Practice whatever you preach. Just stay the hell away from us.”

    — This was a direct quote from Haaretz newspaper, from an article by the newspaper columnist Bradley Burston. With one omission: “for Jesus”. The evil ones, according to Haaretz, are only the ‘Jews for Jesus’, who should be sent to hell. ‘Jews against Jesus’ are perfectly loveable.

    ‘We shall instigate economic and military wars between the goyim states. When wars are over both sides are devastated and at the mercy of our international finance.

    ‘This is the JEWISH HARVEST. First, we manufacture the huge war machines. Second, we destroy the flower of WHITE manhood, thereby weakening the racial stamina of the Goyim. Third, the WHITE nations are prostrate under huge debts and we profit interest upon interest.’

    2Timothy 3:2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.

    2Ti 3:3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good.

    2Ti 3:4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    2TI 3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such turn away.

    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement.

    “Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”
    — Menachem Begin – Israeli Prime Minister 1977–1983

    1John 2:20 But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.

    1John 2:21 I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.

    1John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

    1John 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

    1John 2:16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

    1John 2:17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof; but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

    “In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews.

    “It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state.

    “Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic(ANTICHRIST) time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”
    — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928

    Revelation 19:19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him (JESUS) that sat on the horse, and against his army.

    Rev 19:20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that have received the mark (666) of the beast, and them that worshipped his image.These both were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone.




  4. john king March 24, 2010 @ 9:35 pm

    Dear Bro. Nathanael,

    I was kind of disappointed with this. The title got my mouth watering but I went away hungry?

    How could you not identify Pelosi as a Jew?? Smack! Pelosi is her married name. I’ve seen video of her singing the Israeli anthem. Some of her grandchildren are Jewish (some aren’t).

    And there are more JEWS involved. I give you a “C”. Suggest rewrite.

  5. Kiimm Ewing March 24, 2010 @ 9:37 pm

    Dear Blessed Brother Nathanael:

    Thank you for your work and all you do. I visit your site regularly; hope to donate in the near future.

    Meanwhile —

    Revelation 22:20:

    He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

    Ephesians 6:12:

    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    G-d Bless you richly, Brother Nathanael.

    Sincerely in Messiah –

  6. Brother Nathanael March 24, 2010 @ 9:54 pm

    Dear John –


    You are QUITE WRONG.

    Pelosi is NOT a Jew.

    You are reading and watching SENSATIONALISTIC Lies.

    Some of this article is from a Washington INSIDER who does NOT SWALLOW Sensationalistic Lies that you are HUNGRY for.

    Go back to your YouTube garbage and leave me alone.

    Now, Read a PROVEN CREDIBLE article on Pelosi I wrote last November entitled:
    “Pelosi & Her Zionist Jew Enablers” @

    It does not assert LIES that Pelosi is a Jew.

    She may have half-Jewish grandchildren BUT that does NOT make Pelosi herself a Jew. did an article on Pelosi trying to prove that she and her husband are Jews BUT their evidence is FLIMSY at best.

    This RZN article presents WITH FACTS – EVIDENCED-BASED FACTS – some *REAL* POWER PEOPLE behind the Obama Health Care Plan. I don’t deal with marginal people that do not significantly IMPACT on politics.

    Do you want more Jews involved? There are thousands of them. BUT I GIVE THE REAL POWER JEWS.

    I have already gotten an A+ on this article from a Wall Street political analyst whom I spoke with yesterday when I read him the text.

    Your “C” has been over-ridden.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  7. The Brainy zek March 24, 2010 @ 11:03 pm

    Bro Nate:

    Sir, I commend you richly for your absolute rejection of ANY rewrite!

    At this same time I would like to thanks Nicolae for his continued commentaries in brilliance, and Karen for her commentaries in heart.

    Brilliance and heart are two well defined traits of Christian personality!


  8. George March 24, 2010 @ 11:47 pm

    In the land down under, health care was made essentially universal since about 1984. Medicare – the green card, gave you cheaper or free access to doctors, hospitals, and access to a large range of “big brother” subsidised medicines.

    On the surface it sounds good. Why not have the essentials of life available to all for free? No more beggars, no more excuses for needing money. Christians can just go to sleep at peace every night knowing that their Mammon sack is safe from claims from beggars and paupers! Right! No quite wrong.

    Apostle Paul says that if one does not wish to work, then he should not eat. When one however automatically has rights to endless social security and health care and does not need to work, then what sort of society results?

    The attitude of laziness and taking things for granted becomes the norm. People no longer require the goodness of Christianity to save them in the times of their genuine need.

    Instead irresponsible individuals sulk and scream expecting to receive their socialist granted “rights” – whilst their needs aren’t always genuine. It is so common to see to such grumbling, ungrateful types, spend all their money on games, gambling, cigarettes, drugs, and other destructive vanities, then walk into a pharmacy and cry that they don’t have $5.40 to pay for a script – strange isn’t it?

    Thus, such a health care scheme is truly socialist in its nature. It simply is one more of the many ways in which to outroot good habits from a population and implant the vices that the communists implanted into the Russian people – the vices that Russia appears to be keen to overthrow – but is slowly and painfully doing so.

  9. 1984 AMERIKA March 25, 2010 @ 12:30 am

    Pelosi’s heritage is egomaniac bolshevik sociopath.

    Like a retired 0-10 friend often says – “The government could foul up a cannon ball (a solid piece of steel!)”.

    Everything the NWO Globalist elite establishment proxy of tyranny — the Nanny State — does is Hegelian trickery-problem-reaction-solution!

    REMEMBER those words during their next hyped up crisis. Whether its space alien invaders, more of our current WW3, or water shortages (when Earth’s 90%), etc.

    The elites plan to make us sick, sell cures, and now deny care – all while charging more for less.

    More costs for less productivity-that’s modern (dying in sin) and post-modern (dead in sin) era “Gubament” economics in a nutshell.

    Amerika is insane.

    They sell us GMO “food” a few totalitarian mega-Corps run, fluoridate our water (to stunt IQ, cause cancer, memory loss), promote toxic consumer goods ubiquitously, persecute alternative health practicioners, let insurance companies have a golden key to the District of Corruption, and people wonder why the system doesn’t work?

    ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THE FREE MARKET (Corporate Amerika’s nightmare-true and open competition unregulated by their Nanny State comrades)!?

    It reminds me of socialst security – they implemented it when the average lifespan was 60 and the benefits were offered at 65. Another ponzi scheme.

    Chile’ finally got it right by reforming their social security system to allow individuals to keep their earnings and invest them as they see fit instead of letting Big Brother handle it. Amerika should give that a try or continue to let Big Brother crush everything thats good, just, and true.

    Maybe we can be at 3rd World status in 2 years at the rate wer’e going.

    Bottom line is that these Illuminati want 5 billion+ of God’s creatures/humanity out of the picture via their pagan occult Georgia Guidestones utopian vision.

    They want a manageable population base for their neo-plantations, and just enough to keep things lavish. Our current economic slavery isn’t enough – they need a literal physically constrained plantation.

    Amerika wake up! Just because we’re Amerikans doesn’t mean we won’t be next. Many in Soviet occupied Russia thought they wouldn’t get it – but they did.

    Solzhenitsyn said if enough people had resisted the evil engine of tyranny may have slowed or stopped.

    What will America do? The way things are going we’ll probably all know soon.

    To the NWO — God is Sovereign, and not you delusional reprobates!

  10. katman March 25, 2010 @ 6:44 am

    For purposes of discussion, what do you make of this Brother Nate?

    She pretends to be a good Catholic but is really Jewish, and is married to a Jewish real estate developer. Have Jews ever pretended to be good Catholics and then in secret remained totally Jewish?

    When faced with a question such as this, I garner as much material as I can and investigate it to the fullest and then analyze the subject based upon the logic of the situation combined with what is good for world Jewry.

    I conclude that she is Jewish and pretending to be a Catholic. In these days of the final big “push”, imho, the Jewish power structure could not trust a non tribal member to be at the epicenture of power in the House of Representatives, the Speaker position.

    Just my two cents on this issue.

  11. katman March 25, 2010 @ 6:59 am

    I ran across this article yesterday.

    It may be of interest to some of you. I remember Mr. Mullins talking about how he used to visit Ezra Pound and also how he used to live in the Library of Congress. I always wondered how he could have done this stuff. I just took his word for it.

    Now it seems this hero of white nationalism, was in fact, working for the CIA. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Mullins was a closet homosexual and such men are easy to control.

    They sent him in to befriend Pound, who at that time, was to them, a extremely dangerous individual. Pound was one of America’s greatest poets, and when such men, know the real truth and start talking about it, this makes the Jew nervous.

    Therefore after the war, they confined Pound to a insane asylum which also doubled as a laboratory for the MK Ultra program. So needless to say, Mr Pound, probably had some things done to him there, that we don’t know about. So they sent in Eustace to keep a eye on him and “feel” him out and become his “friend.”

    For me, this is just another one of my many disappointments, but nevertheless, it comes as no real surprise to me, at this point.

  12. Sammy Davis Junior March 25, 2010 @ 10:12 am

    Interesting article.

    Makes you wonder, is it a coincidence that the most powerful man on earth – the world heavyweight champion – is a white Russian/Ukrainian named Vladmir Klitchko?

    Is it a coincidence that there is no oil underground in Israel?

  13. R. C. Christian March 25, 2010 @ 10:23 am

    Nancy is a Jew in my opinion. If not by blood then certainly by her actions.

    I’ve said it before…Jews are the only group of people on earth that are a race and a religion. Nancy is a Talmudist and practices the “Chosen” doctrine just like Christian Zionists which are really nothing more than crypto-Jews.

    Modern Jews, the Jews who control Palestine and all the western world are Asiatic Mongols. General Patton figured it out and the Jews killed him, just like they do with anyone in an influential position who gets wise to their deception.

  14. Peggy Brabender speaks March 25, 2010 @ 10:27 am

    I can testify that the Criminal Zionist Jews have infiltrated to all levels of government in many states.

    They began to infiltrate Cincinnati heavily in the middle 1970’s with their Marxist, elitist evil selves. When I attended Law school there, the whole program was totally Criminal- Zionist-Jew-run.

    Eric Hufschmid published my story and it is on his main page, under “Poisoning the Well.” Skip the stories with my name on them; they are mostly speculation by Eric.

    The C Z Jews are TRYING to use other people to pick on me by telling them LIES. I urge these people not to believe what they are being told.

    I may be an annoying female pain in the neck, BUT I AM NOT A LIAR.

    The C Z Jews can go to HELL. God will send them there.

  15. KathJuliane March 25, 2010 @ 10:36 am

    Dear John King, RC Christian and Katman,

    Worse than being a crypto-Jew is living as an open, vainglorious life-long Judaizer steeped in the culture of corruption. Princess Nancy is truly a from-the-cradle Jew-loving Zionist and Sabbath-goy and proud to be Israhell’s concubine as well as flaming liberal. She learned all at her father’s knee.

    She never shuts up about it, either, and persistently hangs on to the trouser cuffs of her equally liberal, Irgun-loving father who was a Zionist before Israhell was even recognized in 1948 as a state. She shamelessly stumps his memory as a ‘Righteous Gentile’ among Jewish circles as well, both in the Zionist entity and the U$$A.

    Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi grew up in ‘Little Italy’, Baltimore, once solidly Catholic, while the Jews had their own neighborhood as well. Little Italy was made up of Italian families from different regions of Italy. There are numerous Italian D’Alessandro family branches throughout the world. Just because some Jews have assumed the names, doesn’t mean that all D’Alessandro’s are Jewish.

    Her parents are from Abruzzo, Italy, which at one time was a poor, farming and fishing area, and still is an underpopulated area of mountain villages and devoted to animal husbandry and agriculture. Very seldom, apart from the Jew entertainment versions of Fiddler on the Roof, will you find a Jew who is a poor, rural farmer.

    Tom D’Alessandro was purportedly always proud of being a “paisano” (peasant). Even when D’Alessandro made it big in Baltimore, he never moved out of Little Italy.

    Abruzzo was also in medieval times a domain of the “Two Sicilies” which was at one time a Byzantine Roman, Greek-speaking region, hence the patronymic name Alessandro (Alexander which is a very common Christian name in Eastern Orthodox countries).

    My father (I am close to 60), born and raised in SF and he was savvy in Bay Area politics, knew the early Pelosi family, and they were 100% Italian and Catholic, immigrated in the early 1900’s as I recall him saying, and were involved in insurance and real estate. Until the 60’s, ethnic and religious groups tended to remain strongly clannish.

    Besides being baptized under Christian names as crypto-Jews, Jews are notorious for buying and assuming non-Jew names, a big problem during the European monarchies, and marrying into impoverished British noble houses, and especially as they came through US Immigrations prior to WW1.

    But the problem was about the same during WW2. Lyndon Johnson is a “Righteous Gentile” because as a senator he helped arranged for illegal visas for “hundreds” of European Jews. Even worse, LBJ’s aunt, Jesse Johnson Hatcher, was a member of the Zionist Organization of America.

    LBJ and LadyBird’s families purportedly may have come from converso Sephardi Crypto-Jews that became protestants after Texas independence from Spanish Mexico, and Texas Jewry formed up into its own culture.

    A fair portion of the Conquistadores and colonizers were emigrant New-Christians, and there is no concrete way of knowing how many were actually Marrano Judaizers, despite the Inquistions going on in the Spanish and Portuguese New World.

    Crypto-Jewry and the Judaizing corruption was a terrific problem in Spain and Portugual under the Catholic regents, the expulsions and forced conversions, with the very wealthy and prosperous New-Christian social caste of converts in Europe making their way to the New World.

    However, in the principalities and city-states of Italy there were no expulsions, Italy was often a safe-haven from the rest of Europe as was Poland, and Jews could always live openly in their self-assigned ghettos and guilds (blatantly resorting to bribery at times), so Italian crypto-Jewry per se was not a big problem as it was elsewhere, especially during the Renaissance.

    In the early days of Baltimore’s ethnic ‘hoods (there was a white Southern neighborhood that grew up during WW2, along with black neighborhoods, as rural people migrated to urban areas as war industry and seaport labor), one did not marry outside one’s ethnic group and even clan if same nationality, regardless of one’s business relations.

    Her father, “Tommy the Elder” D’Alessandro, (not “Frank D’Alessandro” as the Judicial Inc. article posted at Jew-Watch erroneously claims that you found) came from an impoverished immigrant Italian family, was a New Deal Democrat, served five terms in Congress as well as councilman and mayor of Baltimore and (in)famous in his day.

    He grew up in the Jew Boss Jack Pollack organized crime “patronage” political machine as a Sabbath-goy himself, learning Yiddish and attending Bar Mitzvahs as a paper boy and later courier for Boss Pollack’s political machine.,_Jr.

    [All of Tommy the Elder’s life in “patronage politics,” and subsequently Pelosi’s, has been up to their eyeballs in Jews, and he was very pro-Israel from the start. He was involved in Labor Zionism, the Jewish Labor Committee, early civil rights, and a big Roosevelt backer. The only thing he broke ranks on with Roosevelt was the handling of Jewish immigration during WW2 and the ‘holocaust’.

    D’Alessandro was a big mover and shaker in America behind Revisionist Zionism’s Hollyweird-linked propaganda machine during and after the war, among other things that went into the “social engineering” of conservative Christian America during and after WW2. Here, Pelosi even boasts that her father was a “Sabboth goy” and learned Yiddish as a boy.]

    Tommy and Nancy: Like Father, Like Daughter?
    by Dan Gifford

    A prominent politician accustomed to the bare knuckle realities of that  world once gave me what he said was the best advice anyone ever gave  him: When accused, deny everything, admit nothing and make counter accusations. That politician was “Big Tommy” (aka “Old Tommy”) D’Alesandro, a former Maryland US Congressman and Mayor of Baltimore. Today, he’s better known as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s father. […]

    “Baltimore’s mayor was Tommy D’Alessandro (father of Senator Nancy Pelosi), and Baltimore was ruled by [the Jew] Jack Pollacks’ behind the scenes Democratic political machine. Governor McKelden was the Republican governor, who always carried a yarmulke in his back pocket.

    “Hyman Pressman, a shomer Shabbos Jew, was the Baltimore City Comptroller. Mr. Leon Rubinstein was a frum city councilman elected in the Fifth District.” […]

    “…The second piece was headlined “Pride of Baltimore,” an attempt to warm local hearts that before she was San Fran Nan, Pelosi was the daughter of “Tommy the elder” D’Alesandro, Baltimore machine politician. (Reporter Lynn Duke insists that “Tommy” was ahem, not corrupt or tied to the Mob.)

    No, it was here in nearby Baltimore that Pelosi learned to be a socialist, oops, “progressive,” of course:

    “Theirs was the politics of the New Deal, of the hand up for those who were down….What I got from them [her family’s politics] was about economic fairness,” Pelosi said. “That was the difference between Republicans and Democrats all those years ago.”

    The biggest indigestion comes from the touting of Pelosi’s Catholicism – not exactly the rage in her San Francisco district.

    Duke began, “When she wasn’t racing to school at St. Leo’s in her blue uniform or…playing on the stoop…Little Nancy sometimes worked the front desk at the family home…taking down the requests and sad stories of the folks who arrived to seek help from Big Tommy, her dad.”

    The daughter of Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., a former mayor of Baltimore, Pelosi grew up in a Democratic family with Jewish neighbors and friends. [Her brother, Tommy III, was also a mayor of Baltimore.]

    “She likes to say that, growing up in Baltimore, she went to a bar or bat mitzvah every Saturday,” Amy Friedkin, a former president of AIPAC and a friend of Pelosi’s for 25 years, wrote in an e-mail message to JTA.

    Friedkin noted that there’s even a soccer field in the Haifa area of Israel named after the lawmaker’s family. [It’s not a very big field now, but it was a Zionist BIG DEAL in the 50’s!]

    Soccer Field: D’Alesandro Stadium dedicated in the ’50’s:

    [After she married Paul Pelosi, who is also not a Jew, but of old San Francisco Italian Catholic stock and another extended political dynastic patronage family famous for its “culture of corruption,” and just as connected to elite SF Jewry, she moved into the prestigious and wealthy elite Presidio Terrace area where she was neighbors with the above Amy Friedkin.

    She and Paul since then moved to the even more prestigious socialite neighborhood of Pacific Heights.

    Within a very short walking distance of her first SF home is a very well-to-do liberal and wealthy Temple Emmanuel synagogue. This congregation is one of the two oldest Jewish congregations in California stemming from the late 1800’s, and a hotbed of Reformed Judaism.

    Their current immense synagogue building has a dome that is the size of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.]

    Her scandalous family and government connections concerning the former military base, the Presidio, now “the Presidio Trust,” are “so thick you have to cut them with a knife.”

    [Tommy the Elder was deeply involved with ‘The Bergson Group’ Holocaust Campaign during WW2 – Peter Bergson, aka Hillel Kook, was a Revisionist Zionist activist and personal disciple of Vladimir Zv’ev Jabotinski, politician, and prominent member of the Irgun.]

    Hillel Kook who used the name “Peter Bergson” so as not to cause embarrassment to his family in Palestine was born in Lithuania in 1915, the son of Rabbi Dov Kook, the younger brother of Abraham Isaac Kook, the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of the British Mandate in Palestine.

    In 1924, his family immigrated to Palestine, where his father became the first Chief Rabbi of Afula. Kook joined the pre-state Haganah militia in 1930, and helped found the Irgu terrorist group in Palestine. He first went to Poland in 1937 to help found Irgun cells when he met Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the founder of Revisionist Zionism.

    The Bergson Group was closely involved with various Jewish and Zionist advocacy groups, such as the American Friends for a Jewish Palestine and the Organizing Committee of Illegal Immigration.

    The group also founded some separate initiatives of its own, specifically the Committee for a Jewish Army of Stateless and Palestinian Jews, whose goal was the formation of an Allied fighting force of stateless and Palestinian Jews.

    Some credit the later formation of the Jewish Brigade, a British unit of Palestinian Jews, with Kook’s activism. Two American members of the Bergson Group were author and screenwriter Ben Hecht and cartoonist Arthur Szyk.

    [The Bergson Group in league with Hollyweird’s famous screenwriter Ben Hecht, famous for many ‘classic’ American films, was responsible for massive Irgun fundraising and propaganda campaigns, including nation-wide newspaper ads, pageants, movies, PR stunts and various political action committees for the so-called rescue of European Jewry.

    Tommy D’Alesandro, along with other New Deal Democrat politicians, broke ranks with Roosevelt over the perceived inaction of the so-called “Holocaust.” Bergson Group was also deeply involved in illegal weapons shipping to Israhell with D’Alesandro’s apparent help.

    Bergson got into difficulties with Ben Gurion for straying from the official Irgun party line, and other inter-Zionist strife and infighting.]

    In 1947, the Bergson Group had purchased a ship originally intended to carry new immigrants to Israel, but, perhaps partially due to Begin’s influence, was eventually used to ship arms. The ship was named Altalena, and was the focus of a violent confrontation between the newly formed Israel Defense Forces and the Irgun on the beaches of Kfar Vitkin and Tel Aviv.

    [More on the little known Bergson Group as a part of the vicious and evil Irgun terrorists, just get an idea of the politics and rampant social engineering during WW2. Now there is a campaign to get the Bergson Group memorialized as a part of holocaustianity in Yad Vashem, soon to come at a memorial near you.

    Pelosi’s disgusting and transparent pandering to get her father recognized as a “Righteous Gentile” because of D’Alessandro’s involvement with Hillel Kook and Revisionist Zionism in the pursuit of more Holocaustian Shoah-Business insanity is meant to squeeze out more funding by the Wyman Institute of Holocaust Studies, and overcome the world’s “Holocaust exhaustion.”]

    [Who knows how many European Jews actually came in illegally through the Port of Baltimore under D’Alessandro’s auspices, considering what LBJ was also documented as doing through the Port of Galveston. For every one that had a government document, probably 25 snuck in behind them using the same document.]


  16. R. C. Christian March 25, 2010 @ 11:21 am

    Eric Hufschmid is cracked.

    He only looks at evidence that supports his twisted wisdom.

    For instance, he thinks all Apollo missions were faked, he insists the US never landed a man on the moon despite all the video that exists that would be impossible to fake on earth.

    Now, I’m not saying everything to do with the Apollo missions is authentic but to completely throw out ALL Apollo information because of some doctored evidence is cracked, in my opinion.

    The “wires” videos are clearly an attempt by NAZA to misinform about why we were not allowed to go to the moon at certain times. The reality is that the moon is inhabited.

  17. Peffy defends Eric's reputation March 25, 2010 @ 11:47 am

    To RC Christian.

    The moon is inhabited???

    Even Alex Jones admits that some of the Apollo pictures were faked.

    Eric Hufschmid was the ONLY person who had the truth exactly right about the depredations of the Criminal Zionist Jews. The man is a genius.

    Nowadays many others such as Bro. Nathanael are adding more proof to Eric’s statements.

  18. Mission Impossible March 25, 2010 @ 11:58 am

    I suppose it matters little if Pelosi is Jewish or not Jewish.

    We still have to judge her by her actions. With that said, those actions make it clear that this woman is indeed mentally deranged and power-hungry beyond belief.

    For a female of her age to be so full of energy is strange indeed. She must also be taking hormone supplements (and I am being serious here). Pelosi is an artificially created human and is playing the role of Queen Bee dominating a hive of inadequate and weak American men.

    It is also obvious that Nancy Pelosi has been under the plastic surgeons knife several times. Her eyes, nose, and mouth have been artificially crafted. I have seen two photographs of her earlier self, and apart from being utterly revolted by her ugliness, her features leave no doubt that she comes from a Marrano lineage.

    Brother Nat’s ‘failure’ to make an issue of Pelosi’s Jewish heritage is of no consequence. Pelosi is only a hustler and fixer.

    What we need to know are the identities of those who are acting as the power behind the throne, and that is precisely what Brother Nathanael has just done for us in this article.

  19. Mankind March 25, 2010 @ 12:10 pm


    I live by two simple rules:

    Fear no man, and never, never defend a lie or a liar.

  20. Brother Nathanael March 25, 2010 @ 12:16 pm

    Dear Mission Impossible –

    Please read Kath Julianne’s Comment above @ and learn about Pelosi’s GENTILE/Italian extraction.

    Pelosi is NOT “Marrano” whatsoever.

    I grew up in Judaism, attended a Bnai Brith Upper Middle Class Synagague through every week of my upbringing until college, was part of a HUGE greater Jewish family, and had much involvement in my young adult years with Chasids/Lubavitchers – the Ultra Orthodox Jews. Spent time in Israel as well and have had MANY Israeli aquaintances.

    I KNOW what Jews look like by their FACES, EVEN BY their body movements, facial expressions, speech, posture, walking etc.

    Those raised and STEEPED in Judaism and in Jewish Culture (such as myself) KNOW who the Jews are and what they look like.

    I can even tell a Jew in spite of their fake Gentile surnames which they often take to themselves. (Many journalists THROUGHOUT the world constantly write to me to identify whether someone is Jewish or not. I tell them AUTHORITATIVELY who is and who is not Jewish. Even renowned authors have written to me to make accurate identifications.

    Pelosi IS NOT A JEW. Period.

    I have NOT ‘failed” to inform of Pelosi’s ‘Jewish heritage.’ Pelosi is NOT a Jew as “john king” ERRONEOUSLY asserts above. (I hope that John corrects himself here on RZN for his GLARING error.


    “Pelosi & Her Zionist Jew Enablers” @

    I DEAL With TRUTH. NOT Falsehoods that some like to entertain themselves with through SENSATIONALISTIC YouTube presentations and off the wall Web Sites.

    I WILL NOT DISSEMINATE FALSEHOODS through suggested “rewrites” to appeal to people’s love of SENSATIONALISM.

    What I have presented here in THIS article and the Pelosi article is TRUTH and PERTINENT information. Period.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Investigative Reporter @
    “Rense” Journalist

  21. Mission Impossible March 25, 2010 @ 12:32 pm

    Brother Nat. When I wrote:

    “Brother Nat’s ‘failure’ to make an issue of Pelosi’s Jewish heritage is of no consequence.”

    I was careful to place the word ‘failure’ in single apostrophes in order to highlight my belief you had NOT failed.

    Yes, thank you. I have since read Kath Julianne’s comment … very informative … which did not appear on my screen until after it was refreshed by me posting my own comment!

    Other than that, I stand by my belief Nancy Pelosi is an artificially constructed human vis-a-vis her hormone injections, botox injections, and at least two major ops by a plastic surgeon.

    Anyone who would go to such lengths to maintain a level of vanity appropriate for a 20 year old girl, but when aged 60 years or more, has got to have SERIOUS mental issues.

    I am not American and by looking ‘from the outside in,’ I can tell you folks that only in America could a sick creature like Nancy Pelosi exist.

    Peace and love Brother.

  22. Brother Nathanael March 25, 2010 @ 1:16 pm

    About This Article:

    It is MOST important to understand WHO ARE THE PRIME MOVERS behind Obama’s DOMESTIC policy which THIS article addresses.

    First of all – the PRIME MOVER behind puppet Obama’s DOMESTIC POLICIES IS George Soros with his BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS OF dollars.

    PLEASE read the first section of this article that INFORMS of Soros’ INFLUENCE over Obama and the ENTIRE Democratic party.

    SOROS can DESTROY a president and ALL Democrats EASILY by supporting OPPONENTS.

    Am I making all of this up? Read Lyndon La Rouche, WORLD FAMOUS economist on Soros:

    “Your Enemy – George Soros” @

    Also Read: “The Obama/Soros Plan To Destroy America” @

    Then SEE All of RZN Soros Articles @

    World Net Daily is ALSO on to Soros and Constantly Warns Christians about him.

    SOROS is also LINKED INEXTRICABLY to the CIA and can use their offices at the drop of a hat. (La Rouche writes about this too @ (Click on the pdf link on article).

    SOROS worked with the CIA in Georgia and the Ukraine in their “color” revolutions and employing the youth to rally for Saakashvilli and Yushenko.

    NOW SOROS is doing it with the demonstators in support of Health Care. LOOK AT THE PIC in the 3rd part of this article. YOUTH – PAID ACTORS – are the demonstrators.

    COLUMBIA U Physicians and Surgeons are MIGHTILY INFLUENTIAL in domestic health care policy. THAT’S WHY SOROS “BOUGHT THEM” so as to GET HIS FEDERAL HEALTH CARE POLICY enacted.

    This is in the SECOND section of this article.


    For those who want a “rewrite” of this article, GO TO YouTube and listen to SENSATIONALISTIC GARBAGE.

    But for those who want PERTINENT FACTS – Read Real Zionist News articles. As I advertized on Rense for the last six months, “Real Zionist News – Get The Facts… ”

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Investigative Reporter @
    Rense Journalist

  23. The Prodigal Son March 25, 2010 @ 1:17 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Welcome back!

    I hope you are feeling better!…

    — — —

    Quote From New AIPAC President Lee Rosenberg’s speech:

    “The Palestinians are bitterly divided between Hamas and Fatah — that is a problem.

    The failure of President Abbas to end his nay-saying and come to the table for direct talks which Prime Minister Netanyahu has been committed to from the start — that is a problem.

    The failure of the Arab world to begin normalizing its relationships with Israel — that is a problem.

    Israel is not the problem. Israel is America’s partner.

    — — —

    From article @ WRH About the ‘5 Dancing Israelis’:

    “According to ABC’s 20/20, when the van belonging to the cheering Israelis was stopped by the police, the driver of the van, Sivan Kurzberg, told the officers:

    ‘We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem.’


  24. CommieBlaster March 25, 2010 @ 1:55 pm



  25. Brother Nathanael March 25, 2010 @ 2:42 pm

    Br Nathanael – Dr Henry Makow – Mark Glenn –

    We will be responding to Paul Craig Roberts’ “Farewell” Piece @

    We will be speaking on the Theme:
    “Why We MUST Continue To Write”

    Don’t miss it @ 8-9 Pacific Time @

    Br Nathanael – Dr Henry Makow – Mark Glenn –

    +Brother Nathanael
    Official “Rense” Journalist

  26. Norseman March 25, 2010 @ 2:53 pm

    Thank you Brother Nathanael for keeping the high standards of journalism that characterize this site.

    Is it important if someone is a Jew, when we know for certain that he/she works for them?

    Moreover, Brother Nathanael and KathJuliane have already cleared the issue.

    Especially interesting is that Soros seems to be the STRAWMAN of none less than the ROTHSCHILDS, as demonstrated by Jan Van Helsing in his book “Secret Societies”. Read it at:

  27. Norseman March 25, 2010 @ 2:53 pm


    As reported a few weeks ago, we are seeing a FULL-SCALE ATTACK ON THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, and especially of Pope Benedict XVI, as a prelude to the final attack on Christianity.

    Sex scandals keep being “uncovered” in dozens of countries, lately in the US as well. But notice: most cases date back to the seventies or even older!

    Now read this revealing article:,1518,685712,00.html

    The author, journalist of the Spiegel, asks why is the Pope still in office. Good to note, Der Spiegel is part of the Springer media consortium, where journalists are made to sign a statement saying that they will support the State of Israel.

    Revealing is the statement of Fr. Lomardi from the Vatican on the US abuses:

    It turns out that: “Murphy’s victims REPORTED HIS ABUSE TO CIVIL AUTHORITIES, who investigated him at that time; however, according to news reports, THAT INVESTIGATION WAS DROPPED.”

    However, the media want to make Pope Benedict responsible for these abuses! No word about what US justice said about it.

    In the Spiegel article we find the explanation:

    “He (Pope Benedict) has STRAINED RELATIONS WITH JEWS several times…and he has shown himself to be CONCILIATORY TO HOLOCAUST DENIERS.”

    Aha! Now we know why are these decades-old scandals being unearthed! IT’S THE JEWS!!

    The final question is: WHAT IS POPE BENEDICT REFUSING TO DO?

    Food for thought in the events about to occur.

  28. Brother Nathanael March 25, 2010 @ 2:56 pm

    @ Norseman

    Please see my article:
    George Soros: An Evil Rothschild Agent @

    ALSO – I just got off the phone with Dr Henry Makow who gives this article an “A+”

    I do NOT write “C” articles as the commenter wrote above.

    If I see it’s a “C” – I TRASH THE ARTICLE.


    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Official Rense Journalist

  29. Lynda March 25, 2010 @ 3:42 pm

    In his work “USA, Europe and Israel”, Nahum Goldman recounts an incident with Prez Franklin Delano Roosevelt. An urgent telegram from Europe had arrived at the Oval Office at the height of JewWar II.

    On this particular day, the prez was off for a drive. A naif among his entourage chided him for his disregard of the urgent message. The prez (who was a Jew) replied:

    “…on Monday I shall hear from Sam [Rosenbaum] what I have to do.” (p. 116)

    What is more important to know in this defining moment. That the president of the USA was Jewish or the name of Sam Rosenbaum who gave him his orders?

    Brother Nathanael is focused on the latter type of information: the Jewish power structure itself.

    He gets an A+.

  30. Justice March 25, 2010 @ 3:51 pm

    I’m interested to know if Brother Nathanael thinks Bill Gates is Jewish.

    He recently said in a speech (see youtube) that vaccines and reproductive health services (read abortion) will help lower population levels.

    My Jewdar may not be as sharp as Brother Nathanael’s, but I swear that he is Jewish. In fact, he looks just like my Jewish doctor!

    I’m not kidding.

  31. Justice March 25, 2010 @ 4:07 pm

    I’d like to add to the astute observations and comments by Norseman regarding the media hysteria over the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals.

    The story first broke in 2002 because the neo-cons (Jews pretending to be Republicans) were trying to ratchet up support for their unjust, pre-emptive war against Iraq. There was a flurry of visits back and forth between Washington and the Vatican during the period leading up to the Iraq war.

    The neo-cons were desperately trying to get Pope John Paul’s approval for the war. He would not relent. John Paul II spoke out publicly that an attack against Iraq did not meet the Just War criteria and could not be approved by the Church.

    Suddenly, the Boston Globe broke the priest sex abuse scandals in 2002 and it has been an all-out media war against the Church ever since. So clearly the Pope had been warned the story would be exposed if he didn’t approve of the war. He did not approve of the war, and they retaliated with their media.

    These abuse cases mostly happened in the 1970s – 80s and involved homosexual priests abusing post-pubescent boys, i.e., homosexual pederasty not pedophilia. Fewer than 1% of priests ever abused anyone, but the media makes it seem that almost all priests are “pedophiles” which smears the Church, but protects the homosexual movement they promote.

    So to Norseman’s point: what is Pope Benedict refusing to do? That is a most compelling question. Clearly they are retaliating against him for something he did or did not do to their liking.

    Perhaps it is to completely destroy the credibility of the Church so that when they speak out against abortion, as the US Bishops did regarding this health bill, then no one will listen to them. The Bishops, for all their faults, did speak out against voting for the healthcare bill because it provides for federally funded abortion.

    Perhaps that’s why it’s happening now. Or perhaps it’s something else we don’t know about.

  32. Sandra March 25, 2010 @ 4:58 pm

    Brother Nathanael –

    Great article as always, and thanks for reminding us of the other articles you have written about Obama health care (aka death care). And, as far as I’m concerned, your articles are always A+

    Everyone should be sure to listen to Brother Nathanael on Rense tonight at 11pm est.

  33. enya March 25, 2010 @ 5:16 pm

    Nancy Pelosi is a shortrobe.

  34. czarina March 25, 2010 @ 5:34 pm

    Another informative article Brother Nathanael, and I also learn so much from the comments.

    As I have said before, this web site is the best university in the world – History, politics, economics, sociology, psychology, criminology, theology – it’s all here in the deprogrammed version and much cheaper than college. It’s free!

    The degree I got from a Canadian university way back when is useless. How much is your education worth to you? How much would you pay your college or university to learn what you learn here?

    Think about that and make a donation to this free university.

    On a sad but urgent note please pass this around:

  35. Dave March 25, 2010 @ 6:11 pm

    You people worry too much.

    Relax, this healthcare monstrosity is great news in that it will accelerate our transformation into a collapse/tyranny which will be the spark for patriots to enact REAL CHANGE.

    Think about it. Muddling along with the current system accomplishes nothing towards the goal of reclaiming our once great nation, but if things get really hot and oppressive, those lovers of liberty will awaken and our journey to the other side can finally begin.

    It won’t be long now, the anger is becoming tangible and sincere.

  36. StMichael March 25, 2010 @ 6:22 pm

    “The final question is: WHAT IS POPE BENEDICT REFUSING TO DO?”

    Maybe it is what they sense he is possibly about to do regarding the SSPX, Vatican II, Rosary Crusade, Russia.

    I think they are inciting mobs to crucify the Mystical Body of Christ. Like a pack of ravenous wolves, they taste blood and they think they can move in for the final kill now. The attack on the Pope is stated in their diabolical blueprint (Protocols).

    Like the Prodigal Son in Our Lord’s parable, I think that the entire world might just see the depravity of our state under despotic communism before we return to Christ the King.


  37. StMichael March 25, 2010 @ 6:40 pm

    Justice is absolutely correct, in my opinion, regarding the motives for releasing the dirt. I believe an Archbishop from Central America stated this a few years ago.

    I think it’s better to have it “all out from under the rug,” so the men in the Church can no longer be blackmailed.

    BTW, this was another item in the Protocols, that is, to undermine the moral authority of the clergy (in the eyes of the masses) to make them ineffective in battling evil.


  38. 1ofthegoodguys March 25, 2010 @ 6:41 pm

    Soros is a gutter RAT who will eventually be taken out by the the ALMIGHTY sooner than you think.

    If that does not happen someone from the good side will place two behind his ear and send him straight down to his very hot home where he belongs with the other gutter RATS.

  39. StMichael March 25, 2010 @ 6:42 pm

    The attacks against the Church might also have something to do with the impending attack on Iran.


  40. Karen March 25, 2010 @ 7:05 pm

    Wow, John King, that was a bit harsh.

    Instead of coming here and berating Brother Nathanael, how about you start up your own blog and leave us the link so that we can all come over and grade you on your efforts.

    Sheesh. Some people.

  41. Brother Nathanael March 25, 2010 @ 7:55 pm

    Dear Justice –

    I ASSURE you, Bill Gates is NOT a Jew.

    No Jew in him WHATSOEVER.

    He looks, talks, feels, LIKE A GENTILE. (Jews are neurotics… I sense a “stable” Gentile influence in Gates.)

    +Brother Nathanael
    Former Jew — NOW:
    Orthodox Christian!

  42. Lynda March 25, 2010 @ 9:06 pm

    It is on public record of the House of UnAmerican Activities that the Communist Party of America put 1111 hundred men into the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church in America.

    This was in response to an international order. The School of Darkness, Dr Bella Dodd, former senior legal counsel of the CPA.

    The highest orders of the International Communist Party did not come from Moscow – they came from the Kabal in residence at the Waldorf Astoria. Wouldn’t you love to know who. Bottom line they were apex Jewry.

    I assume this handpicked cadre had certain proclivities – and they have done their worst.

    The sixth American Diocese is now in liquidation to pay for their crimes and the end is not yet.

  43. john king March 25, 2010 @ 9:50 pm

    Bro Nathanael,

    I never accused you of writing anything but the whole truth. Your truthfulness is not in question.

    But regarding Pelosi I found this information from “Jew Watch.” They say she is Jewish.

    Do you consider this information fraudulent?

  44. john king March 25, 2010 @ 10:01 pm

    This is a message to Karen,

    Bro Nathanael is a personal friend of mine.

    My criticism of his piece was based on what I read at other websites. Bro Nathanael is the best judge of such informaton. I also contribute $$$ to his work. Do you??

    You should watch your mouth talking about me, since 1) you don’t know me and 2) you don’t understand my relationship with Bro. Nathanael.

    Remember the joke about the word “assume”? That’s my advice.

    And no, I won’t be starting my own website because Bro. Nathanael is the undisputed master of this genre.

  45. Brother Nathanael March 25, 2010 @ 10:12 pm

    Dear John King –

    Thank you for responding to my concerns about your assertion of Pelosi being a Jew and your critique of this article.

    YES – we ARE good friends and that is why I felt I could take some liberties in being a bit harsh in my responses – BECAUSE of our friendship.

    I *was* a bit too harsh with you in my responses and I ask for your forgiveness.

    (I think that you, perhaps taking my lead, were a bit too harsh with Karen in your response above…)

    That being said, you cited the link from Jew Watch @ which is from the article on Pelosi.

    IT IS FALSE INFORMATION. No supporting evidence – just a bunch of sensationalistic garbage.

    It’s a BUNCH Of hogwash with their typical “touched-up” photos.

    Please read Kath Julianes’ WELL RESEARCHED, DOCUMENTED, EVIDENCED-BASED (not hogwash) article above PROVING that Pelosi is NOT a Jew @

    You have written to me privately many times in the past asking if various articles were fraudulent and I gave you well reasoned answers why they indeed were not to be trusted. I wish you would have done this with the Pelosi ‘Jew’ issue.

    STICK with Real Zionist News, Mark Glenn, Dr Henry Makow, Paul Craig Roberts, and those who SUPPORT THEIR ASSERTIONS with facts and you will not go wrong in the future.

    Again, forgive me dear John for being harsh with you in my responses –

    +Brother Nathanael

  46. Paul March 25, 2010 @ 10:16 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Thank you for an excellent article and your articles to me are always A+++++

    First I would like to address Sammy Davis Junior with your statement “Is it a coincidence that there is no oil underground in Israel?”

    Just to let you know as of 1953 $5 TRILLION dollars worth of minerals and oil, which had been discovered in Palestine by Cunningham-Craig, ready for this.

    Prior to 1918, by the way I believe he was killed in 1936 for saying this to the public back then, and ever since then the main media Never mentions this.

    The sad part is, this belongs to the Palestinian people, but you know and I know and everyone knows that they will never see a dollar of this.

    Jewish Celebrities slide show

    To Brother Nathanael, I would like to say that one of your great Characteristic’s is Sincerity.

    You are Sincere in your desire to find the truth; and you are sincere in your desire to communicate that truth to us.

    Thank you

    God Bless


    “Some want to live within the sound of Church or Chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of Hell.”
    — C.T. STUDD

  47. KathJuliane March 25, 2010 @ 10:42 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, John King,

    That particular article alleging that Nancy D’Alessandro Pelosi is related to Argentinian Jewry, or that her husband Paul Pelosi are crypto-Jews located in JewWatch library archives (and that is what the site does great, is archive resources, so not faulting them at all) written by someone else has a huge number of issues in terms of logical fallacies and lack of evidential proofs.

    My name is Katherine. Some Jews can be named Katherine. Therefore I must be a Jew. I suppose I could ask the question, have you ever been, or are you still related to Larry King the talkshow-host? lol.

    This is exactly the false reasoning this particular Judicial Inc item contains. It starts out with Nancy D’Alessandro, some Argentinian Jews are named D’Alessandro, therefore she is a crypto-Jew related to the Argentinian Jews named D’Alessandro, because she looked like one when she was younger.

    (I don’t know how many times in my life I’ve been mistaken for someone else, to the point of being a dead-ringer for some guy’s lost love, a guy I never met in my life, who thought I was her ghost. The photo resemblance was extremely spooky.)

    The article itself starts out by saying Nancy has the same name, and then jumps to emphatically linking it to known Argentinian Jewry by that name.

    D’Alessandro, and its variants of D’Allesandro, D’Alesandro is a very common Italian name. So is Pelosi.

    Here’s something you can try for free using these last names and variants and you’ll see what I mean:

    I just ran D’Alesandro and its variants, and came up with about 150 hits from Italy. Pelosi generated over 450 hits. And these are just via one port of entry at Ellis Island, NY.

    This doesn’t count all of the other ports of entry on American soil, or for that matter, the D’Alesandros that immigrated to Canada, Britain, as well as Mexico, Central and South America.

    It’s simply bad enough that this (in)famous Paul and Nancy Pelosi family are flagrant liberals and Judaizers, and are more or less nominal and corrupt “political Catholics” rather than being pious good Christians. Worse, I’ve not ever heard that Queen Pelosi has ever been excommunicated for her aggressive pro-abortion views in whatever parish she belongs to.

  48. Fr. Joseph March 25, 2010 @ 11:00 pm

    Dear StMichael,

    “What Is Pope Benedict XVI Going To Do?”

    These Kabbalah-Talmud-Satanist-Luciferians-Masons-Transnationalistic Elite-Etc. ARE very, VERY NERVOUS as shown by their massive media attacks on the Bishop of Rome AND the Catholic Church.

    When the Bishop of Rome ORDERS the Bishop of the Catholic Church to perform the Mother of God’s INSTRUCTION to consecrate Russia to her Immaculately Loving Heart – THAT will be the very day that spells THE END of all of this moral-political-economic MAYHEM and CHAOS and SUFFERING all of these Christ-hating and God-rejecting ‘Movers and Shakers’ of our contemporary World have wrought upon ALL of Mankind!

    Yes, these so-called ‘Jews’ and ALL of their ’30 pieces of silver taking’ CRONIES the World over are VERY, VERY NERVOUS INDEED!

    – Fr. Joseph

  49. R. C. Christian March 26, 2010 @ 1:12 am

    This thread of comments has wandered into a very interesting subject matter in my opinion, and that is…who’s the Jew?

    First screen in my opinion is whether they practice Judaism because I know some Jewish blood Jews who know less about Judaism than I do. In fact some of them don’t even know they would be considered a Jew if following the guidelines of Jewish law (if their mother was Jewish, the kids are Jewish).

    The vast majority of everyday Americans accept the Old Testament Covenant as gospel truth without ever having read the Bible. They have never been filled in on the New Testament Covenant. It’s just reality, many, many families never go to church. I never put my children through the the Sunday School indoctrination.

    My own parents had to watch me closely on Sundays lest I disappear (which I did many times) because I couldn’t hack all the miracles that everybody was so quick to believe with nothing more than a word. I’ve SEEN with my very own eyes unexplainable aerial phenomenon, and if I mention it to a religious sort they dismiss me as a blasphemer.

    So now we have the next screen, judge them by their fruits. Now in my opinion Nancy is a Jew through and through at this level of screening, never bearing good fruit. If the Jew guiding her stops quickly she will get a nose full of fecal material, her first loyalty is to Israel and that makes her a Jew in my book.

    Then we have crypto-Jews like Rosenfeldt (Roosevelt) or Krumsfeldt (Rumsfeld) and all any of can do is go off of historical documentation which has been rewritten by guess who? That’s right, Jews.

    So I ask, how do we know who is Jew?


  50. Lynda March 26, 2010 @ 2:15 am

    Dear St Michael,

    Thank you for stating you views so frankly on Br Nathanael’s website.

    This just in from The Catholic League. President Bill Donohue has been taking issue with the Jew York Times. I quote in full:

    March 25, 2010

    The New York Times and the Catholic Church

    Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments today on the front page article in today’s NY Times about priestly sexual abuse: media requests to deal with this subject make it difficult to respond to this article by Laurie Goodstein.

    But the time has come to ask some serious questions about why The Times is working overtime with wholly discredited lawyers to uncover dirt in the Catholic Church that occurred a half a century ago.

    Those questions will be asked in an ad I am writing that will be published in next Tuesday’s New York Times; a rejoinder to the article will also be made. All I can say now is that this is the last straw.

    Well, all I can say is: we live in hope. Most regretably, the novus ordo Catholic Church is bound to the whole megilliah of Vatican II – especially the environmentally positive anal emission of Nostra Aetate about ‘our elder brothers in the faith’ and their new world order project (Lumen Gentium).

    Judaism / Pharisaism has no more part with the Roman Catholic faith than Christ with Belial. NON HABEMUS PARTUM.

    It is Israel of the Covenants, the Law and the Prophets which stands in the relation of forerunner, prefigurement and example to the Church.

    To discover the real reason why I suspect the Jew York Times is working the Church over at this time, (even more than usual) is because of THE SHONDA!!! that is being suppressed in the Jew MSM.

    But Schmarya Rosenberg has picked it up over at his website Failed Messiah.

    Baruch Mordechai Lebovits was convicted March 8, 2010 on multiple counts of child sexual abuse. If he was goyim, he would be up for 30+ years in the slammer. Lebovits, however, is facing some years at a country club type confinement where the erring divine gods on this planet are retired from public gaze. And he was to be convicted on March 25, 2010.

    The only thing you can read in the Jewish Press (for the Jews as opposed to the cud they serve up to the goyim in their MSM) are gushing appreciations of Lebovit’s brother: the Nikolsberg Rebbe.


    See also Rosenberg’s: ‘A Haredi Mah Nishtana For Child Sexual Abuse’?

    Why is the sexual abuse of Haredi children treated differently than all of the communal issues?

  51. Lynda March 26, 2010 @ 4:01 am

    Nancy ‘the most powerful catholic in Congress’ Pelosi is a disgrace to the novus ordo catholic church – which does still hold to some remnants of the Roman Catholic Faith.

    She is an ardent supporter of abortion (including partial birth abortion). It is o.k. with Ms Pelosi if halfway through the birth, the mother decides to murder her child. Ms Pelosi thinks the laws of America should protect the delivering obstetrician if he desists from delivering the child according to the delivering mother’s demand and crushes the skull baby and sucks out the brains.

    And Ms Pelosi supports embryonic stem cell research – that is, the IVF conception of human embryos to be grown in labs and then harvested for tissues and organs. And consistency thou art a jewel, Ms Pelosi supports the entire pro-homosexual raft of legislative Agenda including the teaching of sodomy to children in the schools.

    Why anyone who thinks they are a Catholic, (however remotely) would stand at the communion rail with Nancy Pelosi is completely beyond me.

    She states her convictions for the public record and they are totally contemptuous of Roman Catholic social teaching.

    Her so called bishop, however, has the greater sin for confirming this deceived and murderous woman in her brazen displays of hatred for Christ and His Church.

    ‘Cardinal’ Theodore McCarrick always maintained a studied ambiguity on the subject of political catholics who hate the teaching of the Church presenting themselves for communion, as does D.C’s ‘archbishop’ Wuerl.

    But then ‘cardinal’ McCarrick did not defend the faith against homosexual infiltrators of the priesthood.

    This position of ‘studied ambiguity’ was endorsed by Ratzinger when he was posing as the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrines of the Faith.

    The Novus Ordo catholic church that emerged from the Vatican II Robber Council is an exact replica of the schismatic Eastern orthodox churches – it is a creature and function of the state. In America, it is increasingly the function of a Luciferian state that is calling down the wrath of God.

    I doubt that creature Wuerl would refuse Nancy Pelosi what they say is the body of Christ in holy communion if she were to front up to the communion rail in a G-string with an inverted pentagram and shake her booty at the presbyter.

    O, my Jesus, save us from the fires of hell.

  52. jgalindes March 26, 2010 @ 5:58 am

    As lately there has been too much talk regarding the true identity of the Jews.

    Some had given very interesting and instructing explanations as to having in the end, a vague idea that the Jews of today are not the same Jewish clan that supposedly had a close encounter with the living God.

    But, friends, we do have to use our mind and the logical procedures that will always drive us to a good destination.

    Watch carefully to the behaviour of our contemporary Jews and compare with the biblical Jews.

    There is a staggering similitude and while scientifically (genetically) they might be not related, for sure we are talking about the same deranged people that eventually wandered in the wilderness.

    The reason is probably their well kept traditions, their fantastic saga retouched so well by generations of rabbies.

    To me, reading the Old Testament (especially the corrupted and diluted Vulgata and all it offsprings) is a painful exercise, where I have to stretch moral concepts to accomodate a quite difficult to perceive good and loving God.

    Not adhering to any heresy consciously, I do prefer to read as frequently as possible the words and deeds of our Lord Jesus.

    The identity of the Jews is exposed for all those that want to see in their cruel, coward and un-holy behaviour with the Palestineans, specially those in Gaza.

    Their banking mafia, their planned destruction of our countries, their calculated contamination of all that use to be good in our Christian societies is secondary when compared to their own wickedness in Palestinean soil.

    I particularly do not need any other proof of their real identity.

  53. jgalindes March 26, 2010 @ 6:50 am

    From Michael Hoffman’s website:

    “… Last Sunday (“Passion Sunday” of Lent, March 21), a contingent of young, traditional French Catholics went to the famous medieval Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France, where Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois had arranged for Rabbi Rivon Krygier to give the sermon.

    When the rabbi attempted to commit this sacrilege, these brave souls arose in one body and with one voice, recited the Apostle’s Creed and the rosary aloud in the Cathedral.

    As a result, the rabbi was forced to retreat to the sacristy (in the back of the cathedral) as the officials of Notre Dame ordered an organ to begin playing to drown out the voices of the traditional Catholics. The Catholic television station KTO immediately cut off its live transmission as the protest began. …

    At last, Catholics are living their faith as the Church Militant, instead of imagining that God only desires that they pray, read and talk!

    At last, they are offering a witness concerning the number one mortal enemy of Jesus Christ in 2010 A.D. — as in 33 A.D.!

    To everyone of those French Catholics and their leaders who offered this witness at Notre Dame, I say, may Almighty God richly bless you, and may He stiffen your faith and resolve to continue to defend Jesus Christ against the modern heirs of the Pharisees, who perpetually seek to extirpate His Gospel through infiltration, dilution, misdirection and the replacement of Calvary with Auschwitz.

    Americans, rise up for Jesus Christ and do likewise!”

  54. /. March 26, 2010 @ 8:39 am

    Jew or not, Bill Gates is just plain evil…

  55. Hoff March 26, 2010 @ 8:50 am

    Russia – before the Jew Communists destroyed Russia.

  56. Patrick Sullivan March 26, 2010 @ 8:59 am

    “God help them!”

  57. Freedom March 26, 2010 @ 9:07 am

    I think Brother Nathanael could be doing a lecture series at universities across the country and at ticketed events such as Madison Square Garden and other venues to raise the coffers for RJN.

  58. drakke1 March 26, 2010 @ 9:33 am

    KathJuliane: Kudos on your truly remarkable reportage.

    I grew up in the Baltimore suburbs (Towson – Randallstown), graduated from UofM, etc. and was always fascinated by tales of the D’Alesandro “dynasty” and their/its criminal machinations.

    The byzantine – infinitely selfish and sociopathic doings of such folks and their allies leave one speechless.

    Let the karma come home to roost !!

  59. The Prodigal Son March 26, 2010 @ 11:17 am

    Lynda spews,

    “The Novus Ordo catholic church that emerged from the Vatican II Robber Council is an EXACT REPLICA of the SCHISMATIC EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES – it is a creature and function of the state.”

    — — —



    — — —

    Br. Nathanael,

    You truly are a patient and Godly man!

    I myself would not be able to contain my contempt for such a blatantly blasphemous statement as the above vomit.

    I must admit – I personally would put my BOOT to good use, and SLAM THE DOOR after doing so!

    For the sake of TRUTH Br. Nathanael – won’t you take this woman to SCHOOL already?

  60. Mission Impossible March 26, 2010 @ 12:12 pm

    @ R. C. Christian [March 26, @ 1:12 am].

    In response to your question, I apply a simple rule of thumb I can share with you.

    It is predicated on the fact there is no such thing as a Jewish race. In other words, there is no Jewish genetic identity.

    The reasons are simple: Yemeni Jews, Moroccan Jews, Iranian Jews, et al have never caused mankind a problem. Sephardic Jews have been problematic, but only their elites, who were amongst the first to turn to banking. Look up the history of Venice and Florence for examples.

    All those who have studied this topic adequately know that we have long had a problem with ‘Jews’ that follow the Ashkenazi Rite. These are predominantly the Yiddish speaking folk from Poland, the Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, etc. They flooded into New York City and Chicago between 1880 and 1920.

    These are the same folk who actually carried out the Bolshevik Revolution and the same folk who were persecuted by Germany after they themselves had unilaterally declared war upon the German people in 1933.

    Even this Yiddish speaking community are not genetically uniform because they descend, mostly, from the Golden Horde (ref: 13th century and the Mongols). A mixed bag of desperate thugs if ever there was one.

    But nonetheless, there are many Ashkenazi Rite ‘Jews’ who are truly opposed to Zionism and opposed to the shenanigans that brought us 9-11, Goldman Sachs, and the hoax known as the Swine Flu epidemic.

    The superb Gilad Aztmon (check the Rense home page for his articles) is just one of several example. As for Henry Makow, his immediate ancestors were living in Switzerland, so I am not sure if Henry’s distant background is Sephardic or Ashkenazi. But he too is superb.

    Therefore, for me, nobody is a ‘Jew’ by belief unless they believe in and practise the Torah and Talmud (or the Cabala). Blood does not determine Jewishness even though we are constantly reminded of the nonsensical mantra, perpetrated by crooks and shysters, which claims Jewishness is carried matrilineally.

    The hereditary neurosis that Brother Nathanael correctly referred to above is, I believe, almost exclusively associated with those Central and East “Europeans” (actually mongrelized Asiatics & Turkics) who call themselves ‘Jews’.

    They actually worship Saturn, which is why they wear the black regalia and funny hats. It is from this community that emerged those individuals with the largest negative impact upon the Western world (Karl Marx, Trotsky, Boas, Freud, Montague, Oppenheimer, Milton Friedman, Silverstein (WTC), Axelrod, etc., etc.).

    With that said, a selection mechanism has been strictly employed ever since (circa) 1918 whereby the West’s leading politicians (plus our economic and academic gatekeepers) have been recruited only from those who have been determined to contain some ‘Jewish’ blood that links the said candidates back to either the Sephardic Rite, or the Ashkenazi Rite.

    This is why, for example, a half-wit reprobate by the name of Anthony Lynton Blair was rendered eminently selectable for the leadership of Britain’s so-called “Labour Party.” It also explains why Blair has spent most of his time in Jerusalem (and Tel Aviv) since resigning the Prime Minister portfolio.

    Some ancestor dating back about 4 generations to a small Scottish community in Ireland certifed Blair as “sufficiently Jewish” to be Britain’s PM. Clearly then, we have agents acting silently in the background who are applying the key tenets of both the Protocols and the Talmud to our politics and economy.

    We might be accused of anti-Semitism, but the “Hidden Hand” is far more racist and eugenic than Germany ever was.

    I trust my rule of thumb appears simple enough.

  61. Norseman March 26, 2010 @ 12:59 pm


    A few times already the issue of the Old Testament and Christians has been put forward in this forum. I find it appropriate to write a few lines on this.

    Jews postdating Jesus Christ, and thus present-day Jews, do not “have” the Old Testament.

    Yes, they OFFICIALLY have their Torah (not identical to our Old Testament), but this means nothing, for THEY DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THE OLD TESTAMENT SAYS.

    They do not believe DANIEL and his prophecy of our Lord Jesus, nor do they believe DAVID in Psalm 110 when he refers to Jesus (“The Lord says to my Lord”). There are hundreds of such Old Testament passages, which the present-day Jews despise.

    Now I ask you dear readers of RZN: if I buy Marx’s “Communist Maniphesto” and keep it in my library, although I abhor the contents, can I claim to have this book? Physically, for sure. Spiritually of course not!


    They killed the Prophets and our most holy Lord Jesus Christ.

    THIS IS WHY THEY HAVE THEIR TALMUD, which is their real (un)holy book.

  62. Norseman March 26, 2010 @ 1:00 pm


    Let’s hear what St. John Chrysostom has to say about the Jews and the Old Testament in his eight homilies “Against the Jews”

    “Let that be your judgment about the synagogue, too. For they brought the books of Moses and the prophets along with them into the synagogue, NOT TO HONOR THEM BUT TO OUTRAGE THEM WITH DISHONOR.

    When they say that Moses and the prophets knew not Christ and said nothing about his coming, what greater outrage could they do to those holy men than to ACCUSE THEM OF FAILING TO RECOGNIZE THEIR MASTER, than to say that those saintly prophets are partners of their impiety?

    And so it is that WE MUST HATE BOTH THEM AND THEIR SYNAGOGUE ALL THE MORE because of their offensive treatment of those holy men.”

    “If they did not have the prophets, they would not deserve such punishment; if they had not read the sacred books, they would not be so unclean and so unholy. But, as it is, they have been stripped of all excuse.

    They do have the heralds of the truth but, with hostile heart, THEY SET THEMSELVES AGAINST THE PROPHETS AND THE TRUTH THEY SPEAK. So it is for this reason that they would be all the more profane and blood-guilty: THEY HAVE THE PROPHETS, BUT THEY TREAT THEM WITH HOSTILE HEARTS.”

    I recommend all RZN readers to READ St. John Chrysostom’s homilies against the Jews. They were written in the 4th century, but they are AS IMPORTANT TODAY AS BACK THEN.

  63. Norseman March 26, 2010 @ 1:02 pm


    In connection to the above posts, I’d like to contribute to the answer of “who is a Jew?”

    Here we need to distinguish between Jews before Jesus and present-day Jews.

    Ethnically, both groups are different through the addition of the Khazar and other non-semitic components (see Arthur Koestler’s “13th Tribe”). We could distinguish a Sephardic and an Ashkenazi branch.

    As for the Sephardic being so innocent: ask the Spanish! They sell out Spain to the Arab invasion and conquest of the peninsula. It took 800 years to take back Spain! They turned into “Marranos” and infiltrated the government and church, until they were expelled from Spain in 1492. These were Sephardic Jews.

    From a religious viewpoint, however, PRESENT-DAY JEWS ARE THE OPPOSITE OF OLD TESTAMENT JEWS. Old Testament Jews were chosen by God, to ultimately bring forth the Christ from their tribe of Judah.

    Present-day Jews REJECT JESUS CHRIST, thus making themselves accomplices of the most grave sin of DEICIDE of their forefathers.

    Even if a Jew is “secular”, his values and thinking are clearly ANTI-CHRISTIAN.

    German theologian Johannes Rothkranz said that being a Jew is an ACT OF FREE WILL.


    This explains the phenomenon of Goyim converting to Judaism, like in the case of repulsive “Madonna” and other prominents.

    The only ethnical Jews that are still part of the “chosen people” are those, like Apostle Paul and our dear Brother Nathanael, that embraced Jesus Christ as God’s Son incarnate.

  64. KathJuliane March 26, 2010 @ 1:17 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, RZN family:

    Prodigal Son, God bless you for your kind “welcome back.” It is Lent, coming up on Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday (Old Calendar), along with health issues I had to deal also with some grim news along with it.

    Passing the salt to you.

    The Orthodox Way of Life

    “Orthodoxy is not merely a ritual, or belief, or pattern of behavior, or anything else that a man may possess, thinking that he is thereby a Christian, and still be spiritually dead; it is rather an ELEMENTAL REALITY OR POWER which transforms a man and gives him the strength to live in the most difficult and tormenting condition, and prepares him to depart with peace into eternal life.

    “The essence of the true Orthodox life is GODLINESS or piety, which is, in definition of St. Nectarius of Optina, based on the etymology of the word, “holding what is God’s in honor.”

    This is deeper than mere right doctrine; it is the entrance of God into every aspect of life, life lived in trembling and fear of God.

    Such an attitude produces the Orthodox WAY OF LIFE which is not merely the outward customs or behavior that characterizes Orthodox Christians, but the whole of the conscious spiritual struggle of the man for whom the Church and its laws are the center of everything he does and thinks.

    The shared, conscious experience of this way of life, centered on the daily Divine services, produces the genuine Orthodox community, with its feeling of lightness, joy and inward quietness.”

    — Archbishop Andrew of New Diveyevo, New York

    In my humble opinion, the traditional French Catholics reported by Michael Hoffman and posted earlier, and their magnificent standfastedness and spiritual labors cleaning out the Moneychanger filth from the Temple for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Cross reported earlier are rediscovering their historical Roman Orthodox roots.

    Hagia Nika, French Christians! The dagger of truth went deep into the heart of the Evil One!

    Now, while America was eyebrow deep in the Viet Nam War, “Guns ‘n’ Butter’ diplomacy, the domestic war on poverty, etc in the insanity of the ’60’s, while “Righteous Gentile” LBJ and his filthy horde of Jew psychophants were openly using the White House as a Zionist latrine after decades of working in the background —

    Lyndon Baines Johnson: The Jews “Friend, Ally and Savior”: Revealing Jewish Ties

    by Lenny Ben-David [Served as deputy chief of mission of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, now an “international consultant.”]

    …Historians have revealed that Johnson, while serving as a young congressman in 1938 and 1939, arranged for visas to be supplied to Jews in Warsaw, and oversaw the apparently illegal immigration of hundreds of Jews through the port of Galveston, Texas.

    A key resource for uncovering LBJ’s pro-Jewish activity is the unpublished 1989 doctoral thesis by University of Texas student Louis Gomolak, “Prologue: LBJ’s Foreign Affairs Background, 1908-1948.” Johnson’s activities were confirmed by other historians in interviews with his wife, family members and political associates.

    …As a young boy, Lyndon watched his politically active grandfather “Big Sam” and father “Little Sam” seek clemency for Leo Frank, the Jewish victim of a blood libel in Atlanta.

    Frank was lynched by a mob in 1915, and the Ku Klux Klan in Texas threatened to kill the Johnsons. Johnson’s speechwriter later stated, “Johnson often cited Leo Frank’s lynching as the source of his opposition to both anti-Semitism and isolationism.”

    …Five days after taking office in 1937, LBJ supported an immigration bill that would naturalize illegal aliens, mostly Jews from Lithuania and Poland.

    In 1938, Johnson was told of a young Austrian Jewish musician who was about to be deported from the United States. LBJ sent him to the U.S. Consulate in Havana to obtain a residency permit. Erich Leinsdorf, the world-famous musician and conductor, credited LBJ with saving his live [sic].

    During World War II, Johnson joined Novy at a small Austin gathering to sell $65,000 in war bonds. According to Gomolak, Novy and Johnson then raised a very “substantial sum for arms for Jewish underground fighters in Palestine.”

    One source cited by the historian reports that “Novy and Johnson had been secretly shipping heavy crates labeled ‘Texas Grapefruit’ — but containing arms — to Jewish underground ‘freedom fighters’ in Palestine.” [Probably the ‘Bergson Group’ again, who had captured the popular attention of Americans with their systematic propaganda of cinema, pageants, and extraganzas!]

    …President Johnson firmly pointed American policy in a pro-Israel direction.

    In a historical context, the American emergency airlift to Israel in 1973, the constant diplomatic support, the economic and military assistance and the strategic bonds between the two countries can all be credited to the seeds planted by LBJ.

    It was also under the watch and subsequent cover-up of the ardent and treasonous LB Johnson Administration when the sovereign nation of Israel illegally initiated an unprovoked, undeclared offensive and public Act of War against the United States.

    Israel committed acts of murder against American servicemen with its deliberate and vicious false-flag attack by substantiated state military means and personnel on the neutral and non-combatant United States Ship Liberty in international waters at the start of the so-called ‘Seven Day War’ in 1967.

    ACT OF WAR —

    Any act occurring in the course of declared war; armed conflict, whether or not war has been declared, between two or more nations; or armed conflict between military forces of any origin. 18 U.S.C.

    …Public war is either civil or national. Civil war is that which is waged between two parties, citizens or members of the same state or nation. National war is a contest between two or more independent nations) carried on by authority of their respective governments.

    War is not only an act, but a state or condition, for nations are said to be at war not only when their armies are engaged, so as to be in the very act of contention, but also when, they have any matter of controversy or dispute subsisting between them which they are determined to decide by the use of force, and have declared publicly, or by their acts, their determination so to decide it.

    This 1967 Act of War by the modern state of Israel on our sovereign American nation has never been satisfactorily resolved or settled with any international peace treaty between the USA and Israel as signed by our Congress.

    We are, as I read it, technically still in a state of war with the basterds.

    For a final public statement by a great American, Adm. Thomas Moorer, Ret. just weeks before his death in 2004, and posted by Real News 24/7 as a memorial to the brave crew of the USS Liberty:

    “I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to [Israel] … They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wouldn’t write anything down. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms.”
    — Admiral Moorer, 1984

  65. Brother Nathanael March 26, 2010 @ 1:49 pm

    Dear Mission Impossible –

    Thanks for your clarification.

    Forgive me for being a bit harsh with you…


  66. solobiblia March 26, 2010 @ 2:15 pm

    The Church is not a synagogue.

    All the videos of what happened at Notre Dame on March 21.

    True Christians are waking up.

    That Jesus our Lord be praised forever.

  67. KathJuliane March 26, 2010 @ 2:44 pm

    Dear Jgalindes,

    Great find about the French Catholics beginning to sweep out the seven demons who have taken over the house. Thanks, made my day!

    Dear Norseman,

    St. John Chrysostom never, ever wears old or outworn.


    The United States of America is the only country in history to have defined itself as Judeo-Christian, and this just fairly recently. Judeo-Christian America has differed from Christian countries in Europe in at least two important ways. One is that the Christians who founded America saw themselves, rightly or wrongly, as destined heirs to the Hebrew Bible.

    And even more importantly, they strongly identified with the Church as New Israel, and looked to the Old Testament to attempt to structure a theocratic order of an earthly Israel.

    In this is America’s Achilles Heel, and how we, today, have been hobbled by it’s evolution at the hands of the Jews and Zionism.

    For example, Thomas Jefferson wanted the design of the seal of the United States to depict Israel leaving Egypt. Just as Israel left Egypt and its values, Americans left Europe and its values and incessant bloody religious wars, persecutions and politics, and intrigues. But to confuse this identification with ancient Israel with any form of philosemitism for the Jews is a serious anachronistic mistake.

    Along with looking back to the Hebrew past in the OT, the Founders also looked to classic Rome and Greece for some of its political theories as they had begun to be formulated during the Renaissance era of Christian Europe in both Catholic and Protestant circles.

    In The Myth of the Judeo-Christian Tradition (Harper & Row, 1970), Jewish theologian-novelist Arthur A. Cohen suggested that [the word Judeo-Christian] was essentially an invention of American politics.

    The term started to come back when people needed an adjective to go with “tradition.”

    Some of the utopians of 20-30 years ago wanted a cultural tabula rasa, a historical clean slate, that would permit them to bring in the Age of Aquarius or the secular millennium or whatever. Conservative reactors to these rejecters then began to plead for tradition, and they still do.

    The shelves marked “tradition” become attractive, however, only when they are stocked with attractions. In the United States, “Judeo-Christian” turns out to be the most marketable political glue with Israhell.

    The new conservative intellectuals, politicians and populists began to advertise the virtue of this tradition in the ’60’s and 70’s, and soon support for it became a test of “true Americanism” formulated by the new “Religious Right.”

    The word went out especially along evangelical lines in education, mass communications, public philosophy and political life: “Be the first kid on your block to reappropriate the values of the Judeo-Christian tradition” whatever it might be.

    One of the most curious features of the overall plumping for the vague and nebulous “Judeo-Christian tradition” is the way its advocates regard capitalism as the necessary corollary and expression of that tradition, which was built from the earlier bricks of the Puritan work ethic which became solidly entwined with late 19th century banking and industrial corporate capitalism, and the rising era of Zionist=backed Jew-Banskter imperialism.

    On the other hand, more and more of post-Auschwitz theology riding the back of ‘Christian guilt’ pounding into American heads (Catholic or Protestant) that “not enough was done to save the Jews” in WW2 and so we owe the Jews a debt simply fueled the process, and European Christian faces were ground into the dirt.

    How many of America’s Catholic and Protestant sons perished in that awful war? 600,000 as I recall? How many came back maimed?

    How many people altogether perished in Europe on all sides?

    Hey, foolish Joooos! We don’t owe you a thing. The debt was paid, if there ever was one.

    Our handy Zionist tool, Wikipedia presents the history of the popular term “Judeo-Christianity” and its path as a Jewish/Communist propaganda tool to further corrode the “Christian America” worldview of the Founding Fathers:

    The earliest uses cited by the Oxford English Dictionary of the terms “Judeo–Christian” and “Judeo–Christianity” date to 1899 and 1910 respectively.

    Both terms appeared in discussions of theories of the emergence of Christianity, and with a different sense than the one common today. “Judeo–Christianity” here referred to the early Christian church, whose members were Judean converts and still considered themselves ethnically part of the NT Judaen community of the Church of Jerusalem.

    However, earlier German use of the term “Judeo-Christian” — in a decidedly negative sense, contrasting with the one prevalent in the twentieth century — can be found in the late writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, who emphasized what he saw as neglected aspects of continuity between the Jewish world view and that of Christianity.

    The expression appears in The Antichrist: Curse on Christianity, published in 1895 and written several years earlier.

    The present meaning was for the first time used on 27 July 1939 with the phrase “The Judaeo-Christian scheme of morals” in the New English Weekly.

    The term gained much greater currency particularly in the political sphere from the 1920s and 1930s, promoted by liberal groups which evolved into the National Conference of Christians and Jews, TO FIGHT ANTISEMITISM [emphasis Kj] by expressing a more inclusive idea of the United States of America than the previously dominant rhetoric of the nation as a specifically Christian Protestant country.

    By 1952 President-Elect Dwight Eisenhower [“the terrible Swedish Jew” according to his West Point Yearbook] was speaking of the “Judeo–Christian concept” being the “deeply religious faith” on which “our sense of government… is founded”.

    Wiki breathlessly ploughs forward with:

    Promoting the concept of America as a Judeo–Christian nation became a political program in the 1920s, in response to the growth of antisemitism in America. The rise of Hitler in the 1930s led concerned [liberal] Protestants, Catholics and Jews to take active steps to increase understanding and tolerance.”

    Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority, and for whom Judeo-Christian was a cherished term, was among the first evangelical leaders to make clear that presidential candidates must show deference to the U.S.-Israel alliance if they wanted his constituency’s support.

    “It is my belief that the Bible Belt in America is Israel’s only safety belt right now,” Falwell told CBS News in 2002.

    In 1999, he pledged that 200,000 evangelical ministers would keep Congress from pressuring Israel to concede more territory to the Palestinians.

    Falwell had an especially close relationship with Israel’s prime minister at the time, Benjamin Netanyahu, who rankled U.S. Jews by embracing the evangelist so readily.

    Falwell’s dedication made him invaluable, said Mort Klein, leader of the Zionist Organization of America.

    “Jews should have appreciated his virtually unconditional support more than we did,” Klein said. “We should also have appreciated that his deep support for Israel came from strong belief in the Torah, in the Bible.”

    Foxman recalled long dialogues with Falwell, saying he was a man who was willing to listen and change his mind.

    Foxman recalled a meeting in the mid-1990s with a group of Jewish leaders, including himself, when Falwell agreed to stop using “Christian nation” to describe the United States and instead switched to “Judeo-Christian nation.”

    Yet even that term rankled many Jews who subscribe to a vision of America that unhitches religion from state, and others who believe that the term tries to bridge unbridgeable theological gaps.

    “Judaism is Judaism because it rejects Christianity, and Christianity is Christianity because it rejects Judaism,” Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits once wrote Foxman.

    The Jews get it, they’ve always gotten it, that Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity are two different things altogether which are, at heart, diametrically opposed and always will be and “Judeo-Christianity” is a lethal hybrid.

    The Founding Fathers (whose viewpoint also included that of colonial Catholics along with the various Protestant or Anglican congregations) believed this republic was founded on Godly values, more or less intepreted through the Gospel of Christ – and, indeed, that it could not long endure without them.

    Separation of church and state (so-called) is a myth invented by the left to secularize America.

    Falwell, like so many contemporary evangelical evangelists and televangelists, was a victim of faulty and misguided theology, emanating first and foremost from his embrace of the Zionist footnotes that the Scofield Reference Bible is replete with. As that reliable Zionist organ, Wikipedia accurately tells us:

    “The Scofield Reference Bible promoted dispensationalism, the belief that between creation and the final judgment there were seven distinct eras of God’s dealing with man and that these eras were a framework for synthesizing the message of the Bible.

    “It was largely through the influence of Scofield’s notes that dispensationalism grew in influence among fundamentalist Christians in the United States.” [Falwell, Scofield and the Dreadful Direness of Dispensationalism]

    Several paragraphs in the below article provide a useful overall early American religious historical background survey as part of the article about Obamatron and the Holy Land. Here a Jew is confidently itemizing everything about the peculiarities of “Christian America’s” Achilles Heel and how it has all been used for Israel’s benefit.

    Described are the “the historical, religious, cultural, political, and strategic reasons” (written by a zealot Zionist Jew crows that Judeo-Christian America will never abandon the Zionist entity, but the pertinent part is useful nevertheless) of how the historical biblical traditions and foundations of ‘Christian America’ (including Protestants and Catholic involvements) was exploited and gradually suborned and morphed into “Judeo-Christianity” by Jews, Big Money, Scofieldites, Zionizers and Judaizers, see:

    Despite the heavy OT leanings of the Colonial Christians, and their biblical ideologies and classic Hebrew studies of the OT, most properly believed that scripturally only Christians were the true Israel, the patriotic Founders had no great love for the Jew in the 18th century, and the history even then implied a social and cultural “separate but equal” democracy concerning the Jews, alongside the practical and public necessity of business and commerce and the political forum.

    The following informative link as to the historical role of Colonial Jews, both Patriotic and Loyalists, and their names clearly show a distinct Jewish cultural paradigm, compared to the Biblical orientation of the Colonial Americans who often resorted to OT names.

    Until the 50’s, there still existed a racial demarcation in the census between “Whites” and “Jews” until the census laws were changed where Jews could register as White, and somewhat later ‘Jew’ as an optional religious ethnicity, and thus conveniently sustain confusion around what is considered a minority group in terms of civil rights.

    It wasn’t until the post-McCarthy Civil Rights Era that “discrimination” on the social and practical against the Jews was lifted even in terms of equal opportunity housing rights in breaking through into certain semi-exclusive conservative residential associations and areas as they were not considered “Whites.”

    In deconstructing this “Judeo-Christian” myth as applied to America’s colonial underpinnings, some of the American congregations early moved away from the traditional European, Latin and Greek forms of Christian baptismal namesakes of royalty, saints and martyrs in marked preference to using OT-Biblical names out of the belief that Colonial America was the destined quasi-utopian “New Israel” on earth.

    There were the Christian Joshuas, the Calebs, the Sarahs, the Rachels, the Jacobs, the Nathanaels and Joels, as found in OT Scripture.

    This was especially so after independence from Britain which also meant independence from the Church of England itself whose head was the King, and later re-established the branch of the Church of England in America as the Episcopal Church under the nominal headship of the Archbishop of Canterbury out of constitutional and even anti-monarchist considerations of the East Anglicans which had come to the colonies.

    None of this actually arose simply because of some mythical great love for the “elder brothers, the Jews” living during the colonial period, but attests more to the ideals which were found in the OT, and the then identification of Church-Israel.

    The term “Judeo-Christian,” first coined around 1900, did not come into popular propaganda usage until about 1948, conveniently the year that the terrorist state of Israhell was first recognized by Truman and Stalin, after what is increasingly clear in the light of the mass propaganda efforts via Hollywood by the Bergson Group and their ilk coming from all sides during WW2.

    This Zionist Jew author from American Thinker above confidently stated: “No matter what the state of the US economy, there has never been a demand by the American people to halt or diminish US aid to Israel. There is no such demand now.”

    Oh, but foolish Jews, that is definitely changing…

  68. Stav March 26, 2010 @ 3:22 pm

    Hi Kath, nice to see you here after a short break!


  69. Stav March 26, 2010 @ 3:39 pm

    Dear Lynda,

    Just to augment to what the Prodigal Son said,

    With your statement below:

    “The Novus Ordo catholic church that emerged from the Vatican II Robber Council is an EXACT REPLICA of the SCHISMATIC EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES – it is a creature and function of the state.”

    You have completely and ultimately offended any Orthodox Christian who may read your post, INCLUDING Br. Nathanael, who hosts this site and does all the great work here, I am sure. I can’t speak for anyone else but that my assumption.

    There is no such thing as new and old Roman Catholic Church, unless you mean back when the Roman Church was part of the true, original Catholic Church.

    Furthermore, your ignorant assertion that the OC and RCC (whichever one you choose) are exact replicas, is DISGUSTING for one, but OBVIOUSLY false in so many respects that I just cannot fathom how you come even to a point to state such a thing, other than plain ignorance.

    Recently I posted an answer to your baseless characterizations, to which (completely predictably) you did not even respond. Therefore, and for the benefit of all readers here, despite of it’s size I will post it again here, edited again for clarity.

    BIG post follows…


  70. Stav March 26, 2010 @ 3:39 pm

    Dear Lynda, Roman “Catholics” and all fellow RZN readers/posters

    Firstly, forgive the length of this, believe me, I tried to keep it as short as I could. I am most definitely NOT going to apologize, either for the length of this nor for it’s apparent irrelevance. I have many times now given you the reasons why this seemingly irrelevant matter has actually PRIME relevance to the Zionist problem.

    To be short, I’ll just repeat Br. Nathanael, who said if I remember correctly, that the Zionist threat can ONLY really be fought ultimately by the Church, Which is the Body of Christ our Lord, directed by Him.

    Here goes:

    You have many times characterized the Orthodox as being schismatic. You are now also equalizing the OC and the RCC, which is an even more ignorant statement.

    As I have explained to you before, the the word schismatic is used to define the part that separated from the whole during a schism. Schism, simply translated from the Greek, means a rip. When a rip occurs, we get for lack of a better word, “riplets” or pieces, that separate. Schismatic is the word used in Greek to define these pieces.

    You have also many times implied or expressed the opinion, that for some unexplained reason, it is the Orthodox who somehow have derailed from the original faith and that it is the Romans who have stuck to the original and correct faith. This is a deeply erring position to take, and I shall prove it below.

    I will now prove to you, without a shadow of a doubt, using only but a TINY FRACTION of all the information available, that the schismatic “Church” is in fact the religious community that calls it self “The Roman Catholic Church.”

    I will also prove to you, that it is the Roman “Church” that has right from the beginning deviated from the one, original practice and true faith and that as such, it is high time that any conscious “Catholic” realizes this and finds a way to a more complete truth. Also, rest assured, that there is no distinction between any imaginary new and old RCCs. Especially this is so with what follows below.

    As always, the reason for presenting this, is not only to provide you with a definitive answer personally, but more importantly, to present the rest of the readers here with an answer that provides a good starting point to understanding the whole matter:


    PART ONE: Practices that the Romans have changed since the Schism:

    The practices below are presented in almost complete absence of theological commentary. It is done this way because my purpose is to present some easy to see, practices, from which the Roman “church” has departed, and by doing so, making it self schismatic by definition.

    In addition, by looking at the facts below, it is also by definition, that one can see that at least from the practical point of view, the Roman “church” is and has been for about 1000 years NOT ORIGINAL.

    1) Baptism.

    Original practice (still practiced today by the Orthodox):

    Baptism is performed by the triple immersion n water of the person to be baptized. There are innumerable ancient sites of Baptism where one can clearly verify that baptism was from the beginning performed in this manner.

    Note: the word “baptism” as used even today in modern Greek, always had the same meaning: It means full immersion. Thus, if one talks in Greek about baptizing an item or object, it is clearly and immediately understood to be immersion. There are also clear etymological sources that explain this meaning of the word.

    As performed by the Romans:

    Baptism is now done by Romans by the sprinkling of water on the person to be baptized.


    It is the Romans who changed the practice and thus, by definition they are the schismatics and they are the ones who altered a practice passed on by Holy Tradition.

    2) Priests

    Original practice (still practiced today by the Orthodox):

    Priests keep their hair and beard, as proof of the covenant they have with God. The same goes for Monks.

    This was the practice from the beginning and was inherited in part by the order of Levitical priests, who of course no longer exist today.

    Priests wear a rasso, or robe as done from the beginning.

    Priests always were not required to be celibate. Bishops were later and collectively by the whole Church required to be celibate after some time, but early enough in the history of the Church.

    As performed by the Romans:

    Roman priests shave and cut their hair.

    Roman priests, wear shirts and trousers, making them almost indistinguishable from ordinary lay men.

    Roman priests are required to be celibate.


    It is the Romans who changed the practice and thus, by definition they are the schismatics and they are the ones who altered a practice passed on by Holy Tradition.

    3) Statues and icons

    Original practice (still practiced today by the Orthodox):

    Orthodox do not use statues, because they present an all too worldly experience, which is not compatible with the practice of the faith.

    Orthodox do not use realistic “Western Style” icons of the Saints and our Lord, for the same reasons as presented above.

    This was the practice from the beginning.

    As performed by the Romans:

    Romans do use statues and their main iconography is of western, realistic style. This introduces a worldly sense of what they depict.


    It is the Romans who changed the practice and thus, by definition they are the schismatics and they are the ones who altered a practice passed on by Holy Tradition.

    4) Asceticism and Monasticism

    Original practice (still practiced today by the Orthodox):

    Orthodox do practice Asceticism primarily as an attempt by man to become closer to God by leaving the world behind – completely.

    Monks and Nuns follow strict vows to Never think of the world and Never return to it in spirit and mind. For the more strict vows, this also means in a physical sense.

    As performed by the Romans:

    Romans practice asceticism in a very worldly manner, as their Monks and Nuns, are very active in society and spend nowhere nearly as much time on the primary, what is to be a burning desire, goal of Asceticism.


    It is the Romans who changed the practice and thus, by definition they are the schismatics and they are the ones who altered a practice passed on by Holy Tradition.

    5) General conduct of the Church

    Original practice (still practiced today by the Orthodox):

    Orthodoxy sees the Church s the Body of Christ. It does not engage in social power struggles, banking, worldly affairs etc. etc. It sees it self as a mainly Spiritual body. It was so from the beginning.

    As performed by the Romans:

    The Roman “Church” has Banks, an army, engages in frequent and politically correct statements that have nothing to do with the faith. It engaged in Holy Wars, justifying complete military campaigns as the ‘work of God’. It employs people to form “Intelligence Offices,” spokesmen in the most worldly sense of the word etc. etc.


    It is the Romans who changed the practice and thus, by definition they are the schismatics and they are the ones who altered a practice passed on by Holy Tradition.

    6) View of other religions:

    Original practice (still practiced today by the Orthodox):

    Orthodoxy sees other religions as an amalgamation of false beliefs and practices that cannot bring salvation. It views Jews as the people who denied their own Messiah and as such, are in a state where no salvation can be found.

    As performed by the Romans:

    The Roman “Church” repeatedly engages in one to one and equal appreciation of other religions. It has gone as far as to say that Jews do not need Jesus Christ in order to be saved.


    It is the Romans who changed the practice and thus, by definition they are the schismatics and they are the ones who altered a practice passed on by Holy Tradition.

    Other practice differences: Confession, Holy Unction, The non-giving of the Most Holy Blood of Christ to lay people, all are unknown to the Ancient and Original Church which is Orthodoxy today.

    Conclusions from part one:

    We have here at least 6 categories of things which the Romans now do differently to the Original faith. Thus, simply by account of these differences that the Romans have introduced and the steadfast refusal to introduce such differences, it can be plainly and easily be seen that it is the Romans that are now different to the Original Church in terms of mostly external practices.

    But as we shall see, it is clear that these external differences introduced by the Romans, actually reflect and reveal that there are deep, internal differences in doctrine and faith. It can also be plainly seen now, that according to the definition given above, it is the Romans who are schismatics, because of the way they have changed from the original.



    This issue is the most important and core problem and reason for the Schism. It is so important, because, not only is it the reason for the schism itself but the surrounding circumstances of how it came about, proves that it was the Roman “Church” that was and is at fault here, and caused their own separation fromt he Mother Church. And the repercussions are not only practical but also theological.

    The Second Ecumenical Council, affirmed the Holy Spirit to be God “even as the Father and Son are God: who proceeds from the Father, who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and together glorified.” That was also an expansion on the Creed first expressed in the First Council.

    In John 15:26 (King James Version) we read:

    26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, He shall testify of me

    It is a little known fact, that this idea of introducing “and from the Son” in the Creed, was heretical by definition, because, the Third Ecumenical Council explicitly stated that not a single word be changed in the Creed. Yet, this did not deter certain people from adding words to it.

    The Orthodox view and the view of the Church from the beginning is that one CANNOT understand the nature of God. One can understand the doctrine e.g. “Light of Light” but NOT the divine mystery of God. Thus, one must stick strictly to our Holy Tradition about God when it comes to defining the nature of God.

    In this case, we are strictly sticking with the words of Christ Himself, who described the Holy Spirit as proceeding from the Father. He did not say otherwise and we may never understand why, and thus we stay fast with what we have been given, to the word, without changing it.

    The view of the Romans, however, is that somehow, the Christian faith is refined and made “more perfect” as more scholastic analysis is applied to it. This is of course a fallacy, and is derived by the atheist (which is essentially satanist) idea that logic can be applied to everything, even God Himself. But we Orthodox believe that God is Over and Beyond Logic, or in other words, His Logic is beyond our understanding.

    So, when the idea came to be introduced as doctrine in Roman Church of the time, in circa year 1009 or 1014, it was the Roman Orthodox who most strongly opposed Pope Benedict imposing this new doctrine on them.

    This is a quite unknown fact, and it shows that the schism initially happened within the confines of Rome itself, between Roman Orthodox Christians and Papists who were looking to inject their own new doctrines into the Church.

    It is also a little known fact, that for 100 years or more before the Great Schism actually officially took place, there was already a doctrinally based schism happening between the Christians of Rome. Thus the great schism can be viewed at least in its initial state, a schism taking place inside the Roman Church, and for very good reason.

    Thus, the Romans once converted to Papists, forgot the original doctrine, which is that the Son is Born of the Father, and the Spirit proceeds from the Father according and very strictly so to scripture. In fact, they started spreading the word, that it was the East, that had removed the words “fillioque” from the Creed, even though historical fact clearly shows the truth to be quite the opposite.

    The theological repercussions of this new doctrine and its surrounding new ideology, that one can analyze and re-analyze the nature of God Himself and derive information previously unknown to us, gave rise to further heresy and further deterioration of doctrine.

    As an example of this, Created Grace was newly introduced as a useful “tool” to explain the new theology emerging in the west. But this gave rise to further and deeper schism and separation. Where there was only one issue to resolve, namely the filioque, now there were new and exotic doctrines appearing year after year.

    Very quickly the Roman Church changed so dramatically that a Christian of the 1100s in the West would have found much more in common with the Orthodox of say the 1400s than his fellow Romans of the same time. This new “church” had now a different view of the Mother of God, Jesus Christ, the Pope the role of the Church, practices etc. etc.

    It is important to see that the issue of the heretical introduction of the “filioque” into the Creed, was not only a naive addition or minor theological difference, but it implied and in fact required a completely different view and belief of God.

    Instead of believing God to be Mysterious and His nature unknown to us, the new attitude was one of supreme pride and the conviction, that one can put God under an intellectual “microscope” and analyze Him.

    Once this was accepted, everything else fell. It is interesting to note here the clear parallel, between Satan’s own pride and fall, and the intellectual pride of the Roman Church and it’s doctrinal fall from Orthodoxy to Papism.


    The “filioque” is the root of the differences between the Orthodox Church and the Roman Papists. It was clearly a new introduction to the doctrine, which had it’s roots in intellectual pride and a sense that if one analyzes God and Scripture enough, an enhanced, new version can be produced.

    In fact, this attitude, came to clearly say that EVEN JESUS CHRIST’S OWN WORDS CAN BE IMPROVED UPON… Which is what they did by adding words to the Creed about eh Holy Spirit. Once this was done, everything else deteriorated.

    No Papist can deny that they HAVE added to Christ own words, thus committing the ultimate blasphemy, the proof is too simple.

    Final conclusions:

    It will be clear to anyone with a clear conscience and pure heart,

    – By reading the small subset of differences presented above;

    – By understanding the difference of spiritual attitude between the OC and RC;

    – By understanding that doctrine is granted by God and not created by mere men, no matter how much stochastic analysis went into it;

    – And and the basis of what are essentially interlinked doctrinal errors on the part of the RC, derived from this prideful attitude;


    There is something clearly very wrong with any Roman “Catholic” beliefs, if so many differences from the Original faith are maintained, yet no remorse and no apparent intention for a true returning to the Original Faith is displayed.

    That there is something clearly wrong, if the Romans Papists are today unrecognizable from what they used to be in the past.

    That there is something deeply wrong, if they actually believe that they can improve upon what was given to us by God, word for word, and graceful act by graceful act.

    This should be a starting point for anyone who wants to know why they are unhappy with so many things in the RC but cannot put their finger on it, or feel it but are afraid to express it.

    Anyone who is truly interested in this matter can verify my claims and also to save space I have not included references. But if it is impossible for you to find it, ask me.


  71. Norseman March 26, 2010 @ 3:43 pm

    Galindes and Solobiblia,

    Thank you indeed for the information and videos on “La Résistance” in Paris. They are worth watching!

    Let us begin this Most Holy days ahead in the sign of these French loyal Christians.

    Brother Nathanael,

    Your reporting is A+, with the “+” standing for the Cross!


  72. R. C. Christian March 26, 2010 @ 4:13 pm

    The Pope looks utterly Satanic in this picture, he is making twin devil’s heads with both hands.

    Catholics Unveiled Masonic Jewish Plot in 1936

    (Makow Note: This is further confirmation that mankind is in a major state of denial. We have been satanically possessed. Call this document “hate” or another “hoax,” but the hate is all on the Masonic Jewish side, and burying our heads in the sand won’t alter the truth. )

    Secret Jewish Plot Unveiled by the Catholic Gazette of England

    In the London Catholic Gazette of February 1936 was published a sensational article under the heading: “The Jewish Peril and the Catholic Church”. The monthly organ of the Catholic Missionary Society of England was quoting speeches delivered in a series of secret Jewish meetings in Paris.

    A few weeks later, the Parisian weekly “Le Reveil du Peuple” published a similar account, adding that the statements had been made at a recent convention of the B’nai B’rith (secret Masonic order in which no Gentile is admitted) held in Paris.

    The article of the “Catholic Gazette” read as follows:


    Continued here:

  73. R. C. Christian March 26, 2010 @ 4:16 pm

    Bro Nate,

    Is your interview from last night (March 25, 2010) with Jeff Rense available online yet?

    I can’t find it.

  74. Lynda March 26, 2010 @ 4:19 pm

    And again thank you JGalindes and Solobiblia for the posts on the CounterRevolution in the Catholic Church.

    This was a great event in the history of the Church: ‘Pour Dieu et pour le Roi!’

    And that great website for the CounterRevolution is down.

  75. Stav March 26, 2010 @ 4:40 pm

    Dear Lynda,

    The only meaningful “counterrevolution” would be the humble and full of repentance return of the RCC (whether new or old) to the Original and unchanged Faith, which is Orthodoxy.

    Any other attempt to counter the ugliness that pours out of the Vatican today, it meaningless. Thus, regardless if the site you quote is down or up, it does not matter. No such effort will ever gain Grace, because it is working towards the wrong goal.

    Realize your heretical state that was there since circa year 1000 and everything else will be “counter revolutionized” for you automatically.

    Stop accepting your “improved” doctrine and accept the pure one as offered to us by Christ Himself and all will be clear to you.

    Stop thinking that you can improve of what is perfect already, because your “improvements” are just disfigurements of what you have received.

    Stop defending what is indefensible, illogical, heretical and so blatantly blasphemous.

    You have no real Pope, you have no real faith apart from the faith in your heresy.

    You are seriously missing out.


  76. Michael K. March 26, 2010 @ 4:44 pm

    Dear R. C. Christian,

    You put forth the scholarly opinion that the so-called Ashkenazis are “mongrelized Asiatics and Turkics.” On that subject, I think that there must be some more added, for while there is no doubt truth in that statement, it tends to obscure some important truths about their lineage.

    The following excerpt parallels the research and writings of David Livingstone, author of “Terrorism and the Illuminati: a Three Thousand Year History.” It ties together the known history of European and near eastern royal lines and the history of Mithraism and the occult. I think anyone serious about this subject needs to evaluate this line of research.

    “The name “Paulicians” was derived from their respect for the Paul of Tarsus, whose Letters they honoured, in addition to the Gospel of Luke, though otherwise rejecting the Old Testament and the Letters of St. Peter. In the ninth century AD, Photius related that it was a certain Manichee woman, named Kallinike, who sent her two sons Paul and John to Armenia, to propagate this heresy.[16]

    “The founder of the sect was Constantine-Silvanus, who hailed from Mananalis, a dualistic community near Samosata, the capitol of Cilicia. The enemies of the Paulicians accused them constantly of gross immorality, even at their prayer-meetings.

    They believed in a distinction between the God who made and governs the material world, and the “God of heaven” who created souls, who alone should be worshipped, in other words, Lucifer. Therefore, like all Gnostic sects before them, they thought all matter to be corrupt.

    For the Paulicians, Christ was an angel sent into the world by their “God.” Jesus’ real mother was not the Virgin Mary, but the heavenly Jerusalem. This idea mirrors one found in the Kabbalah, where the “Shekhina,” or “beloved” in the Song of Solomon, is equated with the “congregation of Israel.”

    Jesus’ work, they claimed, consisted only in his teaching that to believe in him saves men from judgment.

    “The Khazars

    “Adherents of the Paulician sect fled, with the Armenian Paul at their head, to Episparis, in the Armenian district Phanaroea, the best part of Pontus, according to Strabo.[17]

    “Pontus was a name applied, in ancient times, to extensive region in the northeast of Asia Minor, now Turkey, the greater part of which lay within the immense region of Cappadocia, which in early ages extended from the borders of Cilicia to the Black Sea.

    “But some of the Paulicians, it would seem, found their way to the land of the Khazars, who were then warring against the Arabs in the same region. The Khazars were sometimes credited with Armenian origin. This is stated by the seventh-century Armenian bishop and historian Sebeos, and the fourteenth century Arab geographer Dimashqi.[18]

    “The Cambridge Document, discovered by Solomon Schechter in the late nineteenth century, and also known as the Schechter Letter, the Schechter Text, and the Letter of an Anonymous Khazar Jew, discusses how Jewish men fled either through or from Armenia into the Khazar kingdom in ancient times, escaping from “the yoke of the idol-worshippers.”

    “Like the Armenians, the Khazars were identified with Gog and Magog. They were regarded as descendants of Japheth, Noah’s third son, and connected with the Torgom-Togarmah and Ashkenaz of the Old Testament.[19]

    “The “Ashkuza” of the Akkadians have also been linked to a branch of the Turks, also related to the Huns, called Oghuz, to which the Khazars belonged.[20]

    “The Khazars occupied the exact area of the Scythians, and the word “Ashkenaz” is thought to have originally applied to the Scythians (Ishkuz), who were called Ashkuza in Assyrian inscriptions. Lake Ascanius and the region Ascania in Anatolia derive their names from this group.[21]

    “Therefore, it has been claimed that the Khazars derived from both the Edomites and the so-called “Lost Tribes.” Like their Edomite ancestors, the Khazars were also red-headed, and came to be known as “Red Jews”. According to Raphael and Jennifer Patai, in The Myth of the Jewish Race:

    “In particular, the Khazars were said to descend from the Tribe of Simeon, who had been assimilated into the Edomites. According to Eldad ha-Dani, a Jewish traveller of the ninth century, the Khazars were remnants of Simeon and Manasseh.

    “The tribe of Zebulon, on the other hand, he explained, occupies the land extending from the province of Armenia to the River Euphrates.

    “Likewise, one version of the Letter of King Joseph, also known as the Khazar Correspondence, reported that the Khazars had a tradition that they were descended from the Tribe of Simeon. The Cochin Scroll also maintains that the Khazars were descended from Simeon and Menasseh.

    “According to the Schechter Letter, after the Jews from Armenia and Persia had eventually assimilated almost totally with the nomadic Khazars, a strong war-leader arose, named Bulan, who succeeded in having himself named ruler of the Khazars.

    “Sabriel, who happened to be remotely descended from the early Jewish settlers, and his wife Serakh, convinced him to adopt Judaism, in which his people followed him.[23]”

  77. KathJuliane March 26, 2010 @ 6:07 pm

    Joe Cortina has two new great scorching posts on his site, especially the one titled “National Jewish History Month – Gifts to American Life By Our Jewish ‘Friends’ (a must read):

    God bless you Joe. Keep the Jews’ feet to the fire and keep sounding the alarm, good and faithful watchman for Christ.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  78. Freedom March 26, 2010 @ 6:10 pm

    @ Stav

    Agree people need Jesus Christ to be saved…and that the RC Church may be departing from that in imitating civil society in which all groups are regarded the same regardless of their differences.

    Why should the Church depart from the faith to echo secular society, when no other religion does so?

    The RC Church should not become an alphabet soup of every religion out there, but should uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  79. R. C. Christian March 26, 2010 @ 6:34 pm

    Judea declares War on Obama by Gilad Atzmon:

  80. ZCF March 26, 2010 @ 6:43 pm

    I expose serpents…see Terror of Zion @:

  81. Brother Nathanael March 26, 2010 @ 7:19 pm

    @ R. C. Christian

    KathJulianne told me she downloaded the radio slot for free on

    If KathJulianne reads this I hope she will tell you how to access it on Rense. +bn

  82. KathJuliane March 26, 2010 @ 8:04 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Regarding the email I sent you about Rense radio, and being excited to hear your broadcast now that my little replacement computer has good sound drives opening up a new world, I find that I can only listen live to Rense shows, or the slightly later rebroadcast the same night without a subscription, but don’t have access to his archives unless I do subscribe.

    I mispoke in the email to you earlier, and am sorry for any misperception without having fully checked out what needed to be done in my excitement over the new capacity to appreciate audio-visuals.

    I am seriously considering a subscription now that I have cyber-ears for access to Rense’s extensive audio archives, however, and will keep you posted about it all.

  83. Lynda March 26, 2010 @ 8:32 pm

    Dear Stav,

    “You have no real pope, etc and etc”

    You should tell all of this to St Cyprian of Carthage, (died Sept 14, 258, A.D. venerated in the Christian East on Aug 31)

    “There is one God and one Christ, and there is one Church and one Chair founded by the voice of the Lord upon a Rock. Another altar can not be constituted or a new priesthood be made, beside the one altar and the one priesthood. Whoever gathereth elsewhere scattereth.” Epist.adPleb.xl.n5

    If I have no pope then neither does St Cyprian because we both confess one Church and one Chair founded by the voice of the Lord upon a Rock – St Peter.

    Now, in the twentieth century, the Roman Pontiff, who (according to you schismatics is ‘no pope’) issued the encyclical Quas Primas for your edification.

    The Kingship of the Saviour of men, our Divine Lord, has always been recognized and preached within the Church, but it was formally defined with its proper Feast Day for the Church on Dec 11, 1925, by Pope Pius XI. Quas Primas

    Thus follows the important doctrine of the social Kingship of Christ to whom every knee must bow and every tongue confess. Quas Primas was defined specifically against the perils of the age: Communism and all godless ideologies of the body of antiChrist that seek to elevate the rights of man above the Kingship of our Lord over nations.

    This is a Key doctrine for the combat with the forces of antiChrist with which we are all engaged.

    To continue with the Apostolic works of Pius XI, he consecrated the entire human race to the Sacred Heart of our Lord and instituted the prayer of the consecration to be recited by Catholics before the most Blessed Sacrament on the last Sunday of October.

    “Be Thou King of those deceived by erroneous opinions or whom discord keeps aloof and call them back to the harbour of truth and unity of faith that there may be “unum ovile et unus pastor” – one flock and one shepherd.

    There is no discord between St Cyprian of Carthage and Pope Pius XI and myself.

    There is considerable discord between yourself, St Cyprian of Carthage and Pope Pius XI and the Catholic Church because your opinions are in error.

  84. The Prodigal Son March 26, 2010 @ 8:49 pm

    Israel Told To Pay Gaza damages

    ‘The UN Human Rights Council urged Tel Aviv on Wednesday to pay reparations to the Palestinian people for the loss and damage it inflicted on them during last year’s bloody invasion of the Gaza Strip.

    Pakistan tabled the motion, which also suggested that the Red Cross should investigate Israel’s use of incendiary white phosphorus weapons during Operation Cast Lead.

    It passed by a majority of 29 to five at the UNHRC heaquarters in Geneva, with 11 abstentions.

    The resolution was opposed by the US, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovakia.

    Britain, Belgium and France were among the countries that abstained.

    The council approved four other resolutions on the conflict on Wednesday.

    It voted nearly unanimously in favour of the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, with 45 countries voting in favour and only the United States voting against. No countries chose to abstain.

    A second resolution agreed to the creation of an independent committee to monitor compliance with the Goldstone Report’s call for both sides to hold independent transparent investigations into human rights abuses during the Gaza war and from Palestinian rocket attacks.

    A third slammed Israel for targeting Palestinian civilians and systematically destroying their cultural heritage.

    And a fourth condemned the Netanyahu administration for pressing on with illegal settlement construction, including in occupied east Jerusalem, calling for an end to the blockade of Gaza.

    Despite Washington’s much-hyped tiff with Tel Aviv, the US stood behind Israel at Wednesday’s council meeting.

    US ambassador Eileen Donahoe said: “We are deeply troubled to be presented once again with a slate of resolutions so replete with controversial elements and one-sided references that they shed no light and offer no redress for the real challenges in the region.”

    Ms Donahoe insisted that her country supported a two-state solution even though it had opposed the resolution in support of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination.

    PLO ambassador Ibrahim Khraishi pointed out that the two-state solution is predicated upon exactly that right.’

    — — —

    Ms Donahoe (probably) replied, “Huh?”

  85. Lynda March 26, 2010 @ 9:47 pm

    R.C. Christian

    Benedict XVI is not the pope. He is an anti-pope. As a manifest, public and outrageous heretic, Noachide Law preacher, Talmud kisser and menorah lighter he can not be the pope of the Roman Catholic Church even if he is unanimously elected by all the cardinals.

    The fact that he wears a pope suit and lives in the Vatican is irrelevant.

    In the same way, Obama is not the legitimate president of the United States of America. His birth records are sealed (because he was not born in America) and is therefore disqualified. He probably swore his oath of office on Moby Dick.

    Let us learn to understand these matters. The magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church (Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio) unambiguously disqualifies Benedict the modernist heretic from the office of the papacy. He is not the pope de jure and he is acting ultra virez the power of any legitimate pope.

    Upon this tragic man rest the anathemas of Pope St Pius X bound in heaven and upon earth unless the true Holy Father absolve him before his death.

    Dr Henry Makow on the other hand has figured it out.

  86. Igor Marxomarxovich March 26, 2010 @ 9:50 pm

    Obama qualifications to reform health care:

    No birth certificate.

    Cannot stop smoking.

    Difficulty telling the truth.

    Narcissistic personality disorder.

    Therefore, I Igor produce Obama Birth Certificate at

    Compare Obama Care vs Igor Care at Obama vs Igor Care

  87. Hoff March 26, 2010 @ 11:38 pm

    How many David Axelrods are there?

    David Axelrod is a member of the banned right-wing Kahane Chai organization.

    He has been convicted, by an Israeli court, of terrorism.

  88. Stav March 27, 2010 @ 2:31 am

    Dear Lynda,

    It would be rather more honorable if you responded to the big post rather than the small one. Or try to refute it.

    The post you are responding to, was not an argument, nor is there any point in responding to it. It was your personal admonition.

    It was for you to consider and for you to contemplate on. I am not interested in your response to it.

    Your repetitive, baseless and heretical characterizations without any proof or support whatsoever, are merely showing all the readers here how you will intentionally avoid dealing with the truth.

    Do you actually have anything to counter what I presented above?

    Are the “catholic” priests the same as they were 1000 years ago?

    Are you performing Baptism by immersion as Holy Tradition and as the word it self defines it?

    Are you fasting the way the first Christians did?

    Are you believing in the same Christ that the Original Christians did? The answer is no, no, no, no and NO.

    Did the RCC right from it’s start (circa year 1000 ad) change the words of Jesus Christ Himself or not? the answer is YES. What else is there to say? You are truly now, trying to not acknowledge the elephant in the room…

    If nothing else, you should renounce the filioque and everything that has derived from it, why won’t you do that, Lynda? Is there anything more profound than to see that by adding this to your Creed, you have tried to add to Jesus Christ’s own words?

    Are you better than Christ our Lord and God? do you really think that if a “filioque” was needed, that Christ would not have put it this way? What else is there possibly you can bring forward, that will support this totally unacceptable action?

    Don’t you see it’s not even about the Pope or anything else? First fix your blasphemies, and then look into the matter further. Your refusal to do so, will be your undoing, just as it has been destroying what good is left in the RCC in general.

    I hope it’s not too late for that. It is the RC, which have changed things, many things into what is essentially blasphemous theology. And there is, predictably so, no response given to the numerous reasons and proof of how it is the RCC that has changed from the original faith.

    But, don’t worry, you are helping anyway. People who are ready in their hearts to see, will see. You are merely setting me up (and anybody else who responds to your heresies) for an all too easy demonstration of how badly misled the RCCs are.

    You continue to use the word schismatic, while you have no idea what on earth you are talking about.

    You continue calling all Orthodox wrong, including our host here Br. Nathanael and no apology is given.

    If you hate Orthodoxy so much, without having even a shred of evidence or knowledge about them, why are you even here?

    Could it be that you are busy, trying to disrupt things here? It’s either that, or sheer ignorance.

    Dear Lynda,

    “There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.”

    –Leonardo da Vinci

    Guess in which group you belong…


  89. Mission Impossible March 27, 2010 @ 3:11 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael.

    I forgave you during the course of writing my response of March 25, 2010 @ 12:32 pm.

    You are braver than I. You clearly occupy the front trenches in this war for the soul of humanity. I am still picking up the rear, fumbling with my ammunition, trying to focus on a target.

    Your stress levels are therefore higher than mine. When people criticize your work unfairly (or harshly) it offends the pride you rightly take in your work, and the pain of your personal sacrifice. After all, it is you who has toiled to research and write your articles that invariably help to fill others with hope and wisdom.

    In my first post on this thread, I declared my lack of criticism only by the use of single apostrophes. Easily missed. No harm done. Words cannot express my appreciations of all you have done these past several years.

    Love and peace Brother.

    Onwards to VICTORY!!!!

  90. Mission Impossible March 27, 2010 @ 4:12 am

    Michael K. [March 26, @ 4:44 pm].

    Thank you for your URL link. Excellent information. I now have it archived.

  91. Michael K. March 27, 2010 @ 5:28 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael and RZN Christians,

    In my post above I cited well researched evidence indicating that the Khazars were essentially Scythians, that ancient red-haired, horse riding race that predates and precedes both the Celts and the Scandinavians. These “Red Jews” are to a lesser extent Turkic, Mongoloid, or Finno-Uiguric by intermarriage amongst the lower social castes, but that is not their identity.

    It is time to move beyond the ignorance that allows people to hold this group at a distance and condemn them as somehow of inferior or alien cultural and racial origin compared to that of most Europeans. The awful truth of why we are beholden to the State of Israel and Jews is that it is due to pagan bloodline worship amongst our elites, reviving the mysteries of antiquity which are our first heritage and birthright as White Europeans.

    All the White Nationalists who adulate our white pagan heritage against the jewishness of our present day culture are playing right into the ultimate trap. They share a common belief with those who are behind present day Israel! The Nazis are the Ashkenazis. The restoration of the draconian rulership caste, the Chaldean-Babylonian-Aryan Ring Lords, is the mission of international Jewry.

    It’s really more a question of which branch of the dragon-kings will hold ultimate power, than it is a question of whether the bloodline system will ascend to the rulership of the Earth through Jerusalem.

    If you read the links above, you will get the story right from the ‘horses mouth’ about what they really believe. Judah, the Saxons, Khazars and the Merovingians are all of the “dragon blood” according to the movement. The symbolism evoked by the color red is not just about blood, but the hair color of the ancient king-lines.

    Lawrence Gardner, while to most of the world sounding like a kook and a whack-job, is actually a mouthpiece for the whole emerging New Age witchcraft movement. Twisting the truth and coloring the pagan past in pretty pastels, Gardner openly proclaims what is held as a fundamental belief amongst the leadership of the Judeo-Masonic world.

    The truth is that Khazar Jews are just another offshoot of the Anunaki, the dragon race. The same as the most of the ancient and modern rulers of Europe. There is no hiding place from the horror of the blood-drinking, licentious and violent heritage of the Khazars in the notion that one is a European, or White.

    Instead, there is only Christ as understood by Orthodoxy which stands against this ancient system of sorcerer-kingship which is about to come full circle in the Antichrist. The rejection of the kind of kingship expected by the ancient world was the defining moment for Jesus Christ, and led directly to his crucifixion and revilement by Judah.

  92. StMichael March 27, 2010 @ 6:08 am

    Axlerod is Leon Trotsky’s (Lev Bronstein) great grandson.

    Rahm’s father was an Irgun terrorist responsible for the bombing of the King David Hotel.

  93. jgalindes March 27, 2010 @ 7:40 am


    Jason David Alxelrod, aka. David Ha’ivri (b.1967), is one person:'ivri

    The link for David Ha’ivri is:

    David Axelrod is (b.1955) another.

    But both are disgusting Jews, if this is what you wanted to remark.

  94. Rolson March 27, 2010 @ 8:44 am

    This is the first time for me to ever leave a comment on this site, so please bear with me…

    Bro. Nathanael.

    Please tell me what you think about the “Zietgeist” film – assuming you may have heard about it, and it’s argument in regards, to the birth, life, death, and ressurection of Christ?

    Please consider, and Thank You.

  95. hotstuff March 27, 2010 @ 11:13 am

    Brother Nathaneal,

    Would You Like to Help Spread This !

    Thank You !


    Fred from Holland

    Translated from French with Google Translate To Dutch

    Looks That They Would Palestinians slaughter and now For Good and Total With their guns on our Head With Us Watch there too!

    Glad That I Already Each one including China told what they do with Little children Their´s too!



    Israel advanced nuclear warheads to Europe

    The seventh Israeli Channel aired a special interview with Professor Martin Van Crevel, world specialist reference war of low intensity. Professor Emeritus at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has developed publicly about it is the last ten years in closed circles of the Israeli military academies and U.S..

    He said the continuation of a long period of Palestinian guerrillas will inevitably lead to the collapse of the State of Israel. Therefore, ultimately, Tel Aviv has no choice but to “transfer” Arabs and Israelis stateless Palestinians out of secure borders (that is, not only outside the borders of 1948, but also the territory occupied since 1967 and ideally the West Bank and Gaza Strip).

    In cases where Europeans oppose such deportations, Tel Aviv will have no choice to survive the destruction of European capitals in the atomic fire, with the understanding that the Europeans can not fight back without killing their friends Palestinians.

    The author of The Transformation of War [1] has stressed, noting that, already, the Israeli nuclear warheads are pointed towards Rome and other European capitals to make the threat credible and “transfer” of Palestinians possible .

    Professor Martin Van Crevel likes to refer to the currency of General Moshe Dayan, which is the official biographer: “Israel must always appear as a mad dog, too dangerous for others”

    Israël pointe des têtes nucléaires vers l’Europe

    La septième chaine israélienne a diffusé un entretien exceptionnel avec le professeur Martin Van-Crevel, spécialiste mondial de référence des guerres de basse intensité. Le professeur émérite de l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem y a développé publiquement les propos qu’il tient depuis une dizaine d’années dans les cénacles fermés des académies militaires israéliennes et états-uniennes.

    Selon lui, la continuation sur une longue période de la guérilla palestinienne aboutira inévitablement à l’effondrement de l’Etat d’Israël. C’est pourquoi, à terme, Tel-Aviv n’a d’autre choix que de « transférer » les arabes Israéliens et les Palestiniens apatrides hors de frontières sûres (c’est-à-dire non seulement hors des frontières de 1948, mais aussi des territoires occupés depuis 1967 et idéalement de Cisjordanie et de la bande de Gaza).

    Dans la cas où les Européens s’opposeraient à une telle déportation, Tel-Aviv n’aura d’autre choix pour survivre que de détruire des capitales européennes sous le feu atomique, étant entendu que les Européens ne pourront pas riposter sans tuer leurs amis Palestiniens.

    L’auteur de The Transformation of War [1] a insisté en soulignant que, d’ores et déjà, des têtes nucléaires israéliennes sont pointées vers Rome et d’autres capitales européennes pour rendre la menace crédible et le « transfert » des Palestiniens possible.

    Le professeur Martin Van-Crevel aime à se référer à la devise du général Moshe Dayan, dont il est le biographe officiel : « Israël doit toujours apparaître comme un chien enragé, trop dangereux pour les autres »

  96. Mission Impossible March 27, 2010 @ 11:19 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael.

    I was greatly impressed and very moved by the comment left by Stav [March 26, 2010 @ 3:39 pm]. His brief comparative OC vs. RC analysis is invaluable.

    I am currently a non-practicing Protestant (C of E).

    What are the basic steps for joining the Orthodox Church?

    If there is an appropriate book or website, please point me in its direction.

    Dear Stav. As Brother Nat is beyond busy, perhaps you could try to answer my query?

  97. jgalindes March 27, 2010 @ 11:37 am

    Drifting through Indymedia Argentina website I found today an article translated from the austrian Die into Spanish (es la iglesia una institución criminal?) and circulated widely in the left leaning sites by initiative of

    Its title:

    Is the Roman Catholic Church a criminal organization?

    According to the article, a Jewish lawyer, Georg Zanger, is trying to sue in Viennese courts Catholic Organizations regarding several crimes related with the sexual abuse issue.

    It happens that this Zanger is a long standing lawyer for the Communists and, adding another proof to the obvious relation between Communism and the Jews, a collaborator of the in-famous Simon Weizenthal:


    Fiend and Felon by Gerd Honsik

    Roll to pp 264.

    More recently, the Vienna lawyer Georg Zanger pressed criminal charges against Barbara Rosenkranz, for breaking the Anti NS law.

    She is a woman who has criticized anti-Nazi law and is married to an extreme rightist and was running for president in Austria, and critics contended her candidacy could tarnish the reputation of a country still marred by its connection to the Holocaust.

    I’m trying to alert those mostly young Indymedia visitors that they have to research the origin of everything they read.

    A part of believing as possible the alleged cases of pedophilia against the Roman Catholic Church members worldwide (a phenomenom that unfortunately happens in any religious group as is well documented), I suspect that this is a perfectly well lubricated complot to accelerate the Church’s destruction.

    This Jew, Georg Zanger, seems to me well placed into this demonic machination.

  98. KathJuliane March 27, 2010 @ 12:50 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, Mission Impossible:

    On the presumption that you are in Great Britain from the usage of ‘C of E’, let me offer this beautiful site for a place to simply start your investigations called Orthodox England run by Fr. Andrew of St. John’s Orthodox Church, Colchester.

    The site actually covers much more than just England, but also the British Isles and Orthodox Europe as well):

  99. Brother Nathanael March 27, 2010 @ 1:57 pm

    Dear Mission Impossible –

    Please email me as listed on top of this article.

    We can discuss this even over the phone once you email me.

    I hope Stav reads this and replies to you as he is VERY knowledgeable about Orthodoxy.

    Also, KathJulianne has posted a good Orthodox Christian site.

    BUY THE BOOK: “The Orthodox Church” by Bishop Ware. (It is also online).

    He is an Oxford Scholar, former Anglican who converted to Orthodoxy back in the 1960’s. Great read!

    +Brother Nathanael
    Russian Orthodox monastic

  100. Brother Nathanael March 27, 2010 @ 2:00 pm

    Dear Rolson –

    As an Orthodox Christian monk I am not at liberty to watch movies.

    BUT – The Holy Gospels are AUTHORITATIVE in narrating the Life and Sayings and Miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Stick with that…

    +Brother Nathanael

  101. The Prodigal Son March 27, 2010 @ 2:09 pm

    … Introductory Notice to Cyprian

    [a.d. 200–258.] If Hippolytus reflects the spirit of Irenæus in all his writings, it is not remarkable. He was the spiritual son of the great Bishop of Lyons, and deeply imbued with the family character imparted to his disciples by the blessed presbyter of Patmos and Ephesus.

    But while Cyprian is the spiritual son and pupil of Tertullian, we must seek his characteristics and the key to his whole ministry in the far-off See and city where the disciples were first called Christians. Cyprian is the Ignatius of the West.

    We see in his works how truly historical are the writings of Ignatius, and how diffused was his simple and elementary system of organic unity. It embodies no hierarchical assumption, no “lordship over God’s heritage,” but is conceived in the spirit of St. Peter when he disclaimed all this, and said, “The presbyters who are among you I exhort, who am also a presbyter.”

    Cyprian was indeed a strenuous asserter of the responsibilities of his office; but he built upon that system universally recognised by the Great Councils, which the popes and their adherents have ever laboured to destroy.

    Nothing can be more delusive than the idea that the mediæval system derives any support from Cyprian’s theory of the episcopate or of Church organization. His was the system of the universal parity and community of bishops.

    In his scheme the apostolate was perpetuated in the episcopate, and the presbyterate was an apostolic institution, by which others were associated with bishops in all their functions as co-presbyters, but not in those reserved to the presidency of the churches. Feudal ideas imposed a very different system upon the simple framework of original Catholicity.

    But a careful study of that primitive framework, and of the history of papal development, makes evident the following propositions:—

    1. That Cyprian’s maxim, Ecclesia in Episcopo, whatever else he may have meant by it, is an aphoristic statement of the Nicene Constitutions.

    These were embedded in the Ignatian theory of an episcopate without a trace of a papacy; and Cyprian’s maxims had to be practically destroyed in the West before it was possible to raise the portentous figure of a supreme pontiff, and to subject the Latin churches to the entirely novel principle of Ecclesia in Papa.

    To this novelty Cyprian’s system is essentially antagonistic.

    2. It will be seen that Cyprian, far from being the patron of ecclesiastical despotism, is the expounder of early canons and constitutions, in the spirit of order and discipline, indeed, but with the largest exemplification of that “liberty” which is manifested wherever “the Spirit of the Lord” is operative.

    Cyprian is the patron and defender of the presbytery and of lay co-operation, as well as of the regimen of the episcopate. His letters illustrate the Catholic system as it was known to the Nicene Fathers; but, of all the Christian Fathers, he is the most clear and comprehensive in his conception of the body of Christ as an organic whole, in which every member has an honourable function.

    Popular government and representative government, the legitimate power and place of the laity, the organization of the Christian plebs into their faculty as the ἀντιλήψεις of St. Paul, the development of synods, omni plebe adstante,—all this is embodied in the Catholic system as Cyprian understood it.

    3. The Orientals in large degree, even under their yoke of bondage and the superstitions engendered by their decay, have ever adhered to this Ignatian theory, of which Cyprian was the great expounder in the West; while the terrible schism of the ninth century, which removed the West from the Nicene basis, and placed the Latin churches upon the foundation of the forged Decretals, was effected by ignoring the Cyprianic maxims, and then by a practical pulverizing of their fundamental principle of unity.

    This change involved a subversion of the primitive episcopate, an annihilation of the rights of the presbytery, and a total abasement of the laity; in a word, the destruction of synodical constitutions and of constitutional freedom.

    4. The constitutional primacy, of which Cyprian was an early promotor, had to be entirely destroyed by decretalism before the papacy could exist. Gregory the Great stood upon the Cyprianic base when he pronounced the author of a scheme for a “universal bishopric” to be a forerunner of Antichrist.

    It was the spirit of the Decretals to substitute the fictitious idea of a divine supremacy in one bishop and one See, for the canonical presidency of a bishop who was only primus inter pares.

    5. Hence the Cyprianic system has ever been the great resource of the “Gallicans against the Ultramontanes” in the cruel but most interesting history of the West.

    From the Council of Frankfort to our own times Cyprian’s spirit is reflected in Hincmar, in Gerbert, in the Gallican canonists, in De Marca, in Bossuet, in Launoy, in Dupin, in Pascal, in the Jansenists (Augustinians), and by the Old Catholics in their late uprising against the dogmatic triumph of Ultramontanism.

    Nobody can understand the history of Latin Christianity without mastering the system of Cyprian, and comprehending the entirely hostile and uncatholic system of the Decretals.

    6. I am not anxious to conceal the fact that I profoundly sympathize with the free spirit, the true benignity, and the moral purity which are everywhere rejected in the writings of Cyprian.

    If ever American Romanism becomes sufficiently enlightened and purified to comprehend this great Carthaginian Father, and to speak in his tones to the Bishop of Rome, a glorious reformation of this alien religion will be the result; and then we may comprehend the mysterious Providence which has transferred to these shores so many subjects of the despotism of the Vatican.

    Meanwhile the student of the Ante-Nicene Fathers will not be slow to perceive that he has, in the eight volumes of this series, all that is needful to disarm Romanism, to refute its pretensions, and to direct honest and truth-loving spirits in the Roman Obedience to the door of escape opened by Döllinger and his associates in the “Old Catholic” effort for the restoration of the Latin churches.

    Let us “speak the truth in love,” and pray the Lord to bless this and every endeavour to promote and to sanctify the spirit of enlightened research after the “pattern in the mount.” For “thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see and ask for the old paths:”

    – Fathers of the Third Century: Hippolytus, Cyprian, Caius, Novatian… Schaff, Philip (1819-1893)

  102. Stav March 27, 2010 @ 2:09 pm

    Dear Mission Impossible,

    Thanks for your comment, although all glory is to the Truth, who is Jesus Christ.

    The initial “shock”, especially for a Protestant, will be the experience of the visible/worldly Orthodox Church. After this and in time, there will be the “shock and awe” of it’s magnificent and very deep spirituality.

    In general to a Protestant, even a non practicing one, it will seem that Orthodoxy is strange and beautiful at the same time. There’s incense, unusual singing, attires and other practices.

    You will see people kissing icons. You will perhaps experience it expressed in some other language such as Greek or Church Slavonic. But Orthodoxy is “Right Glorification” and it is all as it used to be right from the start!

    My guess, would be that you should visit a local Orthodox Church on Sunday morning and see for your self. There you will experience at least the outward nature of it. Depending on your personal status and God’s own unknown Grace, you may also receive some spiritual, inexpressible revelation, but this is most certainly not guaranteed.

    The one common feeling that one gets by joining or visiting the Orthodox Church, is one of profound “home coming” as reported by many converts.

    The main things to remember, is that the Orthodox Church, is profoundly Apostolic. This means that we take the passing down of Holy Tradition by the apostles and their descendant VERY seriously. We even put it above Scripture itself.

    Church history will make it clear for you, that the Scriptures as we have them today, are a direct result of Holy Tradition and not the other way around. The same goes for all other practices and huge body of theological writing we hold.

    You may be alienated by things like Holy Communion, Holy Confession, Fasting, etc. etc. but as I said before, it is all scriptural and more importantly Apostolic as defined above.

    There are a number of books and sources that you can read in order to understand the basis and thinking behind all of this.

    However, I would say that any reading, must be combined with honest and humble prayer/fasting and if possible a personal correspondence/communication with an Orthodox person who is learned and spiritual enough to be able to guide you. (I do not fulfill either of these two things.)

    Although Orthodoxy is a deeply spiritual thing to get into, that is not to say that it lacks reason and a common sense approach to things. An example of this are our greatest Fathers such as St. John Chrysostom, Basil the Great etc. who have combined the finest of reasoning with the finest of spirituality, always in the context of Christ our Lord.

    Thus, one can, by combining Church History, Scripture, Holy Tradition and a love for God and the Truth, arrive at a very reasonable conclusion that the Orthodox Church, is, in fact, THE Church in which the Holy Spirit resides.

    The main thing for you to actually join the Orthodox Church, would be to have some Catechism, of which a comprehensive list of what it constitutes is here:

    Now, you may or not, need to go through all or some of this, but that would be practically decided between you and whomever you end up taking catechistic advise from.

    Once you have gone though this, you would enter the Church as fully Orthodox by means of the Holy Mysteries of Baptism and Chrism. However again, you would discuss this in detail with an appropriate person.

    A list of books for catechism is here:

    There is also some online resources, ready to read, available here:

    And here:

    It is very important to note that whether one is converted to Orthodoxy is a matter of God’s Holy and indecipherable Grace and each person’s state of the soul and as such, there is not necessarily a common way between people who convert (although there may be between some).

    However, it is also true in my humble opinion, that at least some trigger, some reason must be given in order for one to take the plunge (pun intended!). Such reasons will again differ from person to person, but I can give you a few pointers:

    For a North American person, who has been looking into different options of spirituality and/or has a philosophical mind, one such inspiration can be the life and works of Fr. Seraphim Rose who after some serious soul searching and spiritual adventure, became Orthodox. Just search for Fr. Seraphim Rose in any (online) book store.

    The book: Becoming Orthodox by Fr. Peter Gillquist:

    “The story of a network of independent Evangelical Protestant congregations in the U.S. who in the 1970’s discovered ancient Orthodox writings and so were drawn in the 1980’s into communion with the modern day Orthodox Church. A compelling story of a significant theological and spiritual journey.”

    The book: Touching Heaven : Discovering Orthodox Christianity On The Island Of Valaam
    Deacon John Oliver

    The book: Our Hearts True Home
    Ed. Ginny Nieuwsma

    “This book contains fifteen inspirational stories of women in the U.K. and U.S.A. who have embraced the Orthodox faith. Whilst all the stories are contemporary, the writers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives and emotions. Includes Frederica Mathewes-Green, Yuen-tsu Yu Velicer, Susan Engelhardt and Jeanne Harper.”

    There’s also places you can visit, such as Orthodox monasteries, and Churches and perhaps after prayer, God will direct you to the right person.

    However, it could be good for you to be able to discern first however, what constitutes an Orthodox resource and what is not. So it may be practical for you to look into the whole matter a little more in detail.

    Then again, for others, as I have mentioned, a sincere prayer is all that it takes! You be the judge and take the right step for you. The general rule is: Ask Lord Jesus Christ to help you ask Him for help!!!

    While all these resources are obviously not exhaustive, there is a lot more, I believe they would be a good starting point. As a conclusion, I quote this definition, of unknown origin (to me at least):

    “Orthodoxy is evangelical, but not Protestant. It is orthodox, but not Jewish. It is catholic, but not Roman. It isn’t non-denominational – it is pre-denominational. Orthodoxy has believed, taught, preserved, defended and died for the Faith of the Apostles since the Day of Pentecost 2000 years ago…”

    I hope this helps,


  103. Brother Nathanael March 27, 2010 @ 2:09 pm

    Dear Mission Impossible –

    Thank you for your return to OUR site, Real Zionist News, and I WELCOME you as a MUCH NEEDED member of our Precious Real Zionist News Family.

    Thousands of readers come to this Comments Section and when I “blow my top” I have to realize that I am not setting a good example of Christian behaviour.

    That is why I constantly do MUCH soul searching so as to discover if I have offended ANYONE.

    Thus, my PUBLIC APOLOGIES come forth HERE on our site, Real Zionist News.

    THIS IS INDEED the TRUE Christian character, to be able to say, “I was wrong” — “I’m sorry” — “Please forgive me.”

    LET US CONTINUE TO UNITE TOGETHER as a FAMILY here in True Christian Humility.

    We’ve got a good thing going here at Real Zionist News.

    We LOVE the Truth and that keeps us HEADS & SHOULDERS above the Zionist/CHRIST-HATING Jews and THEIR PUPPETS on Capitol Hill and in the White House.

    With MUCH Love in Christ Our God & Saviour,

    +Brother Nathanael

  104. The Prodigal Son March 27, 2010 @ 2:11 pm

    “… For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask more.”

    “But take heed; see, I (Christ) have told you all things beforehand.”
    – Mark 13:23

    “But when the Helper comes, Whom I shall send to you FROM THE FATHER, the Spirit of Truth Who PROCEEDS FROM THE FATHER, he will testify of Me.”
    – John 15:26

    When Rome altered the Creed – which was set, NEVER to be altered… it was the beginning of the end.

    ~~~ ~~~

    RE: Cyprian…

    “At the time when the controversy concerning baptism broke out between him and Bishop Stephen of Rome (255), Cyprian stood undisputedly as the prominent and most influential leader in the Christian Church.

    The Roman Church held that baptism administered in due form was valid, even when administered by a heretic, and admitted baptized heretics and schismatics by simple imposition of hands; while Cyprian protested that there was no baptism outside of the orthodox church, and baptized, or rather re-baptized, heretics and schismatics, before admitting them into the church.

    The Roman view held the ground; but it is very instructive to notice the relation in which Cyprian places himself to the Bishop of Rome.

    Acknowledging Rome as the natural centre of Christendom, and the successor of Peter as primus inter pares, he recognizes the precedence as one of honor only, and by no means as one of power.

    Of a feeling of subordination, of a yielding to a higher power of jurisdiction, there is in all his tracts and letters not the least trace. The papacy was not yet born.

    On the contrary, it is Cyprian who is styled Papa by the Roman bishop; and he does not give back the title to his interlocutor.”

    – Hagenbach (Leimbach), “CYPRIANUS, Thascius Cecilius,” Philip Schaff, ed., A Religious Encyclopaedia or Dictionary of Biblical, Historical, Doctrinal, and Practical Theology, 3rd edn., Vol. 1. Toronto, New York & London: Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1894. pp.591-593.

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    There are dozens of writings attributed to St. Cyprian… But one is enough to refute the idea that he advocated the ultimate rule of ‘the papacy’…

    Here, excerpts from Treatise 1 – On the Unity of the Church:

    ‘Argument.—On the Occasion of the Schism of Novatian, to Keep Back from Him the Carthaginians, Who Already Were Not Averse to Him, on Account of Novatus and Some Other Presbyters of His Church, Who Had Originated the Whole Disturbance, Cyprian Wrote This Treatise.

    And First of All, Fortifying Them Against the Deceits of These, He Exhorts Them to Constancy, and Instructs Them that **Heresies Exist Because Christ, the Head of the Church, is Not Looked To**, that the **Common Commission First Entrusted to Peter** is Contemned, and the One Church and the One Episcopate are Deserted.

    Then He Proves, as Well by the Scriptures as by the Figures of the Old and New Testament, the Unity of the Church.

    […] If any one consider and examine these things, there is no need for lengthened discussion and arguments. There is easy proof for faith in a short summary of the truth.

    The Lord speaks to Peter, saying, “I say unto thee, that thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound also in heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16.18-19)

    ~ [ **St. John Chrysostom says the Rock is Christ, and the truth in the confession that He is the Christ…

    “Moreover brethren, I do not want you to be unaware that all our fathers were under the cloud, all passed through the sea, all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, all ate the same spiritual food, and all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ.”
    – I Corinthians 10:1-4

    “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock.”
    – Matthew 7:24** ] ~

    And again to the same He says, after His resurrection, “Feed my sheep” (John 21.15). And although to **all the apostles**, after His resurrection, **He gives an EQUAL POWER**, and says, “As the Father hath sent me, even so send I you: Receive ye the Holy Ghost:

    Whose soever sins ye remit, they shall be remitted unto him; and whose soever sins ye retain, they shall be retained.” (John 20.21); yet, that He might set forth unity, He arranged by His authority the origin of that unity, as beginning from one.

    **Assuredly the rest of the apostles were also the same as was Peter, endowed with a like partnership BOTH OF HONOR AND POWER**; but the beginning proceeds from unity. Which one Church, also, the Holy Spirit in the Song of Songs designated in the person of our Lord, and says, “My dove, my spotless one, is but one. She is the only one of her mother, elect of her that bare her” (Canticle 6.9).

    Does he who does not hold this unity of the Church think that he holds the faith? Does he who strives against and resists the Church trust that he is in the Church, when moreover the blessed Apostle Paul teaches the same thing, and sets forth the sacrament of unity, saying, “There is one body and one spirit, one hope of your calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God?” (Ephesians 4.4).

    And this unity we ought firmly to hold and assert, especially those of us that are bishops who preside in the Church, that we may also prove the episcopate itself to be one and undivided. Let no one deceive the brotherhood by a falsehood: let no one corrupt the truth of the faith by perfidious prevarication.

    **The episcopate is one, each part of which is held by each one for the whole.** The Church also is one, which is spread abroad far and wide into a multitude by an increase of fruitfulness.

    As there are many rays of the sun, but one light; and many branches of a tree, but one strength based in its tenacious root; and since from one spring flow many streams, although the multiplicity seems diffused in the liberality of an overflowing abundance, yet the unity is still preserved in the source.

    Separate a ray of the sun from its body of light, its unity does not allow a division of light; break a branch from a tree,—when broken, it will not be able to bud; cut off the stream from its fountain, and that which is cut off dries up.

    Thus also the Church, shone over with the light of the Lord, sheds forth her rays over the whole world, yet it is one light which is everywhere diffused, nor is the unity of the body separated. Her fruitful abundance spreads her branches over the whole world.

    She broadly expands her rivers, liberally flowing, yet her head [Christ] is one, her source one; and she is one mother, plentiful in the results of fruitfulness: from her womb we are born, by her milk we are nourished, by her spirit we are animated.’

    […] (This treatise) illustrates the epistles of Ignatius as well as his own, and gives the sense in which the (early) Christians understood these words of the Creed, “the Holy Catholic Church.”

    This treatise has been subjected to falsifying interpolations, long since exposed and detected, to make it less subversive of the countertheory of Rome as developed by the school doctors.
    – Elucidations I

    […] Cyprian is often innocently quoted by Romanist controvertists against the very principles of Cyprian himself, of his life and his writings. This is due to the fact that they have in their hands vitiated and interpolated copies.
    – Elucidations II, The Treatises of Cyprian. (Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. 5)

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    “… And they will hear My voice; and there will be ONE FLOCK and ONE SHEPHERD.”
    – John 10:16

    “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us; but they went out that they might be made manifest, that none of them were of us.”
    – I John 2:19

    “But we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you withdraw from every brother who walks disorderly and NOT according to the tradition which he received from us.”
    II Thessalonians 3:6

    “Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not be partakers with them.”
    – Ephesians 5:6, 7

    “There is but one thing in which it is useful to cry aloud – in preaching and in teaching.”
    – St. John Chrysostom

  105. Stav March 27, 2010 @ 2:38 pm

    Hi Freedom,

    You say:

    “Agree people need Jesus Christ to be saved…and that the RC Church may be departing from that in imitating civil society in which all groups are regarded the same regardless of their differences.”

    Yes, the RCC is departing from the message of Salvation. It has been departing from it, for more than 1000 years. It is important to know that the problem is not recent as some may try to say even here on this site.

    The problem has roots in man’s own pride and conviction that he can control the universe, including God. This is why you will see RCCs being obsessed with “who” has the power, “who” has the authority etc. etc.

    You say:

    “Why should the Church depart from the faith to echo secular society, when no other religion does so?”

    I am not sure that no other religion departs from the world. Look at all the highly materialistic Evangelicals with their political correctness and pro-homosexual intents.

    Strictly speaking, as I have mentioned before Orthodoxy does NOT consider it self to be a religion. It considers it self to be a method of Therapy of the Soul. This is in Greek called psycho-therapy as the words literally mean the “therapy of the soul.”

    You say:

    “The RC Church should not become an alphabet soup of every religion out there, but should uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

    In my opinion, what the RCC should do, is DEPART and DENOUNCE their pride and heresies and return to the one, true and original Church. Only then can they do Universal good as some of it’s still sincere members long to do.


  106. The Prodigal Son March 27, 2010 @ 2:44 pm


    ‘Zeitgeist’ is BUNK! It is nothing more than atheist, communist propaganda… PURE MIS-DIRECTION!

    Do a search on YouTube for a series called ‘Zeitgeist Debunked’ and you’ll see that the intro to ‘Zeitgeist’ is GARBAGE plagarized from GARBAGE!

    In their ‘expose’ of 9/11… do they mention ISRAEL or the ‘JEWS’ even ONCE?

    No – they do not… Therefore they are like the television news – and CANNOT BE TRUSTED! Whoever made ‘Zeitgeist’ (I can guess who) they are LIARS!

    Tell your friends!

    — — —

    Mission Impossible,

    With Christ ALL things are possible!

    Here’s a couple of sites for you:

    This site has podcasts (audio) so you can learn without even reading… A good first listen would be ‘At The Intersection of East and West’:

  107. mother jones March 27, 2010 @ 4:14 pm

    The Jews are terrifying generations of Palestinian children on a daily basis, and around the clock….. as well as their parents. Bother anyone?

    These details have been well documented and do not need elaborating.

    This is definition terrorism.

    When the media refers to an act of terrorism or a terrorism suspect, this is nothing of the sort….a convenient lie, a well supported falsehood, in itself an act of terrorism, planted by the Jewish Masonic brotherhood – as a diversion from the true terror operation going on in Palestine in the face of silent world leaders everywhere.

    There is nothing these Masonic and Zionistic retards wont do, have done, or are willing to do.

    (On that note Bill Gates has stated he wants to kill everyone and thats why he loves vaccines, nothing neurotic about that at all.)

    But let it be quite clear – the above notwithstanding;

    All those world leaders who are silent on the fate of the Palestinians, just like they were during the South America, South Africa torture regimes, East Timor, Indonesia, the USSR and the Communist block, including China, Laos and Cambodia, Burma, and Vietnam, Rawanda and the Congo, practically everywhere, share the guilt of these sickening creatures from the bowels of hell, who deign to claim rulership of the world.

    From whence did all these terror operations, including the perilous fate of the beautiful Palestinian people, originate?

    What force in world affairs germinated this horrible and malignant seed of 20th /21st century limitless oppression and torture?

    Whilst Russia’s fate had just been sealed, Frank L Britton in his classic expose “Behind Communism ” gives us a clue as to what awaited the rest of the world.

    “… There now occurred an event which was to embitter the German people against the Jews for all time, and which eventually resulted in the rise of Adolf Hitler. This was the demobilization of the German armies.

    It should be explained that Germany did not surrender by the terms of the Nov 11 Armistice; the agreement was that all German armies were to withdraw to the prewar boundaries of Germany as a preliminary to a negotiated peace.

    But as the German armies retreated to German soil, the Revolutionary government, [which had assumed power on 9th Nov on the resignation of the Kaiser] fearful lest the Revolution be upset, ordered them demobilized.

    On 11th Nov Germany still possessed the mightiest military machine on earth; 30 days later it had nothing. Instead of being able to negotiate peace on the terms of Wilsons 14 points, a helpless, prostate Germany got the Versailles Treaty….”

    Hitler was a mere puppet of these same Revolutionary forces, even whilst being opposed to them – the imagery and substance of the Nazi regime make that quite clear.

    Rothschilds, and his ilk have no shame.

    Spare a thought for the Palestinians.

    It will help you when they come to take your guns.

    And then; if you have not already been totally overtaken by the spirit of antichrist, and in light of your own admitted helplessness, say a prayer to the God who can save – if you let Him.

    The tragedy of the Bill is not government coverage of universal health care but government control of universal health care.

    With regards to Nancy Pelosi, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck.

  108. George March 27, 2010 @ 5:45 pm

    Dear Easterners and Westerners,

    I having been following and studying the debate of Roman Catholic vs Orthodox for years, especially on the comments thread and have a couple of unfortunate conclusions to share with you.

    It is undeniable that the early Church had three centres of administration, then later five.

    Gradually the Eastern Church and Western Church divide appeared. A difference quite easily blamed on the duet political institution of the Roman Empire.

    All the Patriarchates, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem and Constantinople – later also Moscow all followed the Eastern Church, strange isn’t it? Rome became more and more isolated. Why should this also happen?

    From what I can say as an Easterner is that the Eastern Orthodox Church inherited a synodal system of governance, yet with a light appreciation of monarchy. That is Patriarch, to Metropolitan, to Archbishop to Bishop etc.

    There is no point in time where there was any strong monarchist tendency apart from Alexandria – hence the reason why it was the first Patriarchate to use the title of “Pope” for it’s capital’s bishop – even before Rome.

    From what I see in Roman Catholics and western tradition, the monarchist system of government is quite obvious way back from the time of Quartodecimens controversy, the apostolic age, where the bishop of Rome assumed the role to regulate to Paschal system and imposed it, or at least attempted to, and caused the corresponding schism. After he was the bishop of Rome, the capital of the Empire.

    The title of the “King of Rome” as an honourary title had already been aired in the time of Constantine the Great. The great Popes of Rome, St Leo the Great and St Gregory the Dialogist (also the Great in the west) both had developed the primatial basis upon which later popes would draw upon to assert their monarchist governance.

    For those who don’t know the dates very well, this means that East and West had already developed different systems of governance for at least 500 years before the schism. And if you can take the word of St Cyprian of Carthage, then almost 800 years pre schism.

    The problems broke out once the bond of love was broken and the imposition of authority became the aim of Patriarchs and Popes, rather then means by which the Church was governed – once the last testament of Jesus to his disciples was broken. Peter temporarily goes his own way until he comes to bitter repentance, and the others hide and scatter, except for the beloved one of Christ.

    It is thus irrelevant to compare the traditional Eastern system of governance to the modern Vatican II conciliar system. The Eastern system of governance was undeniably submissive to secular authority – even quite sadly muslim Turkish authority. This attitude was simply inherited from a long history of Christian emperors subjugating the Church to their demands.

    However, we do see many times over and over again, Patriarchs and bishops who offered to have their heads removed rather than be irresponsibly submissive to secular authorities. We see the endless chaos in Constantinople of emperors removing, reappointing, executing, exiling patriarchs who would not bend to their will.

    Indeed we see the modern day Russian Church in its bright example of martyrdom refusing to obey the secular authorities – the armies of the Red Beast of the Apocalypse.

    However, we also do see Popes of Rome being exiled, executed and intimidated for not submitted to secular authorities. There is however one strange thing about Rome and its bishops that you find no where else. In the span of 300-1000AD, there are only two popes to be considered heretics by the East: Honorius and Nicholas.

    Even here when you read through the fine lines, Honorius was no heretic – just an incompetent lazy pope who couldn’t bother his mind to clarify the orthodox dogma of the natures of Christ, and Nicholas, and unfortunate victim of miscommunication and political rifts with the Emperor of Constantinople.

    St Nicodemus in recent times was able to work out that Pope Nicholas was not a filioquist, so why was he condemned to deposition?

    It is thus only naturally consequent that if you were a Pope of Rome, that you would have become sick and tired of arrogant, foolish, strong willed emperors who constantly fell into heresy and kicked the bishops around to their liking. If you were Pope St Stephen or St Martin, just to name a few, you would be tired of Constantinople telling you to preach heresy of else!

    If you were St Pope Leo III you would be greatly annoyed to be ordered to add the filioque in order to bring joy to Charlemagne and his historically ignorant court, yet schism with the East.

    Thus it is of no consequence that the Pope would eventually raise his throne above all secular authority and instead view himself as the source by which secular authorities should be appointed. If anyone today was to say the opposite, then they would be hypocrites.

    We would also be hypocrites to ignore the fact that once Christian emperors failed in the East, did not the Patriarch of Constantinople assume a quasi-secular role in order to fill the political void that the Sultans delegated to them?

    There is no “conciliar” pope that I see in history, as understood in today’s language. There is no “conciliar” synod in the East either. There is however something peculiar about the modern day Vatican II Popes and Eastern Synods.

    They are all based on voting oligarchies of bishops who in general show no regard for Christ and the truth of the gospel. And they are all eager to enter into communion with each other. Why now? What has changed?

    We live in the age where there is no King in Judah. The time in which God has handed his people over to the authority of the Pharisees and Saducees. Hypocrisy is rampant. Spiritual corruption and its negative shadow, false traditionialism abound.

    The Sun of Righteousness shines his graces no more on mankind. The Moon, the Immaculate Mother of God, has turned red in her horror and dread of the ungratefulness of mankind. The stars have fallen, yes the true guides are no longer there are we walk around blindly.

    We are much like the men of Sodoma blinded and confused in the day before our destruction. God has allowed us to fall victims of our own will and fascinations of the mind.

    We argue endless theological arguments – futile babble which brings forth no fruit – and never did. We need to seek Christ, reject hypocrisy and spiritual harlotry. We must repent and reject Mammon and his materialistic web.

    Then only will Babylon the Great fall and all things will be restored in Christ. The fulfillment of the gentiles will come and the Church will be prepared united for its final battle with the earthly appearance of the Antichrist.

    Otherwise I can only hear the cries of Israel in Egypt, and the merciless “whips” of the Zionists coming down on our backs.

    One last thing I can say is that if one looks at the lists of Pope and Patriarchs they will notice a very long list of saints up to the 700-800s. After the great schism there are virtually few if any.

    This is a sad reflection, not so much of them but more so of us, the great pool of souls from which they rise to their office.

    Sorry if I have offended.

  109. Fr. Joseph March 27, 2010 @ 7:58 pm

    27,000+ ‘bible believing’ denominations throughout the World DO NOT recognize the authority of the Bishop of Rome.

    Every last U.S. President, U.S. Senator, Member of U.S. Congress, State Governor, U.S. Supreme and State Court Justices DO NOT recognize the authority of the Bishop of Rome.

    The JEWS, the ZIONISTS, the COMMUNISTS all DO NOT recognize the authority of the Bishop of Rome.

    All of the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Moslems throughout our World DO NOT recognize the authority of the Bishop of Rome.

    All of the Satanists, Luciferians, Masons, Rosicrucians, Hermetic Orders and Kabbalahists throughout the World DO NOT recognize the authority of the Bishop of Rome.

    And the list of peoples, nations, civil organizations, corporations, political parties throughout the World DO NOT recognize the authority of the Bishop of Rome.

    So what’s the ‘BIG DEAL’ and what is ‘SO SPECIAL’ about all of you of the Eastern Orthodox Churches here on RZN?


    – Fr. Joseph

  110. Ioannis March 27, 2010 @ 10:33 pm

    Here is an interesting artricle named “Why I Abandoned Papism.”

    Written by Bishop Paul de Ballester-Convallier (1927-1984), which explains why and how he converted to Orthodoxy from Roman Catholicism.

    I hope Fr. Joseph et al take note.

  111. Fr. Joseph March 27, 2010 @ 11:04 pm


    It don’t matter one iota whatever anyone anywhere has to say about the Bishop of Rome.

    What matters is what Those in HEAVEN think about the Bishop of Rome.

    Now if the Bishop of Rome DOES NOT order the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia per the Mother of God’s Fatima Instructions….

    …there will be NO ‘Orthodox Church’ in the very near future. Then this 900 year Schism-Debate will FINALLY be put to an end – via thermonuclear blasts, mushroom clouds and radioactive fallout courtesy of all the SATANISTS, ILLUMINISTS, ZIONISTS, NEW WORLD ORDERISTS, etc.

    Either the BISHOP OF ROME decides to ‘help all of you ORTHODOX out’ – or he doesn’t.

    If the BISHOP OF ROME doesn’t choose to help you Orthodox out, that means we Catholics are ‘goners’ right along with you.

    – Fr. Joseph

  112. Lonnie March 27, 2010 @ 11:19 pm


    Many are still unaware of the eccentric, 180-year-old British theory underlying the politics of American evangelicals and Christian Zionists.

    Journalist and historian Dave MacPherson has spent more than 40 years focusing on the origin and spread of what is known as the apocalyptic “pretribulation rapture” – the inspiration behind Hal Lindsey’s bestsellers of the 1970s and Tim LaHaye’s today.

    Although promoters of this endtime evacuation from earth constantly repeat their slogan that “it’s imminent and always has been” (which critics view more as a sales pitch than a scriptural statement), it was unknown in all official theology and organized religion before 1830.

    And MacPherson’s research also reveals how hostile the pretrib rapture view has been to other faiths:

    It is anti-Islam. TV preacher John Hagee has been advocating “a pre-emptive military strike against Iran.” (Google “Roots of Warlike Christian Zionism.”)

    It is anti-Jewish. MacPherson’s book “The Rapture Plot” (see Armageddon Books etc.) exposes hypocritical anti-Jewishness in even the theory’s foundation.

    It is anti-Catholic. Lindsey and C. I. Scofield are two of many leaders who claim that the final Antichrist will be a Roman Catholic. (Google “Pretrib Hypocrisy.”)

    It is anti-Protestant. For this reason no major Protestant denomination has ever adopted this escapist view.

    It even has some anti-evangelical aspects. The first publication promoting this novel endtime view spoke degradingly of “the name by which the mixed multitude of modern Moabites love to be distinguished, – the Evangelical World.” (MacPherson’s “Plot,” p. 85)

    Despite the above, MacPherson proves that the “glue” that holds constantly in-fighting evangelicals together long enough to be victorious voting blocs in elections is the same “fly away” view. He notes that Jerry Falwell, when giving political speeches just before an election, would unfailingly state: “We believe in the pretribulational rapture!”

    In addition to “The Rapture Plot,” MacPherson’s many internet articles include “Famous Rapture Watchers,” “Pretrib Rapture Diehards,” “Edward Irving is Unnerving,” “America’s Pretrib Rapture Traffickers,” “Thomas Ice (Bloopers),” “Pretrib Rapture Secrecy” and “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” (massive plagiarism, phony doctorates, changing of early “rapture” documents in order to falsely credit John Darby with this view, etc.!).

    Because of his devastating discoveries, MacPherson is now No. 1 on the “hate” list of pretrib rapture leaders!

    There’s no question that the leading promoters of this bizarre 19th century end-of-the-world doctrine are solidly pro-Israel and necessarily anti-Palestinian. In light of recently uncovered facts about this fringe-British-invented belief which has always been riddled with dishonesty, many are wondering why it should ever have any influence on Middle East affairs.

    This Johnny-come-lately view raises millions of dollars for political agendas. Only when scholars of all faiths begin to look deeply at it and widely air its “dirty linen” will it cease to be a power. It is the one theological view no one needs!

    With apologies to Winston Churchill – never has so much deception been foisted on so many by so few!

    [Also Google “David Letterman’s Hate, Etc.”]

  113. Lynda March 28, 2010 @ 12:00 am

    Thank you, George, very much for your edifying Orthodox response to the issues here being raised.

    One would have to read in order to believe the acrimony and scorn on this messageboard against ‘the papists’ and the way Sacred Scripture and teachings of the Fathers of the Church, venerated in both the West and the East are hurled about like so much ammunition.

    The Gospel according to John 15:26,27 would be a case in point.

    Our Lord is speaking: “But when the Paraclete cometh, Whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth who proceedeth (ekporeuomai) from the Father, he will give testimony (martureo) to me. And you will give testimony because you are with me from the beginning.”

    I do not read this passage in terms of the hypostatic union and the procession of the Spirit within the hypostasis.

    The passage itself clearly tells us the sense of ‘proceeds’ – this is exactly the same verb used elsewhere in scripture for command and testimony that issues from God – as in: “Not in bread alone doth man live, but in every word that proceedeth (ekporeuomai) from the mouth of God” Matt 4:4

    Or another example

    “And all gave testimony to Him (our Lord) and they wondered at the words of grace that proceeded (ekporeuomai) from his mouth”. Luke 4:22.

    Clearly this passage is concerned with testimony, witness and sending forth. As the text itself plainly tells us.

    John 14:26

    “But the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send (apostello) in my name, He will teach you all things…”

    By extension with related texts from the Johannine discourse of Christ in the Cenacle, the subject matter also concerns glory.

    The related passages are in John 16:7.

    John 16:12

    “I have many things to say to you, but you can not bear them now”

    I would conjecture that the hypostatic union about which the Christian East and West are still at loggerheads would fall into that category.

    “But when He, the Spirit of Truth is come, he will guide you into all truth. For He shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever He shall hear; He shall speak and the things that are to come, He shall show you (announce, declare, anangello). He shall glorify (doxazo) me; because He shall receive of mine and shall show (anangello) it unto you.” John 16:13,14.

    Without doing violence to the text, what is clearly being here set forth is the order (tagma) of sending forth, witness and testimony.

    It is true that the Latin Fathers unanimously taught the the hypostatic union and the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son (Filioque). But, they differentiated this from the energetic processional order of the Divine Persons.

    The latter is the clear sense of these texts. What we see here is the epiphanic relationship of the Son to the Father and the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father whom the Son will send and called within the Church as the Spirit of Christ. Rom 8:9; 1 Peter 1:11.

    In this epiphanic relationship of order, the Son is the image, eikon of God (2 Cor 4:4; 1 Col 1:15) in the sense that he is the image of the Father as he plainly tells us.

    “Have I been so long a time with you and you have not known me? Phillip, he that seeth me seeth the Father also. How sayest thou: ‘Show us the Father’? ” John 14:9

    And just as our Lord glorifies the Father, the Holy Spirit will glorify Christ. What these related texts are showing to us is a revealed order of epiphaic relationship, revealed presence and actual mainifestion. This energetic procession is a procession ot testimony, witness and declaration.

  114. Lynda March 28, 2010 @ 2:24 am

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    Again you impress upon us the urgency of the Consecration that is not done.

    We might not agree on who may actually be the pope, but as Catholics we are in complete agreement that Our Lady did make this request of the Holy Father – the Roman Ponfiff. And we know by faith that St Peter will have perpetual successors.

    The Holy Father is in the world as we are in the world and when the strength comes from heaven to do the consecration – he and such bishops as remain to him will do it.

    Our tragedy is that the scattered flock may not be able to win the graces needed to do the consecration before the enemies of humanity and the Church annhilate nations.

    There is no doubt in my mind but that the infiltrators of the Church fomented the Great Schism between East and West precisely for these times.

    First Fridays and Saturdays are not a possibility for most, the novus ordo lurches from disaster to disaster. Very few persevere with spiritual weapons revealed by heaven that Our Lady declares are the means by which these graces will be won. Very few.

    Discouragement and fear are not of God, but in the natural these are huge temptations. We just have to fight it. I hope that your Paschaltide will be blessed.

  115. Freedom March 28, 2010 @ 7:26 am

    @Mother Jones

    You make some important distinctions such as universal health care coverage is not the problem, but government control is. Similarly, a homeland for a group of people is not the problem, but worldwide domination is.

  116. Freedom March 28, 2010 @ 7:45 am

    @Mother Jones

    Zionists do not respect or recognize the rights of other people.

    As an insular group they see only their own interests and what they can get away with and do not care who or what they trample on in the process.

    Their unchecked and unchallenged behavior has shown up in rogue fashion to the rest of the world, particularly how they use their conflicts and abuse the American flag to endanger United States citizens, whose lives, after 9-11, are as expendable to them, as the Palestinians.

  117. Mission Impossible March 28, 2010 @ 8:43 am


    Yes, your presumption is correct, except I have been living in de facto exile for over 12 years. I am not in the Americas and not inside Europe. I know Colchester; having passed through many times, with one overnight stay. Beautiful and historic.

    Thank you for your swift response and the URL. It is truly a shame that more women cannot follow your fantastic example of mental purity.

    Brother Nathanael:

    The sincerity in your heart shines out through your face. One can see it clearly in your photographs and body language. The time difference between your locale and mine is vast. When you sleep I am awake, and vice versa. Therefore, let me reserve our conversation for a later time, when I am in a better position to follow through with my sense of destiny.

    Right now, I face many problems. A young lady I have taken care of as a surrogate father for 5 years (she is from a poor family and has a heart of gold) has just lost an Aunt AND her younger brother within the space of just 10 days. Her brother passed away today, Sunday 28th.

    I do not know the reasons yet because she is in her own province now with her parents. I will need to devote much energy to her needs for the immediate future. I shall acquire Bishop Ware’s book shortly. Thank you very much for that information.


    You are amazing. I detect a clear and rock solid mind. Well above average thought processes. I do hope you find time to write a book one fine day! Although I am sure it will take you far longer than a day! You are in the same league as Brother Nat when it comes to imparting valuable information.

    I have consciously kept my distance from organized religion all my life. I have travelled extensively (every continent except Australia/NZ). I have been alone in the Sahara. I have travelled to the outskirts of Mecca without of course entering, and been immersed in Buddhism.

    I once travelled to New York (both City and State) and was convinced I had entered Lucifer’s lair. You could smell the evil. But, I was there in my younger days when I knew little about the kinds of topics (metaphysical and historical) that fill my life now. In due course, I shall follow up on all you have give to me in your comment above. Thank you.

    The Prodigal Son:

    Thank you also! I will follow up on all the links you kindly gave me. Your sincerity is truly appreciated.

    Father Joseph:

    I have read your comments at RZN many times, and valued them all. I do not seek the Orthodox Church to spite the Roman Catholic Church. But I shall be frank with you.

    I have long been concerned over the feminine streak that seems to run through much of the Catholic faith (although that is likely to have been imposed from outside the RCC). I am looking for brotherhood.

    I do not tolerate homosexuality because I recognized long ago what damage it does to society (since the 1960s, England has been riddled with it, and as a consequence, it has been rendered terminally sick). Women cannot be soldiers for Christ, period. This battle will only be won by men of religious faith acting together.

    A church that encourages its menfolk to grow beards speaks my kind of language. Such symbolism also speaks volumes for the OC’s core intent and capacity to fight. A church that encourages celibacy (as if this were a pillar of faith) is committing hara-kiri and leaving itself open to infiltration by Jewish agents devoted to causing scandal.

    I may be being simplistic here, but that is my assessment. Having said that, I wholeheartedly agree with your comment addressed to Ioannis [March 27, 2010 @ 11:04 pm]. I shall not hesitate to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, of that you can be sure.

    If the Bishop of Rome DOES NOT order the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia per the Mother of God’s Fatima Instructions then men of faith will have to come up with a Plan ‘B’ because life must go on.

    The “truth energy” that comes to us from the Universe, that which we call God, will still be there whatever a human being in Rome (and his advisers) decide. It is indestructible.

  118. Brother Nathanael March 28, 2010 @ 9:25 am

    Hi Everybody –

    Don’t miss the REBROADCAST of an interview on the radio slot @ TONITE:

    Dr Henry Makow, Mark Glenn, Brother Nathanael Kapner TALK ABOUT the recent “goodbye” article by former US Treasury Secretary, Paul Craig Roberts.

    It will be airing tonite, Sunday, at 8 PM Pacific time.

    KathJulianne may have some ideas of how people can log on to it.

    +Brother Nathanael

  119. Georgy Porgy March 28, 2010 @ 9:49 am

    Ahh, how’s about this one – Why are the Protestants complaining about ANYTHING!!!???

    Protestantism is based from its conception and throughout is hairy life and is supported to this very day by…ZIONISM!! Their belief system, Protestantism or should we say Zionism undercover, is alive and well and kicking so WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT!!??

    Life is absolutely perfect in every way. Smiles everyone – smiles…

  120. R. C. Christian March 28, 2010 @ 10:54 am

    Massive Federal Raid in Lenawee County

    Last Update: 12:35 pm

    FBI Raid
    FBI Conduct Raids

    ADRIAN, Mich. (WXYZ) – The FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are all involved in raids around Adrian that may be connected to a militia group.

    The FBI conducted multiple raids throughout Saturday and into Sunday, with one of them centered on a property where known members of a militia live. The land is owned by a man who lives in a house on the property. His sons live in two mobile homes that are also on the property. Saturday’s raids were concentrated on those mobile homes.

    Helicopters were spotted in the sky for much of the night, and agents set up checkpoints throughout the area, including in Sand Creek and Clayton in Lenawee County. Witnesses tell Action News that it was like a small army had descended on the area.

    A command center, including two satellite trucks and a radio tower, had been set up at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department in Ann Arbor. It has since been dismantled.

    Federal agents will not comment on the investigation, only saying that they are serving a number of search warrants and that the warrants are sealed. Action News has learned that an unknown number of arrests have also been made. An unconfirmed report indicated that at least six people were arrested coming into Michigan from Ohio.

    Members of a number of militia groups say that the raids are connected to raids in Indiana and Ohio. However, the FBI has not confirmed that

    Link w/video:

  121. katman March 28, 2010 @ 11:27 am

    Misson Impossible,

    The answers you seek are right before you. All you have to do is “see” it. If you can’t “see” it and you can’t “hear” it, then no amount of study etc will help you.

    You may seek but at the same time you have to be called. It is a paradox. In a sense it is a dichotomy. It is the mystery. Those who are called, shall hear His voice.

    Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you. But at the same time, there is the doctrine of predestination. The number of them that are called is a definite number. Only God knows this number.

    Then we have the parable of the sower.

    “And when much people were gathered together, and were come to him out of every city, he spake by a parable: a sower went out to sow his seed: and as he sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it.

    “And some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture. And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it. And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bare fruit an hundredfold. And when he had said these things, he cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”—Luke 8:4-8.

    Then we have the parable of the prodigal son.

    The Parable of the Prodigal Son – The Text

    Jesus continued: “There was a man who had two sons. The younger one said to his father, ‘Father, give me my share of the estate.’ So he divided his property between them.

    “Not long after that, the younger son got together all he had, set off for a distant country and there squandered his wealth in wild living. After he had spent everything, there was a severe famine in that whole country, and he began to be in need.

    “So he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that country, who sent him to his fields to feed pigs. He longed to fill his stomach with the pods that the pigs were eating, but no one gave him anything.

    “When he came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired men have food to spare, and here I am starving to death! I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired men.’ So he got up and went to his father.

    “But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.

    “The son said to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’

    “But the father said to his servants, ‘Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate. For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.

    “Meanwhile, the older son was in the field. When he came near the house, he heard music and dancing. So he called one of the servants and asked him what was going on. ‘Your brother has come,’ he replied, ‘and your father has killed the fattened calf because he has him back safe and sound.’

    “The older brother became angry and refused to go in. So his father went out and pleaded with him. But he answered his father, ‘Look! All these years I’ve been slaving for you and never disobeyed your orders. Yet you never gave me even a young goat so I could celebrate with my friends. But when this son of yours who has squandered your property with prostitutes comes home, you kill the fattened calf for him!’

    “‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found'” (Luke 15:11-32).

    The Bible says many of called, and few are chosen in the parable of the wedding feast. (Matthew 22)

    1 And Jesus answered and spake unto them again by parables, and said, 2 The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son, 3 And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come.

    4 Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner: my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready: come unto the marriage.

    5 But they made light of it, and went their ways, one to his farm, another to his merchandise: 6 And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them. 7 But when the king heard thereof, he was wroth: and he sent forth his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city.

    8 Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy. 9 Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage. 10 So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests.

    11 And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment: 12 And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless.

    13 Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 14 For many are called, but few are chosen.

    I believe you live in England. England was home to some of the greatest preachers the world has ever known. Many of them came here to the states, in revivals etc.

    One of them was Charles H Spurgeon. Spurgeon was perhaps the greatest Protestant preacher the world has ever known. You can read about him and his work here…

    It sounds like you are interested in spiritual matters. That is good. But the thing to do is start reading the Word and find you a good spirit-filled evangelical church to attend so that iron will sharpen iron.

    England is full of beautiful churches but they are mostly filled with dead men’s bones. Seek and you shall find. God is everywhere. He wants to come in to your heart.

    All it takes is a belief in Him and His Son on your part, a request made by you to Him in meaningful prayer that you want Him to forgive you of your sins through Jesus Christ the Lord and then it is finished, it is done, it is just that simple. It is not complex.

    The Gospel is very easy to understand and rightfully so. Grace is free and all it takes is faith by you. That is all there is to it. He is there for you. All you have to do is believe it in your heart and accept it and no amount of works and/or steps is necessary by you for this to happen.

    You will know when it happens. Your life will change and your ideas will change and your actions will change because your heart is changed.

    I leave you with the story of the prostitute that met Jesus by accident that day. What a difference a day makes, wouldn’t you say? There she is waking up that morning as her usual self and by the end of the day, her life had changed forever.

    We find the story in the book of John, chapter 8

    1 Jesus went unto the mount of Olives. 2 And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them.

    3 And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst, 4 They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act. 5 Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?

    6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. 7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    8 And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. 9 And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.

    10 When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? 11 She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

    So we see that men who condemned the prostitute did so by reference to their laws and their religious traditions. Jesus asked them if any of them were perfect and if there was, then they should execute her by the law. None came forward.

    They all left the area. Case in point. Do not rely on the traditions of men to save you. You have to seek this out on your own. Don’t rely on any institution or religious dogma to save you. Grace is free. Jesus said He came to fulfill the law because it was a stumbling block to the people.

  122. The Prodigal Son March 28, 2010 @ 12:30 pm


    You said you were an Easterner… but you didn’t specifically say that you were Orthodox. Are you Orthodox?

    You also stated, “From what I see in Roman Catholics and western tradition, the monarchist system of government is quite obvious way back from the time of Quartodecimens controversy, the apostolic age, where the bishop of Rome assumed the role to regulate (the) Paschal system and imposed it, or at least attempted to, and caused the corresponding schism.”

    The calculation of the exact date of Pascha was something that took time to iron out… but I fail to see how the pope had ‘regulated’ anything. That’s (partially) what the Council at Arles was for!

    Early on, it seems all Churches used the Judean method of calculating the date. The only controversy was whether it could fall on any day of the week – or if it should always be held on the Sunday.

    But after the temple was destroyed and the Jews were expelled from Jerusalem, there arose differing calculations with contradictory results. In around 200 AD, the Pharisees came up with another entirely new method of calculation bringing more problems and more separation.

    Many Christians began to question the practice of relying on the Pharisees to determine the date. Then around 300 AD, the Pharisees again altered their method of reckoning the date further confusing matters for those who still looked to their date.

    So in 314, the Council of Arles, France (convened by Emporer Conctantine) suggested that Rome should indicate the date and that all other Churches should concur. However, BECAUSE Rome did NOT have ultimate power and the Council in France had not been Ecumenical – the controversy continued and was ultimately one of the issues finally resolved at the first Ecumenical Council.

    “From the holy council of Nicea concerning the holy Pascha: Thus we have put into effect the opinion of everyone gathered together at the holy council in the time of the pious and great emperor Constantine who not only convoked the undersigned bishops to give peace to our nation but also attended the meetings himself; he examined with them what was good for the catholic Church.

    Therefore, after having examined the question of the duty of the whole Church under heaven to celebrate Pascha on the same date, we found that the three parts of the universe were agreed with the Romans and the Alexandrians; only one eastern region disagreed.

    It was judged good and proper, all questions and contradictions being left aside, that the eastern brothers follow the example of the Romans and Alexandrians and all the others so that everyone should let their prayers rise to heaven on one single day of holy Pascha. And all easterners who had a different practice signed the document.”

    You also said, “For those who don’t know the dates very well, this means that East and West had already developed different systems of governance for at least 500 years before the schism. And if you can take the word of St Cyprian of Carthage, then almost 800 years pre schism.”

    That simply isn’t true! That is what the Romists would have us believe – but that doesn’t make it so! I think I have shown in my above post that Cyprian was not a papist – but specifically declared the EQUALITY of ALL bishops!

    The papacy was built on falsehoods and a thirst for temporal power. See my next post…

    — — —

    Fr. Joseph,

    As Gregory the Great himself said (to paraphrase), ‘Whoever declares himself to be universal bishop – is made forerunner of the anti-Christ.’

    You said (basically), ‘No one recognizes the authority of the bishop of Rome.’

    That’s because he has NO “AUTHORITY”! And just like Satan himself – the bishop of Rome HAS NO EPISCOPAL AUTHORITY (at least outside of his own church) except that power which people freely GIVE to him!

    The Roman church is a lie built on lies. (See next post.)

    You also said, “…there will be NO ‘Orthodox Church’ in the very near future.”

    Nonsense. The gates of Hades will NEVER prevail against Christ’s true Church. Ever. Christ’s kingdom is not of this age and His kingdom will have no end.

  123. Peggy Brabender to Fr. Joseph March 28, 2010 @ 12:45 pm

    I myself am Catholic and remember the old days before Vatican II.

    A message for you:

    As you probably know, both the Catholic and Orthodox churches now recognize each other and are in almost full communion.

    I feel comfortable in both churches.

    I applaud your writing here and love to read it.

    God bless you and all our friends here, especially Brother Nathanael.

  124. Stav March 28, 2010 @ 12:53 pm

    Hi Mission Impossible,

    Based on your answer, I’d like to recommend urgently the following book:

    Christ the Eternal Tao

    By Hieromonk Damascene, who presents and concludes the original work and ideas by Fr. Seraphim Rose on the subject.

    I think it is very appropriate for you based on your short description of your soul searching.

    If you ask me, I think its an amazing book, and corresponds very naturally to my own “experience” of God and the Truth as being the Logos or Tao as I found out by this book.

    Once you “get it”, you will I think come no closer to a personal “proof” of not only the existence of God, but also Jesus Christ the Logos. It just cannot be any other way…


  125. R. C. Christian March 28, 2010 @ 1:02 pm

    Christ’s Kingdom Is Not Of This World!

    John 18:33-37: Pilate then went back inside the palace, summoned Jesus and asked him…

    Pilate then went back inside the palace, summoned Jesus and asked him, “Are you the king of the Jews?” “Is that your own idea,” Jesus asked, “or did others talk to you about me?” “Am I a Jew?” Pilate replied. “It was your people and your chief priests who handed you over to me. What is it you have done?”

    Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place.”

    “You are a king, then!” said Pilate. Jesus answered, “You are right in saying I am a king. In fact, for this reason I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” [NIV]

    John 18:36 (King James Version)

    36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

  126. The Prodigal Son March 28, 2010 @ 1:09 pm

    The False Decretals of Isidore, Cornerstone of the Papacy

    “The False Decretals make as it were the dividing point between the Papacy of the first eight and that of the succeeding centuries. At this date, the pretensions of the Popes begin to develop and take each day a more distinct character.”

    (…) Charlemagne reigned in France, Adrian I. was Bishop of Rome; Tarasius, a great and saintly Patriarch, ruled at Constantinople. Before consenting to his election Tarasius addressed to the court and people of Constantinople a discourse from which we quote the following passage:

    “This is what I principally fear, (in accepting the episcopate:) I see the church divided in the East; we have different languages among us, and many agree with the West, which anathematizes us daily.

    Separation (anathema) is a terrible thing; it drives from the kingdom of heaven and leads to outer darkness. Nothing is more pleasant to God than union, which makes us one Catholic Church, as we confess in the creed.

    I therefore ask you, brethren, that which I believe is also your will, since you have the fear of God: I ask that the Emperor and Empress assemble an ecumenical council, in order that we may make but one body under a Single Chief, who is Jesus Christ. If the Emperor and Empress grant me this request, I submit to their orders and your votes; if not, I cannot consent. Give me, brethren, what answer you will.” [1]

    All but a few fanatics applauded the project of a council, and then Tarasius consented to be ordained and instituted bishop. He at once addressed his letters of communion to the churches of Rome, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem. [2]

    In these he made as usual his profession of faith, and invited those churches to the council which the Emperor was about to assemble. The Empress-regent and her son wrote to Pope Adrian that they had resolved to assemble an Œcumenical council; they begged him to come to it, promising to receive him with honours; or to send representatives if he could not personally accept their invitation.

    Adrian’s answer to the Emperor and Empress is a very important document, in regard to the question we are examining. We find in it a style which the Bishops of Rome had not hitherto allowed themselves to adopt toward the emperors.

    Rome, jealous of Constantinople, was soon to crown Charlemagne Emperor of the West, and thus to break all political ties with the East. The Pope enjoyed great temporal authority in that city under the protection of the Frankic kings; he was rich, and he was ambitious to surround his see with still greater magnificence, and splendour.

    Adrian therefore replied arrogantly to the respectful letter he bad received from the [royal] court of Constantinople. He insisted upon certain conditions, as one power dealing with another, and particularly upon this point: that the patrimony of St. Peter in the East, confiscated by the iconoclastic emperors, must be restored in toto.

    We will quote from his letter what he says respecting the Patriarch of Constantinople:

    “We are very much surprised to see that in your letter you give to Tarasius the title of cumenical Patriarch. The Patriarch of Constantinople would not have even the second rank WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF OUR SEE; if he be cumenical, must he not therefore have also the primacy over our church? All Christians know that this is a ridiculous assumption.”

    Adrian sets before the Emperor the example of Charles, King of the Franks.

    “Following our advice,” he says, “and fulfilling our wishes, he has subjected all the barbarous nations of the West; he has given to the Roman Church in perpetuity provinces, cities, castles, and patrimonies which were withheld by the Lombards, and which by right belong to St. Peter; he does not cease daily to offer gold and silver for this light and sustenance of the poor.”

    Here is language quite new on the part of Roman bishops, but henceforth destined to become habitual with them. It dates from 785; that is, from the same year when Adrian delivered to Ingelramn, Bishop of Metz, the collection of the False Decretals.

    There is something highly significant in this coincidence. Was it Adrian himself who authorized this work of forgery? We do not know; but it is an incontestable fact that it was in Rome itself under the pontificate of Adrian, and in the year in which he wrote so haughtily to the Emperor of the East, that this new code of the Papacy is first mentioned in history.

    Adrian is the true creator of the modern Papacy. Not finding in the traditions of the Church the documents necessary to support his ambitious views, he rested them upon apocryphal documents written to suit the occasion, and to legalize all future usurpations of the Roman see.

    Adrian knew that the Decretals contained in the code of Ingelramn were false. For he had already given, ten years before, to Charles, King of the Franks, a code of the ancient canons, identical with the generally received collection of Dionysius Exiguus. It was, therefore, between the years 775 and 785 that the False Decretals were composed.

    The time was favorable to such inventions. In the foreign invasions which had deluged the entire West with blood and covered it with ruins, the libraries of the churches and monasteries bad been destroyed; the clergy were plunged in the deepest ignorance; the East, invaded by the Mussulman, had now scarcely any relations with the West.

    The Papacy profited by these misfortunes, and built up a power half political and half religious upon these ruins, finding no lack of flatterers who did not blush to invent and secretly propagate their forgeries in order to give a divine character to an institution that has ambition for its only source.

    The False Decretals make as it were the dividing point between the Papacy of the first eight and that of the succeeding centuries. At this date, the pretensions of the Popes begin to develop and take each day a more distinct character. The answer of Adrian to Constantine and Irene is the starting point.

    The legates of the Pope and those of the Patriarchal churches of Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem, having gone to Constantinople, Nicea was appointed as the place of assembling the council. The first session took place September twenty-fourth, 787. This second Council of Nicea is reckoned the seventh Œcumenical, both by the Eastern and Western churches.

    Adrian was represented by the Archpriest Peter, and by another Peter, Abbot of the monastery of St. Sabas at Rome. The Bishops of Sicily were the first to speak, and said, “We deem it advisable that the most holy Archbishop of Constantinople should open the council.”

    All the members agreed to this proposition, and Tarasius made them an allocution upon the duty of following the ancient traditions of the Church in the decisions they were about to make. Then those who opposed these traditions were introduced, that the council might hear a statement of their doctrine.

    Then were read the letters brought by the legates of the Bishops of Rome, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem, for the purpose of ascertaining what the faith of the East and the West might be. The Bishop of Ancyra had shared the errour of the iconoclasts.

    He now appeared before the council to make his confession of faith, and commenced with the following words, well worthy of being quoted: “It is the law of the Church, that those who are converted from a heresy, should abjure it in writing, and confess the Catholic faith.

    Therefore do I, Basil, Bishop of Ancyra, wishing to unite myself with the Church, with Pope Adrian, with the Patriarch Tarasius, with the Apostolic sees of Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem, and with all Catholic bishops and priests, make this confession in writing, and present it to you [the Council], who have power by apostolic authority.”

    This most orthodox language clearly proves that at that time the Pope of Rome was not regarded as the sole centre of unity, the source of Catholic authority; that unity and authority were only recognized in the unanimity of the sacerdotal body.

    The letter of Adrian to the Emperor and Empress, and the one he had written to Tarasius were then read, but only in so far as they treated of dogmatic questions. His complaints against the title of Ecumenical and his demands concerning the patrimony of St. Peter, were passed over in silence.

    Nor did the legates of Rome insist. The council declared that it approved of the Pope’s doctrine. Next were read the letters from the Patriarchal sees of the East whose doctrine agreed with that of the West. That doctrine was compared with the teaching of the Fathers of the Church, in order to verify not only the present unanimity, but the perpetuity of the doctrine; and the question was also examined, whether the iconoclasts had on their side any true Catholic tradition.

    After this double preparatory examination, the council made its profession of faith, deciding that according to the perpetual doctrine of the Church, images should be venerated, reserving for God alone the Latria or adoration, properly so called.

    The members of the council then adjourned to Constantinople, where the last session took place in the presence of Irene and Constantine and the entire people.

    The Acts of the seventh Œcumenical council, like those of the preceding ones, clearly prove that the Bishop of Rome was only first in honour in the Church; that his testimony had no doctrinal weight, except in so far as it might be regarded as that of the Western Church; that there was as yet no individual authority in the Church, but a collective authority only, of which the sacerdotal body was the echo and interpreter.

    This doctrine is diametrically opposed to the Romish system. Let us add, that the seventh Œcumenical council, like the six that preceded it, was neither convoked, presided over, nor confirmed by the Pope. He concurred in it by his legates, and the West concurred in the same way, whereby it acquired its Œcumenical character.

    But this concurrence of the West was not at first unanimous, at least in appearance, notwithstanding the well-known concurrence of the Pope; which proves that even in the West such doctrinal authority was not then granted to the Pope, as his supporters now claim for him.

    Seven years after the Council of Nicea, that is, in 794, Charlemagne assembled at Frankfort all the bishops of the kingdoms he had conquered.

    In this council several dogmatic questions were discussed, and particularly that concerning images. By the decisions there rendered, the council intended to reject that of second council of Nicea, which had not been thoroughly understood by the Frankic Bishops. These Bishops reproached the Pope with his concurrence in that decision, and Adrian in a manner apologized for it.


  127. mother jones March 28, 2010 @ 1:18 pm

    @ Freedom:

    Quote. – “…United States citizens, whose lives, after 9-11, are as expendable to them, as the Palestinians.”

    Thats the plan.

  128. The Prodigal Son March 28, 2010 @ 1:20 pm


    He recognized, it is true, the orthodoxy of the doctrines professed by the council, but alleged that other motives would have impelled him to reject that council, had he not feared lest his opposition might be construed into an adherence to the heresy condemned.

    “We have accepted the council,” wrote Adrian, “because its decision agrees with the doctrine of St. Gregory; fearing lest if we did not receive it, the Greeks might return to their errour, and we be responsible for the loss of so many souls. Nevertheless, we have not yet made any answer to the Emperor on the subject of the subject of the council.

    While exhorting them to reestablish images, we warned them to restore to the Roman Church her jurisdiction over certain bishoprics and archbishoprics, and the patrimonies of which we were bereft at the time when images were abolished.

    But we have received no answer, which shows that they are converted upon one point, but not upon the other two. Therefore, if you think fit, when we shall thank the Emperor for the reestablishment of images, we will also press him further upon the subject of the restitution of the patrimonies and the jurisdiction, and, if he refuse, we pronounce him a heretic.”

    The attacks of the Frankic Bishops against Adrian, although unjust, prove abundantly that they did not recognize in the Papacy the the authority it claims to-day. The False Decretals had not yet been able completely to prevail over the ancient usages.

    Adrian replied to these attacks with a modesty that is easy of explanation, when we reflect how much he needed the Franks and their King Charlemagne to establish the basis of the new Papacy. Far from mentioning that alleged authority which he so proudly strove to impose upon the East, he was willing, in respect to the Franks, to play the part of prisoner at the bar.

    He made advances to them to the extent of proposing to pronounce the Emperor of Constantinople a heretic for a mere question of temporal possessions, or of a disputed jurisdiction. But we find in Adrian, under this humble show of submission, a prodigious shrewdness in creating occasions for increasing his power.

    If the Franks had asked him to declare the Emperor of Constantinople a heretic, they would thereby have recognized in him a sovereign and universal jurisdiction, and laid thus a precedent which would not have been neglected by the Papacy.

    Adrian I. died in 796, and was succeeded by Leo III., who pursued the same policy as his predecessor. Immediately after his election, be sent to Charlemagne the standard of the city of Rome and the key of the confession of St Peter. In return the Frankic King sent him costly presents by an ambassador, who was to come to an understanding with him upon all that concerned “the glory of the Church, and the strengthening of the Papal dignity, and of the Roman patriciate given to the Frankic King.

    Leo had some intercourse with the East upon the occasion of the divorce of the Emperor Constantine. Two holy monks, Plato and Theodore Studites, declared themselves with special energy against the adulterous conduct of the Emperor.

    Theodore applied to several bishops for aid against the persecutions which their opposition to the Emperor had drawn upon them. The letters of Theodore Studites are replete with fulsome praises of those to whom he writes. The Romish theologians have chosen to notice only the compliments addressed to the Bishop of Rome.

    With a little more honesty they might as easily have noted those, often still more emphatic, that are to be found in his other letters; and they must then have concluded that no dogmatic force could be attached to language lavished without distinction of sees, according to circumstances, and with the evident purpose of flattering those to whom the letters were addressed in order to render them favourable to the cause which Theodore advocated. The Romanists have not been willing to notice so obvious a fact.

    They have quoted the fulsome praises of Theodore as dogmatic testimony in favour of Papal authority, and have not chosen to see that if they have such a dogmatic value in the case of the Bishop of Rome, they must also have it no less in behalf of the Bishop of Jerusalem, for example, whom he calls “first of the five Patriarchs,” or others, whom he addresses with as much extravagance.

    On these terms we should have in the Church several Popes enjoying, each of them, supreme and universal authority. This conclusion would not suit the Romish theologians; but it follows necessarily if the letters of Theodore Studites have the dogmatic value that Rome would give them to her own advantage.

    Moreover, if Theodore Studites occasionally gave pompous praise to the Bishop of Rome, he could also speak of him with very little respect, as we may see in his letter to Basil, Abbot of St. Sabas of Rome.

    At the commencement of his pontificate, Leo III. had to endure a violent opposition on the part of the relatives of his predecessor, Adrian. They heaped atrocious accusations upon him.

    Charlemagne having come to Rome (800) as a patrician of that city, assembled a council to judge the Pope. But Leo was sure beforehand that he would prevail. He had received Charlemagne in triumph, and the powerful king was not ungrateful for the attentions of the pontiff.

    The members of the council accordingly declared with one voice: “We dare not judge the Apostolic see, which is the head of all the churches; such is the ancient Custom!” ‘Men were not overnice in those days in matters of erudition.

    By the ancient usage the Bishop of Rome was to be judged like any other bishop; but the doctrines of the False Decretals had no doubt begun to spread. Ingelramn of Metz, who had used them in his lawsuit at Rome, was the chaplain of Charlemagne, and one of his first councilors.

    According to this new code of a new Papacy, the Apostolic see, which could judge all, could be judged of none. Rome neglected no chance to establish this fundamental principle of her power, of which the inevitable consequence is Papal infallibility and even impeccability.

    These consequences were not developed at once, but the principle was now skillfully insinuated upon one favourable occasion. Leo III. justified himself upon oath. Some days later, on Christmas-day, A.D. 800, Charlemagne having gone to St. Peter’s, the Pope placed upon his head a rich crown, and the people exclaimed, “Long life and victory to the august Charles, crowned by the hand of God, great and pacific Emperor of the Romans!”

    These acclamations were thrice enthusiastically repeated; after which the Pope knelt before the new Emperor and anointed him and his son Pepin with the holy oil.

    Thus was the Roman empire of the West reestablished. Rome, who had always looked with jealousy upon the removal of the seat of government to Constantinople, was in transports of joy; the Papacy, pandering to her secret lusts, was now invested with power such as she had never before possessed.

    The idea of Adrian was achieved by his successor. The modern Papacy, a mixed institution half political and half religious, was established; a new era was beginning for the Church of Jesus Christ—an era of intrigues and struggles, despotism and revolutions, innovations and scandals.


  129. jgalindes March 28, 2010 @ 1:33 pm

    Acharya S on pedophilia in the Roman Church

    “Since Jesus Christ is allegedly the omnipotent God in charge of everything, including and especially the churches and organizations in his name, he needs to be held responsible for such atrocities.

    Or, if Jesus had nothing to do with it, he is clearly not in charge of everything and cannot be considered the all-powerful God – it’s really that simple.”

    “I see, so Jesus is unable to prevent Satan from sullying his good name. So why should we believe that Jesus is the all-powerful god who can save our souls? He can’t even stop people from misrepresenting him!

    It’s time to put away the fairytales – created by the same agencies being criticized here – and face reality.”

    “Yes, Jesus is so withdrawn from reality that one could say he is a myth.”

    “I see, so reporting on priests who have been abusing children – raping them, for heaven’s sake – for decades has something to do with Jews? Ooooh, the Jews made these priests pull down their pants!

    How ridiculous. Get a new line. This scapegoating of Jews is getting very old.”

    So much for a pseudo-scholar called Acharia S (nee. Dorothy Murdock, to me looks another Jew).

    Probably a freemason as the Austrian Goerg Zanger mentioned above.

  130. The Prodigal Son March 28, 2010 @ 1:37 pm

    Here are some details regarding the False Decretals:

    It appears from the acts of the Council of Chalcedon in 451, that the Church had already a Codex Canonum, or collection of the laws of the Church. Several of these laws are held to have emanated from the Apostles themselves.

    What they had commenced the councils continued, and, as soon as the Church began to enjoy some little tranquility, these venerable laws were collected and formed the basis of ecclesiastical discipline; and, as they were mostly in Greek, they were translated into Latin for the use of the Western churches.

    At the beginning of the sixth century Dionysius surnamed Exiguus, a monk at Rome, finding this translation incorrect, made another at the request of Julian, curate of St. Anastasia at Rome, and a disciple of Pope Gelasius. Dionysius collected, besides, whatever letters of the Popes he could discover in the archives, and published in his collection those of Stricius Innocent, Zosimus, Boniface, Celestine, Leo, Gelasius and Anastastius, under which last he lived.

    The archives of Rome at that time possessed nothing prior to Siricius—that is, to the end of the fourth century.

    At the beginning of the seventh century, Isidore of Seville undertook to complete the collection of Dionysius. He added the canons of some national or provincial of a few of the Popes, going back no farther than to Damasus, who died in 844, and was the predecessor of Siricius.

    This collection of Isidore of Seville begins with the canons of the Council of Nicea. He used the old translation and not that of Dionysius for the Greek canons.

    His collection was but little known, and in history we do not meet it until 785, and then disfigured and interpolated by an unknown forger, giving his name as Isidore Mercator. This collection contained, beside the pieces contained in the collection Isidore of Seville, certain Decretals which he ascribed to the Popes of the first three centuries.

    Several scholars make Isidore Mercator and Isidore of Seville separate writers, while others think that the latter had added, through humility, the word Peccator to his name, which was corrupted to Mercator. However this may be, the best Ultramontane critics as well as the Gallicans, agree that the Decretals ascribed to the Popes of the first centuries in the collection of Isidore Mercator, are spurious.

    Marchetti himself admits their spuriousness. “Learned men of great piety,” he adds, ” have declared against this false collection, which Cardinal Bona frankly calls a pious fraud.”

    “Baronius does not as frankly regard them as a fraud; nevertheless, he would not use them in his Ecclesiastical Annals, lest it should be believed that the Roman Church needed suspicious documents to establish her rights.”

    The Ultramontanes cannot openly sustain these Decretals as true, for it has been abundantly proved that they were manufactured partly from ancient canons, with extracts from the letters of the Popes of the fourth and fifth centuries.

    Entire passages, particularly from St. Leo and Gregory the Great, are found in them. The whole is strung together in bad Latin, which for even the least critical scholar has all the characteristics of the style of the eighth and ninth centuries.

    The collection of Isidore Mercator was disseminated chiefly by Riculf, Archbishop of Mayence, who took that see in 787. Several critics have concluded from this that this collection first appeared at Mayence, and even that Riculf was its author.

    Were these False Decretals fabricated In Spain, Germany, or Rome? We he no certainty on the subject. The oldest copies tell us that it was Ingelramn who brought this collection to Rome from Metz, when he had a lawsuit there in 785; but other copies tell us that it was Pope Adrian who, upon that occasion, delivered it to Ingelramn, September nineteenth, A.D. 785.

    Certain it is, that at Rome we find the first mention of it. Yet Adrian knew that these Decretals were false, since, ten years before, he had given Charlemagne a COPY of the canons, which was no other than that of Dionysius Exiguus.

    The False Decretals were so extensively circulated in the West, that they were everywhere received, and particularly at Rome, as authentic.

    The Ultramontanes, while they do not dare to maintain the authority of the writings ascribed to the Popes of the first three centuries, nevertheless indirectly sustain them. Several works have been written with this object against Fleury, who justly asserted and abundantly proved that they changed the ancient discipline.

    We will quote among these Ultramontane works those of Marchetti, of Father de Housta, and Father Honore de Sainte-Marie:

    “We may conjecture,” says Marchetti, “that Isidore gathered the Decretals of ancient Popes which the persecutions of the first centuries had not permitted to be collected, and that animated by a desire to transmit the Collection to posterity, he made such haste that he overlooked some faults and chronological errours which were afterward corrected by more exact criticism.”

    Thus, then, the Decretals of the first three centuries are false; nevertheless they are substantially true. Such is the Ultramontane system. It only remains to say, to make the business complete, that the texts of St. Leo and St. Gregory the Great, which are found in these Decretals, do not belong to those fathers, who, in that case, must have copied them from the Decretals of their predecessors.

    It would be quite as reasonable to maintain this opinion, as to say that we only find in the False Decretals a few faults and chronological errours.

    To this first system of defence, the Ultramontanes add a second. They make a great display of eloquence to prove that an unknown person without any authority could never have introduced a new code in the Church. We think so too.

    But there is one great fact of the very highest importance which our Ultramontanes have left out of sight, that, at the time when the False Decretals appeared, the see of Rome had for about two centuries taken advantage of every occurrence to increase her influence and to put into practice what the False Decreta1s lay down as the law.

    Every one knows that after the fall of the Roman empire, most of the Western nations were essentially modified by the invasion of new races; that the Church seriously felt this change; that the pursuit of learning was abandoned, and that after the seventh century the most deplorable ignorance reigned in the Western churches.

    From that time the Bishops of Rome began to take part directly in the government of individual churches, which frequently lay in the hands of only half-Christianized conquerors.

    They sent missionaries to labour for the conversion of the invading tribes; and these missionaries, like St. Boniface of Mayence, retained for the Popes who sent them, the feelings of disciples for their masters. The churches newly founded by them, remained faithful to these sentiments. It would not, therefore, be surprising if the fabricator of the False Decretals lived in or near Mayence.

    He composed that work of fragments from the councils and the Fathers, and added regulations which were in perfect harmony with the usages of the see of Rome at the end of the eighth century, and which Rome, doubtless, inspired.

    This coincidence, joined to the ignorance which then prevailed, explains sufficiently how the False Decretals could be accepted without protest—the see of Rome using all its influence to spread them. As most of the churches had been accustomed for two centuries to feel the authority of the Bishops of Rome, they accepted without examination documents which seemed to be no more than the sanction of this authority.

    The False Decretals did not therefore create a new code for the Western churches; they only came in aid of a regime which, owing to political disturbances, the Popes themselves had created.

    Thus the Romanists have their labour for their pains, when they seek to defend the Decretals by saying that an unknown author without authority could not have established a new code.

    Here are the objections that Fleury makes to the False Decretals: “The subject matter of these letters [Hist. Eccl. liv. xliv.] reveals their spuriousness. They speak of archbishops, primates, patriarchs, as if these titles had existed from the birth of the Church.

    They forbid the holding of any council, even a provincial one, without permission from the Pope, and represent appeals to Rome as habitual. Frequent complaints therein made of usurpations of the temporalities of the Church.

    We find there this maxim, that bishops falling into sin may, after having done penance, exercise their functions as before. Finally, the principal subject of these Decretals is that of complaints against bishops; there is scarcely one that does not speak of them and give rules to make them difficult. And Isidore makes it very apparent in his preface that he had this matter deeply at heart.”

    The object of the forger in this last matter is evident. It was to diminish the authority of the metropolitans, who, from time immemorial, had enjoyed the right to convoke the council of their province to hear complaints against a bishop of that province in particular, and judge him.

    The forger, whose object it was to concentrate all authority at Rome, would naturally first endeavour to check the authority of the metropolitan, and make the appeals to Rome seem to offer greater guarantees and to be more consonant with episcopal dignity.

    One must be utterly ignorant of the history of the first three centuries, not to know that at that period the Church had no fixed organization; that it was not divided into dioceses until the reign of Constantine and by the Council of Nicea; that it was this council that recognized in the sees of Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch a superiority common to them all over a certain number of churches to which they had given birth, and over which, according to custom, they exercised a special supervision.

    But the forger does not hesitate for all this to bring into play archbishops, primates, and patriarchs during the first three centuries, and ascribes to the first Bishops of Rome, as rights, prerogatives, which the councils had never recognized, and which these bishops had usurped in the West since the invasions of the barbarians had overthrown the ancient Roman polity.

    After our deep study of the history of the Church, we feel at liberty to assert that it is impossible to accumulate more errours than the Ultramontanes have done, to defend the alleged legal force of the False Decretals; that the False Decretals established in the ninth century a new code completely opposed to that of the first eight Christian centuries; and that the forger had no other object than to sanction the encroachments of the court of Rome during the two centuries preceding the composition of his work.

    We have carefully studied what has been said pro and contra upon this subject. The writings of the Romanists have convinced us that this forger of the ninth century has never been defended but by arguments worthy of him; that is to say, by the most shameful misrepresentations. The works of the Gallicans are more honest, and show deeper research.

    Yet even in them we perceive a certain reticency which injures their cause, and even now and then a forced and unnatural attitude concerning Papal prerogatives, which they do not dare to deny. (See the works of Hincmar of Rheims, and the Annals of Father Lecointe.)

  131. Stav March 28, 2010 @ 1:45 pm

    Dear Lynda, Peggy and Fr. Joseph,

    Peggy, you say:

    “As you probably know, both the Catholic and Orthodox churches now recognize each other and are in almost full communion.”

    I am not sure what the Romans do but can you please give me some resource that proves this non-existent communion? It is nonsense, there will NEVER be communion until the West humbly repents of it’s numerous wrongdoings and fallacies.

    Even if a Patriarch was to declare such a communion, it still would NOT be in reality because THAT IS NOT the way things work in Orthodoxy. If there is no unanimous decision by a synod, there can be NO communion, and rest assured there are many many more than one Bishops who will oppose such an abominable action.

    Fr Joseph you say:

    “So what’s the ‘BIG DEAL’ and what is ‘SO SPECIAL’ about all of you of the Eastern Orthodox Churches here on RZN?


    First off, comparing what others do not do, has no meaning. Let’s pick a random example like for example, eating liquorice. Many people hate it. some people like it. What do we make of this?

    We can conclude that some people hate it and some people like it. We do not understand the nature of “liquorice hating” not that of “liquorice loving”. Thus, your example is void and null and bears no help to anyone looking for the truth.

    On the other hand, your question ” What’s the big deal with Orthodoxy” is a very valid one. It’s like a little fishbone, stuck in your throat and until you deal with it, it’s gonna BOTHER YOU.

    Now that’s of course a negative metaphor for Orthodoxy, but in your case and the way you see it, it must feel like that.

    Let me then tell you what the BIG deal is. The BIG deal Fr. Joseph, is that:

    1) Orthodoxy as it is today has kept upright the original faith and original theology.

    2) It has not fallen pray to personal pride and so it has not attempted to correct Jesus Christ own wording to create new and “exotic tastes” in doctrine.

    3) It applies correct glorification to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

    4) It have NEVER over-glorified his Most Holy Mother the Theotokos, so as to make of Her a Goddess.

    5) It has NEVER deprived it’s own congregations of His Most Holy Blood in communion.

    6) It has NEVER introduced ridiculous cheats such as forgiving by payment, purgatory, created grace, infallibility of ANY human being etc. etc.

    7) It has NEVER spewed out charlatans in sheeps clothing, i.e. The Uniates, in order to Kill, Destroy and Infiltrate a fellow Christian.

    8 ) It has NEVER turned back on it self by reverting age old doctrine to abominable word play.

    9) It has NEVER blessed genocidal wars such as the crusades and even hitler’s nazi wars.

    10) It has NEVER been obsessed of who’s the authority is and who’s the power is in this world, as we ascribe the power and authority to God.

    11) It has NEVER engaged in INSANE and HORRIFIC practices such as the inquisitions, supported by an “infallible” Pope…

    12) It has kept humble as our Lord did, and has endured all and taken all scorn and violence from the otherwise “fellow” west, in killings, propaganda, provocations and other pure evil.

    And most of all,

    13) The BIG deal is, that it is the real Church you long for, and the ONE TRUE AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH, of which only a tiny remnant exists in your religious community.

    You also say:

    “It don’t matter one iota whatever anyone anywhere has to say about the Bishop of Rome.

    What matters is what Those in HEAVEN think about the Bishop of Rome.”

    The key thing you must remember here, that YOU CANNOT understand what God or Heaven as you put it thinks of the Pope(s). What you can see, today and now, is what the pope thinks of Heaven! If there is a problem with that, then you need to take action don’t you!

    Does the Pope think of heaven as a place where the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father alone? NO? Then he’s got it wrong then, doesn’t he? That’s not what Jesus Christ told us, is it?

    And finally, to Lynda:

    You say:

    “John 16:12:

    “I have many things to say to you, but you can not bear them now”

    I would conjecture that the hypostatic union about which the Christian East and West are still at loggerheads would fall into that category.

    “But when He, the Spirit of Truth is come, he will guide you into all truth. For He shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever He shall hear; He shall speak and the things that are to come, He shall show you (announce, declare, anangello). He shall glorify (doxazo) me; because He shall receive of mine and shall show (anangello) it unto you.” John 16:13,14.”

    Thanks again for providing another excellent example of how Papists, manage to turn what is obviously put in absolute clarity so that a child can understand it and then turning it upside down to mean the exact opposite.

    John 16:12 Simply states the things that will be resolved in the events described in John 16:13, 14. That simply means the Pentecost which was to occur a few days after the events of John 16:12-13. It DOES NOT mean that there will be some things unresolved for nearly 1000 years, until the RC Popes and their satanics arrive to finally provide us with the complete truth…

    What you are saying here, is that for the first millennium, Christianity was indeed incomplete and all these Christians between now and then, were not in possession of the full truth.

    So what you are saying is, that when the Nicene Creed was first compiled, it was incomplete and lacked a certain amount of truth, only for it to be revealed hundreds of years later… How illogical, how faithless and how ridiculous.

    Dear Lynda, the WHOLE truth was given RIGHT from the Pentecost to ALL apostles in equal amounts. Do you see this to be untrue in some way? Have all these early Christians been misled by some incomplete version of our Faith?

    If you take John 16:11 on it’s own, then you could use it as an argument for multitudes of changes to be made to the doctrines and beliefs of Christians today, but as you can see from the following passages, it is impossible to use it like that.


  132. miranda March 28, 2010 @ 1:46 pm

    A right to the point report, with truths that main lame stream media refuses to tell.

    It is up to us to spread the word, and try to get through to the closed minded.

  133. jgalindes March 28, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

    Iduna Borger seems to be Peggy Brabender’s real name as per Borger v. McErlane, 2001-Ohio-4030

    Borger appears in the Consolidated Jewish surname index, subgroup 795900 as Jewish.

  134. Lynda March 28, 2010 @ 3:27 pm

    More ‘ortho’warp, weaseling and putting words that were never said in the mouth of the hated (and I do mean hated) ‘papists’.

    My post plainly attempts (however inadequately) to interpret the plain text in terms of the words themselves. And I relate these texts to the energetic procession – a theological term that came later.

    Both East and West understand the energetic procession of the Divine Persons.

    The Roman Catholic Church believes and confesses that all was given in the Sacred Deposit of the faith.

    And it is clear from history that the Sacred Deposit would be unpacked as it were in time, that each aspect of the whole of the faith would be given clarity and definition in response to the operations of the body of antiChrist that would war against the faith.

    Your diabribes against the Catholic Church mean nothing, Stav.

  135. Stav March 28, 2010 @ 5:47 pm

    Dear Lynda,

    I assure you, there is no hate involved.

    I do believe however, that when the “Uniates” TODAY attack and kill the Orthodox, as also happened by the RCC during the crusades and other cases, propagandize, provoke, there is hate and scorn involved.

    I have never posted a single hateful post to you or any other member here. That is not to say I have not posted disagreeable things to you and others. But that’s a far cry from being hateful.

    Learn to see the difference between disagreement and hate. You sound like these Jews, who call everything they do not like or agree with antisemitism. If you can’t take the emotions involved, when it comes to reading unfavorable responses then don’t post.

    I don’t agree with you, and I have given you my reasons. (to which you will not respond)
    I believe (as I am a free human being and thus can do so), that you need to be admonished (twice if done right). I will do this. That, dear Lynda, does not constitute hate.

    If you’d rather have people agree with you and appear polite, then tell your ideas to your fellow RCCs (or whatever subset of it you may belong to) and be happy to see great agreeable responses.

    But, for as long as you post your ideas on a site created by an Orthodox person, where other Orthodox may also frequent, accept the fact that you may not be accepted so readily.

    You say:

    “Your diabribes against the Catholic Church mean nothing, Stav.”

    You have no idea how much my posts mean, perhaps to you nothing, but to others, you have no idea…

    It is actually your “work” here that has no effect what so ever, other than assist in showing the contract between the light and the darkness (lack of light).

    Think, that’s a hateful comment? Guess again, it is not, that’s simply how I see it!

    Wanna agree on something? Let’s talk Zionism and their JWO and I am sure we will 99% agree. But if you bring up the RCC, I am afraid it’s not going to be the same.

    And one last time Lynda, you really don’t get it.

    I don’t hate you, my actions are driven by a profound concern for both you, and any other readers that may read some of what you post. Can you claim the same about yours?

    If you need any help whatsoever that I can provide, please do not hesitate to ask me, I will try my best. That’s a I promise, but do NOT expect me to accept whatever heretical points of view you may or may not have, whatever they are, just to appear good or polite or whatever.

    And more to the point:

    Did you or did you not post the following:
    John 16:12:

    “I have many things to say to you, but you can not bear them now”

    I would conjecture that the hypostatic union about which the Christian East and West are still at loggerheads would fall into that category.”

    That’s rhetorical, because you can see above that you did. And your statement:

    “I would conjecture that the hypostatic union about which the Christian East and West are still at loggerheads…”

    Does imply that there may have been things unresolved before which can be resolved now. And you reiterate your point again by saying:

    “…that the Sacred Deposit would be unpacked as it were in time…”

    So my question to you is:

    At what particular point of my response to you, was there any weaseling going on? If you can show it to me, I will sincerely retract what I said. but the way it looks to me right now, is that your attempt was to somehow justify that changing doctrine as time passes by means of the passage that you presented.

    If it was not that, then did you decide to bring it up in order to simply state an irrelevant matter? It is true that the sacred body of Tradition we have may be used to counter any problems or heresies that may come up in the future, but that does NOT mean that one can go back and actually CHANGE predefined and “hardwired” doctrine to do so.

    So my point to you is this:

    It’s one thing to expand and rephrase or to produce specificity to a new problem by using this sacred Deposit as you put it.

    It’s a completely other and wrong thing, to use this excuse to change doctrine, or try to justify it.

    So if you were merely trying to point out case one, yes I agree, but what’s the use? We were not even taking about this.

    So, this makes me think logically, that is was case two, namely that you were trying to justify (by implication) that it’s OK to add to Jesus Christ’s words.

    And if you add to them, by using theological terms that appeared later on as you put it, the main issue still remains.

    What makes you think it’s OK to do that? Can our own fallible human mind really come up with terms which qualify for correcting Jesus Christ’s own words?

    The answer to that according to my humble opinion, is NO.

    If you disagree, remember it’s just that, it’s not hatred on my part…


  136. Stav March 28, 2010 @ 6:31 pm

    And Dear Lynda,

    Please read the following, I will try to make my self understood to you in a more “mellow” tone. May be you can see then where I am coming from.

    It’s exactly that last thing in my previous message I mentioned which bothers me the most with the RCC.

    It’s the idea and conviction, just like you are doing sometimes, that one can analyze and scholastically “work” and “rework” ANY part of the faith and arrive to new and unknown information. That’s to say, simply by the power of the mind. Just like you did above, by saying:

    “I would conjecture that the…”

    That’s not how things work in Orthodoxy. And let me make this clear. It’s not the end result so much I am talking about here, it’s the attitude. In Orthodoxy doctrine is NOT some new revelation, which somehow “unlocks” new secrets. It is a correct expression of what WAS ALREADY THERE and practiced already.

    We, are not on the lookout for secret keys. Especially we are not looking for secret keys to new critical information. The message of salvation is simple and it has been designed to be understood by ANY man, educated or not.

    It does not make the person who cannot read less of a Christian if they follow holy tradition learned in practice. And it does not make a highly educated and elaborate theologian more of a Christian if they know how to express theology in complex ways.

    It almost seems that RCC theology is exclusive, in that if you do not have enough “brainpower” to understand the terms involved, well, then you do not understand it.

    This attitude, is NOT known or accepted in Orthodoxy. We do not invent new doctrine for the sake of it. We express it, as it reflects Holy Tradition in order to keep the faith.

    Thus, in the Creed, you will see great explanations/definition, expressed in a manner understandable by practically anybody. If ever, there is a need for one to understand complex ontological terms and meanings in order to receive Christ, then there is a serious problem.

    It is not mathematics, in the sense that we are trying to discover new and unknown “properties” of our object of study. However it is mathematically logical in it’s expression.

    You see, the way I see and perceive it, is, that you, the RCCs, have lost the cause and ultimate goal of it all, and focused on some imaginary process of generating theology.

    I can imagine you fantasizing about having theological “laboratories” where busy RCC theologians are busy researching, thinking, calculating to eventually produce new doctrine and theology. Just in case there is some new and exiting tidbit we can play with, in the spiritual sense. Much like physicists produce new understanding about the universe in their labs.

    But as I have stated before, God and His Church is a MYSTERY. We CANNOT understand it and it’s true nature, much less God’s. We have been given a set of instructions, to the letter, and we ARE NOT able to understand the inner workings of this “machine” dear Lynda.

    This “machine” is MORE complex that the Universe it self and we cannot even understand that!!!

    How can we even expect to analyze God further and define Him better than Jesus did for us? To think that you can understand God, is fallacy.

    Thus, we Orthodox, do NOT “develop” theology as we know it is futile to attempt such a thing. That’s not our attitude. The attitude is: How can we express what we have been given and our predecessor Saints have been living?

    How can we most effectively apply the gifts given to us by God? And how can we make sure, that all of this remains understood in the same way as the first Christians did, who knew all this in practice and by first hand?

    I do not expect you to understand how I see this. I am merely getting slightly more down to earth with you, so you can possibly see what the underlying difference is. It’s not even doctrinal, It’s an attitude difference towards God Himself.

    We, the Orthodox, receive it humbly and try to preserve and teach it as purely as possible. We don’t pretend we can improve upon it. Not even a word of it.

    The RCC, takes it, analyzes it, manipulates it, tries to improve on it, uses it as leverage, uses it to justify power and then starts again at step one.


  137. Wilson March 28, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

    Wow. Wow. Wow. Some of y’all are wordy and repetitive.

    The Catholics are interested in the continuation of St. Peter, the Orthodox in the continuation of original sacraments and practices, and the Protestants are interested that, whichever, the message get received.

    The thrust of Protestantism is that with all the talk and worldly interference (perhaps as with some of the huge posts here), the saving, redeeming, living gospel got muddled, or worse.

    Not a removal of sacraments, but an emphasis that God is alive now and therefore there is no need to elaborate greatly on what he already knows of one’s thoughts and actions. Alas, God’s house has many mansions, if it were not so, Jesus would not have told us so.

  138. George March 28, 2010 @ 8:55 pm

    Dear Easterners and Westerners,

    I again make my second brotherly appeal to you. There are reasons for schisms, confusion and heresy.

    The true cause is apostasy from the words of Christ – not the intellectual limitations of human brains. Otherwise the love of Christ which should bind us together would have overcome the thickness of our skulls.

    We must seek understanding – not worldly understanding, but that achieved by cleansing the mind with prayer and fasting in a state of solitude. Only then will many of the mysteries of the past become clearer for us to understand.

    We live in the days where both houses of Israel are being destroyed and abolished. The King of Israel is overthrown and the people are being transported to Medes. The Egyptians have murdered the King of Judea and they have installed their intimidated favourites in his place.

    The Babylonians come along and finish off the rest. Yes, we are being carried away to Babylon to worship Nebuchadnezzar, the virtual antichrist. The wrath of God has come upon us, but is it still too late? No!

    Quite sadly, whilst we are being carried away we still continue to fight over whether the promise made to David is to be taken seriously or not. Should the Judeans and their perpetual successors dominate Israel or not?

    But alas, it is too late! The music starts – the insane symphony of many musical instruments, and before us the golden image of the Antichrist. Fall down and worship and get thrown into the fire!

    When shall we wake up?

  139. Lynda March 28, 2010 @ 10:46 pm

    Well, the ‘ortho’ warp has certainly hit the fan.

    The term ‘energetic procession’ is a theological term that is used by both the Christian East and West.

    The excellent Orthodox blog deals exclusively with these fascinating topics.

    So does Catholic Patristics

    I quote from the latter.

    “The Orthodox maintain the Patristically impossible position that the Father and the Son do not together spirate the hypostasis of the Holy Spirit.” Filioque is necessary to elucidate “the distinction between the Person of the Son and the Person of the Holy Spirit; to preserve the correct order (tagma); the Trinity of Persons are distinguished by the relations of origin as Patriarch St Gregory Nazianzin and St Gregory of Nyssa taught.”

    See the August 4, 2009 post on Catholic Patristics.

    As I stated in my previous post, the Holy Spirit is called in scripture both the Spirit of the Father and the Spirit of the Son.

    This is not new doctrine. This is Sacred Scripture.

    But to us, the Holy Spirit is bond of fellowship in the Church.

    It is now very clear to me why Roman Catholics do not have a bond of fellowship with the Orthodox except in personal relationships.

    For some reason it is considered essential on this messageboard to have a hissy fit if a letter from the Holy Father in Rome is quoted wherein he refers to the Holy Spirit speaking through him (as pope) in the exercise of pastoral jurisdiction and his adoption the plural pronoun to reflect this truth in his address of a crisis in the Church.

    We are talking first century here.

    Even the employ of a theological term like ‘energetic procession’ used in both Orthodox and Catholic theological discourse must become an occasion for bagging the Catholic Church and incanting all the litany of supposed sins throughout the centuries.

    It would not be to difficult to trot out all the outrages and violences that the Christian East has inflicted on the Christian West. But why would I bother?

    The American government has just legislated for a sin crying to heaven for vengeance.

    Catholic voices and objections have been raised all over the nation. Even the novus ordo USCBC did not dare to remain silent.

    If the Orthodox churches and their orgs happened to take time off from polishing their museum pieces and raised their objections in any public fora, I missed it. And I would be interested to read it.

    Please post it here.

  140. StMichael March 29, 2010 @ 12:05 am


    Please expound on some these points that you made.

    2) It has not fallen pray to personal pride and so it has not attempted to correct Jesus Christ own wording to create new and “exotic tastes” in doctrine.

    Can you give an example of new and “exotic tastes” in doctrine?

    3) It applies correct glorification to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

    Can you define correct glorification please?

    4) It have NEVER over-glorified his Most Holy Mother the Theotokos, so as to make of Her a Goddess.

    Can you give an example where the Catholic Church of over-glorified the Mother of God and made Her a goddess?

    5) It has NEVER deprived it’s own congregations of His Most Holy Blood in communion.

    Are you ware that the Ukrainian Catholics receive the Most Holy Body & Blood of Our Redeemer under both species. Also, since VII, the congregations in the west also can receive The Body & Blood of Christ under both species.

    BTW, when receiving Holy Communion under the species of bread, Catholics are receiving the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Our Lord. Don’t the Orthodox Christians share that same doctrine?

    6) It has NEVER introduced ridiculous cheats such as forgiving by payment, purgatory, created grace, infallibility of ANY human being etc. etc.

    I don’t think any Catholic believes that any human can create grace. That is just nonsense.

    Also, do Orthodox doubt Purgatory? I thought only Protestants did. It is in scripture by the way.

    7) It has NEVER spewed out charlatans in sheeps clothing, i.e. The Uniates, in order to Kill, Destroy and Infiltrate a fellow Christian.

    If the Catholic Church intended to kill, destroy & infiltrate, it would not have any body to cheat or worship Mary.

    8 ) It has NEVER turned back on it self by reverting age old doctrine to abominable word play.

    I do not know what this refers to but you posted in item 2 that “attempted to correct Jesus Christ own wording to create new and “exotic tastes” in doctrine”. Now you’re stating that the Catholic Church “reverting age old doctrine to abominable word play”.

    What are you referring to?

    9) It has NEVER blessed genocidal wars such as the crusades and even hitler’s nazi wars.

    I think you need to read the Church’s own history books about the crusades. Any fair and objective person would at least let the accused have a chance to speak on Her own behalf. Is that unreasonable before forming uninformed and biased opinions?

    In regards, to Hitler’s Nazi wars:

    “In general, the distribution of strong Nazi party support corresponds to the Protestant regions of the country, with largest values in East Prussia, Schleswig-Holstein, Oldenburg and Saxony.

    The Catholic areas of the Rhineland, Bavaria, Upper Silesia, as well as big cities, and industrial areas (notably Berlin, the Ruhr and Thuringia) were centers of opposition to the Nazi party. (In 1924, the party had received their strongest support in Bavaria, their center of initial mobilization and organization).”


    Also, see this voting map for the Nazi party:

    It seems that if you compare a map of Protestant regions & Catholic regions with a map with Nazi support, you can only conclude that the Nazi party was not supported by Catholics.

    Many Catholic religious died under Hitler. Ever hear of Saint Maximillian Kolbe?

    It is funny how the Church “blessed” the Nazi’s as you say on hand, but housed thousand of Jews in Catle Gandalfo, and the Popes personal chambers were used for birthing mothers. Such duplicity!!!

    Please see:

    Ever hear of Rabbi Zolli?

    He is the author of “Before the Dawn”, “The Nazarene” and other works. He was the Chief Rabbi of Rome. Guess what? He became a Catholic. His Baptismal name was Eugenio
    after Eugenio Pacelli (Pius XII).

    For more info:

    10) It has NEVER been obsessed of who’s the authority is and who’s the power is in this world, as we ascribe the power and authority to God.

    Again, where has the Catholic Church ascribed power & authority not being from God?

    11) It has NEVER engaged in INSANE and HORRIFIC practices such as the inquisitions, supported by an “infallible” Pope…

    Again, give the Church a just and fair opportunity to respond. Please don’t just read her enemies’ propaganda. I personally think that there should have been more inquisitions; we would not be in this mess we are in today if there were. You need to do more research.

    12) It has kept humble as our Lord did, and has endured all and taken all scorn and violence from the otherwise “fellow” west, in killings, propaganda, provocations and other pure evil.

    I personally admire the Russian people the Orthodox obviously have a special place in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It was not the Catholic Church that they suffered under during the Bolshevik Red Terror.

    It is sad to be reminded of what happened to the Tsar’s family and the Russian people and makes me angry that some little “dirtbags” from the Synagogue of Satan could be so cruel and merciless towards them.

    Please do not forget that Joseph David Jughashvili (means son of a Jew) A.K.A Stalin slaughtered over 10 million Ukrainian Catholics.

    BTW, a very good reference for Russia under Bolshevism is Father Dennis Fahey’s “The Rulers of Russia”.

    Viva Cristo Rey!


  141. StMichael March 29, 2010 @ 12:28 am


    Here is photographic proof of the devil Lenin’s father of being a Mason:

    “The symbolic significance of this gesture might explain the reason why it is so widely used by famous Masons. The hidden hand lets the other initiates know that the individual depicted is part of this secret Brotherhood and that his actions were inspired by the Masonic philosophy and beliefs.

    Furthermore, the hand that executes the actions is hidden behind cloth, which can symbolically refer to covert nature of the Mason’s actions. Here are some of the famous men who used this hand signal.”


    Naploean, Stalin, LaFayette, Washington, Marx, Rothschild, Bolivar, etc.

  142. Stav March 29, 2010 @ 1:37 am

    Dear Lynda,

    You jut don’t get it. It’s not enough to use your brain, it matters more how you use it. It’s not about the words, it’s how you use them. It’s not about belief as much as it is about Love. It is not about making a good impression but rather actually BE good.

    Just going through the motions of using a term does not make you part of some Holy group Lynda. It is not magic. You need to have the right intentions, otherwise God will NOT grant you either understanding nor Grace.

    There is no point for you to copy paste anything that the Orthodox have produced. You don’t understand it, you don’t understand it’s intention, nor do you understand where it came from.

    I would suggest you go back to your Spiritual ABCs first, and leave the hard stuff to others. You need to acquire humbleness, love and fear of God before you commence in Theology. You have none of these.

    As I said before, anyone who is ready to understand will get it. For the rest of you, may God bless you!

    And one small answer:

    You say:

    “As I stated in my previous post, the Holy Spirit is called in scripture both the Spirit of the Father and the Spirit of the Son…”

    Please remind me where it is stated “Spirit of the Son”.

    Lynda, you will not see or admit the obvious. The Creed, as produced, was expressed VERBATIM (for very good reasons), on this point, based on John 15:26 (“ο παρα του πατρος εκπορευεται”). The question here is, WHY augment this, if Jesus Christ did not? It’s a simple question is it not? You tried to improve on what was given to us by Jesus Christ, period.

    Have the reasons for expressing the doctrine of the Holy Spirit by quoting Jesus Christ Verbatim changed somehow? Do you think that during the middle ages, man acquired so much wisdom, that he could now improve upon the words of Christ?

    @ StMichael: Expect an answer soon.


  143. KathJuliane March 29, 2010 @ 9:45 am

    Bill Gates a Jew?

    Am 99% sure that he is not, and defer to Brother Nathanael’s excellent radar.

    He’s originally from Washington state, not the gaggle of Silicon Valley Jewry. Most of his background seems to be quasi-aristocratic upper middle class “Establishment” stock: Scottish, English, Irish and German per the American pattern from Colonial ancestry, according to this unofficial genealogy. (Yes, I know such can be faked.)

    His full name is William Henry Gates III, married to Melinda Ann French of Texas identified as Roman Catholic.

    The ancestral spread across his genealogy going back to the Colonial period shows the new world customary pattern of some of his ancestors of naming children at baptism from Biblical names consistent with what was earlier described in another post.

    But in any case he is simply an elitist weird geek and subtly evil genius, openly claims himself to be an agnostic, promotes the global Jew-world-order of dispensing funds from his and his wife’s family foundations for medically approved eugenics and bio-warfare (including vaccines), abortions under the cloak of “philanthropy.”

    He was also a Congressional Page when he was younger (pointing to definite political connections), received an honorary knighthood from the British throne, and some circles say he’s a Lucis Trust Satanist and a Theosophist/Anthrosophist.

    This is the most bizarre (really weird) Gates philanthropy story yet:

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates last week injected $50 million into a programme to circumcise up to 650,000 men in Swaziland and Zambia.

    [Based on a 2006 study by those obssessed with medical circumcision based merely three trials with about as solid a scientific and objective standing and impartial eye to monetary gain as the “science” of global warming…correction…climate change…correction…the sun passing solar gas like it always has affecting global weather changes.

    The “circumcision prevents AIDS hysteria” is heavily promoted by the USAID, US-NIH, UN and WHO, some mainstream medical associations. Now touted as a “vaccine” and “invisible condom,” as well preying upon indigenous and tribal superstitions, the actual results are that AIDS transmission to African wives by promiscuous husbands are now 18-54% higher.

    Not pointed out is that the second highest rate of HIV/AIDS and highest number of circumcised males outside of Muslim countries is North America.]

    The goal of the [Gates] project is to curb the transmission of HIV in two of the AIDS hotspots of the world, as circumcision has been shown [by very questionable studies that don’t stand up to peer medical and scientific scrutiny] to more than halve the risk of men becoming infected.

    Funded for five years through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the programme is the first to massively scale up provision of circumcision by fully trained medical practitioners

    Male circumcision overstated as prevention tool against AIDS:

    New study finds the key to understanding the global spread of AIDS is the size of the infected prostitute community around the world

    In new academic research published today in the online, open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal PLoS ONE, male circumcision is found to be much less important as a deterrent to the global AIDS pandemic than previously thought.

    The author, John R. Talbott, has conducted statistical empirical research across 77 countries of the world and has uncovered some surprising results.

    Infant medical circumcision (distinct from cultural and religious reasons) is no longer formally recommended by the the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Canadian Pediatric Society, and nearly all major medical associations, the real culprits in more than 6 decades have been the medical establishment in this country.

    Medical circumcision in the US is still a $2 billion a year method of easy profitability for doctors and hospitals, even though infant circumcision has dropped from over 90% in 1980, to 55% of American newborn boys, and the rate continues to drop every year.

    Therefore it is no surprise that the AMA, for example, staunchly supports the “medical benefits” of infant medical circumcision, rather a conflict of interest.

    In Africa, with the AIDS/HIV rate the highest in the world, over 60% of males are already circumcised! Follow the money – its an emerging market for the Mammonites, especially in Uganda, which has a low rate of circumcised males, yet —

    Uganda with its ABC program HIV/AIDS prevention is embarrassingly successful in the face of the NWO: A-Abstinence, B-Be faithful, C-use Condoms – has reduced the infection rate from 30% to under 5% since 1990.

    The Republic of Uganda is 85% Christian (predominantly Catholic and Anglican), 12% Muslim, with the rest categorized as practicing indigenous religions, or Hindus or Bahais.

    Might traditional moral education stressing abstinence and marital fidelity in strong preference over that of condom use in service of the liberal agenda, have something to do with the “Uganda Miracle?”

    Uganda’s ABC strongly supported by its government is coming under a lot of criticism from “observers” for allegedly denying young people information about any method of HIV prevention other than sexual abstinence until marriage.

    In other words, it is a not-so-veiled criticism against the emphasis of Christian and Muslim morality and conservatisim and its effectiveness over licentiousness and irresponsibility, not to mention abstinence is 100% effective in preventing STD and unwanted pregancy.

    Excellent article by Canadian physician, Dr. Ali Rizvi who exposes lies and myths of these skewed “studies,” including the fact that the circumcised males were told to refrain from activities for six weeks until tissues healed, and were given condom use education, while the uncircumcised control group were not: ]

    Also see “Religious and Ethnic Viewpoints” against circumcision at this extensive site:

  144. Brabender is not Jewish March 29, 2010 @ 12:02 pm

    My name Brabender is my married name.

    It is from the German meaning “one from the Brabant.” That family was Catholic.

    Borger is from Low German meaning citizen. The original family name from 1425 was De Borger, meaning the citizen ie from the city.

    It was spelled with an umlaut Boerger which they dropped in the New World. They come from Damme, Germany and are Catholic back to the year AD 800.

    I changed my name due to Zionist interference in 1988 from Margaret Ann McErlane.

    Hamilton County, Ohio records.

  145. Lynda March 29, 2010 @ 12:30 pm

    These comments are exactly what I would expect from you Stav.

    I write here in defense of the Roman Catholic Church that is now in eclipse. Whether I do so well or ill is for the Catholics to judge.

    You have never refuted anything I have said to my mind. Others will think what they will.

    Therefore you must resort to saying things like: I am not humble, have not love and do not fear God. You insinuate that I do not fast, do not pray etc. Really. You don’t know me.

    This is your JUDGEMENT. As far as I am concerned, this is only your opinion and you are welcome to it.

    Search my posts. If I have made any personal value judgements of anyone’s character who is writing here, then I apologize. But I do think I have done so.

    Objectively, the Roman Catholic Church regards the Orthodox Churches as schismatic. As a Roman Catholic, I refer to you as a schismatic. The Orthodox Churches regard the Roman Catholic Church as heretical. You refer to me as a heretic.

    As a Roman Catholic I have posted many statements from scripture, patristics and Church history in support of my position – upon which you Orthodox use as a pretext to infodump and twist around with your orthowarp.

    From the Catholic perspective, those who desire to understand the holy faith can understand. They knock and it is opened to them. So, you are right in this sense. I have no desire to understand your rejection of our Lord’s own words in Sacred Scripture and the teaching of the Fathers.

    No amount of orthowarp will convince me that our Lord did not say that upon this Rock of Peter he would found his Church, that he who rejects Peter and his Successors reject our Lord. The quotations from the Fathers which honour this statement you reject with orthowarp. What more is there to be said.

    Please note – I am refering to a behaviour: rejection. I am not assassinating your character – I am not telling you that you are not humble, have not love, do not fear God. Really, how would I know? Perhaps one of the reasons why you have argued so strenuously with me is because you are trying to convince yourself.

    I have quoted on this messageboard the story of St Vincent Ferrer who lived at the time of the Great Western Schism. St Vincent was a schismatic – adhering to a false pope. Yet our Lord gave him an apostolic mission to preach against the Synagogue of Satan throughout Europe. Hippolytus was an antipope. Yet he became a saint. So who am I to judge you personally on the basis of your theological position – with which I do most emphatically disagree.

    I am characterizing the operations you are performing on my posts.

    I do not apologize for anything I have written here and I do NOT RETRACT ONE WORD OF ANY OF IT.

    And I will continue to study theology and the holy faith of the Roman Catholic Church which I do most truly believe and in which faith I hope, by our Lord’s grace, to die.

    If you had read my post before hitting the keyboard with your assassination of my character, you would see my references to: the Spirit of Christ.

    It does not surprise me that you would not be familiar with those passages. Why not look it up yourself.

  146. Stav March 29, 2010 @ 2:02 pm

    Hi Lynda,

    In Christ our Lord,

    I have to say, that is the most objective and ‘true’ reply I got from you to date. I appreciate it.

    And don’t worry, I am not in any need of convincing. I was blessed with eyes of the mind that can see and this, makes me far, far more guilty and a sinner than you will ever be. And believe me, this is not a pretension on my part.

    You are free to characterize me in any way you like, even personally. I don’t mind. If what you say is true, then you are right to do so, and I will take note. If you are wrong, then you are wrong and you saying so does not make it true and I will discard it, but not you as a person.

    I am not going to be shaken by any possible emotions, not any time soon.

    But what I do not like (as an action not personally you), is the fact that you choose 1 or 2 things you’d like to respond to and ignore the rest. Then you act as if everything I asked you has been resolved in your mind. How could it be? Please respond to my questions in the end of this post, if time permits you.

    As far as my “assassination” of your character as you put it goes, my writing to you is not aiming at that, but rather I derived these from your own writings and the attitude you show.

    Of course, in an objective manner, I am not able to see, whether you have love or fear of God etc. in general. However, your assured “air” in something so obviously wrong, as is the changing of Jesus Christ own words (of which the filioque is not the only case), in this respect and context alone, you show a lack of humbleness in front of the Mystery that is God.

    I told you that theology is not a tool to invent new theory. I told you that theology is not some kind or intellectual laboratory where new inventions are to be discovered. I told you that theology is there to express and present what is already known and felt by the Saints. If one gets away from this attitude, then they WILL start to invent new things.

    It is crystal clear that this has been happening in the RCC and this is the main issue here.

    You don’t like my writings here and therefore, you take them personally, because you’d rather do so, that accept the errors of monumental proportions that exist in the community that you have been participating in.

    So, you’d rather pretend this is a personal issue than actually respond to the facts. But then, you’d have to retract statements. You’d have to potentially leave your current community.

    You’d have to sadden others who would not be ready to do so. And that, according to my considerable experience in the matters of heresy is a much more compelling reason to stick with “your” ideas. No need to tell me that it is not so, I have PERSONAL experience and have seen people with my own eyes confess so.

    Yet, you continue to either not get to the point in your responses or consciously avoid doing so. You keep saying directly that somehow, I “warp” things and correct me if I am wrong, this makes me a deceiver, right?

    If according to you, I “warp” things, then I am a deceiver correct? Is that not a clear characterization and a clear negative expression on your part against me? You have also clearly and quite plainly, called all Orthodox Christians to be wrong and associated with Satan, or have you forgotten this?

    I would not say that even for you, even though I do believe you are a heretic. If you care about eliminating the JWO, then you have for sure left some good in you.

    But Lynda, there is no need to take things personally, when they can be resolved by simply looking at the facts.

    I have shown to you, several things, that cannot be denied which show how the RCC has changed it’s external practices and thus it is it that has been derailed.

    Namely, the RCCs do not baptize by immersion anymore. Are you saying that it is the Orthodox who are wrong here?

    You do not fast the way the Church did since these things were settled practically and still is done so by the Orthodox. Are you going to claim that this is not so?

    Your priests do not marry, was this the way it always was? Are you claiming that somehow the Church was wrong for hundreds of years? Or will you claim that the one who departed from this practice is not schismatic by definition?

    Your Church, has invented, funded and continued the practice of the Unitate Church even until today. Do you think this is Christian behavior? And WHY will no RCC person here or anywhere else even dare to respond to this issue?

    They have responded to the doctrinal stuff, but when it comes to clear wrongdoing TODAY, they remain silent. Why is that Lynda?

    You don’t even use the same attires for your priests, neither during the services or out of church. And they shave and cut their hair too. When was that introduced and why? Are these not new practices or am I wrong?

    And why have your icons changed so dramatically? Who’s idea was it, to depict the Father as an old man and the Son as a young one? Is that also something that the Church did right from the beginning?

    Why don’t you give the Holy Unction to your sick (no matter what stage in their life they are or how serious the illness) even though this is CLEARLY suggested in scripture?

    Are we Orthodox to believe that we have it wrong since the beginning and you have only recently got it right? And who is the schismatic by definition in this matter?

    And why is the RCC NOT giving the Holy Blood to it’s congregation? Exceptions only prove the general rule. Is that not another case where Scripture explicitly stating something has been blatantly ignored?

    Matthew 26 (KJ):

    27 And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it; 28 For this is my blood of the new testament,

    Does it not say “Drink ye ALL of it;”? Why not follow this commandment? Am I wrong? If I am wrong please do tell.

    If you think that your theology is immaculate, then please explain this dramatic outward change in your “Church” during the centuries. I am only naming a few things that your community has changed over the years.

    Are you claiming that you kept steadfast to the faith practices? How is that possible when there is clearly so much changed? Are some of these new external practices not clearly derived from the new doctrinal changes the RCC introduced?

    Finally, please explain to me, WHY you think the RCC is now in eclipse, and when this started in your opinion. In my mind, you are quite a contradiction, as on the one side you have perceived and seen and accepted the recent fall of the RCC, but inexplicably, you fail to see the same kinds of mistakes done over and over again since the great Schism.

    Please respond. (especially the uniate problem and the case of Baptism, priests, Holy Unction, lack of giving the Holy Blood etc. )

    And let me make it clear to you. I have been raised in a mixed denominational environment. I am only half Greek. I have lived for many years outside of Greece. I have personal experience of most general and major versions of Christianity.

    I do not hate the heterodox. I have personal relationships with many of them, some of them are even family. That’s not the point here. If you are a practicing RCC, then just like Fr. Joseph, you are probably very polite in real life and a good company.

    I may even like you in a personal level. But dear Lynda, understand that I do have a problem with the religious community and it’s establishment and I am not going to hide this. Therefore, I apologize if I have offended you.

    Whatever I may say is to make clear the errors that I perceive as an OC with the RCC in general. I will do and do actually, the same with all other Protestant or New Age tendencies that show up here and in the real world. Even with Atheistic ones. That does not mean that I hate the people you may carry this information personally.

    In Christ our Lord,


  147. Brother Nathanael March 29, 2010 @ 2:28 pm

    Bill Gates is NOT a Jew. +bn

  148. Lynda March 29, 2010 @ 4:44 pm

    Stav, you say to me:

    ” You [Lynda] don’t like my writings here and therefore you take them personally”

    Really. Is the following not intended as a personal statement in a post addressed to “Dear Lynda”

    “You [Lynda] need to acquire humbleness, love and fear of God before you commence in theology. You [Lynda] have none of these.”

    If you are apologizing for these statements, then – of course – I accept your apology. I have many faults and dare not accuse anyone in these terms.

    But as I read your post, I see no regret for these comments. Rather you are trying to tell me now that you are not speaking personally to me.

    I don’t accept that. If these are not personal statements against my character – then nothing is.

    Then you go on that you are merely remarking upon what you have discerned to be my lack of humblenessess in front of “the Mystery of God.”

    So now it’s about my lack of humbleness.

    Another personal judgement.

    The truth is there are key differences between the doctrines of our respective churches. You write here from the standpoint of the Orthodox doctrines. I write here from the perspective the Roman Catholic doctrines.

    I do not accept your arguments and evidences.

  149. Wilson March 29, 2010 @ 8:16 pm

    KathJuliane and Lynda, your posts are long.

    Is there any way you can shorten them? (Thanks)

    By the way, any – and I mean ANY- coverage by the so called MSM appearing favorable to our hopes regarding real peace in the Middle East and in the world (as well as for the ascension of Christianity) is contrived.

    The ‘revolution’ will not be televised. (Never was, either.)

  150. The Prodigal Son March 29, 2010 @ 9:39 pm

    Hey Wilson,

    You want a job moderating comments?

    I heard Alex Jones is hiring! HA!

  151. Lynda March 30, 2010 @ 12:44 am

    Yes Wilson, I certainly can shorten mine.

    KathJuliane, however, posts invaluable historical research into topics which the legions of the dumbed down Western sheeple certainly need to understand.

    You could benefit from all this free education in social, political and cultual history on RZN.

  152. Stav March 30, 2010 @ 2:43 am


    You don’t accept that Baptism means full immersion? You don’t accept that while Jesus tells ALL to drink from His Most Holy Blood, the RCC deprives this from it’s congregations? What else is there to say?

    You see Lynda, actions speak louder than words.


  153. Stav March 30, 2010 @ 2:48 am

    And Lynda,

    You failed to quote my full reasoning:

    “However, your assured “air” in something so obviously wrong, as is the changing of Jesus Christ own words (of which the filioque is not the only case), in this respect and context alone, you show a lack of humbleness in front of the Mystery that is God.”


  154. Brother Nathanael March 30, 2010 @ 11:29 am

    Dear KathJulianne & Lynda –

    The Wilson comment on shortening posts should have NEVER gone through.

    Make your posts AS LONG as you wish. +bn

  155. Brother Nathanael March 30, 2010 @ 11:30 am

    Dear jackfrost –

    Yes, please Send to me all the info with links.

    Thanks for your VERY INFORMATIVE posts and please Keep on coming back with your VALUABLE contributions to OUR Comments Section. +BN

  156. Mission Impossible March 30, 2010 @ 12:06 pm

    KathJuliane. About Bill Gates.

    I have seen a photograph of the young Bill, and his parents, and one can clearly detect the characteristic facial features of east and central European ‘Jewry.’ The family name could derive from the name Gatinsky or something of that ilk.

    The original Microsoft team (back in the days of DOS) were nearly all American ‘Jews’. That is an established fact. Out of a development team comprising about 12 (I am going from memory here so excuse the lack of exact numbers) either 9 or 10 of whom were Ashkenazi-type ‘Jewish’.

    These facts do not prove Bill Gates has ‘Jewish’ heritage but it must surely add uncertainty to the claim he is definitely not. I prefer to say that on the balance of probability he is ‘Jewish’ … but only in the sense his ancestors may have hailed from somewhere east of the Vistula.

    Bill Gates is guilty of ripping off westerners with overpriced rubbish — Larry Ellison of Oracle, who also has ‘Jewish’ credentials, once labelled Microsoft applications, “vaporware” — and then accumulating great wealth from this fraud, before using the proceeds to transfer, wholesale, America’s software development skills to India and China for free.

    It was Microsoft that both initiated and encouraged the off-shoring of programming capacity to India.

    The situation in the West has become so bad that many young software engineers in Australia have abandoned their studies in despair, citing the job market is already swamped with Indian software developers willing to work for half the price.

  157. Lynda March 30, 2010 @ 2:33 pm

    Again Stav, what you are calling my “assured air” is what I would call faith in the teachings of my Church.

    When I am before the Real Presence of our Lord and I am among the body of Christ assembled for worship, I wear a veil and I am silent.

    On the blogs, however, I have plenty to say.

    The Prodigal Son, with whom I have had final words, probably won’t believe the silent part. But you may have to accept my word for it – because in no conceivable situation, even if the Orthodox had the last sacraments upon earth and I was at the point of death would I ever seek the sacraments from or among people who express the opposition and hostility to the Successors of St Peter and the present Holy Father as I have seen on this messageboard.

    I do pray for our suffering Holy Father in exile as little Jacinta Marto did ask.

    To your mind, the comments I have made about Benedict the Noachide contradict this. They do not. By the clear lens of the Catholic Church’s own magisterium ALONE can Benedict be clearly seen for who and what he is.

    I do not think that Catholics who aspire to the holy faith have enough catechism to perceive this.

    Indeed, on the basis of infallible dogmas of the Church alone: Unam Sanctum, Ex Surge Domine, Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio and Pastor Aeturnus (Vatican I) – the acts of the antipapacy est 1958 must be repudiated as: AN IDOLATRY OF APOSTOLIC WORKS.

    And you would do well to heed this because the antipope (desirous to extinguish apostolic tradition in the Orthodox Church) uses the ecumeical agenda to this end. In exactly the same way did the antipapacy use ecumenical doctrines condemned by the Church in Mortalium Animos to commence its work in extinguishing the sacraments in what is now the post conciliar novus ordo Catholic Church.

    Such statements will, probably in your books, come under the rubrics of “assured air” and lack of humbleness before the Divine Mysteries – therefore, category B: Bad Behavior.

    I put it in category C: – Catholic Behaviour.

    I have never altered one word of any Sacred Scripture that I have quoted on Brother’s messageboard. He would never tolerate that, nor would I expect him to. Indeed the scripture texts upon which this now far deteriorated exchange is based included the Greek in the key words so there would not be any misunderstanding.

    I am not here to debate with you, Stav, the pros and cons of the fath and practices of the Roman Catholic Church – such stands on Sacred Scripture and Tradition from the Apostoles, from the Successors of St Peter and his bishops, from the Fathers, Doctors, Saints and Councils.

    The unity of faith that emerges from this vast tradition is shaped by the living source of authority in the Church, that is the Apostolic Constitutions of the Successors of St Peter and the bishops in communion with him.

    You object to this. And I am certain you will continue to object that the living magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church is valid theologically in its growth and development.

    This is YOUR agenda.

    I believe that the Roman Catholic Church has been built up on the apostolic foundations. To my mind there is nothing theologically in the vast tree that it has become that was not present in the sacred deposit of its seed.

    And I do include in this statement all the beliefs to which you most strenously object: the teachings about the souls who suffer in purgation now and after death for the love of our Lord and his righteousness, the doctrines which carefully define when the Roman Pontiff speaks infallibly, his primacy of honour and jurisdiction, the teachings about the ordinary, constant magisterium of the Church always and everywhere the same which is inerrant, the doctrine of the Filioque, etc.

    The above are some of the reasons why some people hold with the Catholic faith and others not.

    In every comment I make from a Catholic POV, you have undertaken to engage me in debate as though, as a Catholic, I am somehow obligated to give a justification to you for every point of these beliefs.

    And if I do not answer all your objections to the Catholic doctrines which you abhor (and many are only marginally relevant to my comment anyway) then you reply with some withering personal judgement upon my character. Yet for any Catholic these beliefs that you oppose are de fide.

    You obviously think my faith as a Catholic has a lot to answer for. I do not. This is the faith of about a billion people on the planet (more or less) and I don’t think we owe you any apologies.

    As George has pointed out there have been outrages and atrocities on both sides of the Great Schism. For my part I repent of the Catholic ones. Yet it does not escape me that while the pious Christian Russians were being genocided, the Roman Catholics in the West were crowding the first Saturdays and making Rosary novenas for Russia.

    The Catholic press was loud against Jewry in terms of their whitewash of the Bolshivik Revolution as some great idealistic, humanitarian progress. Pope Pius XI issued the thundering denunciation of the Communist Party – Divini Redemptoris. He stated infallibly that any Catholic was in mortal sin who would collaborate with it “in any undertaking whatsoever”.

    In America the Church marshalled its strength under Senator Joseph MacCarthy to find out these cryptos boring away at the social structure.

    Yet now, when the infiltration has born its fruit and the Holy See in Rome is usurped, the Pastor has been struck and the flock scattered, the Roman Catholic Church in eclipse – what do we hear from the Orthodox?

    ‘This just goes to show that Rome has been no church at all for the last thousand years anyway’. And many such remarks are you Orthodox always making on this messageboard.

    I am sure you and the other Orthodox writing here will continue to attack every statement made upon the Catholic foundation if it is published here. But I am under no obligation to debate with you on every point you want to ‘have out’ on the messageboard.

    I think the Roman Catholic tradition of the West has much to contribute by way of understanding and resolution to the supreme crisis of the West now faced by those nations which were the former Christendom and which is shared in the Americas by those of European heritage.

    I do not see any productivity in Orthodox perspectives which argue that this crisis originates in the Catholic Church because of the Filioque, or the Roman practice of the laiety receiving the Corpus Christi or infant baptism by the washing of water rather than immersion.

    I think the burden of proof is upon you to establish all this.

    But I am prepared to give evidences that the present crisis of the West is due in large measure to overthrow of the Catholic monarchies in the masonic Revolution inaugurated 1789, the establishment of secular republics founded upon Jewish banks and the infiltration of the Church by Jews for the destruction of its instutitions.

    Henry Makow, the Canadian Jewish author of The Illuminati, the Cult that Hijacked the World, is coming to some conclusions that are absolute must reads for anyone thinking along these lines.

  158. Stav March 30, 2010 @ 4:36 pm


    I have no reason to disagree if you say that you remain silent, although I do not see the point so much, in mentioning it.

    You say:

    “I do not see any productivity in Orthodox perspectives which argue that this crisis originates in the Catholic Church because of the Filioque, or the Roman practice of the laiety receiving the Corpus Christi or infant baptism by the washing of water rather than immersion.”

    The reason why I mentioned it was to show your mistreated characterization as Schismatic. It was also mentioned to show how the RCC has, in fact, changed from the original practices and doctrines. And the reason for that, was because you were stating that it is the Orthodox who were somehow schismatic and outside of the truth. And therefore, I presented all that I did to you.

    Another reason why there is SUPREME productivity, for selected cases, such as the filioque, and the non giving of Jesus Christ Most Holy Blood to the congregation, is this:

    IT WAS COMMANDED WORD FOR WORD BY JESUS CHRIST to be done EXACTLY like that. He, Lord of all Creation who came to us, to GIVE us these MOST Holy gifts, KNOWS why we need BOTH and so He told use to partake in BOTH. That, is the SUPREME productivity of the mystery of Salvation.

    It does not surprise me, that now that you got your answer and irrefutable proof, you now say that you do not see the productivity etc. etc.

    Would you believe that this is something that I have encountered many times before? The pattern is the same, dear Lynda, let me tell you what it is:

    1) RCC, Protestant, New Ager or Atheist comes up with claim X.

    2) RCC, Protestant, New Ager or Atheist vehemently defend claim X.

    3) The claim is proven beyond any doubt to be false after several attempts to present the same proof from many different angles.

    4) RCC, Protestant, New Ager or Atheist now claims that they do not see the point in whether being right about claim X has any value anyway. They thus, attempt the last possible solution, which is to nullify the issue of claim X.

    5) RCC, Protestant, New Ager or Atheist, become completely offended and choose to never get into this again. The forget about claim X being completely wrong, and go back to their lives.

    That is not to say that I equate you fully with Protestants, New Ager or Atheists. However the pattern is the same.

    As far as what you personally should do, it is most certainly not my job to tell you. If I did say so, I apologize. However, it is a suggestion that the RCCs revert back to the original faith, as we Orthodox see it, to be applied generally to the body of your community. That’s not unlike what any RCC would tell you about the Orthodox.

    Look at it logically. Christianity is about Love, right?

    If I then sincerely believe that a person or group has put their salvation in jeopardy, then should I not do something about this? Or should I not say anything and not care? It goes without saying that I should pray for them, but when I am given the opportunity to tell twice as per Scripture instructs us to do, should I not do it?

    Believe me, that’s the way I feel. On top of that, this is a public forum and many read your, mine and others comments. If I do see something that does not sit right with my sincere beliefs, shall I not make this clear for love of my fellow man?

    What follows is important: Truth and Love go together. One will not deny the other. One will support the other.

    To sort out doctrine which is truth, is to support Love. And doctrine cannot be established without an experience of God. And an experience of God, can only be attained by having a pure and clean heart.

    If one has not these, they will inevitably resort to producing doctrine stochastically. Which, is the wrong approach to producing doctrine. That, my deal Lynda, is not a personal comment to you, but it is what I believe. I am not claiming to know your heart. I am merely presenting the above info to you.

    “Exactness of life, proves the correctness of doctrine.”
    (Free translation)
    St. John Chrysostom (P.G. 48, 811.)

    And exactness of life includes the practices I have written about previously.


  159. Fr. Joseph March 30, 2010 @ 5:52 pm

    These sorts of exchanges and charges launched by Stav are entirely useless.

    The Christian Church’s Sacrament of BAPTISM may be obtained by IMMERSION, by INFUSION or by ASPIRATION.

    ‘The Didache’ @

    Now about ‘USURY’…All of you GREEK ORTHODOX out there on the Internet – what is the INTEREST RATE your so very staunchly and impeccible ‘GREEK Orthodox Church’ members in GREECE are paying on all of that JEWISH MONEY they are perpetually borrowing now from the European Union?

    Gimme a break with this unending supremecy of Stav’s ORTHODOX position presented here on RZN.

    The entire World is on the brink of a thermonuclear Third World War, and Stav wants to blame the CATHOLIC CHURCH’s filioque and her primacy of the Bishop of Rome as THE CAUSE of every last evil propagated by unredeemed Mankind!

    Bad weather the World over is on account of and the result of the ‘Filioque?’

    Sports teams don’t win their championships on account of the ‘Filioque?’

    The 9-11 ‘Arab’ terrorist attacks were the result of the ‘Filioque?’

    Mrs. So-and-So’s FENDER BENDER on Elm Street is the result of the ‘Filioque?’


    The Lord Christ Jesus – the LOGOS Himself – promises to grant our World WORLD PEACE if the Bishop of Rome and the Bishops of the Catholic Church perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to His Mother’s Immaculately Loving Heart.

    And the ORTHODOX here – Greek, Russian, Serbian – “go bonkers” over the Mother of God’s Fatima Apparitions and Messages – declaring them to be of ‘satanic’ origin!

    If this World of ours DOES undergo this pending thermonuclear Third World War because the Bishop of Rome is SO AFRAID of ‘offending’ you of the Eastern Orthodox Churches – then the very least you of the Orthodox Churches can do is TO ACCEPT YOUR OWN PART and YOUR OWN PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for denying and seeing to it that the Logo’s Mother’s Own INSTRUCTIONS, ADVICE and HEAVENLY COUNSEL to the Church Militant here on earth NEVER GETS DONE!

    Go DIG UP every last ‘Eastern Roman Emperor’ and every last ‘Byzantine Emperor’ and ask them what is GOD’S DIVINE HOLY WILL as His Solution to get US out of this fine ‘World Wide Mess’ of 2010 A.D.!

    Apparently, the MOTHER OF GOD’S ADVICE as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D. isn’t good enough for you Eastern Orthodox here.

    Did the ‘Patriarchs of Constantinople Society’ have all of the ‘Answers’ since Constantine’s time?

    – Fr. Joseph

  160. Lynda March 30, 2010 @ 11:18 pm

    An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but by sovereign grace such a generation was given the great sign of the solar prodigy at Fatima in 1917 – “so that all would believe” the witness of the three shepherd children.

    Yet few, too few take to heart that this is the sign which the Church has declared: the Signum Magnum – Apoc 12.

    The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart, but it will be late. How late? Perhaps too late to spare the world the full measure of chastisement that Our Lady stated emphatically God would send by means of war, famine, persecution of the Church and the Holy Father.

    The Prince of the Host prostrated himself upon the earth at the Serra da Aire to beg the conversion of poor sinners from our Lord who is outraged and offended by the blasphemies, sins and indifference of his people.

    The Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Arc of the Covenant, is the refuge and sanctuary appointed for Christians in our Apocalyptic times.

    The very idea that anyone, however, ignorant, opinionated and orthowarped would regard this as ‘Satanic’ is a terrible thing and a lot of reparation will have to be done for those statements.

  161. Stav March 31, 2010 @ 1:41 am


    So everything that was talked about, now, has no value, now you don’t really care about it anymore, even though you defended your position.

    You accuse me of name calling yet you have no problem name calling me when it suits you.

    No problem. As I said before, the course of these things is totally predictable. You will never see if you put your pride over the truth.

    And about the “apparitions,” of course they are Satanic, do you have proof of the contrary? Another case where you ignore Scripture. Don’t you know that you are supposed to TEST the spirits?

    And Lynda, you show your FULL BLOWN PAPISM (which you deny is an appropriate characterization), when you put the Pope (or this imaginary Peter’s successor) OVER and ABOVE the sacraments.

    To say that you would put a human being before the sacraments, off course you don’t understand, is a Betrayal of God and his message of salvation.

    Got nothing more to say? Fine, I think it’s time to get back to step one. Any of you say something that is not Orthodox enough, I WILL oppose it.


  162. Stav March 31, 2010 @ 1:46 am

    Fr Joseph,

    It is not time for you to get into new issues. At least not in the context of courtesy.

    You still owe me (in the context of courtesy, not in reality) answers/comments (or even a simple acknowledgment that you saw the question and don’t want to answer it) on WHY the Uniates are still allowed to exist and act and also WHY the RCC disobeys Jesus Christ own commandment to give His Most Holy Blood to ALL.

    Answer these, and I’ll happily go forward into other matters.


  163. The Prodigal Son March 31, 2010 @ 8:41 am

    Fr. Joseph,

    Hope you’re well! If I may… from the Didache:

    1:1 There are two paths, one of life and one of death, and the difference is great between the two paths.

    (…) 2:7 Thou shalt not hate any man, *BUT SOME THOU SHALT CONFUTE*, concerning some thou shalt pray, and some thou shalt love beyond thine own soul.

    (…) 4:1 My child, thou shalt remember both night and day him that speaketh unto thee the Word of God; thou shalt honour him as thou dost the Lord, for where the teaching of the Lord is given, there is the Lord;

    (…) 6:1 See that *NO ONE* make thee to err from this path of doctrine, since he who doeth so teacheth thee apart from God.

    6:2 If thou art able to bear the whole yoke of the Lord, thou wilt be perfect; but if thou art not able, what thou art able, that do.

    (…) 7:1 But concerning baptism, thus baptize ye: having first recited all these precepts, baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, in running water;

    7:2 But *IF* thou hast not running water, baptize in some other water, and if thou canst not baptize in cold, in warm water;

    7:3 But *IF* thou hast neither, pour water three times on the head, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

    (Sounds like the sprinkling of the water should be essentially the last resort…)

    7:4 But before the baptism, let him who baptizeth and him who is baptized *FAST* previously, and any others who may be able. And thou shalt command him who is baptized to fast one or two days before.

    (…) 9:5 And let none eat or *DRINK* of your Eucharist but such as have been baptized into the name of the Lord, for of a truth the Lord hath said concerning this, Give not that which is holy unto dogs.

    (Pretty hard to DRINK a cracker isn’t it?…)

    (…) 15:3 *REBUKE ONE ANOTHER*, not in wrath but peaceably, as ye have commandment in the Gospel; and, but let no one speak to any one who walketh disorderly with regard to his neighbour, neither let him be heard by you until he repent.

    — — —

    And how come no one wants to discuss the forged decretals and the interpolations into the writings upon which the papacy was founded?

  164. Norseman March 31, 2010 @ 9:10 am

    Stav wrote:

    “1) RCC, Protestant, New Ager or Atheist comes up with claim X.

    5) RCC, Protestant, New Ager or Atheist, become completely offended and choose to never get into this again. The forget about claim X being completely wrong, and go back to their lives.

    That is not to say that I equate you fully with Protestants, New Ager or Atheists. However the pattern is the same.”

    This statements are outrageous. Not only you put in the same sentence Christians, non-Christians (mostly Satanists) and Atheists, you also claim to ALWAYS BE RIGHT.


    Your latest messages transpire a spirit of self-righteousness difficult to reconcile with the perfect doctrine you claim to represent.

    The argument with Lynda is not productive anymore, as she herself wrote above. BOTH you and Lynda have written offensive messages here, but it is you Stav who continues the infighting now.

    Don’t you see that we are all in the same trench now? Fr. Joseph put it quite clearly above: do not upset your comrades in arms, just fight the enemy!

    Your brother in Christ,


  165. Fr. Joseph March 31, 2010 @ 9:56 am

    Prodigal Son,

    If I were in the middle of the SAHARA DESERT with another person – man, woman or child – and he/she was about TO DIE – and that person/child turned to me and asked me TO BAPTIZE them ‘In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’ – and there wasn’t so much as a DROP OF WATER to befound for 500 miles in either direction – I could SPIT in the palm of my hand and smear my spittle on them in order to baptize them.

    The Church here on earth is GOD’S MERCY MADE MANIFEST in real-life tangible, physical form!

    The Church here on earth is DIVINELY ESTABLISHED to make God’s Own Divine MERCY available to ANYONE who beseeches the Lord for His Mercy and for His Forgiveness and for His Divine Promise of Eternal Life!

    And if I didn’t have enough SPITTLE in my own dry and parched mouth, then I could and would INVOKE the Mercy of God’s and His Divine Desires of/for/with His Own Divine Sacraments to simply ‘go through the motions’ of BAPTIZING that person using SAND instead of WATER.

    And if I didn’t have the physical strength OR the God-created natural resources and/or materials which are part and parcel of the ADMINISTERING of the Sacrament of Baptism for that dying person next to me in the middle of the Sahara Desert –

    I would ‘invoke’ my Priesthood upon that dying person by telling him/her with ‘The Church’s Authority’ to simply EXPRESS THEIR HEARTFELT DESIRE to be ‘properly Baptized’ in the Sight of Almighty God despite not having ANY WATER at hand – and THAT would be a VALID Christian Baptism – the Baptism of DESIRE.

    Christ Jesus went throught extraordinary Divine Lengths to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to make spiritual reconcilation between God and the people of this World possible – and so many want to make other people’s reconcilation with God the most difficult, trying, exhausting and punishing sort of thing!

    What is SO HARD for a person to be BAPTIZED in water in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? The Church does NOT ask for people to be subjected to a bath in hyrdocholoric acid!

    Water is HARMLESS to a person’s body – and Water is absolutely NECESSARY for his/her/their surival! And God makes WATER about the most abundant and most accessible ELEMENT on the surface of this planet earth of His creating.

    Yet people the World over would rather NOT and REFUSE to His Church’s Divine Sacrament of BAPTISM!

    People the World over are in DIRE NEED of the Inspirations, Gifts, Graces and Helps of God the Holy Spirit – yet they MOCK and REJECT the Church’s Sacrament of Confirmation. They bethink themselves ‘too smart’ and ‘too sophisticated’ and ‘too self dependent’ to have ANY NEED for God the Holy Spirit’s Spiritual and Charismatic Gifts!

    And THE LOGOS is willing to grant us ETERNAL LIFE by simply eating His Body and His Blood in the Church’s Sacrament of THE EUCHARIST.

    The same GOD Who said ‘Let there be LIGHT’ – and we ALL see the light of the sun and the moon and the stars and of our own incandecent and flourences light bulbs the world over – is the same GOD Incarante Who said ‘THIS IS MY BODY’ over bread and ‘THIS IS MY BLOOD’ over wine.

    And people the World over REFUSE and/or REJECT God Incarnate’s Personal Offer and Promise of granting them ETERNAL LIFE if but they submitted themselves and their haughty, self-asserting, arrogant, prideful human wills to FAITH in Him and OBEDIENCE to Him and His All-good and All-merciful Divine Nature AS God Himself!

    “Straining at GNATS and swallowing CAMELS” is what these Catholic-Orthodox exchanges becomes here on RZN!

    Now let me share with you and STAV what THE LORD shared with ME last night here at my hermitage as I had to interiorly WRESTLE with this confouned and perpetual ‘FILIOQUE’ obsession of yours, Stavs’ and others here from the Orthodox Church…

    – Fr. Joseph

  166. Stav March 31, 2010 @ 10:24 am

    Dear Norseman,

    You ask:

    Here is your answer:

    No, of course I don’t, not for everything and not for most things.

    But when it comes to the faith and doctrine I follow I believe I do (and we do, meaning all Orthodox). That’s what Orthodoxy means anyway, right and correct faith/glorification.


  167. Stav March 31, 2010 @ 10:31 am

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    I believe, most catholic populations live in areas with plenty of water. Thus, I am not talking about extreme circumstances.

    That’s not the point at all. We Orthodox laity also have the power to baptize in empty air, without even water if dire circumstances require it. That’s not the problem nor the point here.

    The main reason why I mentioned the issue of baptism was to point out the counter-traditional novelty introduced by the west, which makes it at least outwardly different from the original Church. That was the only point.

    Furthermore, I made this point as an answer to something specific that Lynda claimed. To analyze it any further is not relevant and in fact I agree with most of what you said.

    Furthermore, the baptism issue, was not put to you in isolation, but as part of a number of other outward differences that were introduced after the Schism.

    Do you have any comments on those and the relevant point that I made which was to show that outward differences were in fact, introduced by the RCC?


  168. Stav March 31, 2010 @ 10:40 am

    Dear Norseman,

    Yes I agree that we are in the same trench. It’s just that some of us, have more potent weapons than others. The (terrible) time(s) will come when you will realize this.

    And until the time comes for you to realize this, you will naturally think that I am being outrageous and self-righteous. It is not me, it’s the Holy tradition I speak for, that is the Truth.


  169. Fr. Joseph March 31, 2010 @ 11:01 am


    Let me share with the two of you (and ALL of the rest of the Eastern Orthodox Christians here on RZN) what THE LORD gave to me last night here at my hermitage TO SHARE with all of you “out there” throughout our World of 2010 Anno Domini via the Internet:

    After reading STAV’s remarks vs. LYNDA, I was ‘steamed up’ in spirit, finding myself having to carry this BURDEN in my mind and heart as a result – another ‘burden’ ON TOP OF all of this satanic GARBAGE going on all over our planet earth, upon all of Mankind, upon and WITHIN the Lord’s Own CHURCH MILITANT here on earth.

    I retired to the Blessed Silence and Blessed Stillness of my own hermitage and sat down by the table. Directly ON the wall over this table is a 2 foot by 3 foot framed picture of the Image of OUR LORD and His Most Sacred Heart.

    Looking up INTO the artist’s crystal clear BLUE EYES the artist painted the EYES of Christ Jesus in that image of the Sacred Heart, I spoke/told THE LORD in a very direct, man-to-Man, one-on-One, manner that I was personally SICK & TIRED of having to deal with ANYONE from the “Orthodox Church” – and that I was SICK & TIRED of having to hear about ‘Filioque’, ‘Filioque’, ‘Filioque’, ‘Filioque’ endlessly – without let up – without any end in sight.

    I told Him it was like having to listen to a LP record player playing a SCRATCHED record SKIPPING over and over and over hour after hour on end on the same groove OR just like a CD PLAYER repeating the same, same, same coupled of musical notes from a damaged CD!

    I then went to offer my private votive Mass for the UNIVERSAL CHURCH MILITANT here on earth as is my ‘Priestly Ministry’ here at my hermitage’s Altar – and as I prayed outloud the NICENCE CREED – right when I came across ‘THE FILIOQUE PHRASE’ – the Holy Spirit “interrupted” me, caused me TO STOP right there and then – and to GO BACK UP to the Credal Statement’s lines wherein EVERYONE ON EARTH can read and prayerfully ponder for themselves:

    the only Son of God
    eternally begotten of the Father
    God from God, Light from Light
    True God from True God,
    begotten, not made, ONE IN BEING
    with the Father.
    Through Him all things were made
    for us and for our salvation
    He came down from Heaven
    By the Power of THE HOLY SPIRIT

    So to help ‘BREAK THIS CYCLE’ of going on and on and on STUCK on ‘The Filioque’, it is THE LORD Who would like to GENTLY remind all of you from the Eastern Orthodox Churches that it was GOD THE FATHER’S Divine Decision that His Only Eternally Begotten Son, JESUS, THE CHRIST, our LORD and SAVIOR to take on our human nature as A MAN in the WOMB of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    And it is the DIVINE INTENTION of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit TO USE this WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 in order TO CRUSH SATAN’S HEAD!

    And it was by God’s Divine SOVEREIGN WILL that the Mother of God appeared to three children in Fatima, Portugal back in 1917 A.D.

    And it IS God’s Divine SOVEREIGN WILL that the Bishop of Rome along with the Bishop of THE CHURCH MILITANT here on earth to publicly perform a SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to this Woman’s Immaculately Loving Heart.

    Whenever you of the Eastern Orthodox Church SEE an Icon, a Holy Image, a Statue of the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY anywheres in your Churches, your Cathedrals, your Shrines, wherever – DO the ‘Proper Reliigous Thing’ and SPEAK TO HER saying:


    And when you ORTHODOX and we CATHOLICS can FINALLY ‘get our religious-spiritual ACT TOGETHER’ after these 900+ years of useless, non-productive SCHISM –

    And PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGE this WOMAN to the MOTHER of God Incarnate, THE LOGOS, the One Who is our World’s SAVIOR to the ENTIRE WORLD via a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA per her very own SPECIFIC Heavenly Directions and Instructions – then HER SON will ‘Save Our Contemporary World’ and grant us all WORLD PEACE.

    But now then, if you EASTERN ORTHODOX simply LIKE/LOVE/RELISH causing disputes, arguments, ‘fights’ ad infinitum – then prepare yourselves from that which you DESIRE – the ‘Mother of All Wars’ – a global worldwide thermonuclear Third World War caused by your ‘Friendly Neighborhood Satanists, Illmunists, Kabbalahists, Occulists, Luciferians’ running amock all across our World and RUNNING our Human Race in the ground, into the dust.

    It was the deceiving SERPENT who was relegated to “eat DIRT”, “eat DUST” all the days of its life.

    The SERPENT has been, is and will continue to “seek its REVENGE” against both the Church and ALL OF MANKIND!

    But THE WOMAN can – by the Power of God Himself – CRUSH Satan’s head and that of all of Satan’s OFFSPRING!

    – Fr. Joseph

  170. Stav March 31, 2010 @ 11:52 am

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Your last post was great.

    For once we agree on 99% of what you say. It was very moving. I get your point, I really do.

    You did a good thing there to ask our Lord for help in a sincere manner. That’s just a matter of fact statement, it’s not a judgment nor an approval as that is not my place. But let me focus on the 1% for which I want to provide some info/contrast:

    As quoted by you:

    the only Son of God
    eternally begotten of the Father
    God from God…”

    The original Greek says:

    “Και εις ένα Κύριον Ιησούν Χριστόν, τον Υιόν του Θεού τον μονογενή,…”

    Word for word translation:

    “And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God the only-begotten…”

    I will focus on that last word “μονογενή” of which the common but partial translation is “only-begotten.”

    However, as pointed out a few month ago, when I mentioned/explained the multiple translations of the word Logos, Greek words sometimes have the characteristic of meaning multiple things, all congruent.

    Thus, they can literally “pack” a good amount of more understanding than any subsequent translation can. This is especially true with the God inspired Bible, but also with the writings of the Fathers, and ecumenical councils.

    In the case of the word “μονογενή” we can also clearly see it as: “μονο”-“γενή” meaning of “μόνο”=one and “γένος” where this word means “genus” or parental origin. Thus, one can support by this word alone, the single parentage of Jesus Christ the Son, rather than a dual one.

    Just a pointer for you to remember. Not trying to get into an argument here.

    The second thing I’d like to comment on, is this:

    You say above, to stick to our common heritage and parts of the faith that correspond and basically work together against the Evil that is the JWO.

    I wholeheartedly agree with this in the practical sense. However, and this is the point I disagree with, that good practice, does not equate (to me at least) that we should at the same time completely and forever forget about our differences.

    I am unable to do this, and therefore I will from time to time witness here what I consider to be the truth.

    In the future, I’ll try not to be offensive, and as I said before while I may sound like it, I don’t intend this to be personal, but I will state here to the best of my ability what I consider to be right, from the Orthodox point of view.

    That is not to say that I believe I am right my self personally, but the matters of faith I have received and witness as such.

    I wish you the best, a very blessed preparation to and eventual celebration of the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord and as always I will pray for you and everybody else here, including Lynda, who must (understandably, from her point of view) hate me right now!


  171. Lynda March 31, 2010 @ 1:40 pm

    I do not hate you, Stav.

    Again, you are about the business of personally assassinating my character (of which you know nothing) and ascribing sins to me such as hatred.

    I do not retract one word of what I have written against your arguments – which are meritless.

    Now I see you are going to argue about the English translation of the Nicene Creed:

    We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ
    the only Son of God
    eternally begotten of the Father

    vs (the superior – to your mind – Orthodox version as translated from the precious Greek)

    “And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God the only begotten”

    The English is perfectly clear to me Stav that our Lord is the only begotten of the Father. I doubt that there are any Catholics out there who are not clear on this point.

  172. Stav March 31, 2010 @ 2:12 pm

    Hey Lynda,

    Actually, my mention of you was a terrible and failed attempt at some kind of humor. Sorry about that. Nothing more.


  173. Stav March 31, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

    Also, Lynda,

    I personally believe and have some serious proof of this, that there is merit in investigating the Greek wherever possible.

    The use of the word “Logos” in Greek in St. Johns gospel, is one example of this divine providence.


  174. Lynda March 31, 2010 @ 3:09 pm

    Thank you, Stav.

    I agree with you.

    Word study in all the Biblical languages yields many graces of understanding if one studies the Sacred text with the mind of Holy Church.

    And, of course, the knowledge of the Biblical languages themselves is a treasure.

  175. The Prodigal Son March 31, 2010 @ 4:53 pm


    You asked Stav if he ‘owns the truth’…

    He doesn’t… but the Orthodox Church DOES! It is THE ONLY Church which has:

    A. Been around for 2,000 years with an unbroken chain of apostolic succession


    B. Kept that faith once delivered to the saints UNCHANGED the whole time, as Scripture adjures.

    So I will say with confidence that what is now known as the Eastern Orthodox Church DOES ‘own the truth.’

    — — —

    To Whom It May Concern,

    (Kidding! This one’s for you Lynda!)

    You do know that Stav is trying to be nice to you don’t you? I’m sorry to say, but you’re coming off as just a tad snarky!

    Anyhow, there is virtually only ONE Biblical language now…

    Of course the Old Testament was originally written in the Hebrew language… but those who call themselves ‘Jews’ have long since destroyed any old copies which disagree with their Pharisaic doctrines (LIES).

    The Hebrew texts available today (excepting perhaps the Qumran Scrolls) have all been censored and altered by the Masoretic ‘rabbis’…

    So really, it seems to me that whether dealing with Old OR New Testament writings – one should look to the Greek texts (or at least English from the Greek) for the most honest representation of the original words & meanings.

    How can any Christian feel confident in trusting a Bible which is based on anti-Christ Masoretic Hebrew texts?

    It is my mission to learn Greek myself so I will no longer have to rely on corrupted translations. So much is lost – and reading the English, there is simply no way to know what you’re missing! I don’t trust the English at all!

    — — —


    I think this is the first time I’ve ever spoken directly to you.

    Allow me first to say that I greatly admire your logic and your love and defense of the Orthodoxy!

    I guess we’ve never had words because I always find myself in agreement with you. But you should know that the reproof of anyone who says they are Christian (as the Scriptures & the Didache attest to) is both Godly and commendable.

    The world needs more people to defend the truth un-flinchingly and un-apologetically! People in this fallen world don’t need ‘political correctness’ and EMPTY ‘love’… they need the truth – God’s honest truth; as we know there is ONLY ONE TRUTH!

    Please, I wonder if you can help me…

    Can you translate these two words into English for me so I can verify my hunch?

    1. Ιουδαίοι

    2. Εβραίοι

    I thank you in advance, and may God bless you to continue in your tireless defence of His ONE Holy Orthodox faith & Church!


    Χριστός νικάει!

  176. George March 31, 2010 @ 10:11 pm

    Dear Stav,

    Such statements such as:

    ‘And about the “apparitions,” of course they are Satanic, do you have proof of the contrary?’

    Do you no good. If you do not wish to accept the Fatima apparitions, then don’t.

    But I can assure you that I have investigated the facts – and the heaps of rubbish that people write, which only cloud the truth – and can conclude without doubt that it was the Virgin Mary appearing in Portugal.

    Perhaps you could prudently state “if theses apparitions are genuine, then what are their merits for us?” – much like a doubting Thomas. But to thrust them down as “satanic” makes you no more virtuous than the blind Pharisee who did not want to be convinced at any cost.

    Sorry for my painful words.

  177. Lynda March 31, 2010 @ 11:08 pm

    Hi George,

    Always good to see your posts on RZN.

    Does Paschaltide fall on the same dates this year for the Christian West and the Christian East?

    Is your Old Calendar Orthodox parish celebrating Pascha this week?


  178. George April 1, 2010 @ 12:39 am

    Dear Lynda,

    Yes it does, and yes we are.

    Christos Anesti

  179. The Prodigal Son April 1, 2010 @ 1:52 am


    I posted a response to you on March 28 @ 12:30 pm…

    You didn’t reply to my specific question or statements. Perhaps you didn’t see them?

    Are you from a Uniate church by any chance? Or Maronite?

    Again – you said you were an Easterner… but you never specifically said you were Orthodox.

    You defend the papacy and the ‘fatima aparitions’, but Lynda seems to think you’re an Eastern Orthodox Christian… Are you?

    You don’t sound Orthodox to me – so what church do you belong to if you don’t mind my asking?

  180. Lynda April 1, 2010 @ 2:04 am

    Dear George,

    Christus resurrexit
    Vere resurrexit

    I’ll write again after Easter Triduum.

  181. Stav April 1, 2010 @ 5:37 am

    Dear George,

    I have been through the matter of the “apparitions” multiple times with long posts. I therefore consider that there is no need to go through them again for the time being. Look back a few articles on this site and you will find them there.

    If you indeed consider your self to be either and Orthodox Christian or a Christian with bullet proof honesty, logic and awareness, then read the full text of the apparition account and you will find deeply anti-scriptural and un-Orthodox statements in it.

    That’s my PERSONAL opinion ONLY, I am not forcing it on anyone. Everyone else is free to accept them or renounce them.


  182. jgalindes April 1, 2010 @ 5:42 am

    Dear George,

    Such brief and healthy advise!

    Respectfully, JG

  183. Brother Nathanael April 1, 2010 @ 10:30 am

    Dear Prodigal Son –

    George is a VERY GOOD Friend of mine and a Fellow Orthodox Christian.

    George is with the Greek Orthodox Church and is a very pious Orthodox Christian.

    +Brother Nathanael

  184. Stav April 1, 2010 @ 1:29 pm

    Hi Prodigal Son / Joshua,

    Thanks for your comments, although all glory is for the Truth, who is Jesus Christ. I merely spot the differences and anything I may consider a doctrinal/faith/tradition error and attempt to prove that it is so, based on the Holy tradition that we Orthodox Hold.

    I’ll try to give you answers as I best know them. Perhaps Br. Nathanael and/or KathJuliane can verify. This is not my area of expertise. (Not that I am an expert in anything in particular in matters pertaining to the faith)

    1. Ιουδαίοι

    Strictly translated this means “Judahites.” In Greek, this is understood as: “Those of Judah.” This probably means those who are descended specifically physically and/or spiritually from the tribe of Judah as opposed to being a Jew, more generally descended from Abraham and Jacob.

    2. Εβραίοι

    This means Hebrews, a person descending from Abraham and Jacob.

    Thus from the above it seems that Hebrews are a super group that includes all Judahites.

    Anyone, please correct this, as I have not looked this up extensively.


  185. Stav April 1, 2010 @ 1:41 pm

    Dear George,

    I am sorry for being a little suspicious with you. In this day and age, no one can be too careful.

    It has been an occasional occurrence here that one portrays oneself as Orthodox when they are not. So while comments can be entirely correct initially, one cannot be entirely sure whether these are setups or simply genuine comments.

    If you have any comments or criticism on my posts, please do not hesitate to post them.

    About the “apparitions,” I’d like to point you to some commentary written in Greek, but I am not sure if you can read it.

    Also, to form a better opinion on this matter, I’d strongly advise you to read the official account and perhaps do some comparisons with other apparitions or messaged that have appeared in the context of the Orthodox.

    I think you will see clear differences. Also, there are a number of statements by the Mother of God/spirit as accounted, that raise some serious questions with regards to the doctrinal/holy tradition correctness of them.

    If you’d rather me tell you about them privately, please tell. I am not sure getting into too much analysis on this matter is relevant to this public forum.


  186. The Prodigal Son April 1, 2010 @ 1:51 pm

    Dear Br. Nathanael,

    Ah, O.K. Thank you very much.

    It is nice to receive a response to my questions…

    For some reason some people just ignore me – even when I’ve directly addressed them.

    I am relatively new to this mode of communication… Perhaps I’ve unwittingly done something wrong?

    Can you think of any reason why anyone would snub me like that? I don’t get it.

  187. Fr. Joseph April 1, 2010 @ 2:24 pm

    Did the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ DO AWAY WITH HIM?

    Does not Sacred Scripture record, under the Inspiration of God the Holy Spirit, that the RISEN LORD made several of His Own ‘Appearances’ to His Own APOSTLES after His Resurrection?

    Did or did not St. Peter and the others personally witness with their own TWO EYE BALLS the Transfiguration of our Lord, the revealing of His Divine SPIRITUAL Nature?

    Did or did not Christ Jesus perform a public miracle of the MULTIPLICATION of the loaves of bread and fish TO FEED 5,000 men – not counting the WOMEN and CHILDREN right along with them?

    AT FATIMA – 70,000 rain drenched and soaked MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN standing ANKLE DEEP in MUD gather to see a proclaimed ‘Miracle’ that the MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS said her Son would perform/make manifest in order TO PROVE to all of Mankind and to all of the Church that HER DIVINE SON was the One Who was arranging and making possible HIS OWN MOTHER’S Apparitions and Messages and Instructions to THREE CATHOLIC CHILDREN of Fatima, Portugal!

    70,000 rain soaked-drenched people standing ankle deep in MUD are MIRACULOUSLY-INSTANTANEOUSLY dried off, the GROUND under there feet is DRIED UP – and ALL 70,000 witness the ‘Miracle of the Sun.’ And this Miracle of the Sun is REPORTED to have occurred in every last major European nation’s capitol cities’ newspapers.

    What ‘on earth’ does it take for you of the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES to ‘get a CLUE’!

    You all JUMP FOR JOY and you all ‘Go Bonkers with Belief’ when THE RISEN LORD listens to and respondes to the PRAYERS of the Patriarch of Jerusalem when he prays at the LORD’S TOMB of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – and ‘VIOLA!’ – the annual MIRACLE OF HOLY FIRE occurs ‘Right On Schedule’.

    Now make a HONEST ATTEMPT to get this through your Eastern Orthodox Church MINDS!

    If ONE Patriarch of Jerusalem’s prayers causes the annual Miracle of Holy Fire to occur like ‘Divine Clock Work’ year in and year – then THINK! THINK! THINK! THINK! –

    What would be the result for the ENTIRE WORLD if you have the BISHOP OF ROME and ALL OF THE BISHOPS OF THE CHURCH going to their own Cathedrals THE WORLD OVER at the same time on the same day and DOING what the WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 TOLD THEM TO DO…

    …perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculately Loving Heart – the MOTHER of the Church and the MOTHER of All Mankind as its NEW EVE!

    If ‘Holy Fire’ is DIVINELY made manifest for all of your Orthodox Christians via the prayers of ONE Patriarch of Jerusalem – and if 70,000 are all simultaneously DRIED OFF because they all ‘Gathered Together’ in order to personally witness and experience the Supreme Divine Powers and Abilities of OUR ALMIGHTY CREATOR, FATHER, LORD AND SAVIOR – then THINK! THINK! THINK! THINK!

    In the midst of, in the VERY FACE OF this worldwide SATANIC ONSLAUGHT FROM HELL ITSELF vs. our World, our Human Race and OUR Church Militant here on earth in this year 2010 Anno Domini – THINK! THINK! THINK!…

    What can occur when THE BISHOPS OF THE CHURCH, united in SPIRIT, united in PURPOSE, united in DIVINE MISSION, united in DIVINE SERVICE to GOD INCARNATE HIMSELF and to His Very Own MOTHER, the WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 – going ‘GLOBALLY PUBLIC’ vs. the ‘GLOBALIST NWO-ZIONIST-OWG’ types…

    …with a public, solemn and SIMULTANEOUS Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA, the victim of this century’s ZIONIST-MARXIST-BOLSHEVIK-SATANIC Kabbalahist-Zohar-Occult-Black Magick-Masonic-Rosicrucian-Hermetic Orders’ SPIRITUAL ‘CONSPIRACY’!


    The Orthodox Church ought to be a source of spiritual enlightenment and encouragement – NOT some sort of ‘Constantinople-style GULAG’!

    – Fr. Joseph

  188. Fr. Joseph April 1, 2010 @ 2:55 pm

    Regarding the ‘FATIMA APPARITIONS’ and associated ‘Miracle of the Sun’ personally EXPERIENCED and WITNESSED by 70,000 people…

    …for all of you of the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES here on RZN!

    Here is ‘your’ MIRACLE OF HOLY FIRE that our RISEN LORD faithfully performs for all of you ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS year in and year as His Own Personal ‘Divine APPARITION’:

    Just how many ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS are “burned to dead” – as in FRIED ALIVE – with the descent and APPARITIONS of His Holy Fire?

    How many and how many TIMES have ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS placed their hands IN His Holy Fire, have ‘washed their faces’ IN His Holy Fire – and were PRESERVED from any manner of HARM?

    Now when 70,000 CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS as well as NON-CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS are immersed by and engulfed in His HOLY FIRE in an UNSEEN WAY – and His Holy Fire DRIES OFF 70,000 RAIN SOAKED/STANDING IN MUD human beings right along with THE MUD they are standing ankle-deep in…


    What on earth is WRONG with all of the Patriarchs, Metropolitans and Bishops of BOTH the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches? Where is the SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT?

    Where is the SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE? Where is the SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING? Where is the SPIRITUAL WISDOM that is PROPERLY CONFERRED UPON and which is in the PROPER JURISDICTION of ‘The Shepherds of Christ Jesus’ Church Militant’ here ON EARTH???

    Can’t we even get the Bishop of Rome, the Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and THEOLOGIANS of the CHURCH MILITANT here on earth in this year of 2010 Anno Domini to even WATCH as simple 1 hour video documentary…and then ACT ON IT?

    ‘Heaven’s Key To Peace’

    Let NOT go on uselessly and perpetually on with USELESS ARGUMENTS over ‘Filioque’ – what the Church, the World and our entire Human Race now need is but simple OBEDIENCE to what THE MOTHER OF THE CHURCH has asked of her Priest Sons throughout the World!

    – Fr. Joseph

  189. Stav April 1, 2010 @ 3:11 pm

    Hi Fr. Joseph,

    I did think, and this is what my thinking produced:

    Just a couple of comments, pure logic, no need to take it personally.

    You say:
    “70,000 rain soaked-drenched people…”

    “If ONE Patriarch of Jerusalem’s prayers causes…”

    I’d like to point out the common sense and accepted statement, that Quality is more important that Quantity.

    Matthew 17:20 (King James Version)

    20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

    Take that as you may, it’s just a logical comment.

    The second thing I’d like to mention here is that as reported (can’t find proof or verification at this point), no Latin (or Coptic one for that matter) Bishop has ever been able to bring forth the Holy Light in Jerusalem.


  190. Fr. Joseph April 1, 2010 @ 4:08 pm


    In your opinion, what is MORE IMPORTANT?

    For a member of the Church’s ordained Priesthood to “bring forth” HOLY FIRE – or – for a member of the Church’s ordained Priesthood to “bring forth” THE BODY and THE BLOOD of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for members of our Human Race TO EAT in order to preserve them onto and to grant them ETERNAL LIFE?

    – Fr. Joseph

  191. Fr. Joseph April 1, 2010 @ 4:13 pm


    You Orthodox have a ‘SMOKING HABIT’ – and as a cigarette smoker myself, I know how HARD it is to break the ‘Nicotine Habit.’

    Your Orthodox ‘Smoking Habit’ consists of this INCESSANT ‘nicotine craving’ and ‘nicotine NEED’ to place the Patriarchs of the Eastern Orthodox Church OVER and BEYOND and UNTOUCHED by the Bishop of Rome and the Catholic Church.

    And while our whole wide world is ‘Going To Hell In A Handbasket’ – you simply have to ‘LIGHT UP’ your “Orthodox Camels” while mindlessly tossing your lit matches all about this satanically drenched-in-high-octane-avaition-fuel WORLD of ours, the year now being 2010 Anno Domini.

    And what is THE GREEK for ‘Anno Domini?’

    The World-Wide APOSTASY and RELIGIOUS HERESY of including ‘A.D.’ after the year’s numerical designation.

    – Fr. Joseph

  192. Fr. Joseph April 1, 2010 @ 4:26 pm

    So while the Eastern Orthodox Church here just goes on and on in every attempt at every opportunity to ‘strike-a-blow’ AGAINST the Catholic Church – the Patriarchs of the Russian, Greek, Serbian, Syrian and Coptic Orthodox Churches prefer NOT to consider what God THE FATHER had to say about ‘The Church’ and ‘The World’ back in 1931:

    “My dear children, I (GOD THE FATHER) have lavished these gifts upon you with special graces (such as the Apparitions of the MOTHER OF GOD as Our Lady of Fatima, Catholic Portugal) for twenty centuries – BUT WITH WHAT MISERABLE RESULTS!” – quoting

    And the Popes, the Patriarchs, the Metropolitans, the Archbishops, the Bishops and all of the LAY FAITHFUL of both the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Churches (while IGNORING/DENOUNCING) the Mother of God’s Apparitions as Our Lady of Fatima, CATHOLIC Portugal, 1917 A.D.) likewise prefer to consider as a ‘satanic apparition’ the Apparitions and Messages of the SAME Mother of God as Our Lady of Akita, Japan, 1973, ANNO DOMINI:

    “In order that the World might know HIS ANGER, the HEAVENLY FATHER is preparing to inflict a great chastisement on ALL MANKIND…

    “…if men do not REPENT and better themselves, THE FATHER will inflict a terrible punishment on ALL HUMANITY…et al”
    – from

    “Filioque” does NOT show up ANYWHERE in this passage from Sacred Christian Scripture:

    “Yahweh saw THE WICKEDNESS OF MAN was great on the earth, and that the thoughts in his heart fashioned nothing but WICKEDNESS all day long. Yahweh regretted having made man on the earth, and His Heart grieved. “I WILL RID THE EARTH’S FACE OF MAN, MY OWN CREATION.” – Genesis 6:5-7

    If BOTH the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches DO NOT WANT TO ACCEPT Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17, then there is reason to believe tha BOTH the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Churches’ POPES, PATRIARCHS, METROPOLITANS, ARCHBISHOPS, BISHOPS don’t believe that Genesis 6:5-7 is APPLICABLE TO our own day and age as per the MOTHER OF GOD’S Apparitions and Messages as Our Lady of Akita, Japan – 1973 ‘ANNO DOMINI’

    (What does the LATIN Church ‘know’ anyways – they don’t use THE GREEK! – except for ‘Kyrie Elieson’ in the LATIN Mass)

    – Fr. Joseph

  193. Stav April 1, 2010 @ 4:30 pm

    Hi Fr. Joseph,

    There is no question, it is infinitely more important to “bring forth” as you and I put it, the Holy Sacraments. The Most Holy Sacraments are God Jesus Christ Himself. There is no question.

    A.D. in Greek is: “Μετά Χριστόν” which literally means “After Christ.”

    Also, dear Fr. Joseph, in the post that follows, I tried to “sound” as objective as possible. I am even, not claiming that the OC are right, but merely that we claim to be.

    So please, do not take this doctrinally, but rather as what it is intended to be, which is to show why an OC might not accept the Fatima apparitions at face value.


  194. Fr. Joseph April 1, 2010 @ 4:31 pm

    “My dear children, I have lavished these gifts upon you with special graces for TWENTY CENTURIES, but with what MISERABLE RESULTS!” – God the Father to Mother Eugenia

    “He told this parable: ‘A Man had a fig tree planted in His Vineyard, and He came LOOKING FOR FRUIT on it but found NONE. He said to the Man Who looked after the Vineyard, ‘Look here, for three years now I have been coming to look FOR FRUIT on this fig tree and finding NONE. CUT IT DOWN! Why should it be taking up the ground?’

    “‘Sir’, the Man replied, ‘leave it ONE MORE YEAR and give Me time to dig around it and manure it; it may bear fruit NEXT YEAR; IF NOT, then You can CUT IT DOWN.” – Jesus Christ’s Own Words, Own Divine Teaching, Own Divine Revelation – Luke 13:6-9

    – Fr. Joseph

  195. Stav April 1, 2010 @ 4:32 pm

    Dear George and Fr. Joseph,

    To George:

    Perhaps against my better judgment I am going to go forth and post some of what is mentioned by the spirit appearing in Fatima which does not agree with Orthodox views. Please comment and tell if you think I am right with this or not. I am open to criticism or corrections.

    To Fr. Joseph:

    You keep asking where is the discernment, why I will not accept the Fatima apparitions etc. etc. Well, here is a short answer:

    I will provide here evidence that the messages of Fatima are incompatible to Orthodoxy.

    There are thus 3 prerequisites here to consider, merely as facts, not as a matter of convincing anyone:

    1) The Orthodox Church, although it places supreme honor to the Most Holy Theotokos, does not believe in the immaculate conception/heart doctrine that the RCC does.

    2) The Orthodox Church, does not see the Pope as a Holy Father, mainly due to the continuation and initiations of what we view as heresies. Again, this is provided as a mere prerequisite and concerns the OC only, it is not put here as a criticism of the RCC in this context.

    3) The Orthodox Faith, considers that Russia was and is Orthodox Christian, unfortunately for some and fortunately for others, it views the RCC as not being the true Church. As a result of this, the RCC and OC are not in communion today. Again this is merely a mention of fact, not to judge anyone at this particular moment.

    From this point on, I will refer to these points as 1), 2) and 3).

    Now, these facts are true. And what I mean by that, is that it is a fact, that the OC claims these things.

    And before you start arguing on the things that are claimed by the OC, may I make it clear here that when I say these facts are true, I mean the fact that the OC claims these things.

    At this point I do NOT wish to discuss these claims. I am merely stating the fact that these claims exist.

    Thus, before I show the points of interest below, I have to say here, that any claim contrary to the above, by definition does not Agree with the OC view. And to the RCCs out there, this does not necessarily on it’s own mean that they are right in these claims (although that’s what we claim) but to merely point out that we have a set of claims, namely 1) 2) and 3).

    I hope this disclaimer will avoid any subsequent and irrelevant counter arguing on the points above. Again, I am merely stating what the Orthodox point of view is at this point.

    So, in the light of the above, there are three main categories where the messages of Fatima should immediately appear to be questionable to an Orthodox Christian in my opinion. Here they are:

    All Fatima quotes are from:


    Immaculate mentions

    Several mentions of the immaculate heart and also further un-quoted mentions to Sr. Lucia about not accepting the immaculate conception as such is blasphemy.


    13 June 1917
    “He wants to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart.”

    And here:

    13 July 1917
    “Sacrifice yourselves for sinners, and say many times, especially when you make some sacrifice: O Jesus, it is for love of You, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”


    It seems that the apparition claims that she is Mary and that she does have the immaculate heart. Regardless if the claims of the OC 1), 2) and 3) above are correct or not, any OC should find these messages along with the mentions by Sr. Lucia, very questionable and not accept it.


    Mentions of the Pope as the “Holy Father”:


    “When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father.”

    And here:

    “The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”


    Since we OC do not consider the Pope to be a “Holy Father,” then any OC woudl immediately find this message questionable and would not accept it.


    Mentions of the RCC as a Church, and mentions of conversions from Orthodoxy to the RCC


    “If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church.”


    Since OC strictly speaking do not consider the RCC to be the True Church, and would find any conversion from Orthodoxy to RCC as totally not acceptable, any Orthodox reading these messages would find them immediately questionable and would not accept them.

    CATEGORY 4 (other issues)

    a) The Bible tells us to test the spirits. The test to perform of Spirits is to have them Confess that Jesus Christ is indeed God, the Second person of the Holy Trinity, the Son of God, incarnate. This is not done, throughout the whole account. This could potentially raise questions and should as such, at least inspire some caution to an Orthodox person with some experience of apparitions, even second hand.

    b) The OC has several apparitions by the Theotokos and various Saints and claims by Saints during their lives, that our claims 1), 2) and 3) are correct. This brings up a serious conflict between the messages and our holy tradition.

    FINAL Conclusion:

    If we are to accept that the apparitions were Spiritual/supernatural in nature, for which we have no reason not to, then, we Orthodox, according to the points above, with two facts:

    1) The apparitions were supernatural and some Spirit or entity performed them.

    2) Some of the things that these apparitions convey, are strongly non-Orthodox and very pro RCC.

    Thus, the logical conclusion, according to the above, is that these messages were not passed by Mary the Theotokos. What does that leave us? Unfortunately, according to the above, and unless I am wrong in some point or method, it leaves us OC to assume that these apparitions were demonic in nature.

    So I ask not to judge whether the OC claims presented above i.e. 1) , 2) and 3) are true or not, but rather acknowledge that as long as these 3 claims exist, an OC cannot directly, easily and simply accept the Fatima Apparitions as being of divine origin.

    And in order to clear up claims 1) 2) and 3) above, one MUST unfortunately at some point finally decide whether doctrine is correct (and we believe that we have irrefutable proof of this), or Discard with claims 1), 2) and 3), discard with correct doctrine and accept the apparitions as true.

    Thus, to conclude, I presented you above , with what I believe to be a pretty logical proof of why any OC is very likely to consider the Fatima apparitions to be demonic. Whether you accept this or not, depends on whether you accept that claims 1) , 2) and 3) are true or not.

    To Fr. Joseph,

    To assume that these messages are so obvious and easy to admit regardless of belief and doctrine, in my humble opinion as I showed above is wrong. And to say that because one does not accept these messages it means that they have no discernment abilities is also wrong in my opinion.

    To George,
    Please comment.


  196. Fr. Joseph April 1, 2010 @ 4:39 pm

    My own Mass PRAYERS for ‘The Universal Church’ from my Altar here at my own hermitage:

    Opening Prayer:

    in Your Divine Care and Divine Wisdom
    You extend the Kingdom of Chirst
    to give all Mankind REDEMPTION.

    May the Catholic Church
    and her Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA
    to the Immaculately Loving Heart
    of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    be the Sign of OUR SALVATION
    May it reveal for all of us
    the Mystery of Your DIVINE Love
    and may that Divine Love
    become effective in ALL of our lives.

    Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ
    Your Son
    Who lives and Reigns with You
    and the Holy Spirit
    ONE GOD, for ever and ever. Amen.

    Prayer Over the Gifts

    Look on our Offering
    and by the Power of this Divine Sacrament
    established for ALL OF US by Your Divine Son
    THE ETERNAL LOGOS, through Whom all things
    were created and for Whom all things ARE created
    help all of us who believe in You
    and who are enduring, suffering and in the midst of this miserably fouled up World of ours
    HELP ALL OF US, nevertheless,
    to become the holy people You have called
    to be YOUR VERY OWN.

    We ask this in the Name of JESUS the Lord.

    Prayer After Communion

    Let us pray…

    we are sustained by Your Divine Sacraments;
    we are renewed daily by this Divine Pledge
    of Your Love at Your Altar.

    May we live by the Promises of Your Love
    which we receive,
    and become A LEAVEN IN THE WORLD

    Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    – Fr. Joseph

  197. Fr. Joseph April 1, 2010 @ 4:42 pm

    From the PRAYER OF THE PEOPLE (of our Entire World) – Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

    “For PEACE from on High, for the SALVATION OF SOULS, let us pray to the Lord. LORD HAVE MERCY.

    “For the PEACE of the WHOLE WORLD, for the stability of the Churches of God, and for THE UNION OF THEM ALL. Let us pray to the Lord. LORD HAVE MERCY.

    “For deliverance from ALL AFFLICTION (e.g. a satanic thermonuclear Third World War), wrath and need. Let us pray to the Lord. LORD HAVE MERCY.”

    Too bad so many of the Clergy and Laity of BOTH the Catholic and Orthodox Church’s DON’T WANT WHAT THEY PRETEND TO PRAY FOR!

    – Fr. Joseph

  198. Lynda April 1, 2010 @ 6:42 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    Thank you for your prayer, most needed and for which, Deo Gratias.

    The polemic here has moved into very dark places.

    In her final prophetic interview with Fr Fuentes, Dec 26, 1957, Sr Lucia stated:

    “Father, the Most Holy Virgin did not tell me that we are in the last times of the world but she made me to understand this for three reasons.”

    “The first reason is because she told me that the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Virgin. And a decisive battle is the final battle where one side will be victorious and the other side will suffer defeat. Also, for now on we must choose sides. Either we are for God or we are the devil. There is no other possibility.”

    So, all these bishops who continue to oppose the Consecration. What side are they on? The Church has declared this event to be Signum Manum.

    Cardinal Ciappi speaking of the suppressed Third Secret (because it indicts them) stated: “The great apostasy will begin at the top.” He refers to II Thess 2 which speaks of “the rebellion or falling away” i.e. the great apostasy, the operation or error to believe the lie, the revealing of the man of sin etc

    “The second reason is because she said to my cousins as well as to myself that God is giving two last remedies to the world.”

    [And this testament is sealed with a solar prodigy so that even the most intransigent Jew, the most seriously orthowarped individual, the most indifferent, apathetic blasphemer and secular scoffer will take note]

    “These remedies are: the Holy Rosary and Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. These are the last two remedies which signify there will be no others.”

    Now, why would last remedies be given if the Church has the sacraments? These are absolutely the Lord’s will for the life of grace in the Church. No one disputes this. But what of the teaching we have from the Sacred Scriptures and the Father’s that AntiChrist would have power over the continual sacrifice. That the strength and the altars would be thrown down.

    I write today on Good Friday before the Office of Darkness. The altar is stripped. The tabernacle is empty.

    And finally, “The Third reason is because in the plans of Divine Providence, God always, before He is about to chastise the world, exhausts all other remedies. Now when He see that the world pays no attention, whatsoever, then, as we say in our imperfect manner of speaking, He offers us with ‘certain fear’ the last means of salvation – His Most Holy Mother.

    [In the Litany of Lorretto she is hailed Ave Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant is revealed in heaven in Rev 11:19 and the Woman clothed with the sun stands forth Rev 12:1]

    To continue Sr Lucia’s discourse: ” It is with ‘certain fear’ because if you despise and repulse this ultimate means, we will not have any more forgiveness from Heaven because we will have committed a sin which the Gospel calls the sin against the Holy Spirit. This sin consists of openly rejecting with full knowledge and consent, the salvation which He offers.”

    Regarding the Holy Rosary, Sr Lucia continues: ” Look, Father, the Most Holy Virgin in these last times in which we live has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Holy Rosary.

    “She has given this efficacy to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all, spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families, of the families of the world, or of the religious communities, or even of the life of peoples and nations, that cannot be solved by the Rosary.

    “There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary.”

    “With the Holy Rosary we will SAVE OURSELVES, we will SANCTIFY OURSELVES. We will console Our Lord and obtain the salvation of many souls.” [my emphasis]

    Finally, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Most Holy Mother, consists in considering her as the seat of mercy, of goodness and of pardon [through her prayers] and as the certain door by which we are to enter Heaven”

    I thought about this for a long time before I could accept it. But when one realizes that this is the time of our Lord’s justice: “If men do not stop offending God, He is going to punish the world by means of war, faminine, persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father.” Then this statement makes perfect sense.

    The only people to whom this does not make sense are those who do not accept that this is the time of great chastisements of our Lord’s justice.

    The Catholics who do understand these matters are going to have to make reparations for the statements against the Immaculate Heart of Mary that are being stated here, as did Jacinta Marto.

    “O my Jesus, this [reparation] is for the love of You, for our sufferring Holy Father, for conversion of poor sinners and for sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

  199. jgalindes April 2, 2010 @ 2:59 am

    Dear Lynda,

    The last link you mentioned is now located at:

    Thanks to you and Fr.Joseph for the staunch defence of The Church,during these most stormy and evil times.

  200. Norseman April 2, 2010 @ 6:22 am


    “Most glorious Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, turn thine eyes in pity upon us, miserable sinners; we are sore afflicted by the many evils that surround us in this life, but especially do we feel our hearts break within us upon hearing the dreadful insults and blasphemies uttered against thee, O Virgin Immaculate. O how these impious sayings offend the infinite Majesty of God and of His only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ!

    How they provoke His indignation and give us cause to fear the terrible effects of His vengeance!

    Would that the sacrifice of our lives might avail to put an end to such outrages and blasphemies; were it so, how gladly we should make it, for we desire, O most holy Mother, to love thee and to honor thee with all our hearts, since this is the will of God. And just because we love thee, we will do all that is in our power to make thee honored and loved by all men.

    In the meantime do thou, our merciful Mother, the supreme comforter of the afflicted, accept this our act of reparation which we offer thee for ourselves and for all our families, as well as for all who impiously blaspheme thee, not knowing what they say.

    Do thou obtain for them from Almighty God the grace of conversion, and thus render more manifest and more glorious thy kindness, thy power and thy great mercy.

    May they join with us in proclaiming thee blessed among women, the Immaculate Virgin and most compassionate Mother of God.”

  201. Stav April 2, 2010 @ 8:21 am

    Hi Lynda,

    About what you say here:

    “But what of the teaching we have from the Sacred Scriptures and the Father’s that AntiChrist would have power over the continual sacrifice. That the strength and the altars would be thrown down.”

    About the fact that the Church will be compromised partially, I have no problem seeing this.

    But do you think that the entire capability, meaning all bishops and priests who are able to perform a Liturgy/Mass will disappear completely? So much so that only prayer will be able to help us? I am not sure, but that does not make too much sense in my mind.

    What do you think about this?


  202. Fr. Joseph April 2, 2010 @ 9:20 am

    Dearest Lynda, Juan, Norseman,

    THANK YOU so much for posting your words of spiritual solidarity and understanding.

    Sometimes while alone with my own thoughts and considerations, observations and reflections, desires and aspirations in TRYING to comply with the Blessed Virgin Mary’s own words spoken to me via an inner locution of Her voice granted to me during a Marian Movement of Priest’s Rosary Prayer Cenacle wherein She, in great Personal anguish, actually wailed to me (of all people!) in a most distressed, pleaing, almost sort of ‘begging’ sort of way:


    I’ve found myself going into entirely humanly emotional ‘fits of RAGE’ and then into interior states of astonished disbelief as to what has and is happening to BOTH our World and to our Church ON ACCCOUNT OF Her very own ‘Third Secret of Fatima’ being BURIED by the Church’s Vatican Prelates (who are all, undoubtedly Masons, Cryto-Jews, God-less Communists, Satanists, etc.).

    Lost are Her Divine, Heavenly and Supernatural INSTRUCTIONS for the Bishops of Her Son’s Church Militant here ON EARTH to perform that publio and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to Her Immaculately Loving Heart.

    And our Church continues on with it’s ‘Global Worldwide Dog and Pony Shows’ while human beings created in the Image and Likeness of Almighty God are treated like DOGS and mere ANIMALS in the nations and states throughout our World – butchered off day in and day out in order to appease the LUSTS and the VICES of these entire INHUMANE and sub-human Governmental leaders: their spiritually DEAD LUSTS for Empire, Status, Power, Riches, Personal Renown , Fleeting Hubris Glory, etc.

    Everyone needs an ‘Out’ – we can express ourselves in SILENT PRAYER to our Almighty God, Creator, Father, Lord, Savior and Redeemer in the Highest Heavens – and we can express ourselves in WRITTEN ‘RANTS’ for the minds and hearts of those endowed with a common God-given human nature.

    Allow me the liberty to post my own personal ranting ‘Out’ to ALL of the Grand Pooh Bah leaders of our World as well as those of our Church…

    – Fr. Joseph

  203. Fr. Joseph April 2, 2010 @ 9:42 am

    Today is GOOD FRIDAY.

    Today THE CHURCH solemnly reflects upon what HUMAN NATURE is capable of doing and does do to all that is Good, all that is Loveable, all that is Truly Desirable and all that is Truly NEEDED by solemnly remembering what sinful, vice-ridden and entirely self-serving and self-concerned human beings can do with their God-given spiritual faculty of FREE WILL as individually MORALLY FREE AGENTS in their response to and their actions AGAINST Him Who Is the Very Source and the Very Reason for ALL that really and truly Exists and has its Being.

    God Incarnate Himself is DRAGGED AWAY to be CRUCIFIED by sinful Mankind.

    Perhaps SOME OF US in this contemporary World, the year now being 2010 Anno Domini, IF we were ‘transported-back-in-time’, JUST MIGHT HAVE yelled out in protest to the ‘Powers of the State’ and the ‘Powers of the Religious Leaders’ and the ‘Powers of the Body Politic’ our own words in utter FUTILITY

    “Just What Makes You Capable Of Doing This?”

    Taking a completely Innocent Man and treating Him in this way – in leveling every manner of false charge against Him in this way – in causing Him tortures and brutal treatment in this way – with the full intention of PUTTING HIM TO DEATH in this way?…


    Coming BACK to our senses, to this World, the year now being 2010 Anno Domini, those WORDS of ours lingering in our mind


    keep repeating themselves, within ourselves, as we consider the state of our contemporary World and our contemporary Church.

    Staring into the tortured FACES of men, women and children the World over, we turn our gazes and our voices towards THE VATICAN and these Masonic, Crypto-Jew, Satanic individuals dressed up TO LOOK LIKE Catholic Prelates – Cardinals, Archbishop and Bishops – we blurt our those repeating words buzzing around in our minds and in our hearts





    And then, this same GOOD FRIDAY ‘rant’ is then turned towards and upon all of those of ‘Positions in the Empires of our World’…

    – Fr. Joseph

  204. Fr. Joseph April 2, 2010 @ 10:05 am

    ‘Just What Makes You Capable Of Doing These Things?’ to the Presidents of the U.S.A., the 100 U.S. Senators, the 454 Members of U.S. Congress, the 9 Justices of the U.S. Supreme Courts, the 50 U.S. State Governors, the Legislative and Judiciaries of these 50 U.S. States, to ALL Federal, State, County and Municipal LAW ENFORCEMENT Agencies and Departments, to ALL the Commissioned Officers of the U.S. Armed Forces..


    turning your BACKS in order TO NOT SEE the Real Criminals responsible for the MASS MURDER of 3,000 U.S. citizens in the bogus, fake and staged ‘Arab Terrorist’ attacks of 9-11-2001??


    standing IDLY BY while you allow MILLIONS of people be put to death on FALSE CHARGES and REFUSING TO PARTICIPATE in condemning, torturing and leading off to THEIR crucifixions?

    And those words


    is levied against EVERY LAST U.S. INSTUTION of higher learning, its Universities and Colleges throughout the U.S.A. – every last U.S. Corporation and Business – every last U.S. Media Outlet – TV, RADIO, PRINT –


    To sit IDLY BY watching the CRUCIFIXION of totally innocent people the World over by your own U.S. countrymen, your own U.S. Federal and State Leaders – both elected and appointed?

    You ALL know ‘Damned Well’ that 9-11-2001 was an ‘INSIDE JOB’ – and totally INNOCENT PEOPLE were and are CONDEMNED TO CRUCIFIXION on their own particular Cross!

    And those words


    is then levied against EVERY LAST ‘bible believing’ sect, cult and denomination throughout the U.S.A., throughout the U.K., throughout all of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas?

    You all know ‘DAMNED WELL’ what is going on to people THE WORLD OVER – and there you are ‘Men (and NOW ‘Women’) Of The Cloth’ – all EXEMPT from the Military Draft Laws while enjoying ‘The Tithes’ and your own personal ‘I.R.S. Tax Exemptions’ – and you SAY NOTHING – you PREACH NOTHING – you DO NOTHING!!!

    “What you’ve done to the LEAST of these, my brothers, you’d done unto Me.”

    If BOTH the Church and this World choose TO REJECT and TREAT AS NAUGHT the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, her Apparitions, her Messages, her Instructions – then BOTH the Church and this entire World CARES NOT for ‘THE WOMAN’ of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 – and BOTH the Church and the World CARE NOT for God’s Provisions, God’s Desires, God’s Designs for BOTH His Very Own Church and for ALL of Mankind!

    And all of you CAN ‘LAUGH’ all you want – for I know that I, only ONE MAN, have absolutely no ‘power’ to cause the whole lot of you TO DO THE RIGHT THING!

    But remember this – and remember this WELL…

    100 year ago – NONE OF YOU even existed and NONE OF YOU had a ‘life’.

    In 100 years from now – guarenteed – NONE OF YOU will be here on earth and NONE OF YOU will be capable of ‘Crucifying Humanity’ ever again!

    ALL OF YOU WILL HAVE YOUR OWN ‘MORTAL DEATHS’ – and then, there is but Divine JUDGEMENT wanting for all of you.

    We are having a ‘Miserable Day’ on account of all of you EVIL DOERS in the Church and in the World…

    …so permit me TO BLESS all of you with…

    ‘Have A Nice Day! Surely, you all really and truly DO have some number of ‘Days of Life’ LEFT before your mortal deaths and Divine Judgement.

    – Fr. Joseph

  205. Lynda April 2, 2010 @ 4:01 pm

    Thank you for your blessings, Fr Joseph.

    Today Holy Church mourns with the Blessed Virgin and the kindred and disciples of our Lord.

    O vos omnes qui transitis per viam, attendite, et videte; Si est dolor similis dolor meus.

    O ye that pass by, behold and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow

    Attendite universi populi, et videte dolorem meum.

    Give heed at whiles, O all people and behold my sorrow.

    Si est dolor similis sicut dolor meus

    If there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow.

    To all appearances on Holy Saturday, hell had prevailed, when in truth our Lord is victorious and the Prince of this world is cast down.

    While our Lord’s body reposed on the Sabbath , hell itself was being harrowed and the captives set free.

    From the Holy Saturday Office of Easter Triduum from The Ordo of the Roman Catholic Church March 2010.

    Our Shepherd is gone from us, he who is the Fountain of living water: and at his departure, the sun was darkened: That evil one who took captive our first parent is also departed, for he is taken into captivity in that today our Saviour has broken the gates of death and burst the bars asunder

    Recessit pastor noster, fons aquae vivae, ad cudjus transitum sol obscuratus est: Nam et ille captus est, qui captivum tenebat primum hominem: hodie portas mortis et seras pariter Savator noster disrupit.

    He has destroyed the barriers of hell and overthrown him that had the power of death

    Destruxit quidem claustra inferni, et subertit potentias diaboli.

    A very blessed Holy Saturday to all at the RZN

  206. Fr. Joseph April 3, 2010 @ 7:59 am

    And for ALL of you of the Eastern Orthodox Churches – from highest Patriarch down the the least on the ‘rank and file’ – the Mother of God HERSELF has “taken away” any and all excuses for your NOT BELIEVING in her 1917 A.D. Fatima, Portugal Apparitions and her Fatima INSTRUCTIONS to the Bishops of Her Own Son’s Church Militant here on earth:

    Her December 2009 APPARITIONS granted specifically and especially to the ORTHODOX CHURCH:

    And Her Zeitun, Egypt Apparitions to and for ALL of her spiritual children of Mankind as God’s Own ‘NEW EVE’:

    – Fr. Joseph

  207. Fr. Joseph April 3, 2010 @ 8:26 am

    Holy Saturday morning’s meditation from my hermitage…

    The medevial English Catholic monk, the unknown author of the books entitled ‘The Cloud of Unknowing and Book of Privvy Counsel’ renders this, his personal conclusion, regarding Mankind’s plight while alive living in this ‘World’:

    “A man (or woman) truly does NOT know sorrow until he (or she) realizes THAT he/she is.”

    After so many centuries of recorded human history coupled with the personal, real-life experiences of our own ‘living our lives’ here on the surface of this planet earth, it needs to be said that ‘Our Lot In Life’ (from whatever period of time and from whatever race, nation of peoples and from whatever place we might be living on the surface of this planet earth) simply BOILS DOWN to this:

    Those in their ‘Palaces’, in their ‘Ivory Towers’, coupled with the advise and assertions given by those holding the reigns of their ‘Treasury’ as well as their ‘Theologians’ of whatever type or persuasion always, always, always MAKE A MESS out of their own nation, their own peoples as well as countless numbers of OTHER human beings living at that time in Human History.

    Psalm 2 reveals that there is but ONE ‘KING’ over all that is seen and Unseen – a ‘KING’ annointed to rule over ALL OTHER ‘Heads of State’.

    And Psalm 2 makes is abundantly clear that these ‘Leaders of the Nations of Peoples of our World’ HAD BETTER DO what this Divine King COMMANDS THEM ALL to do.

    This same Divine King has a Mother.

    And this Divine King and His Mother WANT the ordained ministers of His CHURCH here on earth TO DO a very specific thing – right in front of the noses of EVERY LAST nation and country’s ‘RULING ELITE’, their ‘Treasurers’ and their ‘Theologians’ of WHATEVER sort or type of personal preference or persuasion.

    That Divine King COMMANDS that a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of the nation of RUSSIA and her Russian people to His Mother’s Immaculately Loving Heart full of Care, Charity and Personal Concern for the peoples of RUSSIA and, by extention, for the peoples of ALL THE NATIONS of our World.

    With the ‘stiff necks’ of those in at the helms of the Eastern Orthodox Churches coupled with the ‘rebellious lots’ holding key positions with the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy of the Catholic Church, BOTH refusing to submit to the Divine Authority of this Woman’s Divine Son Who Is THE LOGOS and Almighty God’s Divinely Appointed and Annointed KING over all that is seen and unseen – those words of that medieval English Catholic monk really and truly DO APPLY to every last one of us in this year of 2010 Anno Domini:

    “Men, Women and Children of the Human Race truly DO NOT KNOW SORROW until they all realize THAT they are – and the Divine Help their God and FATHER in Heaven desires to bestow on THEM ALL is being deliberately WITHHELD by those in ‘Palaces’, ‘Ivory Towers’, the ‘Treasuries’ of this World and the ruling ‘Religious-Theologians’ holding onto and promoting their own personal persuasions on the Peoples of the Nations of this World.”

    Such has been, is and apparently will continue to be our ‘Lot In Life’ for those of us from the ‘Rank and File’ of Humanity – these desires and aspirations of all of ours to simply LIVE the ‘Good Life’ and ‘Life To the Full’ the Son of God, JESUS CHRIST, came to this earth of ours in order TO TEACH US as well as TO GIVE US all.

    ‘A man does not know SORROW until he realizes THAT he is.’ having TO LIVE in such a ‘World’ which seems to be forever ‘changing/improving’ but simply REMAINS THE SAME as it has always been since the time of ‘The Pharoahs’.

    – Fr. Joseph

  208. Lynda April 3, 2010 @ 8:38 pm

    Father Joseph has spoken many times about the threat of thermonuclear war on this messageboard. And indeed the spectre of World War III looms over the world on this Holy Easter Sunday as the Christian faithful all over the world celebrate our Lord’s resurrection.

    The ZOG is flying bunker busters to Diego Garcia. This is not the place where ordinance is sent for storage. Diego Garcia is the staging post for war in the Middle East.

    It is a foregone conclusion that in a world of unregenerate men, ultimate powers of destruction would be sought for the advantages such would confer in war.

    And it is a foregone conclusion those powers would be found in the rending of the fabric of matter itself thus releasing the heat energy of solar themals in nuclear fission and fusion.

    And it is a foregone conclusion these powers would be employed in the wholesale destruction of human life by those who hate human life.

    The Atomic Age was inaugurated before the eyes of the world at Hiroshima and Nagasaki upon the civilian population of a defeated nation attempting to surrender to the Allied Powers. And their petition was refused.

    Most of the clueless assume these populations were chosen at random or because of some military importance; the more clued up would assume they were chosen for their lack of military importance.

    Yet both would be wrong. To 33rd degree Freemason, Harry Truman, these populations were of great strategic interest to his masters in Jewry. For it was in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that the bulk of Japan’s Catholic population resided.

    World War II was fought to enable Jewry to consolidate its empire in the East and for the conquest of Europe. The Catholic population of Japan, was therefore, of strategic interest.

    The atomic age, begins properly with the destruction of the Roman Catholic faithful in Japan.

    Thousands of souls died instantly in the atomic fireball. Indeed nothing survived within a 1 1/2 mi radius of the fireball. Many thousands more died the slow crucifixion of radiation induced cancers in the years that followed. I have no doubt that many now reign triumphantly with our Lord in heaven.

    This dramatically underlines our Lady’s prophetic words at Fatima: “If men do not stop offending God, he is going to punish the world by means of war, famine, persecution of the Church and the Holy Father.”

    What has been largely suppressed by the princes of Jewry who own and control all Western media is the fact – there were survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki terror bombings. And these survivors were not out on the periphery of the event or shielded from the atomic fireball by a mountain, or indeed by anything at all.

    The eight who survived Hiroshima were only 8 blocks away from the epicenter of the fireball and their house survived as well.

    The Hiroshima survivors were located in the church house attached to the Jesuit parish of Hiroshima (the members, 8 in all, escaped unscathed). Also unscathed were the members of the Franciscan Friary in Nagasaki established by St Maximillian Kolbe. St Maximillian died in Auschwitz.

    And these survivors lived into old age, they had no radiation sickness although all were informed by U.S. military doctors of the occupation that they would die of radiation. And in 1976, many of them were still giving occasional interviews on American television because they were in Philadelphia, Pa that year for a Church conference.

    In the interview that I personally watched one was still making jokes about all the doctors who were studying them regularly. He said: “they have been telling us for years about how we going to die of radiation sickness, but they still can’t fix my acid indigestion.”

    There was one common denominator among all the survivors. All were Roman Catholics who belonged to religious houses who practiced a very specific devotion.

    Fr Hubert Schiffer S.J. has stated many times for the public record: “We believed we survived because we were [all] living the message of Fatima.”

    They prayed the Holy Rosary every day for peace as our Lady had asked and for the intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And they had taken refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    “Finally, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Most Holy Mother, consists in considering her as the seat of Mercy, of goodness and of pardon and the certain door through which we are to enter heaven.”

    Sr Lucia, the last seer of Fatima, in her final prophetic interview with Fr Fuentes, Dec 26, 1957 given at the Carmel of Coimbra, Portugal.

    In this time of Our Lord’s chastisement of the world which permits the persecution of the Church, He has, by a sovereign act of grace, allowed the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Arc of the Covenant, to be opened as a refuge for poor sinners.

    The three shepherd children of Serra da Aire near the Portuguese village of Fatima testified to this unique and completely unforeseen Act of Grace on the part of our Lord. And He ratified this testament with the solar prodigy.

    From the Sacred Scriptures we know that the Arc of the Covenant is revealed in heaven Apoc 11:19. In Apoc 12, the Woman clothed with the sun stands forth.

    What three popes have taught and the Roman Catholic faithful have accepted and ratified is that the event of Oct 13, 1917 is this Signum Magnum. And signs continue to follow the testament.

    This is not new teaching, it has always been there in St John’s Vision of the Apocalypse. The Church in the Litany of Loreto has always hailed our Lady as the Arc of the Covenant, Foederis Arca.

    Yet, it is dramatically new in the sense that this prophecy was fulfilled in history in a way completely unforeseen and it continues to be fulfilled in ways that are completely unforeseen until they happen. And then it is clear that it was all right there from the beginning.

    Now. People are going to draw conclusions from this.

    They will accept the testament and enter into refuge by means of devotion to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

    Or they will say no. All that is needed is faith in scripture or the sacraments of our church. And it is true. To be saved one must hold and profess the faith. The sacramental life of grace (which is being everywhere extinguished by the Judeomasonic Infiltrators) does nourish, strengthen and bring to fruition in works the holy and saving faith.

    The testament of our Lady at Fatima, is however, for unique times – the last times. Yet the refuge that is offerred by our Lady is the refuge that was foreseen from the beginning.

    As our Lord’s chastisement proceeds and the Great Apostasy takes hold of the churches, those who testify to our Lady’s statements at Fatima 1917, declare that the refuge for poor sinners is a Heart.

    The refuge is a Heart from which proceed the issues of Life. In the person of our Lady, whose soul magnifies the Lord – above all creatures, even above all angels, the Life that issues from the Fiat of her Heart is the Life of the Eternal Logos who joined his Divine Soul to a human nature and took flesh of her flesh.

    When the testament to refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary is called “satanic” this what is being ignorantly labeled and libeled – the Heart which magnifies our Lord above all creation and indeed above all angels.

    By their own united testimony, this refuge is what saved those who had entered – even though they were a mere 8 blocks from the epicenter of an atomic fireball.

    And, then (of course) the scoffers will reject this fact because, ‘hey if it can’t fix your acid indigestion – well what good is it?’

    “…scoffers will come in the last days following their own passions and saying: ‘Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell alseep, all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation’.” II Peter 3:3-4.

    “By the same Word [which created heaven and earth]the same heavens and earth that now exist have been stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgement and destruction of ungodly men. II Peter 3:7

  209. Fr. Joseph April 3, 2010 @ 11:12 pm

    Dear Lynda,

    THANK YOU for this most recent posting of yours.

    What is at stake here is the Eternal Salvation of SOULS all across our planet earth – of our very own Human Race!

    People die ONCE – and then there is Divine Judgement.

    To LOSE the Source of All-Goodness, to LOSE the Fountainhead of All Holiness, to LOSE the Eternal and Infinite FILIAL LOVE God the Father has for us all – in a very personal, intimate and direct one-on-One manner is the Single Greatest Catastrophe that can happen to ANYONE!

    – Fr. Joseph

  210. Stav April 4, 2010 @ 2:08 am

    Christ Is Risen!!!
    Χριστός Ανέστη!!!

    Best wishes to everyone!!!


  211. Fr. Joseph April 4, 2010 @ 5:12 pm

    Our CHRISTIAN CHURCH’S EASTER CHANT in the midst of all the peoples of ANY race, color, heritage or nationality while in the very midst of and IN THE FACE of this Godless ‘Culture of DEATH’ that is now part and parcel of the psycho-spiritual-irreligious cultural and geopolitical World View:

    Christ is RISEN from the dead
    By DEATH He conquered death
    And to those in the grave
    He granted Life!

    Christ is RISEN from the dead
    By DEATH He conquered death
    And to those in the grave
    He granted Life!

    Christ is RISEN from the dead
    By DEATH He conquered death
    And to those in the grave
    He granted Life!

    The Supreme Victory is His, and to Him belong all Glory, Honor, Praise, Thanksgiving and Worship!

    It is now own honor and privilege to stand with Him against DEATH and all that causes and brings about DEATH, to include ‘Mega-Death’ – the death of the bodies, minds, hearts, souls and spirits of the members of our own Human Race.

    “Ne Transient!”

    – Fr. Joseph

  212. Fr. Joseph April 4, 2010 @ 6:04 pm

    This morning, in the pre-sunset darkness of Easter Sunday while at work (yes, as a ‘hermit Priest’ I have to support myself by the work/labors of my own hands), the Holy Spirit granted me a ‘mustard seed sized’ moment of Grace.

    With this ONE ‘Seed’ entrusted to me, “planting” it here on Br. Nathanael’s RZN website seems to be the most obvious and most prudent thing to do in ‘stewardship’ for the Gift of God the Holy Spirit’s Graced Thought-Inspiration. – and that Thought-Inspiration deals with standing in the very face of MEGA-DEATH.

    So, with a single solitary human FINGER pushing its way into a small patch of spiritually ‘Fertile Ground’ here on Br. Nathanael’s RZN website, here goes that spiritual ‘Seed’ entrusted to me about 3:00 AM local time on Easter Sunday morning…

    – Fr. Joseph

  213. Lynda April 4, 2010 @ 6:49 pm

    Vere Resurrexit! Stav

    “Now when he rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene from whom he had cast out seven demons. She went out and told those who had been with him as they mourned and wept. But when they heard that he was alive and had been seen by her, they would not believe.” Gospel According to St Mark 16:9-11.

  214. Fr. Joseph April 4, 2010 @ 6:58 pm

    Sorry to say, I’m not much of a gardener.

    Inasmuch as I’d like to know all there is about ‘Successful Farming’ and perhaps ‘Animal Husbandry/Veterinarian Sciences’, I’m just an Aircraft Mechanic by trade.

    But one thing I do know – one has to make sure that the ground one plants one’s seed(s) has to be properly cultivated and fertilized.

    Let me try my fumbling best to ‘cultivate the ground’ and apply the proper types and amounts of ‘fertilizer’ BEFORE I plant that ONE SEED entrusted to me by the Holy Spirit in the pre-sunrise dawn of this Easter Day morning…

    – Fr. Joseph

  215. Fr. Joseph April 4, 2010 @ 7:39 pm

    Standing in the face of (and in the way of) our World’s ‘Culture of DEATH’ and it offspring ‘MEGA-DEATH’ on this EASTER SUNDAY:

    “A great plague will befall mankind in the year 2000. NOWHERE in the World will be there order, and SATAN will rule the highest places, determining the way of things. SATAN will even succeed in asserting himself AT THE TOP OF THE CHURCH.

    “He (SATAN) will succeed in seducing the spirits of the great scientists who invent arms, with which it will be possible to destroy a large part of mankind in a few minutes. SATAN will have in his power the leaders who command the people and who will incite them to produce enormous quantities of arms.

    “God will punish man more thoroughly than with the Flood. There will come the time of time and the end of all ends. The great and powerful will perish together with the small and weak.

    “Even for THE CHURCH, it will be the time of its greatest trial. Cardinals will oppose cardinals, bishops will oppose bishops. SATAN will walk in their midst and IN ROME there will be great changes. The Church will be darkened and the world will be shaking with terror.

    “A HUGE WAR WILL ERUPT: fire and smoke will fall from the sky. The waters of the ocean will become mist, and the foam will rise to tremendous heights and everyone will drown.

    “MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF MEN WILL DIE FROM HOUR TO HOUR. Whoever remains alive will envy the dead. Everywhere one turn’s one glance there will be anguish and misery, ruins in every country….et al” – quoting from:

    – Fr. Joseph

  216. Fr. Joseph April 4, 2010 @ 7:59 pm

    From a Canadian Catholic visionary through whom JESUS CHRIST addresses His spiritual children throughout our World back on March 7, 2003:

    “My dearest children, you are standing on the eve of a war, a terrible, awful war, an atomic war. The Holy Father (i.e. the Pope) is doing everything in order to prevent this war, but who listens to him in the Governments that desire this war?

    “The Holy Father knows the Secret of Fatima and knows how this war will end. He knows how many people will be lost and that these atomic weapons will be utilized by several countries. And he knows WHICH countries will unleash this barbarism.

    “You have already been informed by Me, Jesus Christ the King, this war approaches, that you will bid farewell to your sons, your daughters, fathers and mothers and that this will occur.

    “Already deployed across the ocean to war are one hundred thousand soldiers of the United States of America. Everyone of them goes there as if protected and that they will return for sure. For sure, the spirit of the soldier returns, but will the body return? That is only something I know, Jesus Christ the King.

    “This will be greatest war in the history of Mankind. God is permitting this war, as people nowadays are godless, evil, proud, arrogant and entirely forgetful of God Who Is their Creator…

    “…Atomic bombs will fall on the United States of America as well, not only on Asia Africa or Germany. PLEASE GO TO CONFESSION. Confess your sins while you still have the time. Do not delay or put it off!

    “Many of you are soiled with sins and I will grant you forgiveness for everything! THE GREATEST SINS AS WELL. The global situation is SO DREADFUL and the Confessionals are so empty. What are you people waiting for, My dearest children of Mine?

    “…I am your God, I am your Lord, I JESUS CHRIST THE KING and not some bunch of greedy, carnal nation of people who crucified Me and now who are crucifying you, My children…”

    – Fr. Joseph

  217. Fr. Joseph April 4, 2010 @ 8:34 pm

    So far, I’ve posted very CATHOLIC sort of stuff here.

    ‘My, my!

    Aren’t those CATHOLIC PRIESTS all pedophiles? Aren’t those CATHOLIC PRIESTS playing ‘make believe’, bethinking that their Altar bread and wine ACTUALLY TURNS INTO the Real, True and Actual BODY AND BLOOD of God Incarnate Himself during their Masses and Divine Liturgies?

    Aren’t those CATHOLIC PRIESTS ‘playing GOD’ bethinking that they’ve actually been conferred the Sacramental ability TO FORGIVE the SINS OF PEOPLE in the Name of Christ Jesus?’

    “The JEWISH MEDIA the entire World over has ‘told us the Truth’ – that the ARABS and MOSLEM PEOPLE throughout the World are rabid, plotting, scheming TERRORISTS who committed the MASS MURDER of 3,000 U.S. citizens back on Septemeber 11, 2001.

    And the JEWISH MEDIA the entire World over has ‘told us the Truth’ – that CATHOLIC PRIESTS are all pedophiles and that THE POPE and the CATHOLIC CHURCH is ‘The Whore of Babylon’ – and that their Christian Church’s DIVINE SACRAMENTS are all a bunch of whoo-wee – so there is NO NEED for any of us to avail ourselves of the Christian Church’s Divine Sacraments of BAPTISM, CONFESSION, CONFIRMATION, THE EUCHARIST, MARRIAGE, HOLY ORDERS, ANOINTING OF THE SICK!

    (…so let’s all of go back to our PORNOGRAPHIC T.V. sets, DVDs and Magazines, back to our BOOZE and our DRUGS, back to our PILES OF CASH and our chasing after our own personal finacial/material EMPIRES!)

    “There AIN’T GONNA BE any such thing – a mythical ‘Satanic’ thermonuclear Third World War!”

    Well…from an entire NON-CATHOLIC CHURCH source:

    “THE THIRD WORLD WAR must be fomenting by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the POLITICAL ZIONISTS and the leaders of ISLAMIC WORLD…

    “…This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the DESTRUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.” – quoting from

    – Fr. Joseph

  218. Fr. Joseph April 4, 2010 @ 9:39 pm

    So here we go…about to plant this single, small Seed of Divine Grace granted to me in the wee morning hours of Easter Sunday.

    And the ONLY spiritual ‘WEAPON’ I have at hand is but this ONE passage from the Canon of OUR Christian Church’s Sacred Scripture:

    “DO NOT COURT DEATH by the errors of your ways, NOR INVITE DESTRUCTION through your own actions. DEATH WAS NOT GOD’S DOING. He takes NO PLEASURE in the extinction of the living.” – Book of Wisdom – Ws 1:12-13

    Next Sunday is “Trinity Sunday” in our Catholic Church. It has also been designated ‘Divine MERCY Sunday’ as well.

    Last night while returning to the shop after repairing one of my company’s airliners, the LORD ‘flashed’ to my mind an interior ‘generic vision’ of ALL of you Federal Bureau of Investigation Law Enforcement Officers.

    My instantenous response/reaction vs. this ‘generic vision’ of ALL of you F.B.I. Agents throughout these 50 United States of America was ANGER. For I told all of ‘you guyz’ and I dutifully INFORMED all of your F.B.I.’s ‘Special Agents on Domestic Terrorism’ from ALL of your F.B.I. Field Offices that 9-11-2001 was an ‘INSIDE JOB’.

    I provided you with the BOEING SYSTEMS SCHEMATICS of the on-board SATCOM systems, their interfacing with the on-board FLIGHT MANAGEMENT and FLIGHT CONTROL COMPUTERS – and their ‘uplinking’ to SATELLITES and their ‘downloading’ FLIGHT PLANS/INSTRUCTIONS – and you ALL KNOW about the ability to LOCK OUT and OVERRIDE human pilot’s control yoke inputs, etc.!

    And here, after NINE YEARS of the butchering off of INNOCENT PEOPLE the World over, you of the F.B.I. go ‘raiding’ some so-called ‘CHRISTIAN’ militia!

    Like the LORD Himself said ‘You strain away at GNATS and go right ahead to swallow CAMELS!”

    So I expressed my ANGER to the Lord for this interior ‘generic vision’ of you in and throughout the F.B.I.!

    But THE LORD insisted in a ‘Spirit-to-spirit’ manner that He desire to extend HIS DIVINE MERCY to all of you involved in this 9-11-2001 Mass Murder COVER UP in which all of you have and are currently participating in.

    And this desire of His to extend to all of you His Divine MERCY as well as His Divine FORGIVENESS for all that you’ve done and all that you’ve FAILED TO DO is to be made available to ALL OF YOU throughout every last U.S. Branch of Government, every last U.S. Departement and Agency and throughout these entire United States of America!

    So here goes that ‘Seed’ into this fertile ground that is Br. Nathanael’s RZN ‘Garden’…

    – Fr. Joseph

  219. Fr. Joseph April 4, 2010 @ 10:33 pm

    So for ALL of you F.B.I. Agents in helping in the ‘COVER UP’ of the INSIDE JOB that was 9-11-2001, here are the spoken Words from the Mouth of GOD INCARNATE Himself:

    “Do you suppose these Galileans who suffered like that were greater sinners than any other Galileans? They were not, I tell you.

    “No: BUT UNLESS YOU REPENT you will all perish as they did. Or those eighteen (those 3,000 – paren mine) on whom the TOWER OF SILOAM FELL AND KILLED THEM (and the N.Y.C. WORLD TRADE TOWERS – parens mine)?

    “Do you suppose that they were more guilty than all the other people living in Jerusalem? They were not, I tell you. NO, BUT UNLESS YOU REPENT YOU WILL ALL PERISH AS THEY DID.” – Jesus Christ THE KING of all that is seen and Unseen – Luke 13:3-5

    And for ALL OF YOU in every last ‘Alphabet Soup’ U.S. Deparment or Agency under the DIRECT SUPERVISION-OVERSIGHT-COMMAND of the President of the United States of America – from the D.O.D., the C.I.A., the D.O.J., the D.O.T. and it’s F.A.A, etc, the words of St. Paul the Apostle apply to each and every last one of YOU!

    “The State is there TO SERVE GOD for your benefit.” – Epistle to the ROMAN CHURCH – Romans 13:4

    So now, onto getting on with getting ALL OF YOU His Divine MERCY…

    – Fr. Joseph

  220. Fr. Joseph April 4, 2010 @ 10:48 pm

    For the personal F.B.I. agent’s and entire F.B.I. Agency’s information, from your VERY OWN F.B.I. interrogations and investigations:

    “When she (Doctor Bella Dodd) reported to CLEON SKOUSIN, SECOND IN COMMAND OF THE F.B.I., she said that whenever she had any difficulty in getting instructions from Moscow because of the war, she was to go to any one of three wealthy capitalists in the Waldorf Towers.

    “What amazed Doctor Dodd was that whenever these men gave instructions, Moscow always ratified them. When asked who the men were, Doctor Dodd refused to name them. But when pressed (BY F.B.I. INTERROGATION) to say ultimately who ruled this higher order, she replied simply ‘SATAN’.” – quoting from on-line in-the-public-domain reference:

    So you see, members of the F.B.I. and every last U.S. Branch of Government and every last U.S. Department or Agency, the words of St. Paul the Apostle are – in real actual fact – TRUE!

    “For it is NOT against human enemies that we have to struggle, but against the sovereignties and the powers (elemental SPIRITS) who originate the darkness in this world, the spiritual army of EVIL in the heavens (unseen spiritual realms).” – St. Paul to the Church in Ephesus – Ephesians 6:12

    And the foregoing substantiates World War II U.S. 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur’s ‘confession’ to one visiting Catholic Bishop, Bishop Fulton Sheen, in Allied Occupied Japan AFTER the annihilation of the TWO single largest concentrations of CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS in the nation of Japan via the ATOMIC BOMBING of Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

    “The World Struggle is NOT political or economic. Rather, it is RELIGIOUS and THEOLOGICAL. It is either God or atheism.”

    – Fr. Joseph

  221. Fr. Joseph April 4, 2010 @ 11:53 pm

    So for all of you of the F.B.I. and every last U.S. Branch of Government, U.S. Departments and Agencies, from every level of the 50 State Governments:

    For your own willful participation and cooperation in the COVER UP of 9-11-2001 being an ‘INSIDE JOB’ which has now grown and grown and grown in EVIL to the very point of now bringing down SATAN’S thermonuclear Third World War upon ALL OF MANKIND – here is that ‘SEED’ by which you can attain God’s Own MERCY and God’s Own FORGIVENESS.

    On your own Governmental LETTERHEAD, from your U.S. Senate office, Congressional Office, U.S. Governmental Department or Agency – WRITE DOWN a very concise narrative of your own personal way in which you participated in or cooperated with THE COVER UP of 9-11-2001 being an ‘Inside Job’ so as to place the blame on entire INNOCENT PEOPLE.

    Make a COPY of that ‘Confession’.

    SIGN IT as ‘Anonymous’ and MAIL IT to Br. Nathanael Kapner at his Real Zionist News address.

    Then take the ORIGINAL, print out a copy of this page:

    And then, make a personal appointment to see your local CATHOLIC BISHOP of your particular region’s DIOCESE.

    Give that BISHOP your written ‘Confession’ along with the print out page from the ‘Fatima Crusader’ – and ASK for that particular BISHOP to administer and confer the SACRAMENT OF CONFESSION/RECONCILIATION onto you and your immortal-eternal soul.

    THAT’S IT!

    That’s the ‘Seed’ given to me by THE LORD to ‘plant’.

    That’s ALL I have to offer all of you assisting with and participating in the COVER UP of who is REALLY RESPONSIBLE for the 9-11-2001 MASS MURDER of 3,000 U.S. citizens.

    That’s the sum total of my own personal Priestly advise and counsel to all of you of, within and throughout the U.S.A. and its U.S. Governments, both Federal and State.

    I know – ain’t much of nothing at all – but it CAN surely save any and all of you from the ETERNAL TORMENTS OF HELL upon your mortal deaths.

    Such is GOD’S DIVINE MERCY to each and every last one of us.

    – Fr. Joseph

  222. George April 5, 2010 @ 1:04 am

    Dear Stav,

    Christ is Risen!

    You are asking me to comment on an issue where no matter what I say, or how I say it, unless I write a couple of thick volumes of thoughts which lead to my conclusions no one will understand.

    Even virtually all Roman Catholics I speak to cannot understand how I as an Orthodox person accept the Fatima apparition.

    Rather than tackling the matter head on, I will tackle it in reverse. Even this may cause endless follow up comments.

    Consider the following:

    A: In the East, when the uniate agreement is finalised in Constantinople and the Pope is commemorated in Hagia Sophia, a massive earthquake occurs and devastates the city. This no co-incidence.

    Later we see a uniate man trying to dedicate a Latin altar to St Spyridon in Kerkyra (Corfu). He is warned by the Orthodox not to this, and he does so by force. He is struck down by lightening the same day. In order that this is considered no coincidence, on the same day a lightening bolt also blasts through his home in Italy.

    If one sifts through eastern texts you will see many, many such divine interventions.

    B: When the Gregorian calendar is introduced in Greece a major scandal occurs.

    A schism follows and several major apparitions occur in order to confirm to the persecuted Old Calendarists that they continue their struggle. Such as the 1925 appearance of the Cross in the sky over Athens, and again in 1991 the appearance of the phenomenon of the Platanin in Cyprus – both seen by thousands, particularly the Platanin apparition.

    C: There are no known (to me) apparitions in the west encouraging Roman Catholics to join the Orthodox. Why?

    Instead we see two major recent apparitions, both giving warnings to the “Holy Father” the “Curate of my Son” “my Son’s Vicar.” However both these apparitions warn the world of doom, particularly of God’s wrath towards the Pope. And surprisingly it was the Vatican that attempted to suppress them, particularly the La Salette apparition.

    If you haven’t got it yet, then consider the following from the Old Testament:

    Esau is pursuing Jacob on his way back to Isaac after deciding to abandon his evil father-in-law, Laban. Esau is approaching whilst Jacob, his wives and children are at the Euphrates River.

    Jacob splits up his company initially into two camps, so that if Esau captures one group, then the other at least may escape. The Jacob further splits down his company into many groups. Esau arrives but is instead reconciled to Jacob and sent to Mt Seir.

    Now if you still have not understood what I am saying I can only say this.

    The Children of Light are not as wise as the Children of Darkness. The Children of Darkness have been the means by which scandal has occurred in order to keep the Children of Light divided. It is the Children of Darkness that understand matters better; therefore they have taken the initiative to reunite the “Church.”

    This is not the true Church, but the creation of Anti-Church, of the Antichrist. There are plenty of “truths,” but only enough poison to kill.

    If you can weed the poison out, then you can understand all the unexplainable phenomena of Church schisms, feuds and the creation of heresy. The root of all this is a deviation from the commandments of Christ and the apostolic ways.

    If this still does not make sense, then it is probably not prudent to say anymore on this thread; otherwise I think Br Nathanael may have to dedicate a server for just one webpage.

  223. The Prodigal Son April 5, 2010 @ 11:54 am

    According to this – the consecration HAS been performed already:

    October 31, 1942 and July 7, 1952, Pope Pius XII made an attempt to fulfill the Consecration as Blessed Mother requested.

    However, according to Sr. Lucia, these two attempts to consecrate the world and Russia were not accepted by Our Lord.

    The March 25, 1984, Consecration completed by Pope John Paul II and the world’s bishops (HOWEVER) WAS accepted by Our Lord, according to Sister Lucia.

    (With link to: Sister Lucia’s Handwritten Response to the 1984 Collegial Consecration.)

    Yes, Russia is Consecrated!

    However, Communism has not been totally eliminated. The Conversion continues…

    Act of Collegial Consecration of the World and Russia in Particular completed by:

    Pope John Paul II and the World’s Bishops, March 25, 1984

    How it all began:

    Sister Lucia explained what happened:

    “I had sought and obtained permission from my superiors and confessor to make a Holy Hour from 11 o’clock until midnight, every Thursday to Friday night. Being alone one night, I knelt near the altar rails in the middle of the chapel and, prostrate, I prayed the prayers of the Angel.

    Feeling tired, I then stood up and continued to say the prayers with my arms in the form of a Cross. The only light was that of the sanctuary lamp.

    Suddenly, the whole chapel was illuminated by a supernatural light, and above the altar appeared a Cross of light, reaching to the ceiling. In a brighter light on the upper part of the Cross, could be seen the face of a man and his body as far as the waist; upon his breast was a dove of light; nailed to the Cross was the body of another man.

    A little below the waist, I could see a chalice and a large Host suspended in the air, onto which drops of blood were falling from the Face of Jesus Crucified and from the wound in His side.

    These drops ran down onto the Host and fell into the chalice. Beneath the right arm of the Cross was Our Lady and in her hand was her Immaculate Heart.

    (It was Our Lady of Fatima, with her Immaculate Heart in her left hand, without sword or roses, but with a crown of thorns and flames.)

    Under the left arm of the Cross, large letters, as if of crystal clear water which ran down upon the altar, formed these words: “Grace and Mercy”.

    I understood that it was the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity which was shown to me, and I received lights about this mystery which I am not permitted to reveal.

    Our Lady then said to me: “The moment had come in which God asks the Holy Father, in union with all the Bishops of the world, to make the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.

    There are so many souls whom the Justice of God condemns for sins committed against me, that I have come to ask reparation: sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray.”

    It was Late:

    On June 13, 1929, Blessed Mother said that God asked the Holy Father in union with all the Bishops of the world to make the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

    The Consecration did not take place until March 25, 1984.

    Fifty Five years passed before the Collegial Consecration that God asked for WAS accomplished.

    It was very late, and the errors of Communism spread during the 55 years before the Collegial Consecration was accomplished.

    The Summer of 1989 – Five more years after the March 25, 1984, Collegial Consecration took place:

    It wasn’t until the summer of 1989 when Sister Lucia began to publicly state that the Consecration WAS ACCOMPLISHED AND ACCEPTED by Jesus(!)

    When Sister Lucia was asked why she waited so long to make this announcement, Sister Lucia answered, “I do not speak on the radio. I do not write for the papers…I had no way of communicating.”

  224. Fr. Joseph April 5, 2010 @ 1:19 pm

    Prodigal Son,

    As an Orthodox Christian yourself, you are free to posit your own personal assertiongs regarding the Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of God’s Own Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    But as a CATHOLIC myself, born and baptized into the Catholic Church, having lived, worked and served the Lord and His Mother WITHIN the Catholic Church, I’m telling you as a ‘Catholic INSIDER’ that the Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA per the Mother of God’s Fatima Instructions HAS NOT BEEN carried out!

    My gosh, my dear man, don’t you think I ‘see’ and don’t you think I ‘research’ and don’t you think I ‘read’ all about what is happening to MY CATHOLIC CHURCH?

    Unless you READ/UNDERSTAND the account of the mystical vision-revelation-warning given to POPE LEO XIII back in 1884 A.D. wherein SATAN challenged CHRIST JESUS that he, Satan, could and would DESTROY THE CHURCH if he was given more power of those who would give themselves over to him along with a ‘century’s worth of time’:

    Then as an ‘OUTSIDER’ and NON-CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN of the Eastern Orthodox Church – you carry about within yourself a GREAT ‘HANDICAP’ in trying to understand ‘What On Earth’ has happened to and is going on all across our World and the Human Race for whom CHRIST JESUS died on His Cross to bring about the FORGIVENESS OF SINS of people.

    “1983 – Sister Lucy, on March 19 (Feast Day of St. Joseph – parens mine) was again visited by Dr. Lacerda who witnessed the same Papal Nuncio again converse with Sister Lucy in the Pope’s name.

    “She answered CLEARLY ‘The Consecration of Russia HAS NOT BE DONE as Our Lady requested.’ She explaineed that was because ‘Russia’ WAS NOT CLEARLY the object of the consecration, and because EACH BISHOP had not made in his own Cathedral a public and solemn ceremony of consecration of RUSSIA.” – quoting from

    I know…I know…

    ALL of you from the Eastern Orthodox Church feel/assert that you are “DUTY BOUND” to denounce, reject, summarily discard ANYTHING that deals with the Catholic Church, just like all of these manifold PROTESTANT ‘bible-believing fundamentalist’ sects/denominations are ‘REQUIRED’ by their tithe-sucking pastors and preachers to accept as their own ‘Creedal Statement’ that the Bishop of Rome is ‘THE ANTICHRIST’ and that the Catholic Chruch is ‘The Whore of Babylon’.

    So you of the Eastern Orthodox Churches are, in fact, very like-minded as are the many ‘bible-believing sola scriptura sola fide’ PROTESTANT congregations throughout the World.

    As a CATHOLIC Christian, it matters NOT what any Eastern Orthodox or ‘Sola Scriptura Sola Fide’ Protestant personally hold against the Catholic Church.

    As a CATHOLIC Christian WITHIN the Catholic Church with a keen eye on what the Bishop of Rome, Pope Leo XIII himself had to RELAY to the entire Catholic Church regarding SATAN’S WISH to destroy the Catholic Church, that’s “MY BURDEN” I have to bear up under WHILE having to endure all of this hostility from BOTH your of the EOC and ALL of the 27,000 ‘Bible Believing’ autonomous congregations throughout the World.

    You, as an EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN are entirely “free” to turn your back on and turn your sights against the Catholic Church.

    If the Catholic Church SUCCUMBS and falls into utter ruin – you will most assuredly find some reason to CELEBRATE and pat yourself/yourselves on the back RELISHING the destruction of the Catholic Church – as will John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart and the entire litany of vehemently anti-Catholic Church ‘churches’ throughout the World.

    As a Catholic Christian and as a citizen of these United States of America, I have A MORAL-SPIRITUAL DUTY to do what I can in order TO DEFEND the Catholic Church as well as my U.S. nation.

    And with SO MANY betraying BOTH the Catholic Church as well as these United States of America from within and from without – I am beginning to ‘accept’ that Almighty God is being ‘forced into’ unleashing HIS DIVINE CHASTISEMENTS upon our entire World for its crass heartlessness towards both His Church, this World and the entire Human Race for whom He gave up His Life on the Cross.

    I tell you as STRAIGHT-SIMPLE FACT:

    Unless the Bishop of Rome ORDERS all of the Bishops of the CATHOLIC CHURCH (not the Eastern Orthodox Churches, not the 27,000 ‘Bible-believing’church congreations) to perform the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA out of filial love and filial OBEDIENCE to the Mother of God, the Mother of the Church and the New Eve Spiritual Mother of all of Mankind, the God WILL ‘Burn Up Our Entire World’ per the Mother of God’s AKITA WARNINGS of 1973 A.D..

    – Fr. Joseph

  225. Fr. Joseph April 5, 2010 @ 1:23 pm

    Prodigal Son…

    “After the year 1900, toward the middle of the 20th century…

    “…Christian Pastors, Bishops, and Priests will become vain men, COMPLETELY FAILING TO DISTINGUISH THE RIGHT-HAND WAY FROM THE LEFT…

    “…Then the All-good God will see THE DOWNFALL OF THE HUMAN RACE…”

    4th century prophecy of St. Nilus:

    – Fr. Joseph

  226. Fr. Joseph April 5, 2010 @ 1:39 pm

    Prodigal Son,

    Some things you ought TO KNOW ABOUT with regards to what is GOING ON INSIDE of my Catholic Church:

    “The Plot Against The Church”, Maurice Pinay

    ‘Permanent Instruction of the Alta Venditi’

    ‘The Murder of Pope John Paul I’

    ‘History of the Prayer to St. Michael’

    ORGINAL VERSION of the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

    ‘The Devil’s FINAL Battle’

    ‘WARNINGS From Beyond to the Contemporary Church – (CONFESSIONS OF HELL)’

    Now then, as an Eastern Orthodox Church member of the Laity yourself – WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT WHAT IS ‘GOING WRONG’ AND ‘WHAT IS HAPPENING TO & WITHIN’ MY CATHOLIC CHURCH???

    And WHAT, if anything at all, are ALL OF YOU of the Eastern Orthodox Churches going TO DO IN ORDER ‘TO HELP’ US CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS???

    Not much at all, I suppose.

    – Fr. Joseph

  227. Fr. Joseph April 5, 2010 @ 2:49 pm

    For anyone here on RZN who might want to ‘take notice’ and ‘take heed’…

    “..and Christian Pastors, Bishops and Priests will become vain men, COMPLETELY FAILING to distinguish the right-hand way from the left.”

    After NINE YEARS of promoting and advancing THE LIES that the 9-11-2001 ‘Arab Terrorist’ attacks were done by 19 ‘Arab Terrorists’, the Good Queen of England, her loyal British subjects (perpetually indentured servant/subjects of the Bank of England that is) and the entire nation of the United Kingdom, AFTER participating in the brutality levied against the entirely INNOCENT OF 9-11 TERRORISM Iraqii people and their nation, find it necessary to ‘point English fingers’ at IRISH Catholic Priests, the Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome.

    The Archbishop of Canterbury – after NINE YEARS of United Kingdom leveling violence and brutality vs. the Iraqii people – finally comes out in public to speak about Brits wearing wooden crosses in public.

    He might as well as had come out and tell the British people to make sure that they TIE THEIR SHOELACES and carry about an UMBRELLA during rainy days in London and all across the United Kingdom.

    The Arcbhishop of Canterbury KNOWS who he is truly a servant of and indebted to – the private OWNER of the Church of England.

    And lest he and his bishops of the Church of England DARED speak out some honest-to-goodness TRUTH, the Good Queen and her MI5 and her MI6 would have a ‘repeat of English history’…

    The Murder of Thomas Becket 1170 A.D.

    Next…onto the ‘Orthodox Church’ Bishops…

    – Fr. Joseph

  228. The Prodigal Son April 5, 2010 @ 3:28 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    Calm down man! I wasn’t attacking or denouncing ‘your church’!

    First of all (as I have told you before) I too was born and baptized into the Roman church. And I am still in the process of becoming officially an Orthodox Christian…

    So I’m not totally an outsider as you’ve characterized me.

    Secondly, you said, “As an Orthodox Christian yourself, you are free to posit your own personal assertions regarding the Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of God’s Own Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

    But I haven’t asserted anything!

    I merely provided a link to a webpage (for EVERYONE here – George?) which seems to show that the consecration HAS ALREADY BEEN PERFORMED!

    According to you (your link)…

    “She answered CLEARLY ‘The Consecration of Russia HAS NOT BE DONE as Our Lady requested.’ She explaineed that was because ‘Russia’ WAS NOT CLEARLY the object of the consecration, and because EACH BISHOP had not made in his own Cathedral a public and solemn ceremony of consecration of RUSSIA.”

    You also said clearly in your post that that was in *1983*…

    But my post asserts that the consecration was performed in **1984!** So the consecration took place AFTER the statement by Sister Lucy in 1983!

    The letter written (and signed) by Sr. Lucia is dated July 3rd **1990!** Here – LOOK!:

    Did you even LOOK at the link I provided above?

    P.S. – By strict definition the Roman church is NOT ‘catholic’ at all!

  229. Fr. Joseph April 5, 2010 @ 3:29 pm

    “…and Christian Pastors, Bishops, and Priests will become vain men, COMPLETELY FAILING to distinguish the right-hand way from the left.

    “…Then the All-good God will see THE DOWNFALL of the Human Race…” – on-line and in the WORLD-WIDE PUBLIC DOMAIN webpage:

    Everything that eminates from ROME is entirely bad and EVIL while everything eminating from the union of the Eastern Orthodox Church is PURE, HOLY and ‘OF GOD’!

    From the Greek Orthodox Church (sorry STAV, you incessant assaults here on RZN vs. my Catholic Church FINALLY has gotten the better of me…)

    And then, this is how the ‘Holy Orthodox Faith’ is celebrated in RUSSIA!

    “…ORTHODOX PRIESTS recently sprinkled HOLY WATER on a new Triumph surface-to-air missile. On September 4 last year the Patriarchate marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the (Jewish-Kabbalahist-Babylonian Talmudic-Masonic-Bolshevik) SOVIET nuclear arsenal with a THANKSGIVING SERVICE in the new Cathedral of CHRIST THE SAVIOR in Moscow.” – from

    And HERE, in the United States of America, I have to contend with all of these ‘Christ the Savior Loving Bible-believing PASTORS’ such as John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Falwell, etc. going on an on and on about the ‘Divine Biblical Command’ to SUPPORT ZIONIST CHRIST-HATING ISRAEL!

    And while the Church of England’s BISHOPS tell their British citizens to make sure they tie their shoelaces and carry an umbrella around in London on rainy days, the Russian Orthodox Church’s BISHOPS go around blessing nuclear weapons with HOLY WATER.

    The Greek Orthodox Chruch’s BISHOPS are making ‘real estate deals’ with the Zionist Israelis who are butchering off ORTHODOX ARAB CHRISTIANS in Palestine and here in the United States of America, the U.S. Department of Defense has CHAPLAINS “Blessing Our Boys” doing the most UN-GODLY THINGS to innocent peoples in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    And here I am – trying to inform EVERYONE on the surface of this planet earth via the Internet that WORLD PEACE is possible for each and every last one of us if but only THE BISHOP OF ROME “ORDERS” THE BISHOPS OF MY CATHOLIC CHURCH TO OBEY THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN TO THE CHURCH AND TO ALL OF MANKIND BY THE MOTHER OF GOD, THE MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS, THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY She gave to the Church and to our World in her Apparitions/Messages as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal back in 1917 A.D.!

    Now you tell me – ‘WHO IS THE LUNATIC HERE’ in this World of ours, the year now being 2010 Anno Domini.

    A) Fr. Joseph and his Catholic Church and the Messages/Instructions the Mother of God GAVE to the Catholic Church and to the World


    B) All of the ‘Bishops’ and the ‘Pastors’ of all of the World’s ‘Other Churches’ who want NOTHING TO DO WITH the Pope, the Bishop of Rome!

    – Fr. Joseph

  230. Lynda April 5, 2010 @ 3:35 pm

    Dear Father Joseph,

    Very good point about Rowan ‘the Druid’ Archbishop of Canterbury. Looks great in his Druid outfit which he changed for the photo-op for ‘pope’ JP II who kissed his ring.

    The Nanny admonitions from Rowan is what comes of having the temporal power appoint bishops – as in the EOC and in the England of the Reformation.

  231. Stav April 5, 2010 @ 4:55 pm

    Hi Fr. Joseph,

    I am not even sure you read any of this. Anyway here goes:

    You say:

    “sorry STAV, you incessant assaults here on RZN vs. my Catholic Church FINALLY has gotten the better of me…”

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    If you are merely posting something true, then go ahead and post it here. However if you are posting something false, or presenting something that happened in a wrong or untrue manner, then you will somehow pay for the privilege.

    And regardless Fr. Joseph, please tell me, have you ever seen me talking about contemporary scandals in the RCC as an argument against it?

    That’s a “group” ad-hominem and has no value whatsoever, other than giving rise emotional behavior.

    Would you accept the various political scandals as a valid reason against Democracy? NO, I doubt it. In the same manner, individual people’s actions in your or mine community and/or Church, do not disprove or prove anything about their respective foundational doctrines, do they?

    NO, thus, it is a good idea to refrain from such tactics. If nothing else, it shows emotionally loaded panic from your part.

    But I do not see it like that. I accept that you may be frustrated. And thus I will turn the blind eye on such things. However, do not consider these types of mentions as arguments against or for your or my church.

    That said, there is something else.

    Most of what you call “assaults” in my view, is merely presenting the truth. What’s more, you have NEVER even responded to any of it. Not directly, and not in any meaningful manner.

    For example, you have never addressed the charade called the Uniate Church. You have never explained WHY the RCC insists in disobeying Jesus Christ own commandment to give his Most Holy Blood to ALL.

    Instead, you simply label anything and all I say as assault. That’s not the truth, Fr. Joseph.


  232. The Prodigal Son April 5, 2010 @ 6:07 pm

    ANOTHER link that backs up what I have said WITH PHOTOS:

    Here is the wording from the 1984 consecration:

    Act of Collegial Consecration of the World and Russia in Particular


    Pope John Paul II and World’s Bishops

    1. “We have recourse to your protection, holy Mother of God”.

    As we utter the words of this antiphon with which the Church of Christ has prayed for centuries, we find ourselves today before you, Mother, in the Jubilee Year of the Redemption.

    We find ourselves united with all the pastors of the Church in a particular bond whereby we constitute a body and a college, just as by Christ’s wish the Apostles constituted a body and college with Peter.

    In the bond of this union, we utter the words of the present Act, in which we wish to include, once more, the Church’s hopes and anxieties for the modern world.

    Forty years ago and again ten years later, your servant Pope Pius XII, having before his eyes the painful experiences of the human family, entrusted and consecrated to your Immaculate Heart the whole world, especially the peoples for which by reason of their situation you have particular love and solicitude.

    This world of individuals and nations we too have before our eyes today: the world of the second millennium that is drawing to a close, the modern world, our world!

    The Church, mindful of the Lord’s words: “Go… and make disciples of all nations… and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age” (Mt 28:19-20), has, at the Second Vatican Council, given fresh life to her awareness of her mission in this world.

    And therefore, O Mother of individuals and peoples, you who know all their sufferings and their hopes, you who have a mother’s awareness of all the struggles between good and evil, between light and darkness, which afflict the modern world, accept the cry which we, moved by the Holy Spirit, address directly to your Heart. Embrace, with the love of the Mother and Handmaid of the Lord, this human world of ours, which we entrust and consecrate to you, for we are full of concern for the earthly and eternal destiny of individuals and peoples.

    In a special way we entrust and consecrate to you those individuals and nations which particularly need to be thus entrusted and consecrated.

    “We have recourse to your protection, holy Mother of God”: despise not our petitions in our necessities.

    2. Behold, as we stand before you, Mother of Christ, before your Immaculate Heart, we desire, together with the whole Church, to unite ourselves with the consecration which, for love of us, your Son made of himself to the Father: “For their sake”, he said, “I consecrate myself that they also may be consecrated in the truth” (Jn 17:19). We wish to unite ourselves with our Redeemer in this his consecration for the world and for the human race, which, in his divine Heart, has the power to obtain pardon and to secure reparation.

    The power of this consecration lasts for all time and embraces all individuals, peoples and nations. It overcomes every evil that the spirit of darkness is able to awaken, and has in fact awakened in our times, in the heart of man and in his history.

    How deeply we feel the need for the consecration of humanity and the world—our modern world—in union with Christ himself! For the redeeming work of Christ must be shared in by the world through the Church.

    The present year of the Redemption shows this: the special Jubilee of the whole Church.

    Above all creatures, may you be blessed, you, the Handmaid of the Lord, who in the fullest way obeyed the divine call!

    Hail to you, who are wholly united to the redeeming consecration of your Son!

    Mother of the Church! Enlighten the People of God along the paths of faith, hope and love! Enlighten especially the peoples whose consecration and entrustment by us you are awaiting. Help us to live in the truth of the consecration of Christ for the entire human family of the modern world.

    3. In entrusting to you, oh Mother, the world, all individuals and peoples, we also entrust to you this very consecration of the world, placing it in your motherly Heart.

    Immaculate Heart! Help us to conquer the menace of evil, which so easily takes root in the hearts of the people of today, and whose immeasurable effects already weigh down upon our modern world and seem to block the paths towards the future!

    From famine and war, deliver us.

    From nuclear war, from incalculable self-destruction, from every kind of war, deliver us.

    From sins against the life of man from its very beginning, deliver us.

    From hatred and from the demeaning of the dignity of the children of God, deliver us.

    From every kind of injustice in the life of society, both national and international, deliver us.

    From readiness to trample on the commandments of God, deliver us.

    From attempts to stifle in human hearts the very truth of God, deliver us.

    From the loss of awareness of good and evil, deliver us.

    From sins against the Holy Spirit, deliver us, deliver us.

    From sins against the Holy Spirit, deliver us, deliver us.

    Accept, Oh Mother of Christ, this cry laden with the sufferings of all individual human beings, laden with the sufferings of whole societies.

    Help us with the power of the Holy Spirit to conquer all sin: individual sin and the “sin of the world”, in all its manifestations.

    Let there be revealed, once more, in the history of the world the infinite saving power of the Redemption: the power of merciful Love! May it put a stop to evil! May it transform consciences! May your Immaculate Heart reveal for all the light of Hope!

  233. Lynda April 5, 2010 @ 7:01 pm

    Ha Ha. I had never read JP II’s ‘consecration’ of Russia (which he neglects to mention) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Pop / Pope quiz of the day for the nonpapists. Assuming we have a man who is a priest to begin with – ‘How can a priest consecrate X without even mentioning X?’ Now there’s a stumper. Let’s see if planet Orthodox can figure this one out.

    Is the answer

    a. JP II expected our Lord to read his mind

    b. JP II forgot he was supposed to be consecrating Russia

    c. JP II decided to substiute other consecrations and expected God to just add Russia for good measure

    d. It was not the intention of the antipope to consecrate Russia.

    The correct answer, possums, is D. It was not the intention of the antipope to consecrate Russia.

    And maybe I will dig up all JP IIs old consecrations to the Immaculate Heart. Let’s see I think he managed to consecrate the unemployed by name, unwed mothers by name, rock musicians (just kidding), the youth of the world by name.

    In short, I think we will find the antipope consecrated everyone by name except Russia.

    How those rabbis at the Vatican love to mock the Woman clothed with the sun Apoc 13. The fun over there never stops. Why I am surprised their pals in B’nei B’rth didn’t get them to consecrate the environment to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. When I think of all those poor beached whales – if anything needs consecrating it is our larger suffering mammals.

    Benedict I see is very concerned about ‘global warming’ and indeed Benedict has cluttered up the novus ordo examination of conscience with new environmental sins. Maybe Benedict will do the consecration to the environment. Maybe he’ll get Rowan the Druid to help him.

    Why do Roman Catholics bother with you people?

    If anybody deserves to be in the ecumenical kissy-kissy with the antipope it is the Orthodox and all their former KGB clerics.

    Thick as two planks with another one banged on for good measure.

    And what is new Russia’s current abortion rate one wonders.

    I know nothing about the Uniates. But a group that has riled planet Orthodox to the extent they have – there will definitely be another side to this story. Namely their side – which I intend to look into.

    Meanwhile, back at the Serra da Aire, the three shepherd children all under 12 years of age got it right:

    Sweet Heart of Mary, be the salvation of Russia.

    By your pure and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, obtain for us the conversion of Russia.

  234. mother jones April 5, 2010 @ 9:30 pm

    The consecrations did not mention Russia explicitly. This proceeded from charity ie. for safety reasons, it was implicit, heaven and earth knew it.

    There would have been no charity in an explicit consecration knowing what we know about the cruelty of the Soviet Union.

    Those who say the consecration has not taken place are talking about an explicit mention of Russia. Nowhere was this a stated condition by the Mother of God, or God himself, for the consecration, in their many visitations with Sr Lucia.

    Sin in Russia is no longer mandated by the state.

    Like everywhere else in the world, is a matter of free choice.

    That will never change.

    A timeline might help:

    Quoting from the book “Fatima Today” p242 –

    “On May 13 1982 the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary took place.” …… in Fatima Portugal, led by Pope John Paul II. The consecration was quite lengthy and the words were deeply moving and powerful.

    (Pope JPII has himself campaigned with a group of others for the Consecration, when he was bishop of Crakow in his native Poland…)

    Nov 1982 the general secretary of the Communist Party of The Soviet Union, Breshnev, died after being in office for eighteen years. Replaced by Andropov.

    Oct 1983 PJPII repeated consecration in presence of bishops from all over the world.

    Feb 4 1984 Andropov dies. Replaced by Chernenko.

    March 25 th 1984 Another collegial consecration led by the reigning Pontiff.

    March 10 1985 Chernenko dies replaced by Gorbachev.

    1986 Gorbachev introduces “perestroika”

    1988 Gorbachev introduces glasnost” signalling the demise of the Soviet Union’s tyranny.

    1988, a third consecration of Russia by the entire Catholic world took place, in every Catholic Church in the world. I know because I participated in it.

    This too, as the others, bore the unmistakable mark of Divine authority.

    1989 the Berlin Wall came crumbling down and peaceful demonstrations, under instructions from the Kremlin were allowed to take place everywhere in the Communist bloc, (which at the time, held half the world under its tyranical and diabolical sway); toppling the Communist governments in every Soviet satellite country in Europe, without a single shot being fired and a single person being arrested or injured by the ‘evil empire.’

    1991 the Soviet Union voluntarily dissolved itself creating 15 new republics which had existed before their Communist takeover and assimilation into the Soviet Union. A democratic Russia being one of them.

    2000 Putin became leader, as a new Orthodox Christian Russia emerged from the rubble of communism and all its persecution torture and martyrdom.

    A new national church was rebuilt in the centre of Moscow on the ruins of the old, on the site of which the Communists were never able to build, despite repeated attempts…despite the suffering, the gates of hell had not prevailed.

    Was it magic?


    After the great Holy Spirit revival of the 70’s and following immediately after the consecration in 1984, perhaps 1982 but I was definitely aware by 1984, the world was lit up by a wave of Marian sightings which swept the Catholic and some other churches as well.

    Thousands of prayer groups were formed in its wake and a chorus of prayer, without respite, ascended to heaven.

    Some, such as Medjugorge, which was regarded by the late pope as the continuation and completion of Fatima, and which has attracted millions of pilgrims to a country which was then behind the Iron Curtain, continue to this day.

    Throughout the years of the Soviet Union, the American Embassy in Moscow which sat opposite the Kremlin always had a statue of Our Lady of Fatima within its walls in a window directly facing the Kremlin.

    As if in acknowledgement of the role played by the Mother of God in the Soviet Union and its communist satellites’ collapse, President Putin proudly boasted to journalist of his special statue of the Mother of God, on his official plane, directly opposite him when he travels.

    He spoke of it with great tenderness and an especial reverence and devotion, signaling he presence of the most holy Mother of God with his leadership.

    Russians now have the freedom of religion which stems from a Christian leadership.

    Who would have thought that possible when it was under the Communist yoke?

    Even the very idea that it would happen in the future was laughed at in Communist times, even in the West. The collapse of Communism was not part of the NOW plan as some try to reason….it was Heavens plan.

    In May 1936 Sr Lucia wrote the words of Jesus to her “….he [the Pope] will do it, but it will be very late. Nevertheless the Immaculate Heart of Mary will save Russia. It has been entrusted to her.”

    At the current time it seems clear to me that it is not Russia that needs saving but the opposing political bloc.

    The USA is now the centre of the Antichrist and will be destroyed – but not utterly.

    This is even now underway, as has been warned about for decades, without results, and finally through the failure over more than 50 years, of the Catholic Church in America to have installed in the shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the statue of Our Lady of the Americas – so tight is the grip of the antichrist that this is never even talked about .

    After the USA collapse the centre will then move to Europe ruled from England, and will be opposed by nations which will fight under the banner of “Faithful and True” (Apoc.), led by Christ.

    Russia will be at the forefront of this battle.

    Hence we see Mary responsible, through the power of God not only for the conversion of Russia but for this end time victory, which is assured, as described repeatedly in Apocalypse 18: 6-7, 19: 19-20, 17: 13-14, 12. and Genesis.3-15.

    The Catholic Church is on the way back, as per the vision of St Don Bosco. It will need to be purified, after the great cost of the delay in the consecration – but the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

    End note:

    “Gorbachev was baptised in the Russian Orthodox Church as a child. He campaigned for establishment of freedom of religion laws in the former Soviet Union….

    Remarks by Gorbachev to Ronald Reagan in discussions during their summits, made the U.S. President deeply intrigued by the possibility that the leader of the Evil Empire might be a “closet Christian.” Reagan seems to have seen this as the most interesting aspect of his meeting with the Soviet leader in Geneva.[45]….

    At the end of a November 1996 interview on CSPAN’s Booknotes, Gorbachev described his plans for future books. He made the following reference to God: “I don’t know how many years God will be giving me, [or] what His plans are.”….

    In 2005, he said that Pope John Paul II’s “devotion to his followers is a remarkable example to all of us” following the pontiff’s death. “What can I say — it must have been the will of God. He acted really courageously.”[46] In a 1989 meeting, he had told him “We appreciate your mission on this high pulpit, we are convinced that it will leave a great mark on history.” ….

    Gorbachev was the recipient of the Athenagoras Humanitarian Award of the Order of St. Andrew Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople on 20 November 2005.[50]….

    On 19 March 2008, during a surprise visit to pray at the tomb of Saint Francis in Assisi, Italy, Gorbachev made an announcement which has been interpreted to the effect that he was a Christian.

    Gorbachev stated that “St Francis is, for me, the alter Christus, another Christ. His story fascinates me and has played a fundamental role in my life.” He added, “It was through St Francis that I arrived at the Church, so it was important that I came to visit his tomb.”[51]….” (From wikipedia.)

    “It is to be noted that although Pope Pius XII consecrated Russia …..[and John XXII also] and although Pope Paul VI repeated the consecrations on Nov 21 1964 in the presence of the Vatican Council fathers, Sr Lucia did not believe that Ol request had been fulfiled at that time” as they were not collegial consecrations.

    mother jones

  235. The Prodigal Son April 5, 2010 @ 9:46 pm


    I thought you were ‘done with me’… Strange – you keep replying to someone you refuse to communicate with.

    Why won’t you reply to the issue of the FORGED DECRETALS upon which your beloved/hated papacy was founded? I guess we can deduce the reason!

    Personally I can’t believe that Br. Nathanael even allows your blasphemous nonsense to be posted here on this ORTHODOX RUN WEBSITE!

    (Isn’t there a Roman ‘catholic’ website which exposes the deeds of ‘Jewry’ where you’d be happier – where you wouldn’t have to travel through “Orthowarp” just to land on “Planet Orthodox”?)

    But since he does allow your fruits for all to behold – let me ask you: Does it take special training to become as RUDE as you are (to people who are trying to be nice to you and HELP YOU), or were you just born that way?

    Apparently you (in your infinite wisdom) never clicked the links either.


    “We, together with you, are raising to her Our suppliant invocations, that the Christian Faith, which is the honor and support of human society, may be strengthened and increased among the peoples of RUSSIA,” (…)


    “In order that Our and your prayers be more readily answered, and to give you an especial attestation of Our particular affection, therefore, just as not many years ago We consecrated the entire world to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mother of God, in a most special way, so *NOW* We dedicate and consecrate all the peoples of RUSSIA to that same Immaculate Heart, (…)”

  236. Lynda April 5, 2010 @ 10:35 pm

    With regard to the Consecrations performed by John Paul II:

    Please see the quotations from L’Osservatore Romano (March 27, 1984 ed) and the statement of Sr Lucia of Fatima to the Papal Nunico Archbishop Portalupi, Dr Lacerda and Fr Messias Coelho: “In the fact of offering of May 13, 1982 Russia did not appear as being the object of the consecration. The consecration of Russia has not been done.”

    “The Facts Prove Russia Has Not Been Consecrated” by Christopher Ferrara.

  237. mother jones April 5, 2010 @ 10:44 pm

    Re: your quotes, PS.

    The explicit mentioning of Russia was by Pius and Paul, not JPII.

    Lynda is right on that score.

  238. Lynda April 5, 2010 @ 11:33 pm

    Dear Mother Jones,

    Thank you for your lengthy and thoughtful precis of these most important matters.

    I do not dispute your timeline. Much of it was published in 1984 in a book called New Lies for Old by Anatoliy Golitsyn.

    His other work is The Perestroika Deception.

    No website can possibly do justice to these works on the Communist (NWO) strategies of deception and disinformtion.

    The Rabbit Hole goes very deep. Dr Bella Dodd, former legal counsel of the Communist Party in America, testified before the House of UnAmerican Activities that during WW II her orders did not come from Moscow, they came from the Waldorf Astoria. The Communists (NWOrderlies) in charge of the Soviet lived in New York. It is to be remem bered that US Military Intel knew from its own Defense Dept Hearings 1917 (docs only recently declassified) that Wall Street Jew banks financed the Bolshevik Revolution.

    This script continues to play.

    Both America and Russia have new scripts for the ‘Convergence’ which is the “clash of civilization script”. The apostate West has the ZOG script in the terror war with ‘Islamofascism’. On the Grand Chessboard, Russia has the renascent Christian state script and this in no way invalidates the piety of the Russian people.

    I would very much like to believe your interpretation of events, but I have taken the Blue Pill and I have to work on my thinking on this basis.

  239. The Prodigal Son April 6, 2010 @ 12:53 am

    Dear Mother Jones,

    Yes, O.K. – Fine…

    What about the signed letter (dated 1990) from Sr. Lucia that says the consecration WAS finally performed and accepted?

    If Sr. Lucia accepted that it had been done – then why isn’t that good enough for the Marionologists?

    And don’t you see how all of this now DISTRACTS people from participating in and spreading the Saving Gospel of the Cross of Christ?

    Supposedly (an apparition of) Mary says that only SHE can save us now – but that statement DIRECTLY CONTRADICTS the words of Christ, Who is our SAVIOUR, and Who Mary also said was HER Saviour?

  240. Lynda April 6, 2010 @ 2:51 am

    Oh for crying out loud, Prodigal Son, your link “WITH PHOTOS” and your decretals (forged or otherwise) are irrelevant to the truth about the Fatima event and the way in which the Roman Catholic faithful regard the monarchy of the Church, the papacy.

    The Roman Catholic faithful hold the Rock of St Peter and the Petrine Office to be part of the Sacred Deposit of faith from our Lord’s own words. It is the words of our Lord that are here at issue not some ‘decretal’.

    Many, many references to the Petrine Office from Patristics have been cited on this messageboard. All of which you orthowarp and SCORN.

    Nobody cares a fig for these decretals (forged or otherwise) that you are still ranting about. You could scroll them up and insert them exactly where they fit and I guarantee you, there isn’t a single Roman Catholic in entire world living or dead who would change their faith in our Lord’s OWN WORDS and what the Fathers and Chalcedon have said about the Petrine Office IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.

    Sr Maria das Dores of Carmel a.k.a. Sr Lucia of Fatima never changed her testament concerning the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    What part of “It has not been done” are you not able to understand?

    Let me Yoda it for you. “Done, it has not been.” “Blind we have become if this clone army we could not see.”

    The last remaining seer of Fatima was a holy religious vowed to silence and obedience to her superiors in Carmel, even so – whenever she was permitted to communicate on this subject she never waivered in her testimony.

    Faced with such a level of clarity, integrity and incorruptability on the part of one who had truly seen the last ends of man, the enemies of Christ and Holy Church working from within the antipapacy had to do something about that.

    This is the time of all times and end of all ends, man, as our Lady of La Salette has said. Surely, you do not imagine that the Grand Worshipful Pooh-bahs, crypto rabbis and hesiarchs who are running the antipapacy for their grand masters in the Sanhedrin are going to allow a little nun with a vision of heaven, hell and purgatory to derail their entire plan?

    They could suppress the Third Confidence of our Lady – but we are now living it. The Secrets are now made known. They can’t hide this. They can’t hide their apostasy. They can’t unwrite infallible Catholic dogma like Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio or Exsurge Domine. Their only hope is get out the old smoke and fog machine and demand the obedience of the laiety.

    So they have held some ‘entrustment’ ceremonies with reference to our Lady. The Roman Catholic Church infallibly condemns these charades as AN IDOLATRY OF APOSTOLIC WORKS.

    But not even all their resourcefulness could conceal from the eyes of the faithful who have been following this event for decades, that after her final prophetic interview in 1958, the face of Sr Lucia of Fatima changed. And one of the Sr Lucys toed the party line of the antipapacy. SisterLucys.htm.

    And those Catholics who do not have sufficient of the Catechism of Trent to see the antipapacy, bought it.

    But the true masters of the plot that is now unfolding have need of the Fatima Card. And that Benedict may yet be forced to play it in order to end armed conflict, unite the one world ecumenical church of all faiths and religions and usher in the Anti Christ who is coming to ‘save’ the world.

    The real Holy Father and the clergy loyal to him are in the catacombs and have need of all our prayers.

  241. Stav April 6, 2010 @ 8:24 am

    Hi Lynda,

    You say:

    “Pop / Pope quiz of the day for the nonpapists. Assuming we have a man who is a priest to begin with – ‘How can a priest consecrate X without even mentioning X?’ Now there’s a stumper. Let’s see if planet Orthodox can figure this one out.”

    My answer to your “stumper” goes even further than what you say, and becomes a question:

    How can a Priest (the Pope) who is not really a Priest (in my view- not yours) consecrate ANYTHING? Thus, your question “should” make no sense to an Orthodox. That’s how I see it, I am not forcing this opinion on you.


  242. Fr. Joseph April 6, 2010 @ 9:29 am


    You give me serious doubts that you are even ORTHODOX!

    ‘How can a Priest (the Pope) who is not really and Priest (in my view – not yours) consecrate ANYTHING?’

    You ARE kidding me and Lynda, aren’t you?

    A Priest of the Church CONSECRATES infants and children and teens and adults TO THE LORD via the Sacrament of Baptism.

    A Priest of the Church CONSECRATES a man’s love for a woman and a woman’s love of a man TO THE LORD via the Sacrament of Marriage.

    A Priest of the Church CONSECRATES bread and wine upon an Altar of the Church TO THE LORD so that it becomes His Body and His Blood He Himself desires to distribute to the members of His Own Mystical Body here on earth.

    A Priest of the Church RE-CONSECRATES those who’ve sinned against His Divine and Holy Will for us members of the Human Race and for our Human Community and Society of Nations of People by ‘WASHING AWAY’ their sins vs. God, the Church and Mankind via the words of ABSOLUTION.

    A Priest of the Church CONSECRATES any sick, ill, distress, troubled, vexed or dying individual – his/her body, mind, heart, soul and spirit – TO THE LORD in the Church’s Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

    My gosh, that is CATHOLIC Sacramental Theology.

    If THAT is not your Orthodox Church’s understanding of the spiritual nature of Christ’s Sacraments to and for all of Mankind via His Church Militant here on earth – then WHAT ON EARTH is your Orthodox Church teaching you???

    – Fr. Joseph

  243. KathJuliane April 6, 2010 @ 9:54 am

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    First of all, regarding the little dig about the Triumph surface-to-air missiles being blessed by Russian priests and bishops, you failed to mention that the new S-400 Triumf system (NATO SA-21 Growler) is a regional DEFENSE system, like the Patriot missile system.

    I have no problem with defensive weapons being blessed with holy water especially if Jew-Robber-NATO was standing on my front porch. Do you?

    Secondly, your next dig distorting a an already Russophobic Times article that wrote about an event in 2007. From your link:

    “On September 4 last year the Patriarchate marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Soviet nuclear arsenal with a thanksgiving service in the new Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.

    The building teemed with senior military personnel wearing badges in honour of St Serafim of Sarov, whose monastery is near Arzamas, a centre of the nuclear industry.”

    You, and the article missed the real purpose of the church service, which was a small memorial ceremony in a basement hall of Christ the Savior Cathedral, not a huge liturgy as the article implies. There was probably a thanksgiving molebden to St. Seraphim Sarovski petitioning him to help keep the peace and aid their steadfastness.

    You, and this article, make it read as if the Patriarchate was offering a thanksgiving service simply rejoicing over the establishment of nuclear weapons. After all, “everyone knows” that the “mad Russkis” are just itching to blow the bejabbers out of “us.”

    The service was in honor of the 60th anniversary of the top-secret Defense Ministry’s 12th Directorate – the Guard Unit – responsible for guarding Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

    It was a memorial thanksgiving for the steadfast DEFENSE service that these troops have provided on behalf of their nation, and the fact that they have been integral to preserving the security of the arsenal, which they claim has never been breached, and national peace for 60 years.

    Quote: “Chief of the Russian General Staff, Yury Baluyevsky, called atomic weapons the “most reliable and the strongest” weapons in the world, and ones that Russia intends to hold on to. He said Russia’s weapons were not intended to threaten anyone, “but these weapons guarantee and will continue to guarantee peace for our citizens, our children and our grandchildren.”

    Russia is not the country littering the Serbia, Iraq and the Middle East with DU turning everything into a radioactive, mutative hell, including our own Vets.

    Russia is not the cancerous little Zionist entity on the rump of the world that “ambiguously” boasts about being nuclear mad-dogs and their Sampson Option threatening Iran and Europe every three weeks. Russia was not the ones that nuked Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

    They are “building new nukes” in order to replace the existing aging arsenal, not adding to the stockpile in some sort of arms race, under the terms of all their international nuclear armament treaties and obligations.

    By the way, unlike with the other bombing runs over Japan when the Allied forces would drop warning leaflets in advance notice for evacuation, no advance warning was given to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When the atomic bombs were dropped, most of the non-combatant population including the school children were out in the open tearing down buildings preparing firebreaks anticipating future Allied conventional firebombing runs.

    There were other survivors much closer to ground zero than the “Hiroshima 8” who were 2 kilometers less away that survived the blast as well. 6 out of 450 school children survived who were just 300-500 meters from the hypocenter.

    One of the closest known survivors was 300 just meters from ground zero. Among the dead were about 22,000 Korean conscripts, 11-13 POWs, with at least one Australian POW who survived Nagasaki.

    It is not known if these were also Catholics or not (probably not), but the tens of thousands of survivors of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and their descendents, since then have faced numerous obstacles in the way of discrimination within their own country.

    Many of the survivors have gone around the world on anti-nuclear and peace speaking engagements. None of the “Miraculous 8” Catholic devotional literature seems to mention this.

    God certainly works in mysterious ways.

  244. Fr. Joseph April 6, 2010 @ 9:57 am


    Now then, regarding the RE-CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart as per her 1917 A.D. Apparitions as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal.

    RUSSIA was the very nations of people who PUBLICLY DECLARED ‘God Is Dead’ and that the peoples of Russia were ‘officially’ ATHEISTS to every last nations of people here on earth.

    THAT would be the exact same equivalent ‘in the Sight of the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX Saints and Angels in Heaven’ as an assembly of Greek Orthodox Christians and their Patriach, Metropolitan, Bishop, Priest, Hiermonk and members of the Laity all gathered together in order to offering to up God the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom – and a bunch of god-less, immoral, drunken, violent, arrogant, rude, dirty filthy fellow GREEKS, all of then HOOLIGAN MEMBERS of some local CRIMINAL MOTORCYCLE GANG forcing their way into your Greek Orthodox Church and…

    …all raising their arms up, waving their MIDDLE FINGER towards the icon covered ceiling of that Greek Orthodox Church while cursing and swearing at the entire Greek Orthodox congregation ‘There IS NO GOD, you stupid fools!’ while they went about their business (holding the Greek Orthodox Patriarch and eveyone else in that Greek Orthdox Church HOSTAGES a gun-point) tearind down your icons, your iconoclasts and URINATING/DEFECATING on your Church’s Altar and all over the Sanctuary!

    Why is it that you from the Eastern Orthodox Churches DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT?

    Why are you of the Eastern Orthodox Churches here on RZN so INCAPABLE OF seeing what the peoples and nation of RUSSIA did in the Sight of God and in the Sight of Christ the King and in the Sight of His Mother Who GAVE BIRTH to the Only Eternally Begotten Son of God our Father in Heaven by declaring RUSSIA to be an ‘officially ATHEISTIC’ nation of people in front of the nations of peoples throughout the rest of our World?

    How is it that the PATRIARCHS of the Russian, Greek, Serbian, Syrian, Coptic ORTHODOX Churches DO NOT SEE and DO NOT UNDERSTAND the Mother of God’s Personal Request and Instruction as Our Lady of Faima, Portugal 1917 A.D. to have RUSSIA RE-CONSECRATED TO HER VERY SELF?

    Because she is the WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 – the the satanic Christ-rejecting BOLSHEVIK ZHIDS initiated SPIRITUAL WARFARE against the people of the nation of RUSSIA, and via RUSSIA, would continue on with their spiritual war in making every last nation-state throughout our World ATHEISTS – theoretical or practical ATHEISTS!

    Don’t give me this USELESS ‘Catacomb Mentality’ that has become the Christian spiritual mentality of BOTH the Orthodox AND Catholic Churches since 1917 A.D.!

    If these God-hating, Christ-rejecting ZHIDS want to ‘Start a Fight’, IF they ‘Want to have a WAR’, they let the Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Hiermonks, Abbots, Priests, Deacons and the Rank and File of THE LAITY all meet together AS ONE, in UNISION, at their Bishop’s CATHEDRALS, and let them all IN UNISON, RE-CONSECRATE the nation of RUSSIA to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart.

    Now for you Eastern Orthodox, by the time you get your many and various Patriarchs and ‘Popes’ to FINALLY AGREE to do anything at all IN UNISON – Hell might have frozen over by then.

    But the BISHOP OF ROME with his UNIVERSAL JURISDICATION over the Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Byzantine Catholic Church, the Melkite Catholic Church, the Malabar Catholic Church, etc., as POPE, he can ORDER every last Bishop of the UNIVERSAL Church Militant to ‘Lock and Load’ and call for a ‘Ready On The Left’ and ‘Ready On The Right’ and then give the Papal Order…


    and the Divine VOLLEY levied against Christ the King’s spiritual enemies – in this case the satanic Bolshevik ZHIDS – would MOW THEM ALL DOWN!

    It’s sad, it’s very, very sad, that there ISN’T MUCH ‘BACKBONE’ throughout the Eastern Orthodox Church’s Ecclesiastical Hierarchy and, sad to say, within and throughout my Catholic Church’s Ecclesiastical Hierarchy as well.

    So, our ‘Lot In Life’ will be the ‘Cause and Effect’ spiritual consequence of having TO PERISH in a global, thermonuclear Third World War.

    – Fr. Joseph

  245. Lynda April 6, 2010 @ 10:05 am

    This is an excellent point, Stav.

    And our Lady herself answered at Fatima on Oct 13, 1917.

    “In the end the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me”

    In this fascinating story, we have the pope and we have the anti-pope. You, however, only see the antipope. To you there is not one penny’s worth of difference between Pope St Pius X, the greatest document of the twentieth century Pascendi antipope ‘the U.N. is the last great hope for humanity’ Paul VI and the infamous ‘Nostra Aetate’ or NWO mandate ‘Lumen Gentium’.

    However, it is the antipope and his one world ecumenical church agenda that the W.C.C. and the Patriarch of Constantinople are just wetting their pants to get into bed with.

    Nobody put their hand up for “one flock and one shepherd” under Pope St Pius X.

    It is the Grand Worshipfuls in the Orthodox synods who need to take particular note of your point. Indeed, they should take note of the pointy end or your point.

    All things work together for good for those who love our Lord and this was certainly one of the thoughts that entrained from George’s last posting. Even the Great Schism.

    If adhering to the Great Schism and your version of events (there hasn’t been a valid bishop in Rome for the last 1,000 years or so), then the Orthodox faithful can out the Grand Worshipfuls posing as bishops in their synods and run Benedict and his Noachide agenda out of town on a rail.

    That would be a GOOD THING.

  246. Fr. Joseph April 6, 2010 @ 11:10 am


    I’m sitting here in a PUBLIC LIBRARY using a PUBLIC personal computer.

    On these PUBLIC LIBRARY computers are people writing resumes, kids playing on-line games, a teenager using a computer to look at some videos on ‘Youtube’.

    And all throughout this metropolitan/urban area that forms the surroundings of NEW YORK CITY, it seems as if EVERYONE has and is glued to their cellphones, iPods, Blackberries, etc. – ALL of which have direct and immediate WIRELESS ACCESS TO both the Interent and ‘Youtube’.

    Right there on ‘Youtube’, available to ANYONE in the entire World of ours via ‘Youtube’ is this ABSOLUTELY FREE, ON-LINE & IN-THE-PUBLIC-DOMAIN one hour documenatry entitled ‘Heaven’ Key To Peace’

    Don’t believe me? Well, just CLICK ON this internet link:

    Now then, the PATRIARCHS of every last Eastern Orthodox Church – the Russian Orthodox Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Syrian Orthodox Church, the Serbian Orthodox Church can so easily and so readily WATCH that hour documentary FOR FREE and just as easily as EVERY LAST MEMBER throughout our contemporary World from every last Eastern Orthodox Church.

    The PATRIARCHS of every last Eastern Orthodox Church could, they REALLY COULD, ‘order’ that every last ORTHODOX PARISH throughout our World show ‘Heaven’s Key To Peace’ to ALL of the ‘Orthodox Laity and Faithful’ – but THEY DON’T! You and every last member of any E.O.C. church throughout the World need to ask yourselves:

    ‘Why AREN’T WE SHOWN this documentary in our E.O.C. church parishes throughout our contemporary World???’

    Now the VATICAN’S OWN Permanent Observer to the United Nations CAN go right up the current sitting President of the United Nation’s GENERAL ASSEMBLY and request as well as INSIST that this one hour documentary ‘Heaven’s Key To Peace’ be shown to ALL the U.N. Ambassadors from EVERY LAST nation-state in our contemporary World of 2010 Anno Domini.

    But the VATICAN’S OWN Permanent Observer to the United Nations DOESN’T and WILL NOT.

    And all of your from the E.O.C.’s need to ask yourselves

    “Well, if our own EOC PATRIARCHS will not have this one hour documentary ‘Heaven’s Key To Peace’ shown to US – and the VATICAN will not have this one hour documentary ‘Heaven’s Key To Peace’ shown to the peoples of our World via their U.N. Ambassadors – then WHY are the PATRIARCHS of the E.O.C.’s as well as the Prelates of THE VATICAN ‘working hand-in-hand’ in PREVENTING-PROHIBITING six billion people currently living on this planet earth of God’s Own Creating from seeing or knowing about ‘Heaven’s Key to Peace’??

    And the GOOD QUEEN’S Church of England’s ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY can surely go watch this one hour documentary ‘Heaven’s Key To Peace’ as well – and the GOOD QUEEN OF ENGLAND can donate a billion or so English pounds from her 33 trillion pounds or thereabouts in assets in order to MASS PRODUCE this one-hour documentary and then ORDER the Church of England’s Archbishop of Canterbury and ALL of the bishops of the Church of England to ensure EVERY LAST ‘LOYAL BRITISH SUBJECT’ gets his, her or their own copy of ‘Heaven’s Key To Peace’.

    But the GOOD QUEEN and her Church of England and her faithful corporate EMPLOYEE, the Archbishop of Canterbury WILL NOT allow this Catholic-Bishop of Rome centered documentary into the ‘Queen of England’s SUBJECTS’ – Queens here of the nations of our earth DON’T LIKE ‘COMPETITION’ from other Queens, most notably the QUEEN OF HEAVEN & EARTH.

    And you need to ask yourself ‘Why Is It?’ that all of these thousands upon thousands of ‘Bible-believing and Rapture Awaiting’ ZIONIST SUPPORTING ‘christian evangelicals’ throughout the United States of America and, shoot, throughout the rest of our World REFUSE and HIDE this one-hour documentary from THEIR ‘tithe giving’ I.R.S. tax-exempt congrations.

    If the ECCLESIASTICAL HIERARCHIES of the all the Eastern Orthodox Churches, the various Rites of the Catholic Church, the ‘High Churches’ of Protestantism as well as Protestantism’s ‘low churches’ are ALL working hand-in-hand TOGETHER in order TO PREVENT six billion people of our contemporary World from GAINING THE KNOWLEDGE OF how we all can have WORLD PEACE, then it should begin to dawn in your mind and heart that these ‘ecclesiatical leaders’ of ALL these ‘churches’ throughout our World AREN’T leading six billion human beings to any sort or any kind of WORLD PEACE at all!

    The ‘ecclesiatical hierarchies’ of the ‘churches’ of our contmeporary World are, in fact, leading us all into SATAN’S THERMONUCLEAR THIRD WORLD WAR!

    “My People PERISH for want of KNOWLEDGE.”
    – Prophet Hosea – Hosea 4:6

    If you have one U.S. President, 100 U.S. Senators, 454 Members of U.S. Congress, 9 sitting U.S. Supreme Court Justices, the entire phalanx of individuals in every last U.S. Department and Agency under the direct oversight, command and supervision of the U.S. President ALL working ‘in cahoots’ to get us embroiled in endless bogus wars ‘on terrorism’ – then is takes no stretch of the imagination that ALL of the members of EVERY LAST ‘religious’ and so-called ‘christian’ church ‘ecclesiatical hierarchy’ are likewise all working together ‘in cahoots’ to get the Human Race embroiled in a satanic thermonuclear Third World War.

    BETRAYING the ‘Mother of God’, the Woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 UPON WHOM God the Holy Spirit descended and upon whom He REMAINS is tantamount to ‘The Unpardonable Sin’ HER DIVINE SON taught and preached about in the Gospels of the Church Militant’s Own Canon of Sacred CHRISTIAN Scripture!

    – Fr. Joseph

  247. Brother Nathanael April 6, 2010 @ 11:19 am

    Dear Fr Joseph –

    Please break up thicker texts into separate paragraphs for “reader friendly” perusal.


  248. Fr. Joseph April 6, 2010 @ 11:33 am

    Dear Stav,

    Now then, lest I appear to be TOO HARSH in my explanations here on RZN and in what I have to say and IN THE MANNER I admit I oftentimes express myself, allow me the privilege of ‘GOING TO PRIVATE CONFESSION’ to you as member of THE LAITY of the Greek Orthodox Church.

    My ‘Private Confession’ TO YOU here and in front of ANYBODY/EVERYBODY who might wind up reading these postings of mine to Br. Nathanael’s RZN website is this:

    At my private votive Masses at my not-at-all elegant Altar here at my basement hermitage, ALL offered up for ‘The Universal Church’, I say the words of this Prayer:

    “May the Catholic Church and her
    to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    “May it (the Collegial Consecration)
    May it (the Collegial Conscration)
    and may that Divine Love

    Stav, if I could but somehow, someway “twist the Divine Hand of God the Father” so that He, our Divine Father in Heaven, the Divine Father of ALL OF US six billion human beings currently living and alive here on this planet earth and our ‘World’ of 2010 Anno Domini…

    …would by His Own Divine SOVEREIGN WILL give every last man, woman and child throughout our World but a solid SIXTY SECONDS of experiencing His Divine Love for ALL OF MANKIND – that’s all I ask for – but SIXTY SECONDS of experiencing His Divine and Fatherly LOVE for every last man, woman and child, that SIXTY SECONDS of personally experiencing and dwell IN His Divine Father Love would CHANGE the entire Human Race and the course of contemporary HUMAN HISTORY!

    ‘Salus Animus Suprema Lex’ –


    Too many others, throughout our World, see the ‘Supreme Law of the Church’ as being at the ‘service of their Queen,’ the ‘service of the Emperor’, the ‘service of their postive Tithe-cash flow’, etc.

    If that COLLEGIAL CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of God the Son’s OWN MOTHER could but get our entire Human Race but a LOUSY SIXTY-SECONDS of the Experience of God the Father’s Own DIVINE LOVE for Mankind, we of the Church Militant here on earth might – JUST MIGHT – ‘Rob Satan’ of millions upon millions upon millions more of souls and ‘Deposit them all’ before God our Father’s Throne in Heaven.

    Kinda like being religious-spiritual ‘ROBIN HOODS’ – robbing SATAN of his STOLEN spiritual goods, the souls of so many of our Human Race – and turning them over to their Proper Owner – our Divine FATHER in Heaven Who so Loved the World that He sent His Only Eternally Begotton Son, JESUS THE CHRIST, to be our World’s Savior, Redeemer, Lord, High Priest and KING!

    Kinda HARD in getting THAT DONE when hardly ANYONE from ANY RANK, TITLE, POSITION within ANY of the ‘churches’ here in our World don’t so much as want to LIFT A FINGER to help and deliberately MAKE THEMSELVES OBSTACLES to what the Mother of God, the Woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 DESIRES DONE out of Her Own IMMACULATELY LOVING HEART for the sake of Her Spiritual Children throughout this World of ours as Mankind’s NEW EVE and hence, SPIRITUAL MOTHER OF ALL OF REDEEMED MANKIND!

    – Fr. Joseph

  249. Fr. Joseph April 6, 2010 @ 11:39 am

    Br. Nathanael,

    ‘Okie Dokie’! I’ll obediently COMPLY.

    Now if we can only get the Bishop of Rome and the Bishops of the Catholic Church to OBEDIENTLY COMPLY with a very simple, direct and to-the-point REQUEST She made as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D.

    Simple ‘obedient COMPLIANCE’ isn’t all that difficult! Sssheeshhh….

    – Fr. Joseph

  250. Stav April 6, 2010 @ 12:16 pm

    Hi Fr. Joseph,

    I am glad that you did not fully “get” my point earlier. I retract it (the question, not it’s meaning) for the sake of the peace here. My intent was not to offend. Please disregard it.

    However, I have a genuine question for you:

    Can you please explain to me exactly what this means:


    I must honestly admit, I don’t understand exactly the meaning of this. I certainly know what “consecration” means, but what does consecrate to Mary the Theotokos mean exactly?


  251. Lynda April 6, 2010 @ 4:25 pm

    People must understand that the Charter of the U.N. and the Platform of the Communist Internationale are one and the same.

    Since the Vatican officially recognized U-Thant and the U.N. Charter the transition to Communism has been underway in all nations which are legislating it on the basis of the U.N. Charter.

    The Masonic Revolution inaugurated 1789 in France culminated in 1917. With the establishment of state monopoly socialism in the Soviet and the proclamation of the godless state, a base was established whereby Communist Revolution could be waged in nations that were not under the established Communist World Order federal reserve banking system.

    Russia was and still is the key because it was in Russia that the Communist political goals were first established and proclaimed.

    Now all nations are in the convergence and WW III is required to fuse them according to Albert Pike. Russia has a unique role in the convergence.

    Sr Lucia said that if the Consecration was not done all nations would pass under the Communist yoke. She was right. AGAIN.

    Our time now is the time of the convergence about which Anotoliy Golitsyn (New Lies for Old) has much to say.

    Federal Reserve Capitalism or Cartelised Capitalism is Communism – the ownership of the nation by the financial elite

    Soviet state monopoly socialism is the ownership of the nation by the financial elite.

    The NAU, the AIPAC and the EU are the trinaterals of nations under ownership that are being welded together as soviets – the super structure of the NWO.

    The financial elite own the communist nation either overtly as in the West or covertly as in the East.

    And the financial elite is Jewry. They have divided their world empire for the purpose of world war. Israel is their echelon nation.

    People must take heed of our Lady’s prophecies, take refuge in her Immaculate Heart and pray the Holy Rosary for the Consecration of Russia, the intentions of the Immaculate Heart and for peace.

  252. Fr. Joseph April 6, 2010 @ 7:50 pm


    Regarding the RE-CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA to the Mother of God per the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Fatima Apparitions Instructions of 1917 A.D.

    By ACCEPTING HER DIVINE SON as their Divine Savior – and He IS our entire Human Race’s DIVINE SAVIOR – the manifold Divine Blessings gained by that/those nations-states coupled with the Divine Forgiveness of Sins via Baptism and Confession-Reconcilation, by the Gifts and Graces of God the Holy Spirit via Chrismation-Confirmation and the Divine Promise-Gift of ETERNAL LIFE in God’s Heavenly Paradise bring about the fulfillment of the Mother of God’s Own Prophecy-Words regarding HERSELF:

    “Yes, from this day forward ALL GENERATIONS will call ME Blessed!” – Luke 1:48

    With Prince Vladimir bring about the CONVERSION OF RUSSIA to Christ Jesus, good Prince Vladimir both HONORED and BLESSED the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    When the Bolshevik Zhids RENOUNCED Christ Jesus, publicly declared to the ENTIRE WORLD that Russia was now OFFICIALLY an ‘Atheistic State’ – and by that official ATHEISM rejected the Son of the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY – the Russian nation “officially” REJECTED and TURNED THEIR BACK on the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos.

    On account of her IMMACULATELY LOVING HEART, as a SORROWING MOTHER who was seeing her very own spiritual children SOLD INTO Jewish Masonic Bolshevik ZHID abuse, debauchery, economic, spiritual, intellectual and emotional SLAVERY, as Our Lady of Fatima, as the Blessed Virgin Mary, as the BLESSED MOTHER – her LOVE impelled her TO DO SOMETHING in order to help, save, rescue her spiritual children of RUSSIA – and by extention, as God’s New Eve – her spiritual Motherhood for and over ALL OF MANKIND!

    Her spiritual sons here on earth – THE CHURCH’S BISHOPS – have been given the power to CAST OUT DEMONS.

    The Mother of God requested/instructed that THE POPE along with the Bishops of the Catholic Church perform a ‘Global EXORCISM’ for and over RUSSIA by performing a public and solemn Collegial RE-Consecration of RUSSIA to her very self, the Woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    The underlying psycho-spiritual PHILOSOPHIES of the Satanic Marx coupled with the Satanic Rothschilds coupled with the Satanic Masons coupled with the Satanic Kabbalahists and all of the Satanic VENOM which poured forth from the MOTHER OF GOD REJECTING atheistic state of RUSSIA has now “poisoned” virtually every last nation state of our World.

    When one is BITTEN by a poisonous SNAKE, such as a Rattlesnack or Copperhead, the very first think YA GOTTA DO is place a tournequet just above the snake bite in order TO PREVENT THE VENOM from entiring the BLOOD STREAM of the entire BODY!

    If you DON’T prevent the VENOM from reaching the OTHER members of the body, then the WHOLE BODY begins to ‘shut down’, each individual organ FAILING to do its particular function.

    RUSSIA’S ATHEISM and her GLOBAL PUBLIC STATEMENT of ‘God is Dead!’ ‘There is NO God!’ has now permeated the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of people THE ENTIRE WORLD OVER!

    It is now ‘FASHIONABLE’ for the people of ENGLAND to flaunt/boast of their ‘Sophisticated Atheism’.

    It is now ‘FASHIONABLE’ for the peole of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to flaunt/boast of their ‘Liberating Atheism’.

    It is now ‘FASHIONABLE’ for every last nation which makes up the European Union to flaunt/boast their ‘No Need Of God’.

    And on and on and on throughout EVERY NATION ON EARTH has that Venom-Poison of PUBLICLY ASSERTED ATHEISM which eminated first from RUSSIA is now ‘Killing Off’ the spiritual lives of people the World over.

    Now then, perhaps, do we FINALLY begin to undertand these things and grasp the GHASTLY SCOPE of the Spiritual Crime of Spiritual MASS MURDER of millions upon millions of human being who were created by God Himself TO SHARE Eternal Life with Him FOREVER in His Heavenly Realms of Paradise?

    Only the MASONS and the SATANISTS and the COMMUNISTS who have ‘dressed up like Catholic Bishops’ could have done such a thing to both THE CHURCH and to our entire HUMAN RACE!

    – Fr. Joseph

  253. Fr. Joseph April 6, 2010 @ 7:54 pm

    Now the Stav, if you and KathJuliane and Br. Nathanael and Prodigal Son WANT TO ‘CRUSH THE HEAD OF SATAN’ so as to PREVENT HIM from now initiating a thermonuclear Third World War which will bring about the ‘instantaneous Satanic harvest of millions upon millions of unwitting and unaware SOULS into HELL’ in a matter of a FEW MINUTES – then do whatever YOU CAN to get THE BISHOPS OF THE CHURCH to COOPERATE DOCILELY AND FULLY with the BISHOP OF ROME in DOING what the MOTHER OF THE INCARNATE WORD told them TO DO!

    The Public and Solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculately Loving Heart!

    The ‘NUKES’ still haven’t GONE OFF!

    – Fr. Joseph

  254. The Prodigal Son April 6, 2010 @ 9:07 pm


    Oh, so we’re on speaking terms again? I’m glad.

    You said, “[The] decretals (forged or otherwise) are irrelevant to the truth about the Fatima event and the way in which the Roman Catholic faithful regard the monarchy of the Church, the papacy.”

    The forged decretals may be irrelevant to you, but to anyone who loves Jesus Christ and the REAL truth more than they love the pope – they should be VERY relevant because your papacy is founded upon those FORGED decretals and those alone.

    The early Church (of which there is still only ONE) was NOT monarchist – it was collegial and conciliar. Hence history records that there were seven ecumenical COUNCILS which the entire Church (including ‘all powerful’ Rome) adhered to.

    You said, “The Roman Catholic faithful hold the Rock of St. Peter and the Petrine Office to be part of the Sacred Deposit of faith from our Lord’s own words. It is the words of our Lord that are here at issue not some ‘decretal’.”

    The forged decretals and the deliberate interpolations into the patristic writings ARE the issue (even if you would like it to be otherwise) because your papacy is built upon them (in addition to your erroneous interpretation of Matthew 16, etc).

    The history of the Councils and the witness of Scripture show that there was NO recognized papacy (as you present it) for at least the first 1000 years of undivided Christianity.

    The very fact that there WERE seven Councils – rather than simply seven ‘infallable’ papal decrees is enough to prove that early united Eastern/Western Christendom was conciliar/collegial – NOT papal/monarchist!

    Going back further in time to when St. Peter was still alive, Scripture especially also proves the conciliar nature of the early Church.

    The very first Council – held in Jerusalem; described in the Acts of the apostles, chapter 15 CLEARLY shows that even when Peter was still alive HE WAS NOT the all-powerful ‘President’ of the Church!

    Acts 15 recounts a dispute between Sts. Peter & Paul… and it was St. Paul who won out against the supposedly undisputed ‘governor’ over the Church! How is this possible? If what you say were true – then Christians would be required to be circumcised!

    How is it that St. James was the one who presided and spoke HIS judgement on the matter – siding with St. Paul & the majority OVER Peter’s Judaizing teachings?

    I suppose you’ll say that the other apostles (Paul, James, etc) were ‘schismatics’ from ‘planet Orthodox’? Or has Holy Scripture been ‘Orthowarped’ as well?

    You say, “Many, many references to the Petrine Office from Patristics have been cited on this messageboard.”

    Yes, and I’ve shown CONCLUSIVELY how they were taken OUT OF CONTEXT (‘weasel-worded’ as you would say), as well as having had interpolated passages inserted into them…

    I also provided greater context, & direct qoutes from the same authors which CLEARLY contradicted your claims and demonstrated the TRUE meaning of their words – which were that Peter was considered to be first in HONOR but that ALL of the apostles had been afforded the SAME powers of binding & loosing and EQUAL AUTHORITY under the Head of the Church, Who was (and IS) Jesus Christ.

    Peter’s honor made him the greatest servant OF the Church – NOT the ultimate authority OVER the Church. Again – the very historical existence of the Church Councils prove the CONCILIAR nature of the Church!

    [BTW, you never did explain why the bishop of Antioch (Peter’s FIRST historical successor) wasn’t considered to be the inheritor of Peter’s supposed position of ‘monarch’ of the Church, making Antioch the ultimate apostolic see…]

    Anyhow, if the bishops of Rome were supposed to have been the virtual ‘presidents’ of the entire Church – explain the need for ANY COUNCILS – EVER… Why didn’t the popes just declare what they wanted, thereby making it so?

    And while you’re at it – explain the reason for all of these historical facts which took place BEFORE the inception of your beloved/hated papacy as well…

    1. Not a single Ecumenical Council was EVER held in Rome… They were ALL held in the East. Why?

    2. Not a single Ecumenical Council was EVER called by a Roman pope. In fact – there were AT LEAST two occasions when a Roman pope attempted (UNSUCCESSFULLY) to prevent those Councils from convening.

    3. Not ONE single Ecumenical Council was EVER attended by a Roman pope. How can this be that the Roman pope NEVER presided over ANY of the seven Councils?

    4. The Second Ecumenical Council was called without the Roman pope EVEN KNOWING ABOUT IT. (Though he eventually signed off on it.)

    5. NONE of the Councils EVER appealed to the Roman Pope to ratify their judgements… (BECAUSE…)

    6. The Roman pope had NO veto power over the decisions of ANY of the Councils and NO Roman pope EVER officially challenged any of the decisions of any of those Councils.

    7. At the Fifth Ecumenical Council, pope Vagilius was EXCOMMUNICATED for his defence of three Nestorian heretics… If the pope was ‘all powerful’ – then HOW could anyone have excommunicated him?

    8. At the Sixth Ecumenical Council pope Honorius defended Sergius of Constantinople for which he too was eventually EXCOMMUNICATED. He was called “an instrument of the devil” by the Church! (So much for ‘papal infallibility’!)

    His later successor pope Leo UPHELD the anathema and EVERY pope from the eighth to the eleventh century also had to confess & uphold the anathemas and decrees of all of the Councils.

    It wasn’t until the sixteenth century that the commemoration of the condemnation of Honorius was REMOVED (wonder why?) from the church calendar.

    Strangely enough, the forged Roman papal decretals don’t mention any of that though!

  255. mother jones April 7, 2010 @ 1:07 am

    PS, if you’d read even the first paragraph of my lengthy post above you would realize that I agree with you, or at least the source you quote. The consecration HAS BEEN DONE BY JOHN PAUL II.

    It is only a small fringe, without supporting argument or facts, just self righteous grandstanding which think otherwise.

    I have made the case, they have not.

    “You cannot get good fruit from a bad tree,” in Russia the rest is history.

    Some even think that a pope who abdicated even before he was invested as pope is still a pope.

    I beg to differ. Like em or leave the popes we had were the popes we had, period!

  256. mother jones April 7, 2010 @ 2:59 am

    Its not a matter of taking pills, its about seeking prayerfully after truth.

    Its about seeking Christ.

    Only then will our souls find the peace for which they yearn.

  257. Lynda April 7, 2010 @ 3:01 am

    Prodigal Son,

    Don’t be glad.

    YOu have not demonstrated anything from primary documentation.

    I am not going to debate these decretals. Whether they are forged or otherwise is totally irrelevant to the faith of the Roman Catholic people.

    All these allegations of forgery, interpolations, censorship of primary documentation is ultamitely rabbinic.

    The Sacred Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church has grown up and developed from the Sacred Deposit. The Roman Catholic Church despite the present harrowing of what is arguably the greatest Crisis in the history of the Church still lives and grows from our Lord’s own life and grace.

    And I am sure this must gall you – as it does all the Pharisees. They have never been able to extinguish this fountainhead of grace.

    Even in eclipse and disorientation there is no more vital institution on the planet than the Roman Catholic Church. Ultimately the Church is a spiritual organism without rival or resemblance and even the pagans perceive this.

    The monarchy of Holy Church is de fide to the Roman Catholic. And no Catholic will ever yield to this rabbinic idea that the foundations of the ecclesiology of our entire Sacred Tradition is a contrivance and documented in forgeries.

    There is conciliarity in the Church, yes, but you are trying to argue that conciliarity and monarchy are mutually exclusive. They are not. The Holy Father of our Church has historically chosen to speak as the head of the college of bishops, not ex cathedra.

    Historically, in any society, the most vital and longlived conciliar and even secular democratic institutions have been guaranteed by monarchy. In the Church the college of bishops conforms to the model as do synods and councils.

    Only a mind and spirit that is fundamentally rabbinic would be arguing the way you argue.

    No amount of your Pharisaism will ever convince me because the argument does not rest upon the legalistic foundations that you are trying to establish from text.

    It rests upon living source of interpretive and magisterial authority from our Lord. For the Roman Catholic that authority is the Successor of St Peter, the Rock and the bishops in communion with him.

    The bishops of the Eastern churches are not in communion with the Holy Father. And the Eastern Patriarchate has never ceased in its efforts to appoint heterodox bishops in Rome from the power of temporal authority.

    There is not one penny’s worth of difference between the Imperial Byzantine foisting of Monophysite bishops upon the Church, the English King’s execution of the Roman Catholic clergy and appointment of bishops for the C of E and Bolshivik execution of the Russian Orthodox clergy and appointment of bishops loyal to the Communist state.

    Extinguishing of valid lines of patriarchal and apostolic succession by killing off those who have validly received of the sacrament and their replacement with functionaries apt to the hand of a temporal power is the way this has worked historically.

    And the ecclesiology of this process always argues against the patriarchal power of the Roman Catholic monarchy of the hierarchical Church.

    So what else is new.

    The Roman Catholic Church rejects the govenment of the Church by a temporal power. Always has and always will.

    In the West, it is the Church that annoints monarchical authority to govern the Christian nation on the basis of the Evangelium and the Apostolic Constitions of the Western Patriarchate. Those nations and their state have now been overthrown in the Masonic Revolution inaugurated 1789, the Holy Father and the bishops loyal to him may be underground but this does not change or remove the foundations of the Church laid down by our Lord himself.

    Such are empowered from heaven and established upon earth as you will discover. No amount of rabbinic scorn, weaseling, denunciations, allegations of forgeries, legalism, hatred of St Peter and his Successors will ever change this.


  258. Fr. Joseph April 7, 2010 @ 11:12 am

    From the EASTER SUNDAY EVENING MASS’ Communion Antiphon:

    “Christ has become our Paschal Sacrifice; let us FEAST with the unleavened bread of SINCERITY and TRUTH. Alleluia!”

    The World, our entire Human Race as well as THE CHURCH are now ‘spiritually STARVING TO DEATH’ on account of the World’s, the Nation’s of the World and the Church Militant IN this World amongst these Nations on account of their indviidual and collective INABILITY to speak out in SINCERITY and TRUTH to, for at AT one another – even amongst their very selves!

    Let the Bishop of Rome and ALL of the Bishops of the Church just come out FINALLY in ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Truth’ and let them all IN UNISON simply tell the entire Human Race WHEN they all, in UNISON and in UNITY, performed the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God.

    THAT’S ALL that is needed – for the Bishop of Rome to ADVISE US ALL currently alive in living here on earth planet earth when HE, along with ALL OF THE BISHOPS OF THE CHURCH, performed in UNISON and in UNITY, the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    THEN…EVERYONE throughout the United States of America as well as throughout the World can simply WRITE TO the Catholic Bishops here in the U.S.A. at their addresses here:

    And give us the ‘Date and Time’ when THEY performed that Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God per her Fatima Apparition’s Instructions.

    ‘Let us FEAST with the unleavened bread of SINCERITY and TRUTH!’

    – Fr. Joseph

  259. Fr. Joseph April 7, 2010 @ 11:39 am

    Now then, regarding this Divine Itsy-Bitsy Issue of the CHURCH MILITANT here in this World of ours FEASTING with and on the unleavened bread of SINCERITY and TRUTH…

    Perhaps its on account of U.S. D.O.T. F.A.A.’s LICENSED Aircraft and Powerplant Mechanics constantly being ‘Out-Of-Sight and Out-Of-Mind’ maintaining U.S. Commerical Airliners’ BOEING AIRCRAFT all over these United States of America during their MIDNIGHT WORK SHIFTS while everyone else is safely and comfy-cozy tucked away in their BEDS that no one listens or heeds what AIRCRAFT MECHANICS have to say about the bogus, fake and staged 9-11-2001 ‘Arab Terrorist’ attacks.

    So okay – here is what U.S. Commerical PILOTS dressed smartly in their professional suites adorned with gold rings on their sleeves have to say about the bogus, fake and staged 9-11-2001 ‘Arab Terrorist’ attacks…

    So here ya go – all of you ORTHODOX and CATHOLIC and PROTESTANT Christians who took ‘HOLY COMMUNION’ on this just past Easter Sunday throughout the United States of America, in England, throughout Europe and any other nation-state of our contemporary World ON THE VERGE OF a satanic thermonuclear Third World War.

    Get your PATRIARCHS, your METROPOLITANS, your BISHOPS, your PARISH PRIESTS/PASTORS to get their Diocese, their Parish, their Congregation TO ORDER a couple hundred of this DVD documentary by U.S. Commerical PILOTS regarding the bogus, fake and staged 9-11-2001 ‘Arab Terrorist’ attacks from Pilots For 911 TRUTH here:

    Have your PATRIARCHS, METROPOLITANS, BISHOPS, PRIESTS, CLERGY & ‘Bible Believing’ PASTORS then mail out as a CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY those DVD’s to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Field Offices throughout these United States of America. The F.B.I. Field Offices’ addresses are here:

    Along with the ORTHODOX, CATHOLIC and PROTESTANT CHURCH’s MASS MAILING of that DVD to the ‘Proper Authorities’, please DO have them all include the following ‘sheet of paper’ as well…

    ‘No War For Israel!’

    And if the ORTHODOX, CATHOLIC and PROTESTANT church’s LEADER are simply ‘Too Lazy’ and ‘Too Busy’ and ‘Too Preoccupied’ to be BOTHERED with this 9-11 TRUTH, the JANITORS at all of the Cathedrals, Church Parishes, Shrines, Monasteries, Convents, etc. can simply E-MAIL the F.B.I. with the above information given the F.B.I. those website links’ information here:

    Now then, in CHRISTIAN ‘SINCERITY’ and CHRISTIAN ‘TRUTH’, the Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Priests, Clergy, Religious, Pastors and ‘thousands after thousands’ of their respective LAITY can make this Pilots for 911 Truth DVD:

    Along with this sheet of print-out paper:

    Mailed directly to via CERTIFIED U.S.P.S. letters to the following ORTHODOX CHURCH CHAPLAINS of the U.S. Armed Forces here:


    And for all the ‘Bible Believing’ PROTESTANT Churches as well as for the ‘Religious’ heading up the SYNAGOGUES and MOSQUES and NEW AGE CULTS-SECTS, they can contact their respective CHAPLAINS here:

    So, as we ALL ‘pat ourselves on the back’ because we are ORTHODOX or CATHOLIC or PROTESTANT or ANYTHING ELSE here on Br. Nathanael’s RZN…let us NOT shy away from our RELIGIOUS DUTY to God, to our Nation, to our Fellow Citizens, to those in the U.S. Armed Forces and to those peoples of every last nation-state throughout our World.

    Get yourselves, your Patriarchs, Popes, Metropolitans, Bishops, Priests, Religious, Clergy, Pastors, ‘Bible Believing Congregations’ all across these United State of America BUSY.

    “Talk, talk and more ‘ecumenical dialogue’ is DIRT CHEAP! A litle Christian COURAGE coupled with a little Christian ACTION, as in ‘Good Works’ is now not only REQUIRED – it is DEMANDED from us from God and all of Heaven.”

    – Fr. Joseph

  260. Fr. Joseph April 7, 2010 @ 12:50 pm

    Personally, I’m pretty well ‘Sick & Tired’ of throwing my wage-earner’s MONEY and MORE wage-earner’s MONEY into personal projects in order TO INFORM as well as to instill some sense of DUTY and PROPER ACTION in our ‘Leaders’, be they in the Federal or State Governments, in U.S. civil society, in any and all U.S. Instituions and Organizations AS WELL AS my own Catholic Church.

    So for those of you who might have some extra and non-essential FUNDS, you can do ME a big favor.

    Purchase this DVD from the Pilots For 911 Truth organization:

    Print this webpage out:

    And then simply MAIL BOTH ITEMS out to

    1) CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP DOLAN of the Archdiocese of NEW YORK, address here:

    2) ANGLICAN ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY of the Good Queen of England’s Church of England here:

    You can mail copies of both items to THE POPE at:

    His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
    The Apostolic Palace
    00120 Vatican City State – Italy

    And you can INCLUDE a copy of this image ALONG WITH that mailing of yours:

    You can inform the Archbishop of New York, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Rome that THE LORD JESUS CHRIST told me TO TELL EVERYONE He does NOT want them to either PUT or KEEP their ‘heads in the sand regarding World events’ – and that His Holy Army, the Church Militant here one earth MUST BE INFORMED!

    Now I can do my own temporal and limited sorts of things TO INFORM people the World over as well as His Own Church Militant here on earth – but I CANNOT cause people to summon up the personal COURAGE to act upon and/or implement WHAT I’ve informed them.

    – Fr. Joseph

  261. The Prodigal Son April 8, 2010 @ 11:09 am

    Yes Lynda,

    That’s pretty much what I thought your response would be… Albeit it was less rude than I expected, thank-you.

    — — —

    A MUST READ for all Roman Catholics who love Jesus Christ and the TRUTH!:

    — — —


    By Hierodeacon Paul Ballester-Convolier.


    ‘My conversion to Orthodoxy began one day while I was reordering the Library catalogues of the monastery I belonged to.

    This monastery belonged to the Franciscan order, founded in my country of Spain. While I was classifying different old articles concerning the Holy Inquisition, I happened to come across an article that was truly impressive, dating back to 1647.

    This article described a decision of the Holy Inquisition that anathematized as heretic any Christian who dared believe, accept or preach to others that he supported the apostolic validity of the Apostle Paul.

    It was about a horrible finding that my mind could not comprehend.

    I immediately thought to calm my soul that perhaps it was due to a typographical error or due to some forgery, which was not so uncommon in the western Church of that time when the articles were written.

    However, my disturbance and my surprise became greater after researching and confirming that the decision of the Holy Inquisition that was referred to in the article WAS authentic.

    In fact already during two earlier occasions, namely in 1327 and 1331, the Popes John 22nd and Clemens 6th had condemned and anathematized any one who dared deny that the Apostle Paul during his entire apostolic life, was totally subordinate to the ecclesiastic monarchal authority of the first Pope and king of the Church, namely the Apostle Peter.

    And a lot later Pope Pius 10th, in 1907 and Benedict 15th, in 1920, had repeated the same anathemas and the same condemnations.

    I had therefore to dismiss any possibility of it being due to an inadvertent misquoting or forgery. So I was thus confronted with a serious problem of conscience.

    Personally it was impossible for me to accept that the Apostle Paul was disposed off under whatever Papal command. The independence of his apostolic work among nations, against that which characterized the apostolic work of Peter among the circumcised, for me was the unshakeable event that shouted from the Holy Bible.

    The thing was totally clear to me – who he was, as the explaining works of the Fathers on this issue do not leave the slightest doubt:

    “Paul,” writes St Chrysostom, “declares his equality with the rest of the apostles and should be compared not only with all the others but with the first one of them, to prove that each one had the same authority.”

    Truly, together all the Fathers agree that “all the rest of the apostles were the same like Peter, namely they were endowed with the same honour and authority.”

    It was impossible for who ever of them, to exercise higher authority from the rest, for the apostolic title that each had was the “highest authority, the peak of authorities.”

    They were all shepherds, while the flock was one. And the “flock was shepherded by the apostles in conformity by all.”

    The matter was therefore crystal clear. Despite this, the Roman teaching was against the situation.

    This way for the first time in my life, I experienced a frightful dilemma. What could I say?

    On one side the Bible and the Holy Tradition and on the other side the teaching of the Church? According to the Roman theology it is essential for our salvation to believe that the Church is a pure monarchy, whose monarch is the Pope.

    This way, the synod of the Vatican, voting together all the earlier convictions, it declared officially that “if any one says… that Peter (who is assumed to have been the first Pope) was not ordained by Christ as the leader of the Apostles and visible Head of all the Church…. is under anathema.”


    Within this psychological disturbance I addressed my confessor and naively described the situation. He was one of the most famous priests of the monastery. He heard me with sadness, aware that it involved a very difficult problem.

    Having thought for a few minutes while looking in vain for an acceptable resolution, he finally told me the following that I confess I did not expect.

    “The Bible and the Fathers have harmed you, my child. Set it and them aside and confine yourself to following the infallible teachings of the Church and do not let yourself become victim of such thoughts.

    Never allow creatures of God whoever they may be, to scandalize your faith in God and the Church.”

    This answer he gave very explicitly, caused my confusion to grow. I always held that especially the Word of God is the only thing that one cannot set aside.

    Without allowing me any time to respond, my confessor added: “In exchange, I shall give you a list of prominent authors in whose works your faith will relax and be supported.”

    And asking me if I had something else “more interesting” to ask, he terminated our conversation.

    A few days later, my confessor departed from the monastery for a preaching tour of Churches of the monastic order. He left me the list of authors, recommending that I read them. And he asked me to inform him of my progress in this reading by writing him.

    Even though his words did not convince me in the least, I collected these books and started to read them as objectively and attentively as possible.

    The majority of the books were theological texts and manuals of papal decisions as well as of (local) ecumenical synods.

    I threw myself to the study with genuine interest, having only the Bible as my guide: “Thy law is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my paths.” (Ps 118:105).

    As I progressed in my study of those books, I would understand more and more, that I was unaware of the nature of my Church.

    Having been proselytized in Christianity and baptized as soon as I completed my encyclical studies, I continued with philosophical studies and then as I speak to you I was just at the beginning of the theological studies.

    It concerned of a science totally new to me. Until then Christianity and the Roman Church was for me an amalgam, something absolutely indivisible.

    In my monastic life I was only concerned with their exterior view and I was given no reason to examine in depth the bases and reasons of the organic structure of my Church.


    Exactly then, within the bouquet of articles, that my spiritual leader had put together, the true nature of this monarchal system, known as the Roman Church, started to unravel. I suppose a summary of her characteristics would not be superfluous.

    First of all, to the Roman Catholics, the Christian Church “is nothing more than an absolute monarchy” whose monarch is the Pope who functions in all her facets as such.

    On this papist monarchy “all the power and stability of the Church is found” which otherwise “would not have been possible.” The same Christianity is supported completely by Papism (alone).

    And still some more, “Papism is the most significant agent of Christianity”, “it is its zenith and its essence.”

    The monarchic authority of the Pope as supreme leader and the visible head of the Church, cornerstone, Universal Infallible Teacher of the Faith, Representative (Vicar) of God on earth, shepherd of shepherds and Supreme Hierarch, “is totally dynamic and dominant and embraces all the teachings and legal rights” that the Church has.

    “Divine right” is extended on all and individually on each baptized man across the whole world.

    This dictatorial authority can be exercised at any time, over anything and on any Christian across the world, whether lay or clergy, and in any church of any denomination and language it may be, in consideration of the Pope being the supreme bishop of every ecclesiastical diocese in the world.

    People who refuse to recognize all this authority and do not submit blindly, are schismatic, heretic, impious and sacrilegious and their souls are already destined to eternal damnation, for it is essential for our salvation that we believe in the institution of Papism and submit to it and its representatives.

    In this way the Pope incarnates that imaginary Leader, prophesied by Cicero, writing that all must recognize him to be holy. (…)’

    — — —

    Continued here:

    An excellent testimony for truth!


  262. Lynda April 8, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

    I am glad my response was what you expected, Prodigal Son.

    No one, however, excels you for rudeness.

    Let’s just go back to our former arrangement. I have nothing to say to you and I do not read your posts.

  263. The Prodigal Son April 8, 2010 @ 2:58 pm


    Have I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth? (Galatians 4:16)

    — — —

    Pretty hard to reply to something you haven’t read – isn’t it?

    … And do tell: How have I ever been rude to you? I told you… I’m trying to help you!

    — — —

    “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry,

    for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ;

    that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting,

    but, *speaking the truth in love*, may grow up in all things into **Him who is the head – Christ** (…)”

    (Ephesians 4:11-15)

  264. George April 8, 2010 @ 5:28 pm

    One bad habit of Christians in our days is to hurl the worst examples of history at each other.

    Yet we should know that “love covers a multitude of sins.”

    It is only once we are divided, that these sins end up “issues of faith”, and the law of God supposedly justifies our hormonal lust for arguments and fights.

    Then I can simply conclude in question: Who of today’s age is converted, whole being, soul and spirit to Christ and to the Apostolic faith and practise of converting others through love?

    We are much in the same situation where in the council of Florence, St Mark Eugenikos states his views against the westerners, and a cardinal rises up and says something on the lines of “if you give one reason, I will utter a hundred!” – Obviously no environment for correcting misunderstandings.

  265. Lynda April 8, 2010 @ 5:28 pm

    You are not telling the truth Prodigal Son.

    You are trying to tell us that the faith of the Roman Catholic Church is founded upon textual corruptions, forgeries and interpolations.

    The faith of the Roman Catholic Church lives and has always lived from its transmission by all the sacraments ordained by our Lord, by the witness of Apostles and martyrs, by Sacred Scripture and Tradition and the quickening of that transmission by the Holy Spirit.

    It lives through its Divine liturgy, the homilies of the Fathers and the interpretation of these, the sensus fidelium, is guided by the magisterium of our living source of authority – which is monarchical, collegial, conciliar, synodical in that order.

    The life and faith of the Roman Catholic Church is not founded upon texts. It is the faith we have from the Apostles that both forms, establishes and transmits texts.

    Even Sacred Scripture was written for the Church. It exists for the Church; not the Church for scripture.

    You are trying to demonstrate that we believe lies based upon some texts that you want to argue about.

    This is rabbinic. I will not dispute with you on the basis of any texts you have marshalled to prove our faith to be founded upon lies.

    I have cited our primary sources that bear witness to the Roman Catholic faith. You do not accept those sources. You bring forth other sources which you claim are the incorrupt texts and you claim the Orthodox faith is founded.

    Well, it is too bad that your faith is founded upon the letter of texts. But I have never attempted to argue with you about your primary sources. I am not seeking to prove that the texts you claim to be incorrupt are in fact corrupt.

    I stated that I do not accept your primary sources if they diverge from ours. The sources I accept are the Roman Catholic sources.

    The reason why you want to argue about texts is because you want to place the truth of faith on textual investigations.

    And on the basis of these investigation, you want to disprove the faith of the Roman Catholic Church – so do the Protestants, so do the Jehovah’s Witnesses, so are the Mormons. All of you, just bag the Roman Catholic Church world without end.

    So what else is new.

    I am a Roman Catholic. I know what Holy Roman Catholic Church believes and has always believed on the basis of the faith that has been transmitted because I am a member of the body of the Church.

    If you want to argue that our Sacred Scriptures, our liturgical and scholarly texts which transmit the writings from the Fathers and Doctors, our bishops and proceedings of Councils have been falsified, corrupted and forged – then go argue it with someone who likes to be “carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting.”

    That is you in a nutshell.

    Don’t give me this sanctimonious crap that you are speaking the truth in love (no less) or trying to help me in any way.

    Your quotation of Sacred Scripture in the context of the way that you are attempting to destroy my faith (and have kept on at me relentlessly in thread after thread with all your crap) FRANKLY MAKES ME VOMIT.

    This conversation is at AN END.

    So go on – post your last word full of your orthowarp and textual arguments. I don’t believe it. No Roman Catholic will believe and the pagans could not care less.

  266. The Prodigal Son April 8, 2010 @ 5:28 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    Thought this might interest you… pertaining to the blessing of the use of nuclear weapons.

    ‘On August 9th, 1945, the second of the only 2 atomic bombs ever used as instruments of aggressive war (and against essentially defenseless civilian populations, at that) was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan by an all-Christian bomb crew.

    The well-trained American soldiers were only “doing their job”and they did it well.

    It had been 3 days since the first bomb, a uranium bomb, had decimated Hiroshima, with chaos and confusion in Tokyo, where the fascist military government and the Emperor had been searching for months for a way to honorably end the war.

    (The only obstacle to surrender had been the United States’ insistence on unconditional surrender, which meant that the Emperor Hirohito, whom the Japanese regarded as a deity, would be removed from his figurehead position in Japan, an intolerable demand for the Japanese.)

    The Russian army was advancing across Manchuria with the stated aim of entering the war against Japan on August 8, so there were extra incentives to end the war quickly. The US did not want to divide any spoils or share power after Japan was defeated.

    The US bomber command had for months spared Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Kokura from the conventional bombing that had leveled and burned 60+ other major Japanese cities during the first half of 1945.

    One of the reasons for targeting relatively undamaged cities was scientific: to see what would happen to intact buildings–and their living creatures–when atomic weapons were exploded over them.

    Early in the morning of August 9, 1945, a B-29 Superfortress called Bock’s Car, took off from Tinian Island, **with the prayers and blessings of its Lutheran and Catholic chaplains**, and headed for Kokura, the primary target (its plutonium bomb was code-named “Fat Man”, after Winston Churchill).

    The only field test of a nuclear weapon, blasphemously named “Trinity”, had occurred just three weeks earlier, on July 16, 1945 at Alamogordo, New Mexico. The molten lavarock that resulted, still found at the site today, is called trinitite.

    With instructions to only drop the bomb on visual sighting, Bock’s Car arrived at Kokura, which was clouded-over.

    So, after circling three times, looking for a break in the clouds, and using up a tremendous amount of valuable fuel in the process, it headed for its secondary target, Nagasaki.

    Nagasaki is famous in the history of Japanese Christianity. Not only was it the site of the largest Christian church in the Orient, St. Mary’s Cathedral, but it also had the largest concentration of baptized Christians in all of Japan.

    It was the city where the legendary Jesuit missionary, Francis Xavier, established a mission church in 1549, a Christian community which thrived and multiplied for several generations until, in the early 1600s, it became the target of brutal Japanese Imperial persecutions.

    Within 50 years of the planting of Xaviar’s mission church, it was a capital crime to be a Christian. The Japanese Christians who refused to recant their beliefs suffered ostracism, horrific torture and even crucifixions similar to the Roman persecutions in the first three centuries of Christianity.

    After the reign of terror was over, it appeared to all observers that Christianity had been stamped out. (…)’

    Continued at:

  267. mother jones April 8, 2010 @ 7:17 pm

    One telling aspect of Putin’s description of the Mother of God’s statue on his presidential plane was its wearing of a mantle of a special cloth; this was particularly significant for him, but its meaning was not transmitted to the journalist or his audience.

    Telling because it is ‘under her mantle’ that Our Lady often describes her protection of her children, and the brown scapular which dates back to the 12-13th century in the Catholic faith, was given just for that purpose.

    Telling also because she has for centuries prophecized that one day “by the rosary and the brown scapular I will save the world.”

    This has been entrusted to her.

    Philosophically it is easy to see why God would grant this in the economy of salvation….. She is the new Eve and the fall of mankind was precipitated initially by the first Eve.

    This is why Jesus wants her Immaculate Heart placed alongside his Sacred Heart as as a recipient of our devotion, to glorify his mother and to assist in the salvation of mankind.

    This elucidation of this devotion then, which has ever been a part of the faith of the church, forms one of the lasting fruits of Fatima.

  268. The Prodigal Son April 8, 2010 @ 10:25 pm


    Suit yourself BUT…

    “There are none so blind as those, that will not see.”

    & “Those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot.”

    Just in case… I’ll leave you this link to ANOTHER article – written NOT by Protestants, Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons…

    … but by (now FORMER) Roman Catholics (like Hierodeacon Paul Ballester-Convolier in my post above above… AND MYSELF) who loved Jesus Christ & the truth more than the pope.

    A book by Abbe Guette, The Papacy: Its Historic Origin and Primitive Relations with the Eastern Church [PDF, 1.4 megs]. New York: Minos Publishing Company, 1866.

    Though this is an old book, it has seen numerous reprints. It is the most thorough and reliable treatment of the Papacy from a (Roman Catholic turned) Orthodox position.

    Contains LOTS of quotes from Fathers & Doctors w/ references to ‘primary sources’…

    [Note: When the author uses the word ‘Catholic’ – he means Catholic as in Orthodox Catholic… Not Roman Catholic… obviously.]

  269. Fr. Joseph April 9, 2010 @ 6:38 am

    Prodigal Son,

    You would do Br. Nathanael and everyone here on RZN as an ‘Orthodox Christian’ to use the time you waste here venting on and venting against the Catholic Church and get AT LEAST ONE of your Orthodox parish somewheres, ANYWHERES, here in the United States of America, Canada or Mexico for that matter TO SPONSOR/SUPPORT your fellow Orthodox Christian, Br. Nathanael, and his work here on RZN.

    Now GET BUSY! Here ya go…

    That’s my ‘Priestly’ counsel to you.

    “They have turned Christianity into TOO MUCH OF A CONSOLATION and have forgotten that it places A DEMAND upon people.”
    – Soreen Kierkegaard, Danish theologian of the 1800’s

    – Fr. Joseph

  270. Fr. Joseph April 9, 2010 @ 7:07 am

    Prodigal Son,

    Thought you might find this of interest regarding nuclear weapons (speaking as as veteran of the United States Air Force).

    There are I.C.B.M.’s based here in the United States of America that are trained on RUSSIAN wherein lots and lots of Russian Orthodox Christians currently reside and whose Priests offer up their Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil.

    Those I.C.B.M.’s missile silos are also manned by missile firing crews who are ‘Christian’ as well.

    And there are RUSSIAN I.C.B.M.s given such cute NATO names such as the ‘Satan’ missile (the SS-19 which carries a payload of 6-8 seperate warheads, the nuclear payload package called a ‘M.I.R.V.’), and a number of them are aimed AT ME here Newark, New Jersey and its ‘Newark Liberty International Airport’. And those RUSSIAN I.C.B.M.s are under the command of one RUSSIAN ORTHODOX PRESIDENT and I’m sure there are a good number of RUSSIAN ORTHODOX who are at the ‘Firing Buttons’.

    I have TWO one-megaton RUSSIAN warheads aimed to ignite in an airblast of about 1,000 feet over my head one of these days.

    I think the chances are good – no, VERY GOOD – that one day I will an ‘honorable Japanese Catholic’, sharing THEIR fate on acacount of ‘Good Devout RUSSIAN Orthodox Christians’ such Br. Nathanael’s much beloved and fellow parishioner PUTIN.

    Now I’ve ALREADY written the Russian Federation President Medvedev and his Prime Minister Putin respectfully requesting that they send the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH’S PATRIARCH and METROPOLITANS to go and CONFER with the Bishop of Rome ‘out of Christian CHARITY’ and ‘Christian BROTHERLY concern’ about how the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos, that SHE requested be done per her 1917 A.D. Fatima, Portugal Apparition’s Messages.

    Now with YOU and all of the other ORTHODOX Christians here on RZN who want NOTHING TO DO with ‘The Pope’ nor with the ‘Catholic Church’ nor with what YOU CALL ‘satanic’ apparitions at Fatima, Portugal and this ‘blasphemous’ Collegial Consecration of ‘HOLY RUSSIA’…

    …it is YOU and the REST OF YOU Orthodox Christians here on RZN who are at ‘The Bomb Sights’ and with YOUR ‘Orthodox Fingers’ to the ‘BOMB RELEASE BUTTON’ – and all of you are consigning ME to the same sort of death here at Newark Liberty International Airport as experienced by the Japanese Catholics of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

    But ONE MEGATON is 25 times WORSE than the Hiroshima bomb. And with TWO one megaton bombs to be ignited in a 1,000 ft. airburs over MY HEAD one of these days, that means I’m going to ‘get it’ 50 TIMES WORSE than those of Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

    As will the Catholic Archbishop of New York, the Catholic Archbishop of Newark and, quite frankly, of the Catholic Archbishops in their Archdioceses throughout these United States of America.

    For my part, I thought ‘WORLD PEACE’ would be something the ORTHODOX Church, the CATHOLIC Church, the CHURCH OF ENGLAND, the Protestant churches here in the U.S.A., throughout Europe, throughout Russia, throughout Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas might actually WANT and DESIRE.

    But as you yourself can see, Prodigal Son, people simply ‘LOVE’ being ‘at each other’s throats’ – it’s a kinda/sorta ‘religious’ thing with virtually EVERYONE, Christian or not, nowadays throughout our World of 2010 Anno Domini.

    And my own Bishop of Rome and all of the Prelates of the Vatican don’t seem to think that ‘World Peace’ is all that important either.

    So…’I’m a Goner’…but I’ll continue on helping out Br. Nathanael for as long as I can.

    I’m “Nuclear Road Kill” thanks to SO MANY ‘High Ranking’ Ecclesiastical Leaders of BOTH the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

    – Fr. Joseph

  271. Fr. Joseph April 9, 2010 @ 7:13 am

    Prodigal Son,

    150 Reasons Why I’m Catholic:

    Notable Converts to the Catholic Church:

    Famous Catholic Scientists:

    So as we go on and on and on with the Orthodox vis-a-via Catholic exchange here on RZN, the Satanists and the Illuminists just keep on getting 6 billion people of this God-given planet earth of ours ready for and every closer to their much desired and planned THERMONUCLEAR Third World War.

    And the Patriarchs, the Popes, the Cardinals, the Metropolitans, the Archbishops, the Bishops, the Hiermonks, the Archimandrites, the Priests, the Deasons, the Abbots, the Religious Orders of BOTH the Catholic and Orthodox Church just go about their daily routines like ‘Nothing AT ALL Is Wrong’ in our contemporary World.

    – Fr. Joseph

  272. Brother Nathanael April 9, 2010 @ 10:38 am

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    Many Comments were ACCIDENTALLY DELETED due to spam control.

    Please repost your comments. +BN

  273. Lynda April 9, 2010 @ 4:29 pm

    Very good point, Fr Joseph.

    So if they all act as though No Problem is the ‘watchword’ then to their way of thinking everything is going according to Plan. Whose Plan? Well – whatever Plan they are serving by their disinterest and non-action.

    And, as we know you can’t build a world empire without a Plan. They don’t teach that to the goyim in 12 yrs of edjewmacation. The goyim are supposed to think that political theatre on the world stage just happens by accident.

    Things that make you go Hmmm.

  274. Lynda April 9, 2010 @ 6:44 pm

    The JewMSM is managing the debate on health care reform very adroitly with semantic conditioning.

    An important key to this is the use of the terms’care’ and ‘treatment’ interchangeably.

    I am pretty sure all would agree that someone in the endstage of life with high personal care needs would not be requiring agressive or what was called in the old school ‘heroic’ measures.

    They should not be candidates for invasive, agressive, heroic procedures / treatments to save life. There is a stage at which all that can be done has been done and the body is shutting down either slowly or quickly.

    In Catholic hospitals operating under the Church’s social teaching, such patients were given care: nutrition, hydration, oxygen, attendence for personal needs, comfort, pain relief etc. The Chart reads – ‘no heroic measures.’

    There is a concerted effort in this debate to re-edJewmacate the goyim into confusing care with treatment.

    In a life threatening condition, treatment would include care (always the Hippocratic ‘First Do No Harm’ basics) but would include aggessive measures to reverse a specific condition such as an dysrhythmia, a virulent pathogen etc.

    These time tested protocols are being completely obJewscated in the debate – so that medical treatment becomes something like the act of giving water to someone who is dying or someone whose stage or state of life does not qualify as quality.

    Our Lord, expiring on the cross, beyond human help still asked for water. Having freely accepted his own death, this process could not be reversed by any means, his tongue was on the roof of his mouth (his kidneys were shutting down) still he asked for water.

    I see people in the end stages of life being dehydrated to death under this iniquitous Obamacare. Let’s just see whether medicine is prepared for a wholesale abandonment of the Hippocratic Oath.

  275. Norseman April 9, 2010 @ 6:54 pm


    To all RZN readers:

    The following article is a must read for all those asking if Henry Makow is a REAL Christian or just a closet Jew.

    I will quote what Dr. Makow writes in this article, my comments are within brackets:

    “Are there Jews who are masons? Sure, but they do not, nor ever have, represented more than a tiny fraction of our people.”

    [Ever heard about B’nai B’rith, the exclusively Jewish Masonic lodge? Or the tremendous power they wield? Or maybe about Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati? It is not a matter of QUANTITY, but of QUALITY.]

    “Daryl, one last thing: Henry Ford was a blatant anti-Semite. And I totally disagree with his point.”

    [Typical, everyone telling the truth is labelled “anti-Semite”. Gotcha Dr. Makow!]

    “The Christian world needs to see the scriptures through Jewish lenses.”

    [How can we see the CHRISTIAN scriptures through the lenses of ANTI-CHRISTIAN Jews? This would mean no less than TREASON to our Lord Jesus Christ!]

    “Throughout my 39 years of being a believer in Yeshua, I have found the TALMUD to be a VALUABLE source of historic and homiletic keys TO UNDERSTANDING OUR MESSIAH.”

    [His defense of the Talmud topples it all! How can a book help to understand Jesus, which is devoted to “sanitize” the Old Testament of the many references to Jesus Christ, as well as INSULTING OUR LORD, Holy Mary and the Apostles?

    Note that Makow says “our Messiah.” Is he referring to the Jewish Messiah, the Anti-Christ?]

    So my question is: is this man just wrong or not well informed? I doubt it…

  276. Lynda April 10, 2010 @ 2:11 am

    Dear Norseman,

    To my knowledge, Dr Henry Makow has never identified himself as a Christian. He has always identified as a Jewish Canadian author. He consistently attempts to speak for disorganised Jews and Gentiles who are based in the ten commandments.

    This is a huge group of people who are liberal, secular and who would look to the ten commandments of Moses as an ethical guide.

    He has published many articles which reflect understanding of organized Jewish aggression against Christians.

    Dr Makow’s concept of the Illuminati is composed of the generational blood lines – who are apex Jewry and their international state as well as their Masonic agencies and its network. In his research he acknowledges that The Protocols of Zion is the Master Plan.

    Understandably he is concerned that awakening Gentiles (most of whom are not Christians) are going to blame the entire Jewish population – the majority of which is just as liberal and secular as the Gentiles.

    However, Jewry’s aggression upon the White demographic and the increasing awareness of White people that only we can be racists in terms of public debate and policy means that ethnopolitics is going to become inflamed because Jewry controls the government, the media and the banking system.

  277. Fr. Joseph April 10, 2010 @ 8:48 am

    Now it’s common knowledge that my ancestral nation of POLAND has always been staunchly CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN since her conversion to Christianity back in 966 A.D.

    And it common knowledge that there has ALWAYS been tension between the Polish Catholic Christians and the Polish Khazar Jews ever since the times of the Polish King and Polish Monarchy.

    So how ‘ironic’ that the President of Poland and his aides who have had SO MANY PROBLEMS with the Polish Jews in the internal struggles for political power within and over Poland has just been “9-11’d”.

    And that with Polish Cardinal Glemp being a ‘Jewish convert’ to the Catholic Church who would not accept the Vatican’s desire to be ‘retired.’

    And this global Christian-Jewish struggle for HOW this World and its people should, ought and MUST live their lives – in the expressed Divine Will of our Lord and Savior, God Incarnate, JESUS CHRIST – just continues to go on and on.

    People here on RZN might not know this, but when Poland converted to Christianity, the Polish King made an ‘Irrevocable Act’ of making THE MOTHER OF GOD the Permanent and Ruling QUEEN of Poland.

    And in the event that the temporal/civil Christian government of Poland were overthrown, that the LEGITIMATE head of the Christian Polish nation would be the Catholic Primate of Krakow who would be the ‘spiritual minister’ to and for the Polish nation under the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Rest assured, the Bolshevik Zhids don’t like either the Catholic Church or the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God Incarnate Who Is JESUS, the Christ.

    I think RUSSIA’S President Medvedev and Russia’s PUTIN are very, very well aware of the ‘internal power struggles’ between Catholics and Jews in Poland.

    And with Putin’s personal oversight of the INVESTIGATION of what and who caused so many NON-JEWS of the highest echelons of Poland’s government, I think things are going to get very ‘hostile’ in the realm of international politics.

    If the ZHIDS here in the U.S.A. can so readily orchestrate the MASS MURDER of 3,000 non-Jewish U.S. citizens in the support of Zionist Amerika/UK/Israel so as in order to get Zionist Amerika to go fight the wars desired by Zionist Israel, the Polish Zionist ZHIDS ought to be savvy enough in how to get rid of some 96 anti-Zhid Polish Catholics.

    “The World Struggle is NOT political or economic. Rather, it is RELIGIOUS and THEOLOGICAL. It is either God or atheism.”
    – U.S. 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur to visiting Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen in Allied Occupied Japan.

    If the ‘ZHIDS’ utterly and entirely REJECT God Incarnate Who Is JESUS, The Christ, people the entire World over can thus understand ‘ZHID’ thinking, actions and behavoir in ALL ‘Current Events’ and ‘Goings On’ her in the U.S.A. as well as every last nation-state of peoples all across this planet earth of ours.

    And if ALL OF US do not, are PREVENTING FROM, obtaining and possessing the Divine Blessings of GOD INCARNATE Who Is JESUS, The Logos, The Word of God, then people the World over simply need to examine WHO here on earth are preventing Christ THE DIVINE KING from reigning over the World’s current population of six billion human souls ALL created in the Image and Likeness of God Himself.

    – Fr. Joseph

  278. Fr. Joseph April 10, 2010 @ 5:33 pm

    About “the best” I can personally DO for all of you RZN readers is to BLESS ALL OF YOU at all of my private votive Masses here at my hermitage.

    Inasmuch as it would be a great Divine Privelege to give all of you the Body and Blood of our Risen Lord, God Incarnate, JESUS CHRIST in the Church’s Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, in Holy Communion, I can’t do that.

    Nevertheless, I do want for ALL OF YOU to know this: that regardless of your current nationality, creed, color, religious, political, economic AFFILIATION(s), this Planet Earth and ALL that is within it and ALL that surrounds it in this vast seen Universe of God’s Creating is HIS PERSONAL DIVINE GIFT to each and every last one of you.

    And that ‘life’ that really and truly IS yours – as either a MAN or as a WOMAN – that TOO is His Personal Divine Gift to each and every last one of you.

    To be a HUMAN BEING, to have an incarnated SPIRITUAL nature, is to possess the HIGHEST CREATED ORDER OF LIFE here on this Planet Earth and in this ‘Seen All’ of our Unseen God’s Creation.

    And the DIVINE REASON for these DIVINE GIFTS our Almighty God, Father and Creator has bestowed upon each and every last one of you – and I care NOT whatever ‘low opinion’ you yourself have about yourself OR whatever ‘low opinion’ others might have or harbor about you – is on account of God’s Own DIVINE LOVE for each and every last one of you.

    For us Catholic Christians, tomorrow is DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY. And Divine Mercy Sunday correlates with the Church’s liturgical calender of the Mass of the Blessed Trinity – or Trinity Sunday.

    I’d like to BLESS all of you with giving your own personal spiritual nature as it currently is the opportunity to ASK FOR and ENTER INTO God’s Own Divine Love and Divine Mercy He desires to bestow upon ALL OF YOU.

    Here is a downloadable MP3 ‘Divine Mercy Chaplet’ singing-song-praying version for all of you:

    Comes from this particular website’s page:

    Download the ‘Divine Mercy Chaplet’ and PLAY IT tomorrow during Divine Mercy Sunday (and any old time you want to spiritually ‘settle down’ and turn your minds, hearts, souls and spirits onto YOUR DIVINE FATHER in Heaven.

    And then, ALLOW your Divine Father to ever so GENTLY and ever so SUBTLY minister and tend to your spiritual, emotional and human nature’s INJURIES this Godless and God-foresaking World has inflicted on ALL OF YOU. + Amen.

    – Fr. Joseph

  279. Lynda April 10, 2010 @ 6:06 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    Thank you for posting this fascinating insight into Poland and the historic Roman Catholicism of that nation.

    Poland is in Central Europe and historically the central European nations drew the line between the Holy Roman Empire later the AustroHungarian Empire and the Ottoman / the Tatar (Khazarian)invasions of the West.

    The Roman Catholic aristocracy of Poland is the military elite of Christendom in the West. And they are fascinating group – their faith, their ethnicity and rule.

    There are many, many wonderful paintings of them on the walls of the national museums of the Central European nations.

    As a military these people were Khussar cavalry. And they bore the distinctive regalia of the windflags (crossed like wings) upon the back. What is it with this particular ethnicity and the flags? Wouldn’t you like to know?

    There is quite a deal in the history of the West about their military exploits. They attack from the high ground with both sun and wind at the back. And the wind in those flags, by all accounts, replicates the sound of the wind of the high steppes of the Caucasus – the ancestral homeland.

    Once you look into this fascinating group, you see that these people are (of course) ethnically Khazarians. They are the Khazarians who did not convert to Judaism; but rather converted to Christianity through the evangelism of Sts Cyril and Methodius. And their aristocracy formed the House of Rohan-Sobec, later Sobieski.

    This is the group that turned back the Ottoman invasion at the Gates of Vienna (against all military logistics).

    This is the group we see on the old WW II newsreels in action against Operation Barbarossa. The last cavalry charge in history aginst the Nazi Panzer Divisions rolling into Poland. And this is the group that was rounded as a class and murdered at Katyn by their ancient foes: the Jews who in modern times have called their revolutionary forces: the Russian Red Bolsheviks and the Polish Blackshirts – the NKVD.

    Unquestionably the heinous crimes and atrocities committed against the German civilians in the Danzig Corridor by ‘Poland’ before Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa was the work of the Jewish Blackshirts / Bolshevik NKVD infiltrating the Polish military. And the Polish military elite was opposing them from within.

    Polish Americans are clued up about the Jew. Always have been, because so much of their national history records the battles of Church and State against the operations of the Khazarian Jewish Kahal (state) within the Polish state.

    Polish Americans have posted a lot of information on the subject of Polish nation libel by the Jews. Also check out their file on Fundamental Docs: the Power and Aims of International Jewry.

    They were the first to publish the declassified US military inteligence docs on the hearings into the Bolshevik Revolution and the authenticity of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. (U.S War Dept concluded they were authentic). No prizes for guessing why the Jews infiltrating the US gov’t got those docs classified for over 50 years.

    Again the cunning and subversive work of a covert nation state within a sovereign nation state – about which the Polish Americans were and are completely saavy.

    So the Poles waited them out. And as soon as those docs were declassified they published them.

    Read and savour the whole matzoh at:

  280. Fr. Joseph April 10, 2010 @ 11:23 pm

    Dear Lynda,

    Funny you should mention the Hussars (grin).

    My great-grandfather served in the Austrian-Hungarian Cavalry. I guess you can say I come from a ‘Polish-Catholic’ military family.

    My father served in WWII in the Liberty Division in the Pacific theater in every major land combat operation.

    My brothers served in the US Navy and US Army.

    And because I “liked” aircraft, wound up in the U.S.A.F..

    There is NO ‘glory’ in warfare. Just lots and lots of killing, blood shed, families torn apart and many…too many ORPHANED children left crying, shrieking and entirely disillusioned with ‘Life In This World’ of supposed ADULTS who are supposed to look after them, love them, raise them, educate them as GOD HIMSELF ordained per His Divine Will.

    And being of Polish descent, I suppose “it’s in my blood” – I am SICK & TIRED of all of these World’s Yak-A-Doodles bethinking that it’s “cool” to go rampaging across someone else’s homeland in order to prove some ‘Hubris Point’ of theirs.

    And to think – THE LORD has given His Church and His Church’s Hierarchy the means TO CRUSH SATAN’S HEAD – and we just continue on with this ‘Poopsy-Whoopsy’ and ‘Limp Wristed’ Christianity!

    So, I get “hot under the collar” in the midst of this all and having to PUT UP with these Yak-A-Doodles who are still trying to FIGURE OUT what it is that they are SUPPOSED TO BE DOING with their human natures their All-good God, Creator and Father in Heaven.

    Live a life of dignity and that which is honorable to their Father in Heaven? No way.
    Do everything and anything totally CONTRARY to what human beings are created by an All-good God’s Desire NOT to do – THAT THEY RUSH OFF TO DO IN A HEARTBEAT!

    – Fr. Joseph

  281. Lynda April 11, 2010 @ 1:37 am

    Yes, Fr Joseph, there is no glory in warfare, but it is not difficult to see why Poland has waged defensive warfare.

    I too come from a family with a lot of military history. I don’t remember ever hearing anyone saying how war is this great adventure.

    It only takes one party to make a war.

    There is much that is honourable in those who take up arms for the their nation when that nation has been attacked and when war is better than acceptance of all that will follow from armed aggression or subversive aggression.

    It looks to me like Americans are going to have to cross this bridge sooner rather than later.

  282. Fr. Joseph April 11, 2010 @ 6:50 am

    Dear Lynda,

    And as you most assuredly understand Mankind’s spiritual existence/relationship with God within this side of His Seen Creation, we are ALL created moral ‘free agents’ endowed with a FREE WILL, a spiritual “finite version” of our All-good God’s OmniPOTENCE.

    No one “coerced” our All-good God, Creator and Father in Heaven, His Son and the Holy Spirit into CREATING all that is seen and Unseen. Nor was He “coerced” into granting any of us alive on planet earth this eternally valuable personal possession of our own life and our own persona, our own ‘soul’ if you wish.

    God did all of that out of Divine Love for all of us, this granting us a life and lifetime lived within HIS creation.

    Hence, the mystery of the iniquity of evil, mankind’s choice to possess and experience and implement the “knowledge of EVIL.”

    And this Evil has engulfed and is currently drowning our Human Race, displacing the very spiritual LIFE our All-good God, Creator and Father has placed into each and every last living human being in a most Divinely Intimate and Divinely Loving fashion as only an All-good God, Creator and Father could, can and does.

    This Evil, displacing the Spiritual Life in people the World over, leaves only bodies’ adrift on the waves of the passage of time, being taken by the “currents” to be washed up on the shores of naturalism, materialism, hedonism with the attending experience of meaningless, pointlessness, angst, loneliness, depression, etc.

    Again, as you undoubtedly already know, it is God Himself, our Creator and our Father in Heaven Who reserves to Himself the ‘Divine Right’ of Personally interfering with and acting upon a person, a group of people, an entire race of any nation so as to ALTER/CHANGE/FORCE a person or a people in the way and manner that he, she or they USE their free will(s).

    World PEACE is very possible and is a very distinct REALITY if the Church Militant here on earth – in front of every last nation of people, from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Arctic and Antarctic – presents to ALL the peoples of our World the Woman who GAVE BIRTH to God the Father’s Only Eternally Begotten and Divine Son JESUS, the Christ via the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart – the beating sound which was the VERY FIRST sound heard by the formed bones of the Christ Child’s Own Incarnate HUMAN ears.

    And here we are, in the midst of our own Human Race spiritually DYING OFF in this global ‘Culture of Death’ – and all on account of the Satanists, Illuminists, Crypto-Cabbalah Jews who have infiltrated and are holed up in the Catholic Hierarchy of ‘The Vatican’ PREVENTING that Collegial Consecration desired by Our Lady of Fatima, the NEW EVE of all of Mankind and the Spiritual Mother of all of Mankind, the Woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    And about the best our Church Militant can do is go on and on with brave and vocal assertions regarding ‘filioque’ and ‘sola scriptura’ and ‘sola fide’ and entirely fruitless ‘ecumenical dialogue’ with every last sect, cult, group, denomination, etc. that REJECTS the Divine and HISTORICAL FACT that God became Man, taking on OUR human nature SO THAT we might be able to take on HIS Divine Nature at some point in the future, i.e. His Second Coming and the Resurrection of the dead.

    The ‘Holder of THE KEYS’ wields CHRIST JESUS’ Own Authority here on earth.

    If God Incarnate’s Own ‘Steward of those KEYS’ refuses to use them in order to BIND and CRUSH SATAN while releasing the Divine Storehouses and Warehouses of GRACE AND GIFTS of God the Holy Spirit upon all of Mankind – then all of these postings, these exchanges and all of this information posted here on Br. Nathanael’s RZN website has been simply a matter of ‘passing the time away’ while ‘shooting the breeze’, simply causing MORE aggitation, frustration, bewilderment, etc. amongst all of us who are created in His Image the Likeness.

    – Fr. Joseph

  283. Lynda April 16, 2010 @ 1:51 pm

    I have been looking at ObamaCare in

    Some important info that is worth checking out is coming to light.

    As one would expect the Devil is in the details and the Demons are in the ‘deemin.’

    It has not been much publicized that a class II implantable device (as defined by the FDA) is to be implanted in those covered by the public health care ‘option.’

    Children born in the US who at the time of birth are not covered by ‘an acceptable coverage’ will be qualified for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP.

    This does not look good.

    On page 1 of the ObamaCare Bill a class II (para.1; section B) specifically included:

    “(ii) a class II device that is implantable.”

    p. 1004 defines ‘data; of para.1.section B

    14 “(B) In this paragraph, the term ‘data’ refers to:
    15 information respecting a device described in para.1
    16 including claims data, patient survey data, standardized
    17 analytic files that allow for pooling and analysis of
    18data from disparate date environments, electronic health
    19recordes, and any other data ‘deemed’ appropriate by the
    20 Secretary.

    A class II device that is implantable is approved by the FDA is an “implantable radiofrequency transponder system for patient id and health info.”

    Since it is a tracking device – maybe if you forget to take your meds, the satellite tracking system will give you a little ZOT! on the backside to remind you.

    For those who will not have our Lord Jesus Christ to reign over their nation – the end of this madness (in the public interest) is no where in sight.

  284. Stevieb October 2, 2013 @ 6:54 am


    Are you saying the best course of action is to cut benefits to all “free-loaders” — including those unable to work from disability or chronic illness?

    If you are that’s obviously your choice. But I would suggest you don’t quote the Gospel while you’re doing it….

  285. Stevieb October 2, 2013 @ 7:00 am

    BTW, to Brother Nat,

    I wanted to apologize for my comment a few weeks back about marching on Washington. It wasn’t appropriate ( I was really mad that day, but that’s not good enough, I know).

    All the Best, Brother Nathanael.

  286. Rick July 20, 2016 @ 7:36 pm

    The Bush, Clinton, CIA, Mossad, Federal reserve corporations satanic criminal family must be stopped.

    At least 500,000 innocent children slaughtered across the Mid East and Hillary laughs. The illegal destruction of Libya for the globalist elites satanic NWO.

    They control the government, media, and economy and will stop at nothing to usher in their satanic NWO. Google images of depleted uranium babies and white phosphorus to view their mass murder and war crimes. All at the behest of the Rothschild’s satanic NWO.

    They control the corrupt Die Bold electronic voting machines that will install their pre ordained puppet president.

    Resist without restraint. I know I will give my life without regret fighting this evil. For the Creator and all humanity.

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