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AMERICA’S CHANGE FROM A CIVILIAN TO A MILITARY ECONOMY reached a point of no return in the 1960s.

From then on, a perpetual “war machine” was in motion with Wall Street Jewish investment banks funding US armament industries.

The change can be traced to Truman’s National Security Council Paper, “NSC-68”, which put forth that America could sustain its economic growth by applying John Maynard Keynes’ emphasis on the role of government to the military or “security” sphere.

Truman signed the Paper as a basic US policy doctrine on September 30, 1950. Although the world was at peace, the directive called for increasing the annual US arms budget by 350%. “Military Keynesianism” soon became the essence of America’s economy. And the Zionist Jews of Wall Street took full advantage of this new investment opportunity.

While Military contracts were awarded to defense contractors to maintain the “Cold War” with Russia, US industrial plants began to decay. Outsourcing came into vogue as Americans bought TV sets, cameras, and cars from overseas. American labels on foreign goods were just American wrappers on Asian products.

TURNING THEIR INVESTMENTS to consumer production and commercial markets abroad, Wall Street Jews began concentrating their finances on military production at home. Skilled technique and able management now belonged to Japan, not America.

Jewish bankers were no longer interested in domestic civilian production. Their market was the US government and payments were fed by the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve. So why bother investing in American-made cameras or washing machines when you could invest in bombers and drones? The profits were much larger and the risks were zero.

Reaching a position of permanence after 9/11, “Military Keynesianism” had produced a “National Security State” — controlled by Zionists and financed by Wall Street Jews. By signing NSC-68 in 1950, Harry Truman had given birth to a Military/Zionist global beast.


THE PUSH FOR NEW AND MORE DEADLY WEAPONS is currently fueled by Jewish investment banks, with Goldman Sachs and State Street Corporation at the lead.

With military spending being the largest single item in the federal budget for fiscal 2010 and calls from Obama for a record $708 Billion to fund his wars, defense contractors get their marching orders from Jewish investment analysts who dictate contractors’ business policies from their financial towers on Wall Street.

Based on a Goldman Sachs Report published on June 5, 2009, which forecasted a decline in investments in defense industries, General Dynamics announced that it was acquiring Axsys Technologies, a company that provides high-end optics for unmanned drones, in order to attract investors.

In another example of Jewish bankers’ control of Defense contractors, shares of Lockheed Martin were driven down by 1.3% on January 6, 2010, after Goldman Sachs told investors to “sell” rather than “hold” Lockheed stocks.

Not only do the Jews on Wall Street control military industries externally, but they maintain leverage over the defense contractors, internally. A greater amount of power over the military industries has been concentrated into fewer hands – (it only takes 10% ownership of stock to control a widely-held corporation) – and these hands are those of huge Jewish investment blocs.

Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman have large Jewish banks as their major investors. The huge investment bank, State Street Corporation, is the major stockholder of these 3 top US defense contractors. In the Board of Directors of SSC, one can find the names of Robert S Kaplan (Former Senior Director of Goldman Sachs); Robert Weissman; and Peter Coym (Former Chairman of Lehman Brothers.)

State Street Bank owns 18.99% of Lockheed Martin stock, 11.09% of Boeing stock, and 9.48% of Northrop Grumman stock. Co-shareholders in these companies as well as in Halliburton and Raytheon, include the Jewish Investment banks, Goldman Sachs, Oppenheimer Funds, and Capital Research And Management Company.

In other words, no General of America’s armed forces, (and thus the entire US military), makes a decision apart from the Jews on Wall Street who control his ability to wage war with the deadly armaments they provide. View List Of Defense Investors Here.


ISRAEL LAUNCHED A DIPLOMATIC INITIATIVE in an effort to influence the outcome of NATO’s new “Strategic Concept,” reported the Jerusalem Post on January 13, 2010.

Participating in NATO’s Strategic Concept Seminar this January, Israel and other members of NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue, joined former US Secretary of State, Madelyn Albright, who Chairs the Group of Experts on NATO’s new Strategic Concept, in expanding bloodshed and war crimes throughout the world.

Albright, (of Czech Jewish origin and who ordered NATO’s bombing of Serbian civilians in 1999), said at the opening session, “Partnerships are central to NATO’s future. The passing years have created the need for a NATO of greater reach. We have learned that partnerships can act as a force multiplier.” View Albright’s War Crimes Here.

IN A SERIES of joint military drills since 2004, Israel has been part of US-led NATO’s quest to become a Global Military and Police force with membership advocates in key positions in America. General James Jones, Obama’s National Security Advisor, is a major promoter of Israel’s inclusion in the alliance.

In the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs, published by the Council on Foreign Relations, Zionist Jew James Goldgeier, wrote an article called “Global NATO” which called for Israel’s membership in NATO:

“With little fanfare – and even less notice – NATO has gone global. The principle enshrined in Article 5, that an attack on one is an attack on all, must remain at the core of the alliance. Potential new members like Israel may not pose much of an issue in this respect. For after all, the US already guarantees Israel’s security.” View Entire Story Here.

On January 23, 2010, a delegation of Israeli cabinet ministers, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, held a joint cabinet meeting with their counterparts in Berlin. The subject under discussion was Israel’s intention to station German-made-and-subsidized Dolphin submarines in the Persian Gulf bordering Iran.

DURING THE BERLIN TALKS, Israel’s Debka File reported that the recent deployment of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group in the Persian Gulf “added muscle” to the words of General David Petraeus, who said that Iran’s nuclear infrastructure “can be bombed.” Iranian officials have subsequently questioned the West’s 90 war vessels in the Gulf, calling it a “military environment” arrayed against Iran.

“Who can make war with the beast?” cry the masses in The Revelation of St John. Arising out of the global sea will come this beast of military stature.

The stage is now being set for the emergence of the Anti Christ. And he, like the Zionists and their shills now in power, will be a Jew, a General, and the head of global war machine…


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Brother Nathanael @ January 24, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael January 24, 2010 @ 7:34 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family & All Readers –

    “Who Can Make War With The Beast?” cry the masses in The Revelation of St John the Divine, as this piece ends.

    Can we indeed see the stage being set for the coming of the Anti Christ with this Global Military Beast with Israel as a NATO participator? It should be obvious to all of you who SEEK the Truth and are AWARE of the signs of the times.

    We MUST now all prepare for the coming of the Anti Christ.

    Dependence on Supermarkets and medicines must be eliminated. For those who like snacks and dips and sauces and desserts AND for those who are on “anti anxiety” medications, it is now time to re-evaluate “addictions.”

    I myself am on a Vegan Diet and very rarely shop at Super Markets. I go to a neighborhood health food store and if push comes to shove I do not believe they will make me “scan” a micro-chip that the Anti Christ will put in everyone’s (NOT ME!) wrist or forehead.

    On another note, I just got back from the LA Street Evangelism Trip, and apart from the Zionazi “white” cops who terrorized me on Wednesday, it turned out to be a VERY SUCCESSFUL and VERY RAINY time. (I went to the UCLA Campus the next two days).

    Here Are Some Pics:

    This first pic is of a Muslim (he was not afraid of the rain) who told me, “Your religion is superior to mine.” He was from Iran @

    The next two pics basically show me holding the Cross in the POURING RAIN @ &

    DONATIONS have been super low all month and I can barely make expenses for OUR site, Real Zionist News this month not to mention the costs of the 3 trips this month: NYC; LA; and Boston which is this coming Wednesday thru Saturday, January 27-30.

    Will You Please Consider Helping Me Out?

    This Article took over 60 hours to research, text, format, and montage. I am Really “Working For A Living” with these articles hoping that as I provide this service of “information of Jewish destruction of Western civilization” – I may be able to make expenses for my ministry.

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    Okay. Time To Eat and Read The Bible and Pray!

    Please Know that I love you all AND Appreciate our Real Zionist News Family! Let’s keep a good thing going.

    Your +Brother in Christ Our God & Saviour, Nathanael

  2. Brother Nathanael January 24, 2010 @ 7:34 pm

    Hear Brother Nathanael On The MICHAEL PIPER SHOW:

    “Zionazi Police Terrorism Against Brother Nathanael” @


    AND — I Need Your Financial Help Everybody —

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    With Much Love In Christ Our Saviour, +Brother Nathanael

  3. kmarie January 24, 2010 @ 9:38 pm

    This is some timely and alarming information.

    The questions “Is there anyone as great as the beast?” and “Who is able to fight against him?” do seem more and more timely.

    The Life Recovery version of Revelation continues:

    “Then the beast was allowed to speak great blasphemies against God. And he was given authority to do what he wanted for forty-two months. And he spoke terrible words of blasphemy against God, slandering his name and all who live in heaven, who are his temple. And the beast was allowed to wage war against God’s holy people and to overcome them.

    “And he was given authority to rule over every tribe and people and language and nation. And all the people who belong to this world worshiped the beast. They are the ones whose names were not written in the Book of Life, which belongs to the Lamb who was killed before the world was made. Anyone who is willing to hear should listen and understand.

    “The people who are destined for prison will be arrested and taken away. Those who are destined for death will be killed. But do not be dismayed, for here is your opportunity to have endurance and faith.”

    The above is from Revelation 13.

  4. Nicolae January 24, 2010 @ 9:52 pm


    Lieut. Gen. Steven Blum
    Lieut. Gen. Sidney Weinstein
    Maj. Gen. Julius Ochs Adler
    Maj. Gen. Lee Barkin
    Maj. Gen. Robert Bernstein
    Maj. Gen. Milton Foreman
    Maj. Gen. Stanley H. Hyman
    Maj. Gen. Julius Klein
    Maj. Gen. Samuel T. Lawton
    Maj. Gen. Irving J. Phillipson
    Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose
    Maj. Gen. Roger Sandler
    Maj. Gen. Sid Shachnow
    Maj. Gen. Robert B. Solomon
    Brig. Gen. Jack Bohm
    Brig. Gen. Abel Davis
    Brig. Gen. Israel Drazin
    Brig. Gen. Herman Feldman
    Brig. Gen. William M. Goodman
    Brig. Gen. Edward S. Greenbaum
    Brig. Gen. Sidney Gritz
    Brig. Gen. Maurice Hirsch
    Brig. Gen. Raymond Jacobson
    Brig. Gen. Ephraim F. Jeffe
    Brig. Gen. Myron S. Lewis
    Brig. Gen. George Luberoff
    Brig. Gen. William Meyer
    Brig. Gen. Alfred Mordechai, Jr.
    Brig. Gen. Edward M. Morris
    Brig. Gen. Leopold C. Newman
    Brig. Gen. Fred Rosenbaum
    Brig. Gen. David Sarnoff
    Brig. Gen. Philip Sherman
    Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Smith
    Brig. Gen. David Zalis
    Brev. Gen. Leopold Blumenberg
    Brev. Gen. Frederick Knefler
    Brev. Gen. Edward S. Salomon
    Brev. Maj. Gen. Frederick E. Salomon
    Maj. Gen . Larry Taylor

    Air Force
    Maj. Gen. William J. Weinstein
    Gen. Norton A. Schwartz
    Maj. Gen. Jerome N. Waldor
    Maj. Gen. Bernard L. Weiss
    Brig. Gen. Simeon Kobrinetz

    Admiral Claude Charles Bloch
    Admiral Ben Moreell
    Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda
    Admiral Hyman G. Rickover
    Vice Admiral David Architzel
    Vice Admiral Arthur R. Gralla
    Vice Admiral Douglas J. Katz
    Vice Admiral Bernard M. Kauderer
    Vice Admiral Adolph Marix
    Vice Admiral Joseph Taussig
    Vice Admiral James Zimble
    Rear Admiral Julian R. Benjamin
    Rear Admiral Herb. M. Bridge
    Rear Admiral Jay Cohen
    Rear Admiral Louis Dreller
    Rear Admiral Hershel Goldberg
    Rear Admiral Solomon Silas Isquith
    Rear Admiral Bertram Korn
    Rear Admiral Aaron Landes
    Rear Admiral Benjamin Lehman
    Rear Admiral Ted Levy
    Rear Admiral Maurice H. Rindskopf
    Rear Admiral Harold Robinson
    Rear Admiral Richard Schiff
    Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro
    Rear Admiral Andrew Singer
    Rear Admiral Morris Smellow
    Rear Admiral Lewis Strauss
    Rear Admiral Edward Taussig
    Rear Admiral Robert Traister
    Commodore Harry A. Badt
    Commodore Uriah P. Levy
    Commodore John Ordroneaux

    Marine Corps
    General Robert Magnus
    Maj. Gen. Howard W. Chase
    Maj. Gen. Melvin Kruelewitch
    Brig. Gen. Martin L. Rockmore

    Coast Guard
    Rear Admiral Steven Galson
    Rear Admiral Joseph Greenspan
    Rear Admiral Jerrold Michael

    Surgeon General
    Phineas Horowitz

    Uniformed U.S. Public Health Service
    Vice Admiral Julius Richmond
    Rear Admiral Susan J. Blumenthal

    REV 12:6 And the woman fled into the wilderness,where she hath a place prepared of God,that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

    REV 12:14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

    Zechariah 2:1 I lifted up mine eyes again,and looked,and behold a man with a measuring line in his hand.

    Zec 2:2 Then said I, Whither goest thou? And he said unto me, “To measure Jerusalem, to see what is the breadth thereof, and what is the length thereof.”

    Zec 2:3 And, behold, the angel that talked with me went forth, and another angel went out to meet him.


    HABAKKUK 1:5 Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously; for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.

    HAB 1:6 For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwellingplaces that are not theirs.

    Hab 1:7 They are terrible and dreadful; their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves.

    Hab 1:8 Their horses also are swifter than the leopards, and are more fierce than the evening wolves; and their horseman shall spread themselves, and their horseman shall come from far; they shall fly as the eagle that hasteth to eat.

    HAB 1:9 They shall come all for violence, their faces shall sup up as the east wind, and they shall gather the captivity as the sand.

    HAB 1:19 And they shall scoff at the kings, and the princes shall be a scorn unto them; they shall deride every strong hold; for they shall heap dust, and take it.

    HAB 1:11 Then shall his mind change, and he shall pass over, and offended, imputing this his power unto his god.

    HAB 2:5 Yea also, because he transgresseth by wine, he is a proud man, neither keepeth at home, who enlargeth his desire as hell, and is as death, and cannot be satisfied, but gathereth unto him all nations, and heapeth unto him all people.

    HAB 2:6 Shall not all these take up a parable against him, and a taunting proverb against him,and say, “Woe to him that increaseth that which is not his! how long? and to him that ladeth himself with thick clay!”

    HAB 2:7 Shall they not rise up suddenly that shall bite thee, and awake that shall vex thee, and thou shalt be for booties unto them?

    HAB 2:8 Because thou hast spoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall spoil thee; because of man’s blood, and for the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein.

    HAB 2:9 Woe to him that coveteth an evil covetousness to his house, that he may set his nest on high, that he may be delivered from the power of evil. But, the woman has become evil, since the synagogue of satan control her.



    ISAIA 13:14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19;
    ISAIA 14:4, 5, 6.
    ISAIA 47:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.
    JEREMIAH 50:3, 4, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 39, 40, 41.
    JEREMIAH 51:6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50.
    DANIEL 11:44, 45.


  5. Al whorwood January 24, 2010 @ 10:12 pm

    Great street work and great article.

    I wish more people would clue in.

    Bro. Nathanael, I pray for you.

  6. Fr. Joseph January 25, 2010 @ 1:01 am

    “To you My friends I say: ‘Do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more. I will tell you Whom to fear: fear Him Who, after He has killed, has the Power TO CAST INTO HELL. Yes, I tell you, FEAR HIM.” – Jesus, Christ the King – Gospel of St. Luke, Luke 12:5-6

    Just like in that vegetable cocktail juice T.V. commerical everyone’s seen wherein the individual slaps their forehead with the palm of their hand upon coming to ‘The Realization’

    “Gosh, I/We’ve COULD HAVE HAD a ‘DIVINE V-8’!”

    Heaven’s Key To Peace

    World Peace OR the Annihilation of Nations

    Well now, since NOBODY wants TO DO ANYTHING about all of this – what do you say? Shall we finally GET ON WITH THIS THIRD WORLD WAR already and GET IT OVER WITH at long last?

    – Fr. Joseph

  7. Peace To All January 25, 2010 @ 2:04 am

    Hello Brother Nathanael,

    I wanted to let you and your readers know – in case you were not aware – that you were mentioned in an article on the Mantiq al-Tayr website (link below).

    It was a very nice write-up! Congrats!

    You are discussed near the end of the article:

  8. Nick- Soldier in the army of Christ January 25, 2010 @ 2:09 am

    TO Fr. Joseph

    Dear Fr. Joseph we, Orthodox faithful, love you BUT please DROP OUT the FATIMA CULT.

    The Virgin Mary is honored in the ORTHODOX FAITH more than Catholic Religion.

    Through FATIMA, you are promoting a CULT that will never be accepted by the ORTHODOX WORLD.

    You are being brain washed and you help others to fall in the same trap.

    It is time for you to keep FATIMA CULT to yourself. Amen!

  9. David January 25, 2010 @ 2:14 am

    Well written article with a research background that is suitable for a Prize.

    Best written story to date Brother!

  10. David January 25, 2010 @ 2:22 am

    So now NATO will respond When Israel is leveled and turned into dust in the coming years by terrorists seeking revenge !

    But will stand idle while Palestine is turned into rubble.

    America is now a communist entity I think it always had a very big streak of Communism or Fascism I guess is a better word for it.

    Americans while away their hours on porn drugs and baubles, self centered self absorbed, while their country smoulders in the grips of the real terrorists the bankers.

  11. Rabbit January 25, 2010 @ 2:43 am

    Great article, and as always you’re efforts to research facts and sources is obvious.

    Brother Nathanael, I am financially not as flush as I have been, but after struggling with my conscience this past dozen visits, I feel the least I can do is to send a few dollars your way.

    It is one thing to use one’s free time to post on the internet and to try and gain traction in the information war, but you give it your all, and you’re noticed by some remarkable people, in the most remarkable places.

    Your work is good, and you’re a Knight for Christ, who I may not necessarily even believe in directly, but a Knight for all He stood for regardless, is what you are.

    Bless you.

  12. George January 25, 2010 @ 4:03 am

    Dear Nick,

    There is not much reason why we Orthodox should be arguing for or against the Fatima apparitions. They have proved a difficult question for the Vatican ever since its occurrence.

    One only needs to examine the allegations of the way the modernist Vatican has been trying to deflect attention away from the core messages – particularly the creation of the false Sr Lucy who was being paraded around with Paul VI and JP II in order to allay the troubled minds of many, because the true Sr Lucy didn’t quite like them given what she knew of them by virtue of her heavenly apparitions.

    Have we examined the basic facts of the apparitions and the essential messages that come out of it, whilst putting aside all the endless talk? They come out quite clearly in the favour of the Orthodox.

    We have the habit of the first five Saturdays within Lent which we proceed to the Holy Chalice after a strict fast and preparation for Communion. Notice that on these Saturdays how we venerate the Virgin Mary by reciting the Akathist hymn, and that these are days of devotion to the Theotokos, particularly the last of the Fridays. These really are the “metheorta” of the Annunciation, because unlike other feasts, due to the Lent fast it is only celebrated for two days rather than a full octave.

    Well in Fatima a similar request is made for the westerners. Fasting and a conscious preparation through repentance and confession for communion was the exception in the west and still is. And five Saturdays of devotion and preparation towards communion in a holy state is what Fatima seeks.

    Secondly, for us Orthodox who love bagging the Popes of Rome for innovations and deviations from the apostolic ways, do you notice that the third secret has not been revealed, even though it was meant to be revealed in 1960 – just before the start of Vatican II?

    The Third Secret has to do with the simple fact that the APOSTASY STARTS AT THE TOP, according to inner circles of the Vatican whose tongues slipt and said things they later regretted. Is it not the humanist religion of man that Vatican II attempts to establish (i.e. the theology of the Antichrist)? Even many Protestants have expressed their horror at the doctrines put forth at this council – too radical even for them.

    It is thus that Fatima confirms two things: 1) the lack of repentance and correction and 2) that Rome will lead the world into apostasy.

    Does this not remind us of the words of St Cosmas the Aetolian regarding the Pope?

    I could write much more about this topic but I think some other Roman Catholic readers have already done a good job at it.

  13. jgalindes January 25, 2010 @ 5:09 am

    Dangerous USA-NATO movements close to the Russian Baltic Border:

    “…On January 13 the Associated Press reported that the White House will submit its Quadrennial Defense Review to Congress on February 1 and request a record-high $708 billion for the Pentagon. That figure is the highest in absolute and in inflation-adjusted, constant (for any year) dollars since 1946, the year after the Second World War ended. Adding non-Pentagon defense-related spending, the total may exceed $1 trillion…”

    “…Already this month several NATO nations have pledged more troops, even before the January 28 London conference on Afghanistan when several thousand additional forces may be assigned for the war there, in addition to over 150,000 already serving or soon to serve under U.S. and NATO command…”

    “…Washington has increased lethal drone missile attacks in Pakistan, and calls for that model to be replicated in Yemen have been made recently, most notably by Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who on January 13 also advocated air strikes and special forces operations in the country. [1]…”

    “…This year the U.S. will also complete the $110 million dollar construction of new military bases in Bulgaria and Romania to house at least 4,000 American troops. [3]…”

    “…On January 20 the Polish Defense Ministry announced that a U.S. Patriot missile battery, and the 100 American soldiers who will operate it, would not be based on the outskirts of the capital of Warsaw as previously announced but in the Baltic Sea city of Morag, 35 miles [6] from Poland’s border with Russia…”

    “…The missile battery and troops are scheduled to arrive in March or April. As part of the Obama administration’s new missile shield project, one which will be integrated with NATO to take in all of Europe and extend into the Middle East and the Caucasus, the Patriots will be followed by Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) interceptor deployments on warships in the Baltic Sea and, for the first time ever, a land-based version of the same…”

    “…“Subsequently, a mobile radar system would be deployed in a European nation… More advanced, mobile systems would be put in place later elsewhere in Europe. Their centerpiece would be… Lockheed’s Terminal High Altitude Defense interceptor missiles and improved Standard Missile-3 IB missiles made by… Raytheon.” [9]…”

    “…Last December Washington signed a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) that formalizes plans for “the United States military to station American troops and military equipment on Polish territory…”

    “…In October, shortly after U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden visited Warsaw to finalize the plan, Polish Deputy Defense Minister Stanislaw Komorowski met with his opposite number from the U.S., Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Alexander Vershbow, and announced that the American missiles “will be combat-ready, not dummy varieties as Washington earlier suggested.” The same report added that “Earlier, Ukrainian and American officials stated that Ukrainian territory may be used in some way in the new antimissile shield.” [11] Poland borders Russia’s Kaliningrad enclave, but Ukraine has a 1,576 kilometer (979 mile) border with Russia…”

    So, please take due consideration that there are an aggressive movements by the West and later not be surprised by some really bold countermeasures taken by Moscow basically to assure Russian survival.

    Taken into account the heavy nationalistic sentiments of the Russian people, the Orthodox Catholic religious components, the apparent resistance against modernity with all its decaying standards and a history of traditional enhanced borders, all these Western movements aims, probably to hinder Russian expansionism.

  14. Will Mische January 25, 2010 @ 6:58 am

    Thank you, Brother Nathanael.

    I just found Christopher Bollyn a few hours ago and now returned to visit your site.

    What a wonderful gift to humanity, you two persons are!

    Almost like the two witnesses to the truth.

    God bless both of you in your work.

  15. russ January 25, 2010 @ 8:10 am

    As usual another great article BN.

    Is there any facet of life these Jew scum don’t try to control? Their cancerous control has spread everywhere, they are pushing the envelope at a record pace and abandoning any pretence of secrecy.

    It WILL BACKFIRE on them, even the braindead goyim are wakeing up. As our military under Zionist control continue to try to “make the world safe for Jewery”, people are seeing the disconect, seeing the contrived “threats”.

    The backlash against puppet boy’s regime manifested by the recent stunner in Massachusetts shows the wave of unrest. It is articles like this that will continue to educated these new converts, to show them the real truth, to shake off the cloud of brainwashing, to see the real ememy and mobilize to take humanity back.

    The Zionist establishment unfortunatly will not give up control easily, passive resistence and name calling will not bother them one bit.

    Voting for independent honest politicians will help keep the machine distracted as they work on corrupting these newbies.

    A rejection of the products and services provided by them will hurt, [money is their God!]

    A common sense method to daily life and a simple WWJD approach will perserve our sanity.

    It will be VERY hard to defeat the Jew playing their game, I’m afaraid BN is correct in predicting a conflict.

    A part of me wants to believe this great awakening can happen and the sane can regain control, but my gut is telling me that a fight is on the horizion.

  16. Bill in Ohio January 25, 2010 @ 8:43 am

    You’re an inspiration, Brother Nathanael!

    GOD Bless +

  17. Bill in Ohio January 25, 2010 @ 8:57 am


    You are DEAD Wrong, and speak about that which you have little knowledge.

    Your pride gets in the way of Truth.

    The Apparitions and message of Fatima are clear.

    For those with little understanding of it, Our Blessed lady (Mother of GOD-Mary, ‘Blessed among women’) appeared to 3 Poor peasant Children that were illiterate in 1916.

    They were told about a forthcoming Communnist Government, and the great destruction and wars it would lead to, the great deaths of Christians etc.

    This occurred 6 months Before the 1917 Revolution IN Russia!

    Few had ever heard of Communism, as it was not enacted anywhere in the world, and certainly not known amongst poor peasants in Portugal, in 1916.

    The children were mocked, berated and castigated for revealing this apparition.

    The Masonic town Police Chief threatened to remove them from their parents, but they persisted in speaking of the apparition, which came to them and the townspeople several more times. It is undeniable.

    And the third secret of consecrating Russia to the immaculate heart of Mary has not yet taken place.

    Yes, The Vatican has been subverted and infiltrated.

    Vatican 2 was a Judeo-Masonic Hijacking.

    Many of us Traditional Catholics Hold fast to our Faith and traditions and resist the errors.

    These include Fasting, prayer, Sacraments, and the Tridentine Latin Mass, The Perpetual Mass which is Christ’s Sacrifice on Calvary, every Sunday.

    We dont believe in Divorce, unlike the Orthodox. Nor do we believe in Abortion.

  18. Robert January 25, 2010 @ 11:26 am

    The beast of revelation is the political state of the global government yet to be solidified and come to real power.

    But there is a harlot who rides this beast. She has corrupted the earth through her fornication.

    So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

    And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.


    And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.

    Rev 19:2 For true and righteous [are] his judgments: for he hath judged the great whore, which did CORRUPT THE EARTH with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand.

    She was in covenant to God YHVH, but hasbeen unfaithful and fornicated with Satan.

    She has corrupted the earth in order to gain POWER AND ADVANTAGE.

    She has worshipped the devil. She has spread her filth worldwide through fornication with the nations, and even doing worse than them.

    Ezek 5:7 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Because ye multiplied more than the nations that [are] round about you, [and] have not walked in my statutes, neither have kept my judgments, neither have done according to the judgments of the nations that [are] round about you.

    Learn more….

  19. Patricia Ress January 25, 2010 @ 11:41 am

    I have researched UFOs for about 30 years and even written a couple of books on the subject.

    Of all the information made public about the Fatima incidents-especially the falling sun phenomenon-a fact was omitted.

    That fact was that metallic discs were seen at that October occasion!

    There were also other things typical of a UFO encounter such as the presence of an angelhair-like substance.

    This does raise some questions about what DID transpire at Fatima.

  20. Jarrad January 25, 2010 @ 12:19 pm

    The state of Israel is a state of militarism. Israel is home to a Jewish population, alongside a non-Jewish one.

    For over half a century now, Israel has been at war with the Arabs, who are no less militaristic, especially Hammas.

    So, it’s really nothing new to say that Jews support war on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and even Yemen. Regardless of what someone’s political views might be, supporting war to only gain political and monetary control will never fulfil any goals.

    The only language Israel understands is violence. Likewise, the only language Hammas and Hezbolla understand is violence. Militaristic or militant Jews don’t have a place in American politics, and neither do militant Muslims or Christians.

    You always hear people say that Hammas and Hezbolla are political factions and should behave that way. They are, in fact, states within states. They need to be disbanded.

    Likewise, militant Jews and Israeli settlers shouldn’t bother with politics. If they wish to be political, then they need to disband just like any other unacceptable violent entity.

  21. Fr. Joseph January 25, 2010 @ 12:23 pm

    Nick, Soldier in the Army of Christ,

    There is this old English MILITARY SAYING which you out to take to heart being you assertion that you are a ‘Soldier in the Amry of Christ’.



    Let me try to GENTLY put a ‘bit and bridle’ into your MOUTH!

    How many times in the course of the history of the EASTERN Church when “youz guyz” found yourselves under RELENTLESS SEIGE behind the Walls of CONSTANTINOPLE. you got YOUR Patriarch and his Metropolitans and their Bishops and Priests and a whole bunch of the Lay Faithful to break out an ICON of the MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS and publicly and solemnly PARADED HER AROUND the walls of your most dearly beloved city of CONSTANTINOPLE?

    And EVERY TIME “youz guyz” got your Patriarch, your Metropolitans, your Bishops and Priest and Lay Faithful making a PUBLIC and SOLEMN display of an ICON of the Most Holy Theotokos – some MIRACULOUS EVENT took place TO CRUSH-DEFEAT your enemies putting you under relentless seige?

    That’s why you have the AKATHIST HYMN in and throughout YOUR OWN Orthodox Churches!

    My gosh – do I have to explain such things to the ORTHODOX here? If I do, then things are in a REALLY SAD SHAPE in and throughout the Church the world over!

    In 1884 A.D. – Pope Leo XIII, the Bishop of Rome as well as the Patriarch of the Western Church is granted a Supernatural revelation. He is allowed to witness SATAN challenging JESUS that if he had more time and more power of those who would willingly give themselves to him he could DESTROY THE CHURCH. And Jesus said to Satan ‘SO BE IT!’

    Now unlike you of the EASTERN Church who got to see ranks and arrays of PHYSICAL human beings with their spears, swords, bows and arrows, seige machines and whatnot employed against the PHYSICAL city of Constantinople – we in the WESTERN Church don’t have that “advantage” over our enemies.

    We CAN’T see them. We CAN’T see where they’ve approached. We CAN’T see where they’ve breached our walls.

    Unlike YOU of the Eastern Church who wound up being severely threatened by FLESH & BLOOD enemies, we in the Western Church are AT WAR against unseen ELEMENTAL DEMONICS who have no constraints placed on them via time, space, matter and energy.

    So “Thanks A Lot!” for all of the HELP, all of the SUPPLIES, all of the ASSISTANCE you of the EASTERN Church AREN’T giving or supplying us BEHIND the ‘Walls of ROME’!

    Your GLEE over the misfortunes that the Western Church has suffered this past century is the ‘TYPICAL’ sort of ‘CHARITY’ we of the Western Church obtain from those of you in the Eastern Church.

    Now whether YOU as a so-called ‘Soldier in the Amry of Chirst’ like it or NOT – Ephesians 6:10-20, Revelation 12:17 and Genesis 3:15 are STILL in the Western Church’s Canon of Sacred Christian Scripture.

    Maybe you of the Orthodox Church have REMOVED those passages, finding something “filioque” in and about those passages!

    The Mother of God came to Fatima, Portugal back in 1917 A.D. – 33 years to the day AFTER Pope Leo XIII received his Divine and Supernatural ‘Heads Up!’ that SATAN had gotten his wish TO SIFT the Church like wheat for an entire century. Go READ the passage wherein JESUS warns ST. PETER that Satan had gotten his wish TO SIFT His Apostles and fledgling Church like wheat.

  22. Fr. Joseph January 25, 2010 @ 12:31 pm

    Was ANY city in the Eastern Church – to include CONSTANTINOPLE – ever subjected to a CENTURY-LONG SEIGE??

    So don’t be too smug about the faithfulness and resilience of the Eastern Church.

    You Orthodox haven’t been TOO MUCH HELP these past 100 years to and for the ‘Seige the ROMAN Church’. And com’on, admit it, you Orthodox COULDN’T CARE LESS!

    But the MOTHER OF GOD cares for, since she ALWAYS stands with and by her own Divine Son, she was there TO WITNESS and OVERHEAR Satan’s challenge lodged against her Son and her Son’s CHURCH that he could and would DESTROY the Church.

    And THAT’S why she came to Fatima, Portugal in her Apparitions as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal.

    She happens to be THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    SHE can “crush Satan’s head” – something NO Eastern Orthodox Church’s Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Clergy or Lay Faithful can EVER do!

    When the BISHOP OF ROME, the holder of ‘THE KEYS’, gets around and ORDERS the Bishops of the WESTERN CHURCH to perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculately Loving Heart – then you of the EASTERN Church will have your JAWS DROP DOWN in utter Christian AMAZEMENT as to what happens to Satan’s empires here on earth and ALL of the legions and arrays of the enemies of GOD here on earth!

    – Fr. Joseph

  23. Norseman January 25, 2010 @ 1:39 pm


    Brother Nathanael hit the nail on the head once again with this article.

    Anyone who has a look at the Persian Gulf will come to the conclusion that the American carrier groups are SITTING DUCKS. The Gulf is too narrow, and the whole northeastern shore belongs to Iran. This means that the carrier groups can be attacked from different sides without forewarning.

    You may think: yes, but American vessels have such advanced countermeasures that such an attack would fail.

    Enter the SS-N-22 Sunburn anti-ship missile system (Russian denomination: “Moskit”), which Russia has sold to Iran in no small numbers.

    See: and

    This missile flies 9 feet above the sea at a speed of Mach 2.5 (1.700 miles/hour), and before hitting the target performs evasive manoeuvres. It is –effectively- impossible to tackle for the Aegis defense system of American vessels. The Phalanx and other anti-missile systems would have –in the event of an attack- only 2.5 seconds to calculate a fire solution. And remember: these missiles are stationed all along the Iranian coast, meaning that the attack may come from almost all sides.

    To imagine what effect would have these missiles on the American ships, just consider that in the 1982 Falklands-Malvinas war the Argentineans sunk or severely damaged three modern British ships (HMS Sheffield, Atlantic Conveyor and Glamorgan) with only six Exocet missiles.

    Even an aircraft carrier (HMS Invincible) may have been hit by a missile, but the claim has not been confirmed. The Exocet is a subsonic (Mach 0.93) anti-ship missile inferior to the Sunburn in almost every aspect. Moreover, the operational conditions of the Argentinean Air Force were much more unfavourable than those to be expected in a conflict in the Persian Gulf. Had the Argentineans more missiles, the British commanders conceded that they would have destroyed the British task force.

    So the conclusion is that the US is actually BAITING Iran into attacking their ships, full knowing that they will sustain heavy casualties, a new Pearl Harbour. Insiders speculate that Admiral William Fallon resigned because of this. Imagine the loss of two aircraft carriers, maybe 3.000 to 5.000 sailors dead and other smaller vessels sunk. Would this enrage the American public to the point of accepting a limited nuclear attack on Iran?

    The Jews in power know that the US, their WAR BEAST, is unable to tackle Iran conventionally (i.e. by invading the country), it simply lacks the soldiers for such an operation. To nuke Iran would be the only “viable” option at the moment. “For he knows that his time is short”.

    But if they nuke Iran, what will Russia and China do? Who knows, maybe the Iranians even managed to get a few nukes from the former Soviet Union and may retaliate against Tel Aviv.

    In any event, the result is World War III and the nuclear –real- holocaust of a large part of Mankind.

    And here we come again to the role of Russia in the coming events. Russia is the only power capable of standing up militarily to the Beast. Is the present awakening of Russia, the return of their leaders –Putin at their front- to Christianity just a coincidence? For those so skeptical of the Fatima apparitions, they would do well to reconsider their views…

  24. USSA=ZOG GULAG January 25, 2010 @ 2:05 pm

    Great comment Nicolae.

    With all those “Jews”/Khazars deciding where the guns are pointed the dumb USSA goy is about to have his own domestic Amerikan holocaust brought upon him via the Kosher Khazar ruling class.

    It’s amazing how the Khazars have taken over the USSA without even firing a shot.

    American’s are short-sighted to believe that they won’t end up in a Gulag/FEMA Camp just like the 60 million+ murdered Russian people with all the Khazars and Edomites/”Jews” on top of the military-industrial complex machine.

    America blew it by not challenging the Khazar empire and regaining control of the Country back before the Jew bank Fed’s pinko WW2 by allowing them to repeat such a profitable War (rich jews using everybody else as canon fodder to make huge profits) of all the goys against one another via their political subversion and economic manipulation.

    Regarding Keynesian economics-the Jews came out with Austrian economics as a counterpart to Keynes via thinkers such as Mises, Rothbard, and Hayek.


    What gets me about Austrian economics is they preach the “Free Market” this and that but, the economy continues to go down the drain while people are reading and debating Jew economic treatises. The Austrian schools ideas are great but, they never seem to be applied (of course Austrian advocates claim it’s because of the government-but WHO RUNS THE GOVERNMENT? THE JEW FED AND THE AIPAC ZOG CROONIES!).

    With this in mind, Austrian economics advocates may very well just be a way to collect freedom lovers names in a central data base via the various organizations out here and to dissipate pro-freedom political energy like the Tea Party (yeah right-sitting around listening to Corporate Jew ran Glen Beck is a real “tea party” in comparison to America’s previous years).

    Another soap box is all of these pro-Israel guys in Christendom. They go around saying,”God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse them”, “The Jews are God’s chosen people that’s why they run things”, “America must put Israel first”, “We have to fight in the Middle East for Israel’s sake and to stop the Al-CIA-DA terrorosits”, etc., etc.

    Nobody bothered to explain to these useful pawns that dispensationalism is a lie, and many have been using a Jew approved Bible since Scofield and Untermeyers subversion of the intellegentsia.

    Don’t religious leaders like that nauseate you?

    That is-if you have any brain left at all after years of Talmudvision, Evening Jews, weekends at the Jewry Theatres, Jew ran public fools (K-Ph.D.), GMO Corporate Jew food, Fluoridated water, AIPAC/ZOG politics (more taxes, wars, and inflation sans the Khazar community), etc.

    America is on the verge of having it’s own “Foxes Book of Martyrs” via the corporate Khazar/”Jew” police state.

    America’s fall from our greatness (independence via religion, economics, and politics) has occured due to subversion via control freak, sociopath, corporate “Jews” who hate free market competiton (they like communal nepotism best), religious freedom (except their own), and true political freedom (not who can we turn out this week as dollar waving pimps to all the useful idiot, AIPAC bowing Congresscritters).

    USSA goys we are in a Kosher 1984.

    Free Speech is an RIGHT not an option given by the sociopath NWO Khazars-so use it!

    The West has about drowned in Khazar lies regarding the nature of reality-it’s time more people started telling it like it is without a Kosher muzzle.

  25. Fr. Joseph January 25, 2010 @ 2:11 pm

    Dear Nick, SOLDIER in the ARMY OF CHRIST,

    I take it that you hold that ‘title’ of yours near and dear to your Orthodox heart.

    Now THE LORD gave me a ‘Field Commission’ in HIS HOLY ARMY – 1st Lieutenant now – with my ‘Military Specialty’ being ‘INFORMER’ and ‘COMMUNICATIONS EXPERT’. And THE LORD asked me to work with His People in order to DISPEL THEIR IGNORNACE. And believe it or not, He actually ended this Charge, this Commissioning to me with the plead “PLEASE”!

    It is held that the WISEST human being to ever live here on earth was KING SOLOMON. And those closest to him, members of his Court, compiled King Solomon’s WISEST sayings in the Old Testament book entitled “Ecclesiastes”.

    A most profoundly WISE SAYING from this wisest of all men to ever live on our planet earth during Human History is this:

    “Where one alone would be overcome, two will put up resistance; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” – Qo 4:12

    During the many years of the SEIGE OF CONSTANTINOPLE by the Ottomans, Venetian ships from the WESTERN CHURCH would run the guantlet of the dangers of the open seas as well as the canon fire from shore batteries in order to get to CONSTANTINOPLE in order to lay in SUPPLIES for the CHURCH as well as for the citizen-inhabitants of Constantinople in order to HOLD UP during the winter months.

    Year after year, the WESTERN CHURCH supported the EASTERN CHURCH’S CONSTANTINOPLE with supplies to make it through each winter season while it was constantly under SEIGE by the Ottomans.

    As Divine Providence would have it, around the time of the Church Council of Florence-Ferrera where a brief UNITY between the EASTERN and WESTERN Church arose – elements from both the RUSSIAN Church and the GREEK Church “bolded-bucked-bashed” this fledgling reunification of the Church Militant here on earth – and this ‘Unity’ fell apart into pieces once again between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.

    It was at THAT time the Ottomans then PERFECTED the ability to “skim” canon balls across large stretches of water giving them the ability to fire shore batteries in a LINEAR fashion at Venetian supply ships heading to CONSTANTINOPLE – rather than in the ‘hit-or-miss-mostly-miss’ arching aerial fashion.

    Thus, the supply ships from the WESTERN CHURCH could no longer get to CONSTANTINOPLE in order lay in supplies, arms and provisions.

    Shortly thereafter, as all history books record – CONSTANTINOPLE FELL to the Ottoman seige.

    Did not our Divine ‘Commander-in-Chief’ Himself INSTRUCT His Apostles and ALL of His disciples with these Words of His Own:

    “A Household divided amongst itself CANNOT STAND?”

    What is it about you Orthodox, your Orthodox Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Clery and Lay Faithful that ALL OF YOU don’t understand this very SIMPLE concept of ‘a threefold cord is NOT easily broken’ and ‘a household divided amongst itself CANNOT STAND?’

    What is it that causes all of you Orthodox to be of such a mindset? Is it “HUBRIS”???

    Yes, I’m a Catholic. And I do what I can as a lone ‘Venetian SUPPLY ship’ from the WESTERN CHURCH in order to bring Br. Nathanael some MEAGER AMOUNT of ‘arms, supplies and provisions’ because one has to be BLIND to NOT SEE the Gifts and Graces of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT working in him, working with him and working through him!

    And ALL I GET from you, KathJuliane, Stav, Fr. John and all of the rest of ‘The Orthodox’ here is CANON FIRE to the left of me, to the right of me, to the front of me and to the rear of me!

    And all of you people REFUSE to accept, to deploy, to employ, to utilize the Supreme Divine Weapon vs. SATAN – the MOTHER OF GOD herself!

    Your Orthodox Patriachs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Clergy and fellow members of the Laity REJECT THE SPIRITUAL NECESSITY of using that and who GOD HIMSELF has appointed to be the one to CRUSH SATAN’S HEAD – the Mother of God – the Blessed Virgin Mary – the Most Holy Theotokos!

    And you and the rest of you actually call yoruselves ‘Soldiers of Christ’s Army here on earth’!

    Put a GRENADE-LAUNCHER in your hands in order to MOW DOWN God’s Own Enemies here on earth – and you Orthodox REFUSE to accept such a Divine Weapon!

    Makes me wonder why I attempt to run ‘SUPPLY SHIPS’ to those of you on ‘THE EASTERN FRONT’ via my postings here to RZN!

    All I get from all of you is getting ‘SHOT AT’ and ‘SHOT TO PIECES’!

    – Fr. Joseph

  26. USSA=ZOG GULAG January 25, 2010 @ 2:23 pm

    God bless Putin!

    Maybe Russia could find a way to educate the conditioned masses behind the Kosher Mind Control Iron Curtain in the USSA before Jew York’s Jews media starts hyping up their pre-planned Iranian Pearl Harbor to send a new wave of ignorant, young goys out to die for the economic and political agenda of globalist Khazar/”Jew” bankster scum.

    Russia should know what literal hell on Earth a Jew occupied dictatorship is-they should endeavor to educate humanity to keep from repeating the same mistakes again.

    Let’s hope that Putin can expose the Jews lies to all of humanity.

    If these Christian dupes would wake up and see that dispensationalsim and Khazars have nothing to do with Church history America would benefit greatly.

  27. Gregory Laux January 25, 2010 @ 3:30 pm

    How to spot a false religious system is mentioned in the Bible. A valid faith in God is a faith that involves actions of love for all of your fellow human beings.

    God judges all souls, including that of Jews and Gentile, by how they chose to live with each opportunity they were given in this lifetime to express love for others and God.

    Clearly the zionists cannot bring themselves to love God, let alone to love all of humanity. These evil folks would rather die in the state of mortal sins and go to hell than begin to live as God wants them to live.

    Abraham was a man of conviction to live for God. Noah was a man of conviction to live for God. Moses was a man of conviction to live for God.

    Just as any soul that wants to inherit eternal life must be men and women of convictions to live for God. If God doesn’t have Lordship over your life then you are still wandering in the wilderness without salvation for your soul.

  28. Bill in Ohio January 25, 2010 @ 5:17 pm

    “We decree and order that from now on, and for all time, Christians shall not eat or drink with Jews; nor admit them to feasts, nor cohabit with them…

    Christians shall not allow Jews to hold civil honors over Christians, or to exercise public offices in the State .”

    -His Holiness, Pope Eugenius IV, 1442 A.D. Bull. Rom. Pont., V, 67

  29. Joe J. January 25, 2010 @ 6:01 pm

    DUH, Barry’s Chief of Staff is a MOSSAD Agent!

  30. Wilson January 25, 2010 @ 6:23 pm


  31. brian krajci January 25, 2010 @ 6:34 pm

    I am a Buddhist, who for a while, has believed that Russia should join NATO for the sake of world peace.

    I think Israel is already,for all practical purposes, already in NATO.

    They are practically the 51st American state.

    I think Russia should join NATO for the sake of world peace. What do you think?

  32. Fr. Joseph January 25, 2010 @ 6:40 pm

    I’d like to BLESS all of you here on RZN, whether you are Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, a Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist…whatever…with a beautifully profound moment of Grace, Insight and Inspiration granted to me here this morning while sitting by my hermitage’s table while sipping away on my morning cup of coffee, rousing myself to muster the inner strength and energy to face yet ANOTHER day here in this royally satanically fouled up World of ours – the year now being 2010 A.D.

    Reflecting on and dwelling upon the passages of the Church’s Own Canon of Sacred CHRISTIAN Scripture – a.k.a. ‘Lectio Divina’ – allows God the Holy Spirit to beam into one’s mind and heart the Celestial Light in order to spiritually ‘see’ very profound religious and spiritual Truths.

    Now here is that particular passage that came Whirling In and ‘dropped’ on my Priestly hermit’s lap this morning:

    “PILATE then said to Him, ‘Are You refusing to speak to me? Surely You know I have THE POWER to release You and I have the POWER o crucify You?’ ‘You would have NO POWER over Me,’ replied JESUS, ‘if it had not been given you from Above; that is why the one who handed Me over to you has the greater guilt.'” – Gospel of St. John – Jn 19:10-11

    Just LOOK at all of World’s ‘PILATES’ who are going about ‘weilding their POWER’ over all of us – six billion human souls currently alive and kickin’ on planet earth.

    We have to endure ‘THE POWER’ of all those in political office.

    We have to endure ‘THE POWER’ of all those with control over our nations’ MONEY SUPPLIES.

    We have to endure ‘THE POWER’ of all those who have MILITARY PERSONNEL and MILITARY ASSETS under their command.

    We have to endure ‘THE POWER’ of all those who own and weild the manifold forms of the Mass Media.

    And ‘Yada-Yada-Yada’, we have all these sorts of people with all sorts of positions and ranks within all of the Political, Economic, Military and Mass Media social structures and corporate-structure man-made conventions – and all of them are weilding their ‘POWER’ over the God of Life’s SIX BILLION HUMAN BEINGS created in His Image and Likeness issuing the same sort of Pilate Pronouncement ‘I/We have the POWER to release all of you or CRUCIFY all of you (in a thermonuclear Third World War).”

    The Insight granted to me is this – and I wish TO SHARE it with all of you.

    “The Big Picture” is revealed to Pilate by JESUS, the Son of God Incarnate Who, with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit – created ALL things, brought ALL things into existance and Who sustains ALL things He has has created and to whom He has granted the Divine ‘GIFT OF LIFE’.

    It is our God’s Divine SOVEREIGN WILL that Creation ought to exist the way it is and it is God’s Divine SOVEREIGN WILL that those of us who are created in His Image and Likeness likewise have a FREE WILL.

    And it is by God’s Own Divine PERMISSIVE WILL that He allows us all the ability to utilize and exercise these FREE WILLS that are ours as a result of His Own Divine SOVEREIGN WILL.

    If GOD did not give PILATE a FREE WILL by which he could FREELY utilize it in order to make his decisions – then PILATE would indeed have NO POWER whatsoever.

    All of this supposed ‘POWER’ that our World’s Oligarchs, our World’s Leaders, our World’s Finanicial-Economic-Corporations, our World’s Military Organizations, etc. WIELD on, over, amid, against the peoples of the Human Race is only on account of God’s SOVEREIGN WILL in granting them all His ‘Gift of Life’ – a Divine ‘gift of life’ that includes a FREE WILL to use and utilize within God’s Own Seen ‘Cause and Effect’ ALL in which we ALL move, live and have our being.

    It’s by God’s PERMISSIVE WILL that all of these Global Evil Doers of any sort and of all types get to weild their apparent indivdiual and/or collective ‘POWER’ over, upon, on, against, amid our Human Race.

    Now GOD HIMSELF conferred ‘The Keys’ to the Office of St. Peter – and his successors ARE the ‘Bishop of Rome’ a.k.a. ‘THE POPE’.

    And the Pope has received these ‘Keys’ from God Incarnate via a Divine Act of God’s SOVEREIGN WILL. And the Bishop of Rome can either USE or NOT USE those ‘Keys’ because of God’s PERMISSIVE WILL.

    And God, by His Divine SOVERIEGN WILL has appointed a WOMAN and has already selected THAT Woman with whom HE HIMSELF would CRUSH SATAN’S HEAD per His Own Very First Divine Prophecy “in the Bible” at Genesis 3:15

    When the Bishop of Rome (who has in his possession ‘The Keys’ entrusted to him by a Divine SOVEREIGN WILL Act of God Incarnate) utilizes his ‘gift of life’ which INCLUDES his FREE WILL – and chooses to order a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loivng Heart of THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 which he CAN do per God’s Own Divine PERMISSIVE WILL – then GOD will use THE WOMAN to get on with CRUSHING SATAN’S HEAD…

    …this same SATAN who puts these IDEAS into the minds and evil dispositions into the hearts of all of these who have all of this supposed ‘POWER’ to weild on, with, aginst, amid our Human Race which INCLUDES getting SIX BILLION HUMAN BEINGS currently alive and living on our planet earth in this year 2010 Anno Domini embroiled in this upcoming THERMONUCLEAR THIRD WORLD WAR.

    All of you – get yourself a GOOD CUP OF COFFEE – go sit by YOUR ‘hermitage’s’ table – and THINK ABOUT what I’ve just shared with you from MY ‘hermitage table’ to YOURS.

    And I like MY coffee with MILK and 1 1/2 teaspoonsful of sugar. How about ALL OF YOU?

    – Fr. Joseph @
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  33. Brother Nathanael January 25, 2010 @ 6:40 pm

    Dear Stav –

    I asked that the “heated” discussion be dropped on the last article’s Comments Section.

    This is an Open Forum and this is a BRAND NEW Article.

    Thus you may feel free to respond to Fr Joseph’s posts or any other’s as you see fit.

    The same goes for Fr Joseph and all others like Prodigal Son, Gregory Laux, Lynda, Charlie, Jose, Bill from Ohio, KathJulianne, George P, Charlie, etc. All are free to express their opinions as long as there are no “ad hominems.”

    +Brother Nathanael

  34. Wilson January 25, 2010 @ 6:46 pm

    To Will Mishce:

    I have some reservations about Christopher Bollyn. He and Eric Hufshmid malign American Free Press as a Jew-controlled outfit (seriously derogatory if you ask me) that perversely twists the truth. I don’t know about that.

    Writers at American Free Press have been at the vanguard of exposing Jewish lies for decades.

    Bollyn was fired from AFP for doing some questionable reporting in partnership with Eric Hufshmid.

    They may have their differences, but if they know the evil of what we are confronting, I ask, why would Bollyn and Hufshmid malign AFP? (You can presume when I say this that I am 100% sure that AFP is kosher; that is, NON-kosher.)

    I mean, our battle is a battle for the ages and here they are indulging is petty grievances, if indeed. It doesn’t make sense…

  35. Joe Cortina January 25, 2010 @ 6:49 pm

    BN – Another fine informative piece of work.

    I was shocked to see the extent of the list of Chosenites that command this nations’ young Christian men. As a former officer myself – I found it disgusting. I could NEVER EVER serve some Zionist bastard. The very thought of it makes me nauseous.

    Here is a letter to that murdering ass kissing scumbag ‘Betrayus’ that I did a while back. Can you imagine the effect if only a thousand or so spotless record patriotic vets wrote harsh condemnations of these psychopathic baby killing scum.

    Incidentally – this letter was posted on Rense and had a LOT of positive feedback.


    You sir – are a despicable war criminal mass murderer. You are the quintessential serial killer of civilians and a disgrace to your uniform – your country – and your God – if you ever had any honor to God. You have WITTINGLY and WILLINGLY been a MAJOR accessory to one of the biggest crimes of the past century! You may ‘believe’ in God – but then so does the Devil.

    Your superior – Admiral Fallon, said it best when he exposed you for the brown-nosed sycophant you really are – when he identified you as: “an ass kissing little chicken shit” I unanimously second that accurate assessment. REAL MEN despise worms like you.

    Just how many pieces of silver have the Jews paid you to be our Furher’s puppet, General? I hope the price was worth the countless thousands and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives you are responsible for snuffing out – ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN. You know of course – General – that a vast majority of those helpless innocent victims whose murders you so eagerly ordered were CHILDREN! You know – helpless loveable little kids – like my grandchildren. Do you ever tire of washing the blood off your hands?

    You act like your Jewish masters – you talk like them – you murder innocent children like they do in Israel – you lie like them – so – what are you? I think you are at heart, a mirror-reflection of your masters – They, and we both know who we are talking about here, have a name for the goy that are their useful idiots like yourself – even IF you do hold a Doctorate degree – you are STILL their useful idiot – a shabbus goy!

    You may have a chest full of medals sir – but not ONE OF THEM was for doing ANYTHING in defense of MY country against ANY mortal enemy of The United States of America. The ONLY truly mortal enemies this country has ever had AND STILL HAVE – are the COMMUNISTS – and their Zionist allies. You have never served my country ONE DAY in harm’s way against our TRUE MORTAL enemies sir – NOT ONE DAY!

    Of course the Communists were the ‘creation of the Godless Zionists whom you serve. THAT IN ITSELF IS HIGH TREASON GENERAL!

    You have betrayed every informed wise and decent man woman and child in this nation. You are the best civilian murderer and destroyer of sovereign nations that the Jews can buy. You are either a traitor OR a complete imbecile. A traitor if you are aware of what the Jews have done to our freedoms and continue to fight for him OR – an imbecile if you are STILL SO IGNORANT as to not be aware of your treason.

    I may not have achieved the power and recognition General – but at least I can hold my head up high – and with HONOR. Unlike you – I served MY country – with honor – NOT the filthy Godless criminal scum in ISRAHELL. Unlike you, sir: – I risked my life and voluntarily placed my self in harm’s way with HONOR. Unlike you -General baby butcher – MY conduct caused NO innocent death – no destruction of innocent civilians and no insane war against those who have not done us nor EVEN intended us no harm.

    I was training infantry combat troops in preparation for war against a REAL enemy in 1962 General. I was only a lowly Lt. back then – but I did a man’s job to the best of my ability and there were REAL enemies then.

    The best that your treasonous Jewish friends could do back then was to side with ANY and ALL Communist causes and conflicts. That was before the Zionists had gained T-O-T-A-L control of our media – or government – our total finances – our education system – our military leadership – our Congress and finally our President – lock stock and barrel.

    You were learning how to tie your shoes and read and write then. A LOT of the men I trained died at the hands of those allied with the Jews while you were playing marbles and hide and seek. I PERSONALLY had a hand in the training – as instructor and company commander, of over a thousand men – and there was not one, count them– ONE Jew in that entire mass of young soldiers. Your precious Jewish friends were too busy taunting and spitting on them as they returned home from battling the Communists – those who even did make it back.

    IF – you had an OUNCE of integrity or a grain of MORAL COURAGE – you would have stood up to that murdering lying blaspheming Zionist Jewish scum in the White House of SHAME and said: ‘ HELL NO – I WILL NOT DO THESE EVILS AGAINST MANKIND AND THE LAWS OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS DECENT. But – the morally spineless ass kisser that you are – you could not resist the power and the notoriety – and just DO THE RIGHT THING – could you?

    I won’t bother with epitaphs of damnation because you have ALREADY damned yourself – and YOU WILL PAY General In this mortal life – or in a greater justice – YOU WILL PAY!

    Come on ‘peachy’ – Are you so vain – or just stupid? Is it that hard to envision an analogous situation here in MY country where a powerful foreign force – say the Red Chinese who lets say – were at the time vastly superior to us in technology and weaponry – decided to ‘liberate’ us poor backward AmeriKan Yankee fools from our domestic political ‘capitalist’ oppressors.

    Then they just invaded us on some idiotic lie pretext of their security ( death rays) – raped our women – tortured us – murdered hundreds of thousands – made homeless tens of millions –destroyed our most sacred national treasures – left out country in agony despair and ruin and had their lying propaganda media in China inundate their people with lies about how happy we corrupt capitalist fools were about being “liberated” – not “occupied”.

    OH and they had a catchy name for their mega-crime – “ OPERATION AMERIKAN FREEDOM” Sound familiar General? Shame on you sir- for promoting that filthy, cruel Zionist inspired lie.

    Then of course there would be the Chinese PLA counterpart to you – say we call him General Wang – and this general keeps telling the Chinese press that the PLA must keep the USA in the agony of occupation for another ten YEARS and then ANOTHER TEN YEARS – meanwhile the Chinese govt. is stealing our natural resources and impoverishing out nation. Our freedom fighters would of course be called “TERRORISTS” (for trying to rid our country of the Communist invaders) Are your lies beginning to ‘show’ General ‘Betrayus’?

    The PLA would make friends through any means – money, intimidation, fear, etc. of local AmeriKan puppet country sellers who might be willing to betray their own country and side with the invaders. If any of these treasonous scum were harmed by REAL patriots (what you and your ilk call terrorists in Iraq) it would be depicted in China as more terrorist activity which would then of course justify the PLA leveling entire American neighborhoods or even Cities and killing every man woman and child (collateral damage of course – a popular Jewish term) – and then brag about their victory and make heroes of the PLA animals who committed these war crimes in the name of “liberation.”

    OH and I almost forgot – the PLA never found any ‘death ray’ weapons as the ‘Chairman’ of Red China had proclaimed. But of course with so many stupid uneducated masses of dumbed down morons in China – it really didn’t matter that the Chinese had murdered millions of innocent people and destroyed a Western culture based on lies and greed. After all the Chinese are Godless Communists and why should they give a rat’s ass about the mass suffering of less than human Americans. Am I making you uneasy General?

    This is EXACTLY WHAT YOU and our young killers in uniform HAVE DONE IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN (places like Haditha and Falluja sound familiar – General ‘Betrayus’?)

    You do NOT fight for ME or MY family or ANY learned moral decent American I know. The ONLY people that are ‘protecting’ by your crimes are the stinking Israelis – and I spent enough time there to see what sadistic treasonous murdering criminal lying Godless immoral scum they REALLY ARE!

    Ever hear of the USS Liberty massacre General? What’s the matter – I thought that we ‘fellow paratroopers’ had a little more guts than the average guy. Scared that if you ever criticized your cold-blooded murdering Jewish handlers you might damage your precious career? Oh – Excuse me – You are a 4* Gen officer and the men murdered by your ZIonist friends were only lowly Navy ‘swabs’. How thoughtless of me to even insinuate that you should be concerned with trivia.

    I could write a book on the subject – but you get the idea General. IN TRUTH === you ARE nothing MORE THAN A WAR CRIMINAL – a destroyer of civilization – a rapist – a thief – a murderer. You SCUM! YOU FILTHY MURDERING SCUM. You and filth like you are responsible for the deaths of EVERY CHRISTIAN MURDERED BY THE JEWS IN THE MID-EAST AS WELL – and you KNOW IT!

    YOU make the Japanese commanders who ordered the ‘death marches’ at Batan and Corregador look like childish pranksters by comparison to the crimes you have committed in the name of the Jews. I pray that the countless souls of the innocents you have had murdered haunt you for the rest of your miserable cowardly meaningless life. The human misery and suffering of innocent civilians by your hand have not gone unnoticed by God. You can bet on that Mr.!

    You are not a ‘man’ – you are a spineless sadistic ass-kissing worm – and I would be pleased to tell that TO YOUR FACE. IF – you WERE a REAL man – you would have long ago told that miserable stinking war criminal Bush and his cabal of treasonous Jewish/Zionist thugs to go to hell!

    May God save this country AND OUR HELPLESS VICTIMS from the like of you.

    PLEASE – visit my site and read and leave a comment

  36. Nick- Soldier in the army of Christ January 25, 2010 @ 7:56 pm

    The Appearances At Fatima


    “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own
    lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away
    their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

    II Timothy 4:3-4

  37. Fr. Joseph January 25, 2010 @ 8:25 pm

    Dear Joe Cortina,

    My REACTION exactly to that very long listing of names – these ‘ZEROES’ without any sense of HONOR, no sense of DUTY or RESPONSIBILITY to both their fellow US citizens and to those under their MILITARY command.

    I, too, simply had to BY-PASS that particular posting with their Name, Rank and minus their Serial Number.

    But ONE GOOD THING did come out of that moment of NAUSEA in the pit of my stomach that gripped YOUR stomach as well.

    AT LEAST I know understand how was it and is it possible for my mailing all the TECHNICAL INFORMATION in forms of aircraft schematics showing those 9-11 “Arab Terrorist Hijacked” Boeing aircraft were, in fact, remotely controlled and flown via their on-board SATCOM Auto-takeoff, Auto-Flight, Auto-Pilot, Auto-Throttle, Downloaded Flight Commands via their SATCOM to their on-board Flight Management and Flight Control Computers in charge of and controlling all of those hydraulically powered FLIGHT CONTROLS and electrical Throttle positions to so many COMMISSIONED OFFICERS – COs and EOs – in my State’s ARMY and AIR NATIONAL GUARD UNITS – and NOTHING HAPPENED!

    I voluntarily joined the U.S. AIR FORCE to go work on CLOSE TACTICAL SUPPORT AIRCRAFT largely on account of my father being but 1 of 26 survivors from his U.S. Army Company butchered off, mowed down and decimated by the Japanese.

    “If” they had the ability to CALL IN AIRPOWER, the Captain of that U.S. Army Company of soldiers would not have been wailing and crying and sobbing all night long after that particular day’s battle.

    What a SICK country I live in. No honor. No sense of duty. No sense of responsibilty. No sense of ‘watching out for’ each other.

    No sense of morality. No sense of being a Human Being with NO CONCEPT of what it is TO BE a human being!

    These “freakin” Wall Street Banksters. These “freakin” Ivy League Silver Spooners.

    These “freakin” utterly USELESS word crafting lawyers-turned-politicians.

    This sum-total of USELESSNESS ruining, destroying and rendering ‘null & void’ all of the Beautiful, Delightful and Glorious POTENTIAL our God and Creator HAS woven into and throughout this planet earth and into the peoples of the nations of our World!

    – Fr. Joseph
    U.S.A.F. Vet – NCO – AFSC 42652 – 355th TTW

  38. Mark January 25, 2010 @ 8:31 pm


    She’s a place of consecration
    Engraved upon her Lover’s Hands
    An inclination of the heart
    That burns for Him alone
    Her desire is His Presence
    For Whom her heart and mind doth yearn
    To dwell with Him within the Fire
    In which all wood hay and stubble is consumed
    She leans upon her Lover
    And comes up from the wilderness
    She’s a terrible army with banners
    Led by none but the One she loves
    She’s Mercy triumphing over judgement
    Walking in a Glory that is yet to be seen
    She was born to bring in the harvest
    And be the eternal Fire bride of the King

  39. Mark January 25, 2010 @ 8:32 pm


    The devil’s been lying to his angels
    Assuring them victory is on its way
    Why once they bring down America
    What can stand against what they say
    But there’s three hundred vessels of Honor
    Three hundred pots of clay
    Through brokenness ready to show forth a Light
    That will Arise Shine and carry the Day
    They won’t be running for office
    They won’t be pandering to man
    They’ll be running after the devil
    Standing on the Rock not sinking sand
    They’ll eat bread from the Table of Shewbread
    And drink water that’s been turned into Wine
    They’ll be trees whose leaves are for Healing
    And the confusion they bring will be Divine

  40. Fr. Joseph January 25, 2010 @ 8:33 pm

    Nick – Soldier in the Army of Christ,


    “Then the Sanctuary of God in Heaven OPENED and the ARK OF THE COVENANT could been seen in it. Then came FLASHES of Lightning, PEALS of Thunder and an earthquake, and violent hail.


    “Then the dragon was enraged with THE WOMAN and went away TO MAKE WAR on the rest of her children, that is, all who obey God’s Commandments and bear witness FOR JESUS.”
    – Revelation 12:17

    Go read Genesis 3:15. Go read John 19:26-27.

    – Fr. Joseph

  41. Mark January 25, 2010 @ 8:35 pm

    Star Out Of Jacob

    He sought for a man amongst them

    That would stand in the gap for the land

    Lest He Pour Out His Indignation

    Establish Justice through a Wrathful Plan

    But behold the Bridegroom Cometh

    With Esther by His Side to Stand

    Establishing Justice by Blood and by Mercy

    For dark and sinking sand

    He’ll also call her Hadassah

    His sweet myrtle His Eternal Heart

    His Place of Rest and Comfort

    His Delight as endless ages start

  42. The Prodigal Son January 25, 2010 @ 9:58 pm

    Bill in Ohio,

    What if the Vatican (which is just as much run by Rothschilds as the U.S. is – if not MORE) thought ‘Fatima’ up as a scheme to control Russia by enticing them to abandon Orthodoxy and embrace the papacy?

    What if they just paid a poor family to have 3 illiterate children to say whatever they wanted them to say?

    The message was Russia had to be “converted”… but in my opinion – at that time Russia was about 10 times less decadent than the West was! The West needed a consecration worse than Russia did at that time!

    The ‘Jews’ (fake ‘Jews’) realized that Russia would NEVER “convert”!… Did you know that even Joseph Stalin (whose real name was Joseph David Djugashvili) attempted to enter into the Orthodox Church?

    But he soon gave up and eventually just joined the revolutionaries… during which time – apparently he even changed his name briefly from Djugashvili to Kochba (google Bar Kochba)…

    The fake ‘Jews’ however soon found that the pious Orthodox Christians would NOT change their faith to conform to the Communist (Talmudic) worldview to fall in with the West…

    Infiltration of Churches in the East did not have the same SMASHING success as it had in the Vatican & the West – because the Orthodox REFUSED to CHANGE the faith that had been delivered to the Saints once and for all… and they likewise refuse to change to this day.

    So the destruction of Holy Russia and Communism was predicted – through the Rothschild controlled Vatican… great destruction and wars…

    Then THE SAME ‘JEWS’ MADE their own predictions COME TRUE !

    Think about it… say you are a Catholic. Now say I tell you that Mother Mary spoke to ME… and she told me that something BAD is going to happen to you – UNLESS you become a Jehovah’s Witness (when I KNOW damned well that you would NEVER become a Jehovah’s Witness !)…

    Then when you DON’T become a Jehovah’s Witness… I pay my criminal cousin to burn your house down & run over your foot with his car… then I can say to you, “See?! – Mary told you this would happen if you didn’t ‘convert’ become a Jehovah’s Witness!”…

    Then YOU will think: ‘Maybe Mary REALLY DOES want me to be a Jehovah’s Witness!’

    So in 1917 – the SAME Talmudic ‘Jews’ that ‘announced’ the predictions & demands of ‘Mary’ to the world…

    Then MADE those predictions COME TRUE for the world, and proceeded to blame it on God and the disobedience of the people!

    You say that the few had ever HEARD of Communism in those days… that it was certainly not known among the poor Portugese peasants…

    But then you tell us that the MASONIC town police chief (in small town Portugal?) threatened to take away the kids… I wonder if that LUCIFERIAN, MASONIC LIAR of a police chief knew anything about Communism?

    I wonder if the Communists who were IN the Roman Catholic church knew anything about Communism? Communism Bill – is simply one of many names for Talmudism for ‘Gentiles’/Noachide Laws (N.W.O.).

    They weren’t just Communists… they were ‘JEWS’! They infiltrated the Vatican specifically because they knew that ALL Roman Catholics listen to ONE MAN.

    How do you know that the ‘3rd secret’ has not yet taken place? I thought it was a SECRET?

    Are you saying that ‘Traditional Catholics’ do NOT co-operate with the Vatican? Who decides then who your priests will be?

  43. Al whorwood January 25, 2010 @ 10:05 pm

    Joe Cortina, nice letter.

    Could you write one to that over-rated alien two-faced, morally reprobate, lying, cheating, stealing, low-rated rat actor, child-killing war monger, Obama?

  44. The Prodigal Son January 25, 2010 @ 10:42 pm


    How is it POSSIBLE that Russia is experiencing a ‘re-awakening’ of Christianity – the ‘return of their leaders – Putin at the front – to Christianity’?

    How has ANY of this (not to mention all of the other great things Br. Nathanael has detailed in his articles about Russia) taken place AT ALL? Taken place IN SPITE of the Fatima consecration supposedly never having been performed?

    How is it possible that there is now a resurgence everywhere of a return to Orthodoxy?

    Forget everything you think you know about Russia… Look at reality – NOW; at the present time… We will know them by their fruits!

    What are American, Canadian, European, Australian ‘Christians’ DOING in the world today? We are seen as global thieves; murderers… LIARS.

    But Russia… even now – sweet TRUTH flows to us from Russia… truth about WWII; truth about Oil – what oil IS, where oil really comes from… the TRUTH about the huge lie that is ‘peak oil’, the truth about ‘Global Warming’ (actually global COOLING), etc…

    They are making friends with other nations, helping nations… and most importantly – THEY ARE NOT MURDERING ANYONE!!

    Russians know EXACTLY what is going on! Russia is hoping we wake up. SOON!

  45. Lynda January 25, 2010 @ 10:54 pm

    Yes, Norseman, the Grand Chess Board is currently being set.

    The ‘Clash of Civilizations’ script currently being directed by the OWN – Owners of Nations – has directed the ZOGs to move American lives and ships into the Strait of Hormuz.

    You are right, these ZOGs never get any new ideas. They just keep running the same plays.

    This is not so much a Pearl Harbour scenario as it is a USS Liberty scenario, or perhaps a combination of the two.

    Essential for that false flag was for the traitors to the American people at the highest levels of government to blackout the truth, silence and persecute American servicemen who had survived that cowardly and inquitous attack of Israel upon America.

    The attack of Israel upon the USS Liberty was carried out with a ferocity that was to insure no survivors to bear witness to the truth. Another false flag intended to instigate a US war with Israel’s enemy: Egypt which was framed for that attack.

    For the American Service Men and Women of the US Fleet sitting on the Grand Chessboard in the Straits of Hormuz:

    Sancte Michael Archangele / St Michael Archangel

    Defende nos in praelio
    Defend us in battle

    Contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium.
    Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

    Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur
    May God rebuke him we humbly pray

    Tuque Princeps militiae caelestis,
    And do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,

    Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtute in infernum detrude. Amen
    By the power of God, thrust into hell Satan
    and all evil spirits who roam the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

    In the Universal Calendar of the West, The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross falls upon Sept 14 (Holy Rood Day)

    In the homily for the Divine Liturgy, Pope St Leo the Great speaks of “the glory of the Cross shining over heaven and earth which is the glory of our Lord’s Passion and Death wherein stands the Lord’s judgment seat, the judgement of the world and the might of the Crucified.”

    In illo tempore: Dixit Jesus turbis Judaeorum: ‘Nunc judicium est mundi, nunc princeps hujus mundi ejicietur foras.’

    At that time: Jesus said unto the Jews: ‘Now is the judgement of this world;’ now is the prince of this world cast down.’

    In her FINAL prophetic interview (Dec 26, 1957) with Father Fuentes, the last seer of Fatima, Sister Lucia (Sr Mary of the Sorrowful Mother of Carmel) said this:

    “Father, the Most Holy Virgin did not tell me that we are in the last times of the world, but She made made me to understand this for three reasons”

    “…the devil is in the mood for engaging in the decisive battle with the Virgin”

    “…God is giving two last remedies to the world. These are the Holy Rosary and the Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary..signify[ing] that there will be no others”

    “…in the plans of Divine Providence, God always, before He is about to chastise exhausts all other remedies. Now, when He sees that the world pays no attention whatsoever, then, as we would say in our imperfect way of speaking, He offers us with ‘certain fear’ the last means of salvation, His Most Holy Mother. It is with certain fear because if you despise and repulse this ultimate means, we will not have any more forgiveness from Heaven” because we have rejected the last remedies.

    “…in these last times, the Blessed Virgin has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Holy Rosary. She has given this efficacy to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or, above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families, of the families of the world or even the life of peoples and nations, that can not be solved by the Rosary.

    “There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary. With the Holy Rosary we will save ourselves. We will sanctify ourselves. We will console our Lord and obtain the salvation of many souls.”

    For those who doubt that military victories are outside the province of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary – type into any search engine: Holy Rosary Lepanto; Holy Rosary Austria, Communism. More information than any one link could suffice to cover – much of it only logistics.

    The Roman Catholic Church in Eclipse must pray the Rosary now for the American servicemen and women who are being moved into the Persian Gulf under the orders of the ZOG.

  46. Lynda January 25, 2010 @ 11:33 pm

    Prodigal Son,

    I would hope that no one reading and writing here on this Orthodox website is critical of or oppositional to the revival of the holy faith in Russia.

    Where does such an idea come from?

    You have to understand history to know that that the Bolshevik Revolution was financed by Wall Street and German banks – all part of the Rothschild cartel. The revolution was imposed on Russia from the West.

    It was never a Russian revolution – although partisans for it were found especially among Russian Jews.

    The throne and altar of Christendom in the West have been overthrown by the Judaic Imperium and its Masonic Agentur through the Reformation, the Glorious Revolution in England and a series of Masonic revolutions in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain.

    The Bolshevik revolution that murdered so many Christians (tens of millions) in Russia and Eastern Europe was mapped out and organised by the Grand Orient Lodge, founded by the Rothschilds for the execution of the French Revolution 1789.

    You keep misunderstanding what is being said here – our Lady’s desire to have Russia consecrated to her Immaculate Heart means that RUSSIA IS ELECT.

    “The errors of Russia” spread throughout the world originate in the overthrow of the throne and altar in Europe and the installation of masonic republics. This happened in Russia too. It was part of the same revolution – just a different phase of it.

    If blame is to be apportioned (a futile exercise at this point in time) – it should rest upon France, because the French King was promised victory over these enemies by our Lord Himself. Yet three kings rejected the offer of the Sacred Heart. And when enough people apostasized from the holy faith at the time of the Enlightenment – the Great Revolution of 1789 was inaugurated. And the French monarch was powerless before his foes.

    The Revolution was not the fault of the Russian people anymore than it was the fault of the French people. All these Christian nations have had these masonic revolutions imposed upon us. Yet the Revolution could only have succeeded when a certain, unknown yet critical number of apostates was reached.

    Nihilism and Illuminism gained footholds among both the French and Russian populations before the Revolution.

    There are only two nations appointed by heaven to lead Holy Church and the sufferring world to victory in Christ against the Judaic Imperium – now everywhere in power.

    The first is France – which must be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of our Lord. The second is Russia – which must be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother.

    Neither nation can fulfill its God appointed purpose at the close of the aeon without these consecrations. And the Holy See in Rome is overthrown and the Catholic hierarchy is underground, just as the true, persecuted and martyred hierarchies of the Orthodox and Ukranian Uniate Rite churches had to go underground. And there is a lot of Orthodox opinion that holds they still are. I can not speak to that.

    I realize that you think there has been a restoration in Russia.

    Consider this. Once an apostolic line of succession is extinguished (i.e. by rounding up all the bishops and killing them or by apostasy), it can not be restored by any political contrivance of man.

    So where is the Apostolic successors now who could fulfill the requests of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts? Stay tuned.

  47. Fr. Joseph January 25, 2010 @ 11:54 pm

    Prodigal Son,

    Please…repeat after me;

    Australia IS NOT A ‘CHURCH’.

    Canada IS NOT A ‘CHURCH’.

    The United States of America IS NOT A ‘CHURCH’.

    France IS NOT A ‘CHURCH’.

    England IS NOT A ‘CHURCH’

    India IS NOT A ‘CHURCH’.

    Egpyt IS NOT A ‘CHURCH’.

    Israel IS NOT A ‘CHURCH’.

    Haiti IS NOT A ‘CHURCH’.

    And like it or not…


    Once it begins to sink in that ‘THE CHURCH’ is not a Political State but rather a Spiritual Sacramental UNION of people – and that this ‘Spiritual Sacramental Union of People’ are called to extend God’s Mercy and God’s BLESSINGS to other people of other POLITICAL STATES of this satanically dominated World of ours, the year now being 2010 Anno Domini and counting…

    …THEN it might begin to dawn in your mind’s eye and in your heart that a people who have had to be spiritually DEFILED by Christ-rejecting and God-hating BOLSHEVIKS warrant God’s Own Blessings and Mercy.

    PUTIN and MEDVEDEV, whether you like it or not – are NOT consecrated-ordained BISHOPS of the ‘Spiritual Sacramental Union of God’s People’.

    It is NOT Putin’s “vocation” – it is NOT Medvedev’s “vocation” nor is it THEIR ‘ministry’ to preach the Gospel, to marry people, to administer Chrismation to people, to conduct the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

    Those “jobs” properly belong to THE BISHOPS of the Church – the Church being a ‘Spiritual Sacramental Union of God’s People the World Over’!

    Now ‘The Zhids’ who took over control of the POLITICAL STATE known as ‘RUSSIA’ had the then Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church KISS THE FEET and LICK THE SOLES of the RUSSIAN JUDGES who sat on the Soviet Supreme Court.

    The Soviet Supreme Court forced the Russian Orthodox Church’s Patriach of Moscow, St. Tikhon, to PUBLICLY ADMIT that the Soviet Supreme Court of ‘The Zhids’ was SUPERIOR TO him who was the Russian Orthodox Church’s PATRIARCH of Moscow.

    The then ‘Zhid’ owned and controlled political state of RUSSIA defiled an ordained and consecrated PATRIARCH.

    With that act of ‘The Zhid’ Soviet Supreme Court, the political state of RUSSIA denounced what Prince Vladmir decreed for the nation of the RUSSIAN people – it’s conversion to Christianity!

    The ‘RUSSIA’ following ‘The Zhid’ take over of 1917 A.D. proclaimed itself and ‘Officially Atheistic State’.

    The Mother of God who just so happens to be THE QUEEN of Heaven and earth doesn’t take it lightly that one of HER VERY OWN ‘PROVINCES’ of her Son’s Kingdom gets TRASHED by ‘The Zhids’.

    So the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven and earth, APPEARS in one of her OTHER ‘Provinces’ here on earth, namely PORTUGAL – and relays the Message that she desires the BISHOPS of her Son’s CHURCH here on earth perform a public and solemn Consecration of one of her ‘former’ Provinces here on earth – namely RUSSIA.

    And IF that ‘Good Deed’ where done by the Bishops of her Son’s Church – the Heavenly Reward for THAT ‘Good Deed’ would be her Son seeing to it that ALL the currently ‘Zhid-infested-wrecked-ruined’ nations here on earth would ALL obtain ‘WORLD PEACE’.

    Now ‘The Zhids’, the ‘Zionists’ aren’t causing PEACE to be breaking out in ANY nation of our contemporary World – that is, if you haven’t noticed.

    Once again – just so that is SINKS INTO your mind – the Mother of God could have asked for the ‘Consecration’ of the RUSSIAN Orthodox CHURCH, the GREEK Orthodox CHURCH, the SERBIAN Orthodox CHURCH, the COPTIC Orthodox CHURCH, the SYRIAN Orthodox CHURCH – but she DIDN’T!

    She specfically asked that a POLITICAL STATE known by the name of RUSSIA be publicly and solemnly Consecrated to her Immaculately Loving Heart so that ‘THE ZHIDS’ who crucified HER Son would not go on a World-wide MAN HUNT “crucifying” her other SPIRITUAL CHILDREN here on our planet earth!

    So once again, take a DEEP BREATH, exhale, and repeat after me…




    – Fr. Joseph

  48. The Prodigal Son January 25, 2010 @ 11:55 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    Everyone desires unity in Christianity… and the stabilty & strength in numbers that would come with it…

    But truth is MORE important than unity – even to the point of death!

    So the example of Constantinople I think demonstrates that it’s better to DIE in truth than to subject yourself to this world and live in error, taking a chance with eternal separation from God.

    I think that’s a good example for us all to follow.

    When you say over & over that we need Mary to ‘crush Satan’s head’, and that ‘only she can help us now!’…

    What you are effectively doing is denying the resurrection !

    Jesus THE CHRIST has ALREADY crushed Satan’s head!! Past tense!!

    He Himself said, “It is accomplished.”!

    Satan brought death into the world through the disobedience of Adam & Eve in the garden…

    When Jesus (whose very Name is Salvation) rose from the depths of Hades on the 3rd day – DEATH WAS DEFEATED!! Once and for all! For all who believe on His name and keep His commandments… He wants us to join His Church – but there is only one.

    Haven’t you seen ‘The Passion of the Christ’? There is a scene in the film (in the garden) where Jesus CRUSHES the head of the serpent. You should see it.

    In Revelation 12, the woman bore a Child Who was to rule all the nations… This is Jesus Christ who is to rule – not the woman.

    Genesis 3:15 in MY Bible says:

    ‘I (God) will put emnity between you (Satan) and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed.’ (…)

    (WHO is ‘her Seed’ Fr. Joseph?)

    ‘He shall bruise your head, and you shall be on guard for His heel.’

    It doesn’t say ‘she’ & ‘her’ – it says ‘He’ and ‘His’! Notice also that ‘His’ is capitalized… ‘HE’ is Christ and it is HIS heel that Satan would have to be on guard for.

    — — —

    ‘Now SALVATION, and strength, and the kingdom of God, and the *power of His Christ* have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.

    And they overcame him (Satan) BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, and BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY (that Christ is God come in the flesh), and they DID NOT love their lives TO THE DEATH.’

    – Revelation 12:10, 11

    ‘Death prevailed and swallowed them, but again God wiped away every tear from every face; HE took away the disgrace of His people from all the earth; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

    Then it will be said in that day, “Behold, this is our God, in whom we hoped and rejoiced exceedingly; for we shall be glad in *His Salvation* (Y’shua).”‘
    – Isaiah 25:8,9

    ‘O Death, where is your sting?
    O Hades, where is your victory?

    The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to our God, Who gives us the *victory* THROUGH OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.’
    – I Corinthians 15:55-57

  49. Lynda January 26, 2010 @ 2:45 am

    Prodigal Son,

    In the Book of Genesis trans from the Septuagint (not the Masoretic which the Jews have changed) the verse is:

    “And the Lord God said to the serpent…I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” Gen 3:14;15.

    Holy Mary is “the Woman” of the human narrative – whom the Fathers called “the Second Eve.” Our Lord begins his ministry when he addresses her by this title at the wedding at Qana. He concludes his ministry when he addresses her by this title from the Cross.

    She will crush the head of the serpent.

    The ruling powers of this aeon (the archons)have their head in Satan or the Dragon. This world system is seated in wickedness. 1 John 5:19

    My personal belief is that Babylon (the apex of the world pyramid) is this Head of the Dragon. The money system, the Babylonian Talmud, the Nimrod project – it all goes back to Babylon. The Golden Head of Babylon is being re-manifested in our own time.

    In his passion and death, our Lord both judged (John 16:3) and cast down (John 12:31) Satan the Prince of this world from the heavens – where true power resides. He was always the discarnate head of both the spiritual powers seated in wickedness and their human agents and seats of power. Collectively ‘the serpent’. The Elders of Sion state that the serpent is the symbol of ‘our people – the race of the Jews. Our Lord says of them: “Ye are of your father, the Devil.”

    For the last 2,000 years ‘the Serpent’ has made war upon the children of the Woman of Rev 12. The Signum Magnum. Her sign is revealed in the heavens and she is in travail.

    Understand this, Prodigal Son, the Woman revealed in heaven does not travail with our Lord. The God Man was born in time and history – not the heavens. Also, it would be good to mention here that she did not travail with him in time at his Nativity because travail is punishment for sin. “To the woman (Eva) God said “in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children”. Gen 3:16

    Our Lady was created with a perfect human nature such as were Adam and Eve before they sinned. The stain of this sin (original sin and the tendency to sin) passed on to their descendents. Except one.

    Our Lady was created Immaculate, by a special act of grace. That is the merits of baptism were given to her at her conception by a special act of Grace before and not after our Lord’s Advent. Our Lord who took upon himself a human nature in his incarnation did not assume a human nature with the old sin nature of Adam. As the last Adam he is the Lord from Heaven, just as our Lady is the new Eve.

    Our Lord did take sin upon himself: sin both original, collective and individual when he bore the sins of the world upon the cross in order to take away the sins of the world. He did not incarnate original sin in his human nature. Rather, he incarnated New Creation in his human nature.

    Our Lord had a perfect human nature of Grace from his Mother. Not the old sin nature of Adam.

    So, in Revelation what is revealed is the Woman in heaven, yet she travails. With what or whom does she travail? She did not in travail with Christ, who is the head of the body the Church. She travails with the members of his mystical body who are born again through baptismal regeneration. The Immaculate travails to bring each baptised member of Christ’s body into the New Creation of Grace.

    And in Rev 12, she travails with a male child who is to rule all nations. This child is caught up to God and to his throne (our Lord’s throne which is in the heavens).

    The male child with whom she travails is seated with our Lord in the heavens – as in “even when we were dead through our trespasses , made us alive together with Christ…and raised us up with him and made us sit with him in the heavenly places.” Eph 1:6

    Our Lord is the foundation of the Church, the chief cornerstone with which the square of the apostles and prophets align. Upon himself he has set the Rock, Peter.

    The male child who is caught up to God’s throne is a Successor of Peter. He is not devoured by the Dragon – rather he is seated upon our Lord’s throne in the heavens. He will rule the nations, for the Evangel is to go out to all nations and nations are going to convert and receive Christ, Apostolic law and base their social order upon the Church. This is the Katolicum.

    The Woman flees to her place of refuge. There is war in heaven and the Dragon and his angels are thrown down where he will be conquered by the saints because “Now is the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ have come.” Rev 12:13. The saints will now trample the Dragon underfoot by the blood of the Lamb.

    “Then the Dragon was angry with the woman and went off to make war on the rest of her children.” Rev 12:17

    This is the entire period of Church history.

    At the end of this period of the saints who conquer the Dragon by the blood of the Lamb, the Woman will crush his head. For this prophecy of Genesis must be fulfilled.

    If the Head of the Dragon (which I think is Babylon – the Head of Gold and the apex of the world pyramid) is crushed by the Woman, then as a spirit he will be discarnate.

    Then, will the Dragon take possession of a single person. This will be the AntiChrist. “And then the Lawless One will be revealed and the Lord Jesus Christ will slay him with the breath of his mouth and destroy him by his appearing and coming.” II Thess 2:8.

    It is a long story, Prodigal. In order to understand Rev 12 you do need Patristics – especially the doctrines of the Fathers which concern themselves with our Lord as the last Adam (1 Cor 15:45)

    Prophecy is not of private interpretation 1 Peter 1:20. To understand scripture you must pray the scripture in the liturgy of Church and understand it through the living source of authority in the Church.

  50. Fr. Joseph January 26, 2010 @ 3:04 am

    Prodigal Son,

    It was your own RUSSIAN ORTHODOX SAINT, St. Seraphim of Sarov – A HERMIT – who had many personal bouts in dealing with the ‘defunct’ SATAN. And your own RUSSIAN ORTHODOX SAINT, St. Seraphim of Sarov called Satan and his demonic elemental spirits


    And if my memory serve me correctly, if was one honest-to-goodness POWER-HOUSE of a Saint, Padre Pio, who was physically assaulted and physically bruised by SATAN.

    Now look, back in 1884 A.D., the Bishop of Rome, Pope Leo XIII was given a mystical experience wherein he was made to witness SATAN challenging CHRIST JESUS that he, Satan, could DESTROY THE CHURCH given a century’s worth of time and more power over individuals who would willingly give themselves to Satanic influence and control.

    Now lookie here, there HAS BEEN a First World War and a Second World War. Both these World Wars occured about 19 centuries AFTER the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven.

    Now how about getting the following information into the hands of your Eastern Orthodox Church’s Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops and Priests:

    “THE THIRD WORLD WAR must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political ZIONISTS and the leaders of Islamic World…et al” from this in-the-public-domain webpage:

    So, OKAY, let us Catholics and Orthodox ADMIT that we really and truly ENJOY playing these ‘Grown Up Adult Games’ of throwing dirt-clods at each other, shooting spit-balls and paper clips at each other for the past 900+ years.

    So how about getting your Orthodox Church hierarchy to give the ‘Green Light’ to the Bishop of Rome to GO AHEAD with the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart which will result in WORLD PEACE.

    And then – after we have WORLD PEACE – all of you Orthodox can continue on with denouncing both the ‘filioque’ and the Bishop of Rome.

    Perhaps our God and Father will say something like this to Himself:

    “Well now, since they are NO LONGER going about figuring out ways to ANNIHILATE each other with thermonuclear weapons, let Us give them ANOTER 900+ years to go on with their ‘throwing dirt clods at each other, shooting spitballs and paperclips at each other’. And let them ARGUE about Our Internal Divine Life and Being with Each Other. Better for them to turn their minds in thought upon Us rather than using their minds and Our Creation in order to KILL EACH OTHER OFF EN MASSE!’

    And then, I can organize an on-going VOLLEY BALL game played in a regulation sized sand pit.

    You Orthodox get to wear your team’s shirts with the NIKA on it while we Catholics get to wear our team’s shirt with the INRI.

    I’ll cook up the hot dogs and hamburgers on my Weber and get several cases of COLD BEER. And we can then get on with trying to SPIKE each other with the volley ball, racking up POINT SCORES over ‘filioque’ during the ensuing 900+ years of WORLD PEACE.

    And maybe me and my Guardian Angel will challenge Br. Nathanael and his Guardian Angel to a ‘race to 13′ series of 8-ball games on a championship sized pool table while enjoying WORLD PEACE.

    I had my Bishop rolling around LAUGHING OUT LOUD when I shared with him my desire to be able to sit at a poker table playing Texas Hold’em Poker with THE LORD HIMSELF and DRINKING BEER with Him and some other good friends.

    Then the REAL FUNNY THOUGHT came to my mind which I shared with my Bishop which caused him to go into ‘hilarious, tear-jerking laugther’:

    “But HOW DOES ONE PLAY POKER with Someone Who Is Omniscient? He Knows what my ‘hold cards’ are before, during and after the Flop, the Turn card and the River card!”

    But THAT would be a nice way of passing away the ensuing 900+ years worth of WORLD PEACE, don’t you think? Spending time with THE LORD on and off a POKER TABLE with Him, having all sorts of conversations with Him about Poker, about Beer, about His Creation and about how nice His WORLD PEACE really and truly IS!

    Better THAT than having this planet earth of His Creating and this Human Race He came TO SAVE from the powers of Satan, don’t you think?

    If SATAN’S HEAD is still cranking out every manner of EVIL which he desires to befall Mankind – well then – let the Mother of God TO CRUSH IT AGAIN!


    – Fr. Joseph

  51. The Prodigal Son January 26, 2010 @ 4:15 am


    Many bisops were killed – but not ALL of them…


    ‘In 1914 in Russia, there were 55,173 Russian Orthodox churches and 29,593 chapels, 112,629 priests and deacons, 550 monasteries and 475 convents with a total of 95,259 monks and nuns.

    (…) In the period between 1927 and 1940, the number of Orthodox Churches in the Russian Republic fell from 29,584 to less than 500.

    Between 1917 and 1935, 130,000 Orthodox priests were arrested.

    Of these, 95,000 were put to death. Many thousands of victims of persecution became recognized in a special canon of saints known as the “new martyrs and confessors of Russia”.

    (…) Based on an ukase (decree) issued in 1920 by Patriarch Tikhon, which stated that dioceses of the Church of Russia that were cut off from the governance of the highest Church authority (i.e. the Holy Synod and the Patriarch) should be managed independently until such time as normal relations with the highest Church authority could be resumed, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia was established; *by bishops who had left Russia* in the wake of the Russian Civil War.

    They first met in Constantinople, and then moved to Sremski-Karlovci, Yugoslavia. After World War II, they moved their headquarters to New York City, New York, where it remains to this day.

    (…) On December 28, 2006, it was officially announced that the Act of Canonical Communion would finally be signed between the ROC and ROCOR.

    The signing took place on the May 17, 2007, followed immediately by a full restoration of communion with the Moscow Patriarchate, celebrated by a Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, at which the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexius II and the First Hierarch of ROCOR concelebrated for the first time.

    (…) In 2008, a Russian Orthodox church in Ukraine was accused of fomenting anti-Semitic and anti-Ukrainian propaganda in Kamenets-Podolsky through leaflets accusing Jews of being behind the masterminds of the 1917 Russian Revolution and of the 2004 Orange Revolution and also questioning the right of Ukraine to exist as a separate nation-state from Russia.’

    — — —


    ‘According to the (now reposed) head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Aleksiy II, between 1990 and 1995 more than 8,000 Russian Orthodox churches were opened, doubling the number of active parishes and adding thirty-two eparchies (dioceses).

    In the first half of the 1990s, the Russian government returned numerous religious facilities that had been confiscated by its communist predecessors, providing some assistance in the repair and reconstruction of damaged structures.

    The most visible such project was the building of the completely new Christ the Savior Cathedral, erected in Moscow at an expense of about US$300 million to replace the showplace cathedral demolished in 1931 as part of the Stalinist campaign against religion. Financed mainly by private donations, the new church is considered a visible acknowledgment of the mistakes of the Soviet past.’

    — — —


    ‘Despite the Marxist mandate to sweep aside the principles of Christianity, the strength of the Church continued to grow behind the Iron Curtain. The principles of communism, which were cultivated in the Soviet Union for nearly a century, never achieved the utopia which Marx foresaw. Instead, the predictions of Russia’s prophets are now beginning to come to pass.

    From under the rubble of a fallen system, there is now arising a new hope. Communism’s downfall has been precipitated by the presence of an overcoming Church which has withstood all persecution and has now been vindicated by the God of history. The Soviet Union has been destined for one of the greatest spiritual revivals of all time.’

  52. The Prodigal Son January 26, 2010 @ 5:25 am



    The quote I gave you from Genesis 3:15 – is FROM THE SEPTUAGINT (LXX)!!

    WHERE is your quote from 3:15 from? Which version?

    Jesus Christ HAS crushed Satan’s head. Past tense. It is accomplished !

    Mary was Jesus’ blessed mother… but Jesus crushed Satan’s head !

    ‘Now is the judgement of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out.

    And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.’
    – John 12:31,32

    What is the exact name and version of Scripture you are referencing that says ‘her heel’ instead of ‘His heel’ ??

    I have both a King James Version from 1922 and an Orthodox Study Bible (w/ St. Athanasius Academy Septuagint (LXX)… and neither one says ‘her heel’.

    How many Psalms are in your ‘Septuagint’ version?

    How many books of Maccabees?

    How many verses are found in Daniel ch. 12 ?

  53. JacobSoldierOfChrist January 26, 2010 @ 5:47 am

    Has anyone noticed that there are so many Khazars, Uzbek, etc. Jews in the US these last five years? Especially in the NY City area.

    These are ones you have to keep an eye on the most. They do the dirty work when s–t hits the fan. Not to get off subject but I know someone who works in Human Resources administration for NYC.

    The monsters named above collect all sorts of welfare and low rent apts. and other freebies. They are then caught running businesses, working good jobs, etc. The city tries to prosecute but the most that happens is that they get the freebies taken away. The nonprosecution part comes from the same old Jews that are in office protecting them.


  54. Noreseman January 26, 2010 @ 8:13 am

    Prodigal Son and Lynda,


    “God informs the serpent he will put enmity between the serpent and the woman. This is reinforced by the second part of the sentence, “between your offspring and hers.” The Hebrew word – zera – is the same for “offspring” and “seed”, accounting for the difference in English translations, but in both cases the word is masculine.

    The second sentence begins with a personal pronoun. The word may refer either to the “woman”, or may refer to the offspring or seed of the woman. Thus the beginning of the second part of Genesis 3:15 is translated primarily in two ways.

    Both the Latin Vulgate and the Douay-Rheims translations convey this passage as “she will crush your head, while you strike at his heel “… whereas the King James version, the Revised Standard Version, and the NIV read “he will crush your head…” In view of the epicene personal pronoun (one form to indicate both male and female sex) as described above, both are correct!”

  55. Norseman January 26, 2010 @ 8:15 am

    Prodigal Son,

    In addition to the comments by Lynda and Fr. Joseph, may I ask you not to scandalize Catholics in this forum?

    Your question: “What if they just paid a poor family to have 3 illiterate children to say whatever they wanted them to say?” is a SCANDAL to me and other Christians reading your posts.

    Do you have proof of what you say? Or is it just a bad thought planted in your mind by the same one that you say “has been already crushed”?

    I will tell you something: I also think that many Catholics exaggerate when it comes to the Virgin. I do not like to see in many churches that the image of Mary at the altar is larger than the Cross itself. But this does NOT mean that we should show CONTEMPT for the Holy Mother of Jesus, far from it! What do you say when you pray “Hail Mary”?

    To say that the Devil has been already crushed is to deny the Book of Revelations. What does Luke 21: 25-36 tells you? Is His Second Coming for nothing? Or will He come a second time to judge the evil and throw Satan, the False Prophet and the Beast in the lake of fire and brimstone?

    So we come to 1917: a fearful year indeed. Europe, the world is at war, the carnage goes on. The satanic Talmudists finally triumphed in overthrowing Tsar Nicholas II. They did with Jewish money from Wall Street and with help from the German Kaiser, who let them pass through Germany. He thought that this would help the German war effort, and in the short term he was right, the Russian capitulated. But what an error in the long term!

    “Between 1917 and 1935, 130,000 Orthodox priests were arrested. Of these, 95,000 were put to death.” And do you still ask why Russia needed urgently help from God in 1917?

    The recent re-awakening of Russia is a blessing for us Christians, and for all of Mankind. All I can say is that I sincerely hope that Putin can continue rebuilding Russia, and that Jesus may inspire and protect him. How this happened we ignore.

    If you ask me, the fall of the Berlin wall without firing a shot is a big miracle. Had a single soldier at the wall fired upon the crowd, maybe that would have been the beginning of the Third World War. The Russian commander in Berlin also behaved impeccably, he withdrew his troops to the headquarters. And one of the East German commanders at the wall simply took all ammo from his soldiers to avoid a tragedy, and this without orders from his superiors!

    Exactly 200 years after the Judeomasonic French Revolution, the Berlin wall fell, and with it the Soviet empire. If this miracle has something to do with Fatima only the Lord knows. But one fact stands: we had been warned in 1917!

  56. Michael K. January 26, 2010 @ 8:37 am

    Dear Father Joseph,

    I am so glad to see that you have changed your tactics. As I have told you before I personally find validity in many of the things you are trying to communicate. While I am not confidant in the Fatima message, I do not have the gall to condemn it either, Rather, I prefer to contemplate it in the light of reason and tradition and to find where they harmonize.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary, as you have demonstrated by the example of the siege of Constantinople, is a valid refuge in times of tribulation. She is our Ark, protecting our souls as they take the long journey to her Son, she has proven an intercessor time and again, and she will be there in our moment of need if we only call out to her.

    What does our Mother want us to do? To make up and work together as brothers and sisters in Christ. What has our disobedience and flesh-based rivalry cost us? The physical annihilation of the Holy Orthodox Church and spiritual annihilation of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Surely these are luxuries we can ill afford, but have gone into debt for anyway by sacrificing our energy to ‘the traditions of men’.

    I only object to any accusatory, coercive or emotionally manipulative attempts to force the various consecrations indicated by Fatima. These must be voluntary and from the heart if they are to be valid, otherwise we are contemplating sorcery and nothing else. Given what we know of the Roman hierarchy being interpenetrated by the Luciferian cult, is it reasonable to expect such a thing to happen? Whatever the answer, I too am a believer in miracles so don’t give up.

    The Peace of Christ be with You.

  57. The Prodigal Son January 26, 2010 @ 11:17 am


    Genesis 3:15…

    … King James Version (KJV) – ; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel.

    … New International Version (NIV) – ; He will crush your head, and you will strike His heel.

    American Standard Version (ASV) – : He shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel.

    Bible in Basic English (BBE) – : by Him will your head be crushed and by you His foot will be wounded.

    Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) – ; He will bruise your head, and you will bruise His heel.

    English Standard Version (ESV) – ; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.

    God’s Word Translation (GWD) – He will crush your head, and you will bruise His heel.

    Good News Translation (GNT) – Her offspring will crush your head, and you will bite her offspring’s heel.

    Hebrew Names Version (HNV) – He will bruise your head, and you will bruise His heel.

    Holman Christian Standard (CSB) – He will strike your head, and you will strike His heel.

    New American Standard (NAS) – ; He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise Him on the heel.

    New Century Version (NCV) – One of her descendants will crush your head, and you will bite His heel.

    New International Reader’s Version (NIRV) – Her Son will crush your head and you will crush His heel.

    New King James Version (NKJV) – ; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.

    New Living Translation (NLT) – He will crush your head, and you will strike His heel.

    New Revised Standard (NRS) – ; He will strike your head, and you will strike His heel.

    Revised Standard Version (RSV) – ; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.

    The Darby Translation (DBY) – ; He shall crush thy head, and thou shalt crush His heel.

    The Message (MSG) – He’ll wound your head, you’ll wound His heel.

    The Webster Bible (WBT) – : it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel.

    Third Millenium Bible (TMB) – ; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel.

    Today’s New International Version (TNIV) – ; He will crush your head, and you will strike His heel.

    World English Bible (WEB) – , He will bruise your head, and you will bruise His heel.

    Young’s Literal Translation (YLT) – ; He doth bruise thee — the head, and thou dost bruise Him — the heel.

    — — —

    ALL of these translations… ALL say ‘He’ and ‘His heel’ -except for *ONE*…

    Douay-Rheims (RHE) – ; she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.

    The Douay-Rheims version is 95% derived from the Latin Vulgate. It was the first officially authorized translation of the Bible into English and has formed the basis for some later R.C. Bibles in English.

    The ONLY parts of the Douay-Rheims translation which are derived from the Septuagint (LXX) – are the Psalter and what is known as ‘The Rest of Esther’.

    The verse from Genesis 3 in question (:15) in the Douay-Rheims translation is from the Latin Vulgate – direct from HEBREW texts – NOT the Greek LXX (Septuagint)!

  58. R. C. Christian January 26, 2010 @ 12:32 pm

    Excellent video:

  59. Adora January 26, 2010 @ 12:38 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael, can you accept a donation in the form of a visa gift card or a money order?

  60. Nick- Soldier in the army of Christ January 26, 2010 @ 1:33 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    Let’s say the Pope does consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, what good would that do, besides a LITTLE PRIDE for the Catholic Church?! Would this stop the Antichrist from coming and ruling the world? NO!

    The Scripture must be fulfilled. Are you suggesting that the Fatima apparition goes against Scripture itself? But then again the Catholics are good in not following the Scripture and making their own rules and dogmas that are contrary to Scripture and the Holy Tradition.

    You want examples? Here we go: Christ says in the Scripture that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father, the Catholics added and from the Son. Remember! That was the reason the West split from the East in 1054 …and not the other way around. There is no mention of purgatory in the Bible, the Catholics invented purgatory. According to Scripture, and Holy Tradition Christ is the Head of the Church and not the Pope.

    When the west was Orthodox the pope was just one of the patriarchs that’s all. Yes he was first among equal in honorary title just like the Patriarch of Constantinople. Why don’t you try to accept the truth and realise that the Orthodox Faith is the True Faith and accept it and become Orthodox, that is come back home to the Mother Church instead of being part of a church that is in heresy.

    And besides, Russia is consecrated to God. It is called the House of the Mother of God, just like Romania and Mount Athos are called the garden of the Mother of God.

    So, please…keep the FATIMA CULT to yourself.

    With love in Christ,

    Nick -Soldier in the army of Christ

  61. Fr. Joseph January 26, 2010 @ 2:44 pm


    Nope…you are NOT going to “get away with it” – this ‘slight of hand’ worded reply.

    The REASON for the Catholic-Orthdox Schism was the VIOLATION of Canon 12 of the Church Council of Chalcedon wherein it expressly PROHIBITS ‘Emperors’ and ‘Poltical Leaders’ from DEPOSING of an ordained, consecrated and appointed BISHOP – and the BYZANTINE EMPEROR went right ahead, deposed of the sitting-reigning Patriarch of Constantinople in order to raise Photius to that post.

    You need not have TO LIE in order to protect the ‘impeccable, ultra-pure, we can never possibly do ANYTHING wrong in the Sight of God’ Orthodox Church.

    People SIN. And people both INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the Church HAVE and STILL DO SIN most greiveously.

    The Western-Latin-Roman Church has this phrase

    ‘Mea Culpa – Mea Culpa – Mea Maxima Culpa’

    which translates

    “Through MY fault – through MY fault – through MY MOST GREIVOUS FAULT”

    When BOTH the members of the Orthodox and Catholic Church REJECT God’s Own Offer of His Divine Assistance to and for His Church and for ALL OF MANKIND – you can be SURE that the Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Hiermonks, Archimandrites, Abbots, throughout HIS OWN CHURCH have this dire need TO PUBLICLY admit to the Universal Church and to Universal Mankind


    And then THAT goes for all of our ‘World’s Leaders’, ALL of our ‘Financial-Economic-Captians of Industry’ – and ALL of the ‘little people’ in the Ranks and Files of Humanity LIKEWISE have their own personal need to turn their eyes, minds and hearts towards the Heavens and PUBLICLY and SOLEMNLY RE-CONSECRATE themselves to the Lord Most High with THEIR own PUBLIC ‘CONFESSION’ to God and to ONE ANOTHER


    So lets ATTEMPT to stop this LYING and ‘Keeping Secrets’ from one another since the turn of the 1900’s.

    – Fr. Joseph

  62. Gregory Laux January 26, 2010 @ 3:04 pm

    Fr. Joseph, people of all backgrounds sin. That does not mean that we are to justify sin, as Jesus Christ’s own words were that if we sin we have duties to God and our neighbor to repent and reconcile in regards to the sins we are guilty of committing or participating in. The repenting means we are to have a firm purpose of amendment to change and not commit the sin again. The reconciliation means we take the responsibility for the damages the sin has caused and we try to make things right with those who were harmed.

    We live in times when pastors have decided to remove the reconciliation from the equation, so as to give in to the pride of the sinner and not put the same burdens on them that God said are required in order for them to be forgiven for what they have done. There is no forgiveness for sin without an honest and proper attempt at repentance. There is no forgiveness for sin without an honest and proper attempt to reconcile with those the sins have harmed.

    The new humanistic gospel was created by satan, at the hands of the zionists, in order to bring about a world in which the evil people remain ruling over the true believers in God. This anti-Christian gospel promising sinners forgiveness without them fulfilling God’s requirements to be forgiven, is nothing more than blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Those who continue to teach the lukewarm gospel are working in rebellion to God and His will.

    So Fr. Joseph, what do you think about the recent news of the Vatican Bank being accused of money laundering again?

  63. conspiracy theorist anonymous January 26, 2010 @ 3:11 pm

    Joe Cortina for president.

  64. KathJuliane January 26, 2010 @ 3:12 pm

    Some further notes on the ‘Judaizing’ of Western Christianity, not all theologically or through Crypto-Jewry. I believe there were good Popes and bishops that attempted to rectify and reform what morally reprobate, corrupt and carnal, selfish elite clergy and nobility were about in the underbelly of medieval and Renaissance Europe, and somewhat enlightening as to current conditions under the “post-Holocaust’ theology.

    Behold the poor, suffering, ‘eternal Jew.’ Shed’s new light, too, on why Jews were “forced” to wear the yellow star by the papacy. Discrimination? Anti-semitism? Nope. Immunity from prosecution under the personal protection of the Vatican.

    AVIGNON [and the “Popes Jews” who had a special status for centuries in France. See next post] (sometimes called in Hebrew Ir ha-gefanim “city of grapes”; gefen = vigne, i.e., vine), capital of the department of Vaucluse, southeastern France, formerly part of *Provence. Avignon was the residence of the popes for some years after 1309.

    In 1348 Joanna, countess of Provence, sold the city to Pope Clement VI and it belonged to the French states of the Holy See until the French Revolution.

    In consequence the Jews were permitted to remain there and in the adjacent area of the *Comtat-Venaissin even when they were excluded from the rest of France. According to legend the Jews took part in a revolt against Bishop Stephen of Avignon in 390.

    The first archaeological evidence of their presence there dates from the fourth century and is given by a stamp with the five-branched menorah and the inscription: Avin (ionnensis); the first written evidence dates from 1178 when Emperor Frederick I entrusted the protection of the Jews of Avignon to Bishop Pons.

    The Jewish quarter was at first situated at the present Vieille Juiverie street. About 1221 it was transferred to the neighborhood of the Church of St. Peter. Its location is marked by Rue Jacob and the former Place Jérusalem (today Place Victor-Basch).

    The statutes of the city of Avignon of 1243 mention the Communitas Iudeorum several times. It was specifically laid down (art. 84) that animals killed according to Jewish ritual were not to be sold outside the carrière.

    Jewish commerce flourished during the period of papal residence in Avignon, supplying the papal court with victuals, bed and table linen, horses, perfumes, coral and pearls for rosary beads, parchment, and other commodities. The tailor of Gregory XI was a Jew, as was the papal bookbinder. The less wealthy Jews generally engaged in brokerage. In 1374, 87 of 94 textile dealers and 41 of 62 timber merchants were Jews.

    In the 14th century, Jewish moneylending on interest, practically nonexistent in the previous century, gradually developed, although limited in scale. At the time of the *Black Death in 1348 a massacre of the Jews was prevented by the energetic intervention of Pope *Clement VI and the city councilors; nevertheless two or three Jews were burned by the populace. After the popes returned to Rome, the attitude of the populace and the civic authorities became increasingly hostile to the Jews.

    The first evidence of ordinances promulgated by the Jewish community dates from 1413. Its administration already comprised baylons, or delegates, and a council. The first extant ordinances date from 1452. They include a detailed tariff of dues of the charity fund, or hekdesh.

    The 1558 ordinances show the financial organization: community members were divided into three categories, or mains (“hands”), according to financial status.

    The “manifest,” or tax declaration, was based on property [so the Jews built multistory housing to duck this], not on income. The officials and administrators of the community were members of the council which included the various baylons, notably those in charge of the manifest, charity, the sick, study, etc., and the secretary, cantor, preacher, translator of services into the vernacular for women, and beadle.

    The police regulations of the city of Avignon of 1458 prohibited Jews from keeping their shops open or transacting business on Christian holy days, and from accepting as pledges church ornaments or Christian religious objects. Restrictions were imposed on Jewish trade in textiles and clothing. A bull of Pope Sixtus IV (Aug. 1, 1479), relatively favorable to the Jews, was annulled at the beginning of 1480 after opposition from the city council and guilds of Avignon.

    From the end of the 15th century, the Jewish community of Avignon undertook to pay annuities or allowances [BRIBES and GRAFT] to wealthy Christian families against the deposit of capital sums of various sizes ranging from 40 to 500 florins. This was probably not only a way of coping with temporary financial difficulties, but also of interesting influential citizens of Avignon in maintaining the Jewish right of residence.

    The policy bore fruit in 1500 when Pope *Alexander VI imposed a tax of 1/20 of Jewish property; the inhabitants of Avignon managed to enlist the opposition of the pontifical governor to this levy until a formal order from Rome confirmed it. Such an exceptional levy was in addition to the regular dues and taxes required from Jewish residents beside their share of the general charges.

    In 1510 the archbishop and papal legate in Avignon granted the Jewish community a comparatively favorable constitution. This confirmed that the baylons could not be arrested for debt during their period of office, modified the former regulations which imposed the wearing of the Jewish *badge, and obliged the Jews to attend only one compulsory missionary sermon a year.

    From the 17th century the main occupations of Avignon Jewry were dealing in second hand goods, horses and mules, [necessary for trade, commerce and military uses] and peddling.

    From the beginning of the 18th century many left Avignon and emigrated to Paris, Bordeaux, and Bayonne.

    In September 1791 Avignon ceased to be a papal possession (together with the adjacent Comtat-Venaissin) and was united with France. The Jews of Avignon were granted full civil rights in June 1791.

    The egalitarian aspirations of the new regime were not without influence on the inner structure of the Jewish community. In October 1790 the rabbi Elie Vitte Spire maintained in a sermon that in conformity with the new principles the syndics should no longer be elected to represent the existing groups of taxpayers. This marked the end of the old system of minority control.

    Following the Napoleonic decree of 1808 on the organization of the Jewish *consistoire, the community was included in the regional consistory of Marseilles.

    However the cultural level of the Jews seems to have suffered from these changes, and, from 1789, to have reflected the activities of single individuals rather than a communal entity. The number of Jews in Avignon dwindled to 149 (54 families) in 1892 and thereafter communal life almost ceased until somewhat revived by North African immigration.

  65. Brother Nathanael January 26, 2010 @ 3:24 pm

    Dear Adora,

    A Money Order would be fine and preferable.

    Thank You! +Brother Nathanael

  66. KathJuliane January 26, 2010 @ 3:57 pm

    Continuing lament for the pitiful, beleaguered Jews.

    Lord forgive us Christians, the poor Jews were unfairly and ruthlessly persecuted for wearing…too many pearls. (Kid you not.),9171,902673,00.html

    “The people who were to become known as the Pope’s Jews were mostly refugees from Languedoc in southwestern France, whose ruler, King Philip IV, banished Jews from the province in order to seize their property. Ironically, Philip had also helped provide a place of asylum. A quarrel between the king and Pope Boniface VIII had played a part in the election of a French Pope, who moved the papal court to Avignon in 1308.

    There it remained until 1377, and there the banished Jews found a home. The Avignon Popes, beginning with Clement V, welcomed them—at least partly as valued taxpayers—and guaranteed their safety.

    Promised Land. By 1358, one-fifth of the 2,500 people living in Carpentras were Jewish, earning for the town the sobriquet La Petite Jérusalem.

    In contrast to most of Europe, the Jews were allowed to own land and engage in any occupation they chose except finance and the administration of justice; some of them became wine growers. Now and then the Jews were accused of poisoning fountains, propagating plagues or conniving with Saracens and lepers, but the Pope kept anti-Semitism in check by threatening to excommunicate religious bigots.

    **Gratefully the Jews included their benefactor in their prayers, petitioning God to “exalt our sovereign and Holy Father, the Pope.”** [Is this why I’ve seen what looks like a miniature ephod worn by previous popes?]

    The group also developed a self-protective prejudice of their own. Foreign Jews were tolerated for three nights, then asked to leave. Lingerers were escorted out of town by the Pope’s guard. When a “foreign” Jew married into the Carpentras circle, the locals called it a mixed marriage.

    Both the return of the Popes to Rome and the rise of a burgher class began to turn the courteous arrangement sour. [The Christian goyim actually began to rise out of feudal serfdom, and this was also a period of time for Byzantine Christian enslaved or refugee merchants, artisans, craftsmen, and professionals resettling in Western Europe from the Eastern Mediterranean] By the mid-15th century, bourgeois resentment had determined that the Pope’s Jews could not expand beyond their one-street ghetto.

    The only place to go was up so they built some of Western Europe’s earliest residential skyscrapers, houses ten to eleven stories high. To enforce humility, the town limited the number of pearls a Jewish woman might wear for her wedding. The serving of sugar-coated almonds, a local delicacy cherished by the Jews, was banned.

    Psalm singing at funerals was forbidden, and, when the wife of a prominent Catholic citizen had a child, the ghetto had to offer her twelve pounds of sugar, twice that for twins.

    Lasting Immunity. Despite the discrimination, the Carpentras Jewish community numbered nearly 1,200 on the eve of the French Revolution. Then the revolutionists’ policy of religious liberalism succeeded where bigotry had failed. Free to go where they wanted, the Pope’s Jews wandered off into other parts of Europe.

    Today Robert Ezechiel Crémieux, 70, a tailor by trade, is the last surviving descendant of the original group left [as of 1970 Time article.]

    Crémieux’s own survival results from the special status accorded to the Pope’s Jews centuries ago. “During the last war,” he recalls [WW2], “I wasn’t arrested because I could prove I was a Pope’s Jew. I actually went down to the Carpentras library to look up my family tree. I got back to Jacob Crémieux, who was born in Carpentras in 1611. That was good enough for the Pétainists. Later on, four French fascist policemen prepared to arrest me anyway. But then an American bomb blew up police headquarters and killed the four.”

    Unfortunately, Crémieux will not be passing on his heritage. He married a Roman Catholic and considers himself an agnostic. Further, he is childless; with him, nearly 700 years of history in Carpentras will end.”

  67. Fr. Joseph January 26, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

    Dear Gregory,

    About the Vatican Bank’s money laundering?

    Surely, you haven’t forgotten that we have MASONS, SATANISTS and crypto-Jews liberally distributed through the Vatican’s hierarchy.

    What goes in “everyday-business-as-usual” here within and throughout the USA on account of Masons, Satanists and Zioinists is what one can only expect from like-minded, like-spirited and like-agenda’d “dual-citizenship” individuals in the Vatican.

    ‘Same-Same’ for the United Kingdom.
    ‘Same-Same’ for the Zionist State of Israel.

    “Monkey See – Monkey Do” Such is human nature unaided by the Gifts and Graces of God the Holy Spirit.

    – Fr. Joseph

  68. jgalindes January 26, 2010 @ 4:22 pm

    Mr Gregory and Father Joseph.

    If I’m not wrong, that J. Levy is the same lawyer behind the famous legal actions against the Vatican.

    “Dr. Jonathan Levy is licensed in California and the District of Columbia and has represented organizations and individuals in a variety of Holocaust and Second World War related lawsuits including banking, insurance, and slave labor matters. Jon is also a member of the International Criminal Bar in The Hague and has a PhD in Political Science.”

    “Alperin v. Vatican Bank was originally filed in Federal Court in San Francisco in November 1999. The plaintiffs are concentration camp survivors of Serb, Jewish, Roma and Ukrainian background and their relatives as well as organizations representing over 300,000 Holocaust victims and their heirs”

    Presstv says:

    “The allegation of the Vatican bank’s financial corruption has been made by an Italian magazine that pointed to the financial institute’s purported involvement in stealth fiscal transactions —via several accounts —with Italy’s UniCredit Bank, Russia Today television network quoted the Panorama magazine as reporting.”

    “This corruption is continuing on a regular basis in the Vatican,” claimed Jonathan Levy, a lawyer familiar with the bank.

    “Again, there’s no reason for a religion to have a bank that does worldwide commercial activities, dealing in gold, dealing in insurance, dealing in property and then hiding behind the Roman Catholic Church,” Levy pointed out…

  69. jgalindes January 26, 2010 @ 5:00 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Still with tears in my eyes because of your laments for the pitiful, beleaguered Jews.

    Now, seriously very interesting.

    From that particular region proceeded Boneto de Lattes, astronomer, astrologer, inventor of an astrolabe particularly suited to long sea voyages (I believe Colombus was given one of these instruments by Boneto), Physician to both Alexander Borgia and Leo X, Rabbi, he lived in a two story house including a synagogue, in Rome.

    He was very close to Leo X and there is extant a manuscript letter that involves Reuchlin with Bonetto regarding the unfolding of the famous REUCHLIN, PFEFFERKORN, AND THE TALMUD controversy, Reuchlin asking to intercede on his behalf with the Pope, apparently with success.

    I believe that Boneto had close ties with the current Kahal in Worms (Germany)…very strange guy indeed.

  70. KathJuliane January 26, 2010 @ 7:15 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    What point are you trying to make about the so-called “Photius Synod”, aka the true Eighth Ecumenical Synod of 879, at which Rome sent legates completely affirmed the propriety of St. Photius’ elevation which declared the Synod of 869 to be a “robber council” and anathema, especially with the material that I posted the other day from a Catholic source attesting to this very fact?

    In the context of all kinds of partisan politics and dynastic intrigues between the Emperors, the Pope-monarch, the Frankish king and a small party of malcontent bishops, at which really both Ignatius and Photius were caught in the middle, in the end everything was resolved, and remained so for two centuries.

    Although he was accused of causing the “Photian” Schism, he was recognized as a major peacemaker of that time. Pay special attention to this: Photius reconciled with Patriarch Ignatius, who named him as his successor (for a second time) upon Ignatius’ death in 877. Photius now obtained the formal recognition of the Christian world in a council convened at Constantinople in November 879.

    The legates of Pope John VIII attended, from the see which by now was instituted as papal monarchy over the City and Diocese of Roma and the growing papal states, prepared to acknowledge Photius as legitimate patriarch, and after they carefully went through everything, acknowledged that all was in proper order.

    All agreed on the virtue of his personal life and his remarkable talents, even genius, and the wide range of his intellectual aptitudes. Pope Nicholas himself referred to his “great virtues and universal (kathalikos) knowledge.”

    And as far as the gripe about St. Photius be elevated from a highly qualified, knowledgeable, and very pious and faithful layman who lived an ascetical live in the world to begin with, inducted into the priesthood and consecrated a bishop by his fellow bishops within just 6 days and confirmed by an Ecumenical Synod, what about this from a RC source?

    Re: Election of new Pope – transition from John Paul II.

    Excerpt: “Only cardinals under the age of 80 can vote in the conclave; older cardinals do not enter the Sistine Chapel. **In theory, any baptized male Catholic can be elected pope**, but current [RC] Church law says he must become a bishop before taking office; since the 15th century, the electors always have chosen a fellow cardinal.”

    Well, if “in theory any baptized male Catholic can be elected pope”, what is your problem with the election of the Patriarch of Constantinople, which was (and is) not up to Rome in the canons of Orthodox Church at the time to begin with? We are not under papal canonical law.

    Also, I look at the canon from Chalcedon that you cited. What does that have to do with the ordination of Photius to the See of Constantinople?

    That canon had to do with a problem in the 5th c. of ambitious bishops petitioning the emperor to elevate their own cities to the status of metropolis when there already was one in a diocese, which resulted in splitting a diocese up.

  71. Fr. Joseph January 26, 2010 @ 8:04 pm


    “In opposition to the removal of Ignatius, the Bishop of Rome supported Ignatius as LEGITIMATE Patriarch (of Constantinople). Moreover, contrary to existing canons, Photius has been ordained to the office of bishop very quickly (Recent scholarship has shown THAT violation of these Church laws was the main reason the Bishop of Rome REJECTED the appointment of Photius)….

    “However, the other Patriarchs (of ALEXANDRIA, ANTIOCH and JERUSALEM) CONCURRED WITH the Pope’s choice. In 867 and 869 -70 synods in Rome and Constantinople RESTORED Igantius to his position as Patriarch. In 877, after the death of Ignatius, PHOTIUS AGAIN RESUMED OFFICE BY THE ORDER OF THE EMPEROR.”

    Apparently, the BYZANTINE EMPEROR wanted Photius. Period.

    – Fr. Joseph

  72. Fr. Joseph January 26, 2010 @ 8:06 pm


    Why not get the BYZANTINE EMPEROR to appoint who HE wants for Bishop of ROME – and then this Catholic-Orthodox Schism can be RESOLVED by the BYZANTINE EMPEROR?!

    – Fr. Joseph

  73. Fr. Joseph January 26, 2010 @ 8:36 pm


    And while you are busy getting the BZYANTINE EMPEROR selecting who he wants to be the BISHOP OF ROME, since the Patriarchs of Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem ALL unanimously back and supported the Bishop of Rome, get the BYZANTINE EMPEROR to select and appoint who he wants to be PATRIARCHS of Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem as well.

    And THEN – you can get the BYZANTINE EMPEROR to replace King Henry VIII’s personal choice as Archbishop of Cantebury.

    And after THAT – you can get the BYZANTINE EMPEROR to replace all of the bishops selected to be overseers of ALL the Eurpoean continent’s PROTESTANT Churches.

    And then – get the BYZANTINE EMPEROR to select his own personal choice over who is to be the CHAPLAIN for the U.S. Senate and Congress….


    You can tell the BYZANTINE EMPEROR to


    ‘Cause if you DON’T DO THAT – your much beloved and ‘saintly BYZANTINE EMPEROR just might wind up entertaining the idea that HE is going to select who HE wants to be the APOSTLES chosen by Christ Jesus and REPLACE the Apostles as well!

    – Fr. Joseph

  74. Fr. Joseph January 26, 2010 @ 8:42 pm


    And why the heck not – while you are at it – why not get the BYZANTINE EMPEROR to select and appoint who HE wants to be PATRIARCH over

    1) The Serbian Orthodox Church
    2) The Greek Orthodox Church
    3) Russian Orthodox Church
    4) The Syrian Orthodox Church
    5) The Coptic Orthodox Church

    And why don’t we just have the BYZANTINE EMPEROR issue an ‘Imperial Decree’ that he is GOD – and be done with all of this?

    Now aren’t you GLAD that the ROMAN Imperial Government DID NOT select and appoint CALIGULA as the Bishop of Rome, but rather, the IMPERIAL ROMAN GOVERNMENT and IT’S EMPEROR took it upon themselves to HUNT DOWN and KILL Bishop of Rome after Bishop of Rome.

    If the IMPERIAL ROMAN GOVERNMENT selected and appointed CALIGULA as their personally desired BISHOP of Rome – just imagine what sort of ‘theology’ you’d all be rabidly defending!

    – Fr. Joseph

  75. KathJuliane January 26, 2010 @ 8:44 pm

    Forgot to mention, Patriarch Ignatius is also an exalted saint in the Eastern Church.

    Speaking of “Christian against Christian”, and the military industrial complex of the day. If this mercenary “Christian” Orban of Hungary hadn’t sold his bombardment wares and skills to the Ottoman Turks, Constantinople might have withstood :

    “The Turks proved to be aggressive conquerors, and gradually eroded the Byzantine Empire down to little more than the city of Constantinople itself. They several times essayed attempts to take the city, but its stout defenses proved too much for them.

    Despite this problem, Turkish armies were uniformly successful and they gradually came “to dominate southeastern Europe and Asia Minor. Turkish success was based on their extensive use of light cavalry and their possession of what was perhaps the most finely honed infantry in the world at the time, the Janissary Corps.

    “The Janissaries were recruited through the devsirme system, a form of taxation in which the eldest son of each Christian family in the sultanate had to be yielded up for the Sultan’s service, to be raised as a Muslim and trained to fight his masters’ battles.

    The Janissaries were among the first infantrymen to be regularly armed with handguns and proved themselves useful in numberless battles. But the Janissaries could not take Constantinople, which was so magnificently fortified that a relative handful of men could hold it against countless attackers.

    Nevertheless, when the young and ambitious Mohammed II (reigned 1451-1481) came to the throne he resolved to take the city regardless of cost. And it did cost, though by now the revenues of the sultanate were enormous. Mohammed secured the services of a mercenary Christian gunfounder, Urban of Hungary, who seems to have learned his trade in France.

    [The bombard technology from which the Hungarian drew had been established between 1400 and 1450 in Western European siege bombardment warfare. He, along with an entire crew, is assumed to have been killed during the siege by one of his superguns exploding, then not an unusual occurrence. However, someone still got the fortune that this cost to begin with.]

    Urban designed and cast 70 great cannon. The largest piece, named “Basilica”, was of cast iron reinforced with hoops, weighing in excess of 19 tons and firing a ball of some 800 pounds. The gun was something of a white elephant; it required 42 days for a team of 60 oxen to drag the thing 120 miles, despite the fact that the barrel was made in two pieces which screwed together, thereby making it theoretically easier to move.

    …Mohammed dragged his guns into position in the Spring of 1453, setting up fourteen separate batteries. On 1 April these commenced the greatest bombardment hitherto known.

    Despite “Basilica’s” problems, Urban had done his work well and his cannon soon proved their effectiveness. Unfortunately he did not live to see their success, for one burst during the siege, killing him. Cannon were getting better, but safety was still very much a matter of luck.

    The defense of Constantinople was heroic, but doomed. With but few cannon, and those frequently too heavy to be mounted on the walls, the defenders did what they could.

    The first breach was made at the military gate of St. Romanus on 11 April. Through herculean efforts the defenders, beat off a storming party and managed to patch the walls. Other breaches followed, and though each time the defenders beat off attempts to storm the breech and repaired the damage, the overall effect was to further weaken the aged walls.

    Finally, on Tuesday, 29 May the weakened structure on both sides of the St. Romanus gate collapsed, the Janissaries swept over the pitiably few defenders. The city fell amid great slaughter.

    Thus, by the middle of the 15th Century the bombardment gun was everywhere triumphant over fortress masonry. Its primacy would be confirmed over the next half-century.

  76. Fedia January 26, 2010 @ 9:39 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Thanks to our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ for your inspirational works -on this blog, on the streets, and in informative articles.

    I have only recently been guided to your site and have from your work (and others’), experienced a rapid and full awakening – to the true state of this world. And this lesson is summed up as -time is rapidly running out.

    Pray that all believers receive guidance and strength in order to spread the Truth as much as possible as quickly as possible.

    No offense intended to any of the fellow commentators, but here are some observations:

    NATO is owned by the same ones who own the “Federal Reserve” system of the USA as well as the “central banks” in other nations. Israel’s membership or lack of makes no difference. Most, here, likely realize those who control the “Federal Reserve” control IMF, World Bank, Wall Street hence much of the finances of the entire world.

    Regarding status of today’s Russia and that of the rest of the former nations trapped in ashkanazi-created communist hell-on-earth; Some observers believe President Putin to be “Jewish” (ashkanazi) via his mother (he was born in Georgia -as was Iosip David Dzhugasvili – which is Georgian; phonetically pronounced as “Jew gash vili” and translates as “of the Jew” as in Iosip David a Jew (a.k.a. Joseph Stalin).

    Observers also believe that Dmitri Medvedev is “Jewish” via father and mother.

    In other words – Dear friends – Russians and other former soviet union may still be in the hands of the same ones who held this region as hell’s slaves for the past century.

    Similarly to the individuals doing the blood-letting deeds for the globe-controlling zionists – such as US Admirals, Generals, etc. – they are the small-time players. Efforts to persuade and dissuade them will bear little if any fruits. They are bound by force of evil spirit and even if they know or discover a way out – they have no way out. Likewise – they will only be immediately replaced by this or that other who will do the bidding of the evil one.

    All efforts must be concentrated on calling attention to and the focusing of the attention of all God’s children upon the “beast” itself. The “beast” controls all of the small players and the larger ones too. Its claw-grip is upon the throats of the smaller “ones” who can not burp without feeling this controlling and instantaneous-death-dealing grip.

    Regarding Brother Nathanael’s advice to follow a “vegan” diet. Please refer to The Book containing the Wisdom of wisdom – Genesis 1:29 “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” This may help others who may make the conversion to His diet.

    Br Nathanael if possible – will you publish your writings in book form or perhaps pdf – as “the beast” is threatening to end Internet freedoms, so your work of inspired wisdom can be maintained in another form as well as passed on (and may help to raise some reward for your works (in one form money and others)).

    Thanks again to our Savior and Creator, Jesus Christ, for your work.

  77. Fr. Joseph January 26, 2010 @ 10:34 pm

    Can we have a ‘Reality Check’ here please.

    We’ve recently had EVIL elements in the US Government that sacrificed the lives of 3,000 US citizens in a bogus-fake-staged 9-11-200 “Arab” terrorist attack.

    A million HUMAN BEINGS in Iraq were likewise ‘sacrificed’ to this US Resident Evil.

    Tons upon tons of DEPLETED URANIUM were spread all across Iraq with the expected and resulting BIRTH DEFECTS of HUMAN BEINGS in Iraq.

    Every manner of provision is being laid in and laid out in order to instigate a thermonuclear Third World War which WILL directly and adversely effect EVERY LAST HUMAN BEING here on this planet earth of God’s Creating.

    And I am REPEATEDLY badgered about what some EMPERORS and BISHOPS an entire millenium DID – as if what they DID nearly 1,000 years ago is going TO DO ANYTHING for the Human Race in this year 2010 Anno Domini.

    I go about telling ANYBODY and EVERYONE who might be the slightest bit CONCERNED about our most dreadful state of our World in this year 2010 Anno Domini – I tell ANYBODY and EVERYONE who might care to listen that GOD HIMSELF will give us WORLD PEACE if but the BISHOPS of the Catholic Church perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of the PURELY POLITICAL STATE OF RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of JESUS CHRIST’S Own Mother per her Fatima Apparitions’ Messages and Instructions.

    Br. Nathanael does a ‘BANG UP JOB’ here via RZN informing ALL OF YOU that you all have EVIL MINDED and EVIL SPIRITED people having conjured up and are conjuring every manner of EVIL to befall of you and NONE OF YOU want to take God up on His Divine Offer of WORLD PEACE?

    Now, com’on – you ALL can ‘come clean’ with me.

    Why is is that you have this ‘DEATH WISH’ for yourselves, your family, friends and relatives, for your own political nation-state as well as for your own particular Church, Sect, Cult, Denomiation, Relgions, etc?


    – Fr. Joseph

  78. Stav January 27, 2010 @ 2:17 am

    Dear Bill in Ohio,

    You say amongst other things:

    We don’t believe in Divorce, unlike the Orthodox. Nor do we believe in Abortion….”

    1) If you do not believe in Divorce, then you are refuting the words of scripture, which clearly mentions (as in Math. 19:9) that Divorce is allowed in certain circumstances, however it is not to be viewed as the best thing to do.

    2) Your point about abortion is irrelevant. The Orthodox Church has never supported abortion.

    3) The rest of your post which is about the Fatima Apparitions. Again as clearly stated in the Bible, one MUST test the spirits, in SPECIFIC ways. Do you have proof that the being that appeared in Fatima, was tested as instructed in the Scriptures?

    The way of the Catholic Church subversion and watering down of tradition and scripture, is obvious in your words. You put a human being and a worldly city first, rather than Jesus Christ and the Church within His Holy Traditions.

    Worst of all, is that you cannot see this, nor do you realize the immenseness off the errors of your “Catholic” stance. As a whole, your “Catholic” “Church” is but a religious community, which year by year deteriorated out of recognition of what it used to be. Sad, but true.


  79. Stav January 27, 2010 @ 2:33 am

    Fr. Joseph,

    You say:

    “…Was ANY city in the Eastern Church – to include CONSTANTINOPLE – ever subjected to a CENTURY-LONG SEIGE??

    So don’t be too smug about the faithfulness and resilience of the Eastern Church.

    You Orthodox haven’t been TOO MUCH HELP these past 100 years to and for the ‘Seige the ROMAN Church’. And com’on, admit it, you Orthodox COULDN’T CARE LESS!…”

    What you say is wrong at the best, and blasphemous at the worst.

    WHOLE ORTHODOX COUNTRIES have been under seige, During the Communist dictatorships, Russia, and practically all eastern block countries, and Greece for over 400 years. What you are implying is dead wrong and insulting beyond comprehension.

    Please retract your statement as you have just insulted in a naive way, millions of people.


  80. Stav January 27, 2010 @ 2:45 am

    Dear Lynda,

    You say:

    “Our Lady was created Immaculate, by a special act of grace. ”

    Do you have any proof what so ever or tradition of the Church that supports this?

    More over, If Mary the Theotokos was born Immaculate, then what is the reason for putting so much honour on Her, since as you assume She was born that way, without Her own Free will?

    More over, what is the reason that you think that she “must” be immaculate, since God was born immaculately by a completely separate miracle?

    What compels you to adopt such an absurd doctrine, when everything points to the opposite? Scripture points out VERY clearly that NO ONE (except Jesus Christ the Messiah) was born without Sin. Who are you to deem this to be otherwise?


  81. Stav January 27, 2010 @ 2:49 am

    Dear Nick,

    Let me add to your statement below:

    “Let’s say the Pope does consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, what good would that do, besides a LITTLE PRIDE for the Catholic Church?! Would this stop the Antichrist from coming and ruling the world? NO! ”

    The fact of the matter is, that the Pope or any catholic, is actually incapable of consecrating ANYTHING at all, since their priesthood and authority as such, was dissolved once they separated themselves from the Original Church. Thus, and from only that one point, one can see the demonic nature of the messages at Fatima.

    The Mother of God, would never address or command any “Catholic” to consecrate anything, because She would then be advising the use of the wrong “tool” for the job.


  82. The Prodigal Son January 27, 2010 @ 4:16 am

    “These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life, (…)”
    – I John 5:13

    “For we are of yesterday and know nothing,
    Because our life on earth is a shadow.”
    – Job 8:9

    “But those who are counted worthy to attain that age, and the resurrection of the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage;

    nor can they die anymore, for they are equal to the angels and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection.”
    – Luke 20:35-36

    God warns of those “having a form of godliness but denying its power.”

    He warns us: “from such people turn away!”
    – II Timothy 3:5

    “I pray for them. I do not pray for the world but for those whom You have given Me, for they are Yours.”
    – John 17:9

    “(Jesus Christ) gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, (…)”
    – Galatians 1:4

    “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith.”
    – I John 5:4

    “Do you not know that friendship with the world is emnity with God?
    Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.”
    – James 4:4

    “The hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified.
    Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.

    He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

    If anyone serves Me, let him follow me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honor.”
    – John 12:23-26

    “(For) we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.”
    – I John 5:19

    “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

    For all that is in the world – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life – is not of the Father, but is of the world.

    And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he that does the will of God abides forever.”
    – I John 2:15-17

    “If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but *I chose you out of the world*, therefore the world hates you.

    Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they have kept My word, they will keep yours also.”
    – John 15:19-20

    “And they overcame (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

    Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the Devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.”
    – Revelation 12:11-12

  83. Brother Nathanael January 27, 2010 @ 5:05 am

    Dear Fedia –

    Thank you for your kind words.

    May I courteously correct you regarding Medvedev and Russia?

    That Medvedev is Jewish of Jewish parents is not true at all. No one has been able to prove this – these “observers.” Even if it is true, Medvedev was BAPTIZED in the Orthodox Church and is a REGULAR CHURCH attendee along with his VERY PIOUS wife, whom I almost met in NYC last fall, Svetlana.

    Putin is steadily removing ALL Jewish influence in his emerging CHRISTIAN Russia. For Putin is ALSO a PIOUS Orthodox Christian which the West will never tell you.


    +Brother Nathanael

  84. JacobSoldierOf Christ January 27, 2010 @ 6:33 am

    Not to get into any arguments. All need to be aware of the CROAT Nazi Catholic and their leaders who had the blessing of Pope Pius XII for their evil deeds in WW2. They brutally murdered, raped, tortured thousand upon thousand of Serb Orthodox, Jews, Gypsies.

    Imagine that, with the blessing of that fraudulent pope and his franciscan friars. And they want to canonize this man. Just GOOGLE all this above named info and you will find PLENTY info everywhere and especially on YOUTUBE.

  85. Fedia January 27, 2010 @ 7:51 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael!

    Thank you for your corrections. This is very good news. I put it out not as a solid truth, but as only observations made by others, (including those from Russia – who reported such disinformation in the early Putin days). My hope was that these observations would be false. Indeed they are.

    I pray that Putin and Medvedev will never give up and that the Slavic peoples (from whom the word “slave” is derived) will be freed at last and returned to His Kingdom – as they were before the Bolsheviks unleashed their hell-on-earth-communist-askanazi distopia.

    Thank you again for -any- corrections courteously or otherwise.

    Truth in any form is Truth.

  86. Fr. Joseph January 27, 2010 @ 12:46 pm


    The moment that it occurs in your mind and heart that you ‘MIGHT, BY SOME SLIGHT CHANCE AND WHIMSY OF FATE, BE WRONG AND IN ERROR’ – then only “perhaps” you might see that a Global SATANIC Problem REQUIRES a Global DIVINE Solution.

    Hate to inform you of this, but YOU are not “FULL OF GRACE” – the Blessed Virgin Mary IS.

    You DO NOT completely and wholely share in the Life of God the Holy Spirit, sharing with Him your thoughts, concerns and desires – and vice versa – but the Blessed Virgin Mary DOES and God the Holy Spirit DOES with His Divine Spouse.

    Don’t know what else to tell you. If YOU think that YOU know how to UNRAVEL and DEFEAT this Global Satanic Problem our World has, then you need to religously and spiritually “sober UP”!

    – Fr. Joseph

  87. Fr. Joseph January 27, 2010 @ 1:40 pm

    Being mindful that there is a COMMISSIONED OFFICER from the U.S. Army with the rank of 1ST LIEUTENANT from the COMBAT INFANTRY by the name of JOE CORTINA who regularly reads and posts here to these commentary sections of Br. Nathanael’s RZN articles, this United States Air Force “N.C.O.” spirit of mine just got FLARED UP on account of some of you posters-commentators from the Orthodox Church laity here.

    Now THIS is the ‘Spiritual Flying Condition’ of both the ORTHODOX Church in this World as well as the Catholic Church in this World:

    NEITHER YOUR Orthodox Church NOR my Catholic Church is ‘MISSION CAPABLE’!

    NEITHER YOUR Orthodox Church NOR my Catholic Church are flying ‘COMBAT SORTIES’!

    Now if I have to put an ‘N.C.O. BOOT UP YOUR BUTTS’, maybe I’ll get CHEWED OUT ROYALLY by a Commissioned Officer here on RZN for not being so ‘poopsy-whoopsy gentle, kind, caring, compassionate, understanding’ with your incessant WHINING and COMPLAINING and BLAMING!

    Somebody here has to install some sense of DISCPLINE here!

    Somebody here has to get you people to REMEMBER that there is “A Mission” that the Church Militant here on earth is SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!

    If you ORTHODOX here want to ‘VENT YOUR SPLEENS’ on account of what happened centuries ago in the face of what is currently happening TO and going ON all across our contemporary World of 2010 Anno Domini – then ‘GET YOUR BUTTS’ of this RZN “Flightline” – march yourselves down to your local Orthodox Church – park yourselves before our DIVINE ‘Commander-in-Chief’ in the Blessed Sacrament reserved in YOUR Orthodox Churches, and…


    And while you are there in the Presence of our DIVINE ‘Commander-in-Chief’, you REQUEST of Him to pour out His Divine Celestial Light and Grace onto YOUR Orthodox Church’s HIERARCHY – every last one of them – Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Priests, Hiermonks, Abbots, Deacons, Religious and Lay Faithful so that ALL OF THEM might be able to HEAR, UNDERSTAND AND EXECUTE His Divine Commands in this Global Spiritual Battle with SATAN!

    Now I’ll give all of you ‘HOT-HEADS’ from the Orthodox Church here on RZN some ‘down-to-earth’ SPIRITUAL ADVISE & COUNSEL…

    – Fr. Joseph

  88. AntiPharisee January 27, 2010 @ 1:48 pm

    It says here that an Air Force General killed himself and was replaced by a Jew.
    Air Force Officer Dead; Likely a Suicide.

    The Air Force’s bad year just got a whole lot worse. A general who spent nearly two years as the executive officer to the recently ousted Air force chief of staff has died in an apparent suicide at his home in Alaska:

    Brig. Gen. Thomas L. Tinsley suffered a gunshot wound to his chest late Sunday night and was pronounced dead within a half hour, said Col. Richard Walberg, who assumed command at Elmendorf Air Force Base after Tinsley’s death.


  89. Joe Cortina January 27, 2010 @ 1:56 pm

    Folks – I seldom ever leave more than one comment and do NOT allow myself to get embroiled in contests of who knows more about what – but this is getting ridiculous.

    The topic of this education was called “JEWS GENERALS and the US WAR MACHINE” – in case we have forgotten.

    The subject du-jour was NOT the validity of the miracle of Fatima – or the effcacy of the Orthodox in Russia VS the Western Christian church – or Jews not being able to wear pearls.

    It infact IS about the DEADLY effect of JEWS being in CONTROL of our military by various means and the serious implications of that FACT – PERIOD!

    Can ANYONE explain to me WHY the commentary has degraded into a personal tet a tet competition between egos for who know the most about church liturgy?

    IF – I were an ADL Jew, monitering Bro Nathanael’s fine educational (educating people on things that they may not already know) and motivational (and MORE importantly – to MOTIVATE us to actually DO SOMETHING to further expose or to stop it) – I would decide that most of his readers were no threat to our evil agenda and that the level of their ‘activism’ was only to moralize and pontificate on’how may angels could dance on the head of a pin’.

    Folks – we are in a DEADLY LIFE AND DEATH struggle for the survival of this NATION. Bro Nathanael is a TRUE warrior and he DOES WALK THE WALK. Some of readers need to ‘WALK’ more and ‘TALK’ less. PLEASE – stop attacking each other on church minutia and lets enjoin Bro Nathanael in fighting the ACTUAL problem discussed!

    The Jews LOVE it when they observe us wasting valuable time and energy on these petty personal squabbles. They actually enourage us to engage in divisive pursuits. Their Jew created NAACP is one of their crowning achievements to employ mass ignorance to enhance racial strife.

    PLEASE PLEASE – stay faithful to enhancing information on or solution to the problem AT HAND. My thanks to those who have taken time to provide pertinent useful informatin such as ‘Nicolae’ and ‘Jgolindes’.

    Confront and EXPOSE evil whenever and whereever you find it – spare NO ONE who deserves condemnation. A General who is an evil person can do FAR more damage than a private who is evil and should not be spared righteous condemnation because of a ‘lofty’ position.

    Also my gratitude to Fr. Joseph for your honorable service to our nation – that is a form of – walking the walk.


  90. Fr. Joseph January 27, 2010 @ 2:03 pm

    For THIRTY-FIVE YEARS now I’ve had to work on REPAIRING aircraft – both military and civilian.

    So many of you from the Orthodox Church are ANGRY with what went on ‘long ago’. And many of you are ANGRY because such-and-such hasn’t or isn’t going the way you want or had anticipated.

    And many of you from the Orthodox Church are VENTING your ANGER and your FRUSTRATIONS by taking your ‘tools’ and – as HARD AS YOU CAN – are smacking anything and everything in sight that causes you to become UPSET, HOT-HEADED and PRONE TO slamming, hitting and smacking anything in sight that DISPLEASES you.

    Do you have any idea of just how many times I found myself in and had to get myself into some of the most GOSH-AWFUL places in and on military-civilian aircraft in order to make the attempt to FIX or REPAIR something which has gone SO TERRIBLY WRONG with that/those particular aircraft?

    And not only into the most GOSH-AWFUL places in aircraft, but while having to endure the most GOSH-AWFUL wheather – from relentlessly blistering sun which caused 2nd degree BURNS on any part of your body’s SKIN if it touched ANY part of the aircraft to the MISERY of having to work in near hypo-thermic conditions.

    And ON TOP OF THAT, they having to deal with the most GOSH-AWFUL designed and engineered aircraft components?

    And all of THAT contributed to my own CURSING and SWEARING and BLAMING and ANGER as well!

    Now this is what you DO when find yourself confronting such a GOSH-AWFUL situation that is causing your to CURSE, SWEAR and BLAME out of peronal ANGER.

    You REMOVE YOURSELVES from the aircraft so to ensure that you DO NOT use hammers or wrenches to BASH the aircraft or DAMAGE it in any way whatsoever!

    And you REMOVE YOURSELVES to some very quiet place some distance AWAY FROM that particular aircraft.

    You get yourselves a CUP OF COFFEE and you go LIGHT UP A CIGARETTE (for those of you who smoke), and…


    And when your INNER emotional psycho-spiritual state of mind and heart is STILLED and is back under your own ‘FULL CONTROL’ and your blood pressure is back down to NORMAL – you gently…ever so GENTLY and very HUMBLY turn your mind and heart onto GOD – and you ask Him in “Interior Prayer” such questions of Him such as

    “What is WRONG with this blasted thing!”

    “How can I get this particular component in its PLACE and secured properly.”

    “What other TOOLS might I be able to use and employ in order to get this BROKEN AIRCRAFT or BROKEN AIRCRAFT SYSTEM back ‘Up and Running’ like it is SUPPOSED TO and like it was DESIGNED TO DO!”

    If you ORTHODOX here on RZN are NOT going to ATTEMPT to ‘GET OVER THE FACT’ that things in and with the Orthodox and Catholic Churches are NOT like God wants for them to be IN – but we STILL NEED the Church Militant here on earth to get as many ‘COMBAT SORTIES’ launched off and against our Church’s and all of Mankind’s SPIRITUAL ENEMY who is Satan and his elemental demonic legions – then REMOVE YOURSELVES from throwing your personal ‘wrenches’ around and AT people here in RZN are who TRYING to do what the ‘Mission of the Church Militant’ here on earth really and truly IS!

    God Himself can ALWAYS call over a group of His Divine ‘Security Police – SP’s’ and have all of you PHYSICALLY REMOVED from the vicinity of His Aircraft and His Flightline!

    “The Brig” is NOT a very welcoming nor comfortable place to be LOCKED UP IN on account of your causing a ‘SECURITY BREECH’!

    – Fr. Joseph

  91. Lynda January 27, 2010 @ 2:08 pm

    Prodigal Son,

    It is useless to quote Protestant scriptures because they do not have the canonical authority of the Church.

    The Latin Vulgate does. St Jerome translated the received Hebrew scriptures from the Septuagint and the Hebrew mss in possession of the Church in Jerusalem 400 A.D.

    This is the translation which has canonical authority, used in liturgy etc. This is the translation which was on the altar at the Council of Trent. This is the translation from which the Douay Rheims English version was authorized.

    The scriptures are not just hurled about in the debates of the laiety (as since the Reformation), they are prayed in the Church.

    The quotations that I sited are part of the canonized Roman Rite. And have been since 400 A.D.

  92. Lynda January 27, 2010 @ 2:42 pm

    Father Joseph,

    Realistically, only the Church has taken to heart the Divine Commission to go into every nation and make disciples of all nations.

    And only the reality of the Eclipse makes these types of debates possible. It is a very good thing that Christian society is being revived in Russia.

    I do not see any sign, however, that the Church is being restored. It is in Eclipse.

    My belief is that the Revolution has all but extinguished the sacrament of Orders and the Apostolic Succession flowing from it throughout the world. This means that the sacramental life of the Church in terms of Eucharist, Confirmation, Orders and Viaticum which is absolutely our Lord’s will for his Church is at this time frustrated.

    The laity can baptise if the canonical formula is used. There are still priests ordained before the new Ordinal (1969 approx) who can hear confessions and absolve even though they might hold heretical doctrines. As far as I am concerned, that is about it.

    Our situation is similar to the time in France after the Revolution when the priests who were true were murdered and those who had violated their oaths to the Church were excommunicated. The French Catholics fighting the Masonic partisaans throughout the country preferred death without Viaticum to the sacraments of ‘juring’ priests. And I think we should have this attitude today.

    It would however be exactly like the Sacred Heart of our Lord to open to the faithful a refuge wherein at this time of the Eclipse we may receive sanctifying grace and obtain the salvation of poor souls through our prayers.

    The Revolution inaugurated in 1789 has done its work only too well. It rolled right through Europe (millions of Christian dead), Russia (tens of millions of Christian dead) and South America (uncounted Christian dead – check out the photographs of the ‘highways of the priests’ crucified on the telephone poles).

    Also, the Vatican Council II is in living memory. The entire Western world (most of it indifferent) witnessed the Orthodox Observers at Vatican II – all them installed in the Russian Church by the KGB. This is entirely on a par with the wall to wall Masons and Rabbis infesting the Vatican today.

    During the Cold War, The Voice of the Martyrs reported regularly on the executions and deportations to the Gulags of the true Russian clergy to the glory of Christ. During the same time period, the Catholic clergy oppositional to the heresies of Vatican II were purged out of the Church, but not many ordained before 1969 remain.

    Our Lord will restore his Church. At present we can do what we were asked to do by our Lady who foretold these events at La Sallette and at Fatima.

  93. Stav January 27, 2010 @ 3:02 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    You say:


    let me copy/paste here what I wrote about this a few months ago:

    As far as the meaning of κεχαριτωμένη (kecharitomenh) goes, this word is ultimately derived from the word Χάρις/Χάρη (charis/chari) which means grace and is also linked to the word χαρά (chara), which means happiness. The right, bare bones translation of kexaritomeni (in the context of Christianity) is:

    The present perfect female form participle(adjective) with meaning of:

    one who has received Holy Grace and has been fully blessed by it, in the sense that She has been “immersed” in it and thus now is full of Grace.

    By which, “grace” it is meant to be understood as “Blessings of the Holy Spirit” and not simply grace in the common sense.

    Also, strictly by only this bare bones translation we cannot derive the level of perfection of this Grace given to Her. I am not entirely sure but I would suspect any Catholic to tend to derive slightly more than is appropriate from this written characterization of the Mother Of God.

    Nor can we derive strictly grammatically speaking, that this Grace was anything else but bestowed upon Her, meaning that any further determinations of whether this was enduring for example, cannot be derived from just this word. Of course we Orthodox Believe that She is the ALL-HOLY however one must be careful.

    So, since we know the result of this Blessing by the Holy Spirit, which is Jesus Christ the Son of God the Father inside her to be eventually born, we can assume that the Grace she received is the Maximum possible Grace anyone Human can possibly receive.


  94. Stav January 27, 2010 @ 3:43 pm

    Dear Joe Cortina,

    You pose some valid questions and statements. It’s only logical and expected. If things were different, I may have posted a similar message my self. To tell you the truth, I do not like the disruption either. However, I am going to try to show that at least from my part, I think I have a good reason for dwelling on seemingly non important or even relevant aspects.

    You say:

    “The subject du-jour was NOT the validity of the miracle of Fatima – or the effcacy of the Orthodox in Russia VS the Western Christian church – or Jews not being able to wear pearls.”

    I actually agree. You are right. On the surface you are. While I agree that the core subject of this site is finding solutions and also spreading the word and truth about what Jews are really about. However, you may potentially agree with me, that the way people go about this, may be different. One may choose to use violence (hopefully no one in this site takes this path).

    Another may choose prayer. Another may choose spreading the word to his/her community. etc. etc. Fr. Joseph, and I do believe this, out of his own good will, considers the Fatima message to be of help, and so he pursues it and spreads that particular word on this site.

    But have you considered why all these people have such different ways of responding and acting in the face of the true horror that is Zionism? I don’t claim to have all the answers, however something tells me, that this is because has put a different perceived potential for effectiveness to different things. some may view pure militant behavior as the solution. Others may put the spreading of information as their first choice of weapon.

    You ask:

    “Can ANYONE explain to me WHY the commentary has degraded into a personal tet a tet competition between egos for who know the most about church liturgy?”

    The answer is fairly simple, give what I said above. To me, or example, the Church Liturgy, is the CORNERSTONE and MOST IMPORTANT thing that will help us through this. To me, NOTHING else is as important, not taking the word out, nothing.

    And don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to say that we should not do these things, we should, but, I put primary value to JESUS CHRIST Body and Blood. Why you ask? Because I truly believe he is the Lord of Creation, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, the second person of the Holy Trinity.

    Thus, since we have been given the miracle gift of Holy Communion (performed in the Liturgy that you mention), I put also supreme value to this. So, since I believe that one may not be getting the real thing when they are attending a non-Orthodox communion service (no matter what it is called), I feel the urgent need to make this clear to all.

    It’s basically, a need to say that “You are going to war with a gun, but forgot the bullets!!!”. It’s is THAT urgent and important to me. And in my personal view it should also be most important to ANYONE who believes that God is Almighty and thus it is in His power to revert and restore the Jews in one tiny moment.

    So to answer your question, it should now be clear why I do care what “Catholics” may claim. It is because, I firmly believe that if you are part of a diluted religious community (regardless if it calls it self a Church or not), then the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ, will also be diluted. And since I see the Grace of the Lord as the cornerstone of our fight against Zionism, I take issue and feel compelled, to respond, if not just for the record.

    To make it more simple, the matter is not even about Fatima or not, it is in fact, a matter of not being heretic and viewing our Savior Jesus as real salvation, first of the Spirit and secondly of the body. However the second (salvation of the body, i.e. salvation in a worldly sense) may NEVER come.

    Although a bit off topic, this is also another consideration. Once may see the solution as truly spiritual, another may see the solution as something that is 50/50, and another may see the solution as one that involved only a worldly restoration of justice and balance. Thus again, that is another reason why the seeming same cause may be expressed in almost diametrical views/actions.

    Jews will only stop by the Grace of God, and so I put Him first, and seeing the wrong message I have to respond. Not for the sake of the argument, not for the sake of a hobby, not because it has become personal – it has not-, not because I like doing it. It’s because I personally, see a profound connection and dependence of our success to having the right faith and the full Grace with us.

    Finally, look at the path Br. Nathanael has taken. He FIRST became Orthodox, and secondly has taken the path that he has. Also, he presents himself as Orthodox Christian, not just simply Christian, and this has a significance, even though he (rightly so) does not force his denomination on anyone. However it still shines through his actions, his fasting, his monasticism, his street evangelism and the obvious blessing and protection he receives every time he goes out.

    Be advised, that here in Greece, Zionism and the Jewish cause and the way they view us gentiles, is WIDELY known, and the awareness is VERY big, even among many secular, on paper only Orthodox.

    The reason, is because the Orthodox Church has NO problems, and in fact does so very often, to read the “controversial” and “antisemetic” verses, and under no circumstances hides these things from the congregation.

    As a matter of fact, many church buildings, have by the entrance little (or bigger as may be the case) bookstalls, where you invariably will find many books that expose either Zionism, Masonry etc. etc. FREELY and OPENLY, sometimes, even pamphlets that are available for free.

    And this is not recent, I have seen many such books since I remember my self going to church, and I have seen many much older than my self such books in the bookshelves of friends and people whom I may have visited. As a matter of fact, I personally read the Protocols of Zion and many other books, since the age of 10 or earlier, all sponsored by some Orthodox community or another in some way or form.

    I NEVER got surprised at what Zionist Jews achieve nor did I ever have any delusions on how they would view me if and when I met one. I knew we were cattle to them, basically since I realized I was becoming more conscious of the world, ALL thanks to the Orthodox Church and its various communities.

    Thus, again, from a practical point of view, it makes sense to be part of an Orthodox community (if only as an outsider) because there, you will not get a “filtered” opinion of what Jews really are. It’s all in Scripture really. One can get the idea and extrapolate, simply by reading the mentions in the New Testament.

    I hope I have managed to explain at least my personal position for apparently “stepping” into the trap of getting into such discussions and arguments, even though the may seen irrelevant on the surface.

    To recap, I do not believe that personal, non-God inspired/supported efforts will bring victory. Even if in the beginning this effort may seem successful. And, this is why I get all conscious and appear to not being able to hold my self from commenting when I see this all important relationship being destroyed.


  95. Fr. Joseph January 27, 2010 @ 4:09 pm

    Dear AntiPharisee,

    Regarding the “suicide” of a U.S. Military Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Armed Forces…

    They are ALL committing “suicide”, but of an entirely different type. A psycho-spiritual-moral-intellectual-emotional type.

    The Highest Command Echelons of all the Branches of the U.S. Armed Forces are fully aware that the 9-11-2001 bogus, fake, staged “Arab Terrorist Attacks” were an “Inside Job”. Believe me, THEY KNON IT!

    It was the Divine Creator of this planet earth whereupon they roll their tanks on the DIRT He created, wherein the fly their aircraft within the earth’s atmosphere He created, upon and under the seas and oceans of this World He created and to which Sacred Scripture records Him giving His Divine Order of ‘Be Quiet!’ – and His roaring seas OBEYED Him – in the vacuum of space where they employ their satellites, weapons systems etc. – the same space in which He created, sustains and maintains His galaxies galore – this same Creator Who took on OUR human nature in order to live in and have His Being in ‘Time-Space-Matter-Energy Himself SAID:

    “He who LIVES by the sword, DIES by the sword.”

    God Incarnate NEVER told any Roman Legionarie or Armed Temple Guard to PUT DOWN their weapons. His Divine Teachings and self-Divine Revelation was meant TO TEACH these Military Types on HOW to employ their particular ‘human society’ vocation.

    Their “job” is TO PROTECT their own Nation and their fellow citizens and NOT TO plunge their own Nation and their fellow citizens into DEATH and DESTRUCTION, POVERTY and MISERY.

    St. Michael the Archangel is a WARRIOR angelic being. He DEFENDED all that God Is and all that God established before the creation of that which we call ‘seen’.

    And THEREIN resides the spiritual HONOR and spiritual GOODNESS and spiritual INTEGRITY and spiritual ‘HANDSOMENESS-BEAUTY’ of those who take a Military OATH, a Military VOW to be willing to “lay down one’s own life” so that the others of their own Nation can continue on with LIVING FOR all that their All-good God, Creator and Author of Life created them all TO LIVE.

    THAT’S the real “Military Sacrfice” – and NOT this Zionists-Bankster-Corrupt Government-Corrupt Nation-Corrupt Citizens murderous mayhem, death and destruction for the sake of ‘profits’, for the sake of ‘promotions’, for the sake of ‘power’, for the sake false and utterly contemptuous worldly ‘idealogies’ we see shoved in all of our faces day in and day out.

    – Fr. Joseph

  96. The Prodigal Son January 27, 2010 @ 4:37 pm

    Joe Cortina,

    Br. Nathanael has said:

    “I asked that the ‘heated’ discussion be dropped on the last article’s Comments Section.

    This is an *Open Forum* and this is a BRAND NEW Article.

    Thus you may *feel free* to respond to Fr Joseph’s posts or any other’s as you see fit.

    The same goes for Fr Joseph and all others like Prodigal Son, Gregory Laux, Lynda, Charlie, Jose, Bill from Ohio, KathJulianne, George P, Charlie, etc.

    *All are free to express their opinions* as long as there are no ‘ad hominems.’

    +Brother Nathanael”

    — — —

    As far as I can tell – the only ones who ever get ‘heated’ or ‘hot under the collar’ are Fr. Joseph and yourself.

    If Br. Nathanael did another article about the pope and the FACT that the Vatican is IN CAHOOTS with the ‘Jew world Order’… would you read it? Would you believe it? Or would you just want him to ‘shut up’ as well?

    I have respect for you sir… but I must say – you come across like you are righteous and the rest of us have nothing pertinent to say.

    You know that our government and military are controlled by fake ‘Jews’… but you seem to believe that this is a fairly NEW development…

    You seem to know that the government of today is ZOG… but yet – you think the government of YOUR day WASN’T!

    You seem to know that the military of today is Zionist controlled as well… but yet – you think the military of YOUR day WASN’T!

    You seem to think that the military of today is nothing more than a bunch of cowardly, racist, murderous puppets – who dance to the tune of the ‘Jews’ music…

    But you think everything YOU did in the military was just and right and virtuous… and that your deeds were free from ‘Jewish’ direction?

    You said, “Confront and EXPOSE evil whenever and wherever you find it – spare NO ONE.”…

    They ARE *IN* the Roman Church! Fr. Joseph admits it! THEY RUN THE VATICAN & THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH – and they have for CENTURIES!

    But then in the same breath he promotes the teachings (which have APPEARED from NO-WHERE) promoted & invented by the SAME CHURCH which he ADMITS is being run by Masons & Satanists!

    That’s like finding out that you’re adopted – your father IS NOT your father… finding out that your father is in fact – a LIAR and a Satnic, Masonic sociopath who WANTS TO KILL YOU…

    Then AFTER you find out – instead of getting out of there… getting yourself to safety… YOU STAY with your father (who you KNOW is NOT your father) and do whatever he tells you!

    Everyone tells you: ‘Get OUT OF THERE! – He’s trying to kill you!’…

    But you stay; risking death at every turn – because you can’t bring yourself to leave the large collection of pearls which your father sold you.

    Meanwhile – everyone is telling you: ‘Those pearls are fake! Just leave them! See – this is what a real pearl looks like! Just get out of there!’…

    But you refuse to believe that your pearls are fake, and you refuse to believe that this man (who you know is NOT yoour father) who wants to kill you would ever lie to you or sell you fake pearls!

    Not only that – but you refuse to acknowedge that many of the things ‘your father’ told you WERE LIES! You know that he’s been shown to be a LIAR – but for some reason you think he would never lie to YOU!

    If we are EVER going to understand HOW DEEP this rabbit-hole goes… then we must go BACK in time – WAY BACK! Doing this – you will see that many tpoics which seem ‘off-topic’ and spurious are – IN FACT – getting AT THE ROOT!

    The ROOT is the LOSS of TRUE Christianity in us. Do you think this was an accident?

    Read ‘The Protocols of Zion’ and see that these things have been engineered… REVERSE engineering can show us how we got here.

    If we’re EVER going to get OUT OF this mess… then we must understand HOW WE GOT *IN* this mess to begin with!

    Now – I certainly don’t wish to upset you sir… but I have one question for you:

    *WHY* did the U.S. ever enter into WWI & WWII ?


  97. Brother Nathanael January 27, 2010 @ 4:47 pm

    Hi Everybody –

    I am NOW in Boston for Street Evangelism.

    The plane got in at 2 PM and I was OUT ON THE STREETS at 3:30 PM to 6 :30 PM of Brookline MA, a bedroom community 10 minutes outside of Boston Proper.

    It is VERY COLD and DAMP here in Boston BUT the response was INCREDIBLY POSITIVE!

    People were waving, honking their horns,yelling out, “God Bless You,” “Thank you!” and people were coming up to talk to me about Christ.

    Many came up to me asking for a “Blessing” with the Cross I hold.

    Even some Jews were nodding their head YES when they passed me. I was AMAZED. (These were secular Jews.)

    A policeman, Officer Sullivan, a born-and-bred Roman Catholic, STOOD WITH ME for a good 15 minutes to “show his support” for what I was doing.

    He said to me, “I am sure a lot of people don’t like me standing with you. But I want to show this community that what you are doing is very important.”

    Then about 3 police cars starting driving by and honking and waving! I was AMAZED!

    The nite concluded by a nice young couple who told the Police officer while I was standing on the median strip and he was directing traffic to call me over so that they can talk with me.

    He yelled out, “Brother Nathanael. This fine Christian couple want to speak with you about the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Officer Sullivan was very BOLD in HIS witness for Christ PUBLICALLY!

    I went over to the couple and they were so excited by what I was doing and ASKED how I came to Christ and if I was a former Jew. (I do LOOK Jewish.)

    As I was sharing my story with them, a woman came up to me and facing the Cross started kissing it. I was AMAZED!

    Wow! I am so excited and SO encouraged by this evening’s outing for Christ HOLDING HIGH the GLORIOUS CROSS OF CHRIST!

    I will be out tomorrow morning for rush hour here in Brookline. Then I go to South Station downtown Boston, then Harvard Sq. Then back to Brookline for evening Rush Hour.

    Will You Please Consider Helping me to support my ministry both here online and on the streets?

    Donations have been very low this month, probably lower than ever before. I can hardly make expenses for Real Zionist News online let alone the high expenses for travel for Street Evangelism.

    I WORK for a living with these articles. At least that is what I am trying to do. But, sadly, very few donate to help keep OUR site online.

    If it wasn’t for the same “few” and some new contributers, I would have had to shut it all down many months ago, especially after Pay Pal BANNED me.

    There is a DONATION FEATURE BUTTON on the Top & Bottom of this and every Real Zionist News article. Or simple Click:

    This is a HASSLE FREE, USER FRIENDLY, SECURED, Online Donation Feature.

    Donations May Also Be Safely Sent By Snail Mail To:

    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Many Thanks To Those “Few” Who Do Donate!

    I thank ALL OF YOU for your Prayers.

    With Much Love AND Appreciation in Christ,

    Your +Brother, Nathanael

  98. Stav January 27, 2010 @ 6:16 pm

    Br. Nathanael,

    May Jesus Christ and his Saints be with you out there! You are doing a great job!


  99. Michael K. January 27, 2010 @ 8:25 pm

    Dear Prodigal Son,

    I think you are taking the morally wrong approach to Joe Cortina. You are justified by your zeal for the truth, but you employ the wrong arguments to advance it. An appreciation of human nature might lead you to understand that Joe Cortina is mentally tough and will not become tenderer no matter how much anyone beats him up. Father Joseph is just the same.

    Most military types thrive on a fight and you will lose if your goal is to penetrate their defense and drive home the truth, as you see it. You cannot advance spiritual understanding by means of hostile debate. This is like trying to grow flowers with a flamethrower.

    I too find that Mr. Joe Cortina comes off as rigid, dogmatic and reactionary but it also seems that his heart is in the right place most of the time. If you find that anyone of any faith has his heart in the right place most of the time, you know that you have met a special person. Many have the right doctrine, few have the right heart.

    Because the limitation is the human heart and sin nature, not having the right doctrine is minor by comparison. Not all Orthodox are as saintly as Brother Nathanael. A good many are hardened sinners. Access to proper Orthodoxy doctrine does not make these people any more loving, they just ignore it and beat their kids and wife anyway.

    By contrast, all the key truths of Christ’s teachings are right there in Roman Catholic and Protestant reformed churches for those who are so attuned. The spirit that loves God will find the truth even if it is hard to get to. Roman Catholics aren’t too proud of their hierarchy, but they try to live according to the Gospel as much as their sinful human hearts will abide.

    Once I asked an old farmer if one breed or the other of oxen would be more intelligent and hence trainable, and he dryly answered that in his experience it was not the intelligence of the animal that was the limiting factor. In the same way the truths which Orthodox tradition tries to convey are right there in any Bible, although few people actually search for them there.

    We are on a path to Christ, and the Orthodox tradition is a tried and true map, but the map is not the territory and the rewards of the journey are for the one who does the walking. And if we go that route we will find others walking along side of us who are using different maps but are on the same road. The destination we are heading for is Christ and the manner in which we get there is unique to each soul.

    If you ever want to convince men like Joe Cortina of anything, wait until they ask you. For at that moment they are signaling that they are lowering the warriors’ shield in a truce and actually listening. Other than that your energy is 100% wasted in vain. This is the energy you need for your own journey to Christ so it is too precious to lose a drop of.

    You and I have got the zeal of a convert about our Orthodoxy, but I bet you that years of going to the same Orthodox church will show you that the presence of Christ is inside the hearts of the faithful few, and not there equally in all by virtue of their professed faith. Honor the Catholics who carry their crosses too. They are the salt by which the Catholic Church gets its flavor.

    Peace in Christ.

  100. Lynda January 27, 2010 @ 8:35 pm

    You are the one, Prodigal Son, who should read The Protocols of Zion and consider well the following:

    When the Elders of Zion name their chief foes in the entire world, those whom they must destroy, who do they name? Speaking of nations –

    “…the Russian Autocracy, the one and only foe we had in the whole world without counting the Papacy” Protocol 15.3.

    The Czar was the spiritual father of the Russian People and even in exile the Pope remains the spiritual father of the Roman Catholic Church.

    So it would stand to reason that the forces of hell would be deployed against these two foes of Zion Elders, their Dynasty, their Judeo-Masonic international nation state and its Imperium.

    This system is now universally in power over every nation. Unless you can find an Eastern document urbi et orbi that warned the Church and the World about this system and its agenda – then you will have to rely upon the witness of In Eminenti (1738) which named the Judaic Imperium and its Masonry (JudeoMasonry) as Counter Church and Counter State.

    Of this Imperium and the King of the Jews who will eventually lead it, the prophet Daniel writes: “And strength was given him against the continual sacrifice, because of sins: and truth shall be cast down on the ground.”

    What does this tell you, Prodigal? The antiChrist has power over the continual sacrifice. Did you not see the Masonic priests installed by the Revolutionary government in France ‘offering the sacrifice’ after the Revolution, did you not see the KGB installed as the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church, did you not see the overthrow of the Chair of Peter in Rome 1958 and the new mass which in effect extinguishes the eucharistic sacrament in the West.

    The Blessed Mother stated at La Salette: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the AntiChrist”.

    You have no concept of the struggle within the Catholic Church against the infiltrators and deceptocons that has been waged at all levels for centuries. You think that just because there is a struggle that there is no truth at issue.

    Those who fought the good fight for true doctrine were defeated in 1958. They were not decisively defeated because the Lord will restore his Church. But right now, as at the time of the Arian Crisis (400 years) they have the buildings and we have the faith.

    This is not news for the Roman Catholic Church adhering to the Holy Father. Why would any Catholic find it offensive that Brother Nathanael exposes the perfidy of Benedict the antipope? He should be exposed. Benedict works with the Sanhedrin -this is on the Vatican website.

  101. Wilson January 27, 2010 @ 8:38 pm

    If you love JESUS CHRIST, you ARE NOT anti-Semitic. In fact, if you are on the the side of the plight of the Palestinians you aren’t either.

    Jesus said, blessed are those who are not offended in me.

    You have your blessing.

    Reminder: Jesus was speaking to the Jews (and many, many heard).

    All you hear from the zionist press concerning the realities of God and them are lies.

    “Judaism,” the religion about the “Jews” is a front for their wicked deeds.

    “Wolves in sheeps’ clothing.”


  102. R. C. Christian January 27, 2010 @ 9:04 pm

    Simple brainwashing:

  103. Adora January 27, 2010 @ 10:23 pm

    Lately, I’ve been avoiding this web site because of the BORING! arguing about who knows more about catholic history or the Pope. The Pope who sits on a chair of gold and wears a crown of gold, that if he sold, he could feed the masses, (Jesus fed the masses) but the pope keeps his assets. Being a true Christian, I believe all popes are a fraud.

    Brother Nathanael, warned that, IT IS NOW TIME TO PREPARE OURSELVES AND OTHERS FOR THE COMING OF THE ANTI-CHRIST. He is informing us of the corrupt people in government and military who are working toward helping the anti-Christ come to power.

    He actually names the names of who is to blame. (Jews). He informed us that the leader of the White House, (chief of staff), a Jew, who is above the president of the United States of America, is a man that served in a foreign army (Israel) Ram Immanuel, a Jew.

    Which country do you think he serves in his heart of hearts? The majority of Americans are Christians, but their government is being run by Christ denying Jews. Yes, we are in trouble.

    Get started on your own vegetable garden. Plant fruit trees. Dig a water well. Become self-sufficient. You’ve been pre-warned. Those who deny Christ, are an anti-Christ. If Jews deny Christ, they are anti-Christ.

  104. The Prodigal Son January 27, 2010 @ 11:30 pm


    “Protestant translations”?!?

    The GREEK Septuagint Old Testament was written AT LEAST 1,500 years before Luther & the Protestant movement!

    The Septuagint was also written at least 500 years before Jerome’s Vulgate. ALL early Christians used the Septuagint!

    — — —


    ‘The African Synod of Hippo, in 393, approved the New Testament, as it stands today, together with the SEPTUAGINT books, a decision that was repeated by Councils of Carthage in 397 and 419.

    These councils were under the authority of St. Augustine, who regarded the canon as already closed. Pope Damasus I’s Council of Rome in 382, if the Decretum Gelasianum is correctly associated with it, issued a biblical canon identical to that mentioned above, or if not the list is at least a sixth century compilation.

    Likewise, Damasus’s commissioning of the Latin Vulgate edition of the Bible, c. 383, was instrumental in the fixation of the canon in the West.’

    — — —


    ‘The early Christian Church used the Septuagint, the oldest Greek version of the Hebrew Bible, as its religious text *until at least the mid-fourth century*. Until that time Greek was a major language of the Roman Empire and the language of the Church (except Syrian Orthodoxy which used the Syriac Peshitta and Ethiopian Orthodoxy which used the Geez).

    In the second century, the Jewish community (See the Gospel According to the Hebrews and the Ebionites) began expressing a strong distrust of the Septuagint (see also Council of Jamnia) and eventually abandoned it (as did the Vatican).

    Early church teachers and writers reacted with even stronger devotion, citing the Septuagint’s antiquity and its use by the Evangelists and Apostles.

    Being the Old Testament quoted by the Gospels and the Greek Church Fathers, the LXX had an essentially official status in the early Christian world.

    When Jerome undertook the revision of the Old Latin translations of the Septuagint in about 400 AD, he checked the Septuagint against the Hebrew text that was then available.

    (Supposedly) he came to believe that the Hebrew text better testified to Christ than the Septuagint. *He broke with church tradition* and translated most of the Old Testament of his Vulgate from Hebrew rather than Greek. (But if ALL of the early Churches used the Greek Septuagint – them WHERE did he find Hebrew texts? Rabbis of course!)

    His choice was severely criticized by Augustine, his contemporary, and others who regarded Jerome as a forger. But with the passage of time, acceptance of Jerome’s version gradually increased in the West until it displaced the Old Latin translations of the Septuagint.

    The Hebrew text differs in some passages that Christians hold to prophesy Christ, and the Eastern Orthodox Church STILL prefers to use the Septuagint as the basis for translating the Old Testament into other languages.

    Many modern critical translations of the Old Testament, while using the Hebrew text as their basis, consult the Septuagint as well as other versions in an attempt to reconstruct the meaning of the Hebrew text whenever the latter is unclear, *UNDENIABLY CORRUPT*, or ambiguous.

    Many of the oldest Biblical verses among the Dead Sea Scrolls, particularly those in Aramaic, correspond more closely with the Septuagint than with the Hebrew text.

    This confirms the scholarly consensus that the Septuagint represents a separate Hebrew text tradition from that which was later standardized as the Hebrew text (which was called the Masoretic Text, but SHOULD have been called the Pharisaic Text).

    Of the fuller quotations in the New Testament of the Old, nearly ONE HUNDRED agree with the modern form of the Septuagint while only SIX agree with the Hebrew text. The principal differences concern presumed Biblical prophecies relating to Christ.

    For example, the Septuagint of Isaiah contains the phrase “a virgin shall conceive” [Isa. 7:14] which is quoted in the New Testament, [Mt. 1:23] but the Masoretic Text of Isaiah instead says “a young woman shall conceive,” the Hebrew word for virgin being quite different.

    All the books of western canons of the Old Testament are found in the Septuagint, although the order does not always coincide with the modern ordering of the books. The Septuagint order for the Old Testament is evident in the earliest Christian Bibles (5th century), namely the Codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Alexandrinus and Peshitta.

    The New Testament makes a number of allusions to and may quote the additional books (as Orthodox Christians aver). The books are Tobit, Judith, Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom of Jesus Seirach, Baruch, Epistle of Jeremy (sometimes considered part of Baruch), additions to Daniel (The Prayer of Azarias, the Song of the Three Children, Sosanna and Bel and the Dragon), additions to Esther, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, 3 Maccabees, 4 Maccabees, 1 Esdras, Odes, including the Prayer of Manasses, and Psalm 151.’

    — — —

    The CHANGE from the use of the Septuagint to the Vulgate Old Testament is just ONE MORE curious CHANGE to that faith once delivered instituted by Rome.

  105. Lynda January 27, 2010 @ 11:46 pm

    Oh for crying out loud Adora. Have you actually been to a cathedral in either the Christian West or the East.

    The adornments of liturgy are in gold, samite, silks, embroidery. The most precious objects have always been given to the Lord’s House.

    Please do not imagine that the Christian East worshipped in holy poverty except during persecution.

    St John Chrysostom (maybe you’ve heard of him) whose feast day on the universal calendar of the West is today when he was the Archbishop of Constaninople complained that the number of (solid) gold chalices upon the altar of St Sofia was excessive – thus incuring the wrath of the Empress Eudoxia. And that great St built a hospital in Constaninople with the monies saved from his allowance and that of his monks because like St Francis he honoured holy poverty.

  106. KathJuliane January 28, 2010 @ 12:53 am

    “Jewish refugee scientists from war-torn Europe gathered in this desert terrain determined to beat Hitler’s Germany in achieving nuclear capability.

    “[Currently] the rabbi directs the classified research of 350 physicists and engineers. The synagogue’s religion chairperson explores the interface of biological and inorganic materials; the president is an MIT-trained computer analyst in America’s most important defense laboratory. The local Hadassah president works on radiation detection. Welcome to Los Alamos, New Mexico, population 18,000.

    “…After graduating from Harvard University, Oppenheimer traveled to the prestigious university in Gottingen, Germany, to study with the great physicists exploring applications of the quantum theory to the structure of atoms. He earned his Ph.D. under the eminent Nobel laureate Max Born. In March 1933, three months after Hitler became chancellor of Germany, the civil service dismissed all Jews.

    Leaving Germany that first year were 2,600 scientists and scholars, **most of them Jewish** [some to the US and Britain, some to Soviet Russia]. As Nazi power spread, they fled other European countries; among them were Victor Weisskopf, Edward Teller, Niels Bohr, Hans Bethe, John von Neumann, Enrico Fermi (not Jewish himself, but married to a Jew), Otto Frisch and Rudolf Peierls. Many would meet again on the mesas of Los Alamos.

    On August 2, 1939, Teller, with Leo Szilard and Eugene Wigner, who worked on the Manhattan Project mostly out of Chicago, drafted a letter; signed by Albert Einstein, to President Franklin D. Roosevelt apprising him of the nuclear research in Germany. They warned him that uranium could be turned into a “new and important source of energy” and that the situation called for “watchfulness, and if necessary, quick action…because extremely powerful bombs of a new type might be constructed.”

    Roosevelt appointed a commission to study the question, and on January 1, 1943, the University of California at Berkeley was chosen to operate a new laboratory. The government turned to Oppenheimer, then at the university, to head the team. He suggested Los Alamos with its sparse population, dense forest, distance from the nation’s coastlines and its **soul-enhancing beauty** for a secret laboratory site.”


    The flash released four times the heat of the interior of the sun and was seen 250 miles away.

    Two pages from the Bhagavad-Gita, flashed through Oppenheimer’s mind according to an interview about 1965 regarding the super-top secret Trinity shot of the Manhattan Project – the first detonation of the atomic bomb at Los Alamos during WW2.

    “We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita. Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and to impress him takes on his multi-armed form and says:

    “If the radiance of a thousand suns / were to burst into the sky / that would be like / the splendour of the Mighty One” and “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer/shatterer of worlds.”

    I suppose we all thought that one way or another.”

    -J. Robert Oppenheimer

    Since Oppenheimer, physicist-pantheistic mystic, was proficient in sanskrit he read the original text, and the translation is his own; I haven’t found any other translation with “I am become Death”.

    It might had been at least somewhat less well known had it simply been a classically poetic deity saying “I am death”, but here Oppenheimer’s proud Jew Kabbalah madness under the veneer of a cool and ‘demonically perfect possession’ 20 years after the Trinity shot momentarily asserted itself, certainly is even more chilling as the insanely proud satanic voice of Lucifer the Rebel boasts through him in the guise of a quiet and thoughtful physicist.

    Here’s the verse with a little context that would have gone through Oppenheimer’s mind. Prince Arjuna hesitates to attack the enemy with his army; Vishnu, in the incarnation of Krishna, encourages him, and motivates him by explaining how the world works, with reincarnations, Brahman, Maya etc. Arjuna asks to see Vishnu in his “cosmic”, i.e. real, form, a wish that is granted. The overwhelmed Arjuna asks of Vishnu:

    “Tell me who are you in such a fierce form? My salutations to you, O best of gods, be merciful! I wish to understand you, the primal Being, because I do not know your mission.

    The [Hindu] Supreme Lord said: I am death, the mighty destroyer of the world, out to destroy. Even without your participation all the warriors standing arrayed in the opposing armies shall cease to exist.

    Therefore, get up and attain glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a prosperous kingdom. All these (warriors) have already been destroyed by Me. You are only an instrument, O Arjuna.”

    Bhagavad Gita, chapter 11, verses 31-33

    Within syncretic pantheistic Babylonian Talmudism, derived as it is as a Jewified pagan Greek philosophy, which easily accommodates Hindu philosophy, the basis for neo-Gnostic Theosophy and Judeo-Gnostic Kabbalah, Freudianism and Jungianism, Shiva is considered the destroyer, the god of death.

    Some one who takes upon the task of cleansing the world of its evil elements as Rudra. And yet he is also worshipped as the benevolent, and giver of boons. In the Indian context, death and destruction is something associated with Shiva. A god who is peaceful, tranquil, and yet when provoked into a rage, goes on a cosmic dance of destruction and of death.

    The Oppenheim(er) family was a very old family with branches throughout Europe. Some family members achieved great fame and fortune.

    Heidelberg was a University town in the grand duchy of Baden, Germany. Although Jews were recorded as living in Heildeberg in 1253, The elector Rupert II. expelled all Jews in 1390. But they returned.

    From the middle of the fifteenth century onward Jews were regularly received in Heidelberg under comparatively favorable conditions. In 1704 thirteen Jewish families were living at Heidelberg, Some members of the Oppenheimer Family moved to Frankfurt am Main and Vienna and became extremely wealthy Court Jews and Bankers.

    The Oppenheimer / Oppenheim Families are descended from Samuel Wolf OPPENHEIMER also known as Samuel Heidelberg, were he was born.

    He moved to Vienna, and became a Court Jew to Emperor Leopold and Banker, imperial court factor. He enjoyed the especial favor of Emperor Leopold, to whom he advanced considerable sums of money for the Turkish war.

    When Austria was embarrassed by its depleted exchequer on the outbreak of the War of the Spanish Succession, in 1701, Samuel Oppenheimer and his two sons, together with the most important commercial houses of Germany, **took charge of the commissariat of the imperial forces in Lombardy, the Upper Rhenish states, Tyrol, Bavaria, and Hungary.**

    Another descendant of this family was the famous Joseph Süss Oppenheimer (1690-1738) who held the office of court factor to Prince Karl Alexander von Württemberg in Stuttgart. His mother was also a Frankfurt resident, and Jud Süss Oppenheimer often spent months in Frankfurt, where he owned a commodious house outside the Judengasse.

    Professor J. Robert Oppenheimer, the inventor of the Atomic Bomb was also a descendant of this family.

    Samuel Oppenheimer is the 17th great grandson of famous medieval French rabbi Schlomo Yitzachi aka: Rashi.

    H was also distantly related to philosopher-magician Kabbalist Rabbi Judah Loew the Maharal of Prague [of the famed Golem legend]. Loew was held in great esteem by his contemporaries and has had a profound impact on all streams of Judaism.

    “Special Tasks: The Memoirs of an Unwanted Witness-A Soviet Spymaster by Pavel Sudoplatov, … This secret policeman’s memoir contains explosive material. The atomic bomb secrets were betrayed not by the Rosenbergs but by none other than Robert Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi.

    … Sudoplatov, who managed the Soviet nuclear intelligence effort… insights into the Kremlin’s intrigues of the 1940s and 1950s, combined with the inevitable reappraisal of the Oppenheimer cause celebre (when the physicist was branded a US security risk), are astonishing evidence of secret influences in the [Jewish-controlled] domestic politics of both the U.S. and the USSR.”

    At the dawn of the nuclear age, an independent Australian journalist named Wilfred Burchett traveled to Japan to cover the aftermath of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and was especially interested in tracking down news of “atomic sickness” of survivors.

    The only problem was that General Douglas MacArthur had declared southern Japan off-limits, barring the press. The only journalists were those working as official propaganda organs for the government.

    William (“Atomic Bill”) L. Laurence, the Pulitzer Prize-winning science reporter for The New York Times was also on the payroll of the War Department and writing press releases for the Manhattan Project.

    Atomic Bill revered atomic weapons, crusading for them since 1929. In his article about the bombing of Nagasaki he saw riding with the air squadrons, (it was withheld by military censors until a month after the bombing), he wrote:

    “Awe-struck, we watched it shoot upward like a meteor coming from the earth instead of from outer space, becoming ever more alive as it climbed skyward through the white clouds. . . . It was a living thing, a new species of being, born right before our incredulous eyes.”

    Nagasaki was officially proclaimed a city on April 1, 1889. With Christianity legalized and the Kakure Kirishitan (Hidden Christians) coming out of hiding after close to 300 years catacomb existence with about 200 martyrs for Christ and the Cross recently beatified in 2008, Nagasaki regained its earlier role as a center of Roman Catholicism and other Christian missions in Japan.

    According to statistics found within Nagasaki Peace Park, the death toll from the atomic bombing totaled 73,884, as well as another 74,909 injured, and another several hundred thousand diseased and dying due to fallout and other illness caused by radiation.

    Nagasaki during WW2 was a Christian refuge city protected from the Shinto nationalists under long-standing diplomatic agreements with foreign states, and one of four cities that had not been previously bombarded, and US military intelligence would have known this. The bomb was detonated only some 100 yards from a Catholic cathedral.

    Antichrist Jew psychopathic insanity and sorcery, but they are ‘gods’, nightmare legends in their own minds.

  107. jgalindes January 28, 2010 @ 5:02 am

    Masters of the Universe

    “…Einstein’s letter to Roosevelt, dated august 2, 1939, was delivered personally to President Roosevelt by Alexander Sachs on October 11.

    Why did Einstein enlist an intermediary to bring this letter to Roosevelt, with whom he was on friendly terms?

    The atomic bomb program could not be launched without the necessary Wall Street sponsorship. Sachs, a Russian Jew, listed his profession as “economist” but was actually a bagman for the Rothschilds, who regularly delivered large sums of cash to Roosevelt in the White House.

    Sachs was an advisor to Eugene Meyer of the Lazard Freres International Banking House, and also with Lehman Brothers, another well known banker.

    Sachs’ delivery of the Einstein letter to the White House let Roosevelt know that the Rothschilds approved of the project and wished him to go full speed ahead…”

  108. Lynda January 28, 2010 @ 6:28 am

    And yada, yada, yada Prodigal Son.

    The Vulgate trans by St Jerome from the Septuagint and dilligently compared with the Hebrew mss of the Church in Jerusalem in the appox 350 A.D. is the canonized translation of the Western Patriarchate

    The Septuagint, the Vulgate and authorized translations from the Vulgate have always been used by the Western Christendom.

    The scripture is not of private interpretation. It is interpreted by the magisterium of the Church.

    The Catholic nations of the Western Christendom may be in ruins, but to my mind that is infinitely preferable to the victories of Pharisaiism.

    It is now sufficiently clear to me that the Great Schism which once I ignorantly lamented is essential for Christian truth to prevail.

    I read these posts and the hatred of the Cahtolic Church displayed on this messageboard and I am sickened by this Pharisaism, the eternal aggreived attitude of victim, this endless carping on what are perceived to be the centuries long sins the Catholics, the gloating over the wreck of the Latin Church – long forseen by the saints who knew there would come a time when the enemies of Christ would prevail.

    Well did our Lady state: “the errors of Russia.”

    And indeed we are commanded to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.

  109. Michael K. January 28, 2010 @ 8:02 am

    Forensic Armageddon (part 1)
    by M.K.

    This is an article where the subject of Armageddon is discussed, not as an attempt at solving the enigmatic riddles of the Revelations of St. John, but rather examining forensically how these riddles are being used as a script in a massive crime.

    This author is a believing Christian but will refrain from promoting the theory that the Revelations of St. John are useful guides to a divinatory sort of understanding of our immediate destiny, for this theory itself is the object of suspicion and the means by which a great crime is apparently being committed. Rather, this author takes the view that the real meaning of the Revelations is a mystery which will reveal itself in time, probably in hindsight, but it is not meant to be taken as if Revelations’ true mysteries are all possible to interpret beforehand.

    The sense that the Book of Revelations can be interpreted confidently without experiencing the future is precisely the sense of false pride which ‘goes before the fall’. It is the temptation by which Christians are being led astray into a destruction planned long in advance to occur by and through them. It is, in the words of the mind control researcher, a template.

    It is the template upon which the mind control script is programmed into the mind of the subject and once in place subverts the subject’s free will to a point where it guides his choices and actions both voluntarily and unconsciously. And in the words of the Church, it is a heresy, which leads away the unsuspecting from the true object of faith. So in both cases it is vital to gain a clear understanding of this template of heresy and how it is being sold to both Christians and New Agers worldwide as truth itself.

    The book “The Union Jack” (1971) is one unnamed author’s synthesis of the research of two American women, done in the decades following WW II, whose instincts presumably led them to question the basic assumptions that led America into the disastrous holocausts of great populations of non-combatants and the accompanying huge suffering and loss of life.

    Credit is here given to those who previously researched and wrote on the issue of World War III and Christian Armageddon-centered mind control who are named in the books dedication:

    Helen P. Lasell (author: Power Behind Government Today (1963 , NY: Liberty Publications, 270pp) ) and Catherine Palfrey Baldwin (author “And Men Wept” (1954, NY: Our Publications)). Baldwin is mentioned in the book “Women of the far right: the mothers’ movement and World War II”, by Glen Jeansonne, available online [1.]

    There is the influence of the feminine virtue of protective mother love evident in these works. These were intelligent women of learning morally challenged by the wartime annihilation of countless of millions and the tragic loss of hundreds of thousands of America’s most hopeful sons, and soon thereafter by an economic and moral decline of the nation. Their sense of duty to help rectify this huge error, which was evidently grounded in the Christian tradition, propelled them to the work of extensive research and the search for overall understanding.

    These women finally wrote books summarizing the facts and their own related conclusions. The women of “The Union Jack” all seem to be derived from an old stock of American patriots from the northeast, and their worldview could be described as Christian, Constitutional and traditionally patriotic.

    And their conclusions make a convincing argument that our traditional national enemies are presently attempting to program us with a narrative of future history based on bogus judaized Biblical prophesy.

  110. Michael K. January 28, 2010 @ 8:08 am

    Forensic Armageddon (part 2)
    by M.K.

    The majority of the English speaking peoples of the world can be deceived into accepting a false interpretation of Revelations and current events, resulting in the belief in a coming flesh-and-blood millennial Kingdom of Christ which is really Jewish Messianism, Noahide theocracy, Communitarianism and Zionism.

    This is the assumption upon which plans for World War III and a future world state are now apparently in motion. Through the combined propaganda of both Fundamentalist Christian churches and Hollywood movies visualizing an apocalyptic New Age future, the psyche of America and the Anglosphere is slowly being programmed to identify with the ‘End-Times’ script.

    Studies in trauma based mind control reveal that the emotional shock of living through actual apocalyptic battle scenes and epic disasters in the future will likely render all but the wisest survivors open to massive suggestion, particularly of a religious and political nature. It is in preparation for this great moment of vulnerability that the templates for a pre-planned future are being taught and programmed through the mass media and the churches, so that most people will respond according to the plan.

    The following quotes from “The Union Jack” were collected by Bobby Garner and presented by Nikki Raapana of the Anti-Communitarian League on her website [2.] They are a distillation of the relevant message in the book:

    “Masonry is the spirit of anti-Christ and the spirit of the unity of faith into a world religio-political state. While it denies with every breath the union of church and state, it is its spirit that has harmonized humanity into a collective world spiritual union. Though it takes on every political color imaginable it is of one spirit and one faith — the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God.” — Chapter 7

    “British Israel and a Zionist Millennial World Theocracy are one and the same regardless of the name or front that covers the deceit. Millennialism is Judaism (Pharisaism) and it is being used to promote world government under the Throne of Britain.” — Chapter 3

    “People who believe in any form of earthly paradise, Heaven on earth, New Age or Millennial Age are supporting British Communism.” — Chapter 3

    “The figure of ancient Babylon exists today in the spiritual Babylon of “Christianity.” It draws not the sword to dip the blood of martyrs but seeks to cut off their spirit from God for eternity.” — Chapter 6

    “In order to work this fakery the British Empire has infiltrated the Church with its Cabalistic Jews and Masons in order to give the Church the prophetic appearance of the harlot of mystery Babylon so that it can be “prophetically” destroyed.” — Chapter 5

    “Americans will be surprised to learn that America is being used as the major incubator of this neo-orthodox Christianity which is not antagonistic to Marxian Communism at all, but is indeed the spirit of it. It is this spiritual Communism in the guise of Christianity that is to emerge as the crowning achievement of world revolution.” — Prologue

    World War Three has been meticulously planned to appear to be the scriptural “Battle of Armageddon”. This has been evident since the time period of the above authors, but since then it has become increasingly clear that there is a UFO element involved. As hard as this may be to argue to a skeptic, there are a number of clues which indicate something like UFOs are part of the predictive prophesy which British Israel Zionism has been disseminating.

    In these various prophesies the Anglo-American Commonwealth and the State of Israel, playing the ‘armies of God’, are warred against by the great ‘Beast’, a coalition of Russia, China, the Islamic countries, with Africa and South America’s left-wing populist dictatorships.

    Prophesies supposedly coming from George Washington and General McClellan promise that America has a divine destiny guarded by national angels who rescue her when it seems that the ‘Beast’ has nearly overcome the defenses of the homeland, appearing in the sky and decisively turning the battle, wiping out the ‘Beast’ with some great display of power [3.]

    It seems likely in the light of current events that this portion of, “George Washington’s prophesy” may in fact refer to the planned employment of the Zionist entity’s secret space fleet to produce a seemingly miraculous victory by “heavenly hosts” for the Anglo-Israel alliance. This event is apparently the big shock they have prepared in order to brainwash people into a religious conviction that the Zionists have a divine mandate to rule.

    The existence of this space fleet was made public by UK hacker Gary McKinnon. Hacking into the Pentagon’s computer network he came upon prima facie evidence of the transfers and manifests surrounding this advanced ‘space Navy’ belonging to the Zionists. [4.]

    Furthermore, separately In May and again in July of 2009 a person referring to himself as “General Jeremiah” contacted researchers Don Nickoloff and Ken Adachi live during an internet radio broadcast [5.]

    Claiming to be from a Star Trek style ‘Federation of Planets’, but sounding more like a Southern Baptist military aristocrat from the US, he gave the hosts assurances that he was a devout Christian and was part of a mission of ‘space Christians’ to insure the stability and survival of the people of the Earth in the coming times ahead.

    Whether it is true or not, it is many times more likely that this “General Jeremiah” is a tool of the Zionist space fleet than that he represents a genuine Federation of planets. In any case, it is worthy of noting with suspicion that Ken Adachi has dropped out of cyberspace completely and off his website without a single word. His last posting was 22 December, 2009 and he hasn’t been heard from since, which is quite irregular for him.

    There is also at present a New Age propaganda movement based on something called NESARA which puts forth the belief that benevolent ‘ascended masters’ from space ships are planning to intervene in our human destiny and to usher in an era of prosperity and peace through currency reform and the re-establishment of Constitutional common law. [6.]

    This movement comes complete with its own news aggregator conspiracy website in the style of, and sometimes linked to, the Jeff Rense one, often parsing out rare insider information from original sources [7.] A thorough examination of NESARA has led this author to conclude that it is a planned execution of a ‘One World’ currency and Communitarian wealth redistribution system based first in the ‘reform’ of the US, but then spreading the system worldwide.

    This resonates with “General McClellan’s prophesy”, which claims that after WW III, the US republic will grow into a worldwide universal state. All of these New Age prophesies and websites seem to indicate the same outcomes which just by chance are confluent with the interpretations of the Book of Revelations popularized by the British Israel Zionist movement and its Scofield Bible.

  111. Michael K. January 28, 2010 @ 8:16 am

    Forensic Armageddon (part 3)
    by M.K.

    This mind-control script has certain acts and scenes according to the predictive prophesy of Scofield, now evangelized throughout the Anglosphere and regarded by the deceived as the true message of Christianity. These include specific details: the emergence of the Anti-Christ; the rapture and tribulation period; the battle of Armageddon; and the second-coming of Christ and the Millennial Kingdom.

    It is contended that the evidence exists to indicate that a false fulfillment of those prophesies, or an event fulfilling the first one has been cynically planned to coincide with the year 2012. This project has seems to have been stewarded for generations by occultist Kabbalistic Zionists desirous of ushering in an occult New Age.

    Reason alone indicates that a similar wave of misguided Christian millennialist longing led to the First Crusade around the year 1000 A.D. Whatever theories and occult groups gave rise to the Crusades they have been around so long that they are effectively invisible most of the time. Yet these occult lineages have had centuries to work the influence of this New Age Millennialism, many from within positions of great religious learning and influence.

    By the same token it is reasonable to suppose that just as the first millennium did not turn out to be the end of the world despite certain prophesies to that effect, neither will the world actually end with the next great debacle. It just stands a chance of getting worse the more people get programmed with the script.

    This author contends that the acts and scenes of the Armageddon script are most likely meant be accompanied by HAARP displays and Tesla/Nazi/Area 51 secret space craft and weaponry. In fact below is a possible scenario where technology and infrastructure of that type could reasonably produce remarkable theatrical illusions (with the whole world as its stage) corresponding to Scofield prophesy.

    The coming of the Anti-Christ:

    Maitreya is the name for a person appearing to fulfill the role of the ‘Beast’, in the fashion of the Heglian dialectic of controlled opposition. This character is apparently alive and well on the Internet for anyone to learn about [8.] The Let Us Reason internet ministry makes credible connections between the Occult leader Dietrich Eckart’s attempt to summon Maitreya in the person of Hitler, his occult disciple. And between Maitreya’s apparent expected arrival in present day Iran [9.]

    This makes Maitreya, centered in Iran and attracting ‘Nazi’ followers and Muslims, the ultimate Hollywood super-villain to appear to oppose British Israel Zionism. As a supposed trans-human ‘ascended master’, and as Islam’s “twelfth Mahdi”, Maitreya’s arrival at the scene by UFO will be accompanied with many staged signs and wonders.

    He will unify the ‘Beast’ coalition of Communist, Ant-Semitic, Islamic and third world countries. And then they, emboldened by his magical leadership, will rally in an attempt to overcome America, the UK Commonwealth and Israel, a ‘tying down of Gulliver’ if you will, which they will devoutly believe is a pious and honorable duty for a Muslim and so forth.

    Of course by that time the Bush plan of creating white race-patriot and Fundamentalist Christian reaction by having a foreign born black bisexual radical Communist preside over the greatest economic and cultural crash in America’s history will presumably have led to a political victory for the Sarah Palin-type Republican electoral machine and its Zionist corporatist fascism.

    Throwing the traitor atheist trash out, they will inherit a government fit for their own ambitions with a greatly enhanced domestic police state apparatus, a corporate-owned public sector and a trebled Pentagon budget. And an ally in a full blown regional crisis: The State of Israel. Thus will the stage likely be set by 2012.

    The Rapture, the Tribulation Period and the Battle of Armageddon:

    One can scarcely imagine any intelligent person in command of the resources of the English-speaking world laying plans far in advance for WW III and not making provision for deep underground/undersea survival bases.

    In fact books, stories and websites all attest to the existence of vast underground facilities. One often-cited anecdote is that the patent for the ‘Therm-bol’ nuclear powered drilling machine has existed since the 1950’s. Whatever the case, most people reading this are probably aware that these capabilities and facilities exist “from the cold war era” at the very least, and only the present extent is unknown.

    How then to remove the families of the privileged few to safety, as well as many more brainwashed lower-downs for servants and clean genetic breeding stock? How then to do so without the risk of massive civil upheaval resulting in a failure to get the ‘chosen ones’ to shelters and blowing the cover of the deception?

    The best way would be to do so suddenly and stealthily using hidden transportation assets like underground tube trains, secret airports and possibly even UFO technology to ‘spirit away’ these people and simply make them appear to vanish. Certainly, there will be those who witness what has truly happened, but without support from the media they will remain silent.

    How will this mysterious disappearance seem to those who have been programmed with the template of Scofield’s Armageddon? It will be believed to have been ‘the Rapture’ and these people will be widely believed to have been taken up to Jesus.

    In fact, many well connected Jews, and gentiles from the upper echelons of Zionist churches and government will likely be removed to safety. But for the ‘left behind’ it will seem as though God has decided to put them through the ‘tribulation period’. This will only further reinforce the program for all those within it, and may serve to win many more converts who wish to repent since judgment is apparently at hand.

    The war which will then befall will flatten America and vast segments of those who survive will be health-damaged and reduced to extreme poverty and hunger. World War Three will be waged against the ‘left behind’ populace by the ‘Beast’ coalition, on American soil and in Israel and the Middle East.

    This war will be and was always intended to be a rout, since ‘angelic’ forces come in to do battle on one side. The ‘Beast’ modern armies of the world will spread destruction far and wide, but will ultimately not stand a chance against even one hundred flying saucers with beam weapons, force fields and cloaking devices. The Communist, Islamic and third world countries will be reduced to utter military ruin, they will lose many of their men, and hunger and fallout will kill many more within their vulnerable populations.

    Hypothetically, the Russians possess some UFO craft of their own. They might be used as part of the Maitreya deception due to the likely case that a network of secret Zionist fellow travelers holds key positions of military power within the Russian Federation, probably posing as ultra-nationalists. It is not suggested that Russia’s secret space assets are at the command of its president or prime minister or that they are in fact public property at all.

    One only has to spend some time studying the fundamentalist Scofield Revelations material to see that at the apex of the coming WW III, it is predicted there will be a great battle between ‘all the armies of the world’ and the ‘armies of God’.

    They expect this to literally occur in the valley of Meggido in the north of present day Israel when the ‘Beast’ armies of Gog (Russia) try to roll in and conquer it. But they are to be met with shining white UFOs armed with ‘Star Wars’ weaponry.

    This will reinforce the ‘End times’ programming as well, leaving prophesy from the Bible apparently fulfilled. Although in reality it will be a cynical slaughter that the poorer nations of the earth will be led into by occult manipulators like Maitreya, who himself is merely a creation of the Luciferians after the methodology of Hegel.

    The defeat will be complete and shattering, leaving the entire world at the mercy of the Anglo-Israel alliance’s military. “Every knee shall bend and every tongue shall confess that he is Lord” will probably find its most ironic application at that time.

  112. Michael K. January 28, 2010 @ 8:26 am

    Forensic Armageddon (part 4)
    by M.K.

    The second coming of Christ and the Millennial Kingdom:

    The Zionists with their invincible ‘angelic’ UFO fleet will have conquered the dark forces of Maitreya, and have spared the ‘best’ of the people to repopulate the earth as “light workers”. They will provide us with both meaning and context in our world after the war.

    Who knows who or what they will say ‘Christ’ is, but the important thing to understand is that ‘Christ’ will be whoever they say he is. If they say he’s a man, he will be a man. If they say he’s a king, he will be a king. If they say he’s just an idea then he’s just an idea. But they will instruct us in how to view him. They will inaugurate a worldwide Communitarian system which they will enforce with instant death for rebellion.

    This system will seductively appear to be all things good to the flesh: it will talk in the most pious and highest philosophical terms; it will feed everyone, there will be no crime, it will be ‘green’ and use organics and new clean technology for energy production and to clean up and restore the earth. Men will serve it from their hearts. They will come to believe that paradise on earth has finally arrived. At least at first …

    A relevant excerpt from Chapter 7 of “The Union Jack”:

    “It is with the establishment of this political religion in the name and form of Christianity which has caused the hope of the world to be the kingdom of God on earth. This spiritual unity of heaven and earth is the Judaized Pharisaic veil of world revolution. It is precisely the political rabbinicism which caused the blindness of the jews, their rejection of Christ’s kingdom of Grace and His subsequent crucifixion by them.”

    “It is also the source of spiritual blindness which denies the blessings of the grace of Christ and divides us against ourselves. We cannot have God The Holy Spirit and a natural messiah; we cannot have America and the kingdom of God on earth.

    We must choose this day between Jesus Christ and the Cosmic Christ of British Israel Masonry; we must choose this day between the United States of America and the World State Kingdom of God on Earth British Empire. We cannot serve both God and mammon; we cannot serve both the Stars and Stripes and the Union Jack.”

    “We must keep in mind that the Empire runs the world with its servant Masonry and that Masonry knows the meaning of the anxiety of race war and revolution in America and its planned objective of World Government in the name of Christ…”

    “Absolute tyranny must be erected upon mind control, the process of which is completely subtle to its subjects. The reversing of the conscience of man, through a slow process of reeducation, builds a receptive spirit to the invisible power of suggestion.”

    “Man can then become enslaved and betrayed with his own thoughts. He has indeed become a mental robot, completely unaware that he is such, and absolutely oblivious to the invisible power that controls him. So then, as man thinks to do “good” he does evil; as he proclaims Christ he denies Him; as he seeks truth he tramples it; as he strives for political freedom he engages in sedition. In all these things he has the image of respectability and he believes in his heart he is right.”

    “Mind control motivates ideological zeal, as opposed to superficial conviction. It is the solidification of ideological zeal for the world kingdom that causes the people to unwittingly subvert their national system into a world order, and when man is divided against himself, he is divided against God and His country — not passively but actively.”

    In conclusion, the forensic examination of the goals and methods of Zionist Millennialism and its associated false prophesies and twisted Jewish Messianic interpretations of the Book of Revelations supports the finding that the pattern is intentionally seditious, criminal and revolutionary in its motives and in its intended effect upon its targets.

    In assistance with this effort, it would seem that the ‘Black-Ops’ aspect of our country is fully in on this deception, and that most of its members are probably enculted into this New Age Judeo-Christian mythology and voluntarily acting on its behalf. With the combined assistance of Hollywood, the Mainstream Media and the Defense-Technological complex, our judaized churches are preparing to exercise their political might in seizing the coming elections.

    What may be heralded as a conservative reaction will actually mean a takeover by an even more radical group than the Communists. Putting this group at the helm is necessary to frame up World War III to fit the template.

    There is also a role given to ‘anti-Semites’, Jew haters and wannabe Nazis in this script. It is the role of arch-nemesis under the ‘Anti-Christ’ Maitreya, who will claim to be both Islam’s “twelfth Mahdi” and a Buddhist avatar. Not only that, but one can expect him to be a rational sounding critic of Israel and to appear very holy.

    The peoples of the second and third world will take hope in his message of a unified spiritual alliance against Zionism and global brotherhood between all religions, while at the same time Christian Zionists will be quick to conclude that he is Satan incarnate and that the Book of Revelations is coming true according to Scofield. This will cement opinion in America and it will be a bad time to be an ‘anti-Semite’, Islamic or Black.

    A strong component of racism is present in the name ‘The Beast’, which in part refers to the Pharisaical belief that all colored people are ‘beasts of the field’ and sub-human. Maitreya cynically holds out false hope to the oppressed people of the Earth, uniting them to advance onto the battlefield on cue for their ultimate soul-shattering destruction and betrayal to a vastly more technologically advanced enemy. This will seem to prove that Christian Zionism is the ‘one true faith’ in God.

    The final intended outcome of the Third World War by the ruling criminal cabal seems to be the reduction of the ‘surface population’ to ‘manageable levels’, and their deprivation under abject poverty and virtual slavery in pursuit of hand-to-mouth needs.

    This will be an opportunity for sharing in the ‘community-oriented’ charity of the Zionists, from supplies stored in vast underground warehouses, which will be given along with a smooth sounding pitch for the ownership of all property by the greater ‘community’ by and through their benevolent ‘Christian’ ministry.

    Other options at this time may include dying, being killed and hiding out in secret with supplies. But for most surviving people there will be a deeply emotional conversion as they receive this ‘loving gift’ of life saving help and an exhilarating spirit of Millennial optimism. At that point, saying what I am writing now might likely get you killed by a mob or detained by Zionists for re-education.

    So we have outlined the goals and grand strategy of the enemies of mankind to defraud and dispossess the entire earth of its self-ownership. They will attempt to bring in their Messiah through the Hegelian dialectic. They expect to finish off any last resistance quickly once civilization has been brought to its knees and converted to its ‘brotherhood’ religion by cynical deception, shocking deprivation and mind-control.

    They have a path to victory lined up and the pieces are in motion on the grand chessboard. What does it really mean? How will it all turn out? Will they really get away with it? To try to answer these questions one must live out the answer. If one is not willing to dutifully hold to the truth whether or not he will be shown victory, the same is unworthy to be given real peace. Are these the times spoken of in Revelations? To attempt prophetic divination is to try to grasp the water.

    Whatever will be, will be and we must live our best regardless. But one thing is certain: there is a criminal and occult plan to use Scofield’s interpretation as a script to enact WW III under the identity of Armageddon, thereby gaining the Zionists the supreme throne of this world in Jerusalem and the willful obedience of mankind. And it now seems like the eleventh hour before midnight for that plan.

    The Peace of Christ be with You.

  113. Fr. Joseph January 28, 2010 @ 8:49 am

    Dear Br. Nathanael,

    Regarding BOSTON – the spiritual and civic-social battle between the Catholics and the Talmudic-Babylonian MASONS goes back to the “birth” of the United States of America IN and all around BOSTON.

    That’s one of the reasons why you’ve been “shocked” by the support from so many U.S. CITIZENS of Boston – to include Boston’s own Police officers.

    St. Michael the Archangel, Patron Saint of those in the POLICE and MILITARY, was standing with Officer Sullivan who took the time to stand with you.

    “A Threefold Cord Is Not Easily Broken.”
    – Ecclesiasties

    – Fr. Joseph

  114. Fr. Joseph January 28, 2010 @ 9:07 am

    Prodigal Son,

    And what are you going to do with “your” Christianity realizing that St. Peter himself DENIED Christ Jesus three times – that St. Paul participating in the STONING of St. Stephen the Deacon.

    Per your religious criteria that you apply vs. the Catholic Church, the denials of St. Peter and St. Paul’s participating at the stoning of St. Stephen render anything and everything about “Christianity” SUSPECT, tainted, doubtful and untrue.

    If the Church’s St. Peter and St. Paul and Judas himself as APOSTLES betrayed Christ Jesus in their own particular way – then per your method of thinking and asserting – the entire lineage and structure of ‘Apostolic Succession’ NEVER DID exist in the very first place.

    But God’s Thoughts and His Ways are far, far more superior to your thoughts and your ways.

    At the religious-spiritual-theological level, all of these personal assertions of yours are a ‘Creedal Statement’ that God Himself WILL NOT ‘forgive sin’ and NEVER WILL ‘forgive sin’ and did nothing of and by Himself to reconcile the peoples of this sinful World unto Himself.

    Does it UPSET YOU that God Himself can and will FORGIVE people inside and outside of the Church for FAILING Him as well as FAILING to live up to their moral responsibilities to Him, to others and to themselves?

    If it DOES – then your personal understand and level of Christian spirituality is rather stunted.

    – Fr. Joseph

  115. Fr. Joseph January 28, 2010 @ 10:02 am

    Prodigal Son,

    Now regarding your “stunted” Christian spirituality and understanding of the Faith and this personal rant of yours against Mr. Joe Cortina:

    1st – Try to develop some RESPECT for your elders.

    2nd – Try to grasp the understanding that all of your finger pointing and judgments levied against others and enumerating their faults or failings – whether those faults and failings are TRUE OR NOT – does not in any manner, shape or form establish YOUR purity, sanctity and religious-spiritual holiness.

    3rd – Attempt to recognize the spiritual and moral STRENGTH in having strong personal convictions on account of those holding such convictions – whether popular or not – are a sign of personal interior INTEGRITY – and personal INTEGRITY is the foundation upon which ALL human character and spirituality are based. St. Peter held to his personal convictions with INTEGRITY, and the Lord chose him to be the one upon which He chose to begin buidling His Church.

    Yet, when one’s own sense of personally adhered to INTEGRITY becomes a source of perosnal PRIDE, then that smug sense of personal PRIDE in one’s own INTEGRITY has to suffer/experience an internal ‘earthquake’ in order to bring that INTEGRITY back under the the human spiritual virtue of HUMLITY.

    That is why the Lord informed St. Peter that he, St. Peter, would DENY HIM THREE TIMES BEFORE THE COCK CROWED.

    And St. Peter’s PRIDE in his own personal sense of INTEGRITY was summarily CRUSHED. But his spiritual INTEGRITY remained intact.

    Hence, show Mr. Joe Cortina some personal human-to-human RESPECT for the personal INTEGRITY that is his. Do THAT and you yourself will begin possess your own personal INTEGRITY. And your own personal unseen character will GROW as well – and your own personal life will begin to experience it’s own spiritual transformation into the “Metanoia” our All-good God and Savior desires for ALL OF US to really and truly possess both in THIS LIFE and in the LIFE TO COME.

    4th – Do NOT denounce others for what you consider ‘faults’ and ‘failings’ who, by an act of their own free will, choose to UNDERTAKE the great responsibilitys of any and all ‘vocations’, ‘tasks’ and ‘deeds’ that MUST BE DONE in order to ensure the continuation of a good, healthy, safe and wholesome Human Society. It takes COURAGE as well as FORTITUDE for any real life flesh-and-blood man or woman in order to engage in and undertake in such vocations, tasks and deeds.

    SOLDIERS, GOOD SOLDIERS, are required by a GOOD NATION and a GOOD PEOPLE in order to NOT FALL into the hands and at the feet of EVIL SOLDIERS, EVIL NATIONS and EVIL PEOPLE.

    Courage and Fortitude are Spiritual Gifts of God the Holy Spirit Himself. Courage and Fortitude are ‘HOLY’ in the Spiritual Sight of God Himself. That is why SOLDIERS, true SOLDIERS who understand what SOLDIERING is really and truly all about are CAPABLE of ‘Acknowledging’ and ‘Saluting’ their ENEMY COMBATANTS who are captured during times of war and are rendered ‘Prisoner of War’.

    5th – Use your ‘ORTHODOX’ Faith and your ‘ORTHDOX’ prayers TO PRAY FOR Joe Cortina so that God Himself might tend to any and all lingering UNSEEN battle scars and wounds his UNSEEN human spirit has suffered and endured on account of his LOYAL and FAITHFUL and COURAGEOUS Military Service to this now BASTARDIZED United States of America.

    6th – The REASON why there was a ‘World War I’ and a ‘World War II’ was on account of GOD PUNISHING THIS ENTIRE WORLD for its SINS against Him and against each other.

    The SINS of so many other people in this World are the REASON why their are so many DEAD Military Servicemen in the National Cemeteries the World over.

    It is on account of the SINS of the people of their respective nations the World over that so many Military Servicemen (and women) have been WOUNDED in both body as well as in mind-heart-soul-spirit.

    Make the personal effort to THINK ABOUT and DWELL UPON these sorts of religious-spiritual TRUTHS and REALITIES, and you will begin to grown upright in your Christian Faith and in your personal Christian spiritual life.

    In closing, I’ll offer you this bit of spiritual counsel and advise:


    – Fr. Joseph

  116. KathJuliane January 28, 2010 @ 10:29 am

    …Patriarch Alexy II; secular name Alexey Mikhailovich Ridiger. After the Russian October Revolution in 1917, Alexey Ridiger’s father Mikhail became a refugee and the family settled in Estonia, first in Haapsalu where a shelter was provided by priest Ralph von zur Mühlen.

    Later Mikhail moved to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, where he met and married in 1926 Yelena Iosifovna Pisareva (1902–1959), who was born and later died there.

    Alexey Ridiger’s father graduated from the theological seminary in Tallinn in 1940 and was ordained a deacon and later a priest and served as the rector of the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God in Tallinn. Later, he was a member and the chairman of the Diocesan Council in Estonia.

    Alexey Ridiger was born and spent his childhood in the Republic of Estonia that had become a Russian Orthodox spiritual center and a home to many Russian émigrés after the Russian October Revolution in 1917.

    From his early childhood Alexey Ridiger served in the Orthodox Church under the guidance of his spiritual father: Archpriest Ioann Bogoyavlensky. Alexey Ridiger who had become a Soviet citizen served as an altar boy in the cathedral from May to October 1946. He was made a psalm-reader in St. Simeon’s Church later that year; in 1947, he officiated in the same office in the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in Tallinn.

    On 15 April 1950, he was ordained a deacon by Metropolitan Gregory (Chukov) of Leningrad, and on 17 April 1950, he was ordained a priest and appointed rector of the Theophany church in city of Jõhvi, Estonia, in the Tallinn Diocese. On 15 July 1957, Fr. Alexy was appointed Rector of the Cathedral of the Dormition in Tallinn and Dean of the Tartu district.

    Between 1945 and 1959 the official organization of the church was greatly expanded, although individual members of the clergy were occasionally arrested and exiled. The number of open churches reached 25,000. By 1957 about 22,000 Russian Orthodox churches had become active. But in 1959 Nikita Khrushchev initiated his own campaign against the Russian Orthodox Church and forced the closure of about 12,000 churches.

    By 1985 fewer than 7,000 churches remained active.

    It is estimated that 50,000 clergy were executed by the end of the Kruschev era.

    Members of the church hierarchy were jailed or forced out, their places taken by docile clergy, many of whom had ties with the KGB.

    [And, prior to 1980, it would have been very unusual for someone’s file to NOT have a KGB code name, whether they had any KGB ties or not.]

    During the era of Kruschev’s persecutions of the Church, (corresponding with the decade of Vatican II) Alexey was elevated to the rank of Archpriest on 17 August 1958, and on 30 March 1959 he was appointed Dean of the united Tartu-Viljandi deanery of the Tallinn diocese. On 3 March 1961 he was tonsured a monk in the Trinity Cathedral of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius.

    On 14 August 1961, he was chosen to be the Orthodox Church Bishop of Tallinn and Estonia. On 23 June 1964, he was elevated to the rank of archbishop; and, on 25 February 1968, at the age of 39, metropolitan.

    In 1986 he was released from the post of the Chancellor, which he had held since 1961 and which allowed him to be based in the Moscow Patriarchy’s headquarters, and transferred to Leningrad; the decision was effectively made by the Council for Religious Affairs and was later presented by Alexey as punishment for his letter in December 1985 to Mikhail Gorbachev with proposals of reforms to church-state relations.

    Elected Patriarch of Moscow one and half years prior to the Soviet Union’s collapse, he became the first Russian Patriarch of the post-Soviet period.

    Patriarch Alexy II was “the first patriarch in Soviet history to be chosen without government pressure; candidates were nominated from the floor, and the election was conducted by secret ballot”.

    [The Patriarchate of Russia was abolished in the year 1701 by Tzar Peter the Great, and the Sobor of the Russian Church was then established under his rule. After the abdication of the Tzar Nicholas II in Mar 1917, the Synod reinstituted the patriarchal throne during the Keremnski government in the throes of the communist revolution, thus reestablishing the proper canonical order between Church and State under Justinian’s model of Symphonia, with the Patriarch the spiritual father and shepherd of the Local Church.

    Using the ancient biblical form of episcopal election from the floor and then casting lots, St. Tikhon, was elected as the first Patriarch of Moscow by the will of God on Oct 23 O.S. (Nov 5 civil calendar) the same year, on the feast day of Holy Apostle James, the Brother of the Lord, Bishop of Jerusalem, just prior to the Bolshevik Revolution.

    Warm, gentle, humble and approachable, much loved by Orthodox and heterodox Christians here and abroad during his episcopacy in North America, Tikhon did not change after becoming the primate of the Russian Orthodox Church. In accepting the will of the council, Patriarch Tikhon referred to the scroll that the Prophet Ezekiel had to eat, on which was written, “Lamentations, mourning, and woe.”

    He foresaw that his ministry would be filled with affliction and tears, but through all his suffering, he remained the same accessible, unassuming, and kindly person while showing firmness in Church matters, however, particularly when he had to defend the Church from her enemies. He bore a very heavy cross.

    He had to administer and direct the Church amidst wholesale church disorganization, without auxiliary administrative bodies, in conditions of internal schisms and upheavals by various adherents of the Living Church, renovationists, and autocephalists.

    The situation was complicated by external circumstances: the change of the political system, by the accession to power of the godless regime, by hunger, and civil war. This was a time when Church property was being confiscated, when clergy were subjected to court trials and persecutions, and Christ’s Church endured repression.

    News of this came to the Patriarch from all ends of Russia. His exceptionally high moral and religious authority helped him to unite the scattered and enfeebled flock. At a crucial time for the church, his unblemished name was a bright beacon pointing the way to the truth of Orthodoxy.

    In his messages, he called on people to fulfill the commandments of Christ, and to attain spiritual rebirth through repentance. His irreproachable life was an example to all.

    In order to save thousands of lives and to improve the general position of the church, the Patriarch took measures to prevent clergy from making purely political statements. On September 25, 1919, when the civil war was at its height, he issued a message to the clergy urging them to stay away from political struggle.

    Long suffering ill health, on his last day on earth in the evening, the Patriarch slept a little, then he woke up and asked what time it was. When he was told it was 11:45 P.M., he made the Sign of the Cross twice and said, “Glory to Thee, O Lord, glory to Thee.” He did not have time to cross himself a third time.

    There has been no break in apostolic continuity or communion with the rest of the Orthodox world, as the Orthodox Church of Russia also went into the Diaspora world and had established missions and dioceses in North America at the beginning of the 19th century. Moreover, as the “fullness of the Church” is found in each local church centered around the bishop. The exile Sobor of the RO Church Outside Russia submitted to the Patriarch of Serbia in 1921.]

    During the Kruschev persecutions beginning in 1958, while Alexy was bishop of Tallinn in 1961, he vigorously resisted the communist authorities’ efforts to shut down churches and monasteries. Official records show that the Tallinn diocese had a lower number of forced church closings than was typical in the rest of the USSR during Patriarch Alexei’s tenure as bishop there.

    Upon taking on the role of Patriarch, Patriarch Alexy II became a vocal advocate of the rights of the church, calling for the Soviet government to allow religious education in the state schools and for a “freedom of conscience” law.


    Patriarch Alexy had acknowledged that compromises were made with the Soviet government by bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate, himself included, and publicly repented of these compromises in 1991. Taking full responsibility upon himself:

    …”Defending one thing, it was necessary to give somewhere else. Were there any other organizations, or any other people among those who had to carry responsibility not only for themselves but for thousands of other fates, who in those years in the Soviet Union were not compelled to act likewise? Before those people, however, to whom the compromises, silence, forced passivity or expressions of loyalty permitted by the leaders of the church in those years caused pain, before these people, and not only before God, I ask forgiveness, understanding and prayers.”

  117. Brother Nathanael January 28, 2010 @ 1:39 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family & All Readers,

    This is my 2nd day in Boston and it has been a MARATHON day on the street for my Street Evangelism.

    I started very early this morning to get the AM rush hour in Brookline MA, a very heavy trafficed area and a very Jewish neighborhood as well.

    Tons of police cars came by and they were WAVING and HONKING! Then the people started WAVING, HONKING, yelling out, “God Bless You!’, “Thank You!”

    AGAIN – I was simply amaazed at the response. I was out for nearly 3 hours in the snow and very cold weather BUT the overwhelming POSITIVE response kept me warm.

    Then I went downtown Boston for 12 PM rush hour. I go to South Station – a major hub of both walking and car traffic.

    No sooner do I start that a young man came running out of South Station yelling, “Is that Brother Nathanael? You’re Famous! You’re Famous!”

    Well, it was nice to hear, but I turned to him and said, “Not me. The LORD JESUS CHRIST is Famous!”

    The young man, Joshua, then told me I follows OUR site, Real Zionist News, regularly and THANKED me for coming to Boston.

    Then I turned to the heavy traffic, and I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH A POSTIVE RESPONSE in the 4 years of doing Street Evangelism.

    The HONKING, the Waving, The “God Bless You!” the people coming up to me, saying, “Thank You For What You Are Doing,” — “Someone’s Got To Do It & You Are Doing It!”

    I was AMAZED. The honking just would not stop. It was freezing out, but people were rolling down their windows, taking pictures, asking me about my message, and IT WAS INCREDIBLY Encouraging.

    Then I went to Harvard Sq and after about 20 minutes, a Jewish professor came up to me and began discussing with me his “commentary” on what I was doing.

    He said, “It was a group of Jews who brought Christianity to the world. You are now duplicating the same thing. This is in your genetic code to pursue this mission.”

    I replied, “It is not in my genetic code in what Christ the Jewish Messiah who conquered death has called me to.”

    The professor was intigued by my saying the Messiah “conquered death,” and asked for a further explanation.

    I began telling him of the Old Testament prophecies and how Christ fulfilled the prophecies of a “suffering Messiah.”

    He asked for my email address and said he would like to correspond with me.

    NOW I am back in Brookline. It is 3:35 PM EST and I am about to hit the streets. It is VERY COLD and SNOWING. Please keep me in your prayers everyone.

    AND – will you all please consider helping me financially to support my ministry both online and on the streets?

    I REALLY NEED and FEEL CALLED to go to EVERY MAJOR CITY in the US due to the TREMENDOUS positve Response I AM NOW GETTING.

    I think people are REALLY DISGUSTED with all the BS they are getting from “Barky” sock puppet, political rock star, Obama. AND they are DISGUSTED with ALL The JEW-BOUGHT Congressmen on Capitol Hill.

    Thus when they see somebody GENUINE – trying to bring a TRUE MESSAGE OF HOPE- The Holy Cross Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, They RESPOND ENTHUSIASTICALLY.

    There is a DONATION FEATURE BUTTON on the Top & Bottom of this and every Real Zionist News article. Or simple Click:

    This is a HASSLE FREE, USER FRIENDLY, SECURED, Online Donation Feature.

    Donations May Also Be Safely Sent By Snail Mail To:

    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Many Thanks To Those “Few” Who Do Donate!

    I thank ALL OF YOU for your Prayers.

    With Much Love AND Appreciation in Christ,

    Your +Brother In Christ, Nathanael

  118. charlie January 28, 2010 @ 1:46 pm

    If the Orthodox Church –

    “Cannot stand the heat, maybe they had better get out of the kitchen.”

    But the truth remains, that you do not and never have had the right disposition to communicate with the body and blood of Christ.

    Your communion is your stumbling block to your “oh so precious” claims of authenticity .

    “You will know them by their love.”

    And if you love Christ you will kneel for Him in Holy Communion. there IS no other way to receive Christ, period.

    As I’ve said before, if you are not kneeling at that moment, why bother kneeling at prayer?

  119. D.C.=THE NEW SOVIET/KHAZAR ERA MOSCOW January 28, 2010 @ 4:33 pm

    I’m amazed that there weren’t more virulent speaking antagonists at Harvard’s campus given the demographics of the institution during these times of Khazar pinko globalist control.

    That pleasant experience for Br. Nathanael on Harvard’s campus in and of itself is amazing.

    For Khazars – it’s Harvard for them and dumbed-down B.F. Skinner pinko redundancy for the goy.

    All viewers of this forum must see the documentary by Israeli Yoav Shamir-“Defamation” @
    under the entry 1/28/10

    “Defamation” exposes the arrogance and hype the Khazar ADL pushes on EVERYONE (including their own). It shows how sneaky and self-agrandizing pinko Jewish supremacists like Abe Foxman are.

    It features blacklisted by the establishment higher “ed” (aka NWO political indoctrination) but honest intellectuals like John Mearsheimer, Norman Finkelstein, and Steve Walt. Guys like the aforementioned and Dr. Duke are rational, civil, intellectuals who can’t get a fair shake because the Iron Curtain of Kosher mind control does all it can to discredit, detract, delay, and silence them.

    If only the masses could see through all the NWO media’s bull. People should boycott the NWO establishment press because, it’s all lies with an elitist agenda to continually oppress and eventually destroy the greatest human endeavor in history-Western CHRISTIAN civilization.

    In “Defamation” there is some street footage from NYC that indicates some public enlightenment. That’s a very encouraging phenomena in and of itself. It’s an excellent film.

    I’m glad the trip is going well.

    The truth is moving.

    It can never be stopped by ANY group no matter how special THEY may THINK they ARE because — Christ IS the Truth.

  120. Fr. Joseph January 28, 2010 @ 5:36 pm

    Dear Br. Nathanael,

    The single greatest “strategic” ADVANTAGE you have going for you in ALL that you do – either here with RZN or ‘out there’ out on the streets of the U.S.A. – despite ALL of the “tactical” obstacles that might have or will be thrown in your way is this:

    PEOPLE all throughout these United States of America and every last political nation-state of our contemporary World are all REALLY and TRULY created in the Image and Likeness of God, our Creator and our Common Eternal Father in Heaven.

    Everyone of THEM – everyone of US – are created to ‘see the Truth’, to ‘know the Truth’, to live IN ‘the Truth’s Truth’.

    And everyone of us have an innate spiritual, intellectual and emotional HUNGER and THIRST to be with, in and amongst an honest-to-goodness group of fellow LIKE-MINDED and LIKE-SPIRITED individuals who likewise desire to ‘Life The REAL Life’ that our Real God, Creator and Father created us FOR in the very first place!

    People HUNGER and THIRST to live in God’s Divine Freedom and Liberty rather than simply exist and subsist within the spiritual prison enclosures of satan’s spiritual slavery and licentiousness.

    ALL those people honking at you, thanking you and acknowledging you see in you a ‘Real Life Living’ human being – and they all IDENTIFY with you and your efforts on account of THEY really and truly being ‘Real Life Living’ human beings as well – but not at liberty to be doing that which YOU are doing on account of tending to necessary and vitally need human obligations.

    The Boston Police CANNOT STOP their vital role in being Police Officers. Boston men and women CANNOT STOP their vital role in being husbands and wives and parents.

    But YOUR witnessing to our Lord, our Savior, our God Incarnate Who Is the Creator and Sustainer of ALL that is seen and Unseen shares YOUR courage and fortitude and integrity WITH them – and YOU spiritually strengthen ALL OF THEM to have courage, fortitude, strenght and integrity in ALL that they are doing in BOSTON to live THEIR OWN ‘Real Lives’.

    To be sure, YOUR spiritual witness to the people of Boston lights and/or increases the spiritual FLAME in each and every last one of the people of Boston – and that our God, Creator and Father has called ALL OF US to ‘dare’ to live these lives of ours COURAGENOUSLY and BOLDLY in victorious DEFIANCE of all the subtle and overt attempts to get us into accepting lives of “quiet desperation”.

    And all of those people of BOSTON who feel their own spiritual flame “turned up” a Divine Notch or two – Christ Jesus Himself will see THEIR spiritual flame aglow – and He Himself will be able to USE THEM ALL just as THE LORD is using you to ‘Reignite A Divine Spiritual FIRE’ all across the U.S.A. and, for that matter, via the Internet – all throughout the peoples of the OTHER nations of our World who follow RZN and your articles and evangelistic efforts.

    “Divine NAPALM” is a most dreadful and fearful WEAPON amongst the satanic hordes – seen or unseen.

    – Fr. Joseph

  121. Fr. Joseph January 28, 2010 @ 6:02 pm

    Who knows?

    BOSTON “lit a FLAME” that caught all the DRIED OUT TINDER of spiritual-emotional RESENTMENT vs. ‘The British Empire’ here in North America on FIRE.

    Go ask ANY Firefighter in Los Angeles, San Diego and other cities-towns of California about just how difficult it is to STOP a spreading wildfire sparked into life by a lightning strike or deliberately set fire amongst the acres upon acres of DRIED TINDER.

    May God the Holy Spirit BLOW on all of the yet glowing SPIRITUAL EMBERS in the minds and hearts of people all across these United States of America and in every last nation-state of our contemporary World of 2010 Anno Domini.

    “Come, HOLY SPIRIT! Come by means of the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Your much beloved Spouse…and YOU will RENEW the face the earth for all the peoples of our World.”

    – Fr. Joseph

  122. The Prodigal Son January 28, 2010 @ 6:25 pm

    Hello Michael K,

    I am not trying to beat anyone up! I just don’t believe it is the place of anyone – except Br. Nathanael to tell me to shut up.

    RZN is ‘his house’ – and I will again quote his words as the guide I (and everyone SHOULD) keep in mind when posting here:

    “This is an open forum. All are free to express their opinions as long as there are no ‘Ad Hominems’.”

    Nor do I feel that I am engaged in “hostile debate”! Do I really come off as ‘hostile’?

    If I do – it’s a misconception because I feel nothing but love for all of you (including Captain Joe Cortina and Fr. Joseph)!

    I agree that Orthodox truth is there for all to see in their Bibles – but I think there are problems w/ that too. The Protestant idea of ‘sola scriptura’ is to blame for much of this… and fake ‘Jews’ are responsible for the rest.

    ‘Sola scriptura’ says you don’t need the Church or Holy Tradition… according to them – all you need is the Bible alone. What they’ve actually done is virtually ‘decapitate’ Christ by separating His head from His body!

    This is easily proven false in Christ’s promise that the Holy Spirit would lead THE CHURCH into all truth. If you believe in ‘sola scriptura’ – you are in essence calling Jesus (and consequently God Himself) a liar!

    Protestants (some 20,000 odd ‘denominations’ ALL interpret the Bible differently… They cannot ALL however – be CORRECT in their interpretations. So WHO to believe?

    If the Holy Spirit had REALLY ‘indwelled’ these Protestants & ‘Reformers’ AT the instant of belief (or through baptism – MINUS Chrismation) as they SAY…

    Then the Holy Spirit would have led them into ALL TRUTH – and consequently – ALL Protestants would now believe the SAME THING – having been led by the SAME Holy Spirit of God!

    So since all ‘Christians’ DO NOT believe the same things… then we have obviously NOT all been led into all truth.

    Protestants also believe that they are justified through their faith ALONE. The Orthodox Church (rightly) disagrees with this… So one (or both) of these groups HAS to be WRONG because there is ONLY ONE TRUTH.

    Part of the problem is the abstract (NEW) definition of ‘church’ adopted by Protestants. Once you come to the understanding that ‘the Church’ is/was a TANGIBLE, physical group of people – which have always been there… it becomes much easier to narrow the field.

    This is because the TANGIBLE Church was founded in (approx) 33AD (so it was there in the beginning) and because of the promise that the gates of Hades would not prevail against her (the bride – NOT the papacy)…

    So the true Church:
    1. Has ALWAYS been there…
    2. Must STILL be here
    3. Hasn’t changed anything

    The MAIN part of the problem however – is the perpetual ‘Jewish’ infiltration & interference within ‘Christendom’. I think one of the worst mistakes a Christian can make is to underestimate the level of ‘Jewish’ hatred toward Christ & His Church and resolve to destroy it.

    So many Protestants & ‘reformers’ now love and believe what ‘Jews’ tell them – MORE than they love and trust in other Christians! They want to learn Hebrew and study the (Masoretic (Pharisaic) Tanakh… thay think today’s ‘Jews’ are our ‘elder brothers’ in the faith!

    Poor naive souls! They are being turned into ‘Noachites’ and they don’t even have a CLUE! Even Jerome felt he had to see the Hebrew texts – but WHY? (This is the epitome of pride – thinking that he could do somehow do a better job than ‘The Seventy’ had long BEFORE Christ)…

    Bringing me to another thing that most ‘Christians’ don’t seem to understand… Namely – the fact that the vast majority of (Western) Bible ‘translations’ (abominations) ALL use the Pharisaic Masoretic ALTERED Hebrew texts as the basis for their Old Testaments!

    The oldest Masoretic texts date from around the 10th century AD! That’s 1000 years AFTER Christ!

    The ‘Jews’ (Pharisees) have CHANGED the O.T. Scriptures to obscure the truth of Christ in them… This was done in the beginning mostly for ‘Jewish’ consumption – but it affects many of the Christians of today in profound ways!

    How one looks at the Old Testament (or looking at a FALSE, corrupted O.T.) affects the way one views the New Testament. If your O.T. view (hermeneutic) is skewed… then your take on the N.T. Scriptures will neccessarily LIKEWISE be off kilter!

    I just cannot understand why SO MANY ‘Christians’ now trust the anti-Christ ‘Jews’ and their ALTERED Masoretic O.T. – MORE than they trust their fellow Christians and the ORIGINAL Christian O.T. in the Greek Septuagint (LXX)!

    I guess it’s one of those things that’s hard to see (especially if you refuse to look)… but once seen cannot be UN-seen.

    For me the verse where they changed ‘virgin’ to ‘young woman’ to hide the fact that the verse refers UNDENIABLY to Jesus the Christ and His mother – is the most GLARING offense…

    But they changed that part (and a few other key verses) for Christian consumption and slipped the rest of their LIES under the radar… and well-meaning ‘Christians’ to this day eat it up like candy.

    This is the same mistake made by Jerome when he went to Bethlehem… he was consulting ‘rabbis’ and their anti-Christ Pharisaic Hebrew texts – when he SHOULD have been consulting the Orthodox Churches which were there exclusively!

    I think I would be waiting a long time for Joe Cortina to ask me anything. He’s an officer – he’s not an ‘asker’… he’s a TELLER. Not a responder but a director – an officer to whom giving orders and being obeyed is the norm, and he has my respect.

    As for my energy – it is BOUNDLESS for Christ and His truth – and if I am stirred to say something… I trust now that God has a reason for stirring me – even if I may not know what it is.

    I do honor ‘Catholics’ who carry their Crosses – I can talk to them… it’s the ones who have abandoned the Cross for a ‘Miraculous Medal’ & who trust the pope more than Jesus that I don’t understand.

    To believe that Mary was ‘immaculately conceived’ (without original sin – which is manifest in the curse of physical DEATH) and that she is the ‘only’ one who can help us now is to deny Christ’s ATONEMENT and His triumph over Satan in defeating death.

    True PEACE through Christ!


  123. Ancient Christianity- One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church January 28, 2010 @ 7:24 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Greetings in Christ our Lord and Saviour for all mankind!

    A recent article from RUSSIA:

    A sign of the true CROSS OF CHRIST was seen in Russia, the city of Kostrama (population 280.000) and it foretells a warning…


  124. Lucas Smith January 28, 2010 @ 8:21 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    I also wanted to share my story of conversion from the evil Jew faith to the cross:

    I was born and raised a Jew in West Philadelphia many days I spent shooting b-ball outside of my school where Jews were all around, and mostly from what I could tell up to no good.

    One day this Jew Hershel began making real trouble in my neighborhood and actually fought me over some passages of the Talmud that I thought were just morally wrong. I began to struggle with many members of the community, when finally my mother had enough so she sent me to live with my aunt in Southern California.

    While with my new family my cousin Carlton and my uncle Phillip showed me the light of Jesus and prayed that I would, too. Finally my good friend Jeff took me to a small stream and after Hillary blessed the surroundings, I was dipped into the waters of salvation and emerged a prince in the Kingdom of Christ.

    Praise God to All.

  125. charlie January 28, 2010 @ 8:28 pm

    Haiti is just another step on the march to world control; just like Katrina, just like Middle East perpetual war WITHOUT mercy or meaning; just like the state of Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Angola, Congo, the destruction of Yugoslavia; European, American, Australian police states; the emergence of Catholic/Protestant church Takeover, communitarianism, poisoning of air, water, food, ‘medicines’, and bio- and geo- electrical pathways mind and soul assault, bombardment without respite, FINANCIAL, ECONOMIC, SCIENTIFIC GRAND THEFT etc, etc, etc.

    If I have left anything out, beware, they HAVE NOT.

  126. charlie January 28, 2010 @ 8:55 pm


    This is not the work of the “Jews”.

    Using the Bible for guidance, this is the work of the “Illuminati”, todays, scribes, pharisees, high priests.

    The Jews involved, without question all belong to a conspiracy which has its operation placed under the cover, just like the non-Jewish component of the conspiracy – of Freemasonry.

    There is no Jew involved in the conspiracy at a high level that is not a Freemason, of that you can be certain, for they are all connected, like a web and this web is invisible – but the fact that it does exist is as obvious as the nose on your face, for it works with such clockwork precision. The bottom line is Freemasonry.

    This is never mentioned on this board, and while it is not, they have nothing to fear from this board. They hav a free run. They themselves are willing to sacrifice “Jews” for their cause, have done, still do, and will continue to do so , praising them when it suits their purpose and controlling and damning them for the very same purposes.

    All Jews are culpable as are all non Jews for not seeking truth, heart truth and intellectual truth in this age of the Holy Spirit, and an information age where information and not just disinformation is available to all like never before in recorded history.

    This overall culpability is limited for each by the particular mission entrusted to each soul by God himself. For His plan for each and every soul is always at work, as He waits for each one to respond to His love, His revelation His incomprehensibly loving and merciful will. But even Almighty God is limited by time – our time.

    If you are listening, not just reading, I hope this helps, just a little, whoever you may be.

  127. Michael K. January 28, 2010 @ 8:59 pm

    Dear Prodigal Son,

    Thanks for your care in responding to my post. I think that this line is where you crossed an invisible boundary:

    “You seem to think that the military of today is nothing more than a bunch of cowardly, racist, murderous puppets – who dance to the tune of the ‘Jews’ music…

    But you think everything YOU did in the military was just and right and virtuous… and that your deeds were free from ‘Jewish’ direction?”

    Your ideas about how Joe Cortina views his military experience are not based in love, nor in knowledge. Addressing what you assume someone else thinks is rude and it is not a proper technique of argument.

    What you may have done here is more than you intended to, I believe. What soldiers go through in wars is often hard for them to deal with for the rest of their lives. I think you were being presumptuous and were approaching the borderline ad hominem attack.

    Perhaps that’s why Father Joseph said:

    “Use your ‘ORTHODOX’ Faith and your ‘ORTHODOX’ prayers TO PRAY FOR Joe Cortina so that God Himself might tend to any and all lingering UNSEEN battle scars and wounds his UNSEEN human spirit has suffered and endured on account of his LOYAL and FAITHFUL and COURAGEOUS Military Service to this now BASTARDIZED United States of America.”

    In my opinion he could not have spoken more truly. People start out young and full of trust and optimism in what they believe. The process of being deceived and betrayed is most painful. Remember the injunction not to ‘throw a stumbling block in front of another’. Some things are not fair game.

    Peace in Christ.

  128. The Prodigal Son January 28, 2010 @ 10:57 pm



    ‘The Vetus Latina (Old Latin from the Septuagint) remained in use in some circles even after Jerome’s Vulgate became the accepted standard throughout the Western Church.

    -Throughout Late Antiquity and most of the Middle Ages, the name **Vulgata was applied to the Greek Vulgate**, but as the acceptance of Jerome’s version overtook that of the Vetus Latina in the Western church (but WHY?), it began to be called the editio vulgata, a Latin analogue to the *OLDER GREEK* editio vulgata.

    The *earliest* known use of the term Vulgata to describe the new Latin translation (by Jerome now known as ‘The Vulgate’) was made by Roger Bacon in the 13th century.’

    — — —

    I’m sorry Lynda… but you’re wrong.

    Jerome – born in Dalmatia (Croatia) had a vision in 374 AD and changed his life to devote himself to ascetism and study of Scriptures.

    He was ordained a priest in 379 and in 382 he went to Rome and was appointed as secretary to pope Damasus.

    The pope had requested that Jerome make a REVISION (not a new translation) of the ‘Old Latin’ versions of the New Testament by the help of the (original) Greek.

    Pope Damasus NEVER asked Jerome to retranslate the Old Testament, and he was NEVER told to translate ANYTHING from (Pharisaic) Hebrew (especially not in the inexact paraphrasistic style he utilized).

    It was only AFTER Damasus had died in 384 AD that Jerome (having been forced out of Rome) was supposedly requested by his “friends” (the rabbis?) to begin another translation… this time of the Old Testament directly from the (Pharisaic) Hebrew.

    The ‘editio vulgata’ was a term which was ORIGINALLY applied to the Greek ‘Septuaginta’… Jerome’s work was first termed ‘editio nostra’ or ‘codices nostri’. ‘Vulgata editio’ simply means ‘current’ or ‘regularly used’ text.

    This term was only applied to Jerome’s latin from the (Pharisaic) Hebrew AFTER the Tridentine council (1545-1563)… and even then not exclusively (many still adhered to the Septuagint or the ‘Old Latin’ texts).

    I am no VICTIM, and I hold no hatred for ANYONE. Errors are not the same thing as sins.

    Orthodox don’t understand why ‘Traditional Catholics’ reject the pope’s ‘authoritative interpretation’ (as Orthodox likewise do)… but ALSO reject Orthodoxy at the same time – even though Orthodox feel essentially the same as you do.

    And I think you have actually given more credibility to my theory that the ‘Elders of Zion’ have run the vatican for quite some time now with your two quotes RE: Russia…

    “The Russian Autocracy – the one and only foe we had in the whole world without counting the papacy (which we already control).”

    – parens mine –

    “(…) The errors of Russia”.

    Sounds like those came the SAME PERSON!

    May these truths bear fruit.


  129. The Prodigal Son January 28, 2010 @ 11:10 pm

    P.S. Lynda,

    “Yada, yada, yada.”


    ‘The word “Yada” is Hebrew, and is used with great reverence in the Bible to denote God’s love for mankind, and for man’s desire to know God.

    The sense of the word is profound; it does not imply a casual relationship, but a deep and intimate relationship between God and man. The same word is also used to describe the way a man and wife should know one another.

    In this sense, “Yada, yada, yada,” might be understood as an ignorant disparagement of profound relationships, demeaning the word into a phrase that signifies nothing important.’

    “Oy Vey!”

  130. The Prodigal Son January 29, 2010 @ 12:07 am


    Read the ‘Protocols of Zion’!


    Worldwide Freemasonry is BASED on Kaballah and was created BY ‘Jews’ for the express purpose of subverting TRUE Christianity.

    The ONLY good ‘Jews’ are the ones who don’t call themselves ‘Jews’…

    Like Lucas Smith.

    — — —


    Good for you man!

    That was the part that convinced me that there are no good ‘Jews’ (save children or the ignorant)…

    At some point in every ‘Jew’s’ life – they come to realize what it REALLY means to be a ‘Jew’.

    At that point – if you agree with the Talmud… you are become anti-Christ. If you DISAGREE with the Talmud and ‘rabbinic’ Judaism (Pharisaism)… then you are a human being like the rest of us.

    Anyone who agrees with the filth that is found in the Talmud IS Satanic… ‘Jews’ are the very definition of anti-Christ.

    Anti-Christ = Anti-God!

    — — —

    Michael K,

    I really would have rather gotten a reply from Joe… but I know he’s reading this – so I’m still speaking to him (even if he doesn’t reply to my questions).

    The comments made by Joe Cortina RE: the miltary of today vs. the military of yesteryear did not appear here on this thread.

    I am referring (in part) to comments made by Mr. Cortina @ Mark Glenn’s excellent website:

    To your eyes – this is an unwarranted engagement I have made here… but I assure you that Mr. Cortina understands what I meant, and HAS stated what I have indicated here.

    I would also adjure you Michael K. to understand:

    What you are referring to as ‘The British Empire’ is REALLY the ROTHSCHILD’S empire!

    The ‘British Empire’ does NOT control the ‘Jews’…

    The ‘Jews’ control the British Empire…

    AND the U.S. AND France AND Germany AND Australia AND New Zealand AND Canada, etc, etc. Read the Protocols (which are NOT a forgery – no matter what Wikipedia says)!

    Don’t be fooled!

  131. KathJuliane January 29, 2010 @ 2:04 am

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus, Prodigal Son,

    Just to get to know Blessed Jerome a little better. The saint is a mighty champion of Christ and spiritual athlete, and his feast day has always been commemorated in the East. For how his work, and as well as that of Blessed Augustine took direction later on, blame can’t be laid at their feet.

    “Our venerable and God-bearing father Jerome was noted as a scholar of Latin at the time when Greek was considered the language of scholarship. He was one of the most learned of the Fathers of the Western Church and is noted as the translator of the holy scriptures into Latin. This translation, the Vulgate, became the official biblical text of the Roman Catholic Church. During his early adult life he traveled extensively, learning Greek and Hebrew, while pursing his rhetorical and philosophical studies.

    “Among the many treatises, commentaries, translations, and exegetical works that he undertook was the revision of the Latin bible using the more recent versions of the Hebrew Old Testament. An ascetic and harsh critic of secular excesses, he was a strong defender of the Orthodox faith against the heresies of his time. His feast day is commemorated on June 15.

    “St Jerome lived through the fall of his beloved city Rome, which was sacked by the Goths in the year 410. In the year 411 a new ordeal beset the saint, Bethlehem was invaded by wild Bedouin Arabs. Only through the mercy of God was the community of the aged ascetic saved from complete destruction.

    He finished his life at the cave in Bethlehem. St Jerome is believed to have reposed in 420. His relics were transferred from Bethlehem to Rome in 642, but their present location is unknown. His hand is enshrined in a church near Rome’s Piazza Farnese.”

    In many circles of the late Roman world, the Septuagint version of the Bible was considered as holy and inspired as the Hebrew original, so when Jerome began discussing with Rabbis and working from the real source some fellows, including St. Augustine, were deeply critical.

    Nevertheless, by 405 Jerome had finished everything he deemed canonical. The new text contained readings that were very different from the old, as Jerome translated meanings rather than swapping word for word. One of the possibilities, too, is that Jerome used the Alexandrian Greek text (which still seems to be the preference of some modernist Biblical versions, even though it is a minority text), rather than the Septuagint, and it is also fairly certain that Jerome used a version translated by Aquila, who was originally a Christian, but when he wouldn’t give up astrology, he was excommunicated, and so became a proselyte to Judaism.

    In the second century, to meet the demands of both Jews and Christians, three other Greek versions of the Old Testament were produced, though they never took the place of the Septuagint. Only fragmentary remains of them are preserved, chiefly from Origen’s “Hexapla”. The first and the most original is that of Aquila, a native of Sinope in Pontus, a proselyte to Judaism, and according to St. Jerome, a pupil of Rabbi Akiba who taught in the Palestinian schools, 95-135.

    Aquila, taking the Hebrew as he found it, proves in his Greek rendering to be “a slave to the letter”, and a notorious polemicist for the Jews. When his version appeared, about 130, its rabbinical character won approval from the Jews but serious distrust from the Christians.

    It was the favoured among the Greek-speaking Jews of the fourth and fifth centuries, and in the sixth was sanctioned by Justinian for public reading in the synagogues, as he had forbidden Hebrew rites, given their propensity for chronic agitation and mischief.

    Judaism was still a religio licita under Roman law and the emperor’s hand was relatively light. The rabbinical school at Tiberias was headed by a chief rabbi, called the archipherecite by the Byzantines, who in Justinian’s reign was Mar Zutra, the son of the head of the Jewish community in Babylon, and he exercised many of the powers once enjoyed by the Jewish patriarch, the Nasi, whose office had come to an end with the extinction of the House of Hillel in 425.

    Archaeology shows that in Galilee and the Golan Heights there was a building boom in synagogues in the fourth and fifth centuries, which continued into Justinian’s reign. The wretched Jews, however, grew in their antagonism anyway, and when the Persians and the Babylonian Jewish cohorts with them captured Jerusalem in 614, the Palestinian Jews were to assist actively in the massacres of the Christians and the devastation of holy sites throughout Palestine and transJordan.

    In any case, Aquila’s rescension rapidly fell into disuse and disappeared. Origen and St. Jerome found it of value in the study of the original text and of the methods of Jewish interpretation in the early Christian years.

    The Vulgate itself didn’t come into full use in Italy until about the 7th c. when the Anglo-Saxons were missionized by (another) St. Augustine and the Vulgate went with him.

    God bless you!

    IC XC
    NI KA

  132. Michael K. January 29, 2010 @ 5:47 am

    Dear Prodigal Son,

    I am not “fooled” when I refer to the British Empire. I agree with you that it is Rothschild’s tool as well. However, even in the days of the War for Independence the British Empire was not “British”. This is how come so many loyal Anglo-Saxons would fight against their own brethren in a bid for freedom from this anti-Christ system of tyranny.

    The notion that the “Union Jack” is a hoax because it ascribes the center of gravity for the Millennialist activities of Judeo-Masonry to London and the old Empire is unproven. In fact, recognition of the reality of this fact is a key element in getting Americans to understand how the enemy within works within the context of our history and why we must resist now.

    You are a Canadian and a subject of her Satanic Majesty the Queen, so you had better just toe the line, because what for me is free speech is for you sedition. And that’s no hoax.

  133. Renee January 29, 2010 @ 6:22 am


    “In the fall of that year, Oppenheimer doused an apple with noxious chemicals from the lab and put it on the desk of his tutor, Patrick Blackett. Blackett did not eat the apple but Oppenheimer was put on probation and ordered to go to London for regular sessions with a psychiatrist.”


  134. Renee January 29, 2010 @ 6:36 am


    “Bernard Lovell wrote of Blackett “Those who worked with Blackett in the laboratory were dominated by his immensely powerful personality, and those who knew him elsewhere soon discovered that the public image thinly veiled a sensitive and humane spirit”.[5]

    “Edward Bullard said that he was the most versatile and best loved physicist of his generation and that his achievement was also without rival.. ”


  135. Michael K. January 29, 2010 @ 8:16 am

    Dear Prodigal Son,

    The ultimate spiritual power behind the creation of the ‘One World’ New Age Millennial Kingdom in Luciferianism. This much we all can agree to, I believe. We also know that Luciferianism is the true spirit of Pharisaism, Judaism and Masonry.

    The activities of this cult of Lucifer on the earth at one point moved their center of gravity to London and managed to take over first England, then the British Isles and then eventually build an empire based on banking and trade. I contend that the Kabbalist Jews who helped create this Empire were invited to England by a royal bloodline which was already immersed in the occult and Lucifer.

    In fact, one of the little known facts about the British royal blood is that they literally claim title to be “Lords of the Underworld” (Annwen), based on descent from Rhiannon and Pryderi who were half-elvish royalty (No. I’m not making this up.) Very few sovereigns claim that their rule extends to the underworld or the 4th dimension.

    Anyway, one can see this as a perfect match for an alliance with the Pharisaical sect, which of course claims to have sovereign rule over the whole of the human world through Moses. Put the two together and you have complete megalomania. You also have the perfect pattern for secret occult rule by sorcery through religion, and that is exactly what this is all about.

    Furthermore, the fundamental fact is that while Pharisaic Judaism (aka Luciferianism and usury) is at the core of what we see going on, it is not because Jews have built an empire based on Hebrew national expansion. The Jews are incapable of fighting their way out of a wet paper bag. No, the Empire which has been built has been the work of a much more virile group of nations, the White ones. And it must continue to be so for Pharisaism to continue to rule.

    That is why Europe, Russia and the Anglosphere are necessarily the target of relentless mind-control propaganda and indoctrination. The British population was at one distinct point in history placed at the disposal of the Jews by the British royalty. And it is the understanding of this which most probably led to the revolt against the Empire by the proverbial ‘jewel in the Crown’, America.

    America is, or at least at the time of its independence was, a “Christian country”. It was precisely this fact that unified the American people against Britain. Even then the British Crown was claiming that its sovereignty was an unbreakable mandate from God, while in reality its actions were far from Godly according to universally understood Christian values.

    In fact, the British Empire treated its detractors no differently than the State of Israel treats its own. For they are in fact one entity, and this can be confirmed dozens of ways. Americans were getting the ‘Palestinian’ treatment from the British aristocracy because the aristocracy was in bed with and Masonically en-culted to think just like Jews.

    For a time the Jew-British Empire was without its ‘crown jewel’, the great powerhouse by which they intended to carry forth the conquest of the world, with a little help from Lucifer. It is now apparent that they have re-captured this wild horse and put the bridle in its mouth once again. They have done it to us through religion. By religion we were born as one unified independent nation of many peoples, and by religion we have been conquered again.

    Hence, Brother Nathanael is the foremost of patriots in my opinion, because he knows that the battleground is the Christian faith, and that the Jewish religion must be held up to the light of day so that people can see where their churches have been subverted into being synagogues. Only when we have our churches back will we take our nation back. Amen.

  136. Fr. Joseph January 29, 2010 @ 9:45 am

    Prodigal Son,

    There you again – ingrained habits are SO HARD to shed – just got to get your ‘digs’ into the Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome.

    WHY do you Orthodox even continue to call the ‘Bishop of Rome’ FIRST AMONGST EQUALS when you spend so much of your time DENOUNCING him? By DENOUCNING the Bishop of Rome – all of his ‘EQUALS’ join the same ‘DUG HEAP’ you Orthodox thrown the Bishop of Rome into and onto.

    More and more does it become apparent to the casual reader here on RZN that ‘devout Orthodoxy’ so easy turns into a rabid sort of RELIGIOUS-SPIRITUAL SCHZIOPREHNIA – this ability to speak out of “both sides of the mouth” at the same time!

    Is there NO Bishop, Hiermonk or Priest from the ORTHODOX Church reading Br. Nathanael’s RZN website articles and commentary here that can STRAIGHTEN OUT members of the Orthodox Church’s LAITY here?

    Prodigal Son – regarding the Mother of God’s “Miraculous Medal”. LEARN something about your own Orthodox Faith!

    “Speaking of the miraculous power of holy relics, Saint Ephraim the Syrian relates the following concerning the holy Martyrs: ‘EVEN AFTER DEATH THEY ACT AS IF ALIVE, healing the sick, EXPELLING DEMONS, and by the Power of the Lord rejecting every evil influence of the demons. This is because the MIRACULOUS GRACE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IS ALWAYS PRESENT IN THE HOLY RELICS.” – Get your ‘Orthodox’ Catechism Class here:

    So you have THE BODIES and THE TOMBS of any number of Holy Orthodox Saints who provide you Orthodox with all sorts of HOLY RELICS.

    Well now, all of you Orthodox throughout the entire World can now GO SEARCH FOR and GO FIND the physical body of the MOTHER OF GOD, the MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS, the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY in order to ATTEMPT getting a ‘Holy Relic’ of the MOTHER OF GOD HERSELF!

    You are NOT going to ‘find’ her “corrupt” body in ANY Orthodox Church, in ANY Orthodox tomb, in ANY Orthodox cemetery BECAUSE…


    If the Mother of God is now ‘BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT’ in Heaven with her Son Who has risen ‘BODY, SOUL & DIVINE SPIRIT’ from His Tomb to His Own Heaven via His Resurrection and Ascension – then how “in blue blazes” are any of your ORTHODOX going to get a ‘HOLY RELIC’ of the Mother of God herself?

    And ‘Holy Answer’ to that religious, spiritual and theological question posed to all of you ORTHODOX is quite simple:

    The Most Holy Theotokos COMES DOWN FROM HEAVEN and instructs and commissions her own Son’s Church here on earth ‘TO CREATE’ Holy Relics of her for wide distribution throughout her spiritual sons and daughters of her Son’s Church Militant here one earth.

    THAT’S how you get ‘Holy Relics’ of the MOTHER OF GOD herself to BOTH the members of the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church as well.

    Now if the ‘Orthodox’ are SO PROUD as to NOT WANT a ‘Holy Relic’ of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos as her very own physical-material “token” of hers to us, a “token” which she herself sees to it carries the Miraculous Graces of her Divine Spouse, God the Holy Spirit – the SAME Holy Spirit Who manifests His Sanctifying Graces via the DEAD BODIES of Orthodox Saints STILL here on earth – then maybe the ‘Orthodox’ in their ‘True Faith’ might want to start considering there is NO DESIRE to have the ‘Token’ of her Divine Son’s ACTUAL PRESENCE in the Sacament of the Eucharist where CHRIST JESUS HIMSELF sees to it that HIS OWN DIVINE PRESENCE “appears” in, not some METAL such as gold, or silver, or brass, or aluminum – but in BREAD and WINE on the Altars of all the Eastern Orthodox Church’s throughout the world and down through the centuries!

    MORE on this particular subject coming, Prodigal Son, on account of your NOT keeping ‘true and pure’ to the “orthodoxy” of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostlic Faith of God Incarnate’s Own Apostles

    – Fr. Joseph

  137. Fr. Joseph January 29, 2010 @ 11:56 am

    “‘COME NOW, let us talk this over’
    says THE LORD
    ‘Though your sins are like scarlet
    they shall be as white as snow;
    though they are red as crimson,
    they shall be like wool.
    you shall eat the good things
    of the Earth.
    the SWORD shall EAT YOU instead.
    The Mouth of God has spoken.”
    – Prophet Isaiah – Isaiah 1:18-20

    In the World War Two “Battle of Bastogne”, remnants of the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne managed to hold up against THE SIEGE they were under on account of RE-SUPPLY “from the air”.

    So Br. Nathanael informs us all that there is now in EXCESS OF 870,000+ monthly readers of his RZN articles and accompanying commentary sections. Without any doubt whatsover, the vast majority of readers are NOT Catholic Christians or Orthodox Christians.

    And the vast majority of RZN surely have not had the opportunity to delve deeply into the religious, spiritual, theological, doctrinal and dogmatic Truths of Christ Jesus’ Own Divine Revelation and the Apostolic Faith of His Church Militant here on earth. And with 20,000+ sects, cults and denomiations doing everything imaginable to, with and from ‘The Bible’ each with tens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of ‘preachers’ and ‘teachers’ – how are people the World over supposed TO KNOW what is ‘The Truth’ and what is NOT the truth?

    Our human minds and our human hearts are created FOR us all by the Divine and Sovereign All-good Will of our God, Creator and FATHER in Heaven in order TO POSSESS and to LIVE BY His Divine Truth for and about His Own Seen Creation in which we ALL move, live and have our being.

    So knowing that people the World over DO NOT have the time to go into great lengths in order to quickly acquire the Church’s Own Apostolic Faith, here’s my own small ATTEMPT to “air drop” crates and crates of LOADED ‘spiritual-intellectual-emotional’ COLT-45s as your own personal ‘Side Arm’ with which you can DEFEND YOURSELVES where you are AS you are in FROM any part of our contempoary World in which you are reading Br. Nathanael’s RZN website:

    This is what you can “prayerfully” consider with that GOD-GIVEN mind and heart that really and truly IS on account of the Divine LOVE God the Father has for ALL OF YOU, His spiritual children here on earth:

    “If all of the LIES eminating from BOTH the “churches” and from all of this World’s “nations-states” of THE PAST YEARS have gotten our World and our entire Human Race into it’s current deplorable condition and situation – TO WHERE? are all of the CURRENT LIES eminating from BOTH the “churches” and from all of the this World’s “nations-states” LEADING US ALL TO in the immediate future?”

    One does NOT NEED to be a Patriach, Metropolitan, Bishop, Priest, Hiermonk, Deaoson, Religious Brother, Nun or Sister or member of the Laity – NOR does one need to be ‘A POPE’ in order to USE that God-given mind of that IS yours with which He Himself gave all of you SO THAT you all might have the ‘Fullness of Life and Living’ here within His Own Created and Sustained ‘SEEN’ All and its UNFAILING ‘Cause and Effect’ Principles of Operation.

    “Arm yourselves spiritually, intellectually and emotionally” with this itsy-bitsy AIR DROP of mine to all of you. It’s all I can do. But what LITTLE any of us CAN do – we MUST do!

    – Fr. Joseph

  138. charlie January 29, 2010 @ 12:55 pm

    Quote Prodigal Son:

    “At some point in every ‘Jew’s’ life – they come to realize what it REALLY means to be a ‘Jew’.

    At that point – if you agree with the Talmud… you are become anti-Christ. If you DISAGREE with the Talmud and ‘rabbinic’ Judaism (Pharisaism)… then you are a human being like the rest of us. ”

    Thus you and others place the scheming, the control and theft of nations and the “souls of men”, on a race of people blaming it on them, scapegoating them according to the very script laid out for you by the self titled “Illuminati” themselves, giving themselves, oh so astutely, a free pass. Just like they have sacrificed their own in the past, to get what they want. I can’t put it any better than that.

    This is exactly what they want you and all to do. It suits their plans right down to a tee.

    The Jews hae been the scapegoats of their own rulers and controllers for 2000 years. The cloak behind which they hide, whilst under the cover of their secret subverted masonic and other satanic organizations they go about subverting the world and all its wealth, robbing it of its glory and grandeur – and “Its the Jews.” “Blame it on the Jews.” ‘That unseen mass of people ‘AMONGST WHICH THEY CAN NEVER FIND US’.

    Perhaps, do you think that may be the way they work? Let me ask you a question. Is it “The Jews” that wrote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

    Is it “the Jews” as a race of people that financed the Bolshevik Revolution? The Jews whose average IQ in Israel is around 87, well below the western average. Or is their IQ so low because they have been dumbed down by their slaveowners like the rest of this unwitting world which refuses to seek truth?

    Arthur Blessitt – a Protestant, just like our beloved Br Nathanael, A Russian Orthodox, is doing in America (scroll down to Israel) went to Israel on three occasions, carrying nothing but the cross, and was met as a hero by these same Jews you accuse of being anti-Christ.

    He was famous throughout all of Israel for nothing more than carrying the cross of Christ, and just so was Jesus exalted in his time in that same land by the crowds that followed, believed and praised God for this Son, sent down to earth from the Father, after the millenia to save their and our … very souls.

    “There comes a time”, rather (than your assertion), when we must seek out and bring to trial in the popular arena, nailing down the exact identity of the beast – untill we do this we are following their script not ours, and to our, and the world’s, destruction.

    I do not agree nor can I associate myself with the Jewish Talmudic religion and its adherents, which is different to the Torah believing religion and its adherents as night is to day, but I do not condemn the race, on that account, for the sins of the elders.

    I am not, nor are you, in a position to judge.

  139. jgalindes January 29, 2010 @ 2:22 pm


    While I do not like Judicial Inc tendencies, I admit that their rather skeletal articles convey interesting info about the scourge of humanity.

    Something happened today because the site is not currently available (it was operational a few hours ago).

  140. jonaha January 29, 2010 @ 4:17 pm


    Be forewarned one and all – this man and his team work DIRECTLY for the Rothschild Empire in the UK.

    His mission ( is to define, manipulate and control all opposition and dissent against the fascist JEW WORLD ORDER. Straight out of Nazi Germany….

    The Military/Pentagon War Machine is similiarily controlled by The JEWISH House of Rothschild -they act as a Praetorian Guard for these Int’l Jewish scum.

    As well, they use the threat of Islam to demonize Muslims worldwide and get others to fight and die for them, thereby using others as proxies to try to defeat their current enemies.

    Be ye Wise as Serpents, brethren, and take note. This is how they operate.

    Int’l Jewry is bound for ETERNAL DAMNATION in Hell come Judgement Day!


    Jonah Hawaii, USA

  141. Fr. Joseph January 29, 2010 @ 4:30 pm

    In regards to this particular article of Br. Nathanael’s entitled “JEWS, GENERALS & THE US WAR MACHINE” and that which RZN article commentary contributor ‘CHARLIE”‘s
    quite elegant contribution of his words:

    “‘There comes a time’, rather (than your assertion), when we must seek out AND BRING TO TRIAL IN THE POPULAR ARENA, nailing down the exact identity of the beast – until we do this we are following their script not ours, and to our, and the world’s, DESTRUCTION.”

    I’m sitting here RIGHT NOW typing this out for all of you RZN readers while the 6:00 PM NEW YORK CITY ‘FOX’ NEWS is featuring their ‘headline’ story – that of all of the ‘Political Controversy’ in NYC and in the State of NEW YORK on account of bringing the “9-11 Alleged Terrorist Court Trials” to New York City – OR – some other venue within the U.S. State of New York.

    ALL of the current NEW YORK CITY ‘Politicos’ are screaming at U.S. President Obama to NOT HAVE ANY SORT OF ‘COURT TRIAL’ for the alleged 9-11 ARAB Terrorists next door in New York City. And several mayors and county executives from OTHER towns-cities and counties throughout the U.S. State of New York LIKEWISE are all coming out CRYING IN FRONT OF FOX’S T.V. CAMERAS:


    Folks, dear readers of RZN, I’ve long, long ago mailed EVERY LAST major New York City official, EVERY LAST New York City Borough President, officials in the New York State Executive, Legislative and JUDICIAL Branches of their State government all manner of INFORMATION informing that in a factual and truthful way that the so-called 9-11-2001 ‘Arab’ Terrorist attacks were an ‘INSIDE JOB’!

    Sent that information to the NYPD Captains of every last NYPD precinct. Sent that information to all of the FDNY fire houses as well.

    Sent it to the F.B.I.’s fifty (50) “Special Agents for Domestic Terrorism” throughout these FIFTY United States of America.

    Sent that information to EVERY LAST U.S. District Attorney and to the U.S. Attorney at/with the US Department of Justice.

    Every last 9-11 “Truth” Organization currently in existence – from Pilots For 9-11 Truth, Scientists-Physicists-Engineers For 9-11 Truth, Architects For 9-11 Truth, U.S. Patriots For 9-11 Truth, Firefighters For 9-11 Truth – and on and on that list of 9-11 Truth Organizations goes on – ALL OF THEM – simply need to keep a CLOSE EYE ON where this COURT TRIAL for these ‘alledged’ 9-11 “Arab” Terrorists will take place…AND…

    …all of the TONS upon TONS of material evidence which PROVES that so many EVIL MINDED-CRIMINALS in and throughout our U.S. Government PLANNED, COORDINATED & PULLED OFF this ‘Inside Job’ need to be hauled to that COURT HOUSE and DUMPED in the laps of the COURT’S JUDGE, the LAWYERS for the Defense and the State Prosecutors AS WELL AS any and all members of the U.S. PUBLIC that shows up for such a COURT TRIAL.


    – Fr. Joseph

  142. KathJuliane January 29, 2010 @ 5:32 pm

    Speaking of sensationally skewed “Apocalyptic Armageddon” cinematic scripting and variations thereof:

    – Avatar – released 121809

    “..takes us to a spectacular world beyond imagination, where a reluctant hero embarks on an epic adventure, ultimately fighting to save the alien world he has learned to call home. James Cameron conceived of the idea…when the means to realize his vision did not exist yet. Now, after four years of production, AVATAR, a live action film.”

    – The Book of Eli – released 011510

    “In the not-too-distant future, some 30 years after the final war, a solitary man walks across the wasteland that was once America. Empty cities, broken highways, seared earth–all around him, the marks of catastrophic destruction. There is no civilization here, no law. The roads belong to gangs that would murder a man for his shoes, an ounce of water or for nothing at all.”

    – Legion – released – 012210

    “After a terrifying biblical apocalypse descends upon the world, a group of strangers stranded in a remote truck stop diner in the Southwest unwittingly become humanity’s last line of defense when they discover the diner’s young waitress is pregnant with the messiah.

    “When God loses faith in humanity, he sends a legion of angels to wipe out the human race. It’s only hope is a group of misfits holed up in a diner, aided by the archangel Michael” (armed with a machine gun in a war determining the fate of mankind).

    – District 13: Ultimatum – to be released 020510 (produced in EU France)

    “Two years have passed since elite police officer Damien Tomasso teamed up with reformed vigilante Leito to save the notorious District 13, a racially charged ghetto populated by violent drug dealing gangs and vicious killers.

    “Despite government promises to maintain order, the state of the district has deteriorated, and a group of corrupt cops and elected officials are conspiring to cause civil unrest in D13, looking for an excuse to raze the area and cash in on its redevelopment.

    “Now Damian and Leito must join forces again, and use their mastery of martial arts and their unique physical skills to bring peace to the neighborhood by any means necessary… **before a proposed nuclear air-strike wipes it off the map.** [Sure. Use a nuke for uban renewal. Echo of the badly distorted Jewish propaganda mantra – “threaten to wipe Israel off the map.”]

    – Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – (to be released 021210)

    It’s the 21st century, but the gods of Mount Olympus and assorted monsters have walked out of the pages of high school student Percy Jackson’s Greek mythology texts and into his life. And they’re not happy:

    “Zeus’ lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect. Even more troubling is the sudden disappearance of Percy’s mother. As Percy finds himself caught between angry and battling gods, he and his friends embark on a cross-country adventure to catch the true lightning thief, save Percy’s mom, and unravel a mystery more powerful than the gods themselves.”

    Entertaining psychological terror, no?

  143. Minnie January 29, 2010 @ 6:03 pm

    I was wondering if the Jews of today are the offspring of Cain in the story of Cain and Abel. Is there someway to find out if that is true?

    It might explain why they are so violent and obessed with wanting total control and power over everyone.

    By the way I was baptized in a Methodist Church and all my children are Christians, too.

  144. charlie January 29, 2010 @ 7:21 pm

    Fr Joseph, I submit God was speaking to you also in that moment.

    Shall we say it is time?

    It is time to get these orgnizations, with one united front, to sue to present their evidence to the very same court that they are using to try these patsies?

    It would be easy if there was a contactable umbrella organization.

    We all know why its “Not in my backyard ” time.

    They know the truth, and don’t want the backlash to reflect on them, their cowardice and their, by their very silence,to date, miscarriage of justice.

    Enough of it. Let the truth out!

    There were a lot of dead eyewitnesses to 9-11; and a lot of operational similarities to other global freemasonry terror error. Thats how we know it was Freemasons, with the co-operation of the highest level of governments in these countries and their government bodies/bureaucracies. We know the Jews were invoved in every op., evidentially as well as who stands to gain?

    There are also a lot of eyewitnesses still alive who could tell you of the goings on in those buildings prior to 9-11 which can lead to no other conclusion than hat this was a set up.
    Seek them out and set them up to tell the truth without fear, in a court of law.

    Fear, which is preventing them from coming foreward now.

    But ladies and gentlemen we cannot live in fear. We must awake. We must take back our freedoms.

  145. Adora January 29, 2010 @ 10:33 pm

    Lynda, the only Catholic cathedral I’ve ever been in was in New Orleans, LA., while on vacation there. I was raised a Baptist. My previous remark/post was based upon a film clip I saw about the Pope visiting Central Americal in the 1990’s.

    The Pope was sitting on a golden throne with a golden crown on his head. (In my opinion, no human deserves that kind of pomp.) Millions of POOR people surrounded him. Everyone knows that central America is plagued by poverty. To my knowledge he did not sell his gold/assets to feed the masses that came to see him. As I said before, Jesus would have.

    The New Testament wrote that Jesus prayed to God to feed the masses who came to hear his words. Since the Pope keep his gold, instead of selling it to feed the faithful followers of Christ who came many miles to see him, told me that the Catholic church is a business/organization/corporation, like all other governments, out to get the money from the naive.

    G. Scott Sparrow, wrote a book about apparitions of Mary in 1997. In one of these apparitions, a person was visited by Mary, and said, “I am not a catholic.” Her answer was, “Neither am I”.

  146. Fr. Joseph January 30, 2010 @ 12:20 am

    Regarding “9-11”.

    I did send that technical information regarding SATCOM and onboard Flight Management and Flight Control Computers (with system schematics) to both Pilots Unions as well as Aerospace Maintenance Unions advising them to simply call a general labor strike/refusal to work – to no avail needless to say.

    Regarding PROFESSIONAL AVIATION TYPES – Pilots and Mechanics who ARE calling for 9-11 Truth, here is their website:

    with membership listing here:

    Architects and Engineers website here:

    What is simply AMAZING is this utter lack of THE FEAR OF GOD and of their own ETERNAL DAMNATION in the Eternal Fires of HELL on the part of so many within and throughout our U.S. FEDERAL Government and its manifold Departments and Agencies!

    As if membership to some ‘Secret Society’ is going TO PROTECT THEM from God’s Judgement upon their individual death…

    AS IF being ‘hooked up with’ the International Criminal Banking Cartels is going to be able to PURCHASE for them a ‘Get Out Of Hell Free Card’ from Parker Bros. “Monopoly” Game.

    The FEAR OF GOD is the ‘Beginning of Wisdom’.

    Our Nations and States are ruled by very, VERY FOOLISH people.

    – Fr. Joseph

  147. Tina January 30, 2010 @ 12:32 am

    Michael K.

    Brilliant analysis and conclusions on the Jew-British Empire.

    “Put the two together and you have complete meglomania.” And this was precisely my point.

    I do not like all of the alien garbage on Ken Adachi’s website (or Jeff Rense for that matter) but was glad to find the book “The Union Jack.” I thoroughly enjoyed “Forensic Armagedon” and I believe that these Pharisees are basically trying to re-do the book of Revelation.

    I am not trying to lack humility when I say that it is my understanding that Revelation was over in 70 a.d. I believe the Kingdom of Heaven reigns now over believers and will never end. It is the Pharisees religion that a messiah will come and bring glory to them on this earth. The Scofield Bible and many British Israel agents have taken over American Churches with their future dispensationalism.

    And yes, Prodigal Son, I do believe it was the Rothschilds who were probably Frankists and Masons (who hold to the lawless Babylonian mysteries of Kabbala) that took over the British Crown and pretty much rule this Empire to this day. But they have taken over America also. It is like waking up from a long nightmare to finally see this.

    Brother Nathanael:

    Thank you for sharing about your street evangelism. I was glad to hear about the Jewish professor. Everyone needs to hear the good news. It made me weep.

  148. R. C. Christian January 30, 2010 @ 1:05 am

    Off-topic, sorta.

    “Bloomberg says banking cabal runs the world, however, he fails to point out that this banking cabal is Jewish.

    It is slowly becoming mainstream media, due to the fact it can no longer be hidden, that “conspiracy theorists” have been right about just about everything they are trying to tell the rest of the world.

    Anything from 9/11 being an inside job to the world is run at its highest level by bankers, not governments. While we spent a lot of our time calling these people “crazy” it’s apparent, they’re simply telling the truth. shares an article with all (source) about the very “REAL possibility” that “secret banking cabals control the country and global economy.”

    “Wednesday’s hearing described a secretive group deploying billions of dollars to favored banks, operating with little oversight by the public or elected officials.”

    You read that correctly, a secret group of individuals deploying billions of dollars to favored banks without any oversight from the people we apparently elect and people we apparently think have any power. Why does this sound so familiar?

    As Representative Marcy Kaptur told Geithner at the hearing: “A lot of people think that the president of the New York Fed works for the U.S. government. But in fact you work for the private banks that elected you.”

    If a lot of us don’t understand this already, here it is in plain laymen’s terms. The money that comes into our economy is not controlled one bit by our government.

    It is controlled by a private entity that is lending money to the government with interest attached to it, debt as it’s being created basically. The people that make up this PRIVATE entity are not elected by YOU the people but by this secretive group of individuals.

    Since it’s more than clear that money is what controls this world, the REAL power does not and will not ever lie in the hands of the government, only in the hands of the secretive, unelected few that make up the private banks that operate WELL ABOVE any government or government elected being, including presidents.

    And of course, where does this private entity get the money to give to the governments? That’s right, THIN AIR. Good deal they have.

    “…That decision, critics say, amounted to a back-door bailout for the banks, which received 100 cents on the dollar for contracts that would have been worth far less had AIG been allowed to fail.”

    Basically, this private entity pushing money into the government has conducted a “back-door bailout for the banks” in the time of the crash in 2008, but all that really means is “ they stole the tax payers money to bailout the banks.”

    Most of us are beginning to understand that things are not even anywhere close to what they seem when we look at them through “everyday” eyes.

    This is greatly due to the shift in collective consciousness because it’s opening many doors for us to become “un stuck” with where we are right now. And yes, discovering our entire experience is manipulated and controlled by sources we have no control over is a big part of evolving beyond these structures of imprisonment.

    We will all come to these conclusions at our own pace and of course many of us will continue to remain veiled by what is really taking place in order to play out the “devil’s advocate” role to help push the others through the shift. All perfection in the end.”

    Earth-sized spheres in vicinity of Sun?

    A YouTuber has posted a video showing some images he pulled from NASA’s website from their recent SOHO images that show several Earth-sized spheres near the Sun’s corona. What are they? Why are the images now gone from NASA’s website?

    According to the video description, “these huge spherical [objects] started appearing around January 18, 2010. They are on both the forward and rear images taken by NASA’s Stereo Spacecraft in space.

    They appear to be moving as they are in different positions on many photos. …If they were planets or some type of huge asteroid comets, they would already have been pulled into the sun by the strong gravity the sun produces as in the case of the recent comet.”

    Adding to the mystery, the images became inaccessible today. “Nasa removed the photos. I saw the photos on their site yesterday. ? Very strange!” — aurayon

    Some speculate that the images seem to be a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy in Luke 21:5 “And there shall be signs in the sun.”

    In a spirit of humor, we might speculate that perhaps they could be solar-energy-harvesting modules by some advanced extraterrestrial civilizations unseen (surely with cloaking capability to hide their presence from backward humans) — or perhaps a breed of ET’s that need that much heat to thrive.

    Matt Imber speculates: “Maybe they are here to help and prevent the mass coronal ejections or gravimetric energy from being so bad during the alignment.”

  149. The Prodigal Son January 30, 2010 @ 2:04 am

    Fr. Joseph,

    “My” Christianity?

    I’m sorry – but I just don’t understand your legion leaps of logic.

    How does my talking to Linda about O.T. translations morph into you talking about whether or not Peter & Paul were forgiven?

    Pentecost took place AFTER the denials of Peter… and Paul certainly must’ve repented and been baptized for the REMISSION of his sins before receiving His Holy Spirit.

    The issue of apostolic succession is regarding the direct, unbroken chain of touch and the transference of the Holy Spirit, which is received not at baptism – but through the laying on of hands from one who already HAS received Him!

    But there was definitely no issue w/ their teachings!

    Whether or not God will forgive anyone for anything is not for me to say. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t try to bring truth to the forefront here.

    What were all of the ecumenical Church councils of the first millenium convened for – if not to address the errors which were promulgated by some?

    Your points…

    1. I DO respect my elders (and those younger as well)… Are you insinuating that just because someone is older than I – that I’m not allowed to ask them questions?

    2. Trying to establish my purity? I am a DEGENERATE SINNER! And just stating a contrary opinion does not amount to judgement. Speaking of finger-pointing… you’re all over me like a wet blanket! But you never address or refute the specific points of my message – you just condemn ME and layer your own message OVER mine.

    3. I disagree w/ your whole premise re: Peter. I say the Church was built upon Peter’s confession that Jesus was the Christ. And pride? What do I have to be proud about?

    I’m a GOAT – and I deserve to be counted w/ the goats. I strive for integrity – but I FAIL! But the Bible says that the truth will set me free… and so I search.

    4. WHO have I denounced? NO ONE! Please – don’t put words in my mouth anymore.

    On to “defending” the nation: In my OPINION – that’s one thing… but travelling ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN in order to kill other Christians in their own land to advance the Communist, ‘Jewish’ agenda – has NOTHING to do with defence!

    Who gets to decide WHO are the evil soldiers, evil nations and evil people? You? Or our ‘Jewish’ overlords?

    I know that if you had’ve asked a German soldier in WWII who THEY thought were the evil ones – they would’ve pointed at us! We DID fight on the side of the anti-Christ FAKE ‘Jews’ to destroy THEIR enemy – Germany… didn’t we?

    And we’re STILL fighting & killing THEIR enemies! Those people never did a thing to us!

    5. Done.

    6. That’s what the ‘Elders of Zion’ would have us believe. I personally don’t believe that God had ANYTHING to do w/ those Luciferian wars fought on behalf of world ‘Jewry’ OR with the destuction of Holy Russia!

    SO MANY people (MOSTLY Christians) died in those Satanic sacrificial ‘wars’ (The ‘Jews’ Harvests) – BECAUSE they were un-informed, misled and BRAINWASHED by the ‘Jews’ into believing that other Christians were their enemies.

    Your “truths and realities” are not the same as mine.

    — — —

    Joe Cortina,

    I apologize if I have offended you sir… (Though I really doubt that I have.)

    Please – forgive me sir.


  150. The Prodigal Son January 30, 2010 @ 2:31 am

    Michael K,

    Canada has been an officially sovereign nation since 1982… The Queen is the SYMBOLIC figurehead of Canada – but her duties are now strictly ceremonial. In Canada there is a clear distinction between the symbolic head of state and the head of government – who is the Prime Minister.


    ‘In addition to quicker legislative action, Constitutional Parliamentarianism has attractive features for nations that are ethnically, racially, or ideologically divided. In a unipersonal presidential system, all executive power is concentrated in the president. In a parliamentary system, with a collegial executive, power is more divided.

    (Sort of like the difference between having ONE pope in the West vs. MANY Patriarchs in the East.)

    In 1867, with the union of three British North American colonies through Confederation, Canada was formed as a federal dominion of four provinces. This began an accretion of provinces and territories and a process of increasing autonomy from the United Kingdom. This widening autonomy was highlighted by the Statute of Westminster of 1931 and culminated in the Canada Act of 1982, which severed the vestiges of legal dependence on the British parliament.

    A federation consisting of ten provinces and three territories, Canada is governed as a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state.

    Most constitutional monarchies employ a parliamentary system in which the Monarch may have strictly Ceremonial duties or may have Reserve Powers, depending on the constitution, or have a directly or indirectly elected prime minister who is the head of government and exercises effective political power.

    Constitutional monarchy occurred in continental Europe after the (Luciferian) French revolution. General Napoleon Bonaparte is considered the first monarch proclaiming himself as embodiment of the nation, rather than as a divinely-appointed ruler; this interpretation of monarchy is basic to continental constitutional monarchies.

    The present concept of constitutional monarchy developed in the United Kingdom, where it was the democratically elected parliaments, and their leader, the prime minister, who had become those who exercised power, with the monarchs voluntarily ceding it and contenting themselves with the titular position. In many cases even the monarchs themselves, while still at the very top of the political and social hierarchy, were given the status of “servants of the people” to reflect the new, egalitarian view.

    In present terms, the difference between a parliamentary democracy that is a constitutional monarchy and one that is a republic, is considered more a difference of detail than of substance. In both cases, the titular head of state – monarch or president – serves the traditional role of embodying and representing the nation, while the actual governing is carried out by an elected Prime Minister.’

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Most of this is moot for both of our nations however. Canada’s Central Bank is a Crown Corporation (government owned) which has sole rights to the issuance of physical dollars – BUT…

    ‘It is important to distinguish between the right to “issue money”, which is the sole right of the Bank of Canada, and the ability to “create money”, which, through legislation and regulation enacted by Parliament, is largely done by commercial banks through the taking of deposits and the issuance of loans; presently, the Bank of Canada “issues” 5% of Canada’s money, while more than 95% of Canada’s money is “created” by commercial banks through the process of fractional-reserve banking.’

    So essentially – we’re both in the same ‘fractional-reserve’ boat, with privately owned banks (such as the Royal Bank of Canada & the Bank of Montreal – BOTH of whom answer directly to the Rothschilds Bank of England) ‘creating’ money from thin air that taxpayers must pay back at interest.

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Re: Free Speech in Canada…

    ‘Under section 319 of the Criminal Code of Canada, it is illegal to publicly incite hatred against people based on their colour, race, religion, ethnic origin, and sexual orientation, EXCEPT where the statements made are TRUE or are made in good faith.’

    At Ernst Zundel’s appeal the Supreme Court of Canada STRUCK DOWN the law that he had been charged under as un-constitutional.

    I say what I want. Let them come.

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    ‘Freedom of speech is (supposedly) guaranteed in the United States – however is sometimes limited to ‘Free Speech Zones’, which can take the form of a wire fence enclosure, barricades, or an alternative venue designed to segregate speakers according to the content of their message.

    Civil libertarians claim that Free Speech Zones are used as a form of censorship and public relations management to conceal the existence of popular opposition from the mass public and elected officials.

    There is much controversy surrounding the creation of these areas — the mere EXISTENCE of such zones is offensive to some people, who maintain that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution makes the ENTIRE COUNTRY an unrestricted free speech zone.

    The Department of Homeland Security “has even gone so far as to tell local (Masonic) police departments to regard critics of the War on Terrorism as potential terrorists themselves.”‘

  151. The Prodigal Son January 30, 2010 @ 2:52 am

    Rothschilds… From:

    How Many Central Banks Does Rothschild Control?

    ‘In 1946 E.C. Knuth wrote: “The bulwark of the British financial oligarchy lies in its ageless and self-perpetuating nature, its long-range planning and prescience, its facility to outwait and break the patience of its opponents. The transient and temporal statesmen of Europe and particularly of Britain itself, who have attempted to curb this monstrosity, have all been defeated by their limited tenure of confidence.

    Obligated to show action and results in a too short span of years, they have been outwitted and outwaited, deluged with irritants and difficulties; eventually obliged to temporize and retreat. There are few who have opposed them in Britain and America, without coming to a disgraceful end, but many, who served them well, have also profited well”. (“Empire of ‘The City,'” p. 65).

    How did they do it? That’s the recurring question in Niall Ferguson’s formidable The House of Rothschild, a history of the legendary European-Jewish banking family. ”There is but one power in Europe and that is Rothschild,” said a French journalist in 1841, giving voice to the popular suspicion that the dynasty and its money held sway over the affairs of nations.

    The globalists are centred on the Rothschild-dominated Bank of England, MI-6 and the secretive Round Table society, which spawned the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

    The American branches include the Council on Foreign Relations, CIA and the Rockefeller foundations which all ensure the American people continue to finance and enforce one-world tyranny. The Bush family has owed its prominence to this cabal ever since grandfather Prescott Bush helped arrange financing for Nazism.

    They also have used the “attacks” (of 9/11) to gain control of the few nations in the world who wouldn’t allow Rothschild central banks… and so less than one month after the “attacks”, US forces attacked Afghanistan, one of only 7 nations in the world who didn’t have a Rothschild controlled central bank.

    Ancient Babylon, I mean Iraq, WAS one of six nations left in the world who didn’t have a Rothschild controlled central bank. There are now only 5 nations on the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya.

    (…) From the Project for a New American Century’s Strategy Document 2000:

    *Peacekeeping missions demand “American political leadership rather than that of the United Nations”.

    Highlights the North Korea, Syria, Iran and Libya as “dangerous regimes” [targets for takeover] and says their existence justifies the creation of a “world wide command-and-control system”.’

    (…) And from:

    ‘Mayer Amschel Bauer was born in Frankfurt-On-The-Main in Germany in 1743. He was the son of Moses Amschel Bauer an itinerant money lender and goldsmith who, tiring of his wanderings in Eastern Europe, decided to settle down in the city where his first son was born. He opened a shop, or counting house, on Judenstrasse (or Jew Street). Over the door leading into the shop he placed a large Red Shield.

    At a very early age Mayer Amschel Bauer showed that he possessed immense intellectual ability, and his father spent much of his time teaching him everything he could about the money lending business, and the lessons he had learned from many sources. The older Bauer originally hoped to have his son trained as a Rabbi but the father’s untimely death put an end to such plans.

    A few years after his father’s death Mayer Amschel Bauer went to work as a clerk in a bank owned by the Oppenheimers in Hannover. His superior ability was quickly recognized and his advancement within the firm was swift. He was awarded a junior partnership.

    Shortly thereafter he returned to Frankurt where he was able to purchase the business his father had established in 1750. The big Red Shield was still displayed over the door.

    Recognizing the true significance of the Red Shield (his father had adopted it as his emblem from the Red Flag which was the emblem of the revolutionary minded Jews in Eastern Europe), Mayer Amschel Bauer changed his name to Rothschild; in this way the House of Rothschild came into being.’

  152. The Prodigal Son January 30, 2010 @ 3:08 am

    Rockefellers… From:

    ‘It is true that the American colonials have “free elections”, in which they have the absolute right to vote for one of two opposing candidates, both of whom have been handpicked and financed by the Rockefeller syndicate.

    This touching evidence of “democracy” serves to convince most Americans that we
    are indeed a free people. We even have a cracked Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to prove it . American youth have been free since 1900 to be marched off to die in Hegelian wars in which both combatants received theirinstructions from the World Order.

    We are free to invest in a stock market which the daily quantity, price and value of the monetary unit is manipulated and controlled by a Federal Reserve System which is answerable
    only to the Bank of England. It has maintained its vaunted “independence” from our government’s control, but this is the only independence it has ever had.

    The realization that we do indeed live under the dictate of the “Rockefeller Syndicate” can well be the starting point of the long road back of a genuine struggle for American independence.

    In exposing “the Rockefellers” as agents of a foreign power, which is not merely a foreign power, but a genuine world government, we must realize that this is not merely a group dedicated to making money, but a group which committed to maintaining the power of a colonial form of government over the American people.

    Thus the ancient calumny of John D. Rockefeller as a man obsessed by greed (a category in which he has plenty of company) obscures the act that from the day the Rothschilds began to finance his march towards a total oil monopoly in the United States from their coffers at the National City Bank of Cleveland, Rockefeller was never an independent power, nor does any
    department of the Rockefeller Syndicate operate as an independent power.

    We know that the Cosa Nostra, or Mafia, with which the Syndicate is closely allied has somewhat autonomous power in the regions which have been assigned to that particular “family” by the national directors, but this always implies that that family remains under total control and answerable for everything which occurs in its territory.

    Similarly, the Rockefeller Syndicate operates under clearly defined spheres of influence. The “charitable” organizations, the business companies, and the policy groups always meld into a working operation, nor can any department of the Syndicate strike out on its own or formulate an independent policy, no matter what may be its justification.

    The Rockefeller Syndicate operates under the control of the world financial structure, which means that on any given day, all of its assets could be rendered close to worthless by adroit financial manipulation & nubs. This is the final control, which insures that no one can quit the organization.

    Not only would he be stripped of all assets, but he would be under contract for immediate assassination. Our Department of Justice is well aware that the only “terrorists” operating in the United States are the agents of the World Order, but they prudently avoid any mention of this fact.

    The world financial structure, far from being an unknown or hidden organization, is actually well known and well defined.

    It consists of the major Swiss Banks; the survivors of the old Venetian-Genoese banking axis; the Big Five of the world grain trade; the British combine, centered in the Bank of England and its chartered merchant banks, functioning trough the Rothschilds and the Oppenheimers and having absolute control over their Canadian colony through the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal, their Canadian lieutenants being the Bronfmans, Belzbergs, and other financial operators.

    And the colonial banking structure in the United States, controlled by the Bank of England through the Federal Reserve System; the Boston Brahmin families who made their fortunes in the opium trade, including the Delanos and others and the Rockefeller Syndicate, consisting
    of the Kissinger network headquartered in the Rockefeller Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, American Express, the present form of the old Rothschild representatives in the United States, which includes Kuhn, Loeb Company and Lehman Brothers.’

  153. The Prodigal Son January 30, 2010 @ 3:14 am

    Bronfmans… From:

    ‘Less than fifty years ago, they were known to be the biggest bootleggers in North America and were referred to by the less prestigious title “the Bronfman gang.” The Bronfmans have always been beholden to the Hofjuden elite. The first member of the family to come to North America was Yechiel Bronfman, a grist mill owner from Bessarabia, Romania, who later anglicized his name to Ekiel. Yechiel emigrated to Canada in 1889 under the sponsorship of the Moses Montefiore Jewish Colonization Committee.

    This enterprise had been initiated at an 1872 meeting between Baron Maurice de Hirsch, Baron Alfred de Rothschild, and other Zionists who established a Jewish Colonization Association to bring selected Russian and Eastern European Jews to agricultural settlements (kibbutzim) in the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

    The same period marked the transfer of the Warburg, Kuhn, Loeb, and related Our Crowd migration from Germany and Britain into lower Manhattan. In 1912, William Sebag Montefiore arrived in Montreal where he lived until his death in 1950. Lord Harold Sebag Montefiore, current head of the Jerusalem Foundation (the Zionist wing of the Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem) was sent to Canada for his early education.

    In the same period, Baron de Hirsch established the de Hirsch Foundation in Canada as the umbrella for all Canadian Jewish “philanthropic” activities, and the Montefiores created a club (named after the family) to service the resident elites. The Rothschilds, too, planted a branch of their family on Canadian soil.’

    Meanwhile, in Saskatchewan, the Bronfman family found little interest in eking a living out of the plains of midwestern Canada. The family first turned to selling wood, then to horse trading, and then most successfully to the hotel business (and prostitution).

    In Yiddish Bronfman means “liquorman,” and the hotel business put the Bronfmans in a good position to take advantage of the 1915 advent of Canadian prohibition. Bronfman hotels became “boozeriums”. Prohibition enacted on orders from the Privy Council as the prelude to the 1920s Prohibition in the United States and the birth of organized crime catapulted the Bronfmans into the multi-millionaire bracket and a status as the untouchable kingpins of crime in North America.’

  154. Michael K. January 30, 2010 @ 5:14 am

    Dear Tina,

    Thanks for your support. I felt like I needed to write that after the ideas all came together. And of course I am grateful to RZN for printing the article. I see KathJuliane has picked up on the same hype which it seems every third movie is about in these ‘last days’. Here are the end notes.

    Forensic Armageddon (part5):

    [3.] ,
    [5.] ,
    [6.] ,
    [9.] , ,

  155. AntiPharisee January 30, 2010 @ 11:55 am

    New blockbuster revelation about “Countries”.

    That they are just COMPANIES, nothing grand about them.

    They’re saying for instance that the UK is a COMPANY “trading as” or “dba” (doing business as)
    some multi-digit number. Same with CANADA, same with UNITED STATES.

    Same with the the Police Station, Courts, and Ministry of Justice.

    They’re all run FOR PROFIT.

    It’s all Theatre and “Acts”.

    We’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes about “Countries”, it’s all been an illusion to enslave the many for the advantage of the few.

    Part one here:

  156. charlie January 30, 2010 @ 1:03 pm

    Are Haiti’s children being flown out to paedophiliacs with the knowledge and help of the UN and USA?

    Friday, 29 January 2010 13:21

    News – Latest News

    Last week, Austria’s ORF reported that planes with small children on board leave Haiti every day with the permission of the UN and the USA even though, as John Pilger notes in a report (below), the US military and UN have taken control of all airports, ports and roads in Haiti.

    One airplane with 106 children aged between six months and seven years old from Haiti’s capital was reported to have landed in Eindhoven in The Netherlands. The adoption agency, which organised the flight, told reporters that all the children apart from nine had new parents in the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

    Haitian children are also being flown out in large numbers for adoption to to people in the US and Germany under the eyes of US and UN personnel.

    But the Austrian government said that no one in Austria had applied for adoption, thereby underlining that adopting children has to follow a formal and lengthy procedure in normal cases?

    Why is this procedure not being followed now? How can children be taken from Haiti before a thorough effort has been made to find any suriviving parents or relatives, something that could take months given the scale of the earthquake disaster. How can they be sent flown through airports guarded by the US and UN to people whose background has not been adequately checked and without an adequate monitoring system?

    Why are these children not being given safe shelter in Haiti?

    The extent to which the “power elites” indulge in paedophilia has been well documented by the case of Marc Dutroux in Belgium. Recently the French Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterand described in his autobiography paying Asian boys for sex.

    The scale of paedophila today is well known.

    The UN and WHO are not only vehicles of the climate change and swine flu scam. They have also become vehicles to supply the “elite” with helpless children for their paedophilic practises.

    There should be an immediate prohibition on flying any children out of Haiti. The adoption agencies who are engaged in this business should be investigated by the police as should the people who have adopted children, and the children should be returned to Haiti.

    The kidnapping of Haiti

    John PIlger

    In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger describes the “swift and crude” appropriation of earthquake-ravaged Haiti by the militarised Obama administration. With George W. Bush attending to the “relief effort” and Bill Clinton the UN’s man, The Comedians, Graham Greene’s dark novel about exploted Haiti comes to mind.

    The theft of Haiti has been swift and crude. On 22 January, the United States secured “formal approval” from the United Nations to take over all air and sea ports in Haiti, and to “secure” roads. No Haitian signed the agreement, which has no basis in law. Power rules in an American naval blockade and the arrival of 13,000 marines, special forces, spooks and mercenaries, none with humanitarian relief training.

    The airport in the capital, Port-au-Prince, is now an American military base and relief flights have been re-routed to the Dominican Republic. All flights stopped for three hours for the arrival of Hillary Clinton. Critically injured Haitians waited unaided as 800 American residents in Haiti were fed, watered and evacuated. Six days passed before the US Air Force dropped bottled water to people suffering thirst and dehydration.

    The first TV reports played a critical role, giving the impression of widespread criminal mayhem. Matt Frei, the BBC reporter dispatched from Washington, seemed on the point of hyperventilation as he brayed about the “violence” and need for “security”.

    In spite of the demonstrable dignity of the earthquake victims, and evidence of citizens’ groups toiling unaided to rescue people, and even an American general’s assessment that the violence in Haiti was considerably less than before the earthquake, Frei claimed that “looting is the only industry” and “the dignity of Haiti’s past is long forgotten.”

    Thus, a history of unerring US violence and exploitation in Haiti was consigned to the victims. “There’s no doubt,” reported Frei in the aftermath of America’s bloody invasion of Iraq in 2003, “that the desire to bring good, to bring American values to the rest of the world, and especially now to the Middle East… is now increasingly tied up with military power.”

    In a sense, he was right. Never before in so-called peacetime have human relations been as militarised by rapacious power. Never before has an American president subordinated his government to the military establishment of his discredited predecessor, as Barack Obama has done.

    In pursuing George W. Bush’s policy of war and domination, Obama has sought from Congress an unprecedented military budget in excess of $700 billion. He has become, in effect, the spokesman for a military coup.

    For the people of Haiti the implications are clear, if grotesque. With US troops in control of their country, Obama has appointed George W. Bush to the “relief effort”: a parody surely lifted from Graham Greene’s The Comedians, set in Papa Doc’s Haiti.

    As president, Bush’s relief effort following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 amounted to an ethnic cleansing of many of New Orleans’ black population. In 2004, he ordered the kidnapping of the democratically-elected prime minister of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and exiled him in Africa. The popular Aristide had had the temerity to legislate modest reforms, such as a minimum wage for those who toil in Haiti’s sweatshops.

    When I was last in Haiti, I watched very young girls stooped in front of whirring, hissing, binding machines at the Port-au-Prince Superior Baseball Plant. Many had swollen eyes and lacerated arms. I produced a camera and was thrown out.

    Haiti is where America makes the equipment for its hallowed national game, for next to nothing. Haiti is where Walt Disney contractors make Mickey Mouse pjamas, for next to nothing. The US controls Haiti’s sugar, bauxite and sisal. Rice-growing was replaced by imported American rice, driving people into the cities and towns and jerry-built housing. Years after year, Haiti was invaded by US marines, infamous for atrocities that have been their specialty from the Philippines to Afghanistan.

    Bill Clinton is another comedian, having got himself appointed the UN’s man in Haiti. Once fawned upon by the BBC as “Mr. Nice Guy… bringing democracy back to a sad and troubled land”, Clinton is Haiti’s most notorious privateer, demanding de-regulation of the economy for the benefit of the sweatshop barons. Lately, he has been promoting a $55m deal to turn the north of Haiti into an American-annexed “tourist playground”.

    Not for tourists is the US building its fifth biggest embassy in Port-au-Prince. Oil was found in Haiti’s waters decades ago and the US has kept it in reserve until the Middle East begins to run dry.

    More urgently, an occupied Haiti has a strategic importance in Washington’s “rollback” plans for Latin America. The goal is the overthrow of the popular democracies in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, control of Venezuela’s abundant oil reserves and sabotage of the growing regional cooperation that has given millions their first taste of an economic and social justice long denied by US-sponsored regimes.

    The first rollback success came last year with the coup against President Jose Manuel Zelaya in Honduras who also dared advocate a minimum wage and that the rich pay tax. Obama’s secret support for the illegal regime carries a clear warning to vulnerable governments in central America. Last October, the regime in Colombia, long bankrolled by Washington and supported by death squads, handed the US seven military bases to, according to US air force documents, “combat anti-US governments in the region”.

    Media propaganda has laid the ground for what may well be Obama’s next war. On 14 December, researchers at the University of West England published first findings of a ten-year study of the BBC’s reporting of Venezuela. Of 304 BBC reports, only three mentioned any of the historic reforms of the Chavez government, while the majority denigrated Chavez’s extraordinary democratic record, at one point comparing him to Hitler.

    Such distortion and its attendant servitude to western power are rife across the Anglo-American corporate media. People who struggle for a better life, or for life itself, from Venezuela to Honduras to Haiti, deserve our support.

    May God’s personal intervention destoy these evildoers.

  157. charlie January 30, 2010 @ 1:09 pm

    As an explanation to seemingly contradictory remarks made above, when I speak against the Jews I am not referring to a race of people but the Talmudic adherents.

  158. Michael K. January 30, 2010 @ 2:59 pm

    Dear Charlie,

    I get stuck on that one often too. It is perhaps intentionally made confusing in order to claim ownership over ethnic groups under the rule of Talmudic Judaism, not allowing them the option to even see themselves as something natural according to their race, and something else spiritual according to their religion.

    The religion allows no distinction, so we are abiding by Talmudic Judaism’s rules when we agree to their set of definitions. Stripped of his (false) religious identity, the miserable subject of the rabbis has no family, no home and no ethnic traditions. He is ultimately alone and surrounded by strangers like a runaway slave.

    The best thing I have been able to come up with is “ethnic so-called Jew”. Not very mellifluous and still defined by the concept of Jew. I think it is total mind control, this Talmudic Judaism. A Jew isn’t even supposed to study religion except as directed by a rabbi.

  159. miranda January 30, 2010 @ 3:14 pm

    Yeah, Truman should have left DC, in disgrace. Thanks so much for this beautifully written report, Brother Nathanael.

    As to the kick at Hezbollah and Hamas by “Jarrad”, a commentator, the two would not exist had not our people needed defense from the Jews.

    You Jews should leave the Arabs alone, to life their lives on their lands, and then they would not need to have resistance forces.

  160. charlie January 30, 2010 @ 3:47 pm

    Whilst I have not read completely Forensic Armageddon and Union Jack the sense I get is that they serve no spiritual purpose and are clear disinformation.

    Proof: “the root of all evil is money” thats a quote from the New Testament.

    And who controls the money?

    (“The jewel in the crown” always referred to India to my knowledge not the United States.)

    Neither am I assured by its authors identity, Mr Anonymous, in the case of Union Jack, (diverting attention from Skull and Crossbones which was the maritime flag of the Rothchilds)

    Ken Adachi has exposed himself as a Talmudian Jew apologist often, with a clear agenda, much like Alex Jones.

    Do you see anything anti-establishment-Jewish on his website?

    Attempting to disparage the book of Revelations as a book with a clear intent to inform, enlighen and prepare christians for the end of the Millenia should be regarded with the following warning from the book itself.

    “I testify to every one that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book: if any one add to them, god shall add to him the plagues described in this book; and if any one take away from the words of the book of this prophecy God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city which are described in this book.”

    Apocalypse 22: 18-20.

    Whilst I am no expert on British Monarchy the House of Windsor are not the true hereditary British Monarchs but are illegal imports from Germany. How that came about would make interesting reading.

    The real heirs to the throne run through the dynasty from which Princess Diana came: but I can’t speculate on why they married her then killed her.

    Our battle should be focused primarily on the demons prowling the earth. Every Illuminati who makes decisions to advance the NWO (Kingdom of Satan) agenda, and this according to insiders, will admit they have a demon on their left or on their right, clearly discernable to them, instructing them down to the minutest detail.

    This empire that we see building up around us, has instructing it and leading it incrementally – so they will not balk, (they are human after all), to the extent that they will follow, one third of the original angelic inhabitants of heaven -who were cast out after a prolonged and ferocious battle with St Michael and the good angels – with the aim of advancing the Luciferian doctrine, and abomination of all that is good and right in the world, as they once tried to do in heaven, but failed.

    We know Rothschilds is the top of the earthly ladder because he leaves a place for Satan or Lucifer at table in his private homes, when he dines and it is sometimes obliged, again according to insiders.

    Thus as well as whatever else we are able to do, Catholics with a spiritual eye, do well to directly address these demonic powers, when addressing the organized worldly powers that be, with these words;

    Holy Michael the archangel, defend us in the battle.
    Be our safeguard against the wickeness and snares of the devil.

    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;

    And do thou, Oh prince of the heavenly armies,

    By the power of God,

    Cast into hell the devil,

    And all the evil spirits,

    Who prowl throughout the world,

    Seeking the ruin of souls.

  161. Fr. Joseph January 30, 2010 @ 5:37 pm

    Dear Prodigal Son,

    I see that the ‘Keeper of Your Gate’ as to whether you consider entertaining another’s point-of-view, knowledge or understanding is whether they attempt TO TELL YOU their point-of-view, their knowledge, their understanding or whether they ASK YOU to consider and accept their point-of-view, their knowledge, their understanding.

    And on acacount of that personal sort of ‘Keeper of the Gate’ that is uniquely yours, you can very little for the ‘Military’ sort of life or mindset. You don’t like people forcefully TELLING you something, but perfer others to ASK you to consider and accept something.

    I see that you ASKED Joe Cortina for forgiveness. Reconcilation is a wonderful thing as people cannot have PEACE amongst and between themselves unless they have MUTUAL respect and a MUTUAL understanding.

    And THAT brings us directly back to the Christian’s need for a ‘MILITARY’ state of mind and heart – and I’m ASKING YOU to accept the following explanation.

    The two MILITARY “ranks” at either end of the Command-Control spectrum are given the titles of ‘General’ and ‘Private’.

    The ‘General’ is called GENERAL on account of possessing the GENERAL, the ‘OVER-ALL’ idea of what is being FOUGHT FOR, the VISION that is desired as a GENERAL condition for everyone affected by the confrontation. And the ‘General’ has the GENERAL overall view of the resources, terrain, talents, abilities of BOTH the General’s side of the confrontation and the resources, terrain, talents, ability of ‘The Enemy’ combantants who are CONTESTING the achievement of the ‘General’s’ GENERAL Vision and Goal desired for the GENERAL CONDITION and GENERAL STATE of all those others he is conducting this confrontation with ‘The Enemy’.

    The ‘PRIVATE’ is called ‘private’ on account of the PRIVATE POSSESSION of his, her or their FREE WILL.

    The ‘PRIVATES’ with their PRIVATE free will either suspend the actions and desires of their own PRIVATE ‘Free Will’ in order to lend their own PRIVATE strenghts and abilities TO ‘The General’ who possess the GENERAL VISION and the GENERAL GOAL that is being sought after in this confrontion with their individual and collective ‘Enemy’ or ‘Enemies’.

    – Fr. Joseph

  162. Fr. Joseph January 30, 2010 @ 5:46 pm

    Dear Prodigal Son,

    That which is NOW currently at stake here for our World and for our Human Race is this:

    “WHOSE ‘GENERAL VISION’ or ‘GENERAL GOAL’ for our planet earth, for our World and for our entire Human Race is to be and is going to be IMPLEMENTED for our World and for our Human Race?

    Jesus Christ’s General Divine Vision for our planet earth, our World and for our Human Race?

    – OR –

    Satan’s General Satanic Vision for our planet earth, our World and for our Human Race?

    Now SATAN has his ‘Generals’ and his Satanic Organizations, his Satanic resources, his Satanic talents and abilities and his Satanic ‘Battlefield Plans’ and IN UNISON, in UNITY, they are proceeding with THEIR ‘Conquering of the World’ and ‘Conquering the Human Race’.

    And CHRIST JESUS has His ‘Generals’ and His Christian Church organizations, His Divine Resources, His Divine Talents and Abilities and His Divine ‘Battlefield Plans’ – but as you cannot help but see and witness for your very self – there IS NO UNITY which is working IN UNISON which is NOT being employed in ‘Conquering the World’ and in ‘Conquering the Human Race’ FOR His GENERAL-DIVINE Vision and Goal for His own Planet Earth and His Own Human Race.

    – Fr. Joseph

  163. Fr. Joseph January 30, 2010 @ 5:58 pm

    Dear Prodigal Son,

    So I’ve been banging my head here on RZN by my TELLING THEM that Chirst Jesus in His Divine General Vision-Goal for both the Church and for all of Mankind GAVE St. Peter ‘The Keys’, thus establishing St. Peter as a ‘PRIME MINISTER’ in, with and for the KINGDOM OF GOD here on earth.

    My TELLING you this in ‘Military’ fashion in the many exchanges between me and all of your other Orthodox here on RZN hasn’t been received, accepted or acknowledged on account of the manner in which I’ve been TELLING all of you that particular ‘Key’ aspect of the Kingdom of God here on Earth and amongst all of Mankind.

    So I’m now HUMBLING ASKING YOU to consider the Kingdom of God here on earth FACT that ‘The Keys’ were entrusted by GOD INCARNATE Himself, the Word through whom our world and our human race was CREATED and came into BEING, this this individual HE created and HE brought to life we all know by the name of ‘St. Peter’.

    Just as JUDAS’ Ministry and Apostolic Office obtained both the Divine Mandate and Divine Approval-Sanction to receive a ‘Replacment’ as a ‘Killed-In-Action’ individual in this Divine-Satanic General Confrontion over this ‘World’ and all of ‘Mankind’ per Acts 1:25, it then follows that upon the DEATH of St. Peter and his Office of the holder of ‘The Keys’, somebody else would be elected-appointed to THAT Office which can be considered the ‘Prime Minister’ of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

    I am publicly ASKING YOU – not ‘telling you’ – to go search the Canon of the Church’s Sacred CHRISTIAN Scripture in order to CONSIDER what I’ve relayed to you here on RZN is really and truly ‘factual’ and ‘truth’:

    Matthew 16:17-19, Acts 1:15-26, Acts 1:25, Galatians 2:9, 1 Timothy 4:14, 1 Corinthians 12:27-30.

    – Fr. Joseph

  164. The Prodigal Son January 30, 2010 @ 6:02 pm


    You said:

    “Thus you and others place the scheming, the control and theft of nations and the “souls of men”, on a race of people blaming it on them, scapegoating them according to the very script laid out for you by the self titled “Illuminati” themselves, giving themselves, oh so astutely, a free pass. Just like they have sacrificed their own in the past, to get what they want. I can’t put it any better than that.”

    A “race of people”?

    ‘Jew’ is NOT a race!

    ‘Jew’ is an anti-Christ cult RELIGION!

    The ‘Jews’ of today have NO CONNECTION to the tribe of Christ – the tribe of Judah!

    The ‘Jews’ of today have no link to the Judeans of the New Testsament!

    Note that every time I use the word ‘Jew’ – it is within ‘quotation’ marks… That’s because NONE of the ‘Jews’ of today are really ‘Judahites’ in the sense that the mainstream thinks (has been brainwashed into thinking) they are…

    Not by race OR by religion!

    In the O.T. – ‘Jews’ were those of the Kingdom of Judah (a PLACE)… BUT not everyone in Judah (the place) was a tribal Judahite (like Jesus was)… Many were of the tribe of Levi (Levites) or the tribe of Benjamin (Benjamites).

    Paul (Saul of Tarsus) was himself a tribal Benjamite – NOT a tribal Judahite. So the only sense that Paul could possibly be termed ‘Jew’ – is in the sense that he was a resident of Judea (the Roman province).

    Today the word ‘Jew’ carries connotations that are completely false and have no basis in history. The word ‘Israelite’ is NOT (and never was) synonymous with the word ‘Jew’!

    Yet – that is exactly what ‘mainstream’ society (even many ‘Christians’) believe – because that’s what they have been taught! (But by WHOM?)

    The ‘Jews’ of today adhere to the RELIGION of the Pharisees (condemned by Jesus – who was a REAL tribal Judahite)… that is the ONLY connection they have to historical Judea.

    So-called ‘Rabbinic Judaism’ (Pharisaism/Talmudism) is the ANTITHESIS of the Mosaic/Sinai ‘Judaism’ of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    So WHO do you think the ‘Illuminated Ones’ are?

    Do I think ‘Jews’ authored ‘The Protocols’? – Well if you’re asking if I think tribal Judahites or residents of Judea wrote them… the answer is NO.

    If you’re asking if I think the FAKE ‘Jews’ of today (who adhere to the anti-Christ RELIGION of the Pharisees) wrote them – then YES… I do.

    Do I think anyone who was from Judea or anyone who follows the WRITTEN laws of Moses had anything to do with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia?… NO!

    But do I think that those CALLING THEMSELVES ‘Jews’ – adhering to Talmudic/Rabbinic ‘Judaism’ were behind the ‘revolution’ in Russia?… YES! The planning and the financing are 100% attributable to Pharisaic ‘Jews’!

    You also said:

    “I do not agree nor can I associate myself with the Jewish Talmudic religion and its adherents, which is different to the Torah believing religion and its adherents as night is to day, but I do not condemn the race, on that account, for the sins of the elders.”

    The word ‘Torah’ means basically ‘The Law’ (of Moses). It does NOT mean ‘Tanakh’, ‘Pentateuch’ or ‘Old Testament’.

    But when ‘Jews’ go ON & ON about their ‘Torah’ – what they are referrring to is their ‘ORAL TORAH’! The ORAL TORAH (the ORAL LAW) is ‘The Traditions of the Elders’/’The Traditions of Men’…

    In short – when the ‘Jews’ of today say ‘Torah’ – they ACTUALLY mean ‘Talmud’!

    To the Pharisees of today (‘Jews’) the ‘Oral Torah’ in the Talmud is the ultimate authority… If there seems to be disagreement between the Tanakh (O.T.) and the Talmud (which are – of course polar opposites) – the opinions of the filthy ‘rabbis’ and the Talmud ALWAYS prevail!

    Tell me Charlie – WHERE are these “Torah believing” ‘Jews’ of which you speak?


    The ONLY religious ‘Jews’ who do NOT submit to the ‘rabbis’ and the Talmud are the Karaites… and according to Wikipedia – there are LESS THAN 50,000 of them – WORLDWIDE!

  165. Michael K. January 30, 2010 @ 6:03 pm

    Dear Charlie,

    Since you’ve raised the question of the ‘spiritual value’ of “The Union Jack” and are accusing me of “disparaging the Book of Revelations”, I feel compelled as a matter of course to make a rebuttal. Although you say you haven’t actually tried to read the article thoroughly, I will proceed as though you have.

    First of all, you are a Brit. Your bias should be self-evident since the Brit will be the last one to want to see the Empire in such a bad light. In fact, you are admittedly so biased as to pronounce your conclusions ahead of your research. Nonetheless, you are a Christian and thus scriptural reasoning should be of some merit to you despite this impediment.

    Second, the anonymous authorship of the book is in no way invalidating of the argument it presents. Similarly, the fact that everyone only knows you as “charlie” does not invalidate your proper reasoning and factual arguments.

    Now, on to the substance of the matter: We are told in Matthew 24:23-25 “Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look here is the Christ’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you beforehand.”

    Thanks to Stav, we also understand better the precise meaning communicated in Revelations 12:17 “And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” In particular the Greek word translated into English as “with” in this passage is actually META, meaning ‘by means of, through as an instrument’. Translation: the dragon makes war with the woman through the agency of her own offspring.

    Hence by these two passages we have an indication of an incredibly devious and subtle deception perhaps to come, which makes war against the true Church by means of her spiritual offspring the false church, which itself operates as a counterfeit imitation of Christianity. And we can perceive that this deception is so perfect in its attention to detail, and so careful in its adherence to scripture in this deception that it would be possible for it even to deceive the elect.

    The hypothesis being put forward here is that this cannot possibly be accomplished as written, without this false church carrying out a counterfeit fulfillment of the events appearing in the Book of Revelations. Let this sink in, for it is the answer to the challenge of the “spiritual value” of this line of reasoning.

    That’s why I say to you that confidence in any person that the true interpretation of the mysteries of Revelations is in their possession is spiritual pride. And like a Pharisee in his spiritual pride, this person will reject the truth in favor of his confidence in his own error.

    The Peace of Christ be with You.

  166. Fr. Joseph January 30, 2010 @ 6:07 pm

    Dear Prodigal Son,

    Now that THIS point of my ASKING YOU, and NOT ‘telling you’, to consider the factual truths of my preceeding postings to you, I am now ASKING YOU to accept the ‘fact’, the ‘truth’, that the entire Canon of Sacred Christian Scripture – a.k.a. ‘the Bible’ – REVEALS on very Specific Train-of-Thought – from Genesis to the book of Revelation:

    There IS a ‘Supernatural Order’ that IS ‘higher’ and ‘more powerful’ than ANY and ALL CREATED THINGS in this ‘Natuaral Order’ that is our World and our entire Human History.

    And that THIS ‘Supernatural Order’ – from the times of Genesis through Human History to the times of the writing of the Book of Revelation – as REPEATEDLY ‘GIVEN ORDERS’ in all manners and forms – from THREATS to acts of PLEAS – in order to obtain OBEDIENCE from people down through the ages so as to get them all TO USE their God-given spiritual faculty of FREE WILL in order TO DO that which God our Creator Himself WANTS DONE ‘here on earth’.

    And ‘What?’ does our God and Creator WANT ‘DONE’ here on earth?

    To grant ALL OF US a ‘Taste of His Heaven’ HERE ON EARTH!

    I simply must get on my way to work now. More of this ASKING YOU TO ACCEPT what I’m relaying to you here on RZN tomorrow.

    – Fr. Joseph

  167. Norseman January 30, 2010 @ 8:46 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Reading your posts above on the battle between the “army of Chist” againtst the “army of Satan” got me thinking…

    Do you really think that the battle can be won in this world by the faithful?

    Satan is in fact the ruler of THIS world, thus my question.

    Can we human beings wage a war against Satan and his hordes of demons and human pawns with the strategic goal of DEFEATING him?

    Throughout the last decades I get the feeling that we can only wage an asymmetrical war of attrition, a sort of guerrilla war against the devil. Our goal would be not to be annhilated (both spiritually and physically), save as many souls as we can and delay the coming of the Great Tribulation.

    I do not believe that we can defeat the devil here on Earth, but I would very much like to hear your opinion.

  168. Norseman January 30, 2010 @ 9:03 pm

    Dear Adora,

    Please consider the following verses from Mark 14:

    “3And being in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he sat at meat, there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard very precious; and she brake the box, and poured [it] on his head.

    4And there were some that had indignation within themselves, and said, Why was this waste of the ointment made?

    5For it might have been sold for more than three hundred pence, and have been given to the poor. And they murmured against her.

    6And Jesus said, Let her alone; why trouble ye her? she hath wrought a good work on me.

    7For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.

    8She hath done what she could: she is come aforehand to anoint my body to the burying.

    9Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world, [this] also that she hath done shall be spoken of for a memorial of her.”

    All the gold and precious stones are not enough to praise the glory of God.

    Have YOU also sold what you have to give it to the poor? At least you have a computer, maybe a TV, even a car. Why don’t you sell them and give the money to the poor?

    By the way, the Pope is not the owner of all the riches of the Vatican, it is the Catholic Church.

    The Peace of Christ be with you.

  169. Lynda January 30, 2010 @ 9:39 pm

    Prodigal Son

    As a schismatic, you are ignorant of the history of the Sacred Scripture as a legacy and possession of the Church (the Hebrew Mss in the possession of the Church from the beginning), the Septuagint (in possession of the Church from the beginning) and the translation and revision of the received texts into Latin for liturgical use, prayer and study under the magisterial authority of the Holy Father and his bishops.

    The scripture is of no private interpretation. Its conservation, translation, revisison, use in liturgy, interpretation in the development of doctrine – all are the province of the bishop.

    In the matter you are trashing – it is the province of the Holy Father, the Western Patriarch, and those to whom he delegates.

    Your opinions in this matter mean SQUAT. Your bogey references and detractions mean SQUAT.

    The Latin Vulgate was prepared by a diligent comparison with the received texts and translated by St Jerome at the behenst of the Holy See (Pope Damascus) in the 4th century. The preparation continued under the authority and blessing his Successor and came to fruition in the 5th century.

    Roman Catholics do not defer to the opinions of schismatics and their churches on the subject of Sacred Scripture. We know our history and do not need your instruction.

    While we are on the subject of the living magisterial authority – it might interest you to know that the momentous century which saw the the scholarly and priestly work on the received texts, the Council of Ephesus also transpired. And supposedly this is a Council that schismatics such as yourself agree with the Church is a valid Council.

    Here is what the Council says on the living magisterial authority of the Roman Catholic Church:

    “There is no doubt and in fact it has been known in all ages that the holy and most blessed Peter, prince and head of the apostles, pillar of the faith and foundation of the Catholic Church received the Keys of the Kingdom from our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour and Redeemr of the human race, and that to him was given the power of loosing and binding sins: our holy and blessed Pope Celestine, the bishop, is according to the due order his Successor and holds his place…” Council of Ephesus. Session III. A.D. 431.

    Since you have added your twist to the Protocols of Zion, please compare YOUR IDEA that the Holy Father of the Roman Catholic Church is a Jew sock puppet to the statements made by a scandalized individual who identifies himself with Russian Orthodoxy. This is one Prof Yuri Maltev who served under Gorbachev.

    Professor Maltev writes on the occasion of the passing of one Alexy II – mentioned above.

    “In an outrageous act of blasphemy, Alexy opened and blessed Moscow’s Church of St Sofia of God’s Wisdom as the official Church of the KGB aka the Federal Security Service, which murdered more faithful than all mass murders of human history combined.”


    Please read the full account for yourself.

  170. charlie January 30, 2010 @ 10:03 pm

    Michael K you are reading way too much into things and getting beyond the scope of your own reasoning.

    On the Union Jack first of all. The devil cannot stand the sight of the cross, let alone using it as his own on a flag.

    So what does he do. He institutes a counterfeit flag. The cross of St Andrew on the Union Jack is replaced by the crossbones. The cross of St George on the Union Jack which is also the cross of Christ which defeated death is replaced by the skull, or deaths head. Thus you see the skull and crossbones is the disparaging imitation of the Union Jack.

    They used to deceive foreign ships by displaying the Union Jack which no one had cause to fear until they got alongside then they lowered it and replaced it with the skull and crossbones, and even then the victim didn’t catch on so secretive were the London bankers, that the victims then believed they had been attacked by marauding pirates, hence the myth which persists to this day.

    In the same way, in the book, the Union Jack, they are seemingly, though I haven’t read much of it, again hiding behind the Union Jack for their nefarious activities world wide.

    To address your second point, let these words sink in – the children of the woman
    her offspring, “who keep the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” are you really twisting that to mean these people are the counterfeit church, the spiritual offspring of Mary?

    Then who are the real church, now that you’ve designated those that keep the commandments and have the testimony of Jesus as the counterfeit church?

    Your version of ‘with’ doesn’t necessarily mean they are the agents. Even in your verion it could and does in my view mean against. The object of the sentence is ‘war’ and the means is the rest of her seed, that does not necessarily place them on the same side, if you get my point.

    Michael, I respect much of what you have said in the past and I agree there will be ongoing deception but not in the manner you have described above, which is way over the top and too much for the average Joe who is in no way religious in the first place to ‘get’. Nor do I believe people generally would fall for that kind of deception even if they did ‘get’ it. people know deep down what is right and wrong and the deception will be/is an attack against their core or inate concience.

    Prodigal Son.

    The Jews as we know them today are a race of people as Br Nathanael will attest to.
    Where they come from is not the point. They are not a religious group at all as most describe themselves as secular, particularly in Israel itself, just as many ‘christians’ describe themselves as having no religion, under the influence admittedly, of the Kabbalist Jews and non jews on our society, both of whom were hidden from plain sight until quite recently with the advent of mass communication.

    Tell me Charlie – WHERE are these “Torah believing” ‘Jews’ of which you speak?

    I’ve met a few in my time, they are all over just like the rest of that race, and are good hearted, good willed, Bible (part of) believing, adhering people. they will recognize christ at his coming and worship him.they will not recognize the false christ just as today they do not reognize the false Israel.

  171. Lynda January 30, 2010 @ 10:05 pm

    Apologies. That link should read:

    Also, don’t miss the many touching tributes from Jewish leaders around the world to Alexy II on the occasion of his passing Dec 8, 2008.

  172. Paul January 30, 2010 @ 11:19 pm

    Dear Minnie,

    You asked: I was wondering if the Jews of today are the off spring of Cain in the story of Cain and Abel. Is there someway to find out if that is true?

    I will do my best to answer this for you and if my Brothers or Sisters can help in any way i would be grateful.

    First of all i would have to say “NO” to your question as you are fully aware that God destroys the world by the flood and you then have the story of Noah. The word ‘Jew’ is a corrupted form of the word Judah. It refers to two of the twelve tribes of Israel, Judah and Benjamin, and does not even appear in the Bible until 2 Kings 16:6, and then again in 25:25 and in 2 Chronicles 32:18. The Prodigal Son explains this above in one of his posts.

    Jacob, called “Israel”, had twelve tribe-founding sons. Three of them started their tribes by marring non-semites. Judah married a Canaanite (descendant of Ham not Shem). See Genesis 38. His off spring were as Hamitic as they were semitic from the start. Four hundred years later, around 1300 B.C. Judah’s half Hamitic son Shelah’s descendants were weavers and potters (1 Chronicles 2:3; 4:21-23). They were still producing “Jews”.

    As you can see the first descendants of Judah who founded the tribe of Judah, were products of the non-semitic Hamite, the daughter of Shuah the Canaanite. As a tribe they were mixed from the start, racially. Spiritually they were largely following the Paganism surrounding them, with but a remnant holding to God and His teaching.

    The Saintly Prophet Isaiah was a Prophet indeed when, after recounting the abominable practices of the Judah tribe, he foretold. “And ye shall leave your name for a curse unto my Chosen: For the Lord God shall slay thee, and call his servants by another name” (Isaiah 65:15).

    And this is but a few sentences after his Godly prophency that Christ would be born from the line of Judah. “Thus saith the Lord. I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob, and out of Judah an inheritor of my mountains (Jerusalem) and mine elect shall inherit it, but ye are they that forsake the Lord. (Isaiah 65:9) Also Hebrews 7:14 For it is clear that our Lord descended from Judah…

    I hope this helps. Some of the info I got was from reading Elizabeth Dilling. I am still learning and do enjoy reading all the comments.

    Thank you B.N. for all your hard work. May God Bless you all.


    The true Israel is not composed of any Nation or Race. It is composed of those who accept Jesus Christ in Faith.

  173. The Prodigal Son January 31, 2010 @ 12:41 am

    Fr. Joseph,

    I have gone over the specific verses which you listed…

    My responses:

    Matt 16:17-19…

    I am of the belief that Peter’s statement of faith that Jesus is “the Christ, the Son of the living God” is the ‘rock’ spoken of by Christ.

    Look @ I Cor 10:1-4:

    “Moreover brethren, I do not want you to be unaware that all our fathers were under the cloud, all passed through the sea, all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, all ate the same spiritual food, and all drank the spiritual drink.

    For they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ.”

    So the true Rock is Jesus Christ. It is also the opinion of St. John Chrysostom that ‘rock’ refers to the correct faith in Peter’s explicit affirmation that Jesus is Christ.

    When Christ says that the gates of Hades will not prevail against His Church… not only does this mean that His True Church will always be here for the salvation of man – but also that if we become members of His True Church, then Satan and the ancestral curse of death have no power over us… for we shall live with Him forever.

    The Church was also built on Peter’s words when he told the people after Pentecost that to join His Church they must “repent (…), be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and (…) receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” through the laying on of hands.

    This – according to the Bible… is the only formula for the salvation of man now, and that Church membership is attained through following these guidelines.

    Acts 1:15-26…

    This – I feel, only proves my assertion that Peter was never ‘Commander-in-Chief’… but rather that ALL of the disciples together suggested Justus and Matthias.

    Then they prayed and cast lots – leaving God to choose which of the two should replace the traitor Judas. How does any of this prove that Peter was the ‘boss’?

    Acts 1:25… (Typo ??)

    Gal 2:9 (,11 ??)…

    This details how not only Cephas – but also James and John… along with paul and Barnabas all AGREED that Paul and Barnabas should preach to the uncircumcised, while the other ‘pillars’ should concentrate on the circumcised.

    The verse at 2:11 clearly shows that Peter was NOT ‘The General’ – with Paul taking Peter to task.

    Contrast Peter – who subjected himself to ‘Major’ Paul… against the ‘all-powerful, un-contestable, infallable’ pope – who claims to be subject to no one.

    The proof in this lies in the fact that Christians do NOT get (ritually) circumcised today.

    Tim 4:14…

    This demonstrates that ordination to the priesthood is also accomplished through the laying-on of hands by an elder (bishop). But if my memory serves me – it was St.Paul who ordained Timothy… not Peter, so… ??

    I Cor 12:27-30…

    Gives a description of the Church heirarchy of HONOR. Again – I think this verse ALSO proves my point.

    Paul says, “First apostles, second prophets, third teachers (…)”

    It does NOT say, “First Peter and his successors in Rome, second the REST of the apostles, third prophets, (…)”…

    (Reminding me… if the successor to Peter is the ‘General’ of the Church, and Peter was FIRST in Antioch… then WHY isn’t Peter’s FIRST successor – the bishop of the Antiochian Church now the ‘General’??)

    Which proves that all of the apostles were EQUALS… which carries on today in Orthodoxy in that all bishops are considered equal – and CANNOT interfere with each others jurisdictions.

  174. The Prodigal Son January 31, 2010 @ 1:41 am




    According to the pope – YOU are a schismatic – and because you don’t agree with his interpretations of the Scriptures, you are AUTOMATICALLY EXCOMMUNICATED!

    Therfore – according to your “Holy Father”… you are NOT A ROMAN CATHOLIC!

    You can’t even be honest here about the eldership of the Greek Septuagint vs. Jerome’s Latin, so our conversation is done now.

    I wish you the best though, and I pray you return to the Church someday after your pride subsides.

    — — —


    Nope… ‘Jew’ is a RELIGION!

    That’s why there are ‘Jews’ of every color – even Ethiopians!

    Are you going to tell me that you actually believe that Bernie Madoff or Jerry Seinfeld are the SAME RACE as Ethiopian ‘Jews’ ??

    And yes – even secular ‘Jews’ adhere to the title of ‘Jew’ – tieing themselves to their anti-Christ brethren… whether they know it or not.

    As far as the ‘Jews’ you supposedly have met which claim that they are true to the Laws of Moses…

    Their ‘Kol Nidre’ prayer allows them to lie with impunity… personally I don’t believe that – anymore than I believe that Madoff’s ‘Jewish’ “victims” really got taken just like the non-‘Jews’ did!

    They are LIARS!

  175. Fr. Joseph January 31, 2010 @ 1:56 am

    Dear Norseman,

    Not only do I believe that Christ’s CHURCH can defeat Satan and his seen and unseen demonic legions running amok all across our contemporary World – I am UTTERLY CONVINCED of it.

    Please, contemplatively consider for some small period of time: Just exactly WHO created Satan, all of the myriad of legions of elemental spirits – and Who creates, bestows and grants the ‘Gift of Life’ to billions and billions of incarante spirits -human beings – all across our planet earth.

    Now all of us seen and unseen ‘scient beings’ whether we are elemental or incarnate in nature are ALL endowed with a ‘Free Will’.

    Now ‘WHO?’ not only granted each and every last one of us – elementals or incarnates – this “existance” of ours in either the seen or unseen ‘All’ but this personal endowment, possession and use of a ‘FREE WILL’?

    Our God and Creator, by His Omnipotence, created all things – to include elementals and incarnates who have this ‘Free Will’ to use within His Created Seen or Unseen All.

    If our All-good God and Creator, via His Omnipotence, granted us all life and its associated ability to use our FREE WILL, then surely our All-good God and Creator can utilize His Omnipotence to either THWART the use of our ‘Free Will’, principlely the ‘FREE WILL’ of those who are of the EVIL ONE and the EVIL ONE himself.

    God Incarnate wants for His Mother to be honored, acknowledged and loved by the entire Human Race of whom she is God’s “New Eve” to and for our saved and redeemed Human Race.

    IF that public and solemn honoring of and acknowledgement of His Own Mother by whom Divinity took on our Human Nature is DONE per His Divine Desire and All-good Divine Will – then He will use His Divine Omnipotence TO CRUSH Satan and all of his seen and unseen demonic legions running havoc over, with, in and throughout our Human Race.

    – Fr. Joseph

  176. charlie January 31, 2010 @ 2:15 am

    A young man went to his Rabbi and asked to borrow $40. “Thirty Dollars?” exclaimed the Rabbi, “What are you gonna do with twenty dollars?”

    Farmer McCarthy lived for many years with only his dog for a companion. One sad day he found his dog dead from old age. He went to his parish priest and asked if services could be said for his dog.

    The good father said “oh no, we can’t have services for a dog here, but there’s a new church down the street that might be willing.”

    “Father do you think $50,000 might be enough of a donation?” asked farmer McCarthy.

    “Well man, why didn’t you tell me your dog was a Catholic!!!?”

    Orthodox ‘Survivor’

    Robinson Krusovsky was shipwrecked on an empty Pacific island. When after a long time a rescue ship came to pick him up, the rescue party found two churches Robinson had built, complete with domes and three-bar crosses on top. ‘Why two?’ they asked. ‘One is the church I go to,’ Robinson explained. ‘The other is the church I don’t go to!’

    Train Tale
    Two people meet on a train. After some introductory chat, they discover both are Orthodox and of Russian descent.
    Vlad: Old Calendar or New Calendar?
    Alex: Old.
    Vlad: Very good. Do you have a three-hour Vigil in church every Saturday night and before every holy day, even if the holy day is on a Monday?
    Alex: Yes.
    Vlad: Excellent. Pews or no pews?
    Alex: No.
    Vlad: Clean-shaven or bearded priest?
    Alex: Bearded.
    Vlad: Does he wear his cassock and cross on the street?
    Alex: Da.
    Vlad: Is your jurisdiction ecumenist or non-ecumenist?
    Alex: Non.
    Vlad: Do you have an old-man Trinity icon?
    Alex: Uh, yes.
    Vlad: Aha! Heretic!

    The Light-Bulb Joke: наша версия

    OK, how many Russian Orthodox does it take to change a light bulb?
    None. Orthodoxy never changes, and, in addition to burning candles like the Roman Catholics, uses oil-burning lamps. ‘Electricity is for those Gregorian calendar-using, liberal ecumenist jurisdictions.’

    Which Is The Tradition?

    In the village of Omsk all was not well in the local Pokrov Parish. Every year, during Lent, at ‘Blessed art Thou, O Lord, teach me Thy statutes’, half of the congregation would make a metany at the waist, and half would make a full prostration. The little metanists would start whispering sharply, ‘No! No! From the waist!’ To which the great metanists would hiss back even louder, ‘Wrong! Full prostration! Who are you following, the Devil?!’ And fistfights would break out and the service could not even be completed.

    Finally the war-weary parishioners decided to ask their priest, Fr Veniamin. ‘Batiushka, what is the tradition? In Lent, at “Blessed art Thou”, do we make a little metany, or a great metany?’ Knowing the rancour attached to the dispute, poor Fr Veniamin trembled, grew pale, then fainted dead away and fell backwards.

    So next they went to the Skete of the Forerunner, and asked Fr Onouphry: ‘Batiushka, we want to know, we have a terrible argument at Omsk–what is the tradition? Because half the people say to make small metanies at “Blessed art Thou” now, and half say great metanies. And we start fighting, terrible, terrible. So, tell us, what is the Tradition?’ Seeing the ferocity in their faces, poor Hieromonk Anatoly simply fainted dead away.

    Then someone shouted, ‘Let’s go to Elder Ioann and ask him!‘ It was a marvellous idea. Surely the elder’s answer would bring peace, for he was respected by all, a native of Omsk, and his hoary 94 years guaranteed a knowledge of what the old tradition had been.

    So a large crowd gathered at the elder’s dacha on the outskirts of town. Some 15 men from both sides entered the dacha, and found frail Elder Ioann lying on his bed. As he struggled to draw himself up and offer tea, they cut him off: ‘Elder Ioann, you have to help us! What is the Tradition? Every year in Lent, at “Blessed art Thou, O Lord”, half of the people at Pokrov make little metanies, and half the people great metanies, and we start to argue, and the service doesn’t even finish because of the fistfight!’ Then Elder Ioann said firmly, in his voice shaking with age, and with tears streaming down his joyful face, ‘That… is… the Tradition!’

  177. Michael K. January 31, 2010 @ 6:06 am

    Dear Charlie:

    I agree that piracy is the quintessential evil. As you accurately pointed out, pirates actually hid their identity behind the Union Jack. But then what is the British Empire if not piracy on a grand scale hiding behind a benevolent Christian front; the combined crosses of Saints Andrew and George?

    And the translation of Rev 12:17 seems to indicate a church which KEEPS (actively)the commandments of God (Judaism) and at the same time HAS (possesses in a passive way)the testimony of Jesus Christ. This seems to me to indicate Christian Zionism.

    Furthermore it is never and nowhere contended that the nefarious activities worldwide are “hidden behind the Union Jack”. Actually quite the reverse: The nefarious activities of the Judeo-Christian Zionist End Times cult world wide are the hiding place of the Union Jack, which funds these ministries with money and organization out of London.

    That the deception is too subtle for the common Joe is precisely what makes it a dangerous one. And for the non-religious, the outer portico of the mystery of End Times Millennialism is Hollywood’s relentless and increasing stream of movies depicting Apocalyptic scenarios of every kind.

  178. Lynda January 31, 2010 @ 6:15 am

    Prodigal Son,

    If you truly are ‘done’ with your personal misrepresentation of the history of Sacred Scipture in the Latin Church – I can only say Deo Gratias.

    Wiki refs just do not cut it on this subject – which for you is nothing more than a debating topic and point scoring exercise anyway.

    According to the Coucil of Chalcedon – which you as a schismatic, of course reject, the Roman pontiff is the “Custodian of the Vine.” This includes the canonized Scriptures – foremost among the treasures of the Church.

    I have made no statement here against faith or morals.

    Extra ecclesiam nulla salus – applies to you as a schismatic. The Top Ten applies to you as a bearer of false witness.

    Just as your schismatic opinions about canonized Scripture mean SQUAT, so do your anathemas.

    The Lord will be the judge of who and who is not in communion with Holy Church founded upon the Rock. Since all of Holy Writ canonized by the Church bears witness to Him, your judgement and prejudices are completely irrelevant.

  179. Lynda January 31, 2010 @ 6:27 am

    Now, you have been set straight Father Joseph: “Which proves that all of the apostles were EQUALS … which carries on today in Orthodoxy in that all bishops are considered equal and CANNOT interfere with each others’ jurisdictions.”

    Ha. Ha. As if the Emperor of Constantinople wasn’t one to regularly charge over to Rome at the behest of heretical bishops and take it upon himself to install whatever antipope he thought suitable. So much for orthodoxy.

  180. Renee January 31, 2010 @ 7:40 am


    The Zionists are the offspring of Cain. Read the Talmud

  181. Norseman January 31, 2010 @ 7:42 am

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Thank you very much for your enlightening and comforting comment.

    It seems that some of us have been for too long at the frontline and are experiencing “shellshock”.

    Yes, “demons hear the name of God and tremble”.

    May God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, strengthen us in our faith and grant us victory over the evil.

  182. Fr. Joseph January 31, 2010 @ 9:08 am

    Dear charlie,

    That’s a good idea – might as well LAUGH and CRACK JOKES in the midst of the deplorable condition of our World of 2010 Anno Domini. Let me share my own very ‘personal’ experience sort of JOKE:

    The Bishop of Rome issued a Papal Call for VOLUNTEERS to ‘re-evangelize’ this World with the words ‘Be Not Afraid!’

    Fr. Patrick of Ireland, Fr. Pierre of France, Fr. Luiggi of Italy and Fr. Jacek of Poland responded.

    The Bishop of Rome charged these four ‘Go out to the vicious Tribe of the Neo-pagan Secularists, tell them that God desires PEACE!’

    Frs. Patrick, Pierre, Luiggi and Jacek land in the lands of the Neo-Pagan Secular Tribes – and they present the Message to them all that God desires PEACE.

    The CHIEFS of the Tribal Neo-Pagan Secularist Peoples of the land capture and interrogate Frs. Patrick, Pierre, Luiggi and Jacek “How can we ALLOW PEACE all across our lands since our entire lives and livelihoods are utterly RELIANT on us making WARS? So how can this God of your want for us to have PEACE? Does your God want for us all TO STARVE TO DEATH?”

    But the CHIEFS of the Executive, Operations and Finance Offices bethought to themselves to send their delegations to the BISHOP OF ROME asking him whether or not this was TRUE – that God wants PEACE instead of WAR.

    The CEO-COO-CFO delegation came back from the doors of the BISHOP OF ROME and reported to the Chiefs of the Tribal Neo-Pagan Secularists of the land:

    “We knocked and knocked and knocked on the doors of the Bishop of Rome – but NO ONE ANSWERED in order to validate the Message of these Priests!”

    The Chiefs of the Tribal Neo-Pagan Secularists Peoples of the land ORDERED Frs. Patrick, Pierre, Luiggi and Jacek to be put in CHAINS and IMPRISONED while the Chiefs and Tribal Neo-Pagan Secularists Peoples of the land pondered these Priests’ fate…..

    – Fr. Joseph

  183. Jimmy "T" January 31, 2010 @ 9:10 am

    Looks like the Judicial-Inc website is recovering from a Zionist attack.

    I visit this one often as there’s some good stories exposing the Zionists and their continued crimes against humanity.

  184. Fr. Joseph January 31, 2010 @ 9:28 am

    The Chiefs and Councils of the Tribal Neo-Pagan Secularist Peoples of the land pondered the night away as to what was to be the fate of Frs. Patrick, Pierre, Luiggi and Jacek. In the morning, they had arrived at the answer.

    Bringing Frs. Patrick, Pierre, Luiggi and Jacek out of their prison cell but still in chains, the Tribal Neo-Pagan Secularist Peoples pronounced their mutual decres:

    “You Priests with your Message of Peace are a FAKE with a FALSE MESSAGE since your own Bishop of Rome would not verify for us your God’s Message. Your God is, therefore, a FALSE GOD!”

    And the Peoples of the Tribal Neo-Pagan Secularists began to chant out with a roar and in unison ‘LONG LIVE THOR!’ and ‘LONG LIVE MARS!’ and ‘LOVE LIVE POWER!’ and ‘LONG LIVE MATERIALISM!’ and ‘LOVE LIVE CARNAL LUSTS!’

    “Our Decision is to have YOU Priests PUT TO DEATH – but since we SO POWERFUL as a Tribe of Peoples here on this earth that OUR gods have made for us upon which to WAGE WARS so as to EARN THE BREAD that we all eat – we will allow for each of you to select how you shall be PUT TO DEATH!”

    Fr. Patrick stepped up and said ‘Since St. Patrick is said to have chased all of the SNAKES out of my nation of Ireland, I choose to be thrown into a pit of deadly venomous snakes.’

    Fr. Patrick was thrown into a pit of venomous snakes, was bitten repeated and died. The Neo-Pagan Secularists then took his body and SKINNED it, using Fr. Patrick’s skin to make a CANOE which the CEOs, COOs and CFOs sold at a good PROFIT.

    Fr. Pierre then stepped up and said, ‘Since St. Joan of Arc died in my nation of France by being burned alive at the stake, I wish to die the same death.’

    The Neo-Pagan Secularists then SKINNED Fr. Pierre and, putting his skin to the side, they tied him to a stake and proceeded to light a fire by which he was burned alive.
    The CEOs, the COOs and the CFOs then took Fr. Pierre’s skin, made a canoe out of it and sold the canoe at a very good PROFIT.

    Fr. Luiggi stepped up and said ‘Since so many of my Church died by a Gladiator’s sword in the Collusuem of my Italian nation I, too, desire to die by a sword strike.’

    A Tribal Neo-Pagan Secularist came up behing Fr. Luiggi, pulled out a sword, and chopped off Fr. Luiggi’s head with but one swinging slash of the sword. The CEOs, the COOs and the CFOs then took Fr. Luiggi’s body, skinned it and used his skin to make a canoe which they sold for a very, VERY GOOD PROFIT…

    – Fr. Joseph

  185. Fr. Joseph January 31, 2010 @ 9:38 am

    The blood-thristy, lusting warrior Tribe of the Neo-Pagan Secularists then turned their attention onto the POLISH Priest, Fr. Jacek.

    They all asked the POLISH Priest, Fr. Jacek

    “Well, what about YOU? How do YOU choose to die and by what means?”

    Fr. Jacek took a minute to think about all of this that had just transpired before his eyes between his fellow Priests and these Tribal Neo-Pagan Secularist Peoples of the land, and then he spoke up:

    “I want to have A FORK!”

    The Tribals asked Fr. Jacek ‘Why do you want A FORK?”

    Fr. Jacek simply persisted in a very STUBBORN POLISH SORT OF WAY

    “I want to have A FORK!”

    The Chiefs of the Neo-Pagan Secularist Tribe motioned to have Fr. Jacek’s last request granted.

    From out of the Neo-Pagan Seculairst Tribal People came running out a man with A FORK in his hand – and he presented the FORK to Fr. Jacek.

    Fr. Jacek SNATCHED the FORK from this man’s hand and he began to RAPIDLY AND VICIOUSLY JAB HIMSELF ALL OVER HIS OWN BODY WITH THE FORK’S PRONGS while yelling out loud to ALL of the Chiefs and Peoples of the Neo-Pagan Secularist Tribe:




    – Fr. Joseph

  186. KathJuliane January 31, 2010 @ 10:56 am

    In 1976, Alan L. Freed [Jewish ya think?] Associates founded and developed the original Capitol Hill Workshop and White House Workshop. Since then more than 800 executive-level policy seminars have been conducted in Washington, D.C., and more than 100 programs presented at various military bases around the United States.

    Each year Alan L. Freed Associates also conducts a series of Foreign Policy Seminars focusing on specific areas of the world. These Political-Economic Conflict seminars are designed to provide an insider’s view of regional issues of interest to attendees.

    Permanent Moderator:

    Dr. Yuri N. Maltsev, [born in Kazan, Tartarstan, Russia; Soviet defector; former Kremlin lackey, now U$$A Imperium lackey] held, over a fifteen-year period, various teaching and research positions in Moscow, Russia. Before coming to the U.S. in 1989, he was a member of a senior team of Soviet economists that worked on President Gorbachev’s reforms package of perestroika.

    In the United States he was a Senator William Jennings Peace Fellow at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C., a research institution sponsored by the United States Congress. There he analyzed problems of the post-communist transition to a market economy, with special emphasis on privatization and deregulation [hence joining the ranks of the looters and plunderers under the Clinton Administration as a corporate pump and dump mouthpiece for the tricks and deceit and financial shenanigans perpetuated by alleged American and Russian economic benefactors which prostrated Russia completely in the 90’s].

    In the U.S., he has visited all states of the Union, giving lectures at leading universities, corporations, banks, colleges, churches, schools and community centers.

    Also: Dr. Maltsev serves as a member of the advisory boards of the Foundation for Economic Education in Irvington-On-Hudson, New York; Heartland Institute in Chicago; and the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics published by Transaction Periodicals, Rutgers University. He is listed in the Guide to Public Policy Experts of the Heritage Foundation since 1991.


    The Global Economy and the New U. S. National Security Realities

    The White House Workshop will offer federal executives the opportunity to explore these and other issues as the 44th President begins to confront the many and difficult problems which the United States faces today.

    Speakers & Topics

    …The Fall of the Evil Empire and the Rise of 21st Century Socialism

    Yuri Maltsev, Soviet Defector; Former Senior Economist, Academy of Sciences of the USSR; Professor, Carthage College, Wisconsin [Carthage College is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.]

    About two decades ago, Americans sat transfixed in front of their TV sets watching the Evil Empire implode and full of hope that Russians would, like Americans, take up the mantel of freedom. Unfortunately, say authorities on contemporary Russia, what happened under Clinton and Gorbachev more closely resembles the contemporaneous looting of corporate America and has left the Russian people disillusioned and angry at what they presume is the American way, plunged into abject poverty and many starved to death as well.


    Memory eternal, Patriarch Alexy

    IC XC
    NI KA

  187. Renee January 31, 2010 @ 12:35 pm


    Re: Maltsev

    China has closely watched the events in Russia, which is why, it promotes reforms at a slower pace and not overnight the way change came to the Soviet Union. There are always transitions to make with change, especially, huge change like that and wise leaders know that and would plan and anticipate for it… China has focused on deveoping its markets and its economies in a way that has kept the country intact and over time will continue to evolve…

    Russia went through some tough times in its post communist transitions–and it is regrettable that people suffered. The transition should have taken place in a more gradual way to allow for adaptability..however, given where Russia is today.. according to BN, they’ve got a bright leader who got them out of debt and has the country poised for future success..

  188. KathJuliane January 31, 2010 @ 2:46 pm

    Linda wrote:

    “Professor Maltev writes on the occasion of the passing of one Alexy II – mentioned above.

    “In an outrageous act of blasphemy, Alexy opened and blessed Moscow’s Church of St Sofia of God’s Wisdom as the official Church of the KGB aka the Federal Security Service, which murdered more faithful than all mass murders of human history combined.”

    It would certainly appear that Dr. Maltev, who not only slanders and distorts histories and realites in Russia for U$$A propagandist purposes, but continues to be entirely out of touch with Christianity (if not an outright atheist), not to mention the Holy Orthodox Church in Russia and elsewhere.

    Published by The Moscow Times
    Tuesday, 12 February 2008

    The warrior saints Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donskoi serenely look down at the nave of the church where a new generation of defenders of the Russian fatherland comes to pray.

    Renowned for their victories over foreign invaders, the two saints are depicted in frescoes at the Church of St. Sofia of God’s Wisdom , a small structure off Lubyanskaya Ploshchad that happens to be the official church of the Federal Security Service, or FSB.

    “It is the agency’s church,” said a policeman guarding the church who declined to give his name. “But I’m not going to tell you anything else.” [Although surrounded on three sides by FSB the small church is also open to the public, so I’ve been told.]

    When the church was blessed by Patriarch Alexy II in 2002, in a ceremony attended by FSB director Nikolai Patrushev, it reflected a historic reconciliation between two longtime foes: the Russian Orthodox Church and an agency that had killed thousands of Orthodox priests and monks during its previous incarnation as the Soviet secret police.

    But it was hardly an exceptional event in the eight-year presidency of Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent who is also a professed Orthodox Christian.

    Under Putin, government officials have become more pious — at least outwardly — and have deepened their contacts with the church hierarchy, according to both supporters and critics of the church.

    Father Vsevolod Chaplin, the church’s main spokesman, said the Putin era had brought an end to the 1990s phenomenon of podsvechniki, a slang term for politicians who held candles at televised Christmas and Easter services but had only a superficial knowledge of the Orthodox faith.

    “This doesn’t exist anymore,” Chaplin said. “Among politicians, there are now more and more people who read the Gospels and serious evangelical literature, teach their children about faith, go on pilgrimages and attend church services.”

    The apparent rise of clerical influence has alarmed secular critics, who charge that it threatens the separation of church and state mandated in Russia’s 1993 Constitution.

    “Soon the church will be represented in all the places where there used to be cells of the Soviet Communist Party,” said Vitaly Ginzburg, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and outspoken critic of the church. “It wants to be everywhere.”… (yada, yada, yada).

    Let us take a further look at this “blasphemy”.

  189. Lynda January 31, 2010 @ 2:52 pm

    So how did Russia ‘get out of debt’?

    Monopoly Capital and the Jewish international Money Cartel has owned the U.S since 1913. Wall Street financed the Bolshevik Revolution and set up the Soviet Union.

    The defector Anatoly Golitsyn in his New Lies for Old – when he predicted the phoney collapse of the Soviet Union – stated that this psy-op would signal the final phase of the Communist Revolution. Gorbachev was always a Marxist and classical Leninist. Communisn, according to the classical Marxist definition, is by definition global.

    There is a phase of the Revolution that is called Convergence. That is the phase we are in now.

    After the phoney collapse of the Soviet Union, Golitsyn went on to say that The Party would control the economy from behind the scenes. And who controls the Party? The Jewish Money Cartel has always controlled The Party – by whatever name.

    None of this takes away from the very real goodness that a Christian society is being revived in Russia and that people are able to worship freely and express their faith.

  190. KathJuliane January 31, 2010 @ 3:04 pm

    Lynda wrote:

    “Professor Maltev writes on the occasion of the passing of one Alexy II – mentioned above.

    “In an outrageous act of blasphemy, Alexy opened and blessed Moscow’s Church of St Sofia of God’s Wisdom as the official Church of the KGB aka the Federal Security Service, which murdered more faithful than all mass murders of human history combined.”

    Beneath the stone arches of the Church of St. Sofia of God’s Wisdom, in the courtyard of the former KGB headquarters in central Moscow’s Lubyanka Square, the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church joined the hierarchy of the Federal Security Service in early March for a prayer.

    There, in what served during Soviet times as a warehouse, Patriarch Alexy II asked God’s blessing for the leaders of what was once the KGB’s dreaded internal security arm. He asked the church to help ensure Russia’s safety “in the face of external and internal ill-wishers, if not enemies” and prayed that the little chapel be spared further “storms and ordeals.”

    For the man who has run Russia’s dominant church for the past decade, it was a classic patriarchal performance: steeped in patriotism, tinged with mistrust of the wider world and remarkable for what was left unsaid.

    Nowhere in his blessing did Alexy note that it was from the same Lubyanka address that Stalin’s KGB ordered the imprisonment and execution of millions of innocent people branded enemies of the state — including much of the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church. [Why would he even need to? Russians know their own history. Doubtless, since the canonization of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia and the “Russian miracle of national repentance” in 2000 AD, there would be a holy icon of same in this chapel to remind the FSB employees.]

    Skeptics say Alexy’s remarks mirror the greater irony of his 1,000-year-old Church.

    After being subverted, penetrated and virtually remade as an arm of the Soviet state during seven decades of communism, the Russian Orthodox Church has been reborn under the leadership of its strong-willed, 73-year-old patriarch.

    Alexy has created 12,000 new Orthodox parishes, rebuilt hundreds of majestic onion-domed churches once used as Soviet animal pens and garages, and parlayed a religious revival in free Russia into a dramatic renewal of the church’s public authority and political influence. [And the monasteries, theological seminaries and academies are growing full.]

  191. KathJuliane January 31, 2010 @ 3:17 pm

    Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia
    Fr. Sergei Sveshnikov
    Feb 8, 2009, 10:00

    In the Name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit!

    Dear in Christ Fathers, brothers, sisters, and children,

    Today we celebrate the memory of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, the heavenly intercessors for our parish. Their memory is precious to us for many reasons—some personal, some that relate to the entire Russian Church.

    Since ancient times, the Christian Church has been strengthened by examples of its martyrs’ unshakable faith. These examples, passed down through generations of Christians, have nurtured and strengthened the Holy Church. From the times of the Apostles, Christians have gathered around the holy relics of martyrs, celebrating their memory and looking up to their standing in faith despite torture and persecution as a source of strength and inspiration in their own spiritual lives.

    Undoubtedly, the new martyrs and confessors of the Russian Church recalled the holy examples of the ancient martyrs as they themselves were tortured, persecuted, and exiled by the Communist regime. Countless faithful of the twentieth century—members of the Royal Family and peasants, professors and the illiterate, the rich and the poor, clergy and lay people, men, women, and children—united around the memory of Christian martyrs , and through their intercession were able to defeat the torturers through unwavering standing in their faith in Christ.

    On the Significance of the New Martyrs and Confessors

    Fr Andrew
    Feb 8, 2009, 10:00

    Source: Orthodox England

    There are many enigmas in history, but perhaps one of the greatest is how the Roman Empire became Christian. In the year 33 A. D., Christianity – and it was not even called that then – was seen by the outside world, if it was seen at all, as a tiny Jewish sect in Judea. And yet, 300 years later, it had become the official religion of a huge Empire, uniting Asia with Africa and Europe.

    How did the faithful few become the huge, international, intercontinental Orthodox Faith, taking over the Roman Empire and with representatives far outside it, in Persia, in Ethiopia and in many other lands, where Rome had never even set foot? How had a great and cruel Empire, with a complex infrastructure and sophisticated technology, fallen to the teachings of a gentle, despised and crucified man?

    …For the world can be compared to a giant pair of scales, in which all the good that we do is weighed against all the evil we do. When the balance tips one way or the other, so great transformations occur. This was the case with the pagan Roman Empire which turned to Christ. In the dying words attributed to the fourth-century neo-pagan Julian the Apostate: ‘Thou hast conquered, O Galilean’. Thus the scales tipped towards good.

    …However, in Russia in 1917, the scales tipped the other way, towards evil. Then large numbers turned against Christ and His Church. The greatest persecution in history began, with 600 bishops, 40,000 priests, 120,000 monks and nuns and millions of laypeople martyred for the Orthodox Faith in Russia between 1917 and 1991.

    Those who survived were confessors of the faith, for although they survived, theirs was a living martyrdom. The first twenty-five years of this martyrdom were by far the worst, but the persecution did not cease after one mere generation. It went on.

    The first sign that the balance was beginning to tip back again appeared only in 1981, 25 years ago this year, when the New Martyrs and Confessors were canonized by the free part of the Russian Church [in the Diaspora, mostly here in North America.] A year after this event the miraculous Myrrh-Giving Icon of the Iviron Mother of God appeared and comforted the faithful.

    Shortly after that the persecuting forces in Russia began to fall and have been falling ever since.

    Today, inside Russia, since the turning-point of 2000, when at last the Russian Church inside Russia was free enough to recognize its own New Martyrs and Confessors, the situation has changed.

    Churches have been built to the New Martyrs and Confessors, services to them are sung, books about them are written, icons of them are painted, their lives are chronicled.

    The greatest period of martyrdom and persecution in world history has ended. The scales have tipped back, towards good.

    How far they will tip back is still unknown – the implications of their martyrdom and confessordom are still unknown.

    However, this much can be said. We all have a personal responsibility in this matter.

    Every individual act of goodness tips those scales towards good and every individual act of evil tips those scales back towards evil. Let us, this day, take responsibility for ourselves, ‘let us commend ourselves, and each other, and all our lives unto Christ our God’, tipping those scales towards good, towards the side of the New Martyrs and Confessors.

    Holy New Martyrs and Confessors, pray to God for us!

  192. KathJuliane January 31, 2010 @ 3:56 pm

    “In an outrageous act of blasphemy, Alexy opened and blessed Moscow’s Church of St Sofia of God’s Wisdom as the official Church of the KGB aka the Federal Security Service, which murdered more faithful than all mass murders of human history combined.”

    More “Outrageous Blasphemy” by the “Schismatics”

    “Let God Arise And Let His Enemies Be Scattered”

    The Blood of the Martyrs is the Seed of the Church

    The title of the whole icon is The New Martyrs of Russia who suffered death for Christ. In this center portion of the icon, we see representatives of all strata of the population of Holy Russia, from the humblest peasant and lowest wanderer to the Tsar and Patriarch.

    The icon above is a map, or key, to this section on the New Martyrs of Russia. The original, size 3′ by 4′, was painted in 1981 by the iconographer N.A.Papkov for the Holy Epiphany Church in Boston, Massachusetts. It is distinguished by its side illustrations (often found on ancient icons), showing the persecution, torture and death of the Orthodox Christians in the Russian land seized by the Communists.

    Surrounded by these illustrations is the center image of the holy New Martyrs.

    Before the copy of this icon on October 19 (November 1), 1981 in New York City, the New Martyrs, Confessors and Passion-Bearers of Russia were glorified (canonized) by the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. This event was a death knell for godless Communism in Russia:
    widespread veneration of the New Martyrs has begun in the long-suffering Russian land, and just 15 years later, in 1996, the process of glorification of the Royal Martyrs and Passion-bearers has been started by the Moscow Patriarchate. Much more on the Russian Royal Family and Imperial Russia is available elsewhere on the Internet.

    …To “zoom in” on the icon and illustrations and read the explanations…please click on any part of the image. Dates of the events are given both according to the Church (Old Style) and civil (New Style) calendars, the latter in parentheses.

  193. Lynda January 31, 2010 @ 4:38 pm


    The inside job that was the autodemolition of the old Soviet Union might have been the deathknell for aetheistic Communism in Russia. But it marked the ascendency of Leninist Communism in its classic Marxist sense throughout the world.

    Communism is by definition global. The aetheistic Soviet Union was a base for its global Revolutionary phase. Just as Wall Street is a base for its monopoly phase and the terror war of the ZOG.

    Like the Jews and the 6,000 of the canonized holocaust narrative, you speak as though the Christian faithful of Russia and Eastern Europe are the only martyrs in Zion’s Revolution which has been financed by Jewry from at least the time of the Glorious Revolution in England – and in these latter times financed by The City and Wall Street.

    In the 18th century Zion used its Masonic Agenture to overthrow France and massacred the Catholic population. This Revolution followed in every Catholic nation in Europe and in the new world.

    This was the century which saw the Highland Clearances in Scotland to destroy the Catholic Highlands by The City utilizing the ZOG in England.

    In the 19th century the Bank of England forced the ZOG of England to ship all the food out of Ireland to starve Catholic Ireland into submission.

    This has been going on for centuries.

    The Western populations are now so brainwashed and atheistic that have no interest or piety towards the destruction of the throne and altar of every Catholic nation and the massacres of the Catholic population – for centuries.

    The fact that pious Russian Orthodox are at last permitted to worship in peace and order does not mean that Communism is over.

    Far from it – it has gone global.

    And I note that Patriarch Alexy ‘ascended’ to the throne of the schismatic Russian Orthodox Church when they pulled off the phoney ‘end of Communism / collapse of the Soviet Union’ psy-op.

    The Roman Catholic Church in Eclipse follows very closely the ongoing revelations of the ‘spy clergy’ who were regime approved under the old Soviet Empire. Patriarch Alexy II always gets a mention. No surprises there.

    Solzhenitisyn was critical of democracy, liberalism and republican government (all tools of Zion) as the Protocols state plainly.

    It is the Church which infallibly identifies all of the above as errors which threaten the faith. (The Syllabus of Errors – Pope Pius IX, ex cathedra). We have certainly seen how true this is in the West.

    You can’t crush the faith by suppression and martyrdom, but the weeds of materialism and the liberal society which burgeon in a democratic republic will certainly make any Christian population ‘Roundup Ready’.

    Solzhenitsyn certainly got this right.

  194. Fr. Joseph January 31, 2010 @ 7:00 pm

    Thank you Lynda for REMINDING people here on RZN that Satan and his legions of unseen elemental demonics (who, by the way, are NOT limited to operate-function under time, space, matter and energy constraints as are we INCARNATE spirits created in the Image and Likness of God) have NO allegiance whatsover to ANY political state, NO allegiance to ANY nation or race of people, NO allegiance to anything deemed, established or blessed by Christ Jesus, our Savior and our Lord Who is KING over all that is seen and Unseen.

    The ‘Demonics’ HATE and DESPISE anything and everything related to and/or associated with Christ Jesus – and I MUST remind people here on RZN – they also HATE and DESPISE His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    It was necessary for the International Allied Occult alliance of 1931 to infiltrate the ranks of BOTH the Catholic and Orthodox Church so as TO ENSURE the Mother of God’s Fatima Instructions would NEVER be carried out by her Son’s Apostolic successors.

    The Satanists got Satan enthroned in the Vatican back in 1960 or thereabouts. They, along with their allies, the Freemasons and the Kabbalahist-Zohar crypto-Jews have gotten themselves ‘consecrated/ordained’ and are now throughout the highest ranks of the Church’s Ecclesiastical Hierarcy.

    As Voltaire once instructed his companions:

    “The way to ensure you KILL the operations of Divine Grace in your mind and heart is to go out, commit a MORTAL SIN, and then go receive Holy Communion.” – paraphrasing

    So we CATHOLICS have individuals who’ve gotten themselves ORDAINED and consecrated via the Lord’s Own Sacrament of HOLY ORDERS, they have committed the Mortal Sin of Satanic Worship and every manner of associated satanic sin and vice while dressing up in their Ecclesiastic Garb and Habits, they regularly parcipate in sharing in the Lord’s Body and Blood.

    Hence, we Catholics “wonder out loud” to ourselves IF the Mother of God herself has informed the Church’ Hierarchy that HER DIVINE SON would give our entire Human Race WORLD PEACE in exchange for a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of the JEWISH BOLSHEVIK RUINED the nation of RUSSIA why hasn’t our own Catholic Church’s Hiearchy gotten ON WITH that public and solemn Collegial Consecration of the JEWISH-BOLSHEVIK RUINED nation of the Russian peoples?

    DIVINE GRACE is currently “inoperative” and “non-existing” within many members of our Catholic Church’s Hierarchy.

    Now UNLESS the Bishop of Rome ORDERS the Bishops of the Catholic Church TO OBEY the Mother of God’s Fatima Instructions, the Illuminists-Satanists-International Allied Occult will have managed to embroil our entire planet earth and our Human Race is their much desires thermonuclear Third World War.

    And THAT, unfortunately, will ENSURE a ‘Great Satanic Holocaust Harvest’ of SOULS created in the Image and Likeness of God Himself for Whom He died upon His Cross in order TO SAVE and REDEEM winding up IN HELL for all of eternity rather than IN HEAVEN with their All-good, All-loving God, Creator and Father.

    “The World Struggle is NOT political or economic. Rather, it is RELIGIOUS and THEOLOGICAL. It is either God or atheism.”

    – U.S. 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur to visiting Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen in Allied Occupied Japan

    – Fr. Joseph

  195. Fr. Joseph January 31, 2010 @ 7:32 pm

    By virtue of the Catholic Church’s Bishop of the Diocese of Orange, California granting me my certificate to teach Catechism Classes, by virtue of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s pleading to me to ‘Defend the Church’ during the Rosary at a Marian Movement of Priests prayer meeting, and by virtue of my Metropolitian Archbishop’s ordaining me into the Priesthood of the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood, I present ALL OF YOU the two following Internet links to view, ponder, consider so as to come to your own prayerful understanding of our contemporary World and our contemporary Church of 2010 Anno Domini:

    “The Secret Still Silenced”

    “Heaven’s Key To (World) Peace”

    And may God the Holy Spirit enkindle a DIVINE FLAME in the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of ALL of you RZN readers! And I bless all of you + in the Name of the Father, + and of the Son, + and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Something, somewhere in the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of people in our World and in our Church simply HAS TO “GIVE”!

    This ‘Grand Impasse’ holding back the Divine Will of God Himself from getting DONE here in our World simply has to END!

    – Fr. Joseph

  196. KathJuliane January 31, 2010 @ 8:55 pm

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus, Michael K and also Prodigal Son –

    Below is a timeline of Orthodoxy in Britain, and a well-researched historical link I hope you will find interesting that perhaps adding dimension to your piece on the “British Jack” from the Orthodox point of view (instead of the apostate British-Israelite/ ‘Grail’ stuff & ‘Sorcha Faal’), as well as some interesting info that might fill in half-remembered cultural traditions and lore on the ancient connections between the British Isles (Constantine was declared Emperor at York, for example) and in its orbit Scandinavia, Constantinople (and Eastern Mediterranean, plus modern Romania which I am also working up), and Ukraine/Rus.

    Research by 20th c. ‘Byzantinists’ are shedding more light on the ‘Dark Ages’, along with a tremendous amount of research into ecclesiastical history. For example, Ireland had been a place of refuge for monks fleeing from iconoclastic persecution in the 6-8th c. in the East; so, later, it was referred to as “the New Thebais” on account of the number of its monasteries and excellence.

    The Ecclesiastical Roots of the Norman Conquest, 1043-1087

  197. Adora January 31, 2010 @ 9:26 pm

    Lynda, KathJuliane, and Fr. Joseph, the three of you must have about two phd’s each, in catholic theology and world history.

    This blog seems to be your ego outlet on your obvious major, regardless of what the article is about. With all that knowledge on your chosen subject, you all ought to write a book. Really!

  198. The Prodigal Son January 31, 2010 @ 9:51 pm


    I SAID the conversation was over… but you’re still going! So now I see that all you really wanted was the last word. I’ll allow you to have it after this.

    I have not presented here a PERSONAL representation of what I say… but you HAVE!

    I didn’t just say something – I provided MULTIPLE links to corroborate my assertions… you have NOT!

    You haven’t provided alternative facts & sources to back up what you say… You just call me a ‘schismatic’… GOOD ONE!

    If my referenced claims don’t mean “SQUAT!”… then what are your UN-REFERENCED claims worth??

    I’ve given more the just ‘Wikirefs’! Did you even click the links? Somehow – I doubt it. If the ‘Roman Pontiff’ is the “custodian of the vine” – then tell us, please:

    WHO in the world is the ‘Roman Pontiff’ ??

    I never said you made a “statement against faith or morals”… I SAID you are interpreting Scripture DIFFERENTLY from the current ‘Pontiff of Rome’ !

    ACCORDING to your own Church – if you choose to interpret Scriptures contrary to the pope, then you automatically excommunicate YOURSELF from the Roman Church!

    Now – the Roman Church CURRENTLY utilizes the New American Bible (NAB) which is a continuation of the ‘Confraternity’ Bible – a Catholic revision of your beloved Douy-Rheims that began in the ’30s… LONG BEFORE Vatican II.

    The whole reason our little ‘discussion’ began was Genesis 3:15, and your insistence that it really says ‘HER heel’ instead of ‘HIS heel’, so that the inference is:

    Mother Mary will crush Satan’s skull instead of Jesus srushing Satan’s skull (which has already Taken place with Christ’s DEFEAT of death for ALL.)

    MORE proof:

  199. The Prodigal Son January 31, 2010 @ 9:56 pm

    ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’… From:

    ‘In 1947, ancient copies of Hebrew texts in scroll form turned up at Qumran. These “Dead Sea Scrolls” were written over various times, but dated back to the time of Jesus and before.

    This was a monumental find as it pushed back the time of the earliest known Hebrew text by almost 1000 years and was still a few hundred years earlier than the earliest surviving Greek text.

    The scrolls vindicate the accuracy of both the Septuagint and the Masoretic text which were surprisingly accurate for the large amount of time that had passed.

    In those cases where there were differences, THE SEPTUAGINT WAS MORE ACCURATE overall. Septuagint and Dead Sea Scroll manuscripts together vindicate the prophecies of Jesus Christ, because they render any conspiracy to write “prophecies after the fact” temporally impossible.’

  200. The Prodigal Son January 31, 2010 @ 9:59 pm

    Jerome’s Vulgate: Greek Septuagint into Latin… From:

    Every Catholic needs…


    ‘The original Bible manuscripts, written on perishable materials, have all been lost in the sands of time. Many manuscripts of the Hebrew Scriptures were destroyed with the First Temple, and many of the New Testament were destroyed by order of the Roman emperors during the Christian persecutions. The oldest known Hebrew manuscript, a copy of the Book of Isaiah written in the 2nd century BC, was found in 1947 in a cave near Jericho.

    St. Jerome during the fourth century translated the Bible from the GREEK SEPTUAGINT into Latin, because at that time most Christians spoke Latin. He used the SEPTUAGINT because it was based on the Alexandrian canon, which included the deuterocanonical books, RATHER THAN the Palestinian canon which was based on the original HEBREW manuscripts but did not include the deuterocanonicals.

    The original St. Jerome Bible was called the Vulgate. St. Jerome was the pre-eminent scholar of his day, and his source manuscripts were far better than anything we have today, and so the Church has always given it pride of place among the many translations.

    (…) After Gutenberg invented the printing press, which could reproduce Bibles mechanically without introducing any errors at all, the Church at the Council of Trent decided that the time had come to restore the Vulgate to its original pristine purity. As a response to the Tridentine decree, a Bible was issued under Pope Sixtus V and revised under Pope Clement VIII.

    The latter edition, known as the Clementina, was published in 1592 and became the standard Latin Bible for the Catholic Church. Based on Pope Pius XII’s 1943 encyclical Divino Afflante Spiritu, which set forth the Church’s norms for Scripture translation and interpretation, Pope John Paul II replaced the Clementina in 1979 with an updated Latin edition, called the New Vulgate.’

  201. The Prodigal Son January 31, 2010 @ 10:05 pm

    Liturgical Use in United States… From:

    ‘There is only ONE English text currently approved by the Church for use in the United States. This text is the one contained in the Lectionaries approved for Sundays & Feasts and for Weekdays by the USCCB and recognized by the Holy See.

    These Lectionaries have their American and Roman approval documents in the front. The text is that of the New American Bible with revised Psalms and New Testament (1988, 1991), with some changes mandated by the Holy See where the NAB text used so-called vertical inclusive language (e.g. avoiding male pronouns for God). Since these Lectionaries have been fully promulgated, the permission to use the Jerusalem Bible and the RSV-Catholic at Mass has been withdrawn.

    (…) Devotional Reading

    A bewildering array of Catholic Bibles are available for PERSONAL use. They all have imprimaturs, but not all avoid the use of inclusive language. That use is indicated in the summary. The order is generally chronological.

    1. Douai-Rheims.
    – The original Catholic Bible in English, pre-dating the King James Version (1611). It was translated from the Latin Vulgate, the Church’s official Scripture text, by English Catholics in exile on the continent. The NT was completed and published in 1582 when the English College (the seminary for English Catholics) was located at Rheims. The Old Testament was published in 1610 when the College was located at Douai. Bishop Challoner’s 1750 edition, and subsequent revisions by others up to the 20th century, is the most common edition. Retains some archaic English.

    2. Confraternity Edition.
    – Begun in 1936 by the American bishops’ Confraternity for Christian Doctrine as a translation from the Clementine Vulgate. The publication of Pius XII’s encyclical Divino afflante spiritu (1943) caused the translation committee to switch to the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts. Not all books were completed by the time of Vatican II (1962-1965). Those that were finished were used in the liturgy in the 1950s and 60s. Published in a dignified American idiom.

    3. Revised Standard Version (RSV)
    – Catholic Edition. Translated for an American audience from the original languages in the 1940s and 1950s by the National Council of the Churches of Christ, and adapted for Catholic use by the Catholic Biblical Association (1966). Considered the best combination of literal (formal equivalence translation) and literary by many orthodox Catholic scholars.

    4.1 New American Bible or NAB (1970).
    – Translated from the original languages by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine according to the principles of Vatican II for use in the liturgy. It was the basis of the American Lectionary from the 1970s until 2002. (…)’

    *BOTH the RSV and the NAB indicate the wording of Genesis 3:15 as ‘(…) HIS heel’ – NOT ‘(…) her heel’.*

  202. The Prodigal Son January 31, 2010 @ 10:09 pm

    Douay-Rheims Only ??… From:

    ‘Some Protestants will tell you that the only acceptable version of the Bible is the King James. This position is known as King James-onlyism. Its advocates often make jokes such as, “If the King James Version was good enough for the apostle Paul, it is good enough for me,” or, “My King James Version corrects your Greek text.”

    They commonly claim that the King James is based on the only perfect set of manuscripts we have (a false claim; there is no perfect set of manuscripts; and the ones used for the KJV were compiled by a Catholic, Erasmus), that it is the only translation that avoids modern, liberal renderings, and that its translators were extremely saintly and scholarly men.

    Since the King James is also known as “the Authorized Version” (AV), its advocates sometimes argue that it is the only version to ever have been “authorized.” To this one may point out that it was only authorized in the Anglican church, which now uses other translations.

    For a still-in print critique of King James-onlyism, see D. A. Carson, The King James Version Debate, A Plea for Realism (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1979).

    As amusing as King James-onlyism may sound, some people take it very seriously. There is even a Catholic equivalent, which we might call “Douay-Rheims-onlyism.” The Douay-Rheims version, which predates the King James by a few years, (the complete KJV was published in 1611, but the complete Douay-Rheims in 1609) was the standard Bible for English-speaking Catholics until the twentieth century.

    What many advocates of both King James-onlyism and Douay-Rheims-onlyism do not know is that neither Bible is the original issued in the 1600s.

    Over the last three centuries, numerous minor changes (for example, of spelling and grammar) have been made in the King James, with the result that most versions of the KJV currently on the market are significantly different from the original. This has led one publisher to recently re-issue the 1611 King James Version Bible.

    The Douay-Rheims currently on the market is also not the original, 1609 version. It is technically called the “Douay-Challoner” version because it is a revision of the Douay-Rheims done in the mid-eighteenth century by Bishop Richard Challoner.

    He also consulted early Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, meaning that the Douay Bible currently on the market is not simply a translation of the Vulgate (which many of its advocates do not realize).’

  203. Adora January 31, 2010 @ 10:10 pm

    Norseman, I have given away tv’s and computers without financial compensation.
    But my only vehicle, my only form of transportation! Anyone would have to be a FOOL to do that.

    My only way of getting to my place of employment to support my family/loved ones. Get a clue. You compared what I said about the Pope’s gold, to what a woman did for Jesus. There is no reasonable comparison to the two situations. I would have done that for Jesus also.

    Jesus is our Lord and Savior, the Son of God. The Pope is a human being like the rest of us.

  204. Lynda January 31, 2010 @ 10:10 pm

    It would be difficult to find more twaddle on single page than the orthowiki “Timeline of orthodxy in Britain”.

    The Synod of Whitby 664 affirmed the authority of the Holy See in England. That would be Rome for those who think it was ever acceptable for some Eastern emperor to march in with his eunuchs and start deposing bishops in England.

    Affirmed the Council of Chalcedon. This is the one which states the Petrine Office and affirms the authority of his Successors.

    Settled disputes disputes between the Celtic and English churches by adopting the Roman Calendar, Roman ecclesiastical practices and the Roman calculation for Easter.

    St Wilfrid, the Benedictine Abbot of Ripon and Bishop of York moved King St Oswald of Northumbria to ordain the Roman ecclesiastical practices in the Northumbrian Kingdom after the Benedictines and the Roman Calendar.

    Thus the rise of the Church in England which sent the great missionary St Boniface to convert the Germans.

  205. Lynda January 31, 2010 @ 10:22 pm

    Prodigal Son,

    The Sacred Scriptures were made for (and by) the Covenants; not the Covenants for the Scriptures.

    It is only the living authority of the Holy Spirit speaking through St Peter and the Apostles, together with their Successors in communion with them who possess the Sciptures as part of the sacred deposit, interpret the scriptures and order their usage.

    Protestant texts have as much canonical authority as a dictionary. What legitimacy they do possess derives from the conservation, revision and transmission of the texts from the Church.

  206. Fr. Joseph January 31, 2010 @ 11:20 pm


    This particular RZN article of Br. Nathanael’s deals with CHRIST, with JEWS, with GENERALS and with the US MILITARY.

    While Prodigal Son simply must find some way in order to DISCREDIT the Bishop of Rome and the Catholic Church – the FACT remains that Pope Leo XIII, the Bishop of Rome, was granted the mystical experience of witnessing-overhearing SATAN challenging JESUS CHRIST to destroy the Catholic Church.

    And it is SATAN’S much longed for desire to embroil our Human Race in a thermonuclear Third World War. Go research ‘Albert Pike and Three World Wars’.

    We’ve experienced the First and Second World War. The Third World War has, as of yet, NOT begin to annihilate nations of people.

    Again, while Prodigal Son continues on with this vane attempts to DISCREDIT both the Bishop of Rome and the Catholic Church while Lynda does a magnificent job at trying to “cage” Prodigal Son into SILENCE, I’m trying to relay TO YOU ADORA, that Jesus Christ has given our thermonuclear Third World War threatened World ‘A Way Out’!

    And His Divine ‘Way Out’ of this satanic desired thermonuclear Third World War is for the BISHOP OF ROME along with the BISHOPS of the CATHOLIC CHURCH to perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to His Mother’s Immaculately Loving Heart.

    Now the ORTHODOX here on RZN “can’t bear” hearing of such a thing. They “can’t stand” hearing that the BISHOP OF ROME holds universal jurisdication over the welfare and well-being of Christ’s Universal Church here on earth. And they “can’t stand” hearing that the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, was “Immacuately Conceived” by God Himself.

    Those are the TWO doctrinal-dogmatic issues at the forefront with regards to Prodigal Son’s attempts to DENOUNCE the Catholic Church and Lynda’s brilliant DEFENSE of the Bishop of Rome and the Catholic Church.

    For Prodigal Son and KathJuliane, that which is at ‘stake’ for THEM is the standing and honors of the Orthodox Church vis-a-vis the Catholic Church.

    From MY point-of-view, and I am sure that it is Lynda’s point-of-view, the Bishop of Rome and the Catholic Church simply MUST BE ‘DEFENDED’ at all costs! Not on account of our personal concern for the standing and honors of the Bishop of Rome and the Catholic Church per se, but on account of the Bishop of Rome as being the holder of ‘THE KEYS’ entrusted to St. Peter and that he, the Bishop of Rome along with the Bishops of the CATHOLIC Church can PREVENT this satanic desired thermonuclear Third World War BY their public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to Jesus’s Mother’s Immaculately Loving Heart.

    It’s a kinda/sorta TRAGIC-COMEDY of sorts. Here we have a monk of the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church exposing all that the Kabbalahist-Zohar-Talmud Khazarian JEWS have done and are doing and will continue TO DO to peoples of the nations of our World – and the Orthodox here, principally KathJuliane and Prodigal Son are entirely focused on and against the Bishop of Rome and the Catholic Church!

    Yet is it via the Bishop of Rome and the Catholic Church that JESUS CHRIST fully intends TO CRUSH these Kabbalahist-Zohar-Talmud Khazarian Jews and every last one of their satanic-luciferian allies!

    Yes, this is ‘MADNESS’ here – a kinda/sorta ‘Alice-in-Wonderland TEA PARTY’ where we have the MAD-HATTER and other DISTORTING REALITY characters!

    – Fr. Joseph

  207. charlie February 1, 2010 @ 12:18 am

    Michael K.

    Great Britain is a bastion of Freemasonry.

    With that I can agree. the Royal Family, the courts, the government, the police, the entire establishment including education and, business and banking, the spy network and the entire Church of England is steeped in – (as is the case in most western countries) – that is your parnership with the Jews.

    I have said that all along, Freemasonry is the “Beast rising up out of the water” [water=peoples] in Apocalypse.

    Zionism is the “Beast rising up out of the earth” [earth=politics] ‘and causes everyone to be marked with the mark of the first beast’ – what is this if not political power?

    In the terrible time of the tribulation the second beast will be personified by one man – the antichrist, “the [spiritual] abomination of desolation standing in the holy place” … “in the place he ought not.”

    This the apocalypse also makes clear.

  208. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 12:21 am

    Dear Adora,

    For you and all others with your own ‘Ph.D.’ in Church History, Catholic Sacramental, Moral, Mystical Theology etc. (big grin).

    I hope you know how to play the game of CHESS. And I hope the vast majority of RZN readers and commentators know how to play the game of CHESS as well.

    Let me EXPLAIN to everyone here via RZN “what IN HELL”, “what ON EARTH” and “what IN THE HEAVENS” is going on here!

    Back in 1884 A.D. Satan challenges Jesus Chirst to a CHESS MATCH – the one who wins becomes this World’s Reigning “World Champion”. Pope Leo XIII is the very first one here “ON EARTH” to hear of this Pretenatural-Supernatural CHESS Match:

    – Fr. Joseph

  209. Lynda February 1, 2010 @ 12:21 am

    Yes, Adora – the Holy Father is a human being. The Blessed Virgin Mother of God is a human being. The holy Apostles Peter and Paul are human beings. The disciple and betrayer Judas Isacariot was human. Just as we are.

    I think your point is that ‘to error is human’. Yes it is. Unless, of course, by Divine will and special charism one’s speech is guaranteed to be infallible under certain circumstances.

    The Apostles had this charism for their ministry. They infallibly taught the truth in faith and morals to the Church by the the power of the Divine Will. They could not error in their ministry even if they had desired to do so. This charism has continued in the Petrine Office.

    Balam’s ass by the Divine Will uttered infallible prophecy.

    The Blessed Virgin Mother of God speaking prophetically in her appearances can not speak error.

    Those who are brought before unbelievers and accused for the faith are not to think beforehand what they are to say. Because the Holy Spirit will tell them in the hour of their witness what they are to say. They are given the charism of infallible speech.

    This is of our Lord’s will. It is not of man lest any should boast.

  210. charlie February 1, 2010 @ 12:24 am

    Finally Michael, those who keep the commandments and the testimony of Jesus are not Christian Zionists they are real Christians.

    Keeping the commandments is a Christian not a Jewish thing – as you assert.

  211. Lynda February 1, 2010 @ 12:39 am

    Only a schismatic such as yourself, Prodigal Son, would imagine that the Roman Catholic laity uses the Bible in order to argue with heretics, bible bash and hurl scripture quotes about with a view to contention and debate.

    A traditional Catholic, myself included, receives upon confirmation the Breviary or the Divine Office of the Church with the blessing of parents, sponsors and the parish priest.

    This includes the entire Sacred Scriptures as authorized by the Holy See in Latin and Vernacular interlinear. The entire Sacred Scripture is ordered to the liturgical calendar (it takes about three years to pray and contemplate the entire cycle). This includes the entire Catholic Bible.

    For the laity, the Sacred Text belongs to the Ordo and the entire Church prays the Ordo (the canonical hours) as a single body under the authority of the Roman Pontiff and the bishops in communion with him and in union with all masses offered throughout the world.

    The Sacred Scripture is interpreted within the Ordo by the homilies, Fathers, doctors and bishops of the Church. This is the living source of authority in Scripture.

    Your concept of the sacred deposit: Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition is ignorant, crude and heretical.

  212. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 12:47 am

    Dear Adora and All Others,

    The White King sends the White Queen to three White Pawns in Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D.. These three White Pawns are the White King’s “Opening” vs. the Black Prince.

    These three White Pawns inform the White Bishops that the White Queen wants for them to “Develope” onto the MIDDLE of this World’s CHESSBOARD – and to perform their own particular Bishop’s powers of “PROJECTING POWER ON THE DIAGONALS”.

    The White Bishops REFUSE to leave their starting squares, ‘safe’ behind their own particular White Pawn(s) in front of them.

    The Black Prince DEVELOPES STRONGLY in the middle-center of this World’s Chessboard. And the Black Prince’s pieces begin to extert more and more and MORE and MORE “pressure” on and all across this World’s Chessboard.

    The White King’s Army is PRESSED back into the edge of the Chessboard, loosing more and more TERRITORY as well as INFLUENCE IN and OVER what goes on in all across this World’s Chessboard.

    White Pawns are LOST. White Knights are LOST. White Rooks are LOST. And the White Bishops REFUSE yet refuse to develope on the middle of this World’s Chessboard exterting their own special POWERS of putting pressure and threats “on the diagonals”.

    In the game of CHESS, all that is TAKES to “FORCE CHECKMATE” on one’s opposing “king” is to have your own King and your TWO BISHOPS.

    One can “FORCE CHECKMATE” as well with your King and a Rook, your King and your Queen.

    Since both the White Rooks have long ago been CAPTURED by the Black Prince, and the White Bishops have effectly REMOVED the White Queen from any sort of “play” on or across this World’s Chessboard – and we come to find out that 1/2 of our White Bishops are actually BLACK BISHOPS belonging to the Black Prince who have merely been given a ‘White Wash’ coat of paint to make them LOOK AS IF they belong to the White King’s Army, the White King CANNOT ‘FORCE CHECKMATE’ on the Black Prince with His White Bishops – as He does NOT HAVE “two” White Bishops in play on His Chessboard.

    Now the White BISHOP OF ROME can “order” the other White Bishops to DEVELOPE onto the center of this World’s Chessboard by making a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the White Queen’s Immaculately Loving Heart. Those ‘White Wash’ Bishops of the Black Prince who DO NOT OBEY the White BISHOP OF ROME become “self-removed” from the array of Preternatural-Supernatural Chess pieces on this World’s Chessboard.

    By the WHITE BISHOP’s public and solemn Collegial Consecration, they employ their SPECIAL POWERS of Bishop on the black and white diagonals of this World’s Chessboard.

    Then, when THAT happens, the White King will bring His White Queen into play, deploying her on the Black Prince’s REAR RANKS effectively PINNING HIM into immobility – thus rendering the Black Prince susceptible to his being EVENTUALLY “CHECKMATED”.

    I’m just a lowly ‘White Pawn’ here on the sides of this World’s Chessboard. And there still are OTHER ‘White Pawns’ on this World’s Chessboard doing the very little we can in being OBSTACLES in the path of the Black Prince’s seen and unseen pieces.

    There is this Chess adage regarding the game of CHESS:

    “Passed Pawns MUST BE Pushed!”

    IF I can but to the rear rank of the Black Prince’s side of this World’s Chessboard – or – if ANY OF US remaining ‘White Pawns’ can get onto the rear rank of the Black Prince’s side and CAUSE the White BISHOP OF ROME to order this other White Bishops ‘TO DO THEIR THING’ on the middle of this World’s Chessboard – i.e. – their public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Loving Heart of the WHITE QUEEN – we still have the chance of CHECKMATING the Black Prince!

    Adora, does THAT explain “what IN HELL”, “what ON EARTH” and “what IN THE HEAVEN’S” is going on in and all across our contemporary World of 2010 Anno Domini to you?

    – Fr. Joseph

  213. charlie February 1, 2010 @ 1:43 am

    For Fr Joseph (and others)

    Two men considering a religious vocation were having a conversation. “What is similar about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders? ” the one asked.

    The second replied, “Well, they were both founded by Spaniards — St. Dominic for the Dominicans, and St. Ignatius of Loyola for the Jesuits. They were also both founded to combat heresy — the Dominicans to fight the Albigensians, and the Jesuits to fight the Protestants.”

    “What is different about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders?”

    “Met any Albigensians lately?”

    Sitting behind some nuns (whose habits partially blocked their view) at a hockey game, three men decided to badger the nuns in an effort to get them to move.

    In a very loud voice, the first guy said, “I think I’m going to move to Utah, there are only 100 nuns living there.”

    The second guy spoke up and said, “I want to go to Montana, there are only 50 nuns living there.”

    The third guy said, “I want to go to Idaho, there are only 25 nuns living there.”

    One of the nuns turned around, looked at the men, and in a very sweet, calm voice said, “Why don’t you go to hell? There aren’t any nuns there!”

    A little boy got on the bus, sat next to a man reading a book, and noticed he had his collar on backwards.

    The little boy asked why he wore his collar that way. The man, who was a priest, said,
    “I am a Father.”

    The little boy replied, “My daddy doesn’t wear his collar like that.”

    The priest looked up from his book and answered, “I am the Father of many.”

    The boy said, “My dad has 4 boys, 4 girls and two grandchildren and he doesn’t wear his collar that way.”

    The priest, getting impatient, said, “I am the Father of hundreds,” and went back to reading his book.

    The little boy sat quietly thinking for a while, then leaned over and said:
    “Maybe you should wear your pants backwards instead of your collar.

    Actual sign in english during soviet era in the lobby of a Moscow hotel across from a Russian Orthodox monastery:

    You are welcome to visit the cemetery where famous Russian and Soviet composers, artists, and writers are buried daily except Thursday.

  214. Lynda February 1, 2010 @ 3:16 am

    Father Joseph,

    Apoc 18:4 – the “come out of her my people” has just been posted by Michael Hoffman on his Revisionist Review blogspot.

    See posts for Jan 26, 2010 “Under ‘conservative’ Pope Benedict, Revolution is now Irreversible” and for Jan 22, 2010 “More on the Pope’s betrayal of the Gospel at the Rome Synagogue”.

    As you know, Michael Hoffman (author of Judaism Discovered) has been interviewed on this website.

    And there is no way Bishop Williamson’s trial in Germany can be kept quiet.

    The Apostolic Consitution of Pope Paul IV (Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio)ex cathedra, Feb 15, 1559 is being sited all over the NET. Look at the joogle searches for Cum Ex – ever since Hutton Gibson was interviewed on the Political Cesspool Jan 2010. That interview went coast to coast.

    So, by plain reasoning, the Men Behind the Curtain will not be able to keep the familiar scenery and props around the antipapacy for much longer. The smoke and mirrors is becoming obvious.

    Catholics are using Cum Ex to look at the antipapacy and the novus ordo bishops and see these imposters for who they are.

    As soon as Catholics (however badly catechized) hold up the infallible lens of Cum Ex up to Rome – they see it. They see the deceptocons, rabbis, apostates, freemasons and modernist heretics from the perfidious Benedict right on down.

    As Pope Leo XIII saw “the Pastor has been struck”. And they have placed the Abomination which makes desolate in the Holy See. This includes the black mass which is being offerred by the Satanists in the Vatican – as antipope Paul VI publicly stated / gloated.

    Little Jacinta Marto (aged 8 years) saw the suffering Holy Father and his exile clearly.

    “One day” Sr Lucy (Sr Madre des Dores of Carmel)said “we spent our siesta down by my parents well, Jacinta sat on the stone slabs on top of the well. Francisco and I climbed up a steep bank in search of wild honey among the brambles in a nearby thicket (shades of St John the Baptist!). After a little while, Jacinta called out ‘Didn’t you see the Holy Father’?”

    “No” replied Lucia.

    “I don’t know how this happened” reported Jacinta “But I saw the Holy Father in a very big house, kneeling by a table (a table!) with his head in his hands and he was weeping. Outside the house, there were many people. Some of them were throwing stones, others were cursing him and using bad language. Poor Holy Father, we must pray much, we must pray very much for him.”

    Then Lucia remonstrated with her cousin and asked her not to speak of that “Don’t you see that is part of the secret.” (Our Lady’s Third Secret).

    In 1861 – approx 47 years earlier, Henry Edward Cardinal Manning wrote of little Jacinta’s vision.

    “The apostasy of the city of Rome from the Vicar of Christ and its destruction by the Anti Christ may be thoughts so new to many Catholics, that I think it well to recite the texts of the theologians of greatest repute…Rome shall apostasize from the faith, drive away the Vicar of Christ and return to its ancient paganism..[this is the one world, Noachide ecumenical church of all faiths being spearheaded by the NO antipapacy].. Then the Church shall be scattered driven into the wilderness and shall be for a tme, as it was in the beginning, invisible, hidden in catacombs, in dens, in mountains, in lurking places; for a time it shall be swept, as it were, from the face of the earth. Such is the universal testimony of the Fathers of the early Church.” Henry Edward Cardinal Manning. The Present Crisis of the Holy See. London: Burns and Lambert, pp 88-90.

    The Holy Father is in exile from Rome. That he is in the world and at a secret location, I am certain. Little Jacinta did see him, in visions given her from heaven in connection with our Lady’s Third Secret.

    And this is no private revelation. Even if three popes prior to 1958 had not declared the events at Fatima in 1917 to be Signum Magnum, this concerns Apoc 13, as well as the solemn declaration of Vatican I.

    “Therefore if anyone says that it is not by the institution of Christ, the Lord Himself, that blessed Peter should have perpetual successors in the Primacy over the whole Church; or that the Roman Pontiff is not the successor of Bl Peter (reaffirming Chalcedon) in this Primacy – let him be anathema.” “On the Permanence of the Primacy of Bl Peter in the Roman Pontiff”, July 18th, 1870, Vatican Counil I, 4th Session, First Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of Christ, 2, 5.

    Pray much for the Holy Father and for Russia.

    As Sister Lucia stated in her final prophetic interview: “Russia is the Divine instrument chosen to punish the whole world for its sins unless we obtain the consecration of that nation.”

    Albert Pike’s Third World War features the clash of civilzations script. The war between the Jews and their ZOGs, Christians and Muslims this is what the infernal powers are brewing.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see the antipapacy in Rome is going to be compelled to play the Fatima Card sooner rather than later. This is because the Roman Catholic faithful are awakening en masse to the overthrow of St Peter’s Chair in Rome in the 1958 Conclave and the apostate conjob that has ensued.

    The Men Behind the Curtain intend that the antipapacy will play the Fatima Card to bring peace to the ‘clash of civilizations’ script – the peace of the New World Order. But their plans are all going pear shaped. The antipope and all his bishops may have to do a bogus consecration sooner rather than later.

    Appropo the Zion Elders, it is one thing to mess with nations of unbelievers, shcismatics, heretics and apostates – jig up wars for them, fight the ZOG, bring in the N.W.O. and all the rest of it.

    It is quite another thing to publicly and in a black mass of Satanists blaspheme God, the Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ and dishonour the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is a recipe for the Three Days of Darkness.

    Pray for the Holy Father and let us hope that the Catholic awakening will create an impasse to the ‘clash of civilizations’ script.

    More reparations, more Rosaries, the infinite merit of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts in union may win the graces of more time. It may be that a way will open for the suffering Holy Father in exile and his bishops to fulfill the conditions of the solemn, public, collegial consecration.

    “In the Passion of Christ, nobody stand up to say one word to protect our Lord Jesus Christ. In the Passion of the Church, who stand up to protect the true pope Gregory XVII in exile? Nobody. Fr Peter Khoat van Tran, May 20, 2006.

    Please pray much for the Holy Father.

  215. The Prodigal Son February 1, 2010 @ 3:19 am


    Here’s how you have a conversation with someone:

    1. You make a statement…

    2. I address your statement…

    3. THEN – I make my own statements!


    1. You ask a question…

    2. I ANSWER your question… addressing what you have said…

    3. THEN – I ask my own questions or make my own statements!

    If I were to ask you, “Where are you from”…

    Would your reply then be: “I like soup!”??

    If I said, “Hey, your car is rolling down the hill!”

    Would you answer: “My basketball is very, very orange.”??

    If I made the query, “Excuse me miss – is this your dog?”…

    Would you come back with: “Yay! I’m going to Hawaii! Yay!”??

    — — —

    Now – I’ll try one last time…

    I SAID, “According to the pope – the NAB & the New Vulgate are the official Scriptures of the Roman Church now.”

    Do you have a reply to this?

    I SAID, “Because you insist on using ‘her heel’ instead of ‘HIS heel’ (when ‘her’ is NOT in Gen 3:15 in the NAB, or the RSV, OR the ‘Confraternity’… ALL of which are ROMAN CATHOLIC Bibles – NOT Protestant!)… you have automatically excommunicated yourself from the Roman Catholic Church.”

    What say you?? This means – according to the pope – YOU are a Protestant!

    I ASKED you: “WHO in the world is the Roman pontiff?”…

    Surely you have an answer!

    One more: “Do you admit that Jerome’s first translation to Latin was from the Greek Septuagint and NOT from Hebrew as you stated?

    That it was only AFTER that that he did ANOTHER translation directly from the Hebrew into Latin?”

    Please answer this – AFTER you check your facts!

    Now I’ll add this:

    The ‘Second Exodus’ website I provided is a CATHOLIC website!

    The next link is from ‘EWTN – The Global Catholic Network’! Here:

    AND… The final link about the Douy-Rheims is ALSO from a Catholic site!…

    So WHAT do you have to say about that?

    — — —

    Now – either REPLY to my points… and ANSWER my questions…

    Or don’t bother replying AT ALL.

  216. charlie February 1, 2010 @ 8:41 am

    The antichrist beast will have a lieutenant who most likey will be the next pope. [Apoc 19: 20]: with the real pope, the last, Peter II, underground, according to the purported prophecy of Malachy, ….” who will feed his sheep amidst many tribulations.”

  217. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 9:28 am

    Dear Lynda,

    Just like Oliver Hardy used to say to Stan Laurel during and at the end of many of their episodes:

    “Well Stanley, this is ANOTHER FINE MESS you’ve gotten US into.”

    It doesn’t take a ROCKET SCIENTIST to tell that this World of ours is ROYALLY fouled up.

    The Mother of our Incarnate Creator said to have RUSSIA consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. The Pope and the Bishops in union with him are supposed to do.

    God is most assuredly ‘Omniscient’ enough, God is most assuredly ‘Omnipotent’ enough,
    God is most assuredly ‘Omnipresent’ enough to move, motivate, arrange, inspire, empower the one who holds ‘THE KEYS’ He Himself has entrusted with to get this public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia DONE.

    At this point-in-time in our World’s history, and at this point-in-time in our Human Race’s Salvation History – the Collegial Consecration needs to be done IN OBEDIENCE to God Himself.

    Dear Lynda – that is Something that IS NOT assigned to me to do.

    But those to whom it has been assigned, they better ‘drop everything’ and get on with seeing to it that the Collegial Consecration IS DONE, by hook or by crook, one way or another.

    The ‘Stan Laurels’ who’ve managed to get ALL OF US into this ‘Fine Mess’ had better get on with getting ALL OF US OUT of this ‘Fine Mess’.

    Or, in more ‘down-to-earth’ terminology:


    And as the Lord Himself said – we ain’t going to get out of this Fine Mess until the LAST PENNY IS PAID!

    Somebody in the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church “OWES” one Divine God, Creator, Savior and Lord of all that is seen and Unseen a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to His Mother’s Immaculately Loving Heart – or NONE OF US are going to get out of this ‘Fine Mess’ that IS our contemporary World.

    That’s all I know, my dear Lynda.

    – Fr. Joseph

  218. Michael K. February 1, 2010 @ 11:11 am

    Dear Charlie,

    Could you please tell us some more about Peter II, his lineage and current ministry?

    Thank You in advance.

  219. charlie February 1, 2010 @ 1:19 pm

    Peter the Roman is one of two bishops on Fr Joseph’s chess board.

  220. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 2:03 pm

    The Question that needs to be asked of people the World over nowadays is this:

    “Why DON’T YOU WANT TO believe that God exists?”

    That would produce an honest litany of answers expressing the inner dispositions of people’s living HEARTS rather than the sophistries and constructs of their rationalizing thought-producing minds.

    Back in the time of Jesus, God Incarnate, walked on this very same earth and breathed the very same air as WE ALL currently do, there was NO SUCH THING as an ‘Internet’, much less televisions, radios, mass media newsprint etc. The “Internet”, the “Mass Media” back in His days with us here on earth was very simple PERSON-TO-PERSON word-of-mouth communication.

    BACK ‘THEN’, people heard about and talked about this Man Who cured the sick, raised the dead, mutliplied food, changed water into wine, commanded the winds and oceans which obeyed Him.

    And BACK ‘THEN’, imagine His Dismay when, after having done all of those Supernatural types of things as only a Divine Creator CAN DO with and over His Own Creation in full view, right-before-your-eyes-and-nose people, they still REFUSED to believe Him and they still REFUSED to obey Him.

    In our day and age – we DO have an ‘Internet’. We DO have ‘Mass Media’ of every sort and type. And anybody with a PC can use the Internet in the “comfy-cozy” protected, safe and sheltered confines of their home or place of work/business or wherever, and go research ALL of the Divine and Supernatural Things this Same God Incarnate has done in our own time.

    There is the Fatima ‘Miracle of the Sun’.

    There is the yearly Miracle of ‘Holy Fire’ in Jerusalemn.

    There are any number of photos, accounts and vidoes capturing His ‘Eucharistic Miracles’.

    There are any number of account of miraculous healings as such places a Lourdes, France.

    There are visionaries and mystics relaying all sorts of vital information needed for the welfare and wellbeing of the Church as well as for all of Mankind.

    It’s ALL THERE right in front of people’s two eyes and noses just about 24 inches away from their own God-given faces – yet people the World over STILL REFUSE ‘TO BELIEVE’!

    This is NOT on account of merely the workings of thought-producing, concept-erecting MINDS – this refusal to believe is on account of the inner dispositions of their HEARTS!

    The human mind is very capable of conjuring up rational and logical reasons to be COLD-HEARTED to others. There is NO POSSIBLE ARGUMENT that isn’t ‘true’ and ‘factual’. Just go LOOK AT what is going on in our World nowadays, in every last corner of our World, in every last nations of peoples in our World.

    Their ‘minds’ are VERY MUCH active, but their ‘hearts’ have grown stone-cold DEAD.

    Yet, that real-life human spiritual FLAME that our All-good God, Creator and FATHER in Heaven is very hard to extinguish in all sorts of people created in His Image and Likeness.

    Millions upon millions of people can gather together in unison to make a PUBLIC and SOLEMN expression of their PROTESTS in having to endure one injustice after another of ANY sort or type – political injustice, economic injustice, social injustice, etc. And ALL of these injustices waged against human life and human nature are the result of EVIL in this World – the sort of EVIL that resides in BOTH the minds and hearts of EVIL PEOPLE who allow themselves to be influenced by and directed by the unseen EVIL ONE.

    Yet, I cannot get ONE POPE and 4,600 BISHOPS of Christ Jesus’ Own Catholic Church to make their own PUBLIC and SOLEMN “PROTEST” against all of this EVIL in our World instigated by the EVIL ONE!

    So while MILLIONS might go PROTESTING all manner of INJUSTICE in this WORLD out in ‘The Streets’ of ANY and ALL NATIONS of our contemporary World – and while the Evil One goes right on with impunity sending MILLIONS and MILLIONS of human beings off to their DEATHS in local, regional and global World Wars – the Pope and the Bishops of my Catholic Church simply allow all of this EVIL befalling our Human Race to continue, allowing it to keep on happening DESPITE THE FACT that our All-good God has given the Church and our World ‘A WAY OUT’ of this satanic RAT-MAZE in which 6 billion human beings are ‘searching for their own BIT OF CHEESE’ as well as ‘THE EXIT’!

    So, in closing, THAT’S WHY “Fr. Joseph” gets upset, angry, frustrated, bewildered, impatient with ALL OF YOU here on Br. Nathanael’s RZN website and commentary sections.

    We have all of these ‘Organizations’ and ‘Institutions’ in and throughout every last nation-state of our World chock-filled to the brim with ‘Administrators’ and ‘Leaders’ and ‘Chief Officers’ and their assigned PHALANX of staffers and supporters and whatnot with EVERYONE getting some sort of ‘Salary’ with which to buy THE BREAD they put into their own mouths and the mouths of their immediate family and friends – but NOTHING GETS DONE in order to bring about JUSTICE and CHARITY to our nations and states throughout our World.

    And I cannot even get 1 Bishop of Rome along with 4,600 Bishops of the Catholic Church to get your All-good God, Creator and Father in Heaven WORLD PEACE by getting the EVIL ONE’S HEAD CRUSHED for all of you via the Divine Power of our All-good and Almighty Creator God!

    It’s all, this is all ‘Very Bizarre’!

    – Fr. Joseph

  221. Lynda February 1, 2010 @ 3:36 pm

    Prodigal Son,

    Before you (as a schismatic Orthodox) start pronouncing people excommunicate from the Roman Catholic Church, please familiarize yourself with Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio (1559).

    The bibles you are talking about (e.g. the NAB) are not authorized by the Holy Father of the Roman Catholic Church or bishops in communion with him or any office under the authority of the bishop.

    The antipapacy in Rome since 1958 has no authority over the sacred deposit: Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

    There have been many changes since the 1958 coup and I am sure the post conciliar church will continue to publish lots of bibles; just as they continue to change the canonized Roman Rite into vernacular usages that reflect heresies condemned by the ordinary, constant magisterium of the Catholic Church (always and everywhere the same) e.g. the ideology of ecumenism, universal salvation etc.; just as ICEL continues to publish liturgy with inclusive language like ‘our mother / father God’ and ‘gaylesbi’ liturgical terms. I think it safe to say that this maladay is far from having run its course.

    The Roman Catholic Church has been in Eclipse since the overthrow of St Peter’s Chair in Rome (1958). The Holy Father and his bishops are underground.

    Neither you nor I are entitled to know the name of the pope or his whereabouts. It is sufficient to know, according to our Lord’s promise and the teaching of Holy Church, that there is a pope because St Peter will have perpetual successors. There will be antipopes, interregnums, imposters – but none of this changes the truth that there is (or if we are in interregnum there will be) a successor and the Chair of Peter is set up where-ever he abides.

    The antipapacy seated in Rome at the present is approved by the Sanhedrin and promotes Noachiade law internationally. No bible they authorize has any standing with the Church.

    Refering to my post of Jan 26, 2010.

    I quoted from the Douay authorized trans of the Vulgate Bible which the Holy See has preferred to any other ancient version; also canonized by the Council of Trent.

    The Divine Office of prayer for the Church, its liturgy, uses the Latin text of the Vulgate with the Douay interlinear in the English speaking nations.

    There is no other version of Sacred Scripture (the Vulgate) canonized by the Holy See as “authentic”. The Holy See has authorized several English translations which you have mentioned, but the Breviary uses the Douay in the interlinear.

    This text which I quoted in my Jan 26 post is:

    “I will put enmities between thee and the woman and thy seed and her seed; she shall crush thy head and thou shall lie in wait for her heel.” Gen 3:15. Douay Bible

    The imprimatured notes on the text read: “She shall crush”. Ipsa the woman; so divers of the Fathers read this place, conformably to the Latin; others read it ipsum, viz, the seed. The sense is the same; for it is by her seed, Jesus Christi that the woman crushes the serpent’s head.”

    In your Feb 1, 2010 post you (a schismatic Orthodox) demand: “Do you [meaning me] admit that Jerome’s first translation to Latin was from the Greek Septuagint and not from Hebrew as you stated”

    I refuse to admit to any statement that you have weasled.

    What I wrote was: ” In the book of Genesis translated from the Septuagint (not the Masoretic which the Jews have changed)…” Jan 26, 2010

    This statement reflects my understanding that the Septuagint was the basis of St Jerome’s preparation of the Vulgate. My statement is also at odds with your far too simplistic view that the Vulgate is a mere translation.

    St Jerome’s preparation of the Vulgate version of the Sacred Scripture is discussed at length in the encyclical Spiritus Paraclitus of Pope Benedict XV, given on the 18th century of the death of St Jerome. St Peter’s, Rome Sept 15, 1920.

    As it has 133 refs (mostly from the Saint’s extensive correspondence with his mentors in Constantinople, Alexandria and Syria) – this should keep you busy for awhile.

    ST Jerome prepared the Latin Vulgate using the Septuagint as received text, guide and hermeneutic. The translation utilizes received text of Sacred Scripture from Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. So the Vulgate is not just a straight translation from any one.

    He would certainly have had complete access to the Septuagint in Rome (the Codex Vaticanus dates from 300 A.D) and at Constantinope where he studied for many years with St Gregory the Theologian.

    In addition to being the greatest doctor of the Roman Church, he was also the greatest traveller and collector of mss of his century.

    He travelled throughout the Christian East staying at monasteries and copying manuscripts of Sacred books, especially Syria where he studied Hebrew and Chaldaic.

    These were not Masoretic texts, they were his own copies of Hebrew mss in possession of the Church and therefore unchanged by the Jews in accordance with rabbinic Torah.

    Some of these might possibly have been translations of the Septuagint into Aramaic.

    As a collector and scholar, St Jerome had obtained for the Holy See the best mss of the Sacred Scriptures in Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic – many from the library at Caesarea.

    He mastered all these languages.

    On the basis of his comparative study of all these mss, his extensive travels and studies in the Holy Land, he prepared the Vugate Bible – not just from the Septuagint, although that was clearly his guide because that was the O.T. scriptures used by the early Church.

    Pope Damascus had set for St Jerome the task of correcting the Latin trans of the N.T. This certainly involved extensive work with the Septuagint because there are extensive quotes from the Septuagint in N.T.

    It is not a true appraisal of his work to see St Jerome as a mere translator working to revise or correct any one specific mss or codex of Sacred Scripture.

    He was a doctor of theology who applied his theology to comparative study of the Biblical mss in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. On the basis of his comparative studies he undertook the work of translation.

    His special interest in Biblical study was in the area of discovering apparent discrepancies in the Sacred texts – these he sought to resolve in his Vulgate version.

    The life and work of St Jerome make very clear that Sacred Scripture (the received texts) as well as Tradition belong to the Church. Not vice versa.

    The Sacred Scripture is under the authority of the Church in its reception and conservation of text, canonization of text, transmission of text, authorized translation of text, revision and liturgical formation of text as well as approved usages in study, research, teaching, writing, apologetics etc.

    It is all guided by the living source of authority to whom St Jerome always deferred. The Holy Father and his bishops in communion with him

    If you read nothing else in Spiritus Paraclitus, Prodigal Son – do take this to heart:

    “The voice of Jermome summons those Christian nations which have unhappily fallen away from Mother Church to turn once more to Her in whom lies all hope of eternal salvation. Would too, that the Eastern Churches, so long in opposition to the See of Peter, would listen to Jerome’s voice. When he lived in the East and sat at the feet of Gregory and Didymus, he said only what the Christians of the East thought in his time when he declared that ‘if anyone is outside the Ark of Noe, he will perish in the overwhelming flood’.”

    “Today this flood seems on the verge of sweeping away all human institutions – unless God steps in to prevent it. And surely, this calamity must come if men persist in sweeping to one side God the Creator and Conservor of all things.”

    The events of 1917 at Fatima are in truth what three popes have infallibly declared: the ‘Signum Magnum’ (Apoc 12:1) that God does very much want to step in and prevent this “sweeping away of all human institutions”.

    And he has confided this to the Blessed Virgin Mother of God. He does want to crush the serpent’s head by means of her heel. And he desires to reign over all nations by means of his Sacred Heart.

  222. Justice February 1, 2010 @ 3:57 pm

    Fatima is not part of the Deposit of Faith, i.e., Scripture and Tradition. It is a private revelation and not incumbant on the faithful to believe, even if the Church has approved it as worthy of belief. No Catholic has to believe in any private revelation. That’s number one.

    Number two: Pius XII consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart in the 1950s, which many believe led to the break-up of the Soviet Union and the end of Communism in 1989. But even if Pius XII did not do the consecration exactly according to form (with all the bishops of the world), the time to consecrate Russia was while it was under the thumb of Communist Jews.

    That time is now past. It is the West, especially the USA, which is now under the thumb of the Communist Jews, not Russia. If any country needs to be consecrated it is the United States of America.

    Number three, consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart assumes there is a valid pope to do the consecration, and that is a big assumption. Did not Benedict XVI just visit the synogogue and not mention Christ? Did not Cardinal Ratzinger assure the world back in 2000 that Fatima was now past and that the 3rd secret had to with the attempted assassination of John Paul II? I hardly think Ratzinger would be the one do the consecration.

    I also have a hard time believing there is some “real” pope in hiding somewhere, guiding the Church. Great job he’s doing! Why doesn’t he come out and show himself and warn his flock of the Jewish dangers, even if it costs him his life? If it’s true that Cardinal Siri was really elected in 1958 and pushed aside for John XXIII (a Freemason), then he was a royal coward because he went along with the Novus Ordo agenda and sat back and watched for 30 years as the Church was destroyed by her enemies.

    The whole Fatima thing has become a cult which some people place above Scripture and Tradition. I can’t believe the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) would come to cause confusion with all these “secrets.” Why not announce to the world what the Judeo-Masons were planning after the death of Pius XII? Wouldn’t she know that the Freemason John XXIII would not reveal the 3rd secret, assuming the whole thing is true?

    My analysis: No Catholic has to believe in Fatima; Russia has survived the Communist Jews; it’s doubtful we have a real Pope to do a consecretion anyway; and Fatima is not a religion, it’s a private revelation and a divisive one at that.

    I choose to stick to Scripture and Tradition and wait out the storm until Christ vanquishes His enemies and restores His Church. If there’s some “real” Pope in hiding, he’s not doing much good hiding his face from his flock. I tend not to believe that theory, although I’m curious to learn more about this mystery pope.

    In the meantime, I seek out valid sacraments from Traditional priests (and even sometimes attend Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy, which I find very edifying). I don’t put my faith in a private revelation that has not yielded any good fruits, but division and a cult-like mentality.

    I know Fr. Joseph is going to get angry at this post, and I believe he means well, but we need to move on from Fatima. One last thing: didn’t the BVM say at Fatima “only I can save you?” I always had a problem with that.

    Finally, peace and love to all Christians of Orthodox, Catholic, and other background. If I am wrong about any of these things, I can stand to be corrected. I just share my current thinking on these matters – these very depressing matters.

    God bless Brother Nathanael as well.

  223. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 5:30 pm

    Dear Justice,

    I need to remind you that GOD happens to the ‘The Lord of History’.

    Ever since the time of the Fall of Adam and Eve, NEVER was the Human Race without the Direct Divine Intervention of our Almighty God INTO human affairs of the peoples of our World. Never!

    God did NOT consult the Patriarchs of either the Catholic or Orthodox Church in His Dealings involving Pharoah and Moses.

    God did NOT consult the Patriarchs of either the Catholic or Orthodox Church when He called on Father St. Elijah to conduct a PUBLIC and SOLEMN “CONTEST” on Mount Carmel between the One True God and the false gods of the false prophets.

    And on and on it goes – God did NOT consult with the Apostles themselves when He decided in what way He was going to send forth His Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

    God is ‘NOT BOUND’ in what He will do, in what He can do or in what He intends to do whether or not the Patriachs of His Church decide – ON THEIR OWN – to do or not do!

    If GOD causes a PUBLIC Supernatual Miracle to occur for and to 70,000 people at Fatima back in 1917 A.D. – that is NOT a ‘private revelation’. That sort of PUBLIC and SOLEMN display of His Supernatural Powers is a direct DIVINE ‘INTRUSION’ into the life of people in this World as well as in His Church. Period.

    Just remember this – God Himself DID NOT NEED the approval of any Catholic or Orthodox Patriarch when He sent the Archangel Gabriel to the VIRGIN MARY 2,000 years ago.

    Just remember this – that there were NO SUCH THINGS as ‘Patriarchs’ of EITHER the Catholic OR Orthodox Church when He Himself decided to manifest His Divine Powers to, with, for and IN the Virgin Mary.

    God does NOT ‘TAKE ORDERS’ from any Pope, Patriarch, Cardinal, Metropolitan, Archbishop, Bishop, Abbot or Priest in EITHER the Catholic OR Orthodox Church.

    ‘THE LORD’ Who happens TO BE ‘The Lord’ gives His ORDERS to His Ministers – and NOT ‘vice versa’. Yet, THE LORD does pose this Divine Question to His Own Church:

    “Why do You call Me ‘Lord, Lord’ AND NOT DO what I say?”

    Now THAT’S a Good Question – a Very Good Question!

    – Fr. Joseph

  224. charlie February 1, 2010 @ 5:37 pm

    Queen of Heaven and mother of the Divine Jesus, Mary:

    We come before you and bow before your august majesty, which touches us to the very core of our being.

    Have pity on all the people of Russia, rich and poor, aetheists and Christians, the powerful and the weak, all those especially who have suffered under the yoke of communism.

    Take them all to yourself and protect them under your mantle.

    We consecrate them all to you, to your Immaculate Heart – and the nation as one.

    Do this, dearest mother. Take them all to your heart, as a nation united and whole, which once served God in peace, and again seeks to serves Him, and Him alone, in the face of a western culture of death.

    There you go, Fr Joseph. Everyone who is of a good mind and heart who reads the aforesaid will have made a consecration.

  225. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 5:39 pm

    Anyone asserting that the ‘Miracle of the Sun’ witnessed by and personally EXPERIENCED by 70,000 people in Fatima, Portugal back in 1917 A.D. is entirely a ‘PRIVATE REVELATION’ that need not be believed is the SAME EXACT THING as the entire World seeing the New York City’s Twin Towers being slammed by commercial aircraft, catching on fire, then being BLOWN DOWN into their own footprints and then DISMISSING the Twin Towers once actually stood upright in New York City – and for ANYONE TO ASSERT that the Twin Towers were destroyed is entirely in the realm of ‘subjective PRIVATE observation’!

    Or ‘You can CHOOSE TO BELIEVE the New York City’s Twin Towers were DESTROYED or NOT – according to your own good pleasure and according to your own personal discretion!’

    Denying REALITY and REAL THINGS borders on the acceptance and adopting of INSANITY!

    – Fr. Joseph

  226. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 5:59 pm

    WHY STOP with asserting the public Fatima Apparitions, Instructions and Message belong entirely to the realm of ‘private revelation’ that one can either ACCEPT or REJECT according to one’s own preferences?

    WHY NOT assert that the Resurrection belongs entirely to ‘private revelation’ which one can accept or reject according to one’s own preferences?

    WHY NOT assert that the Crucifixion belongs there as well?

    WHY NOT assert that the Son of God’s Incarnation and Birth belongs to ‘private revelation’?

    WHY NOT assert that His Ascension into Heaven belongs to the realm of ‘private revelation’

    WHY NOT assert the Apostles received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost belongs to the realm of ‘private revelation’?

    And ON and ON and ON it goes – WHY NOT simply lump anything and everything of a Divine Origin and of a Supernatural Nature into the ‘Superior Human Dispostions’ of ALL belonging to in the realms of ‘private revelation’ that can been either ACCEPTED or REJECTED according the mode of one’s own personal preferences?

    And WHY NOT we all simply declare that BELIEF IN GOD is also an entirely ‘subjective’ sort of thing that is left solely to the discretion of all the people of this World of ours, the year now being 2010 A.D.

    And WHY NOT simply DISMISS the idea, the notion, that our Human Race is in dire need of a DIVINE SAVIOR?

    And WHY NOT simply declare and/or assert that we, ourselves, are our OWN ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’?

    Well…WHY NOT???

    The answer to ‘WHY NOT?’ is because we are NOT ‘GODs’ OR ‘GODDESSESS’.

    That’s “Reality” folks.

    But then again, there are many who fancy the idea that being INSANE, not being able to tell one’s left hand from the right, is such a wonderful and gloriously ‘divine’ thing!

    – Fr. Joseph

  227. The Prodigal Son February 1, 2010 @ 6:04 pm

    Well said Justice!

    The more I hear – the more confusing and contradictory it becomes…

    “You HAVE to listen to the pope!”

    “There is no pope!”

    “The pope is hiding!”

    “Benedict is not the pope!”

    “We have to get pope Benedict to consecrate Russia!”


    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    I also agree that if the ‘real’ pope is ‘hiding’… Then he is a coward!

    The man claiming to have been Gregory XVII supposedly said that his ‘captors’ could kill him at any time…

    What does the ‘true pope’ have to fear from death?

    Because our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has ALREADY crushed Satan’s skull with His ATONEMENT (ONCE & FOR *ALL*)…

    The ancestral curse of death (original sin) has NO POWER over a true Christian – because they will NEVER taste the SECOND death.

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Is the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church… Invalid??



    God has said everything in his Word

    65 “In many and various ways God spoke of old to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by a Son.” Christ, the Son of God made man, is the Father’s one, perfect and unsurpassable Word. In him he has said everything; there will be no other word than this one. St. John of the Cross, among others, commented strikingly on Hebrews 1:1-2:

    In giving us his Son, his only Word (for he possesses no other), he spoke everything to us at once in this sole Word – and he has no more to say. . . because what he spoke before to the prophets in parts, he has now spoken all at once by giving us the All Who is His Son. Any person questioning God or desiring some vision or revelation would be guilty not only of foolish behaviour but also of offending him, by not fixing his eyes entirely upon Christ and by living with the desire for some other novelty.


    66 “The Christian economy, therefore, since it is the new and definitive Covenant, will never pass away; and no new public revelation is to be expected before the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Yet even if Revelation is already complete, it has not been made completely explicit; it remains for Christian faith gradually to grasp its full significance over the course of the centuries.

    67 Throughout the ages, there have been so-called “private” revelations, some of which have been recognized by the authority of the Church. They do not belong, however, to the deposit of faith. It is not their role to improve or complete Christ’s definitive Revelation, but to help live more fully by it in a certain period of history. Guided by the Magisterium of the Church, the sensus fidelium knows how to discern and welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of Christ or his saints to the Church.

    **CHRISTIAN FAITH** CANNOT ACCEPT “revelations” that claim to surpass or correct the Revelation of which CHRIST is the fulfillment, as is the case in certain NON-Christian religions and also in CERTAIN RECENT SECTS which base themselves on such “revelations”.


    68 By love, God has revealed himself and given himself to man. He has thus provided the DEFINITVE, SUPERABUNDANT ANSWER to the questions that man asks himself about the meaning and purpose of his life.

    69 God has revealed himself to man by gradually communicating his own mystery in deeds and in words.

    70 Beyond the witness to himself that God gives in created things, HE manifested HIMSELF to our first parents, spoke to them and, after the fall, PROMISED them salvation (*cf. Gen 3:15*) and offered them HIS covenant.

    71 God made an everlasting covenant with Noah and with all living beings (cf. Gen 9:16). It will remain in force as long as the world lasts.

    72 God chose Abraham and made a covenant with him and his descendants. By the covenant God formed his people and revealed his law to them through Moses. Through the prophets, he prepared them to accept the SALVATION destined for ALL HUMANITY.

    73 God has revealed himself fully by sending his own Son, in whom he has established his covenant FOREVER. The Son is his Father’s DEFINITIVE Word; **SO THERE WILL BE *NO* FURTHER REVELATION AFTER HIM.**

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    St. Augustine (354-430) said, “A demanding teacher may ask, *’Is it good Latin?’*

    The Christian should ask, *’Is it true?’*”

    We should constantly seek the Whole Truth about what God has revealed to us.

  228. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 6:56 pm

    A wee bit of a ‘Cathecism-Bible’ Class for everybody here on RZN. Open your Bibles to the Gospel according to St. Matthew – Matthew 4:8-11 wherein we ALL can readily read:

    “Next, taking Him to a very high mountain, THE DEVIL showed Him all the kingdoms of the World adn their splendour. ‘I will give You all these’ he said, ‘if You fall at my feet and worship me.’ Then JESUS replied, ‘BE OFF SATAN! For Scripture says: ‘You must worship the Lord your God, and serve Him alone.’ Then THE DEVIL left Him, and Angels appeared and looked after Him.”

    From this passage from the Canon of the Church’s Sacred CHRISTIAN Scripture, we learn that there IS a ‘Devil’ and that this ‘Devil’ YEARNS and DESIRES for human beings to worship him, and that the DEVIL will seek people who WILL ‘sell their souls’ to him in exchange for both things of and powers over the ‘kingdoms of this World’.

    JESUS tells the Devil to “Bug Off!” and, in doing so, obtains the support and assistance of Angels, Heavenly elemental spirits.

    So, from this passage of the Church’s Canon of Sacred CHRISTIAN Scripture, we establish that there is an infernal-preternatural order belonging to SATAN, a natural order belonging to us members of the Human Race who are all ‘incarnate spirits’, and a Supernatural-Divine Order.

    While SATAN FAILED to get God Incarnate’s Willingness to COOPERATE in the Devil’s designs – that does NOT MEAN that Satan hasn’t or wouldn’t make that SAME OFFER to other incarnate spirits – members of our Human Race – to give them every manner of ‘thing’ of the kingdoms of our World as well as ‘power’ in and over the kingdoms of our World IN EXCHANGE for their worshipping him and carrying out his demonic will for, in, with and amongst our World and our Human Race.

    OTHER members of our Human Race HAVE taken up ‘The Devil’ on his offer to THEM.

    So here we all go – we have members of our own Human Race out to ‘Rule the World’ for Satan, ensuring Satan’s demonic will IS EMPLOYED-CARRIED OUT in and throughout our World and our Human Race. Looks like this in an ‘visual-informative-entertaining’ fashion:

    With all of these ‘Satanic Elites’ getting TO PLAY GAMES with ALL the peoples of ALL the ‘kingdoms of our World’:

    – Fr. Joseph

  229. The Prodigal Son February 1, 2010 @ 7:12 pm


    The Branch Theory

    ‘Contacts between Anglicans and Orthodox were resumed in the early nineteenth century, thanks particularly to the efforts of William Palmer, who met several Russian prelates. However, the same obstacle presented itself here as in the time of the Non-Jurors: the Orthodox Church’s insistence that she is the one true Church.

    The “Branch Theory” of the Church proposed by the Oxford theologians, according to which the Orthodox, the Catholics and the Anglicans were all different branches of the single Tree of the Church, was anathema to the Orthodox.

    Thus “the Russians were staggered, as Palmer himself stated, ‘at the idea of one visible Church being made up of three communions, differing in doctrines and rites, and two of them at least condemning and anathematizing the others.'”

    For, as Archbishop Hilarion Troitsky said in reply to an American Episcopalian initiative early in the next century: “What happened in 1054 was a falling away. Who has fallen away is another question; but someone did fall away. The Church has remained one, but either only in the East or only in the West.”

    (…) Are these three stages of heresy – Papism, Protestantism and Ecumenism – the “three furlongs” along which the branch of the English Church must travel before returning to her ancient trunk, according to St. Edward’s vision? We do not know. But that each of them has to be traversed again in the opposite direction – that is, explicitly and publicly renounced – is certain.’

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Wow! Mr. Moss certainly did his homework! Such a monumental work! 309 references!

    Thank you! A good read… As they say – Those who refuse to learn from the mistakes of the past…

    Are DOOMED to repeat them!

    God help them!


  230. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 7:21 pm

    So we continue on WITH ‘Divine Revelation’ as Christ Jesus Himself revealed it, rather than by the interpretations of mere human beings here on RZN…

    Unfortunately for Prodigal Son, RUSSIAN Special Services reports that SATAN is still “alive & kickin'”:

    “Examples of slogans include ‘Death to All Things Living,’ War on Christianity,’ and ‘God is Dead, Long Live Satan!’…According to (RUSSIAN) Special Services, SATANIST ORGANIZATIONS are often in close contact with (and sometimes simply duplicate) Nazi, fascist, and racist groups.” – quoting from

    So much for SATAN having ‘no more power’ in this World of ours, sorry to say Prodigal Son.

    Now then, these SATANIST ORGANIZATIONS get to ‘play God’ deciding who gets to live and who gets to die via their Satanic Elite who relish playing these sorts of GAMES in a real-time, real-life fashion such as this one:

    Now “how in the satanic HELL” do you wind up bringing ‘DEATH TO ALL THINGS LIVING’???

    It’s “child’s play” – it’s all contained in yet ANOTHER “child’s game”:

    If the CHURCH and all of MANKIND wants to actually DO SOMETHING in order TO WIN this Geopolitical-Global-Worldly SATANIC GAME, then THE CHURCH has to simply get on with the Divine Business of complying with THE WOMAN OF GENESIS 3:15 & REVELATION 12:17’S Fatima Instructions.

    The BISHOP OF ROME knows what he has to do.

    – Fr. Joseph

  231. Norseman February 1, 2010 @ 7:30 pm

    Dear Prodigal Son,

    Your post from January 26, 11:17 AM:

    “The verse from Genesis 3 in question (:15) in the Douay-Rheims translation is from the Latin Vulgate – direct from HEBREW texts – NOT the Greek LXX (Septuagint)!”

    Your post from February 1, 3:19 AM:

    “One more: “Do you admit that Jerome’s first translation to Latin was from the Greek Septuagint and NOT from Hebrew as you stated?”

    I ask you, Prodigal Son, do you see the inconsistencies in your own arguments?? Are you seeking “the whole truth” or just trying to impose your views?

    Now to the question of Genesis 3:15, we read in the EDITIO VULGATA:

    “Inimicitias ponam inter te et mulierem, et semen tuum et semen illius: ipsa conteret caput tuum, et tu insidiaberis calcaneo ejus.”

    Ipsa refers clearly to the WOMAN (mulierem) not to her seed (semen illius). This must be the translation of St. Jerome, and who we are to question his authority?

    On the other hand, and to be 100% honest, we should also quote the greek text in the Septuaginta:

    και εχθραν θησω αυα μεσον σου και αυα μεσον τησ γυναικοσ και αυα μεσον του σπερματοσ σου και αυα μεσον του σπερματοσ (SPERMATOS) αυτησ αυτοσ (AUTOS) σου τηρησει κεφαλ ην και συ τηρη σεισ αυτου πτερναν

    With ”autos” the text must refer to a male descendant (spermatos) of the woman. If the text would refer to the descendants as a whole, we should read “auto” instead of “autos”, because “spermatos” is neutral.

    So, yes, there are differing interpretations of this particular bible passage. And yes, if we take the greek text of the LXX alone, I would humbly agree with you that “He” in Genesis 3:15 is Jesus Christ, an offspring of the “Woman”, which is the Virgin Mary.

    Even if we take this latter interpretation (and for this we would need to know why St. Jerome translated the passage in a different way), it does not change the fact that the Virgin is referred in Genesis as “the enemy of the snake.”


  232. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 7:32 pm

    Can somebody out there in RZN Internet land PLEASE INFORM one Prodigal Son who regularly comments here that the ENTIRE CHAPTERS TWO & THREE of the Book of Revelation “REVEALS” that Christ Jesus DOES PROVIDE Instructions to and for His Universal Church here on earth AFTER His Death, Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven.


    Christ Jesus’s FINAL REVELATION of Himself is that He is ‘THE LORD’ – and that this ‘LORD’ tends to His Flock here ON EARTH by ensuring His Church gets INSTRUCTIONS!

    – Fr. Joseph

  233. Michael K. February 1, 2010 @ 7:37 pm

    Dear Charlie,

    In response to your statement above:

    “Finally Michael, those who keep the commandments and the testimony of Jesus are not Christian Zionists they are real Christians.

    Keeping the commandments is a Christian not a Jewish thing – as you assert.”

    I don’t presume to contradict what you say, as it is both logical and true. I would like to point out, though, that your statement is not an accurate reflection of the Revelations 12:17.

    To clarify, for your consideration, the scripture of Revelations 12:17 does not literally say that the offspring of the woman keep the testimony of Jesus Christ.

    The textus receptus of the KJV for Revelations 12:17 reads, in interlinear translation:


    In this literal translation we have these pivotal words cited from the Strong’s lexicon:

    WITH : G3326 : meta met-ah’ a primary preposition (often used adverbially); properly, denoting accompaniment; “amid” (local or causal); modified variously according to the case (genitive association, or accusative succession) with which it is joined; occupying an intermediate position between 575 or 1537 and 1519 or 4314; less intimate than 1722 and less close than 4862):–after(-ward), X that he again, against, among, X and, + follow, hence, hereafter, in, of, (up-)on, + our, X and setting, since, (un-)to, + together, when, with (+ -out). Often used in composition, in substantially the same relations of participation or proximity, and transfer or sequence.

    Rest : G3062 : loipoy loy-poy’ masculine plural of a derivative of 3007; remaining ones:–other, which remain, remnant, residue, rest.

    Ones- KEEPING : G5083 : tereo tay-reh’-o from teros (a watch; perhaps akin to 2334); to guard (from loss or injury, properly, by keeping the eye upon; and thus differing from 5442, which is properly to prevent escaping; and from 2892, which implies a fortress or full military lines of apparatus), i.e. to note (a prophecy; figuratively, to fulfil a command); by implication, to detain (in custody; figuratively, to maintain); by extension, to withhold (for personal ends; figuratively, to keep unmarried); by extension, to withhold (for personal ends; figuratively, to keep unmarried):–hold fast, keep(- er), (pre-, re-)serve, watch.

    HAVING : G2192 : echo ekh’-o, including an alternate form scheo skheh’-o; (used in certain tenses only) a primary verb; to hold (used in very various applications, literally or figuratively, direct or remote; such as possession; ability, contiuity, relation, or condition.

    So let us examine the meaning of the textus receptus in the light of the above:

    ‘The dragon makes war ACCOMPANIYING the OTHER offspring of the woman who GUARD (by extension WITHHOLDING) the commandments of God and POSSESS the testimony of Christ.’

    I think this very clearly supports my argument that this passage appears to refer to Judeo-Christian Zionism being the vehicle through which the Dragon makes war with the Church. Translation may be nuanced but it is not inaccessible, nor is taking inferences from the English translation alone always accurate.

    Peace in Christ.

  234. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 7:40 pm

    Can somebody here on RZN please inform one contributor by the name of Prodigal Son that the RISEN LORD Who Is God’s FINAL REVELATION of Himself to all of Mankind gives St. Paul the Apostle INSTRUCTIONS to go HELP OUT A COUNTRY IN DISTRESS well after His Death, Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven in the Church’s Own Canon of Sacred Christian Scripture – in the book of the ACTS OF THE APOSTLES – Acts 16:9-10.

    Thank you.

    So it was MACEDONIA and not RUSSIA! That’s a MINOR DETAIL for Russia wasn’t even converted to Christianity for another 900 years!

    – Fr. Joseph

  235. Norseman February 1, 2010 @ 7:45 pm

    Dear Adora,

    With my rather rude question to you, if you were ready to sell all your possessions and give them to the poor, I was trying to show you that there are INDEED many cases, where we DO NEED our material possessions.

    I still find the quoted passage from Mark 14 relevant, for Jesus states that “you always have the poor” and that it is worth using precious or expensive things to honour God Incarnate (as the woman did with him).

    May I remind you again that NONE of the riches of the Vatican belong to the Pope, they belong to the Church. As such, they serve the SOLE purpose of praising God and His Glory.

    With the mentality of “sell everything and give it the to the poor” we have seen Communists destroying churches and crosses for the “proletariat”, and it is one of the pillars of the anti-Christ “Theology of Liberation”. By that we should understand “Liberation from God” and not any opression.


  236. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 7:58 pm

    I cannot help but comment here on an observation that there exists this ‘unusual’ spirit residing in the hearts of some of the Orthodox here.

    Does not the Orthodox Church here on earth SEEK and DESIRE the salvation of souls and the redemption of our Human Race?

    What is this ‘spirit’ that regularly makes itself manifest in the postings of some of the Orthodox here on RZN – this desire TO DENY our World and our entire Human Race out own ALL-GOOD GOD’S Personal and Direct Divine Intervention in the goings-on of our contemporary World so as to AVERT a satanic thermonuclear Third World War IN ORDER TO bring God’s PEACE to our World and all of Mankind SO THAT many, many members of our own Human Race can obtain Eternal Salvation for themselves, their families, their relatives and friends?

    – Fr. Joseph

  237. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 9:00 pm

    Regarding Genesis 3:15, Revelation 12:17 and this (rather useless) splitting-of-the-atoms translations and interpretations…

    Is there anyone goint TO DOUBT that the Blessed Virgin Mary, the WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 chanted, sang and rejoiced these words of hers as recorded in the Gospel of St. Luke, chapter 1, verses 46 through 55 which THE CHURCH denotes as ‘The Magnificat’.

    In verse 48, we read her chanting, singing and exaulting in these words of hers:

    “…because He has looked upon His lowly handmaiden. Yes, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD ALL GENERATIONS WILL CALL ME BLESSED!”

    The Blessed Virgin Mary “knew” the Psalms of King David backwards and forwards. In saying ‘FROM THIS DAY FORWARD ALL GENERATIONS WILL CALL ME BLESSED!’, she is ‘Scripturally Declaring Under The Inspiration of God the Holy Spirit’ that King David’s own PROPHECY concerning HER was being fulfilled in-with-through HER!

    For in King David’s Psalm 45, we read verse 17 prophetically pronouncing:


    Now in King David’s Psalm 45’s preceeding verse 18 being ADDRESSED TO the Blessed Virgin Mary, we read King David saying of her:

    “Your ancestors WILL BE REPLACED BY SONS
    whom YOU will make lords of the whole world.”

    In the Gospel of St. John, AS Jesus is hanging upon and about to die on His Cross, we read in John, chapter 19, verse 26:

    “Seeing His Mother and the disciple He loved standing near her, JESUS said to His Mother, ‘WOMAN (cf. Genesis 3:15 & Revelation 12:17) THIS IS YOUR SON.’ Then to the disciple He said, ‘THIS IS YOUR MOTHER’…After THIS (the giving of His disciple to His Mother as her SON and to the disciple His Mother as his Mother), JESUS KNOW THAT EVERYTHING HAD NOW BEEN COMPLETED (via Genesis 3:15), and to fulfill the Scripture perfectly He said ‘I am thirsty'”

    The Blesssed Virgin Mary is THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 whose OFFSPRING, her own Son Jesus AS WELL AS her other SONS go off to engage in SATAN’S WAR waged against her, her Divine Son and her other Sons here IN this World of ours!

    People can FIGHT over what THEY want to be ‘translated’ from Sacred Manuscripts – OR – they can come to an indepth and personal UNDERSTANDING of what those written words of Sacred Manuscripts are MEANT TO CONVEY to a person’s, to a people’s, minds, hearts, souls and spirits!


    If people here on RZN can’t get THAT through their heads and INTO their heads, then what bloomin’ good it is to be able TO READ Greek, to read LATIN, to have either the ancient-original Manuscripts in their very own two hands IF they are INCAPABLE OF ‘Reading For Comprehension’???

    – Fr. Joseph

  238. The Prodigal Son February 1, 2010 @ 9:15 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    On Death…

    ‘And the Lord God commanded Adam, saying, “You may eat food from every tree in the garden; but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you may not eat; for in whatever day you eat from it, you shall die by death.’
    – Genesis 2:16, 17

    Now – because we are ALL HERE today, we know that Adam and Eve DID NOT DIE physically – on that day!

    So – is God a liar?

    No! – It is not the PHYSICAL death that God spoke of (though bodily mortality and corruption is one of the effects of Adam’s fall, along with toil & sweat, hunger & thirst, weariness & sorrow, pain & suffering, tribulations & sickness, trajedy & tears) – but a SPIRITUAL DEATH… Which is the SECOND DEATH, the ETERNAL DEATH.

    So the ancestral curse of death is SPIRITUAL DEATH – which is the ETERNAL separation from God… Hell!

    ‘Inasmuch then as the children have partaken of flesh and blood, (Jesus) Himself likewise shared in the same, that through death He might destroy him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, and release them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.’
    – Hebrews 2:14, 15

    ‘And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear (God) who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.’
    – Matthew 10:28

    ‘And I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will show you whom you should fear:

    Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes, I say to you, fear Him!’
    – Luke 12:4, 5

    For those in Christ’s Church – Satan has no power over them – but for that power which is given him through fear.

    Fear of death delivers us into Satan’s hands.

  239. charlie February 1, 2010 @ 9:30 pm

    Michael K you went to a lot of trouble to twist Scripture to fit your theory and ended up where you started with the dragon making war on the true church.

    No need to argue with me that so called Christian zionists are demonic, you’ll get no argument from me on that score.

    Having come across some of them they are evil, sick, twisted creeps who support the terrible sufferings the Jews have inflicted and continue to inflict on the people of Palestine. For this reason, as well as abortion and the wars of the USA ( The United Stink of America) which go on with the support of the west, and in contradiction to UN resolutions, the term “what you sow you reap” is about to be applied to the west.

    It will itself become involved in a conflagaration of wars earthquakes, plagues, pestilences, poisoned water and food and a spiritual culture of death which will inhabit the majority of its citizens….in other words the tribulation of Revelations….despite the fact that it has been warned by the very book.

  240. Fr. Joseph February 1, 2010 @ 9:33 pm

    Continuing on with the Supernatural Significance of BOTH Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 wherein THE WOMAN is the ‘Center of Divine Attention’, the Blessed Virgin Mary – THIS WOMAN – is stating in the Gospel of St. Luke, chapter 1 verse 48 that King David’s prophetic Psalm 45, verses 10-17 apply TO HER!

    How does the Blessed Virgin Mary become a ‘daugther of King David’???

    Answer: by her MARRIAGE to JOSEPH of Nazareth!

    From the geneology of the Gospel according to St. Matthew – at chapter 1, verse 6 everyone can readily read:

    “and JESSE was the father of KING DAVID”

    This geneology continues down to verse 16 wherein everyone can read:

    “and JACOB was the FATHER OF JOSEPH
    of her was born JESUS Who Is called

    Down to verse 20, everyone can read:

    “He had made up his mind to do this when the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, ‘JOSEPH SON OF (KING) DAVID, do not be afraid to take Mary home AS YOUR WIFE, because she has conceived what is IN HER by the HOLY SPIRIT.”

    In a very real Christian ‘mystical’ way, every Christian who is ‘born again by the Spirit’ has the Blessed Virgin Mary AS his own or her own MOTHER – and in a Christian ‘mystical’ way, the Blessed Virgin Mary GIVES “BIRTH” to every Christian – hence, we get to call upon the Blessed Virgin Mary as our very own MOTHER!

    The WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 gives BIRTH to every Christian in a mystical-spiritual way. Not only is Christ Jesus HER offspring – every last Christian is HER offspring as well!

    And with SATAN’S CHALLENGE to Christ Jesus that he could and would DESTROY the Church per Pope Leo XIII’s mystical revelation of 1884 A.D. – the Blessed Virgin Mary AS the Mother of ALL of her CHRISTIAN offspring her on earth CAME TO FATIMA, PORTUGAL back in 1917 A.D. asking HER OWN SONS, the Church’s Bishops, to perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her very own Immaculately Loving Heart.

    And WHY? would the Mother of all of HER CHRISTIAN OFFSPRING in Russia make such a request?



    And here I am – having to ‘WAGE WAR’ here on RZN who consider themselves OFFSPRING of this WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 who use their Orthodox Faith TO DENY their Mother appeared in Fatima, Portugal in order TO PROTECT her Christian RUSSIAN children!


    – Fr. Joseph

  241. The Prodigal Son February 1, 2010 @ 10:10 pm


    When Jerome started his work on adapting the Old Testament into Latin… He started by working from the Greek Septuagint, translating from Greek to Latin…

    THEN – he CHANGED his objective of the translation from the Church’s Greek (LXX) into Latin…

    To a NEW undertaking of (Pharisaic) Hebrew into Latin – ABANDONING the Greek text which the WHOLE Church had held sacred and used universally for the first 400 years (and which the Orthodox STILL use today – KNOWING that the ‘Jews’ have CHANGED the Hebrew since the time of Christ).

    Read about it here:

    “When Jerome undertook the **REVISION of the Old Latin translations of the Septuagint** in about 400 AD, he checked the Septuagint against the Hebrew text that was then available.

    (But WHY? We know he was fraternizing with the Pharisaic ‘rabbis’ – wonder if THEY had anything to do with it?)

    (Supposedly) he came to believe that the Hebrew text better testified to Christ than the Septuagint. *He broke with church tradition* and translated most of the Old Testament of his Vulgate from Hebrew rather than Greek. (But if ALL of the early Churches used the Greek Septuagint – them WHERE did he find Hebrew texts? Rabbis of course!)

    His choice was severely criticized by Augustine, his contemporary, and hostile others who regarded Jerome as a forger. But with the passage of time, acceptance of Jerome’s version gradually increased in the West until it displaced the Old Latin translations of the Septuagint.”

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Thank you for breaking down the Greek and the Latin here… And in doing so helping to prove my point.

    For AT LEAST the first 400 yrs (actually more like 800 yrs), the Septuagint was the ONLY translation of the Old Testament that most Christians had!

    There were some Latin translations around during the first 400 yrs (called ‘Old Latin’), but they too were translated into Latin FROM the Greek Septuagint (LXX).

    Therfore – ANY variation from the ORIGINAL Scriptures (which Christ and the apostles quote from in the New Testament) is a break from ‘that faith once delivered to the saints’.

    If the ORIGINAL Christian Old Testament (Greek Septuagint LXX) indicates Genesis 3:15 as: ‘His heel’… Then WHY WOULD ANYONE – Jerome included – EVER CHANGE IT?!?

    Because CHANGE IT he did!

  242. Lynda February 1, 2010 @ 11:35 pm

    Prodigal Son,

    To the extent that any of your tirades may be interpreted as argument – your argument has failed on all points.

    Our Lord and his Apostles spoke both Greek and Aramaic. And Aramaic mss of the Greek scriptures were in the hands of the Desposyniac bishops and their successors who founded monastic orders – especially in Syria.

    Pope Benedict in his encyclical on St Jerome and the Vulgate (Spiritus Paraclitus) references this point from primary sources.

    Did you even bother to read it? Or must we be confined to the likes of orthowiki in our thinking?

    In addition to being a schismatic who holds in contempt the Council of Chalcedon (one of the 7 you schismatic orthodox – and I’m being generous here – supposedly accept) – you are becoming a carping ignoramus.

    Norseman’s post and the text he cites in Latin and Greek does not prove your points – unless we are on lsd or hooch. If we are using classical reasoning, then based upon non-contradiction, Norseman’s points establish facts of matter that your diatribe fails to addess. Neither have you addressed my points.

    You have taken up reams of light waves on this messageboard with your rant. But if you go on and push the boundary into invective – you may well find yourself cooling your jets in Brother Nathanael’s spam quarantine.

    And that is a good place to contemplate the meaning of extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

  243. The Prodigal Son February 2, 2010 @ 12:32 am

    “Carping Ignoramus”?

    Well, you’ve shown us all your superior intelligence now haven’t you ?

    Conversation OVER!

  244. Stav February 2, 2010 @ 5:19 am

    Dear Lynda,

    The Septuagint is the Old Testament quoted almost 100% of the time in the New Testament. No other version is quoted.

    Moreover, the Septuagint was “translated” by Jews, into Greek, because of the shortcomings of the Original Hebrew script. Namely, the short comings were that the original Hebrew text was written in consonants only and without spaces between words thus, in order for a Jew to read scripture they would have to memorize it all, much like muslims do today with the Koran.

    The reason why they had to memorize it, was that due to the short comings mentioned above, it was easy to change many writings into variants or even completely different versions, while still matching the original script. Thus, Elder Jews of the time, decided to authoritatively translate from the Hebrew script into fully specific Greek. They did this, in order to make sure that interpretations of the original text were correct and matched the Oral tradition passed through the ages.

    Most importantly however, it must be mentioned that this translation, (the Septuagint) was done BEFORE the coming Christ and thus did not include the bias that Jews would have later, after the coming of Christ.

    Now, the Masoretic text, was a translation AFTER the coming of Christ, done by ANTICHRIST Jews, who translated critical points in such a way that the original message was diminished or changed, particularly, but not exclusively, with respect to the Prophecies of the coming of the Messiah.

    The fact is, that the translation done by the seventy Jewish elders for Greek-speaking Jews, was directed and done by the Grace of God, since it would be an impartial translation into the the VERY powerful Greek language, which will produce NO ambiguity and NO short comings.

    Thus, as you can see, to use the Septuagint, is good and proper for many reasons. Likewise, to use to Masoretic text simply because it is written in Hebrew, for the reasons presented above, is a recipe for watering down the faith and tradition. In the light of the actions taken by the Jews after the coming of Christ, why would anyone trust such a translation as the Masoretic texts?

    And as far as other translations go, the question which must be asked is, WHY translate something from the Masoretic text when all of the above is true and in fact, WHY would any person who can read the original Greek refer to anything else, when we know that even Jesus Christ, referred to the Greek Septuagint?

    Finally, may I remind you what Jesus Christ Him Self said when He met some of the first Greeks that came to Him:

    John 12:20-26
    20And there were certain Greeks among them that came up to worship at the feast:

    21The same came therefore to Philip, which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying, Sir, we would see Jesus.

    22Philip cometh and telleth Andrew: and again Andrew and Philip tell Jesus.

    23And Jesus answered them, saying, The hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified.

    24Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

    25He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

    26If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.

    It is my firm belief, that the reason why He said this, is also partially due to the up keeping of the Septuagint, as the main authoritative text to use for the old Testament. but of course it goes much further than that, think for a minute, WHY Christ did not mention the “glory” of the roman Church to come when He met Romans but He did clearly do so when He met Greeks?

    The reason should be obvious to those who truly Love the Truth.


  245. Stav February 2, 2010 @ 5:34 am

    Dear Lynda,

    What does the word Schismatics mean anyway? Have you even considered, that the word is Greek? And you may wonder WHY I mention this?

    Well, think about it, the word Schismatics, was used by the GREEK speaking Church, to characterize the Roman Church. If it were otherwise, then the Roman Church would have used a Latin word to characterize the Greek Speaking Church.

    From only that, you can see that the word was used to characterize the Roman Church, and NOT the other way around.

    Never mind, though, but look at the History. Look for example WHO created a schism by taking a different direction from what was followed before. Look for example, at the dozens and dozens of practices and doctrines that where changed by the Roman “Church”. Typically speaking, the word Schismatic, comes from the word Schism, or “Σχίσμα” which means a rip, or a tear.

    If you then, logically and objectively look at the History and/or doctrinal changes and/or practice changes, you will see clearly, that the Schism, was introduced by the Changes and not by the main body of the Church that did NOT change.

    Thus, your characterization of an Orthodox as a Schismatic, not only lacks logic and sense, but it is also historically incorrect. Furthermore, just look at one very practical and clear example, which proves my point:

    First, you have the one body of the Church, which keeps the original Creed.

    Then, a splinter group (in this case, the Roman “Church”) introduces, the word “and” into the creed, at a crucial point.

    The logical and completely obvious observation then, is that WHOEVER introduced the reason for the splinter, is the SCHISMATIC, BY DEFINITION. There is NO ROOM for slipping out of this, NO ROOM for arguing, whoever introduced the change, is the Schismatic.

    Another reason why the Roman “Church” is the Schismatic one:

    The word “Σχίσμα” or Schism, in Greek, implies something very specific. The Schism, is the SMALLER of the pieces to “drop” off after the act of splitting. In our case, the Roman Church, separated it self from more than one Church at the time. The Church had heads in Constantinople, and several other States of the time.

    Thus, since the Roman “church” separated herself from the rest of the Group of Churches (in the sense of heads of state Churches), it actually became the “Σχίσμα” or as one would translate it into English today, “the chip”. Thus again, the entity that is the “chip” is by definition the “Σχίσμα” and thus the people who comprise this group are called “Σχισματικοί” which means Schismatics.

    That’s another one there for you, which allows for NO slipping out of it.


  246. Fr. Joseph February 2, 2010 @ 9:24 am

    As Divine Providence would have it – in an attempt to address these arguments arising from the Mother of God’s Fatima Apparitions, Messages and INSTRUCTIONS to the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy of her Son’s Church MILITANT here on earth which is currently engaged in MORTAL LIFE-AND-DEATH COMBAT/WARFARE at this very moment in Human History, here is what the Gentle Holy Spirit gave me this morning here at my hermitage to note, to share, with all of you.

    Regarding this issue of ‘NO FURTHER REVELATION’ given to the Church as a charge by some, by MANY, that we are NOT to accept the Mother of God’s personal intervention in our Human History and with the welfare and well-being of her Son’s Church here on earth…

    God’s “FINAL REVELATION” to all of Mankind is He HIMSELF. From the book of Hebrews, we learn about the ‘FINAL REVELATION’:

    “At various times in the past and in various different ways, GOD spoke to our ancestors through the prophets; but, in our own time, the last days, He has spoken to us THROUGH HIS SON, the Son that He has appointed to inherit everything and through Whom He made everything there is.”

    THERE is a nutshell is the ‘FINAL REVELATION’ – and there can be NO MORE since we have God Himself revealing Himself and His Divine Will for ALL that is seen and Unseen.

    REVELATION is an entirely DIFFERENT THING than giving ADVISE, giving INSTRUCTIONS, giving COMMANDS!

    Advise, instructions and commands are to be ACCEPTED by the Church on account of the FINAL REVELATION that God Himself just so happens to be the ‘Alpha & Omega’, that He is THE LORD, and that HE Rules over all that is seen and unseen!

    Now regarding THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 who just so happens to be the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos and….HER ‘OTHER’ OFFSPRING!

    From the book of Hebrews (which I take is STILL in the Orthodox Church’s Canon of Sacred CHRISTIAN Scripture), we read the following at 2:10:

    “As it was His Purpose to bring a GREAT MANY OF HIS SONS into Glory, it was appropriate that God, for Whom everything exists and through Whom everything exists, soulud make perfect, through suffering, THE LEADER Who would take them to THEIR Salvation.”

    From verse 2:14:

    “Since ALL the children share in the same blood and flesh, He too shared equally in it, so that by His Death He could take away all the power of THE DEVIL, who had power over death, and set free all those who had been held in slavery all their lives by THE FEAR OF DEATH.”

    From verse 2:17:

    “It was essential that He should in this way become COMPLETELY LIKE HIS BROTHERS so that He could be a compassionate and trustworthy High Priest of God’s Religion, able to atone for human sins.”

    – Fr. Joseph

  247. Fr. Joseph February 2, 2010 @ 9:59 am

    Regarding ‘No Further Revelation’.

    Hebrews 1:1-2 instructs us that God’s ‘Final Revelation’ is He Himself.

    “Revelation” is an entirely different thing that obtaining-receiving advise, instructions and commands from the One Who Is God’s “Final Revelation”.

    Regarding THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17’s “OTHER OFFSPRING”:

    Hebrews 2:10, 2:14, 2:17 as well as Galatians 4:5-7 explains that FACT more fully as does Psalm 127:3-5.

    Psalm 2 indicates there are those who have and will REJECT God’s Own ‘Final Revelation’ of Who He Is and What He Wants Done here in this World and with/for Mankind.

    The Mother of God’s Fatima Apparitions were the Divine Revelation contained in Ecclesiasticus 3:2 made manifest in our World to and for the Church and for all of Mankind.

    Our Lady of Fatima’s Instructions to the Bishops of her Son’s Church Militant here on earth was/is a call to implement Psalm 17:6-14.

    Disobedience to her Fatima Instructions incurs THE WARNINGS of failing to heed her Divine Maternal Advise as contained in Ecclesiasticus 3:6:16.

    Those who take it upon themselves to wrench OTHER interpretations from the Church’s Canon of Sacred Christian Scripture in order to promote their own PERSONALLY DESIRED understandings of Sacred Scripture have to contend with what the FIRST Bishop of Rome had to say about that in 2 Peter 3:15-18.

    May God the Holy Spirit, the Spirit OF TRUTH, grant the necessary Divine Graces to any and all readers and contributors to Br. Nathanael’s commentary sections here on RZN.

    Insisting that one does NOT have a ‘flat tire’ when one DOES does not get the flat tire miraculously INFLATED in order to get going to one’s desired destination.

    – Fr. Joseph

  248. KathJuliane February 2, 2010 @ 11:46 am

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ, Prodigal Son:

    Some links you may find helpful as fellow “carping ignoramus” hanging out with Orthodox patristic, collegial, and concillar “schismatics” who have not changed the Apostolic deposit of faith, Sacred Scripture and Tradition since our Lord and Savior walked the earth and our poor, not very erudite orthodox wiki, etc.

    Excellent detailed overview of the historical, political, and ecclesiological forces and psycho-cultural differences leading up to the Great Schism between Rome and the East, which laid the groundwork for the further papal subjection of the Local Churches in the West, commencing with the papally sanctioned Norman Conquest of the British Isles in 1066.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  249. Stav February 2, 2010 @ 1:08 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph and all,

    To some, including me, the Fatima Apparitions were simply demonic apparitions. The reasons for this are as follows:

    1) One has to test the spirits, because as mentioned many times in the Bible they can appear as anybody. Thus one is to test the spirits, by asking them to confess that Jesus Christ is The Son of God, the Second person of the Holy Trinity, and Lord and the Messiah. Thus, since none of this was done, one must in the least practice extreme caution and at most consider them demonic until proven other wise.

    2) The apparition appearing as Mary the Mother of God, said that “I am the only one who can save you.” This alone is a refutation of Scripture and Tradition. ONLY Jesus Christ saves, the Mother of God intercedes. For this reason one cannot attribute these apparitions as having a divine origin.

    3) For us Orthodox, the apparition presents a form of extreme insult, by implying and saying that for some reason an Orthodox state or region or people requires a “consecration” by a religious community which we consider to be heretical in the extreme. Thus, again, if anyone is interested in Orthodoxy, or aspires to believing in Christ in the most pure and correct manner, will see that any apparition considering the Pope as a solution to anything, must be of the devil.

    4) The apparition, refers to the religious community that calls it self the “Catholic Church” as “The Church”. This, is to us Orthodox, plainly wrong and for very valid and good reasons which I am not going to mention here. Thus, again, any entity spiritual or not, who refers to that religious community as The Church, is either in serious delusional error, or is playing demonic. Thus again, there’s another reason why these apparition are either wrong or demonic.

    For these reasons (there are dozens of others of course), I strongly believe that these apparitions were DEMONIC in nature, as are most of this nature and presentation.

    I MUST stress this here: Just because a spirit appears as if they are Divine and just because they say agreeable things, this is NOT a reason to assume that they are of divine origin. To assume so, reveals only a lack of spiritual maturity, which is off course also a characteristic of the Roman Papist “Church” in general, due to their worldly attitude.

    If you ever, happen to see or hear or otherwise sense a spirit, then do not make the same mistake as many do. That is not to say that you should seek to meet spirits, quite the contrary. However I am talking here about the remote possibility that you may without your control somehow sense one.

    Instead, test the spirit, ask them to confess Who Jesus Christ is. If they say that He is a teacher, or a good man, or even the best man, or the holiest man, do NOT believe them. They MUST confess that He is God and the Lord. If they do not, then they are of the devil. Period. If they do not confess, you should ignore them and their words.

    Too many bad things have come into this world by not testing the spirits. (Islam, Mormon Church etc. etc. are but a couple of these)



  250. Fr. Joseph February 2, 2010 @ 1:54 pm

    Dear Stav,

    You and all of you Orthodox HAD BETTER START THINKING about what sort of INSULT you and all of you Orthodox have levied against


    You people! The Mother of God has her Divine Son perform a PUBLIC MIRACLE for, over and with 70,000 people, and you call her ‘DEMONIC’!

    I think it’s the DEMONIC ‘PRIDE’ that you and all of you Orthodox have regarding you own personal impeccible-infallible understanding of God and His Divine Things that causes all of you TO BE this way in which you are…

    …relentlessly straining at GNATS and swallowing Camels.

    – Fr. Joseph

  251. Gregory Laux February 2, 2010 @ 1:56 pm

    To Stav:

    You are incorrect about only Jesus Christ saves. That is the problem within our modern churches, where pastors refuse to accept that each soul has been given free will by God to determine their own eternal fate.

    Jesus Christ made salvation possible by His death and resurrection, but He likewise made it clear that nobody will be saved unless they are born again and live by the spirit and will of God.

    So Jesus Christ made salvation possible and He also offered every soul salvation provided that the souls are willing to stop living by their own wills and instead live to do the will of God for their lives.

    Enough of this watered down version of salvation that is at the heart of the sin in our world. God does not reward those who are unwilling to discipline themselves into doing the will of God only for their lives. That is what the whole gospel message is about, not serving two masters, but only living to serve God.

  252. charlie February 2, 2010 @ 2:05 pm

    I have seen Our Lord reflected in most denominations, not all, for where people are sincere and seeking, there the Lord is, and his presence is all the more powerful and strong according to the faith of the individuals and groups concerned and not their denomination.

    Catholics used to look down their noses at Protestants.
    Then Vatican II came along and the shoe was on the other foot to a certain extent.
    The once brave Ireland which withstood the Protestant yoke of Britain for 600 years degenerated on cue to the Vat.II. heresy. Who would have thought?!

    Nowhere in the world with oh so few exceptions was a perfect offering to be made!

    Even among Catholics in the Holy Land the universality of the falling away from the holy tradition is apparent.

    And the deception is apparent when the Pope, John Paul II, deemed it appropriate the have a photo op. with the leaders of the supreme Jewish freemasonic Order, B’nai Brith (or whatever its called).

    Benedict XVI is misunderstood on this forum. Not of you know what he has/is doing…not only to turn back the clock on Vatican II but to advance the church along the lines that any Vatican II should have taken, and this singlehandedly, and in his 80’s. Rather than an antichrist he is a miracle!

    I was most impressed by the unbroken historical spirituality of the Russian Orhodox Church.

    How much they had suffered to resist the antichrist, whereas the Catholic church succumbed greatly, although not totally, otherwise there would not be a vestige left of the faith, without so much as a wimper; although Pope Paul VI was known to weep….reflect on that, Catholics.

    The real mystery is that the Catholic church despite the historical presence of corruption, to be expected in so large an institution with such timeless longevity produced on the whole beautiful and abundant fruit, not only in the great orders of nuns and brothers and priests, but in the family life of hundreds of millions of Catholics made possible by first a foremost their participation at the holy sacrifice of the Mass and the other sacraments.

    And secondly by a Catholic education, unaided by governments untill the modern era and at great sacrifice to all concerned.

  253. The Prodigal Son February 2, 2010 @ 2:12 pm


    Your sweet, beautiful logic is like music to the ears! God bless you man!


    God love you! I thank you for the links… I appreciate them so! I will gladly devour any links you can offer. Up and on the truth – and the whole truth… Let us CARP ON!

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    For anyone who might be interested…




    ” (…) From Antioch be betook to the desert of Chalcis, in Syria, to perfect himself in his knowledge of the Bible, and at the same time to curb “youthful desires” by means of hard study. HERE he engaged a convert JEW TO TEACH HIM HEBREW and Chaldaic. (But why?)

    (…) Jerome was compelled, when he discovered apparent discrepancies in the Sacred Books, to use every endeavor to unravel the difficulty. If he felt that he had not satisfactorily settled the problem, he would return to it again and again, NOT ALWAYS, indeed, with the HAPPIEST RESULTS…

    (…) Pope Damasus had entrusted to him a most laborious task, the CORRECTION OF THE (OLD) LATIN text of the Bible…

    [Which he DID NOT complete as requested. After Damusus’ death, Jerome (of HIS OWN INITIATIVE) ABANDONED the task that had been ‘entrusted’ to him and began an ENTIRELY NEW TRANSLATION from Hebrew INSTEAD. The existing Latin texts at the time were from the Greek (LXX). The translation from Hebrew to Latin was NOT requested by Damasus.]

    (…) A man will understand the Bible better if he has seen Judaea with his own eyes and discovered its ancient cities and sites either under the old names or newer ones. IN COMPANY WITH SOME LEARNED HEBREWS I WENT THROUGH THE ENTIRE LAND the names of whose sites are on every Christian’s lips.[18]

    (…) 7. He nourished his soul unceasingly on this most pleasant food: he explained St. Paul’s Epistles; **(1st:) HE [PARTIALLY] CORRECTED THE LATIN VERSION OF THE OLD TESTAMENT BY THE GREEK [but which was not completed];**


    (…) I will tell you another thing about her, though evil-disposed people may cavil at it: she determined to learn HEBREW, A LANGUAGE WHICH I MYSELF, with immense labor and toil from my youth upwards, HAVE ONLY PARTLY LEARNED, and which I even now dare not cease studying lest it should quit me. But Paula learned it, and so well that she could chant the Psalms in Hebrew, and could speak it, too, without any trace of a Latin accent. We can see the same thing even now in her daughter Eustochium.”[73]

    (…) Jerome’s first rule is careful study of the actual words so that we may be perfectly certain what the writer really does say. He was most careful to consult the original text, to compare various versions, and, if he discovered any mistake in them, to explain it and thus make the text perfectly clear. The precise meaning, too, that attaches to particular words has to be worked out, for “when discussing Holy Scripture it is not words we want so much as the meaning of words.”[87]

    We do not for a moment deny that Jerome, in imitation of Latin and Greek doctors before him, leaned too much, especially at the outset, towards allegorical interpretations.

    (…) Yet it is worthwhile dwelling on this point a little: when Christ preached to the people, whether on the Mount by the lakeside, or in the synagogue at Nazareth, or in His own city of Capharnaum, He took His points and His arguments from the Bible.

    From the same source came His weapons when disputing with the Scribes and Pharisees. Whether teaching or disputing He quotes from all parts of Scripture and takes His example from it; He quotes it as an argument which must be accepted.

    He refers without any discrimination of sources to the stories of Jonas and the Ninivites, of the Queen of Sheba and Solomon, of Elias and Eliseus, of David and of Noe, of Lot and the Sodomites, and even of Lot’s wife. (cf. Mt. 12:3, 39-42; Lk. 17:26-29, 32). How solemn His witness to the truth of the sacred books (…).

    [Wouldn’t Christ have mentioned it – if there were errors in the Septuagint which He quoted from?]

    Before His Ascension, too, when He would steep His Apostles in the same doctrine: “He opened their understanding that they might understand the Scriptures. And He said to them: thus it is written, and thus it behoved Christ to suffer, and to rise again from the dead the third day” (Lk. 24:45).”

    [Here too… Since He gave the apostles all understanding of the O.T., if there were errors – they would certainly have known.]

  254. Lynda February 2, 2010 @ 2:29 pm

    I think it has been very well established from many sources on the NET that all the Wikipedias are J_wjobs.

    Our Lord’s metaphor for the Kingdom of God, the Church was the mustard seed.

    It is the smallest of seeds, the Sacred Deposit. But when it is planted in a nation it undergoes the change of growth, development and fruition.

    It does not change in kind – becoming another type of seed. Because our Lord has many things to tell us that he could not tell the Apostles, the Holy Spirit came to teach the Church all things.

    The power of the Holy Spirit speaking through the Successors of St Peter and the bishops in communion with him. It is the authority of the Church which must test the spirits and declare what is or is not true prophetic witness.

  255. charlie February 2, 2010 @ 2:35 pm

    Stav, your nonsense about testing the spirits- don’t you think that has been done in regards to the Fatima apparitions?

    This shows you have not looked into the apparitions, have not yourself even tested the spirits in regards to the Fatima apparitions, do not know a thing about the Fatima appritions, are not concerned about the possibility even that they are of God, therefore refute God by default.

    The message of Fatima is the same as all the apparitions that preceded and came after it – prayer and penance, to atone for our sins and the sins of the world. this message has never been deviated from in any of the messages and apparitions, in any of the pleas and instructions so please show me how this is in any way contrary to Scripture, to God and to the church, the faith of the apostles and the faithful, or less to the universality and unity of the christian message.

    The catholic church fell because it did not believe sufficiently in the Fatima messages and not the other way around.

    You are not bound by the same obligation as you are not a Catholic, to believe in the Fatima apparitions but neither are you exempted from its message which is universal, biblical and more essential now than at any other time in history with WWIII hanging over us like a sword by a very thin hair.

  256. Lynda February 2, 2010 @ 2:56 pm


    You fail to mention that in 1037 the Archbishop of Canterbury accused the family of Harold II (by some accounts Harold II) of the murder of King Alfred, the brother of King Edward the Confessor.

    This argument within the English nobility boils over and King Edward made Prince William of Normandy his heir.

    And in 1051 Harold raised a fleet and joined his father in ravaging the Somerset coast.

    Perhaps William of Hastings won the assent of the Pope because of the accusations of the Church and King Harold’s behaviour in the feud of the royal family.

    Just a thought.

  257. Lynda February 2, 2010 @ 3:07 pm

    Thank you Prodigal Son for the link to Spiritus Paraclitus on the NET. I look forward to reading it again in English as it is now virtually unobtainable in English from the novus ordo.

    I hope that it may inspire you to commemorate St Jerome’s feast day (also a venerated in the East) with blessing – I believe your church celebrates it on June 15.

  258. Fr. Joseph February 2, 2010 @ 3:07 pm

    Thank you Charlie.

    Yes, we have a satanic thermonuclear Third World War hanging over our heads.

    The Catholic Church has the Mother of God’s message that her Son, the Lord of all that is seen and Unseen, will grant us World Peace if and when the Bishop of Rome along with the Bishops UNITED WITH HIM (hence, the Orthodox Hierarchy has ‘nothing to offer’) perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to her Immaculately Loving Heart.

    The only thing the Orthodox here bring to offer as some sort of ‘Divine Solution’ to this contemporary worldwide global SATANIC problem is there denouncing and belittling of the Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome.

    The Orthodox denounce the Mother of God, her Immaculate Conception, her Appearances in Fatima, Portugal, her Warnings to the WHOLE CHURCH and all of Mankind as Our Lady of Akita, Japan.

    The more and more I have exchanges with Orthodox here on RZN, the more and more I am given the distinct impression that to be an Orthodox means “I/We Couldn’t Care Less” about what happens “Outside Of My/Our Borders”.

    And that’s why they are NOT ‘CATHOLIC’!

    – Fr. Joseph

  259. Fr. Joseph February 2, 2010 @ 4:06 pm

    Maybe it’s all FUTILE – these efforts here in an attempt to educate people the World over via RZN and the Internet in HOW we might AVOID this upcoming satanic-desired thermonuclear Third World War.

    The Orthodox here will not believe the Mother of God as Our Lady of Fatima, calling her “demonic”.

    And perhaps this ‘obtuse spirit’ manifesting itself here on RZN’s commentary sections is the same exact ‘obtuse spirit’ residing in, influencing and reigning in the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of ‘The Leaders’ of the nations of our contemporary World and the LEGIONS of people under THEIR sway, command and control.

    It may very well be the WILL OF GOD to allow these people with their ‘obtuse spirits’ to just go right on ALLOWING THEM to have their satanic thermonuclear Third World War.

    It was to a young female Catholic visionary that THE LORD relayed the following to her back on March 7, 2003 A.D.:

    “My dearest children, you are standing on the eve of a war, a terrible war, a nuclear war. The Holy Father (i.e. the Pope, your Bishop of Rome) is doing everything in order to prevent this war, but who listens to him in the Governments that DESIRE this war? The Holy Father knows the Secret of Fatima and knows how this war will end. He knows how many people will be lost and that these nuclear weapons will be utilized by several countries. And he knows which countries will unleash this barbarism.

    “You have already been informed by Me, Jesus Christ the King, this war approaches, that you will bid farewell to your sons, your daughters, fathers and mothers and that this will occur. Already deployed across the ocean are one hundred thousand soilders of the U.S.A.. Everyone of them goes there as if protected and that they will return for sure. For sure the spirit of the soldier returns, but will the body return? That is only something I know, Jesus Christ the King.


    The Pope, the Bishop of Rome, the Patriarch of the Western-Latin Church, Pope John Paul II, when he was a Cardinal prior to 1978 said:

    “We are now standing in the face of the GREATEST HISTORICAL CONFRONTATION Humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of American society or wide circles of the Christian community (and THAT includes the Eastern Orthodox Churches all across our World – parens mine) realise this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel.” – quoting from the top of this webpage:

    JESUS Christ the King, relayed the following to yet another one of His Catholic visionaries here in the U.S.A. further back in February, 1994:

    “When you have pushed MY MOTHER aside, I tell you, you have pushed Me aside too. My Mother STANDS with Me.

    “When you push God aside, then you shall suffer the consequences.” – quoting from

    There it is – right in front of EVERYBODY’S face – this satanic-planned-desired thermonuclear Third World War IN PLAIN VIEW of every last living soul in our contemporary World:

    “THE THIRD WORLD WAR must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World…et al” – from

    – Fr. Joseph

  260. The Prodigal Son February 2, 2010 @ 7:40 pm


    You’re welcome!

    I hope there are no hard feelings… Sometimes I get a little carried away.

    If I’ve offended you – please accept my apology.

  261. Adora February 2, 2010 @ 11:14 pm

    Norseman, once again, you have misinterpreted the meaning of my previous posts. I never wrote that people should sell everything they own and give it to the poor. (Unless that is what they want to do). I don’t believe in communism.

    The Pope is thought to be, by many, The Lord’s respesentive here on Earth. In my opinion, a True Earthly representive of Jesus Christ, would not have sat among millions of poor, hungry people, on a golden throne wearing a golden crown, appearing as if he is some kind of King.

    Only Our Lord is King of Heaven and Earth. If the Pope had sold these two assets (not everything he or the church owned) to feed the adoring, faithful crowd that surrounded him that day in South America, how he would have showed the world that he followed in the True Teachings of the Lord that he is suppose to be representing.

    In the Bible, Jesus used the power of prayer to feed the crowd. He saw to their well being. A True Christian follows Jesus Christ the Lord’s example. It is that simple.

  262. Adora February 2, 2010 @ 11:25 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph, not everyone here is bashing the Holy Mother of Jesus. I believe in Her. I have a lovely photo of Her, beside the photo of Jesus, in my living room.

  263. Fr. Joseph February 2, 2010 @ 11:51 pm

    Prodigal Son,

    With apologies and attempts to become reconciled being made manifest here on RZN, the unseen subtle Graces of God the Holy Spirit are at work.

    Now then, with regards to the Mother of God AS Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal who said

    ‘Only I can help you.’

    I wish for you to reconsider (that is, assuming you are aware of this fact) that when Constantinople was in danger of falling into the beseiging Avars, the city’s Clergy and Laity DID NOT hesitate in taking an ICON of the Blessed Virgin Mary and PARADED her around the walls of Constantinople SOLICITING her intercession with her Son, Christ the King, is obtaining a ‘Miracle’ to prevent Constantinople from falling to the beseiging Avars.

    Being of Polish heritage myself, it was the Polish defenders of the Monastery of ‘Jasna Gora’ who held off a vastly superior army of beseiging Swedes by calling upon the Blessed Virgin Mary’s help and assistance.

    After admitting FAILURE and DEFEAT in their attempts to capture that Polish Monastary stronghold, some Swedes blamed their failed military enterprise on ‘A WOMAN’ bright with Light who was directing the Monastary’s defense from walls of the Monastary!

    The Blessed Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe prevented a massive RACE WAR between the various races of people brewing in Mexico when HER request to have a chapel built in her honor was fulfilled by the local Catholic Bishop.

    If ONE Catholic Bishop OBEYING the request of the Mother of God to do a VERY SIMPLE THING as building a Catholic chapel to her honor PREVENTED the massive slaughtering off of the native peoples of Mexico, and if Orthodox clergymen who do the very simple thing of marching an Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary around Constantinople’s walls which brings about the DEFEAT of the Avars, then for one brief moment just think what 1 Bishop of Rome + 4,600 Catholic Bishops can do for OUR ENTIRE WORLD on the brink of this massive THERMONUCLEAR KILL-OFF of our Human Race if they but all do a very simple thing:

    A public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

    Any RUSSIAN ought to be JUMPIN’ FOR JOY at the prospect of having their RUSSIAN HOMELAND and their FELLOW RUSSIAN COUNTRYMEN consecrated to the Woman to whom the Savior of this world was born!

    – Fr. Joseph

  264. Fr. Joseph February 3, 2010 @ 12:12 am

    Dear Adora,

    I’m quite certain that you bring the Blessed Virgin Mary MUCH personal comfort in desiring HER presence in your own home by displaying an image-photo of her.

    And you are probably doing our entire Human Race much good by speaking TO HER while gazing upon her image-photo in a very down-to-earth “daughter-to-Mother” sort of dialogue-prayer.

    Just between you and I (big grin), I suppose I get real ‘touchy’ about those things degrading those things of the Mother of God on account of her saving me from being ‘ripped to spiritual shreds’ this one time by this GHASTLY DEMON OF TERROR fully intent on seeing to my personal destruction by her coming to my aid in her throwing her Mantle over me and pulling me close to her side.

    Some time after that ‘hand-to-hand’ spiritual combat episode, she appealed to me in a pleading-sorrowful fashion with these words ‘Defend the Church!’

    People might like it – but that’s my ‘Standing Order’. Kinda like ‘Hold At All Costs!’ That’s what the Mother of God wants – and I try to do the very best I know how with what I have in order to DO THAT for her.

    Where I do ‘good’ or not – that’s going to be up to her Son…and I’ll admit, I’m NOT the best of soldiers. There are plenty of others “out there” doing and are capable of doing a much better job of it.

    What else is there to say except do what YOU can in comforting her in a warm, intimate ‘daugther-to-Mother’ fashion in this most distressful time in our World’s and Church’s history.

    – Fr. Joseph

  265. Stav February 3, 2010 @ 2:55 am

    Hi charlie,

    You say:

    “Stav, your nonsense about testing the spirits- don’t you think that has been done in regards to the Fatima apparitions?”

    Actually, no I don’t, and yes I have checked into it, and in fact, there are a whole lot more points I can bring up to prove (to those who love the truth) that these apparitions were demonic.

    If you really did love the truth, though, you would not need any more proof however.

    And while I have no problems you telling me that I say nonsense, it would be nice if you could substantiate your claims as it would make your “argument” stronger. I have repeatedly substantiated my claims with both scripture and calm, sensible and logical thinking, to which I might add, no one has presented a valid counter-argument.


  266. Stav February 3, 2010 @ 3:08 am

    Hi there Gregory Laux,

    You say:
    “You are incorrect about only Jesus Christ saves. That is the problem within our modern churches, where pastors refuse to accept that each soul has been given free will by God to determine their own eternal fate.”

    Scripture says VERY clearly:

    John 14:6 (King James Version)

    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    I am not sure what “watered down” stuff you are talking about, but you should know that where I come from (the Orthodox Church) does not water down ANYTHING when it comes to the Church, and even more so when it comes to the tough things involved with salvation.

    I am sure you do not want to accept my point of Who is the ONLY Savior, Who is the Way, the Life and the Truth. Otherwise you would not oppose an obvious statement that Jesus Christ our Lord, is the ONLY Savior.

    Nevertheless, lets assume for a minute, that you are right. I am obviously not accepting what you claim, but for the sake of an argument, lets say I did.

    So you say, that Jesus Christ is not the only way to salvation. OK, fine so you seem to assume that Jesus Christ is A salvation, but not the only one. My question to you is then, WHY did the apparent “Mary” in the Fatima Apparitions say ONLY she can help us? Does that not conflict with what you just claimed , namely that Jesus Christ is at least one salvation, but there are others? If it does, and based on your own sayings , it is a conflict, then WHY do you stick to this position of yours?

    It is very simple Gregory, if you make a basic mistake in the beginning, doctrinally or logically, then, the only possible outcome, is further errors and conflicts in your views.

    Now that my point is finished, I hope you can see the error in your assertions, which take no refuting and no logical arguing, less you change one or two of your positions. alternatively you can throw me an ad hominem or change the subject as so many around here do. But you could never give me a sensible, balanced and logical argument against what I presented above.

    But the greatest blessing of all of this, is that for the people who are ready and accepting of the truth, they will read your writings, and they will read mine, and they will be able to judge for themselves, who is right. But most importantly, WHO IS THEIR SALVATION, which is what really matters in this life.


  267. Stav February 3, 2010 @ 3:15 am

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    You say:

    “…You people! The Mother of God has her Divine Son perform a PUBLIC MIRACLE for, over and with 70,000 people, and you call her ‘DEMONIC’!

    I think it’s the DEMONIC ‘PRIDE’ that you and all of you Orthodox have regarding you own personal impeccible-infallible understanding of God and His Divine Things that causes all of you TO BE this way in which you are……”

    I’d say to that, that you are in great need of some substantial support on your claims. Simply stating your already presented opinion in slightly different words, does not add validity to your claims.

    I am not sure what I should respond to your writings, as there is nothing really I can respond to, it’s all to subjective and has no support whatsoever, either structurally of logically.

    Again, because of this, it will be easy for the readers here to judge for themselves, what the most sensible approach is.

    By the way, there is one detail here that must be mentioned:

    When I say, that the best course of action is to ignore it because it is most probably demonic, means just that, ignore it. In the Orthodox Church we have plenty of apparitions, some of which were ignored just like I mentioned and were proven to be demonic, and some, a small number of them, were ignored, and were proven to be of divine origin AFTER some testing of the spirits.

    Thus, this stands for the Fatima Apparitions also. If you can prove to me, that asking a Satanic, Masonic, Jew controlled Pope to “consecrate” anything is a good suggestion (even if it came from a spirit) then present it here. If not, then the sensible thing is to ignore these apparitions and any like it, until proven otherwise.


  268. Stav February 3, 2010 @ 3:27 am

    Hi charlie,

    You say:

    “…The catholic church fell because it did not believe sufficiently in the Fatima messages and not the other way around….”

    In actuality, the religious community you like to call “Catholic Church” fell a VERY long time before that. It was it’s Popes immense pride and arrogance that made them change the faith, the creed, their practices, their doctrines right from the word GO in approx 1000AD, and by doing that, it instantly fell out of grace and continues to be so until today.

    See the truth, see how it was this group who changed things, what you are doing is simply hiding behind your little finger. Your arguments present no weight, whatsoever, because from where I stand, I see only defensiveness of a type that is obvious to everyone else but the people concerned.

    We are sitting in a living room, and everyone else can see the elephant that here with us, except you.

    The history is there, it has been presented here 100 times already, and you refuse to accept the most simple statements, like “Who changed the creed from the original and WHY?”. Trying to find an answer to such a simple question will give you all the answers, there is really no need for deep philosophy or theology here. Why don’t you do that? What are you afraid of?


  269. charlie February 3, 2010 @ 3:36 am

    Jasna Gora, Constantinople and on hundreds of other occasions.

    And now a victory in the USA is also promised if the statue of Our Lady of America is formally installed with due ceremony in the shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

    Satan has drawn barrier against the wishes of the Virgin Mary.

    Lord Jesus, by the intercession of St Michael cast out the devil from the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception – which is meant as the spiritual heart of the USA, for Catholics, their Vatican.

    Bishops and priests of America – Tear the barrier down.

    St Joseph intercede for them!

    Come to the aid Oh Mother of God, of the citizens of this country.

  270. charlie February 3, 2010 @ 9:30 am

    Stav said

    “there are a whole lot more points I can bring up to prove (to those who love the truth) that these apparitions were demonic.”

    I’m still waiting for one.

    Simply making a pontifical statement along the lines that we are holier than thee or that the formula given by you is the only way to test the spirits, is not a proof.

    If God sends Mary to help mankind then yes she is in that action the ‘only one who can help you.’ That is logical, as to reject her in that case is to reject God.

    Tell God that you do not accept His ambassador and that you will only accept help from him directly. That should solve the problem. But in the meantime we are stuck with Mary.

    On the other hand I have already proven to you that the apparitions were divinely inspired.

    I fail to see how a Christian would have a problem with the proofs I have offered.

  271. charlie February 3, 2010 @ 2:23 pm


    “Instead, test the spirit, ask them to confess Who Jesus Christ is. If they say that He is a teacher, or a good man, or even the best man, or the holiest man, do NOT believe them. They MUST confess that He is God and the Lord. If they do not, then they are of the devil. Period. If they do not confess, you should ignore them and their words.”

    Stav here are a few aspects of the Fatma apparitions which satisfy your requirements above.
    This prayer was given by the Virgin Mary to be said by all Catholics everywhere in the world at the end of each decade of the rosary…..and it is:

    “Oh my Jesus
    Forgive us our sins
    Save us from the fires of hell
    And lead all souls to heaven
    Especially those who most need thy mercy.”

    The angel gave the children Holy Communion.

    The angel gave the children a prayer to say in reparation for the offences committed against the sacred Heart of Jesus, to accompany any acts of mortification that they voluntarily chose to undertake.

    Sr Lucia often communicated with Jesus as well as Mary.

    She had a vision of the cross, and Jesus on it with the Father and the Holy Spirit and on the right side, our Lady standing hands clasped.

    On the right side an angel holding a chalice into which dropped blood from Our Lords Sacred Head. This vision was over the altar in a Catholic church and from Our Lord’s side flowed what appeared to be crystal water which formed the words over the altar “Love and Mercy.”

    “…It was as she said these last words “the grace of God” that she opened her hands, permitting the children to see themselves in God. Then by an interior impulse, they fell to their kneees and repeated “Most Holy Trinity, I adore thee. My God, my God, I love thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament.”

    After a moment Our Lady added; “Pray the rosary every day, to obtain peace for the world and an end to war.”

    ‘The great message of the September Apparition was:

    “Continue to pray the rosary, in order to obtain the end of the war. In October Our Lord will come too, as well as Our Lady of Sorrows and of Carmel, and St Joseph with the Child Jesus to bless the world……” ‘

  272. Stav February 3, 2010 @ 3:46 pm

    Hi charlie,

    As far as the points you are still waiting for, I will be happy to pass on much more to you, as soon as you refute beyond any doubt, what I have already presented.

    You say:

    “Simply making a pontifical statement along the lines that we are holier than thee or that the formula given by you is the only way to test the spirits, is not a proof.”

    I am not sure where you get this from, I do not make such statement, nor imply them. I am a sinner in front the eyes of God and people, I do not pretend to be holy in any sense of the word. However, my Church is. The proof, charlie, is in the pudding. In this case, the “pudding” is scripture as follows:

    1 Corinthians 12 (King James Version)

    3 Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.

    1 John 4 (King James Version)

    1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

    3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

    So taking also in mind that this is a narration, at which point from your quoted text above, exactly does the spirit (according to the narration) clearly state that Jesus Christ is Lord and God?

    I don’t see it. Do you? Are you going to refute Scripture now too?

    I see mentions of the word Lord, but it is not attributed to the words of that spirit. So where is it?

    As I have stated before, there have been multiple cases of demonic spirits that even proposed to pray together with people, even though they were demonic.

    There is a specific, very specific way of testing these things. Where is it? I do not see it. Your naive acceptance of this event (if it even happened at all) shows a distinct lack of spiritual maturity and while that’s your prerogative, please do not pass it on to others simply to support the group you belong to, as it is dangerous.


  273. Fr. Joseph February 3, 2010 @ 6:05 pm


    HOW MANY TIMES do I have to post this in order to get you TO READ!


    And DON’T post this non-sense of yours, this asserting that NO ONE presented ‘YOU’ with sufficient evidence from the Church’s Canon of Sacred Scripture or from ANY other ‘authoritative’ source regarding the Mother of God, the Woman of Genesis 3:15.

    I’ve ‘spoon-fed’ you links to DVD documentaries any 6th grader can watch for themselves and JUDGE.

    I’ve cited Patriarchs of Jerusalem. I’ve cited Patriachs of Constantinople.

    And all you can do is “blow” anything and everything off!

    You have NO COURAGE WHATSOEVER in your boasting about this ‘TESTING OF THE SPIRITS’.

    Admit it, you don’t want to do ANY ‘TESTING’ whatsoever!

    – Fr. Joseph

  274. Fr. Joseph February 3, 2010 @ 6:09 pm


    You tell ME – you tell ALL OF US here on RZN…


    – Fr. Joseph

  275. charlie February 3, 2010 @ 7:04 pm

    I disagree that my quotes do not prove your points.

    What is holy communion if not Jesus come in the flesh?

    What is ” Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls to heaven especially those who are most in need of thy mercy” if not an acclamation that Jesus is Lord?

    And as you quote:

    “No man can say that Jesus is Lord but by the Holy Ghost.”

    As I said above I have given you adequate proof, even using your standard of proof.

  276. charlie February 3, 2010 @ 7:55 pm

    Quote 1
    No man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.

    quote 2
    I see mentions of the word Lord, but it is not attributed to the words of that spirit. So where is it?

    Stav what the first quote means is that you cannot say that Jesus is Lord unless you have the Holy Spirit within you.

    What the second quote [from you] means is any body’s guess; to me it is gibberish, at best and mischievous if I were to ascribe any purpose to it at all.

    You are adding to scripture, implying that everything has to be verbally attributed to the Holy Spirit. This is a test of God, it is stupid, unless something got lost in the translation.

    Again, there is nothing demonic about the Fatima apparitions. I am sure of this to the point that I can say with a clear conscience that any suggestion that there is is coming from the devil.

    Again you have not given one piece of evidence, there is none, to suggest that they are demonic. I have refuted all your slurs. Do so now or desist from casting any more aspersions on the reality of God and the way he chooses to work in the world.

    Here’s a hint: Go through the words of the apparitions, it is after all about words, not miracles and find something, bring it out and present it to us, that is contrary to faith and morals. I have already refuted your “only I can help you’ which you interchange with your own version ie. ” only I can save you” denunciation – do you know the difference. If you did you would not make that mistake, unless you were being deceptive.

    A church, Stav, IS the people in it. You are your church when you speak as an Orthodox on matters of faith.

  277. Stav February 4, 2010 @ 5:10 am

    To Fr. Joseph,

    I have given you a few points which you cannot refute. Yet, you claim you have given me links to videos, texts etc. My question is, if it is that simple to refute my claims as you imply, then, why cannot you post one or two well founded arguments to refute my claims?

    If it is that simple to you, then you should not have to direct me to multitudes of videos and texts.

    The filioque, is an abomination and addition by the masonic and satanist popes and that’s all there is to it. Anyone who is truly interested in this, can get their own proof in mere minutes if they are interested.

    Nevertheless, even if it were not so, then the question has to be answered, WHY was it introduced by the Papists in the first place? You have NOT answered this before.

    To charlie,

    It seems that you have taken on the task to deny what I say, no matter what I present to you.

    Let me make it clear one more time for you. Actually, it is not really for you, but for the rest of the readers here. They will judge from themselves, and therefore I do not worry.

    First of all, the Church is likened to a body. Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church and the people as a whole, represent the body of the Church. Not a single individual. However I can understand your lack of understanding of this, since the Papists see the Church embodied in a single person, the Pope.

    Nevertheless, when I speak, I speak as an individual, I am not a council, I am not a group of people and most importantly, I am not Jesus Christ. Thus, logically, I personally I am not the Church.

    From the above, since you claim something so absurd, I can only deduct that you are desperate to refute my claims any way possible, even by asserting absurd statements about me. That of course is a classic response by someone who cannot offer counter arguments and thus resorts to attacking the person instead.

    However, this is a logical fallacy, which is to say, that if you prove that the person is somehow tainted, then his arguments are also tainted. That is of course wrong.

    Secondly, you claim that my standard of proof is not up to your standards. So, then, when you say that:

    “I disagree that my quotes do not prove your points.”


    “What the second quote [from you] means is any body’s guess; to me it is gibberish, at best and mischievous if I were to ascribe any purpose to it at all.”

    Is this to be used as an argument? Are they logical or otherwise valid refutations to what I said? I’ll put it to you simply: At which point does the spirit (apparition) say clearly that “Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God”? Is it gibberish for me to state an assertion that I cannot see this in your quotations (which are off course second hand narration, which means we cannot trust them 100%)?

    At which point of this statement is it that you think it turns into gibberish?

    Thirdly, you say that you have refuted the “only I can help” you statement of the spirit. Let me disagree, you have not. Your reasoning is flawed and circular.

    But nevertheless, you have still not counter argued conclusively the rest of my points. Namely, that since the religious community that calls it self the “Catholic Church”, is:

    1) A fake one with no grace, (since it has introduced and altered the original theology, practices and ethos of the original Church)

    2) No blessing, (Since is has separated it self from the Grace of God as a whole as it is IT that is Schismatic by definition)

    3) Ill conceived, (Since it is based on several wrong doctrines)

    4) Of this world, (With its banks, armies, countries, politics, political correctness and whole structure, which shows NO faith whatsoever)

    5) Satanic (with all its masonic and satanic orders like the Jesuits who are in full support by your “infallible” Pope and the countless accusations of pedophilia, satanism, corruption in many levels, secret meetings, occult secret services etc. etc. ),

    6) Outrageously evil in its practices (With practicing violent and evil charades such as the Uniate Church which has amongst other things caused death, destruction and never ending grief to my fellow Orthodox, which the Orthodox Church has requested multitudes of times to stop)

    7) Seriously diverted from original doctrine and practice (by introducing innovations such as the filioque, the immaculate conception, the NON giving of only the body of Christ to the lay people, purgatory, the infallibility of the Pope, vatican I, II etc. etc., changes in how ascetism is practiced, etc. etc. etc.)

    8 ) Supporting of the New Age and NWO (by introducing ridiculous things such as the 10 new commandments, supporting the one world currency, the thousands and thousands of “Catholic” Priests who are masons and Satanists, their proven cooperation with Zionism).

    9) Violent and oppressive, (With the bloody attacks on Orthodox throughout the ages, blessings of the actions of Hitler, The ridiculous persecution of Galileo and others proving the ridiculousness of the infallibility concept of your Popes, the inquisitions which introduced unimaginable torture in the name of God )

    I could go on filling pages and pages with this stuff, but my point is:

    WHY would any divine spirit EVER assign any graceful task to it, before it performs a sincere and true repentance and return to the true Church, with the Pope being the first to take on this task?

    The issue here is not so much the apparitions it self, although it’s refutations stand by the selves also, but more importantly, the validity of the Roman, Papist “Church”, which is not accepted universally (forget about me for a second, there are tens of millions who see the papist community as pure evil and for good reasons). Because, if the Roman “Church” is not valid, then the apparitions of Fatima become AUTOMATICALLY demonic.


  278. Stav February 4, 2010 @ 5:41 am

    And dear charlie,

    Do you consider Count Hans Kolvenbach The “Black Pope” to be a Holy man? If you do, I heavily suggest that you research him.

    It is good and proper to denounce the works of Satan. I am sure you agree with this.

    Thus, you MUST denounce the SATANIC works of the Jesuit order.

    And subsequently you MUST denounce anyone who supports and harbors them. That is the Pope and the Catholic Church.

    And if this Spirit of yours makes no mention of this flaw in the “Catholic Church”, then it is of NOT divine origin, NO amount of other action is going to help the Roman Papists if they do not eliminate this completely or at least separate themselves from this and return to the correct glorification (Orthodoxy).

    How much more simple can it get?

    Let me state it again, as you seem to claim to fail to see my arguments:

    1 INITIAL AGREEMENT: I assume that as we are both Christian in the general sense of the word, we agree that we MUST turn away and denounce EVIL and Satan.

    2 FACT: The Jesuit Order is satanic.

    3 DEDUCTION FROM 1 and 2 : We must turn away from the Jesuit order since it is satanic.

    4 DEDUCTION FROM 1, 2 AND 3: We must turn away from any entity that supports the Jesuits.

    5 FACT: THE Pope and his Papist organization support the Jesuits

    6 DEDUCTION FROM 1, 2 ,3, 4 and 5: We must turn away from the Pope and his Papist organization (AKA the “Catholic Church”), since they support the Jesuits, who are satanists.

    7 FACT: The Fatima Spirits claim that the Roman “Church” is the true Church and suggest a series of tasks for it to perform.

    8 DEDUCTION FROM 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 AND 7: The Fatima Apparitions are FALSE since a true Church head such as is implied is the Pope, would not support and be completely saturated in an evil organization such as the Jesuits.

    9 FACT: The Fatima apparitions are available to us via a narative, claimed to be true, but not proven to be a true representation of what happened. They present to us in its basic form a series of statements by an apparent non physical being/spirit.

    10 POSSIBLE DEDUCTIONS FROM 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 AND 9:

    A: The Fatima apparitions did not actually happen, but they were presented as a way to imply that the Roman “Church” is the true Church in need of redemption.

    B: The Fatima apparitions were of demonic nature, with the purpose of introducing even more satanic influence in it.

    There may be other possible deductions, indulge me.


  279. Fr. Joseph February 4, 2010 @ 8:30 am

    Time for an ‘improptu” ‘Catechism Class’…

    God the Father DID NOT send His Only Eternally Begotten Son into our World by the means of THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 who conceived the Eternal Father’s Divine Son by the Power of God the Holy Spirit in order to…

    ESTABLISH THE ‘SEE OF CONSTANTINOPLE’ in order to place itself AT ODDS with the Bishop of Rome for 900+ years!

    God the Father’s Divine Will in sending to us His Only Eternally Begotten Son was to SAVE and REDEEM all of Mankind!

    “All Of Mankind” just so happens TO INCLUDE people who have WHITE skin, people who have BLACK skin, people who have YELLOW skin, people who have RED skin, people who have OLIVE COLORED skin and people who have BRONZE COLORED skin.

    “All of Mankind” just so happens TO INCLUDE all the people of this world who DO NOT speak, read or understand the GREEK language.

    Now THIS is “The Big Picture” of what our ENTIRE WORLD and SIX BILLION HUMAN INHABITANTS currently looks like from the Divine Point-Of-View:

    And THIS is “The Big Picture” of what GOD HIMSELF wants to do FOR both His Church and for all of Mankind His Son came to SAVE and REDEEM by having a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of God the Father’s Divine Son’s MOTHER – the Blessed Virgin Mary – done by the BISHOP OF ROME and all of the Church’s Bishops who will UNITED THEMSELVES with him:

    THAT is why the Blessed Virgin Mary AS Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal of 1917 A.D. was recording as relaying to both the Church and to ALL OF MANKIND:

    “Only I can HELP you.”

    Let me attempt to dispatch of this ‘OBTUSE SPIRIT’ who hogs us so much territory here on Br. Nathanael’s RZN articles’ commentary sections with a clear, concise theological explanation to one and all…

    – Fr. Joseph

  280. Fr. Joseph February 4, 2010 @ 8:56 am

    Now the ENTIRE ecclesiastical body of ALL of the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES can all gather togeter and BURN ton after ton of INCENSE as an offering-of-supplication to ALMIGHTY GOD beseeching THE LORD to change the color of our planet earth’s SKY from BLUE to SILVER – but that AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN on account of the theological fact that Our Divine Creator WANTS FOR US to have A BLUE SKY!

    This is HIS seen Creation and He just so happens TO WANT His sky over all of our heads BLUE regardless of what every last member of the Eastern Orthodox Church’s might think, believe or desire OTHERWISE!

    And every last one of the 20,000+ protestant demoninations and their congregations here all across our World can gather all together on ONE SPECIFIC DAY in order to ‘praise’ and sing ‘Gospel Hymns’ and ‘raise their hands’ ALL DAY LONG in prayerful supplication to Almighty God appealing to Him TO ALTER the nature and the strenght of the pull of the FORCE OF GRAVITY here on and all across this planet earth of His Own Creating – BUT that AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN on account of the theological fact that Our Divine Creator WANTS FOR US to have the amount of GRAVITY that holds all of us onto this planet earth’s surface of His Creating.

    Now if Almighty God HIMSELF wants for the Bishop of Rome and all of the Bishops who consider themselves IN SPIRITUAL UNION with him to perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to His Divine Son’s Own Mother’s Immaculately Loving Heart – the WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 now mind you – everyone here on planet earth – all SIX BILLION of us – can stand on our heads, stomp our feet, protest until the cows come home, hold our breathes, whine, complain, argue, engage in utterly useless and entirely pointless and absolutely FUTILE arguments of any and all types – but we are NOT going TO CHANGE that which God Himself has DEEMED that HE HIMSELF WANTS of, for and FROM His Own Creation.

    And let us NOT FORGET that ALL OF US are God’s creations. We are God’s creatures. And every last one of us are WHOLELY and ENTIRELY SUBMIT to His Divine Will whether anyone or everyone doesn’t like THAT ‘Theological-Religious-Spiritual Fact-Of-Life’!

    The Mother of God as Our Lady of Fatima who is the Divine Spouse of God the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, she has been “made ONE (SPIRITUAL) FLESH” with God the Holy Spirit.

    People gotta try to understand THAT ‘Fact Of Divine Life’.

    And THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 states with Absolutely Perfect Divine, Doctrinal and Dogmatic PERFECTION in an entirely INFALLIBLE way to all of her spiritual children all across the face of this planet earth as the NEW EVE of the Human Race:

    “Only I can HELP you.”

    Now if the BISHOP OF ROME and the BISHOPS of the Catholic Church and the Patriarchs and Metropolitans and Bishops of the Eastern Orthodox Churchs have APOSTISIZED from the Apostolic Faith to the point that they will NOT listen to the Mother of the Church and Divine Spouse of God the Holy Spirit with Whom this WOMAN has been Divinely made ‘one Spiritual Flesh’ with the Eternal Spirit of Truth Who just so happpened to Hover over the formless primodial chaos of no-thing-ness and Who began bringing about God’s Own Divine ORDER to all that we now call His ‘seen’ Creation, then there is very, very, VERY LITTLE I can do about that…

    …an entirely and wholely COMPLETE abandoning of the Apostolic Faith by the Popes, Patriarchs, Cardinals, Metropolitans, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, Hiermonks, Archimandrites, Deacons, Religious Orders’ Generals, Abbots, Abbesses, etc. of BOTH the Catholic as well as the Eastern Orthodox Churches!

    – Fr. Joseph @
    ‘Nazareth Hermitage’ – USA

  281. Fr. Joseph February 4, 2010 @ 10:05 am

    There was a time, not long ago – just a scant handful of DECADES ago – when there actually existed a ‘living spirit’ within people that enlivened them with a sense of HONOR as well as a profound sense of this Divine Gift of LIFE that each and every last one of us truly possesses.

    During the murderous horrors Mankind was thrown into enduring known as World War II, there was this horrendous battle for the Pacific Island known as ‘Iwo Jima’.

    A combat infantry squad of the U.S. Marine Corps entered a cave in order to search for and destroy the island defenders of the Japanese Imperial Army.

    When these U.S. and Japanese soldiers came across each other, a fierce close-combat exchange of fire erupted.

    And as that exchange of gunfire began, the WAILING CRIES, SHRIEKS and TERRIFIED SCREAMS of a group of native CHILDREN was heard.

    These native children had sought REFUGE in this particular cave from all of the brutal and violent ATROCITIES being leveled by these GROWN ADULTS all across their native island.

    Upon hearing these CRIES, these SHRIEKS, these TERRIFIED SCREAMS coming from the mouths of these entirely and totally innocent CHILDREN, the soldiers from the squad of U.S. Marines CEASED their firing of their weapons.

    The Japanese soldiers who likewise heard the TERROR from the mouths of these children, saw what these U.S. Marines had done – their STOPPING their firing of their weapons ON ACCOUNT OF these poor children caught in the middle of this cross-fire – and these Japanese soldiers likewise did a most HONORABLE THING. They, too, stopped firing at the U.S. Marines.

    The Japanese soldiers turned around and went even deeper into their cave, leaving these terrified children WITH these U.S. Marines.

    The U.S. Marines then took these children from OUT OF THE CAVE and took them to safety.

    Nowadays, we have RUTHLESS PIGS who no longer hold onto their own HUMANITY nor do they have the foggiest idea of what it means to be A HUMAN BEING dispensing WHITE PHOSPHORUS on mere defenseless and totally innocent CHILDREN!

    We have RUTHLESS PIGS who no longer hold onto their own HUMANITY nor do they have the foggiest idea of what it means to be A HUMAN BEING any longer who dispence DEPLETED URANIUM on entirely defenselss and totally innocent MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN!

    And “you people” WILL NOT ACCEPT the Mother of God’s Own Offer TO INTERCEDE with her Divine Son in order TO SPARE the WOMEN, the MOTHERS and their INNOCENT CHILDREN from having to likewise CRY and SHRIEK and SCREAM from these blasted KHAZAR-TALMUD-JEW-ZOHAR instigated WARS all across this World of ours!

    – Fr. Joseph

  282. KathJuliane February 4, 2010 @ 11:09 am

    Fr. Joseph,

    Here is the particular Canon XII of Calcedon, the Fourth Ecumenical Synod of 451.

    Please explain. What does this have to do with your claims, presumably again using Patriarch Photius as the favorite whipping boy in a situation that occurred in the 9th century (and was canonically and lawfully resolved at the 8th Ecumenical Synod of 879 with the Pope’s legates in attendance and who concurred with all the findings and enactments, after the synod of 869 was declared null and void as a “robber council”, documented in previous posts,) which was was far removed from the circumstances that led to the promulgation of the canon in the 5th c. which deals with ambitious bishops elevating their own sees to that of metropolitan by way of secular imperial power, thus disturbing good Church order arranged by ecclesiastical provinces?

    Canon XII.

    IT has come to our knowledge that certain persons, contrary to the laws of the Church, having had recourse to secular powers, have by means of imperial rescripts divided one Province into two, so that there are consequently two metropolitans in one province; therefore the holy Synod has decreed that for the future no such thing shall be at- tempted by a bishop, since he who shall undertake it shall be degraded from his rank. But the cities which have already been honoured by means of imperial letters with the name of metropolis, and the bishops in charge of them, shall take the bare title, all metropolitan rights being preserved to the true Metropolis.


    Ancient Epitome of Canon XII.

    One province shall not be cut into two. Whoever shall do this shall be cast out of the episcopate. Such cities as are cut off by imperial rescript shall enjoy only the honour of having a bishop settled in them: but all the rights pertaining to the true metropolis shall be preserved.


    We learn from this canon, there were cases in which an ambitious prelate, “by making application to the government” (“secular powers”) had obtained what are called “pragmatic letters,” and employed them for the purpose of “dividing one province into two,” and exalting himself as a metropolitan. The name of a “pragmatic sanction” is more familiar in regard to medieval and modern history; it recalls the name of St. Louis, and, still more, that of the Emperor Charles VI. the father of Maria Theresa. Properly a “pragmatic” was a deliberate order promulgated by the Emperor after full hearing of advice, on some public affair…” [See webpage for further details]

  283. charlie February 4, 2010 @ 11:21 am

    Yes Stav you are right. There is no purpose here unless others can judge the truth of what is right and in your case ridiculous.

    You diverge my friend. You have no where left to go so you change your attack to the church and ad hominems against the people involved . For the sake of the readers who are swayed by rhetoric and not argument and fact, your ONE refutation of my proof offered to you that the apparitions proclaim that “Jesus is Lord” you twist as a refutation of the other test you propose that “does the apparition proclaim that Jesus is come in the flesh”
    You cannot even separate the arguments for each. In other words you are argumentatively incoherent.

  284. Fr. Joseph February 4, 2010 @ 11:29 am

    One more attempt to EXPLAIN the Blessed Virgin Mary’s, the Mother of God’s, the Most Holy Theotokos’ definitive declaration as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D:

    “Only I can HELP you!”

    Hollywood recently released the movie trilogy based on Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”.

    In one of those three movies, the MEN of the Human Army in their massive horse-mounted cavalry force charge at in order to engage the ‘Evil One’s’ forces in an open field battle.

    During this battle, the human KING of this battle falls wounded to the ground.

    An entirely EVIL elemental spirit, a ‘Specter’, atop a flying dragon swoops down from the skies in order to “finish off” his human combatant counterpart, the human King.

    An armed human soldier comes to the aid of the human force’s fallen and wounded King, confronting this EVIL elemental spirit, this ‘Specter’, atop its flying dragon.

    The EVIL elemental spirit, the ‘Specter’, then haughtly hisses its CONTEMPT for this armed soldier who has DARED to come to the aid of the human force’s fallen/wounded King with its words:

    ‘No MAN can kill me!’

    This armed soldier removes ‘his’ helmet, only to reveal the very long hair of A WOMAN, and replies to this EVIL elemental spirit, this Specter, riding ‘high and mighty’ atop its flying dragon


    And this WOMAN plungers her SWORD into the Specter – KILLING IT – rendering it to an ABSOLUTE NO-THING!

    Please, all of you, go do some prayerful and STEADFAST ‘Lectio Divina’ on the passages from the Church’s Canon of Sacred CHRISTIAN Scripture found at

    GENESIS 3:15 – and – REVELATION 12:17

    Then, go ‘TEST THE SPIRITS’ here – reading and studying EVERYTHING that you might be able to grasp and understand:

    – Fr. Joseph
    ‘Contra Mundum! Ne Transient!’

  285. charlie February 4, 2010 @ 11:49 am

    Fr Joseph Fatima was meant for Catholics, all of whom, and righly so believe in it.

    In order for the ‘Orthodox’ here to believe in the apparitions they need to become catholic.

  286. Stav February 4, 2010 @ 1:41 pm

    Dear Charlie,

    The ad hominems came from you, I have not characterized you as anything but a Christian in the general sense of the word.

    And it is you who has not offered any counter arguing but rather resorted to (without any basis) calling my arguments as not coherent or valid.

    I have given you specific things to think about, yet you have not responded to any of it, except by by a tangential reference only. That includes your “refutations” of Christ not being called specifically (exactly, and in your quotations as anyone can read above).

    The matter really does come down to the validity of the “Catholic Church” as a real Church or not, as your fellow Fr. Joseph clearly puts down just above.

    This is the reason why I resorted to the mentioning of this, as actually, this is really the core issue here. So, while you may claim that I have nowhere left to go, I actually took you to the heart of the problem, the place where it hurts.

    I even gave you a step by step explanation of WHY one should turn away from your Papist fallacy, which, exactly copying your fellow Fr. Joseph, you ignored completely.

    Thus, again, the benefit of all of this, goes to the reader of this page who loves the truth and will thus see it unravel here, very clearly.

    Do you actually have any arguments against the whole lot of things I listed above? Or will you continue to characterize me and my methods invalid (ad hominems) and ignore what I have to say?

    For example, lets just take a couple:

    1) Do you think the “Black Pope” is a holy man? If yes, then how do you explain his Satanic behavior? If, not, then why do you continue to support them?

    2) What about the Uniate church (which goes about in several countries being set up as deliberate counter-churches, under the direct orders of the Pope, in Orthodox clothing to appear as if being Orthodox, and then slowly or violently tries to covert the Orthodox to Roman “Catholics” and which is a practice that the Orthodox Church has repeatedly asked the Papists to PLEASE CEASE DOING)? Do you think this Papally sanctioned and expressly supported practice which is full of pure malice is a honorable one?

    And if you see any problems in these two abominable things the “Catholic Church” does EVERY DAY, then how can you possibly accept the spirit or fraudster referring to the Papist fallacy as a “Church”?

    Or is the above not on the subject enough? Or, additionally, do you not consider the above a worthy argument enough to call for your attention?

    That goes for you Fr. Joseph, HOW on earth do you justify the Pope supported Uniate Church and the Satanic Jesuit order? How?

    Your continuing silence and refusal to tackle these issues directly, shows that you obviously know where this is leading to and therefore, you will try anything other than show any indication that you understand what I say.

    But, nevermind, asI have mentioned 100 times already, all my posts are to offer balance in this site, and benefit those who are open, willing and ready to take the truth and follow it where it leads.

    For the rest, I can only pray and ask the Mother of God to intercede for you, as none of this in in my hands. I merely present what makes complete sense to me.


  287. Stav February 4, 2010 @ 1:44 pm

    Fr. Joseph and charlie a question for you:

    Just to make sure that you don’t miss this one, here goes again on its own:

    HOW ON EARTH do you justify all of the Pope supported abominations such as Uniate Church and the Satanic Jesuit order? How?

    An answer please! Give me anything!

    And that answer will also answer your Fatima obsession as well, very quickly.


  288. Stav February 4, 2010 @ 1:52 pm

    Come on Fr. Joseph and charlie,

    The Jesuit satanic order and Uniates are NOT a mere transgression here, we are not talking of simply a single case of unfortunate events or even mistakes, or even doctrinal differences here!!!


    How is the Mother of God in Her most urgent messages in these apparitions as you put it, not give even a mention to the urgency of ceasing these MASSIVE EVIL OPERATIONS?

    Any answers, anything???


  289. chaz February 4, 2010 @ 9:22 pm

    Fr. Joseph – Christians should show humility.

  290. chaz February 4, 2010 @ 9:34 pm

    Wasting countless hours discussing the split between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches is irrelevant.

    Neither one is necessarily the perfect expression of Christianity. You should be concentrating on getting to know each other and establishing a game plan: growing food, drilling wells, buying guns and ammo, etc.

    The Zionists are the enemy, not each other. You better start preparing, you can argue about small religious details in the FEMA camp that you will go to when you are out of food.

  291. Fr. Joseph February 5, 2010 @ 8:26 am


    You are unaware of the IMPORTANCE of the Messages and Instructions given by Mother of CHRIST as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D. in THE DEFEAT OF ‘ZIONISM’ and all of the hundreds of other deliberately spawned “isms” by which the minds of billions of people here on earth causes the minds of those same people to be kept on SPINNING and SPINNING and SPINNING without any end like ‘human GERBILS’ perpetually running within their squeaky exercise cages.

    That’s why you see NO VALUE in the vital necessity of SETTLING this issue between the Catholic and Orthodox Church.

    If the Catholic Church does NOT do what the Mother of CHRIST JESUS told them to do – shortly, there will be NO SUCH THING as ‘Eastern Orthodox Churches’ – and these admittedly USELESS exchanges here, the result of sheer obstinacy on the part of the Orthodox, will PERMANENTLY be silenced once and for all.

    – Fr. Joseph

  292. Fr. Joseph February 5, 2010 @ 9:23 am


    What types of SATANISM is going on in the Halls of the Krelim, throughout the Russian Duma and throughout the entire Hierachy of the Russian Orthodox Church?

    “Today, RUSSIA has the highest abortion rate in the world, Fr. Daniel Maurer, C.J.D., who spent eight years in Russia (how many years have YOU and KathJuliane spent IN Russia?), says that statistically, the average Russian woman will have EIGHT ABORTIONRS during her childbearing years – though Fr. Maurer believes the actual number averaged out to be about 12 ABORTIONS per woman. He has spoken to women who have had as many as 25 ABORTIONS. A major reason for these dreadful figures is that other contraception methods (which are immoral anyway) have not been introduced in Russia, nor are they trusted. This leaves ABORTION as the ‘cheapest way to limit the family size’. Presently in Russia, ABORTIONS ARE FREE, but births are not.” –

    quoting but ONE point on this webpage:

    Now if you and KathJuliane WANT TO ‘Start Playing HARD-BALL’….

    – Fr. Joseph

  293. Fr. Joseph February 5, 2010 @ 9:33 am


    Search HIGH and search LOW in the following Message given by CHRIST to the people of the USA and the rest of the World wherein He grants anyone or everyone of all of the ‘Eastern Orthodox Churches’ – and that INCLUDES the people of ‘Holy Russia’ as KathJuliane likes to call it wherein the PATRIARCH of the Russian Orthodox Church reside right along with EVERYONE ELSE who belongs to the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church – any kind or sort of ‘Divine Promise’ that NOT A HAIR ON THEIR CHINNY-CHIN-CHIN will be fussed or mussed on account of their ‘Orthodox Faith’:

    February 13 & February 6, 1994:

    – Fr. Joseph

  294. Fr. Joseph February 5, 2010 @ 10:43 am


    Look HIGH and look LOW in this Message of the Mother of God as Our Lady of Akita, Japan – and you find ME where the Patriarchs, Metropolitians, Bishops, Priests, Hiermonks and LAY FAITHFUL of the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH are given a Divine ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ Monopoly CHANCE card!

    “…if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on ALL HUMANITY. It will be a Punishment greater than the Deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will WIPE OUT A GREAT PART OF HUMANITY, the good as well as the bad (not GET THIS!)…


    quoting the Mother of God AS Our Lady of Akita, Japan – October 13, 1973 @

    I take it that BOTH you and KathJuliane will vehemently assert to the very last drop of your mutual ORTHODOX BLOOD that the Patriarchs of ALL the Eastern Orthodox Church’s are “PRIESTS” and that boty YOU and KathJuliane are part of the ‘FAITHFUL’ in our respective Eastern Orthodox Churches, no???

    With all of these FREE ABORTIONS going on in and throughout RUSSIA right under the noses of Putin, Medvedev and the Patriarch of the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church – what give any of you this silly idea that God, the Author and Creator of Life is going to give any or all of you from the ‘Eastern Orthodox Churches’ a “FREE PASS”??

    Once again, the Message given by CHRIST Jesus to the U.S.A. and the rest of our World back on February 13 and February 6, 1994:

    Now I’m going to do YOU and KATHJULIANE and all of the Patriarchs of the Eastern Orthodox Churches a BIG FAVOR….

    – Fr. Joseph

  295. Fr. Joseph February 5, 2010 @ 11:04 am

    Stav, KathJuliane,

    Now here’s “The BIG Favor” I’d like to extend to the two of you, your families, friends and loved ones as well as to ALL of the PATRIARCHS of your Eastern Orthodox Churches (with YOUR mutual cooperation).

    The PATRIARCH OF THE WEST, the Bishop of Rome, the “Pope” publicly issued a Papal Encyclical Letter entitled “The Gospel of Life” – I won’t trouble you with its LATIN title, but I’m sure that STAV can translate the Bishop of Rome’s “The Gospel of Life” into GREEK.

    At the bottom of paragraph 91, we read these words penned by the Holy Father, the holder of ‘THE KEYS’:

    “91…On the eve of the Third Millenium, the challenge facing us is an arduous one; only the concerted efforts of all those who believe in the value of life can prevent a setback of unforeseeable consequences for civilization.”

    Now then, both YOU Stav and KathJuliane can get BUSY informing your Partiarchs of ALL of the Eastern Orthodox Churches the World over that the PATRIARCH OF THE WEST has given ample warning as the holder of ‘The Keys’ that GOD is about to CHASTISE all of Mankind – to include Priests, to include members of the Faithful – with FIRE from the sky.

    So all of your Eastern Orthodox Christians here on RZN can INFORM your respective Patriarchs that the PATRIARCH OF THE WEST issued a Papal Encyclical in which the BISHOP OF ROME is warning the Universal Church.

    The Patriarch of the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church can then ‘ORDER’ the Patriarch of the West’s Encyclical be mass produced and he can ‘order’ the Russian President and Russian Prime Minister to have the entire RUSSIAN ARMY deliver the Patriarch of the West’s Papal Encyclical to EVERY LAST RUSSIAN man, woman and child in Russia, so as to have them STOP butchering off BABIES in the wombs of Russian woman by the train carloads!

    THAT might help win us some more time and some more of God’s Divine Mercy on EVERYONE here all across our planet earth.

    And then – just perhaps by some MIRACLE – the Patriarchs of the Eastern Orthodox Churches will have a ‘Change Of Heart’ – an ‘Ecclesiastical Metanoia’ – and bethink to themselves something like…

    “Ya know, maybe the BISHOP OF ROME ain’t such a bad sort of guy after all – after all of these centuries!”

    And THEN, perhaps the Bishop of Rome will have the COURAGE to finally ORDER the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of CHRIST’S OWN MOTHER MARY, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Most Holy Theotokos.

    And THEN, with Divine Aid in helping us all to obtain WORLD PEACE, every last man, woman and child alive in our World will ALL sing out with a resounding voice:


    And then GOD HIMSELF will be ‘Happy’ and NOT ‘Angry’ with us all here still alive on the surface of this planet earth of His Creating!

    Just TRYING to be a ‘Good Priest’ to ALL of you – nothing more but certainly nothing less.

    – Fr. Joseph @
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  296. Stav February 5, 2010 @ 1:02 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    You’d be better off sending a letter to you Pope requesting him to abolish the Uniates and the Jesuits immediately, if he wants to restore a least a bit of grace into his community.

    I think that’s the end for me, for this thread. Ignored my questions and arguments again as usual.


  297. Stav February 5, 2010 @ 1:07 pm

    Dear chaz,

    You say:

    “Wasting countless hours discussing the split between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches is irrelevant.”

    I can see where you are coming from, I really do.

    Having the right faith goes a lot of way fighting Zionism. At our present situation only God can save us, really. And not having an as full as possible relationship with Christ, through the right faith will hinder anyone who will try to fight it. At least that’s my opinion.

    If you have any alternative solutions against the Zionist/Satanist problem, that does not require perfect faith in Christ please share it with us.


  298. charlie February 5, 2010 @ 3:58 pm

    Fr Joseph,

    The argument given in your reference above for the consecration not being done is not a valid one.


    1. the consecration of the whole world as an argument for the consecration of Russia, to

    2. the consecration of a whole diocese as an argment for the consecration of a church within that diocese.

    is not the same.

    The correct comparison would be to compare I. above to the consecration of all the churches within the diocese, as an argument for the consecration of a particular church – an argument which in my view would be valid.

    Particularly as Pope John Paul II pointed out in detail some very specific characteristics of the Russian nation, without actually mentioning it.

    Like pointing out some very specific characteristics of a new church, during the group consecration.

    The consecration would then be valid in my view.

    This is not to say there is not room for improvement in the consecration.

    But to suggest that the consecration never took place is to deny the power of prayer.

    Given the reasons for the omission of the actual name of Russia ie. the protection of Christians within its orbit from further very real persecution and suffering, I don’t think a God of infinite mercy would dismiss the consecration out of hand on account of that. Do you?

    Satan doesn’t give ground unless forced to.

    Communism fell in Eastern Europe, through a series of demonstrations that had a heavenly origin.

    It might have fled to Western Europe and the USA but thats another sad chapter in the story of man’s disobedience to his God, his Lord and his Saviour.

  299. Fr. Joseph February 5, 2010 @ 5:06 pm

    Dear charlie,

    All too often, we elevate our own ‘personal opinions’ to the degree of being an irrefutable factual assertion.

    “On March 21, the messenager of Heaven explained then how the Pope must act to satisfy the Divine requirements. ‘So that the Bishops of the world’ she said, ‘be united to the Pope in this Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, The Pope must either convoke all the Bishops to Rome, or to another place, to Tuy for example. Or else order the Bishops of the entire world to organize, each in his own cathedral, a solemn and public ceremony of Reparation and act of Consecration of Russia to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.’ And this second solution had the preference of Sister Lucia.

    “The Pope must therefore fix in advance, the DAY and the HOUR of this Consecration. Sister Lucia remarked that it would be easy for the Bishops to accomplish this Consecration exactly at the same time all over the face of the earth….et al.” – from

    – Fr. Joseph

  300. charlie February 5, 2010 @ 5:54 pm

    Fr Joseph,

    Quote: ‘All too often, we elevate our own ‘personal opinions’ to the degree of being an irrefutable factual assertion.’

    Your ‘Fatima Crusader’ is equal to this charge. No one made them the authority on Fatima.

    They lack even the rudiments of civility, never mind charity, as well as erroneous and dishonest discourse, as I prove above. Therefore, I personally dismiss them as attention seekers.

  301. chaz February 5, 2010 @ 8:02 pm

    I am not here to put down the Catholic Church, because my parents and a lot of my friends are Catholic. But the Catholic Church was decadent long before Vatican II. The unrestricted sale of indulgences is what led Martin Luther to publish his 95 theses. Martin Luther never wanted to split from the Catholic Church, he was just trying to purify it.

    Your pope is a wicked man who carries a crooked cross with a distorted figure of Christ on it. This is an overtly satanic symbol.

    Catholic priests should have the choice to be married. We all have sexual impulses, which God allows us to express in a loving marriage between a man and a woman. If you don’t express them as God wants, they will eat your soul from the inside out. Thus we have the exploitation of young boys by Catholic priests. The hottest place in hell is reserved for people who take the innocence of children.

    So instead of saying how superior your church is, you should be embracing like minded people who truly believe in Christ and have seen through the Christian / Jewish Zionist lie.

  302. chaz February 5, 2010 @ 8:31 pm

    Stav – I really appreciate your response. What I am trying to say is that do we really know what happened back when the Eastern / Western split occurred?

    Do we know the motives of the people who wrote these historical records? What matters is that you believe Jesus Christ is the son of God and the savior of mankind and try the best that you can to live as he did.

    Jesus Christ exposed the same Zionist forces that are ruining the world today. Before I became a born again Christian five years ago, I was attacked by evil spirits for ten straight days. I know the spiritual battle is real from personal experience, not from reading history books.

    I think I answered the way to fight the problem. People need to find like minded people that believe in Christ and start communities of true believers. Jesus Christ wants us to fight evil and be strong. No rapture is going to save you. Learn to grow food, use guns, self defense, etc. These arguments are pointless, none of you are right, including me.

    I got linked to Brother Nate’s site through I think he is the real deal, but I have a problem with him making a hero of Putin. I think he is a Zionist like all the rest (I could be wrong). He says Alex Jones is a Zionist Shill.

    I have thought that too, but how long do you think Alex Jones would last if he said Zionism is behind everything? Maybe a day? Alex Jones may be an obnoxious schill, but he has done more good at waking people up then all the people on this site X 1000.

    A relative of mine worked for Dr. Stan Monteith at Radio Liberty for many years. He wrote “Brotherhood of Darkness”. I have been studying this stuff for a long time and monitoring your comments.

    I can tell you are all really good people. But I wanted to point out that a gentleman named Michael K posted an essay called “Forensic Armeggeddon” in these comment sections.

    Read it, and reread it, because that guy has been given a healthy dose of the Holy Spirit.

  303. chaz February 5, 2010 @ 9:00 pm

    Jesuits may be simply “Marranos” – Cabalist Jews who feigned conversion to Christianity and practiced Roman Catholicism.

    Fatima was most likely a staged event by fallen angels (demons).

    Silver disks were seen at the scene, as one of your commenters pointed out.

    Mary should not be elevated to the same status as Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior.

  304. KathJuliane February 5, 2010 @ 10:26 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    So, while we Orthodox here and abroad with nothing else to do in our bashed up countries and are simply sitting around twiddling our thumbs rethinking the liberal agenda and “navel-gazing”, perhaps in the meantime, you would pass on the suggestion to fatimacrusader dot com and your other related visionary sites to occasionally update their reporting on Russia rather than continually recycling 10-, 20-, and 30-year-old data.

    There is gradual progress that the Orthodox Church, pious anti-atheist Christian and Muslim pro-life activist-educators through national and international Christian and inter-religious cooperation, government officials and parliamentary lawmakers, moral ethicists, scientists, physicians, demographers, and social/medical/nursing personnel clinics and programs are making against the abortion issue over the past decade.

    It is extensively interconnected with still serious social issues of poverty, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, the mass disruption of the domestic family order and relationships under scientific atheism and red-feminism, post-Afghanistan war veterans’ issues, orphans, etc.

    However, the worst setback was the complete socio-economic collapse during the Clinton era. Progress is slow but steady in all of these areas, but there are no quick fixes.

    The truth is, the abortion rate is declining steadily, birthrates are gradually rising as underpopulation is a foremost national concern, and has been for some time. Romania and NYC actually have higher rates of abortion per 1,000 women.

    One thing is definite, unlike the “politically correct” liberal west, the moral issue is at the forefront, there is no “pro-choice”/”pro-life” debate.

    Russian City Prepares for Week Without Abortions to Combat Underpopulation
    Novorossiysk, Russia ( — A Russian city located in the southern part of the nation near the Black Sea is starting a campaign called a “Week Without Abortions.” The idea is to temporarily prohibit abortions in the city and encourage couples to have children in an effort to combat the growing underpopulation problem.

    Russia, like many of its neighbors in Eastern Europe, is experiencing severe underpopulation thanks to abortion being used as a method of birth control for decades.

    Barry McLerran, producer of “Demographic Winter,” a documentary on underpopulation problems, says the Russian underpopulation problem is severe and national and local authorities have tried numerous giveaways, special days and other efforts to boost its population.

    “Russia has one of the lowest birth rates in the world at 1.17 children per woman,” he told “A nation needs a birth rate of 2.1 just to replace current population.”

    “Because of its low birth rate and early deaths — due to disease and other factors — Russia is losing approximately 750,000 people a year,” he explained.

    “For every child that a family has after the first, the Russian government pays parents the equivalent of $9,200. There’s even a “National Day of Conception.” None of it seems to be working.

    “A fledgling anti-abortion movement is beginning to stir in Russia. Driven by a growing discussion of abortion as a moral issue and, most of all, by a government worried about demographics, doctors and politicians are quietly struggling to lower what is believed to be one of the world’s highest abortion rates.”

  305. KathJuliane February 5, 2010 @ 10:41 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    Here’s some more you might possibly pass on.

    “Russia sees shift on abortion

    Some doctors and politicians are quietly working to change the nation’s casual attitude toward the procedure.

    MOSCOW — Physician Marina Chechneva remembers the old-style Russian gynecologists who worked in state hospitals and churned out back-to-back abortions like Soviet factory workers. She remembers the women who “used to use abortion as a kind of vacation, because in the U.S.S.R., they got three days off from work.”

    Chechneva, head researcher at the Moscow region’s Institute of Gynecology and Obstetrics, performs abortions as part of her medical practice. These days, she is writing magazine articles about fetus development in hope of raising public opposition to abortion. After years of handling fetuses, she explains, she has come to feel a responsibility toward them.

    The women “should realize that what they’re doing is already a murder,” she said.

    A fledgling antiabortion movement is beginning to stir in Russia. Driven by a growing discussion of abortion as a moral issue and, most of all, by a government worried about demographics, doctors and politicians are quietly struggling to lower what is believed to be one of the world’s highest abortion rates.

    “The attitude has changed,” said Alexander Medvedev, a gynecologist who performs the procedures. “Even in community clinics, doctors are trying to dissuade patients from abortion. Now teenagers come to see us with already two or three abortions, and it’s horrible.”

    It’s an uphill struggle. Doctors say contraceptive use remains unpopular and that many Russian women rely on abortion for birth control.

    The government is desperate to persuade citizens to bear more children. Russians are dying faster than they’re being born, a trend that has emerged as one of the most serious challenges faced by this sprawling, scantily populated land.

    New restrictions

    The discussion is devoid of terms such as “pro-life” or “pro-choice.” From doctors to patients to officials, nobody seems to consider seriously the possibility of outlawing abortion. But the government recently imposed new restrictions on the procedures after the 12th week of pregnancy, and toughened the language of a waiver women must sign before terminating a pregnancy.

    Late-term abortions used to be easily accessible on “social” grounds: A woman merely had to visit a social worker, complain that she wouldn’t be able to raise a child, and she could collect a stamped waiver. These days, exceptions are available only for extreme circumstances, such as the sudden death of a husband or a medical emergency.

    “The spiritual position,” said Natalia Karpovich, a leader of the State Duma committee focused on family, women and children, “should be that this is murder and the woman who does this commits a sin. Still, I want to stress it’s a woman’s choice.”

    Karpovich is among lawmakers who’ve pushed for media messages casting abortion in a less neutral light. She also supports new measures meant to encourage childbirth by paying cash bonuses and opening new day-care centers across the country.

  306. KathJuliane February 5, 2010 @ 10:49 pm

    Russia Rethinks Abortion: What About America? by Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

    One of the points Dr. Mohler makes is: “Some credit this change to the growing influence of the Russian Orthodox Church after seven decades of official Soviet atheism and repression. The Church has clearly influenced some key political figures and may play an even larger role in the future. A pro-life movement is now emerging in Russia, and these restrictions are a sign of its success.”

    For most of the last half-century, Russia [or the Soviet Union] has encouraged abortion as a means of birth control.

    Soviet medicine was notoriously unconstrained by ideals of medical ethics, and abortion was just a means of solving a social problem. Committed to a militant form of atheism, the Soviets did not consider abortion a moral issue–just a medical procedure.

    In the 1988, as the Soviet Union’s days were running out, over 4.6 million abortions were performed. Last year [2003], that number had dropped to 1.7 million, but 60 percent of first pregnancies in Russia still end in abortion. The official state policy has made abortion easily accessible and virtually free.

    The procedure is just a technology to end a pregnancy, the communist regime insisted. Many Russian women bought the argument.

    Quoted in the Christian Science Monitor, “Natasha,” a student at Moscow Linguistic University said: “I would like to do everything to avoid an abortion, but it has never occurred to me or my friends that [abortion] is immoral.”

    That is changing. Russian lawmakers have just passed the first restrictions on abortion since Joseph Stalin’s ban on the procedure was lifted in 1955. Abortion in all three trimesters has been readily available. But now, women seeking late term abortions must cite one of four “special circumstances” or the procedure will be denied. This hardly amounts to a reversal on abortion policy, but it does represent a first step toward the recovery of a human life ethic.

    Especially encouraging is the fact that moral considerations forced this change in policy. “It’s a first step,” said Aleksander C. Chuyev, a member of the Russian Parliament’s lower house, who introduced a bill outlawing all abortions after the 12th week of pregnancy. He helped to negotiate the compromise plan adopted by the government, and plans to sponsor a bill this fall granting the fetus the same rights as a child.

    This “first step” represents a very significant shift in Russian politics and public opinion. Some credit this change to the growing influence of the Russian Orthodox Church after seven decades of official Soviet atheism and repression. The Church has clearly influenced some key political figures and may play an even larger role in the future.

    A pro-life movement is now emerging in Russia, and these restrictions are a sign of its success.

    These new restrictions have also caught the attention of the liberal Western press. The New York Times lamented that, “The way may become increasingly dangerous for women if the government arbitrarily curtails medically safe abortions.”

    Note the language carefully. The Times accuses the Russian government of acting arbitrarily in placing these very limited restrictions on abortions.

    The Oxford American College Dictionary provides two definitions of ‘arbitrary:’ [1] “based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system,” or [2] “unrestrained and autocratic in the use of authority.” Of course, neither of these meanings applies in this case.

    The Russian government acted in its lawful authority through its legislative process, and the new policy was negotiated with the official health authorities. There was nothing even remotely arbitrary about the Russian Parliament’s action.

    This case reveals clearly the absolute determination by the editors of The NewYork Times to oppose any restrictions on abortion as arbitrary. That’s their story, and they’re sticking with it. Who cares about the facts?

    America’s liberal media are resolutely determined to defend abortion on demand against any threat–no matter how remote. The New York Times simply leads the pack in this respect. The Times pushes its pro-abortion agenda though slanted news coverage and outright editorial bias.

    Pro-life leaders are presented as fanatical zealots out to oppress women. Workers in the pro-life movement are portrayed as mindless victims of prejudice and ignorance. The fetus, of course, seldom appears at all.

    It was not always so. In Abortion Rites: A Social History of Abortion in America, Marvin Olasky demonstrates that The New York Times was once a stalwart defender of human dignity and opposed abortion as ‘The Great Evil of the Age.” In 1870, editor Louis Jennings published an editorial claiming that the “perpetration of infant murder … is rank and smells to heaven. Why is there no hint of its punishment?”

    The paper ran a series of investigative reports that led to a police crackdown on abortionists. The current leadership of the Times must see this history as a great embarrassment.

    The liberal Western media pose as the defenders of human rights and human dignity, but what they actualy defend is abortion under virtually all circumstances without any limitation. Abortion has become a cherished symbol of sexual liberation and freedom from moral limitations for the liberal elite. The fetus simply does not count and does not matter.

    The good news is that Russia is showing signs of a moral recovery on the issue of life. These very limited restrictions on abortion hardly threaten the massive Russian abortion industry, but when put in an historical frame, these are the first restrictions on abortion to come in fifty years.

    This is only a small victory–but a very important victory. Those who defend the sanctity of human life–born and unborn–must welcome this development and pray for more.

    The bad news is that the elite American media are resolutely committed to the culture of death. Across a range of vital issues, the media elite stands ready to defend abortion, embryo research, euthanasia, and other threats to human life and human dignity.

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Russia’s great prophet of our times, once stated: “The strength or weakness of a society depends more on the level of its spiritual life than on its level of industrialization. Neither a market economy nor even general abundance constitutes the crowning achievement of human life. If a nation’s spiritual energies have been exhausted, it will not be saved from collapse by the most perfect government structure or by any industrial development.”

    That is a warning Russia must hear–and so must we. A nation committed to the Culture of Death has forfeited its spiritual life and is headed for history’s long list of civilizations in decline. Russians–and Americans–must pray for recovery in our times.

  307. Lynda February 6, 2010 @ 12:44 am

    “The massive Russian abortion industry”

    And, of course, it is regarded as an insult to the pious Russian orthodox that our Lady of Fatima requested the consecration to her Immaculate Heart of that poor nation with its massive abortion industry set up by an officially atheistic state.

    The attitude of Holy Church, on the contrary, has never changed on the subject of abortion.

    The Roman Catholic Church opposed it when the procedure was introduced in Russia after the JudeoBolshevik Revolution.

    The Roman Catholic Church and Catholics in the post conciliar vatican II church opposed it in America after Roe v Wade. And still do. Even the apostates in USCBC. And continue to fight the good fight against the massive Jew abortion industry in the US.

    Which begs the question as to why the pious Russian Christians would ever accept that abortion could be anything but sin even if restrictions were struck down by the officially atheistic state. Make that – the first aethestic state in the history of the world.

    Our Lady of Fatima stated “Russia will spread her errors throughout the world”.

    If Russian Christians are returning to the position of the Roman Catholic Church on the sin of abortion – all to the good … “signs of moral recovery” however, is hardly impressive.

    Why should there ever be need for “moral recovery” from the acceptance and widespread practice of so obvious and heinous a sin? Murder of innocent life – one of the four crying to heaven for vengeance.

    The Apostolic Church (from which the Roman Catholic Church continually is castigated from having deviated) forbade infanticide and procuring of miscarriage. As does the Roman Catholic Church. Always has; always will.

    The widespread acceptance and practice of abortion in Russia by the people is just many of “the errors of Russia” that Catholics desire to see changed.

  308. Stav February 6, 2010 @ 6:42 am

    Hi Chaz,

    You say:

    “Do we really know what happened back when the Eastern / Western split occurred? ”

    and, “Do we know the motives of the people…”

    Well, in fact, there’s two ways to go about this:

    1) Research the Historical Record and judge for your self, as there is very ample record on these events, which includes arguments, counter arguments and present in their entirety very good reasons for why the split occurs.

    From any reading that you may do, you will find, that the Roman Church tried to introduce both new doctrine and also at the same time apply a worldly ethos to the Church, but wanting to take ultimate political power in many aspects, starting with asserting that Rome was to be the Capital of this new “state”.

    What followed was a series of arguments for why the Romans had gone wrong and why the rest of the Church could not change to the new ideas. After this, the split was inevitable, and while the east continued it’s original practice, the west started to deteriorate its doctrines, practices and ethos. The record is there for all to see.

    2) One can temporarily forget about history completely and simply compare today’s practices and doctrine, to what the original Church adhered to, thus arriving to the conclusion that the Roman “Church” is in serious error from innovations in numerous areas of practice, faith and doctrine.

    Either way, one can arrive to the same conclusion, by reading materials from both sides. What you will see in general, is a clash between an eastern view of life and faith and the west in it’s more materialistic and practical view of things.


  309. Fr. Joseph February 6, 2010 @ 9:44 am


    So you see, ‘Holy Russia’ ISN’T so holy.

    And all of Br. Nathanael’s RZN articles clearly demonstrate to one and all that ‘Holy Israel’ ISN’T so holy.

    And John Hagee’s-Pat Robertson’s-Jerry Falwell’s-Oral Robert’s-Pat Schuller’s-etc. ‘Holy United States of America’ ISN’T so holy.

    Nor is the Queen of England as head of the Church of England and ‘Holy England’ ISN’T so holy.

    Nor are all of the European nations which made up the ‘Holy Roman Empire’ AREN’T so holy.

    The nations-states of Europe AREN’T so holy.

    The nations-states of Eurasia AREN’T so holy.

    The nations-states of Asia AREN’T so holy.

    The nations-states of Africa AREN’T so holy.

    The nations-states of the Americas AREN’T so holy.

    Australia isn’t so holy.

    And THAT is why God is seriously entertaining the Divine Idea of BURNING UP this entire planet earth of ours per the Mother of God’s Messages as Our Lady of Akita, Japan.

    I have these protestant ‘Christian Zionists’ who actually believe they have to support the Zionist State of Israel to the point of initiating a thermonuclear Third World War to my LEFT – I have Eastern Orthodox Chrisitans who denounce and deny the Bishop of Rome as holder of ‘The Keys’ and the Mother of God’s Insturctions to the Church and our World as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal to my RIGHT – I have the Illuminists and Satanists foaming at the mouth in anticipation of launching this thermonuclear Third World War to the front of me – and I have absolutely indifferent types of all sorts behind me.

    It truly distresses me that SO FEW here on RZN, or for that matter, throughout our World have NO REAL DESIRE FOR ‘WORLD PEACE’!

    – Fr. Joseph

  310. chaz February 6, 2010 @ 10:32 am

    Fr. Joseph – Please explain what you mean by the following statement you made. I want to try to understand your beliefs:

    “I have Eastern Orthodox Chrisitans who denounce and deny the Bishop of Rome as holder of ‘The Keys’ and the Mother of God’s Instructions to the Church and our World as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal to my RIGHT.”

  311. Fr. Joseph February 6, 2010 @ 11:10 am


    Stav, KathJuliane, Fr. John, and whole host of others would be MOST HAPPY to explain my beliefs to you. Go ask THEM to ‘clue you in’.

    – Fr. Joseph

  312. chaz February 6, 2010 @ 11:18 am

    When you die, and you are in front of God for judgement, is he going to say: you were a great husband and father, gave to charity, and lived a holy life but you did not know that that church X (Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, etc.) was the true church so you are out of luck. No, of course not.

    As long as you are not part of Zionist Jew cults like Mormonism or Jehovahs Witness, or brainwashed by a Christian Zionist Church, you will be alright.

    I go to a church not because it is the “best”, but because the pastor is filled with the holy spirit and speaks from his heart.

    The point is the Roman Catholic Church was paganized from its very inception. The pope wears a mitre which is a representation of Dagon, a pagan fish god. Mary has been elevated to the same status of Christ Jesus – this is Isis worship.

  313. kc February 6, 2010 @ 1:03 pm

    Orthodox Christianity was always against abortion. You have to give a little bit of credit – we were under 70 or so years under brainwashing communist and atheist years, only recently the Orthodoxy is allowed to flourish freely, and it is not overnight that bad things stop.

    How can you expect everything to be perfect? Only maybe if you live in perfect conditions around you. You have to give some credit and have some patience.


    I’m also convinced that Fatima stuff is by fallen angels.

    RC tend to be oriented to naturalistic physical things. Why? I don’t know. I am guessing it comes from the same intentions as the desire for worldly power prior to the split. I mean, just look at the paintings all the naked fleshy bodies in RC art and compare to Orthodox iconography. These things tend to manifest themselves in art.

    When it comes to various spiritual sightings you will see a clear collision between the two. Its almost like an endless gap that cannot be bridged (I guess for a good reason).

    The Orthodox are usually very sceptical of this stuff and we are told not to pay attention to any manifestations or imaginative activity but focus solely on the words of prayer and what’s happening inside you in terms of thoughts, and not seek signs, visions or phenomena. In contrary in the RC tradition, meditating on physical aspects of created things like holy icons and Scripture, or the lives of the saints expressing the spiritual realities is encouraged.

    I respect Christians whether RC or not, but I also follow my Church.

    RC AS A TEACHING is in error and is therefore a heresy. Holy Spirit does not originate from Father AND SON. It originates from Father and goes through, as in sent by, the Son.

  314. charlie February 6, 2010 @ 2:08 pm

    The consecration was performed by me joined to any other who recited it Fr Joseph on this board. So I am not indifferent.

    Prayer is acceptable to God even if you don’t wear a bishops hat, and in these times sadly maybe even more so. Think of that.

    The moment heretics start to believe in Fatima they become Catholic, and I’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

    Those that think Heaven is a contest between Christ and his mother are is grave danger and do not know the scriptures.

    Christ does not even make any distinctions between himself and the “least of these”:

    “Whatsoever you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.”

    Therefore do you think He is going to be offended by honouring the Mother of the Word, who by her own will, freely assented to his Motherhood?

    When you honour the Mother you honour the Son.

    Heretics cannot understand that because they are still thinking in terms of ‘Isis’ worship.

    Thats their problem. You cannot taint Catholics with your sordid beliefs, and you are in danger of falling if you hold to such erroneous beliefs.

  315. charlie February 6, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

    The consecration is now complete, Fr Joseph.

    I have that from Heaven, via the Mother of God.

    The Heavenly Maternity of the World and Russia will give you a sign. The sign will be her mantle.

  316. KathJuliane February 6, 2010 @ 2:43 pm

    The once fashionable and still-controversial French philosopher Michel Foucault once described two major impulses in European culture and its dynamics of power. The first of these he called “the blood,” this impulse was directly related to old-fashioned concepts of political sovereignity.

    According to Foucult, the death penalty was important and indulged in heavily during this period because it represented the monarch’s divinely given power to cause the death of enemies; i.e. to rob them of their blood; one pledged to defend a monarch to the last drop of one’s blood; people became rulers owing to their consanguinity with the previous ruler.

    At the advent of the 19th c West, “the blood” had been gradually replaced by the second of two impulses, that of “sexuality.” “Sanguinity” gave way to “sexuality” as political attitudes shifted from the importance of blood and the mystical value of death, to the importance of life itself: to the regulation of life’s processes, the selective preservation of life, and the survival or destruction of entire populations.

    Power, therefore, was no longer a mystical quality of kingly blood—the individual sovereign—but inherent in the control, manipulation, and interpretation of the sex act and its product. Power shifted—according to Foucault—from the ~symbol~ or sign of the blood toward the ~object~ of sex, and the object of religio-erotic sex and its complete rabbinic control is essentially at the esoteric core of Babylonian Talmudism and Kabalah and Jewish ethnocentric self-fetishisms. Machiavelli made way to make room for Freud.

    It also corresponded to the immense socio-cultural shifts from the feudal system and the rural, agriculturally based, paternal extended family and fraternal guild and trade units of farm and village as the center of economic productivity and community, to the Industrial Age with its concentration into urbanization and factory and mass-mill workforces, and the depersonalization into “human capital.”

    Darwin had published The Origin of Species in 1859 and Descent of Man in 1871; science was going so far toward “proving” the errors of faith that the average person found themselves spiritually and morally adrift when the effect of the theory of evolution on religion clashed.

    The controversy over Darwinism caused many people to question the existence of God, the possibility of redemption, life after death; people were startled to find that the Bible was at odds with prevalent scientific theories, and began to doubt everything that they had ever believed.

    The 18th century’s Thomas Malthus’ influence on governments as well as those planning to overthrow existing governments was immense, both past and present.

    The theories of Malthus found much affection in the revolutionary minds of individuals such as:

    Charles Darwin (the originator of the modern evolutionary model, and “survival of the fittest” – natural selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life; human racial hierarchies as evolutionary descendents of apes);

    Herbert Spencer (the father of Social Darwinism and elitist “might makes right” ethics which allowed him to argue that it was natural, normal, and proper for the strong to thrive at the expense of the weak. After all, he claimed, that is exactly what goes on in nature every day Social Darwinism was used to justify numerous exploits which we classify as of dubious moral value today.

    Colonialism was seen as natural and inevitable, and given justification through Social Darwinian ethics – people saw natives as being weaker and more unfit to survive, and therefore felt justified in seizing land and resources. Social Darwinism applied to military action as well; the argument went that the strongest military would win, and would therefore be the most fit.

    Casualties on the losing side, of course, were written off as the natural result of their unfit status. Finally, it gave the ethical nod to brutal colonial governments who used oppressive tactics against their subjects);

    Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels (authors of the Communist Manifesto and Das Capital);

    Lord John Maynard Keynes (founder of the World Bank, Fabian Socialist, and director of the British Eugenics Society);

    Margaret Sanger (founder of the American Birth Control League, which eventually became Planned Parenthood, proponent of negative eugenics, a social philosophy which claims that human hereditary traits can be improved through social intervention. Methods of social intervention, targeted at those seen as “genetically unfit”, advocated by some negative eugenicists have included selective breeding, sterilization and even euthanasia).

    Her mother, Anne Purcell Higgins, was a devout Roman Catholic who went through 18 pregnancies (with 11 live births) before dying of tuberculosis and cervical cancer. She wrote: “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” Women and the New Race – Eugenics Publ. Co., 1920, 1923.

    Mao Zedong (follower of Karl Marx, Chinese Communist Party founder, and murderer of some 60–80 million of his own people), and many more.

    I am setting aside Hitler and the Third Reich for the time being, however, his 1930’s racial and eugenics policies were not extraordinary for the times, or suddenly sprang from his own forehead like Athena from Zeus. And, ‘National Socialism’ itself can be further examined in two aspects – that of political National Socialism, which perhaps 32% of the German people were party members of which was formed initially in reaction to the Communist Revolution also going on inside Germany just after WW1 and modeled on the successes of Mussolini’s Fascism, and the “inner messianic esoterics” of the elite inner Nazi-SS core.

    As Norseman so aptly acknowledged, Hitler’s failure was that he had personally rejected authentic Christianity, but on the same hand, all of Europe was virutally spirtually and morally bankrupt and exhausted from centries of religious wars and games of the constantly feuding power elites and thrones.

    The point being this was the full Western European weight of centuries behind the Bolshevik Revolution and scientific Militant Atheism that finally prostrated Russia after 1917 after decades of trying to withstand the pressures.

  317. KathJuliane February 6, 2010 @ 2:59 pm

    “In October 1838, that is, fifteen months after I had begun my systematic inquiry, I happened to read for amusement Malthus on Population, and being well prepared to appreciate the struggle for existence which everywhere goes on from long- continued observation of the habits of animals and plants, it at once struck me that under these circumstances favourable variations would tend to be preserved, and unfavourable ones to be destroyed.

    The results of this would be the formation of a new species. Here, then I had at last got a theory by which to work”. – Charles Darwin, from his autobiography. (1876)

    “This often quoted passage reflects the significance Darwin affords Malthus in formulating his theory of Natural Selection. What “struck” Darwin in Essay on the Principle of Population (1798) was Malthus’s observation that in nature plants and animals produce far more offspring than can survive, and that Man too is capable of overproducing if left unchecked.

    Malthus concluded that unless family size was regulated, man’s misery of famine would become globally epidemic and eventually consume Man. Malthus’ view that poverty and famine were natural outcomes of population growth and food supply was not popular among social reformers who believed that with proper social structures, all ills of man could be eradicated.

    Although Malthus thought famine and poverty natural outcomes, the ultimate reason for those outcomes was divine institution. He believed that such natural outcomes were God’s way of preventing man from being lazy. Both Darwin and Wallace independantly arrived at similar theories of Natural Selection after reading Malthus.

    Unlike Malthus, they framed his principle in purely natural terms both in outcome and in ultimate reason. By so doing, they extended Malthus’ logic further than Malthus himself could ever take it. They realized that producing more offspring than can survive establishes a competitive environment among siblings, and that the variation among siblings would produce some individuals with a slightly greater chance of survival.

    Malthus was a political economist who was concerned about, what he saw as, the decline of living conditions in nineteenth century England. He blamed this decline on three elements: The overproduction of young; the inability of resources to keep up with the rising human population; and the irresponsibility of the lower classes.

    To combat this, Malthus suggested the family size of the lower class ought to be regulated such that poor families do not produce more children than they can support. Does this sound familiar? China has implemented a policy of one child per family (though this applies to all families, not just those of the lower class).

    By the commencement of the “Third International Eugenics Conference” in New York in 1932, the proposed forms of population control and resource consumption reduction were established and were as follows:

    1. Birth control through the methods of sterilization of the undesirables, use of contraception, and abortion.
    2. Euthanasia for the sick and old.
    3. Establishing a one- or two-child policy for appropriate countries.
    4. Promotion of abstinence for the poorer classes.
    5. State-educated “Family Planning” organizations.
    6. Restrictions on international migrations.
    7. Environmental protection laws and the promotion of conservationism which led to the “green movement.”

    That same year, Margaret Sanger, Communist Party USA member, American Eugenics member, and founder of “Planned Parenthood,” lobbied the U.S. Congress on behalf of her cohorts. She represented her benefactors, urging the passing of a “two-child policy,” as well as a law that called for the forced sterilization of over 25 million Americans. Shockingly enough, the two bills were nearly passed by Congress.

    Regardless, 34 states had already adopted sterilization laws and forced the procedure on over 50,000 Americans.”

    Hitler was not elected until 1933.

  318. chaz February 6, 2010 @ 3:58 pm

    Stav, kc or other –

    Where is a good website that explains the basic teachings of the Eastern Church vs. the Catholic church? I can trace my families Roman Catholic heritage back 1000 years, so I never looked into the Eastern Church.

    What is the role of Mary, the mother of Jesus? Catholics seem to pray to statues of her, I consider that this is idol worship which God forbids in the Old Testament.

  319. KathJuliane February 6, 2010 @ 5:24 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, chaz:

    Here are a couple of links regarding veneration of images, which in the main agree between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches from common tradition before the Schism. The Eastern Churches, stemming from what was a very serious threat to Faith stemming from what is called the Iconclastic Controversy.

    The New Advent entry has a very thorough history of the common tradition, and then later as religious artistic tradition branched in the West.

    In a most simple way, just as you might have a photograph of your mom or dad or a favorite grandma or grandpa, even though those images aren’t the people they portray, still the photograph is like a “window” to these people, and it would not be at all odd for you to “talk” to them, or even pick it up and kiss the photo if you were feeling homesick and missed them. Tens of thousands of soldiers carry pictures of their wives, husband and children and tell them how much they love them “through” the photo. That is a kind of “veneration” or paying honor, or salutation.

    The difference between the East and West is that now the Eastern churches are still very conservative about any three dimensional depictions, such as statues (the most would usually be bas relief), or naturalistic depictions of the saints and martyrs. One differnce is that in Eastern icons of Mother and Christ-Child, Jesus is portrayed as a “minature Man” rather than an infant, the Virgin Mary usually points to Him, and Jesus is the One who is giving the blessing to the viewer.

    This one gives some particulars on the Ever-Virgin Mary you may find useful. She is highly honored as the mother of the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the foremost human being in the Church. Where the East and West differ greatly is that Orthodoxy does not have a separate Mariology, everything is interpreted through Christology and Salvation.

    This one speaks about prayers to the saints and martyrs:

  320. Stav February 6, 2010 @ 5:32 pm

    Dear Chaz,

    What you ask for is a big subject and slightly out of context with this site.

    Let me put down some basic ground work for you to get you started. I am going to put it in the nicest possible way and I apologize in advance if anything below may seem offensive.

    You mentioned in an earlier post that you choose to go to a Church where you feel that the pastor speaks from their heart etc. (paraphrasing here) That attitude or practice, makes you a protestant, for all practical terms:

    You can view the 3 main different denominations as follows:

    1) “Catholics” put the Pope first.
    2) Protestants of any kind, put their own personal interpretation of the Scripture first.
    3) Orthodox Christians, put Jesus Christ and His Church, saturated in its Holy Traditions first.

    By this basic differentiation, one can explain almost anything that transpires now and transpired in these communities over the years.

    Consider, then the following based on the differentiation I showed above:

    1)The Papists, change doctrine, whenever a Pope feels like it. Thus, we get the Pope for example changing the Creed, or asserting that he is infallible, by way of circular logic.

    2)The Protestants, change doctrine, whenever any single member chooses to interpret scripture differently. Thus we get tens of thousands of Protestant-like denominations, often believing diametrically different things.

    3) The Orthodox, do NOT change doctrine. They only affirm it and re-affirm it. That is what took place in the 7 first Councils. They did not invent doctrine.

    Finally, as a protestant (in the general sense of the word), you may be interested to know, that, the Bible you read, is part of the Holy Tradition and not the other way around. Meaning, that it was put together as cannon by Orthodox people, who practiced all the things that today’s Orthodox do.

    Thus, if one puts the Bible first and as their only source of information, what they are doing, is to take it out of it’s original context into a false one. this will naturally lead to wrong interpretations.

    Then there is of course the matter of what translation of the Bible you are using, the fact that you are actually using a translation which has proven drawbacks and finally, the wide spread of Masoretic version of the Old Testament. All of this stuff can bring up a tremendous level of confusion and misunderstanding.

    Finally, think about the the following:

    1) Catholic case:

    When a generation 1 “Catholic” goes to church, they believe doctrine 1, 2, 3 and 4 for example. However consider, that their first, second and third generation descendants, will believe to slightly different versions of the doctrine, slowly becoming diametrically opposed and in conflict. The question then, is, to which church do they all belong to? Is it even the same church? If not, then which one is the valid one? They cannot all be valid, because each has different, conflicting doctrine.

    2) Protestant case:

    When a generation 1 protestant goes to church, they are part of a community of 100 people for example and have a set of doctrines, even if they do not call them that.

    Subsequent generations, WILL definitely belong to several newly created denominations (or ministries as they may be called), all differentiating with each other in a range of issues. IF there was no conflict, then they would not have separated, right? So the question, is, in their case, Who is right, who has the truth and most importantly, where and what constitutes the true church?

    3) In the case of the Orthodox, things are like this:

    My beliefs, are the same as my Fathers, my grandfathers, and his father and so on. We have continuity of practice, belief and an unbroken depth of communion which goes as far back in time as the beginning. We have no splits, we consider no heretical views because we have a depth of knowledge and support for our doctrine supported by the Holy Fathers.

    You asked a question, about the role of Mary. We Orthodox call Mary the Mother of God or the All-Holy. We consider her to be the most Holy person (other than Christ) to have walked on this earth, because She was worthy enough and accepted with a her free will to let God bring His Son to us.

    However, unlike the Roman Papists, we do not consider her to be immaculately conceived and born as a special privilege, because according to our Holy Tradition there is ample proof to the contrary, and secondly our doctrine does not support this in a manner compatible with it and in fact such a doctrine destroys the perfection that exists in Orthodox doctrine.

    In addition, based on scriptural support and Holy Tradition we consider Her to be the greatest intercessor of all, and thus, we ask Her to intercede to Jesus Christ for us.

    This leads to your second assertion, which is the handling of icons in the Orthodox Church. I cannot talk for the Papists, however it is my firm believe that while they have started with the same doctrine as the Orthodox, the more time passes the more their approach becomes more and more worldly, thus I consider that their handling of statues etc. is indeed bordering idol worshipping.

    In Orthodoxy, we treat icons, pretty much like photographs. This means, that like one can carry with them a photo of their children or parents for example, this does not mean that we consider the object of the photo to be an item to direct an affection to. If we appear to be caring towards the photos, it is only of the significance of what is depicted, rather than the paper it self.

    Thus, in Orthodoxy, we kiss the icons, and pray in front of them, NOT because we pray to the wood and paint of the icon, but because we keep in our minds Jesus Christ when we do so. In the case of praying in front of Icons of saints, we again do NOT pray to the saints, rather we ask them to intercede for us. And of course again, we do NOT worship the image of the Saint or God or whatever it may be. That practice is compatible with Scripture and Holy Tradition.

    There is nothing wrong with that, in fact it is accepted as an externalization of the whole internal process that goes on in the church or other place of worship. You may have further questions and doubts about this, like many protestants would have, like for example, if it is even right to ask a saint or even the Mother of God to intercede for us, and again scripturally and by Holy Tradition, this is all supported.

    As I really only prefer to talk about the Orthodox Church, I wanted to say lastly this: You must remember that the Orthodox:

    Do NOT put Scripture first, but in organic unity, like a pillar.

    Orthodox put Holy Tradition before this, because we know that logically, the Scripture Canon is a RESULT of Holy Tradition and not the other way around.

    Thus, it also follows that scripture is to be read WITHIN the context of Holy Tradition. In fact, scripture is NOT a prerequisite for being an Orthodox Christian. However Holy Tradition is.

    By putting Holy Tradition first, this also means something else: we put Jesus Christ first.

    That is not to say that we do not value Scripture, but rather that we see it in its right context. It is also extremely important to note here that when I say Holy Tradition, I am not merely talking about a relatively small set of data that is to be taking into account. I am rather talking about an immense richness of experiences, writings by the holy Fathers, the history, the blessings of the Lord, the unwritten teachings, the beliefs, the practices such as fasting/praying and ascetism within a great community, etc. etc.

    Holy Tradition is not Trivial, it encompasses Scripture and is MUCH, much larger than it.

    You can find some basic description of most differences here:

    But if you are truly looking to find out the details you’re going to have to make your own research, which takes time.


  321. Fr. Joseph February 6, 2010 @ 5:54 pm

    Dear Charlie,

    And from the mouth of the Mother of God herself, she cried, begged, pleaded with great sorrow and indescribable ANGUISH these words of hers to me:


    So, I’m a “lunatic” – much like that lone World War II Japanese soldier found all by himself on a small island in the Pacific Ocean DECADES after V-J Day.

    Until I get ‘Orders’ from ‘High Command’ to “lay down MY weapons” – I’m just going to keep on going on until the Second Coming.

    – Fr. Joseph

  322. The Prodigal Son February 6, 2010 @ 6:54 pm

    Hey Chaz,

    This site will help explain Orthodoxy for you…

    This page in particular details differences between Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy, and also specifically the differences between Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism/Papism.

    And these are podcasts – so you don’t even have to read! Just kick back and listen!

    If you get anything from this site – pass this link on to everyone you care for, who loves truth.


  323. chaz February 6, 2010 @ 8:01 pm

    The Prodigal Son, KathJuliane, and Stav – thanks for taking the time to provide me with this info. I have alot of research to do.

    Stav – You are very observant, I do attend a Protestant Church. You say my request is slightly out of context with this site, but these comment sections seem to be Catholic vs. Orthodox beliefs for the most part.

  324. Fr. Joseph February 6, 2010 @ 8:46 pm



    “Serbian Patriarch Proposes Summit with Pope” @

    From which ALL OF US here on RZN can read:

    “But nothing will prove as powerful as the Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested by Our Lady of Fatima. Perhaps, the rapproachment between Rome and Orthodox patriarchs will embolden the Pope and the bishops to perform the consecration.”

    Will MIRACLES never cease???

    The CRUSHING OF SATAN’S HEAD is visible on the horizon! Egads!

    – Fr. Joseph

  325. Hoff February 15, 2010 @ 1:48 pm

    Admiral Michael Mullen attended a press conference after his arrival to Israel and made it clear that all options are on the table. “We would operate all our forces for Israel”

  326. BARB BF February 26, 2010 @ 5:03 pm

    The program “Family Guy” ended yesterday with the female mother/wife saying she had been thinking of having sex with the family dog!!!

    Who controls the CONTENT OF TV programs in the USA…and why are things like this being shown on public TV??

  327. Classiccom April 1, 2010 @ 6:17 am


    “The Mother of God came to Fatima, Portugal back in 1917 A.D. – 33 years to the day AFTER Pope Leo XIII received his Divine and Supernatural ‘Heads Up!’ that SATAN had gotten his wish TO SIFT the Church like wheat for an entire century. Go READ the passage wherein JESUS warns ST. PETER that Satan had gotten his wish TO SIFT His Apostles and fledgling Church like wheat.”

    1870 is the mark of the End Times Catholic Church where Papal Infalliblity was embraced.

    Even after a warning vision of Pope Leo XIII, instead of correcting this horrible mistake, his solution was the St. Michael’s prayer to be said at the end of the Mass.

    Since these Popes did not believe the undefiled True Christian faith, they were sent delusions to believe in a Fatima savior : “only I can help you.”

    While Club Infallible in Rome fiddled these last 140 years with delusions like Fatima, the world burned with the atmosphere of the antiChrist.

    This has to be one of the most amazing stories never told. Both Pope Pius XIII and Pope Pius XI both had warning visions of the destruction of the Church, but they never could put 2 + 2 together and admit any infallible sins.

  328. johan July 27, 2010 @ 3:46 pm

    Sheeple, I must tell you that we are past the tipping point.

    The Zionist multi-national corporations with the Zionist occupied US government as the big bully in the world, such as attacking Iraq under false pretences and lies and the sheeple let them get away with this without any heads rolling for it.

    Look at Iraq, the US take-over of a sovereign nation. We are never leaving. Just look at the largest new embassy compound ever built to hold the Special Ops troops, the CIA, etc., & OH yeah, the ambassador.

    When did the word “mis-spoke” become accepted and interchangeable with “LIES”?

    Never underestimate the stupidity of the American sheeple!

  329. FREE SPIRIT July 14, 2012 @ 4:39 pm

    While we can still deliver a few blows to the parasites that have been eating our God’s given blessings, through their deceptions.

    If the tea party started by Ron Paul could organise a GOVERNORS’ MEETING where an agenda could be set to write a law that bans circumcision, on the premise that babies are being mutilated for religious reasons without their consent, by making it a criminal act against an innocent baby, I feel we could still deliver a real blow to the enemies of humanity.

    I knew that sexual deviance was created, by satan and his human tools the Jews, but had no idea of their ritual practiced during the circumcision. Avideo on The Ugly illustrates a rabbi sucking off the blood that the circumcision prosedure caused to the baby, showing the way how the Jews have initiated the baby male into the homosexual/bi-sexual way of life some of the Jews practice.

    It shows how these filthy creatures are crying, after GERMANY PASSED A LAW THAT BANS CIRCUMCISION IN GERMANY. The Jews call it the worst law a nation could pass against the Jews.

    There is not much else we can do to these criminal minded demons.

    I feel that Germany has realized that they can not again permit the invasion of its territory by these criminals, since the latest numbers show that many of these Zionist Jews were beginning to leave Israel because of the high prices on everything consumed by its Jewish residents.

    These criminals have no home, they just move like bacteria to greener pastures around the world, that is why they don’t care to destroy the place that feeds them, but once a nation has been burned down the way Germany has the red carpet is no longer there for them to use.

    I don’t see any other way to kick them out of a nation but BY BANNING CIRCUMCISION.

    SPREAD THE WORD AND LOOK UP The Ugly . The news are same but formatted different from Brother Nathanael.



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