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‘Blood Libel’ In Israeli Arab Organ Sales

How US Rabbis & Israel Traffic In Human Organs


By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2009-2011

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“THEY PLUNDER THE ORGANS OF OUR SONS,” reads the headline in Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, The Aftonbladet, which devoted a double spread in its cultural section to the article on August 17, 2009.

The reporter, Donald Bostrom, quotes Palestinian families whom he interviewed that young men from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank had been regularly seized by the Israel Defense Forces and their dismembered bodies returned to the families with missing organs.

The IDF denies the charges, claiming that the scars on the Arab corpses were only the result of routine autopsies performed on them.

But Arab parents, themselves victims of countless Israeli war crimes, claim the bodies of their sons come back without hearts and kidneys.

“Our sons are used as involuntary organ donors,” mothers, uncles, and relatives of Arab teens told Bolstrom. “They disappeared for a few days and returned by night, dead and autopsied,” the relatives of the victims said.

BOSTROM LINKS HIS REPORT to the rabbinic crime syndicate in New York. One Rabbi Rosenbaum faces charges of brokering kidney sales via Israeli agents.

“Israel takes no measures against doctors participating in the illegal organ trade,” Bolstrom writes. “Chief medical officers of Israel’s hospitals are involved in most of the illegal transplants,” adds Bolstrom. After receiving two death threats from free speech hating Jews, Bolstrom called upon Israel to “prove its innocence.” View Entire Article In English Here.

The claim by the Swedish paper that Israeli soldiers have been abducting Palestinians in order to steal their organs has prompted accusations of ‘Anti-Semitic’ blood libel from leaders of world Jewry, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is demanding Sweden to condemn the article. “The Swedish government cannot keep silent any longer,” Netanyahu said. “In the Middle Ages, Jews were accused of preparing Passover matza with the blood of Christian children. Today it is Israeli soldiers who are accused of killing Palestinians to take their organs,” Netanyahu added. (For once a statement by Netanyahu has a ring of truth to it.)

The Swedish government, thus far, has refused to buckle under world-wide Jewry’s pressure, saying it “respects the principle of freedom of expression.”


ONLY TWO YEARS HAVE PASSED since Ariel Toaff, an Israeli professor of Medieval History, published his book Blood Passover (Pasque di Sangue) only to be forced by the Anti Defamation League (they hate our freedoms) to withdraw it from publication.

Toaff stated that ritual murders might have really taken place – that were committed by Jews seeking revenge for conversions of their fellow Jews beginning with the First Crusade of 1096 and onwards.

“Such acts were instinctive, visceral, virulent actions, in which innocent Christian children became victims of vengeance,” Toaff wrote in the book’s preface. “Their blood bathed the altars of a god who, it was believed, needed to be guided, sometimes impatiently pushed to protect and to punish.” Read Blood Passover In English Here. Read Jewish Blood Ritual of St Simon of Trent Here.

BRINGING THE ‘BLOOD LIBEL’ CHARGE UP TO DATE, it comes as no surprise that Israel is looked upon as the focal point in the illegal organ trade.

Time and time again, Israeli organ trade rings are uncovered and exposed.

In a recent article by former analyst with the US National Security Agency, Wayne Madsen, Israel is shown to be the center of the global organ trade.

Madsen reports that Chinese police discovered that a restaurant in the Shenzen province was an organ harvesting center with links to Israel. The center was operated with medical expertise from Turkish military surgeons who identified usable organs for Israelis. (Turkey and Israel have a military alliance.)

The Shenzen restaurant’s refrigerators were packed with human remains: limbs, spines, and heads which were boiled down and dumped into the sewer. Bones were crushed and likewise went down the sewer pipes. But the usable organs were packed off to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Who knows? Perhaps a dozen kidneys were sent to Rabbi Rosenbaum through his Israeli agents as well…


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Brother Nathanael @ August 25, 2009


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  2. A Man of peace August 25, 2009 @ 3:13 pm


    Profoundly disturbing story, its unbelievable.

    Truth proves to be more stranger than fiction — ever more so.

    This “god” of theirs seems to put a price on EVERYTHING. Wealth and capital, “success”, debauched and morally bankrupt.

    The poor families, what right does any state have over a human body? The things they are doing are a hell on earth not below.

    They are so SCARED of history, fingers in ears, hands over eyes, KARMA is an almighty force coming back to bite the biters.

    A Mammon nightmare, One big soulless machine.

  3. LEE August 25, 2009 @ 5:06 pm

    This is more horrific than the tales of the so called Holocaust. I was brought up with the understanding that the poor Jews in Aushwitz and other camps were the victims of horrible torture and other atrocities.

    It seems today with the help of Godly men like Brother Nate and others, we now know that these are lies and if any, these Jews are the perpeptators of unspeakable crimes against children and others who get in their way. My heart is broken.

  4. Anonymous August 25, 2009 @ 6:39 pm

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ,

    I suffer from emphysema (even though I never smoked), which is an incurable condition, but I would never support this organ sale cartel and its dehumanizing practices to potentially prolong my life.

  5. Mike S August 25, 2009 @ 7:14 pm

    Keep up the good work!

    Stealing organs is disgusting.

    I’m glad the world is finally taking notice of a least some of their atrocious actions.

  6. george August 25, 2009 @ 8:07 pm

    These rabbi organ salesmen sure aren’t growing the “products” in test tubes…now where do you think they are getting them from?

  7. anonymous August 26, 2009 @ 1:44 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I am an atheist, and for the moment I am unlikely to convert to Christianity. However, I have tremendous respect for you and for your message.

    I am in financial difficulty right now (who isn’t?), but I will send you what little I can. It will be anonymous; I ask myself whether the people who donate to you onymously (if I may use such a word) are not putting themselves in danger. Who is to say that you-know-who isn’t watching?

    Nevertheless, you are a wonderful example of a human being; somebody that deserves the love and thanks of us all, Christians, Atheists, Jews, Muslims.

    I have two questions which I would like to present humbly to you. If you were to entertain them, I would be honored. If you find them offensive, I apologize, but I must say that you have earned my respect not by being somebody who takes offense at honest questions, but rather by virtue of your straightforward honesty.

    So if you will humor me (or if anybody else cares to do so, I would also be grateful for their insights), my questions are as follows:

    1. Miracles. The great philosopher David Hume expressed the idea well when he said: If a person or book tells of a miracle, we should ask ourselves – Which would more miraculous, that the miracle occurred, or that an error occurred in the transmission of information? Surely, an error or exaggeration would be less miraculous. Now, when we are presented with two possible explanations for an observed fact, it is rational to prefer the less miraculous of the two, because the less miraculous is the more likely. Given that we are presented with documents which come from “The Time Of Very Unreliable Information And Many Exaggerated Tales of Giants and Cyclopses and Dragons” which speak of miracles, should we not ask ourselves whether these tales of miracles are perhaps errors or exaggerations?

    (As an aside: If your teachings do not rely on a firm belief in the miracles, but, rather, you teach that the moral teachings of Jesus (regardless of whether such a person existed and was the “Son of God”), such as repentance and forgiveness of sin, love for all mankind and so on, are principles to which all people should adhere, then my first question is moot.)

    2. If we are to take the world as we find it today, with the Bible as it is and recorded history being as it is, as a manifestation of God’s will, then surely Islam must also be a manifestation of God’s will. So what singles out Orthodox Christianity as the “One True Religion” above, for example, Islam? In other words, how can I (supposing I am willing to make the leap of faith and entertain the notion of a being who consciously wills the world to be the way it is) believe that God has deliberately presented the world’s billion Muslims with a cruel deception?

    I do apologize if my questions offend you; that was not at all my intention. I am simply trying to understand, and I respect you and believe that you may very well be able to help me understand, as you have helped me to understand other things.

  8. Truff August 26, 2009 @ 2:53 am

    Went to the Aftonbladet site and read Boströms article.

    Funny how the Israelis and their lapdogs only answer is ad hominem attacks as usual.

    Incredible mind control indeed.

  9. Stav August 26, 2009 @ 3:01 am

    Hi all,

    Apart from the unbelievable evil of these people’s actions, there one one thing that makes a great impression on me.

    On the one hand, they believe us (Palestinians included of course) to be CATTLE. This means that they view us as unclean, as dirty animals. Thus they kill the Palestinians as if they were some kind of plague of rats or something.

    On the other hand, THEY ARE WILLING TO USE THEIR ORGANS ON JEWISH PEOPLE AND THUS THEY STEAL THEM IN UTTER CONTEMPT FOR ANY ETHICAL VALUE WHAT SO EVER. That is a great contradiction in it self. And one can derive several conclusions from this:

    1) They only LIKE to believe that they are superior and essentially the only humans on earth. It suits their goals and so they choose to believe it. Practically, however, they prove that they KNOW that we are all humans, simply by accepting to use Palestinian derived organs for their own medical purposes. What utter hypocrisy.

    2) The great number of Zionist lower level soldiers, and even doctors, and every one involved in this despicable organ trafficking operation, are simply FOLLOWING ORDERS BLINDLY. They are SHEEP just like many other people who live in this world, and are blindly following their masters orders, regardless of their beliefs, even if these beliefs are terrible in the first place.

    What I mean by this, is that if a Jew believes that a Palestinian or any other non-Jew is sub-human, then why would they accept their organs inside of them? Especially when they are so strongly avoiding even simple touch from gentiles in various cases? If I were (momentarily) to put my self in their twisted world view, I would NEVER accept to deal with organ trafficking when these organs belong to a sub-human race which is to be viewed as dirty and stupid.

    3) So, since the elite Zionist controllers are happy for their OWN JEWISH people, to act like sheep and follow orders without any questioning, then what can we possibly derive from these elite Zionists?

    Well, in my view, I think that they view EVERY ONE else, other than themselves, Jewish or not, to be expendable and stupid. They are driven by utter selfishness, and are bound and raging towards annihilation of ANYONE who stands in their way. Thus one can view their actions as a kind of out of control madness, a serious violent psychological disease, a frantic seizure of massive psychotic proportions, that is simply beyond any hope for reversal.

    This fact, should be realized firstly by the Jews themselves, they should see the utter hypocrisy of their leaders, who choose to even ignore their own twisted beliefs, when it comes to profit of any kind.

    One more last thing that we can derive from the above is also this: These people, are nowhere near, or even in any kind of elation, to being spiritually driven. Their concern is taking control of this physical world, and that makes them a very weird, and at first illogical combination of Satanism and Atheism. But it is not, their Atheism is one of utter contempt for God’s creations, as is their immense, massive ungratefulness.

    And the satanic part of their actions is derived from their leaders kabalistic=satanic practices, which demonize them of course, but also their followers who are continually giving consent to satan to take them over, by blindly accepting any and all orders of their superiors.

    This explains their display of frantic-demonized tantrums, which unfortunately cost the lives of so many. It also explains their slower and more calculated plans for complete derailment of society and all of it’s good values. Their actions are satanic in the most profound way, they want to distort and laugh at Gods creation, they are not merely happy to steal or kill, they want to defile and enjoy the process.

    It is tragic for them, as they cannot possibly escape the judgment of our All Mighty Creator of the Universe – including Jews of course, and any Jews need to repent fast and turn to the true law of God FAST.


  10. morris August 26, 2009 @ 3:10 am

    2 videos of the Swedish journalist Donald Bostrom –

    Donald Bostrom: “Israeli Govt needs to read about democracy”:


    Donald Bostrom Swedish Journalist on Israeli organ harvesting:


  11. Questions about religion answered August 26, 2009 @ 4:31 am

    Dear Anonymous:

    Religion is ubiquitous. It answers a need in people to know what their place in the universe is and how they should behave, and why. Joseph Campbell writes about religion and its purposes. Religion is also, and must be, culture-specific, to answer the emotional needs of its people.

    If a society loses its religion, then its culture is dead and others can exploit it. The Jews know this and their prime aim is to destroy Christian culture.

  12. A Man of peace August 26, 2009 @ 5:36 am

    To anonymous,

    Regardless of miracles or not it should not deter one from understanding the things that are tangible. Even if one was to think its just stories they prove to bring great insight within our own life time.

    Two thousand years ago Jesus denounced the temples and their usury, is this not an eternal truth? to this day?

    History presents many truths that were spoken/written for a better way of life for us all to live in peace together. This is the message I get from Christ, walking on water and curing the blind may be metaphors and myths one cannot know this, stories of folklore, nevertheless it shouldn’t take away the wisdom that is relevant and that HAS stood the test of time.

    There are many Men/women of God in this world it is not a monopoly of one, God is in every heart but in some it is truly awoken beyond the mundane. It is like we are all raindrops small and individual in scope but together an ocean, this divide and separation is the disconnection from God.

    Jesus to me was and is the ethics of the heavens incarnate here on earth. The remnants of this understanding that we are all one under the same moon stars and sun.

    But for some they think their “GOD’ is bigger, is better.. has chosen Races over others…

    This is a manipulation of something that is meant to be simple, there is no competition, things just are. one of the biggest problems is these people don’t understand the eternal now, always thinking of the future or lamenting the past. Never just here and at one with oneself and others, like a child thats innocent without all the prejudices and discriminations.

    This eternal now is love, and Christ is the Ethics of the heavens incarnate within our world.

  13. Michael K. August 26, 2009 @ 6:35 am

    Dear Stav,

    I believe that in answer to your question of what particular tenet allows Jews to both consider everyone else cattle, and yet acknowledge organ compatibility with said cattle:

    My reading of the Kabballah indicates that the Jewish esoteric tradition teaches them that they are the only ones with SOULS. Hence, although all of our bodies are corruptible animal flesh, the Jew has an immortal soul which reaches unto his ‘god’, while the rest of us don’t. Another meaning to “The Eternal Jew”?

    Of course this nonsense is rooted not in the Old Testament scriptures, but in the ‘Oral Tradition’. Back to tribalism and group identity which continually subvert the emergence of a sense of individual moral responsibility.

  14. Stand up for truth August 26, 2009 @ 8:31 am

    We have to email this article to as many people as possible. The truth is out, this Jewish organ trafficking operation is not going to go away. We cannot let them get away with this barbaric and murderous agenda.

  15. enya" August 26, 2009 @ 8:33 am

    The Jewish underground warned the respected German/American hero aviator Charles Lindbergh many times to stop telling the U>S> to keep out of the war, so the Jews took his baby and used it in ritual killing, and the innocent Bruno Hauptman was hanged for the crime.

  16. enya" August 26, 2009 @ 8:42 am

    What about St. Simon of Trent, St. Hugh of London, St. Christopher of Toledo and the other child martyrs who were canonized and then de-canonized in 1965?

  17. alboraq August 26, 2009 @ 9:30 am

    The paradox of all these prohibitions against anyone daring to criticise or question anyone because they’re Jewish is that it enables the likes of Bernie Madoff – whose chief, if not only victims, were Jews – to carry on unchecked for decades.

    It may actually be that Mr Netanyahu sincerely believes the crime these soldiers’re supposed to’ve committed is too horrible for words, and that Israel as a nation has no part in it, but that doesn’t mean mercenary individual Jewish military out to make a buck wouldn’t also stoop so low.

    Or are we to believe that only goyim are capable of such criminality?

    But if so, then why’ve the Jews needed to develop over countless centuries what’s been called, “the most formidable code of ethics ever devised”?

  18. Fr. Joseph August 26, 2009 @ 9:36 am

    Dear anonymous,

    Per your public invitation

    “So if you (Br. Nathanael) will humor me (of if anybody else cares to do so, I would also be grateful for their insights), my questions are as follows:”

    Regarding ‘MIRACLES’, the immediate knee-jerk response in people nowadays is to place them in some sort of ‘Oddity’ compartment and simply ‘kept on file’ tucked away safely in a locked cabinet or to outright reject ‘Miracles’ with either rabid disbelief or a sophisticated skepticism.

    The underlying reason for these sorts of reactions to and with ‘Miracles’ is that people are confronted with a ‘Sudden Shock’ that THEY are not ‘in-charge’ of their living life affairs on this planet earth as much as they thought so. That reaction applies to religious people, non-religious people and entirely IRreligious people.

    We religious, non-religious and IRreligious people are of the ‘natural’ order of things, and authentic Miracles cause us a certain degree of ‘shock’ in causing us to use these ‘natural’ natures of ours to consider the actual reality of a SUPERnatural Order of Things.

    And that SUPERnatural Order of Things causes us the discomfort in realizing that these ‘natural’ natures of ours are SUBJECT TO a SUPERnatural and Higher Order.

    And ‘we’ don’t like that one iota precisely because we believe our ‘free will’ empowers us to be gods and goddesses allowing ourselves to ‘call the shots’ with what we want to do with these lives of ours and with this planet earth on which we all move, live and have our being.

    – Fr. Joseph

  19. Fr. Joseph August 26, 2009 @ 9:49 am

    Dear anonymous,

    Now are you sure you are an ATHEIST or are you more of an AGNOSTIC? Atheists are hard-nosed DENIERS that there is a Supernatural Order of Things to which they are subject and to which they are expected to submit their freely willed cooperation.

    AGNOSTICS simply ‘doubt’ and are ‘skeptical’ about the existance of a Supernatuaral Order that they can’t see, feel, touch, smell or hear with their NATURAL human senses and powers of NATURAL human reasonings and deduction.

    Nevertheless, let us grant that you ARE a hard-nosed ATHEIST. Fine. No problem.

    Now with that ATHEIST’s human nature, you still recognize the overt and practical need for people to ‘get along’.

    This entire idea/notion/field of study called ‘getting along with one another’ is summarized by the words MORALITY and ETHICS.

    Now there are two world ‘religions’ that are really NOT religions in the true sense of that word ‘religion’. They are Confucianism and Buddhism.

    “Religion” comes to us from the Latin ‘religio’ which simply means BOND BETWEEN MAN AND GOD.

    True authentic Confuciansim and Buddhism DO NOT concern themselves with a ‘Theology’ regarding God as Creator but rather BOTH address our universal HUMAN condition – that we MUST have sort of of universal ‘getting along together’ body of knowledge and practice AND our universal HUMAN condition of suffering, of being miserable, of experiencing sorrow, disappointment, etc.

    Confucianism and Buddhism BOTH deal with the necessity of HUMAN MORALITY and HUMAN ETHICS so that human beings CAN live together, cooperate together so as to HELP one another in living a much more fuller and satisfying HUMAN life here on planet earth.

    Regarding Confucianism, please read an overview of it in the left hand panel on this webpage:

    And about Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths and Eight Fold Plan here:

    Please take critical note that NEITHER of them deal with ‘Theology’ and the ‘Nature of God Himself’.

    – Fr. Joseph

  20. Fr. Joseph August 26, 2009 @ 10:02 am

    Dear anonymous,

    So both Confucianism and Buddhism deal with human SPIRITUALITY and BOTH confront and accept the spiritual REALITY that there is “something WRONG” with human beings and the human race and with human society.

    This, their dealing with the “something WRONG” with the Human Race, brings us onto the threshold of Christian Morality, Spirituality and Theology.

    This “something WRONG” with our Human Race is the result of the theological term of ‘Original Sin’ and ‘Sin’ in general.

    The term ‘Sin’ comes to us from the ancient sport of ARCHERY. If one does NOT hit the target or if one does NOT hit the bulls-eye while being perfectly capable of doing exactly that, that term of MISSING THE TARGET was given and still is called ‘SIN’.

    ‘Sin’ denotes the deliberate MISUSE of these human natures of ours as our God and Creator INTENDED/INTENDS.

    Just to use purely PHYSICAL illustrations, imagine a person with two good feet and two good legs CHOICE to crawl around on all fours like a dog IN DEFIANCE of their ability to stand upright and walk on two feet.

    Or, consider a person having a spoonfuls worth of mashed potatoes DELIBERATELY attempting to shove them into his or her left of right ear IN DEFIANCE of their ability to use their mouths in order to eat and swallow those mashed potatoes.

    If one truly DOES have the free will and the ability TO DO SOMETHING that naturally and simply NEEDS to be done or to have done – and one does NOT conform the functions and purpose of one’s own human nature – that is what is called ‘SIN’ in the Christian Church’s Moral Teachings.

    People nowadays do NOT like the idea of God, to hear about God, to consider God, to listen to God, to study about God BECAUSE they simply want TO DO whatever it is that they WANT TO DO with their lives and their human natures.

    Make sense to you so far?

    – Fr. Joseph

  21. Stav August 26, 2009 @ 11:06 am

    Dear Michael K,

    You said:
    “My reading of the Kabballah indicates that the Jewish esoteric tradition teaches them that they are the only ones with SOULS.”

    Granted, but in general my understanding is that we gentiles are to be viewed as dirty. How could a Jew, accept a gentile organ in their body if they consider it dirty, i.e. the original “owner” person did not follow traditional Jewish life?

    This is why I said what I said really, what do you think?


  22. catholic August 26, 2009 @ 11:11 am

    Enya” you wrote “What about St. Simon of Trent, St. Hugh of London, St. Christopher of Toledo and the other child martyrs who were canonized and then de-canonized in 1965?”

    Could you please provide some links in this comments section concerning this topic that I could read?

    Also, if you have some links concerning Charles Lindbergh’s baby please post them, too. This is very interesting, many traditional Catholics are very suspicious of what went on during Vatican II.

  23. catholic August 26, 2009 @ 11:15 am

    I am going to start reading the Book “Blood Passover” by Ariel Toaff that Brother Kapner posted a link to in this article.

    When I finish reading it I will post comments here.

  24. Stav August 26, 2009 @ 12:49 pm

    Dear Anonymous,

    Let me be predictable and opt in this time also.

    In addition to Fr. Joseph’s comments I have to add the following:

    1) About Miracles.

    It is generally true, that miracles will not be personally experienced by one who does not have faith. Thus, do not expect any definitive proof of miracles, although if you have a little bit of faith in you even unknowingly, there are more than a dozen of pointers I can give you.

    Personally, I find the universe to be a miracle, the universe itself and our existence here can be logically proven to be a miracle. There are also other things, that can be proven to be miracles, such as mathematics, the physical laws, etc. etc. But I think that is far to long winded to include here.

    I personally am VERY capable of rationalism, and thus, while I have personally experienced miracles, I am also fully aware that I cannot use this personal experience as proof that they actually occurred, and thus I will not do so.

    Generally speaking, a miracle will only occur once you already have acquired faith, by believing something that has not been proven to you conclusively. Thus, again, I would say to you, do NOT expect any miracles to help you find faith. Unfortunately or fortunately it will occur the other way around. So as far as finding miracles to “ignite” your faith if you have none, I have to say, you are most probably not going to encounter any.

    But then again, I have not met a person yet, who has not at least implied that they have a little or a lot of faith in something they have not had conclusive proof for. This may not be religion or religious things, but nevertheless, they do believe in some things, rather than know them to be true.

    So the mechanism is the same here, you can use a scientific like process if you like, and “assume temporarily” that something is true, and from that point expand your view of the world, perhaps tracking your steps back every time you get to a dead end. This particular mechanism is the same as we do in science, i.e. develop a theory, accept it as true temporarily or provisionally, test our theory etc. etc. and continue this way.

    The only difference (for which I have no proof other than subjective experiences) is that you will not be able to pass on your findings, even though you will personally be sure about them. There is a Theological reason for this of course. It is to keep you free to believe IF you want to.

    2) Your second argument and question.

    Actually if you take your initial statement in point 2) and analyzes it, you will find that it is illogical.

    You say:
    “If we are to take the world as we find it today, with the Bible as it is and recorded history being as it is, as a manifestation of God’s will, then surely Islam must also be a manifestation of God’s will. So what singles out Orthodox Christianity as the “One True Religion” above, for example, Islam? ”

    In particular, the logical error you have made is here:

    “…Bible as it is and recorded history being as it is, as a manifestation of God’s will, then surely Islam must also be a manifestation of God’s will…”

    The logical error, is that by characterizing of a set of information as a “manifestation of God’s will” does not automatically, make anything else with this same characterization also actually “a manifestation of God’s will”. Thus, essentially, you are comparing subjective descriptions and if they are the same, you assume they must be all valid. That lacks any kind of proof. Thus, the answer is that no, it is not enough to find any and all entities described as “manifestations of God’s will” and automatically equalize their value based on this description.

    There is more information needed to determine the value of any entity, such as the quality and make up of each entity and the derived data that each entity can offer you. Thus, what I am saying is, further analysis is needed to make any such determination. So ultimately, this means that you should not (as far as following a rational process goes) try to derive any further conclusions for the statement you made above, because that statement is logically incorrect and thus it is not suitable for use as a source of further conclusions. So, I will not comment on the further text of your second question, as it is based on false logic.

    You asked what the difference is for example between Orthodoxy and other faiths. My answer to you, in order to be understood correctly, has two components:

    1) The rational component, which is mainly logic, theology and history.
    2) The spiritual component, which includes such things as for example, Faith in Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity , that the Bible is God inspired, that there is such as thing a Holy Tradition etc. etc.

    Now, as you call yourself an atheist and thus you would either be unable or unwilling to understand or accept the 2nd component as presented above, I would suggest, that it may perhaps not be time for you to explore the difference between the two in its full, complete depth. However you can explore component 1) which goes as follows:

    Before I continue, you must understand that I speak from the context of a believer, and thus I have a set of Christian subjective principles I believe in. Now in order for you to understand what is going to follow, I’d say that there is no point reading further if all you are going to think is that the “axioms”, prerequisites or principles are subjective and thus it’s all unproven.

    Remember, that since you asked, you have to step out of your own shoes temporarily to understand what I am saying. Subjective information may not constitute proof or evidence for you personally, however it does constitute proof and evidence for some people, including me.

    Thus while subjective, it does not mean that it is wrong until proven wrong. And by extension, it also does not mean that any derived theory (theology in our case) from these subjective principles is wrong. It just means that you personally have no conclusive evidence.

    Continued below

  25. Stav August 26, 2009 @ 12:50 pm

    Continued from above…

    Here goes anyway:

    Historically speaking, Orthodoxy, is what Christianity developed to, within the first approximate 1000 years of Christianity. After that, the one initial Church split into significantly large separate parts. But here I am talking about the initial Church, which was one body for the first 1000 years.

    It was developed like that collectively, and the faith was solidified and documented to great detail by people who we call the Fathers of the Church. Many of these Fathers were fully versed in logical/rational thinking as many had also classical training in logic, philosophy etc. etc. before they documented their Theology. This particular Theology was developed upon some strict principles (much like axioms in mathematics). These principles, are in fact subjective in nature, and REQUIRE FAITH in order for one to accept them.

    HOWEVER is it VERY important to understand that the construct we call Orthodox Theology is actually completely scientific as far as its development beyond these basic subjective “axioms”, much like mathematics. Because of this meticulous analysis and logical definition of the Church’s Theology they were able to successfully prove to any person who believed these principles, that this Theology was perfect in it’s development and factual and logical support.

    Thus, all false theories, which arose from tie to time, were successfully filtered out of the Church up to the point fo the great split (schism). Remember this was before the Inquisitions, before what is called the Roman Catholic church before Protestants, before television-evangelism, before any of this stuff.

    After this initial approximate period of 1000 years, things went wrong for reasons I am sure you can find by checking history out. However, the part of the Church that is still called Orthodox, stuck to the original principles and Theological construct, while the rest, made additions and changes to it.

    As far as your question goes, regarding why I would personally view Orthodoxy as “correct” and not others, here are a couple of examples:

    Take the Muslim religion for example. Orthodoxy or Christianity had already asserted (always based on common principles and logically) that Jesus Christ was God Himself long before Muslims existed. It has done this logically and via deep, conclusive analysis and properly phrased Theology. Also, it had concluded that anyone (spirit or physical being) who claimed otherwise, was not right, amongst other things.

    Yet Mohamed, was visited by a spirit, who claimed that Jesus was not God, but merely a prophet. There is of course other, tremendous differences between Christianity and Muslims, but this is one example where the two contradict each other. Now what makes this quite important, is that Mohamed, tried to use a subset of the principles which I mentioned above, to prove his new theology. But his theology was flaky and that is an understatement.

    His writings are full of circular logic of the kind of: “I am right because I am right” or “I am right because I say so” or “I get to say so because I am right” etc. etc. and an amateurish kind of “logic” which is obviously a result of Mohamed’s own lack of proper education.

    Thus, if one compared the Orthodoxy and the Muslim religion based on logic, (and always knowing that we are talking about religions and thus there is going to be a basis that has it’s root in the supernatural), one will find that the one is a well founded and well developed religion (Christianity) and the other is a simplified authoritarian approach upheld by physical force. Thus, as far as Theologies go, the Orthodox one is superior when it comes to the Theoretical advantage it has.

    A second example: Buddhism for example, is much different to Muslim religion. It was a product of intense philosophizing, and thus has a completely different character. It has intelligence, logical thinking etc. etc. However, it also displays a very important lack of logic and reason, in its basic assertions. For example, it does not explain WHY we humans are here on earth, in an ultimate way.

    That is to say for example, they believe that one is supposed to join God, however one is already God in some unexplained way. Thus, the question remains, WHY does God need to join God if He is already God? And WHY does any Buddhist ( who ultimately believes is God) need to “kill” any connection with the physical world via extreme meditation, when he (I mean the person who believes that they are God) joined the physical world in the first place? These answers are paramount if one is to add real value to this or any religion.

    I could give you countless example of this, in fact every single religion has such logical and practical “holes”, except Christianity and especially Orthodox Christianity. Purpose has been explained, the way has been explained, the reason has been explained, the method has been explained and more. And all of these things are not merely explained, but also supported.

    The one thing that you need however to do, is to accept the prerequisite, which is to accept existence beyond the obvious physical, in order to take any religion seriously. So there you have it, we re back at square one.

    As regards to Atheism goes, I personally believe that there is no such thing. If one takes down the meaning of God in a general sense, one could describe it as the “ultimate authority”. Now an atheist or agnostic, will simply displace this ultimate authority to themselves.

    That is to say, they either deny the existence of any other authority based on their own authority, or as is the case with agnostics, they delay the recognition of any other authority, but they do this, by placing thier own authority as the primary one until time comes to accept something else as the utlimate authority.

    Thus, guess what? Atheists and Agnostics, actually do have an ultimate authority, which is themselves! Thus, their God, is themselves. THEY decide what is truth, THEY decide what is subjective, and/or THEY decide when to believe something. Thus as you can see from my point of view, I see Atheists and Agnostics as simply a person who has decided that THEY are their own God. Thus what they mean to say when they say that they are Atheists, is really, “I do not believe in any other God except my self”…

    There is however a tragic connection to making your self God in the place of the true God. The belief that one is their own God, is actually an ancient one, far more ancient that we could know exactly. And it is promoted by Zionists all over the world. In fact, this is the exact principle by which Zionists explain all their despicable actions away. That is, if you look to find the ultimate reason for their actions, in their own words.

    This is also exactly what Satan has done, with catastrophic results. And, additionally, this approach of either denial or delegation to another time, (by the obvious authority of the person it self), is actually also an illogical approach. Why you ask? Its simply because as humans we cannot possibly know everything, and thus, anyone who puts their own authority as the primary one, is bound to make mistakes if not by reasoning errors, then definitely by lack of information.

    Finally, I’d like to say, that the Atheist and Agnostic movement, is not what it seems to be, i.e. a movement of independent thought, but rather a carefully orchestrated plan to rip people of a personal knowledge of God, by keeping them too proud to reach out to Him.

    You think you don’t have faith, let me give you my personal advice (not obliged to take it off course), then ask God to give you some. There you go, take some completely illogical statement, which however will be proven to you beyond any doubt, once you take the first step. But you will find you will not be able to pass it on…

    I have already gone far to long with this, so I’ll leave it at that.


  26. JRnOK August 26, 2009 @ 1:09 pm

    Article Ref: 12d/02m/2007 HAARETZ.COM
    Bar-Ilan Prof. Defiant on Blood Libel Book ‘Even if Crucified’:
    By Ofri Ilani, Haaretz Correspondent

    In this article, Professor Ariel Toaff of Bar-Ilan University in Israel made this quoted comment about his new book BLOOD PASSOVER:

    “Over many dozens of pages I proved the centrality of blood on Passover,” Toaff said. “Based on many sermons, I concluded that blood was used, especially by Ashkenazi Jews, and that there was a belief in the special curative powers of children’s blood. It turns out that among the remedies of Ashkenazi Jews were powders made of blood.”

    He also stated: “I will not give up my devotion to the truth and academic freedom even if the world crucifies me.”

    Lets hope neither the professor or Aftonbladet and the Swedish journalist Donald Bostrom give up on telling the truth.

  27. Fr. Joseph August 26, 2009 @ 1:48 pm

    Dear anomynous,

    Once people accept the self-evident truth that they, themselves, are NOT the ones who brought this ‘All’ in which they move, live and have their being into being – and if they allow themselves to wonder about THAT for a wee bit of time – they all come to the same identical conclusion that there is a SUPERnatural Order – and this SUPERnatural Order is the result of a SUPERnatural Being.

    Those who, at the very least, accept the ontological truth that THEY are not the Cause for all that is seen or Unseen, wind up in any one of the following general categories: Theism, Monotheism, Polytheism, Deism, Pantheism, etc.

    A very good and succinct summary from a very antagonistic-to-Christ-and-Christianity source:

    – Fr. Joseph

  28. Fr. Joseph August 26, 2009 @ 2:01 pm

    Dear anonymous,

    The next logical step in one’s RELIGIOUS search – understanding that ‘Religion’ comes from the Latin ‘Religio’ which MEANS bond between man and God – is to wonder and ask the question(s)

    Can and would GOD reveal Himself to Mankind?

    Can Mankind come to know God Himself?

    If one is a DEIST who holds to any form of DEISM, one adopts that position because it gives one ‘The Excuse’ from making any other personal inquiry into the nature and existance of God as well as denying any possibility that God has, could and would make Direct Divine Contacts with the Human Race.

    For you see, from the Deist’s and Deism’s unspoken point-of-view, IF God did in fact make Direct Divine Contact with the Human Race, then THAT MEANS they are then RESPONSIBLE to accept that which God reveals to them!

    To perserve one’s own command-control and total possession of one’s FREE WILL in order to do exactly what one wants any old time one wants to do that entails the unspoken spiritual desire to partake in one’s own ‘LICENSE’ regarding life and its living.

    But if the Supernatural Being HAS made contact and HAS expressed Divine Will to people, then we begin to consider the many forms of ‘Theism’ – Polytheism and Monotheism both included – and the Supernatural and what has been revealed as the Supernatural Will for Mankind.

    The ‘Theisms’ – Poly and Mono types – makes DISCIPLES and ADHERENTS of the members of the Human Race.

    – Fr. Joseph

  29. Fr. Joseph August 26, 2009 @ 3:01 pm

    Dear anomynous,

    The next “logical” step in Mankind’s religious quest in trying to “figure out” their BOND beteen themselves and the Supernatural Order is the development of POLYtheism – the belief in MANY gods and goddess.

    And the reason for THAT is very, very simple.

    Human beings, whether living in isolation with himself or herself OR more to be expected in a tribe or some sort of community of people live in this ‘All’ NOT of their making with their FINITE nature.

    Meaning to say, a man has to devote himself and his efforts and attention to building A FIRE while a woman has to devote herself and her efforts in taking care of her offspring.

    Mankind – men and women – because of their universal FINITE nature find that they can only DO ONE THING at a time with any sort of regular success. AFTER one builds one’s FIRE then one can get on with going out to fish or trap or farm or gather edibles.

    Now then, with this INNATE personal knowledge and experience of their FINITE nature is “doing stuff”, they cannot help but notice that there is AIR that blows and their are OCEANS that constantly make waves and there are BIRD flying around and that there are TREES and PLANTS growing – and all of this is going on SIMULTANEOUSLY and ALL-AT-ONCE.

    The apparently “logical” deduction for primitive human societies was to come to the apparently conclusion that there is a ‘god of the air’ who did nothing but make the air move, a ‘god of the sea’, a ‘god of the birds’, a ‘god of the volcanos’, a ‘god of the trees and plants’, a ‘god of just about anything and everything’!

    Hence, the REASON for ‘Polytheism’.

    You have polytheism in Hinduism, in the Greek culture and mythologies, in the Roman Pantheon, in virtually every last primitive and ancient civilization ON ACCOUNT OF people looking upon and at this ‘All’ in which the move, live and have their being while utilizing their FINITE human natures.

    So the ‘Ancients’ – to include the Egyptians – are INTRODUCED to MONOtheism via Abraham and Moses.

    – Fr. Joseph

  30. Joanne August 26, 2009 @ 4:04 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael,

    Below is an article from the BBC Website:

    China joints in on organ trafficking to take the focus and heat off Israel…the Zionists love to blame and criminalize other nations for their atrocities.


    China admits death row organ use:

    Chinese criminals are sentenced to death in Wenzhou, China executes more people than any other nation.

    China is trying to move away from the use of executed prisoners as the major source of organs for transplants.

    According to the China Daily newspaper, executed prisoners currently provide two-thirds of all transplant organs.

    The government is now launching a voluntary donation scheme, which it hopes will also curb the illegal trafficking in organs.

    But analysts say cultural bias against removing organs after death will make a voluntary scheme hard to implement.

    Thriving black market (Zionist controlled):

    About 1.5 million people in China need transplants, but only about 10,000 operations are performed annually, according to the health ministry.

    The scarcity of available organs has led to a thriving black market in trafficked organs, and in an effort to stop this the government passed a law in 2007 banning trafficking as well as the donation of organs to unrelated recipients.

    But in practice, illegal transplants – some from living donors – are still frequently reported by the media and the Ministry of Health.

    Human rights groups have often criticised China for its lack of transparency over organ donation, but critics have focused particular concern on the use of body parts from executed prisoners.

    In a rare admission of the extent to which this takes place, China Daily – citing unnamed experts – said on Wednesday that more than 65% of organ donations come from death row prisoners.

    China executes more people than any other country. Amnesty International said at least 1,718 people were given the death penalty in 2008.

    The China Daily quoted Vice-Health Minister Huang Jiefu as saying that condemned prisoners were “definitely not a proper source for organ transplants”.

    The new scheme is therefore designed to reduce the reliance on death row inmates, as well as regulating the industry by combating the illegal trafficking of organs.

    The system will be piloted in 10 provinces and cities, and a fund will be started to provide financial aid to donors’ families.

  31. Sean August 26, 2009 @ 4:28 pm

    Don’t be surprised that this happens — many disappeared or missing children since thousand years till present. This is like that situation of police looking for missing kids as no one know where are missing kids.

    The Jews have hidden them for use in “blood passover”, or else for Jewish needs, or for their worship Jehovah-Yaldaboath the demiurge. Why does your country keep all Jews and Zionists to let them stay with your country?

    WAKE UP and WATCH OUT for Dangerous JEWS and ZIONISTS, and catch them and kick out of your country.

  32. charlie August 26, 2009 @ 5:25 pm

    The notion that sin starts and stops with free will is erroneous and misleading and should never be taught in this way.

    Free will is preceded by original sin and its effect.

    It is succeeded by slavery to the sin given in to and the need to repent, literally, in order for God himself to loose the bonds of sin that this slavery creates.

    The failure, even in emphasis, to address these phenomenon as a whole unit, in the traditional approach in teaching from the pulpit on sin, also from the catechism and from the social morality of the time, which in any case derive from the above, is the cause of unfounded guilt, self loathing and hatred, and is the cause of further separation and isolation from God and further bondage to our sinful natures – all of this is the work of Satan.

    Again, this is the type of thing Vatican II should have addressed in place of for instance, ecumenism, or trying get along with people that hate you. It just doesn’t work, which is the reason for the divide in the first place.

    As for miracles. God would work a miracle in your life every day if you turn to him, believe in him, follow him, love him, and thank him especially for his suffering on our behalf and death on a timber cross, having first descended from heaven into the pure virginal bosum of the sinless one, Mary, the new Eve.

  33. Michael K. August 26, 2009 @ 5:41 pm

    Dear Stav,

    “Granted, but in general my understanding is that we gentiles are to be viewed as dirty. How could a Jew, accept a gentile organ in their body if they consider it dirty, i.e. the original “owner” person did not follow traditional Jewish life?

    This is why I said what I said really, what do you think?”

    RE: This is too simple…a rabbi ‘koshers’ it, and voila! Never underestimate the pragmatic and hypocritical potential here. Essentially, the Jew actually must believe he makes the organ more holy by taking it and using it. It’s a trade off, accepting an organ from a goy, but in the end anything that prolongs or improves quality of life for a Jew is moral to a Jew (the end justifies the means).

    I’m sure these complexities have already been wrestled with by a crack team of Talmudic scholars in the pay of the State of Israel. They’re nothing if not thorough in their approach to bending all their own rules.

  34. anonymous August 26, 2009 @ 6:40 pm

    Many thanks to everybody who replied, especially Fr. Joseph, whose explanations have been very insightful and thought provoking.

    Also thanks to Man of Peace and Stav for your thoughtful comments.

    You’ve given me a lot to think about.

  35. A Man of peace August 26, 2009 @ 7:00 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph

    The Egyptians were introduced to monotheism by Akhenaten.

    The understanding that we are all alive because of the sun, it is the foundation for all life. Like the heart in our body everything has a centre.

    God is the reconnection to that centre.

    Im not a pagan but acknowledge some pagan beliefs, native Indians could be called pagans. Its a profound connection with nature and that is the Almighty.

    The sun is like the Almighty’s heart, beating eternal as it did and does within Christ.

    Eternal light? what’s the biggest light in our sky. Why is heaven above?

    Sometimes when you talk about such things people may think your some “new ager”, this to me is out of ignorance. Nature is reality. The last force of nature to be discovered was electricity, we as people are electricity, it is all around as known by Nicola Tesla (a Buddhist).

    We are all energy vibrating like music, the ocean has waves, the heart has waves. Everything has a vibration and the earth itself has a pulse (Schumann resonance).

    This term “New Age” originated because the sun goes through aeons and hence a new age, but there is a massive industry in capitalizing on peoples ignorance. Really the correct term should be a return of an age like a month of may returning again in another year.

  36. paul August 26, 2009 @ 9:09 pm

    Another master piece Br. Nathanael.

    I just wanted to say, way back in Dec/Jan I had a conversation with a friend of mine at work. He is a Muslim and from Egypt. As we were talking about Israel, he looked at me and said “you do know that the Palestinians, that are being killed right now are your Brothers and Sisters”? I looked at him and said “excuse me”! “Yes, 15 to 20 percent of Palestinians are Christians just like you, they believe that Christ was the Messiah”!

    I was taken a back and almost sick. Something is horribly wrong here, I thought, how could that be!! I found your web-site early summer of this year and love it. A huge eye opener.

    To anonymous, all I can say is after all the Education I have and all the travels I have done and taking a moment in this crazy world of ours in silence.

    That is knowing, that Jesus Christ was the Messiah and yes He is coming again.

  37. paul August 26, 2009 @ 9:33 pm

    To A Man of peace,

    I have to disagree with your theory on the age or age to come. I will not go into detail, because this is not what the article is about, but I will say this.

    The Jews regard time as being in two Ages. There is the present Age, which is altogether bad and evil, and incapable of being cured, and fit for destruction. There is the Age to come, which is the golden Age of God and of the Jewish Supremacy.

    But in between the two there would be “The Day of the Lord”, which will be terrible (ww3) it will be the desperate birth pangs of the New Age, or as some call it ‘A NEW WORLD ORDER’. The Old Testament says so much about this. I could continue as there is so much to say about this, but I try to keep to the topic. I know its not easy.

    The true Israel is not composed of any Nation or Race. It is composed of those who accept Jesus Christ in Faith.


  38. KathJuliane August 26, 2009 @ 10:25 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, Man of peace,

    You wrote:

    The last force of nature to be discovered was electricity, we as people are electricity, it is all around as known by Nicola Tesla (a Buddhist).”

    Not a Buddhist. You might be interested to known that Nikola was an Orthodox Serb born in Hungary, and then became a naturalized American citizen. His father was a priest and his mother was quite an inventor herself.

    There’s a Youtube video about Nikola Tesla: “The Forgotten Wizard” posted at the website of St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Indiana:

  39. Sinner August 26, 2009 @ 10:31 pm

    Greetings in Christ to all,

    May the Lord hear our prayers.

    Sickening and may justice be done according to Gods Will.

    Brother Nathanael, may the Theotokos keep you safe and the Saints hear our prayers…The prayers of the Righteous availeth much, as it was also heard in the Old Testament.

    There are no dead in Christ!!!


  40. charlie August 27, 2009 @ 1:13 am

    Donald Bostrom, Swedish Journalist on Israeli Organ Harvesting. 25th august 2009.

    Speaking of mutilation and CHRISTIAN blood libel —

    It was 6 HOURS that Jesus Christ hung on the Cross – not 3, as the Catholic Church teaches, and others follow.

    This is plain from the combined Gospels of Mark and Luke.

    “….now it was about the third hour (9 am) when they crucified him.” (Mark 15-16)

    “…..and it was by now about the sixth hour (midday) when darkness fell over the whole earth until the ninth (3pm) hour, the sun failing, and the curtain was rent in the midst; and Jesus called out with a loud voice and said “Father into thy hands I commend my spirit”, and with these words He expired.” (Luke 23; 44-46)

    ….as to dispel any lingering doubts….

    Mathew 27 45-50.

    “Now from the 6th hour darkness fell over the whole earth to the 9th hour. But about the 9th hour Jesus cried with a loud voice ‘Eli, Eli, lema sabach thani’……..but Jesus again cried out with a loud voice and gave up the ghost.”

    Amazing – all those theologians cannot even add 3+3=6 concerning the Act of salvation of the whole world.

  41. A Man of peace August 27, 2009 @ 4:08 am

    Hi Paul,

    I agree with some of things you say, however the Jews did not invent astronomy, our Creator did. The sun goes through ages, the Jews did not invent this, our CREATOR did. Like the Jews did not invent the zodiac, or the summer and winter solstice.

    Why do people think its ‘New Age’, its a nonsense. It’s always been there. Its one big CIRCLE that spirals across time. Months are divides in degrees, they were known as Mooneths because there are 13 moons a year. the days of our week are named after planets, moonday, sunday, saturday etc. (in french its more obvious), the number 9 is very interesting as a circle is 360 and added make 9 and a woman’s pregnancy takes 9 months.

    Could it be that God does talk in numbers too, the Jews did not invent this. It may be part of some crackpot Masonic ideals, but at the end of the day it has some credence in reality. They have the knowledge and spin fairy-tales like they did back then and they still do today, HOLLYWOOD.

    Thanks KathJuliane

    That’s interesting, I had heard that he leaned towards Buddhist and Hindu philosophy. In a documentary they mention many of his ideas and inventions parallel with some of old the texts written in Sanskrit.

    He was surely one of the most incredible inventors of any time.

  42. Stav August 27, 2009 @ 7:44 am

    Dear Man of Peace,

    You say:
    “The last force of nature to be discovered was electricity, we as people are electricity, it is all around as known by Nicola Tesla (a Buddhist)”

    Apart from the Buddhist thing which KathJuliane answered, I would like to add the following:

    More forces were discovered after electricity, examples of them are electromagnetism (which is a completely different animal than either electricity or magnetism) and for example the weak nucleal force along with other. Regardless, electricity is not regarded as a force, but rather it is electrostatic force that is regarded as such, b ut again things are more complex than that in reality…

    As far as “we people are electricity” goes, that is also not entirely right, one could say that we are energy, as far as the physical matter goes, but again things are much more complex than that if one analyzes it.

    It is generally regarded as a New Age/Zionist view, to see things in such simplistic ways, which perhaps are not wrong in principle, however they can lead to universal views which are not Christian, if not explained in the right context.


  43. Fr. Joseph August 27, 2009 @ 8:44 am

    Dear A Man Of Peace,

    So, okay, you are a ‘PANTHEIST’. That’s the next “logical” step up and out from polytheism.

    In accepting the ‘universality’ in which we ALL move, live and have our being reveals to an honestly observing and sincere individual (who might have lived in the past or currently alive) that the many and various ‘societies of mankind’ are, they themselves, the ones who have ascribed the existance of ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ to the myriad of diverse manifestation within this seen ‘All’ we all move, live and have our being in.

    Surely, the ‘god of the air’ of one nation of peoples who is called upon in time of war to make the whether good for their wars against a neighboring nation-state and who is known by “their name” ascribed to THEIR ‘god of the air’ is known as the ‘god of the air’ by a DIFFERENT name in the nation of people they are about to attack.

    So THAT reveals the utter ‘silliness’ of adhering to ‘polytheism’ – how many ‘gods of the air’ ARE THERE then? Is there a ‘god of the air’ for, lets say, the EGYPTIANS and another ‘god of the air’ from the NUMIDIANS or whatever???

    So PANTHEISM is a logical result of the innate erroneous notions of polytheism.

    Now PANTHEISM dispels the many gods and goddesses of polytheism, but it does so by adopting the notion that all created things are ‘divine’ and that the divine spirit which animates all created things resides WITHIN those created things.

    That is not very much different at all than the religious idea of ‘MANA’ of the very ancient and primitive peoples many millenia ago and results in the development of animism, fetishisms, shamanism and divinization – and all of THESE and their resulting religious beliefs and practices are based on the notion of God being IMMANENT in all of Creation. Look at at rock – there is God. Gaze on a tree – you are looking at God, etc.

    Now PANTHEISTS who reject the idea of God, the Creator, is immanent with created things like rocks and trees adopt the religious doctrine that God is TRANSCENDENT – that God is ‘greater than’ His Own creation and creatures.

    PANTHEISTS who adopt God as TRANSCENDENT and stop there are what are known to us as DEISTS.

    Now we can go on and on and on playing “mix and match” regarding the how might there be a correlation amongst ourselves, creation and the Creator in all sorts of ways, but the underlying unasked question still remains

    ‘Can God reveal Himself as He Is in Himself to Mankind?’

    ‘Can Mankind come to know God as He Is in Himself?’

    You can begin to see the ‘Upcoming Problems’ are ARE and MUST be confronted and overcome should God Himself say of Himself


    if you are going to be thrown into or sent to a peoples of a nation who are PANTHEISTS and hold to the divine spirit being IMMANENT!

    – Fr. Joseph

  44. Fr. Joseph August 27, 2009 @ 9:07 am

    Dear A Man Of Peace,

    So the following might help both you as well as anomynous to consider reading the books of ‘The Bible’s’ OLD Testament with an entirely different perspective and understanding.

    People DO adopt and really and truly DO hold to all sorts of religious beliefs such as POLYtheism and PANTHEISM with the innate understanding that God is IMMANENT.

    Up to this point in time, however, all manner and forms of POLYtheism as well as PANTHEISM with its innate adoption of the divine spirit being immanent are the result of HUMAN thought, HUMAN deduction and HUMAN reasonings. And mankind becomes ‘satisfied’ with their own efforts in coming to know God. And in this human satisfaction that they have come to know ‘all about’ God by their OWN efforts, they no longer see any reason to think about the question

    ‘Can GOD Himself reveal Himself as He Is to Mankind?’

    After all, ingenious HUMAN thinking has ‘figured God out’ and we approach God on OUR terms in OUR way in order TO USE GOD to suite what WE want done and what WE want TO DO with our lives and our lifetimes in God’s creation.

    If God is immanent in ROCKS, and we’ve figured out how to CUT, CRUSH and STACK ROCKS, then we’ve “mastered” God, no?

    Anyways, God Himself answers FOR Mankind whether or not He, God, can reveal Himself as He Is in Himself to Mankind. That He, God, is NOT to be found in pantheism’s rocks or trees nor in polytheism’s gods and goddesses who Mankind has managed to capture and ENCAGE in their temples as might they have done or do with the wild ANIMALS such as donkeys, jack-asses, tigers, lions or bears.

    God reveals Himself as TRANSCENDENT and Master of ALL KNOWN LAWS of nature’s conduct and behaviors by His Self-revelation to MANKIND in the person of MOSES in Moses’ encounter with the BURNING BUSH.

    Thus begins, in earnest, our common Creator and Transcendent God’s Personal and Direct Intervention in Human History and in the education and development of the living spirit WITHIN all the members of Mankind.

    I surely hope that all of this is ‘making sense’ to all of you.

    – Fr. Joseph

  45. Mariano August 27, 2009 @ 9:37 am

    From Israel Shahak’s “Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel” chapter 4:

    Among the religious settlers in the Occupied Territories the Chabad Hassids constitute one of the most extreme groups. Baruch Goldstein, the mass murderer of Palestinians, was one of them. Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh, who wrote a chapter of a book in praise of Goldstein and what he did, is another member of their group. Ginsburgh is the former head of the Yoseph Tomb Yeshiva, located on the outskirts of Nablus.

    Rabbi Ginsburgh, who originally came to Israel from the United States and has good connection to the Lubovitcher
    community in the United States, has often expressed his views in English in American Jewish publications. The following appeared in an April 26, 1996 Jewish Week (New York) article that contained an interview with Rabbi Ginsburgh:

    ‘Regarded as one of the Lubovitcher sect’s leading authorities on Jewish mysticism, the St. Louis born rabbi, who also has a graduate degree in mathematics, speaks freely of Jews’ genetic- based, spiritual superiority over non- Jews.

    It is a superiority that he asserts invests Jewish life with greater value in the eyes of the Torah. “If you saw two people drowning, a Jew and a non- Jew, the Torah says you save the Jewish life first,” Rabbi Ginsburgh told the Jewish Week. “If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA.”

    Later, Rabbi Ginsburgh asked rhetorically: “If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non- Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value,” he explained. “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non- Jewish life.”’


    The difference in the attitudes about non- Jews in the Halacha and the Cabbala is well illustrated by the difference expressed specifically in regard to non- Jews who have converted to Judaism. The Halacha, although discriminating against them in some ways, treats converts as new Jews.

    The Cabbala is unable to adopt this approach because of its emphasis upon the cosmic difference between Jews and non- Jews. The Cabbala explains that converts are really Jewish souls consigned firstly to non- Jewish bodies as punishment and later redeemed by conversion to Judaism either because the punishment ended or because a holy man interceded.

    This explanation is part of cabbalistic belief in metempsychosis, which is absent in the Halacha. According to the Cabbala, a satanic soul cannot be transformed into a divine soul by mere persuasion.

  46. Fr. Joseph August 27, 2009 @ 10:26 am

    So with Moses encountering GOD HIMSELF in the Burning Bush, God reveals Himself to Mankind as TRANSCENDENT, that God is Spirit and perfectly capable of exercising His Divine Mastery over His Own creation.

    God then reveals to Pharoah & the Egpytians (and by default, to the rest of Mankind) that all forms of pantheism, polytheism, atheism, man-made gods and goddess of every manner, type and description are FALSE religious beliefs – the One, True God exhibits His Divine Mastery over all things and laws of nature on the ‘punishments’ metered out against Pharoah and the Egpytians who hold onto their erroneous religious and spiritual beliefs regarding Human Life and its place and purpose here in this time-space-matter-energy All of the One True and Transcedent God and Creator Spirit of all that is seen and Unseen.

    Who was that historical figure?…Magellen I think it was…who sailed around the world in a sailing ship PROVING to his historical contemporaries that our planet earth is – IN FACT – a globe rather than a FLAT PLANE!

    MOSES ‘discovers’ or better yet, has REVEALED to him that God is Transcendent and that God is Spirit and that God is Almighty.

    The Pharoah was much more comfortable, it would seem, with the notion that he and the Epyptians were ‘the lords OVER’ their gods and goddesses, and to accept the ‘New Discovery’ of Moses that GOD was the lord over all of the Masters, Lords, Pharoahs, Rulers, Kings, Queens and Princes and over ALL OF CREATION didn’t sit well with him and his theocratic-autocratic powers of that segment of the Human Race under his personal ‘control’.

    Anyways, everyone can get a copy of ‘The Bible’ and read all about ‘What Happened Next?’ in this Grand Divine-Human Drama of GOD revealing WHO and HOW He Is to this person Moses.

    There is the ‘Torah’, the ‘Historical Books’, the books of Wisdom, the books of the Prophets and King David’s Psalms.

    The books of the Prophets are there to give witness to our Human Race’s “Chosen People” of ancient times in their REPEATED FAILURES to be and become God’s “Chosen People” by which He, God, would use TO EDUCATE the rest of the Family of the Human Race regarding WHO God Is and HOW God Is and WHAT God wants for us all TO DO and HOW God wants for all of Mankind/the Human Race TO LIVE.

    In Moses’ book entitled ‘Deuteronomy’ all of us can READ what Moses himself had to say to the constantly failing and constantly rebellious ‘Chosen People’ while the ‘Rest Of Us Of The Human Race’ are curently ENDURING what these so-called ‘Chosen People’ and their ‘Zionism’, their ‘Communism’, their ‘Fractional Reserve Fiat Currency Banking Systems’, their psuedo-legitimate political state they call “Israel” and their global MAYHEM and CHAOS and NEEDLESS SUFFERING are causing TO and FOR all of Humanity and our Human Race in this year 2009 Anno Domini:

    MOSES’ own words:

    “Yahweh your God will raise up for you A PROPHET like myself, from among yourselves, from your own brothers; TO HIM YOU MUST LISTEN…et al” – Deuteronomy 18:15-22

    If God intervened in Human History TO SAVE the Hebrews from the likes of Pharoah, perhaps God will once again intervene in Human History TO SAVE the entire Human Race from these ‘Zion-nuts, Communists, Criminal Capitalists and their Kabbalistic Masonic, Rosicrucian and Occult/Hermetic Orders’ allies the world over.

    It sure don’t look good – but who knows the Mind of God Himself and His Own Thoughts and Plans?

    There most definitely comes a point in the time of the lives/lifetimes of people where they ALL become Hollywood actors much like Clint Eastwood in the movie ‘Dirty Harry’ where one simply blurts out the undeniable truth:

    ‘A man’s gotta know his limitations.’

    – Fr. Joseph

  47. a Man of peace August 27, 2009 @ 11:09 am

    Hi Stav

    Agreed in what you say but it is nonsense to attribute these understandings to “New age/Zionist”, its like saying they have a monopoly on METAPHYSICS.

    It is complex but in essence electrical currents are what send the messages around the body, the brain is full of neurons firing. It is a NATURAL force/energy and one of the last that has evolved into technology. All inventions have a basis in nature, from the wings of a bird to the fins of ocean life. Computers will never be as complex as the human brain but are advancing more and more… its good and bad in ways.

    We are also predominantly made of water. One of the greatest guitarists of all time knew the power of electricity and coined the term “electric church” – Jimi Hendrix.

    ““When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

    We are vibrational energy, electricity, air and water are all a part of it. its not so complex.

    Row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.

  48. a Man of peace August 27, 2009 @ 11:44 am

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    I am not any particular ‘-IST’, Much of the Old Testament are stories to me.

    I believe the original man/wombman were African and this whole chosen race was a manipulation of what came to be learned by the ones that crossed the river those many years ago.

    I think the LIES go back THOUSANDS of years and the twisted roots bring generations into a confused present day fruition.

    I also believe that it is unbalanced in terms of being Patriarchal as all scientific endeavors lead back to a very feminine universe.

    Man has dominated in image and not spirit and never more so do you see this with idiots like Bush, Blair, Obama… and the list goes on with these so called “leaders”.

    Its a deeply unbalanced world.

    I do believe in God but not all the dogma and superstition. In terms of saying there is a god in this and a god in that, I think there is only one God, and perhaps the better term would be spirit of the air.. a spirit of the sea..but in essence all a part of God’s creation.

    Also in essence many religions are one, too, and have branched of in different ways as time has passed. Jesus is one of the most quoted prophets in the Qur’an, did you know that?

    Why has something got to be bigger and better than another? and can’t be understood as one in essence. Is the sun in your sky in America different from the sun in the skies over Russia? Or Australia?

    Is the rain that falls from the clouds Evians? Perriers? Or in essence of One.

    Does a river ever end? Where did it begin? Is it not eternal and of one?

    And a people of many races, not by ideology but the bare basics, are we not all one and the same?

    We breath from the trees that are OUR lungs. WE are nature and there is no divide. IT IS THE SAME EARTH THAT TOUCHES ALL FEET THAT MEET WITH IT.

    IT is the SAME ONE light that holds us alive. That regenerates our food and keeps the cold at bay.

    All the books one may ever read are in essence wood of the same grain. All the sand that makes our windows come from the same shores. They may have names but are all the same.

    We all beat with a drum and speak with the same tongues.

  49. Stop mandatory vaccination August 27, 2009 @ 12:16 pm

    Brother Kapner needs to write an article on the mandatory swine flu vaccine. This terrible vaccine contains mercury, formaldehyde, squalene and other toxins.

  50. Eternal Love August 27, 2009 @ 3:13 pm

    Our khazar/mongol/fake Jews brothers are going out of control. They want to spread their horrible barbaric ritual of circumcision all over America.

    Please, Protest and Resist to all craziness that our “chosen ones” will be trying to impose on us in the next several, or more, yrs.

    Routine Circumcision In Baby Boys To Stem Spread Of HIV Being Considered By US Health Officials.

    “Intact America, a group that is against the idea of routine circumcision for newborns is holding a protest in the city to coincide with the conference.

    They will be arguing that the facts show that circumcision only reduces the risk of HIV infection, it does not eliminate it, and circumcised men still have to wear condoms.”

    I also think that we here have to inform people that they should not take the dangerous swine vaccine. I have heard the authorities have started to try to make it mandatory in schools and to spread panic and fear about it in offices, enterprises, universities, etc.

    I personally heard on the radio, that the pharmacies firmly refused to force people to take the dangerous vaccine.

    Please, if you have friends in other countries, where people do not speak/read English, and do not know about the dangerous vaccine inform them as well.

    Please, see the post of Stop mandatory vaccination.

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our fundraising campaign to help the Noble efforts of our Brother to promote Christianity and Justice for All!!!

    Eternal Love

  51. charlie August 27, 2009 @ 3:32 pm

    I’ve had the swine flu at least twice, confirmed by my doctor, but I think three times in a four week period.

    Each time I knew the exact person I got it off, as two of them admitted having it.

    It’s VERY contagious, and deliberately so.

    The worst symptoms lasted a couple of days each time, so why do you need a vaccine?

    People have to learn not to absorb the thoughts and lies in the mass media – it is not your friend.

  52. Fr. Joseph August 27, 2009 @ 3:34 pm

    Dear A Man Of Peace,

    What I was attempting to do here with these postings of mine regarding RELIGION was to assist people such as yourself the types of and reasons for such a wide array of religions and religous beliefs in our contemporary World.

    Now I’ll concede that a POLYtheist living on some remote Pacific Ocean island with ‘gods of volcanos’ and ‘gods of the air’, etc. and who has grown comfortable with and accustom to his/her/their RELIGION and RELIGIOUS BELIEFS is going to treat some ‘new comer’ with his/her/their ‘new comers religion’ with hostility.

    If you are a disciple of ANY of the monotheistic religions in our World today, you ARE going to face hostility from atheists, pantheists, polytheists, etc.

    And among the three major MONOtheistic religions of Torah-holding Jews and Christians and the followers of the prophet Mohammed, the same holds true – the constant hosilities.

    Within ‘Islam’ there is their own brand of hostilities between the Sunnis and Shiites.

    Within ‘Christianity’, you see right here on RZN the hostilities between and among the Catholics, the Orthodox and Protestants.

    Perhaps there is much more hostility between the Protestants and ‘Bible-believers’ and the Catholics.

    Now I, personally, DID NOT bring on this one heck of a GLOBAL

  53. Fr. Joseph August 27, 2009 @ 3:56 pm

    Now I, personally, DID NOT bring on this one heck of a GLOBAL FINE MESS with respect to religions and religous beliefs.

    But have I made my own honest attempts to come to understand why so much religious hostility exists and to determine (for myself) WHICH of the manifold ‘religions’ actually do teach Divine Truth.

    There comes a point in time when a person TIRES of all the 52,000 ‘opinions’ currently held on or about a something or anything. And one steps out on his or her own to EXAMINE ‘the facts’ for oneself.

    Now that takes a lot of work, effort, study and discernment on one’s part.

    With respect to the ‘Three Great Monotheistic Religions’ of our contemporary World – “Judiasm” as it is contemporarily called, Christianity and Islam – the FOCAL POINT between these three monotheistic religions rests SQUARELY UPON the Identity of Christ.

    Christianity exists BECAUSE OF the Identity of Jesus as THE CHRIST.

    For those who refer to themselves as “Jews of Judiasm” DO NOT accept the Identity of Jesus as THE CHRIST.

    And Islam exists on ACCOUNT OF “Judiasm” and Christianity.

    You are familiar with the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’, arent’ you? Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis

    Now the religious THESIS of Christianity is that JESUS is the Messiah, Anointed One, Kristos, Christ prophecied to come to the Jewish people per Moses’ own words.

    ‘Judiasm’ as it was in Christ Jesus’ time and as it currently has become and is rejects the THESIS of Christianity, hence ‘Judiasm’ of the past and present presents its ANTITHESIS.

    Now Mohammend comes along about 600 years after the Life, Death and Resurrection of THE CHRIST prophecied to and for the Jewish people per Moses’ own prophecy in Deuternomy 18, he sees this religious THESIS-ANTITHESIS between the Jews and Christians of his time – and he comes up with the SYNTHESIS which is ‘Islam’ and his writings called the ‘Qu’ran’.

    So ALL of our world’s RELIGIOUS debates, hostilities, debates, formation of ever more and newer cults, sects, etc. are ALL on account of the Identity of Christ.

    If JESUS Christ is ‘THE LOGOS’ through Whom all things were created and FOR Whom all things are created – then every manner of religious hostility and debate simply needs TO STOP, to CEASE & DESIST, all across this World of ours. Since GOD HIMSELF has revealed Who He Is to us all and How He Is to us all and Why He created us all in the very first place for.

    If Jesus Christ is NOT ‘The Logos’, meaning to say GOD INCARNATE, then it simply DOES NOT MATTER which ‘religion’ one believes, practices and adheres to because EVERYONE has the ‘religious LICENCE’ to proclaim who or what is ‘god’ and go about doing whatever it is that their personally selected and chosen ‘god’ tells them to do or allows them to do.

    I’m sure there is a ‘god of orgies’ somewheres in any of the world’s manifold polytheist religions.

    And there is a ‘god of hate and killing’.

    And there is a ‘god of avarice and gluttony’.

    And there is a ‘god of revenge’.

    And there is a ‘god of lies and deception’.

    And there is a ‘god of ENSLAVING others’.

    And there is a ‘god of ABUSING others’.

    Etc. ad nauseum.

    – Fr. Joseph

  54. a Man of peace August 27, 2009 @ 4:00 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    We are probably on the same page I understand your point.

    But sometimes I feel its all over-complicated and needs not be so.

    A good insight into other cultures can be found in Carl Jung’s biography. He speaks with Native Indians, Africans, etc., and it seems we are all very alike more so than one would think.

    One thing all cultures have in common is the sun.

  55. Stav August 27, 2009 @ 5:26 pm

    Hi Man of Peace,

    You say:
    “…it is nonsense to attribute these understandings to “New age/Zionist”, its like saying they have a monopoly on METAPHYSICS.”

    Of course now, they don’t have any such monopoly. However, what they DO have is a frantic and raging twisted desire to instate a religion for all gentiles. This particular religion, is based on the principle that man is God. To view a person as merely electricity on its own may be fairly innocent.

    However, this type of thinking is linked by these people to further determinations such as the new Age concepts of “the law of attraction” which now some people, are trying to “prove” by using the view that we can attract anything we want, and they try to support this belief by introducing pseudoscience. This pseudoscience very often repeats statements like the one you innocently did, things like we are all energy/electricity and thus we can attract anything we want etc. etc.

    So in essence, thinking that one is purely or essentially only electricity or some simplified view, based on physics terminology is most definitely linked to New Age type beliefs which are off course supported and promoted by Zionists.


  56. Michael K. August 27, 2009 @ 5:31 pm

    Dear Man of peace,

    I know it’s none of my business, but if I may interject, sun worship is an awful thing for a modern person to consider. Not that the sun is not a blessing and a necessity, but we modern people know that it is eventually going to blow up and die, leaving behind it a smoldering hunk of iron. It lacks the eternal nature of whatever actually created it.

    Please consider this: why life at all? I mean, what law requires there to be anything at all, not just an endless void? It is life that characterizes all of our existence. Finite life that ends, and yet reproduces itself. It is clear that since there is absolutely no necessity for life to exist at all, that the existence of life must fulfill some very deep need inherent in the whole.

    Once we recognize this, we come to the realization that life in and of itself is a guiding principle, one that is contrary to nihilism and death. It is not true that life and death are equal and balance one another out. For if life is more abundant than death, both life and death can continue to exist, but if death is more abundant than life, life will eventually cease to exist altogether. Hence life has a privileged position as something altogether special.

    Now consider life in all its complexity, fragility and tenacity, its specialization and motivation to continue. Life begetting life. Life must have sprang from life, for the nihilistic void has nothing to give. What life is progenitor to all other life? What intelligence is progenitor to intelligence? What self-consciousness is progenitor to your self-consciousness?

    In the end, ask the question,’what way honors life?’ Is it not Christ’s way? Did his teachings not fully explain the right path to life in abundance, and a life free from the long shadow of sin? Who was this man, and where did he come from if not directly from the source that gives all life?

  57. charlie August 27, 2009 @ 6:16 pm

    I agree with MP that the human is all about electricity.

    The Universe itself is electric.

    Thoughts proceed from electricity.

    As God made the Universe so did it proceed from his thought.

    The sun in not nuclear powered as some pseudoscientists claim or foist on us, which is destructive energy, but it is itself pure electricity, like an electric city.

  58. Stav August 28, 2009 @ 7:00 am

    Dear Charlie,

    The universe it self is far from just electric. Any physicist will tell you that the most encompassing force is electromagnetism, and not electricity. Further more, as I implied earlier, there are also other forces that describe our universe, such as magnetism (without which electricity would be totally useless), Gravity (which is yet to be understood or controlled) etc. etc.

    All of these forces are involved in us humans and the sun and in fact, all matter. So from a strictly scientific point of view, to say we are electricity is not correct in any sense of the word.

    More over, and more importantly, as I can see from your own writings, viewing the universe in such a simple way, is a clear temptation for making statements such as the one you did about God. God is not material, he is above and over matter. Thus, based on your view of the world as electricity, don’t confuse God as part of this Material world. He is beyond it, in ways incomprehensible to us.


  59. Fr. Joseph August 28, 2009 @ 8:00 am

    Whether you are religious, non-religious OR entirely IRreligious, the ‘THESIS’ of Christianity is that GOD took on our human nature roughly 2,000 years ago in the Person of Jesus, the Messiah, the Kristos, the Christ.

    Mr. Michael Hoffman has done an outstanding job of presenting all of you a most succinct expose of the so-called ‘Jewish’ ANTITHESIS regarding the Person of Jesus, the Christ here:

    Now for everyone’s information – again, regardless if one is religious, non-religious or IRreligious, here are actual quotes from the Qu’ran and its SYNTHESIS:

    Qu’ran Surah 4 Al Nisa (The Women)

    4:141 “O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion; nor say of Allah aught but the truth. The Messiah Jesus son of Mary was no more than a messenger of Allah, and His Word which He bestowed on Mary, and a Spirit proceeding from Him: so believe in Allah and His messengers. Say not ‘Trinity’: desist: it will be better for you: for Allah is One God: Glory be to Him Far Extended is He above having a son.”

    4:157 “That they (Jews – parens mine) say in boast ‘We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah’. But they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no certain knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety, they (the Jews – parens mine) killed him not.”

    Qu’ran Surah 5 Al Ma-idah (The Repast)

    5:17 “In blasphemy are those that say that Allah is Christ, the son of Mary.

    5:72 “They do blapheme who say: ‘Allah is Christ the son of Mary.’

    5:73 “They do blaspheme who say: ‘Allah is one of three in a Trinity, for there is no god except One God.”

    5:75 “Christ, the son of Mary, was no more than a messenger; many are the messengers that passed away before him.”

    Qu’ran Surah 9 Al Tawbah (The Repentance)

    9:30 “The Jews call ‘Uzayr a son of God’ and the Christians call Christ the Son of God. This is a saying from their mouth – in this they but imitate what the Unbelievers of old used to say. Allahs curse be upon them. How they are deluded away from the truth.

    9:31 “They (Christians) take their priests and their anchorites to be their lords in derogation of Allah. And they take as their Lord Christ, the son of Mary; yet they were commanded to worship but One God.”

    Qu’ran Surah 43 Al Zukhruf (The Gold Adornments)

    43:59 “He (Jesus) was no more than a servant.

    43:81 “Say, ‘If (Allah) Most Gracious had a son, I would be teh first to worship.'”

    In Qu’ran Surah 46, 46:12, Islam ACCEPTS the Torah of Moses. Jesus had to come to the Jews in order to correct the CORRUPTING of Moses’ Torah. The Christian Church CORRUPTED Christ’s attempts to correct the corruption of Moses’ Torah by the Jews. Hence, ISLAM and the Prophet Mohammed are necessary to stop the CORRUPTION caused by the Christian Church.

    Islam applies Deuteronomy 18:15 to their Prophet Mohammed and NOT to Jesus – Qu’ran Surah 7:157.

    I pray that the foregoing helps EVERYONE who might read these postings to RZN in understanding the various vying BELIEFS regarding God and His Divine Revelation to Mankind and the result THAT has had, is having and will continue to have with regards to our contemporary World and, perhaps, the very survival or total destruction of the Human Race.

    – Fr. Joseph

  60. Fr. Joseph August 28, 2009 @ 9:06 am

    Now where, o where, do contemporary ‘Jews’ of our world get THEIR understanding about Jesus, The Christ, Savior and Redeemer of the Human Race?

    From THEIR Rabbis and THEIR Babylonian Talmud.

    Now where, o where, did Mohammed get HIS understanding about Jesus, The Christ, Savior and Redeember of the Human Race?

    From ‘ALLAH’?

    Heck no. Mohammed obtained HIS personal understanding and knowledge about Jesus from THE EBIONITES!


    HAD Mohammed done the PROPER THING in his day and age gone to ask the PATRIARCH OF JERUSALEM to tell him all about Jesus, The Christ, INSTEAD OF the Judiazing sect known as the Ebionites, our entire WORLD HISTORY and the current/contemporary SAD STATE of our World would be an entirely DIFFERENT sort of place.

    What are NOW going to do about all of the religious ‘spilled milk’ of the past 14 centuries or so?

    THAT is entirely up to the Lord of History – THE LOGOS – Jesus Christ the King of king and Lord of lords.

    It’s now entirely a DIVINE Matter as to what He does TO and does WITH our contemporary World and its 6 billion human souls He endured His personal Death on a Cross in order TO SAVE and TO REDEEM all of Mankind from the eternal ‘dying you shall die’ Divine Penalty imposed on the first parents of our Human Race and all subsequent members OF that same Human Race.

    – Fr. Joseph

  61. charlie August 28, 2009 @ 11:39 am

    “And God said “Let there be light.” and light was made.”

    It proceeded from His thought.

    Don’t put words in my mouth.

    I was using elecricity in the general sense which in the English language includes electromagnetism, magnetism etc.

    Quote: “gravity which is yet to be controlled”
    …thats a scary thought.

  62. Mike August 29, 2009 @ 3:55 pm

    >>U.S. Professor: “I told FBI about kidney trafficking 7 years ago.”

    The alleged crimes of the Brooklyn man arrested Thursday for dealing in black-market kidneys were first reported by an anthropologist from the University of California, Berkeley, who learned of the man’s suspected involvement through her research.

    Nancy Scheper-Hughes – whose contacts in Israel define her as the world’s leading authority on organ trading – says she heard reports that the suspect, 58-year-old Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum, held donors at gunpoint after they changed their minds about the operation.

    Such reports that she received from her sources compelled her to go to the authorities. She met with an FBI agent at a Manhattan hotel and gave him information about Rosenbaum, but she says that the Bureau acted only much later. The Berkeley scholar is said to have identified Rosenbaum to the FBI seven years ago as a major figure in a global human organ ring.

    The anthropologist says that the man who led her to Rosenbaum says that he initially believed Rosenbaum was a man who saved the lives of people in need. According to Scheper-Hughes, that man told her he had changed his mind after meeting some of Rosenbaum’s donors – confused and impoverished people from Eastern Europe.

    One out of every five adult males in some of Moldova’s poorest villages has had his kidney removed, according to Scheper-Hughes. But a 2004 State Department report stated that “it would be impossible to conceal a clandestine organ trafficking ring.”

    Back in Brooklyn, Rosenbaum was contacted by an FBI informant – Solomon Dwek, the son of a well-respected rabbi – who introduced Rosenbaum to an undercover agent who said she wanted to buy a kidney for her uncle. During one encounter, Rosenbaum is said to have boasted that he had facilitated “many deals and had never failed.” Rosenbaum was recorded saying: “I’m doing this a long time.”

  63. seraphim September 2, 2009 @ 12:29 am

    Check the classic “Infruntarea jidovilor” (Protest against the Jews) published in Moldova in 1804 by a converted Jew Neofit.

  64. Hoff September 2, 2009 @ 10:13 pm

    Now in English in the Aftonbladet as of August 26 to supplement the RZN article:

    “THEY PLUNDER THE ORGANS OF OUR SONS,” reads the — headline— in Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, The Aftonbladet, which devoted a double spread in its cultural section to the article on August 17, 2009.

    “Our sons are plundered of their organs”

  65. Hoff September 3, 2009 @ 12:45 pm


  66. bilal September 6, 2009 @ 7:15 pm

    When Jesus (peace be up on him) was asked to summarize the whole teachings of the prophets(Moses, Abraham, Jacob….. may peace be up on them all), he summerize it by saying:

    “You should worship the Lord your God with all your hearts and all your soul and you should love for your neighbor what you love for yourself.”

  67. Faye Ho April 14, 2012 @ 6:18 pm

    I am totally disgusted with the trafficking of Human Organs.

    It is absolutely inhuman to plunder the organs of Human beings for sale.

    Perhaps the only way to abolish organ trafficking is stop the organ transplant procedures altogether and ban organ donation.

    I am so disgusted with the sale of organs.

  68. PATRICK A. April 28, 2019 @ 7:48 am

    Sometimes I wonder if these BEINGS who call themselves JEWS are even normal HUMANS.

    HONESTLY, I doubt it, NEVER SEEN such a FIL-THY bunch in my entire life. Scums OF THIS PLANET.

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