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A Christian America! – Not A Jewish America!

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A Christian America! – Not A Jewish America!
By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2007-2010

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WE ARE NOW LIVING in a “Jewish” America. We are no longer living in a “Christian” America. This is our misfortune.

St. Paul, who converted from Judaism to Christianity said, “The Jews please not God. They are contrary to all men. They forbid us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved.” (Thessalonians 2)

This oracle is fulfilled today before our very eyes. The Jews of the The National Jewish Democratic Council, led by Ira N. Forman, launched on an online petition to CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS and ABC, urging them to no longer use the renown Christian publicist, Anne Coulter, as a commentator -simply because she said that “Jews should become Christians.”

The ACLU which is run and funded by Jews is hell bent on eradicating all public expressions of Christianity by the year 2015. The ACLU is doing this through the Jewish-controlled Court system.

The Jews of the ACLU are molding young childrens’ impressionable minds by bombarding them with images of sexual perversion in America’s public schools. The Jews of the ACLU are encouraging teachers to instruct our children in anal sex between two men and vile sexual interchange between 2 women.

IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES, which were once Christian Seminaries, are now inundated with Jews who carry with them their age-long Anti-Christian bias:

1. Harvard University: 2001-2006, President Lawrence Summers (replaced Jew, Neil Rudenstine).
I speak with you today not as President of the University but as a concerned member of our community about the issue of anti-Semitism. I am Jewish.

2. Princeton University: 1989-2001, President Harvey Shapiro.

3. Dartmouth College: 1987-1998, President James O. Freedman.
I dearly wish that my father, who had confronted Anti-Semitism in finding his early teaching positions, had lived long enough to see the installation of Jewish Presidents at numerous Ivy League and Big Ten Universities.

THE ISRAEL LOBBY is the most powerful lobby in America now. And Jews are key advisors to American Presidents, beginning with Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and to the present President, George Bush.

How can we become a Christian America again?

How can we stop the Anti Christian subversion of our nation by the Jews?

Here is what we must do:

1. We must all commit ourselves to Jesus Christ and regular Church attendance.

2. We must all speak out against the Jewish subversion of our nation at every oppurtunity and in every possible venue.

3. We must tell our Congressmen and Senators that we will not tolerate their cow-towing to Jewish money and influence.

Then and only then can we save our nation from Jewish ruination. Time is running out.

We Must Act Now Before It’s Too Late!

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Brother Nathanael @ October 21, 2007


  1. Lynda April 13, 2008 @ 4:10 pm

    I think only the Christians fully understand what is at stake here.

    And on the basis of this understanding, must seriously contend for the faith against vested interests attempting to drive all Christian presence, expression and comment from public domain.

    The Judeo-masonic organizations named on this website have great power in the West. By every means they promote ideologically driven agenda.

    In our thinking and actions, they are attempting to engineer us into a people with no sense of moral law by means of materialism, naturalism, feminism, homosexualism, situational ethics, religious indifferentism or atheism.”

    The government permits this and most people just go along.

    It is not as though the State itself has no interest in this agenda. “It is a public crime for the State to permit men to act as though there were no God.” Pope Leo XIII, June 20, 1888. Libertas Prostantissimum.

    “I remember when I first came to the seminary and the Bishop told us that Pope Pius XII said the greatest sin of our times is losing the sense of sin. Now I see the result.” Fr. Peter Khoat van Tran

    A society in which anything goes is a society in which anything sells.

    We know from the Bible that nations are and will be judged according to moral law. We know that God chastises nations when they have filled up the measure of sin.

    This is a constant teaching of the Church. St. Alphonsus Ligouri, a Holy Doctor of the Church discusses this at length in many writings.

    “God waits with patience until a certain number of sins is commiteed, but when the measure of guilt is filled up, He waits no longer…God promises pardon to all who repent, but He has not promised to wait until tomorrow for those who insult him.” April 9, 08

    Christians must take this seriously and make sincere, disciplined and concerted efforts to oppose the organisations and individuals that are leading our nation to ruin.

  2. Bulletinman April 14, 2008 @ 6:27 pm

    Right on, Brother.

    WE must believe that America will one day come to repentence and see the light as to who the real enemy is.

  3. Sedona August 23, 2008 @ 3:10 pm

    What about the Christian Zionist of the Evangelical right that has so much influence over American politics today?

    They are the big supporters of Israel.

  4. Skip Baker September 17, 2008 @ 4:58 pm

    At the hospital today I saw Pat Robertson and his “newscaster” talking about how “bad” Iran is.

    They want to make sure America goes into another war for Israel.

    In another show they called Iran “America hating Iran” and yet all us stupid Christians watching that think that’s the case. But Iran’s President wrote a wonderful letter to the American people asking them to give up lies and deception and to seek a path of peace.

    Gordon Robertson was on TV pretending to have “visions” and “seeing” people who had pains, and then praying those pains away.

    So I wrote to them and got a crazy form letter back from one of their staff. I had asked Gordon since he is a “profit” why didn’t he warn us that Saddam Hussien had no Weapons of Mass Destruction? It could have saved us 600 billion.

    What we are seeing is the setting up of the Mark of The Beast. The false Christ will be set up in Israel and the whole world is going to be forced to take the electronic “mark” into themselves to buy or sell.

    If you really believe the LIES you will have the mark in your forehead. If you just “go along with it” you will have the mark in your hand. Tens of millions of Christians are going to take the Jewish Mark of the Beast because they believe preachers like John Hagee and Pat Robertson.

    We have all lived to see the end of the world with this Jewish takeover. They will make Christians accept a fake kind of Christianity that only they approve.

    The very people who killed Christ are taking over the world. We will be forced to give up our lives for Christ. In Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 Jesus said this will last for ten years but to be faithful even unto death and He will give us a crown of life.

  5. Avsec Bostjan August 22, 2010 @ 10:16 am

    Parasite = criminal = pedophile = humanist = communist = terrorist !!



    Video Number 48

    Video Number 49




    These are series of self-published videos which I have created in order to raise your awareness and foremost protect my basic human rights which were completely denied as GENOCIDE IS TAKING PLACE AGAINST ME.



    FIRST BY CORRUPT, DEMENTED, PERVERTED INDIVIDUALS AND IN WHAT IS NOW by Jews controlled empire which threaten not only to completely wipe out whites from USA, but to even spread across the Europe as it already did.

    “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”
    — By Gen. Patton

    Spree shootings in schools….gay parades….unemployment….church scandals….mass emigration….911….economy crises….our people dying in foreign wars….everything explained here:

    Video Number 8

    Video Number 26

    Video Number 41

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    Video Number 47

  6. KathJuliane October 2, 2010 @ 9:30 pm

    Dear Jerry and JesusRaymon,

    May 20 363 was also the day of, or just after Lag BaOmer, 33rd day of the counting of the Omer.

    Very Kabbalistic day, related to the Zohar. The Jews also light bonfires on this day in memory of the supposed author of the Zohar, Shimon BarYochai.

    The Talmud states that during the time of Rabbi Akiva 24,000 of his students died from a divine-sent plague during the counting of the Omer.

    Another possible interpretation of this legend is that Rabbi Akiva’s students died during or after the Bar Kokhba war against Rome when the bad, bad Roman Emperor Hadrian suppressed Judaism completely in Jerusalem and Judea. He renamed it part of Syria-Palestina.

    Rabbi Akiva had annointed Simon Bar Kokhba as the Jewish Messiah in 132 AD.

    Bar Kokhba furiously persecuted Palestinian Christians of the circumcision for a) not acclaiming him the Jewish messiah, and b) not fighting on his side against the Romans.

    There is also hard evidence that under Hadrian before the revolt, the Jerusalem Temple had actually been rebuilt. Hadrian after the war destroyed the temple site and plowed it with salt.

    Silver Bar Kokhba Tetradrachma minted with the Facade of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem with the arc and scrolls. Coins were a way of transmitting real news, not wishful thinking.

    This can only mean that Jerusalem was to some degree rebuilt after 60 years, and the temple completely rebuilt sometime after 70 AD, probably under the reign of “the Five Good Emperors.”

    The coin represents the finishing and rededication of the Temple in 134 AD in the 3rd year of Judaea’s independence. The caption reads “For the Freedom of Jerusalem.”

    Hadrian, despite his personal faults, was reputed to be a just, humane generous and forebearing emperor concerned with the welfare of all within the empire. He devoted much time and treasury to rebuilding different areas after a number of natural and man-made disasters previous to him.

    For example, Vesuvius had erupted in 79AD, and there were numerous earthquakes that rocked the empire. In 115 or so, there was a second Jewish war against Rome, which may have been a premature sneak uprising under Rabbi Akiva, that resulted in the massive slaughters of Gentiles in Cyprus and Alexandria.

    Can’t even begin to catalog how many times in the Eastern Church martyrologies of reports of the Jews martyring Christians. Then there is the history of the Jewish slaughter of Christians, typified by the incident at the pool of Mamilla, and the utter destruction of churches and during the Sassanid Persian invasions into Palestine of 614.

    The Jews lament how Hadrian outlawed circumcision in persecuting Judaism. Hadrian had enacted that law before the Bar Kochba revolt as part of his anti-mutilation laws which also forbade branding and marking slaves, castration, and ‘hobbling’ – the breaking of ankles.

    He spent so much time with various peoples of the empire away from Rome, that the Senate complained about it.

    Anyway, what Hadrian actually did was revoke the privileges of Judaism as a long-standing “licit religion” which was exempt from Roman civil law, and long exempt from having to participate in the sacrifices to the State deities since Caesar Augustus.

    Once revoked, the Jews then fell under Roman civil law, and the anti-mutilation laws. Reinstatement of Judaism as a licit religion was eventually worked out, however, Jews were forbidden to enter Jerusalem except for one day a year, Tish B’Av, to mourn their temple.

    Hadrian, punishing the Jews as a fickle and extremely disloyal and treasonous people, then destroyed the Temple and outlawed Judaism completely after the very bitter, bloody, and near empire-wide uprising of the Jews in Babylonia, Palestina, and the Jew colonies of the diaspora that rose up, the capital of which was Jerusalem.

    Jerusalem was so hated during the Bar Kochba war (fully a third of the empire’s resources were committed to suppressing the general uprising that it nearly brought Rome to its knees), that it is said that the cheer HEP! HEP! Hurrah! actually means Hierosolyma Est Perdita – Jerusalem Is Destroyed.

    Also note this phrase from Sozomenos’ account of the Jews’ attempt to rebuild under Julian:

    “When they had removed the ruins of the former [temple] building, they dug up the ground and cleared away its foundation…”

    Yet, all archeologists agree that the original Herodian stones and foundation of “the Temple Mount” have not ever been disturbed.

    Therefore, “the Temple Mount” is not where the original Temple was, because the Jews had cleared the ruins and the foundation all the way to the ground.

    These were likely the ruins of the Bar Kochba temple which stood for two centuries, and the Jews were allowed to pray at one day a year under the pagan, and later Christian, Caesars after Hadrian.

  7. KathJuliane October 2, 2010 @ 10:49 pm

    Also more about the poor, abused, never did anything wrong persecutions of Jews by “anti-Semites.”

    In 351-352, the Jews launched yet another revolt against Christian Emperor Gallus, provoking once again heavy retribution.

    In 438, when the Empress Eudocia removed the ban on Jews’ praying at the Temple site, the heads of the Community in Galilee issued a call “to the great and mighty people of the Jews” which began: “Know that the end of the exile of our people has come”!

    The Jewish rebellion against Christian Emperor Heraclitus —

    In the belief of restoration to come, the Babylonian and Palestinian Jews rebelled against Emperor Heraclius and made an alliance with the Persians who invaded Palestine in 614, fought at their side, overwhelmed the Byzantine garrison in Jerusalem, and for three years governed the city,

    In that time, the Jews ravaged the countryside destroying every church, monastery, and other Christian facilities, such as charitable centers, hospitals, healing centers and baths, pilgrimage houses, and homes for the orphaned and poor.

    They destroyed almost all the Christian shrines in Jerusalem and Palestine that they could reach. Some remote, inaccessible monasteries in mountains, ravines and in cliffs escaped the carnage.

    Not since Titus and his legions decimated the city and the Temple more than five hundred years earlier had Jerusalem known such carnage. The Persian army, especially the Jewish cohorts, systematically demolished the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Justinian’s Nea Church and other buildings built by the empress Eudokia.

    The Jews devastation of the entire countryside cleansing it of any signs of Christianity was halted at the Basilika of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

    The first basilica on this site was begun by Saint Helena, the mother of the Emperor Constantine I. Under the supervision of Bishop Makarios of Jerusalem, the construction started in 327 and was completed in 333.

    That structure was burnt down in the Samaritan Revolt of 529.

    The current basilica was rebuilt in its present form in 565 by the Emperor Justinian I.

    When the Persians under Chosroes II invaded in 614, they unexpectedly did not destroy the structure.

    The Persian commander Shahrbaraz was moved by the depiction inside the church of the Three Magi wearing Persian clothing who had come to worship the Christ Child, and commanded that the building be spared.

    In an instant, nearly three centuries of work lay in ruins. For three years the Jews, who supported the Persian action, were given control of Jerusalem.

    Soon after the Persian invasion, the Byzantine emperor Haraclius launched a brilliant fifteen-year campaign to regain the lost provinces of Syria, Egypt and Palestine.

    In a daring but well-planned “unconventional” rescue campaign into Persia, Haraclius recovered numerous Christian captives taken from Palestine and Jerusalem, and recovered the sacred true Holy Cross of Christ’s crucifixion that was taken as booty by the Persians from the Basilika of the Holy Sepulchre during the sacking of Jerusalem.

    In 629 AD he finally recaptured Jerusalem, however his triumph proved short-lived…

  8. Jerry October 2, 2010 @ 11:24 pm

    Interesting stuff thank you.

    I’m not up on the Zohar and other such stuff being interested more in the connection between what the Bible teaches about Divine Communication in relation to natural or so-called natural disasters.

    It’s most interesting to note though that the Mediterrean basin suffered from what is called an earthquake storm during these years as well.

    Many capital cities were destroyed and that may be as well a portent of things to come given the reading from Revelation 16:17-21 except on a much more global scale the beginning of which was surely the Indonesian earthquake.

    Whatever the case though the years 100 AD to 400 AD were certainly violent years and all because of what or rather who?

    Unbelievable isn’t it? Can’t they put two and two together?


  9. Jerry October 3, 2010 @ 11:31 am

    And O concerning all these revolts why doesn’t anybody in power bother too learn to just leave the Jew/Zionists to God to deal with.

    Violence begets violence and God will judge all accordingly!

    I mean we know, don’t we, that God is against them for rejecting Christ. Accordingly if the Jews/Zionists want their precious city and temple let them have it.

    They will soon learn the hard way what St. Paul learned; ‘that’s it hard for you to kick against the pricks’ as we all stand back and watch in amazement and even horror and perhaps even a little laughter at what God will do with their disobedience to Him!!!

    May 30 363 repeating itself over and over?!!!!

    Man O man, never has there been a people who so fulfill the words of Christ about trying to get in by some other way.

    “I tell you the truth, the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.” John 10:1

    Furthermore it’s one thing for the Moslems to use Jihad which is presumptuous beyond belief towards God and a great sin to boot, but the Jews — Wow, their resolve is short of nothing but incredible.

    Unbelievable actually! Does anybody in their right mind really want to go up against this nation and people without God on their side?!!!!

    That’s looking for trouble. BIG TIME! ie. history as in the above by KathJuliane!

    God help us all!!! Save us actually from the horror that is to become the Middle East!!!



    We need to learn from Abraham, he left things to God ie. Sarah his sister etc. etc.

    Truly a man of understanding and faith extra-ordinary.

  10. Jerry October 3, 2010 @ 8:27 pm

    On a more positive note:

    Here is a profound prophetic word given to a South African housewife concerning America and the Christian Church.

    It is profound in its scope and will surely encourage all especially those who find something wrong with the Church especially where the likes of the Hagee’s and other Christian Zionists are concerned. The highlighted portions below will explain it all. I especially love the title though!!!


    Ichabod or Revival
    Anton Sawyer

    “God takes the most unlikely characters to do his work. He says He will take the foolish things to confound the wise. And I’m a foolish thing. God began to speak to me in visions. And when God gave me these visions I thought, “Lord, am I hallucinating?” And then God said, “I want you to go to America and tell them to repent.”

    I said, “You must be joking.” I said, “God, who will believe a housewife.” I said, “What options do I have?” He said, “Jonah.”

    I said, “God, I have no intentions of being in the whale’s belly. I’ll go the first time around but speak to me and confirm in Scripture that you are on My side.”

    He said, “I’m going to give you a forehead like flint. You will speak to the people and you’ll speak what I put into your mouth. There will be times when I tell you to be silent and you be silent. But when I tell you to speak you open up your mouth and you give the Word that I have put into your mouth. Because if you don’t I will make a fool of you publicly.”

    Then God said, “Don’t look at their faces, just give the Word; don’t look for results, just give the Word. Whether they hear or whether they hear not, don’t let that worry you. Just give the Word because I am about to bring a divine visitation to this country.

    And this country is not ready to have Me in the divine visitation that I intend, when My glory is seen. My glory and sin cannot be in the same place together. My glory consumes sin and if I were to visit the church in the condition that she’s in now, my people would be consumed like Ananias and Sapphire.’

    God spoke to me concerning the believer, the army of God, and the Church.

    The one about the believer, this is how the picture came to me. I saw, as it were, a people lying across the face of the earth in a drugged state, unable to get up; just lying in a sick, apathetic condition.

    And then I noticed, every now and then, there was someone standing upright covered with a sheet of Shekinah glory that penetrated right into the throne room of God. I said, “God, what am I seeing?” And then I noticed a thick, jet black layer of darkness, like a blanket pressing down on these people.

    I said, “Father what am I seeing?” He said, “The people that you see lying in this sick condition are my people the church.” I said, ‘God who are these standing upright?’ He said, “Do you notice how few?” I said, “God who are they?” He said, “They are the FEW INTERCESSORS that dare to stand in the gap. It is their prayers that are going to move my arm to rescue My people in this sick condition.”

    I said, “God, what is that blanket of blackness?” And it’s almost like God’s voice changed and He said, “Those are the sins of my people.” I said, “What do you mean, Lord?” He said, “Outwardly righteous but inwardly filled with corruption.’

    And the Holy Spirit said, “I cannot live in this corruption. This bride is being prepared to meet the Father. She cannot come before the Father’s face in this condition.” He said, “So I’m going to purify my church.”

    Next I saw a pair of hands, so sharp, pierce into this blackness and just push it aside. The darkness changed into the most grotesque, demonic figures and they began to fall backwards on each other. And they were yelling with a loud voice and they said, “Our time is short, we’ve got to work quickly.”


    They are eating any bait that is thrown out. “THERE ARE HIRELINGS STANDING BEHIND THE PULPIT AND THEY LEAD PEOPLE ASTRAY.” God said, “I will bring a judgment on them.”

    And I want to say to preachers, if you’re not called of God, get out from the pulpit because judgment is going to come upon you for standing in that position and leading God’s people astray. Wake up before it’s too late. There is still time to repent.

    Suddenly God pushed the blackness aside and I noticed a wind just came blowing down on God’s people. God’s people began to rise and next they were standing upright, and I said, “Lord what’s happening?”

    He said; “Tell the believer who has been a pew-warmer all this time, I’m going to breath a new fire upon them. I’m going to release them in the innermost being. Out of them is going to flow a river of living water. I am going to be set free in my people who have held Me captive.”

    God said, “I’m going to revive them. I’m going to restore them. I am going to renew them. I am going to make up the years that the locusts have eaten.”

    “But listen,” God said, “there is going to be a choice. There are going to be people of God who only want to play church, who will not hear the call, who will not heed the Word, and there are going to be those who are crying out.”

    God says, “In those who will listen, I will do a new thing. I will do this, they will speak to the blind and the blind will see. It won’t be left to the hierarchy. The pew-warriors are going to discover the power of God like they’ve never known it before.”

    As a matter of fact God said, “The names of great evangelists written in lights and the mere pew-warmer, the gap is closing. There is going to be one name that is going to be elevated and that name is JESUS.”

    The next vision God gave me concerned the army of God. I saw, as it were, an enormous crowd of people walking through the most barren territory you have ever seen – like a wilderness.

    As I looked I noticed there wasn’t one person that wasn’t damaged. Everyone had a scar. And I said, “God who are these weak, weary, crippled people?’ He said, “My army.”

    I said; “God, that looks like an emergency ward, you call that your army?” He said, “Behold what I am about to do.” With that I noticed shadows hovering above God’s people. And I noticed them walking, some of them were stumbling, some were on crutches, some were bandaged.

    There wasn’t one that wasn’t wounded. They were hurting and they were useless. Someone fell and as they fell I noticed these shadows. Suddenly a vulture swooped down as this victim fell and took a huge chunk of flesh out of that person. And I said, “God, your army doesn’t have a chance. They are so weak, so depleted, in such a useless condition and when they fall, down come the vultures to eat them.”

    He said, “Behold what I do.” An angel with the speed of lightning, moved through the entire army and placed a mirror on everyone’s forehead. When everyone had the mirror on the angel yelled, “Look up for your redemption draweth nigh!”

    As these weak, weary people lifted their heads and looked heavenward – that’s where we should look towards higher ground – up came the sun from behind the clouds. And the glory was reflected from off those mirrors with such awesomeness that the vultures backed off and could no longer harm God’s people.

    And you know what the Lord said? He said, “Tell my people, I’m the glory and the lifter of their heads. In Joel, Chapter 2, you’re going to see the army I am going to raise up. Fire will go before them; fire behind them. They’ll scale the heights; they’ll run on the walls. Even when they fall on the floor they will not be wounded.”

    The world has looked at this army and they’ve pointed their finger and they’ve been shaking their heads and saying, “I don’t understand.” But I tell you what they are going to see a difference. You know why this army is so chaotic? We’re the only army that is stabbing our own people. We kill our own people.

    And why is this army in such chaos? No one knows their job description. God said there are too many heads moving in too many different directions and bringing such division in the army. You know what Joel, Chapter 2 says? They will know their rank. They will know their positions and no one will crowd anybody.

    We are not anywhere near what that army should be. And God said, “I am going to be the leader of this army and with My voice, I will speak and my people will hear what I have to say and each one will know His job description.”

    I want people to encourage people, if your job description is smaller than someone else’s job description, if you fulfill your job description you’ll get the same reward as someone with a bigger job description. You see God says, All I want from you is total obedience. I’m tired of your sacrifices. I want your obedience.’ If you fulfill your job description, that’s all that matters.

    People have said to me, “Surely your husband should be the preacher.” When you come to salvation, if God’s people would realize this, we become divinely owned property. You no longer have any rights other than the authority God gives you over the enemy. We have no rights but to report for duty to be instructed by the Most High God.

    God’s people no longer fear Him. They treat Him with disrespect. And God said, “My people need to come back to the place where they realize who they are dealing with.”

    We think of God as some Santa Claus and we say, “Jump here, do this, go here, fix this.” God said, “My people need to get their priorities right! They need to know who is God and who is the servant. Who is at whose feet?” God said, “I’m going to lead this army and they’re going to be champions! The enemy will come but because of the glory reflected from their lives, he will back off because he will not be able to touch them.”

    In the third vision the first thing took place in heaven. I saw what looked like angels carrying a guided missile. They placed the missile into the bow, stepped aside and there was a silence that you could hear. Uncanny.

    Next I saw a garment moving and I saw the feet of Jesus and realized that the Lord was walking towards the bow. He walked up, took His awesome arm {I saw the nail prints and I knew it was Jesus}, and He directed the bow towards Him.

    He pulled it towards Him and then let it go, and it came hurtling towards the face of the earth. As it reached the earth’s surface, the atmosphere, it divided into splinters, thousands upon thousands of thousands, all over the entire face of the earth. And I said, “God, what are you doing?”

    The next thing took place on earth. I saw a church building completely burnt out and I found the people walking around the church, weeping and wailing and crying. And I said, “Oh God look how they mourn.” Then God’s voice changed.

    He said, “Mourn? They are crying over buildings that they’ve erected and now are brought to naught. But did they even cry for the souls that were entering into the caverns of hell while they built palaces?” And God said, “I’ve heard day and night the cries of men and women and young people, crying out to be delivered from the caverns of hell.”

    Do you know what the Bible says? Hell has opened up its mouth and enlarged itself and swallowed. I hear their screams. You say, “My people weep?”

    I said, “God what have you done?” He said, “Go to the front door.” When I got to the front door there was one of the splinter arrows right through a scroll and He said, “What do you read?” I said, “God I read the word, ICHABOD.” He said, “Yes. My glory has departed.”

    I said, “Why God?” God said, “My people have pushed me out of my sanctuary and they’ve made the idol of entertainment their god!” He said, “I am a jealous God and I will share my glory with no one! I have warned my people that it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God! I spoke to my people through the Word!

    “I spoke to my people through prophecy! I brought preachers, teachers, layman but my people didn’t hear my instructions! They were to busy playing church.” I said, “God when are you going to do this?” He said, “I have already begun.”

    I want to tell you in our travels I have seen “Ichabod” written across some of the churches.

    God said, “When man begins to think the church is his work and he tries to monopolize it, he is treading on dangerous ground. When the people come to church to be entertained and to have concerts they have forgotten that my house is a house of prayer.

    “They have forgotten that they come to the house of God to hear from God. My people are playing around the golden calf and they think they’re hearing God.” It’s time God’s people woke up. God says, “I’m bringing judgment because they refuse to listen.” But He is giving a choice.

    God says, “That’s why I’m sending you and many others to tell this nation to get ready for a divine visitation.”

    The next scene moved and I came and saw a building that was again on fire. And I heard the most incredible singing. The more the singing rose up to heaven, the greater the fire. And I said, “God are You burning this one down as well?’ He said, “Look what I do.”

    The roof of the church began to open. God’s people had access into the very presence of God and back into the gathering. There was such an awesome presence of God that they were overwhelmed and the fire grew bigger.

    I said, “God what are you doing?” He said, “Go to the front door.” I went to the front door and there was another splinter arrow and God said, “This one I have written with My own hand.” He said, “What do you read?” I said, ‘God, I read Revival.’

    He said, ‘Do you know what revival is?’ He said, ‘Tell my people getting goose bumps the size of molehills, chills running down their spines, shaking hands and vibrations is not revival. That’s my blessings. Revival is to purify and cleanse the temple that it may get ready for the glory of God. Revival is when God is in control.”

    He said, “When My people allow me back into my sanctuary as God, My house will be purified, my house will become a house of praise. Then it will become a house of power. Then signs and wonders will once again occur and My Word shall become awesome in the gathering because they will use the name of Jesus which the modern church today hardly finds a place for.”

    And I to tell you that when Almighty God hears the name of Jesus, heaven stands still. He says, “When My Son’s name Jesus is once again spoken in the gatherings, when my people use the Word” the pure Word not all the infiltrations we’ve put into the Word, “I will hear.”

    We’ve watered God’s Word down so that we don’t know what God has said and what man has said. God said, “I am going to strip every tree that My Father has not planted. I am going to pluck them up.”

    We’ve made God’s Word virtually null and void. We’ve filled it with philosophies. We’ve filled it with man-made ideas. He said, that He’s going strip all the compromises. He’s going to be the power of His Word. The blood of the Lamb is going to cleanse God’s people. The name of Jesus and the anointing of the Spirit is the signature to seal it all. They must get the glory, not us.

    Then God said, “Tell My people I’m coming to visit them in a blanket form. My glory is going to descend into their midst. And if my people are not ready for My glory, Ananias and Sapphira will happen in the very presence of the gathering.”

    Then God said tell them, “I said to Moses, tell the Israelites I’m coming to visit.” The Israelites were so excited. They said; “God’s coming to visit.” They had no idea who God was and I don’t think the children of God today have a clear understanding of who God is.

    They treat Him too disrespectfully. But you know what those people had to do? They had to clean up! They had to be purified — their home, their lives, their clothes. That is why I believe God has sent us. We’ve come as a warning to the house of God which has gone into captivity.

    This nation that was born “In God We Trust” has turned from “In God We Trust” and they have elevated other things more than God. God said, “Tell them I’m, coming to visit.”

    When the children of Israel heard God was coming to visit they were so excited. But I tell you when God did visit they nearly died of fright.

    The Bible tells us the earth shook. There was a trumpet sound that was awesome. And God’s people who a few days before were saying, “Hallelujah, He’s coming,” began to back off and got on their knees because you know when God’s presence comes closer you start to see yourself as you really are.

    The camouflage falls off. The justification, falls by the wayside. The compromise no longer covers you. The fig leaves fall, and you are naked before God.

    You know what He said? “I’m coming to visit my people and My glory is awesome.” I said, “God, ‘I don’t understand your glory?”

    I have a grandson which I absolutely adore. He said, “What do you desire the most?” I said, “I want to love that grandson. I want to hold and kiss him and love him.” “What if I told you that my glory was upon you and you couldn’t even look at that grandson?”

    I said, “God that would be the cruelest thing you could ever do to me because I know I would forget. I would want to touch him and that child disintegrate in front of me.” God says, “That’s what my glory does to sin.”

    God said, “Adam and Eve were in the garden, clothed with my glory. We communed face-to-face. When they sinned the glory fell and I wanted to embrace them but I didn’t because my glory would consume them.”

    So God the Father had to back off and Jesus became the way. Jesus stands between us and the Father.

    You know, the sun shining down on this earth. It’s got two deadly rays. If they weren’t deflected by the earth’s atmosphere we would be consumed. If Jesus didn’t stand between us and the Father, we would be consumed. But you know what Jesus says?

    He says, “Bride, I’m getting you ready for glory! I’ve got to get you purified. I’m going to get you holy because I want to present you to My Father spotless, that He may touch you, that He may embrace you, that He may hold you to His bosom without you being consumed.”

    Then God said, “Go to every place where I open the door to you in this country and tell them they have a choice – ICHABOD OR REVIVAL.”

  11. ibrahim August 7, 2011 @ 12:02 am

    This is mostly Christian societies’ fault. Because Christians wanted Jews to accept Jesus as Messiah and they spent too much effort for it.

    What Jews say about criteria of messiah. First of all, he must be Jewish. That means even if Christians help Jews to build up powerful Israeli government which rules the large area, Jews will not recognize Jesus as messiah.

    They only use Christians and Muslims for their own benefit and after finishing with them, they go back to their past state. Nobody should forget that Jews even didn’t believe in Jesus in his time and they won’t believe whatever Christians do today..

    This is like building a pyramid. People put stones on top of another until only the top one is left and Jews only accept someone (who will be genetically Jewish) to put the top one. That means all Gentiles will be slaves for their achievement.

    Christians do not need Jew’s acceptance of Jesus to prove His messianic identity and they should stop helping them to gain more power by helping Israel.

  12. Eesha September 8, 2011 @ 3:37 pm

    ALLAH-God says in the Quran that the Christians are closer in faith with the Muslims than the Jews.

    If one studies Islam, it is clear how the Christains and Muslims are closer in faith.

    The problem, however, is that the Zionist/Jews have made Islam appear to be an enemy to the World or to the Christians so that they can continue their plan of World dominance

  13. laura September 18, 2011 @ 4:46 pm

    Looking over some of your Old Testament material: 99.9% of Jews do not believe in that stuff, except maybe some of the radical Hasidic do (which is regarded as a cult by the average Jew).

    Also by the way, the Gentile women who had abortions chose to do this. Because something is legal it does not mean millions of woman have to do that.

    You’re giving Jews too much power here. In addition: Do not forget it was the Jews who ran away from the Blacks when they moved into the neigborhoods. It was the ultimate “White Flight.” So many people in America cry ‘liberal’ & ‘politically correct!’ That’s because they are sheltered.

    Jewish leftists are the first to leave the big city when it becomes a Black ghetto, just like everyone else. And for your information there are many right-leaning conservative Jews. I am one of them.

  14. jack Goldman January 17, 2012 @ 5:19 pm

    Solution is simple, Hebrew affirmative action. Semites, Jews, Jewish, Hebrew, Zionist, Israeli issue is confused on purpose.

    Jews are people who belong to synagogue, tithe 10% of all income, and follow all Old Testament Jew rules, and are born of two Jew parents.

    Jews are a faith. Hebrews are a race. Few Hebrews are Jews. Most Jews are Hebrews. It’s all about a genetic tribe that can be married into.

    When Gentiles marry Hebrews they are never Hebrews but the children are Hebrews. Hebrews breed more Hebrews.

    Hebrew affirmative action is the legal simple solution.

    Make Harvard 2% Hebrew instead of the 30% it is. Make the US Supreme Court 2% Hebrew, two out of one hundred justices, instead of the 33% it is. Make the US Senate 2% Hebrew instead of the 10% Hebrew that it is.

    Put the same solution on Hebrews that they put on Christian Heterosexual white males.

    Also no Hebrew gets more than 2% of the world wide foreign aid for Israel.

    End all foreign aid to Israel since it is a failed racist terrorist state with no constitution, no declared borders, a right of return for Hebrews (not Jews, by birth, not faith), and no right of return for those ethnically cleansed from their own land.

    Israel has more UN resolutions against it than any nation on Earth.

    Enforce the laws.

    Hebrew affirmative action, now.

  15. PiscesJesusMan May 11, 2012 @ 4:36 pm

    I love this web site, amazingly informative. Thank God for Brother Nathaniel!

    Now we know why Ann Coulter is turned into just another corporate media whore shilling for Mitt Romney–the Jews told her to shut up.

  16. Ronald December 29, 2013 @ 8:46 pm

    As crazy as Hitler was, he did save Germany of the evil Jews.

    Our Country is under attack. Zionist Jews are killing Americans EVERYDAY.

    Look how the Jews are destroying healthcare and pushing hard for the AMNESTY BILL that will destroy our country and society. We should have executed the Jewish Madoff Family who robbed hundred of Americans and were robbing our country.

    I strongly believe Jews murdered the Catholic Kennedy Brothers including John Jr and his wife and friend. I also believe these same Jews murdered Martin L King to get control of the NAACP.

    John Kennedy wanted to stop Israel Lobbyist from coming into America and also wanted to get rid of the Jewish Federal Reserve.

    These people are cold blooded killers. I feel strongly that Jews caused 9/11 and brought terrorism to American Soil.

  17. Joel Ezra January 29, 2016 @ 9:10 am

    Neither were the biblical Hebrews nor modern Jews are a race. Race is a debunked idea.

    The Biblical Hebrews were drawn from every ethnic type in the ME and they intermarried among themselves and kept welcoming new adherents to the faith.

    White Jews are a late entrant to the faith.

  18. Joel Ezra January 29, 2016 @ 9:30 am

    Can America become a Christian nation?

    If by Christian is meant followers of Christ then the trend is towards multiculturalism and mass atheism as people of all faiths in America are steadily turning nonreligious or atheist.

    At the same time, I wonder how Christianity that has most of its roots in the Tanach can ever set itself up as a faith independent of Judaism.

    The Jewish lobby in the US is a deliberate creation by the Globalists not because the Jews are brilliant or able but on account of the fact that most American Jews are atheists and bitter enemies of Christianity and so to thwart Christianity/Christians in the US, what better hurdle than to have a the Jewish lobby in place.

    In Israel, we have the Ashkenazim atheists in power and all of these are Satanists in private who participate in diabolical occult rituals.

    Safed, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are hotspot of sorcery in Israel.

    The inner circle of Haredim, too, practices occult with gory blood ceremonies in secret.

    After the famous expose on the Oprah Winfrey show of a Cabalist Jewess (Rachel/Vicky Polin) revealing the horrific occult practices of her family and of many such Jewish families, it is said that each year 1000s of liters of human blood are shipped to Israel each year for use in secret occult rituals under the guidance of Satanists (Globalists) in the US.

    In Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and Iran, we see many Middle Eastern crypto Jews with Satanist leanings put by the Globalists in positions of power to thwart traditional Islamic values and to keep the Muslims poor and busy fighting among themselves.

    Satanism is widespread among the moneyed and political elites everywhere.

    The final showdown as visualised by Albert Pike and predicted by Samuel Huntingdon will be a clash of civilizations pitting the Zionists (modern Israel) against the Muslims to wipe out both sides to the staged conflict. Others who join the fray to take sides will suffer huge losses.

  19. Peter March 3, 2016 @ 9:10 pm

    Good comment about the universities!

    Yes, the Ivy League schools were once Christian seminaries but you would have hard time believing that today.

    The dog filth that comes out those colleges.

    I have met many of the grads from those places and can guarantee they are not geniuses or highly cultured.

    The Jews must really hate the likes of Notre Dame and Boston College.

  20. Jerry Clifford Kays May 18, 2022 @ 4:20 pm

    Today, at this late date, I sought the URL for The Protocols and found that most have been censored out.

    This being one of the few left available for me to pass onto a relative in Finland concerning my Geo-political beliefs concerning the ill-advisement of his nation joining NATO.

    Though I have been connected this way to Brother Nathanael in the past, and admired his views, we have been “estranged” due to time and circumstances (and because I live less than 100 miles from him, I have oft been tempted to look him up. But I realize that he is too busy to be bothered by the likes of myself).

    Now back here I have been reading essentially from the back-forward and thus my first note appears here. Bravo for the views here presented so far, very spiritually unique and wonderful to contemplate.

    I am now a bit past 82 years old and have been Spiritually Awake for around 30 years with a singular “mission” to “tell others”, something that I have been faithfully attempting to do all of that time but finding very little, if any, interest.

    As a life-long Truth-Seeker, I never found enough of it to keep me from becoming very depressed by the time I had reached middle-age and I was even contemplating suicide by then as a means to escape it all.

    I had also exhausted any earlier trust in organized religions in general, but I was as yet an agnostic concerning God. So when suddenly, un-contemplated and out of the blue, I had a “visit” from God in the form of a “generic” (natural) Spiritual Awakening, I found everything, and then some, that religions have always promised!

    Soon I was fully aboard when I decided that my God was really everyone’s GOD, surpassing the God(s) and gods of “organized religions” that so many people settled for short-changing their selves and thus humanity in general.

    The statements in the previous comments here prior to mine attest to the concept and idea that I had found the “Higher Truth” so lacking in this world at this time, especially among those claiming the most high version of it.

    Thus all I have to say (in knowing that I all too often just drone on and on) at this time, “Please folks, take the words of those here to heart, they know of what they speak.”

    IMnsHO and E so far.

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