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Obama/Brzezinski – ‘Gonna Get Putin!’


By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2011

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VLADIMIR PUTIN IS THE TARGET of heated rhetoric from Obama & his foreign policy adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Both are already stoking the fires of a US-Russian conflict. In an interview with Huffington Post, Brzezinski, Obama’s script writer, had some “fighting words” for his hated foe, Vladimir Putin.

When asked at the outset of the interview to comment on Putin’s “invasion” of Georgia, Brzezinski started off by comparing Putin to Hitler:

“Putin is putting Russia on a course that is similar to Hitler’s in the late 1930s. An analogy may be drawn between Putin’s justification for dismembering Georgia — because of the Russians in S.Ossetia — to Hitler’s tactics vis a vis Czechoslovakia to “free” the Sudeten Deutsch. Ultimately, what is at stake is the role Russia will play in the new international system.”

Next, Brzezinski started fuming because Putin gained access to Eurasia’s oil reserves:

“The question is how to respond to Putin’s larger imperial designs: to cut Western access to the Caspian Sea and Central Asia by gaining control over the Baku/ Ceyhan pipeline that runs through Georgia. At stake is access to oil as that resource grows ever more scarce.”

Then the gloves came off. It’s obvious that Brzezinski wants war with Russia when asked if the US should give Georgia military help against Russia:

“The invasion of Georgia by Russia is a sad commentary on eight years of self-delusion in the White House regarding Putin and his regime. The question now is about our longer term interests. If Putin embarks on a blatantly nationalistic and imperialistic course, we will all suffer. Therefore it is all the more important that Russia be stopped now.

And finally, Brzezinski wants a NATO presence in Georgia, regardless of Putin’s objections:

“The West desisted from extending NATO membership to Georgia out of deference to Putin’s objections. It is now clear that this deference has been counterproductive. In view of what has happened, NATO ought to extend membership to Georgia.” View Entire Interview Here.


BARACK OBAMA IS ‘BARKING’ militant against Vladimir Putin, calling him a “bellicose autocrat.” A whole host of Obama’s diatribes against Putin for his “autocratic” ways have recently appeared on Obama’s Web Site.

Although all of Europe knows that Putin was acting in self-defense with regard to Georgia’s invasion of S.Ossetia, Americans are being lied to about Putin and the Georgian conflict by Zionist Jews who own & occupy America’s mainstream media.

Here’s a sampling of Obama’s barking against Putin, obviously scripted by Brzezinski:

“Russia’s invasion of Georgia has created a serious security challenge for the US. In contrast to the Bush Administration’s erratic policy of embracing Vladimir Putin, I will pursue a strategy that addresses the challenge posed by an increasingly autocratic and bellicose Russia.

I will address the new challenges Russia poses by pursuing a vigorous strategy that will include supporting democratic partners throughout Eurasia.” View Entire Story Here.

Obama has recently published a frightening treatise, entitled, “A 21st Century Military For America.” Obama wants to beef up an “active US army” – not only for an “international crisis” – but for an “unexpected crisis at home.” Obama is calling for a “single combat brigade” to “protect” America from such a crisis.

It’s Obama, Not Putin
Who Is The True “Hitler” Of Brzezinski’s “New International System”…
Voters Beware!


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Brother Nathanael @ October 28, 2008


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  2. CIVILIAN DEATH MACHINE October 28, 2008 @ 10:37 pm

    Such a sad state of affairs, when Zionism is in control and occupying the White House….the Senate…and the Congress…just as it does in Palestine.

    We all know, Brezinzski doesn’t really care if the Knesset is the home of the NWO…something tells me, he’s more patriotic towards the US in that regard…

    However, this is one Polish Aristocrat who has does not want the US to lose hedgemony in Central Asia…as his “Grand Chessboard” plan details…

    The truth is, most Americans probably don’t want their soldiers conducting proxy wars against a formidable opponent like Russia…it’s not Saddam’s Iraq….nor is it the Taliban….which is ironic, because the US Government is ‘mulling over’ talks with the Taliban! LOL!!! Imagine that!!!

    Obama is a Black Marxist Communist led by the guiding hand of the TriLateral Commission and the CFR vis a vis Rockefeller and Brezinzski…

    I say we drop all 3 of them, loaded with magazines of match grade ballistic .338 calibre bullets into Central Asia and watch them fall for the flag…

    And we’ll send them along with members of the Likud Party…and let them fall for their flag…

    Any American, who calls themselves Christian, should be ashamed of themselves for not supporting Ron Paul and his Liberty Campaign!!!

    McCain, Palin and Obama, Biden are treasonous and treacherous!!!

    And so are the brass of the Republican and Democrat Parties!

    Communists at the ADL, NAACP, JWC, Republican and Democratic Party have no place in a country that guarantees equality, freedom, and the persuit of happiness under True Democracy!!!

    Democracy is not Communism.

    It’s time for “McCarthy-era” tactics against these Defenders of Oppression!

    Meredith Rollo

  3. joshua October 28, 2008 @ 11:09 pm

    Br. Nathanael, I have to tell you that I now beleive that Mr. Brzezinski is actually a Jew himself !… The Brzezinski name is Ashkenazi Jewish/Polish – How else can we explain the Mainstream Media support of Brzezinski/Obama (supposedly anti-Zionist, & anti-Israel lobby) ? ~~ If Zbig was TRULY anti-Israel, wouldn’t the M.S.M. STOP supporting Obama ?

  4. joshua October 28, 2008 @ 11:22 pm

    Also : Read an article from France which DROPPED A BOMB ! – The President of France (and presently the whole European Union), Nicolas Sarkozy is currently under investigation by French Police for being a MOSSAD AGENT ! ~~ Imagine if this is true ! ~~ Who ELSE could be Mossad ?… ANYONE ! ~~~~ source : WhatReallyHappened.

  5. Joe October 29, 2008 @ 12:29 am

    “The United States and our allies must stand firm in supporting Georgia’s economic and political stability, and opposing Russia’s efforts to undermine Georgia’s democratically-elected government.”

    What democratically-elected government? Saakasvili was installed by the CIA/Neo-Con/George Soros Rose Revolution coup.

    I have to ask, BN, in light of Brezinsky and Obama’s anti-Russia inclinations, should one vote McCain or Obama. They really do seem equally bad.

  6. Peter Paul James John October 29, 2008 @ 10:34 am

    All these servants of the House of the Red Shield are working overtime.

    We should be working overtime too… against the evil.

    They have accomplished so much of their multi-millenial plan that the doomsday water-clock must nearly be emptied.

    We still have a tiny chance… until the entire world is completely in their grip, and the curtain of dead silence comes down, that is. We will still have only the tiniest chance of breaking this menace, and only for a short while longer… but how?

    Truth. Massive, relentless, penetrating truth. Truth that stings. Truth that sticks. Truth that drives a stake through the devil’s heart.

    Reasoned, focused, logical… as from Thomas Aquinas or Augustine of Hippo.

    So few who can apply themselves mean we must support those who can.

    Thank you BN for being such a voice.

  7. Brent October 29, 2008 @ 10:52 am

    This man has two sons.

    One works for Obama, the other for McCain.

    It does not matter who you vote for, it has already been decided.

    Read the latest from Alan Stang

  8. Skip Baker October 29, 2008 @ 12:50 pm

    So many had hope that Obama would bring change, but it looks like that won’t happen.

  9. Jim DeTexas October 29, 2008 @ 1:09 pm

    Tell all your Birthright and Masa friends about the trivia game and the grant! And make Aliyah together!

    So is there going to be a code announcement for all jews to exit america before the melt down?

    Just guessing, it looks like the Aliyah peoples can cause a country to go into all out civil unrest, distroy its self, then they come back with thier carpet bags and clean up.

  10. Nicolae October 29, 2008 @ 3:37 pm

    Wrong,Wrong,Wrong Mr.Obama. If they start trouble with Russia,America is going to perish.

    I have said long time ago that Putin is going to destroy America.In Cuba Russian officers are training the cuban army,Venezuela is the same.

    America is at the end of a rope.

    So many people are going to perish soon in America. In one day, Israel Prostitute(America) is going to burn. Maybe the liars Christian Zionist thugs are going to be Rapture soon.Keep on waithing jon Hagee,Creflo Dollar etc to be Rapture,is not going to happend.

    You christian zionists have destroyed millions upon millions of believers,what are you going to do in the judgement day?REVELATION 18 IS THE END OF AMERICA. God bless you all.

  11. jewsribsinbearjaw October 29, 2008 @ 5:14 pm

    @ Jim deTexas

    Another good post. Thanks for the links.

    I think your links show an exodus of Jews from America, which is more a call and drawing of God for the true tribal Israelis in the country to return to their ancient Abrahamic homeland; rather than just simply rats fleeing a sinking ship, which is what the exodus of Jews from the European war arena before and during WWI and WWII was, as was also the fleeing of Jews from places like Lithuania at the end of the atrocities committed by Jews during the Soviet era of the USSR.

    There is doubtless some merging of the true tribal Israelis and false or non-ethnoracial Jews in the present exodus from America; and many of them (especially of the latter variety) may well be fleeing the country because they know riots and even a revolution are imminent due to the economic crisis and the socialist Obama coming to power.

    But I think it should be borne in mind that the false Jew or non-ethnoracial Jew of predominantly European ethnic extraction has never had a genuine love for aliyah or the Land of Israel, and generally favours bleeding dry and destroying a host country where wealth creation is easy and that is beyond the hot, dry war zone of the Middle East.

    You get evidence of this in reports of an increasing number of so-called Ashkenazim wanting to and actually leaving the state of Israel today to return to Europe, after having arrived there just prior to or during WWII.

  12. james October 29, 2008 @ 5:17 pm

    Spot on Brother Nathanael you’re the only one who seems to get it that Russia is the number 1 target and have been since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    What they did to Serbia during the 90’s was a test bed for there plan for Russia.
    The Bosnian war was nothing but a recruitment and training program linking Middle Eastern and European terrorists creating a Euro crime syndicate to fight Russia starting with there proxies in the Chechen regime they aligned themselves with and the Jewish mafia that finances them.

    Essentially it is just a modern day “operation blue” tactic the Nazis were preparing as a joint offensive against Russia.

    Why the recent media blitz about the Ukrainian famine and the fact that they don’t mention that it was Jews not Russians that caused it?

    That because there going to start an operation in the Crimea against Russia so exspect more Homodor propaganda in the media when that happens.

  13. rich October 29, 2008 @ 5:20 pm

    I guess the Lord gives us these satanic rulers because this nation (in part) especially the government, has turned from G-d !!!!!!!!!

  14. Greg October 29, 2008 @ 6:08 pm

    If one does their research one can find that most Christians have been mislead for generations now. Abraham and others whom we were taught were Jews have nothing to do with being a Jew.

    Abraham was a Hebrew, as Judah was not yet established at the time that he lived. So the “chosen people” are not Jews, as we have been lead to believe, but they are actually all people who are willing to live lives in obedience to the will of God.

    It is a historical fact that the “chosen people” as being Jews is only a myth that has been perpetrated by those who wish to use such a classification to bring themselves into a position to lead the whole human race. But these folks are not in compliance with the will of God, nor are they Jews as God defined the spiritual “Israel” to mean.

  15. Jim DeTexas October 29, 2008 @ 7:12 pm

    2 Greg,
    Welcome back.

    2 jewsribsinbearjaw & All,

    I got to thinking on that exodus of Jews from America or Birthright and Masa And make Aliyah together! stuff.

    As Bro Nathanael and others have pointed out not all Jews are Zionist, nor are they evil. They too are mislead and this has gone on thier whole life.

    There is a 35 acre peice of realestate over there in Jerusalem, Israel that used to house The Temple of Solomon, which now houses the Dome of the Rock, This is Islam’s 3rd holiest shrine – built on Mount Moriah in Jerusalum – 1400 years old.

    The Zionist want it bad, the Muslims have it, so it seems the thinking is to saturate the country with Jews from America and do another land grab.

    Now the Zionist bleive they must rebuild thier temple to please thier God and he will send the messiah fulfilling the prophecy. Somehow they seem to miss the part where the temple has already been rebuilt once thus paving the way for our or the true Christ.

    Story here…..

  16. Hoff October 30, 2008 @ 12:26 am

    The irony of McCain’s free pass is that newspapers like the New York Times need look no further than their own pages to check his claims. For example, McCain says that when he was shot down on October 26, 1967, the Vietnamese beat him over and over and refused to provide medical treatment for days until, in desperation, he told them that his father was an important military officer.

    In contrast, the New York Times, on October 28, 1967, quoted Hanoi radio reporting the day before that, “the son of the commander of the United States Naval Forces in Europe was captured in North Vietnam.”  At the time, the New York Times reported that the Vietnamese knew about McCain’s family connections as soon as he was captured, not days later. Which story is true?

    McCain POW French Footage video.


    National alliance of families Dolores

    Only the irrational and the corrupt would refuse to allow academic freedom.

  17. Greg October 30, 2008 @ 12:48 am

    To truly be a soul that loves God one must also love the truth so much as to not live a life contradictory to the known truth. Otherwise one is just giving lip service to God in order to look good in front of your fellow human beings in this earthly lifetime. Such a person doesn’t impress God one iota.

    The stories just continue to mount, showing that Obama is a hypocrite and liar saying that he cares about the economic issues in our country. He likes to say that the wealth should be shared in this nation more equally, and yet his own relatives and family live in slum and very low income conditions, even though Obama and his wife have made millions in income in the last decade. Apparently his idea of sharing the wealth went completely over his own large investments and bank accounts. He wants the middle class to pay for the redistribution policies so he can keep his own massive wealth.

    Here are the stories:

    and then the story on his incomes over the last decade:

    No wonder I hate both political parties, as they both play games with the emotions of the American public. This goes to match that other story I sent you whereby 4 out of the 5 top wealthiest members of congress are Democrats, even though they always say it is the Republicans who represent the wealth of this nation.

  18. seko October 30, 2008 @ 11:28 am

    Buzz it up

    From Admin Angel: This links to two vids- What Every Jew Needs To Know About Barack Hussein Obama

  19. KathJuliane October 30, 2008 @ 12:46 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ, from No Cal US of Talmudistan

    @Joshua: Blush. God bless you. Lord willing, I’m not going far.

    Ok, Class! Short lesson for today.

    Wikepedia: “An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin: “argument to the man”, “argument against the man”) consists of replying to an argument or factual claim by attacking or appealing to a characteristic or belief of the person making the argument or claim, rather than by addressing the substance of the argument or producing evidence against the claim.”

    This is the argumentative and debate style of many Jews. Usually the ad hominenum argument zooms in on either a gentile’s alleged “antiSemitism” [which KathJ has already defined as meaning a Gentile the Jews hate], or “self-hating Jew” if a member of the Tribe, or formerly so. KathJ will define as corollary “self-hating Jew” as being a Jew the Jews hate because he is perceived as acting like a Gentile.

    Air Talmud is grounded for today.

  20. John October 30, 2008 @ 3:35 pm

    If the CIA and Mossad had kept out of the arms, training and provoking the Georgians in the Georgian area Of South Ossetia / Abhkazia and had not taken sniper rifles to kill the UN Mandated Russian peace keepers then the Russians would have had no cause to invade. I do hope the Russians who went straight for the bases where the CIA and Mossad were managed to capture and or kill these agents of death. Not all the world is as dumb as you yanks.

  21. joshua October 30, 2008 @ 4:42 pm

    To John : Guess what ?… Us “Yanks” aren’t as stupid as the Brits & Jews THINK we are … regardless of what the JewTube says ! ~~~~~ … To KathJuliane … – My pleasure !… ~~ About Air Talmud… I hope you’ve removed the anti-hijacking software, because you know – it can be abused ! You wouldn’t want someone to take over Air Talmud by remote control !… make sure you remove that software, like ‘Lufthansa’ in Germany did ! You wouldn’t want anyone pulling a ‘9/11’ on you !… God Bless.

  22. Don October 30, 2008 @ 8:21 pm

    Joshua, Are you the same Joshua I know? Bro Nathanael would be delighted to meet you live and in person. Are you in Williamsburg now? If so, I have a friend in the Richmond suburbs you’ve already met and might like to get better acquainted with. Don

  23. joshua October 30, 2008 @ 9:19 pm

    To Don : No Sir, I am not… I live in The Great White North !… Sorry if the ‘Yank’ comment threw you off, if the NAU becomes reality – we’ll all be in this together soon enough !… in fact – aren’t we really already ? ~~~ if it’s war on Christians… We BETTER BE !… ~~~ p.s… if I was close – I would have sought to introduce myself already !

  24. joshua November 2, 2008 @ 1:44 am

    Listen to this quote from Brzezinski’s book ‘Between Two Ages…’… ~~ “With the splitting & eclipse of Christianity, man began to worship a new deity – the Nation…” ~~~ This supposed ‘Catholic’ speaks casually of Christianity as having been ‘ECLIPSED’… eclipsed by WHAT – exactly ? Surely he’s not talking about Judaism ? The continuation of his words after THAT, make it sound like he (they) thought it was mission accomplished, but now must declare war on nationhood itself – to accomplish what he (they) had in mind, because this “eclipse of Christianity” hasn’t quite had the desired result. ~~~ Which is : WORLD GOVERNMENT ! … ‘Protocols of… Zion’ to a * T *, No ?

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