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Should US Bail Out Jewish Bankers?

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2010

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“HAVE A HEART – SAVE A HEDGEFUND!” the sign said as it was carried about by protesters in front of the New York Stock Exchange on September 25 2008.

Millions of Americans are up in arms over the “bailout,” decrying it as an illegal power grab by Jewish bankers and their puppets in the Bush administration. Hank Paulson, the Secretary of the US Treasury, is himself the former Chairman of the Jewish bank, Goldman Sachs, one of the banks asking for a free lunch from the “dumb goyim” US taxpayers.

But would a Jewish banker ever buy a free lunch for a down-and-out “goy?” Never. Go ahead, just ask a Jewish banker to help you get out of debt — and if you are willing to give him your house and car and all of your assets — he may lend you a few thousand bucks and at 23.89% interest at that.

Here is a list of wealthy Jewish bankers looking for a free lunch from US taxpayers:

Lloyd Blankfein: Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs Here.

Stephen Roach: Managing Director & Economist of Morgan Stanley Here.

Martin Feldstein: Director of American International Group (AIG) Here.

Alan Fishman: CEO of Washington Mutual (WaMu) Here.

The question must be asked my dear fellow Americans, “Why should we give hard-earned money to wealthy Jewish bankers who are multi-millionaires? Huh?”


THE HOUSE FINANCIAL SERVICES COMMITTEE has two Zionist Jews on it leading the push for the biggest rip off the US government has ever foisted on American taxpayers.

These two Zionist Jews are Barney Frank, (D-MA), the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, and Gary Ackerman (D-NY). These two are Zionist Jews. And Zionist Jews look out for Jewish interests before America’s.

One of the ploys of manipulation & bribery by the powerful Jewish Lobby is to send Senators & Congressmen on lavish trips to Israel. In January of 2007, the issue of these trips was ‘discussed’ in Congress. But Barney Frank made sure that the Congressional junkets to Israel would continue.

NY Congressman Gary Ackerman is another bought politician by the Jews. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has a special Web Site promotion of Ackerman — just for him! Why? He’s been bought, that’s why.

Let’s Not Give Our Money To Jewish Bankers Who Buy Our Politicians.
Let’s Turn America Back To True Christian Leaders
Who Won’t Be Bought By Jewish Bankers!


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Brother Nathanael @ September 27, 2008


  1. admin September 27, 2008 @ 6:09 pm

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    The NYC trip was a great success. And I thank all of you who made that trip possible.

    Would you then please consider donating to the upcoming “Brother Nathanael…Street Evangelist” Trip in DC?

    I am sure it will also be very profitable, especially for the Jew-bought politicians…

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    +Brother Nathanael – Email me:

  2. Meredith Rollo September 27, 2008 @ 7:11 pm

    It’s unbelievable!!!

    It happened in 1929…. and here it is again… We are on the verge of something truly catastrophic!!!

    The American Dollar will fall, Inflation will rise, and where will the average Taxpayer be? …Buried under “mountains of Jewish-insighted monetary debt”!!!

    Meanwhile, the economy faulters…so corporations have ammunition for lay-offs…and they too, like good Socialists, will run to the ‘government trough’, looking for their ‘bailouts’….in the name of Protecting America First!!!

    Where is Obama? Where is McCain? Where is Bush? …they’re all in bed with Rothschild!!! Kissing his beloved Zionist Ass along with the likes of Palin, Biden, Frank, etc., etc., etc.

    The United States is being bankrupted, just like Germany in the 1930’s…..

    Nevermind the Bollocks, The US Army is coming home to a combat on the Home Front!!!

    And where are the citizens who elect these Congressman and Senators???

    But does it really matter?

    The Republican and Democrat Corporate Fascist Regimes are Now the Enemy!!!

    EMPOWERED BY THE IGNORANT MASSES, who refused, (and contine to refuse!), to “Wake Up”!!!

    It’s not a matter of the world coming to an end….it’s more a matter of how much do you want to keep giving the government your hard earned money, so they can ‘redistribute’ it to their friends on Wall Street and in Israel!!!

    …in other words, your “Defender of Democracy, the World Over” has just shifted the most massive tax burden, caused by that of a relatively few and priviledged, onto the shoulders of all our children’s children and beyond!!!

    Obama is Not Change!!! McCain is Not Change!!!

    There is no fix for this subversion of the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights and Amendments….

    Unless People Wake Up, and declare…

    “We, the People…” RUN THE GOVERNMENT!!!

    …and NOT Public Officials who systematically commit treason, subversion and engage in fraud!!!

    The time has come, (and long overdue!!!), to dismantle the Jew-Operated Fractional Reserve Banking System vis-a-vis The U.S. Federal Reserve and its owner back in London…

    How dare any American Senator or Congressman call Russia “Aggressive” for responding to Georgia’s premeditated acts of aggression!!!

    And little Israel…with their predominant influence in Washington…want their Goyim to battle Iran….

    Maybe we should send the men and women of the Armed Services into Iran…. it’s a sacrifice….but no great loss of life…because it seems the US Army has forgotten what it’s like to fight a real war…and not some “make belief fairy tale” group like “Al-Qaeda” who people like Obama’s Brezinzski empowered back in the late 70’s/early 80’s….

    it may sound unpatriotic, but the sooner the depleted uranium bombs fall in Tel Aviv…and US Soldiers get sacrificed like little lambs being led to the slaughter, only then will change come!!!

    Of course, that was the plan!

    Rothschild will still keep his money…and people like the Politicians in all the developed countries will be safely surrounded by hordes of their Secret Service Personnel…while the rest of us continue to pay, pay, pay!

    So what is the Answer?


    Wake Up!!!

    Talk to Your Neighbor!!!

    Stop with the “Political Correctness”!!!

    Call Your Local Congressional Representative!!!

    And Just Say “NO” to the Star of David!!!

    The Israelites were expelled!!!

    Jews know Christians are programmed to “turn their cheek and forgive”….

    But Christians can be just as cunning…and Zionist Jews know it!!!

    RUSSIA is on its way to Israel!!!

    …which can only mean 1 thing- the US will try to cut Russia off at the pass….but will fail…because it is written!!!

    Zionist Jews and ZioCon Christians will Fall!!!

    Let the chips fall where they belong…

    Israel has had a “Great Run”….for the past 60 years…and Zionists for the past 2000 years or so…

    Satan will not triumph or be allowed to triumph in glory…

    … they try to rebuild their Temple and burn the villages and orchards of it’s rightful owners…

    They engage in rabbinical heresy…they allow the word of mortal man to supercede God’s Word….

    They engage in usury, prostitution, slave trading, bigotry, hatred, torture and bribery to achieve their ends….

    Their time is near…

    And so it should.

    Amen. Inshallah.

  3. Sal September 27, 2008 @ 7:17 pm

    Today I was given a dollar bill in change which had stamped in red on it, Investigate 9-11.

    I discovered you can buy a custom stamp kit at any office supply store for about $30. Cosco is one brand name. You can also order custom-made stamps online.

    With your new toy, you can STAMP just about anything you want onto our “money”!

    Some suggestions are:

    9-11 was an inside job
    9-11 Self-Inflicted Wound
    Abolish the Federal Reserve
    Stop Zionism
    Fight the New World Order

    Or whatever else you want to say.

    Here is what you do, go to your bank and withdraw 3, $100 bills. Ask specifically for hundreds. Stamp them. Go to another bank, or a store service center and change them down to 15 $20’s and stamp them in your car.

    At your next stop, as soon as they are dry, have the 15 $20’s broken into 15 $10’s and 30 $5’s.

    Now go buy your groceries with your new free advertising money, or continue the process by changing everything into 300 $1’s and stamping every single one of them.

    Then go back to the bank and change them back into 3 $100 and start over. One “round trip” could be accomplished in an afternoon, and you would add 363 pieces of free advertising circulating through society.

    How many hands would your bright red stamped pieces of fiat currency go through every week? 3,630… 7,260?

  4. George W. Berry September 27, 2008 @ 7:35 pm

    With all the Current EconoBabble from both “Conservative” McCain & Obama, and all the BUSHIT from “W”, it is refreshing to see that a REAL PATRIOT has the ONLY solution:

    To ABOLISH THE SOURCE OF ALL THE DEBT – the privately owned “Federal” Reserve Bank!

    I interviewed Congressman Ron Paul Friday about HR 2755 – The Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act – which will be rebroadcast this weekend through Sunday.

    To listen to the fastest growing program on the Genesis Communications Network, go to and click on the link to the Crash!

    George W. Berry

  5. rich September 27, 2008 @ 7:50 pm

    no bailout for anybody !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. George W. Berry September 27, 2008 @ 7:59 pm

    The word “Bailout” Is just so much NeoConArtist NewSpeak.

    What is really happening here is just one more example of a Parasitic Money Paradigm: An Organic Money System is designed to transfer goods and services between and among PRODUCERS.

    A Parasitic Money System is designed to transfer an ever larger amount of wealth away from producers and into the hands of non producing parasites.

    A DEBT MONEY SYSTEM is like antigravity: Producers go ever deeper into DEBT, while non producers gain ever more of the goods and services produced BY THE PRODUCERS!

    To listen to the fastest growing program on the Genesis Communications Network, go to and click on the link to the Crash!

    George W. Berry

  7. Jim DeTexas September 27, 2008 @ 8:00 pm

    OFF TOPIC…………

    Good News 2 All,

    Big-bang machine suffers melt down set back.

    A problem with a magnet connection will delay the start of experiments for half a year, partly because the $3.8 billion accelerator is so complicated to repair. Physicists _ some of whom waited two decades to use the new equipment _ will now have to wait three more weeks for the damaged section to be warmed up to room temperature.


    Thanks be to God and all those that prayed.

  8. Jim DeTexas September 27, 2008 @ 8:03 pm

    2 Sal,

    Careful, defacing money is a federal offence and carries up to a 10 sentence, as well as fines.

  9. Jim DeTexas September 27, 2008 @ 8:52 pm

    2 All Bro’s and Sisters,

    Save your gold silver etc. it will come in handy as the dollar becomes worthless. It might buy ya a sack of flour or beans.

    Track metals market here……Here

  10. Zampan0 September 27, 2008 @ 9:24 pm

    Thank you for everything Brother Nathanael. I will try to send $20.00 for your trip.

    Things are tough right now, but I am sure I can do it.

    I am wondering why the people of MA, U.S. would keep electing a guy that would be happy to have anal intercourse with their ten year old sons, or do perverted things with another mans penis?

    I am sure there are many degenerates in Congress that would do the same thing but Barney is open about it.

    What is your view of this?

  11. Paul September 27, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

    All Americans should protest by not paying IRS, Student Loans, Mortgages..thats what the founding fathers did, they refused to pay taxes without representation.

  12. Christopher R September 27, 2008 @ 9:35 pm

    The government recently made it harder for average people to claim bankruptcy, too. Economic oppression of the poor is increasing.

  13. Dev September 27, 2008 @ 10:06 pm

    Ok, without getting into conspiracy theories, I am wondering, what is the consenses here about what we should do with the travails on wallstreet?

    I have to admit, I really do not know much about economics but I am a Christian and I know what is predicted in Revelations…it seems we are in very very dangerous time and I am hearing that from the left and right, Christian and Non Christians..

    Is a bailout the right thing to do? Or should we just let things fall…ie Let the Free Market sort things out??

    It really is terribly confusing!

  14. Don September 27, 2008 @ 10:31 pm

    Zionist pigs..what can u do?

    God blesses Isreal. And at the same time uses the Jews to usher in world domination by the coming AntiChrist….Ultimately if you are on the side of the righteous you will have to oppose the Zionists but still support the core of God’s promise to’s a tough job…and as it is written there are some that are of the House of God who’s Father is the devil…

    Believe it or not there are actually Jews that are Satanists..dont believe it? and see what’s coming aka our Jewish international banker friends…instead of loving your neighbor their intent is to enslave and kill the Gentile and Jew neighbor…well we will see how they will end up in the end…It should be real interesting..!

  15. Loren September 27, 2008 @ 10:35 pm



    Round them all up, put them all on a big boat with plenty of leaky holes, and with plenty of leaky buckets, leaky life preservers, and leaky life boats, and stick ’em all out in the middle of the Atlantic – and with the boat stuffed to the rafters with all of their worth-less-than-nothing Federal Reserve Notes. And on world-wide broadcast TV, watch them attempt to bail themselves out in the process!!!

    And even such a boat ride would be all too kind in comparison to the hell these people have put the rest of Humanity through.

    In the end, they will get their just recompense from a Holy and Righteous God. But until then, “resist the devil, and he will flee from you”.

    We in the U.S. have failed to “resist the devil.” We have “spiritualized” our battles with the devil, and have likewise failed to realize how he and his earthly minions attack us through earthly and carnal means.

    Oh yeh, we got the battle against homosexuality down real good. And abortion. And porn. But praise God and pray for our government, our illicit wars, our banks and our mammon, and our bastardized “American Way of Life,” so that we can continue to spread the glorious Gospel to the rest of the world through the barrels of our guns and our threats of nuclear annihilation. Now that’s what being a “Christian” is all about!

    (I am being sarcastic in the above paragraph, just in case someone reading this post doesn’t “get it”.)

    In the near future, there will be real-life in-your-face physical manifestations of the war currently being fought in the heavens. Will we finally then be convinced that our battle is not just against spiritual forces, but also against flesh-and-blood?

    If our battle is only against spiritual forces, then why did our Founding Forefathers fight the Revolutionary War against the physical armies of the British? Why weren’t “prayers” enough to defeat the British? (Maybe our Founding Forefathers didn’t have enough “faith” behind their prayers? I doubt so, rather, they had great faith, and put great works – a war – behind their great faith.)

    Many, with a Bible in one hand, and a musket in the other, fought for the freedoms for ALL – even for those who were fighting on the side of the British! Now, that is being “noble”: for the benefit of all – even “the enemy.”

    When Jesus returns, He will CRUSH the governments of the world. Does that sound like only a “spiritual battle”? Or does it sound like a physical manifestation of Jesus and His armies to defeat physical earthly armies and their physical earthly governments?

    This Jesus is definitely not the meek and mild mannered Jesus that the establishment would want us to believe in – a “milk toast” Jesus – a “doormat” Jesus – a “girlie man” Jesus.

    The more you come to understand Jesus as the Son of Man while on Earth, the more you come to realize that Jesus was a “man’s man” across all categories!

    And when He returns, all those who oppose Him – and that includes those who are the most elite and hardened of troops, special forces, assassins, etc – even those “satanists” who are on the inside of Satan’s innermost circle – even those “Zionists” who covet to rule the world – will cower and cringe and cry out like little scared boys crying for their mommies and blankies and pacies (pacifiers).

    In the old days, horse thieves were hung from the nearest trees. Today’s “horse thieves” steal far more than just horses from people, but receive a slap on the wrist at the least, and maybe some jail time at the most. But certainly no punishments due their crimes.

    If we were to do as China does, these professional scam artists would be marched out to the public squares and executed by firing squads for the whole world to see.

    If this were employed in the U.S. you’d see those Zionist scum and their lackeys become God-fearing people-loving folk like none other – yet, it would still be a “scam”, as their hearts would still despise and hold in contempt all non-Zionists. But at least, a moral structure would return to the U.S.

    Still, the one and only solution (in the natural carnal realm) to our nation’s economic and financial crises is to abolish the Federal Reserve!!!

    From its inception, it was concocted and schemed and pressured into existence by evil satanic men. The Federal Reserve is a satanic monetary system – plain and simple!!! Yet, this understanding has eluded most Americans – including most Christians!!!

    How can “light” and “darkness” coexist? How can a “Christian” nation embrace and employ an evil darkened satanic monetary system? How can Christians, in good conscience, ask God to bless that which is blatantly from the pit of hell and from Satan’s own genious?

    There are certain pastors who demand that members of their churches burn all those evil satanic rock albums and CDs, burn all those satanic books and charms and etc. Burn this, and burn that. But don’t burn the Fed’s “Notes”! Praise God, pass the collection plates! Everyone needs to “tithe” with those good ol’ satanic Federal Reserve Notes! After all, “In God We Trust” – but whose “God” – the one true God, or the god of “mammon”?

    I, as so many others, depend upon those satanic Federal Reserve Notes to pay my bills, etc, just to “get by” within this filthy system. So, honestly, it would be difficult for me (although I am the one in this post advocating doing so) to do away with the Notes, as I need them to just live life, even scraping by as I do. So it’s a dilemma for me, too.

    But in the end, our economy will collapse – as was originally intended and designed via the Federal Reserve System from 1913 onward – and the Federal Reserve Note will be revealed to be worth-less-than-nothing as it always has been – even from its very beginning – but there will be no more “facade” to deceive people with the fact that it is what it has always been – a ruse; a mechanism to steal the wealth of producers and award those who leach off of others; a negative to the positive which produces a negative; a black hole that must expand deeper, wider, and with ever-increasing speed just to maintain the “event horizon” from being sucked into the hole, but in the end, it gets sucked in anyway.

    It’s over, America. The party’s over. We’ve “danced with the devil in the light of the moon” way too long, and now we must pay the joker. And payback will be a bitch (excuse the french, please).

    It will get ugly … as U.S. troops are amassing to go up against fellow citizens when it all unravels.

    Imagine, our own Zionist-Occupied-Government (ZOG) will slaughter thousands, perhaps millions, of its own citizens, without prejudice, without remorse, without shedding a tear – well trained – by our own taxpayer’s monies – to kill whomever they are ordered to kill.

    The end is near. What will you do when the end comes?

  16. admin September 27, 2008 @ 10:52 pm

    Dear Don – There is NO dilemna.

    The “Israel of God” as I point out in my article, “Will Israel Survive?” @ – is the Christian Church, not the secular, racist, murderous State of IsraHell. +BN

  17. Jim DeTexas September 27, 2008 @ 11:11 pm

    2 Dev,

    The bailout isn’t for the common man, people will still lose thier jobs, the dollar will still decline, people will still lose thier houses.

    This will last for years, and in the mean time the zionist/jew carpetbaggers will buy up america for pennies on the dollar, we will become the kinder genteler america GW sinor told us about in the late 80’s and we will welcome the new Amero monies.

    Ugliness is upon us…Santa isn’t comming this year.

  18. admin September 27, 2008 @ 11:19 pm

    Dear Loren – The end is NOT near.

    And may I remind you and all the readers of Real Jew News that I, Brother Nathanael Kapner, the publisher of Real Jew News, do not advocate in any way, shape, or form, the use of violence or illegal means to deal with the Anti American, Anti Christ, Zionist Jews.

    We deal with these wicked Jews through prayer, information, education, awareness, and INVOLVMENT with our fellow Americans enhancing their awareness of the Zionist Jewish threat to our nation and to the world.

    I am an optimist. If we do all of the above, especially PRAYER, then the Lord Jesus Christ, “the Judge of the LIVING & the dead,” will intervene.

    Pray, talk, involve, and have faith in our Lord.
    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  19. dw smith September 27, 2008 @ 11:24 pm

    For the continuing massacre of American home ownership and in lieu of the treasonable duplicity exercised by these zionist jewish banksters in the creation and exercise of the subprime lending crisis it is IMPOSSIBLE to think anyone could be interested in the redemption of these zionist devils.

    May God forbid!!!

  20. Sal September 28, 2008 @ 12:19 am

    Re: Jim’s warning. With all due respect you just spread DIS-information, which plays perfectly INTO the hands of our Jewish control-freak masters.

    You tried to SCARE me and anyone else out of this planned protest. Did you even research what the “law” actually says before spouting off? No.

    The actual “law” says…

    “Whoever mutilates, cuts, defaces, disfigures, or perforates, or
    unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill,
    draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking
    association, or Federal Reserve bank, or the Federal Reserve System,
    with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence
    of debt unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or
    imprisoned not more than six months, or both.”

    So first of all you were 9.5 years too high regarding the punishment for messing with your master’s money, and second, this “money” isn’t being defaced with intent to render it unsuitable for circulation, because the bill remaining in circulation is an INTEGRAL part of the plan.

    Stamp away people!

  21. Hoff September 28, 2008 @ 12:53 am

    The Rothschild themself says they have been at the CENTER of the world’s financial markets for over 200 years, and It ranks amongst the world’s largest privately-owned banks, and the best informed and most internationally effective banking group in the world.

    The Rothschild clan is the richest jews in the whole world and they have been at the centre of intarnational finance for over 200 years. That is before Napoleon.

    Rothschild was behind every major king in Europe for 200 years back in history. Rothschild hated the russian king, the Czar. Do you know why? Because he refused to bow to the Rothschilds demands. This and the rise of the jewish frauds Communism and Zionism has shaped the history of the latest 130 year. To understand what is happening today you must understand what toke place in Russia in the 1880s.

    Communism is secular Talmud-judaism. When you cut the crap in Talmud it in essence says: Jews are God’s Chosen People, all the wealt in the world belongs to the jews and that all Goyim, non-jews are the jews slaves.

    When you cut all the crap, communism in essence says that everything belongs to the state, and that the state shall be controled by a Chosen Elite. Karl Marx was a jew and that is the key to understand what communism really is, a jewish fraud. Who do you think the Talmud-jew Karl Marx had in mind to be the Chosen Elite?

    Control of the state is everything in communism, once you control the state all the wealth belongs to the Chosen Elite and all the people are slaves.

    Communism is judaism with out god, secular judaism and that’s why most jews in the whole world became communist instantly in 1850 and on. Today, 2008 most jews are communist.

    Zionism and Communism are twins, they were born in 1850. Karl Marx and Theodor Herzl both had Moses Hess as their mentor.

    What communism is most people have an idea about, but what zionism is very few know, simply because most people never heard much about zionism. Communism has had and have a huge impact on history. Zionism has and have probably more impact on history.

    Religious judaism says that all the jews shall return to Israel – when God want. Political zionism says: We can’t wait for God, we have to fix it ourselfves.

    This is why the religious jews opposes political zionism, it’s blasphemy, againt God’s will. The religious jews have opposed political zionism from start after the first zionist world congress in Basel, Schweiz in 1897. 200 jews from the whole world attended.

    In Encyclopedia Judaica from 1971, entry Edmund Rothschild it says that he was paying the first zionist settlements in Palestine in the 1880s. It goes on to say that if not for the Rothschild money the zionist would never had got a foothold in Palestine. Edmund Rothschild put up 50 million.

    Napoleon tried to take Jerusalem in 1799 and give it to the jews. So the zionist thing is not a new thing, but Napoleon was the first that had the military force could have taken Jerusalem, but he lost the battle and after that he wanted to make Paris the new Jerusalem and he invited all the jews in the whole world to come to France.

    The russian king wanted to modernise Russia and needed money. The Rothschild told the Czar that he should allow the jews to live where ever they wanted in whole Russia and give the jews “minority rights”. The Czar refused and that meant that the Rothschild declared war on the russian King.

    When you read what the jews thougt about the Czar it’s one thing, they hated the russian king. In 1881 the Czar was killed – by a jew. The new Czar wasen’t that happy with jews so he imposed some “restrictions” on the jews. In the 1820s that Czar dicided that the jews should be russian and assimilate and gave the jews free accsess to higher learning. This education was denied to the russian peasant.

    The “restriction” the new Czar in 1881 imposed was that the jews was restricted to their percentage of the population to schools. When this got to the jews in America, they lied and said that the russian king was after the jews because of their religion. The jew cried “PERSECUTION”, as they always do when they can’t have it all their way.

    This is the start of the modern time jewish lie about jews being “persecuted” for being merely religious jews.

    What the jew-mafia in America, with Jacob Schiff as spearhead, did was they lied about the Czar “persecuting” jews because they were “religious” jews. This is the synagogue in St Petersburg, that was the russian king capitol.

    “… when the design was submitted to Alexander II in March 1880, his reply was: “the dimensions of the building should be revised in order to make it more modest”. This was a blow to the community. Fortunately, the architects agreed to make a new design free of charge, and a sketch of the synagogue was finally approved by Alexander III on May 16, 1883.”

    “The Big Synagogue was solemnly sanctified on December 8, 1893. Community leaders opened the central door with a silver key and carried seven Torah scrolls into the hall. … Thus the St. Petersburg Big Choral Synagogue was opened after a 24-year-long history of authorization and construction.”

    Just look at the size. This is the second largest synagogue in Europe.

    This is the synagogue in Moscow. It’s smaller than the one in St Petersburg. Just look at the cars and people in front. The synagogue is GIGANTIC.

    Now, ask yourself: If I was the russian king and hated jews because their religion, would I allow the religious jews to build a GIGANTIC synagogue in the center of my Capitol and Moscow?

    This jew-mafia lie was what opened America to millions of jews from Russia and Poland. And here are a book online that tells what and how the jew-mafia in America did to take away any restriction on jewish immigration to America.

    “Jacob Schiff stood out as a central figure. A major factor in international finance, Schiff’s greatest weapon was money: giving it, denying it. … 1903, Schiff decided to personally lead a crusade to force Czar Nicholas to abandon his anti-Semitic campaign.(42

    “The banking boycott and the financing of Japan’s victory were only the first rounds. In 1906, Schiff and other influential Hofjuden formed the American Jewish Committee. Their first major objective was abrogation of the Russo-American commercial treaty, the legal basis of all friendly relations with Russia. The Committee asserted that the czar’s denial of Russian visas to Jewish American citizens was an affront not just to America’s Jewish citizens but to the United States itself.(46)

    Although William Taft had issued a presidential campaign promise of abrogation, he refused to honor his pledge once elected. During a February 1911 White House luncheon for Committee leaders, when Taft rendered his final refusal to abrogate, Schiff warned, “We had hoped you would see that justice be done us. You have decided otherwise. We shall now go to the American people.”

    Schiff then stalked from the room, refusing to even shake the president’s hand. On the way out, Schiff whispered to fellow Committee leaders, “This means war!”(47)”

    Read that again. ONE mafia-jew declares war on the president of the United States of America. Jacob Schiff did get what he wanted.

    “Calling upon all friends and resources, the Committee began a widespread public appeal to have Congress force the president to end commercial relations with Russia. Within weeks, House and Senate abrogation resolutions-each personally approved by the Committee-were prepared. On December 13, 1911, after the House voted 300 to 1 to abrogate, Taft capitulated, and two days later issued instructions to terminate the treaty. (48)”

    The abrogation, end of all commercial relations with Russia is one of the jew-mafias greatest victory. That was a major blow to the Russian king, and it prepared the way for the jew-mafia to overthrow the Russian king in the well planed coup that is called “revolution” in 1917 in Russia.

    Communism is a jewish fraud, and the jewish fraud communism is about one thing and one thing only: Control of the state. And controlled the stat in Soviet the jews did. Here are the undisputied proof that no one can refute.

    Encyclopedia Judaica is o,8 meter, close to one yard, 3 feet and in A4. This brick work is hundred precent jewish. I have a copy of every page of the entry: Communism in Encyclopedia Judaica from 1971, and every excerpt on this link is correct. The Politburo was 60 percent jews. The rest was married to a jewesses.

    Stalin was marrried to jewesses and Stalin’s children was jews.

  22. ruby leo September 28, 2008 @ 2:02 am

    This “antichrist” is not a person, as many people falsely believe. There is no one human being that could believably convince the whole human race to transecnd their ethnic, racial, nationalist, cultural or individual bias — to see things one singular way.

    The only thing that is capable of corrupting the whole of humanity is this very economic system itself — which is controlled by this old seed, the same seed which survived the Great Flood.

    The mark on the forehead and the mark on the hand, do the will of the antichrist. What this means is that a) people believe in this system, decieved by their own minds (the “mark on the forehead”) and b) people are willingly doing the bidding of this false system (with their hand).

  23. Hoff September 28, 2008 @ 2:15 am

    Iran’s president hate jews? Video.

    Ahmadinejad Greeted by Anti-Zionist Jews in New York

    Carter: “US Candidates MUST do as Israel says”

  24. michael mccarthy September 28, 2008 @ 2:29 am

    bro. nat. have you read michael hoffmans latest book “judaism discovered” let us know your thoughts and spread the news of it on your site, please. I now understand why our lord spoke out against these lost sheep. you site is important but hoffmans book takes thing to another level. full of compassion but very serious in its revealtion. no wonder traditional catholics make a habit of praying for “jews”. bless your heart.

  25. admin September 28, 2008 @ 2:36 am

    Dear michael mccarthy –

    Not only have I in my own possesion, Michael A Hoffman’s “Judaism Discovered,” I did a second review only 3 days ago, “Judaism Discovered – Review PT II” @

    “Judaism Discovered – Review Pt I” may be read and viewed with pics @

    Please look at my list of articles before making your suggestions. +BN

  26. michael mccarthy September 28, 2008 @ 2:42 am

    Woops, a couple of spelling mistakes in that last message. “Persecution, Privelege and Power” by Mark Green along with “The Culture of Critique” by Prof. Kevin Macdonald, both essential reads.

    These books, along with Michael Hoffmans “Judaism Discovered” and your site and with G-ds grace things will turn towards the light. Off to mass. Blessing to all. Carry on.

  27. admin September 28, 2008 @ 2:43 am

    Dear ruby leo,

    You are NOT correct in stating that the Anti Christ will not be a person. The Holy Scriptures, (I John) teach that “anti christs” and “anti-christ teachings,” will culminate into a one person demagogue.

    A One World Government sets the stage for the Anti Christ who will be a Jew. See my article, “The Anti Christ Will Be A Jew” @

    The State of Israel as we now know it, that is the secular Zionist State now in existence, does NOT have to be in place for the Anti Christ to rebuild the Temple and sit in it as the self proclaimed messiah. He simply could have it erected.

    On the other hand, St John Chrysostom, whom I read every single day, day and night, says that the “temple” in which the anti christ announces himself, could possibly be in the “church.”

    People will follow powerful, enigmatic, and charasmatic leaders. Any amateur student of history will inform you of this. Obviously, you do not know world history even in a superficial way.

    But the rest of your comments seem reasonable enough. +BN

  28. Hoff September 28, 2008 @ 4:07 am

    How Israeli Backdoor Technology Penetrated the U.S. Government’s Telecom System and Compromised National Security

    An Israeli Trojan Horse

    “… Verint Inc. (formerly Comverse Infosys), and Amdocs Ltd., that respectively provide major wiretap and phone billing/record-keeping software contracts for the U.S. government.   Together, Verint and Amdocs form part of the backbone of the government’s domestic intelligence surveillance technology.   Both companies are based in Israel – …”

  29. Hoff September 28, 2008 @ 4:28 am

    Rosa Parks, just another jewish fraud.
    Look in the bus. How many people are there on the bus? Two people and the camera man. The bus is standing still. Rosa Parks is a cheap jewish b-movie.

    Just like the “cristallnacht” fraud, just take some pictures from different angle and tell the dumb goyim what he sees. The dumb goyim will belive anything.

  30. Jim DeTexas September 28, 2008 @ 7:39 am

    2 Sal,

    You are correct I should have researched the laws. My intent was to warn that it was illegal, but as I can see it is only illegal if one is caught. I do need to point out though that the bank one exchanges the bills in are the would be enforcers. Please accept my apology.

    If I were to do what you are advocating, I would use one dollar bills and drop or place them in stores where they might be found and consider the loss as a donation to the cause.

  31. Loren September 28, 2008 @ 9:19 am

    The “anti-Christ” will be a real flesh-and-blood person, and he will be a Jew. He will have the historical credentials, as well as the genetic testings, to prove beyond all doubt that he is the rightful heir to the Throne of Israel.

    The anti-Christ will come in peace in the midst of world war, and in brokering the peace, the world will elevate him to world ruling status. In his first 3-1/2 years, he will right the many wrongs in the world. He will feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and visit those in prison. (He will be like the “rich young ruler” in Jesus’s day.) He will forge new breakthroughs in science, medicine, and technologies that will liberate Humanity from so much that has been a burden since its “fall” in the Garden. He will even promise a new paradise, a new “Garden of Eden”, for the benefit of ALL, not just “the few”.

    The anti-Christ will turn against those in positions of world power and influence who helped give rise to his world presidency but who have oppressed “the people” for so long. He will go up against the Zionists, the New World Orderists, the CFRists, etc, etc, even wage war against sovereign governments, in an attempt to remove such people from their positions and to hold them accountable for their crimes. In doing so, the common person will exhault the anti-Christ as a true champion of “the people”.

    The anti-Christ will usher in true global (as much as is humanly possible) democracy to all peoples (perhaps via “the bio-chip” implant?), so that no one will remain voiceless in their governance. Whether by treaty, or by force, dictators will be forced to relinquish their control and to cede such unto their respective peoples.

    Great signs and wonders and miracles will follow the firt 3-1/2 years of the world rule of the anti-Christ, so much so, that the world will be deceived, unfortunately, even many of the very Elect of God will likewise be deceived unto this “man of perdition”.

    But all that changes after the anti-Christ comes back from the dead – after having been asassinated – with the infilling of the person-being of Lucifer/Satan himself. Lucifer/Satan is not capable of inhabiting the body of just anyone, but only a genetically superior human body with a soul already completely corrupted by a “darkness so dark so as to appear as light”. And so the second 3-1/2 years of the anti-Christ’s reign on Earth will witness the unleashing of Satan’s worst against Humanity (and the Earth itself), with the culmination of the return of the real Christ, the Lamb of God, the King of Kings.

    The anti-Christ in the first 3-1/2 years will :
    1) appear as the real-deal
    2) perform many signs, wonders, and miracles
    3) right the many wrongs
    4) dethrone those who have oppressed the masses of Humanity and make them pay – some with their lives
    5)usher in new sciences, medicines, and technologies that will promise a new Eden on Earth
    6) fulfil the promise of the serpent in the garden unto Mankind – “surely you will not die” and “you can be as God”.

    The anti-Christ will appear as the real Christ, so much so, that many of the very Elect of God will be deceived into accepting this man as the return of Christ to the Earth (the Second Coming) and the ushering in of the 1000-year reign of peace and prosperity.

    But after the anti-Christ gets indwelt by Lucifer/Satan and is brought back from the dead, the gig will be up, the mask will be removed, and the true darkness of Satan’s darkened-light will be felt by ALL but those Divinely Protected.

    When he comes, do not be deceived by this fake christ, but be fore-warned and fore-prepared. Anchor your faith, your works, your entire being, in the one true Christ, and in Him alone, now while you can, so that you will not be deceived, but able to weather the coming storms as well as the many empty and deceptive promises, and all the signs, wonders, and miracles of the not-from-God-but-with-the-appearance solutions.

  32. james1 September 28, 2008 @ 11:11 am


    What are you basing your assumption of how the anti-christ would react?

    Why would he go against existing NWO organisations and ZOG government when ther anti-christain. Is tere anything in scripture to back up your claims?

    Previous realjewnew article on anti-christ.

  33. David September 28, 2008 @ 11:40 am


    I completely disagree with your assessment of the Anti-Christ.

    The Anti-Christ won’t be that deceptive, you have to remember something about good and evil……..

    “No good fruit can come from an bad tree”

    Evil can lie, deceive, manipulate, but it cannot do true good, it can look as if they are doing good, but the real purpose is to do bad…….

    The world is going to become just like it was in the days of Noah, and how were those days?

    There was violence, murders, adultery, fornication, and sexual perversion of every kind, men with men, woman with woman, men with boys, men with little girls, woman with little boys, mothers with daughters boyfriends, etc etc etc.

    The world will fall into this, and indeed has been for some time now, getting worse and worse.

    When the anti-christ shows up, society will already be calling white black and black white, good will be evil and evil will be good.

    The anti-christ will speak blasphemy against Jesus Christ, making fun of him in every way, degrading him, the only thing that will come out of his mouth will be evil……

    But evil has a certain kind of logic, he will use a certain logic to explain his viewpoints, much the same way that Fox news for instance explains how great the war is in Iraq, and how we’re doing good over there, and how it’s so necessary, and how we are spreading freedom around the world, etc.

    That is a certain kind of logic…..but it has no truth in it, people of God can see that…….people of God know what Jesus said, people of God know it’s wrong to bomb other countries killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people……

    That’s why Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will see God”.

    The anti-christ will come into power with great wonders and miracles, but that which proceedth out of his mouth will be pure evil, using a logic of evil, trying to convince you of what is right and wrong, warping your sense of reality……

    For example, you already have a warped sense of reality and you don’t even know it, Satan has already brainwashed you…..

    You believe there is a financial crisis going on right? You think there is a bailout going on right?

    Yet nothing could be further from the truth, there is no bailout, in order to have a bailout the banks would have to have lost money……….and not only have the banks not lost any money, they have made more money in the last 8 years then they have in the prior 30 years before that…..

    You have been duped into believing something which isn’t even true to begin with…..

    Banks lost money in real estate right?

    Do you know why you believe that? The reason is because everyone else believes it, yet it’s completely 100% false, with no truth in it whatsoever…..

    First of all, 98% of all home loans in the USA are being paid for and in good standing……..FACT!

    Second of all, when a bank loans money for a home say for 300,000, they are going to make roughly 300,000 in profit over 30 years.

    And 98% of all those loans are being paid for…….

    30 years ago, a bank made a loan for a home for say 50,000, and over 30 years made 50,000 in profit, now they are making 300,000 in profit over 30 years.

    Now let me show you the scam……….

    This is how they’re doing this, when a home is foreclosed on, the bank takes the money they would have made over 30 years, the 300K, and says they lost that money……

    Did they lose that money? No, they simply lost out on making that money….

    The bank then can sell the property, or rent it out, or just hold onto it, but whatever they do with it, they don’t claim that money made until later….

    So what they did was declare bankruptcy so they can hide the money made and be bankrupt on the phony numbers to begin with.

    So the banks have made more money in the last 8 years then in the previous 30 years……

    You have been scammed and you didn’t even know it, and here you are debating what should be done with the bailout and in reality there is no bailout…….

    Evil has used a logic on you and you fell for it, when the anti-christ comes he will use an even greater logic……….

    Only those people who God opens their eyes will be able to see what’s really going on.

    Soon it will be normal for men to be with men, and for woman to be with woman, it will be seen as old and backwards for men to be with woman, and they will use a certain kind of logic for this……

    For instance, take a look at the logic people use to molest children………they say things like……..children want to be taught sex by adults……..children need guidance about sex……love between parents and children naturally includes sex, having sex with children is a good thing, and only EVIL people say otherwise……….

    Do you see the logic?

    That is the kind of logic that the anti-christ will use……..

  34. America, the Beautiful September 28, 2008 @ 11:51 am

    News byline, Sal. . . It is illegal to deface American currency, so while I can appreciate the sentiment, if you do, it is likely that while you are sitting in your car maddenling stamping your $20’s, a policeman will come by and offer you a stamped ticket of his own — which could see you doing jail time in this day and age.

    Perhaps you should rethink your ‘method’ of revolt.

  35. Jim DeTexas September 28, 2008 @ 12:45 pm

    2 Loren,

    A couple things to consider in your analogy to the Anti-Christ.

    1. There is a 35 acre peice of real estate in the heart of Jerusalem sitting on it is the Noble Sanctuary, Al-Haram al-Sharif that is of the utmost importance to the Muslims. That very same peice of real estate is said to once house the great King Soloman’s Temple, this makes it of the utmost importance to the Zionist/illuminati/Jews.


    2. On September 20, 2008 Russia Today reports…. Human cloning gets green light in Australia.


    Anyway cutting the story short, the Zionist believe they must rebuild the temple, this would be the final step to fulfill the prophecy of the messiah (which all Christians know Jesus has already done). Then they can produce thier messiah (the antichrist) and with human cloning they can have as many as they deem necessary to make it appear as tho he had risin from the dead.

    Just a thought provoking twist to your thoughts.

  36. Hoff September 28, 2008 @ 1:37 pm

    Cyanide Gas – Zyklon-B – Is Explosive.
    Do you belive that the germans is stupid morons?

  37. Hoff September 28, 2008 @ 2:19 pm


    1. The epidemiological circumstances of typhus in the Generalgouvernement in the year 1940 were examined thoroughly.

    2. The results showed that the highest number of cases occurred within the age groups of 16-20, and that the percentage of Jews affected by typhus was on the average 70-80%, in some communities even 95-97%.

    3. The mortality rate generally grew with increasing age. It was no less for Jews than for non-Jews.

    Rare picture of shaved women abundant.

  38. dw smith September 28, 2008 @ 3:27 pm

    For those interested, there is a excellent article in todays Information Clearing House. Article by one Rodrigue Tremblay explaining How Canada, with the same subprime lending crisis as in America has come with a solution without any cost to Canadian taxpayers. The program recently passed the Canadian Supreme Court and is now functioning legislation.

  39. Sal September 28, 2008 @ 5:30 pm

    “2 Sal,

    You are correct I should have researched the laws. My intent was to warn that it was illegal, but as I can see it is only illegal if one is caught. I do need to point out though that the bank one exchanges the bills in are the would be enforcers. Please accept my apology.

    If I were to do what you are advocating, I would use one dollar bills and drop or place them in stores where they might be found and consider the loss as a donation to the cause.”

    Jim, you are CONSUMED by FEAR. It’s your money, so you wrote something on it, so what. Do you live in a free society? I’d say not if you are reduced to dropping YOUR money with your expressions on them in the hopes people will pick them up. Ever heard of the 1st Amendment?

    If you don’t feel comfortable spreading your notes around, you could pass them off one at a time and feign complete ignorance.

    My first batch is done. I’m fighting back, what are you doing?

  40. George September 28, 2008 @ 6:14 pm

    Dear Br Nathanael,

    Yes I think you are right. The antichrist, may as St John Chrysostom says, sit in a church. And perhaps this might be St Peter’s in Rome.

    The apparition of the Lady of Salette says the Antichrist will be the child of a bishop who fornicates with a hebrew nun who is a false nun and was never chaste.

  41. Jim DeTexas September 28, 2008 @ 8:35 pm

    2 Sal,

    I’ve worked within the evil government, I’ve had certin clearances I’ve seen how they do bidness, I know how they think. I may suggest to you, deny everything, admit nothing, other wise you are opening yourself and your family to a very ugly search and seizure of property. All it takes is probable cause. Trust me they are making a list and checking it twice, and as GW has said many times you are either for us or your against us. If you are against us you are a terrorist. As a terrorist you are a combatant with no rights.

    There are ways to do things in a covert manner until the time comes to go public. I’ll not write anything I am doing or not doing down on here or paper to be used in a court of law against me. I prefer to give nothing which they can use as hard evidance. I also prefer to not allow anything I may have or may not have planned to be public knowledge. I sent Bro Nathanael a donation and all he knows is that it came from Texas, probably the Dallas area. The element of surprise is a great benefit when dealing with ones enemy.

    Do a little history search on what happened to the citizens of Russia when they did this to them around the turn of the century (the 19th to 20th centuries). There are still many many brainwashed loyal citizens out there that wouldn’t bat an eye about pointing fingers and naming names.

    So may I suggest you do things your way and I’ll do things my way, I wish you the best of luck, I do pray that you are not molested in your travels and works.

    Keep the faith……..

  42. admin September 28, 2008 @ 9:54 pm

    Dear George – Nice to hear from you.

    I am more and more convinced that the Anti Christ will NOT appear in the State of Israel in a “rebuilt” Temple, but will elevate himself in the “Church,” that is, “the Temple of God,” which the Orthodox Church calls its various parish churches, designating them as “temples.”

    I think that there will be a great revival before the coming of the Anti Christ which will set the stage for him to appear and announce himself in “innocent” terms in the Holy Orthodox Church. Many will repudiate him and not allow his “mark” to be attached to themselves. This is my speculation, the Fathers are not explicit about it all. But I think St John Chrysostom has the best take on it.

    St Paul was well aware of the coming destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and the desolation of abominination in the Jewish Temple, the Roman statue of the Emperor. Thus he would not have spoken of a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. It just isn’t consonent with the Church’s purview of a new commonwealth in the Church.

    Christ said to the Jews, “Your house is left unto you desolate.” Thus the Temple and Jerusalem will NOT be resurrected. Jews are in unbelief and in repudiation of their Messiah, Jesus.

    Until the Jews say, “Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord,” as Christ predicted, they will be left desolate, both spiritually and physically. I do not think the present secular state of IsraHell will survive. +BN

  43. Loren September 29, 2008 @ 12:36 am

    @ james1, David, and to all :

    One key to understanding the anti-Christ and his personality is the story of the rich young ruler. In fact, this story is key to a primal personage of the ancient past, as well as to the personage of the one who will become the anti-Christ within the ever-oncoming future. Understanding the fullness of this story is pivotal to understanding all else.

    This person was “rich”, he was “young”, and he was a “ruler” with power, position, and authority over others. He had kept the Law since childhood onward. He loved God and God’s laws.

    Jesus admired this young man who had so much more potential for the Kingdom of God. But Jesus saw something in this man’s life and personage that was yet lacking, and pinpointed it to this man. He was to give all that he had to the poor, take up his cross, and follow Jesus.

    The rich young ruler walked away from Jesus’ challenge, because he had great riches, power, position, and authority, and all the worldly perks that went with such.

    So, too, will be the anti-Christ, before he becomes the anti-Christ. He will be as the rich young ruler, with great power, position, authority over others, and great wealth – maybe even with a great love for God and His Laws (as difficult as that would be to believe, because we have become so convinced that this person will be pure evil incarnate – in the end, yes, in the beginning, no.).

    The anti-Christ, before he becomes the anti-Christ, will be given a clear opportunity to give all that he has to the poor, take up his cross, and follow Jesus. But he, as the rich young ruler, will walk away from Jesus’ invitation, and go his own way. It will be at this point of his rejection of salvation through Christ Jesus that he will cross the threshold unto becoming / transforming into the personage of the anti-Christ. Yet in the beginning, he will still maintain a form of Godliness, but in the end, will deny the power thereof in full fury.

    When Jesus was in the garden, before his arrest, he concluded “not my will, but Thine be done”. Jesus had – and has – “free will” to do as He so pleased/pleases. He has, fortunately for Mankind, as well as all of Creation, submitted His will unto His Father’s and continues to do so.

    The one who will become the anti-Christ will conclude, after his great internal struggle, “not Thine will, but mine be done”! It will be at this point of his decision, that there will be no turning back for this man from stepping into prophesy as the “son of perdition”. His “fate” will thereafter, and forever, be sealed.

    Another key to understanding the anti-Christ and his personality is the fact – scriptural fact – that he MUST appear as the “real deal” – as the “real Jesus”. If the Jews are to be convinced that he is their Messiah, if the Muslims are to be convinced that he is their messiah, if the Christians are to be convinced that he is “the second coming in the flesh”, then, by any and all “logic”, he MUST appear as the “real Jesus”, in order for what Jesus said, that the very Elect of God would be deceived.

    If you’re going to appear as the real deal, then you’ve got to have the pedigree, the historical documentation, and the genetic testings to prove it all.

    This man will be Hebraic Jewish, he will be from the House of David, and a true “son of Abraham” – if not, or if not “provable”, neither the Torah-Jews, nor the Koran-Muslims, would ever accept him as their messiah. Moreso, he will be as Moses – this is another “key” – who was “taught in all the wisdom of the Egyptians”. This man will have “mastered” those things that Moses had mastered, for he will have been taught the “ancient mysteries” and all that goes with that ancient wisdom, including the “summoning forth of ancient forces” to do his bidding. But whereas Moses lived his life unto God, this man will live his life unto “self-deification” – two very opposite life styles, effects, and eternities.

    @ james1 :

    In the beginning, the anti-Christ will promote “faith” and “religion” and attempt to bring all faiths and religions together under one common umbrella of fellowship. He will counter via conclusive arguments those who oppose faith and religion – and that includes those within the NWO/Zionism/Illiminati/Masons/etc who promote humanism to the exclusion of religion, as well as those who promote and practice satanism (yet he himself will be a practitioner of “white”, ie “good”, satanism). This man will re-interpret Scriptures unto his own ends and devices, to be sure, but will be most convincing, so much so as to deceive the very Elect of God. He will be a strange “mixture”, for sure, as he will have a form of “Godliness”, but in the end, will deny the power thereof in favor of his own power – and after Satan embodies him, Satan’s power.

    The anti-Christ will be a master of thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis. He will go against those (definitely some, maybe most) within the NWO/Zionist/etc organizations who supported his rise to the world presidency in order to promote himself as the “champion of the people” – he will sacrifice some very big fish in order to obtain a much much larger “catch” of ordinary fish. This man will not be stupid, but extremely cunning, and nobody’s fool.

    @ David :

    “No good fruit can come from an bad tree”.

    I agree. And neither can true light come from true darkness.

    Yet, there is a darkness so dark so as to “appear” as light. And without knowing the difference, one would never know that there was a difference between the true light and the false light.

    Satan, as the “god of this world”, can “bless” whomever he so choses – including the very Elect of God. So if Satan should “bless” a Christian, would that person be able to detect the subtle difference between the good but false blessing from Satan vs what God might bless that person with?

    When Eve, and then Adam, partook of the Tree of Knowledge of “Good” and “Evil”, they, and all their descendants, lost the ability to detect true good from false good, for even “good” can come from the “Tree of …. Evil”. And that has been Mankind’s dilemma since.

    Had Adam and Eve partook of the Tree of Life, they, and their descendants, would have had partaken of the perfect 100% “Good”ness of God with no “Evil” attached to it. Think about that for awhile – no “evil” attached to the “good”.

    That which is “good” is not necessarily from God. If we are observant, we will see this everywhere we look – this “duality” that springs from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

    Only the Tree of Life – salvation through Christ Jesus – can restore our “senses” to their proper functioning, so that we may embrace God’s true Goodness, and reject the goodness (and attached consequent evil) that comes from the world and the god of this world.

  44. George September 29, 2008 @ 1:42 am

    Dear Br Nathanael,

    The jews have already tried to rebuild the temple of Solomon on at least two occasions in history, one of which was during the time of Julian the Apostate. Both times it rained fire from heaven and incinerated them alive.

    If they wish to blow up the Islamic temple mount/Al Aqsa Mosque and rebuild the temple of Solomon, I guess we could only sit back and watch the heavenly “fireworks display” happen again! So let the builder volunteers come forth!

    Meanwhile they can keep bashing their brains out trying to work out how to get rid of the Al-Aqsa mosque.

  45. mike mann September 29, 2008 @ 5:11 am

    Jews always screwup. Now due to an equally idiot goy puppet screwup alcoholic cokehead silver spoon girlyboy cheerleader fake Texan carpetbagger who elitist daddy and his pals put in office for 8 yrs to avenge his defeat in 1992, everything has gone to hell in a handbasket with 2 wars and an economy that was fake to begin with and propped up by zeocon Greenspan reducing rates to 50 yr lows that created the subprime loan scandal.

    America is now also at the mercy of the big oil jew speculators who have boosted prices triple at the pumps all the while Bush lays back in another world unattached to reality knowing he has 400k annually the rest of his worthless life as the jews have screwed up America and the black jessus messiah advent has been made possible.

  46. Brooke September 29, 2008 @ 9:14 am

    What about the non-Jews benefiting from the “Bailout?”

    What about the thousands of Jews who had nothing to do with this and lost all of their assets just like everybody else?

    What about the war that cost just as much as this? Where would we be without the war?

    Did you know that the Carlyle Group invested in infrastructure a few years ago? Carlyle is directly connected to Bush, Cheney, and the Middle East wealth funds. So not only are they benefiting from soaring gas prices, but they set the stage to make money from the transition to new infrastructure.

    Don’t belittle yourselves by saying that you were stupid enough to take these absurd loans or not understand how to read your own mortgage. The whole country messed up on this one. If anything, the ignorance of the little guy was the enabler.

  47. KathJuliane September 29, 2008 @ 10:21 am

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus to all from No California in the US of occupied Talmudistan


    Being a bit under the weather for a week or two, forgive me for being so late with this answer from several days ago.

    The owl symbolized several things. One meaning was “wisdom” (wise as an owl) and was one emblem of the benign Greek goddess Athena. Because of Napolean’s adventures into Egypt and the MidEast, the Egyptian influence was significant in France.

    The British leaned heavily towards ancient classic Greek culture, especially because of the British support for Greek independence from the Ottoman Turks in the 1800’s after they found out that the Greek nation wasn’t actually extinct. The 1800’s underwent a neo-classic revival, especially America, during the Age of Enlightenment which was meant in the philosophical sense of “Reason” or “Science” and not so much the speculative Gnostic/Kabbalistic occult “enlightenment, although that was imported with the ancient classic literature.

    I’m quite aware of the “occult symbolism” of Washington, DC, but at the time it was not particularly sinister or religious, but expressed a certain political philosophy. The American Fathers, many of whom were originally English ‘Frere Masons’ before our war for independence from the British Crown, were passionate about classical ancient Greece and the “Athenian Ideal” formed during the age of the great philosopher-statesmen which was seen as the epitome of civilization in their interpretations of the republican democracy.

    Freemasonry can be divided into “operative” and “speculative”. The early American Masons can be categorized as “operative” in that they only had 3 degrees and were mostly concerned with building a new just and ordered society along Roman, Greek and Biblical principals. In fact American lodges, like the predecessor English lodges once restricted membership only to Christians. The distinction between “operative” and “speculative” was that the English and American lodges were a type of “Christian philosophical humanitarianism” more concerned with building a just and ordered civil society. Other than the accepted 3 degrees of the Masonic symbolic rites, early American Masonry of whom most members originally belonged to the Anglican Church as British citizens prior to the war. For obvious political reasons after revolting from the king, the Church of England in the former colonies headed by King George III as monarch-pope had to be eccelesiastically restructured, and it became the autonomous Episcopal Church of America whose nominal head is the Archbishop of Canterbury in England.

    “Speculative” Freemasonry is the actual realm of the weird, inbred and revolutionary occult European mystical secret societies, especially the Templar-inspired French Grand Orient Lodge and its affiliates as Illuminated lodges, which carried forward the revolutionary Luciferian ideals of the pervert Weishaupt. Albert Pike’s (and another sex-demoniac pervert) Luciferian “Scottish-rite” Freemasonry of the 33rd degree that invaded America at Charlotte, South Carolina, is a daughter of French Freemasonry. The Scottish connection deals with the legend that some of the Templars escaped to Scotland during the French purges that captured Jacque De Molay.

    Some of the papers of the French Freemasons cited revenge against the French Crown for De Molay’s execution as the reason for starting the disastrous French Revolution.

    The “Protocols” seems to be the product of revolutionary thinkers spawned the French Grand Orient Lodge and its affiliate lodges, which did also open French Masonry to the affiliate Jewish Masonry. B’nai Brith-ADL in the US was first founded openly by Masonic Jews in the 1850’s or so. The Grand Orient Lodge had specifically 33 degrees to its Masonic system, so it is surprising that no one has ever associated Grand Orient with the Protocols which specifically has the “33 degree” reference, which again had Jewish Masonic Lodges. The Grand Orient is also connected to the formation of the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood–logical considering the French ties to Africa.

    At that time, the number of degrees an occult society promoted was a very closely guarded secret, especially in the fringe area of secret societies where occultism and espionage meet. Chartered and nchartered Masonic clones sprouted like mushrooms and competed for more lazy, bored, spoiled intellectuals seeking pseudo-aristocracy by adding more and more degrees and honors to their exotic magical/philosophical gnostic/kabbalist systems, making it enticing by hints of ultra-secrecy.

    The Protocols are certainly the product of a “conspiracy of ideas and idealists” and entirely consistent with the thinking of the various revolutionary and anarchist intellectuals of French and German Freemasonry.

    Speculative (mystical) Masonry, Gnosticism, Illuminism, Talmudism (Judaism), and Zionism are compatible, incestuous, inbred, and intertwined occult partners. Jerusalem and the Temple, King Solomon, the Aaronic High Priesthood, and Jewish Kabbalism are central to their magical idealogies, bound up with the romantic tangle of Grail lengends, chivalry, There are dozens of Masonic Lodges in the modern state of Is-real-hell. The Jerusalem “International Court of Justice” or whatever it is called is 100% illumined Masonic symbolism including a pyramid shape. The Rothschild family is heavily invested in the land of the Zionist entity, and I believe helped fund this Court.

    Karl Marx (Mordechai) was a Satanist and the son or grandson of a rabbi. His private poetry clearly reveals his sworn devotion to “the Dark Prince” written as a young man.

    Ancient Roman and Grecian cities were built according to certain geometric patterns that once had sacred meaning, and are also the basis for our modern survey and architectural basis methods. It is only this particular age of the worship of Reason that can be called Secularist. The ancients all had a sense of the spiritual, sacred space, and some kind of superior divinity, even if idolators and pagan philosophers. Mathematics and geometry were an integral part of classic Greek and Roman spirituality, culture, philosophy and life. The musical scale or “gamut” was based on a mathematical understanding of numerical harmony and proportions described as tones. Many beautiful American buildings were erected in neo-classic Greek architectural styles, including the southern colonial plantations.

    In the context of the era when Washington, DC was built, its Masonic symbolism pointed to ancient Athens as “the cradle of republican democracy”, highest achievements in Reason, sciences, medicine, inventions, mathematics and geometry, and was originally named for the goddess Athena of Greek mythology. The great domes are a Roman invention and a product of their own science of a particular concrete, considered the gold standard for almost 2300 years until Portland cement was discovered.

    We are certainly experiencing the winds of “evil Spirit of this Age”, but it is also a mistake to spiritualize everything or look for Illuminati under the bed. The 8-sided stop sign here in the US is a “masonic” symbol, and every probably agrees that the only “magic” in a stop-sign is that it can spontenously either create an accident or a traffic ticket if you don’t pay attention to the sign while driving.

    The owl is also an occult symbol linking to the religion of Gnosis and it’s goddess Sophia. This should not be confused with the Orthodox Christian understanding of “Holy Wisdom” or “Hagia Sophia” which is always in the theological context of Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity. Jesus as the divine Logos and Word is God’s incarnate Wisdom, and is always a ‘He’ in our feeble anthroporphic sense of the Divine. A number of Orthodox Churches are named Hagia Sophia, the feminine neuter in Greek, as they, along with many other cultures, used the grammatical feminine neuter to indicate the immaterial or spiritual as opposed to the material and concrete.

    Until “political correctness” began to corrupt the English language to cover-up the dumbing down of America, every 5th grader could understand that when a sailor called his ship “she”, or the captain called the ship “his wife” or the ocean “his mistress”, it was obviously a personifaction in the feminine neuter sense. Then again, Russians call their ships “he”.

    In the Bible, as in Proverbs, “Wisdom” (Chokma) is a feminized personification as a poetical literary device, and not a goddess.

    The Gospel of St. John the Theologian was written to combat the early heresies of the mystery cult Gnostics adopting Christian trappings, the Ebionites, and the Judaizers that the Apostles had to contend with.

    The Owl can be a Luciferian/Illuminati symbol, again associated with the Gnostic Sophia as a goddess/enlightener. Moloch, or Baal-Molech, or variations, was an evil false god that required live human sacrifice as burnt offerings, especially children. Molech was a gradually evolved perversion of the extremely ancient and benign montheistic worship of Ashur or Assur, the Bright-Shining-Eternal-Holy-One-With-Wings-of-Light who was symbolized by the created sun, and represented by the ancient Chaldean winged Solar Disk.

    Classic Zoroastrianism-“Fire Worshippers”- was originally monotheistic to the god Ahura Mazda (God of Light or Sun God in the mystical sense) of which fire and sun mystically symbolized, and then later evolved into the dualism of perpetual cosmic battle between the god of Good and the god of Evil. Christianity is a modified dualism in that there is only God at war with the creature Lucifer/Satan, actually a hermaphrodite deity that can pretend to be the slut-goddess Lucifera/Isis/Ashteroth/Mother Goddess. In Orthodox mystical theology as well as in the Bible, our Lord Jesus is figuratively called “the Sun of Righteousness”, the “Day Star”, and other terms that point the way “east of east” to the Uncreated Light of Christ.

    For that matter, Judaism also has a secret goddess that they worship-the personification of the Shekinah, who is the “bride” of the Jewish god called “the Name”. Since Jews as the divine supreme race of Adam (gentiles are mud) are themselves pieces of the lost and shattered Shekinah, the Jewish Israel is the bride of the Name. Because the only place in the whole world the Name can be in is the Jewish Temple, it is necessary to rebuild the Temple in order for the god to be there and divinely copulate with his lost and grieving wife, the Jewish Israel. But, but even if the Jewish Temple is rebuilt, the Name won’t descend to Jerusalem until every single person of Jewish Israel who is a piece of the goddess Shekinah is “in the land”. In the meantime, since Christians, the discarded empty unclean shells of Zoharist hell, also stole pieces of the goddess Shekinah, it is necessary to destroy Christianity to get the pieces back.

    In the meantime, the Jews have a bit of a problem among themselves. There is an old Yiddish joke that Zionism was one Jew paying a second Jew to send a third Jew to Is-real-hell. (Max I. Dimont, Jewish historian)

    This gnostic kabbalistic mystical sex-magic flapdoodle will make your brain itch trying to figure it out, because it endlessly leads to nowhere. It’s like trying to “get” Picasso as an artistic genius, when he most likely suffered from severe chronic heavy metal dementia absorbed from toxic metal-based paints. There’s no “getting” Picasso. His artistic expressions are how he actually saw and perceived the world.

    In short, religious Zionism is all about Jewish Israel themselves being the divine Shekinah goddess-bride of the Name, hence their maddening self-fetishism and pre-occupation with themselves as the collective Jewish Messiah. Stupid Judeo-Christian goat-sheeple are getting sucked into their spiritual and mental dementia.

    It is a published fact that the perfectly created Chosen have about 130 unique genetic disorders, most of them affecting nervous tissue. Google “Jewish genetic diseases” and you will find dozens of clinics and labs devoted to exclusive DNA research, and statements like “Mental illness is a Jewish problem.” The psycho-charlatan Freud was Jewish, don’t you know.

    The god called “the Name” is not to be confused with the biblical Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus, nor His own glory-Shekinah as a goddess, which is His uncreated energies that Christ displayed during the Transfiguration. Energies and Divine essence are two different things. God’s energies are knowable, as His Uncreated Light shines upon all. His Divine Essence is unknowable as an eternal Mystery, except as revealed to us through the Lord Jesus concerning the unknowable mystery of His Father.

    Two goddess cults never declined into promiscuity and sexual licentiousness-Vesta of Rome, and Athena of Greece, although there were syncrestic cults that incorporated their identities into their own mysticism. Each was considered the mystical “hearth” of each city and a perpetual flame was kept burning at their temples. Each were considered as a perpetually virgin goddess of Virtue and bore no deity children. The Romans took their cult of Vesta so seriously, that if one of the vestal virgins, who were consecrated for a 25 year period, broke her vows and had an affair, they beheaded the lover and buried the deflowered virgin alive.

    Molech worship evolved as an extreme form of some of the pagan fertility cults where the belief was that the god or goddess needed to be re-energized with human sacrifice as a form of “sympathetic magic”. The most extremely evil and dark was the Aztec death cult where it was believed that the insatiable god needed copious amounts of blood to keep the sun burning.

    In the ancient bird-divination system, or augeries and auspices, the owl as a messenger of the gods was associated with dreadful or evil news. If an owl flew near a person and roosted during the daytime, it was a portent of that person’s own immediate death.

    The owl, as a night creature, also anciently symbolized the dreaded oriental night demon-goddess Lilith in the Assyrian/Babylonian pantheon. In blasphemous Talmud/Kabbalist traditions, she is also supposed to have been the first wife of Adam and then ran away from him before he married Eve. The old Sages also teach that Adam had bestial sex with all of the animals before Eve was created.

    In the Bible, usually owls are expressed as birds in the natural if superstitious sense, but in Isaiah 34:14 there is a specific reference to demoness Lilith translated as “screech owl”. “The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr (he-goat, devil) shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl [Lilith -night specter, arch-demoness] shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest. There shall the great owl [Lilith] make her nest, and lay, and hatch, and gather under her shadow; there shall the vultures also be gathered, and every one with her [Lilith] mate.”

    Lilith was especially dreaded as a Babylonian death-goddess who would steal, kill and eat babies in the night.

  48. David September 29, 2008 @ 12:02 pm

    Now the market is crashing……….

    This is not good, the Dow has broken through support………and now we are entering October.

    All market crashes have happened in October………

    This is not good from a technical standpoint, and from a fundamental standpoint, based upon market fear…….

    I’d say the chances of a market crash in October are extremely high now, on the order of about 80% chance of crash.

    Next support is around 8,000, if it holds there in October we may be alright, but if it goes below that……….

    I’m very sorry to say but it’s going to get really bad, the anti-christ may not be showing up for a long time…….but even so, life in the USA could get pretty bad……

    I think what they are doing is causing all of this on purpose, to put Americans in particular in a state of despair, so that when they bring forth the NAU it will be seen as the way out of all the financial turmoil and despair………

    I hope I’m wrong, but right now everything is setting up for this to happen…….

    Hopefully today was the capitulation, and now the Congress will vote again and pass the bailout bill, so that these evil people can have their Paulson in supreme power over the USA………

    Because if they don’t get their way, they will put us into a financial crisis will which put great hardship on everyone, life as we know it here in the USA will be over……..

  49. Jim DeTexas September 29, 2008 @ 1:32 pm

    Congress went on a Jewish holliday.

  50. David September 29, 2008 @ 1:35 pm

    Dow closes down -777 points…….

    Ok, now I’m scared……

    Everyone, the stock market isn’t just a place where people invest, the market is interwoven in a very complex way into business…….

    The effects of a market crash will reach all the way into society, everyone will suffer, the rich will get by, but many will suffer great hardship, depending upon how long they keep us in despair………

    As all historians know, history always repeats itself…….are we there now? I don’t know…….only time will reveal that answer for certain.

    But if we aren’t there yet…..well……when it’s all over and next year things start getting better with a new president, I’ll be the first to tip my hat………..they sure got me scared this time around………

  51. Jim DeTexas September 29, 2008 @ 3:44 pm

    Well when the market crashes like it just did the rebound takes months/years/decades. Yes this is gonna hurt.

  52. paul maleski October 1, 2008 @ 10:47 am

    Socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor.

    As we say in England, it’s the rich that get the pleasure and the poor that gets the blame!

  53. William W. Norton October 2, 2008 @ 5:43 pm

    Rothschild, the world’s richest Zionist at $31.5 trillion has been threatened by Muslim freedom fighters unless Israel withdraws to its legal 1948 borders and allows the independence of Palestine. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert announced today this intention, and Rothschild is so angry and frustrated that he has created the collapse of many banks to create a U.S. Depression unless the U.S. Congress approves a $700 billion payoff for the collapsed banks.
    The decision now rests with the Palestine freedom fighters, to deal with Rothschild and his next heir, and for the U.S. Congress to appropriate the $700 billion payoff to the Rothschild banks.
    That is the battle going on.

    W.W.II Veterans for Peace
    William Norton
    240 Toro Canyon Road
    Carpinteria, Ca. 93013

  54. joshua October 4, 2008 @ 8:13 pm

    Everyone : I have a question… It’s a tough one, and will probably require a mathemetician – or at least someone with more math skills than I posess. The question is this : Since 1934 every dollar that has ever been ‘issued’ has actually been loaned to the treasury… to be repaid to the Fed – plus interest. HOW MUCH INTEREST have the U.S. taxpayers paid (illegally) in total over the last 75 years ? Surely this is a VERY large number ! Since the constitution provides for (nee SPECIFIES) the creation of Greenbacks… ALL that interest you’ve been paying… should never have been paid. I wonder if Americans could use all that money right about now ?

  55. secret Banker September 27, 2009 @ 6:28 pm

    secret Banker

    Which Lobby controls Pakistani media ?????

    Does Iranian “Lobby” controls Pakistani media ??????

    Does Jewish lobby control American media ?????

    Can u run a Google search on Iranian Jews ?????

    What is the secret, hidden connection between Israel and Iran ?????

    Does pyramid of Illuminati consist of Israel, Iran and USA ????

  56. Scott D. Robinson February 1, 2010 @ 7:52 pm

    The house of the Jew is like a white wash tomb.

    Clean on the outside but full of dead men bones on the inside.

    Spitirually dead and full of lies and deceit. Madoff and others confirm what the “house of the Jew” is really like.

    Professional and trusting on the outside but we now know what was happening on the inside.

    Ship the Jews back to Israel and let them swindle and steal among themselves.

  57. Tuulikki October 13, 2010 @ 2:52 pm

    Broken link at “Lloyd Blankfein: Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs Here.”

    Found that the Korea route still list the directors:

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