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Federal Reserve Jews Control America

Federal Reserve Jews Control America!

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2007-2010

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Sources: The International Origins Of The Federal Reserve System, J. Lawrence Broz;
The Rothschilds, Frederic Morton

JEWS CONTROL AMERICA. This is because the Jews own the Federal Reserve Bank. It’s not “federal” at all. It’s privately owned. by Jews!

The money that President George Bush borrows in the billions of $$$ at interest comes from the Jewish money lenders of the Federal Reserve Bank. They look so very professional & so legit don’t they? But don’t fall for it for they are bandits.

For how does President George Bush pay for these loans at Jewish high interest hmm? By taxing American Gentiles up the gazoo!

Presidential candidate Ron Paul says that we don’t have to borrow from the Federal Reserve Bank but can print our own $$$ at no interest. Ron Paul says that this is our Constitutional right. But Jews don’t care about our Constitutional rights. All that Jews care about is what serves their own interests.


1) Ben S. Bernanke: Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2020.

2) Donald L. Kohn: Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2016.

3) Randall S. Kroszner: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve.

4) Frederic S. Mishkin: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2014.

5) Alan Greenspan: Advisor to Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Recent Chairman.

For Historical Background See: “Will Jew Owned Federal Reserve Bank Kill Ron Paul?” Here


‘ONE OUT OF MANY’ is what the Federal Reserve Jew Frederic Mishkin’s recently published book, The Next Great Globalization, is all about.

The book’s theme is how poor countries like Mexico can share in the wealth of America and the European Union. Mishkin’s aim is the undermining of national pride, identity, and the blurring of national distinctions by nations having a shared monetary system and shared global values.

The Jew Mishkin is out to destroy all national ideologies, foremostly Christianity, which would oppose his vision of a world whose finances are controlled by Jews. In Mishkin’s purview is the planned North American Union patterned after the European Union which the Rothschilds control.

The Jew-owned Federal Reserve Bank would control the North American Union comprised of America, Mexico, and Canada. The “Amero” has already been minted under the covert auspices of the Jew-owned Federal Reserve Bank.


ROTHSCHILD OIL INTERESTS centered in the Caucasus had as its only competitor, John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil in the late 1800s. In 1892, a Jew, (like his contractors), Samuel Marcus, established the Shell Oil Company as the marketing arm for the Rothschild’s Baku Oil so as to compete with Standard Oil for oil rights in the Suez Canal.

In 1902, Marcus’ enterprise called itself the Royal Dutch/Shell Group and had weakened Standard Oil’s markets by introducing kerosene as an oil substitute. John D. Rockefeller then jumped at the offer by the Rothschilds to join the Royal Dutch/Shell Group in a worldwide oil cartel.

The Rothschilds heavily financed John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil by helping him in 1911 to establish prominence of his Chase Manhattan Bank of NY through acquiring the huge Equitable Trust. Chase Manhattan Bank is now one of the co-owners of the Rothschild-controlled Federal Reserve Bank.


* Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
* Goldman Sachs Bank of New York
* Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York/Shearson American Express
* Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
* Israel Moses Sief Banks of Italy
* Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany and Amsterdam
* Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
* Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (David Rockefeller)

The answer is simple but will involve much sacrifice:

1. Western Civilization must become “Christian” again. Each of us must commit our lives to Jesus Christ as Lord.
2. Vote for the Christian candidate Ron Paul who wants to dismantle the Federal Reserve.
3. Tell all your friends that the Jews are robbing America and that they must be stopped!

*** This Will Be The Beginning of Breaking Jewry’s Control of America! ***

For More See: “Federal Reserve Bank: A Jew Owned Bank Strangling America” Click Here

And: “Will The Jew Owned Federal Reserve Bank Kill Ron Paul?” Click Here

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Brother Nathanael @ December 30, 2007


  1. Hankerstein Zog June 13, 2008 @ 1:13 pm

    ZOG and MOSSAD and AIPAC is about the control of the USA. The U.S. Senators are mostly now ZOGs getting their orders from ISRAEL! The USA is no longer about things of USA but the narcistic mental habits of ZOG! The Celtic founders of the USA are no longer in control of the USA. Most Celtic descendants have failed to realize this but when they do it might be just another war to recover what is their country as a birthright. The ZOG infiltrates came from previous wars even before wwi and wwii. So in reality they will never be true USA citizens because it will always be about them and their oil, tv, magazines, filth, porno, minus xmas tree, minus christ, minus xmas nativity scenes, hummers, billion homes, us the Celtics slaves to help them bring in their wealth, our government is now their government, they hide under Celtic names, their mess of the prime mortgage subprime lending, they hike the gas prices since they lost their ass in the mortgage industry, and refuse to buy anything of a JEWISH PRODUCT whether here in the states or Israel, stop supporting their filthy money habits, and isn’t the name Kapner a JEWISH NAME? Did you know that alot of JEWS did infiltrate the Christian organization as if to break it up permanently. Take notice of what may be JEWISH NAMES or the fact they are hiding out under CELTICS NAMES so you won’t discover they are JEWS but pretending to be CHRISTIANS!!! LONG LIVE SCOTLAND!!! And the JEWS can be the reason you can not be hired because they try to know who their enemies are on a daily schedule. Name at least 10 companies owned by CELTICS, of which there are none for the moment. We should have never saved their sorry asses!!!! We are the USA of ZOG!!!! The real JEWs are discriminated against but the false EURO JEW isn’t a JEW by BIRTH!!!! Check it out under history facts!

  2. John Q. Public August 29, 2008 @ 1:35 pm

    Here’s an example of the power of the Federal Reserve Bankers.
    Alan Greenspan, before he was Chairman of the Board of Criminals at the Federal Reserve System, said the following.

    “The abandonment of the gold standard made it possible for the welfare statists to use the banking system as a means to an unlimited expansion of credit…. In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value…. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the “hidden” confiscation of wealth…. [Gold] stands as a protector of property rights.” -Alan Greenspan

    He then turned 180% and said we no longer needed a gold standard or backed currency with the Federal Reserve System in place.

    They are a powerful bunch of criminals and were conceived in iniquity and born in sin.

    If people do not stand against it, it will destroy this nation to nothing.

  3. GEORGE A NICHOLSON THE FIFTH September 21, 2008 @ 7:57 pm





  4. alex September 27, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

    Jews own everything. They killed JFK. They did 9/11 and they will kill obama to create civil war in uSA. Jews wants to eliminate half the world population by war. They already build miles miles of undreground bases in USA if someone nukes usa , all the jews move to underground and let gentiles die in nukes.

    All american gentiles are idiots. The thing is though there is no escape…until jews destroy america , they won’t leave. Once they used up america , they move to another country…there were trying to build NWO for 2000 years…well now they will destroy humanity!.

  5. cleopatra July 23, 2009 @ 9:25 am

    The so called Jews in this article aren’t the real Jews at all. Never have been, not even bloodline. They’re from the seed of the Devil Satan Himself they are Imposters PERIOD.

    The real Jews in America are the so-called Blacks of today from the 12 Tribes of Israel, along with the Native Indians among others.

    People need to read their Bible. The most high truths about them about the curses they would have upon them.

  6. Freedom Lost August 27, 2009 @ 8:20 pm

    Zionism is a political movement, with no relation to Judaism. These are the Khazars thrown out of Russia hence the name “Euro Jews”, and they chose Judaism as a tool to hide behind.

    They are now in powerful positions around the world, and our world is in danger from the Talmud following Zionists.

    We better learn quick or we are doomed to a future as Zionist slaves, and the holocaust as it is so called will be nothing compared to the horrors these monsters have planned for the world!

  7. SpiritualTruth September 26, 2009 @ 4:20 pm

    Truth of the matter is that the world is a very strange and complicated place that is very difficult to understand with the intellectual mind.

    Good and evil, yin and yang, positive and negative is part of this world. At times it seems scary to some or some try to blame others or worry that they are controlled by these people or that or this government or that.

    There are people in all races / religions / backgrounds in many walks of life. And to try to blame an entire “religion” makes no sense. There are plenty of practicing Jews that are no different from Christians or Muslims or Hindus or Sikhs or athiests or Eckists.

    Fact is the world is very difficult to change or understand. If the so-called “Jews” controlled the United States, then the Christian holidays wouldn’t be government holidays. We wouldn’t have so many Christian churches in the United States. The government wouldn’t give tax breaks for all these churches. But, they do, because however this world is engineered is controlled, Christianity and its churches and the so called “Jews” (whoever they are) all fit into the picture.

    Fact is there is a negative force in the world. You can call this force Satan or the devil if you wish. But this force or person is like a jail warden. After you serve your time, he opens the door and lets you go.

    The world may or may not change. It will always have positive and negative, good and bad. WE MUST CHANGE. We must focus on our own lives. We must seek to be detached through the ups and downs of life and to focus on the positive or God. Our souls are evolving. We can seek to blame or hate others, but we are only blaming and hating ourselves.

    We are co-creators in the world. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.” Focus on good, on love. Love yourself and do what will improve your life and make you happy. In the beginning each of us is born into the world and each of us dies. What we do with our lives to evolve spiritually is what counts. Fighting the powers that are in control is a losing battle. You can try if you wish, but things happen a certain way because God wills it.

    The history of the world is filled with changing governments, changing policies, warring nations, changing times, etc. It’s part of the karma of the people of the world and individual karma. Work on your own karma. Don’t add negative karma. Add positive karma.

    Fact is that I was born Jewish, but for whatever reasons I don’t like it. Not exactly sure why, but I just can’t make sense of it and never got that positive of a feeling from it. But everyone’s path is unique and different.

    I could be very wrong, but I think that the powers that be use fear and confusion to control people. They paint Jews as victims constantly as far as the holocaust goes, and a lot of Jews are suckered into this religious upbringing and feel like victims and outsiders and wonder what they did to make people want to victimize them.

    In the meantime, the powers that be use that as an excuse to let real Jews or fake Jews or whatever the hell they are control various important positions of government and cry anti-semitism if you protest.

    In a sense the world is engineered and manipulated to confuse and control us and make use react in certain ways. If the holocaust did happen, which I don’t doubt that it did, although I couldn’t say for sure and to what degree…the people in control, be they “Jews”, non-Jews, non-religious Jews, or whoever the hell it is, they don’t give a s–t. The ends justify the means. They will kill millions as a sacrifice to get control, even of their own people, if there is such a thing.

    The people in control use religion as a way to divide and conquer. While this group is busy blaming that group, the real people in power do what the hell they want.

    So, my point is, you can cry all you want and blame this person and that person and decry this person as evil and that person as evil, but in the end, the best revenge or reward is to be happy.

    Therefore, know what is in your ability to control and focus more on you and your immediate surroundings. Work on your soul and happiness. Spread love and do what makes you and others happy. Follow the golden rule. The world may or may not become a better place because it’s up to everyone to make it that way, but your world will become a better place.

    What you have within is what you will attract without. It’s the law of attraction. Focus on what you want and not what you don’t want. Focus on your circle of influence, not your circle of concern.

    Peace and love to you.

  8. SpiritualTruth September 26, 2009 @ 4:26 pm

    I forgot to mention that the devil or Satan is like the jail warden of earth. Ultimately, this person or force answers to God. So, really there is nothing to fear.

    This world, although it seems painful and difficult at times, is really a testing and learning ground for the soul. Without evil we would not know good. By being detached and seeking God and love, we evolve spiritually and find our way out of the world eventually.

    We are soul. Our sould does not die when the body dies. It is reborn in this world or another to learn other lessons or possibly does not assume a human body again. We are all souls learning lessons and making our way back to God. God is pure love.

    So, don’t get too bogged down in the ups and downs of life. Be as detached as you can and learn your lessons well.

    This is the spiritual truth.

  9. I support this site billion percent and i wish that more people would open their eyes and stop being blind!!! October 5, 2009 @ 1:14 pm

    All my support to this site. It is the pure truth.

    People need to open their eyes…stop being blind….stop believing the Jewish controlled media…etc. Jimmy Carter and Ron Paul are the only two political figures I respect because they choose to speak the truth.

    The whole situation in Palestine has been pure evil since 1948 when the Jews invaded Palestine and now the Jewish-controlled western media blames “Hamas” when in reality they’re freedom fighters.


  10. ehtisham November 2, 2009 @ 8:48 am

    Jews purposes are:

    1) Control world economy

    2) Decrease world population

    3) Control world food

  11. ehtisham November 2, 2009 @ 8:51 am

    USA is so innocent country because Jews are in control of them. There were two world wars because of Jews. And the next world war will also be because of Jews IN 2015, and then half the world will be destroyed.

    Jews have already published their currency which is named EMARO and they will introduce in the world against the dollar. Such a sick religion.

  12. notdeceived November 14, 2009 @ 6:29 pm


    “Michelle Obama’s cousin is Rabbi Capers C. Funnye, spiritual leader of a mostly black synagogue on Chicago’s South Side. Funnye’s mother, Verdelle Robinson Funnye (born Verdelle Robinson) and Michelle Obama’s paternal grandfather, Frasier Robinson Jr., were brother and sister.

    “Funnye is chief rabbi at the Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation. He also serves on the Chicago Board of Rabbis.

    “The rabbi is known for his efforts to bring together the mainstream Jewish population and smaller black Jewish congregations – commonly referred to as Hebrews or Israelites. He has repeatedly called on the larger Jewish community to accept more non-white Jews.

    “Much analysis of Obama’s relationship with the Jewish community has been made during the presidential campaign. On the one hand, wealthy Jewish families played a major role in Obama’s rise to power in Chicago. On the other hand, the presidential nominee has not been a success breaking scepticism by the Jewish community over Israel. Moreover, there are persistent rumours (which are false) that Barack Obama is a Muslim…” (Russian Times, 9 September, 2008)

  13. notdeceived November 14, 2009 @ 6:33 pm

    The Jewish World, 13/11/2008

    “Some Chicago Jews say Obama is actually the ‘first Jewish president’”

    “…in the Chicago Jewish community many people really are long-time friends of the president-elect. Some of the older people in the community say that they ‘raised him,’ while others half-jokingly call Obama ‘the first Jewish president.’

    “They raised contributions for him, provided him with contacts, and also enjoyed hosting him and believed in his glorious future in politics.

    During most of the campaign, when rumors were spreading among American Jews that Obama was a closet Muslim who was more supportive of the Palestinians and was interested in granting the president of Iran legitimacy, his support among American Jews did not even come close to that enjoyed by Bill Clinton. But at the moment of truth, according to the exit polls, it turns out that 78 percent of Jews voted for Obama.”

  14. VikingSteel December 13, 2009 @ 2:15 pm

    There is absolutely nothing to worry about and absolutely nothing you can do except warn your fellow man. Scripture cannot be nullified and must be fulfilled.

    The Talmudic, Zionists are the Anti-Christ. The Mark of the Beast will be acceptance of their new world order. Only faith in Jesus will save you.

    Just as he said, you should rejoice at this hour. They will have their way for a short time but God will destroy them all including all of their Zionist Christian followers and usher in a new era of peace and restore paradise on earth. The kingdom of God.

  15. adam December 14, 2009 @ 3:05 am

    I am learning how full of s**t the Zionists are and everyone that died in the so-called holocaust was in vain, because people are going to want to annihilate the innocent Jews once the average Joe realize what the Zionists are doing.

    “By way of deception thou shalt be war.”

    I just learned that is there motto.

    Pretty insane these people are. They seem to be pure evil, and to make it a crime to research the holocaust is proof they dont want people to find the truths about it.

    I don’t agree with the treatment the Jews had, but it wasnt just the d–n Jews, it was alot of people. The Jews are just the ones who milk it most.

    Being called anti-semite doesnt make me feel guilty or want to pamper to their opinions anymore, instead it makes me feel smart and aware.

  16. Andy January 14, 2010 @ 9:35 am

    Spiritual Truth-Very well said indeed.

  17. ty'ken mikhael benyismoor March 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am

    it is funny how the Jews play a role in African slavery and writing the Bible along with making Israel.

    Also many USSR Jews come to America and Israel. Why are they European and not dark skin?

  18. Alex March 11, 2010 @ 3:37 am

    Unfortunately so called the Holocaust “extermination of the European Jews” might repeat it self.

    I say they bring it on them selves by extreme greed.

  19. Doc Holliday April 2, 2010 @ 11:21 pm

    It is not only the Fed Res Jews controlling America.

    It is all the Jews for Israel that are draining the US dry.

    Brigitte Gabriel, for instance, is forming numerous political organizations in the US and getting millions of dollars to send back to Israel.

    She is instilling hate against everybody that is not on the Israelis’ side.

    Madoff was another example; Mossad agent besides!

  20. A Nizami June 8, 2010 @ 9:35 pm

    The Jews Control Money, US Government, and the World

    Why the US Government keep supporting Israel although Israel kill Palestinian women and children?

    Why the US Government keep supporting Israel although Israel kill Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old American woman in Gaza?

    Why when an American citizen, 19 year old Furkan Dogan was killed by multiple gunshots by Israel soldiers in Mavi Marmara, the US vice president, Joe Biden only say “So what’s the big deal here?”

    Suppose the killer is Iranian, Iraqi, or Afghan, I believe the US government will send troops immediately…

    The answer is that the Jews controlling US money through the Fed and controlling the world via IMF and World Bank.

    Well, before you accuse me as a paranoid or a conspiracy nut, just take a look at AIPAC stands for The American Israel Public Affairs Committee. America’s Pro Israel Lobby.

    The Israel/Jewish lobby does exist in US. Their task is to support Israel/Jews at any cost including twisting the facts or editing the video like Jewish Movie Maker Stephen Spielberg does, so that Israel who slaughters Palestinian people (including women and children) look like heroes while the victims look like terrorists.

    Former Malaysian PM, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad acknowledged about Jews control while Nobel Prize winner, Joseph Stiglitz acknowledged that IMF and World Bank are making the people poorer.

    The Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the Jewish family: the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. With the Fed, the Jews could print US dollar as much as they want. They could buy any companies so the media and movie companies are owned by the Jews.

    They also could finance the American would-be president’s campaign, so whoever is elected as US president will become a Jews’ servant. Not serving US people. That is why many US citizens become unemployed, while the US government keep sending billions of dollars to build Israel army.

    Look the video below:

    Who elect the Federal Reserve Bank leader? Not the US people and not also the US president. It is owned by the Jews. Bernanke the current leader of the Fed and also Alan Greenspan the former leader of the Fed are Jews!

    Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild:

    “”I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …

    The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”

    The Rothschilds not only owned the Fed, but also Bank of England. The British money!

    The Rothschild family aim is to control money machine of a nation. When they control the money, they could buy anything such as oil, gas, companies, and also politicians to work for them:

    “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”

    – Amschel Meyer Rothschild, 1838.

    It is very hard now to get enough money to live so we could by a house, a car, and education for our children. 2.6 billion people in the world only get US$ 2 or less a day. But the Jews could print the money as much as they want by simply pushing money printer button in Central Bank!

    “Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.”

    – Mahathir Mohamed, 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia, 2003.

    Many wars are created by the Jews or the Jewish Institutions. For example, Robert McNamara, former World Bank’s president was the architect of Vietnam War, while Paul Wolfowitz is the architect of Iraq and Afghanistan war.

    US Vice President, Dick Cheney, reporting to David Rockefeller:

    To become a US president needs a lot of money. Only the Jews who own “legal” money printer such as the Fed who could give that and control the US president!

    Look at the video of Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old American woman that was killed by Israeli:

    Larry King’s interview with Ahmadinejad:

    List of presidents of World Bank

    * Eugene Meyer (June 1946–December 1946) – Jewish

    * John J. McCloy (March 1947–June 1949)

    * Eugene R. Black, Sr. (1949–1963) – Jewish

    * George D. Woods (January 1963–March 1968) – Jewish

    * Robert McNamara (April 1968–June 1981)

    * Alden W. Clausen (July 1981–June 1986) – Jewish

    * Barber Conable (July 1986–August 1991) – Jewish

    * Lewis T. Preston (September 1991–May 1995) – Jewish

    * James Wolfensohn (May 1995–June 2005) – Jewish

    * Paul Wolfowitz (1 June 2005–June 2007) – Jewish

    * Robert Zoellick (1 July 2007–Present) – Jewish

    IMF (International Monetary Fund) also funded by the Jews. IMF first leader is a Jew. And IMF current leader (2010), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, also a Jew.

    Read more at:

  21. Rich & Joyce Weber June 14, 2010 @ 12:59 pm

    Very good information, if only more people would see the truth of these matters !

    Could we use some of your graphics on our site and in our Bible Studies to get this to our contacts ? We do not charge for any of these services.


    Rich & Joyce Weber

    Boston Bar, B.C.

  22. Simon June 24, 2010 @ 4:56 am

    The common mentality for Jewish is base, all the people are Jewish’s servants except them. But they always keep secret that. They behave like big club and share the world their inside. They especially organize their meetings in poor countries in order not to recognised. Their meetings are about, of course, how to use other people and make profit.

    They especially invest war, food, commodity, technology, media companies and then by using their media, they sow mischiefs, discords and manipulate the states, people to push to buy their products.

    They kill the people without mercy because they beleive that Allah (God) gave them superiority against non Jewish people.

    However we understand that Jews would like to live their own country, but now they control U.S. and can exterminate 10 times the world. We beleive that they are registered killers like first and second world war actors, and will force to U.S to use their nuclear powers. Their aim is not to live peacfully in their home, but is to watch painful people and satisfy their egos.

    God (Allah) bless good people, our pure world (BP has already killed Mexican Gulf). The real owner of Mexican Gulf is world’s people, not BP.

  23. Hakan S. Emre July 9, 2010 @ 10:04 am


    I’m Hakan, a Turkish Muslim from Europe and I would like to make some things clear..

    First of all:

    Why do you think that Jews so powerful?

    I say it in 2 words: EDUCATION + Trade

    The Jews aren’t fabric workers, they are fabric leaders, store leaders and world leaders.

    Don’t you know that 97% Jewish students have reached their diplomas?

    Why? Because they consider Education as very important. Education = Money = Power

    Trade. The Jew has always known how to trade, buy and sell things — they learn it from their parents of early age.

    Jews aren’t the controllers of the world…

    They are the pioneers of the great families in the USA.

    THEY CONTROL THE F—–G WORLD: The Rockefeller Family, The Wolfowitz Family, etc. etc.

    I just want to say that if We want to beat the Jews we must have a much better Education…

  24. messianic jew August 17, 2010 @ 7:26 pm

    Explain Matthew 5 please.

  25. Z.O.G. August 20, 2010 @ 2:08 pm

    **Who Controls the Federal Reserve System?**

  26. Holocaust Gaza September 5, 2010 @ 3:26 pm

    @Hakan – You are right about education.

    Worked with lots of educated Jews and most of them were just frauds with fraudulent curriculum vitae’s – means made up diplomas.

    Like the way Turkey is moving forward.

  27. Quetzalcoatl May 24, 2011 @ 9:40 pm

    To Spiritual Truth:

    Great comments and I sense that your spirit self is very wise.

    Unfortunately for mankind there are real evil forces that are beyond Satan’s control and God’s control they are called “The contamination” and are described in Apocalypse (Revelations) chapter 9 and if you think that Satan is the one to blame think again because what’s described in such chapter is not human and it attacked me to kill me when I was 4…

    That very same “thing” appears to be the one that told Cain to kill Abel.

    Use your spirit’s strength, discernment and wisdom, and if you think Satan is behind all this then log on to to see the vulgarity that “humans” are capable of reaching and not even in the name of religion. And it looks so easy to blame it all on the devil, right? What about us as individuals? aren’t we responsible for our very actions?

    Evidence of our low spiritual condition (from a spiritual perspective) would suggest that we are in a collision course with the spirit realm because we are a failure at keeping our only home… Earth and a failure at getting along with each other in peace, fraternity and harmony.

  28. zabada May 31, 2011 @ 11:30 pm

    At this days, internet expose all Jews crime and Jews can do nothing.

    Our prophet Muhammad pbuh said, near of the time of doomsday, trees, rocks and wall will talk and tell that Jews are hiding beside us.

    I believe this machine, computer and internet that reveal Jews’ crimes to all countries (trees, rocks and walls – all counties have this).

    All nations will hate Israel and make association with Muslims and defeat these bastard Jews, except some American politicians and armies and some of it followers, since they are Antichrist or Dajjal. Be patient, this bastard Zionist Jews will be killed by that large association, believe me.

    All nations will unite to defeat Israel. This event is in Bible too. Almost all Americans know that 9 11 was done by Jews with approval by American top politicians. Obama know this too, but he cant do nothing.

    In Jews’ agenda, there are a verse in Jew Protocol book, “They (Goyim — non-Jews) know we do such a crime and controll many events, but they (Goyim) can do nothing.

    We hope we not die at the days of Jews will be killed by all nations. Peaaace to all.

  29. fumigate the zionist jews June 23, 2011 @ 8:25 pm

    I hope you are right and that they be taken off positions of control and destroyed. This time the ovens may be for real, and not be another holohoax.

    They are the offspring of Satan and like that, their Jewish nationalistic power needs to be destroyed. They come to our countries, and before we know they have started to take control of everything WITH OUR MONEY and try to tell us what to do IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES.

    It’s our fault at this point in the game. WE MUST STOP THEM ASAP!

    They want to exterminate the Arab race because God gave them the oil and the riches and not to the nasty kikes.

    I don’t like them. They are a disgrace, a genetic malformation from the pits of hell.

  30. shawn September 2, 2011 @ 4:53 pm

    The more you look on the web, the more treachery you see them committing.

    They own the media…you can’t win election with the media pounding the good person just to keep their “ringer” in office and business as usual. How can people keep voting for these demons?

    I’m beginning to think nearly 100% of these elections are frauds. Congress has had 11% approval during candidates running that period and they will win 94% of races in the same period. WTF?

  31. Mary Fitzpatrick December 15, 2011 @ 1:25 pm

    From Dublin Ireland: if people do not wake up very soon, the entire planet will be enchained to the IMF, being bailed out with printed money (patterened paper) which we then pay back at interest whilst they control our internal economies……

    The one sad fact they will play to is that most “ordinary folk” reckon they are ytoo ordinary to take on these monsters…and that’s a fallacy but until Joe ordinary understands this, the zionists regime will pay their ace card. They were a persecuted peoploe…and for good reason too.

    Pity Hilter had no offspring. Dirty, bloodsucking zionist maggots

  32. fOOgazEE February 24, 2012 @ 1:56 pm

    Most JEWS are resilient people.

    It’s their greedy perseverance that got them rounded up by the NAZIS.

    Remember, Germany was dead broke after WWI and most Germans became second rate citizens in their own country. So who funded and bankrolled the Germans and their Nazi regime if they were so broke??? Always follow the paper trail and you’ll find out the source of the truth with the satanic/evil Zionists.

    Money will always be the JEWS’ greatest burden. It has been since before Christ and still is long after his death which was caused by them.

    They can keep their money, power, and false sense of entitlement. I’ll keep my family, love, and weapons fully loaded if the day comes that I need to protect myself and survive. God Bless and I hope that day never comes.

    Love of money is the root of all evil, if greed is your virtue of choice. Greed will enslave us all in the end.

  33. Afro Muslim May 19, 2012 @ 7:40 pm

    Lets all pray that the Jews will get punished for their deeds.

  34. john September 14, 2012 @ 10:43 pm

    This is the best source for information in the constant battle to get out the truth about Hitler.

    Everyone I ever read always says something like tht Hitler was financed by the Rothschilds or was part of the Zionist conspiracy. Just now it was that he was part of a Jesuit conspiracy. But these inconvienient facts explain everything that comes up about Who was “Behind Hitler.”

    Inconvenient facts about Hitler and the NSDAP

    The following is a list of important facts gleaned from the Pools’ Who Financed Hitler. This list clarifies and summarizes our introduction to the NSDAP’s development, support and financing.

    More importantly, this list exposes numerous myths associated with Hitler and the NSDAP, such as Hitler’s “militatarism,” NSDAP funding via Paul or Sidney (James) Warburg and the Rothschilds, and Hitler’s unpopularity amongst most Germans.

    · Gustav Stresemann was as militarily inclined as Adolf Hitler. Thus the idea that Hitler’s appointment to the chancellorship meant war in future is moot.

    · Upper-class hostages, including members of Thule, were literally lined up and murdered in 1918 by the Communists. A total of 12 hostages were shot in a schoolyard in Munich.

    · The Pools noted that since the German economy was not harmful to most industrialists’ profits overall, they as a group wished to uphold the status quo. And that was the problem with them from the perspective of revolutionary parties like Hitler’s, as well as the impoverished, unemployed millions.

    · Hitler and Hess, not Göring and Goebbels as claimed by “Sidney Warburg,” solicited money in 1929. German industrialist Emil Kirdorf likely gave the NSDAP money at this time.

    · Radek, Levine and Axelrod, all Communists, were Jewish. These three men and the terror they inflicted upon Fritz Thyssen and his father personally, including imprisonment and death threats, changed Thyssen’s life. From that point on he supported Hitler, and fervently so.

    · French martial law and Ruhr resource demands were too much for Fritz Thyssen. He was arrested and fined 300,000 gold marks for encouraging German workers to passively resist French military occupation. The French opened fire on these German workers killing and wounding hundreds.

    · Thyssen downplayed his support of the National Socialists. He gave 1,250,000 Reichsmarks between 1928 and 1929. This was the exact timing of Sidney Warburg’s alleged covert cash transfers to Hitler.

    · Kirdorf had Jewish friends and bank connections, including Dr. Arthur Salomonsohn. In spite of these big money connections, Kirdorf gave very little to Hitler and the NSDAP.

    · Thyssen and Kirdorf saw little hope for Germany. France and England had a monopoly over one quarter of the world and were determined to crush Germany’s global competitiveness.

    · The Versailles Dictate was Germany’s economic end—really, truly and totally.

    · The “Treaty” was actually an economic weapon designed to permanently cripple Germany as an industrial competitor. Germany’s total reparations payments amounted to $32 billion, which equates to $425 billion today, or $6.6 billion per year.

    · The NSDAP was not put into power by international Jewish interests as some researchers suggest. The NSDAP fought for its power. For example, in just a single street battle between the National Socialists and Communists, 300 men were killed. Hitler struggled for 14 years to achieve power and was nearly shot dead during his attempted putsch, facts which challenge this thesis.

    · The I. G. Farben conglomerate and high finance never factored into the Hitler-NSDAP equation before 1933.

    · According to the Pools, since nothing Germany did had worked to relieve the unemployment and trade imbalance, an imperialist policy was necessary for Germany’s economic survival. She had earnestly tried everything else.

    · Big business’s main motive for supporting Hitler and the NSDAP was to prevent Communism at all costs.

    · General von Seeckt operated under a façade of pro-democracy (like Hitler) until the day when all democratic chains could be broken. Indeed the intellectual demilitarization of Germany was, to von Seeckt, the greatest threat of all.

    · Russo-German military collaboration was championed by von Seeckt, not Hitler, and started in 1921. (Before the Treaty of Rapallo). Von Seeckt was instrumental in this collaboration.

    Lest we overlook it: Hitler, and no one else, had a reserve army—the SA. Thus the years 1921 to 1922 saw some degree of Russian funding of the NSDAP via the Reichswehr’s secret Russian collaboration efforts.

    · The Allies destroyed Krupp’s industry, which provided Krupp with a key motive for later supporting the NSDAP. Krupp, with the help of foreign subsidies, established anonymous companies to carry out arms construction and testing in neutral countries long before Hitler came to power.

    · Stresemann, like Hitler, wanted to see Germany reemerge as a world power. Neither von Seeckt nor Stresemann was a liberal-democrat (i.e. neither supported democracy, which was imposed upon Germany against her will.)

    · Holding companies were used to rebuild the German Navy in the early 1920s, long before Hitler’s ascension.

    · “Liberal-Democratic” Weimar Germany was providing covert assistance to German rearmament efforts in every way possible. Krupp was subsidized by the Weimar regime, not by Hitler.

    · Given the industrial context of that time period, Thyssen’s industry would die without total rearmament. This was a consequence of Germany’s overdependence on industrialization.

    As suggested by Lawrence Dennis in The Dynamics of War and Revolution, a developed nation like Germany had the choice to contract severely in every way, including population-wise, or expand. Most German leaders opted for the latter.

    · German rearmament began earnestly “production-wise” in 1928—five full years before Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor.

    · The Social Democrats, SPD, supported rearmament.

    · Rearmament does not prove that Germany was planning aggressive warfare or that Germany was “militaristic.”

    · Both France’s and Poland’s militaries were threatening to encircle and occupy Germany in 1919.

    · All of the German power elite had the same goal, only different methods of achieving that goal—to reestablish Germany as a world power. However, only Adolf Hitler understood international power politics or “economy by the sword.”

    Hitler asked the industrialists in 1927: Does it benefit our nationality now or in the future, or will it be injurious to it? Expediency is the basis of all alliances.

    · France, not England, was Enemy Number One in Hitler’s view.

    · Political bribes were not illegal in the Weimar Republic.

    · The rule of special interest groups and the power of money (with which to buy Reichstag deputies) destroyed the Weimar Republic’s chances of survival. Both are, in fact, inherent features of all democracies, which intentionally give the masses the illusion of power and voice in government to prevent their discontent.

    · The SPD was the political instrument of the trade unions and the bureaucracy of organized labor. All of the rest, save the KPD, were big business’s interest groups incognito.

    · Walther Rathenau set the Weimar “big business” precedent, not Hitler or the NSDAP.

    · The Ruhrlade was a secret society of heavy industrialists, with 12 members, who met secretly to set joint economic and political policy.

    · Hugenberg and the Nationalist Party had far more big business and discreet financial backing and prestige than the NSDAP. But not even Hugenberg was an industrialist’s tool. He opposed the Anglo-Freemasonic Dawes Plan while several of his industrialist backers supported the plan.

    · The Anglo-Freemasonic Young Plan was enacted 11 years after the war, which demanded that Germans pay “reparations” for the next 59 years!

    · Hugenberg and Strasser both underestimated Hitler. He was no one’s “pawn.” This was already evident around the time of the passing of the Freedom Law in 1929, right around the time of Sidney Warburg’s alleged cash promise to Hitler. The Warburg myth was used to discredit Hitler by the Strasser-Stennes faction of the NSDAP.

    Stennes, with 80,000 SA men under his command, seized the NSDAP headquarters in Berlin and occupied it to destroy Hitler, but Hitler was able to largely circumvent recapturing the headquarters via violent means by establishing his right of ownership of the Berlin headquarters. He did this simply by presenting his ownership proof to the courts after the holidays ended.

    The police were therefore obliged to retake the headquarters for him and Captain Walther Stennes’ attempted anti-Hitler coup fell apart. Interestingly, Stennes was never even an NSDAP member.

    · Hitler used Karl Lüger’s methods: utilize the existing implements of power.

    · Thyssen admitted to funding the NSDAP. His continuous support and Hitler’s strategic alliance with Hugenberg and the Nationalist Party meant money for Hitler in 1929—none of which was from Sidney Warburg.

    · After 1930, the Völkischer Beobachter generated day-to-day revenue and paid off all of its outstanding debts.

    · There was no “secret” funding early on. Max Amann mortgaged all of the NSDAP’s property and forestalled all financial obligations until after the elections in 1930, which surprised everyone, including Hitler. Rallies and occasional donations by the wealthy supplemented funds after September 1930.

    · NSDAP memberships swelled due to the “bandwagon effect” after the party’s huge electoral success. The VB also started generating substantial advertising revenue. At one point Hitler actually let his prohibitionist idealism go too far with the brewers and they canceled all their VB ads. Fellow party members had to coax them back.

    · Adolf Müller helped the Nazis with the VB, the only paper that did not drop in circulation after the Depression began.

    · The United States likely destroyed Party Treasurer Franz Schwarz’s records, which were meticulous: Hitler had even told him to denote names of anonymous donors! All of the records are gone. Americans brutally interrogated Schwarz and likely murdered him in 1946.

    The Anglo-Americans were determined to incriminate only German big business for funding the NSDAP at the IMT. Given that the United States did this, one suspects that there was more American-based funding than just Henry Ford and Teutonia behind the NSDAP, but what that was we will never know.

    The Anglos were likely trying to cover up American industrial involvement with NS-Germany after 1933, such as that of Standard Oil which we’ve already discussed.

    · Generals, namely Alfred Jodl, were won over by Hitler at his Leipzig trial.

    · Big business was reassured by Hitler’s total party control and non-Communist stance after he ordered his 107 deputies to vote against the Nazis’ own “left-wing” bill, introduced by Strasser et al.

    · The German economy was controlled by the government and a private bank cartel 2,500 banks strong before Hitler assumed power.

    · In the summer of 1931, the Ruhrlade made its first contribution to the NSDAP, and Göring was being paid by Thyssen at this time as well.

    · Frau Quandt joined the NSDAP in 1930 and brought lots of wealthy influence with her.

    · Hitler recalled Ernst Röhm in 1930 to lead the SA. He had been living in Bolivia.

    · Kaiser Wilhelm and his sons supported the NSDAP in an effort to try and convince Hitler to reestablish the monarchy.

    · Brüning was a de facto dictator but was failing, because the Depression was worsening.

    · The Credit-Anstalt, a Rothschild bank branch in Austria, experienced a devastating run in May 1931, which crashed all German banks and eventually even London’s banks. So much for the Rothschilds’ endless, untouchable wealth!

    · Freemasonic France and America exacerbated the German collapse by recalling short-term loans to Germany and Austria and with the passing of the Hawley-Smoot tariff.

    · The German People’s Party, which enjoyed more conservative support than Hitler, demanded constitutional revision terminating the parliamentary system and giving Hindenburg the power to appoint a government.

    · Other nationalist parties got a lot more money and support than Hitler, but they maintained the status quo and displeased the masses immensely. Thus only Hitler had the masses’ support and could therefore not be brushed aside or ignored, not even by the moneyed elite.

    · Big business, namely industrialists, was paying the NSDAP by 1931.

    · The Harzburg Front organized and rallied in 1931. Hjalmar Schacht gave a speech at this event and shockingly declared that the Weimar government was truly and utterly bankrupt. He, more than anyone else that day including Hitler, brought incalculable benefit to the NSDAP. He was after all the man who had saved the German economy before by introducing the Rentenmark.

    · Hitler had his man Keppler meet informally with businessmen to create the NSDAP’s economic policy. This was known as the “Circle of Friends for the Economy.” This is actually where Reinhardt comes into play, the man behind the Reinhardt Plan which Hitler enacted shortly after coming to power. Reinhardt, not Hitler or an NSDAP member, openly called for rearmament in 1932.

    · Walther Funk met with Kurt von Schröder, a partner in J. H. Stein of Cologne. A man with great skill for negotiation, Funk was able to “satisfy Schröder” of Hitler’s “good will” towards “international banking.”

    · Mussolini gave unofficial support to the NSDAP. France backed the Bavarian separatists while Italy supported the Bavarian nationalists. Hitler was the only nationalist who opposed France and was willing to let Italy keep control of the South Tyrol (with a population of 250,000 Germans).

    · Hitler received Italian fascist funding, which only came to light in 1932. Mussolini also sent the NSDAP weapons in the 1920s.

    · The U.S.-based Teutonia gave Hitler regular donations.

    · Montagu Norman was the governor of the Bank of England for 24 years. He was anti-France, disliked Jews immensely, was opposed to Versailles, and favored Germany due to his earlier studies there. Norman lent money to the Nazis after 1933 via his personal friend Schacht. He may have channeled funds via Baron Kurt von Schröder and J. H. Stein and Company in 1932, but this is not proven. Schröder was a German partner in J. H. Stein.

    · Viscount Rothermere of the Daily Mail gave Ernst Hanfstaengl money. He was a staunchly pro-German Anglo who despised Jews.

    · It is crucial to understand that Anglo-Saxon foreign policy was designed to prevent any single power—whether France, Germany or Russia—from attaining formidable power enough to rival that of Britain. This was the real reason why King Edward VIII was forced to abdicate; he was simply too pro-German. His sympathy as well as that of Montagu Norman, the Mosleys, the Mitfords and Viscount Rothermere made Hitler miscalculate on Britain. He thought he had more Anglo-Saxon support than he really did.

    · Deterding met Alfred Rosenberg in Britain and likely promised him funding. Deterding controlled oil interests in Romania, Russia, California, Trinidad, the Dutch Indies and Mexico. He also had pumps in Mesopotamia and Persia. The Soviets seized his oil fields in Baku, Grozny and Miakop and nationalized them, thereby becoming a serious competitor to Deterding with his own former oil lands.

    · Georg Bell was Deterding’s contact agent with the NSDAP. Deterding did not just back the NSDAP, but also White Russians and Ukrainian nationalists, as well as anti-Soviet Georgian rebels.

    · Deterding married a pro-National Socialist woman and moved to Germany. He was the one who gave the real ‘big money’ to the NSDAP in 1931, 1932, and 1933—£30 to £55 million. Dr. Kahr claimed that French money flowed to Hitler after going through nine exchanges, but this has not been proven.

    In fact, Bavarian parties like the BVP were backed by France only because they wished to break away from Berlin!

    · The Treaty of Trianon was even worse and more unjust than Versailles. Hungary lost population and territory and was completely impoverished. This treaty soured most Hungarians on democracy.

    In 1919, Bela Kuhn ruled ruthlessly for three months in Hungary: he confiscated and expropriated private land, slaughtered peasants indiscriminately and further destroyed the economy, which resulted in famine. Hungarians were overwhelmingly anti-Communist, anti-Freemason and anti-Jewish after that. Most of these Communists, including Bela Kuhn, were Jewish Freemasons.

    This experience is what led the Hungarian nationalist Gyula (Julius) Gömbös to finance the NSDAP.

    · Hitler aimed for “careers open to talent” according to Otto Dietrich, a policy opposed to hereditary power.

    · Here is the explanation for one of Goebbels’s economic improvement references in his diary: Hitler’s Düsseldorf Industry Club speech of January 27. This fundraising event explains Goebbels’s entry of February 8.

    · To give people some perspective on the German economy before Hitler: there were 17,500,000 unemployed Germans over the winter of 1931 to 1932. This was nearly one third of the entire population of Germany!

    · Stennes’s rebellion is very important, but all too often overlooked. Stennes was a paid agent of Strasser and Captain Ehrhardt, both of whom had big business (industrialists) and one (Otto Wolff) Jewish backers.

    · As a result of this rebellion and other street violence, the SA, SS and HJ were all banned by a Brüning decree signed by President Hindenburg. This was in 1932.

    So much for Rothschild and Warburg supporting Hitler! Why would they let their “pawn” get banned? This ban was an attempt to destroy the NSDAP and Hitler for good.

    Besides, if Hitler was really just a “tool” of a vast international entity as researchers like Jim Condit and Guido Preparata suggest, then why didn’t he win the presidency in 1932? What was this entity’s motive for forestalling his “power grab” if it was in fact behind him?

    · Paul Silverberg, Jewish, financed Gregor Strasser, not Hitler. Silverberg was head of the R.A.G., one of the largest coal companies in the entire world. He supported the chancellor ruling by presidential decree (Brüning in particular).

    · Brüning, not Hitler, asked the question: is democracy able to work in Germany?

    Concluding thoughts

    Paul Silverberg was extremely liberal, except for his own business enterprise. He naturally favored “equal rights” for Jews and big business, but not for anyone else; he likewise favored “individual rights over national rights” and was therefore completely opposed to the NSDAP.

    Silverberg was angry at Brüning’s ouster. He opposed von Papen, supported General Schleicher as chancellor, and gave both Schleicher and Hitler’s rival Gregor Strasser large sums of money.

    Gregor Strasser received 10,000 marks per month, beginning in the spring of 1931, for the NSDAP from heavy industry. So much for Sidney Warburg! Walther Funk got 3,000 marks per month in 1931 and Hitler got 100,000 marks from various coal companies that same year, shortly before the Reichstag elections.

    As one can see his alleged 1931 “miracle financing” was no miracle at all. It came from German coal companies, not Sidney Warburg. In fact, most of the NSDAP’s money came from the party itself: insurance premiums, dues, speaking fees, etc.

    Brüning, not Hitler, was backed by I. G. Farben. Chancellor Schleicher, with Silverberg’s and other industrial bigwigs’ money, conspired with Ernst Röhm on a plan to incorporate the SA into the German Army and thereby betray Hitler.

    Clearly, Franz von Papen was no puppet either, contrary to the thesis of Guido Preparata (Conjuring Hitler). He refused to lift the SA ban until June 15. He also banned political parades until after 30 June 1932 and made himself Reich Commissioner of Prussia.

    He enjoyed widespread support among industrialists, big business, Hindenburg and the Army officer corps. His intent was to block Hitler from ever attaining more than nominal power in government. Hitler was so financially strapped thanks to this intrigue against him that he ended up signing contracts amounting to giving away everything the party owned to finance his 1932 election: he won over 13 million votes and 230 seats in the Reichstag.

    This was nothing short of impressive. He should’ve been appointed chancellor right then and there.

    The real question was whether Hitler could be bought. That was the question that Franz von Papen and Chancellor Schleicher were asking. Since it did not seem likely, both opposed his chancellorship as long as possible. Von Papen conceded in the end: he wanted power for himself and he did not want a Communist majority in the Reichstag.

    By agreeing to appoint Hitler chancellor in 1933, von Papen thought that he could satisfy Hitler’s personal power needs and keep the NSDAP in check, while at the same time use Hitler’s party as a means to prevent the Communists from ever achieving a majority.

    Only Hitler had the mass following to pull off such a plan. And only von Papen could secure for Hitler the appointment, funding and support of industrialists he needed to become chancellor with a stable government. Indeed Hitler deserved the chancellorship, and was fully entitled to it, since he had the masses’ support and the largest number of seats in the Reichstag. The rest, as they say, is history.


    Dennis, Lawrence. The Dynamics of War and Revolution. New York: Revisionist Press, 1975.
    Gregor, Dr. A. J. National Socialism and Race. London: Steven Books, 2009.
    Pool, James E. and Suzanne Pool. Who Financed Hitler: The Secret Funding of Hitler’s Rise to Power 1919 – 1933. New York: The Dial Press, 1978.
    Pudor, Dr. Heinrich. “The High Financiers of France.” In Warwolves of the Iron Cross: The Hyenas of High Finance, edited by Veronica Kuzniar Clark and Luis Muñoz, 51-66. United States: Vera Icona Publishers, 2011.

    Schinnerer, Erich. German Law and Legislation. Edited by Richard Mönnig. Berlin: Terramare Publications, 1938.
    Schwarz, Dieter. Freemasonry: Ideology, Organization and Policy. 6th ed. Berlin: Central Publishing House of the NSDAP, 1944.
    Schwarzwäller, Wulf. The Unknown Hitler: His Private Life and Fortune. Translated by Aurelius von Kappau. Edited by Alan Bisbort. Bethesda, Md.: National Press Inc and Star Agency, 1989.

    Warburg, Sidney. The Financial Sources of National Socialism: Hitler’s Secret Backers. Translated by J. G. Schoup. Palmdale, Cal.: Omni Publications, 1995.

  35. Caroline September 28, 2012 @ 7:39 am

    It is very sad that America has supported the evil atheist Zionist Jews against the God fearing, pious Palestinians.

    Look at the Jews in Israel today, they don’t abide by God’s Law, they promote homosexuality, prostitution, corruption … What a disgrace!

    Give the land of the prophets back to the Palestinians! They are the real Bani-Israel!

  36. Hans August 12, 2015 @ 1:45 pm

    When Jews murdered Jesus, they could kill anyone!

    People not aware of the reality of their actions.

  37. IAM13 October 15, 2015 @ 6:37 pm

    A good few of my friends and I have been working on this subject for quite some time, it has not been easy.

    One of the biggest hurdles is their ownership of media. Due to them owning the media they have the direct real time ability to show this, show that, not show this, not show that…. all with an underlying agenda in mind…. but the worst part about them owning the media, is that this has enabled them with the ability to erase true history.

    What’s more is that it has also enabled them to stage many, many things. More than you shall ever know.

    That said, see if you can answer this undying question:

    Following the Holocaust, Germany took the majority of the remaining Jews who were alive and in Germany, and they placed them all on boats, and they set them to sail. So here were some 500,000 or so Jewish refugees seeking new lands to begin new lives. BUT, not a nation accepted them.

    America tried to accept them but later would push a boat off our coast hence denying any of them entrance. It has been said that EVERY NATION REPSONDED THE SAME!!


    Why did no nation embrace these people, especially so after what they all had just been through and had to endure? Why would any nation or people treat the Jews like this?


    I do not believe the true answer to this question can be found and nor will that answer ever be found. And why do I suggest this? Because these people own media today, as they did back then and since the dawn of man.



    The last part of this whole issue that is striking to me is that if one is able to wade through all the b.s. and disinformation on this subject and actually make it to clear and grounded truth of the matter, they come upon a rather strange feeling.

    Because there comes a point in time during this subject research that it dawns on the person that’s performing the research….. they sit back and think,,, “Ooooh crap…. this means Hitler had it right, or at least some of it right.”

    And the next logic that forms is yes, but research suggests this is not a grand issue taken up and owned by all the Jewish people, rather just a small, elite, rich group per say. So logic suggests then that Hitler indeed had the correct target in his sights, where he went overboard is in rounding up all the common and even poor Jews so to exterminate them.

    After all, it wasn’t these people who had been plotting all the evil through their ownership and management of worldy resources and events.

    And then it hit me.

    After all, don’t Jews all pay into tithing, and every Jew of every age is part of that tithing?

    If indeed this is/was the case, and by God under law one must KNOW Where they are spending their hard earnings, one must be held to account for where they spend their money and who and WHAT they invest in.

    So indeed if tithings have been paid from all the Jewish levels, then suffice to say their tithing’s funded the higher Jews, and essentially all events and b.s. that would allow the Jews to trump the rest of society.

    This would mean your common average Jew, whether knowingly or not, funded 911.

    If this is indeed the case, then Hitler had it fully, and completely correct. They must all become a burnt offering (figuratively).

    I never thought I would ever get remotely close to saying such a thing. But research, facts and truth have me here.

    Wow. Its gonna get ugly.

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