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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2011

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Sources: Further Russian Military Action Is Possible Here;
US To Punish Russia? @ Here

“WHAT DO YOU THINK is the future of the world order and Russia’s place in it?” was asked of Russia’s President, Dimitry Medvedev, in an interview with him on September 1, 2008.

Medvedev replied, “I will implement Russia’s foreign policy on the basis of five points.”

Medvedev’s 5th point tells it all:

“Russia has regions where it has privileged interests. These regions include states with which our country has had historical ties. These priority regions are of course the border states—but not only these.

The future doesn’t just depend on us. It also depends on our partners in the international community. They have a choice. They can work within the parameters of international law or they can disregard them.” Here.

And a “choice” was made by the EU in Brussels on September 1 2008 regarding their relationship with Russia in the aftermath of the Georgian invasion of S.Ossetia. The EU, fearing a very cold winter without Russian heating fuel, decided not to impose sanctions on Russia. This choice was the beginning of a great divide between Europe and America.

It is also clear that Moscow is claiming as its rightful sphere of influence the former Soviet Republics that became independent in 1991 and which have sizable blocs of Russian passport-holders. The defense of the S.Ossetians and their “security ring” in Georgian territory is Russia’s first move to enforce this sphere and to keep the West and NATO out.


RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTER Sergei Lavrov called for an arms embargo on Georgia “until the Saakashvili regime falls.” Lavrov added a warning to the US:

“If instead of choosing the interests of the Georgian people, the US and its allies choose the Saakashvili regime, this will be a mistake of truly historic proportions” Here

Moscow is ready to begin to enforce such an embargo by invoking “additional security measures” as part of Putin’s response to Israel’s plan to base Israeli fighter-bombers just south of Tbilisi intended for a special air raid with planes loaded with anthrax on Tehran.

Part of the “additional security measures ” could result in Russian warships moved to Batumi, the capital of the autonomous Ajara Republic. By invading Ajara, Russia would prompt the local separatist movement to break up Georgia even further. Aslan Abashidze, the separatist leader who ruled Ajara from 1992 to 2004, is at present in exile in Moscow.

Then, by Russia taking over Tbilisi International Airport, and creating chaos in the capital, Moscow may hope finally to topple the “Saakashvili regime” and at the same time embarrass the hated US State Department.


WHILE CHENEY & RICE hurl a combination of blandishments & bluster towards Moscow, Russia continues to play out its role on the world stage.

With America’s perception of itself as the world’s policeman, Russia can only be looked upon by Washington as acting to the detriment of what it perceives as its interests. For the entire planet has become for the US, its own region of privileged interests.

America’s pretensions throughout Eurasia have been gradually challenged by Russia. Not a few countries are now looking away from Washington and towards Moscow. On September 3 2008, Azerbaijan rejected Cheney’s request for support in building a pipeline to bypass Russia.

The United States’ “unipolar moment” in history has passed. A New World Order initiated by Russia is now in the makings. Russia has recently begun showing its teeth throughout the globe by sending a naval contingent to Syria carrying nuclear submarines & bringing long-range bombers to Venezuela for “training exercises.”

Methinks That The Zionist Occupied West Had Better Come To Terms
With A Russian New World Order Very Soon…


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Brother Nathanael @ September 15, 2008


  1. CIVILIAN DEATH MACHINE September 16, 2008 @ 12:25 am

    Me thinks so too!!!

    Great Story!!!

    Meredith Rollo

  2. Dr. Albert D Pastore September 16, 2008 @ 5:35 am

    The architects of THE NEW WORLD ORDER are not about to let centuries of planning and orchestrating to amount to nothing. As Jamres warburg once arrogantly proclaimed before Congress:

    “We shall have World Government by either conquest or consent.”

    With Russia (an quite a few other nations now) going “off the plantation”, the conquest option is the only one left for the globalists. WW 3 is coming. The globalists hope they can take out Russia with a devastating first strike on Russia, catch any remaining Russian missiles with the Star Wars lasers, and just allow a few western cities to getr smoked up.

    Scary times…pray for Russia!

  3. Bob Vine September 16, 2008 @ 11:46 am

    Good article, Bro Kapner. I am glad that you won your court case too.

  4. Ed September 16, 2008 @ 11:53 am

    I headlined Br. Nathanael’s article:
    ‘Christian Russia’s world order based on international law vs Zio-US/Israel/NATO “unipolar” bullying’
    What appears to have happened to the West is, drunk on power, with its own power-centers infiltrated and corrupted by Judeo-fascists and a like-minded imperial-driven racialist and money-worshipping elite, it has turned its back on the Christian ethic, its former code of chivalry, principle and honor, and made a Faustian bargain in exchange for hegemony.

    This is not the fault of average Americans and Westerners who have been deceived and betrayed, but rather of the two-party regime in Washington, and of other Western elites who consider themselves too “sophisticated” to hold themselves to any kind of a Christian code of conduct. They’ve been hob-knobbing with wealthy Judeo-fascists for so long, they’ve internalized that ethic instead.

    The only way the West can ever regain its moral bearings is to throw over the two-party regime in favor of a return to the Christian ethic, and then make common cause with Christian Russia instead of plotting with Judeo-fascists to destroy it. It’s basically a question of nuclear war or world peace, and we all know who will get us what.

    –Chris Moore (Ed),

  5. Mike Rowe September 16, 2008 @ 12:13 pm

    As I see things, there are actually four spheres of interest, competing and conflicting with each other, making a One World Government virtually an impossibility.
    1. Judaic – USA and Europe
    2. Christian – Russia
    3. Islam – Middle East, Pakistan
    4. Asian – mainly China
    5. Hodgepodge – Africa, Australia, Canada, South America – not powerful enough to complete or conflict.
    Keeping this in mind helps me to better understand the news by “reading between the lines.” It also seems more in line with the predictions of George Orwell in “1984.”

  6. Loren September 16, 2008 @ 12:30 pm

    Hard evidence has surfaced since the Iraq war that DU dust, unleashed by U.S. and coalition forces via the use of DU weapons, has drifted in the winds up into Britain and other European nations. Russia would obviously know this ugly fact, too.

    So any war against Iran by the U.S. and/or Israel, no matter how “quick” it may be, no matter how “surgical” it may be, would unleash tons of DU/DUized dust into the upper winds that would blow right up into Russia and its surrounding partner nations. And should this war against Iran also include bio-geneti-chemical weapons, they too would most likely be whisked up into the air, blended with DU dust, and contaminate a wide swath of Eastern Europe, Russia, the Ukraine, Georgia, etc, etc, even westward into the Asiatic nations.

    It is more than clear that the U.S. and Israel have no moral compass in their quest for world domination and could care less in who nor in how many are destroyed and genocided in the process.

    Russia is the only nation that has the moral compass and super-power strength to counter-move the West’s global chess game.

    Russia would have much to loose if the U.S. and/or Israel went to war against Iran … and much to gain if she can prevent such a war, not only in blocking the U.S. and/or Israel from launching such a war, but also in brokering a peaceful settlement with Iran, and possibly with Israel, in accordance with International Law – a balancing act on a razor-thin tightrope, to be sure, but absolutely necessary to prevent the dreaded World War III from erupting.

  7. Randall September 16, 2008 @ 12:33 pm

    Russia, it’s turning out, is becoming the Intl
    force I kind of root for. My country is so bad
    someone with force has to oppose it!
    Go Russia!

  8. Dawn September 16, 2008 @ 1:41 pm

    Ironically, my family left Russia to find a better life in the US. We thankfully missed the Bolshevik Revolution but my grandmother lost all of the family that stayed behind. Now, in search of a better life for my children, I am giving great consideration to returning from whence we came. (we would be gone already but being 3rd generation american means I don’t speak the language!!)

  9. Ghost_Ryder September 16, 2008 @ 2:21 pm

    @ Dr. Albert D Pastore

    I would suggest you pray that the Zionist Neocons in Washington don’t do something stupid, but they probably will….. FYI

    RT-2UTTH Topol M
    NATO name SS-27 STALIN

    Produced: December 20, 1994.
    In service: 1997.
    Nuclear 550 kT or six 550 kT MIRV warheads.
    Engine: 3-stage solid propellant.
    Operational Range: 11,000 km.
    Guidance System: Inertial with GLONASS and stellar sensor.
    Launch platform: Silo or Mobile launch vehicle.
    Deployed: 62 (Year 2000)

    The missile is designed to be immune to any present or planned US Anti-Ballistic-Missile defense. It is capable of making evasive maneuvers to avoid a kill by terminal phase interceptors, and carries targeting countermeasures and decoys. It is shielded against radiation, EMP, nuclear blasts and is designed to survive a hit from any laser technology.

    A successful test of their evasive payload delivery system on November 1, 2005 from the Kapustin Yar facility. The warhead changed course after separating from the launcher, making it difficult to predict a re-entry trajectory.

    The test launches on the marine version conducted on September 27, 2005, and December 21, 2005, from the submerged Dmitry Donskoi, a Typhoon class ballistic missile submarine, were successful.

  10. dw smith September 16, 2008 @ 3:04 pm

    I can only echo the sentiments of Ed and Dr. Albert D. Pastore

    The unseen and unheard and unwritten (except for the internet) masses of American people who stay exposed to the mainstream lying media will slowly but steadily respond to what is being done for them in the form of the Russian New World order.

    I have many friends who in the past insisted that i was a crazy conspiracy theorist for 911. Now these same friends are uttering “911 was an inside job.” Truth will out! With Russia in the lead I can see abig light of hope at the end of the information tunnel!

    The lies about Georgia and South Ossetia at a pace five years ahead of 911. Truth will out!

    I say UP, UP, UP, UP with Putin and Medvedev and their Christian Russian associates, and DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN with Bush and Cheney and their Zionist Jew new world order bosses and controllers.

    PS—A note in passing—it was a pleasure to see Cheney return to the United States with his tail tucked behind him!!

  11. Christopher Pearson September 16, 2008 @ 4:02 pm

    I can not help but admire the Russian administration for this recent move. The world desperately needs help from somewhere at this critical juncture in history. The sheer sanity of the Russian position brings a sign of relief and should be welcome by all well read Americans that the Colonialists have finally met their match. No Russian intelligence knows all the facts behind events leading up to now! Many of those facts underline the endless covert attacks against the Russian people and the Russian Republic. The United States had its day coming to the rescue of those afflicted by the menace of tyranny. Now the ball is
    in another court. God Bless Russia!

  12. Ian Wilson September 16, 2008 @ 4:35 pm

    I love America the country, the people (but I also love the good courage of Russia. They are our true [as in ultimate truth] friends and friends to the world. A-men.)

  13. Tweiza September 16, 2008 @ 4:42 pm

    We must pray for Putin’s protection. He is a good man.

  14. Karl Mayforth September 16, 2008 @ 5:45 pm

    It’s pretty obvious, Putin is playing Chess. The Zionist West is playing monopoly.

  15. Hoff September 16, 2008 @ 6:16 pm

    The jew-mafia and US foreign politic. Serbia vs Kosovo

    America is controlled by a jew-mafia. To understand “americas” foreign politic you have to understand how the jewmafia thinks. Talmud-judaism basically says that jews are god’s chosen people. This is racism at it’s roots. As god’s chosen people all the wealth in the world belong to the jews and all goyim, non-jews are the jews slaves.

    Many goyim tells me that they like jews and judaism because that judaism is non-missionary. Well, why judaism is non-missionary is because if you don’t have jewish DNA, jewish blood, you don’t belong to the tribe. Jews don’t give a flying fling if you don’t belong to the tribe. It’s racism and the stupid goyim thinks it’s a good thing when it’s jewish.

    2000 year ago the jews was kicked out of Egypt, after that the jews have invaded every country in the whole world – and got kicked out more than a hundred times over 2000 years. To put it mild, the jews have not been that popular. Why? Because talmud-judaism is racist. The jews has always lived in ghettos – self chosen ghettos that is.

    If you dress like talmud-jews, all in black, live by yourself in ghettos by own choice, refuse to learn the languish and behave like every non-jew is trash, then you don’t win any popularity contest. Talmud-judaism has seperated the jews from mainstram goyim society. Why would any goyim embrace Talmud-judaism?

    Many, or most jews just can’t understand why they are disliked to this very day, but some jews started to think and asked themself why the jews are disliked and recognised in writing that there is a jewish problem. Theodor Herzl, the father of Political Zionism and Karl Marx did understand that there was a jewish problem.

    Zionism is not a new thing that started with Theodor Herzl, zionism is invoked in Talmud-judaism from start, but what Herzl did was that he re-wrote Talmud-zionism for mainstram goyim consumption. Go back 200 years, what goyim did give a flying fling if the jews could “return” to Israel? Napoleon did, the year 1799 he asked the jews to gang up with him and if they did, he would give Jerusalem to the jews. Napoleon lost the battle in Egypt and after that Napoleon wanted Paris to be the new Jerusalem. Napoleon invited all the jews in the whole world to France. Why? Money, money and jewish power.

    Did the mainstream frenchman care about jews and zionism? I don’t think so, but what is good for the emperor has to be good for the people, mainstream. And this is why zionism is mainstream today, it’s good for the President of the united states of America. If you are a zionist, then the jew-mafiawill give you money and jewish power.

    What Theodor Herzl did was he re-wrote Talmud-zionism for goyim consumption and made Talmud-judaism the goyim course. Of course Herzl diden’t do all this by him self, other jews do this today, neo-con is what they call themself today. Neo-Con: -Give us what we want and we will give you money and jewish power. The jew-mafia did that with Napoleon, the jew-mafia did that with Churchill and every “president” in America after Woodrow Wilson.

    How the jews solve the Jewish problem is that they take Talmud-judaism and re-write it for goyim consumption. Talmud-zionism is today goyim mainstream, the jewish problem is solved, save that a lot of goyim AND a lot of jews realises that zionism and the Zionist-“state” IsraHELL is not the answer to the jewish problem. Do you really want to know what the jewish problem is? Just look at how the jews treat their neighbors in their ghetto IsraHELL. Arabs, russian, poles dosen’t matter to the jew, this is how the Talmud-jews have always behaved at his neighbor, with the uttermost contempt. God’s CHOSEN People you know …

    Zionism is jewish nazism. Zionism is jewish supremacy, god’s CHOSEN people you know …

    Communism is Talmud-judaism re-written for goyim consumption.

    No sane goyim would ever embrace Talmud-zionism, but Herzl and the jew-mafia twisted Talmud-judaism to be a mainstream goyim course. And that is exactly what the Talmud-jew Karl Marx did, Marx re-wrote Talmud-judaism for goyim consumption.

    Why would any sane goyim embrace Talmud-judaism? You don’t, that’s why the TALMUD-jews always has been dispised by the mainstream, the people wherever the TALMUD SUPREMECY JEWS has invaded. Mainstream, the ordinary people don’t and have never given the jews a second thought. Most people don’t give a flinging flung about jews, as long as they behave like most people.

    That is, until the TALMUD SUPREMACY JEW comes along and stir things up and cause commotion. Do you know how many jews it takes to make America go to war with Iraq? 50 Talmud-jews and 50 goyim idiots that can make a buck from a war, any war, just give me the buck.

    How many extremist jews did it take to kick out the british armed forces from Palestine in 1947? Ten, one hundred, a thousen, two thousend? It’s not the mainstream, the “masses” who set the agenda, it’s a few extremist that shape YOUR futere, and the jew-mafia does understand this and uses this to their own ends all the time.

    Communism is secular Talmud-judaism. Talmud-judaism whit out god. Communism is Talmud-judaism for goyim consumption. Just like Herzl re-wrote Talmud-zionism for goyim consumption, Karl Marx re-wrote Talmud-judaism for goyim consumption. Communism is easy to understand once you cut all the crap and look at what communism really says. Communism says that the whole world shall be ruled by One World Goverment, a chosen Elite.

    Where did I hear that Chosen Elite before …? Ohhh… In Talmud … Ohhh… Yes, those extremists Talmud-jewish supremacists. How many extremists Talmud-jewish supremacists does it take to control the jewish “masses”, mainstream jews? A thousand? Well, 50 jewish extremists Talmud-jewish supremacists started thee Iraq war and the same 50 extremists Talmud-jewish supremacists will start the next war with Iran.

    Communism is Talmud-judaism and the essence of communisms is this: One World State, controled by who do you think? Stupid goyim? The stupid goyim that can make a buck do think he is one of the chosen ones, the elite. The stupid goyim that thinks he is an “intellectual” do really belive that he is one of the “Chosen Elite”. The stupid mainstream, the “masses” who think that Only if we would have one State, I will get my fair cut They are all working for Talmud-judaism. Useful idiots.

    Communism is Talmud-judaism for goyim consumption. What the Talmud-jew Karl Marx said to the other jews was this: We take over the state, then we steal everything and take all goyim as oure slaves. That is communism. Control the state is everything. Who controles America the year 2008? What is US foreign politic? One World Order, One World Government. And the chosen Elite will be … YOU?

    Jews hate the national state. Nationalism is excluding, just like Talmud-judaism. If you don’t got the right DNA, get out. Serbia is about nationalism. If the serbs could have build a strong nationalstate, god only would have known where that would ended. Maybe would Germany raise to it’s former glory and kicked out the Talmud-jews. -Let’s bomb them back to the stone age, just like we did with Iraq and Korea, and Vietnam.

    Kosovo? Small time hobby nationalism is not a problem for the jews, it’s an asset. Conquer and divide. Kosovo is just like IsraHELL, a safehaven for criminals. We, the jew-mafia control America and we only ask oureselves one thing: Is it good for the jews?

    Kosovo is good for the jews and Serbia is bad for the jews .

  16. Hoff September 17, 2008 @ 3:49 am

    Communism is jewish fraud. What Karl Marx did was he toke the essence in Talmud-judaism: Jewish Supremacy, all the wealth belongs to the jews and all goyim are the jews slaves and toke out gud. Marx said: We take over the state, steal everything and take all goyim as slaves. Because communism is judaism, nearly all jews instantly became communist.

    But the jews are to few to do all the work themself, and this is where Karl Marx did his work, he put in a lot of crap, lies and deceite to lure the stupid goyim to do the jews work. The first thing that the communist do when they take over a country is to destroy all and everything that represents that nation. That is easy, just smash it. To do that you don’t need much of a brain You hate the priest? Kill him. You hate the nobelman? Kill him and take his belongings (We will take it back later.)

    Communism for the goyim consumption basically are in two parts: One for the simpelminded people, just listen to what the “masses” wants and tell them that they can have it all if they only join the communistmovement. Make them hate and you got your goyim stormtroop.

    The second part is the really clever part, you get the self-imposed “intellectuals” to do your work. And how you do that is that you tell this “intellectuals” that they can be the Chosen Elite, and what happends next is that this “intellectuals” are climbing on top of the other “intellectuals”. There are only a few seats at the top so they have to give everything they got to get in.

    I personally know some hardcore “intellectuals” that has devoted their whole life to communism. I have studied communism a big part of my life and have spoken to many hardcore goyim commis. They have pictures of Marx and Lenin at the honour place at home., they want to be the next Lenin. They are all over in media and at campus and they are totally devoted to turn the nation in to a communist state. This was the master stroke by Karl Marx, he made a big part of the goyim “intellectuals” to work for the jews, Usefull Idiots.

    Well, those “intellectuals” are not that bright, thats why they are called Usefull Idiots, and here comes the next master stroke by Marx, he made it really easy to be an “intellectual”. In judaism there are two kind: Jews and there are goyim. Black and white, with us or against us. What Marx did was he reduced all the problem in the whole world to a class problem: Oppressor or Oppressed. Karl Marx took the jewish way to look at the world and exchanged jews and goyim with Oppressor and Oppressed. Now it’s really easy to be an “intellectual”, all you have to do is find the Oppressor and then you take an all out stand for the Oppressed.

    This black and white world is why communism has so strong hold on the western world. Because the communist always portray themself as Good, the righteous and all that oppose the communist as bad people. You know the rant, nazi, rectionary, bigot … and so on. Just go to the ADL website, all the jewish-communist smear-slander word are all over that website.

    Compare with judaism, it’s the same thing, just other words. Jews are ALWAYS oppressed and that is exactly how goyim communist portrays themself, as victims. Once the jews and goyim communist finds the “Oppressor” they go to war at them. In the jew owned propaganda apparatus it’s smear-slander and lies, in real life they physically beat and kill the “oppressor”, who in essence is anybody that opposes the jewish fraud communism. Either you are with us or against us. Not pro-jew? Oppressor…

    But it’s not only goyim communist that will do the jews work, anti-communist will also do the jew supremacys work. Do you remenber what G Bush said when he declared the hoax-war on terror, in esssence a war at the whole muslim world? He said: Either you are with us or against us and turned America in to a police state with jew-mafia in key position.

    The end goal for the jewish supremacists are One World Government, you can call it communism or capitalism, it dosen’t matter to the jewish supremacists, the only thing that matters is that jews are in control of that government.

    -But how do we get the anti-communist goyim to do our work? -That’s easy, we just give them a buck or two, and we tell goyim that we are spreading “democracy” to the world, that makes them feel good. The rest of the goyim oppressor we hunt with smear-slander and lies and that the Usefull Idiot goyim communist will do for us. We just tell them that they are “intellectual” and give them som bucks and hire them as “journalists”. Of course we don’t chose the real intellektuals, just the stupid ones. If they get jew-wise and start to write or talk about the jew-mafia, we just tell them to stop speaking about the jew-mafia, and if they don’t obay then they don’t get any more paycheck. We own the media. We hire and fire who ever we like. The “journalist” that are left will defend the jews at all cost.

    -But there are some criticism in media about the zionist-state IsraHELL? -Yes, we do that ourself, you have to make the stupid goyim belive that there is a debat. We don’t give a fluck what goyim thinks of Israel, we will just do what we want anyway. If you don’t belive it you can just look up how many UN-resolotions there are against Israel. We haven’t even consider to follow even one of those UN-resolutions. Let the goyim talk and we do what we want.

    There is a “intellectual” who works as “journalist” named Olle Svenning, in Sweden. He wrote a big piece about Paris 68. He was there and the leader in Paris was Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a jew. He wrote that they all ranted: WE ARE ALL GERMAN JEWS! WE ARE ALL GERMAN JEWS! WE ARE ALL GERMAN JEWS!

    He writes for the biggest tabloid in Sweden, Aftonbladet, The Evening Paper, he is one of the chif editores. It calls itself Socialdemokrat, but in reality it’s a communistpaper. 99 percent of the “journalist” at that paper are communists.

  17. Hoff September 17, 2008 @ 4:14 am

    The end goal for the jewish supremacists are One World Government, you can call it communism or capitalism, it dosen’t matter to the jewish supremacists, the only thing that matters is that jews are in control of that government.

    There are two reason why the rich jew-mafia supported the coup in Russia in 1917: The first reason is that communism is jewish and the seconde reason is that they don’t care if goyim calls it communism or capitalism, as long the state is controlled by jews.

    This was to me the biggest obstacle when I read for the first time that jewish bankers was behind Lenin, Trotsky and that gang. Why in the whole world would jewish bankers give money to communist? Trotsky used to play chess with one of the Rothschild.

    A Jewish journalist who knew Trotsky from the period of his stay in Vienna (“when he used to play chess with Baron Rothschild in Cafe Central and frequent Cafe Arkaden daily to read the press there”) is even firmer on the Yiddish issue: “He [Trotsky] knew Yiddish, and if at a later date, in his autobiography, he pretends to know nothing about Jews and Judaism, then this is nothing but a plain lie. He who had visited at Cafe Arkaden for years on end must have mastered both these matters to perfection. The language in greatest use at that Cafe was – besides ‘Viennese-German’ – Yiddish.”26 {see note 26 below}

    Trotsky and the jews, book online. Joseph Nedava, Trotsky and the Jews (The Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia, 5732/1972):

  18. Joe Wuerffel September 17, 2008 @ 6:11 am

    Great site, wonderfully informative site. how are the views numbers coming along? are more people tuning in? is the good word spreading and more people coming to learn the truth?

  19. Nonya September 17, 2008 @ 9:34 am

    Me thinks so too :0)

    It is about time christians who know what is going on stand up and stop the mouths of the evil criminal cabal.

  20. David September 17, 2008 @ 9:47 am

    God created people on the sixth day right?…..I think perhaps he should have stopped on the fifth day…..Jews are Gods chosen people right? Yet Jews are the ones creating the New World Order, Jews are the ones who manipulate, deceive, brainwash, and control people like dogs. (Not all Jews of course, many are wonderful people, but even those that are nice people, are still deceived into believing the New World Order is a good thing).

    And even more ironic, it’s the Jews who reject Jesus Christ, and they will embrace and worship the Messiah they are still waiting for who will sit on the Throne in the rebuilt Temple, and he will be the Anti-Christ, and Jews will worship him. In my opinion, when God destroyed the world with a flood, he should have left well enough alone and kept it at that…because man is either evil, or embraces evil, or is so ignorant doesn’t even know or believe evil exists, and walks around 40-50 pounds overweight and wears a T-shirt which says, “I support the troops”…….. Que Sri Sri I guess…………

  21. jonas the prophet September 17, 2008 @ 11:54 am

    The Jew World Order Really Hates information like this:

  22. james1 September 17, 2008 @ 6:27 pm

    @Mike Rowe

    Islam is not against the new world order it advances its agenda. Jews fully support and even run PR, lobby groups and financing for the Bosnians, Kosovars and the Chechens.

    Every major Jewish organisation fully supported Kosovo and Jewish senators passed resolution for NATO to bomb Serbia.

    Other than Palestine Jews support Muslim causes. There’s also the link between Islamic militants and the Jewish mafia especially in regards to the Chechens.

    Historically Jews helped Arabs capture Spain and Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople.

    Canada and Australia are ZOG governments.

    There are only 3 powers that can stand up against the NWO as stated by the CFR and Brezinski Russia, China and India with Russia being the No1 target that’s why they want to split it apart.

    Don’t know if you know but George Orwell was a former communist who found on there behave in the Spanish civil war.
    He became anti-communist when Stalin held back support to the communists.

  23. james1 September 18, 2008 @ 8:12 am

    ZERO 9/11 documentary aired on Russian TV is on youtube

  24. Gary September 19, 2008 @ 7:01 am

    When I consider the principles of liberty, I find I am identifying less with my nation state, and more with the people of the world. In that spirit, I find myself appreciating Russia in leading a slave’s revolt…so to speak. I think we are seeing that this is a war against humanity, and we humanitarians across the globe must fight back together.

  25. LEE September 19, 2008 @ 11:19 pm

    I’m getting a real education by coming to this site. Apparently, Brother Kapner agrees with Hoff, otherwise we’d see a rebuttal from him.

    To paraphrase Rodney King, “Why can’t we all get along?”

    Personally, I ask, “Why does someone always have to be in control?”. “Why can we not live in peace?”

    Pray for us, Lord.


  26. admin September 19, 2008 @ 11:27 pm

    Dear Lee –

    I do not necessarily agree with all the comments that come on.

    But if someone has something to say – and makes some attempt to BACK IT UP, then it gets posted. +BN

  27. Will September 24, 2008 @ 10:46 pm

    This site is the best. For the past couple of years Ive been wrecking my brain, trying to understand why world governments (US, UK, Europe, Israel) could be so hypocritical and self serving.
    Now I have something solid to back up all the “CTs” Ive been hearing.

    Thank you, keep up the good work and stay safe.

  28. George December 15, 2010 @ 1:45 am

    The Russians’ ancient dream was and still is now to rule and order the world.

    Their message is “Let’s make our motherland more large.”

    The Russian imperator Peter I “The Great” made his will where he wrote to add and annex other territories to Russia and this testament has become as a plan for next Russian governments’ “how to make its neighbors more weak and then occupy their territory.”

    Don’t believe Russians because it is not problem for them to change their mind. Remember the words of Russian poet Tiutchev: To understand Russia it’s impossible by any mind; Its impossible to count her actions and steps; She has an extraordinary point; you must only believe and wait.

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