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Interview With Putin Banned – Pt I

Interview With Putin Banned - Read It Here!

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2011

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OWING TO THE ZIONIST OCCUPATION of the Western press, not only will crucial news be distorted, but essential news will also be suppressed.

Such is the example of Vladimir Putin’s defense of Russia’s recent actions in S.Ossetia and Georgia.

The Zionist-occupied mainstream media in the West has banned an August 29 2008 interview with Putin conducted by Thomas Roth of the National German Broadcast Services. Even in Germany, the interview was censored. The Zionist Jews fear Vladimir Putin and wish only to vilify this great Christian leader rather than allow the truth to vindicate him.

Because of my contacts in Germany, the full length interview in German was sent to me Here & Here (Video). Through much expense and effort, I now make this crucial interview available in English with the hope that readers will not only benefit from hearing Putin’s defense, but will contribute to the heavy expense involved in having this interview translated.

Thomas Roth, a German national who resides in Russia, conducted the interview in Russian then translated it into German. I have availed myself of both texts through my friend, Dr E L Magerovsky, who is fluent in both Russian and German. A translation professional was also consulted. Before making your comments, please consider offsetting the huge expense involved to make this interview available in English. Thank you – Brother Nathanael.

Thomas Roth: Mr Prime Minister, after the escalation in Georgia, the international public and the press sees Russia in isolation against the rest of the world and beginning a war in Georgia. Why have you placed your country in this isolation?

Vladimir Putin: What do you think, who began the war in Georgia?

Roth: As I see it, the conflict was incited by the Georgian attack on Tskhinvali in S.Ossetia.

Putin: I thank you for this answer. That is correct, that was it indeed. We will deal more in greater detail with that later. Now I want to emphasize that we did not prompt this situation. And as regards the reputation of Russia, I am convinced that the reputation of any country capable of following an independent foreign policy that would protect the lives of its citizens, would only enhance its reputation.

And vice versa. The reputation of other countries which make for themselves a rule to interfere in the politics of other nations by extending themselves beyond their own national interests, their reputation would decrease. This says it all.

Roth: You have not yet answered the question why you have risked the isolation of your country from the rest of the world.

Putin: I thought I answered the question. But if it requires additional explanations, I will give it.

I am of the opinion that a country, in this case Russia, which would defend the honour of its citizens, whose lives it acts to protect, and acts according to international-law obligations in the context of the peacekeeping forces, it follows that such a country would not come into isolation. With regard to Europe and the United States – they do not rule the world.

And vice versa. I would like to emphasize again: If any countries believe that they are justified in serving their own personal and national interests by disregarding the foreign policy interests of other states, the reputation of such countries in the world would gradually decline. If the European countries fall in line with the foreign policy interests of the United States, they are not, in my opinion, going to succeed.

And now to our international-law obligations. According to international agreements the Russian peacekeeping forces were granted the obligation to take the peaceful population of S.Ossetia under its protection. Let us recall in this connection, the year 1995 in Bosnia.

It is well-known that the European peacekeeping forces in Bosnia, which consisted of Netherlands military members, did not stop one of the attacking sides and thus brought about the destruction of an entire locality. Hundreds were killed.

This tragedy in Bosnia’s Srebrenica is very well known in Europe. Should we have acted likewise? Should we have ignored the aggression and thereby making it possible for Georgian military units to destroy human lives in Tskhinvali?

Roth: Mr Prime Minister, your critics say that your goal in S.Ossetia was not to protect people, but to try to further destabilize Georgia and to remove the Georgian president from office. Why? In order to prevent Georgia from joining NATO. Is that so?

Putin: This is not so, it is a perversion of the facts, this is a lie. If this were our goal – then we would have probably started this conflict. But you yourself have admitted that the Georgian side started this conflict.

Now let me recall the facts of recent history. After the illegal decision on the recognition of the independence of Kosovo, everybody expected that Russia would recognize the independence and sovereignty of S.Ossetia and Abkhazia. And we had a moral right to do so. But we did not do so. We acted more than cautiously and we ‘swallowed’ the unlawful Kosovo action.

But what did we get in return for our restraint? An escalation of the conflict, the attack on our peace keeping forces, the raid and destruction of the civilian population in South Ossetia! These are facts that are very well known and have been published throughout Europe.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of France was in N.Ossetia where he met with refugees fleeing from the Georgian aggressors. Even eye-witnesses reported that Georgian military units ran over women and children with tanks. They drove civilians into homes and churches and burned them alive. And Georgian soldiers bursting into Tskhinvali, when they had passed by cellars where women and children hid themselves, threw grenades into the cellars. What is this, if not genocide?

Georgian leadership, who instigated this catastrophe, has undermined the territorial integrity of Georgia by their actions. Such leaders have no right to steer a country regardless of its size. If they were decent human beings they would resign immediately.

Roth: But Mr Prime Minister, that is not your decision, that is a Georgian decision.

Putin: Naturally. But we know different precedents.

– To Be Continued –

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Brother Nathanael @ September 8, 2008


  1. CIVILIAN DEATH MACHINE September 8, 2008 @ 7:04 pm

    The People of Europe should be thanking President Medveded and PM Putin!!!

    I think they are…

    You just wouldn’t know it from the media!

    Last week, VP Cheney made stops to Georgia, Azerbaijan and the important caucases to try and shore up US support in the region…

    If these countries were smart….they would start aligning themselves closer with Russia (and get themselves a better deal!)than being a willing puppets of the US…

    because in the end…it will be these countries who suffer from misguided US Foreign Policy.

    The US could care less for Democracy…they just need secured transnational oil pipelines over there.

    End of Story.

    Thanks for another Great Story, Brother N.!!!

  2. admin September 8, 2008 @ 7:19 pm

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  3. my favorite Saint Damian September 8, 2008 @ 8:14 pm

    How can I donate? send a money order or something? I don’t know how they work really do I just put your name on it and the amount i can donate?

  4. hoff September 8, 2008 @ 8:19 pm

    “When FSWC reported “” to its Canadian ISP, its content was reviewed and determined to violate the master service agreement as well as Canadian values. ”

    I guess you insulted the entire canadian people BN? Shame on you ;o)))

    “The Canadian government is establishing an “Israel Allies Caucus” this week meant to mobilize support for the State of Israel and promote Judeo-Christian values amid a groundswell of Christian support for Israel around the world.”
    JERUSALEM POST Feb. 4, 2007

  5. james September 11, 2008 @ 1:40 am

    Forgot to mention CNN also edited a Putin interview.

  6. 100thmonkey September 11, 2008 @ 2:46 am

    Have just gotten to read this interesting article, since the site has been blocked for a couple of days now. Thankyou for translating it. Any word on Parts 2 and 3?

  7. Jim DeTexas September 11, 2008 @ 4:05 am

    Welcome back.

  8. james1 September 11, 2008 @ 5:01 am

    Bravo Br Nathanael Kapner on obtaining an exclusive interview.
    This war has been blatant lies and misrepresentation from the very beginning.
    Thanks to Rense, RussiaToday and this site we know what was really going on.
    All three websites have been taken down since the Georgian crisis a coincidence?

    CNN also edited a Putin interview.

  9. jonas the prophet September 11, 2008 @ 12:09 pm

    Thank God for Russia for standing up against the US imperials and the Jewish Zionist occupiers of Palestine!

    Jonas the Prophet
    Colorado USA

  10. james1 September 11, 2008 @ 6:08 pm

    How do you pay by cheque from the UK.

  11. Jim DeTexas September 11, 2008 @ 6:20 pm

    Russia has no imperial ambitions – Putin

    Vladimir Putin: You know, your question doesn’t surprise me. What really surprises me is how powerful the propaganda machine of the so-called “West” is. This is just amazing. This is unbelievable. This is totally incredible. And yet, it’s happening.


  12. Jim DeTexas September 11, 2008 @ 6:37 pm

    US to invade Iran any day now?

    Shortly after that, a phone call came from a college friend who had just come back from Kandahar in Afghanistan, where he had seen American battle tanks being unloaded from a Ukrainian-registered Antonov-124 “Ruslan”, the heaviest and largest cargo airplane in the world. The friend asked if I had any idea what tanks would be good for in Afghanistan, and I said I didn’t. It’s an established fact from the Soviet war in Afghanistan that tanks are no good for most of the country’s mountainous territory. They are good for flatlands, and the main body of flat land in the region is right across the border in Iran.


  13. Orthodox Russian September 11, 2008 @ 9:03 pm

    SOCHI, September 11 (RIA Novosti) – Russia is not considering the possibility of letting South Ossetia, recently recognized as an independent state by Moscow, become a part of the country, the prime minister said Thursday.

    Story… Here

  14. Mission Impossible September 11, 2008 @ 10:00 pm

    Brother Nathanael is putting his freedom, and even his life, on the line for us all.

    Meanwhile, we, his readers, are only required to click our PC mouse a few times to read the highly informative results of his efforts.

    Those of you who have $10 or more to spare, can and should donate to his expenses.

    The Donate button, displayed on this page above, indicates several methods of payment, including Visa, Amex, and others. Those of you asking questions about International Money Orders (which can be posted directly to BN’s address) can surely find the answers at your local Post Office!

    Many of you still do not understand what you are up against, do you? Huxley’s “Brave New World,” is the nearest explanation of what is heading our way. You must be prepared to fight back, and with maximum force. Your real enemies lie within the borders of your own country; many of them are your own people (not foreigners) .

    The so-called War on Terror is a ruse, or smokescreen, to hide the implementation of full digital and data control of every single citizen who does not already belong to the 5% of the population who are trying to control the remainder (like you and me) as if we were cattle or sheep (animals in other words).

    I have just seen conclusive visual evidence proving that the two “passenger” aircraft hitting the Twin Towers on 9-11, 2001, were remotely flown and guided to their targets using laser targeting technology, with a unmanned drone being used to shine a laser onto the towers (in the movie I have seen, a laser beam can be clearly seen shining on the side of the North Tower).

    I don’t know how much more evidence we need to show conclusively that this outrage was an attack upon the American nation by a group of people living within its own Government, Finance Industry, and Political Elite. As for me, there is already enough damning evidence to prove guilt.

    Please stop acting and thinking as though YOU are a criminal or the one having a guilty conscience. This is foolish. The guilty ones, the true CRIMINALS, are Bush, Cheney, (possibly Bill Clinton also), the International Banksters in New York and City of London, and the Zionist/Jewish Mafia that has controlled the USA (and Britain) for longer than many of us realize. Those who are complicit in the murder of innocents are the American Mainstream Media. Collectively, these scum think they have initiated an “end game.”

    Please send Brother Nathanael what you can comfortably spare, and thank your lucky stars someone like him exists.

  15. dw smith September 11, 2008 @ 10:18 pm

    I am so happy and comforted to have Putin on our side. And I am so pleased to see your deep interest in Putin.

    I am 77 and new to computers and cant seem to make the Pay Pal work. tomorrow morning I will be sending you a donation as I know only butterflies are free. GOD BLESS!

  16. James the Elder September 12, 2008 @ 12:24 am

    Brother Nathanael, I’m sending you a donation via “snail mail.” Thank you so much for providing this interview. You are doing a great service for God and for humanity.

    No wonder Putin’s interviews are censored or edited in the “West!” He’s a reasonable, intelligent human being, and he’s obviously not a totalitarian! Our “Western” leaders can’t, and won’t, say anything that hasn’t been scrutinized by spin doctors and policy wonks. In Bush’s case, of course, this is necessary because of his intellectual shortcomings. But that doesn’t excuse other “Western” leaders, who seem to have teleprompters for brains and speechwriters for hearts. Putin is definitely not cut from the same cloth as they are.

  17. james1 September 12, 2008 @ 2:15 am

    Did anyone hear that an Italian documentary on 9/11 by a member of the European parliament called ZERO aired on Russian TV saying it was an inside job.

  18. Maria September 12, 2008 @ 2:18 am

    Please read Fortress Americas.

  19. admin September 12, 2008 @ 5:03 am

    Dear Mission Impossible:

    This site, Real Jew News, recommends peaceful means, that is, by the incredible power of the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Holy Gospel, to defeat His slayers, the Jews.

  20. Jim DeTexas September 12, 2008 @ 9:15 am

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez exposes a coup attempt sponsored by U.S.-backed interests, gives U.S. ambassador Patrick Duddy 72 hours to leave the country.

    Video almost half way down the page on the left…..

  21. james1 September 12, 2008 @ 9:59 am

    GEORGE SOROS Human Rights Watch covering up the crimes of his puppet in Georgia.

    Amnesty International is the probably the same as HRW but I cant find out who funds it.
    Does anyone no who Amnesty’s main financiers are?

  22. jack johnston September 12, 2008 @ 11:43 am

    Putin is dependent upon the financial resources of the west and it was made apparent by Lazrov that Russia has no designs upon Georgia. Lazrov said that S.Ossetia did not want to be part of Russia.Sakashvilli should resign.

    Mission Impossible: You are correct.There is ample probable cause to indict Bush, etc. for issues regarding 9/11. It is apparent Bush, etc. knew 9/11 was going to happen and the FBI was prevented from stopping it.

  23. admin September 12, 2008 @ 12:14 pm

    Dear jack johnston –

    You CANNOT prove your assertion that Putin is dependent on the West. Just because he made a statment about Georgia and his decision regarding S.Ossetia not becoming part of Russia does NOT prove anything.

    Sorry, jack, you have got to do better than that. Putin’s Russia is DEBT FREE. +bn

  24. chris September 12, 2008 @ 1:38 pm

    I live in the USA and NOTHING was mentioned about the Putin interview. I wonder why??

    Check out project camelot (google it) and listen to David Wilcock’s 2hr AUDIO interview about WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! Putin has documents about HOW the USA was going to use this “issue” to attack Iran.

    Putin literally saved the world.

    I just cannot get over the fact that our super crappy media does not mention anything about this.


    God Bless you all!

    NO more dang war and conflict. None of want it except the Neo-Cons

  25. Orthodox Russian September 12, 2008 @ 3:38 pm

    I don’t want to live behind an iron curtain – Medvedev

    President Medvedev revealed in a frank and close to public discussion with the members of the Valdai Discussion club how news of war in South Ossetia came to him, why Russia will not deal with drug-addicted Georgian president Saakashvili, what George W. Bush said in his latest phone call, and why he won’t see Russia turn into a state behind an iron curtain.

  26. Orthodox Russian September 12, 2008 @ 6:22 pm

    Spanish TV apologized to the Russian Newspaper Vzglyad (View).
    Spanish television company RTVE in conversation with correspondent of Vzglyad admitted that commentary to the video, showing georgian troops shooting at residential settlements in Tskhinvali, was a “mistake”. Spaniards assure that offscreen commentary stating that Russian troops entering Tskhinvali are seen on video is just an accident. However there are at least 2 tendencies.

    It is in Russian but you can see video

  27. jack johnston September 12, 2008 @ 8:26 pm

    BRN:Good to again read your words.
    These ADL/Wiesenthal “people” kafoodling! ALWAYS

  28. jack johnston September 12, 2008 @ 8:58 pm


    BRN: Good to again read your words.

    These ADL/Wiesenthal “people” kafoodling! ALWAYS with the kafoodlig! Enough already! As if, huh?

    Roth and Putin expressed the essence of my words better than I.

    Roth:”Russia is keen on cooperating with the EU.You cannot act differently given the economic interchange between you and Europe.”

    Putin: “our American partners”

    Medvedev: “close partner C. Rice”

    Putin submitted to answering tough, complicated questions. Thanks BRN for printing.

    Chris: “supercrappy media,etc.” Correct. US media is Zionist owned/controlled. No transparency from them.

    Orthodox Russian: Thank You! “drug addicted Saakashvilli”!!!! Nothing else makes ANY sense.
    Bush “understands”. He is a “former” drug addict. They should both be legally institutionalized.

    Civilian: I agree.

    Mission Impossible: THEY KNEW.

    ADL-Wiesenthal-Foxman-Zionist sanayim ALL = Racism/Bigotry/AntiAmerican. ALL are OUR ENEMIES. To neutralize them!!!???

    “Tired of the …….t, how, what, whense?”

    Media = TRANSPARENCY. Open reporting attaches identities to agendas to actions and exposes deception. “By deception we will make WAR.” Mossad creed.

    Resonance at a viceral level among the American public can be accomplished only through media.

    Currently the net is the ONLY open media source but it can be interrupted-RJN shut down for days.

    Links with at least cooperating political goal – OPEN MEDIA – is a partial solution.

    Antitrust-class action lawsuits are a partial solution.

    Support of Congressman D. Kucinich against Bush is part of the solution.


    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

  29. jack johnston September 12, 2008 @ 9:13 pm

    BRN: I meant for my last comment to go onto your latest post Putin part 11. Can you post it there if it passes moderation? Thanks

  30. gary September 13, 2008 @ 11:19 am

    Hi Guys,

    its just great to see many open minded well informed people on here. The message is spreading like wildfire, First 911 fraud and obviously the the Truth about Georgian Russia conflict exposing clearily the evil perpertraitors. keep spreading the Truth!!!


  31. Fr. John September 16, 2008 @ 5:27 am

    “Those of you who have $10 or more to spare, can and should donate to his expenses. The Donate button, displayed on this page above, indicates several methods of payment, including Visa, Amex, and others… Many of you still do not understand what you are up against, do you? Huxley’s “Brave New World,” is the nearest explanation of what is heading our way. You must be prepared to fight back, and with maximum force. Your real enemies lie within the borders of your own country; many of them are your own people (not foreigners) .”

    M.I., how true! But how can we support just one site, when others are being unfairly treated, especially when they are using the same means of ‘donations ‘- IF we do not call the money lenders to task for THEIR BIGOTRY as well?

    IF we are not free to tithe to the church of our choice, if we are not free to donate to the cause of our choice, if all our choices are predetermined, then the Bolsheviks have won – again, and we are in for our own ‘Babylonian Captivity’ of 70-plus years, as was Russia!

    DO not donate via PayPal, and tell them it is because of their BIGOTRY.

  32. We The People October 1, 2008 @ 1:33 pm

    Dear Br. Nathanael:
    Please feel free to post the following article/expose. Author permits publication. It can also be read at the link below.

    Keep up the GREAT work!

    The PRE-PLANNED Financial/Economic 911 of 2008

    WHAT: A pre-planned collapse of the US (and global) financial and economic systems.

    WHO: The same characters who perpetrated the original 911.

    WHERE: New York City & DC, of course. Plus a sideshow in Washington state.

    WHEN: The days surrounding September 11, naturally.

    HOW: Instead of painted drones, missiles with wings & big fins, and fake airplanes, they used the much more stealthy short seller.

    WHY: To remake the economic/financial order of the world into a “PPP”.

    WHY Really: Think about it ! And then ask yourself, “Cui bono?”

    The 911 blueprint worked so magically for the world controllers that they were compelled to use virtually the same playbook. “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

    So, what’s the real deal here?

    By analogy, let’s take a quick look at the 911 timeline and stack it up against the new 2008 Financial “911”, as it began to unfold earlier this year.

    1. The Bear Stearns collapse that began in March 2008 is analogous to the 1st World Trade Center bombing in 1993. Just a warm up. This was preceded by a little failure back in January featuring Countrywide – the largest US mortgage lender.

    2. The nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac marks the beginning of the new 911. Both in the DC area, they were the first to come down this time. Just as they struck at the heart of the military complex, this time they went for the jugular of the national real estate market. Remember – this is a financial 911.

    3. Next came this year’s version of the twin towers, building 7 and other assorted NYC landmarks in the form of Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merrill Lynch, as well as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs in their “new & improved” form. Basically took out the whole of American investment brokerage, heh?!

    4. And, of course, we still have Washington Mutual out there in the boonies just like the one that “crashed” in a PA farm field. Update: WashMu is now history! As is another “little” bank by the name of Wachovia.

    5. Their MO! What else, but controlled demolition? Throughout 2008, and especially this month of September, we have seen some of the world’s largest banks, brokerage houses, mortgage lenders, insurance companies and investment brokers go bust, as each of them fell perfectly into their own footprint faster than you can say: C O N T R O L L E D D E M O L I T I O N ! ! !

    6. The 700 billion dollar Bailout Plan is just like the Patriot Act, isn’t it? Only this time it’s maybe a 1 or 2 page document (in its original form) that conferred absolute authority on the Executive Branch to do just about anything they want with the taxpayer’s money. And they want it rubber stamped now. Not tomorrow. NOW!!! Without discussion, or unnecessary congressional debate. Talk about Shock & Awe being used against the American people, and their elected representatives!?! “The Greatest Depression” never sounded more like “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, eh?!?!

    7. Now we know we can expect further gyrations, panics and precipitous declines in the market and elsewhere, just as we had anthrax attacks in the Capital, beltway snipers in Maryland in October of ’02, the 3/11/04 train bombings in Madrid, and the 7/7/05 bombings in London. Not to mention the 50+ other synthetic terror events staged throughout the world to enforce compliance and create distraction.

    8. The sudden and dramatic downfall of NY Gov Eliot Spitzer can also now be seen in its proper light. Having left the reservation one too many times, he simply could not be trusted to go with the flow. He had their numbers, their signatures (especially their MO’s), their addresses — the whole ball of wax, as well as his own reputation to burnish. Eliot, to seal his fate, wrote a masterful expose on the subprime mortgage fiasco/fraud that was published in the WashPo just weeks before his public humiliation. He had recently testified before Congress in great revelatory fashion as well. The elimination of John O’Neil, Head of Security at the WTC complex, is quite similar, except that John O. – a great patriot – died on 911, having just been given the job.

    9. To date, the most obvious and glaring example of this manipulated takedown is the case of a NY Senator. His letter to the FDIC contained confidential information that triggered the IndyMac bank collapse in July. California AG Jerry Brown was called to review the entire affair after the OTS Director explicitly blamed the letter for causing a run on the bank (3rd largest bank failure in US history). This episode is eerily reminiscent of Larry Silverstein’s order to, “Pull it.” just prior to the expertly controlled demolition of Building # 7on 911.

    10. Just as 911 was perpetrated as a cover for: inaugurating the War on Terror, overtly advancing the NWO regime globally (in contrast to this previously covert operation), imposing a police state (Homeland Security) in the US (by gutting the US Constitution), UK and elsewhere, dominating and securing oil/gas reserves in the Middle East and Cacaucus (to include running energy pipelines through Afghanistan and stealing Iraq’s oil wealth via military invasion), jump starting the Afghan opium trade, etc., the ECO/FIN 911 of ’08 is a cover for many of these same agenda items. However, there is one little item that is particularly high on the current agenda. And that concerns the derivatives market, which in its totality approximates somewhere between 750 trillion and 1 quadrillion dollars of instruments as of 2008. In fact, the sub prime mortgage defaults are just a tip of the tip of the iceberg when compared to the real megilla – DERIVATIVES. This is what they’re really worried about, and having to cover for. Except this is a quadrillion dollar megilla that can’t be covered without unraveling the entire capitalistic system, and its fascist corpocracy and kleptocratic oligarchy.

    11. And then there is the teenie-weenie matter concerning the Federal Reserve, and its collection agency – the IRS. The man standing behind this curtain has a lot at stake, especially in the form of mountains of evidence that will indict, and convict, the entire system. Lots of evidence was destroyed during and after 911, as will happen after many of these Wall Street firms are taken over, nationalized, liquidated, merged and disappeared. The veil, however, has already been lifted.

    Does anyone see a pattern here?!

    The real lesson to be gleaned from this analysis is that events of such enormity and consequence are rarely spontaneous and unchoreographed. Especially when they happen just weeks from an era defining presidential election. They have obviously been planning this one for a long time, and it has been fastidiously engineered to have a very definite effect and desired outcome – a permanent planetary plantation (PPP).
    The execution, thus far, has been flawless. Even for those of us who stood there on the 1st 911, and knew it was a fraud while the buildings were coming down, this one is exceedingly more difficult to penetrate. However, penetrate we will, until every last conspirator is sitting before the TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION spillin’ the beans. The ultimate and lasting effect of these inquiries will be a New World Order of our making, not theirs. The only remaining, $64,000 question will undoubtedly be, “What do we do with them after we head them off at the pass?”
    For the uninitiated, it may take quite a lot to wrap your mind around this extremely complex and convoluted plot, but, please, just be patient. As this drama plays out, the true intentions of the primary perpetrators will become manifest as they unwittingly reveal themselves by their handiwork. As Eliot Spitzer, no – Eliot Ness, nee – Sherlock Holmes once alluded to – a fingerprint inadvertently left as evidence is impossible to erase.
    You see, the short sellers, unlike the “airplanes”, are still with us. Each one had a target to take down which they did with amazing speed and dexterity. And the myriad transactions that converged to topple their prey are all preserved somewhere, in some huge database, with multiple backups to serve as confirmation of trades of staggering amounts. AHHH! Nothing like computers, especially when they’re not confiscated and shipped off to China for permanent disposal.

    May all financial wizards and economic soothsayers, henceforth, be inspired to stare into their crystal ball and divine the upcoming financial and economic events of global proportions with the keenest of acumen and sleuthing. As we shine the LIGHT of our collective awareness on these rapidly unfolding schemes, we will serve as beacons of revelation, and hope to the world.

    Remember – we now know the script. We know the major players involved. We know their MO: Controlled Demolition. We are able to watch the crimes being commit-
    ted in real time. Each of us has now been thusly notified, and empowered, to serve as a vector of dissemination of this critical information. So —–> LET’S GET BUSY ! ! !

    T. Anthony Michael 9/22/08

    Permission is expressly granted to copy, email, scan, attach, forward or post this article.

    Special Message to the Market Oracles and Money Masters of the Universe

    Our “PRE-PLANNED” scenario delineated above in no way ignores the true state of the national economy, international finance or global economic picture. In fact we are, and have been, fully cognizant of the fact that the true state of every market – real estate, equity, bond, commodities, currency, derivative, etc. has been in shambles for many years, just waiting for the Perfect Storm to come around and blow it all away.
    It has been obvious to many of us that each of these markets have operated according to the whim of a very few individuals with extremely concentrated power to manipulate. Therefore, all markets can be artificially inflated, as we have seen time and time again. Likewise, they can be artificially deflated, sometimes rather quickly for effect, as we have seen. “The Invisible Hand” of the market is just that – a very carefully hidden hand that makes a complete and total mockery of every economic and financial theory ever advanced. Time for a lot of us to accept this fact of modern economic life.
    Perhaps we should now take off our blinders and admit that while, yes, all of the indicators are, and have been, there for a catastrophic economic meltdown & financial cataclysm, these events are still completely controllable. All of us have seen bubble after bubble grow and balloon, and merge and overlap, and inextricably interpenetrate each other, until all we have is one massive bubble ready to pop. But, when will it pop?! It will pop when the confidence level is sufficiently undermined by the very same MEDIA that controls the flow of the relevant information. And who, pray tell, controls the media, if not the Invisible Hand? Clearly, the real Market Oracles are not a part of that MSM juggernaut. Therefore, it is incumbent upon each oracle to get it right, since they are the very best sources of pertinent financial and economic data/information.
    The inevitability of self destructive capitalism does not preclude the process of controlled destruction. As the system eats itself, there are those who are eaten, and those who eat. We are witnessing this devolution in living color, as we both write and read these words. The “strong” at the top of the pyramid have always done the eating, as the “weak” at the bottom provide the bone for the stew. The only major difference at this particular, and final, feast is that the internet has allowed for an unprecedented explosion of true and accurate information in real time. Therefore, the playing field has been leveled like never before. The little guy or gal, for the first time ever, has the opportunity to take back a little, or a lot, of his/her power (WEALTH), should he/she so choose.
    Even as the Wall Street gangs team up with the opportunistic political class, as well as the numerous corporate/legal jackals and lobby parasites, to effectuate the most massive redistribution of wealth (aka in your face THEFT) in recorded history, something has profoundly and fundamentally changed. There is a dynamic at work which can alter the game just enough to potentially turn the pyramid upside down. This, however, requires a no nonsense, “look in the mirror with raw honesty” approach. Then we (the oracles) will not deign to render a judgment that is not fully baked. And the recommendations we make are more likely to be issued in the best interest of ALL, especially for those who are in a position of class disadvantage, financial ignorance or structured powerlessness.
    So, we have made it clear that all the forces have been put into place for the upcoming monetary apocalypse. But even these forces are controlled, each and every one of them, all the way up to the top. It’s probably a very good time to contemplate just who it is that resides at the peak of the global financial decision-making process. And, their agenda ?!?

  33. We The People November 1, 2008 @ 3:51 pm

    Epochal Transformation Accelerates
    As Global Financial Matrix Disintegrates

    Now that the genie is out of the bottle, economic, political and social events will proceed with the inexorable force of destiny. The forthcoming changes, shifts and breaks with the past that are delineated below do concern the unsavory business of WHAT, positively, will not be brought into the future. This is of critical importance. Why? Because those who do not know, and understand, and heed history, are always, always forced to repeat it.

    I. As we all sat back and waited for this year’s October Surprise, please know that it came a little bit early this year on September 15th which will forever be known as PITCH BLACK MONDAY. Actually, the entire month of October was set up to be a series of Black Monday’s, as well as every other day of the week shaped up to be. It’s really a good time to brace your self since this year’s election cycle, and beyond, will bring with it a whole new season of surprises. Things like the beginning of the end of FIAT money – the real root cause of all our financial problems and economic ills. This foundational flaw, together with all of the multi-layered financial/economic/accounting mechanisms and schemes that have insidiously crept into the system, are the ‘not talked about’ institutionalized culprits and structural deformities that really need to go. Without them, the perps wouldn’t be so tempted to stack the deck against us all the time.
    The only legitimate currency is that which is backed by GOLD, or some other precious commodity that is universally valued, and issued directly by the US Government, not a privately owned, organized crime syndicate like the FED. Debt driven, fractional-reserve banking – the real bane of global finance – will then be banished from the planet forever, along with the overlords of disaster capitalism, institutionalized usury & loan-sharking (e.g. World Bank & International Monetary Fund), as well as their economic hitmen. Finally, the central organizing principle of modern society, and especially Western Civilization, will no longer be: maximizing shareholders’ wealth.

    II. Another little surprise will come in the form of an announcement that goes something like this: The USA was conceived to be a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, not a democracy by plutocracy. The founding fathers would be absolutely horrified to see the “mob rule by the privileged elites” into which this once great nation has degenerated. Every political philosopher knows that democracy, when sufficiently dumbed down and unduly influenced by the moneyed ruling class, will always devolve into a despotic tyranny. Therefore, the wholesale exportation of our fraudulent notion of democracy, and its supposed freedoms (to buy, buy, buy after watching the boob tube hucksters), by the political and corporate classes must be reconsidered. And it will be soon, on a new channel during this “Fall” season’s new lineup! Stay tuned —

    III. Another announcement will be made, in the not too distant future, about the business entity commonly known as the CORPORATION – the main huckster of this ‘brand’ of faux democracy. Surely, if the devil were to ever choose the perfect form in which to enter in order to carry out his nefarious designs, Inc. is it. Is there any other entity on earth – person or party, organization or association, government or institution, jurisdiction or bureaucracy, club or group, fraternity or sorority, etc. that can function with such impunity, as it hides behind the shield of LIMITED LIABILITY. Those two words have given complete cover for the flagrant and wanton destruction of planet Earth.
    You name it – oil slicked coastlines, razed rainforests, beaches strewn with dead dolphins and whales. Not to mention the complete erosion of human, civil and national rights, wherever INC decides to set up shop.
    Let’s pick a country. Let’s go to India and visit Bhopal of Union Carbide fame. Close to 8000 people died within two weeks of that December day in 1984 in what is known as the worst industrial disaster of the last century. Now that Dow Chemical owns Union Carbide, you can only imagine the veritable phalanx of attorneys who are paid unconscionable fees to ensure proper responsibility and accountability will never be assumed by their master.
    Or let’s visit the Punjab and talk to the thousands of widows of farmers who committed suicide because of Monsanto’s “seedless seeds”. Or go to just about anywhere on that subcontinent where a Walmart is being protested for land theft, encroachment and despoilation. Let’s not forget about all the Coca Cola bottling plants that have become notorious for stealing the most precious commodity that every Indian cherishes and covets – WATER. Well, that takes care of land, water, air … and blood. What else in heaven’s name do these stakeholders want?!
    We all know the deal. It’s the one where the individual, and his/her environment, is always trampled in favor of the corporate interest. Isn’t it time to really take stock of what our current predicament has left us with. Perhaps it’s also time to seriously think about actually re-ordering the ORDER, instead of once again rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. Like we’ve said, “optimizing stockholder profit” will soon be history, as the cease and desist orders are not far from being issued to Corporate America. Might as well get a head start on dissolving (or re-chartering) that corporation.

    IV. Termination of Globalization: The dominating and predatory form, that is. No other global initiative has been more unsuccessful at creating a framework for a more efficient transfer of goods and services around the planet. Truly, every aspect of this corporate inspired policy has failed miserably. Wherever it promoters trumpet its stated intention to make markets more streamlined, effective and resilient, it has done quite the opposite.
    One only needs to look at the current debacle within the European Union concerning the banking, credit, and stock market breakdowns. Never has a response from the appropriate governing bodies been more disorganized, full of mixed messages and working at cross purposes with the member states. It’s like watching The Three Stooges (France, Germany & Italy) play musical chairs blindfolded with no clothes on. What an unprecedented spectacle, and in plain view for the entire world to watch! This will undoubtedly put the brakes on the concretizing of a North American Union and their planned currency – the Amero. Praise the Lord!
    As a matter of fact, all of the financial unions and economic superstates (e.g. European Union; Southeast Asian Association for Regional Cooperation; Union of South American Nations) that have been created over the past many years will, by sheer necessity and desperation, be forced to re–organize themselves in the coming months and years. Even South America, which has two distinct camps that are constantly gummin’ up the works for each other, will abandon their current emerging model in favor of one that enjoys complete freedom from its North American taskmaster. To their credit, they have set the bar higher than it has ever been set concerning their strongly stated desire to be free of IMF and World Bank control. Only Russia has exceeded their standards, as they had already been fleeced by the Oligarchs in what may very well be the grandest larceny of national wealth/resources in history. This, of course, was preceded by a 75 year scourge of incessant rape, pillaging and plundering by the Bolsheviks and their Western financiers & handlers. Clearly Mr. Putin will not allow a repeat of any such conduct within his borders, and the international persecution that he has suffered certainly reflects their displeasure and frustration with him. No wonder Vladimir Putin is now considered a “reincarnation” of Peter the Great by his own people.
    The ruinous influence of these two globalization thugs (IMF & WB) can be instantly assessed by looking at the economic calamities they caused in Argentina (1999-2002), as well as in Thailand, South Korea & Indonesia during the 1997 Asian currency crisis. Likewise, every nation in Africa that has chosen to take on their monetary yoke has only misery and war and financial oppression to show for it. Wherever these 2 scrooges show their faces, it’s quite like Ebenezer himself showing up to make a house call. You know the patient will soon find himself in a pine box after all the gold fillings and rings have been removed.
    We have seen this globalization scam unfold in country after country, as a ruse to steal a nation’s resources, always taking from those who have, and giving to those who want it. In fact, an objective assessment of all the world’s current conflicts would reveal that the vast majority are directly the result of this geo-political/commercial dynamic. The privatization of water sources/bodies/supplies/rights is perhaps the most provocative and glaring, and can be found at the root of a number of these resource wars.
    Clearly the verdict has been delivered: Economies are much less vulnerable, the more locally they are positioned and the less centralized their decision-making process. This arrangement affords much greater resiliency when dealing with the vicissitudes of the marketplace. And it takes the power away from those who are insulated in ivory towers, and far from the plight of the common man. It is time for everyone on the planet to “think globally; act locally”.

    V. Stock market will become extinct. There is no greater tool at the disposal of those who can, and do, manipulate the various markets than the charade of “setting up” a formal system of trading, buying and selling of anything, as exemplified by the NYSE. This is where it all happens. From devastating whole national (and regional) economies, to toppling uncooperative corporate execs, to bringing 150 year old multi-billion $$$ companies to their knees within a week’s time. From triggering stockholder revolts, to propping up corporate raiders, to extorting billions from national and/or corporate treasuries. They can, and do, do it all right there on the floor.
    Really, the very best example of what occurs in these speculative market exchanges is the gambling casino. In Vegas, everyone knows that the house ALWAYS wins. It never loses. Even when there is the appearance of losing, it still wins. Go figure, but it’s true. Your stockbroker is not too unlike the blackjack dealer. And your financial planner is often a croupier in disguise. So, the question remains, do you honestly know what your hard earned retirement money is invested in? If not, this is a very good time to find out!!!
    For those of us who have been there, we know that whether you call it an oil bourse, a commodity exchange, or a bond market, you’re still playing in a game that can go against you at any time. Wipe out your earnings in a heartbeat; devour your principal in a flash. It’s often been said that when he comes, “he comes like a thief in the night”. Do you still feel you know where your entire life savings is currently residing?
    The derivatives market represents the single greatest threat to worldwide economic stability and financial security. It poses such great potential for financial abuse and economic devastation that the current institutional arrangements of this commercial realm have become completely unacceptable. The alarming proliferation of hedge funds, as well as the growing number and variety of derivative instruments, has reached a critical mass that is incompatible with living a financially sound life on planet Earth. Simply put, some of these instruments are so far from the street – economic reality – that they put into jeopardy all the hard work, which appears in the form of real goods and services, that is produced by any economy at any given time. This predicament signifies a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to us all.
    Remember – DERIVATIVES are the real megilla. Derivatives, by their very nature, can be highly radioactive, and can go nuclear any time circumstances conspire in just the right, or wrong, way. Those who control their destiny can, likewise, utilize their inherent threat as a means of conducting financial and economic terrorism anytime, anywhere completely under the radar screen. It’s time for them to go. And we trust it’s just a matter of execution at this point.

    VI. Mass Consumerism & Perpetual Economic Growth – the Fric & Frac of our Age – are history. One need not look any further than the inside of one’s own home to see the ravages of these adopted twins. They own the bedroom, the living room, the family room and all the closets. They’ve taken over the kitchen, the den and the garage, as well. Since their middle names are Amass and Accumulate, we can only imagine what might lay hidden in the attic, the basement and the shed.
    Ever since they became the twin pillars of Kali Yuga’s overarching philosophy of life, things started to really go to hell in a handbasket … or rather gilded cage. How so? What else could one expect from a political economy that demands growth, necessitates growth and extols the virtues of growth at every turn (and on every other commercial and newscast). Growth, at the expense of WHAT!! We’ll tell you what – Life!
    One of the most tragic parts of this ever-unfolding tragedy has been the dramatic change in the spirit of the people with whom these twins associate. The very society loses its refinement, as the culture becomes debased. Aren’t so many things associated with Americana experienced as coarse, and crude, and crass? Likewise, the nation, which was once known as the “land of the free; home of the brave”, morphs into a country reviled for its unkindness, lack of compassion and cruelty. Before anyone realizes, the citizenry is easily being herded, and then stampeded, into wars and conflict of every sort and kind.
    What else could be expected when the meme of consumerism is subliminally implanted at such a young and tender age, and relentlessly reinforced from cradle to grave? And, what does it really say about a society when all who belong to it are known as consumers. Kind of like little pac-men (and pac-women) gobbling up everything in sight. Starts out with BIG Macs and 24 oz cokes, then super-sized HUMMERS, then oil fields and gold mines and precious rainforests, and then whole countries.
    Likewise, in the corporate realm, any board director, company officer, division president, regional director, department manager, production supervisor, etc. will candidly speak to the greatest pressure in their lives. More income, more sales, more profit, more production, more revenue – anything that will show an increase in year over year growth. Always gotta GROW, even though yuv been out of puberty for 20 or 30 years!?
    Well, you can imagine that this state of affairs can only go on for so long. As a matter of fact, this party’s now over. And the hangover is about to begin. Perhaps it’s time to send these twins on a permanent vacation to the waterless region.

    VII. War, as a means of wealth creation, is now bankrupt. War, as a means of conflict resolution, is over. As a means to any end whatsoever, war is finished. You get the picture, don’t you? War has outlived its usefulness, and has become as obsolete as the derivatives hawker. There is simply no more place for it in civil society. It’s time for the curtain to fall on this show for the last time, and for all of its bad actors to hit the stage exit.
    It never was a legitimate policy for conflict resolution, as we know. Virtually all conflicts and wars were manufactured in the boardrooms of the world. And impeccably stage managed by the directors of the war studios. Isn’t the Iraq war a perfect example of this kind of terrible and awful-to-watch “B” movie?
    Any deliberate, probing and unprejudiced analysis of all the major wars going back to the French Revolution will reveal an extraordinary degree of carefully calculated and coordinated events leading up to the actual conflagrations we call war. Just read the actual history that is only now beginning to surface, and you will reach this very same conclusion.
    War has consistently served its masters in three ways which no longer have relevance in an enlightened civilization: (i) population control (ii) artificial creation of wealth for the plutocracy (iii) imposition of a tyrannical order in the wake of the chaos that always results from war. Population control in this context has different meanings. The number of people who are systematically genocided, wantonly annihilated and deliberately infected with disease agents serve the purpose of population reduction. Then there is the sheer terror of war and its effects on whole populations (see how easily controlled both the Germans and Japanese were after WWII). “Order out of chaos” is made easy when all concerned parties have been faced with the extraordinary distraction, mayhem and pandemonium that war always brings.
    Let us once again proclaim, here and now, that: WAR HAS COME TO AN END.

    VIII. There is a very profound and significant connection between 9/11/01 and 9/11/08 that may be difficult for many to fully embrace. But here it goes –
    The OMEN that 911 truly was, looks a little bit like THE LORD OF THE RINGS.
    Remember the Twin Towers? When they came down in NYC, it was a message to humankind that the reign of the Almighty Dollar was coming to an end. As a nation’s currency goes, so goes its destiny. Her financial strength and economic prowess was on the wane, and soon to be greatly diminished. Just as the WTC (financial capital of the world) was pulverized into dust, the US Dollar would be swept into the ash heap of history. Just as we see it collapsing all around us, exactly 7 years after the original 911 apocalyptic events.
    When the Ring of Power was finally destroyed, like the Pentagon (ring-shaped command center of the military-industrial complex) was mortally wounded and damaged, the message was equally clear. Her military might and superior force would be reduced to rubble in the twinkling of an eye. She would, likewise, soon see the demise of Her all-pervasive state sponsored terrorism. This, because she had lost all moral ascendancy. Besides, the empire could no longer be sustained politically, financially, practically or ethically, as the seeds of its own destruction had fully sprouted. The most fatal seed grew into that extremely corrupt and predatory form of corporate, crony capitalism which was so socially unconscious, and so environmentally unaware, it was quite doomed from the very beginning.

    The GOOD NEWS is that this nation – its people – will now be compelled to beat their “swords into plowshares” and their “spears into pruning hooks”.
    Just as the Phoenix rose from its ashes, so too will America ascend to even greater heights. As long as She ascends with the guidance of the highest of ideals, loftiest of principles and noblest of intentions. And She reforms, and transforms Herself, in good faith, in earnest and with haste.
    As a modern day prophet said in the days immediately following September 11, 2001:
    “America, Wake up ! ! ! Seize this God-given opportunity. There is no more time to dally in fear and ignorance and greed. For yours is a destiny that must serve as a beacon of Light and Hope and Peace to the world. Make haste, the time is drawing nigh!”

    T. Anthony Michael

    Publication and posting of this article is expressly authorized.

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