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The News You’ll Never See

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The News You’ll Never See
By Brother Nathanael Kapner March 22, 2015 ©

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IMAGINE WAKING UP ONE DAY and seeing news you’ve never seen before.

Imagine seeing headlines that read like “conspiracy theories” and “hate speech.”

How can “conspiracy theories” be defined? Facts Jews fear will become known.

How about “hate speech?” Anything Jews hate to hear.

Feast your eyes dear Reader and see headline news you’ll never, ever see.

Jews who own the press and media will make sure of that!


BRAINWASHING THE GOYIM is the aim of the Jewish-owned press and media.

The brainwashing process is a mutual effort between the Jews who own the media and the Jews who rule Washington.

Don’t be fooled by Roberts, Celente, and Feeley, who tell you that “presstitutes” and “corporations” run the press.

Not so!

Jews own it and do not “prostitute” themselves to their fellow Jews who own Capitol Hill.

The relationship is more like a wedding between media and politics.

The Synagogue of Satan has its deadly tentacles throughout the infrastructure of America…and manipulating the minds of the masses and buying politicians is what BIG JEWRY is all about.

Democracy is awarded to the highest bidder…JEWS.

And whoever controls the media…JEWS…decides who will live and who will die in any election.

If the Jews don’t like a good candidate, (like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan), they’ll either ignore him or smear him.


IMAGINE IF JEWS no longer owned the press and media?

Oh, what a wonderful world it would be!

Finally, the truth would come out!

Jews would once and for all be exposed and good men would be exalted.

How about ruining the moneyed Jewish Lobby that buys hacks like Cotton, Menendez, and Corker?

The headline would be glorious!

FINALLY, AMERICANS would wake up to the GROWING THREAT of the Jewish spirit poisoning American life, culture, and policy.

What is this Juden spirit?

A lying, godless spirit in the mouth of Jews who write the scripts for TV anchors and hacks.


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Brother Nathanael @ March 21, 2015


  1. Brother Nathanael March 21, 2015 @ 8:20 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    IMAGINE, in your wildest dreams, that JEWS were kicked out of the propaganda wing of JEWmerica and virtuous Christian Gentiles took over!

    Then the headlines would look like what JEWS call “hate speech” and “conspiracy theories.”

    How can “conspiracy theories” be defined? Facts Jews fear will become known.

    How about “hate speech?” Anything Jews hate to hear.

    Feast your eyes dear Reader on my Article above and see headlines you’ll never, ever see.

    Jews would NEVER, EVER, allow that!

    FEWER and FEWER donations are coming in and I am AGAIN officially broke.

    If you would like to STILL see me on the net I need your FINANCIAL help.

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    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

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    May Christ Bless Us All!

    +Brother Nathanael @

  4. Citizenfitz March 21, 2015 @ 9:15 pm

    Looks like the kikes finally put the kabosh on Mike Delaney after he posted the following:


  5. Michael March 21, 2015 @ 10:01 pm

    Don’t believe in coincidence theories. Too many coincidences should tell you something doesn’t add up. Jews always hire hit men to do the dirty work.

    Wars, ah, that for goys to die in while profits are made on Wall Street.

    Killing Jesus, hire someone to do it.

    A Jewish president, nah. Have Jewish money control the president instead.

    Jewish news anchors, usually NOT. The bosses are Jewish controlling the talking heads.

    Invade Iraq and Afghanistan? That’s for goy boys. No Israeli men necessary.

    There you have it. Jews always hire someone else to do the dirty work and who goes to the bank laughing?

  6. Citizenfitz March 21, 2015 @ 10:15 pm

    What does Putin want? Clearly he wants to secure Russia a strong position in Europe and Asia. Beyond that?

    It seems he’s now playing a patient middle and long term game based on the conviction that the US can’t maintain the financial obligations of global hegemony much longer.

    No problem for Jews there: when the US does crap out they’ll just pull their $$$ out of Wall Street and invest them in Russia.

    The Novorossiya militias have been giving the Ukrainian army a bloody nose. And that’s no doubt the reason America’s Judeo/Masonic generals have lately been talking about “boots on the ground.”

    The following articles give interesting perspectives on the important yet mostly unknown developments in Eastern Ukraine/Novorossiya:

  7. Eileen K. March 21, 2015 @ 10:31 pm

    All I can say is, thank God there are websites out there (along with yours, of course, Br. Nathanael) who aren’t controlled by the Jews – and – to name two.

    On December 1, 2014, VT’s Senior Editor, Gordon Duff, delivered his Keynote Speech at the Syrian Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism in Damascus, which stunned the audience.

    Since then, he’s received death threats from the Jews; and, maybe most, if not all, the staff have also received them. Two colleagues of Gordon’s (Preston James and Mike Harris) recently posted online a lengthy article entitled “The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia.”

    You may be familiar with this story; but, both Professor James and Mr. Harris went into great detail about the KM’s history.

    If and when you have time, Brother, please read it. It’s right down your alley; and, you can find it also in Jeff Rense’s website. Just scroll down until you find the title and click.

    God bless you in all you do; and, I’ll send you another contribution in a couple of weeks.


  8. Kalif - Je ne pas MSM March 22, 2015 @ 2:07 am

    News you will never see on the History Channel:

    “He (Hitler) could not bear to eat meat, because it meant the death of a living creature. He refused to have so much as a rabbit or a trout sacrificed to provide his food.

    “He would allow only eggs on his table, because egg-laying meant that the hen had been spared rather than killed.”

  9. Hugo March 22, 2015 @ 2:19 am

    Brilliant analysis–photos say it all–same ball game in Europe unfortunately.

    And when WW3 finally does break out we can blame this evil Jewish matrix of lies (M.S.M) used to deceive and incite public opinion every bit as much as we can blame those evil Neocon Jews.

    Look forward to seeing your video on Nudelman being demonically possessed. Someone who is pushing the world towards WW3 can only be either a practising Satanist or demonically possessed–no doubt about that in my mind.

  10. Clarence Ozgood March 22, 2015 @ 2:43 am

    I just don’t see any way out.

    Those who Could change things, won’t.

    We have their backs in any conflict, but apparently they don’t know it.

    It’s all gone. America is dead.

  11. Jaroslav March 22, 2015 @ 2:58 am

    It is a good dream brother so keep dreaming.

  12. Ted Gorsline March 22, 2015 @ 3:01 am

    I see where Wolfman Blitzer just planted the bogus 6 million figure again, and Christy Rubin, alias Ananpour she wolf asset of the Mossad, keeps vilifying Russia and clamouring for war in Syria.

    What a blood thirsty creature!

  13. JA March 22, 2015 @ 3:56 am

    But now we have the – global – internet…or do we?

    “On Jan. 27 France’s President Francois Hollande told a Jewish-Zionist audience at a Holocaust Memorial ceremony:

    “We need to act [against the dissemination of conspiracy theories] at the European level, and even internationally, so that a legal framework can be defined, and so that Internet platforms that manage social networks are held to account and that sanctions be imposed for failure to enforce [censorship].””

    Etc at above address.

  14. Hugo March 22, 2015 @ 6:39 am

    Other than using their financial ownership of M.S.M. to create a complete matrix of lies this is how they try to control the blogging debate

  15. Lady De Vere March 22, 2015 @ 11:10 am

    Address your mind/ imagination of a world in which truth, honesty and human compassion were rewarded, and evil, falsity and hatred were condemned.

    Then, in such a world, which all good people must aspire to, Bro N would be a world-wide media icon and millionaire — appearing and feted on ABC, BBC etc, rather than, as currently and predictably in this rotten Judeo-Satanic NWO, a truth-speaking figure of both fear and hate.

    I am really, really ashamed and sorry for the fact that I no longer own $£ businesses and can only make an occasional, modest contribution towards this unusual great man and his heroic cause of peace, honesty and truth.

    Therefore I humbly beg you, the reader, though you be ever so poor or rich, to financially support +Brother Nathanael.

  16. Ted Gorsline March 22, 2015 @ 1:52 pm

    About a week ago the German TV network ZDF, largest in Europe ran an Anne Frank special. It was the German translation of a film aired on the Discovery Channel.

    Anne, of course, is the poster girl for Jewish self pity. She died of typhus because allied bombers prevented Zyklon B from reaching the work camps so the clothing could not be treated for the fleas that carry typhus.

    Anyhow the very first person interviewed to say his bit about how this young girl was misused was the Jewish pedophile, director and convicted child molestor Roman Polansky.

    Unbelievable! I didn’t watch it long enough to see if the other famous actor and child molestor actor Klaus Kinski had his say too.

  17. Seek The Truth March 22, 2015 @ 3:26 pm

    One of the major media efforts of Jews is to convince White gentiles that they are racists if they don’t like the flooding of their neighborhoods by Black crime. This is called “Civil Rights”.

    White gentiles are constantly demonized in the media because the KKK and other vigilante groups in rural south counties where there were no sheriffs, courts or jails lynched a few Blacks between 1880 and 1920.

    Yet the true genocide is the thousands of White gentiles who are raped, robbed and murdered by Black gangs calling for “Death to Whitey” in the U.S. every year!

    Yet not one case is ever called “racism” or a “hate crime” by the Jewish media or any city prosecutor. Jews are all for genocide at the hands of Blacks as long as the victims are white Christian gentiles.

    This “Civil Rights” genocide would never be allowed in Israel where Black Africans are either kicked out of Israel, shot, kept segregated or forced to undergo sterilization programs.

  18. Koolz March 22, 2015 @ 3:45 pm

    Someone Posted Tomatobubble and i commend you!!! Good job!

    First don’t watch TV, don’t read the Paper. Yes it’s all filth it’s all owned by Jewish Zionists.

    Yes they own the Media, stick to sites like this and what’s on the web, whatreallyhappened, and others.

    Actually you would be surprised things are starting to change and yes it’s the internet that is doing it, that is why Israel is sending over 10,000 people to create Disinfo on sites. Try to steer conversations certain ways.

    The conspiracy is deeper then just Zionsit Jews this or Zion that. It’s a blood line, a group in the shadows, that have some how took control and still control pretty much everything.

    Here is an interesting test: Right down every positive thing you hear on the news. Is there even one?

    The news is negative energy over and over and over again, what does that do for your mind, for you, for your space.

    We are Light Energy Creatures, and thinking positive, doing positive things brings our minds to a Higher Level!

    Another Conspiracy the Jews don’t want that.

    Agenda 21, FEMA Camps, I could go on.

    This is why TV is horrible form of entertainment and brainwashing.

  19. Ken March 22, 2015 @ 3:53 pm

    Dear White people,

    Your government no longer represents you.

    – They applaud your demographic annihilation.

    – They confiscate TRILLIONS of dollars from you via taxation – and do they use that money to help you? No. They give it to Blacks and Browns so they can outbreed you.

    – They not only allow but they actively encourage and engage in discrimination against you.

    – They allow the beautiful cities YOUR ancestors built to be stolen from you and turned into Third World-style war zones – courtesy of your hard earned tax dollars.

    – They bring the full weight of the federal government against any of you who dare to defend yourselves.

    – They import million of Third Worlders in order to displace you and steal your jobs.

    – They demonize you and call you racist while supporting racist organizations such as La Raza and the NAACP.

    – They ignore hundreds of thousands of yearly Black on White crimes while making national sensations out of comparably few White on Black “crimes” (many of which are complete fabrications).

    – They discourage you from reproducing by filling your children’s heads with feminist nonsense.

    – They threaten to disarm you because Blacks and Browns can not behave responsibly with weapons.

    And, after all of the above, they insist that YOU are the problem.

    They want you DEAD.

  20. Tobias March 22, 2015 @ 4:06 pm

    Hey Bro thanks for the real info we can’t get anywhere else.

    Here is a good vid for people to watch.

    In diesem Sinne erinnere ich in Deutschland

    Also Alex Shill Jones sucks everyone!

  21. Irene Bonney Faulkes March 22, 2015 @ 4:12 pm

    Particularly before and during as well as after World War II the Jewish press so lied that they were able to have their will in relation to all of the murdered millions.

    Zionism feeds on the flesh of its victims.

    The wars they ushered in from the first world war on, produced horrendous results at the hands of the British, Americans and Soviets who were controlled by the Bolshevik Jews.

    They cannot help but lie because it is their basic nature. Their Talmud not only condones it but also advocates deceit, untruthfulness and cursing.

    ‘The Ruling Elite – Death Domination and Destruction’ by Deanna Spingola is the source of apparent truthful history that is backed by the many sources listed.

    We see a parallel today. Through Jewish control of the media they persuaded most of the viewing public to believe their lies about Putin and Russia. They treat him as they fraudulently presented Hitler and the Nazis to the world.

    That world is in the process of awaking from its slumber of illusion.

    Channel RT on television does promote true facts. They generally show the person named presenting his view point.

    Quite a few Americans stand for the truth and take a stance against the evils of their own country.

    That is patriotism. Not to do so is to be a traitor.

    Righteousness exalts a nation.

  22. Alfie March 22, 2015 @ 5:48 pm

    @Irene Bonney Faulkes

    The jew’s first success was its Judeo-masonic ‘French’ revolution, as a pointer (and Brother Nathanael may know more details about this), any nation which has adopted the Tricolour has been created by the Judeo-masons; from France to Ireland to Belgium….

  23. dave March 22, 2015 @ 5:56 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    You are truly my Christian brother-in-arms in our eternal never-ending war against the true enemies of Christ and America.

    Do you know of Sun Tzu? He was an ancient Chinaman who is still considered the greatest military strategist who ever lived. The US Marine Corps still uses his tactics and strategies to some extent.

    He said many moons ago, “the best way to win a war is not on the battlefield, but it’s winning over the minds of the populace”.

    And that is exactly what the evil Satanic Zionist Jews have been doing to their stupid, ignorant American lab-rat goyim to perfection.

    I have something else interesting for you Bro. Remember the old 60’s TV show the Outer Limits? And remember the opening where you see that slanted verticle line wiggling back and forth when the announcer says in an ominously deep voice, “We now have control of your TV for the next 60 minutes. Do not try to fix your TV screen…”

    I’d like to see you do a video just like this, but instead of the verticle line use the blue Israeli Star of Satan.

    Have it separate and rejoin back and forth three times, then once it comes together have an announcer, or yourself, say, “This is Zion TV, we are in total control of what you see and hear!”

  24. tony March 23, 2015 @ 12:30 am

    Mention the Zionist facts in Jewish google youtube and you ll get ghost banned.

    I was arguing with a low life, pseudo-intellectual, leftist, retarded fail troll and all of sudden while I was as posting facts on how Jews push degeneration, and the studio of certain movie happen to be Jewish and the produer Jewish, and got ghost banned.

    Also Jewtube pushes politicized issues aka Jewish interest in front page on all featured videos.

  25. Snowy Smith South Africa March 23, 2015 @ 10:27 am

    Dictator OBAMA pushing Executive Orders:

    The Atheist Communist JEW World Order is ready to HIJACK America.

    During our lifetimes, all Presidents have issued Executive Orders. For various reasons, some have issued more than others. These things will directly affect us all, in years to come.

    Question is:

    Do YOU care enough to send this, ‘shocking info,’ to people you love

    President Ike – 2 in 8 year

    President Kennedy – 4 in 3 year

    President LBJ – 4 in 5 years

    President Nixon – 1 in 6 years

    President Ford – 3 in 2 years

    President Carter – 3 in 4 years

    President Reagan – 5 in 8 years

    President Bush – 3 in 4 years

    President Clinton – 15 in 8 years

    President George W. Bush – 62 in 8 years

    President Obama – 923 in 3 1/2 years! More than 1000+ and counting Executive Orders in 6 years…

    Read some of them below – unbelievable!

    Next step — dictatorship. (Looks like we are there already!).

    If you don’t get the implications, you’re not paying attention. How come all the other presidents in the past 100 years have not found it necessary to increase Government’s power over the people with more than 1,000 Executive Orders? This is really very scary.

    And most Americans have absolutely no idea what is happening.

    “Yes, there is a reason that this president is determined to take control away from the House and Senate.

    Even some Democrats in the House have turned on him, plus a very small number of Democrat Senators have questioned him. Rightfully so. –

    What is Obama really trying to accomplish?

    Remember what he told Russia’s Putin: “I’ll be more flexible after I’m re-elected.

    Now look at these:

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 — allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 — allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 — allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 — allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 — allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 — allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare function

    .EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 — designates the registration of all persons. Postmaster General to operate a national registration.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 — allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 — allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 — allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 — assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 — specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 — grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 — allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. Financial institution in any undefined national emergency.

    It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months.

    Feel free to verify the “executive orders” at will…..and these are just the major ones.

    I’m sure you’ve all heard the tale of the “Frog in the Pot”… Watch Obama’s actions, not his words! By his actions he will show you where America is headed.

    Obama has issued executive orders that seek to “harmonize” U.S. Economic regulations with the rest of the world. These executive orders are yet another incremental step that is pushing us closer to a North American Union and a one world economic system.

    Obama used the stage at the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech to announce two new executive orders infringing on your Second Amendment rights.

    The first bans the importation of antique military firearms for sale to sportsman and collectors. He intentionally mislabels them military grade weapons to deceive the sheeple, but make no mistake . . . the order was written specifically to ban the importation of surplus M1 carbines, M1 Garands, 1903 Springfields and other antiques coveted by collectors and sport shooters.

    This order is the death knell for the civilian marksmanship program.

    Congress had previously passed the sportsman protection act in 1986 which among other things guaranteed that the importation of the historic relics for collectors and the CMP would not be impeded by unreasonable regulations.

    Unfortunately, most Americans have absolutely no idea what is happening.

    The American people need to understand that Barack Obama is constantly looking for ways to integrate the United States more deeply with the rest of the world.

    The globalization of the world economy has accelerated under Obama, and this latest executive order represents a fundamental change in U.S. economic policy. Now federal regulators will be required to “harmonize” their work with the international community.


  26. george March 23, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

    Paul Craig Roberts:

    I have never seen any evidence that the US controls Israel.

    All the evidence is that Israel controls the US, but only its MidEast policy. In recent years, Israel or the Israel Lobby, has been able to control or block academic appointments in the US and tenure for professors considered to be critics of Israel.

    Israel has successfully reached into both Catholic and State universities to block tenure and appointments.

    Israel can also block some presidential appointments and has vast influence over the print and TV media. The Israel Lobby also has plenty of money for political campaign funds and never fails to unseat US Representatives and Senators considered critical of Israel.

    The Israel lobby was able to reach into the black congressional district of Cynthia McKinney, a black woman, and defeat her reelection. As Admiral Tom Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said: “No American President can stand up to Israel.”

    Adm. Moorer could not even get an official investigation of Israel’s deadly attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.

  27. george March 23, 2015 @ 7:03 pm

    Paul Craig Roberts:

    In my opinion 9/11 was the product of the neoconservatives, almost all of whom are Jewish, Dick Cheney, and Israel.

    Its purpose was to provide “the new Pearl Harbor” that the neoconservatives said was necessary to launch their wars of conquest in the Middle East. I don’t know how far back it was planned, but Silverstein was obviously part of it and he had not had the WTC for very long before 9/11.

    As for the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, US Air Force General Partin, the Air Force’s munitions expert, prepared an expert report proving beyond all doubt that the building blew up from the inside out and that the truck bomb was cover.

    Congress and the media ignored his report. The patsy, McVeigh, was already set up, and that was the only story allowed.

  28. Kalif - Je suis Hilarious ! March 23, 2015 @ 7:42 pm

    By the end of 2004, only two Jews were left in Afghanistan, Zablon Simintov and Isaac Levy.

    Levy relied on charity, while Simentov ran a store selling carpets and jewelry until 2001.

    They lived at separate ends of the dilapidated Kabul synagogue.

    Both claimed to be in charge of the synagogue, and the owner of its Torah, accusing the other of theft and imposture.

    They kept denouncing each other to the authorities, and both spent time in Taliban jails, and the Taliban also confiscated the Torah.

    Recently, one of Simentov’s acquaintances stated that if you had brought (him) a bottle of whiskey, he (Simentov) would be in “heaven.”

    Jews have the habit of feigning false conversions and assumming either Christian or Muslim names to hide their real identities.

    Whereas a Christian or a Muslim is always proud to belong to his or her faith Jews have no such pride altho people’s dislike of Jews is often always not because of their faith but their irksome ways and deeds against their tolerant neighbors.

    I hope I speak for many.

  29. nomon March 23, 2015 @ 7:45 pm

    Br. Nathanael,

    I was delighted by your honesty in a February article, calling out the “Saker/Faker” for his refusal to name Jewish power. Yet, I am saddened that the “Saker” has taken in so many people.

    I post this message to you here, in the comments section to a recent post of yours, because my emails are frequently censored, making this the only way to reliably send you a message that you may actually see/receive.

    I have communicated with “Saker” on many occasions using various aliases, and I have followed his work for a long time.

    I strongly suspect that the “Saker” is not truly the plain-speaking, pro-Russian Orthodox Christian that he professes to be; but rather, a Jewish-controlled con artist like Alex Jones. (If he is not, then he must simply be very foolish and stubborn, for reasons I outline below.)

    I have come to the conclusion that the Saker’s probable “job” is to deflect his audience from the truth, by feeding them half-truths. In a world where people are starved of truth, even rotten scraps of half-truth seem like manna.

    I believe that the “Saker’s particular job is to vacuum-up Westerners who are aware of the Jewish role in the Ukrainian coup d’etat, and Jewish attempts to undermine Russia.

    Lacking the ability to speak Russian, they need an intermediary to the truth. “Saker” (a pompous moniker, frankly) then subtly but continuously deflects attention from Judaism per se, onto a scapegoat: a shadowly “Anglo Zionist” cabal that secretly runs America and the West.

    The “Saker’s personal crackpot idea is that “Anglo Zionists” linked to the British Empire secretly control the world. Yes, it is looney; but he repeats this falsehood in passing or in detail, almost every day.

    I am a researcher and historian, by trade. I am a qualified expert in much of the “history” and facts the “Saker” inaccurately preaches about to his readers and listeners. I have contacted the “Saker,” pointing out how inaccurate his “Anglo Zionist” terminology really is, and how he bases it on outright falsehoods.

    I have explained that there is no Anglo Zionism controlling the USA, simply Judaism and Zionism like everywhere else in the Western world. “Saker” replies sometimes, but he always ignores the facts.

    As an historian, I know that Jews themselves created various “yellow journalism” myths in the USA during the 19th Century, deflecting attention from their own power onto utterly fake “Catholic,” “Jesuit,” and “British Crown” boogeymen.

    The Jews did much the same when they first came to power in the USSR, creating “Anglo Imperialist” external boogeymen in order to control the Soviet people (much like the boogeyman of “domestic terrorism” and “ISIS” used to control sheepish Americans today)

    The Soviets continued to use the Anglo Imperialist boogeymen well into the 1980s, even after the ethnic Russians had managed to regain much control from the Jews, so we can only deduce that this boogeyman works very well.

    The “Saker” repeats these worn Jewish tropes in a slightly new way, with his “Anglo Zionist” fantasies: a mixture of Jewish lies from the USA and the USSR.

    “Saker” uses an old Jewish trick: once some of the gentile “suckers” in the audience begin to suspect the con, a new conman emerges as if by magic, promising all the answers they need. The new huckster denounces the old huckster, then continues to deceive the goyim with a slightly changed shell game.

    I have thrown many facts at the “Saker,” only to see them bounce off his thick head like table tennis balls.

    British or English people have no place in the US administration, its military, or the CIA; but rather Israeli dual citizens or American “Christian Zionists” occupy key posts, almost all of them descended from Eastern Europeans and Ashkenazi, not Anglo Saxons.

    AIPAC and the ADL are run by Jews descended from Eastern Europe, not people from Britain. Wall Street’s powerful bankers are Jewish Ashkenazi, not Anglo-Saxons. The Federal Reserve is run by Jews and Israeli dual citizens, not the descendants of tea-sipping English Anglicans.

    The USA has spent trillions of dollars on Israel’s “defense”; yet Wall Street bankers forced Britain to pay every last penny of ‘lend lease’ World War II debts, until the debt was finally paid off early the 21st Century.

    Anyone who watched the news knows that when America commands, the UK obeys; and that Israel itself commands the USA. Everyone with eyes to see knows that Jews run the American media, banking, education, business, spying, and politics.

    Congress gives standing ovations to Netanyahu, not David Cameron or Stephen Harper. The Senate “stands with Israel,” not with Anglo-Saxon nations like Australia or New Zealand.

    In the USA, Christianity, White people, Anglo Saxon culture, and even the English language are attacked with the full force of Jewish power; whilst Judaism is celebrated and protected. Yet “Saker” claims the ruling clique in the USA (and the Western world) is somehow “Anglo,” as if non-Jews have any grip on the reins of power. It defies belief.

    The “Saker” talks about Nazis with depressing regularity; the holohoax, slightly less. Does “Saker” mention the Armenian Genocide, the Holodomor, or the Jewish Bolshevik purges of millions? Not as much, strangely. The man is obsessed by Nazis, like every good Hasbara conman.

    “Saker” is on excellent terms with Russia Insider, a website that seems to be run by Jews, judging from such facts as: it extensively censors or blocks politely-worded comments about Israel, AIPAC and Judaism; it featured multiple glowing articles about Henry Kissinger; its senior contributors are Jews; it attacks Russian patriots like Sergei Glasniev; and it regularly preaches about the Holohoax, persecuted Jewry, Nazis, and anti-semitism.

    (Frankly, Russia Insider looks like a typical Jewish attempt to “capture” the public debate about a newly-arisen topic, in order to ensure that only Jewish-approved “truth” is disseminated.) When such facts are raised with “Saker,” he gives no explanations or defense beyond “trust me”. Well, I don’t.

    The “Saker’s” writing style is hyperbolic, neurotic, “up one minute and down the next,” and often self-pitying: classic traits of Hasbara con artists creating a spectacle of sound and fury, with little substance.

    He is intolerant of others’ opinions, and has driven away numerous volunteers who freely gave their time to his blogs, with some truly spectacular arguments taking place on his websites; of course, intolerance is another typical Hasbara trait.

    “Saker” insults entire nations and ethnic groups with inaccurate slanders; he often “writes off” whole countries and cultures as worthless people, based on false facts. How vast is his hatred?

    Try all of Europe. More times than I can count, Saker has condemned Europeans by their hundreds of millions as being worthless, lesser beings; and again, such sweeping racial hatred of the “other” is a classic Hasbara trait.

    Compare “Saker’s” behavior to yours: if I am right, you believe that repentant sinners can embrace Salvation, and leave behind their mistaken ways. Not surprising, because Christ asked us to love sinners, and hate the sin; He seeks only our redemption.

    Saker, by contrast, writes off entire nations of “sinners,” and voices this hatred time and and time again. For a man who claims to be “on” to the Jews, he spends much more time attacking Protestants, Catholics, agnostics, Ukrainians, Frenchmen, Englishmen, and other victims of Jewish power, than he does the Jewish power elite themselves.

    My verdict? I use facts and logic. If someone thinks, acts and talks like Hasbara, they just might be Hasbara.

  30. AJ March 24, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

    Martin Luther had the temerity to warn us about the Jews during his day.

    What has happened to American Christians today is a total travesty. I say the majority of them should suffer the same fate as the Jews, for they are stupider and should know better.

  31. Vic March 27, 2015 @ 12:32 am

    House of Saud used by the Rothschilds to divide Muslims and secure the state of Israel

  32. MShigana March 29, 2015 @ 11:27 pm

    ጤናውን ይስጥልኝ፣ ውድ ወንድም ናትናኤል ካፕነር!

    Thanks a lot!

    Ya, I hope to see anti-Christ Jews or any other humans being out of Influence and leading position; except perhaps only on their own types.

    And as you said it right, the Kingdom of God is-was-will always be among us; because there is no place or space where the Creator God does not have dominion at.

    Praise and thanks to the Conquerors Jesus Christ and Mary!

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