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The Jews Who Run Wall Street

How US Rabbis & Israel Traffic In Human Organs, Jewish Bankers Articles, Profiles In Jewish Supremacy

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2010-2011

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“Jews And Money – Story Of A Stereotype,” is the title of a new book by Abraham Foxman, director of the Anti Defamation League.

Powerful Jews, Andrew Tisch, of the Loews Corporation, and Rupert Murdoch (Jewish mother), of News Corporation, chimed in with “rave” reviews.

Of course the Christ-hating Jew, Andrew Tisch, attacked Christianity as the origin and perpetrator of stereotyping Jews as greedy money changers.

All this hype behind Foxman’s book is to convince the goyim that “stereotypes” of Jews possessing a disproportionate amount of wealth and control is “false and dangerous.”

But we who are not swayed by Jewish babble, simply see the facts glaring in our faces which convince even the casual observer that Jews possess an enormous amount of wealth (48% of US Billionaires are Jews) and use it to buy politicians and public opinion.

The serpent’s nest of this many-headed Judaic money-monster is to be found on Wall Street where names like Morgan, Rockefeller, and Mellon are no longer to be found.

This Old World environment of Gentile bankers is now being replaced with a New World Order of Jews with names like Blankfein, Rubin, and Weill.

Wall Street Jews run not only the White House and Congress, but decide where American tax-payers’ money should go: to themselves through bail-outs or to their overseas investments that buttress former American factories now located in China and India.


KNOWN AS THE “GODFATHER” of Wall Street, Sanford Weill spawned many Jewish protégés including Robert Rubin, Jamie Dimon, LLoyd Blankfein, and Stephen Friedman.

Weill started his banking career as a Bear Stearns “runner” in 1955. He became president of American Express in 1983 and through acquisitions, created the insurance giant, Travelers Group.

Weill merged Travelers with Citicorp in 1998, when along with Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin, “convinced” Clinton to repeal the Glass Steagall Act, the legislation that protects against Judaic financial aggression.

The merger empowered Weill to create the world’s largest financial institution renamed Citigroup where Weill continues to rule as chairman emeritus.

Through his strong-arming of the pawn in the White House, Weill was soon tagged as “the banker who bought Bill Clinton and shattered Glass-Steagall.”

Sanford Weill knows just how to use his money to win friends and influence students by throwing his wealth at Cornell University.

Not allowing big money to go unthanked, Cornell rewarded their Jewish benefactor by naming their medical school after him. Showing even further gratitude, the university named Weill as chairman of the board.

In other words, discrediting the “stereotyping” of Jews and money is a fine way of selling books. But we who live in the real world of FACTS and NAMES form our own opinions of WHO has the money and HOW they use it.


JOINING GOLDMAN SACHS IN 1966, both Robert Rubin and Stephen Friedman were guaranteed upwardly mobile careers via Jewish networking.

Soon Rubin and Friedman shared the chairmanships of Goldman followed by stints as directors of the National Economic Council — with Rubin under Clinton and Friedman under Bush.

Their parallel paths would take them into the upper realms of national politics – demonstrating the fundamental power that Jewish banksters enjoy in America’s political life.

In January 2008, Friedman became chairman of the New York Fed, the branch with a close relationship with Wall Street, deciding to whom tax-payers’ money goes.

While Friedman chaired the New York Fed 2008-2009, he was at the same time on the board of directors at Goldman Sachs.

When finally exposed as a “dual citizen” after being caught buying 50,000 shares of Goldman stock via inside information, Friedman quit the Fed under accusation of “conflict of interests.”

But in 2009, immune to any legal ramifications, (Jews enjoy special juridical status), while serving as chairman of the New York Fed, Friedman also chaired Obama’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

Jewish stereotypes notwithstanding, we who know the NAMES and EVENTS of the Judaic moneyed elites don’t buy into Jewish whitewashing as Abe Foxman would have us do.

Yes, indeed Mr. Foxman. The Wall Street safe-deposit boxes are brimming with the bucks of Jews who bring their influence to bear in very high places…


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Brother Nathanael @ November 10, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael November 10, 2010 @ 9:24 pm

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    Your Ever +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  2. Nicolae November 10, 2010 @ 10:11 pm

    Who Controls the U.S. Economy? @


    Greenspan Admits To Rampant FRAUD & Illegal Activity In U.S. Banking System While On Jekyll Island Stage With Bernanke.

    2010-11-09 Greenspan Admission.mp4 @

    (Antisemitism is coming to USSA, all Antisemites could be considered traitors and to be executed.)

    History They Don’t Teach You In School Part 2 @

    The Bible:

    Relates that the Khazar (Ashkenaz) Jews were/are the sons of Japheth not Shem:

    “Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood. The sons of Japheth;…the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz.” (Genesis 10:1-3)

    Therefore, the Bible proves that the Ashkenaz Jews [Khazars] are not the descendants of Shem and cannot be Semite.

    The majority of the Jews who migrated from Europe to other continents in the past two centuries are Ashkenazim, Eastern Ashkenazim in particular.

    This is especially true in the United States, where most of the 5.3 million American Jewish population is Ashkenazi, representing the world’s single largest concentration of Ashkenazim.

    You people have no idea how evil those people are, I live under their rule and it ain’t pretty.

    Well done Brother Nathanael! Keep them coming.

  3. KathJuliane November 10, 2010 @ 10:46 pm

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus, dear Br. Nathanael.

    This one rates 5 stars!

    Jews are 48% of the billionaires?

    Yes! And they make up less than 2% of the US population!

    Am still rolling around on the floor over your exposure of Foxman.

    What an astonishingly stupid book for Fauxman to write — “Jews And Money – Story Of A Stereotype.”

    Hubris, I tell you…nothing but delusional hubris by these demoniacs.

    Hey, Abe Fauxman, in trying to discredit the stereotype of ‘the Jew and His Gold,’ its not a very good idea to drum up precisely those very same Jews and fellow piggies who best fit the Shylock stereotype for those “rave reviews” on your ADL website.

    A Shakespeare you are not, dear dishonest Abe.

    Good grief, Abe, its like you stepped into dog poop, and then wonder what the stink is all about.

    Whitewashed sepulchers indeed, Fauxman.

    Again, dear +BN, may Christ reward you for a great and timely article.

  4. Hal Christian November 10, 2010 @ 10:47 pm

    As the parable of the wheat and the tares come to mind, the Kenite children of satan are looting and raping the nations of this planet even as this is written.

    Deception from the shadows as well as out in the open gives our brothers, REAL Jews a bum rap. Their antics are causing many to awaken to their heinous disregard for life and the enmity between them and the seed of Adam and Eve.

    Soon, the Kenites will be turning over this looted wealth to their father to control and hand out to the world in the most vile of counterfeit moves, the claim of being the ‘messiah.’

    The question is, who will and will not fall for it?

    We can’t agree on everything but the hand of OUR Father the living God refresh and strengthen your flesh and soul Brother Nathanael.

    Speedily be on to your pre-chosen destiny.


  5. Moshe November 10, 2010 @ 11:13 pm

    What I love about “Jews” is their ability to tell you it is day when it is night with a straight face.

    I want people to know I mean this quite literally – Abraham Foxman and his cohorts are going to die slow, painful deaths.

    Anyone so sociopathic, so willing to lie so brazenly, has a karma that will bite like a Rottweiler-Pit Bull cross.

  6. Chris Moore November 10, 2010 @ 11:18 pm

    It’s utterly impossible to be an American patriot —

    Or an advocate for Western civilization, or a Christian of any upstanding denomination (which excludes these snake-like Judeo-“Christian” Zionist factions), and have any respect, sympathy, or even tolerance for the Judeofascists and their insatiably greedy, back-stabbing, and murderously coercive ways.

    Here’s a relevant blog post I wrote on this very subject:

    Social and moral decay of America caused by rise of wealthy Jewry, its Zionist Judeofascism, and its lowlife Gentile collaborators @

    Has God done humanity a favor by making them so blatantly and unapologetically evil?

    It seems the lines are being drawn, and the truly wicked elements of “humanity” on both Left and Right can now be identified by their allegiance to, or sympathy for, the Judeofascists, and their willingness to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in business, politics, industry, academics, or any other component of civil society.

    Let’s make sure we all start taking notes not only on the Judeofacists, but on their collaborators, as well.

    The day will come when the lot of them is held accountable for their many and growing crimes against humanity.

    Chris Moore, editor,

  7. Joyce November 10, 2010 @ 11:30 pm

    Dear Brother Nathaneal:

    What a dear patriot you are. There will be a special place in heaven for you.

    If your followers want to know the biblical truth about the Jews have them go to Also have them look up Gog and Magog on the internet.

    The Jews just think they are winning; Jesus has very different plans for them.

    Come, Lord Jesus, Come. Hurry before there is no remnant left.

    God Bless!!!!!!!

  8. Terry November 11, 2010 @ 12:13 am

    At BN’s request I am posting the following article by J. B. Campbell in the comments section in three parts. Below is part one.


    “Anyone still dumb enough to pay Jewish income taxes should examine the back of his canceled check to the IRS. It will say, ‘Pay to the order of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.’ Why do you suppose it doesn’t designate the IRS or Treasury Department? Why does your tax money go to a private, profit-making English corporation owned by Jews?”

    Defense Against Jewish Aggression
    by J. B. Campbell

    Once we acknowledge the threat that faces us – Jewish Aggression – we are left with the problem of how to remove that threat.

    Jews are in controlling positions in every segment of our lives, from the financial collapse of Wall Street, to the collapse of our currency by the Federal Reserve Corporation, the collapse of the US military from Jewish wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a de facto Jewish war against Pakistan and a threatened Jewish war against Iran.

    Trillions of tax dollars have been lost to the pockets of Jewish bankers and speculators.

    The news media have always been and continue to be in the hands of Jews. These lie factories, thanks to the Internet, are in freefall collapse and deservedly so.

    If the news media had been honest, we would have been informed and warned of the criminal conspiracy so that we could have dealt with it legally.

    But we were not informed or warned. It was not in the interest of the Jews to do so, as they explained in their Jewish Protocols a hundred years ago. So to save ourselves we must take the law into our own hands, where it belongs anyway. This is where the failure of news has put us.

    Jews are the masters of destruction. They now admit that they possess several hundred nuclear weapons, quite illegally in terms of international agreements, but very logically since it was Jewish mad scientists who designed and developed nuclear weapons and supervised the use of two of them on helpless Japanese civilians.

    Whether the Jewish nukes actually will work is open to question, since much of what the Israeli military does ends in failure, as we saw with the Lavi jet fighter and Merkava tank and their disastrous invasion of Lebanon in 2006, which ended in a rout.

    The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was a catastrophic failure that destroyed an elaborate US/Israeli operation to sink the ship and blame it on the Egyptians, which would have “forced” the US military to join Israel and invade and occupy the Arab countries.

    It is now generally acknowledged that Israel engineered the shock and awe attacks on 9-11, with the complicity of the US air force and intelligence agencies. This attack was finally successful in putting the US at war with Islam.

    Israel’s military strategy is completely dependent on the US military backing it up. The fact that Israel now slyly brags about its illegal nukes and even threatens to burn European cities with them indicates they may not actually function, that they are bluffing.

    Reports of American missile sites being mysteriously knocked out suggest that much of the world’s nuclear arsenal is kaput. But it has been Jews such as Einstein, Oppenheimer and Teller who have been behind the dropping of nuclear weapons on people in the past and Jews such as Netanyahu and Lieberman who want to drop them on people now.

    I am proposing that we neutralize the Jewish threat before they try to use them again.

    Jewish aggression is caused by their control of our money system. If this is taken away from them, and only if this is taken away from them, we could regain our national health, and the rest of the world could do so, too. There is a very simple way to do this. It has been done before in this country.

    The two presidents who did it were shot in the head soon afterward, so there is a risk involved. The Austrian leader of Germany also did this quite successfully until stopped by the combined forces of the Jewish allies (America, England and the Soviet Union) some years later.

    The Jews were successful in stopping these men mainly because the people didn’t understand the nature of money and debt, which the Jews call “credit.”

    Once we understand that Jewish Rule depends on their control of our money system we can figure out how to beat them. Events have shown that there is no political solution, i.e., by elected politicians. The politicians can’t save us even if they wanted to, which they don’t.

    The police and FBI are controlled by Jewish agencies such as the ADL and SPLC. There is lately talk of a US military coup against the Jews but this is frankly unlikely, since there is no curriculum in the military academies teaching the army, navy and air force about Jewish subversion.

    The Jews have made sure that the only curriculum is about the Moslem threat and the threat presented by American “patriots.”

    The way Jews control our money and our lives should be basically understood. It has been done by Privatization of the only legitimate function of the federal government, the creation of our money.

    This writer is not an admirer of the US Constitution for reasons explained in other essays, but Article 1, Section 8 does specify that “the Congress shall have power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.”

    Nevertheless, Alexander Hamilton persuaded President Washington and the Congress to allow the private Bank of New York to become the first Bank of the United States in 1791, in a charter lasting twenty years until 1811. On the Caribbean island of Nevus, Hamilton’s birthplace, it is known and openly recorded that Hamilton’s actual father was named “Levy.”

    Hamilton was a Rothschild agent. The Bank of New York, aka the Bank of the United States, was a private, profit-making company owned mainly (at least 72 %) by the Rothschild-owned central bank in London – the Bank of England.

    So, from the very beginning of this country, the financial system has been owned and controlled by foreign Jews and their agents here. Despite a bloody war for independence from England, our money and credit was still run by the Bank of England – and is to this day.

    Dividends to investors have continued virtually uninterrupted for 219 years! The Bank of New York is today known as the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the actual headquarters of the Federal Reserve System.

    Anyone still dumb enough to pay Jewish income taxes should examine the back of his canceled check to the IRS. It will say, “Pay to the order of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.”

    Why do you suppose it doesn’t designate the IRS or Treasury Department? Why does your tax money go to a private, profit-making English corporation owned by Jews?

    To be continued, TL

    Pt. 2 @

    Pt. 3 @

  9. David McElroy November 11, 2010 @ 12:49 am

    Bro. Nathanael, I love you, brother!

    Your courageous stand against those Christ said were of “the synagogue of Satan” is great.

    But I fear many of these evil Mammon-loving Zionist corporatists would love to see you dead and gone.

    God Bless You with safety!

  10. Mission Impossible November 11, 2010 @ 1:35 am

    KathJuliane says “this one rates 5 Stars.”

    I would say it is worth … nope, I can’t quote that number of Stars as it would be right off the scale and into the stratosphere.

    Br. Nat. Can you please consider wrapping up some of these articles in PDF or EPUB format before selling them as downloads.

    They won’t be bestsellers (as they have already been published individually, online) but some people would be willing to pay say $5.00 or $7.00 per download to use as research tools.

    You could also use this method to sell Spanish and German translations of your articles.

    No offense intended, but I would politely suggest your support team needs to work just a little harder on implementing revenue generating ideas!

  11. Koen November 11, 2010 @ 3:21 am

    Now that Americans know (I am European) that you have traitors in your midst, will the Americans wait for a ‘strong American leader’ to appear on the stage, who will “neutralize” the jewish influence?

    When that happens, it will be just another ‘control mechanism’, like frontman Hitler in Germany. The parallels between 1920 Germany and America today is really astounding, but I hope history won’t repeat itself this time.

    There has to be a peaceful solution to the ‘Jewish problem’ and I hope that more and more Jewish people will distance themselves from the brainwashing of their Jewish teachers.

    Expose, and neutralize Jewish influence, but never use violence: those who use the sword will die by the sword.

    “Gentiles” should ORGANIZE against Jewish influence, expose its influence and lift up Consciousness, its the only way.

  12. theproco November 11, 2010 @ 3:30 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    You are a work of wizard, your insight knows no bounds.

    But as much as I would get caught up in this brilliantly bit of research you have done, I can’t get the feeling from me that people will think they are just jealous of all these high flying money changers who are very good at what they do.

    I mean if it was not these people in control of wall st it be somebody worse — mafia, dictators foreign interest etc.

    IN truth we can see the machinery of wall st at work but yet to find the driver.

    Keep the good work up Bro and dream of a free media.

  13. Dave November 11, 2010 @ 5:03 am

    This is all very interesting and shows an incredible amount of research by Br. Nathanael, but my excitement will peak when that “predictable tribe” tries to crush the Goy in their iron fist by attempting to grab our guns.

    The gun grab must occur before the real abuse begins, but that issue will be the most vexing for them.

    Knowing 20th century history, I will have no compunction heating up the barrels of my weapons in defense of my liberties and freedom from this evil group (Zionists).

    Hey, at least we live in interesting times.

  14. marshall[Maher-shalal-hash-baz] November 11, 2010 @ 6:52 am

    Moshe,You mention the word KARMA in your post.

    You mind has been infiltrated by the culture controlling Jews, and the Freemasons who have put the eastern SATANIC religions, via “New Age Religion” with it”s emphasis on “KARMA”, on the same level with the TRUE RELIGION of OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

    The Jew run “History Channel” did a “documentary” on the “lost years” of Jesus, that placed Jesus in India to “work on his “karma” before he could START HIS MINISTERY, to SAVE OUR SOULS! JESUS IS ETERNAL GOD WHO EXISTED BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!

    Our Satanic Jew controlled culture who has annointed OBAMA as it’s King, WORSHIPS John Lennon. Do not forget that besides Lennon’s SELF-obsessed obsession, that “instant karma is going to get you” he also once mentioned that the “Beatles were more popular than Jesus”.

    He paid the price for this damning statement in front of his Dakota Apt Building in 1980!

  15. Jill November 11, 2010 @ 7:27 am


    The Jew, Abe Foxman, sounds as though he would like us to believe that what we see with our very own eyes (that the moneychangers ARE moneychangers) is not what we are REALLY seeing! Again, LOL.

    Nice try Abe.

    Perhaps you should consider adding a little more fluoride to our tap water or spraying a few more chemicals into the air we breath, or poisoning our food a little heavier with pesticides and whatnot, because even all doped up from your treasonous poisoning of humanity, we’re able to see through THAT LIE.

    In fact, the doped up masses are waking up despite your attempt to keep us docile and sick and brainwashed. We believe nothing you say. Whatever you say, we believe the exact opposite.

    Oh, and here’s something you should know: once we know the truth about you treasonous bastards, most of us never shut up about it. We tell everyone about your crimes even when they cry anti-semite and defend your crimes against humanity.

    Eventually, everyone will know if they sit for a quiet minute and CONNECT THE DOTS.

    We are collectively waking up from our slumber, Abe Foxman. Sleep well.

  16. KC November 11, 2010 @ 8:11 am

    I am sorry that this is a bit off-topic but still connected to what ADL does in the US.

    Note: prior to the article, one of the ‘points’ of the declaration for new anti-semitism was in relation to Christ, implying that messages of the type such as there is a curse on Jews for killing their own Messiah would also fall under anti-semitism.

    It was in the newspaper on Wednesday but not online.

    Canadian PM is a total sell-out to the Jews.

    “Group seeks to enlist Internet companies in its battle against anti-Semitism”

    A coalition of politicians from around the world will gather in the United States next year in the hopes of convincing major Internet companies to play a bigger role in the fight against anti-Semitism and remove offensive material from their websites.

    The Inter-Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism (ICCA) has ratified the Ottawa Protocol this week, which aims to implement a series of measures to put an end to hateful propaganda in places like universities.

    In particular, the group aims to stop the growth in the criticism of Israel and its policies that, it says, is increasingly a vehicle for anti-Semitism.

    The next step, according to British Labour MP John Mann, is to convince top executives at computer companies to move more quickly to stop the spread of hateful material on the Internet.

    “We are going to try and engage YouTube and the Googles and the social-media sites in relation to the jihadist propaganda on the Internet,” Mr. Mann said.

    The goal, he said, is for companies like Google to “reach an understanding of what they are going to do if complaints are raised about specific race-hate crimes in which they have been a facilitator.”

    In particular, the goal would be for companies to quickly look into complaints and remove links to specific websites.

    The ICCA first met in London last year, when the Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism was adopted. The Ottawa Protocol, approved on Tuesday by a group representing officials from more than 50 countries, calls for the implementation of concrete measures.

    “Criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic, and saying so is wrong. But singling Israel out for selective condemnation and opprobrium – let alone denying its right to exist or seeking its destruction – is discriminatory and hateful,” the Protocol said.

    The ICCA calls on universities to “combat anti-Semitism with the same seriousness with which they confront other forms of hate.” The goal is to get universities to respect freedom of speech and academic freedom, all the while clearly defining anti-Semitic acts and dealing with all complaints in a serious manner.

    The same standard would apply to the Internet, according to the ICCA.

    “We are alarmed by the explosion of anti-Semitism and hate on the Internet, a medium crucial for the promotion and protection of freedom of expression, freedom of information, and the participation of civil society,” the Ottawa Protocol said.

    In an interview, Israel’s Minister for Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, Yuli Edelstein, agreed with the need to expand the definition of anti-Semitism beyond the usual stereotypes, such as “having horns, killing Christ, laundering money.”

    He said there have been successes in combating overt anti-Semitism, such as Internet stories suggesting that Israeli military doctors in Haiti were harvesting organs. He added that criticisms of Israel that include double-standards, or de-legitimize or demonize its existence, amount to anti-Semitism.

    “I think we have to be very inclusive in this definition to really fight the tendency, and not just a certain part of it,” he said.

    The Ottawa meeting of the ICCA is deemed a success because it managed to attract more participants from Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa, Mr. Mann said.

    Still, there is no unanimity in the House of Commons surrounding the matter. Canadian MPs formed an unofficial parliamentary committee called the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism, which held hearings into the new definition of anti-Semitism this spring.

    But the Bloc Québécois withdrew after the Conservatives blocked invitations to some potential witnesses, which the Bloc deemed to be “moderates.”

    “We found that the approach was not sufficiently balanced,” said Bloc MP Michel Guimond.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed the ICCA on Monday to denounce the increased sophistication of anti-Semitic activities.

    “Harnessing disparate anti-American, anti-Semitic and anti-Western ideologies, it targets the Jewish people by targeting the Jewish homeland, Israel, as the source of injustice and conflict in the world and uses, perversely, the language of human rights to do so,” Mr. Harper said. “We must be relentless in exposing this new anti-Semitism for what it is.”

  17. KC November 11, 2010 @ 8:15 am

    OH here it is, the OTTAWA PROTOCOL:

    The Ottawa Protocol on Combating Antisemitism


    We, Representatives of our respective Parliaments from across the world, convening in Ottawa for the second Conference and Summit of the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism, note and reaffirm the London Declaration on Combating Antisemitism as a template document for the fight against antisemitism.

    We are concerned that, since the London Conference in February 2009, there continues to be a dramatic increase in recorded antisemitic hate crimes and attacks targeting Jewish persons and property, and Jewish religious, educational and communal institutions.

    We remain alarmed by ongoing state-sanctioned genocidal antisemitism and related extremist ideologies. If antisemitism is the most enduring of hatreds, and genocide is the most horrific of crimes, then the convergence of the genocidal intent embodied in antisemitic ideology is the most toxic of combinations.

    We are appalled by the resurgence of the classic anti-Jewish libels, including:

    The Blood Libel (that Jews use the blood of children for ritual sacrifice)

    The Jews as “Poisoners of the Wells” – responsible for all evils in the world

    The myth of the “new Protocols of the Elders of Zion” – the tsarist forgery that proclaimed an international Jewish conspiracy bent on world domination – and accuses the Jews of controlling government, the economy, media and public institutions.

    The double entendre of denying the Holocaust – accusing the Jews of fabricating the Holocaust as a hoax – and the nazification of the Jew and the Jewish people.

    We are alarmed by the explosion of antisemitism and hate on the Internet, a medium crucial for the promotion and protection of freedom of expression, freedom of information, and the participation of civil society.

    We are concerned over the failure of most OSCE participating states to fully implement provisions of the 2004 Berlin Declaration, including the commitment to:

    “Collect and maintain reliable information and statistics about antisemitic crimes, and other hate crimes, committed within their territory, report such information periodically to the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), and make this information available to the public.”

    We are concerned by the reported incidents of antisemitism on campuses, such as acts of violence, verbal abuse, rank intolerance, and assaults on those committed to free inquiry, while undermining fundamental academic values.

    We renew our call for national governments, parliaments, international institutions, political and civic leaders, NGOs, and civil society to affirm democratic and human values, build societies based on respect and citizenship and combat any manifestations of antisemitism and all forms of discrimination.

    We reaffirm the EUMC – now Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) – working definition of antisemitism, which sets forth that:

    “Contemporary examples of antisemitism in public life, the media, schools, the workplace, and in the religious sphere could, taking into account the overall context, include, but are not limited to:

    Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of radical ideology or an extremist view of religion.

    Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective – such as, especially but not exclusively – the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy, or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.

    Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.

    Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust).

    Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.

    Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.

    Examples of the ways in which antisemitism manifests itself with regard to the State of Israel taking into account the overall context could include:

    Applying double standards by requiring of it behaviour not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.

    Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis.

    Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.

    Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the State of Israel.

    However, criticism of Israel similar to that levelled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.

    Let it be clear: Criticism of Israel is not antisemitic, and saying so is wrong. But singling Israel out for selective condemnation and opprobrium – let alone denying its right to exist or seeking its destruction – is discriminatory and hateful, and not saying so is dishonest.

    Members of Parliament meeting in Ottawa commit to:

    Calling on our governments to uphold international commitments on combating antisemitism – such as the OSCE Berlin Principles – and to engage with the United Nations for that purpose. In the words of former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, “It is […] rightly said that the United Nations emerged from the ashes of the Holocaust. And a human rights agenda that fails to address antisemitism denies its own history”;

    Calling on parliaments and governments to adopt the EUMC working definition and anchor its enforcement in existing law;

    Encouraging countries throughout the world to establish mechanisms for reporting and monitoring on domestic and international antisemitism, along the lines of the “Combating Antisemitism Act of 2010” recently introduced in the United States Congress;

    Encouraging the leaders of all religious faiths – represented also at this Conference – to use all means possible to combat antisemitism and all forms of hatred and discrimination;

    Calling on the Parliamentary Forum of the Community of Democracies to make the combating of hatred and antisemitism a priority in their work;

    Calling on Governments and Parliamentarians to reaffirm and implement the Genocide Convention, recognising that where there is incitement to genocide, State parties have an obligation to act;

    Working with universities to encourage them to combat antisemitism with the same seriousness with which they confront other forms of hate. Specifically, universities should be invited to define antisemitism clearly, provide specific examples, and enforce conduct codes firmly, while ensuring compliance with freedom of speech and the principle of academic freedom.

    Universities should use the EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism as a basis for education, training and orientation. Indeed, there should be zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind against anyone in the university community on the basis of race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or political position;

    We encourage the European Union to promote civic education and open society in its European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and to link funding to democratic development and respect for human rights in ENP partner countries;

    Establishing an International Task Force of Internet specialists comprised of parliamentarians and experts to create common indicators to identify and monitor antisemitism and other manifestations of hate online and to develop policy recommendations for Governments and international frameworks to address these problems;

    Building on the African representation at this Conference, to develop increased working relationships with Parliamentarians in Africa for the combating of racism and antisemitism;

    We urge the incoming OSCE Chair, Lithuania, to make implementation of these commitments a priority during 2011 and call for the reappointment of the Special Representatives to assist in this work.

  18. Donna chestergimli November 11, 2010 @ 9:08 am


    Of course you understand that the writers of all of these protocols are Jews and crypto-Jews.

    I will just say again that there are far more Jews in this world than anyone realizes. In fact, I wonder if all of this talk about getting rid of the majority of the population is actually aimed at getting rid of all of us non-Jews.

    The international Jews wasnt to chisel the population down to below 2 billion. I wonder if that is their true number.


    I have look at the Bible Study site. What gets me is that they all want to put the suffering in the future. They seem to forget that world populations have been suffering horribly since the time of Adam and Eve.

    The population of this Earth suffered horribly in the whole of the 20th century through two World Wars and the pushing of communism in the Soviet States and now the pushing of capitalism in the Western States.

    The international Jew has been setting atop and controlling both persuasions as the Bible Study site says. We are now at the end.

    The international financial system controlled at the top by the Jew is coming down. They think that they have control but something will happen which will dash everything that they have long fought for.

    I await to see it. Come Lord Jesus.

  19. Disgusted White Christian November 11, 2010 @ 9:19 am

    Gilad Atzmon: There Is No Business like Shoa Business
    DateGilad Atzmon

    Seventeen people have been charged in the US with the theft of $42m of Holocaust compensation funds provided by the German government.

    US Attorney Preet Bharara said ‘we are dealing here with “thousands of false applications.” The fraudsters duped people into applying who were not eligible so everyone could share funds that never should have never been allocated in the first place.

    “If ever there was a cause that you would hope and expect would be immune from base greed and criminal fraud, it would be ‘the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany’, which every day assists thousands of poor and elderly victims of Nazi persecution,” said Bharara. “Sadly, those victim’s funds were themselves victimized.”

    FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Janice K. Fedarcyk said in a statement, “Each of the defendants played a role in creating, filing and processing fraudulent claims on behalf of non-qualifying applicants — and dividing up the spoils.

    Funds established and financed by the German government to aid Holocaust survivors were siphoned off by the greedy, and not paid out, as intended, to the worthy.”

    The FBI was courageous enough to look into holocaust greed. I wonder how long will it take for our historians to be brave enough to treat WWII as a historical chapter. How long will it take to European countries to remove Holocaust denial laws and reinstate freedom of speech?

    How long will it take before we manage to look at Jewish history as a continuum instead of isolated patches of victim-hood loaded with false legitimacy to rob Palestinians.

    I guess not too long.


  20. Chris Moore November 11, 2010 @ 9:20 am

    The proco:

    “I mean if it was not these people in control of wall st it be somebody worse — mafia, dictators foreign interest etc.”

    The Judeofascists are uniquely evil, because they’re a medium for what much of the world has historically referred to as “Satan.”

    They go about conjuring the devil, and deliberately opening doors and windows to epic evil through their various political and economic ideologies — Marxism, Zionism, Neoconservatism, Keynesianism.

    True, Satan would exist without them, but they engage in an organized effort usher him into the world in order to overthrow God. They hate God because He, via humanity, has rejected and persecuted their organized wickedness and sociopathy (what they refer to as “pogroms“ and “anti-Semitism.”)

    They wage war against God by appealing to the most destructive vices of humanity — greed, gluttony, pride, wrath, envy, lust, sloth (the seven deadly sins) — and using them to politically triangulate the masses.

    Notice how the first three on the list above have special appeal to the “Right,” and the last three special appeal to the “Left”? In the center is wrath (war) which is incited by the Judeofascists perpetually with appeals to both the Left and Right.

    Christianity teaches peace for a reason, but Christians aren’t supposed to be doormats.

    Christians, both aspiring and actual, need to methodically and aggressively push out the Judeofascists and their lowlife collaborators from the anti-war center, and push both Left and Right, ushering them and their allies into the margins and sewers where they belong.

    The more violently they struggle, the more aggressively we oppose them.

    The key is identifying and isolating both them and their gutter political, economic and social collaborators.

    Because both mainstream parties have been implicated in collaboration with the Judeofascist devil, I honestly believe it’s going to take an explicitly anti-Zionist third party that’s willing to point up both the Judeofascist devil in the living room, and the evil Left-Right collaborators suckling at his teets.

    The war is going to be epic, and at times perhaps even violent. But always remember, the Judeofacists and their ilk brought it down on themselves, and the alternative is the overthrow of God on earth, for who knows how long.

    Do we really want to be the country that Satan co-opted via the Judeofascists, and used to overthrow God on earth? There is no more important struggle than the complete isolation and smack-down of Judeofascism and its evil collaborators.

    Chris Moore

  21. Fr. John November 11, 2010 @ 9:30 am

    Thank you, Brother Nathanael.

    Again, you put we Anglos to shame, for not investigating and denouncing the Yid usurers from the streets.

    What must be done, is what is lacking?

    Clearly, the Tea Party revolution has been co-opted.

    The new Speaker of the House needs to be told, in no uncertain terms, that HE WORKS FOR US!

    We need to stand behind Ron and Rand Paul, as soon as they propose a new bill for the AUDITING of the Federal Reserve.


    THEY WILL PAY, and they will NOT GET AWAY!

    There is no other solution, except a ‘final solution.’

    For they brought it on themselves, just as they did in Jerusalem, on Good Friday.

    “His blood be on us, and on our CHILDREN.”

    Use their own mantra on them: “NEVER FORGIVE, NEVER FORGET.”

    “Love your enemies, but only your PERSONAL enemies, and not the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

    “The Jew will live under the yoke of slavery without end. God hates the Jews.” -Saint John Chrysostom: Six Homilies Against the Jews

    “Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.”- G. K. Chesterton

  22. Disgusted White Christian November 11, 2010 @ 9:51 am

    The proco:

    “I mean if it was not these people in control of Wall St, it be somebody worse — mafia, dictators foreign interest etc.”

    Proco, the Zionists are everything you just said. The largest mafia in the world is not the Italians, they are peanuts compared to the “Russian” Mafia, which is much older, more globally organized, no one even realizes they are all RUSSIAN JEWS!

    Again, that is western media hiding it.

    They are a HOSTILE foreign interest, and they are a dictatorship in Israel and everywhere else the ZOG rules in secrecy in the west.


  23. Hal Christian November 11, 2010 @ 10:03 am

    Many do insist on using the terminology Jews to mix apples with oranges.

    When in your writings or conversations you use the word Jew,you should begin at the outset to be clear to whom your communicating with.

    When Revelations speak of Jews who say they are Jews but do lie and are the Synogogue of satan ( zionist ), there is a distinct difference.

    Remember satan’s chief weapon in the end times is deception. Do not refer to these Zionist fakes as Jews. They are Kenites ( sons of Cain) who have hidden themselves among the Jews as imposters for some time.

    The anti-semite brainwash technique and labeling will plague you in all you do if you don’t use differentiating terminology.

    Using this will confuse your attackers and get useful idiots to asking you questions. No REAL Zionist in the know will call this into the open for it will compromise thier cloak of deception and draw attention to this subject avoided at all cost.

    An example for one is that when Mel Gibson debut the movie The Passion of The Christ, it put a spotlight on the subject of just WHO was pushing to kill the Messiah as soon as possible. The howls from every Zionist alphabet org around the nation lamented on the horrendous new wave of anti-semitism that would sweep the planet if this was allowed to go forward!

    Then when aired and the Goyim quickly fell back to sleep,you haven’t heard a peep have you? With the exception of the occasional Mel G. mishap as they quietly go about teacing him not to do that again.

    When Cain realized the enormity of the curse our Father placed on him for the killing of his brother Abel, even he said the curse is more than I can bear. For whoever finds me will slay me.

    Cain WAS a farmer. Now after the curse, the earth won’t yield anything to him so he and his must live off of the backs of others as takers through deception and trickery.

    The mark our Father placed on Cain has kept this blood line well hidden from the eyes of men culminating into the usurpation of world finances, political circles, and entire religions.

    So, the masses have been fighting to keep what’s their’s ever since. The non-producers (Kenites and their dupes) versus producers resulting in what you see globally today.

    There can and never will be peace and harmony among man until the Father removes these Tares from among his children.

  24. Kalif November 11, 2010 @ 10:28 am

    Ben Bernanke’s Worst Nightmare: Chairman Ron Paul

  25. Kalif November 11, 2010 @ 11:02 am

    Karma of The Chosen –

    With apologies to marshall[Maher-shalal-hash-baz].

    Karma is an English word nowdays – it is another way of saying ‘You reap what you sow.’

  26. Kalif November 11, 2010 @ 11:22 am

    Worldwide effort:

    (To see how the beast is killing us)

    11th Nov 2010

  27. Andrew November 11, 2010 @ 11:33 am

    “I will just say again that there are far more Jews in this world than anyone realizes. In fact, I wonder if all of this talk about getting rid of the majority of the population is actually aimed at getting rid of all of us non-Jews.”

    Nah, they don’t want to get rid of all of us. Being averse to manual labor, they still need people to fix their toilets, build their buildings, etc.

    They just want a more manageable slave population. Six and a half billion or more is just too unruly a mass to be easily handled.

  28. Disgusted White Christian November 11, 2010 @ 11:59 am

    Kalif, brilliant absolutely brilliant, that one URL:

    John Kaminski, was so dead on, I thought I was reading my own obituary.

    Maybe we are reading all our obituaries?


  29. Kalif November 11, 2010 @ 12:20 pm

    No I do not think it is our obituaries rather it may be the death knell for this unjust system that has wreaked havoc on humanity for eons.

    Its demise is all too apparent everywhere, and besides God has other plans for His world.

    It is not the evildoers that dictate terms any longer and we may not have to fear for the worse.

  30. Disgusted White Christian November 11, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

    No, Kalif, you misunderstood.

    What I meant is “shapes of things” that could come? Kind of like “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, and his Jew-like character Ebenezer Scrooge.

    You remember, where Scrooge is visited by his other Jew-like partner Jacob Marley’s ghost, who warns Scrooge of the Shapes of things to come, if he does not change?

    Then, the three spirits of Christmas, ultimately Scrooge sees his path, that if he does not change the chains he wears in life, he will also wear in death.

    He repents, and lives the life of a Godly human being the rest of his natural days.

    What John Kaminski is alluding to is we all have become like an Ebenezer Scrooge type?

    We ignore Israel’s murders and genocide in Gaza, their stealing and butchering of our children in an attempt to destroy the Muslim world, in endless wars for Zionist Imperialism.

    Yes Kalif, the difference: unlike Scrooge, I don’t believe these Christians will find the true spirit of God, and his beloved Son, Jesus the Christ?


  31. Sandra November 11, 2010 @ 1:05 pm

    Great job as usual Brother Nathanael!!

    Here’s is the latest from Gordon Duff and EVERY AMERICAN MUST READ THIS:

    Please share the latest from Gordon Duff w/everyone you know:



    By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

    Plans are in motion for a nuclear device tied to Iran, brought into the country by Israel, to destroy an American city.

    Attempts to attribute these weapons to Iran, built by Israel in South Africa and “misplaced” in a very purposeful fashion, are made continually. Israel talks of little else behind closed doors.

    The Israeli game with these weapons is one of the worst kept secrets in the world and has already cost the deaths of many.

    It will take nothing short of the detonation of one of this Hiroshima sized Israeli nukes to push America into Israel’s war with Iran, much as hunting for these nukes which Israel informed President Bush were in Iraq, led “the decider” to making one of the many blunders of his career.

    Our next 9/11 will be nuclear.

    Please share this article w/everyone you know!!

  32. Disgusted White Christian November 11, 2010 @ 1:44 pm

    “Ben Bernanke’s Worst Nightmare: Chairman Ron Paul” – Kalif

    Kalif, please be careful with the Paul family? Rand Paul, the TEA Party boy, or should I say, Z-Party, as in Zionist loyal, has already stated he supports Israel and the Zionists.

    They say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: if the kid feels this way, could Ron Paul be any different?

    Remember, Ron Paul never tells the full truth about the Federal Reserve: that it is predominantly Jewish owned and run?


  33. suzanne November 11, 2010 @ 7:46 pm


    According to the liar Abraham Foxman we are all deceived into thinking that the Jews love and worship money and that they control the world money system.

    I get it, Abe, it is the Muslims who own and control all the money, right!!??

    Is that what your synagogue of Satan wants us to believe?

  34. The Brainy zek November 11, 2010 @ 11:17 pm

    Brother Nathanael:

    A VERY great post! And on top of the fact of your exposing the Zio-criminal Bernanke for what he is!

    This gangster pumped up these Jew-boys with bail-out money by raining down a trillion in debt (with JEW USURY of course) on the American worker and taxpayer, and then runs and hides and refuses to tell who got any of the money and for what!

    I believe he has to join with his Jew-buddy magnates and raise the glass and say “We’ve got the stupids where we Want ’em”!

    DWC: A well recognised post in truth! Down here in Texas acouple of years back.

    A poll showed about 75 per cent of Texans thought 9/11 was an inside job! Ron Paul has a post right now which says “and we all know that a bunch of Arabs from Saudi Arabia pulled off the 9/11 terror attack”!

    This is on Information Clearing House right now! Seems as though you are right! A couple of zionist shills!

    Brother Nathanael:

    This is off-topic but pressing on my mind so I have to speak out: I would be anxious to see your assessment of TRUES and FALSES about the HOLOCAUST!

    I know that your brilliant assessment in TRUTH and the consequent response in COMMENT would be shared in truth by all!

  35. Jarrad November 12, 2010 @ 1:08 am

    The myriad of views here are ostensibly all very very good. A lot of folks like to reference other websites, also an excellent habit to get into.

    And those of you who speak of non-denominational unity certainly see the light at the end of the tunnel. The day we as Christians can put the past behind us, where it belongs, is the day that all good events will begin to fall into place. That is, a semi-utopia can develop and we Chrisitians will be at the forefront.

    I’m glad someone finally quoted Barbara in regards to the Holocaust fraud. In addition to this fraud, how many movies have been made for the sole purpose of discrediting Germany or trying to create smear campaigns against the Germans, even until today?

    I truly believe the scapegoating has to stop now. I’m not from Germany, as you all know, but the reason I admire them so much is because they find the strength to carry on even while having a permanent scar or black mark in their history.

    Most, if not all, Jews always make it a habit to mention the Holocaust. And, Brother Nathanel rightly says many times before that several of those who died under Nazi rule, whether Jewish or not, did not deserve death and that they deserve closure.

    A very American view, and European perhaps too, is that no one likes to be dead. You did have Hitler who committed suicide though. Thoughts?

    To me, Hitler’s suicide served justice just fine. Hitler not only signed his own death warrant by Germany’s invasion of Russia, but knew the end was near as the Russian bear closed in.

    The point is that the man is dead. No hocus pocus or magic wand will bring him back as an undead or zombie.

    So, not only do Jews love to keep showing Holocaust videos, but Jewish women also make sure to go on record as saying Hilter was a homosexual. Really? he was?

    And why in the heck is that relevant at all to anything remotely related to reality? Whether or not Hitler was homosexual does not change the past and certainly not the future.

    Do we not think these Jewish women have gone a step further to humiliate an already defeated Germany?

    Do we not know that Germany can never again build up their military capabilities like the days of old?

    Again, some Jews really make it their life mission to hunt Nazis and discredit anything German. And what have Germans done to respond to the Jewish ego?

    They have not allowed the Jews to play mind games. Psychology is just another Jewish way of manipulating the mind. The best mind games Jews happen to play.

    Do we not see that labeling Hitler as a possible homosexual is a mind game and nothing else?

    It has absolutely no bearing at all on anything, even if it were fiction.

    And, for those women responding to this article and read my particular take on this issue, I’m not a sexist, womanizer, or chauvinist.

    Unless you have conclusive proof that a man or woman engages in sexual activity or the like with his or her same sex, then speculating whether or not someone is homosexual becomes pointless.

    Another excellent and very American view happens to be that yes, a majority of women spend most of their time thinking about men and vice versa.

    Not expressing interest in women all the time does happen to be a very African American trait. Now, does that mean that if a black man, by simply not being interested in women, is homosexual?

    Too easy to just make the wrong conclusions about certain traits in people.

  36. Nicolae November 12, 2010 @ 2:40 am

    The chosen people of satan are ready to suck China dry, too.

    Jews are like leeches.

    Yad Vashem program aims to teach Chinese about Shoah.

    Lihong Song is no stranger to the calamity-filled narrative of Jewish history.

    It was while he was studying Josephus – the ancient Jewish historian who wrote about the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in 70 CE – that the Chinese academic decided to devote his career to Jewish studies.

    Now the head of the Glazer Institute of Jewish Studies at Nanjing University, Song visited Israel earlier this month to learn about the biggest tragedy of the Jewish people in the modern era, the Holocaust.

    He was part of a group of 20 compatriots who took part in the first seminar for Chinese educators on the subject at Yad Vashem’s International School for Holocaust Studies that ended last Monday.

    “Holocaust studies are important for every culture,” said Song in an interview at Yad Vashem’s cafeteria, where he and the Chinese delegation stood out even among the international crowd of visitors at Jerusalem’s Holocaust memorial museum.

    “It’s a lesson we must all learn. In China most people have heard about the Holocaust, but I think it would be beneficial if they knew more. Personally, I’m interested in human perceptions of God in light of the Holocaust, but that may not be debated in this program.

  37. Kalif November 12, 2010 @ 2:47 am

    DWC please stop being so pessimistic, there is so much progress that shows the heart of the monster is about to staked – the heart being the Federal Reserve Bank.

    Rand and Ron are very 2 different people, I agree with you there, but you must remember that for years Ron had previously taken some serious stance about auditing the Fed but not many paid much attention.

    Other people tho started asking ‘What is the Fed hiding’?

    Suddenly we started learning that the Fed is neither ‘Federal’ nor ‘Reserve’ but a private concern owned by mostly by Jews 10 of 12 who are not even American citizen. What was hidden is suddenly becaming common knowledge.

    Headlines such as have become common knowledge:

    ‘The Fed At Jekyll Island – 100 Yr Celebration’:


    World Bank Leader Calls For Readoption Of Gold Standard:

    And are already making news and people realize that Jekyll Island was the birth place of the monster. Whether the Fed gets audited or not is immaterial because the floodgates to this once esoteric secret have been flung wide open by the likes of Ron.

    This goes on to show that there is an imminent concerted attack on the Fed. Once its secrets are out for everyone to see then the cabal is cooked, the monster of Jekyll island can only thrive in darkness and deceit.

    Breaking the Fed is all that is needed to get done, and of course indicting them for their monstous financial and economic crimes against humanity. I promise you that some of their crimes will be found to be hard to believe and so petty. The Fed fighting drug related turf wars ? And such likes.

    And who knows we may wake up one morning to find that we are all wealthy beyond belief, all the crazy and incomrehensible financial data presented to us being just another trick of conning the people. For it is they who make up the financial rules that drive us in dizzying circles.

  38. Kalif November 12, 2010 @ 3:08 am

    DGW –

    Despite all their blindness the Tea Parties will abandon all they hold dear once they see that their reality is based on a terrible illusion, an illusion that makes them complicit in arch crimes against their fellow Man that were disguised under religious wrappings.

    For there is nothing harder to reconcile than finding one’s religious and philosophical beliefs to have been erroneus.

    It is the reaction to such unjust betrayals that make once terrible people become champions for truth and justice. For even they will learn to talk-back to ZOG and ask “Why should we pay you to kill us and kill our dear planet in the process ?”

  39. Mission Impossible November 12, 2010 @ 3:34 am


    The myth that Hitler was a homosexual was “popularized” by the book: “The Pink Swastika”.

    It can be read/downloaded from here:

    I have not read this book. I have other, more important things to do. What I can say is that as part of my writing research, I have looked closely at many photographs of Hitler and of his closest confidants.

    I have also watched over 40 short videos depicting Hitler at various times between 1929 and 1942: speeches, rallies, meetings, etc. I have also seen many photos of Eva Braun. She was a very beautiful, sweet, and feminine woman.

    I have even listened to Hitler talking in his normal voice, in conversation. This formed part of a documentary broadcast on the History Channel (or Discovery Channel?) about 3 or 4 years ago.

    Hitler came across as very normal (not ‘gay’) and also very cultured. Most ambassadors and world leaders who met Hitler during the 1930s described him as charming and highly intelligent.

    So, from the evidence supplied by all of the aforementioned combined, I have completely failed to identify any mannerisms, facial expressions, or body language that would suggest Hitler was a homosexual.

    My own personal assessment of this “controversy” is that manhood has long been expressed best and most naturally by German males (or North European males, such as the Danes and Nords). Yes, I know that Hitler was an Austrian. I am only writing here in general terms to provoke deeper thought in readers.

    Just examine old photographs of German males pre-1939 and they do tend to all look the epitome of masculinity and self-reliance. Perhaps this natural persona goes all the way back to Arminius, and the unprecedented destruction of 3 Roman Legions under the leadership of that great and heroic Germanic.

    You should already know how Rome so loved homosexuality. This ungodly practice was demanded of its elite class.

    The German language is both beautiful and manly. There is a no more masculine language that I know of, and I have been exposed to over 60. Perhaps Russian comes a close second. Perhaps.

    During the late 19th century, a young German Jew wrote a book (that was published) claiming Europe’s Jews were, in comparison to true Germans, effete, soft, and tending towards homosexuality … due to their suburbanized traditions. Shortly after, he committed “suicide” (murdered?).

    I suspect that a large part of the hatred that continues to be directed at German manhood (and thus the nation) is due to the resentment others (secretly) feel towards them because many of us are made to feel (physically and intellectually) inadequate in their shadow.

    The reflex response has been to demean the Germans (both male and female) in a petulant show of resentment and jealousy … to the extent we happily bombed their beautiful cities to oblivion.

    Here are some readily available visual examples: music videos of the extremely popular German group, Rammstein.
    There is an English version of this landmark song you can search for.

    The American rock group CREED is another masterful demonstration of Germanic manhood, despite all 4+1 members being brought up in the Maternal capital of the Universe: the USA.

    The ‘Jews’ are the faggots, obsessed with their nether regions and those of others. True Germans represent masculinity at its highest form of development.

    Strangely, this might help to explain why masculinity has been under constant spiritual attack ever since the German nation was utterly crushed by the massed ranks of World Jewry, and its womenfolk mass-raped throughout 1945/46, thanks to the treachery of the English Establishment.

    If you want to identify closet homosexuals and bisexuals as a sport, then look closely at England’s traditionally kinky establishment.

  40. jgalindes November 12, 2010 @ 5:47 am

    A must read article by David Chu:

    Looks really bad guys!

    Prices are becoming obviously high down here.

    People are starting to understand that their suffering is in great part generated far from home.

  41. Glory B. November 12, 2010 @ 6:27 am

    I found this on the Internet.

    It is from a Jewish prayer book called the Sidur (The Complete Artscroll Sidur, Mesorah Publications, Ltd., 1984.).

    Jewish men say this prayer every day:

    “Blessed are you, Hashem, King of the Universe, for not having made me a Gentile.”

    “Blessed are you, Hashem, King of the Universe, for not having made me a slave.”

    Blessed are you, Hashem, King of the Universe, for not having made me a woman.”

    What vile creatures the Jews are!

  42. JB Campbell November 12, 2010 @ 7:38 am

    Defense Against Jewish Aggression – (Pt. 2)

    (See ‘Terry’ comment for Pt. 1 @

    The (first) Bank of the United States lost its charter in 1811. Due to our second war with England in thirty-six years, the War of 1812, it was not possible to charter a second Bank of the United States – owned by the Bank of England! – until 1819, when another twenty-year charter was granted.

    In 1833, President Jackson cut off its funds and this private British-Jewish company calling itself the Bank of the United States died six years before its charter would have expired.

    People were a lot smarter or more educated in the 19th Century and they would not allow the Congress to create another private, foreign-owned central bank that would profit by lending us our own currency at interest.

    By 1913, however, the persistence of the Jews finally paid off when Paul Warburg of Germany bribed and manipulated American politicians to pass the Federal Reserve Act, which gave us our third and current private central bank.

    Paul Warburg’s brother, Max, was Germany’s chief financial advisor to the Kaiser as well as the head of the German espionage service during World War I, while Paul was on the board of the Federal Reserve – while Germany and America were at war! Only Jews can get away with such wild criminality.

    Our corrupt government pretends to sell treasury bonds on Wall Street which are converted by the Federal Reserve into Federal Reserve Notes for which we pay the Fed to use our own currency!

    In other words, our government can print and sell bonds but cannot print and distribute currency. The currency must be supplied to us from a private, British/Jewish company (printed at the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving!) at great profit to itself.

    The US government is now trillions of dollars in debt to this artificial company calling itself by the grandiose name of the Federal Reserve System.

    This scam must have irritated John F. Kennedy because he attempted to put an end to it, sort of in the manner of Andrew Jackson, by ordering the issuance of Series 1963 United States Notes – about $4.3 billion worth. That was just the beginning of his move to destroy the Fed.

    He tied the US Note to silver and this would have meant the end of the Federal Reserve Note, for who would have wanted something backed only by smoke and mirrors? But, five months later, JFK was dead and the US Notes were withdrawn from circulation. I still have one.

    But, what Jack Kennedy did can be done again and must be done again. The Federal Reserve Note must be replaced by the United States Note and be issued by the Congress interest-free.

    This is exactly how the economic miracle of Germany was produced starting in 1933, when Germans were still starving due to our rapacious and sadistic program of “reparations payments to the victors” of World War I.

    Hitler and Schacht issued interest-free currency tied only to the productivity of the German worker, since we had stolen all of Germany’s gold ten years earlier.

    By 1935, while American farmers were starving to death and trekking to California to pick other people’s prunes or working themselves to death building dams, six million formerly unemployed German workers were taking paid vacations on cruise ships and buying their first cars.

    Germany was manufacturing again and exporting goods while the rest of the world was mired in the Great Depression, engineered by the Jewish-owned central banks – the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve.

    To the Jewish banker, German success was an outrage that had to be controlled or destroyed, and so we became the military partners of the Soviet Union for three and a half years, something America can never live down.

    Together, we, the Jewish allies, destroyed Germany and millions of Germans for the crime of being successful. To be successful, though, requires the removal of Jews from power. That’s what Germany did, or attempted to do. For that they had to die. For that we were ordered to kill them, which we did by the millions.

    Today we face the modern version of the Great Depression. Actual unemployment in 1933 was 25%. Today it is 22% and climbing.

    This writer was “laid off” a very good job and subsequently homeless for 21 months and was lucky to get his old job back – but for how long? Those 21 months were the most terrible, degrading and frightening of his life during which he and his wife lost their home and vehicles and horses and virtually all of their belongings.

    Millions of Americans are experiencing this terror right now, with 43 million of us on food stamps! All of this misery has been caused by Jewish bankers and Jewish speculators on Wall Street.

    George W. Bush lied us into two evil wars of aggression for the benefit of Israel and the Jewish war profiteers on Wall Street and the banks.

    We are the victims of Jewish aggression. I have spent much space on our money system, since it is the heart of our lives. No money – no lives.

    We must remove the Jews from our money or we will die, and soon. Now, of course, the Jews cannot let go of our veins, arteries and bank accounts. It would be against their religion, the control of all money. We must pry them loose.

    There is no legal way to do this, because Jews are the law. The Jews are ‘God’ and they are the law. So, to bring them under control we must ignore Jewish law and make our own law. What law is that? It is the law of survival.

    The Jewish Problem is much more terrible than we even know. Jewish subversion has saturated our lives with death and filth and our minds with confusion and an inability to defend ourselves. If you wonder how this was done, read a few of the twenty-four Jewish Protocols. You’ll get the picture very quickly. Few can read all twenty-four of them – they are too revolting.

    Defense Against Jewish Aggression requires that Jews be disfranchised from all positions of power and influence in the important aspects of our lives. Starting with government, of course. Medicine, law, banking, finance, news, publishing, entertainment – all must be free of Jews and Jewish influence.

    Our actions should start against the powerful Jewish organizations of subversion, such as the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC, the Jews-only Masonic lodge they call B’nai B’rith and the Council on Foreign Relations, which is roughly 70% Jewish.

    There are hundreds and hundreds of Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee, the Zionist Organization. Quite simply, these subversive organizations must be destroyed. Jews must be put on notice that their dreamy days of power are ending. All things must end and Jewish power is one of them.

    Naturally, the Jews will fight hard to prevent losing their unearned power over us. That is, they will hire as many of us as they can to fight us. Jews can’t fight. They can kill, assassinate, murder and just about anything by stealth, but they can’t fight. When the Jew is confronted with his Jewishness, he splits.

    The filmmaker John Carpenter made a great training film for us in this coming struggle. THEY LIVE. Malevolent aliens live among us. But most of us can’t tell who’s who, or realize how they control our lives.

    A small group of resistance fighters have special glasses that reveal the hideous faces of the aliens, who have taken over the organs of power. The aliens are so evil that no mercy can be shown them.

    If you see the scary face, start shooting, because they mean to enslave all of us and kill some of us. The only way to save ourselves is to kill them and keep killing them until the source of their power can be turned off – forever.

    Carpenter’s aliens are the Jews. Most of them actually look like us. Carpenter’s special glasses represent the Jewish Protocols. Once you read a few of them, you see immediately what we’re up against. That’s why the Jews always freak out whenever the Protocols are mentioned.

    They are probably the most important writings you will ever read, even if you can only manage a few of them. Victor Marsden of the London Morning Post translated them in a special room in the British Museum but could only manage a page or so per day, so malevolent and disturbing were they. He died shortly after finishing his work.

    (to be continued)

  43. JB Campbell November 12, 2010 @ 7:40 am

    Defense Against Jewish Aggression – (Pt. 3)

    (See ‘Terry’ for Pt. 1 @

    Just look at Palestine! Do you want to live the way those people live, showing your papers to some creepy armed Jew at a checkpoint twice a day, fearful that he may refuse to let you pass today? This is how life is under Jewish Rule.

    But forget Palestine – now we’re getting a well-deserved dose of Jewish Rule at our airports.

    In case you hadn’t considered it, the only reason for “airport security” is the fake fear that enraged, crazy Moslems are trying to get on board with bombs and guns, which the TSA can’t seem to find at the best of times. And why are these Moslems supposedly enraged and crazy?

    Because of Israel, right?

    Isn’t airport security all about Moslems being angry about Israel? Now there may have been a couple of fake Moslems with phony explosives in their pants or shoes, but real Palestinians?

    Name one. Not to mention that most airport security is run by Israeli companies.

    TSA now stands for The Sex Aggressors. These morons are now authorized to squeeze your private parts for Glocks and grenades. Little kids, too!

    A friend of mine’s wife was strip-searched in June after she’d passed successfully through the metal detector because the moron thought she “didn’t look right.” “Airport security” is the result of what Israel does to Arabs.

    When you get your crotch squeezed, if you haven’t got the brains to stop flying, think about Defense Against Jewish Aggression.

    DAJA. First step: Recognize the Jewish Problem. Where does the Problem originate? Well, probably in the synagogues, in Hebrew school, in all the brainwash programs the Jews have for their kids.

    These kids are born and bred to hate us, to feel nothing when they cheat us, steal from us and kill us. It’s all laid out in the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, and of course in the Talmud.

    The problem is with the rabbis. I’ve written it before but Defense Against Jewish Aggression means the entire rabbinical class has to be wiped out. That means all the rabbis who preach Jewish hate and all the Jews who accept it.

    The rabbis are the political commissars who keep the party members in line, just like the Jewish commissars under Stalin who shot Russian soldiers from behind to terrorize the rest into attacking the Germans.

    I’d bet that a lot of Jews who’d like to assimilate with us would even help wipe out some of the hate-mongering rabbis.

    Theodor Herzl comes to mind. Herzl, the supposed designer of Zionism, actually hated the Jewish ruling class and all typically Jewish ways.

    What he wanted was to blend with the Gentiles, whom he greatly admired. He was rejected because in those days, it was hard to trust a Jew, no matter how much he wanted to be a Gentile, or a Christian. Sad story.

    So Plan B was to get the Jews out of Europe, out of polite society, and into a land for Jews only. Herzl knew that most Jews just couldn’t behave properly, so the humane thing was to put them somewhere they couldn’t do any harm.

    What he didn’t count on was the rise of the Russian Jews, the real Zionists, whom he’d never heard of before his 1897 Zionist Congress in Basel.

    These uncouth roughnecks from the Pale showed up, demanding to go to Palestine. Not Uganda, not Madagascar, not America, not South America – Palestine.

    These were the phony Jews, the poseurs, the Khazar converts to Judaism but converts who possessed the deadliest zeal in the history of the world. They wanted to kill all the Palestinians and take over “the holy land.” Well?

    My late friend, Heinz Weichardt, was another. His mother was Jewish, a famous opera singer in Berlin, his father a well-known journalist with the big German papers. Heinz was a life-long supporter of Hitler and of National Socialism.

    I recommend his memoir, “Under Two Flags,” on the Gnostic Liberation Front website. Jews such as Aaron Russo and David Cole have done more to hurt the Jewish racket than anyone on our side. So we mustn’t be indiscriminant in our Defense Against Jewish Aggression.

    Anti-Jewish operations must be designed carefully. The big organizations must be taken out first.

    The US military has never exactly covered itself in glory. Actually, it has been a total disgrace to America. The military has done the Jews’ dirty work, and I do mean dirty, ever since the Civil War and the Indian Wars. World Wars I & II?

    Imagine, Americans going to fight Germans in Europe! Most Americans in those days were of German descent. Korea, Vietnam… Total disgraces.

    Desert Storm? Burying alive thousands of Iraqis with their hands up. Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Bagram, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman, Fallujah, Predator drones – what a shower of s–t the US military has always been, including the glory days against the fascists. (Read Other Losses, Crimes & Mercies, Operation Keelhaul if you’re craving US military glory.)

    And, soldier boys, I have news for you. The Jews consider YOU to be the fascists. That’s what the military is for, to absorb the “fascistic element” of society (masculine men) into a controllable organization, because you scare the hell out of the Jews.

    They dread the day that you will turn on them, stop killing their enemies like the fools you are, and aim your guns at them.

    Watch THEY LIVE. How do you think the guards at Abu Ghraib could become so sadistic so early in our invasion and occupation of Iraq? They were conditioned by Jews with Jewish hate before they ever got out of the US.

    I do have one good story to tell about the Marines. A buddy of mine, Mike Hanson, was at the airport in West Beirut in ’83, near where Arafat and his men were holed up. A half-dozen Israeli tanks came rolling up to wipe them out.

    The Marines just looked at them, but the captain in charge of the airport detail climbed up on the lead tank and held the muzzle of his .45 against the Jew commander’s head. “If this tank moves another foot, your brains are gonna be all over this tank.” Jew commander ordered everyone to leave.

    This is the only language Jews understand. The upshot was, a truck bomb soon killed over 240 Marines nearby. Victor Ostravsky, a Mossad officer, revealed that the Mossad knew about the plot but deliberately withheld the information.

    Translation: The bombing of the marine barracks was a Mossad operation, probably in retaliation for the Marine captain’s heroism. Mike bunked in the open and escaped the blast at the barracks. He carried out a lot of bodies.

    But that captain was the exception that proves the rule: the US military man is always obeying Jewish orders. So, the only way for a US military man to gain his honor is to join with this DAJA program – Defense Against Jewish Aggression.

    It’s the only way to gain honor. You can’t regain something you never had.

    You joined up to fight, didn’t you? Against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

    The only foreign enemies we have are in Israel. You don’t need to mess with them. The real enemy is domestic, the Jew who sends you to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran to kill people who never threatened us but who are hated by Jews.

    We have to clean up this country by wiping out the Jewish organization. Once the organization is wiped out, the Federal Reserve and its stinking Note can be wiped out and replaced by the debt-free US Note.

    And that’s how we’re going to clean up this Jewish mess.

  44. Jerry November 12, 2010 @ 8:30 am

    One of the greatest mistakes of Christendom was to not pay attention to the teachings of the Torah in its entirety and I say this because of what God Himself said…

    “Do not charge your brother interest, whether on money or food or anything else that may earn interest. You may charge a foreigner interest, but not a brother Israelite, so that the Lord your God may bless you in everything you put your hand to in the land you are going over to possess.” {Deuteronomy 23:19-20}

    “For the Lord your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend too many nations but you will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you.” {Deuteronomy 15:6}

    And for Nathan Rothschild to become a banker when he was apparently originally studying for the Rabbinate speaks volumes doesn’t it! Everything begins with money and looking back through history interesting are the words of these two individuals particularly…

    King Alfred the great in 901:

    “If a man is found taking usury, his lands will be confiscated, and he will be banished from England.” { Cantelon pg. 32}

    And King James 1566…

    “If a man is found taking usury, his lands will be confiscated. It is like taking a man’s life, and it must not be tolerated.” {Cantelon pg. 32}

    And so Hosea 4:6 people, Hosea 4:6!!! if not the whole chapter.

    In fact, as was told by God to me to do just replace the word Israelites in verse one with that of your own nation and read down to verse 14. Sums up everything about our current and world’s malaise especially the last sentence.

    May God have mercy!

    Peace and salvation


  45. Jerry November 12, 2010 @ 8:45 am

    And for Goldman Sacs to have said something to the effect of ‘doing God’s work’ raises some very intriguing questions.


  46. kmarie November 12, 2010 @ 8:54 am


    What can you possibly mean by saying “can see the machinery of wall st at work but yet to find the driver”?

    Brother Nathanael just stated explicitly and with evidence what/who the driver(s) is/are!

    Brother Nathanael also referred to Jewish networking, which ensures that if Weill/Friedman/Rubin were not in charge, some other networking Jews would be!

    Other activists have elaborated on how the corporate structure itself is a ready-made vehicle for expanding the powers of the “moneyed class.”

    (Hmmmmm, now let’s think this through carefully — who do we suppose the “moneyed class” could be??? Wait, I’ve got a clue! 48% of American billionaires are Jewish! Brother Nathanael covered that too!)

    Theproco, if you are looking for the driver behind the drivers, the most likely suspect would be the Rothschild banking family, believed by some to be Jewish “elders,” but that would be opening another can of worms.

    Theproco, it is probably correct that there are mafia dons, dictators (many put in place by the CIA + Mossad!), and “foreign interests” who jealously think this is a fabulous system, if only they could get themselves a bigger piece of the pie. Most of these characters are smart enough to know who is handing out the pie and act accordingly!

    (Probably the Jewish money changers of Jesus’ day would also have drooled at an opportunity to get a piece of the Wall Street action. Jesus tried to reach out to these scoundrels, telling them they needed to place greater value on the integrity of their souls and less value on mammon, but they wouldn’t heed.)

    Theproco, greed and love of mammon (Christian theology calls love of mammon “a root of all evil”) are another layer driving the “serpents’ nest” which is Wall Street.

    Another right-on-the-mark article, dear Brother Nathanael!

  47. Donna chestergimli November 12, 2010 @ 9:30 am

    DWC and Kalif

    Just a note on the Pauls. Ron Paul named his son (Ayn) Rand Paul.

    Do you all know anything about her? I looked her up on the Internet. She was an atheistic Jew from Russia. She was supposedly against communism but wasn’t killed by them. She stood for something else. I can’t remember the term off-hand. But it actually meant elitism.

    One of the books she wrote had a statement that pertained to the really intelligent people running everything and everyone else being crushed like dirt under these people’s feet. Of course, the Jews would be against communism for themselves.

    They merely wanted to foist communism on the rest of the populations of this planet so that they could crush the rest of under their feet with their unbridled capitalism, or elitism. In a grouping that she had, Alan Greenspan was one of the members.

    That should tell you where Ayn Rand stood. And if Ron Paul named his Senate elect son Rand after her, which it appears that he did, then it tells you where the Pauls’ stand. Ron Paul merely pretended to be otherwise to garner popularity for himself from the masses.

  48. Disgusted White Christian November 12, 2010 @ 9:57 am


    I do admire your optimism, but many times, Zionists prop up someone, or something, that pretends (illusion) to be for the blue collar American, such as a “Howard Stern” then you look at his credits: all his writers, producers, sponsors, are all Zionists Jews. Same with Alex Jones.

    You have to understand the “Beast” you are dealing with, as long as their is an AIPAC calling all the shots, Ron Paul will be neutered, and eventually become a puppet like his kid.

    Aren’t you the one that posted the URL to the John Kaminski article: in it, he says, “AIPAC openly boasts they run Congress and the Senate,” and the president too, so they still control America, by proxy.

    Look, all I am saying is Ron Paul may be successful, but the Federal Reserve will just morph into another Jew-run by proxy entity, in other words, another elaborate hoax for stupid goyim.

    Kalif, look at the quote, Kaminski uses at the top, “Once you base your life on a desperate lie, you instrument your own undoing” — Ernest Becker

    This is EXACTLY what apostate Zionist Christian goy are doing, they base their whole lives on Jew lies and deceptions, and have for close to 150 years.

    A mindset that has been that long in the making is NOT going away by just changing the federal reserve, or auditing them.

    All the TEA Party (actually Z-Party) is to me is another one of these elaborate ruses for stupid goyim.

    That is why 3 ZOG whores like Hagee, Sarah Palin, and top liar himself, Glenn Beck, are involved with it.

  49. Mission Impossible November 12, 2010 @ 10:08 am

    JB Campbell … excellent contributions my friend.

    You have the bit between your teeth alright, and no ditch or hurdle is going to stop your gallop!!

    Just a short addendum to your words about US Notes (Treasury Dollars) that were issued following John F. Kennedy’s signing of Executive Order 11110 on June 4, 1963.

    That debt free money was backed by Silver.

    Executive Order 11110 was never rescinded. It is my understanding it is still on your Statute Book. Therefore, those notes must still be legal tender.

    All the “powers that be” have done since is ignore it. That is what Lyndon B. Johnson was told to do from the moment he was sworn in.

    Surely Ron Paul and his disciples know all about this story, already? If not, why not?

    My guess is, JFK’s murderers do not wish to draw the public’s attention to EO 11110 and by extension, to who plotted his assassination, and for what reasons.

    Have any of you watched the YouTube video clips of the President’s personal body guards being instructed to stand down off the rear plates of the Presidential vehicle? And of at least one officer subsequently protesting that order?

    After both had stood down, the shooters then had a clear view of JFK, who was then hit by three bullets. The final bullet was fired from the grassy knoll (which was the one that blew JFK’s brains out from the front temple area).

    If EO 11110 had been rescinded, then some people (with eyes wide open) could turn around and rightly say, “Aa-ha, so it was the International Private Bankers who most wanted him dead.”

    JFK was killed by the Rothschild-led cabal who, as we know, own your Federal Reserve System. The leader (of the bloodline) of your relentless enemy lives and works in London (City of), Basel, and Corfu. That is your target information.

    Remember folks, relatively few English troops were pitted against Washington’s heroes. London did not wish to tempt mutiny.

    Instead, it was European mercenaries bought & paid for by finance houses in London, who were dressed in English (Red Coat) uniforms and who were led by officers belonging to England’s aristocracy and social elite.

  50. Disgusted White Christian November 12, 2010 @ 10:12 am

    Here’s Pat’s latest column. It’s another one worth your time to send it around the planet!

    The Fed Trashes the Dollar

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    If it is the first responsibility of the Federal Reserve to protect the dollars that Americans earn and save, is it not dereliction of duty for the Fed to pursue a policy to bleed value from those dollars?

    For that is what Chairman Ben Bernanke is up to with his QE2, or “quantitative easing.”

    Translation: The Fed is committed to buy $600 billion in bonds from banks and pay for them by printing money that will then be deposited in those banks.

    The more dollars that flood into the economy, the less every one of them is worth.

    Bernanke is not just risking inflation. He is inducing inflation.

    He is reducing the value of the dollar to make U.S. exports more competitive and imports more expensive, so that we will consume fewer imports.

    He is trying to eliminate the U.S. trade deficit by treating the once universally respected dollar like the peso of a banana republic.

    Sarah Palin has nailed cold what Bernanke is about:

    “We shouldn’t be playing around with inflation. It’s not for nothing Reagan called it ‘as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man.’

    “The Fed’s pump-priming addiction has got our small businesses running scared and our allies worried. The German finance minister called the Fed’s proposals ‘clueless.’

    When Germany, a country that knows a thing or two about the dangers of inflation, warns us to think again, maybe it’s time for Chairman Bernanke to cease and desist.

    “We don’t want temporary, artificial economic growth bought at the expense of permanently higher inflation which will erode the value of our incomes and our savings.”

    Egging Ben on is the Nobel-prize winning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. Fed policy is too timid, says Krugman.

    When Bernanke said we are not “going to try to raise inflation to a super-normal level,” he blew it, says Krugman, and “there goes the best chance the Fed’s plan might actually work.”

    What the Fed should do, he says, is change expectations “by leading people to believe that we will have somewhat above-normal inflation … which would reduce the incentive to sit on cash.”

    But “sit on cash” is a definition of saving. Is saving bad? Once, Americans were taught that saving was a good thing.

    Not to Krugman. He wants to panic the public into believing the money they have put into savings accounts and CDs will be rapidly eaten up by Fed-created inflation, so they will run out and spend that money now to get the economy moving again.

    Whatever the economics of this, the morality of it is appalling.

    Imagine a husband and wife with a bright child who are saving to send the boy to the best prep school, then Princeton, then, hopefully, Harvard or Yale Law, so the boy can realize his dream of being a great lawyer and perhaps one day sitting on the Supreme Court.

    Krugman is recommending that the Fed goose the money supply to cause a general fear of inflation, so that couple will run and get their money out of the bank and start spending it, because, if they don’t, their own government will start destroying the value of their savings.

    This is Weimar economics.

    As for inflation, are not the prices of gold, silver, oil and other commodities flashing signals that it is on the way?

    In denouncing Bernanke, even the Chinese are not all wrong. They have followed the monetary policy we created at Bretton Woods in 1944, where we tied the dollar to gold at $35 an ounce, while other nations tied their currencies to the dollar at fixed rates of exchange.

    China is being denounced for manipulating its currency when Beijing is adhering to a strict dollar-renminbi exchange rate, while our Fed is manipulating the dollar price to seek competitive advantage.

    The other Chinese complaint is that they lent us trillions to buy Chinese goods and now we are robbing them by depreciating the dollar-denominated Treasury bonds they accepted in return for their goods.

    Pay back your banker in Monopoly money, and you will find you are soon unable to borrow from anyone anywhere.

    In four years, the American people have delivered three straight votes of no confidence in the U.S. government. The Fed, however, retains a confidence that it does not deserve, when one considers that, when it was created in 1913, a $20 bill could be exchanged for a $20 gold piece.

    Today, it takes seventy $20 bills to buy a $20 gold piece, which means the dollar can buy in 2010 what you could get for 2 pennies in 1910. Quite a record for a central bank set up to protect the dollar.

    If Bernanke’s inflation does not generate growth, confidence in the Fed will also vanish. Then a crisis of capitalism will be at hand.

    Historians will not deal kindly with the men who traded the horse of U.S. economic nationalism for the rabbit of the Global Economy.

    Read more here:


  51. Disgusted White Christian November 12, 2010 @ 11:31 am

    “Remember folks, relatively few English troops were pitted against Washington’s heroes. London did not wish to tempt mutiny.

    “Instead, it was European mercenaries bought & paid for by finance houses in London, who were dressed in English (Red Coat) uniforms and who were led by officers belonging to England’s aristocracy and social elite.”- Mission Impossible

    Actually my man makes a brilliant deduction at the end, NO one REALIZED MORE HESSIANS DIED IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR THAN BRITISH SOLDIERS??

    “PAID mercenaries” old King George had to borrow a lot, from some European bankers now didn’t he??? Geeh, now take a guess who those bankers were?

    Hessian (hesen)
    of Hesse or its people
    1 a native or inhabitant of Hesse
    2 any of the Hessian mercenaries who fought for the British in the Revolutionary War
    3 [h-] a coarse cloth used for bags


  52. Mission Impossible November 12, 2010 @ 12:35 pm

    DWC …

    I believe we have just closed an important loop.

    Ever worried that the obvious has been dangling right in front of our very eyes for years and years, and yet we never managed to join the dots??

    Well, I was just reading the online article, “Harassment at Frankfurt Airport” by Kawther Salam [ ] when the words Frankfurt and “State of Hesse” came up in the same paragraph.

    Now, whose banking empire began in Frankfurt? Yep, that’s right. And from where did you say those mercenary troops were acquired … the State of Hesse!

    Now in which German State do you think the city of Frankfurt is located?!!?

    One of those Eureka moments!

  53. Mission Impossible November 12, 2010 @ 1:03 pm

    JB Cambell. Here is a juicy financial morsel for you.

    America’s “constitutional unit” of money is SILVER quantified as ONE DOLLAR equivalent to 317.25 grains troy of Silver.

    In accordance with this standard, “Constitutional Unit”, GOLD in America should be valued ONLY in terms of SILVER at the “free-market” rate of exchange.

    This data has been taken from the GATA Organization.

  54. Donna chestergimli November 12, 2010 @ 1:56 pm

    I just wanted to make a comment about the inflation that I fear we will soon be seeing.

    I was reading on another site where one commenter said that if inflation goes up to one thousand dollars an hour for salary, he is going to pay his house off pronto.

  55. Joe Cortina November 12, 2010 @ 4:07 pm


    Some really introspective comments here. Most of you are really connecting the dots and ‘get it’.

    A lot of my education was (and still is) by experiences like 40 years of world travel. My formal educations – as an aero-scientist – a bioligist – a pilot – a soldier – a diplomat – a salesman(IBM) – investor – journalist – analyst all blended together to give me a practical insight into scientific and world matters that books by themselves could not acomplish.

    For example – I know more about the REAL workings of the Democrats and the Republicans than 95% of the population, for the simple fact that I spent the first 23 years of my life as young man as a Democrat – then an Independent – then 24 years with the RNC.

    There are NO books that will teach you what I learned about the values of those people during that 47 years.

    I know what has REALLY happened to Catholisism because I was raised Catholic and spent 21 of my 24 years in schools and universities – in Catholic run schools. No ‘books’ or courses for that education.

    I dealt frequently with Jews in my business life because I was in (owned) a garment associated business that I built from the ground up. I learned a LOT about Jews ( no ‘Zionists’ here) during those years. Never found any ‘courses’ in college teaching me ‘How to deal with Jews 101’.

    I spent a fair amount of time in the Mid-East, mostly in IsraHELL during the First Entifada as an insider privied to have been unofficially ‘associated’ with the intelligence community.

    I got to learn a LOT more about European/Mideast ‘Jews'( never met a ‘Zionist). Saw things that virtually NO American has or will ever witness regarding the TRUE nature of the Jews (not talking Zionists- just Jews).

    I saw and heard things I will remember the rest of my life – about the TRUE nature of Jews (not Zionists).

    As a matter of fact – or at least my sincere opinion – if most Americans KNEW what I KNOW about the TRUE nature of Jews ( not necessarily Zionists) – they would be shooting Jews in the streets here in American today!

    As far as Jew evil – there are HUGE amounts of valid information available – but until you EXPERIENCE their UNIVERSALLY evil ways of life – and the filth and hatred they teach their children from day one – you cannot fully appreciate the fact that ANY ethnicity (forget all this geneogoly nonsense about true Semites) could possibly be so homogeniously rancidly sadisticly criminally Godlessly authenticly perniciously EVIL!

    Nicolae – you really get it. Would like to know more about your past and credentials.

    DWC – good relevant article by Buchanan you posted. Fine man – met him years ago in DC.

    JB – you’ve got it right on target. Your moral asessment of our military is a bit heavy – but sadly – I must in good faith agree. They are mindless souless sock-puppet attack dogs – IsraHELL’s personal ‘bitch’. Also good history lesson in another post.

    I still believe that the vast majority of the young warriors I trained in the field and in my company were decent young men – nothing like the Godless psychopaths of today’s ‘Army Strong’. But then – that was two generations ago – before total Jew domination/occupation.

    Jarred: RE – Civilian Germans and what they suffered at the hand of the Jews. I learned a LOT about those horrors from my SF A-Team ops Sgt.

    He was a German citizen and later became an American citizen. He was tormented by the Jews(not Zionists) and became a Hitler Youth Group member to survive street life. He remembered his parents living like animals out of garbage cans to survive our post-war occupation when their home was confiscated by Jews ( not Zionists) with US approval.

    FR. John: God bless you for your service to our Lord – AND for participating in these valuable lessons shared by Bro Nathanael. However I must educate you as to the TRUE nature of Ron Paul and the Jew doninated duplicitous Tea Party. By their fruits you will know them.

    There is AMPLE irrefutable evidence that Paul is a true friend Of murderous Godless IsraHELL – as well as being HIGHLY vetted suported and funded by prominent Jewish political groups – who like ALL Jews place the welfare of IsraHELL first and formost in their evil agenda.

    If you care to contact me – I will take the time to share that evidence with you. It was one of those ugly truths that I was sad to learn. Beware – as treachery is all about us.

    Finally – Mr Hal Christian – Speaking of treachery – or perhaps simple ignorance. I am guessing that you are a newcomer to RZN – otherwise you would not be mocking and ‘talking down’ to Brother Nathanael as if he were an imbecile or dunce.

    The brutal cops who mocked him and roughed him up in New York and who have stolen Christmas and who made it illegal to display a Nativity in a public place are NOT Zionists – Sir- and they are not “MY BROTHERS” getting a “BUM RAP.” They are your precious Jews – PERIOD!

    We are in a deadly life and death struggle for our very survial, Mr Christian (if that is your real name) – so if you want to become an apologist for these “sons of the Devil” – there are many Christian hating Jew sites – hundreds of them – that will welcome you with open arms.

    The enemy is the Jew – and you had better get that straight if you want to be a part of this ‘band of brothers’.

    IF – by chance you have spent the thousands of hours of YOUR personal time and thousands of your personal dollars to support and nurture this truth site;

    – AND you have spent tens of thousands of miles of travel and even more time in research and journalism and experienced watching innocent children murdered by JEWS – terrified civilian Christians TERRORIZED by JEWS – watched homes on land owned by peaceful people for 1500 years destroyed – watched the life of your own son poisoned by a sadistic JEW Dr.;

    – Or watched the military you served in with honor – turned into godless psychopathic garbage by JEWS;

    – Or your Christian religion and your Church trashed by JEWS – or the innocence of your grandchildren threatened by degenerate JEWS;

    – Or lost friendships through JEW lies – or watched your beloved nation transformed into a morally rotted corpse by JEWS – or watched JEWS on TV mock and blaspheme our Lord 24-7 on their Jew owned financed and operated Networks:

    ONLY THEN – IF – you have learned and sacrificed as I have done – and experienced all of these horrors, perversion, outrages, blasphemies, lies, insults, deceptions and a thousand other unspeakable filths;

    – When you have walked in MY moccasins for over a half century of adulthood and experiences – THEN I and Nathanael will consider some discourse with you without feeling insulted and betrayed and welcome you to the fight of your life!

    How DARE you talk to us about being brainwashed and deceived as if we were brain-dead bovine idiots.

    I’m sure Brother Nathanael would be ‘delighted’ to discover he is a “useful idiot” and he simply doesn’t understand the “good Jew” – “bad Jew” – “Jews-for-Jesus” bulls–t.

    There aren’t enough truly righteous Jews in the USA to fill one hicktown school auditorium. Just ask Brother Nathanael how many ‘Godly’ Jews he has known in his life both before and after his TOTAL conversion to Christianity!

    If – you do not ‘GET IT’ – and understand WHO the enemy is, by this late stage of the game – this is NOT the place for you.

    Spread your poison/ignorance elsewhere.

  56. Disgusted White Christian November 12, 2010 @ 6:00 pm

    To Joe Cortina, yes, I love Patrick J. Buchanan.

    If I had the money like Warren Buffet, I would give it to him, to try to make him president.

    I have been a fan of his for over 15 years, and he was one of the first to open my eyes
    on Jews and Israel’s deceit to the USA, Dr. Duke also. This 5th column that they are here, and everywhere else.

    I use to love Pat’s quote about American Jewry always using are youth for wars, and
    he would say, “it is always someone named John, Tyrone, or Jose, dying in these needless wars” and NEVER their own.

    You talk about taking “Jew 101”? Never learning it Joe, I had a father, he is dead now, who had his own business, installing septic systems. He said that just about every Jew gave him problems when it was time to get paid.

    He learned fast, you had to add 10% on to the bill, ahead of time, so when they chiseled it down, you got what you originally wanted, and they are happy. He use to say, “they have to know they are getting something for a BARGAIN, it is all psychological with them.”

    Joe, please understand, the term “Zionist” is just a term that is used to encapsulate all their NEGATIVE, and ungodly TRAITS, INTO ONE PACKAGE, also it’s twin brother communism can be thrown in there with it too.


  57. Mayo November 12, 2010 @ 7:19 pm

    At present I am traveling in Asia. The airport security mechanisms are deplorable.

    The Japanese stand you apart one by one and both fingerprint and photograph each person passing through.

    Flying “Space A” on Air Mobility Command, (a ‘perk’ afforded retired military personnel) I had a chance encounter with an entourage of over 200 personnel from the Secret Service.

    The contingent was ‘staging’ on Guam, awaiting a window of opportunity; due to air mobility difficulties caused by the recent volcanic erruption in Indonesia, to fly to Indonesia to prepare for President O’Bama’s tour to that country.

    Of the roughly 200 personnel in the entourage, 4 who were in complete oversight and control of the mission, were Jews. Two were most obvious as they were wearing their “Black Hats,” (Hasidic) and speaking in Hebrew.

  58. Brother Nathanael November 12, 2010 @ 8:28 pm

    Why Are Only A ***FEW*** Donating?
    Dear Real Zionist News Family & The TENS of THOUSANDS of Readers Who Come To This Site –

    On Monday I worked very hard to put up the latest Video: “Bernanke’ Funny Money Scam” @

    Until Late Wednesday I worked ferociously on THIS article, “The Jews Who Run Wall Street” @

    Only 2 people donated online out of nearly 20,000 Hits.

    I guess to say the least I am really disappointed and somewhat discouraged. (It takes a lot to get me down… I JUST KEEP ON FIGHTING regardless…)

    I am going to purchase a Nativity Scene tomorrow and with the scanty and scattered support I really feel that only myself and a FEW (if it wasn’t for the FEW there would be no Real Zionist News NOR a Brother Nathanael Foundation.

    The Nativity Scene along with building a PLATFORM by an experienced carpenter PLUS set up, Security, and dismantling, and STORAGE, will cost $5000.

    Two online donations this week and the FEW who send by mail is not what I call REAL extensive support.

    Please Consider Helping The VISION of The Brother Nathanael Foundation!

    Simply Click:

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    Donations By Mail: The Brother Nathanael Foundation / Or Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    May God Bless Our Real Zionist News Family AND the VISION of The Brother Nathanael Foundation @

    +Brother Nathanael

  59. USSA TODAY November 12, 2010 @ 11:01 pm

    Mission Impossible-

    The Germans are a natural warrior class. They’re rugged like the landscape they come from. Even our goon squad freedom-hating uniforms of today use German designed weapons (i.e., Sig Sauer, Glock, AR-15, H&K, etc.).

    The sociopath, controlling Khazars are in fear of genuine Gentile masculinity, and want to eradicate it. Looking back on it all, that’s what pop-culture and political correctness are for. To steal your wealth and freedom.

    In order to do this you must first be psychologically neutered (the plastic industry in consumer goods, and chem-trails don’t help modern testosterone levels either).

    How did we ever get to such a pathetic point as a society that we ever EVEN CONSIDER tolerating such BULL!?

    As far as pop music/”rock bands” –

    Rammstein has some detestable, monstrous looking shows, right? You couldn’t pay me to listen to that stuff. It would make your environment smell like sulfur. Straight out of hell that scummy, evil music.

    If you have ever looked into some of the most detestable forms of “entertainment” (i.e., horror movies and heavy metal music) guess who has been behind much of it. Coincidence? At this point if anyone thinks that — that’s textbook moronic.

    And American Rockers Creed being uber manly?

    I don’t follow that one.

    Rock band Creed is an Italian, a Greek/Cherokee Indian mix, and two Anglos (Phillips and Marshall — not very Saxon sounding). Out of that bunch, the Italian has got to be the toughest — he was a college soccer player at Clemson University for a year. I don’t listen to it anymore.

    If I wasn’t a gullible, impressionable youth I would have never listened to any of this stuff they call “music”.

    Even music most people today think is “high class” or “artistic” like Jazz is a Jew racket. Henry Ford tried to tell people about it, but they prefer wars and inflation to truth.

    Jazz is like it’s originators — often whiney, and loud like a nosy Brooklyn Jew.

    Thankfully, my thinking has morphed out of the mass-man consumer platform-shopping (do you buy Levis, Calvin KLEIN, Ralph Lauren/Lipshitz or go to Kohls? Barf!), movies, sports, music, and keeping up with Joneses.

    I’ll pass on their socially engineered, bogus consumer paradigm.

    Listen to rock bands, go the Jewry theater, watch Foolball (AT LEAST 1/3 of NFL Teams are controlled by-JEWS!)

    What blows my mind about the NFL is all these blue collar, factory guys go to the games and are paying the same crowd of elitist sociopath scum who are at least connected at the Yacht Club to the bankster scum bags who have put their jobs in India, Mexico, and China.

    It’s absurd! They ought to be out in the streets picketing, striking, and protesting instead of sipping Budweiser at Jew team arena that their tax dollars are paying for while their family and community fall by the way side; and read about J-Lo while the Khazars plunder your society and build up a police state.

    How we have fallen in our sin and folly in America.

    Nice insight. The British are treacherous and effeminate. They way they gab on about something reminds me of a bunch of women or homos under a hair dryer at a salon.


    I agree the Germans are a hardy group of people who have been completely smeared for the “Jew”/Khazar NWO agenda.

    If anyone should know about “Jew”/Khazar tyranny — it’s the Germans.

    I want to vomit when I hear The Hitlery Channel, Academics, and other dupes howl and moan about the “evil Germans.”

    How the “Jew”/Khazar controlled establishment has told us all nothing but lies all our life about wars, politics, social behavior, economics, “edumacation”, etc. is the REAL evil.

  60. charlie November 12, 2010 @ 11:52 pm

    The State and local Bases of Zionist Power in America.

  61. rev2939 November 13, 2010 @ 12:56 am

    Check is in the mail.

    Will the synagogue of satan be built by man now or when satan is cast out to this earth playing instead of Christ a false messiah?

    I pray for your safety Brother NATE.


    Just give the web adress to a friend and plant a SEED.

    WALL STREET IS A PHONY PROP OF MONOPOLY CRAP, it’s all ready to crumble!

  62. Mission Impossible November 13, 2010 @ 1:31 am

    USSA Today, I hear you Brother.

    But, don’t take my Rammstein and CREED examples too literally. You don’t have to like the music, just look at the emotional energy, see the power, and bodily expressions which (I would argue) are fundamentally Germanic.

    I am no expert, but I am from the European side of the pond, so to speak, and closer to Germany than you. Rammstein isn’t peddling Jew-music. They are tapping into the proud Pagan origins of all Germanic people. Please be careful what you call Christianity. Question.

    Is a Christian someone who “believes” in the Jewish Bible … or someone who desires to follow Jesus’ teachings and examples??

    The Nativity Scene that Brother Nathanael is determined to restore to America has pagan roots. The first was created by Saint Francis of Assisi in 1223 (a “living” one) with the intention of cultivating the worship of Christ. But its later establishment and popularity was down to the inherent goodness of the German people, and the beauty in their native culture.

    You say you despise Rammstein’s Sulfurous music, smelling of the Devil so to speak. But, no one who watches their many music videos is ever exposed to “slut & smut,” as you so often see produced to accompany British and American heavy-rock bands.

    Truly, I can assure you about that. Indeed, Rammstein’s music videos are renowned for their classy and intelligent productions, which are full of joke making, poking fun at false ideas, and all round humour. But, you have to be able to identify the symbols and costumes used in order to understand the message. Chill out a little USSA Today!

    I know what you mean about Jazz, and agree wholeheartedly. Please find time to listen to the German composer, Johann Sebastian Bach. Here are a couple of examples, the 2nd of which has been known to make grown men cry due to its profound beauty:

    Please note that the second YouTube linked to has been viewed no less than 6,148,430 times, at this moment of posting. Very beautiful.

    Here is a 3rd example of Bach’s heavenly work. This, for me, is simple confirmation of the superiority of the Germanic civilization, and of the cultural heights the German people have so often reached:

    As far as CREED is concerned, you should watch their live (reunion) concert at Houston, which is available on DVD. I think it took place in 2009.

    It is a masterly performance. They have composed some very fine songs indeed, which are all devoid of smutty lyrics. I have never seen any of CREED’s music videos produced by the industry for broadcast on MTV type shows. Only that live concert; it was a great one.

    My American friend, you are making the mistake so many Americans (and many Brits) make. You appear to be questioning the Germanic credentials of the Italian and the two Anglos of CREED.

    We can give the half-Greek some slack because they and the Spartans kept the East (Persians and their allies) out of Europe. Basically saved European civilization before it really got off the ground. Right?

    For centuries following the collapse of Rome, North Italy was part of the Holy Roman Empire, an Empire which was in fact the First Reich! Hitherto, the North Italian region had long been under the control of German mercenaries working for Rome, who were collectively known as the Foederati. So, most Italians (but not the Mafia types, who are from the South!) properly qualify for the ‘Germanic’ label.

    As for Anglos. They originate from south Jutland and were known as the Angles. Saxons meanwhile originated nearby on the North German plain which became known as Saxony. These two tribes then united, in England, to form the Anglo-Saxons.

    THEY ARE ALL GERMANS. These days, I proudly describe myself as Germanic, before I call myself English.

    This is why the Western Front of the Second World War was a fratricidal war. But, Churchill’s prostitute mother was a Jewess, and the rest is history, including his closest advisors being Jewish, such as Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell (who masterminded the carpet bombing of German civilians).

    When you write “The British are treacherous and effeminate” you are showing your ignorance. I am sure a fair number of Scots and Welsh would be happy to put you right, in shall we say, no uncertain terms?

    As for we English, again, you have not yet taken the time to understand my country and therefore end up just tarring us all with the same big brush; a brush you should really reserve for England’s Aristocracy and Political Elite (most of whom are not Germanic!)

    England is full of disheartened (real) men who have, for far too long, been led by Jews, Half-Jews, Quarter-Jews, and ex-Boarding School faggots. Tony Blair has a Jewish ancestor, as does PM Cameron. Did you know that? Margaret Thatcher’s first government was chock full of Jews. And she took advice from yet another Jew, Milton Friedman.

    The English were unwitting slaves long before Wilberforce arrived on the scene to save your Black Americans and keep them in America. Thanks to the Bank of England and the Rothschild Dynasty, we English are still de facto slaves.

    We are in a worse situation than you Americans because we don’t have the benefit of huge expanses of land to hide in, where we might forge some degree of social autonomy. And our guns were confiscated in 1996, after Pederast Freemasons (Illuminati) in Scotland contrived the Dunblane massacre of defenseless schoolchildren.

    A brave American Mormon, by the name of Paul Drockton
    [ ] has been on that (Pederast related to Dunblane) case and has scored some notable successes recently. Mr. Drockton is a fine man.

    Please check out his website.

    So, USSA TODAY, you should stop insulting the British so casually. And you need to learn the difference between ‘Britain’ or “the Brits” and that of England / Scotland / Wales / Ireland. In particular you should stop stigmatizing the English.

    Those with ‘Jewish’ or Canaanite blood flowing through their veins look very similar to we Germanic English, but that does not give you an excuse to be cavalier and careless when pointing the finger of blame. We have feelings too Brother, despite the fact we usually do a better job of hiding our emotions than your typical (white) American does.

    I have been commenting on this website for over 2 years (maybe longer; I can’t exactly remember when I first arrived) and during that time I have spent a great deal of energy educating Americans who were obviously ignorant even of their own history, let alone that of Europe!

    So, I would appreciate a bit more respect and gratitude. I would also appreciate a lot more respect being shown to my fellow countrymen by all American commentors. Especially those who like to pin the Stars & Stripes to their chests, as you have done.

    With that said, I see us standing together as Brothers. Let us all begin to man up and get ready to stand shoulder to shoulder in order to demolish and eradicate our common race enemy.

    Namely, those who wear the big brimmed, black hats, whose ancestors spoke Yiddish, and who first came into our midst from the badlands of Central Asia.

  63. Stav November 13, 2010 @ 4:09 am

    Dear USSA Today and Mission Impossible.

    As one who plays music, and have been into music for a long time, let me add a little to your discussion.

    Johan Sebastian Bach, in my humble opinion, was one of the greatest musicians of all time. His insights, understanding of the “European” scale and it’s possible combinations in polyphony, his fugues and his innumerable complex masterpieces are proof of this.

    In the same league is Beethoven, who has also produced a huge amount of literally awesome music.

    But, it is clear that “classical” music, is also Jew-ridden today. The classical music movement if we can call it that, for a very long time, perhaps hundreds of years, has produced nothing amazing. Anyone who studies music classically, is most likely to end up being only a skillful performer and nothing more.

    If music is about self expression, then it should enable that through it’s medium. It is sad to see that most music today is exactly not about self expression, but almost always a way to express someone else’s feelings.

    Popular and highly pushed Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop and the Dance music of today, is clearly an expression of the big music labels, which have made a science out of demonizing people through music. Subliminal and even clear satanic/masonic messages saturate the minds of whoever listens to it.

    It is important to note, that among Lucifer’s (i.e. Satan’s) talents, was not only the bearing of light, but also the production of music. It is therefore his especially liked method of affecting people… Not that music it self is bad, it is a gift from God. But rather, that it is powerful and more capable to affect us than most people realize.

    As one who has “dabbled” little in professional music production, I can tell you, that practically all multinational and big labels will get you to sell your soul one way or another, before you can get famous. And this curse always passes on to the end listener.

    About Jazz. Just like any other music, there’s many levels of Jazz. There’s popular Jazz, the kind of Jazz that is promoted as cool and trendy. Again by the very same labels.

    But, there are forms of Jazz, like Fusion Jazz, that push the boundaries of music and it’s skills, in such a way that the mind and spirit can be stimulated positively. Some of today’s obscure and non-popular Fusion Jazz artists are totally excellent in their productions and I can guarantee you, that at that level of music, you cannot hide behind Jews or any other kind of conspiracy.

    At least musically speaking. If you cannot play Fusion Jazz, and your instrument well and produce new and exciting notes, you will simply not be recognized. The only problem is, that you need to understand music in order to appreciate this kind of thing.

    But, as we all know, most people are sheep, and that includes their understanding of music. Just like people cannot properly anymore discern what is intelligent speech or writing or art, in the same fashion, most people cannot discern valuable music from non valuable music.

    Another aspect of popular music, is it’s satanic content. A lot of music has magickal content.

    The homosexual Elton John has recently claimed that there is not one of his songs, where the words do not have a double, mystical meaning. Jay-Z, the despicable Lady Gaga and others, supported by their Jewish masters, are constantly and openly promoting masonic and satanic imagery and lyrics.

    But, the satanic content goes much further than this. Sometimes, simple expressions, like “It’s my life,” “I’ll do what I want,” and “Follow your heart” etc. reveal the core of what drives either knowingly or unknowingly todays popular artists:

    It is the satanic creed “Do as thou wilt” and it is being pushed and instilled into our youths’ subconscious, meticulously and effectively.

    Finally, regarding music and the Greeks. One thing that most people are oblivious about, is the subject of Byzantine music. Byzantine music is the result of the ancient Greek musical heritage and knowledge.

    The ancient Greeks discovered some and invented some other scales, on which most of todays “western” music is based on. Well performed Byzantine music, is amazing to listen to and in certain cases, matches the beauty of even Johan Sebastian Bachs productions.

    But, it must be understood, that music is contextual in general and also contextual in terms of perception and previous conditioning. Not all music types can be understood from a first or second listening and be appreciated to it’s full extent, without being properly “educated” either by experience, culture or personal effort.

    Thus, it is pointless to try and refute a style of music on the basis that in one particular persons perception it was not liked. What we should be focusing on, is the end result. You can judge a tree by it’s fruit.

    And with this method, we can see that todays Zionist promoted musical establishment, no matter what the style or type of music, promotes, violence, stupidity, sexual psychopathy, greed, satanism (and I am not talking about heavy metal type stuff only) etc.

    The simple fact of the matter is, that if you want to stay safe in the context of music, you MUST be vigilant and do your own research and try to understand it more. Watch where the music is coming from!


  64. Fr. John November 13, 2010 @ 6:35 am

    Mr. Cortina –

    Thank you for your comments. I was afraid Ron was wimpy precisely because he was for Israel, but his desire to have an audit of the Fed is (seemingly) still on his radar, so I have hope there.

    I am addressing the comments about ‘The Pink Swastika’ that have arisen here, briefly, because I HAVE read the book, and (having friends in the arts) I know (sadly, disgustedly) a lot about the ‘gay mafia’ mindset.

    Someone noted: “Hitler came across as very normal (not ‘gay’) and also very cultured. Most ambassadors and world leaders who met Hitler during the 1930s described him as charming and highly intelligent.”

    He may have been. I can appreciate the desire for no smoking, the invention of the Volkswagen, and cancer research among the Germans under NatSoc, but I do not, and will not give Adolf Hitler blind adulation – not because of the ‘hollow cause,’ but because of the premise of the ‘Pink Swastika.’

    The quote from a poster shows he has not read the book. The SS, Hitler and the rest were the ‘butch’ or hyper-masculine group of homosexuals in Germany after the degeneracy of the Weimar era — think ‘Cabaret,’ and you’ve got it.

    Interestingly, Jews were behind almost ALL of the degeneracy during that era — sound familiar?

    Hitler’s homosexuality (or bisexuality, if you prefer) still was grounded in a desire to return to a pagan, ‘pre-Christian’ neutrality — something some of the WN people in the US and Europe are also advocating. But one cannot go ‘back’ on Christ and God. It is either HIM and ‘His Kingdom’ or anarchy.

    Because the ‘butch’ faction of sodomites in Germany persecuted the ‘femme’ faction (and those, along with other ‘dissidents’ were the gays that were in the prison camps), people — including the gay rights folks — like to use Hitler as an exemplar of ‘right-wing’ fascist who “put all Jews and gays, and blacks into camps.”

    But the reality is always that it is the Anarchists — the LEFTISTS, the Jews, Communists, Gays — BECAUSE degenerate, who are in the forefront of the gulags, the FEMA camps, the ‘hate speech’ laws, the ostracization, etc. – NOT WE MIDDLE AMERICANS!!!

    Now, do you see why it is IMPERATIVE to show Hitler as a sodomite/bisexual. HIS PERVERSIONS can be tied to his PERVERTED LUST for power, his ‘master race’ theories, and the whole nine yards. This is a tool for the UTTER DESTRUCTION OF THE GAY RIGHTS AGENDA. If Hitler was a poof, then his worldview is the modern Sodomites!!!

    Which is actually, quite literally true.

    No, “righteousness is the ONLY thing that exalts a nation, but sin is a REPROACH to ANY people.”

  65. Disgusted White Christian November 13, 2010 @ 8:12 am

    Mission Impossible,

    I agree with you, I use to go on the BNP’s website. A lot of good, decent, people, fed up with the”Jewization” of Europe.

    They would not come out and say it publicly, but they constantly complained about the amount of Muslims (really the Jews are behind that, just like they are behind the illegal Mexicans here), that have immigrated to the British Isles.

    Here is a great piece from John Tyndale on how the Jews have worked systematically to destroy “White Christian” Britain just like everywhere else in the western world: USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, South Africa.


  66. Disgusted White Christian November 13, 2010 @ 9:37 am


    You sir, are of a super IQ!

    History (Jew revisionists) have hidden the “gay/bi-sexual ” factor and perversions of Hitler for decades.

    Hitler actually enjoyed deification on his face, for sexual pleasure.

    They also have hidden Euro bankers funding of him, just like Lenin and Mao too.

    This is also true in the priesthood. Most of these pedophile priests, and religious types, are/were homosexual, as well as pedophiles.

    Many cases involve same sex abuse, showing a clear connection, but the perverted Jewish media silences this fact, as to keep credence and legitimacy to Gay Rights.

    In fact, the Talmud is full of such perversions, such as Rabbis being allowed children for brides, and sodomy.


  67. Joe Cortina November 13, 2010 @ 9:46 am

    Folks – you started our with a bang –

    But somehow – ‘THE JEWS WHO RUN WALL STREET’ got sidetracked into digging up Hitler’s corpse for the ten thousandth time – modern rock bands – the nature of the English people and everything in between.

    IF – there is a real desire to have Brother Nathanael do a special on certain topics – by all means indicate it in your blog – BUT otherwise stay with the ‘topic du jur’.

    To those who indicted they are donating – thanks – as saying so on the site is an encouragement not only to the RZN team – but for other readers to to step up to the plate as well.

    And this: below – from REV-2939 – good suggestion! THIS ‘MO’ IS what will make us grow!


    Just give the web address to a friend and plant a SEED.”

    Lets keep rolling till we free this twisted perverted once great nation – and put an end to our demonic serial war-mongering.

    If a handful of young, Godless anti-American Marxist Jews like Jerry Rubin, Abbe Hoffman, and David Horrowitz – could influence huge mobs of doped up putty-brained useful idiots to stop killing their Communist friends – why can’t we – the decent Godly people – REAL patriots – TRUE Christians – accomplish the same goal of ending war – only for righteous – moral and Christian reasons?

    Where are ALL of those ‘socially conscious’ Jew leaders today? Why don’t we see them leading huge groups of other ‘morally concerned’ young college students in a moral mandate to end the madness?

    Is it because these same type Jews WANT To see endless wars that take ONLY Christian and Muslim lives – both being the enemies of Jews? Both sharing the same ‘God’? Both sharing the same family values?

    Would that be a provocative stimulating wake up call topic for the very near future that has NOT been addressed? What say you – Brother Nathanael?

    Anyone else find that a worthy meaningful topic?


  68. Mission Impossible November 13, 2010 @ 10:02 am

    Fr. John. I do not wish to discuss this issue (the subject matter of “The Pink Swastika” book) but you have come here to post a false witness. This is intolerable behaviour.

    Adolf Hitler has been accused of so many different things, and of being so many different kinds of person — where we are invited to believe he was so superhuman he could do all these things at one and the same time — that the whole Reductio ad Hitlerum pantomime has now taken on the air of a Lucile Ball show on steroids and smoke a dope.

    You have not made any sane case with your frantic comment worth any of the time spent on it. Where is your proof? What hard evidence to you have to hand that proves your assertions are even remotely true?

    You’ve been watching too much Jew-TV, and popcorn crunching stuff like the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. If you want to debate Hitler’s alleged sex life then b*gger off and do it somewhere else, you dirty little man. Don’t try to do it here.

    People with Hitler obsessions are mentally sick. You are seeking to destroy Hitler’s reputation … a straw-man reputation created by hysterical propagandists, all feverishly working overtime from 1933 onwards.

    Many of those propagandists were employed (or who were born) in London, and Manhattan Island, New York City: cities who ironically host two of the largest and pinkest Gay populations in the world!

    In earlier comments, we were discussing the maligned image of Germans and Germany, but you have tried to drag us back to Hitler and his alleged sexual perversions. You have Hitler-mania.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton have more sexual perversions to hide than a 30 year old French prostitute who has earned enough to buy outright, a 4 bedroomed penthouse in Amsterdam. Yet, you would rather give those two Communist scum-bags a free pass, and discuss instead, someone who’s been dead for over 65 years.

    Something very wrong with you Fr. John. Of all the great literature in the world, and you chose instead to read a scurrilous book named “The Pink Swastika”. How low can anyone get?

  69. Donna chestergimli November 13, 2010 @ 10:06 am


    I just have to comment about your father’s septic tank business. He was surely correct about charging an extra 10%.

    I worked and retired from a company about 10 years ago where I took care of customer request, complaints, and problems over the phone. Three Jews I remember.

    The first one was a rabbi who complained and complained about his bill. All of us had to make deductions from his bill every month just to shut his mouth.

    Another one before the Rabbi boasted about forming a company buying cheap cigarettes and then selling them to the Russians. This was during the great upheavals when the Jewish oligarchs sold raped Russia.

    The third was the worst. After taking so much off of his bill, he was satisfied. However, I told him to call in October so that I could correct his billing in order to bill him the higher rate that he had ordered. He never called. But I had followed him up.

    In October I called him and reminded him that I was going to have to start billing him the correct rate which I did. He then called my supervisor and told her that I was a rude.

  70. Disgusted White Christian November 13, 2010 @ 11:35 am

    Mission Impossible,

    I can see some of your points, but why would NAZIs and Zionists openly work together during this time?

    They had many of the same goals?

    1) Kill many Germans mixed with Jew blood.

    2) Force the Jews out of Europe to Palestine.

    3) Have the perfect enemy to Communism, to fund yet another world war for profit. Also, White Christians killing off other White Christians.

    4) In fact, if you read in the Protocols of Zion, it states “we will have to sacrifice some of our own, for the better of our cause.” It meant: funding Hitler and the NAZIs, which also lead to some of them being exterminated.

    To them, the ends justified the means, kill off many mixed with Goy blood, and have an EXCUSE (Holohaox) for the rest of time, to do what we want, aka ethnically cleanse under the motto “Never again.”

    Silence people with name calling, and even make laws to jail them: THOSE WHO QUESTION THIS CHARADE! SOUND FAMILIAR MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?

    Look at the banks below (make up the Federal Reserve) you notice, banks have funded Communism and Fascism at the same time? HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN THIS PARADOX OTHER THAN WHAT I HAVE STATED???

    Also Prescott Bush (George W’s grandaddy) made millions off the NAZIs, he had a plant there in the 30s to FINANCE their Military Industrial Complex.

    Roosevelt had to threaten him with jail time, to make him give this up.


  71. Disgusted White Christian November 13, 2010 @ 11:49 am

    Donna chestergimli,

    Yes Donna, pop had dealt with many, but he learned quickly how to out think them.

    How many times have they said, “ohh let stupid Goyim believe this, as long as I still get their money.”

    Another trick they pull is to say, “You have not done the specified work as I wanted, and you will only receive 1/2 the amount.”

    This after the job was 90% done, and they know all the courts are rigged and fixed to decide in their favor in business disputes.


    You then have to seek 1/2 the money down before work is to begin. If they don’t give that, they HAVE NO INTENTION OF EVER PAYING YOU.


  72. frank depinto November 13, 2010 @ 12:06 pm

    Thank you for more proof and specific data concerning the reality of Jews in America, specifying the historical positions they have infiltrated to cause so much suffereing in America and the Middle East.

    It’s not because ‘they are Jews’ i.e. prejudice; it is what Jews ‘have done/their actions to destroy societies” i.e. Germany in the 20s, 30s which have brought-on their persecution.

  73. Stav November 13, 2010 @ 12:08 pm

    Dear J.C.,

    Perhaps I went into too much detail.

    But it’s true that the Zionist controlled music “industry”, plays a major part in the destruction of young and older peoples mind. It reduces morals, incites hatred, promotes homosexuality and other sexual perversions and satanism it self.

    Especially within the circles and groups where young people frequent, it’s a major part of the cattle culture that is now so deeply instilled in the masses. It’s also serves as a constant tranquilizer, as it’s listening is constant for many people.

    Thus, while perhaps not directly and flamboyantly a cutting edge Zionist operation, the music industry is indeed a very effective tool for the subversion of the masses. Just look at the spiritual and real world corruption all the popular music brings us, such as the material promoted via Lady Gaga etc. etc.

    And as such, I am sure some material related to this, presented in the proper context, will help fill in some “gaps”, in creating a better picture of what Jews do to society, every day.

    And therefore, I also do not think that that particular subject is out of topic.


  74. charlie November 13, 2010 @ 12:28 pm

    Lets get sidetracked about Hitler.

    Never mind Zionism and the huge sacrifice Br Nathanael has made for this website.

    Lets just muck it up. Lets not comment on the Zionist Organizations that don’t exist in some people’s brain but do exist in reality.

    Organizations such as:

    **Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations**

    Member Organizations

    American Friends of Likud
    American Gathering/Federation of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
    America-Israel Friendship League
    American Israel Public Affairs Committee

    American Jewish Committee
    American Jewish Congress
    American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
    American Sephardi Federation
    American Zionist Movement

    Americans for Peace Now
    Anti-Defamation League
    Association of Reform Zionists of America
    B’nai B’rith International

    Bnai Zion
    Central Conference of American Rabbis
    Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
    Development Corporation for Israel/State of Israel Bonds
    Emunah of America

    Friends of Israel Defense Forces
    Hadassah, Women’s Zionist Organization of America
    Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
    Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
    Jewish Community Centers Association

    Jewish Council for Public Affairs
    The Jewish Federations of North America
    Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
    Jewish Labor Committee
    Jewish National Fund

    Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
    Jewish War Veterans of the USA
    Jewish Women International
    MERCAZ USA, Zionist Organization of the Conservative Movement

    MCSK” Advocates on behalf of Jews in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States & Eurasia
    National Council of Jewish Women
    National Council of Young Israel
    ORT America
    Rabbinical Assembly

    Rabbinical Council of America
    Religious Zionists of America
    Union for Reform Judaism
    Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
    United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

    Women’s League for Conservative Judaism
    Women of Reform Judaism
    Workmen’s Circle
    World ORT
    World Zionist Executive, US
    Zionist Organization of America

    …And how they have taken over America.

  75. Andrew November 13, 2010 @ 12:50 pm

    An interesting article relevant to one of the main topics on this site.

    Here is a short quote to show the relevance. The whole article is well thought out and worth consideration.

    ” If you think America’s castrated government or the military, now relegated to acting as virtual mercenaries for drug lords, oil cartels and bizarre Zionist plots, have the will or ability to stop what has already begun, you have not been paying attention for some time.”

    The whole article:

  76. Disgusted White Christian November 13, 2010 @ 1:00 pm

    Charlie makes a good point Joe, for Zionism is just a name.

    It could be a variable “x” or “y” this concept is as old as time.

    Even the Jews in antiquity were 5th column traitors, and conspirators. Also, this concept of “aaliyah” in which Jews from all corners of the earth are to return back to the holy land, is 1000 of years old.

    Of course, the Zionist has hijacked it (aaliyah) and it’s meaning, for why would God want these monsters returning there, as Godless, murdering, communist atheists?

    But God uses man, and the devil’s evil, to serve his own purpose, because contrary to what most believe, he is ALWAYS IN CHARGE, ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE!

    He turned man’s (mainly Jews) ultimate evil:

    Crucifying his holy Son, into SALVATION, and a path of redemption for all mankind.


  77. USSA TODAY November 13, 2010 @ 2:43 pm

    Mission Impossible,

    I cannot see the virtues of celebrating paganism as most rock music is corporate Jew controlled paganism marketed to the masses. Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and The Beatles are all prime examples of this. At the end of the day, rock music is a profitable, demoralizing psyop for the usual creeps.

    As to your question-Is a Christian someone who “believes” in the Jewish Bible … or someone who desires to follow Jesus’ teachings and examples??

    Both. In relation to the first point about the “Jewish” Bible, the Jews back then are not the “Jews”/Khazars we know today who call themselves Jews but are of the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9, 3:9).

    Regarding the nativity scene, I’ve heard the Messianic Jew argument on the Catholic Church having pagan roots for many of their traditions as well. Since some Jews said it I’m skeptical. I have no basis of authority to comment on my Catholic brothers.

    I see them building orphanages and hospitals instead of being completely mislead by Communist-Zionist Israel like many Protestant groups.

    Pardon my broad generalizations. Amidst my angst over the Communist-Jew control of the West I did paint the Brits with too broad a brush. I was referring to their leadership, elites, and intelligentsia.

    You said it well,” A brush you should really reserve for England’s Aristocracy and Political Elite (most of whom are not Germanic!)”.

    I don’t claim to be an expert at unpacking all these historical nuances but, what I do know is that we are all being screwed over and unless we unite and stand up we are all doomed in the temporal sense.


    What ancestry are the majority of England’s elite from besides Central Asia badlands “Jew”/Khazar?

    So many Brits are angry at being slaves to the Central banksters and having their homeland demoralized? How do they express their anger?

    Why did you guys ever surrender your weapons?

    It’s amazing conference rooms full of the cryptocracy (Masons, half breed Anglo-Jews) trust fund baby bankster thugs can destroy entire civilizations.

    Where did we all go wrong by ever allowing them to ruin our Countries?

  78. Disgusted White Christian November 13, 2010 @ 3:16 pm

    USSA Today, charlie, my brothers:

    Who would ever thought it — someone tampering with England’s precious jewel: Monty Python’s LIFE OF BRIAN?

    Well seems only when jokes are offensive to Jews are they removed from popular culture?


  79. Disgusted White Christian November 13, 2010 @ 3:32 pm

    “Where did we all go wrong by ever allowing them to ruin our Countries?” -USSA Today

    Our love for gold, power and land, more than for our Lord.

    The Jew (aka Talmudist bankers) used this desire/lust for these things, to pit brother against brother, father against son, mother against daughter. He financed one greedy country against another, until HE OWNED THEM ALL! “The love of Money is the root of all evil” – Jesus the Lord.

    Total degradation of the western world and it’s Christian culture.

    Another great trick they play is still pitting one Christian group against another.

    Look on here USSA, have you ever come on here, where there is not an argument
    about who’s Christian DOGMA is correct, who’s church is the truth, and who’s church is untrue?

    It never stops my brothers, madness shear madness???


  80. charlie November 13, 2010 @ 4:55 pm

    Sooner or latter, history shows, the world gets fed up with “Jews.”

    Those nations which have not fallen to the occult will invade the west to prevent total global collapse.

    When that happens, all the Jews and Masons in positions of power will be taken out and executed.

    Then the invaders can all go home, after sufficient safeguards are put in place.

    Nothing else seems to have worked.

  81. jgalindes November 13, 2010 @ 4:56 pm

    Regarding Father John’s comments on Hitler (please note that I do not entertain the faintest intention to apologize Hitler’s demonic racial supremacism):

    Review of Thomas Wheatland’s “The Frankfurt School in Exile,” Part I: Authoritarianism and the Family

    Kevin MacDonald

    In “Studien über Authorität und Familie (1936)”, Erich Fromm (who pioneered the idea of combining Marx with Freud and was responsible for the early development of the authoritarian personality concept. Fromm’s ideas are an excellent illustration of the ludicrous but deadly theories that resulted from this marriage of these two influential Jewish philosophers), wrote:

    “With regard to authoritarianism (and I imagine you regard Hitler the authoritarian archetype**), masochism manifested itself in the surrender to authority, and sadism was evident in the acceptance of social hierarchy.

    “In the developmental and sexual sense, the authoritarian character had suffered a regression from genital sexuality to infantile sexuality.

    “Accompanying this regression of libidinal energy, Fromm also expected a shift from heterosexual to homosexual behavior among authoritarian personalities.”

    Maybe Father John adheres to mainstream Jewish intellectual movements, like the Frankfurt School, buys Freud’s psychoanalysis and politically useful Oedipal complex, etc.

    Please note that eventually, Fromm’s ideas would be the basis for “The Authoritarian Personality” and its assault on White racial identity and traditional Western family values (so much dear to ultra-racist/Scripture’s contortionist Father John).

    **My comment.

    P.S. Curiously, I always harboured the idea that Father John was sympathetic to National Socialism and its leader.

  82. USSA TODAY November 13, 2010 @ 8:51 pm

    This is social and political poetry Joe C.

    “If a handful of young, Godless anti-American Marxist Jews like Jerry Rubin, Abbe Hoffman, and David Horrowitz – could influence huge mobs of doped up putty-brained useful idiots to stop killing their Communist friends – why can’t we – the decent Godly people – REAL patriots – TRUE Christians – accomplish the same goal of ending war – only for righteous – moral and Christian reasons?

    Where are ALL of those ’socially conscious’ Jew leaders today? Why don’t we see them leading huge groups of other ‘morally concerned’ young college students in a moral mandate to end the madness?

    Is it because these same type Jews WANT To see endless wars that take ONLY Christian and Muslim lives – both being the enemies of Jews? Both sharing the same ‘God’? Both sharing the same family values?

    Would that be a provocative stimulating wake up call topic for the very near future that has NOT been addressed? What say you – Brother Nathanael?

    Anyone else find that a worthy meaningful topic?”-Joe Cortina

    This is the way to go. Wake up Amerika!

  83. Brother Nathanael November 13, 2010 @ 10:39 pm

    Coming Soon To A Neighborhood & City Near You!

    Dear Real Zionist News Family,

    It is quite late and I just got home a little bit ago.

    A 12 piece, life like, color, BEAUTIFUL Nativity Scene Display HAS BEEN BOUGHT!

    I thank the Holy Virgin Mariam for LEADING us to the right place to purchase the MOST MAGNIFICENT Nativity Display I HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON!

    The Storage for this very expensive Display has been secured and we will now work on BUILDING a classic-looking platform, at least 2 feet high, to place and secure the large Creche and large figures upon.

    (Bails of Hay are in the offing too!… Yeah for Hay!)

    I thank you all for your prayers and support of this HOLY endeavour!

    I still need LOTS of FINANCIAL Help for this project which requires much additional expenses such as paying for a custom built platform, set up, maintenance, security, supervision, oversight, ETC.

    Will You Please Consider Helping? If so:

    Simply Click:

    OR @

    Donations By Mail: The Brother Nathanael Foundation / Or Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    May God Bless Our Real Zionist News Family!

    I will soon be calling this once we get through this all successfully by January 1 2011:
    “The National Nativity Scene Project.”

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation’s VISION is to put this SAME Nativity Scene in Towns and Cities ACROSS THE NATION!

    Glory To God For This Exhilarating & MUCH NEEDED for a sick nation Project!

    +Brother Nathanael, President

  84. suzanne November 13, 2010 @ 11:53 pm


    I am of Lebanese heritage and I have heard of beautiful Byzantine music. It is heavenly music.

    For all our dear “Real Jews News” friends who are interested, here is a perfect example of such music.

    We thank you dear Ever Virgin Mother of God for your protection of us Christians and especially your humble servant Brother Nathanael Kapner.

  85. Halina November 14, 2010 @ 4:34 am

    To Disgusted White Christian November 13, 2010 @ 3:32 pm

    Thank you.

    A short and spot on comment DWC.

    This is what we need; reason and humble egos.

  86. Stav November 14, 2010 @ 5:19 am

    Dear Suzanne,

    I’ll keep this short as it is clearly out of topic.

    One of my favorites here:


  87. KathJuliane November 14, 2010 @ 9:16 am

    Dear Fr. John and jgalindes,

    Nice catch in the net of Dr. MacDonald’s analysis of the “Frankfurt School in Exile” regarding “The Pink Swastika.” It’s bad history and political kryptonite for Christian conservatives.

    Fr. John, any psychological reports coming out of the OSS and other intel services during WW2 was dependent upon, and completely tainted with Freudian perversion, and a lot of it written by Jews.

    Pink Swastika is the bastardized and confused fruit of a tangled up “Judeo-Christian” political alliance and agendas by Jews and their Judeo-Christian dupes trying to defend their Zionist monopoly of “Holocaust Truth and Suffering(TM)” from militant “Gay Holocaust Reconstructioners” in which “gays” had the nerve to say they are equivalent to Jews.

    These accusations against the NSDAP in Weimar Germany by Communists and Socialists were in circulation in the 1930’s. Anti-homosexual laws were enforced long before Hitler came to power, but Weimar era liberalism and “tolerance” was already running epidemic.

    The Jews now have hijacked and Judaized conservative Christian family-values political action groups in “controlled opposition.”

    It was co-authored by Scott Lively who runs his Defend the ministries, but ultimately is still defined by and around the Jew agenda.

    Lively’s co-author is (drumroll please) Kevin Abrams, an ORTHODOX JEW, an associate of the U.S. based national Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, and Holocaust(TM) advocate who at one time lived in Jerusalem.

    The so-called “book” relies on distorted fictional accounts of events written by equally rabid authors in the past during and after the war.

    Their goal was more often than not to tar the NSDAP regime, and by extension the Germans, with the worst possible demonic image they could construct, such as being homosexuals, just as these two fanatics now seek to demonize gays with the worst image, such as being “Nazis.”

    Lively combatted the powerful U.S. gay rights lobby. For five years he was communications director for the pro-family Oregon Citizens Alliance (OCA), which tried to block state legislation granting homosexuals special minority rights.

    Part of trying to prove so-called fraudulence of the “Gay Holocaust,” the original intent of Pink Swastika was to build a “record” according to Kevin Abrams, to “show that there was far more brutality, rape, torture and murder committed against innocent people [the Jews, of course] by [alleged] Nazi deviants and homosexuals than there ever was against homosexuals.”

    THE ANNOTATED PINK SWASTIKA, by the militant liberal/moderate pro “Gay Holocaust” political wing of liberal Judeo-Christians in their own defense position systematically factchecked and debunked the book as bad history in 1996. Text and linked annotations are in very old format and hard to read, but they are there.

    “Nothing in The Pink Swastika can be believed without checking reliable sources. This study has checked many of the sources, particularly for the connection with Hitler and the Nazis, but by no means all. The portions which have not been refuted should not be assumed to be accurate just because no notes have been attached.”

    Warren Throckmorton, a well-respected conservative Christian psychology professor, has more recently been exposing Lively’s false historical claims serving political rhetoric in evangelical Christian magazines and blogs.

    From a 2009 critique:

    “Kevin Abrams: The other side of The Pink Swastika

    “This title is a play on a 1994 article by Kevin Abrams, published in Peter LaBarbera’s Lambda Report, titled, “The Other Side of the Pink Triangle.”

    “Abrams is co-author of The Pink Swastika and organizer of an organization called the International Committee for Holocaust Truth (ICHT)

    “This organization produced three reports with the same message as The Pink Swastika. As noted in the first paper, the group believes:

    –‘Hitler’s plans for a “1000 Year Reich,” is a “Homofascist” Conspiracy which still thrives today disguised as “gay” rights. Today’s Holocaust memorial museums are being co-opted as part of a broader homosexualist strategy.’–

    “Current American Nazis would violently take issue with this view, but that is a topic for another post.

    “The ICHT seems to consist of Howard Hurwitz, Judith Reisman, Christopher Barder, Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.

    [Barder is on the Board of Governors – Zionist Nationalist Freeman Center for Strategic Studies – TX. Red flag, anyone?

    “Hurwitz is a former school principal and heads a small group called the Family Defense Council. The FDC does not have a website but has various writings and descriptions scattered on the web.”
    [Example: Facsimiles of correspondence from Family Defense Council with numerous Jewish names on the letterheads, 1/3 of the page down this site called ‘Lesbian & Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors. “Pink Swastika” is a political badminton birdie]

    [Judith Reisman also of ICHT endorses Pink Swastika: “As a Jewish scholar who lost hundreds of her family in the holocaust, I welcome, The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality In The Nazi Party as courageous and timely….Lively and Abrams reveal the reigning “gay history” as revisionist and expose supermale German homosexuals for what they were – Nazi brutes, NOT Nazi victims.”

    — Dr. Judith Reisman, Institute for Media Education and Co-author of “Kinsey Sex and Fraud, The Indoctrination Of A People.” Think this woman is objective and unbiased?]

    Throckmorton continues: “[T]he attempt to link Nazis and gays (as a movement) seems to have been triggered by outrage over the “gay holocaust” metaphor and a desire to prevent that metaphor from generating public support for gays in in the 1990s.

    “A 1990’s Abrams piece on the pink triangle was circulated among activists and earned at least one scholarly refutation. Christine Mueller of Reed College wrote a piece which examined and refuted the essential claims of the Abrams’ article. Abrams then replied with a rebuttal.

    “Mueller points out the massive leaps of logic and fact required to make National Socialism an invention of a cohesive homosexual plot. Here is one example…

    Guest post on Warren Throckmorton’s site authored by Jon David Wyneken, Associate Professor of History, a colleague of Throckmorton’s in the Department of History at Grove City College.

    His studied critique was that The Pink Swastika “had not been well-received by academic historians for a number of reasons,”…and did some research to illustrate this as clearly as [he] could.”

    Wyneken picks apart Lively’s distorted and cherry-picked quotes, and resorts to other academic opinion, to conclude that “Lively’s book is simply not good history and is, in fact, not really history at all.”

    “In the interest of full disclosure, the reader should know that I [Wyneken] have a PhD in Modern German history with a focus on the period 1933-1955, so I have studied the Nazis extensively and am very familiar with their policies against those they considered “undesirables.”

  88. Disgusted White Christian November 14, 2010 @ 9:39 am

    Heavenly Stav, my brother, very BEAUTIFUL indeed!

    Thank you.


  89. The Brainy zek November 14, 2010 @ 11:57 am

    KathJuliane: WHAT A POST!!

    The back and forths from Fr. John and others have had my mind reeling, and you have put the matter to rest!

    The world has been so lied to about Hitler! At the urging of Dr. Albert Pastore on this RZN site I learned of a site called Adolf the Great ( ) learned plenty of history in truth about Hitler.


  90. Disgusted White Christian November 14, 2010 @ 12:33 pm

    What did Hitler really accomplish? Have I missed something here?

    He gave the Zionist Jew what they wanted: WWII that they wanted, an excuse now for the rest of time to murder and butcher whoever they desire, and tore Europe apart for the Communists.

    He murdered mostly Jew with German blood people, for most of the “pure blooded Jew Intelligentsia” had left Europe (see Freud and Einstein), long before Hitler put them in camps.

    He gave the Zionists their desired exodus back to Palestine.

    He tore Europe apart, so butcher Stalin could come in there and “communize” all of Eastern Europe, destroying White Christianity for close to 80 years.

    Look at Pat Buchanan piece: “Making a Monkey Out of Darwin.”

    Darwin suited Adolf Hitler’s purposes, too, along with others.

    “Although born to a Catholic family Hitler become a hard-eyed Darwinist who saw life as a constant struggle between the strong and the weak.

    His Darwinism was so extreme that he thought it would have been better for the world if the Muslims had won the eighth century battle of Tours, which stopped the Arabs’ advance into France.

    Had the Christians lost, (Hitler) reasoned, Germanic people would have acquired a more warlike creed and, because of their natural superiority, would have become the leaders of an Islamic empire.”

    I think, Hitler served the Zionist or Talmud bankers more than just about anyone, either willing, or by being a “useful idiot.”

    What is ironic is Hitler made enough speeches about them, yet they played him like a deck of cards.

  91. charlie November 14, 2010 @ 2:09 pm

    What a perfect antidote to the poison of Wall St:

  92. charlie November 14, 2010 @ 2:25 pm


    Any serious effort to understand the extraordinary influence of the Zionist power configuration over US foreign policy must examine the presence of key operatives in strategic positions in the government and the activities of local Zionist organizations affiliated with mainstream Jewish organizations and religious orders.

    There are at least 52 major American Jewish organizations actively engaged in promoting Israel’s foreign policy, economic and technological agenda in the US (see the appendix).

    The grassroots membership ranges from several hundred thousand militants in the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) to one hundred thousand wealthy contributors, activists and power brokers in the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

    In addition scores of propaganda mills, dubbed think tanks, have been established by million dollar grants from billionaire Zionists including the Brookings Institute (Haim Saban) and the Hudson Institute among others.

    Scores of Zionist funded political action committees (PAC) have intervened in all national and regional elections, controlling nominations and influencing election outcomes.

    Publishing houses, including university presses have been literally taken over by Zionist zealots, the most egregious example being Yale University, which publishes the most unbalanced tracts parroting Zionist parodies of Jewish history (Financial Times book review section August 28/29 2010).

    New heavily funded Zionist projects designed to capture young Jews and turn them into instruments of Israeli foreign policy includes “Taglit-Birthright” which has spent over $250 million dollars over the past decade sending over a quarter-million Jews (between 18-26) to Israel for 10 days of intense brainwashing (Boston Globe August 26, 2010).

    Jewish billionaires and the Israeli state foot the bill. The students are subject to a heavy dose of Israeli style militarism as they are accompanied by Israeli soldiers as part of their indoctrination; at no point do they visit the West Bank, Gaza or East Jerusalem (Boston Globe August 26, 2010).

    They are urged to become dual citizens and even encouraged to serve in the Israeli armed forces.

    In summary the 52 member organizations of the Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations which we discuss are only the tip of the iceberg of the Zionist Power Configuration: taken together with the PACs, the propaganda mills, the commercial and University presses and mass media we have a matrix of power for understanding the tremendous influence they have on US foreign and domestic policy as it affects Israel and US Zionism.

    While all their activity is dedicated first and foremost in ensuring that US Middle East policy serves Israel’s colonial expansion in Palestine and war aims in the Middle East, what B’nai B’rth euphemistically calls a “focus on Israel and its place in the world”, many groups ‘specialize’ in different spheres of activity.

    For example, the “Friends of the Israel Defense Force” is primarily concerned in their own words “to look after the IDF,” in other words provide financial resources and promote US volunteers for a foreign army (an illegal activity except when it involves Israel).

    Hillel is the student arm of the Zionist power configuration claiming a presence in 500 colleges and universities, all affiliates defending each and every human rights abuse of the Israeli state and organizing all expenses paid junkets for Jewish student recruits to travel to Israel where they are heavily propagandized and encouraged to ‘migrate’ or become ‘dual citizens’.

    Method: Studying Zionist Power

    There are several approaches for measuring the power of the combined Zionist organizations and influential occupants of strategic positions in government and the economy. These include (a) reputational approach (b) self claims (c) decision-making analysis (d) structural inferences.

    Most of these approaches provide some clues about Zionist potential power. For example, newspaper pundits and journalists frequently rely on Washington insiders, congressional staff and notables to conclude that AIPAC has the reputation for being one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington.

    This approach points to the need to empirically examine the operations of AIPAC in influencing Congressional votes, nomination of candidates, defeating incumbents who do not unconditionally support the Israeli line.

    In other words analyzing the Congressional and Executive decision-making process is one key to measuring Zionist power. But it is not the only one. Zionist power is a product of a historical context, where media ownership and wealth concentration and other institutional levers of power come into play and shape the current decision-making framework.

    Cumulative power over time and across institutions creates a heavy bias in the political outcomes favorable to Israel’s organized agents in America. Once again the mere presence of Jews or Zionists in positions of economic, cultural and political power does not tell us how they will use their resources and whether they will have the desired effect.

    Structural analysis, the location of Zionists in the class structure, is necessary but not sufficient for understanding Zionist power. One has to proceed and analyze the content of decisions made and not made regarding the agenda of Israel’s backers operating in the USA.

    The 52 major Zionists organizations are very open about their claims to power, their pursuit of Israel’s agenda and their subservience to each and every Israeli regime.

    Those who deny Zionist power over US Mid East foreign policy are left-Zionists namely Noam Chomsky and his acolytes.

    They never analyze the legislative process, executive decision-making, the structures and activity of the million member Zionist grassroots and the appointments and background of key policy makers deciding strategic policies in the Middle East.

    Instead they resort to superficial generalizations and political demagogy, imputing policy to “Big Oil” and the “military-industrial complex” or “US imperialism”. Categories devoid of empirical content and historical context about real existing policy making regarding the Middle East.

    The James Petras Website:

  93. Disgusted White Christian November 14, 2010 @ 2:53 pm

    Very nice charlie, reminds of the stigmata story of Padre Pio who miraculously was given the Christ wounds, upon one day staring at a statue of Saint Francis.

    He kept those wounds until death. Of course most unbelievers, said, he inflected the wounds on himself, and kept them from healing.

    Then how do they explain the miraculous healing of the wounds upon his death?


  94. KathJuliane November 14, 2010 @ 6:43 pm

    Dear Brainy Zek:

    I’m addicted to history, and in researching I try to follow a personal “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” law. Of itself, “Fruit of the poisonous tree” is a legal metaphor in the United States used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally.

    For me, important is the logic of the terminology — that if the source of the evidence (the “tree”) is tainted, then anything gained from it (the “fruit”) is as well.

    The Pink Swastika is not “history,” but unfortunately sensational historicized propaganda built from a fantasy national socialism which was developed for otherwise laudable purposes – the Christian/Conservative political activist opposition to the Gay Activist Agenda.

    Dr. Throckmorton’s work is a great example of dispassionate, objective, academic quality research and material addressing this plague, and a goldmine of information for debunking the Gay Agenda propaganda from a conservative Christian stance.

    Another outstanding site that Dr. Throckmorton overlaps with is National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). At first read the group might seem “liberal” but it is not – the stance of the organization of professionals, clinicians, therapists and academic researchers is overarchingly morally conservative and health-oriented regardless of personal religious affiliations or not. indivi

    NARTH is energetically pro-active in challenging the propaganda, skewed science and theories of militant Gay Agenda progressing through all aspects of society. Under their News Watch slot they even have a section on ‘Theological Issues’ which touches bases with the moral considerations of different religions.

    And NARTH goes toe-to-toe with “the national mental health associations that have been taken over by ideologues whose activist agendas show little concern for science or professional experience” including the American Psychological Association (APA). (The Tyler Principle:

    Don’t let the “velvet glove” of their soft-voiced polemical approach fool you, Brainy zek. Besides a therapeutic commitment, these folks are compassionately devoted to polemically duking it out with Gay Activism on a scientific and academic level whenever and wherever necessary through the tools of sound science and reason.

    After all, why debate God and Christ with a stupid atheist who never reads the Bible and waste all that energy?

  95. suzanne November 14, 2010 @ 6:44 pm

    Brother Nathanael Kapner,

    When I read articles like this it makes me very, very sad.

    Please tell me that this is all lies.

  96. Caveman November 14, 2010 @ 7:07 pm

    Dear DWC,

    Your post on Hitler only confirms the fact that most of the “West” — even well-informed people — has been totally and thoughly brainwashed about Hitler and WWII.

    Were it not for Germany’s pre-emptive strike against the Soviet evil empire, Stalin would have conquered THE WHOLE OF EUROPE, not just its eastern part. Katyn would have been repeated from Gibraltar to Norway, and from the British Isles to Vienna.

    Read Viktor Suvorov’s “Icebreaker” at:

    And also an excellent comment at IHR (“Russian Specialist Lays Bare Stalin’s Plan to Conquer Europe”):

    Your comment on Hitler and the Battle of Tours is misled, I guess that you cannot provide a reliable source.

    Now tell me, dear DWC, if Hitler “served the Zionist or Talmud bankers” (DWC dixit) why did they mobilize their forces in Jew-dominated Soviet Union, in Jew-dominated America, and Jew-dominated UK to defeat him?

    Why did they accepted nothing but unconditional surrender from Germany?

    Why, if Hitler was their pawn or “useful idiot,” do the Jews continue to smear and hate this man even 65 years after his death?

    No DWC, Hitler was an ENEMY of the Jews, he EXPOSED them, TOOK THE POWER from the Jews, and they hate his guts to this day for that.

    Hitler’s mistake was to react to Jewish racism with the opposite, German racism, forgetting at the same time to honour the ONLY, THE REAL KING OF THE UNIVERSE, OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

  97. Disgusted White Christian November 14, 2010 @ 8:12 pm

    Caveman, please, please, stop already.

    Just look at the chart in the URL below. If these so called Zionist Jews (AKA Talmudic Bankers) HATED a Mr. Adolf Hitler, like Mr. Cavemen states, why did the Schroder Banking Co., who were Rothschild (sound familiar Cavey? ) cronies finance something as you say they hated?

    “The J. Henry Schroder Banking Company chart encompasses the entire history of the twentieth century, embracing as it does the program (Belgium Relief Commission) which provisioned Germany from 1915-1918 and dissuaded Germany from seeking peace in 1916;

    Financing Hitler in 1933 so as to make a Second World War possible;

    Backing the Presidential campaign of Herbert Hoover;

    And even at the present time, having two of its major executives of its subsidiary firm, Bechtel Corporation serving as Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration.” – Extracted from the URL.

    You people with the Saint Adolph stuff, please give me a break?


  98. Disgusted White Christian November 14, 2010 @ 8:50 pm

    Again, Caveman, I will give your more evidence what I say is the truth.

    Why these Yid Bankers that have ruled in secrecy, and still have the power today, could of crushed Hitler like a bug under their feet, if they so desired.

    Remember, these are the same boys who manipulated Napoleon, and England at the same time, a century before? What their power wouldn’t multiply exponentially???

    Look at the Bush family, have you ever heard one interview, say form a Barbara Walters, or even Diane Sawyer, that allude
    to the Patriarch, Prescott Bush, and his dirty banking involvement with Nazi Germany???

    Now conversely, if an 85 year old happened to have been a guard in some concentration camp somewhere, they hunt him like a dog in the street.

    Look at Schwarzenegger, when he got into politics, they constantly asked about his Austrian father’s involvement with the Germans at that time.

    When Diane Sawyer interviewed Mel Gibson, she immediately went for the “sciatic nerve” asking Gibson, about his father, and his alleged anti-Semitic tirades.

    Yet said nothing on Prescott, when she interviewed either Bush, daddy or son???

    To which Mel just said “that is my father, I love him, and don’t go there Diane.”

    You don’t ask questions publicly in western media, about international banking, Caveman, or it’s involvement with world affairs, not if you want a career, or you value your life???


  99. Disgusted White Christian November 14, 2010 @ 8:54 pm

    This line below should be with Sawyer interviewing Mel Gibson at the end

    To which Mel just said “that is my father, I love him, and don’t go there Diane.”

  100. Caveman November 15, 2010 @ 7:29 pm


    DWC raises once again the issue of “Hitler Jewish financiers”, which is nothing but disinformation of the worst type. Why is that?

    If Hitler was financed by the Jews you can in fact HIDE the real causes of World War II: that it was a JEWISH CRUSADE to destroy the country and the man that did dare to CHALLENGE JEWISH SUPREMACY in Europe.

    Because DWC is well intentioned I will discuss this issue here.

    DWC, your link states that:

    “The J. Henry Schroder Banking Company chart encompasses the entire history of the twentieth century, … financing Hitler in 1933 so as to make a Second World War possible…”

    In your link no reference is provided for this rather strong statement. I will do it for you: they refer to the role played by Baron Kurt von Schröder. He was the grand-grandchild of Johann Heinrich Schröder (anglicized “J. Henry Schroder”), and took part in a meeting on January 4, 1933 with Hitler in Cologne. In fact he played an important role in the economy of the III Reich, both before and during the war.

    But was Kurt von Schröder in any way tied to the Jews? NOT AT ALL!

    -He was not Jewish, he came from the wealthy German nobility of Hamburg
    -He served in WW I in a Hussars regiment
    -In 1933 he became member of the National-Socialist Party
    -In 1936 member of the SS
    -After the war he was arrested and was tried by a German court for crimes against humanity. He was found guilty and was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment.

    So, if anything, Kurt von Schröder was an ardent National-Socialist and thus he supported Hitler.

    The ties you try to make between Schröder and Rothschild do not exist, it is the “wrong” Schröder!

  101. Caveman November 15, 2010 @ 7:32 pm


    1) Why Hitler was the ONLY LEADER OF HIS TIME to combat the jews and denounce their machinations before the world? Not unlike Iranian President Ahmadinejad in our time!

    2) Why Judea DECLARED WAR ON GERMANY already in 1933 and announced it in UK’s largest newspaper, the Daily Mail?

    3) Why did the British and French declared war on Germany after the invasion of Poland but DID NOTHING WHEN THE SOVIET UNION INVADED POLAND just a week later?

    4) How do we explain the DESTRUCTION of JEWISH POWER in FINANCE, INDUSTRY and the ECONOMY in Germany starting in 1933? Entire Jewish banks were “aryanized”, like the centuries-old and VERY POWERFUL Warburg Bank!! Did you see this happening in the US, UK or any of the Allies?

    5) Can Hitler’s economic paradigm of AUTARKY be reconciled at all with the Jewish economic systems of GLOBAL WILD CAPITALISM and COMMUNISM?

    6) Why did Hitler OUTLAW FREEMASONRY if he was a “Manchurian candidate”?

    7) How do we explain DEEP JEWISH HATRED of Hitler to this day? He followed the destiny of CZAR NICHOLAS of RUSSIA as Jewry’s best enemy! Do you see a comparable animosity towards Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt or Truman? Who was AGAINST the JEW, who was FOR the JEW?

    8) Did you see BUSH or CLINTON and their cronies tried by an international court of law for STARTING A WAR OF AGGRESSION (against Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan)? This is was exactly what they did in Nürnberg to all the remaining German officials !

    No, Hitler was not a pawn of the Jews like Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt or Truman, he was a TRUE GERMAN PATRIOT and MORTAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS.

    Yes, he was human and committed mistakes, like (a) loosing the war; and (b) FORGETTING ABOUT JESUS CHRIST, the latter being the cause of the former.

  102. Fr. Joseph November 16, 2010 @ 7:43 am

    Just for ‘The Public Record’,

    ALL of the following information is already avaialable to the entire Human Race from these ‘In-The-PUBLIC-Domain’ references readily available to every last ‘Leader of the Peoples’ of BOTH the Church Militant here on earth and each and every last political nation-state of our contemporary World-gone-Wild, the year now being 2010 Anno Domini:

    “Next, taking Him to a very high mountain, THE DEVIL showed Him all the kingdoms of the World and their splendor. ‘I will give You these’ he said, ‘if You fall down at my feet and worship me.’ Then JESUS REPLIED, ‘Be off, Satan! For Scripture says:

    “You must worship the Lord your God, and serve Him alone.”” – The Gospel according to St. Matthew – Matthew 4:8-10

    “Rosenthal says, ‘Most JEWS do not like to admit it, but our god is LUCIFER..and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.” – quoting from the on-line, in-the-public-Worldwide-Internet reference page:

    “Theurgical content of the ZOHAR – The theurigical, or last chief element of the ZOHAR, needs no long description here. It forms part of what has been called the ‘practical’ KABBALA, and supplies formulas by means of which the adept can entire into direct communication with invisible powers and thereby exercise authority over demons, nature, diseases, etc.” – quoting from the on-line, in-the-public-Worldwide-domain reference page:

    ‘Now a man called Simon had already practiced MAGIC ARTS in the town and astounded the Samaritan people. … When Simon saw that the (HOLY) Spirit was given through the imposition of hands by the Apostles, he offered them SOME MONEY. ‘Give me that same Power’, he said, ‘so that anyone I lay my hands on will receive the Holy Spirit.’

    “Peter answered, ‘MAY YOUR SILVER BE LOST FOREVER, AND YOU WITH IT, FOR THINKING THAT MONEY COULD BUY WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN FOR NOTHING! You have no share, no rights, in this: God can see how your heart is WARPED.”
    – Acts of the Apostles – Acts 8:9 & 18-21

    “They travelled the whole lenght of the island, and a Paphos they came in contact with a JEWISH MAGICIAN called Bar-jesus. …

    “…but Elymas Magos – as he was called in Greek – tried to stop them (Sts. Barnabas & Paul) so as TO PREVENT the Proconsul’s conversion to the Faith.” – Acts of the Apostles – Acts 13:6 & 8

    “But some itinerant JEWISH EXORCISTS tried pronouncing the +Name of the Lord JESUS over people who were POSSESSED BY EVIL SPIRITS…

    “Among those who did this were the seven sons of Sceva, a JEWISH CHIEF PRIEST.

    “The EVIL SPIRIT replied, ‘JESUS I recognize, that I know who Paul is, BUT WHO ARE YOU?’ and the evil spirit hurled himself at them and overpowered first one and then another, and handled them SO VIOLENTLY that they fled from that house NAKED and BADLY MAULED.” – Acts of the Apostles – Acts 19:13-17

    “Rakovsky then revealed something that at the time was unknown to Gabriel and even to Stalin.

    “He revealed that a ‘higher order’ than that of Communism existed, whose orders would HAVE TO be obeyed. This bears out what Doctor Dodd, head of the Communist Party in NEW YORK during the war had said.

    “When she reported to Cleon Skousin, second in command of the FBI, she said that whenever she had any difficulty in getting instructions from Moscow because of the war, she was to go to any one of THREE WEALTHY CAPITALISTS in the Waldorf Towers.

    “What amazed Doctor Dodd was then whenever these men GAVE INSTRUCTIONS, Moscow always ratified them. When asked who the men were, Doctor Dodd refused to name them. But when pressed to say ultimately who ruled this ‘higher order’, she replied simply ‘SATAN’.

    “In the course of this HISTORY-MAKING interview, Rakovsky made it clear that THE KEY to the power of this ‘higher order’ was MONEY. Rakovsky said, ‘MONEY IS POWER, THE ONLY POWER.’ – quoting from the on-line and in-the-public-Worldwide-domain reference page:

    “The Pen That RULES THE WORLD” – an on-line and in-full-view and avaiable-to-ALL the “Leaders of the People of our World” reference in-the-public-Worldwide-domain reference Internet webpage:

    Now regarding ‘The CRUSHING’ of Satan’s head, along with his JEWISH, ILLUMINISTS, SATANIC, LUCIFERIAN, MASONIC, ROSICRUCIAN, KABBALAH-ZOHAR, OCCULT HERMETIC ORDERS spiritual allies, dupes, stooges, zombie-followers….

    “The seventy-two came back rejoicing. ‘LORD!’ they said, EVEN THE DEVILS SUBMIT TO US WHEN WE USE YOUR NAME!’

    He said to them, ‘I watched SATAN fall like lightning from Heaven. YES, I have given you power to tread underfoot serpent and scorpions AND THE WHOLE STRENGHT OF THE ENEMY.” – The Gospel according to St. Luke – Luke 10:17-20

    Now then, it is in ‘the public domain’ that God has appointed THE WOMAN and HER OFFSPRING to CRUSH Satan’s head as recorded in everyone’s ‘Bible’ at Genesis 3:15

    This WOMAN’S DIVINE SON has given His BISHOPS of His Church here on earth the ‘SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY’ to CRUSH Satan’s head.

    The WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 has already TOLD the Bishops of Her Divine Son’s Church Militant here on earth to perform a PUBLIC and SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to Her very own Immaculately Loving Heart – and if/when they DO – our entire World and our Human Race will be granted by Her Divine Son Jesus Christ THE KING of all that is seen and Unseen – WORLD PEACE!

    Now then, all of us ALONG WITH the Bishop of Rome and the Bishops of the Catholic Church can ‘GO BURY THAT TALENT’ in the ground PRETENDING that we see NOTHING WRONG going on in our World of 2010 Anno Domini, that we see NO EVIL being publicly manifested ANYWHERES throughout our World’s nations and states of 2010 Anno Domini and SUFFER the spiritual consequences of Satan’s EVIL PLANS against all of us – OR – we can get the BISHOP OF ROME along with the Bishops of the Catholic Church throughout our entire Satanically-Sick and Satanically-Enslaved WORLD of 2010 Anno Domini TO USE that Divine ‘TALENT’ entrusted to them all as SUCCESSORS TO THE LORD’S APOSTLES in order to see to it that SATAN’S HEAD GETS CRUSHED!

    Finally, regarding MONEY and FINANCES and ECONOMIC OUTPUT and TANGIBLE WEALTH and the WELFARE and WELL-BEING of six (6) billion human souls currently living and alive here on this God-given, God-created, God-sustained Planet Earth of ours:

    “What is Social Credit? Practical Christianity!” – on-line, available-in-the-public-Worldwide-Internet-domain reference page:

    – +Fr. Joseph
    ‘At YOUR service IN the Service of OUR LORD and His Most Holy MOTHER, the Blessed Virgin Mary – God’s NEW EVE of, to and for our entire Human Race!’

  103. Fr. Joseph November 16, 2010 @ 9:28 am

    In the Public Worldwide Domain in ANY copy of ‘The Bible’ anyone, anywheres, throughout our contemporary World can find, verify and read for themselves:

    “‘Sir’, said he, ‘I had heard You were a hard Man, reaping where You have not sown and gathering where You have not scattered; so I was afraid, and I went off AND HID YOUR TALENT in the ground. Here it is, it was Yours, You have it back.’ But his Master answered him, ‘YOU WICKED AND LAZY SERVANT! SO YOU KNEW THAT I REAP WHERE I HAVE NOT SOWN AND GATHER WHERE I HAVE NOT SCATTERED!..As for this GOOD-FOR-NOTHING servant, throw him out into the dark, where there will be WEEPING and GRINDING OF TEETH!” – The Gospel according to St. Matthew – Matthew 25:24-30

    Let us now consider the ‘ONE TALENT’ granted to the President of the United States of America, the 100 U.S. Senators and the 450+ Members of U.S. Congress.

    ALL OF THEM can simply ‘push a Bill’ through REVOKING ‘The Federal Reserve Act of 1913’ – but the U.S. President, 100 U.S. Senators and 450+ Members of U.S. Congress BURY THAT ‘ONE TALENT’ OF THEIRS!

    Each of the fifty (50) Governors of every last State of the United States of America has in his/her ability to RECALL their own State’s REPRESENTATIVES to the Federal Government there in Washington D.C. – their own State’s two (2) U.S. Federal SENATORS and their State’s assigned Members to the U.S. Congress in order TO TRY THEM FOR TREASON in their own States for TREASON against that State’s Sovereignty and their State’s Constitution!

    The U.S. Constitution gives the U.S. CONGRESS the power to mint, coin, regulate the value of U.S. currency – and NOT the JEWISH OWNED Private Credit Fiat Money Usury Charging FEDERAL RESERVE BANK!

    Each of the fifty (50) States of these United States of America has had TREASON levied against them by their own State’s U.S. Senators and their State’s Repsresentatives to U.S. Congress year after year to this very year of 2010 Anno Domini since 1913 Anno Domini.

    Each of the fifty (50) State Governors of these United States of America HAVE BURIED their ‘ONE TALENT’!

    Each of the fifty (50) State’s CHIEF JUSTICE of their State’s Supreme Court has at his/her always readily available JUDICIAL POWER the ability to issue a ‘WRIT OF MANDAMUS’ in which that State’s Chief Justice of their State’s Supreme Court can COURT ORDER the Governor of their particular State TO FORCE their State’s Governor TO RECALL their State’s U.S. Federal Goverment’s SENATORS and MEMBERS OF CONGRESS back to their own State in order to try them all for TREASON against their own State’s Soveriegnty and their State’s Constitition!

    But not one State’s CHIEF JUSTICE of any of the fifty (50) States of these United States of America has ever issued such a ‘Writ Of Mandamus’ to their State’s Governor ORDERING him/her to RECALL their State’s U.S. Senators or Members of U.S. Congress in order to try them for TREASON in both passing and keeping-intact the unConstitutional ‘Federal Reserve Act of 1913’!

    Each one of the CHIEF JUSTICES of the fifty (50) States of these United States of America have BURIED THEIR ‘ONE TALENT’ as well.

    One can go on and on and about all of those who HAVE ‘BURIED THEIR ONE TALENT’ here in and throughout these United States of America.

    Every last T.V. network, every last RADIO station, every last Magazine or Newspaper Editor and Staff have also ‘BURIED THEIR ONE TALENT’ in not publicly reporting and announcing to their fellow U.S. FEDERAL CITIZENS as well as to their own State’s CITIZENS all about the bogus, fake, staged 9-11-2001 ‘Arab Terrorist’ attacks.

    All of those in the U.S. Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Trade Schools, Grammar Schools have likewise ‘BURIED THEIR ONE TALENT’.

    The Labor Unions, principlely the Pilots Unions, Flight Attendants Unions, Aircraft Mechanics Unions have ‘BURIED THEIR ONE TALENT’ in their keeping U.S. Commerical Airlines and Cargo carries FLYING despite the worldwide and in-the-public-domain knowledge that the 9-11-2001 ‘Arab Terrorist’ attacks were an INSIDE JOB pulled off by the political Zionists, their Banking-backers, their Corporate-criminals, and Zionist Israel’s MOSSAD and dual-US-Israel citizens.

    List goes on and on and on…

    T.V. celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and her side-kick girlfriend Whoopie Goldberg keep THEIR ‘Big Mouths Shut’ as they gossip and jabber-jaw endlessly, vainly and pointlessly to the HORDES of U.S. women who stare upon them as their contemporary ‘idols’ and ‘great teachers’ and ‘great leaders’!

    This ‘BURYING OF THEIR ONE TALENT’ just goes on and on and on EVERYWHERE.

    Consider the Bishop of Rome to whom THE LORD HIMSELF has entrusted those ‘Keys’…

    From the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

    “882. The POPE, Bishop of Rome and Peter’s successor, ‘is the perpetual and visible source and foundation of the unity both of the bishops and of the whole company of the faithful’ ‘For the Roman Pontiff, by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ, and as pastor of the entire Church HAS FULL, SUPREME, AND UNIVERSAL POWER OVER THE WHOLE CHURCH, A POWER WHICH HE CAN ALWAYS EXERCISE UINDERED.'”

    Running THAT through our six (6) billion human minds all across our God-given Planet Earth ONE MORE TIME…


    Well, is it possible for THE POPE to go and ‘BURY HIS ONE TALENT’ as well?

    The Bishop of Rome need only look out upon and all across our Jewish-Bankers-War-Ravaged-World which is currently on route to a Satanic inspired and desired GLOBAL thermonuclear Third World War – and the POPE can summon up the inner courage and spiritual fortitude (Spiritual Graces given to the members of our Human Race via GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT) to say ‘ENOUGH OF THIS BULLZHID!’…

    And the Bishop of Rome can, himself, ORDER the Bishops of the Catholic Church to perform Our Lady of Fatima’s INSTRUCTION; a global, worldwide PUBLIC and SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to Her Immaculately Loving Heart as GOD’S NEW EVE to and for our entire Human Race!

    On-line In-the-public-Worldwide-Internet-domain refernce pages:

    Heaven’s Key To Peace

    World Peace OR the Annihilation of Nation? It Depends On 4600 Men.


    You all can join in and ‘Have FUN’ identifying all those others who HAVE ‘BURIED THEIR ONE TALENT’ as well…

    All of the National Leaders of EVERY LAST nation-state of our contemporary World.

    The judical and legislative bodies of EVERY LAST nation-state of our contemporary World.

    The respresnatives and ambassadors TO the United Nations have ALL ‘BURIED THEIR ONE TALENT’ in simply failing in their ASKING-REQUESTING the Bishop of Rome to PRIESTLY-INTERCEDE for our entire Human Race as the ROMAN PONTIFF go grant ALL the nations of the United Nations….’WORLD PEACE!’

    And so-called ‘Pastors’ the likes of JOHN HAGEE just go on and on with their pulpit BLUSTER calling for WARS and KILLINGS and SUPPORT OF the malicious, evil-minded, Christ Jesus REJECTING political Zionist State of Israel!

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA
    ‘Informer’ ‘Communications Expert’
    1st Lt. – His Holy Army
    hanging on by its fingernails
    here at ‘Bastogne’

  104. Fr. Joseph November 16, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

    After my religious profession into the Order of Carmlelites, as a NOVICE, I had this very personal and trite saying I would utter to myself as a personal reminder during my spiritual life and journey:

    “The MORE OBVIOUS something is, the MORE LIKELY it will be overlooked.”

    Now if 300 million U.S. citizens and I haven’t a clue as to how many citizens of the nations of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Arctic and Antarctic will SO READILY hand over their economic and financial lives – and that of their families and their children – OVER TO the management and control of SATAN-worshipping JEWISH, MASONIC, ILLUMNIST private owners of our World’s CENTRAL BANKS – and EVERYONE throughout our World has seen and ARE CURRENTY EXPERIENCING the consquences, the results, of that collective decision…

    …’THEN WHY NOT?’ permit THE POPE, his Cardinals and Archbishops of THE VATICAN to “own and privately operate” the CENTRAL BANKS currently under Satanic influence here in the U.S.A. and the other nations on every other continent of our contemporary World…

    …and have those ‘PRIVATE PAPAL-OWNED CENTRAL BANKS’ throughout our entire World MANAGE and UTILIZE this new ‘World Currency’ IN ACCORDANCE WITH the social, moral, ethical and political principles OF the Catholic Church?

    To be sure, there would be PLENTY OF MONEY avaiable to build SCHOOLS and HOSPITALS and to train TEACHERS and DOCTORS, NURSES and MEDICAL WORKERS galore!

    And PLENTY OF MONEY to build affordable housing, to build, fix and repair urban areas and national infrastructures.

    And PLENTY OF MONEY to fund every manner of productive AGRICULTURAL farming as well as INDUSTRIAL necessary undertaking.

    And LOTS and LOTS OF MONEY for every other type and sort of HUMAN NECESSITY that is required for HUMAN BEINGS the World over TO GROW UP as real life Human Beings and TO LIVE their lives and lifetimes out AS Human Beings to themselves and to ONE ANOTHER!

    Well, go ahead and make up your minds and your personal DECISIONS, folks. Do you want Satan-worshipping JEWS and the MASONS and the ILLUMISTS running your nations, your states, your communities and your families – OR – might you ENJOY the World’s Supply of FIAT CURRENCY under the direct control, management, oversight and regulation by the CATHOLIC CHURCH employing her Principles of Human Morality and International POLITICS guided by the Principles and Guidelines of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT Who, by the way, CREATED all that is seen and Unseen and Who SUSTAINS all that is seen and Unseen!

    – +Fr. Joseph

    “To be or not to be!
    That is the Question.
    To suffer the slings and arrows
    Or to TAKE UP ARMS
    against a Sea of Troubles….”

  105. Fr. Joseph November 16, 2010 @ 6:19 pm

    “The MORE OBVIOUS something is, the MORE LIKELY it will be overlooked.” – John Michael of the Incarnate, T.O.Carm.

    The SUN is bright and gives warmth.

    Water is WET and we can drink it.

    We breath AIR yet we don’t see it.

    The ground underneath our feet is SOLID.

    We DID NOT bring ourselves into existance NOR did we grant ourselves LIFE and these HUMAN NATURES that are ours….and…

    It is NOT ‘He who OWNS THE GOLD that makes the rules!’, rather it is ‘He Who CREATED THE GOLD makes the Rules!’

    God became Man 2,000 years ago in the Person of JESUS, The Christ to All of Humanity, and…

    HE WILL COME AGAIN TO JUDGE THE LIVING AND THE DEAD – and no Bank Affiliation, no Political Affiliation, no Psuedo-Religious or Psuedo-Spiritual Affiliation will SPARE ANY OF US from undergoing His Divine JUDGEMENT.

    And to “get into the mind” of one +Fr. Joseph, here ya go – my own personal ‘Manifesto’…don’t need no iris scan, biometrics, brain scanning, DNA testing, drug testing or anything else!

    The God Of OUR Contemplation:

    – +Fr. Josep

  106. D Costa November 16, 2010 @ 9:29 pm

    Gordon Duff wants to be in the center of attention while keeping other websites like, hidden and he enjoys being called a truthteller while failing to give the entire truth and while giving the truth mixed with half truths and baloney.

    He wrote an article about Jews stealing 42 millions from Germany while pretending to be Holohoax survivors but never mentioned any Jewish names.

    In contrast to Gordon Duff’s article read the following article where this same information is more complete. I applaud the website: The Truth Will Set You Free.

    “Holocaust Fund Financed by German Government Defrauded of $42 Million

    Nov. 9) — Authorities say a Holocaust fund that helped victims was victimized itself.

    Seventeen people were charged in federal court in Manhattan with a long-running scam that defrauded Holocaust funds for survivors out of $42 million, authorities announced today. Some of the fraudulent claims date back to 1993.

    Authorities said employees of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany — also known as the Claims Conference — approved more than 5,500 fraudulent applications, resulting in bogus payouts from the German government through the fund. Workers and those who were part of the conspiracy kept a portion of the payments, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York said.

    Authorities said some of the outside conspirators recruited people, who provided identification such as passports and birth certificates, which were then altered and submitted to the corrupt insiders. The applicants took a portion of the payout and gave the rest back to the gang of conspirators, authorities said.

    The U.S. Attorney’s Office said 11 defendants were arrested this morning. Four have already pleaded guilty as part of the indictment, which was unsealed today.

    “Funds established and financed by the German government to aid Holocaust survivors were siphoned off by the greedy, and not paid out, as intended to the worthy,” said Janice K. Fedarcyk, head of the New York FBI. “This was a brazen miscarriage of the compensation program.”

    “If ever there was a cause that you would hope and expect would be immune from base greed and criminal fraud, it would be the Claims Conference, which every day assists thousands of poor and elderly victims of Nazi persecution,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said.

    The charges capped an investigation that began in December 2009, when officials of the fund suspected foul play and went to the FBI.

    Investigators soon found something was amiss in two funds administered by the Claims Conference: the Article 2 Fund and the Hardship Fund. The Hardship Fund was designed to make reparations to Jewish survivors of Nazi persecution who were forced to leave their homes and flee the Nazis.

    The majority of the payments have been to former Soviet Bloc residents who fled the Nazis but were not under their occupation. Each applicant gets a one-time payment of about $3,600.

    The Article 2 Fund is for Jewish survivors who were in hiding under a false name or were confined to a Jewish-designated ghetto, labor camp or concentration camp. Those who are eligible cannot earn more than $16,000 a year after taxes. They get about $411 a month.

    The indictment alleged that six employees of the fund processed false applications from some people who were not even born during World War II. And at least in one instance, the person wasn’t even Jewish, authorities said.

    Authorities said some of the outside conspirators recruited people, who provided identification such as passports and birth certificates, which were then altered and submitted to the corrupt insiders. The applicants took a portion of the payout and gave the rest back to the gang of conspirators, authorities said.

    The U.S. Attorney’s Office said 11 defendants were arrested this morning. Four have already pleaded guilty as part of the indictment, which was unsealed today.

    “Funds established and financed by the German government to aid Holocaust survivors were siphoned off by the greedy, and not paid out, as intended to the worthy,” said Janice K. Fedarcyk, head of the New York FBI. “This was a brazen miscarriage of the compensation program.”

    Taken from the website: The Truth Will Set You Free.

    In a separate case he published the article of J. B. Campbell: Defense against Zionist aggression on his website–Veterans Today but added this: [EDITOR’S NOTE: Submitted for publishing for information purposes only. This is a highly controversial document.]

    Gordon Duff is an ego-centric and greedy man who wants to own every bit of information and dish it out to others in the way he wants.

    He is a part of Jewish media. I have experienced Gordon Duff’s hidden side and I can tell you he is a mean man who likes to be a dictator and a tyrant.

    He shares the same interests as rogue organizations like the SPLC who monitors patriots like White Americans and those who are standing up against government tyranny whom he has called “anti-government groups.”

    He was also trying to smear Dr David Duke [for his past affiliations over 30 years ago] with his effort to interfere with David Duke’s future as a great statesman as one of America’s foremost politicians – the same way Jewish owned main stream media has attempted.

    Gordon Duff also demonizes the Tea Party Movement. He has left veterans and American soldiers throughly confused for the last several years through the information he has dished out selectively via Veterans Today. Gordon Duff is not a friend of America’s true freedom. His aim is to be in control in addition to make money.

    SPLC has a list of people they want to kill and I doubt that Gordon Duff is in it unless his name is added today after reading this comment. SPLC and ADL and other Jewish groups will not attack Gordon Duff because they know he is on their side.

    People like Gordon Duff does a great deal of harm to reall honest people and the truth movement itself.

  107. D Costa November 16, 2010 @ 9:35 pm

    Correction first para, last sentence: never mentioned “any” names.

    Gordon Duff demonizes the Tea Party movement for the wrong reason. He says it is run by Republicans. Tea Party is hijacked by Jews just like both Republican and Democratic parties are hijacked by them which he does not say.

    Tea Party people are being misguided by people like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.

    What I most object about the Tea Party people is their ignorance about America’s foreign policy that has caused the illegal wars and the fact that they are rather ignorant about the harm Israel is doing to America.

    Gordon Duff demonizes them because they are mostly White people who share the same heritage as people like of David Duke–the same reason why Jewish main stream media attacks them. Gordon Duff is anti-White and anti-Christian.

    “Geraldo Rivera has always been more of a crude showman than a “news” presenter for a long, long time. He is a grandstander, who deals more in spectacle, than Truth on any given day. and wallows in his own mire of distorted taunts, lies, deceptions a la Wolf Blitzer, the small man with a big name at CNN.

    Jeff Gates author of Guilt by Association describes the likes of Geraldo Rivera and Wolf Blitzer, ‘the people in between’ accurately here….”

    – Writes Debbie in her comment on website. Well said Debbie!

    “Dear Geraldo Rivera” Gordon Duff says sucking up to this deceitful fraud and tyrant, Rupert Murdoch’s tribal relative who demonized the 9/11 Truthers for so many years.

    Gordon Duff, I challenge you for being a deceitful man yourself and a tyrant who demonizes and smears certain people just like the mainstream media liars do.

    You have referred to American people who have stood up to the tyranny of the US government [which is really the tyranny of Jews who have taken over everything here] as “anti-government groups” just like the terrorist organizations: ADL and SPLC have done.

    Why don’t you say “Dear 9/11 Truthers”. You cannot because you are too deceitful and you have no courage or there is some twist in your brain.

    No body wants to call out on Gordon Duff because they think he is too powerful and they all want to be on his blog. This is how people have allowed deceitful people to acquire more power.

    This is a man who wants David Duke to be his football because David Duke represents the group that is most threatening to him.

  108. Fr. Joseph November 18, 2010 @ 1:30 pm

    ALL of our contemporary World’s manifold vexing and internationally linked PROBLEMS of both a temporal-mundane-material-economic nature AND psycho-spiritual-moral-ethical, intellectual-emotional level can ALL be traced right back to the times of the MONARCHS and Christian Rulers.

    During their rule over the many varied heritage-race-nationalities socities and nations-states, THEY permitted the then land-less Babylonian-Talmud, Kabbalah-Zohar chanting, NON-Semitic Khazarian JEWS to get their hands on the CONTROL OF THE MONEY of their particular Christian society, their particular Christian nation-state, their particular Christian cultural heritage’s territorial regions.

    This contemporary ‘World’ of everyone’s is NOT a ‘Christian’ one – and how do you all LIKE IT?

    When it dawns in the the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of our contemporary World’s population of around six (6) billion human souls that our Human Race REALLY DOES NEED A ‘DIVINE SAVIOR’ —

    Then and only then will we get around TO DO what our Real and Actual Divine Savior, JESUS CHRIST, has ALREADY told us all WE need TO DO in order to bring about His SALVATION from the evils ones, seen or unseen, and to bring about His Redemption for every last member of our Human Race SO THAT every last man, woman and child might – once again – LIVE a lifetime of His Divine Blessedness which is termed a lived human lifetime of ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of BLESSEDNESS.’

    When people the World over really and truly DO get GOOD & SICK & TIRED of living their lives THIS CONTEMPORARY WAY imposed or deviously insinuated to them all by SATAN and his seen human stooges, dupes and allies from and WITHIN every strata of Human Society throughout every last political nation-state of our contemporary World’s;

    Then and ONLY THEN will be get some sorts of REAL ACTIONS and REAL CHANGES IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR and some REAL CHANGES IN HUMAN VALUES regarding these human lives of ours and the real, actual LIVING of these human lives of ours to bring about the God’s Own Much Desired ‘Social-Spiritual REVOLUTION-REVOLT’ that everyone here on RZN seems to understand that NEEDS to take place.

    Our Human Race NEEDS a massive, global, worldwide ‘Second Pentecost’!

    The Bishop of Rome along with the Bishops of the Catholic Church in FINALLY obeying what Heaven has given as Divine Instructions – the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculately Loving Heart of THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 WILL be about that desperately needed ‘Second Pentecost’ for the sakes of the six (6) billion human souls currently living and alive on our contemporary Planet Earth.

    And, ‘Sorry, Folks!’ – I’m NOT the Bishop of Rome nor am I just a plain, ordinary, run-of-the-mill BISHOP in the Catholic Church!

    There ARE some ‘Duties’ and ‘Actions’ and ‘Responsibilities’ that HAVE BEEN assigned and designated TO OTHERS – and whether or not THEY fulfill the RESPONSIBILITIES of their office, position, rank, title WITHIN Human Society – it’s totally UP to them – and NOT to me, nor to +Br. Nathanael, nor to any individual who might read or contribute to these RZN commentary sections.

    If a PILOT FAILS to take responsibility for his/her flying aircraft – it WILL ‘crash & burn’ one way or another.

    If FIREFIGHTERS FAIL to answer a fire alarm, houses WILL ‘burn down’ and very likely with the PEOPLE still within them.

    If DOCTORS FAIL to even attempt making a diagnosis of a sick, ill or diseased person, that person WILL ‘suffer or die’ one way or another.

    If FARMERS FAIL to plant their crops, lots and lots of people WILL suffer from malnutrition and very likely DIE of famine and starvation.

    And on and on it goes…

    If the POPE and the BISHOPS of my Catholic Church FAIL TO IMPLEMENT Divine Instructions, then millions upon millions of human souls WILL ‘Wind Up In Hell Forever’!

    Somebody here on the Internet HAS TO “Tell You All Like It Is!”

    It is my hope and my prayer to Almighty God that I have done the VERY BEST that I could in ‘Telling You All Like It Is!’

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

    “My People PERISH for lack/want of KNOWLEDGE!” – Prophet Hosea – Hosea 4:6

  109. rev2939 November 18, 2010 @ 3:19 pm

    Excellent Brother Nat,

    People follow the satan-driven dollar where next? To the pit that’s where.

  110. D Costa November 19, 2010 @ 9:01 am

    Eric Cantor’s only interests are Jewish interests in the US and interests of Israel which means not only he will continue to be a war monger wanting to destroy another sovereign nation — Iran — without having learnt anything from past mistakes.

    Iraq was invaded based on lies. Afghanistan was destroyed for no reason at all. Who have benefited from these unwanted illegal wars?

    Eric Cantor wants to use his political power to continue to destroy countries: Lives of innocent people, their homes making them homeless, their animals, roads, vehicles, trees and vegetations destroyed.

    He wants to stand with Israel no matter what. He wants to continue to give Israel American tax payer money and even introduce new ways such as adding [America’s aid to Israel] to the US Defense budget. Currently America gives Israel 3 million a day.

    How is this going to help America? Helping Israel and promoting special interests of Jewish people in our society are not going to help the rest of society’s members.

    Millions of people continue to be the victims of the mortgage backed security fraud perpetrated by Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs and other bankers who are relatives and friends of people like Eric Cantor. Did Eric Cantor’s wife worked for Goldman Sachs?

    Here is a real story taken from Daily Paul:

    “I engaged in this battle with the belief that one day, I would sit in a courtroom and get to explain what happened. I WAS WRONG.

    “Idaho is a “non-judicial review” state. “Show me the note” means NOTHING here. The bank failed to perform, they had a LEGAL obligation to prove I owed them money… but I have no legal recourse when they fail to do so.

    “Well, I COULD hire an attorney and try to sue them, except that we could not find an attorney to help us even ask to see the papers – nearly all of them are on retainer for the banks.

    “Those that are not are scared witless of being censured for fighting the banks. Idaho is NOT the bastion of liberty it is made out to be.

    “I see “show me the note” catching on – GREAT! I see no one warning about non-judicial review, except me. I have emailed a couple sites and asked them to please warn their readers, but… you know… crazy lady and all… surely I am lying, right?

    “Well, you all have been with me through most of this odyssey, I hope you will spread this story and vouch for me, best you can.

    “My poor husband has been ashamed to tell our story. We did decide to stop sending money at one point, and he feels like people will hate us for making that decision. Meanwhile, he is trying to set up a farm to feed all those people when they are starving… maybe they will stop hating us then?”

    “Eric Cantor wants banker gangsters to continue foreclosing on homes of Americans.

    Idaho First Amendment lawyer Edgar Steele has been arrested on false charges of attempted murder [of his wife Cindy and his mother in law] fabricated by the FBI with the help from ADL and two men: brother and a cousin of Bill Maher.

    On 11/17/10 I was visited by a federal agent whom I am suspicious of trying to frame me for speaking against the Jewish tyranny that is behind everything we experience: from DNA killing body scanners, sexual molestation in the airports to arrest of patriots like Edgar Steele on fabricated charges, visits from federal agents to homes of people who are not engaged in any crime [the only crime is speaking up against Jewish tyranny].

    Yes I sent an email in support of Edgar Steele, sent in a contribution to Edgar Steele’s Defense Fund, frequently visit Dr David Duke’s website [despite the red warning signal].

    I continue to voice my displeasure against Israeli firsters and Talmud believers like Eric Cantor, Chuck Schumer, Joe Lieberman, Michael Chertoff and terrorist organizations like the ADL, SPLC, AIPAC who are destroying our country and our freedom and individual liberties.

    Federal agents must spend resources to go after real criminals instead of people like Edgar Steele and David Duke who are not the problem. It is time traitors like Eric cantor and the Jewish cuban woman from Florida are arrested for treason and Michael Chertoff and others like him charged for fraud.

    Read “Hidden Tyranny” the interview given by the Jewish man Harold Wallece Rosenthal and “Facta are Facts” by Benjamin Freedman who have given details about the Jewish tyranny which Brother Nathanael does so well.

  111. Hoff November 20, 2010 @ 12:46 am

    *** MUST SEE Rothschild video!!! ***

    The.House.of.Rothschild – the movie. Start watching at One hour and eight minutes, o1:o8:oo And watch the small notes Rothschild gets all the time. Look careful at o1:22:22, here you will see how Rothschild gets the notes – by pigeons.

    Six years ago l bought a Nokia 9300. Just do an image search. l was like a child with a new toy, l had to show it to everyone. The size is just like a little bigger than an old cell phone – but it had a lid. And when you open the lid you get a fullzise keyboard and a screen.

    – l had internet in it! l told people. They all looked at me with disbelief. – “lt has internet?” – “Yeah! Look. lt’s Google,” l said and showed them. “Just do a search for a page you know.”

    Well, it took me three months before l understood what it was, the smallest laptop in the world.

    CLUNG! The coin went through the slot machinery.

    At that moment a young boy was passing. l called him and asked if he wanted to see something? – “Yes l do,” he said. l showed him the Nokia and said: – “It’s the world smallest laptop.” He just stunned and said: – “Yes it is!”

    What l had done was l had boiled down the whole Q to a oneliner A. After this l didn’t have to think about what it is, now l could explain what it was in a oneliner and all people who knows the least thing about computers gets it instantly.

    Six years ago l Hoff had internet in my breast pocket 24-7. Wherever l was l had internet. lt was 2G, slooooooow and expensive, but it worked and l got it before most people even understood that there was an internet – and l had it in my pocket.

    Most people could simply not understand. Today six years later most all people have wireless internet via the cell phone network.

    Well, just a week after l got it that the Nokia was a laptop, there was this chopper in the air hovering. lt turned out that you could have a ride for like 30 dollars. l gotta do that. As l waited in the line the chopper broke down and it took an hour to fix it.

    – Why don’t l post a comment from the chopper? l wrote a message and when we were 100 meters up in the air l posted a comment on internet that l posted this from a chopper in the air. l updated the page just to make sure it was posted.

    Actually l, Hoff, might be one of the first, if not the first, men in the entire world who made a comment on internet from an airborne chopper. My post was widely discussed at that forum and a week later a well known nick posted a comment in the forum from an airliner half across the Atlantic on the way to Jew York city.

    This is wireless internet. Do you get it? What Rothschild had 200 years ago was the first wireless internet in the world – a note and a pigeon. A pigeon was at the time the superior fastest way to send a message, make a comment.

    Only Rothschild had “internet” 200 years ago. Well, that is not the whole truth because Rothschild played both sides, and the Jews don’t tell you this in the movie.

    ln the movie it appears as Rothschild is gambling the whole fortune by doing the opposite to what everyone else was doing. Everybody was selling – except Rothschild that was buying everything. lf he lost he would go bankrupt. Total Jew propaganda BS. This is what really happn’d:

    Rothschild was the richest banker in the world, no non-Jew banker was even close. What Rothschild said to the French was: l’ll give you gold if you promise to make England pay what they owe me so far.

    Hence if the French won, Rothschild would get his gold back with interest from the French AND all the gold Rothschild had given to the English so far – plus interest of course.

    Then Rothschild gave the English the same deal. Sum up, if Napoleon had won Rothschild would have got all his gold back. lf Wellington had won Rothschild would have got all his gold back. The truth is that it was a Win-Win deal to Rothschild.

    Listen good at o1:o9 and 40 sec. Here the Jew tells us what the Jews REALLY want — equal rights. “Equal” is Jew code word for “The Jews Can Take Over And Be Above All Non-Jews.”

    This is why Napoleon was the first in the entire history of man who promised the Jews equal rights, because the jew Rothschild demanded it to give him gold. And England followed suit.

    A half century Rothschild pulled the same Jew scam on Russia’s king. Rothschild told the Russian tsar he could have the gold – lF he gave the Jews equal rights and allowed free immigrations rights to all the Jews to immigrate and settle anywhere they wanted in Russia.

    The Russian king said no, and that was when Rothschild started to pit the Communist-Jews against the Russian tsar in the 1850s. Then the Jews killed the Russian king, the tsar in 1881 and Rothschild tried to establish a Jew-run central bank.

    Rothschild failed. Then Rothschild tried again in 19o5. Rothschild failed again but made it in 1917. The jew MO all over again. Do you get it?

    The Rothschild Jews runs Wall Street.

    Start at o1:o8:oo – h:m:sec

  112. Hoff November 20, 2010 @ 5:38 am

    “Rothschild has been at the centre of the world’s financial markets for over 200 years.”

    From Rothschild About Us page.


    Our long history has depended time and again on being ahead of the game. Faster communications, better market information, new approaches and new solutions: these are what have given us flexibility, advantage and edge across changing times and circumstances.

    The dramatic success of the five founding Rothschild brothers lay in their closely synchronised business.

    Having set up banking operations in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna and Naples they bound themselves by contract to clear, defined objectives and set about creating the fastest and safest courier network in Europe by which they exchanged encoded market information on a daily basis.

    It proved to be a winning formula which soon positioned them as the best informed and most internationally effective banking group in the world.

    Couriers, pigeon post, the telegraph, the telephone and e-mail: as each new medium of communication came along it was quickly embraced by the Rothschilds to maintain their advantage.

    Today the belief in concerted action and shared direction, bringing together offices and companies across the globe, remains at the heart of the Rothschild approach.

    Two years ago the About Us page said that Rothschild is the worlds biggest private owned bank. That is now deleted.

    This is wireless internet. Do you get it? What Rothschild had 200 years ago was the first wireless internet in the world – a note and a pigeon. A pigeon was at the time the superior fastest way to send a message, make a comment.

    Only Rothschild had “internet” 200 years ago.


    The whole point is that Rothschild had firsthand info no one in the entire world could have. Hence Rothschild was on top of everybody.

  113. Fr. Joseph November 20, 2010 @ 8:16 pm

    If but a simiple HANDFUL of Rothschild’s in their collective-collegial ‘Selling Their Souls’ for the KINGDOMS of ‘this World’ have wrought so much MISERY to SO MANY human beings these past centuries and IN PARTICULAR this last past century of ours…

    …then JUST IMAGINE what the psycho-spiritual affect would be on our ENTIRE human race IF the Bishop of Rome along with the Bishops of my Catholic Church DO what God and All-of-Heaven is waiting on for them all TO DO as an ‘In-Your-Satanic-Faces’ in THEIR collective-collegiality of a global-worldwide PUBLIC and SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of GOD INCARNATE’S Own Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary!

    You wanna both SEE as well as HEAR ‘Satan’s Head CRUSHED’???

    Then simply go tell the Bishop of Rome TO ORDER the Bishops of the Catholic Church TO DO that which Heaven INSTRUCTED them all to do nearly 100 years ago now!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  114. rev2939 November 21, 2010 @ 4:30 am

    Plant some seed money here people.

    JESUS CHRIST plainly stated who the enemy would be to the Christian man, only now they are dressed in suits and ties.

    This is CHRIST centered, and giving to GOD`s truth brings blessings!

  115. Tom Hurst March 4, 2011 @ 6:35 pm

    Not all Jews are Kenite and not all Jews are bad people in spite of them not believing Christ arrived millenia ago.

    Jesus said it best: “Those who call themselves Jews.”

    From Esau to Edom to Kenite and many more thrown in, these ungodly people are the money changers.They are born without emotion and have no thought for our Israelite people period.

    They are empty and void of compassion as the Bible states. They are also not of Judah in any way shape or form. Please direct your comments to those who deserve it. Israel and Judah will be as one nation in the end, people.

  116. Checker October 15, 2011 @ 8:00 am

    What do you make of the fact that immigrants and people of color are not part of this movement? Is the entire system is skilfully designed in why that immigrants and people of color are and remain on the margins of wealth? These people are stuck in 12H/day jobs at minimum wage or below and can never afford the luxury to camp out in protest against their oppressors.

  117. canilecanan August 14, 2015 @ 9:06 am

    One of the commentators wrote: “George W. Bush lied us into two evil wars of aggression for the benefit of Israel and the Jewish war profiteers on Wall Street and the banks. / We are the victims of Jewish aggression.”

    I remember myself having debates with some American friends those years.

    I was defending briefly that this wars are not for Americans or democracy or in real not for America’s benefit. I remember a mother of US soldiers who lost her two sons in Iraq were still defending its necessity. One of her neighbors insulted and mocked me.

    All were loving people who have great belief and love of Jesus Christ. I wish they criticized their thoughts and changed their mind since then.

  118. Thomas Blankenhorn April 6, 2016 @ 9:11 pm

    Today, yet again as been the case for the past 7 years but many days recently, the market headed downward, in the direction of fair value for this masked depression but then, suddenly it gets manipulated up, causing responsible people to lose and those who sold their souls to the central banks BEAST, to win.

    The corruption is amazing.

    I’ve been shorting this market for 7 years and hardly able to get traction. Dumb ignorant people would try to make an inane remark like if smart you’d go long the bull market but it has been on Bull (S) market, manipulated up by Jews.

    The anti-stimulus of the Federal Reserve was suppose to have ended in 2010, then 20111, then 2012, then 2013, then finally the POMO portion ended in 2014 but where are all the raises in interest rates as promised? How can one properly invest when the Federal Reserve lies over and over again what it will do?

    This world is going down fast. I provided the solutions to our leaders over 5 years ago with the proposed solutions site but I see now it will have to require Jesus to return and topple over the Jewish financial towers of Babel.

    Get ready for a third world wealth divide in all first world countries and then continued worsening throughout the world.

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