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Zionist War On The Middle Class (BrN On Video!)

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Zionist War On The Middle Class
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Brother Nathanael @ October 12, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael October 12, 2010 @ 12:14 am

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    My last posting, “The Judaic Destruction Of Western Culture” @

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    BUT – Only 3 Readers Donated Online.

    I cannot even begin to tell you how discouraging this is.


    Due to high expenses of running OUR site, Real Zionist News —

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    AND – Employing my Computer Tech to upload ALL BroTube Videos on alternative Video Platforms (we continue to add beginning with VodPod and Vimeo to BE PREPARED in case YouTube Bans me) —

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    Much Love In Christ To All Of Our PRECIOUS Real Zionist News Family!

    Your Ever +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  2. Brother Nathanael October 12, 2010 @ 12:52 am

    To All Those With Hearing Impairments

    If you would like the TEXT of this Video please email me (listed on Home Page) and I will send to you the text.


  3. X October 12, 2010 @ 1:39 am

    It is not only on the Middle Class, it is Zionist war on everything.

  4. X October 12, 2010 @ 1:40 am

    And they give Nobel prizes to economic idiots who work in the worst economy ever invented – of course by Zionists.

  5. Mister_Ed October 12, 2010 @ 2:58 am

    Well Brother Nate, what can I say…

    — Aside from the fact we don’t making NOTHING in America, anymore.

    We have a teeny, tiny investment class — or, if you prefer, ownership class. They own everything.

    Then you have a much larger “service class” of servants doing chores for the investment class.

    These are your uniformed paper-hat employees staffing national franchises they don’t own never will, occasionally taking a bullet whenever a crackhead wants to steal a register, changing a tire on an expensive sports car whose owner forgot to tell him it’s a self-sealing nitrogen tubeless (boom! — end of mechanic).

    Regardless, nobody makes ANYTHING here anymore.

    Well…nobody makes anything socially redeeming I mean. Plenty of porn, prisons, narcotics sales, women for hire, meth houses, mercenary soldier-of-fortune companies, spyware, biowarfare viruses, other ungodly weaponry of every conceivable sort, fake news, propaganda, etc.

    Although I have recently learned that yes — believe it or not — there is something we are now manufacturing in spades, doing so right here at home and using a good many skilled American laborers: Deep Underground Military Bunkers (DUMB) for the investment class to hide themselves in after they start World War III.

    And no, I did not make that up:

    Now, I’ve read all kinds of wonderful Zionist essays from various sources lauding our fake free-market system.

    It seems aged Libertarians are still in love with the Ludwig Von Mises illusion of “capitalist enterprise” when all we have anymore is corporate crony capitalism, a format which really doesn’t allow for innovation, nor does it make anyone rich who isn’t already filthy wealthy.

    I’ve seen how these essays try to conflate the leftover dreams of the pre-Eisenhower era with empty modern name tags of who’s a “conservative” and who’s a “leftist”, then further try to conflate such with New Testament scripture about how the apostles were all free-market tradesmen looking for a bargain wherever they could find it.

    The apostles pooled their real estate together not because they wanted none of their fellowship to go without, but rather, because they knew the Romans would burn Jerusalem very shortly and they wanted to diversify their investments.

    Whatever. If you have to reach so far to make your logical connections then you’re probably well into the realm of the specious and ludicrous.

    Luke 6:25. That’s one more thing we have as Christians that Jews don’t have: a Scripture that states it’s immoral to profit from usury.

    Immoral as in “un-ideal,” it’s like homosexual behavior or drug trafficking — something you might get caught-up in if you’re raised the wrong way, but don’t ever confuse yourself into thinking it’s righteous or Christian.

    You do not reap what you do not sow, especially not when you have already reaped an atonement through the Son of God you did not earn — Jesus was the one murdered on the cross, not you. And there is a similar business policy in Islam — the Koran forbids a Muslim to transfer money without a transfer of goods; one cannot make money off interest.

    But in the Jewish religion? You have people raised in that faith whose entire life from cradle to grave is either enabled by usury or by enabling the persons profiting from such.

    Brother Nate, it is not my purpose in offering this to chase away your readers who do have the capital to charitably fund your mission — not my intent to convince them I’m all for the state seizing & redistributing their assets.

    Rather, I would simply show them the deeper import to the Gospels, that Man was made to grow in character and similitude towards his ideal, the Christ, and to the extent such charity makes it possible for other Christians than this is a good thing.

    Man was not made to spend 70-odd years chasing bargains wherever he could find them, as if such were the case it would have been modeled by the behavior of the one man who is a model for all.

    It is faith in the works of God, not the treasures of the earth, that we take our stock, and if this is hard to wrestle with than I can do no better than to tell Christians “do wrestle with it”. You were given 70-odd years to grow, and grow into something you most certainly will — although its likeness to God or his opposite number is largely contingent on your decisions during that time.

    If anyone more learned than me would discuss economics in these comments I would welcome it–we’re all here to learn from each other. All I’m talking about are people’s motives and what they’re really dignifying with their actions, be it the eternal living God or their own material status.

    And I realize we can’t ever escape social class divisions, not in America or any other country, but I would just have people realize any social class hierarchy ought to come on merit, education and conscionable character — not bank accounts.

    That IS how the apostles would have done it, as they were following a man who had been offered the whole earth by Satan, himself, turned it down and then chose to live without a bank account. To me, that’s the whole business of being a Christian rather than, say, being a sheik or a Pharisee–persons who don’t like the middle class.

    And I’ll say this: I think in the next 10 years it’s going to come down to a matter of locales doing their own thing in America, small religious communities where the citizens all band-together and begin trading amongst themselves with their own currency, their own agriculture, their own schools teaching their own values, their own inventions.

    Our federal government is so corrupt you might as well just rename it the US of Rothschild and forget about it. This is why when people talk now about world currencies and which nation is doing what, trade-wise, I’m like, “Who cares?”

    I mean, it’s a note of curiosity, history-wise, and learning about history tends to make one cultured, but I really don’t see much future in an entire western hemisphere run by a kleptocracy.

    And that’s not even me decrying it with the Bible. That’s me decrying it with common sense.

  6. Glory B. October 12, 2010 @ 3:05 am

    We know that it was godless Jews that started and maintained atheistic Communism to tear down Jesus Christ and his followers.

    Now the Christian West has triumphed over communism. But the Zionists are still working hard to bring down the middle class and replace it with ultra-rich Jews.

    The millionaire Jews relax in their suburban mansions and towering condos, play in their country clubs, eat in their fancy restaurants, shop in their ritzy stores, fly around the world in their plush private jets, and smoke and drink in their synagogues.

    Greedy Jews produce filthy movies and dirty, pornographic movies to poison the minds of our children.

    Christ-hating Jews keep prayer out of the public schools while their sending their spoiled brats to expensive private schools.

    Christ-killing Yids refuse to allow Christ-centered Christmas displays in taxpayer-supported public parks, while they erect their satanic menoras in public places.

    Meanwhile, millions of middle-class Americans watch as the Jews export their jobs overseas, and they are forced to take lower-paying jobs (if they can find them at all) as hamburger-flippers and busboys.

    White Christian women, who should be at home taking care of their families, are forced to work as secretaries and cashiers in Jew-owned companies and stores.

    Christians are slipping into poverty, while the demonic Jews enjoy a life of luxury.

    It’s all part of the Zionist New World Order plan, as described in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    And it’s all coming true!

  7. jgalindes October 12, 2010 @ 5:08 am


    A worth reading article:

    Who knows who control those two big Wall Street controllers?

  8. JM Fitzgerald October 12, 2010 @ 5:37 am

    These Zionists should be deported to Devil’s Island.

    We need someone like Archie Bunker and Eric Cartman for POTUS and VP.

  9. marshall[Maher-shalal-hash-baz] October 12, 2010 @ 5:51 am

    The Judaic elite on Wall Street, although very powerful, get their power from Satan, and in the end will be defeated by God.

    The source of this Satanic power is the Talmudic attempt to “out think” God. Because God is all powerful, and entered the world through his Son, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, the flaw in this warped thinking is understood only by CHRIST and HIS ELECT who are also JUST passing through the world and not trying to control the world.

    I think how this defeat may happen will be through a mass dissemination some how of the knowledge of the historical conversion of the “JEWS” from the Kazars, which now is only available from internet sites like Real Zionist News.

    It is obvious that the Kazar controlled media, and the Kazar controlled “History Channel” will do every thing in it’s power to prevent this from happening.

    Jesus said “you will not see Me again until you welcome Me with the words blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” He is addressing this statement to those who only call them selves Jews, and through their evil warped Zionist mind set, have convinced most of our country and large part of the world that this is true.

    When these “Jews” lose their Biblically ancient identity, and their “historical reason” to hate THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and are “brought down” to the level of the GOYIM, as only following a religous belief, then their evil will be revealed.

    This revelation can only come through CHRIST, because HE made these”JEWS” to fulfill his words, and HE creates history to reveal how IN THEIR OWN HEARTS, and not tradition, they continue to deny GOD.

  10. jgalindes October 12, 2010 @ 6:15 am

    Let me indicate this article by Nil Nikandrov, researcher for the Russian Stategic Culture Foundation:

    You may understand the efforts being done by the ruling American elite to break the backbone of any incipient Latin American national identity process.

    What a different stance when compared with Dr. Makow’s São Paulo Correspondent, Marcos (?) who denied, in another Makow article’s message board, that the Jews in Brazil control everything, saying that are a “tiny, pacific minority, etc”.

    Essentially are blaming all the destructive goals of the Jewish Empire, saying that Lula successor will turn institutional abortion, gay marriage, will curtail religious liberties, will approve divorce, etc, exactly the same worldwide Jewish agenda for Christian destruction. Is not the Jew is Lula’s “marxist” PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores) according to Makow’s associate.

    By the way I rather abandoned reading Makow’s website, I found him deeply biased against any form and denomination of Christianity.



  11. Jarrad October 12, 2010 @ 9:40 am

    Another great Video we have here.

    The middle class can now be defined as both parents working to put food on the table, not one.

    The middle class is indeed under attack, being squeezed harder and harder. And, outsourcing certainly does not help at all.

    America continues to take the correct actions against illegal aliens and by strengthening its borders.

    Also, being vigilant for terrorists could be misconstrued as a violation of rights, but it is most certainly not. Added security is a job creator and is good for the economy and for America.

    Outsourcing continues to be a thorn in the side of blue collar and white collar workers.

    B. Nate did a nice job covering this.

    The current middle class needs to not just fight back, but hammer back.

    Strong and moderate voices need to come out and voice their concerns.

    The middle class needs to be heard loud and clear not just by Obama, but by the whole nation.

    All the hundreds and thousands of Americans toiling endlessly should all force the trend backward and do away with the current status.

    Yes, Obama, more change is needed!

  12. Brother Nathanael October 12, 2010 @ 10:51 am

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    I have not written up the Text as of yet.

    BUT – if someone with a **hearing impairment** emails me requesting the Text I WILL WRITE IT UP especially for that person.

    Right now I am struggling to keep funds coming in which are not coming but for a tiny trickle… +BN

  13. Keith October 12, 2010 @ 10:59 am

    Thanks for the great info! Very true!

    I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and have not worked since November 2001. I live in Ohio.

    I am scrambling to figure out what new career to go into.

    Talk to you later,

  14. Brother Nathanael October 12, 2010 @ 11:34 am

    Once again –

    There is NO TEXT available for this Video.

    I basically memorize a thought-through “text” and go up to the deck with my Web Cam and do it.

    I am ONLY going to put together a text (which will take much time) for the **hearing impaired** who request it of me via email.

    You must state that you are HEARING IMPAIRED on the email for me to do it.

    If you don’t have speakers then I cannot help you.

    GO out and buy some speakers like all the rest of us have done. +BN

  15. USSA TODAY October 12, 2010 @ 12:56 pm

    What is the ultimate economic goal for America by the establishment with all the outsourcing they are pushing on the American economy?


    Who’s going to buy all this cheap Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, etc. jumk when Western Europe and the United States consumers are broke?

  16. Donna chestergimli October 12, 2010 @ 2:02 pm


    I have read many articles by Matthias Chang and I must say that he tells it like it is. He says the whole international financial structure will come apart in 2011 and 2012 at the very latest.

    Mr. Ed, I agree with you totally but let me say something and then I will explain. St. Paul said that the love of money is the root of all evil. He didn’t just say some of the evils of this world, he said ALL evils. And wherever and whenever money or any form of a medium of exchange (read medium of control) is present, there will be those who try to capture the control of it and the power it represents.

    I believe that the Bible is the story of mankind’s big mistake in allowing it to be used in our economy. Genesis goes into detail about how we were made to work hard and we could no longer raise crops and gardens as thorns and thistles would it bring to us and we would eat the herbs of the earth.

    God’s prophecy in Genesis tells of how the seed of the woman, which Catholics believe to be Mary, and her seed, Jesus Christ and his followers, would fight against the serpent and his seed, the liars, hypocrites, and sons of the devil, the Jews.

    He prophesied that the Christians would crush the head of the serpent which is the devil and the Jews would wait for our heel. Now let me explain. Why do I believe that the medium of exchange, which paper money, gold, or silver are, is the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

    As I have said above, whenever it is present, people of greed gather around to try and take control. And there is nothing that they will stoop to to get that control.

    Fast forward to the Apocalypse 17:1,2, “And there came one of the seven angels, who had the seven vials, and spoke with me, saying: Come, I will shew thee the condemnation of the great harlot, who sitteth on many waters, With whom the kings of the earth have comitted fornication; and they who inhabit the earth, have been made drunk with the wine of her whoredom.”

    Verse 15 says, “And he said to me: The waters which tou sawest, where the harlot sitteth are peoples, and nations, and tongues.”

    Chaper 18:11, “And the merchants of the earth shall weep, and mourn over her: for no man SHALL BUY THEIR MERCHANDISE ANY MORE.”

    Verse 19, “And they cast dust upon their heads, and cried, weeping and mourning, saying: Alas! alas! that great city, wherein all were made rich, that had ships at sea, by REASON OF HER PRICES: for in one hour she is made desolate.”

    Now you may think that God is referring to the Jews in these chapters. But if such were the case, then the merchants would still be able to sell their merchandise. And what has prices got to do with the destruction of one race of people?

    Also in the Douay Rheims Bible in the last verse of Zacharias it states that the merchant shall be no more in the House of the Lord in that day.

    Everyone should read the 44th chapter of Isaias which states that a man wants more from that which he manufactures and distributes other than the goods and services themselves. And that something else he falls down and worships as God and expects that something to save him.

    What is that if not money? Money is just one form of a medium of exchange. And the whole idea of the necessity of it is going down.

    This is the period in history as we know it when our lives are completely changed. Our lives are built around the medium of exchange. If you don’t believe me, sit back and take a good hard look at the world around you. I may be wrong but I don’t think so.

  17. David Robertson October 12, 2010 @ 2:25 pm


    The ultimate economic goal for America by the dragon power is destruction. America is the last bastion of free Christian power in the world and we are dealing with the enemy of Christ.

    However, they also plan to destroy Islam and Judaism/political Zionism (surprisingly enough) which is why the three frogs have been deployed to deceive the nations.

    They will draw all three of these powers together to the battle of Armageddon which is a spiritual battle which will have physical consequences as do all spiritual battles.

    This is why these three Abrahamic religions are are being pitched against one another at the present time. They have all taken a wrong turn under the influence of the deceiving spirits and all see the physical city of Jerusalem as their rightful property.

    This means they have become sons of the slave woman Hagar and are now all Ishmaelites.

    This conflict will lead to the destruction of Jerusalem and all three Ishmaelite religions in the process. How this will happen is likely a nuclear conflagration but it may be confined to the Middle East because God has given indications that He will limit the destruction.

    The scripture says that God will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for the nations in the last days. So although the dragon power is fomenting these wars ultimately God is in control and is using all these things to accomplish His purposes.

  18. Disgusted White Christian October 12, 2010 @ 4:21 pm

    When Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas get together…


    What do you think they talk about? I’m guessing it’s about how Jews are a poor, oppressed, powerless minority group who have absolutely no say as to what goes in the news industry.

    As you probably know, Rick Sanchez got fired from his anchorman job at CNN a day after he gave a radio interview and mocked the idea that that Jews are a poor, oppressed minority group in America, especially considering they pretty much run the news industry.

    He and the host got off on that subject because Sanchez called Jon Stewart a “bigot” for always making fun of him. See, Sanchez, who’s as white as you and me, was trying to claim victimhood status, apparently being too darned dumb to understand that having a Spanish name doesn’t make you a victim; having brown skin is what makes Hispanics “victims”.

    Sanchez is about as “Latino” as Christina Aguilera. That was his first mistake. As Steve Sailer so eloquently points out, Victimism is a high stakes, dangerous game, and you’d better know exactly what you’re doing when you sit down to play.

    Sanchez was clearly in way over his head. He’s like the tourist in Vegas who sees all the excitement at the World Series of Poker, so he plunks down his $10,000 entry fee, and asks “Does the dealer stand on soft 17?”

    Sanchez somehow made it to his position on the basis of his perceived “ethnicity” without anyone ever sitting him down and explaining the official rules of Victimism to him.

    He’s white, and it doesn’t matter that he grew up speaking Spanish in Cuba, and then in Miami after fleeing Cuba, because a white man can never be a victim (unless he’s a homosexual).

    His second mistake was accusing Jon Stewart of being a bigot. Jon Stewart’s real name is Jon Liebowitz, and people named Liebowitz can never be a victimizer.

    And they generally don’t take very kindly to being accused of being bigoted or prejudiced. They’ll be the ones calling people racists and bigots, thank you very much.

    And his third mistake was not taking the hint from his interviewer on the radio show. Obviously thinking that Sanchez is as dumb as a box of rocks and has no idea he’s wading into dangerous territory, he helpfully points out Liebowitz/Stewart doesn’t fit the profile of a “bigot”, being an oppressed minority himself.

    In other words he was saying “Uh, Rick…you’d better cool it man. Jon Stewart can’t be a bigot; he’s not white. He may look white, but he’s actually Jewish, and you are on very dangerous ground here.” I guess he thought Sanchez didn’t realize Stewart is Jewish.

    But not only did Sanchez know Stewart’s Jewish, he knew a few other things, too. He said that most of the people who run CNN and the other news networks are just like Stewart, and the idea that Jews are a poor, oppressed minority in this country is absurd.

    Of course, it’s lunacy to think Jews run the news industry. Which is why Sanchez was fired almost immediately after saying Jews run the news industry.

    Makes sense to me!

    It’s funny if you do a Google news search about his firing. Most of the headlines say he was fired for calling Jon Stewart a bigot. Yeah, that’s a good one. And people wonder why no one trusts the news media?

    And if you read the reactions from commentators, both left and right, it’s clear they’re terrified of the Jewish control of the news media.

    Not a one of them, liberal or “conservative” suggests that what Sanchez said is wrong. They all talk about how “stupid” or “dumb” he is for saying it, not that he’s crazy for believing it.

    The mainstream “conservatives” are actually mocking him for having the guts to tell the truth. He speaks more truth in 30 seconds than Glenn Beck has in his entire career, and he’s a pariah, and he deserved to get fired because there are some things you just don’t talk about.

    That’s modern “conservatism” for you, Folks.

    Hell, most of these “conservatives” are so terrified of Jewish power that they would freak out if you suggested that Jews run our nation’s synagogues.

    Of course, what’s really telling is a story I wrote about some time ago. Joel Stein, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, wrote a column a while back boasting that Jews control Hollywood, Wall Street, DC, and the news media.

    Not just boasting about it, but saying that anyone who doesn’t know this fundamental fact of life in America is pretty much an idiot.

    Joel Stein can brag that Jews control the news media, Hollywood, Washington and Wall Street, and nobody bats an eye.

    Rick Sanchez can simply state that Jews run the news industry, and he’s instantly fired.

    That’s because Rick Sanchez is a white man, and Joel Stein is a Jew.

    And “conservatives” cheer Sanchez getting fired for saying what everyone knows is true, and which Jews like Joel Stein rub in our faces.

    Which is really disgusting. The craven cowardice is simply breathtaking.

    Don’t EVER believe a word a mainstream “conservative” says.

    Article Source: When Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas get together…


  19. Brother Nathanael October 12, 2010 @ 9:16 pm

    TEXT OF VIDEO – “Zionist War On The Middle Class”

    (A Labour of Love By “Linda”)

    Thank You Dear Linda! +BN
    Zionist War on the Middle Class
    October 12, 2010

    There are essentially three classes in America: the millionaire class, the middle class and the lower class.

    And in America’s continuing economic collapse, it is the middle class comprised of both white collar and blue collar workers who make up the majority of the American population who are under attack and being destroyed.

    How so…? by US manufacturing companies outsourcing manufacturing jobs overseas.

    And its not just blue collar jobs that are being lost, white collar jobs are being lost, too.

    You see when American manufacturing goes so go the design engineers, the mechanical engineers, the computer programmers, the IT experts along with it.

    159,000 jobs were lost in America last September. But the media tells us that because 64,000 new jobs were added only 95,000 American jobs were lost. This is supposed to be good news.

    However, the media has not told us that the 64,000 new jobs are in non-tradable occupations in the food industry: hamburger flippers, bartenders, waitresses, all being filled by the same engineers and computer programmers who have lost their jobs overseas.

    Now, it is very important to understand, that US companies outsourcing jobs work hand in glove with Wall Street global investment banks such as Goldman Sacks, JP Morgan Chase, CitiGroup, all Zionist Jewish banks, whose CEOs Lloyd Blankfein, Gary Cohn, Jamie Dimon, Robert Rubin, Sanford Weill, the new Judaic Godfather on Wall Street. Who are financing through their asset management portfolios the outsourcing of American jobs.

    For instance, Robert Rubin has served for many years on the board of directors of the Ford Motor Company and Goldman Sacks recently joined a host of US companies at a Banglador recruitment conference because Banglador is the new silicon valley of the world to hire a whole new group of Indian interns.

    As President of the Brother Nathanael Foundation, we are engaged in informing the American worker just who is behind their loss of jobs.

    Now some call this issue the “vanishing middle class” others call it “America’s third world economy”. Globalists spin it as emerging new markets, economists spin it as a “transfer of wealth” but I call it the Zionist economic war against the middle class whose financial and political influence is now at an end.

    Indeed, the war against the middle class is being waged by the Judaic elite on Wall Street whose international friends fancy themselves as citizens of the world along with the Wall Street elite.

    But I am a citizen of America and it’s for the American worker that I’m fighting back!
    Thank You My Dear Christian Sister “Linda” For Your Time and Sacrifice for the Hearing Impaired AND all of our Real Zionist News Family!

    Your +Brother in Christ Our Saviour, Nathanael

  20. michael October 12, 2010 @ 10:07 pm

    Henry Makow somtimes posts other opinions, but generally I find him more aware and a supporter of Biblical and Christian principles than most Christians and churches who seem asleep.

    He is actually quite extraodinary for someone who is not a believer — yet anyways.

    Bless you, Br Nathanael, great job. Got your note — thanks, will send more as soon as I am able.

  21. Nicolae October 13, 2010 @ 12:12 am

    This is what the Jewish devil stole from you and your children.

    The Forgotten Man – Jon McNaughton

    Turn back to Jesus America, honor Him, not the terrorist state of satan.

    They have brought darkness and destruction to this once great nation.

    Matthew 11:28:

    “Come to Me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

  22. Left Coast Christian October 13, 2010 @ 1:10 am

    I always am on the fence about outsourcing and jobs being shipped overseas.

    It’s unfortunate when factory workers making a good living are out of a job, BUT think about it, Wal Mart has allowed even working class families to be able to afford toys and other cheap goods.

    Also, manufacturing jobs have disappeared but service jobs have increased drastically over the years. I believe people should be responsible for retooling their skills, however I don’t want to see American workers competing with slave labor.

    Brother Nathanael

    As much as I enjoy your videos, is it possible that it would be cheaper to do some videos with just audio, and pictures that may be relevant? Just a thought, after all our buddy Jeff Rense has only one or two pictures available on the web.


    That was a very amusing assessment of the Rick Sanchez screw up. He did play victim card very poorly and lacked eloquence. As much as this only scratches the surface of Zionist power, I think this is a relevant quote from the warmongering POS Woodrow Wilson:

    “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

  23. charlie October 13, 2010 @ 3:11 am

    “America is the last bastion of free Christian power in the world”

    – On which planet?

    America is this. America is that..

    just more Masonic brainwashing to inflate your pride and deflate your character.

  24. Donna chestergimli October 13, 2010 @ 7:29 am

    The US citizens are have been brainwashed into believing that they are IT.

    That they live in the best country in the world.

    It may be the most materially wealthy in this world but certainly not the best. Let’s face it, we US citizens are no better than citizens of another country. So I have to agree with Charlie.

    The Jews are not just destroying the US culture, they are destroying European culture.

    Come to think of it, they are destroying the world’s culture, the culture of every nation and they are doing all of it through money.

  25. arjan October 13, 2010 @ 7:43 am

    You beat me by about 5 seconds, Charlie.

    It is a persistent syndrome for Americans to think that they are special.

    I look at it this way: Europeans came to America to bring civilization and Christianity.

    Since I came from Europe I try to continue to bring that. So it cannot be the reverse, where I am becoming part of a higher level of civilization.

    By some people this is misconstrued as being anti-American, but in reality is is pro American. America is getting cut off from its roots, so that it can be brought down more easily.

    As a reminder: Europeans built cathedrals in America while Americans built Mac Donald’s in Europe.

  26. David October 13, 2010 @ 7:47 am

    I am certain that the jobs are being sold to the third world for hard cash.

    They do this to line their pockets while the economy is on the rocks.

    There will always be a source for them to make money wars, etc…

    While it is the masses that are reduced to waiting on handouts.

    I am always 100% certain it is a concerted effort to meld the first world into the 2nd and third world.

    Taking from the haves and giving to the have nots in an effort to reduce costs for the corporations who run everything now.

    Also in the process they want USA dead and dependent on the one world government for handouts, effectively ridding the one world government of any threat from America for ever.

    It is apparent that it is systemic and all of the politicians go along with it or they would have sounded the clarion a long long time ago.

    This is not new news however it has been ongoing for at least 30 years. In fact the US government paid incentives to move industries to China, India and Brazil.

    I’ve read that after the midterm elections there is going to be a wholesale sale of jobs to China.

    GM is one of them and all the hub jobs in America that supports GM will be at a loss to make up the gap from the loss of GM.

    In closing let me say that every right and freedom enjoyed by Americans, be they the Constitution, Bill of Rights, labor laws etc, all have been paid for with the blood of your ancestors.

    As long as you no longer keep the vigil, no longer are willing to spend blood, you will lose it all.

    Thanks to Brother Nathanael, it is now broadcasting from the mountain top to the American people.

    I thank him for telling the truth. At this late hour I seriously doubt it will change anything. The outcome will be unchanged, for the American people have been greatly reduced.

    Now many are heathens in the land of Nod.

    Every imaginable demoralizing trick in the book has been set upon the American people. Even most of the great churches in America now are centers of heathenism.

    Thank you Br. Nathanael.

  27. Hoff October 13, 2010 @ 10:11 am

    Must see video.

    “Who do you trust? Alex Jones, David Icke, Michael Savage, Dr. David Duke, Dr. William Pierce”

  28. Donna chestergimli October 13, 2010 @ 11:01 am

    jgalindes and everyone else,

    This is another good article. Not by Mathias Chang but by another investigator, it is called “Inside the Global banking Intelligence BCCI operation.”

    BCCI stands for the Bank of Credit and Commerce International. Boy is it a wake up call.

    I am no good at the internet. But here, however, is the site that anyone needs to go to:

  29. David Robertson to Charlie October 13, 2010 @ 11:29 am

    America is NOT the “United States”. America was established by those who first landed here from different parts of Europe as the Kingdom of Heaven which America means. (Amer = heaven Ric = Kingdom in old Saxon).

    They had a dream of America being a truly free Christian land from where missionaries could be sent to all parts of the world carrying the gospel of jesus Christ..

    This made America the target of the dragon power and this power eventually infiltrated and gained the upper hand for a time from 1913. This was consolidated in 1933 under FDR and lasted until 2003.

    The “United States”, an alien power, has ruled for this time and has enslaved the American People to the practices of darkness through all the means at their disposal. During this time the American People have been blinded by God to their true condition for specific reasons and in His mercy.

    Since that time the powers of darkness have been in retreat and in 2007 the collapse of their power began to be felt in the country.

    For many this collapse of the power of darkness is seen as catastrophe for their country but it is an answer to the prayer prayed by the nation after September 11, 2001: “God Bless America”.

    Many believe that this collapse is being engineered by the rulers of the kingdom of darkness and this is true but only to the extent of the authority they have been given and always to further God’s Plan to establish His Kingdom.

  30. Joe Cortina October 13, 2010 @ 12:35 pm

    Good video presentation by Brother Nathanael.

    Especially thought provoking comments combining truth and wisdom by Glory B and Mr. Ed

    Sometimes I wonder – what if I could be at all the favorite power luncheons and after hours watering holes of these corporate financial elite, and asked ALL of them to produce their ‘Zionist membership cards’ – just how many would be true politically ardent Zionists and how many – just ordinary rich greedy Jews.

    I’ll wager my pink slip that truth be known – they are virtualy all of the latter category. I met – spoke with – intermingled with quite a few Jews from several categories – businessmen – IDF – government – and just the man on the street or in the bus or coffeeshop variety. Virtually NONE alluded that they were in fact ‘Zionists.’

    The ENTIRE CIVILIZED WORLD has been fleeced by these same type of Jewish ‘businessmen’ for millenia BEFORE Zionist or even the word was coined as we know it in it’s present ‘state.’

    SO – WHO benefits from deflecting attention away from ” ordinary rich Jews” of a thousand years ago or even more so today? In other words – lets all agree to put the blame for all our moral and economic ills on these ‘ZIONISTS’ – but DARE NOT SAY ANYTHING UNKIND ABOUT THE ‘Jews.’

    Pretty much as far as we have progressed with today’s mindset isn’t it? Zionists ( of which 95% in America aren’t even Jewish) BAD – but JEWS ? – GOOD! Innocent victims of us terrible anti-Semites and such.

    So – how much closer to our freedoms as Americans – how much closer to re-establishing our traditional Christian morals – our family values – are we today – are we than a year ago – five years ago – ten years ago?

    Can we agree that it is all even WORSE today? Who are the REAL CULPRITS?

    WHO – has turned America into a morally rotted corpse? Who has all but done away with TRUE Christian identity and tradition today?

    Who is responsible for inflation – graft corruption – class destruction – unemployment – immorality – crime rates – porn – drugs – violence – homosexual acceptance and ALL the social rot we see out of control today?

    Is it indeed these ‘Zionists’ – OR a much larger much more historic – much more evil entity as described and condemned by our Lord in John 8 – 44 – as He addressed THE ——- Zionists?

    Before you make a rational wise decision regarding those ‘choices’ – think well and ponder carefully – for if you be deceived – your fate will be sealed – and ALL future decisions will THEN, be MADE FOR YOU!

    Listen to the wisdom of Brother Nathanael and if you – as I also do – feel it is sound advice – help keep the fire of truth lit and bright.

    Even the allies of the Devil are willing to sacrifice and fund their evil causes. The ADL does not run on prayers and good words.

    Please give.

    Joe Cortina

  31. arjan October 13, 2010 @ 2:26 pm

    In response to Robertson to Charlie:

    America was named after the explorer Americo Vespucci.

    The pilgrims came here to get away from freedom (Leiden, The Netherlands), so their children could be raised in a vacuum, and would not be tempted to leave the cult.

    After they tried communism for a while they traded it for free enterprise, because otherwise they would not have survived. Any commie would do that if they were starving.

    Also we are talking about the Jew here, not some dragon.

  32. USSA TODAY October 13, 2010 @ 2:52 pm


    I think one thing many today don’t realize is the younger generations X and Y have little if any common sense.

    As I was reading the comments I thought to myself who makes a encyclopedia of common sense because, the public fool system and media have done a great job of eliminating as much of it as they can for my generation.

    The Libertarian Ludwig Von Mises cult is the Hegelian dialectic applied by the Khazar tricksters to one wing of the fowl bird of treachery (the other wing being Marxist economics).

    If one thinks about it —

    Who runs the show with the Marxist/Keynesian and the Libertarian/Mises Austrians?

    Bing! Bing! Bing! and the answer is……..


    Your comment about God giving us 70 years to grow into something godly or ungodly is so true.

  33. USSA TODAY October 13, 2010 @ 2:57 pm

    American legal history not commonly taught in our era of propaganda posing as education:

    By patriot researcher Eustace Mullins @ 7:30 minutes in of Part 5/11 of “The Rape of Justice” –

  34. Disgusted White Christian October 13, 2010 @ 4:56 pm

    “Sometimes I wonder – what if I could be at all the favorite power luncheons and after hours watering holes of these corporate financial elite, and asked ALL of them to produce their ‘Zionist membership cards’ – just how many would be true politically ardent Zionists and how many – just ordinary rich greedy Jews.”- Joseph Cortina

    This is an interesting observation, I would have to say, some of the newer Jews like Rahm or Axlerod couldn’t even tell you who Benjamin Disraeli was??

    Or even tell you who old time European British Talmud bankers like Montifiore are/were??

    They figure, “We Jews, are just smarter, and a lot more clever than Goyim, that is why we run Western governments, judicial systems, academia, media, music….etc.”

    I tell you Joe, they are just fooling themselves, don’t you be fooled either.

    You don’t go from European ghettos to ruling western society in a matter of about 200 years with a bunch of clever, even brilliant, handful of Jews?

    It is impossible, both mathematically, and logically, for a small tiny minority (less than 2% in the west) to achieve such total domination, in so many facets, in that small time period without an organized EVIL behind it?

    Whether you call it stringently sticking to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, help from Satan, a set out religious plans from antiquity to destroy Christianity, maybe all of the above, but there is some invisible force behind European Jewry, and their conquests, and even Disraeli himself, alluded to it in many of his quotes.

    Their feats of the last 2 centuries can’t be just attributed to brilliant, but diabolically clever minds, alone by itself??


  35. Disgusted White Christian October 13, 2010 @ 5:26 pm

    Dr. Duke’s new video a great one:

    Sex and Lies in Israel By Dr David Duke


  36. Dave October 13, 2010 @ 7:13 pm

    I don’t believe this “The Jews” are destroying all this stuff.

    There has to be alot of non-Jews helping out. Politicians, Masons, Teachers, Union Leaders, etc. Most are non-Jews but follow some sort of guideline for all this nonsense or they will be out of a job.

    Great work BN.

    I will send money in the future. It won’t be much, but enough for lunch.

  37. John Green October 13, 2010 @ 7:14 pm

    Not every advocate of outsourcing is Jewish — all of corporate America favors it, Jewish or not.

    Sam Walton was a Presbyterian, but his Walmart stores always ask suppliers for the “China price” — suppliers know they must do their manufacturing in China to get their prices low enough.

    Jews *were* instrumental in opening up the floodgates of immigration, and any jobs that aren’t outsourced are now likely to be insourced by illegal immigrants or H1b workers.

  38. Kiimm October 13, 2010 @ 10:40 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael –

    Thank you for your thank you.

    May the God of Love and Peace be with you.

    In continued support of the BNF.

  39. Christian Revolutionary October 13, 2010 @ 10:40 pm

    Dear brothers and sisters:

    This is not related to this specific article. But this is just my 2 cents, an idea in order to save USA from Satan which rules the USA and most countries of this world through the Zionist oligarchies.

    It would be a good idea if all revolutionary authentic Christians would create not specifically a church but like a United Christian Revolutionary Progressive Front that would be an electoral option, and a different kind of Christianity.

    Not the Zionist oligarchic corporate Christianity of many denominations in the USA which are part of the apostate churches. But a United Front led by real pure loving Christians with a real democratic Christian system of social justice for all people which Jesus wrote about.

    I think that this would be a good idea, since so many people in the USA love Christianity and God, but the problem is that there are more Zionist elitist establishment Christian denominations, than authentic Christian churches in the USA.

    And that’s why they voted for Republicans neocons, not because people love wars and people are evil, but because the Satan thru CNN, FOX news and the Jewish owned media of America fooled them.

    Thanks and God bless you all

  40. suzanne October 14, 2010 @ 1:52 am

    Brother Nathanael Kapner,

    Please tell me that this is NOT true. I found this article on press tv. Very disturbing.

    Israel has signed a $400 million deal to sell unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to Russia and provide it with assembly components and servicing for the spy planes.

    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) said on Wednesday that it has signed a UAV contract with the Russian defense firm OPK Oboronprom, Ria Novosti news agency reports, quoting a statement posted on the company’s website.

    According to IAI, the deal will be implemented in 2011.

    The three-year contract, estimated to reach $400 million in worth, was inked in the presence of the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Khristenko.

    An Israeli defense industry official said the agreement signed in Israel on Tuesday allows for the drones to be assembled in Russia, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz said on its website.

    The deal is not the first military pact between Tel Aviv and Moscow, which is seeking to upgrade its combat and reconnaissance aircraft equipment by signing contracts with European companies and Israel.

    Under another $50 million deal with Russia in April 2009, Israel delivered two Bird Eye 400 systems, eight I View MK150 tactical UAVs and two Searcher Mk II multi-mission UAVs.

    A second contract, worth $100 million, was also signed for the purchase of 36 UAVs, which is to be delivered later this year.

    Additionally, Russia and Israel have been negotiating to establish a joint $300 million venture to produce UAVs.

    In September, Israel threatened to revoke much of the UAV deals it had signed with Russia over Moscow’s decision to supply Yakhont naval missiles to Syria.


  41. To John Green October 14, 2010 @ 4:30 am

    If you know Jews as I do, they are taught that they can do anything they want to do; and that they are the leaders; and that the Jews always know best, so go with the Jew leaders’ orders.

    So they do. No non-Jew has a culture of complete indifference to the other people of the world, but the Jew does. I do not exaggerate. They pay no heed to custom or rules.

    I believe they are deficient in common sense and concern for others, both culturally and biologically. Of course biologically it varies from Jew to Jew.

  42. David Robertson to arjan October 14, 2010 @ 6:10 am

    “He seized the dragon – the ancient serpent, who is the devil and satan – and tied him up for a thousand years.” (Revelation 20:2)

    The secret societies are ruled at the very top by the illuminati who owe their allegiance to the dragon. These illuminati practise the kaballah the ancient Jewish occult tradition based upon an esoteric interpretation of the scriptures of the Tanach. In other words the illuminati are controlled by the Jews.

    Martin Waldseemuller was the cartographer who in 1507 named the New World continents America in honour of Amerigo Vespucci as you said. However he later recanted because there was some question about the authenticity of the letters on which he had based his opinion of Vespucci’s accomplishments.

    Thereafter he named the new world Terra Incognita (unknown land) and on other maps they continued to call it the Indies. Be that as it may, his original maps had reached a circulation of about 1000 so the name America eventually was adopted.

    The reason for the adoption is unclear to most but to others such as myself it means that God arranged for the sequence of events that resulted in the naming since as I have pointed out the component parts of the name mean Heavenly Kingdom or Kingdom of Heaven in old Saxon.

    There are many connections between the founding of America and the ancient Kingdom of Israel whose descendants became the ancient Celts and Angles and Saxons among others who settled Europe and later North and South America.

    The name Saxon is from the Chaldean language for the people known to the Assyrians as the Khumri, the Celts. The Babylonians called them Saka after their patriarch Isaac.

  43. David Robertson to arjan, charlie and others October 14, 2010 @ 10:07 am

    For those who read my comments it may be unclear what I am talking about.

    This is because I usually approach the subject from a spiritual perspective to try to see all the events that take place from the point of view of the Kingdom of God.

    This necessarily results in many comments that will seem unintelligible to anyone unfamiliar with scripture or spiritual ideas (not theological concepts).

    I have no allegiance to America since I am a citizen of and resident in the UK (Scotland).

    In reality I owe no allegiance to any national culture so I do not embrace any concept or ideology of that nature, nor do I condemn them.

    They are what they are and serve their purpose in assisting us to define good and evil which is part of our moral training.

    The topical connection between Israel, the Jews and the United States is actually a counterfeit fulfilment of God’s declared intention to unite Israel and Judah again in the last days.

    In spiritual reality this is being accomplished by the followers of Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah and the King of the Jews.

    He is the Head of His Body which is made up mainly of those who have been drawn from the scattered descendants of the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and have surrendered to Him as their Saviour and Lord.

    There is no particular benefit to be had from being an Israelite by birth. It is simply that the gospel went to the Jew first and then to the Israelites to fulfil God’s promises and to demonstrate His faithfulness.

    The only qualification to enter the Kingdom of God is faith, trust and belief in Jesus Christ and His sacrificial death on the Cross to pay the legal sin debt of every man woman and child who has ever lived on Earth.

    His resurrection and His ascension into glory prove His completion of this mission. His return in the Holy Spirit to indwell every believer is the daily experience of every Christian.

    We follow on to know Him in the fellowship of His sufferings that we might share with Him in the power of His resurrection. He is building His Body, His temple made of living stones to rule in His Kingdom which has come, is coming and is yet to come.

    Meanwhile there is another work afoot by those who wish to usurp the Kingdom of God and set up their own kingdom to rule the world.

    This body is headed up by the prince of this world, satan, and his principal followers are mainly drawn from among the rulers and leaders of people we know as the Jews but are not but are a synagogue of satan. They have rejected their true King, Jesus, and now oppose Him violently in word and deed.

    It is my firm belief that not all Jews, indeed not many Jews, realise they are just as much cannon fodder as the rest of us in their rulers’ plans. Nevertheless they do owe allegiance to their racial, national and religious identity.

    This emotional and intellectual conditioning is used by their rulers to compel their cooperation in furthering their plans to rule the world.

    Being a naturally materialistic, intelligent and active people many do work for these ends assiduously albeit ignorantly. They have also been taught from infancy to hate Christians and Jesus Christ.

    Many hold on to this belief as anyone who has attempted to share Christ with them will testify.

    The ordinary Jews are nevertheless viewed as expendable by their rulers as is borne out by their abandonment by the Zionist ideologues to their killing, whether by starvation, disease or other more violent means, in the Nazi concentration camps.

    I trust this summary of my views will clarify my thinking on these subjects.

  44. Brother Nathanael October 14, 2010 @ 12:47 pm

    Dear Suzanne –

    Putin does not consult the Truth Movement when making decisions.

    Rest assured, this is a BUSINESS agreement for much need DRONES for Russia’s military.

    Putin is a POLITICIAN and sometimes Politicians do things that black-and-white dogmatists cannot even begin to comprehend.

    Putin is MOVING IN on the MidEast Situation and recently hosted Medjal of Hamas in Moscow despite Israel’s condemnation of the meeting. +BN

  45. Christian Revolutionary October 14, 2010 @ 2:32 pm

    Dear David Robertson:

    Hi, well i read in a progressive Christian website, that the Israel of the Bible is not the Israel State created by the oligarchic imperialist powers of this world in 1948.

    According to that site, the Israel of the Holy Bible is the weak, oppressed and Christians of this world, oppressed by the oligarchic Zionist governments of this world who are loyal to The Devil.

    By the way, you know how in Hollywood movies Satan is portrayed as a monster? But from my humble opinion Satan is just a mental force that motivates the dark pessimist immoral unethical actions of this world.

    And to me a satanic person is not really a monster with red eyes, but even a liar, a robber, or anybody who steals even 1 cent. Remember that to God, stealing 1 cent and stealing trillions is the same.

    And from a realistic point of view, most people in this world are satanic, are living a satanic life of cars, partying, women, sexual pleasures, selfishness, lying, unfriendlyness and very very few are Christians and pure.

    I think that not even saying hi to neighbors and not sharing wealth with our neighbors is satanic.

    Even binge eating, even food addiction is satanic, even watching a girl with lust is satanic indeed like written in the Bible. So it is evident that most nations are ruled by Satan through oligarchic Zionist governments, and people are living a satanic life.


  46. Color me traditional Roman Catholic October 14, 2010 @ 3:52 pm

    The Traditional Catholic Church was the bulwark against Communism in Europe.

    Check out Cardinal Mindszenty who spent fifteen years in the American embassy.

    Why do you think the Jews tried to destroy the Church?

    The Venerable József Mindszenty (March 29, 1892—May 6, 1975) was a cardinal and the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Hungary. He became known as a steadfast supporter of Church freedom and opponent of communism and the often brutal Stalinist persecution in his country.

    As a result, he was tortured and given a life sentence in a 1949 show trial that generated worldwide condemnation, including a United Nations resolution.

    Freed in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, he was granted political asylum and lived in the U.S. embassy in Budapest for 15 years. He was finally allowed to leave the country in 1971. He died in exile in 1975 in Vienna, Austria.

  47. Voir Dire October 14, 2010 @ 4:24 pm

    Brother Nathanael:

    I hope you will allow me to reprint the following in its entirety. The actual reality of purported “wealth” of the “middle class” is much, much grimmer than most imagine.

    This writer, whom I admire immensely, makes the case that the so-called “middle-class” today is already largely a mirage borne of propaganda and statistical manipulation.

    You will have to click the link to see the horrifying graphs as they wouldn’t reproduce in this format:

    “Dear “Middle Class” Americans: Most Of You Are Debt Serfs With Zero Assets

    Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds | Oct. 12, 2010, 11:53 AM |

    Surveys show that Americans wildly underestimate the concentration of wealth in America. This disconnect between perception and reality shows the power of propaganda.

    Americans have been trained to believe that membership in the “middle class” is their birthright if they “work hard” in the status quo.

    What income defines “middle class” is a function of locale and prevailing wages/costs ($100,000 in Manhattan or San Francisco isn’t much because costs are so high), but in terms of purchasing power we can probably agree that middle class membership includes:

    1. reliable private transport
    2. a home with meaningful equity
    3. healthcare insurance/coverage
    4. a retirement fund of some sort
    5. a college education/higher education or training

    How many people “own” all of the above minimum standards has been drastically reduced by various factors.

    Another measure of “middle class” is even simpler: a middle class household owns some wealth. It could be a retirement fund, a free-and-clear home, a business, income property or gold/cash/investments.

    By that measure, the middle class comprises at best 20% of the populace.

    The estimable Barry Ritholtz of the Big Picture blog recently published a chart which depicts the actual distribution of wealth in America and the perceived distribution of wealth — what people estimate based on their knowledge.

    Estimates of Wealth Distribution Are Widely Wrong.

    I have reprinted this chart of financial wealth (the SUV, boat, barcalounger, etc. are not counted as liquid assets/financial wealth) from time to time:

    The first chart depicts total wealth, which includes depreciating assets that are illiquid (SUVs, boats, furniture, etc.) and typically overvalued. In terms of financial wealth, the top 20% own fully 93% of all assets.

    If we characterize the top 20% as “wealthy,” then the next 20% would be the “upper middle class” (60% -80%) and the third quintile (60% – 40%) would be “middle class.” In terms of financial wealth, the Great Middle Class owns a mere 6% of total assets.

    The bottom 40% (the “working class” and “the poor”) own less than 1%.

    Clearly, Americans are holding a fantasy-view of their piece of the American Dream/middle-class membership. A number of people I know consider themselves middle-class based on their substantial income — but they own very few financial/liquid assets, and if they lose their jobs then their health coverage vanishes.

    The net value of their vehicle(s) and other possessions is also near-zero in terms of net (value minus outstanding loan balance) worth on the open market.

    Their “membership” in the middle class is tenuously based on perceived membership gained by consumer activities such as shopping at Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods), the brand of car they drive (net value, near-zero) and other status symbols they feel reflect their “values” and “membership” in the middle class.

    Sadly, it’s all delusory. Debt-serfdom and zero assets does not equate to middle class.

    When “membership” in the middle class ceases to mean owning meaningful wealth, it is no longer a middle class. It is instead a superficial consumption pattern of “aspirants” to what was once a true middle class.

    When the average “middle class” American looks at this chart, they probably reckon this enormous rise in net wealth includes them. But as we have seen above, it doesn’t; their “ownership” of this vastly increased wealth is a meager 6%. In other words, the vast majority of this increase flowed to the top 20%.

    We can see the real situation in this chart: most of the increases in income went to the top slice (“the wealthy”):

    I am not passing judgment here on whether this distribution is “good” or “bad” or if it is the result of global wage arbitrage or other factors. What I am saying is the disconnect between the nation’s highly concentrated wealth and Americans’ perception of wealth distribution reveals the power of propaganda.

    The status quo’s organs of influence (the mainstream media, status quo education, Central State, etc.) have very effectively “sold” the American public on their “membership” in an “ownership” society comprised of a Great Middle Class.

    All of that is very clearly propaganda. The reality is the middle class owns almost none of the financial wealth of the nation, and thus its resilience in the face of economic adversity is as wafer-thin as its real financial wealth.

    I think the evidence that people are catching on to this reality is growing.”

    Read more:

    Brother Nathanael: Please too if you should have an opportunity, do read the link by attorney Matthais Chang that “jgalindes” posted above.

    He is one of the most important writers/investigators today who completely understands and comprehends the unspeakable scale of the wholesale thievery by the international bankster cartel and more importantly, as someone involved in banking for 20+ years, breaks it down to precisely how they’ve stolen trillions upon trillions of dollars and NAMES NAMES.

    It is, of course, all interconnected with the Zionists’ Military Industrial Complex War Machine.

    His last three pieces have been explosive and absolutely devastating in revealing the collusion of the biggest (read: Jewish) banks and corporations. He leaves you hanging as to who the two primary entities are behind the banking beast, but I know that the Rothschild family is one of the two at the head of the Leviathan.

    I want to see if you can deduce from his interlocking ownership graphs who the two are. His palpable disgust and outrage at Americans’ for their willful ignorance and cowardice in allowing it to happen is a thing of beauty to behold. He is also a magnificent writer.

    I have asked Henry Blodget, of “BusinessInsider” in a commentary to please start posting his critically important pieces in his lineup of financial writers, but plan to go further this week-end by emailing him.

    Also, I’m going to post what I wrote regarding you – Brother Nathanael Kapner, truthteller/scholar extraordinaire on the more appropriate “Who Owns the Media” after Rick Sanchez’s firing from CNN for bemoaning the Jews’ as powerless “minorities” and suggesting they own most of the media.

    My post was not only left to stand, but it was reproduced by other posters on the many follow-up stories relating to the smarmy Jon Stewart who ridiculed his firing and Sanchez’s subsequent sickening apology for stating the truth.

    Another point I want to make here is that it is my belief that we just need a critical mass of educated people who are in turn motivated to educate others – possibly even reaching those who have high-ranking members of the military as friends or family. If I believed we as individuals can’t affect change, I would have thrown in the towel long ago.

    Two important things we CAN do as individuals is to order single copies of two of the most important documentaries ever produced (links follow), and share them with your co-workers and families to begin to open their eyes to the epic plunder that’s been visited upon this collapsing nation and the truth about the massive cover-up of 9/11.

    I have single-handedly converted most of my family, bloggers I’ve maintained “cyberspace friendships” with and yes… even co-workers.

    I also do everything I can as a writer to get people to “visit” Brother Nat’s juggernaut website.

    Plunder: The Crime of Our Time

    9/11 Blueprint for Truth: The Architecture of Destruction

    Please, please… to all the countless “visitors” to Brother Nathanael’s website who like to drink from the refreshing fountain of truth but have never donated, help support our patriots in the alternative media who should not have to relentlessly plead for money. Thank you!

    In love and truth, my dear Brother Nat,


  48. charlie October 14, 2010 @ 4:45 pm

    As if there was ever any shadow of the tinsiest, weeniest piece of DOUBT the USA Government is a terror organization like no other.

    Even Israel grows healthy food for its OWN people.

    After 30 years of production and without a single bad sample or test result, never mind illness resulting from eating it …zilch…..Family farm Ordered to Destroy 50,000 pounds of organic cheese.

    This war is not just on the middle class on whom we all depend….it is a war against God’s creation.

    As if we didn’t know, after 9/11, Andrew, Katrina, Gulf oil and Corexit (still spraying…just not talking), vaccinations, Monsanto {satan} “food” production, chermtrails, electronic mind control waves — didn’t know?

    Planned poisoning of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts in their entirety over a 5 year period, Yup, didn’t know about that one either?

    I tried to send $5 to help them out. If anyone can tell me How using Pay Pal I would appreciate it.

  49. Hoff October 14, 2010 @ 6:47 pm

    Whatever Reagan’s doubts about “the six million,” he has since kept them to himself.

    The Reagan Administration will be remembered for the ultimate enshrinement of “the final solution”.

    Two government buildings on the Washington Mall have now been given by “our government” to the Jews for a “Holocaust Memorial.”

    The Washington Mall, like the Roman Forum, is the center of American aspirations for our Republic, and runs from the White House to the Capital with its principal adornment the magnificent Washington Monument.

    To the consternation of most Americans, the Washington Monument can now be called “Jew Alley.”

  50. jett October 14, 2010 @ 7:39 pm

    If you believe the Bible, and I do, this is all prophecy and has to come to pass for Jesus to return.

    Yes it will be bad. Yes, most will die. Yes, most will deny Jesus in the end. Jews suck.

    We’re screwed either way soooooooooooooo…

    Pray fervently for forgiveness and for less suffering before death.

    Jesus will handle this mess, He said He would. Believe and have faith.

    Love one another and God. Peace. And bless you all.

  51. Hoff October 14, 2010 @ 11:05 pm

    Just copy-pasted a book l looked for a long time. The Rulers Of Russia [Soviet-Russia]

  52. Ralph Thompson October 17, 2010 @ 11:32 pm

    Great post. Thanks.

  53. Drekx Omega February 21, 2011 @ 9:37 am

    Because the Zionists have declared war on humanity generally, we have seen an unbalanced Amerikan foreign policy that has worked in favour of Israel for decades.

    But the charade is now being challenged by the many Arab revolts against US puppet regimes, including the Libyan regime too, who are all being overthrown by their peoples and rightly so.

    Indeed, people everywhere are being energized to challenge the financial injustices, as well as the political tyrannies, in numerous nations and especially so among the greatly oppressed Arab peoples.

    People in western nations, too, are challenging the banker bailouts and the job layoffs, austerity measures and mass unemployment, all being forced through by the corrupt international finance elites, in order to compel all governments to be commited to the repayment of impossible debts.

    The finance system itself needs to be placed in bankruptcy, not the peoples of the world.

    Fiat money is no longer working (if it every did) and must be replaced with sound money, sound currencies, sound financial reforms and international co-operation between free nations and free peoples.

    This entire globalist house of cards is about to come crashing down and that will lead to a new Heaven and a NEW EARTH.

    I predict a new Earth civillisation without this current Illuminoid family oligarchy dictating the terms.

    PEOPLE POWER IS ON THE MOVE and will sweep all before it, as an upgrade to the human species is underway.

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