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THE THIRD ZIONIST JEW, who is alleged to be a lesbian, is about to be appointed to the bench of the highest court in America.

If confirmed, (and this is likely given Jewish control of Capitol Hill), Elena Kagan will join her fellow Jews, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, to round out the Zionist trio on the Supreme Court.

Now in her 3rd day of Senate hearings, Kagan has been “grinning gratuitously and grimacing sourly” throughout the barrage of questions. But, as the Jerusalem Post reports, Kagan has been “holding her own” and confidently cracking “Jewish jokes.”

Indeed, when asked by the Senate Judiciary committee where she was on Christmas, Kagan replied irreverently — (insulting the majority of Americans who DO celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ) — to an explosion of irreverent laughter: “Like all Jews, I was probably at a Chinese restaurant.”

WHILE MOST AMERICANS are asleep to the Zionist threat of a full Jewish takeover of the nation, (Jews keep the Goyim distracted through Blockbuster and Football Extravaganzas), Elena Kagan represents a host of Anti-Americanism positions that the nation has both historically and traditionally eschewed.

For the record, let’s take a look at where Kagan stands on the issues, PROVING her Anti-Americanism.

Jewish Agenda: “As participants in American life, judges will have opinions, prejudices, values, and goals. Because this is so, judges will often try to mold and steer the law in order to promote certain social ends. Such activity is not necessarily wrong.”

In a speech when acting as the Dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan hailed Israeli Chief Justice Aharon Barak as “my hero,” explaining that her admiration for the Zionist judge was “rooted in her Jewishness and support for Israel.”

Kagan specified her praise for the Zionist judge: “Aharon Barak is the judge who has best advanced democracy and human rights in Israel.” (Tell that to the Palestinians Kagan…)

Gun Rights: “I am not sympathetic with the Supreme Court’s ruling that carrying handguns is constitutional.”

Kagan wrote a paper for President Clinton that paved the way for an Executive Order banning dozens of semi-automatic weapons.

Free Speech: “The government can restrict speech if it believes that speech might incite others to do harm. Hate speech would fall into this category of redistribution of speech.”

While Kagan seeks to destroy our First Amendment right of free speech, at the same time, she supports the public burning of the US flag as “constitutional.”

Executive Power: “A strong Executive Branch with control over agencies and regulatory bodies is crucial in order for a President to achieve his or her platform.”

Kagan opines that presidential supervision of all federal agencies is a “vital mechanism to achieve progressive goals.”

Abortion: “Partial birth abortion is the most appropriate procedure to save the life and preserve the health of a woman.”

NARAL Pro-Choice America, an abortion advocacy group, endorses Kagan for Supreme Court judge, praising Kagan as a “champion of women’s right to personal choice.”

Gay Rights: “The US Military’s discrimination against gays is a profound wrong—a moral injustice of the first order.”

Kagan’s reported lesbian lifestyle is an “open secret” amongst law students of Harvard University where she has served as Dean of the Law School.

Immigration Rights: Kagan has asked the Supreme Court to overturn a 2007 Arizona anti-immigration law which revokes the licenses of Arizona businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

It is part of the Zionist agenda to dilute the cultural composition of America’s population in order for Jews to gain supremacy over the nation’s political life.

MY DEAR FELLOW AMERICANS, a third Zionist Jew is about to be raised to the highest judicial bench of our nation. As Pat Buchanan warned, if Kagan is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the US population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats.

Do we really want Christ-hating…Freedom-hating Zionist Jews to rule our country? Jews now have control of every sphere of American life.

Wake up America! — Turn off your TV! –The Jews wish to destroy our once Christian nation!


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  7. Vanguard June 30, 2010 @ 11:36 pm

    The paranoid, godless mindset which infects Zionism, as it comes to rule the highest court of the (USA) land, will encourage and enforce all that is fallen and controlled/oppressed in this world.

    Any “august personages” who undermine divinely inspired principles and practices, are but slithery tongues flitting and flapping out of the mouth of the Devil. Listen not, at your soul’s peril.

    In their hearts and minds, they think themselves rulers of the earth. Mighty judges of old. Dispensing keen-witted justice. Cogent minds penetrating to the heart of all concealed and complex matters.

    But instead, they are parrots braying as donkeys, no more direction than monkeys swinging from branch to branch spying the next perch, and no more sense of real justice than snails in a wet garden squished underfoot.

    The Zionists in truth or in submission, blurt and mumble the words of their father, as he whispers in their hearts and minds. And they whisper to each other in shadows, keeping their own counsel, not the inherited wisdom of God-fearing patriots and founders.

    They seek to bind in walls of thought, sight, sound and place…of deed. They seek to remake man in their image, which is the image of their father. Even Satan.

    The servants of the Lord must ever study and pray for guidance and strength to act with justice and mercy, despite the increasingly evil laws of the land. Keep your own house in order, and when the storms come, you shall ride forth or up in safety.

    If enough steady souls resist the storm tides, such shall crash and break upon those solid foundations and be dispersed.

    The time has come for righteous judges upon the earth to speak with one voice, inspired of God, and scatter the dark thoughts which increasingly guide the nation.

    If a judge be not of God, then that judge, though sitting, must be removed lawfully, even if by the will of the God-fearing populace.


    Federal Judges Sitting On
    Critical Cases Is Inexcusable (full column)

    “As my friend, Larry Becraft, a constitutional attorney with 35 years of experience sums it up: “Kagan’s Princeton thesis was devoted to a history and praise of communism.” But, of course. Kagan will be Obama’s man on the court because they share the same Marxist ideology.”

    [As has been said, communism is Judeo-Zionism “lite”. ]

  8. Sharon June 30, 2010 @ 11:51 pm

    Dear Bro Nathanael,

    just wanted to say well done!

    I pray for your safety and provision. I don’t think you fully grasp how valuable the job you do is.

    Thanks for standing up for God and loving Truth, Justice, Righteousness and Mercy, and for being a true American citzen, with her best interests in your heart.

    Below is a link to support the main them of this thread:

    In Christ Jesus our Lord, forever your sister, Sharon.

  9. seraphim July 1, 2010 @ 12:26 am

    The really disturbing thing about the appointment of Helen Kagan (besides the possible relation with Lazar Kaganovitch – too many American Jews can trace their ancestry to Russian Jews, either Bolsheviks like Joffe or Mensheviks like Axelrod) is the “in your face” chutzpah.

    What she says when answering the question where was she on Christmas is actually : We have you, goys and shicksas (she is a closet lesbian, by the way)!

    Move Down under.

    Even the Americans have been flabbergasted by the so-called “bloodless coup (d’etat)” that replaced the very popular Prime-Minister Kevin Rudd with his deputy Julia Gillard (a former avowed Trotskiist turned “neo-con”, like all American “neo-cons”).

    The reasons given to the stunned populace was that Rudd made so many political mistakes in such a short time, that it became imperative to remove him in order to raise the standing of the Labor Party in the supposedly falling polls (in the manipulated opinion polls, to be clear).

    The reality is, as usual, far removed from the spin of the conspirators. None of the invoked “mistakes” of Rudd really curtailed his popularity.

    His real mistake was that he (timidly, very timidly!) criticized Israel for using faked Australian passports in a Mossad operation (Dubai) and for expelling an Israeli diplomat from Australia.

    The Jewish coterie expressed its “anger and frustration” at the position adopted by the Australian Government, who dared even to criticize the handling of the Gaza flotilla.

    The solution was clear: “Rudd has to go”. The chutzpah in that case was that he had to go “in the national interest”. In other words crossing Israel is against the national interest of Australia!

    For some Australians (the ones who have no voice, or if they had it doesn’t matter) it was highly relevant that the “partner” of the present Prime-Minister became overnight an “employee” of a certain Albert Dadon, Executive Chairman of Ubertas Group, a “private” development company, and Chairman of the Australian Israel Cultural Exchange.

    This Albert was one of the six Jewish “representatives” who were invited at a “kosher dinner” by the former Prime Minister Rudd in a futile attempt to placate the “anger and frustration” of the Jewish Community (i.e. Lobby) in Australia.

    The AICE funded two trips to Israel of Julia Gillard (with her boyfriend who was at the time only a hairdresser – he became a “successful” real estate agent only in conjunction with the meteoric raise of the “first female Prime Minister of Australia” – he is what the French call a “macro”, in English would be “pimp”).

    By the way, Albert Dadon is a Moroccan Jew and was Chairman of the French Chamber of Commerce in Australia (in the 90′)…and guess what, he is a personal friend of Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Oh, and he is an accomplished jazzman at that!

  10. Vanguard July 1, 2010 @ 12:37 am

    Did Kagan Cover for Dershowitz’s Plagiarism?

    “When Elena Kagan was dean of Harvard Law School, her mishandling of a plagiarism case cost an innocent person his job while allowing the plagiarist, Professor Alan Dershowitz, to escape punishment. …

    “My independent research later revealed, however, that Dershowitz did in fact commit plagiarism and that no honest and competent investigation could have missed it. …

    “The case against Dershowitz seemed to be supported by powerful evidence. Finkelstein argued that Dershowitz’s book ‘The Case for Israel’ contained obvious errors that were identical to errors in an earlier book by a different author, so Dershowitz must have just copied that author’s work, errors and all…”

    “I decided to check for myself, and I quickly discovered enough identical errors to prove the plagiarism charge against Dershowitz beyond any reasonable doubt.

    “I looked at one of the passages identified by Finkelstein, a long quotation from Mark Twain, and found that Dershowitz’s version of the quotation and the version in the book Dershowitz was accused of plagiarizing contained 20 identical errors in a mere 21 lines of text.

    “Some of the errors were large (such as the omission of 87 pages of text without an ellipsis) and some were small (such as altered or missing words or punctuation), but the cumulative weight of the evidence was overwhelming. There was no way Dershowitz could have independently generated exactly those 20 errors — he must have copied them. It was an open-and-shut case.”

    [“Evil begets evil.” “Misery loves company.” “Birds of a feather flock together.” “Water seeks it’s own level.”

    Members of the tribe supporting their own at the expense of justice, or the laws which either protect or ensnare them?

    This is the character of someone “worthy” to sit in judgment–a member of a group of nine judging hundreds of millions of moral beings?

    “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

    Surely we can do better…find someone who shines with the Light of Christ, not who emanates the stuttering darkness of moral expediency and confusion?]

  11. Ran July 1, 2010 @ 1:28 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I am a Jew, living in Israel. My father is an ex-Israeli ambassador, so I, as a child, was heavily brainwashed into thinking Jews and Israel are always right, at everything they do. But, nevertheless, I didn’t grow up to be religious nor patriotic.

    I always felt deep in my heart that something was wrong. So I never went to vote, never engaged in political debates, and stayed away from synagogues.

    Recently, Brother Nathanael, I found your site. At first, it was a shock, and the things you wrote intimidated me. But I kept coming back, every time reading a little bit more, every time fitting in a new piece to the puzzle. What can I say, I’m beginning to get the picture.

    I remember when I was little, there was a show on T.V called “The Six Million Dollar Man,” starring Lee Majors. I would wait all week for that show. It was so exciting watching the bionic man do away with all his enemies.

    Why am I telling you this? Because when you, Brother Nathanael, write a new article, I get excited and eager to read it just like back then, when I was a child, in front of the television set. I even get some snacks ready.

    I am not going to tell anyone about the stuff I read on your site, because I have my own and different agenda on how to make this world a better place. But I will keep coming back to see what you have to say, because you seem to be telling the truth.

    Best Regards

  12. seraphim July 1, 2010 @ 3:10 am

    You always have that thing the French call “la repartie du bas de l’escalier,” your big word that you did not say in a discussion, but that you find out, later, that it might have been relevant.

    So, I did forget to mention in my previous post that among the six representatives of Australian Jewry at the “kosher dinner” was Mark Leibler, the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council Chairman (who was also president of the Zionist Federation of Australia), brother of Isi Leibler, who chairs the Diaspora-Israel committee of the JCPA (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) and a former chairman of the governing board of the World Jewish Congress (no less!).

    Both brothers are billionaires, mind you. Melbournians, very friendly with the Besens, “one of Melbourne’s most powerful Jewish families”. Mr. Dadon, who is incidentally married in the Besens family, loves to describe himself as a “‘behind the scenes man’ who had no wish to be quoted,” as the Australian media put it with all the chutzpah required from it.

    He is only a jazzman, an artist, take my word.

  13. Lynda July 1, 2010 @ 3:15 am

    Ran, I grew up as an American. And believe me, Americans have never been hostile to the Jewish people as a community.

    I was taught that this is America and you respect everyone’s beliefs and their right to be who they are within the framework of the founding principles.

    Remarks disrespectful of any ethnic group were never tolerated in my home. You might criticize their politics or their behaviour if it was anti-American or you might criticize their attitudes as unfair. But you never criticized the person or persons as such.

    I remember my grandparents were very critical of the Black civil rights movement because they were denying us (as Euro Americans) our right to freedom of association, my parents were critical of the Jewish lobbies in Washington because of influence of Jewish money. But that was as far as it went.

    Therefore, it has been a huge journey for me to learn all this about the ‘Jews first agenda’.

    It has been very difficult for me to see what is now revealed as an ethnic international state within the American state (and also within every Western state) and that the agenda of Jewish ethnopolitics is to bring down every Western nation and brick it into a Jewish world order. This is undeniable and can not be hidden.

    And it sickens me to see how the synagogue has worked to do away with Christianity at every level of society.

    However, they could never have succeeded unless the Western peoples became post-Christian by their own choice.

    So, it is going to be very instructive how this is going to play when these nations re-convert to the Christian faith. I do not doubt that the gloves will be off then, because the Jewish overlords will fight that with everything they have.

    Freedom of religion means everyone is free to their own religious beliefs except for the Christians – they must be destroyed.

  14. David July 1, 2010 @ 3:49 am

    She looks like a Bolshevik from Khazar to me.

    The Real Jews disown her.

    On the other hand who in America does not disown her ? The sodomites love her.

    The hypocrites love her, the moronites lover her, and the idiotites lover her.

    She is loved in America. The home of the greed and the slave.

  15. Free Gaza July 1, 2010 @ 4:49 am


    Regarding Kagan, it is hard to even imagine that there are NOT any other more qualified people in the USA for the job. Hard to imagine.

    That said here are some funny videos from Bobby Fischer the world Chess champ regarding the international Zionists:

  16. marshall[Maher-shalal-hash-baz] July 1, 2010 @ 5:20 am

    It comes as no suprise there are going to be no more Christians on the Supreme Court.

    Christian culture as been destroyed by the Jews, who are selling back it’s corpse to soul dead “Christians.”

    A case in point is the Jew-owned Home Depot. They sell SHAKER cabinets, soul-dead Jews and soul-destroyed “Christians” love to buy them, all the while not conscious of the fact that the SHAKERS were a Christian sect.

    They SHOOK with the power of the Holy Spirit. Would they sell if they were called rightly “CHRISTIAN CABINETS”?

  17. Fitu July 1, 2010 @ 8:39 am

    Well she wants to steer the law, (pay close attention to that, “steer the law” i. e. make laws) according to her ‘opinions,” prejudices, values, and goals.

    This seems like the antithesis to the intent of law. How about this for a meaning bender, “redistribution of speech.” That phrase should be “redistributed” to the trash can.

    Then of coarse if she doesn’t get nominated to the court, she can always join the military in protest of moral injustice, that way if she gets wounded in Iran they can do a partial birth abortion on her to save her life.

    It’s just a matter of time ’til one of these Jews introduces the retroactive abortion bill. Then they can compile their list of people they feel should have been aborted.

  18. Tupe July 1, 2010 @ 9:26 am

    With all due respect RZN,

    There really should be a limit on how many pictures of R.B. Ginsberg can be displayed in one year. I’m just getting over the extreme nausea of the last set of her hideous portrayals; and wham, I have to look at her again!

    Last time you showed “Her Ichabodness,” my dog took one look, and howled, and ran and jumped out an open window. He didn’t come back for three and a half days.

    Now today he saw her again, and the window was closed. He tore a big hole in the screen door, and then took off. Now I have to fix the screen.

    Maybe you can find a picture of her from the back. You know, just her black robes and the back of her evil head. It would sure spare us (dogs included).


  19. Brother Nathanael July 1, 2010 @ 10:06 am

    Dear Tupe –

    Great post! I needed a good hearty laugh.

    Thank you! +BN

    PS – How is your dog doing?

  20. Brother Nathanael July 1, 2010 @ 10:09 am

    Dear Fitu –

    Great post!

    I needed another good laugh. Thank you! +BN

  21. Luta July 1, 2010 @ 10:13 am

    For a long time, there was something in the countenance of Jews, that my subconscious was picking up; but my conscious mind was missing.

    There seemed to be something about their faces that I saw; but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

    It was something about them that is different from any other people. Then today after looking at your pictures of Kagan, it finally dawned on me.

    Jews are the only people that look uglier when they smile!

  22. Brother Nathanael July 1, 2010 @ 10:59 am

    Dear Ran – Please email me as I would like to correspond with you.

    My email is listed at the top of this and every article. +BN

  23. Tupe July 1, 2010 @ 11:20 am

    Dear +BN

    I don’t know how “Edgey” my “Ginsburg-Suffering” dog is. He took off. He’ll probably be back in a couple of days, the same as last time when he reacted to the pics of gins.

    I’m just going to eat something, then throw some darts at a picture of Joe Lieberman for awhile. I wanted to put a Ginsburg dart board up, but then “Edgey” would probably run away forever.

    Then when she gets home with the car, I’m going to run over to the hardware store and buy some screening to fix the door.

    Maybe you could put a banner over the top of upcoming articles with R.B. Ginsburg’s face in them. Something like; “WARNING! Ginsburg Pictures!” Then “Edgey” would hopefully be forewarned.

  24. Nicolae July 1, 2010 @ 12:30 pm

    New Jerusalem.

    Zec 2:1, 2:2, 2:3


    Ezekiel 34:2 Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD unto the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed the feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks?

    Eze 34:3 Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed; but ye feed not the flock.

    Eze 34:5 And they were scattered, because there is no shepherd; and they became meat to all the beasts of the field, when they were scattered.

    Eze 34:8 As I live, saith the Lord GOD, surely because my flock become a prey, and my flock became meat to every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd, neither did my shepherd search for my flock, BUT THE SHEPHERD FED THEMSELVES, AND FEED NOT MY FLOCK.

    This is the time of the end, God send his Shepherd, Brother Nathanael, to bring back the lost sheep from the Zionist-Christian Preachers that are milking them of their fat (money) and leading the sheep away to destruction.

    You want good feed? You came to this Shepherd.

    God keep you and protect you from this pack of Khazar Wolf’s.

  25. KathJuliane July 1, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ, RZN Family,

    [The Black Lagoon filleth with more and more demonic monsters from Israhell, and the nightmare gets bigger.

    Looks like the Republicraps “have no appetite for a filibuster” after what Kagan qualified in 1995 as “a vapid and hollow charade” (Salon 7/1/2010).

    The Senate will likely rubberstamp Kagan’s confirmation, despite what Jeff Sessions said the emails (and 160,000 pages of released documents, many from the Clinton Presidential Library) show a “troubling pattern” of making “legal decisions based not on the law but instead on her very liberal politics.”]

    In a 1995 book, Kagan stated:

    — “It is an embarrassment that the president and Senate do not always insist, as a threshold requirement, that a nominee’s previous accomplishments evidence an ability not merely to handle but to master the ‘craft’ aspects of being a judge.”

    [Surely, one of the more important preferred qualifications and accomplishments would actually be juridical experience and a track record as a seated judge on the bench of a court of law.]

    For reference: the Clinton Presidential Library records opened after identification by the National Archives and turned over to the Senate Judiciary Committee concerning her service in the Clinton Administration as Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy and Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council (1997-99).

    [She admires unlimited expansion of the Executive power, whether it is leftist executive or rightist executive power. Whenever she says she’ll be deferential to “government power” she’s meaning the “executive power,” period.

    Therefore, she will be an “activist judge” for any executive power expansions. She was quite comfy with some of Bush’s tyranny, like indefinite detentions and what qualifies as a “terrorist.”]

    “Kagan’s record provides an uncertain basis for predicting how she will decide cases.”

    “All of this leads to the assumption that as a Supreme Court justice, Elena Kagan will be no enemy to the powers of the executive.”

    “She pays lip service to the limitations on executive authority contained in the Constitution, but she’s generally in the thrall of executive power.”

    May 10, 2010 … Kagan was credited by the ACLU with “shaping Clinton’s policy on hate crimes,” Wright noted. “The Clinton Administration treated peaceful pro-life activists as terrorists.”

    James Petras at Catbird Seat pins Kagan as a 5th column Zionist selected from the U of Chicago – Harvard Law School –Washington Tribal nepotism triangle network.

    He emphatically points to the threat of criminalization of America-firsters and anti-Zionism activism through restrictions of Constitutional freedoms:

    “Kagan’s approval of indefinite detention of suspects squares with the extremist restrictions on constitutional freedoms first articulated during the Bush Administration and subsequently upheld by President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder.

    “It is no coincidence that Kagan appointed a notorious Bush torture advocate, the genial Jack Goldsmith, to the Harvard Law faculty.”

    “Like Barack Obama, Elena Kagan started her legal apprenticeship with the Chicago Judge Abner Mitva, an ardent Zionist, who hailed the newly elected President Obama as “America’s first Jewish President”, probably his soundest judgment.

    “The issue of the composition of the US Supreme Court is increasingly crucial for all Americans, who are horrified by Israel’s devastation of Gaza, its threats to launch a nuclear attack on Iran and its Fifth Column’s efforts to drag us into a third war in ten years.

    “With the Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations pressing the compliant US Congress to declare “anti-Zionism” as a form of “anti-Semitism” and “opposition to Israel’s policies” as amounting to “support for terrorism”, thus criminalizing Americans critical of Israel, another active pro-Zionist advocate on the Court will provide a legal cover for the advance of Zionist-dictated authoritarianism over the American people.

    In 2006, she co-authored an Op-Ed for the Boston Globe with an Israeli army lawyer; the piece is titled, “The Israeli model for detainee rights,” and touts Israeli measures developed “during a long and difficult experience with terrorism.”

    [Behind that face, hardcore Judeo-Zionist collective punishments. Any humanitarian aide is “aiding terrorists.”]

    As solicitor general, Ms. Kagan defended a law that bars providing material support to terrorist organizations, as “a vital weapon in this nation’s continuing struggle against international terrorism.”

    Even seemingly benign help is prohibited, Ms. Kagan said. “Hezbollah builds bombs,” she said of the militant Islamic group. “Hezbollah also builds homes. What Congress decided was when you help Hezbollah build homes, you are also helping Hezbollah build bombs. That’s the entire theory behind the statute.”

    “She will be the member of the Supreme Court who is most Jewishly knowledgeable.”
    — Nathan Lewin, on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan

    Oh, dear Lord have mercy on us.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  26. Tom July 1, 2010 @ 12:51 pm


    Getting involved Politically, Legally, and Media Operations – to DEFEAT the Jews BEFORE they TAKE OVER THE WORLD and our VERY SOULS and the SOULS OF OUR CHILDREN!”

    A most outstanding phrase that I feel is very, very significant, in this paragraph from your vision of The +BN Foundation, is: “and the souls of our children”.

    Many do not realize it, but the machinations of the Jew are multi-generational in their scope.

    This has been one of the keys to their success. They themselves, while affecting degenerational change, remain the same in purpose. Their purpose, in part, is to pass the baton to their ‘next generation’ with the idea, that they should rule over, and oppress, your next generation.

    To those who are of age such as +BN, myself, and others, it is a shocking reflection when we contemplate the fact, that there are young men and women alive today, who have never known a time when there was not abortion in America.

    They have never known a time when pornography wasn’t the first and last thing you saw, going in and out of the store.

    And, the examples are too numerous to mention, of all the moral travesties that generations have endured as, “matter of fact, just the way things are”! They can not remember it ever being otherwise! It never was otherwise to them! And, that is the generational warfare; that is being inflicted by the Jew upon the Gentile.

    I would love to see +BN do an in depth article on the aspects of generational warfare, by the Jew Upon the Gentile. It is only with a vision of defeating the Jew, once we understand, that while he sells you the ever degenerating present, his own aim is on the future, that we will, as a people, begin to fight back!

    I think this perspective is of the utmost urgency. For it is our own best defense to realize, that if we wholeheartedly fight for the freedom, and exposure to Godliness, that all generations are entitled to, we have a good chance to secure it for them in their behalf.

    If we could turn them back, soon children would be born into a world not ever knowing the depravity to which the Jew has lowered America.

    Then, remaining steadfast in this endeavor as nature takes it’s course, in just two or three generations this all could be righted again. .

  27. USSA TODAY July 1, 2010 @ 1:47 pm


    Why do so many “Jews”/Khazars have a tendency towards Communism?

    There’s no doubt Kagan is hard core Commie.

    All these vigilant citizens before us who have died fighting in conflicts, suffered from tyranny, and endured to make the future better would want to puke if they could see AmeriKa today.

  28. Miriam July 1, 2010 @ 2:30 pm

    Dear Good Brother Nathanael:

    I will continue to support your new foundation, Brother Nathaniel. Please know that those that can will support you financially. I just sent in a donation online.

    I know why the Khazars look different than most humans – too much in-breeding perhaps.

    Pathetic excuses for human beings.

  29. marshall[Maher-shalal-hash-baz] July 1, 2010 @ 3:59 pm

    A study in contrasts of two New York women: Fanny Crosby and Elena Kagan.

    Fanny who died in 1905, was a great Christian Hymn writer [Blessed Assurance] blind but with a powerful vision of JESUS, expressed through 8000 hymns still sung today. Never made real money,devoting all spare time to mission work on the Bowery and other destitute locations.

    Elena Kagan, selfish Jew lawyer, seeking to destroy the Christian culture that Fanny nurtured, full of the hatred and greed of her fellow Jews.

    The Bowery where Fanny spread the gospel of Christ is now being converted to luxury expensive condos for rich Jew lawyers and bankers, and their souless “Christian” co-conspiritors.

  30. Lynda July 1, 2010 @ 4:15 pm

    Miriam, it is the anti-Christ Jews with their unique spiritual blood mark who look different to most human beings – even the seculars and materialists of any race or ethnicity.

    Khazar Christians who have been regenerated in the fountain of baptism look like new creation in Christ, they look like people who are being nourished in sanctifying grace.

    Seculars, materialists all look about the same except, of course, for their ethnic characteristics.

  31. Tupe July 1, 2010 @ 5:11 pm

    Re: U S A TODAY

    “Why do so many “Jews”/Khazars have a tendency towards Communism?”

    Communism was founded, funded, and forced upon the world by Khazar Jews. It was their brainchild. – and – – and-

    Should educate you a little on the subject.

    The most interesting factor of the whole instigation of the “communist revolution” in Russia is that it was not only funded by New York Jews ( and through their persuasion, eventually the U.S. taxpayers), but that the “hardcore” central cadre who moved and shook it were “New York City” Jews who traveled to Russia with that intent, and with that design, and totally committed to the achievement of that purpose.

    Hence, Russia has never “trusted” the good ole U.S.A. (and probably never will!)

  32. Disgusted White Christian July 1, 2010 @ 5:44 pm


    Ruth Bader Ginsburg looks like a beetle with glasses???

    I love the quote by Kagan, about idolizing the Israeli judge for his ADVANCEMENT of human rights??

    Bro Nate, when you inserted the “tell that to the Palestinians,” I almost burst, no one adds irony and levity to such a disgusting and demoralizing subject as you do. You really make it bearable, I can actually type with a smile.

    I have to ask, is Kagan that BLIND, or is she just another lying Zionist shill???

    Also about the name “Kagan,” why Bro Nate, do so many Jews have Irish sounding names??

    Cohen, also the names “Brown” and “Green” or “Greene.”

    There has always been rumors, that during the Babylonian dispersion, the Prophet Jeremiah brought what was referred to as the “Red Tribe” there?

    They do have Tay-Sachs there also in Ireland. As a matter of fact, they are next highest percentage to have it, after the Jews???

    Jerry Stiller and Debra Messing have the classic natural red hair and blue eyes??



  33. Robert Cardillo July 1, 2010 @ 5:49 pm

    Is it me or does Kagan look like Fred Flintstone?

    And yes, Ginsburg is the most insidious looking Jewish woman I have ever seen.

  34. Luta July 1, 2010 @ 7:33 pm

    Re: Robert Cardillo

    HA ha HA ha HA ha ha ha, Ho Ho HAh hah hah ABSOLUTELY! YABADABADOOO!

    Now, is it me ? Or does R. B. G. Try to give off some sort of evil oriental persona? Check out the clothes and the jewelry. Fu Man Yenta? Oh yeah, The Dragon Lady! I’ve got it. Ms. Ming, Queen of Mongo.

  35. seraphim July 1, 2010 @ 8:07 pm


    After the “revolution” of ’89 in Romania, which “ended” Communism but kept in power the same people, people cracked a joke: “our masters’ children will be our children’s masters.”

    The response was “la vremuri noi, tot noi.” Unfortunately translation in English misses the gist of it, because it is a play on words.

    In Romanian noi means new (in plural) but also is the pronoun in the first person plural. It would be something like : “For new times, still us”.

    Would you be surprised that among the power “elite,” the descendants of those who brought the Communism in Romania (all Jews) loom large? Now strident anti-communists and devoted to “democracy” American style.

  36. john July 1, 2010 @ 8:15 pm

    Her lack-luster academic publication record is only surpassed by her total lack of any practical experience as a judge: zero years in adjudication, unless one accepts the line of her exuberant advocates, who point to Kagan’s superb ability in adjudicating among the squabbling faculty at Harvard Law School when she served as Dean.

    No doubt Kagan had been very busy as the greatest fundraising Law School Dean in Harvard’s history ($400 million), which may account for the fact that she never found time to write a single academic article during her nine year tenure (2001-2009).

  37. charlie July 1, 2010 @ 8:17 pm


  38. Luta July 1, 2010 @ 8:19 pm

    Re: Disgusted White Christian.

    There is much speculation on the origin of the Irish Nation. It’s an interesting research, which is beyond the scope of a comment on this thread and off topic.

    There are two sources that I would suggest.

    Google “The Stone of Destiny”. The second may be a little harder to locate. Dr. Gene Scott, did an outstanding work on the Origin of The Irish Nation. His wife, also executor of his estate, has removed the greater part of his work from public access; but if you can get his tapes or the research in written format you would find it really very interesting.

    It is believed by some, that The Irish Seer, Ohlam Fhadla, and Jeremiah are one and the same. – and – – and – – will be of interest to you, but there is some speculation afoot but some revealing and startling archeological evidence.

    I think you will find it enjoyable.

  39. Dave July 1, 2010 @ 8:19 pm

    It’s lucky for us that the Supremes just passed the second substantial gun decision asserting the Second Amendment to be an individual right (duh).

    To me that was just academic though, as I do not care what any judge says.

    I don’t care what any politicians decide upon, and I don’t care if we wind up in some global tyranny whose dictator invokes the death penalty for gun possession.

    I’m not giving them up.

    The 20th century was soaked in blood, ironically from some insane ideas by the same tribe as Kagan’s.

    We should learn from it when it comes to civilian disarmament.

  40. On the Megillah is written... July 1, 2010 @ 9:20 pm

    She looks like…Magilla Gorilla.
    She IS Magilla Gorilla.

  41. Tom July 1, 2010 @ 10:22 pm

    Re: Seraphim

    That’s quite a quote. I see in it also a form of resolute humor. Perhaps this quote was common among the faithful in Romania who were “under the circumstances”, as many of the faithful elsewhere are at present.

    The interesting fact in it is, I find, that the Romanian people recognized the generational nature of the apparatus. My own view is that the Jew has craftily used racism as a diversion from the real generational conquest.

    By feeding and fuming racial tensions in the U.S. they have kept the view obscured. As each racial group fends off the other, the Jew effects conquest over each of their “next generations.” Knowledge is the necessary ingredient that can overcome this hurdle.

    The Jew views each Gentile expression as inferior. I know that there have been many that speak of the ‘end of the white race’ etc. through miscegenation. This, I believe, is a Jew authored tactic.

    I think that as Christians we absolutely MUST view other people as God views them. PERIOD! No One is “forcing” miscegenation on anyone. It is a personal choice. If those of separate ethnicity choose to wed, that is their own personal decision.

    It is even more so if they are two Christians. I believe that most Christians would condescend to this position, as it is unquestionably attuned to Christian knowledge and conscience.

    All races and ethnicities have a common foe. The Jew! And more especially so, if they Name The Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    If you are warring against the evil stratagems of the Jew, you absolutely must not allow another conflict to arise as a diversion!

  42. kiimmpossible July 1, 2010 @ 10:24 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael –

    Great article as usual. Blessings and traveling mercies to you this holiday weekend. Looking forward to the conference report. Also, personally looking forward to special church services and worship this Sunday on the 4th of JULY. God Bless America!

    To Luta – I couldn’t overlook yours and others’ Kagan comments.

    I’m anything BUT in favor of Kagan sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court for all obvious reasons — everything having to do with her politics and leftist ideology and lack of experience, not to mention lack of religious convictions, duh!

    I count it a sign of the times.

    Can we stop her appointment? NO.

    Are the so-called conservatives Repubs pathetic wimps? Yes.

    Is Obama appeasing the gay lobby? Yes.

    And the anti-Christ agenda? Yes. Knowingly and unknowingly.

    Brother Nathanael covers the “sissy smiler” well in his radio slots. Go Brother Nathanael! You not only speak the truth but you are hilarous and I love your delivery.

    Dear Luta – though entitled to your opinion, it’s disturbing when you write:

    “For a long time, there was something in the countenance of Jews, that my subconscious was picking up; but my conscious mind was missing…Then today after looking at your pictures of Kagan, it finally dawned on me. Jews are the only people that look uglier when they smile!”

    I know, it was your way of saying you don’t find Kagan attractive in the least. I get it. To which I disagree! Beauty and comeliness is in the eye of the beholder.

    I don’t know if you’re a Christian or not – but God bless you anyway. How about Messiah Jesus. He comes from a Semitic people, granted the Scriptures in Isaiah 53 say: 2 He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.

    But he laid down his life as a ransom for many!

    Not to mention he was just a wee bit charismatic.

    Quite frankly I find the physical attributes of Jews (and semitic people in general) attractive more than not. (okay, maybe with the exception of Henry Waxman, not to sound cruel).

    It’s colossal intellect, character and a genuine genuine-ness in both males and females that way make up for any “deficiencies” in the looks department. Kagan is not a quazi-moto. (just a little short) :-). We should pray for her nonetheless.

    Our God is an awesome God and he hears the prayers and petitions of His people. But I know nothing really.

    It is true there’s a special countenance and a radiance in the faces of those those who are in Christ, thanks to the Holy Spirit.

    p.s. Ran, Brother Nathanael is good counsel.

  43. seraphim July 1, 2010 @ 11:10 pm


    I am delighted that you appreciated the Romanian humor. Romanians are indeed a people who saw many things in their very long existence and humor was one of their weapons of resistance.

    They have a word for that (untranslatable also) : “a face haz de necaz”. Haz is a state of merriment, it is, I suspect, onomatopoeic= hahaha). Necaz is a state of sufferance, bitterness.

    So, it means “to make fun/sport of adversity”. One may say that this is the national philosophy, a defence mechanism that allowed the Romanians to keep their sanity against terrible adversities.

    The most ridiculous personage in the Romanian folklore is Satan! And the Jews.

  44. KathJuliane July 1, 2010 @ 11:28 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, RZN Family,

    Br. Nathanael, may God bless and protect you on your travels this weekend. I’ll be praying.

    Dear kiimpossible,

    It’s not particularly meanness, but there is something about Kagan and Ginsburg in BN’s montages that seems to be like life imitating cartoons this week.

    Both of them, like many Jews, will do what’s ultimately good for the Jews, and have a spiritual quality that is decidedly lacking and ugly, and it shows on their faces. Foxman is another one.

    Pelosi, Italian Christian, but a life-long Judaizer and Zionist is no better. Charming personality, I understand, but virtually devoid of any moral character in the way that it counts especially as a politician.

    The fruits of her labors are poison from the get-go, and all she’s interested in is power.

    I keep waiting for the photos of Ginsburg to start shrieking “I’m melting, I’m melting!” while angry flying monkeys fly through the computer screen at me.

    The major problem is that Kagan is very far left Commie, (typical neo-con Jew — far left domestically; far right Zionist hawk in foreign policy). She and the other two Jewish judges will just be a rubber stamp for Obama, especially when it comes to reverse discrimination against the majority white people. This is a lifetime appointment, and liberals are more racist than conservatives are.

    As the conservative black man, E. W. Jackson, Sr., Chairman of STAND AMERICA PAC says about Kagan:

    “You cannot solve the problem of discrimination with more discrimination. We cannot address the historic wrongs committed against black Americans by committing more wrongs against white people today.

    “However, our President does not agree. He wants a Supreme Court Justice who believes that discrimination against whites is the way to address the wrongs of the past. Even worse, Kagan and Obama believe that fundamentally nothing has changed.

    “This is a mantra of the left. They call it “systemic” or “institutional” racism. What this means is that somehow racism is everywhere in every aspect of American life. [It’s the clone of the “anti-semitism” card.]

    “They believe that we are a racist country. Therefore, the only way to create balance is to discriminate against the majority race, i.e., whites. It is a stupid and twisted way of thinking which only perpetuates racial division rather than healing it.”

    To continue with the Hollyweird silly season and the Left Coast, our legislature didn’t get their act together and pass the state budget on time wrangling over a 19 billion dollar deficit, which now seems to have become the defacto annual tradition. They did manage to approve their own salaries, however.

    So now it’s the start of the new fiscal year, and our Gubernator Aaaaanold “has ordered about 200,000 to be paid the federal minimum wage because the state Legislature has not passed a budget.

    Department of Personnel Administration Director Debbie Endsley sent the order Thursday in a letter to the state controller. Most state employees will be paid the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour for the July pay period.

    Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear says the change should be reflected in state employees’ next paycheck. Workers will be paid in full retroactively once a budget is passed.”

    Many State workers are already underpaid in the field, and with the furloughs, working extra unpaid hours to boot. Once they get paid retroactively sometime down the road, however, because it is usually one lump check, they wind up paying taxes at a top tier 40% rate.

    The rest of the US shouldn’t be laughing at us, California is usually simply ahead of the curve for later trends in the rest of the country.

  45. Luta July 2, 2010 @ 12:07 am

    Re: kiimpossible,

    I really think you have read me wrong kiimpossible. You are absolutely incorrect. You could not be more wrong. That was not my way saying that I don’t find Kagan attractive. That was my way of saying:

    “For a long time, there was something in the countenance of Jews, that my subconscious was picking up; but my conscious mind was missing…Then today after looking at your pictures of Kagan, it finally dawned on me. Jews are the only people that look uglier when they smile!”

    Do you understand now kiimpossible? I have never ever seen a Jew in my entire life; never, ever that wasn’t uglier when they smiled!

    From Barbara Streisand to Dr. Ruth! From Judge Judy to Maury Povich. From Rahm Emanuel to Jerry Lewis. Never, not one! I have traveled the entire globe.

    I have lived among indigenous people of many races and descriptions.

    I observed that no matter what race it is, and in spite of whatever their collective or individual perception of beauty is; and no matter what a person’s individual facial characteristics may be, either homely or comely, every group both collectively and individually look better, that is to say, more pleasing to the eye, when they smile!

    With one exception. Every Jew I ever met personally, or saw in any media, looked even uglier when they smiled! And kiimpossible that is what I meant!

    Now kiimpossible, you not only know not if I am a Christian, you don’t know me AT ALL! I am not ashamed of my observation; and neither should I be. And your allusion that Jesus resembles one of these freaks is disgusting.

    We know Christ no longer “after the flesh” but “after the Spirit”! And it is most probably the disgusting spirit of the Jew inside, that shows when they smile on the outside; and makes them more ugly. No kiimpossible, you don’t get it!

    Do I hate Kagan? I hate the devil she loves, and again she looks uglier when she smiles. And I hope this really breaks your delusional bubble kiimpossible.

  46. Koen July 2, 2010 @ 12:41 am

    ‘Kagan’ means Khazarian king.

    It is very obvious what happened: the American WASP has become the slave of the Jewish kagans.

  47. Tom July 2, 2010 @ 1:02 am


    ‘Ah yes, the proud spirit can not bear to be mocked’. One of the greatest of weapons against it!

    A most powerful spiritual weapon!

    St. James I:2 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” NIV

    The onomatopoeia is lost to me, not knowing the meanings or sounds. But I reckon it brought bombastic joy to Romania; and a sizzling smart to Satan! (ha ha ha)

    “Almost Seraphim, thou dost persuade me to visit Romania!”

  48. seraphim July 2, 2010 @ 1:17 am

    Luta is absolutely right about Kagan and all the Kaganoviches.

    And yes, to associate Jesus with Kagan is an offence.

  49. Tom July 2, 2010 @ 4:57 am


    It does not surprise me in the least. The Jewmellion can change his spots. It’s all an outward show. Beneath the surface it is “Jew for Jew, and to hell with you”: whatever it takes to realize a kosher planet.

    The Jew is the most “is, and is not, yet is” character that has ever been. One need only trace the varied portrayals displayed by them in the U.S, and it is easy to imagine your description of the Jew Communists transforming themselves into Democratic Jews over a generation or two.

    I think the gist of the matter is, the same tribe still holds the reins. Billy Shakespeare once wrote something to the affect that, “A rose, by any other name, still smells the same”. It might be applicable to Jew politics.


    “Both of them, like many Jews, will do what’s ultimately good for the Jews, and have a spiritual quality that is {decidedly lacking and ugly}, and it shows on their faces”.

    As one who has also pondered over Genesis, an idea once came to me, that is different than the usual perspectives regarding the ‘mark of Cain’. I believe that the idea, from the Hebrew, can be equated to the concept of a “doom”. That is, God set a doom upon Cain.

    Most assume that it is some grotesque addition. But, that is really only an assuming. We might get a ‘hint’, in that the ground would no longer yield it’s fruit for him. It seems, that something was taken away, rather than added.

    We have all in our experience encountered those who are physically at odds with the normal standard. This however, rarely produces an effect that would have us perceive such as doomed. But perhaps Cains ‘mark’ was an obvious deficiency that would produce the reaction of repulsion.

    Your words, ‘decidedly lacking’, brought this insight to memory.

  50. kmarie July 2, 2010 @ 8:20 am

    Last week’s article detailed some of the cruelty and insanity of the contemporary United States war machine.

    How did the United States become enslaved to the [Zionist-run] military industrial complex in the first place?

    The BIBLE gives a hard hitting answer: THE BORROWER IS A SLAVE TO THE LENDER.

    Our economy is based on borrowing money from our bank of choice, the [Zionist-run] Federal Reserve.

    Somewhere I read that the United States government has the option to buy the Federal Reserve bank for $450 million (based on terms set up when the system was chartered.)

    Well, even if Congress had enough sense to initiate that, you know a [Zionist-run] Supreme Court would look for loopholes to stop the process.

    Real Zionist News has IMO done a better job than any site on the planet to explain WHO is dominating the system. To explain in terms and illustrations that an Average Jo type of person like myself can clearly understand.

  51. Disgusted White Christian July 2, 2010 @ 9:20 am

    Luta, Yes I will thanx,

    I am Irish Catholic on my mother’s side, and Dutch Catholic on my father’s side. There is speculation his mother was “Black Dutch” which are Sephardic that settle in Holland, after Isabella kicked them out to of Spain.

    Please don’t Miriam? 🙂

    But my mother ‘s cousins (Irish) had the little beady eyes close together, and they were as greedy as any Jews I ever met??

    Another name is “Brown,” like the Irish Molly Brown on the Titanic, but I met like 3 Jews with the same name, and spelling exactly the same???

    Goerge M Cohan is one letter off, the priestly side of Jewish religion, going back to Aaron, Moses brother in the Torah???


  52. Frank L July 2, 2010 @ 10:10 am

    Dear Disgusted White Christian,

    “They do have Tay-Sachs there also in Ireland. As a matter of fact, they are next highest percentage to have it, after the Jews???”

    By fact, the French Canadians are the second higest population to have Cossak’s Disease aka Tay-Sachs, and like the Jews, the French Canadians have multiplied their population by cousin to cousin marriages, which has expressed the Tay-Sach’s gene in every French Canadian generation.

    Tay-Sach’s Disease happens when to much gene mixing occurs, and this is exactly what has happened with the Khazars and the red haired Tribe of Dan, both of which traveled and mixed with each country’s population.

  53. Disgusted White Christian July 2, 2010 @ 10:30 am

    Please, now to man Joe Cortina.

    Yo asked about” Isaac Isaacs?? The reason I listed him and other Jews like Gilad Altzman, Norman Fink Finkelstein, is for the “credibility” aspect???

    As brilliant and precise as Bro Nate is, he is an “Ex-Jew” now a Christian.

    Thus, he is now seen as this??? To most Goyim, and other Jews, he is perceived as a traitor, or self-hating Jew, that is part of their protocol to defile one’s character and lose credibility??

    The other 3 Jews, I named, NEVER CONVERTED TO CHRISTIANITY, THUS THERE IS MORE CREDIBILITY, when they come out and EXPOSE the Zionists, that is just they way it is???

    Pat Buchanan uses DR. Duke or Charles Freeman to EXPOSE their lies and B_llsh_t.


  54. KathJuliane July 2, 2010 @ 1:43 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, RZN Family,

    First of all, to Bro. Nathanael and Joe Cortina, please accept my apologies for my part in pulling the subject of McCrystal and Petraeus off topic last week.

    The issue was entirely about the Zionist control of our military and this is a huge and horrible ongoing issue.

    To DWC – BN and others are laboring very hard to make the Foundation viable and a real force for good here in America, and RZN is should be gearing up for actively dealing with socio-political issues.

    He and Joe are both quite correct in that RZN family needs to stay within the particular topic in order to be most effective and focused, and I certainly need to be more disciplined about it.

    The point is to be effective, RZN family must stay on task for each particular topic. And, really, the lives of righteous anti-Zionist Jews in Australia while valuable, have little bearing on our most immediate social and political problems in America right now, especially the topic appointment of Kagan to the Supreme Court.

    What can she be anticipated to do from the bench as a Zionist in particular in the company of two other Zionist Jew Supremes, for example. What is her track record, character more than personality; background, even some humor about her are valuable for this thread.

    But going off-topic on speculations about the Irish and the Khazars is irrelevant to Kagan’s appointment to the Supremes.

    Btw, latest research on Tay Sachs has several variant genetic mutations that express the same disease in different ethnicities.

  55. bradda pk July 2, 2010 @ 2:13 pm

    Kagan appears to be someone who never held a handgun or shot one for that matter.

    She probably never collected eggs from a hen’s nest, nor planted a seed in a garden. To me, that is an American experience, or should I say, a human experience, which makes her unfit to be a judge.

    Why is it that her synagogue going/pro-Israel attitude gets her the job? Where are the qualified Americans?

  56. Disgusted White Christian July 2, 2010 @ 3:28 pm

    The point is KathJuliane, I don’t care if you are Catholic, Protestant, Jehovah Witness, Mormon, Buddhist, Muslim, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Jew converted to the truth or even an atheist, we all are going to be slaves???

    What Joe Cortina was eluding to, is stop all the arguments over religious dogma,
    women/man in the eyes of the church or God, who’s version of Christianity is correct???

    devil and his agents are doing, to DIVIDE AND CONQUER? Bible says, “a house divided, will always fall.”

    I could care less what the Catholic church claims, I am Roman Catholic, went to Catholic school. All I know is after the Gaza incident, this pope visited Israel, in true sycophant, apostate form, it made my stomach turn.

    Also, two historically Catholic universities: Notre Dame and Georgetown, both had Obama as a speaker, and he made them cover references to Jesus and Mary!

    The moment that sniveling coward made those demands, I would of said, if you are ashamed of what we are? Don’t come here!

    Also, Catholics got this Zionist shill elected into office!

    Frank L, yes, I knew that about French Canadians, also some Cajuns in the Delta area get it.

    You are correct, many believe, staying too close in the gene pool, makes it a cesspool?


  57. Saved by Grace July 2, 2010 @ 3:37 pm

    It’s a shame because not only is Elena Kagan perhaps the most unqualified person to ever be nominated to the Supreme Court, but she is a neoliberal globalist hack who had the silver spoon of privilege surgically implanted in her Kagan rectum at birth.

    To say that the court may “move to the right” when she is confirmed is a bit like saying Cheney “stretched the truth a little” about Iraq. It’s a laughable and contemptuous understatement that exposes one’s cynical sycophantic approval of the systemic rot that infects our country.

    Kagan has never set foot as an attorney of record into a trial courtroom in the United States, not even a small claims justice court; nor for that matter, any appellate court save for the literally handful of spoon fed cases she suddenly worked on as Solicitor General. Kagan has never been a judge in any courtroom, of any court, in the United States. Empty Wheel

    Yes, she will probably glide through confirmation, grinning and smiling and loving all the attention just like any spoiled child of privilege would upon receiving some special award only she thinks she actually earned.

    She might actually be the last person in the world to understand how she got where she is, how she got the “right” offers from the “right” law firms and the “right” appointments in the White House.

    She may never really understand why it is that her life has been so blessed by all the neoliberals around her who keep making sure there has always been a place at the Big Table for her.

    She might not understand it, but the rest of the politico class moving through the Washington Consensus certainly does as they dutifully kiss her ass as she effortlessly breezes past them up that DC ladder.

    But you see there is a reason for that… her uncle is probably Donald Kagan, one of the fathers of neoconservativism (the “right” branch of neoliberalism) and a founder of the Project for the New American Century.

    The Republicans won’t oppose her and the Clinton controlled ”liberals” in Congress will be afraid to raise even the slightest objection to a woman sitting on the most powerful court in the land who has never rendered a verdict in her life and who has barely even set foot in a courtroom.

    And yet, somehow or another, the “progressive” media will swoon over her regardless of the fact that she is quite probably the niece of one of the biggest neocon traitors this country has ever known.

    Let’s see if we can make sense of this shall we?

    A little background…

    The blogs are all abuzz about Hilary Clinton’s choice for the Supreme Court. Let’s face it, the Obama administration is owned by the Clintons. Larry Summers and Rubin and all the other Clinton administration retreads prove that point out beyond any kind of rational debate.

    Hilary recently put her loathsome husband in charge of “rebuilding” Haiti, a nation he admits to having crippled with his first attempt at imposing his neoliberal IMF style “structural reforms”. But the Clinton’s didn’t make the choice any more than Obama did, really.

    It was time for payback; a tribute to one of the founding families of the globalist neoliberal era that we now call the bipartisan Washington Consensus… the Kagan family.

    Elena Kagan is a globalist. She is a corporatist and a neoliberal shill for the coming IMF style austerity programs that are bound to be slammed onto this nation just as soon as the election is over.

    Elena Kagan and the Goldman Sachs Globalists

    Kagan’s recent stint with Goldman Sachs deserves a much closer look than the complicit media are providing.

    All they are saying is that she didn’t work with the specific group that bundled garbage and sold it to cities and states knowing it was going to cripple them and us in the process. Nor did she work for the part of Goldman Sachs that then made billions betting against the investments of their clients, like the state of Florida for example.

    The conclusion the media comes to is that since she wasn’t directly involved in those specific branches of Goldman Sachs, there is no story, no conflict of interest, so we should all move on and forget about her connections to the politically connected bank that committed a treasonous act against America.

    I beg to differ.

    Fact is, she worked for Goldman Sachs for 4 years, from 2005 to 2008, with the Research Advisory Council of Goldman Sachs Global Markets Institute. This is Goldman Sachs’ GLOBALIZATION DEPARTMENT and it is run by a group of IMF, World Bank, and Council on Foreign Relations swine.

    The Global Markets Institute at Goldman Sachs provides research and high-level advisory services to policymakers, regulators and investors around the world. Goldman Page

    What changes are needed in current policy frameworks to create the necessary market demand and liquidity in an effective carbon trading scheme? Carbon Credits derivatives scheme

    Elena Kagan and the Clinton/DLC Globalists

    She began her career working at Williams and Connelly law firm; famous for their neocon/neoliberal connections…

    Recent high-profile cases include the successful defense of U.S. President Clinton’s impeachment, representation of Enron‘s law firm Vinson & Elkins… defense of the Vioxx cases… In past years the firm represented Colonel Oliver North during the Iran-Contra Affair, and defended John Hinckley, the would-be assassin of President Reagan… Wiki

    “From 1995 to 1999, Kagan served as President Bill Clinton’s Associate White House Counsel and Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy and Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council.”

    Bruce Reed, who would hire her as his deputy when he ran the White House Domestic Policy Council under President Bill Clinton.. Times

    Bruce Reed is CEO of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). He is credited with coining the welfare reform catchphrase, “end welfare as we know it.” Wiki

    In 2006 he co-authored the highly influential book The Plan with White House Chief of Staff and former Congressman Rahm Emanuel. DLC page

    Elena Kagan and the Neocon Globalists

    “Kagan has said ‘I love the Federalist Society.’ This is a right-wing group; almost all of the Bush administration lawyers responsible for its war and torture memos are members of the Federalist Society. Many members of the Federalist Society say that Brown v. Board of Education [which struck down ‘separate but equal’] was decided wrongly.

    … ”As dean of the Harvard Law School, Kagan hired Bush’s outgoing director of the Office of Legal Counsel, Jack Goldsmith, as a law professor. Goldsmith is regarded by me and many others in the field as a war criminal. He wrote some of the memos that attempted to make violations of the Geneva Conventions appear legal.

    … “During the course of her Senate confirmation hearings as Solicitor General, Kagan explicitly endorsed the Bush administration’s bogus category of ‘enemy combatant,’ whose implementation has been a war crime in its own right.

    Now in her current job as U.S. Solicitor General, Kagan is quarterbacking the continuation of the Bush administration’s illegal and unconstitutional positions in U.S. federal court litigation around the country, including in the U.S. Supreme Court. IPA

    Since becoming Solicitor General of the United States, Ms. Kagan has taken many unpopular positions on cases before the Supreme Court that needs to be reviewed by the public. The first set of cases that comes to mind are the political prosecution cases in Alabama and Mississippi.

    In one of the cases, Ms. Kagan has asked that the Supreme Court not review the United States vs. Siegelman matter. This is contrary to ninety-one US Attorney Generals demanding that the Supreme Court hear the case because of all the abuses of power by the prosecuting team from the DOJ and the United States attorney’s office from the Middle District of Alabama.

    Clearly to ignore this matter one has to wonder about Ms. Kagan’s possible Neocon roots. Jill Simpson

    So Why Is It?

    So why is it that this supposedly liberal law student gets thrust into the mainstream neoliberal/neocon circles as soon as she popped out of her Ivy League school? Why is it that she hires a shamed neocon straight from George Bush’s “F–k the Geneva Convention” memo staff? And why is it that she works diligently under the neoliberal Clinton/Obama regime to protect all those neocon war criminals from the Halcyon Bush days?

    Well, simply put, it might be because she is related to several of the men who would be arrested if anyone started investigating the criminality of the neocons during the Bush years. Yeah, it might be that simple.

    Elena Kagan and Donald Kagan, the Father of Modern Neocons.

    Trying to find anything about Elena Kagan’s paternal grandfather is a bit like being poor and black and trying to find a good paying job in Bill Clinton’s New Haiti, ain’t gonna happen. But there might be a good reason for that; he may have died in Lithuania. You see, it’s my contention that Elena Kagan’s paternal grandfather, Robert Kagan’s father, is also the father of Donald Kagan.

    I’ve been trying to put this connection together for some time, which has delayed the publication of this post by quite a bit. As many bloggers are finding out, this isn’t easy to figure out. So let’s start with what we know.

    If Elena Kagan is related to Robert Kagan (PNAC, Council on Foreign Relations, American Enterprise Institute, “Rebuilding Americas Defenses’… “New Pearl Harbor Type event“) and Fred Kagan (PNAC and the Surge plan, American Enterprise Institute, “Rebuilding Americas Defenses”… “New Pearl Harbor Type Event…”) as well as Donald Kagan (founder of the PNAC, “Rebuilding Americas Defenses”… “New Pearl Harbor Type Event“…) then when she was working in the Obama administration to keep from investigating the crimes of the Bush-era neocons, well in fact, she was actually covering up for her family.

    She was keeping her uncle and her cousins out of prison.

    So this is an important question, the question of her paternal grandfather, that should be investigated about someone who could very well be the next Supreme Court Justice.

    This is what Elena Kagan said today about her nomination to the Supreme Court.

    “If this day has just a touch of sadness in it for me, it is because my parents aren’t here to share it. They were both, as the president said, the children of immigrants and the first in their families to go to college,” Kagan said. UPI

    Let’s see what we know and how it applies to what she said today about her parents and theirs.

    Robert Kagan is Elena Kagan’s father. He was born in Brooklyn in 1927 or 1928 and he died in 1994 at the age of 67.

    Donald Kagan’s family immigrated to Brooklyn from Lithuania when he was 2 years old when his father died. He was born in 1932. Now it is possible that the Kagans had been in Brooklyn prior to going to Lithuania and Robert was born then, or that Robert Kagan’s father met and married the widow Kagan (Donald’s mother) when she immigrated after Donald’s father died.

    This much we know… IF Donald Kagan is Elena Kagan’s uncle, the statement she made today holds true to that narrative. Her parents WERE the children of immigrants AND Robert, being the oldest son, WOULD have been the first to go to college.

    Donald Kagan went to Brooklyn College which is affiliated with Hunter College. Elena went to a Ivy League college prep high school, Hunter College High School.

    Donald Kagan is something of a neoliberal/neocon legend. He grew up as a “New Deal Liberal” but the stark realities of the civil rights movement seemed to scare him straight, or at least that is his story.

    Donald Kagan would go from a “New Deal Liberal” to someone who believed that ”War is the default state of the human species.” Yale Alumni mag. That’s quite a shift and it’s the heart of the neoliberal philosophy.

    “I used to believe that peace was the normal situation for humanity, but the more I looked, the more I saw that peace was very rare,” he says. “Wars are happening all the time, so I had to ask, ‘Why is there ever peace?‘” Donald Kagan

    However, he didn’t really start pushing his different agenda at Yale until 1971, by his own admission.

    Kagan brought that principled, and, some would say, uncompromising, even autocratic, turn-to-the-right to Yale. “I started giving [then-President] Kingman Brewster serious grief in 1971, and I have been a pain in the ass ever since,” says Kagan, a measure of pride and amusement in his voice. “To punish me, I’ve been given a steady stream of honors and administrative positions.” Yale

    Also in 1971, Lewis Powell wrote his now famous “Powell Memo”, “Attack on the American Free Enterprise System.”, to the US Chamber of Commerce. In it Lewis Powell, who would also later become a Supreme Court Justice, detailed a careful plan to destroy liberal ideology in America because it threatened the corporate power structure.

    This memo was responsible for the creation of think-tanks like the Cato Institute, the Project for the New American Century, the Heritage Foundation, and American Enterprise Institute just to name a few. These are pro-corporate, anti-liberal think-tanks which promote neoliberal, crony free-trade capitalism.

    Donald Kagan would start-up PNAC himself and his sons would belong to many of these think tanks.

    The previous decade had seen the increasing regulation of many industries. Powell argued, “The most disquieting voices joining the chorus of criticism came from perfectly respectable elements of society: from the college campus, the pulpit, the media, the intellectual and literary journals, the arts and sciences, and from politicians.”

    In the memorandum, Powell advocated “constant surveillance” of textbook and television content, as well as a purge of left-wing elements. Wiki

    It would appear that Donald Kagan took this memo as a call to action. His transition from a “New Deal liberal” was complete.

    In 2000, Donald Kagan wrote with his son, Fred, a book called “While America Sleeps: Self-Delusion, Military Weakness, and the Threat to Peace Today.“

    In that book, he and his son explain that America was in danger and that we would be attacked by those who hate us for our freedom if we don’t militarize the shit out of the country and hand over more government control to corporations.

    “America is in danger,” the Kagans wrote. “Unless its leaders change their national security policy, the peace and safety its power and influence have insured since the end of the Cold War will disappear.” Yale

    Was Kagan lucky? Was he just so damned gifted that he understood the natural state of man, WAR, was about to reassert itself….

    or was something else afoot?


    I can’t say from this entire day of investigation that I have proven that Elena Kagan is related to the war-criminals she should have investigated while she worked in the Obama administration. But I can say this;

    Elena Kagan’s past, her affinity for the neocons of the Bush administration, her automatic inclusion into the neoliberal Obama and Clinton regimes, her stance on executive power and the Global War on Terror, as well as statements she has made about her family past, all points to one solid conclusion…

    Elena Kagan should be forced to produce authenticated documentation about her family lineage prior to being confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.

    We all know at this point that she is a corporatist and that she is not qualified to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court. The question therefore must be WHY is she being considered and HOW has she risen to this position in 49 short years when she has so little to show for them?

    I firmly believe that if we were to uncover her family lineage, then we would understand a great deal more about how she has become the next neocon nominee to sit on the Supreme Court.

  58. Susan July 2, 2010 @ 3:40 pm

    Elena Kagan is related to Robert Kagan (PNAC, Council on Foreign Relations, American Enterprise Institute, “Rebuilding Americas Defenses’… “New Pearl Harbor Type event“) and Fred Kagan (PNAC and the Surge plan, American Enterprise Institute, “Rebuilding Americas Defenses”… “New Pearl Harbor Type Event…”) as well as Donald Kagan (founder of the PNAC, “Rebuilding Americas Defenses”… “New Pearl Harbor Type Event“…).

    Then when she was working in the Obama administration to keep from investigating the crimes of the Bush-era neocons, well in fact, she was actually covering up for her family.

    She was keeping her uncle and her cousins out of prison.

  59. Laws632 July 2, 2010 @ 4:58 pm


    Jesus was NOT “Jewish”, but of the tribe of Judah. His Father is GOD, not Joseph. True, He came to be born of the VIRGIN MARY without seed of a human father.

    Better do some research about the Ashkenazim, try reading Genesis 10 for starters.

    Ashkenazim are NOT “semites”. Says Genesis 10; Yiddish is NOT Hebrew at all.

    FREE Paul Bunyan pdf books at

  60. KathJuliane July 2, 2010 @ 5:23 pm

    Dear Susan and Saved by Grace,

    Wow. Any links?

    The relationships between the various Kagans to Elena seem somewhat conditional – in SbG’s the author uses ‘If’ Elena is related to the PNAC Kagans through her paternal grandfather that he speculates may have died in Lithuania.

    DWC – we’re on the same page – both patriotic American Christians with a shared country’s history. The American Fathers, despite different denominations, were all classically educated in Christian homes, schools and universities in Europe and Britain which all had generally the same core curriculum based on a fairly uniform Christian thought and practice.

    Tore my heart out seeing Obama puffed up like a conqueror at ND and Georgetown, traditional bastions of Christian education, and the toadies covering up the very symbols, especially the cross, which was long important to our nation.

    Even the Protestant churches had crosses until at least the 60’s. Went nowhere without seeing at least a cross on the smallest church building.

  61. Fola July 2, 2010 @ 6:28 pm

    So we’re going to have another Jew, and a Neoconian at that, on the Supreme Court of The Land. Now I know that has got to be really bad for the land. But lest we be accused of an unwarranted assumtion, we should perhaps understand something of The Supreme Court itself.

    The Supreme Court of the United States is the highest judicial body in the United States, and leads the federal judiciary. It consists of the Chief Justice of the United States and eight Associate Justices, who are nominated by the President and confirmed with the “advice and consent” (majority vote) of the Senate.

    Once appointed, Justices effectively have life tenure, serving “during good Behaviour”,[1] which terminates only upon death, resignation, retirement, or conviction on impeachment.[2] The Court meets in Washington, D.C. in the United States Supreme Court Building.

    The Supreme Court is primarily an appellate court, but it has original jurisdiction over a small range of cases.[3] The Supreme Court is sometimes informally referred to as the High Court, or by the acronym SCOTUS.

    The following is a history of the Supreme Court of the United States, organized by Chief Justice.

    The Supreme Court of the United States is the only court specifically established by the Constitution of the United States, implemented in 1789; under the Judiciary Act of 1789, the Court was to be composed of six members—though the number of justices has been nine for almost all of its history, this number is set by Congress, not the Constitution. The court convened for the first time on February 2, 1790.[1]

    The status of The Supreme Court changed from that of the highest appellate court in the land, to something much more ominous and grandiose when; THEY DECLARED THEMSELVES TO BE THE SOLE ARBITERS OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!!!

    This occurred during the “Marshal Court”, (1801–1835),[6] which declared the Court to be the supreme arbiter of the Constitution (see Marbury v. Madison)[7][8] and made several important rulings which gave shape and substance to the constitutional balance of power between the federal government and the states.[9]

    In Martin v. Hunter’s Lessee,[10] the Court ruled that it had the power to correct interpretations of the federal Constitution made by state supreme courts.[11][12] Both Marbury and Martin confirmed that the Court was entrusted with maintaining the consistent and orderly development of federal law.

    One of the most significant periods during the history of the Court was the tenure of Chief Justice John Marshall (1801 to 1835). In the landmark case Marbury v. Madison (1803), Marshall held that the Supreme Court could overturn a law passed by Congress if it violated the Constitution, legally cementing the power of judicial review.

    The Marshall Court also made several important decisions relating to federalism. Marshall took a broad view of the powers of the federal government—in particular, the interstate commerce clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause.

    For instance, in McCulloch v. Maryland (1819), the Court ruled that the interstate commerce clause and other clauses permitted Congress to create a national bank, even though the power to create a bank is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution. Similarly, in Gibbons v. Ogden (1824), the Court found that the interstate commerce clause permitted Congress to regulate interstate navigation.

    The Marshall Court also made several decisions restraining the actions of state governments. The notion that the Supreme Court could consider appeals from state courts was established in Martin v. Hunter’s Lessee (1816) and Cohens v. Virginia (1821).

    In several decisions, the Marshall Court confirmed the supremacy of federal laws over state laws. For example, in McCulloch, the Court held that a state could not tax an agency of the federal government.

    At the same time, however, the Marshall Court held in the landmark case Barron v. Baltimore (1833) that the Bill of Rights restricted the federal government alone, and did not apply to the states. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court would in later years hold that the Fourteenth Amendment had the effect of applying most provisions of the Bill of Rights to the states.

    And, the fix was in, the deck was stacked, and it’s been business as usual since that tragic era!

    For a look at what this august ? body of JEWdicials does to pass the time, click here –

    Please take careful note of the wording “The Supreme Court has agreed to decide” .

    Yep, they choose which cases they are going to hear themselves! AND YES: things are really much worse than you thought.

  62. Fola July 2, 2010 @ 6:38 pm

    Pst Kath

    Here is that reference you wanted:

  63. Kyle July 2, 2010 @ 10:05 pm


    Laws632 is correct. The only “Jew” that was with Jesus was Judas Iscariot.


  64. ZillaLilly July 2, 2010 @ 11:29 pm

    Jesus is not or ever has been a “Jew”! This just makes me want to puke!

    The Son of the most High fullfilled all of the Old Testament and covenant laws!

    We have a new one in Christ! Only the remnant will see the new Israel!

    These bastards in “Israel” are not the remnant!

    Kagan is an Ashkenazi whore! She believes in her Talmud, a sick book!

    Most “Jews” think they are supreme! What a sad life!

    Pray for them!

    Then tell them to read Galatians.

    Most “Christians” have little time for a Muslim! They are too caught up with the “chosen.”

    Let me tell you, Jesus wants them all! Jesus wants them all! A Muslim is my brother too! I will love them and pray for them!

    Have you ever heard “Hagee” pray for a Muslim? He is a phony!

    A Muslim does my God want! YeS! My God is a jealous God and wants his children!

  65. Tom July 3, 2010 @ 3:29 am

    One of the keys to understanding supreme court nominations, and the weight attached to the qualifications of an appointee; is an understanding of the nature of the supreme court itself.

    By definition, it is an appellate court. It the highest appellate court in the United States. In the United Sates there is no court beyond it to which one may appeal. It is the “End of the line” and “The last stop.”

    An appellate court is a court that hears appeals. When a decision in a court has been reached, and the court has passed it’s final judgment in the matter; then, it is within the boundary of law to appeal that decision to a higher court.

    If the higher court decides to hear the appeal, it then has the power to overturn, or overrule, the decision of the lower court, and make a new decision. The new decision made by the higher court then becomes the status of the case.

    If the court of appeal refuses to hear the case, the decision of the lower court stands. If the appeal court should hear the case, it is also possible for the appeal court to uphold the decision of the lower court.

    It is also within the power of the appeal court to uphold the decision of the lower court in part; and amend the decision of the lower court in part.

    It should be understood that an appeal to a higher court is made, when a court has made a decision in which the outcome has been less than favorable.

    The process of judicial appeal may be understood by viewing it from the bottom up. Whether the case is criminal, or civil, the appeal process proceeds in the same manner. Before a case can ever be appealed to a higher court, a trial must take place, in which the court of trial has made a decision.

    If the outcome of the trial is unfavorable, the case may be appealed to the next highest court. If the next highest court rules unfavorably as well, the process then repeats itself, appealing to the court above it. The supreme court is the last, and final court of appeal in the series.

    It therefore must be reckoned, that if a case arrives at the supreme court level of appeal, that the initial trial court, and each appeal court that has given a decision in the matter thus far, has up to this point, given an unfavorable decision.

    The following illustration may serve to make the process more readily apprehend-able. A case has come to trial. If it is a criminal case, the duly appointed authorities will present the case before the court to be tried. If it is a civil case, the representative of one of the parties in the matter; or, one of the parties in the matter themselves, will present the case before the court to be heard.

    In criminal cases, the appeal process is unwarranted if the court decides in favor of the authorities, who have prosecuted the case. Therefore, appeals in criminal cases are made by the defendant, when the decision of the court rules against him.

    If the case before the court is a civil matter; then either of the parties to the case may plead for an appeal of the court’s decision. For example in this illustration: a civil case has been heard at the county level. The county court has made a decision. One of the parties to the case, then appeals that decision.

    If after having exhausted all the possible remedies at the County Level; the next court higher, to which the pleading will go, will be the State court. If having found no remedy at this hearing, the appealing party may then petition The State Court of Appeals.

    If this body gives a decision less than favorable in the case, the appealing party must petition The State Supreme Court to hear the case, if the party seeks further remedy in the matter.

    The appeal, at the State Supreme Court level, would have arrived at the place of probable resolution in the matter; as further pursuit would have to be weighed against the resources of the appealing party, and the ability to continue.

    If the appealing party found that it was possible to continue the appeal, the next step in the process would be to file a petition to have the case heard before a Federal Court. This step is a quantum leap for the case. If the Federal Court decides to hear the case, the case moves out of the jurisdiction of the State, and into the jurisdiction of the United States Federal Government.

    As the appeal process continues, now, a Federal Court will sit in decision upon the case. If, having found no remedy in the decision of the Federal Court, the appealing party wishes to peruse the quest; the party will then petition the Federal Court of Appeals.

    This appellate court, at the level of Federal Jurisdiction, will make a decision on the case. And, if there is still no remedy found by the appealing party in the decision given at The Federal Court of Appeals, the party must then petition The United States Supreme Court to hear the case.

    This is the last court in the long line of courts, which together have all made a decision less than favorable in the case. The decision of this court is final and binding within the jurisdiction of The United States of America, as there is no higher court within the constitutional framework of the land, to which one may further appeal.

    It must be astutely observed, that any where along in the process, any case can be stopped, by the refusal of the court to hear the case. Conversely, if a court admits any case to be heard, it does by default automatically open the door for it’s own decision to be appealed to the next highest court.

    Now think,….. Roe vs. Wade.

    That the court system, as it stands today, has the power to shape the destiny of the United States of America is beyond question. The nature of the cases which they admit, or refuse a hearing; define the character of the judiciary, and the nation.

    When once corruption, or agenda, may be introduced into the judiciary, there is no body within the politic more able to destroy the nation from within, than these.

  66. Jarrad July 3, 2010 @ 3:39 am

    Hello there all,

    I like the discussions were are having here. As usual, a resounding Americanism penetrates our differences and links us together through Christianity. This is extremely important. However, it is the Christian thing to do save American from it’s enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    This is what needs to be focused on. Bro Nate mentions a number of key positions, now and in the past, abused by Jewish culprits and liars. These persons are domestic terrorists. Foreign terrorists are Hamas, Hezbollah, the Israeli army and Mossad, and yes, even Al-Qaeda.

    All these persons wish harm to America. As Americans, we surely do recognize now that Israel should no longer be our best buddy. It is extremely detrimental to America to keep supporting Israel.

    America should not support either side, be lassez faire as they say. Supporting Hamas is supporting cowardice folks. The problem with Hamas, and it is very Christian in nature I might add, is that their leadership needs to sacrifice itself too (purely Christian concept).

    Ever watch NCIS? Mark Hermon (Boss) does a great job of naming Yuri a terrorist and
    re-iterating the whole Hamas bit. The U.S. government should not care who the heck is in power, no one is above the law!

    Read your history books folks. Yes, there absolutely were and still are Jewish/Israeli terrorists! A prominent Hamas leader was assassinated in Dubai recently – aren’t they all prominent. Is that not terrorism? To intentially target your enemy, wherever they are? That is a terrorist.

    Kagan is nothing but a tool for the twisted devlish Jewish world dominance plan. Jews aren’t human if they can support death and use Kagan for pro-Choice. This is so hypocrital. At least Hitler wasn’t a hypocrite, everyone knew he was a maniac!

    How do we get into the Jewish mind? Well, you meet a few, and you get the impression they aren’t so bad. And they aren’t, but they the majority keep being sucked in by the power-hungry, godless Jews on top of the world. Kagan is a pawn in a very sick game.

    I believe it was Ben Franklin who once said: “Give me control of the money supply and no foreign or domestic army can stop me.” Or someting along those lines. Well, Jews are adept at using the banks to get what they want.

    Only now, they have been involved in extremely evil doings, especially Maddoff. They have helped to dismantle the safeguards that were in place and they helped people spend/lose money they will never recover.

    America now is at it’s worst time in history… many European nations are beginning to shun America’s needs. Asia will follow suit. Needless to say, the Arabs and the Muslim world generally speaking aren’t too fond of America at all.

    Let’s take back America from our domestic enemies first!

    Racial profiling: good; religious profiling: good; these measures are necessary for domestic and foreign terrorists!

  67. Tupe July 3, 2010 @ 4:44 am

    Executive Privilege
    by Philip Giraldi, July 01, 2010

    The removal of General Stanley McChrystal from command provided President Barack Obama with the perfect opportunity to review the entire Afghan war strategy and declare it a failure.

    That he did not do so means that the war now belongs fully to the president and he, in typical Washington fashion, will insist on something that he can describe as “mission accomplished.”

    The fighting will continue until Washington runs out of money and soldiers and is forced to craft together a phony peace settlement before leaving with its tail between its legs.

    The whole world knows that United States foreign policy has become little more than a pathetic joke, a fact that is also becoming increasingly clear to many Americans who do not live inside the Washington beltway bubble.

    Even if the long war finally ends some day, there will be no revival of the liberties enshrined in the United States constitution and the protections afforded by the rule of law.

    This will be the most enduring legacy of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. It hasn’t mattered which party has been in power, the objective of both has been to establish an all powerful executive that can operate without any constitutional restraints.

    Since 2001, the creation of just such a central authority, fueled by an exaggerated fear of terrorism, has led to the dismantling of many of the freedoms that Americans enjoyed for over two hundred years.

    President Barack Obama promised more openness and accountability in government but he has not delivered.

    He has failed to abolish or significantly amend the Patriot Acts and the Military Commissions Act, which together make it possible to detain anyone indefinitely based only on suspicion. Obama’s Justice Department has defended the government’s use of the state secrets privilege to avoid having to deal with pesky lawsuits from civil libertarians and whistle blowers.

    The Obama White House is, as a result, just as secretive as that of his predecessor. And all indications are that it will only get worse as the Supreme Court slides to the right on the issue of executive authority.

    New Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has described retired Israeli Judge Aharon Barak as her “judicial hero.” Barak is sometimes described as a liberal, but a review of his decisions reveals that he has always sided with the Israeli government in cases where arbitrary behavior by the state was being challenged.

    He also established the legal guidelines that enabled torture by the Israeli authorities. Kagan herself is of a like mind, favoring government prerogatives, executive privilege and secrecy even when there is no clear legal reason to deny access to information.

    In one recent case Kagan successfully argued that the Supreme Court should overturn a New York appeals court ruling to permit the release of photographs of foreign prisoners being abused by their American captors.

    The American Civil Liberties Union argued for the release of the photos while Obama and the Pentagon against. Kagan, in her role as solicitor general, argued that US military personnel would be endangered if the photos were to become public.

    In another case presented by Kagan on behalf of the Obama Administration, her soon-to-be colleagues on the court agreed with her argument and ruled that the government has a right to criminalize any and all contact with organizations that are defined as terrorists, even if that contact is undertaken with the intent to convince the groups to abandon the very activities that the US government condemns.

    With that ruling, humanitarian assistance provided to civilians in an area controlled by a group that the White House considers to be terrorist-connected would become the indictable offense of terrorism support.

    The explanation given by Chief Justice John Roberts was hardly illuminating. He said those who oppose the law “simply disagree with the considered judgment of Congress and the executive that providing material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization — even seemingly benign support — bolsters the terrorist activities of that organization.”

    In other words, the right of Americans to associate freely, guaranteed by the first amendment, can be limited by Congress and the White House if they disapprove of or criminalize the group you are associating with.

    The Supreme Court is curiously siding with the executive and legislature and denying that it has any right to uphold the constitution, which becomes, by that standard, truly just a piece of paper.

    The government can call anything a security threat and can proceed without restraint. Libertarians were dismayed by the ruling, but the Israel Lobby’s Anti Defamation League called the ruling “right on target.”

    Kagan also supports the right of the United States to detain indefinitely anyone anywhere in the world if the White House determines that there is some actual or potential threat. This is an expansion of the “whole world is a battle field” thinking that drove the zealots in the Bush Administration.

    With Kagan on the court there will be virtually no resistance to any Administration action as long as it can be plausibly (or even implausibly) labeled as terrorism connected.

    The unitary battlefield thinking inevitably spawned the kill them when you find them solution for dealing with the problem. The United States is the only country in the world that has declared that it has the right – and the desire – to murder its own citizens overseas when there is suspicion that they are involved in any way with what it calls a terrorist group.

    It also appears to believe that collateral damage is not an issue, so if a suspect is traveling in a car with his family, too bad for the family. Suspicion is the only relevant standard for being placed on the death list, and the victim of the targeted assassination does not have to be in flagrant involved in an actual terrorist act.

    The only due process in the killing would be rendered by a Washington bureaucrat presumably being advised by a Justice Department lawyer, both of whom would be working for the White House and presumably inclined to be forward leaning on taking out another bad guy.

    Based on an interview with White House terrorism adviser John Brennan, Glenn Greenwald believes there might already be dozens of names of American citizens on the list.

    And the assault on the constitution goes on from there, with Congress joining in with some enthusiasm. Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut has introduced legislation that would strip US citizens of their citizenship if there is suspicion of their being involved in terrorist related activity. Again, suspicion is the key word.

    Lieberman is also the sponsor of another bill that will enable the United States unilaterally and without any due process to turn off the internet if there is any security threat.

    The bill, grandiloquently named the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, has already cleared the Homeland Security committee that Lieberman chairs and is now on its way to the full Senate for approval.

    The nature of the security threat would, of course, be defined by the US government itself. Some who actually know how the internet operates believe that it would be impossible to shut it down in the United States where there are multiple servers and redundancies inbuilt into the system, but the government’s intent is clear: control information and you control what the public thinks.

    If the public is kept deliberately in the dark, you can quite literally do anything you want to do. Lieberman, of course, has a particular passion for Israel and it is reasonable to assume that his ultimate intention might be to use the cyberwarfare justification combined with anti-terror legislation to shut down internet sites that provide news and commentary critical of the Benjamin Netanyahu government.

    Americans who care about their country and its constitution should be mortified by recent developments, but, apart from a vocal minority, most people appear to accept that the government is a benign force that will do what is right. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    The past nine years has seen a sustained assault on the rights guaranteed in the United States bill of rights, an assault in many cases carried out by those very individuals who have sworn an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign.

    History teaches that liberties lost can never be regained. We are living in an age where the government can conceal what is doing, where it can imprison anyone indefinitely or strip people of citizenship, where it can kill citizens on suspicion, and where it is increasingly seeking to control the public’s access to independent sources of information.

    This is a far cry from the Republic that the Founding Fathers envisioned, a monstrous modern corporatist state using all of its resources to maintain a constant state of war overseas and fear at home!

  68. Laws632 July 3, 2010 @ 7:16 am

    Interesting Weisman-Rosenthal interview.

    The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview: Rosenthal typifies the higher-up mentality certain adopted Jews hold to.

    Please note: the prophets and apostles were ALL genuine descendants of the 12 tribes, and yet, the Jews persecuted them, murdering not only Jesus, John, James, Stephen but many more who God sent to preach against the warped Judaism the lying Scribes and Pharisees propogated; see Jeremiah:

    Jer 27:9 Therefore hearken not ye to your prophets, nor to your diviners, nor to your dreamers, nor to your enchanters, nor to your sorcerers, which speak unto you, saying, Ye shall not serve the king of Babylon:

    Jer 27:10 For they prophesy a lie unto you.

    Jer 27:14 Therefore hearken not unto the words of the prophets that speak unto you, saying, Ye shall not serve the king of Babylon: for they prophesy a lie unto you.

    Jer 27:15 For I have not sent them, saith the LORD, yet they prophesy a lie in my name;

    Jer 8:5 Why then is this people of Jerusalem slidden back by a perpetual backsliding? they hold fast deceit, they refuse to return.

    Jer 8:6 I hearkened and heard, but they spake not aright: no man repented him of his wickedness, saying, What have I done? every one turned to his course, as the horse rusheth into the battle.

    Jer 8:7 Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the LORD.

    Jer 8:8 How do ye say, We are wise, and the law of the LORD is with us? Lo, certainly in vain made he it; the pen of the scribes is in vain.

    Jer 8:9 The wise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and taken: lo, they have rejected the word of the LORD; and what wisdom is in them?”

    Jeremiah says a lot!

  69. You are what you eat, or, The child is father of the man July 3, 2010 @ 9:25 am

    Elena Kagan’s physical appearance including her heavy weight is a reflection of her mind.

    An intelligent person’s appearance almost always reflects his interior discipline or lack thereof.

  70. Disgusted White Christian July 3, 2010 @ 11:28 am


    Yes, I think it is the Prophet Ezekiel?

    He refers, in one narrative, God saying to The House of Israel, referring to them as “my adulteress bride.”

    Now, for me, an adulteress bride is one who betrays their convenant with God with another mate, usually either for pleasures of the flesh, or financial gain??

    Both fit what they have done to God’s Holy Convenant with them?

    Also later, The Christ, refers to them as not being of Moses and Abraham, but of their real father, Satan, the Devil.

    I have to admit I have seen artist renditions of Satan: the horned head, the long hooked nose, tiny little soulless eyes close to each other, and that ARROGANT grin or smile (See Bader Ginsburg). Sound familiar??

    Their Star looks an awful lot like a Pentagram if you insert a circle around it? 6 sides, 6 points, 6 angles?

    Of course “6” is the number of man, 3 times, to MOCK The Holy Trinity, or Godhead.

    Just coincidence??? I don’t know??? You tell me?


  71. Luta July 3, 2010 @ 12:44 pm

    Re: D.W.C.

    Revelation XII

    13 “And when the dragon saw that he was cast forth to the earth, he pursued the woman who did bring forth the male,

    14 and there were given to the woman two wings of the great eagle, that she may fly to the wilderness, to her place, where she is nourished a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent;”

    My friend, coincidences are seeming more improbable day by day. I have often pondered the interpretation of the phrase “from the face of the serpent” which is to be found in the twelfth chapter of The Revelation, and in the fourteenth verse.

    I have witnessed numerous manifestations of the evil one on display over the course of life. But I will honestly proclaim, that no other portrait to date so fits the expression, “the face of the serpent,” as closely as the pictures here of Ruth Bader (Darth Vader) Ginsberg.

    Having now been acquainted with the term, scroll up, and take a close look with that thought in mind.

  72. Disgusted White Christian July 3, 2010 @ 1:31 pm


    Old Ruthie came straight from the ACLU, which was nothing more than a front for the liberal Godless early communist of the 20th century.

    That Goyim, still buy their BS arguments and interpretation, or should I more ACCURATELY say PERVERSION of our humbles laws and our Constitution.

    Now at the dawn of the 4th of July, this should be of even more importance!

    Did Patrick Henry, really say, “give me liberty or give me death” so these soulless spinsters could mock our sacred laws??

    We suffer right now for the same fundamental reason our country was born, being taxed, without any representation, or should it be “TAXATION with MISREPRESENTATION” see Polesi and Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Obama shills?

    I will say this too, the Republicans are not much better??? I still remember McCain singing, “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” to the timeless Beachboys’ classic.

    Ahhhh, music to AIPAC’s ears! Also, it was this guy’s dad, who silenced the USS Liberty crew??? Ahhh a “shill off the ole block.”

    Ahhh, John McMarkofCain.


  73. EnlightenedJew July 3, 2010 @ 3:03 pm

    I am wondering if Kagan is more than just a closet lesbian. I read somewhere that she forced Blue Cross to pay for sex change surgery for people at Harvard. She looks more like a man than many lesbians.

    Obama is not just pushing a gay lifestyle on the masses, but a campaign for push sex change operations. It’s incredibly sick. It’s all cultural Marxism, to corrupt America and emasculate men.

  74. KathJuliane July 3, 2010 @ 3:51 pm

    Veterans Oppose Supreme Count Nominee Elena Kagan (Her Senate SCOTUS vote is slated for next week.)

    July 2, 2010 by Jeff Gates (via

    “Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is untrustworthy, weak on defense and supports the Bill of Rights only with conditions.

    With our military imbedded in foreign conflicts on false premises, her wartime appointment must be rejected.

    This former University of Chicago law professor poses a danger to the right of free speech and the right to bear arms—the first two tenets of our Bill or Rights.

    Only 50 years old, Ms. Kagan could leave in her judicial wake a badly battered Constitution and a nation unable to defend itself, particularly when forced to confront an enemy within. …

    The U.S. was induced to wage war relying on what British nuclear arms inspector David Kelly described as “sexed-up” intelligence.

    Despite Kelly’s death, the common source of that phony intelligence has since come sharply into focus.

    Senior military commanders have confirmed a professed ally as the source. To date, domestic politics have precluded the candor required for a mid-course correction.

    U.S. military leaders know how they were deceived—and by whom. What now for the fate of the deceivers? If you are someone sympathetic to that ally, what would you do?

    What should be the fate of those who provided aid and comfort or adhered to this enemy? Those carefully chosen phrases were inserted in the Constitution to describe for future generations of Americans the perilous nature of treason as a capital crime.

    The Chicago Outfit

    If, as the facts confirm, mainstream media helped induce the American public to rely on false intelligence, how would this same misinformed public discover its source?

    What means could our military leaders use to inform us that they — and we — were deceived? …

    Our prospects are poised to worsen. Joe Lieberman, chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, proposes an Internet “kill switch” activated by declaring a cyber emergency. If enacted, that law will be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court.

    As those who “fixed” the intelligence become transparent and their adherents apparent, how will Americans respond? If the Internet is the most robust means to communicate, will domestic politics persuade our commander-in-chief to hit the “kill switch?”

    What opinion would the Supreme Court offer on this limitation of free speech? If this deception traces to a common source, would the Court agree to a limit on the right to bear arms in order to protect those who “adhere” to this enemy within?

    Enter Elena Kagan. … What little she published focused on hate speech and the role of the government’s motive when limiting free speech.

    If, as the facts confirm, our military was taken to war by an enemy within, large numbers of Americans are certain to be upset — particularly veterans. Vets also possess the skills to deploy deadly force should they become well informed.

    They may even hate those who did this to a nation they took an oath to defend from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Many vets take that oath far more seriously than those who set their course by the shifting winds of domestic politics.

    If free speech were limited (say with the Internet “kill switch”), would Justice Kagan uphold that limitation? Would the government’s motive affect her decision?

    Would she seek to preclude an armed public from hating those who deceived us at such a high cost in blood and treasure?

    What if the facts confirm that those who defrauded us to wage war also defrauded us of our retirement savings and plunged the economy into a recession? What then?

    If the government’s motive is to keep Americans from bearing arms against those giving aid and comfort to an enemy within, is that reason enough to hit the “kill switch.”

    Why do 60 Million Americans Oppose Elena Kagan?

    Combine 27 million veterans and their families and the opposition to Kagan may well exceed 60 million informed Americans.

    Of course that assumes vets are informed of the perils of placing her on the nation’s highest court. How could they know? …

    The Christian Science Monitor posed a question that mainstream media will not ask: “Why is an Israeli judge Elena Kagan’s ‘judicial hero?’” Israeli Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak showed how activist judges can shape the law to create what they consider the desired outcome — in a country with no constitution.

    Kagan was nominated by a political product of the Chicago Outfit.

    The family lineage of Penny Pritzker, Barack Obama’s top fundraiser, dates back to organized crime of the 1900s. Both her grandfather and her great-grandfather were lawyers for the mob.

    Kagan served as a law clerk for Chicago Court of Appeals Judge Abner Mikva. Mikva also tried to recruit Obama who he describes as “the first Jewish president.”

    If approved, Ms. Kagan will be the nation’s eighth Jewish Supreme Court Justice and the third on the current bench. In a nation that is less than two percent Jewish, our highest court will be one-third Jewish.

    Those appointments began with Woodrow Wilson’s selection in 1916 of Louis Brandeis, president of the Zionist Organization of America.

    In the 1960s, Attorney General Robert Kennedy and Senator William Fulbright sought to force that organization to register as what it was and remains: a foreign agent.

    Instead, Zionists morphed their lobby into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the hardcore center of a potent lobby that has long dominated U.S. foreign policy.

    The sexed-up intelligence that induced us to war in Iraq traces to a common Zionist source. Though Ms. Kagan is clearly a charming Jewish-American lawyer, her Israel-first perspective is inappropriate for our Supreme Court.

    At this perilous moment in this nation’s history, U.S. national security interests require that she be rejected.”

  75. Luta July 3, 2010 @ 3:59 pm

    Re: D. W. C.

    Taxes! Here we GO! The taxes have to be collected to pay the Federal Debt. In order to borrow more, the Fed “promises” to pay through sustained taxing. Now, they are “promising” to repay more debt through more taxing. This can never be done!

    The debt extends to the next generation. The kids yet unborn are debt slaves at birth. That’s suits the Shylocks just fine.

    They lend the Fed more against the “promise”, and grab the grand-kids. Then they false flag the country into fighting wars for their purpose. Then they lend the Fed money to fight the wars, and they grab the great grand-kids as their debt slaves.

    To insure that the kids will go and fight the wars for them (and the military income is taxed) they reformat their brains with their curriculum in the schools, t.v., no morals, and unending barrage of violence in the media, and video games etc.

    They restructure the economy so as the most likely opportunity a youngster will see, is to join their ‘volunteer military’.

    I know all about their ACLU. Jew funded to litigate their agenda into place. And they sure have.

    When you realize that all these Jew law cases start as a civil case in a humble town courthouse and get appealed all the way up to the supreme court; you have to know that the fix is in every time an appeal court agrees to even hear the case.

    If they refuse to hear it, it’s dead in the water. If they hear it and rule against it that opens the door for it to be appealed upward.

    In all these ACLU cases, that only the pooled wealth and influence of JUDUM can afford to proceed with, it’s a stratagem. The lower courts strike it down, and that seems to relieve them of guilt in the matter, in the eyes of the public. But, it also opens the door for the next appeal.

    When the case finally hits the Supreme Court, it’s outcome is now a Federal Mandate! That was the game plan from the get go!

    If the very first court that the appeal was entered to, had refused the case, they could have killed it then and there. And if you think that any court was compelled to hear the case, so as to review all the arguments, and had no prior review of the whole matter; then you also still think that the stork brought you.

    As for Mc Cain; did you know that the Irish Mc, and the Scott’s Mac, means “son of”? That’s correct, Mc Cain = “Son of Cain”

  76. Disgusted White Christian July 3, 2010 @ 6:16 pm


    You put it together, maybe better than I have ever seen??

    It is exactly their Protocol, and how they pervert our laws.

    What they did with abortion, Roe vs Wade! They use the same strategy, these Zionists devils.

    It is funny, the original women in that case, Norma L. McCorvey, is now anti-abortion, and she says she was mislead at the time.

    Bro Nate, did an excellent article on this earlier — it is on one of his threads.

    You know the best thing on here, I considered most of these folks, Patriots, on here, which is EXACTLY what they are!

    Yet, if the average Gentile that has been Zion-contaminated read the truth on here, they would be horrified, and would call most of us traitors or subversives.

    They actually want to call people, who seek to help the Palestinians, “terrorists.”

    But isn’t that EACTLY what King George called the original Sons of Liberty, “traitors”????

    Of course at that time “White Christians” still ran the media, so you had mostly the truth, something these little shills, and true traitors, wouldn’t know, if it hit them in the face???

    The bloodline of this country was once established on God, country and the blood of the patriots, which now is being sucked dry by leeches.


  77. Tupe July 3, 2010 @ 7:01 pm

    Dear +BN

    I have good news to report. “Edgey” just showed up outside. It looks as if the “Ginsberg Panic Attack” has finally subsided.

    I just came in from welcoming him back home. He seems unscathed physically, but boy what a mess. His feet, legs, and shanks are caked in mud. He has about fifty wood ticks all bloated up feeding on him; and he somehow managed to get sprayed by a skunk.

    I can’t get mad at him though. I sort of know how he feels. Every time I see a picture of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, I feel like running and jumping out an opened window, or through the screen door; and taking off to hide in the woods for a couple of days too.

    But of coarse I’m a person, not a dog; and my mind soon assures me not to be scared, as it’s only a picture. But to be honest with you, I don’t know if would do so well if I was confronted with the real live genuine article.

    Any way, ‘Edgey” is going into the garage for now; and I’m on my way out to buy some tomato juice to rinse him off with. That’s the only way to really get rid of the skunk smell. Boy does he ever stink! Then I have to pull all the ticks off of him, and give him a good bath.

    I think what I’m going to have to do, is put him out of the room and close the door whenever I open RZN on the computer. Then I’ll check to see if there are any new articles; and if there are, I’ll inspect them first to see if Ginsberg’s face shows up. If she doesn’t appear, I can let him back in right away. But if she’s there, believe me, I’m going to have put “Edgey” out in the garage until I’m done reading.

    Oh by the way, I just thought I’d let you know that whenever “Edgey” sees a picture of +BN on the computer, he comes over and licks the picture, then he wags his tail and sits down and smiles.

    Some dogs are way smarter than some people!

    Some dogs are smarter than some people!

  78. Halina July 3, 2010 @ 7:58 pm

    Dear BR N


    Tupe, what a fantastic sense of humor!!

    You’ve added a bit of a cheerful note to the otherwise quite serious atmosphere.

    I just wanted to know more of your “dog’s adventures”.

    Well….and not only.

    I do find this site very educating.

    But at least I also had a good laugh that I desperately needed right now.

    Thank you Tupe!

    God Bless you all.

  79. Luta July 3, 2010 @ 9:36 pm

    Re: D. W. C.

    Here are some links for you, DWC, if you want to see more of Norma’s story. To hear her true account of her exploitation at the hands of the Serpents will absolutely blow you away.

    And also what a tremendous testimony of the power of our Christ to heal and forgive and enlighten.

    This gal is as real and genuine as they come. Her avowed quest now is to devote all her energy and resources into overturning the Supreme Court’s “Roe vs. Wade” decision!

    Yeah, DWC I had the same idea myself. If The +BN Foundation would take on this battle, and win, it would put a mighty wound upon The Old Serpent’s cranium.

    And some how I get the idea that when +BN gets wind of the notion, we’ll be hearing trumpets.

    Now the same Shmooz that used and abused Norma are doing everything within their power to keep her in obscurity.

    I think your right somewhat about the average Gentile. They definitely view us as being beyond the pale. I think the worldly ones see us as “tin foil cappers” and conspiracy nuts. That’s what the media psy op has been. That way they stigmatize the message.

    The ‘dangerous’ ones are the Christo/Ziogs. They are really insane! The are in a rabid frenzy over defending all things Zioned.

    Those “brain power washed” screws really actually truly think that all the problems in America are being caused by people criticizing the Jews! Yeah man, folks like all us here are bringing the “Curse of The God of Abraham” down on America, they think.

    They ought to be called “The Bass Ackwards Society”!

    I was reading some time ago about the Revolutionary War. One of the pieces on the subject brought out the point that there were a relatively small number of actual participants on the colonial side!

    The greater number of the population tried to stay out of the way; and were all set to go along with whatever side won! I figure that things are pretty much the same. We might even have a better number join in proportionately.

    We’ll no doubt pick up numbers once the tide begins to turn.

    Hey DWC, do you know anything about the Mongoose? The Mongoose is a wee animal that is in the weasel family. It is such a tenacious combatant, that if it were the size of an averaged sized dog, it could kill a full grown elephant! Yep, and just out of sheer tenacity!

    But the favorite prey of the Mongoose is The Serpent! An eight inch high Mongoose (that would be standing up on his hind legs) will take on a deadly six foot long king cobra; and dispatch it’s slithery venomous hide in minutes.

    I think if +BN decides to take on ‘Roe vs. Wade’, I think I might want to start calling him Bro Nathanael ‘The Mongoose’ Kapner; that is, if he wouldn’t be offended.

    Norma ‘Roe’ links: Please everyone, watch. And pray for the overturn of “Roe vs.Wade”

  80. KathJuliane July 3, 2010 @ 11:26 pm

    NOW Endorses Elena Kagan for Supreme Court, Ignores Abortion Distortions

    by Steven Ertelt Editor
    July 2, 2010

    … NOW has issued its full-fledged support. However, NOW is ignoring the ways in which Elena Kagan manipulated medical groups’ opinion on abortion and women.

    NOW’s national board voted unanimously to endorse Solicitor General Elena Kagan to become the next U.S. Supreme Court justice. …

    “NOW calls for a swift confirmation of Elena Kagan by the full Senate. …

    However, NOW made no comment on questions Kagan faced about memos she wrote during the Clinton administration in which she pressured two medical groups to modify their stance saying partial-birth abortions offer no medical benefit for women.

    Kagan’s story seemed to vacillate as she initially could not remember, but then admitted to writing, memos that urged the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to change its position on partial-birth abortions. …

    Kagan also sought to influence the American Medical Association and get the AMA to revise its opinion that partial-birth abortions provide no medical benefit for women. …

    Pro-life groups have described Elena Kagan as the stereotypical judicial activist and abortion advocate.

    She clerked for pro-abortion Justice Thurgood Marshall, whom she lauded, and her writings dating back to her college days are filled with accolades for judges who took the law into their hands and twisted it for a desired outcome rather than relying on the people through their elected officials.

    Kagan helped Bill Clinton defend his veto of a partial-birth abortion ban — the gruesome abortion procedure… She helped Clinton find political cover for his decision to keep those abortions legal.

    Kagan went as far as advocating that the Clinton administration not only ignore but manipulate the opinion of a national medical group that said there was never any medical justification for killing unborn children halfway out of the birth canal.

    Kagan has also lauded human cloning and assisted suicide and we can expect those gruesome practices to expand if she becomes the next Supreme Court justice.

    Related web sites:

    Petition Against Kagan sponsored by Students for Life of America; Law Students for Life & Med Students for Life –

  81. KathJuliane July 3, 2010 @ 11:44 pm

    ICYMI: In Senate testimony, Americans United for Life (AUL) calls for investigation into discrepancies in Kagan testimony

    “WASHINGTON, D.C. – (7/2/2010) – Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Elena Kagan Supreme Court nomination, AUL President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest yesterday told a packed assembly that not only should the Senate reject her nomination, the senators should investigate discrepancies between her written record and her testimony to the committee.

    Video and broadcast-quality audio of Dr. Yoest’s testimony are available now by clicking here. (link at AUL website)

    Testifying for a second time since 2009 regarding a Supreme Court nominee’s suitability, Dr. Yoest urged the committee to officially investigate “discrepancies that have arisen this week” regarding actions Kagan took while working for then President Clinton on the Partial Birth Abortion (PBA) ban legislation. …

    Senators Sessions and Hatch questioned Dr. Yoest closely about their concerns that the abortion advocate had attempted to manipulate and politicize the medical opinions issued during the PBA debate and on other issues of abortion-related law.

    “Thank you for you for your leadership on the abortion issue,” Sen. Sessions told Yoest, the leader of the nation’s oldest pro-life legal team and advocacy organization, during their several exchanges.

    Yoest told the committee that far from alleviating concerns, the hearings have raised troubling questions about Kagan’s “ability to adopt an impartial judicial temperament.”

    “These hearings have strengthened our opposition to Ms. Kagan’s appointment as the record shows she was willing to manipulate the facts to pursue her own personal political agenda while serving as an advisor to President Clinton. Indeed, she demonstrated a pattern of behavior of letting her passion for a particular policy – in this case partial-birth abortion – overwhelm her judgment.”

    Because of Kagan’s political tendencies and testimony, “we believe that (she) would undermine any efforts by our elected representatives to pass or defend even the most widely-accepted commonsense regulations of abortion like bans on partial-birth abortion, parental notification and informed consent,” said Yoest.

    To read Yoest’s complete testimony, click here.

    To consider AUL’s considerable legal research on the highly-partisan Kagan, click here.”

    Television: A Blessing Or Tool Of The Devil?

    A fine, succinct Biblical exegesis applied to the evils of modern Talmudvision and the psycho-spiritual damages it causes.

  82. Tupe July 4, 2010 @ 3:16 am

    Proverbs 29:8 “Where there is no vision, the people perish”

    There are those among us who have a vision. They have a faith. It is founded on truth, and they surely are not anchored to this present age. They have a living hope in an coming age, and a resurrection into it!

    A vision of the future is given to us through our faith. It is a fulfillment of His promise to us, of a heavenly inheritance.

    Not of this age, yet in this age, we must abide. We have known some, of that age to come in Him who is our hope.

    There are now, in his present age, multitudes of the visionless and disposessed. They walk, blinded by the god of this present age, according to his dictates, destined now to the abysmal.

    Our message of reconciliation with our Father through the cross of His Son is under attack by a resourceful adversary. His agents continue an active and continual assault.

    This is given witness to in Scripture. All who are enduring in faith, of which each is given a measure, will come to understand that this calling in which we walk is a conflict.

    So much so that the Apostle has written, “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, where unto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.”

    And in another place has written concerning all who name the name of Christ, “Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    Concerning the identity of that agency which has destroyed the vision of this country, it has long been known. Yet the approach to a solution has remained undisclosed, ready to be revealed.

    Some might number the years; five or ten. Twenty succumbs to thirty, and thirty to four tens. Lights have shined, and dimmed again.

    Study has discovered truth; and truth has multiplied. Yet the approach to a solution has remained undisclosed, ready to be revealed.

    A vision, long awaited has arrived. A way to approach the solution is now disclosed. A vision, given to one, and open to many. With a view to the pulling down of strong holds, and every thing that exalts itself above the name of Christ our Lord. It’s day has sprung.


    Fight the good fight of faith.


  83. Kyle July 4, 2010 @ 9:55 am

    Is it me or is her last name rife with symbolism? Kagan!

    I mean come on! This is the title given to the Khazar King.

    You know God may not speak to us anymore like He did to Moses, however this irony smacks you right in the face. If you can’t discern this message God is trying to tell you regarding “Kagan” then this passage is for you.

    Mark 4:12 “That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.”

    I guess our “king” will rule over us after all. Of course I choose THE KING to rule over my life.

  84. little girl lost July 4, 2010 @ 10:12 am

    I asked this in another topic but I guess no one is posting in that one…so I’ll ask it again here.

    I’ve had a lot of trouble finding out who is leading the fight against the Zionist Jews who have infiltrated our government and now subvert it to their ends. I’d like to help – that’s why I’ve been looking for the leader of this thing – but I can’t seem to find anyone who fit’s the bill.

    You do have a leader, right?

  85. Brother Nathanael July 4, 2010 @ 10:43 am

    Hi Everybody!

    I am now in Idaho with my dear Brother in Christ, Mark Glenn and his wife and 9 beautiful Christian children, and the two speeches I gave went GREAT!

    I received a RESOUNDING RECEPTION from the conference attendees and BOTH SPEECHES will be available SOON on DVDs.

    They look and sound GREAT and we will be marketing them on

    I will keep you posted!

    Also, The Brother Nathanael Foundation is MOVING ALONG as planned and should be UP AND RUNNING OFFICIALLY sometime soon this month. Yeah!

    Your Ever +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  86. Brother Nathanael July 4, 2010 @ 10:49 am


    I am now working on a new PROJECT with Mark Glenn and my NEW Computer Technician Bastiaan Potts (a “whiz kid” on computers) to begin a regular series of “VIDEO-CASTS.”

    Stay Tuned to a GREAT NEW EDITION of OUR site, Real Zionist News, COMING SOON!

    With Much Love In Christ Our God and Saviour,

    +Brother Nathanael

  87. To little girl lost July 4, 2010 @ 11:05 am

    Our leaders are Jesus Christ and his Mother Mary.

  88. Disgusted White Christian July 4, 2010 @ 11:45 am

    Yes Luta,

    If you read Bro Nate’s last thread, the interview with Joe Cortina, I posted about my dad.

    I posted for KathJuliane, when she stated, or Joe, I forget, that our soldiers were once proud Christians, now they are soulless torturers.

    I recounted the story of my father (I am the youngest of 5) a WWII O.S.S. Agent, (CIA now) actually a guerrilla, dropped 50 miles behind Japanese held territory in Burma.

    I told how he NEVER LOST HIS HUMANITY, in a place only one could describe, as hell on earth.

    He told me, all about the little mongoose, and how it would kill the deadly cobra with lightning speed. He saw it first hand.

    His name is listed in the back of this book, with the other other O.S.S. agents there in Burma (now Mirimar).

    Book link Luta:


  89. Tom July 4, 2010 @ 1:26 pm

    Re: Little Girl Lost!

    Hello. I’m sure that the answer first posted in response to your question would appear far flung, and an evasion to your obviously sincere inquiry. And, it is true in the broadest sense, and an exuberant declaration of the fact that most of all those who are active on this thread rely on and believe in Christ.

    As the introductory banner of this page declares, this page is the expression of a man, Brother Nathanael Kapner. Brother Nathanael was Called of Christ, out of the Jewish peoples, and into the body of Christ.

    Briefly stated; his career in Christ was initiated in a personal calling. It extended from there into Messianic Fellowships. He has since that time, and in great extent to realize the “called out of this world” nature of the Christian, embraced that expression within The Body of Christ known as Orthodoxy.

    This embracing, on his part, resulted from his experience of setting foot on to the Monastic path, within the framework of the Orthodox Church. His testimony, and much of his experiential account, can be known in greater detail, from within topics on this page.

    I personally recognized the dilemma with which you are faced. As one begins to become knowledgeable of the Zionist oppression, there is no shortage of information. It seems that getting the message out, has been the extent of all those who see a need to respond to this monumental challenge.

    Brother Nathanael is just one of the many voices heralding this news. However, what makes this fellowship most appealing to me personally, is: it is Christian in perspective, and seeks a remedy to the problem, from within that specific context. There comes a time eventually, after study of this situation, where one will be confronted with frustration.

    Not one of the many voices who disseminate this information have offered, a viable solution! They post their findings, and encourage others to spread the word; which is necessary. But after so much absorbing of the material; with no viable expression of remedy, one begins to feel as if he had leaped from some tremendous height, and every new revelation announces the inevitable future impact. And that is really frustrating!

    The difference in this budding fellowship, is that Nathanael has envisioned a viable remedy. He has proposed the establishing of a legal foundation with a view to meeting the challenge. I myself believe it is the only sensible approach. We must each choose to stop the “free fall” into an abyss, and do something to begin to effect a remedy!

    I think you should begin to come to this site and read. I think you should comment on the articles. And I think if you decide that Brother Nathanael’s proposal is an outlet in which you can do a part, join the family. The door is always open!

    You will never find a “leader” of the type you are envisioning, in this quest to turn back the tide. Such a position, against such an adversary, could only conclude in mortality.

    You will find strong and courageous voices. You will find a fellowship. And you will find a venue of viable purpose, in which you can help take this battle to the enemy in a morally sound way, and within the frame work of a legal construct.

    You might want to check out Br. Nathanael’s Banner Announcements concerning the Brother Nathanael Foundation for a good start at what is going on now with this fellowship. All the best “Little Girl Lost”, and I hope to begin seeing that “handle” over some comments in the near future!

  90. Disgusted White Christian July 4, 2010 @ 3:19 pm

    Every American President must bow down to Israel

    An Independence Day Message from David Duke

    I wish all my fellow Americans a truly meaningful Independence Day.

    It is also an important day for all nations and all peoples in that the Declaration of Independence made by our American forefathers was the first written attempt to define the natural longings and rights of a people for independence and true freedom.

    The fundamental idea is that each and every people has the right to a government that represents their interests, their heritage and their values. It is the idea that government must be devoted first to the welfare of its own people, not other nations or any entity.

    Today that concept would reject control of America by Israel or by multi-national corporations that have no loyalty to the people of the United States.

    Today of course, America has lost its Independence. Our political structure is dominated by a few extremists among a mere 2 percent of the population. The most powerful lobby in the Congress of the United States is the Jewish Lobby and it is composed of AIPAC and a myriad of Jewish political campaign funding organizations.

    Imagine that the most powerful lobby in the American Government is devoted to the exclusive interests of the foreign state of Israel and the perceived interests of a people comprising just 2 percent of the American people rather than the other 98 percent.

    AIPAC is but one visible sign of this power. It can be seen in many other expressions. An example is the fact that the largest corporate campaign donations among both candidates in the last election for president were dominated by Jewish-controlled International banks and financial entities.

    A perfect example is Obama’s largest corporate contributor: the criminal Goldman Sachs. On I also show articles from Jewish publications such as the JTA (Jewish Telegraph Agency) and Haaretz showing that the three largest political contributors in America are Jews with a deep allegiance to Israel.

    And I show how even the Washington Post tells us that over 50 percent of the large campaign contributors to both the Democratic and Republican party are Jewish.

    We see this alien power in the most powerful financial institution in the world today: the Federal Reserve. Ben Shalom Bernanke and Alan Greenspan represent decades of this control.

    Note how this is the one appointment by the President that seems to go on and regardless of the party in power. As Baron Rothschild said, “Give me the power to coin a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

    If control of our money is not independent and not dedicated to the great majority of the American people rather than International Financial Corporations, then our nation surely can’t be dedicated to the interests of our people.

    Our lack of Independence and freedom can also be shown in the fact that the media in America is thoroughly controlled by this same alien entity designed to keep us ignorant of our lack of Independence and the fact that we have been politically and socially conquered. Of course we have not been conquered by armies, but by stealth and subversion.

    In Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream, Jewish film producers Elliot Halpern & Simcha Jacobvici Productions made a documentary that tells how Jews overcame the Gentile filmmakers such as Thomas Edison and D.W. Griffith, and gradually replaced their traditional American themes.

    They interview Jewish author Neil Gabler, who frankly tells how these non-Americans replaced the “real” America.

    “They created their own America, an America which is not the real America…But ultimately this shadow America becomes so popular and so widely disseminated that its images and its values come to devour the real America.

    “And so the grand irony of all of Hollywood — is that Americans come to define themselves by the shadow of America that was created by the Eastern European Jewish immigrants who weren’t permitted in the precincts of the real America.”

    On this Independence Day we must re-dedicate ourselves to the restoration of the real America, to our true Independence as a people, as a nation. Such is the right of all people on the Earth, and we deserve that right. But that right is not freely accorded. As our forefathers recognized, we must work, sacrifice and even sometimes fight for that right.

    It is ironic that restoring our Independence for America has also become critical for the Independence of all people all over the world.

    For a Zionist-controlled America is now the biggest force for not only unending war, but also the globalism that wants to crush every expression of independence and freedom in the name of globalism.

    The Hollywood takeover has had a horrific affect not only on our own values, it has led countless tens of millions of people around the world to degeneracy, drugs, and dissolution of the family. It has glorified violence, brutality, coarseness, incivility and immorality.

    It has promoted a globalist economy and mindset of endless greed as exampled in the BP disaster in the Gulf, the same emerald water that I swam in as a child, waters that were once pure and unsullied.

    In the name of mammon our air and water has been fouled, and this globalist system based on greed has corrupted Nature rather than allowed us to live in harmony with it.

    As it has corrupted Nature, it has corrupted even our own bodies as obesity, ill health and disease are world wide epidemics nurtured by the sickness of this New World Order.

    It even seeks to undo hundreds of thousands of years of evolution that has given mankind its diversity and unique expressions. We Europeans recognize the existential threat to our people.

    America is the most powerful nation on Earth. We must become once more Independent and a force for freedom rather than for a soulless New World Order of destruction of both humanity’s health and diversity., and the very health of the Earth itself.

    So today I speak for the American people with a voice that says: rise up and restore your independence.

    Re-dedicate yourself from this day forward to independence and freedom for the American people, an independence not only vital for ourselves and our children, but for every people on the Earth and even for our Mother Earth itself.

    Dr. David Duke

    Words that are so true.


  91. Luta July 4, 2010 @ 5:30 pm

    “Loose The Mongoose”

    “The +BN Foundation”

    Re: D.W.C.

    Hello my friend. I was just reflecting this morning on what it might be like to be a judge in a court of appeals. I have before me, here on my desk, a number of files. Each contains the records of cases that have been heard in a lower court. And each has appealed the decision of that court, to the court at which I preside.

    Let’s take a look at this top file. Whithers vs. Cleavage County. Rev. Whithers has argued that under the costitution he is within his rights as stated under the guarantee of free speech to read his Bible out loud in the park.

    Cleavage county has argued that the park is county domain. As such Rev. Whithers will violate the separation of Church and State statute by reading his Bible out loud in the park.

    The lower court:

    The Honorable Ruben Benjamin Rosengoldbloomfeld presiding, has ruled –

    This henious and flagrant disregard for the federaly mandated statute which constitutionally protects the citizenry of this free nation from the infringement of those who wish to overthrow our democracy in favor of a theocracy, that being the separation of church and state, must be invoked, with all gravity, as pertains to this case.

    I therefore rule that Rev. Whithers cease and desist in his attempt to portray this subversion as a constitutional right.

    I further rule that he be fined in the amount of $5,000 payable to the clerk of courts in no less than 90 days at which time further penalty will incur; and that he be remanded to the custody of the Cleavage County Sheriff, and that he serve this sentence of 60 days consecutively, at the Cleavage County Correctional Facility.

    Case Dismissed.

    Now, D. W. C. let’s think this thing over. If I decline to hear this case, Judge Rosengoldbloomfeld’s ruling stands. Rev. Whithers sits in the county can for 60 days, and has to fork over $5,000. Then when he gets out he can never read his Bible in the park again.

    If I hear this appeal, and find that Rev. Withers was indeed within his constitutional rights when he read his Bible in the park; it will over rule Rosengoldbloomfeld’s decision. Whithers is sprung from the can, no money due.

    Next Saturday morning he’ll be down in the park, happy as a lark. He’ll be reading his Bible out loud for any body who has the time or interest to stop and listen. And he’ll probably have the youth choir from the Cleavage Free Bible Church standing behind him and singing “Amazing Grace”.

    Hold on D. W. C. Let me make a quick phone call.

    “Hello, give me the clerk of courts. Clerk of courts, Judge Luto here. Put Ed on the phone. Yeah Ed, Luto. I want to make a ruling on an appeal. When is the soonest you can slip me in? Yeah I’m across the street in the office. No, it will only take about five minutes. Thanks Ed, see you in twenty minutes.”

    Well, D. W. C. The ball is in my court now, and it looks like I can have Whithers home in time to eat lunch with the wife. What the….Wait a minute D. W. C. there’s a note here stapled to this case folder. Let me have look….

    “Honorable Judge Luto.

    As I am sure you already know, Superior Court Judge, The Honorable Wendel Joshua Silverfieldstein is scheduled to enter into retirement shortly. The committee of superior court judicial review will soon be considering appointments to this honorable post.

    Your name has been mentioned as a possible nominee. As you know, the committee leans hard in the favor of the federal statute of separation of church and state. If perchance any appeal should come before you, in which the decision of the judge is based upon this statute, an agreement with this ruling would shine a very favorable light upon your possible apointment.

    Enjoy! Deborah Esther (Silverfieldstein) Goldenlevinberg, Secretary to,

    The Honorable Ruben Benjamin Rosengoldbloomfeld”

    Well now D. W. C. Don’t that beat all? I guess the moral fiber of an appeals court judge must be pretty damn important after all.

    Yeah, D.W.C. I very well remember Joe’s Interview with +BN, and your comment concerning your dad’s service with the OSS.

    I guess the only possible good that could come from our soldiers fighting for Zion today; is that having gone in with no conscience, perhaps the real horrors of war will change them, and they’ll come out with one.

    “Catch The Vision”

    “The +BN Foundation”

  92. Disgusted White Christian July 4, 2010 @ 6:25 pm

    Luta my friend,

    Great hypothetical, and I bet it happens all the time? Love the judges very ethnic names.

    You know the biggest joke with all that is “Synagogue and State” is just fine, but “Church and State” is a no-no???

    Israel is nothing but a Talmudic Theocracy and that is just FINE, with all these liberal hypocrites here, they support Israel’s theocracy, but will attack even a nativity scene here?


    Also look at when Bush Junior’s people pushed through the Noahide Laws. The ACLU was peculiarly quit???

    Could you imagine if someone tried that with the New Testament??? You even mention “do onto others, as you would have others do onto you” in a public forum, you can EXPECT a lawsuit, especially from the ACLU.


  93. little girl lost July 4, 2010 @ 9:01 pm

    @ Tom: thank you for your lengthy response…very kind indeed!

    It’s much worse than I feared!

    With out a strong central leader there can be no victory! Civil war is coming to the US soon, maybe even by the end of this summer, and with you all going into it already divided and completely unprepared you’ll be…who knows what will happen to you, I shudder to think about it.

    America is lost. I think we (all 72 people in our family) are going to move to Indonesia…lot’s of friendly people and the Jews have very little influence there.

    Good luck to you all!

  94. Tom July 5, 2010 @ 12:05 am

    Re: Little Girl Lost

    Each in His body have their calling, and gifts according to His purpose.

    I don’t know how to really explain all that is going on here to you without going into lengths so extensive that you might well get lost in the explanation.

    The best I can do, is leave you to ponder a leadership-less host by way of a ‘quiz’ themed from a setting that you might be familiar with.

    Hopefully, at some time earlier in life, you have viewed the film called “Star Wars”. Now try to recall that film if you would, because my ‘quiz’ is based upon it.

    In the film “Star Wars”, the actual hero turns out to be…

    1. Obiwan Kenobee
    2. Luke Skywalker
    3. Han Solo
    4. Princess Leah
    5. The Wooky
    6. R2D2
    7. C3PO
    8. The Jedi Knights
    9. Darth Vader
    10.The Force

    May the HOLY SPIRIT sent form Our Father in heaven, through the glorification of His Son our Lord Jesus Christ in heaven, go with you in your journey.

  95. Fitu July 5, 2010 @ 3:42 am

    I was just taking a look at Kagan’s mind, by way of what has proceeded from the hideous orifice located between her nose and her chin.

    Yesterday I just purchased The Politically Correct Vocabulary-Actual English Cross Reference Dictionary.

    With the help of this exhaustive volume, hopefully; I will be able to translate what she said so that the RZN family will have a better idea of where she is coming from.

    Politically Correct Statement – Gun Rights: “I am not sympathetic with the Supreme Court’s ruling that carrying handguns is constitutional.”

    Actual English Translation – I want guns banned.

    Politically Correct Statement – Free Speech: “The government can restrict speech if it believes that speech might incite others to do harm. Hate speech would fall into this category of redistribution of speech.”

    Actual English Translation – I want to remove freedom of speech from the constitution.

    Politically Correct Statement – Executive Power: “A strong Executive Branch with control over agencies and regulatory bodies is crucial in order for a President to achieve his or her platform.”

    Actual English Translation – A dictatorship is the ideal form of government.

    Politically Correct Statement – Abortion: “Partial birth abortion is the most appropriate procedure to save the life and preserve the health of a woman.”

    Actual English Translation – I want to kill children.

    Politically Correct Statement – Gay Rights: “The US Military’s discrimination against gays is a profound wrong—a moral injustice of the first order.”

    Actual English Translation – I am a lesbian.

    Politically Correct Statement – Immigration Rights: Kagan has asked the Supreme Court to overturn a 2007 Arizona anti-immigration law which revokes the licenses of Arizona businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

    Actual English Translation- I like Mexican Housemaids and Gardeners.

    Well there you have it folks; what she really said according to The Politically Correct Vocabulary-Actual English Cross Reference Dictionary

    “Loose the Mongoose” — “The +BN Foundation”

  96. JohnZ July 5, 2010 @ 5:24 am

    The problem is that most Americans have become so brainwashed to support Zionism even when it is destroying this nation.

    How do you get these people to see the light?

    I know so many people, even highly (?) educated that are so brainwashed by these Zionist/Marxist Jews it’s almost impossible to break through the conditioning. They simply won’t listen or treat you like some sort of Nazi.

    How do we go about spreading the word of Zionism and what it is doing to America and elsewhere in the world in a manner that creates an interest and that can counteract the zionist influence?

    Maybe I should make up some “Real Zionist News” bumper stickers…

  97. Disgusted White Christian July 5, 2010 @ 7:45 am

    Yes John Z,

    You hit the nail right on the head!

    These morons are BRAINWASHED, and the ones that aren’t have been turned into cowards!

    I love Bro Nate, and what he does, but I fear he will never change these despicable cowards, and brain dead morons????

    America is headed for total disaster, that is why it is mysteriously left out of Revelations???

    Most biblical scholars agree, that no metaphorical expression, exist for America in Revelations???

    They found Iran, Russia, China and of course the new Israel (or apostate that it is). Persia Iran, Kings from the East-China, Magog-Russia. Some say that Mary had stated God would use a converted Russia, as an instrument of his?

    Isn’t ironic, that the 2 countries that the Zionists turned to their Godless communism may return the favor by threatening total annihilation???

    You reap what you sow??? Like the good book says???

    The proverbial chickens may come home to roost??


  98. Frank L July 5, 2010 @ 12:55 pm

    Dear Bro. Nathanael,

    The possibility of a video cast is the best news yet!

    You should have two shows a week, one to unveil Zionism and elaborate on your research and another show dedicated for Jews to convert to Christianity, where you can bring on priests and converted Jews to discuss and prove Christianity over Judaism.

    Most importantly, you can allow spiritually and mentally oppressed Jews to call in to find True Peace, Christ Jesus through your guidance and prayer.

    Egyptian Orthodox Fr. Zakaria Botros is involved with a tv Christian show broadcasted throughout the Middle East that proves Christianity over Islam, has Christian theologian and priests as guests, and takes calls from oppressed Muslims who want to convert to Christianity.

    Many of the phone calls are heartbreaking and beautiful when they finally embrace Christ and the Islamic shackles fall. This excerpt from Fr. Botro show an example of Fr. Botros’ work and a sample of things to come through Bro. Nathanael’s Video-ministry:

  99. jgalindes July 5, 2010 @ 1:28 pm

    Dear friends,

    While off subject, I’d like to comment on Dr. Bashar al-Assad visit to Brazil this last week.

    Last late night, there was shown on one of the open Brazilian TV channels (7, Bandeirantes) a very interesting interview with the Syrian president.

    While visibly tense and slightly “straight-jacketed” he went through more than 20 questions performed by leading ‘establishment’ journalists.

    None of them was particularly harsh with Mr. Assad, but he left an impression of being deeply worried with the Middle East and the world situation at large.

    He remarked the fact that Israel is the sole terrorist factor in the region (besides the US of course) and highlighted the fact that while Arabs are guilty of their own fragmentation, many states sucumbed to external pressure from mainly USA and those are the countries he called weak and malleable.

    He said that politically the region will surely walk into an all out war :

    “People will die but at this point I don’t know whom…”.

    Mr. Assad displayed great wisdom, seems to be an extremelly intelligent and sensible man.

    While this kind of interview is highly unlikely to occur in our almost 100% Jewish controlled media, the program was aired at 23:30, so few people watched it.

  100. Luta July 5, 2010 @ 3:07 pm

    “Catch The Vision” “The +BN Foundation”

    RE: John Z & D. W. C.

    John there is a spirit behind all this. The Devil’s best deception is saying he doesn’t exist. There are political, and social, and religious aspects to all this devilry.

    Never let any one tell you what the Bible says. Read it for yourself. Then YOU know! If you hit a snag, just keep on reading, the answer will come. The Devil is the father of lies. He is the deceiver. Most are deceived. What is deception, but believing a lie!

    D.W.C. When The Revelation was given, America was not discovered. Now, think; All those other countries you cited were originally ethnic settlements. The Bible speaks of tongues, kindreds, tribes and peoples. America was formed from all those different tongues tribes and peoples.

    When the Revelation was given they knew not what lay across the sea. It was there, and no one knew. (of coarse God knew) In Revelation 13 Jesus shows John what lies across that vast ocean. It had no name then.

    D.W.C. America is that beast. And the Whore she carries is ZION! There are no other entities today that fit the view given so perfectly. Americans who say they are Christians really need to look at themselves as being first Christian. Perhaps then veil of false patriotism will be lifted.

    How blatantly evil does a country have to get, before it’s citizens can see it?

    These Zio/Christic churches are the blind leaders of the blind. The great ‘end times’ apostasy as it is termed is Zio/Judism. To turn from Christ and embrace Judism is apostasy! Please read St. Paul to The Galatians. It can’t be any clearer!

    I am not worried about them. This has all been foretold, why should we be surprised when we see it happening all around us. What planet was it foretold to happen on?

    “Loose The Mongoose” “The +BN Foundation”

  101. Disgusted White Christian July 5, 2010 @ 4:15 pm

    Luta, my friend, nice to hear from you:

    You make a good observation? John on Patmos, saw Persia, with the Kings from the
    East move on Israel. Also, mentions Magog. He mentions the Kings of the East army which comprised more people that existed on the earth, I believe at that time, John saw this on Patmos. What are there, 1 or 2 billion people in China today, maybe more????

    Iran was Persia, like Iraq was Babylon.

    Kings from the East, with a huge army as I mentioned is modern China. China did exist at John’s time.

    Magog, it is believed, was what Russia evolved from??

    Below Is Lorraine Day’s interpretation, which is basically the New Whore of Babylon, and adulteress bride, is new age Christianity, with all it’s false televangelists. Jesus’s bride is Christianity (church), as the faithful Israelites were the Father’s bride?

    The Beast, is global Zionism, remember Revelations talks of “The Beast” making war among nations. That is old trick for the Zionist bankers. Just google Henry Ford and the Peace Ship. Ford talks of New York Jewish bankers telling him openly, “we decide when wars begin, and when they end.”

    I think, one of the Rothschild Jewesses on her death bed bragged to the end, “my sons decide when wars begin or end.”

    The Beast and the Harlot
    Revelation 17
    Lorraine Day, M.D.

    “The visions of Revelation 17-19 constitute a cohesive unit which further amplifies the seventh plague (Rev 16:17-21).” . . . The seventh plague contains the summary statement: ‘God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of His wrath.” End-Time Prophecies in the Bible, Hans LaRondelle, pg 396

    The judgment on Babylon is the theme of Rev 17-19, they are detailed expansions of the seventh plague.

    Rev 17:1 “. . . Come hither; I will show unto you the judgment (sentence) of the great harlot that sits upon many waters (multitudes) with whom the kings of the earth have committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her adulteries.”

    When the harlot (the “Christian” world) commits “adultery” with the kings of the earth (the political power), this passage symbolizes the intimate relationship between “church” and “state.” When church and state combine, those who believe doctrines different from the ones the church and state agree on, will be severely persecuted. All one has to do is look at history to see that this is so.

    The Harlot is the Central Character of Revelation 17

    Rev 17:3-5:

    “. . . and I saw a woman (a church – this time a false church) sitting upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads (all world rulers who are above the ten kingdoms) and ten horns (the ten kingdoms of the world).

    And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls (man-made adornments as opposed to the good woman, adorned with the stars, etc.) having a golden cup in her hand (used in the sanctuary service – mocking God) full of abominations and filthiness of her adulteries.

    And upon her forehead was a name written, ‘MYSTERY (Secret), BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

    The Harlot represents the unfaithful church that has entered into an illicit relationship with the political rulers of the world, “the kings of the earth” (17:2). That is why she is able to persecute all dissenters (She is drunk with the blood of the saints).

    The prostitute imagery of Revelation 17 is dependent on Ezekiel 16; 20; 23. Ezekiel portrayed Israel (including Judah and Jerusalem) as the unfaithful covenant partner of Yahweh, a bloodthirsty, self-glorifying prostitute.

    Both Ezekiel and John use the harlot symbol to indict God’s unfaithful covenant partner for: sexual immorality or idolatry, and oppression and murder OF HER OWN CHILDREN!

    Ezekiel 16 and 20 Judgment on the Prostitute

    Revelation 17-18 Judgment on the Prostitute

    “I adorned you with jewelry..” (16:11)
    “You became very beautiful and rose to be a queen” (16:13)

    “Give her as much torture and grief as the glory and luxury she gave herself. In her heart she boasts, ‘I sit as a queen; I am not a widow, and I will never mourn’ ” (18:7)

    “You adulterous wife! You prefer strangers to your own husband!” (16:32)

    “With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries” (17:2)

    “Therefore I am going to gatherall your lovers, with whom you found pleasure,…I will gather them against you from all around and they will see all all your nakedness…

    “Then I will hand you over to your lovers, and they will tear down your mounds and destroy your lofty shrines. They will strip you of your clothes and take your fine jewelry and leave you naked and bare. They will stone you and hack you to pieces with their swords. They will burn down your houses.” (16:37-40)

    “The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. (17:16)

    The first beast (the political power of Jewish Zionism eventually will turn on the prostitute (the world-wide “Christian” organized apostate “church”) and, after the Jewish Zionists have USED the “Christian” “Zionist” to accomplish the goals of Jewish Zionism, they will turn on the “Christian” “Zionists” and literally destroy them!

    “The text that influences the author of Revelation most is Ezek. 16, which is a prophetical attack on Jerusalem. . . His description is as graphic as in Rev 17-18. (Rev., Ezekiel reveals what will happen to the apostate church. The harlot of Rev. 17 appears to be synonymous with the 2nd beast of Revelation 13.

    “The conclusion is inevitable that Revelation 17 depends on Ezekiel 16 because both passages deal with the professed but apostate covenant people of God!

    “This painful conclusion has been systematically avoided by most Christian theologians and exegetical (interpretive) scholars, just as rabbinical scholars were so shocked by Ezekiel’s severe language that they forbade the reading of Ezekiel 16 in the synagogue (See the Talmud: Megillah 4:10, in the Mishnah, by H. Danby, p 207).”

    “When Jeremiah, a contemporary of Ezekiel, announced the destruction of Solomon’s temple because of Israel’s apostasy and idolatry, including sacrificing of children to idols, ‘the priests and the cult prophets and all the people seized him and said, ‘You must die!’ “ LaRondelle, p 402, 403.

    In both Ezek 16 and 23, as well as in Rev 17, the former lovers are called by God to carry out the punishment for the prostitute!

    Verse 16 “they will eat her flesh.” This shows a close verbal similarity between this phrase and that of 2 Kings 9 which describes Elijah’s prediction of the death of Jezebel, the Queen of Israel: “On the plot of ground at Jezreel dogs will devour Jezebel’s flesh.” (verse 36).

    Jezebel and her prophetic antitype within the Church was indicated already in Christ’s Letter to the Church in Thyatira:

    “Nevertheless, I have something against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants to commit fornication and the eating of food sacrificed to idols” (Rev 2:20).

    The bitter results are the same in the old and in the new Jezebel: the political, legalized murder of the saints of God. “Just as Jezebel of old used her husband, King Ahab, to persecute Elijah and the followers of Yahweh, so will the apocalyptic Jezebel use the political rulers to persecute the followers of Christ.” LaRondelle, p 404

    “They will burn her with fire” (17:16; see also 18:8). In the law of Moses this punishment was reserved only for the sexual immorality of the daughter of a priest:

    “If a priest’s daughter defiles herself by becoming a prostitute, she disgraces her father; she must be burned in the fire” (Lev. 21:9).

    While the traditional punishment for adultery by a married woman was stoning (Deut 22:23,24; John 8:5), in case of prostitution by a priest’s daughter the penalty was burning.

    John’s reaction to the vision

    “When I saw her (the harlot), I was greatly astonished” (Rev 17:6). He was in fact, “dumbfounded” or “greatly perplexed.” This is hard to follow if John had seen only the persecuting Roman Emperors or a hostile leaders in Jerusalem.

    That was all familiar to his own experience. However, if he had seen the change that would take place in the institutional church of Christ, the apostolic church, that the pure woman would become intolerant and bloodthirsty, that would have been truly dumbfounding. LaRondelle p 405

    The church of Christ is going to repeat the history of ancient Israel, which by and large was a history of apostasy. The apostle Paul expressed his justified fear in this ominous prediction when he addressed the church elders of Ephesus:

    I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard! Acts 20:29-31

    The apostasy started in the 1st century A.D and it started in the “Church”!

    Clearly, Paul was concerned about the leaders in the apostolic Church reverting to “another (different) gospel” (2 Cor 11:4), the gospel that would deny Paul’s main message: Universal Restoration.

    John’s Apocalypse, however, develops the theme of the apostasy systematically in Rev 12 through 19. Here the institutional church is pictured as a “prostitute,” because being the “woman” of Christ, she would unlawfully unite herself with the kings of the earth:

    With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries (17:2).

    Certainly the phrase “kings of the earth” include the Ten Kingdoms of the whole earth who have “united” with both the Vatican and the Protestant churches, including the Seventh Day Adventist world church, under the auspices of ADRA.

    Also, the Under-Secretary General of the U.N. was the guest speaker at the last General Conference of SDA’s. These partnerships are expanding under the new federal grants to religious groups signed into law by George W. Bush.

    Some acknowledge that the harlot of Revelation 17 represents the professed covenant people of God and their unfaithfulness to the covenant God. Josephine M. Ford explains: “It is the covenant which makes the bride, the breaking of it which makes the adulteress” (Revelation, p 285).

    The word “mystery” or more literally, “secret” suggest that this religious/political power operates secretly, not openly. The Zionist Jews control the secret societies and organizations, such as the Illuminati, Freemasonry, New Age philosophy, the Jesuits/Vatican, and Judaism/Talmudism, Communism, all world-wide politico-religious groups.

    They ALL have the same goal: 1) the worship of MAN (human reason – secular humanism) and, 2) the elimination of Jesus Christ as Saviour – plus the utter destruction of true Christianity and true followers of Christ.

    Notice also that since the woman on the scarlet beast is the “Mother” of harlots, she must have daughters who resemble her a lot but may not be identical. In other words, other organizations that may have much the same “mission” but not be identical to the “woman”, such as other religions that combine with the “harlot.”

    We have learned that the Second Beast of Revelation 13 is a world-wide religious group that looks like “a lamb, but speaks as a dragon.” The “lamb” in the New Testament is Jesus Christ.

    Those who appear to be Christ’s followers, “Christians” but “speak as a dragon”, (the dragon also controls the First Beast – which is Jewish Zionism), are controlled from behind the scenes by the First Beast, according to Revelation 13.

    This describes “Christian Zionism” or Evangelical “Christianity”, the world-wide “Christian” group with which all other “churches” will eventually unite. So the Second Beast of Revelation 13 appears to be the same entity as the Harlot of Revelation 17.

    “The beast that you saw was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into destruction.” Rev 17:8

    The Greek words for “bottomless pit” are the same words that are used for the condition of the earth before God created, or actually RE-created it (the earth), and created humanity (for the first time). Here is the literal translation of Genesis 1:1,2

    “In a beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth BECAME chaos and an abyss. . .

    There is no word for “was” in the Hebrew. Every time this same Hebrew word is used in the Old Testament, it is always translated “became”, except for this one instance. God NEVER creates chaos. His creation is always perfect.

    Whenever chaos is seen, it is always the result of Satan’s presence and activity. “Chaos and an abyss” are always associated with Satan. (For more information on this issue, see “Does Forever Really Mean Forever?” at

    “Ascending out of the bottomless pit” clearly denotes that it is of Satan.

    John tells us that the beast “was” but “is not” {has been “undercover?” for a time – operating in secret?) but will appear again in the end, or may have been present all along but not as openly visible as it will be at the end.

    This could certainly apply to Jewish Zionism – the diabolical plan for the Zionists to rule the world and destroy true Christianity, true Christians, and EVERYONE who is not an elitist Zionist Jew.

    Verse 9,10: The seven heads are seven mountains (kings or world powers) on which the woman sits. There are seven kings; five have fallen, and one is and the other is not yet come. And when he comes (the seventh head), he must continue a short time. “

    The seventh head continues for a short time before the EIGHTH beast appears.

    The seven heads belong equally to the dragon (Rev 12), to the sea beast (Rev 13), and to the scarlet beast from the abyss (Rev 17). Many Bible scholars believe that these represent the exercise of the beast’s oppressive rule through one head at a time in the course of history.

    However, there is possibly another option to consider. The number 7 is employed in the Apocalypse in a symbolic sense for completeness, therefore the heads can refer to ALL the secret organizations that exalt man above God, or exalt man to the exclusion of God.

    Verse 11: “And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven. . .”

    The angel makes three parallel statements concerning the revived beast:

    He “will come up out of the Abyss” (17:8a)
    “And ye (he) will come” (17:8c)
    He ‘is an eighth king” (17:11).

    Combining these declarations, we see that his being counted as “eighth” applies to the beast’s emergence from the Abyss, that is, to its resurrection, possibly a counterfeit parallel to the resurrection of Christ.

    The final world power will be an amalgamation of every wicked characteristic of all the other previous world powers and the present day demonic secret societies, all rolled into one, including their attempts to rid the world of Christ and true Christianit (righteousness and truth).

    Verse 12: “And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings (the ten kingdoms of the One World Government) which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive authority as kings one hour with the beast.”

    This “one hour” may mean “a short time” or it may be a reference to prophetic time.

    One hour in prophetic time = 15 days, or approximately two weeks.

    A prophetic year contains 360 days. One day contains 24 hours. One prophetic “hour” equals 1/24th of a 360 day year (360 divided by 24) which is 15 literal days.

    Verse 13, 14: These have one mind, and shall give their power and authority unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb (God’s true people), and the Lamb shall overcome them:

    For He is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with Him are called, (not self-designated) and chosen, (these are the TRUE “chosen” people) and faithful (they believe that God WILL do what He has promised to do).

    Verse 15: And he said unto me, The waters which you saw where the harlot sits, are people, and multitudes and nations, and tongues. (Here is the confirmation of what “waters” means in Revelation, whether it be “sea” (Rev 13:1) “river” (Rev 16:12), or a “lake” (See texts to follow).

    The word “lake” is #3041 in Strong’s Concordance: “limne, pronounced limnay, defined as a pond, giving the idea of the nearness of shore. It comes from the word harbor or haven, limen, #3040.”

    The word “lake” appears in only three types of passages in the Bible:

    1) Luke 5:1, 2 when Jesus taught the throng while sitting in a boat of the Lake of Galilee. He was very CLOSE to the people.

    2) Luke 8:22-25 where Jesus was asleep in the boat during the raging storm. Then He awoke and rebuked the wind and the raging water. (He was WITH the disciples THROUGH the storm),

    3) Rev 19:20; 20:10, 14, 15; 21:8

    The “lake of fire” where the following are thrown: the beast, the false prophet, the devil, death, hell (literally the grave = the unseen), and those who are not found written in the book of life.

    This “fire” obviously is a symbolic “fire” because it is impossible to “throw” death and hell (the grave or unseen) into a literal fire! This is the Second Death: a purification of sin by reaping what one has sown.

    It’s important to notice that this phenomenon is called a “lake” denoting that the shore is close by. In Rev 14:10, in the Third Angel’s message, those who take the Mark of the Beast are in the fire and brimstone “in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb (Jesus).”

    This means that Jesus will go THROUGH the fire (fiery trials) WITH them, as He went THROUGH the fire with Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego in the fiery furnace. He will be very close by (on the shore of the “lake” of fire) because He will “NEVER leave us nor forsake us.”

    Notice also that the ONLY items that were burned up in the fiery furnace were the ROPES that bound Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego, symbolizing the bondage of sin. The fire did not touch the men themselves. In fact, they didn’t even smell of smoke. Only their ropes were burned off – completely! (Daniel 3:24-27)

    God is telling us that He will “burn” the sin out of our lives with His “fiery” law (Deut 33:2), by allowing us to get ourselves into terrible trials and tribulations, but this is all for one purpose – to refine us like gold and silver. (Malachi 3:2)

    God uses the same illustration in the Old Testament when He set up the sacrificial service in the Tabernacle in the wilderness. The Israelite brought a lamb to the Tabernacle and placed his hands on the lamb, symbolically transferring his sins to the lamb. Then the LAMB was burned up! (The SIN was burned up!) NOT the Israelite!

    God burns the SIN out of our life. He does NOT burn US up!

    The Time Progression between Revelation 13 and 17

    “Although Rev 17 has been considered by some as nothing more than a repetition of Rev 13, a close comparison of the seven-headed beasts in both chapters shows that Rev 17 is not just a doublet of Rev 13. Three distinct features indicate a historical progression between the sea beast of Rev. 13 and the scarlet beast of Rev 17.

    1) The names of blasphemy, restricted to the heads of the beast in Rev 13:1, now cover the whole body of the scarlet beast (17:3). This indicates the continuous increase of the antichrist’s boastful claims over time;

    2) The ten horns on the scarlet beast no longer wear crowns (as in Rev 13:1), but they will once again rule as kings with the beast “for one hour” (17:12).

    3) The scarlet beast does not rise out of the sea (as in Rev 13), but from the Abyss or realm of death (17:8; see Rom. 10:7) (where Satan is). This suggests a resurrection of the beast’s rule. This rebirth of the antichrist on a universal scale is the unique disclosure of Revelation 17.” LaRondelle, p 413.

    Verse 16: And the ten horns which you saw upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

    The political power (the beast and it’s kingdoms) will turn on the harlot Babylon, (the religio-political power) and destroy her.

    That means that AFTER the Zionist Jews have USED the “Christian” Zionists (Evangelical “Christianity”) to unite and control all “Christians”, and have USED the “Christian” Zionists to DESTROY the true Christians who will not join in their apostasy, THEN the Zionist Jews will DESTROY all the “Christians” who have been deceived into believing that the “Jews” are God’s “Chosen people.”

    This will include virtually the entire “Christian” world!

    So those “Christians” who believed they would find “safety” by joining with the “Christian” apostate world-wide “Church” will find they have been totally deceived, and have been destined for destruction by the Zionist Jews, all along!

    ‘The correspondence between Ezek 16 (and 23) and Rev. 17 establishes a Christian typology between an apostate Christendom that has adopted pagan forms of Christian worship, has changed God’s covenant law, and has established alliances with the political powers, such as the U.N.

    All such ecclesiastical unfaithfulness to Christ is condemned to self-destruction in Rev 17:16. The civil and political authorities will ultimately expose the shame or guilt of Babylon and act accordingly as the agents of divine retribution (17:16,17). Revelation 17 functions thus as the ecclesiological fulfillment of Ezekiel 16 and 23.” LaRondelle, p 417.

    Verse 17: For God has put in their hearts (the 10 kings) to give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

    Clearly, God is in control of EVERYTHING. He brings opposition to His truth in order to bring attention to it.

    Verse 18: And the woman which you saw is that great city (Babylon) which reigns over the kings of the earth, the Ten Kingdoms of the world under the direction of – first, the U.N. – which is controlled from behind by the Zionist Jews, and then later the Zionist Jews will rule openly.

    Rule by the U.N. is the velvet glove covering the iron fist – loss of all of our rights in order to have “security.” But when the elitist Zionist Jews actually “take off their mask”, they will rule with an iron fist and bring on a “time of trouble as “there never has been since the foundation of the world!”

    We, here in America, will then be subjected to the same horrible atrocities that are happening in Zimbabwe, the Sudan, and other places of severe persecution in the world.

    We will be subjected to planned famines and other methods of diabolical population annihilation, such as the famine in the Ukraine, in the early 1900’s that starved millions of Christian farmers to death during the sadistic reign of Lenin – a Zionist Jew – and Stalin (married to a Zionist Jew), during the Bolshevik Revolution, a revolution planned and executed about by the Zionist Jews!

    Their diabolical plan is coming to fruition at this very moment in time – in the United States, as well as in every other country in the world!

    Companions of the Lamb

    The companions of the Lamb (Rev 17:14) are described as “his called, chosen and faithful followers.” This description implies that the victorious Christians are not only called and chosen by God (Matt 22:14) but that they also remain loyal to Jesus (Rev 14:12).

    They hold on to the “testimony of Jesus” and His lordship in the ultimate test of faith (Rev 12:17; 14:12).


    © Lorraine Day, M.D. 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  102. Luta July 5, 2010 @ 8:03 pm

    “Catch The Vision” “The +BN Foundation”

    RE: D.W.C.

    Hello My friend. There are two ways to look at the Revelation. The first is the way that 99% of folks do. That it is a puzzle to be interpreted. The second is that we’re the puzzle, and that the Revelation is God’s interpretation of it!

    I view it from the second way. D.W.C There are so many different people giving interpretations out about Revelation it would give you a headache.

    Remember back a couple comments, you said that Apostate Israel is the whore, that you read it in Ezekiel? In the whole Bible the only entity that God ever refers to as a “Harlot” or a “Whore” is unfaithful Israel.

    To figure the beast, look for a nation that 1. carries (supports) the whore. 2. becomes a world wide empire. (we’re in the process now)

    What I do about Revelation, I read it, but I don’t try to interpret it! I just let it speak to my intuition.

    It is not too hard to understand the basic structure. You have 1. A vision in heaven. 2. Its interpretation on earth. It just keeps repeating. A vision in heaven followed by an interpretation on earth.

    It’s easier to just believe it. It itself IS the interpretation! Any one who tries to interpret it, is trying to interpret the interpretation.

    If you like commentary on Revelation, here is a real good one –

    If you read it a little at a time I think you will enjoy it. But even this is still a little of an interpretation. Try this D.W.C. Next time your reading Revelation, don’t try to interpret it.

    Instead, think; this is the interpretation from God of the things that are going on. Revelation IS the interpretation. You can’t re-interpret the interpretation!

    “Loose the Mongoose” “The +BN Foundation”

  103. To little girl lost (other) July 6, 2010 @ 1:21 am

    As the genial Mike James advocates:

    “ a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous international cabal or entity”

    If you want a good laugh:

    If you do not know him:

    May God help him to write again!

  104. Disgusted White Christian July 6, 2010 @ 4:02 pm

    Luta, true I did but “The Whore” in that reference was the Old Testament, unfaithful Jews, the Whore of Babylon.”

    Which Miss Day eludes too??? The New whore is fake Christianity run by Zionist really.


  105. loren July 6, 2010 @ 4:08 pm

    To Seraphim,

    Your comments are very interesting with regards to our new PM Gillard. You realize that on one of her visits to Israel she was very sympathetic to the Israelis just after Cast Lead.

    Now Ms Gillard has reverted to the oppressive treatment of asylum seekers by the previous govt. It is a given that most asylum seekers are not of the Jewish faith, mostly Moslem.

    Yesterday Ms Gillard gave a speech concerning asylum seekers at the Lowy Institute, a well known Jewish think tank set up by Frank Lowy, founder of Westfield.

    Frank Lowy is an ex-pilot with the Israeli airforce. Lowy is also a Zionist, and a friend of the previous Israeli PM Olmert who is facing fraud and corruption charges.

    The previous PM of Australia Kevin Rudd was outed by a mendacious and vicious media campaign lead by Murdoch and his henchmen.

    It is a well known fact that Melbourne is run by the Jewish community, it has been so for 50 years. And now they are stepping up for the Federal Govt.

  106. kiimmpossible July 7, 2010 @ 8:22 pm

    Dear KathJuliane-

    Thanks for your comments. I always find your posts interesting and informative.

    Welcome back Brother Nathanael!

    God Bless!

  107. seraphim July 7, 2010 @ 8:27 pm


    Thank you for your comments.

    I am not surprised, of course, that you had an immediate feeling for the dealings and wheelings of the vapid politicking that characterize the land of Oz.

    No wander that the new PM had to grovel at the feet of Frank Lowy “Institute” (for International policy, to be clear) where she gave her maiden speech (in juorno lingo: “her first major policy speech as prime minister”).

    Lowy “the soccer overlord” is notorious for tax evasion and money laundering for Israeli “charities”.

    He was obviously cleared of any “wrongdoing” by successive governments (he would bring Australia in the enormous pool of money of the FIFA, wouldn’t he?)

    Well, the Aussies really voted with their feet! FIFA remains out of their reach.

    Older Aussies would not fail to reminisce that he was a member of the Board of the Reserve Bank like his countryman “Sir” Peter Abeles (conveniently forgotten in OZ) the notorious figure with links with the crime world (Abe Saffron, the Nugan Hand Bank), the man behind Bob Hawke.

    Lowy is “Australia’s richest person,” period.

    And who is among the five richest persons in Australia?

    Harry Triguboff a “White Russian Jew” (whatever that means – born in China, but in no relation whatsoever with the real white Russians who were forced out of China and came to Australia in the 60-70’s).

    Needless to say that those Russians are staunch Orthodox and therefore living on the margins of the “Lucky Country.”

    They may comfort themselves that some odd Australians (even Aboriginals) saw the Light and came to their Church.

  108. charles chapman July 13, 2013 @ 3:19 pm

    Breyer, Ginsberg and Kagan should be pictured together on a three-dollar bill.

    What phoney ‘Americans.’

  109. tatkalsoftware April 5, 2017 @ 11:40 pm

    I love Bro Nate, and what he does, but I fear he will never change these despicable cowards, and brain dead morons.

    America is headed for total disaster, that is why it is mysteriously left out of Revelations?

    Most biblical scholars agree, that no metaphorical expression exists for America in Revelations.

    They found Iran, Russia, China and of course the new Israel (or apostate that it is). Persia Iran, Kings from the East-China, Magog-Russia. Some say that Mary had stated God would use a converted Russia, as an instrument of His.

    Isn’t ironic, that the 2 countries that the Zionists turned to their Godless communism may return the favor by threatening total annihilation?

    You reap what you sow, like the good Book says.

    The proverbial chickens may come home to roost.

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