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Brzezinski’s Lament – ‘Jewish Lobby Controls Obama’

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2010

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SEEKING A GLOBAL SHOWDOWN with Russia and China, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is recognized and feared by Zionist Jews as Obama’s foreign policy adviser, is intent on bringing Iran back into the Western orbit. In Brzezinski’s world view, Iran could be a valuable US asset to be played against Russia and China.

Even with his protege at Defense, Robert Gates, and his reputation as a global strategist, Brzezinski has all but admitted that he simply does not possess the influence to override the power the Jewish lobby wields over Obama’s decision-making in foreign affairs.

This has recently come to light in Brzezinski’s latest article for the Council of Foreign Relations, “From Hope To Audacity.”

Beginning his treatise with the premise that the US should not be at war with Islam, Brzezinski proceeds to take on the “Second Echelon” in Obama’s administration which includes Zionist Jews Dennis Ross, Special Adviser on Iran, Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff, and Zionist shill Hilary Clinton at State. Ross, who enjoys close ties to Israel and a history of pushing hardline policies toward Iran, was recently promoted as a Senior Director of the National Security Council.

Opening himself in his article to further accusations of being an “Anti-Semite,” (Alan Dershowitz initiated the lie), Brzezinski challenges the Zionist status quo and adds insult to injury to his already stated position that Obama should negotiate with Hamas:

“It is not fashionable to say this, but much of the current hostility toward the US in the Middle East has been generated by the bloodshed and suffering produced by the prolonged Israeli-Arab conflict. Israel’s refusal to negotiate with the Palestinians in good faith compounds the problem.” View Entire Story Here.

Moving on in his essay to the “stalemate” in Obama’s policy regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Brzezinski goes toe to toe with the Jewish “insiders” at the White House:

“Obama’s two special advisers, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, participate in significant decision-making. Both of them sat in on the president’s critical September meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As a result, Obama’s redefinition of US foreign policy is vulnerable to dilution by these upper-level officials who tend to yield to pressures from domestic interest groups.

This fosters a reluctance to plan for a firm follow-through on bold presidential initiatives should they encounter a foreign rebuff reinforced by powerful domestic lobbies. Netanyahu’s rejection of Obama’s demand that Israel halt the construction of settlements is a case in point.” View Entire Story Here.

In his concluding theme, “Domestic Impediments,” Brzezinski exposes the Jewish Lobby and their total control of Obama’s foreign policy decisions:

“Special interest lobbies have become overly influential in US politics. Thanks to their access to Congress, a variety of lobbies — some financially well endowed, some backed by foreign interests — have been promoting, to an unprecedented degree, legislative intervention in foreign-policy making.

Promoted by lobbies, Congress not only actively opposes foreign policy decisions but even imposes some on the president. The pending legislation on sanctions against Iran is but one example. Such congressional intervention makes it more difficult to ensure that US — not foreign — interests are the point of departure.” View Entire Story Here.

Congress JOINS Jewish Lobby
In Anti-Iran Workshop

EVER SINCE CONGRESS CONDEMNED GOLDSTONE’S GAZA REPORT last winter, demanding by a 344-36 vote that Obama “refuse to endorse” Goldstone’s findings of Israeli war crimes, Congress has joined with the Jewish Lobby in its efforts to crank up hysteria regarding Iran’s nuclear energy program.

On January 17, 2009, The Israel Project and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington (and more than twenty similar Jewish Lobby groups of which there is NO end), hosted an anti-Iran workshop billed as, Israel Advocacy Training Institute: Spotlight Iran.

The event, held at the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy in DC, focused on the “Iran threat,” emphasizing the “danger posed” by the country’s “aggressive pursuit of nuclear arms.” (Thus far, however, the world is only aware of Iran’s nuclear energy ambitions, but NO EVIDENCE of Iran’s “pursuit of nuclear arms” has emerged. So much for Jewish hysteria-hyping.)

Joining lead speaker Rabbi Jonah Layman, participants included not only the foreign government of Israel’s embassy ambassador, Dan Arbell, Deputy Chief of the Embassy of Israel in Washington DC, but a group of “Congressional legislative assistants” as well.

These Congressional staffers, led by Sarah Farhadian, Legislative Assistant for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, played a significant role in the workshop’s Congressional and Legislative Advocacy Session.

Farhadian, who has been the recipient of “private” Jewish money on at least two occasions in 2009, is known for her “partnership” with Chabad House, an ultra-religious/pro-Israel Jewish group. View Invitation, Schedule, & Pics Here & Here.


IN A RECENT ESSAY FOR CFR, entitled: “Iran: Time for a New Approach,” Brzezinski and co-author Robert Gates argue against the tenor of the Jewish-induced hysteria toward Iran, now being vomited by the Zionist screech owl, Elie Wiesel.

Rejecting Wiesel’s line that Iran is a threat to America’s security, Brzezinski and Gates contend that US interests would be better served by “selective engagement” with Tehran. The following are excerpts from the essay and recent interviews with Brzezinski:

The use of military force against Iran would be extremely problematic given the dispersal of Iran’s nuclear sites throughout the country and their proximity to urban centers. Since the US would be blamed for any Israeli strike, we should make it clear to Israel that American interests would be adversely affected by such a move.

Kremlin strategists would surely relish the thought of a US deeply bogged down in a war with Iran, which would trigger a dramatic spike in the price of oil, a commodity in plentiful supply in Russia.

Involving the Iranians in a military conflict would make our task in Afghanistan absolutely impossible. It would probably reignite the conflict in Iraq, would set the Persian Gulf ablaze, would increase the price of oil twofold, threefold, fourfold, and Americans will be paying five, six dollars a gallon at the gas stations. Europe will become even more dependent on Russia for energy. So what is the benefit to us?

It will be a disaster for America in the short run and a fundamental disaster for Israel in the long run. If we are forced out of the region due to some sort of dynamic hatred that develops—and have no illusions about it, the conflict spreads—we’re going to be alone. The Russians are not going to be with us. They’re not suckers. Europe is not going to be with us either.

If we are finally driven out, how much would you bet on the survival of Israel for more than five to ten years after all that has happened? Some criticize my straightforward stance calling me an ‘anti-Semite.’ Well, they’re entitled to their demagogy. But it will all end up as a geopolitical disaster for both America and Israel.

Rather than pursuing the current policy of confrontation and threats, Washington should work with Tehran to capitalize on both Iran’s potential economic influence due to its large endowment of energy resources and its unique position to advance the stability of its neighbors.

What is the alternative to negotiating? To go to war? – Is that a better solution? Those who are making these arguments, the neo-conservatives, are doing it for their foreign patrons. They are afraid that we might negotiate with Iran peacefully whereas they would prefer us to go to war. View Entire Story Here, Here, Here Here & Here.

BOTTOM LINE FOR BRZEZINSKI & ALL AMERICANS: Not only is the White House and Capitol Hill owned by the Jews but the nations’ politicians have betrayed the will of their constituents by joining with and affirming the will of a tiny minority.

Who hijacked the democratic process in America? Zionist Jews—whose influence calculated in billions of dollars have penetrated the offices, suites, and checking accounts of their treasonous puppets in Washington DC…


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    Well, it LOOKS LIKE Zbig is a victim of the Jews in control of America as well. Poor thing. The Jews own Obama. I don’t think Zbig realizes that the Jews who own ALL OF THE PRESS & MEDIA now in America will RUIN Barky in a minute if he crosses them.

    They got the goods on his Kenyan birth. AND, they know all about his homosexual affairs with Larry Sinclair. They got Obama by the “b**s.”

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    Legal Action Against LA Cops Appeal

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    It was pouring down rain at a major intersection late afternoon.

    As soon as I took my stand holding high the holy Cross of Christ, people started honking, waving, yelling out, “God bless you!” and giving me the “thumbs up” sign.

    After 15 minutes of a tremendous positive response, a policeman came named Fosdick and he was mean.

    Fosdick insisted I leave the median strip and when I showed him the Supreme Court ruling affirming my right to be there, he said “this paper is worthless.”

    Fosdick then began to verbally abuse me, calling me “delusional” and telling me I was about to be taken to jail.

    Then he got on the walkie talkie and 5 minutes later there were 6 cop cars around me – one of them a paddy wagon.

    The lead cop came up and he was a Jew named Guzman with a hooked nose and malicious snarl. He accused me , pointing at the Cross, of “wielding a weapon” and the original cop said I attempted to “assault” him with it.

    I was then accused of “loitering” and I answered that the Supreme Court affirmed my right to free speech on a “publically held trust” of the median strip and thus I was NOT ‘loitering.”

    Guzman the Jew was nasty and said he was writing a citation against me.

    In the meantime as all of this took over 40 minutes to transpire, tons of cars were witnessing POLICE TERRORISM against a lone skinny man trying to spread good will LEGALLY. Didn’t matter.

    The local Police forces across America are now moving closer as a part of the Military/Zionist TERRORIZING Police state, which is like an invading army against the American people. They’ve got the power and Americans are INTIMIDATED by this power.

    After 10 minutes Guzman the Jew told me I must sign the citation which I refused to do. I was told that if I don’t sign they were taking me to jail right then and now. I saw I was out BULLIED by these cops with their GUNS, BADGES, LIES. and paper work.

    I simply said I was leaving and not coming back and shook the dust off from my feet.

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    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

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  5. Nicolae February 28, 2010 @ 3:55 pm

    They are the so-called neo-cons, or neo-conservatives.

    A compact group, almost all of whose members are Jewish.

    They hold the key positions in the Bush administration, as well as in the think-tanks that play an important role in formulating American policy and the ed-op pages of the influential newspapers….

    Seemingly, all this is good for Israel. America controls the world, we control America.

    Never before have Jews exerted such an immense influence on the center of world power.” Uri Avnery, “The Night After,”

    Counterpunch, April 10, 2003…The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.” (The American Hebrew, September 10, 1920)

    IT’S COMING TO AMERICA SOON…I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to them.

    It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down.

    If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would RISE UP IN ARMS. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.”

    Thomas H. Moorer
    (1912 – 2004)
    Admiral, US Navy Chairman,
    Joint Chiefs of Staff
    During interview on 24 August 1983.

    – Nicolae

  6. GOD BLESS BRO. NATHANAEL February 28, 2010 @ 4:04 pm

    Bro Nathanael-

    Thank you for this excellent ministry against the anti-Christ Pharasiac Babylonian Talmud Khazar Communist Zionist Globalist gulag engineer bankster establishment.

    They want to enslave and destroy humanity as they view the goys as having no souls – what a lie from hell!

    GOD made all of humanity to glorify HIM.

    The NWO is from hell and is going back there.

    The Neo-Nimrods will not indefinitely reign with their Satanic Neo-Tower of Babel. The Illuminati think they are god-THEY ARE NOT!

    Blasphemous Liars!

    As brilliant as the Illuminati NWO banksters esteem themselves to be they should know history will repeat itself-the Neo-Tower of Babel/NWO will fall like the last group did as THOSE REPROBATES DARED to rise against The Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth-JESUS CHRIST-Glory to His Name!

    Christians-unite and pray to the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords-JESUS CHRIST!

    Fast and pray that God would bring double destruction to the Synagogue of Satan!

    Blessed both now and forever be the Holy name of the Messiah-Jesus Christ!

    Jesus Christ will stop the anti-Christ Synagogue of Satan!

    PS: Why did Barry Sotero become Teleprompter Reader in Chief for the NWO banksters? @

  7. Minnie February 28, 2010 @ 5:53 pm

    Now I have read that Israel government is passing out gas masks to all of the Jewish people.

    Lord only knows what they are going to do next. I feel sorry for the Palestinians.

    Ya`ll have a nice week. See ya!

  8. Steve Johnson February 28, 2010 @ 8:02 pm

    The Global Chess Board JUST got a little bit more complicated.

    Add to this mix of sinister characters the Soros funded “Shadow Party” Activist and Lobby Groups and you have yourself one huge melting pot of evil ready to explode.

    Research the ‘Shadow Party’ Next Brother Nathanael…. They need exposing into the light.

  9. Norseman February 28, 2010 @ 8:04 pm

    Thank you Brother Nathanael for the excellent review of Brzezinski’s paper and its significance.

    For those looking for answers on what may be the next steps of global conspirators, the following three-video series of Argentinean politician Adrian Salbuchi is a MUST SEE:

    Adrian Salbuchi:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    From the 12 events he forecasts, number 1 and 2 (financial and economic collapse) are already underway (Greek crisis and the coming DEPRECIATION OF DOLLAR & EURO.)

  10. Jim DeTexas February 28, 2010 @ 8:05 pm

    Ignore this at your own peril…

    Salbuchi – 2010 Forecast: Transition from Globalization to World Government -1 thru 3

  11. Paul February 28, 2010 @ 8:24 pm

    Thank you Br. Nathanael.

    I am at a loss for words on this article of yours.

    Why would any Russian Christian family in the public school system want their child to learn about Judaism? @

    In Christ


  12. The Prodigal Son February 28, 2010 @ 9:16 pm


    Students are not forced to learn ‘Judaism’… but the option has to be available for ‘Jewish’ kids. From the link you provided:

    ‘When Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev met several months ago with leading representatives of his country’s major religious faiths, one of the items on his agenda was the development of a course on religious education for elementary state schools.

    The result is a new six-volume series on Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and two additional volumes on the history of world religions and secular ethics.

    (…) “The government has proven a genuine desire in taking real steps to correct communism’s biggest mistake—which was to remove G-d from life.”

    Originally resisted by church-and-state separationists, the initiative ** offers students the freedom to choose from among any of the six courses ** corresponding with the volumes, including the one on secular ethics.

    Though Rabbi Lazar admits that the majority of the school children will probably choose the course on secular ethics, he insists that the benefit to the students will eventually be appreciated in Russian society at large.’

    — — —

    It’s clear that they have to offer ‘Judaism’ just to be fair… Rest assured most students in Russia will choose the course on Orthodox Christianity.

  13. Wilson February 28, 2010 @ 9:19 pm

    Thanks for the excellent article, BN.

    Funny I haven’t heard of this Brzezinski imbroglio anywhere else, save indirectly through the link to the article from thank-God-for-Rense, where there was also a link to some article put up this day as well saying that 65% of Americans support Israel.

    65% of Americans are, I hate to say, ignoramuses and or cowards.

  14. George February 28, 2010 @ 9:34 pm

    It looks like Satan and Beezelbul are having a bit of a fall out.

  15. Brother Nathanael February 28, 2010 @ 9:37 pm

    @ Wilson –

    BEWARE of “polls.”

    They are a tool of the JEWS who own the press and media. +bn

  16. KathJuliane February 28, 2010 @ 9:45 pm

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus, Paul and Prodigal Son –

    It’s actually a brilliant triumph for Orthodox Christianity in Russia to restore religious education. The Church has been struggling for this for almost 20 years. And, now the Jews can’t complain about basic Christian education in the public schools, because they have their own options.

    The basic idea from the Church’s point of view, working in “symphony” with the State, is to raise the level of moral and ethical teaching in the society, much as America used to have a course in biblically-based civics and ethics (not to mention the very Christian ethics filled McGuffey Readers prior to 1920.)

    This is just a clip from the longer article, but the below link will explain it much fuller, and describe the full parameters.

    The Russian Federation is a historically complex, multicultural society, which even under the Tsarist era still had minority religions of Islam, Judaism, (including Karaites) and Buddhism, which are constitutionally protected today.

    This is not completely apparent but the program stresses the traditional officially recognized religions of pre-1917 Tzarist Russia. Judaism (Orthodox, not Reform or Conservative) is one of the traditional faiths that existed then.

    Canada has been doing a similar program for some time, as I recall. See last paragraph of this clip for how the various options do play out in an otherwise compulsory program – basically a course in a) one’s particular religion, b) comparative religion, or c) foundations of secular ethics.
    Russia looks to its religious culture

    The Orthodox Church has won its battle to make religious education compulsory in schools, but secularists have won concessions too.

    Patriarch Kirill’s public triumph in Ukraine in July was preceded with another achievement no less important for the Russian Orthodox Church. This took place in the much more intimate atmosphere of the presidential residence in Barvikha, in the Moscow Oblast. There Dmitry Medvedev met with the leaders of Russia’s traditional religions, and responded to two appeals from them.

    He agreed that the history and culture of the country’s main religions should be included in the core school curriculum. He also agreed that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation should have military priests.

    Patriarch Kirill was the first to sign both documents. The Muslim and Jewish religious communities supported the Orthodox position, despite previous objections from some muftis and rabbis.

    What will this decision mean in practice for schools?

    Twice a week from the spring of next year, pupils in the fourth and fifth classes will study one of three new subjects. They and their parents will be able to choose between the religious culture of one religion (Orthodox, Islam, Judaism or Buddhism), the history and cultural background of the world’s great religions, or the foundations of secular ethics. It will be compulsory for pupils to choose one of these three modules. […]

  17. Paul February 28, 2010 @ 10:04 pm

    Thank you Prodigal Son and KathJuliane for your fast response.

    In Christ,


  18. Ray February 28, 2010 @ 11:14 pm

    Great work Brother.

    Any idea where we might be able to read that article you cited without needing to pay for it?

    “Iran: Time for a New Approach”

    They want us to pay 15 dollars just to read it. I was hoping you knew where it might be available to view online?

    Thank You for all you do, GOD Bless.

  19. KathJuliane March 1, 2010 @ 12:54 am

    Dear Ray,

    I found these two links for free PDF download at:

    Dear Paul,

    You are most welcome.

    I reread the Lubavitcher piece, and they certainly bent over backwards to avoid mentioning ANYTHING about the labors of the Church and especially Patriarch Kirill’s name carrying his predecessors’ blessed work to begin with, not to mention slighting the Muftis involved as well.

    The Patriarch in the photo is reduced to a nameless “religious leader” along with the Muftis and leaders signing. You’d think the Jews did it all, wouldn’t ya? Anyway, by sticking with the very traditional forms of religion, they won’t be teaching Zionista Scofieldism!

    The below link was interesting, if nothing else to shed light on what has evidently been the subject of open national, political and academic debate inside the “autocracy” of the Russian Federation for quite a while concerning the questions of patriotism, religious education, cooperation among the various ethnic and religious groups regarding common cultural, moral and social issues without phony “political correctness,” and “tolerance” as well as the military chaplaincy of Muslim clerics in terms of program developments.

    In the U$$ of Amerika, all we get is the Teleprompter in Chief.

    Dear Wilson,

    This is a couple of years old, but a good read on the ways that the Zionist Jew-controlled media distorts the outcomes of public polls, set up polls targeting a narrow range of opinion (like a poll among evangelical Judeo-Christians, and then claiming a majority of “American Christians” support Israel, or journalists spin their own results to please the paymasters).

    Also some good tips on what poll figures can actuality mean and what to look for. If 35% don’t support Israel, that is actually a significant “plurality” and something to work with.

    Is the Media Blocking the Message of American’s who Don’t Support Israel?

    Also found this one from a Jewish source from last year that shows American support dropped in a major way 6 months after Israhell mauled Gaza as it did (Israel Project is a major Zionist opinion shaper and propaganda arm):

    Poll: American voters’ support of Israel drops
    June 15, 2009

    “JERUSALEM (JTA) — American voters’ support for Israel has dropped 20 percent in the past nine months, a new survey found.

    Some 49 percent of American voters call themselves supporters of Israel, down from 69 percent last September, according to the poll conducted for The Israel Project.

    The number of voters who called themselves undecided rose during that same period, and the number of Palestinian supporters remained steady at 7 percent. The number of Israel supporters hit a low of 38 percent immediately following the 2005 disengagement from Gaza, with an equal rise in undecided voters.

    The poll was conducted among 800 registered voters on June 2 and 3 by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. It has not been officially released by The Israel Project, but was leaked to the media by someone who received the numbers the day after the poll was completed on Thursday.

    According to the poll, some 44 percent of voters believe the United States should support Israel, down from 69 percent a year ago. Some 5 percent of voters believe the United States should support the Palestinians, with 32 percent undecided.”

  20. George March 1, 2010 @ 3:03 am

    Dear Br Nathanael,

    I shall elaborate a little further on my previous words for those who don’t understand my polite joke: “It looks like Satan and Beelzelbul are having a bit of a fall out.”

    We as the New Israel are surrounded by our enemies who apparently are certainly going to destroy the faith and enslave us. We forget that this crisis was brought onto us by our apostasy from God and by breaking his commandments.

    There is no need for speculation. The power of God is manifest in the Old Testament where he would confuse the enemies of Israel and make them finish off each other whilst Israel sat back and watched the scene.

    Let us turn back to God and sit back and watch Beelzebul, Mammon and Satan consume and destroy each other.

    In the same way that we now see BRZEZINSKI howl like a dog at the his co-workers of iniquity, they will, when the time is right, turn onto each other and consume each other much like a feral pack of grumpy demoralised wolves.

    It for these and similar that Prophet David says they will descend down to Hades alive for deceit is in their midst.

  21. JM Fitzgerald March 1, 2010 @ 6:29 am

    This article is really mind blowing.

    One gets the impression that the Illuminati is threatened by the Zionist community?

    How messed is someone when Luciferians have more morality than the Zionist community?

  22. Michael K. March 1, 2010 @ 8:43 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Zbig is probably a Anglo Nazi and British Grand Lodge Freemason.

    I read his book “The Grand Chessboard” (2000), the year it was first printed. The book is a strategic look at how America can and should take over the world by capturing the Eurasian super-continent (like the game of Risk). It is no great surprise that he feels a certain frustration at being strategically blocked by the Jews and abandoned by Obama.

    What many who are aware that some sort of New World Order is being fomented and planned are not able to see, is that although the ideal of a New Age world government is held as a common goal by all the various Illuminated players, there are hidden factions at war with each other over what from this inevitable outcome will take.

    To reiterate, the two main camps into which the various lodges, sects and parties are divided are the British Grand Lodge of Freemasonry and the French Grand Orient Lodge of Freemasonry. This roughly parallels the right/left divide throughout all the political systems within democratic countries. It is Hitler vs. Lenin over and over again.

    In Israel it is demonstrated in Likkud vs. Labor. Both are Zionists, but for different reasons and with differing perspectives as to how this should be carried forth. Therefore the “it’s the Jews” model always leaves as many questions as it provides answers to.

    Witness the recent Red Army Memorial incident where Bibi and Putin shared warm memories of the NKVD and the systematic rape of East Germany. Are these the same Jews that are steering the US into a missile defense confrontation with Russia? This doesn’t make sense. The answer is probably related to the fact that the neo-conservatives started as part of the Democratic Party leftist fringe.

    Jews that believe in God are probably outnumbered by atheist Jews at lest 2:1. Yet we are often presented with view that they are all Jews, so what does the distinction matter? It matters politically. Some Jews appear to be with the Anglo Nazis, some are with the Sino Commies, and still others are double or even triple-agents.

    This makes it impossible to tell what exactly is going on, and people are often confounded by the surprising contradictions. “They are Jews so they must be against the Nazis” – then why are the neo-conservative Jews linked to the Bush crypto-Nazis? “They are Jews so they support Communism” – Then why isn’t Israel run by a clear Labor majority government?

    No, there is only one thing unifying the Jews and it is the same thing unifying Freemasonry: the coming New World Order. Together they all are shoulder to shoulder against goy outsiders penetrating the shroud of mystery surrounding the whole game. Yet within, they are dragons fighting in a pit with tooth and claw, poison and fire. They are the Great Harlot and the Beast, and only one can reign supreme.

    As I have endeavored to illustrate in previous posts, if we have a more sure guide in prophesy, then the Beast wins and the Great Harlot burns. In the final outcome, the New World Order is multi-ethnic, atheist and centered on the United Nations. Ans of course at least one faction of Jews is positioning itself to dump British Israel and take a place within the Beast, perhaps even providing its leader?

    In any event, there is some profit to reading the following article on the Grand Lodge Nazis and their schemes. Particularly, there is useful info on DynCorp and nanotechnology. The author is clearly aware of the New World Order, but only from the Nazi angle, which of course is only half of the story:

    May the Peace of Christ be with You.

  23. Ray March 1, 2010 @ 1:10 pm


    Thank You so much for the links.


  24. R. C. Christian March 1, 2010 @ 1:11 pm

    Israel did 911.

  25. Norseman March 1, 2010 @ 2:26 pm

    Dear Michael K.,

    What do you mean by “Anglo Nazis”? This sounds very much like the “Germanic Death Cult” canard of zionist shill Alex Jones. The link you provided is -at best- science fiction, in the worst case disinformation.

    Come on people! Stop reviving the dead! Even considering all its errors (which are GRAVE and NUMEROUS), what National Socialism really did was opposing the Jews and Freemasonry. And if someone didn’t notice: Nazi-Germany was defeated and National Socialism uprooted 65 years ago. Let the dead rest in peace.

    Your REAL ENEMIES are:

    -The International Jew with its thousand of conspirative organizations, above all the exclusively jewish masons of B´nai B’rith (and associated ADL).

    -Freemasonry in all its echelons, especially the higher degrees.

    -The very powerful, top-level conspirative organizations like the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR: luCiFeR), the Trilateral Commision and the Bilderbergers.

    -The Money Lenders above all the Fed an the banks that own it to 95%. Also: LCF Rotschild (LuCiFer!!) and the European Central Bank.

    -All SUPRANATIONAL entities, such as the European Union, the UN and its tentacles, the IMF, the World Bank, etc, etc, etc.

    -Last but not least: the ARMY of THOUSANDS of CORRUPT POLITICIANS, whether or not they belong to any of the above groups.

    The only difference between Brzezinski and his Jewish comrades is one of tactics. Whereas Brzezinski would like to start an all-out war as soon as possible against Russia and/or China, the Neocons prefer to first crush Iran (and Islam for that matter). The overall strategy remains the same: WORLD DOMINATION.

    If two generals in the same army disagree on how to attack the enemy, it doesn’t mean that they pursue different objectives. It’s only a matter of tactics.

  26. jonah March 1, 2010 @ 4:34 pm

    Yes, good article Brother Nat.

    The Jewish lobby has total control over Barack Obama.

    Barack Obama is a radical socialist, probably a Muslim and is a puppeteer for the racist, Zionist alliance headquartered in London.

    California USA

  27. AntiPharisee March 1, 2010 @ 6:03 pm

    Why so many Veterans oppose the wars:

    11 minute video:

    “In these times remaining silent on our responsibility to the world and its future is criminal.”
    – Dahlia Wasfi

    “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”
    – Henry Kissinger

  28. Michael K. March 1, 2010 @ 6:47 pm

    Dear Norseman,

    Well, I think a few words of explanation are in order with term “Anglo Nazi”. To give an idea of the context, consider this guy Bill Ryan’s testimonial:

    He says that the British and US are getting ready to take over the world by starting the “Armageddon Battle”, which they are almost all prepared to fight over in the Middle East, and then release a super flu that is race specific against Mongoloids.

    There is a ton of evidence which leaves no doubt that the top Gestapo echelon gave us the NSA/CIA and a good chunk of NASA. You have a perspective about the Nazis which refuses to address their sick and weird inner occult secret society and its completely separate and privileged existence apart from popular German national socialism.

    In my opinion, the German people believed in a lot less nonsense than we Americans today do, but still they were misled, because there was an inner elite that ran things just like we have today, and they were the secret and not-so-good side, kinda the Dick Cheneys of their day.

    But if you insist, and in order to prove it, I will dig up the volumes of credible stuff on Nazis that you seem to want to believe is all Jew lies. But it isn’t. The Nazis were not the answer, but they held part of it, a moral populist nationalism and autarky, which being flesh alone is still not enough.

    The Nazi leadership were created with help from the Thule society, which was in turn connected to the ‘magical kingship blood’ minded British Grand Lodge. Germanic warlocks and British Druids, so-called Protestants but really crypto-pagan human sacrificers at the rotten core.

    The thing I am endeavoring to show you is that the New World Order conspiracy is explained in one of a few ways, all of which are partially true because of the real and complex nature of the problem. And each one has unsolvable paradoxes that don’t explain obvious conundrums and thus lack overall wisdom and understanding.

    So all conspiracy theories are divided into at least a few basic categories, whatever you think about the true nature of the mystery involved. There is the Nazi Death Cult theory; the Jews theory; the Jesuits theory; the Communist Liberals theory; the UFOs and ETs theory; and the Freemasons theory. Those are the big contenders, are they not?

    There are only two radical themes running throughout all the various theories: on one hand, right wing racial supremacy, divine kingship-blood magic and deistic religious conservatism; versus, left-wing atheist scientific materialism, socialistic republicanism and a vague naturalistic cosmology of primal forces.

    The religion of Christianity is alien to both views, because both are based in the flesh and are of this world, whereas Christians are in the world but not of it. So both ways are of the devil. One is Lucifer and the other Ahriman. Christianity is neither because it is not born from sin nature.

    But the Anglo Nazi white supremacist carnal mania is all too real. Ignore the truth at your own peril. Believe on race magic, bloodline mythology or national mysticism and you are united in spirit with them in the worship of the false gods of the blood. However, establishing this point is a victory for the scientific atheist commies and they are always quick to make the right the receptacle for all of history’s garbage, which too is false.

    In the end one has to get out of materialism entirely before one sees that polarities are twin children of the same creature. The Trinity is beyond polarity, and truth has an added dimension to the one seen by the eyes of the flesh.

    Peace in Christ.

  29. Hoff March 1, 2010 @ 7:09 pm

    This Zbig thing is nothing but Jewish gang wars.

    Just as the whole Marx-Lenin-Trotsky-Bolshevik-Menchevik etc etc was nothing but Jewish gang wars. What Jewish gang will outsmart the other Jewish gangs?

    Anyway, the winner will be — Jews.

  30. KathJuliane March 1, 2010 @ 7:35 pm

    To my brothers and sisters in Christ and RZN family in France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany that have been struck by the hurricane, and in Chile and elsewhere in South America struck by the earthquake and tsunami, my love and prayers to our Lord Jesus are for and with you all.

    IC XC
    NI KE

  31. R. C. Christian March 1, 2010 @ 7:37 pm

    Bill Ryan and Project Camelot cannot say Jew.

    The Masons are the face of the Jew World Order but it’s stolen, extorted (from mankind) Jewish wealth that pulls the stings. History repeating, this time Anglo-Saxons will be the devil.

    This is a very good article about hyper-inflation, yet nary a mention of Jewish Bankers (Rothschild).

    The Nightmare German Inflation


    “The ones who fared best were the small minority who had the foresight to exchange marks into foreign money or gold very early, before new laws made this difficult and before the mark lost too much value.”

  32. R. C. Christian March 1, 2010 @ 9:15 pm

    Everbody have a look at what this Nazi uncovered.

    (I’m joking, I don’t want to be labeled anti-Semitic, lol).

  33. The Brainy zek March 2, 2010 @ 12:19 pm

    Hoff has it nailed on the money!!

    Regardless of this bi-functional riddle between Brezinski and Obama and the Zionist Jews of America and Israel the net intent and result are the SAME: JEWS WIN!!

    The pathetique of this demon equation is that Christianity lies squarely in the pathway of this Zionist Jew destruction! And so does Islam!

    We see the demon Brezinski and his counterpart “demoness” from Alaska Sara Palin scouting for support for a war against emerging Christian Russia. Then we see the slimy Zionist Jew senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman calling for war againt Iran!

    Hoff is right: JEWS WIN! Not a pleasant thought but only a revolution in America of Bill of Rights loving and constitutional gun toting and gun loving Americans with backs to the wall can bring this Zionist onslaught to an end!

  34. The Prodigal Son March 2, 2010 @ 1:07 pm

    Has anyone else seen the new commercials being broadcast on television by the Roman Catholic church?

    Very strange… and telling, I think.

    Fr. Joseph, I’ve noticed your absence… Is everything O.K.?

  35. Norseman March 2, 2010 @ 2:15 pm

    Dear Michael K.,

    I agree with you and have stated this in previous posts that National Socialism was not Christian and had pagan roots (e.g. Himmler and his nonsense about the “Nordic gods”).

    This is exactly why National Socialism FAILED, and was defeated by no less pagan, even anti-Christian ideologies like Bolshevism in the USSR and Masonic “democracies” in the UK and US.

    However, I can only warn all RZN readers of DISINFORMATION BEING SPREAD, which would make us believe that all were part of the Judeomasonic conspiracy. National Socialism was AGAINST this conspiracy, DESPITE the fact that it was also wrong, for the reasons stated above.

    The rationale of the desinformators is: the Nazis took over the US, and they are pushing towards the New World Order.

    WRONG! National Socialism was DEFEATED, Germans were “re-educated” (i.e. brainwashed) and apart from a few misled Skinheads there are presently no more Nazis.

    Not so COMMUNISM and the MASONIC GRIP on our “democracies”. They are still there, and most importantly: BOTH ARE DOMINATED BY THE JEW.


  36. SMEDLEY D. BUTLER WAS RIGHT-WAR IS A RACKET March 2, 2010 @ 3:15 pm

    Please sign this petition to oppose the War racket –

    Also check out Maj. Gen. Butler’s views:

    “If we want to stop all these bogus wars we should make those who vote to start wars and their supporters be the first to go on the battlefield”- Rev. John Weaver

    “All wars are is two rich kings getting mad at one another and throwing their cannon fodder (how the “elites” view the people) at one another to make a buck.”

    – Retired Vietnam/IndoChina Vet Naval 0-10

  37. Fr. Joseph March 2, 2010 @ 3:23 pm

    Dear Prodigal Son,

    I’ve been off/away from RZN on account of the death of my mother last week, Tuesday night.

    She was buried yesterday.

    The Lord and His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, have been ineffably kind, gentle, caring, compassionate and generous to me this entire past week and every during the days of her hospitalization prior to her death.

    About the best way to describe these Divine Graces They have so graciously conferred to me is in calling them being granted an ‘Exempt, Protected and Isolated’ spiritual and inner emotional and mental state-of-being and state-of-life from the un-Godly and godless-worldly affairs going on all over our planet earth in this most wretchedly miserable World of 2010 Anno Domini.

    When the Lord and His Mother so graciously impart Their Supernaturally Spirit Gifts, Graces, Insights and Consolations from Their Very Selves, any concern or desire to turn one’s attention-focus-concern on any sort of mere vice-ridden human plans, goals, agendas, conspiracies, maliciously evil machinations of whatever size, up to being ‘Global’ and ‘Worldwide’ in size and scope simply disappears much like the feeble misty-dew hanging in the morning air vanishes with the rising of the sun.

    The Inner Peace They Themselves so graciously grant is so “tasty”, is so relaxing, refreshing and life-giving that I find that, at the present moment as I write this to you, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING those who consider themselves ‘powerful’, ‘influential’, ‘wealthy’ in this World of ours and ALL of their plans, their agendas, their conspiracies, their plots, etc.

    For their ‘New World Order’ and their ‘One World Government’ is very much like spoiled little pre-adolescent brats screaming at each other, pulling at each other’s hair, pushing each other, biting and punching each other over a a couple of Crayola crayons.

    Our LORD Jesus Christ WILL ‘Make Everything New’ – and all of these Worldly Elites with their wealthy, their positions, their so-called power, their geopolitics and geoeconomics will be left with but only a handful of unedible sand – and that sand will BLOW AWAY with the most gentlest of breezes.

    Br. Nathanael e-mailed me some time ago ALSO asking me where was I and what had happened to me. I informed him of my mother’s death. Br. Nathanael suggested that I should make a personal contribution for you readers of RZN of what I was going through and my spiritual encounters of the Divine Graces of OUR LIVING ALL-GOOD GOD in Heaven.

    I can do that, but it would have absolutely NOTHING to do with Obama, Brezienski, Putin or anyone else who considers themselves a ‘Very Important Person’ in this World of ours.

    But if you desire and if the other RZN readers have no objection, I’ll be pleased to tell you what our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ did for me during the past 10 days.

    I’m very much “okay” right now while I rest in and with these Divine Gifts of God’s Spiritual Graces, but thank you for your personal concern!

    May THE LORD extend a special experience of His Divine Grace to you, Prodigal Son. Amen.

    – Fr. Joseph

  38. jgalindes March 2, 2010 @ 4:19 pm

    Dear Father Joseph,

    Please accept my condolences.

    I hope The Lord and The Immaculate Virgin eased your deep grief.

  39. The Prodigal Son March 2, 2010 @ 4:39 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    I am so sorry to hear it… my heart goes to you.

    For your dear mother:

    We beseech Thee, O Lord,
    In Thy mercy,
    To have pity on the soul of Thy handmaid;
    Do Thou, Who hast freed her
    from the perils of this mortal life,
    Restore to her the portion of everlasting salvation.
    Through Christ our Lord,


    Almighty God, Father of all mercies and giver of all comfort:
    Deal graciously, we pray thee, with those who mourn,
    that casting every care on thee,
    they may know the consolation of thy love,
    through Jesus Christ our Lord.


    — — —

    I know I speak for everyone here when I say:

    We would love to hear your thoughts; our ears are open and eager…

    Brezinski & company can wait!

    With most sincere love,


  40. R. C. Christian March 2, 2010 @ 4:56 pm

    Shaeffer Cox and a group of Alaskan patriots have created a plan of action to take back our Country. It seems to be working quite well in Alaska and is giving the average common citizen a way to participate.

    This presentation consists of 11 segments and is entertaining while informative, also inspiring. He has a very good non-offensive manner about him and injects humor with personal experiences. He also has obviously studied law.

    Click on the yellow strip under the current video window to stay with the right series of videos as there seems to be duplicate vids with slightly differnent titles, enjoy.

  41. Norseman March 2, 2010 @ 6:33 pm

    Dear Father Joseph,

    My thoughts are with you in this difficult moment. Yes you are right, the essential things in life put everything else in perspective.

    Your mother is right now in a much better place than we are, close to God.

    If you feel like writing about it, please tell us about your experiences.

  42. Michael K. March 2, 2010 @ 6:49 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    I am commiserating with your loss, as I myself just last week lost my teacher and the master to whom I was but an apprentice farmer.

    A man who was loved and respected by the people of my town and without whom we all struggle on. A gentle and kind man of few words who achieved an almost saintly wisdom in the autumn of his life.

    The man on the orange tractor will be dearly missed in the perplexing days which lie ahead. And I hope that along with your dear mother he is at peace in the house of the Lord.

    God console us in our grief.

  43. Brother Nathanael March 2, 2010 @ 6:56 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph –

    I concur – Please share your experiences with your Real Zionist News Family of Christ’s and His Holy Mother’s “grace” extended to you during the difficult experience of your mother’s passing.

    We missed you and love you and are GLAD you are back with us!

    +Brother Nathanael

  44. katman March 2, 2010 @ 7:04 pm

    Just a side note.

    It looks like Debra Medina is going to lose big time tonight.

    She was a light at the end of the tunnel for Texas government but as Brother Nate said the other day on the Mark Glenn program, most people simply don’t think there is a problem yet, even after all the crap that has gone on the last few years especially.

    So in conclusion, I would personally like to thank Alex Jones for all the back stabbing he did to help the enemy to defeat Ms. Medina. Is there any question now after this, that this man at least does things that are detrimental to liberty and freedom?

    The fallout from what Jones has done is about to explode on the scene now, especially after her loss tonight, which he himself helped to cause, even after at one time saying he supported her.

    Now he will be put on the same level as Glenn Beck about this. Brother Nate more or less started the crack to appear in the false facade of the Alex Jones character. But now, he himself has in my opinion shot himself in the foot over this issue. Couldn’t happen to a nicer punk, either.

    I hope his show sinks like a rock for what he did. That is all I have to say right now, on this issue. This guy calls himself a leader of the truth movement. People are starting to realize something I have known for a long time to him, it’s all about him.

    There has to be something wrong with this guy. he is paranoid about attempts to destroy anything he cannot control as he has done with many of his friends and talk show hosts etc that have worked at GCN over the years.

    Oh well… just my two cents.

  45. Mark M March 2, 2010 @ 10:31 pm

    Dear RZN readers –

    Does anyone know what has happened to

    I have been trying to access that site all evening and am only getting “HTTP 403 Forbidden” when I try to open it.

  46. Jeremy March 2, 2010 @ 11:08 pm can’t be accessed in Australia either.

  47. The Brainy zek March 3, 2010 @ 1:08 am

    Mark M:

    After seeing your message I went to Rense and got on.

    David Dees has a brilliant illustration of Ernst Zundel out of prison!!

  48. ProtestingAnt March 3, 2010 @ 1:36 am

    Mark M, Jeremy and all,

    This was on Rense tonight,

    Australian Government Bans!

    From: CB
    To: Paul Drockton

    I have been reading my news on for the last six months, and along with your site, I have found it very informative.

    Today, I went to log on at work (I work for a state government office building in Queensland, Australia) and they have blocked me now from that site.

    When I click on my link it refuses and blocks the page with a government warning that states “this website is classified as rascism and hate.”

    I guess they are finally catching up with the truth here…and quashing it.

    (Let this be) a warning to all Australian citizens.

    Here we go, boys and girls. Hang on to your Saviour….

  49. Fr. Joseph March 3, 2010 @ 9:14 am

    Dear RZN Family and Readers,

    Thank you so much for your prayers and words of consolation and concern.

    Such dispositions in the minds and hearts of people as yourselves IS WHAT OUR ENTIRE HUMAN RACE IS MEANT AND SUPPOSED TO BE DOING with these God-given lives and lifetimes on this planet earth of our All-good God, Creator and Divine Father in Heaven’s creating in the very first place.

    And NOT this incessant self-seeking, self-centered, self-glorifying, self-asserting GARBAGE that passes itself off as pompously very, very important ‘World Affairs’ with which ALL OF US have to put up with, endure, bear-up-under and are constantly being FORCED to shower our concerns and upon which to slavishly focus our attentions day in and day out every year of our very short lifetimes.

    We are ALL created to be MINDFUL and ATTENTIVE to the One Who Is All-good, the One Who is our DIVINE FATHER in Heaven!

    This is what happens to our ‘World’ when men and women, the ‘High and Mighty Ones’ whether they be in positions of the Government, the Economies, the Corporate Structures, the Education Centers, the Media become so OVERTLY AND UTTERLY “INCOMPTENT” in the living out of their own lives in their FORGETTING their Divine Creator.

    You might as well have all of the TRANSNATIONAL WORLD’S CENTRAL BANKERS utterly forgetting how to ADD NUMBERS, in becoming so INCOMPTENT as to not know how to add ‘2 plus 2’.

    You might as well have all of the nations of our World’s GOVERNING OFFICIALS becoming so utterly INCOMPETENT in not being able TO READ simple words such as ‘Cat’ and ‘Dog’ and NOT KNOWING how to even spell ‘Cat’ and ‘Dog’.

    This ‘World’ is the way it is on account of the abject and utterly overt IGNORANCE and sickening INCOMPETENCE of these hordes of ‘Elites’, ‘Influentials’, ‘Leaders’, ‘Grand-Pooh Bahs’ who are too SPIRITUALLY ILLITERATE in not even having the ‘Foggiest Clue’ as to what the meaning and PURPOSE for their own human lives!

    And because THEY haven’t ‘The Foggiest Clue’ as to what REAL HUMAN LIFE and its LIVING are really and truly all about – they take the most STUPID IDEAS and NOTIONS that come popping into their heads in the privacy of their own thoughts and then proceed TO FORCE their cock-n’-bull personal HALLUCINATIONS via their own HUBRIS upon the rest of Humanity!

    It will take a most Ineffably Generous and Incomprehensbly MERCIFUL Divine Act of our God and our Divine Father in Heaven in causing the ‘Spiritual HEALING’ and the ‘Spiritual METANOIA’ in the minds and hearts of these HORDES of utterly ignorant and absolutely INCOMPETENT ‘Leaders’ of our contemporary World of 2010 Anno Domini.

    Since the vast majority of the RZN Family and RZN Readers readily ACKNOWLEDGE our contemporary ‘World’ is so utterly and virtually completely ROYALLY FOULED UP, there is really no need for me to continue on making any futher commentary on the Sorry State of our US Nation and the Sorry State of the the Nations of our World.

    But let me attempt to get all of you ‘BLESSED’ and spiritually ENTHUSIASTIC about our All-good God, Creator and Father in Heaven Who took it upon Himself out of His Divine Love for ALL OF MANKIND to direct His Divine and Eternally Begotten Son to take on our human nature in the the womb of a WOMAN, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who conceived God the Father’s Divine Son via the Divine Creative and Life-Giving Powers of God the Holy Spirit.

    – Fr. Joseph

  50. Mankind March 3, 2010 @ 9:25 am

    Purim – celebrating hate and mass murder.

  51. Fr. Joseph March 3, 2010 @ 9:38 am

    With no particular need to relay the Graces our All-good God granted me during the period of time of my mother’s hospitalization to the time of our burying her in linear fashion – as one has to do in ‘Story Telling’ – let me just simply share in the most truthful, factual, honest, sincere, matter-of-fact manner and way using simple human language what OUR All-good God and His Mother Mary DID for me during the past week-and-a-half.

    I e-mailed my Bishop and our Rev. Mother at our St. Seraphim’s Skete about my mother’s death requesting their prayers for my mother.

    Fr. Bishop went to offer a Requiem Mass. Our Rev. Mother told me she had gone to her altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary to prayerfully intercede for my mother and for me.

    I had entered my home and in our kitchen’s wall hang the holy images of Christ Jesus in St. Kowalska’s ‘Divine Mercy’ and just below is the Icon of Our Lady of Czestohowa, a.k.a. ‘The Black Madonna’.

    In this half-dazed and fatigued inner state of mine and heart, as I neared the Icon of the Black Madonna, the entirely unexpected inner spiritual experience of recognizing the Blessed Virgin Mary’s personal spiritual concern and desire TO COMFORT me was granted to me. She was ‘there’ with me, right there radiating her own personal Divine Maternal Care and Comforting from her Holy Icon.

    And those Graces eminating from HER have this most life-giving and life-sustaining and life-enhancing nature and quality about them. And as they should. Since her very own spiritual nature IS that of A WOMAN and IS that of A MOTHER!

    The Blessed Virgin Mary, the MOTHER OF GOD the Father’s SON JESUS, the Christ, has already undergone her ‘Divinization’, her ‘Theosis’ and has been ASSUMED in the Heaven, body, soul and spirit.

    And with her being assumed into Heaven, she HAS NOT LOST ONE PARTICLE of the Womanly, Feminine and Motherly NATURE that our All-good Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent GOD and CREATOR created her with and eternally endowed her with.

    May the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Lord and Savior herself be pleased to drape her Maternal Mantle over ANY and ALL OF YOU “out there in Internet Cyberspace Video Land” who are likewise being burdened, vexed or ‘crushed’ under these EVILS running amock throughout our contemporary World! + Amen.

    More to share with you, my fellow CHRISTIANS and my fellow members of OUR Human Race about the personal Graces YOUR All-good God, Creator, Father, Lord and Savior granted to me during this period of my mother’s suffering, death and her burial.

    But I do have these legal obligations and responsiblities to get to for the present moment.

    I’ll be sure to take the time during ‘free time’ to share with all of you what YOUR All-good God did for me.

    – Fr. Joseph

  52. Minnie March 3, 2010 @ 10:14 am

    Fr Joseph,

    Our hearts and prayers are with you.

    God Bless.

  53. R. C. Christian March 3, 2010 @ 12:38 pm

    New Israeli Law Forbids Palestinians From Mourning Or “Showing Signs Of Sadness”

    A new law in Israel makes it a crime to commemorate what Palestinians call the “Nakba”, the “catastrophe” of their dispossession by the creation of the Zionist state in 1948. The Knesset, Israel’s parliament, has passed “The Nakba Draft Law” after just one reading. Penalties will be imposed on anyone showing signs of sadness and mourning within the (undefined) borders of Israel on 15 May; Palestinians remember on that day the creation of the refugee crisis that remains after 62 years.

    Hebrew radio reported this week that the law is intended to stop people mourning on what is Israeli Independence Day; commemorative acts are, it is claimed, tantamount to “denying the Jewish character of Israel [and] insulting the symbols of the state”. The radio noted that the fines might amount up to three times the expenditure of commemorative programmes.

    According to one commentator, it is ironic that this law has been passed at a time when Israel is complaining about attempts to “de-legitimise” the Zionist state. Here is an example of Israel’s own “de-legitimisation” of the Palestinians, their land and their culture, he said.

  54. Fr. Joseph March 3, 2010 @ 12:53 pm

    Dear Minnie,

    And thank you, too! And ALL of you RZN family and readers ARE in my private votive Mass prayers here at my hermitage. Why, I get to bless ALL OF YOU RZN family and readers at the beginning of my Masses as well as at the end of my Masses.

    So, ‘We’re All In This Together’ – in the midst of the moral mayhem currently having possession of our contemporary World AS WELL AS in within the Unseen Divine Supernatural and Spiritual Realm and Kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

    Hence, allow me to share a bit of myself with all of you and the Spiritual REALITIES that really and truly exist for ALL OF US in my relaying the Divine Graces and Insights our One, True and ETERNALLY LIVING GOD granted to me during the period of my mother’s suffering and recent death.

    – Fr. Joseph

  55. Fr. Joseph March 3, 2010 @ 1:00 pm

    Now these accounts I’m going to post here to RZN per Br. Nathanael’s suggest-request and ‘insistence’ (grin), I most solemnly assure each and every last one of you RZN readers, are all available to you.

    God’s Graces are personal manifestation of HIS Divine Love, Care and Compassion for ALL OF US. He Ministers to each one of us in a most personal and intimate way.

    I’m only relaying these accounts of God’s Divine Graces bestowed upon me during my recent ordeal with my mother’s death so as to assure and CONFIRM that our One, True and Eternally Living All-good God, Creator and Father can, will and desires to ‘Minister’ to each and every last one of you in a most personal, direct and intimate way as well.

    And, I pray, that in doing so God the Holy Spirit will use these Priestly postings of mine to and for all of you in His Way of spiritually ministering to ALL OF YOU through my own personal ordained Priesthood in His Catholic Church’s Monastic Brotherhood.

    So, here we go….

    – Fr. Joseph

  56. KathJuliane March 3, 2010 @ 1:03 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    My thoughts and prayers are for your Mom and her family.

    He that dwelleth in the help of the Most High
    Shall abide in the shelter of the God of heaven.
    He shall say unto the Lord:
    “Thou art my helper and my refuge.
    He is my God, and I will hope in Him.”

    For He shall deliver thee
    From the snare of the hunters
    And from every troubling word.
    With His shoulders will He overshadow thee,
    And under His wings shalt thou have hope.

    With a shield will His truth encompass thee;
    Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night,
    Nor for the arrow that flieth by day,
    Nor for the thing that walketh in darkness,
    Nor for the mishap and the demon of noonday.

    A thousand shall fall at thy side,
    And ten thousand at thy right hand,
    But unto thee shall it not come nigh.
    Only with thin eyes shalt thou behold,
    And thou shalt see the reward of sinners.

    For Thou, O Lord, art my hope.
    Thou madest the Most High thy refuge;
    No evils shall come nigh to thee,
    And no scourge shall draw nigh unto thy dwelling.
    For He shall give His angels charge over thee,
    To keep thee in all thy ways.

    On their hands shall they bear thee up,
    Lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.
    Upon the asp and basilisk shalt thou tread,
    And thou shalt trample the lion and dragon.

    For he hath set his hope on Me,
    And I will deliver him;
    I will shelter him because he hath known My name.
    He shall cry unto Me,
    And I will hearken unto him.
    I AM with him in affliction,
    And I will rescue him and glorify him.
    With length of days will I satisfy him,
    And I will show him My Salvation. (Ps. 90 LXX)

    Ye that have trod the narrow way of sorrow; all ye that in life have taken up the Cross as a yoke, and have followed Me in faith, come, enjoy the honours and heavenly crowns which I have prepared for you.

    O Christ God, Who didst shine forth unto the world from the Virgin, manifesting through her the sons of light, have mercy on us.

    Truly all things are vanity, and life is but a shadow and a dream; for in vain doth every one born of earth disquiet himself, as saith the Scripture; when we have acquired the world, then do we take abode in the grave, where together are both kings and beggers. Wherefore, O Christ God, give rest to the departed, as Thou art the Lover of mankind.

    For Thou art the resurrection, and the life, and the repose of Thy departed servant. O Christ our God, and unto Thee do we send up glory, together with Thine unoriginate Father, and Thy most holy and good and life-creating Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

    In the place of Thy rest, O Lord, give rest to the soul of Thy servant, for Thou alone art the Lover of Mankind.

    Give rest, O Lord, to the souls of Thy servants who have fallen asleep.

    Memory Eternal.

    Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

    Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia. Glory to Thee, O God.

    –Selections from the Book for Commemoration of the Living and the Dead.

  57. Fr. Joseph March 3, 2010 @ 1:19 pm

    I found myself having this unseen spiritual sort of ‘support-foundation’ through which my mind, heart, soul and spirit could not and was PREVENT FROM falling into ‘The Pit of Despair’ as wel as ‘The Pit of Sorrowing Agony’. I had not the required inner spiritual and emotional strength to traverse this week-plus long ordeal of my mother’s hospitalization and eventual death.

    This particular Divine Grace was my ‘Constant Companion’ – and I am not ashamed to publicly admit that I was truly SURPRIZED to find this unseen spiritual ‘Foundation’ under my very own being being there. Call that ‘Being Surprized By Unexpected Divine Support and Grace’.

    One time, I left my mother’s hospital room just to go take a little stroll down the hallways. As I dwelled upon the thought of my own mother’s eventual death and the staggering Reality than none of us are ‘in-charge’ of granting ourselves our own lives and most assuredly ‘not-in-charge’ of when these lifetimes of ours comes to an end with our eventual and most assured DEATHS, I was graced with the Spiritual Reality of what the Church declares in her Creeds as ‘The Communion of the Saints’.

    We “think” we are ALONE when we encounter these problems, these difficulties, these ordeals that ALL OF US really and truly DO experience in our own individual lives – but we are NOT!

    On the wall of the hospital hall was a colorful letter size copy of a famous prayer of St. Teresa of Avila.

    In having made my religious profession into the Lay Order of Carmelites decades ago, St. Teresa of Avila is one of “our” most popular and beloved Saints.

    And as I turned to gaze upon this posted prayer of hers in order to read it – and READING itself was very much a s-l-o-w and laborious undertaking while in the state of sorrow, sadness and grief – the enlivening spiritual presence of St. Teresa of Avila herself I could clearly discern in her making herself both spiritually ‘present’ to and for me.

    And as I read the words of her prayer, it was as if she herself was making the personal effort to TELL ME to really and truly BELIEVE is the underlying Spiritual Reality and Spiritual Truth of OUR OWN LIVES here in this ‘World’ as time just keeps on slipping away – this slipping away of time which makes every manner of EVENT and SITUATION and CIRCUMSTANCE possible in our own personal and communal journeys through living life and our lifetimes.

    – Fr. Joseph

  58. Fr. Joseph March 3, 2010 @ 1:38 pm

    Now that prayer-Saintly advise-instruction goes like this:

    “Let nothing disturb you
    nothing frighten you.
    All things are passing.
    God never changes.
    Parience obtains all things.
    Nothing is wanting to him
    who possesses God.
    God alone suffices.”

    And St. Teresa’s Saintly spiritual advice and instruction are utterly true, real and factual – without any doubt whatsoever.

    For during subsequent moments of receiving God’s Graces and He Himself, I could only lament the fact that I was ‘still alive’ here in this royally fouled up World – and I would gladly ‘trade in’ this entire planet earth right along with the rest of the solar system and our entire galaxy so as to just be IN and remain IN His Divine Presence.

    “God alone suffices.”

    That’s the universal ontological psycho-spiritual Reality – and here we all are in the midst of the manifold interlocking and interwoven ‘GEOPOLITICAL SOAP-BOX OPERA DRAMAS’ conjured up for us to endure by the Zionists, the Satanists, the Luciferians, the Illuminists, the Neo-Pagans, the Neo-Hedonist-Materialist-Utilitarians who are ALL ‘utterly CLUELESS’ as to what constitutes the meaning and purpose and goal and ultimate eternal end FOR all human life and for ALL of our own personal and communal HUMAN LIVING.

    – Fr. Joseph

  59. Lynda March 3, 2010 @ 1:56 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    I learned through a friend’s phone call that you had logged on to RZN again after an absence on this thread that had been noted in my part of the world. You do have some readers, here in the traditional Catholic community.

    So when I came here, I learned of your mother’s death. I am very sorry to hear this Fr Joseph.

    I too have listened to and had much spiritual benefit from your many posts. Some at the rate of 5 or 6 an hour.

    Be assured of my prayers for the repose of your dear mother’s soul.

    Thank you Fr Joseph for your many gracebytes and being such a special part of my coffee breaks. Much love to you, your family and religious community all of whom, I am sure, are with you at this time.


  60. Fr. Joseph March 3, 2010 @ 2:10 pm

    When my mother’s attending physician had called me one morning (waking me up from my short sleep of about 2 or 3 hours after staying by her bedside as long and I could before exhaustion set it), he informed me that my mother’s condition was “all down hill from here” on account of her bodily organs starting to shut down. Her kidneys were now starting to fail her.

    The physician asked me if my mother had a ‘Living Will’ to which I answered ‘No’. He then asked me for our family’s instructions with respect to resuscitating her when her heart and breathing stops by using those sorts of artificial breathing machines and whatnot that medical science has developed and which hospitals do have on hand.

    We instructed the attending physician to allow her to die a ‘natural death’ – OUR meaning to him being ‘God Himself is the Author, Caretaker and Preserver of Life’. But of course, we only asked him to make our mother as ‘comfortable as possible’ while slipping towards her eventual physical death.

    That included proper HYDRATION and proper NOURISHMENT through the tubes and needles stuck into her arm’s veins. There is NO MERCY WHATSOEVER in withholding WATER and NOURISHMENT to a dying person, even if they should fall into a COMA!

    Anxiously, I went down to solicit the local Catholic Church’s parish Priest’s administering to my mother the Church’s DIVINE SACRAMENTS and her “Last Rites”.

    The parish Priest came and administered her the Sacraments and gave her her ‘Last Rites’ in the morning.

    Later that evening, with our family around and by her bedside, as we held her hands, she no longer had the physical strength to even speak, but she did make her feeble efforts to squeeze our hands with hers. Her eyes were half open, but one could see that she was no longer ‘seeing’ through her half open eyes.

    And there she lay, helpless and entirely vulnerable, totally at ‘the mercy’ of her environment, her condition and those around her. Yet, her body fought and fought and fought still on to sustain her PHYSICAL life with each subsequent breath she would draw in through her open mouth and via the oxygen provided to her via the tubes attached to her nostrils. But it was such a labor for her to even to breath while grasping and rasping for each and every life sustaining breath.

    And THAT troubled me – that she was not even having THE PEACE of being able to breath GENTLY!

    Recalling that the very last physical ‘sense’ we lose when we die is our sense of HEARING, I let go of her hand, stood up by the head of the bed, leaned over her, gave her a prolonged kiss on her forehead, and then gently whispered in her left ear, telling her IN POLISH…

    “Mom, Fr. Felix was here this morning. He gave you the Blessings and the Sacraments of the Church. I’m telling you that so that you can be AT PEACE in your own mind, heart and spirit. I want for you to be COMFORTABLE so that you can REST.”

    I returned to my seat next to her bedside, took hold of her hand once again and tried to get comfortable in my own chair.

    As I did, her grasping and rasping drawing in of her breathing stopped, and her breathing became that NORMAL and PEACEFUL sort of ‘tidal breathing’ that ALL OF US are accustomed to day in and and day out during the course of our own lifetimes.

    We sat with her for about another one-half hour – her struggled breathing was replaced by a peaceful tidal breathing – and after about a half-hour, the attending nurse came in to measure my mother’s blood pressure mechanically, for the electonic monitoring sensors had apparently indicated to the nurse’s station that my mother had died – had gone ‘flat line’.

    The house physician had to come in to officially pronounce my mother had, in fact, died – and we had to exit the room. I do not recall where our family ‘went’ to spend that period of time away from my mother’s body. Apparently, grief and sorrow has a way of causing one to “not remember” what one did or where one was during such periods of time.

    – Fr. Joseph

  61. KathJuliane March 3, 2010 @ 2:39 pm

    “Oz Ban On Freedom Of Speech Worsens

    Another Confirmation Of The Fascist Australian Government

    From: Sam To: Henry Makow

    Dear Henry,

    I am an avid reader of your posts on However, as of 3rd March 2010, the Australian government have decided that the Rense website is not longer suitable for access by free-thinking Aussies. It has been censored. It is no longer accessible.

    Please advise Jeff of this restrictive piece of work by our “protectors”. And just to let you know, plenty of porn is still available for anyone who feels so inclined. The prime minister of Australia has stated that he will exclude “improper” material from our internet. He fails again.

    I think the Aussie government is another lap dog of the US. Many thanks again for your fine articles and I hope that your website will still be available. Maybe they will try to censor it, too. Probably they will claim it’s ‘antisemitic.’ Whatever that really means.

    Australian Government Bans!
    From: CB
    To: Paul Drockton

    I have been reading my news on for the last six months, and along with your site, I have found it very informative.

    Today, I went to log on at work (I work for a state government office building in Queensland, Australia) and they have blocked me now from that site. When I click on my link it refuses and blocks the page with a government warning that states “this website is classified as racism and hate.”

    I guess they are finally catching up with the truth here…and quashing it. (Let this be) a warning to all Australian citizens.”

  62. Brother Nathanael March 3, 2010 @ 6:03 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family & All Readers –

    I have got to really think and pray about a new trajectory for all future Real Zionist News articles.

    I feel like we are at a critical juncture with OUR site, Real Zionist News, with Hits and New Readers at an all time high of 886,000 page visits per month.

    I need to both spend time in deep prayer and extensive study of the Zionist threat as it especially is manifest in international banking and IsraHell’s total immunity to their war crimes, assassinations, and their Jew agents’ takeover of the political scenario of every single Western nation.

    I just ordered a large number of books and research materials on the above subjects as well as inquiries into various News letters from abroad. I ordered these materials and books so that Real Zionist News, OUR SITE, will remain the LEADER in the Truth Movement and continue to post CUTTING EDGE articles. (This takes money, research, and lots of time.)

    Thus I will be turning off the computer starting early tomorrow morning and not turning it back on until next Tuesday afternoon so I can devote the next 5 days to deep prayer and study.

    I have been working on a new Real Zionist News article that is going to blow the roofs off of the entire Internet Truth scene. I hope to have it up, Lord willing, sometime next Tuesday nite or at the latest, on next Wednesday.

    I have mentioned it many times and feel a need to mention it again. With these articles which take hours upon hours, days upon days, of painstaking research and long hours formating, I am trying to “make a living.”

    Sad to say, out of tens of thousands of readers that come to OUR site, Real Zionist News, every week, only about 1/20th of 1 percent contribute.

    Will you then please consider helping me out?

    There Is A Donation Button At The Top & Bottom of this Article. Or Simply Click:

    Donations May Also Be Sent To:

    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    With Much Love In Christ, +Brother Nathanael

  63. Fr. Joseph March 3, 2010 @ 6:50 pm

    There were four other especially significant moments of unexpected Divine Grace regarding my mother’s recent death with which I’d like to conclude.

    While sitting before my mother’s open casket at the funeral home, I noticed that the two person kneeler before her body at the casket had a 2 foot by 3 foot bronze plate which had artistically worked into it the scene of our Lord Jesus kneeling at prayer in the scene commonly known as ‘The Agony in the Garden’.

    Lines representing the Divine Father’s Spiritual Consolation eminated from the top of the bronze plate up to which our Lord Jesus Christ gazed. And to the right and in the background were images of several of His Apostles deep in their inattentive sleep.

    There came a Grace wherein the image of this scene “came enfleshed, living and alive” to my inner mind’s eye and was given a personal insight-experience of what was going on in and with our Lord Jesus during His Own Agony in the Garden, His Divine Love for Humanity for whom He was to endure His Sacrificial Death and His Truest of Personal Desires to bring ALL OF US into Eternal Life.

    In a later evening session of the wake when things were much more quiet and still, as I steadfastly gazed on the body of my mother in the casket bringing to mind the visitations we make of her while still in the hospital as well as being at her bedside, witnessing her final hour of life and the moment of her physical death, another totally unexpected moment-gift of Divine Grace was granted to me from the Lord on a ‘Person-to-person’ intimate basis.

    The Lord comforted me, in a very silent, still and direct unspoken-intuitive type of way, by telling me that He, too, witnessed His Own Mother’s “passing from this world” to the next. The ensuing profound sense of inner peace caused by His relaying that FACT to me is a Gift of His I’ll remember for the rest of my natural life in this world of ours.

    The next morning, the day of her to be buried, we gathered at the funeral home for the final time together. I went directly over to my mother’s body in the casket, knelt down right beside her, blessed myself and began to pray for her and speak my final words and thoughts to her before the closing of her casket.

    Interiorly, I spoke to her, looking directly at her now lifeless body, and told her that it was and is my earnest desire that she have eternal happiness and a richly gloriously rich and fulfilling life in Heaven with ‘Dad’, as my father died 10 years ago.

    It was just at that moment that I felt and experienced this such incredibly strong spiritual bond WITH her laying in the casket – an unseen ‘bond’ between she and I that I felt and experienced as her smothering-hugging me as hard as she could in her unspoken way of “thanking” me for my care and prayers and desires for her and that I’d always have her maternal-motherly love and her recognition that I was her son.

    At the Church, during the funeral Mass, I chanced to gaze upon the life-sized display statue of our Lord Jesus Christ with His wrists tied to a pillar and His yet unbruised naked body about to undergo ‘The Scouring at the Pillar’. Mel Gibson masterfully depicts that particular moment of ‘The Scourging’ in his movie ‘The Passion of Christ’.

    An accompanying momemt of spiritual Grace was granted to me during my mother’s funeral Mass.

    While looking upon Him and all that He suffered and endure for ALL OF US, the Scourging, the Crowning with Thorns, the Carrying of His Cross, His Crucifixion – He did so so as to win us all:

    1) the Divine Forgiveness of our Sins; and

    2) being restored to His Father in Heaven as God the Father’s Own spiritual children;

    3) our eventual RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD;

    4) our being imparted a Glorified Body incapable of becoming weak, sick or experiencing DEATH ever again; and

    5) an Eternal Life with HIM, His Divine Father and the Holy Spirit and ALL of the Angels and Saints in Their Divine Paradise – that moment of Grace was in being able to ‘see’ and ‘sense’ His Own Warm and Living Flesh depicted by His figure in that statue.

    It’s my prayer that these things I’ve shared with you – from a most personal and directly intimate nature shared with ALL OF YOU out of the purest sincerity and truth as my talents with human language can muster and describe – helps all of you to REKINDLE that living spiritual flame deep inside you and which is solely your own possession.

    And helps you to re-capture, re-gain, re-possess and vitally experience as your own your SPIRITUAL UNION and your own SPIRITUAL LIFE and LIVING with our One, True, All-holy, All-good God, Creator and Eternally Divine FATHER in Heaven.

    Our Eternal Father wants AS MANY AS YOU if not ALL OF YOU ‘HOME’ with Him!

    That’s the Absolute Truth regarding anything and everything about this ‘world’ and our lives lived in this ‘world’. All of the current events and affairs of this world are all ‘Bad News’. They will STAY ‘Bad News’ and they will continue to be ‘BAD NEWS’ – ‘BAD NEWS’ only getting worse.

    All of you need to hear, understand and personal possess the eternal and unchanging GOOD NEWS God sees to it Himself that you get via His Divine Graces!

    That there is ‘GOOD NEWS’ ought to be ‘The News’ for all peoples all over our world in our day and age!

    Signing off today as ‘Your Newspaper Delivery Boy’ (grin)

    – Fr. Joseph

  64. Fr. Joseph March 3, 2010 @ 6:52 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    I got paid this week. Some ‘cha-ching’ in the mails to you. Have a most blessed and glorious spiritual RETREAT.

    Everyone in this global spiritual combat and warfare vs. our All-good God’s enemies, seen or unseen, truly NEED some ‘R&R’ on a regular basis!

    – Fr. Joseph

  65. R. C. Christian March 3, 2010 @ 9:33 pm

    Struggling to scrape together rent? The American Dream awaits you in the Detroit.

    Detroit homes sell for $1 amid mortgage and car industry crisis. One in five houses left empty as foreclosures mount and property prices drop by 80%

    Some might say Jon Brumit overpaid when he stumped up $100 (£65) for a whole house. Drive through Detroit neighbourhoods once clogged with the cars that made the city the envy of America and there are homes to be had for a single dollar.

    You find these houses among boarded-up, burnt-out and rotting buildings lining deserted streets, places where the population is shrinking so fast entire blocks are being demolished to make way for urban farms.

    “I was living in Chicago and a friend told me that houses in Detroit could be had for $500,” said Brumit, a financially strapped artist who thought he had little prospect of owning his own property. “I said if you hear of anything just a little cheaper let me know.

    Within a week he emails me a photo of a house for $100. I thought that’s just crazy. Why not? It’s a way to cut our expenses way down and kind of open up a lot of time for creative projects because we’re not working to pay the rent.”

    Houses on sale for a few dollars are something of an urban legend in the US on the back of the mortgage crisis that drove millions of people from their homes. But in Detroit it is no myth.

    One in five houses now stand empty in the city that launched the automobile age, forged America’s middle-class and blessed the world with Motown.

    Detroit has been in decline for decades; its falling population is now well below a million – half of its 1950 peak. But the recent mortgage crisis and the fall of the big car makers into bankruptcy has pushed the town into a realm unique among big cities in America.

    A third of the population are unemployed. Property prices have fallen 80% or more in large parts of Detroit over the last three years. The average price of a home sold in the city last year has been put at $7,500 (£4,900).

    The recent financial crash forced wholesale foreclosures among people unable to pay their mortgages or who walked away from houses that fell to a fraction of the value of the loans they had taken out on them.

    Banks are selling off properties in the worst neighbourhoods, which are usually surrounded by empty and wrecked housing, for a few dollars each. But even better houses can be had at a fraction of their former value.

    Technically, Brumit paid $95 for the land and $5 for the house on Lawley Street – which fitted what estate agents euphemistically call an opportunity.

    Brumit said: “It had a big hole in the roof from the fire department putting out the last of two arson attempts. Both previous owners tried to set it on fire to get out of the mortgages.

    So there’s a big hole about 24ft long and the plumbing had almost entirely been ripped out and most of the electrics too. It was basically a smoke damaged, structurally intact shell with a snowdrift in the attic.”

    Setting fire to houses to claim the insurance and kill off the mortgage is not uncommon in Detroit; a blackened, wooden corpse of a house sits at the bottom of Brumit’s street. But it is more common for owners to just walk away from their homes and mortgages.

    On the opposite side of Lawley Street Jim Feltner and his workers were clearing out a property seized by a bank. “I used to be a building contractor. I was buying up places and doing them up. Now I empty out foreclosures.

    I do one or two of these a day all over the city,” he said. “I’ve been in Detroit 40 years and I’ve watched the peak up to $100,000 for houses that right now aren’t worth more than $20,000 tops. I own a bunch of properties. I have 10 rentals and I can’t get nothing for them, and they’re beautiful homes.”

    Feltner’s workers are dragging clothes, boots and furniture out of the bedrooms and living room, and dumping them in the front yard until a skip arrives. Kicked to one side is a box of 1970s Motown records. A teddy bear lies spreadeagled on the floor.

    “You could get about five grand for this place,” said Feltner. “Nice house once you clean it out. All the plumbing and electricals are in it. Roof don’t leak.”

    Brumit said a man called Jesse lived there. “Jesse had mentioned that he was probably going to get out of there because he knew he could buy a place for so much less than he owed. That’s a drag. You don’t want to see people leaving,” he said.

    The house next door is abandoned. On the next street, one third of the properties are boarded up.

    It’s a story replicated across Detroit.

    Joan Wilson, an estate agent in the north-west of the city, whose firm is offering a three-bedroom house on Albany street for $1, says that more than half of the houses she sells are foreclosures in the tens of thousands of dollars. “The vast majority of people that call to enquire, almost the first thing out of their mouth is that they want to buy a foreclosure.

    I have had telephone calls from people looking online that live, for example, in England or California, who’ve never set foot in the area. They’re calling about one specific house they see online. I tell them they need to look at the neighbourhood. Is it the only house standing within a mile?”

    But what is blight to some is proving an opportunity to remake parts of the city for others living there. The Old Redford part of Detroit has suffered its share of desolation.

    The police station, high school and community centre are closed. Yet the area is being revitalised, led by John George, a resident who began by boarding up an abandoned house used by drug dealers 21 years ago and who now heads the community group Blight Busters. They are pulling down housing that cannot be saved and creating community gardens with fresh vegetables free for anyone to pick.

    “There’s longstanding nuisance houses, been around seven, eight, nine years. We will go in without a permit and demolish them without permission,” said George. “If you, as an owner, are going to leave something like that to fester in my neighbourhood, obviously you either don’t care or aren’t in a position to take responsibility for your property, so we’re going to take care of it for you.”

    Blight Busters has torn down more than 200 houses, including recently an entire block of abandoned housing in Old Redford. “We need to right-size this community, which means removing whole blocks, and building farms, larger gardens, putting in windmills. We want to downsize – right-size – Detroit,” George said.

    Houses that can be rescued are done up with grants from foundations.

    “Detroit has some of the nicest housing stock in the country. Brick, marble, hardwood floors, leaded glass. These houses were built for kings,” George added. “We gave a $90,000 house to a lady who was living in a car.

    She had four children. It didn’t cost her a dime. We had over a thousand people apply for it. It’s probably worth $35,000 now.”

    Old Redford is seeing piecemeal renewal. One abandoned block of shops has been converted to an arts centre and music venue with cafes.

    One of the few remaining cinemas in Detroit – and one that’s among the last in the US with an original pipe organ – has been revived and is showing Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

    Brumit calculates that he has spent $1,500 to buy and do up his house, principally by scavenging demolition sites. He will move in with his wife and four-month-old child once it is complete, probably in the summer.

    He said: “The Americans we know got ripped off by the American dream. But [the renovation] is the most like moving out of the country that we can actually do.

    We’re the minority in terms of ethnicity and this is a rich environment … there’s 30% open space in the city and that doesn’t include the buildings that should be torn down. You’re in a city riding your bike around and you hear birds and stuff. It’s incredible.”

  66. Alex March 4, 2010 @ 12:38 am

    Has anyone noticed that is a disinformation site?

  67. Fr. Joseph March 4, 2010 @ 11:01 am

    Each one of us has our own personal and unique gifts, talents and abilities given to us by our All-good God, Creator and Father in Heaven.

    And as we continue to use, to implement and employ those gifts, talents and abilities as a honest-to-goodness HUMAN community both here on RZN as well as in and throughout our contemporary “World” to bring about the dissemination of TRUTH and that which constitutes GOODNESS, each and every one us ARE contributing to seeing to it that the Holy and All-good Divine Will of God are made manifest to and for many others living in this World of ours, the year now being 2010 Anno Domini…and counting.

    Just as Br. Nathanael is responding to and reporting on the Divine Graces he himself has and is receiving in order to get all of you ‘out there’ on the Internet reading his RZN articles and website, please allow me as an ordained Priest in the Catholic Church Militant’s Monastic Brotherhood to share that which our All-good God, Creator and Father in Heaven has shared with me.

    Allow me to share with all of you the particular Graces granted to me last night here at my hermitage in order to give you something with which to turn your thoughts and attentiveness towards Him Who is our God, Creator, Savior and Lord.

    Prior to turning in for the night, the Most Holy Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, ‘in spirit’ tended to me as only the Blessed Mother can do, granting me her comforting and company.

    Later on during the night, while asleep on my bed, I immediately became fully conscious and awake finding myself wrapped in what can best describe as an unseen spiritual ‘comforter’. I remained absolutely motionless enjoying such a peaceful and vivifying spiritual sensation being imparted onto me and all over my body.

    While remaining in this physically motionless state simply ‘feeling’ this wonderful peaceful and vivifying sensate spirtual state enfolding my physical body, my fully awake and conginzant mind could only focus on but one thing – that of the Regal, Powerful and Divine Nature of OUR FATHER in Heaven.

    God our Father in Heaven is the Totality of Spiritual Power. He wields total ‘power’ and commands absolute ‘obedience’. Yet, He exerts His Divine Power and obtains total and absolute ‘obedience’ from those in His Divine Realm with an incomprehensible Mighty Gentleness and all that He ‘commands’ to be done is revealed to those who are called to carry out His commands, His Divine Will and His Divine Desire(s) as Pure Delight, Pure Goodness, Pure Pleasure.

    And those who experience and encounter the Father’s Commands which accompany His Divine Omnipotence-Power are so enraptured, engulfed in, overwhelmed by His Sheer Goodness that they are left ‘begging-for-me’ of His Divine Grace IN them and left in a state of bliss, of great desire-passion and with an urgent expectancy that our Divine Father would ask for something YET MORE to be done for Him in the carrying out of His Holy and All-good Divine Will.

    I should want for ALL OF YOU to ‘know that’ about YOUR Heavenly Father Who Is our God and our Omnipotent Creator – so that ALL OF YOU have God YOUR Father’s Personal Affirmation and Absolutely Truthful Assurance that this ‘World’ and the ‘way’ it is currently in IS NOT according to His All-good, All-loving, All-powerful and All-holy Divine Will!

    May the foregoing ‘bit-of-knowledge’ shared with me personally last night in a very direct and intimate way on account of the Maternal Intercession and Maternal Ministering of the Blessed Mother TO ME and the Divine Graces of God the Holy Spirit provide ALL OF YOU the much needed assurance, unmovable foundation, confidence, consolation, personal comforting.

    This ‘World’ of ours IS NOT what God YOUR Father had nor has in mind for ALL OF YOU to live in, to move about in and in which to have your incarnate spiritual being housed-sheltered-clothed-fed-ministered in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit!

    “Learn, my son, with how LITTLE WISDOM the World is governed.” – Pope Julius III

    “I find that God made man simple; man’s complex problems are of his own devising.” King Solomon’s words recorded in the Book of Ecclesiastes.

    As I considered and reflected on the Spiritual State and the Spiritual Grace granted to me last night here at my hermitage – that is to say the ‘Divine Truth’ of our entire World and the sorry state of our entire Human Race having the necessity of living their lives IN this very sad and sorry state of our contemporary ‘World’, my own thought-conclusion I jotted down to and for myself so as to NOT ‘forget it’ when coming ‘back-down-to-earth’ from those Heavenly Graces were the words:

    “Life becomes very, VERY SIMPLE once we understand and make the personal RESOLVE to do the Divine Will of our Creator and Father in Heaven.”

    If THE LORD winds up blessing me with any other sorts of Divine Graces that I can or might share with ALL OF YOU here on Br. Nathanael’s RZN website, I’ll be sure to share them with you.

    “My People PERISH for want of knowledge.” Prophet Hosea – Hosea 4:6

    I don’t want anything EVIL to befall any one of you – and I could do my itsy-bitsy little part in trying to get ALL OF YOU mightily Blessed by our Father in Heaven, then I’ll be doing something of worthwhile spiritual substance for ALL OF YOU as one of His ordained Priests in the Catholic Church Militant’s Monastic Brotherhood.

    Between all of you and I – I simply want to see Satan’s HEAD CRUSHED – pure and simple.

    – Fr. Joseph

  68. Stav March 4, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

    Dear Father Joseph,

    I was very saddened to hear your news.

    Please accept my sincere condolences, as well,

    Memory eternal as we say here,

    You (and your mother from now on) are in my prayers!


  69. Fr. Joseph March 4, 2010 @ 5:09 pm

    Dear Stav,

    Thank you so very much. And in return, I ask the Lord’s Blessings on you and all of the RZN Family and RZN readers at all of my votive Masses.

    May our minds and hearts be graced and strenghtened to become increasingly mindful of and docile to our God, Creator and Father in Heaven as the chaos of this very temporary and passing ‘World’ simply are allowed to ‘run it’s course’ under the Divine Management and Oversight of His Very Own Divine PERMISSIVE Will. + Amen.

    – Fr. Joseph

  70. Fr. Joseph March 4, 2010 @ 5:29 pm

    Just to encourage all of you who might have lost a loved one, a family member, a beloved relative or friend and the Spiritual Reality and Utter Truth of Christ Jesus’ Divine Revelation and Teachings to ALL OF MANKIND.

    Went over to my aunt’s house due to what turned out to be a “non-emergency”.

    My aunt, my mother’s immediate SISTER who was in attendence at my mother’s wake, funeral Mass and burial, just informed me of the following about a hour ago while at her house.

    She told me that on the night after my mother’s, her sister’s, burial at the cemetery, she had come down with a very bad headache.

    My aunt went to lay down in bed on account of her excruciating headache.

    Some time after having settled down into her bed with her very bad headache, my aunt just informed me that MY MOTHER appeared to her, placed her hands on my aunt’s right shoulder and SHOOK HER.

    My aunt said that my mother was dressed in the very same dress she was buried in and that my mother addressed her audibly-verbally by her first name using the Polish modification of that name that is used between two SISTERS in a very intimate and endeared fashion.

    My mother told my aunt to GO TAKE HER PRESCIRPTION MEDICINE which my aunt had forgotten to take.

    “DEATH, where is your VICTORY? DEATH, where is your STING???”

    Our Lord Jesus Christ has informed ALL OF US that His Eternal and Divine Father is FULLY AWARE of even a sparrow falling to the ground out in the wilderness.

    I would like to suggest to any and all RZN readers who are “irreligious” and perhaps who are out-and-out immoral to accept all that I’ve relayed to you here on Br. Nathanael’s RZN commentary sections to consider take the time to go VISIT the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament reserved in both the Catholic and Orthodox Church parishes.

    Spend some time with Him. There is absolutely NO SHAME in asking Him for His Forgiveness and it HONORS HIM if you go asking Him for His Divine Help, Assistance, Guidance, etc.

    And even if you are “irreligious” and even if you are NOT a Christian, here’s Fr. Joseph informing all of you that YOU CAN take your seat amongst the baptized Christians attending either the Catholic Mass or Divine Liturgies or the Orthodox Divine Liturgies – and THE LORD of Heaven and earth WILL take notice of your being there FOR Him – and you’ll cause your own Guardian Angel and a myriad of Angels and Saints TO JUMP FOR JOY in deciding to:

    1) Visit the Lord in His Blessed Sacrament, or
    2) join the Christian congregation offering the Sacrifice of His Body and Blood to our God and Divine Father in Heaven in the Mass or Divine Liturgy.

    As I expressly stated in an earlier posting here:


    All that this ‘World’ has to offer and will continue to offer to all of you is but THE HUSKS fed to THE PIGS – and the Movers and Shakers of this ‘World’ won’t even allow you to have any HUSKS to eat!

    – Fr. Joseph

  71. Darth E. Vader March 5, 2010 @ 3:52 am

    There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between ZB and Obama.

    Zbigniew eulogizes Jewish Freemason and son of a Marrano Rabbi in his Book Between Two Ages and lays out the same old same old plan:

    “Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about citizens.” — Zbigniew Brezinsky, Between Two Ages, as cut and pasted from:

    Where the biggest news story of the decade is presented in full:

    That said, Brezinky’s lament is a lamentable exercise in either self-deception or cynical strategic hypocricy of the type practised by Marranos, of the type in which a person pretends to be something that they neither are nor wish to be.

    Of the type where the fox pretends to commiserate with the hens and lambasts the unethical fox-like behavior the foxes in control of the hen-house, thus hoping that the stupid hens, lacking the braininess, and the brainy fathead vainglorous ones, will be duped and thus vote in a new fox for “real change”.

    Which actually amounts to nothing but chump change, as Obama has proven, ad nauseum.

    Ha ha, it’s so funny, I think Alex Jones would laugh as he did when he said that the Arabs control Hollywood.

    Very funny if you’re a sick vainglorious basterd leading the hens to the Kosher slaughterhouse.

  72. Darth E. Vader March 5, 2010 @ 4:11 am

    Who is the Jewish German Freemason and son of a Marrano Rabbi who ZB eulogizes in his book? The same man Mr. Friedman eulogizes in his book for flatheads called “The World
    Is Flat.” It isn’t Groucho.

    It’s Karl Marx, whose Ten Planks lead the goy to walk the plank of doom into the murky shark infested sea of blood euphemistically called “The New World Order”.

    Thse are the same Ten Planks that Obama is obviously implementing to the glee of the Zio-mammonista banker bastard Talmudic transubstantiators. So, BZ is himself controlled by the Talmudic Marxist ideology, and so, knowingly or not (most likely knowingly) the servant of the Great Conspiracy of those who say they are Jews but are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

    They have our names and numbers, thanks to the ADL. So what? It is better by far to be despised by the despicable even when that means despising ourselves, than to become utterly despicable in the eyes of God.

    “How long, O Lord, how long before you avenge the blood of the saints?”

    “It will be progress when whole classes of people are destroyed,” wrote Karl Marx.

    They have their “saints,” and we have ours.

    “Fear not, no matter how many there be.”
    — Saint Joan of Arc

  73. The Brainy zek March 5, 2010 @ 10:19 am

    Darth E. Vader:

    An absolutely brilliant treatise! I bow to you, sir!!

  74. Norseman March 5, 2010 @ 1:03 pm



    Even the mainstream media are now informing of a concerted effort of several banks, hedgefunds and prominent speculators no less than George Soros to bring the EURO and DOLLAR to parity.

    A dinner was organized early February in New York to plan the strategy:

    “During the dinner, hosted by a boutique investment bank AT A PRIVATE TOWNHOUSE in Manhattan, A SMALL GROUP OF ALL-STAR HEDGE-FUND MANAGERS argued that the EURO IS LIKELY TO FALL TO “PARITY”—or equal on an exchange basis—with the dollar, people close to the situation say.”

    The British Pound is also under attack:,1518,681597,00.html

    Now let’s ask: why should the Euro and the Dollar (and also the Sterling) all have the same value?

    This is the first step to ABOLISHING THESE CURRENCIES, establishing either an ELECTRONIC CASHLESS SYSTEM or a GLOBAL CURRENCY.

    In either case it is GAME OVER, the globalists have TOTAL CONTROL.

    Buy guns and ammo while you still can!!

  75. Norseman March 5, 2010 @ 1:04 pm



    Those in Europe will be well aware of the all-out attack on the Catholic Church going on right now.

    Like mushrooms after the rain, all sort of “scandals” are being reported by the media from different countries at the same time:

    Homosexual prostitutes being hired in the Vatican:

    Child molesters in the Catholic Church in Germany:,1518,679703,00.html

    Polish Catholic magazine fined for calling abortion “killing”

    This is just a small selection, there is a concerted attack on the Catholic Church aimed at finally removing this OBSTACLE to make way for the RULE OF SATAN.

    In the prophecy of the Popes by St. Malachy (12th century!), Benedict XVI is the penultimate Pope. Between him and the last Pope (Peter the Roman) comes a time that St. Malachy describes as:

    “In persecutione extrema” (IN EXTREME PERSECUTION)

    The time of the Anti-Christ is nearing, the signs of the times are already here!

  76. Norseman March 5, 2010 @ 1:21 pm

    Regarding the last post, I forgot to tell you that if you are religious, then I am sorry but you are less intelligent.

    “Evolutionary psychologist” Satoshi Kanazawa from the LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS found out that IQ’s of atheists are higher than those of religious people.

    See the pattern?


    Our good professor Kanazawa could have spared him the time, research money and ink, and just read the HOLY BIBLE, where Jesus is cited:

    “In that same hour he rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have HIDDEN THESE THINGS FROM THE WISE AND UNDERSTANDING and revealed them to little children; yes, Father, for such was your gracious will. (Luke 10:21)

  77. Akira March 5, 2010 @ 2:29 pm

    More on the Jew World Order:

    John Patrick Bedell’s Judaic “Manifesto” :

    [Text and audio of Bedell’s “Manifesto” here: ]

    The alleged “Right Wing Tea Party Conspiracy Nut” Bedell was a follower and advocate of The Jewish Austrian School, the Jew Ludwig von Mises, the Jew Murray Rothbard, etc. It seems obvious from his writings (and his actions) that he was also a Rosenbaumer, a disciple of the Jew Alisa Rosenbaum.

    Bedell supported the Anti-Christ Jewish selfishness line of von Mises, Rothbard, Rosenbaum, et al, against the Anti-Christ Jewish communitarian line of Marx, Luxemberg, Trotsky, et al.

    In his writings, Bedell was critical of the “insane” racial policies of Nazi Germany (i.e. The Talmudic-inspired Nuremberg racial purity laws) and the Jew-created and run “insane” Gulag prison system of the Judaic USSR.

    Bedell used the alleged statements of Hermann Göring (statements attributed to Göring by his court-appointed Jewish witch doctor, Gustave Gilbert), to support his belief that “political actors are able to obfuscate facts and create confusion in order to realize their personal short-term objectives. There are few clearer examples of this fact than in the marketing of international aggression.”

    Bedell was an advocate of unrestricted migration:

    “…immigration contributes to the wealth of our society. Allowing individuals to come to participate in our society, in our free market economy, leads to contributions to us all, in the form of lower prices and higher wages. … Laws restricting immigration should be eliminated and immigrants currently in the United States should be free to pursue residence and employment in the United States.”

  78. R. C. Christian March 5, 2010 @ 2:41 pm

    Saturnalian Cult revealed – 12 parts:

  79. katman March 6, 2010 @ 9:56 am

    Well Norseman, you have to ask yourself. Do those articles and writings contain true information or is it false?

    Needless to say, all we have to do is to consult the historical record don’t we?

    All of the things mentioned there certainly are not beyond the pale of believability.

    Do you think the Jews attack the Catholic church and if you do may I ask why you believe this?

  80. Christ-Killer Hunter March 6, 2010 @ 3:22 pm

    Re: Michael K.:

    “A few words of explanation are in order with term “Anglo Nazi”. … consider…Bill Ryan’s testimonial … He says that the British and US are getting ready to take over the world by starting the “Armageddon Battle”, which they are almost all prepared to fight over in the Middle East, and then release a super flu that is race specific against Mongoloids.”

    And how would that make Anglo-Americans “National Socialists”?

  81. Michael K. March 6, 2010 @ 5:49 pm

    @-Christ-Killer Hunter

    In Re: “And how would that make Anglo-Americans “National Socialists”?”

    The way you phrase the question I can’t quite tell what you are trying to ask about what I said, but I will try to answer accurately.

    Literally, Anglo-Americans are Grand Lodge of England occult “National Socialists” to the extent which they transfer their loyalty onto the self-appointed leaders of the Anglo-Saxon Project (see the Bill Ryan article).

    One example, to beat a dead horse, is Christian Zionism, or British Israelism. This belief causes the Anglo-Saxon in question to place political loyalty in the Anglo-Saxon race (and its racial aristocracy in general and specifically through race-based Christian churches), which he believes is biblical “Israel”. Add to this a Talmudic interpretation of the Old Testament and you have someone convinced that his nation inherits the entire Earth, just as the Jews believe for themselves.

    Almost magically, this translates out to an unwavering support for the State of Israel, which in this case becomes an appendage of the Anglo-Saxon diaspora. Hence, the Anglo-Saxon American becomes first a race-patriot and then a British Israelist and finally a “National Socialist” dedicated to the State of Israel as an Anglo-Saxon fetish.

    I am not claiming that Americans of Anglo-Saxon extraction are inherently participating in the delusion which targets them based on ethnicity. Many have nothing to do with it.

    I also don’t want to give nationalist populism a pigeon-holing. There is much good that can come from an intelligent patriotism.

    Peace in Christ.

  82. Norseman March 6, 2010 @ 8:31 pm

    Dear Katman,

    It is not the fact that these “scandals” occur what is telling about the issue. Of course there are perverts in every group of human beings, also in the Catholic Church.

    The fact is that out of the blue the media are reporting massively about abuses which took place in the ’70s and ’80s and now get misteriously “discovered”.

    The Vatican “scandal” is recent but highly suspicious. The alleged whistleblower “said he wanted to expose the hypocrisy of the Catholic church, arrived equipped with concealed video and audio recording equipment” (see link provided above). This sounds very much like a set up to me!

    The Catholic Church has been fighting the Judeo-Masonic agenda for two thousand years. Even if the enemy has succeeded in infiltrating the ranks of the Catholic Church it doesn’t mean that they control it.

    To list all the defeats that the Jews and Masons experienced at the hands of the Catholic Church would take a few pages. Think about the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492 (the superpower of the time), the suppression of their power in Catholic countries until the 19th century or the excommunication of all Freemasons. The best proof of this is that Freemasons and Jews have repeatedly shown that their first priority is the destruction of the Catholic Church.

    I recommend to read “The plot against the Church” by Maurice Pinay. It was written by a group of Catholic priests just before Vatican II, as a warning to the council fathers. You find it online at:

    or as pdf at:

  83. MIRANDA March 7, 2010 @ 6:21 am

    And what does Brother Nathanael think of the reports that Russia’s Medevev says that Russia will support sanctions against Iran, if they do not hurt civilians, which has caused Iran to kick out Russian pilots.

    Please reply, Brother. I am outraged.

  84. solobiblia March 7, 2010 @ 6:44 am

    My dear Christian family.

    It’s time to know the truth. Heed that no man deceive you. Some Catholics do not serve God.

  85. Fr. Joseph March 7, 2010 @ 10:09 am

    It was THE LORD Who said:

    “Do NOT throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them and they turn on you.”

    Many very well informed and entirely competent people the World over are now contriuting to uncovering the deep, dark recesses and spiritual lairs of SO MANY high and mighty individuals mired obsessed with THEIR evil intentions for our entire World and for ALL OF MANKIND.

    There is increasingly very little I, personally, can contribute to ‘the public domain’ in these sorts of exposes as what I’ve already reported ‘in the public domain’ all that I could about this planned and systemically applied EVIL upon and across ALL the nations of peoples throughout our contemporary World.

    Most assuredly, Br. Nathanael has proven himself to be ‘An Instrument in the Hands of the Lord’ in doing much, much more in a much more EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE way possible than I have been since the early 90’s.

    So instead of any additional comments and/or historical criticisms regarding ‘The Fine Worldwide Mess’ in which ALL OF US are currently emeshed, allow me to relay to you very recent personal encounters of the Graces of our All-good God.

    Realizing I’m posting this to people of every possible background – many who are outright HOSTILE to the Christian Religion and who are simmering SCOFFERS just looking for any tid-bit to scowl their anymosity towards the Christan Faith and the Christian Church, I will not report the ineffable spiritual gift and grace granted to me by the Most Holy Mother of Jesus Christ Himself.

    I REFUSE to submit her as our Blessed Mother to the vile contempt of the immoral and irreligious who read this RZN commentary section – what she did for me will be a ‘Secret’ between she and I, but I might make a full report to my Bishop and our Rev. Mother Anastasia.

    But this one religious-spiritual Grace I received from GOD OUR ALMIGHTY FATHER IN HEAVEN, I do wish to tell all of you – for the sake of ‘repentence’ from some portion of RZN readers and for the comfort, strenghtening and consolation of my fellow Christians.

    God our Father ‘imposed’ a Divine Spiritual Blessing on me yesterday which sent me throwing myself upon the bed here at my hermitage, hands cover my face, while laying face down upon my bed.

    All I could do was but TO THANK HIM over and over and over again for His Life-Giving Spiritual Grace – and I silently whined and wailed that all I want was to BE WITH HIM on account of He being the Fountainhead of ALL LIFE of ALL CREATION and over EVERY POSSIBLE GOOD, PLEASANT & DELICIOUS THING throughout His Creation.

    So while all of you are knowledgeable of and having been appraised of the evil’s one’s designs for a ‘N.W.O.’ and a ‘O.W.G.’, such constructs and global conspiratorial collusions of ALL the varied and allied individuals, groups and organizations throughout and across our contemporary World are but A SAND CASTLE.

    These have absolutely no real, true and lasting SUBSTANCE in comparision to the LIFE and the DIVINE BLESSINGS your All-good God and FATHER Who Is Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent can and is PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF bestowing and any and all of you in but the ‘blinking of the eye’.

    To all of you, my fellow brothers and sisters in the LORD’S Church Militant here on earth – and to all of you who have, possess and make overtly manifest your GOOD WILL towards others and who harbor the deep desire to live a GOOD life in a GOOD world amongst and with GOOD people:

    I simply want to most solemnly ASSURE YOU of the Utter Divine Powers and Divine REALITY of God our Father in Heaven Who loves us SO MUCH to send His Only Eternally Begotten Son our Lord, JESUS CHRIST, to be our World’s Savior and Redeemer.

    This ‘Garbage’ all of us see happening to, with and all across our contemporary World and its nations is simply being ALLOWED TO OCCUR by the Divine Permissive Will of our ALL-GOOD CREATOR and FATHER in Heaven.

    My personal thought/reflection on all of this ‘Garbage’:


    – Fr. Joseph

  86. Darth E. Vader March 7, 2010 @ 11:45 am

    Thanks Fr. Joseph for those good and consoling words.

    As to the scoffers, recall what the apostle Peter said:

    “Scoff, scoffers, marvel and perish, for God is about to do what you would not believe even if you were told.”

  87. katman March 7, 2010 @ 12:05 pm

    Well, Miranda, the answer is simple. The Russian government and the official Russian state religion may be controlled by the opposition.

    You do realize I hope that the President of Iran is himself jewish and when he does shake hands, he does so,using the masonic handshake. you can view this on google images.

    So the play continues on the world stage and the players perform their parts flawlessly and the dumb stupid goy, absorb every word and are entertained by the images displayed by the jewish controlled media.

    So we discuss world events among ourselves like there is some kind of difference between countries and nations even though these nations have long ago been infiltrated and are no longer operating in their own national interest.

    The same thing goes on in the financial world. People talk about China and how it may do this and it may do that, never contemplating for one minute that China is controlled by the Rothschild cartel, just like every other country.

    Nothing happens by chance. Nothing. The President of Russia merely is a player on the stage and as the puppeteers move his strings, his hands move and his lips move and speak words, words that mean nothing.

    By the way Brother Nate, have you seen this little video?

    Are there anymore questions about Alex Jones and his true intentions?

    Brother Nate, when are you coming to Austin?

    ha ha

  88. Lynda March 7, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

    Dear Katman and Norseman,

    Dr Bella Dodd, senior legal counsel for the Communist Party USA, testified many times before the US House of Reps Committee on UnAmerican Activities under Senator Joseph MacCarthy in the 1950s. According to her sworn testimony “We [the Communist Party USA ] had orders from the Internationale to sponsor 1111 men into the seminaries of the Roman Catholic Church in America for the purpose of infiltrating, subverting and destroying it. These men now occupy its highest offices”. She has written a book about this called The School of Darkness.

    In 20/20 hindsight these were the advance guard put into position to promote the new, one world ecumenical religion (condemned by the traditional magisterium of the Church). This new religion was imposed upon the Church by the antipapacy (est 1958) and the Vatican II Council.

    The antipapacy and its adherents now control the structures of the Catholic Church worldwide. And also in occupation of and around those structures worldwide is the remnant Catholic population, holding to the holy faith and its magisterium which rejects the conciliar faith, liturgy and morals, together with the uncatechized novus ordinarians who still hold to much of the faith and many of whom would be Catholic.

    These men to whom Dr Dodd referred are at the centre of the pedophile networks that now honeycomb the Church. This is the very fabric of Satanism in “the world seated in wickedness” (1 John 5:19) – the rites of the fallen Archangel: sodomy, child rape and sacrifice.

    And the Catholic remnant together with the uncatechized Catholic novus ordinarians holding to the true morals of the Church, have the task of outing and destroying this blasphemous “idolatry of apostolic works” – to quote the one who publicly was known as Cardinal Siri (post 1958) also the hostage pope of the twentieth century.

    Despite the wreckage visited upon the Catholic Church from within by the Masonic, crypto Jewish and Communist infiltrators, the Catholics are still going to settle with them and get these individuals removed from their networks and hives (convicted if possible), together with their successors, toadies, sycophants, enablers and collaborators weeded out.

    The reward for this Catholic fidelity will be the fury of hell (that’s a given), the scorn of the world (of course), the howls of ‘the scandal, the scandal – oh the scandal’ in the Jew media (of course), and the gloating of the heretical and schismatic churches, faith communities, seperated brethern, judeochristians and what have you. They will all just collectively wet their pants. Except for hell – always a dry situation.

    I forgot to add – the sweetener. That will be the destruction of Catholic infrastructure with entire dioceses in liquidation to pay the archbishop’s or the Cardinal’s sex crime tab.

    On the other hand, the reward for the Satanist or Communist or Grand Worshipful or Crypto Rebbe (if his ring’s sex tab has at least 8 zeros) will be a ‘cardinal’s’ hat from the antipapacy.

    I refer that great preacher of Noachide (Talmud) Law, rabbi kisser and menorah lighter:

    Benedict XVI the 44th antipope of the Roman Catholic Church (or no. 45 if you count Sylvester III A.D. 1045). Benedict makes the angels weep and the Saviour of men vomit. It is too much to hope that the papal jet will ever touch down in the Lone Star State where there is a warrant for his arrest and they could throw him red shoes, santa hat, raybans and all into the slammer.

    Are the Roman Catholic laiety and remnant of faithful, traditional clergy – robbed of the sacraments by the antipapacy – up for the counter Revolutionary battle with these orcs in the ruins of the City of the Kingdom of God upon earth? Yes. “La plus belle aventure du monde, c’est la notre.” (With homage to Tradition in Action). The most beautiful adventure in the world is ours: “this time of all times; this end of all ends”.

  89. Darth E. Vader March 7, 2010 @ 1:54 pm

    Brainy Zek,

    Your praise is premature. I have not yet begun to engage in that peculiar form of assisted suicide which consists of saying things about Pharisees that are less than flattering to their fraudulent fratricidal fathead fraternity. Saint Stephen had some choice words to say on this subject — his last words:

    “Mankind will never be free,” said Diderot, “until the last tyrant is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” (This quote by Diderot, a Freemasons if I recall right, was fondly paraphrased recently by Dog Poet at

    Very well, then, but who, in that case shall we appoint as the high priests of the strangulation ceremonies? The disciples of Diderot? The Freemasons? The Marxists, maybe? Perhaps the Pharisees, renowned experts at the Kosher killing of cattle, can assist in the disembowling services.

    And I ask you, sir, isn’t strangulation a bit slow and cumbersome? After all, with more modern
    methods, the athiestic socialists of the 20th century tortured, beat, starved, and slaughtered, in one form or another, over 100 million people, probably much more, and this was done in
    a small fraction of the time it took the Catholic Church to kill, at most, ten million people over the span of about a thousand years.

    (Actually, 10 million is not proven and is likely nothing but Masonic anti-Catholic propaganda, but we all know that these intolerable Catholics priests were in the dark ages as far as tolerance of evil goes.)

    As the cigarette ad said, “We’ve come a long way, baby!”

    You bet we have. So Mr. Marx, priest of pain, minister of misery, had it right:

    “It will be progress when entire classes of people are destroyed.”

    “What a brave new world that has such people in it!”

    What pride these new priests, our ministers of death, the practitioners of tolerance, our preachers against priestcraft, can take in such prodigious progress!

    Evidently, the prophets of the old school, Saint Stephen and other critics of Phariseeism had not read Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People”. Tragedy. Not all have have enjoyed the benefits of progress.

  90. The Prodigal Son March 7, 2010 @ 2:19 pm


    Br. Nathanael has stated that he will be away from his computer until probably Tuesday…

    Can you give us a link, or tell us where you get this info from?


    — — —


    Quick! There’s a ‘Jew’ under your bed! You’re one of those people who thinks Hitler was a ‘Jew’ too, aren’t you?

    They WANT you to think like that… like there’s no hope. Iran doesn’t have a Rothschild controlled central bank…

    If Ahmadinejad was a ‘Jew’ puppet – then Iran would not be part of the agenda. If what you say is true – then why haven’t they attacked Iran already? If it wasn’t for Russia putting their arm around Iran, the attack would have happened already!

    — — —


    Can’t you see that what has happened to the Roman church (only ONE of the original Pentarchy) is the direct result of their own papally dictated SCHISMATIC errors – in that they SEPARATED from the other four?

    Can’t you see that this is the result of taking away the conciliar work & ultimate authority of the Holy Spirit (working through the WHOLE Church) and instead bestowing it upon just ONE MAN – in the so-called pope?

    If – as you say, the work of the Spirit through the councils can be approved or denied by the pen stroke of just ONE MAN – then who really has the power?

    Can’t you see that the errors you decry are the pope’s errors?

    But the other four Churches of the original Pentarchy are STILL THERE – with the ONE faith STILL unchanged, guided by the Holy Spirit to hold fast to the ONE truth as it has ALWAYS been held!

    Wake up!

  91. solobiblia March 7, 2010 @ 3:47 pm

    The Seven Heads And Ten Horns Of Revelation 13:1 – Seven Mountains

    My beloved brothers in the Lord Jesus.

    A special study on Revelation 13:1:

  92. DEO VINDICE March 7, 2010 @ 5:41 pm

    Akira said-

    “The alleged “Right Wing Tea Party Conspiracy Nut” Bedell was a follower and advocate of The Jewish Austrian School, the Jew Ludwig von Mises, the Jew Murray Rothbard, etc. It seems obvious from his writings (and his actions) that he was also a Rosenbaumer, a disciple of the Jew Alisa Rosenbaum.

    Bedell supported the Anti-Christ Jewish selfishness line of von Mises, Rothbard, Rosenbaum, et al, against the Anti-Christ Jewish communitarian line of Marx, Luxemberg, Trotsky, et al”.

    Akira –

    I’m glad someone else has similar views about yet another Hegelian ruse that Khazarian/”Austrian” Economics is with all the ego maniac humanist “Jews” like Mises, Rand, and Rothbard. Some people worship those guys like they were apostles rather than seeing them as a filter in the matrix of Kosher Hegelian treachery towards the goyim.

    If anyone ever wants a good explanation of Hegelian treachery via ideological hype courtesy of the self-styled “Jews” you HAVE TO READ “JUDAISM DISCOVERED” by Michael A. Hoffman. The section on Moses Hess, Marx, and Hegel is WORTH the COVER PRICE.

    The whole Khazarin/Austrian/etc. school of economics versus the Kosher pinkos is that both ideologies are “Jewish” ideas with a “Jewish” agenda. I’ve been to the Austrians meetings and believe as far as pragmatism the Austrians are just another obfuscater and money pit in the web of the Paytriot movement.

    Amerika deserves what’s coming for being so shallow and believing in puff bags like them. All they do is lecture, sell books, and magazines – and howl “the free market” this, the “free market” that.

    I asked one leading Austrian whose jive I used to subscribe to about his article on property taxes as being anti-libertarian and immoral when he was going to make a move and quit paying his in order to start a mass revolt amongst the fold. Needless to say he responded in obfuscation and declined any REAL action.

    Action happened in 1776 and 1861 people!

    It’s irritating to know that American settlers used to carry guns to Church or they were fined. Now, try to get any 501C3 religious orgs out there to admonish that everyone pack heat or face sanctions. Yeah right!

    Like author Boston T. Party – (a REAL patriot says) – “No one is more hopelessly enslaved than those who believe they are free and are not”, and “They’ll (Big Bro) let you read “Human Action”, “Atlas Shrugged”, etc. all the way to the (gulag/FEMA/whatever name they give it) death camps in your railcar”.

    Thats my psychoanalysis of these Austrian school “paytriots”.

    I really do wonder when anybody will wake up and escape the ideological chains the Khazars invent for society (demo-publicans, Austrian-Marxist economics, Left vs. right, etc.)?

    Has anybody considered the heart of the matter with all this intellectual masturbation/ideologies –


    Either you’re becoming freer or enslaved within the scope of your temporal experience. The Founders got this, so did the Confederate States of America. The Swiss have a Confederal government and IT WORKS! Berne doesn’t bark at the rest of the cantons to “Jump” and they all say “How high master?” like some Nations. Bottom line – States Rights are the ANSWER.

    As an old rap tune (another Kosher industry) goes in regards to all this ideological jive – “Don’t believe the hype”.

    When will people ever see how full of it the NWO Khazars are?

  93. Lynda March 7, 2010 @ 7:11 pm

    While you are pontificating on the subject of the Holy Spirit, Prodigal Son,

    Circa A.D. 96, Pope St Clement I used his Roman primacy of jurisdiction to intervene and rule on the issues generated by the brawls of the Church in Corinth. The Corinthinans had deposed several presbyters, etc.

    The Pope had to take time off from the persecution of Domitian to write the Corinthians an admonitory letter reminding them that the presbyters of Holy Church can not be just deposed at will (a recurrent theme in the East), restore the unjustly deposed presbyters over the objections of the schismatics and yes, in his Epistle, he does quote from the Sacred Text in the Septuagint.

    In his Epistle to the Corinthians (c A.D. 96) he writes: “if certain persons should be disobedient unto the word spoken by Him [the Holy Spirit ] through Us [the pope] let them understand that they will entangle themselves in no slight transgression and danger…” (Ep to the Corinthians, 59)

    In this letter, it is clear that Pope St Clement I is exercizing both the primacy of jurisdiction over the Church in Corinth and the charism of infallibility held by the Petrine Office, unless of course you want to argue that the Holy Spirit speaking through him is in error.

  94. Extreme Views? March 7, 2010 @ 9:37 pm

    I’m thankful for sites which support free speech, but really wonder why they haven’t been shut down yet? The legal system is very, very effective at targeting ISP’s with takedown notices for objectionable material.

    Ah, well, I will anonymously support this site.

    Speaking of free speech, “truth”, and the banning of “extreme” speech…

    Comments on “US facing surge in rightwing extremists and militias:”

    “The Southern Poverty Law Centre, the US’s most prominent civil rights group focused on hate organisations, said in a report that extremist “patriot” groups “came roaring back to life” last year as their number jumped nearly 250% to more than 500 with deepening ties to conservative mainstream politics.”

    “The Tea Parties and similar groups that have sprung up in recent months cannot fairly be considered extremist groups, but they are shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism…”

    “…the rise comes as part of a deepening disillusionment with government in which just one quarter of Americans think government can be trusted.”

    [Citizens are choking on the Kool-aid these days? Why doesn’t report state instead of the “just one quarter…” that 3/4, 75% or well over 200 MILLION U.S. CITIZENS DON’T TRUST THE GOV’T!]

    “The SPLC has identified 512 groups, including “patriots” and militias, which it accuses of pushing extreme anti-government doctrines or promoting political conspiracy theories. It says that many are not directly involved in violence but help feed extremism.”

    [Exteme meaning things like…NOT agreeing with official gov’t policies and practices:

    – Multi-trillion dollar banker bailouts affecting generations of citizens;

    – Continuous pre-emptive, expensive, long-running wars/occupation for fabricated reasons;

    – Rampant unrestrained illegal immigration and granting them full rides and the babies instant citizenship despite increased states insolvency;

    – Permanently offshoring manufacturing and now infotech jobs despite increased and unending under/unemployment;

    – Supporting continuous economic bubbles (which always pop, benefitting the already obscenely wealthy);

    – Widespread corruption of career politicians who cater/represent not the citizens but big money/business;

    – Forcing explicit (homo)sexual education upon younger and younger schoolchildren;

    – etc.

    Those kind of “extremist” (anti)views?

    Exteme as in: NOT agreeing with the corrupt status quo, which perpetuates and grows worse over the years and decades, regardless of political party?

    Or that the U.S. gov’t at the highest levels would secrectly support false flag operations (9/11, Christmas day crotch bomber, IRS plane bombing, Pentagon shooter, etc.) on our republic soil to erode our Constitution and Bill of Rights (Patriot Act, radiation full body naked scanner machines that profit U.S. officials [Chertoff], gun control, monitoring conspiracists, etc.)?

    And propel us into a lucrative, murderous (non-combatants as acceptable collateral damage, over 200-1 ratio), world-wide, endless “war on terror” (Taliban, Hamas, Al-Quaeda…in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan…Iran…Yemen…Pakistan…here on U.S. soil)?

    Or that they would Gitmo-tize the Founding Fathers in today’s climate, if they nabbed them, for protesting taxation without representation against the empire?

    Only 500+ federal politicians representing over 300 MILLION citizens, but really they only represent the few $multi-billion corporate/bank “citizens” who enjoy exercising their 1st Amendment rights with massive lobby funds and ghostwritten laws benefitting only themselves and paid politicians at the expense of the masses.

    Well these government reports rarely state the actual alleged conspiracies because that could lead others to begin to question. After all, TRUTH has a ring to it–which is why they are scrambling to ban “extreme” speech (esp. Internet) even though no violence is advocated or performed.

    And which is why there are increasing false flag attacks at government sites (using emotionless, speechless MKULTRA Deltas with convenient manifestos) to warn the public about violent psycho conspiracy-nuts — which is to say, don’t even begin to consider any alternate ideas from what is force-fed you daily on all fronts, from cradle to grave.

    Even the duped masses can stumble awake when no longer fed the vapid mushy (poisonous, narcotic) mainstream propaganda, but instead crunch into some zingy, flavorful bits of all-natural (healthy), organic truth.

  95. The Prodigal Son March 7, 2010 @ 10:42 pm


    Amazing leaps of logic!

    You said, “The Corinthians had deposed several presbyters, etc.”

    So obviously the Corinthians were rebelling against the authority of their priests… and at that time Corinth had no bishop per se.

    The letters of Ignatius of Antioch (c. 35 – 107) indicate the several congregations were headed by individual bishops but that even Rome’s congregation at first was not.

    In some congregations, particularly in Egypt, the distinction between bishops and presbyters seems to have become established only later. But by the middle of that century all the leading Christian centres had bishops.

    Thus Clement’s letter mentions episkopoi (overseer, bishops) or presbyteroi (elders, presbyters), as the upper class of minister, served by the deacons… reminding them of the apostolic authority of the bishops/presbyters as rulers of the Churches.

    So when he writes, “(…) if certain persons should be disobedient unto the word spoken by Him through *US* let them understand that they will entangle themselves in no slight transgression and danger,” what he is saying has nothing to do with papal authority.

    What is clearly meant is that the laity in the Churches are under the authority of bishops/presbyters.

    That’s why he says, “US”! Since when does a pope refer to himself as ‘US’?

    He is clearly including himself as equal with the other elders/presbyters and asserting THEIR authority over their RESPECTIVE Churches!

    He is telling the Corinthians that they cannot simply depose their own priests… and that they have to listen and submit to them because they have been given the authority passed down from the apostles, and it is primarily through them that the Holy Spirit will guide the Church.

    Clement calls for repentance and reinstatement of those who have been deposed, in line with maintenance of order and obedience to church authority, since the apostles established the ministry of “bishops and deacons”.

  96. KathJuliane March 7, 2010 @ 11:20 pm

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus, Prodigal Son,

    Some links you may find of value. A bit under the weather, so not writing very much at the moment.

    Vatican removes title ‘Patriarch of the West’ after pope’s name.

    This past March, Pope Benedict xvi decided to drop “patriarch of the West” from his list of official titles.

    VATICAN CITY (Catholic Online) – The papal title “patriarch of the West” was eliminated as “obsolete and practically unusable,” with the change may proving useful to ecumenical dialogue, according to the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. […]

    In the 2006 Annuario Pontificio, the pope is described as “bishop of Rome, vicar of Jesus Christ, successor of the prince of the apostles, supreme pontiff of the universal church, primate of Italy, sovereign of Vatican City State and servant of the servants of God.”

    Orthodoxy’s response in 2006 (Ecumenical Patriarchate):

    Very insightful piece called “The River of Fire” regarding faith and the current state of apostasy in the west which I pray you may find close to your own heart. I know it helped me many, many years ago:

    Great little series by David Withun on Orthodoxy and Scriptures, and especially the modern “myths” of the Synod of Nicea and St. Emperor Constantine:

    Especially see: “What are you wearing?” re: the very ancient tradition reason behind the klobuk (monastic hat with veil)

    And a little sound treat:

  97. Lynda March 8, 2010 @ 12:09 am

    It is your assumption, Prodigal Son, that there was no bishop in Corinth at the time that Pope Clement I wrote his Epistle to the Corinthians.

    Based upon the usual schisms, seditions and heresies in the East, I think it far more likely that there was a rival faction under a false bishop who had installed his own presbyters. Whatever the situation, Pope Clement wrote in support of the ordinary and his deposed clergy with a view to restoring ecclesial order under the Roman primacy.

    If there is any historical documentation on the what the situation there was, I would be interested to know.

  98. Christ-Killer Hunter March 8, 2010 @ 12:59 am

    Michael K,

    Sure, Israel Identity – British Israel delusions/deception are Judeo-Masonic, and can be traced back to the time of Cromwell, Rabbi ben Mannasseh. Shabattai Zvi, et al.

    But using “Nazi” to refer to Freemasons, British Israelites, “Anglo-Saxon Jesus” nuts, etc, is distracting and inaccurate. National Socialism is primarily a political ideology. What you are talking about is more of a mega-cult.

  99. solobiblia March 8, 2010 @ 2:38 am

    Christians are being persecuted worldwide.

    Pray for our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.

  100. miranda March 8, 2010 @ 2:57 am

    Thank you Lynda, katman, and The Prodigal Son.

    Re one link, 3/6/10, a clip entitled “Russian Commercial Pilots Ordered Out of Iran.”

    “Medvedev to back sanctions against Iran, if nothing else works” 3/1/10: (International information group)

  101. Darth E. Vader March 8, 2010 @ 5:51 am

    To: Christ-Killer Hunter,

    Bingo! Ya, it traces back to Judeo-freemasonry, as does most every other bogus anti-Christ ideology:

    These jokers are not joke. Read Sandy Frost’s outstanding and intrepid articles on the Royal Order of Jesters, or read her great book “Shriners Shame,” then, we suppose the child prostitution ring of the elite Freemasons of ROJ is an anomaly, read Heimbichner’s book on another Masonic fringe fraternity: is a good review.

    The are being outed so fast so furiously that they are likely trying to push their plans into hyperspeed to shut down the internet altogether by detonating nuclear bomb(s) in US cities
    as a false flag op.

    Trouble is, for them, that, despite the feverish propaganda to persuade us otherwise, it will not be so easy to isolate and discredit and marginalize the so called “patriot movement”, because:

    1) it consists largely of mainstream, successful middle, upper middle, and upper class people;

    2) it has financial backing from some of the largest and most successful entreprenuers and old-line businesses in the U.S.A and Canada;

    3) the grass roots support is also real and formidable, such that, taken altogether, it may not be an insurrection but a full-scale civil war that they will be dealing with if they jump the gun.

    That said, if I may be so bold as to communicate to Big Brother, who is no doubt closely analyzing this website and gather info on those who support it, gather ye, oh Hunter Gatherers this:

    “Woe to those who call good evil, who call evil good.”
    — the great prophet of Israel, Jeremiah

    Woe indeed, for theirs will be the kingdom of Hell!

    Put that in your shofar and blow, you Talmudic treacherous ones!

  102. Michael K. March 8, 2010 @ 5:57 am

    Dear Christ-Killer Hunter,

    I agree with your semantic argument. But the term ‘Nazi’ gets used loosely to refer to occult white supremacist ideology, even in the absence of genuine national socialism.

    I think it’s rather unfortunate that populist economic monetary reform and autarky per se, has become linked to occult racial mysticism because of the Nazi excesses.

    There aren’t too many people out there who will look German national socialism as something separate from the occult Gestapo of Himmler.

    Yet, I think it is evident that most Germans had something entirely different in mind from Himmler and the Gestapo when they first undertook national socialism.

    I do support the effort to make this distinction for the reason that otherwise both Germans and national populist politics are misrepresented as evil sorcerers making human sacrifices, which they aren’t.

  103. Darth E. Vader March 8, 2010 @ 6:34 am

    Please forgive me for speaking recklessly in my last post.

    It’s written:

    “Every reckless word will be acounted for”, so woe is me.

    Mea culpa, mea culpa, maxima mea culpa!

    It’s erroneous to say, as I said, that they want to close down the internet.

    What foolishness! etc. I know readers here are not be misled by my errors, so my apology is for wasting time.

  104. Lynda March 8, 2010 @ 9:50 am

    Thank you for your link, Miranda, I agree with Katman and your perception that the Russian gov’t and the official state relgion in Russia are controlled by the global banking cartel of Jewry’s empire.

    Zionism is only one of its fronts. Western Cartelized Capitalism with it base in The City of London is one of its fronts. Wahabi royalists of Saud are one of its fronts. Revolutionary Communism of the INternationale is one of its fronts. The Catholic Church, the WCC are one of its fronts. Russia as a renaissant Christian nation state with its state religion of Russian Orthodoxy looks to me like another one of its fronts.

    I distinguish the latter from the most sincere piety of all Christian people, but I see no way this piety can be ordered with the institutional structures of the Church and churches subverted.

    With the wholesale persecution of the Roman Church in the West in the Masonic Revolutions inaugurated 1789, the persecution of Eastern Christian Churches under Revolutionary Communism and the Soviet, the Revolution in the Vatican and usurpation of St Peter’s Chair in Rome – the sacrament of orders has been all but extinguished. You can’t have ecclesial order of Christian polity without apostolic succession.

    Granted, there is no Federal Reserve System in Russia as in the West. But to my mind, this is part of the deception of the Grand Chessboard. I see no MO of the miracle of Russia’s economic recovery apart from monopoly capital of Jewry.

    True Marxist Leninism is by definition global and organized at the level of the Internationale. Wall St has always financed it. The great banking collapses of the GFC was probably the transfer of capital to Russia.

    I think Jewry controls all fronts in the war they are attempting to machinate. I think their ‘clash of civilizations’ script calls for a renaissant Russia as a traditional Christian society to enter the war between the Islamic nations and the Zionist Entity and its ZOGs.

    What is intended to emerge from the war they are trying to machinate is the EU superstate from the Atlantic to the Urals and its world government with Greater Israel as the echelon nation and Jerusalem as the religious capital of the world.

    According to ultimate insider H.G. Wells the third UN would be in Basra.

  105. Fr. Joseph March 8, 2010 @ 11:44 am

    Don’t we all begin to see the SPIRITUAL realities of the spirits aligned with and siding with God’s GOOD and those spirits aligned with and siding with Satan’s EVIL, with either side of this psycho-spiritual warfare FOR the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of THE PEOPLE of our All-good God, Creator and Father’s Very Own ‘Planet Earth’.

    Just came across this relevant news article-report:

    “Viet Nam Government Blows Up Crucifix” @

    – Fr. Joseph

  106. Fr. Joseph March 8, 2010 @ 11:53 am

    For my other brothers and sisters of the Christian Faith as well as for all others how harbor and long for GOOD WILL to be made and to become manifest all across our World:

    Our LORD and our ALL-GOOD God, Creator and Father in Heaven once again granted me a whole night’s worth of Spiritual Graces and I’m in the process of compiling the associated Thoughts, Insights as well as the texture-nature of this most recent encounter with Him and His Holy Spirit.

    My dearest brothers and sisters of the Christian Faith – and for ALL OF YOU who harbor Good Will towards all men and to God’s Own Creation – let me most solemnly assure each and every last one of you to the very core of your being, to the very root of your mind, heart, soul and spirit…

    …the One True and Living God and Father of us all is most ‘Truly Alive’ and is most assuredly ‘Omnisciently Cognization’ of what is going on all across HIS planet earth and what is going on IN the minds and hearts of HIS SWORN ENEMIES here upon and all across our world.

    While I am in the midst of tending to all of the mundane-physical duties and obligations I have to those other beloved human beings of my immediate family and circle of friends, once I ‘discharge’ doing those things I’ll dutifully return here to RZN in order to share with all of you the thoughts, the insights, the conclusions and these ‘spiritual mysteries’ our All-good God and Father has graced me IN ORDER TO ‘pass them ALL onto ALL of you’.

    Be encouraged! Be strenghtened! Allow yourselves to BREATH IN a much needed spiritual Breath of Divine Relief. + Amen.

    – Fr. Joseph

  107. The Prodigal Son March 8, 2010 @ 12:26 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    I’m sorry to hear it… I hope you’ll be feeling better soon!

    Thank-you for the links… Always appreciated! You seem to have a knack for finding the best info.

    The pope amazes me – literally! I can’t believe all the self-aggrandizing pomp… The only thing that amazes me more is that people actually LISTEN to him!

    The only things missing from his self-proclaimed ‘title’ are: King of the World, Master of the Universe & Lord of the Rings! The ONE part of the title he POSSIBLY could have kept is the one he got rid of…

    His title should be – in all humility: ‘Patriarch of Rome, servant of the servants of God.’… And no more.

    (P.S. – I am unable to view video, so I couldn’t enjoy the last two links… But thanks again anyhow!)

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~


    Orthodox tradition says that Silas – one of the Seventy – ultimately became bishop of Corinth…

    But as I said, I think in the early years there was no real distinction between episkopoi (overseers, bishops) and presbyteroi (elders, presbyters)… It seems that it was only when the Church grew in numbers that they became two separate offices.

    I draw these inferences directly from Clement’s letter & from statements by Ignatius of Antioch in his own letters.


    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~


    I searched for the origin of those stories… It’s best to go directly to the source for anything to do with Iran & Russia especially – because these nations are routinely demonized in the West, almost always unjustly.

    The first story seems to come from Israel’s Haaretz… (Need I say more?) The only part which actually comes out of Iran I have quoted below…

    The rest – in my opinion is mostly all typical ‘Jewish’ interpolation and hyperbole. They ‘make a mountain of a molehill’ so to speak.

    As for the report of Medvedev supporting sanctions – again, going to the source – the statement is taken from its context in a discussion about WORLDWIDE nuclear disarmament… Israel’s clandestine weapons facilities are not-so-subtly hinted at as well!

    Anyhow, a read of the entire Der Spiegel article seems to put things in perspective somewhat, I think.


    (…) “Upon an order from the president (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad), the Road and Transport Ministry has set a two-month deadline, upon the expiry of which all Russian pilots will have to leave the country,” Behbahani said.

    “When our country itself possesses plenty of professional and specialist pilots, there is no need to bring in pilots from abroad,” he told Fars. (…)

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~


    (…) DER SPIEGEL: You know that the West fears Iran with nuclear weapons. But as big as this fear is, thus big is the issue. What is Russia’s stance in this sphere? How far are you wishing to support Iran both in arms deliveries and in technological development of this country? Will you support tougher Western sanctions against Iran?

    DMITRY MEDVEDEV: First, about the nuclear ambitions of Iran. These ambitions can be achieved within the programme on the peaceful use of nuclear energy under IAEA supervision. Nobody is against this. It is only necessary to comply with the existing rules and not to try to conceal any facilities.

    If agreements are reached on programmes of uranium enrichment and its subsequent peaceful use in Iran, we will then gladly take part in such programmes.

    But if the Iranian leadership takes a less constructive position, hypothetically anything is possible then. We spoke about this in New York during our meeting with President Obama. I would not like all this to culminate in international legal sanctions because sanctions, as a rule, are a road in a very tricky and dangerous direction. But if there is no progress, nobody can exclude such a scenario either.

    Second, our national policy and my decisions are based on assumption that we will supply only those types of weapons that have a pronounced defensive nature. We will not deliver any offensive weapons. (…)

  108. Stav March 8, 2010 @ 12:33 pm

    Hi All,

    “Classification to the Hagiologion of the New Hieromartyr Filoumenos”


    “He was at the Chapel of Jacob’s Well performing the regular Vesper service, on the afternoon of 16th/29th November of 1979, when due to the hatred of the devil who hates good, he was deviously and violently attacked by a vile man who, with an axe, opened a deep cut across his forehead, cut off the fingers of his right hand and upon escaping threw a grenade which ended the Father’s life.”

    Addition by me:

    What the text does not spell out clearly, is that the attacker was JEWISH.


    Saint and Hieromartyr Filoumenos, intercede for us Sinners!


  109. Lynda March 8, 2010 @ 2:48 pm

    I don’t think the Ignatian letters bear out your assumption, Prodigal Son.

    St Ignatius made very clear in the letters of his journey that the Church in Antioch was sede vacantes when he left. He is aware that he is a bishop, indeed in the Petrine succession of Antioch, but his words to the Church in Rome reflect his knowledge of their pre-imminence. And he is does not intend to instruct them (as a bishop) rather he prays for the meekness of one who has come to Rome to be martyred and asks them to pray for him.

  110. The Prodigal Son March 8, 2010 @ 4:01 pm


    A little more info:

    (…) The week before his martyrdom, a group of fanatical Zionists had come to the monastery at Jacob’s Well, claiming it as a Jewish holy place and demanding that all crosses and icons be removed.

    Of course, the Saint pointed out that the floor upon which they were standing had been built by Emperor Constantine before 331 A.D. and had served as an Orthodox Christian holy place for sixteen centuries before the Israeli State was created, and had been in Samaritan hands eight centuries before that.

    The group left with threats, insults and obscenities of the kind which local Christians suffer regularly.

    After a few days, on November 16/29, 1979, during a torrential downpour, a group broke into the monastery. The saint had already put on his epitrachelion for Vespers.

    “They burst into the monastery and with a hatchet butchered Archimandrite Philoumenos in the form of a cross. With one vertical stroke they clove his face, with another horizontal stroke they cut his cheeks as far as his ears. His eyes were plucked out. The fingers of his right hand were cut into pieces and its thumb was hacked off.

    “These were the fingers with which he made the sign of the Cross. The murderers were not content with the butchering of the innocent monk, but proceeded to desecrate the church as well. A crucifix was destroyed, the sacred vessels were scattered and defiled, and the church was in general subjected to sacrilege of the most appalling type.”

    The piecemeal chopping of the three fingers with which he made the Sign of the Cross showed that he was tortured in an attempt to make him renounce his Orthodox Christian Faith.

    The body of the Saint was handed over to the Orthodox 6 days after his massacre, but retained its flexibility and was buried in the cemetery of Mount Zion. Saint Philoumenos served in the Holy Land for 46 years (1933-1979).(…)

    It was later determined that the person that did the actual murder was an American Jew.

    Instead of being imprisioned for this criminal act by the Israeli government, he was merely deported back to the U.S. where he freely walks the streets.

    — — —

    Memory eternal blessed New martyr Archimandrite Philoumenos (Hasapis) of Jacob’s Well.


  111. R. C. Christian March 8, 2010 @ 6:11 pm

    Lost Jewish tribe ‘found in Zimbabwe’

    The Lemba people of Zimbabwe and South Africa may look like their compatriots, but they follow a very different set of customs and traditions

    They do not eat pork, they practise male circumcision, they ritually slaughter their animals, some of their men wear skull caps and they put the Star of David on their gravestones.

    Their oral traditions claim that their ancestors were Jews who fled the Holy Land about 2,500 years ago.

    It may sound like another myth of a lost tribe of Israel, but British scientists have carried out DNA tests which have confirmed their Semitic origin.

    These tests back up the group’s belief that a group of perhaps seven men married African women and settled on the continent. The Lemba, who number perhaps 80,000, live in central Zimbabwe and the north of South Africa.

    Lemba women do not have Jewish DNA.

    And they also have a prized religious artefact that they say connects them to their Jewish ancestry – a replica of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant known as the ngoma lungundu, meaning “the drum that thunders”.

    The object went on display recently at a Harare museum to much fanfare, and instilled pride in many of the Lemba.

    “For me it’s the starting point,” says religious singer Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave.

    “Very few people knew about us and this is the time to come out. I’m very proud to realise that we have a rich culture and I’m proud to be a Lemba.

    “We have been a very secretive people, because we believe we are a special people.”

    Religion vs culture

    The Lemba have many customs and regulations that tally with Jewish tradition.

    They wear skull caps, practise circumcision, which is not a tradition for most Zimbabweans, avoid eating pork and food with animal blood, and have 12 tribes.

    Many people say that the story is far-fetched, but the oral traditions of the Lemba have been backed up by science.

    Tudor Parfitt
    University of London

    They slaughter animals in the same way as Jewish people, and they put the Jewish Star of David on their tombstones.

    Members of the priestly clan of the Lemba, known as the Buba, were even discovered to have a genetic element also found among the Jewish priestly line.

    “This was amazing,” said Prof Tudor Parfitt, from the University of London.

    “It looks as if the Jewish priesthood continued in the West by people called Cohen, and in same way it was continued by the priestly clan of the Lemba.

    “They have a common ancestor who geneticists say lived about 3,000 years ago somewhere in north Arabia, which is the time of Moses and Aaron when the Jewish priesthood started.”

    Prof Parfitt is a world-renowned expert, having spent 20 years researching the Lemba, and living with them for six months.

    The Lemba have a sacred prayer language which is a mixture of Hebrew and Arabic, pointing to their roots in Israel and Yemen.

    Despite their ties to Judaism, many of the Lemba in Zimbabwe are Christians, while some are Muslims.

    “Christianity is my religion, and Judaism is my culture,” explains Perez Hamandishe, a pastor and member of parliament from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

    Despite their centuries-old traditions, some younger Lemba are taking a more liberal view.

    “In the old days you didn’t marry a non-Lemba, but these days we interact with others,” says Alex Makotore, son of the late Chief Mposi from the Lemba “headquarters” in Mberengwa.

    “I feel special in my heart but not in front of others such that I’m separated from them. Culture is dynamic.”


    The oral traditions of the Lemba say that the ngoma lungundu is the Biblical wooden Ark made by Moses, and that centuries ago a small group of men began a long journey carrying it from Yemen to southern Africa.

    “Hearing from those professors in Harare and seeing the ngoma makes it clear that we are a great people and I’m very proud.”
    – David Maramwidze
    Lemba elder

    The object went missing during the 1970s and was eventually rediscovered in Harare in 2007 by Prof Parfitt.

    “Many people say that the story is far-fetched, but the oral traditions of the Lemba have been backed up by science,” he says.

    Carbon dating shows the ngoma to be nearly 700 years old – pretty ancient, if not as old as Bible stories would suggest.

    But Prof Parfitt says this is because the ngoma was used in battles, and would explode and be rebuilt.

    The ngoma now on display was a replica, he says, possibly built from the remains of the original.

    “So it’s the closest descendant of the Ark that we know of,” Prof Parfitt says.

    Large crowds came to see the unveiling of the ngoma and to attend lectures on the identity of the Lemba.

    For David Maramwidze, an elder in his village, the discovery of the ngoma has been a defining moment.

    “Hearing from those professors in Harare and seeing the ngoma makes it clear that we are a great people and I’m very proud,” he says.

    “I heard about it all my life and it was hard for me to believe, because I had no idea of what it really is.

    “I’m still seeing the picture of the ngoma in my mind and it will never come out from my brain. Now we want it to be given back to the Lemba people.”

    To hear more about the Lemba people, listen to the BBC World Service African Perspective programme on Saturday 6 March at 0830 GMT.

  112. R. C. Christian March 8, 2010 @ 8:10 pm

    By Rev. Ted Pike
    8 Mar 10

    Last November, the Anti-Defamation League vilified millions of anti-Obama and Tea Party protestors as “conspirators”—part of an unruly, violence-prone movement paranoid about government. The Southern Poverty Law Center, like the Anti-Defamation League, is a 100% Jewish “civil liberties” group dedicated to crushing any sign of Christian, conservative renewal.

    A year ago, these groups tried to convince Missouri state police to profile patriotic Americans as potential domestic terrorists. Now, SPLC has released a new Intelligence Report and video claiming that potentially violent militia and extremist groups are “cross-pollinating” the Tea Party.

    The Tea Party is “shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism,” says SPLC editor Mark Potok. He claims current anti-government rage is “a tinderbox…much like the white-hot period just before [the bombing by Timothy McVeigh in] Oklahoma City.”

    He says “many in law enforcement are very worried that all it is going to take is some kind of spark to set this thing off.” (If a spark does ignite violence or terrorism, it may well be provided by these very Jewish groups who claim to oppose violence.

    America’s radical secular Jewish community has a long record of defacing their own synagogues, burning crosses, and covertly distributing “hate” literature to fabricate proof that hate and anti-Semitism are rampant in heartland America.)

    SPLC’s report, “Rage on the Right,” is not as extensive or derisive of the Tea Party movement as ADL’s earlier “Rage Grows in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies.” But it is a cannonball across the bow of the explosively growing Tea Party movement.

    It warns leaders not to let the whole truth about international Zionist control and conspiracy take root, or these super powerful Jewish muscle groups will use their influence to inflame Jewish media, the Congress and law enforcement against them. (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish.)

    ADL and SPLC want the Tea Party movement to obediently follow the Democrat and Republican parties down the garden path they blindly entered three-fourths of a century ago. They want the Tea Party to accept big Jewish money and advisement and promote Israel-first potential candidates, particularly Sarah Palin. As Israel’s attack dogs, ADL and SPLC specialize in keeping American conservatism in line.

    They are intent now on furthering a Tea Party platform that serves Israel and undermines America, favoring even more military intervention on behalf of Israel in the Mideast. Unfortunately, with 85 percent of Americans supporting Israel, their mission should be easily accomplished.

    Unless lovers of the whole truth resist, leaders of the Tea Party from Glenn Beck down will cave to these powerful organizations and drive out original thought. Zionists can then co-opt the movement entirely.

    At present, Jewish supremacists only fear Tea Party patriots because they could vote out the Democrat majority at midterms and end easy victories for ADL’s pro-homosexual legislation.

    But the Tea Party should aspire to make Jewish supremacists fear it for another reason: power to eventually forge a foreign policy that adamantly seeks American interests first. This policy would resist further enticement into war and loss of American lives to make the Mideast safe for Israel.

    Saving the Tea Party

    How can the Tea Party be rescued from inevitable Zionist takeover? Tea Party leaders and members must be educated. One of the best ways is for those who know the whole truth to join Tea Party chapters and begin to speak out. (Tea Party chapters in your area are listed at

    Inform your local Tea Party members that Americans must have all the facts in order to win the war for national survival. If a soldier enters combat noteven knowing who his enemy is, he will become a battlefield statistic.

    This is the case with the Tea Party.

    The fastest way to begin crucial enlightenment is for Tea Party patriots to view my 60-minute documentary, The Other Israel (Watch it here!). This fast-moving, information-packed film has been viewed by countless lovers of freedom worldwide. It tells the whole truth about the conspiracy of Jewish supremacism.

    While it spares nothing, it is so Biblically oriented, moderate and documented that another Jewish-dominated attack group, the American Civil Liberties Union, can’t fault it. When The Other Israel was the epicenter of a heated cable-access TV controversy in Fairfax, Virginia, the ACLU was called in to arbitrate. Its verdict? “The Other Israel is not anti-Semitic.”

    SPLC is right that a wave of anger is building on the right and prompting many to advocate violent revolution. If this rage is not sublimated by constructive political and legislative protest, then acts of violence like last week’s attack by an anti-government gunman at the Pentagon will undoubtedly increase.

    This will strengthen ADL/SPLC’s demand that rights to speak freely and bear arms be further restricted. Jewish dominated media will also whip up public revulsion at anti-government “extremism” to a degree unseen since it extinguished a similar Goldwater conservative awakening in the early 1960s.

    It is vital now, in the formation of this potentially powerful movement, for patriots to energetically take King Solomon’s advice: “In all your getting, get wisdom.”

  113. The Prodigal Son March 8, 2010 @ 9:14 pm

    Yes Lynda,

    That’s because you start with your conclusion… THEN you use ESEgesis to make the evidence conform to your preconceptions.


    “Ignatius is the first known Christian writer to put great stress on loyality to a single bishop in each city, who is assisted by both presbyters (priests) and deacons.

    Earlier writings only mention either bishops or presbyters, and give the impression that there was usually more than one bishop per congregation.”

    — — —

    This is why Japanese carmakers are being dragged through the mud:

    Leading Japanese Politician Questions 9/11


    UKIHISA FUJITA is an influential member of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan. As chief of the DPJ’s international department and head of the Research Committee on Foreign Affairs in the upper house of Japan’s parliament. (…)

    He also seems to think that America’s rendering of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, is a gigantic hoax.

    He questions whether it was really the work of terrorists; suggests that shadowy forces with advance knowledge of the plot played the stock market to profit from it; peddles the fantastic idea that eight of the 19 hijackers are alive and well; and hints that controlled demolition rather than fire or debris may be a more likely explanation for at least the collapse of the building at 7 World Trade Center, which was adjacent to the twin towers. (…)

    Mr. Fujita’s ideas about the attack on the World Trade Center, which he shared with us in a recent interview, are too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus to merit serious discussion.
    — — —

    So a Japanese politician can figure out 9/11… but our politicians can’t?


    Suprisingly, Washington Post is NOT censoring comments!

  114. Lynda March 8, 2010 @ 11:42 pm

    All you do is weasel clear text out of its context Prodigal Son and then schiz it into your ‘Ortho’ warp.

    The clear import of Clement’s letter is loyalty to the bishop – which obviously was not happening, therefore he exercised his primacy of jurisdiction over the Church in Corinth to restore the unjustly deposed presbyters and ecclesial order.

  115. Stav March 9, 2010 @ 1:19 am


    May I remind you, that your previous claims were factually reduced to not supporting your views.

    The same is easy to do with your new attempts. But the outcome will be the same, you will ignore this and continue on to find some other way to support your claims.

    There is no such thing as ‘Ortho warp’. There is only truth or non-truth sense to distinguish fact from fiction. Can you deal with the info presented in that manner?


  116. Lynda March 9, 2010 @ 1:52 am

    My previous claims were completely substantiated by all the evidence that I supplied from scripture and patristics. The argument was clear and logical.

    It is only possible to deny the plain sense of plain text and clear context by weaseling, cherry picking and of course the application of ‘Ortho’warp.

    Your diatribes and insults mean nothing Stav.

  117. Lynda March 9, 2010 @ 2:20 am

    Prodigal Son, your response is a perfect example of exactly what I mean by ‘Ortho’warp.

    The subject of my comments is jurisdiction – which is the occasion of pope Clement’s letter. Pope Clement’s letter is an example of ecclesial jurisdiction. And in that letter he is in perfect agreement with St Ignatius of Antioch on the subject of loyalty to the bishop. Indeed, if the Corinthian faction that deposed the presbyters was loyal to their bishop, their would be no reason for the pope to write them a letter.

    You are attempting to make this about loyalty to the bishop which is the subject of St Ignatius of Antioch’s epistles – subjects upon which (believe it or not) we are all in agreement with St Ignatius.

    Jurisdiction, primacy of jurisdiction and loyalty are not mutually exclusive terms. To attempt to make them so against both the occaision and plain text of St Clement’s letter is a classic example of ‘Ortho’warp.

  118. The Prodigal Son March 9, 2010 @ 3:52 am

    Dear Lynda,

    Please stop insulting me personally (saying I’m “weaseling” – by extension calling me a weasel), resorting to terms such as “Ortho warp” to describe my arrival at a perfectly logical conclusion, saying that I have “schiz”zed things out of context.

    Are we having a conversation – or putting on a show? You KNOW the context already! If you can’t be civil – then just be silent!

    Go back to my post on March 7 @ 10:42 PM and RE-read it!…

    Look – let me explain it to you this way:

    Pretend (just for the sake of our DISCUSSION) that I am your father, and your mother and I are divorced.

    Now say that I have sent you to live with your mother & stepfather in the next town over. Say your mother goes to work – and leaves you with the stepfather for the day.

    Then you and the stepfather get into an argument – and you (unruly as you are) somehow manage to lock the stepfather out of the house and you REFUSE to listen to him.

    So the stepfather calls me on the phone and tells me that you are being rebellious (again), and that you have locked him out and you won’t listen to him and do as he says.
    So I call YOU on the house phone and when you answer – I proceed to tell you:

    “Listen to me, dear Lynda, you can’t lock him out of the house! You must let him back in and do as he says! He’s your stepfather.”

    Then I explain to you, “You are the child Lynda – and WE (he and I) are the parents… therefore you must listen to *US*!”

    By saying *US* – I am saying that both he AND I are parents; that you must listen to both of *US*! I’m telling you that his authority is equal to mine – so you BETTER listen.

    I AM NOT thereby asserting my power OVER *HIM* – but HIS OVER YOU!

    Nor am I thereby claiming authority over not only him, but also over your mother, all six of your grandparents, as well as the landlord and landlady of the house you’re in, and also over the whole neighborhood, county AND state you’re in – Governor and all!

    — — —

    NOW do you get it?

    When Clement said *US* – he was not referring to himself in the third-person plural! *US* DOES NOT MEAN ‘I – THE POPE’!

    He was telling the Corinthians: ‘You must listen to *US* – the presbyters!’ He meant: ‘You must listen to *US* – the bishops, for WE are to you as the apostles – appointed by Christ, and YOU are OUR disciples.’


  119. R. C. Christian March 9, 2010 @ 11:37 am

    Judahism = Zionism = Terrorism

  120. R. C. Christian March 9, 2010 @ 11:40 am

    John 6:66 (King James Version):

    66 From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.

  121. Lynda March 9, 2010 @ 11:59 am

    Prodigal Son,

    “Are you ignorant that the custom has been to write first to Us and then for a just decision to be passed from here [Rome]?…But now, after having done as they [the Eastern Arians] pleased, they want to obtain Our concurrence, although We never condemned Athanasius. Not thus are the constitutions of Paul, not thus the traditions of the Fathers…For what We have heard from the Bl Apostle Peter, that I Julius signify to you….”

    Pope Julius I A.D. 337 – 352. Letter on Behalf of Athanasius. Quoted in Athanasius: Apology Against the Arians (20-25)

    Why don’t you tell us ‘papists’ some more Prodigal Son, how Pope Julius I, in this example, is not referring to himself as We and Us when he writes that:

    “the custom has been to write first to Us”

    The custom to which he refers is the ordination of Pope St Sixtus I (A.D. 114-120) that bishops summoned to the Holy See in Rome shall upon their return not be received by the diocese except on presenting Apostolic letters from the Chair of Peter “in which sacerdotal unity has its source” St Cyprian of Carthage. The Unity of the Catholic Church 4, 1st ed [A.D. 251] 59:14.

    The Arian heretical bishops of the East, having no such letters, are hounding St Athanasius from diocese to diocese – so they get a letter of denunciation from Pope Julius I refuting their claims that the Chair of Peter has condemned Athanasius as a heretic.

    There is nothing complicated about this. Like Pope Clement I, Pope Julius I refers to himself as “We” and “Us” in speaking from the Chair of Peter in Rome

    You have to be afflicted with serious “Ortho’warp” not to be able to read the plain text of these letters.

    And no – after all the personal insults you and Stav have posted here against me – I am no longer having a conversation the schismatics.

  122. Lynda March 9, 2010 @ 12:14 pm

    Of course antipope Benedict has decided that he will not be called the Patriarch of the West.

    Not that he was ever the Patriarch of the West.

    But the fact that all who do not know or understand or care to understand the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church regard him as the pope means that he has a lot of options. ‘Renouncing’ titles he does not possess anyway in order to con the schismatics is only one of many moves.

    The idea is to heal the Great Schism on the basis of doctrines and principles condemned by the Roman Catholic Church and to enfold the Eastern schismatics into the one world ecumenical church under Noachide law.

    As comrade Lenin said: “to make an omlette, you have to crack some eggs.”

    Most regrettably, it does look to me like all Grand Worshipfuls currently passing themselves off as Patriarchs in the Orthodox churches will be locked in the fatal embrace of the antipapacy in due course. They will get their big kissy-kissy with Benedict soon enough.

    For the Sanhedrin, this is a consumation devoutly to be wished.

    By your pure and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, obtain for Holy Church the salvation of Russia, of Spain, Portugal, Europe and the whole world. Sr Lucia of Fatima.

  123. Aussie thinker March 9, 2010 @ 5:30 pm

    What has happened to the much admired US of fifty years ago???

    Reading of this site, which I am thankful to do so and of many other websites, I have come to the conclusion that:

    Israelis and their neocon friends in Washington committed a crime of treason on 9/11. The US invades Afghanistan! Where is the connection?

    Israeli “intelligence” tells the US that Iraq had WMDs. The US invades Iraq! Where are the WMDs? False intelligence reports!

    The Jewish bankers commit the biggest fraud in the history of the world, the Jewish lobby in the White House and Federal Reserve bail them out.

    Israeli intelligence is claiming that Iran has nuclear weapons, they are urging the US to take retaliatory action against Iran. Israel is in possession of nuclear armaments, is not a signatory to any internationally recognised nuclear agreements. Can anybody see the hypocrisy here?

    Ever since JFKs assassination the jewish lobby has just got stronger and stronger. JFK was assassinated because he wanted the Government to print its’ own banknotes – Presidential Order 11110, after his death LBJ rescinded that order on the flight back to Washington.

    When JFK was assassinated, I was 17 at the time, I could not believe that anyone would want to kill that good Christian man. The world has changed since then, all due to the Jewish lobby throughout the developed worlds’ governments.

    We must pray to Mary to intercede on our behalf, to overcome this evil NWO, the Bilderbergs, whom the Jews have nestled into to act on their behalf.

  124. The Brainy zek March 9, 2010 @ 8:01 pm

    Aussie thinker:

    Sir, you are right on the money!

    I had a running argument with Charlie in Aussie land and he insisted all disgruntled Americans should emigrate to Aussieland!

    I explained to him that the Jews in Aussieland had troops sent to Iraq; censored Frederick Toben in Adelaide; and now I understand the Jew-run Aussie government has censored off the internet!

    Aussieland and America share the same evil, murderous evil malady – SCUM ZIONIST JEWS!

  125. Brother Nathanael March 9, 2010 @ 8:55 pm

    Hi Everyone –

    I am back online and will be posting a new Real Zionist News article tomorrow, Wednesday, March 10.


  126. The Prodigal Son March 10, 2010 @ 8:08 pm

    O.K. Lynda,

    You really think you can take two verses out of their context – in letters written hundreds of years apart by two different people… two verses that have the word ‘us’ in them and ascribe to them the same meaning?

    And now you accuse me of personally insulting you… How? I have only tried to help you – in a spirit of charity. You take what I say against the errors Rome & the pope as directed at you? That’s your issue.

    You accuse me of ‘weasel-wording’… But anything I have offered to you has been as I found it; with nothing omitted – AND I have provided you with links that you may read the item I quote from in full…

    While you – when you provide me with something: take things out of their context PURPOSELY, OMITTING portions of the text you provide PURPOSELY (because you know they show the TRUE meaning) and you don’t provide a link, forcing me to search and find the FULL text on my own – in order to determine its TRUE meaning.

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Here are some more portions of Clement’s first epistle to the Corinthians wherin he uses the word ‘us’ (UN-capitalized)… Do these also refer only to the ‘pope’?

    “But not to dwell upon ancient examples, let *US* come to the most recent spiritual heroes. Let *US* take the noble examples furnished in our own generation. Through envy and jealousy, the greatest and most righteous pillars [of the Church] have been persecuted and put to death. Let *US* set before our eyes the illustrious apostles.”

    (…) ** “After preaching both in the EAST and WEST, (Paul) gained the illustrious reputation due to his faith, having taught righteousness to the WHOLE WORLD, **”
    – Chapter 5

    “To these men who spent their lives in the practice of holiness, there is to be added a great multitude of the elect, who, having through envy endured many indignities and tortures, furnished *US* with a most excellent example.”
    – Chapter 6

    “These things, beloved, we write unto you, not merely to admonish you of your duty, but also to remind ourselves. For we are struggling on the same arena, and the same conflict is assigned to BOTH of *US*. [Both ‘popes?’]

    Wherefore let *US* give up vain and fruitless cares, and approach to the glorious and venerable rule of our holy calling. Let *US* attend to what is good, pleasing, and acceptable in the sight of Him who formed *US*.

    Let *US* look steadfastly to the blood of Christ, and see how precious that blood is to God, which, having been shed for our salvation, has set the grace of repentance before the whole world.

    Let *US* turn to every age that has passed, and learn that, from generation to generation, the Lord has granted a place of repentance to all such as would be converted unto Him.”
    – Chapter 7

    “Wherefore, let *US* yield obedience to His excellent and glorious will; and imploring His mercy and loving-kindness, while we forsake all fruitless labours, and strife, and envy, which leads to death, let *US* turn and have recourse to His compassions.

    Let *US* steadfastly contemplate those who have perfectly ministered to His excellent glory. Let *US* take (for instance) Enoch, who, being found righteous in obedience, was translated, and death was never known to happen to him?”
    – Chapter 9

    [If only the ‘popes’ would abide by this] : “Let *US* therefore, brethren, be of humble mind, laying aside all haughtiness, and pride, and foolishness, and angry feelings; and let *US* act according to that which is written:

    (For the Holy Spirit saith, ‘Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, neither let the rich man Story in his riches; but let him that glorieth glory in the Lord, in diligently seeking Him, and doing judgment and righteousness’), being especially mindful of the words of the Lord Jesus which He spake, teaching *US* meekness and long-suffering.”

    “By this precept and by these rules let *US* stablish ourselves, that we walk with all humility in obedience to His holy words.”
    – Chapter 13

    “For we shall incur no slight injury, but rather great danger, if we rashly yield ourselves to the inclinations of men who aim at exciting strife and tumults, so as to draw *US* away from what is good. Let *US* be kind one to another after the pattern of the tender mercy and benignity of our Creator.”
    – Chapter 14

    “Let *US* cleave, therefore, to those who cultivate peace with godliness, and not to those who hypocritically profess to desire it.”
    – Chapter 15

    ** “For Christ is of those who are humble-minded, and not of those who exalt themselves *OVER* His flock [like the ‘pope’ does]. Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Sceptre of the majesty of God, did not come in the pomp of pride or arrogance, although He might have done so, but in a lowly condition, as the Holy Spirit had declared regarding Him.” **

    “Ye see, beloved, what is the example which has been given *US*; for if the Lord thus humbled Himself, what shall we do who have through Him come under the yoke of His grace?”
    – Chapter 16

    “Let *US* be imitators also of those who in goat-skins and sheep-skins went about proclaiming the coming of Christ;”
    – Chapter 17

    “Thus the humility and godly submission of so great and illustrious men have rendered not only *US*, but also all the generations before *US*, better; even as many as have received His oracles in fear and truth.

    Wherefore, having so many great and glorious examples set before *US*, let *US* turn again to the practice of that peace which from the beginning was the mark set before *US*; and let us look steadfastly to the Father and Creator of the universe, and cleave to His mighty and surpassingly great gifts and benefactions, of peace.

    Let *US* contemplate Him with our understanding, and look with the eyes of our soul to His long-suffering will. Let *US* reflect how free from wrath He is towards all His creation.”
    – Chapter 19

    “All these the great Creator and Lord of all has appointed to exist in peace and harmony; while He does good to all, but most abundantly to *US* who have fled for refuge to His compassions through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom be glory and majesty for ever and ever. Amen.”
    – Chapter 20

    “Take heed, beloved, lest His many kindnesses lead to the condemnation of *US* all.

    Let *US* reflect how near He is, and that none of the thoughts or reasonings in which we engage are hid from Him. It is right, therefore, that we should not leave the post which His will has assigned *US*.

    Let *US* rather offend those men who are foolish, and inconsiderate, and lifted up, and who glory in the pride of their speech, than [offend] God.

    Let *US* reverence the Lord Jesus Christ, whose blood was given for *US*; let *US* esteem those who have the rule over *US*; let us honour the aged among *US*; let *US* train up the young men in the fear of God; let *US* direct our wives to that which is good.”

    “For He is a Searcher of the thoughts and desires [of the heart]: His breath is in *US*; and when He pleases, He will take it away.”
    – Chapter 21

    “Wherefore let *US* not be double-minded; neither let our soul be lifted up on account of His exceedingly great and glorious gifts.

    Far from *US* be that which is written, ‘Wretched are they who are of a double mind, and of a doubting heart; who say, These things we have heard even in the times of our fathers; but, behold, we have grown old, and none of them has happened unto *US*..'”
    – Chapter 23

    [Do all of these instances speak of the ‘pope’ as ‘US’??]

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    I could continue on, through every chapter… But the disputed passage is in Chapter 59, so I’ll skip to 47, where we see:

    “Disgraceful, brethren, yea, very disgraceful is it, and unworthy of the conduct which is in Christ, that it should be reported that the most firm and ancient Church of the Corinthians hath, on account of one or two persons, made sedition against its *presbyters*.”

    So Corinth had more than one presbyter (as did Rome at that time) – rather than only one bishop… As also indicated in 1:3, 54:2, 57:1.

    Now, back to the word ‘US’…

    “Let *US* accept, brethren, that discipline at which no one needeth to be offended. The admonition which we make one toward another is good and useful exceedingly, for it joineth *US* unto the will of God.”
    – Chapter 57

    “Let *US*, therefore, submit to his all-holy and glorious name, and escape the threats that have been before spoken by Wisdom against the disobedient, that we may abide trusting in the most holy name of his greatness.

    Accept this *OUR ADVICE*, and it will not be repented of by you.”

    [Do these instances of the word ‘US’ here refer to the ‘pope’ as well?? Also note – that it doesn’t say, “Accept this my ‘papal’ command…”]
    – Chapter 58

    Incidentally, It took me a while to find the verse 59 you quoted… It seems to be missing from the earliest (5th century) Alexandrian & Coptic manuscripts. Here – look:

    Now – the verse you quoted:

    “But if some should be disobedient to the things spoken by him through *US* [THE PRESBYTERS], let them know that they will entangle themselves in no small transgression and danger…”
    – Chapter 59

    “[God,] Give unity and peace both to *US* and to all that dwell upon the earth, as thou gavest to our fathers when they called upon thee with faith and truth, so that we should become obedient to thy all-powerful and most excellent name, AND to those who rule and govern *US* UPON THE EARTH.”
    – Chapter 60

    [But if Clement was ‘pope’ – then WHO upon the earth ruled and governed him?]

    “Thou, Lord, hast given the authority of the kingdom to *THEM* through thy almighty and unspeakable power, so that *WE*, knowing the estimation and honour *GIVEN TO *THEM* BY THEE*, might *SUBMIT OURSELVES* to *THEM*, in no way opposing thy will; to whom give, O Lord, health, peace, concord, stability, so that *THEY* may discharge the rule given unto *THEM* by thee without offence;

    For thou, heavenly Lord, everlasting King, givest to the sons of men glory and honour and authority over the things that are upon the earth. Do thou, Lord, direct *THEIR* counsel according to what is good and pleasing before thee, that, fulfilling with peace and meekness and piety the authority given unto *THEM* by thee, *THEY* may obtain mercy from thee.”
    – Chapter 61

    [WHO are these – that ‘pope’ Clement submits himself to and adjures all disciples to do likewise?]

    “But we have also sent unto you men who are faithful and prudent, who from youth up to old age have behaved blamelessly among *US*, who also will be witnesses between *YOURSELVES* and *US*;”
    – Chapter 63

    [So who is referred to by ‘us’ and ‘yourselves’? Who is the letter FROM and who is it addressed TO?]

    “The Church of God which sojourns at Rome, to the Church of God sojourning at Corinth…”

    The text never mentions Clement himself or any ‘pope’ – only the Church of Rome.

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Now – onto your (partially censored) quote from Julius… In the apology by Athanasius Against the Arians… I’ll include just a little more – and insert the portions which you (purposely) left out so that I may convey the REAL MEANING.

    “Supposing, as you assert, that some offense rested upon those persons, the case ought to have been conducted against them, not after this manner, but according to the *Canon of the Church* [Oh – NOT according to the whims of the ‘pope’?].

    Word should have been written of it to *US ALL*, that so a just sentence might proceed *FROM ALL* [Does ‘ALL’ refer to the ‘pope’ as well?]. For the sufferers were Bishops, and Churches of no ordinary note, but those which the Apostles themselves had governed in their own persons.

    And why was nothing said to *us* [note that ‘us’ is NOT capitalized as it is in your misleading, un-sourced quote] concerning the Church of the Alexandrians in particular? Are you ignorant that the custom has been for word to be written first to *us* [the Council at Rome – NOT the ‘pope’], and then for a just decision to be passed from this place?

    If then any such suspicion rested upon the Bishop there, notice thereof ought to have been sent to *the Church* [NOT the ‘pope’] of this place; whereas, after neglecting to inform *us* [the Council of the Church at Rome], and proceeding on their own authority as they pleased, now they desire to obtain our concurrence in their decisions, though *we* [NOT capitalized – again refers to the Council] never condemned him.”

    Now here I will continue w/ the very next verses after the one you (partially) provided, demonstrating that Julius DOES NOT refer to HIMSELF (the ‘pope’) as “Us” or “We”…

    “*I* beseech you, readily bear with *me*: what *I* write is for the common good. For what *we* [the Council] have received from the blessed Apostle Peter, that *I* [Julius] signify to you; and *I* [note – he refers to himself NOT as ‘we’] should not have written this, as deeming that these things were manifest unto all men, had not these proceedings so disturbed *us* [the Council].

    *I* [says Julius – again NOT using ‘we’ to refer to himself] ask of you, that such things may no longer be, but that you will denounce in writing those persons who attempt them; so that the Churches may no longer be afflicted thus, nor **any** Bishop or Presbyter be treated with insult, nor **any** one be compelled to act contrary to his judgment [note Julius does NOT say, “unless I the ‘pope’ declare that they must”], as they have represented to us, lest we become a laughing-stock among the heathen, and above all, lest we excite the wrath of God against us.”

    Lynda – you said, “Why don’t you tell us ‘papists’ some more Prodigal Son, how Pope Julius I, in this example, is not referring to himself as We and Us…”


    Now, please notice the way this letter ends… Notice it DOES not say:

    ‘Signed ‘pope’ Julius, bishop of Rome, Patriarch of the world, vicar of Jesus Christ, successor of the prince of the apostles, supreme pontiff of the universal church, primate of Italy, sovereign of Vatican City State, King of the Globe, Master of the Universe, Lord of the Rings and dominator of the servants of God’!!…

    The letter ends:

    “Thus wrote the **Council of Rome** by Julius, Bishop of Rome. [PERIOD!]”

  127. Lynda March 10, 2010 @ 9:13 pm

    This is a lot of crap Prodigal Son and I will not insult common sense by replying to one sentence of it. Let others read it and think what they will.

    These are my final words to you on any subject.

  128. The Prodigal Son March 10, 2010 @ 11:54 pm


    I’m sorry you feel that way…

    God bless.

  129. Fr. Joseph March 11, 2010 @ 8:25 am

    The capitalized words of ‘We’ and ‘You’ and ‘Us’ in the ECCLESIASTICAL language that is perculiar to the documents of the Church – such as in the case of Encyclical Letters and those letters-documents of the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy of the Lord’s Church here on earth is INDICATIVE of the spiritual union and unity with THE LORD.

    Hence, when a Pope, a Metropolitan, in using ‘We’ or ‘Our’, he is referring to the ABIDING SPIRIT OF CHRIST JESUS HIMSELF residing in, with and along with the author of that letter or document.

    In the case of referring to others in the ‘third party’ sense of language usage,
    when that Church Authority uses the CAPITALIZED words of ‘He’ or ‘She’ when referring to others who are really and truly “mere mortal men or women”, the capitalized form in FORMAL discussions or addresses is meant to convey that CHRIST JESUS is with and in is in that person.

    “Whatever you did to the least of these of My brothers (My sisters) – you’d did it TO ME.”

    Hence, scowling at such references of the authors of Church documents and/or letters in their usage of ‘Us’ or ‘We’ or ‘They’ is a SCOWLING at the Spirit of Christ Jesus who lives with, guides and abides IN that person or person(s).

    “Whoever accepts YOU accepts ME. And those who accept ME accept the One Who sent Me.”

    In THAT context – and that CONTEXT ALONE – ought the words ‘We’ and ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ and ‘They’ and ‘He’ or ‘She’ as found in Church documents-letters be taken and understood.

    – Fr. Joseph

  130. The Prodigal Son March 11, 2010 @ 5:18 pm

    Thanks Fr. Joseph…

    I understand the inference Lynda intended when she capitalized ‘us’ & ‘we’…

    But that doesn’t mean the practice is correct!

    These translations DO NOT capitalize ‘us’ & ‘we’ in the disputed verse (59)…

    Nor can I find ANY versions of the disputed text which DO capitalize the words.

    These two don’t even contain the disputed verse (having been translated from the earliest version, which is missing said verse) – but the verse at the end of these aren’t capitalized when they use the words ‘us’ & ‘we’ either…

    Besides – the letter was originally in Greek, not English.

    Same thing with the letter from Julius in the Apology Against the Arians by Athanasius: ‘us’ &’ we’ are NOT CAPITALIZED.

    Nor is ‘she’ ever capitalized in the Scriptures.

  131. Lynda March 11, 2010 @ 6:33 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    I found your statements above to be accurate.

    I do not read on the computer. I only blog during my coffee breaks and some leisure time. When I read, I read the books obtainable from our parish library. Refs that I make are usually from books. I am quoting not emphasizing.

    Nor am I making inferences from the plain text and its clear context. Everything you have said concurs with my sources.

    Really, until very recently I had no idea there was so much patristic evidence for what we as Catholics believe about the Church as de fide and part of the totality of the faith. It was there from the beginning – that the Roman pontiff speaks from the Chair of Peter or he speaks as the Chair of the Council of bishops in Rome or ratifies the proceedings of an Ecumenical Council which then comes to the Church under the seal of the Fisherman’s Ring. And he also speaks personally.

    And from the first centuries the ecclesial language is the same. You could pick up an apostolic letter from the 2nd century or an encyclical from the twentieth century and the language is essentially the same.

    Because of the enormous problems with catechism post the robber council of Vatican II, the books from the parish library bearing imprimatur pre-1963 are in very high demand here. These are the ones with the extensive notes, original texts and interlinear translations.

    It is a full time job getting the home schooled children grounded upon the traditional catechism, scripture and patristics.

    If Benedict XVI’s plan for an ecumenical church succeeds, I can see now they are going to need all of it. Not only will they have Wiccan nuns, Liberation theology and JudeoMasonic changes to the liturgy to contend with; they will also get exposed to orthowarp (which I now see the worst) and that will mesh just right with all the new judeochristian stuff.

    The suicide of altering the faith in the liturgy continues apace. But unless, the young people actually know the faith, they will not detect the changes.

  132. Fr. Joseph March 12, 2010 @ 8:32 am

    Dear Lynda,

    As you and I and all of the rest of us currently living in this World of 2010 Anno Domini are truly witnessing ‘The Downfall Of The Human Race’ per St. Nilus’ 4th century prophecy, between you and I, it bewilders and distresses me to see these relentless heated exchanges between those who profess their faith in and love of God’s Only Eternally Begotten Son JESUS, the Christ.

    It is solely God’s Divine PERMISSIVE Will that disputes with, over, for and amongst ecclesiastical jurisdications as well as the current and historical political-religious machinations have cause both the Church’s and Mankind’s History to be one long series of tales of THE FAILURE to bring about God’s Divine and Holy Will of Sslvation and Divine REDEMPTION to and for all the peoples of ALL nations of our World.

    Divine Permissive Will must allow those things in the hearts and minds of people which cause every manner of ‘nationalism’, be that form of ‘nationalism’ expressed in the form of one’s race, heritage, culture, geographical location, language, etc.

    And while all of these heated disputes between-amongst the 27,000+ ‘bible-believing’ protestant denominations VS. the Catholic Church goes on and on and on without end since the time of the Protestant Revolt, the regional geopolitical disputes between the Western Roman Empire’s capitol of ROME and the Eastern Roman Empire’s capitol of CONSTANTINOPLE grinds on with end in sight as well.

    And with the Apostolic Faith of our DIVINE LORD in such tatters, disarray, disputes, divisions, etc. – SATAN gleefully has risen his demonic secret societies, cults and sects – and thus our World of 2010 Anno Domini is hence currently on its ‘Highway To Hell’, going to pieces and ‘Going To Hell In A Handbasket’.

    My dear Lynda, as you and I look all around about ourselves from whether we currently live out on the World and out onto and INTO the lives of the great majority of people with which we share this planet earth and our lives-lifetimes, people HAVE either sucuumbed to or have been subtly indoctrinated into the religion of naturalism via the social-civil structures of their own nation’s economic systems, public educational and media outlets.

    Our Blessed Mother, as Our Lady of Fatima, herself DECLARED to both her Son’s Church and to ALL our fellow members of our Human Family here on earth:


    I’ve repeatedly explained and argued for the Divine Mandate to have RUSSIA Consecrated to the Mother of God’s Immaculately Loving Heart per her Fatima instructions on account of the Divine REVELATION and the Divine ASSERTIONS found recorded for our Human Race in Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    The Lord is the Lord of History, but I entertained the thought the other day

    “How would things in our World be so incredibly DIFFERENT has the Roman Emporer Constantine NOT move his geopolitical capitol from Rome TO Constantinople!”

    How many of the masses of the ‘Peasant Classes’ of the members of our Human Race would have been SAVED from the sins, vices and hubris of ‘The High and Mighty Ones’ down through the centuries.

    May THE LORD have Mercy on us all. May THE LORD grant us His Own Divine Light. And may THE LORD place some of that Divine Love and Divine Compassion upon and for our entire Human Race into the MINDS and HEARTS of the ‘All Dressed Up But Aren’t Doing Much Whatsoever’ with their Offices and Titles and Ranks and Authority and Jurisdications of all sorts and types throughout THE CHURCH and throughout THE WORLD. + Amen!

    – Fr. Joseph

  133. Lynda March 12, 2010 @ 8:46 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    I think Jewry now owns all nations through its banking cartel. This ownership is overt through one of their fronts like Zionism or Wahabist Islam or it is covert.

    This ownership is their Leviathan International Empire State. LIES. At present they have many capitols (heads of the Beast) and the nations they own are ordered under these.

    I do count 7 such capitols of the LIE and the crowns are on the horns. If these capitols are machinated by Jewry into war, the nations which they head up will be dragged into it.

    When you see what the human race has been up against from the beginning, it is clear to me that our Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour and King not only opposes it, but is going to regenerate those members of the human race who will say and live our amen, our yes: ‘Lord we will have you to reign over us’.

    His reign is Spirit and Truth that lives enfleshed and inSpirited upon earth as His body – an order that is founded upon Christ, built up on Him, lives within Him, as He in us and goes down through the generations under His word engaging in the conflict that was here from the beginning. The Church.

    The only way His body could be attacked was through its temporal members and most significantly through those who have the sacrament of orders for ordination, building up, and extending His Church.

    That is why the differences in this area go all the way down to the Person of our Lord Himself – his word and will. If the seamless garment is rent, then what is at issue is the one and only order that can engage and oppose the ancient foe. If his body upon earth is subverted and is either covertly or overtly instrumentalized for the opposition – then nothing humankind can contrive by way of opposition will be effectual in any way.

    Only those who have not really thought this through could believe that everything will just be o.k. if a world of fallen and unregenerate men will only respect each others values. This is just silly.

    So no prizes for guessing why Jewry has spent its best efforts from the beginning to infiltrate the Church and subvert it from within. First at the level of the empire of Christian nations based upon the Church (the Great Schism). Then Jewry destroyed the Christian nations one by one removing those nations from the Church and refounding them on banks (the Reformation), on a Soviet, etc. It destroyed the Christian social order and its polities and threw down republics on top of the ruins.

    The next step was to remove the Church from those groups of citizens within the republics that still held to the Church.

    Now, through infiltration, the Revolution has overthrown the orders of the Church and the flock is scattered. In the final coup, St Peter’s Chair in Rome was overturned.

    We know with the certainly of faith and the Church’s own magisterium that the Rock must endure. The Chair of Peter might be usurped or overturned at specific location. But our Lord has promised that Peter will always have successors. This is of the faith. This belief has always been there in the Sacred Deposit of Scripture and Tradition, but Vatican I spells it out in Pastor Aeternus.

    The Chair of St Peter will be where-ever the Holy Father and his remnant clergy are. And Jacinta said we must pray much for him.

    The solemn, public, collegial consecration of Russia is not humanly possible. It was never humanly possible. Only with God’s help and the power coming from heaven would it have been possible before 1958. Only with this help will it be possible after.

    In the temporal, Our Lady’s request revealed the extent of the infiltration of the JudeoMasonic clergy. The request came in 1928, I think. If the Holy Father communicated his desire and intention to fulfill the request of heaven to all the bishops before 1958 (and maybe he did), the extent of the infiltration would have been instantly revealed to the Holy Father and the true bishops because the bishops who opposed the Divine request, acknowledged as such by the whole Church, would have revealed themselves as Infiltrators and Subverters.

    Just as they opposed the commission of the French King to have the bishops of France consecrate France to the Sacred Heart.

    Perhaps prior to 1958, the Holy Father did communicate to all the bishops his favourable disposition regarding the solemn, public, collegial consecration. Perhaps he learned that many (even the majority as like as not) would refuse. The enemy that Pope St Pius X stated in Pascendi “is now in the very veins and heart of the Church” was (as we now know) very great.

    How great in number? We can not know these things, but we do know that Pope St Pius’s attempt to reveal them failed. He instituted the Oath against Modernism hoping to reveal them. We now know, they just took the Oath and awaited the Council that they would control. At that time, they would both reveal themselves to be foresworn of Sacrorum Antistitum and absolved of it in eyes of the new church when they got control of the papacy in Rome.

    God is not mocked, however. We see now in retrospect that the foresworn – the extent of the JudeoMasonic infiltrators in the consistitories – was virtually all.

    To the eyes of the world, they appear very clever. But the anathema of Sacrorum Antistitum is reserved to the Vicar of Christ in perpetuity and bound in heaven and upon earth – a terrible thing!

    So now, we see the extent of the problem which prior to 1958 was still covert, still hidden within the veins and heart of the Church. If the Holy Father had requested the entire episcopate to join with him in the solemn, public, collegial consecration and they refused (and maybe they did), then they instantly revealed themselves to the Holy Father – Oath or no Oath.

    But if the Holy Father had invoked his primacy of jurisdiction and bound them under obedience to join with him in the Consecration, their refusal would have instantly revealed them to the Church. He did not chose the latter course.

    Again, I am not sitting in judgement upon the Holy Father. Whatever course he steered with this, who is going to choose better than him?

    However it played within the Vatican prior to 1958, no one can judge the Holy Father, then or now. The solemn, public consecation was never humanly possible. It will always be possible with our Lord’s grace, help and protection. One question remains, have we done our part to help win that grace for the Holy Father and his bishops?

    When the bishops who are valid bishops and with the Holy Father can be determined (all the bishops) and when it is possible with God’s grace to do the Consecration publicly and solemnly, then, as our Lord said: “they will do it, but it will be late.”

    Every Rosary, every act of personal consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, every act of reparation for the intentions of the Immaculate Heart brings that day closer.

    So. The Infiltrators and Usurpers have played with Fire. The Fire will now play with them.

    Benedict is divesting himself of titles and powers (ostensibly to heal the Great Schism), but as the current papal poser the last thing the crafty Benedict wants is to be left holding the Fatima Card.

    Whereas the terrible burden of the Consecration that is not done – only the Rock can carry. So the one who prevents does still prevent the revelation of the King of the Jews coming into full power as the Man of Sin.

    Even so, it is now all systems GO to create the one world, ecumenical church under the Noachida. And apostate bishops East and West are badgering away at it. All the synods of the E are in chaos over it and the W is committed to it since Benedict’s official announcement that ‘restoration’ of full communion is the goal in July 2009.

    He was in Australia for WYD on a Noachide junket.

    A new Christian front of nations against Zionism could emerge for the ‘clash of civilizations’ script and WW III. This one world ecumenical Noachide church project looks to me to be going ahead now under Benedict and his bilateral committees with the Sanhedrin.

    But this above all. The novus ordo liturgy has changed the Apostolic rubric for the consecration of the wine. The English trans uses a formula that the Council of Trent specifically condemns. They introduced this formula to “alter the faith itself in the liturgy.” They have done this to teach the doctrine of universal salvation (a lynch pin the ecumenical church now aborning). But Catholic doctrine rejects such a doctrine.

    What is important to notice is that the novus ordo post conciliar church currently occupying the Roman Catholic structures worldwide has the prototype of a rite that objectively and theologically blasphemes our Lord in his blood – by the strict criteria of the Council of Trent.

    The new ecumenical church under the False Prophet will ride the Beast to power.

    But, Fr Joseph, you are writing here. And I go to my parish priest, a good, traditional priest who loves our Lord and his Church. I am just a sinner, but I will still say: “Father they must read the Council of Trent on this matter and we must follow it.”

    At the time of the Great Western Schism, there arose one Vincent Ferrer of the Order of Preachers. Most of Europe was out of communion with the Church following one or the other of the antipopes. Vincent, as a schismatic, followed one of the Avignon antipopes, but our Lord appeared to him and said: “my Vincent, arise.” And he did preach against the Synagogue and the body of antiChrist the length and breadth of Europe. Also, he was instrumental in assisting to heal the W schism.

    The bullae of his canonization calls him: “The Angel of the Judgement” – Apoc 14:6-7. Pope Calixtus III, 29th of June, 1455 and established his Feast on April 5 on the Universal Calendar of the West.

    St Louis de Montfort knew full well that in the latter times, the spirit of St Vincent Ferrer would again arise.

  134. Fr. Joseph March 13, 2010 @ 10:46 am

    My dear Lynda,

    I concur with your analysis. Our CATHOLIC Church has been infiltrated through and through with crypto-Talmudists, Masons, Satanists, Communists, etc.

    I ‘inherited’ my Faith, my Church and my US Nation by virtue of my birth into my Catholic family. ALL of these cunning conspiracies, these machinations of evil planning and intent were ALL well on their way of being implemented vs. me, my own family, my Church and my US Nation and were ALL “dumped” on me as an newly born Baptized child.

    What can a suckling child who but only recognizes his mother’s and father’s VOICES do about all of this when your own Nation’s officials, your own fellow citizens, your own ‘Fathers’ of YOUR Church deem ‘the NEXT generation’ to be “out of sight, out of mind”?

    No, my Divine Father in Heaven and YOUR Divine Father in Heaven and OUR Divine Father in Heaven will not nor ever ABANDON all of us ‘orphans’. Never!

    But SCOWLING WITH DREAD and SCREAMING WITH UTTER TERROR will be and will become all of these World’s and Church’s ‘High and Might Leaders’ living state when OUR FATHER in Heaven deems He Himself has ‘HAD ENOUGH’!

    “Where Shall We Hide From An Avenging God?” will be their constant and perpetual preoccupation, goal and ultimate ‘Spiritual Plan’!

    If a child suckling at his mother’s breast can do absolutely NOTHING to stop, halt or correct ‘Powerful ADULTS’ in their positions of authority and office either in the nations of our World or in His Church, then what can but ONE ADULT do against the same Corporate Criminal Cabals working amonst our World and our Human Race throughout the nations of our World and the manifold offices-dioceses of our Catholic Church?

    The ONLY inner psycho-spiritual-moral thing I can yet do is but to offer up my private votive Masses here at my hermitage for the constantly expressed intention of His Universal Church Militant here on earth in conjunction with my loving desire to offer up my filial loyalty to and allegience with OUR OMNIPOTENT AND DIVINE FATHER in Heaven.

    I simply do not have anything else left to contribute to the DEFENSE of our Human Race and to His Son’s Catholic Church here on earth.

    God’s Divine SOVEREIGN Will is at work and is working RIGHT NOW upon, amongst, within and all across our World and the Church. You and I and all the rest of do not – CANNOT – see what it is that our Eternal Father is bringing about for our World and the Church.

    We are all but spiritual SUCKLING INFANTS totally unaware of such Supernatural Spiritual Realities moving all about and around us.

    If our Father in Heaven ALLOWS us to fall into any manner of harm, danger, disease or distress, that THAT will be His Divine, Most Holy and All-good Divine DESIGNS for you and I and whole host of other people throughout our World.

    We mere spiritual INFANTS have no choice but to submit to and be affected by our Divine Father’s Omnipotent Will and Actions.

    “Thy Will BE DONE on earth – in Your Son’s Church here on and all across our World – as it is in Heaven.”

    If OUR LORD can teach us to pray that sort of prayer to OUR FATHER in Heaven and TO ACCEPT His Divine Will being DONE here on earth, then let us all but gently close our eyes and take a much needed REST from all of this geopolitical, global, worldwide CHAOS and MAYHEM.

    What else is there left that we CAN do?

    – Fr. Joseph

  135. Lynda March 13, 2010 @ 8:05 pm

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    I do think we all been offerred the ultimate sanctuary and retreat for this time of “geopolitical, global, worldwide chaos and mayhem”.

    I think we have been offerred sanctuary in the Arc of the Covenant – the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The promises of salvation and sanctification attaching to this refuge of the Immaculate Heart are very great during this time when the ordinary means of grace that our Lord wills for us has been subverted.

    And the pledges of the victory for Holy Church have been placed in the hands of those who are scorned by the proud, strong and wise ones of this world.

    “By the means of the most Holy Rosary and the Scapular of Carmel I will save the world” Our Lady of Fatima. She means in terms of the great battle at the last times of the world foretold by St Louis de Montfort:

    “Mary must shine forth more than ever in mercy, in might and in grace, in the latter times: in mercy to bring back and lovingly receive the poor strayed sineers who shall be converted and shall return to the Catholic Church; in might against the enemies of God: idolators, schismatics, Mahometans, Jews and souls hardened in impiety, who shall rise in terrible revolt against God to seduce all those who shall oppose them and to make them fall by promises and threats:

    And finally she must shine forth in grace, in order to animate and sustain the valiant soldiers and faithful servants of Jesus Christ who shall battle for His interests. And lastly, Mary must be terrible to the devil and his crew, as an army ranged in battle, principally in these latter times…”

    St Louis de Montfort (1673-1716 A.D.), True Devotion to Mary. “Necessity”, Article Three: Providential Function of Mary in the Latter Times. 50.6.7.

    To my way of understanding this matter, Fr Joseph, you are doing all that really can be done that is worth doing. The temptation is to engage in lots of business in the deluded hope or idea that conventional efforts will avail. They will not. If ordinary measures could be of assistance, “the last means” would not have been revealed and placed in the hands of children and those whose heavenly wisdom hides them from the eyes of the world in the guise of fools.

    The Protestants are sadly deprived of the Catholic Bible. The Books of the Machabees in particular. There are so many wonderful prayers in those books; prayers before the hosts of heaven and of Israel in great battles. Yet they are strangely appropriate for those to whom Our Lady confided “by these means”..

    “And when they saw the army [of ‘the host of the wicked’] coming to meet them, they said to Judas: ‘How shall we, being few, be able to fight against so great a multitude and so strong, and we are ready to faint with fasting today?

    “And Judas said: ‘It is an easy matter for many to be shut up in the hands of a few: and there is no difference in the sight of the God of heaven to deliver with a great multitude or with a small company;

    “The success of war is not in the multitude of the army; but strength coming from heaven.” 1 Machabees 3:17-19.

    In the latter times of the world in the “terrible revolt against God” foretold by St Louis and spoken of by all the popes before 1958, I do think the great host of the wicked will be “shut up in the hands of a few” holding the Holy Rosary of Bl Virgin.

    Take heart, Fr Joseph. Be of good courage and strong faith. The Sacred Heart of our King is going to give a great victory to our holy Queen and Bl Virgin Mother and all the saints – for his glory.

    Meanwhile the antipope and all the apostate bishops are busy with this new ecumenical Church (condemned by Mortalium Animos). The Sanhedrin wants a universal church for the goyim under Noachide Law. So they are going to have to come up with something.

    We have to continue to blog in hope of keeping our friends who love our Lord, but who do not have the guidance of Holy Church’s magisterium out of it.

  136. Al March 14, 2010 @ 1:51 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    Your reporting is interesting and refreshing.


  137. miranda March 16, 2010 @ 3:04 am

    Having been born into a Roman Catholic family, and knowing what I know now, I so appreciate Fr. Joseph’s last comment above.

    Take good care of yourself, all who with good heart, venture here.

  138. Alouicious March 4, 2016 @ 6:43 pm

    Funny how these guys go up against Israel and live. Kinda makes one wonder.

    The fact is that Wolfowitz and Brzezinski represent one (western/Freemasonic) faction of the same Jewish power structure.

    The power is currently shifting east, with the Israeli faction in the middle.

    In the end, no matter which faction holds the reins of power, world Jewry always wins.

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