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How The New ‘US Hate Laws’ Will Change Our Lives

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Interview By Brother Nathanael Kapner With Reverend Ted Pike
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REVEREND TED PIKE, DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK, is the publisher of the world-renowned Web Site, Truth Tellers.

Reverend Pike, who is often featured on the Rense Radio Program, has played a key role in defeating federal hate crimes legislation in the past. This time it may be quite different…

Brother Nathanael: On April 29, 2009, the US House of Representatives passed the Federal Hate Crimes Bill, HR 1913.

The Bill was approved despite compelling testimony by House Republicans who were constrained by a Democrat-imposed “closed rule” on debate and amendments which limited the debate to only one hour and twenty minutes.

Only the day before, apparently in co-ordination with House Democrats, Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy introduced his Senate version of the Federal Hate Crimes Bill, S 909. If the Hate Crimes Bill is enacted into law, what are the implications for freedom of speech in America?

Reverend Ted Pike: The current Hate Crimes Bill builds upon the Hate Crimes Law of 1968, inspired by Lyndon Johnson’s civil rights legislation. This law criminalizes those who incite a crime committed against a targeted group. However, the law could not be enforced due to State & Local law enforcement prerogatives which created many barriers against federal intrusion.

BUT, the pending Hate Crimes Bill will remove all barriers against federal intrusion of State & Local law enforcement rights.

Thus, the Federal government can go after anyone they want to for both “hate” and “felonies” – despite State & Local protection. A Federal police state with absolute power will thus be created. Herein lies the attack on our freedoms, especially, freedom of speech.

Incidentally, the number chosen for the pending Hate Crimes Bill is “HR 1913.” Any number may be chosen, but why “1913?” I don’t think it’s an accident that this number was chosen by the Zionists. For in “1913,” three threats to our freedom occurred: The establishment of the Anti Defamation League (ADL), The Federal Income Tax, and the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. Now the greatest of all threats is about to occur using this ominous date, “1913.” View Entire Story Here, Here & Here.

This current Hate Crimes Bill will eventually enforce the ADL-definition that “hate equals bias” against newly-formed federally protected groups: Homosexuals, Jews, and Muslims.

These groups will receive special federal protection in violation of both the 1st & 14th amendments. Thus, if the pending US Hate Crimes Bill becomes law, freedom of speech will be effectively annihilated in America once and for all.

Br Nathanael: Why an “ADL-definition” of what constitutes hate? What does the Anti Defamation League have to do with the pending US Hate Crimes Laws?

Rev. Ted Pike: The Anti Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith, as it was formerly called, is behind it all, that’s why.

This super powerful Jewish religious, educational, fraternal, and charitable organization, that is, the B’nai B’rith, has persuaded 55 nations (in which it has 2100 lodges and 200,000 Jewish members) to unite under the authority of a central Hate Crimes command center. It is called the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The establishment of this international Hate Crimes organization by the B’nai B’rith is but the apex of their hate crimes agenda. Such descends to the community level via the civil rights arm of the B’nai B’rith, the Anti Defamation League.

Through their No Place For Hate & A World Of Difference programs in cities and communities throughout America, the ADL intensively organizes city governments, schools, modernist & Zionist-oriented churches, civic organizations, and citizen groups to combat “hate and homophobia” (Bible-Believing Christians) in their communities. The ADL has already infiltrated our public schools with their propaganda with various training and “educational” programs.

Indeed, a national and global hate crimes Gestapo is being created right before our very eyes, if we can only open them to see it. A “thought police” bureaucracy, led by the ADL, will soon harass and indict Christians and the politically incorrect here in America, as they now do in Canada.

Br Nathanael: Can you tell us more about the B’nai B’rith and their role in the pending US Hate Crimes legislation?

Rev. Ted Pike: Americans must understand that the ADL’s parent group, the B’nai B’rith, has established many “tolerance-oriented” lobby groups throughout the world in connection with various political & governmental spheres.

Organizations such as, B’nai B’rith Center for Human Rights and Public Policy, B’nai B’rith Office of United Nations Affairs, and B’nai B’rith Inter-American Convention Against Racism and Xenophobia, have maneuvered themselves into influential governmental realms.

The B’nai B’rith boasts of having established the Canadian hate laws bureaucracy in 1971. Of course, money and politics plays a big part in the operations of powerful lobby groups, like the B’nai B’rith lobby.

Br Nathanael: How did the ADL begin its campaign of promoting Hate Crime Laws?

Rev. Ted Pike: The ADL began its promotion of Hate Crime Laws worldwide in 1988 following the infamous Hofstra Conference through which the ADL formed their model “Anti-Hate” legislation proposals with the deception that their proposals only targeted “violent physical hate crimes.”

This is exactly what the ADL told lawmakers in Canada, Britain, and Sweden.

Yet, soon after the ADL’s Hate Bill was passed in those countries, it broadened to outlaw “verbal violence” against protected groups. Thus, laws to end “violent hate crimes” soon criminalized free speech.

Br Nathanael: What then is defined as “verbal violence?” And who defines what is “hate” in a person’s verbal articulations?

Rev. Ted Pike: Again, we must point to the Anti Defamation League as the culprit in defining that which constitutes “verbal violence” & “hate.” The ADL, which presently administers the US government’s Hate Crimes Enforcement Program, says that “hate equals bias” against federally protected groups.

Now, what document is most biased against homosexuality? The Holy Bible. Christians thus become potential “hate criminals.” And it is Christians in particular who are the ultimate target of ADL’s twisted and self-serving definitions of hate crimes.

Soon to follow homosexuals, will be another federally protected group, the Jews. Any person critical of the conduct of Jews, (even as the New Testament justly censors the conduct of unbelieving Jews), will be criminalized as perpetrators of “hate speech.”

Of course, this is what the ADL is really after, forbidding Christians and all Gentiles to articulate valid criticism against Jewish supremacists.

Br Nathanael: What about the Internet? Will the US Hate Crime Laws prohibit freedom of speech on the Internet?

Rev. Ted Pike: Indeed it will. Today, the ADL/B’nai B’rith Hate Law bureaucracies are proliferating throughout the world, ending free speech and free talk radio.

This has happened already in Canada, England, France, Germany, and Australia with the establishment of ADL’s/B’nai B’rith’s, Department of Global Anti-Semitism in the US State Department, and a 55-nation Hate Crimes bureaucracy centered in Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, as I mentioned earlier.

The threat to free speech on the Internet posed by these groups with their promotion of Hate Laws is an increasingly urgent subject for discussion on talk radio, especially for shows with Internet access.

Br Nathanael: Who will be targeted on the Internet by the Anti Defamation League?

Rev. Ted Pike: Internet talk radio hosts or Internet publicists who criticize homosexuality, Israel, or matters Jewish, will be targeted as “haters” according to the ADL’s International Network Against Cyberhate (INACH).

The purpose of this ADL entity is to implement legal, political, and technological means to end the free speech of such “haters” on the Internet. Quite recently, on March of 2009, INACH shut down a Catholic Website in the UK for being critical of “extremist Jews.”

Curiously, while the ADL/B’nai B’rith/INACH has no problem with the exercise of free speech by homosexuals and pornographers on the Internet, it has a huge problem with those who criticize all matters Jewish.

Br Nathanael: Are we headed for a Zionist-inspired police state?

Rev. Ted Pike: We certainly are. The pending US Hate Crimes Law creates a bias-motivation justice system for America, just like Canada’s. Suspicion of bias motivation behind a crime will justify federal invasion of local law enforcement as I discussed earlier. Such unity of federal and local jurisdiction is the definition of a police state.

And the powerful Jewish group, the ADL, with its Hate Crimes Training has already infiltrated hundreds of local police forces throughout the United States.

Br Nathanael: Is there a chance that the pending US Hate Crimes Bill, HR 1913, can still be defeated?

Rev. Ted Pike: Yes, there is still a chance, if we all do our part. You see, unlike the House, there is a very small margin of Democrats & Republicans in the Senate.

If public outrage is overwhelming enough this coming week, then there is a chance that several Democrats will come over and vote with the Republicans against the Hate Crimes Bill. This is what occurred two years ago due to the protests of concerned Americans.

During the recent mark-up in the House Judiciary, Republicans boldly discredited the Hate Crimes Bill as a “pedophile-protecting” Bill. This is documented in my recent video, Stop The Pedophile-Protecting Hate Bill.

Everyone should now protest to members of the Senate by calling Toll Free, 1-877-851-6437 or 202-225-3121, and say, “Please Don’t Vote For The Pedophile-Protecting Hate Bill, S-909!” I am calling everyone to demand hearings in the Senate Judiciary. This will slow down the passage and encourage Senate Republicans.

The Democrats had hoped to push through the Senate Hate Bill, S-909, as rapidly to passage as the House Bill was. But if a ground swell of protest continues this coming week, there is a very real chance that the Hate Bill can be defeated either by a filibuster or a majority vote against it. So, please call and protest NOW!


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  1. admin May 3, 2009 @ 9:03 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family & Readers Of This Article,

    Many of you may not know, but the ADL has been harrassing me and this site ever since it was established in September of 2007. They have intimidated me with their sister Jewish organization, The Simon Wiesenthal Center (all Jewish organizations are inter-connected and “sister” organizations) because JEWS STICK TOGETHER and have a PRIMARY AGENDA: to destroy Christianity in America and throughout the world.

    Yes the ADL and their compatriots, (they are Christ-hating Jews), succeeding in getting OUR site, BANNED from 3 Web Hosting Companies and intimidated Pay Pal to BAN donations to me.

    However, I now have a NEW Web Hosting company that will not cave in to the Christ-hating, Freedom-hating Jews. And, I have a BRAND NEW, hassle free Donation Company @

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    Many Thanks In Advance!
    I wish to let everyone know that the ADL acts like it is so CONCERNED for minority groups. But if these Jews are so concerned, why do they not live amongst blacks, hispanics, asians, etc? Huh?

    I will tell you why. Jews consider it a DISGRACE to live in mixed neighborhoods, and poor neighborhoods with “Swartzas”/”Shooks” (this is what they call blacks in their deriding way. For a Jew to live with Histpanics, is for that Jew to be a laughing stock amongst his fellow Jews.

    No, Jews live in RICH and WEALTHY neighborhoods. They would die a thousand deaths if they had to live in apartment complexes with Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics.

    So, these ADL Jews DON’T care about blacks, hispanics, and asians. Nor do they care about homosexuals. For a Jewish boy to report to his Jewish parents that he is a homo, is tantamount to being DISOWNED by his Jewish parents. Jews want their children to MARRY and have children so as to PROPAGATE the Jewish elitist entity.

    What the ADL is after, is to STOP all valid criticism of their evil activities. PERIOD. I grew up in a Bnai Brith upper middle class synagogue, and I KNOW what the Jews are after: POWER, CONTROL, and the ANNIHILATION of Christianity, the New Testament, and Free Speech.

    I do NOT fear the Jews. I FEAR No man! I only Fear the Lord Jesus Christ if I break His commandments and do not live for Him. But I do everything I can to KEEP the Lord Jesus Christ’s commandments and to Live For Him, and For Him only!

    And let me tell you this. I am an enemy of all Christ’s enemies. The Jews are STILL the enemies of the Cross, as St Paul stated 2000 years ago. And, I go out to the streets DAILY and Hold the Cross of Jesus Christ HIGH IN THE AIR.

    Thus, if the Christ Hating Jews want to take the Cross down that I hold, then they will have to take me down! And, they won’t. Christ is with me. The holy angels are protecting me. I do NOT fear the Christ-hating, Cross-hating, Freedom-hating Jews!

    I love you all, I pray for you all DAILY, and ask that you keep me in your prayers that Christ would give me GREATER BOLDNESS as he did the holy apostles, to preach the Truth of the Holy Gospel of Christ.

    Your Brother In Christ Jesus, Our Holy & Precious Saviour, +Nathanael

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    AND – Please keep me in your prayers for Christ’s protection and blessing on the two Street Evangelism trips.

    Your Brother In Christ Our Saviour, +Nathanael.

  3. KathJuliane May 3, 2009 @ 10:22 pm [courtesy of the Judeo-Christian website: WND, but still good info in this particular case.]

    “The Department of Homeland Security set off a firestorm earlier this month when a memo surfaced that warned of right-wing extremists. The memo, which was issued to law-enforcement officials, suggested that extremists driven to dire straits by the Obama administration could recruit returning veterans to help produce Timothy McVeigh-like terrorism. Now, The Daily Beast has obtained another DHS memo, and this one identifies an even more far-ranging group of “extremists.”

    [There was, in fact, an earlier leak on March 12 at the state level, which created quite a stir from one of the DHS “fusion sites” in the State of Missouri which also caused an uproar that died down just in time for the April 12 federal leak. However, the DHS “extremist” definition lexicon is very interesting.]

    “Partisans leapt to decry the first DHS memo as part of a Democratic conspiracy to marginalize right wingers. But it became clear that DHS’s broad descriptions of extremists (“mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority”; “may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration”) were symptomatic of an ongoing agency problem that crossed ideological lines.

    Indeed, earlier memos surfaced that targeted left-wing extremists with the same uncomfortably vague descriptions. For example, one memo warned that anarchist extremists “embrace a number of radical philosophical components of anticapitalist, antiglobalization, communist, socialist, and other movements.”

    The Daily Beast obtained an internal memo from the DHS offering definitions for dozens of groups, movements, and terms. If nothing else, the document certainly crosses ideological lines: entries range from Mexican separatists to antiabortion extremists to racial Nordic mysticism.”…

    [Is this supposed to echo Jone’s “Germanic death cults”?]

  4. Hoff May 3, 2009 @ 10:59 pm

    You still don’t get it? There is a G-L-O-B-A-L Jew Mafia and what this Global jew mafia wants is a Global police state – executed and paid for by stupid and ignorant americans. And they are getting it.

    The jews write the laws and then they turn the whole judicial system against it’s own people. This is what the jews did in Sovjet and they are doing EXACTLY the same thing in America 2oo9.

    To all americans: YOU ARE NOW PALESTINIANS TOO!

    “BREAKING NEWS Rahm Emmanuel Disarms America with MOSSAD computer” @ YouTube.

    “Maybe a possible terrorist.” “There is no right for you if you are on that terrorist list. You are not a member of the american family. You don’t deserve that right.”

    This MAFIA JEW is telling Y-O-U as american that Y-O-U have NO RIGHTS in Y-O-U-R own country. You still don’t get it? Tell me what word the JEW Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel said you diden’t understand?

    This JEW is Cheif of Staff White House and he is telling you that you have no rights in America if he says so. If this ONE JEW acuses YOU of being a terrorist, OFF you go to a Gulag camp in America.

    And yes – it’s the JEW stupid. lt’s not the arabs that are doing this – it’s jews ONLY. Wake up and realise that this is all done under the bogus pretext of “War on Terror”. In the name of fighting “terrorism” the jew mafia is taking away every single right you got as americans.

  5. Nicolae May 3, 2009 @ 11:36 pm

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009
    House Passes Hate Crime Bill – Jewish Groups Rejoice
    Would I be breaking this soon to be law by posting this?

    The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, HR 1913 has passed the House.

    A very partisan and fraudulent Congress bowed to the wishes of Obama and various jewish groups who pushed for passage.

    Jewish groups are hailing House passage of hate-crimes legislation.

    ADL Hails House Approval of Hate Crime Legislation

    18 Republicans voted for the bill while 17 Democrats voted against it. The tally was 249 to 175.

    There are many opinions on what the negative effects of this law will be to free speech and how it may be twisted to prosecute and censor anyone who may decide to speak about a ‘repressed’ minority.

    One thing is not an opinion. The Feds will be able to step into state and local jurisdictions in violation of the constitution just by crying ‘hate.’

    Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine said;

    “The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act allocates crucial federal resources to assist states and local law enforcement in their efforts to prevent and prosecute hate crimes.”

    I have no hate in my heart for any group, nor do I advocate violence against anyone. Would this bill give someone outside of myself the authority to decide that I do? In order to ‘prevent’ a hate crime?

    The only minority this bill is intended to protect is the one who is continually screaming ‘anti-semitic’ to anyone who speaks out about the crimes of Israel and the treasonous actions of dual American/Israeli citizens and their allies who are moving to destroy our society and culture for their profit and power.

    Blacks, gays and any other group that thinks this bill is to protect them have been betrayed.

    This bill is just another step to complete control of every thing we say or do.

    And a certain minority group is behind it all.

    It’s all about them.

  6. Hoff May 3, 2009 @ 11:52 pm

    Arabs is doing this to America?

    For more than 10 years, ADL has led a broad coalition of civil rights, religious, educational, law enforcement and civic organizations working in support of the legislation.

  7. Hoff May 4, 2009 @ 12:01 am

    Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have passed hate crime statutes, many based on model legislation drafted by ADL. The League has been a pioneer in drafting and promoting tough and effective hate crimes laws across the country. and

    l don’t know what to say more … The mafia jews brags that they wrote the law and that the jew mafia has worked relentless to get it pass in congress.

    German death cult? Arabs? Saudis?

  8. Hoff May 4, 2009 @ 12:44 am

    Canada and Hate Laws – and guess what …? Jews, jews and more jews writing the laws.

  9. Hoff May 4, 2009 @ 1:25 am

    ”ADL Hails House Approval Of Hate Crime Legislation”

    Let’s look at something else the jew mafia hailed back in 1919.

    “AJC delegation led by Louis Marshall plays leding role in the Paris Peace Conference decision to include minority-protection provision in post-World War l peace treaties.”

    Minority group = Special protection for special people = Jews = Hate Laws. Every country that jews have invaded the jews has sought to have Hate Laws, aka Minority rights, and the end result is that jews are ABOVE tha laws. You can say anything you want about muslims or white people, but if you even the slightest criticise the jews for what they do, all hell breaks lose and a SWAT team will take YOU away to a Gulag camp.

    This is history repeated all over again, again and again. But this time it’s the last call because once the jews take over America totally, then you americans are totally (any word) UP!

  10. waronyou May 4, 2009 @ 2:24 am

    As everybody is being distracted by the vastly overhyped swine flu hysteria, the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 which will serve as a mechanism to destroy free speech.

    This legislation will allow the federal government to provide support for state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies in the prosecution of any crime if it is believed to be motivated by prejudice based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

    This bill sets the foundation for the government to impose greater penalties on individuals who have a belief system that might be perceived to be prejudiced against any particular group of people.

    Clearly, this bill is designed to setup the building blocks to destroy what’s left of the First Amendment.

  11. Informer May 4, 2009 @ 3:19 am

    George Orwell didn’t quite get it right in his novel ‘1984’.

    What he should have written was: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a Zionist boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

  12. Michael K. May 4, 2009 @ 7:08 am

    Times Square, New York City – A New York Rabbi is offering spiritual help for people who are, or suspect that they might be Anti-semites. “People need to be put in touch with a higher power to cure them of this sickness,” says Rabbi Weisbagel to a crowd of onlookers gathered on the chilly streets of New York’s Times Square on a Saturday night at 11:30 P.M. Offering what he calls “the Jewish Sacrament” to those who would be blessed by a rabbi, and have the sin of hatred toward Jews absolved, the slightly rotund 65 year-old sage gestures toward a nearby building where the ceremony is performed many times a night.

    “ I wanted to reach the people who most need this help, the down and out street people of this magnificent city, who may have lost most of what they had in this economic downturn, and are maybe being seduced by the misleading ‘conspiracy theory’ lies of people who just plain hate Jews.” People receive not only a blessing, but a small care package containing such necessities as toiletries, foodstuffs, and comfort items. “ I just wanted to show people that Judaism is a religion of love.”

    “ The Rabbi gave me $20” says Roxanne, a resident of Times Square. “ He always gives me a tip.” Mickey, a tow-headed teenager dressed in baggy pants and a Carhartt jacket, who looks as though he has spent several nights on the street, approaches the Rabbi and asks some questions. Minutes later the two are heading towards the low brick building where the rabbi conducts his ministry. Later the boy is seen leaving , care package in his hands, and a different attitude. “ Jews are O.K.” Mickey volunteers, and then disappears into the New York City night.

    While the ministry is a private affair, between the Rabbi and the laity, Weisbagel volunteers this glimpse into the inner world of spiritual Judaism: “ The sacrament is the central mystery of the what we call the Kabbalah . In fact it is one of the central tenets of the Jewish faith as a whole.”

    While the Gentile may never fully understand the complex rituals of a tradition millenniums old, the door is open to those seeking a mystical experience and a journey into tradition when Rabbi Weisbagel hit’s the streets of Times Square, every night but Friday night. That‘s part of ”Shabbat”, the Jewish holy day of rest which begins at sunset on Friday, and lasts until sunset of Saturday. That night, the Rabbi stays at home with his wife of forty-one years, and observes a special she prepares for the occasion.

  13. Enya May 4, 2009 @ 8:39 am

    Jesus Christ to the Jews:- “Ye are of your Father the devil, and the lust of your Father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a liar and the Father of it” Gospel of St. John V111: 44.

  14. Hoff May 4, 2009 @ 9:54 am

    9-11 = Total BS CRAP. “War on Terror” = Total BS CRAP.

  15. admin May 4, 2009 @ 12:44 pm

    This Is From Matthew Dickinson Who Had Trouble With Anti-Spam:
    Hey, Hoff, the commentator on your website, he would probably like these vids:

    Persecution of Messianic Jews @
    AND @

    By the way, did you make up the story about Leon Czolgosz being Jewish? Where is the source??

    Don’t make up stories!!!

    – Matthew Dickinson

  16. Hoff May 4, 2009 @ 2:11 pm

    By the way, did you make up the story about Leon Czolgosz being Jewish? Where is the source??

    Don’t make up stories!!!

    – Matthew Dickinson

    Hoff: l have never heard that name and l have never claimed anyone by that name is jewish.

    I don’t have time for this nonsense.

  17. Hoff May 4, 2009 @ 2:33 pm

    ww2 the Good War?

    Eisenhower’s Death Camps.

  18. Harry May 4, 2009 @ 6:12 pm

    You Yanks have absolutely no idea what this will mean for you.

    This bill will alter the face of liberty in the US forever: it is a web that only a revolution will free you from.

  19. Dan Tanner May 4, 2009 @ 7:09 pm

    From the movie … Kingdom of Heaven

    [Hospitaler – David Thewlis] So, how find you Jerusalem?

    [Balian – Orlando Bloom] God does not speak to me.

    Not even on the hill … where Christ died.

    I am outside God’s grace.

    [Hospitaler – David Thewlis] I have not heard that.

    [Balian – Orlando Bloom] At any rate, it seems … I have lost my religion.

    [Hospitaler – David Thewlis] I put no stock in religion.

    By the word “religion” … I’ve seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of God.

    Holiness … is in right action … and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves.

    And goodness – what God desires – is here (points to Balian’s forehead) and here (points to Balian’s heart).

    By what you decide to do every day, you will be a good man. Or not.

  20. Hoff May 4, 2009 @ 8:45 pm

    Once you are on that No Fly list YOU have no rights. But that way the jew mafia can only snare some of the Americans.

    To make sure everyone is snared the jews want a draft for men AND women.

    You don’t go?

    Oh … then the jews send a SWAT team to get you and then you’re on the list and once on the list you got … Well, why don’t you listen to the jew yourself.

  21. Barbara May 4, 2009 @ 9:54 pm

    If I could I would donate, but I am not even at the poverty level. But I do thank you for your dedication. Also I have published this article on my blog with the required links etc.

    The word must get out and no one does it better than you. I tend to get a tad wordy but you are short and to the not so sweet point.

  22. Hoff May 4, 2009 @ 9:57 pm

    ”HR 1444 Civic Service Act Mandatory March 30, 2009 Version 2”

  23. Lynda May 4, 2009 @ 11:34 pm

    Dear Michael K,

    Did you get this from

    Ha Ha. Rabbi Weisbagel. That’s priceless.

    The absolute tragedy of these times is that powerful and concerted interests are making the Jews as a community and people hateful to the gentile population. When I was growing up, there was never any of this shyte.

    Americans were Americans. You knew your Jewish friends that you studied with, dated and generally associated with had this ‘chosen people thing’, but you made jokes about it. The ones who really became your friends made jokes about it.

    I remember sitting at the bat mitzvoh celebrations of my college boyfriend’s sister and hearing him tell his father ‘The Rabbi’ – “my girlfriend ‘the shiksa’ of whom we do not approve (looks at me very seriously) thinks you are anti-semitic”.

    And I remember arguing with his father about that and everybody laughed (maybe not everyone with humour), but this was a joke for crying out loud. And I would argue with him about that today. Because he did put down the Jews as Jews, many of whom I personally liked. Now I realize that this is an MO of rabbinic control.

    The days of Americans associating and trying after our diverse ways to understand each other and get on as friends / adversaries are over.

    But I remember a different America that I loved and I will always be sad for that American, this is the day the music died .

  24. Skip Baker May 5, 2009 @ 6:00 am

    Who would ever believe that in Freedom Loving America it would become against the law to “dislike” evil sinners who comit murders in Gaza, and blow up the World Trade Center?

    Who lied about “Gas Chambers” in Germany and extorts billions from innocent countries. People that poisoned the wells of the Middle Ages to spread the plague, and cost the lives of millions? Who would ever believe that it would be illegal to “dislike” such people?


  25. Michael K. May 5, 2009 @ 6:21 am

    Dear Lynda,

    Actually, I wrote that myself. These vignettes sometimes come to me in a flash, To me it’s less tiresome than writing pages upon pages of argument, when humor illustrates the point I really want to make.

    I know what you mean about how it used to be. My mother’s first husband was a Cohen. Even after they divorced, (his family plainly regarded my mother as a ‘Shiksa’), his sister remained a close friend of my mother’s. I called her Aunt in respect. Then, about ten years ago she began with this bossy, commanding way of talking to me. She was no longer funny or fun-loving. Now I hear she’s gone ultra-orthodox. We aren’t associated any longer.

    Maybe “Americans were Americans” because the Jews had a generation of WW II veterans to live amongst, and they had performed admirably against Germany, so there was a deference of sorts. WW II was a complete tragedy. It left the rural area I live in devoid of men…buildings fell into decay and families fell apart. An old way of life, a good and decent one as far as I can tell, died with those men.

    There’s a lot of Jews in my area. They, like us, moved up here to live the good life; after all dead men sell houses quite cheap. I have known several quite well. Still, even as friends they seem unable to resist the urge to “Jew me down” in business. And they talk about “true Communism”, which I’ve learned secretly means Judaism, when they apologize for Stalin’s excesses. And they are arrogant at times.

    Yes, they are pugnacious, pushy, and rude. But I never held that against them since we’re all flawed in some essential way. But they have pushed it too far: We (the homesteaders escaping New York) started a Co-op in 1979, and worked to make it a good place to get cheap, wholesome food. Now it’s a business in a box-store front with $7.50 loaves of bread, and eco-chocolate.

    I went to do an old-style co-op pre-order, where you pay up front and buy at 15% over cost. You know what they did? They tried to play me for a goy, and pretended they didn’t have a price sheet showing actual cost. The place is, of course, Jew/Masonic run to a large extent. I call it the Jew-Op now. Ha Ha Ha. The co-op died with the music.

    I want my friends back! Let go of them you evil Rabbis! Help them, Jesus! We used to all live together better, and I hope we will again some day.

  26. Son of Jeffer May 5, 2009 @ 7:05 am

    Keep up the good work Bro Nate, Heaven will reward you in due time.
    Here is a great site for truth seekers!!

    Also for you Volks in Germany and elswhere!

    Thanks again~

  27. admin May 5, 2009 @ 8:41 am

    Dear Real Zionist News Family & Readers Of This Site:

    Many of you do not realize, but a Catholic site: was SHUT DOWN by an ADL Internet “watchdog” group known as, International Network Against Cyberhate” (INACH).

    The ADL falsely nailed the Catholic Site as “Anti Semitic” and promoting “hate.” Thus this fine Christian site is GONE forever.

    This is only one of the reasons that I have changed the name of this site to “Real Zionist News” – to keep the Christ-hating, Freedom-hating, Jewish group, the ADL, off of my back. And they have been ALL OVER IT, these Christ-hating Jews.

    I have ONE ace in the hole which the ADL CANNOT touch. What is that? It is the Street Evangelism that I conduct. I have a HUGE Cross that I carry & HOLD HIGH IN THE AIR WHILE MAKING A FIST and I go to HEAVILY TRAFFICKED median strips here in the SKI & SUMMER Resorts of Colorado where I live.

    I also go to Harvard Sq (doing the Harvard Graduation week of June 1-8, 2009), NYC (doing Times Sq & Wall Street May 12-18, 2009) and various other cities.

    The response by GRASS ROOTS Americans and the Youth is overwhelmingly POSITIVE.

    So, if contributing to this site is not your cup of tea, then Please Consider donating to the Street Evangelism that I conduct.

    AND, I am *greatly appreciative* of those who have donated to the cause of the ministry I conduct, both on this site and on the streets. Many, many thanks to you!

    The ADL cant touch me on the streets, the response is overwhelmingly positive, and IT’S OUR LAST CHANCE to save America from the Christ-hating, Freedom-Hating, ALL PERVASVE and ALL CONTROLLING, Jews!

    So please consider donating to my upcoming NYC and Boston trips and my vision to take the Street Evangelism to EVERY MAJOR CITY in the US.

    The youth mob me, adults honk and blast their horns and shout, “We Are With You!” and WE CAN CHANGE AMERICA TO A CHRISTIAN NATION again, if you can pray and help my ministry.

    I simply cry out (and in tears) that I can’t get people to get behind the ministry I am conducting. I am not rich like the millionaire Jews who fund the ADL, AIPAC, Bnai Brith, and the THOUSANDS of Jew organzations CONTROLLING America now. So, if I can get this Street Evangelism OFF THE GROUND, I am dependent on financial help from concerned Americans and concerned citizens of the world.

    Please Consider Donating To The Street Evangelism Cause!

    Donations can be made on the NEW Hassle Free Donation Feature at the top and bottom of this article or CLICK:

    OR – Donations may be sent SAFELY by mail to:
    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Thank you for hearing me out on this VERY URGENT Appeal.

    The JEWS are winning so far. BUT, we can beat the Christ Hating Jews, the Freedom Hating Jews, if you will help me out.

    Your +Brother In Christ,
    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  28. admin May 5, 2009 @ 8:43 am

    Dear Hoff,

    I just received your additional donation today in the mail. Thank you dear Hoff!

    I appreciate you and your many fine comments here on OUR site, Real Zionist News.


  29. JOHN JONES JR May 5, 2009 @ 10:12 am









  30. Jim DeTexas May 5, 2009 @ 10:23 am

    Who knew political correctness would become law one day.

    But, is it not a sin to remain silent while others defy God and lead the unwitting into the brimstone fires with them?

    Shall we obey the new laws and watch as the satanists continue to take control of the world?

    Should we continue to speak out and be declared as terrorists, stripped of our God given rights, arrested, to be dragged off to one of the FEMA camps tortured into confession, re-educated, or killed?

    Prehaps the smart thing to do is to change how we approach certain subjects. Break out the ol’ Thesaurus and expand our vocabularies. I don’t really think having anyone incarcerated at this point will serve the larger whole.

    I find it amazing that the most hate-filled group in the entire world can have its self and its anti-christ satanic practices protected by the highest laws of the land.

  31. Skip Baker May 5, 2009 @ 11:06 am

    Michael K:

    I haven’t heard that term “Jew me down” since back in the 1950s but my mom used to use it all the time. We didn’t know any jews, it was just something everybody said. I guess even in a small town in West Virginia, people had had interactions with cheating Jews.

    They and their Satanic religion if the Babylon of Revelation and Babylon is falling. One minister I know says we are part of the 10 Lost Tribes, and that Queen Elizebath can show her ancestors all the way back to King David.

    Of course the REAL King David would never use a Hexagram as his “star.” But the Christians have no idea that the Hexagram is Satan’s symbol.

    You’d think the Baptists would wake up at some point.

  32. Jim DeTexas May 5, 2009 @ 2:35 pm

    Dear. Bro NK,

    $$$$$ Coming V Snail be watchful

  33. Hoff May 5, 2009 @ 5:51 pm

    Pc, Political Correctness is judaism.

    Take any topic and compare what PC wants and what the jew mafia wants.

    PC is all about shut up anybody resisting the Global Jew Mafia taking control of the state.

  34. Hoff May 5, 2009 @ 6:13 pm

    Why it matters that jews own all the “media”

    Imagine that there is only one paper in your country and YOU are the owner. Can you imagine what you could do with that power?

    Your family have some dark things in the closet. Do you tell the world that? No, you don’t and that is how you would lie to the world – you don’t tell.

    And this is what the jews who owns all the “media” does – the jews don’t tell, the jews can tell you any lie – and the jews are lying to you.

    The jews are the most criminal group of people on earth and the jews don’t tell.

    What you call “media” is nothing but lying jews propaganda-machine. The lying jews have a monopoly just the same as they had in the jew run Sovjet.

    You still don’t get it? Look up the word Imbecile.

  35. Eternal Love May 5, 2009 @ 8:54 pm

    Dear Brother,

    Thanks for the article. Could we have another “Stalin epoch in US” 55 years later…??? I hope not…

    A friend of mine sent me an interesting info/article in Russian.

    It is about the serious changes of the Cosmic Divine Vibrations.

    In the night of 24 – 25th April 2009 an important Cosmic event had started, which will bring significant changes in all human spheres. Our Mother Earth enters the level of much higher Cosmic energy vibrations compared to what we have had up to 24 – 25th April. Since that day the number of different cataclysms will increase, new viruses will appear, etc…. Many people will not be able to survive the higher Cosmic vibrations.

    The serious differences among human Souls will be observed. Most of the human Souls would stay at the level of low/lower divine vibrations. Only 1.4% (unfortunately) would go to the higher divine vibrations, (at least at the beginning) where people are becoming people-angles, living in a new world, feeling themselves as part of Cosmic Love and GOD. The Creator’s message: “These are my people, my assistants who are helping me in my difficult work.” Do not interfere and do not stay on the path of my representatives, otherwise you will have to deal with me….”

    Only Souls of Light and Love will live on our great planet. Souls, devoted to working for the happiness of all people, connected through the holy Cosmic Love!!!

    I myself had a very interesting experience in the night of 29-30th April 2009. I could not sleep and started to meditate and pray. Suddenly, while with closed eyes, I saw a thick wall of golden vibrant Light pushing towards me. I did not know how to explain the phenomenon, I have been seeing smaller lights before but this was new and Huge. When, later on, I got that message I was not so surprised. Could be GOD trying to give me help and higher vibrations to survive the up coming challenge. Of course I am very Grateful to my ,our, Dear GOD and will do whatever he wants me to do for him!!!!!

    I am sending part of the Energy I got to our Brother and our people here. Hope they will get their own energy soon. Or they might have already got it.

    Here is the part of the Russian text:

    “25-04-2009 4:34 АРиМА
    Отец-Творец Эллохет, СОНМ Миров Света и Любви, Вознесенные
    Учителя и все Сути Разумных Цивилизаций, Крайон и Метатрон и многие
    – те, кого вы знаете и не знаете…
    Мы пришли, чтобы передать вам важную информацию.
    Сегодня в ночь с 24 на 25-е апреля для вас, Землян, начинается очень важное
    Космическое событие, что приведет к значительным изменениям, затронув все сферы вашего
    мира 3-х мерности.
    Земля входит в фотонную полосу высокочастотной Космической энергии. С этого дня
    резко усилится количество катаклизмов, техногенных аварий, распространение новых
    мутабельных вирусов, состояние людских организмов уже не будет способно выдерживать
    эти частоты.
    То, что раньше можно было пережить с наименьшими потерями, малыми жертвами уже
    не обойдется!
    Крах ожидает всё – все структуры земные и людей, не взирая на чины и должности –
    тех, кто закрыл Сердца и Души свои от проникновения Божественной Благодати!
    Обратите внимание на состояние дел в церквях и Храмах!
    Там, где вроде бы всех ближе служители к Богу, – начнутся серьезные потери и
    разрушения там, где Вера лишь на словах, а на деле отбывается как повинность. Где нет тепла
    и принятия БОГА в Душе своей, – там ждите уже не Знаки, а последствия серьезные.
    Резкие колебания температуры воздуха усилятся, повысится содержание в
    атмосфере наэлектризованных ионизированных частиц. Воздух будет пропитан озоном,
    как во время грозы, но его содержание превысит обычные для вас нормы, необходимые
    для свободного дыхания.
    Поэтому вместо благого дыхания у многих жителей Планеты начнутся удушающие
    симптомы, как вследствие нехватки воздуха, которым вы привыкли дышать.
    Тем, кто обратился за помощью к Творцу-Создателю через Памятку или иным путем
    (напоминаем ещё раз, что через Памятку самый эффективный и быстрый путь раскрытия и
    трансформации сознания и всей сути Вашей), – мы сразу же начинаем встраивать
    жизнеобеспечивающие капсулы, помогающие адаптироваться к Высокочастотным Космическим
    излучениям и всем последствиям, ими вызванными.
    Сколько можно ВАС просить, предупреждать, взывать к Душам Спасателей, чтобы
    активизировали свои действия по донесению Спасительной информации, используя все
    доступные каналы. Медитациями вы не измените ситуацию на Планете! Нужны ваши
    активные действия!!!
    Нам больно видеть, как ВЫ гибнете, покидая тела свои, которые можно было бы
    сохранить! А все из-за вашей земной элементарной лени, дорогие!
    Вы всё ждете, когда начнется ПЕРЕХОД? Он уже идет, и начинаются уже те «ягодки», о
    которых мы вам говорили!
    Примите кардинальные меры для своего Спасения!
    Примите Руку помощи Творца-Создателя и Всех Сил Белого Света Любви и Добра!!!
    Ведь завтра вы уже просто не сможете дотянуться до этой руки, даже испытывая
    горячее желание «взяться» за неё! И будете молить БОГА, а ОН не услышит! И не потому,
    что не захочет! А дело в том, что наступает для многих непроснувшихся порог
    вибрационной недосягаемости!!!
    ВАС попросту уже не услышат!!! И начинается этот разделяющий порог с завтрашнего
    Формируется резкая вибрационная граница, что навсегда разделит ВАС, на Земле
    находящихся вместе, но наряду с этим уже в других планах и подпланах бытия, опускаясь всё
    ниже, на частоты животного развития низкочастотного вибрационного проявления Души!
    В то время, как через множество раскрытых порталов у пробудившихся, к сожалению,
    пока в небольшом количестве (примерно 1, 4% землян), начнется стремительный взлет, т.к.
    ограничивающие, сдерживающие Ваше Духовное проявление параметры Человеческого
    сознания – его спящие пассивные элементы начнут активизацию, уменьшение гравитационной
    составляющей, изменение амплитуды колебания частотных клеточных характеристик.
    Завеса уходит. Вы воочию встретитесь с различными мирами и проявлением Вашего
    Высшего Я-Души в различных мерностях и жизнях. Всё сольется в Едином ЕСМЬ. Мы
    готовили ВАС к этому Эоны лет! Принимайте всё в Любви и Покое.”

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our $5 campaign for GOD your Soul and this site!!!!!

    Eternal Love (Holocaust horror stories survivor)

  36. tom ferguson May 5, 2009 @ 10:32 pm

    In our article of reference here, we see that our words are being attacked.

    We know that words, however great or meager, are the vehicles of ideas and thoughts. Without them it would be impossible to share thoughts or ideas. By manipulating the meanings of words, or using words to signify something other than their meanings in accepted usage, we have in fact seen an attack on words and on our basic intelligence. But, I would submit that the attack is much deeper than our speech.

    This is what is commonly called an ‘end run’ toward a goal which is that of eventually being able to dictate what we are permitted to think and / or believe.

    In studying the great true ‘hollicosts’ of the past 100 plus years of history such as those in Armenia and Russia where the death tolls are staggering, it will be seen who the perpetrators have been. I believe that as the “old serpent” steadily and stealthfuly moves his meandering agenda along, we can at some point expect the same.

    It is interesting to observe that many “Christian” communions have held bitterness against others of their brothers and sisters “IN CHRIST” down through the centuries. Yet are “enemy” has no such prejudices.

    He has slaughtered Catholics, Orthodox, Armenian, Serbian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Evangelical and every other ‘persuasion’ of the Christian faith. Perhaps he sees something that we do not.

    As we approach these issues we must keep in mind that we have been instructed that “Satan’s kingdom is not divided, if it were so then his kingdom would be at an end.”

    My prayer is that we as a “BODY” will soon see our common enemy and drop our own small personal agendas against each other. Let us not play into the devils hand. Let us give him NO place in us.

  37. Jim DeTexas May 5, 2009 @ 10:34 pm

    Revealing interview from the August, 1988 broadcast of Frank Morrow’s

    It cements Dr. Paul’s place as America’s leading economic prophet crying in the wilderness and a voice we ignore at our own loss. At the time of the interview, Dr. Paul was the Libertarian candidate for president.

    Paul describes how, through the control of the Federal Reserve and the banking system, the American power elite is basically out of reach of the democratic system.

    Dr. Paul rightly states that many politicians in DC aren’t informed about the nature of banking or economics, a condition that serves the interests of the central banking establishment. He also rightly states that the Federal Reserve, due to its secrecy and power, is nothing less than evil. This American agrees.

    47:22 Video here…….

    From what Congressman Ron Paul tells us in this video, I would say the sand in the hour glass has almost ran out.

    I think the time to watch this video is well spent, I intend to watch it again.

  38. chinese May 5, 2009 @ 11:21 pm

    Keep up the good work, brother Nathanael!

    This website has played an important role in helping “wake the Chinese from their slumber”.

    Thanks to you, as well as a Chinese translation of the documentary “the money masters”, jewish scheme has attracted so much attention in China that, when Jacob Rothschild visited China last week, the talk-show of the major Chinese state television station CCTV arranged for him to appear on the programme and he was bluntly challenged on the issue.

    This is a good start. I am confident that, before long, the majority of the Chinese people, Christians or not, will be ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with Christians from around the world in the fight against jewish conspiracy.

  39. John May 5, 2009 @ 11:54 pm

    Why cave to the Jews and change the name of the site? The anti-zionist Jews, Neturei Karta, still follow the racist Torah and Talmud and reject Christ.

    Judaism was a racist religion before political Zionism ever existed. Jews call themselves “the chosen people” and call the rest of us gentiles. Even atheistic Jews will brag of their high I.Q. compared to gentiles. They favor each other while discriminating against the goyim. They hate and fear gentiles because of Holocaust propaganda.

    Do you think some slimy Jew pornographer in Hollywood cares about Israel? Of course not. All he wants is to continue to pimp out gentile girls for profit.

  40. Jim DeTexas May 6, 2009 @ 5:40 am

    Well Brothers and Sisters in Christ it looks like your paryers paid off, for now, but keep praying.

    Hate Bill Put On Hold
    In Senate Judiciary
    By Rev. Ted Pike

    Story here…….

  41. Hoff May 6, 2009 @ 5:46 am

    Just read it – The longest hatred

  42. Michael K. May 6, 2009 @ 6:24 am

    Dear Skip Baker,

    I want to address the ‘Lost Tribes’ hypothesis and its possible uses. I have spent much time in research on the issue, and have concluded two things:

    First: There is a reasonable chance that it is true, and that we are in some way descended there from.

    Second: The same evidence may be used to heretically Judaize Christians into a belief in ‘Race’ above ‘Grace.’ This is a part of the puzzle, and it is the reason I refer to it as the “British Israel Zionist” entity.

    The author of the 1970 underground treatise, “The Union Jack” exposes this in depth, and I recommend it highly. This wise author repeats over and over, “it’s not whether or not a fact is true, for it may be, but TO WHAT USE is it being put?” Please carefully consider this when confronted with the evidence of our Israelitish origins.

  43. Michael K. May 6, 2009 @ 6:32 am

    Dear chinese,

    Thank you for sharing the message of what is going on in China.

    I have studied the Chinese, and found a people whom I regard as some of the best farmers and carpenters in the world.

    I find a people struggling for an honest life in the good earth.

    We have so much we could share together in peace and love. We are natural allies, not natural enemies.

  44. admin May 6, 2009 @ 2:13 pm

    Dear Chinese – Nice to hear from you!

    The catacomb Chinese Orthodox church of now about 30,000 is holding its own, but suffering persecution of various intensities.

    It was first established in the 19th century by the Moscow Patriarchate, and then continued as an orphaned branch after St. John Maximovich and the expat China Russians were forced to first live in Shanghai, and then emigrate to the Western world, leaving the native bishops, clergy and laity behind.

    One of the monks from Platina several years ago was able to travel to China, and made contact with the catacomb Orthodox, who are living in a very subdued and simple manner, as Christianity is an illegal religion in China.

    Although isolated, and these Orthodox Christian bishops are kept a secret among the Chinese without formal identity, these hierarchs have never broken apostolic grace.

    The Chinese Orthodox, who never apostasied during the “Cultural Revolution,” are currently in informal communion with the small, but growing Orthodox mission in Japan of about 15,000, started by St. Nicholas of Japan about 50 years ago.

    Also, the Moscow Patriarchate, that is, the Russian Church, which I am a part of, is doing much to help the Orthdodox Christians in China vis a vis their political ties with Putin and China.


  45. Lynda May 6, 2009 @ 2:53 pm

    Dear Michael,

    We did use to live together much better indeed. America was founded as a Masonic repulbic and is now a post Christian nation.

    Most people, Jew and Gentile are frankly secular and for the secular Jews, their Jewishness is frankly a tribal identity. The Judaic supremacy which promotes the new world order agenda (Communism in its strict Marxist sense) was expressed in tribal even colloquial ways.

    The secular Gentiles have their own tribal identities and those supremacies (which never arose to the level of international organisation unless they were Freemasons or Communists) – were expressed in the pretty much the same way.

    So at the grass roots, life as normal was for the most part harmonious with a lot of American pushing and shoving. But there was also real friendships and some degree of understanding.

    Unless, of course, you belonged to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church which does look to a reigning King over all nations, a priesthood over a covenant which invites all humanity to come in through baptism and a teaching authority for all people – the light of the Gentiles. If you identify with that, e.g. as a Roman Catholic, then you were unpopular with everyone.

  46. Fr. Joseph May 6, 2009 @ 4:23 pm

    Dear chinese,

    Good to hear about ‘The Money Masters’ translated into Chinese and distributed in China – especially in light of Rothschild’s visit.

    Perhaps you might know someone fluent in Chinese to translate the following articles on FINANCIAL SLAVERY to Central Bankers imposed on all peoples of all nations of our World and get them circulated amongst the Chinese population:

    – Fr. Joseph

  47. kt May 6, 2009 @ 5:46 pm

    Eternal Love,

    The stuff in Russian is a complete non-sense and has nothing to do with Orthodox Christianity.

    As well as the ‘cosmic vibrations’ that is more related to Blavatskaya lifetime service to Satan. The fact that you saw some light does not mean it comes from God you could be under prelest’

    This is the intro of the russian letter:

    Father – Creator ELOKHET..[]..and all Senses of Rational Civilizations, Kryron and Metatron and many other who you may know or may not know……

    You’re a Christian and believe this?! Wake up bro.

  48. Eternal Love May 6, 2009 @ 10:22 pm

    Dear Kt,

    The person who sent this email to me is a Christian and a very good one. I have known him for many years and have not noticed Satanic inclination in him. Extremely good Soul, giving, charitable, living for others, ready to help. Would you call this satan???

    I have not read Blavatska’s books, I am not interested in her. Yes, I am an Orthodox Christian too, born in extremely religious family. My family and GOD taught me to Love and Respect every Human Being, because we are all GOD’s kids. Yes, we are different, some of us love money and power, but they are still GOD’s kids.

    Love your enemy… Of course I do not know how I could love our bankers/gangsters brothers, but my GOD Christ and my family taught me this.

    “The fact that you saw some light does not mean it comes from God you could be under prelest’”

    Dear Kt, I respect your opinion and think you are also a good Christian, ready to give your life for GOD. But how do you know that the Beautiful Unearthly Light, I saw, does not come from GOD?

    And yes, you are right we all need to wake up at some point. I will be away for a couple of weeks for a spiritual retreat. When I come back we could have a very interesting discussion.

    Lots of Love,

    Please, support our $5 campaign for GOD your Soul and this site!!!!!

    Eternal Love (Holocaust horror stories survivor)

  49. Hoff May 7, 2009 @ 1:55 am

    How was it he said … That jew “Rahmbo” … “If you are on the No Fly list you got no rights.” Here is the No Flight list for EU. Are YOU the next one on the No Fly list? G Galloway is already on the No Flight list to Canada.

    Just as l write this l came to think of one who is on a No Fly list to America. He is a commi scumbag and pro-palestinians. That is why he is on the No Fly list. To my knowledge he has never been involved in any criminal terrorist acts, but he is a “possible terrorist”.

    As l said, the Global Jew Mafia wants a Global Poice State and they are getting it. First you take control of the fly hubs, all the main airports of the world, next all major dopmestic airports. Look at a map how the jews have encircled all palestinians in Palestine.

    This is what the jews wants for all non-jews. Once you are encircled you can’t get out.

  50. chinese May 7, 2009 @ 4:12 am

    dear michael k.,

    i can’t agree with you more.

    we are natural allies, not natural enemies! over the centuries, you have earned our respect and admiration. i hope we can truly work together like natural allies and build a better world of peace and love.

    dear fr. joseph,

    thank you for your message.

    i am afraid i can’t access the website you gave me. i suspect it is blocked by authorities in china.

    do you think you can send the articles to me via email? i’ll see what i can do to get them translated into chinese and circulated in china.

    here is my email address:

    dear admin.,

    thank you for message which is very touching and informative.

    christians in china enjoy more religious freedom now compared with 30 years ago. but they still need help, especially from the international christian community.

    i am sure what you have been trying to do for the chinese orthodox christians, though a small minority among the 80~100 million christians in china, is of great value to them and will be more appreciated than you expect.

  51. Son of Jeffer May 7, 2009 @ 5:57 am

    To China- please study everything about the Opium Wars, the Rothschild Zionists were responsible for it all!

    30-50 million dead, go here-


    America is not your enemy

  52. chinese May 7, 2009 @ 9:06 am

    Thank you for the link, Son of Jeffer.

    Not everyone in China is aware that the opium war was started for the benefits of Jews. But a lot of people do.

    The Chinese people have always had positive views of America and Americans.

    From the flying tigers, to General Stilwell, Americans who fought for and in China during the 2nd world war have always been remembered with affection and gratitude by the Chinese people, communists as well as nationalists.

    Earlier this week, descendants of General Stilwell were again invited back to China as honored guests of the government and people of China.

    Even in the days just before the start of the Korean war (a conspiracy by Stalin to bleed China and America for the benefits of the Soviet Union), Chinese leaders like Mao Tsetung, who counted Washington and Lincoln as his heroes, were still trying desperately to try to maintain equally, if not more, friendly relations with the United States as with the Soviet Union, which was becoming increasingly in vain after American observers and representatives who forged close personal friendship with Chinese communist leaders while based in Yan’an, wartime base of Chinese communists, were recalled and became victims of McCarthyism.

    As a result, New China had no choice but to fall into Stalin’s trap and was maneuvered by Stalin into a bloody war with China’s wartime ally, the United States.

    Largely because of this, but also because of the loss of Mongolia and Stalin’s persist support for soviet agents within the Chinese communist party who had been the more-nationalist-than-communist Mao’s rivals in the party’s power struggles, Mao Tsetung had always retained this grudge against the Soviets, and he finally broke up with the Soviet Union in the early 1960s when he decided had had enough.

    A few years later, in 1971, Mao invited the American president to visit China, something he had wanted to do more than 20 years earlier.

  53. Michael K. May 7, 2009 @ 1:57 pm

    Dear Chinese,

    Below is a short letter sent to me by a respected researcher named Dick Eastman. This episode from history was unknown to me prior to this letter, and I hope in posting it to call upon the combined scholarly abilities of all of RZN’s readers to help me understand the truth behind these statements. In particular, would you indulge us as an honored guest to explain just what you think and know about this “Christian” leader, and whether this is part of or connected to what is called “The Boxer Rebellion,” and whatever other thoughts and insights you may like to share.? Thank You, and The Peace of Christ Be With You.

    “ There is no shame in being the victim of attempts by the world elites to keep you in ignorance  — there is honor in being open minded enough to seek the facts.”   

    “Hung was born January 1, 1814, became aquainted with the Bible through Methodist missionaries and after a severe illness and a mystical experience, if that is the right word, conceived of a form of Christianity that combined with the earlier teachings of Mo Ti (who taught universal love as the solution to man’s all of mankind’s social problems before the Christian era) and began teaching  the peasants his new doctine of the Kingdom of Heaven and Great Peace on Earth  or  Taiping.    A new kind of religious awakening moved over China as Hung cleared out the bandits and pirates that had dominated the peasants.”  

    “In reaction to  the horrible opium wars of 1839-1842 ,  Hung conducted a fierce ten-year struggle for control of central China, converting thousands to his new form of Moist (not Maoist) Christianity. Chinese nationalism was thus born in this new Christianity  — something the Communists and the Kuomintang and the British, Europeans and Americans never want  to admit.    Hung presented himself  as a “younger brother” of Jesus Christ and, denouncing the missionaires and displacing the Manchu dynasty discredited by its failure to throw out the imperialists and their opium, became, after a sweeping victory in Nanking,  the revolutionary Christian emperor of China.” 

    “Nothing in China could stop Hung. He abolished foot binding.  He broke up the big estates giving land to the poor.  The Chinese were ready to accept his teachings and his leadership.  The mandate of heaven seemed to have been passed to him.  And then the Imperialists — the “Christian” (Judeo-Christian-Gnostic? MK) Imperialists — outraged that an Asian would presume to interpret Jesus in their own way sent in new armies in a new and bloody war that, between 1851 and 1865,  resulted in  23 million Chinese deaths (more than Germany lost in World War II) in the West’s effort to subdue the Kingdom of Heaven and Great Peace on Earth.”   

    “The British had to wait until  1857 (after they had put down the Sepoy Mutiny in India and won a war with Persia) before they could send a force sufficient to “put down” to so-called  “Taiping Rebellion” — they landed and took Chinese leaders prisoners whom they sent to a “Guantanamo” in Calcutta.  Smelling blood and profit the US, France and Russia joined in the attack.  Benjamin Disraeli’s government sustained the British authorities in China and when they were defeated on the issue in the House of Commons, Parliament was dissolved and Disraeli and the British press propagandized the country winning support for a continuation of the hostilities.”   

    “I recommend the book The Rebel Emperor by Flavia Anderson  (New York:  Doubleday & Co., 1959) as the best book I know on the subject and in fact the only book I know on the subject.”

  54. Hoff May 7, 2009 @ 2:57 pm

    Here he established the house of David Sassoon & Co., with branches at Calcutta, Shanghai, Canton, and Hongkong; and his business, which included a monopoly of the opium-trade,

  55. Skip Baker May 7, 2009 @ 3:06 pm

    Read your bible in a year?

    These programs the preachers are getting Christians to use where they read their bibles through in one year keep people from understanding what they are reading. It is a race every morning to read your 7 chapters and get on to work.

    For instance, when a person is trying to read that fast and they come to II Kings 16 they would just assume that there was a “big battle” in the Old Testament. It would never dawn on them that what the passage is really saying is that “the Israelites went up to Jerusalem to fight the Jews.” It would never occur to them that “the Jews” in Judah were sacrificing their children to the fires and to the god Moloch, SATAN, while the Israelites had a good king that fought such Satanism.

    Sometimes it went the other way around, and God’s people in Israel also had bad kings that had to be dealt with by good kings in Judah. This makes it very confusing for people who READ rather than STUDY their bibles!

    For instance when you get to Revelation 17 the average Christian would never guess that the “Great Whore” and the “8th Beast” of that chapter is Israel’s Talmudic religion of today! I have new artwork on my page that illustrates what I have been able to glean from Pastor Eli James sermons on the 8th Beast.

    In one of his articles entitled “Why 2012?” he shows how that will be “Judgment Day” for the Jewish cabalistic religion, and others, when there is going to be a prominence of the sun on the morning of December 21 of that year. It will have the sun lined up with the galactic center and besides sending off horrific heat, it is going to give forth awful electronic waves that will devastate everybody on that morning that also agrees with the Mayan calender and other prophecies, including those in Islam.

    I have created a new chart that shows how the Rothschild Banking Cartel is the 8th Beast of Revelation 17 on my page at:

    Not only is Judaism the “Great Whore” but also its banking power is the Great Beast that will force everybody to get “the mark” either in the hand or forehead when the electronic money comes along. As true Christians are going to be persecuted by this Beast for a short while, others will be hunting down Jews at the same time, providing their own self fulling prophecy. The very Time of Jacob’s Trouble predicted. If my math is right the time period for The Mark will last about 22 days. Then the 10 Kingdoms will turn on the Great Whore they have come to hate and “eat her flesh” and “burn her with fire.”

    Anybody can make it for a month without “buying or selling” if they have a little food stocked away. Eli says that you need to be ready to “flee with the clothes on your back” when this all comes together, and I think he’s right. Moving to small towns right now would be a wise thing to do.


  56. Hoff May 7, 2009 @ 3:13 pm

    Serious? Does any thinking person take the BULLSHITLER at ADL, Ape Fraudman serious? This is the absolute worst piece of braindead … SERIOUS??????

    ”Abraham H. Foxman: Jews Under Attack, Part 1 of 3”

  57. Hoff May 7, 2009 @ 3:44 pm

    ”The Ringworm Children (Part 01)”

  58. kt May 7, 2009 @ 4:50 pm

    Dear Eternal Love,

    Its just the text you shown is not Christian but you refer to it, as if it is. I don’t know you or your friend.. Things like ‘cosmic energies’ are the terminology of neo-occultist teachings (I haven’t read all of Blavatskaya either because one paragraph is enough – just books full of junk, but she does admit in writing that the ‘ultimate cosmic energy’ is Satan). But anyway…cosmic vibrations and energies are the terminology of neo-pagan followers who sometimes go to church too and don’t know what they are doing! Anyone who digs deeper into those teachings will find Satan. They think these things work together but there is no way.

    Regarding the ‘light’..I don’t really know, but it reminds me of the ‘light’ that I’ve read about in Seraphim Rose ‘Life after Death’. Somehow when people see a beautiful light they automatically think its good, but not necessarily..

    I like your enthusiasm but I just had to comment…somehow if you believe in the ‘energies’ you could be tricked easily, cause Satan is after Christians..and I still think the Russian stuff there is not Christian but an insult to what Orthodoxy is. I guess I uphold you to a higher standard already..
    Take care..

  59. Joanne May 7, 2009 @ 6:51 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael,

    Excellent interview with Rev. Pike.

    The Lord has promised that He will restore what the crawling and consuming Locusts (Zionists) have destroyed.

    Zionists strategically plan a one world religion…

    The World Sabbath is a unique concept. There is no other holy day celebrated by all religious faiths. There is no other holiday calling for an end to religious war and persecution. The World Sabbath could become an annual holy day recognized and supported by many religious and secular groups. Although it may take several years, we should ask various church bodies and other institutions to make this day an official part of their Calendar.”

    The World Sabbath of Religious Reconciliation has two goals: to create the first holy day to be shared by all religions of the world, and to teach religious leaders how to publicly oppose hate campaigns and religious wars.

    Ten years before the First World Parliament of Religions held in 1893, “The Jewish World” predicted the universal movement of all religions toward a universal Judaism and below is a comment made by this group:

    “The dispersion of the Jews has rendered them a cosmopolitan people. They are the only cosmopolitan people, and in this capacity must act, and are acting, as a solvent of national and racial difference. The great Ideal of Judaism is not that Jews shall be allowed to flock together one day in some hole-and-corner fashion, for, if not tribal, at any rate separatist objects; but that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations – a greater Judaism, in fact – all the separate races and religions shall disappear.” (Feb. 9-16, 1883)

    The Universal Brotherhood of Nations and Judaised One World Religion have common origins in Freemasonry. Masonic doctrine is based on the Jewish Kabbalah and Masonic rituals on Kabbalistic interpretations of the Old Testament.

    Establishment of the World Sabbath as holy day for all religions essential to the Masonic design of shifting Western Civilization away from the Christian traditional observance of the Lord’s Day (Sunday) to obligatory observance of the Hebrew Sabbath (Saturday).

    This will facilitate the Gentiles’ acceptance of the Noahide Laws and compulsory induction into the mysteries of Freemasonry, whose initiates consider themselves to be the only True Noahides.

    There is a movement taking place that wishes to eliminate the symbol of the cross from churches and public view. False prophets have actually been involved in what some Messianics are calling a “circumcision ceremony” with the removal of steeples, on which there usually resides a cross.

    It is worth noting that the Noahide Laws will be administered by a restored Sanhedrin, the ruling body of the Jews which found Jesus Christ guilty of blasphemy on the accusations of two false witnesses.

    The false doctrine of merited righteousness through observance of the Noahide Laws is an affront to the grace of God, who imputes Christ’s righteousness to sinful men on the basis of faith alone. Ephesians 2:1-10 describes true salvation whereby God unites the believer with Jesus Christ, who enables him/her to overcome the power of sin.

    Sincerely Yours in Christ,

  60. admin May 7, 2009 @ 8:56 pm

    This Is Again From Joanne Who Suddenly Encountered Problems With The Anti-Spam Button:
    Dear Michael K.

    I disagree with your comments regarding Tribe of Dan and British-Israelism, they should not be compared.

    The Anti-christ will be a jew and come from the Tribe of Dan who originate from the north part of Israel.

    The Tribe of Dan are jews and it is a Jewish conspiracy, not Gentile. They are the Synagogue of Satan and moved to Europe only to cause more trouble and they have no part in God’s future plans concerning Israel.

    British-Israelism is a false teaching and is taught in the World-wide church of God also known as Armstrongism.

    Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,


  61. chinese May 8, 2009 @ 1:17 am

    Dear Michael K.,

    I will not pretend to be a historian. Nevertheless, I will attempt to give my understanding and my view regarding Hung and his Taiping uprising. I trust other readers here will not hesitate to point out my errors or misunderstanding.

    The 19th century was a turbulent one for China. By the time of the first Opium War in 1840, the Manchus, an ethnic minority which had originated from Manchuria, had ruled the majority Han Chinese for a century and a half with iron and blood.

    The Manchus, rather like the Jews in Europe, were able to defeat the much larger Han Chinese population and establish the Qing Dynasty largely because, towards the end of the previous dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, there was a devastating famine which led to a popular peasant uprising headed by a charismatic leader.

    Government forces fought a ferocious war in an increasingly futile attempt to put down the peasant uprising. Shortly after the peasant rebels captured Peking following a string of successful campaigns that annihilated government forces, the last Ming emperor committed suicide. But the peasant rebel army almost immediately fell victim to a plague and had little appetite or strength to fight another war.

    The Manchus, who had been harassing the Han Chinese government forces along the Great Wall for years like the other nomads the Mongols and the Huns before them, smelled blood.

    A Ming general stationed at one of the key fortresses of the Great Wall was just about to surrender to the new government established by the peasant rebels when he learnt that his favorite concubine was kidnapped by a leading peasant rebel general. Rage drove him to betray his own kind and he handed over the fortress to the Manchus whom he joined in order to take revenge over the peasant rebels.

    The Manchu-dominated joint forces easily overwhelmed the exhausted peasant rebel army and a massacre on a huge scale over the whole country followed which lasted for several years. Han Chinese who resisted and who refused to adopt Manchu costumes and a pigtail for men were either butchered, committed suicide, or fled to Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, or other south east Asian countries.

    The unprecedented brutality bred burning hatred for the Manchus among Han Chinese, who had to wait for a century and a half, until the Manchu defeat at the first Opium War in 1840, before they saw their opportunity to overthrow the Manchus.

    Since the Manchus were defeated by the Christian European forces, this sparked a sudden interest among Han Chinese in Christianity. Hung, who was born and brought in the southern-most province of Guangxi, bordering Canton, took advantage of this interest and started his modified, localized version of Christianity and used it as a rallying point to mobilize and unite Han Chinese in an uprising against the Manchus.

    60 years later, Mao Tsetung would use Communism in a similar manner to achieve his nationalistic ambitions.

    The Manchu forces were no match for Hung and his Han Chinese rebels and the rebels soon were controlling almost all of southern China. When Hung declared himself Emperor in Nanking on the southern banks of the Yangtze River, the Manchus didn’t hesitate to ask Europeans for help in a desperate attempt to put down the Han Chinese Taiping Rebellion.

    When Europeans got involved in the war, opportunistic Han Chinese warlords in southern and central china started establishing their own private armies, more for their own sake than the sake of the Manchu dynasty.

    Wars and indemnity payments to foreign governments bankrupted the Manchu government finances, and the ordinary people in China became the ultimate victims. Towards the end of the 19th century, the Manchu rulers managed successfully to channel people’s anger towards foreigners in the hope that the Boxers Movement, which was essentially anti-foreign, not anti-Christian, would help drive the foreign “devils” out of China.

    In this process, it wasn’t difficult to identify Christianity with Europeans and foreigners. Hence the popular myth that the Boxers were against Christians. When there was a backlash from the Europeans, the Manchus changed their tactic and started to try to use the Europeans against the increasingly anti-Manchu Han Chinese.

    10 years later, in 1911, Han Chinese united under the slogan “Kick out the Manchu barbarians and rebuild China!”

    Lesson one:

    If Christians unite, Jews won’t succeed in their attempt to undermine and destroy Christian civilization and achieve world dominance.

    Lesson two:

    The best way to attack a fortress is from inside.

  62. Michael K. May 8, 2009 @ 3:49 am

    Dear Joanne,

    There is a volume of evidence exposing British-Israelism, and while I too consider it a false teaching, I’m not sure where we disagree. That the tribe of Dan and the British are compared is not my original hypothesis.

    Yet, the arguments comparing the two are compelling enough to deserve our attention. I am familiar with neo-pagan and occult books on Druidism, as well as archeological history on the subject, and I actually find it nearly indistinguishable from Chaldean (Babylonian) astrological paganism.

    It is not inconceivable to me that there is a connection. I am opposed to the use of this knowledge to promote racial paganism amongst our people. Please elaborate further dear Joanne.

  63. Michael K. May 8, 2009 @ 9:56 am

    Dear Chinese,

    Great thanks for your insightful response. I will hope to hear from you again. The Peace of Christ Be With You.

  64. chinese May 8, 2009 @ 10:24 pm

    Dear Michael K.,

    I may add that the founding father of the Chinese Republic, Dr. Sun Yatsen, his family, his successor Chiang Kaishek and Chiang’s family were all Christians.

    Their wives were all from Chinese Christian families and were educated in missionary schools in china and later in the US.

  65. Lynda May 9, 2009 @ 12:53 pm

    Dear Joanne,

    The ‘World Sabbath’ is a Noachide concept and should canned by every Christian.

    Since the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, we worship on the Day of the Lord. This is the first day of the week and marks New Creation of the redemption. The Church has the power to change times and laws: “whatever ye bind on earth is bound in heaven”.

    The issue here is not the day but the resurrection of the Lord.

  66. Lynda May 9, 2009 @ 1:13 pm

    Dear Michael K,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    This comment section is issue and evidence based, but a lot of the readers have personal experiences that I think we should bring to our comment.

    Your experience with the co-op is is a little vignette of exactly what we are talking about. The more valuable because it is lived experience (as is Brother Nathanael’s own story).

    I can see that scene you described even without a script. I expect you probably did have some real friends among the Jews in the co-ops, but among their peers they had to ‘play you for a goy’ or risk moser treatment by their own.

    About the closest the gentiles have to this kind of thing is high school. Because my family moved during my high school years and I switched high schools I had the opportunity to experience both in-group and out-group sociology first hand.

    In high school, among those who belong to an in-group but go against in-group code, they find that the group closes ranks as one and no effort will be spared, no opportunity too low or petty to enforce the idea upon the infractor that they are shit, they have dog shit for breakfast and this odor attends everything they do and everyone they associate with.

    Very few individuals have the personal integrity and psychological health (sense of humour) to to stand against this type of thing.

    I understand where your friends were coming from, but they blew a great opportunity to toughen up chose a better path.

  67. Fr. John May 9, 2009 @ 9:00 pm

    “British-Israelism is a false teaching and is taught in the World-wide church of God also known as Armstrongism.
    Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,” etc.

    JOanne and Michael K.

    You both are approaching the POV’s of non-Orthodox religious views (such as British Israelism) from a skewed stance. You neither appreciate the older covenantal model of Christendom, which the British Empire exemplified for over 700 years, starting with, oh, say, Magna Charta in 1215. Christendom does NOT see individual salvation as normative, like modern Baptistic culture. Instead, the Church historically sees both individual and CORPORATE salvation as hand in glove, in the Christianization of a nation/people, etc.

    Joanne, the WWCG is no more. Armstrong’s bizarre take on CI (which once was believed by Anglicans, Reformed, and a whole host of other INTELLECTUAL Victorians) was not even typical CI. While the WWCG now sees itself as an ‘evangelical’ denomination, she also has adopted a ‘race-mixing’ POV, completely at odds with the Deuteronomic prohibitions which Christ NEVER abrogated.

    So which is it to be? Fidelity to the older patristic model of race/nation being saved, and risk being called ‘CI’ or ‘racist’.. or adopt a Judaized Marxist COMMUNIST worldview that sees egalitarianism as the norm for Church and world, while apostate Jews STILL act as though ‘JI’ – Jewish Identity is somehow different from CI. Hey, at least the CI have belief and trust in Christ as Messiah and saviour!

    Michael K, the book you reference is so filled with baptistic, dispensationalist claptrap, that it links so many various groups together, one could almost believe ANYTHING.

    At least on my blog, I have tried over the last two years to point out that CI, while in error on ecclesiology, and with a certain tendency among the (again) more baptistic elements toward a ‘Jewish’ form of worship (because no one in the Catholic wing ever showed them there is MORE ‘true Davidic lineage’ in Orthodox Christianity, that there EVER is in modern Talmudism)…

    at least the TENETS of CI (that there IS a group that clearly are ethnically related to the Hebrews of old, and it is NOT those ‘who say they are Jews and are not’ [Rev. 2:8,9] and that this is IMPORTANT because Christ Himself, in incarnating the Godhood, FOREVER has linked ‘his people’ with a specific ethnos, that AIN’T the “Jews”!! I think that astoundingly important. And I have written on it extensively over at my blog, over a period of two and a half years, and that from an Orthodox POV.

    Fr. John

  68. Lynda May 9, 2009 @ 9:35 pm

    Dear Fr John,

    Christ came to fulfill the Law, including the Deuteronomic prohibitions – but in what sense. A racialist sense?

    Joanne and Michael are responding and assisting your Han Chinese Orthodox brothers who are now writing to this site – Orthodox in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church (if I am reading them correctly). Although many nations of Europe sent missionaries to China, this communion it would seem by their account received the gift of faith from the Russians.

    With all the martyrs that China has given to Our Lord under the revolutions including the Maoist, I guarantee they will not be edified by the material you post on your blog.

  69. Hoff May 9, 2009 @ 11:43 pm

    ”PATRIOT ACT being used against 16 Year old American Boy”

  70. Hoff May 10, 2009 @ 5:35 am

    DHS No Fly list

  71. Michael K. May 10, 2009 @ 5:53 am

    Dear Fr. John,

    First, could you re-iterate your blog address so I can read your work firsthand?

    Second, the racial “British Israel Zionist” megalomaniac complex is fallacious on its face, insofar as it refers to native genetics among the European population, which has been shown to be genetically consistent between the times of ‘Cro-magnon’ discoveries and the present.

    That which the BIZ refers to as having “Israelite” genetics is really only the bloodlines of the ruling elite, King Arthur being an actual Herodian, for example. The underlying viewpoint which seems to be elicited by BIZ propaganda may be called “The Divine Right of Kings.”

    Further investigation into the neo-pagan sources on the subject are much more candid:
    The “Kingship” lines of the ancient Aryan overlords are “Cainship” lines. These green-eyed, red haired and exceedingly tall ‘supermen’ have the genetic memories which connect them to the ‘ancestor’ spirits of Cain and Lucifer.

    These “Kingship” lines appear as rulers throughout the ancient world, regardless of the racial makeup of their warrior caste, farmer caste, and slaves. The most ancient Egyptian Pharoes were clearly thus, as well as the ancient kings of most of the Near East. In fact , King David was one such Aryan. His son Absalom exemplified all the traits of ‘Cain’, don’t you think.

    If you are stating that the “Divine Right of Kings,” who themselves are plainly the descendants of Nephilim, is a core tenet of the Christian faith, we will have to agree to disagree. Rather I believe that the Good God detests the proud and arrogant who rule through steel and fire, and that God and Christ are the true King of mankind and all the meek who choose that divine Kingdom.

    Is this contrary to Orthodox teachings? Do orthodox teachings support the ‘powers and principalities’ of this world? Am I a Commie for believing that in Christ I have liberty from racial tyrants?

  72. Michael K. May 10, 2009 @ 6:34 am

    Dear Fr. John,

    Did you look carefully at the book “The Union Jack,” before claiming it was full of “baptistic, dispensationalist claptrap..” ?

    My reading of it led me to believe it was EXPOSING the lies and fallacies of “baptistic, dispensatiionalist ..” POVs. In fact, it seems to me as if the author is exhorting the reader to return to Orthodox Catholic conservative understandings. I find it hard to understand what you are saying unless you mis-spoke because you didn’t really read the book.

    It really matters to me, because BIZ teachings appear to me to be the mode through which Judeo-Masonic Luciferians are winning over Christians to the flag of IsraHELL, and the belief in a worldly ‘Kingdom of God’ soon to be ushered in by the ‘annointed one’,the man possessing ‘Cainship’ rights over the whole world.

    Is there anything more patently obvious regarding the ‘ministries’ of Pat Robertson and John Hagee, then that they are promoters of BIZ, and apostates from the real Messiah?

    Is it not clear that the Crusades were an evil heretical attempt to establish King Baldwin as Judeo-Davidic Aryan overlord of the Earth from the geo-magical center of the earth in Jerusalem? If this was a just cause, why then did God destroy his kingdom, and plague him with leprosy?

  73. NotAnObot May 10, 2009 @ 3:14 pm

    We must stand up against this. All laws have been put into place to make us the new Soviet Union.

    We have to realize who is writing all of the unconstitutional laws and fight it.

    Are the women going to have to stand up against the federal government?

  74. Fr. Joseph May 10, 2009 @ 7:26 pm

    Just wanting to add a ‘jovial’ thought.

    The world’s population sits at around six billion human souls.

    If God had to destroy the overcome-by-evil human race with the Flood “way back when” leaving Noah and his three sons to repopulate the earth, THAT MEANS we are all related to one another as descendants of either Ham, Shem and Japeth!

    Here is an interesting webpage regarding the reestablishment of the Human Race after the Flood:

    Being of Polish heritage myself, that makes me belonging to the family of MAGOG, son of Japeth (grin).

    – Fr. Joseph

  75. Fr. Joseph May 10, 2009 @ 7:37 pm

    Being created in the Image and Likeness of God our Father in Heaven as we ALL are, we ALL share the commonality of these Human Natures of ours.

    That means in our physical-biologal sense, we ALL have the same sorts of bones, inner organs, skins, senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. All of our biological matter we call our “brains” resides in all of our SKULLS, and no one has the “brains” encased within their hip bones or within their feet.

    My gosh, we are SO MUCH LIKE each other now, aren’t we? That might be a very SCARY THOUGHT to those who live and exist solely to assert their so-called “superior” place and position within the Human Race.

    And in being incarnate spirits, that means we have Divine God-like qualities and abilities!

    God is Omniscient. We are but finite “scient”.

    God is Omnipresent. We are but finite “present” within His All.

    God is Omnipotent. We are but finite “potent” in the use of our free wills.

    We all have Reason, an Intellect and Imagination. Amazing to think that God also as Divine Reason, Divine Intellect and Divine Imagination!

    We all have the ability of LOVE, to show CHARITY, to have CARE and CONCERN for one another. So does our All-good God and Father BUT to an Infinite Degree.

    We all experience our ‘World’ and respond to our lives, our world and each other in three ways simultaneously – Involuntarily, Voluntarily and in a Mandatory manner. And by gosh, so does our All-good God and Creator!

    Scary, isn’t it. That we are really and truly at the very core of our beings SO MUCH LIKE each other and simultaneously SO MUCH LIKE our God, our Creator and our Divine Father in Heaven!

    Now if ONLY the entire Human Race got on with DOING what it is that our Father in Heaven WANTS, we might just get somewhere with these lives of ours and get something GOOD done down here on earth for once in our lives and for once in Human History!

    But ‘La-De-Da’. We have to PUT UP WITH and ENDURE these ‘I’m greater than God and I’m smarter than God’ types in our World today.

    – Fr. Joseph

  76. Lynda May 10, 2009 @ 7:56 pm

    Dear Michael,

    In speaking of the Grail lineage, I think you should substitute Edomite for Aryan.

    Esau who is Edom is the red haired patriarch. ( Gen 36: 43 ) Esau married into the Cainite lineages, breaking the hearts of Rebekah and Isaac. The Edomites ruled Judea under Herod and styled themselves ‘Judeans’ in Roman Palestine.

    It is not too difficult to see that this tribe insinuated itself into the Messiahnic House and lineage of David through Solomon and his idolatrous wives.

  77. Joanne May 11, 2009 @ 3:15 pm

    Dear Michael K:

    Thanks for clarifying. I wasn’t quite sure what you meant. Your comments seemed contradictive.

    Sincerely in Christ,


  78. apollonian May 12, 2009 @ 12:30 pm

    People Must Focus–Upon Concrete Vision, Especially Regarding COUNTERFEIT Conspiracy, Crux To Judeo-Conspiracy
    (Apollonian, 12 May 09)

    Hello to all Christian comrades–it’s great to see Bro. Kapner has such excellent Christian-oriented dialecticals going. But what Christians and gentiles must understand most, I submit, is this great war we’re fighting is perfectly in line w. that basic theme in Gosp. JOHN, TRUTH vs. Jew (not just “zionist”) lies. Thus Concrete vision for truth must be distinguished fm out of abstract fog, haze, and smoke.

    “Hate crimes” and -speech laws will happen, along with crushing of US Constitution, as Jews and accomplices successfully continue to buy and corrupt everything within this putrid MAMMON empire of lies–built upon that COUNTERFEITING scam/operation/mechanism/fraud/conspiracy.

    For never forget Jews (not just “zionists”) are followers of Talmud, the ritualist murder and enslavement of gentiles and humanity. See,, and for expo/ref. on Talmud.

    Thus the immediate, earthly power of Jews and Judeo-conspirators (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) is basically and simply that MAMMONIST instrument of COUNTERFEITING, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud–see and for expo/ref.

    Hence greatest part of Judeo-conspiratorial problem would be solved if people could and would then understand and agree upon simple, CONCRETE nature of that fundamental Fed instrument–it’s COUNTERFEITING, once again–and note EVEN CHILDREN can understand counterfeiting idea–as it’s presented as CONCRETE, NOT an intellectualistic abstract–as Ron Paul ( does far too often.

    CONCLUSION: Hence that’s entire secret to focusing most effectively upon Judeo-conspiracy–getting people thinking in terms of simplified CONCRETES, once again–like COUNTERFEITING–freeing people fm the fog and confusion of intellectualist abstractions (like “inflation”). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  79. jgalindes May 12, 2009 @ 5:07 pm

    Hope this site is not the proper place for white supremacists.

    Supreme Just God incarnate-Jesus Christ.

    Anyway come and hear is a good website-Very informative regarding Talmud viciousness.

  80. Hoff May 15, 2009 @ 11:28 pm

    “lf you are on that No Fly List you got no rights.” – Rahm Emanuel –
    Who do you find in the middle of this video? The jew Chertoff.

    “The Global Elitist want to control you, but we have been called to endure!!!!!”

  81. Hoff May 16, 2009 @ 10:59 pm

    -That will teach you to not talk back to jews!

  82. canadianmike May 17, 2009 @ 3:46 pm

    Synagogue is where the devils helpers gather to figure out ways to to steal our souls.

    As long as you don’t buy into their devious ways they can sit in hell by themselves

  83. Hoff May 18, 2009 @ 3:50 pm

    “Foxman’s famous flunkies”

  84. Hoff June 5, 2009 @ 10:29 am

    Obama Quietly Proclaims June ‘Gay Pride Month’

  85. gene September 7, 2009 @ 6:48 pm

    If this law passes, then we as Americans will have no choice then to become what they fear most. But,only to those who sold us out. And to those who put us in the police state we will be in.

    If the ADL and the rest want a fight, then by God, I will give them a fight! I would rather die fighting then laying down like a dog at the ADL’s feet!

  86. gene September 7, 2009 @ 6:50 pm

    By the way, did you know that all media outlets our Jewishly owned – just like our government!

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