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Putin’s Global Agenda


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AMERICA IS NOW BANKRUPT. Russia is debt free. America’s hegemony in Europe is declining. Russia’s influence in Europe is on the rise.

In an article penned by Vladimir Putin in 2007, entitled, Russia Is Europe’s Natural Ally, Putin made a telling remark that would have given Amerika “unipolar” shock:

“We share the principles of the vast majority of Europeans. Respect for international law and rejection of force to settle international problems are factors that unite us.

A stable and prosperous Europe is an integral part of the emerging multipolar world order. Developing multifaceted ties with Europe is Russia’s principled choice.” View Article Here.

Amazing! Putin forecasted an “emerging multi-polar world.” And now, he’s making his forecast come true.


PUTIN’S ADVANCES IN THE MIDDLE EAST have taken a giant leap forward in the last few days. On November 7 2008, Putin met with Lebanon’s parliamentary majority leader, Saad Haridi, in Moscow. Putin promised Haridi ‘political assistance:’

“We are ready to do all we can, both in the economic sphere and through political contacts, so that the situation in Lebanon normalizes.” View Entire Article Here.

On November 1 2008, Russia signed a deal with Libya under which Moscow would build nuclear reactors for the North African state on Israel’s western flank. Libya’s Moamer Kadhafi said during the talks in Moscow that the deal – which included a proposed Russian naval base in Libya – would help to restore “geopolitical equilibrium.”

On October 15 2008, Lebanon and Syria established official diplomatic ties for the first time in their modern history. This consolidates Russia’s growing influence with Israel’s nearest neighbors, as Russia & Syria have entered into military agreements in recent days – complete with a permanent Russian naval base in Syria’s Tartus port. (Jews are getting very nervous).

And right under Amerika’s nose, Russia is increasingly improving its relationship with Latin American countries. In September 2008, two Russian strategic bombers landed in Venezuela to conduct “training missions” in the Caribbean.

In a major recent “Western Hemisphere” development, Russia offered to share its air defense expertise with Cuba. This offer took place when a Russian military delegation visited Fidel Castro from October 27 thru November 3 2008. Russian Orthodox Bishop Kirill also met with Castro who announced the completion of an Orthodox Church in Havana.


“CHAVEZ WANTS TO BUILD a Russian Orthodox Church in Caracas Venezuela,” reported Ria Novosti on October 27 2008. This followed a meeting between Chavez and Bishop Kirill, the Head of External Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Bishop Kirill promised to pray for the peoples of Venezuela & Russia in the new church:

“Let us work for the building of the church to come true. In this church, people will pray for Venezuela and Russia, for their families, and for their children.” View Entire Article Here.

Recently, Putin promised Alexy II, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, full support for a “revival” of the Russian Orthodox Church:

“The Orthodox Church has always played a special role in shaping our statehood, our culture, our morals. We highly appreciate the church’s striving to revive the ideals and values which have for ages served us as moral guidelines.” View Entire Article Here.

Methinks That Putin Is About To Send That “Revival” Around The Globe…

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Brother Nathanael @ November 9, 2008


  1. admin November 9, 2008 @ 12:36 am

    Dear Everybody,

    Real Jew News is growing by leaps & bounds! And I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His blessing over this Orthodox Christian Site.

    Many of you are Christians of all denominations — many of you are not people of faith at all. (I pray that you will come to know the love of Christ!)

    But no matter where we are in our journey, as far as this site goes, I see us all in this thing together. Why?

    Because we are ALL seeking for truth, that’s why. Will we get truth from the Jews who occupy the press and media? We all know the answer to that one, don’t we?

    Jews despise and FEAR Vladimir Putin. This is because he is a devout Orthodox Christian and wishes to make his nation a true Christian nation once again. Jews fear this more than anything in the whole wide world. I will tell you why as I have so many times in my various articles.

    The Christian faith as taught in the New Testament lays the GUILT of DEICIDE squarely on the Jews. This puts the Jews in a defensive position which is the worst thing that can happen to a Jew.

    But Real Jew News does not wish to please the Jews. Nor is their any “fear of the Jews” on Real Jew News. This is why the ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre took down Real Jew News 3 times in their threatening, intimidating letters to RackForce Hosting, IX Hosting, and Apollo Hosting.

    The ADL & The Simon Wiesenthal Center are ENEMIES of the AMERICAN Constitution. The hate our freedoms and they must be censured and put out of business forever. This is the goal of Real Jew News. To make America Christian again, just as Putin is doing with Russia. And to put the ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal out of business forever. Let them eat horse flesh as the Russians said to Napoleon’s army when invading Moscow in 1812.

    We are all in this thing together everyone and I can use your help to keep Real Jew News online. Yesterday I had to shell out $600 to upgrade the bandwidth of both the picture uploading and the text uploads.

    Some of you have made contributions to the cause, and may Christ our Saviour Bless you and Increase your power to give. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and write emails and letters of thanks to you all.

    Some of you love to read this site, but do not give anything. That’s okay, for you miss out, since Christ said, “It is more blessed to give than to recieve.”

    I just keep on giving and giving of my time, my energies, and my efforts to do exhaustive, (and exhausting research.) But because of all the expenses Real Jew News has incurred over the last 3 months, I cannot purchase the books I need to do MORE research, for even more TRUTH for articles.

    Please pray about and consider making a donation with the DONATE button on the top of every article. Or send cash, money orders, check, Euros, or Western Union to:
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    I am not looking to get rich. I am just trying to keep Real Jew News online and the Street Evangelism on the streets.

    Bless you all and much love in Christ to you all! +BN

  2. Visitor November 9, 2008 @ 1:07 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    Like I said, I will send you 100$, and I implore other folks to send you at least 20$ via money orders, or more if they can spare it.

    Folks, in this country truthful news are hard to come by. So many millions are spent promoting things known to be false, so that a disoriented American people may conduct itself in a manner which is known to be detrimental to itself.

    Tens of billions of dollars a year are spent toward the goal of brainwashing, disorienting, distracting and destroying the great American land.

    CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS, and NBC all work diligently to brainwash you to the point where you conduct yourself in such a manner that you essentially spiritually kill yourself.

    Our indifference allows this to happen, the same indifference we are witnessing in 250,000 visitors to this site not being able to provide Brother Nathanael with a couple thousand dollars a month so that he can run this site with plenty of bandwidth and research resources.

    In the era of the Internet these two thousand dollars can destroy the work of tens of billions – easily.

    Please give Brother Nathanael the tools to keep bringing real news to the people who desperately need to hear them.

  3. Fr. Joseph November 9, 2008 @ 7:57 am

    Regarding our Lord Jesus Christ’s take on the state of affairs within and throughout these most thoroughly corrupt and criminalized officials of our U.S. Government; our Lord’s Own Commentary given to a visionary in Conyers, Georgia back on March 19, 1991:

    “Let Me (Jesus Christ THE KING) see this (U.S.) nation, this (U.S.) president, appreciate My mercy and My love. Put God back in this country. Put God back in your schools, in your government, in your leaders, in every man, woman and child. Then and only then, will you be one great nation under God.” – quoting from

    These corrupt and internationally criminal United States of America ARE coming under His Divine Chastiment! These Bush & Company CRIMES against all of humanity WILL be punished by God Himself.

    See what the Lord Jesus Christ THE KING has to say about the entire global situation in His February 13, 1994 and February 6, 1994 Messages here:

    – Fr. Joseph

  4. Fr. Joseph November 9, 2008 @ 8:00 am



    – Fr. Joseph

  5. Orthodox Russian November 9, 2008 @ 10:49 am

    In consonance with Visitor I’d love to cite
    Delamer Duverus

    One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies, and if we dig down deep enough in the mountain of lies, and bring out that truth, to set it on top of the mountain of lies.

    The entire mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to follow, awakening even those people who had no desire to be awakened to the truth.

  6. theavenger November 9, 2008 @ 10:57 am

    God bless Putin and mother Russia.

  7. Hoff November 9, 2008 @ 11:37 am

    The next jew mafia secret weapon of mass destruction is that the jew mafia controls 80 percent of the so called “media” i the western world. This i a fact and there are plenty of jewish sources that brags that jews own 80 percent of all “media” and that jews controls Hollywood. A search and five minutes reading will confirm that it’s a fact that jews own all “media” in the western world.

    Talmud don’t say anything about controling the propaganda machine called “media”, but the jew mafia books about Communism, Zionism and the Protocol all say very clear that controling the “media” is essential in the takeover of the state. You don’t even have to know who owns the “media”, all you have to ask yourself is: Can I or anyone criticise the jew mafia in this “media”?

    Write a Redars Letter to your local paper and criticise the jew mafia. It will not be published. If it do, the editor will be fired the same day as your letter is published.

    Every single thing that you read, heard or seen on TV has gone thru a jew mafia filter. If you can read this, then you have passed the jew mafia filter. The jew mafia has a lot of secret weapons and I just told you about two of the major secret weapons the jew mafia has, and I will now tell you of a third secret weapon of the jew mafia: They Lie to you.

    The jew mafia controls all “media” and you can only be sure of one thing, everything you ever been told to be truth is nothing but a bunch of jew mafia lies.

    Here is the simple truth: Hitler did NOT want war. Hitler did NOT want to take over the world. Soviet was controlled by the jew mafia. The jew mafia is the worlds biggest mass murders of all time.

    Why you don’t know this? Because the jew mafia controls everything you ever heard or read in your whole life. The jew mafia can tell you anything they want you to “know”.

    To control and aim hate is the jew mafias top secret weapon. Do you hate muslims and arabs? Who told you to hate muslims? Just look at any “media”. The hate propaganda is all over and it’s the jew mafia that is telling you to hate. Yesterday it was Hitler, today it’s the Newest New New Hitler Iran’s president. Before that it was Saddam Hussein who was the next Hitler.

    Who control the state in America? A jew named Rahm Emanuel and of course the other jew mafia thugs. Obama = Uncle Tom

  8. Hoff November 9, 2008 @ 11:40 am

    Del the first post BN. Did you get the 20 buck?

  9. admin November 9, 2008 @ 11:42 am

    Dear Hoff –

    Let it be known that Real Jew News DOES NOT advocate in any way shape or form the man, the “evil man,” the ANTI CHRISTIAN man, Adolph Hitler.

    Many Christians were exterminated by Hitler’s Gestapo in Dachau, in Serbia, in the Balkans.

    Hitler DID want war. Hitler envisioned a greater Europe under Germany’s control, the precursor of today’s fascistic EU.

    Also dear Hoff, I appreciate your willingness to donate, (no, I did not get 20 bucks unless you simply did not sign your name to it so how would I know? Others send me 20 bucks anonymously), BUT you must *stick* to the topic as much as possible. Your last post which did not go up was WAY OFF TOPIC and you know it was.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  10. admin November 9, 2008 @ 11:50 am

    Hey Everybody out there in Internet Land:

    Check out the new pics I just uploaded for this article.

    Pretty nifty huh? (Christ helps me even with the pics!)+BN

  11. james1 November 9, 2008 @ 12:08 pm

    Brzezinski said Barack Obama may be tested by terrorists after he takes office on Jan. 20.

    I HATE this guy.

    International terrorism does not exist it is a CIA creation of Islamic mercenaries to fight US adversaries created and controlled by Brzezinski.

    I predict it will be a nuclear attack by “terrorist” and be blamed on Russia.

    Here’s a clip from the 9/11 documentary ZERO that was shown on Russian TV in September produced and written by an Italian MP and European parliamentarian referenced that the CSIS a Washington security think tank Brezinski created organisation and its director put forth a scenario to European parliamentarians in 2005 of “terrorist” detonating a nuclear bomb at NATO’s headquarters in Brussels.

    Also remember recently US Defence Secretary Robert Gates recently said that some of Russia’s nuclear stockpile from the 90’s is unaccounted for (which they deny) and believes the United States needs to resume its nuclear tests.

    So know Biden, Powell and now the master himself Brezinski are all saying an international crisis to test Obama will take place on Jan 20.

    So don’t be distracted by what’s going on in the Mid East and possible war with Iran that will just be misdirection.

  12. Hoff November 9, 2008 @ 12:24 pm

    I did write H with a smily on the paper. Why I ask is because I want to know that your snail mail is working and not intercepted by the jew mafia. But if you get cash in letters, I guess your snail mail works?

    No, Hitler did not want war. He was forced to start war. Refute this! All I want is the truth. Did Hitler gas six million jews? Okay, prove it and so be it.


    Worm in the Apple – German Traitors and Other Influences That Pushed the World Into War: The little-known story of the men who destroyed Adolf Hitler’s Germany Book online.

    I could easily fill an entire volume with evidence of Hitler’s honest wish for peace, …

    1. Ambassador Abetz who was very critical of Hitler, wrote in his book Das offene Problem:
    “This was also the time of that particular one of Hitler’s public speeches that first shook my distrust of him and convinced me of the sincerity of his professed love of peace.

    ‘A medium-sized modern shell,’ he set out before a large assembly, ‘costs 3,500 Mark. A small single-family home for a working-class family also costs 3,500 Mark. To arm my country, I would need at least 10 million shells. These will then lie in storage in the arsenals, and no-one will thank me for them.

    But if I build 10 million homes for working-class families, I will have the gratitude of the greatest part of my nation. So how could I not want the others to disarm, that I may save myself arming in turn?

    But at the heart of a Europe armed to the teeth, Germany cannot be the only one to remain unarmed.’ – I must admit that the simplicity and logic of this argument impressed me deeply. I began to believe Hitler’s claim that he desired to put all the means at his disposal at the service of the social cause, and to achieve Germany’s reconstruction through works of peace.”

  13. Haden November 9, 2008 @ 12:28 pm

    Hitler did indeed want war, he wanted to expand Germany to the Urals. What he didn’t want was a *world* war with America and Britain, he felt they were natural allies against the Soviets.

    This is all explained very well by the tragic story of the Russian Liberation Army and general Andrey Vlasov. Vlasov was studying at an Orthodox seminary when the Bolsheviks took over and under that climate of persecution he left and became a soldier. He fought valiantly against the Germans but was captured. He then began petitioning the German Reich to allow him to organize an army of Russian POW volunteers to fight against the Bolsheviks. Hitler despised the idea as he was an anti-Slavic bigot, but as the tide of war on the eastern front turned Himmler convinced him that they should let the Russians fight.

    Vlasov organized his men and fought the Soviets. Ultimately they switched sides again, helping defend Prague from the SS when it became clear the Germans were going to lose. Unfortunately the Czechs were led by Communists and Vlasov and his men had to flee after saving Prague. They tried to surrender to Patton and seek asylum in the west, but most were sent back to the Soviet Union where they were executed or sent to the Gulag.

    The Polish media has suggested that Putin’s father served under Vlasov in this army. If it is true I don’t think it would be disgraceful, but Putin denies it and Vlasov is still regarded by many Russians as a traitor.

    More reading on the subject:

  14. admin November 9, 2008 @ 12:31 pm

    Dear Hoff – I may have missed your “H.”

    So, on your next snail mail donation simply write “Hoff.” Then I will let you know immediately that I got it.

    Thanks a bunch for your continued support dear Hoff! +bn

  15. Orthodox Serbia November 9, 2008 @ 1:42 pm

    Nathanael Kapner is right!

    Nazi Germany annexed Serbian Krajina and whole Bosnia and Herzegovina to Nazi Croatia. The state’s program of Nazi Croatia included also the biological extermination of the Orthodox Serbs.

    The policy of WW2 Croatia was by the Croatian minister of domestic affairs Mile Budak as follows described:

    – 1/3 of the Serbs must be expelled from Croatia.
    – The second 1/3 of the Serbs must be forced to accept the Roman Catholic religion.
    – The remaining 1/3 of the Serbs must physically be exterminated in extermination camps.

    The same genocide, just like during WW2- Croatia, against the Serbs was centuries long conducted by the Vatican. The Croatian Nazis were instructed by the Vatican to commit genocide against the Serbs. The invented Croatian nation is a product of the century long old Roman Catholic forced conversions against the Serbs.

    The Croatians are the descants of those, fallen, Serbs who have accepted the Roman Catholic religion. These Croats hate everything that reminds them to their original religion and heritage! The Vatican is using the fallen Serbs the Croatians to carried out the biological extermination against the Orthodox Serbs.

    The Croats hate everything that reminds them to Orthodoxy – to their Serbian fore father. This explains the Croatian horrible and brutal behavior towards their Orthodox relatives the Serbs during WW1, WW2 and the 90s.

    The Croatians are the instruments of the Vatican. The Vatican’s aim is to conquer the Balkans, to establish the Catholic order until Ukraine. From Ukraine the Catholic powers (Vatican Curia) will surround Russia.

    In contradiction to Russia, the communist commissars and the founders of the communist party and government in Yugoslavia were Catholics.

    The communist crimes over the Serbs was not much different than the crimes of the Croatian Nazis. This all because both the communist and the Nazis from the Balkans received instruction from the same center – the Vatican.

    The pope’s were preparing genocide against the Serbs, the colonization of the Serbian lands and other anti Serbian activities.

  16. Visitor November 9, 2008 @ 1:47 pm

    Folks, what Hitler was and remains is the same pawn of the same people who fight against our holy Christian Faith.

  17. Tom November 9, 2008 @ 4:38 pm

    Once Europe/Russia unite and can rival the US then everyone knows what is going to happen.

    As soon as jews reallize that there is more to gain in the EU than the US, there will be large scale immigration of jews out of the US to Europe/Russia…and there they will take power easier than in the US because the US has free speech laws…europe has criminalized free speech.

    The jew is loyal to no country or nation except their own race which is why the jew is always murdered or expelled and the host country eventually always regains control.

    How and when for the US and Europe…I do not know…only that the exploitation of jews upon non-jews makes it inevitable.

  18. Visitor November 9, 2008 @ 6:29 pm

    This is the reason for the financial crisis:

    UK’s Brown: Now is the time to build global society
    07:03 PM EST

    LONDON (Reuters) – The international financial crisis has given world leaders a unique opportunity to create a truly global society, Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown will say in a keynote foreign policy speech on Monday.

    In his annual speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet, Brown — who has spearheaded calls for the reform of international financial institutions — will say Britain, the United States and Europe are key to forging a new world order.

    “The alliance between Britain and the U.S. — and more broadly between Europe and the U.S. — can and must provide leadership, not in order to make the rules ourselves, but to lead the global effort to build a stronger and more just international order,” an excerpt from the speech says.

    Brown and other leaders meet in Washington next weekend to discuss longer term solutions for dealing with economic issues following a series of coordinated moves on interest rates and to recapitalize banks in the wake of the financial crisis.

    “Uniquely in this global age, it is now in our power to come together so that 2008 is remembered not just for the failure of a financial crash that engulfed the world but for the resilience and optimism with which we faced the storm, endured it and prevailed,” Brown will say in his speech on Monday evening.

    “…And if we learn from our experience of turning unity of purpose into unity of action, we can together seize this moment of change in our world to create a truly global society.”

    According to a summary of the speech released by his office, Brown will set out five great challenges the world faces.

    These are: terrorism and extremism and the need to reassert faith in democracy; the global economy; climate change; conflict and mechanisms for rebuilding states after conflict; and meeting goals on tackling poverty and disease.

    Brown will also identify five stages for tackling the economy, starting with recapitalizing banks so they can resume lending to families and businesses, and better international co-ordination of fiscal and monetary policy.

    He also wants immediate action to stop the spread of the financial crisis to middle-income countries, with a new facility for the International Monetary Fund, and agreement on a global trade deal, as well as reform of the global financial system.

    “My message is that we must be: internationalist not protectionist; interventionist not neutral; progressive not reactive; and forward looking not frozen by events. We can seize the moment and in doing so build a truly global society.”

  19. CIVILIAN DEATH MACHINE November 9, 2008 @ 7:04 pm

    Let President Medveded and Prime Minister Putin “Reign Supreme”!!!

    Any politician(s) who are willing to be “Public” about the strengthening of the Christian Church….and “Bridging the Gap” between the Muslim World…CAN’T BE ALL BAD!!!

    Isra-Hell will publish stories how Zionist Christians will parade around Jerusalem proclaiming “The Right of Israel”….but those same Media refuse to tell the World, about the New Testament Book Burnings!!!

    Hypocrisy, at its finest…

    The Red-Shield (Rothschilds) can’t tolerate a Debt-Free Russia! …so, Obama will be strategically repositioning his armies…awaiting to serve their London-based ” Master “…

    Communism was sponsored and funded out the United States in 1913 vis a vis The Rothschilds…

    If Americans haven’t learned what the evils of an International Banking Cabal, can do…they are Not True Americans!!!

    Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln warned about the ‘Dangers’ of Private Banking Institutions issuing Money on behalf of the Government…and warned the citizenry…about the end result…DEBT and Slavery!!!

    God Will Bless America, when it awakes from its prolonged comatosed sleep…

    Meredith Rollo,
    Vancouver, BC

  20. james1 November 9, 2008 @ 8:02 pm

    Even more confirmation of what I said earlier about a Brezinski nuke plot.

  21. David November 9, 2008 @ 8:51 pm

    It is with great reservation that I say that it is lunacy to think they can blame a nuclear explosion in America on Russia.

    For when Russia wants to nuke America there will be nothing left save rats in Dumbs Deep under ground bases and even these may well perish. When a modern Russian nuke goes off in Miami they will hear it in Canada.

    My dear friends and Brothers –

    Russia is only a play toy of the Mafia running America. for the Zionists and the leaders of America are Communists themselves. and have been since they butchered JFK in the pyramid without a capstone which signifies America the Pyramid and missing capstone means the leader is compromised. and this is the case since they butchered him.

    It has been foretold that Russia will be the keeper of the faith. the only unknown now will be how many true patriots will make their final stand . and how many Americans are nothing but cowards .Americans have been well groomed with propaganda and a history written by apologists .

    for the true history of America is one that can not be told without being violently received in America.

  22. Greg November 9, 2008 @ 9:17 pm

    Excellent point, Civilian Death Machine!

    That goes right to the heart of why the zionists think they can gain from the war. The will think that Russia fighting a war defending Iran will put Russia in debt.

    But they are mistaken on this as God made it clear in the Old Testament that when the zionists try to destroy Syria, God will let almost all of the zionist kingdom get destroyed.

    God compared the remaining zionists to an olive tree with only a few high branched olives left hanging on the tree.

    I trust that the zionists in their pride are stupid enough to think that God’s promises aren’t going to come true, just as God wants them to happen.

  23. Hoff November 10, 2008 @ 12:14 am

    Hitler I haven’t read it all, but there is a lot of unusual stuff here. I only want the truth about Hitler. There are more then one exampel that we have been told a bunch of lies about Hitler and what really happend during ww2. I will give you one quick and easy to understand exampel: Hitler had the entire british and french army surrounded in Dunkirk, 330.000 soldiers.

    What did Hitler do? Kill them all as sitting ducks? Take them POW, prisoner of war? No, he let them go home. Most people are ignorant about warfare and very few knows this event and even if they know about Dunkirk they fail to realise the magnitude of Dunkirk. He had defeated the british army and gave whats left of it back to the british.

  24. admin November 10, 2008 @ 4:04 am

    Dear Hoff –

    I am with the Russian Orthodox Christian Church.

    Every August in our Church calander we commemorate the 1 million Orthodox Christian Serbs who were martyred (murdered) by the Ustashi in conjunction with the *German Hitlerite Nazis.*

    We have NO illusions, no “romantic” far removed ideas about Adolph Hitler and his Anti Christian Aryan nation ideology. We view Adolph Hitler as an evil, wicked man, based on evidence and facts.

    Go ahead, make Hitler some kind of hero. Hitler proposed an Anti Christian ideology he labelled, “positive Christianity” void of any Creed. This is heresy and blasphemy, a tailor-made pseudo-Christian faith to suit his own ideology of an Aryan nation. We simply call it BLASPHEMY.

    Real Jew News allows an open forum. But YOU ARE AGAIN — WAY OFF TOPIC. This will be the end of this thread. And I ask you again, STAY ON TOPIC to some degree.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  25. Orthodox Serbia November 10, 2008 @ 5:10 am

    Hitler’s Europe was unconditionally supported by the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican. In order to establish the Catholic order until the borders with Bulgaria, Vatican’s launched the Croatian Ustasha fascist movement in Croatia to carried out the biological extermination against the Serbian Orthodox communities. From the other side the communists of Josif Broz Tito conducted also mass crimes over the Serbs – by causing confusion among Serbs and creating brother wars.

    Adolf Hitler fought for the expansion of Catholicism towards Eastern Europe.
    In order to crush the main competitor of Catholic Europe, the Vatican, in cooperation with the world masonry, had attacked the Orthodox nations in the 20th with two plagues, communism and fascism.

    Communism and fascism are both Western systems whose intentions were to justify the killing of the Orthodox people.

    To justify the genocide over the Orthodox peoples or the perpetrators of it is completely ridiculous.

    I understand why some Western individuals have respect for Adolf Hitler.
    Adolf Hitler’s movement was a pro White and German extremist movement.
    He is their hero, because he fought for the expansion of Catholicism towards Eastern Europe. By the Serbs and other normal people Adolf Hitler is considered as a war criminal whose order indirectly and sometimes directly was responsible of the genocide against Serbs, Yugoslav Jews, Gypsies and many others.

    Historically the West had many times colonial intentions towards the Slavic countries.
    According to the Western modern history we Slavs are not considered as the autochthonic people of the European continent.

  26. Orthodox Serbia November 10, 2008 @ 5:39 am

    Brother Nathanael Kapner is completely right.

    The same forces, which were behind the raise up of Nazi Germany and later of Nazi Europe, were also responsible for the organization of the biological extermination against the Orthodox Serbs – which was conducted by Serbia’s surrounding nations (Croatians (Catholics Serbs), Bosnians (Serbian Muslims), Albanians, Hungarians and others).

    The Catholic Serbs were also converted with intolerance coming from the Vatican.
    Their existence was also not secure. In order to prove that the Catholic Serbs (Croatians) have nothing in common with the Serbs, they, the Croatians, began to committed horrible atrocities against the relatives the Orthodox Serbs – who did not accept Catholicism.

    Nazi Germany annexed Serbian Krajina and whole Bosnia to fascist Croatia which had placed the Serbs and the Yugoslav Jews out side any law. In occupied Serbia the German authorities introduced rules like the this one: for each killed (superior) German 100 (subhuman) Serb civilians must be executed. In all other occupied Catholic countries such rules, like this one in Serbia, were not introduced.

    In the place of Kragujevac South Serbia, the Germans had murdered 5.000 Serbian male students. Next to this happening, there were also other German crimes in occupied Serbia against the domestic nation.

  27. admin November 10, 2008 @ 8:25 am


    Hey everybody – I just got in last night some incriminating evidence against the Jew, the Anti Christian Jew, the fascist, rascist, Talmudic Jew, Rahm Emanuel that nails him as a Mossad spy and agent. This evidence is more than what has been available and more potent at that. I am working on a new article now and I am exhausted. We MUST labour and work to stop the Jewish agenda against our once Christian nation.

    Please keep me in your prayers as I have laboured all night long and must now take a nap in preparing an expose on this wicked mole, Rahm Emanuel, in the US government.

    Emanuel is a Talmudic Jew, he is a member of an Orthodox synagogue in Chicago, which treats the Talmud as their holy writ. The Talmud teaches that Gentiles are only cattle to be exploited for the purposes of the Jews. This will be a part of the article, citing Emanuel’s Talmudic rabbi by name. (Ive got the goods on all of them, having grown up as a Jew.)

    And a JEW is Emanuel, a wicked Anti Christ Jew. I am about to nail him real big. +BN

    BTW – Having grown up as a Jew, we all knew that the Jews ran the press and general media culture. The Jewish Lobby has grown immensely since I was a child in the 50’s and 60’s and they control presidential candidates in conjunction with their synagogue buddies in the media.

    The strong arms of the Jewish Lobby (AIPAC) went to McCain, (whom the media picked as the Repub loser), and told him he must maintain the Bush line on foreign policy which sealed his doom.

    Emanuel, working closely with his Anti Christ buddies in the Jewish occupied media, gave Obama his media hype to the popular will of the people, “change and “hope” and “out of Iraq” and all that anti bush bull. Thus ensuring a sure winner that they could CONTROL apart from any Repub Gentiles.

    This is how these Anti Christ Jews operate everyone. I know them. I grew up in an upper middlle class Bnai Brith intensive synagogue. And now, that thank God I have been delivered out of the Judaism bondage, now an Orthodox Christian, I am HERE to tell the world WHAT THE ANTI CHRIST, ANTI SOCIETY, ANTI AMERICAN, Jews are all about.

    AND – I cannot do it WITHOUT your prayers & support! +BN

  28. Katherine November 10, 2008 @ 2:15 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I’m putting a donation in the mail in the morning.

    So glad you are doing well! But be sure to take care of yourself.

    God bless you!


  29. Fr. Joseph November 10, 2008 @ 2:25 pm

    Messages from St. Joseph

  30. Fr. Joseph November 10, 2008 @ 2:28 pm

    “Finally, grow strong in the Lord, with the strength of His power. Put God’s armour on so as to be able to resist the devil’s tactics. For it is not against human enemies that we have to struggle, but against the sovereignties and the powers who orginate the darkness in this world, the spiritual army of evil in the unseen realms.” – St.Paul the Apostle – Ephesians 6:10-12

    To follow will be a translation from the Polish translation of the Italian language message give to one Dom Dominici Bernardi by St. Joseph nearly 30 years ago, back in 1979 A.D.

    – Fr. Joseph

  31. Fr. Joseph November 10, 2008 @ 4:59 pm

    Lectio Divina
    “‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Issac and the God of Jacob. God is God, not of the dead, but of the living.’ And His Teaching made a deep impression on the people who heard it.” – Matthew 22:32-33

    Messages from St. Joseph

    I am St. Joseph, protector of the Universal Church as well as patron of His Work of Love.

    I want to speak to every living soul on earth.

    But of these things, why do you people not pay attention, attention of the Heavenly Ones who serve God during these last times of the world?

    Every last demon from hell has been released for a great and final attack. But every last angel descends from Heaven for the great defensive.

    We, too, come to earth, in order to direct the angels and to establish the Kingdom of Love into the renewed Church.

    Even if hell prepares a great plan to attack your souls, those in Heaven organize even a great plan of counterattack for the salvation of your souls which becomes a violent combat to deliver you from bitterly satanic evils and from eternal damnation.

    Everything is anticipated and everything is accomplished for you by the luminous MOTHER OF GOD, you who are in spiritual misery, poverty and want, with so little help and assistance and with but only a small amount of sense and enduring only as much as our God allows to happen to you.

    We are called to this, in order that the Holy Church of God in this period and time of spiritual combat and with all of you on this wide path to eternal damnation, we enlighten entire peoples who are misled, mistaken, misinformed and led into errors by the ways of your world that wants everyone and everything for the organization of the demons to be spread out over all of the peoples of the earth.

    To all who heed my Call and my words, be desirious that there will be enough people who respond to this intense call in order to help with the eternal salvation of these people.

    Listen to me well!

    Look all around yourselves and give your attention to all that is taking place around you. Tell me, can you deny there is a diabolic plague among you? Can you tell me my statements are in fact NOT true? That when gathered together people are only concerned with themselves and their desires, seeking only after their own miserable and cheap lives and careers?

    Count and tell me, how many in your immediate surroundings live in the light of the Fear of God and live a life of blessed love and mercy for their neighbors?

    How many did you count? Tell me!

    Yes, perhaps there are some good individuals, but how many are these? But even if these are enlivened with Divine Grace, of these many doubt, are uncertain, are tempted and lured away from discharging their particular goodness to those amongst whom they live.

    Did not God create all the living of the world and redeem them all with His Blood, granting them His Divine Graces, maintain and support them upon their paths of life with miracles, ensured they would have strength to raise themselves up when they’ve fallen?

    Can God remain indifferent about the calls of so many souls without help in the face of this horrendous onslaught by these mad, furious and aggressive demons who understand the plan of Salvation granted to each and every one of you on earth?

    Recognize and acknowledge there IS extraordinary Heavenly Help that exists so that many souls in this darkened world and in this spiritual confusion might call upon it for their own and your world’s help and salvation.

    Here I am, St. Joseph, coming to you, calling out to you, summoning all of you to open your doors to the Truth and to be filled with understanding.

    I beg you…LISTEN TO ME!

    Mad, frantic and furious demons with their great hatred for God have as their one and only aim and purpose to tempt you onto their paths of eternal ruin and damnation. They cannot otherwise revenge themselves on God and only want to tear out His spirit from out of all of you and to pull you into your own eternal doom.

    (posting and will continue on from this point)

    – Fr. Joseph

  32. Fr. Joseph November 10, 2008 @ 5:08 pm


    They work and cooperate together and as soon as a soul falls as a result of their spiritual slashing, you hear their screaming shrieks from these demons as they cry out in unision:


    clamoring with rabid fury, because they know another goes along to his/her eternal damnation, more or less, to bring about the increase of pain and suffering on every one of them for all of eternity.

    Ponder upon this, sons of the Church. Ponder upon this all of you living what awaits you. Understand this all of you, that this will be one’s life for all of eternity!

    You are still fortunate and free to choose to live life eternally in Heaven or Hell.

    But if they’ve elected to live in Hell, these frightening spoken words by you to them to react, to respond and to repent will not be believed and they will laugh at you. They will fume, rage and swear that such words are old women’s tales and that there is no need to repent.

    Most assuredly! This is the demonic hold on their minds and hearts with hatred of the Church, of their own dying spirit, of your loving God and to everything else spoken by God. Satan won’t tell you any of what awaits you, you poor souls, for that would be of a great benefit to God! Therefore, he conceals the truth from all of you and fills you with every abominable thing instead of those things of God and instead of anything that might help you out of the sinking mire of mortal sins in which you are standing deeply up to your necks.

    The demons are skillful and intelligent and they will use every possible deception and influence as their spiritual implements to entangle and entrap souls to their eternal damnation.

    (posting and will continue from this point)

    – Fr. Joseph

  33. Eternal Love November 10, 2008 @ 5:11 pm

    “AND – I cannot do it WITHOUT your prayers & support! +BN”

    And we are here to pray for you and support you in your Noble Cause!!!

    Flower card for you and $70 for our Holy Site from me.

    Take care,

    Eternal Love

  34. Fr. Joseph November 10, 2008 @ 5:38 pm


    Listen most attentively, therefore, whoever reads this, because I’m telling you about all of this so as to put you on alert and to make you feel some personal shame. Think about all of this yourselves and then truly ask of yourselves ‘WHOM DO YOU LOVE?’ I am not demanding much from you. Good ought to take mastery and control of everything and at every source.

    I’m only saying this to you: Greatly devote yourselves to the Eternal Oness Who want to save and redeem you. But only you yourself can agree to do that.

    But now, listen to me, do as I say. It will suffice for you for NOW to make a simple act and deed of confidence and faith in God.

    Keep yourselves attentive and ready at every moment, in order that you stay mindful about your eternal salvation, and then repeat after me:



    ‘We ponder on your luminous blue light, on your shrines, and the entire Church’ and unite yourselves to the entire Divine Work of Love.

    Following this, if they know them or not, are your prayers. God reads the heart and accepts the spiritual treasures of your offerings, your prayers and acts of charity and kindness to others. If you still have some good healthy common sense, don’t think that any of this is incorrect, but do focus your attention to gain understanding of the Holy Patience of God for all of Mankind.

    Give back as the only offering to the Eternal Father, the offering of your lives with Jesus through the Immaculate Hands of the Mother of God and say this:


    Then you’ll obtain protection by perculiar ways and means to help and assist you on your own personal vital way.

    Remember this, this is the Plan, that God has decreed for saving the Church. This is to be a whole host of souls devoted to giving themselves even to martyrdom, led by the Immaculate Holy Spirit, Who comes to the earth representing Angels and Saints.

    Are you willing to belong to Them?

    Are you willing to unite yourselves with these souls, preparing even for martyrdom if needed, who on earth bear the name ‘Work of Love’ like the very willing God Himself for the achievement of His Loving Plan of Salvation?

    Know this, these souls have bestowed and lavished on them the Grace to have a stable and firm spirit and they will not yield or sumbit to the influences of the attacks of evil. Other souls, at least good, do not have this assurance.

    I am satisfied with this message, because it is truthful and a great number of souls hear my words and will hold to this Heavenly Discourse of my love.

    I will speak to all of you again.

    Jesus and Mary now bless all of you. Unite our souls. Amen.

    Give your love as an offering for the salvation of souls is Our Exhortation to you.

    St. Joseph to/via Dom Dominici Bernardi back on November 15, 1979

    – Fr. Joseph
    Archimandrite – Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  35. admin November 10, 2008 @ 6:49 pm

    To ALL Regarding Anti Spam Control –

    Three readers have told me they are being blocked on comments. You must *enable* your cookies to post.

    The Anti Spam must remain as I get 200 Spams a day. See the bottom right hand side of the site for the #s. +BN

  36. KathJuliane November 10, 2008 @ 7:47 pm

    Greetings in the Lord from No Cal in US of Talmudistan:

    What is the function of a Prophet and Prophecy? A Prophet (Teacher) who speaks forth for God is meant to call people to a heart-felt repentance toward God and a return to Him in sincere faith and worship.

    This is the only sign of a true prophet of God that distinguishes him a false prophet. Anything or anyone who leads in any other direction than towards the Lord God Almighty and His Christ is a false prophet and makes false prophecy or false teaching.

    The criteria of true prophecy in the modern Biblical world is greatly misunderstood and mistaken for, ~wonderworking,~ ~prognostication~ and ~prediction~, ~apocalyptic visionaries~, ~apparitions~, etc, although God can certainly can add these gifts of the Holy Spirit as necessary and He deems fit. Signs and wonders MAY be added to prophetic teaching and speaking forth for God through the Holy Spirit, depending on the conditions of a people’s personal and national repentence in faith back towards the Truth which is Christ, and the one true Lord and God.

    People use the misleading criteria that if a prophet’s oracles come true, then the prophet is a true prophet. If that were the case, then the Righteous Prophet Jonah is a false prophet and the Lord God is a liar, because the destruction of Ninevah did not come true as Jonah had prophecied.

    The “sign of Jonah” that our Lord Jesus spoke about to the Pharisee Jews and Sages strongly imputed the entire story of Jonah in two parts as it applied to them, then and now, concerning the Lord’s Death and Resurrection. His Death was typified as ‘Jonah’s three days in the whale’s belly (tomb), and the Resurrection typified by the expelling of Jonah alive from the figurative tomb, as the Great Sign that would turn old Israel in her fallen state, typified by the city of Ninevah, in repentent faith to the Lord God Almighty through Christ the Savior.

    The faithful of the tribes of the house of Israel in Samaria and Galilee repented, and the remnant faithful of the house of Judah/Benjamin and Levi did as well in the way of the Ninevites, coming under the new divinely ordained government of the Apostles established by Jesus Christ as the “New Israel” of the Ecclesia.

    The OT story of Jonah set up a type for old Israel and Jerusalem in the anti-type of Christ. A new prophetic type was formed by the destruction of Jerusalem for Christians and the Church thereafter, doubly linking it to Ninevah and Jerusalem of the Lord’s days on earth. Ninevah repented, and the men of Ninevah would rise up in judgement of unrepentent Jerusalem-“the Sodom and Egypt where the Lord was crucified”. The Resurrection was accomplished for once and all time; the portion of “the sign of Jonah” which now directly pertains to Christians is that of Ninevah-Jerusalem and the lessons of ongoing personal and national repentence towards the Lord.

    For the Jews, however, the entire book of Jonah still applies to them-it is prophetically ‘open’ as a teaching of God. They must come to terms with the Messiah Jesus and the Resurrection, which was shadowed forth from the story as the “sign of Jonah”.

    Our Lord Jesus severely chastised the Pharisees for seeking after signs and wonders as “proofs” of one’s qualifications as a prophet while they blasphemously dismissed both the Prophet of Nazareth and the content of His prophetic message out of stubborn hard-heartedness. At John 7:50-52, the Pharisees fail to uphold the law after Nicodemus defense of Jesus on legal grounds, making a sarcastic, demeaning response to Nicodemus: “Are you also from Galilee? Search and look, for no prophet has arisen out of Galilee.”

    Their own statement condemns the Pharisees then and now, and shows their blindness to the Scriptures: the prophet Jonah came from Gath Hepher, a town in Galilee only three miles from Nazareth (2Kin. 14:25).

    The Pharisees and Scribes, thanks to their own cleverness as teachers of the Oral Law, were completely caught up with the ancient wonderworkings of Prophet Elijah and the divine power wrought through him, breaking up the satanic hold of Jezebel’s and Ahab’s perverse priesthood in order to turn old Israel back to God.

    Enamored with their own Merkibah Chariot mysticism embellishments, including the belief that the Prophet Elijah would come in person with the same powers described in Scripture, the Pharisees arrogantly dismissed the prophet John the Baptizer who was the Forerunner of the King Messiah who came “in the spirit of Elijah” because he did no miracles.

    What did Elijah do? Through the Holy Spirit, he waged war against a powerfully demonic and perverse ecstatic cultus of Ahab and Jezebel that had led the entire people astray from God. For that, God armed him for that time with great displays of power through the Holy Spirit, such as shutting off the rain for three years, and the spiritual battle at Mt. Carmel calling down fire from heaven in order to convince apostate Israel of the idolatrous cultus’ lying signs and wonders in the worship of the ‘Mad God’, Satan himself.

    Elijah’s sole purpose as God’s servant was to be the prophetic vessel that the Lord used to call the people in repentance back towards true worship of Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The wonderworkings of the Lord were applied according to the circumstances of Elijah’s times.

    As Elijah the Naphthalite [Gazelle] ran ahead of the king’s chariot as the messenger announcing that the king was approaching, so it was that the Prophet John was the ‘forerunner’ of the King Messiah Jesus, announcing to the people that “the Kingdom of God was at hand”. Elijah’s ministry was a very lonely one as a wild desert prophet and ascete, and at one point he lamented that he was the only one left in all of Israel that still believed in God, hiding in a cave on the edge of despondency at this point in his life. God promised Elijah that He would remain faithful to His servant’s prophetic mission and provide him with all the divine means necessary to accomplish the task of Israel’s repentence.

    Priest John son of Priest Zaccharias, spent all of his life in the wilderness as an ascete and desert prophet, and then came to Israel as the Forerunner announcing the Lord Messiah, the Son of King David, “in the spirit of Elijah” baptizing the many people who heeded his call to begin making their paths straight for the Kingdom of God.

    The Baptizer preached to the people to repent, announcing through the Holy Spirit the certain coming of the Messiah to Israel, not knowing who He would be until He came. John aquired disciples of his own of simple and earnest faith, and many downtrodden people listened to his message and believed, without any wonderworkings and miracles like the old prophet, Elijah.

    It is this humility and simplicity that makes John the Baptizer the greatest and the last of the line of the old Prophets of Israel, destined to bridge the gap between the old and the new era as the holy forerunner, preparing the way for the King Jesus and the Kingdom of God by building faith through his powerful preaching.

    What can be learned from these biblical Pharisees?

    Like Lot’s wife who looked back on the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah and turned into a pillar of salt, the Pharisees had peered so far into the past to Elijah, that even in those days the body of lore, legend and mysticism accumlated around him had made the “coming of Elijah” more important than that of the Messiah. In the Lord’s day, they had become so hardened by looking backwards in history, that they had become useless and bitter “pillars of salt” insisting on their own fanciful idealizations and teachings, which was leading the confused people astray.

    Time marches ever forward in God’s divine plan of things and providential care. 2,000 years ago, the Pharisees got stuck in past events looking for the prophet that once was, and missed the great wonderworking “Elijah” that IS in front of their noses, Jesus Christ. Even still they are stuck in the past, looking for their lost Jerusalem and misplaced Jewish Messiah. Hardened to Scripture, as teachers the Jewish “salt had lost its savour”.

    It is one thing to look into the Bible and the past for ideals and prophetic types to bring forward to the present, it is another thing to cling to past things in a romance of dreamy idealisms and delirious spiritual insobriety.

    Fr. Seraphim Rose, an Orthodox monk of the Russian Valaam tradition and an American convert, once said “In this particular spirit of the age, we cannot afford to be so spiritual as to be of no earthly use.”

  37. KathJuliane November 10, 2008 @ 8:25 pm

    Part 2 from No Cal in American territories occupied by the foreigners, US of Talmudistan:

    : @ Father John and all the faithful soldiers of our Lord Jesus, an wonderful archeological find supporting MORE NT truth:

    “Therefore indeed, I send you prophets, wise men and scribes…that on you may come all the righteous blood shed on the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah, son of Berechiah [Son of the Blessed], whom you murdered between the temple and the altar.” Matt. 23:34-35.

    About a month ago, I found this article about the discovery of Priest Zecharias’ tomb about 5 years ago by archeologists in Israhell. On the tomb it states that Priest Zecharias, father of John was ~martyred~. It perfectly supports the Lord’s ancient prophetic indictments about the mysterious ‘Zecharias son of Berachias’ that has baffled western Biblical scholars.

    It is ironclad confirmation of the pious very Orthodox tradition found in the ~Protoevangelon~ of ‘pious literature’, written possibly during period of the ‘Apostolic Fathers’–the next generation of bishops as disciples of the Apostles themselves, or who like St. Ignatius by tradition is the young child that was picked up by Jesus and sat on his lap as the Lord taught the people.

    In the Protevangelon, Priest Zecharias was slain between the altar and temple by the Jews where his blood constantly boiled. In this story also, the Jews, not wicked King Herod, pursued and attempted to slay Elizabeth and the babe, John, as they fled to the wilderness.

    I always believed deep in my soul the Jews had slain Priest Zecharias after John was born, and that he was the “Zecharias the son of Barechiah” that our Lord Jesus spoke of.

    Last update – 01:32 22/07/2003

    Jewish Yad Avshalom revealed as a Christian shrine from Byzantine era

    By Amiram Barkat

    The historic Yad Avshalom monument in Jerusalem’s Kidron Valley, revered for centuries as a Jewish shrine, was also a Christian holy place in the fourth century, new evidence has revealed.

    A fourth-century inscription on one of the walls near the monument, recently uncovered by chance, marks the site as the burial place of the Temple priest Zachariah, the father of John the Baptist who baptized Jesus.

    Scholars believe the monument was built in the first century, making it possible that figures holy to Christians could be buried there. According to Jewish belief, Yad Avshalom was named for Absalom, the son of King David, since Samuel II relates that Absalom built a memorial in “the valley of the king” which lies below the Temple Mount. Absalom died more than 1,000 years earlier.

    Parts of the inscription were discovered two years ago but the deciphering was only recently completed. Results of the research were published in the Revue Biblique in Paris two weeks ago.

    A Jerusalem archaeologist, Joe Zias of the Antiquities Authority, uncovered the inscription. He noticed in an ancient picture of the tomb that there was writing on one of the walls surrounding it. The ancient Greek letters had meanwhile been almost completely obliterated and therefore not seen by the dozens of archaeologists and scholars who had studied the monument in more modern times.

    Zias visited the site and spoke to the photographer – and only then did he understand the mystery. “The inscription can be seen only when the sun hits it from a certain angle at twilight, and only in summer,” Zias said. He tried to create a copy of the inscription but faced difficulties since it is located nine meters above ground.

    Zias collected funds to build scaffolding and made a silicon copy. At this point, Zias approached his colleague Father Emile Puech of the East Jerusalem Ecole Biblique, the Dominican order’s archaeological and biblical research institute. Puech is a renowned philologist who helped in deciphering the Dead Sea scrolls.

    Puech found 47 letters in the inscription, which is 1.2 meters long and 10 cms high. It reads:

    “This is the tomb of Zachariah, the martyr, the holy priest, the father of John.” The Gospel of Luke names Zachariah and Elisabeth as the parents of John the Baptist.

    Another mausoleum, known as Kever Zachariah – the tomb of Zachariah the prophet – is situated close to Yad Avshalom, which creates confusion.

    According to Puech, the inscription dates from the Byzantine empire of the 4th century, meaning the inscription was written 300 years after the tomb was built. It at least proves the tomb was a Christian holy site then, even if it does not categorically prove for whom it was built.

    According to Hebrew University expert Prof. Gideon Foerster, the inscription tallies with a sixth century Christian text that says Zachariah, the father of John the Baptist, was buried with Simon the Elder and James, the brother of Jesus. Foerster believes the document and inscription are historically authentic.

    Zias and Fuech are deciphering additional inscriptions found on the walls and will publish their findings in November. They say that one of the words in the inscriptions is Simon.

    Zias says he has no illusions: “Even if we prove there is no connection between Absalom and Yad Avshalom this will be forgotten in another 50 or 100 years.”

    “This will be forgetten in another 50 or 100 years?”, oh foolish Jew?

    Our Lord Jesus Christ has spoken once and for all time, and every so often He shall remind you, silly, evil modern Pharisees, with prophets, teachers and signs of His choosing, not yours, about His eternal Indictments standing against you, even to such a thing as this archelogical find that the Jewish world has sneeringly deemed insignificant in their proud loftimindedness.

    Foolish Jewish World, 2,000 years ago you knew not your own Scripture even then, and now you can’t even find where your temple once stood.

    How much further you are from Scripture now and its Truth beyond all truths.

    We faithful Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Christians as the true people of the God of Israel are awed and grateful for this touch of heavenly consolation in the form of the concrete finding of the tomb of the Holy Martyr Priest Zecharias, father of the Prophet John the Baptizer and Forerunner of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit for all things!

  38. Orthodox Serbia November 11, 2008 @ 1:40 am

    According to false Western propaganda Orthodox Christians share the shame religion with the Roman Catholics and the Protestants?

    Historical facts do not agree with this. Roman Catholicism was established by a man, the pope, in 1054 and the same counts for Protestantism. Even Islam is a older religion than Catholicism.

    This is a humiliation towards Orthodox Christianity!

    If that is true, than why can not Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox Christians visit each other churches? Of course they can not, because it are 3 different religions.

    The Catholic countries as well as the Protestant countries participated in the colonial plan which included the organization of the biological extermination of the natives of America, Africa, New Zealand and Australia. These new oversea states are established on the principles of colonialism and exploitation.

    This all in contradiction to the Orthodox countries like Russia and Serbia whose foundations are based on the principles of Christianity and not on colonialism or exploitation.

    Even today the West (NATO nations) have colonial intentions towards the rest of the world. Actually the modern Western civilization is based on colonial principles..

    These European and oversea colonial powers were 100% supported by the Vatican.

    How can you compare Orthodox Christians to Catholics and Protestants whose governments have exterminated the half of this planet?

    The Vatican is also behind the genocide against the Orthodox Serbs. It organized forced conversions against the Orthodox Serbs for centuries long. Historically the popes supported all the enemies of the Serbian nation, beginning with the Turkish colonial empire till EU. The Vatican was also behind the launch of communism in Serbia and Russia. Communism almost destroyed those two heroic and Orthodox Christian nations.

    To compare Roman Catholics and Protestants with Orthodox Christians is wrong!
    I have nothing against regular Catholics or Protestants but I will not compromise with them.

    It is a false theory to claim that it are the shame religions.

    We Serbs consider this as a false theory.

  39. George G November 11, 2008 @ 4:27 am

    Dear Christians

    Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev are great Russian Orthodox leaders.Russia is getting stronger each day whilst the US is being weakened by a Jewish agenda that only serves the purpose of Israel.

    The Jewish lobby in the US does not like strong Christian leaders because they expose their dirty tricks and lies.Orthodox Russians are no fools when it comes to the Jews.

    Unfortunately every American President has fallen victim to a Jewish agenda.Israel is the the number one foreign policy item for all American Presidents WHY? It is not of any strategic importance to the US.

    There is no oil or Gold reserves there nor does it have any uranium. Israel and the Jewish Lobby are bleeding America tax payers dry.We are talking about of 2% of the American population which is 301 million.

    Jews are 5.3 million in the US. [See: Jews in Wikipedia]

    American Jews are not even prepared to serve in the US Armed forces.They like starting wars from Capital Hill but hate fighting them.How many Jews are there in Iraq?

    When will a future American President take stock and start placing American Christians in key Government positions?

    Putin and Medvedev are not controlled by the Jews and this is why Russia is prospering.

  40. KathJuliane November 11, 2008 @ 2:30 pm

    In the view from Constantinople, the primary duty of the Caesar is that of Defender of the Faith, while that of the Patriarch is Teacher of the Faith within the model of the ‘Symphony’ between Church and State. The traditional militarism of all the independent Orthodox Christian kingdoms of the Byzantine Commonwealth of Roman and Slavic states, was that armies were trained for defensive wars in protection of the Church and the national fatherlands.

    In terms of New Russia’s policies implemented under President Putin, the “old” has become “new” again. In keeping with the history of the East and the Orthodox Church, his government has made considerable effort to restore the themes of Caesar Justinian’s Byzantine Roman ‘Symphony of Church and State’ to their proper balancing spheres within the Russian national life.

    Putin has reached back into Russia’s ancient heritage and pulled up the ancient Byzantine Roman “playbook” from Holy Rus’ own heritage and foundations. Her Byzantine Slavic Orthodox roots originate in ancient ~Constantinople-New Rome~ [Byzantium] of the Greek East and not that of ~Old Rome~ of the Latin West, the ancient legal titles of each city during the Byzantine Era of the Roman Empire.

    Some of the difficulty interpreting what is occuring with “New Russia’s” policies is an understandably faulty perspective of the political history of the ancient Roman Empire that is colored by a Rome-centered historical worldview. The problem in large part was perpetuated by the eminent Western historian Gibbons and his western perspective derived from Western and Latin European history. Gibbons was an Enlightenment thinker, and some of his work was markedly hostile to Christianity, on which he in large part blamed the “fall of Rome” to begin with.

    Following Gibbons, the traditional date of the fall of the Roman Empire is September 4, 476 when Romulus Augustulus, the last Imperator of the Western Roman Empire was deposed by by the Arian Ostrogoth, King Odoacer. Julius Nepos, the legitimate imperator recognized by the East Roman Empire continued to live in Salona, Dalmatia until he was assassinated in 480. Some modern historians question the relevance of this date, as the Ostrogoths who succeeded considered themselves as upholders of the direct line of Roman traditions, and noting, as Gibbon did, that the Eastern Roman Empire was going from strength to strength and continued until the Fall of Constantinople on May 29, 1453 (Julian Calendar).

    The historical argument can be made that the Roman Empire did not fall until ~Moscow-Third Rome~ (the title conferred by the Patriarch of Constantinople) was taken by the Bolsheviks and the martyrdom of the abdicated Holy Tzar (Caesar) Nicholas II and his royal Romanov family, including his heir apparent, Tzarovich Alexi in late 1917. There had been dynastic intermarriages between the houses of the Russian princes and the dynasty of the Caesar Augustii at Constantinople beginning about the 10th century.

    Quite simply Odoacer, a Germano-Roman, was not qualified to be a Roman imperator under Roman law. He sent to Constantinople the imperial regalia, came under nominal submission to the Caesar Augustus as Basileus pledging fealty, was content to be the local King of Italy, and was titled as Constantinople’s imperial Vice-Regent as part of the Roman State apparatus.

    For Gibbons, and Western historians after him, the Roman Empire was founded in 783 BCE, and fell in 476 AD, conveying the attitude that the “Byzantine” Eastern Empire magically leaped from out of Rome’s side like Athena sprang from Zeus’ forehead fully mature and armored after the collapse of the western sub-empires.

    A broader historical sweep of the Roman Empire reads much different. Technically established at the City of Rome in 783 BCE, the Roman Empire was the world’s longest continuous running State of about 2200 years when Constantinople-New Rome fell in 1453 AD (or 2700 years in 1917). Byzantium (Constantinople) was established as the lawful imperial capital of the entire empire from Britania to Armenia by Constantine about 330 AD, after the Apostolic Church of Christ was adopted by him as the official state religion of the Roman Empire.

    Constantine early set down groundwork for Justinian’s later formal codifications of the ‘Symphony’ of Church and State in Roman law in the 6th century along with his other Byzantine Roman civil law reforms. With the adoption of Christianity, the very first things Constantine put into motion were new state policies concerning warfare and diplomacy.

    To accomodate and reconcile the civil affairs and responsibilities of the Roman State to her new Christian ‘self-awareness’, and come into conformance with the teachings of Christ and the Church, the government at Constantinople very early put away the archaic policies of Roman aggressive militancy and territorial expansionism.

    Commencing with Constantine throughout the next 1100 years as official policy, the Byzantine Roman Empire was to never fight another war of territorial expansion on any foreign soil. Rolling back borders to natural boundaries such as the Danube and the Euphrates, and settling her frontier borders with Germany, Persia and other neighboring nations, Constantinople endeavored to pursued policies of international diplomacy through trade and economic agreements, dynastic intermarriages, treaties and alliances.

    Constantinople formulated the original imperial “just war” doctrines combined with diplomacy that addressed: a) defensive wars against foreign incursions; and b) wars conducted to overcome an injustice. Early in the 4th century, the Kingdom of Georgia after baptism as a Christian state formulated her own martial policies geared towards the defense of Faith and Georgian homeland.

    The agressive Crusader policies following in the more martial traditions of ancient Rome and Germania were a phenomena during the 11th century that developed along the axis of the Papacy and the Frankish kings of the Latin West after the defeating and re-conquest of Muslim occupied portions of Europe.

    While the Byzantine Roman Empire was continually under pressure and fought many wars attacked from the north, south, east and finally the west which eroded her territories, more often than not Constantinople gained in terms of diplomacy with the new conquering states despite the many historical losses of territorial integrity. While maps show the shrinking borders of the empire itself, it also shows the the establishments of independent Christian kingdoms of the Byzantine “Commonwealth” of nations.

    a) Defensive wars against foreign incursions; and b) Wars conducted to overcome an injustice. Sounds familiar…like South Ossetia?

  41. czarina November 18, 2008 @ 1:26 pm

    I respect everyone’s religious beliefs. As long as we treat each other with respect and kindness, we can all get along and prosper.

    If Mr. Putin can get the Zionists off our backs for once and for all, then we need to support him.

  42. czarina November 21, 2008 @ 1:45 pm

    I’d like to wish a “sretna slava” to all those who celebrate St. Michael’s day today, Nov 21.

    Brother Nathaneal, what do you think of the Nov. 22 Kill the Fed rally? Do you think it will have any efficacy? Too bad I’m in Canada, otherwise I’d attend.

    I’ll be watching the boob tube to see if any coverage will be shown, but I doubt we’ll see much, if anything.

    From what I’ve been reading online, seems the American people are really waking up. Power to them. Unfortunately, I think Canada is lost.

    Canadians are the most complacent, dumbed down people on earth. They keep telling us how polite we are, and that the world loves us because we are “peacekeepers”.

    Nobody here ever questions, or asks the right questions of the Prime Minister. The Canadian mantra is “As they say in Alberta, oil well”.

    That is my country. I can’t say I’m living on the Animal Farm because my pet cat has more intelligence and common sense than most Canadians.

    I’m thinking about the future. Defect to the US where people know what a “constitution” is, or to any Russian friendly country?

    I live in the Land of the Living Dead: I live among zombies.

    Where can I go before they suck my brain out?

    I think Canadians will be the first ones sent to the FEMA camps.

  43. Slava Rodina June 5, 2009 @ 5:53 pm

    What do you think about Hitler?

    I think the fascist economic system is not too bad as the jewish capitalism-communism, but ALWAYS IN DEMOCRACY, not in totalitarism like Hitler did, because the promoted social rights were not accomplished, in a dictatorship regime the power abuse is the normal thing.

    I am not nazi although, but I tend to defend Germany a lot more than most of the people do. A country victim of the jews.

    Nazis were not really Christians, they were heretics who created a fake church, mixed with paganism and Hitler worship and things like also.

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