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Giving Up Soda

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Giving Up Soda
June 16, 2023

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Brother Nathanael @ June 16, 2023


  1. Brother Nathanael June 16, 2023 @ 7:32 pm


    Giving Up Soda

    I’m giving up soda, it’s bad for you.

    Loaded with sugar, it’ll kill you.

    And, carbonated gas is in it.

    Same gas that killed six million Jews at Auschwitz.

    No original gas chambers still have not been found.

    But take it from the Jews—they do ‘Fact Vetch’ websites—those gas chambers were there, everywhere and all over the place, gassing up fumes to kill six mil.

    In honor of all those 6 millions of Jewish carcases, their lampshades, their shoes, their cadavers, all celebrated in US museums every day and in every way, I won’t drink soda with its carbonated gas any more.

    More deadly than Zyklon B which was poured into those shower pipes.

    Soda won’t kill lice but carbonated gas kills Jews.

    No more soda for me, from now on all that I eat, and all that I wipe, will be kosher.

    Kosher for pesach too. [Clip]

    [“We think about food, we think about food that is kosher for pesach. And, as I always begin this section of our presentations…”]

    Strong Brooklyn accent. Grating.

    Even with his on-and-off, off-putting, “chhh.”

    And all those books behind him!

    I see the one that blasphemes Jesus Christ. [Clip]

    1:10 [“In order to save yourselves and me heartache before pesach, make sure the food that you bought is kosher for pesach. Otherwise you might end up like the story of the individual who cooked twenty rolls of gefilte fish for pesach, and then discovered on erev pesach that those rolls of gefilte fish were not marked as kosher for pesach and were chametz and therefore she didn’t have kosher for pesach gefilte fish…”]

    Stop right there!

    Dem gefilte, loaded with “chametz,” I mean, loaded with leaven bread agents, agents of mass destruction!

    I grew up in this Jewish stuff, it’s all about food, nothing about Spirit-uality.

    Kosher’s okay, but too much makes you fat.

    I’ll stick with matzah balls! [Clip]

    [“Hi, you’re watching Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller and today we’re making light, fluffy, perfect matzah balls. Here’s a nice matzah ball, gently place it into the hot water. Scoop from the bottom so that the matzah balls keep their nice circular shape we worked so hard on, so you can add them to your soup, or add them to your bowl, and of course, we’ll lade over some of our chicken soup with julienne carrots into our bowl. You’ve got to look at our finished product! Beautiful, light, fluffy, perfectly circular matzah balls! Julienne carrots, chicken soup, I cannot wait to eat this. It’s like butter, amazing. Mmm, love it!”]

    Merrick Garland loves ‘em too.

    He’s weaponized dem matzah balls!

    Everyone says so!

    Doesn’t mean a thing, nada will come of it, he’ll stay in office ‘till hell freezes over his yidushee cadaver.

    But if not him, another Jew, or a goy who shills for the yids.

    And just like Merrick, the FBI, too, is weaponizing their schtick.

    Not against Jews, but against Roman Catholics, spying on their outcries of killing babies in the womb.

    Catholics used to have lots of babies.

    But lots of Roman Catholic babies are bad for the Jews.

    Like carbonated soda.

    Some say it’s Jews that’re bad for you—”lots are beginning to say so”—says Jonathan Greenbleech of the ADL.

    Vhat to do?

    Stick the Jews with mRna jabs and add sterilizers too.

    They did it to schwartza falashas in Is-riii-el.

    Like carbonated soda, Jews don’t like schwartzas killing off their racial profile.

    Here’s a tip.

    Not Biden, we’re in a Jewish dictatorship.

    I forgot to say the matzo ball girl got a nose job. You know, like all Jewish women.

  2. Brother Nathanael June 16, 2023 @ 7:33 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael June 16, 2023 @ 7:35 pm

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  4. European Inventor June 16, 2023 @ 7:48 pm

    Thank you.

    Your point of view each time you speak on your studious impressions of contemporary matters; to me you are each time more like a 21St Century John the Baptist; but I want to see you keep your head, and be heard more internationally outside USA/Israel/English-speaking-society.

    For example; In Japan the Pro-Christian “Heavenese” is a good place to try (especially since Soros operatives finally got homosexual marriage forced through for the ~small number of people interested).

  5. Citizenfitz June 17, 2023 @ 9:36 am

    ROTFL! That was great!

    I was wondering that about the jewish lady. Was she too the beneficiary of some… rhinoplasty?

    But she is very pretty. At least to me. Still, there’s a sad metamorphosis in store for her: the older she gets the jewy-er looking she’ll get.

    You see that with jewish women. They often start out pretty (even before the rhinoplasty) but by the time they’re fifty, their faces start going wonky – and even multiple plastic surgeries can’t save them from the old yenta rising within. Witness Joan Rivers.

    But a good video. And thanks for the laugh!

  6. KathJuliane June 17, 2023 @ 2:18 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN

    I’m still laughing. The Video is dynamite.

    How come climate cultists in their quest for zero carbon going after cow farts never bring up bring up getting rid of their carbonated soda, trendy carbonated water & Soda Streams, hipster beer and the elites’ champagne, which is, of course, made bubbly with carbon dioxide?

    Shouldn’t people who have a soft drink addiction have a larger carbon footprint than those of us who don’t drink carbonated beverages?

    The Bronx rabbi is hilarious. In between his annoying “ckhhhh,” I finally figured out what he was trying to get across about the Kosher Racket.

    There’s ordinary, everyday kosher, and then there’s “kosher-for-pesach” which is a special category within the kosher Jewish food industry which comes out around Jewish passover, and the food is labeled as such on the packaging.

    So, if you use ordinary kosher gefilte fish and not the special kosher-for-pesach gefilte fish to make your pesach gefilte fish ball delicacy, then it all turns to “chametz” after going to all the tedious work of making them.

    Gefilte fish is made with matzo meal. So are matzo balls. Matzo meal is simply finely ground up matzo crackers, which is made with flour and water. Matzo bread is its own special Jewish industry, but they are just crackers baked in special ovens with very strict baking, timing, and handling requirements by special kosher bakers.

    You have to be careful not to use regular kosher matzo meal but the special kosher-for-pesach matzo meal to make gefilte fish and matzo balls for the Jews’ high holy days.

    Oy veh! It’s come a long way since the Exodus out of Egypt, when the unleavened bread was simply dough which had not naturally fermented and risen overnight. They didn’t have quick-rising yeast in those days that could raise a loaf of dough in one or two hours.

    So, the first matzo were simply baked by the women of the household as a flatbread during the first Passover meal waiting for the Angel of Death to pass by, so that the people of Israel could quickly depart in the morning.

    The ubiquitous flatbread is found everywhere in various African, Mediterranean, and Eurasian cuisines from the Greek lagana and pita to Bedouin flatbread baked on a smoking hot rock, or a special portable oven over a very hot fire.

    Of course, chametz means leaven, and originally, the leaven was most commonly a piece of old dough starter saved from yesterday’s bake mixed into the new dough, or else barley beer was used as a bread starter, or the rising bread was fermented naturally from scratch to make it rise.

    Matzo ball soup is just plain weird. The basic soup isn’t, its usually chicken soup. But the matzo balls are, which are composed of ground matzo crackers and other ingredients, and then simmered in water or broth for 40 minutes to an hour.

    The matzo balls, which wind up kind of waterlogged to my taste, are different from old-fashioned dumplings from flour and water, stuffed or unstuffed, from whatever food culture one prefers. Most dumplings are cooked in a simmering soup or broth for about 15-18 minutes.

    And then, Jews kvetch over the the merits of East European matzo balls (light-n-fluffy) or the dense German-Jewish variety (sinkers).

    Welp. That’s enough of that.

    I spent a few minutes pondering over just how many nose jobs Jamie Geller, of Joy of Kosher cookbook fame, has had. Her matzo balls are “fluffy and buddery”.

    Anyway, strange anti-Semite find for the day:

    Charles Manson: The Only Way To Have Peace On Earth Is To Let WWII Die.

    “WWII has got to stop, and it’s got to stop with the Jews.

    The Jews won’t let WWII stop. They keep it going. They keep perpetuating it because they’re making money. As soon as the WWII was over, they never stopped.

    “The brainwash that they were selling. The American public was making money. You see what I’m saying?

    “They were making money. They’re not going to stop making money. If the combination is there to make money. They’re going to keep selling it.”

  7. KathJuliane June 17, 2023 @ 3:23 pm

    The Fiamengo File

    On Father’s Day, Can We Please Stop Lecturing Dads?

    Long before they replaced mothers with “birthing persons,” fathers were being told to be more like mothers

    Janice Fiamengo
    JUN 17, 2023

    The year-round war on masculinity becomes particularly acute near Father’s Day, the lead-up to which is often filled (quite unlike for Mother’s Day) with politically correct exhortations about what a father should and shouldn’t be.

    In particular, we’re told that traditional notions of dad as the provider, the disciplinarian, the roughhouser, and the law-giver are no longer relevant, and must be replaced by a more inclusive, feminine figure who spells off Mom, is in touch with his feelings, and pulls his weight at home.

    This version turns out to be not very inclusive—and often risibly incoherent.

    Let’s grant right off that not all fathers are alike. My dad, a somewhat shy and laconic man, never raised his voice in our house and left most decisions to my mom. At 5’8” and 155 lbs., he was hardly macho (though he was tough and stoic, a commercial fisherman who lost his brother to the sea).

    Some dads are more demonstrative than others, some more comfortable in the kitchen. Some, of course, aren’t role models at all.

    But please, let’s stop pretending that fathers are meant to be a watered-down version of mom, often a work-in progress needing coaching in their adjunct role. This is a rank untruth intended to emphasize that fathers, existing mainly to “support,” are ultimately secondary and dispensable.

    This year, we’re being taught about the new and improved dad by Glenlivet, a maker of Scotch whisky that seems to have decided to follow in the footsteps of Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” campaign from a few years back.

    A slick 4-minute video, “What Does it Mean to Be a Dad Today?” presents four father-son/father-daughter pairs. Each pair reads an (allegedly) AI-generated script about fatherhood that all agree is lame and “stereotypical.”

    The script tells of a father who takes his son camping to teach him survival skills like building a fire with nothing but twigs and stones. The daughters are infuriated that the script assumed a male child and are contemptuous of the activities described.

    All scoff at a dad who wants to teach his son to handle himself in difficult situations.

    Full article: {

    In case you missed it:

    “Be the sort of father predators fear.” – Nick Freitas

    Dads’ ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Protects Kids From Pedophiles

    The Federalist | June 9 2023

    In an Instagram post on Thursday, Green Beret combat veteran and dad of three Nick Freitas shared with his followers a 2017 WRTV Indianapolis interview with Jack Reynolds, a pedophile who targeted children in the 1980s and spent 12 years in prison for it.

    In the interview, Reynolds was asked what “characteristics” he “looked for in children before molesting them.” Reynolds responded by saying it was a child’s family that mattered more than the actual child. “If I thought the father was a threat, I would not approach the child,” he said.

    Freitas said this revelation means a few things for dads: “One, you better be a threat,” and “two, you better be present enough in your child’s life to where they know you’re a threat.”

    “And I would say it tells us one more thing that’s very interesting,” Freitas continued. “There’s a lot of people right now that seem hellbent to have sexual conversations with our children without our knowledge.

    “Those are the same people telling us that the very things that make you a threat are manifestations of toxic masculinity. So maybe we shouldn’t listen to those people.”

  8. KathJuliane June 17, 2023 @ 5:21 pm

    Regarding the “ideological” nature of the Obama/Biden Jewmerica regime’s war against Trump since 2015, this is what prominent neocon Jewish Supremacist Bret Stephens has to say back in 2018.

    Nothing has changed, just intensified and hardened since 2018. 70-80% of Jews belong to the Democratic Party.

    As +BN had observed several times, along with other observers of the Jewish world, despite Trump’s obvious Judeophilia, his America First populism and nationalism, and Trump’s essentially oppositional defiant personality streak makes him a loose cannon the Jews can’t adequately control.

    This Jewish blast from the past just underscores it, and this vindicates what +BN has said all along. Neocon Jew Brett Stephens, nominally a “conservative,” said the quiet part out loud, safe among his fellow Jews, describing the Tribe’s age-old master strategy living as a nation-within-a-nation, and what the Jews were teeing up when Trump was a year into his presidency.

    Notice how its never about what is good for America, let alone White people. It’s what is good for Jews. That’s one of the massive issues with Jews.

    It’s not “diversity is our strength, it’s “diversity is (((our))) strength.”

    This is an excerpt from:

    Rabbi Shmuley and Bret Stephens Debate “Is President Donald Trump Good for the Jews?” (actual title)

    10:00 – 14:06

    The second thing is Jews I think have only really thrived and are only really safe in the world when liberal values are the dominant, prevalent values and by liberal values I don’t mean Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, okay?

    I mean liberal in the classic sense of respect for pluralism, emphasis on tolerance, emphasis on individual liberties. Those panoply of values which are the DNA of what we call liberal democratic society.

    Now the Trump administration in a way that is similar to populist movements in Europe like Marine lePen, the Vlaams Belang in Belgium, Geert Wilders in in in Holland, the AFD in Germany, the Northern League in Italy, Orban’s party in Hungary, the the party that’s in power in in Poland, and so on.

    Trump administration represents a substantial and dangerous regression from those values. I think the comments, the attitude of this administration towards immigration, Mexican immigration, Latin-American immigration, is a scandal you don’t want to know something, in all of history no Muslim terrorist has ever come across our border with Mexico.

    We’ve had one Muslim terrorist come across a land border and that happened to be with Canada. Why aren’t we building a wall with Canada?

    Now this this worries me because to be anti-immigrant strikes me as antithetical to the liberal values that have been so good for us as Jews.

    Had a Trump administration been in power in 1950 there’s no way my mother, a displaced person with seven dollars and no means to support herself and no skills, would have ever been admitted into this country.

    And yet, a generation later her son is the elitist snob at the New York Times paying many fold in taxes what what it cost the United States to to bring us here.

    Each of you is one, maybe two, generations away from some poor schlemiel who came from like my grandfather from Bessarabia or Galicia or or one one other country and I bet they didn’t come with PhDs and with great skills.

    I bet they didn’t speak a word of English. I bet many native many many Americans here thought of them as smelly Jews with Bolshevik politics. And in my case many of them did have Bolshevik politics, I’m sorry to say.

    Thank God we didn’t have that kind of political order when we were arriving in the in the 1890s and and so on.

    This turn away from liberalism, and it’s not just with respect to immigrants it’s with respect to attitude toward the media, it’s with the coursening and the assaults on fundamental institutions of government, is in the long term I believe dangerous for the Jews.

    Because I am hard pressed to think of illiberal orders in the past that haven’t eventually turned on the Jews and I’m hard pressed to think of populist orders in the past that haven’t eventually turned on the Jews.

    And so we we engage this kind of politics I think at our peril. Now he’s the president, we want to we want the best to happen, obviously as Americans, and and and andand we want a good outcome, but I would just say to all of you who are tempted to say Trump’s the best thing that’s happened to the Jews, caveat emptor.

    Caveat emptor because the style of politics that he is bringing with him in the long term has never paid dividends for us as a people, never mind for us as individuals and I’ll stop there.

  9. KathJuliane June 17, 2023 @ 6:39 pm

    CIA activated their international jihadist army ISIS unit to start terrorizing Uganda.


    Daesh-linked terrorist slaughter 41 in attack on Uganda school

    Press TV | 17 June 2023

    Daesh-linked militants have slaughtered 41 people and abducted others in an attack on a school in western Uganda near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, authorities said.

    Ugandan authorities have found the bodies of 41 people, including 38 students, after Daesh-affiliated rebels attacked a secondary school near the border with Congo, Uganda’s local mayor declared on Saturday.

    The victims included students, a security guard and two members of the local community who were killed outside the school, Mpondwe-Lhubiriha Mayor Selevest Mapoze said, noting that an unknown number of people were also kidnapped by the rebels, who fled across the porous border into Congo after the attack on Friday night.

    The co-ed and privately owned school is located in the Ugandan district of Kasese, nearly two kilometers from the Congo border, local officials added.

    “Our forces are pursuing the enemy to rescue the abductees and destroy this group,” defense ministry spokesman Felix Kulayigye said in a Twitter post as cited in press reports.

    Officials did not say how many people were abducted by the assailants, members of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) insurgent group that has pledged allegiance to the Daesh (ISIS) terror group.

    Joe Walusimbi, an official representing Uganda’s president in Kasese, said that some of the victims “were burnt beyond recognition.”

    “A dormitory was set on fire and a food store looted. So far 25 bodies have been recovered from the school and transferred to Bwera Hospital,” police said in a statement, adding that eight others were in critical condition.

    The attackers fled to Virunga National Park in Congo, police added.

    Influential political leader and a former lawmaker from the region, Winnie Kiiza, condemned the “cowardly attack” on Twitter, insisting that “attacks on schools are unacceptable and are a grave violation of children’s rights.”

    ADF rebels began their insurgency against President Yoweri Museveni in the 1990s from a base in the Rwenzori Mountains.

    The group was largely defeated by the Ugandan army, but remnants fled across the border into the vast forests of eastern Congo, where they continued their insurgency—carrying out attacks on civilian and military targets in Congo and Uganda.

    In April, ADF forces attacked a village in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, killing at least 20 people.

  10. KathJuliane June 17, 2023 @ 6:57 pm

    What a lovely sight! -Kj


    Thousands protest Dodgers’ Pride night event honoring LGBTQ+ ‘nun’ group

    KTLA5 | 16 June 2023

    Thousands of religious protestors staged a procession outside Dodger Stadium Friday night as the team’s annual Pride Night kicks off in response to the honoring of an LGBTQ+ “nun” group.

    After weeks of debate and controversy, The Los Angeles Dodgers honored The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with a Community Hero Award prior to the Dodgers Game against the San Franciso Giants.

    In a flyer advertising the procession, organizers said protestors will “unite in prayerful response to Dodgers’ godless decision to honor blasphemous, Christ-mocking ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.’”

    The Sisters are a group of LGBTQ+ “nuns” who focus on philanthropic work while using “humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit,” according to the group’s website.

    KTLA’s Rachel Menitoff reports on June 16, 2023.


  11. Sir Gagalot June 17, 2023 @ 8:12 pm


    “You stubborn people! You won’t obey! You won’t listen! You are just like your people of long ago! You always oppose the Holy Spirit!

    52 Was there ever a prophet your people didn’t try to hurt? They even killed those who told about the coming of the Blameless One. And now you have handed him over to his enemies. You have MURDERED him. 53 The law you received was given by angels. But you haven’t obeyed it.

    54 When the members of the Sanhedrin heard this, they became very angry. They were so angry they ground their teeth at Stephen. 55 But he was full of the Holy Spirit. He looked up to heaven and saw God’s glory. He saw Jesus standing at God’s right hand. 56 “Look!” he said. “I see heaven open. The Son of Man is standing at God’s right hand.”

    57 When the Sanhedrin heard this, they covered their ears. They yelled at the top of their voices. They all rushed at him. 58 They dragged him out of the city. They began to throw stones at him to kill him. The people who had brought false charges against Stephen took off their coats. They placed them at the feet of a young man named Saul.

    59 While the members of the Sanhedrin were throwing stones at Stephen, he prayed. “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit,” he said. 60 Then he fell on his knees. He cried out, “Lord! Don’t hold this sin against them!” When he had said this, he died.

  12. Lugu June 17, 2023 @ 8:40 pm

    Whoa…! This is next level stuff.

    A lot of parables there. Same with Jesus’ disciples’ question about HIS parables, can someone kindly enough to explain what Brother Nathanael implicitly refers to as soda and matzah balls?

  13. Brother Nathanael June 17, 2023 @ 9:36 pm


    It’s satire, nothing next level.

    @Citizen Fitz

    She’s wearing a wig too.

  14. Hey Watch Out for HogDonkers June 18, 2023 @ 5:02 am

    The people of the U.S.A. have become arrogant and cruel.

    The government is wicked beyond reason, vile, and corrupt.

    So, Destroyers, come. It is deserved – however, not all people here are arrogant.

    I’ve tried to help people, but they don’t care or listen. Good people should separate themselves from wicked people, and go to a place where the wicked parasites and bloodsuckers (who are also cruel to animals) cannot follow.

    The intrigue, the wars, pitting one against another for the profit of bankers is endless, that is a treadmill of inhumane humanity that has no end.

    I want no part in this abject foolishness.

    Let the fools, trillionaires, and dilettantes dabbling with blotting out the Sun play their games – I have better things to do, and I’m worth more than this.

    Enough help has been provided. But there’s only so much you can do for evil, brainwashed, mind-controlled people who refuse to protect themselves from either tyranny or cognitive manipulation.

    So let it come.

  15. Rabbi Mortichai June 18, 2023 @ 8:15 am

    Bravo, Brother Nathanael.

    I’m going to follow suit giving up carbonated beverages, too. Never know what the goys could be plotting.

    Reminds me of my time in Dachau where a local shiksa tossed Coca Cola to me over the fence. And I thought she cared.

  16. KathJuliane June 18, 2023 @ 12:07 pm

    Russia Today trolls US/EU leadership of the “International Rules-Based Order” -Kj

    Jane Adams

    The world is laughing at our weak leadership.

  17. KathJuliane June 18, 2023 @ 12:12 pm

    LGBT “We’re Not After Your Kids”

    Summit News | 16 June 2023

    ‘Pride’ enthusiasts are adamant that LGBTQ+, sexuality and gender issues are not being pushed on kids.

    Explain all this then…

    They’re definitely after the kids. -Kj

    Dads, be like the fellow behind the camera in the tweet below, a threat to predators.

    Folks protesting Drag Queen Story Hour at their local public library are parents who live in the neighborhood whose taxes are wasted on this noxious invasion of parasites, while the Trantifa creeps, especially these well-off White liberals, travel in from elsewhere to support LBGT corruption of children. -Kj


    ‘Trantifa’ activists hide behind cops when confronted by Queens crowd opposing pro-drag queen event

    American Wire | June 18, 2023 |

    Leftist rabble-rousers got more than they bargained for at a New York City library when protesters standing against a Drag Queen Story hour event scared them into seeking an unlikely protector.

    New York City council members have made no secret about their efforts toward indoctrination as they have actively worked to include funding in the city’s budget. One such event was held Wednesday in the Woodside, Queens neighborhood of NYC council member Julie Won’s district, where outraged demonstrators had attempted to confront the deviancy being pushed on kids.

    One video captured the moment that masked radicals armed with an umbrella attempted to block the American flag-waving defenders of innocence from getting near the event to have their voices heard. As independent journalist Andy Ngô reported, “Two black women protesting a drag queen story hour in Queens, NYC library scare two #Trantifa into retreating to police for protection.”

    Full story:

  18. KathJuliane June 18, 2023 @ 12:44 pm

    So, that’s what collective Biden wants 87,000 new IRS agents and guns for.

    The 20 IRS agents making this gun shop raid to grab dozens of boxes worth of ATF form 4473, the gun purchase record kept by gun shops, were “heavily armed”.

    BATF was also present, apparently in a guide dog role for the IRS’ search warrant for “financial records”. No financial info is kept on the 4473. This was a disguised BATF raid under the color of the IRS. Simple as. -Kj


    Montana AG Sounds Alarm: Armed IRS Agents Rounding Up Gun Purchase Records

    Breitbart News | 17 June 2023

    Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen spoke to Breitbart News Saturday morning and told us that armed IRS agents rolled into Great Falls’ Highwood Creek Outfitters Wednesday and seized dozens of boxes of ATF form 4473s, the background check form containing information on gun purchasers.

    The agents hit the store prior to regular business hours, KRTV reported.

    Store owner Tom Van Hoose said, “At 7:30, I came in and they pulled in behind me with 20 heavily armed agents.”

    He said by the time all was said and done, the agents left him with about 30 minutes of time to do business so he lost virtually an entire business day.

    Van Hoose believes his store is targeted because he sells guns the White House opposes: “I can only assume that it’s because of the style of weapons that we have and the press that’s so against them. The current administration seems to be hell-bent on getting those guns out of the hands of average Americans.”

    The ATF form 4473 has a gun purchaser’s name, address, birthdate, state/city of birth, gender, social security number, and the serial number of any guns purchased in the store. The information is perfectly suited for use in a registry or registry database.

    The danger of federal agents taking this information was not lost on AG Knudsen, who told Breitbart News, “I spoke with the shop owner who told me that 20 heavily armed IRS agents from multiple states in our region served a warrant before his business opened.

    “They took dozens of boxes full of 4473s — more than a decade’s worth. This is extremely concerning because it seemingly exceeds the search warrant which limited the scope of the search to financial records. These aren’t financial records, they’re records of lawful firearm purchases.

    “What the hell does the IRS need with 4473s? We know the ATF in Washington, DC is trying to scoop up as many of these purchase records as possible, and that’s what it looks like they’re trying to do here.”

    Knudsen added, “There’s a clear and disturbing pattern developing of the Biden administration sending federal agents to harass American gun owners, shops, and manufacturers.”

    He also noted that this harassment is happening while Biden is pushing to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), thereby opening up gun makers to lawsuits over the illegal use of firearms.

    Knudsen said, “Biden wants to repeal PLCAA so they can shut down gun companies and coerce states to implement ‘red flag’ laws so firearms can be seized without due process.

    “Now, they’re sending federal agents door-to-door in my state to intimidate people. There’s no question about it, this is the most anti-gun administration in the nation’s history.”

  19. KathJuliane June 18, 2023 @ 2:09 pm

    “Naw. We’re not coming for the kids.

    “Don’t believe your lying eyes when you find organized Drag pedagogy and queer transformations programming, and LBGT curriculum and books in your libraries and schools. We’re harmless. We’re not being subversive at all.”

    Thought I’d leave this research paper here. Great for decoding LBGT, Drag & Trannie speak about queering and transforming your kids.

    Authors are educational kingpins and queer power brokers Harper Benjamin Keenan (female to male trannie) & the drag queen Lil Miss Hot Mess (real name Harris Kornstein) who founded and sits on the global leadership team of Drag Queen Story Hour.

    On Harper’s own website (pronouns corrected), she published this very bland, innocuous description about herself:

    Harper B. Keenan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of British Columbia. She is also a 2022 NAEd/Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow.

    Dr. Keenan’s work examines how adults guide children to make sense of the social world. Her primary goals as an academic are to contribute to the education of young children and their teachers, and to shift public thinking about children and childhood.”

    Keenan elsewhere states that she is a “white queer and transgender educator” and is deeply involved in everything in LBGT industrial network.

    Keenan created the Trans/Nonbinary Educators Network, which provides social support and professional networking opportunities.

    Her full job title at UBC is the “Robert Quartermain Professor of Gender and Sexuality Research in Education Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy.”

    San Francisco-based Lil Miss Hot Mess (Kornstein) is an organizer, a disgusting sodomite transvestite, a fat Jew. His day job is assistant professor in Public & Applied Humanities Lab at the University of Arizona. He’s very close to “Sister Roma” of the blasphemous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence group.

    Arizona Daily Independent:

    Kornstein argues that “Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) provides a generative extension of queer pedagogy into the world of early childhood education.” Kornstein, along with his co-author Harper B. Keenan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of British Columbia, writes that “Many elements of DQSH are common to early childhood schooling: bright colours, music, art, and imaginative play.

    “There is an adult teacher leading a classroom of young students. What is different, though, is that the teacher is a drag queen. She breaks the limiting stereotype of a teacher: she is loud, extravagant, and playful.

    “She encourages children to think for themselves and even to break the rules. She is the exponential product of Ms. Frizzle and Bob the Drag Queen. She is a queer teacher. To the unimaginative adult (which – sigh – describes most of us), it might seem that the world of drag and the world of children are impossibly distant from one another.”

    Per Wikipedia (pronouns corrected):

    “Outside of his drag career, Lil Miss Hot Mess is a university professor and holds a PhD from NYU. He has published in academic journals on subjects like “drag pedagogy” and digital drag performance.”

    In 2016, Lil Miss Hot Mess became involved for Drag Queen Story Hour as one of the first queens to read for the group in New York City.” And, he books many appearances around the country to give talks on his so-called educational research on drag studies. -Kj


    Manifesto for the Drag Queen Story Hour Movement:

    Drag pedagogy: The playful practice of queer imagination in early childhood

    January 2021Curriculum Inquiry 50(1):1-21


    License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

    Abstract and Figures

    In recent years, a programme for young children called Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) has risen to simultaneous popularity and controversy.

    This article, written collaboratively by an education scholar and a drag queen involved in organizing DQSH, contextualizes the programme within the landscape of gender in education as well as within the world of drag, and argues that Drag Queen Story Hour provides a generative extension of queer pedagogy into the world of early childhood education.

    Drawing on the work of José Esteban Muñoz, the authors discuss five interrelated elements of DQSH that offer early childhood educators a way into a sense of queer imagination: play as praxis, aesthetic transformation, strategic defiance, destigmatization of shame, and embodied kinship.

    Ultimately, the authors propose that “drag pedagogy” provides a performative approach to queer pedagogy that is not simply about LGBT lives but living queerly.

    Researchgate (PDF available) :

    See highlighted excerpts here in 4 photo images:

    Christopher F Rufo:

    “After the norms of gender, sexuality, marriage, and family are called into question, the drag queen can begin replacing this system of values with “queer ways of knowing and being.”

    Kornstein and Keenan make no bones about it: the purpose of what they call drag pedagogy, or the “pedagogy of desire,” is about reformulating children’s relationship with sex, sexuality, and eroticism.

    They describe drag as a “site of queer pleasure” that promises to “turn rejection into desire” and “[transform] the labour of performance into the pleasure of participation,” and DQSH as offering a “queer relationality” between adult and child. They litter their paper with sexualized language and double entendres, blurring the lines between adult sexuality and childhood innocence.”

    “The purpose, then, is to subvert the system of heteronormativity, which includes childhood innocence, and reengineer childhood sexuality from the ground up. And drag performances provide a visual, symbolic, and erotic method for achieving this. Kornstein and Keenan’s language of the discipline—“pleasure,” “desire,” “bodies,” “girls,” “boys,” “glitter,” “sequins,” “wigs,” and “heels”—gives it away.”


    What Drag Queen Story Hour is really all about is hoodwinking and anesthetizing parents, and mind molesting little kids and convincing them not to be afraid of the grown men who want to have sex with them. -Kj

    “We believe that DQSH offers an invitation towards deeper public engagement with queer cultural production, particularly for young children and their families. It may be that DQSH is “family friendly,” in the sense that it is accessible and inviting to families with children, but it is less a sanitizing force than it is a preparatory introduction to alternate modes of kinship.

    “Here, DQSH is “family friendly” in the sense of “family” as an old-school queer code to identify and connect with other queers on the street.” -Drag Pedagogy: The Playful Practice of Queer Imagination in Early Childhood, Kornstein & Keenan.

  20. KathJuliane June 18, 2023 @ 5:26 pm

    Christian, Muslim parents unite to get ‘groomers’ out of Alberta schools

    “We stand together, as a Canadian people as a Muslim and a Christian, to protect our children,” one man said in a video posted on Twitter by Rebel News.

    Post Millennial | 17 June 2023

    On Friday, hundreds of Christians and Muslims in Calgary came together at City Hall to protest the gender ideology being taught in schools chanting, “Leave our kids alone.”

    “We stand together, as a Canadian people as a Muslim and a Christian, to protect our children,” one man said in a video posted on Twitter by Rebel News. “From that,” added another man as he pointed to a group of LGBTQ activists across the street.

    “We came to this country because we have freedom of choice,” a Muslim man said. “We can practice our religion, deserve the right to protect us, we can be whatever we want to be, you can do whatever you want to do, but just leave our kids alone.”

    “The other side can believe what they want they can decide whatever they want,” he continued. “In their own bedroom, in their own home, but please don’t implement it in our kid’s education system. Don’t promote it in our schools in our life.”

    “Even now if you want to let your son watch a Disney movie, you have to monitor it, watch it three times before. There are so many hidden agenda there, that we can not understand,” he concluded.

    At one point, the situation got tense as the parents crossed the street to chant, “Leave our kids alone!” within feet of the counter-protestors. Parents held signs with phrases such as “Let kids be kids,” “Stop the insanity, quit terrorism, confusion bullying children,” and one child was seen donning a sign reading, “Protect Innocense, Demand Change.”

    The Queer activist side of the protest was smaller than expected as the left-wing organizations ostensibly didn’t want to be seen as racist against Muslims. Queer Citizens United put out a statement that they “are not sufficiently informed by Muslim leaders in the community.”

    Full story:


    All those Christian and Muslim fathers willing to be a threat to defend their kids and family, all that “toxic masculinity” being voiced.

    The extreme Left became worried and confused that their Muslim intersectional allies would turn on them. Apparently the Muslim leadership isn’t answering the phone, either.

    Many liberals celebrated when Hamtramck, Michigan, an interesting town of Polish Catholics and Muslims, elected a Muslim-majority council in 2015, but now they feel betrayed because now the socially conservative, all Muslim council voted to exclude LBGT+ flags from city property.

    Occupy Democrats blamed “throwing the First Amendment into the trash” on the GOP, but not a single precinct voted majority Republican and none of the council is Republican.

    Me thinks intersectionality is not going to work out so well for them from now on when it comes to kids and family. -Kj.

  21. KathJuliane June 18, 2023 @ 7:55 pm

    Salty Texan

    Muslims vs. LGBT community: LGBT activists pick fight w/ Michigan Muslims over proposal to ban Pride flags

    Woman wearing clown nose gives sarcastic speech mocking Hamtramck, Michigan’s all-Muslim government & majority-Muslim population before kissing woman during debate on banning Pride flags from city property

    These White liberal women are unhinged, to say the least.

    Actually, it’s hilarious to turn off the audio and watch the dumbfounded expressions of all the men in the council chambers as they listened to this clown and watched her and her lesbian partner’s antics.

  22. KathJuliane June 19, 2023 @ 8:41 am

    USAID has to go.

    It is the financial blackmail fount of the globohomo Ghey American Empire for all sexual progressivism to the Global South and Eastern Europe, including abortion (covert) and LBGT+ policies.

    USAID is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance.

    With a budget of over $27 billion, USAID is one of the largest official aid agencies in the world and accounts for more than half of all U.S. foreign assistance—the highest in the world in absolute dollar terms.

    USAID’s programs are authorized by Congress in the Foreign Assistance Act, which Congress supplements through directions in annual funding appropriation acts and other legislation.

    As an official component of U.S. foreign policy, USAID operates subject to the guidance of the President, Secretary of State, and the National Security Council.

    USAID has missions in over 100 countries, primarily in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.- Wikipedia

    USAID’s corrupt, perverted progressive colonization of poor countries as official foreign policy and financial blackmail schemes are run out of the US embassies.

    The current USAID administrator is the lunatic Samantha Powers.


    C-Fam is staunchly profamily and UN watchdog.

    Christian Uganda has defacto declared independence from USAID which funds a number of their “soft power” imperialistic public health programs.

    President Museveni and the rest of the nation openly declaring they will face any and all sanctions rather than be blackmailed into revoking their Anti-Homosexuality Act, and now other traditional Christian and/or Muslim African leaders are also beginning to line up. -Kj


    The Development Deep State: Sexual Progressivism in USAID

    Center for Family & Human Rights

    By Craig-Austin Rose | June 19, 2023


    Since the Obama Administration began in 2008, the United States has witnessed a sharp increase in left-wing domestic and international social policy and strategy.

    In recent years, the U.S. government, aligned with United Nations agencies, has pressured developing and conservative nations to liberalize their abortion laws and adopt pro-LGBTQ policies and programming.

    However, a look at the history of U.S. foreign policy reveals that its promotion of these controversial agendas is not new. Leaders of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) were outspoken advocates for abortion and implementers of population control programming until the Helms amendment in 1973, which required USAID’s progressive directors to utilize more clandestine policy channels and partnerships to enforce its leftist agenda.

    This Definitions will examine the rise of USAID strategies and policies to entrench progressive sexual and social policy in international aid and bypass congressional oversight.

    The Rise of the USAID Policies and Strategies

    Near the end of Obama’s first term as president, the 2010 midterm election of the 112th Congress witnessed the largest Republican majority in the House of Representatives since 1947. Since the Democrats retained hold of the Senate, the result was a congressional gridlock of heightened partisan tensions.

    Prior to the midterms, the Obama administration condemned the Defense of Marriage Act and announced that it would not legally defend it. President Obama signed the legislation repealing the policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” which banned open homosexuality in the U.S. military.

    The Obama White House also issued directives and established programming in favor of LGBTQ advocacy groups. With the arrival of the Republican House majority, progressive legislation stalled.

    However, within the executive branch, and USAID in particular, new policies were implemented to continue pushing the progressive agenda.

    Between 2011 and 2016, USAID produced twenty-two policy documents in Obama’s last five years in office; a sharp contrast to the four published over the course of the previous fourteen years, beginning with the first USAID “Disability Policy Paper” in 1997.

    The bulk of these policies include progressive language that had been strongly debated in Congress; in 2012, USAID published its USAID Policy Framework 2011-2015, a document that “provides [USAID] staff and partners worldwide with a clear sense of our core development priorities…and explains how [USAID] will apply these principles across our entire portfolio.”

    In the framework, which governs all internal and external functions, the Agency commits to “empower social actors and civil societies,” including “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals, and other vulnerable populations,” as core tenets of promoting “democracy”.

    All USAID subsequent policies use this language, in increasingly controversial terms. It is important to note that USAID policy and strategy documents are structured to overlap and reinforce other such documents, including from other agencies and departments.

    USAID and the State department frequently cite each other particularly on social issues of gender and sexuality.

    In the 2012 USAID Policy on Gender Equality and Female Empowerment, the Agency distinguishes between “women” and “female,” claiming that females are individuals “assigned” a sex at birth, whereas “women” includes non-biological women, or individuals identifying as a woman since “their birth-assigned sex and their own internal sense of gender identity to not match.”

    After President Obama’s unprecedented presidential memorandum for all executive departments and agencies, the “International Initiatives to Advance the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons” in December of 2011, USAID announced in 2014 the LGBT Vision for Action, which includes international goals “to promote LGBT civil society participation in politics and advocacy at the local regional, and international levels…including media production and media campaigns,” and other policy goals.

    When Donald Trump became president in 2017, his administration inherited over twenty USAID strategy documents, most of which had been launched during the Obama administration. During Trump’s four-year term a few new policies were initiated, on themes like digital technology and working with the private sector.

    A few others were replaced, but most Obama-era policies remained in effect guiding programmatic funding. One strategy replaced at the end of Trump’s term in office was the policy on gender equality and women’s empowerment, released in 2020.

    The backlash was immediate. Leading Senate Democrats issued a letter criticizing the initial draft as “read[ing] like a political document,” “fail[ing] to give due emphasis to intersectionality,” and “ignoring the fact that access to comprehensive reproductive health services is essential to achieve equality and empowerment.” Much was made of the fact that the document removed “all references to LGBTQI individuals.”

    In 2022, President Joe Biden replaced the policy once again, leaving its precursor with the distinction of the shortest tenure of any USAID Policy document—a mere two years.

    USAID strategies to promote gender ideology are not innocuous. They are integrated in the policy and programming process at all levels in “ADS Chapter 205.”

    This internal bureaucratic directive details how all USAID policies at all stages of development, design, implementation, grantmaking, etc. must integrate gender ideology and be vetted by “gender specialists” [political commissars-Kj] in every office and bureau of USAID and the U.S. State Department.

    Without executive pro-life directions, this automated bureaucratic process is already streamlining abortion and LGBT mandates in all USAID programs and policies.

    Paralleling UN agencies’ instillation of western sexual ideology into developing countries, the Biden administration holds abortion, LGBTQ rights, and sexual autonomy as matters of international development and security.

    These views are shared by Democrats in Congress, as demonstrated in June 2021, when Senate Democrats introduced the Global Respect Act of 2021. This bill proposed sanctions on any individual in a foreign country, including U.S. citizens and leaders of foreign governments, responsible for “violating” the “human rights” of people who identity as LGBTQ+.”

    Those in violation of the act would be inadmissible for entry into the U.S.; those already living in the U.S. will be sanctioned with visa revocation and deportation. While this bill has little chance of advancing in a divided Congress, it nonetheless demonstrates the commitment to expand the sexual rights agenda around the world.

    To export these ideological goals, USAID participates in global efforts to sexualize young people in and out of schools with comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and “gender-transformative education.”

    The USAID Youth in Development Policy 2022 Update prioritizes the re-education of young people in conjunction with other USAID policies, incorporating other progressive cross-sectoral strategies from USAID’s global water strategy, gender policy, and menstrual health brief.

    These policies streamline progressive gender ideology and contain language that promotes abortion. The youth policy exhibits resources affirming “safe abortion” procedures, USAID-sponsored CSE, and an array of “toolkits” for policymakers, activists, and students.

    Many of the toolkits under the USAID youth policy, called YouthLead, are created for instructors to use as a curriculum for children and adolescents. One is titled “Children and Adolescents’ Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Toolkit,” which promotes sex and sex-education that includes a core message that girls have “the right to protection from…unsafe abortion,” including by offering so-called “safe” abortion beginning at age 14.

    Another toolkit for school officials details strategies to create transgender-friendly policies in schools, as well as strategies to approach “non-affirming” parents who disagree with gender ideology or transgender self-identification of their child.

    With schools and non-governmental actors as the primary means of implementation, USAID can easily fund and partner with progressive organizations to use U.S. assistance for their own designs under the guise of humanitarian aid.

    Full downloadable essay:

  23. KathJuliane June 19, 2023 @ 9:06 am

    Twisted ‘Sisters’ Reap the Nothingness

    Having defiled themselves by honoring an anti-Catholic hate group during their “Pride” event, the Dodgers did their best to make sure no one would see it.

    Patriot Post | 19 June 2023

    If a woke baseball team honors a blasphemous gang of LGBTQ narcissists and no one shows up to watch it, did it really happen?

    That’s the metaphysical question we wrestled with for a fleeting instant on Friday night, when we learned of the extraordinary lengths that the Los Angeles Dodgers had gone to in order to minimize the damage of their cowardly and ill-advised appeasement of an obscene fringe group of anti-Catholic dragsters known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

    The “sisters,” you see, had been told by the Dodgers in May that they’d be recognized at the ball club’s LGBTQ+ Pride Night celebration. Outrage ensued, and the Dodgers rescinded their invitation via Twitter: “We are now aware that our inclusion of one group in particular — The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence — in this year’s Pride Night has been the source of some controversy. Given the strong feelings of people who have been offended by the sisters’ inclusion … we are deciding to remove them from this year’s group of honorees.”

    But then the Dodgers, having already flipped and flopped, ultimately cowered not to the masses but to the Tyranny of the Hysterical Few:

    “After much thoughtful feedback from our diverse communities, honest conversations within the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and generous discussions with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Los Angeles Dodgers would like to offer our sincerest apologies to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and their friends and families.”

    In short, the ball club of Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson defiled itself.

    n any case, it didn’t go well for the Rainbow Mafia and its anti-Catholic hitmen. As NBC’s Ari Blaff reports:

    “Thousands of people gathered outside Dodger Stadium to protest the inclusion of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in a Pride Event celebration before Friday night’s game. …

    “Organized by Catholics for Catholics, the demonstrators on Friday were seen carrying placards with messages, including ‘Stop Anti-Catholic Hate,’ ‘Save Our Children,’ and ‘Bud Light the Dodgers.’” Take a look:

    But the pro-Christian, pro-Catholic, pro-decency crowd that filled the parking lot there in Chavez Ravine on Friday afternoon was only half the story.

    As this heartwarming video from Turning Point USA’s Savanah Hernandez shows, the Dodgers’ 56,000-seat stadium was nearly empty during the Dodgers’ pre-, pre-, pre-, pre-game public-address announcement honoring the twisted “sisters” “for their outstanding service to the LGBTQ+ community.”

    Savanah Hernandez
    DODGER STADIUM-The “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” are recognized for Pride night to a mostly empty audience.

    Two Dodgers fan nearby begin loudly booing after they’re announced:

    The video doesn’t lie. It was crickets and tumbleweeds, but with a smattering of enthusiastic boo birds.

    Oh, and it was followed by a Dodgers loss in 11 innings to the rival Giants, who went on to sweep the series and supplant the Dodgers in second place in the NL West. And it couldn’t have happened to a better bunch of bigots.

  24. KathJuliane June 19, 2023 @ 10:54 am

    Champagne Joshi


    The Shocking Origin Of Gender Identity

    A cautionary tale the world has ignored.

    What you are about to watch is deeply disturbing and unbelievably sad. In 2000 David Reimer went on Oprah to detail the horrors inflicted on him by Psychologist John Money, the man who invented the concept of Gender Identity. He appeared for the first time publicly on the Oprah Winfrey show to expose what had been done to him.

    Champagne Joshi

    In the end, the burden imposed upon David proved too much and he took his life in a grocery store parking lot with a single shotgun blast to the head. His twin brother Brian also committed suicide. With this in mind let’s look at the man behind this tragedy, John Money.


  25. KathJuliane June 19, 2023 @ 11:32 am

    EMJ Live #27: The Ethnic Grammar Behind The Dodgers-Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

    Culture Wars | June 05, 2023

    In this episode of EMJ Live Dr. Jones revisits the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence scandal that rocked the LA Dodgers. After extensive research, Jones found the root of the problem and the players behind the group of blasphemous sodomites.

    EMJ’s opening rant (excerpt):

    “The main difference between now and then [when Catholics were strong enough to confront Jewish subversion and Hollywood decadence by imposing moral codes] is that Catholics have lost their unity largely by pretending that Jews are their elder brothers in the faith, which entails ignoring their continual involvement in culturally subversive movements, like pornography, homosexuality, and blasphemy of the sort that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are going to engage in at Los Angeles Dodgers baseball games.

    “Abortion is now a fundamental Jewish value.

    “I am routinely denounced as an anti-Semite for drawing attention to these realities by fellow Catholics who studiously ignore things like “#JewishandProud,” a video produced by the Jewish World Congress which proudly announced that Jews were behind every culturally subversive movement in 20th Century America.

    The Jews call their right to destroy your culture, ‘Tikkun Olam’.”

    Jones: “And now in case you haven’t seen it, we’re going to run the video where they say that.”

    World Jewish Congress

    Throughout history, the Jewish people have fought to make the world a better place. The principle of Tikkun Olam, or repairing the world, has guided Jewish communities everywhere to do what’s right.

    Jones: “Yes! The Jews call their right to destroy your culture ‘Tikkun Olam’.

    Full podcast:

    EMJ Live #26: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
    May 30, 2023

  26. KathJuliane June 19, 2023 @ 2:23 pm

    Dear Elder of Zyklon-B

    When I read this, I thought of you.


    The Orthodox history of the German lands (present day Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) is quite ancient and boasts a multitude of saints. This area of Orthodox Christian history, often viewed purely through a post-Schism lens, warrants and richly rewards deeper investigation.

    This write-up will take a quick look at three holy women, martyrs who graced those lands and whose legacy of sanctity will forever remain.

    May all those in RJN family of German heritage enjoy these nearly-forgotten German Orthodox spiritual ancestors. -Kj

  27. KathJuliane June 19, 2023 @ 6:32 pm

    I hold neocon hawk Dan Crenshaw in little esteem and I would not ever vote for the guy,

    But in this video clip, he gives the perfect example of how to hammer a waffling, Woke liberal pediatrician and academic who believes it is humane “standard of care” to “transition,” slice, dice, and sterilize children having an identity crisis without any sort of strong scientific evidence that “gender affirming care” is safe, effective, and beneficial.

    This is how you do it. “Show me the studies.” -Kj


    Jun 14, 2023

    Rep. Dan Crenshaw is leading an effort to block Children’s Hospital Graduate Medical Education Payment Program (CHGME) funding for children’s hospitals that provide transgender treatments or procedures to minors.

    The Children’s Hospital GME Support Reauthorization Act is a bill that must be reauthorized every 5 years. The bill provides funds to train pediatric medical residents at 59 hospitals nationwide. Historically, it has helped train almost half of the nation’s general pediatric residents.

    This year, Rep. Crenshaw is introducing the legislation with a stipulation that this program funding be banned from going to children’s hospitals that offer so-called “gender affirming care” to minors.

    “There is no other human rights atrocity in America that is so quickly gaining momentum and validation within the very institutions that should know better,” said Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

    “One of these institutions is children’s hospitals. In a place where ‘do no harm’ is the ultimate guiding principle, there is no excuse to ever perform these treatments that permanently alter a child’s physiology.

    “From now on, we will not allow a dime of this taxpayer-funded program to go toward children’s hospitals that cater to the harmful pseudoscience that is ‘gender affirming care.’”

    Rep. Crenshaw’s bill bars program funding to children’s hospitals that offer “gender-affirming care,” including surgeries, hormone therapy, and puberty blockers – procedures not backed by scientific data and ones that can cause serious irreversible damage to children.

    Crenshaw: Should Doctor Take Out My Daughter’s Eye If She Identifies ‘As Somebody With One Eyeball’?

  28. KathJuliane June 20, 2023 @ 1:53 pm

    Midwest teachers hold conference on how to ‘subversively and quietly’ teach explicit sex ed, gender transition students without parental knowledge

    Teachers said they need to work “subversively and quietly sometimes to make sure that trans kids have what they need.”

    Post Millennial | 19 June 2023

    Teachers across the midwest attended an online workshop last week in which they reportedly devised plans and traded tips on how to help trans-identifying students undergo a sex change at school without parental consent.

    The Daily Mail reports that 30 teachers from midwestern states attended a four-hour online workshop hosted by the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP) and discussed how to help trans-identified students that have come under attack in conservative states after legislators passed new laws that take aim at gender-identity, pronouns, access to bathrooms, men competing in women’s sports, and parental rights.

    The online workshop was funded by the Department of Education (DOE) and included teachers in states across the midwest that include Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, and others.

    During the discussion, teachers spoke about being “subversive” to the rules and how they need to adopt their own personal “code of ethics.” In addition, other teachers explained how they can help hide a trans-identified student’s new gender and name change from their parents, Daily Mail reports.

    Angel Nathan, who hosted the session on behalf of MAP, said the focus of the workshop is to review the new laws that “remedy the marginalizing effects and disrupt problematic policies.”

    Kimberly Martin, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion coordinator for Royal Oak Schools in Michigan, discussed tactics to keep child sex changes with students a secret from parents, and how her district already has these policies in place.

    “We’re working with our record-keeping system so that certain screens can’t be seen by the parents … if there’s a nickname in there we’re trying to hide,” Martin told attendees, according to Daily Mail.

    Another teacher bragged about indoctrinating her own students by taking them to protests and marches.

    Full story:

  29. KathJuliane June 20, 2023 @ 2:12 pm

    Tucker Carlson

    Ep. 5 As in most of the developing world, it’s safer to be the president’s son than his opponent.


    How Hunter Biden’s ‘sweetheart’ plea deal eviscerates his father’s credibility

    News Analysis: Joe Biden’s persistent claims that his son did nothing wrong, that his laptop was Russian disinformation and he never met son’s partners have all been destroyed

    Just the News | 20 June 2023

    John Solomon

    In his job interview with voters during the 2020 election, Joe Biden assured Americans that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, he never had any dealings with his family’s business partners and that his son was innocent of any wrongdoings.

    While the first two claims were shattered long ago, the 46th president has held firm on the last. “My son has done nothing wrong,” he proclaimed just a few short weeks ago.

    The criminal information filed Tuesday in federal court charging Hunter Biden with intentionally avoiding payment of federal taxes and lying about his drug use to buy a handgun debunks Joe Biden’s last line of defense.

    Conservatives from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on down derided the plea agreement as a “sweetheart deal” and a “traffic ticket” emblematic of a “two-tiered” justice system because it spares Hunter Biden from prison while leaving Donald Trump facing hundreds of years in prison on 71 felonies in two separate indictments.

    But the plain language of the deal threatens to boomerang on the Biden Democrat agenda for 2024 that has made one of its centerpieces harsher gun control and an IRS crackdown on tax cheats.

    Hunter Biden has agreed to “two counts of willful failure to pay federal income tax” and can have dismissed a felony charge of “possession of a firearm by a person who is an unlawful user,” holdover Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney David Weiss wrote the court Tuesday outlining the plea deal.

    The extraordinary reversal in the Democrats’ definition of Hunter Biden truth was in full view in the statement his lawyer Christopher Clark issued Tuesday.

    Instead of the five years of denial that preceded it – when journalists like this author and New York Post columnist Miranda Devine were falsely portrayed as conspiracy theorists and disinformation artists – Team Biden was dishing a sudden platter of accountability.

    “Hunter will take responsibility for two instances of misdemeanor failure to file tax payments when due pursuant to a plea agreement. A firearm charge, which will be subject to a pretrial diversion agreement and will not be the subject of the plea agreement, will also be filed by the Government,” Clark said. “I know Hunter believes it is important to take responsibility for these mistakes he made during a period of turmoil and addiction in his life.”

    Democrats immediately distributed talking reports to their favorites in media suggesting the plea deal, if approved by a judge, will put an end to the Biden family controversy. “It is my understanding that the five-year investigation into Hunter is resolved,” Clark told reporters in starting the mantra.

    But the truth is the evaluation of just how much Joe Biden misled the American public to win the presidency is just coming into focus.

    His claims that his family got no monies from China, that he never met with Hunter, Biden’s business pals, that the laptop was disinformation (aided by 51 intelligence experts who affirmed that falsehood in a letter) and that his son did nothing wrong are now demonstrably false.

    And the attacks on journalists, lawyers and investigators like GOP Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson who pursued the truth are now made all the more hideous.

    The lead House GOP investigator of Biden family businesses declared the lies may have been designed to hide an uglier truth about public corruption.

    “Hunter Biden is getting away with a slap on the wrist when growing evidence uncovered by the House Oversight Committee reveals the Bidens engaged in a pattern of corruption, influence peddling, and possibly bribery,” panel Chairman James Comer said Tuesday.

    President Biden chose to avoid addressing or correcting his prior false claims when word of the plea deal emerged.

    “The President and First Lady love their son and support him as he continues to rebuild his life. We will have no further comment,” White House spokesman Ian Sams said.

    While the plea deal addresses alleged tax evasion from the period of 2017-18, Congress is set to make public evidence as early as this week showing federal agents were building a larger case against Hunter Biden that involved alleged tax evasion on hundreds of thousands of dollars of income from Burisma Holdings in Ukraine.

    The House Ways and Means Committee could vote in a few day to release the testimony of IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley. Shapley alleged in his testimony that federal prosecutors allowed the statute of limitations to expire on counts involving earlier and larger tax evasion and impeded FBI and IRS agents working with him from taking certain investigative steps.


    Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son (Official Music Video)

  30. KathJuliane June 20, 2023 @ 5:04 pm

    “Be the sort of father the predators fear.” – Nick Frietas

    Writ large.

    Video: Pennsylvania Superintendent Reports Groomers to District Attorney, Vows to Protect Kids

    Abe Lucabaugh is fighting back against the predators who groom children at school.

    National File | 15 June 2023

    A Pennsylvania school superintendent is vowing to protect the kids he’s tasked with educating and has reported public school groomers to the local District Attorney for prosecution.

    Abe Lucabaugh, the superintendent of Pennsylvania’s Central Bucks School District, made no bones about his opposition to the predatory groomers indoctrinating children with sexualized materials and their rabid LGBT agenda when he vowed to “defend students” at a recent district meeting.

    “Make no mistake about this, I will defend students and defend against anything contributing to the sexualization of students,” Lucabaugh said, fighting back against a chorus of groomers, aided by local politicians and media outlets, who have sought to overhaul the Central Bucks School District with sexual predation.

    The press and child-grooming activists have slammed Lucabaugh for his decision to remove gay pride flags and sexually-charged books from the school district, with local media launching a full-court press against Lucabaugh, accusing him of being a Christian nationalist and claiming that his ban on sexual material and the grooming of kids in schools has caused a “chilling” effect in the district.

    But Abe Lucabaugh isn’t backing down.

    Video & full story:

  31. KathJuliane June 21, 2023 @ 6:05 am

    Now they’re openly coming for the autistic kids. -Kj



    Happy #AutisticPrideDay! I have created this #IntersexInclusivePrideflag version with the rainbow colour infinity symbol to recognise the broad and varied experiences of those with neurodiversity who wish to feel visibly included in our Pride flag.

  32. KathJuliane June 21, 2023 @ 6:09 am

    Autism-LGBT Association Strengthens

    Pride Flag Upgraded with Infinity Symbol to Recognize “Neurodiversity”

    Courageous Discourse | Jun 21

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

    As the data continue to lead to inferences that the runaway epidemic of autism is driving the proclivity for gender change among young persons, we are seeing signs of social confirmation.

    A tweet by Valentino Vecchietti caught my eye with the creation of a colorful pride flag with the tipped infinity symbol to recognize “neurodiversity” likely to mean autism spectrum disorder and its family of ESSENCE disorders.

    The infinity symbol for autism was created by the Autism Society in 1999. The symbol represents the infinite potential of individuals with autism, as well as their limitless possibilities and abilities.

    Gillberg indicates that “ESSENCE refers to Early Symptomatic Syndromes Eliciting Neurodevelopmental Clinical Examinations.

    It is a term I have coined to refer to the reality of children (and their parents) presenting in clinical settings with impairing child symptoms before age 3 (-5) years in the fields of (a) general development, (b) communication and language, (c) social inter-relatedness, (d) motor coordination, (e) attention, (f) activity, (g) behaviour, (h) mood, and/or (i) sleep.

    Children with major difficulties in one or more (usually several) of these fields, will be referred to and seen by health visitors, nurses, social workers, education specialists, pediatricians, GPs, speech and language therapists, child neurologists, child psychiatrists, psychologists, neurophysiologists, dentists, clinical geneticists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, but, usually they will be seen only by one of these specialists, when they would have needed the input of two or more of the experts referred to.

    Major problems in at least one ESSENCE domain before age 5 years often signals major problems in the same or overlapping domains years later.”

    It appears there is a pathophysiological as well as sociological association between autism and LGBT gender fluidity.

    Young persons, parents and all those involved should be aware of this co-affinity as humanity attempts to deal with the explosive epidemic of autism enveloping gen Z.

  33. Hibernian June 22, 2023 @ 12:58 am

    No matzah-balls for this “all” Jewess so, given that she has the balls to say that no Jews died in “the Holocaust”(Trademark);



    Will Roseanne Barr meet the same fate as Joan Rivers?

    Listen to what she says.

    Listen very intently.

    12:47 PM

  34. Hibernian June 22, 2023 @ 3:09 am

    “A-Shade-too-far”, & thesis (Masters; Heidelberg, Germany; Year 2012; German language; PDF) referring to that very lamp-shade.

    “The Jews” made-a-Matzah-balls of the Holocaust narrative by embellishing too far.

    Moreover, the population-comparisons of Jews “pre-incarceration” & “post-incarceration”, & other “core” assertions by “The Jews” about the NAZI incarceration work-camps are themselves now being understood as fake-bridges that the Jews burned along the way during their conquest of the Goyim since WW-2.

  35. KathJuliane June 22, 2023 @ 11:16 am

    Just another sign of the perverse rise of the globohomo Imperium Sodomorum et Gomorrhae, aka Kingdom of Antichrist. -Kj

    “Now the two angels came to Sodom in the evening as Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom.” – Genesis 19:1

    From the Family Watch Newswire:

    Texas Christian University students will create own drag personas, perform in ‘’Queer Art of Drag’’ course.

    According to the course syllabus obtained by Campus Reform, the course requires students to create a drag persona, which is done through a “drag vision board,” a “bibliography,” a “worksheet,” an “in-class lip-sync performance,” a “storyboard,” and a final performance.

    Texas Christian University students will create own drag personas, perform in ‘Queer Art of Drag’ course

    The course will be taught by Dr. Nino Testa, also known by his drag persona, ‘Maria von Clapp.’

    ‘Some of the performances we will read about or watch may actually perpetuate or circulate racist/sexist jokes, ideas, and norms.’
    Read more here.


    Who did this? Next it will become a “Christian university” academic division. -Kj

    On the other hand, the International Reactionary Resistance Family & Morals Alliance strikes back:

    Poll finds support for same-sex relationships plummets as less find them “morally acceptable.” Support for same-sex relationships in the U.S. declined this year, dropping from 71 percent to 64 percent, according to polling by Gallup.

    Spanish town to ban LGBT flag after far-right Vox takes power. An eastern Spanish town of 6,000 residents will ban the rainbow-colored flag representing the LGBT community from public buildings. Read more here.

  36. KathJuliane June 22, 2023 @ 12:31 pm

    Is the High Church of Woke Collapsing?

    Christian denominations embracing immorality take note: Episcopal churches are hemorrhaging congregants.

    Patriot Post

    Mark Alexander | 21 June 2023

    “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism who should labor to subvert these great Pillars of human happiness.” —George Washington (1796)

    If you’re not affiliated with the Episcopal Church, why does this matter? Because it is the church of the most influential, wealthy, white leftist protagonists, and a template for how they can infuse their rotten ideology into any denomination.

    Ironically, 50 years ago the Episcopal Church had a reputation of being “Republicans at Prayer,” but now it has devolved into a cesspool of degenerate ideology. [This is true. I was raised Episcopalian. -Kj]

    Our Founders were forthright about faith as an indispensable support to sustain American Liberty. They understood that faith and family were the primary pillars supporting the freedom of our Republic.

    John Adams declared: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    Benjamin Rush added: “The only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in religion. Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty, and liberty is the object and life of all republican governments.”

    But today, we are saturated in the cultural effluent of a country whose degraded politicians have, over the last five decades, outlawed public faith expressions and stripped our once-enviable academic institutions of their religious and civic curriculums.

    Currently, they are endeavoring to normalize and institutionalize the greatest cultural threat to the faith and family pillars — their gender cult orthodoxy, even in its most deviant manifestations, now to include embracing gender dysphoria.

    That warped agenda was given a significant boost by Joe Biden six months ago, when he signed the misnamed Respect for Marriage Act, which accomplished the Left’s goal of disrespecting and demoting marriage.

    Basically, this legislation further codified the Left’s redefinition of marriage by establishing national reciprocity — forcing states to recognize “same-sex marriage” licenses from other states, much as they do driver’s licenses. (Still waiting on national reciprocity that forces states to recognize “right to carry” licenses!)

    Marriage is the foundation of the family, which in turn serves as the foundation of society. The Christian marriage paradigm is built on a foundation of five principles:

    First, God is the creator of the marriage relationship; second, heterosexuality is God’s pattern for marriage; third, monogamy is God’s design for marriage; fourth, physical and spiritual unity is God’s plan for marriage; and fifth, marriage was designed to be permanent.

    Marriage as an institution has been under assault from many quarters, one of the most menacing being the challenge to traditional sexual morality. It is no small irony that not only have homosexuals successfully challenged the status of traditional marriage, but sexual immorality leading to broken marriages also fosters homosexual pathology.

    The Left’s long-war strategy against marriage is to redefine its timeless “binary” definition as between a man and a woman by attempting to redefine gender. Ironically, it is leftist women who are leading the charge.

    It is not motivated to placate their gender-dysphoric constituents but to empower government by eroding Liberty, the nemesis of their statist agenda.

    They know that the best way to accomplish that is to attack faith and family, starting with children. The result now is a younger generation besieged with woke culture and gender disorientation, though the good news is that susceptibility to disorientation declines after adolescence.

    Leftists also know that the best way to undermine faith is to infuse their agenda into long-established Christian denominations. That seeding sprouted first in the historic Episcopal Church of the USA (ECUSA), the American branch of the World Anglican Communion.

    Why ECUSA?

    Because it has deep roots in American history and is also enormously wealthy.

    [The “Establishment Church” of English America was the state Church of England. For 7 of the 13 Colonies, it was the chartered colonial establishment church as well, of which the king was the secular head.

    After the War of Independence and the founding Constitutional Convention, having just thrown off the king’s political rule.

    But the knotty canonical problem of the king as head of the colonial Church of England in America and ordination of American bishops was eventually solved some decades later through negotiations with the Mother Church by reorganizing as the Church of the Bishops (Episcopal Church) under the nominal authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury as the first church in the Anglican Communion. -Kj]

    Just one of its churches, Trinity in lower Manhattan, which dates to the 17th century, has a portfolio in excess of $6 billion.

    The earliest record of an Anglican Book of Common Prayer service on American soil dates to almost 200 years prior to the Revolution (19 June 1579), as conducted by Sir Frances Drake’s crew.

    In the Colonial period, the Episcopal Church was the official church of Virginia (1609), Massachusetts (1620), New York (1693), Maryland (1702), South Carolina (1706), North Carolina (1730), and Georgia (1758).

    The longest continually inhabited church in America is Bruton Parish, established in 1715. It is adjacent to William and Mary College in colonial Williamsburg. Revolutionary leaders including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry attended Bruton when they were convened as members of the Virginia House of Burgesses.

    General Washington was a devoted Episcopalian. During the Revolutionary era, he served as a vestryman and had a designated pew at Pohick Church in Mount Vernon, Virginia, which he was instrumental in founding.

    Weather permitting, he frequently attended Christ Church in Alexandria, 10 miles north of Mount Vernon (a two-hour trip by carriage). According to his family, Washington’s days began and ended with private devotions in his library, and he reserved most Sundays for family only, accepting very few visitors.

    His daughter, Eleanor Custis Lewis, wrote of his faith: “I should have thought it the greatest heresy to doubt his firm belief in Christianity. His life, his writings, prove that he was a Christian. He was not one of those who act or pray, ‘that they may be seen of men.’ He communed with his God in secret.” (Matthew 6:5-6)

    Washington himself professed that, should we want our Liberty secure and freedom to endure, we must “acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, obey his will, be grateful for his benefits, and humbly implore his protection and favors.”

    Unfortunately, some 200 years after the American Revolution, many Episcopal Church leaders have abandoned the church’s venerable legacy and forsaken the Almighty’s providence.

    Liberals in the church endeavor to interpret the Bible eisegetically versus exegetically in order that it comports with their contemporary social agenda rather than its “original intent” — much as leftists interpret the so-called “living Constitution” in order to undermine Rule of Law.


  37. KathJuliane June 22, 2023 @ 12:40 pm

    Just another day in the Imperium Sodomorum et Gomorrhae -Kj


    Boston First Responders Horrified to Find Four Children at Transgender-Drag Party with a Dead Body and Drugs and Sex Toys Scattered Throughout the Home

    Gateway Pundit | 21 June 2023

    In a disturbing incident, four children were discovered in a squalid apartment filled with “alcohol, drugs, sex toys” and a deceased man, as reported by first responders and city officials.

    Boston Fire Department first responders were called to a public housing complex for a man in cardiac arrest on Saturday morning.

    What they found was horrifying! The crew found themselves confronting far more than a routine medical emergency.

    “This is sickening,” City Councilor Michael Flaherty said. “I was informed by people at the scene that there were drugs, alcohol, sex toys all around the apartment as well as a dead body on the floor.”

    The apartment was described as being in “extremely unsanitary conditions,” with approximately six adults present, all appearing to be male.

    According to Boston Herald, “some of the adults were dressed as women when first responders arrived at the scene.” Multiple reports said it was a transgender-drag party.

    In a shocking discovery, the responders found “four children in the back bedroom being hidden by an adult male.” The children ranged in age from 5 to 10.

    It remains unclear if the children discovered in the apartment were relatives of the adults present or if they lived there on a permanent basis. According to the Herald, “a man wearing a wig claiming to be the father” was found in a back bedroom with the kids.

    Following their discovery, the fire crew filed a “51A form with the appropriate state agency.” This form is a “Report of Child(ren) Alleged to be Suffering from Abuse or Neglect” available through the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).

    “All of the adult parties were being uncooperative and did not provide helpful information. All adults present denied having children inside the apartment,” according to the incident report.

    As of Tuesday morning, the Herald had not received any information about the occupants of the public housing unit or the charges against them.


    Founder of Sex Club That Charged $75K Kicked Hunter Biden Out for Being ‘Scumbag’

    Todd Starnes | 22 June 2023

    How bad do you have to be that a secret sex club tells you to get the hell out?

    That’s what the founder of an elite erotic club, where membership fees were up to $75,000 a year, claims about first son Hunter Biden, the LA Times reports. Snctm is present in Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Moscow, Kiev, and select events around the world, according to its website.

    Damon Lawner, who founded Snctm in 2013, shared the information on social media after news broke that Hunter Biden cut a “sweetheart” plea deal with the Biden DOJ avoiding jail time. [Lawner was inspired by the movie, “Eyes Wide Shut”. -Kj]


  38. KathJuliane June 22, 2023 @ 1:57 pm

    IRS Whistleblower Docs Show DOJ Obstructed Hunter Biden Probe To Protect President

    The Federalist | 22 June 2023

    Hunter should have been charged with several tax felonies and misdemeanors for evading taxes on millions of dollars of his income.

    The U.S. Department of Justice choked an IRS investigation and charging recommendations for Hunter Biden because it didn’t want to damage his father Joe Biden’s presidential chances, say whistleblower documents released today.

    IRS whistleblower testimonies made available by the House Ways and Means Committee show Hunter should have been charged with several tax felonies and misdemeanors for evading taxes on millions of dollars of income but was ultimately given a sweetheart deal by the DOJ to protect his father.

    “These payments are just a fraction of the total, but they provide insight into a world of wealth and influence that no ordinary American would recognize.

    “And what plea deal did Mr. Biden just receive? A slap on the wrist for charges that have put other Americans behind bars. As I said, the federal government is not treating all taxpayers equally,” Committee Chairman Jason Smith said during a press conference on Thursday.

    Earlier this week, the DOJ announced plans to charge the president’s youngest son with two federal misdemeanor counts for failing to pay his taxes and one federal felony charge for illegally possessing a gun while addicted to illicit drugs.

    A carefully orchestrated plea deal between the DOJ and Hunter means the younger Biden will only face probation — not jail time — for the two misdemeanor tax charges. If a judge accepts the deal, Hunter will also avoid the maximum of 10 years in jail and a $250,000 fine that comes with a felony gun charge because the DOJ doesn’t plan to prosecute.

    Full story:


    The upside of this is that Hunter can no longer plead the 5th when (and if) he is forced to testify before Congress and other cases against Big Guy Biden, Inc and the DOJ/FBI. -Kj


    BREAKING: DOJ Tipped Off Hunter Biden Before A Search Of His Storage Unit, IRS Whistleblowers Say

    Trending Politics | 22 June 2023

    IRS whistleblowers have claimed that the Department of Justice (DOJ) tipped off Hunter Biden prior to a search of his storage unit. The testimony of two whistleblowers who worked directly on Hunter Biden’s tax evasion case outlines a worrying pattern of misconduct and abuse of power at the IRS and the FBI during the investigation into Biden.

    This includes allegations of unequal tax law enforcement, DOJ interference in the investigation, and retaliation against the IRS employees who exposed the misconduct.

    The Ways and Means Committee’s executive meeting, which culminated in a decision to make the testimony public, has cast a spotlight on the controversial handling of investigations into the tax crimes allegedly committed by President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The whistleblowers’ testimony alleges that the DOJ intervened and overstepped in a bid to protect Hunter Biden, impeding the investigation into his alleged tax offenses and retaliating against IRS employees who exposed this abuse.


  39. The Elder of Zyklon-B June 22, 2023 @ 2:05 pm

    Thank you, KathJuliane, for thinking of me and posting The Orthodox history of the German lands. I appreciate it.

    Orthodoxy has been on my mind for several years now. Something is urging me to read and study about it as I have mentioned here.

    I am finding “Becoming Orthodox” by Peter Gillquist fascinating from the very first pages. I am bad about reading 2-3 books at a time plus all the internet reading I do, so it always takes me awhile to finish a book. This is the book on Orthodoxy that I believe my wife should read first because it is the story of some Campus Crusade For Christ protestants discovering the New Testament Church.

    It is probably one of the books you recommended for me here.

    Thank you so much.

    There seems to be fewer comments posted here since I can ever remember.

    Your steadfast support is valued by many I believe.

  40. KathJuliane June 22, 2023 @ 3:53 pm

    Thank you, Elder of Zyklon B.

    From you, it means a lot.

    No, ‘Becoming Orthodox’ was not one that I’d thought to recommend to you, but by grace it has providentially come into your hands!

    Fr. Peter Gillquist was an amazing, committed servant of Christ with an unrelenting zeal and desire, along with the other men of Campus Crusade for Christ, to pursue the truth and the fullness of Faith.

    The story of the gradual evolution of the 1960s Campus Crusade for Christ movement forming a large wide-spread association of numerous home churches of Bible-believing Christians into Holy Orthodoxy is quite the distinctly American story of mass conversion.

    Through their hard study of the Scripture and the Church Fathers and periodic meetings and discussions gradually shaping it into the organism of the Evangelical Orthodox Church over the years, they built a church which closely approximated the historical Orthodox Church in structure.

    Then came the EOC’s acceptance and further conversion and reception into Holy Orthodoxy is quite the hard-earned miracle, worked through the hearts of American men.

    They thought they’d recreated the ancient, historical Church they found in the New Testament, only to find that the Ancient Historical Orthodox Church was well and alive 2000 years later.

    Fr. Peter G. reposed in 2012.

    I was able to meet Fr. Peter G. back in the 2000s. He had a strong but gentle warmth of character that was like being next to a hot woodburning stove in winter that you could warm your cold hands to.

    How Did You Become Orthodox? – Fr. Peter Gillquist

    Why Should I (One) Become Orthodox? – Fr. Peter Gillquist

    Here are several more interviews with Father Peter G. from Protecting Veil

    Historical footage:

    Reception of the Evangelical Orthodox Church into Holy Orthodoxy – 1987
    St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral of Los Angeles

    P.S. What state are you in, if you care to say?

  41. KathJuliane June 22, 2023 @ 7:03 pm

    Tucker Carlson

    Ep. 6 Bobby Kennedy is winning


    Carlson gives fair treatment to Robert F Kennedy, Jr, and flays the lunatic vaxx-everything mad scientist Dr. ✡️Peter Hotez, who denies any possible post-vaccination connection to his own child’s acute autism onset after being jabbed.

    For years the Deranged One has bullied parents of children who suffer from post-vaccination autism and other vaxx-related disorders, along with vaccine skeptics and anti-vaxxers, that RFJ Jr has represented in law suits against Pharma.

    The neurotic, hyper-censorious, double-forked tongue, double-minded liar, and science manipulator ✡️Hotez bullied and silenced his critics over the last few years.

    Now Carlson takes him to task. -Kj

  42. The Elder of Zyklon-B June 22, 2023 @ 7:27 pm

    Wow, nice. Thanks again.

    Did not think of looking for videos of Fr. Gillquist. They will help in getting my wife’s interest in his book.

    Far north central Texas is where I am located.

  43. KathJuliane June 23, 2023 @ 7:05 am

    June 24 is the 1-year anniversary of the Dobbs Decision overturning Roe v Wade and returned the decision to legalize or ban abortion to the States.

    Jews are in mourning. I can barely stand this lying Jew propaganda in the Forward with its fact free kvetching, but one thing is clear: Abortion is a Jewish sacrament. -Kj

    The loss of abortion access demands a day of collective mourning

    One year into the reversal of Roe v. Wade, it is clear that forced birth takes lives

    The Forward

    Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg | 23 June 2023

    The one-year anniversary of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision — the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade and ended federal protections on our Constitutionally guaranteed right to abortion access — arrives this Shabbat, on June 24.

    Jews must mark this day as a time of collective mourning for all those whose lives were taken from them because the government stripped them of their right to abortion access.

    The Jewish tradition always prioritizes the life, health and safety of the pregnant person over that of the fetus, and saving lives, pikuach nefesh, is always our moral north star. The harm that these bans have caused is beyond comprehension.

    We must mark this day as a yahrtzeit — an anniversary of a death.

    Bla bla bla.

    Bla bla bla.

    Bla bla bla.

    American Jews must dedicate the anniversary of the Dobbs decision as a time of collective mourning. It is, it could only be, a yahrtzeit.

    We will be observing June 24 as a time to mourn everyone whose lives were taken because the government stripped them of their right to abortion access.

    All the ways in which people’s health have been endangered and harmed by restrictions; the ways in which the criminalization of abortion has hurt people; in which bans trap those in abusive relationships; in which people have been pushed into, or kept in, poverty; in which they have been stripped of agency and dignity.

    June 24 will be our communal day for mourning together, honoring all those who have suffered and died because of bans and recommitting to the work of fighting for reproductive freedom for all.

    At National Council of Jewish Women, where I serve as scholar-in-residence, we have prepared a prayer for those harmed by abortion bans, to be recited in community, with a yahrtzeit candle and saying Mourner’s Kaddish, along with a guide for marking this time at home.

    We will be gathering at 1pm ET on Friday to mourn together along with 59 organizational partners, including the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist rabbinical associations, Jewish organizations like T’ruah, Keshet, Bend the Arc and JCPA, as well as stalwarts in the reproductive freedom space, like Abortion Care Network, Planned Parenthood and Physicians for Reproductive Heath. Everyone is welcome to join us.

    We cannot let this day pass by without saying: Your life mattered. We remember you. And we will not let what you suffered be in vain.

    We have an obligation to fight for a better tomorrow.

  44. KathJuliane June 23, 2023 @ 7:18 am

    This made my day coming on the 1st anniversary of the Dodd Decision. And the baby is cute to the 10th degree. -Kj


    Baby surrendered in Florida’s only Safe Haven box adopted by firefighter who rescued her

    Newsner on | 22 June 2023

    Six months after the first baby was dropped off inside Florida’s only Safe Haven Baby Box, that newborn girl now has a loving family.

    Baby Zoey was surrendered to Ocala Fire Rescue on January 5. When the firefighter, now her adoptive father, opened the box he saw a newborn with a shoelace tying off her umbilical cord.

    The baby was rushed to the hospital, and according to WKMG, the firefighter contacted his wife to let her know about his discovery.

    The couple had been trying to start a family for 10 years and felt like it was finally their time. Although they remained cautiously optimistic.

    “It wasn’t real until I got the call I could go in there with her in the NICU,” the adoptive mother said. “We’ve been trying for almost a decade to have a family, and everything has kind of not worked out for us. So we are like, ‘Don’t get our hopes up, don’t get our hopes up.’”

    Two days later baby Zoey was able to go home from the hospital, and in April the couple formally adopted her via a court proceeding over Zoom.

    “I think it’s very respectable, what she did,” Zoey’s adoptive mother said of her birth mother. “We really felt in our hearts that we wanted to let the birth mom know in some way, shape or form that she is safe, she is happy, and she is very loved.”

  45. KathJuliane June 23, 2023 @ 8:10 am

    ‘Genocidal’: Transgender people begin to flee states with anti-LGBTQ laws

    Laws restricting gender-affirming care have prompted some families to move.

    ABC | June 11


    Good. Get out of Middle America and the Southern States. Take the sodomite rabbis, LBGT Jews, and “the most accepting of LBGT” Jews with you. Latest whinging gleaned from the Forward:

    “Rabbi Greg Kanter, who is gay and married with two children, said in a letter to Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, the oldest Reform synagogue in the U.S., that he was resigning as associate rabbi of the Charleston synagogue, where he has served since 2017.”

    Rabbanit Rori Picker Neiss, who is Orthodox and has a trans son, is thinking about moving out of Missouri because of laws it passed this year restricting gender-affirming health care and trans youth participation in sports.

    “Our lives are not equal in every part of the U.S.,” she said. “We’re not talking about different taxes, we are talking about different rights.”

    Rabbi Micah Buck-Yael, who is trans and also lives in Missouri, is likewise considering a change of state.

    BBYO, one of the world’s largest Jewish youth movements, has booked its upcoming 100th anniversary convention in Florida. Some queer Jews who see the state’s laws as hostile towards them are calling for a boycott, while others suggest attending — and protesting while there. [BBYO is B’nai Brith Youth Organization. 1-2% or more identify as LBGT+ -Kj]

  46. KathJuliane June 23, 2023 @ 8:32 am

    Biden Admin Won’t Appeal Ruling Freeing Medical Providers From Forced Participation In Trans Procedures

    Daily Caller | 22 June 2023

    The Biden administration will not be appealing a federal court’s decision blocking it from using the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to force medical providers to offer cross-sex medical procedures, marking an end to a years-long legal battle, according to a press release from Becket Law, which provided legal counsel in this case.

    The Obama administration determined in 2016 that the Affordable Care Act required all health care providers to be willing to perform and provide insurance coverage for transgender medical procedures, though this interpretation was struck down in court several times over the coming years.

    The deadline for appealing the latest federal court ruling against this interpretation passed on June 20 without an appeal from the administration, according to Becket. (RELATED: Blue State School District Won’t Let Students Opt Out Of ‘Pride’ Lessons)

    “After multiple defeats in court, the federal government has thrown in the towel on its controversial, medically unsupported transgender mandate,” Luke Goodrich, vice president and senior counsel at Becket, said in the release.

    “Doctors take a solemn oath to ‘do no harm,’ and they can’t keep that oath if the federal government is forcing them to perform harmful, irreversible procedures against their conscience and medical expertise.

    “These religious doctors and hospitals provide vital care to patients in need, including millions of dollars in free and low-cost care to the elderly, poor, and underserved. This is a win for patients, conscience, and common sense.”

    A district judge granted permanent relief to medical professionals who objected to transgender procedures in August 2021, and the Fifth Circuit affirmed the decision in August 2022 on a permanent basis following an appeal from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

    The court determined that “the loss of freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment, [Religious land use And institutionalized persons Act], and [Religious Freedom Restoration Act] all constitute per se irreparable harm.”

    “No one — whether they’re male or female, transgender or not — should fear being turned away at the hospital door because of who they are,” Louise Melling, deputy legal director at the ACLU, said in a 2022 press release. “Religious liberty does not mean the right to discriminate or harm others.”

    The White House did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

  47. KathJuliane June 23, 2023 @ 9:06 am

    ✡︎Mayorkas is going after the dissident conservative parents now as “right-wing domestic terrorists”. -Kj


    Far-Left Teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten Appointed To DHS Council

    Trending Politics News | 22 June 2023

    Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced Thursday that [lesbian] ✡︎Randi Weingarten, the far-left head of the American Federation of Teachers union, will be one of the new members of a DHS academic council.

    Weingarten was tapped to be one of 20 new members of the Homeland Security Academic Partnership Council. The council, which was formed last year, will “provide strategic and actionable recommendations to the Secretary on campus safety and security, improved coordination, research priorities, hiring, and more.”

    “Leaders of our academic institutions and campus life have a great deal to offer in helping us counter the evolving and emerging threats to the homeland,” Mayorkas said in a statement.

    “The Homeland Security Academic Partnership Council’s insights into strategic research, innovation, career development, and partnership opportunities for the Department will support our mission to safeguard the American people, and help our country think through and prepare for whatever threats lay ahead.”

    “I am grateful to each of the twenty Council members I am appointing today for their willingness to serve, and I look forward to receiving their guidance and recommendations,” he added.

    Weingarten has long generated controversy over her hostility to parental rights organizations and her refusal to budge on COVID-related school closures.

    The union chief was a leading advocate for aggressive school closures deep into the pandemic, even after numerous studies showed that children were at lower risk for complications from the virus, as well as the catastrophic impact of extended remote learning for students.

    The American Federation of Teachers’ plan for reopening included daily sanitation of schools, the ability to return to remote learning if cases crossed a certain threshold, additional training for staff and teachers, and several other demands. The union stuck by their proposal even as schools in the United States and Europe began to reopen.

    Weingarten has also been a leading voice in labeling parental rights organizations who oppose the teaching of leftist ideologies on race and gender as domestic terrorist threats who should be monitored.

    After Attorney General Merrick Garland directed federal law enforcement agencies to form a task force to monitor such groups, Weingarten enthusiastically praised the move. “Thank you #DOJ …Merrick Garland tackles threats to educators amid critical race theory furor,” wrote the union chief shortly after the move was announced.

    Weingarten’s appointment to the DHS advisory council comes just weeks after the Southern Poverty Law Center updated its list of “hate groups” to include parental rights organizations, including Moms for Liberty. Federal law enforcement agencies have routinely cited the far-left organization in justifying targeting of American citizens.

  48. KathJuliane June 23, 2023 @ 9:44 am

    What’s happening to Texas?

    Biology professor fired for teaching science of Male and Female [Video]

    The Liberty Beacon | 23 June 2023

    Johnson Varkey has for 20 years taught anatomy and physiology at St. Philip’s College, part of the Alamo Community College District of Texas.
    Nineteen years and 1,500 students into his teaching, he says a few of them became visibly offended by his textbook lessons on the biology of male and female.

    St. Philips fired Varkey for violating its “faculty code of professional ethics” based on “several reports” that he committed “religious preaching, discriminatory comments about homosexuals and transgender individuals, anti-abortion rhetoric, and misogynistic banter,” according to a Jan. 27 memo on his “termination of employment and contract” attached to his legal threat letter.

    First Liberty Institute is representing the adjunct biology professor, demanding Varkey’s reinstatement and “written acknowledgment” from St. Philip’s and Alamo that his firing violated the First Amendment, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

    “It is preposterous” the college would fire Varkey “for teaching basic, widely accepted biology” for two decades despite his “exemplary performance reviews,” his counsel Keisha Russell said.

    Varkey’s Alamo 2021-2022 evaluation, attached as an exhibit, shows he “exceeds expectations” in each category.

    “But now that cultural elites are at odds with these ideas, the school no longer supports professors who teach them,” Russell said.

    Science instruction is increasingly a minefield due to its conflicts with gender ideology, which often does not acknowledge the biology of sex or deems it irrelevant.

    “Biology faces a grave threat from ‘progressive’ politics that are changing the way our work is done,” from grant applications to teaching, evolutionary biologists Jerry Coyne, of the University of Chicago, and Luana Maroja, of Williams College, each vocal critics of so-called wokeness infecting science, wrote in the current issue of Skeptical Inquirer magazine.

    Full story:

  49. KathJuliane June 23, 2023 @ 11:52 am

    The Nebulator Telegram

    Because you really need more cynicism and evil tonight, here’s a gut-wrenching op-ed by Scott Ritter on how NATO’s trainers sent Ukraine’s 47th Brigade to its death by most likely “gaming” the combat simulation to show their impossible mission as likely successful.

    And Ritter should know — he spends the second half of the article describing how he successfully worked through the simulations during the 1991 attack on Iraq.

    “If there was ever an example of how a purpose-built Ukrainian NATO proxy force would perform against a Russian enemy, the 47th Brigade was the ideal case study.

    “However, within days of initiating its attack, the group was close to literally decimated, with more than 10% of the over 100 US-made M-2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles destroyed or abandoned on the field of battle, and hundreds of the brigade’s 2,000-strong complement dead or wounded.

    “German-made Leopard 2 tanks and mine-clearing vehicles joined the Bradleys as wrecks in the fields west of Orekhov, having failed to breach the first line of Russian defenses.

    “The reasons for this defeat can be boiled down to the role played by KORA in creating a false sense of confidence on the part of the officers and men of the 47th Brigade.

    “Unfortunately, as the Ukrainians and their NATO masters found out, what works in a computer simulation does not automatically equate to battlefield success.”


    Gut-wrenching, indeed. It’s mass murder of ordinary Ukrainian men. -Kj

  50. Brother Nathanael June 23, 2023 @ 1:27 pm

    New Vid tonite!

    Stay TUUUUUUUUned.

  51. Caveman June 23, 2023 @ 11:12 pm

    Dear folks,

    Worrying developments in Russia: Prigozhin, the chief of the Wagner group, has staged a mutiny against the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff.

    Videos in the social media show tanks and APCs in Rostov, maybe Prigozhin’s troops.

    The only NATO hypothesis of defeating Russia from day one has been a rebellion or treason from within. It was this way in 1917 and possibly in 1991 too.

    Either is Prigozhin so reckless that he does not understand that he is undermining Russia’s military effort, or he has been offered who knows what by NATO’s intelligence agencies.

  52. benzion kook July 1, 2023 @ 10:23 pm

    Pesach Ben Or choked to death on a gefilthy fish sammich.

    Too bad the Fuhrer was such a nice fellow. Excellent artist, too.

    The only “good” jew is one who doesn’t exist.

    Stay tuned for the final ride to Laputa.

  53. PeterK July 6, 2023 @ 6:22 am

    Notice the fake rebee and his left hand clenching.

    Body language=BIG PHONY Liar.

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