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How Jews Talk, Dance, And Kill

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How Jews Talk, Dance, And Kill
June 24, 2023

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Brother Nathanael @ June 23, 2023


  1. Brother Nathanael June 23, 2023 @ 11:43 pm


    How Jews Talk, Dance, And Kill

    Nudelman can jive, kvetch, and fool the goys.

    She ain’t fooling me. [Clip]

    [“Putin’s cruelty and depravity and his willingness to sacrifice the men, women, and children of Ukraine, and even so many of his own citizens, threatens not only Ukraine, but the very order of our world.”]

    She’s a blame-shifter!

    Two way ticket, yeah.

    Every little yiddella thing she says is a tirade-twister.

    She’s gonna fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian with blood spilling out of their organs, limbs, and spleens.

    That’s how Jews talk.

    Like this bitch, with a different twist. [Clip]

    [“In March of 2021 the vast majority of data demonstrated that the vast majority of people were not getting were not getting infected if they were…” “That’s not what you said, you didn’t say, ‘the vast majority of people,’ you said, “vaccinated people do not carry the virus,’ was that accurate?” “It was generally accurate.” “Generally accurate. Why not just be accurate, why not just tell the American people the truth? Why don’t you say to the American people just what you said to me. We’re big boys and girls, we pay your salary, the government is supposed to be of the People, by the People, for the People, why don’t you just tell us the truth?” “I was speaking…” “When six weeks later you said, ‘if you were to get infected during post-vaccination you can’t give it to anyone else.’ Was that accurate?” “What was the date of that?” “May 19, 2021.” “At the time we had the Wuhan Strain and the Alpha Strain, that was the Alpha Strain that was circulating, that was generally true, yeah.” “Generally true again?” ]

    “Yeah, you stupid goy, the Jew torpedoed you!

    “It’s ‘generally’ true,’ she says!

    It’s Talmudic, ambiguous—broad as Nudelman’s bosomish—ir-re-fut-abli-lish.

    And with a big kikish smirkish, Walensky shmaltzes it over with a smooth matzah ball on top-ish.

    “No one is above the law,” says Merrick Garland.

    He shmaltzes it up too. [Clip]

    [“No person is above the law in this country. Nothing stops us, no!…I don’t know how, let me say it again, no person is above the law in this country, I can’t say it more clearly than that.”]

    Perfectly clear!

    All shmaltzed over to blur the goyim’s eyes that some persons—who don’t serve the kikish interests—I mean Joey Biden, Hunteree Biden, Hillaree Clintonee, and Adam Schitteree—are UNDER the law for jewees and Merrick Garland.

    Andrea Mitchell slurs a bit, but give the old hag a break.

    She’s had a thousand face lifts, and her mouth suffers for it.

    She quotes the numbers and lets slip some indisputable facts.

    Sometimes the Yid when faced with facts can’t retrace their tracks.

    [“A troubling new survey from the Anti Defamation League showing that Antisemitism is on the rise in America. Joining us now is Anti Defamation League’s CEO and National Director, Jonathan Greenblatt. Jonathan, so let me take off some of your findings. 53% of those surveys say that Jews will go out of their way to hire other Jews.”]

    Goys go out of their way too.

    Biden has a slew of Jews—98% of his regime—a pack of kikes controlling the old perv. [Clip]

    [“40% say Jews are more loyal to Israel than US, 24% say Jews have too much influence on Wall Street.“ “I will say a few things.”]

    He says a few thousand things.

    Then he says a few thousand more things, on every Jew main stream media that Jews own every bit of.

    Vell, that’s how Jews talk, and talk, and won’t shut the hell up.

    Here’s how they dance! [Clip]

    Ecstatic Jewish love for Ukraine!

    Vy not?

    Zelensky’s a Jew, his enabler Nudelman’s a Jew, his entire staff are Jews, vhat else is new? [Clip]

    They must be shvitzing!

    It’s hot under those hats!

    Here’s how they sing. [Clip]

    [“Im HaShem lo yivneh vayit
    shav amlu vonav bo
    im HaShem lo yishmar ir
    shav shakad shomer
    Hineh Hineh lo yanum
    lo yanum ve lo yishan
    lo yanum ve lo yishan
    Shomer Yisra’el”]

    See that Jew with the fist?

    Here’s how Jews kill. [Clip]

    [“On June 1, Razan was fatally shot by Israeli soldiers. Witnesses say she was trying to help a wounded protester at the Gaza-Israel border fence. Witnesses, maybe false witnesses? It’s on camera for all the world to see. Here’s Razan raising her hands hoping Israeli soldiers would let her fellow medics treat the wounded unharmed. Her hopes were in vain, for she wasn’t dealing with human beings, she was dealing with cold blooded murderers.”

    I’m crying.

    Goys should cry too.

    It’s not Biden.

    It’s the Jews.

  2. Brother Nathanael June 23, 2023 @ 11:43 pm

    This video can be watched @,-Dance,-And-Kill:e

  3. Brother Nathanael June 23, 2023 @ 11:43 pm

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  4. The Englishman June 24, 2023 @ 1:59 am

    NO Man is telling TRUTH of the jEW.

    Only Brother Nathanael!

    Watching this his latest Blockbuster should carry a health warning:-

    There is a likely hood of an acute bilious effect.

  5. Lugu June 24, 2023 @ 6:23 am

    So Nudelman is hell bent on bringing Vladimir Putin down.

    Perhaps that would explain The “Wagner” speech by Putin just recently.

  6. Ted Gorsline June 24, 2023 @ 7:49 am

    The head of the private mercenary group Wagner, is a professional chef with a big ego named Yevgeny Prigozhin,

    His second name which seldom appears anywhere is reportedly “Jewsenski.”

    If he is in fact a jew, it helps to explain his values (kills people for money) and where his loyalties really lie (With jewish central bankers).

    He doesn’t fight himself. He just does sound bites while his Christian Russians kill Christian Ukrainians and vice versa.

    I wonder if he sees the writing on the wall for Ukraine’s Ashkenazi jewish leadership and is having a disruptive hissy fit?

  7. The Englishman June 24, 2023 @ 9:09 am

    An antidote herein to the sickening effect of the jew, goy.

    Welcome back T.G.

  8. Citizenfitz June 24, 2023 @ 9:09 am

    Good to have you back, Ted.

    The Times of Israel says Prigozhin is a juden:

  9. The Englishman June 24, 2023 @ 9:18 am

    This Prigozhin fellow, it will be interesting to establish just what on earth is going on.

    Who is right, and who (if any) is wrong?

  10. Citizenfitz June 24, 2023 @ 9:37 am

    We’ll know who Prigozhin is working for: 1. The US supports it. 2. When the coup fails, Prigozhin flees to the US, UK or Israel.

    Never even suspected he was a jew before today.

    Well, if Putin didn’t know he had a jew problem before, he’d better now.

  11. Ft. Nolan June 24, 2023 @ 11:13 am

    Those saying “No one is above the law” have to be thinking to themselves, “No one is above Talmudic Law,” to which non-Jews (the goy) are classified as “beasts” to which Jews may do whatever they want whether it is kindness or extermination.

  12. KathJuliane June 24, 2023 @ 12:05 pm

    TASS: Minsk said that Prigozhin accepted Lukashenka’s proposal to stop the movement of the Wagner PMC

    The press service of the Belarusian president said that a profitable and acceptable option for resolving the situation with security guarantees for PMC fighters had been developed

    MINSK, June 24. /TASS/. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko held talks with the head of the Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin in the development of agreements with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was reported by the press service of the head of the republic.

    “This morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin informed his Belarusian counterpart about the situation in southern Russia with the Wagner private military company. The heads of state agreed on joint actions.

    In the development of the agreements, the President of Belarus, having further clarified the situation through his own channels, in agreement with the President of Russia, held talks with the head of the Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin,” the statement reads.

    The press service added that the result of the negotiations was an agreement “on the inadmissibility of unleashing a bloody massacre on the territory of Russia.”

    The talks between Lukashenko and Prigozhin began after Russian President Vladimir Putin briefed his Belarusian counterpart on the situation in southern Russia, and lasted all day.

    “Yevgeny Prigozhin accepted the proposal of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to stop the movement of armed persons of the Wagner company on the territory of Russia and further steps to de-escalate tensions,” the report says.

    “At the moment, there is an absolutely profitable and acceptable solution to the situation on the table, with security guarantees for the Wagner PMC fighters,” Lukashenka’s press service said.

    About the rebellion
    On the evening of June 23, several audio recordings were posted on the Telegram channel of the founder of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin. In particular, he claimed that his units were allegedly attacked, and blamed the country’s military leadership for this. In connection with these statements, the FSB of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case on the fact of calling for an armed rebellion.

    The Ministry of Defense called false information about the alleged strike on the “rear camps of the Wagner PMC”. The Public Relations Center of the FSB of the Russian Federation called on the fighters of the private military company not to follow Prigozhin’s orders and take measures to detain him.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his address to citizens, called the actions of the Wagner PMC structures an armed rebellion and betrayal, assuring that measures against the rebels would be tough.

    State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, in turn, noted that State Duma deputies, representing the interests of Russian citizens, are in favor of consolidating forces and supporting President Vladimir Putin.

    In the meantime…


    Civilians in Rostov are bringing food and beverages to Wagner fighters.

    “Independent” Western social media mouthpiece:

    Tiger Research

    Before the war: Wagner freedoms fighters
    After: Wagner Terrorist

    How cool @Terror_Alarm

  13. Brother Nathanael June 24, 2023 @ 12:11 pm

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  14. KathJuliane June 24, 2023 @ 12:21 pm

    The coup has ended. -Kj

    So, Prigozhin Decided To Go For It.

    Reminiscence of the Futre

    Andrei Martyanov | June 23 2023

    Wagner took control of government buildings in Rostov-On-Don and Prigozhin himself materialized in the Staff of Southern Military District and demands now Shoigu and Gerasimov (in Russian).

    So, it is a Kornilov Mutiny, of sorts, and now a lot becomes clear about Prigozhin and Wagner. This is getting serious and those people from Wagner who participate in this are now official traitors. I also want to point out Ostashko’s description of General Alexeev.

    “The fact that the appeal of the First Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Vladimir Stepanovich Alekseev, appeared on the Web, says a lot.

    In fact, this is a legendary person. He was behind the planning of many secret operations, the formations of a number of PMCs (including interacting with the Wagners at the dawn of the formation), carried out reconciliation in a number of regions of Syria.

    Through his line, various private security companies and PMCs sign contracts with the Ministry of Defense. It is possible that earlier he tried behind the scenes to resolve the conflict between Prigogine and Shoigu. That is why Alekseev is now speaking publicly.”

    7 Hours ago, I quipped that he, likely, failed. The reason he failed is because he obviously didn’t seriously psychologically profile Prigozhin, especially considering Prigozhin’s outright criminal background as a thief and a robber, with two trips to prison for various violent crimes, and this is an extremely important indicator of character, which, as we saw today reared its ugly head of a sheer narcissist and, highly likely, asset.

    Whose asset, we are yet to learn.

    I guess Lieutenant General Alexeev has some splainin’ to do. And the signs have been there all the time. I guess this was expected having a criminal (gopnik, really) heading some private army which obtained the access to heavy weaponry and now took command of a major Russian city of a key strategic importance and stabbed Russian Armed Forces in the back. This thing was planned by Prigozhin.

    This is a major failure of some people in MoD and especially among those who have been directly involved in Wagner’s activity and contract’s signing. In hindsight–this was coming.

    Update: Vladimir Putin will shortly address nation.


    I did find that Prigozhin, an old Sovietsky, is Jewish from his father and grandfather. Just the grandfather would be enough to qualify him for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.

    Is he a duo citizen? Don’t know. But if he’s a GRU & MI6 asset, then he’s also CIA, Mossad and IDF military intelligence asset.

    Back in May, the UK Telegraph reported:

    Wagner boss ‘offered Russian troop positions to Ukraine’

    Yevgeny Prigozhin reportedly made proposal to Ukrainian intelligence officers in exchange for withdrawal from Bakhmut, according to a purported top-secret document.

    May be true, may have been propaganda. At the time, Prigozhin denied it.

    A while back, he also stated in what was taken as a troll his ambition to become president of Ukraine.

    As Was Expected…

    Andrei Martyanov | June 24, 2023

    … the dawning of reality is in progress for the criminal and his group of accomplices that the game is up.

    “Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced on Saturday that he had arranged a deal whereby Wagner Group leader Evgeny Prigozhin will abandon his mutiny in exchange for “security guarantees” for his fighters.

    “’Evgeny Prigozhin accepted the proposal of President Alexander Lukashenko to stop the movement of armed men of Wagner in Russia and take further steps to de-escalate tension,’ read a statement from Lukashenko’s office.

    “According to the statement, Lukashenko and Prigozhin held talks for the ‘whole day,; and “came to an agreement on the inadmissibility of unleashing a bloodbath on the territory of Russia.”

    Wagner returns to its camps near Bakhmut and Soledar and the procedures of disarming and dismantling start from there. Naturally, all camps will be blocked by military. After that FSB and Investigative Committee will start work.

    Prigozhin, most likely, will try to escape to 404 where his contacts, both GUR and MI6, are but I doubt anyone will let him. Now, what was the last straw for Prigozhin? Simple–MoD refused to extend contract with Wagner.

    And as I stated not for once–the real history of Bakhmut is not what you read in shitty TG channels and most media.

    Now, people call me, and I just did 1.5 hour podcast with Vera, Marat and Vladimir, but it is on VK only, sadly. A lot have been said there, including about some, very few, people in MoD who will be forced to do some splainin’.

    Was there a plan on the part of 404 GUR and Bitidh? Yes, most likely, but they thought–they really did, that is how amateur they are–that “counteroffensive” will succeed and once the front line is breached, Wagner will start mutiny.

    Well, as you all know the “counteroffensive” turned into a slaughter of VSU and NATO personnel and equipment, and the noose around Wagner and Prigozhin started to tighten and that is what we’ve got.

    In any case, the response of Russian society was unequivocal support of President and condemnation of traitors, who now will deal with severe consequences.

    Without naming names or delving into further details in his address to Russian citizens this morning, Putin laid the blame squarely on “Inflated ambitions and personal interests.”

    He properly refrained from any direct accusation because the FSB had already opened a criminal case against Prigozhin.

    But who pumped up Prigozhin’s insanely huge ego and fed him enough b.s. to risk this gambit to begin with?

  15. Ted Gorsline June 24, 2023 @ 12:31 pm

    Thanks Citizenfitz & the Englishman,

    Alot of jews try to cozy up to Putin. I think the most treacherous is film maker Oliver Stone, whose real name is Oliver Silverstein Stone.

    There is a California accountant who has a website called juxtaposition.stories. Its well worth watching. He explains why Stone cannot be believed, why his documentaries are deliberately designed to lead people down the garden pathand away from the truth, in other words to muddy the waters. Same with Noam Chompsky.

    Oliver Stone is total disinformation B.S.

    Basically Stone could not tell the truth even if he wanted to because his distribution is 100% controlled by Hollywood jews and his films would not see the light of day nor make a dime if they did not serve the jewish agenda.

    Other Hollywood jews like a martial artist whoe name I just forget, Steven something or other, have also tried to get close to Putin.

    If I were Putin I would keep them at arm’s length. Their inteviews probably just mapped out his movements by GPS and those movements have probably been passed on to Israel. That is my guess.

  16. KathJuliane June 24, 2023 @ 1:20 pm

    Hi, Ted Gorsline.

    Glad to see you again!


    US officials saw signs Prigozhin was planning challenge to Russian military but surprised by rapid escalation

    CNN Politics | 24 June 2023

    US intelligence officials believe that Yevgeny Prigozhin, chief of the private Wagner military group, had been planning a major challenge to Russia’s military leadership for quite some time, but it was unclear what the ultimate aim would be, three people familiar with the matter told CNN.

    Intelligence officials briefed congressional leaders known as the Gang of Eight earlier this week concerning Wagner group movements and equipment buildups near Russia, two of the people said.

    US and Western intelligence officials saw signs that Prigozhin was making preparations for such a move, including by massing weapons and ammunition, one Western intelligence official and another person familiar with the intelligence said.

    A source familiar with the intelligence said “it all happened very quickly,” and it was difficult to discern how serious Prigozhin was about threatening the Russian military and where he would take his troops.

    As the situation unfolds, US and Western officials are being careful not to weigh because of how Putin could weaponize any perceived involvement by the west in the escalating crisis, sources familiar with the administration’s thinking told CNN.

    Officials across the administration convened emergency meetings on Friday night to assess the events, which unfolded so quickly that they caught US and European officials off guard, the sources said.

    Full story:

  17. Ted Gorsline June 24, 2023 @ 1:23 pm

    The website, which takes a bit of finding, as there are many juxtaposition stories on the internet also answered something that has been nagging me and that is, “Is Seymour Hersch the real deal or like Gordon Duff says, “The Mossad’s main asset.”

    Its the latter. He has never written anything worthwhile about 9/11 and he knows what happened.

    Jew boy Hersch won his Pulitzer prize for allegedly breaking the story about the Mylai massacre but in fact a soldier documented and broke it, and the story was in the hands of every US Congressman for 3 months before Hersch cobbled it together and got his Pulizer prize.

    Jewish Hollywod manufactures these phoney investigative reporters. Gives them their phoney credibility and they never criticize Israel. Never. They are just whores.

    For example, the only investigating Woodward and Bernstein ever did is show all the grit and determination necessary to answer the telephone. Jew boy Deepthroat told them what to report

  18. Ted Gorsline June 24, 2023 @ 2:07 pm

    Thanks KathJuliane,

    Prigozhin is organized crime, a jewish thug, who doesn’t fight himself. He created a company to murder people for money. Jewsih values in your face.

    MSM always gives us euphemisms to keep our eyes off who the jew boys really are and what they are up to.

    For example, the words Russian “organized crime” really means “jewish organized crime”.

    The word Oligarch really means “jewish organized crime figures at the top of the totem pole”.

    The word Israel really means “Jewish organized crime safe house”.

    Interesting to see Putin use the term “stab in the back” a Nazi term from von Ribbentrop to define Prighozin.

    Vladimir Putin is pretty smart. He is fighting rich and powerful Ashkenazi jews with Nazi terminology while pretending to fight Nazis.

    All the while he is really fighting the rich jews who finance the Ukrainian nationalists.

    Hollywood has spent so many decades defining nazis as the original bad guys. Putin has taken advantage of this vilification to fight the jews in the name of fighting Nazis. Pretty smart.

  19. KathJuliane June 24, 2023 @ 2:31 pm

    #Wagner paramilitary group’s flag hoisted in Tel Aviv

    Jun 24, 2023
    Today, Wagner’s paramilitary group which has long been the focus of the Kremlin’s opponents, and whose flag was hoisted in Tel Aviv, revealed its betrayal of the Russian army.

  20. Lugu June 24, 2023 @ 7:01 pm


    Thank you for confirming my suspicion.

    Prigozhin is from the chosen tribe indeed. Putin better watch his back.

  21. Citizenfitz June 24, 2023 @ 9:58 pm

    Some are now speculating that the mutiny is in reality a “maskirovka,” and Putin is actually gaming NATO.

    Well, who knows?

    It’s all very strange. Even for Russia.

  22. R. Richardson June 24, 2023 @ 10:33 pm

    Extremely shame on Jews for using their dirty skills to manipulate, coerce, and sacrifice the gentiles for no good reason.

    No cash, gold, money, and banking manipulation means no power for Jews. Jews are too attached to money, because they always believe that it can deliver god-like powers to them.

    That is why the gentiles don’t like Jews. The gentiles prefer to work for money over conning and contriving to take money out of people’s pockets.

    Well, gentiles must fight against the central banks and their terrible Communist-type/oligarchy-type CBDCs by becoming more involved in the pro-individual cryptocurrencies.

    We should remember that we are already more advanced than those primitive, satanic, and greedy bankers, because they did not invent cryptocurrency in the first place. We did and are currently using them.

    Shame on Victoria Nuland, Obama Barack, and Joseph Biden for getting too involved in Ukraine, including to prepare the Ukrainian gentiles to sacrifice themselves for Jewish bankers and Israel.

    Shame on the Jew-influenced Democrats, liberals, and creepy Jews working in the U.S. government for keeping the U.S./Mexico border to stay opened too long for easy smuggling (human, drugs, sex, etc.), while spending too much money to arm Ukraine, bribe (with CIA’s help) one of the wealthy Russian oligarchs, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and support so many U.S. military bases in other countries.

    Time for the U.S. government to close the Camp Hansen (a few U.S. soldiers raped a 12-year old Japanese girl in 1995) and then give it to Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. Save a little more money.

    Can we imagine that smiling Jeffrey Epstein, who is rubbing his hands with eagerness, standing near the opened border, and waiting for the sex trafficking easily entering into the U.S. from Mexico?

    Therefore, he would provide sexual service to George Soros, an advocate of the open border?

    Unlike the creepy U.S. government and Israel, the Russian government would not bribe one of Ukrainian generals to backstab on the Ukrainian government.

    98%?! That is too many Jews in Biden’s regime! Very disastrous, because Jews are known to think anything extremely foolish, such as heavily experimenting with gentile sex and then twisting it with the elementary schools across the U.S.

    This is enough, because they already caused those kids to be unhappy by forcing them to wear masks.

    I never experienced that kind of stupidity like those when I was young. Totally astonishing. I was very lucky to be born in 1966, instead of 2000s.

    Sorry about the Palestinian near at the Gaza-Israel border fence. Time to punish all of the Israeli soldiers by making them come to help the U.S. to build the border wall at the U.S./Mexico border.

    Time to arrest many Jews for being too specializing in the gentile flesh.

  23. Ted Gorsline June 25, 2023 @ 12:13 am

    Putin certainly diffused the Prigozhin crisis in a hurry. Great and decisive leadership.

    My guess is that a door knob or matzo ball saturated with nerve poison lies in Prigozin’s future.

    I strongly recommend that you look at the juxtaposition.stories website. As an accountant, the man who calls himself “Juxtaposition” is real good at following the crime money back to jewish private bankers and explaining how so-called tech genius jew boys like Sergie Brin are just flunkies planted by private, make that money laundering, jewish bankers.

    Most are high school drop outs and not too bright. They rely on people like Joe the jew Rogan to provide them with cover stories that reinforce the idea that they are intelligent when, in fact, they are all compromised people who have a short shelf life if they step out of line.

    You have to keep defining heavily inbred jews as intelligent and as victims instead of the perps to make big money in MSM. Even jews who don’t stick to the party line get offed. Juxtaposition shows that Hollywood is replete with star whackers.

    In particular he explains how the music industry is entirely jewed out just like the film industry and the rest of the entertainment business. Sammy Davis Junior, Madonna, and endless others who have a following must become token jews to keep working.

    Some of his comments are a bit wordy, and the many of the alleged murders he discusses re not always well substantiated. He is also very repetitive but he has some real gem videos in the mix.

    I just wish his material was as well organized and easy to access as Bro Nat’s material. His analyses of Oliver Silverstein Stone, Noam Chompsky, Timothy Leary, and Seymour Hersh are spot on.

  24. Citizenfitz June 25, 2023 @ 7:55 am

    Ted, if you can give a link I’ll certainly give Juxtaposition a look.

    Finding his site is like looking for a needle inna haystack among all the other juxtapositions out there.

  25. Rabbi Mortichai June 25, 2023 @ 9:42 am

    Bravo, Brother Nathanael, for standing up to the Jew World Order!

    Jews need to come to Jesus, get baptized and stop all this nonsense.

    Imagine what we could accomplish together.

  26. Ted Gorsline June 25, 2023 @ 10:02 am

    Dear Citizenfitz.

    You have to Google “Bitchute Juxtaposition.stories”.

    The period between the words juxtaposition and stories is important.

    Then you will probably have to scroll down a page or two of other juxtaposition stories and items to find it.

    He is an accountant with a great interest in Hollywood murders, movies, private banks and the music business. He traces all things evil through NATO, the CIA and the Mossad, back to the jewish owned and controlled private banks which he says only exist to launder organized crime money.

  27. Sir Gagalot June 25, 2023 @ 12:10 pm

    JOHN 8 NLT

    “Our father is Abraham!” they declared.

    “No,” Jesus replied, “for if you were really the children of Abraham, you would follow his example. 40Instead, you are trying to kill me because I told you the truth, which I heard from God. Abraham never did such a thing. 41No, you are imitating your real father.” They replied, “We aren’t illegitimate children! God himself is our true Father.”

    42Jesus told them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, because I have come to you from God. I am not here on my own, but he sent me. 43Why can’t you understand what I am saying? It’s because you can’t even hear me!

    44For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    45So when I tell the truth, you just naturally don’t believe me! 46Which of you can truthfully accuse me of sin? And since I am telling you the truth, why don’t you believe me? 47Anyone who belongs to God listens gladly to the words of God. But you don’t listen because you don’t belong to God.”

  28. Citizenfitz June 25, 2023 @ 12:38 pm

    Hey Ted, I found him:

  29. Ted Gorsline June 25, 2023 @ 3:10 pm

    Well done, Citizenfitz.

    The guy is well worth following.

  30. Citizenfitz June 25, 2023 @ 6:46 pm

    Ted, Juxtaposition makes some points that I think the regulars here will find interesting. He definitely has his facts in order. I found his thoughts on DeSantis worth considering.

    I’ve gotten tired of Trump’s endless blustering, but DeSantis has some pretty dark corners in his own resume.

    I guess we’re screwed six ways from Sunday, aren’t we?

    In BN’s latest Bible With Brother video he mentions an Orthodox seer named St. Demetrio of Serbia. What Demetrio said about our times lines up with the WW3 prophecies I’ve blogged about. It’s worth watching:

    Prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

  31. Citizenfitz June 25, 2023 @ 7:48 pm

    The prophecy of Elder Anthony of Russia:

    It’s dark. Even darker than Brother Nathanael’s Bible With Brother video’s re-telling.

    Prayer, fasting and almsgiving, friends.

  32. Ted Gorsline June 25, 2023 @ 9:56 pm


    I watched the St Demetrio of Serbia video. Great stuff. Its remarkable how accurate his predictions have been.

    On another matter I just had my memory jogged twice. One is the you tube video titled “Cathy O’Brien, MK Utra Victim says Canadian Prime minister is a professional Jesuit.” She says she was molested as a child by Pierre Trudeau, father of current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    In addition, while organizing my things, I came on some notes Bob Reguly gave me years ago. He said Pierre Trudeau was drummed out the the Canadian army for homosexual behavior and that he was once head of the Communist Party of Canada.

    When he became prime minister he had the records destroyed. Trudeau did destroy the RCMP by turning it into a political organization. The last independent commissioner of the RCMP was an Englishman named Nicholson. I knew his bat boy Lloyd Libke fairly well.

    I have often wondered why Justin Trudeau is such a degenerate and it may be that his father molested him. They say child molesters beget child molesters.

    Bob sad Pierre Trudeau’s main adult male lover while in office was career “bachelor” Michael Pitfield, clerk of the privy council, and I believe also Marc Lalonde who just died.

    Another nut case in Trudeau’s “appointed” privy council was Maurice Strong, the weirdo who hatched global warming on us while at the UN. He got caught taking a $ million dollar bribe at the UN.

    Anyhow there is something deeply troubling about Justin Trudeau. He was in charge of teaching young children and got drummed out of the school part way through the school year.

    Whatever happened has been smoothed over with $ money and a nondisclosure agreement. If you can legally print money you can smooth over anything.

    In addition, a girl I know who works in the hotel industry in Toronto recently alleged that Justin is having homosexual liaisons with a black guy at the Four Season’s Hotel in Toronto.

    She says Trudeau’s wife knows about his fudge stuffing but does not interfere. Like Melanie Trump she is happy with the social position that goes with her husband’s job.

    The Four Seasons was jewish operation and probably was a Mossad operation complete with hidden cameras. I believe the Mossad owns Justin Trudeau. I don’t know what the hotel’s status is now. It may have been sold.

  33. KathJuliane June 26, 2023 @ 7:32 am

    The GDL is at it again — giving the Jews and Judeophiles a collective First Amendment wedgie.

    The shrieking of Jewish voices is incredible. I have to put in my hearing protectors to protect my ears from the 200 dB screeching.

    Oy veh! It’s anudda $hoah! -Kj


    From the Forward newsletter:

    Protesters outside a Chabad synagogue in suburban Atlanta on Shabbat. (Twitter)

    The Goyim Defense League brought about a dozen protesters, some holding flags with swastikas, outside a Chabad near Atlanta on Shabbat.

    They also protested in Macon, Georgia, on Friday at the 165-years-old Temple Beth Israel.

    “We have lived through the Civil War,” said Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar. “We have lived through the civil rights movement, and there has been no incident ever of antisemitism directed against the Jewish community here in all those tumultuous times.”

  34. KathJuliane June 26, 2023 @ 8:08 am

    SHOCK VIDEO: NYC Pride Parade Chants ‘We’re Coming for Your Children’

    The First | June 26 2023

    A group of thousands of drag queens marched in Manhattan Sunday during the city’s annual Pride Parade while chanting “we’re coming for your children” and “Thank God for Abortion.”

    Pete Reilly, Stochastic Deplorable
    NYC drag marchers chant ‘We’re coming for your children’ during pride event. When they tell you what they’re doing, believe them.

    From Fox News:

    Video shared on social media showed that, in addition to chants about “coming for your children,” marchers could be heard saying, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re not going shopping.”

    Members of the radical LGBT group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence could be seen throughout the Friday event.

    The anti-Christian group last made national news when the Los Angeles Dodgers chose to honor them at the team’s annual LGBTQ Pride celebration earlier in June.

    The SF Gay Chorus includes f-to-m transgenders. They told us 2 years ago:

    The San Francisco Gay Choir sang a song featuring the lyrics, ‘We’ll convert your children.’

  35. KathJuliane June 26, 2023 @ 8:10 am

    Jack Poso

    BREAKING: The Vatican has placed Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland under investigation after leading the Prayer March against the LA Dodgers last week


    Read that again. The Vatican is investigating a bishop for praying. -Kj

  36. Rabbi Mortichai June 26, 2023 @ 8:02 pm

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say Jews would have no power over White people but what they give.

    They cannot make you be irresponsible, greedy, and defy God. You have to do that. Many examples in the Bible.

    Yet our White women don’t want to take responsibly for family and seek adventure like men. Well, I came from a large White extended family yet we never pulled together as a group.

    Everyone went their own way and when someone failed at something, they were gossiped on instead of helped. We could have been a powerful clan had we worked together but for selfishness and greed.

    Despite the Jews’ faults, they argue among themselves, yet when the group is threatened, Jews quickly circle the wagons. Not so with Whites. Most backstabbings I’ve had, were from fellow Whites.

    If Whites could follow Christianity the golden rule, Jews would be unable to hurt them.

  37. Ted Gorsline June 26, 2023 @ 10:26 pm

    @Rabbi Mortichai

    The stickum that holds the jews together and gives them cohesion and power and loyalty is money and they have most of it.

    Poor people are easy to divide and conquer. They often sell their souls, their brothers, sisters, sons and daughters just to stay alive or find a place to sleep at night.

    Alchohol and drugs accelerate the process. You can’t believe anything an alcoholic, drug addict, or a prostitute says.

    The war in Ukraine is going to create a huge crop of new prostitutes and rent boys for jewish masters. It’s a fringe benefit for the jews of poverty, inflation and war.

    The only goy lobby that I can think of that works well is the gun lobby, the NRA. They do what the jews do – put politicians in and out of power.

    Unlike the jews, they don’t have much money and media control but they do have the numbers, and in a functioning democracy (paper ballots and no voting machines) that still counts.

  38. Ted Gorsline June 27, 2023 @ 7:45 am

    I believ the NRA has a budet of about $250 million or so, I just forget.

    The jews hate them because they play the same game the jews do – directly threaten or enhance the careers of politicians.

    The jews hate them for this. George Soros worth a minimum of $25 billion and Michael Bloomberg worth a minimium of $50 billion have been unable to destroy them despite their great wealth.

    Bloomberg had to leave politics because it was costing him $165 to get one vote in New York. Much cheaper to play hanky panky with the lawyers in the Southern District of New York.

    As far as being unhappy, out the one-man-one-vote thing. George Soros has an office in Toronto in the same building as Dominion Voting Machines. Go figure.

  39. Rabbi Glickman June 27, 2023 @ 11:29 am

    Rabbi Mortichai is correct. We Jews argue incessantly with one another. It adds color and direction to our lives. Were it not for the Goyim to vent our worst animosities against, we would have killed each other off millennia ago.

    Just last week I disowned my last son. “You are not my son!” I cried, “I have no son!” He shouted back, “And you are not my father!” What??? How can I disown him if he’s not my son? I’m going to have a talk with my wife about that.

    Anyway, as I was saying before you interrupted me, we were arguing about poached eggs. Now what am I to do? I have no children left to disown. Oy gevalt!!!

  40. The Elder of Zyklon-B June 27, 2023 @ 12:44 pm

    You spoke truth Mortichai.

    It’s called “Rugged Individualism”. It was great for building out the foundation of America.

    It is great for business and entrepreneurship, but useless for keeping a nation and its people together. Far too many Whites are only concerned about their own materialistic butts and assets. They can’t be bothered by everything we dare to expose and warn about here on RJN.

    Not having one church but hundreds of denominations does not help. Now we have no common language much less blood.

    Der Fuhrer understood this and articulated it clearly.

    Whites, it seems, could not stick up for each other if you poured Gorilla glue all over them and and crammed them together in one of their beloved sports ball stadiums.

    We have been putty in the soul-robbing Jews hands since 1913.

  41. Ted Gorsline June 27, 2023 @ 7:07 pm

    I love your stuff, Rabbi Glickman.

    It’s so funny.

  42. Ted Gorsline June 27, 2023 @ 7:21 pm

    This is also so funny. Pierre Poilievre, head of the Conservative Party in Canada, has told Justin Trudeua to “butt out” in reference to the provinces managing schools and interfering with parents raising their own kids.

    Polievre is the same politician that brought up the fact that Justin Trudeau got fired at mid term from his position teaching young children for matters that were then covered up with money and a non disclosure agreement.

  43. Ted Gorsline June 27, 2023 @ 7:35 pm

    Its pretty clear the jew boys are going to try to use artificial intellence (AI) to drive their agenda, exert even more control. I have been trying to figure out how to put an end to all of this and the solution it pretty simple.

    If you are faced with an AI computer and reluctant to get into a battle of wits with the machine all you have to do is ask it, “What are women thinking?”

    Inevitable this will result in blown fuses, wire melt downs, and a fire so hot that the AI machine will melt through the floor and fall as a heap of ash into the basement

  44. Kristine June 27, 2023 @ 10:44 pm


    It’s Esau against Jacob-Israel.

  45. Rabbi Mortichai June 28, 2023 @ 5:11 am

    Thank you for the backup all.

    I mean no insult. Christ has provided all of us with a framework to build ourselves up as a society of Christians.

    We can have peace right here and live fulfilling lives.

  46. KathJuliane June 28, 2023 @ 7:02 am

    Tucker Carlson
    Ep. 7 Irony Alert: the war for democracy enables dictatorship.

  47. KC June 28, 2023 @ 9:52 am

    It’s so creepy how they dance.

    Especially when there’s a hasidic wedding, them all packed in some gym, gives me hellish vibes.

  48. Rabbi Glickman June 28, 2023 @ 10:00 am

    Thank you for those kind words, Mr. Gorsline.

    But kind words with some shekels would be even better!

  49. KathJuliane June 28, 2023 @ 10:16 am

    Antisemitism of the self-hating Jew kind, or more like the wrong kind of Jew?

    Actually, listening to the clip in context, Barr was being sarcastic at that particular moment. The context in paraphase was the 2020 election fraud, social media censorship, and if a person said the election was rigged and didn’t agree that 81 million voters from just 36 counties elected Biden, they’d be censored or banned from social media.

    In a nutshell, her Jewish sarcasm was “Yeah, there are 81 million voters in 36 counties who voted for Biden, and no one died in the holocaust,” where a goy might say in the same tone, “Yeah, there are 81 million voters for Biden, and Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

    Starting at 1:14:00

    But some of what else she said, like being the wrong kind of Jew in Hollywood, was interesting.

    But the best part is that it got the knickers of Greenblech and the rest of the Antisemite Watch Industry’s knickers all bunched up. -Kj


    Roseanne Barr, in strange tirade, says ‘nobody died in the Holocaust’ but ‘they should have’

    Barr, who is Jewish, spouted antisemitic rhetoric and conspiracy theories on a recent podcast. Her son says she was being sarcastic.

    The Forward | 27 June 2023

    Roseanne Barr, the controversial Jewish comedian and former star of the working-class family sitcom Roseanne, appeared to deny the Holocaust and espouse other conspiracy theories on a recent episode of the podcast “This Past Weekend” hosted by comedian Theo Von.

    The two-and-a-half hour interview, which aired on June 14, went viral Tuesday after a clip of Barr’s bizarre rant was posted to social media.

    After suggesting that social media platforms manipulate the truth by banning select accounts, Barr said: “Nobody died in the Holocaust, either. That’s the truth.” She continued: “It should happen — 6 million Jews should die right now because they cause all the problems in the world, but it never happened.”

    Von, who had been nodding along, said “You’re part Jewish, right?”

    “I’m all Jewish. 100%,” Barr, whose grandmother lost her family in the Holocaust, responded.

    After the clip took off on social media, Barr’s son rushed to her defense, saying his mom was being “sarcastic.” Others thought she was mocking those who deny the Holocaust, and perhaps also those who espouse stereotypes about Jews including that they control Hollywood. She is, after all, a comedian — and one known for pushing all boundaries.

    But Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote on Twitter that argument made for a difference without a distinction: “Sarcasm or not, Roseanne Barr’s comments about Jews and the Holocaust are reprehensible and irresponsible. This isn’t funny.”

    In other parts of the podcast, Barr touched on other conspiracy theories, including the false notion that the 2020 election was rigged. At one point, in response to prompting by Von, she said that Jews started Hollywood and have since run it like “an organized crime network.”

    “Was it weird when Hollywood went against you because you’re Jewish?” Von asked.

    “Well, Hollywood Jews don’t like Jews, let’s be real,” Barr responded, “I’m a Jew and I got fired from Jewish Hollywood.”

    In 2018, Barr was fired from the reboot of Roseanne — since renamed The Conners — over racist comments she had posted on social media. When ABC executives announced that the show would continue without her, Barr claimed that she was ousted due to antisemitism.

    “I’m not the right kind of Jew,” Barr said on the podcast, showing off the ring she was wearing adorned with the evil eye. “I’m a Jew-y Jew. I’m the scary kind.”

    As the initial clip and then the full video of Barr’s interview rocketed around Twitter social media on Tuesday afternoon, it became something of a political Rorschach test, with those affiliated with the political right viewing Barr’s comments as a sarcastic reproach to social media censorship, and those more on the left viewing them as spreading dangerous conspiracy theories.

    “She’s talking about the dangers of censorship and specifically used this example as what could happen if you let, say, YouTube decide what is true and what isn’t,” conservative commentator Seth Mandel wrote on Twitter.

    Ed Krassenstein, a writer who rose to prominence on Twitter as a critic of former President Donald Trump, wrote “I don’t care if it was a joke. I don’t care if it was sarcasm. I don’t care if Roseanne is Jewish. I don’t care if Roseanne were to be God. Joking about Jewish people dying in the Holocaust and sarcastically saying that Jewish people should die, is NOT OK.”

    Barr was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, where her family tried to conceal their Jewish identity and were active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, despite observing Jewish customs at home. In her 1989 memoir, My Life as a Woman, Barr wrote that being the only Jewish girl in school growing up left her feeling paranoid.

    Throughout her career, Barr’s relationship to Jewish identity has fluctuated. In 2008, she was criticized for calling Israel a “Nazi state” due to its treatment of Palestinians. She’s since become a pro-Israel advocate and was invited to speak out against the boycott, divest and sanctions movement at the Knesset in 2018.

    In 2016, Barr declared herself a Hebrew priestess and launched a “Women’s Temple for transformation and tikkun olam” in Hawaii. Perhaps most controversially, Barr dressed up as Hitler baking burnt gingerbread cookies for a 2009 photoshoot for the now-defunct Jewish magazine Heeb.

    And despite the antisemitic conspiracy theories she shared in her conversation with Von, Barr said one nice thing about Jewish people’s contributions to American culture: “If Jews were not controlling Hollywood, all you’d have is fucking fishing shows.”

  50. Ted Gorsline June 28, 2023 @ 11:28 am

    @Rabbi Glickman

    I have $35 dollars worth of aluminum beer cans I can ship to you.

    The shipping cost would be about $50. Just send me your address and a certified check.

  51. Citizenfitz June 28, 2023 @ 4:29 pm

    Rabbi Mortichai called it on the money.

    The jews are just the symptom of a bigger problem: corrupt Christians and crooked Christianity. It’s been that way from the start, but throughout history there were enough real Christians around to keep satan and his synagogue at bay. Not today.

    Still, Christ will win in the end. Never forget that.

  52. KathJuliane June 28, 2023 @ 7:18 pm

    Advanced Antisemitism 1A

    Of historical interest. Interesting how the noticers of the 1930s could openly think and write about, and discuss Jews without the ADL to contend with.

    Everything old is becoming new again. -Kj


    The Intelligent Man’s Guide to Jew Baiting – George Sacks – 1935

  53. KathJuliane June 29, 2023 @ 7:48 am

    Alex Soros Meets With Top Democrats Shortly After Taking Over His Father’s Empire

    Resist the Mainstream | 29 June 2023

    Alexander Soros, a son of billionaire philanthropist George Soros, met with influential Democrats shortly after being named chairman of the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

    The meeting was his first with federal lawmakers, according to a Fox News report. It mimics his father’s trend of privately meeting with influential politicians, then publicly posting about the encounters.

    Soros hosted House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and a group of other high-ranking Democrats at the New York meeting earlier this month, including Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

    Other influential Democrats attending include Reps. Pat Ryan, Gregory Meeks and Ritchie Torres. Photos posted to Instagram show Soros and Nadler in rumpled suits and sneakers aloft Manhattan.

    Soros captioned one meeting photo to restore House Democrats to the majority in 2020. “And always supporting the sneaker caucus!” added Soros.

    In the past, he frequently met with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). His public expressions of admiration for them and his ongoing dialogues demonstrate a continued affiliation with leading Democrats.

    The new OSF Chairman has visited the White House several times to attend meetings that included Vice President Kamala Harris, according to a Fox News report. evidencing his access to the current administration.

    As leader of one of the most influential liberal foundations in the country, Soros is in a position to exert significant sway. His political donations, though not as large-scale as those made by his father, have nevertheless been substantial.

    His donations, totaling over $5 million to federal political causes to date, have largely favored Democratic campaigns and organizations.

    Noteworthy contributions include $2 million to the Schumer-aligned Senate Majority PAC and greater than $700,000 to the Biden Victory Fund, according to a DNYUZ report.

    As Alex Soros steps into the shoes of his father, his interactions with key Democrats and his significant contributions to their causes continue to shape the political landscape.

  54. KathJuliane June 29, 2023 @ 8:45 am

    Jeff Charles, Liberty Nerd

    Allen, TX Police Department released bodycam footage taken by the officer who first rushed in to stop the mass shooting at the mall.

    Didn’t even wait for backup. Heard the gunshots and ran right in to take care of the threat.

  55. Rabbi Glickman June 29, 2023 @ 8:58 am

    Your shipping charges strike me as excessive, Mr. Gorsline.

    I will send you a check for 12… no… TEN shekels for those aluminum cans.

    And that is just me being generous.

  56. Citizenfitz June 29, 2023 @ 10:25 am

    The Supreme Court has more or put Affirmative Action in the hospital. The beast isn’t dead yet but it took a big hit:

    Yep, the Fourteenth Amendment, which prohibits discrimination based on race, was, like an important artifact from ancient times, rediscovered by the Court.

    Let’s see how the left wriggles around this ruling.

  57. Citizenfitz June 29, 2023 @ 10:26 am

    More or *less*….

  58. Ted Gorsline June 29, 2023 @ 12:22 pm

    @Rabbi Glickman

    For you my friend we make a deal.

    Six million beer cans personally crushed by my own hand in return for 666 shekels, 10 pairs of Palestinian ears, one tattooed lampshade, a hooked nose, three bars of soap and a partridge in a pear tree.

  59. Rabbi Glickman June 29, 2023 @ 7:11 pm

    I smell a deal forming, Mr. Gorsline!

    I accept your terms for the six million crushed beer cans, but I cannot come up with the requested lampshade. The surviving examples are all being used for table lights in the Holocaust Museum restaurant… except for my beloved mother’s, which has a place of honor near my writing desk.

    Surely you can’t expect me to part with that precious, and very valuable, keepsake?

    However, I do have some shrunken heads that I might be willing to part with – if you can sweeten the deal some.

  60. Ted Gorsline June 29, 2023 @ 10:29 pm

    @Rabbi Glickman

    I think we’ve got a deal. This is my last offer. I’ll take your mother’s gold teeth and you can keep the lampshade. I’ll throw is a new gas oven, a bottle of cyclone B, ten pounds of pork, and a gift certificate for cyanide laced coffee at Starbucks.

    You get to keep the shrunken heads so you will have someone to talk to on cold winter nights. I’ll even toss in a pen and writing pad so you have something to write with when you go to the wailing wall and write messages to insert into the wall asking God for more money.

  61. T B GEORGE June 30, 2023 @ 6:04 am

    @Ted Gorsline

    Steven Seagal is his name, but the Hollywood and internet constantly mocks and make fun of him despite his movies being rather manly and somewhat believable.

    He went straight to DVD long ago. I guess he refused to bend over for the Hollywood elites.

    He basically does everything the jews hate – being manly, independent etc.

    Never knew he was in fact a jew until very recently and tried to get close to Putin?!

    I guess it all could be a ploy or he is really like Brother Nathanael, just not vocal much.

  62. Rabbi Glickman June 30, 2023 @ 8:02 am

    It seems we have a deal then, Mr. Gorsline.

    The check is in the mail!

  63. Ted Gorsline June 30, 2023 @ 10:40 am

    But will it bounce? You are a jew after all.

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