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My Flight From Judaism To Christ

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My Flight From Judaism To Christ
June 23 2021

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Brother Nathanael @ June 23, 2021


  1. Brother Nathanael June 23, 2021 @ 5:01 pm


    My Flight From Judaism To Christ

    I was raised as a Jew of two Jewish parents.

    I attended synagogue from my early childhood.

    Hebrew School every Wednesday, Sabbath services every Friday night and Saturday morning, and Sabbath School before the morning service.

    I was a religious kid whereas my older brother and sister were just going through the motions.

    I took Judaism seriously.

    My first pivotal moment was at my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah.

    It was an older synagogue and smelled musty and moldy.

    As we sat down I saw Jewish stars decorated on every wall.

    Nausea welled up within me, I was only nine, and I sensed a smell of death.

    I was ready to vomit, got up from my seat, but my mother grabbed me while I was gagging away.

    “Where is this death coming from?” I asked myself?

    “Is it from all these Jewish stars?”

    My cousin was now up on the Bimah ready to recite his Haftorah and started glaring at me as if I was an intruder.

    For the first time, growing up in the synagogue, I felt I didn’t belong.

    As for the Jewish stars, I learned later that the symbol, so cherished in Judaism, was not “the Shield of David,” at all.

    But an occult symbol revived by “The Zohar,” the kabbalistic prayer book of the 13th century.

    Aha, that was the smell of death.

    The next critical juncture was when I was approaching thirteen in our Sabbath School’s Bar Mitzvah class.

    The teacher was Mrs Schecter and was built like a bull.

    Squat, round husky shoulders, square face, short hooked nose, with combative, hostile eyes.

    I still see Mrs Schecter in my mind to this very day.

    The Bar Mizvah Class was to examine all the major religions of the world so as to show that Judaism was better than them all.

    We studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Rastafarianism, Druze, Bahai, Shinto, and of course, Judaism.

    Finally at the end of the course Mrs Schecter gets up from her seat, stands like she’s ready to enter a bull-fight, and says:

    “Children! We are not going to study Christianity.”

    “It’s just a fairy tale,” she said, “invented by a self-hating Jew named Saul who hated his Jewishness so much that he changed his name to Paul.”

    Well, I was a pretty smart kid so I raised my hand and asked:

    “Mrs Schecter. If Western Civilization was formed, not by all the religions we’ve been studying, but by Christianity, are you saying that our civilization is built on a fairy tale?”

    Schecter turned red and replied:

    “Close enough, since Saul who changed his name to Paul was a manic-depressant and invented a dysfunctional religion.

    “Class dismissed!”

    Well, the first thing I did when I got home was to ask my dad what a manic-depressant was.

    It was 1962 and he didn’t have a clue, the term was unheard of then.

    “Why do you ask?” he questioned.

    “Because Mrs Shecter refuses to teach Christianity because it was invented by a manic-depressant.”

    My dad settled his countenance upon my young questioning eyes and said,

    “Give up this Christianity. You were born a Jew you will die a Jew,” and walked away.

    But my heart and mind didn’t walk away.

    Instead, a fight welled up within me to find out what Christianity was all about.

    But we were forbidden to even read the New Testament and could only use the name, “Jesus Christ,” as a curse word.

    We couldn’t even say “Jesus” but used a Hebrew acronym, “Yeshu,” which means, “May his name be obliterated.”

    Not long after, I went to visit my grandmother in the hospital recovering from a routine operation.

    As I walked in the foyer I saw the rabbi coming out of the elevator and I walked up to him.

    “Rabbi,” I said, “Mrs Schecter refuses to teach us Christianity, but instead, every religion under the sun.”

    ”Rabbi, if the class was to teach us why Judaism is the best religion, we should at least learn about Jesus Christ.”

    The rabbi immediately spit on the hospital floor, and said,

    “Don’t you ever use that name unless you use it as a curse word.”

    And spit again.

    Well I was appalled.

    Here on the hospital floor, where sanitation is a must, the rabbi spits on the floor, germs and all.

    “What a crass ignoramus!” I said to myself.

    I walked up to my grandmother’s room muttering under my breath, “I’m going to find out for myself who Jesus Christ really is and may the rabbi dunk his head in his spit!”

    This was the defining moment in my life as a Jewish kid.

    I was now in a flight from my childhood religion of Judaism of which I experienced narrow-mindedness and death.

    Finally, when I started college in California, miles away from my home, I got a hold of a New Testament.

    I began with the Gospel of Matthew.

    I thought I would be reading a handbook on how to pray Rosary beads, and a Catholic handbook of rituals, but was surprised to see how “Jewish” it was.

    That’s because the Gospel of Matthew traced in the opening chapter the genealogy of Jesus Christ from a list of Hebrew names.

    It had characteristic Jewish passages, too.

    Once a Jewish mother came to Jesus and asked that he would give her two Jewish boys a “good job” in his kingdom.

    Well, I was hooked.

    Then I came to the passage where Jesus got out a whip and chased out the rabbis from the Temple for making money there, and then censuring them for their narrow-mindedness.

    Oh, I got real excited and said out loud,

    “Get ‘em Jesus! Get my rabbi and Mrs Schecter too!”

    My flight from Judaism was taking shape and headed for its destination.

    After reading every single Gospel, I was convinced that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah.

    I made my own confession of faith in Jesus Christ right there on my knees that night before going to bed.

    I awoke sensing a “scent of life,” not a “scent of death.”

    I called the rabbi and told him,”we missed the Messiah, he’s Jesus Christ.”

    My rabbi said he’d call me right back, and instead, ten minutes later, my mother called.

    “You’re coming back home now,” she said. “The rabbi says you’re having a nervous breakdown.”

    Well, what can I say?

    To this day, whenever I talk to rabbis, or any Jew about Jesus, they either say it’s a fairy tale, or I’m mentally disturbed.

    Can a Jew just have an honest discussion without reverting to brainless statements and slander?

    I’ll leave that for you to decide.

  2. Brother Nathanael June 23, 2021 @ 5:02 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael June 23, 2021 @ 5:02 pm

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  4. AJ June 23, 2021 @ 7:55 pm

    This is a fantastic piece, but all of your posts are.

    I think a massive spiritual revival is likely coming, possibly worldwide, if sh!t really hits the fan with the vaccine deaths happening around the World. People will run to religion for answers & come to the realization that abandoning religious Truth is what has allowed Evil in the World to fester.

    The World, esp. the secular West, must realize that a world without religion is not possible. The end result would be total Jewish/Globalist rule and ruthless oppression of the masses of people.

    We must remember that the worst kind of extreme oppression was the rule in the World for many millennia in prehistory, long before Christianity. This is the kind of world the Jews and globalists wish to return to, with a tiny elite wielding total absolute power.

    Christianity was the death blow to the Jews dream of total World domination, and will again!

  5. Marie June 23, 2021 @ 8:15 pm

    Very compelling.

    Not every child has the common sense and intelligence to think for themselves. Bravo!

    The Jewish community DID miss their Messiah! And too proud to admit it.

  6. Pierre June 23, 2021 @ 8:15 pm

    “Can a Jew just have an honest discussion without reverting to brainless statements and slander? ”

    Is the pope a Jesuit and a Jew and a NWO stage puppet?

    “Bar Mizvah” — When a Jewish lad realises that his foreskin is not going to grow back – Gilad Atzmon Zion Lexicon A-Z book.

    (delete this part if you wish) Not to piss into the punchbowl, and Jesus is what I feel the world needs now (and back in the day), that is my feeling and belief and impressions from the Gospels.

    But I am following Jordan Maxwell lately, who has been studying stuff for 60 years. His Dogmatic Theology Series 2018 has him coming to an understanding that the OT was fabricated after the NT (the cross for instance was not part of Christianity until ~300AD). Then you would have to change the NT to refer to the OT.

    None of this is throwing out the baby with the bathwater, but the Great Deceiver comes in many disguises. I am also following ‘rabbi’ Maxwells lead and putting the Nazis on the same anvil too (who had much in common with the jews) despite my warm and fuzzy feelings about them (compared to what we have going on now).

    Nazis, Zionists, Vatican are heads on his block. It also leads to the Great Schism and what that was all about, so over to you Brother Nathanael in your crusade against the Evil One.

  7. Ira June 23, 2021 @ 8:35 pm


    Alleluia! Glorify Him!

  8. Chris June 23, 2021 @ 8:44 pm

    I am a half Jew and do not feel Jewish at all.

    I never did. What I feel when I think of Jewishness is disgust for all that they are doing to the West.

    I am no longer a Jew, but a Christian by faith.

  9. Tom Cool June 23, 2021 @ 10:17 pm

    Religion is a study of truth, not a study of what name it is.

    Nor is it a study of who founded it.

    It should be a study of how to work with a Holy Spirit which teaches us how to radiate love and happiness bio-frequencies instead of anger or fear.

    We should work with the Holy Spirit to produce positive energy instead of working with Zion to produce negative energies.

  10. Ed jones June 24, 2021 @ 12:02 am

    Lol! Awesome, Brother Nat!

    This may be your best post ever! Lol.

    Of course we do want to know if you went home or if you talked your mom into allowing you to stay?

    Also, did your parents ever convert? Or any of your siblings or other family?

  11. M Murqus June 24, 2021 @ 1:35 am

    It is worth repeating:

    By His Crucifixion and Resurrection, Christ completed and fulfilled the old covenant such that the Jewish religion is now meaningless, irrelevant and obsolete.

    This is especially true after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, as prophesied by Jesus, which destroyed their temple and destroyed all records of their priestly genealogies.

    After Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross there is no more “Mosaic Law” and no more animal sacrifices, no more “chosen people,” and no more rules on what to eat and what to do, except for the two Commandments to love God and to love your neighbor.

    Salvation is open to everybody on belief in Christ and the Jews have a choice: accept Jesus as their Messiah or perish.

  12. Patrick June 24, 2021 @ 3:00 am

    Brother Nathanael. check this out:

    The Point

    Edited Under Fr. Leonard Feeney M.I.C.M. — Saint Benedict Center
    January, 1955


    Of the 1,800 executives employed at United Nations headquarters in New York City, over 1,200 are Jews.

    In its current report in the American Jewish Yearbook, the American Jewish Committee labels opposition to the United Nations as anti-semitism.

    David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of the State of Israel, told American newsmen in an interview in 1948, “The United Nations ideal is a Jewish ideal.”

  13. Chris June 24, 2021 @ 6:40 am

    I am always in a state of What?

    Now as I understand it so far the word Jew was never in the original Bibles and in “newer” Bibles the word Jew first appears in Kings.

    If that is true Abraham was not a Jew (actually a Hebrew) but a man who turned his belief to God his/our Creator. Hebrew means to cross over as a river or in his belief, a language.

    In a sense Abraham became a Christian then believing in God and then given the promise by God that a seed from his line, not seeds (which foretold of the Messiah Jesus Christ coming ) which would bless All nations.

    Jesus came and he did just that. So no one, not Moses, nor the Israelites were “Jews” but believers in God known at some point as Judeans, believers in God or certain tribe of people living in Judea or Judah. Not an ethnic group? In Exodus the people coming out of Egypt were tribes of Israel with a mixed multitude.

    So the “modern” word Jew is a highjacking of the Bible to make people think it is about so called Jews, a so called chosen people. Judaism, the teaching of Jews most closely resemble the teachings of the Pharisees who taught in their made up oral teachings in their synagogues which Christ said made God’s teachings of no effect.

    He said those teachings were of the devil. After Christ died they wrote those oral teachings down and that is Judaism most holy book, not the Bible but the Talmud, a huge sick perverted pile of dung in its blasphemous teachings of Christ, hatred of non-Jews (goyim), promoting pedophilia etc.

    Also later a criminal Scofield wrote the Scofield Bibles reinterpreting the Scripture and surely backed by Jews of the day to further promote them as the chosen.

    The New Testament plainly states all those who believe in Jesus Christ regardless of ethnic background are the “chosen”. So what are these people up to doing this?

    Their plan is Zionism which is Jewish nationalism portrayed as a political movement to secure a homeland, but it is a conspiracy to bring the entire world under Jewish nationalism which is world government (globalists wanting the Great Reset, the New World Order) administered by Jews and in in particular the infamous banking family the Rothschilds and their satanic beliefs.

    You know, they have the answers, not God. Forget the true God. We are our own god better than God. Satan’s teachings and actually Jewish elite mentality, extreme terroristic, racist supremacists to the core.

    So they own and rule everything today — finance, all banks in just about every country, the media, education, corporations etc. with their trillions controlling almost every nation.

    So brother Nathanael are Jews or being Jewish simply a belief system,a satanic Pharisee satanic cult religion, or a race? We’re you ever a Jew by race or just a belief system, a culture?

    I really am curious as to what you think on this. Was there ever a Jew ethnically?

    It is clear today these so called elitist “Jews”are behind the vaccines and control of the world and media spouting out lie after lie.

    It is also up to “Jews” themselves to “out” these crazies among them.

    They have their UN, Agenda 2030, and so on that they control and they have written many blueprints throughout history (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion etc.) on their aims for total world control through tyranny to despotism like during the Jewish led Bolshevik communist revolution in Russia (60 million dead).

    They have fomented and backed almost all wars.

    Ultimately they and we must all turn to God and Jesus to end this satanic control of the world. They and their coming government are not the answer. They hope for us to believe in their “peace” and that only comes through God and his Son Jesus Christ.

  14. KC June 24, 2021 @ 9:45 am

    Just think when Jesus returns in glory…how will most Jews feel and how Christians will rejoice.

    I wear my cross openly and when Jews see it there’s fear in their eyes. I’ve noticed it too many times especially in women, and was wondering why they look so terrified.

    The Cross really does bother them. I’ve never seen this reaction in non-Jews. I look normal and dress modestly.

  15. van helsing June 24, 2021 @ 10:42 am

    Yes they see the Cross and they react like a vampire, you see the sudden stress and anxiety.

    They know what’s coming. Very nice to read +BN’s awakening. I know of two other people who have rejected judaism and embraced Christianity.

    It’s a beautiful thing to see such courage and intelligence.

  16. B June 24, 2021 @ 12:02 pm

    Jews in particular do not like Paul’s statement that the Law kills.

    Jesus died because he supposedly violated the holy Jewish laws.

    What do people bow down to and worship today, that could be called the worse possible idolatry?

    I believe that the answer is man-made laws that contain error in the laws.

  17. Steve June 24, 2021 @ 2:25 pm

    Below Confirms All That Christ Said About The Children Whose Father Is The Devil:

    Reptiles All!

  18. benzion kook June 24, 2021 @ 7:25 pm


    What do you expect from Christ-killers?

  19. morris kaplan June 24, 2021 @ 8:17 pm

    Dear Bro,

    My mother was the one who would tell me “you were born a jew and you will die a jew,” when I was in my Buddhist belief period.

    Now that I have realized Yahshua ha Mashiach and God our Father are one, I can say she was correct. Me and you are some of the real jews!



  20. Greg June 25, 2021 @ 11:18 am

    Can a Jew just have an honest discussion without reverting to brainless statements and slander?

    Or having your internet comments deleted, your social media accounts banned, and being black listed in your community and place of employment….

  21. KathJuliane June 27, 2021 @ 11:05 am

    It’s almost like America and Russia are trading places…

    One thing I’m certain of, after listening to General Milley whine about “White Rage” and seeing the Woke-Marxist capture of the Pentagon, our constitutional Republic “of the People, by the People, for the People” is dead.


    Modern America & some of its so-called ‘democratic’ allies have turned into ‘liberal-totalitarian’ states, claims Russia’s top spy

    RT June 24, 2021

    By Jonny Tickle

    The US and some other Western nations held up as “models of liberal democracy” are rapidly turning into totalitarian regimes reminiscent of the Soviet Union, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has claimed.

    Speaking on Thursday at the Moscow Conference on International Security, Sergey Naryshkin claimed that there are “almost all signs of a totalitarian dictatorship” in some Western countries, including a “monopoly on the media,” the “police nature of the state,” and the “irremovability of oligarchic elites.”

    “It is astonishing to see how the West is trying to divide our diverse world into two completely artificial camps – a supposedly democratic one and a supposedly authoritarian one,” Naryshkin said, noting Russia, China, and Iran have been placed into the second camp, along with NATO ally Turkey and, on some issues, EU member state Poland.

    “The US and other so-called models of liberal democracy seem not to notice that they themselves are rapidly turning into a liberal-totalitarian regime,” the chief spook said.

    According to Naryshkin, the West’s imposition of ideological attitudes is somewhat reminiscent of the history of the late Soviet Union, in that it doesn’t even believe the values it tries to project abroad.

    However, the head spy pointed to the US-Russia summit in Switzerland earlier this month as a potential turning point, noting that he hopes the West will be able to use “the spirit of Geneva to try to build a safer and fairer world.”

    Naryshkin’s belief that the West is attempting to split the world into ‘democratic’ and ‘authoritarian’ echoes a statement made by Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu at the same conference on Wednesday.

    “Today, a new trend is coming to the fore,” Shoygu said. “The formation of global coalitions, the division of the world into ‘friends’ and ‘strangers.’”

  22. Steve June 28, 2021 @ 3:56 am

    It’s Gonna Get Rough As The Vaccinated Prepare For The Flu Season — Dr. Peter McCullough

    “Never take a vaccine from a cracker!” Louis Farrakhan

  23. Aclexa June 28, 2021 @ 6:28 am

    One of the most amazing stories of Jewish conversions to Christianity is that of Israel Zoller (or Eugenio Zolli). In 1938 — while still a rabbi — he published an erudite study entitled “The Nazarene”:

  24. Robertvnik June 28, 2021 @ 7:42 pm

    M Murqus,

    “…now meaningless, irrelevant and obsolete.” I am not so sure that I would consider the Old Testament in that way.


    Your comment was very interesting and agrees with stuff I have learned over the years. I learn a lot on this site including from people’s comments such as the amazing KathJuliane.

    Brother Nathanael,

    Thank you for sharing this. One of your best in my opinion, but you regularly seem to put out the ‘best yet’.

    Unlike you I was raised in a strong Christian family(Brethren). But like you my mind and heart was searching when from even as a 3-year-old I wondered why I should believe in Jesus just because Mum and Dad said so.

    My searching for truth started as a 6-year-old when I still didn’t know there was any other religion except Catholicism. Apparently they were the baddies and we were the goodies.

    By 9 I was convinced through sheer logic that evolution was impossible and by 15 believed that Jesus was indeed the anointed one of God.

    Funny thing is that through a life time of searching for truth I have a history of great folly and a mounting pile of ignorance collecting inside my head.

    Hope you don’t mind if I share this one on Facebook.

  25. Brad June 29, 2021 @ 3:47 am

    @ +BN

    Always great to hear a testimony, especially one where God is the conductor.

  26. Ted Gorsline June 29, 2021 @ 5:38 am

    Israeli puppet, CNN, has been white washing Israel and center-piecing the state telling how 10 Israelis showed up to help find people in the rubble in Miami.

    Lots of Jews in Miami.

    I wonder if Santa’s ten little helpers ever helped to dig up the dead children following the constant Israeli destruction of buildings (9/11, Lebanon) and by Israelis’ constant airstrikes on the Palestinian non-military targets. Twenty-three kids killed in the last go round.

  27. KathJuliane June 29, 2021 @ 9:16 am

    Good read on Christian politics and national-patriotism.

    “Westerners” in PM Orbán’s context is the atheistic, neo-liberal, endlessly regressive (“progressive”) Woke Western Europe, the global Anglosphere, and Jewmerica.

    His words also apply to the growing beleaguered “Christian American” zones of conservative and traditional communities inside Neo-Marxist/Leninist liberal totalitarianism of Jewmerica that the Social Democrats affectionately and possessively call “Our Democracy”.

    PM Orbán also touches on the Byzantine political theology of Symphonia between Church and State working in harmony for both the benefit and commonwealth of Christian civilization and culture in this world and preparing entire nations for salvation in the next.


    Orbán: “Christianity has created the free man, the family and the nation”

    The Chronicles

    By Srdja Trifkovic

    (This article is a translation of an original interview by Branimir Stanić and Ivan Tašev)

    Earlier this month Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán—long maligned by the Brussels machine as an authoritarian reactionary inside the ever-so-progressive European Union—gave an interview to the Croatian Catholic weekly Glas Koncila (The Voice of the Council, 20 June 2021).

    Orbán made several important points in the course of this interview: on the civilizational challenges currently facing Europe (including immigration), on national sovereignty challenged by Brussels, and on the nature of politics in the 21st century.

    No politician in such a position of authority in any EU member country has had the vision and the courage to talk and act like the Hungarian prime minister. [Excerpts translated from Croatian by S. Trifkovic]

    Viktor Orbán: A cultural, nay, civilizational struggle is taking place right now. The struggle for the soul of Europe and for the future of Europe is here, it is happening.

    Theological debates are seldom held in the trenches, and we are all under attack. That is why prayers are needed for the complete unity of all Christians, including the Orthodox, because without cooperation we cannot sustain Christianity in Europe.…

    If someone has a majority, but does not strive for the truth, what does he need it for? It is mere profanation. If, on the other hand, he advocates the truth, but cannot move the majority, how will he act in the interest of that truth?

    This is the key challenge of Christian politics in democratic societies. To put it simply, we no longer have kings anointed by God, so we must exist in a democracy, connecting the majority and the truth.

    It is not easy, but it is possible. Christian-Democratic politics has its mandate in relation to Christian culture. Christianity, first of all, created the free man. Therefore, we must – first and foremost – protect human dignity.

    Then, Christianity created the Christian family. We must protect the concept of the Christian family.

    Next, Christianity has created nations in this part of the world. If we Hungarians had not followed Christianity for a thousand years, we would have disappeared; so we must also protect the nation. But we also have to protect religious communities and the Church.

    To summarize, our task is not to protect theological principles, that is the mission of the Church; but our mission is to protect the great Christian achievements of our civilization.…

    Political power creates joint action through political action, through elections, the constitution, or otherwise. Yet we must not forget God’s authority either. Joint action cannot be achieved only by political means, it should also be established spiritually.

    It is the task of the Church, and of the servants of the Church, to establish joint action by leadership… and we [politicians] do that by political means.

    When these two sides are connected, great results are achieved. For that reason, we will never accept the separation of Church and State as it is interpreted in the West.…

    Our fundamental position on the issue of immigration is that it is an ontologically bad thing. It is bad if one cannot stay and live in his country, find his personal happiness and vocation there, and if he has to leave it, especially under duress.

    Occasionally it happens that a person has to leave his homeland because his life is in danger, or someone wants to enslave him, or put him in jail, or he would starve to death. These are possibly valid reasons.

    However, even if someone were to leave their homeland, the goal should be to return later on. Therefore, if we want to help someone who is forced to leave his homeland, we should not encourage him to stay outside it.

    We should help him return to his homeland as soon as possible. I personally advocate this position, and I suggest it to the European Union as well: I propose European military and economic action to stabilize dangerous parts of the world and create normal living conditions for people in these areas. I think this position can be defended in a Christian sense as well.…

    No one can enter the territory of your country if you do not allow him to do so. If he does, he must be pushed out; so we use the fence. We are convinced that migration does not happen spontaneously, but in an organized manner. This is seen as a conspiracy theory in the West, but it is all organized …

    The consequence is the influx of huge Muslim masses to the continent of Europe. I believe that all those who do not defend themselves now will not recognize their country in 20 years.

    Change will happen under external influence, which is simply imposed on them. I think Nikola Zrinski would know what to do in such a situation. [Zrinski was a 16th century Croatian nobleman who died heroically in battle against the invading Muslim Turks]…

    Thought-factories in the Western world continue to produce desires for people to go elsewhere, because living conditions are better elsewhere and they have no obligations to their own country.

    I think the next decade will be marked by epidemics and migrations. All of this has a severe, perhaps fatal, effect on Europe’s Christian Democracy.…

    If we were in the Middle Ages and I needed a slogan for my banner to sum up my work and my thought. I’d say “Only dead fish swim with the current.” Whoever swims with the multicultural fad of our time, loses everything that matters in life.

    True, those who go against the current cause themselves a lot of problems. … But if we don’t pay that price and if we don’t stand up for our interests, we may live more comfortably but we will end up losing a lot more.…

    After the Communist era we made many mistakes. By the time we noticed what was actually going on, we had lost control over key national resources – the energy system, the banking sector, the media – all of which passed into the hands of foreigners, and not on the basis of some rational plan, it was simply taken away from us.

    I’ve been working for 10 years to get back what we should not have wasted.…

    The Westerners have chosen to live in a post-national and post-Christian world, and we respect that. But they want even more. They want us to live that way too.

    For this reason, if any spirituality emerges in regional cooperation that includes the protection of national Christian cultures, ideological attacks immediately follow – a left-liberal attack that stems from Brussels but which is linked to American liberal and economic powers.

    They don’t want us to be free, they want us to be free only in the way they would like us to be.…

    We Central Europeans are in favor of preserving our nation-states because we believe that democracy can only be achieved within national frameworks. Western Europe, on the other hand, wants an empire based in Brussels. This is our key difference with Europe.—christianity-has-created-the-free-man–the-family-and-the-nation-/

  28. KathJuliane June 29, 2021 @ 12:01 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thank you for your story once again about your journey from soul-stealing Judaism to life in Christ. Every time I hear it, there’s some new facet of your inner voyage that turns up.

    I never get tired hearing it, makes my day, and it always warms my heart.

    God grant you many, many more years!


    Dear Chris,

    You wrote: “Now as I understand it so far the word Jew was never in the original Bibles and in “newer” Bibles the word Jew first appears in Kings.” I assume you mean the King James Version of 1611.

    The implication seems to be when I come across this biblical artifact is that somehow “Jews” as a people did not exist prior to this, and that the word “Jews” does not appear in the Bible therefore Jews did not exist then.

    Yes, it does appear in the Bible, in English language translations. People who come up with the above mentioned illogic don’t have a basic understanding of etymology.

    Webster’s defines etymology as “the history of a linguistic form (such as a word) shown by tracing its development since its earliest recorded occurrence in the language where it is found, by tracing its transmission from one language to another, by analyzing it into its component parts, by identifying its cognates in other languages, or by tracing it and its cognates to a common ancestral form in an ancestral language

    2: a branch of linguistics concerned with etymologies.”

    But, it’s also not quite accurate to say that the word “Jew” first appeared in the KJV, either.

    What appeared in the archaic English text was Iew, not Jew, and ‘Iewes’ for “Jews”. For that matter, jewels was “iewels”, Judah was “Iudea,” and Jesus was “Iesus” and Jerusalem is “Ierusalem” which comes from the Greek “Hierosolyma”.

    In archaic KJV for example, 1 Thessalonians 2:14 reads:

    “For yee, brethren, became followers of the Churches of God, which in Iudea are in Christ Iesus: for ye also haue suffered like things of your owne countreymen, euen as they haue of the Iewes:

    “Behold, I will make Ierusalem a cup of trembling vnto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Iudah and against Ierusalem.”

    I don’t know exactly when “I” became pronounced “J” in English usage when pronunciation shifted into the g-sound but it was certainly after the original KJV was published in 1611.

    For that matter, standardizing languages, pronunciations, and spellings seems to have begun solidifying with the printing press.

    For centuries in Latin script, which until the invention of the printing press was all handwritten, ‘I’ and ‘J’ were just two forms of the same letter ‘I’ used interchangeably and pronounced the same.

    Here’s the basic etymology of ‘Jew’. “Jews” existed in communities in numerous parts of the world long before the KJV was printed, only they were named per local linguistic variants or ‘cognates’. Jews, Ioudaioi, Judaeans, Yids, Zhids, are all cognates of each other, referring to the same people.

    In the Roman Empire, there wasn’t a province that didn’t have some portion of the Iudaean diaspora, either temporary Jewish merchant colonies or permanent Jewish communities in towns and neighborhood quarters in all of the urban centers of the empire. In Roman Egypt, there was still military settlements of Persian Jewish slave-soldiers from Babylonia garrisoned there during the Persian conquests, who were finally emancipated by one of the Hellenic Ptolemaid kings several centuries later.

    I’d have to look it up, but their emancipation may have been part of the deal that King Ptolemy Philadelphius made in the 3rd century BC with the High Priest of Jerusalem. King Ptolemy greatly desired to have the OT Hebrew Scripture, especially the 5 Books of Moses, translated into Greek both for his own growing library of Alexandria and so that his subjects, especially Hellenisti Jews who knew only Greek, could read and understand their ancestral Scripture in translation.

    In Babylonia, the Chaldean (Aramaic) name for the community of exilees from the land of Judah, now the Babylonian province of Yehud, was Yehuda’im. In Hebrew, sister tongue to Chaldean,a is ‘Yehud’im’.

    To the Romans and the Persians, they were Iudaeans because Jerusalem was the sole historical and religious capital of their natal ancestral land. At the time of first contact, it was the Hasmonean/Herodian Kingdom of Iudaea that established the first friendly relations with Rome.

    The modern English word “Jew” comes from a Medieval French translation of a verbally contracted pronunciation of the Latin word Iuda (Judah) when the ‘d’ sounded was elided, as happens when languages evolve.

    However, in the Germanic lands east of Francia, particularly in the region of Eastern Saxony, heartland of modern Germany and the later Lutheran Church, which gave birth to the 10th century glorious, but short, Ottonian Dynasty and the true First Reich of the Roman Empire of Germania (in dynastic and political union with Constantinople and the Roman Empire sharing the vision of restoring the Roman Empire of the Occident by uniting Germany, Italy, and other former Roman provinces) — pronunciation of Ioudia or Iudea (Judah) did not make the linguistic shift eliding the d-sound as it did under the influence of Norman French.

    That is the reason why today Germans still say and write “Jude,” “Juden”, “Judisch”, although the J is pronounced with a ‘y’ sound. English has ancient Teutonic, even Saxon, roots, but the development of the two languages diverged as historical geopolitical events played out. While the Eastern Saxons, kin to the Christian Anglo-Saxons, came under Charles I’s domination and rule in the late 8th century AD, they did not undergo the same sort of permanent occupation, colonization, and total replacement of the native aristocracy and nobility by the Franco-Normans that destroyed the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

    The 9th century Saxon-Ottonian dynasty died out in the early 11th century decades before the Norman Conquest of England, so the Roman Empire of Germania reverted back into the hands of the Carolingians, but Medieval French did not leave the imprint on the East Saxon tongue as happened with the Anglo-Saxons.

    ‘Jew’ then entered into Medieval English by way of Franco-Norman dialect after William the Bastard in 1066 led the Franco-Norman invasion of the British Isles and conquered the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom in that great catastrophe which resulted in decades of civil war as well.

    Even from pre-Christian times, the name of the land of Yehuda and the Yehudim has gone through intermediate transliterations of Iouda in Greek and Iuda in Latin, with a variant of Juda with J script at one time being stylistic equivalent to I, but pronounced the same.

    Yehudi passed into Koine Greek as Ioudaios, which is found in the Greek Septuagint, which was translated from Hebrew by Hellenisti Ioudaioi (“Hellenistic Jews”) in the 3rd century BC which lost the h sound of Yehudi (in Aramaic Y’hūdāi), and Latin as Iudaeus during the Roman era, which evolved into the Old French ‘giu’ after the letter “d” was dropped in French pronunciation and subsequently spelled without the “d”.

    A variety of related forms are found in early English from about the year 1000, including Iudea, Gyu, Giu, Iuu, Iuw, and Iew, which eventually developed into the modern word. The pronunciation of these forms all along had more of a “y” sound.

    Even today, in Serbo-Croatian, Jugoslavija is pronounced “Yugoslavia” for example, and the latter is how we reproduce it in English.

    From Latin and Greek sources the term Iouda- passed to other European languages.

    So, the Old French giu, earlier juieu, had elided (dropped) the letter “d” from the Latin Iudaeus. The Middle English word Jew derives from Old English where the word is attested as early as 1000 in various forms, such as Iudeas, Gyu, Giu, Iuu, Iuw, Iew. The Old English name is derived from Old French. The modern French term is “juif”.

    Most European languages have retained the letter “d” in the word for Jew. Etymological equivalents are in use in other languages, e.g., “Jude” in German, “judeu” in Portuguese, “jøde” in Danish and Norwegian, “judío” in Spanish, “jood” in Dutch, etc.

    In the Latinized Slavic languages such as Polish, there were variations of “Jew” which were Zhid, in Croatian Židov, in Czech Zid. In Judeo-German (Yiddish) the word for “Jew” is “Yid”.

    In some languages where Greek was the vehicle of administration, diplomacy and the missionary work of Eastern Orthodox Church during the Byzantine Roman Era, derivations of the word “Hebrew” are also in use to describe a Jew, e.g., Ebreo in Italian and Spanish, Ebri/Ebrani in Persian and Еврей, Yevrey in Russian, to name a few examples.

    Here’s a list of Jewish ethnonyms depending on where their communities were located.

    “An ethnonym is the name applied to a given ethnic group. Ethnonyms can be divided into two categories: exonyms (where the name of the ethnic group has been created by another group of people) and autonyms or endonyms (self-designation; where the name is created and used by the ethnic group itself).”

    The German word “Jude” is pronounced Yude, the ‘j’ like ‘y’ as in year, the corresponding adjective “jüdisch” (Jewish), and is cognate with the Yiddish word”Yid”.

    Later, as pronunciation evolved in fairly recent times, the J took on the typical English ‘g’ pronunciation of today that we are used to rather than the soft y-sound, which is why in English Yugoslavia is spelled with a Y instead of a J because of the differences pronouncing the ‘J’.

    The Britannica describes a Hebrew is any member of an ancient northern Semitic people that were the ancestors of the Jews.

    Biblical scholars use the term Hebrews to designate the descendants of the patriarchs of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)—i.e., Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (also called Israel [Genesis 33:28])—from that period until their conquest of Canaan (Palestine) in the late 2nd millennium BCE.

    Thenceforth these people are referred to as Israelites until their return from the Babylonian Exile in the late 6th century BCE, from which time on they became known as Yehudim, Ioudaioi, Judeans — “Iewes”.

    “Hebrew” is also considered derived from Eber, who was an ancestor of Abraham according to the genealogies.

    How did the archaic French word find its way into English? Not so incidentally, King William encouraged Frankish Jews to migrate to England. Jewish merchants and traders and the French word ‘Giu’ entered the British Isles for the first time shortly after 1066. Prior to that, the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons would have known them from Scripture as “Ioudaioi” or “Iudaean”.

    Although there may have been some Jewish presence in the Roman Britannia, there is no definitive evidence, and further, no reason to suppose that there was any Jewish community during Anglo-Saxon times.

    As such, Jews began to be associated with England and the British Isles later than with any other country of western Europe that received them in the Middle Ages.”Jew” is one of many variant spellings ultimately originating in the Hebrew word Yehudah, which then entered into Medieval English after the Franco-Norman invasion and conquest of England William the Bastard, who, by the way, first allowed Frankish Jews to come into England and take root back in 1066.

    The Frankish Jews, thanks to Charlemagne’s friendly treatment of Jews in his economic and financial policies, had a considerable monopoly as European slave traders, marketers, and middlemen between the vast, globe-spanning, overlapping Viking and Arab slave trade routes which combined trafficked slaves from the Baltic Sea through Africa all the way to China and India.

    Because of their privileged existence in most Christian, Muslim and Gentile nations as autonomous communities not subject to local laws and international connections with transnational Jewish communities, Jews were very involved in, and in places monopolized, the Eurasian and African trade routes.

    They were sometimes even granted concessions for their own, exclusive Jew-only slave trade routes by the various Christian and Muslim governments.

    In the continental possessions of William the Bastard, considerable Jewish communities were already to be found at Rouen, for example, they had been settled from about the year 1,000 at the latest.

    There was a very wealthy Frankish Jewish community in Rouen, descendants of King Charles I’s own special charges, the community of wealthy Jewish friends of the court, to whom Charles granted the Frankish slave-trading monopoly in Western Europe along with other concessions.

    He had plenty of court jews, and they served as his bankers and diplomats.

    In the Middle Ages, Rouen was the seat of the Exchequer of Normandy. It was one of the capitals of the Anglo-Norman dynasties, which ruled both England and large parts of modern France from the 11th to the 15th centuries.

    The first actual record of Jews in England appears in the 1070s.

    French became the high language of the English court and administration, while Latin remained the language of the Papist English Catholic Church as well as a legal language, and the French pronunciation of Iew passed into the vernacular English.

    And that is how ‘Iew’ finally came to be printed in the 1611 King James Bible, some 600 years after William, his Franco-Normans, and the Jews conquered the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom and Church.

  29. KathJuliane June 29, 2021 @ 6:07 pm

    The Scofield Bible: The Book That Made Zionists of America’s Evangelical Christians

    If Americans Knew

    June 29, 2021

    More than any other factor, it is Scofield’s notes that have induced generations of American evangelicals to believe that God demands their uncritical support for the modern State of Israel.

    There are indications that Zionist attorney Samuel Untermyer used Scofield, a Kansas City lawyer with no formal training in theology, to inject Zionist ideas into American Protestantism… Untermyer and other wealthy and influential Zionists whom he introduced to Scofield promoted and funded the latter’s career, including travel in Europe…

    By Maidhc Ó Cathail, reposted from the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

    Since it was first published in 1909, the Scofield Reference Bible has made uncompromising Zionists out of tens of millions of Americans. When John Hagee, the founder of Christians United for Israel (CUFI)*, said that “50 million evangelical bible-believing Christians unite with five million American Jews standing together on behalf of Israel,” it was the Scofield Bible that he was talking about.

    Although the Scofield Reference Bible contains the text of the King James Authorized Version, it is not the traditional Protestant Bible but Cyrus I. Scofield’s annotated commentary that is problematic.

    More than any other factor, it is Scofield’s notes that have induced generations of American evangelicals to believe that God demands their uncritical support for the modern State of Israel.


    Central to Christian Zionist belief is Scofield’s commentary (italicized below) on Genesis 12:3: “‘I will bless them that bless thee.’ In fulfillment closely related to the next clause, ‘And curse him that curseth thee.’ Wonderfully fulfilled in the history of the dispersion.

    It has invariably fared ill with the people who have persecuted the Jew—well with those who have protected him. The future will still more remarkably prove this principle.”

    Drawing on Scofield’s rather tendentious interpretation, Hagee claims, “The man or nation that lifts a voice or hand against Israel invites the wrath of God.”

    But as Stephen Sizer points out in his definitive critique, Christian Zionism: Road-map to Armageddon? : “The promise, when referring to Abraham’s descendants, speaks of God blessing them, not of entire nations ‘blessing’ the Hebrew nation, still less the contemporary and secular State of Israel.”

    Notwithstanding this more orthodox reading, The New Scofield Study Bible, published by Oxford University Press in 1984, intensified Scofield’s interpretation by adding, “For a nation to commit the sin of anti-Semitism brings inevitable judgement.”

    “Sustained by a dubious exegesis of selective biblical texts,” Sizer concludes, “Christian Zionism’s particular reading of history and contemporary events…sets Israel and the Jewish people apart from other peoples in the Middle East…it justifies the endemic racism intrinsic to Zionism, exacerbates tensions between Jews and Palestinians and undermines attempts to find a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, all because ‘the Bible tells them so.’”


    In his 2008 book, The Rise of Israel: A History of a Revolutionary State, Jonathan R. Adelman describes the crucial support Israel receives from Christian fundamentalists as “totally fortuitous.”

    That assertion is belied, however, by the incredible career of the man who wrote “the Bible of Fundamentalism.”

    Two years after Scofield’s reported conversion to Christianity in 1879, the Atchison Patriot was less than impressed.

    Describing the former Atchison resident as the “late lawyer, politician and shyster generally,” the article went on to recount a few of Scofield’s “many malicious acts.” These included a series of forgeries in St. Louis, for which he was sentenced to six months in jail.

    Being a “born again” preacher did not preclude Scofield from becoming a member of an exclusive New York men’s club in 1901, either.

    In his devastating biography, The Incredible Scofield and His Book, Joseph M. Canfield suggests, “The admission of Scofield to the Lotus Club, which could not have been sought by Scofield, strengthens the suspicion that has cropped up before, that someone was directing the career of C.I. Scofield.”


    That someone, Canfield suspects, was associated with one of the club’s committee members, the Wall Street lawyer Samuel Untermyer. As Canfield intimates, Scofield’s theology was “most helpful in getting Fundamentalist Christians to back the international interest in one of Untermyer’s pet projects—the Zionist Movement.”

    Others have been even more explicit about the nature of Scofield’s service to the Zionist agenda. In “Unjust War Theory: Christian Zionism and the Road to Jerusalem,” Prof. David W. Lutz writes, “Untermyer used Scofield, a Kansas City lawyer with no formal training in theology, to inject Zionist ideas into American Protestantism.

    Untermyer and other wealthy and influential Zionists whom he introduced to Scofield promoted and funded the latter’s career, including travel in Europe.”

    On one of these European trips, Oxford University Press publisher Henry Frowde “expressed immediate interest” in Scofield’s project. According to a biography of Frowde, although the OUP publisher was “[n]ot demonstrative in his religious views, all his Christian life he was associated with brethren known as ‘Exclusive.’”

    The “Exclusive Brethren” refers to the group of Christian evangelicals that, in an 1848 split in the Plymouth Brethren, followed John Nelson Darby, the Anglo-Irish missionary generally considered to have been the most influential figure in the development of Christian Zionism, and a major influence on Scofield.


    Had the Scofield Bible never been published, American presidents influenced by Christian Zionism such as Truman, Johnson, Reagan, and George W. Bush might have been less sympathetic to Israeli demands, and consequently more attentive to U.S. interests.

    Moreover, the American people could have been spared the pseudo-Christian rants of John Hagee, Pat Robertson, and the late Jerry Falwell, not to mention the lucrative End Times Rapture “prophecy” peddled by Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye.

    But it is the people of the Middle East who have been most affected by an expansionist Israel emboldened by the unswerving allegiance of Christian Zionists led to believe that Scofield’s words are God’s will.

    Not least among the many victims of the Scofield Bible are 5 million Palestinian refugees whose right to return is fervently opposed by America’s Zionized Christians.

    Thanks to their indoctrination by Scofield’s unholy book, they believe that Palestine belongs not to the Palestinians—many of whom are fellow Christians—but exclusively to “God’s chosen people.”

    [See also: The Truth about “Dr.” Cyrus Scofield – video]

    *[Editor’s note: Regarding Hagee’s Christians United for Israel, it is important to be aware that CUFI’s founding executive director, who led the organization for most of its life, was David Brog; in 2007, the Forward listed Brog in its “Forward 50” most influential Jews in America. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is Brog’s cousin.”

    Brog remains on CUFI’s executive board. The new co-executive director is Shari Dollinger, who had been associate director since 2007.

    Dollinger is a Jewish advocate for Israel who had previously been employed by the Israeli embassy and by AIPAC. It appears that she may be an Israeli citizen. A co-founder of CUFI was Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg.]

    Maidhc Ó Cathail wrote extensively on U.S. foreign policy and the Middle East. He was also the creator and editor of The Passionate Attachment blog, which focused primarily on the U.S.-Israeli relationship.


    A few more notes about Samuel Untermyer and his invention of Cyrus I Scofield, Protestant theologian, from

    [Quote] Samuel Untermyer had a lifelong interest in Zionism. He and the leaders of the Jewish Theological Seminary wanted to inject their beliefs into Christianity in America. But had they attempted to introduce their ideas into the dominant protestant culture of 1900, they would have been ignored.

    Subtlety was required, deception. They needed a front man, a protestant theologian of distinction through whom they could inject their beliefs gradually.

    Of course there was no one that met this description. He would have to be created. Through some shadowy network, perhaps through contacts of the Secret Six in Boston, Samuel Untermyer found such a man in Kansas.

    In 1901, through Untermyer’s influence, Scofield was admitted into a sophisticated men’s club in New York. The Lotus Club promoted social intercourse among friends of literature and fine arts.

    Joseph Canfield believes that the selection of Scofield for membership “strengthens the suspicion that someone was directing his career at this time.” 1

    Untermyer introduced Scofield to numerous Zionist and socialist leaders, including Samuel Gompers, Fiorello LaGuardia, Abraham Straus, Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff [collaterally related to the demonic, bug-eyed congressman, Adam Schiff, as part of the same clan].

    Scofield had a shady past, a criminal record, had just gotten out of jail and had never been to seminary. But this was no problem. With their control of the press, some public relations work and their international network he was quickly transformed into one of America’s leading theologians. [Unquote]

    Such an interesting list of Zionists and socialists that helped invent CI Scofield and his rotten Bible.

    I knew LaGuardia was a progressive Republican all of his life, a card carrying member of the Socialist Party of America as well as an Episcopalian and avid Zionist, what I didn’t know until I just peeked at his entry in Wikipedia just to see if something obscure popped up is that he is really Jewish.

    Some Zionist zealot in the Hasbara Division of the Israeli Ministry of Truth really wanted to claim LaGuardia was really one of the Tribe, noting in short but precise detail that not only was LaGuardia’s mother Jewish, she came from a prominent Italian Jewish family. And not just a mere Italian Jewish family, but a Cohenite Jewish family of rabbinic mystics and kabbalists.

    I just love it when Jews tell on themselves. From Wikipedia:

    La Guardia was born in Greenwich Village, New York City on December 12, 1882. His father, Achille La Guardia, was a Catholic native of Cerignola, Italy.

    His mother, Irene Luzzatto Coen, was a Jewish native of Trieste, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; his maternal grandmother Fiorina (Luzzatto) Coen was a Luzzatto, a member of the prestigious Italian-Jewish family of scholars, kabbalists, and poets and had among her ancestors the famous rabbi Samuel David Luzzatto.

    La Guardia’s parents met and married in Trieste.

    Fiorello, born of a mixed Catholic-Jewish marriage, was raised an Episcopalian and practiced that religion all his life. His middle name “Enrico” was anglicized to “Henry” when he was a child. [End quote]

    How Jewish was LaGuardia?

    He spoke Yiddish fluently. From San Diego News Desk:

    [Quote] His law practice was centered on representing immigrant workers in the garment industry. Although he never made much money, he made friends and gained a reputation on the Lower East Side [The garment industry wasn’t controlled by Italians, but by the Jewish Mafia-Kj].

    La Guardia turned his attention to politics and he joined the Republican Party. His first run for the US Congress in 1914 was unsuccessful, but his effort was sufficiently impressive that he was named Deputy Attorney General for the State of New York the following year.

    In 1916, he ran again against a Tammany-backed incumbent. He campaigned speaking to crowds in Yiddish, Italian, and Serbo-Croatian. He was narrowly elected to the US Congress and initiated his political career.

    His congressional career was paused briefly with the start of WWI when he joined the war effort as a pilot. In 1919, he was elected to the New York City Board of Alderman. He ran for Mayor in 1921, but was defeated in the primary.

    In 1922, his bid to return to Congress was challenged by a Tammany-backed Jewish candidate. He was billed as an anti-Semite and “Jew-hater”. He was urged by his campaign to announce publicly that his mother was Jewish. He declined but challenged his opponent to a debate in Yiddish. His opponent declined and LaGuardia won his race.” [Unquote]

    LaGuardia is revered by many Israeli Jews for his very strong support for Zionism that he demonstrated during his terms as New York mayor between 1934 and 1945.

    LaGuardia was integral to the Invention of Cyrus I Scofield Project and his corruption of the Holy Bible with rotten footnotes, being one of the circle of Jews who helped finance Scofield’s research trips to Oxford and arranged the publication and distribution of his wicked Concordance.

    The Scofield Bible is a Jewish invention through and through, no doubt actually created in Untermyer’s Jewish Theological Seminary.

  30. The Ghost of Freedom June 29, 2021 @ 6:29 pm

    “So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” Rev 17:3-5

    Amerika 2021?

    Armageddon is dead ahead.

  31. B June 29, 2021 @ 7:19 pm

    As I was watching the PBS program “Keeping Up Appearances – Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket” ( because everything else on TV was worse), I noticed that this ridiculous comedy show had ridiculous comedy scenes within the Christian Church.

    I wonder if these Christian Church scenes were intentionally negative directed propaganda against the Church, similar to that which is observed also on Saturday Night Live occasionally.

  32. Fernando July 1, 2021 @ 9:12 pm

    KathJuliane, you do great research.

    Thanks a lot, KJ and +BN.

  33. Joseph Hilou July 6, 2021 @ 2:58 pm

    I don’t see you on!

  34. David Cutter July 12, 2021 @ 8:49 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!” No testimony without a test.

    Your story about Mrs Schecter reminded me of my kindergarten teacher, Ms. Shouse who taught us 5-year-olds all about Chanukah and how to make a dreidel. We even learned the song about “dreidel dreidel dreidel,” I made it out of clay.

    The year was 1954 in Van Nuys, California and instead of celebrating Christmas, we were all learning how to make six-pointed star cards and decorating our dreidels, and singing that one song I still remember.

    Apparently, it was sanctioned as a chosen curriculum for us kindergartners. I’ve since talked to ‘kids’ from other schools in L.A. County, and some remember it at their elementary schools, too.

    I had the feeling Ms. Shouse didn’t like me very much. Once she ridiculed me in front of the rest of the class and made them laugh at her poem about my last name that rhymed with butter, gutter and stutter, David Cutter. It seemed then like a mean thing to do, and still does. It was probably the first time a ‘grown up’ had done such thing to me so it came as something of a shock.

    Ms. Shouse was intimidating in her two piece suits with padded shoulders, and fierce eyes, thick glasses and dark features like a man.

    Years later when thinking it all over with the help of 20/20 hindsight, it occurred to me that all through grade school half of my classmates were Jewish.

    I never thought of them as any different than me. We were all just kids growing up during the wonder years in the San Fernando Valley.

    Best wishes. peace.

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