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Requiem For The Republic

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Requiem For The Republic
May 12 2021

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Brother Nathanael @ May 12, 2021


  1. Brother Nathanael May 12, 2021 @ 1:27 pm


    Requiem For The Republic

    Our ruined Republic is flush with laws, the Constitution included, even if ignored.

    As Revilo Oliver opined, a law, however desirable and fair, if not enforced is empty theory.

    The weight of any law depends not on swooning over the “spirit of ‘76″ but on an effective force that prevents or punishes its abuse.

    Our Supreme Court—packed with Jews and booksellers like Barrett who court Jewish publishing houses for their own largess—will always place expediency above legality to please their Jewish masters.

    Our election process—so necessary for that ‘triumphant restoration’ of our conked out Republic’—is also a clung-to American tradition.

    But democracy is an auction awarded to the highest bidder.

    And that’s how big money Jews like Bloomberg and Katzenberg, Zuckerberg and Soros, put this goon into service. [Clip]

    [”We’re working with major businesses, like grocery stores, to provide special deals like discounts to shoppers who come to their stores to get vaccinated. The — and it works both ways. Bring them in to get vaccinated, but when they’re in, they will get discounts to purchase goods in that store. Further, we’re working with major sports leagues to launch special promotions for their fans — things like ticket giveaways, in-stadium vaccination programs, discounts on merchandise, and other creative ways to make it easier and more fun to get vaccinated. Now, I’m making it sound more fun to get vaccinated, but it doesn’t hurt to be vaccinated. I’m not saying it’s fun, but they’ll be able to have other things available to them besides being protected from the virus. Let me repeat: We’re going to make it easier than ever to get vaccinated. Visit vaccines.gum—.gov—vaccines.gum “]

    Well, yea.

    “Vaccines.gum” is how Jews keep a shill under their thumb.

    And what hack that doesn’t suck up to Jews stays in office?

    Well, upon occasion a Ron Paul or a Paul Findley may appear with the balls to tell American boobs they might have some interests—maybe a few— other than Jewish ones.

    But soon they become “racists” or “haters of Israel,” and American boobs lose another chance to ‘patch up’ their beloved Republic.

    Yes, we can have a Constitutional Convention and invent all kinds of restorations such as ‘Balanced Budget Amendments’ or ‘Election Fraud Prevention.’

    Yet the Jew-Stream-Media will smear these reasonable exertions as “White Supremacist” policies, and American boobs get dunked into Jewish piss once again.

    With thirty eight states needed to ratify any new amendment do you really think Jews who control every single legislature will allow ‘amendments’ to weaken their power?

    But there might be some way out of this since firing squads are permissible now in some states.

    This lays a panorama of putting hacks on trial for treason and treating them to this rejuvenated means of capital punishment.

    Jews that trash the Second Amendment—like Schumer, Blumenthal, Feinstein, Cohen, and Schitt—can be charged with sedition, and instead of the chair can be sent to this open air firing affair.

    They that live by obliterating guns can be eliminated by the overruns.

    Yet successive numbers of Jews would replace their treasonous predecessors and the punitive remedy will only terminate in exasperation.

    Stay on deck of the Republic’s ship—hoping to cast your vote into safe harbor—you’ll snort water in a sinking boat.

    Keep voting, legislating, and adjudicating your way out of this?

    You won’t even go down swinging.

    For we wrestle not against nerves and arteries, but against demons and curs in Washington DC.

    Rather than soil our hands with Jewish stench we prep instead for the next secession.

    This time we make sure it works.

  2. Brother Nathanael May 12, 2021 @ 1:28 pm

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    (LiveLeak no longer exists)

  3. Brother Nathanael May 12, 2021 @ 1:29 pm

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  4. Brother Nathanael May 12, 2021 @ 1:58 pm


    Due to the countless BANS including the latest BAN from Jeff Rense, my donations have plummeted to all time lows.

    I am on the brink of bankruptcy. Please help!


    Mail: Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 547, Priest River ID 83856

    Blessings To All! +bn

  5. Cornelius May 12, 2021 @ 2:36 pm

    Years ago I warned that voting was useless, but you have to think about the next step.

    It was protesting in the streets. But that opportunity is long gone. The stage we are in now is the stage of civil disobedience.

    Practical advice for this stage include:

    1. Going to church

    2. Walking through the airport with your nose above your mask

    3. Having a gathering at your private residence

    I’m sure most Americans are not up to this and I realize it takes a lot of courage, but if you try, you will see it is not that hard, but for goodness sake, don’t ever vote in a presidential election again.

    Most of you voters will vote again though, because a dog returns to its own vomit.

  6. Ft. Nolan May 12, 2021 @ 3:43 pm

    Why so many incentives to get vaxxed?

    Will the “rewards” get pumped up to where a new car or a million dollars will be given to anyone who takes the jab?

    Imagine the reaction from those who voluntarily allowed themselves to receive the jab without any compensation whatsoever. A new story emerges, “The CDC Who Cried Wolf…”

    Why does Mozart’s “Requiem” with its “Dies Irae” come to mind with this?

    From “I, Claudius,” there’s a line where Antonia tells Claudius, “No one cares about the Republic.” Unfortunately, that seems to be the case in this country.

  7. Zampan0 May 12, 2021 @ 4:37 pm

    Fauci lied under oath when Senator Paul questioned him about being involved with gain of function.

    If nothing is done about his perjury, the U.S. really is over, with laws being enforced only for poor people and or “dissidents”.
    See –

  8. Outsider May 12, 2021 @ 5:54 pm

    Was there ever any doubt that covid-19 vaccination would take place repeatedly for the rest of one’s life? One’s life undoubtedly shortened by said repeatedly vaccination.

    Pfizer CEO said people will likely need a THIRD DOSE of a covid-19 vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated. He also said it’s possible people will need to get vaccinated against the coronavirus ANNUALLY. If that’s not a “warning” about repeatedly vaccination, I don’t what is!

    Predictably, it will then be twice a year, then every season, then as frequently as the brainwashed sheep will keep on rolling up their sleeves.

    All these incentives to incite people to get vaccinated is not about the pseudo covid-19 virus per se but to condition them to be vaccinated repeatedly, to make it a normal fact of life to get a vax over and over again.

    And to think that some sheep are worried about the side effects. These are nothing compared to the programmed not so long term damages. It’s not just about Big Pharma making tons of profits, it’s also about guiding the sheep to the slaughterhouse.

  9. benzion kook May 12, 2021 @ 9:17 pm

    There’s no coYID flu.

    It’s all a plandemic jew fraud to mutate your DNA and thus 2 or 3 generations later exterminate you.

    “We’re rewriting your genetic code” – Tal Zaks, CMO of Israeli drug company Moderna that developed the mutating mRNA vectors that you are constantly told on the jew tube to inject in your and your children’s bloodstream.

    Only “disease,” manufactured or otherwise, to require this.

    All based on lies from the usual suspect, like everything else on Talmudvision and in the rest of the jew-owned mass media. Most of the fools have no concept.

    Live injection free or die.

  10. The Englishman May 13, 2021 @ 2:33 am

    Requiem too for the confiscated State of Palestine.

    Now is the urgency for the one Nation capable of settling this score. I’m talking of the military power responsible for the slaughter at Gallipoli.

    Your “brothers” children are yet again being slaughtered, Erdogan. Make good your threats teach this Rock’s Rats a lesson their children’s children will never forget.

    Die Recep (as you likely would) for a cause worth dying for, think, you’d be the Greatest Sultan of them all!

  11. Joe Cortina May 13, 2021 @ 7:34 am

    Nathanael, you are beginning to sound more and more like me, which means you will be completely ignored by the unwashed uneducated masses.

    We are greedy Godless racist robots whose feeble gestures at patriotism always lean towards being irresponsible and or hypocrites.

    We have become ‘sundy Christians who care not to imitate His or follow His teachings, but at best to tolerate Him.

    A demon whom we freely elected to the highest position in our ‘justice system is given saint like accolades for having brutally murdered over TWENTY MILLION INNOCENT DEFENSELESS HUMAN BABIES!

    We have a military that has SWORN to MURDER ENTIRE AMERICAN FAMILIES if only ordered to do so. Their unforgivable crime? defending their OWN CONSTITUTION!

    In the well over a HUNDRED wars we have engaged in since our victory form the stinking Godless parasite British. Only ONE war was actually provoked and it was once again against British scum.

    Our entertainment for our families is now so putrid that all out ‘classic’ porn would seem like a moral improvement.

    Our medical system, private and Govt sponsored for military, is corrupt degenerate and disgraceful.

    Our Govt is a world class model of corruption. We are either feared or hated by most of the world for our war mongering and imperialism. I have witnessed this from PERSONAL experience to many foreign nations.

    Only AmeriKA and AmeriKans could turn an evil like ‘legitimate’ slavery and turn it into a even worse situation of endless violence and insane demands.

    Our law enforcement apparatus from local sheriff to the FBI to the CIA is corrupt to the core.

    A dollar of the pathetic monopoly money has been devalued by our jew masters to the point where it is now worth 5 CENTS of its original worth – in my OWN lifetime!

    Our education system is the laughing stock of the civilized educated world. It is SO failed that it is STATISTICALLY rated FAR FAR below the literacy rating of a tiny banana Republic like Costa Rica.

    Our nation is dying right before our eyes and ALL that most ‘merkan morons can think of is their Stupid Bowl NFL children’s diversions.

    We will have NOBODY TO blame at the end but our OWN delusional cowardice and hypocrisy. Jews thrive in that environment.

  12. Brother Nathanael May 13, 2021 @ 9:11 am


    Due to the MANY BANS including the latest BAN from Jeff Rense, my donations have plummeted to all time lows.

    I am on the brink of bankruptcy. Please help!


    Mail: Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 547, Priest River ID 83856

    Blessings To All! +bn

  13. AJ May 13, 2021 @ 11:51 am

    God smacked America, including Trump and many of most of his supporters, for America’s one-sided policy in favor of IsraHell.

    I also mentioned at one time last year that Trump may lose the election because of it. Americans think the World revolves around them and their own interests.

    It’s frustrating too, that even good Leaders like Putin are too squeamish to criticize publicly anything Israel does. It’s time to wipe away Israel as a nation for good.

    Readers here should make an appeal to Jeff Rense. All of this needless division among people is dumb. I think graphic depictions though should be reserved for things like murder and oppression, which ignorant people need to see with their own eyes.

  14. Brother Nathanael May 13, 2021 @ 12:45 pm


    Thank you for your insights here and your FAITHFUL support of my work.

    AGREE with you completely on IsraHell: WIPE IT OFF the face of the earth. It is the cause of ALL world unrest since 1920.

    As for Jeff Rense, I am done with him. He said some very nasty things to me over the issue of showing transgender surgeries.

    No turning back, STRAIGHT AHEAD for me. +bn

  15. KathJuliane May 13, 2021 @ 3:57 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thank you for yet another powerful, if heartbreaking Video. I have to agree, the constitutional American Republic of the Founding Fathers is dead.

    The myth of Mighty Israhell’s invincibility is no more, although they’ll still be good at genocide.

    Gaza has punched holes and revealed weak spots in Israhell’s defenses, primary of which is the leakiness of Iron Dome.

    Palestinian resistance can now target every colonist in the land, by one means or another.

    The “gamechanger” is the fact that among the “Arab Israelis”, young Palestinian Israeli citizens trapped inside territorial Israel in 1948 who remained behind after the 1948 expulsions, have, for the first time in 73 years, started a protest, civil disobedience and mass resistance movement breaking out in the joint Arab-Jewish cities and towns in solidarity with the Palestinian Jerusalemites defending Al Aqsa Mosque and protesting home evictions in East Jerusalem.

    The movement is popularly named FreePalestine48 expressing national identification and solidarity with Gaza, West Bank, and Palestinian Jerusalem.

    FreePalestine48 protests have spread, and today were planned in at least 40 cities.

    Eva Bartlett, below, Canadian activist and journalist, with extensive experience from living in Gaza 2008-2013, was in Gaza when the disgusting Jews abominably attacked Gaza during the horrific 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead.

    Leith Marouf touches on some of the military game changes for the region and the Axis of Resistance in Western Asia initiated by Hamas and the Palestinian Joint Command in Gaza.

    Trump should never have murdered General Soleimani for Israel. He did so with the help of the Jews, after they kept pushing for him to do so. The Jews also had assistance from their puppets and assets — “several Kurdish agents on the ground at the Iraqi airport where the assassination took place had key roles.”

    Israel has very old and close ties to Iraqi Kurdistan and the Barzani clan:

    Israel helped US track Qasem Soleimani using cell phone – report

    “The Israelis, who had access to Soleimani’s numbers, passed them off to the Americans, who traced Soleimani and his current phone to Baghdad.”

    Jerusalem Post

    Israel gave the US access to multiple cellphone numbers for former top Iranian official Qasem Soleimani to help enable his assassination in January 2020, Yahoo News reported on Saturday night. Soleimani was the former Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force chief.

    The Jerusalem Post has previously reported that Israel’s role in the assassination was far greater than had been revealed.

    For example, according to foreign reports, Israel was instrumental in keeping the idea of removing Soleimani as an option despite resistance by some of the US defense establishment. Internal US debates are described in the Yahoo article.


    But Trump should never have dishonorably blown General Soleimani away for another reason or three.

    General Soleimani and the regional Quds Forces were all fighting on the side of the US against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, with the full knowledge and approval of Jewmerica.

    Soleimani’s murder occurred while on a diplomatic mission as an official envoy from Iran to Saudi Arabia, to meet in Baghdad, was doing backdoor groundwork for peace talks between Iran and the Saudi kingdom.

    Soleimani was personally invited by the Iraqi Prime Minister to meet with Saudi diplomats in Baghdad, a diplomatically neutral spot.

    His assassination reenergized the Axis of Resistance to the Anglo-Zionist empire in Western Asia, where Soleimani was a beloved figure sometimes now called “the Commander of Hearts”.

    The murder of this heroic warrior, general, and diplomat, beloved by a wide number of Muslims (and otherwise) has narrowed their focus and intensified their concentration to militarily exacting revenge for his murder, the ultimate revenge being the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem.

    And, Trump’s assassination of Soleimani not only made him a shahid, a martyr for all Muslims, it exposed America’s weaknesses in the Middle East and Central Asia for all to see.

    On January 6, 2021, Hamas declared General Soleimani as shahid of Jerusalem.


    Eva Bartlett – In Gaza

    Laith Marouf on Palestinian legitimate Resistance to Israeli occupation & to the bombardment of Gaza

    I spoke with Beirut-based geo-political analyst and media policy and law consultant, Laith Marouf, about Israel’s current indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, the events preceding this latest assault, and the remarkable new capabilities of Palestinian resistance in justly & legally resisting their occupier.

  16. KathJuliane May 13, 2021 @ 5:40 pm

    Dear Cornelius,

    May I suggest a #4 to your list?

    [Quote] Years ago I warned that voting was useless, but you have to think about the next step.

    It was protesting in the streets. But that opportunity is long gone. The stage we are in now is the stage of civil disobedience.

    Practical advice for this stage include:

    1. Going to church

    2. Walking through the airport with your nose above your mask

    3. Having a gathering at your private residence [Unquote]

    4. **Start offering a handshake to everyone you meet.

    Some will be put off, and maybe get angry. But it will also help some shake off the spell they’re under. When you offer your hand in friendship, they’ll begin to think, “Why not?”

    It doesn’t invade a person’s personal space, a handshake is still offered in a psychological safe space, and a person can chose to respond to a handshake invitation with his own hand.

    Offering a hand for a shake will help close the mental “social distancing” (physical distancing) thing without being invasive.

    A good handshake will break the stupid “elbow bump” crap.

  17. Ed jones May 13, 2021 @ 10:30 pm

    Brother Nat,

    Secession is definitely the only likely way to save any part of our nation, people, and way of life.

    It sucks Rense cracked on you.

    However, its just proof you’re on the right track when Satan can even turn your friends against you.

    Keep up the good work. God will provide.

  18. KathJuliane May 14, 2021 @ 1:08 am

    Dr. Peter McCullough on Tucker Carlson: Not an Error of Omission!

    America Out Loud

    by Dr. Peter McCullough | May 13, 2021

    On Friday, May 7, 2021, Dr. Peter McCullough from The McCullough Report appeared on FOX NEWS with a segment on FoxNation with Tucker Carlson with some news on early treatment for COVID-19 and practical use of the COVID-19 vaccine.

    This was followed by a full-length show on FoxNation on May 8, 2021, with Carlson, which was explosive, to say the least. Carlson said on several occasions, “’re blowing my mind…” and “I didn’t expect this interview.” Why was Carlson so surprised with what he heard?

    It was because he was breaking through an invisible media barrier on early treatment for COVID-19.

    McCullough told him the story of maverick doctors who used their ingenuity to find drugs with signals of benefit and acceptable safety and attempted to help COVID-19 patients with medical regimens.

    High-risk patients over age 50 with medical problems when treated with a combination of nutraceuticals, intracellular antiinfectives, immune modulators (steroids, colchicine), and blood thinners had an 85% reduction in hospitalization and death compared to expected values.

    While large-scale multidrug trials are years away, McCullough and his colleagues felt they could not wait and went against the prevailing orthodoxy of therapeutic nihilism.

    They showed patients compassion and could not morally, ethically, or legally deny their high-risk patients the care they deserved. What blew away Carlson is that many doctors were not like Dr. McCullough; many had denied their COVID-19 patients early care.

    Leading academic medical centers never developed outpatient treatment protocols. Instead, they played defense and waited for patients to come into the emergency room on their last gasp and then become hospitalized, slammed into isolation, and in many cases succumbing to death after many days or weeks into the hospitalization.

    Going forward, McCullough said we need to play offense, that is, treating the viral infection early and playing defense with strategic use of vaccines. But it is clear; we cannot win the war against COVID-19 playing on just one side of the ball.

    Must see:

  19. Eric May 14, 2021 @ 1:25 am

    Those interested in secession should read “The Turner Diaries” and “The Brigade” to get a realistic picture of what that might look like.

    In the meantime, it’s worth remembering that (no thanks to Abraham Lincoln) individual states still have SOME independence from the federal government. There is a large and growing movement in conservative states to informally “secede” via nullification (also known as the doctrine of lesser magistrates).

    Some examples: Utah and Arkansas are refusing to allow enforcement of executive orders issued by the President they deem to be unconstitutional or unlawful.

    On gun control, Tennessee has passed a constitutional carry law. In Kansas, the age for concealed carry has been lowered to 18. Louisiana has banned enforcement of any new federal gun control. So has Montana.

    Maryland is stopping police from using military equipment. Utah has banned warrantless collection of electronic data. Arkansas has exempted gold and silver bullion and coins from sales tax.

    Arizona and Utah now require a criminal conviction before assets can be seized. Alabama has gotten out of the business of issuing marriage licenses. Montana has passed an election integrity bill. All of this legislation is brand new.

    20 Republican governors are refusing to accept illegal alien children into state-run foster care and group homes. Idaho, Oklahoma and Arkansas have banned critical race theory in public schools and colleges.

    I’ve only mentioned bills that have been signed into law. There are many more coming down the pike. Of course, some red states were already in pretty good shape before nullification picked up steam after the “electoral defeat” of Donald Trump (Trump wasn’t doing much for us anyway, in my opinion).

    I mention all of this because I think people are too fixated on Washington, DC., (where they have almost no influence) and are not paying enough attention to what’s going on in their own backyards.

    I agree elections and politics as usual are not going to save us in the long run. But a strong, grassroots nullification movement will show us the lay of the land — where our friends are, and the most promising areas of the country for secession to take place.

    In the meantime, I understand you can both hang and nullify a jury. I’ve hung a jury (being the only one to vote not to convict; it was fun). Nullifying a jury means you vote “not guilty” or “not liable” because you disagree with a law or the way someone is being treated by the (in)justice system.

    Use the power you have. Join a “non-woke” church. Establish a support network. Don’t advertise what you’re doing, turning yourself into a target. Just do it. And consider moving to a county where the sheriff respects the Constitution. Or run for sheriff yourself.

  20. Cornelius May 14, 2021 @ 3:01 pm


    You are right. It should have been #1.

    Offering a handshake also works as a wake up call and it is an act of civil disobedience.

  21. ORANGE MAN BAD, JEWISH SPACE LASER GOOD. May 14, 2021 @ 7:24 pm

    American boobs dunked again in Jewish piss – sounds like something they’d do in Boston.

    NSA/Orthodox Jew mind control is being used to force Christian white males into anti-Semitic thinking against their will – and there’s no way to defend against that influence.

    So, actually, the only people that ‘hate’ Israel are the ones that Israel wants to have hate it – others don’t care, or support it. Sent

    (I don’t know why they do that, they get the funding either way.)

  22. ORANGE MAN BAD, JEWISH SPACE LASER GOOD. May 14, 2021 @ 7:35 pm

    Here’s what happens if you refuse the vax: go ahead! Screw up your courage, raise your voice to the sky, and ball-up your fists defiantly!

    The knowing Jew will just smile.

    Later, when you are tired, and all the fanfare and ruckus has died down, you’ll feel a sharp nip, and exclaim, “Ouch!”

    A mosquito or spider will bite you; payload delivered; game over, yob!

    The House always wins, my friends, the house always wins.

  23. benzion kook May 14, 2021 @ 8:17 pm

    CIA Novosti?

    Mossad agent Natalya Kaspersky, founder of security software outfit Kaspersky Labs, among those behind the supposed “Dark Side” gas pipe extortion shutdown.

    Says it “was the CIA.”

  24. Steve May 15, 2021 @ 4:12 am

    How the British Invented Color Revolutions

  25. KC May 15, 2021 @ 6:48 am

    I can’t stomach seeing how Israel is destroying buildings and lives.


  26. Pierre May 15, 2021 @ 3:26 pm

    Now that the false Israelites have blown up the media towers in what is left of Palestine, they will transmit hard core porn 24/7 as they did in Ramalla (as told frequently by E Michael Jones).

    Part of the demoralisation that Soviet whistleblower Yuri Brezymenov talked about with G Edward Griffin in the 80’s (it’s there on Bitchute).

    And do people think that the sacrifices they want, if they get their third temple, will be cute little animals and not humans for the VIP services?

  27. Sheldon Amaice May 15, 2021 @ 4:14 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    I have totally had it with the right wing Israelis and the Left wing Jews in this Country. The arrogance of these people. They form less than 1% of the adult population in America, but try to suppress us at every turn.

    Why do the Churches say NOTHING?

    Cultural Marxism, pornography, filth in Hollywood, horrible Sex Ed in grammar schools, trying to suppress home schooling.

    Calling Christians National Supremacists, trying to stack the courts, fire bombing and tear-gassing of sacred mosques, killing children in Gaza, flattening the AP building in Gaza, open borders, etc. etc.

    It’s all about POWER AND CONTROL. GOD HELP US!

  28. KathJuliane May 15, 2021 @ 5:57 pm

    The operations being carried out by the Joint Operation Room of Palestinian Resistance Factions (Palestinian Resistance) spearheaded by Hamas’ armed wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, as well as popular resistance in the Occupied Palestinian Territories as well as inside the “borders” of Israhell itself, is hitting the Jews right where it hurts.

    In the shekels.

    Besides showing how leaky Iron Dome is, and completely shutting down Israhell’s airspace with their new missile capacities, the unified Palestinian Resistance composed of several partisan resistance militias has relentlessly been showering down rockets and missiles to various regions of Israhell targeted at will, even to the point of declaring when they will lift their “curfews” in the targeted areas (when Jews need to scramble for the bomb shelters, scuttling like screaming cockroaches) for a certain amount of time, and when they will impose the curfew again.

    I personally think that Palestinian Resistance lets the Jews have these breaks in the bombardment so they’ll go outside and snap videos and pics of the damage for social media, and that’s how Hamas keeps track.

    This time, they’ve completely surprised the Jews, and IDF command admitted it. They greatly underestimated the Palestinian Resistance’s capacities and tactical strategies, much greater degree of accuracy and precision than ever before, and the depth of operations they are pushing, and pushing hard, causing Israehell some real pain.

    Right in the shekels.

    Palestinian Resistance and Hamas in particular, have even exceeded the Axis of Resistance’s expections in this latest operation launched code named “Sword of Jerusalem”, earning praise from Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.

    Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh threatens to step up “Sword of Jerusalem” at any time warning that “if Israel wants to escalate, we are ready for it”. He also called for a 3rd “Shaking Off” (Intifada), an uprising of Palestinians inside of Israhell itself.

    Al Qassam Brigades announced a couple of days ago that it has started using new local-made weapons in its battle against the Israeli occupation.

    They stated they had used their Ayyash 250 rocket with ranges of 220 km to shell Ramon airport, which is located 220 km away from Gaza in southern Israel near the port and very popular resort city of Eilat, on the Gulf of Aqaba.

    The statement added that all Israeli airports and every single spot in Palestine in reachable.

    Al Qassam also announced that it used local made Shehab suicide drones to target an Israeli gas platform off the coast of northern Gaza on Wednesday and Israeli occupation forces on Gaza borders on Thursday.

    Inside Israel, the mixed Jewish-Arab cities and towns are nearly all experiencing protests, the Arabs are defending against roving armed settler and paid Jewish “special police” contractor mobs, and conditions are approaching civil unrest close to civil war.

    Palestinian neighborhood self-defense groups are forming to battle these thugs, and the armed wings of the longstanding Palestinian political parties are growing exponentially.

    The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, armed wing of the Fatah party in the West Bank, has declared Nablus in the West Bank completely off limits to Zionists.

    From social media videos, it looked like a whole lot of new militia members joined up to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, publicly taking their oaths, and carrying arms.

    Oh, and there are thousands of unarmed (so far) Lebanese and Lebanese Palestinian refugee protesters at the northern border who have been scaling the wall and knocking out IDF’s electronic surveillance, hoisting the Palestinian flag; and thousands more unarmed Jordanians and Jordanian Palestinian protesters marching into the Jordan Valley, attempting to breach the border to the West Bank oPT, and march right on to Jerusalem (Al Quds).

    That’s why the Jews are so furious with Gaza now.

    And did I say it’s because Hamas hit them right in the shekels?

    Does anyone know how painful that is to a Jew?

    And one other thing why Jews are so furious at Hamas. Not long ago, Hamas declared General Qassem Soleimani, head of the Quds (Jerusalem) Force of the IRGC, a shahid (martyr) of Jerusalem, which makes Soleimani a great martyr of the entire Axis of Resistance.

    As it turns out, Trump blew Soleimani away under pressure from Israel against the advice of some generals in the Pentagon.

    You can guess who the Likud West conduits were, probably Jarvanka.

    Anyway, Palestine Resistance’s operation Sword of Jerusalem is being conducted in the name and honor of General Soleimani, who spent considerable time and effort helping the Resistance build their military capacities.

    A translation from Arabic Al Manar in Lebanon by Middle East Observer


    Israel suffering huge economic losses from ongoing conflict: Report


    A short report by Al-Manar TV on the economic, financial and material losses suffered so far by Israel as a result of the latest fighting and confrontations with the Palestinians.

    Source: Al-Manar TV (website)

    Date: May 14, 2021



    Israeli occupation suffering great losses in “Sword of al-Quds” Battle

    May 14, 2021

    Operation “Sword of al-Quds” has inflicted grave economic and financial losses on the Israeli occupation.

    This is besides the Israeli fear of an intifada (uprising) by Palestinians living in the occupied territories, (who have being carrying out acts of popular resistance) that have paralyzed the economic cycle in the (1948 occupied) territories.

    Has the operation laid waste to the Zionist entity’s dream of becoming the financial center of the Mediterranean coastline?

    Over the past five years, the Zionists have been attempting to turn Tel Aviv into the hub of the Middle East following the recent discovery of oil in the Mediterranean.

    However, the Palestinian resistance’s strikes, its game-changing surprises, and its targeting of the occupation’s capital and its critical facilities (during the latest fighting) have complicated the matter further.

    The economic losses incurred by the Zionist entity since the first day of operation “Sword of al-Quds” (as of May 14th 2021) are:

    28% losses in the Tel Aviv stock market

    26% of factories have completely shut down in the area around the Gaza strip, and 17% have partially suspended operations in the rest of the occupied territories.

    More than 2,800 houses in the cities and settlements have been directly damaged.

    The total cost of the military operation against Gaza has exceeded $250 million so far, averaging $50 million/day.

    The operating cost of the Iron Dome has gone upwards of $60 million so far.

    Flights have been shut down at the (Israeli) entity’s Ben Gurion and Ramon airports.

    70% of schools and universities have closed throughout the occupied territories.

    Economic activity has been paralyzed within territories witnessing a Palestinian Intifada in support of Gaza and al-Quds.

    Furthermore, Zionist economic experts have stated that the continuation of the war will necessitate a transfer of emergency funds to the War Ministry, which comes at the expense of the budgets that were supposed to be used for private civilian needs.

    This comes amidst the economic impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the (Israeli) entity, further complicating issues amid rising fears of the effect this might have on foreign investments in the occupied territories, which could very well lead to their cancellation.

  29. KathJuliane May 15, 2021 @ 7:41 pm

    Lebanese News and Updates, a single person Twitter account, is doing a great job of keeping live updates going gleaned from social media of Sword of Jerusalem, conditions in Gaza and keeping track of the heavy toll in innocent lives and casualties caused by the Jews’ military terror operation, other events of the Palestinian Resistance, and conditions for Palestinians inside Israel itself, including the roaming lynch mobs of armed settlers and contract special police hunting down Arabs.

    “Local Lebanese news with occasional news from MENA.”

    “Israel is a cancerous entity, destined to recede.”

    They’ve taken a break for a few hours, but will be back.

  30. KathJuliane May 15, 2021 @ 8:32 pm

    New York Times headline read:

    Gaza Militants Fire Rockets at Jerusalem; Israel Responds With Airstrikes

    When you skip all 9 preceding events and start reporting from the 10th, it might look that Palestinians are the ones to blame, Grey Lady, but it’s worth the effort to examine the full story.

    Let alone, Zionist stole Palestinian lands, which by itself justifies any act from Palestinians to restore their lands by all means possible.

    1. For the past 65 years, Palestinian families live in Sheikh Jarrah.

    2. For the same past few years, Israeli settlers steal homes by whatever means, in Jerusalem usually through the courts, against international law.

    3. February 21, Israeli court rejects Palestinian appeals against eviction.

    4. In March and April, Palestinians protest the evictions peacefully, but settlers bully them.

    5. On April 9, Israeli authorities attack protesters including a member of parliament.

    6. On May 7, Israeli police escalate and attack after Ramadan prayer using grenades, stun guns, skunk water and water cannons.

    7. On May 8, the same brutalizing treatment of completely peaceful protesters, the protest has grown in size, some protesters include Palestinian Israeli citizens, with 90 Palestinians injured.

    8. On May 9, the same. Israeli authorities institute a complete social media blackout.

    9. May 10, the Israeli police storm the Al Aqsa Mosque where at least a thousand of peaceful Muslims have assembled for prayer as well as show support for the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood protesters. The Israeli fire shots inside the mosque.

    10. Only then then does Hamas decide to react to this outrageous abuse, which even Netanyahu and his cronies admitted had all been very badly handled by the police, and launched their rockets towards Jerusalem.

    11. Israel commences airstrikes.

    No news outlet was the least concerned or talking about what happened prior to May 10th.

    As things stand right now, as of date, 145 Palestinians have been killed; 9 Israelis.

    More than 90% of the Gaza martyrs are unarmed civilians

    More than 30% of the Gaza martyrs are women and children.

    Over 2000 homes, inclusive of single family homes as well as residential units in apartment buildings have been destroyed. Israel is targeting these homes and bringing them down with residents, families with children, still inside them, giving no warning.

    Whole families are being obliterated for no other crime than they live in Gaza and are Palestinians.

    That’s why the IDF destroyed the international media business tower building. They did the same thing in Operation Cast Lead to try to hide their deliberate and calculated war atrocities designed specifically to create terror among the Palestinians.

    There are about 1100 injuries serious enough to be at least seen at the hospital. Most are more serious than that.

    Israhell is doing what cowardly Israhell does best, murder unarmed civilians, women and children, do everything they can to reimpose the suffocating blockade that Gaza has suffered for over 14 years, and then blames Hamas.

    This Palestinian mini-documentary video made about 2010, shortly after the extremly brutal and devastating Israeli Operation Cast Lead which flattened Gaza with air and ground invasion in late 2008-2009 (while the vile Jews watched in the hills enjoying their tailgate parties) which resulted in hundreds dead and thousands injured, titled “I am Israel” has been completely obiliterated from YouTube and other media.

    In fact, just recently, to further erase any popular memory of this original, the Jews have come up with a new production by the same title of “I am Israel” that does nothing but glorify being a Jewish supremacist and Zionist Nationalist.

    There’s only one place that it can still be found. It’s downloadable.


    The Real Identity of Israel

    I am Israel. I came to a land without a people for a people without a land. Those people who happened to be here, had no right to be here, and my people showed them they had to leave or die, razing 480 Palestinian villages to the ground, erasing their history.

    I am Israel. Some of my people committed massacres and later became Prime Ministers to represent me. In 1948, Menachem Begin was in charge of the unit that slaughtered the inhabitants of Deir Yassin, including 100 men, women, and children. In 1953, Ariel Sharon led the slaughter of the inhabitants of Qibya, and in 1982 arranged for our allies to butcher around 2,000 in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila.

    I am Israel. Carved in 1948 out of 78% of the land of Palestine, dispossessing its inhabitants and replacing them with Jews from Europe and other parts of the world. While the natives whose families lived on this land for thousands of years are not allowed to return, Jews from all over the world are welcome to instant citizenship.

    I am Israel. In 1967, I swallowed the remaining lands of Palestine – the West Bank and Gaza – and placed their inhabitants under an oppressive military rule, controlling and humiliating every aspect of their daily lives. Eventually, they should get the message that they are not welcome to stay, and join the millions of Palestinian refugees in the shanty camps of Lebanon and Jordan.

    I am Israel. I have the power to control American policy. My American Israel Public Affairs Committee can make or break any politician of its choosing, and as you see, they all compete to please me. All the forces of the world are powerless against me, including the UN as I have the American veto to block any condemnation of my war crimes. As Sharon so eloquently phrased it, “We control America”.

    I am Israel. I influence American mainstream media too, and you will always find the news tailored to my favor. I have invested millions of dollars into PR representation, and CNN, New York Times, and others have been doing an excellent job of promoting my propaganda. Look at other international news sources and you will see the difference.

    I am Israel. You Palestinians want to negotiate “peace!?” But you are not as smart as me; I will negotiate, but will only let you have your municipalities while I control your borders, your water, your airspace and anything else of importance. While we “negotiate,” I will swallow your hilltops and fill them with settlements, populated by the most extremist of my extremists, armed to the teeth. These settlements will be connected with roads you cannot use, and you will be imprisoned in your little Bantustans between them, surrounded by checkpoints in every direction.

    I am Israel. I have the fourth strongest army in the world, possessing nuclear weapons. How dare your children confront my oppression with stones, don’t you know my soldiers won’t hesitate to blow their heads off? In 17 months, I have killed 900 of you and injured 17,000, mostly civilians, and have the mandate to continue since the international community remains silent. Ignore, as I do, the hundreds of Israeli reserve officers who are now refusing to carry out my control over your lands and people; their voices of conscience will not protect you.

    I am Israel. You want freedom? I have bullets, tanks, missiles, Apaches and F-16s to obliterate you. I have placed your towns under siege, confiscated your lands, uprooted your trees, demolished your homes, and you still demand freedom? Don’t you get the message? You will never have peace or freedom, because I am Israel.


    Operation Sword of Jerusalem opens up a whole new era in the Israel-Palestine conflict, for occupied Palestine and the entire region.

    Diplomacy has failed. The torturous 30-years of the Oslo “Peace Accords” have failed, and the unarmed struggle of the patient Palestinian people across seventy decades defending their rights has taken a new turn.

    Palestine is being liberated by armed resistance, now. It’s very evident that there’s an unprecedented mobilization of Palestinians both inside and outside of Israhell, from communities that have been quiescent for decades, staying out of conflicts in the occupied Palestinian Territories.

    Once America had an “intifada” of its own, shaking off the British yoke, after 10 years of attempting to resolve differences and negotiate with the imperial government.

    All of Western Asia stands with Palestine and Jerusalem, seeing the cracks in the walls that Israhell is trying to protect with their own oddly named military offensive ‘Operation Guardian of the Walls’.

    The IDF says it will continue to strike the Gaza enclave hard from the air with jets, attack helicopters and drones, illegal weapons such as butterfly ammo and phosphorous bombs.

    Netanyahu said Israel will use “an iron fist if needed” to stop widespread protests by Arab Israeli citizens inside Israhell.

    But the protests on the Arab Street have gone far past the borders of Gaza, past the West Bank and into Israhell occupied Palestina, and into the Palestinian refugee camps on three borders of Israhell, and into the Palestinian diaspora itself.

    How are you going to do that, Bibsy? At this point, “using an iron fist” on Palestinians, Israeli citizens or not, will be like playing whack-a-mole.

    As Yousef Munayyer, a Palestinian American scholar writes about this great sea change in Palestine which is rippling throughout all of West Asia:

    [Quote]The representative vehicles for Palestinians, throughout all of Palestine, have broken down irreparably. But that may not be a bad thing, since those vehicles have effectively driven them to a dead end of greater fragmentation and occupation.

    While many had come to this conclusion long ago, the mass mobilizations we began seeing several days ago in the streets, from Jerusalem, to Haifa, Nazareth, al-Lyd, Umm al-Fahem, Ramallah, Gaza, in refugee camps, and in the diaspora around the world have showed that a new generation not only recognizes this but that they are starting to act on it.

    These mass mobilizations that have united Palestinians show a shared understanding of their struggle and perhaps even the embryonic form of a united, coordinated effort against Israeli settler colonialism in all its manifestations.

    The struggle for freedom is a constant journey, with stops called hope and despair along the way. While the last few days have given me incalculable reasons to despair, it is in the possibility of a united Palestinian effort, glimpsed these last few days, that I have seen a shard of hope. When freedom comes, and when the history of the struggle for it is being written, I hope this moment will prove to be a transformational one.

    To this end, we all have a role to play, and it is incumbent on people who believe in justice to stand in solidarity with Palestinians today and until the journey ends. [Unquote]


    It is the end of Israhell’s “invincibility” myth, which is perhaps why the silly Jews had to come up with the fatuous name of “Guardian of the Walls” for their military ops on Gaza.

  31. B May 16, 2021 @ 1:07 am

    The Palestinians need to open Palestnian Holocaust Museums all around the world.

    Also the Palestinians should sell replica copies of the 1934 Nazi Zionist medal coin, as shown on the web pages below.

  32. No More Wars For The Jews May 16, 2021 @ 1:27 am

    Israel is a TERRORIST State.

    Israel is the biggest threat to World Peace.

    Time for ICC.

  33. benzion kook May 16, 2021 @ 11:00 am


    D-Land is murdering Palestinian civilians, women and children?

    They were glad to get rid of some of the constant suspects.

    About a third hung around to be terror bombed day and night by the Allies of the Bolsheviks.

  34. KathJuliane May 16, 2021 @ 1:28 pm

    Any secession efforts will have to include commitments to firm foreign policies which involve “no entangling alliances” as the American Fathers understood it, especially decoupling religiously, politically, financially, and economically from the Zionist tar pit known as Israel.

    If the purpose of secession is to disconnect from Jew-owned and controlled Washington, DC, it will be no good for a future seceded political entity if it also means the same one-sided, slavish relationship with the State of Israel, dragging along the same disastrous and cancerous Judaizing pro-Israel mindset and coughing up foreign aid that got us into this mess to begin with.


    Biden Gives Netanyahu Free Rein

    Biden is giving a green light to war crimes and pointless slaughter, and he should be held accountable for what follows.

    Daniel Larison

    15 May 2021

    There has been some remarkably strong and justified criticism of Israeli attacks on Palestinians coming from some Democratic members of Congress in the last week.

    Several progressive House members have taken to Twitter to say, “Apartheid states are not democracies.” That is unprecedented in public criticism of Israel from sitting members of Congress, and it shows how much has changed in just the the last few years.

    One of the bedrock, unquestioned assumptions that members of both parties have routinely accepted is that Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East,” but now that more and more Americans recognize that it is correct to describe Israel as an apartheid state this earlier claim is no longer taken as a given.

    Supporters of a lockstep, “no daylight” relationship with Israel have leaned heavily on Israel’s status as a democracy to justify the extraordinary amount of aid and diplomatic cover that the U.S. provides. The growing recognition of Israeli apartheid is taking a sledgehammer to that idea.

    There is a much greater willingness on the part of progressive Democrats to question and challenge the current U.S.-Israel relationship than there was even ten years ago. This reflects the ongoing changes within the party that were already hinted at during the platform fight at the 2016 Democratic convention.

    Democratic voters have become increasingly open to criticism of the relationship, and there is much greater sympathy for Palestinians than there was a generation ago.

    Part of this is driven by the changing views of younger generations of Americans, who are generally much less “pro-Israel” than their elders. Even if they support the relationship, Democratic voters have much less of a problem with putting conditions on U.S. aid than they once did.

    All of this contrasts sharply with the Biden administration’s paint-by-numbers endorsement of the Israeli government’s actions in the last week.

    It is not surprising, but Biden and his officials remain stuck in another era in which reciting pabulum about the “two-state solution” and “ironclad” support for Israel was sufficient.

    Biden has shown an ability to listen and adapt to some criticisms coming from the left, but on this issue he seems deaf or oblivious. I don’t think Biden and his advisers appreciate how awful and out-of-touch this makes them look, and I suspect they are underestimating the backlash they are inviting from within their own party.

    Biden’s handling of Israeli attacks on Palestinians over the last week has been woefully lacking, and what’s worse is that he doesn’t seem to realize how poor his response has been. Just a couple days ago, Biden claimed that he hadn’t seen a “significant overreaction” from Israel when they were already committing flagrant war crimes by blowing up entire tower blocks to “send a message” and displacing tens of thousands of people with their attacks.

    Earlier today, on the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba, the Biden White House let it be known that the president had once again assured Netanyahu of U.S. support for their “right to self-defense.”

    There was no acknowledgment of the victims of indiscriminate Israeli bombings in Gaza or any of the other violence that Israeli forces have carried out over the last week against Palestinians elsewhere in the occupied territories.

    There was no mention of the mob violence in Israeli cities against Palestinians that have been targeted because of their ethnicity. There was no mention of the deaths of scores of innocent people, including at least 40 children in just the last five days.

    The White House was sure to condemn indiscriminate attacks on Israel, but said nothing about the tactics of leveling entire residential buildings or the bombing of civilian targets that has already claimed more than one hundred lives.

    The outrageous Israeli attack that destroyed the building housing the Associated Press and Al Jazeera offices also went unremarked.

    The message from the Biden administration is as clear as can be: Palestinian lives don’t matter to them, Israeli war crimes don’t count, and even attacks on international media provoke only the mildest complaint from the White House Press Secretary.

    The administration has been reassuring the Israeli government that they can continue doing what they have been doing without any fear of alienating Washington.

    The U.S. has it within its power to rein in Israeli bombing campaigns by threatening to cut off aid, but Biden has chosen to let Netanyahu have free rein. Biden is giving a green light to war crimes and pointless slaughter, and he should be held accountable for what follows.

  35. KathJuliane May 16, 2021 @ 2:42 pm

    The real life Muna-Yakub story is almost as aptly powerful personifications of the Israel-Palestine conflict as was the story of the animosities between Jacob and Esau.

    “And if I don’t steal it [Muna’s house] then someone else is going to steal it.” – Jakub

    This is the most Jewish thing I’ve ever seen.

    Israel’s settlement policy in the West Bank: This is ours – and this, too. What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine, too.

    Muna is Palestine, Yakub is Israel: The Untold Story of Sheikh Jarrah

    There are two separate Sheikh Jarrah stories – one read and watched in the news and another that receives little media coverage or due analysis.

    Mint Press News

    May 12th, 2021

    By Ramzy Baroud

    There are two separate Sheikh Jarrah stories – one read and watched in the news and another that receives little media coverage or due analysis.

    The obvious story is that of the nightly raids and violence meted out by Israeli police and Jewish extremists against Palestinians in the devastated East Jerusalem neighborhood.

    For weeks, thousands of Jewish extremists have targeted Palestinian communities in Jerusalem’s Old City. Their objective is the removal of Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

    They are not acting alone. Their riots and rampages are directed by a well-coordinated leadership composed of extremist Zionist and Jewish groups, such as the Otzma Yehudit party and the Lehava Movement.

    Their unfounded claims, violent actions and abhorrent chant “Death to the Arabs” are validated by Israeli politicians, such as Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir and the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Arieh King.

    Here is a little introduction to the political discourse of Ben-Gvir and King, who were caught on video shouting and insulting a wounded Palestinian protester.

    The video starts with MK Ben-Gvir disparagingly yelling at a Palestinian who was apparently wounded by Israeli police, yet returned to protest against the evictions planned for Sheikh Jarrah.

    Henriette Chacar هنريت شقر
    Jerusalem’s deputy mayor to a Palestinian man in Sheikh Jarrah: Did they take the bullet out of your ass? Did they take it out already? It’s a pity it didn’t land here [points to head].

    Oren Ziv

    Watch: a “dialog” between Israeli settler, standing near MK Itamar Ben-Gvir, and a Palestinian activist last night in #SheikhJarrah #SaveSheikhJarrah

    Ben-Gvir is heard shouting, “Abu Hummus, how is your ass?”

    “The bullet is still there, that’s why he is limping,” responds the Deputy Mayor, King, to Ben-Gvir. King continues, “Did they take the bullet out of your ass? Did they take it out already? It is a pity it did not go in here,” King continues, pointing to his head.

    Delighted with what they perceive to be a whimsical commentary on the wounding of the Palestinian, Ben-Gvir and King’s entourage of Jewish extremists laugh.

    While “Abu Hummus”, wounded yet still protesting, is a testament to the tenacity of the Palestinian people, King, Ben-Gvir, the settlers and the police are a representation of the united Israeli front aimed at ethnically cleansing Palestinians and ensuring Jewish majority in Jerusalem.

    Another important participant in the ongoing Israeli ethnic cleansing campaign in Jerusalem is Israel’s court system which has provided a legal cover for the targeting of Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem.

    The legal foundation of the Jewish settlers’ constant attempts at acquiring more Palestinian properties can be traced back to a specific 1970 law, known as the Legal and Administrative Matters Law, which allowed Jews to sue Palestinians for properties they claim to have owned prior to the establishment of Israel on the ruins of historic Palestine in 1948.

    While Palestinians are excluded from making similar claims, Israeli courts have generously handed Palestinian homes, lands and other assets to Jewish claimants. In turn, these homes, as in the case of Sheikh Jarrah and other Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, are often sold to Jewish settler organizations to build yet more colonies on occupied Palestinian land.

    Last February, the Israeli Supreme Court awarded Jewish settlers the right to many Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah. Following a Palestinian and international backlash, it offered Palestinians a ‘compromise’, whereby Palestinian families relinquished ownership rights to their homes and agreed to continue to live there as tenants, paying rents to the very illegal Jewish settlers who have stolen their homes in the first place, but who are now armed with a court decision.

    However, the ‘logic’ through which Jews claim Palestinian properties as their own should not be associated with a few extremist organizations.

    After all, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 was not the work of a few extreme Zionists. Similarly, the illegal occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1967 and the massive settlement enterprise that followed was not the brainchild of a few extreme individuals.

    Colonialism in Israel was, and remains, a state-run project, which ultimately aims at achieving the same objective that is being carried out in Sheikh Jarrah – the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians to ensure Jewish demographic majority

    This is the untold story of Sheikh Jarrah, one that cannot be expressed by a few news bytes or social media posts. However, this most relevant narrative is largely hidden.

    It is easier to blame a few Jewish extremists than to hold the entire Israeli government accountable. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is constantly manipulating the subject of demographics to advance the interests of his Jewish constituency.

    He is a strong believer in an exclusive Jewish state and also fully aware of the political influence of Jewish settlers.

    For example, shortly before the March 23 elections, Netanyahu made a decision to greenlight the construction of 540 illegal settlement units in the so-called Har-Homa E Area (Abu Ghneim Mountain) in the occupied West Bank, in the hope of acquiring as many votes as possible.

    While the Sheikh Jarrah story is garnering some attention even in mainstream US media, there is a near-complete absence of any depth to that coverage, namely the fact that Sheikh Jarrah is not the exception but the norm.

    Sadly, as Palestinians and their supporters try to circumvent widespread media censorship by reaching out directly to civil societies across the world using social media platforms, they are often censored there, as well.

    [Muna & Yakub twitter video. Oy veh!]

    Ramy Abdu| رامي عبده
    May 1
    This doesn’t describe the Israeli occupier’s logic only; it also describes the rudeness of those who support the Israeli colonial policies of expropriating the Palestinian occupied lands.

    One of the videos initially censored by Instagram is that of Muna al-Kurd, a Palestinian woman who had lost her home in Sheikh Jarrah to a Jewish settler by the name of Yakub.

    “Yakub, you know this is not your house,” Muna is seen outside her home, speaking to Yakub.

    Yakub answers, “Yes, but if I go, you don’t go back. So what’s the problem? Why are you yelling at me? I didn’t do this. I didn’t do this. It’s easy to yell at me, but I didn’t do this.

    Muna: “You are stealing my house.”

    Yakub: “And if I don’t steal it, someone else is going to steal it.”

    Muna: “No. No one is allowed to steal it.”

    The untold story of Sheikh Jarrah, of Jerusalem – in fact, of all of Palestine – is that of Muna and Yakub, the former representing Palestine, the latter, Israel. For justice to ever be attained, Muna must be allowed to reclaim her stolen home and Yakub must be held accountable for his crime.


    The deputy mayor, Arieh King, is one of the Kahanists on Jerusalem City Council. Kahanism is an extremist Jewish ideology based on the Zionist Nationalist views of Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the violent Jewish Defense League and the Kach party in Israel.

    Kahanists are the FBI’s prime suspects in the 1985 assassination of popular Palestinian-American activist Alex Odeh who died in a bombing outside Los Angeles because he called for a two-state solution (which became the official policy of the US government less than a decade later).

    JDL has been classified as a “far-right terrorist group” by the FBI since 2001. While most of the Kahanists terrorism was conducted out of Israel against Palestinians, they are still responsible for shooting up homes, torching cars, bombing boats and burning bookstores.

    The deadliest Jewish terrorist attack occurred when Israeli-American Dr. Baruch Goldstein, supporter of Kach, shot and killed 29 Muslim worshipers, and wounded another 150, at the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in Hebron, in 1994.

    Netanyahu has always run cover for the Kahanists, once marginalized to the fringes of the far-right wing of Israel politics. It was Netanyahu himself who brokered deals that brought once-banned Kahanists back into parliament in 2019 and 2021.

    Deputy Mayor Aryeh King, seen below calling for the torture and murder of Palestinians – hours before Palestinian teen Mohammad Abu Khdeir was tortured and murdered in 2014

    Kahanism is the open mentality and zeitgeist of the average militant Jewish settler, but it can’t be separated from what Israhell is and how it was founded on innocent Palestinian blood by its terrorist forefathers. Spanning from left to right, Zionism is still the same thing, just a matter of different degrees of Jewish supremacism, the differences only amount to quibbling and occasional infighting. – Kj

  36. The Englishman May 17, 2021 @ 2:37 am

    Prominent British politicians both left & right, hostage to fortune every damnable one way back to Arthur Balfour.

    The anti-Jew fury unleashed in Finchley gets po-lice ‘copter out & incensed souls locked up.

    Buffon Boris, “Stands with “British” JEWS”

    The silence from the LAW makers regarding continuing THEFT BY THE ACCURSED is evidence of their GUILT by association.

    The ICC, the Hague, corrupt JEW RUN Kangeroo Patriot slaughterhouse.

    Roll-on the Second Coming.

  37. Steve May 17, 2021 @ 4:27 am

    Requiem for the Human Race.

    Only proving Bro Nat was correct about the US involvement in the “leaked” virus from China.

    Will there be Nuremberg trials for Fauci and the MSM/Pharmaceutical Corporations?

    Don’t hold your breath!

  38. hugo May 17, 2021 @ 5:22 am

    This book “The Cause of World Unrest” was written over 100 years ago

    It labels Jews as the world’s principal troublemakers.

    Nothing has changed.

    In fact things are arguably far worse, since the more power these people acquire, the more their ability to do evil.

  39. KathJuliane May 17, 2021 @ 2:47 pm

    Obvious sign of the decaying Republic. What next?

    A knitted penis for extremely small girls to wear in their pants if their parents believe them to be transgender.

    For all the company’s denials about their “prosthetic penises” being ‘Not For Infants Or Very Young Children’, the “Bitty Bug” is clearly intended for girls so young, they demonstrate the product in a diaper.

  40. KathJuliane May 17, 2021 @ 7:51 pm

    Omar Baddar عمر بدّار

    Debunking the 3 most common LIES Israel’s apologists keep repeating about Israel’s devastating assault on Gaza:

  41. benzion kook May 17, 2021 @ 8:45 pm

    Mutants beware:

    Throughout recorded history, jews have injected nothing but lies into the minds and now the veins of the “nations.”

  42. KathJuliane May 17, 2021 @ 9:56 pm

    vanessa beeley

    #Israel using GBU-31/39 winged bombs on civilian infrastructure. “These bombs are designed to penetrate heavily fortified military sites”.

    Israel is using #Gaza as testing ground for lethal military technology.. again. #WarCrimes

  43. KathJuliane May 18, 2021 @ 5:05 pm

    A Primer on Secession

    Abbeville Institute

    By Terry Hulsey

    A review of Secession, State & Liberty, (Transaction, 1998) edited with an introduction by David Gordon.

    If there is a single book you should read on the subject of secession, Secession, State & Liberty is the one. Best of all, this collection of essays is entirely free, here:

    The key point of the book is the demonstration that secession is the peaceful, non-violent alternative to revolution and civil war.

    Remove the possibility of secession, as Justice Salmon P. Chase admitted in Texas v. White (1869), and the only alternative is a “war of conquest and subjugation” (p111).

    Given that national boundaries do fluctuate, how can it be that reconsid­eration after joining a union be impossible, especially once that union becomes tyrannical?

    The reply, according to Chase’s written opinion: “There was no place for reconsideration, or revocation, except through revolution, or through [an unspecified] consent of the States.”

    Note that Chase, who wants to forbid secession, is basically saying: Go ahead, try it; we would rather let loose the dogs of war than let you escape our power, no matter how tyrannical.

    His justification for this absolutism was that the United States was, on the basis of culture and the Articles of Confederation, “perpetual” and “indissoluble,” and that the Constitution’s one phrase “to form a more perfect Union” necessarily signified perpetual union – transparently flimsy reasoning.

    Historian Joseph R. Stromberg, an adjunct scholar of the Center for Libertarian Studies, provides the essay “Republicanism, Federalism, and Secession in the South, 1790 to 1865” that discusses this Supreme Court decision — and the more important topic of Jefferson’s support for secession.

    The various essays cover every aspect of the topic — historical, economic, legal, philosophical, and even the Canadian use of limited nullification (discussed by Canadians Pierre Desrochers and Eric Duhaime) — but the most concise and closely-reasoned section is Dr. Gordon’s introduction.

    David Gordon, a Senior Fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and co-editor the Journal of Libertarian Studies, comes to the heart of the matter:

    First, the position might hold that even if the government violates the rights it was established to secure, its subjects may not depart from it. But this is a strange contention: government exists for certain purposes, but it may continue unabated even if it acts against these very aims. (page x)

    In other words, if those who oppose secession also support natural rights like those enumerated in the Bill of Rights, they must answer Dr. Gordon’s question: “Why should supporters of natural rights reject the peaceful and democratic right of secession?”

    He allows for argument’s sake that these opponents might logically forbid secession just because citizens like another government — that is, to secede for “light and transient reasons.” But if the larger government is violating basic rights, must the only alternative be that the citizens resort to violence?

    Before I get to that, consider an ingeniously weird twist on this theme, described by Dr. Gordon, by historian Allen Buchanan.

    Buchanan says that, yes, great, secession is perfectly reasonable — except when the seceding government is in violation of basic rights, regardless of whether the larger government violates these rights. And since the South violated the rights of Negroes, it forfeited the right to secede.

    The problem here is that no one, not even Abraham Lincoln himself before the late summer of 1863, justified military action on the principle of abolition of slavery.

    The problem here is that Buchanan overlooks the entire history of Northern secession movements, which he falsely supposes were free of the taint of slavery, a history detailed in this collection by Thomas diLorenzo in his article “Yankee Confederates.”

    Continue Reading

  44. B May 18, 2021 @ 6:31 pm

    Is Israel’s attacks on Gaza, antisemitism?

    Are the Palestinians Semites by way of the genealogy of Abraham?

  45. KathJuliane May 18, 2021 @ 7:12 pm

    Mighty Israel’s targets in Gaza:

    Children, families, houses, farms, agricultural lands, houses in crowded refugee camps, apartment towers, telecommunications and IT, biggest publishing house in Palestine, at least 18 hospitals, trauma & burn clinics, a health facility, and the only testing lab for COVID, streets and roadways, infrastructure (including streets, civic utilities as power generation, water mains, desalination plants, and sewage lines), cafes, buildings with business, government offices & international NGOS, UN schools, libraries, Qatari Red Crescent headquarters, American charity Palestine Children’s Relief Fund building (with 30 years of saving thousands of innocent children’s lives over 30 years), local and international news media, bookstores, Caltholic convent and school.

    Israel, with US backing, has killed Dr. Ayman Abu al-Ouf, chief of the COVID-19 ICU.

    The list goes on and on.

    Now, imagine getting caught for trying to throw a stun grenade at an ambulance like this snake of a soldier. This is the IOF, the “most moral army in the world”!

    Oh, those Jewish values! Oy veh!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this aborted stunt, and and getting caught for other incidents like this and even more atrocious, are why the IDF downed the business tower with all of the international news bureaus in Gaza.


  46. Ted Gorsline May 19, 2021 @ 12:54 am

    The problem is not Israel versus Hamas.

    The problem is the jews versus the civilized world. Palestine shows you how the jews always behave when they have the upper hand over innocent Semitic children. Purim is a celebration of slaughter.

    The jews are not civilized people. They are the world’s most hateful, barbarous and cowardly people and always have been. Their cultural ugliness lies in the teachings of the Talmud, Satan’s bible.

    Jewish culture is toxic culture. No one cares whether they are Semitic or Caucasians. The problem isn’t race, its the ugly jewish value system reinforced by the throat-slitting rabbis in synagogues.

  47. KathJuliane May 19, 2021 @ 1:43 am

    #BizBeat Ep.128: Why does the U.S. act as a diplomatic shield for Israel?

    China Global Television Network (CBTN) overseas channel (English).

    Israelis are deeply concerned about the fact-grenades the Chinese TV presenter Zheng Junfeng said about the Zionist power lobby in the United States and US-Israeli relations in realworld geopolitical terms, including the current Palestine crisis and the ongoing Israeli extremely disproportionate violence in Gaza.

    Oy vey! You’re not supposed to notice! Someone said the quiet parts out loud! It’s anudda shoah!

    The Israeli ambassador to China accused the presenter of blatant anti-Semitism.


    Woke Jewmerica. Pffft.

  48. The Ghost of Freedom May 19, 2021 @ 5:16 am


    We are all “Goy” Now.

  49. Ted Gorsline May 19, 2021 @ 5:17 am

    Most Arabs are Semotic people and the jews have been slaughtering them since time immemorial. But the jews don’t just limit themselves to killing Semitic people.

    The Mossad, the jews, murdered 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11, and they recently bombed multicultural Lebanon.

    I don’t think the jews as a people have enough credibility left to even refer to themselves as human beings.

  50. KathJuliane May 19, 2021 @ 7:13 am

    Be warned.

    Don’t say it can’t happen here.

    There are plenty of Jewish and woke progressive neo-bolshie leftists who’d like to see 25 million conservatives eliminated, and the rest locked down and walled in open air community prisons.


    Gaza Lives Erased: Israel Is Wiping Out Entire Palestinian Families on Purpose


    Amira Hass

    19 May 2021 (from behind the paywall)

    The numerous incidents of killing entire families in Israeli bombings in Gaza – Parents and children, babies, grandparents, siblings – attest that these were not mistakes. The bombings follow a decision from higher up, backed by the approval of military jurists

    Fifteen Palestinian nuclear and extended families lost at least three, and in general more, of their members, in the Israeli shelling of the Gaza Strip during the week from May 10 through to Monday afternoon.

    Parents and children, babies, grandparents, siblings and nephews and nieces died together when Israel bombed their homes, which collapsed over them. Insofar as is known, no advance warning was given so that they could evacuate the targeted houses.

    On Saturday, a representative of the Palestinian Health Ministry brought listed the names of 12 families who were killed, each one at its home, each one in a single bombing.

    Since then, in one air raid before dawn on Sunday, which lasted 70 minutes and was directed at three houses on Al Wehda Street in the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza, three families numbering 38 people in total were killed. Some of the bodies were found on Sunday morning.

    Palestinian rescue forces only managed to find the rest of the bodies and pull them out from the rubble only on Sunday evening.

    Wiping out entire families in Israeli bombings was one of the characteristics of the war in 2014. In the roughly 50 days of the war then, UN figures say that 142 Palestinian families were erased (742 people in total).

    The numerous incidents then and today attest that these were not mistakes: and that the bombing of a house while all its residents are in it follows a decision from higher up, backed by the examination and approval of military jurists.

    An investigation by the human rights group B’Tselem that focused on some 70 of the families who were eradicated in 2014, provided three explanations for the numerous nuclear and extended families that were killed, all at once, in one Israeli bombing on the home of each such family.

    One explanation was that the Israeli army didn’t provide advance warning to the homeowners or to their tenants; or that the warning didn’t reach the correct address, at all or on time.

    In any case, what stands out is the difference between the fate of the buildings that were bombed with their residents inside, and the “towers” – the high-rise buildings that were shelled as of the second day of this latest conflict, during the daytime or early evening.

    Reportedly, the owners or the concierge in the towers got prior warning of an hour at most that they must evacuate, usually via phone call from the army or Shin Bet security service, then “warning missiles” fired by drones. These owners/concierges were supposed to warn the other residents in the short time remaining.

    Not only highrises were involved. On Thursday evening Omar Shurabji’s home west of Khan Yunis was shelled. A crater formed in the road and one room in the two־story building was destroyed. Two families, with seven people altogether, live in that building.

    About 20 minutes before the explosion, the army called Khaled Shurabji and told him to tell his uncle Omar to leave the house, per a report by the Palestinian center for human rights. It is not known whether Omar was there, but the residents of the house all hastened to get out, so there were no casualties.

    This very fact that the Israeli army and Shin Bet trouble to call and order the evacuation of the homes shows that the Israeli authorities have current phone numbers for people in each structure slated for destruction. They have the phone numbers for relatives of the people suspected or known to be activists for Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

    The Palestinian population registry, including that of Gaza, is in the hands of the Israeli Interior Ministry. It includes details such as names, ages, relatives and addresses.

    As the Oslo Accords require, the Palestinian interior ministry, through the civil affairs ministry, transfers current information regularly to the Israeli side, especially concerning births and newborns: The registry data must receive Israeli approval, because without that, Palestinians cannot receive an identity card when the time comes, or in the case of minors – they can’t travel alone or with their parents through border crossings controlled by Israel.

    It is clear, then, that the army knows the number and names of children, women and elderly who live in every residential building it bombs for any reason.

    B’Tselem’s second explanation for why whole families were erased in 2014 is that the army’s definition of an attackable “military target” was very broad, and it included the homes of Hamas and Islamic Jihad people.

    These houses were described as operational infrastructure, or command and control infrastructure of the organization or terror infrastructure – even if all it had was a telephone, or just hosted a meeting. [!!!]

    The third explanation in the B’Tselem analysis from 2014 was that the army’s interpretation of “collateral damage” is very flexible and broad.

    The army claimed and claims that it acts according to the principle of “proportionality” between harm to uninvolved civilians and achieving the legitimate military goal, in other words, that in every case the “collateral damage” caused to Palestinians is measured and considered.

    But once the “importance” of a Hamas member is considered high and its residence is defined as a legitimate target for bombing – the “allowable” collateral damage, in other words the number of uninvolved people killed, including children and babies – is very broad.

    In the intensive bombing of three residential buildings on Al Wehda Street in Gaza, before dawn on Sunday, the Abu al Ouf, Al- Qolaq and Ashkontana families were killed.

    In real time, when the number of dead from one family is so great – it is hard to find and encourage a survivor to tell about each family member, and their last days.

    So one must make do with their names and ages, as listed in the daily reports of the human rights organizations that collect the information and even note, when they know, if any family member belonged to any military organization.

    So far, it is not know whether and who among the residents of the Al Wehda buildings was considered such an important target, that “permitted” the obliteration of entire families.

    The members of the abu al Ouf family who were killed are: The father Ayman, an internal medicine doctor in Shifa Hospital, and his two children: Tawfiq, 17, and Tala, 13. Another two female relatives were also killed – Reem, 41, and Rawan, 19. These five bodies were found shortly after the bombing.

    The bodies of another eight members of the Abu al Ouf family were removed from the ruins only in the evening, and they are: Subhiya, 73, Amin, 90, Tawfiq, 80, and his wife Majdiya, 82, and their relative Raja (married to a man from the Afranji family) and her three children: Mira, 12, Yazen, 13, and Mir, 9. [4 generations of one family]

    During the air raid on those buildings, Abir Ashkontana was also killed, 30, and her three children: Yahya, 5, Dana, 9, and Zin, 2. In the evening, the bodies of two more girls were found: Rula, 6, and Lana, 10. The Palestinian center’s report does not mention whether these two children are Abir’s daughters.

    In the two neighboring buildings 19 members of the Al-Qolaq family were killed: Fuaz, 63 and his four children; Abd al Hamid, 23, Riham, 33, Bahaa, 49 and Sameh, 28, and his wife Iyat, 19. Their baby Qusay, six months old, was also killed.

    Another female member of the extended family, Amal Al-Qolaq, 42, was also killed and three of her children were killed: Taher, 23, Ahmad, 16, and Hana’a – 15. The brothers Mohammed Al-Qolaq, 42, and Izzat, 44, were also killed, and Izzat’s children: Ziad, 8, and three-year-old Adam.

    The women Doa’a Al-Qolaq, 39, and Sa’adia Al-Qolaq, 83, were also killed. In the evening, the bodies of Hala Al-Qolaq, 13, and her sister Yara, 10, were rescued from under the rubble. Palestinian center’s report does not mention who their parents were and whether they were also killed in the bombing. [4 generations]

  51. KathJuliane May 19, 2021 @ 9:14 am

    Here’s a fascinating look into how much difficulty, innovation, hardship and hard work under blockade goes into Hamas’, and the rest of the Palestinian Resistance’s, and missile industry to assemble a large portion of their arsenals. MEMRI produced a shorter edited video from the longer Al Jazeera documentary on just the missile industry.

    MEMRI: Al-Jazeera Network Documentary About The Hamas Missile Industry: Iran Sends Kornet, Fajr Missiles To Gaza; Hamas Produces Missiles From Unexploded Israeli Munitions And Shells From Wrecked WWI Ships

    On September 13, 2020, Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) aired a documentary about the Hamas missile manufacturing industry.

    The reporter explained how Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades have been reclaiming unexploded Israeli munitions from 2014’s Operation Protective Edge, metal water pipes left behind by Israel when it withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, and cannon shells from the wrecks of British warships that sank near Gaza during World War I.

    The documentary featured interviews with the commanders of the Al-Qassam Brigades’ Military Production Units, Engineering Corps, Artillery Corps, and Frogmen Unit, who described the process of reclaiming these munitions and turning them into functional missiles.

    The report also showed exclusive footage of this process, including footage of divers retrieving underwater shells, of metals being processed, of explosives being prepared, and of missiles being tested.

    Furthermore, the reporter and the interviewees explained that Iran has been shipping Kornet anti-tank missiles and Fajr missiles to Gaza by land and by sea. Abu Ibrahim, the Commander of the Military Productions Unit, said that Hamas has hundreds of warheads, dozens of tons of explosives and propellants, and enough metal water pipes to produce thousands of rockets.

    To view the clip of the Al-Jazeera documentary on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

    Full Al Jazeera video:Gaza, Hamas and the New Middle East | Al Jazeera World December 2020

  52. KathJuliane May 19, 2021 @ 9:52 am

    “From the start of our revolution, one of the most important objectives was facilitating the de-existence of Israel.

    If Israelis touch an ocean, it becomes profane.” ~ Ayatollah Khomeini

    For context, see The Unwritten History Of Israel’s Alliance With The Shah’s Dictatorship by Eitay Mack for Lobe Log:


    Recently, files from the [Israeli] Foreign Ministry regarding relations with Iran have been declassified and can now be found in Israel’s State Archives. These include more than 10,000 pages from 1953 until 1979, which were heavily censored when compared to similar files in cases of other countries.

    The documents expose Israel’s extensive and exceptional relations with a foreign country, not only because these political and security-based relations were with with a Muslim country, but because the relationship with the Shah’s dictatorship was strategic and central to the State of Israel from a security, economic and political point of view. At the time, Israel’s relations with many other countries were limited mainly to weapons sales in exchange for votes in international forums.

    Thus, for example, Israel purchased a significant portion — and in some years all — of its oil from the Shah’s regime, while Iran used Israel as a middleman to sell its oil to third countries. The alliance over oil required that Israel and the Shah ensure the safety of shipping routes.

    This strengthened their partnership in the struggle against Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser’s repeated attempts to promote ideological and military alliances throughout the Middle East that were hostile to Iran and Israel, particularly in the Gulf states and the Arabian Peninsula.

    Private and state-owned Israeli companies, ranging from textiles, agriculture, electrical appliances, water, fertilizers, construction, aviation, shipping, gas, tires and even dentures, had been operating extensively in Iran. In some years, Iran was one of the main destinations for Israeli exports. Meanwhile, Israeli academia also enjoyed relatively extensive cooperation with academics in Iran.

    Over the years, Israel attempted to hide its involvement in the security apparatuses and the suppression meted out by the Shah, yet the Iranian public was well aware of Israel’s aid to the regime.

    In particular was Israel’s close ties with the Shah’s security service, [the deeply hated] SAVAK, which was responsible for the political persecution, torture and murder of [thousands of] the monarch’s political opponents.

    Given the breadth of relations between the two countries, I will focus on documents relating to Israeli assistance to the security apparatuses and the suppression by the Shah’s dictatorship, which would eventually lead to his downfall.

    These documents attest to the depth of Israeli involvement in the regime, Israel’s strategic importance to this relationship, and the fear of the consequences of the Shah’s fall — a concern that became palpable in the years before the end of his rule.

    Stability Through Oppression



    Pollutes everything the Jew touches? Can’t say I disagree.

  53. KathJuliane May 19, 2021 @ 10:17 am

    Palestinian woman on foot murdered in cold blood by either a Jewish settler or the IDF close by.

    Announcement of an attempt to stab attack in [illegal settler colony] Kiryat Arba [Hebron, West Bank], and the perpetrator of the attack was shot.
    This is the 2nd attempt today

    Journalists say that the woman who was killed near Hebron was not carrying any weapon and later a settler placed it near her after her execution [probably the one in the video. The settlers’ generic MI6’s are supplied by Tel Aviv as these thugs are officially paramilitary units – Kj].

    Here in the video no weapon appears next to the lady, but in the photos published by the occupation army he threw an M16 weapon next to her, then claimed that they killed her Because she carries a weapon.

    [These items are from Israel is a War Criminal Telegram @israel_wc. It should appear on its own webpage without needing a Telegram account-Kj].

    Very bright of the Israeli Jews. Announce it as a thwarted stabbing attempt by a Muslim woman because a vigilante settler shot her from at least 40 meters away as IDF looked on as she was walking along a sidewalk, and then throw down an MI6 close to her body to justify her cold-blooded murder.

    Before and After: Still photos of before her body lying on the street was covered in a blanket and threw down the automatic rifle; and after, when they covered all but her head in a blanket, and threw down the MI6. No knife visible at all.

    In fact, in the first of three stills, there’s a long-shot photo of the armed settler-murderer kneeling on a curving sidewalk, and the Palestinian woman’s body on the street isn’t even visible.

    They had to change the story and props because someone supposedly armed with a knife 100 feet away is scarcely a threat.





    Once again; Assaulting a Christian in the land of Jesus Christ!

    israeli settlers brutally attack a Christian cleric from the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate as he left the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in occupied Jerusalem.

    Keep pouring your tax dollars to the pockets of these filthy AntiChrist rats!

    “We curse Christianity three times every day.” – the late Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz, Israeli Orthodox Jewish public intellectual and polymath.

    Not only do the jews curse Palestinian Christians three times a day, they also spit on the cross & door of the churches.
    Video clip: {

    And on priests, monks, and nuns, too.

  54. Ted Gorsline May 19, 2021 @ 11:40 am


    When my friend Bob Reguly reported on the Middle East for the Toronto Star, he told me he interviewed the head of Iran’s torture squad. He was an Israeli jew who told Bob he could get a confession from anyone in 15 minutes.

    Bob was not allowed to report this kind of thing for the Toronto Star and according to His wife Ada, jewish advertisers at the paper ganged up on him until the Star stopped publishing any of his stories.

    He then went to the Toronto Sun, encouraged by Peter Worhtington to do so, but the Sun was financed by Fast Eddy Goodman and some other Jews, so for Bob it was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    Bob got involved in a losing lawsuit for a story he did not write and the paper refused to pay his legal expenses. I was with Bob and Don Ramsay who wrote the story the night before the story broke.

    This was the first time in Canadian history a newpaper abandoned one of its writers, but then of course it was a jewish lawyer in charge of the affair, so no surprise.

    I think its fair to say journalaism has been dead in Canada for many decades, finished off by the jews making it illegal to question the holocaust or go to jail.

    Its a waste of time to read any Canadian newspaper or watch any Canadian televison nowadays.

    Nothing but puff writers like Mark Bonokowski who has never written anything worth reading in his life. It’s just a waste of Mark’s time to write the crap he does and a waste of anyone else’s time to read it.

  55. benzion kook May 19, 2021 @ 12:01 pm

    Trust them

    Jews are on the internet, though the videos are quickly scrubbed, laughing and joking about how the “dumb goys” are lining up for their DNA mutating shots.

  56. KathJuliane May 19, 2021 @ 12:10 pm

    ‘Israel’ bombed 35 mosques and Churches during aggression on Gaza

    Quds Network

    The Ministry of Waqf said that Israeli airstrikes on Gaza have completely demolished three mosques, while partially demolished 35 mosques and churches since the start of the aggression.

    Yes, there are Palestinian Christians in Gaza, about 2500.

    There are three churches in the Gaza Strip.

    The Greek Orthodox Church under the Jerusalem Patriarchate has been there for 2000 years.

    There is the Holy Family Latin Catholic Church, and the Gaza Baptist Church.

  57. benzion kook May 19, 2021 @ 12:25 pm

    Netanyahu precursor

    The jew Herod Antipas was a baby exterminator, too.

  58. Blake May 19, 2021 @ 4:35 pm

    New site in opposition to Youtube to keep your backup videos safe


  59. KathJuliane May 19, 2021 @ 6:02 pm

    Israel’s entire existence depends on ethnically cleansing Palestine.’

    Richard Medhurst for RT

    May 19, 2021

    Is the mainstream media trying to make the conflict between Israel and Palestine more complicated than it truly is?

    Syrian-British journalist Richard Medhurst offers his unfiltered opinion on the ongoing struggle in the Middle East.

  60. KathJuliane May 19, 2021 @ 6:46 pm

    Yes, indeedy. I couldn’t resist this hilarious news out of the Alzheimer’s Wing of the White House Geriatrics Ward.

    The True Reporter

    Biden Is Caught FAKE Driving Electric F-150

    This is bizarre.

    Biden is ‘’driving’’ an electronic pickup truck in Dearborn, Michigan, but the promotional video is a little bit weird.

    We can see that Biden is behind the F-150 Lightning wheel from the clip. It’s Ford’s new electric car that they are designing in Michigan.

    Once you analyze the video, you will notice that Biden Is fake driving! The ‘’passenger’’ is the driver.

    Wow, even his handlers don’t trust him and don’t allow Biden to drive!

    Take a look at Biden’s fake driving (embedded).

    Once this bubbles up as another photo-op fraud, there’ll be the excuse about how it is part of Secret Service protection policy not to let the President drive himself.

  61. KathJuliane May 19, 2021 @ 7:56 pm

    Actually on topic:

    5 more Oregon counties vote in favor of becoming part of Idaho

    Five counties voted in favor of leaving Oregon in Tuesday elections, the latest push by a coalition that wants a large chunk of Oregon to join Idaho instead. That border shift is not likely to happen anytime soon.

    The Move Oregon’s Borders for a Greater Idaho proposal would have Idaho take over about three-quarters of Oregon’s land.

    Conservative supporters say Oregon is dominated by politically liberal urban areas, and they would rather join Idaho, which they say is more in line with their values.

    For the plan to succeed, the Oregon and Idaho legislatures and the U.S. Congress would need to sign off.

    But voters in Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman counties passed measures in favor of the move on Tuesday. Mike McCarter, spokesman for the Greater Idaho movement, called it a big win.

    “This election proves that rural Oregon wants out of Oregon,” he said in a statement Wednesday morning. “If Oregon really believes in liberal values such as self-determination, the legislature won’t hold our counties captive against our will. If we’re allowed to vote for which government officials we want, we should be allowed to vote for which government we want as well.”

    The measures call for the counties to start considering the move and what it would mean. Measure 28-46 in Sherman County, for example, “requires Sherman County promote the interests of the county in relocating the Oregon-Idaho border.” The measure passed with 62 percent approval.

    Measure 12-77, which passed by a similar margin in Grant County, calls for “the Grant County Court to meet on the first Wednesday of every April, August, and December to discuss whether it is in the best interest of Grant County to promote the relocation of the Oregon-Idaho border.”

    The other three measures took a similar approach, mandating regular county meetings to discuss the matter. The counties joined two others, Jefferson and Union, where voters supported the Greater Idaho movement last year.

    More: 2 Oregon counties voted to look at joining Idaho. Now what?

    The measures don’t do a lot to move the border, but they do help promote the cause, McCarter said. He hopes to bring a few more counties on board for the next election cycle.

    “Greater Idaho will be on the ballot in Douglas, Harney, and probably several other counties where citizens are still collecting signatures or asking county commissioners to put it on the ballot,” McCarter said. “Crook County commissioners invited us to a meeting next week to discuss putting it on the ballot.”

    See all results from the 2021 Oregon Special Election at

    Related: Idaho lawmakers hear pitch to absorb three-fourths of Oregon

  62. KathJuliane May 19, 2021 @ 8:42 pm

    Israel-Gaza: Fifty schools damaged by Israeli bombardment

    Middle East Eye

    Save the Children says three schools in Israel had also been hit by Palestinian rockets

    Published date: 19 May 2021 10:05 UTC

    Israeli bombing has damaged 50 schools across the besieged Gaza Strip in the last week, leaving thousands of Palestinians without an education, according to Save the Children.

    The NGO said the damage impacted 41,897 children, with schools being forced to close and used as shelters due to the relentless air strikes.

    Meanwhile, schools remain closed in southern Israel, with Save the Children saying that three had been damaged by rockets fired from Gaza.

    ‘The brutal truth is that no child is left unscathed, and time and time again, we see that children’s lives are the hardest hit by conflict’

    – Jason Lee, Save the Children

    Officials at the Gaza health ministry said Israeli strikes had killed at least 219 people, including 63 children and 36 women, since the bombing campaign began on 10 May. Twelve people have been killed on the Israeli side.

    In Gaza, 450 children have also been wounded, with one in 15 schools inside the besieged enclave struck by the Israeli bombardment.

    “The brutal truth is that no child is left unscathed, and time and time again, we see that children’s lives are the hardest hit by conflict,” said Jason Lee, Save the Children’s country director in the occupied Palestinian territories.

    “One in 15 schools in Gaza has now been damaged. With every school that is damaged or destroyed, children’s prospects of experiencing – and building – a better future diminish.”

    Earlier on Wednesday, the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees (UNWRA) said 47,000 displaced people were having to use schools as shelters.

    A soldier in the Israeli occupation army says, “We kill the children of Gaza so that they do not grow old and fight us.”

  63. KathJuliane May 20, 2021 @ 1:17 am

    Debunking Israel’s ‘Human Shield’ Defense in Gaza Massacre

    Empire Files

    Abby Martin

    Abby Martin gives 5 points that evaporate Israel’s assertion that the civilians it kills in Gaza were “human shields.”

    1. Israel provides no evidence that there are human shields. The only evidence they’ve presented so far this time has been fabricated.

    2. Israel has an extensive history of lying about human shields.

    3. Israel considers everyone in Gaza a human shield.

    4. By Israel’s definition, the IDF uses human shields, too.

    5. This is all a situation of Israel’s own design.


    The Israel Builders Association said Palestinian workers had observed the strike, with only 150 of the 65,000 Palestinian construction workers coming to work in Israel. This paralyzed building sites, causing losses estimated at–nearly $40 million. ”We cannot build without them.” ~ Haaretz May 19 2021

  64. Ted Gorsline May 20, 2021 @ 1:57 am

    I enjoy reading Robert David Steele’s website and Veterans Today because Steele supports Trump and VT supports the Democratic Party, I assume because Gordon Duff’s father was some kind of Union organizer.

    Steele and Duff both claim intelligence insider experience.

    All of a sudden Steele has gone missing in action. Nothing at all on his free video site about the Israeli attack on Gaza. Nothing.

    That leave me with the impression that Steel is owned. I don’t like Duff’s bragging (VT was right repeated over and over again), his staff giving themselves the byline for the stories other people write, or some of his stream of consciousness stories which are disjointed and hard to follow, but at least they cover the Israel-Gaza conflict with honesty.

    Steele doesn’t cover it at all. Not a good sign. Makes you wonder who is the money behind Steele.

  65. KathJuliane May 20, 2021 @ 8:01 am

    Magnets Sticking To Arms After Vaxx – Extremely Likely True

    Extremely likely true. From Robert Manotti Channel on Telegram. Manotti is a COVID Sanity and early therapeutic intervention activist, anti-global-democide-by-vaxx too.

    Manotti networks with ICAN and Frontline Doctors, and an extremely well-read relentless researcher on the science and medical literature. He has been shut down by many social media, the latest his LinkedIn account where he’s tried to post his research.

    A non-scientist, he and Dr. Michael Yeadon are very close now. These are posts from his Telegram channel.

    Iron nanoparticles + magnet = sticking magnet.


    Could this explain magnets sticking to people’s arms straight after injection?

    “To complete their vaccine, they combined this shortened spike with nanoparticles of ferritin – an iron-containing protein – which has been previously tested in humans. Before the pandemic, Powell had been working with these nanoparticles to develop an Ebola vaccine.

    “Together with scientists at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, the researchers used cryo-electron microscopy to get a 3D image of the spike ferritin nanoparticles in order to confirm that they had the proper structure.”

    Nanoparticle vaccine for COVID-19 | Stanford News

    Stanford News

    Nanoparticle vaccine for COVID-19 | Stanford News

    Researchers at Stanford are working to develop a single-dose vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 that could potentially be stored at room temperature.

    [It gets worse. Time to take off the COVID-84 tin-foil hat. It’s real. Manotti does some hyper-pondering from this find:]

    I wonder why they are keeping the magnet story quiet?

    “Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.”


    Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour
    “Badass” new method uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly, reversibly, and non-invasively

    [There’s more:]

    “These efficient-miniaturized biosensors can be operated using a smartphone and promoted for clinical application for early-stage diagnostics of COVID-19 infection.

    “The successful integration of these SARS-CoV-2 virus sensors with AI and IoMT enables virus detection at point-of-location and sharing of bioinformatics with the medical center at the same time for timely therapeutics decision. This approach is also useful for tracking tasks and managing COVID-19 infection according to patient infection profiling.”

    Full article: Manipulative magnetic nanomedicine: the future of COVID-19 pandemic/endemic therapy

    Engineered protein crystals make cells magnetic – American Chemical Society

    “If scientists could give living cells magnetic properties, they could perhaps manipulate cellular activities with external magnetic fields. But previous attempts to magnetize cells by producing iron-containing proteins inside them have resulted in only weak magnetic forces.

    “Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Nano Letters have engineered genetically encoded protein crystals that can generate magnetic forces many times stronger than those already reported.

    “The new area of magnetogenetics seeks to use genetically encoded proteins that are sensitive to magnetic fields to study and manipulate cells. Many previous approaches have featured a natural iron-storage protein called ferritin, which can self-assemble into a “cage” that holds as many as 4,500 iron atoms.

    “But even with this large iron-storage capacity, ferritin cages in cells generate magnetic forces that are millions of times too small for practical applications.

    “To drastically increase the amount of iron that a protein assembly can store, Bianxiao Cui and colleagues wanted to combine the iron-binding ability of ferritin with the self-assembly properties of another protein, called Inkabox-PAK4cat, that can form huge, spindle-shaped crystals inside cells.

    “The researchers wondered if they could line the hollow interiors of the crystals with ferritin proteins to store larger amounts of iron that would generate substantial magnetic forces.”



    Does ferritin sound familiar? It should. It’s intimately tied to COVID-19 and cytokine storm syndrome in severe cases leading to death.

    Ferritin levels and COVID-19

    Pan American Journal of Public Health

    Vargas-Vargas et al.

    [Extract-No abstract available] Ferritin is a key mediator of immune dysregulation, especially under extreme hyperferritinemia, via direct immune-suppressive and pro-inflammatory effects, contributing to the cytokine storm.

    It has been reported that fatal outcomes by COVID-19 are accompanied by cytokine storm syndrome, thereby it has been suggested that disease severity is dependent of the cytokine storm syndrome.

    Many individuals with diabetes exhibit elevated serum ferritin levels, and it is known that they face a higher probability to experience serious complications from COVID-19. On this basis, we briefly review evidence supporting the hypothesis that ferritin levels might be a crucial factor influencing the severity of COVID-19.

    Continued: {

  66. KathJuliane May 20, 2021 @ 8:16 am

    From Israel is a War Criminal
    [ Video ]


    Footages released of israeli settlers attacking Christian clerics in the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate in occupied Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, as they were going to perform midnight prayers.



    Disgusting jewish filth

  67. KathJuliane May 20, 2021 @ 9:58 am

    MagnetGate: Magnets Stick To Covid Vaccine Injection Site FULL 2021 DOCUMENTARY

    One hour video of results of a Tim Truth Channel vaxx-magnet challenge from all over the world

    Trans-cranial magnetic brainwashing – just a DARPA program. Goes well with Magneto proteins (Ben Swann)

  68. B May 20, 2021 @ 10:42 am

    Below is an interesting weekly audio blog by the author Edwin Black.

    Each Thursday at 3 pm EST he has an hour audio blog with a different topic each week.

    A zoom address link to the audio blog is given at the following web address just a few minutes before 3 pm EST each Thursday.

  69. KathJuliane May 20, 2021 @ 11:12 am

    Lebanon News & Updates

    [ Video ]
    Nothing to see here folks, just IDF firing a Spike NLOS ATGM 25 KM range worth $200,000+ against a $10 metal slide [hand-made scrap metal rocket ramp].

    Developed by Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the Spike NLOS is a multi-platform electro-optical attack missile that can be fired from land, air and naval platforms.

    The missile can hit the non-line of sight (NLOS) targets within the range of 25km. Equipped with a range of warheads and RF communication, Spike NLOS can be deployed in offensive and defensive scenarios.


    Crikey! Our taxpayer funded $3.6 billion per year tribute to Israhell at work! LOL

  70. benzion kook May 20, 2021 @ 12:00 pm

    Fraudulent Biden regime voices support for war criminal, crime against humanity Netanyahu’s outlaw, gangster terrorist state of Israel.

    The Demonrats in the DC gulag use razor wire to keep those opposed to stolen “elections” away from the perpetrators, the same reason jews have 700 kms of razor wire topped walls in occupied Palestine.

  71. The Englishman May 20, 2021 @ 1:07 pm

    May 19th, 1935 T.E. Lawrence dies of his motorcycle injuries.

    It’s a sad fact that the legendary Lawrence of Arabia could not unite the Nations of the Arabian Peninsula for factionalism.

    The Arab League has failed for much the same reason.

    Egypt’s Sadat sellout in the 1970s has been milk & honey to Jews.

    Grow fat House of Saud & gutless Egypt, shekels will not compensate shame.

    The Arab World’s blithe indifference to Palestinians should haunt you all.

  72. KathJuliane May 24, 2021 @ 1:29 pm

    Dear Ted,

    I don’t know what VT is doing claiming these videos are “exclusive” out of Israel other than to use them as click bait, but I’ve looked at both videos several times, and this is what I came up with.

    Neither videos are out of Israel.

    The first one is not “the only video so far showing street fighting the media censored 100%.”

    The first video appears to me to be a mashup of scenes from the Iraqi insurgency of 2003-2011 against US occupation, and the Turkish riots of 2013. While I can’t pin down a source for the video through image searches, the vid had an Iraqi multi-sectarian insurrection fighting on the Baghdad streets vibe to it.

    One fighter is wearing a t-shirt with the portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini, so presumably he was a Shi’ite. Iraqi Shi’ites did form militias in the Iraqi insurrection.

    There are very, very few Palestinian Shi’ites, if any exist at all. The vast majority of Palestinian Muslims (or all) are nominally Sunnis, although there are secular and even socialist Palestinians. There used to be Palestinian Shia Twelvers in 7 villages along the border with Lebanon after Sykes-Picot, but the Jews ethnically cleansed them back in 1949, so they moved north into southern Lebanon where extended families and clans are, becoming Lebanese citizens.

    So, no Muslim Palestinian would be wearing an Ayatollah Khomeini T-shirt now.

    I’m no expert, and the videos are both bad quality, but the armored military vehicles being attacked with Molotov cocktails look more like US military or NATO than Israeli.

    The street fighting is taking place more wide open urban landscapes than Israel and Palestine have, as well as the flatness of the landscape, that the street fighting was taking place and the flatness of the land clothing, especially young males wearing track suits with stripes down the side.

    In later scenes, there is a white, boxy water canon truck (or trucks) being attacked with molotov cocktails. While I couldn’t find an exact match, it most closely resembles those owned by the Turkish government. Maybe earlier model from 8 years ago.

    Israel’s water canon and skunk water canons look to be painted a dark grey, and have an entirely different body style.

    Also, there was some kind of street sign in one scene. The lettering wasn’t Arabic or Hebrew. It was blurry, but it looked like Turkish lettering, so probably 2013 rioting.

    While there’s a lot going on inside Israel, nothing in the way of armed insurgency is occurring like what VT claims.

    There have been some lone wolf Palestinian knife attacks and civilian vehicle assault operations at IDF and police checkpoints, all of whom have been “liquidated” into Palestinian martyrs.

    In the meantime, the Israeli police thugs are back at harassing and arresting Muslim Palestinians in the Noble Sanctuary, and escorted over a hundred Jewish settlers on the Noble Sanctuary as a provocation.

    Right now what’s truly happening, per various Telegram accounts in the Middle East (including Hamas), is that Netanyahu has kicked of “Operation Law & Order”, and 22 West Bank Palestinians have been abducted (business as usual).

    What’s novel is the major roundup of young Palestinian Israeli citizens inside Israhell proper, especially in Lod, where surprise protests, riots and general civil unrest broke out in solidarity with the Jerusalemites and Gaza.

    Armed settler lynch mobs were bused in to attack Arabs on the streets and homes lynching them out of vehicles and apartments, assisted by the police, and Arabs started forming their own self-defense groups, striking out in retaliation, destroying Jewish businesses.

    The mayor of Lod declared that the situation inside the city was verging on civil war. Oy veh, it was another kristalnacht.

    Something like 500 Palestinian Israeli citizen youth who peacefully protested and organized sit-ins in protest of the bombing of Gaza, as is their civil right under Israeli law (including at least one 10-year old) are currently being arrested on detention orders, to be kept indefinitely imprisoned for “discipline” without charges.

    As Israeli citizens, this is something that they’ve not suffered before, having stayed out of the fray for 70+ years. Many of them are being carted off smiling.

    The Palestinian Israeli citizens are are now going to experience what the West Bank and Gaza go through, life under a police state. And, the IDF and internal security are doing something that the Jews are very good at doing. Picking on and arresting children.

    Quds News Network:

    In the meantime in Gaza, there are huge victory celebrations and rallies being held for the Palestinian Resistance and their joint operations paramilitaries.

    (This should bring up the Israel is a War Criminal post on their channel without having to go to Telegram itself if you don’t have an account).

    Per the Quds News Network: there was another funeral today for 4 Hamas fighters retrieved from tunnels that the IDF crushed over near Khan Younis.

    Quds News Network: Young volunteers of both genders in #Gaza are continuing their campaign to clean up the roads and public spaces in the Strip from the rubble caused by the recent Israeli aggression.

    [ Album ]
    Despite the massive destruction caused by Israeli airstrikes [on the coast], Palestinians in the war-torn #Gaza Strip insist on enjoying some of their free time at beachside cafes.

    [ Video ]
    “We will rebuild #Gaza.” A beautiful initiative by the youth of Gaza has kicked off right after the Israeli aggression against the besieged Strip ended. They are helping the municipality teams in cleaning all the mess caused by the Israeli war machinery.

    Quds News Network has been around for a long time as a semi-official Palestinian/Gaza news service. Website:

    People who have had their homes blown to bits have salvaged some furniture and are sitting down in cleared space in the rubble to coffee and sharing houka and talk.

    This is what’s going on in the Sheik Jarra neighborhood that the Jewish settlers are trying to take over and the Israeli police have closed off
    [ Video ]
    Despite the closure imposed on the neighborhood by the occupation regime, Palestinians draw a mural in the #SheikhJarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem


    An update of the total victims of the israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip (as of a few minutes ago)

    Monday 24/5/2021
    10:30 pm IDT

    253 martyrs, including 66 children, 39 women and 17 elderly, in addition to 1948 suffering various wounds.


    As for the boy being “strangled”, I doubt that’s what’s happening in this video. The Israeli Jews, who believe its better to kill their enemies as children so they don’t get a chance to become grown up enemies, do a lot of nasty, rotten things to kids, but this isn’t one of them.

    The kid’s yelling and screaming through the whole thing, so his breathing is ok.

    The man looks more like an EMS or other first responder with the reflective stripes on the pants and the yellow vest, and not like a highly militarized Israeli cop. That’s not the type of uniform that Israeli police wear, even their soft uniforms.

    The uniform patch isn’t an Israeli police patch, which is dark blue in color with white or silver embroidery, and has a prominent Magen David. I couldn’t make out the patch symbol very well, but it somewhat resembled the Egyptian national emblem which has an eagle.

    It doesn’t look like a Palestinian National Authority police patch, either.

    Years ago, when I was younger and more fit, I worked for awhile as a counselor in a juvenile group home with some very disturbed kids who sometimes acted out and went off, and we’d have to try to restrain them bodily and get control of their arms, which wasn’t easy or even pretty to do. They’d try to bite, and they would bang their heads on the floor and spit, which meant we had to try to pin their heads down to keep them from doing that.

    So, I can’t say exactly what’s going on in this video clip, and being a short one, there’s no other context.

    But I can identify with what this first responder may have been doing, getting control of a kid who was acting out. Towards the end of the video, a second person came in to try to get ahold of the boy’s legs.

    I’m fairly certain of one thing, that being so public, there would have been a lot of yelling going on about what he was doing. If the uniformed man had been a Israeli cop, no Palestinian man would have stood by just watching an alyahudi kill a child with his bare hands.

    There’s a lot going on right now, but it is in no way close to a total insurgency like what happened in Iraq. If the Jews are so stupid and foolish as to attempt a ground invasion and occupation of Gaza, then we might see that all over Israel. Israel is now surrounded on three borders by Palestinian nationalists in the refugee camps: Lebanon, Syria, & Jordan.

    Now with the Palestinian citizens of Israel’s “interior” — the Palestinians within the ’48 boundaries who have never reacted in 73 years, the ’48 Palestinians — rising up and unifying with Gaza and West Bank Occupied Territories (’67 Palestinians), the Jews really have their knickers in a bunch, now that the youth of their tame “Arab Israelis” rose up in defiance and solidarity with the Jerusalemites.

  73. KathJuliane May 24, 2021 @ 3:34 pm

    Nasty, evil, filthy alyahudi culture destroyers.

    “100,000 books buried under this concrete.”


    ‘The Beautiful Face of Gaza’; Why Israel Bombed Samir Mansour’s Library (PHOTOS)

    Palestine Chronicle

    By Mahmoud Ajjour – Gaza

    Last Tuesday, an Israeli air raid turned Samir Mansour’s library into a heap of rubble after serving for many years as a primary intellectual source for Palestinian authors, researchers, and students.

    Prior to the destruction of the library, a reader could find an endless list of books, whether scholarly books, religious volumes, or a large number of translated international works – Russian literature, English novels, or South American authors.

    But it all ended at about 5 AM on Tuesday, May 18. Samir Mansour, the owner of the library, was sitting watching television when he learned that the Israeli military had made a telephone call to warn Palestinians that the entire building was about to be bombed.

    Mansour, in his 50s, rushed towards the library as if he was ready to stop the bombs with his bare hands. Nearly 200 meters away, he realized the futility of his quest. He stopped, retreated, and watched the whole thing happen.

    In the early 1980s, Mansour was only 15 years old when he assumed his first job, helping his father with the library. In 2000, he developed his father’s project further by establishing a publishing house, which later became an essential outlet for Palestinian authors and educators, especially after the hermetic blockade on the Gaza Strip in 2006.

    But now, nothing is left but smashed chairs and mutilated books.

    “40 years of my life were destroyed in a second,” Mansour said while clinching tightly on his cigarette.

    There are 100,000 books buried under this mountain of concrete,” he added. “And for what? Not only my library had nothing to do with any political party or group, I myself do not have any personal affiliation with any party or group.”

    “I lived through two popular uprisings and three Israeli wars against Gaza, but this never happened before. They never destroyed my library. This is a war on Palestinian culture and education.”

    Dr. Mahmoud Assaf is one of the publishing company’s most popular and read authors. “The first book I have ever bought was in this library, and the first book I have ever authored was published by this library.

    “This library was not only an expression of Gaza’s intellectual community but the intellectual identity of all Palestinians everywhere. It is the beautiful face of Gaza,” he said.

    “I will never forget that my first book was published here. I was so honored and so excited. Since then, I published 15 different volumes here, focusing on science and education, but the Israeli military machine pulverized everything.

    “They killed the dreams of a whole generation that was linked to this library. But we will rebuild it, we will rebuild it better than it was. They destroy and we rebuild. It has always been this way.”

  74. KathJuliane May 24, 2021 @ 4:14 pm

    So after the truce was set, one condition of which was to keep Jews off of the Noble Sanctuary (historically Fortress Antonia under Herod and Praetorium under the Romans) which was promptly broken the second day of the 3-day truce, right after the Israeli police stormed Al Aqsa Mosque (again) and assaulted and beat people at their morning prayers.

    Not only that, a bit later, special forces escorted dozens of Jewish settlers storming the compound.

    “And the Jewish settlers groups called again for destroying Al Aqsa mosque, the third holiest mosque for Muslims, stressing that destroying residential buildings in Gaza does not help them. However, destroying the holy mosque would help.”

    Which would be a very stupid idea, considering the fact that most of West Asia is now part of the Axis of Resistance, with the liberation of Palestine as primary goal, and to around 1 billion Muslims, the Noble Sanctuary is the third most holiest site in all of Islam.

    Israhell is currently holding 26 Palestinian journalists in administrative detention as well — for doing their job.

  75. KathJuliane May 25, 2021 @ 12:38 am

    Dear Ted,

    This is the arrest of the 10-year old Palestinian boy that I mentioned earlier. He and his family are Israeli citizens, so he is being arrested by the civilian police inside Israhell.

    Thank the Lord it’s not the jackass military police of the occupied Palestine Territories under martial law.

    Officers are wearing the navy blue soft civilian police uniform. At 17 seconds, the male officer’s arm patch is visible for a split second and the hexagram inside a circle in white or silver stitch stands out as very bright.

    It doesn’t match up with what can be seen of the patch on the emergency services worker in the VT video.

    From Lebanon News & Updates Telegram

    [ Video ]
    “Israeli Occupation police even arrested people as young as 10 years old.

    They are terrorizing even the youth.”

    The police contact is cordial and low-key. Not the usual scene out of Israhell. The officers may be Arabs which is why they are so polite. The boys younger sisters are extremely upset about him being arrested and put in a police vehicle.

  76. KathJuliane May 25, 2021 @ 7:52 pm

    Have we reached peak Clown World yet?

    No, not yet.

    LGBTQIA+ is sliding down the talk show host’s couch to make room for the N’s, gender non-binaries who are into “gender unassignment” (voluntarily undergoing surgical emasculation and becoming eunuchs).


    The latest, disturbing trend amongst gender-bender narcissists? Becoming a ‘nullo’ or a “smoothie” (archaically “eunuchs”) by voluntarily having one’s genitals surgically removed.



    25 May, 2021

    By Joanna Williams

    Might we soon have to add an N to the alphabet soup of LGBTQIA+? The number of ‘genital modification enthusiasts’ who favour complete ‘nullification’ is on the rise, as doctors promise to create “relatively smooth genital areas.”

    Exciting news! Lego, the much-loved purveyor of tiny plastic bricks, is launching a brand new set. The ‘Everyone Is Awesome’ kit includes the usual array of blocks and figurines. But the brightly coloured pieces are intended to do far more than simply get children’s creative juices flowing.

    ‘Everyone Is Awesome’ is Lego’s first LGBTQIA+ set. The colours of the blocks have been chosen to reflect the rainbow gay pride flag, with the addition of pale blue, white and pink blocks to represent the trans community, and black and brown bricks to “acknowledge the diversity of skin tones and backgrounds within the LGBTQIA+ community.”

    The same colours are used for the set’s tiny model people. The purple figurine comes complete with an elaborately large wig in what, according to the set’s designer, “is a clear nod to all the fabulous drag queens out there.” But the rest are deliberately gender neutral so they can “express individuality, while remaining ambiguous.”

    In other words, the tiny, smooth, plastic creations are made according to one unisex mould. There are no bumps or bulges to indicate genitals or breasts.

    Good! This ambiguity is exactly what makes Lego such a great toy. As many frustrated parents know, you can spend a fortune on a pestered-for kit, only for children to tip the pieces onto the floor and make something completely different.

    The bricks allow children to exercise their imagination and create a world of their own. My sincere hope is that children gifted ‘Everyone Is Awesome’ cast one glance at the woke rainbow design and build a space rocket instead.

    Meanwhile, the grown-ups should leave them to get on with it. Only, it turns out, not all adults do, in fact, grow up. There is, apparently, a large AFOL (Adult Fans of Lego) community. And GAYFOLs have given the new Lego set the thumbs up.

    I worry about these people and not just because adults should have better things to do than play with toys. Children seem instinctively to understand that Lego is for constructing fantasies and that there is a difference between reality and imagination. Not even four-year-olds think you can really journey to the moon in a Lego space rocket.

    Some adults, on the other hand, seem a little more confused. They need to see their own identity literally represented in plastic blocks. And they seem to think the purpose of Lego is to make political points about diversity and inclusion.

    Worse still, it seems that some adults look upon the gender-neutral, genital-free, perfectly smooth Lego figurines not as blank slate characters designed to nudge the imagination, but as a template for reality.

    They see Lego people, or larger but just as smooth and plastic dolls like Action Man or Ken, not as fantasy figures but models to emulate.
    ‘Nullo’ or ‘smoothie’ is the term for men who voluntarily undergo surgery to have their genitals removed.

    Although still highly niche, the number of ‘genital modification enthusiasts’ is, apparently, growing.

    Gregg (not his real name) spoke to Queerty about his experience of nullification surgery. He describes how doctors remove a patient’s testicles, scrotum and penis before they, “essentially just sew the skin up into a very tight vertical line which kind of fades away. If the surgeon’s great, there’s no scar at the end of it, and they relocate the urethra down to kind of between your legs.”

    Members of the nullo community are not transgender; they are not looking to replace a penis with a vagina – although studies suggest that some later come to identify as women. More identify as gender neutral.

    Align Surgical Associates, a US-based medical practice specialising in gender realignment surgery, explains:

    “While many patients might be interested in transitioning into either a male or female identity, there are plenty of individuals who feel that their gender identity does not quite conform in one direction or the other. Gender nullification surgery can enable non-conforming patients to enjoy a relatively smooth genital area.”

    Nullification is presented as a way for gender non-conforming people “to enjoy a body that looks closer on the outside to the way they feel on the inside.”

    Many of us want a body that looks on the outside the way we feel on the inside. This is what motivates me to get out of bed and go for a run most mornings. But, at the same time, we accept the physical reality and the limitations of the body we have.

    No matter how much I run, I will never become any taller or younger. My breasts won’t get larger and neither will I become male.

    Sure, people ‘enhance’ their bodies with make-up, diet and exercise regimes, and sometimes even with wrinkle-reducing injections or plastic surgery.

    But enhancing your appearance is not the same as denying reality. Having your genitals ‘nullified’ is to refuse to accept the fundamental biological and social reality of being male or female. It is to insist that the world conforms to you, rather than you bending to the world as it is.

    There is a narcissism to assuming that the physical constraints of the body should not be allowed to stop your fantasies coming true. Likewise, the practice of removing perfectly healthy body parts from such fantasists is, at best, ethically questionable.

    Lego’s message that ‘everyone is awesome’ is nice. But wouldn’t it be even nicer if we could all be awesome with our genitals still intact?

    Joanna Williams is the founder of the think tank Cieo. She is the author of Women vs Feminism, Why We All Need Liberating From the Gender Wars and is a regular columnist for Spiked.


    On the one hand, I don’t see the downside to medical emasculation as long as nullos, a extreme subgroup of the body modification community, did it before they had children, and thereby neatly remove themselves from the gene pool.

    On the other hand, some nullos feel heightened sexual excitement that comes from being a nullo, walking further on the kinky farside of nullo fetishism and helping others become nullos to keep their own sexual excitement going.

    Which essentially means those who are pedophiliacs before being gender unassigned can still prey on at-risk underage boys and youth, and groom them to join a fetishist band of eunuchs by first running them through puberty blocker medical castration with so-called transgender kids, and then surgery after the age of 18.


  77. KathJuliane May 27, 2021 @ 7:59 pm

    This is the treatment you can expect if you are simply a hard-working, blue-collar, Main Street-type of patriotic Christian American who goes against the system from now on for no other “crime” than opposing and protesting the Antichrist system.

    You will be locked in a cage 23 hours a day, beaten by leftist, anti-Christian, anti-white, woke, and minority prison guards or their proxie prisoner favorites, mentally and spiritually tortured day in and day out, especially if you’re in a “progressive” city like Washington, DC and are arrested by the feds.

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons is under the ultimate jurisdiction of the Department of Justice, and today the Attorney General is the liberal Jew, Merrick Garland, to whom every conservative white man is a racist and “white supremacist” terrorist, and so are the rest of the 500,000 January 6 protestors.

    Just remember, the judge in Julian Assange’s case said he wouldn’t extradite Assange to America, because putting someone in the American prison system was a human rights violation.

    Civil rights and due process while in administrative detention awaiting trial after being denied bail for what are petty crimes and minor felonies at worst, are flying out the window because you are a political prisoner now.

    No protestor was responsible for the death of anyone.

    Only one person was murdered at the Capitol that day. That was unarmed, completely harmless patriotic protester Ashli Babbit, executed by a Capitol Police officer, reportedly a black lieutenant, identity still unknown, to whom she posed no proximate threat when she climbed through the broken window of the door farthest from the shooter when she was shot halfway through.


    Attorneys Reveal Ruthless ‘Torture’ of Imprisoned Capitol Riot Suspects, One Left Partially Blind with His Face Smashed Like a Tomato

    Western Journal

    One of the hallmarks of the American justice system used to be its systematic commitment to fairness at all levels.

    There was a time when individuals who were accused of a crime were presumed innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of the personal and political beliefs of a prison guard or a corrections officer, U.S. prisoners were expected to be treated with respect and their rights maintained while behind bars.

    If the stories about the brutal treatment endured by some of the Capitol incursion suspects are true, then justice itself is becoming the latest casualty in the left’s war on America.

    According to a Politico report, attorneys for defendants in the incursion say one suspect, Ryan Samsel, was beaten so severely by corrections officers at a Washington, D.C., jail, that he is now said to be partially blind.

    Another suspect, Ronald Sandlin, appeared in court last week and described conditions at the D.C. jail where many of them are being held. According to Politico, the defendant said tensions “are running high between guards and inmates” and they are “locked in their cells with virtually no human contact for 23 hours a day.”

    Sandlin appeared remotely Tuesday for a bail hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich, Politico reported. He told her that “the guards have subjected those charged in the Jan. 6 events to violence, threats and verbal harassment” … and “mental torture.”

    “Myself and others involved in the Jan. 6 incident are scared for their lives, not from each other but from correctional officers,” Sandlin said, according to Politico. “I don’t understand how this is remotely acceptable.”

    Referring to Samsel, Sandlin said he “was severely beaten by correctional officers, [is now] blind in one eye, has a skull fracture and a detached retina,” Politico reported.

    Sandlin said that another suspect, Richard Barnett, 60, who was photographed during the riot with his feet up on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk, was “tackled to the ground” by a guard. Barnett was charged with “entering the Capitol with a stun gun,” entering Pelosi’s office and “stealing a piece of mail from her office.”

    Sandlin also spoke of the racial tensions between the guards, who are primarily minority, and the suspects, who are mostly white.

    One guard shouted, “I hate all white people and your honky religion,” Sandlin said, according to Politico.

    Politico noted that several of the incursion suspects have been “publicly accused of membership in or association with white supremacist groups.”

    Sandlin, who posted photos “of himself smoking a joint in the Capitol Rotunda, is accused of tussling with multiple U.S. Capitol Police officers guarding the Senate chamber and trying to rip the helmet off of one of them,” Politico reported.

    According to Politico, Samsel, “who is currently on parole in Pennsylvania and is wanted for an unrelated alleged assault in New Jersey, is charged with toppling barricades on top of police officers, telling one, “We don’t have to hurt you, why are you standing in our way?’”

    Attorneys for Samsel and Barnett told Politico they confirmed the events that Sandlin had discussed with the judge. One of Barnett’s attorneys, Joseph McBride of New York said, “There is a pattern of abuse and of targeting of the defendants who are being held pursuant to what happened on Jan. 6. It is targeted. It is ruthless. It is nonstop.”

    The Washington Post spoke to Steven Metcalf, one of Samsel’s attorneys on Tuesday.

    “This is unjustified, and the way that these guys are being treated is completely unreasonable, it’s wholly unconstitutional,” Metcalf said, according to The Post. “It doesn’t matter what these guys are being charged with. All of these guys are still pretrial detention. They have not been convicted of any crimes. And this is what they’ve been forced to endure.”

    Metcalf said he had learned about the incident from Samsel. On March 20, Samsel had complained that it had “taken hours” for the guards to bring him toilet paper, according to The Post.

    “An argument ensued,” the newspaper reported. “That evening, according to Metcalf, Samsel was moved to another cell. Around midnight, the lawyer said, two guards came to that cell, restrained Samsel’s arms behind his back with zip-tie handcuffs and ‘beat him to a bloody pulp.’”

    “Samsel did not regain consciousness until the next day, according to Metcalf, and has since suffered seizures for the first time in his life,” The Post reported. “His nose was allegedly broken, his jaw dislocated and his vision in one eye damaged. Metcalf said he saw Samsel by video two weeks later, and his client’s face was still black and blue and the skin around his wrists stripped off.”

    According to The Post, the D.C. Department of Corrections issued a statement that said the jail “takes the safety and well-being of all residents, staff, and contractors extremely seriously. We are aware of the allegation made by an inmate and it is under investigation by the Department of Justice.”

    According to the Cornell Law School website, even convicted prisoners are entitled to some citizenship rights. First and foremost, they are protected under the Eighth Amendment from cruel and unusual punishment. They are also entitled to due process, appeals and other rights — including the presumption of innocence.

    While these stories have not yet been proven, we know that law enforcement has been hyperfocused on rounding up and prosecuting as many individuals associated with the Capitol incursion as possible and holding them under questionable conditions.

    And many of us wonder why the treatment afforded these men and women is so different from the way law enforcement and the mainstream media treated those who participated in the riots that took place in the summer and fall of 2020, which caused death, injury and billions of dollars worth of property damage throughout the U.S.

  78. KathJuliane June 6, 2021 @ 11:03 am

    A Cascadian Confederacy?

    Abbeville Institute

    By Cole Branham

    Nearly two weeks ago, five counties in Oregon voted to approve a measure to secede from the state and join its neighbor Idaho. The counties of Malheur, Sherman, Baker, Grant, and Lake joined Jefferson and Union county who had already voted in favor of similar measures last year.

    According to, “the ballot measures are a part of an effort to move the Oregon/Idaho border to extend Idaho’s jurisdiction over rural, conservative counties of eastern and southern Oregon. The ballot measures are intended to put pressure on the state legislatures of Oregon and Idaho to negotiate an interstate compact to relocate their common border.”

    The effort is headed by “Citizens for Greater Idaho”. Eastern and southern Oregon is considerably more rural than its western and coastal counterpart, naturally lending to its conservatism. While Joe Biden won Oregon’s electoral college votes easily, the seven counties that voted in favor of moving the border and joining Idaho handed Donald Trump nearly 70% and 80% of the vote in the 2020 election.[1]

    The election results regarding the measure are even more telling with the average “in-favor” vote accruing at 62% with an average of 43% voter turnout, almost twice as high as statewide turnout in the May election.

    Citizens for Greater Idaho president Mike McCarter stated, “this election proves that rural Oregon wants out of Oregon. If Oregon really believes in liberal values such as self-determination, the Legislature won’t hold our counties captive against our will….If we’re allowed to vote for which government officials we want, we should be allowed to vote for which government we want as well.”[2]

    The counties of Harney and Douglas will vote on similar measures later this year. If they follow the pattern established by the other seven, then nine counties of Oregon’s 36 would constitute a quarter of the state looking to break away.

    While counties in Oregon seek to leave Oregon, this isn’t a secession in the historical sense of the term. There have been several secession attempts over the years, it has usually been whole states seeking to file a petition to leave the country and not counties seeking to withdraw from their state.

    And since establishment conservatives and the Left have collectively squashed discussion of secession since 1865, this case is different because the Oregon counties seek to move a state border, encompassing them in a friendlier political climate while remaining in the United States.

    What is happening in Oregon is not an isolated incident, at least not mentally. Many people who live in rural or less populated regions of large states feel their voice isn’t heard and are treated like backward-looking scum by the densely populated, urban or coastal elite.

    Although not widely acknowledged politically until 2016, the gap between rural and urban, industrial and agrarian is nothing new. Many of the grievances expressed by rural voters and Trump voters echo our southern forefathers and express political distaste with unfettered free enterprise, unrestricted immigration, over-subsidized farming, and the widespread attack on local institutions.

    While these issues do not necessarily reflect the concerns and grievances of the Southern people in 1860, American’s concern and dissatisfaction with the current system does reveal an unconscious interest in “the southern tradition”.

    Continue Reading:

  79. KathJuliane June 8, 2021 @ 8:43 am

    Never Forget Israel’s Deliberate & Knowing Attack on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967 with 34 Americans killed and 174 injured.

    This attack on an unarmed US naval communications vessel in international waters is an undeclared act of war against the United States which has never adequately been investigated, nor redressed, occuring under the complicit Judaized administration of the Israel-worshiping President Lyndon Baines Johnson with his tacit approval.

    And, our “betters” still give away $4 billion per year in military aid, and unknown more billions of dollars as grants, in the form of loans to Tel Aviv which are subsequently never repaid and the debt forgiven every year, while the Jew Lobby applauds and the average Zio-christian cheers.



    Today marks anniversary of the Israeli Air Force & Navy attack on USS Liberty, a US Navy technical research ship, on 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War.

    Does America remember how Israelis killed 34 US [Navy seamen]?

    Why do US leaders prefer Israeli interests to their own people?
    2:06 AM · Jun 8, 2021

    Global Resistance News (Ali)

    Today is the anniversary of when “israel” intentionally attacked the USS Liberty in order to blame it on the Egyptians.

    34 Americans were killed and the survivors were all given gag orders to keep quiet as President Johnson covered it up.

    Yet, as you can see, there are more prominent Iranian academics & lecturers on social media standing for the truth about this event than American officials.

    What does that say about American officials when Iranians care more about Americans than the politicians do?

  80. KathJuliane June 8, 2021 @ 11:08 am

    “They slowly lumbered over our ship. We waved at them. They waved at us.”

    “They’re our friends. We thought we were safe. Actually, it was a secure feeling to see [the Israeli air force].”

    How Israeli Jews treat their best friend and ally:

    IDF pilot to war room: “But sir, it’s an American ship – I can see the flag!”

    “War room to IDF pilot: Never mind; hit her!”


    New Documentary Proves Israel Knew USS Liberty was American

    American Free Press

    November 17, 2014

    • American-Jewish cover-up proved U.S.-Israeli relationship stronger than killing and injuring of more than 200 Americans.

    By Dave Gahary —

    Last month, the American arm of the Arabic news network Al Jazeera produced and ran on cable networks across the country, a 51-minute special program called The Day Israel attacked America, where they investigated “the shocking truth behind a deadly Israeli attack on a U.S. naval vessel,” the USS Liberty.

    In it they produce audio tapes, never before broadcast, that prove Israel knew all along they were attacking an American ship. The program also shows how little the Israelis who planned and carried out the attack thought of their sole benefactor, savior and ally, the United States of America.

    AMERICAN FREE PRESS readers are of course quite familiar with the background story of Liberty, which the documentary covers:

    The seven reconnaissance flights prior to the attack occurred helped ID the vessel; the attacking planes were clearly Israeli, which made the Liberty crew feel secure; the American flag was flying, the Holiday Colors in fact, a huge American flag; it was a bright, clear, sunny day with the wind blowing; the Israelis jammed the Liberty’s distress frequencies, a violation of international law; the Israeli jets used napalm; Israeli torpedo boats were clearly marked with Stars of David, as they machine-gunned the Liberty’s life rafts using armor-piercing projectiles.

    But now, new Israeli records obtained by Al Jazeera show Israel was 100% aware Liberty was a U.S. vessel. “The reconnaissance plane reported the Liberty as an American spy ship, hull number GTR5,” revealed the program.

    Al Jazeera also got their hands on real-time audio tapes, which are both informative and sickening, especially when one considers that these transmissions were made while men were dead and dying.

    From one audio tape obtained by Al Jazeera, a pilot and the control tower discussed using napalm on Liberty with sexual innuendos:

    Pilot: Does he screw her or not?

    Control Tower: He goes down on her with low napalm.

    In another, “the Israeli military argued about what should happen next and who should sink the Liberty,” again with ruthless and evil language.

    Control Tower: We don’t need more aircraft for the attack. Enough.

    Pilots and Control Tower: Let’s leave something for the Navy to do.

    This program leaves little doubt “the Israeli Control Tower knew for certain this was an American ship.”

    Pilot: What state does the ship belong to?

    Control Tower: American.

    Besides the slaughter which left “body parts and blood streaming down the bulkheads,” perhaps the most revealing and some would say revolting part of the program was when American-Jewish influence was highlighted in the cover-up.

    “As soon as the news reached Washington, the attack on the Liberty instantly triggered a domestic political crisis,” explained the narrator. “According to documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, one solution suggested in American government circles, was to sink the Liberty so journalists could not photograph it and inflame public opinion against the Israelis.”

    Initially, President Lyndon B. Johnson briefed Newsweek magazine off-the-record that the Israelis had attacked Liberty because they thought it was an intelligence ship that was intercepting communications. When it was leaked that LBJ was Newsweek’s source, influential American Jews positioned deep within the U.S government, swung into action on the orders of the Israeli Embassy.

    “Declassified Israeli documents show they were going to threaten President Johnson with blood libel, gross anti-Semitism,” reported the program. “And that would end his political career.”

    Blood libel is an accusation that Jews kidnapped and murdered Christian children to use their blood as part of their religious rituals during Jewish holidays.

    Several Liberty survivors as well as Admiral Bobby Ray Inman had a big part in the documentary.

    “The Jewish community has always been more generous than many of their other counterparts in supporting, financially, elections, political causes, and in the process, that does translate into influence,” explained Inman.

    “Around the time of the attack,” the program pointed out, “The Washington Post had noted that the ‘Jewish lobby’ could help determine the outcome of 169 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House.”

    Al Jazeera also uncovered the secret identities of powerful American Jews spying on the U.S. for Israel.

    “Many of Johnson’s closest friends and advisors were pro-Israeli, and they reported back to Tel Aviv on his every move,” reported the program, using code names to protect the identity of their White House agents.

    “‘Hamlet’ was Abe Feinberg. ‘Menashe’ was Arthur Goldberg, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. ‘Harari’ was David Ginsberg, a high-profile Washington lawyer who also represented the Israeli Embassy. ‘Ilan’ was Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas.”

    “The strategy worked,” explained the documentary. “The U.S.-Israeli relationship proved to be stronger than the killing and injuring of more than 200 Americans.”

    “The crucial intelligence,” explained the program, “came from Goldberg, who “warned Tel Aviv that the U.S. had the audio tape which revealed Israeli pilots knew it was an American ship before they attacked. The tape was quietly buried.”

    With LBJ controlled, Israel’s American-Jewish spies turned their sights to the Liberty inquiries.

    “Israeli tactics were clever. They identified Johnson’s soft spot, the war in Vietnam, and gave him two extraordinary gifts, neither of which was made public at the time.”

    The first, influential U.S. Jews softened their criticism of the Vietnam war, which was a thorn in Johnson’s side. And second, with no effort at all, the Israelis captured Egyptian surface-to-air missiles, the same ones used by the North Vietnamese to bring down U.S. aircraft, including the launchers and maintenance manuals, and delivered them to LBJ.

    “So grateful was the American government,” explained the documentary, “that they gave two gifts in return: they resupplied them with the weapons they had just lost in the war, and the Liberty inquiry run by the Department of Defense was watered down.” This impacted the U.S. Navy inquiry as well.

    Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.


    Must see:

    The Day Israel Attacked America (Video & documentary background)

    Al Jazeera investigates the shocking truth behind a deadly Israeli attack on a US naval vessel.

    –Details from survivors of the attack on the US Liberty.
    –Audio recording of Israeli communications.
    –The deception of the US Government by bad actors in Israel.
    –The manipulation of US Government & the NWO Agenda of the Zionist Jews subverting US sovereignty.

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