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The Plight Of The Unvaxxed

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The Plight Of The Unvaxxed
May 20 2021

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Brother Nathanael @ May 20, 2021


  1. Brother Nathanael May 20, 2021 @ 12:25 pm


    The Plight Of The Unvaxxed

    Plandemic Road races down its slippery slope.

    We’ve slid into the pit where—when all were once forced to muzzle themselves with masks—suddenly those who are vaccinated can go unmuzzled.

    Who says so?

    The Jew says so.

    And all the goyim say:

    The Jews are so smart, they got my best interests at heart. [Clip]

    [”I want to provide you an update regarding CDC’s guidance for fully vaccinated people. Over the course of the pandemic we are continuously gathering data and evidence to inform our guidance and decision making. We now have numerous reports in the literature that demonstrate the safety and real world effectiveness of the authorized vaccines.”]


    What the hell does that mean?

    The FDA never approved any of them.

    That’s ‘real-world’ experimentation on American guinea pigs. [Clip]

    [”On this line, there are three recently published studies. One from Israel published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, or JAMA, on the top, and two from the United States, both published in the CDC’s morbidity and mortality weekly report, which all show that COVID-19 vaccine works.”]

    Except for the ones who’ve dropped dead.

    And why is Israel on top, and America on the bottom?

    Some might call that rape.

    Either way, you’re being screwed.

    And if COVID vaccines “work,” why are women bleeding after menopause, men having strokes, and both genders dying from the jab?

    That’s population control at its finest to harness Jewish power, and so, yes, they ‘work,’ for Yids only.

    And this Yid says you can be mask-free, if you let the needle to mess with your genes.[Clip]

    [”Considering all of these factors, the data on vaccine effectiveness, the science on their abilities to protect against circulating variants, and our growing understanding of the low risk of transmission to others, combined with universal access to the vaccines for those 12 and older, today, CDC is updating our guidance for fully vaccinated people. Anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities large or small without wearing a mask or physical distancing. If you are fully vaccinated, you can start doing the things you had stopped doing because of the pandemic. We have all longed for this moment when we can get back to some sense of normalcy. Based on the continuing downward trajectory of cases, the scientific data on the performance of our vaccines, and our understanding of how the virus spreads, that moment has come for those who are fully vaccinated “]

    The Jew takes away ten and gives you back one…with a catch!

    That “moment you longed for” is only two syringes away.

    Oh, you lucky goy.

    And once the American boobs are all vaxed up, the Jew-owned media now see their chance and ask:

    “How do we know that those without a mask are ‘fully vaccinated?’

    Are they Trump supporters? Are they domestic extremists?”

    This is where it’s headed.

    If you’re not wearing a mask you are suspected of deception and will be forced to eventually ’show your papers’.

    Those targeted will be patriots, conservatives, staunch Christians, and Anti-Vaxxers, people who believe in body sanctity, and not experimental vaccines inducing genetic modification.

    And this one’s going to be a game changer. [Clip]

    [”Following the CDC’s new mask guidelines, Delta CEO Ed Bastian is putting vaccinations at work in the spotlight. Delta has converted its flight museum into one of Georgia’s mass vaccination sites. And Bastian says Delta will strongly encourage current employees to get vaccinated. But new hires won’t have an option.” “Any person joining Delta in the future, future employee, we’re going to mandate they be vaccinated before they, they can sign up with the company.”]

    The pit deepens.

    You think mandated vaccines for employment will end with Delta?

    Soon the other airlines will join in—the government will protect them—and then the big chains, Costco, Wall Mart, Whole Foods, Target, Amazon, will burrow the trench even deeper.

    You can’t ‘buy or sell’ without a job unless you take the jab.

    And they’re the only jobs left.

    You’re forever a second class citizen reduced to beggary.

    You think Big Brother will side with your freedom to choose?

    They’ll pass it off on big business and say, “It’s their decision,” while giving them all the tax breaks they need.

    And with the Jew COVID Czars—Zeintz, Slavitt, CDC head, Walensky, and Garland at the Department of Jewish Justice, who will marginalize the “unvaxxed,” you’ve got as much chance to get a job as a dog looking for a bone at a Whole Foods salad bar.

    This is life under the feds for the unvaxxed.

    It’s not a happy plight.

    There’s no way out except for regions to secede and get out from under the tyranny of Jew-run Washington DC.

    Seceded regions will enable its citizens to enjoy the bounty of a nation now encapsulated, contracted, and protected, in autonomous borders.

    The freedom to refuse Jewish aggression is the gateway to secession.

  2. Brother Nathanael May 20, 2021 @ 12:26 pm

    This video can be watched @
    (LiveLeak no longer exists)

  3. Brother Nathanael May 20, 2021 @ 12:31 pm

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  4. Ted Gorsline May 20, 2021 @ 12:54 pm

    There are two ways to tell if the jews are lying.

    1) Their lips are moving.

    2) They say “this is CNN.”

  5. Brother Nathanael May 20, 2021 @ 1:12 pm

    About to go belly up

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  6. Steve May 20, 2021 @ 2:21 pm

    Secession Won’t Work!

    As the article below states, weaponized drones carrying spike proteins can be unleashed anywhere, especially upon the trouble-making Christian conservatives!

    So now what do you recommend?


  7. Ft. Nolan May 20, 2021 @ 2:31 pm

    I will not get vaxxed in a box, I will not get vaxxed with a fox.
    I will not get vaxxed on a boat, I will not get vaxxed with a goat.
    I will not get vaxxed here nor there, I will not get vaxxed anywhere!
    I will not get vaxxed for anything phony, I will not get vaxxed, you got that Tony?

    Your See-Dee-See has no cred,
    Experimental injections will only leave me dead.
    You threaten to stick a needle in my arm,
    Before you do, I will cause you much harm.

    “My body, my choice,” I can not select,
    So a twelve guage and nine mil I must use to protect.

    Blago slovi, Brother Nathanael!

  8. now is new May 20, 2021 @ 2:40 pm

    Arm bands for the injected.

    After all Shedding is real. Spike Proteins are not fussy where they move to.

  9. Brother Nathanael May 20, 2021 @ 2:42 pm



    I recommend:

    Secession Is The Only Way @

    How Secession Works @

    Prepping For Secession @

    LEW ROCKWELL (A friend of mine)

    Secession is Libertarian @

    Hope this helps, dear Steve, I’m not into conspiracy theories like some naysayers.


  10. Outsider May 20, 2021 @ 2:47 pm

    Increasingly, access to this and that will be forbidden for those who refuse to be vaccinated.

    They will be blamed for any new case. They will be perceived as dangerous threats to a “fully vaccinated” society. In other words, they will become pariahs.

    Sanitary insanity. Sanitary tyranny. Sanitary genocide.

  11. Pierre May 20, 2021 @ 3:04 pm

    Stay tuned for Part 2, the Opposite, now The Real Thing, like Freud and Coke, Barnays and WooHan Propaganda Panda, and Flip Flop Slip Slap Slop Fauci.

    No masks for the GMO Vaccinated is all the better for transference of what they are unnaturally exhaling. It’s a loaves and fishes thing for the Evil Doers.

    Big Question, what are the jews of Israel getting and how low will their highly subsidized birth rate go? Wait and see, but not on Jew media, at least not in a timely fashion.

  12. Michael Mazur May 20, 2021 @ 3:26 pm

    I don’t believe for a moment that Israelis, and Jews elsewhere, are getting the covid jab. Any stories out of Israel, or from Jews anywhere, of untoward reactions to the covid vax are a feint.

    They are getting hospital grade saline where the phial says Covid19 vaccine.

    Someone’s gotta inherit the earth after we’ve all been exterminated for our own good.

  13. KathJuliane May 20, 2021 @ 3:44 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thank you for a sobering look at the potential troubles for the Unvaxxed in what is shaping up to be a new apartheid society.

    I posted this on your previous Video webpage, but worth putting here.


    Magnets Sticking To Arms After Vaxx – Extremely Likely True

    Extremely likely true. From Robert Manotti Channel on Telegram. Manotti is a COVID Sanity and early therapeutic intervention activist, anti-global-democide-by-vaxx too.

    Manotti networks with ICAN and Frontline Doctors, and an extremely well-read relentless researcher on the science and medical literature. He has been shut down by many social media, the latest his LinkedIn account where he’s tried to post his research.

    A non-scientist, he and Dr. Michael Yeadon are very close now. These are posts from his Telegram channel.

    Iron nanoparticles + magnet = sticking magnet.


    Could this explain magnets sticking to people’s arms straight after injection?

    “To complete their vaccine, they combined this shortened spike with nanoparticles of ferritin – an iron-containing protein – which has been previously tested in humans. Before the pandemic, Powell had been working with these nanoparticles to develop an Ebola vaccine.

    “Together with scientists at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, the researchers used cryo-electron microscopy to get a 3D image of the spike ferritin nanoparticles in order to confirm that they had the proper structure.”

    Nanoparticle vaccine for COVID-19 | Stanford News

    Stanford News

    Nanoparticle vaccine for COVID-19 | Stanford News

    Researchers at Stanford are working to develop a single-dose vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 that could potentially be stored at room temperature.

    [It gets worse. Time to take off the COVID-84 tin-foil hat. It’s real. Manotti does some hyper-pondering from this find:]

    I wonder why they are keeping the magnet story quiet?

    “Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.”


    Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour
    “Badass” new method uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly, reversibly, and non-invasively

    [There’s more:]

    “These efficient-miniaturized biosensors can be operated using a smartphone and promoted for clinical application for early-stage diagnostics of COVID-19 infection.

    “The successful integration of these SARS-CoV-2 virus sensors with AI and IoMT enables virus detection at point-of-location and sharing of bioinformatics with the medical center at the same time for timely therapeutics decision. This approach is also useful for tracking tasks and managing COVID-19 infection according to patient infection profiling.”

    Full article: Manipulative magnetic nanomedicine: the future of COVID-19 pandemic/endemic therapy

    Engineered protein crystals make cells magnetic – American Chemical Society

    “If scientists could give living cells magnetic properties, they could perhaps manipulate cellular activities with external magnetic fields. But previous attempts to magnetize cells by producing iron-containing proteins inside them have resulted in only weak magnetic forces.

    “Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Nano Letters have engineered genetically encoded protein crystals that can generate magnetic forces many times stronger than those already reported.

    “The new area of magnetogenetics seeks to use genetically encoded proteins that are sensitive to magnetic fields to study and manipulate cells. Many previous approaches have featured a natural iron-storage protein called ferritin, which can self-assemble into a “cage” that holds as many as 4,500 iron atoms.

    “But even with this large iron-storage capacity, ferritin cages in cells generate magnetic forces that are millions of times too small for practical applications.

    “To drastically increase the amount of iron that a protein assembly can store, Bianxiao Cui and colleagues wanted to combine the iron-binding ability of ferritin with the self-assembly properties of another protein, called Inkabox-PAK4cat, that can form huge, spindle-shaped crystals inside cells.

    “The researchers wondered if they could line the hollow interiors of the crystals with ferritin proteins to store larger amounts of iron that would generate substantial magnetic forces.”

  14. KathJuliane May 20, 2021 @ 3:45 pm


    Does ferritin sound familiar? It should. It’s intimately tied to COVID-19 and cytokine storm syndrome in severe cases leading to death.

    Ferritin levels and COVID-19

    Pan American Journal of Public Health

    Vargas-Vargas et al.

    [Extract-No abstract available] Ferritin is a key mediator of immune dysregulation, especially under extreme hyperferritinemia, via direct immune-suppressive and pro-inflammatory effects, contributing to the cytokine storm.

    It has been reported that fatal outcomes by COVID-19 are accompanied by cytokine storm syndrome, thereby it has been suggested that disease severity is dependent of the cytokine storm syndrome.

    Many individuals with diabetes exhibit elevated serum ferritin levels, and it is known that they face a higher probability to experience serious complications from COVID-19. On this basis, we briefly review evidence supporting the hypothesis that ferritin levels might be a crucial factor influencing the severity of COVID-19.


    MagnetGate: Magnets Stick To Covid Vaccine Injection Site FULL 2021 DOCUMENTARY

    One hour video of results of a Tim Truth Channel vaxx-magnet challenge from all over the world

    Trans-cranial magnetic brainwashing – just a DARPA program. Goes well with Magneto proteins (Ben Swann)

  15. elfmom55 May 20, 2021 @ 3:58 pm

    Magnets sticking to all parts of mans body a month after jab.

  16. KathJuliane May 20, 2021 @ 4:21 pm

    BREAKING: Israel Declares Ceasefire in Gaza; Resistance Warns Tel Aviv
    May 20, 2021

    Palestine Chronicle

    After 12 days of constant Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government has decided to cease its military operations starting at 2 AM Palestine time.

    The decision was the outcome of a vote where the majority of Israeli ministers finally accepted mediation efforts to stop the escalation which has led to the death of 231 Palestinians, and 12 Israelis. The Palestinian deaths include 65 children and 36 women. Moreover, 1,710 Palestinians were also wounded. Two young Israelis were also among those who were killed by Palestinian rockets fired by resistance groups in the Gaza Strip.

    “The Israeli government’s decision to cease fire from one side was an expression of its rejection of any larger agreement that would link the ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah to the war on Gaza,“ Palestinian journalist and editor of The Palestine Chronicle Ramzy Baroud said.


  17. Citizenfitz May 20, 2021 @ 6:46 pm

    Fyodor Dostoevsky, prophet? Raskolnikov’s dream, from Crime and Punishment

    “He dreamt that the whole world was condemned to a terrible, strange plague that came to Europe from the depths of Asia. All were to be destroyed except for a very few chosen.

    “Some new sorts of microbes were attacking men. But these microbes were endowed with intelligence and will. Those attacked by them became at once mad and furious.

    “Never before had men considered themselves so intellectual and so completely in possession of the truth as these sufferers. Never had men considered their decisions, their scientific conclusions, their moral convictions so infallible.

    “Whole villages, whole towns and peoples went mad from the infection. All were greatly excited and could not understand one another. Everyone thought he alone held the truth and was wretched at the sight of others – beating their breasts, weeping and wringing their hands.

    “They could not judge and could not agree what to consider evil or good. They did not know whom to blame or whom to justify and they killed each other in a sort of senseless spite.

    “They gathered together in armies one against another; but even on the march the armies began attacking themselves. Their ranks were broken and the soldiers fell on one another; stabbing, cutting, biting and devouring one another.

    “The alarm bell was ringing all day long in the towns. Men rushed together but why they were summoned and who was summoning them no one knew. The most ordinary trades were abandoned because everyone proposed his own ideas, his own improvements, and they could not agree.

    “The land too was abandoned. Men met in groups and agreed on something and swore to keep together but at once began doing things quite different from what they had proposed. They accused each other, fought and killed each other.

    “There were conflagrations and famines. All men and all things were bent on destruction. The plague spread and moved further and further. Only a few could be saved in the whole world. They were a pure, a chosen people, destined to found a new race and a new life, to renew and purify the earth.

    “But no one knew these men; and neither heard their words or their voices.”

  18. tom May 20, 2021 @ 7:24 pm

    God bless Brother Nathanael and his ministry of exposing the synagogue of Satan Revelation 2,3:9.

    You know that these NWO globalists have infiltrated the highest ranks of the Pentagon when the Space Force commander gets fired for saying Marxist ideology has pre-imposed itself upon them. Clearly these people don’t believe in American ideals like liberty or freedom of speech.

    Yep, the Bolshevik coup was successfully implemented and now that Dementia Joe and his Bolshevik side kick are in office these people are in full control. The so called anti-Asian hate crimes bill is another ploy to install their tyranny on the American people and deceive the stupid American goyim, with the help of the MSM.

    Statistically speaking there is no evidence of such hate crimes. In NYC a city of 20 million there were 28 alleged hate crimes against Asians and most of the crimes were committed by mentally ill black people. And in LA only 15 such crimes.

    It is just a ploy to get their tentacles deeper inside of America, more power.

    Even the real jews, the Sephardi jews accuse these people of trying to run the world for Satan. Unfortunately, they control the world’s finances and own many of the upper echelon politicians.

    The more these people take over this country the more evil and backwards this country becomes.

  19. KathJuliane May 20, 2021 @ 9:40 pm

    I couldn’t help myself.

    Dynamite Video.

    I had to watch it again just because of Walensky. After the third time, I started to vaguely feel like I stepped on a slug in my bare feet.

    What an unpleasant woman!

    You did a great job bringing out the Jewish shrew in Walensky.

    The woman is definitely a passive-aggressive type. She hides her inner bully but not enough, she’s too sugary. She’s a lousy actress.

    I think if you scratched the surface enough, you’d find what Ha’aretz describes as the stereotypical overbearing and neurotic Jewish Mother.

    “The stereotype of the Jewish mother, transmitted through myriad popular culture outlets and given intellectual credence by social scientists, became a universally recognized metaphor for nagging, whining, guilt-producing maternal intrusiveness. Excessive, overprotective, neurotically anxious and ever present.”

    Walensky, what an unpleasant woman. And Jewish drama queen. The Statue of Liberty should move over, because a new symbolic personification has taken over for America, that of Rochelle Walensky as the Jewish Mother.

    Or maybe the Jewish Mother is Richard “Rachel” Levine. Oy veh!

    Jews, Jews, Jews. They’re everywhere underfoot.

    Anyway, great job spelling out the coming Vaxxed New Normal here in America, with our constitutional freedoms constrained by unelected technocrats, businesses and Big Corporations.

    Brilliant insight into how the government will let the Private Sector enforce the loss of civil rights and liberties, because the Constitution largely defines our rights, liberties, and due process in relation to The Government.

    God bless.

    And Christ is Risen!

  20. The Englishman May 21, 2021 @ 4:00 am

    KJ, there’s no hiding their chutzpah.

  21. KC May 21, 2021 @ 10:46 am

    In our Covid times, with a control agenda in full swing, and rising pressure to take the vax, I find Br. Nathaniel’s site is the only one that provides a deep and true analysis on ongoing matters and the only one who names the source which is the Jew.

    Please support him, there’s noone else bringing the truth so precisely spot on. Noone!

    There are tons on conspiracy sites which chew over the same reactionary articles, but only Br. Nat analyses on a much deeper level.

    In this article you have been warned. You don’t think Jews will be coming after you now that they have so much power? I’d say more, they’ll ENJOY seeing you suffer and suffocate.

    You don’t think they’ll try to destroy every Christian? These people are power freaks. Look at what Israel is doing, no mercy, no humanity.

  22. KathJuliane May 21, 2021 @ 11:40 am

    Technocrat Scientists Are Working On Self-Spreading Vaccines

    Technocracy News and Trends


    The Technocrat mind believes that scientists have some sort of divine mandate for the care of populations and that they and they alone should make health decisions for everyone. Furthermore, their Transhumanist bent is being revealed as they attempt to create Humanity 2.0.

    See also:

    >Coronavirus cure: Scientists plan bizarre ‘self-spreading vaccine’ to fight pandemic
    >Could self-spreading vaccines stop a coronavirus pandemic?
    >We now have the technology to develop vaccines that spread themselves
    >Scientists are working on vaccines that spread like a disease.

    ⁃ TN Editor

    Whether you are for or against vaccines of any kind, it is hard to ignore the seismic changes that have affected how vaccines have been developed, licensed and regulated during the COVID-19 pandemic.1,2 Some researchers are taking the next step, hoping to develop a new type of vaccine that self-spreads through the environment.3

    Since the pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization in early 2020, federal and state lawmakers have been persuaded to build a pandemic response around a single experimental biological product, which has generated billions of dollars in profit for liability-free drug companies.4,5,6

    Yet, as soon as pharmaceutical companies announced they were developing the vaccine, doctors, scientists, researchers and other experts began raising warnings7,8 about the historical problems of creating a coronavirus vaccine and the propensity it has to produce antibody-dependent enhancement, which made vaccinated individuals more susceptible to infection by the virus or a variant.

    Subsequently, one study9,10,11 found the South African variant of SARS-CoV-2, which accounted for 1% of all cases of COVID-19 in Israel in April 2021, caused greater illness in people vaccinated with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine than in unvaccinated people. To ensure more are vaccinated, no matter the cost, vaccine passports are being rolled out across the world, including the U.S.

    As reported by former U.S. Rep. and physician Ron Paul in his Liberty Report12,13 that streamed live March 29, 2021, the Biden Administration is “seriously looking into establishing some kind of federal vaccine passport system, where Americans who cannot (or will not) prove to the government they have been jabbed with the experimental vaccine will be legally treated as second-class citizens.”

    Paul warns that this system “will quickly morph into a copy of China’s ‘social credit’ system, where undesirable behaviors are severely punished.” I’ve been saying the same thing for many months now, and there’s every reason to suspect that this is indeed where we’re headed.

    The newest Frankenstein iterations of vaccine development are those that self-disseminate through humans and wildlife. Using this technology, which researchers say already exists,14 the government wants to strip away one more layer of your civil rights.

    This Prevention May Be Far Worse Than the Illness or Cure

    The headlines read: “Vaccines of the Future Could Be as Contagious as Viruses”15 and “COVID-19 cure: Scientists Plan to Develop ‘Self-Spreading’ Coronavirus Vaccine.”16 Scott Nuismer and James Bull, authors of a paper in Nature17 calling for “Self-Disseminating Vaccines to Suppress Zoonoses,” told a New Scientist reporter, “Prevention is better than cure, so we should start using genetic techniques to stop dangerous animal diseases jumping to humans.”18

    Some scientists are publicly19 calling for self-disseminating vaccines to spread vaccinations for infectious diseases that start in wild animals and may make the leap to humans. They cite diseases like SARS, MERS and COVID-19.20 This vaccination program would ostensibly be a complementary approach to reduce or eliminate the prevalence of the infectious agent within the wildlife communities.

    To make the case, they cite the example of rabies vaccine programs that have significantly reduced the transmission of rabies in the U.S. and Europe and compare them to how rabies continues to affect people living in Africa and Asia, where the cost of vaccinating wild carnivores prevents the countries from attaining a sufficient level of immunity.

    Apparently, the solution is to create a self-disseminating vaccine that relies on a radical change in development and production. The idea is to insert a small piece of genetic material into another virus that already spreads within the animal community, thus immunizing the animals that acquire the new virus.

    The technology to achieve this has been used in field trials in wild rabbits to protect them from a viral hemorrhagic fever. Researchers are now investigating prototypes for Ebola and Lassa virus.

    The public relations approach is to call for an ounce of prevention,21 weighing it against the ongoing costs of finding a cure for COVID-19. However, cost effective treatment protocols for COVID-19 already exist. The problem is they are so cost-effective for pharmaceutical companies to generate enough revenue using them.

    Opinion pieces22 begin by touting the effectiveness of the current vaccine programs against smallpox, rubella, tetanus and measles. What they fail to mention is that those vaccine programs are vastly different from the genetic experiments being proposed. The idea is to:23

    “… tamp down the spread of HIV and other contagious diseases and immunize people who would not otherwise be protected. Plus, the strategy would be cheaper than vaccinating everyone by hand.”

    Self-Spreading Vaccine Virus Is a Ticking Time Bomb

    You should know there is a drawback to these types of vaccines. The live vaccine may mutate to revert to the virulent form, which increases the risk of the illness for which the vaccine was developed. This has happened with the oral polio vaccine.24

    Although it was not intentionally designed to transmit vaccine-derived polio viruses, there is a version of the oral polio vaccine that briefly spreads to other people. The polio strain that had been eradicated in the wild may have mutated and reverted to its virulent form.

    The World Health Organization subsequently switched the oral polio vaccine,25 but also played down the issues from circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus26 saying the strain could be rapidly stopped by immunizing “every child several times with the oral vaccine to stop polio transmission, regardless of the origin of the virus.”27

    Since they are still using the oral polio vaccine in some countries, today vaccine-derived polio infection numbers far exceed natural case numbers. In 2020 by the end of October there had been 200 wild polio cases and 600 vaccine-derived cases, according to an NPR report.28

    With self-spreading vaccines, the chance of an intentionally designed transmissible vaccine to revert to the more virulent form is higher than in regular vaccines since there is the chance to replicate more times before dying. Scientists think that altering the transmissible vaccine to make it weaker may not eradicate the disease, but could reduce the risk the virus would revert and would require less people to be directly vaccinated.29

    Nuismer postulates that using benign viruses to carry the genetic material may prove effective. For example, cytomegalovirus (CMV), which is common in humans and mammals, often creates no symptoms. If genetic material were injected into CMV, the vaccine would only lose effectiveness if the CMV reverted.

    However, since CMV spreads easily and up to 80% of adults in the U.S. have been infected by age 40, using it as a vector may not work. Researchers are also investigating a transmissible vaccine for HIV intended for people who are infected. The “vaccine” would act as a parasite to compete with resources inside an infected cell.

    The hope is these therapeutic interfering particles (TIPs) would lower the level of circulating viruses, prevent the spread of HIV and slow the progression to full-blown AIDS. Yet even the researchers who are attempting to develop such a vaccine acknowledged there are possible monstrous aberrations.30

    For example, since the TIP can replicate it can also evolve. This is another way of saying it can develop a mutant variant that could become uncontrollable. If the TIP should revert to HIV, the researchers think that it would simply infect the person who was already carrying the virus.

    However, because the TIP is transmissible, it can spread to people without HIV. In the initial development, the TIP cannot replicate in the body without HIV. However, after several generations of replication and possible reversion, is that a risk worth taking?

    Scientists Are Blatantly Ignoring Informed Consent

    Setting aside the health risks, it’s important to note that scientists and experts who are proposing the use of transmissible vaccines are blatantly ignoring your right to informed consent. This is a federal law,31 which says you have a right to receive information about the treatment you’re undergoing so you can make a well-informed decision about your medical care.

    Medical practitioners are bound by ethical and legal obligations to disclose the risks and benefits of medical treatments before you receive them. To meet the legal standard, every person in the U.S., and in fact the world, would have to provide informed consent before a transmissible vaccine is released into the wild.

    This kind of blatant disregard for your civil rights reared its ugly head in human testing for the COVID vaccine. Considering the unprecedented speed32 in which the vaccines were developed and released, it is not possible to provide participants in studies, or those taking the vaccine, a full list of the potential risks.

    One of those significant concerns that researchers and doctors are aware of is antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). Anyone receiving this experimental genetic procedure would want to be informed of the potential to worsen the very disease they’re trying to avoid.

    Despite researchers’ strong recommendation in October 2020 that this risk should be “prominently and independently disclosed,”33 it was not part of the informed consent disclosure. The International Journal of Clinical Practice researchers wrote:34

    “This risk [ADE] is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials.”

    We are on a slippery slope. Unless researchers, pharmaceutical companies and governmental agencies are held accountable and watched closely we will continue to lose more and more of our civil rights until they have completely eroded.

    Full story:

  23. No Mask May 21, 2021 @ 11:49 am

    @ +BN

    Do you have a guess on how long before it’s to late for us to leave the US?

    I have friends and family in Thailand and was planning to move there last year before the scamdemic, what are your thoughts on that? Moving to Thailand and leaving the US for good.


  24. benzion kook May 21, 2021 @ 2:07 pm

    Brain “chip” already implanted by Israeli jew non “vax.” Cytokine storm follows.

    Yes, the jew shots not only mutate your DNA. They also contain, get this, another protein, Inkabox-PAK4cat, that combined with ferritin containing nanoproteins, magnetizes your brain cells for external control!

    This could very well be the reason the jew injections have killed 10’s of thousands of “vax” that’s not a vax, injectees with in 72 hours of injection.

    This jew “vax” also actually supresses your immune system in addition to rendering you subject to electromagnetic control and mutating your DNA!

    3 shots in 1! Another jew gift to humanity. When will they be issued a Nobel “Prize” for it?

    Of course the disinforming jew-run mass media has completely censored all of these facts, as usual.

    P.S. NY state offers a worthless lotto “scratchit” ticket in exchange for getting yourself mutated.

    Another jew gift to humanity. When will they be issued a Nobel “Prize” for this, too?

  25. KathJuliane May 21, 2021 @ 4:33 pm

    America’s Frontline Doctors Files Motion For Restraining Order Against Child COVID Vaccinations

    “We will not support using America’s children as guinea pigs.”

    National File

    21 May 2021

    Medical advocacy organization America’s Frontline Doctors has filed a motion for a temporary restraining order against the emergency use authorization of COVID vaccines on children under the age of 16, citing numerous side effects and that the fact that young people have 99.997% survivability rate against COVID.

    “America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) today filed a motion in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama requesting a temporary restraining order against the emergency use authorization (EUA) permitting using the COVID-19 vaccines in children under the age of 16, and that no further expansion of the EUAs to children under the age of 16 be granted prior to the resolution of these issues at trial,” the organization’s website announced on Thursday.

    Full story:

  26. KathJuliane May 21, 2021 @ 5:18 pm

    Uh oh.


    Israeli People Committee’s Report Find Catastrophic Side Effects Of Pfizer Vaccine To Every System In Human Body


    May 3, 2021

    The Israeli People Committee (IPC), a civilian body made of leading Israeli health experts, has published its April report into the Pfizer vaccine’s side effects indicating damage to almost every system in the human body.

    If the findings by IPC are genuine, then Pfizer vaccine is linked to more deaths in Israel than AstraZeneca’s in the whole of Europe. The findings are catastrophic on every possible level. This is a detailed report that highlights the most devastating findings.
    English PDF:

    The verdict of the Israeli People Committee is that “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people.” The report is long and detailed (read full report below).

    “We received 288 death reports in proximity to vaccination (90% up to 10 days after the vaccination), 64% of those were men.”

    Yet the report states, “according to data provided by the Ministry of Health, only 45 deaths in Israel were vaccine related.”

    If these are the genuine numbers, then Israel has failed to report on its experimental results genuinely.

    Full story:

    Israeli People’s Committee (IPC)
    Hebrew: {

  27. Greg May 21, 2021 @ 7:56 pm

    All the stores in my town have signs that say if customers and employees have been vaccinated, they do not have to wear a face covering.

    This include indoor and outdoor events, such as concerts, sporting, school events, etc. What’s next no driver’s license, can’t rent an apartment…

    However nobody is verifying. Employees and customers not wearing a mask are not being asked to show proof of vaccination. Currently people just have paper cards with stickers stating the vaccine brand, lot number, name, birth date. Eventually they would need to require a better form of verification besides a paper card.

    We have a small window to change this course.

    Job for Jab anyone? No thanks when it’s only a minimum wage job.

  28. kev01 May 22, 2021 @ 3:54 am

    Broke my vow never to give again to RJN cause following Bro N’s recent plea to stay afloat.

    And while having strong disagreements with some of his beliefs and claims, I have to respect his tenacity, courage and powerful deliveries opposing our common mortal enemy, in the face of Jewry’s attempts to silence him and ilk. Which brings me to the main reason for posting here.

    Awhile back came across what has crystalized into Hedera Hashgraph. A vast improvement in many ways over inherently energy hungry and poorly scaling blockchain tech which powers Bitcoin etc.:

    Seemed at the time to be the ultimate answer to realizing secure decentralized networked freedom. Until that is I discovered something by all accounts considerably better again – MaidSafe/SAFE Network:

    Having started to point a few other online freedom fighter outfits to MaidSafe, it’s RJN’s turn here. It won’t answer e.g. video production costs, but importantly does make the claim to provide the nearest thing to absolutely bullet-proof stored data (vids collections etc.) ‘forever’ durability, plus imperviousness to censorship & hacking as is possible for platform users.

    Also true personal privacy + user chooses fine-grain controlled public availability, in all SAFE Network networked communications for general users.

    Hopefully Bro N will have it looked into as a matter of some urgency. Others here are urged to check it out and if as expected highly impressed, spread the word to other outlets they deem would benefit.

  29. KathJuliane May 22, 2021 @ 12:02 pm

    Papers, please.

    Or, “Smartphone, please.”


    Report: Oregon To Demand Proof Of Vaccination To Enter Businesses, Churches Without A Mask

    “Businesses, employers and faith institutions… must have a policy in place to check the vaccination status of all individuals before they enter their establishment”

    Summit News

    Steve Watson 21 May 2021

    The New York Times is reporting that the Oregon Health Authority will require businesses, workplaces, and houses of worship to check the vaccination status of anyone wishing to enter the premises without a mask.

    The Times reports “This statewide mandate, one of the first of its kind in the country, raised concerns that the procedure of verifying vaccinations could be too cumbersome for workers.”

    Mike Baker
    Fully vaccinated people in Oregon will have to show proof of their vaccination status in order to enter businesses and other facilities without a mask.

    Businesses who don’t check vaccination status will need to maintain a mask mandate.

    Oregon tells businesses to check vaccination status if they let customers go maskless.

    Business leaders raised concerns about the verification procedure, one of the first of its kind in the country.
    10:16 AM · May 20, 2021

    The New York Times is reporting that the Oregon Health Authority will require businesses, workplaces, and houses of worship to check the vaccination status of anyone wishing to enter the premises without a mask.

    The Times reports “This statewide mandate, one of the first of its kind in the country, raised concerns that the procedure of verifying vaccinations could be too cumbersome for workers.”

    OHA’s website notes that “Businesses, employers and faith institutions now have the option to adjust their masking guidance to allow fully vaccinated individuals to no longer wear a mask in their establishments.”

    “Businesses, employers and faith institutions doing so must have a policy in place to check the vaccination status of all individuals before they enter their establishment,” the site further decrees.

    “Businesses, employers and faith institutions who do not create such policies will maintain the same masking guidance listed below, regardless of an individual’s vaccination status,” it adds.

    Essentially, there is still a mask mandate in place for anyone who cannot prove they have taken the vaccine, or have chosen not to take it.

    The report notes that local business leaders are not all happy with the measures.

    “We have serious concerns about the practicality of requiring business owners and workers to be the enforcer,” said Nathaniel Brown, a spokesman for Oregon Business and Industry, which represents companies like Nike, as well as small businesses.

    “We are hearing from retailers and small businesses who are concerned about putting their frontline workers in a potentially untenable position when dealing with customers.”

    The development comes after the CDC updated its guidelines to say that those who have been vaccinated no longer need to wear masks indoors or outdoors, following repeated criticism from the likes of Senator Rand Paul and journalist Tucker Carlson that forcing people to wear masks even after vaccination is anti-scientific and only serves to increase skepticism of the vaccine itself.

    Some state governors, such as Texas’ Gregg Abbott, and Florida’s Ron DeSantis are issuing their own orders prohibiting businesses and employers from introducing mask and proof of vaccination status mandates.

    Analysts have noted, however, that if they want to ensure complete freedom from masks and vaccine passports, those leaders need to strengthen their orders.

    Meanwhile, in New York City:

    State of New York
    Don’t miss out on the best parts of NY’s reopening!

    Easily retrieve secure proof of vaccination with Excelsior Pass.

    Be a part of NY’s safe reopening. And get ready for a great summer!

  30. B May 22, 2021 @ 7:43 pm

    All the vaxxed will be required to be revaxxed continuously and forever, maybe about once per year.

    Being vaxxed is a very short temporary thing.

  31. benzion kook May 22, 2021 @ 9:26 pm

    Communist coup dictator Biden issues orders that all Americans must receive DNA mutating shots by 4th of July, or be declared “enemies of the state.”

    Hint: the jews are out to control everything thru lies and exterminate us.

    “Woke” is another joke. Don’t make yourself their punchline.

  32. kev01 May 23, 2021 @ 7:05 am

    Deafening silence re my comment-3073198

    Funny, folks are happy to take your money but evidently indifferent or even dismissive of advice that could help so much more than a few tens of $$ here and there not even collectively enough to keep head above water – or so the now and then pleas imply.

    One more try here. Feedback from another ‘warrior’ burned time and time again with de-platforming and immoral seizure of earned income on YT etc., replied that PeerTube did it all the same.

    I cut & paste my response below:

    No it’s not the same. From:

    “With PeerTube, you get to choose your hosting provider according to their terms of use, such as their disk space limit per user, their moderation policy, who they chose to federate with… You are not speaking with a huge tech company, so you can talk it out in case of any issue, need, desire… ”

    And here:

    “The content moderation tool improvement is also a huge deal because it’s not that easy to manage a decentralized network of video hosting services. While they aim to prevent censorship, a strict moderation is required to make PeerTube a comfortable place to watch videos.”

    There is no moderation policy i.e risk of being censored down at some future occasion, no terms of use restrictions, or disk space per user restrictions, with SAFE Network. Among other advantages. But if PeerTube is good enough for your tastes/needs, I’m wondering why you still keep getting burned or remain vulnerable to it on traditional server based platforms? Your life.

    No more from me on this.

  33. Mark Sajnacki May 23, 2021 @ 1:05 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanel,

    Could you kindly comment on the Neturei Karta?

    Thank You,

    Mark Saj.

  34. The Englishman May 23, 2021 @ 1:50 pm


    Ohh yeah, who are these “folks” yer refer to?

    You’ve certainly provoked a response from this kid.

    Aint gonna explain, it should be self-explanatory.

    My heart bleeds for +BN. If he is financially defeated we’re all burnt toast.


  35. kev01 May 23, 2021 @ 8:25 pm

    @The Englishman

    Interesting colloquialisms – I’d say pseudo ‘yank’ for an Englishman. What makes you assume I am a ‘yank’?

    Yes of course among the ‘folks’ referred to is +BN. I like you would prefer much that his op survives.

    And all indications are by moving or at least initially replicating his op to the SAFE Network, it will greatly increase the chances of surviving. For basic reasons already covered and readily explained in detail at the SAFE Network site.

    Cheerio old chap 🙂

  36. Ted Gorsline May 24, 2021 @ 1:05 am

    Veterans today is covering the Israeli/Palestine war better than anyone else.

    Today the posted footage of an IDF soldier deliberately strangling a Palestinian child to death.

    Far more brutal and deliberate than the knee on the neck or the “insurrection” CNN constantly puts on your plate but VTs footage will never see the light of day on Jewish owned and controlled CNN.

    They are too busy having Nick Paton Walsh promote the White Helmet terrorist group, filling ditches with oil to make smoke and then dubbing in explosion sounds to make Arwa Damon look like a war correspondent, or having Anampour explain Assad is killing his own people.

  37. The Englishman May 24, 2021 @ 1:52 am


    Why do you “assume that I assume you’re a “Yank”?

    The colloquialism as you call it is a displeased, challenging `Blackcountry accent.

    You are obviously intelligent, and if you know anything it’s anyone who slights or disrespects +BN WILL get a response from me.

    Until the “Bro Net” is founded & funded there are no “safe net. sites”,

    Guess who owns Odysee?

    “Any road up” (BC colloquial) both you and all do not forsake this site, this old chap will not, England Expects…

    Ta-ra for now Kev.

  38. Steve May 24, 2021 @ 5:16 am

    Fauci Not Convinced

    Is this insider-trader corrupt POS attempting to cover his a$$?

    Any one with half a brain cell knows about the “offshore” government funding of gain-of-function.

    Perhaps true to fashion he is leaving an escape door open for when the $hi+ his the fan.

    He’ll probably get away with it!

  39. kev01 May 24, 2021 @ 6:33 am

    @The Englishman

    “Until the “Bro Net” is founded & funded there are no “safe net. sites”,

    Guess who owns Odysee?”

    Well talk about synchronicity! Was just sussing out yesterday.

    Despite their upbeat blurb re content freedom etc., finding their system is blockchain based was an immediate show-stopper for me.

    It will hopefully pay you and others here to actually do some comparative study of e.g. odysee or similar, vs SAFE Network and why the latter is light years ahead and the only real future for open-to-all ultra secure, ultra privacy respecting networking, platforming etc.

    To repeat, for MANY reasons. They use the enemy’s (YT) resources for now to showcase the advantages, in an easily digestible way:

    May I suggest two in particular top picks for your and other interested parties viewing pleasure:

    Best if viewed in that order.

    If the planned Bro Net is to be based on some private server arrangement, forget it. Already dead in the water. Once you grasp why SAFE Network is inherently far better than anything subject to take down whether physically of via ‘Stuxnet’ style attack, it’s no-brainer what path is sensible to pursue. And we haven’t even touched on scalability issues etc.

    But as they say – you can lead a horse to water, but…..

    Cheerio again

  40. benzion kook May 25, 2021 @ 10:10 am

    Jew controlled CDC has lowered PCR (not for diagnostic purposes) test count levels for those who got the mRNA shots.

    But kept them artificially high, amplifications up to 2 billion, for those not dumb enough to allow them to mutate them, so that they will falsely test “positive,” with NO symptoms, for the non-existent coYID plandemic hoax.

  41. John Carter May 25, 2021 @ 11:05 am

    I think the real Americans of olde would have UPRISEN against this tyranny long ago!

  42. B May 25, 2021 @ 5:31 pm

    As Jesus Christ was a Semite, are there any Christian organizations willing to legally sue the ADL and other Jewish organizations for violating the anti-semitism laws that apply also to how Jewish organizations attack Christianity ?

    The following Jewish web page link is one example of this anti-semitism, with many statements claiming that Christianity and Jesus are not true ( Text 3B and 4B and others ). And there are also many other Jewish Web pages on the Internet that attack Christianity, and that are never challenged by Christians.

    The Jews take pride in their claim that Jews have and obey God’s perfect 613 laws.

    I believe that the reason that Saint Paul wrote his statement that the letter of the law kills, is because a good definition of law can possibly be similar to the same idolatry violation, that the Jews accuse Christians for violating.

    This definition of law in general, I believe, is simply that a law can be defined as a graven image that requires a person to bow down, to worship, and to serve this graven image legal definition.

    Therefore when Jews always accuse Christians of violating idolatry, the Jews totally ignore the real possibility of Jews also being in violation of legal idolatry.

  43. Moishe the Daddy June 15, 2021 @ 3:15 pm

    It is very hard to suffer and go ‘against the tide’ – The Road Less Travelled
    Much easier to bob up and down with the flow like a dead piece of wood
    So Much easier to be a sheep and bend over

  44. Moishe the Daddy June 15, 2021 @ 3:18 pm

    Even though misunderstood
    So I have to remind myself –

    Our Patriarchs and Matriarchs were Shepherds – not sheep
    The Lubavitcher Rebbe created leaders not followers

    At this time, I would greatly regret having Covid shots and worry about the 13 trillion synthetic spike proteins I allowed to be injected across my brain blood barrier

    I don’t regret the mistakes I made in life – There have been so many
    I do regret the Life I mistook howeva’
    By following someone else’s agenda
    That Life of Shame I needed to Reclaim
    Follow your own best conscience


  45. R. Richardson June 15, 2021 @ 11:33 pm

    Bad news for some elites, Zionists, and Jews: We are now closer to truth than ever.

    Hal Turner just posted an article about the U.S. government sending the mRNA Coronavirus vaccine candidates (developed and joint owned by NIAID and Moderna) to the university researchers (the University of North Carolina) on December 12, 2019, which was 19 days before the outbreak of the Coronavirus “hoax” on December 31, 2019.

    This hoax was probably jointly created by the U.S. and Chinese governments (partners at controlling the global propaganda) at a very convenient time, which is just one day before the new year, “2020”.

    I assume that many top officials in different governments around the world already knew and expected that it would happen.

    It was Ralph Baric, PhD, at the University of North Carolina, who was the recipient of the mRNA Coronavirus vaccine candidates.


    Jim Stone ( just suspected that there was no magnetism found in the Coronavirus vaccine, but it may contain some unique chemicals designed to re-program (hack) the DNAs of a human’s cells to create iron spikes.

    When a vaccinated human happens to have some created iron spikes, it would cause a spoon, smartphone, or magnet to stick to his or her arm. Internet has plenty of videos of the vaccine-related incidents! Very sad and eerie.

    Why is that? It may be about connection between 5G transmission and iron spikes in a human body. It starts with a person’s 5G smartphone, which can map and locate iron spikes individually in his or her body.

    Then it would enable a criminal with an equipment to control a 5G user’s behavior through transmission. Maybe to engage in sexual intersection with a stranger or engage in embezzlement to boost an elites’ account?

    This is all about flesh-loving elites, who think that it is much more fun to actually control a 5G user than spending years brainwashing him or her with the mainstream media and entertainment.

    A 5G-smartphone vaccine can free a person from his or her conservative behavior and force him or her to do anything unusual without his or her knowledge.

    If this is not possible, a 5G smartphone will send a 100 W or more beam to iron spikes in a person’s brain and burn it by themselves.

    This is Jim Stone’s conspiracy theory. I am a bit skeptical, but we can both confirm that the COVID is 100% scam.

  46. R. Richardson June 28, 2021 @ 3:40 pm

    Hal Turner recently posted a real video of a nurse with her vaccinated arm successfully getting a long ID number displayed from a RFID scanner, which was held by her astonished co-worker.

    [“WEIRD Video: Nurse Shows Friend How Vax Spot Can Be Scanned with RFID Scanner”, { ]

    This scanner is called HomeAgain Universal Worldscan Microchip Reader. It is designed to read a microchip implanted in a dog or cat.

    I found a YouTube video showing a person using a scanner (the exactly same brand) to read microchips implanted in her two dogs:

    [Using a microchip scanner”, {]

    It looks like elites are very obsessed on the microchip technology and human tracking system. It means that there is no COVID.

    Are the elites trying very hard to coerce all of the non-elite humans into getting nano-microchips in disguise as medical vaccination? This is a major human rights violation. They should be sued for deceiving people via the mainstream media they control.

    [“Microchips Inserted via Vaccine Would Be a Terrible Way to Track People”, ]

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