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Will Jews Kill Iran Deal?

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Will Jews Kill Iran Deal?
July 23, 2015 ©

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Brother Nathanael @ July 22, 2015


  1. Brother Nathanael July 22, 2015 @ 7:14 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    Will Jews Bust Iran Deal?

    After grueling negotiations, Jews are bent on busting the deal.

    What’s been 12 years in the making between Iran and permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany, Netanyahu and the Jewish Lobby hope to crush by the stroke of a Congressional pen.

    All of the P5+1 are nuclear powers with their own scientists who helped forge the deal making it impossible for Iran to supplant.

    But Bibzy and friends would have us believe that these experts are idiots, and only they have the brains to create a “good deal.”

    Yet, the US won on every major point, with Iran surrendering nearly its entire nuclear program.

    But don’t tell Congress. They march to a different tune.

    [Clip:”We can insist that restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program not be lifted for as long as Iran continues its aggression in the region and in the world. APPLAUSE. Before lifting those restrictions, the world should demand that Iran do three things.

    “First, stop its aggression against its neighbors in the Middle East. Second, APPLAUSE, Second, stop supporting terrorism around the world. APPLAUSE. And third, stop threatening to annihilate my country, Israel, the one and only Jewish State! APPLAUSE.”]

    Makes my stomach turn. For the sake of the “Jewish State” our hacks swallow every lie Bibzy feeds them.

    Enter AIPAC’s latest subsidiary, “Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran,” led by former senator Joseph Lieberman…(Once Jews get a taste for power they never retire.)

    The indoctrination begins.

    [Clip: “THE IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL. GOOD DEAL OR BAD DEAL? Iran keeps their nuclear facilities.”]

    Hold it.

    As an original signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty—which Israel refuses to sign—Iran has the right to keep their nuclear facilities for peaceful use. All three of them.

    It’s really not about nuclear weapons. Bibzy’s in a panic because he didn’t get the war he wants, which America would wage against Iran.

    He needs Iran to remain a ‘boogeyman’ to justify Israel’s militarism, its occupation of Palestine, and belligerent policies.

    But with the deal establishing Iran as a potential partner with the West, the boogeyman disappears.

    And without the distraction, the world’s attention will intensify on Israel’s own illicit nuclear weapons program.

    [Clip: “Military sites can go uninspected.”]


    The deal gives the IAEA access to Iran’s Parchin Military Complex where nuclear weapons research was possibly conducted prior to 2000.

    But tell me. What country allows inspections of their military sites that are not affiliated with the nuclear issue? How about we start with Israel.

    [Clip: “Restrictions end after ten years. Then Iran can build a nuclear weapon in two months.”]


    Iran is cutting centrifuges by 75% and keeping enriched uranium under 5%.

    It would then take Iran two years to build a deliverable bomb, that is, IF Iran didn’t get caught. Highly unlikely.

    [Clip: “Iran has violated 20 International Agreements.”]

    Israel’s the most flagrant violator of International Agreements of them all.

    What’s in our faces, is the growth of Israel’s settlements in their military-occupied West Bank, a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    [Clip: “Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.”]

    Israel is.

    It’s been proven that Israel’s been treating ISIS terrorists at its hospitals.

    And at least five top Iranian nuclear scientists, and who knows how many more, have been assassinated by the Mossad.

    “Terrorism” for Israel is any country that resists its quest for regional power, and supports the Palestinians, whose land the Jews stole.

    [Clip: “Congress should reject a bad deal.”]

    If they do, it’s a victory for Iran and a defeat for America.

    Sanctions can no longer be justified since Iran agreed to all demands.

    None of the conditions would apply; inspections would no longer be in place; and Iran would be free to pursue a nuclear weapon—if they even wished to.

    Europe will still exploit the huge market Iran offers while US businesses will be shut out.

    What do Netanyahu and AIPAC want?

    They want what’s good for the Jews. But that’s bad business for America.

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  5. Hugh Beaumont July 22, 2015 @ 8:05 pm

    All reports from our own intelligence sources tell us that Iran is nowhere near constructing a nuclear weapon.

    Yet this “deal” will be used as a pretext. (America and Israel play the game of “pretexting”)

    They will accuse Iran of non-compliance, which will then give them the opportunity to take action. But the big corporations might get in the way – after all, they don’t want to bomb the Iranians – they want to sell them stuff.

  6. KathJuliane July 22, 2015 @ 8:43 pm

    Dear +BN,

    Well, you’ve done it again making a top knotch Video on the difficult subject of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) aka “The Bad Deal” as Netansatan keeps screaming about.

    Over the months, I’ve read several sources such as the Federation of the Atomic Scientists and the Arms Control Association concerning the various aspects of the negotiations with Iran, the interim agreement of 2013 and the final deal.

    The Arms Control Association spells out the technical ins and outs of the final agreement as well as how the entire monitoring and inspection system will work under the IAEA’s special Iran unit, from mining uranium ore to transport to refinement to distribution to the 3 nuclear facilities involved, to the disposal of nuclear waste which will be collected and sent to one of the P5+1 countries, I believe Russia.

    Furthermore, all international shipments of nuclear material too and from Iran will be carefully monitored as part of the agreement as well.

    All documentation of the nuclear materials must consistently match up from beginning to end. If the Iran unit of the IAEA finds any discrepancies, then it will automatically trigger automatic field inspection and administrative processes at various levels.

    The entire thing will be administered and overseen by a special commission of the P5+1 and Iran under the administration of the UNSC.

    And yes, you are correct about the nuclear scientists involved in the negotiations of probably the most significant international agreement in at least a generation.

    The diplomats all get the glory, nevertheless the Iran deal is probably one of the most technically detailed international agreements ever due to the teams of world-class nuclear scientists and experts who came with the diplomats, including Iran, and hammered out the various technical aspects.

    Indeed, it would be very difficult for Iran to cheat and subvert the process under the terms of the action plan.

    All of the countries involved including Iran, still must have their parliaments approve the agreement. However, Ayatollah Khameini supports the agreement as do most of the Iranian people. Khameini did tell his people to go over the agreement with a fine toothed comb to find any possible loopholes or weak spots that the US could exploit.

    Netansatan and most of the Israeli Right are in absolute hysterics over this deal as reported in Al Monitor, even to the point of ignoring the saner voices of Israhell’s own nuclear experts:

    Israeli media drowns out pro-Iran-deal voices

    The widespread Israeli media coverage of the nuclear agreement between six world powers and Iran was accompanied by bitter cries of politicians from right and left alike who described the deal as a national disaster.

    This overpowered the important voices of those who argued that the agreement would actually improve Israel’s position, and not the reverse.

    Two of the dissenting opinions are expressed by Isaac Ben-Israel — a reserve general, professor, chairman of the Israeli Space Agency and recipient of the Israel Defense Prize — and professor Ariel Levite, former deputy director general of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission.

    These two experts wrote articles in which they presented the positive aspects of the agreement from Israel’s perspective. But their chances of garnering appropriate public attention were nil given the apocalyptic rage prophecies of the politicians.

    From the moment the agreement was signed July 14, the Israeli public only heard one-sided commentary on the deal’s implications.

    The key personage who set the tone was, of course, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who declared that the agreement paves Iran’s way to the atom bomb. But even the heads of the opposition parties, Zionist Camp leader Isaac Herzog and Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, also took part in the effort.

    They lambasted the agreement as threatening to Israel, and targeted Netanyahu as being responsible for the debacle.

    Lapid even demanded a national commission of inquiry to investigate the failures in foreign policy that led to the bad agreement (in his words). “We thought it would be a bad agreement, but it is even worse than we expected,” Lapid said.

    There are not enough words to list the headlines created by ministers and Knesset members, high- and low-level ones alike, including those with very limited knowledge of nuclear matters.

    All of them acted in concert to explain to the Israeli public that the agreement signed in Vienna paralleled the notorious Munich agreement of 1938.

    Politicians from right and left all regarded condemnation of the agreement as a litmus test of their patriotism. They fear that any positive statement regarding the deal will turn them into an enemy of the people. That is exactly as shallow as it sounds.

    Even mainstream media that does not want to be viewed, God forbid, as left wing or Jew haters, contributed its part in setting the tone of this narrative.

    And when the public discourse is filled with hysterical tirades and shallow patriotism, it is no wonder that those on the other side are unable to make their voices heard.

    Thus Levite’s important and reasoned article in the Israeli daily Haaretz (July 15) was sidelined and had no influence on the public discourse, despite his credentials in nuclear matters.

    Levite, who is held in very high esteem as a nuclear researcher and who has closely followed the Iranian issue in recent years, wrote an article titled, “The good, the bad and the ugly nuclear agreement.”

    In it, Levite clearly and concisely explained that while certain sections of the agreement cause justifiable worry in Israel (such a hasty removal of the sanctions, a slow and convoluted supervisory apparatus and the almost immediate ability of Iran to upgrade its centrifuges), there are also sections that improve Israel’s position.

    Levite argued that the positive change relates to the limitations Iran committed itself to in the agreement.

    “For a period of no less than 15 years Iran has undertaken not to enrich uranium beyond a low level, to eliminate or convert its significant stockpile of higher enriched uranium and to refrain from setting up any new enrichment facility, nor produce new centrifuges.

    “Iran will also go down to a sole active uranium enrichment facility.”

    Levite also notes the sweeping prohibition on Iran to conduct research and development that could serve nuclear bomb projects and missile warheads.

    Another person who tried to break out of the unified media chorus line was Ben-Israel.

    Ben-Israel is one of the greatest experts on the Iranian research program and its significance for Israel.

    In an article written for the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth (and in an interview for the Walla website), Ben-Israel argued that the deal has several positive aspects.

    He said the agreement is not as dangerous as it is perceived by the Israeli public and decision-makers. “What we have here is a non-dialogue between people who don’t want to listen. The agreement is not bad at all, it’s even good for Israel. …

    “The United States president said that the deal distances Iran from a nuclear bomb for a decade or two, and he is correct. It distances the threat for a long time, it averts an atom bomb for 15 years, and that’s not bad at all.”

    Even former Mossad head Efraim Halevy, who has long maintained that Iran does not constitute an existential threat to the State of Israel, presented on Israeli state radio a more balanced view regarding the deal.

    At the margins of the public discourse can also be heard the statements of Amos Yadlin, the former chief of defense intelligence, and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

    All of these voices seemed to try to dampen the national panic.

    Ben-Israel told Al-Monitor that he was disappointed over the way the important discussion of the nuclear deal has taken place in the media, and the lack of impact his words and Levite’s article had on the public.

    “This shows the great problem affecting the Israeli media. Our media is not a dictatorship media, yet no dissenting voice is heard. On the other hand, every junior Knesset member suddenly becomes a nuclear expert and explains why the deal is terrible.”

    Ben-Israel uses no small measure of sarcasm when talking about politicians.

    “‘Dr.’ Yair Lapid and ‘nuclear expert’ Buji [Isaac] Herzog are fueled by political calculations. As far as the media is concerned, we evidently are unable to compete with the superior wisdom of deputy ministers who explain how terrible the deal is.

    “It is no coincidence that the other side of the coin is expressed by professionals in the security system. Levite, Halevy and I were all very familiar with the [Iranian nuclear] issue.”

    So, even the key Israeli experts on Iran and its nuclear program are generally positive about the JCPOA and what it means for Israel.

    It’s been a while since seeing Bibsy Netansatan give his ridiculous speech in front of Congress, as disgusting as that was. Thanks for showing it again.

    This time, I focused more on the Congress critters themselves, and their mindlessness was frightening to see in the sheer rapturous, worshipful adulation of virtually all of them every time Bibsy opened his mouth with his stupid rhetoric and inanities.

    It dawned on me as my stomach lurched to the floor, that this disgusting spectacle of our own lawmakers in their abject fawning and slavering over Netansatan is a foretaste of what it will be like when the world turns to worship the Antichrist when he finally arrives. Capitol Hill was almost entirely spellbound by Netanyahu and his demonic charisma.

    Certainly the antichrist Jewish Spirit is doing its work to pave the way for one of their satanically charged own to enthrone in Jerusalem as the Jewish king of the world, and the enthralled, deluded “Judeo-Christians” will be the first to cry out how much they love the Antichrist.

    This was a real glimpse of the hell to come.

    God bless, and thank you so much for this greatly needed Video.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  7. Stephen July 22, 2015 @ 8:51 pm

    Here’s an interesting take on the real reason Israel wants Iran out of the way – so they will stop funding Hezbollah, which has been the only real thorn in Israel’s side all along.

    I’m sure the same reasoning would account for their desire to get Assad out of their way in Syria.

  8. Eileen K. July 22, 2015 @ 9:25 pm

    The good news is, at least 56% of Americans support the Iran deal; but, for Satanyahu, AIPAC and the traitors in Congress, that’s bad news.

    People here are turning away from the Jew-controlled media and turning toward alternative media the Jews have yet to grab. Sites in Russia are available in the Internet, wherein articles are translated from Russian into several other languages, including English.

    Millennials (those between 18-35), especially, are sick of all the wars for Israel the USSA has been involved in since the end of 2001; they want decent jobs, not being used as cannon fodder to satiate the Zionist Entity’s bloodlust.

    The USSA is over $19 Trillion in debt, as I write this comment. Where is it going to get enough to fix its crumbling infrastructure? And, forget about a decent education.

    Thanks to the Bolshevik Jews controlling the USSG and education, students from kindergarten all the way through university will only go through indoctrination and training to be workers for the Bolshevik state.

    Tel Aviv gives the orders; the District of Criminals only obeys. If Congress (egged on by Satanyahu) sabotages the Iran deal; America loses and Iran wins.

    Yes, the signing/announcement of this deal drove Satanyahu absolutely bonkers, and he’s going about his attempts to sabotage it.

    I’m sorry to hear, Br. Nathanael, that donations to your Foundation have dropped so much. I wish I could help you more; but my income is fixed and limited, and I can only give $40 a month.

    I know there are people out there who can afford at least $100 a month but give nothing. If a thousand just contributed $40 a month, that would add up to $40,000 a month you could work with.

    Don’t give up, Brother; Jesus Christ chose you for the mission you’ve undertaken. I shall continue to pray to Him for your sake and for you to receive enough money to keep you going.

    God Bless you always,


  9. chalie July 22, 2015 @ 10:56 pm

    When it comes to this subject – nuclear weapon development and delivery systems in the Mideast, I tell people there already IS a country that has nuclear (or as George Bush said – “Nook-u-ler”) capability in the Mideast.

    First, they look shocked and then they begin to play “Pin The Tail On The Donkey”… Syria? Lebanon? Libya? Ohio? (well… it’s kinda Mid East). Then I tell them, “Israel” and they appear incredulous, which is most common face dumb-downed folks make.

    I tell them Jews stole the hot plut from us and the tech (insert legacy of Orange Julius and Ethyl Rosyiceberg here). Then I tell them JFK knew what was developing at Dimona and wanted to stop it, and… well, we know what happened to Johnny.

    I’ve said this before – If the illegal state of Israel feels enough frustration with us as hired guns, and if, for any reason, feel there’s too many obstacles and barriers to their Edomitic, Babylonian, Khazarien, Hashbrown Kanazi goings on, they will suitcase nuke St Louis or, hopefully, San Francrisco, and scream, along with their goyfriends, “Moslems did this, Isis did this or Khadaffy Duck isn’t dead and HE did it… and the average American will hit the lever on his Lazy Boy foot rest, relax his grip on the remote after tuning in to Wolf Blitzkrieg, pop the top of another cold Buttwiper Light, and go, “Damn Moslems, kill em’ all!

    Believe me, they will probably do this to us if we can’t kill Moslems fast enough, Russians fast enough, or our Whiteness fast enough. What a gruesome comedy we’ve been led into. Sometimes, I see no solution other than Divine Intervention, which I hope to live long enough to see come about.

    I’ll leave you with this, the world’s shortest sermon.

    An old Black Bluesman was getting ready to play, and as he was finishing his guitar tune-up, he pursed his lips in staccato fashion and said, loudly, “SOMEDAAAY…Y’all gonna get sick and die (Audience responding, ‘Amen… Yes Suh’). Then he paused and said, ” Ya bettuh get right with Jesus.”

  10. hugo July 23, 2015 @ 12:17 am

    Jane’s Defense Weekly–an apparently reputable British magazine read by the military establishment–has been warning since 1984 that Iran is 2 years away from having a nuclear bomb capacity.

    Well it still has not happened 31 years later!

    Reason = its a pack of lies. We know who owns mainstream media and therefore we should expect nothing but lies where Israel or their interests are involved.

    The Scriptures warned us about this 2000 years ago:

    “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies”. John 8:44

  11. Irene Bonney Faulkes July 23, 2015 @ 2:57 am

    The arrogance of Netayahu knows no bounds.

    He went to the U.S.A. to address Congress without an invitation from President Obama.

    Nevertheless, the fears creep into his thinking. Ukraine so far has been a failure. Several False Flags have been exposed as such to many in different countries.

    The American public is not in total agreement with Israel’s plans and hopes. Still their ignorance of Israel’s nuclear power abounds and her plans to control all territory from the Euphrates to the Mediterranean would have their support.

    Iran is a powerful deterrent.

    Their mutual hatred of each other exposes a divide in world opinion, some saying Iran is their country’s enemy while others deem Israel to be such. Despite what Iran is or is not, it is Israel that is behind much of the conflicts of countries in the Middle East.

    Iran does not wish for world dominion. Israel and its Zionism, its Neo Cons are striving for such, working hard always to that end.

    The Christian public is fed many a falsehood about Iran and Moslems, despite there being some truth to the allegations they hear. Islam is the world’s Public Enemy No. 1. Sharia Law is to be feared, they say and truly we would never desire it.

    However, President George Bush did sign to admit the Noahic Law that is in actuality, anti American and more to be feared than any other.

    The Koran is far removed in its essence from the Bible.

    However, the Kabbalah is the Grand-daddy of all spurious religion and the Christians are generally in ignorance as to the truth of that matter.

    Due to the very strong Christian Zionist front with its lobbying in the States, Israel’s case has been helped along mightily in its propaganda of lies and its billions if not trillions of military aid conned from the taxpayers of the U.S.A. These include some millions of these deceived Christians.

    Netanyahu has suffered defeat. Will the cause for which he fights disappear?

    It may be restrained for a period but all the while the main contenders for world dominion, even through nuclear warfare, will be a Mordecai, resisting the command of Ahasuerus. Even if many nations conspire for kingship, surely this modern rebel will in the end, win. Or will he? It is in the hands of the Almighty God.

  12. chestergimli July 23, 2015 @ 7:27 am


    I agree totally with you about divine intervention from Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    This is my daily prayer to you Lord Jesus from myself and many others besides. Come on Your white horse with the armies of heaven behind you all on white horses dressed in linen clean and white. AMEN!

  13. Caroline Ferris July 23, 2015 @ 7:58 am

    What Netanyahu is engaging in is a psychological defense called “projection”, by accusing Iran of crimes that Israel is already committing.

    In lay terms, “the pot calls the kettle black”.

  14. Ft. Nolan July 23, 2015 @ 8:34 am

    Excellent analysis Brother Nate.

    This whole “agreement” puts a sock on the Jew-Agenda — for the time being.

    The Israeli’s think they can reenact their Osiris nuclear reactor attack one more time without repercussions just as before. An IAF strike against Iran would likely have the effect of a self-inflicted knee-capping for Israel, the blowback would be intense.

    However, I’m sure Satanyahoo would come up with some self-justification (much like Israeli commandos shooting and killing unarmed passengers on a Gaza relief ship for “self defense”) to claim some moral high ground.

    So how come no Arab nation(s) have bothered to attack the Dimona installation? Had the 1973 Yom Kippur War escalated, one can speculate the Soviets would have either captured it, nuked it or neutralized it well enough to prove it was/is a nuclear weapon-making facility.

    That can still happen if Putin makes it a priority.

  15. Kalif July 23, 2015 @ 9:38 am

    It is very ominous that the only alternative to the failure of the deal is WAR as if everyone is bereft of peaceful solutions.

    Hence expect all dirty and foul play all along the way.

  16. KathJuliane July 23, 2015 @ 9:46 am

    Lieberman: Enough Opposition to Nuclear Deal in Congress to Override Obama Veto

    Former Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I., Conn.), Al Gore’s 2000 running mate on the Democratic ticket, said that he believes there is enough opposition in Congress to the Iran nuclear deal to override a veto from President Obama.

    “I think they’re there,” he said Tuesday on Fox Business. “They’re not there now, but they can be there. In other words, if you combine those who clearly have said already they are going to be against it with those who have remained undecided, it’s well over two-thirds in both chambers.”

    Lieberman said he knew members of Congress would take this vote seriously and consider its ramifications. The deal, which relieves sanctions and does not provide “anytime, anywhere” inspections of suspected nuclear activity, paves the way for the rogue regime to become a nuclear power and continue to fund terrorism worldwide.

    “They know that they voted for sanctions … Strong bipartisan majorities for a single reason—that economic sanctions on Iran would only come off if Iran’s nuclear weapons program ended,” Lieberman said. “This agreement does the opposite. Take the sanctions off, and after a period of years, they get to be a nuclear power.”

    Lieberman said the United States “conceded and conceded and conceded” to the Iranians in the agreement.

    “I can’t think of a vote that I cast, apart from the ones deploying American troops into combat, that was as important as this agreement is to the future security of the United States,” Lieberman said.

    Don’t miss the image in the embedded video at the above webpage of the Three Stooges and biggest warhawks on Capitol Hill — John McPain, Prissy Graham, and their Jewpal Joe LIEberman sitting together like three vultures on a branch, whining and pontificating about how bad the JCPOA is in their kickoff launch in Jew York of their No Nukes for Iran Tour.

  17. KathJuliane July 23, 2015 @ 11:11 am

    Arms Control Association E-Update — P5+1 and Iran Nuclear Deal Alert

    The Administration Makes Its Case

    Obama administration officials are out in force on the Capitol Hill and on the airwaves to explain the benefits of the comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran.

    Secretary of State John Kerry, Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz, and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew testified at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing this morning.

    For the three secretaries, this is the second trip to Congress in less than 24 hours—the group briefed members of the House and Senate in closed sessions, yesterday.

    Moniz also pressed his case that the inspections regime outlined in the deal is more than adequate to detect and deter cheating.

    In a July 22 interview with Politico, Moniz took on the criticism the 24 day period could elapse before inspectors are granted access to suspected sites.

    Moniz disclosed that the Department of Energy conducted experiments with uranium and their attempts to clean it up within that time period to avoid detection were unsuccessful.

    —KELSEY DAVENPORT, director for nonproliferation policy, with DARYL G. KIMBALL, executive director

    Moniz: Test results back up assurances on Iran deal

    Critics have latched onto a provision requiring inspectors to wait up to 24 days before examining some suspect sites.

    5 Reasons AIPAC Is Dead Wrong about the Iran Deal

    AIPAC’s assessment of the Iran deal is deeply flawed. Its recommendations to Congress are even worse.

    Daryl Kimball (ACA)
    July 22, 2015

    Congress now has less than 60 days to review the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) negotiated by the P5+1 and Iran.

    Over the next few weeks, the members and their staff will need to sift through the 159 page agreement, hear testimony from administration officials, intelligence and nonproliferation experts – as well as a barrage of talking points and misrepresentations from skeptics and opponents—before casting a momentous vote on a resolution of approval or disapproval of the agreement.

    The fundamental choice is whether to support this agreement—which will verifiably block all of Iran’s potential pathways to nuclear weapons for the next generation, or more—or follow the advice of pressure groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which argues that the agreement falls short of expectations and should therefore be rejected in the hope of a better deal down the line.

    On July 15, the President of AIPAC, Robert A. Cohen, announced that his organization is opposing the agreement “because it does not achieve the minimum requirements necessary for an acceptable deal.”

    Not only is AIPAC’s post-July 14 assessment of the Iran deal selective and flawed, but its demand that “Congress should reject this agreement, and urge the administration to work with our allies to maintain economic pressure on Iran while offering to negotiate a better deal ….” is reckless and irresponsible.

    A comparison of AIPAC’s June 2015 paper “5 Requirements for a Good Deal,” which outlines about 22 distinct goals in 5 areas, shows that the final agreement clearly meets AIPAC’s criteria in at least 19 of these 22 requirements.

    AIPAC now says the final agreement does not meet its requirements in these three areas, but its critique in these areas is based on technically dubious assumptions about what is necessary for an effective deal.

    The following is a summary assessment of how the JCPOA stacks up against AIPAC’s list of “5 Requirements.”

    1. The Agreement Allows for Robust Inspections and an Effective Verification System

    In a July 15 press release opposing the final agreement, AIPAC claims that it fails to provide “anytime, anywhere” IAEA access. That is true only if AIPAC expected Iran to submit to random inspection of any site without reason or notice—something that is not necessary to effectively verify Iranian compliance with the agreement.

    If the United States had demanded such terms, it would have been rejected by Iran as an attempt to use the nuclear deal as a pretext for unconstrained spying, killing the prospects for an agreement.

    The agreement will put in place a stringent and intrusive verification regime that gives the IAEA the tools necessary to monitor compliance with the final agreement and detect covert nuclear activity.

    The deal sets up a layered monitoring regime, with continuous or very frequent International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) access to, and monitoring of, Iran’s declared nuclear facilities, including its centrifuge sites at Natanz and Fordow.

    Iran will also be required to implement and ratify even more robust IAEA inspections under the terms of its additional protocol to its comprehensive safeguards agreement, giving international inspectors timely access to any Iranian facility of proliferation concern, including military sites.

    To guard against attempts by Iran to delay access for more than 24 days to a site of concern, the agreement stipulates that any one of the P5+1 has the option of immediately re-imposing earlier UN Security Council sanctions on Iran.

    Furthermore, the IAEA’s sophisticated environmental sampling technologies would detect any nuclear material after 24 days even if Iran attempted to cleanse the site or remove equipment and material, and any effort to do so would be easily detected by satellite intelligence.

    The agreement will also require Iran to adopt the modified code 3.1 safeguards that require early notification to the IAEA of design changes or new nuclear projects in Iran. These provisions will last indefinitely to help detect and deter future nuclear weapons related efforts.

    The agreement will go beyond the additional protocol by allowing continuous IAEA monitoring of Iran’s uranium mines and mills for 25 years, and centrifuge production, assembly, as well as storage facilities, for 20 years.

    This continuous surveillance on the entire nuclear supply chain will make it extremely unlikely that Iran could divert materials or components for a secret nuclear weapons program without detection.

    2. Iran Deal Requires Cooperation with IAEA on PMD Investigation Before UNSC Sanctions Relief

    UN sanctions will only be suspended if and when Iran fully explains and answers questions regarding its past activities with possible military dimensions (PMD), and the IAEA verifies that it has completed other major nuclear nonproliferation and transparency steps.

    Under the final nuclear deal, Iran has agreed to provide the information and access the IAEA needs to complete its investigation by October 15th.

    If Iran meets that deadline, the IAEA aims to deliver its assessment of that information by December 15. Until Iran cooperates with the IAEA on this matter, the UN Security Council sanctions and other sanctions will remain in place.

    With the cooperation from Iran on the PMD issues that is required by the JCPOA, the IAEA will have more information with which to inform its monitoring and verification strategies in the future.

    Nevertheless, in its July 15 press statement, AIPAC erroneously claims the JCPOA “does not clearly condition sanctions relief on full Iranian cooperation in satisfying IAEA concerns over the possible military dimensions of Tehran’s program.”

    If AIPAC was expecting the P5+1 to hold out until Iran “come[s] clean” and admitted that it sought nuclear weapons in the past, there would be no deal.

    [Jews always have to have some kind of public humiliation from Gentiles, beating their breasts and wailing “mea culpa”, and it goes on for generations. Just witness the mass psychological battery of the Germans and of us all.

    And, let’s not forget, any recent evidence supporting allegations against Iran by the West is very suspect, such as supposed data in a laptop turned over by the terrorist Iranian group MEK, known to be Western and Mossad sometimes asset for decades.

    They even fought on the side of Iraq in the Iraq-Iran War when Saddam Hussein was “our” Evil Dictator(TM)–Kathj]

    And even if such an admission could be extracted from Iran leaders, it would not erase the knowledge Iran may have gained from weapons related experiments. What is more critical is putting in place the limits and monitoring measures necessary to guard against an Iranian nuclear weapons effort in the future—which the JCPOA accomplishes.

    3. Iran Must Meet Nonproliferation Commitments Before UNSC Sanctions Relief

    The JCPOA meets all of AIPAC’s June 2015 “requirements” concerning sanctions relief, including conditional relief from sanctions, no “signing” bonus (i.e. early release of frozen Iranian financial assets), established consequences for noncompliance, and a clear and tough dispute resolution mechanism, which favors the United States and its European partners).

    Contrary to AIPAC’s June 15 press statement, sanctions will not be lifted as soon as the agreement is adopted. Rather, sanctions relief from the European Union, the United States, and the UN Security Council will not occur until the IAEA verifies that Iran has taken all of the key nonproliferation and transparency steps, which will be at least several months after the “adoption” day for the agreement.

    A key highlight of the agreement is that it allows for U.S. and European economic and financial sanctions and earlier UN Security Council sanctions to be re-imposed quickly if Iran fails to live up to its end of the deal.

    The dispute resolution mechanism in the JCPOA stipulates that if a disagreement over implementation arises and cannot be resolved in 35 days and any one of the P5+1 believes Iran in in noncompliance, previous UN Security Council resolutions can be snapped back. The JCPOA will maintain the snapback provision for 10 years, and the P5+1 have agreed to re-impose sanctions in the event of a major Iranian violation for at least an additional five years.

    The agreement also sets up a mechanism to ensure that Iran can only obtain nuclear-related materials and technologies through an approved procurement channel that will be carefully monitored and enforced to prevent Iran from secretly obtaining these items for a clandestine weapons program.

    In his letter outlining the reasons for AIPAC’s opposition to the P5+1 and Iran nuclear deal, AIPAC’s Robert Cohen also complains that the JCPOA releases Iran from restrictions on ballistic missile development in eight years, and a heavy arms embargo (put in place by the UN Security Council to provide leverage on the nuclear issue) in five years.

    Given the fact that these restrictions were put in place to push Iran to negotiate a verifiable, long-term nuclear deal, it is a significant accomplishment that the United States succeeded in extending these restrictions for so long.

    It is also important to consider that the United States has other tools available to curtain Iran’s access to heavy weapons and components for ballistic missiles, and that Iran’s ballistic missiles are far less of a strategic threat without a nuclear payload. Only through the implementation of the JCPOA can the P5+1 block Iran’s pathway to arming ballistic missile with nuclear warheads.

    4. Iran’s Pathways to Nuclear Weapons Are Blocked for More Than A Generation

    The JCPOA requires very substantial reconfiguration of Iran’s nuclear program so that it cannot amass enough bomb-grade uranium in any less than 12 months for a period of 13 years.

    The JCPOA accomplishes this vital objective by reducing the number of installed centrifuges from nearly 20,000 to 6,000 IR-1 machines, of which only 5,060 would be allowed to enrich uranium and to no more than 3.67 percent fissile U-235.

    The JCPOA also repurposes the underground Fordow site to a medical isotope production facility where no uranium can be present for a period of 15 years.

    During the same time period, Iran must also limit its low-enriched uranium stockpile to no more than 300 kg, and accept tough limits on its advanced centrifuge research and development.

    Given other reporting requirements and monitoring of Iran’s centrifuge program, Tehran will not have the ability to ramp up its enrichment capacity quickly especially if it exceeds its requirements for fueling its electricity-producing reactors. These measures would not, as AIPAC cautioned in its June paper, “grant Iran virtually instant breakout time after 12 or 13 years.”

    The JCPOA also requires the destruction of the core of Iran’s Arak heavy water reactor and modifications to ensure it cannot produce enough plutonium for a weapons program. The agreement commits Iran not to reprocess spent fuel to extract plutonium.

    Robust IAEA safeguards and inspections under the terms of the additional protocol will last indefinitely to detect and deter noncompliance at known or undisclosed sites in the decades ahead.

    Iran, as a party to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, will continue to be legally-bound not to pursue nuclear weapons. Any future Iranian move toward developing a nuclear weapon beyond the life of the JPOA will prompt a swift response.

    Considering these overlapping, long-term, verifiable restrictions, the JCPOA creates long-term limits on Iran’s nuclear capabilities that will effectively allow the international community to block its path to nuclear weapons for more than a generation.

    5. Agreement Would Remove, Render Inoperable Some 13,000 Centrifuges; Dismantle Arak Reactor

    AIPAC argues that Iran must not be “allowed” to become a nuclear threshold state.

    The fact is that since 2007, the U.S. intelligence community has assessed that Iran has developed a range of technologies, including uranium enrichment, nuclear warhead mechanics, and delivery systems, that would give it the option to launch a nuclear weapons development effort in a relatively short time frame “if it so chooses.”

    The JCPOA walks Iran back from the threshold of nuclear weapons by dismantling, reconfiguring and handcuffing Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, “so that it has no path to a nuclear weapon,” and cannot “breakout” and amass enough weapons-grade uranium for one bomb in less than 12 months, which is another of AIPAC’s June 2015 “Requirements for a Good Deal.”

    In June, AIPAC made the common sense suggestion that “a good deal must not accept easily reversible steps” for actions including the disposition of Iran’s excess centrifuges.

    However, contrary to AIPAC’s July 15 claim about the final agreement, it does not allow Iran to “disconnect” excess centrifuges in “an easily reversible manner.”

    In fact, all of the pipework that connects the excess centrifuges and allows them to actually enrich uranium will be dismantled and removed and stored in at a separate facility under IAEA seal.

    These machines may only be used to replace operating centrifuges that break during normal operations. As a result, it would probably take Iran more than two years to restore the 13,000 centrifuges that will have been removed—and any such effort would be detected within days.

    In its July 15 statement opposing the deal, AIPAC is wrong again in claiming that the JCPOA “requires no dismantlement” of any Iranian facility. In fact, the JCPOA requires the destruction of the core of its Arak heavy water reactor and modifications to ensure it cannot produce enough plutonium for a weapons program.

    Other Issues

    There is another objection to the nuclear deal that AIPAC is now raising that was not in its “Five Requirements for a Good Deal” document from June.

    AIPAC’s July 15 statement also claims that the JCPOA “threatens the future of the nuclear non-proliferation regime” and will set off a nuclear arms race in the region.

    In reality, the P5+1 and Iran nuclear deal will strengthen the nonproliferation regime, and head off a regional nuclear arms race. The JCPOA demonstrates the strength of the nonproliferation regime. It shows that attempts to violate the treaty will be detected and that there are consequences for noncompliance.

    In addition to the severe economic constraints Iran has faced from the sanctions regime, Iran’s limited nuclear program will be subject to restrictions and monitoring beyond the requirements of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty.

    A limited, highly monitored Iranian nuclear program poses far less of a threat to the region than an unconstrained program. Without the JPOA, Saudi Arabia would be more likely to hedge its nuclear bets.

    The United States, and other nuclear supplier states, can and will continue to employ other measures to discourage the proliferation of uranium enrichment technology to the volatile Middle East.

    Alternative to This Strong Iran Nuclear Deal Is No Deal and a World of Trouble

    What is most irresponsible of AIPAC is its recommendation that Congress reject the JCPOA and “urge the administration to work with our allies to maintain economic pressure on Iran while offering to negotiate a better deal.”

    That is a dangerous fantasy. The alternative to the effective P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran that has been negotiated is no deal. AIPAC’s course of action would condemn the United States, our friends in Israel, and the entire region to a dangerous future.

    If the United States Congress rejects this deal, and blocks its implementation:

    · The United States would undercut its European allies and other UNSC members,

    · The necessary international support for Iran-related sanctions would melt away,

    · Iran would be able to rapidly and significantly expand its capacity to produce weapons-grade material,

    · The United States would lose out on securing enhanced inspections needed to detect a clandestine weapons effort, and

    · The risk of a nuclear-armed Iran and the risk of a war over Iran’s program would increase.

    On balance, P5+1 and Iran nuclear deal is a strong, effectively verifiable, long-term agreement and AIPAC’s critique of it and its alternative recommendations, are deeply flawed.

    Daryl G. Kimball is the Executive Director of the Arms Control Association.

  18. Keyne July 23, 2015 @ 12:18 pm

    The gay magazine, The Advocate, just rated Tel Aviv the “most gay-friendly city in the world”, passing San Francisco.

    Mention that to Zio-Hagee the next time he tells you that you are sinning if you don’t worship Israel.

  19. Curtis July 23, 2015 @ 4:33 pm

    Miko Peled echoes some of the same things.

  20. brian July 23, 2015 @ 4:58 pm

    Long live Israel.

    Israel is a terrorist country that hurt Americans many times.

    Check for yourself.

    Israel has weapons of mass destruction, and they are a terrorist nation.

    God bless us all!

  21. KathJuliane July 23, 2015 @ 5:48 pm

    Iranian Jews to Israel: Our National Identity is Not for Sale

    Iranian Jews rejected Israel’s offer of $10,000 per person to emigrate to Israel starting in 2007.

    Iran has the largest population of Jews in the Middle East outside of Israel.

    It would mean nothing to the Zionist Jews to blow the hell out of Iranian Jewry, who’ve lived there for 2600 years.

    If their lives are sacrificed for “Greater Israel,” oh well, too bad.

  22. twilights last gleaming July 23, 2015 @ 7:52 pm

    Perhaps more U S Citizens realize who was behind the false flag 9/11.

    The dancing Jews and the Jews in the van with explosives. How about Silverstein who’s ass was saved by a Drs appointment? Yeah, right .

    People know now who our real enemy is…(Israhell).

  23. EZ July 23, 2015 @ 11:40 pm

    I watched your clip where Netanyahu shamelessly shifted his unconscious tendencies (evil ones) in the direction of Iran during his speech to the Congress.

    The sheeple applauded without their conscience setting in or probing deep inside Netanyahu’s soul to determine his hate filled, murderous, and narcissistic/antisocial behavior and call him for who he is.

    The Congress is suffering from a collective psychois under the archetypal monster in the room. It is unbelievable! They have been complacent with Netanyahu’s illegal wars and murders in Palestine! Disgrace!

    If it is not the Russians, then the Germans, and then the Islamic world, and foremost are the Christians, I suppose in Netanyahu’s list for annihilation of the goy nations? He wants the Jew to rule the world like Lucifer who wanted to overthrow the Almighty Creator of the Universe!

    America has no choice! I am against any nuclear programs, and since Israel has one, why not share the resources with its neighbors?

    America has to keep its enemy whether Iran or Syria closer than a friend.

    We might need their help when all is lost!

    Isn’t it ironic, that the Pharisees ignored a beggar in the street and yet, a Samaritan; a pariah, came to his rescue and treated him as God commanded!

    Ponder on this parable of Jesus!

  24. EZ July 23, 2015 @ 11:43 pm

    I watched your clip where Netanyahu shamelessly shifted his unconscious tendencies (evil ones) in the direction of Iran during his speech to the Congress.

    The sheeple applauded without their conscience setting in or probing deep inside Netanyahu’s soul to determine his hate filled, murderous, and narcissistic/antisocial behavior and call him for who he is.

    The Congress is suffering from a collective psychosis under the archetypal monster in the room. It is unbelievable! They have been complacent with Netanyahu’s illegal wars and murders in Palestine!Disgrace!

    If it is not the Russians, then the Germans, and then the Islamic world, and foremost are the Christians, I suppose in Netanyahu’s list for annihilation of the goy nations? He wants the Jew to rule the world like Lucifer who wanted to overthrow the Almighty Creator of the Universe!

    America has no choice! I am against any nuclear programs, and since Israel has one, why not share the resources with its neigbors? America has to keep its enemy whether Iran or Syria closer than a friend. We might need their help when all is lost! Isn’t it ironic, that the Pharisees ignored a beggar in the street and yet, a Samaritan; a pariah came to his rescue and treated him as God commanded! Ponder on this parablae of Jesus!

  25. EZ July 23, 2015 @ 11:48 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Buchanan has highlighted some crucial points in his article concerning Iran, U.S, and the entire Middle East fiasco.

    I hope your audience will take a moment to be educated.

    Buchanan is a historian and worked under Nixon Administration.

  26. Cornelius July 24, 2015 @ 10:15 am

    Buchanan needs to be educated and realize that America does not do what is in its own interest, but what is in the Jews interest.

    His article includes some interesting facts, with poor Pat reaching the delusional conclusion that America serves its own interest.

  27. Brother Nathanael July 24, 2015 @ 11:35 am

    I am VERY Worried.

    Hardly any are donating to me.

    Views and Hits are WAY up. But donations are WAY DOWN. Worse than ever.

    Three days ago I sent out an “URGENT” appeal to 4500 viewers and readers. ONLY 11 responded.

    I am VERY Worried that it’s all going to come crashing down on me.

    I make my living by typing on a computer keyboard.

    It’s a LOUSY living. It’s a LOUSY way to make a living.

    I am SO DISCOURAGED that I’m drowning in discouragement.

    What can I say but that I’m VERY worried.


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    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    +Brother Nathanael @

  28. Ted Gorsline July 24, 2015 @ 12:41 pm

    Those American politicians giving Bibi one standing ovation after another, constitute the greatest collection of cowards, human vomit and traitors to their own nation ever assembeled, in a single room, in any nation, at any time on earth.America is really in trouble.

    A fifth column captured on video for all to see.

    Alan Sabrosky hit the nail on the head more than 10 years ago when he said Israel, make that the Jewish state did 9/11. They did it.

    At that moment they formally declared war on the United States just like Japan did by killing about 3,000 Americans. They killed the innocents of other countries too such as the 120 Canadians who died in the twin towers. Watch the innocents leaping out of the world trade center to their deaths.

    They did it before with attack on the USS Liberty. They ran over peace activist Rachel Corrie with a bull dozer. They killed 500 children up to age 12 in the last dust up and blew the arms, legs and faces off about 4,500 women and other chilren. They deliberately snipe children off roof tops.

    The rabbis of their death death cult slash the throats of the innocents, deliberately leaving them unstunned so as to be inhumane, and they do it under concentration camp conditions, to induce the horror necessary to produce coiture meat.

    Everything they have ever accused others of doing they themselves have been doing for centuries.

    The creation of the state of Israel has created a supperating and cancerous scab on the back of civlization and it must be surgically removed.

    There simply isn’t any other answer any more.

  29. Brother Nathanael July 24, 2015 @ 2:39 pm

    Street Evangelism Report
    NYC July 24 2015

    Dear All,

    I’ve been on the streets of NYC for two days now.

    Trump says he wants to make “America Great Again.” He can’t. It’s all over. Jews have totally destroyed this country.

    Every shade of brown and yellow now walks the streets of Manhattan and what very few whites are left look like zombies. The Open Immigration Law of 1965 that Jewry pushed is now taking its toll on Jewmerica.

    JEWmerica has great moral guilt over the murders of millions of innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and supporting insurgents against Assad who protects Christians and all minorities in Syria.

    Advertisements on sides of buses and on top of cans advertising “prostitutes” and “sex” are everywhere.

    The watershed event is the God-opposing law that the four JEWS enacted at SCOTUS on June 25.

    Believe me when I tell you that it’s all over for this country. It will never be the same but is under the judgement of God. No longer can it be said with any conviction, “God bless America.”

    At Wall Street today a group of touring Baptists wearing their church T shirts with Bible verses were cheering me on for holding the Cross, a large group of them with many teens.

    I then decided to tell them that 4 Jews at the Supreme Court enacted the sodomy law of the land.

    I told them not to support the anti-Christ state of Israel. I told them not to make God an accomplice of Jew murders and theft of Palestinian people and their properties.

    Then their leader got offended and said, “It appears sir that you have hatred for a certain group of people.”

    I replied, “No, not a ‘certain group of people,’ but a finger pointing at JEWS. THEY are the enemies of Christians.

    Then I turned to the teens and said, “Don’t listen to this man. He’s a Jew lover. Listen to me, I’m telling you the truth very few have the courage to say.”

    One of the boys started nodding yes to me and the leader pulled the group away.

    It’s all over for America.

  30. Johann July 24, 2015 @ 4:16 pm

    There is more to this deal with Iran than meets the eye, I believe, for why would the Jewish controlled West make a deal with an enemy that they should be able to destroy, or at least put in its place with the might of NATO?

    The answer has to be that the Iranians have some kind of weapon that the Jews fear might be used against Israel if things get out of control. Therefore they are now forced to make this deal.

    The problem for the Jews, however, is that even biding their time and hoping for a solution to come to their aid will not save them, for their enemies are getting stronger every day and they understand the Jews and the threat they pose, so the Jewish dream of a Greater Israel has to be put on hold for now.

    I firmly believe that the game is up for the Jews.

    They may still have their banks and their lap-dog politicians in the US and EU, but the decadent West is on decline, not least economically, and no longer interested in warfare in faraway countries – which of course is the Jews own doing, being too greedy and stealing too much from us, making us too weak to fight on their behalf in the process.

    They don’t have the same level of control over Russia, China and their allies, nations that are strong as they have not been satanized to our extent, and are now forced to make these kinds of deals with nations they wish to destroy.

  31. Jacob Rothschild July 24, 2015 @ 6:16 pm


    Your experience with those Baptists hit a nerve in me.

    I know exactly what you mean. If you come into these medium sized towns called the Bible Belt you get that. Many bumper stickers have ‘I Stand With Israel’. It is just total ignorance.

    Since I have learned things on your site and quote Scripture and history you have posted on your site, and do it gently, some seem to wake from the malaise they are in.

    When I asked them to read John Chapter 5 and 8, and others, they become quite stunned. Will keep you posted.

  32. Lars July 24, 2015 @ 6:34 pm

    I wanted to send you this link to a good article about the Jews in the US Civil War, but your e-mail address is incognito on your site here.

    So check this out.

  33. KathJuliane July 24, 2015 @ 7:03 pm

    Ron Paul: Iran Agreement Boosts Peace, Defeats Neocons

  34. Brother Nathanael July 24, 2015 @ 7:52 pm


    Unlike father unlike son.

    Little Rand, (to please the Jews), bashes the deal. Wants military “force” against Iran.

  35. EZ July 25, 2015 @ 2:29 pm

    Jesus went after one lost sheep and that one person nodding “yes” indicates that he heard your message.

    The Christians are terrified to condemn Israel’s wickedness due to the origins of Jesus being a Jew and His return to Jerusalem. The lay Christians believe that Jews are the chosen ones and they do not identify the difference between a Jew that follows the word of God and the synagogue of Satanic people.

    In reality, whether Greek, Jew, or Gentile that have acknowledged the Lordship of Jesus Christ are going to reign with Him in New Jerusalem!

    Therefore, we Christians own Israel in the end! As a result, Christ commanded us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

  36. EZ July 25, 2015 @ 2:32 pm

    In recent news, Pollard was a traitor to America and his handler was none other than Netanyahu.

    I am flabbergasted why on earth would Congress support the traitors of America? Pollard looks like a Kazari Mongul. Probably they are the old Assyrians who occupied Jerusalem and Turkey area, moved out to Russian bloc.

    Check Veterans Today for your daily dose:

  37. EZ July 25, 2015 @ 2:45 pm

    Netanyahu remains oblivious to the loss of American lives – the soldiers and the many people where his own actions had caused deaths. What hypocrisy!

    When an Israeli is murdered by his own network, Netanyahu deliberately creates the rage and beats the drums for years about one loss of life. How selfish and traitorous!

    I do not blame the Americans for their deep seated anger toward Netanyahu and his policies. Those who have been wounded know how to stop this madness. They are seeking justice!

    The many American Jews mostly attorneys have stolen millions of dollars from the innocent people by deception.

    I pray that God’s justice is ever true, because God hates haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies, and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers (Proverbs 6: 16-19).

    These people think that they can get away as they have their own network placed in every branches of government. But, God is not partial and He cannot be mocked! He fights for His children who fear Him and those who are orphans and fatherless!

  38. hvt July 25, 2015 @ 2:50 pm

    I found this to be quite interesting and revealing…

    Sheldon’s Stooges

    By Uri Avnery

    July 25, 2015

    IN JAPAN in the good old days, Binyamin Netanyahu would by now have committed hara-kiri.

    In England at that time, the monarch would have appointed him governor of the most remote little island in the Pacific Ocean.

    In Israel, his popularity rating is bound to go up.

    Because in our country, the old adage is getting a new twist: Nothing Succeeds Like Failure.

    AND WHAT a failure! Wow!!!

    He has practically declared war on the President of the United States, the Leader of the Free World, the Supreme Protector of the Jewish State.

    Not so long ago, one would have thought this impossible. But nothing is impossible for Binyamin Netanyahu.

    For anyone just arrived from the planet Mars, here is a brief summary of Israel’s dependence on the US: it gets from it the bulk of its heavy arms and does not have to pay for them, it can depend on it to veto all UN Security Council resolutions that condemn Israel’s deeds and misdeeds, it receives from it billions of dollars every year although the Israeli economy is flourishing.

    There is another benefit which is often overlooked. Since the world believes that both houses of the US Congress are totally subservient to Israel, all countries pay Israel for access to Congress. One has to bribe the doorkeeper to get in.

    For an Israeli prime minister to start a quarrel with the President of the US looks like sheer lunacy – as indeed it is.

    Yet Netanyahu is not insane, though his actions suggest that. He is not even a fool.

    So what the hell does he think he is doing?

    THERE ARE several possible explanations I can think of.

    One is pampering the Israeli public. Far from creating a New Jew as Zionism promised, the Old Jew dominates Israel. The Old Jew believes that the entire world is anti-Semitic, and any new evidence fills him with satisfaction. You see? The Goyim haven’t changed at all.

    Netanyahu’s popularity ratings are bound to rise with every new manifestation of foreign hostility. If even the Americans, who for so long pretended to be the closest friends of Israel, sell us out to the anti-Semitic Iranians, we need a strong and steadfast leader. In short – a Netanyahu.

    Another plausible explanation for Netanyahu’s behavior may be his genuine belief that no US senator or representative would ever dare to buck AIPAC’s orders, knowing that this would be the end of his (or her) political career.

    Like the worst of the anti-Semites, Netanyahu believes that the Jews rule the world, or at least the US Congress. At the crucial moment, Congress will vote for AIPAC, against the US president.

    Another explanation may be, paradoxically, a blind belief in President Obama’s integrity.

    Netanyahu thinks that he can hit him on the head, spit in his eye, kick his behind, and still Obama will act coolly, rationally, and support Israel all the way, except on the Iranian deal. He will go on sending arms and dollars, vetoing Security Council resolutions, receiving phone calls from Israel in the middle of the night.

    You know how these Americans are. Subservient. Especially black ones.

    BUT THERE may be another explanation, that trumps all others.

    Affronting the US president, his administration and his party, Netanyahu is gambling with our future. Which brings us to the emperor of the gambling world, the king of Las Vegas, the prince of Macao: Sheldon Adelson.

    Adelson does not hide his support for Netanyahu the man, the family and the party. He spends huge sums of money on a Hebrew daily newspaper that is distributed gratis to Israelis, whether they want it or not. It is now the largest-circulation paper in Israel, and devoted personally to Netanyahu and his wife. It has no other purpose.

    Yet Adelson seems to have no real interest in Israel. He does not live here, even part time. So what is he getting in return?

    Adelson has bought Netanyahu for one single purpose: to place a stooge of his in the White House. It is an aim that any other multi-billionaire cannot even dream of.

    To achieve this aim, Adelson needs to use the Republican Party as a ladder. He has to select its candidate for the presidency, derail Hillary Clinton and win the elections.

    To succeed in all these tasks, he has to mobilize the immense power of the pro-Israel lobby over the US Congress and destroy President Obama.

    The first step in this long march is to defeat the Iranian deal. Netanyahu is just a cog in this grand design. But a very important cog.

    Does this look like a caricature of Der Stürmer, the infamous anti-Semitic Nazi rag, or, worse, like a page out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the notorious anti-Semitic forgery? It is the classical anti-Semitic picture: the ugly finance-Jew striving for world mastery.

    For an Israeli, there is something revolting in this picture. The Zionist vision was born out of the total rejection of this caricature. Jews would cease dealing in stocks and shares and money-lending.

    Jews would till the land with the sweat of their brow, do productive manual work, reject all kinds of parasitic speculations. This was considered such a high ideal that it justified even the displacement of the indigenous Arab population.

    And here we are, a state following the orders of an international casino mogul whose line of business is perhaps the most unproductive in the cosmos. Sad.

    IS THERE a valiant opposition to this course in Israel? None. Literally none.

    In all my long life in Israel I have never seen anything as close to a total absence of opposition as we have now.

    A few voices in Haaretz, some solitary pronouncements on the extreme leftist fringe, and that’s that.

    Apart from these (including Gush Shalom), nothing except thunderous applause for Netanyahu or the dreadful silence of the graveyard.

    The treaty is “bad”. Not just bad, but “catastrophic”. Not just catastrophic, but “one of the most terrible disasters in the entire history of the Jewish people”. Something close to a “second Holocaust”. (I am not making this up.)

    Netanyahu’s shallow arguments are accepted as sacred truths, like the utterances of the other great Jewish prophets. Nobody bothers to ask the relevant question: Why?

    The sun rises in the morning. The rivers flow into the sea. Iran will build an atomic bomb and drop it on us, even though it will thereby bring upon itself a historic disaster. The mullahs are Nazis. The treaty is another Munich agreement. Obama is the new Neville Chamberlain, only black.

    Nobody takes the trouble to argue for these assertions. Things are self-evident. Day is day and night is night.

    I HAVE seen many situations of a near unanimous public opinion in my life, especially in times of war. But in all of my life I have never experienced such a situation of total unanimity, of total absence of doubting and questioning, as now.

    This situation is not without its absurdities. For example: the Iranian Supreme Leader is obviously faced with his own extremists, who accuse him of selling out to the American Satan.

    To appease them, he has to claim that the treaty is a tremendous victory for the Islamic Republic, that he has brought the US (and Israel) to their knees. The huge Netanyahu propaganda machine is taking up these quotes and selling them as gospel truths. Everyone knows that Iranians always lie, but this time they tell it as it is.

    Yair Lapid, the leader of a shrunken “centrist” party now in opposition (the Orthodox did not allow Netanyahu to bring him into the government) denounces the treaty as a historic disaster for the Jewish people.

    This being so, he asks loudly, why is Netanyahu not compelled to resign after his failure to prevent it? The more so since there is a much more able leader ready to take his place and lead the fight, a man named Lapid.

    There is indeed something of a paradox in Netanyahu’s situation: if the treaty is such a historic disaster, “one of the worst in Jewish history”, why is Netanyahu continuing in his job?

    TO THROW out a prime minister, a country needs an opposition to take his place. Actually, that is the main job of the opposition.

    Not here.

    The Leader of the Opposition (an official title in Israel) condemns the treaty in as strong terms as Netanyahu himself. He has volunteered to go to the USA to help the fight against it. His competitor, Yair Lapid, the son of a far-out nationalist, is even more extreme than him.

    The leader of the third opposition party is Avigdor Lieberman, compared to whom Netanyahu is a leftist softy. There is, of course, a fourth opposition party – the joint Arab one – but who listens to them?

    One would suppose that, faced with such a historic disaster, Israel would be alive with debates about the treaty. But how can one have a debate, if everybody agrees? I have heard not a single real discussion on TV, nor read one in the printed papers, nor on the internet. Here and there a small whisper of doubt, but a debate? Nowhere!

    Indeed, one can live happily in Israel for days and hear no mention of this historic disaster at all. The price of cottage cheese evokes more emotion.

    So we are happily moving towards disaster – unless one of Sheldon’s stooges, with the help of Bibi, enters the White House.

    Uri Avnery is an Israeli author and activist.

  39. EZ July 25, 2015 @ 3:03 pm

    Why would Obama release Pollard in order to appease Netanyahu?

    I pray that when Obama is in Nairobi, that our military will occupy the White House and dethrone the lying usurper! Do not allow him to enter the White House!

    I have read thousands of citizens’ desire for Obama to not return to America and rather to be the King of Kenya; his ancestral father’s home! Another lie!

    God knows, maybe his grandmother was raped by an unknown black man (no wonder she displayed post traumatic symptoms every time she saw a black guy and of course not being racist) and she with the help of Obama Sr orchestrated plan B to have his fake birth name as Obama.

    Ann Dunham might have been his surrogate mother who then turned him over to Frank Marshall Davis; a communist. I do not believe FMD is his father! We have a president whose family disappeared during his election.

    Obama has not been vetted by the FBI. Are the FBI working closely with the Zionist Jews? I consider the Obama’s presidency to be unconstitutional and whatever he signed is null and void! Obama is an agent of Russia and communist Netanyahu!

  40. A.J. July 25, 2015 @ 4:06 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    I am in NYC. If you’re free tomorrow, let me buy you lunch!

  41. EZ July 25, 2015 @ 5:05 pm

    I read the interesting analysis of Uri Avnery!

    I wonder what is in the TPP bill? I will not be surprised if Netanyahu arbitrarily elects himself as the potentate of the world. Does he not have a dual citizenship? Obama paved the way for another leader of the third-world to be the next president.

    Netanyahu’s policies reflect that of the ancient Israel where God gave them license to divide and conquer, but not so in the time of Yeshua, where they were exiled due to their self-damnation and had to wait for the coming Messiah.

    The temple was burned in AD 70 which signified that a Jew cannot rule Israel, but faithfully wait for the Messiah to usher in a new kingdom rule. Iran is a stick used by God Himself to discipline Israel. Who can question God? He does what He pleases and executes judgment.

  42. Jacob Rothschild July 25, 2015 @ 5:55 pm


    Very thought provoking about Adelson, derail Hillary a real possibility.

    So what if Trump comes to the top. Will he stand against the Jew lobby or is Trump just a front? We need a way to gain a toe hold, is Trump the answer? Why or why not?

    God! if we only had a direction! Feel we are at a fork in the road. Maybe fork is good.

    Why? Means we have understood who the real enemy is.

  43. Geoffrey July 25, 2015 @ 9:12 pm

    The slavish clapping for an extremist foreign leader by Congress is without precedent in any other democratic country.

    Only in a dictatorship does this type of coordinated clapping and cheering take place by everyone in the room. Mao’s China or the North Korea of today. Especially Stalin’s Russia perfected this fear based system. Those that stopped clapping first were executed or sent to the Gulag.

    In 1932 Stalin was voted down. A speech by Kirov received loud applause and a speech by Stalin muted clapping. So Stalin had Kirov murdered and two thirds of the Central Committee were also liquidated, many of them Jews. Then he killed the competent officer leadership of the Military which helped Hitler a great deal.

    It is one thing to politely clap a foreign leader at the end of his speech. But for the whole room to all jump to their feet and clap wildly after each of his lies – and they were obvious lies – was sickening.

    Every US citizen should be compelled to watch the entire speech. Almost all Muslim terrorism is by Sunnis and not by Shiites, who are outnumbered by 6 to 1. Iran is helping to fight the evil Sunni ISIS created by the USA and Israel. Iran is helping to protect Christians in Syria who Obama and McCain want to be massacred.

    This clapping behaviour proves that the members of Congress are terrified of Netanyahu. They clapped out of fear and not out of love. Just like the Soviet Union of the 1930s.

    Perhaps they know that losing their job is not the only punishment. They could also go to jail and then have a tractor tipped on them like former Congressman Traficant – who dared to speak the truth about Israel.

    The USA is owned and run by Jews and Israel. Death camps and a bullet in the back of the neck in a basement building (without trial) is the next short step to take.

    The DHS could take on this task, a new CHEKA. The crime of 911 was rewarded with the new DHS.

  44. Josh July 25, 2015 @ 11:01 pm


    Humanity is shackled by those who seek to diminish it’s potential. I am calling for a new renaissance and for those who know to lead the charge to shatter the false paradigms created by those who would enslave and destroy humanity. The Future of the Universe is in our Hands.

    We have a tough road ahead of us…we have many people to wake up. Whites have been conditioned to be soft and nice and, well, pussies. Excuse the harsh language, you know this is true though.

    When it comes to porn, “blacks have the bigger cocks”. When it comes to the media, “whites are crazy gun nuts and pedophiles” . When it comes to TV/Hollywood, “whites are stupid and bad fathers and numb skulls” as portrayed in shows such as king of queens and the simpsons and everybody loves raymond etc etc.

    We will not be programmed by these insane people anymore. They are trying to break people away from God, hope, inspiration, anything positive, they wish to drown us all in their EVIL. Well it isn’t going to work.

    I pray for you guys and I know that we will transcend their sickness and not some sick pagan faith that leads straight to hell.

  45. Ted Gorsline July 25, 2015 @ 11:08 pm

    If Americans lack the courage to acknowledge that the Mossad, make that Israel, make the the Jewish state, make that the Jews did 9/11; and lack the courage to address it then the end of America is surely at hand.

  46. The Chosen Ones July 26, 2015 @ 10:40 am


    You have solved the puzzle, Mate.

    All should be prepared.

    Remember Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s words about “midnight raids on alleged dissidents” by the secret police!

    As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

    “Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?…

    “The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”


    This is why these devils want our guns! If we give up our guns, it is tantamount to a death sentence for those that comply!

  47. Tony July 26, 2015 @ 10:41 am


    So you saying the main scope of Sheldon is to gain the upper hand of Republicans thus destroying Democrats and he is using Bibi as a stooge?

    The Jews controlling finance which both left and right focus mainly, control economics from policy making to universities, control media, control every aspect of policy making even control the policy foreign polices.

    As +BN noted:

    Majority of Democrats in current and previous Obama team are Jewish

    Jews don’t fight each other. They may oppose a few ideas a bicker with each other but in the end they control both sides and constantly please Jewish interests first, thus have a monopoly on every field.

  48. Tony July 26, 2015 @ 10:47 am


    It is called Stockholm Syndrome. They are so socially engineered that have become total brainless idiots. No matter what facts from almost every field in life about which Jews dominate, they refuse to hear.

    Idiots think they are modern and enlightened when they are being engineered into being a bunch of losers and brainless ignorants both females and males.

    The Jews have infiltrated and lead all major counter culture movements in the West and are constantly looking to advance.

  49. EZ July 27, 2015 @ 1:53 am

    It seemed that Netanyahu is quite at home in the Congress and oh, my, the people are simply adoring him like he is their savior.

    Is he going to be the potentate running his office from the White House soon in September? And, Obama is knocked out? Obama is feverishly working 24/7 to implement some of the draconian policies and one main obstacle to them is the Constitution and that Obama will make sure it will be shred into pieces soon.

    Netanyahu’s smile can be deceiving. If ever he becomes the president of the world and he settles in the White House or in his air-force plane, he will wipe out those congressmen that ardently supported him either by blackmail, alleged suicidal deaths, and/or resignation. One cannot betray, Netanyahu!

    Netanyahu has already created his ISIS army with the help of American Jewry! He will dictate America’s policies and it is evident that our Congress and Senate have become his slaves.

    He has a great control over them. I will not be surprised that Netanyahu is supporting Iran deal and it is quite a farce that he had to play for the Jewish home state if in the event they suspect his betrayal. He will appoint Hillary to be his vice president. Trump is just a distraction! Beware!

    September, 2015 will unfold some of the critical events..

  50. The Elder of Zyklon-B July 27, 2015 @ 5:32 am

    “Trump says he wants to make “America Great Again.” He can’t. It’s all over. Jews have totally destroyed this country.

    Every shade of brown and yellow now walks the streets of Manhattan and what very few whites are left look like zombies. The Open Immigration Law of 1965 that Jewry pushed is now taking its toll on Jewmerica.”

    Oh no dear Brother Nathanael, diversity is our strength! Jewry pushed the the Open Immigration Law? It was Ted Kennedy don’t you know?

    The following link to a popular Jew rag demonstrates in paragraph after paragraph the marvelous demographic, economic, political, and educational benefits of Jewish sponsored unbridled non-European invasion programs to the home state of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and even ole Robert E. Lee.

    When will die Juden demand that we dig up their bones and scatter them in the sea?

    “A middle-aged person living in parts of Virginia today will have witnessed more demographic change in the span of her life than many societies have experienced in millennia.”

    Read on for more of this than you will be willing to stomach.

  51. Keyne July 27, 2015 @ 6:52 am


    Jonathan Pollard was represented by former Solicitor General, Ted Olsen.

    Olsen’s wife, Barabara, was conveiniently on one of the doomed “flights” of 9-11.

    The ONLY testimony we have of Middle Eastern men carrying box cutters taking over the planes was from Barbara Olsen, wife of lawyer who helped Israeli spies steal US secrets.

    Is it any wonder people have doubts about who really did 9-11?

  52. RecallCarlLevin July 27, 2015 @ 7:55 am


    I was blocked on the DailyPaul for using the Jew word.

  53. Brother Nathanael July 27, 2015 @ 12:55 pm

    Dear All –

    Working on NEW Video now (on Trump).

    Hope to post it by tonite. STAY Tuned! +bn

  54. EZ July 27, 2015 @ 1:32 pm


    Every AG the presidents picked have done great damage to America. During Clinton era, Eric Holder was the deputy attorney general and pardoned March Rich; the fugitive who ran to Switzerland. Currently, Obama is planning to pardon Pollard!

    Olsen and his wife Barbara were a disgrace, so are the Fox News perpetrators. The Cheney Administration were behind 9/11 orchestrated the entire attack with the help of the Jewish Zionist who were placed in the high positions in key organizations to cover up the heinous murders of our 3,000 Americans and the economy.

    Do anyone of those Congress men from the Right or the Left ever point fingers at the perpetrators? Heck, no! They are terrified.

    How come they did not attack Saudi Arabia and Egypt who were abetting the Israelis to attack America? Israel did not get the support from Iran, Iraq, and/or Syria to do their bidding. These nations were self-sufficient, in that they had military backing from the Russians.

    Currently, Obama policies are controlled by the Clintons. They recommended criminal AG Holder, and few of his former advisors to support his former policies that were pushed aside by the Congress and/or the Senate. For instance, universal health care and gay rights, immigration, etc.

    When Clinton was the president, we had school shootings staged and similarly today under Obama Admin, we have similar random shootings in every direction for the sake of the gun control initiative by the left. I am shocked that America has landed with soulless leaders!

  55. EZ July 27, 2015 @ 1:46 pm

    Netanyahu is at ease now that Iran’s deal will be finalized.

    It is just a show for every nation to observe how he despised Iran’s nuclear program.

    Now, that Iran might have the nukes, Netanyahu might signal an attack against the U.S, similar to 9/11 in order to wage a war against Iran. Remember, Netanyahu has his spy – the great Ahmedinejad; a Judas who is half-Jew/Muslim, in Iran.

    The third world war will be triggered by none other than Netanyahu and the entire world will go after Israel. One, for the bankruptcies and the other, the destruction of their sovereign nations.

  56. A.J. July 27, 2015 @ 2:08 pm

    Bro Nat,

    I can’t wait for the video on Trump.

    I think he is very bold for going after the other GOP candidates and speaking out on illegals. I’m glad he’s running but I can’t support him because he’s a huge Israel supporter.

    That’s why the Jewamerican press keeps giving him good publicity.

  57. PETER July 27, 2015 @ 5:41 pm

    Brother, I have tried to reach you many times this week, to meet with you in New York City and make a donation.

    Please check your email.

    I can meet tonight, 27th of July.


  58. Brother Nathanael July 27, 2015 @ 6:07 pm


    I’m back home working on a new Video. (Never got your email.)

    You can send your intended donation via PayPal @

    Or by mail: Brother Nathanael Foundation; POB 1242; Frisco CO 80443

  59. PETER July 27, 2015 @ 6:16 pm

    Sent three emails to your yahoo account.

    When will you be back in New York City? I even went to the Russian Church to see if anyone had seen you.

    Please send your best email address and I will have to meet you again when you are in New York City.

  60. Brother Nathanael July 27, 2015 @ 7:19 pm


    I was at the Russian Church at E 93rd and Park on Friday and Sunday mornings for Liturgy.

    If you would have asked Fr Andrei, the rector, he would have AFFIRMED that he saw me and gave me Holy Communion.

    You can email me: bronathanael[at][yahoo]dot[com]


  61. KathJuliane August 3, 2015 @ 10:29 am

    Dear +BN

    You hit the nail on the head on this one. Steve Walt elaborated today on the theme of your Video.

    Indeed, the Iranians agreed to shrink their current peaceful nuclear program to a shadow of its former self. So much so, that it is virtually a figleaf–enough for the Iranians to say that they kept their nuclear program in the deal.


    Why America Will Never Hit Reset With Iran–Steve Walt

    Even the reasonable people in Washington are still talking about containing Tehran — which is why the United States is about to squander a rare opportunity.

    What’s going to happen with the Iran deal? Let me go out on a not-very-long limb with some not-very-bold predictions, and then tell you what I think the real issue is.

    First, the deal will go through, although it will probably take a presidential veto to stymie congressional skepticism.

    To be sure, a lot of senators and congressmen will posture for the cameras, the GOP will vote in lockstep for mostly partisan reasons, and GOP presidential aspirants will say some remarkably offensive and foolish things about it.

    But key representatives like Sander Levin have already signaled their support for the deal, others will follow suit, and U.S. President Barack Obama will almost certainly have the votes he needs to veto any legislation that would kill the deal.

    Why will it go through? In part, because Congress normally gives the president a lot of leeway in foreign policy. But also because the deal is in America’s national interest and clearly superior to the available alternatives.

    Iran is cutting its enrichment capacity by more than two-thirds, getting rid of all but a miniscule fraction of its stockpile of low-enriched uranium, and has agreed to an unprecedented degree of inspections and monitoring going forward.

    In theory, Iran could try to cheat in various small ways, but it couldn’t do enough to get it across the nuclear weapons threshold without being caught well in advance of weaponization.

    Critics like Mark Dubowitz have worked mightily to come up with proposals that are better than the offer on the table, but they’ve come up empty-handed.

    In the end, we either implement this deal, or we will have: 1) a collapse of the sanctions regime and an Iran that is free to develop its nuclear capacity with few constraints, or 2) a preventive war that would give Iran a powerful incentive to acquire a bomb and only reduce its capacity to do temporarily.

    Rejecting the deal would also show Iran’s people that electing a more moderate government and cooperating with the United States doesn’t pay off, just as Iran’s hard-liners have long warned.

    Plus, it would badly damage Washington’s relations with the other five major powers that helped put the deal together. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which of these alternatives is better for America and the world.

    My second prediction: The deal will work. By “work,” I mean it will keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon for the duration of the agreement and possibly beyond.

    It will not bring peace to the Middle East; it will not fix the Greek economy; it will not cure cancer; it will not get the Red Sox better pitching or put Tiger Woods back in the winner’s circle; and it will not resolve all of our disagreements with Tehran.

    But it will do what it is designed to do and what Obama pledged to do: It will keep Iran on this side of the nuclear threshold.

    But won’t those clever Iranians cheat? No, because the deal is clearly in Iran’s interest too. And make no mistake: Iran was never — repeat, never — going to sign any agreement from which it didn’t derive tangible benefits.

    If you think otherwise, you are living in a dream world. Moreover, the sort of deal critics say they’d like to see — one where Iran capitulated to every single one of our demands — is precisely the sort of deal that it would be eager to escape as soon as it could, assuming that it would even sign such a deal at all.

    If you want a deal that both sides will abide by voluntarily, it has to provide benefits for both. That’s just Diplomacy 101.

    And let’s not forget that there is no evidence Iran is dead set on having an actual nuclear weapon, and it certainly hasn’t been hellbent on getting one as soon as possible.

    Indeed, U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded it has no nuclear weapons program today, a position they have held consistently since 2007.

    That isn’t all that surprising: As I’ve argued before, Iran has sound, strategic reasons for not getting the bomb, just as it has sound, strategic reasons to want the potential to acquire one should circumstances warrant it at some point in the future.

    But if Iran were to move in that direction under this agreement, the world would know it almost immediately, sanctions would snap back, military action would become more likely, and all the benefits Iran gains from the deal would go right out the window.

    So what does worry me? That’s easy. Having failed to kill the deal itself, hard-liners in Iran, the United States, and Israel will now turn their attention to making sure it produces no broader political benefits.

    Instead of using this agreement as a first step toward a more cordial and business-like relationship, these groups will try to poison U.S.-Iranian relations in other ways and keep the cold war between Washington and Iran going into perpetuity.

    Nevermind that younger Iranians despise the clerical regime and are eager for more contact with the West (and especially the United States).

    Nevermind that Iran and the United States do have interests in common, including hostility toward both the Taliban and the Islamic State.

    Pay no attention to the fact that Russia, China, and our European allies are going to start dealing with Iran, making money, and gaining influence in the process.

    Ignore the fact that the United States would have more leverage with other Middle East countries if it had diplomatic relations with Iran.

    And don’t even think about the possibility that better relations with Iran, far from emboldening it, might give it good reason to rein in those activities that Americans rightly oppose, such as its support for radical groups in various places.

    In short, there’s a real danger that having secured a sound deal, the United States will squander the opportunity — not the certainty, but the opportunity — to turn a new corner in its deeply troubled relationship with Iran.

    Even strong and eloquent supporters of the deal — such as my colleague Nicholas Burns — lean in that direction when they emphasize that the United States must still work hard at “containing” Iran.

    I understand that view, but making this the top priority in our future dealings with Iran — even if only rhetorically — will reinforce Tehran’s own suspicions of U.S. motives and exacerbate the pattern of mistrust that has colored U.S.-Iranian relations for many decades.

    Look, nobody should be naïve about the obstacles to a meaningful détente with Iran or unmindful of the ways in which our interests clash. But Iran is not some weird Shiite reincarnation of the Third Reich; its military power is quite modest, and its actual capacity to cause trouble in the region is (fortunately) limited.

    Indeed, contrary to what we often hear, its efforts to build influence haven’t been especially successful.

    And the next time you hear somebody harping about its role as the “world’s greatest exporter of terrorism,” remember that the peace-loving United States has done far more to destabilize the greater Middle East in recent years — beginning with the boneheaded invasion of Iraq in 2003 — generating terrorists galore in the process.

    In the months and years ahead, opposition to a better relationship with Iran will come from the same organizations and individuals who are leading the fight against the nuclear deal — namely, the government of Israel and the hard-line elements of the Israel lobby.

    It used to be taboo to talk openly about the lobby’s impact on U.S. Middle East policy, but that is no longer the case.

    One reason for this change is that any informed citizen would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see that the principal organized opposition to this deal is coming from the mainstream organizations in the lobby — AIPAC, WINEP, JINSA, FDD, ZOA, the Conference of Presidents, etc. — backed by ardent pro-Israel donors, such as Michael Steinhart and Sheldon Adelson.

    J Street and other pro-Israel peace organizations are backing the deal, along with prominent intellectuals like Peter Beinart and a clear plurality of American Jews, but the biggest and most influential organizations remain dead set against it.

    Were it not for their opposition, this deal would have been easier to negotiate, and Congress wouldn’t stand a chance of stopping it.

    The lobby’s likely defeat reminds us that AIPAC and its sister organizations do not in fact “control” U.S. Middle East policy.

    No lobbying group wins every fight — not AIPAC, not Big Pharma, not even the National Rifle Association — and especially not when issues of war and peace are on the line.

    I suspect the heads of many of the hard-line organizations know they are going to lose this time around, but fighting on keeps the donor money coming in and forces the administration and other supporters of the deal to work overtime to ensure its success.

    Even if they know they’re going to lose this round, AIPAC et al. want to discourage politicians from taking them on again.

    And make no mistake, these same individuals and organizations are committed to ensuring the special relationship with Israel is unaffected and that the United States does not start using its leverage to pressure Israel about its settlements policy or its other activities that threaten U.S. interests.

    That goal will be facilitated if this deal collapses after its expiration date, or even better, before.

    The last thing the lobby wants is a United States that is on decent terms with (nearly) every country in the Middle East and has no “special relationships” with any of them.

    It looks like Obama has won this round — because his negotiating team crafted a good deal — but the broader fight over the future direction of U.S. Middle East policy is just beginning.

  62. ali July 30, 2016 @ 8:35 am


    My name is Ali and I am an Iranian.

    I don’t read this compeletly but if one of you guys know, Jews of Iran in past killed 75800 Iranians in past, and among Jews there is a traditional that name is killing Iranians.

    Just I want to say, why if you kill my people, we must execute justice like them.

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