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ISIS In Greater Israel’s Scheme

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ISIS In Greater Israel’s Scheme
May 27, 2015 ©

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Brother Nathanael @ May 26, 2015


  1. Brother Nathanael May 26, 2015 @ 7:05 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    ISIS In Greater Israel’s Scheme
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2015

    Greater Israel is alive and wreaking hell in the Middle East.

    ISIS is doing Israel’s bidding, prosecuting the toppling of Assad and neutering of Iran’s regional influence.

    ISIS is the perfect shill. Not once has it decried the Zionist state. But with the anti-Zionist “Syria, Iran” Axis of Resistance out, Greater Israel kicks in.

    America’s complicit.

    Just last week, Judicial Watch published Department of Defense documents showing America aiding the rise of Islamic State in order to “isolate” the Syrian regime.

    [Clip: “Declassified documents were published showing that as early as 2012, US intelligence predicted the rise of Islamic State. The Report shows the powers who supported the Syrian opposition like America envisioned the creation of an independent principality in eastern Syria and supported it. They also clearly predicted the establishment of Islamic State through its union with other terror organizations in Syria and Iraq.”]

    More than “predicted.” Assad says America “created” ISIS.

    [Clip: “A lot of analysts and a lot of journalists say that you have helped ISIS to emerge because it’s an opportunity for you to appear like a shield.”

    “But ISIS was created in Iraq in 2006 under the supervision of the Americans. I’m not in Iraq and I wasn’t in Iraq. I wasn’t controlling Iraq. The Americans controlled Iraq, and ISIS came from Iraq to Syria, because chaos is contagious.”]

    And nobody creates chaos better than Jewmerica where Neocon Jews— Kagan, Kristol, Wieseltier—want Assad out. What a friend they have in ISIS!

    Just last March, Iraqi forces arrested three military advisors discovered inside an Islamic State facility carrying US and Israeli passports.

    ISIS is good for the Jews and the lies and evasions keep pouring in.

    [Clip: “How big a presence do jihadists and especially those allied to al-Qaida play in the rebels who are opposing and fighting Assad in Syria?”

    “The jihadi presence is big and getting bigger. And the longer the conflict goes on there, the bigger it will get.”

    “Do you worry about the possibility of, yah, you lose Assad, who is somebody who is no friend of Israel, but on the other hand you then get a situation where you have al-Qaeda factions running part of Syria?”

    “We’ve long advocated for Bashar al-Assad’s departure.

    If he goes now, we would view that as a very positive development. He is an ally of Iran, and ally of Hezbollah. We understand that if jihadists were to come in it wouldn’t be good but wouldn’t be as bad as the current situation.”]

    It’s Jews for Jihadists. That’s why ISIS keeps gaining ground.

    [Clip: “Now, an international coalition led by the US is bombing ISIS from the air. Is it a problem for you, or is it help for you?”

    “It’s neither, none of them. Because it’s not a problem of course if you attack terrorists, but at the same time, if you’re not serious, you don’t help us.”

    “Why not serious?”

    “ISIS has expanded in Syria, in Iraq, in Libya, in the region in general. So, how can you say that it was effective? They’re not serious, that’s why they don’t make any help to anyone in this region.”]

    America, run by Jews, “help” anyone?

    Jews only help themselves and ISIS plays right into their hands.

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  5. John May 26, 2015 @ 8:08 pm

    I’ve suspected for awhile that the Jews were holding the US back in the fight against ISIS.

    For example, a few days ago ISIS took the southern most border crossing between Syria and Iraq. There is nothing, no civilians and no place to hide, for hundreds of miles on either side of this crossing.

    It couldn’t be a nicer, fatter target for US planes. But so far, as far as I know, there has been no attempt to hit it.

    Further, it seems to me that closing the entire border would be a strategic, and doable (there are only four roads between the two countries), objective of the US, but I don’t see any effort towards this nor even hear anyone talking about it.

  6. Seraphim May 26, 2015 @ 8:11 pm

    The manipulation of the Islamic world to do the dirty jobs for Israel is much older.

    The Muslim Brotherhood was a creation of MI6.

    “Hizb ut-Tahrir (Arabic: حزب التحرير‎ Ḥizb at-Taḥrīr; Party of Liberation) is an international pan-Islamic political organisation. They are commonly associated with the goal of all Muslim countries unifying as an Islamic state or caliphate ruled by Islamic law (sharia) and with a caliph head of state elected by Muslims.

    The organization was founded in 1953 as a Sunni Muslim organization in Jerusalem by Taqiuddin al-Nabhani, an Islamic scholar and appeals court judge (Qadi) from the Palestinian village of Ijzim. Since then Hizb ut-Tahrir has spread to more than 50 countries and by one estimate has about one million members.

    Hizb ut-Tahrir is very active in the West, particularly in the United Kingdom, and is also active in several Arab and Central Asian countries, despite being banned by some governments. The group also has a growing presence in North America, known as Hizb ut-tahrir America, or HTA.”

    What both organizations realized was to eliminate the Christian population of Palestine and around Israel, a clear goal of the Antichrists.

  7. KathJuliane May 26, 2015 @ 9:04 pm

    Terrific and powerful Video, dear +BN!

    Oren is the biggest giveaway about Israeli strategy. I can just read his thoughts through the static whitenoise his Jewbrain throws off:

    “ISIS not as bad as President Assad, …and besides that, look at all the Christians they murder in Iraq, Syria, and Libya as a bonus.”

    “Jews for Jihadists,” that’s hilarious! Just love the globe effect zooming in on Jewmerica!

    Robert Kagan is looking more like “His Bloatitude,” Jabba the Hut every day. He and Nuland, what a pair of Kaganopotomi.

    And, you found a neocon Jew with white fluffy hair even wilder than Wiesanthal’s or Ben Gurion’s that’s new to me — Leon Wieseltier, a member of the Jewish Establishment literati in Washington DC — writer, critic, amateur philosopher and magazine editor, and, of course the requisite child of Holocaust Survivors™.

    Wieseltier was the literary editor of the progressive, liberal soft-Stalinist magazine (until after WWII), The New Republic which turned neocon in the 80s. He is currently the Isaiah Berlin Senior Fellow in Culture and Policy at the hawkish Brookings Institution where his wife also works, and a contributing editor and critic at The Atlantic.

    President al-Assad wound up owning French TV.

    I located the interview which was on April 20 of this year. His answers are so plain, simple, logical, and direct, there’s no doubting he’s telling the absolute truth. And he never gets tripped up by hostile interviewers.


    Like Mark Twain said (paraphrase), “Always tell the truth. Then you never have to remember what you said. And, If someone asks you if it was true what you said, your answer would be “Well, if I said that, then it must be the truth.”

    Like Assad points out time and again in his interviews, the Syrian people overwhelming support him and they trust their army. He wouldn’t be president if he didn’t have the support of the people.

    If the Syrian people really wanted him out, the military would have ousted him long ago, and not work so long and hard as they have the past going on 4 years.

    The SAA trusts al-Assad, as do the people, and he behaves like the First Citizen of Syria, not like a tyrant. As commander in chief, he makes an effort to spend time with his generals and top commanders out in the field; and always makes sure to spend time with junior and petty officers, and the enlisted personnel.

    Last New’s Years Eve, he was in the trenches sharing a simple meal with the enlisted guys. The SAA is fully integrated, not divided up by religion. In every unit, Shiites with Sunnis who serve with Christians who serve with Druzes.

    His troops love and greatly respect their Commander in Chief — the Lion of Syria.

    The SAA just won a major engagement and spiritual victory over IS. You wouldn’t see a personal message from troops to Obama like “For the sake of our commander in chief–We Broke the Seige” found in a photograph on the Syrian Arab Army Facebook page:

    SyAAF covered the retreat of the Syrian Army units inside Jisr al-Sho`or hospital providing cover fire and not allowing al-Nusra terrorists to reach them.

    The operation was conducted by two Su-24m2 attack bombers.

    Also, Mohajer IV drones were in the sky providing the artillery with target coordinates.

    The operation resulted in securing the troops inside into a safe location.

    The troops are in bad shape, they have been fighting for weeks under siege but they are safe. We will publish more when available. (Published May 22 about 1/2 way down):

    President al-Assad was very quick to personally commend the commanders of the Syrian troops who withstood the seige at the hospital, just above in the timeline:

    And they got Liberated!

    Commander in Chief of the Syrian Armed Forces in a phone call with the commanding officer of the units liberated from Jisr al-Sho`our hospital addressing the unit:

    • With your heroism you represent every soldier in the Syrian Arab Army.

    • You endured, and resisted because you do not know surrender, nor defeat.

    • Your trust in God, and your comrades in the Syrian Arab Army that they will reach you, and liberate you, only shows how this army is formed, and what its military doctrine; and its trust of it self, and its members and their achievements.

    • Your lives, and the lives of every soldier in the Syrian Arab Army, and the National Defense Force was and will always be our top priority, and we work hard to protect that.

    • The way you retrieved your injured comrades, and did not leave them behind will show the whole world the values the Syrian Arab Army have.

    • May the fallen heroes of the hospital, and the fallen heroes fell during the battle to liberate you rest in peace. And may every fallen soldier scarified [sacrificed] his life defending every inch of his homeland rest in peace.

    • I salute you, and through you I salute every soldier defending his homeland.

    Colonel Sohbea replying to the Commander in Chief:

    • We salute you sir, and on my behalf, and on the behalf of the soldiers of Jist al-Sho`our hospital thank you for your personal interest in us; and we thank our brothers in arm, those who helped us and stood by us, and those who kept raising our morals while we were battling terrorism.

    Syrian Arab Army

    On a last note for now, the Syrian Arab Army long ago opted for an integrated military force and not units segregated by religious faith. Sunnis, Shi’ites, Alawites, Christians, and Druzes all for and alongside each other.

    And they are all free to pray as they want according to their traditions.

    I’ve located several pictures of Syrian Christian soldiers praying to icons of Jesus and the Virgin Mary next to burned out churches just as the Muslims pray with their heads on the Koran. With the ISIS and Takfiri plague, Muslim mosques and holy sites aren’t safe, either.

    Many Christians in Syria keep a picture of President al-Assad somewhere close or on their home altars and pray for God’s blessings and strength for their president and their country.

    And many Syrian Christians as well as Muslims pray for President Putin and Russia as well. As do I.

    God bless you dear +BN for keeping track of things all of these years. You were writing about this in 2011.

    My donation will be forthcoming at the beginning of the month.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  8. Tony May 26, 2015 @ 9:10 pm

    Last month ISIS attacked and seized Palestine refugees camp in Yarmouk

    The question is if ISIS is fighting as Muslims why is not backing the biggest push against endless injustice apartheid in Palestine, ethnic cleanings and illegal settlements of Israel, and supporting their political cause and of the Muslim world, which is Palestinian state and liberty?

    Israel has the strongest military and most technological advanced has full support form America, and many other countries in Europe and Saudis as well as many other Africa.

    Why is ISIS never attacking Israel and is attacking refugee Palestinians?

  9. KathJuliane May 26, 2015 @ 10:33 pm

    If anyone would like to read or make a copy of the FOIA DOD documents released to Judicial Watch that +BN referred to, I had some trouble at the JW site with their PDF, but Fox News has the 100 page document at their site.

    The entire package is related to the Bengazi incident when Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans were killed in a militant assault on the consulate outpost.

    The intelligence estimates describing the rise of the proto-Islamic State start at p 68 of the PDF dealing with Iraq.

  10. Obvious May 26, 2015 @ 11:33 pm

    Yes, Brother, it is obvious that ISIS or ISIL (as obummer likes to say) is a Jew funded, owned, and operated via the surrogate USA and other allies.

    That is why there is no opposition right now…BUT…last week it was revealed that 50% of Syria was taken over…so they only have 50% to go!

    I believe all the constant negative press including violent, vicious, sadistic, and criminal videos, pictures, etc., released and unleashed on all developed nations especially the JEWSA, is designed to build public opinion so they can finally go in and finish off Assad and attack Iran on the claim that they are going after ISIS.

    Yes a ruse that millions are starting to see through. Israel and America sure do have a ‘friend in ISIL’ don’t they?!

    Here are the lyrics to that song You Have A Friend In Me, written by Randy Newman:

    You’ve got a friend in me
    You’ve got a friend in me
    When the road looks rough ahead
    And you’re miles and miles
    From your nice warm bed
    Just remember what your old pal said
    Boy, you’ve got a friend in me
    You’ve got a friend in me
    You’ve got a friend in me
    You’ve got a friend in me
    You’ve got troubles, well I’ve got ’em too
    There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
    We stick together and we see it through
    You’ve got a friend in me
    You’ve got a friend in me

    Some other folks might be
    A little bit smarter than I am
    Bigger and stronger too
    But none of them will ever love you the way I do
    It’s me and you
    And as the years go by
    Boys, our friendship will never die
    You’re gonna see
    It’s our destiny
    You’ve got a friend in me
    You’ve got a friend in me
    You’ve got a friend in me

  11. Irene Bonney Faulkes May 26, 2015 @ 11:34 pm

    Yes indeed, it is obvious ISIS is the creation of Israel, its Mossad, U.S.A., Saudis and British MI5.

    For long, the British with their Intelligence expertise and the ‘Establishment’ with its past and present inroads of the Jews through the marriage of male aristocrats to wealthy Jewesses, have been pursuing their aspirations about oil in the Middle East.

    Laurence of Arabia on behalf of the British Government promised the Arabs they would be given Palestine if they would assist in taking it from the Germans in the first World War.

    At that time, the Australian Light Brigade made a name for itself. The Empire’s brave have always helped win their battles.

    It has always been a question as to why ISIS was not capturing and torturing any Jews. Why would it when it was the darling of the said Jews?

    The Americana Air force could have detroyed ISIS at any time had it wished to do so. It even refrained from positive assistance to prevent the massacres of so many, including Christians.

    How is it that there was never an outry in that country from the very large and major percentage of supposed Christians there? Not a bleep, did those ‘sheep’ utter to prevent such massacres.

    Will their be a reprisal from heaven upon them?

    If their economy fails totally, yes, there would be the death of millions of them. Vengeance is not ours but God’s as He says.

    The souls under the altar will be crying out in heaven for vengeance.

    They did so in the period up to A.D.70 (as in the book of Revelation) when the Old Israel was finished for ever by the judgment of the Son of Man in heaven.

    Those today pursuing Christians and Moslems are the enemies of Christ and of Christianity. They bear the curse taken on their forbears in Judaism, who said, ‘Crucify Him’. The Romans had to obey.

    The Judaism they follow is not Old Testament but of the Talmud and Kabbalah.

    The believers in that religion are using ISIS to further their long held aims for the Middle East, Islam, Christianity and the world.

  12. Eileen K. May 26, 2015 @ 11:40 pm

    I’m happy that you wrote on ISIS and its relationship with Israel, Br. Nat.

    ISIS is, indeed, a creation of Israel’s Mossad; and, that’s why it never threatened or attacked the Zionist Entity. Israel supplies its creation with both arms and funds so that it can launch attacks on Israel’s enemies – namely, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Hezbollah.

    As far as Jewmerica’s concerned, its fake airstrikes on ISIS positions fools nobody, as Iranian officials have repeatedly pointed out. Syria’s Bashar al-Assad has also pointed out the same fact; that Jewmerica’s fight against ISIS is a sham.

    I’m disappointed that no large contributions have been coming your way. I’m sure you have a rather large readership, and there are enough of them with enough financial resources to contribute at least $1,000 to help you out.

    If a hundred contributed $1,000 each, you’d have $100,000 in your coffers, with which you could maintain your video productions and travel to even more cities to spread the Gospel.

    If a hundred contributed $5,000 each, you’d have $500,000.

    I’m sorry I’m not in that category, Brother; but I’ll be sending you another contribution around next week.

    God bless you always,


  13. Smart Guy May 26, 2015 @ 11:56 pm

    Russia cannot stay out of this war.

    To save Christianity and Civilization from the twin evils of radical Islam and Zionism Russia has to enter the war.

    Hitting America with an EMP weapon now looks certain.

  14. Hugo May 27, 2015 @ 12:31 am

    The result of these Jewish NEOCON instigated wars & chaos–whose goal has always been fulfillment of the Yinon plan using U.S military power as their proxy– is swarms of desperate refugees washing up on Europe’s shores.

    The Jewish controlled European M.S.M. then tells Europeans they must accept these desperate people. Europeans accept them because they are decent.

    Nowhere does this same M.S.M. inform us that the problem is a purely Jewish created one and that the only nation not accepting any refugees is the one on whose behalf the problem was created in the 1st place–ISRAEL!

    But the internet means people are awakening fast.

    Small wonder there was a international conference in Israel on May 10th requesting cyber hate crime laws to stop websites like this one naming and shaming the real culprits. Panic is beginning to set in.

  15. PussPocket May 27, 2015 @ 12:53 am

    What’s with all this constant talk about ISIS playing into the hands of Israel etc.?

    There are TONS of people that know, that ISIS is not only an American creation, but that it IS an Israeli Invention.

    Surely you’ve heard and seen plastered all over “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”? Surely.

    Don’t go around thinking ISIS is “Islamic”, because it just isn’t.

    That’s just the JEWS protecting themselves from the DUMB who believe whatever CNN (Cabala News Network) tells them.

    SIGH… pretty sad the whole ordeal.

  16. Obvious May 27, 2015 @ 1:09 am

    Smart Guy:

    Well, the MSM is now already predicting a nuclear attack in the USA in the next 12 months.

    MANY intelligent and intuitive Americans did not need that pithy little article warning us of those future nasties to come though, we get the agenda, the program, the plan.

    We know it is coming…it is just which city will it be? My guess is Dallas.

  17. jomo May 27, 2015 @ 5:10 am

    Another great explanatory video Brother Nathanael!

  18. Cornelius May 27, 2015 @ 5:27 am

    The Jewish controlled media stated a year ago that ISIS was funded by kidnapping and trucks smuggling oil.

    Since that is impossible, I knew it was a cover up, to hide the fact it was funded with drug money from the reestablished heroine trade from occupied Afghanistan.

    Flown into Europe and the United States by corrupt elements in the Air Force under CIA supervision.

    During the reign of the Shah of Iran, corrupt elements in the Iranian Air Force were flying the drugs from Afghanistan straight into Dobbins AFB in Georgia with C-130’s. This drug money was used to fund CIA projects.

    Now that the CIA has their cash cow back they were able to fund a brand new project: Islamic State.

  19. ebbe May 27, 2015 @ 6:40 am

    Hi Brother.

    Great site wonderful interesting articles.

    I’m Muslim Indian South African. My question is how do we all humanity save ourselves from NWO, pagans, zionists Jews, immorality usuary or this system?

  20. Greg Groebner May 27, 2015 @ 7:26 am

    Thank you, Brother Nathanael.

    This video is one especially that Christians need to see; otherwise, the emotional horror at the work of ISIS will be misdirected to only further undermine order and civility in the Mideast.

    It seems to me that this destabilization of the Mideast region will continue as long as the US has resources to act internationally. An internal crises would change the equation — bad for us in the US, but probably good for other regions of the world. In either case, it is pretty late for the Mideast.

    About Brother’s financial difficulties, I’d guess that the main problem is not only that we’re a bunch of tightwads, but that the anonymous viewers fear that donating is burning a bridge of no return; a definitive paper trail proving the crime of anti-semitism.

    So, some “money-laundering” scheme needs to be pursued; those with marketable skills who have already burnt that bridge becoming a donation conduit for those willing to pay for those skills but fearing a direct paper trail.

  21. Keyne May 27, 2015 @ 7:41 am

    Smart Guy: Are factions of radical islam and Zionism really different, or are they controlled by the same masters? Hmmm……

  22. Brother Nathanael May 27, 2015 @ 8:04 am

    Dear All –

    The rubber finally hit the road. I’m broke. I’m out of money. And I don’t want to borrow money from credit cards.

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  23. b vit May 27, 2015 @ 8:16 am

    You’d be surprised how many people aren’t aware of Greater Israel….even the Muslims.

    Most of them think Greater Israel is Palestine. Palestine is only a new back deck built onto the Jew House. ISIS is helping carve out the Promised Land which stretches “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.”

    This is not a hunch, guess, conspiracy theory, or BS…..its happening. We are also witnessing a Muslim Removal Act that makes the Indian Removal Act look like child’s play.

    The ones not being killed outright are being unsettled and shipped off to various parts of the world – mostly Europe and America where they will be used to help bankrupt the Middle Class. Classic “Killing of two birds….”

  24. Ft. Nolan May 27, 2015 @ 8:51 am

    For all of the abandoned equipment, Humvees, trucks, et al, now being used by ISIS, did anyone “Low-Jack” these vehicles prior to their being shipped? And if so, how difficult is it to find and target these vehicles?

    I would go so far as to say that just about every piece of materiel bigger than a footlocker has an RFID chip which allows detection from a mile away (or more!) which should help with finding its location and with that, its current user/owner.

    Somebody is playing games and we are being played along with it. [So what else is new?]

  25. Snowy Smith South Africa May 27, 2015 @ 9:43 am

    Newly-Declassified U.S. Government Documents:

    The West Supported the Creation of ISIS
    Very Important Judicial Watch

    Global Research

    The Obama administration is too secretive and corrupt, uses its power to keep corruption hidden, and now President Obama’s “Organizing for Action” is another threat to accountable and honest government.

    Judicial Watch has filed more than 2,500 Freedom of Information requests and more than 150 lawsuits as we seek openness and transparency in government.

    USA and Israel founded ISIS.

    Israeli Hospitals are attending to ISIS and other terrorists who are wounded.
    ISIS are USA Paid Mercenaries.
    Obama holds the World Record for Lies.
    Bush was a novice compared to Obama.

    No More Wars For The Jews.

  26. KathJuliane May 27, 2015 @ 12:58 pm

    Does this strike anyone as being a slightly schizophrenic foreign policy?

    US-Turkey support, equip and train the “moderate” Takfiri jihadist Syrian rebels who massacre and enslave Christians, Kurds, various ethnic minorities and various Muslim branches they consider infidels and traitors, against al Assad.

    The various militant groups of Saudi-Israeli-Turkish-US backed McCain brigades of Takfiri jihadists (Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Chechen Wahabists, etc) with their brand new US supplied lethal and non-lethal military aid then become either absorbed by, or swear allegiance to ISIS which is also anti-Assad.

    And the US is supposed to be opposed to ISIS, because that’s who the “moderate” Takfiri jihadists grouped as the “Syrian rebels”, the majority of which aren’t Syrians but warlords and brigades from North African states such as Libya, the Caucasus states, especially Chechnya (including some ethnic Georgians and Caucasians who converted to Islam) are supposed to be fighting.

    There are so many Russian-speaking “Syrian rebels” in Syria, especially near or in Lebanon, that Russian communications, signals intelligence specialists are helping out Syrian military intelligence eavesdrop on ISIS radio and cellphone transmissions.

    Al Qaeda existed for more than two decades, and one of their so-called main objectives was freedom of Palestine, yet they never lifted a finger against Israhell. ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, which killed at least 21. You’d think the Saudis would loudly protest the fact that their junkyard dog ISIS bit the hand that feeds it with a terrorist act on Saudi soil.

    Except, Eastern Province is the central source of the Saudi oil industry which is also the Arabian Peninsula Shi’ite national homeland. The Shi’ites are a completely repressed population and the poorest in the country. In the Sunni Wahabi Saudi monarchy’s mind, what’s an attack on infidel Arabian Shi’ites by Sunni ultra-Wahabist/Salafist ISIS?

    Oh, wait, I forgot. We’re talking about the Lords of Chaos — Israhell, and their long-time silent allies, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf monarchies, and Jewmerica — the Empire of Confusion, and their loyal Zionist vassals, Turkey, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf monarchies, the Kingdom of Jordan and so forth.

    Jewmerica’s Western Asia foreign policy is more like a lethal, vicious game of “Paper, Scissors, Rock.”

    Defense News:

    ANKARA — NATO allies Turkey and the US have agreed in principle to provide air support to Syrian rebels fighting the regime of Syria’s President Bashar Assad, Turkey’s foreign minister said.

    The planned air support would protect the Syrian opposition fighters who have been trained and equipped by a joint Turkish-US program at a military base in Turkey, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said. Turkey and the US hope to train up to 15,000 rebels.

    A US diplomat in Ankara did not comment on how soon the air support for the rebels could start.

    The move marks a departure for Washington from its earlier position in opposing a safe zone for Syrian rebels, observers say. It also could mean broader US involvement in the Syrian conflict.

    Cavusoglu did not elaborate on what “in principle” meant, what kind of air power would be provided or by whom.

    “They have to be supported via air. If you do not protect them or provide air support, what is the point?” Cavusoglu told reporters in televised remarks. “There is a principle agreement on providing air support. How it is going to be provided is in the responsibility of the army.”

    Although Turkey and the US agree on supporting moderate Islamist forces fighting in Syria, they disagree on who should be the priority target.

    Turkey insists the rebels should be supported to fight primarily Assad’s regime in Damascus while the US thinks the priority enemy is the Islamic State group that has captured large swaths of land in Syria and Iraq since last summer.

    A senior Turkish diplomat said both enemies could be fought simultaneously if rebels are given sufficient support.

    “We need not specify in bold letters which enemy is the worse enemy,” he said. “The rebel forces can be trained, equipped and supported enough to fight at more than one front.”

  27. Koolz May 27, 2015 @ 2:58 pm

    The Media hypes up the ISIS , ISIS is nothing. It’s a bunch of untrained wannabes that get toys and get to have a utopia society of their version of medieval Sharia.

    How to stop ISIS. First they need food and water and shelter to survive. *Poison their food supply*

    Second someone is giving them the means to fight with weapons and limited training. *Send them Weapons that do not work*

    Third there is over 400 Satellites around the Earth, over 200 are military. You think that someone cannot pin point ISIS’s position set up an ambush and take them out?

    Think again.

    Helicopters flying low below radar during the night could come in and destroy them.

    But it’s like Brother says, Israel is behind ISIS.

    ISIS a creation of Jews and Zion.

  28. KathJuliane May 27, 2015 @ 3:33 pm

    Al Monitor: Syria plays up ties with Iran, Russia

    Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said Wednesday that Iran and Russia would never give up their support for his regime in the face of a four-year-old armed revolt.

    the Islamic Republic of Iran is much deeper than some people think,” Muallem said at a press conference with his visiting Armenian counterpart Edward Nalbandian.

    He said Tehran and Moscow “have not and will not delay in providing aid to help us persevere,” while armed rebels had “clear support from conspirators” and were infiltrating from Turkey.

    In March, embattled President Bashar al-Assad said Russia and Iran “want stability and a political solution for Syria”.

    The three countries share “the same view” of Syria’s four-year conflict, he said.

    Muallem said Damascus looked forward to “a better and bigger Iranian role in the international arena” after the end of Tehran’s negotiations with world powers on a nuclear accord.

    In early April, Syria welcomed a framework deal struck by Tehran and world powers on Iran’s nuclear programme, saying it would help ease regional and international tensions.

    Iran is one of Syria’s largest backers, sending financial and military support — including military advisors — to prop up the Assad regime.

    Syria’s conflict began in March 2011 with anti-government demonstrations, but evolved into a protracted and bloody civil war that has left at least 220,000 people dead.

  29. KathJuliane May 27, 2015 @ 4:34 pm

    Ynet Op-ed on 5/12 by Gilad Sharon, son of Erik (Ariel) Sharon (whose mother was a descendent of Russian Subbotnik Judes or Judaizers), the much beloved “Butcher of Beirut” among Jews.

    Who needs Bashar Assad?

    Analysis: If the Syrian leader is toppled, Israel would have Islamic State on its doorstep, but it wouldn’t have to face it alone; it would also mean the end of Hezbollah and leave the Golan permanently in Israel’s hands.

    This held true for as long as the rules were observed. But now that the Golan Heights border is starting to become a terror border, now that the situation has been reversed and the Lebanon border is relatively quiet while the Syrian border has seen an increase in terrorist activity on the part of Hezbollah, under the cover of the general chaos in Syria, we need to rethink what is good for Israel.

    The fall of Assad’s regime would bring Islamic State to our borders – and that’s a problem. But it would also be a fatal blow for Hezbollah.

    Without the Assad regime and the Hezbollah-Syria-Iran axis, the threat from Lebanon would fade significantly. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen for sure.

    Bashar Assad was only of use to Israel while he kept the northern border quiet (photo caption).

    To a certain extent, the quiet on the Golan Heights served as a guarantee of sorts for the survival of the Assad regime.

    Under the cover of this quiet, we encountered an increased threat from Lebanon in the form of a militia armed and trained by Iran – Hezbollah, which poses a far greater threat to Israel than Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

    Things aren’t quiet now, and thus Assad’s guarantee should expire. If the Golan Heights aren’t peaceful in any event, Israel then has no interest in the survival of the Syrian tyrant.

    Islamic State – unlike Assad and unlike Hezbollah – is the enemy of an international coalition that is fighting the organization; thus Israel wouldn’t have to face this new threat alone.

    There would be no international pressure for Israel to give back the Golan Heights either – and that’s a very good thing. The Golan will remain an important part of Israel forever.

    This is not to say that we would welcome the presence of the Islamic State lunatics on our border; but it’s certainly no worse, and may even be better, than the presence there of Hezbollah, which is the Lebanese proxy of the Iranian regime.

    The people behind Hezbollah’s activities don’t pay the price for the organization’s aggression, and the decisions to launch attacks on Israel are taken far away in Tehran and are linked to Iran’s global aspirations rather than regional issues.

    Furthermore, the means and capabilities that a large and strong country like Iran places at the disposal of Hezbollah are far more extensive and dangerous than the means at the disposal of the Islamic State forces.

    If there is going to be chaos on our border with Syria in any case, then at least we should be able to enjoy less of a threat on the Lebanon border.

    So who needs Assad? This is not a call for direct intervention in the civil war in Syria, but it’s good to know what’s good for Israel. Sometimes when you want something, it somehow happens all by itself.,7340,L-4656097,00.html

  30. KathJuliane May 27, 2015 @ 4:50 pm

    Israel is up to its neck in Syria

    Op-ed: The ‘let them bleed’ philosophy regarding the various parties fighting for control in Israel’s northern neighbor has its exceptions.

    Israel has yet to decide which of the protagonists it would prefer to see as its neighbor on the northern border. Until such a decision is made, therefore, let them continue killing one another.

    Israel may not be intervening in the civil war in Syria; but when it comes to Jerusalem’s interests, so it’s been said at least, Israel is up to its neck in the Syrian chaos. Nothing happens on the border with Syria by chance.

    The timing of the attack in January 2015 on the convoy carrying Jihad Mughniyeh, who was responsible for Hezbollah activity on the Golan, was not coincidental either; it took place just three days after a very belligerent interview by Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, in which he threatened to punish Israel for its alleged attacks in Syria.

    Someone in the Middle East took him seriously and decided to chop off that punitive arm Nasrallah was talking about. Ya’alon said a few days later that Hezbollah’s infrastructure on the Golan Heights had been destroyed. He was right; but it didn’t remain that way for very long.

    The war between the wars

    In terms of intelligence gathering and operational input, Israel is making huge efforts along the border with Syria to prevent the fighting from spilling over into its territory.

    This daily struggle, which the IDF refers to as “the war between the wars,” appears to be the reason why Unit 504 (Military Intelligence’s human intelligence unit) was recently decorated for its work.

    The results of Unit 504’s work are clearly evident along the border. It has created a viable deterrence factor and has prevented infiltrations.

    **Indeed, ever since most of the Syrian Army was driven back from the border area and its positions were taken by radical Islamic organization such as Jabhat al-Nusra, there has not been a single incident of a Jihadi group attacking Israel.

    This seems to indicate that Israel has total control – intelligence and operational – over both sides of the border.

    There are two exceptions to the “Let them bleed” strategy – when Israel’s sovereignty is violated, and when certain weapons systems from Syria spill over into the hands of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    In most of the instances in which foreign media sources report that Israel has attacked targets inside Syria – apart from actions designed to deter or exact retribution – these are low-profile military operations, which do not leave behind fingerprints and for which Israel does not take responsibility.

    Since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria some four years ago, this tactic has proved itself to be effective.

    In some cases, the party that is attacked assumes that Israel was responsible but refrains from carrying out revenge attacks, since opening up a new front against Israel is not high on its list of interests.

    Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are well aware of Israel’s red lines. As long as Israel sticks to its own rules and only carries out low-profile attacks that do not directly serve the interests of the anti-Assad rebel forces, they are prepared to swallow their pride.

    It’s safe to assume that both the selection of targets and the way in which the military operations are carried out are designed to boost the deterrence factor, to send a message to the other side that it should not try to transport weapons that might restrict the IAF’s freedom of operation in Lebanese airspace.

    This calculated gamble has proved itself thus far – and therein lies the danger. The more time that passes, the more the operational arm and the decision-makers in Jerusalem tend to fall in love with the results, increase the stakes and take more risks.

    The selection of targets will become less and less strict; relying on the weakness of the enemy will up the ante, and Israel could find itself becoming an integral part of the conflict in Syria.

    Yes, Hezbollah may end up with fewer advanced and accurate missiles in Lebanon, but the Golan Heights will become a battle zone. The defense minister and the prime minister have a key role to play in guiding the defense establishment to ensure that this does not happen.

    The wave of foreign media reports about Israeli strikes in Syria began in January 2013, when Israel was alleged to have carried out an attack on a convoy carrying anti-aircraft missiles bound for Hezbollah. The convoy was attacked in the area of Damascus. There have been nine or 10 reports about similar strikes since then. Israel has not claimed responsibility for any of them.

    The frequency of these reports is increasing. A sequence of such incidents, even if Israel does not take responsibility for any of them, creates Israeli involvement in the situation in Syria – even if Israel does not mean to do so.,7340,L-4652757,00.html

  31. Vik May 27, 2015 @ 7:47 pm

    Putin Orders ‘Mass Surprise Drill’ of 12,000 Soldiers in Response to Nato’s Two-Week ‘Arctic Challenge’ as Tensions Over Ukraine Increase

    These are preparations for WW3. The only question is: when will it start?

    The Satanic serpents are running out of time. 23 Sept 2017 is approaching rapidly (about 849 days).

    The sheeple are too dense to understand what is really happening. They believe all the MSM ‘Kool-Aid’ fed to them. Actually, they will believe anything BUT the Truth. Their leaders have gone back to sleep after hearing the warning trumpets.

    They have told the trumpeters to go back to sleep also and stop making so much noise. This is a strange world.

  32. Seek The Truth May 27, 2015 @ 9:15 pm

    Greater Israel is on the coins of Israel. It’s a great big fat pig whose belly covers Iraq and not the skinny sliver founded in 1948.

    The real crisis is the perpetual war between the western world and the U.S. and the Middle Eastern world and the Muslims caused by the 911 inside job carried out by Jews who openly admit they did it such as the Mossad agents who appeared on Jerusalem TV in 2001 and admitted they had prior knowledge of 911 and were sent to film it.

    The Israeli children wear costumes in the shape of the WTC towers with planes sticking out to celebrate 911 and the Mossad agents who openly celebrate the 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel in which Jews dressed up like Arab terrorists to trick the Americans and British.

    The American people need to be made aware of the fact that their country was hijacked on 911.

    This means that all Americans are now abject slaves to the wicked Babylonian Jews that murdered Jesus and the ancient Hebrew prophets and who gladly sacrifice their children on the altar of War for Israel which is worse than the ancient Aztec sacrifices to their God of War.

  33. ET May 27, 2015 @ 9:24 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    This video from an Assyrian Christian lady from Iraq is heart breaking!

    Please watch and let the Americans watch the atrocities committed in Iraq:

  34. Seraphim May 27, 2015 @ 10:06 pm

    @b vit

    RE: You’d be surprised how many people aren’t aware of Greater Israel….even the Muslims.

    I was surprised to hear even committed anti-Zionists asking me wide eyed: But is not already there (i.e. Palestine)?

  35. Caveman2012 May 28, 2015 @ 12:26 am


    Number of sorties during Desert Storm (1991): 1100/day

    Number of sorties during Iraqi Freedom (2003): 800/day

    Number of sorties against ISIS (2015): 17 a day!

    Folks, one can’t make these things up!

  36. Caveman2012 May 28, 2015 @ 12:32 am


    ” Efraim Halevy, the head of the Mossad, Israel’s espionage agency, or as he is usually introduced in English, the chief of the ISIS (Israel secret intelligence service).”



  37. Citizenfitz May 28, 2015 @ 9:42 am

    Brother Nate, here’s another $50.

    Just curious as to what percentage of the correspondents here actually contribute to your mission.

    Ten percent?

    Five percent?

  38. B May 28, 2015 @ 10:39 am

    The youtube video below from 14 min to 15 min explains why Jews seek to keep Israel so intensely.

    The reason given is to increase Jewish Identity, as most Jews only go to Jewish services twice a year and they do nothing else, and this is not enough Jewish Identity.

    Christians need to explain that there is plenty of Jewish Identity in knowing and applying the New and Old ( Torah ) Testaments.

  39. EZEQUIEL May 28, 2015 @ 11:19 am

    Don’t worry! ISIS’ and the damned Jews’ days are counted!

    The Shia militias in Irak are winning and have taken control of more than half of the city of Ramadi. The Shia population counts for 65% of Irak population and re sending thousands of their men to battle against ISIS.

    The blood sucker Takfiri terrorists know they can’t win, they can only delay their defeat and murder more people.

    More Shia militias from Irak, Iran, Lebanon and Afghanistan are coming to the help of Assad.

    God bless you, Brother Nathanael!

  40. KathJuliane May 28, 2015 @ 1:26 pm

    Ancient Items Retrieved by Syrian Authorities

    Patriarch of Antioch and All East of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church Gregory III Laham leads a prayer held during a ceremony celebrating the retrieval of three ancient church bells and two copper plates at the Zaitoun Church in Damascus, the capital of Syria, May 26, 2015.

    The ancient items have recently been retrieved by the Syrian authorities after the militant groups plundered them from predominantly-Christian town of Maaloula in northern Damascus last year. (Ammar/Xinhua)

  41. KathJuliane May 28, 2015 @ 2:21 pm

    Iran Calls Proposal of No-fly Zone in Syria a “Mistake”

    TEHRAN, May 28 (Xinhua) — Iran on Thursday rejected as a “mistake” proposals to create a no-fly zone in Syria, urging continued efforts for a political solution.

    “Talks of a buffer and no-fly zone (in Syria) is the repetition of previous mistakes and will not help with security and stability in the region,” Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian was quoted as saying by Press TV.

    Amir-Abdollahian made his remarks on sidelines of the 42nd annual meeting of foreign ministers of member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Kuwait.

    Quoting Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Western media reported Monday that the United States and Turkey have reached an agreement in principle to consider an air protection zone to Syrian moderate rebels who are trained to fight Islamic State (IS) militant in Syria and Iraq.

    Syria’s borders should be sealed by its neighbors to block the infiltration of terrorists into the country, Amir-Abdollahian said, adding that this is the first step to politically resolve the problem in the Arab state.

    Iran has vowed “unlimited” support for Syria in its fight against rebels which aim to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

    On May 14, a senior Iranian lawmaker visited the Syrian capital, Damascus, to show Tehran’s solidarity.

    “We have come here to stress that our support to Syria is constant and permanent and we are proud of this support,” said Alaedin Boroujerdi, head of Iranian parliament’s national security and foreign policy commission.

  42. Brother Nathanael May 28, 2015 @ 6:56 pm

    Dear All –

    Just got back from Times Square holding high the Holy Cross of Christ. HUGE positive response!

    Report coming soon. STAY tuned. + BN

  43. sandor May 28, 2015 @ 10:54 pm

    Respectfully BN,

    ISIS plays into Israel’s hands in the intermediate term only. ISIS will not be a Zionist lapdog forever.

    It has a concentric strategy to depose Wahhabism in SA, battle the Shia and, once it has consolidated intra-Islamic factions, turn itself towards Western interlopers.

    The Israel-ISIS detente is a temporary expedience at best.

  44. Brother Nathanael May 29, 2015 @ 8:07 am

    Day 1, May 28 2015
    Times Square

    I was some 15 blocks from Times Square headed to the median strip at 45th and Broadway when a man passed me by and said, “Welcome Back Brother!”

    Then people started greeting me with, “Love your Videos!”

    I knew I was going to have a great outing.

    When I got to Times Square a traffic cop was standing on the median strip where I stand. I engaged him in conversation trying to persuade him to move. He refused to move.

    People were attracted to me talking to the cop with my Cross trying to persuade him to move and started taking all kinds of pictures of us and even seeing if we would pose together. This softened the cop and finally he agreed to move!

    Lots of young kids were out “on tour” and stood transfixed watching me hold high the Holy Cross of Christ. Then an evangelical christian walked up to me with an “attitude.”

    He challenged me with, “Who do you represent?” I boldly replied, “I represent the Lord Jesus Christ.”

    He started smirking and shaking his head no when I brought the interchange quickly to an end by saying to him, “Do you have to go to the bathroom?” He looked stunned. I turned my back to him and the mocker was dumbfounded.

    No sooner did I turn around than a Jewish young man in his early thirties was standing right in front of me and started kissing the Cross. Now *I* was stunned.

    He started speaking in Russian to me and said he knew me from my Videos. He said he got baptized in the Orthodox Church after coming out of the enslavement and oppression of Judaism.

    Then an Israeli woman came up to me and greeted me in Hebrew. Then she said, “Why are you holding the Cross being a Jew? You can never change being a Jew!”

    I answered, “After my baptism I became a new creation in Christ preparing me to live with Him forever.” This stumped her and she walked away.

    The entire outing was a HUGE success with many thanking me and saying, “God Bless You!”

    And tons of people complimented me on my Videos including a professor who lectures across the country.

    I’m headed to Wall Street now. Please pray for me.


    Here’s my UPDATED Schedule of my Street Evangelism: (ALL Sponsored Trips)

    NYC – May 28-June 4

    Adrian Michigan – June 12-13

    Washington DC – June 24-29

    + Please Consider Sponsoring Me To Come To YOUR City! +

    Please Help Me Financially To Continue my Street Evangelism, Videos, and Articles.

    To Donate Via PayPal CLICK:

    To Donate Via Click & Pledge CLICK:

    By Mail:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    May Christ Bless Us All!

    +Brother Nathanael @

  45. spreadtruth May 29, 2015 @ 9:28 am

    ISIS Leader ‘Al-Baghdadi’ Is A ‘Jewish Mossad Agent’ – French Reports

    Simon Elliot (Elliot Shimon) aka Al-Baghdadi was born of two Jewish parents and is a Mossad agent.

    We offer below three translations that want to assert that the Caliph Al-Baghdadi is a full Mossad agent and that he was born Jewish father and mother:

    The real name of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is “Simon Elliott.”

    The so-called “Elliot” was recruited by the Israeli Mossad and was trained in espionage and psychological warfare against Arab and Islamic societies.

    This information was attributed to Edward Snowden and published by newspapers and other Web sites: the head of the “Islamic State” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has cooperated with the U.S. Secret Service, British and Israel to create an organization capable of attracting terrorist extremists from around the world.

    Source: Radio

    Another source corroborates this statement, the site Egy-press:

    With photo support, a Iranian media discovers the true identity of the Emir Daash, a trained Zionist agent.

    Iranian intelligence discovered the true and full identity of the Emir Daash, which is known under the name Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi; his real name is Elliot Shimon. Its role in Mossad secret agent in the Zionist espionage. His false name: Ibrahim ibn Awad ibn Ibrahim Al Al Badri Arradoui Hoseini.

    The plan: get into the military and civilian heart of the countries that are declared as a threat to Israel in order to destroy to facilitate thereafter, the takeover by the Zionist state on the entire area of the Middle East in order to establish Greater Israel.

    Here are the borders of the Zionist project, the “Greater Israel” or “Eretz Israel” for short.

    These facts confirm the first that came out a few days ago, confirming that the Caliph Rolex is sent to Israel to sow chaos in neighboring countries the Zionist entity. Please note that EIIL announced it a few days ago that, to want to now take the “barbarians Jews”, a reference to Zionists besiege Gaza.

    Practice! Having devastated the area of Israel, it will now allow the Americans and the Israelis to show the fingers as bloody terrorists to shoot at faster to defend the Zionist state, while the same let them proliferate and act with impunity for over two months now. Prepare a project they probably from the famous Arab Spring with the destabilization of Iraq, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Mali (among others). Clever!

    Listen and listen again Bernard-Henri Lévy on these so-called Arab Spring:

    After gathering the most fanatical of the world in one place, a veritable army of the devil is formed, filled with bloodthirsty murderers without mercy for their victims, they murder with a vengeance and in cold blood, filming their atrocities and relaying on social networks.


  46. Jacob Rothschild May 29, 2015 @ 1:22 pm


    Wow, what a great experience serving Christ!

    I wonder what a street report would be like if you went to smaller towns like Montgomery, AL, Little Rock, AR, Jacksonville, MS, Fayetteville/Rogers/Bentonville, AR?

    Those place are chock full of ‘EvanJewicals’. It may be a great way to advertise and educate. Many people in these places have ‘I STAND WITH ISRAEL’ Bumper stickers.

  47. b vit May 29, 2015 @ 1:47 pm

    Go with God, Nathanael!

  48. ET May 29, 2015 @ 4:18 pm

    Today, ISIS vows to attack the drawing contest of Mohammad’s cartoon in Phoenix.

    My gut feeling is that the Jews may have built mosques and impersonating as Mullahs to create a division in the United States.

    After all, the Jewish mentality: “if we do not have a state of Israel, why should we let other nations live in peace; our goal is to cause destruction.”

    Having said that, they may let the ISIS out of the bag after the contest is over and usher in Military Police State once war breaks out.

  49. Dr Samuel Cross May 29, 2015 @ 8:10 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Excellent video.

    You are a real treasure.

    May God bless you immensely in what you are doing.

    You are unique in delivering a valuble and timely truthful message in your videos and articles.

  50. Vladimir May 29, 2015 @ 8:11 pm

    How can anyone doubt that ISIS is anything but a creation of the unholy axis?

    A motley collection of dirtbags from the slums of SE Asia driving around in pick-ups able to outfight an army trained and sustained by Usreal ? Alright, Iraqis have never proved themselves competent soldiers in any of the wars they’ve been involved in the past century you say, but nevertheless, they were well enough trained and equipped to be more than a match for this ISIS.

    But perhaps all is not what it seems. A number of sources have strongly suggested that this ISIS has access to detailed satellite info and sophisticated electronic warfare equipment along with back-door keys to all that ‘merican-supplied equipment given Iraq.

    Its ability to deploy in the tactically best possible ways just cannot be so routine without heavy duty space, aerial and eavesdropping intel, as well as advisers capable of interpreting it and directing this unschooled illiterate mob.

    Where does one imagine this type of intel could come from ?

    Not too many possibilities here. Before the appearance of ISIS, ‘merican IDs, weapons and communications were being intercepted by the Russians in the Northern Caucauses, which were then heaped up for all to see, but Noodleman-fed media always stayed away from that one, until somehow this “aid to freedom fighters” actually or allegedly blew up in their own faces in Boston, if there’s any credibility to that story.

    As far as ISIS threatening Israel, gimme another break. If anything does go off inside “little” Israel it will be like that “unsolved kidnapping” of Israeli teens so unerringly predicted by chief of Mossad, Pardo, a week before it actually did occur last year.

    Same applies to anything that happens here, in the occupied territory.

  51. KathJuliane May 29, 2015 @ 9:51 pm

    RT: Nuclear Iran 1,000 times more dangerous than ISIS – Netanyahu

    Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has once again beaten the drums of potential danger stemming from the nuclear deal with Iran, claiming that a nuclear-armed Iran is a “thousand times” more dangerous and destructive than ISIS.

    Meeting with the visiting US Senator Bill Cassidy (D-LA) Netanyahu again said that a deal being worked on at the moment between P5+1 will be a “very bad”option to take.

    “I see no reason to rush to a deal, and certainly not a bad deal that paves Iran’s path to the bomb, but also fills Iran’s coffers with tens of billions of dollars to pursue its aggression throughout the Middle East and around Israel’s borders,”Netanyahu said.

    READ MORE: Iran deal threatens ‘survival of Israel’, increases risk of ‘horrific war’ – Netanyahu

    While describing Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) atrocities as “horrific,” Netanyahu stressed that any threat from the Islamic State can’t even compare to nuclear weapons at the hands of the Islamic Republic.

    “Once Iran, the preeminent terrorist state of our time, acquires nuclear weapons, it will be a hundred times more dangerous, a thousand times more dangerous and more destructive than IS,” he said as technical delegations work out the details ahead of a June 30 deadline for a deal over Tehran’s nuclear program.

    The final deal would seal the April 2 framework agreement, but several issues still remain unresolved, such as the scale of sanctions relief and exact means of verification to ensure Iran has no nuclear weapon ambitions.

  52. TheHolyCrow May 29, 2015 @ 11:50 pm

    Mr. Obvious

    Regarding a false flag nuke attack in the USA.

    It seems possible that Yemen was nuked with a mini neutron bomb on May 20, by Israel and at the request of Saudi Arabia. As the story goes now, allegedly Israel painted one of their nuke capable planes to look like a Saudi plane, and delivered the bomb.

    Just google “Israel Nukes Yemen” for the story and the video of the explosion. (This is no joke).

    Not surprisingly, there are those trying to explain it away. But you just have to see the video.

  53. The Odd Duck May 30, 2015 @ 1:42 am

    Here is one for the books

  54. Keyne May 30, 2015 @ 7:54 am

    Has anybody been following this FIFA scandal?

    This has world Jewry’s fingerprints all over it. FIFA was (and still may) exclude Israel from the next World Cup because it is a racist, apartheid state.

    Putin said the US lawyers have absolutely zero power to go after FIFA.

    Hopefully Israhell will still be banned until it ends its racist ways…..

  55. KathJuliane May 30, 2015 @ 10:27 am

    Zionist Media: ISIL “Last Barrier” to Protect ’Israel’ from Nuclear Iran

    Zionist media outlets considered that the terrorist group of ISIL is the last barrier which protects the Zionist entity as well as some Arab countries from Iran and the axis of resistance.

    The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also supported this point of view by saying that “Nuclear Iran threatens Israel thousand times more than ISIL.”

    A number of other Zionist officials also noted that the terrorist ISIL group does not pose a real danger against ‘Israel’.

    The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, revealed that the Zionist government and al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Nusra Front, as well as other militant gangs reached an agreement which stipulates that the terrorist groups abstain from the attacking the entity and guarantee its security.

    In this context, the Zionist circles expressed their fear of the sophisticated techniques that Hezbollah is using in his war against the terrorist groups in Qalamoun barrens.

    Haaretz (excerpt):

    So far, Israel has been relatively uninvolved in the Syrian war. The last airstrike on a weapons convoy to Hezbollah that was attributed to Israel occurred over a month ago. But the Assad regime’s worsening situation will soon force Israel to discuss a question that has been in the air for years: How should it behave in the post-Assad era?

    Right now, the threat to Israel from the Syrian border seems relatively low. Direct or indirect understandings have been reached with the rebel groups that control most of the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, and so far, this has prevented any attacks on Israel.

    But circumstances could change for the worse if Assad’s forces are ousted from the last bit of the border they control, at the Golan’s northern tip, since the most radical rebel organizations might then feel more confident about their own control over the area.

  56. Zionien May 30, 2015 @ 12:04 pm

    I LOVE hearing you had “HUGE” Success on your trip(s) Brother Nathanael!

    I WILL continue to PRAY for your over all WELL BEING.

    I’m seeing an increase in the number of viewers/ postings. I hope this has something to do with my efforts of spreading the word to people on mass media /public forums to check your website out.

    I will continue to do so and pray for you! GOD Bless you Brother Nathanael – The ARMOUR of GOD WILL BE WITH YOU on your travels!!!+

  57. KathJuliane May 30, 2015 @ 1:02 pm

    Did Money Seal Israeli-Saudi Alliance?
    April 15, 2015

    Special Report: The odd-couple relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel may have been sealed with more than a mutual desire to kiss-off Iran. According to an intelligence source, there was a dowry involved, too, with the Saudis reportedly giving Israel some $16 billion, writes Robert Parry.

    By Robert Parry

    For more than half a century, Saudi Arabia has tried to use its vast oil wealth to build a lobby in the United States that could rival the imposing Israel Lobby.

    At top dollar, the Saudis hired law firms and PR specialists – and exploited personal connections to powerful families like the Bushes – but the Saudis never could build the kind of grassroots political organization that has given Israel and its American backers such extraordinary clout.

    [Jewish law firms and PR specialists, no doubt–Kj]

    Indeed, Americans who did take Saudi money – including academic institutions and non-governmental organizations – were often pilloried as tools of the Arabs, with the Israel Lobby and its propagandists raising the political cost of accepting Saudi largesse so high that many people and institutions shied away.

    But Saudi Arabia may have found another way to buy influence inside the United States – by giving money to Israel and currying favor with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Over the past several years, as both Saudi Arabia and Israel have identified Iran and the so-called “Shiite crescent” as their principal enemies, this once-unthinkable alliance has become possible – and the Saudis, as they are wont to do, may have thrown lots of money into the deal.

    According to a source briefed by U.S. intelligence analysts, the Saudis have given Israel at least $16 billion over the past 2 ½ years, funneling the money through a third-country Arab state and into an Israeli “development” account in Europe to help finance infrastructure inside Israel.

    The source first called the account “a Netanyahu slush fund,” but later refined that characterization, saying the money was used for public projects such as building settlements in the West Bank.

    In other words, according to this information, the Saudis concluded that if you can’t beat the Israel Lobby, try buying it. And, if that is the case, the Saudis have found their behind-the-scenes collaboration with Israel extremely valuable.

    Netanyahu has played a key role in lining up the U.S. Congress to fight an international agreement to resolve a long-running dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.

    Urged on by Netanyahu, the Republican majority and many Democrats have committed themselves to destroying the framework agreement hammered out on April 2 by Iran and six world powers, including the United States.

    The deal would impose strict inspections and other limits to guarantee that Iran’s nuclear program remains peaceful.

    By crashing the deal, Israel and Saudi Arabia would open the door to more punitive sanctions on Iran and possibly clear the way for Israeli airstrikes, with Saudi Arabia granting over-flight permission to Israeli warplanes.

    The Saudi-Israeli tandem also might hope to pull in the U.S. military to inflict even more devastation on Iranian targets.

    Neither the Israeli nor Saudi governments responded to requests for comment on Saudi payments into an Israeli account.

    Congressional Acclaim

    The reported Saudi-to-Israel money transfers put Netanyahu’s March 3 speech to a cheering joint session of the U.S. Congress in a different light, too.

    The Prime Minister’s bitter denunciations of Iran before hundreds of transfixed American lawmakers could be viewed as him demonstrating his value to the Saudi royals who could never dream of getting that kind of reaction themselves.

    Indeed, as Congress now moves to sabotage the Iranian nuclear agreement, the Saudis could be finding that whatever money they invested in Israel is money well spent.

    The Saudis seem especially alarmed that the nuclear agreement would prompt the world community to lift sanctions on Iran, thus allowing its economy – and its influence – to grow.

    To prevent that, the Saudis desperately want to draw the United States in on the Sunni side of the historic Sunni-Shiite conflict, with Netanyahu serving as a crucial middleman by defying President Barack Obama on the Iran deal and bringing the full force of the Israel Lobby to bear on Congress and on the opinion circles of Official Washington.

    If Netanyahu and the Saudis succeed in collapsing the Iran nuclear framework agreement, they will have made great strides toward enlisting the United States as the primary military force on the Sunni side of the Sunni-Shiite sectarian divide, a dispute that dates back to the succession struggle after Prophet Muhammad’s death in 632.

    This ancient feud has become a Saudi obsession over the past several decades, at least since Iran’s Shiite revolution overthrew the Shah of Iran in 1979 and brought to power the Islamic government of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

    Upset with the ouster of a fellow monarch, the Shah, and fearing the spread of Khomeini’s ascetic form of Shiite Islamic governance, the Saudi royals summoned Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, a fellow Sunni, to Riyadh on Aug. 5, 1980, to encourage him to invade Iran.

    According to top secret “Talking Points” that Secretary of State Alexander Haig prepared for a briefing of President Ronald Reagan after Haig’s April 1981 trip to the Middle East, Haig wrote that Saudi Prince Fahd said he told the Iraqis that an invasion of Iran would have U.S. support.

    “It was … interesting to confirm that President [Jimmy] Carter gave the Iraqis a green light to launch the war against Iran through Fahd,” Haig wrote, in the document that I discovered in U.S. congressional files in 1994. Though Carter has denied encouraging the Iraqi invasion, which came as Iran was holding 52 U.S. diplomats hostage, Haig’s “Talking Points” suggest that the Saudis at least led Hussein to believe that the war had U.S. blessings.

    Haig also noted that even after the overthrow of the Shah and the establishment of the Islamic state under Khomeini, Israel sought to maintain its clandestine relations with Iran by serving as an arms supplier.

    Haig reported that “Both [Egypt’s Anwar] Sadat and [Saudi Prince] Fahd [explained that] Iran is receiving military spares for U.S. equipment from Israel.”

    Those Israeli weapons sales continued through the eight bloody years of the Iran-Iraq War with some estimates of the value reaching into the scores of billions of dollar.

    The Israelis even helped bring the Reagan administration into the deals in the mid-1980s with the so-called Iran-Contra arms shipments that involved secret off-the-books bank accounts in Europe and led to the worst scandal of Reagan’s presidency.

    Back to Syria

    Israel’s growing collaboration with Saudi Arabia and the two governments’ mutual hatred of the “Shiite crescent” have extended into a tacit alliance with Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front in Syria, with which the Israelis have what amounts to a non-aggression pact, even caring for Nusra fighters in Israeli hospitals and mounting lethal air attacks against Lebanese and Iranian advisers to the Syrian military.

    Israel’s preference for the Saudi-backed jihadists over Iranian allies in Syria was a little-noticed subtext of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress on March 3, urging the U.S. government to shift its focus from fighting Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State to fighting Iran.

    He trivialized the danger from the Islamic State with its “butcher knives, captured weapons and YouTube” compared to Iran, which he accused of “gobbling up the nations” of the Middle East.

    To the applause of Congress, he claimed “Iran now dominates four Arab capitals, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa. And if Iran’s aggression is left unchecked, more will surely follow.”

    His choice of capitals was peculiar, however, because Iran took none of those capitals by force and, indeed, was simply supporting the embattled government of Syria and was allied with Shiite elements of the government of Lebanon.

    As for Iraq, Iran’s allies were installed not by Iran but by President George W. Bush via the U.S. invasion.

    And, in Yemen, a long-festering sectarian conflict has led to the capture of Sanaa by Houthi rebels who are Zaydi Shiites, an offshoot of Shia Islam that is actually closer to some Sunni sects.

    The Houthis deny that they are agents of Iran, and Western intelligence services believe that Iranian support has consisted mostly of some funding. Former CIA official Graham E. Fuller has called the notion “that the Houthis represent the cutting edge of Iranian imperialism in Arabia – as trumpeted by the Saudis” a “myth.” He added:

    “The Zaydi Shia, including the Houthis, over history have never had a lot to do with Iran. But as internal struggles within Yemen have gone on, some of the Houthis have more recently been happy to take Iranian coin and perhaps some weapons — just as so many others, both Sunni and Shia, are on the Saudi payroll.

    “The Houthis furthermore hate al-Qaeda and hate the Islamic State.”

    Indeed, the Saudi airstrikes, which have reportedly killed hundreds of Yemeni civilians, have aided the Yemen-based “Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” by limiting Houthi attacks on the terrorists and enabling AQAP to overrun a prison and free scores of its militants.

    But President Obama, recognizing the joint power of the Saudis and Israelis to destroy the Iran nuclear deal, authorized support for the Saudi airstrikes from U.S. intelligence while rushing military resupplies to the Saudis.

    In effect, Obama is trading U.S. support for Saudi aggression in a neighboring country for what he hopes might be some political space for the Iran-nuclear agreement.

    New Terrorist Gains

    Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf allies, along with Turkey, are also ramping up support in Syria for Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front and the Islamic State.

    Flush with jihadist reinforcements, the two terrorist organizations have seized new territory in recent weeks, including the Islamic State creating a humanitarian crisis by attacking a Palestinian refugee camp south of Damascus.

    All of these Saudi actions have drawn minimal criticism from mainstream U.S. media and political circles, in part, because the Saudis now have the protection of the Israel Lobby, which has kept American attention on the supposed threat from Iran, including allegedly controversial statements from Iranian leaders about their insistence that economic sanctions be lifted once the nuclear agreement is signed and/or implemented.

    Neocon warmongers have even been granted space in major U.S. newspapers, including the Washington Post and the New York Times, to openly advocate for the bombing of Iran despite the risk that destroying Iran’s nuclear reactors could inflict both human and environmental devastation.

    “That might serve the Saudi-Israeli interests by forcing Iran to focus exclusively on a domestic crisis but it would amount to a major war crime. [See’s “NYT Publishes Call to Bomb Iran.”]

    The strategic benefit for Israel and Saudi Arabia would be that with Iran unable to assist the Iraqis and the Syrians in their desperate struggles against Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, the Sunni jihadists might well be hoisting the black flag of their dystopian philosophy over Damascus, if not Baghdad. [See’s “The Secret Saudi Ties to Terrorism.”]

    Beyond the slaughter of innocents that would follow – and the likelihood of new terrorist attacks on the West – such a victory would almost surely force whoever is the U.S. president to recommit hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops to remove Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State from power.

    It would be a war of vast expense in money and blood with little prospect of American success.

    If Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars helped secure Israel’s assistance in creating such a potential hell on earth, the Saudi royals might consider it the best money they ever spent – and the resulting orgy of military spending by the U.S. government might benefit some well-connected neocons, too – but the many victims of this madness would certainly feel otherwise as might the vast majority of the American people.

  58. BAB May 30, 2015 @ 3:27 pm

    Good one Brother Nathanael.

    So glad you mention ISIS doing Israel’s bidding.

    ISIS receives its orders and is controlled by CIA and Mossad both of which work for the Zionists.

    ISIS is mainly composed of mercenaries and criminals who are highly paid and well armed by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar with the aim of toppling Assad and destroying Syria, once a beautiful and advanced nation.

    The slaughtering and murder of Christians by ISIS being a bonus for these radical Islamic allies of Washington.

  59. Snowy Smith South Africa May 31, 2015 @ 1:30 am

    Anti-Jew World Order Banking.

    BRICS summit in Russia to launch New Development Bank & currency pool – Putin.

    Russia expects to launch the $100-billion BRICS New Development Bank along with a currency reserve pool worth another $100 billion at the July summit in Ufa, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Putin recalled that the BRICS was created in 2006 under Russia’s initiative, and that the group “has already become an influential factor in world policy and economy.”
    New Development bank.


    The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are totally Owned and Controlled by the Jew World Order.

    USA and EU have been deliberately Bankrupted by the Jew World Order.
    One big Jew Scam.

    Putin is loved and respected all over the world?

    The Synagogue of Satan Communist Jew World Order has been totally discredited and is now hated World Wide.

    No More Scams for the Jews.

  60. B May 31, 2015 @ 1:38 am

    It should be mentioned how the Jewish Zionists violated their own Talmud and Torah laws, if it is true that the Jewish Zionist actually brought about the preplanning and making of World War Two in order for the Jewish Zionists to obtain the lands of Israel.

    The Jewish Laws ( Leviticus 19:14 ) state that one should not place a stumbling block before a blind person.

    The Goyim would have then been blind to the actual intentions and the great abilities and the controlling methods of the Jewish Zionist, that may have possibly been used by the Zionists in order to obtain Israel.

  61. Snowy Smith South Africa May 31, 2015 @ 12:25 pm

    “The Saudis are using Israeli weapons in their raids on Yemen”

    Israeli-made weapons, along with plans for the construction of a new US military base in strategic Bab al-Mandeb Strait, have been discovered in the Saudi embassy in Yemen’s capital, according to the Iranian Fars news agency.

    The Fars report cites sources among Houthi rebels fighting against forces loyal to Yemen’s fugitive President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and their Saudi allies. It claims the rebels drove some 40 Saudi guards from the embassy to capture the compound.

    In the embassy, the Houthis discovered a cache of weapons and ammunition made in Israel. According to Fars news, the Saudi government has asked Tel-Aviv for weapons to supply what the report calls “terrorist groups” and forces loyal to President Hadi.

    The report also claims documents were discovered in the embassy detailing the US intends to build a military base on Mayyun Island near the Bab al-Mandeb Strait “to protect their own interests and ensure the security of Israel.”

    The island is part of Saudi Arabia.

    The conflict has claimed a total of about 2,000 lives, according to UN estimates.

    Another Jew World Order False Flag & Scam.

    No More War For The Jews

  62. Clinton Smythers May 31, 2015 @ 3:31 pm

    @Snowy Smith South Afrika

    That has to be the best news I’ve heard in a long time and was hoping how soon the new BRICS currency goes into circulation.

    As I said many times before, the dollar is the Jewish oligarchs life blood, and with the dollar rendered irrelevant that no one wants anymore, their entire demonic empire collapses.

    It’s no wonder that so called CIA agent on moneymorning was giving away free books on the collapse of the dollar.

    I already guessed that the BRICS currency would go live in July, which is the same time span the CIA agent talked about because he’s trying to build up the American people into a frenzy over the collapse of the dollar, but it is going to fail to stop the new BRICS currency.

    After July it looks like checkmate for the Jewish oligarchs and it’s about time, too.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present. Nothing else compares to the magnitude of this gift upon the world seeing as how my birthday is also in July.

    I gotta tell everyone and spread the good news their evil empire is crumbling.

  63. Hoff May 31, 2015 @ 4:19 pm

    Great video, +BN.

    The trouble here is that in its central, most crucial scene, Night isn’t historically true … Wiesel made things up, in a way that his many subsequent detractors could identify as not untypical of his modus operandi: grasping with deft assurance what people important to his future would want to hear and, by the same token, would not want to hear.

  64. Citizenfitz May 31, 2015 @ 8:36 pm

    Rabbis from hell!

    “Rabbi Benjamin Herbst: Falsified deeds and forged signatures to fraudulently obtain title to properties he didn’t own.

    When a property owner died in NYC, Herbst would spring into action: forging the signature of the deceased onto a phony deed, then placing a lien on the property. Herbst would then take out a loan – using the property as equity.

    “The company making the loan was controlled by Herbst…. He once attempted to steal an entire office building using this formula.

    “Though the title fraud may have been apparent, the rightful property owner quickly discovered that Herbst’s encyclopedic knowledge of New York real estate law made it painfully expensive for them to try to get it back: Herbst’s lien on the property blighted it in the eyes of any potential buyers; and even if the bona fide owner was able acquire bona fide title they found themselves still obligated for the balance of the loan.

    As yet Herbst remains uncharged….”

  65. Citizenfitz May 31, 2015 @ 8:59 pm

    The problem with the BRICS currency (broadsiding the dollar) is that big Jewry will feel no compunction against investing in it. Just as they did the dollar.

    If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em.

    The big Jews will hold a meeting somewhere, make some phone calls, and $billions will surreptitiously make their way out of American/European markets and find their way into BRICS markets.

    Simple as that.

    Consider the AIIB comedy. After tricking the US into opposing it, Israel suddenly switched sides and climbed on board. We’re dealing with people whose loyalty changes with the wind.

    You and I will be eating our pets before it’s over. But big Jewry will just pack up and move to fairer climes. The Jews hate to lose.

    It’s the same as it ever was.

  66. Snowy Smith South Africa June 1, 2015 @ 1:39 pm

    You and I will be eating our pets before it’s over.


    The Bolshevik JEWS MURDERED 62 MILLION White Christians in the Bolshevik Revolution 1917 USSR.
    The Bolshevik Revolution was started by the JEWS sent from New York, paid by the JEW New York Bankers.
    More than 15 MILLION were STARVED to death.

    How is your organic vegetable garden coming along?

    @Clinton Smythers

    That has to be the best news I’ve heard in a long time and was hoping how soon the new BRICS currency goes into circulation.


    Excellent News.

    Putin my HERO.

  67. sandor June 1, 2015 @ 6:38 pm

    OT: I wonder what BN makes of Sid Roth and his conversion crusade of Jerusalem Jews (not to Christianity per se, but to the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua); also, Rabbi Kaduri’s famous note.

    PS: I think I might already know 😉

  68. Seek The Truth June 1, 2015 @ 8:28 pm

    Let’s look at the big picture.

    Israel wants to create a vast trade route stretching from Israel to India and China without any resistance from Muslims.

    Iraq, Iran and Syria are huge boulders in the way. They must be demonized and attacked by the Jews’ faithful servants; the dumb American military goyim.

    That’s why Jews are moving a lot of factories and service jobs to India and China; not just to get the slave labor but to fatten up those two big cows for future infestation after having infested the U.S. and Europe.

    The main purpose of the Mossad front organization ISIS is to to justify killing many more Muslims in Iraq, Syria and Iran.

  69. Snowy Smith South Africa June 1, 2015 @ 11:38 pm

    The Saudi Family are cousins of the Jews.

    They entirely disagree with Arabs and Muslims.

    Israel, Jews and the Saudi Family are at war with most of the Middle East.

    In the History Book of the Saudi Family pages (98-101), their private family historian declares that the SAUDI DYNASTY considers all the people of NAJD blasphemous; so their blood must be shed, their properties confiscated, and their females be taken as concubines:

    The Saudi Royal Family Are Crypto-Jews by Abdulaziz Saud

    No More War For The Jews

  70. Brother Nathanael June 2, 2015 @ 5:07 am

    Street Evangelism Report
    Day 2, May 29 2015
    Wall Street

    I arrived at the edge of Wall Street, (Broad and Water Streets), where a LONG line of police cars were about to move out on duty.

    I smiled and went from cruiser to cruiser holding high the Holy Cross and my sign, “Occupy Wall Street With Jesus Christ.”

    The cops loved it. They all put their thumbs up as I went car to car and one of them leaned out of his window saying, “Love your videos!”

    Moving on up to the center of Wall Street, a Jewish businessman approached me with a “lecture” ready for me.

    He went into his speech that “Christianity” was “capitalistic” and thus my sign served to “reinforce” the Wall Street ideal rather than oppose it.

    I cut right to the chase with, “The Orthodox Church has operated successfully in all kinds of “economic” frameworks and due to its position of “Symphony of Church and State” it tends toward an economic policy that cares for society’s less fortunate.

    “But my message,” I continued, “is not about economics but reproving Jews who run Wall Street of their greed and self-serving behavior.”

    The Jew shrugged his shoulders, (he did have a cordial “urbane” way about him), and walked away.

    ALL IN ALL I had a great outing with a HUGE positive response. +BN

    PS I’ve been fighting the flu, nausea, and fever for the last few days and feeling quite ill. Please pray for me.

    Here’s my UPDATED Schedule of my Street Evangelism: (ALL Sponsored Trips)

    NYC – May 28-June 4

    Adrian Michigan – June 12-13

    Chicago – Pending

    Washington DC – June 24-29

    San Francisco – July 2-6

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    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    May Christ Bless Us All!

    +Brother Nathanael @

  71. Brother Nathanael June 2, 2015 @ 6:39 am

    Special Notice

    I’m being forced out of my current rental residence where I’ve been living for the past five years due to a new owner with rapacious designs to double the rent.

    The new owner, with an apparent intent to drive me out, put 4 twenty year old males above me who are very noisy whose life style is “party central” 24/7.

    There is NO insulation between my ceiling and walls, and their floor and walls.

    (The former owner only stayed above me on occasional weekends and was very quiet, no stereo.)

    The present young male renters BLAST their stereo from 6 am until the wee hours of the next morning and no amount of my requesting they turn it off works.

    I’m in NYC now for Street Evangelism, now sick with the flu, and I dread coming home.

    Any offers, help, or ideas of a new place for me to live so I can CONTINUE my ministry will be MUCH appreciated.

    Please contact me by email: bronathanael [at] yahoo [dot] [com]


  72. Tony June 2, 2015 @ 12:49 pm

    @Snowy Smith of South Africa

    Saudis are Wahhabis which are reportedly of Jewish origin.

    Folks, YouTube is promoting Jewish propaganda on restoring hope for humanity and putting in first page from homosexuality to race mixing.

    In the meantime, they completely skip Palestine genocide.

  73. Clinton Smythers June 2, 2015 @ 2:20 pm

    I do however have some bad news and hope it can be prevented.

    I just read that Viet Nam actualy surpassed Israel in foreign aid and the US is going to give Viet Nam milions of dollars for boats. There are agents in Viet Nam trying to make the Vietnamese scared that China wants to consume them.

    Also there’s territory disputes over there between Viet Nam and China being pushed by the United States over some islands and who owns them.

    All this looks like they are getting ready for a major false flag in the South China Sea, and are actualy serious about starting World War 3 instead of just trying to bully Russia and China into submission.

    They realised they have run out of time since the new BRICS currency is going to go into circulation in about a month in July.

    It’s all the same reasons why they killed JFK and when I said that the dollar is their life blood, I am 1000% serious. If the dollar loses power they lose everything and I mean everything!!! And the BRICS currency has them sweating bullets.

    I highly suspect that they are going to start a false flag by having a bunch of Americans killed delivering foreign aid to Viet Nam and its most likely going to be by ship which would be the reason why they bought Viet Nam so many patrol boats.

    All they have to do is plant a bomb on the ship delivering foreign aid, and have a bunch of Vietnamese in patrol boats witness it and bam theres your false flag.

    They just need the Vietnamese to have alot of patrol boats so there will be lots of witnesses to witness the destruction of a ship delivering foreign aid to Vietnam. It’s most likely going to be in the waters that there have been some territory disputes over.

    Just know before it happens it’s most likely going to be in the water or why else would they buy so many patrol boats? Because a false flag is only as God as its witnesses and that’s a fact. Those sorry fools in the patrol boats are just meant to be spectators and nothing more.

  74. Citizenfitz June 2, 2015 @ 2:57 pm

    Jewtoob just yanked another one:

  75. hvt June 2, 2015 @ 5:16 pm


  76. tony June 3, 2015 @ 12:46 am

    Youtube consonantal promotes hip hop in main page in featured videos and most of producing houses/and record owners are Jewish owned:

    Homosexuality agendas, race mixing and creation of low IQ basically slaves, humor with agenda, massive degeneration propaganda on main page.

    The other days YT was promoting MTV rebel music against Erdogan:

    They removed my comment when I said who controls MTV and YouTube, and for saying that until before the Gaza Flotilla incident, Israel and America were very close allies with Erdogan government and had many economic and political deals. After that they organized even Arabic Spring and Turkish Fall.

    Here is another irony:

    Activists in Tel Aviv protesting againsy violence in Turkey.

    Where where they when the Flotilla got massacred on the “incident,” or where are they on massacres committed every month by Jewish soldiers on Palestinian women and children? Since they are for humanitarian cause or care that much?

  77. Snowy Smith South Africa June 3, 2015 @ 2:23 am

    Fantastic News:

    Guilty as Charged:

    The International Criminal Court in The Hague Netherlands Holland has decided to investigate Israel’s war crimes in Gaza against the Palestinians.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to wage a media campaign against the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda following the court’s decision to investigate Tel Avis’s crimes in Gaza.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is totally pissed off.

    No More War For The Jews

  78. Keyne June 3, 2015 @ 7:27 am


    I wouldn’t want to be on a commercial flight to the Hague in the near future.

    Seems like anything that goes against Israhell, something god-awful happens to one of their (Investigating country) planes…..

  79. Brother Nathanael June 3, 2015 @ 6:34 pm

    Street Evangelism Report
    Day 3, June 3 2015
    Times Square

    After fighting a flu and nausea all night, and throwing up all morning, I headed BACK to Times Square holding high the Holy Cross of Christ.

    Once again, a young Hasidic jew in his early twenties walked by me and watched me out of the side of his eyes.

    I made the sign of the Cross over him in a friendly manner. Like the other young Hasidic jew I encountered last month, he did not flinch or resist. Instead he smiled.

    Then another young jew (not a Hasid) started pointing to his yarmulke on his head in order to “inform” me that he opposed my message.

    I stated to him, “The Messiah came to conquer death and you missed him. Judaism is bankrupt.”

    He cringed.

    Tons of people came up saying they love my Videos. Even the cops on horseback came up to say hello.

    But the MOST encouraging of all were the MANY groups of children on tour. They were smiling at me, putting their thumbs up, and snapping pictures.

    GREAT outing tonite!

    Here’s my UPDATED Schedule of my Street Evangelism: (ALL Sponsored Trips)

    NYC – May 28-June 4

    Adrian Michigan – June 12-13

    Chicago – Pending

    Washington DC – June 24-29

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    May Christ Bless Us All!

    +Brother Nathanael @

  80. Brother Nathanael June 3, 2015 @ 8:23 pm

    My friend Michael Collins Piper has died

  81. KathJuliane June 3, 2015 @ 8:55 pm

    Dear Lord, what a shock to read that Michael Collins Piper has died.

    He courageously fought the good fight for the sake of the truth for many years.

    May God grant that he rest in peace.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  82. Koen June 4, 2015 @ 12:20 am

    ISIS is fascISst ISrael, just another false flag terror organisation, like Al Qaeda.

    It is obvious the Jews (not just Israel, also Turkey, the “royal” Jewish house of Saud) create terrorism in the name of Islam or Christianity.

    Jews also have stolen the free energy-, electro-gravity-, transmutation- and electro-therapy technology from mankind.

    For instance, ‘Felix Frazer’ destroyed (with an axe) T.H. Moray’s free energy tube, a Jewish guy also working for the communists, see

    We have a chance if we reclaim the inventions and science that were stolen from us all.

  83. Brother Nathanael June 4, 2015 @ 8:09 am

    Just landed at DIA.

    Fighting a flu. Hope to have a new Video posted by Sunday or Monday when, Lord willing, I’m feeling better. +BN

  84. Brother Nathanael June 4, 2015 @ 8:10 am

    A Special Notice

    I’m being forced out of my current rental residence where I’ve been living for the past five years due to a new owner with rapacious designs to double the rent.

    The new owner, with an apparent intent to drive me out, put 4 twenty year old males above me who are very noisy whose life style is “party central” 24/7.

    There is NO insulation between my ceiling and walls, and their floor and walls.

    (The former owner only stayed above me on occasional weekends and was very quiet, no stereo.)

    The present young male renters BLAST their stereo from 6 am until the wee hours of the next morning and no amount of my requesting they turn it off works.

    I just got back from NYC for Street Evangelism, now sick with the flu, and I dread coming home. (I’m at DIA waiting for the courier service.)

    Any offers, help, or ideas of a new place for me to live so I can CONTINUE my ministry will be MUCH appreciated.

    Please contact me by email: bronathanael [at] yahoo [dot] [com]


  85. Citizenfitz June 4, 2015 @ 11:31 am

    Thanks for the link, hvt. Joe Rizzoli loaded that video too so it’s still on Jootoob for now.

    Which brings to mind the idea that we should have a file of our posts on JT – for the day they pull the videos we’ve been posting at. As well as the holohoax busting info to be found there.

    I had the better part of a small book go poof when they yanked RebelofOz’s Treblinka holohoax video but happily I saved it beforehand.

    I save most of what I write at YT now because the same thing happened with another holohoax video which had big numbers but still got pulled. Not to forget all the good sites around the Internet that have been shut down.

    The SoS is feeling the heat.

    Brother Nate, I don’t know your living situation but I suspect you need a place with good security….

  86. Koolz June 4, 2015 @ 4:48 pm

    Keep fighting Brother and research about Healing yourself, Herbs, and rest. Stay away from vaccines there is not such thing as a vaccine making you immune to the Flu.

    No one worry about WWIII. Don’t let it get to you. The countries that are fighting the Jew World Order are very very prepared.

    Do not think that a monetary change Like BRICS will change the Rich Families that are also Jewish, Rothschild etc. They have 100’s of Trillion of Dollars.

    If Economy collapses “that will happen” — they could prop it back up again and start there tax scam all over.

    The world is now realizing that ISIS is a thing of Israel which means the CIA and Mossad are involved…I mean everyone is realizing this.

  87. B June 4, 2015 @ 9:33 pm


    Drink a little cayenne pepper bought from the health food store mixed in water as a great help for colds and flu.

  88. tim June 5, 2015 @ 12:05 pm

    Lovely bunch.

    Israeli Weapons Dealers

  89. Widerstand June 15, 2015 @ 1:17 am

    Oded Yinon – a Plan for a Greater Israel.

    Using a ‘clean Break’ along ethnical lines.

    Just google: ISIS Yinon.

    You won’t be surprised.

  90. Widerstand June 20, 2015 @ 2:00 pm

    Reality Hacking –

    Der Spiegel: The Future of Terrorism — What Al Qaida Really Wants

    August 12, 2005

    The Third Phase

    This is described as “Arising and Standing Up” and should last from 2007 to 2010. “There will be a focus on Syria,” prophesies Hussein, based on what his sources told him. The fighting cadres are supposedly already prepared and some are in Iraq. Attacks on Turkey and — even more explosive — in Israel are predicted.

    Al-Qaida’s masterminds hope that attacks on Israel will help the terrorist group become a recognized organization. The author also believes that countries neighboring Iraq, such as Jordan, are also in danger.

    The Fourth Phase

    Between 2010 and 2013, Hussein writes that al-Qaida will aim to bring about the collapse of the hated Arabic governments. The estimate is that “the creeping loss of the regimes’ power will lead to a steady growth in strength within al-Qaida.”

    At the same time attacks will be carried out against oil suppliers and the US economy will be targeted using cyber terrorism.

    The Fifth Phase

    This will be the point at which an Islamic state, or caliphate, can be declared.

    The plan is that by this time, between 2013 and 2016, Western influence in the Islamic world will be so reduced and Israel weakened so much, that resistance will not be feared.

    Al-Qaida hopes that by then the Islamic state will be able to bring about a new world order.


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