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Brother Nathanael @ August 9, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael August 9, 2010 @ 8:39 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family!

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    God Bless You All!

    With Much Love And Appreciation In Christ Our Precious Saviour,

    +Brother Nathanael

  2. Brother Nathanael August 9, 2010 @ 8:40 pm

    Street Evangelism MOVES Forward!

    Brother Nathanael’s “Street Evangelism” COMING TO NYC and Boston!

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

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    Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  3. albert d pastore August 9, 2010 @ 9:08 pm

    Bro Nat,

    A few more for you:

    USA Today: Owned by Gannet Newspapers, CEO of Gannet is Craig Dubow (Jewish)

    Chicago Tribune AND Los Angeles Times: Both owned by Sam Zell (Jewish)

    NY Daily News, also owned by Mort Zuckerman (Jewish)

    Newark Star Ledger-Cleveland Plain Dealer-Trenton Times-New Orleans Times Picayunne-Portland Oregonian…..all owned by the NewHouse family (Jewish)

    Meyer-Graham family just sold Newsweek for $1 to Sidney Harman (Jewish)

  4. USSA Today August 9, 2010 @ 10:33 pm

    “2+2 still equals 4 and until it’s proven otherwise I will never apologize.”

    Hilarious analogy Brother Nathanael!

    Oliver Stone, Mel Gibson, etc. should keep that in mind. If it’s truth it’s truth.

    Truth is not hate speech.

    Read that again all you pro-Brave N(J)ew World Anti-Christ Foxmanites —

    Truth is NOT hate speech. Lies are hate speech directed against all of humanity.

    Lies like:

    – Iraq had WMDs and is a physical threat to the lower 48 states of the USA

    – Goldman Sachs needs a “bailout” to save the economy

    – Jews don’t own Hollywood

    – The media is “fair and balanced” and “the spin stops here” (I had to go vomit thinking of the Jews’ media talking-head pseudo-Americana coroporate cheeseball pitchmen)

    – Homosexuality is good to teach to grade school students

    – Communism is for the poor masses (its a Jew racket to dovetail into total control of all systems for the Illuminati)

    – The Left/Right Democrap/Republiscum battle is real and the outcome affects how American policy will be directed (not the truth that they’re one big club of sociopath puppets who sell out the highest Kosher bidder to be AIPAC’s errand boys)

    Brother Nate, more and more we need to be wary of the fake “Jew” Khazars tricks.

    Since you grew up a Jew, please share some of the “Jews”/Khazars tricks from the treachery playbook they oh so love.

  5. Sam August 9, 2010 @ 11:54 pm

    Thanks for all your hard work on the Jewish control of just about everything.

    I completely agree but I can’t help but to think that there is someone controlling them. What do you think?

    I see these Zionists as a non-religious group hiding behind many religions and many countries.

    I see the visible characters as middle to upper level managers in the ultimate corporation where the perceived major corporations like GE, Hollywood, ABC/NBC etc, Big Pharma and on and on as wholly owned subsidiaries.

    If you disagree with my assessment please reply, I would love to be proved wrong.

    Thanks, Sam

    Keep up the good work and good luck!

  6. Child of Christ, Product of Enlightenment August 10, 2010 @ 2:33 am

    OK, stupid question of the day.

    You’re not the real albert d. pastore, are you? Because that guy rocked my beliefs.

  7. Hoff August 10, 2010 @ 4:18 am

    “The Soviets were very proud of their delousing facilities, and they mocked the Poles when they learned that Polish cities had had none before the war.54 Somehow, to them delousing stations symbolized a higher level of civilisation, …”

    Page 159, Revolution from abroad: the Soviet conquest of Poland’s western Ukraine and … by Jan Tomasz Gross

    They don’t tell you that on Hitlery Channel do they?

  8. russ August 10, 2010 @ 6:10 am

    Sam @11:54

    You have touched on the age old argument of who is really pulling all the strings, are the Jews just the dupes du joure?

    We can call these controllers anything but the fact of the matter is that whatever or whoever “they” are, they are the enemies of all that is good and pure and righteous in this world.

    The Zionists either are these people or are the front men in this war, and hence they are the enemy we have to take this fight to.

    No doubt about it – the evidence is everywhere – case closed!!

  9. marshall[Maher-shalal-hash-baz] August 10, 2010 @ 6:52 am

    The media AND the corporations are controlled by Jews. Some Jew owned corporations are a direct SLAP in the face of CHRISTIAN America.

    Take for instance “Family Dollar” whose stock is THRIVING during the recession!

    Jew C.E.O Howard Levine of Family Dollar is sending out SECRET JEW CODE to greedy Talmudic Jew Overlords in the NAMING of his corporation. Has the GREEDY JEW income shrunk to one dollar, in their TALMUDICALLY connected family empires?NO!!!!!

    It’s the goyim families whose incomes have been bled to one single dollar!!!!!

  10. marshall[Maher-shalal-hash-baz] August 10, 2010 @ 7:07 am


    The Prince of the World is behind the Jews controlling them.

    The N.T. names the Prince of the World as SATAN.

  11. Craig August 10, 2010 @ 7:24 am

    Summer Redstone = Murray Rothstein

    Didn’t know that. I guess its the age old trick.

    Satan likes anything and anyone that denies Jesus Christ, so obviously he loves the Jews.

    Satan loves the Jews, and he rewards them richly with the earthly rewards.

  12. Voir Dire August 10, 2010 @ 8:04 am

    Brother Nathanael:

    Don’t know if you’re aware of the following scandal and stunning expose unleashed by reporter Tucker Carlson when he released emails proving collusion between the Jews’ News and their brethren to engage in concerted efforts to elect Obama.

    They concocted a strategy to censure any information about Obama’s racist, hateful preacher, Jeremiah Wright, call anyone racist who tried to bring it up, and conspired to use raw Jewish federal power to shut down Fox News as they were the only media outlet that was reporting on it.

    Look at the names – breathtakingly disproportionately Jewish.

    The Jewish owned who is purportedly on a mission to “take on the old-guard mainstream media” has done the best investigative journalism on the topic but their many talented reporters/writers are also pushing the blatantly false notion that this list is comprised of mostly White males – a baldfaced lie.

    This tells me that Andrew Breitbart is just another neoCON Jew out to make money by feigning impartiality and (naturally) brooking no criticism nor openly identifying the subversive, communistic proclivities of his kinsmen in the “old-guard media:”

    The Tucker Carlson Journolist-Disclosure Email Exchange

    Socialist “JournoListas”
    Published in July 26th, 2010
    Posted by TMH in Authors, Politics, Trevor Loudon

    By: Trevor Loudon

    New Zeal

    The now closed down JournoList, has caused considerable controversy in recent weeks.

    According to its opponents, JournoList teamed up some 400 prominent “progressive” journalists in an effort to smooth Barack Obama’s path to the White House.

    There have been accusations that “Journolistas,” deliberately sought to downplay Obama’s association with the Marxist Rev. Jeremiah Wright and tried to smear conservatives or opposing journalists as “racists.”

    This post looks at 106 reported “Journolistas” to look for connections or common threads.

    Of the known “Jounolistas” and organizations listed below, many can be linked back to two interrelated groups — Democratic Socialists of America, the U.S.’s largest Marxist-based organization; and the D.S.A.’s “brain,” the Washington DC-based, far left “think tank,” the Institute for Policy Studies.

    Between them, D.S.A. and the I.P.S. dominate or influence several organizations affiliated to JournoList, including:

    * The American Prospect – Founded in 1990 by D.S.A. affiliate Robert Kuttner. Current editor-at-large, is leading D.S.A. member Harold Meyerson.

    * Mother Jones – Includes D.S.A. member Adam Hochschild on its Board of Directors, plus some D.S.A. affiliated staff and contributors. Hochschild was a supporter of Progressives for Obama.

    * Economic Policy Institute – Led by D.S.A. member Larry Mishel and I.P.S. affiliate Jeff Faux and several D.S.A. affiliated board members. This organization has contributed at least three officials to the Obama Administration, including Obama economic adviser and ‘Journolista’ Jared Bernstein.

    * Center for American Progress – Several staff and officials are affiliated with D.S.A. and the I.P.S.

    Writing of the Center’s relationship to the Obama Administration, former Weather Underground terrorist leader and Progressives for Obama supporter Mark Rudd said “There’s a whole govt. in waiting that Podesta has at the Center for American Progress. They’re mostly progressives, I’m told…”

    * The Nation – Edited by I.P.S. trustee Katrina vanden Heuvel, who presides over an editorial board which includes D.S.A. members Norman Birnbaum, Barbara Ehrenreich (also an I.P.S. trustee) and Deborah Meier, plus I.P.S. affiliates Tom Hayden and Roger Wilkins.

    * In These Times – Created by I.P.S. and run mainly by D.S.A. members and affiliates. Based in Chicago, I.T.T.’s board of editors includes former Weather Underground terrorists and Obama associates Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

    * Progressives for Obama – Established by D.S.A. members Barbara Ehrenreich, Tim Carpenter and Bill Fletchers, Jr. Ehrenreich and Fletcher are also I.P.S. affiliates, as were two more of P.F.O.’s six founders: Tom Hayden and Danny Glover.

    * Campaign for America’s Future – Founded in 1996, by several dozen D.S.A. members and I.P.S. affiliates, C.A.F. is a major coordinator of the U.S. “progressive” movement.

    In recent years it has organized several major Take Back America and America’s Future Now! conferences in Washington DC – which are attended by the cream of the U.S. progressive movement, including Barack Obama himself.

    Apart from the D.S.A./I.P.S. connections, leftist institutions like The New Republic and the New Century Foundation are well represented. There are two known connections to George Soros‘ Open Society Institute.

    Many major newspapers are also represented, as is National Public Radio, CNN and a host of leading “progressive” blogs and websites and leftist media “watchdog” Media Matters.

    The following 106 names, are reported members of the now-defunct JournoList listserv:

    * Spencer Ackerman – Wired, FireDogLake, Washington Independent, Talking Points Memo, The American Prospect
    * Ben Adler – Newsweek, POLITICO
    * Mike Allen – POLITICO
    * Eric Alterman – Professor of Journalism, City University of New York, POLITICO, The Nation, Media Matters for America, Center for American Progress Fellow, Institute for Policy Studies affiliate.

    In April 2003, Eric Alterman e-signed a “Statement on Cuba,” initiated and circulated by prominent Democratic Socialists of America member Leo Casey, calling for the lifting of trade sanctions against Cuba. In the 1980s, Alterman was listed as a “Guardian Associate” by the Maoist-oriented journal The Guardian.

    Alterman is a former protege and defender of the late I.F.Stone, a leftist journalist, secret Communist Party USA member and pre-WW2 Soviet intelligence contact.

    * Marc Ambinder – The Atlantic
    * Greg Anrig – The Century Foundation
    * Ryan Avent – Economist

    * Dean Baker – The American Prospect. in 2009 Dean Baker was a Contributing Editor for In These Times.
    * Nick Baumann – Mother Jones
    * Josh Bearman – LA Weekly
    * Steven Benen – The Carpetbagger Report
    * Jared Bernstein – Economic Policy Institute
    * Michael Berube – Crooked Timber (blog), Pennsylvania State University. In April 2003, Michael Berube signed a “Statement on Cuba,” initiated and circulated by prominent Democratic Socialists of America member Leo Casey, calling for the lifting of trade sanctions against Cuba.

    * Lindsay Beyerstein – Focal Point (blog) (formerly Majikthise). In 2009 Lindsay Beyerstein was listed as a member of the Drum Major Institute Netroots Advisory Council.

    * Joel Bleifuss – In These Times editor, long-time Democratic Socialists of America affiliate. In October 2008, Joel Bleifuss was one of several thousand college professors, students and academic staff to sign a statement to “Support Bill Ayers,” in solidarity with former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

    * John Blevins – South Texas College of Law
    * Sam Boyd – The American Prospect
    * Rich Byrne – Playwright and Freelancer

    * Ta-Nehisi Coates – The Atlantic
    * Jonathan Chait – The New Republic
    * Lakshmi Chaudry – In These Times
    * Isaac Chotiner – The New Republic
    * Michael Cohen – New America Foundation
    * Jonathan Cohn – The American Prospect, The New Republic. In 2009, Jonathan Cohn
    was a Senior Fellow of New York-based think tank Demos, which is an Institute for Policy Studies partner organization.

    * Joe Conason – The New York Observer
    * David Corn – Mother Jones

    * Daniel Davies – The Guardian
    * David Dayen – FireDogLake
    * Brad DeLong – The Economists’ Voice, University of California at Berkley
    * Ryan Donmoyer – Bloomberg
    * Kevin Drum – Washington Monthly
    * Matt Duss – Center for American Progress

    * Eve Fairbanks – The New Republic
    * Henry Farrell – George Washington University
    * Tim Fernholz – The American Prospect, New America Foundation
    * James Galbraith – University of Texas at Austin, Campaign for America’s Future
    * Todd Gitlin – Professor of Journalism, Columbia University, former leader of Students for a Democratic Society, Campaign for America’s Future founder, Democratic Socialists of America member.

    In April 2003, Todd Gitlin signed a “Statement on Cuba,” initiated and circulated by prominent Democratic Socialists of America member Leo Casey, calling for the lifting of trade sanctions against Cuba. Progressives for Obama endorser.

    * Ilan Goldenberg – National Security Network
    * Dana Goldstein – The Daily Beast
    * Merrill Goozner – Chicago Tribune, The American Prospect
    * David Greenberg – Slate
    * Robert Greenwald – Brave New Films, a production company that produced a documentary for Ronnie Earle during the case against Republican Party leader Tom DeLay.

    * Chris Hayes – The Nation
    * Don Hazen – Alternet
    * Michael Hirsh – Newsweek, Take Back America conference, 2008

    * John Judis – The New Republic, The American Prospect. A former leader of Democratic Socialists of America‘s preceding organization, the New American Movement, which was formed from the Students for a Democratic Society and the Communist Party USA.

    Judis is the former Editor of Socialist Revolution magazine and is an Institute for Policy Studies affiliate.

    * Michael Kazin – Georgetown University. A founder of Campaign for America’s Future, editor of the Democratic Socialists of America-controlled Dissent magazine and co-author of a history of the Communist Party USA with D.S.A. member Maurice Isserman.

    In April 2003, Michael Kazin signed a “Statement on Cuba,” initiated and circulated by prominent Democratic Socialists of America member Leo Casey, calling for the lifting of trade sanctions against Cuba. A veteran of the 1969 Venceremos Brigade to Cuba.

    * Ed Kilgore – Democratic Party Strategist
    * Richard Kim – The Nation
    * Mark Kleiman – The Reality Based Community. In 2005 Mark Kleiman served as an affiliated scholar of Center for American Progress.
    * Ezra Klein – Washington Post, Newsweek, The American Prospect, 2010 Business Section columnist, Washington Post, formed JournoList, February, 2007
    * Joe Klein – TIME Columnist
    * Paul Krugman – The New York Times, Princeton University, economics, world affairs and Pulitzer Prize winner (Neo-Marxist).

    * Lisa Lerer – POLITICO
    * Daniel Levy – Century Foundation

    * Alec McGillis – Washington Post
    * Scott McLemee – Inside Higher Ed, Democratic Socialists of America affiliate.
    * Ari Melber – The Nation
    * Seth Michaels –
    * Luke Mitchell – Harper’s Magazine

    * Gautham Nagesh – The Hill, Daily Caller
    * Suzanne Nossel – Human Rights Watch. In 2005 Suzanne Nossel served as an affiliated scholar of Center for American Progress.

    * Michael O’Hare – University of California, Berkeley

    * Rick Perlstein – Author, Campaign for America’s Future. Democratic Socialists of America affiliate.
    * Harold Pollack – University of Chicago
    * Foster Kamer – The Village Voice
    * Katha Pollitt – The Nation, a member of Democratic Socialists of America and a supporter of Feminists for Peace and Barack Obama.

    In April 2003, Katha Pollitt signed a “Statement on Cuba,” initiated and circulated by prominent Democratic Socialists of America member Leo Casey, calling for the lifting of trade sanctions against Cuba.

    * Ari Rabin-Havt – Media Matters
    * David Roberts – Grist
    * Alyssa Rosenberg – Washingtonian, The Atlantic
    * Alex Rossmiller – National Security Network
    * Laura Rozen – Politico, Mother Jones. In 2009 Laura Rozen was listed as a Senior Correspondent of The American Prospect.

    * Greg Sargent – Washington Post
    * Thomas Schaller – Baltimore Sun
    * Noam Scheiber – The New Republic
    * Michael Scherer – TIME
    * Mark Schmitt – The American Prospect. New America Foundation, former Director of Policy and Research at the Open Society Institute.
    * Adam Serwer – The American Prospect
    * Thomas Schaller – Baltimore Sun (Columnist), University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Professor), (Contributing Writer)

    * Julie Bergman Sender – Balcony Films
    * Walter Shapiro –
    * Nate Silver –
    * Jesse Singal – The Boston Globe, Washington Monthly
    * Ben Smith – Chief Writer/Columnist for the POLITICO
    * Sarah Spitz – NPR
    * Adele Stan – The Media Consortium
    * Kate Steadman – Kaiser Health News
    * Jonathan Stein – Mother Jones
    * Sam Stein – The Huffington Post

    * Jesse Taylor –
    * Steven Teles – Yale University, New America Foundation Fellow
    * Mark Thoma – The Economist’s View (Blog), University of Oregon (Professor)
    * Michael Tomasky – The Guardian, Contributing Editor of The American Prospect
    * Jeffrey Toobin – CNN, The New Yorker, writer for The New Yorker Magazine – POLITICO
    * Rebecca Traister – Salon (Columnist)

    *Tracy Van Slyke – The Media Consortium, Take Back America conference, 2008, former Publisher In These Times
    * Dave Weigel – Washington Post, MSNBC, The Washington Independent
    * Moira Whelan – National Security Network
    * Scott Winship – Pew Economic Mobility Project
    * Kai Wright – The Root, The nation, The American Prospect, ColorLines, a radical publication of the Communist Party USA connected to Applied Research Center.

    * Holly Yeager – Columbia Journalism Review
    * Rich Yeselson – Change to Win Labor Federation
    * Matthew Yglesias – Center for American Progress, The American Prospect, The Atlantic Monthly, Blogger, POLITICO, Open Society Institute affiliation.

    * Jonathan Zasloff – UCLA
    * Julian Zelizer – Princeton Professor and CNN contributor.
    * Avi Zenilman – POLITICO

    JournoList was not just a bunch of “liberal’ journos with too much time on their hands.
    It was a network of high level opinion makers, united by a “progressive” vision for America.

    They believed that their superior judgment and insight obligated them to present Americans with a view of reality that they would be too stupid and reactionary to grasp unaided.

    At least a few, perhaps many, were committed Marxists who saw journalism, not as a profession, but as a revolutionary tool.

    This disgraceful episode should dispel forever the “progressive” lie that the American MainStreamMedia and its “liberal” core, can be trusted to uphold the objective standards of their profession.

    JournoList: 151 Names Confirmed (with News Organizations)
    Source List Included | 07/29/2010 | BuckeyeTexan

    Posted on July 29, 2010 2:25:42 PM EDT by BuckeyeTexan
    1. Spencer Ackerman – Wired, FireDogLake, Washington Independent, Talking
    Points Memo, The American Prospect
    2. Thomas Adcock – New York Law Journal
    3. Ben Adler – Newsweek, POLITICO
    4. Mike Allen – POLITICO
    5. Eric Alterman – The Nation, Media Matters for America
    6. Marc Ambinder – The Atlantic
    7. Greg Anrig – The Century Foundation
    8. Ryan Avent – Economist
    9. Dean Baker – The American Prospect
    10. Nick Baumann – Mother Jones
    11. Josh Bearman – LA Weekly
    12. Steven Benen – The Carpetbagger Report
    13. Ari Berman – The Nation
    14. Jared Bernstein – Economic Policy Institute
    15. Michael Berube – Crooked Timer, Pennsylvania State University
    16. Brian Beutler – The Media Consortium
    17. Lindsay Beyerstein – Freelance journalist
    18. Joel Bleifuss – In These Times
    19. John Blevins – South Texas College of Law
    20. Sam Boyd – The American Prospect
    21. Ben Brandzel –, John Edwards Campaign
    22. Shannon Brownlee – Author, New America Foundation
    23. Will Bunch – Philadelphia Daily News
    24. Rich Byrne – Playwright
    25. Jonathan Chait – The New Republic
    26. Lakshmi Chaudry – In These Times
    27. Isaac Chotiner – The New Republic
    28. Ta-Nehisi Coates – The Atlantic
    29. Michael Cohen – New America Foundation
    30. Jonathan Cohn – The New Republic
    31. Joe Conason – The New York Observer
    32. Lark Corbeil – Public News Service
    33. David Corn – Mother Jones
    34. Daniel Davies – The Guardian
    35. David Dayen – FireDogLake
    36. Brad DeLong – The Economists’ Voice, University of California at Berkeley
    37. Ryan Donmoyer – Bloomberg News
    38. Adam Doster – In These Times
    39. Kevin Drum – Washington Monthly
    40. Matt Duss – Center for American Progress
    41. Gerald Dworkin – UC Davis
    42. Eve Fairbanks – The New Republic
    43. Henry Farrell – George Washington University
    44. Tim Fernholz – American Prospect
    45. Dan Froomkin – Huffington Post, Washington Post
    46. Jason Furman – Brookings Institution
    47. James Galbraith – University of Texas at Austin
    48. Kathleen Geier – Talking Points Memo
    49. Todd Gitlin – Columbia University
    50. Ilan Goldenberg – National Security Network
    51. Arthur Goldhammer – Harvard University
    52. Dana Goldstein – The Daily Beast
    53. Andrew Golis – Talking Points Memo
    54. Jaana Goodrich – Blogger
    55. Merrill Goozner – Chicago Tribune
    56. David Greenberg – Slate
    57. Robert Greenwald – Brave New Films
    58. Chris Hayes – The Nation
    59. Don Hazen – Alternet
    60. Jeet Heer – Canadian Journolist
    61. Jeff Hauser – Political Action Committee, Dennis Shulman Campaign
    62. Michael Hirsh – Newsweek
    63. James Johnson – University of Rochester
    64. John Judis – The New Republic, The American Prospect
    65. Foster Kamer – The Village Voice
    66. Michael Kazin – Georgetown University
    67. Ed Kilgore – Democratic Strategist
    68. Richard Kim – The Nation
    69. Charlie Kireker – Air America Media
    70. Mark Kleiman – UCLA The Reality Based Community
    71. Ezra Klein – Washington Post, Newsweek, The American Prospect
    72. Joe Klein – TIME
    73. Robert Kuttner – American Prospect, Economic Policy Institute
    74. Paul Krugman – The New York Times, Princeton University
    75. Lisa Lerer – POLITICO
    76. Daniel Levy – Century Foundation
    77. Ralph Luker – Cliopatria
    78. Annie Lowrey – Washington Independent
    79. Robert Mackey – New York Times
    80. Mike Madden – Salon
    81. Maggie Mahar – The Century Foundation
    82. Dylan Matthews – Harvard University
    83. Alec McGillis – Washington Post
    84. Scott McLemee – Inside Higher Ed
    85. Sara Mead – New America Foundation
    86. Ari Melber – The Nation
    87. David Meyer – University of California at Irvine
    88. Seth Michaels –
    89. Luke Mitchell – Harper’s Magazine
    90. Gautham Nagesh – The Hill, Daily Caller
    91. Suzanne Nossel – Human Rights Watch
    92. Michael O’Hare – University of California at Berkeley
    93. Josh Orton –, Air America Media
    94. Rodger Payne – University of Louisville
    95. Rick Perlstein – Author, Campaign for America’s Future
    96. Nico Pitney – Huffington Post
    97. Harold Pollack – University of Chicago
    98. Katha Pollitt – The Nation
    99. Ari Rabin-Havt – Media Matters
    100. Joy-Ann Reid – South Florida Times
    101. David Roberts – Grist
    102. Lamar Robertson – Partnership for Public Service
    103. Sara Robinson – Campaign For America’s Future
    104. Alyssa Rosenberg – Washingtonian, The Atlantic, Government Executive
    105. Alex Rossmiller – National Security Network
    106. Michael Roston – Newsbroke
    107. Laura Rozen – POLITICO, Mother Jones
    108. Felix Salmon – Reuters
    109. Greg Sargent – Washington Post
    110. Thomas Schaller – Baltimore Sun
    111. Noam Scheiber – The New Republic
    112. Michael Scherer – TIME
    113. Mark Schmitt – American Prospect, The New America Foundation
    114. Rinku Sen – ColorLines Magazine
    115. Julie Bergman Sender – Balcony Films
    116. Adam Serwer – American Prospect
    117. Walter Shapiro –
    118. Kate Sheppard – Mother Jones
    119. Matthew Shugart – UC San Diego
    120. Nate Silver –
    121. Jesse Singal – The Boston Globe, Washington Monthly
    122. Ann-Marie Slaughter – Princeton University
    123. Ben Smith – POLITICO
    124. Sarah Spitz – KCRW
    125. Adele Stan – The Media Consortium
    126. Paul Starr – The Atlantic
    127. Kate Steadman – Kaiser Health News
    128. Jonathan Stein – Mother Jones
    129. Sam Stein – Huffington Post
    130. Matt Steinglass – Deutsche Presse-Agentur
    131. James Surowiecki – The New Yorker
    132. Jesse Taylor –
    133. Steven Teles – Yale University
    134. Mark Thoma – The Economists’ View
    135. Michael Tomasky – The Guardian
    136. Jeffrey Toobin – CNN, The New Yorker
    137. Rebecca Traister – Salon
    138. Tracy Van Slyke – The Media Consortium
    139. Paul Waldman – Author, American Prospect
    140. Dave Weigel – Washington Post, MSNBC, The Washington Independent
    141. Moira Whelan – National Security Network
    142. Scott Winship – Pew Economic Mobility Project
    143. J. Harry Wray – DePaul University
    144. D. Brad Wright – University of NC at Chapel Hill
    145. Kai Wright – The Root
    146. Holly Yeager – Columbia Journalism Review
    147. Rich Yeselson – Change to Win
    148. Matthew Yglesias – Center for American Progress, The Atlantic Monthly
    149. Jonathan Zasloff – UCLA
    150. Julian Zelizer – Princeton University
    151. Avi Zenilman – POLITICOAdditions to this list:
    21. Ben Brandzel –, John Edwards Campaign
    46. Jason Furman – Brookings Institution
    61. Jeff Hauser – Political Action Committee, Dennis Shulman Campaign
    93. Josh Orton –, Air America Media

    122. Ann-Marie Slaughter – Princeton University

  13. Voir Dire August 10, 2010 @ 8:19 am

    Brother Nat:

    I’m sending you another donation (wish it were a million dollars) towards your courageous efforts in rooting out this Cultural Marxist infiltration and revolution of the enemies from within.

    I pray that others will follow suit.

    Thank you for your extraordinary commitment to truth and justice and a display of courage that can only come from the Almighty God.

    In truth and love,


  14. Joe Cortina August 10, 2010 @ 1:06 pm

    Dear Readers –

    As an advisor and director of The Brother Nathanael Foundation I try to insure that it succeeds. (See Board Of Advisors @

    Its success depends mainly on just TWO critical priorities.

    It is just that simple. Consider it a moral contract between Brother Nathanael – and you – the people he loves and is trying to educate and protect.

    Those two things are =

    #1 The effectiveness accuracy and relevance of the messages of valuable information that Brother Nathanial tirelessly regularly presents as well as his projected goals. AND!!!

    #2 The generosity of the readers who he counts on to support his valient efforts by actual real $dollar$ donations to pay the bills. That is – ASSUMING that you folks REALLY give a flying rat’s ass about Seeing Brother Nathanael getting any of his goals acomplished.

    Donations May Be Made Online @

    Or by mail: The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    I can tell you what you already know == Priority #1 is a done deal in that he has kept faith with HIS end of the covenant and has donated HIMSELF selflessly 100% 24-7 to that task – and has arguably done a STELLAR job of it. He has made every personal sacrifice to make that happen!

    He is not only a journalist and intellectual who is driven to save us from ourselves – but he walks the walk with NO REGARD for his personal comforts or personal gain. He is a genuine 100% 24 carot GOD-SEND!

    Priority #2 – Support by the people who he is doing this for! Without this critical help – the effort will die and you know it!

    In this – Donations to The Brother Nathanael Foundation – I am sorry to say – you have failed him miserably!

    Again, DONATIONS to The Brother Nathanael Foundation made be made online @

    Or by mail: The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    13 comments and only ONE brave soul will give meaningful help – DOLLARS! Praters and pats on the back do NOT PAY BILLS.

    VOIR DIRE – are you a ‘new’ reader? Congrats on the dazzling array of additional on topic educational info. THAT is the kind of response I love to see on RZN as well as my own site.

    God bless you for helping the Foundation. I hope you set an example to others. GOOD MAN (or woman?)

    I still remember the days of the Communist support groups in the 60s and 70s – there were hundreds! I was doing anti-Communist work and followed many of their sites. I hated those bastards – but I did have to admire one of their qualities. It seemed like they ALL gave something to support the cause even if only a few bucks.

    They had dedication to their cause and organizations albet evil ones. They had solidarity. They had loyalty zeal and passion to ‘support the cause’. They walked the walk instead of just beating their gums

    If the BAD GUYS can do it – why aren’t we? They were no less or better off financially that we are. Get off your stingy butts and GIVE. Sacrifice that pack of smokes or that six pak or gadget that ends up in the ‘dead appliance cabinet’ we are all guilty of.


    Or by mail: The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Also bring in new readers like this Voir Dire patriot. We need all the ‘Voir Dires’ we can attract.

    Addditionally go to MY site when you can and learn MORE NEW TRUTHS

  15. Bob Remington August 10, 2010 @ 4:03 pm

    The Holy Spirit speaks through this good man.

  16. Sample Zionist Jew Magazine August 10, 2010 @ 4:47 pm

    Reader’s Digest used to be a fine publication that brought the average reader good quality literature to be read one article per day, plus features, selected by the editors out of many magazines.

    The Digest today is a bankrupt conveyance for drug advertisements, filled with government propaganda and fare for ignoramuses.

  17. Franco August 10, 2010 @ 5:38 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I have sent a donation from Italy.

    Thanks for your efforts. I follow you, brave man.

  18. Nicolae August 10, 2010 @ 11:27 pm

    2 Corinthians 11:13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

    2 CO 11:14 And no marvel;for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

    2 Co 11:15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the minister of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

    We see here the deceiver (satan) transforming himself into an angel of light, we know also who are his false apostles, claiming to be righteous Christians, but instead they are deceivers and work for satan.

    Who are those false workers??

    Orlando Christian Center, Dec. 31st, 1989.

    “The Spirit tells me – Fidel Castro will die – in the 90’s. Oooh my! Some will try to kill him and they will not succeed. But there will come a change in his physical health, and he will not stay in power, and Cuba will be visited of God.

    The 700 Club EXPOSED!


    Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard Browne, Jesse Duplantis, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, Sarah Palin doing the sign of their father (satan).

    And now, one of the biggest liars, deceitful men, false apostles, Khazar-lovers in the history of America, best friend of fake Israhell, CUFI President — Ladies and Gentleman, I present you JOHN HAGEE.

    “Since Hagee and his wife, Diana Hagee, founded GETV 25 years ago, the organization has gone from a back-room operation broadcasting Sunday sermons to San Antonio area viewers to a 50,000-square-foot multimedia studio broadcasting to 127 television stations and 82 radio stations nationwide.

    According to the 990 forms for GETV, the organization in 2001 netted $12.3 million from donations, $4.8 million in profit from the sales of books and tapes, and an additional $1.1 million from various other sources, including rental income.

    As the nonprofit organization’s president, Hagee drew $540,000 in compensation, as well as an additional $302,005 in compensation for his position as president of Cornerstone Church, according to GETV’s tax statements.

    He also received $411,561 in benefits from GETV, including contributions to a retirement package for highly paid executives the IRS calls a “rabbi trust,” so named because the first beneficiary of such an irrevocable trust was a rabbi.

    The John Hagee Rabbi Trust includes a $2.1 million 7,969-acre ranch outside Brackettville, with five lodges, including a “main lodge” and a gun locker. It also includes a manager’s house, a smokehouse, a skeet range and three barns.

    Taken together, his payment package, $842,005 in compensation and $414,485 in benefits, was one of the highest, if not the highest, pay package for a nonprofit director in the San Antonio area in 2001.”

    ”Hagee’s compensation was among the highest pay packages for television evangelists in 2001, according to IRS 990 filings.”

    In Addition Hagee’s wife “Diana Hagee received compensation of $67,907 as vice president of GETV and $58,813 as the special events director for Cornerstone Church.” (

    Greedy Televangelists!

    Where’s all that money going?

    We know that satan can transform himself into an angel of light, we also saw who are his false apostles.

    Now let’s see which people say that they are Israel, they claim to be from the tribe of Judah, which people try to deceive and lie to us, claiming to be CHOSEN, SUPERIOR TO EVERY OTHER RACE, CLAIMING TO BE GODS ON EARTH:

    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. — Menachem Begin – Israeli Prime Minister 1977–1983


    The Encyclopedia Judaica (1972):

    “Khazars, a national group of general Turkic type, independent and sovereign in Eastern Europe between the seventh and tenth centuries C.E. During part of this time the leading Khazars professed Judaism…

    “In spite of the negligible information of an archaeological nature, the presence of Jewish groups and the impact of Jewish ideas in Eastern Europe are considerable during the Middle Ages.

    “Groups have been mentioned as migrating to Central Europe from the East often have been referred to as Khazars, thus making it impossible to overlook the possibility that they originated from within the former Khazar Empire.

    The Encyclopedia Judaica relates the following about the Khazars (Chazars):

    “Khazars, a national group of general Turkic type, independent and sovereign in Eastern Europe between the seventh and tenth centuries A.D. During part of this time the leading Khazars professed Judaism.” (Encyclopedia Judicia, Vol. 10, (1971)

    Collier’ s Encyclopedia, Volume 14, page 65 states:

    “Khazars [kaza’rz], a semi-nomadic tribe of Turkish or Tatar origin who first appeared north of the Caucasus in the early part of the third century…in the Eighth Century Khaghan Bulan decided in favor of the Jews and accepted Judaism for himself and for his people.




  19. Hoff August 11, 2010 @ 12:00 am

    How the Jew killed and maimed 100.000 Sephardi Jew children.

    “The Ringworm Children 1 of 5”

  20. Hoff August 11, 2010 @ 12:11 am

    The Encyclopedia Judaica Confirms the Jewish Origin of Communism

    The Encyclopedia Judaica, published in Jerusalem, Israel, by Jews, is available at most large public libraries and is in English.

    This reference book for all things Jewish is quite open about the Jewish role in Communism, particularly early Communism, and contains a large number of admissions in this regard.

    l Hoff have a copy of every single page in EJ 1971, entry: Communism. All EJ excerpts in the link are correct.

  21. Z.O.G. August 11, 2010 @ 12:57 am

    Who Controls Hollywood?

  22. Mission Impossible August 11, 2010 @ 1:50 am

    Brother Nathanael. Another excellent video. Thank you.

    To your American readers. Please understand it is NOT enough just to expose the ‘Jewish’ (Khazar) ownership of the American print and visual media. You cannot divorce what has gone on in America from that which has gone on in Britain, Canada, and Australia, et al.

    So, do any RZN readers have any confirmed insights into the ownership profile of British, Canadian, and Australian media companies?

    This issue has taken on additional importance as in recent years, more and more Americans have turned to British newspapers for ‘news’. In which case, this might be a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    The UK Independent was, until recently, owned by a consortium that included several ‘Jews’. But earlier this year it was purchased by someone describing himself as “Russian” who also happens to be an ex-employee of the KGB. The UK Independent is now being run by his son.

    The London Times has long been in ‘Jewish’ hands. This should be common knowledge by now.

    The London Telegraph is more of a mystery. This is one of the most followed newspapers in Britain, and throughout the English (Anglo-Saxon) speaking world, yet I have not had its alleged ‘Jewish’ ownership confirmed.

    I understand it is owned by the reclusive Barclay Brothers. Does any RZN reader out there know anything more about the ownership profile of the UK Telegraph newspaper?

  23. Hoff August 11, 2010 @ 3:10 am

    “Being denied housing was my second experience of the intense racism that exists in Israel.

    “From the very beginning of my arrival in Israel, many slurs were yelled at me. We American Jews were merely being tolerated.

    “Because Israel, to survive, must depend on gifts of American Jews and the sale of worthless Israeli Bonds in America, there is jealousy among the elite Israeli Ashkenazi Jews toward American Jews, even if the American Jews are also Ashkenazi. Many times I was told, “Go Home!” and, “We want your money, but not you.”

    “However, there was a portion of the American Jews who were welcome and given favored treatment. They were the card-carrying communist Jews.

    “Of the 50.000 American Jews who, like myself, had migrated to Israel between 1967 and 1970 about 20% (10.000) of them were Marxist oriented with a great number of them actual card-carrying communists.

    “They were welcomed by the Israeli authorities and local Ashkenazi and were given favored treatment — housing, jobs and social life. It must be noted besides coming from the U.S., a great number of communist Jews were migrating to Israel from Chile, Argentina and South Africa.

    “Of the 50.000 who had migrated to Israel during that time, 80% of us eventually returned to the U.S. The 20% who remained were those who were card-carrying communist or sympathetic to Marxism.”

    The Life of an American Jew
    in Racist Marxist Israel

    Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein


    What the Jew Jack Bernstein tells us here is exactly how the Jew ran the Soviet state. The card-carrying Jews are the elite that controls the Palestinian state. Whatever the Jews are doing in Palestine the Jews did in Soviet. The Jews steal everything and kill all enemies of the Jews.

    How the Jews treat the Palestinian people is how the Jews treated the Russian people.

    The Jew run Soviet from 1917 to 1990 was a rock hard class society. On top and in control of the state apparatus were the diehard Commie Jews. Next comes the Jews that are not party members. Then comes the religious Jews. They are just tolerated. And that was the same in Soviet.

    Then came the non-Jew who was a Commie party member. And last down the ladder came the Russian-Palestinian people who refuse to join the Jew-run Commie party.

    This book is MANDATORY read.

  24. marshall[Maher-shalal-hash-baz] August 11, 2010 @ 6:44 am


    All the research on the Khazars as to the amount of Khazar ancestry present in modern “Jews” is a moot point. How much research is possible after death? This is the power of the LORD JESUS CHRIST as SAVIOR!

    Either one accepts the LORD JESUS CHRIST, whether one is a Khazar, Chinese, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Athiest, etc, or one dosn’t. If you accept JESUS you have eternal life, if you do not accept JESUS you will perish. It is that simple!

  25. Mekhael August 11, 2010 @ 8:31 am

    Info that won’t be seen or else radically spun in the Jew-owned media:

    PROOF: Israel behind Hariri’s Assassination

  26. Craig August 11, 2010 @ 10:00 am

    “To your American readers. Please understand it is NOT enough just to expose the ‘Jewish’ (Khazar) ownership of the American print and visual media. You cannot divorce what has gone on in America from that which has gone on in Britain, Canada, and Australia, et al.”

    I understand, we have to all work together while there still is an internet. Obama has the internet kill switch, according to former Jew who converted to Christianity, Matt Drudge of to deal with all of the blind spots.

  27. kmarie August 11, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

    Unfortunately, due to current computer limitations, I have not been able to hear Brother Nathanael’s videos–yet.

    I have, however, read Joe Cortina’s exhortation on donating, from the previous topic.

    So let me state that I am sending (by mail) a small donation.

    There are many causes attempting to do good, but to me Brother Nathanael’s work is striking at the very roots of many of our corporate problems.

    Also, let me “share” that I recently received propaganda and financial solicitation from an organization called Christians In Defense of Israel.

    CIDI also enclosed a survey with some rather slanted questions such as “Do you believe President Obama should show the same respect to Prime Minister Netanyahu as he does to other national leaders?”

    After a little thought, I checked “No” and returned the survey form.

    My reasoning is that no other Prime Minister and his nation state are doing nearly as much to destroy our nation and our world as the synagogue of satan which now promotes itself as “Israel.”

    So what’s to respect?

    Since they are so corporately focused on dominating us, we need to be more corporately focused on defending ourselves and our faith.

    Brother Nathanael rocks!

  28. Disgusted White Christian August 11, 2010 @ 5:06 pm


    Although myself raised in a heavy Zionist Jew area, a lot of the Nazi camps people settled here, I can sympathize with Bernstein.

    You are right, those Zionist Jew children were so stupid, I always knew what you stated, they only wanted all those schmucks money!

    I remember, I knew as old as 10, they were being snookered, but a gentile dare not criticize Israel, to Jews!

    I didn’t care anyway. All the time they cheated the Gentiles there, I figured, “Reap what you sow, fool!”

    Getting back to the Jew owning the media I think I figured that out at 5 years old?

    I remember reading, or just hearing, many of the old timer Hollywood stars changed their names to Anglo sounding names. Like Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Edward G Robinson, I could go on and on.

    Today, they are so brazen they don’t care. They like to rub their fake, Germanic ending names that end in “er” or “man” or “stein” in your face.

    Harder ones, like Miller, or Strauss, you had to look at the first name? Names like Howard, Harvey, Abraham, Gerard, Barry, and of course David, that is like Jose or Juan in Latino cultures for usage.

    They use to say, “yell out “David” in a synagogue, and half the male, Yarmulke donning heads will turn to look.


  29. Voir Dire August 11, 2010 @ 7:08 pm

    Note to Joe Cortina:

    Thanks for your kind thoughts and words.

    I am a woman who, as I related to Bro Nat in an earlier email, has been a lifelong student of the takedown of the U.S., and with this incredible (possibly short-lived) gift of true freedom-of-speech the internet has afforded us, a serious student of organized Jewry’s role in it for perhaps the last two – three years.

    What a shame so many have squandered this precious gift to the world by mindless addiction to porn and celebrity worship – likewise “gifts” and distractions from Jewish subversives. I also served in the Air Force many moons ago though not during one of the banksters’ never-ending wars.

    If I can donate from time-to-time on my lowly salary, anyone CAN. As I’ve noted before, we freedom-lovers don’t have the benefit of funny-money printing presses and economic parasitism to endlessly bankroll our “causes” as do the Money Masters, so please support our patriots who are doing everything in their power to awaken the Western people to our genuine plight.

    So, do any RZN readers have any confirmed insights into the ownership profile of British, Canadian, and Australian media companies? – MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

    I have provided links to the best compilations to be found on News From the West. It is the same chilling nightmare across the entire once-largely-free Western spectrum, and only under our Imposter-in-Chief did the Jews finally get the tyrannical “hate crime” laws our Western brethren have long suffered under codified into law at the federal level.

    Because they now have almost total control too of the internet, you will get the following warning when going to NFTW, but don’t let it scare you off. Like Brother Nat’s website, it is a treasure trove to be mined whilst you still can (save as much as you desire for your own future reference).

    “Content Warning

    Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog’s content is objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service”

    The Jewish Hand Behind The Internet

    Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay…

    Freedom Research, June 2009

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    I explain here how they came to own virtually the entire media apparatus (straight out of their hateful “Protocols” for world domination)

    With their unimaginable wealth obtained by this monopoly, this groups brethren (an oligopolistic group of 6 corporations) owns the ENTIRE media apparatus in the U.S.

    Every newspaper, magazine, television and radio station, and book publishing company are owned by these same genetic kinsmen which means NOTHING is disseminated they don’t want disseminated which is anything remotely critical of what these thieves have been doing for time immemorial.

    These banksters hire their tribal members to plant in every economics dept in every university and to dominate every “talking head” media outlet to keep the fraudulent system in place.

    They occupy every key position in our Federal Leviathan, and Obama (they openly brag in their countless publications meant for THEIR eyes only) was groomed from the time he entered Columbia University to do their bidding and to fully implement a complete police state as they have already done to our formerly free brethren in the Western nations.

    They control every Democratic/Republican adminstration no matter how much the willfully ignorant or genuinely stupid masses believe in “change” or continuously put blind faith into these treasonous enablers and false opposition that deceives them, put into every critical positions of power having to do with guarding the nation’s purse (Treasury Dept.) which as so many have aptly pointed out is literally putting the vampires in charge of the blood bank.

    Their control of the money supply and their ability to expand and contract the nation’s credit puts them into a prime position to engineer bubbles (and they have indeed been doing this every since the central bank’s sinister founding) and enables them to destroy businesses and private wealth alike, and buy up assets for pennies on the dollar.

    Everything that I’ve written about the U.S. can be extrapolated across the entire spectrum of the Western world. For the rest of a long commentary whereby I had to use veiled language to get it posted, see:

    This skin-crawling piece/video was posted on the (liberal buzzword that is in reality totalitarian collectivism) “progressive” website today that should send shivers down anyone’s spine:

    Some excerpts and the link:

    Eric Schmidt On Privacy (VIDEO): Google CEO Says Anonymity Online Is ‘Dangerous’-case-against-tim-geithner-2010-1#ixzz0wLi8SmQI

    “Google knows what you watch, what you search, and even with whom you’re friends. The availability of all this information raises an important question: Where does Google CEO Eric Schmidt stand on the issue of online privacy?

    Schmidt has previously said, “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

    In a more recent interview with CNBC conducted at the Techonomy conference earlier this month, Schmidt offered an additional look at his views on online privacy and anonymity.

    Speaking on a panel at the event, Schmidt argued that anonymity on the Internet is dangerous. “In a world of asynchronous threats, it is too dangerous for there not to be some way to identify you,” he said.

    Schmidt took the stance that governments may eventually put an end to anonymity. “We need a [verified] name service for people,” he said. “Governments will demand it.”

    Wide awake and fooled no more,


  30. loren August 11, 2010 @ 9:04 pm

    Voir Dire,

    In Australia the Jew Murdoch owns at an estimate only 90% of newspapers, plus about the same percentage of magazines.

    His newspapers are very active in the political arena, he needs his ‘useful idiots’ to follow his agenda.

    His newspapers ran a media campaign against our PM for six months, unfortunately his own party outed him because they believed the media propaganda. Even though through that PM’s policies we have avoided a recession, and our economy actually grew. That is purely because we had banking policies that protected us.

    We now are facing elections, one candidate has a boyfriend who is now in the pocket of a Jewish real estate developer.

    This developer paid for her and her boyfriend plus entourage to visit Israel around the time of the ‘Shock and Awe’ taking place in Gaza, she spoke up for Israel saying ‘they have every right to defend themselves’.

    I have for a long time been a supporter of that party, but I cannot vote for her purely because of her jewish affiliations and her support of Israel.

  31. Zillalilly August 11, 2010 @ 11:31 pm

    Why is the term “ashkenazi” Jew never mentioned?

    Christians awake from your slumber!

    It’s Time Christians! How many cheeks can you turn?

    Rise Christians! Take back our country!

    The Department of Education says to teach all kids “queer” is ok!

    Is this ok with you?

    Rise Christians Rise!

    Yeshua said they be damned that called evil good! And good evil!


  32. Elijah August 12, 2010 @ 10:27 am

    Once again, thank you sir.

    I will be sending you a few bucks before long. I happen to live on a fixed income, so it won’t be a lot. But I know every penny does count.

    A friend of mine might be moving to Colorado eventually. If he does and I should run into you, I would certainly walk up and shake your hand and thank you for delivering your messages to the world.

    I really like your website because you explain clearly and concisely just what is up with all of this.

    I think EVERYONE on earth needs to hear your message about the what these anti-Goyists do to us all from one end of the globe to the other. Many continents had economic stability and freedom prior to giving these self declared masters of the earth so much power and wealth.

    I’m really glad you saw the light and have shown it to so many of us. I myself at one time thought all this information about the negative things world Jewry does was just a silly conspiracy theory. But it really is not.

    Many historical figures have warned us too, especially Jesus Christ. Wherever there is a new political or social movement, they highjack it when not creating these movements.

    Anyways, I’ve taken up enough space for now. Hope your summer is going well, Brother.

    Peace and may God be with you!

  33. USSA Today August 12, 2010 @ 11:07 am

    Great post Voir Dire. If you wrote a book I’d buy it.

    It seems as if the history of freedom in the West is coming to a defining moment for the citizens/subjects-continue by massive opposition or crumble into the Globalist pit of tyranny.

    The whole society is so sick that they think that we need all this Orwellian oversight of everyone. It’s lie after lie, after lie, all for control. Complete sociopath psychosis at the top.

    We’ve had compromised leadership for a long time — that’s the whole problem. Any organization with poor leadership goes down the gutter quickly. Unfortunately, that organization is Amerika today.

  34. Disgusted White Christian August 12, 2010 @ 3:38 pm

    Voir Dire,

    That is very good. You are a TRUE patriot, my dear.

    Let’s not forget all their “gentile puppets” like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, the so called “White Conservatives” out for the middle class, White person’s best interest?

    What a joke, they do their master’s bidding. Their master is Rupert Murdoch and FOX News.

    Anyone criticizes Israel or criticizes Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, and they both go at you like ATTACK Pit-bulls!

    This man (Bibi), ordered innocent people MURDERED on the Flotilla and O’Reilly and Sean Hannity act like he just won a Noble Peace Prize.

    Two true sycophants, if you ever saw one!


    Also, all the Zionist’s televangelist puppets are all FALSE PROPHETS, and John Hagee is the worst. A yellow coward, traitor to the Christian people of the USA.


  35. Hoff August 12, 2010 @ 8:02 pm

  36. Hoff August 12, 2010 @ 8:21 pm

    Does the Jew tell you this on the Jew-owned TalmudVision, Jew-TV in America, in Europe or Australia? No, but 30 year-old cases of one Catholic priest child abuse are ranted endlessly as “news.”

    This Zionist Jew rabbi is at least like a cardinal. lf a cardinal was even suspected of being a child molester this would be on ALL frontpages in every single Jew-owned paper and on every single Jew-TV around the world for 30 years.

    Tell me when did you read or hear one single word about this cardinal-rank Jew rabbi in your Jew-“media”?

  37. Hoff August 12, 2010 @ 8:40 pm

    My Mentor told me: -Don’t use a thousand word to tell what you can tell in one sentence. This is ten sentences and down to the core.


    When they say that “Jews control Hollywood” I think to myself, “Thank god!”

    Once again Jews boast about what they call ‘anti-Semitism’ if a Gentile says it.

    What are they bragging about, anyway – the wasteland of mindless, weird, violent, immoral, stupid programming that comprises the great body of TV and movies?

    Is this really something of which Jews should be proud?

    It is especially disappointing, when one thinks about what a tremendous uplifting and positive influence these media could be.

    Instead, the Jewish media bosses promote drug and alcohol abuse, infidelity, degeneration and moral depravity to our young people, who are their biggest customers.

    —David Duke

  38. Kiimm August 12, 2010 @ 9:06 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael –

    When in NYC doing street evangelism, don’t forget to DANCE (and with a BIG smile) in the Name of the LORD! May the Lord’s Providence be upon you, may the Lord Bless you and keep you!

    And may God’s blessings, grace and forgiveness be upon those who have ears to hear — hungry for the Truth in a troubled world — my prayer for you, in Jesus’ Holy Name, AMEN!

  39. Mission Impossible August 12, 2010 @ 11:07 pm

    Voir Dire
    August 11, 2010 @ 7:08 pm

    An excellent contribution and thank you for responding to my earlier question.

    The web-article you linked to (regarding the ‘Jewish’ hold on the media in Britain) is an excellent source of information – about 33% of the content is new to me (that is very high considering the amount of research I do).

    Therefore, I am in better shape now thanks only to you spending a little time, Voir Dire. I am sure many others will make good use of that information too.

    ADVICE TO RZN READERS #1 I will assume many of you are doing this already, but it is vitally important that you copy all online information of interest to you, onto your hard-drive, or to an attached (USB) drive, or to DVD-ROM discs.

    You should ensure you download all the Revisionist Classics that are now available in PDF format. Many useful websites have already been taken down (or compromised) in an attempt to hide/erase incriminating information.

    So, please develop the habit of creating your own independent database. You will not infringe copyright if you make copies only for research purposes (for reading offline).

    ADVICE TO RZN READERS #2: Also, everyone should maintain a fax machine in their home (as a back-up communications medium). Do not assume e-mail or mobile phone networks will always be available.

    A fax-machine provides a more robust means of long distance communication. Modern machines also enable you to broadcast one message to multiple numbers. Encryption is easier also.

    ATTENTION BROTHER NATHANAEL: Please provide a fax number(s) for your readers to note down. If the Internet were to be interfered with in any serious way, then having a Fax Machine as back-up would keep your Foundation up and running.

    Make sure your machine has a Broadcast facility, can be polled for data by other fax machines, and can connect to your computer via network cable or via USB.

    Blessings and strength to all … Mission Impossible.

  40. Pure August 14, 2010 @ 12:42 pm

    Great site, great videos!

    Please do a Youtube video exposing the barbaric act of circumcision, how it causes loss of many key things, physical, sometimes psychological, affects natural rhythms — marital intimacy, etc.

    How it is not Christian, how they’ve used it in severalfold ways – to mark Gentiles like them, to blend in easier, to certainly make money by it, to push their beliefs on the NT Christians.

    How it ruins the amazing, real nice intimate feelings men & women could be experiencing, leaving people unfulfilled and not knowing why.

    How it does not make health more safer, etcetera.

    Please! This too also affects millions and we really need you to do a video!

    Thank you!

  41. JohnZ August 15, 2010 @ 8:41 am

    Zionist puppet Obomber will soon be shutting down the internet as per orders of his Ashkenazi Zionist Masters.

    It won’t matter anyway. We now have the truth before us. We have access to printers.

    And… computer geeks and hackers will soon set up a new internet. Now if I’ve read correctly, there may already be an alternate internet in operation.

    I need to look into this again.

    Either way the Zionists cannot possibly stop what has begun.

    Buy storable food, ammunition. Get your house in order.

  42. Marshall August 19, 2010 @ 10:06 am

    A new spin on the Holohoax (TM) by Steven Hirsch, OY VEY ze sufferink!!! 😀

  43. Marshall August 25, 2010 @ 12:52 pm

    Israeli agents are trying to re-write Wikipedia…forget about it as a dependable fact source regarding current events.

    Assume you are seeing BS and work backwards!!! :-O

  44. Aaron Swartz October 30, 2010 @ 5:49 pm

    What proof is out there that shows that the Jews control the educational curriculum and/or the Department of Education thus rewriting our history?

    Please help, thanks!

  45. Voir Dire November 13, 2010 @ 1:30 pm

    Brother Nathanael:

    Here is my (ConnecttheDots101) post that was left to stand on (owned by a fair Gentile who doesn’t censor fact-based commentary, Henry Blodget) “Business Insider” regarding Rick Sanchez’s firing for daring to allege the media was Jewish owned.

    Many other posters had great comments. Interesting too was that someone from BI deleted a crass, moronic remark by a poster telling me to “go suck a tailpipe, Hitler.” They needn’t have as I demolished and embarrassed him.

    More importantly, every follow-up story on Sanchez resulted in others copying and pasting the Jewish owners.

    Moreover, one of my favorite writers posted there, Michael Snyder, did a follow-up on his blog which chronicles in painstaking, graphic detail the economic destruction of the U.S. @ on the dangerous oligopolization of the U.S. media which is down at the moment so I couldn’t pull up the exact webpage.

    I submit, however, he’s too afraid of losing money if he goes ALL THE WAY in telling the God-awful truth that it is Jewish collusion behind the Great Depression #2.

    Connect-the-Dots101 on Oct 1, 10:17 PM said:

    I would love to hear CNN’s actual stated reason for firing Sanchez especially since all of their extreme leftists “news hosts” continues to plummet in ratings. Personally, I have no sympathy whatsoever as “Sanchez” was no different from those he criticized – openly ethnocentric and anti-American to the core.


    Here Is A List Of The Jews Who Own The Major Media In The US:

    Murray Rothstein: AKA “Sumner Redstone.” Owner of CBS, MTV, LOGO, (Homosexual TV), Blockbuster Videos, Paramount & DreamWorks Movie studios Here.

    Edgar Bronfman Jr: Principal holder of Time-Warner Corporation. Media venues include NBC Television, Turner Broadcasting, CNN, Warner/Chappell Music, AOL, & Time Magazine Here.

    Jeff Zucker: CEO of NBC Television Here.

    Michael Eisner: Former CEO of Walt Disney Company. Principal holder of Capital Cites which owns ABC Television. Present owner of The Tornante Company which develops companies in the Media sector Here.

    Rupert Murdoch: His mother, (by which Jews trace their racial designation), is the Jew, Elisabeth Joy Greene. Murdoch owns Fox Television, TV Guide, Twentieth Century Fox Studio, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and The London Times Here.

    Peter Chernin: New York born Jew. CEO of Murdoch’s News Corporation & Corporate Director for American Express Here.

    Mortimer Zuckerman: Owner of US News & World Report and the New York Daily Here.

    Donald E Graham: CEO & Chairman of the Board of the Washington Post which owns Newsweek Magazine. He is the son of Katherine Meyer Graham, whose father, Eugene Meyer, a wealthy Jewish financier, purchased the Washington Post in 1933. Donald E Graham now oversees the Washington Post operation Sources: Here & Here.

    Source for the above: Brother Nathanael Kapner (Jewish himself) from

    All Americans’ should be alarmed that an oligopoly of seven mega-corporations owns the entire apparatus of the U.S. media whose owner’s interests’ are often alien to and hostile to our own.

    Ever wonder why you never see anything but open-borders-lobby positions, Cultural Marxist “multiculturalism” advocated, Western civilization and Christianity debased and trashed relentlessly, and the glories of “globalism” unabashedly acclaimed by the “mainstream” media?

    There’s absolutely NOTHING “mainstream” about it. It’s all about shrouding the deceit and treason these elitists’ subscribe to and practice whilst masquerading as popular opinion. They are well-financed subversives of the worst kind.

    The American people don’t stand a chance so long as we’re afraid to identify WHO’s waging war on US.

    By the way, you should also know that the extremely wealthy Jewish-supremacist groups B’ nai B’ rith and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) are responsible for the First-Amendment destruction by crafting every single piece of the totalitarian “hate-crime” laws at the state levels which intentionally exclude “Whites” though Whites comprise the majority of victims who suffer such race-based crimes.

    After many years of intensive sponsorship and lobbying by organized Jewry, they finally triumphed in getting these odious, unconstitutional laws enshrined at the federal level by their Manchurian Candidate they launched into power.

    The aforementioned “ADL” was also the premier entity responsible for challenging, funding and overthrowing the will of 7+million state voters’ by jettisoning CA’s law protecting marriage.

    Is telling the truth backed by FACTS now anti-Semitic too? According to them, it is. And clearly, as Rick Sanchez and so many others have found, a punishable offense.

    Read more:

    In truth and love, Brother Nat


  46. tshepo February 1, 2012 @ 6:09 am

    That is a very educating information you are giving us.

    So the question is does it happen only at Britain or also in countries like South Africa?

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