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Brother Nathanael @ July 29, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael July 29, 2010 @ 5:54 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family,

    I just got off the phone with the legal person who is preparing the complaint against the Hanukkah Menorah.

    We have to be “wise as serpents” on this one.

    We are in this to get this COMPLAINT HEARD and ACTED Upon!

    So, we are going to do it right!

    Please Help Us Out By Donating to The Brother Nathanael Foundation @

    Of Donations May Be Mailed To:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    God Bless You All!

    +Brother Nathanael

  2. Bob Remington July 29, 2010 @ 7:21 pm


  3. Fr. Joseph July 29, 2010 @ 8:23 pm

    Just for any and all ‘Researchers’, legal or otherwise:

    In Clymer Swineburne’s ‘The Book of Rosicrucea’ you will find his relaying that all of our World’s major Occult organizations – the Masons, the Rosicrucians, the Kabbalahists and the major Hermetic Orders met together at the King George V hotel in Paris, France back in March of 1931 and entered into a mutual spiritual alliance which they themselves call the ‘International Occult Alliance’.

    Primary goal of this alliance is to work for the destruction of the Catholic Church. Secondary goal is to make satanic ‘gnosticism’ our world-wide religion and spiritual belief.

    In the US. v. MacIntosh Supreme Court ruling of 1931, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the USA was a ‘Christian’ nation.

    In Clymer Swineburne’s ‘The Book of Rosicrucea’, we also are informed that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was “was of their own.”

    FDR “packed” the U.S. Supreme Court with like minded/hearted/spirited Masonic occultists (Masonic religious instruction for their Goy proselytes in the Babylonian Talmudic Jewish Kabbalah and the Zohar) and these Jewish instructed Goys on the U.S. Supreme Court dominated the U.S. Supreme Court from the early 40’s to the mid 70’s.

    It was in the 70s this occult minded U.S. Supreme Court “found” the right for women to put to death the child(ren) in thei wombs in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

    This Masonic-occult minded “packed by FDR” U.S. Supreme Court, by their ruling in Everson v. Board of Education of 1947 dismissed the previous U.S. Supreme Court ruling of U.S. v. MacIntosh of 1931.

    By this, the Supreme Court judically IMPOSED their personal spiritual beliefs via the often cited ‘Separation of Church and State’ used by everyone and their brother who wishes to deny Jesus Christ is God’s Only Eternally Begotten Son and THE LOGOS through Whom all things were made and are sustained in existance.

    The name of the author escapes me at the moment, but everyone can go get for themselves a copy of the readily available book ‘Behind the Lodge Door’ to understand how our U.S. Supreme Court has been, is and will be continually used TO SUPPORT the religious-spiritual desires of the International Occult Alliance of 1931 and which is still in existance today.

    When U.S. Presidents and the U.S. Supreme Court work ‘in kahoots’ TO ESTABLISH every manner and form of Occult belief and practice as our U.S. ‘National State Religion,” you have the UN-Constitutional use of Federal Goverment power TO ESTABLISH a U.S. ‘STATE CHURCH’.

    This ‘state church’ is the 1931 A.D. International Occult Alliance’s much desired and sought after so call ‘Holy’ GNOSTIC CHURCH to surplant the public worship and practice and instructions of the Church.

    Everybody is ‘Blowing Smoke’ at each other here in the USA. And everyone is ‘Holding Up Mirrors’ at every one else here in the U.S.A.. Because…

    “The World Struggle is NOT political or economic. Rather, it is RELIGIOUS and THEOLOGICAL. It is either God or atheism.”
    – U.S. 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur to visiting Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen in Allied Occupied Japan.

    The first two ATOMIC BOMBS were dropped on the largest concentrations of JAPANESE CHRISTIANS – Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    That isn’t a coincidence.

    – Fr. Joseph

  4. john July 29, 2010 @ 8:31 pm

    Agreed, brilliant.

  5. KathJuliane July 29, 2010 @ 8:43 pm

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus, dear +BN,

    Thank you so much for speaking with such refreshing candor about the extreme Judaizing going on at the White House.

    What started out as a tradition begun in the 1970’s out of presidential courtesy and respect for American Jewish citizens which utilized a 3′ tall Hannukah menorah lit by a small group of rabbis INSIDE the White House, has now turned into a Kosher Monster in everyone’s face screaming ZOG.

    It has become more ceremonially bloated each year trying to outdo the last.

    Ugh. This has galled me for some time, especially last year at Christmastide.

    It was obvious that the lighting of that truly hideous Hannukah menorah was nothing but publicly boasting about the “21st century is the post-Christian Jewish Century” — the Jews’ takeover and occupations of the White House in order to keep the state of Israhell alive.

    From Jewish smirks its clear that they are gloating about their perceived triumph of Zionist Nationalism over the American People and the drastic eclipsing of our Western European Christian and classical heritage.

    As if banishing our Lord Jesus Christ, the Cross, Scripture and Tradition could be that easy.

    God bless you for speaking up so clearly and forthrightly about this vile marriage between Synagogue and State. It needed to be said.

    I will do everything possible with my small means to help the Brother Nathanael Foundation accomplish this task set before us, because this is truly a priority in terms of mental and spiritual Christian space.

    May Christ reward you, dear Bro. Nathanael, and continue to bless you with the energy and courage AND material means as well to keep going.

    Courage is contagious!

    IC XC
    NI KA

  6. Fr. Joseph July 29, 2010 @ 8:50 pm

    Additional research into the foundational “beliefs” of those who have been supporting the U.S. Supreme Occultist Court’s GENOCIDE of human beings here in the U.S.A. via their “finding the right” for women to kill their childen while yet in the womb via LEGALIZED ABORTION:

    In the 1930’s book “Philosophica Hermitica” by author’s name who I can remember at the moment (can’t remember ever last DETAIL of everything one has ever read in his life!), we find the occult’s religious-spiritual belief in the “infinite perfectibility of mankind” interlaced with the spiritual desire to create ‘The Super Woman’.

    Abortion-on-demand coupled with every manner of ‘free sex’, ‘bi-sexuality’ and ‘lesbian-homosexuality’ is part and parcel of the International Occult Alliance’s “Religious-Spiritual Agenda” for WOMEN.

    Those RELIGIOUS DOCTRINES are diametrically OPPOSED to the Moral and Spiritual Teachings of the Christian Church.

    Women the world over are thus being spiritually indoctrinated into accepting the RELIGIOUS BELIEFS of the International Occult Alliance formed back in 1931 in Paris, France instead of the moral and spiritual teachings of the Christian Church.

    To be created A WOMAN by God Himself just so happens to be a DIVINE BLESSING, for it was TO WOMAN-KIND that the Divine Project of creating and giving LIFE to God’s Desired HUMAN RACE was entrusted.

    To FORCE WOMEN to give up their God-Given Blessing of bringing forth new life here ON EARTH and to be entrusted with the motherly task of nurturing, raising and educating those children to live a godly, moral and spiritual life, and reducing women to mere expendable commodities in the Corporate Marketplace as perpetually indentured servant-slave workers is the subtle satanic way of DE-HUMANIZING women and motherhood.

    And THAT is called ‘Creating The Super Woman’ via Philosophica Hermitica??

    Once again, over and over – the U.S. Supreme Court has been, is and will continue to be, used TO IMPOSE religious beliefs, practices, doctrines and dogmas of the International Occult Alliance upon the MASSES OF PEOPLE here in the U.S.A.

    “Yes Virginia, the IS a National/State Religion of the United States of America!”

    – Fr. Joseph

  7. paddy July 29, 2010 @ 9:30 pm

    While I do not agree with Jews trying to provoke Americans with their symbols, I believe that this will backfire on them and the American people will do what their government should do.

    Just like the statue of Saddam in Iraq this Jewish symbol may be pulled down.

    The old slave ships operated with 2% controlling 98%. This was done by having one drummer and a few men with whips. It worked pretty well until some of the 98% discovered that they could also use a whip (or whatever).

  8. George July 29, 2010 @ 10:17 pm

    Well my dear fellow readers.

    If the the Christian clergymen don’t seem to care about these matters of significance, then we can only help “Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimethea” prepare the “body of the Church” for its resurrection.

    It was the women who only had the courage to publicly confront the Synagogue, whilst the apostles were scattered and vanished from the public scene.

    If you wish to be counted amongst them and the worthy women who helped with Christ’s burial, then do I need to tell you what to do?

  9. Andrew July 29, 2010 @ 11:02 pm

    Brother Nathanael is obviously a courageous man who believes in truth, freedom, and justice.

    However, it would appear that the controllers of the US are immune to street protests, emails, phone calls, and petitions: these are simply ignored as they continue to implement their sinister agenda.

    The situation at hand requires much stronger action, and unless the people of the US are prepared to rise up and overthrow these demons, they will be crushed underfoot and be forced to live under the heel of a brutal dictatorship, indefinitely.

  10. Hoff July 30, 2010 @ 12:28 am

    One More Jew Codeword Decoded – by Hoff

    Bourgeois, is Jewish codeword for the non-Jew elite. What the Jew Karl Marx did was he wrote a stockpile of Jew BS and called it Marxism. The reason is to make everything about Communism as complicated as posssible.

    Why? To HIDE that Communism is all about the Jews taking over the state apparatus. That is all there is to the Jew BS Marxism.

    The first point in the Communist Manifesto says that everything belongs to the State. There is not one Jew who doesn’t understand that to the Jews it’s taking control of the State that is what the Jew is all about.

    To control the State is the highest worldly power you can get in this life, and that is what most Jews want. Once the Jews understand that Karl Marx was a Jew and read that oneliner — everything belongs to the State — 99 percent of all Jews became a Communist instantly.

    Everything in Marxism is Jew codewords. Bourgeois, is Jewish codeword for the non-Jew elite. Every single smear-slander word in Marxism is Jew codeword for – Enemy of the Jew. Worker is Jew codeword for – The Jew’s Slaves. Every Communist Jew knows this.

    Why do you think all Commie Jews always have a smug face? Because all the non-Jew Communists don’t get what Jew-run Communism is all about – the Jew taking over their state.

    What the Jews did in Russia 1917 was a Jew-run coup. The “revolution”-blahblah is just more Jew BS.

    What really happened is that the Jews took the phone book, and there the entire old Russian elite was by name, address and occupation. lf you could afford a phone in Russia 1917 you were the elite.

    What the Jews did then was to go to every single name in the phone book, take man, wife, children, uncle and aunts, the whole family and then the Jews took them to the forest and shot them in the back of the head in mass graves.

    Do you think the Jews wasted bullets to kill unborn babies? Or on new born babies? l don’t think so, and this is where the Jews threw babies in the mass grave. Everything the Jews say the Germans did, the Jews themself did.

    You don’t think the Jews can do that kind of thing?

    Jew made t-shirt: “1 shot 2 kills”

    Now all the old Russian elites homes are empty. Who do you think moved in? Russian peasants? No, the Jews did. What the Jews did was they killed the entire old Russian elite and replaced it with a New JEW Elite.

    The Soviet state was 1917 to 1990 run lock, stock and shekel by the Jews. And they did it as Jews. What the Jews did was to shoot the entire intelligentsia in Russia and by that the Jews dumbed down the Russian people. You don’t want slaves … sorry … “Workers” that think.

    Actually the Jews have done the very same thing in the whole Western world as they did in Soviet-Russia. The Jews Talmud say explicitly: “Kill all the best of Gentiles.” And that is what the Jews do, they kill our best leaders. But the Jews can’t physically kill the whole non-Jew elite in the West, so the Jews came up with somemore jew BS, the bogus “anti-Semite” accusation.

    The “anti-Semite” accusation is another Jew codeword, it mean Bourgeois in the West. Only non-Jew elite will ever smear-slander “antisemite”. The (m)asses the Jew smear-slander with “racist,” “nazi,” “rightwing extremist,” etc etc; and just as in Marxism, they are all Jew codeword for – Enemy of the Jews.

    The Jews have taken over all campuses and changed the education from sense based to FEEL minded edJEWcation. Don’t think, feel. Dumbing down, that is what it is.

    Then you have the (m)asses. For them the Jews have an unlimited number of TalmudVision, TV-channels with free porn, sport and pure retardism. Dumbing down, that is what it is.

    Soviet or Western world today, the Jew MO is just the same. Take control of the elite. How the Jew controls the elite is that anyone going against the Jews, the Jews will smear-slander that person as “anti-Semite,” and then that person is persona non-grata in the elite.

    How this work you will see in this video. This is how the Jew controls the elite.

  11. Child of Christ, Product of Enlightenment July 30, 2010 @ 2:45 am

    ADL claims that 80 million Americans are ‘anti-Semitic’!!!

    Oh no, do you think some of us would fall under that category of 80 million???

    But hey, there IS hope for us, because only 40 million of those have “serious” anti-Semitism!!!

  12. Craig July 30, 2010 @ 7:21 am

    They are all the anti-Christian league.

  13. Mission Impossible July 30, 2010 @ 9:34 am

    Fr. Joseph,

    July 29, 2010 @ 8:23 pm

    I sincerely thank you for that contribution to this thread.

    Very useful research material. Best wishes.

  14. Fr. Joseph July 30, 2010 @ 10:07 am

    Dear Hoff,

    “You Got It.”

    This planet earth of ours, created and sustained by our God, was and is meant to be a ‘LIVING LIFE PLAYGROUND’ upon which all of His spiritual children could grow up into spiritual maturity from innocent, wide-eyed, wondering and amazed children.

    A place for RESPONSIBLE adult men and women who, they themselves, would CONTINUE this Human Cycle of “Living Life in this God’s Playground” – as we can now see from human history – it has become a place of torture, murder, mayhem, chaos, suffering, etc.

    God our Father in Heaven, by His Own Divine Sovereign Will, may deem it necessary to directly intervene in the course of human history.

    God dealt with Pharoah and the Hebrews via Moses.

    God dealt with King Belshazzar with His ‘Divine Writing-on-the-Wall’ via Daniel per Daniel 5:1-30

    God dealt with Ahab and Jezebel via Father St. Elijah per 1 Kings 18:1:40.

    God WILL DEAL WITH our contemporary World’s many self-styled Pharoahs, Belshazzars, Ahabs and Jezebels.

    God our Father in Heaven CANNOT ALLOW this Satanic-Kabbalah-Zohar-Talmud-Masonic, Rosicrucian, Hermetic-Occult orders MAYHEM and CHAOS, MURDERING and SUFFERING to continue on much longer.

    All of this which is currently occuring throughout and across our contemporary World is a SPIRITUAL AFFRONT to His Very Own Divine Nature and Divine Sovereignty over ALL that is ‘seen and Unseen’.

    If people both inside and outside of His Church will NOT repent and change their ways of life and living, their ways of relating to each other and to Him, our human race ‘in the World’ may be doomed to their own destruction.
    – Fr. Joseph

  15. Fr. Joseph July 30, 2010 @ 12:35 pm

    Dear Mission Impossible,

    Just simply sharing with you and everyone else what I know.

    Not only do I want to see RZN and the BNF a huge, rip-roaring SUCCESS in an attempt to put a SMILE on God the Father’s Divine Face, I wanna see His Divine Will GET DONE here on earth “for ALL of us.”

    Our Human Race was given and has a VERY SIMPLE PRAYER in which every last human being alive on planet earth was to be TAUGHT to pray the included words:

    “…Thy Will Be Done ON EARTH As It Is In Heaven”

    We, all of us, the members of the Human Race ARE THE ONES who are expected to be about DOING what God WANTS DONE here on earth!

    I fear that many people actually believe those words we pray

    “Thy Will be done ON EARTH as it is in Heaven”

    is our ‘giving God OUR PERMISSION’ to do what HE wants done here on earth! Egads.

    – Fr. Joseph

  16. IH8Zionists July 30, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

    There is absolutely no hope for the American living here in the USA as long as the Fanatic Zio-Christians keep kissing the Zionist Jews’ A$$, then things will stay the same.

    The Zionists have manipulated the gullible Christians in FL, and will ‘burn a Qu’ran day’ on 9/11.

    There is no hope for the dumb retards claiming themselves to be Christians.

  17. Craig July 30, 2010 @ 1:07 pm

    “God our Father in Heaven CANNOT ALLOW this Satanic-Kabbalah-Zohar-Talmud-Masonic, Rosicrucian, Hermetic-Occult orders MAYHEM and CHAOS, MURDERING and SUFFERING to continue on much longer.”


    (I love Hoff!!!)

  18. Craig July 30, 2010 @ 1:34 pm

    ““Kill all the best of Gentiles?”

    And that has progressed into don’t kill them, but weaken them, infect them with cancer, mess up their eye sight…

    And then study them as doctors.

  19. Disgusted White Christian July 30, 2010 @ 5:04 pm


    My Muslim brother, I hear you.

    The Zionist Christian imbeciles will burn the Koran.

    You know, Mother Mary is mentioned in the Koran, more than the new Testament? It is why it is believed she appeared at Fatima, in Portugal, a town named after the Prophet Muhammad’s Daughter, Fatima.

    Also, Jesus is mention with great reverence in the Koran, while these Talmudic Jew devil’s Satan inspired Talmud, calls Mary a whore, and says Jesus is burning in excrement in hell.

    We “TRUE” Christians, and Muslims, need a BURN THE TALMUD DAY??

    Let’s see how those bast_rds would enjoy someone mocking something dear to them?

    They flipped out a few years ago, when Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had that contest on holocaust cartoons.

    All the Zionist Jews flipped out, I laughed my butt off; I loved the Jew getting his own medicine!

    Where were all these liberals with Ahmadinejad’s rights for free speech, like having a picture of Mary with fecal matter smeared on it, or showing Muhammad as a buffoon? That is protected under free speech, but their Holocaustinity religion is untouchable.

    Ohh, it is different story, when, what is sacred to the Jew, is mocked?


  20. fRED July 30, 2010 @ 5:46 pm

    Disgusted White Christian…

    You forgot to mention Falwell and Hagee backing the war and justifying any torture or the use of nuclear weapons.

    What are we Christians sending as a message to the Muslim world? Is it no wonder some hate us and wish us dead?

    Good post. Hard to argue against facts and the truth.

    When the truth becomes too unbearable — holler anti-Semitism.

    And +Brother Nathanael — you are a “hoot” (that means you are cool).

    Keep the wheels of litigation going!

    No more Menorah!


  21. Craig July 30, 2010 @ 6:31 pm

    I kind of feel dumb that I have sort of automatically assumed that the Koran is bad without reading it.

    I think one time in Barnes & Noble I read random pages of it for about 3 minutes, but that’s literally all I know about it.

    But Sadaam Hussein felt it was important to have the Koran written in his own blood. That’s pretty amazing if true, to have an entire book written in your own blood.

    But, of course I tend to think of Sadaam as bad, because I am getting information from this –lets say — Jew-controlled-media.)

    I never met Sadaam, but somehow I took the word of the Jew-controlled media as the truth.

    What a shmuck I am sometimes.

  22. Craig July 30, 2010 @ 6:52 pm

    BUt again I hear, HEAR, from this Jew-controlled media, that some Muslims do horrible, horrible things to Christians, like things I dont even want to mention, just for being Christian.

    But now I am thinking maybe that is just more Jew bull s—t, Cortina thinks so I bet.

  23. Craig July 30, 2010 @ 7:12 pm

    But the bottom line is, it’s all about Jesus Christ.

    So the Koran has some value to the extent that it speaks highly of Jesus Christ.

    Anyone that can tell me more about how the Koran says good things about Jesus Christ?

    That’s what I want to know.

    I sense there are a lot of knowledgable people here, most of whom I trust so please educate me about Jesus Christ in the Koran.

    Anything that says good things about Jesus Christ, I will listen to.

  24. Frank L July 30, 2010 @ 7:23 pm

    “We are in this to get this COMPLAINT HEARD and ACTED Upon!”

    Perfectly said!

    Be loud and be heard, for the Zionists are doing the same thing.

    A thing you should know is that regardless of the monetary backing and high level policy making support they have, the ADL and Jewish activists aren’t dedicated, purposeful, nor strong enough to go through all 12 rounds, because they even know what the are doing is pointless and destructive to America.

    Don’t give up, keep your spirit fighting all through 12 rounds and you’ll win, for truth and goodness win in the long run.

    Bro. Nathanael, your videos are getting the point sweet and simple, for this format reaches an even wider crowd. The common man doesn’t have the time nor energy to read essays so the videos are much more convenient.

    Keep the videos coming, they are very powerful!

  25. Disgusted White Christian July 30, 2010 @ 7:35 pm


    I could guarantee whatever a Muslim could of done bad to a Christian, we have done the same. And the Zionist Jew has murdered and tortured both of us far more.

    I can go back to Emperor Nero’s Jewess wife, putting the idea into his crazy, pyromaniac mind (like they always do, get others to kill for them) to blame his fires on the Christians. 1000’s of innocent Christians were put to death, as a result.

    Then, of course, all the wars their Talmudic Yid bankers have financed where millions of Christians have died in these wars, as a results over 2 centuries.

    The Zionist Bolsheviks killed millions of Christians. Then, when they thought the Russians might catch on, Stalin purges them and they change the history books, to make it look like it was Russian Christians who started the Communism.


    These two wars now are for Zionist interests, and so will the one with Iran be all for Israel, and it’s mad Zionist leaders!

    Who are 99.9% of those poor kids dying?

    Christians of course. Zionist Jews believe “why sacrifice our precious sons, when we can get STUPID gentile Goyim, to send their kids off, blindly to their slaughter.”

    Ohhhhh, that’s right, we’ll send them home in a coffin, draped in the American flag, and play “TAPS” at his funeral.

    Goyim are always a “SUCKER” for The Patriot propaganda.

  26. Mysterium_Dei July 30, 2010 @ 8:30 pm

    Wow! I only recently came across the site here, but it crystallized a lot of the research I’ve been conducting over the past three or four years.

    I thoroughly underestimated the nature of the enemy that we face. I assumed greed and power was the apogee of the motives, but more and more I kept running into issues of occultism, ritual sacrifices, psych-war, pedophilia, not as a mental disease or moral failure, but as a powerful form of Magick, etc., etc.

    The common thread that runs through all of these disparate elements is Jewish Mysticism, whether originated or collected, going directly back to Babylon and, prior, to the Indus River peoples and varied pre-Brahminism.

    What is frightening to me personally, more so than the economic and military power at work, is the cultural influence that renders most people obtuse and disarmed to the true nature of this extreme satanic threat.

    The Mystery Religions have gone mainstream, and for evidence of this I suggest that, as distasteful as it might be, anyone interested merely sample the latest music videos of the top forty “artists.”

    It is blatant, in the ears, eyes and faces of millions around the world 24.7 through their iPods, commercials, movies, tv, etc., hiding in plain sight.

    And even more sinister in my opinion, the roots of it are still successfully camouflaged behind the “Zeitgeist”/ UFO/ anti-Christian narrative that leads folks to “wake up” to the New World Order, while remaining oblivious to the Occult agenda of the people allegedly doing the research and “waking” the masses.

    One will hear “we must stop this New World Order,” in one breath, and then in the next we are told that “religion” is another form of control and that we need to “awaken to the divine within” in order to throw off our malevolent masters.

    This is an ingenuous trap!!!! Masters controlling the “opposition” and leading the “enlightened” and those who are “waking up to the agenda of the corporate fascists” directly into an occult dictatorship of those same forces’ making!!!!

    We are in dire, desperate straits, as many here, thankfully, recognize. It is difficult to know whom one may believe or trust any more.

    I’m ranting, so please forgive me. To close I wish to offer a few titles that have been essential in my journey from deception (all the while thinking I was firmly on the side of Truth). Science, Politics and Gnosticism — Eric Voegelin — (An eye-opening series of essays discussing the nature of modern political theory).

    Socialism — Igor Shafarevich (available to read online) An anthropological study of social systems throughout history, revealing that without exception the ancient pagan societies were all centralized, socialist systems orbiting around the Temple Cult and it’s God-King.

    And finally, The Plot Against The Church (also available online) Maurice Pinay, which is an exhaustive history detailing the anti-Christian conspiracies rooted in Talmudic Judaism to destroy Christian civilization and replace it with a “new order” with Zionist Israel sitting atop an occult world order, with the Jewish King as the new God-King ruling over the goy slaves.

    Watch and pray, my brothers and sisters.

    God bless you, Brother N, and multiply your essential and critical work.

  27. allovertheplace July 30, 2010 @ 9:28 pm

    Brother Nathaniel,

    I love the idea – and reality – of the Brother Nathaniel Foundation.

    I love BroTube too. Your freindly face is a joy to watch on the screen, although I wish we could focus on more pleasant matters.

    I would love to see that victory construct, the menorah, smashed off the white house lawn. But alas, it isn’t even our White House any more, so why pretend?

    We have some work to do.


  28. Hoff July 30, 2010 @ 11:02 pm

    @ BN:

    l have had a mentor. A master of pedagogic. And two thing he told me was: – Don’t use a 1,ooo words to tell what you can tell in one sentences. And: – Never think what you know everybody knows – because they don’t. l live by that, short and to the core.

    When l woke up to the Jew 4 years ago l didn’t have a clue what a Zionist Jew is. l read, followd TalmudVision on all political matters all my life and l can say honest that l never had read or heard the word Zionist Jews anywhere.

    So what am l? Dumb? l speak to many people face to face and l asked them all if they knew what Zionism is. Most people didn’t have a clue what Zionism is. The few who knew about Zionism couldn’t explain what Zionism is.

    “Zionist Jew” is a razor sharp clear cut oneliner.

    l’m working on an article: So Just What ls The State?

    The state is some 50 offices. Control some 50 offices and you control the state. lvy League is ten of those offices. Control ten offices at ten top campuses and you control the future leaders of America.

    Ten major TV channels and ten major radio channels and ten major papers. That is 30 offices that controls the state. That is 40 offices. The Masterkey to White House, also known as the Whore House and the Masterkey to the FED’s copymachine is another two offices that is the state.

    And what do all those offices have in common? They are all occupied by the Jew. Take back some 50 offices and you have taken back the American state.

    Senate and congress? Forget it. That is just more Jew Marxist BS. l just told you where the REAL political power lays. Some 50 offices. Do you need guns and ammo? No, all you have to do is go to those 50 offices and tell the Jew: “You’re fired. Get the hell out of my office.”

    Take back some 50 offices and you control the state.

    All the best Dear Bro Nathan


    Outstanding vid. You’re an outstanding speaker. You speak as you write. Short and to the core. That’s my man!

  29. Hoff July 30, 2010 @ 11:06 pm

    “What the Jews do is create a psychological No-Talk Rule around themselves.

    They’ve done this during this round by making themselves The World’s Sad Victims. If you even speak of them they immediately evoke Adolf Hitler and “gas chambers.” It’s just a big psychological ruse, and they use the German camps thing expertly to maintain the “no talk rule.”

    There is evidence Jews (esp. the rabbis) ACTUALLY HELPED CREATE the German camps thing (and the gas/ovens myth) — explicitly to get the world’s sympathy, get Israel, get rid of the Jews they didn’t want — and to create a “no talk rule” that would last a long time.

    What happens when you create a “no talk” rule around yourselves?

    You get Psychological Invisibility. Pretty soon people don’t even SEE you, as evidenced by IncogMan’s tableau showing all the Jews in the media, right in front of our face. When it’s not permissible to talk about a thing for a long time — no matter how bizarre it is — people tune it out and actually stop seeing it.

    What happens when you have invisibility? You can Do As You Like, manipulate as you like, network as you like, steal and do other crimes — as you like. You are free to do whatever you like unobstructed and un-criticized.

    What happens when you are so free to do as you like? You take advantage and damage other peoples.

    You also corrupt yourself; you become corrupt and wicked. This has happened to the Jews. (Witness 9-11, Jewish porn, Sarah Silverman, ad infinitum).

    So all Gentiles should TALK ABOUT THE JEWS to save them from their own corruption.”

    — Julian Lee

  30. Hoff July 31, 2010 @ 1:04 am

    What did the Founding Fathers of USA do?

    They wrote the Constitution. What you do is that you refer to the Constitution all the time.

    What they forgot to tell you was how REAL political power works. Take control of 50 offices and you control the American state. That is what the Jews have done. Spot all offices where the Jew is in the chair and you got what is your state.

    The solution to the Jew problem is some 50 Jews in 50 offices.

    Go and kick out the Jew in all those 50 offices and you have taken back America. And when you have done that you tell your kids to NEVER EVER let one Jew take over those 50 offices.

  31. Craig July 31, 2010 @ 5:49 am

    “The common man doesn’t have the time nor energy to read essays so the videos are much more convenient.

    Keep the videos coming, they are very powerful!”

    I agree.

    Also, the political montages that Bro. Nathanael does are awesome.

    The faces, the facial expressions.

    They are very powerful and take less time for the viewers to process than reading long essays.

    DWC — “I can go back to Emperor Nero’s Jewess wife, putting the idea into his crazy, pyromaniac mind ”

    Wow DWC, I wasnt aware of that.

    The rest, I am aware of, too (too bad everyone isn’t), and well said, well put 🙂

    You rock!

    God Bless you.

    Jesus Christ is Lord

  32. Craig July 31, 2010 @ 6:31 am

    “This is an ingenuous trap!!!! Masters controlling the “opposition” and leading the “enlightened” and those who are “waking up to the agenda of the corporate fascists” directly into an occult dictatorship of those same forces’ making!!!!”

    Yeah I fell for those a few times in my 20s. Its like they try to suck in people that are onto them, and then put another silly idea in their head, sending them off in a ridiculous direction.

    It becomes challenging but not impossible to stay with it.

  33. Joe Cortina July 31, 2010 @ 7:34 am

    Great informative talk Bro NAT.

    Paddy – BAD ANALOGY – Do not get trapped into more Zionist lies and deceptions. The Statue of Saddam was pulled down by an AMERICAN crane – NOT by ‘angry Iraqi nationals.’

    It was all a staged media event orchestrated by the Jews for a stupid gullible public. The Iraqis you saw on the fake ‘rope pulling’ – were in FACT U.S. loyals. In other words – they were traitors to their own country. That is how low we have sunk as a nation.

    Fr Joseph – right on!

    KathJuliane – classic description of that devil’s pitchfork blasphemous monstrosity of the Jews.

    I look forward to more Video presentations.

    Please visit my site @

    Truth decency and peace has a new enemy. Her name is Devvy Kidd and she is a MONSTER disguised as a faux-Christian draped in the flag.

    Much to the detriment of ALL decent freedom loving men of good will – Jeff Rense has elected to making a darling poster girl out of this racist Zionist merchant of even more innocent child murder hypocrite monster.

    Please read her ugy twisted demonic libelous slanderous lying in a diatribe of hate against the defensless Palestinian children.

    You might want to tell Jeff what you think of his conduct of marginalizing TRUTH writers who work for world peace and a sovereign moral Godly TRUE Christian America once again – and people who strive to create baseless racist hate – more endless war – more murders of innocent children – the mockery of TRUE Christian principles and support murderous Godless Christian hating IsraHELL like Devious Kidd.

    Go to my site and learn MORE TRUTH from someone who has – BEEN THERE – SEEN THAT!

    – Joe Cortina @

  34. Brother Nathanael July 31, 2010 @ 8:39 am

    Dear Real Zionist News Family,

    I am GREATLY honored to have JOE CORTINA on the Board Of Advisors of The Brother Nathanael Foundation.

    (See Board Of Advisors @ )

    I also thank many of you for your encouraging words.

    However, “encouraging words” are not going to STOP THE JEWS.

    The ONLY WAY we are going to STOP THE JEWS is by taking the Jews AT THEIR OWN GAME through Political and Legal realms as I concluded the Video above.

    Thus far, even though this past week saw Hits moving into the 30,000 Hit range, only 5 people donated to The Brother Nathanael Foundation.

    I am a bit discouraged by this LOW count of donations BUT I am going to give the ONLY WAY TO STOP THE JEWS with The Brother Nathanael Foundation my best shot.


    Please Help Us Out By Donating to The Brother Nathanael Foundation @

    Of Donations May Be Mailed To:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    God Bless You All!

    +Brother Nathanael

  35. Disgusted White Christian July 31, 2010 @ 9:09 am

    The parable of “The Two Sons.”

    Remember, in the New Testament, Jesus deliberately tells the parable of the Two Sons to children in front of the scribes and Pharisees.

    He says, “There were once two sons, who labored in a father’s vineyard. The father asked the first son to go do chores, and to bring the harvest in. The first son says ‘Sure father, I will go to it immediately.’

    Then the first son proceeds to go off and partake in pleasurable activity and ignore his father’s wishes.”

    Jesus then says “Now the second son argued with the father and complained, but then went and tended, breaking his back in the fields to have a successful harvest.”

    Jesus gets up, asks the children,” Who really did the father’s will, what son?”

    To which every child raises his two fingers for the second son, they replied.

    Jesus then looks at the scribes and Pharisees, saying, “There are those who claim or think they are doing their father’s will, when in reality, they are lying to him.” He points to the children — “out of the mouth of babes comes the real truth.”

    Are not many of us on here like the scribes and Pharisees with Bro Nate?

    We all lavish him with PRAISE, but when it comes to to tend to the vineyard (support
    him and his Holy Spirit inspired Foundation FINANCIALLY) we do like the first son, don’t we?


  36. Disgusted White Christian July 31, 2010 @ 9:35 am


    Yes my man, they (Jews) ARE collaborating with Demons and Satan, and this union goes all the way back to Solomon according to mostly rabbinic legends.

    You remember, he had many wives. Some of those believed in false gods and were sorceresses.

    The legendary “Solomon’s Seal” was suposedly used to control demons and force them to help build his temple according to the rabbinic legends.

    Now, no matter how much wisdom Solomon had, he was still a MAN. A demon or the devil is still a fallen angel, and they are vastly superior in cunning intelligence and their ability to subtly trick and confuse than any human being!

    Of course, Solomon knew worship of false gods and sorcery were forbidden by God.

    To this day religious scholars argue about if God ever forgave him? I guess like us he would of needed to repent, and believe in The Holy Redeemer, Jesus The Christ.

    This is for Craig,

    You had stated the Jews always seem to “OUTSMART” the Gentile. First off, many of those Yid Bankers, were Talmudists and Lucifer worshipers — Illuminati, if you will.

    It is a lie that they are spiritually more clever or smarter. They use human means, and sorcery and Satan and his agents to gain an advancement with financial systems through use of trickery and deceit, through propaganda, and lies.

    And also, their greatest satanic “thought of feet” is “CHARACTER ASSASSINATION.”

    Remember in Judaism Satan is The Great Accuser. Which means, he can make that which is good, look evil, and make PURE EVIL, look good. This the Zionist Jew has learned and mastered to PERFECTION!

    Satan (sat’n)
    1 Judaism any of various celestial beings functioning as ACCUSER or critic of man

    2 Christian Theol. the great enemy of man and of goodness; the Devil: usually identified with Lucifer, the chief of the fallen angels

  37. Craig July 31, 2010 @ 11:06 am


    I could guarantee whatever a Muslim could of done bad to a Christian, we have done the same. And the Zionist Jew has murdered and tortured both of us far more.”

    Those are some big words right there.

    Big words right there, that might be the quote of all time in all of human history.

    “I could guarantee whatever a Muslim could of done bad to a Christian, we have done the same. And the Zionist Jew has murdered and tortured both of us far more.”

  38. Craig July 31, 2010 @ 11:43 am

    “Please read her ugly twisted demonic libelous slanderous lying in a diatribe of hate against the defensless Palestinian children.”

    Further on this: I hesitate to criticize CBN as its the Pat Robertson channel, but watch for the deceptions of Eric Stackelbeck.

    I could be wrong, but I think he is a big time deceiver of the elect.

    Again, be on the lookout for the lies of Eric Stackelbeck, but I could be wrong.

  39. Katherine July 31, 2010 @ 11:56 am

    Today’s “church”, is in spiritual harlotry with it’s worldly ways; linking up with world governments, married to money, business, power, physical, anti-Christ political governments of this world which definitely include the U.S and Israeli governments.

    This involves politics and and all that goes with politics; coveting, violence, wars — which causes pedophile rings to flourish, creates orphans and widows, famine, homelessness, filth and misery.

    Lies through the politicians that we vote for, (1Samuel Eight) and today’s self-professing “Christians’ ” beliefs and actions through the politicians they vote for are what continue to keep this rotted world in chaos and more importantly spiritual darkness.

  40. USSA TODAY July 31, 2010 @ 12:25 pm

    That menorah on Crapitol Hill is just plain ugly.

    It shows how dumb many Amerikans have become. By design of course – you can’t have a Brave New Zionist World without a bunch of morons everywhere who won’t question their Khazar evil.

    Obama’s a street man — he has his brown-nosing down to a science in kissing Jew a$$ to keep his money pouring in to stay in office. Like most politicians, he will tell whoever’s paying what they want to hear.

    Politicians don’t sound much different from call girls do they? They give all these interest groups how ever much they can buy.

    Since, John Q Public is low on paper in the Brave New Economy his legislatewhore doesn’t really seem to care at all what he thinks. At the end of the day if you want to understand this scum bag system — follow the money.

    That’s how Jews seem to always win — money and disinformation.

  41. Disgusted White Christian July 31, 2010 @ 12:45 pm

    “Those are some big words right there.

    Big words right there, that might be the quote of all time in all of human history.” Craig

    Well Craig, let’s examine the history.

    First off, the Crusades were used to try and steal land and wealth, from those in the Middle East under the guise of “repatriate the Land for Christians.”

    Craig, of the wealth and land, when we got it back from Islam, how much was disseminated amongst the poor of the European cities, as Jesus would want? ABSOLUTELY zero!

    When the Zionist like Sharon and Menachem Begin, Moshe Dayan, were murdering Muslims there, with not only Western Christian’s blessings, but our tax dollars, how do think, Muslims would take that?

    When the Zionist attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, an American ship, machine gunning survivors in lifeboats, then trying to blame Muslim Egyptians for it, and we said NOTHING THEN, and now, how are they (Muslims) to feel?

    Lyndon Johnson was such an ARROGANT Zionist puppet, he had the audacity, to laugh and joke (while young, brave, American soldiers died)and say,”look at the New York Times, they had a little article on the Liberty, on the back pages.”

    He then said, “any other nation, it would be front page news, and a call to war.”

    Now let’s look at Gaza last year, Israel kills close to 1300 people, many innocent women and children, with our blessing, our weapons, and again, our tax dollars, how were the Muslims suppose to take this slap in the face?

    Just a few months ago, the Flotilla was attacked, not only Muslims killed, but an American boy, was knelt down, and shot, Zionist Bolshevik style, in the back of the head. Obama or Biden, barely made a peep on it. Again, what are they to think, of this cowardice?


  42. Disgusted White Christian July 31, 2010 @ 1:44 pm

    Judge Susan Bolton: Communist Activist

    Another Zionist puppet!

    Clinton-appointed District Judge Susan Bolton ruled against the people of her state, Arizona, and by extension, against the American people. Arizona 1070 has been blocked.

    US District Judge, Susan Bolton, who has ruled against the people of Arizona.

    Informed observers expected nothing different. It is an example of how powerful social activist judges are, and why the appointment of liberal Communist Democrat Elena Kagan is so significant. The difference with Kagan is the fact that traitorous Republicans like Lindsay Grahamnesty got to show their support. Bolton, an eastern liberal, was appointed by Bill Clinton in 2000.

    Bolton ruled that the state does not have the right to enforce federal law. This principle leaves the door open for exactly what Communist Democrats want–total federal control over everything.

    The federal government is pleased to destroy the state of Arizona, and every other state. In this way, the federal government assumes control. That’s the plan. The federal government will not enforce immigration law. This invites the chaos and social unrest that they want.

    The vote of the people? It is nothing. People are nothing. Judges can easily overrule them. So what if 62% of the Arizona population supported the immigration law SB1070? So what if 60% of the American people support SB1070? And most importantly, so what if the federal government will not support immigration law? The local (federal) judge makes the decision.

    Never mind what the people want. Never mind national security, state law, the people’s will. The Communist (activist) judiciary is willfully contributing to the destruction of America. That is the purpose.

    Interestingly, CNN reports today that Mexicans in New York are being attacked! CNN calls them “Mexican nationals,” which is apparently code for illegal immigrants. They were seriously assaulted by locals on Staten Island. Of course, the perps were Negroes, and considererd the illegals unfair competition for scarce jobs.

    So, not to worry, the Negroes will not be prosecuted for hate crime. Negroes do not commit racially motivated crimes. (The Staten Island grand juries have declined to indict for hate crimes so far in these cases.)

    That’s a nice touch to the illegal immigration problem. Maybe state and local authorities can organize Negro vigilantes to work on the problem. They are exempt from racism or hate crimes.

    Consistent with its designed intrusion into America, the Mexican government is outraged by the crimes against illegal Mexicans. The Consul General of Mexico in New York, Rubén Beltrán announced:

    “We will act decisively in order to protect our citizens and will actively promote that those guilty of these vicious attacks are brought to justice expeditiously.”

    Let’s get this straight. The illegal Mexicans are Mexican citizens. Therefore, the Mexican government has the right to invade America to protect its citizens.

    Staten Island is not so far from Phoenix Arizona. Soon, Mexican political and military (government or criminal – there is no difference) forces will be entering Arizona, that is, America, to protect their precious citizens! That’s it. That’s what it has come to. Communist Democrats want social unrest, uprisings, and revolution. One way or another, they will have it.

    If the American people don’t rise up against the Communist Democrats, the Mexcans will! (Of course, nothing would please Barry’s boys more. Washington wants to see the destruction (”change”) of America. That’s the whole point and purpose.

    The AP version of the Arizona story is the clear voice of liberal Communist Democrats. Writers Jacques Billeaud and Amanda Lee Myers call SB 1070 the “toughest-in-the-nation” immigration law. Obviously nescient, the writers fail to note that SB 1070 simply allows Arizona to enforce federal law, with stiffer restrictions than the federal law puts on their own enforcers.

    Judge Bolton very stupidly (that is, intentionally) ruled that “Requiring Arizona law enforcement officials and agencies to determine the immigration status of every person who is arrested burdens lawfully-present aliens because their liberty will be restricted while their status is checked.”

    In other words, the rest of us have to provide ID, have our police records run down, wait forever for the officer to identify our car, our insurance, as well as our person –- all while we’re waiting for a traffic ticket. But if our name is Juan Gonzalez, we can’t be bothered. It would be a “restriction of our liberty.”

    Bolton’s rule is specifically, directly and expressly designed to {humiliate white people.} That’s what this is about. This is what all Communist Democrat rulings are about. Their tool is “race.” They use persons of color to humiliated, bring down, and to otherwise destroy white America. It’s all part of that oedipal complex against the founding fathers.

    Liberals do control the courts, in general. The legal profession is liberal. Court is a human thing, and, in the presence of obvious crime and righteous indignation, the immediate quest for objectivity naturally tends toward indulgence, something toward the opposite of the obvious.

    But that is a layman’s explanation. Robert Bork gave a professional account in The Tempting of America: The political Seduction of the Law (Simon & Schuster, 1990).

    He noted that as early as 1985, Justice William Brenner declared that the original intent of the framers of the Constitution was impossible to know (p.162). But Bork’s real indictment is, not against the activist judges in power, but the law schools –- where lawyers are taught how to regard the law, and how to manipulate it (p.187. f.)

    In other words, we can say that the university campus, the American education system, is the culprit.

    Be their origins what they may, liberal Communist Democrats in power wreak only dissolution on America society. It is a religious commitment on their part. Judge Susan Bolton is a classic dramatist, waiting until the last minute to block SB 1070. Drama is another mark of liberal Communist Democrats.

    Of course, injunctions can be lifted. Our assessment of Bolton is based on her rulings presently.

    Hey Bro Nate, Think he (David) might be a future guest? David Yeagley is the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle.

    This guy’s ancestors were oppressed by Whites, but he HAS THE GUTS TO TELL THE


  43. Arjan July 31, 2010 @ 2:08 pm

    When Christians and Muslims fight, the Jew wins.

    The conquest and reconquest of Spain attests to that.

  44. Disgusted White Christian July 31, 2010 @ 3:03 pm


    Anybody fights, the Jew wins!

    Israel’s number one export is arms.

    European Talmudists biggest interest comes from countries in wars, anywhere in the world.


  45. Craig July 31, 2010 @ 3:24 pm


    I’m with ya and I trust ya, and thanks for the education.

    God Bless you.

    Hopefully word of this gets around. I will do everything I can to get this out.

  46. Brother Nathanael July 31, 2010 @ 4:19 pm


    I received your recent donation today dear “B.C.” as I have received ALL of your donations in the past.

    I thank you for your FAITHFUL support. You are one of the very few that helps to make the site possible.

    With Much Appreciation In Christ,

    +Brother Nathanael

  47. USSA TODAY July 31, 2010 @ 4:29 pm

    Arjan –

    The first time I ever heard the Muslim is the boogey man when I knew Amerika had helped Sadaam, et. all I knew was that somebody wanted to pit us against them for a reason.

    After I began reading about how big brother Jew owned the Federal Reserve, wrote in the Rothschild controlled “Economist,” held majority membership and controlled the thinking at the Rockefeller “Council on Foreign Relations,” seeing who the majority of Bilderburg attendees were, who produced and controlled the “news” media (what an oxymoron that term is) – it all started making sense.

    Bottom line –

    The tricky globalist NWO Jews use their control of money and misinformation/”news” media to pit the goyim (Muslims and Christians) against each other in order to serve the Jew World Order agenda better.

    It’s probably not a far stretch of the imagination to suggest that even the Crusades were planned by some Jew tricksters with their goy money pals (at the expense of the goy underclass as always) in some European Castle somewhere.

  48. Disgusted White Christian July 31, 2010 @ 4:55 pm


    I don’t want to kill your optimism for you trying to enlighten the stupid, Christian Goyim sheep, on the many “crimes against humanity” the Zionist Jews has pulled off for over two centuries, but expect a whole lot of difficulty.

    The fact is, I have told hundreds of Christians over an 8 to 10 year period, with little, if any success in changing their little brainwashed minds.

    You will get several responses.

    Either they will not believe you and think, you are some EXTREMIST, or just a nutcase.

    Another scenario, you can expect, is an ATTACK!

    Henry Ford use to say, the Zionist Christian puppets (see John Hagee) are worse than the actual Jew Zionists.

    They want to “cut” their Christian brother’s throats to show their real master (Zionists) they are loyal, little traitors.

    You will hear, the classic 20th century fairytale “Ooh Israel is God’s people, and plus, they are the only democracy there, and our number one ally in the world.”

    This is when you want to pull your hair out, and say “Hey Virgina, there ain’t no F-in Santa Klaus.”

    The last scenario is what I call “The Temporary Enlightenment.”


    But unfortunately, when this poor soul tries to enlighten his family, friends, co-workers, he soon finds himself becoming an “instant social pariah.”

    At first, he may think “Geeh, I might need some new cologne. Do I really smell that bad?”

    But soon REALITY SETS IN. What he is preaching is a “social taboo.” He starts to realize the one individual that can’t be second-guessed in our wonderful society is the Zionist Jew.

    So, being tired of his new ostracized treatment by the Goyim puppets, he soon reverts back into his blind, little cocoon.

    Once again, ignoring any conversation of Jews, or Zionism, or NWO.

    All this is once again “urban myth” or “conspiracy theory” and off limits for even his thoughts.


  49. Disgusted White Christian July 31, 2010 @ 5:10 pm


    I received your recent donation today dear “B.C.” as I have received ALL of your donations in the past.

    I thank you for your FAITHFUL support. You are one of the very few that helps to make the site possible.

    With Much Appreciation In Christ,

    +Brother Nathanael”

    You know, that was all I needed to know.

    I will po$t my new donation for August Bro Nate. Look for the goodie in about 5 minutes.

  50. Disgusted White Christian July 31, 2010 @ 5:15 pm

    For those not donating, PLEASE READ MY POST FURTHER UP THE THREAD.

    Title: The parable of “The Two Sons.” — Jesus the Christ.


  51. Craig July 31, 2010 @ 5:37 pm


    You’ve seen some things I haven’t; I’ve seen some things you haven’t.

    I trust ya,
    I love ya.

    Jesus Christ is Lord.

  52. Craig July 31, 2010 @ 7:54 pm

    “Bottom line –

    The tricky globalist NWO Jews use their control of money and misinformation/”news” media to pit the goyim (Muslims and Christians) against each other in order to serve the Jew World Order agenda better.

    It’s probably not a far stretch of the imagination to suggest that even the Crusades were planned by some Jew tricksters with their goy money pals (at the expense of the goy underclass as always) in some European Castle somewhere.”

    I totally see it that way too, though they slightly prefer and favor the Muslims who have less affinity for Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ is the Jews’ number enemy and the number one thing that are afraid of.

    Jesus Christ is what they fear most and for good reason.

  53. USSA TODAY July 31, 2010 @ 10:01 pm

    David Duke’s newest Youtube posting on Oliver Stone’s alleged “anti-semitism” for saying the Jew’s “dominate the media.”

    So truth is anti-Khazarism? –

  54. Will Mische August 1, 2010 @ 1:56 am

    Great work, Brother Nathanael.

    Your mission to follow Jesus will be difficult, as you know.

    Jesus taught in Mt 5:43:

    “Ye have heard that it hath been said, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy.

    But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you;

    That you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

    For if you love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?

    And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?

    Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

    Jesus told Pilate and the Pharisees and us, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

    Jesus did not tell his followers to destroy the Zionists and their new world order plan.

    Jesus meant the Talmudic-believing Jews of today, when he told his believers to turn the other cheek, love your enemies, etc.

    Zionist unbelievers are watching to see if followers of Jesus can really endure the evils that Zionists may cause us to suffer.

    They will watch Brother Nathanael and watch those who follow Jesus. Pray for Brother.

    Satan would love to throw our hatred of Jews in God’s face and say, “See! Jesus didn’t change His followers! He’s not a savior!”

    We must realize this world is not ours. Brother Nathanael is God’s instrument to teach Jews that Jesus came to save them.

    He needs our support to do this, and God needs our examples to do what we are called to do.

  55. Disgusted White Christian August 1, 2010 @ 7:11 am

    “Jesus Christ is the Jews’ number enemy and the number one thing that are afraid of”

    Yes fellows, he is their #1 enemy, because he is Satan’s #1 enemy, and they are of their father, “The Devil.”

    Thus, they do his bidding in this world?

    Everyone, from the Apostle Paul, to Martin Luther, to Henry Ford, warned of the Jew’s evil and trickery, and not to believe all their lies and propaganda!

    But those who forget history, and don’t learn from it, are DOOMED to repeat it’s mistakes (see Communist Russia, whom did those Bolshevik Goy Russians have faith?).


  56. Craig August 1, 2010 @ 8:11 am

    “Satan would love to throw our hatred of Jews in God’s face and say, “See! Jesus didn’t change His followers! He’s not a savior!””



    I am of the opinion that Luther unwittingly worked for them like many.

  57. Disgusted White Christian August 1, 2010 @ 8:38 am

    “Did I not tell you earlier that a Jew is such a noble, precious jewel that God and all the angels dance when he farts?” — Martin Luther


    “Alas, it cannot be anything but the terrible wrath of God which permits anyone to sink into such abysmal, devilish, hellish, insane baseness, envy, and arrogance.

    If I were to avenge myself on the devil himself I should be unable to wish him such evil and misfortune as God’s wrath inflicts on the Jews, compelling them to lie and to blaspheme so monstrously, in violation of their own conscience. Anyway, they have their reward for constantly giving God the lie.” — Martin Luther

    Now, I posted this to make a point about Foxman the ADL leader.

    He constantly calls the New Testament anti-Semitic.

    Yet doesn’t the Prophet Ezekiel, tell us through God’s words through him, exactly what Luther states, in the Jewish Old Testament (Torah:5 books of Moses)?

    “Therefore, son of man, give the people of Israel this message from the Sovereign LORD: Your ancestors continued to blaspheme and betray Me,” Ezekiel 20:27

    Yet, we hear no condemnation from Abe Foxman on this.

    Because if he criticizes anything sacred in Judaism, his career of lies and deceit is over!


  58. Craig August 1, 2010 @ 9:05 am

    “He constantly calls the New Testament anti-Semitic.”

    Because he knows that Jesus is coming back with a sword coming out of mouth with the armies of angels in heaven.

    Foxman knows what’s coming eventually.

  59. Disgusted White Christian August 1, 2010 @ 9:50 am

    Yes Craig so true, my Christian brother.

    Know the “TRUE ENEMY” of our Lord, it is not Islam, it is Talmudic Judaism and it’s puppet liars and apostate agents: like Hagee, Grant Jeffrey, Hal Lindsey, Osteen, Benny Hinn, all these televangelists.

    Now, much, if not all, of the Catholic and Protestant churches too, are apostate!

    Yes, and even Billy Graham. His kid is a total apostate also. Graham use to be true, but he now drinks the cynide laced Talmudic Kool-Aid also.


  60. Craig August 1, 2010 @ 2:32 pm

    The Talmudic-controlled Christianity is very hard to listen to, but I am able forgive those that dont “know the depths.”

    I sometimes question whether knowing the depths is my own fault because maybe I went looking for the depths, but then I come back to “how can you not look around?”

    I didnt go looking for depths, I acknowledged reality without cowardice.

    Maybe I was more intrigued by the depths than the average person, but so what?

    Anyway glad to have found this community.

    I figure as it progresses there are so many potential relatively minor disagreements that we are gonna have, that some trolls may try to exploit.

    But if we stick together on core principles like, say, ANTI-TALMUDISM among other things, I think we will be all right.

  61. Disgusted White Christian August 1, 2010 @ 3:14 pm

    Craig, don’t threat that “Apostate, Talmud controlled, Christianity.”

    Jesus predicted this in the New Testament. He said, “There will be those only Christian in name, a FALSE prophet, that leads the flock astray.”

    Hagee is the most PERFECT EXAMPLE OF a 20th Century false prophet. He has done as much harm to true Christianity as the ACLU.

    He is so DELUDED, I think he actually believes his own lies, and delusions?


  62. Craig August 1, 2010 @ 3:56 pm

    Well, see there are the over-rewarded Christians that think that this world is about God blessing them. Some call it the prosperity gospel that don’t seem to understand that Jesus never talked about it being easy.

    That was the Old Testament, where there is talk of blessing and God’s increasing which was before satan seized more power and control in the world.

    Satan for the last 2000 years is the rewarder and the punisher on this planet with God closely watching to make sure he doesn’t give anyone more then they can handle.

    So the rich are rich to the extent that they may have pleased satan. If they had a backbone and stood up against him they would be poor or imprisoned, but they want no part of that.

    They want to see the world as “you do good God rewards you,” but unfortunately that’s — to use your word — delusion.

    If you do good, you will be persecuted, the last 2000+ years makes that case over and over again.

    Jews reject Jesus Christ for the world, all the money, and all the power and they reward their pet non-Jews.

  63. Halina August 1, 2010 @ 11:49 pm

    And so they punished and persecuted one of their own for exposing the TRUTH about the The Holocaust Industry, Prof. Finkelstein:

    “Ten years ago this past month my book The Holocaust Industry was published.

    It evoked outrage from the Jewish-Holocaust-Israel establishment and marked the beginning of the end of my academic career.

    I lost my job at Hunter College right after its publication and Depaul University cited it as grounds for denying me tenure in 2007.

    Much of the outrage was directed at the chapter entitled The Double Shakedown, in which I documented the Holocaust industry’s blackmail of European governments in the name of “needy Holocaust victims” and then the shakedown of Holocaust victims by the Jewish organizations that pocketed the “Holocaust compensation” monies.

    Although controversial then, it has now become a commonplace how corrupt this racket was. Nearly all the principals in the Holocaust shakedown racket — Rabbi Israel Singer, Alan Hevesi, Burt Neuborne, Neal Sher, Melyvn Weiss, Edward Fagan, Avraham Herschson — have been exposed as crooks.

    A central role in this racket has been played by the Claims’ Conference.

    Post below is a recent chapter in the sordid saga. I would enter one caveat however: the biggest crooks are not those who embezzled money from the Crooks’ Conference but those who run it, in particular the filthy Greg Schneider.

    Out of deference to the memory of my late parents, I categorically oppose the death penalty (both my parents vehemently opposed it), but out of respect for their memory I also certainly wouldn’t mind if all these characters were hoisted on the nearest lamppost by ropes around their necks.”

  64. KathJuliane August 2, 2010 @ 2:32 pm

    Greetings in our Lord Jesus, RZN Family,

    Found a well-informed factual, nuts and bolts readable series called “De-legitimizing Israel” that is well worth the time. The actual basis of the series is the question “Is Israel legitimate at all?”

    The series presents the case that the Zionist entity was never legitimate to begin with, and that any legitimation of the “Jewish state” in any form must come from the Palestinians themselves, whose land was stolen to begin with.

    The one problem is that the secular authors in looking at the facts of modern geo-political history of Zionist Nationalism and the illegitimate establishment of the Zionist entity, occassionally tend to diminish things of Church and biblical history, faith and religion such as in the following, “leaving aside the fairy story of God’s promise…”.

    However, the basic sense of the series is in accord with what Archbishop Theodosios of the Church of Jerusalem had to say, posted earlier by Fr. John, concerning the political reality and facts of modern history on the ground:

    “For those who use the Bible to support Israel need to differentiate between God promise and Balfour promise, because the occupation is the result of a promise given to the Israelis by Lord Balfour and not by God.” — Archbishop Theodosios

    The suggestion would be to simply to pass over these secular criticisms for our puposes taken as implied criticisms of the greedy and vain manipulation of the Bible and religious intepretations by the various parties involved to obtain strictly political outcomes for the Zionist Jews.

    On the same hand, some basis for the authors’ cynicism is found in the fact that an Anglo-Zionist religious alliance had been taking shape in the decades leading up and during early war years of WWI between leading evangelical Christians.

    A critical moment in the secret struggle between the British, French, and Germans (as well as for American evangelicals in a different fashion) in Ottoman Palestine came in 1865 with the formation in London of the Palestine Exploration Fund.

    Gathered for the event were some very notable Victorians who’d adopted the philosophy of British-Israelism. The archbishop of York outlined the goals of the new society in his address found in the 1997 Zio-Christian book ‘Jerusalem Betrayed’ by Mike Evans, p 140:

    ‘This country of Palestine belongs to you and me. It is essentially ours. It was given to the father of Israel…We mean to walk through Palestine…because that land has been given to us…it is the land from which comes news of our redemption…it is the land to which we look with as true a patriotism as we do to this dear old England.”

    As if there were not already two thousand years of Palestinian Christians (and later Christian kin who converted to Islam) living there under the Ottoman Yoke whose ancient ancestors truly were members of Old Israel. They maintained through all of the fortunes of history the continued presence of the ancient, historical, living Mother Church of Jerusalem and her Bishop starting with St. James the Brother of the Lord founded in the very life and times of Jesus Christ in this world.

    The Palestinian Exploration Fund was one part of an overall plan to gradually acquire the Suez Canal and Palestine from The Turks, Egypt, and their patron allies of France and Germany, and later for the allied Anglo-Zionist movement. It is quite the study in Chaim Weitzmann, arch spin doctor and political manipulator serving the eventual purposes of “post-Christian Jewish Century.”

    Excerpted from “Jerusalem Betrayed” by evangelical Mike Evans, pp 153-155.

    “The designer and the true backbone of the Anglo-Zionist alliance was Chaim Weizmann, chemistry professor at the University of Manchester, and a very experienced and convincing propagandist [for Zionist Nationalism.]

    “He had begun to win a hearing in the highest echelons of British society. Weizmann’s prestige in the eyes of Lloyd George, Winston Churchill, and Lord Rober Cecil. Weizmann’s prestige in the eyes of these men was increased immensely by a vital service he was rendering to the British Admiralty.

    “A shortage of acetone was slowing down the production of cordite, an important naval explosive. Between 1916-1918, Weizmann successfully developed a process of fermentation which guaranteed plentiful supplies of acetone for the Admiralty.

    “A man of unusual charm and charisma, polished and well-educated, Weizmann tailored his arguments to his listener with unusual skill [proving to be a master manipulator of all involved.]

    “With evangelical Britons and Americans he could use biblical language to awaken deep emotions, [consolidating even more the British-Israel theories of Victorian England] but he shifted away from this approach with other nationalities whose biblical background was not so rich.

    “When talking with a Welshman like Lloyd George, he emphasized Palestine’s hilly topography which make it seem so much like Wales; with Balfour he could deeply explore the philosophy of Zionism; with Lord Cecil, he spoke of Zionism as a new world organization; and with Lord Milner, he stressed the extension of British imperial power inherent in the plan.

    “The evangelical heritage of many of Weizmann’s listeners worked mightly on his behalf. These men had read the Old Testament and were familiar with it to a degree unparalleled by their Catholic allies in France and Italy”

    [Who were also funding and laying claims in Palestine re-establishing Latin jurisdictions under the Turks parallel to the Palestinian Exploration Fund.

    The evangelical Americans were also involved in their own missionary claims as well in Palestine. In the meantime, the Tsars of Russia had long adopted a protective stance of the Eastern Churches also in Palestine under the Ottoman Yoke.]

    “To them [evangelicals], the children of Israel [the Chosenites] and the land of Canaan were things to be venerated.

    “Lloyd George later wrote about his first meeting with Weizmann in 1914. Historic sites in Palestine were mentioned that were, he said, more familiar to him than those of the Western Front.

    “Balfour came from a decidedly evangelical background, as did Jan Christiaan Smuts, the South African member of the War Cabinet. Each of these men believed deeply in Christianity’s obligation to the modern Jews. [And not the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.]

    “They felt that debt compounded by what Weizmann was doing for the British war effort. They also believed what appeared to be Weizmann’s uncompromising loyalty to Britain and the Allied war effort. Weizmann repeatedly insisted that the fate of Zionism and that of the Allies, especially that of Britain, were unalterably linked.

    “So Weizmann’s talk of a “British Protectorate over a Jewish homeland” began to interest Lloyd George’s government more and more. Several high-ranking officials in particular began to advocate a partnership with the Zionists.

    “The prime minister’s two greatest needs, as he perceived them [in the later course of WW1 and Britain and France’s reverses against Germany] were to get the Americans fully involved and committed, and to keep Russia from dropping out altogether. And he believed that in each of those countries Jewish public opinion ‘might make a considerable difference.’ ”

    [Woodrow Wilson and the provisional government in Russia had said that, as a matter of principle, the acquisition of new territory by means of war was wrong. But Lloyd George had a loftier ideal in the form of the Jewish people. He increasingly turned to the Anglo-Zionist alliance.]

    “Meanwhile, Weizmann kept up his pressure for a statement from the government. Finally, on June 17, 1917, Balfour urged the Zionists themselves to draw up an appropriate declaration. He would, he promised, submit it to the cabinet with his endorsement.

    “But critics claimed the original draft of the declaration made too great a commitment to the Zionists, so a milder version was suggested by the government. Weizmann and his friends didn’t like it, but they decided it was the best they could get.

    “Finally on October 31, the War Cabinet gave the Balfour Declaration, as it came to be known, a solid majority vote.”

    This background, then, should fill in the gaps behind some of the events mentioned and thinking of the authors of the above linked series, and who are, after all, committed to justice and peace for the Palestinians.

  65. USSA TODAY August 2, 2010 @ 3:20 pm

    Congress’s new proposal believes Conscripted Slaves Make The Best Military/Industrial Complex Grunts –

    War is Peace for the Israel Lobby pushing us into Iran –

  66. Disgusted White Christian August 2, 2010 @ 3:47 pm

    Oliver Stone made to crawl like Marlon Brando, Mel Gibson, Helen Thomas and a host of others.

    With the Zionist Jew, the Truth is unacceptable.



  67. USSA Today August 2, 2010 @ 5:31 pm

    Miranda rights – who needs ’em.

    Slavery’s better.

  68. Peter August 3, 2010 @ 6:27 am

    Great initiative Brother Nathanael.

    I have a humble proposal for your consideration:

    As the Jewish population (believers or not) account for less than 2% of the US population let it celebrate by lighting the Menorah in 2% of the years — that means every 50 years.

    This interval is significant in Judaism and would be a wonderful occasion to revive the beautiful Biblical tradition of the Jubilee Year. Every lighting of the Menorah would signify the coming of a new Jubilee year when all debt shall be cancelled.

    Bearing in mind who tend to be the debtors and who tend to be creditors I am sure that the Chosen Ones will find their image problem solved and they may even bask in newly won popularity!

    In all other years we shall celebrate the birth of Christ, celebrate that God came to us to share our life and die for our sins that we may have life to the fullest. It is my sincere hope that more and more Jews shall accept Christ and rejoice with us.

    God bless you Brother Nathanael!

    With love in Christ,


  69. KathJuliane August 3, 2010 @ 8:56 am

    Surely the reputation of “the grasping, miserly, greedy Jew” through the centuries is entirely “anti-Semitic” exaggerations.

    Shylock demanding his pound of flesh is simply a character in one of Shakespeare’s plays. We all know that.

    So it would be silly to think that Israhell would then further extort money from the Palestinians for their own stolen water resources, especially for the Christian church sites.

    The same Israhell which has polluted and squandered water resources right and left; blackmails and punishes the Gaza Strip and the Palestinians in general with reduced water supply at exorbitant prices (or shutting it off altogether); is causing the Sea of Galilee to dry up; is itching to grab more Syrian and Lebanese land to control more of the water resources, would never resort to such a mean-spirited thing.

    Nor would the Jews ever do anything that would vex Christians own religious faith or threaten Christian holy sites in the Holy Land, especially the holiest site in all of the Christian world where our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and then on the third day rose again from the grave.

    Traditionally, the Gihon Spring was where the kings of Israel were crowned, which the Jerusalem water utility is named for. It is also the sacred spring which was used for the Temple and fed the Pool of Siloam (and the water was free then, too) where the Lord’s miracle of restoring the sight of the blind man from birth took place, and is a picture of holy baptism. (John 9).

    Jerusalem Authorities to charge Church of Holy Sepulchre for water. Church stuck with bill.

    Jerusalem public water utility ‘Gihon’ to stop providing free water to church and other sites which have distributed water to flocks of pilgrims and tourists for free for millenia.

    Gihon company is also demanding that the church pay its back bill dating to 1967, when Israhell illegally captured east Jerusalem and the walled Old City and “assumed control” from the Jordanians after Israehell’s war against the Palestinians, Egyptians and Arab states.

    I suppose this is getting off lightly, because after all Christians aren’t being charged by Gihon Public Water Gouging Company back-dating the bill all the way back to when Jesus Christ walked through the land in His earthly ministry.

  70. Roz August 7, 2010 @ 9:37 pm

    Hal Lindsey’s Pretrib Rapture “Proof”

    Is Hal Lindsey’s proof for a pretrib rapture “100 proof” – that is, 100 percent Biblical?

    In “The Late Great Planet Earth” (p. 143) Lindsey gives his “chief reason” for pretrib: “If the Rapture took place at the same time as the second coming, there would be no mortals left who would be believers” – that is, no believers still alive who could enter the millennium and repopulate the earth.

    We don’t know if Lindsey’s amnesia is voluntary or involuntary, or if he need amnesia rehab, but earlier (p. 54), while focusing on chapters 12 through 14 of Zechariah, Lindsey sees “a remnant of Jews in Jerusalem” who are mortals who will become believing mortals at the second coming and then become repopulating mortals!

    During the same discussion of Zech. 12-14 Lindsey overlooks some of the final verses in Zech. 14. They reveal that some of the tribulation survivors “of all the nations which came against Jerusalem” will refuse to go there “to worship the King, the Lord of hosts.” Here’s what will happen to those “heathen” rebels: “upon them shall be no rain.”

    So the facts about the repopulating mortals, in unbelieving as well as believing ranks, cancel out Lindsey’s “chief reason” for opposing a joint rapture/second coming – the ONLY rapture view to be found in official theology books and organized churches prior to 1830!

    (See historian Dave MacPherson’s “The Rapture Plot,” the most accurate and most highly endorsed book on pretrib rapture history – available at online stores like Armageddon Books etc. Also Google “Scholars Weigh My Research” and “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty.”)

    Although Hal Lindsey claims that his “Late Great” didn’t set a date for Christ’s return, many of his followers – including copycats Bill Maupin (“1981”) and Edgar Whisenant (“1988”) – did view Lindsey as a date-setter, and his later book “The 1980s: Countdown to Armageddon” (the sort of title that date-setters and their ga-ga groupies love) became another fizzle – unless we’re still living in the 1980s!

    In Old Testament days false prophets were stoned to death. Now they’re just stoned!

    [Just spied the above web bit – – Roz]

  71. Donna August 13, 2010 @ 5:47 pm

    How is it that the Jews rule the world?

    They rule it through money, whether it be gold, silver, paper, or bars of iron. They control the medium in the medium of exchange. This is how they control all things in this world. God knows this. That is why Jesus whipped the money changers and merchants out of the temple and called them thieves.

    He knew then what anyone who knows anything knows now — that the Jews are an international criminal cabal with a phony religious face.

    In the last chapter of Zacharias, the very last verse states that the merchant shall be no more in the House of the Lord in that day. I believe this to be the day. Jesus showed God’s hatred of merchants and bankers in the temple by calling them thieves.

    To my way of thinking the idea of using any medium of exchange in the physical economy of the human race will be discredited — and soon. People including some relatives call this communism? It indicates how little the citizens of this world understand what communism is. It is merely the other side of the coin of capitalism.

    The Jews rule the whole coin. And they rule it through the medium of exchange. Many writers have said that governments need to do away with debt instrutments and usury. That would clear up a lot of problems. But, what do you do about the money scam itself.

    Everyone who works for a wage receives a salary from their employers. And their salary is a business expense for their employers.

    Other expenses include the purchase of other products in the chainlink so that they can finish their products, utilities, building rent or mortgage, insurance (including health insurance for employees, contributions to social security and possibly a pension fund, and others which I think that anyone who owns a business can bring to mind.

    Then the employer has to ask a price above and beyond all of these expenses (including employee pay). The only ones that these employers are going to sell their goods and services to in the very end at the distribution points are their employees.

    This creates an imbalance where ALL of the employees will not have the medium of exchange to pay for their employers’ products. THIS IS THE NITTY GRITTY STICKING POINT in the current economic world.

    Now you have all of those Jewish bankers investing in all the debt of all of us employees, particulary the mortgage securitization bamboozle that hit the world in 2007. It is all downhill from here folks. In the Douay Rheims Catholic Bible it describe the Battle of Armageddon in the footnotes as “the battle of the hill of robbers.”

    We may have all of these wars going on. We may even have an all-out atomic war. But I believe the Battle of Armageddon is a battle of the Jewish bankers and financiers of the world as they try to keep their medium of exchange in power.

    This I think is where the battle lines are drawn. And everyone in this world can see that they are losing.

  72. McDermottFDNY August 16, 2010 @ 8:02 am

    Those days are far gone of the trouble making Jews thinking that they can do what they did to Russia 1917-1990.

    FAR GONE! They have been found out!

    The trouble makers days are numbered. But do not dismiss anything yet. They will do something horrid to try to change this around! And try to blame it on someone else.

    They are also involved in pushing the mosque in NYCITY downtown.

  73. Marie Betty September 6, 2010 @ 10:03 am

    Bro Nathanael –

    Put on all the armour that God gives you so that you can stand up against the Devil’s evil tricks.

    For as the Gospel says we are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers cosmic powers and authorities of this dark age.

    God bless and protect you always. I will donate to your cause in the next few days.

  74. john king September 27, 2010 @ 7:44 pm

    Bro Nathanael:

    This is a great video!

    You are indeed an acting spokesman for our cause.

  75. deadmantalking September 28, 2010 @ 12:32 pm

    Somebody was mentioning Nero’s wife “Poppaea” being the instigator of his anti-Christian plot?

    Well, the film “Quo Vadis” (1951) went so far as to have the script arranged such that Poppaea, in speaking with Marcus Vinicius (Robert Taylor), identifies herself as being a “priestess of Amon” (this occurs at approx. 54:00 into the film).

    Well, the Jewish historian Josephus indicated otherwise:

    I don’t know much, but what I do know is this:

    God is NOT the author of confusion.

    The anti-Christ Jew, on the other hand…

  76. Raven November 9, 2022 @ 7:54 am

    Every Sin is Avoidable and So is Every Grace and So Is Thinking.

    I guess Grace is What Most choose To AVOID, cos Most are too Busy Thinking and Sinning.

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