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How The Jews Are ‘Spinning’ Flotilla Crimes

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2010

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THE JEWS KNOW A GOOD ZIONIST SHILL when they spot and buy one.

Wasting no time to defend the Israeli murderous raid on the Freedom Flotilla bound for Gaza with humanitarian aid, the power that now runs America, the Jewish Lobby and the Jewish-owned mass media, have enlisted none other than Vice President Joe Biden in their latest propaganda cause.

Clearly, it is a measure of the hold the Jews have over the Obama administration that they can get Biden to act as an apologist for their crimes.

With an article entitled, “Biden Defends Israel On Flotilla Raid,” now being plastered on major news outlets throughout the West, AND an appearance by Biden on PBS’s Charlie Rose Show, the Jewish propaganda machine has preempted all political dissent on the Flotilla raid by Israeli soldiers.

Here’s what Zionist shill Biden has to say on the Israeli crime in order to keep his media image up-to-date with the Jews who decide who, politically, will live and who will die:

“Israel has an absolute right to deal with its security interests. So what’s the big deal here? We are satisfied with Israel’s intent to conduct its own investigation of the incident.” View Entire Story Here, Here, Here, & Video Here.

Yeah, sure, Joe Biden, we can really trust the Israelis to conduct an unbiased “investigation” of their criminal raid. Will Netanyahu charge his own soldiers with premeditated murder? Get a life, Biden, if you can, apart from the Zionist Jews who own you.

Then, of course, Abraham Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League, the second most powerful Lobby in America next to AIPAC, rose to the propaganda occasion in defending murder in the Mediterranean by his Jewish cousins in the Israeli Defense Force.

Displaying in his article, “Flotilla’s Deliberate Provocation Against Israel,” a picture of “weapons” found by the IDF of kitchen utensils, computer discs, and wrenches, Foxman forges his own brand of lies in acquitting the Jewish murderers:

“The use of humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza is an elaborate sham and a pretext for ambushing and violently attacking Israeli military personnel.

This unconscionable act of assaulting Israeli soldiers should be condemned by the leaders of every nation who truly seek peace in the region.” View Entire Story Here.

Does Foxman really think the “Goyim” are going to swallow his spin that the Flotilla civilians could actually “ambush” Israeli soldiers? Try again, dear Abe, ’cause the “Goyim” are catching on to you and your cousins’ Jewish lies.


“RAIDING THE FLOTILLA IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS,” writes Eric Posner in the Wall Street Journal, “is reasonable and has legal precedent.”

Citing the US Civil War as that “legal precedent” for Israeli bloodshed of unarmed civilians, the Jewish tribalist Posner argues that “because the Confederacy was not a sovereign state like Gaza but an agent of insurrection, the Union had every right to seize Confederate ships, and so does Israel in attacking and seizing the Flotilla fleet in international waters.”

Pretty far-fetched wouldn’t you say? Wouldn’t many reputable (Gentile) historians refute Posner’s ludicrous comparison of the US Civil War with the Israeli killings of unarmed civilians? But Jews will contrive all sorts of historical distortions to justify atrocities perpetrated by their own tribe.

IN YET ANOTHER WALL STREET JOURNAL propaganda op-ed, Jewish journalist Yossi Klein Halevi wonders out loud if the rest of the world has “lost its mind” for confusing “pro-Hamas activists” with “peace activists” wielding knives against Israeli soldiers.

But do these people at the WSJ think its readers have “lost their minds” in buying into this rubbish that the Flotilla civilians could stand a chance matching kitchen utensils against the lethal weapons of the Israelis?

But the Zionist Jews who own the entire press and media outlets do not care what the masses think. By feeding us lies, bread and circus, they hope to lull us into a deep sleep.

But like all sleepers, when morning comes, it’s time to wake up. And once the world wakes up to the machinations of the Jews, may God have mercy on them all…


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Brother Nathanael @ June 4, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael June 4, 2010 @ 10:08 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family,

    The whole thing makes me want to puke.

    What idiots would ever buy into these Jewish lies? Does Biden, Foxman, Posner, Halevi, and Murdoch think that we are imbeciles?

    The entire THINKING world, (Americans lag behind here), see how obvious the MURDERS, the PRE-MEDITATED MURDERS of the Jews took place.

    BUT – the JEWS, the LYING JEWS, spin it their way ALL THE TIME.

    Soon, it’s going to come back in their faces. And they won’t wake up. Jews have an obsession-aggression make up AND THEY DO NOT KNOW WHEN TO QUIT!

    On another IMPORTANT note.

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation is about to be ESTABLISHED as a FEW (it’s ALWAYS just a Few) are helping me FINANCIALLY to launch it.

    I went to see a lawyer a few days ago who has helped me on the Street against cops in my Street Evangelism here in Colorado and I was very encouraged by his counsel.

    Here is my VISION for The Brother Nathanael Foundation:

    1. We will begin LITIGATING against the ANTI-CHRIST Hanukkah Menorah on the White House Lawn every December and Get It TAKEN DOWN!

    2. We will begin DEMANDING equal time and MORE over the Christ Hating Jews who have TAKEN OVER the public square with their Hanukkah Menorahs and Lesbian/Homosexual Memorials and Gay Parades.

    3. Brother Nathanael’s Street Evangelism will be SUPPORTED by a Legal Team on staff of The Brother Nathanael Foundation.

    4. We will work keep JEW CENSORING hands OFF the Internet and KEEP THE INTERNET FREE!

    5. We will support Candidates who STAND UP to the Murderous, War Mongering Jews.

    6. We will begin our OWN Media outlets to bring FACTUAL NEWS to the American people who are being DENIED this by the Freedom Hating, Censoring Jews.

    7. We will start an education program to bring WHOLESOME sexual ideology to Public School Students and DRIVE the Pervert-Promoting ADL Jews OUT OF THE SCHOOLS!

    8. We will begin a Publishing arm that will publish JEW-CENSORED Books Like Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together” which incriminates the Jews responsible for the Soviet purges. See: “Jewish Censorship For A Brave New World” @

    We Are Going To FIGHT THE JEWS Now AT THEIR OWN GAME! Getting involved Politically, Legally, and Media Operations – to DEFEAT the Jews BEFORE they TAKE OVER THE WORLD and our VERY SOULS and the SOULS OF OUR CHILDREN!

    Yes, The Brother Nathanael Foundation is about to begin. I WILL need your Financial help to make the VISION for The Brother Nathanael Foundation Happen!

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    I am Ready, Willing, and Eager, To STOP THE JEWS. Let’s do it together!

    With Much Love In Christ Our Precious Saviour To ALL of the Real Zionist News Family,

    Your Ever +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  2. Brother Nathanael June 4, 2010 @ 11:02 pm

    “Teeth To Our Words” By Brother Nathanael

    In its third year, Real Zionist News is up to 4 million hits.

    Through over 500 articles, many are now aware of the Jewish threat to Christian civilization and are eager to put teeth to our words.

    This is why I am starting The Brother Nathanael Foundation which will move in a public way by “taking the Jews at their own game” through strategic influence measures.

    Together we CAN stop the Jews. With four Jews on the Fed, three on the Supreme Court, and a countless host of Jews in Obama’s White House, it’s time to take action.

    By making an online donation @

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    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856 – together we can be effective.

    In ‘memo’ on check by mail made out to Brother Nathanael Kapner write:
    “Brother Nathanael Foundation.”

    Yours For Christ, +Brother Nathanael

  3. Timu June 4, 2010 @ 11:30 pm

    LATEST: The Rachel Corrie MV was boarded by the Israeli Navy close to Gaza at about 5.50am local time. The passengers are said to be under arrest. – here –

  4. Will Mische June 4, 2010 @ 11:49 pm

    Reading Joe Biden’s statement to justify the Israeli murder of the Gaza Relief people, reminds me how hypnotists can use the power of suggestion to convince listeners that lies are true.

    The media uses the positive voice technique to convince their “subjects” to accept a lie as true, by dropping the pitch and tone of the last word of a sentence to a rest mode. Our human minds tend to accept statements that are said in that way as true.

    As an example: a spoken statement “Black is white!” can suggest to a listener’s unconscious mind to accept that statement as true, “That’s right.”

    Although the listener knows black is not white, he will begin to accept positive voice suggestions that follow, as true, such as “Israel was right.”

    The media knows this works; they use it in verbal advertising. Political leaders know this works; they speak to us, as do Obama and others, dropping the tone and pitch of the last word to a convincing rest mode in each sentence they want us to believe; our unconscious mind tends to accept the sentence “That’s right.”

    Knowing how this works can enable us to not be deceived by what we hear from politicians and deceivers. It can also enable us to positively state the truth when we speak to others.

    The Gospels show that Jesus always used this when he taught; so did the Pharisees, but Jesus was telling the truth and deceived nobody.

    Thank you, Br. Nathanael, for your work.

  5. Gregory S Wright June 4, 2010 @ 11:50 pm

    For anyone with a shred of intellect the videos of the captured weapons really says it all especially the crate of slingshots.

    Not only were the slingshots generic low powered $20 slingshots but the ammunition the activists brought along with them only consisted of large pebble sized rocks.

    If there were any premeditated serious planning for a lethal confrontation the activists would of had metal or lead ball shot ammunition. The poles used were only scaffolding poles and bars typically found aboard any sea worthy vessel.

    If the activists were actually planning on killing anyone they would have brought guns, swords or something that could at least penetrate the head and face-to-toe riot control armour the Israeli commandos would of been expected to wear in an boarding action.

    If the Israelis had the patience to fight out for only a couple of days at sea the activists would of eventually been over powered without risking the possibility of any serious injuries.

  6. KathJuliane June 5, 2010 @ 12:20 am

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus RZN family,

    Biden makes a fantastic ventriloquist’s dummy for the Jews. What a total wooden head. If his lips are moving, be sure that some Jew has his hand in the back of Joe’s skull making his jaws move.

    BN, the link to ‘Common Dreams’ @ spells out the preemption of any political dissent concerning Israel by the Jewish propaganda machine very nicely.

    From the captured security cameras on board the flag ship MV Mavi Mamara released 6/2 on Youtube by the IOF (“idfnadesk”), spin-labeled as “Flotilla Rioters Prepare Rods, Slingshots, Broken Bottles and Metal Objects to ATTACK IDF Soldiers.”

    The Zionist Abomination continues to apply various terms and labels until something sticks (the current phase has the IHH organization and 50 or so defending “pro-Palestinian “terrorists,” “Al-Qaeda terrorists,” “Hamas terrorists,” “Hezbollah terrorists,” “Islamacist terrorists,” “Islamist mercenaries,” etc).

    The IOF has also released “new radio transmissions” which allegedly have Mavi Marmara crew members allegedly uttering anti-Israeli and anti-American slurs, “which are impossible to authenticate.” (KSLA)

    Israeli ministers with their pilpul mentality are blaming the army chiefs for the the commando raid fiasco on the flotilla while at the same time trying to come up with a consensus on the official version of events to explain how they missed “the violent intentions”:

    “While defending the conduct of the commandos in the operation [6 of the IOF murderous jerks are receiving medals for heroism, btw], they questioned why there was not better intelligence about the violent intentions of some of the activists and criticized the absence of an undercover agent on-board.”

    Others questioned the method used to halt the ship, with suggestions that its propellers could have been sabotaged as has happened in the past.

    Within the cabinet, anger was directed at Ehud Barak, the defence minister, and – to a lesser extent – at Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister, for deciding to launch the commando raid by helicopter. But sources suggested that Mr Barak would try to pin the responsibility on the army and Gen Gabi Ashkenazi [sic], the chief of staff, in the event of a commission of inquiry.”

    [Gen. Ashkenazi only has 9 months until retirement, and he may opt out as the fall guy with a well-padded early out.] (Vancouver Sun)

    Rabbi Kaufman below inadvertently lets the cat out of the bag who the “terrorists” captured on film are while blaming the victim ships for being at fault, dithering about the difference between “non-violence” that the Flotilla professed, and the non-lethal display of vigorous and legitimate “anti-piracy techniques.” Jews are crazy – “defense” amounts to aggressive violent “attacks.”

    Never mind that the ships were sailing under foreign flags and that peace activists were abducted from international waters and dragged to Israel against their will, then arrested and brutalized for defending themselves and laboring to keep the ship from being hijacked or destroyed.

    What it certainly looks like now is that for the most part the defenders were the ship’s crew who instructed some of the able bodied passengers to repel boarders.

    Apparently, Kauffman is familiar with the growing international maritime security “anti-piracy” training and techniques for unarmed ship’s crew and any passengers in High Risk Waters:

    “…[I]t appears that at least in the case of that particular vessel that anti-piracy techniques were being employed.

    “The use of water cannons, stun grenades, and even chains would be standard means for passengers to use to try to avoid being boarded.

    “It appears that they, perhaps along with passengers of the other ships, were hoping to treat the Israelis as pirates and to fend them off using those techniques. The problems with this are many, but two primary factors made that more dangerous than useful.

    “The first is that Israel had and has no choice but to stop vessels that have not been searched by it from reaching the shores of its enemy’s territory which could easily contain weaponry or dangerous militants, though admittedly this ship does not appear to have carried such cargo.

    “Future ships attempting to land in Gaza certainly could and would be much more likely to carry them if other ships sail on through the blockade. [The flotilla was still in the High Seas.]

    The second problem that using piracy techniques against the Israeli soldiers caused was the most deadly one. Passengers were able to overwhelm at least two soldiers and put their lives in jeopardy.

    [The IOF murderers should not have attacked the Flotilla in international waters. The heroic defenders laid down their lives to protect the ship, and hundreds of helpless men, women and children, including some octogenarians!!!

    The defenders did as they were trained. They kept the thugs out of the wheelhouse and the engine room, and the entrance ways to where the passengers had gone below.]

    “This would have turned a limited violence seizure of the ship into an all out rescue mission, dramatically upping the stakes for the Israelis who said in reports following the raid that they felt that the passengers intended to “lynch” them. This may well have been the case.

    [Lynch is a loaded term – to “lynch” is to bodily remove a person by group force, which is what the ship’s defenders’ did. It does not mean the same thing as “hanging.”]

    “Whether or not live fire was used first by the activists on the ship or by Israelis trying to gain control of a situation that threatened not only the lives of their friends but their own lives is really moot. Riots get out of hand and this was a riot. [This was no riot. What a stupid thing to say. Every Saturday there are riots in the middle of Jerusalem among the orthodox Jews.]

    “Unfortunately for all sides, because soldiers were seriously injured in the initial rush, Israel could not have pulled back without jeopardizing the lives of the injured soldiers even further or possibly creating new Gilad Shalits for Hamas.

    “The fact that the passengers used anti-piracy techniques rather than non-violence is significant. The anti-piracy techniques turned the events into battles and the activists into soldiers simply fighting with inferior weaponry. Under these circumstances, it is amazing that there were only nine fatalities.”

    [And all the fatalities are on the defenders’ side in the face of a massive assault intended to commit as much terror and mayhem as possible. These are genuine heroes. The defenders are pretty well trained, and only used as much force and lo-tech weaponry as was necessary to completely subdue the superior armed and armoured attackers.]

    “The peaceful leftists and pro-Hamas thugs were caught on film beating the Israeli soldiers with pipes, metal rods and chairs.”

    [More name calling. Actually, it should all make outstanding anti-piracy training tapes in maritime security circles. Electric saws were used to dismantle the railing primarily to eliminate places for grappling hooks, and then sections were used as defense rods.

    If the defenders had actually wanted any of the IOF marauders dead, rather than haul them off to secure them in a cabin, those cowardly Jewish creeps and murderers would have been really, really dead.]

  7. Gregory S Wright June 5, 2010 @ 1:51 am

    Kathjuliane wrote,

    Electric saws were used to dismantle the railing primarily to eliminate places for grappling hooks, and then sections were used as defense rods.

    Your comments are long but well worth the reading. This has opened up an entirely new idea in my mind of non lethal defensive humanitarian aid ship defensive tactics in which might be tested against the Israelis boarding ship under the cover of darkness.

    Grappling hooks or something improvised to a lesser extent likewise could be used for some of the stronger defenders to leap over board but still secretly have access within the middle of a crisis to swift-fully climb back aboard to flank the attackers.

    Hopefully if the Brother Nathanael foundation can afford a navy we will know so many tricks to throw the Zionist invaders over board they could be so badly embarrassed that they may actually withdraw from an attempted boarding.

  8. Masi June 5, 2010 @ 1:52 am


    In the early morning hours this day, Israel’s navy has gallantly defeated an armada of international insurgents in their attempt to invade the land which G_d gave to the Jews.

    The insurgents, a hand picked international battalion of experts, skilled in various and assorted “special warfare” applications, is said to number 700. The Armada is believed to have originated from ports in Turkey, which has posed as a friend of Israel in recent months, in order to more easily facilitate the surprise invasion.

    All 700 of the invaders are known to have ties to terrorist organizations, such as Hamas, PLO, and Al Quieda.

    The invaders were overcome by a numerically inferior band of courageous Israeli sailors. This stealth team of only 30 men, who in the tradition of Gideon of old, swam the distance of 90 km. from the shore to meet the oncoming armada.

    Armed only with “secret” Israeli martial arts skills, the “Gideon Team” was able to subdue the insurgents, and commandeer the armada, killing 20 of their most highly trained operatives and severely wounding 50 more.

    When quizzed on the operation, the Israeli government, through a top official has said; ” We have once again proven to the entire world, by this overcoming of a vast force of highly trained terrorist insurgents with Just a few “Chosen of the Chosen” that we are indeed the Chosen.

    We expect the international community to recognize this mandate from G_d, and we ask all those who love G_d and his chosen people to contact your respective governments, and demand that they support Israel in this triumph of good over evil.

  9. Free Gaza June 5, 2010 @ 2:06 am

    Israeli commando who shot six passengers in aid convoy in line for medal

    Please read the statement above. Now let me get this straight:

    This ‘bloody’ hero tightropes onto a humanitarian aid ship carrying a Mac 10 machine gun and a kevlar vest, gutlessly guns down peace activists including an American high school student 4 times in the back, who are trying to deliver baby food, milk and school supplies to the starving people of Gaza.

    AND – He gets a medal for this!

  10. Gregory S Wright June 5, 2010 @ 2:21 am


    You are an unfortunate inspiration for those among us whom would rather use deadly force instead of non lethal activism for a just cause.

    Whether or not to allow some concrete, wheelchairs, and medical supplies into or a war zone is hardly a struggle of good against evil. Any civilized peoples would not disallow such a thing.

    It is a tragic circumstance that Jews believe they are doing the right thing by murdering people from all across the world just over a bag of cement.

  11. Nicolae June 5, 2010 @ 2:55 am


    Politicians for Redemption!


  12. Nicolae June 5, 2010 @ 3:00 am


    Istanbul Turkey by Nevit Dilmen

    The attack on the Gaza flotilla may have been carefully planned by the Pentagon and Israel.

    The Israeli-Pentagon plan may be to topple the Turkish government.

    NATO’s key generals may be siding with Israel.

    French political analyst Thierry Meyssan asks “Why did Israel attack civilians in the Mediterranean?”

    From this we learn:

    1. Turkish television reports that the Israeli commandos had a list of people to be assassinated.

    2. Israel aims to turn the Turkish military against the Turkish government.

    3. This case is similar to the 1967 sinking of the USS Liberty.

    The US government tried to sink the USS Liberty

    USS Liberty

    Turkey’s generals have a history of close ties to Mossad and the CIA. (THE TURKISH GENERALS ARE STILL IN BED WITH MOSSAD?)

    There is a view that the Pentagon and its friends aim to have Turkey split up, just like Yugoslavia. (TURKEY TO BE SPLIT UP?)

    In late May 2010, Rahm Emanuel visited Israel. (Rahm Emanuel in Israel; will meet with Netanyahu and Peres )

    Was he part of a Pentagon-Israel plan to halt the Gaza flotilla, which carried a lot of Turks?

    In May 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited Turkey.

    Medvedev and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan “signed 17 agreements worth some $25 billion, including building four nuclear power plants.

    “The two countries also discussed Russian participation in a Black Sea – Mediterranean pipeline that would make Ankara a player in the Central Asia energy game.” (Iran, Brazil, Turkey & the Ghost of Lord Palmerston )

  13. Timu June 5, 2010 @ 4:22 am

    June 5, 2010 Lone Ship Rachel Corrie MV Contines to Sail Towards Gaza

    Breaking News, Global Research, Montreal

    by Global Research

    Global Research, June 5, 2010
    – 2010-06-04

    Email this article to a friend
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    0diggsdigg StumbleUpon Submit

    Latest news communicated to Global Research directly from the Rachel Corrie MV in the Eastern Mediterranean.

    The Irish-flagged ship Rachel Corrie MV which is sailing towards the Gaza Coastline in international waters has, as of 3.15am GMT, June 5th, been approached by three Israeli patrol boats. No action has as yet been been taken by the patrol boats. The ship is reported to be some 50 km. off the Gaza coastline.

    Message from Matthias Chang, head of the Malaysian delegation:

    9:30am (KL Time) – Three Israeli patrol boats are now following Rachel Corrie. (2.30am GMT)

    10:00am (KL Time) – Israeli boats coming towards our ship. Stay calm. Send out message. (3.00am GMT)

    Last contact, 10:35am (KL Time) – They have jammed our radar. (3.35 GMT)

    (Note: KL Time approximately 5-6 hours ahead of Rachel Corrie)

    Please spread far and wide ..”

    According the the Jerusalem Post, the Malaysian representative of the Perdana Global Peace Organization on board the Rachel Corrie:

    “stated on its website Saturday morning that the ship’s passengers had agreed to let an international force search the ship, before it proceeds to Gaza.

    The statement said that, while the activists rejected Israel’s right to blockade Gaza, the activists ‘request and invite for an independent international body, preferably inspectors from the the United Nations to board the ship and do the necessary to certify as to the nature of the cargo on board.'”

    LATEST: The Rachel Corrie MV was boarded by the Israeli Navy close to Gaza at about 5.50am local time. The passengers are said to be under arrest.

    11.00am GMT The passengers and crew are unharmed. Below is the press statement of the Maylasian Minstry of Foreign Affairs

    Press Release by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia:

    Malaysia strongly demands Israel to ensure the safety of all the humanitarian activists onboard the cargo vessel MV Rachel Corrie that was seized by the Israeli Defence Force early morning of 5 June 2010.

    Malaysia also demands for Israel not to take any drastic and violent military action on the unarmed passengers of the Rachel Corrie.

    All the humanitarian activists on board the Rachel Corrie should be given the necessary assistance to ensure their safety. Malaysia also calls on Israel to ensure a safe passage for the vessel to Gaza to deliver the humanitarian cargo. In this regard, Malaysia urges the International Community to persuade Israel to allow the humanitarian vessel to reach Gaza safely.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is closely monitoring the developments as there are six Malaysians on board the Rachel Corrie.

    Dato’ Sri Anifah Aman

    Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia

    5 June 2010

    ABC News Australia.

    Includes statement by IDF. “why do it the illegal way?” she said. “There is a marine blockade around Gaza, and not for just the fun of it.”

    Israeli forces have seized an Irish-owned ship bound for Gaza, boarding the Rachel Corrie close to the Gaza shore.

    “The ship has been boarded and there was full compliance from the crew and passengers on board,” a spokeswoman for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) said.

    The IDF says no helicopters were used and there were no reports of violence.

    It says the boat will be brought to Ashdod Port where goods will be inspected and transferred to Gaza via land crossings.

    The move came after the Rachel Corrie refused to respond to four requests from the navy to head for the southern Israeli port of Ashdod, and stayed its course for the Gaza Strip.

    The Irish-owned vessel – named after American pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie, who was killed in the Gaza Strip in 2003 – has 11 passengers on board.

    It is carrying tonnes of aid for Gaza, including cement, which Israel bans because of concerns it could be used to produce weapons.

    Before the boat was seized, IDF spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovich told the group they must come to Israel if they want the aid to make it to Gaza.

    “If the goal of this flotilla, or this boat specifically, is to bring material into Gaza then we have no problem, but why do it the illegal way?” she said.

    “There is a marine blockade around Gaza, and not for just the fun of it. Only six months ago we found a civilian ship coming from Iran here to Ashdod Port filled with munitions and weaponry.”

    The apparently peaceful ending to the standoff comes just five days after the Israeli naval commandos raided another aid ship heading for Gaza.

    The operation left nine foreign activists dead and scores wounded, including seven Israeli soldiers.

    Emphasis added by Global Research

  14. Masi June 5, 2010 @ 7:13 am


    I think your perspective is “spot on”! A good briefing on what may very well be a big part of “The Rest of The Story”!

    1. I distinctly remember seeing a proposed map of “The New Middle East” with Turkey (among other countries) divided up into states structured according to ethnicity.

    2. This might be related to the bigger picture espoused in “A Clean Break” and “The New American Century”: Israeli/Neocon incentives.

    3. A review of past Russian/Turkey relations would be interesting. If I remember correctly, they have been inter-co-operative

    4. There has been more than just allusion to the idea that Brzezinski’s ultimate agenda is to eventually use the Middle East in co-ordination with Europe, U.S., and Israel in an attempt to conquer Russia. (Interestingly enough, we haven’t heard much from Russia concerning this incident.)

  15. FistOfIreland June 5, 2010 @ 7:47 am

    Another superb article!

    Some of my friends are actually starting to believe the BS being spewed by the media and are saying the ‘do-gooders’ provoked the Israelis.

    Some of the journalists in the Irish Independent (such as Kevin Myers) made me mad with their pathetic articles sucking up to Israel and having not one iota of sympathy for the murdered people, their families, and the downtrodden Palestinians.

    Instead these cowardly louse journalists speak of a wonderful democratic Israel and called the murders bad PR.

    Is this what cold blooded murder is nowadays???? Bad PR?????

    This papers and a lot of other Irish Zionist papers have spun the story calling the aid ships Hamas supporters, hard line Islamists, and people just wanting attention.

    Check out these links and you’ll see what I mean.

    Peace to you Brother.

  16. Masi June 5, 2010 @ 7:56 am


    I was able to find this on “The New Middle East”. Article, w/map! – here –

  17. Masi June 5, 2010 @ 8:26 am


    Much more; and “in depth” – here –

    And again – here – context=va&aid=3882

    “Hegemony is as old as Mankind…”
    – Zbigniew Brzezinski, former U.S. National Security Advisor

    From a U.S. Armed Forces Publication – here –

    “Spooks and Kooks have a hand to play in it all, – here –

  18. KathJuliane June 5, 2010 @ 10:21 am

    [Hyena State of Israhell, trained in the methods of ancient Amelek, who thrived by preying on the elderly, the young, and the defenseless women and children that traveled behind the men of ancient Israel on their sojourn in the wilderness.

    Despised forever as scavengers and murderous robbers, and for their cowardice in not ever facing the warriors in a manly way.]

    LONDON (Reuters) – Nine Turkish activists killed in an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid ship were shot a total of 30 times and five died of gunshot wounds to the head, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported on Friday. (Yahoo)

    “Autopsy results showed the men were hit mostly with 9mm bullets, many fired at close range, the Guardian said, quoting Yalcin Buyuk, vice-chairman of the Turkish council of forensic medicine which carried out the autopsies on Friday.

    “The autopsy results showed that a 60-year-old man, Ibrahim Bilgen, was shot four times in the temple, chest, hip and back, the Guardian said.

    A 19-year-old, named as Fulkan Dogan, who also has U.S. citizenship, was shot five times from less than 45 cm (18 inches) away, in the face, the back of the head, twice in the leg and once in the back, it said.

    Two other men were shot four times. Five of those killed were shot either in the back of the head or in the back, the Guardian quoted Buyuk as saying.

    In addition to those killed, 48 others suffered gunshot wounds and six activists were still missing, he added.

    Israel said the multiple gunshot wounds did not mean the shots were fired other than in self defense.

    “The only situation when a soldier shot was when it was a clearly a life-threatening situation,” the Guardian quoted a spokesman for the Israeli embassy in London as saying. […]

    Excerpt from Ynet News:,7340,L-3899189,00.html

    …One of the doctors said that all but one of the bullets retrieved from the bodies came from 9mm rounds.

    Of the other round, he said, “It was the first time we have seen this kind of material used in firearms. It was just a container including many types of pellets usually used in shotguns. It penetrated the head region in the temple and we found it intact in the brain.”

    According to British Parliament Member Andrew Slaughter, the findings harm Israel’s version. “Given the very disturbing evidence which contradicts the line from the Israeli media and suggests that Israelis have been very selective in the way they have addressed this, there is now an overwhelming need for an international inquiry,” he said. [..]

  19. Corporate News Ran by "Jews"/Khazars June 5, 2010 @ 12:57 pm

    Faux News is the Corporate NWO pressure release valve for the “right” wing in America. The whole left-right battle is a false paradigm utilizing Hegelian chicanery.

    Lenin would be proud of Jewpert Murdoch-controlling the opposition by leading them.

    People who follow Glen Bilderberg Beck, Shill O’Reilly, Shabbus Shawn Hannity, Mike Zogabee, etc. are complete suckers. These guys are corporate sock puppets for the NWO Corporate structure.

    The media lies so much today a person would be a total sucker to believe anything they “report”. The Establishment must take the public for apes as the garbage they cover coupled with the bold face lies are only suitable for a degraded audience.

    If you love freedom – boycott the mainstream “news” media.

    They make me want to scream when I hear their latest “coverage”. Such bull, all of it.

  20. Timu June 5, 2010 @ 2:40 pm

    Re: NICOLAE, and MASI –

    There is no doubt that these actions we have witnessed are part of a much bigger picture.

    Brzezinski identified the subjugation of Eurasia as Washington’s chief global geopolitical objective, with the former Soviet Union as the center of that policy and NATO as the main mechanism to accomplish the strategy.


    A Europe united under the EU and especially NATO is to be strong enough to contain, isolate and increasingly confront Russia as the central component of U.S. plans for control of Eurasia and the world, but cannot be allowed to conduct an independent foreign policy, particularly in regard to Russia and the Middle East.

    European NATO allies are to assist Washington in preventing the emergence of “the most dangerous scenario…a grand coalition of China, Russia, and perhaps Iran” such as has been adumbrated since in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

    Four years after the publication of The Grand Chessboard, Brzezinski’s recommended chess move was made:

    The U.S. and NATO invaded Afghanistan and expanded into Central Asia where Russian, Chinese and Iranian interests converge and where the basis for their regional cooperation existed, and Western military bases were established in the former Soviet republics of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, where they remain for the indefinite future.

    How the “puzzle” fits together can be understood from – here –

    “In this surreal world of clandestine means and covert policy, where all is “secret” and betrayal is the norm we must recognize that no international “event” is co-incidental or accidental.” – Timu

  21. Timu June 5, 2010 @ 3:01 pm

    Russian and Turkish relations. Developments. Why it’s “going down”.

    Lord Palmerston—twice England’s prime minister during the middle 1800s—once commented, “England has no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, only permanent interests.”

    Watching the fallout over Brazil’s and Turkey’s recent diplomatic breakthrough on Iran brings Palmerston’s observation to mind: while U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hailing our “friends” support for tough sanctions aimed at Teheran, much of her supporting cast were busy hedging their bets and deciding that their interests just might lay elsewhere.

    True, Russia and China signed on, but their endorsement was filled with ambiguity and diplomatic escape hatches.

    As Clinton was dismissing the efforts of Brazil and Turkey, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said his country “expressed its welcome and appreciation for the diplomatic efforts of all parties.” A Foreign Ministry spokesman added that the agreement to send 58 percent of Iran’s nuclear fuel to Turkey for enrichment “will benefit the process of peacefully resolving the Iran nuclear issue through dialogue and negotiations.”

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called for “urgent consultations with all interested parties, including Iran, to decide what to do next,” hardly a call to arms. His First Deputy Prime Minister, Sergi Ivanov, said that while his country was “supportive” of the U.S., it was drawing a “red line” at sanctions that were “suffocating” or would affect ordinary Iranians.

    He then added a pinch of Palmerston: “We have a completely different position. We have a trading relationship, and the potential to develop it. We have energy interests, human interests, and tourism.”

    The Russians also made it clear that they would be unhappy with unilateral sanctions by the U.S. and the European Union. Such unilateral actions would be “of an extraterritorial nature beyond the agreed decision of the international community and contradicting the principle of the rule of international law, enshrined in the UN Charter,” according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

    The U.S. State Department’s claim that the “international community” is behind the U.S. is increasingly sounding like whistling past the graveyard.

    Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna said the Brazil/Turkey/Iran deal was “a constructive move,” and pointed out that India has a “deep desire to have a friendly relationship” with Iran. He also pointed out that “The U.S. has its own foreign policy and India has its own.”

    The Arab League’s General Secretary Amr Moussa said he hoped the agreement would “solve the current problem regarding the Iranian nuclear file.”

    United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said, “We hope that this and other initiatives may open the door to a negotiated settlement.”

    France’s President Nicholas Sarkozy, normally hawkish on Iran, called the deal a “positive step.”

    Even the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Supreme Commander, U.S. Admiral James Stavridis said the fuel swap deal was a “a potentially good development.”

    This should hardly come as a surprise; just follow the ruble, the yuen, and the franc.

    In his visit to Ankara earlier this month, Medvedev said, “Russia and Turkey are strategic partners, not only in words but genuinely.” That was certainly strange talk about a key member of NATO with which Moscow has gone to war in the past.

    But with rubles at stake, who worries about history?

    Medvedev and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed 17 agreements worth some $25 billion, including building four nuclear power plants.

    The two countries also discussed Russian participation in a Black Sea-Mediterranean pipeline that would make Ankara a player in the Central Asia energy game. The Turks also seem to be more favorably disposed toward Moscow’s South Stream natural gas pipeline to Europe.

    And lastly, the Russian president said he would push to raise bilateral trade from $40 billion a year to $100 billion within five years.

    If the U.S. thinks the Russians are going to have a falling out with the Turks over the Iran sanctions, then delusion is the order of the day in Washington.

    And China? Brasilia’s number one trading partner, which loaned Petrobras $10 billion to develop Brazil’s huge South Atlantic subsalt oil deposits? And just signed an agreement with Brasilia to develop a joint defense industry (no doubt lured by the $20-plus billion that Brazil is handing out in defense contracts)?

    Will China go to the mat for the U.S. over the Iran sanctions?

    See “order of the day” above.

    France appears to be playing the dog that didn’t bark. Might Gallic discreetness have anything to do with a $12 billion defense deal with Brazil for 50 helicopters and four Scorpene submarines?

    Could it be the $10.2 billion Brasilia is shelling out for 36 of France’s Rafale fighter jets? The Rafale is very a cute airplane, not terribly fast, that came in third in an open competition with fighters made by Boeing and Saab.

    But as Rhys Thompson of ISN Security Watch notes, “The Brazilian government reiterated that the final choice of a fighter jet would be based on political and strategic considerations and not primarily guided by technical aspects.”

    In short, we buy your cookies, you be nice to us in return (and maybe lower European Union tariffs for Brazilian agricultural goods).

    As more and more countries line up behind the Turkish-Brazilian deal, it looks less and less likely that the Security Council will pass sanctions, in part because the deal is a good one and represents a sea change in international power relations. But also because countries like Russia, China, India, and France are also keeping Lord Palmerston’s dictum in mind. – here-

    “In this surreal world of clandestine means and covert policy, where all is “secret” and betrayal is the norm we must recognize that no international “event” is co-incidental or accidental.” –


  22. jonah June 5, 2010 @ 3:19 pm

    The Flotilla Massacre was an international CRIME.

    Power to the flotillas that will continue to enter the sovereign state of Palestine in defiance to International jew treachery.

    Rothschild INC is behind it all:

  23. Masi June 5, 2010 @ 3:36 pm

    In recent developments, the Netanyahu government is in crisis:

    “Senior ministers [of the Netanyahu cabinet] have been sharply critical of the fact that the decision to seize control of the flotilla to Gaza was made after two meetings of the forum of seven senior ministers but without official deliberation by the inner cabinet, the body that has the authority to approve military actions of this scale.” ( headlines RSS

    What this suggests is that the actual decision to conduct the raids in international waters bypassed the Cabinet.

    The question remains: if the Israeli cabinet did not ratify the operation, who ordered the raids and through what procedure?

    What were the respective roles of Israeli intelligence and the IDF in planning these raids?

    What role was played by Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, who had meetings with both Netanyahu and president Shimon Peres, respectively on May 26 and 27?

    Did Rahm Emmanuel meet officials of Israel’s military and intelligence establishment?

    Did the Obama administration give the Green Light?

  24. enya June 5, 2010 @ 5:05 pm

    Mr. Joseph Biden is a shortrobe, so what else would anyone expect from him, and there are a lot more like him in the U.S. government.

    The khazars can do what they like, the shortrobes will side with them.

  25. Lynda June 5, 2010 @ 5:17 pm

    The Wile E. Coyote moment for the Jews is still several miles across the arroyo.

    They are positively rocketing across that thin air with all their usual resources: blatant (even if the goyim have pictures and eye-witnesses – deny it) lies, dysinfo, spin, their collective kvetch (why does this shyte always happen to us), all their guilt / gelt schtiks, their holocaust spiels, loud charges of (cover your ears boys and girls)-anti-semitism and, of course, shameless self aggrandizement.

    Talk about all that holo-soap. They are positively giving this stuff away.

    In short, they are by no means through. If a Wile E. Coyote moment does exist for Jews – it is not even on the horizon.

    The Sayanim schlemiels: junglesurvivalcamp, ndamstra, Delirium888, boson2higgs and ArteTuga have posted the following Vid on YouTube: “Flotilla Choir Presents: We Con the World” a bunch of Jews dressed up as ‘Pals’ singing from the same hymn sheet.


    Caution. If you decide to view this shrek, Boys and Girls be sure your seat belt is fastened, your seat is locked in the upright position, your overhead secure and your tray table is stowed. Have your barf bag ready.

  26. KathJuliane June 5, 2010 @ 6:18 pm

    On June 8, 1967, two squadrons of Israeli warplanes bombed, napalmed and machine-gunned the US intelligence-gathering ship, USS Liberty.

    43 years later almost to the day, on May 31, 2010 the Freedom Flotilla was attacked by the IDF “Flotilla 13” in the operation known as “Sea Breeze.”

    The massacre on Mavi Mamara was carried out by the Shayetet 13 force, or S’13, (for literally meaning Flotilla 13) – specialises in assassinations, “counter-terrorism”, sabotage and intelligence-gathering, sea-to-land incursions, maritime intelligence gathering and maritime hostage rescue.

    Also known as S’13, it has carried out attacks deep into the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, taken part in massacres in Lebanon, Reports show that children were killed in two S’13 missions in 2006.

    They are responsible for the assassinations of many resistance figures, and came to fame with the hunt for the Black September organization, believed to be responsible for the 1972 Munich Massacre during the Olympic Games Aug 26 – Sept 11.

    To review: on September 5 a group of eight Palestinian terrorists belonging to the Black September organization broke into the Olympic Village and took eleven Israeli athletes, coaches and officials hostage in their apartments.

    Two of the hostages who resisted were killed in the first moments of the break-in; later in a botched rescue attempt, the surviving 9 Israelis were killed. Symbolism of 9-11 all through this (2 – 9 – 11).

    An Algerian activist to the Guardian, giving only a first name of Sabrina, accused Israeli S’13 of taking a one-year-old child hostage, and then “They point a gun to his head in front of his Turkish parents to force the captain of our ship [Mavi Mamara] to stop sailing,” she said.


    Shayetet 13: Hebrew Media Detailed Violent Plan to Raid Flotilla.

    “Flotilla 13, or Shayetet 13 in Hebrew, is considered one of the Israeli army’s elite special force units. It was formed in 1949 based on the naval brigade of the Haganah Jewish terrorist group, a group which operated against the British mandate in Palestine and was responsible for numerous grave acts of terrorism against the British and the Arabs inside Palestine and beyond.

    “Statements by senior Israeli military commanders made in the Hebrew media days before the massacre revealed that the raid was planned over a week in advance by the Israeli military and was personally approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Defense Ehud Barak.

    “The elite Israeli commando unit known as Unit 13 was tasked with carrying out the mission [against the Freedom Flotilla] and its role was known by the Israeli public well before the raid took place. Details of the plan show that the use of deadly force was authorized and calculated. The massacre of activists should not have been unexpected.

    “On May 28, three days before the raid, top Israeli military officials revealed details of their strategy to Maariv, Israel’s most widely circulated paper. The caption of the Maariv article reflected the military command’s plan to use force: “On the way to violence; one of the boats is on its way.”

    Here is a translation of relevant portions of the article (See website).”
    How could the claim stick that the Israelhell Cabinet was out of the loop? Sounds more like plausible deniability that they could claim having no direct hand.

    In an odd symmetric way that could be only of God’s Providence, the US Liberty now stands as true witness in the person of Joe Meadows to the Massacre of Blue Mamara and the Mass Rendition of the Freedom Flotilla by the Israehell “Flotilla 13” to the rogue state that tried to kill Liberty.

    On a Youtube video at Witnessgaza, Edward Peck, former US Army paratrooper, retired career US diplomat, former Chief of Mission to Iraq and consistently against US policy towards Israhell (hence a “leftist” and “pro-Arab”) describes the IOF boarding.

    At 2:03 Peck states that senior citizen Joe Meadows, wounded veteran survivor of US Liberty was injured and struck by paintballs when their own ship was boarded.

    Peck succinctly describes the unnecessary IDF brutality heaped on non-resisting activists on his ship, regardless of their age or frail elderly conditions. He reminds the world that the IDF commandos, wearing masks in addition to “paint guns,” were fully geared with commando assault equipment.

    He emphatically states that the people they attacked in international waters at four o’clock in the morning did not possess this equipment, and the IDF claims they did.

    Peck further emphasises that the passengers of the Mavi Marmara were well in their rights to defend the ship in international waters and resist abduction to the foreign rogue terrorist state, and points out the propaganda spin going on.


  27. Disgusted White Christian June 5, 2010 @ 7:51 pm

    First, to FistofIreland,

    That makes me sick of my Irish American heritage. We Americans use to have pride like the Irish, but we are both a country of Zionist ass kissing shills!

    I have sent several articles condemning Israel to my family, and friends, and not one answered me???

    It is like talking about Israel in a negative light is like the ultimate taboo!!! Like talking about some kind of deviant sex act???

    I’ll tell you this, the quickest way to get rid of an unwanted guest, start talking about the Jews control of our country or the Zionists crimes against humanity????

    They will be out the door, or hanging up the phone??? The sudden “oooh oooh, I just forgot, I have to go somewhere.”

    It is almost comical, you can set your watch to it.

    Talk about Jews or Zionism, and I will give the average Goyim puppet 5 minutes, before they make up an excuse to either leave or change the subject??

    With cowards like this, you really believe China, Russia, Iran or Venezuela have any fear of us?????

    One thing the Zionist has done to the West is to totally P_ssify the people into apathetic cowards, that will only (like Joe Cortina says) have the balls to go after defenseless people, like their heroes, the Zionist Israeli soldiers.

    Hey Nate, the NWO may just stand for “New Wuss Order.”


  28. KathJuliane June 5, 2010 @ 10:05 pm

    “People had been shot in the arms, legs, in the head – everywhere. We had so many injured. It was a bloodbath,” said Laura Stuart on board the Marmara, a British housewife and rescue worker.

    She described frantic attempts to treat the injured in a makeshift sick room on the ship, and failed attempts to resuscitate some of the dead. (Stuff – NZ)

    On June 2, the psychopath Netanyahu in an obnoxious fit of bluster defended the massacre by the S’13 on the Mavi Mamara, stating: “This was not a love boat,” the prime minister said. “This was a hate boat. These weren’t pacificists. They were not peace activists. These were violent supporters of terrorism.”

    Boohoo has been watching too much Latima, victim of his own country’s propaganda, disguised as satire.

    Caroline Glick, “embedded in Iraq,” duo-citizen Jew, assistant managing editor and columnist for the Jerusalem Post, is behind the video that mocks the Flotilla activists and features “the Turkish-Hamas ‘love boat’ captain, crew and passengers in a musical explanation of how they con the world.”

    The sick garbage was produced for Latma, an Israeli media satire Web site she edits, which is an initiative of the Center for Security Policy in Washington.

    Glick is senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC, to which she travels frequently and “routinely briefs senior administration officials and members of Congress on issues of joint Israeli-American concern.”

    She served as an IDF captain and was Coordinator of Negotiations with the PLO;
    And, as she explains on her blog:

    “I grew up in Chicago’s ultra-liberal, anti-American and anti-Israel stronghold of Hyde Park. Hyde Park’s newest famous resident is Barack Obama. He fits right into a neighborhood I couldn’t wait to leave.”

    On the other hand, she and Rahm Emmanuel are certainly best Zionist buddies, and of course a valued citizen of Chicagoland, Inc.

    No wonder negotiations with Palestine always seem to be sabotaged from the start.

  29. Adora June 5, 2010 @ 11:38 pm


    I can relate to what you write about trying to enlighten your relatives and friends about the realities of the negative influences of the Zionists.

    I’ve tried too. I got the same responses you did. Most people have been falsely influenced by the Jewish owned media. The Zionists knew what they were doing when they decided to buy up all the media.

    Remember this, all you good hearted Christians, you who belong to our Good Lord, nobody can snatch you out of our Good Lord’s protective hands. Not even the devil.

  30. Tom June 6, 2010 @ 12:21 am

    It is apparent that all is not what it seems on the surface. If events were simple random occurrences, they would be what those who fail to see a pre-determined agenda being moved forward perceive them to be; namely senseless.

    But for the United States these “senseless” events have much larger objective, namely world dominion.

    Yet in all these “senseless” events, we see the symbiotic relationship of The United States and Israel so manifested in a co-destiny that they are for all purposes perceived, as one of our RZN Family so astutely observed, “Joined at the hip”. (Mike Korn)

    This symbiotic relationship is I think very well figured in the Book of Revelation, under the description of the Harlot of Babylon seated upon The Beast.

    If, as the comments of this thread seem to intimate, the end goal vision for the U.S. is the eventual conquest of Russia, and world dominion, we naturally ask; with what will Israel, The Harlot, be rewarded for her participation in this symbiosis?

    Perhaps, from her perspective, there would be no more wonderful “prize” than that of the fulfillment of her vision of “Greater Israel” as a reward!

    “This Is All About Greater Israel: Does it make sense now? [Exerpts]

    The blame for the current Israeli war falls entirely on Israel’s friends, who approve occupation, racism, repression and deployment of inhuman methods in the service Zionists hegemonic designs.

    Myopic thinking and grand deception on the part of the United States and Israel in the last 13 years have led to the beginning of the present final show down in the Middle East.

    For the Phase two of the Zionist totalitarian design, Israel had to build on this foundation of 13 years.

    It requires that Israel return to the callous, bloody and terrorist work of war and aggression. That means renouncing the deceptive plans of compromise, the fake hopes for good will, the drama of withdrawals.

    After more than 120 years of work, Israel is now just one false flag operation away from expanding the war to the remaining hurdles in its way of materializing the dream of a greater Israel.

    Three types of visible forces are fully determined to make the Zionist dream of a greater Israel a reality.

    The forces with unflinching determination are: Zionists, neo-conservatives and Christian radicals

    The neoconservatives have their own Islamophobic agenda. They are looking for a total war on the Muslim world. Israel is just providing them with an excellent opportunity and excuse to bring the United States into the conflict.

    For the Christian Zionists, every rocket that flies into Israel and every bridge that is blown up in Lebanon just brings them one step closer to the end of the world. They consider it unchristian to think only of the innocent Arabs and Israelis instead of the Rapture.

    Instead of seeing the silver lining in every storm cloud, to Christian Zionists the storm clouds in the Middle East are the silver linings. It is, thus not surprising, to see the U.S. vetoing ceasefire resolution at the Security Council.

    In the phase two of Zionist totalitarian design, extermination of Arabs in large numbers will take place. Peace would break out with the leftover terrorized and pacified Arabs, and trade would blossom, with Israel occupying almost all of the Middle East and its tourists spending millions in Baghdad, Damascus, Tehran, and Beirut.

    Keeping these realities in mind, it is hardly logical to deny — unless these trends and initiatives are effectively reversed — that an escalation of conflict and unprecedented bloodshed is imminent, and realization of the dream of a Greater Israel — however ephemeral and tyrannical — is now set to take place within a matter of years, not decades”.

    (Complete Article -here- @ )

  31. Canada June 6, 2010 @ 1:16 am

    So let them lie to themselves.

    The world still has enough people that will not be taken by the false priests, who by divine recognition are nothing but communist Christians who love the world more than anything else, and all it has to offer.

    They can’t have it both ways. The great mysterious whore and her keepers, England and Israel, and even the churches have been overthrown from within and need to be exorcised and cleansed.

    America has failed both God and man, so let her feel God’s wrath, and those who love her ways, cry at her ultimate demise.

  32. Jiggs June 6, 2010 @ 4:52 am

    Zionists are invaders and occupiers.

    They have no more right to self-defense than a burglar invading and occupying our homes.

    The only “right” Zionists have is to pay Palestinians reparations for 60 years of war crimes and get the hell out.

  33. Sp4LG June 6, 2010 @ 5:56 am

    “Does Biden, Foxman, Posner, Halevi, and Murdoch think that we are imbeciles?”

    Short answer: Yes. If you don’t buy the b.s. they’re spinning today, they’ll have more tomorrow.

  34. JohnZ June 6, 2010 @ 6:17 am

    Americans have become Zionist Israhell’s prison bitch.

    We are fighting an uphill battle folks and the odds are stacked against us.

    The ZOG (Zionist owned government) and ZOM (Zionist owned media) are out to do as much damage to America as it can.

    The filthy Juze who have destroyed this nation will someday have to face the consequences of their actions.

    WTSHF, it has already been decided who’s going first.

  35. Mary Sparrowdancer June 6, 2010 @ 7:05 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Excellent article – I think we need to hold Israel’s feet to the fire on this one.

    Why, for instance, did they elect to send Navy Commandos from the Shayetet-13 Unit to intercept an unarmed civilian ship in international waters?

    The Shayetet-13 is the unit that specializes in assassinations.


  36. James Woroble Jr June 6, 2010 @ 7:15 am


    ‘Ash Wednesday’ (*) Joe Biden is NO SHILL!

    What he is in fact, is a JEW!! And a Iraqi Jew to boot.

    ‘Jesus’ Joe is of Jewish Iraqi decent.

    His wife, Jill Jacobs, is a Jew as well.

    He voted In The 2005 Iraqi Election based on his Jew “heritage” and holds a valid Israeli passport.

    ‘Jesus’ Joe in Christian drag (photo)…


  37. Just lil' old Marshall :-D June 6, 2010 @ 8:04 am

    How many times do we have to see this Mossad re-run people? Remember what ALBERT PIKE said about “three world wars” too. :-O

  38. JAK June 6, 2010 @ 8:28 am

    Under all international law, such an action in open international waters is an act of piracy and an act of war.

    Since IsraeLIE is sacrosanct, so too now are the Somali pirates – after all they too claim they are just defending themselves and guarding their coasts. What is good for the goose is good for the gander as well…


  39. Patrick Sullivan June 6, 2010 @ 8:29 am

    “They’ve demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others”

    The tens of thousands of nuclear weapons that they have built will not save them: “They’ve chosen their fate”

    And you said:

    “But like all sleepers, when morning comes, it’s time to wake up. And once the world wakes up to the machinations of the Jews, may God have mercy on them all…”

  40. JAK June 6, 2010 @ 8:33 am

    “Some of my friends are actually starting to believe the BS being spewed by the media and are saying the ‘do-gooders’ provoked the Israelis”.

    Tell them this then: “Have you actually ever studied Maritime law? Are you aware that under ALL international law an unprovoked attack on ANY vessel upon the high seas is an act of piracy and war”?

    Ask them that – see what they say.


  41. JAK June 6, 2010 @ 8:41 am

    Any attempt to board or interfere with the safe passage of a vessel operating upon the high seas in international waters absent a state of declared war between the parties involved is a CRIME of piracy, period.

    You cannot board any ship without permission of the captain.

    READ the law people!


  42. bradda pk June 6, 2010 @ 10:25 am

    Hey Bro Nathanael,

    This piracy has got to be the equivalent to a sewage spill of Talmudic proportions on the high seas of insanity.

    Much worse than the Gulf oil spill, and murderously disgusting, spiritually the whole affair is an abomination; an act of sin and iniquitous rebellion against our Father in heaven and his innocent children on earth.

    Tom, above, is correct in saying that the Jew.S.A. and Israhell are joined at the hip because Israhell is a parasitic little twin, a metastisized and swollen tumor joined to its it’s big brother’s puss-caked anus, which is where parasites like to live.

    The good word for today is: “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” Jesus

    Aloha from Hawaii

  43. James Woroble Jr June 6, 2010 @ 10:25 am

    “Some of my friends are actually starting to believe the BS being spewed by the media and are saying the ‘do-gooders’ provoked the Israelis”.


    The primary source of this Orwellian Jew satanic absurdity is none other than the co-opted $hill sewer rat, Glen Beck.

    See the vile videos here:


  44. Tom June 6, 2010 @ 11:03 am

    Most have little appreciation toward their own cognition.

    If they did, they would never expose their conscience to the enemies’ suggestive tactics. The Zionist “propaganda initiative” is, in reality, much more than just propaganda. It is “sorcery”, perfected through controlled experiment. It is coercion. It is intimidation. But, far and above all these, it is Proselytizing.

    The greater number of people in these times, here, and in other countries that have descended from the heritage of Christian thought, willingly submit themselves to this proselytizing, simply because it is accomplished through the medium of media; and they have become media addicted.

    The greater number of people can not stand alone. They find it impossible to discover a single truth; have it witnessed to by all the glory of nature, and as a result, find contentment and satisfaction in the revelation.

    They must challenge their own perception: their discernment, their natural intuitive cognition. They must enter the arena of debate, where they hope to find some other that will be a companion and soul-mate.

    Here, the propaganda initiative will turn their perception of being alone in their perspective into acute anxiety. They will be exposed to the Proselytizing. They will be seductively counseled to relinquish their stand.

    They will be urged to convert, and join the comfort of the consensus; and to take up once again their rightful place among the legion of the damned.

  45. Jack Black June 6, 2010 @ 11:10 am

    Let’s not confuse Jews with Zionists.

    There are a great many good Jews who 100% do NOT agree with the Zionists and their evil doings.

    We must fight Zionists, not the Jewish people.

  46. Stephen Slater June 6, 2010 @ 11:30 am

    “…Men worshipped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast,and they also worshipped the beast (apostate Israel) and asked, ‘Who is like the beast?’

    Who can make war against him?…The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies…He was given power to make war against the saints and conquer them.

    And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation…let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is a man’s number. His number is 666 (the seal of Solomon, the hexagram) the flag of apostate Israel and the 6th letter of the Hebrew Alefbet, Waw, waw, waw or www as in world wide web address.

    Pax Judaica, the peace of the graveyard is upon us.

  47. JAK June 6, 2010 @ 11:34 am

    “Let’s not confuse Jews with Zionists.

    There are a great many good Jews who 100% do NOT agree with the Zionists and their evil doings.

    We must fight Zionists, not the Jewish people.”

    Then let them stand up and speak no, SHOUT their condemnation from the highest rooftops.

    So far, the silence is deafening.


  48. KathJuliane June 6, 2010 @ 11:49 am

    Which countries did the Pariah State of the Zionist Entity declare war on by attacking their citizens of conscience on the High Seas?

    Tom wrote: “The neoconservatives have their own Islamophobic agenda. They are looking for a total war on the Muslim world. Israel is just providing them with an excellent opportunity and excuse to bring the United States into the conflict.”

    Does this ever ring true.

    Contrary to what the Likudnik ‘hasbara’ in the US and abroad would have us believe in their deranged “Islamophobia” against the all-encompassing “Al Qaeda Ay-rab” and “pro-Hamas” boogiemen, among the Turkish, Arab, Egyptian, Indonesian names, more and more European, Commonwealth, and American names are emerging like Peck, McGeough, Stuart, Meadows, Graham, Berlin, Capucci, and a plethora of Greek names who are able to speak out in their own countries.

    ‘Stellaa’ (a Greek Californian amateur blogger) has posted a video of the Greek Ship Activists Press Conference after their release.

    She has translated their comments of June 1. Again, the Greeks’ testimony is entirely opposite to what the Zionist entity and the “hasbara” hacks are disseminating about the “kind and gentle” S’13 who is being thoroughly misunderstood and the international framing of Israhell.

    “Originally there were going to be 8 ships, three were sabotaged and were held in Cyprus. The media just keeps talking of Turkish ships [to keep the coals of “Islamophobia” and “pro-Hamas terrorists” burning by suggestion painting everyone involved as foaming, knife-wielding “pro-Palestinians”], whereas the fleet was also Greek.

    “Now lets not get carried away with conspiracies, when was the last time the Greeks would conspire with the Turks?” (Stellaa)

    [Apparently, Greeks and Turks can “conspire” on humanitarian actions regardless of every other political and religious differences and strife between the two peoples – the need to break the Gaza Seige for the suffering Palestinian people. Axios! Greek heroes!]

    Excerpts from the translated Greek press conference:

    “A Jewish activist with a Swedish passport was severely beaten; an American who was diabetic was beaten savagely after he fell overboard; one Greek man was severely beaten when he refused to give his fingerprints.”

    The litany of the brutality and excesses of the deranged IOF S’13 commandos and detention processing unit thugs match up with all of the rest of the activists and journalists speaking out all over the world, especially in the West.

    What the Jew-media does is suppress the more familiar “European” names in favor of the “Asian” and “Middle Eastern”, that there were “Euro” dignitaries and journalists and some of their families, that the age of the passengers ranged from 1-80 years of age.

    Moreover, they’ve suppressed the fact of the “Euro” Greek flotilla sailing with the “pro-Hamas” Turks in order to keep to the fore the mantra that the Flotilla are all “Islamo-fascist-Hamas-Ayrab-pro-Palestinian” terrorists and thugs.

    Not only did the State of Israel declare war on Turkey, this carbuncle on the face of the world declared war on Greece, and with the Rachel Corrie, which was seized still in international waters just outside the control zone as best as I can find, on Ireland.

    Besides the other labels of “liberal humanitarians,” there certainly must be a considerable number of the activists that in some way count themselves to be “white” and not “Ay-rabs” and “Islamist extremists,” and “Christian” and not “global Jihadists” as well, yet this is never mentioned.

    Greek “Speaker # 3: ” At a time of peace we were in a war, one side with weapons and the others with nothing.

    “We were in a line all the ships, the commandos arrived from sea and air and invaded all the ships.

    “They beat many of the passengers. The Captain and the second in command [were] savagely beat[en by] them repeatedly for refusing to give the ship.

    The captain cannot and should not allow the take over of his ship.”

    There is a large difference between the political cadres of peace activists who are well-trained and experienced in passive resistance in the face of violence and trained to withstand the abuse, and the vast majority of the simple ships’ crew, passengers and families on board who are on a mission of conscience and journalists.

    Approximate breakdown of countries and numbers ordered to be expelled (excluding the nine that were killed and those that are injured and being treated in Israeli hospitals, [and at least 6 activists missing. All witnesses so far speaking outside of the US state that there were at least 19 bodies].

    Note: I believe this list originally came from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israhell but have lost the linking citation, but RZN Family may get the point of the list.

    The term “ordered to be expelled” is bogus.

    The Flotilla was brutally forced to Israhell in what is at least, the largest case of “rendition” in the world under our very eyes which commenced on the high seas; and then to control the immense diplomatic damage, Israhell then “ordered them to be expelled,” as if the passengers had arrived on their own volition.

    Their announced destination was the Port of Gaza, Palestine, and the combined Turk-Greek Flotilla, sailing in task-force fashion, was boarded and seized far outside of the interdiction and control zone.

    – As of June 4, all Freedom Flotilla activists were granted Palestinian nationality by Mahmoud Abbas. In 2008, the last boats to breach the siege were honored with Palestinian passports by Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh]

    Countries’ List

    Palestinian and Diaspora unk (Huwaida Arraf, Palestinian-American born Christian, U.S. attorney is head of Free Gaza.)

    Australia 3;
    Azerbaijan 2;
    Italy 6;
    Indonesia 12;
    Ireland 9;
    Algeria 28;
    United States 11;
    Bulgaria 2;
    Bosnia 1;
    Bahrain 4;
    Belgium 5;
    Germany 11;
    South Africa 1;
    Holland 2;
    United Kingdom 31;
    Greece 38;
    Jordan 30;
    Kuwait 15;
    Lebanon 3;
    Mauritania 3;
    Malaysia 11;
    Egypt 3;
    Macedonia 3;
    Morocco 7;
    Norway 3;
    New Zealand 1;
    Syria 3;
    Serbia 1;
    Oman 1;
    Pakistan 3;
    Czech Republic 4;
    France 9;
    Kosovo 1;
    Canada 1;
    Sweden 11;
    Turkey 380;
    Yemen 4.

    Have in mind the start of a new song, to the tune of “Hail, Brittania” – “Hail, Joostania, Joostania rules the seas, hmmm, hmmm…”

  49. Jack Black June 6, 2010 @ 12:02 pm

    “Then let them stand up and speak no, SHOUT their condemnation from the highest rooftops.

    So far, the silence is deafening.”


    Do not be too hasty in your judgement.

    Please visit this link and watch the video

    ..There are plenty of links below the video to peruse.

  50. Mekhael June 6, 2010 @ 12:06 pm

    Oglu rebukes Barak by telephone — The text of the call

    Turkey press reports quoted excerpts from “phone call” says it took place between Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Dawood Oglu, and Defense Minister Ehud Barak Zionist on the night of the Zionist aggression on a fleet of freedom.

    The following is a translation of “Call” as reported by Turkish sources, quoting the newspaper “News Türk Turkish”:

    Barak: A violent attack happened on our soldiers, they were wounded with swords, our soldiers weapons were captured and used against them.

    Oglu: we are waiting for an apology. you have committed an international crime. You have to send the dead and wounded to Turkey.

    Barak: Do you want the wounded?

    Oglu: We will take them. For who kills civilians can not treat them. If the civilians were the aggressors, whose the dead ?

    Barak: We have moved from the base of the siege imposed on the enemy Strip Gaza.

    Oglu: And the dead are enemies?

    Barak: There are many rockets. Our people have been attacked before. We disagree with Hamas. We do not have a problem with the Gaza Strip.

    Oglu: Were the dead civilians in Flotilla directing missiles towards you? How can you kill them? Turkey is not any state. Turkey has the strength to protect its citizens.

    Barak: We respect to the maximum degree of Turkey, and the role they play.

    Oglu: Respect for what? You are killing our citizens in international waters. No one has the right to touch our citizens. You’ve been fighting for five years for one Israeli soldier. Our citizens are also important for us. And our citizens should be treated with respect

    PS: Excuse any bad translation from Turkish newspaper.

  51. JAK June 6, 2010 @ 12:18 pm

    “Do not be too hasty in your judgement.

    Please visit this link and watch the video

    ..There are plenty of links below the video to peruse”.

    I am never hasty in my judgement. This will prove as a ephemeral as a summer breeze and just as effective.

    It has the same effect as myself denouncing the crimes of my country – ZERO.


  52. JAK June 6, 2010 @ 12:45 pm

    “Now lets not get carried away with conspiracies, when was the last time the Greeks would conspire with the Turks?” (Stellaa)

    The Greeks and the Turks combined alone could bust IsraeLIEs BLEEPS, and it is high time that was done.


  53. JAK June 6, 2010 @ 2:22 pm

    “They beat many of the passengers. The Captain and the second in command [were] savagely beat[en by] them repeatedly for refusing to give the ship.

    The captain cannot and should not allow the take over of his ship.”

    Under ALL international law, the captain of a vessel upon the high seas is duty bound to not surrender his vessel to pirates – he is the sole master and guide of it’s course and if that is interfered with, it is either mutiny, piracy, or war – all crimes punishable by death.


  54. Disgusted White Christian June 6, 2010 @ 2:48 pm


    If you go back to Bro Nate’s earlier thread on The “Protocols of Zion” @ – in the Protocols, 2 of them, I think there are 24 or 21 protocols altogether, I forget, but 2, talk about conquest of all media, and banking systems.

    I think, if you look at the Western World, the Zionist Jew, has all but every media outlet owned, and all the banks!

    These Christians, I am sorry to say, are only Christian in name, just like Jesus predicted they would become???

    How could you call yourself a Christian, if you sit by, and let them (Zionist) take every aspect of Christ out of our lives and not say anything or even protest???

    85% of the West is Christian, yet Nativity Scenes are all gone, the name “Christmas” has been replaced by “Holiday Season.”

    While Menorahs, and Star of Davids go up all over at Christmas, we can not even publicly acknowledge Christ’s name??

    Remember, Jesus gave a stern warning, “those of you ashamed of Me, or My words, in this sinful time, so shall I be ashamed of you, when I return in my Father’s glory, with all his angels.”

    He is CLEARLY alluding to this time period, when the hour of darkness grows gloomier and gloomier!


  55. Disgusted White Christian June 6, 2010 @ 3:03 pm

    USA teen shot in belly, then told to kneel and shot at point blank range in the back of the head, by Israeli murdering commandos.


  56. Brother Nathanael June 6, 2010 @ 3:17 pm

    Dear Disgusted White Christian –

    You write: ——

    “85% of the West is Christian, yet Nativity Scenes are all gone, the name “Christmas” has been replaced by “Holiday Season.”

    While Menorahs, and Star of Davids go up all over at Christmas, we can not even publicly acknowledge Christ’s name??

    Remember, Jesus gave a stern warning, “those of you ashamed of Me, or My words, in this sinful time, so shall I be ashamed of you, when I return in my Father’s glory, with all his angels.”

    I, +Brother Nathanael Kapner, am NOT ASHAMED of my Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ, and WILL DO ALL THAT I CAN, through “The Brother Nathanael Foundation,” which I am about to establish through the financial help of a few CONCERNED RZN READERS, to bring CHRISTIAN SYMBOLS BACK to our Jewified Society.

    We will begin by LITIGATING AGAINST the Anti Christ symbol of the Hanukkah Menorah on the White House Lawn and BRING CHRIST’s Holy Nativity Scene there or NONE AT ALL!

    These wretched ANTI CHRIST, CHRIST HATING, FREEDOM HATING JEWS, have had their day in the sun and IT’S TIME TO BRING IT TO AN END!


    But, I need your FINANCIAL HELP everybody.

    Will You Then Please Consider Making A Donation To This NEEDED Cause?

    There Is A Donation Feature Button At The Top & Bottom Of This Article. Or Simply Click:

    Donations For The Brother Nathanael Foundation May Also Be Safely Sent To:

    (Make Out Check To “Brother Nathanael Kapner” and write in Memo “Brother Nathanael Foundation”) And Send To:

    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    I am Ready, Willing, and Eager, To STOP THE JEWS. Let’s do it together!

    With Much Love In Christ Our Precious Saviour To ALL of the Real Zionist News Family,

    Your Ever +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  57. Disgusted White Christian June 6, 2010 @ 3:35 pm

    You know I love ya Bro Nate, in our Lord’s name, and will help when I get my next paycheck!

    I wish I was a millionaire, Bro Nate, you would be set, and if the Zionist killed me, I would leave it all to your foundation!

    I didn’t mean you in those ashamed of our Lord?

    You are one of heaven’s only glimpse of light, left in this endless hours of darkness, now and ahead!


  58. KathJuliane June 6, 2010 @ 4:31 pm

    “To understand how the Obama regime brought shame and infamy to itself in the eyes of the world, [by not responding to the Flotilla Massacre] one need look at the Zionist composition of the Obama White House and, equally important, the direct power and access that the principle Jewish-Zionist organizations have over the US political system.” — Prof. Jim Petras.

    Greetings in the Lord, DWC –

    Appreciated the link to Veterans Today, with tears.. It’s just about what I thought a few days ago, and what Michael K said: made him get down on his knees.

    Even though raised in Turkey, this gentle teenager of a good family probably asserted his American citizenship, so they executed him with special contempt – knowing they could do so with impunity.

    We are “conditioned” by the Jew-press to hear and see only “Middle Eastern, “Asian” and “African,” and “Muslim” names and faces, even those who are expats in other countries or living in diaspora.

    The same thing has happened through the past decades about the peoples of Central and South America and the many ugly and blasphemous reigns of terror that the US has supported, and for which many of us once stood in ignorance.

    Here are more witness testimonies from the Freedom Flotilla that are strictly “Eurocentric” with “white” faces screaming to the high heavens for justice. This isn’t about the “left/right” or “liberal/conservative” or even a racial or ethnic politics paradigm.

    This is about an infamous crime and act of war by a terrorist rogue state on citizens and nationals from various countries, including the “White and European” ones. Beginning with the US Liberty, then the execution of Rachel Corrie, an Irish-American, by a brave IOF soldier.
    Who Attacked Whom?

    Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU), Jun 4, 2010

    Eyewitness Accounts of Israel’s Attack on the Humanitarian Aid Ship Mavi Marmara

    Randi Kjos, Norway

    From an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

    “They treated us with hatred – the old were made to kneel for long periods and women had to sit with their arms crossed. Some of the wounded were naked to the waist…many were in shock.

    “Palestinians and Arabs were treated very differently to Europeans or Westerners.

    Palestinians who asked for anything were belted, pushed around or treated with contempt. People warned me of the hatred I would see – but still, I was shocked.”

    Mattias Gardell, Sweden

    From an interview with Sweden’s largest news bureau TT.

    “The Israelis committed premeditated murder. There were rangers with laser sights. Two people were killed by shots in the forehead, one was shot in the back of the head and one in the chest.”

    “First came the special forces of silent boats.

    “Then the defenders of our boat used fire hoses and made it impossible for the Israelis to come on board. Some soldiers were captured. An Uzi and a pistol were seized, emptied of ammunition and were thrown into the sea.

    “We would by all means show that there was a peaceful campaign and that we did not have weapons.”

    “Then came the paratroopers in four helicopters and they shot sharply already from the time they were in the air.”

    Sarah Colborne, England

    Account given at a press conference.

    “At around 4.10am I woke up, went up to the deck so I could see outside and I saw small dinghies bristling with guns and Israeli military speeding towards the ship”

    “Helicopters then appeared and gas and sound bombs were used … We then had the first passenger fatally injured. He was brought to the back of the deck below. He was shot in the head.”

    “I saw him. He was in a very bad way and he subsequently died. There were bullets flying all over the place. We asked for the Israelis to stop the attacks.

    We asked this in English: ‘We are not resisting, please help the injured.’ Instead of helping the injured the saloon remained surrounded by soldiers targeting individuals with laser sights.”

    “The captain announced live ammunition was being used, to stop resisting and to go downstairs. At 5.15am we started broadcasting over the Tannoy for help to evacuate the critically injured and for emergency medical assistance. We asked the Israelis to stop the attacks in English.”

    “The Israeli military were firing on us…We had no arms. We made two attempts to get the message across in the written form.

    We wrote a sign in Hebrew saying ‘SOS! Need medical assistance. People are dying. Urgent.’ ”

    “It was terrifying…If you talked they pointed a gun at you.”

  59. KathJuliane June 6, 2010 @ 5:24 pm

    We, anywhere in the world, are all Palestinians now.

    More from IMEU

    Espen Goffeng, Norway

    From an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

    “The first ammunition I heard striking the ship sounded like paint balls.”

    “But some people said there had to be glass in them, because of the wounds they caused.

    “There was a lot of blood in the stairwells and then the sound of the ammunition hitting metal changed again – I decided that was the live ammunition. People were yelling, ‘Live ammo! Live ammo!'”

    “I helped to carry one of the dead down to the second deck and as I returned a man who had been shot in the leg was being carried down. And when I moved to the press room, one of the men who worked there was dead, with a hole in his forehead and half his head missing.”

    Jerry Campbell, Australia

    From an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

    “I looked up as I was caring for a wounded Indonesian and saw my husband being carried in.”

    “I saw two men die out there…the floor was covered in blood and the IV units were tied to the ceiling with bandages.”

    “One man’s stomach was opened – his intestines were out and the doctor reached inside and pulled out some bullets, before pushing everything back in and wrapping him up. I don’t know if he survived.”

    Anne Jones, United States

    From an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

    “The Israel Defense Forces acted as pirates in shooting at us and stealing our ships in international waters.”

    “They kidnapped us and brought us to Israel; they arrested and imprisoned us; they paraded us before cameras in violation of the Geneva Conventions.”

    Huwaida Arraf, United States, passenger on the Challenger 1 and Palestinian-American Christian

    From an interview with Consortium News.

    “I saw the Israeli naval zodiacs approach that ship [the Mavi Marmara], I heard explosions which I took to be concussion grenades because they later used them on our ship also.

    These concussion grenades are sound bombs, and then shooting. I don’t know if it was rubber-coated bullets, live ammunition, or what kind, but there definitely was shooting coming from the Israelis toward the ship before they even boarded, and then I saw a helicopter overhead. That’s all really all that I was able to see before our vessel took off.”

    “We had planned to stay together and help each other as much as possible, but even the captain of the Turkish ship told us to go on ahead and told us to get the news out that we were under attack, and that’s what we did.

    “We tried to race ahead to prevent or at least delay the takeover of our ship until we could communicate to people what was happening.

    “We tried to outrun the Israeli naval vessels that were chasing us, and we were only able to do that for about ten minutes.”

    “…and then our boat was taken over. Israeli commandos came up on the side of the boat, and like I said, we tried to defend basically by putting our bodies up against the railings where they were trying to jump on [to our vessel].

    “They used sound bombs that exploded on deck and they also used tazers to subdue people, for lack of a better word.”

    “As much as we could we scrambled to prevent them from getting into the boat.

    “They smashed the glass doors of the boat to get in, and beat people down that tried to get in their way. A young volunteer from Belgium, she had her face bloodied. There was at least one dog, also, that I saw on the ship as they were wrestling people down.”

    “And they proceeded to beat us down and to, and like I said, subdue us.

    At one point my head was slammed against the back end and a soldier was stepping and stomping on my head while they were tying my hands behind my back, and then they put a bag over my head and dragged me to a different area of the boat, so I didn’t see exactly how much more they did to my colleagues, but after about 15 minutes they had taken over the boat.”

  60. KathJuliane June 6, 2010 @ 6:09 pm

    Saving the best inspiring testimony for last in this string of posts for Joe Cortina, for DWC, for Michael K, and for all of the veterans who may be reading this, as well as for every decent man in the world.

    It is the testimony of an American military man of the old school who still has his dignity and honor intact as a true warrior of truth, peace and justice and an example of what the cost will be for resistance.

    Ken O’Keefe from Istanbul to Window into Palestine – ex-US Marine, a top-deck defender of on the Mavi Marmara.

    See photos of his treatment in the custody of our “friends” the Israhelli’s after capture of the ship. Gives real meaning to ‘Fighting Irish,’ and when his testimony is read, he dished it out better than he got.

    He straightens out what really happened on deck behind Israhell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ spin on the released videos claiming the IOF hyenas were “attacked — with swords.”

    The hyena cowards of the S’13 that he and his brother co-defenders whipped are hiding behind anonymous initials boasting about “surviving” the blood thirsty enemy coming at them with “swords” and getting bogus medals for murder.

    O’Keefe’s photos might make good T-shirt material.

    Excerpts: So participating in the Freedom Flotilla is like a family reunion to me. It is my long lost family whose conscience is their guide, who have shed the fear, who act with humanity.

    But I was especially proud to join IHH and the Turkish elements of the flotilla. I deeply admire the strength and character of the Turkish people, despite your history having stains of injustice, like every nation, you are today from citizen to Prime Minister among the leaders in the cause of humanity and justice.

    I remember being asked during the TJP Human Shield Action to Iraq if I was a pacifist, I responded with a quote from Gandhi by saying I am not a passive anything.

    To the contrary I believe in action, and I also believe in self-defense, 100%, without reservation. I would be incapable of standing by while a tyrant murders my family, and the attack on the Mavri Mamara was like an attack on my Palestinian family.

    I am proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with those who refused to let a rogue Israeli military exert their will without a fight. And yes, we fought.

    When I was asked, in the event of an Israeli attack on the Mavri Mamara, would I use the camera, or would I defend the ship? I enthusiastically committed to defense of the ship.

    Although I am also a huge supporter of non-violence, in fact I believe non-violence must always be the first option.

    Nonetheless I joined the defense of the Mavri Mamarra understanding that violence could be used against us and that we may very well be compelled to use violence in self defense.

    I said this straight to Israeli agents, probably of Mossad or Shin Bet, and I say it again now, on the morning of the attack I was directly involved in the disarming of two Israeli Commandos.

    This was a forcible, non-negotiable, separation of weapons from commandos who had already murdered two brothers that I had seen that day.

    One brother with a bullet entering dead center in his forehead, in what appeared to be an execution. I knew the commandos were murdering when I removed a 9mm pistol from one of them.

    I had that gun in my hands and as an ex-US Marine with training in the use of guns it was completely within my power to use that gun on the commando who may have been the murderer of one of my brothers. But that is not what I, nor any other defender of the ship did.

    I took that weapon away, removed the bullets, proper lead bullets, separated them from the weapon and hid the gun.

    I did this in the hopes that we would repel the attack and submit this weapon as evidence in a criminal trial against Israeli authorities for mass murder.

    I also helped to physically separate one commando from his assault rifle, which another brother apparently threw into the sea. I and hundreds of others know the truth that makes a mockery of the brave and moral Israeli military.

    We had in our full possession, three completely disarmed and helpless commandos.

    These boys were at our mercy, they were out of reach of their fellow murderers, inside the ship and surrounded by 100 or more men.

    I looked into the eyes of all three of these boys and I can tell you they had the fear of God in them.

    They looked at us as if we were them, and I have no doubt they did not believe there was any way they would survive that day. They looked like frightened children in the face of an abusive father. But they did not face an enemy as ruthless as they.

    Instead the woman provided basic first aid, and ultimately they were released, battered and bruised for sure, but alive. Able to live another day. Able to feel the sun over head and the embrace of loved ones. Unlike those they murdered.

    Despite mourning the loss of our brothers, feeling rage towards these boys, we let them go.

    The Israeli prostitutes of propaganda can spew all of their disgusting bile all they wish, the commandos are the murders, we are the defenders, and yet we fought.

    We fought not just for our lives, not just for our cargo, not just for the people of Palestine, we fought in the name of justice and humanity. We were right to do so, in every way.

  61. D C June 6, 2010 @ 6:32 pm

    New Ideas of Liberty

    Article. V.

    The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article;

    AND that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.

    The 17th Amendment deprived some States of their sufferage in the Senate.

    We would do well to repeal the 17th Amendment! According to the 10th Amendment , the States are distinct from the People.

    This Article is talking about the State Governments, NOT the people of a State.

    Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Virginia did not ratify that amendment and were deprived of their equal suffrage in the Senate, thereby profoundly effecting the integrity of every Amendment to the Constitution!

    Also, the unseating of the Senators of Southern States for their refusal to ratify Amendment 14 constituted “exactly” that prohibition, “AND that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”

    The argument that the Senate shall be the sole judge of the qualifications of its members, used to justify their expulsion, flies directly in the face of Article V. The same can be said when attempting to balance the assertion that attainders of treason are legal with other lines that declare that no attainders of any sort are legal.

    Please notice that whan the Constitution proclaims with great bombast that it is Supreme over State Laws and Constitutions, it has no jurisdiction over State laws and Constitutions.

    The Senate MUST be returned to the States!!!

  62. loren June 6, 2010 @ 6:50 pm

    It seems that the US media has been effectively silenced.

    I am sending this from Australia, where at least we have independent media, the SMH, ABC, and SBS (multi-cultural) among others. The Murdoch papers are not to be believed, (apart from the price).

    Of course we have the usual shills proclaiming Israel was attacked.

    All that I have read about Obamas’ reaction was that he regrets the loss of lives, pretty pitiful. But then Rahm Emanuel was in Israel talking to Netanyahu on 26th May and Barak the day after.

    Was he advising them on what is acceptable behaviour?

  63. john June 6, 2010 @ 6:57 pm

    I have a very distinct sinking feeling in my heart and soul.

    Things are about to get very bad in this world, and yes the Zionists are behind it all!

    You have to keep in mind though these Zionist false Jews are not Hebrews.

    Do a quick study in the the word of GOD on the nethanim, and further back on the kenites! The trail leads right back to Cain the offspring of lucifer the fallen!

    Always seek the word of GOD and do not get caught up in the hype, not all Jews are bad.

    Also do not miss the fact that the true ISRAEL of these end times, are those who have been reborn and circumcised in their heart by the HOLYSPIRIT as THE REMNANT or the ELECT of GOD through JESUS the CHRIST!!! Amen.


  64. Disgusted White Christian June 6, 2010 @ 7:01 pm


    Thank you, my friend.

    His story was very inspiring, and makes me proud again, of “me Irish” heritage, on my mom’s side. She is looking down from heaven and smiling now.

    One thing the RZN family must understand, this is really an uphill battle. The “brain dead, soul dead” Christian Zionist just don’t want to take their head out of the sand.

    It is several days since the massacre, and yet, no one even answers my emails. I sent out to like 5 to people???

    It is like “Ohhh, I can’t let Big Brother Zionist, possible intercept this email, or be watching, and see me respond”???

    A sister I have, whom I have helped financially, and her daughter several times, actually refuses to see me, if she thinks I will bring this up.

    She calls it, “you have to lose your hatred.”

    Lose my “hatred,” because I am furious as a man, but more importantly as a human being, and someone with a soul, and conscience, that can’t turn my back on someone being bullied and suffering???

    I can’t tell you how many @ss beatings I got in school, trying to defend, the weak, from the strong.

    You know what, I still see the same apathy, that I witnessed, as a child, everyone watching a bully, beat some smaller kid to a pulp.

    No one doing anything, until I couldn’t take it, and rushed in, I got whipped myself, but at least, I stopped his tormenting another!

    Blessed are those who stand up for righteousness sake!

    So, I go on being a “social pariah”, the one, that will be shunned, if invited to a family gathering???

    The one that REFUSES to drink the rancid Kool-Aid!

    Like the Christ said, to the High Priests, “you hate me, because I tell you the TRUTH”!!!!!


  65. Disgusted White Christian June 6, 2010 @ 7:07 pm


    You can forget Obama and Biden both, a jellyfish has more backbone!

    Rahm Emanuel makes me want to puke!

    He is such a little 5th column Zionist shill, he wouldn’t even fight for this country during the Iraq War. He fought for Israel!


  66. Steve Johnson June 6, 2010 @ 7:47 pm

    The Israeli Knesset convened for two whole weeks to consider a response to the Turkish led IHH flotilla of aid boats.

    Shortly after that they made their decision on how to respond and the IDF they conducted “training drills” about how BOARD A BOAT and the Israeli commandos began helicopter launching training in anticipation of the fleets arrival.

    It would not be at all difficult for the masters of deception to “film” a scripted event showing the boarding forces defending themselves for the worlds’ media and release it as supporting propaganda for their lies.

    Of course it is interesting that the Israeli version of events is not substantiated by the EYE WITNESS ACCOUNTS now coming out.

    Another Excellent article Brother Nathanael

  67. Michael K. June 6, 2010 @ 9:00 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Thanks very much for connecting me to that story. I really don’t think I would have seen it otherwise, and it is SUCH a STORY. And after reading DWC’s words about e-mails not returned and the Christian Zionist thing, I might add that I too sense all that.

    This really is so much like the Nazis. And what everyone else is doing now is correctly called “appeasement”. And we all know, that is not wise with tyrants.

    Yet how exactly like the Nazis…Lie, lie, lie. Same with the Commies. My little joke for the past few years has been: (in a shrill monotone reminiscent of WWII radio propaganda) “Victory on all fronts! The enemy is in full retreat!”

    That’s what I think when I hear them talk about the “aftermath” of the Gulf Gusher, as if we believe along with them that its over now. As a local said to me the other day, “the media just tells people what they want to hear.”

    I’m very inspired by the survival of Ken O’Keefe’s humanity, and by his story getting out. This is the history repeating itself all over again, as the same thoughts that endlessly play out as different deeds.

    The Peace of Christ be With You.

  68. KathJuliane June 6, 2010 @ 9:11 pm

    The eyewitness accounts are being posted more and more, especially the “Euro” and English speaking ones. Another set is at If Americans Only Knew: Israel-Palestine – The Missing Headlines.

    This last should help round out a true interpretation of the Flotilla Massacre propaganda “talking points” and video manipulation disseminated from the “Ministry of Truth” (Israhell Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to Worldwide Zion and their interlocking networks of the Jew-owned Corporate Media, the national ZOG’s, synagogues and apostate Christian helpers and enablers, and the ‘hasbara’ trolls.

    “Most importantly, every witness who has so far spoken out contradicts the Israeli account of some kind of self-defense, saying that the Israelis first attacked in boats and that they had already opened fire on the flotilla before commandos began descending from helicopters.

    …Perhaps the best eyewitness account to begin with is that of Paul McGeough, twice named Australia’s journalist of the year.

    He writes:

    The Israeli attack was timed for dawn prayers – when a good number of the men aboard the Mavi Marmara were praying on the aft deck of the big Turkish passenger ferry, as it motored steadily through international waters in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

    …Suddenly sound bombs and tear gas were exploding on the main aft deck, where prayers were held five times a day.

    The life-jacketed passengers on the rails at first seemed oblivious as those behind them donned the few gas masks that were on board and others, wearing asbestos gloves, sought to grab the devices and hurl them back at the Israeli commandos before they exploded.

    In failing to get their grappling irons to hold on the rails of the five-deck ferry, the commandos in their Zodiac-style assault craft continued to be an irritant, or perhaps a decoy because at this point the Israelis opted for a critical change of plan – if they could not come up from the water, they would have to drop from the sky.

    On hearing the machines, activists on the upper decks rushed to the top level of the ship – grabbing the commandos even before they landed, disarming them; beating them until, according to some who were present, leaders demanded the Israelis not be harmed; but in one case, one of the Israelis was hurled from one deck of the ship to the next.

    …There were conflicting accounts of the first commando landing – some activists said he was injured and was being carried inside the ship for treatment by the flotilla doctors.

    However, a Serbian cameraman, Srojan Stojiljkovic, said some of the activists had armed themselves with lengths of chain and metal posts that had served as cordons around the ship’s lifeboats.

    “Some of the people caught the first commando before he touched the deck – a few started to hit him, but a lot of people moved in to shelter him with their bodies,” the cameraman said. “Another soldier with a bleeding nose was brought in … a few people threw punches, but not as many as I would have expected.”

    Matthias Gardel, a leader of the Swedish Palestinian support group, confirmed the soldiers had been beaten, but insisted those involved were unarmed and in keeping with the ship’s non-violent charter, the soldiers’ weapons were thrown overboard.

    McGeough also notes that at least two people were shot from behind while treating wounded, another was shot from above.

    The Turkish actor Sinan Albayrak said he had witnessed one of the most senior of the Turkish activists ordering passengers to cease beating two of the Israeli soldiers.

    Later, he saw a Turkish photographer who had been shot in the back of the head; while he and others had been attempting to assist another injured activist, “Israeli troops had opened fire on them . . . we ran away from the injured man”.

    The dead include a Turkish journalist, Chetin Genghis, whose head wounds suggested he had been shot from above – possibly from one of the helicopters. After witnessing his dying moments, his colleague Hisham Goruney said:”I want to forget – I still don’t believe that I saw it.”

    Another of the dead was said to be an Indonesian cameraman, Sura Fachrizaz, shot in the chest. Also among the dead was a Malaysian doctor who, activists said, was shot while treating the wounded.

    All of these elements are confirmed by other witness accounts. Canadian Farooq Burney, mentioned by John earlier, is head of an organisation that was bringing a consignment of laptops into Gaza to help educate children there.”

  69. IH8AllZionists June 6, 2010 @ 10:07 pm

    Joe Biden’s head deserves to be on a stick and fed to any animal sick enough to eat it.

    Joe Biden I will pray for your soul, not only you but your whole family.

    I Pray for God’s justice on you, Joe f-ing Jewish Biden.

  70. KathJuliane June 6, 2010 @ 11:27 pm

    ”The Zionists want to rule the world”, warned holy monk of Mt. Athos Elder Paisios before his death in 1994.


    “The spirit of lukewarmness reigns. There’s no manliness at all! We’ve been spoiled for good! How does God still tolerate us? Today’s generation is the generation of indifference.

    There are no warriors. The majority are fit only for parades. Godlessness and blasphemy are allowed to appear on television. And the Church is silent and doesn’t excommunicate the blasphemers. And they need to be excommunicated. What are they waiting for?

    Let’s not wait for someone else to pull the snake out from its hole so that we can live in peace. They’re silent out of indifference. What’s bad is that even people who’ve got something inside have begun to grow cool, saying: “Can I really do anything to change the situation?”

    *We have to witness our faith with boldness, because if we continue to be silent we’ll have to answer in the end.*

    In these difficult days each must do what’s in their power. And leave what’s out of their power to the will of God. In this way our conscience will be clear. If we don’t resist, then our ancestors will arise from their graves. They suffered so much for the Fatherland, and we? What are we doing for it?

    If Christians don’t begin to witness their faith, to resist evil, then the destroyers will become even more insolent.

    But today’s Christians are no warriors. If the Church keeps silent, to avoid conflict with the government, if the metropolitans are silent, if the monks hold their peace, then who will speak up?”

  71. Masi June 6, 2010 @ 11:50 pm

    The day of which Our Lord said,

    “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child. Children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God”; is at hand.

  72. Timu June 7, 2010 @ 12:17 am

    The attack on the Freedom Flotilla, might appear as a separate and distinct humanitarian issue, unrelated to US-Israeli war plans. But from the standpoint of both Tel Aviv and Washington, it is part of the broader military agenda.

    It is intended to create conditions favoring an atmosphere of confrontation and escalation in the Middle East war theater; “Was the Obama Administration involved in the Planning of the Israeli Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla?” – here –

    “In this surreal world of clandestine means and covert policy, where all is “secret” and betrayal is the norm we must recognize that no international “event” is co-incidental or accidental.” –


  73. Timu June 7, 2010 @ 1:03 am

    The big question I would pose is; did this event go down as pre-planned?

    It appears that the Israeli intercept team were surprised at the resistance, (and it also appears as if, had the resisters not been ordered to submit to the interceptors, and had they used the weapons they so easily took from the attackers, that things would have gone much differently).

    Why were the Israeli sailors so surprised? Had they been assured of a “cake walk”? How many of the crew, and participants were actually intelligence agency plants? How many of the “bleeding heart” humanitarians were witless dupes? How close did the whole event come to the original U.S/Israeli Intelligence script?

    The attack on the Freedom Flotilla, might appear as a separate and distinct humanitiarian issue, unrelated to US-Israeli war plans. But from the standpoint of both Tel Aviv and Washington, it is part of the broader military agenda.

    It is intended to create conditions favoring an atmosphere of confrontation and escalation in the Middle East war theater; “Was the Obama Administration involved in the Planning of the Israeli Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla?” – here –

    “In this surreal world of clandestine means and covert policy, where all is “secret” and betrayal is the norm we must recognize that no international “event” is co-incidental or accidental.” – Timu

  74. Timu June 7, 2010 @ 2:00 am

    “Flotilla 13, or Shayetet 13 in Hebrew, is considered one of the Israeli army’s elite special force units. It was formed in 1949 based on the naval brigade of the Haganah Jewish terrorist group, a group which operated against the British mandate in Palestine and was responsible for numerous grave acts of terrorism against the British and the Arabs inside Palestine and beyond.”

    The use of this “Brigade” instead of conventional naval personal is most telling. Their rehearsal of the event is also most telling. These “special operations” units have closer ties to the intelligence community than conventional forces do.

    Very often the members of these units are “temporarily assigned” to intelligence to carry out covert missions on their behalf. The participation of Shayetet 13, as the unit to carry out the “intercept” lends much support to the view that this entire incident was a U.S/ Israeli Intelligence “scripted” operation.

    None should be so naive as to think that Mossad and CIA have no operatives within the Gaza Aide initiative.

    “In this surreal world of clandestine means and covert policy, where all is “secret” and betrayal is the norm we must recognize that no international “event” is co-incidental or accidental.” – Timu

  75. Michael K. June 7, 2010 @ 5:46 am

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Blessed Elder Paisios is in my thoughts often now, and I am also reading Elder Thaddeus +

    This quote from the above cited teachings of Elder Paisios stuck out to me. I dedicate it to the Ken O’Keefe and to all the soldiers subject to St. Michael the Archangel:

    “Death in battle adds greatly to God’s mercy, for a person who dies the death of the brave sacrifices himself to defend others.

    Those who give up their lives out of pure love in order to defend their neighbor are imitating Christ. These people are supreme heroes. They arouse fear in our enemies.

    Death herself trembles before them, because they scorn her due to their great love, and attain immortality in this fashion, finding the key to eternity under the gravestone. They enter into eternal blessedness without difficulty.”

  76. QUESTION June 7, 2010 @ 5:59 am

    To BN

    Why waiting until 1940s to create Israel? I mean, being a historical demand, it could have been physically implemented thousands, literally thousands, of years before (even prior to islamization) with more operational freedom and less explanations and controversies.

    My humble donation is on its way! (cash via snail mail)

  77. Michael K. June 7, 2010 @ 6:19 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael and the RZN family,

    This following story, picked up at Rense, is potentially of major meaning:

    The nightly news report from Mississippi shows what looks like chemical droplet damage to their crops, weeds, trees and show dead birdies in their birdhouses.

    The most likely source, in my humble opinion, is airborne tankers laden with Corexit 9500 or SeaBrat 4. The area affected seems to lie in a line between Illinois (Chicagoland) and the Gulf Gusher.

    I presume that since the news media informed me that Corexit is Manufactured in Illinois and then sprayed on the sea in the Gulf to make the oil sink, that a aerial tanker on route either had a leak or left the sprayers on as the passed over land.

    These people got an oil dispersant spray down, plain as day. It is toxic at 2-3ppm.

    What comes next is that, if the dispersant-oil-water emulsion gets evaporated in the heat of summer, it will come down as rain and the toxicity may be an issue.

  78. sandy June 7, 2010 @ 7:14 am

    On that day, you and your god came the beginning of our misery.

    It was the beginning of tribute,
    The beginning of church dues…
    The beginning of strife by trampling on people,
    The beginning of robbery and violence,
    The beginning of forced debts,
    The beginning of debts enforced by false testimony
    The beginning of individual strife.
    (a Mayan view of European rule)

    We would all like to go back to the garden of Eden but we all know we can’t.

    Their self interpretation of land rights is totally absurd.

    How could apartheid last for such a long time in South Africa? With a lot of help.

    From whom? Many of you, without even knowing it.

    Why? too much of an inconvenient truth.

  79. Rick W June 7, 2010 @ 8:52 am

    Just another example that freedom of speech does not exist in the United States.

    This from Arutz Sheva ( Monday, June 7

    Helen Thomas ‘Shoots Self in Mouth,’ Speech Canceled
    by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    Helen Thomas Taken Off Stage

    Veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas “shot herself in the mouth” with her off-the-cuff remarks that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine.” Her speech scheduled for next Monday at a high school graduation near Washington, D.C. was canceled.

    Walt Whitman High School principal Alan Goodwin in Bethesda, Maryland wrote an email to parents that “a mutual understanding” was reached with Thomas that she would not speak to graduating students.

    “Graduation celebrations are not the venue for divisiveness,” Goodwin wrote. “Graduation is the time for a cohesive and joyous celebration of our students’ achievements.”

    Thomas, 89 and the daughter of Lebanese immigrants, was filmed and taped after a Jewish Heritage event at the White House late last week. She said that Jews in Israel should “go home” to Poland, Germany and the United States.

    A Facebook campaign is underway demanding that the Hearst newspaper chain fire her, and New York gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio commented, “Helen Thomas’ racist and despicable comments against members of the Jewish community is an offense to all who wish to live in freedom… Hearst must do the right thing and fire Ms. Thomas immediately. Nothing less will do.”

    Her scheduled commencement speech was to be heard in a school that has a large number of Jewish students. If Thomas were to appear, she would be met by “a lot of people booing her off the stage… It would be an embarrassment,” Whitman high school parent Raisa Siepoy told American media.

    “One worries about freedom of speech, [but] the biggest concern is this is the kids’ day, and nothing should be a distraction,” commented Patricia O’Neill, president of the Montgomery County School Board.

    Hamas, on the other hand, gave its approval, writing on the Al Qassam website:

    “[There is] no doubt that Thomas Helen [sic] has told the truth that everybody in the world knows, but as [an] American in a very important position, she was attacked by Zionists who went mad from the reality she mentioned in front of all people.

    “Thomas Helen was directly accused by Jews and pro-Israel masses as anti-Semite Nazi. Israelis ignore the reality, that they never belong in Palestine but belong in some other countries…they know better.”

  80. H Y June 7, 2010 @ 11:10 am

    Jerrusalem in The Qur’aan

    At the very heart of the Qur’anic view of the destiny of Jerusalem, and of the Holy Land, is the declaration that when the final count-down in the Last Age arrives Jews would be gathered from the Diaspora in which they were broken up and dispersed, and to which they had been consigned, and would be brought back to the Holy Land as a ‘mingled crowd’ (Qur’an, Banu Israil, 17:104).

    That Divine promise has already been fulfilled. Jews have already returned to the Holy Land and reclaimed it! Their success has led such Jews to believe in the religious legitimacy of the State of Israel that they created.

    Islam explains that this Israel possesses no religious legitimacy. Rather, those Jews were deceived in the greatest act of deception history has ever witnessed, and the stage is now set for them to receive the greatest Divine punishment ever inflicted upon any people. But before Banu Israil’s final divine punishment takes place, there is great drama which is yet to unfold in the Holy Land and, indeed, in the world.

    Islam has a different view of the historical process as it pertains to the Holy Land. It is one in which time is fast running out for Israel. The Sea of Galilee will soon run dry! Jesus will return!

    And his return will witness the destruction of the State of Israel.

    Jews had the same Truth that Muslims have, but they corrupted it. They had a sufficiently long period of time in Madina (after the Hijrah) in which to accept the uncorrupted Truth that came in the Qur’an, and to accept Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), whom Muslims believe is the Last Prophet of the God of Abraham, but they obstinately refused to do

    Time then ran out for them when Allah Most High changed the Qiblah (see Qur’an, al-Baqarah, 2:141-145).

    It then became too late for them to avert the collective fate that now stares them in their faces. More than any other event that still remains to unfold in history, the destiny of Jerusalem and the fate that awaits the State of Israel, will validate Islam’s claim to uncorrupted Truth.

    One dimension of the over-all Zionist-Jewish strategy has been the attempt to control Israel’s strategic environment through cultivating alliances of expediency with a corrupt, permanently rich, predatory and godless elite who now control the Arab-Muslim communities around Israel on Israel’s behalf.

    That elite is forced to maintain friendly ties with Israel in order to maintain their position of power, dominance, privilege and wealth. Those Jews who are supporters of the State of Israel constantly put pressure on that elite to so oppress Muslims that they would either be forced into submission to Israel, or their opposition to Israel would pose no threat to the Jews.

    When Israel escalates its oppression in the Holy Land and the Muslim Arab masses become enraged then that ruling elite is forced, as a matter of survival, to adopt a posture of anger against Israel.

    This Jewish-Arab (elite) strategy has today reached an advanced stage of implementation. … It is the strategy of a people who have essentially abandoned the ethical heart of the religion of Abraham (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam). The Zionist-Jewish strategy requires that they one day abandon that Arab elite.

    Indeed the strategy of abandoning that Arab elite has already begun. Even as we write Israel is preparing for a war with the Arab Muslims that would result in an expansion of the territory of the Jewish State. Israel would then rule the entire region as the Ruling State in the world (i.e., replacing USA as the Ruling State).

    In response to all such Jewish strategies that seek to defy Allah Most High and the believers, and to subvert destiny, the Qur’an ominously declared:

    “And they (the Jews) plotted and planned, and Allah too plotted and planned, and Allah is the best of plotters and planners.”
    (Qur’an, Ale Imran, 3:54)

    If the Arabs are not ‘people’, if they are just ‘grasshoppers’ as former Israeli Prime Minister Shamir once declared, did they not permit the Jews to dwell amongst them for more than two thousand years? The Arabs guaranteed to the Jews security of life and property while they lived amongst them in the Arab lands for more than two thousand years.

    The Arabs did all of this and more at a time when Europeans had closed their doors to Jews, or had reluctantly allowed them to live in ghettoes. Arabs did this because they still possessed a ‘remnant’ of the religion of Abraham that had come to them with Ishmael (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam). That ‘remnant’ of the Truth had taught them to show hospitality. To this day the hospitality of the Arab has survived.

    The same religion of Abraham should have taught those Jews to show gratitude to hospitable ‘grass-hoppers’.

    And so, from a Biblical perspective, the Jewish success in restoring the State of Israel and in then expanding the territory of the State, in addition to Jewish control over the holy city of Jerusalem, certainly appears to validate Judaism’s claim to Truth.

    Our question is: How was this achieved without the Messiah? The answer is that it was achieved through the deception of a False Messiah (al-Masih al-Dajjal)!

    Again, the inescapable implication of the apparent success in restoring the Biblical Israel was the validation of the Jewish claim that Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them both) were both impostors.

    But in order for Israel to be created, Judaism had to hitch its wagon onto the newly emergent, essentially godless and decadent modern western civilization.

    That godless western world established its authority as the peerless dominant actor on the stage of the world, “descending on mankind from every height” or “spreading out in all directions”(Surah al-Anbiyah, 21:96) to control all the sea, land and air. Nor could the Jewish State have survived these fifty years but for the active assistance of that all powerful but godless and decadent West.

    Jerusalem, a city sacred to Muslims, Christians and Jews, is destined to play the most significant of all roles in the End of History. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are
    all agreed on this.

    There are an abundance of signs, plainly visible to those blessed with spiritual insight (i.e., who see with two eyes, the external and the internal) that we now live in that Last Age, the age that will witness the End of History.

    Perhaps for the first time in history a war is being fought with ‘stones’.

    The Palestinian Muslim intifada (uprising) continues to deliver its response to Israeli oppression with ‘stones’. That is a truly ominous sign for Israel.

    In addition, Israel has engaged in the indiscriminate destruction of ‘trees’ in the Holy Land. Thousands of olive trees have already been destroyed by Israel in a diabolical effort to increase the economic hardship being imposed upon the Palestinian people, Muslim as well as Christian.

    The outrage against these acts of Fasad (awesome oppression and wickedness) is such that the ‘trees’ and ‘stones’ in the Holy Land are now beginning to ‘speak’ in fulfillment of the prophecy of the Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam).

    Of course the trees and stones cannot be heard with the external ears. Rather, it is with the internal hearing faculty in the heart of those who possess faith (Iman) that one will hear the ‘trees’ and ‘stones’ when they speak!

    That, perhaps, explains why the Saudi, Egyptian, Turkish, Jordanian and Pakistani Governments, as well as so many other governments around the world, appear unable to hear the stones speaking in the Holy Land!

    BN –

    Thanks so much for letting me through.

  81. KathJuliane June 7, 2010 @ 11:45 am

    The Zio-Christian ‘Patriotic Resistance’ and ‘Resist Net’ is making certain that the disgusting Jew-video ‘satire’ “We Conned the World” mocking the Flotilla Massacre and produced in Israhell goes viral, and floods the US and the West as propaganda hit piece.

    Darla the National Director very clearly states that she received this trash from “the Jerusalem Center,” assuredly an overseas department in Tel Aviv’s “Ministry of Truth.”

    Doubtless, this filth will also blow into “Catholic Friends of Israel” if it hasn’t already.

    No wonder RZN Family can’t get anywhere talking about the Jew and Zionist issues even with the families.

  82. Today June 7, 2010 @ 12:04 pm

    The Consequences of Sin

    Deuteronomy 24:4, it says, “Thou shalt not cause the land to sin.” Not only are you not to sin, but you are not to cause someone to sin.

    Many people think their sin is between themselves and God, but one person’s sin can create stumbling blocks for many people and cause corruption of an entire nation.

    Everyone should think ahead of time, about how their sin can impact innocents, not just children, especially by participating in the 7 deadly sins and how the young copy adults and how an individual’s sin can cause members of the flock to fall away….

    “Lord, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

  83. Timu June 7, 2010 @ 1:04 pm

    Should we really wonder when an American is subjected to “lethal action” via allied agents?

    After all, one “reform” that the “change” administration implemented was a directive by President Obama authorizing the assassination of American citizens accused of terrorism.

    Death sentences would be carried out without any legal recourse whatsoever, simply on the basis of unsubstantiated Executive Branch allegations.

    Once again the US government has permitted the Israeli state to murder good people known for their moral conscience. The Israeli state has declared that anyone with a moral conscience is an enemy of Israel, and every American president except Eisenhower and Carter has agreed.

    The consensus was that Israel was “sending a message.” Anyone who dared challenge its naval blockade and siege of Gaza would meet a similar fate.

    This is a correct yet superficial analysis. The real motive behind the Israeli assault is far more sinister: to deliberately undermine (if not entirely abort) consequential, substantive peace talks with the Palestinians and Syrians, and repay the Turks for negotiating a nuclear fuel-swap deal with Iran (which significantly set back Israel’s case for military intervention).

    In essence, it was done to sabotage peace. “We have to set up a dynamic state bent upon expansion,” David Ben Gurion once famously stated. And peace, stability and diplomacy are obstacles to Zionism’s tenets of land acquisition and subjugation of indigenous peoples.

    That was exactly the intent. Israel can easily wither “international isolation” to the extent the U.S. will continue to protect it from meaningful sanction. Israel actually covets isolation; it permits it to operate in a “nothing to lose” mode. Expropriation of Palestinian land accelerates and its reckless behavior goes unchecked.

    Additionally, the attack effectively severs relations with Turkey. Israel wants no part of a non-military solution to the Iranian nuclear issue like the one just brokered by Turkey and Brazil.

    Turkey’s role in mediating between Syria and Israel, for all the perfunctory plaudits the latter gave it, was actually unwelcome and is now too off the table.

    “Sabotaging Peace” – here –

    “In this surreal world of clandestine means and covert policy, where all is “secret” and betrayal is the norm we must recognize that no international “event” is co-incidental or accidental.” – Timu

  84. Timu June 7, 2010 @ 1:57 pm

    Israel Declares US Citizen on Aid Ship a ‘Terrorist’

    Gulf War Vet Was Opponent of 2003 US Invasion of Iraq

    – here –

    June 6, 2010 – Israel’s convoluted claims of secret terrorists being on board the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara aid ship, despite no one being charged with any such crime, took a leap forward today when the Israeli military decided to name names.

    Among the official “terrorists” named by the Israeli military but mysteriously already released was US citizen and long-time antiwar activist Kenneth O’Keefe, who the military claimed was plotting to “train and establish Hamas commando units”.

    O’Keefe, a former US Marine and veteran of the first Gulf War, may be remembered by some as the leader of a group of antiwar protesters who went to Iraq in early 2003, ahead of the US invasion, to organize the Human Shield Action to Iraq.

    O’Keefe and some 80 other non-violent activists stayed in Baghdad throughout the initial invasion, holding positions in Iraqi orphanages and hospitals in an attempt to prevent them being attacked by the invading troops. None of the protesters were injured, and none of the sites they protected were attacked.

    Since leaving the US military O’Keefe has been an outspoken advocate of non-violent protest. He was injured while in Israeli custody, reportedly after being beaten in detention, and is now in an Istanbul hospital recovering.

    Should we really wonder when an American is subjected to “lethal action” via allied agents?

    After all, one “reform” that the “change” administration implemented was a directive by President Obama authorizing the assassination of American citizens accused of terrorism.

    “In this surreal world of clandestine means and covert policy, where all is “secret” and betrayal is the norm we must recognize that no international “event” is co-incidental or accidental.” – Timu

  85. Comedy Central Plans On Airing Show Mocking Jesus June 7, 2010 @ 2:28 pm

    Please contact them and speak up for Christ —

    Regular RZN readers know who runs television.

    How many shows will be aired mocking the Talmud, Maimonides, or Rabbis?

    Talk about a Brave New Zionist World.

  86. Timu June 7, 2010 @ 2:48 pm

    Now that an American, Kenneth O’ Keefe, who participated in the Gaza Aide Flotilla, has been “officially declared a terrorist” by ZIOCLOPS, I think we can look for a marked “spike” in calls to curb “home grown terrorism” from the likes of Shumer, Leiberman, Pelosi; et al.

    Watch for it as ZIOCLOPS milks this one for all it’s worth!

  87. Zionists and Race Prejudice? or Truth Prejudice? June 7, 2010 @ 2:49 pm

    “While writing The Races of Europe (1939), I was thought to be on the wrong side of the fence. I was asked to write an article on race prejudice as part of a trilogy with Franz Boas and Harry Shapiro.

    I regarded this as a valid contract, otherwise I would not have bothered to write it. Then Walsh (Pearl Buck’s husband)refused to print my article or to pay me, because he did not like what I had written.

    I stated that racial prejudice was a natural phenomenon common to mammals in general, a behavioral isolating mechanism important in the origin of species via subspecies, or races. This was perfectly true and still is, particularly now that zoologists recognize the importance of behavioral differences in animal taxonomy.

    For example, it was thought that the gnu was in the cattle family, but we know now that it is in the gazelle family, for its mating behavior is close to that of the hartebeeste.

    Those who say that man’s culture negates nature [Communists, behaviorists, and Zionists–editor] need only observe what went on in Northern Ireland, where Catholics and Protestants killed each other. Cultural differences, as in religion, can make members of the same race act as if they were members of different species; Boas, if not indeed Walsh, should have known that.

    Dr. Carleton S. Coon, Sr.
    Adventures and Discoveries (1981)

  88. Masi June 7, 2010 @ 3:10 pm

    What does it take to be declared a terrorist by the Zioterrorists?

    Apparently standing up to them qualifies, criticizing them will surely get you in the ball park, how about if Zion “thinks” that an infant may possibly grow up to harm Israel? CRAZY?

    Just check this out – here – Even babies and children are fair targets, “if it is clear they will grow up to harm us,” the rabbi wrote. “If hurting an evil leader’s children will pressure him to stop acting maliciously – you can hurt them,” the newspaper reported, quoting Shapira.

    And – here – “Those who, by speech, weaken our sovereignty” – deserve to die, the book explains. “It is permissible… even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation.”

    See –

  89. Disgusted White Christian June 7, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

    Read this about Facebook, the Zionist gets that Devil pentagram (SOD) in everything, doesn’t he???

    Look real close at the 2nd link, you can make out the Star of David, right in the middle of it???


  90. Patty June 7, 2010 @ 5:37 pm

    Thank You, Brother Nathanael,

    — For posting the extremely interesting comment by H Y, “Jerusalem In The Koran”.

    I think that the Joomedia has done an outstanding job at inducing an Islamaphobia across much of the Western World. Of course it should be self evident as to why they have done so.

    Yes the Zioclops covets Islamic lands; but moreso, they fear Islam desperately. It seems also evident that Islam has a much keener perception of the true nature of Zion than the mesmerised Christians in the West.

    What’s more, they are commited to fight it. How evil must one’s perception of his enemy be, that he is willing to fight tanks and armored personel carriers with mere stones!

    If, a proportionate number of “Christians” were so willing, Ziondom would soon fall. The Joomedia has sown the seeds of discord ‘tween Christian and Moslem; and has tended to their “garden project” with attentive waterings and fertilizations.

    I would think that nothing, save the Second Advent of Christ Our Lord, would send thoes of fear through their courses; as, a united front comprised of Christians and Moslems in concert.

    A most inspiring, and defining illustration, of how the Moslem views the Jew, can be viewed here:

  91. KathJuliane June 7, 2010 @ 6:36 pm

    “The Ministry of Truth” in Tel Aviv has put the American Kenneth O’Keefe on their “terrorist list” because he tapped lightly with his knuckles enough to rearrange some of the noses of the of the vaunted and heroic Givati Brigade – the rabid dogpack and murderous Scourge of Gaza.

    From Intifada-Palestine:

    FLOTILLA: Israel Hasbara Fails Again: Photos Show Mavi Marmara Passengers [“mercenaries” and “terrorists”] Protecting, Aiding Israeli Soldiers Captured, disarmed hijackers did not face “lynching” as Israel claimed.

    The website of Turkish newspaper Hürriyet published a gallery of photos showing Israeli soldiers captured after their attack on the Mavi Marmara in international waters in the early hours of 31 May.

    The predictable response of the Israeli army, as quoted in Haaretz, was that the “published pictures serve as clear and unequivocal proof of Israel’s repeated arguments that aboard [the Mavi Marmara] were mercenaries who intended to kill Israeli soldiers.”

    Israeli spokespersons and media in recent days have also claimed the soldiers faced “lynching,” a provocative term which originated to describe the deliberate mob murders of African Americans by white supremacists in the United States.

    In some of the Hürriyet photos passengers or medics appear to be protecting (“smothering”) and aiding the Israeli soldiers. Below we see a passenger taking a clearly wounded Israeli attacker and protecting him — not from any violent attack — but merely from being photographed (“shot by the camera”).

    An additional photo, not included in the Hürriyet gallery, but posted on the Facebook fan page of The Economist shows the same soldier, and the person (“terrorist mercenary”) who was holding him, while a third person (“terrorist”) administers medical care.

    Another photo from the Hürriyet gallery, below, again shows a soldier who appears to be getting assistance to stop bleeding on his face with a bandage or white cloth.

    Of course it is possible to give a lurid, sensational and imaginative, explanation to this photo — as the Israeli army is trying to do — and claim that someone is trying to suffocate the soldier!

    But given the fact that he wasn’t suffocated and all the Israeli soldiers came home alive, the most likely explanation, that fits with all the other evidence, is that he was being cared for.

    Finally, the fact that passengers were giving aid to captured Israeli hijackers even as the ship was still under full scale assault by the Israeli military is bolstered by video which has recently emerged of the first moments of the attack.

    In the video, passengers are appealing for help and one says clearly that several soldiers were injured in their descent from the choppers, that they had been taken by the passengers and were receiving medical care. This is in the thick of the action, so it seems entirely credible that the passenger is reporting what he had just witnessed.

    At about 3:34 in this video, a man speaking Turkish appears, and according to the french subtitles on the video, says that Israeli helicopters dropped about 10 soldiers onto the ship, that passengers had subdued two, and two others had been injured during their drop.

    He then says, “our friends are trying to come to their aid right now,” and adds, “What we say to the Israelis is that no one should be injured, neither them nor us. Their soldiers who fell onto the bridge are in good hands. Our friends are looking after them, no one is doing them any harm. This operation must be stopped!”

  92. Larry June 7, 2010 @ 6:52 pm

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.

    He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

    When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

    — Jesus Christ

  93. Larry June 7, 2010 @ 7:00 pm

    Jesus Christ affirmed this when he warned the Jews:

    “I am come in my Father’s Name but you will not receive Me.

    Another will come in his own name and him you will receive.” (St John 5:43)

  94. the brainy zilch June 7, 2010 @ 8:48 pm

    Jews, Jews are the baddies, and Gentiles the poor dupes.

    The very existence of the state of Israel depends on Gentile propping up, just like the Jew nation of communist Russia depended on Gentile propping up.

    Br Nathanael how are you going to overcome the ‘Jew’ problem when we all know it is caused by the Gentile problem?

    Only Jesus can overcome.

    By ourselves we “can do nothing”.

    Whilst its good to inform people of the “Jew” problem, it won’t solve anything till we overcome ourselves, and begin to live the life Jesus has destined for us.

    Then we can direct our prayers against the Gentile satanists in the Illuminati conclaves who, believe me are far more powerful by weight of numbers alone, than their Jewish counterparts.

    Anything else is pure misdirected energy, smoke and mirrors and a satanic deception.

    In the last days, if he could, the devil will deceive even the elect.

    Move foreward, training our eyes on the enemy within ‘our own ranks’ not the Jews always.

    And in a unity of souls, invoking the power of Exorcism, in the Catholic and Orthodox religious charism, through study and practice to ROOT THEM OUT.

  95. Adora June 7, 2010 @ 9:11 pm


    Please clarify, why you responded to me, with this sentence:

    “How could you call yourself a Christian if you sit by, and let them (Zionist) take every aspect of Christ out of our lives and not say anything or even protest???).”

    Was this question directed to me? Or to the unenlightened population?

  96. LK June 7, 2010 @ 9:19 pm

    More on Helen Thomas:

  97. KathJuliane June 7, 2010 @ 10:05 pm

    “Jerusalem (CNN) — The Israeli government’s press division is apologizing for circulating a link to a video that mocks activists aboard a ship headed to Gaza earlier this week that was blocked by an Israeli raid.

    The press office of the Prime Minister of Israel released the video ‘We Con the World’ mocking the Freedom Flotilla movement put together by Caroline Glick, former IDF and editor of the Jerusalem Post, and closely tied to the White House and Congressional Jews as senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs of the Center for Security Policy.

    She continues: “If you are interested in supporting our work, please contact the CSP here (link).

    The mailing address is:
    The Center for Security Policy
    1901 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 201
    Washington, DC 20006

    The CNN article continues with the Israeli Government Press Office stating:

    “Due to a misunderstanding on our part, earlier (Friday) we inadvertently issued a video link that had been sent for our perusal,” according to a statement from Israel’s Government Press Office, which distributed the link to media outlets.

    “It was not intended for general release,” the statement said. “The contents of the video in no way represent the official policy of either the Government Press Office or of the State of Israel.”

    Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev dismissed the the video link, saying, “The GPO sends out lots of articles. It doesn’t mean they like it.”

    Regev said he first noticed the video on the New York Times website.

    “I called my kids in to watch it because I thought it was funny,” he said. “It is what Israelis feel. But the government has nothing to do with it. The GPO distributes non-government items, things that we think that show our side of the story.”

    Frank Gaffney is the Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C. The Center is a not-for-profit, non-partisan educational corporation established in 1988.

    He is the host of the nationally-syndicated radio program Secure Freedom Radio, heard weeknights throught the country.

    Mr. Gaffney is the lead-author of War Footing: Ten Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World (Naval Institute Press, 2005).

    Gaffney contributes to security policy debate in his capacity as a weekly columnist for the Washington Times,, and; contributor to National Review Online, and appears periodically in WorldNetDaily, the New York Post, and FrontPageMagazine.

    In April 1987, Mr. Gaffney was nominated by President Reagan to become the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, the senior position in the Defense Department with responsibility for policies involving nuclear forces, arms control and U.S.-European defense relations.

    Oh, suuuurrrre it was released by accident through some “misunderstanding”, right junglesurvivalcamp, ndamstra, Delirium888, boson2higgs and ArteTuga?

  98. Lynda June 8, 2010 @ 12:28 am

    I second this KathJulianne.

    That first line of “We Con the World” will live in infamy.

    Every time Hellisreal pulls one of their ‘jobs’, I can see people put on their best Captain’s voice and sing: “There comes a time, when you have to make a show – for the world, the web and CNN”. With feeling, people. Strength and feeling.

    And that is just for starters. I can see lots of funny Flotilla re-enactments with that schmaltzy music showing the international terrorists attacking the Hellisreal Commandos with hair spray, life-jackets, soup ladles, pantyhose and oh and please, please BOXCUTTERS. Norad stands down again! Yes!!

    What should we have our Hellisreal Commando sing? The one who is fallen in battle on the deck of the love boat overcome with jasmine fumes as the goyim labour to revive him?

    Anol shalom
    Anol sheh lay konnud
    De ne um {shaddiai}

    The goyim take on this could be very good.

    The YouTube Vid could be better than the one of Two Angry Camels in a Car. They’ll never live it down.

  99. Halina June 8, 2010 @ 5:01 am

    IN RESPONSE to small part of Rick W COMMENT;

    “Thomas, 89 and the daughter of Lebanese immigrants, was filmed and taped after a Jewish Heritage event at the White House late last week. She said that Jews in Israel should “go home” to Poland, Germany and the United States.”


    Please! NOooo!!! Why dumping them on Poland? That’s so unfair!

    This country is my home!!!!

    It is not where the Jews originally came from. Polish people are NOT Jews!

    The Polish government is already infiltrated with many Zionists.

    Truly, we don’t need more!

  100. Michael K. June 8, 2010 @ 7:19 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Amidst speculations that the “Freedom Floatilla” was organized at the highest levels to further a grander plan, we have this latest news from ‘whine-net’:

    ‘Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards are ready to provide a military escort to cargo ships trying to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza, a representative of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Sunday.’

    ‘”Iran’s Revolutionary Guards naval forces are fully prepared to escort the peace and freedom convoys to Gaza with all their powers and capabilities,” Ali Shirazi, Khamenei’s representative inside the Revolutionary Guards, was quoted as saying by the semi-official Mehr news agency.’

    While I am constrained to agree that Iran has a technical right to do so, and that what they are advancing is true, I am reminded by Elder Paisios’ words that even truth can be wielded to do evil.

    I truly do not see this proposal by Iran as wisely timed or truly non-violent in spirit. It is best to leave non-violent activism to neutral parties, or at least non-antagonists.

    If this occurs we will see a distinct polarization which will allow Fascists in this country to accuse all pro-Gaza and anti-Israel activists of being “supporters of Iran and the Revolutionary Guards”. How convenient, we will all be pilloried as traitors.

    Let’s not forget “Iran-Contra”, which gives us clear evidence connecting the Iranian revolutionary government with the CIA and other western intelligence agencies. I do not believe the above cited developments are good-faith attempts to relieve Gaza’s suffering, but are actually indifferent to it all, in pursuit of the advancement of the “Clash of Civilizations” NWO script.

    Peace in Christ.

  101. Jimmy "T" June 8, 2010 @ 10:17 am

    Michael K,

    Seems what’s needed to help protect another Freedom Flotilla is a multi national force (Russia, China, Iran, Argentina, Venezuela, UK, Japan…etc).

    Do you HEAR me all you countries that are disgusted with Israel’s crimes against humanity?

    How about some peace in this world and a LOT less suffering!

    A big show of support may be the key to ending this insanity in the Middle East. The Palestinians have suffered enough!

  102. KathJuliane June 8, 2010 @ 11:04 am

    “Viva Palestina founder George Galloway, speaking to a crowd of around 20,000 protesting outside the Israeli Embassy in London, revealed the latest plan to bring about the end of the siege on Gaza.

    June 6, 2010

    “Two simultaneous convoys – one by land the other by sea – will set forth on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 12th bound for Gaza. Viva Palestina, the International Committee to break the Siege on Gaza and any allies who will join us will organise the two convoys.

    “The land convoy will leave from London and travel across Europe to Turkey Syria and ultimately through the Rafah Gate into Gaza.

    “Co-operation will be offered and sought with all relevant governments and agencies. It is expected the convoy will pick up vehicles and volunteers in each country through which it passes. The target is to enter Gaza with 500 vehicles.

    “The sea convoy will travel around the Mediterranean gathering ships, cargo, volunteers from each country. The target is to enter Gaza with sixty ships.

    “The aim will be to arrive on Gaza’s frontiers at the same time. And to enter with the world’s largest ever aid convoys. And to thereby render the siege null and void.”

  103. KathJuliane June 8, 2010 @ 11:17 am

    Dear RZN Family, (and ht to Lynda),

    In reading the many witness accounts (and did not think to save the reference), one secret weapon of mass destruction that the ship’s defenders resorted to was – tomatoes.

    I propose that the brave, moral, and humane beasts, along with their self-congratulatory medals for shooting unarmed activists and journalists, give themselves a new campaign badge to memorialize themselves as legends in their own minds – Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Expedition. (Apologies to that sorry old SF spoof by the same name.)

    Maybe the badge could have the map of the visionary “Greater Israel” with a giant juicy, red tomato impacting it from space.

    Not to make light of the terrible murderous conditions the crew and passengers were under in what can only be described as a life-threatening running battle on the decks, resorting to standardized maritime security anti-piracy measures.

    This operation went far beyond what the peace activists had prepared themselves for. Only people under extreme and desperate conditions would be throwing everything but the kitchen sink at these thugs.

    On a side note, the captured IOF commandos received basic first aide and protection immediately, as has been documented. For nearly an hour and a half, the activists repeatedly begged for medical assistance and evacuation of nearly 50 wounded passengers (a major medical catastrophe), some in critical condition, from the afflicted ship.

    Much to Israhell’s shame, they would not provide this until the three or four commandos and their bloody noses were exchanged for medical assistance from the IOF.

    The fact that this was a named nighttime commando operation by the IOF – Operation Sea Breeze – and was in the planning for weeks, led by S’13 and the Givati Brigade along with the “grey measures” (sabotage) of the various boats of the Flotilla beforehand, strongly indicates that this was a military operation beyond the pale of a “normal” Coast Guard type of patrol blockade and interdiction, or the IOF navy’s previous bumbling about and breaking things.

    The air/sea assault commenced at about 4 am in international waters some 68 miles out, while the actual maritime blockade border is 23 miles out from the Gaza coast. This was where the Flotilla expected to come into contact with the IOF sometime after dawn in the daylight, just as the MV Rachel Corrie did.

    The level of acrimony going on inside the “Ministry of Justice” (Knesset) in the ever shifting bitching and blame game between the government and the military is almost on par with the aftermath of the Jews war against Lebanon in 2006, seems typical of a failed military operation that blew up in the Jews’ faces as an affront to their dazzling brilliance.

    Their tragi-comedic routine at the moment is simply to throw out baffling BS and somehow salvage something of Jew-pride, while at the same time keeping the focus on “the Muslims” and the IHH, and de-emphasizing the fact that the Viva Palestina movement and the Freedom Flotilla are in fact mostly an American and European humanitarian enterprise, and massive amounts and labor and donations came from the West, before partnering with IHH.

    These are the ships of the Freedom Flotilla most of which are cargo ships, with the exception of the Mavi Marmara, a ferry which purchased and converted by the IHH into a merchant passenger/cargo vessel. Other ship owners did not want to risk their own vessels going against the IOF, having them seized and out of service for months.

    The Freedom Flotilla was a joint venture between The Free Gaza Movement and IHH.

    The IHH spent more than $2 million on their ships.

    USA – Challenger 1 – Free Gaza Movement
    USA – Challenger 2 – Free Gaza Movement (aborted due to mechanical problems – suspected sabotage by Israhell)
    Greece – MS Sofia – Ship to Gaza (Piraeus)
    Greece – Sfendoni – Greek Ship to Gaza; European Campaign to End the Seige of Gaza (Piraeus)
    Comoros – MV Mavi Maramara – IHH (İnsani Yardım Vakfı – The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (Antalya)
    Turkey – Gazze – IHH (Antalya)
    Kiribati – Defne Y – IHH (Antalya)
    Cambodia – MV Rachel Corrie – Free Gaza Movement (Dundalk) – (Delayed due to mechanical problems; suspected “grey measures” by Israhell.)

    Israhell has become suddenly so odious because of the Mavi Mamara Massacre, that the abomination of the Madrid Gay Pride Parade freakshow, “considered one of the largest in the world and boasts over a million marchers each year,” doesn’t even want the LGBT perverts from Israhell. Whinenet (lol Michael K) reports:

    “Organizers of Madrid’s pride parade, scheduled for the beginning of next month, have announced that they are cancelling the invitation of Israeli representatives slated to appear there, Ynet learned Monday.

    The Israeli delegation, made up of members of the LGBT association and the [Israhell] **Foreign Ministry** (state sponsored!!!), was scheduled to run an Israeli “bus” in the parade, for the first time since its establishment.”

    [Be prepared for a typical vile photo from a previous parade],7340,L-3901785,00.html

  104. KathJuliane June 8, 2010 @ 5:25 pm

    For the RZN Family record:

    “Gaza, May 31, (Pal Telegraph – By Sameh Habeeb) Israeli navy deployed a huge number of commando units in preparation to launch a military attack on the civilian boats of Freedom Flotilla.

    “Eyewitness told the Palestine Telegraph that Israeli naval speed boats loaded with commando units deployed off Gaza-Israel shores, northern Gaza. The Eyewitnesses confirmed that at least 15 boats backed with helicopters deployed in the last 2 hours.

    The deployment of the units was focused near Ashdod port and moved from Givat Yona area which is a few minutes away from the Ashdod port. A huge number of Israeli soliders have been brought to the place, expected to be from Givati Brigade.

    “European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza (ECESG) confirmed 5 minutes ago that it has lost the communication with other boats due to Israel army satellite jam attempts.

    In the same context, Freegaza Movement issued an urgent appeal to save the passengers of the boats. The call stated, “Call to the world from the people on the boats. This flotilla is bringing supplies the people of Gaza and are being met by military force”

    SUNDAY, 30 MAY 2010 23:54 ADDED BY PT EDITOR PAL TEL ADMIN (time should be GMT?)

  105. Disgusted White Christian June 8, 2010 @ 6:48 pm


    No, that sentence was for the whole of fake Christianity, but not for anyone on here.


  106. KathJuliane June 9, 2010 @ 3:16 pm

    Brilliant SATIRE sinks its teeth into the carotid arteries of the the Zionist entity published in, by Gordon Duff, Staff Writer/Senior Editor and disabled Marine Vietnam veteran:

    “Israel Says Gaza Attack “A Silly Misunderstanding”

    Gaza Flotilla and USS Liberty Survivors Apologize to Israel

    Israel Claims Attack Authorized Personally by Lord Balfour

    This week “religious commandos” from Israel attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters. Seven Israelis were injured during the attack with one member of the “Israeli Secret Police” thrown overboard by an 81 year old woman.

    Jerusalem papers report that Israel is holding the woman for attempted sexual assault.

    Is it illegal to rape a pirate on the high seas? We are waiting for a ruling from the International Criminal Court at the Hague on this.

    One “commando” tripped over a wheel chair in the dark and fell down a flight of stairs. The injured commando, an Obergruppenfuhrer, a rabbinical rank with the IDF, said, “After shooting the man in the chair, I quickly ran over to get his watch. Imagine how I felt, nearly giving my life for a stinking Timex.”

    [More @]

  107. hotstuff June 9, 2010 @ 9:19 pm

    Hallo All

    I Have Read Many Victims were shot from close range in the heads And in the Backs…Does Not Sound like self defense.

    Also a Number of killed Victims were thrown overboard by the Israeli terrorists

    Also that Israeli military abused Every Rule of Engagement…And provoked that way Defensive Response…and then, and only then, starts filming their own defense responses.

    Israel could even have shot them selves and some victims at the start and then filmed the defense responses of the Frightened Victims.

    This for Israelis’ Very Common act of terrorism they do all the time at any level — from their hate and Racial hate seeding terrorist media up to Israeli-Palestine politics for decades now.

    Shoot, rape and terrorise Victims, and when these respond (Any Body Does at Some Point You Know) then turn the Eyes of the World at the Now Double Victims and exterminate Them “”as self defence.””

    This way they even got Germany destroyed. Irak …Iran is going as we speak…

    At elementaries We are mass raped and drugged by those Jews. One part of the Brainwashings or programming — with the purpose of exterminating All Opposition toward Jews upfront and for life — is to constantly provoke Responses over and over again…

    Every time the penalty is Severe and Extreme. So they have to do that at one Child Only of the Group. And all others are Brainwashed in the same process. At the end of the week, mostly campweek, all children are devote jewdevilworshippers after that week. And Very easy to meet, rape and abuse victims after that. Really devoted Jewwhores.

    That also is a VERY BIG Problem source why We can not get rid of them so easily — they burned them selves in Our Souls as We Were Kids, Toddlers and even Babies.

    The Fact of the Matter IS …Everywhere those core and source psychopath, source of All EVil Jews are screaming about any non-Jew it means they are at that same moment abusing just an Other Victim !

    If it is in their newsdevilpapers, in their Israeli devilpolitics, Jew-science, Jew-state-security, their Jew-who-did-it, Jew-law-rape-non-Jews-law-systems, their Jew-devil-medical-sciences, their Jew-devil-worshippers-making-schools, their Jew-devil-plunder-government abroad at usually the victims homes and places Worldwide, and their Jew-devil-news-readers, and film subjects scripts they hypnotise us with daily.

    Also the evil Israelite Jew-devils of Goldman Sachs sold their BP stocks in the weeks before the disaster struck.

    So the whole Iran evil Jew plans are an issue again for the oil. We should attack that poor Nation so they can have their evil diseased religion Eufraat wishes and the drinking water supplies and let Us — Because all other Big Powers they also did promises — have a fight amung Each Other for the oil.

    Just so they even can have their so wished for World war 3 also !

    Thank You For Reading Me

  108. hotstuff June 9, 2010 @ 10:17 pm

    The Brainy ZILCH – June 7, 2010 @ 8:48 pm

    Nice disinforming piece of deflecting b#llsh#t history

    “”Jews, Jews are the baddies, and Gentiles the poor dupes.””

    Yes That Is True !!!

    I can take any oath in case Of Every Crime on This Planet – Jews did it or Jews are the source of it !

    You are deflecting toward Gentiles. But Jews are the Evil Source, the Core of All Evil, and evil behaviours in ALL “host” Nations.

    Even in Pakistan they are caught to be behind the terrorwaves ! WTC, and Now BP!

    Jews do have, when they commit their decayed Crimes in and at Societies, ALWAYS scapegoats in duty and in slavery. Like kingdoms through the Ages. Like Political Parties –Presidents — religions. Scapegoats for Jew-devil crimes. Preferably non-Jew scapegoats.

    How many years were we, the White Gentiles, accused by the evil decayed Jews about slave trades ?

    Now We discovered Jews themselves always were the one and only headmaster slavetraders and still are. They even traded us for centuries and still are !

    They also are the only Child Porn producers on Earth. Even the Dutch Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin, and the Dutch Minister Donner are child molesters and child porn producers, as I witnessed myself at a political debate contest at a university !

    Then we have the Jewish child molesters and child murders, Job Cohen, Alexander Pechthold, Maxim Verhagen, Ruud Lubbers, Dries Van Agt and many more evil decayed devil-Jews as our “”beloved”” leaders, presidents, and politicians. And that is only one Nation yet — the Little Dutch Nation with Only 15 Million Inhabitants !

    What do you think the Feinsteins, the Bundies ( family of Ted Bundy?) and other scum are doing in your governments, in your institutions to your chilldren and your people ?

    There is No Guessing Any More at This Subject !

    The evil Jew-devil media attention for child abuse against children by the Vatican is also to deflect any attention for their much hugely more massive child, toddler and baby rapes, druggings, and tortures at elementaries, kindergartens, campweeks and from with in police departments, politics and government and justice; court systems and in those religious institutions also IN EVERY NATION.

    Jews like you are sent by Avigdor Lieberman, an evil decayed child molester Jew in Israeli government from Russian origins, who ordered his Jew world-society last year 2009 to extra terrorise and sabotage our media communications and dialogs on Internet, and now influencing our political choices toward evil Jew-infested parties.

    This is done by ALL means, from destroying websites, by having with psychological tricks commenters removed, by abusing the in us layed triggerwords as we were children.

    By finding the addresses of non-Jew commenters with help of Jew-devils in governments and police forces, secret services and come and kill, or at least rape the non-jew Victim.

    By flushing the media and Internet with a load of conspiracy and problems and fake theories.

    By diverting from their own crimes with months of crime-screaming about what one of the Victim races did.

    By setting up diversions up to war and disasters, even from one disaster into the other, hoping that also and much more very loud Dutch commentor will stop screaming one day their filthy blasphemic crimes against GOD and Mankind from the roofs to the World.

    They even are used to, through the centuries, getting away with their crimes, plunderings of Societies, and rapes of Nations and their children by throwing Us into wars and disasters.

    At Least World War Two was such occasion after the filthy post “World war one” plunderings and rape, carnages (Jews originate from Asian man eaters) on the German population.

    Exterminate all witnesses and knowing people by disasters after disasters of war.

    That is even the only reason Jewish families own whole German cities right now.

    That chronic cultural behaviour is the only reason evil decayed Jews posses about one third of Earth´s Wealth and Properties — by ultra-rascist cultural terrorism as the “normal” way of live!

  109. Michael Korn June 10, 2010 @ 10:04 am

    Ten Ways Israel Could Help Spin BP’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Blowout (Satire):

    Inspired by the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s adroit and deft handling of the Flotilla Massacre, transforming a seeming public relations fiasco into a defining moment of Zionist virtue, bravery, and heroism, I have compiled a ten point plan to help BP spin its way out of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Fiasco.

    I suggest that BP take out huge newspaper ads and start a media public relations blitz with these ten points in order to come out looking lilly white from a hopelessly bleak situation. I do not demand payment; but perhaps BP would consider making a substantial “love offering” to any of the following worthwhile charities:


    The Jewish Federation

    Christians United For Israel

    The Anti-Defamation League of the Bnai Brith

    Israel Bonds Drive of the United Jewish Appeal

    1. The oil rig actually had been commandeered by a radical Islamist group to use as a missile launch site to attack the US, so out of selfless benevolence BP was forced to blow it up. In fact, BP stands for Brave Patriots.

    2. Oil is now available freely to all who wish to extract it for themselves from the ocean water. The blowout actually is a great act of charity on the part of BP to the peoples of the US and Mexico. (BP stands for Beloved People.)

    3. The New World now boasts its own Black Sea to rival the one between Russia and Turkey. (BP stands for Black Pool.)

    4. Turning the sea black is a sign of BP’s broader commitment to affirmative action. (BP stands for Black Power.)

    5. BP workers were inspecting the rig, but the rig resisted and forced the workers to blow it up. (BP stands for Bold Police.)

    6. The disaster has brought a much needed economic revival to impoverished Gulf states. The influx of reporters and cameramen, coast guard personnel, government officials, and lawyers, has been a great boon to the local economy. (BP stands for Break Poverty.)

    7. The disaster has removed the media spotlight from other problem areas around the world, increasing American’s (false) sense of security. (BP stands for Believers’ Paradise.)

    8. The disaster was an act of God provoked by America’s criticism of Israel regarding its suppression of Palestinian human rights. (BP stands for Bad Palestinians.)

    9. The disaster resulted from America’s failure to bomb Iran, which lies next to the Persian Gulf and near the Black Sea, so God turned the “Gulf” “black” as a sign of His anger. (BP stands for Bomb Persia.)

    10. America’s lip-service support of black-hearted Palestinian Islamic terror groups caused the Gulf of Mexico miraculously to turn black as a sign of God’s wrath. (BP stands for Bash Palestine.)

    NEXT: Israeli Spin-Doctors Rescue Goldman Sachs

  110. KathJuliane June 10, 2010 @ 10:29 am

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, Br. Nathanael and RZN Family

    Welcome, Arabia Felix –

    Helen Thomas is Lebanese-American born and raised in Kentucky, ethnically Arab, (hence technically a Semite but not “an Arab Jew”) her parents immigrated from Tripoli during the late Ottoman era, and were long in the ancient Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch in Lebanon and the diaspora.

    As Israel Kills and Maims, Outrage is Directed at Helen Thomas

    by Alison Weir [of ‘If Americans Knew’], June 10, 2010 – [Go to original page for numerous links]

    Whenever Israel commits yet another atrocity, its defenders are quick to redirect public attention away from the grisly crime scene.

    Currently, there are headlines about allegedly anti-Semitic comments made by senior White House correspondent Helen Thomas. Pundits across the land evince outrage at her off-the-cuff 25-second statement made to a man who appears to be holding a camera right in her face.

    Before we examine her comments and evaluate their possible validity, let’s look at other recent events having to do with Israel.

    On May 31st Israeli commandos killed at least nine unarmed volunteers attempting to take humanitarian supplies to Gaza.

    …Among the incarcerated were decorated U.S. veterans and an 80-year-old former ambassador who had been deputy director of Reagan’s Cabinet Task Force on Terrorism.

    When they finally emerged and were able to tell their stories, many described horrific scenes of Israeli commandos shooting people in the head, of those tending the injured being shot in the stomach, of people bleeding to death while flotilla participants waved white flags and pled for help.

    They also described being beaten brutally by Israeli forces, again and again – including those on ships that, in the U.S. media’s judgment, experienced “no violence.”

    A 64-year-old piano tuner from California, Paul Larudee, described hundreds of Israeli commandos boarding his ship. When he refused to cooperate with them, soldiers then beat him numerous times both on board the ship and after he was imprisoned on land.

    [Must read. Larudee, a genuine hero, fills in even more operational details of the scale of the Pariah State’s insane commando assault and describes how he jumped overboard and swam away, hoping it would delay the full capture of the flotilla and buy it some time: ]

    Eventually he was taken by ambulance to an Israeli hospital. He wasn’t treated, however, and Larudee believes he was taken there because Israel didn’t want media to see his black eye, pronated joints, bruised jaw and body contusions. [Remember, 64 yrs young…]

    Marine veteran Ken O’Keefe described similar beatings while in Israeli custody. In his case,…[but] American mainstream media failed to report on his press conference or to publish the many still photos of his injuries.

    Other gruesome photos available to the American public only on the Internet are of Emily Henochowicz, a 21-year-old [Jewish-]American student whose eye and eye socket were recently shattered by Israeli forces [taking part in a nonviolent demonstration in Palestine against the Israeli assault when an Israeli soldier apparently deliberately shot a high-velocity teargas canister into her face, a practice which has killed and maimed Palestinians, journalists, and especially permanently brain-damaged another Californian journalist].

    She has since had her eyeball removed, three metal plates inserted in her face, and her jaw wired shut.

    […] Such stories go on and on.

    Thomas’s “outrageous” statement

    Yet, the rage we see in the U.S. media is directed against none of this. People shot in the head, eyes and brain parts destroyed, the elderly beaten, small children and infants caused to suffer and die, parents to grieve – none of this has caused a hint of anger. In fact, most of it has been considered of too little importance even to report.

    Instead, media reports are filled with outrage at “anti-Israel” words spoken by 89-year-old Helen Thomas.
    For years, long before her recent words, Thomas has been the target of Israel’s vicious American volunteers, the Zionist blogosphere abounding with nasty slurs on her looks and her Lebanese ancestry, this latter also consistently emphasized by the media, despite her Kentucky birth and upbringing.

    One of the reasons for the ferocious animosity toward her is the fact that Thomas is one of the very few mainstream reporters to challenge the neocon engendered lies that led the U.S. into wars that have caused massive death, destruction, and tragedy and to continue to expose ongoing policies of violence and cruelty.

    As the same groups and individuals who pushed the US into attacking Iraq have in recent years been escalating their efforts to push the U.S. to now similarly decimate Iranians under the pretext that Iran might be developing nuclear weapons, Thomas’s questioning attempted to elicit from Obama the fact that Israel already posses nuclear weapons.

    While the rest of the press corps has conspired in the cover-up of this fact and others, Thomas worked to expose them.

    Not surprisingly, the many people complicit in these manipulations, such as former Bush spokesperson Ari Fleischer, have led the charge against her.

    It is useful to examine the video and context of Thomas’s allegedly “anti-Semitic” comment.

    A man, apparently holding a camera right in her face, asks for her comments about Israel.

    She says, “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. Remember, these people are occupied. And it’s their land…” He interrupts her and asks where they should go. She responds, “They should go home. To Germany, Poland, America, and everywhere else.”

    While Thomas has since apologized for her hasty words and said many Israelis have the right to continue living where they are, the reality is that Israeli settlers did, indeed, come from elsewhere; they are, in fact, illegally occupying Palestinian land (a fact acknowledged even by the U.S. State Department); and international law does require that they leave.

    Many commentators evince particular anger at Thomas’s inclusion of Germany and Poland as places to which Israeli colonists should return, suggesting that Hitler is still in control and waiting to pounce.

    The happy fact is, however, that World War II and the Nazi Holocaust ended well over half a century ago. In Poland today there is a vibrant Jewish revival with a 10-foot tall Menorah being lit in the center of Warsaw during Hanukah, and Germany has become, according to the New York Times, “a country where Jews want to live.” In fact, in recent years more Jews have chosen to immigrate to Germany than to Israel.

    Thomas’s call for colonists to return to America (this destination was left out of many articles) is far from outrageous given that a great many West Bank settlers are from the U.S.

    Overall, reporting on the incident has largely departed from the standard journalistic practice of quoting people from both sides of an issue.

    Quotes from Thomas supporters are missing, even though the YouTube page featuring the infamous video contains a large number of comments supporting her. In contrast, quotes from Thomas’s detractors, almost all of them Zionists, are ubiquitous, but generally fail to divulge the speakers’ frequent conflicts of interest.

    For example, the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz quotes Jeffrey Goldberg without mentioning that Goldberg is an Israeli citizen who served as a prison guard at an Israeli prison that held hundreds of Palestinians without charge, some killed in cold blood by the prison commander.

    Mainstream media organizations do not seem to have investigated reports that the man who videotaped Thomas, Rabbi David Nesenoff, also made an offensive video featuring himself and another man impersonating a buffoonish Catholic priest and Mexican immigrant.

    Similarly, news reports that a high school had disinvited Thomas as a graduation speaker almost never inform readers that many of the school’s parents and students wished Thomas to remain, even though this unreferenced group may represent a majority of the school.

    Members of this group have created a Facebook page, “Helen Thomas should have been our graduation speaker,” that states:

    “The purpose of this group is to quietly but firmly protest the ability of a small minority to impose its will on the larger group through engaging or threatening to engage in disruptive discourse. This group affirms a belief in reasonable discussion and feel that in this scenario, a clear minority was able to override a larger majority by distorting the issues and discussion.”

    Replacing Thomas at the upcoming graduation ceremony will be CBS’s Bob Schiefer, who has close family ties to George W. Bush and has rarely, if ever, challenged administration falsehoods that sent the nation to war and that keep it there still.

    Regarding his reporting on Israel-Palestine, media watchdog Fairness and Accurate In Reporting (FAIR) issued an alert in 2006 objecting to Schiefer’s “shallow, dismissive coverage of complicated and tragic events.”

    It is not known who will take over Thomas’s front-row seat at White House briefings.

    Given the record of the current press corps, it is likely that Israel partisans are breathing a sign of relief.

    One more obstacle to the Zionist juggernaut has just been removed.”

  111. the brainy one June 10, 2010 @ 5:50 pm


    You claim I am a Jew because I point out the obvious – that evil crosses all boundaries, just like goodness.

    I take it you assume ‘gentiles’ don’t need a saviour because they never sinned?

    Only people who recognize the need for salvation from their sins can come to Christ.

  112. kmarie June 10, 2010 @ 6:26 pm

    It is very sad that the peace seeking people from Free Gaza and related groups are being labeled as terrorists.

    To me they are inspirational heroes.

    The fact that they (surprisingly) did take a couple of guns from the Israeli commandoes but DID NOT USE THEM shows their patient longsuffering character. Their truly peaceful intentions.

    Also, Mairead Maguire, when detained for her participation in the Rachel Corrie mission, was meek to the point of making friendly small talk with the Israelis guarding her.

    The people who live in Gaza are mainly showing peaceful resistance. (“To exist is to resist”)

    It seems that a concerned portion of the world is reaching out to strengthen and encourage the people of Gaza.

    Perhaps, by their example, the resilient steadfast people of Gaza are doing more to bless the rest of us than we realize.

    Most of them DO NOT shoot weapons into Israel. They DO live with courage from day to day.

    By reading these RZN comments, I am beginning to realize the wealth of Christian saints before us. (Saints who are seemingly better valued by Orthodox Christians than by Christians like myself who are not Orthodox.)

    I don’t want to pass by the opportunity to pay respect to these saintly people living in our own day. People often disrespected by “the world” as were those saints before them. But people surely loved by God.

  113. hotstuff June 12, 2010 @ 5:36 am

    To the brainy one June 10, 2010 @ 5:50 pm:

    Yes as I already pointed out the obvious about Israel-driven Jew-terror disinformers who use as one of their techniques is to deflect attention and blame back to the Victim nations.

    You better start looking at the sins of the Jews first. They do kill us and seldom the other way around. They lied even the biggest lies possible about us totally Innocents.

    I do not like you defending extreme evil crimes and the extreme evil perpetrators with religious talk against Victims and Victim populations

    In my eyes you are a most evil poisoning terrorist.

    Why not let the Lord decide about you and me ?

  114. Michael Korn June 15, 2010 @ 9:08 am

    An Israeli Kennesseth member responded to my letter about renouncing citizenship.

    It is a pdf attachment in English.

    Anyone who would like to see it, please email to me at: and I will send it out.

  115. loren June 15, 2010 @ 4:21 pm

    The flotilla was a long time in planning, Israel knew what to expect.

    Rahm Emanuel was in Israel at the time, for what purpose? To advise Netanyahu of what would be acceptable for the White House, force to be used. Within a very short time Israel released footage of the violence that the IDF soldiers had to fight against.

    It was all staged, the film was staged weeks before. This is modus operandis, the normal way for the Israeli Govt to handle propaganda. The Israeli myth of the flotilla raid has been debunked. Take a look at

    The ship is question is a sister ship of the Mavi Marmara, there is no signage of the Mavi Marmara anywhere on the ship.

    There are still 15 people missing, can anybody recall the news stories of Israel dealing in body parts recently.

  116. hotstuff June 15, 2010 @ 8:28 pm

    loren June 15, 2010 @ 4:21 pm

    What I know about Israeli organ thefts is that it is worldwide organised through religions and governments like rabbis and the military.

    The New Jersey Jew Case was one with all about Rabbis.

    The Palestinian organ thefts.

    Then in Brazil a high Israeli military official was arrested for organ theft.

    News from the Ukraine where they also seem to get a lot of their sex abuse victims for their underbellies had arisen.

    And the most devilish brutality I have heard of is Haiti where they seem to be caught with organs in their claws again — under the false flag of helping out — right after they mumbled something that scientists believe could be an apology for the Palestinian organ thefts.

    I always warn the People in case a Jew was around to count your Children and your Organs!

    But yes, your suspicion might come to be the truth in Jew cases…thát Hyper-brutal creatures of core and source psychopaths really are.

    I hope you came by this comment about the Flotilla ?

  117. hotstuff June 15, 2010 @ 10:08 pm

    What the attack against the flotilla concerns I heard several strategic theories involving the changed world politics for Israel and their evil plans against Iran and the Eufraat what they want to destroy with their blasphemous presence, fat, ugly butts and BIG BlUE noses.

    One is that the attack supports Israels plans for Iran somehow by antagonizing Turkey this way — Turkey and Brazil became Iran´s nuclear friend lately, so the international Israeli hate-seeder reason for attack fell away.

    But as I have found a whole bunch of Genocides and mass murders by starvation by the Jewish cult as mass destruction weapon through the centuries.

    And when I look at how Israel isolated and boycotted GAZA on all sides, even raped the president of Egypt in his butt when he was on state visit, and after that he isolated the Palestines from “behind”!

    I DO think Israel is exterminating the Palestine Population!

    There for the sea blockade! And not one but many ships a year are attacked.

    The Jews did exterminate many hundreds of millions of Gentiles from all races you know,
    even the Touareg had once stone cities and a beautiful civilisation before they came.

    The Old Israelites

    Now they run and never stop hiding, as also our kids do after they met Jews — under their beds.

    Some Information from Élsewhere for General Use

    “”This article is not “let’s blame the Jews for the plague” sort of hysterical accusation.””

    I am sorry to have to wake you up out of this lack of information !

    Jews DID import rats in the 3th and 4th Century to eradicate the European population.

    Rats are only present in Europe since the 3rd century!

    Jews already do have 5000 years of deep knowledge about the illnesses and also disasters itself the rats can spread. Their severe “cleanliness” about their surroundings and houses come from that specific fact for thousands of years already.

    They also chronically poisoned wells and areas with body parts of people who died of the plague throughout whole of Europe.

    After WW2 in Poland and Germany they spreaded typhus and two million German and Polish people died because of that!

    In 1962 a Polish Jew doctor went on assignment to North Afrika and injected 500.000 Afrikans with an AIDS predecessor. Soon after that, the first AIDS case “Gary Grant” became known.

    Some 20 years ago I think it was, the World Health Organisation (WHO) under Jew influence no doubt, gave the advice to DO NOTHING about the AIDS epidemic that was coming over us. Many millions got infected.

    They also got spotted in connection to the Mexican flu and the Bird flu.

    They did or do mass poison our children at elementaries and kindergartens for a shorter and bad life !

    I just wanted to show how it is still going on for many centuries now, extermination of the Gentile world population !

    Some Info for Daily Life

    A Kaufman in British Parliament 2010
    09-06-2010 03:48

    OH MY GOD, THIS MUST BE the family of the Exterminator of Mankind ..the Kaufman that wrote a pré World War Two book of why the German race has to be exterminated to set up the Amerikan Society to Genocide. It even was published in the Jew human race traitor paper New York Times in 1941.

    In that case, Britain is in danger of being abused for genocidal works…oeps they are in Afghanistan to get the heroin for their children already?

    The DNA strang of this Kaufman made sure that the German race became aware of the Jew plans of Kaufman after the (Bolsjewik Jews) first had exterminated 50,000 men, women and children like dogs in a little place confiscated by Poland called Bromberg. The screams were heard along the German border before the war, then that book was published before the war, so Germany really panicked.

    I REALLY DO HOPE we can DO that favour to Israel one day in return, because they live by exterminating Gentiles. All non-Jews as they already did in 1933 in Amerika about 12 million people were slaugtered several ways.

    In Russia the Bolsjewik Jews exterminated the same time many millions. Europe I never heard of from around that time. That is, if you do not count the by them organised and executed WW1 and WW2. But after war they sure did their thing to Europeans also!

    Like mass poisoning the children at elementaries.

    Because of this knowledge it is adviced to NOT take a Jewish doctor, and schools without Jewish male AND female teachers or directors !

    Also DO NOT vote for a political or otherwise party when even one Jew is in it !

    Do not engage or contact Jewish officials !

    Do Not let Jewish officials or officers handle your cases, especially when a child is involved. Do not let a Jewish lawyer, prosecutor or Jewish judge handle any case. Do consider this warning especially when it concerns your raped child and you are reporting, or with prosecution or at the court not one Jew should be near or on the cases.

    The chance of you AND your child experiencing crime again will be very high, as I can declare from multiple own experiences through the years !

    DO you have a child at kindergarten or elementary? Do check the little one regularly for heroin, GHB, LSD, tobacco, and alcohol traces. Also for reproduction inhibitors and muscle trauma inducers. Traces of rape and traces of torture (red spots and openings, scars, wounds and frightened behaviour).

    The best warning I can give at this subject is do not even have your child attend a school where a Jew is near or at !

    Check for the presence Of Semites, Afrikans and Jews scavenging the vicinity of schools. Those usually do collaborate with Jews in crimes against your children, also in cases of druggings and group rapes and prostitutions even in between the lessons !

    If you see a white child or young one in the streets at times it belongs at schools, immediately call the non-Jew police. If the child is in company of members even children (they escort the victims for the customers) of other races, immediately call for non-Jew police and follow them or have them followed where they go so police can find the “customer” of your children.

    You have to urge the non-Jew police To ALWAYS investigate for drugs and rape scars and signs, like fluids !

    The kids are usually raped already then !

    An unusual rape sign when Jews did rape a child is also a sudden bad eyesite, and of this planet fuzzy behaviour. A sudden wearing and needing glasses is common !

    Jews at schools, males and females, earn about 1000 euros per each child rape. That is about 1200 dollars !

    Jews, Afrikans and Semites do these crimes in every nation they settle down usually together where the Jews always lead and organise the crime rings !

    They organise these crime rings from kindergartens up to the highest levels of governments and society as one big crime pyramid!

    I strongly warn against camp weeks and trips offered by schools and governments. They do abuse the school systems massively and most of their brainwashings, Monarch and other scumbagging, is commited a lot at camp weeks. Do NOT hand out your children to any official or even youth care.

    If you have to, are forced to, check for the substanses and signs of abuse and torture afterward immediately !

    Even check if the tooth surfaces are damaged. They are evil and also earn money from rotten teeth (by having the children chew sand at camp weeks) as they do of of the damages commited by drugging, rapes and tortures of the children.

    Check for red spots (little wounds) and swellings at body and under the feet, between their legs and between their bummy. Be alert on sore throats and as if they seem to have a cold. Then look for intestinal burning in all openings, and scars between the legs also. Look for traces of antibiotics ( those are used to prevent infections by what is done to them.)

    Look for signs of being tired – no, sir, NOT from staying up late – but from 24/7 being mass raped and tortured and kept awake to kick the brainwashes in as deeply as possible.

    The danger of your children already are victimized and do have the mentioned drugs and chemicals in their bodies is high.

    All kinds of severe illnesses and handicaps will come in the years, the existence after the crimes.

    Give a copy to your local non-Jew police and non-Jew population. As already mentioned above do avoid Afrikans and Semites in the action. Mentioned perpetrator gangs are extremely violent and do not hesitate to wipe out a family, as I had my share of murder hits already.


    Oh, and Israel did BP disaster to push us toward bloodshed against Iran. Goldman Sachs and the BP director sold their stocks in the weeks before the disaster struck. I REALLY DO HOPE Amerikan society has got enough lethal injection stocks.

    I Also Hope You asap get to Understand what a psychopath can and will do …and then Realise that a whole Population of psychopaths exists that parasites on Our by them made Sufferings

    I also hope you ASAP get to understand what a psychopath can and will do, and then realize that a whole population of psychopaths exists that parastises from our sufferings made by them.

    An AntiChrist, a Devil…not one person, but a whole population is the AntiChrist and the Devil.

    And look what they live by consuming us.

    And please pause at every line there to see if you can find any of it in your daily life, or news, or daily Jew-crimes.

    Turks better also take a good deep look at it!

    Because Turks, as Chinese, as Russians, as Dutch, and Amerikans and Europeans…ALL are called Goyim by the Jews.

    A one page summary…

    Goyim are mentally inferior to Jews and can’t run their nations properly. For their sake and ours, we need to abolish their governments and replace them with a single government. This will take a long time and involve much bloodshed, but it’s for a good cause. Here’s what we’ll need to do:

    * Place our agents and helpers everywhere

    * Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans

    * Start fights between different races, classes and religions

    * Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way

    * Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials

    * Appeal to successful people’s egos

    * Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail

    * Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism

    * Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right of force by us

    * Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary

    * Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism

    * Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect

    * Rewrite history to our benefit

    * Create entertaining distractions

    * Corrupt minds with filth and perversion

    * Encourage people to spy on one another

    * Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor

    * Take possession of all wealth, property and (especially) gold

    * Use gold to manipulate the markets, cause depressions etc.

    * Introduce a progressive tax on wealth

    * Replace sound investment with speculation

    * Make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments

    * Give bad advice to governments and everyone else

    Eventually the Goyim will be so angry with their governments (because we’ll blame them for the resulting mess) that they’ll gladly have us take over.

    We will then appoint a descendant of David to be king of the world, and the remaining Goyim will bow down and sing his praises. Everyone will live in peace and obedient order under his glorious rule.

    And have you ever seen a glimpse of their Jew religion, their Talmud-script they live by? One big horror script, especially for children AND non-Jews.

    Maybe here some where, or else look for it on the net, so it can be guesses what we are up against !

    And if you made it all the way here, thank you for reading me.

  118. Miranda June 18, 2010 @ 3:09 am

    The Synagogue of Satan rules the USA and NATO, and soon will get us all nuked.

  119. Kenneth T. Tellis August 7, 2010 @ 8:31 pm

    Both Menachem Begin and Binyamin Netanyaho considered GOY as subhumans and have stated that before.

    So the flotilla attack was not wrong in their eyes.

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